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An Excuse for A-Who? Thread 5 | Touhou-Project.com
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File 148773956911.jpg - (347.46KB, 593x800, she's enough.jpg) [iqdb]
64513 No. 64513
Previous thread: >>63805

“Let me see your hand for a second.”

“Sure,” says Momiji, obediently raising her hand up. “What’s up?”

Wordlessly, you grab it. Momiji patiently awaits your next move, but you merely lower your head in embarrassment and interlock your fingers with hers.

“Gallagher,” Momiji says, a hitch of curbed delight in her voice. “Did you... did you want to hold hands?”

“I just thought that this was the most appropriate course of action to show you how I feel. And I didn’t want to leave any room for doubt. Obviously, if I had to say anything, knowing me, I’d just stumble over my words for five minutes straight because I’m no particular expert on articulating my emotions.”

“And you say that you aren’t affectionate?”

“I’m not.”


Then a lot of things. Many different things, though you’re unable to piece together the proper words for it. But screw proper, you have just enough to tell her what you mean. “You’re important to me. A whole lot.”

“Well.” Momiji lifts your hand up with hers and, with a gentle touch, she brings it to her cheek. The wolf prompts you to caress her—a request you easily comply with. She breathes out a contented sigh as you stroke her cheek. “If, for some odd reason you didn’t already know, you’re very important to me too.”



“We should go.”

“Yeah. We should.”

So you do, and so she does. The walk to the apartment takes about twice as long as it usually does, but you sure as hell don’t mind. It’s spring, and it’s the nasty kind of spring, but here you are, ambling along the streets hand-in-hand with a wolf tengu, wearing the stupidest fucking grin you could possibly make.

She squeezes your hand, does a little bashful smile, and all of a sudden, you’re about half a measure from kissing the dumb girl. But you restrain yourself. Just barely, but you do.

Momiji lingers by the entrance once you get your apartment door open, a moment of uncharacteristic indecision on her part.

“Momiji,” you say, waving her in. “Come in already. You don’t have to ask.”

“Ahaha, yeah, I guess not.” With a smile, she heads inside, clicking the door shut as she does.

At that moment you advance on her, pulling her in closer by the waist. Eyes locked onto hers, it’s pretty obvious what you’re doing.

“Need something?” she says, leaning her head closer to yours, perfectly aware of what you want.

“Take a guess.”

Momiji wraps her arms around your neck and kisses you. It’s shy, it’s brief, but it’s a kiss nonetheless. “Was that it?”

“It was.”



“We’re never going to get anything productive done when it’s just the two of us around.”

“It’s fine. I was never productive in the first place.”

Momiji is right though. It takes all of ten minutes to leave the doorstep. After you force yourself to break the embrace, you head to the bathroom to brush your teeth. You try to get your mind off the girl while you wash up, but she’s all you can think about—just the sound of her humming in your hallway gets you acting all stupid.

When you’re done, you sink into bed. Momiji, with a spare change of clothes, joins you. She’s wearing a loose black tank-top and shorts a half-size too large for her. Probably got them from her place while you were washing up.

“Gallagher,” Momiji says, throwing the covers over herself.


“...Gallagher,” she repeats.

“What is it?”

“About Lily. About... um, Lily. What if, y’know, Lily joined us?”

“What now?”

“What if she joined us? In this thing we’re having. Because I don’t hate her and I don’t think you hate her. And I can share. That way, everybody gets to be happy... or something close to that.”

Words are lost on you.

Momiji continues. “I mean, it might work out in the end since... well, if—if I have to leave, then—then...”

“Momiji,” you weakly say.

