I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 160288092073.webp - (81.62KB, 1200x1428, nanofall2020.webp) [iqdb]
Alright, fuckboys, since you're all you, I guess it's time to get this shit started a month early. And since I'm the one to get around to it this time, we're just cramming the threads together. Don't like it? Well, we can talk about it later over tea.

Okay, so, what's Nanowrimo?

I'm glad you asked, figurative anon who's been living under a fucking rock!

NaNoWriMo (or National Novel Writing Month) is a goddamn month to write a goddamn novel. In THP's case, that means thirty uninterrupted days of updates or thirty-thousand (30,000) words total. If you can manage it, good for you. Pat yourself on the back.

How about prizes for those who finish under the conditions?


If somebody wants to do it, they can. I'm not going to hold out hope, nor do I think anyone else is. Why not give us all a pleasant surprise?

Okay, fine. Oh, and what's this crap about A.T.O.M.?

I could natter on about the history of it, but here's the TL;DR:


That's it. Just update, vote, discuss, shitpost, and do whatever the fuck you want to as long as you're injecting a little life into this site. There are no rules or conditions because it's not really a contest.

And there's the usual bonus objective of bumping this thread at least once per day (read: you can do it again even if someone else has).

Is there any prize for that?

The satisfaction that you've been something close to a contributing member of the community for once in your goddamned life.

Good enough for me. When does all of this shit start and end?

Start: 01 November, midnight in whatever shitty timezone you live in.

End: 01 December, midnight in whatever shitty timezone you live in.

So, yeah, if the new plague hasn't got you by then, get ready to fucking start, assholes.

P.S. Keep Okuu and tiny Reimu happy!
Don't tell me what to do, nerd.

November might be far too busy for me to write myself, but godspeed to those who go for Nanowrimo this year.

If you go for ATOM, ur gey
Be ready, nerds.
It's coming, so pay attention.
Are you getting ready? You'd better be.
File 160418919361.png - (1.47MB, 1191x1684, turtle dragon mafiosa.png) [iqdb]
My contribution to nanowrimo this year. Read and vote, like with any other entries this year. Otherwise I'll turn THP into a gacha fanfiction site. Consider is a beastly threat!
File 160423708799.jpg - (82.33KB, 436x373, kusoge.jpg) [iqdb]
>gacha fanfiction site
But touhou is already gacha - and was for some time too. It's what's HIP and COOL now. Don't you just wanna spend your life savings to do another ten roll?
[x] pull again
I love paying for pngs

I feel like I'm making a terrible mistake by entering Nanowrimo this year. Oh well.
Hello, there, fellow atomics! We have thirty days of nuclear action ahead of us, so get to making activity or risk making Okuu (and her miniature Reimu friend) upset.

Consider this the first day's bump.
I'm full of bad ideas and Nanowrimo is one of them.
Day two. Make activity, people. Make it all day, make it every day.

But I have!
understandable have a nice day
Day four. I am a numpty who fell asleep for the majority of the day.
Fourth day of Nanowrimo and already I've missed one update. Talk about foreboding, huh.
Day five. Keep fusing and making fuel for the site, fellow atomics.
Day six. Swear to Kanako I'm not gonna fall asleep again.
Day seven. Not a grue in sight.

Damn shame.
Day nine. Why the goddamn did I just space all of yesterday. Why.
Day nine. I need a shikigami to just automate activity making. Unless Teruyo thwarts its operation with dastardly traps.
Day eleven. I will not repeat myself needlessly. I will not repeat myself needlessly.
Day twelve. Let's hope no more trains derail. They could be carrying nuclear material.
Day fifteen. Dump me into the Sea of Japan, because there's no excuse for missing that many days.
Day sixteen. Wake me up when November ends.
Day seventeen. Imagine a world where THP is brimming with atomic activity.
Day eighteen. I hope you all brought enough snacks for Nano-Reimu.
Day nineteen. Brought to you by TEPCO.
Day twenty. Disassemble, discuss, decanter. Wait, what?
Day twenty-one. Kanako in a sweater...
File 160600415351.jpg - (108.76KB, 1025x1320, tiny slasher.jpg) [iqdb]
Remember, gentlefolk, if you make Okuu upset, you'll get a Crimson Slashing by Nano-Reimu.
Day twenty-two. Can you imagine a nuclear-powered car with a mini-Okuu in it? Gensokyo could corner the market overnight.
Day twenty-three. Okuu's irradiated eggs...
Day twenty-four. Coming up to the five count.
File 160634896785.jpg - (164.28KB, 935x936, C0u6zJyVEAAfQvo.jpg) [iqdb]
25, nerds.
Day-twenty five. Five.
Day twenty-six. Four.
Day twenty-seven. Three.
Day twenty-eight. Two.
Day twenty-nine. One!
Day thirty. Last day, lads!
Finished with thirty updates. I'm a dumb bitch, but I did it. See you guys next decade.
File 160686919567.jpg - (3.45MB, 1736x2456, otsukareokuu.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, guess that's a wrap, fellow atomics.

See you come... March? May? Sometime in the coming year. We can all have a radioactive good time then, too.
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