I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 153990219382.jpg - (214.24KB, 850x1202, gang signs.jpg) [iqdb]



So Nanowrimo’s approaching in two weeks. Know what that means? Yeah, you guessed it. A bunch of broken promises. Starting November, I’m pushing all you writers out there to do thirty updates in November. No, I’m not telling you that you HAVE to do one a day because I know shit happens. Your internet died for a day? Write two updates the next day. No big deal.

If you decide to write thirty updates in one day, I’m going to find out where you live and personally drown you in a kiddie pool.

Anyway. Rules are simple. Thirty updates before November ends—and no, I’m not going to give a fuck about timezones. inb4 muh 12 hour extension. They can be shorts, updates for a current story, updates for a new story—all are fine. But if you’re going to do multiple stories, remember to link them here. It’s going to be hell for record-keeping if you don’t.


“You mean there’s more to Nanowrimo than thirty days of suffering?”

You bet your ass you’re right, conveniently-timed-question-man. If you manage to do all thirty updates, YOU can provide a story idea, a concept, a rough outline, or your shitty fetishes, and a group of volunteer writers will pick it up and write about it.

Who’s in the group of volunteer writers, you ask?

Well, uh.

Just me so far. But here’s where I’m pleading begging asking you to help. If you want to try your hand at this, just post in the thread that you’re willing to volunteer.

If you have any questions, just hop on over to the IRC or Discord and ask. Or use this thread, I don't care. I'm not your mom. Do whatever you want.
IRC: https://www.touhou-project.com/?page=irc
Discord: https://discord.gg/UPHZMWy
This thread: >>15589 (really?)
You begged us at the discord to post in this thread, so here you go:

ur a fagget

But more seriously, I'll try to start a story for this Nanowrimo. And if all goes well and life doesn't shit on me, I'll even volunteer to do one of those prize pieces, but no promises on that.
File 153993952927.png - (150.10KB, 424x600, looks legit.png) [iqdb]
> reward for winning is story
> winning requires ability to write story
File 153994246538.png - (138.77KB, 500x500, 1460312427116.png) [iqdb]
All you have to do is write thirty update. No good prose required. So get to it already, nerd.
File 153995029772.jpg - (726.24KB, 800x1131, no fancy degree needed.jpg) [iqdb]
Fuck it, since you're all likely to just pussyfoot around like always, I'll publicly state that I'll help out with the prize if needed. I look forward to seeing how many people actually buckle down and write thirty updates.

A lack of ability has never stopped anyone here. Just do it and have fun, loser.
It might help if people who intend to go for it put their name in this thread. That way, they can feel guilted into it and subsequently crushed when they don't manage.

I can't volunteer to help with the reward, but I'll try for 30 updates and do my best to vote on everyone going for this.
If Maryl here isn't writing thirty updates of awoo, I'm not doing shit.

What are you gonna do, ban me?
>If you decide to write thirty updates in one day, I’m going to find out where you live and personally drown you in a kiddie pool.
You’ll have to catch me first.

Anyway, what the hell, might as well try and participate this year. Not using a name since unlike Klaymen I haven’t written anything people would remember, but I’ll vote and write.
As the one who technically talked up the reward idea, I should be sticking my neck out, but... yeah.

If there aren't any incredibly convoluted requests from the victor(s), I can try my hand in some fashion.
File 153998792313.jpg - (627.04KB, 1190x1056, 57841316_p1.jpg) [iqdb]
I can write something for a winner but ain't got no time to spare on doing the contest myself through November.
File 153999589446.jpg - (16.42KB, 225x225, descarga.jpg) [iqdb]
I promise to give scathing AND misguided critique.
I'm going to fail miserably this year too.

But I will write something for the winners! That means on the off chance I do make it, I can reward myself! THIS CANNOT FAIL!

I like you already.
So what happens if nobody writes 30 updates and there are no winners. Are all of you who promised to write something for the winners just going to throw your hands in the air and give up? Because I can totally see some of you promising to write something for the winners to make it look like you're participating, but secretly hoping that nobody wins so you can weasel your way out of having to write anything.

