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I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.
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Continuation of >>13959

In short, use this thread to report any issues with the site, provide general feedback or suggestions.

Since the last thread there have been a lot of changes made to THP including new features (eg in the settings menu) and to the story list among other things. I'm too lazy to provide patch notes for every update but things change regularly. Feel free to ask questions related to that as well if you have any.
Suggestion: More stories
Suggestion: More story updates

Go do something about it instead of just shitposting. Read, vote and write. Content depends on the community.
I think you need to tack it to the top of every page before they get it.
Suggestion: party hats on images on every april 1st.
How do I color text?
Engage Teruyo in mortal combat for the title of new admin.

What the heck. I can't even beat The Cabal members in a 1v1, let alone T-man.


I'd like to suggest general users be allowed to redbluegreen text.
There has never been a restriction keeping regular users from using *magic*. It's been around for about a year though I'm mildly surprised no one has figured it out. I've been meaning to do the last few tests before endorsing it officially but as it's a low priority item on my list...

I skipped this year because I wasn't able to get all my preparations done in time. Silly hats will return "soon".
It's actually pretty easy and straightforwards... (anon timer privilege when)
>anon timer privilege when
Never. I can't think of a reason for it.

Congrats on figuring it out by the way. But please don't abuse it for now, I wasn't kidding when I said I had some tests to run. May cause fuckery when combined with too many other tags or if the text is too long.
The "anon timers" bit was basically entirely non-serious, but rn I honestly don't see myself using the colored text either - though it might be interesting to have a variant/separate tag that always makes text the same color as the backdrop to create "invisible text" that only appears when it's highlighted, regardless of a viewer's style selection. I could definitely see that being potentially useful for some stories.
Not saged this time: Are there any chances of having a "color" implemented that always displays the same as its background (except when the text is highlighted)?

isn't the intended purpose of what you're proposing to 'hide' text from readers? Why would T-man spend time on something that decreases user usability?
I don't understand the use case for that. Why would you want to hide text like that and not just use the spoiler functionality?
I can tell you that would break usability for folks on mobile? Or is that just iOS? since you can't highlight the same way as on a PC.
The main thing I could see it being used for is in stories (spooky invisi-text), though admittedly that is a fairly niche usage.
Sounds like it's just a tedious way of making readers have to CTRL+A every update.
To play devil's advocate, not that I want this OR don't want this, it could easily be used in more meta-focused narratives for clues, a different experience, or what have you. Stylistically separate from spoilers of course.

I could see novel uses, but also irritating, crappy uses.
Theme selection is broken for me. Every other link I click on throws me back to depressing-ass Chernobyl. Doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to which links work and which don't, whether I open it in the current tab or a new one etcetera. I've been away for a while so I got no clue what changed or when it started.

I'm using Firefox on Linux, if that helps any.
>I'm using Firefox on Linux
Oh hey, me too.

I haven't changed anything regarding css in yonks so all I can think of that perhaps you have some sort of extension or setting that deletes cookies/localstorage or blocks javascript. Both are necessary for site features to work across pages. If you don't, let me know.
I've whitelisted all javascript from www.touhou-project.com, cookies are set to last until I close all tabs on a domain (with a notification when that happens, which isn't appearing) and nothing should be messing with local storage at all.

I can see blocked third-party cookies and scripts from matomo.thp.moe (but that's just analytics, right?), and one blocked remote font.


After a bunch of messing around I think I've caught it red-handed. Sometimes opening a link in a new tab causes local storage to be overwritten:

1) open storage inspector, see local storage with "style":"photon"
2) with the inspector still open, CTRL-click a link
3) local storage entry flashes orange, now says "style":"chernobyl" (plus new password)

I dunno if that helps you or if it's even something you can fix. If there's anything else you can think of that I can try let me know.
Only thing I can think of is if you're using a private window it will reinitialize everything as opening a new tab is the same as opening a new window. This is by design of that feature. There may be an about:config setting; I'm not sure but I doubt it.

>one blocked remote font.
There shouldn't be any remote fonts on THP, so that's strange.
I forgot this thread was a thing, so I might as well drop a little thing that's been annoying me.

When hovering over a link to see the post, if you move the mouse off the link before the post has loaded, it will not register that you're no longer hovering over the link and continue to display the post, until you mouse over the link again.
To replicate what I'm talking about, just run your cursor over a link without stopping on it.

Small thing, doesn't really get in the way of anything, but it's annoying because I keep accidentally triggering it.

I'm on FireFox Windows, btw.
I've already dealt with that issue in my development code. I haven't rolled it out to the site yet because I'm working on other stuff as well. Thanks anyways for the report.

Nope, not using private browsing or anything like that. I can't see how it can be any kind of tab-isolation thing because I can F5 the original tab (or any other tab) and it gets the wiped settings too.

Besides, if it were an intentional feature of some kind it ought to be happening every time I open a link in a new tab. But it seems to be completely random. And since I can't get it to happen without opening a new tab, I can't get it to happen with the debugger open. Gah.

Well, for now I can browse THP exclusively in one tab... sucks but it works.
Found the son of a bitch. Firefox's "Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed" option should be named "Delete cookies when Firefox is closed and site data randomly at any time for absolutely no sane or documented reason".

If anyone else is having the same problem just use the "Clear history when Firefox closes" option (which is also misnamed and makes the above redundant anyway) or an extension instead.

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