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File 149206484346.jpg - (172.56KB, 667x667, a-woo.jpg)
Words rise from your mouth but ultimately you silence them in favor of looking——at her.
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You keep staring.

“When you say to ‘bother you,’ you mean that—”

“I mean, that's if you, uh, want to and, if you don't feel like it, then that's cool too. Yeah. Totally don't have to—and you shouldn't feel pressured to—do it. So—so...” Momiji's cheeks glow a bright shade of pink as she sinks further into her blanket. “I'm really digging myself a hole here, aren't I?”

“Should I stop you before or after you can't get yourself out?”

“I'm already a mile deep.” Momiji eases out of her blanket and sits up on her bed, though you can't accurately call it that. There's no base to elevate the mattress so she has to tilt her head up just to see you. And if that's not enough, there's no frame, headboard, or... anything, really. She just has her little floor mattress. “But like I said! No pressure. Nope. None at all.”

“Momiji,” you say, stopping her short from going full verbose. “I really hope you know what you implied when you wanted me to ‘bother you.’”

“I—I did.”

“Okay. But if you’re still a little confused, let me lay it out for you explicitly: I’m going to pick you up, carry you to my place, and put you in a compromising position on top of my bed.”

“You're going to, um, what now?”

“You heard what I said.” Your thoughts—and your eyes by consequence—drift to Momiji’s attire. She's wearing nothing but a black undershirt and a pair of white panties that fit on her waist a little too well. Her shirt leaves an extreme amount of skin bare, exposing way more Momiji than you anticipated. Jesus. Your already meager self-control is dwindling—if you really had any to begin with. “I'm going to pick you up now.”

“Y-Yeah. That's fine.”


You proceed by throwing the blanket off Momiji. You then stare—maybe a little too long—at her before scooping her up into your arms. She’s blushing a furious red but you don’t care. Once you’ve fully secured your goods, you stand up.

“Gallagher,” says Momiji, desperately looking for something to grab onto. After much fumbling, she settles for your shoulders. “Remember how I said I dug myself into a hole earlier?”


“It’s fine if you bury me there because I’m going to die of embarrassment now.”

“Better learn to deal with it.” With Momiji in your arms, you walk over to the door. Annnnnnd the damn thing is closed. Fuck. You move your right arm down to the knob and slide your elbow down its surface until you hear the click of the door latch. With a swift kick, the door flings open, albeit violently. You push it back shut with your heel on your way out. A strange feeling of accomplishment washes over you—even though all you did was open a damn door.

“What, you aren’t going to lock it for me?” Momiji asks, a hint of a smile forming across her lips.

“Oh, shut up. I have my hands full right now.” You apply the same elbow maneuver to your own door, but the knob refuses to budge a quarter of the way through. You try multiple attempts at opening it before you realize something very important: you locked the damn thing.

Grumbling, you have to put down Momiji and fish for your keys. They jingle as you thrust the right one into the keyhole. An irritating but also satisfying click unlocks the door. Swinging it open, you put your weight on it so the door doesn’t shut itself back closed.

You crouch down and extend your arms forward. “Alright, I’ve remedied the situation. Now get in my arms before the mood’s ruined.”

“Pffft. Pffthahaha. It’s too late though. You already killed it. But if you insist!” Momiji jumps eagerly into your arms and plants a quick kiss on your cheek before settling in comfortably. “And—Gallagher?”


She rubs your shoulders affectionately and starts nuzzling your neck. “I love you.”

“That’s unfortunate,” you say gruffly.

“I really, really love you. I love you so much. I love you, I love you. I want to be with you, I want to touch you, feel you, know more about you.” Momiji, aiming straight for your heart, lets a tiny smile inch up her face. “I want to have sex with you.”

“Well,” you sigh, letting the door shut as you enter the apartment. “I want to have sex with you too.”

“Then, um. Let’s.”

As promised, you take Momiji to your bedroom and lay her down gently on your comforter. She tilts her head slightly upward and lets her arms fall to the sheets. God damn. She looks so fucking defenseless. You bring a hand down to stroke her cheek, to which she responds with a smile and a nervous giggle.

