I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 16272477803.jpg - (84.99KB, 724x1023, come on through.jpg) [iqdb]
Since the old thread that was stickied at one point is seemingly just gone, here's a shiny new one to be largely disused in favour of shitposting on the Discord for talking over neato ideas involving 2hus that could be put into prose.

I look forward to the odd newcomer excitedly posting their 2hu x [insert flavour-of-the-month game here] crossover idea. Or I guess folks could seriously discuss ideas, too. Whatever y'all want. Anyway, doors are wide open, so come on through.
Just to be slightly more explicit with the purposes of the thread, since I kind of didn't do that:

1) Request ideas, because you are a writer who is low of inspiration and wants to test lady luck by leaving it to the crowd.
2) Share ideas, because you are a writer who craves approval before diving into new engagements, or maybe you just like to talk about things for the sake of talking.
3) Leave ideas lying around, because you are a non-writer who can't or won't just do it your goddamn self has big ideas that need to be realised.

If what you think you wanna do here doesn't fall into a neat category like that, uh... discuss it, I guess? Don't look at me. I'm not your dad.
File 162728063154.jpg - (39.23KB, 472x472, __kazami_yuuka_touhou_drawn_by_rebecca_keinelove__.jpg) [iqdb]
I want to write a story about one of the Moriya trio trying (and maybe failing) to lose weight because:
1) It's funny.
2) It's easy to write about.
3) The Moriya trio can riff off each other and depending on the protagonist of the story, Reimu/other Gods can be involved too.
Who should I make the protagonist? Sanae, Kanako or Suwako?

Sounds like Sanae would be the easiest to write about, like she could try to make a miracle that induces rapid weight loss only get said no by one of her gods cause "it's too selfish of a miracle" and so she has to find a way to lose weight the normal way.

Naturally since this is Gensokyo whatever is normal can really depend.

You could always try one of the gods though since seeing one of them struggle with such a normal thing could be funny too.
File 162728434974.png - (298.69KB, 293x487, Cold Snake.png) [iqdb]
I would like to write a story about a Touhou sneaking mission (so giving it a bit off Metal Gear vibes).

Figured it wouldn't be too hard as long I got stuff written in advance and draw myself some minimaps to not lose track of the Sneaker's location.

The plot would bassicaly be: [i] For the last 2 weeks, fairies have been rapidly dwindling in numbers due to an unknown cause .

The only exceptions being Cirno herself and the fairies of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, unfortunatly Cold Snake (her future codename) has yet to notice any of that since she's too focused on seeking her friend Daiyousei for the last 3 days.

Hence starts the prologue mission: Barge into one of 3 locations: Marisa's house (easy), Hakurei Shrine (meduim), Alice's house (Suicide, have you seen all those securite dolls?), which would be an easy sneaking mission since you just have to enter the house and get a Fission Mailed.

Succeed or fail the mission and she'll get some expo of "Fairies gone, now GTFO out of my house" yada yada and also another thing in the future I won't spoil.

Eventually she comes to the conclusion that if the fairies are dissapearing, then they must have been kidnapped and decides to go on a rescue mission! a Secret rescue mission! So she has to be sneaky! a Sneaky Secret Rescue Mission!

Then you have to choose between 3 locations of which one you will barge SNEAK into: Scarlet Devil Mansion, Eientei or Genbu Ravine.

You get the gist now, sneak into a place, obtain a reward if you succeed or just some minor info and get kicked out if you fail (that is die 3 times since at that point the security is simply too aware of your presence). There are 3 locations you can choose from each chapter (Those being 3 at the moment) so that also gives an replay value of 9.

Cold Snake will eventually obtain an communicator that functions like an codec, and varouis other tools that'll make the mission easier.

But I'll stop there at the moment since even if I already wrote down the ending, telling too much would be an spoiler in itself.

In short it'd be: A sneaking mission with 9 possible paths, 3 different possible crews (as in who will help you out) and 3 different culprits of the incident depending on what the final location is and what info you have learned throughout the adventure.

(Naturally it won't be that background heavy like MTG with their "Cold war" stuff but I figured that it'd be a pretty good experience to try out).

I do double guess myself a bit by making Cirno the protag but she's shown herself capable of solving incidents on her own before and the image of an fairy crawling into an vent is something I just funny. The sneaking is mostly because most of the residents are WAY stronger than you and you wouldn't want the Feynapper to know you're looking for them now do you?

It sounds like a pretty fun story to do. I have to say that the prevouis drafts made were : -have an Earth Rabbit (Disguised as an Moon rabbit via Eirin's shady drugs) infiltrate the moon society in order to rescue a certain prisoner only for it to reveal there's another reason too.

But rn the Lunar Capital isn't something I know too much off so maybe later, since having to write down speeches of purity and backstories of moon rabbits would be pain at the moment.

I still have to figure out the title tho, like that's the biggest obstacle I have at the moment. and once that's found out I'll actually update it after having finished or sufficiently progressed my other story. (Since doing 2 stories at once sounds spooky ).

