I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 162302739265.jpg - (113.65KB, 425x169, stupid hat.jpg) [iqdb]
*does not actually have to be in/from gensokyo, just touhou project.

I think Keine's hat is in fact, NOT the best hat, regardless of aesthetics. its shape means its liable to fall off her head at any given moment, and its small brim means it keeps neither the rain nor sun off her head, meaning it is not only stupid, but useless.

Therefore, I want us to debate which hat, is the single best, or at the very least, least shit, in touhou project. style can be a factor, but at the end of the day, a hat that cant do its job is still useless.

To start I'm going to say Marisa's hat is at least a massive improvement over Keine's at the very least it'll keep her head dry-ish.
File 162302971325.jpg - (1.26MB, 990x1286, disguise.jpg) [iqdb]
Aya's human costume is pretty good and, by extension, so is her hat. Simple, functional, stylish and inconspicuous.

btw, the default theme is disgusting
shitposting belongs in /blue/
File 162329072247.png - (43.32KB, 236x468, a pretty good hat_.png) [iqdb]
Aya's human costume is pretty nice over-all, but the discussion here is about hats, and to be quite frank the one she uses in her disguise was a poor choice, as it completely fails to hide one of the main indicators of her existence as a youkai, those adorable pointy ears. it is however, still a nice hat. maybe not a completely functional one, but it makes up for it in style.

A better contender though, I think would be Minoriko's.

Its stylish, much like Aya's alt hat, and functional, like Marisa's, plus it manages to stand out as unique while still being a relatively common hat, which is rather impressive all in all considering how the rest of the mob caps in touhou are rather samey.

cant speak for the other guy but im not shitposting. I genuinely want to have a serious discussion of which hats are better and why, the only reason the op was so mediocre is because i wanted to make sure there was enough room to argue FOR that discussion.
I'd argue that nothing beats Hecatia's hat when it comes to informal social gatherings.

Imagine, at a party you put a bowl of snacks on your hat. Awesome Ice-breaker as well. At the cinema? Put the popcorn bucket there.
It's also generally useful for keeping your hands free.
Nah, reminds me too much of something you'd see a hippie wear.

Yeah but then you'd have the problem of figuring out where to put the orbs. The damn things are liable to roll away.
That's what the chains are for.
File 162342422295.png - (183.22KB, 248x319, Th09ShikieikiYamaxanadu.png) [iqdb]
Still a useful hat, but I see where you're coming from.

for all that the hat isn't actually very good, ill accept that these niche uses are pretty good, and to be fair the orbs aren't going to be that hard to deal with given they levitate. but the fact that the orbs are mandatory at all is a bit of an issue, and they might still get in the way.

now a hat with some of the same advantages, albeit not quite as many, at the cost of having far less downsides? Eiki's hat. Status symbol, talking point, and just all around cool lo0oking in general, though it doesn't quite cover her head.
File 16243450357.jpg - (8.88KB, 203x248, download (14).jpg) [iqdb]
A late arrival I may be, but I have to say that Mamizou's leaf hat is a fair contender.

Not only does it protect against rain but it can turn into other hats too! thus giving it the power of being the most versatile headwear
File 162456104360.jpg - (71.84KB, 600x800, evil incarnate.jpg) [iqdb]
Remove trashpanda, embrace hair loops
remove thyself to yon lake
WaggySaggy has no hat, silly.
File 162460635478.jpg - (6.82KB, 225x225, haats.jpg) [iqdb]
I don't see an hat anywhere anons, Show your argument by showing a better one
...cant really argue with this, if I made another argument it was gonna be tenshi or iku, but this has em beat. My vote is for the dumpster hags hat.
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