“G-Go on,” Momiji mumbles, parting her legs. Her panties and inner thighs are exposed and you’re about half a second away from ravaging her.

You need a moment to clear your mind. Patience is a virtue. Yep. Deep breaths. “We don’t have to rush, Miji. It won’t feel good if we go straight into the sex.”

“Right! Right.” Momiji nods vehemently. “Of course. Yeah.”

“So. Miji. Could you sit up and turn the other way for me?”

“Mmm.” Momiji, blushing, complies, uprighting herself to face away.

“Good.” You seat yourself right behind her. Then, slipping a hand underneath her top, you roll her breasts, using the other to slide up her right thigh. You can’t help but grin when she shudders to your touch.

“Do you want me to do it softly? Or a bit rougher?”

“Softly, please,” she whines. “Softly is good.”

You cup her breast and give it a good squeeze as you massage her inner thigh, working Momiji into heavy breaths. When she stops stifling her moans, you move your hand from her arm to underneath her panties and touch her below.

That’s when she yelps. It’s a real good one, too.

“Eager?” you say.

“I’m pent up and horny,” Momiji huffs. “You can forgive me for that one, right?”

“I’ll do a whole lot more than forgive you.”

You start with the back of Momiji’s neck, planting a kiss on her nape. Then you move lower, stroking her rhythmically. You slide your fingers down her inner lips, rubbing against her slit. Every touch, every movement that you do gets Momiji a little more flustered.

“Do you feel good? Want me to do anything else?”

“Gallagher, I’m drenched. My panties are ruined—of course I feel good. So, uh, I’m fine. Do keep going.”

She doesn’t need to prompt you. Your fingers move to her clit and tease her mercilessly. When Momiji goes from stifled breathing to heavy panting, you figure that it’s okay to get a little rougher with her. You go down on her and kiss the inside of her thigh. Spreading her lips, you take your sweet time trailing your tongue along the length of her pussy. Momiji shudders a little, grabbing the sheets for support. You move to her clitoris and, gently, you taste her.

That’s when she lets loose a wild cry.

Everything stops for a moment; you just stare at the wolf tengu currently burying her face in her hands.

“Was that loud? Oh god. It was loud, wasn’t it?” Momiji sulks. “Shit, that’s embarrassing.”

“On the plus side, that scream did wonders for my self-esteem. Also, now I’m hard as diamonds so there’s that, too.”

“Oh. Uh. Really?” Momiji says, a sudden earnest look in her eyes. "Then show me. Wait! No. Let me do it.”

A quiet few seconds pass as she examines your state of attire, staring at it like she's trying to solve a puzzle. Then abruptly, she makes her move with a quick unbuckling of your pants. Before you realize it, she has your pants down and your penis out.

“Whoa.” Momiji looks to your member in awe. Chalk another one up for your self-esteem. “Did I do that?”

“You did.”

“I see.” She looks a little lost. “Should I... continue?”

“Please do.”

Momiji leans her head close to your shaft. Daintily, she prods your penis with her lips before kissing it with her mouth. And, as much as you hate to admit it, she’s shit at this. Momiji’s kinda bobbing your dick around her mouth like she’s brushing her teeth.

You give her your best pity smile.

Momiji pulls away, frowning. “It sucked, didn’t it?”

“You, uh, tried your best.”

“That’s not good enough for me, Gally. I want you to feel good, too.”

“I can appreciate the effort, but you’re sucking on my dick like you’re really digging into the bottom of a thick smoothie using a thin straw.”

“...Sorry. I’m no good at this. But, uh, don’t worry. I have a plan. Just—just give me a moment.” Momiji jumps off the bed and onto your desk chair, opening up Chrome incognito. She’s halfway through typing up “How to suck dick” before giving up and settling with Pornhub. Somehow, she finds an educational video on dick sucking and pulls it up fucking full-screen. She settles down into your chair and watches the video with careful scrutiny. “You don’t happen to have a paper and pen, do you?”

“Miji.” You join her, stroking her head gently.


“You’re really cute.”

“Tell me something I don’t know already.”