Also another story I'm making would be released in 4 days or so: It'd be one of those camping stories where a bunch of teens share spoopy stories together in some rumored "Man Eater Forest" to prove their braveries only to find the rumors weren't so false after all.

Still don't know the title of that one either, like making names doesn't come to the tip of my tongue for me.

Regardless sharing story ideas sounds pretty cool, and I may have written down too much sorry.

What do you any of you think of either story?

Also if anyone knows any spooky touhou stories do let me know! that'd help lots with the latter.
>3) Leave ideas lying around, because you are a non-writer who can't or won't just do it your goddamn self has big ideas that need to be realised.

Hey that's me!

A fairy oblivious to the aspect of nature she embodies makes friends with a villager in the evening of his life.
In his company she is encouraged to explore her nature and find herself. Growing in confidence and ability and maybe even gaining bits of wisdom.
And inevitably having to confront the meaning of death one day.

That sounds like a nice short story.
Kanako. She basically gets no love around here.
The scarlet devil rocket, but they miss, and accidentally start a war between earth and mars instead.

Damn, are ya gonna write that anon? sounds like a cool adventure
Reasonable idea, compact in scope, maybe an ending baked in, misses out on some kind of motivation or other "oomph", needs more obvious Touhou involvement, a little more work and it'd be good for a newbie, 7/10
Lazy fanon portrayal for the lolz xDDDD, extremely vague premise, ALL CAPS FOR REFUGE IN AUDACITY, title already taken by someone else, it is shitposting even if you're not being ironic, 0/10
Yet Another SDM Story, lazy "twist" on a canon scenario, too vague to derive anything useful from, apply yourself, 1/10
What will happen if all the faries have more braincells

>all fun prohibited
I'm glad we have an understanding.
Huh, that's a lot of ideas yeah.

-Maid bot Ruukoto has to watch the hakurei shrine while the owner is off to solve an incident, clean the house and fend off those who try to profit from her absence/terrible guests.
This would probably work as a short story (either interactive or not) but I don't think that you could reasonably get that much mileage out of the concept without stretching the premise too thin (ha ha). I'd probably pick between Sanae, because she's relatable despite being a weirdo human/living goddess, or Kanako, because of how aloof she normally is.

The first one isn't really for me. Seems a little too complex to expect that much from the reader. I think that it would be successful, nonetheless, because stories of the tacticool/operator type have been done before.

As for the second idea... sure, sounds like a fine enough premise but hard to say more without any more details.

I'd also read this. Give it a go, non-writer. Maybe you'll have fun. As other said, probably works as a short story.

Maybe a little more thought as to the type of threats and why might make that an interesting premise.

Fair enough, I'm still working on both. tempering them a bit.

The second one is my main focus despite how cool the first one sounds to me so I can prepare for the spooktember.

Guess the main theme of that story would be: Nothing is scarier and uncertaintity.

Like in super short sentences it'd be.

-Protag wakes up, gets informed friends are waiting outside for the trip since you overslept.

-Check around your house and pick up the stuff you want to take along (and also establishing the protag's background and family since they're not conveniently an orphan).

-Get in the car lad, we are going camping!

-Skip to night time, be around a campfire and it's time to share spooky stories.

-One of your friends goes off to take a piss, the rest continue

- Friend still hasn't come back, they doing a prank? check it out or ignore it.

-Go to sleep, wake up at 6 am. for some reason forest still dark tho.

-Another dude dissapears? what? what's happening. (Some hints are there)

Or at least that was the first graph of the story, it's been changed since but the fact remains that you'd have to deal with an threat that's got the home advantage by seeing through the patterns and seeking for any way to not become the next victim...if there even is an monster in the first place? could be entirely normal even. Is it supernatural or perfecly explainable? Only one way to find out.

Are those enough details? I'd most likely send the draft in proofreaders first to get their opinions.
*Before starting the story 4 days from now
To me, it seems unnecessary to have things like equipment loadout and background before getting to the actual plot. If it's not meant to be a really long or involved story (that's what it seems like from the premise), you're better off having a clear and defined image of what the story will be like. Figure out what the climax(es, depending if you have multiple possible 'routes') are supposed to be as well as an end state and build things in such a way that they lead to those or build up your themes/characters/clever plot etc. A rough outline of that is a good baseline but I think that filling in more details helps more.

That's some good advice I'll be sure to follow. Gotta have a solid idea on how to do the begining, end and the stuff between it before adding stuff that's not really important.

I'm going to work a bit more on it and will let you know more if you're interested since I'm pretty excited on doing this.

Thanks for the advice
File 162741435797.jpg - (189.43KB, 600x800, magical posterior.jpg) [iqdb]
Story idea: Magicians.
No womanlets allowed ITT

File 162743171765.jpg - (1.31MB, 1200x857, __kazami_yuuka_and_kazami_yuuka_touhou_and_1_more_.jpg) [iqdb]
Thanks for the advice. I was going to write about Sanae because she is eccentric, but Kanako would be funnier to write (and read about) because of her aloofness and pride. Also because she gets no love on this site.

