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File 154182018448.png - (569.88KB, 850x584, hieda_no_akyuu_and_motoori_kosuzu_touhou_drawn_by_.png)
I want a website like MyAnimeList/anilist, but for THP stories. For those unaware, MAL is a database of anime. Users can go on the site and add anime to their "list", a personalized set of anime the user has seen. They can add ratings to each show, and those ratings are tallied together.

e.g. https://myanimelist.net/topanime.php

This would be useful for two reasons:
1. I can keep track of what I've read
2. People looking for classics to read can consult the big list

Problem is I don't know how to make something like this. I'm willing to throw money at any bored anons who want to put something like that together -- it doesn't have to be super complicated or as aesthetically pleasing as MAL, as long as it works.

I realize this is a huge ask and probably won't happen. But hey, a man can dream.
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Well, it's not exactly hard to make a site like that. It'll be hard to make it good.
The site will also have to depend on the user base for things like "All time top stories" or "Currently trending" so if people aren't using it, then it's worthless as anything beyond a glorified bookmark.

I'll be happy to try my skill at making a prototype, if nothing else. Once Nanowrimo is over and I don't spend every wake moment writing. Oh, and December is not good either since I have exams. Beyond that, I'll see what I can figure out, if someone else doesn't pick it up before I have the time.
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Rad. I realize this is a busy time of year so maybe I'll go ahead and bump this thread in January. Thanks for the offer, if you do go through with this project I will give you my firstborn.
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I'm independently researching ways of doing this as a self-learning exercise. No promises on delivering anything useable, though.
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>>24195 here.

Just a quick heads-up that I haven't forgotten. I'm still working on this on-off between exams.

It's still a little too early to publish anything I've made yet. Everything I've made so far has been copied from MAL seeing as that's the base reference I was given (I have never used Anilist, so I don't know how it works,) though they have features I frankly can't see as useful in the context of THP, so I've tossed them aside.

Functionally, it's only at a stage where you can browse existing stories and authors added to the database manually, since I'll have to be thorough when handling user input. The whole idea with the site is to allow users to add and update information, creating an unofficial version of the story list, with the added features of allowing users to save the stories they're reading to a list, easily share said list, share stories with user added summaries and character tags (canon characters only. Maybe OCs if enough people want it.)

Story status, thread listing, dynamic URL generation to THP, and author has been added so far. A story can only have one author at the moment, since co-written stories are rare, I've lowered the priority of allowing multiple authors on a single story. A story holds a reference to the board it's on, but each thread inside the story will hold it's own reference to a board, allowing threads to exist on other boards than the one the story mainly takes place in (this was done to allow the dynamic URL generation to work.)

Currently, the list of threads can't be sorted by hand and will appear in the order of their post number. This should be changed before the beta version is launched sometime soon(tm).
I'm currently working on handling user input, making sure that incomplete information (missing fields, like an empty list of threads, or the lack of any board) can't be added, and the error handling is done in a satisfying way.
Planned features include but is not limited to: user recommendations, story rating, actually making the website that will display the information.
This can be subject to change.

I'm designing the server side as an API, so you can create your own interface if you want to, which is partly why I'm trying to be through with the user input. Anyone will be allowed to pull public data, but creating and updating will require a user. Deleting anything will require authorization, though normal users should be able to request deletion.

If you're thinking about using this site at all once it has launched, it would help me out a great deal if you could write down a wishlist of features you would want, though I make no promise of actually implementing them, more so to give me an idea of what the projected userbase wants.

I'll also have to decide on a name before I can launch the site. I have an idea, a very uninteresting and boring name, but a name regardless. Suggestions are welcome.

Saging because there was no real new information in this post.
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OP here. That's some rad stuff.

A rough wishlist of mine (much of which you've already planned, it seems):
- User-submitted story metadata
- Tags for genre/trope, setting, and characters
- Easy ways to find/view stories: by specific author, by tag(s), etc
- Personal lists for users to add stories they've read
- A way to sort stories by most-read or most-liked? I don't know if a scoring system is a good idea or not but at least letting users favourite/recc a story and tallying those results seems useful

I have no idea what the name should be.

Keep up the good work!
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Just a status update to say I'm still working on it. It's just going slow because I've had to rewrite a lot of my test cases due to a mistake I made. But it's slowly chugging along.

If anyone is willing to help, getting a graphical design for how the website should look would take a huge load of my shoulders, since visually I design things to be minimalistic.

>Tags for genre/trope, setting, and characters
Out of that list, this is the only thing I'm dreading, because I can't imagine a way to implement it that's not going to be hell. Then again, I'll probably just have to sit down and have a proper think about it first.
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Another small update, since I've made some tangible progress.

I've finished writing the test cases for 2/3 of the exposed API, which leaves one part remaining.

I've figured out how to handle the tags. Sadly, implementing them will mean I'll have to redo a part I've already done to keep things coherent. Which in turn means I'll have to rewrite those tests to reflect the intended input format.

Afterwards, I'll start working on the user side of the API. Once that's in place, I'll be able to start working on a front-end implementation, aka a website to serve as an open beta.

These tests have been the major hurdle to get past so far, just because it's so tedious to write. Nevertheless, everything is moving forward
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Thank you for your efforts. I appreciate your hard work on this project.
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Since it's been about 3 months, just a silent heads up that I'm still working on it.
Life got a little busy for a month or two, but it's calming down again.

The core part of the archive is almost fully implemented, which just leaves the whole user side and a website.
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Ay, any news?
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Between life being a dick and generally being busy with the final semester of my education, I haven't had much time to work on it, sadly.
I'm keeping it in the back of my head, though, where I continue to get a clearer view of the project.
The main delay is caused by the fact I have other hobbies that I like to unwind with, so I can dedicate all my free time to developing what's actually a small application.
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Fair enough. Thanks for the update!
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Hi, >>24417 here. Forgot my trip and I'm too lazy to try and figure it out.

It's been over a year since I mentioned anything, and about 2 years since I started working on this, so I figure I owe some kind of update on the matter.

First off, I'm a lazy shit with things to do outside of THP, which is the main reason it's taken so long.

With that said. Since I want to create an API, both so people can make their own better UIs and to allow me to play around with more stuff without potentially impacting uptime, I decided to write an OpenAPI Specification document, which forced me to really think about how I want everything to interact from an usability standpoint. That alone took ages, was boring and dry. But with that done, I have a clear idea of how everything is supposed to relate to each other, which should hopefully streamline the rest of the process. Also, because I have that document, anyone who wants to create their own UI to replace my shitty one will have a clear guide on how to interact with the API.

Current planned features includes the primary feature of being able to add stories to a personal list; the ability add specific posts to a story (this is mainly intended for contests where a bunch of unrelated stories are posted in the same thread).

Honestly, looking at it objectively, the only thing it offers that the current story list doesn't offer is the ability to track your personal reading status of a story, since the story list has gotten an update since this web app was requested. That, and the fact it's intended to be user maintained instead of relying on an admin going through everything and manually updating the list.

Whether or not this project is still desired, I intend to finish it, since it's a nice exercise in various technologies.

Also, once the project has reached a state where I'd be comfortable launching it, I intend to make it open source, because maximum transparency.
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Cool. Good to know it's still happening.

I had just about considered dusting off my terrible, embarrassing Django-based attempt that's been sitting mouldering for a couple of years now.
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