"Aww shucks. Nobody won? Well gee wizz, that's a real shame. And I was really looking forward to writing something too. Oh well, I've done all I can do."
Speaking for myself, if nobody makes it to thirty updates, then I'm willing to try to honour a reasonable request from whoever comes closest. That's not a promise but an offer in good faith, the best I can do at this point in time.
Cross that bridge when we get to it. But I guarantee there'll be at least one dude will make it to 30. I've done it on previous occasions, after all.
Go ahead and win, then, so you can show us up, why don't you?
I'll attempt to participate, but may or may not find the time or ideas needed. That said, while it seems grossly unnecessary at this point, I wish to note that I am also willing to contribute to the writer pool should such a contribution be desired.

I'll be submitting >>/th/196629 for Nanowrimo. Also, just letting everyone know in advance, I'll be out on a trip from November 9-12. I don't know how that'll affect my update schedule, but I'm just going to assume I'll have to catch up for like three updates or so.

1 Seija
2 Shinmyoumaru
3 Joon
4 Kagerou

Rolling 1d4 => 4
Here's my entry >>/sdm/63685 . I've meant to write it for a while and nanowrimo was a good excuse worth waiting for. It's a story about Kagerou, the only awoo worth mentioning.

If you want to use a timer as well, you'll have to mark your post as an update and use something like the following syntax: [timer=18/11/02 10:32+3] where the offset at the end (the plus or minus) is optional (otherwise defaults to UTC).
I don't wanna copy
1 Seija
2 Shinmyoumaru
3 Joon

Rolling 1d3 => 3
File 154107856172.jpg - (202.78KB, 705x600, best sister.jpg) [iqdb]
Here's my entry >>/underground/16139 as rolled, a Joon story. Berry berry newhu.
File 154109577943.jpg - (412.08KB, 1632x2479, __hecatia_lapislazuli_touhou_drawn_by_shometsu_kei.jpg) [iqdb]
My entry for this Nanowrimo: >>/others/67033

Since I'm extremely rusty and I'm purposefully gunning for speed and update consistency over quality, it'll very probably be shit. Nevertheless, I hope the two of you who actually read it will enjoy it.

Unrelated hecka cool 2hu. Or not. Who knows? Not me. I've never lost control have no idea what I'm doing.
Here's my entry:


Village life wasshoi!
Wow, now I'm too intimidated by the story count to vote in anything.

Kidding. I vow to vote in everything, everyday
Since people seem to be posting actual threads here, mine is over at >>/youkai/30643.
ore no entry

Look's like I'm going to try after all.

Main entry is: >>/shrine/41094

I'd like to count November entries in >>/at/39475 as well, but I doubt that'll be more than 4.
File 154111822835.jpg - (339.26KB, 1200x800, vampire.jpg) [iqdb]
I'll give it a shot.
I hold no intention of winning like I did in the last two years, but...


I'll at least do what I can to jump back on this horse and try to get back to updating my current set of stuff, if anyone cares. Not really the point of the thread, but figured now was the best excuse to do so, depression and possible burnout or not, as I'm no longer quite as overly busy as before.

That will also be the intended order, assuming votes keep up. They, however, will not be daily updates or anything like that. My goal is to do at least 3 updates between them, but I aim for 6 by the end of the month.

Ohh, and depending on how the winners tickle my muse, I might try to write them a prize, too. Having a large number of authors try to write up the same idea sounds like an interesting activity, and it will be pretty nice to have something fresh to work on for a week or something.
File 154112204339.jpg - (21.37KB, 628x525, 16299316_1643450462626456_6417858684777938173_n.jpg) [iqdb]
Nice links

I'm not dead.

I might wish I was, though, committing myself to something like this.
I forgot to mention my actual goal:

Minimum of thirty thousand words in the month of November.
Welp, looks like all my free time this month will be taken up voting on the NINE new stories I'm now following.

I'm rooting for all of you, you crazy bastards.

Oops. Thanks for pointing out. I mixed up which side of the arrows it goes on.

Fixing links of >>15625

It was late yesterday when I posted the first update, so I forgot. But here's my attempt at the challenge.
Gonna focus on the best dork around
I'm also adding An Excuse for A-Who? to the list of stories I'm using for Nanowrimo. It'll probably be for only one update, so it should be easy to track.
File 154291974777.gif - (248.70KB, 600x496, momiji_nope.gif) [iqdb]
The last week approaches us (or has already happened for all you losers living in the future). Now's about the right time for a check-up.

