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I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.
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File 146784468242.jpg - (353.34KB, 595x841, cheater.jpg) [iqdb]
If I were to write a story that has cyoa elements, but isn't a full on story, where would I post it?
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>>14289 I mean a story that allows a few user choices but isn't actually intended to be a very lengthy story.
Post it on whichever board is thematically appropriate, then; i.e., /youkai/ if it's the mountain, /forest/ if it's the forest, etc. I mean, you could post it in /th/ as a catch-all if you're not focusing on anything in particular, but it's already a clusterfuck, so you might take that into consideration.
Understood, much appreciated.

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File 144598810391.jpg - (707.51KB, 750x950, kokoro ready for festivities.jpg) [iqdb]
A lot of you are probably aware of National Novel Writing Month, and the attempts here to write daily updates for the month of November. However, stories on THP have changed over the years in ways that make daily updates almost impossible: many of us have moved away from silly VN-inspired stories towards more serious stories with long-term arcs and goals, complicated relationships, and altogether higher-effort plots and characterizations.

This is good! Good stories are good, and having written a few well-received stories here myself I appreciate the push towards quality. But shitty, dashed-out, in-jokey stories are the glue that holds us together as we wait for those long-term stories to update. They are the bread and turnips that sustain us until the Sunday poule au pot.

Therefore, I propose a Carnival for the month of November. In its original meaning, Carnival is a Christian holiday before the fasting and self-denial of Lent. It is a day where social order is upended: behind festive masks to hide one's identity, priests and holy men are publicly mocked, wives give orders to their husbands, and everybody gets absolutely shitfaced.

For the month of November, I propose to you a chance to indulge yourselves. I wish to see us don our masks, hide our identity, and become fools. We will intoxicate ourselves on the soma of obscure references, joke updates, and bad ends. Our standards, our pride, our interpretations, we must cast these mortal things aside for the betterment of both the site and ourselves.


The rules are simple. On November 1st*, start a new story on whichever board you please. Use a new name, preferably something with 'mask' in the title, and include a link to the carnival thread somewhere in your first couple posts. But most of all, enjoy it! Be wild and do something you've always wanted to do! Write inanity, write insanity, write profanity, you can even write Sean Hannity.

All stories that managed daily updates throughout the month of November will be qualified to be crowned the King or Queen of Carnival, which will be decided by a week-long voting period held in this thread starting Decemb
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Pardon my reviving this thread, but I am an associate of MASK de Smith involved with the organization of last year's Carnival. We would appreciate your feedback. For reasons.


Filled out the survey.
Also, now that the thread is bumped, I encourage any THP reader to go out and read these stories. They were overall very good and would recommend picking up these stories leisurely.
And that's a wrap, folks. We really appreciate the feedback we got. Thanks again.

The results for your viewing pleasure are here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Ax7rLW7bJ-xNPBKD9bXFR5rIvpdjJZrVSQN-QzYDMmQ/viewanalytics

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File 143429941775.jpg - (435.19KB, 1886x2370, 1419127916538-0.jpg) [iqdb]
Does THP have it's own Booru for the original art you guys do here?

I'm pretty sure most of the old stuff for some of the CYOA's here can't be accessed by Archive, so I was just wondering.
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File 146404617076.jpg - (141.56KB, 1377x856, shiipainter.jpg) [iqdb]

Then again I'm a Linux guy and I'm using the libre icedtea-web plugin instead of oracle's rubbish. Asks for permission but works after I give it the go ahead. It'd probably be better to eventually switch over to html5 in-built canvas but that's unlikely to be something I'd do anytime soon since I've never read the spec and there's more pressing site changes to be done.

As for a draw thread elsewhere? Do one here if you want, not a problem. Maybe other people will contribute too. We don't have a lot of artists so no need to have a booru or whatever, but theoretically that's easy to set up if we ever got a massive influx of artists.
Can't open Shi-painter in google chrome, just gives black page.

I can't draw anime for shit so it doesnt really matter for me though.
You need the java browser plugin. it's otherwise browser agnostic.

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File 146343679466.jpg - (885.35KB, 1200x900, Kazami_Yuuka_full_307944.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry to bother you guys with personal request stuff. I don't even know if this is the right place for this, but I'm at my wit's end. I'm looking for an arrangement of Yuuka's theme from PoFV that I used to listen to years ago. The channel it was on seems to have been taken down and I can't remember the artist. I've looked through millions of arranges on youtube and it doesn't seem to be on there at all anymore, so I'm hoping that someone on here might remember it.
The channel it was on was called SakuyaSaigyouji. The attached image is the one it had as a background.It sounded like normal pop music with a an acoustic vibe to it, a bit anime opening-ish. It started with very little instruments and female vocals humming her theme and then another female voice kicking in that sang on top of them for a short while, and then the instruments started.
Since this was quite some time ago, I'd say the song was at least from before 2010, and probably from before 2007 (if not even earlier).
I know this is very little to go by but since this image board seems to be relatively alive compared to some of the other ones I really hope that someone here might remember what I'm talking about or can at least direct me to a place more likely to know. Thank you in advance!
My first thought for this was to put the channel url into the Wayback Machine, but sadly either the url isn't https://www.youtube.com/user/SakuyaSaigyouji/videos, or the Wayback Machine has finally failed me.

