I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 164572362883.jpg - (111.48KB, 850x478, __kijin_seija_touhou_drawn_by_torinari_dtvisu__sam.jpg)
(I'll start, here's an oneshot.)

Impossible Spellcard: The Musical.

Does anybody ever wonder if I have my reasons?
I’m not as weird as they say.
It’s funny how the world can change so much throughout the seasons.
And here I pretty much..staaaay the same!
Some might say that life is an Impossible Spellcard.
Trouble knocking at your door.
I can’t take it anymore!

It is my tragic duty….
To flip around society!
You wouldn’t understand!
It’s not a phaaaaseeee, mom!

The Cheat Items are my chance to be cool! (her chance to be cool!)
And I’ll finally fit in ; I’ll be the hip gal in school! (Hip gal in school!)
They won’t make fun of my weird horns.
And they’ll say, “Seija, you rule..sooo hard!”
(So hard!)
So haaaaaaaaard!
(So hard!)

The Miracle Mallet* will help me beat every girl!
And Sukuna will be so jealous.
She’ll bend over and hurl!
And then I’ll go pee on Yukari.
The Gold Rush of victory!

Oh yeah!
(Wait, that’s weird)
No it’s not!
(Yes, it iiiiis!)
It's a dominance thing!
(no response)
Cats do it!
(Music stops)
Come on, you guys!
We were just getting to the good part too!
The end.

Note: Miracle Mallet is the fake version.

That's all folks, I was reminded of a fun 2hu post (Donut Graze was the name iirc) so I wanted to make a spot for that here too, put in a song made by you or ripped off or whatever.

It's fun either way.
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/blue/ is that way --->
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What is blue?
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File 164572928265.jpg - (160.41KB, 750x368, FA0A5763-5E30-4E56-AE93-CD3B11B2F4D7.jpg)
gee I wonder
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I am a blind fish then, sorry for posting at the wrong spot.
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