Under the covers, she moves closer to pull you in for a comforting hug. “...Sorry.”
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>> No. 64515
File 148774001543.jpg - (302.27KB, 669x946, well then.jpg) [iqdb]
Days pass and weeks happen. You wish you could say that everything is fine and dandy again, water under the bridge and all, but it’s not that easy. You’re still uncomfortable around Lily—especially when she occasionally sneaks you a glance. It’s not often, but it’s enough. Thankfully, work has been picking up. By some sick twist of fate, you now have work to do every day. At some point, you’re going to find a real bartender and get yourself, a cheap impostor at best, out the bar. And, also at some point, you’re going to have to track down the owner.

The day starts as per the usual. You wake up, stumble out of bed, and shower. Momiji wakes up soon after and starts her own shower once you’re done. You might as well make some toast while she’s busy. Slapping some bread into the toaster, you sit yourself down at the dining table.

“Hey Miji,” you say once she’s out of the shower, “you wanna do something tonight like, I dunno, watch a movie?”

Your words go unheard. Momiji’s busy staring at the ceiling fan.


The toaster blares, and that’s enough for Momiji to snap back to the real world, albeit with some limb-flailing involved. “What!? Huh? Oh.”

“Hey. Are you okay?”

“Uh. Yeah. I'm the pinnacle of okay.” She throws you a positively not-okay smile, her face flushing red at the cheeks. “I'm just peachy. Thriving, even.”

“I'll give you the benefit of the doubt on that. But anyway, do you want to watch a movie tonight?”

“I’ll, um.” She takes a raspy breath. “I’ll pass for today. Maybe tomorrow?”

“Yeah. That sounds good.” You do your best to quell your disappointment by giving her a shrug, but ultimately your discouraged gaze bleeds through. “Tomorrow, then.”

Momiji's crimson eyes meet yours, but only briefly, before she directs her gaze to the floor. “Tomorrow, or even maybe the day after tomorrow. No—wait, no. Tomorrow is fine. Tomorrow.” She nods furiously to reaffirm her decision. “Yeah. Let's do tomorrow. Just—not tonight.”

“Are you sick?”

“I’m not.”

You stick the back of your hand to her forehead. It’s warm, but it’s definitely within acceptable levels of warm. Well, she doesn’t have a fever, at least. “Are you okay to work?”

“I am.”

“Alright. I’m trusting you then.” You grab the toast from the toaster, spread some jam across the slices, and hand a plate over to Momiji. “Got an appetite?”

Momiji frowns, but grabs her breakfast from you anyway. “I’m not sick, I’m telling you.”

“If you say so."

Work is busy, but otherwise uneventful. The tables are almost full at some point. It’s a new record... probably. You can’t slack today either.

You try and catch Momiji when work is over, but as soon as it’s closing time, she’s out the door—you don't even have time to catch her by the entrance. Forcing out a heavy breath, you have half a mind to chase after her, but instead you see the rest of your employees off.

“Good work, everyone. And I mean that for real. It’s been busy lately, so please keep doing what you’re doing.”

Cassie does a little golf-clap for herself. “Aww, thanks boss! I wouldn’t mind a pay raise while you’re at it, by the way.”

“Yeah. Thanks, boss.” Rylee, not much for words, acknowledges you before heading out with Cassie.

Lily waves. “Are you going to lock up?”

“I am.”

“Okay. Then I’ll see you tomorrow.” She smiles as she heads to the door. “Good night, Gallagher.”

“Take care,” you say.

Once she’s out the building, you do a quick sweep of the area to see if anything’s amiss. All clear. You turn off the lights before exiting the pub and locking the place up. Twirling the key chain around your index finger, you head home alone.

The night is peaceful, but with how you’re feeling right now, you almost wish that it wasn’t. At least the walk back home is quick. You sit yourself down at the computer, unsure what to do for the rest of the night.

Maybe you should do something. Maybe you should write.