I'll keep looking for arrangements fitting that description.
Addendum to >>14216:
I didn't actually listen to the theme before posting that, but it sounds really fucking familliar. Is it one of the arranges on this channel:

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File 146292524615.png - (462.42KB, 900x720, Possible Villain.png) [iqdb]
Would you guys object to a game with this same concept, but executed by different people and a different way? or would you welcome it?
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Either way yes, as long as the characterizations are on-point.
An actual T/PW game. Thanks for quick reply.
The Aya one was pretty good, IIRC, but my major gripe with it was the slow "you are here" screen. However, it's just as bad in all the real Ace Attorney games, so it's probably a moot point. But yes, that sounds fun!

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File 144654544525.jpg - (269.58KB, 1000x1200, Gensokyo welcomes you all.jpg) [iqdb]
1. Go to http://boards.4chan.org/jp/
2. Go to page 10
3. Rescue a Touhou thread
4. Celebrate the good deed you have just done
5. Prove your loyalty by doing it 99 times and you will be rewarded with a trip to Gensokyo

This is a limited offer for the first 199 viewers of this thread to avoid overcrowding Gensokyo with filthy humans.
Only the most dedicated can get in. Don't miss your chance!

P.S.: There might be hostile agents trying to stop you. Persevere and evade them all to claim your reward. We need skilled and resourceful individuals.
P.P.S.: I can't guarantee your safety after you arrive. Head to the Human Village for orientation and apply for citizenship there.
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Why should I waste time reviving a cesspool like /jp/ when I can be reading and voting in stories on THP?
I did this like several months ago when this thread was posted on /v/ and I never got my reward.

What gives?
Why would you bump this garbage thread?

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File 146092730793.jpg - (9.46KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg) [iqdb]
Garbage, like this thread.
This is shit and it upsets me that /gensokyo/ is too slow to get it off the front page. >>>/blue/ with you.

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File 14393334243.png - (370.53KB, 707x1000, nazface.png) [iqdb]
Brought to you by /blue/'s Joy Thread! The tiniest, cleverest commander doesn't get enough love around here, certain contests aside, which is why I've decided to spring this on THP while we're in a contest mood. This obviously has nothing to do with the big annual contest, so don't feel the need to opt out if you're participating, please.

The rules will be pretty similar, but I might as well enumerate them:

1. Anonymous submissions only.
2. There is a hard limit of two (2) posts per submission.
3. Nazrin must be the primary topic of the submission. Failure to meet this criterion will result in disqualification with prejudice.

Since this is a new contest, and a niche one at that, there will only be two categories: SFW (not-porn) and NSFW (porn) shorts. If people express enough concern, the categories may be split between newbies and veterans, but this is what we'll start with. Starting from now, you have until September 29th, 23:00 UTC to post your shorts in the designated threads. Voting will commence immediately after submissions have closed, ending the next week on October 6th at 23:00 UTC. That should give those of you involved with the annual contest enough time.

Please consider submitting something and help spread the joy of Nazrin~
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Reading those aloud is really fun.

That said, commas mess up the rhythm and commander and clever don't rhyme.
Tiny commander
Ruffling your head brings such joy
The temple lies still
Hickory, dickery, dock.
The mouse sat on my cock.
At half past ten
We did it again.
Hickory, dickery, dock.

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File 144538871276.png - (224.59KB, 1200x848, ranaway.png) [iqdb]
Hello everyone, in an effort to improve the quality of life and activity of the site I have created a convenient userscript for everyone to use.


The main idea is to bring all the story boards together onto one page to increase visibility. Thus in turn allow people to write stories on the less active boards and have improved exposure.

Future plans: I'm currently trying to figure out a way to automate a way to see if a story has been updated. Based on the design of the website it will be impossible to have an 100% accurate way to automate it so instead I would like to add features that can catch most of them and then allow the user to manually watch threads they want.

If anyone would like to post comments, requests, or bugs about the script feel free to use this thread.
First of all, thank you for doing this.

Second, how does it know the difference between a story thread and a non-story thread? Does it just assume that any thread on a certain board is a story thread?
Yes at the moment there isn't any code to distinguish a story thread from a discussion thread but the majority of threads in any of the story boards will be a story.

However with that said I believe that there are unique characteristics to story posts that hint more towards a story thread and those are:
-Usernames/tripcodes posts that match the opening post
-Larger amounts of text than average
-Choices located near the bottom
-Subject with a thread count
-Probably some more subtle hints I'm missing

Usually a story thread will contain one or more of the previous attributes, you'd be hard pressed to find out without at least one of those. Then using the power of computers I'm sure I can get a reasonable accuracy to tell them apart.
Thanks, looks nice.

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File 143927941098.jpg - (157.86KB, 850x760, sample-56b056550b01bfebe5e45abed638b503.jpg) [iqdb]

ALL SUBMISSIONS MUST BE ANONYMOUS. Non-anonymous posts will be disqualified.

Deadline is 15 September at 23:59 GMT (which, conveniently enough, is what site time is). Any submissions after that will be ignored.


Next, the categories. Veteran/newbie, normal/porn, the usual. We'll be dividing vet/newbie by a simple cutoff: if you've been writing here since before January 1st, you count as a veteran. All others are newbies.

I think you can distinguish between porn/non-porn yourselves.

Judging will be done the same way it was last contest: I will aggregate a list of the entered stories, and everyone will be allowed to vote for a story in each category: that is, non-porn/newbies, non-porn/vets and porn. I'm lumping the porn categories together due to low turnout for newbie porn. Voting will last another week, ending on 22 September at 23:59 GMT.
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I honestly don't see why not.

You know that the 8th annual writing contest will be the legendary last writefag posting 4 different stories.
That's been allowed since the first time I ran the contest. Hell, I entered multiple things last time myself.
Damn it HBUFlag when is DtRT gonna get updated. I know life has you busy but it feels like it's been forever.
I'll wait warmly for you until the end of time.

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