For me, I'm barely on pace. I have twenty-one updates so far with about 540 words per update. Given my self-imposed goal of at least 500 words on average per update, I'm feeling good. All I have to do is write one update per day to complete Nanowrimo, so long as I don't get hit by a meteor or something.

What about the rest of you? Let's get some discussion going. If you're a writefag, tell us about how your Nanowrimo is going. And if you're not an author, why not tell us about how you're enjoying this month?

Pls respond so it doesn't feel like I'm talking to myself.

And if someone writes 30 updates in one day, I'm going to start a highschool story, right after drowning them in a kiddie pool. Do it bitch, I double dog dare you.
Writer of The Train Home here.

Gotta say I'm not having an easy time over here. November is a really bad month to write, what with the first college tests, and especially when I'm shaking off the rust of five years without writing a word. And to make matters worse, I chose to write what's probably the worst genre to improv write: a murder mystery.

On the bright side, I'm (re)learning a lot of things about writing CYOAs. First and foremost, that my ideal update pace should be 2-3 days. Second, that perfectionism is for fags. As long as you keep your plot and schedule consistent, nothing else matters much. Better to write shit than not writing at all.

After Nanowrimo's over, I'll definitely be slowing down my update, and hopefully my readers will notice an increase of overall quality in my writing. And when the train finally reaches its destination, who knows? I may have more lighthearted stories to write if I feel like I finally got my mojo back.

Well, that's all from me. Good luck to all of you, and hope you're enjoying this more than I currently do.
File 154292607333.png - (847.47KB, 823x995, DsfPXlVVAAA6Hav.png) [iqdb]
I think I'll technically qualify before the end of the month, but personally I'm only counting the Joon story for this. That said it's harder to keep on pace lately, but that's probably more due to personal stress than the story itself. Even then I'm hardly one update behind.

It's been enjoyable but time-consuming. The writing part not often so much, but I tend to go image hunting and editing, listen to music, see how it feels along with an entry's pace, which is what really puts hours in. But I'm cool with it.

I've been surprised that the story has kept a good pace (in my opinion) that, at least to me, feels pretty convincing for Joon's development in the Underground--at least given the two major other characters playing so far are an extremely forthright oni and an impulsive but vulnerable satori. Yuugi's super fun to work with. The idea of "pre-closed" Koishi is also very fun to work with, since basically I'm looking at it like "sure, subconsciously she's happy and random, but this is a girl who killed her 'self' in an effort to improve her situation". So, she was probably not confident, or happy, or anything like that before her third eye closed.

Joon is delightful. My characterization of her is... I'd say, whenever I reconfirm her way of talking and her attitude, "surprisingly close", but definitely she's quite a lot filthier. Joon is a rude asshole though, for real.

I don't think the story will end with Nanowrimo. I think we MAY be a third of the way through it now/ There's this, that, and the other thing to do. Joon will grow stronger. At current pace, I dunno where the story will be at November's end, but it'll likely be a fun place.
Reader here.

It's great how the site's seemingly got more visible activity while this is going on. The only downside to that is that it'll probably go away once NaNoWriMo is over. I'd like to think it won't, but the inner pessimist is too strong.

One thing that kinda irks me is how lopsided the activity got real quickly. I mean, some stories went from like eight or nine votes on the first update to four or five at best. Some barely seem to get any acknowledgement. And it sorta seems like voting in general is back down.

Anyway, I wish I'd had the gumption to participate, but I'm not cut out for daily updates or even near-daily. But y'all make me want to write more than I have before, so that's a good-ish thing, I guess.

I'm eager and afraid to see what sorts of requests get made.
File 154293558575.jpg - (35.56KB, 600x524, Idoubthatswhatitaactuallysays.jpg) [iqdb]
Reader here. I'm really enjoying this event. Every November is great in this site but this one just feels even better. I guess because we got quality with our quantity.

I can't complain. I feel young again and so does the site
I've been keeping roughly up with it thus far, I believe. I'm up to 21 updates on my November thread and 2 on my original.