YOU (Gallus) have joined #thp
Topic for #thp is “Welcome to #THP – The Harem Pad | GAME STATUS: VIDEOS | ❤MAGICAL FAGS❤ | Archives: http://bit.ly/uwzY0Z | ROYAL RAINBOW! | ✿ SPRING CAME AND SO DID LILY ✿ | <Fletcher> roses are red violets are indigo shut the fuck up, you’re a faggot
<Anon221> but is it a harem with lolis or a harem of lolis?
<BDC> well, either way it’s fucking trash.
<Buttlord> GALLUS
<Valley> >1 hour played
<Valley> yeah look at his profile he’s a cheater lol
<Anon221> >reverse trap character
<Anon221> garbage
<Bram> 221 you’re garbage.
<Rolan> gallus you magnificent bastard i’m busting up right now because of your update please write more of this shit
<Bram> Reverse traps are a miracle of the universe.
Aide (Aide@hypnotic.trance) has joined #THP
<Ryn> Okay but picture this: what if you were gay and you were totally homo for a dude and it turns out that they’re a reverse trap?
<Bram> I’d watch that anime. Go write it.
<Valley> is it gay if they look like a dude?
<Gallus> >is it gay if they look like a dude?
<Gallus> No. definitely not.
<Captain> It’s okay if they’re secretly a girl.
<Valley> then what about traps?
<BDC> only if you like slamming them in the butt and you don’t say no homo at the end
<BDC> no homo
<Rolan> tfw ignored by g-kun-senpai
<Chireiden> …

So instead of writing, you decide to do literally everything else you can think of. You shitpost on IRC, browse stupid videos on the net, and even reorganize your fucking mess of a desktop. Anything to distract you. The usual “writing” routine. And then it’s 1 A.M. and shit where did the time go.

You recline back on your chair. Is Momiji still up? She can’t be sleeping, right? It’s still so early. You feel like checking up on her because you’re bored and you don’t want to write. Yeah, that’s it—you just have writer’s block. Yep. You’re not worried.

Actually. Why are you pretending not to worry again? You have plenty reason to. You like the damn girl, don’t you? So you give in to go bother her and head outside. Her door remains unlocked—no real surprise there. You inch it open gently—in case she’s actually sleeping, you don’t want to be a gigantic fucking nuisance. A muffled, but definitely audible, shuffling can be heard from the bedroom. You walk over and gingerly enter the room.

“...Miji?” you whisper. “You awake?”

“Oh ffffucking hell—Gallagher? I-Is that you?”

“Yeah. It’s me. Sorry to disturb you, but—uh... huh.” As your vision grows accustomed to the darkness, you can make out the outline of Momiji’s figure. Tangled in the blanket, she struggles to pull her shirt down and her panties up, blushing all the while. You stand there, dumbfounded for a second.

“Err, hey. What a coincidence. I was just thinking about you—wait shit, I mean, um.” Momiji sits up and covers herself with the blanket. “So whatcha up to?”

“I wanted to see how you were doing. You seemed a little weird today.”

“No, I’m fine. Really. I just... well.” She adopts a look of self-loathing. “Yeah.”

“I understand. Uh. Anyway. I’ll be heading back now. I’ll see you tomorrow, Miji. I won’t bother you any longer.”

“Wait,” she says. “Want to, um, bother me a little more?”

You stare at her.

[ ] Bother her.
-[ ] Don’t bother her.
>> No. 64517
[x] Bother her.

Something's wrong in the 'Miji cave.
>> No. 64518
[x] Don’t bother her.

g-kun-senpai will never update his story at this rate
>> No. 64519
[x] Bother her.

oh wait a second, panties down, thinking about her man?

I know exactly what momiji was doing
>> No. 64520
This vote is exactly what you think it is.
>> No. 64521
[x] Bother her.
For some reason, I can't help imagining even more weirdness happening, but choo-choo bother train full speed ahead motherfucker
>> No. 64522
[x] Don’t bother her.

Tide pissin' for a Lily route.
>> No. 64523
[x] Don’t bother her.

There's still enough time to at least get started on that update.
>> No. 64524
[x] Bother her.