I will try a short story with this premise (>>16319) so I can get used to writing the Moriya trio. Hopefully once I get a few stories under my belt I will make an actual quest like how Keymaster started out.

Planning and writing now.
very rude

nice CSS hax
Just thought of a story idea.

So basically just like Sumireko, someone else exists in Gensokyou when they're asleep.

The thing here, is that the circumstances are different. Girl has minor powers, and is more like 'make friends' and 'explore this new environment' than 'oh hell yeah chuuni'.

So life goes on, she makes friends, and gets into a few shenanigans. Nothing too severe, but it's there. Usually with Kasen, Komachi, Eientei...

And then one day, she arrives at the Sanzu river. Not to visit or give that nice 'pizza'. But as a spirit.

Because as it turns out, she has a difficult family life. Issues. Depression. And so she sought a more nicer, more friendly environment. And that environment was gensokyou. In her dreams.

But she doesn't have Sumireko's sleeping powers. So she has to use other methods. Like drugs. And considering what her life is like, Gensokyou is one of the few positive places in her life.

You get where this is going.

So she kept going back, continuously. Forcing herself back. Using sleeping pills. And then one day, she took one too many.

She loved to explore Gensokyou. She explored Makai. She sneaked into (and got kicked out of) heaven. She tried to get onto the moon.

And finally, she gets to see the Underworld.
Sounds a lot like a Sumireko story with a Sumireko wannabe with a sob story backstory for melodrama. Dunno maybe someone could make it better by just making it a bullyed Sumireko and focusing the plot more instead of just shenanigans and then the end. Prolly a lot more likely to finish that way too.
Sounds like a great epilogue to the story.

One day, Death catches up to Sumireko. Maybe she got old. Maybe she got unlucky.

Either way, it's a bittersweet ending.

Or she kicks her way out of the afterlife and starts running around as a disembodied ghost haunting her descendants. Gensokyou is funny like that.
Heh, a story of escaping the afterlife sounds fun.

It would certainly get my interest in it.
Here's a dumb idea for a story: A canonical dumb 2hu is tasked with a task that should be super simple (like buying milk for example) but somehow the situation keeps escalating since everyone in 2hu is eager to fight for the siliest of reasons.

The story has 2 endings.

Bad end: You did a bunch of stuff, wasted a lot of time, but did forget to get the milk. Your superior 2hu is dissapointed in you and you're grounded.

Good end: You got the milk, but at what cost? not much to be honest. yay~

Could be a fun short story, would Anon like that?
Do it but make it star a newhu for variety's sake
What would count as a newhu?

Can do, but would need a suggestion.

Would Aun or Clownpiece work?

Those two came to mind first.
>hsifs was released in 2017
>lolk was released in 2015
Neither is really new but I would read a Clownpiece story since there's not much of her, especially as a main character.
Noted, then I'm going to keep it in mind.

Might take a week or two to get an actual story line but expect a clownpiece story before the beginning of december.
Methinks there's an interesting idea here. Like perhaps, one day, Sumireko died. She's just hanging in Gensokyo as usual, and then in a blink finds herself at the sanzu river. Turns out that while she was sleeping between classes, there was a [insert death mcguffin here] and it killed her. You could then have a story about the aftermath and the time between her death and her final judgment. Problem is I don't see how you could do much CYOA in that.
File 163697339160.png - (288.73KB, 383x550, Thrive with her.png) [iqdb]
New story idea: Chimata wants to create a pyramid scheme to encourage youngsters and deadbeats of the human village to spend money to gain more money and make her become more powerful as a result of her 'followers' obeying the sacred rules of the market which is something that directly empowers her.

Problem is, getting a bunch of talentless hacks to get her money is going to be a hard thing to do since most of them will frivouisly spend it, use it on other stuff or simply get conned by certain Poverty goddesses alongside other 2hus.

Not only that but if her followers mess up or cause too much trouble a certain shrine maiden could come out to beat them up or...worst case scenario....

The market might crash, leaving her weaker than she started the adventure.

So can Anon do it? Can you sucesfully make it rich in Gensokyo? (Which is the end goal)

Or will you fail to make a profit from your objectionable occurences on special offer? (Game over)

Alternate idea could be that Anon plays as a 'follower' of her but the fact you're getting scammed won't be a twist since you've already read what's on here.

Could be nice to see Anon try to get money then give said money to the dollar goddess for special features such as being able to fly or litteraly shoot money so that they can get even more money and feed into the money sink that is sim-faith businesss.

What do you guys think of that kind of story? would that be nice?
The idea made me smile so it's good
Sounds more like a game than a story to me, but eh, whatever floats your boat.
Could work as either a point and click game or a comfy quest. As long as you make Chimata a fun character to read about, and have some fun supporting characters, I'd read that for a dollar.
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