It's been great to get near-constant responses, but being unable to do any major revisions before posting has been somewhat terrifying. It's also been neat to regularly read other threads, but the mix of similarly fast paces among the other threads and the time I have to spend each day on my own updates has made it nearly impossible to keep up with more than one or two of the other November threads.
Rural Concord writer here.

Holy moly, I forgot just how much work doing NaNo can be. It's like going on a strict new workout regiment or something: it's easy enough on weekends and slower days, but the days where I get home at 7 PM and have to get out an update have been rough. Don't take that to mean I regret it or don't like it, because I love it. I've been having an awesome time, and it's been a lot of fun coming up with ideas, getting votes, and turning it into a bona-fide story. I hope once November ends I can keep some of that experience and enthusiam with me as I go back to Scarlet Tycoon.
File 154309596741.jpg - (304.48KB, 1080x761, vampire begone.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm doing well, I think. Some things in the last week or so have made it trickier to keep my original schedule but I'm hanging in there. Have met my internal goal of 1k words per update minimum, often reaching at least twice that. It can be as hard to stop writing and edit down some days as it is starting to write on other days!

Hopefully it'll be fine until the end of the month and, if the votes don't suddenly dry up, I could keep going afterwards at this pace until the story is done. I guess I'll only how well I've managed when it's done but it's certainly been an interesting experience to write daily again and have the votes to keep on going.

I have felt some issues with my pacing and exposition and have wondered whether I'm overwhelming voters sometimes so I've dialed back a few things I had originally planned (read: less plotan', more taking it easy). If you're writing and leaving updates open to votes each day, not all of them are going to be slam dunks. I'm curious to know what the readers think but I don't really want to derail my thread by asking outright and breaking up the flow of votes and whatever. Sadly, I haven't noticed that much interest in discussing the story (well, not just mine tbh) on IRC/discord either. Haven't forced the subject because it's not really my style.

It's also been interesting writing an underdone character like Kagerou. I'm not sure if I've been effective in showing her personality and quirks yet but there's still plenty of opportunity to keep on plugging away. Also, it's been interesting seeing how THP thinks and votes again. And how they're still quick to project preconceptions on characters. Kind of thematically relevant, actually. I love those lazy voters even if they're mostly filthy Remifags.
File 154324357076.jpg - (1.26MB, 1254x1771, Little dork.jpg) [iqdb]
Writer of Tale of Half a Ghost

Frankly, I expected to burn out less than one week into this, considering my usual schedule is once a month. Things got busy thanks to exam season, and the fact my T and ' keys broke. My only real goal, aside from spreading the love for little Youmu, has been to actually update daily, which I think have been successful. I'm unsure, since this month is a bit of a haze in retrospect. Anyway, I've managed to stay on track and I should be able to wrap up my story nicely by Friday.

This challenge has been entirely outside my comfort zone, if I can be totally honest. The fast update pace is one thing, but the fact I'm writing a genre I have no experience writing in (Slice of Life and "romance" if you can call it that) on top of it really threw me for a loop (I tend to dwell on action scene and overall world building while trying to pay close attention to details. None of that in this challenge.) It's been fun, though, so it's not like I'm complaining. I just have a habit of biting off more than I can chew because it's more fun that doing things I know I can do.

This is probably where I should make an empty promise about speeding up my main story with the experience I've gotten from this challenge. But that's an entirely different beast, since I have an overarching story I'm trying to tell indirectly. Again, more than I can chew. I can't wait until my readers figure out Yukari's secret

Lastly, just a little shoutout to the the voter who took the time to think of an actually interesting write-in in the recent vote. CYOA is a collab between reader and writer, and I think too few readers really embrace that.
Huh, I always forget to check this board.

I should make it barring something catastrophic like my power or internet going out for a few days. Wasn't sure for a while, to be honest.

The lost week in the middle was rough even if I knew I'd lose it going in. I had to toss aside my plan of a few shorts instead of double updates because I decided not to bring my laptop with me when I went off into the wilderness, but overall it's going about as well as I hoped.