It's not like Moral has the balls to write GallyXMiji lewds anyway.

do it faggot
>> No. 64525
[X] Bother her.
>> No. 64526
[X] Bother her.
>> No. 64527
[x] Bother her

Do it faggot I double dare you
>> No. 64528
[X] Bother her.

Isn't a choice supposed to involve multiple options to pick from ? I only see that one.
>> No. 64531
[x] Bother her.

"Monoestrous species, such as bears, foxes, and wolves, have only one breeding season a year, typically in spring to allow growth of the offspring during the warm season to aid survival during the next winter." - Wikipedia

It is our duty to aid her in this trying time.
>> No. 64532
[x] Bother her.

>> No. 64533
[x] Bother her
>> No. 64534
[x] Bother her.
My first thought was you were initiating despair protocols and that earlier bit with Miji spacing out was her starting to be affected by this world's lack of belief in youaki, but no, she's just in heat.

>> No. 64535
[X] Bother her butt.
>> No. 64536
[X] Don’t bother her.

My gut's saying bothering her might end up poorly.
>> No. 64537
[x] Bother her.

This is what we've been waiting for. It's time to BOTHER her.
>> No. 64540
[X] Bother her.
>> No. 64555
[X] Bother her.

>> No. 64614
[X] Bother her.

I knew she was in heat
>> No. 64616
I will murder your bumping ass, right after I murder Moral for not updating and de-murder him so he can FUCKING UPDATE already.
>> No. 64620
File 149206589278.png - (893.82KB, 600x828, a-who.png) [iqdb]
Next update posted.
>> No. 64621
'bout time he got some.
>> No. 64623
in b4 "it was all a dream"
>> No. 64624
If he pulls that stunt on us...

>> No. 64626
File 149219785657.jpg - (483.00KB, 579x819, __inubashiri_momiji_touhou_drawn_by_carte__24225f1.jpg) [iqdb]
Why else do you think it was posted in another board, despite being "part" of a story?

Watch as Moral posts the next update right here, and it follows immediately from the one a little up. In two months, anyway.
>> No. 64631
>Why else do you think it was posted in another board, despite being "part" of a story?

Perhaps because it's part of a longstanding tradition to post lewd updates on the lewd board?
>> No. 64635
Not when I last wrote an H-scene.
>> No. 64705
File 149673061161.jpg - (106.14KB, 850x814, blokes.jpg) [iqdb]
"update awoo u cunt"

AN EXCUSE FOR "awoo u cunt"


"I took the fukkin' bed ya slut," said Mijj.

"Miji ya damn cunt. fukkin' bloke just fat-arsed the whole bloody thing!"

"Piss off. Ya wanna do a fat one right 'ere?"

"Ay, do I look like a faggot to ya, mate?"


"Whatever, jus' put a few bevvies in me and I'll fark ya ass hot."
>> No. 64706
feive aussies outta ten ye cunt, next toime write at least fifteen lines
>> No. 64710
I take full blame for this.
>> No. 64711
Oi'm clickin' the "Click 'ere ta show the full text" b'ton, but nothin's fookin' happenin'.
>> No. 64753
File 150000606430.jpg - (231.34KB, 905x900, momi_what.jpg) [iqdb]
You wake up alone.

“Damn, that was a really good vanilla Momiji doujin.”

>> No. 64754
File 150000788248.png - (541.54KB, 600x800, embarrassment beneath the smile.png) [iqdb]
When the morning comes, you rise to Momiji, her two scarlet eyes locked to your own. She inches forward, cuddling into your stray arm. You’re reluctant to leave the bed—so you don’t, mostly because Momiji has no intention of leaving either. You’ll respect her wishes.

“Morning, Gally.”

“Good morning, Miji.”

“Do we need to get up soon?”

“It’s fine. We’re off work today, so I’m going to stay right here under the covers. Didn’t get much sleep last night.”

“I know,” Momiji says, her voice faint but sure. She smiles, embarrassed. “I was, um, there.”

“Uh. Yeah. Yes,” you cough. “I meant after that. I did some thinking.”