You and Momiji watch the video for a good fifteen minutes. And, as a result, both you and Momiji re-enter this world as better dick suckers.

Reinvigorated with the power of pornography, Momiji ushers you onto your bed. “Okay. Now lie down. Let me impart some of this knowledge onto your penis.”

“I mean, if you insist.”

You move to the bed and recline back, letting Momiji have another go at it. She starts by stripping off her top and panties, exposing herself bare to you, and instantly, you're back to full mast. With a smirk, Momiji caresses your penis, lifting it straight up as she trails her hot tongue up the base of your shaft. Ffffuck. You can’t help but grunt a little when she does that.

“You’re a quick learner, aren’t you?” you say, voice a little weak.

“It’s already better, isn’t it?”


Momiji, looking absolutely delighted, returns to your member and sucks on the crown. She works her way down your penis, taking half of its length before stopping herself, closing her lips and gently bouncing her head up and down your dick. Her movement’s still clumsy, but it’s a fuck of a lot better than before. She rolls her tongue around your cock, and every time it reaches the underside of your dick—which is all the time—you can’t help but shiver.

You resist the urge to hold Momiji’s head down as she takes more of your cock with every bounce. Nearing your limit, you wince and rub her shoulder.


You think she gives you a smile but you honestly can’t tell because she’s a little preoccupied. Momiji brings a hand to the base of your penis and pumps what she can’t fit in her mouth—annnnd fuck, you’re edging. Unable to hold it in, you grit your teeth and release your hot load.

“Mmmf.” Momiji closes her eyes and dutifully accepts your seed, coaxing a little more out with lengthy strokes of her hand. She waits until you’re done shooting and then she swallows, a coy smile on her face the entire time.

“...You swallowed?”

“They did it in the video. I thought it’d be kinda cool to do it too. I don’t know, man. I just kinda let it happen.” Momiji shrugs. “It was okay, I guess. But more importantly... what’s next?”

You eye the girl. “What do you think?”

She stops to deliberate. Then, very carefully, she says, “I’ll go get the condoms.”

“It’s in the bottom drawer next to the closet.”

“Got it.” Momiji goes and fetches the condom with speed. Already, she’s wrestling with the wrapper, its top ripped halfway open. It’s very amateur, but it’s also really cute. You watch in amusement as she fumbles around, condom in hand. “I’ll put it on.”

“Sure.” You present her with your penis. There isn’t much else to say, other than the fact that you’re presenting her with your penis.

As eager as Momiji is, her hands are too jittery to put on the condom properly. She manages to flip it inside out. Well, she tried.

“...Here,” you say, gently taking the condom from her. “Let me do it, dummy.”

She sulks as you put it on trouble-free. “Gallagheeer.”


“It kinda bothers me that you’re so much better than me at this.”

“I won’t do this with anybody but you.”

“Oh, no.” Momiji vehemently shakes her head. “That’s not what I meant. I didn’t mean I was, like, jealous or anything. I just meant... y’know. That I wanted to give and take, but you’re doing a whole lot of giving and I’m mostly doing the taking and I want you to feel good, too.” She looks down at the bed sheets. “So yeah. I’m sorry. I must be really unsexy right now, huh?”

“Momiji.” You take her shoulders and push her down onto the bed. Staring down at her, you lean in close. “I hope you realize what I want to do to you right now.”

“Um... what?” she asks, though she knows exactly what. You couldn’t be hiding it any less. But frankly, it’s about time she heard it from you.

”I want to fuck you silly.”

You put your hands on Momiji’s hips and grind your dick along her pussy. Her breath warms your cheek as you nibble on her ear. You’re aware that she is quickly nearing her patience, that she wants you to take her—and you plan on indulging her soon. But before you do, you move yourself just an inch above her face.

Momiji takes the hint and kisses you. She presses herself closer, wanting a second, then a third. You oblige her until after the fourth, fifth, and sixth. When she parts, her face is all flushed and, chances are, yours is too. Then the wolf tengu reaches down and spreads herself for you.

You gratify her by pushing your cock deep inside of her. She lets out a cry of delight before slapping a hand over her mouth.