My only real goal for this month was to bring my story back up to a reasonable speed. I think I've got enough momentum now that I'll be able to accomplish that. I seem to have forgotten how to just write over the years. It needed to be corrected and I could always find an excuse not to correct it.
Dawn of the Last Day
File 154357917330.jpg - (61.39KB, 500x706, up and up.jpg) [iqdb]
Did it. Not counting times I split updates into two posts (which was twice) there's your 30 updates >>/underground/16139 to "Make a fist." The story will continue, of course, until it is done, but don't expect daily updates. I wanna live again.

If you're curious, since I'm running three stories at the moment (the others being >>/others/66845 and >>/shrine/41060 ) my final count is actually 36 updates in November (5 to The Magician's Apprentice Exchanged Cups with an Oni and 1 to Unchanging Days). For the record my work grants me SCADS of free time to myself so I'm actually at an advantage purely in terms of "actually having the capacity and freedom to write things" over most others, I'm pretty sure. Like, on typical days I have 4 hours of free time while at work, not counting my entire days off. On a few other days I have 5, and on one or two days I have 6. I'm also capable of writing on long commutes (1-2 hours)), when I suffer the misfortune of having them. Just making it clear: there's not really any superb skill here of some sort here, just conveniences. Probably.

Overall all the writing I've done this year tells me I should really write one of the many books I want to write, but at the same time the biggest reason I keep writing is that I have readers who will constantly input AS I write here on THP. Thanks to those who follow my silly, odd, and perverted Touhou tales, and big thanks to those who comment/vote. You guys broke literal years of writer's block here and Doldrums-tier depression. Seriously.
File 15435806183.jpg - (91.09KB, 789x1059, Reisen eats Udon.jpg) [iqdb]
Suggestion for story:

"Reisen picks her nose."

I would like this concept/title taken in a serious comedy style: an absurd situation with severe reactions/ramifications. My suggestion as a starter to such a story is simple: Reisen is, for some reason, at a loss to deal with an unfortunate nostril entity and must extract it in the most primitive manner. She is then caught by someone, and that someone is probably Aya.

To those who don't know: The Bun is my #1 favorite 2hu. Do not disappoint me. Do as you will.
File 154359875885.png - (467.53KB, 1280x1280, smellycat.png) [iqdb]
>I wanna live again.

I also did it. My 30 are contained within >>/youkai/30643 due to a coincidence with the thread rolling at the right time.

This was fun, and I'll definitely do it again next year. Probably with something more advanced as I continue to recover/maybe eventually improve. Congrats to everyone who makes it, and if anyone doesn't (I haven't counted everyone's stuff), I hope you at least had fun writing.

Writing request: I'll get back to you. It's going to take a bit of time to decide.
That's that. Somehow managed to get through the entire month. A full month of dork over at >>/shrine/41087

So now that Nanowrimo is over, what am I supposed to do? What did I do for fun? It's been so long since I started that I can't remember.

Joke aside, life practically did everything it could to stop me from completing this challenge; my keyboard breaking making T ' and backspace almost completely unresponsive, school throwing 10 mandetory practice exams in my face before one of two final exams this month alone, and my favorite games throwing big content updates out almost as soon as I started writing.

But I did it. And you guys did it. Kudos to every writer that stuck it out through it all. Because despite it all, it's been a great month on THP.
So now we just have to wait another year before any new updates come out.
I'm now clocked in at, I believe, 32 updates. (Or 31 updates plus an OP, if you wanted to get really technical.) 29 for >>/shrine/41094 and 3 for >>/at/39475. That was fun but exhausting and now I need a short break. I'm still considering what prompt to go for. I'll try to get back on that soon.
File 154361995640.jpg - (98.59KB, 519x714, __okazaki_yumemi_touhou_pc_98_and_etc_drawn_by_ari.jpg) [iqdb]
If I counted right, my story at >>/others/67033 should have 30 updates. It has certainly drained me of energy over this month, but it has been an entertaining experience, and I believe it has succeeded in restoring my will to keep writing, so I'll count that as my personal victory.