“About what?” she asks.

“About the pub, about what comes next, and, well, about us. But also, I thought about when I entered your room yesterday. I don’t mean to be all up-in-your-face about this, but what were you doing? Well, I know what you were doing but…”

Momiji relinquishes you so she can herself with her pillow. “I don’t know. What should I tell you? That I was imagining you forcing me to the ground and sexing me so hard that I couldn’t walk in a straight line the day after? That I couldn’t really focus on anything else? That I needed to have some me time really, really badly?”

You pause. “Frankly, all of the above sounds good.”

“It was a little bit of the first and a little bit of the second.”

“And the third?”

“We ended up doing way more than some me time.”

“You okay with that?”

“I’m more than okay with it,” she sighs. “I just didn’t expect you to drop by in the middle of the night.”

“Then lock your doors, will ya?”

“What happened last night makes for a solid counterargument, though.”

“Well.” You have no real comeback for that one. “I guess.”

You settle down with Momiji for another hour. Maybe two—you don’t keep track.. Sure, maybe it’s a waste of an entire morning, but you’ll be damned if it wasn’t good.

Momiji’s up first. You decide to lounge on the bed for another thirty minutes, but as she saunters off to the washroom, your gaze falls to her behind. You’d berate yourself but you can’t help it—at least, not after last night.

Your thirty minutes of lounging turns into a full hour when you can’t quite shake the lazy out of your system. By the time you’re up, Momiji’s already in your kitchen, appropriating food from your fridge.

“Oh,” she says. “We can make pasta.”

“Sounds good.” At this point, you aren’t even aware of what is or isn’t in your fridge anymore. Momiji’s been doing what she pleases with your household appliances and frankly, you don’t really mind. “You know. I think you use my fridge more than I do.”

“For some reason, I end up putting all my groceries in here,” she says, a toothy grin slapped on her face.

“You cook here, you eat here, you sleep here. Why do you pay for a single room apartment again?”

“It is kind of a waste, isn’t it?"

“A little.” You fumble for the right words in your head. “What I’m saying is that maybe you should, uh, split rent with someone you know and trust. Maybe someone you live next to and hang out with every day. Someone you like, or something like that.”

“Where can I find one of these people?” Momiji giggles. “Three towns over, maybe?”

“Nah, they ran out of nice guys a few months ago and—Christ, you remember that joke?”

“I’m good at remembering useless shit,” she says, beaming.

“I don’t believe you.”

“What, why?”

“You forget to lock your doors all the time, dummy.” You pause in an attempt to veer the conversation back to what you were saying. “Uh, right. So.”

“So,” she says.

You just heave the words straight out of your mouth. “By any chance, do you want to live together?”

“Nah, I’m good.”

And, for just a moment, your heart sinks. “You being serious?”

Momiji looks to her feet, but you see the corners of her mouth twitch. Her face quickly breaks apart into a wide grin as she trembles in stifled laughter.

“Oh,” you say. “Ohhhh, you fuck.”

“C’mon, you. Did you really think I’d say no, even for a second? Of course I want to live with you. And as far as I’m concerned,” she says, casually throwing on an apron, “we already do. I wake up next to you every day, I eat breakfast with you, I work with you, share the same bed with you—it’s the whole works.”

“Well,” you say. “Yeah. I guess you’re right.”

Momiji smiles. She snakes her way around you and drags you by the hand until you’re led straight into the couch. “Now give me some attention. I want you to spoil me right now.”

“Aren’t you supposed to be making pasta?”

“The pasta can wait,” she murmurs as she leans against you.

“And you can’t?”

“Well, I could, but I’m not going to.”

“I’m fine with that,” you say, reaching for her hand.

But you miss because, suddenly, Momiji isn’t there anymore. She’s scrambling off the couch and into the kitchen, frowning as she goes. You just sit and watch, puzzled—until she moves the bubbling pot off the stovetop and turns off the heat. Then, her face blessed with pink, she returns to your side at the couch. “Now, um, where were we?” she says.