“Are you okay, Momiji? It doesn’t hurt, right?”

“I’m fine, Gally. You got me, um, this wet, so...” Momiji does her wobbly smile. “You can be afford to be less gentle.”

“Okay.” You seal her lips with a kiss and thrust into her, pushing her body into your bed. Momiji lets out a fine cry as you keep pounding her, each movement reaching deeper inside. Her back raises slightly when you trail your hand down from her face to her modest chest and fondle her breasts. You let your other hand slip down her side and to her waist, grabbing her closer by the hip. You use your grip on Momiji to dig your cock into her greedily, a wave of pleasure hitting you at full force.

Momiji’s thighs quiver as you ram her. She dissolves into wolf putty, moaning as she goes along with your rhythm. You take this moment to run your hand down her smooth thighs, laying down a kiss on her neck as you do so. Settling for your shoulders, Momiji wraps her arms around you and pulls you in closer to kiss you.

You relinquish your hand from Momiji’s chest and move both hands to her hips. Then, slamming her as deep as you can, you keep a steady motion, careful not to thrust into her too violently. You want her to feel good. You don’t want to ruin it by being too reckless with her.

Then she locks her legs around your waist and—fuck, that’s actually hot. Rational thought goes flying out the window as you increase the tempo. Momiji trembles with pleasure, eagerly accepting you deeper inside her. The sounds of her moaning makes you feverish—you’re blindsided when an immense feeling of wanting to cum inside her hits you. You have to remind yourself that you’re wearing a condom and it doesn’t really matter but primordial desire doesn’t give two shits about reason.

You bend over to hug her, caressing her smooth skin all over. It’s easy to tell that she’s enjoying it with the way she’s gasping every time your fingers make contact with her. You’re nearing; you struggle to make coherent thoughts with each successive thrust.

“Miji, I’m coming soon,” you pant.


“Like right now.”

You ram your cock into Momiji as deep as you can and let out your seed. You’re almost disappointed when you realize that you have a condom on but that’s just your instincts talking again.

It’s a blissful feeling, being intertwined with her. You let loose a slow breath as you pull out. It takes another couple of seconds before you can think again.

Mind still in a daze, you dispose of the condom. And then, you think.

You think of many things. You think of how her scarlet eyes glimmer when you make eye contact with her, how her naked body is so modest and yet so pleasant to touch. You think about kissing her, about touching her again. You think of her smile, her laugh, her drunken waltz after a night of alcohol, and everything in between.

You think about all of Momiji as you return to her side.

When you slide back into bed, Momiji smiles, and it is radiant. You can’t help but smile too because, even though she’s an idiot and you’re a double idiot, even though you have a hard time voicing it out loud, you appreciate her company—or maybe a little more than just that.

Momiji reaches out for your hand—you grab it and interlock your fingers with hers. She just stares, asking for something with her eyes. It’s pretty obvious what she wants.


“Should I get another?” you ask.

Momiji nods slowly, honest but red-faced. “...Yeah.”
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Wow as far as these two go, it went perfectly
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... you magnificent bastard, Vanilla Momimomi smut are the best thing ever.
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My playlist just happened to hit a song called "dicks in butts" as I started reading.

Then I saw this:

> And, as a result, both you and Momiji re-enter this world as better dick suckers.

Moral confirmed for humongous faggot, and my sides confirmed for escape velocity.
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Hilarious, heartfelt and sexy. Wow.
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Bravo, Moral. Best Vanilla smut.
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I have trouble believing Momiji would be that bad at oral.

What kind of dog doesn't know what to do with a bone?
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File 149222637953.jpg - (18.20KB, 480x360, dog with bone.jpg)
dog with bone
>What kind of dog doesn't know what to do with a bone?
Yes I can see it now.

>Uhm, I don't know what I'm doing.
>Just pretend it's a bone, you know what to do.
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Good job Gallus. You achieved what all people in this fandom wanted. You fugged a 2hu.

I actually wonder how /jp/ and this board would react if somebody actually succeeded in this regard.
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Shock and congratulations?
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