As a request... I'm craving some strawberries. I think I'll ask for a romantic piece starring our favorite professor, because I can't write romance for shit. Lewds optional but appreciated.
File 154362586334.jpg - (21.92KB, 238x211, image.jpg) [iqdb]
ima ask for literally anything involving Junko
File 154362610195.png - (42.42KB, 264x249, tiredmiji.png) [iqdb]
Make sure to include who you are when you ask for a request. It's easier to keep track that way.
It's ya boy Mask of Gold, and >>/th/199414 has 30 updates!

I'm gonna save my request for tomorrow. Right now I need a nice long nap.
File 154363863719.png - (19.88KB, 96x84, marysmug3.png) [iqdb]
I'M CLOCKING IN AT 31 UPDATES. Plus, I met my goal of writing 500 words a day on average, so that's cool too.

Main story with 29 updates: >>/th/199530
Side story with 2 updates: >>/others/64513
I'll request a story about a relationship between Sekibanki and someone convinced she's human, where she wants to maintain the illusion but other events or factors threaten to expose her. I'm fine with drama or comedy, a romantic or platonic relationship, with an OC or 2hu. My one caveat is that I would prefer the story not focus on a romance with a male character.
Alright. I can safely say that Nanowrimo is over, barring any of you fellas that are time traveling to the past. As it draws to a close, I'd like to thank everyone for participating. This wasn't a contest, but you fuckers are all winners in my book, especially the writefags who managed to finish with 30 updates. I'm really fucking glad that a shit ton of people completed the challenge.

Let me know what you thought about Nanowrimo now that it's all done.
>tfw it isn't done yet because people still have to write the requests
Give us your request, Mandible.
Reader here, thanks for all you guys do. To all of our winners, post an email or paypal to receive some Christmas spending money. Don't forget your trip.


You probably have a few throwaway emails to go with your tinfoil hat, just use one of those


You can send it to the Patreon or this dude >>/blue/24194 ,just don't ask me to do it for you.
Writer here.

Let me be straight with you, seeing as donating to writers has been a small topic as of late. When you ask like that, I personally don't feel like sharing my donation link (not that I have any yet,) on the account that it'll make me feel like I'm asking for money.

Don't get me wrong though, I'm not opposed to taking donations. My only requirement, and let me stress that I'm only speaking for myself here, is that you come ask me directly. Go to the latest thread of the stories you like, and ask the writer for a donation link there. I'm sure more writers will be willing to respond to that than if you ask them in a "public" thread. (Every thread is public, but I know you know what I mean.) I get it, it's easier for you to have all the links in one place, but it honestly would make me feel like a shill to just throw my link out there and expect someone to maybe throw some shekels at it.

And while we're on the topic of donations, I'll also admit I'm the person who responded to the >>/blue/24194 request. Until I'm able to really dig my teeth into the project, I'll prefer to make as few remarks on it as possible, especially outside it's own thread. But once/if the site is launched, I had planned on opening a patreon to cover the pocket change it'll take to keep it running. But like I said, once I've had a chance to sit down and really dig into it, I'll hijack that thread and talk about things like that there.
I think this did an amazingly good job at revitalizing the site for the past month. More than I, and I think a lot of people, had been expecting. The posts in this thread show that it's helped a lot of writers get their groove back, even though the 30 monthly updates were undoubtedly a challenge. So, thanks for organizing this.

Also, Moral, how did you want the requests to be handled? There's a couple options so far I'd be potentially interested in claiming, but I'm not sure if y'all have already been talking over it on IRC.
I'll figure it out soon™.

>how did you want the requests to be handled?
Basically, you can claim requests first come first serve on this thread - I'll only be using this thread to verify who claimed it first so there won't be any "b-but i claimed it first in muh private chats!"

Also, if you're not already on IRC or Discord, check the opening post to this thread and contact me there. Usually, we talk more about the Nanowrimo stuff on Discord so if you ever need me, throw me a message.
Seeing the state of the update and bumped threads lists during the whole thing was amazing. I don't think I've ever seen a day when the updates list was all the same date. Hell, not long ago, we had some updates from nearly two months ago lingering down at the bottom. It really made the site feel alive.

Kinda makes me feel like shit that I didn't enter, but daily updates are way beyond my power.
My request is simple: take your favorite character, or a character of your choice, and put them in Amaden, the location that Fluffy Mask and I have used in a couple different stories. It could be a one-shot or a CYOA or a lewd or anything, just as long as they start in Amaden doing something Amaden-related. If whoever gets this assignment has a question about Amaden, feel free to hit me up on the Discord linked up top.