“I don’t really know, but at least you had the right idea. Kitchen safety is important, after all.”

“Oh hush,” she says.

You can feel Momiji’s breathing as her chest rises and falls to a steady but slow rhythm. It’s a gentle beat, you think. Still, you should keep yourself vigilant. You've already tossed away several hours doing nothing in particular. Adding some more hours to that would be a record high, even for you.

[ ] It’s a worry you’ll rectify tomorrow.
[ ] You should do something that involves more than sitting on your ass.
[ ] You have all this free time today. Maybe you should update for once.
>> No. 64755
[x] You have all this free time today. Maybe you should update for once.

It should always be the default (even when reality is shitty and cruel).

>> No. 64756
[X] It’s a worry you’ll rectify tomorrow.

what kind of man updates instead of spending time with a fine momiji?
>> No. 64757
[x] You have all this free time today. Maybe you should update for once.

Awoo pettings are fleeting, but a good update is forever.
>> No. 64758
[X] You should do something that involves more than sitting on your ass.

Go out on a date!
Nothing can go wrong!
>> No. 64759
[x] You have all this free time today. Maybe you should update for once.

What else did you think I was going to vote for, you god of laziness, meta and tooth decay?
>> No. 64760
[x] You have all this free time today. Maybe you should update for once.

there is no other option
>> No. 64761
[X] You should do something that involves more than sitting on your ass.

Rolam is back!
>> No. 64762
[x] You should do something that involves more than sitting on your ass.
>> No. 64763
[X] You have all this free time today. Maybe you should update for once.

Just update it.
>> No. 64764
Oh my god all of you people neglecting Miji to post on an automotive forum are awful.

That being said:
[X] You have all this free time today. Maybe you should update for once.
>> No. 64768
[X] You should do something that involves more than sitting on your ass

Maybe the reason why Loram never updates is because these update choices are actually for him to update and not Gallus.
>tfw not going to pick it anyway
>> No. 64822
File 150364659857.jpg - (121.82KB, 850x1607, 49t49fff.jpg) [iqdb]
Just dropping by to say that the update's coming along, albeit slowly. I have no convenient excuse as to why it's been taking so long, but I hope you guys understand anyway.
>> No. 64823
You fucking lie.
>> No. 64824
File 15036897647.png - (771.05KB, 1229x1638, __inubashiri_momiji_touhou_drawn_by_tyouseki__a39e.png) [iqdb]
I'll believe it when I see it.
>> No. 64825
I believe in you, Moral.
>> No. 65015
>believing in Moral
>the year of our lord 2017
>> No. 65046
File 15106697771.jpg - (3.28MB, 2800x3612, __inubashiri_momiji_touhou_drawn_by_amagi_amagi626.jpg) [iqdb]
Have faith, thou, in prophecy by our ancestors written. It is said, “And he shall descend on pinions of swear words and cute. The great and terrible Im-Moral.”
>> No. 65216
Hey guys, here comes the bi-annual "oh my god my life is so awful i take 5 minutes out of my day to write about magical girls in frilly dresses wahhhh" post.

Not gonna lie, I'm exhausted. Not of the story, mind you, because I still want to keep writing. I'm just on the work treadmill and haven't been in the best of condition the past few months. This is not to say that I was so busy that I haven't had the time to finish an update (or five) by now - because I have no real excuse for you guys other than "times are tough lol."

I'm going to have an update before the end of the year or at least I'm going to keep telling myself that.

Sorry for the trouble, everyone.
>> No. 65217
It's really me, by the way. Forgot my trip.
>> No. 65219
Hang in there Moral~
Looking forward to the next post
>> No. 65220
Moral, do your best! We believe in you!
>> No. 65221
you've only wrote one update and one shitpost in the last half a year

>> No. 65222
We're gonna need a new prophecy.
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