I've got an idea that's sure to please everyone. Hows about Tman reactivates the green hair appreciation board and repurposed it only for commissions/shilling. He can keep it hidden so people who want to avoid that type of thing can do so, while allowing the rest of us a safe haven for like-minded individuals. It's a win-win for everyone.

Authors can even post under a different name/trip if they want.
File 154391983721.jpg - (85.33KB, 850x478, __hieda_no_akyuu_touhou_drawn_by_suna_s73d__sample.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright, I got my request.

I want a story featuring a melancholy and introspective Akyuu as the narrator, and she's feeling particularly nostalgic about the past. The thing (or person) she remembers can be anything. A friend, love, a long-lost trinket, whatever. If the request is too specific, just give me two things: Akyuu and some kind of existential despair.

Shit, I was so tempted to request a Kogasa story, but Akyuu won out in the end. If only I could make two requests.

Junko is tempting but I can't easily imagine a storyline with wrathful foxmom
I’ll go ahead and claim this, though I can’t promise a timely delivery. Worst comes to worst, it may end up reverting to an open request.
I'm not opposed to finding a middle ground, but I can't say that convinced me.

Authors using an alias means you won't know who they are, unless they identify themselves, at which point the use of an alias is entirely redundant.

If you want to keep discussing this, let's start a new thread in /blue/ since this topic has nothing to do with this thread anymore.
Fuck it, I'll take this piece for now.
I'd be willing to do the Junko request if >>15692 identifies himself.

Please do it soon; I don't want to do the bunny booger request, pretty please?
File 154453384511.jpg - (370.63KB, 1185x1443, image.jpg) [iqdb]
so uh, Junko guy here, I didn't make a story and I made that post at 1:00 a.m., I thought it was a request story thread. whoops.
File 15445411389.png - (258.23KB, 600x635, 54302463_p1.png) [iqdb]
If you do end up taking it, don't take it seriously. As in, I don't feel much one way or the other if it's written by anyone.
Local Man Fucks Up, Everything Ruined
Here's my (voters') request, a bit delayed as promised:

Aunn hears about the presence of other 'dogs' in Gensokyo and demands Reimu take her to meet them.
Alright, I'll do it. I'll just have to think about how to go about your idea first, and I have a busy schedule these Christmas, so don't expect it too soon. But I will get it done.
If I'm counting this right, there's still one missing request, but I'm done waiting, so I'll claim one from what we have.

So, while it feels kinda weird to do this as an outsider to the setting, I guess I'll be snatching up Amaden.
That'd be me. I don't have any request, so don't hold your breath.
I thought writers just picked up the requests as they came in, so it wouldn't be necessary to announce myself.
Bumping this to slightly shame all the volunteers. If someone wants to hand one of them off, please let me know. I think I may have the energy to work on one.
Bunny booger is still open, if you wanna give a crack at that.

Jokes aside, I'm happy to surrender my claim to Moral's request. It was one made very tentatively to start.
Of those two (I didn't see the first was still open), I think I'll relieve you of your burden. Probably easier for me to write.
>>15685 >>15691 >>15708 >>15722

Just dropping a reminder that, unless I missed something important, these stories still ain't done. Consider it shaming if you want, or something else, or nothing. Up to you.
Sure. >>15722 is progressing, but slower than I'd hoped. I still intend to write it, and I figured there was no harm in doing it slowly if it wasn't going to get done at all.

If someone else wants to grab it from me, though, feel free. I imagine it's still a month or two away... and it's me, so if a real writer took it it would probably end up being a better story.
hmm yes, yes, I could do this.

perhaps something to write while I am secluded from the world.
Please, feel free. If we end up with 2 on accident, that won't be a bad thing.
I finally did it. It only took like two years hahahahaha fuck me. If you squint real hard, you might be able to see romance but don't strain your eyes. Funny how I prefer to write romance when possible, but I took a big fucking detour when asked to write one.

Anyway, I might continue on and write the other stories in this thread but give me like another decade.
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