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File 154017296316.png - (367.31KB, 750x750, MystiBoobs.png) [iqdb]
39475 No. 39475
Previous Thread: >>38360

[x] Play around a little. You’ve still got some frustration to work out on your would-be ‘lover.’
[x] Blast Mystia with your orgasm beam for so long, and make her cum so hard, that Mystia reaches a level of pleasure and ecstasy she never thought possible.
 - [x] Tell Mystia that we will never use the orgasm beam on her ever again unless she never tries to rape us ever again, and does whatever we say for the rest of her life.

You can’t help the evil twitch at the edge of your lips. You give Mystia’s leash a tug and she approaches, one timid step at a time. You lean in close, feeling her excited breath wash over you again. “Close your eyes.”

Her eyes flutter closed as she puckers her lips. You wait only a second before you bring the ball to her lips and press. Her brow furrows and her stubborn lips twitch. Her eyes open, questioning, or perhaps pleading. You push and for another rebellious moment she resists. Then she allows the ball to slide behind her lips and through her teeth until it hits her throat, stretching her jaw wide open to accommodate its sheer, curving girth.

Satisfied, you step around her and pull at the straps, buckling it tight against her head.

You run your fingers across the rigid frame of her wings. She groans a quiet, muffled protest. You hum, rubbing the crescent depressions. No response. Your hand slides back up, out, and down, eliciting a shiver as you hit the base. You smile as your tone drops close to menacing. “Say, Mystia, did I ever tell you how I managed to satisfy Wriggle?”

“Hwogh…” She shivers.

You pull one hand back and slip a finger under her back strap, between her shoulder blades.

“Would you like to find out?”

She shudders and pauses, shuffling her thighs. She bows her head, small tremors running up and down her body. She nods. Your hands slide back up her wings, then clench around the crescent depressions, your fingers sinking into the smooth feathers.

“Good.” You reach around and grab the leash. Letting go of her wings, you step back toward the bed and give a hard tug. She flinches, then twists toward you, stumbling on her bound thighs. She wobbles and rights herself, swinging her hips to compensate for her tiny steps. You stop, the bed just behind you as you beckon her close.

You sit down, lifting Aya’s skirt to flash her your belt. The one she helped force you into, even if you’ve since found a use for it. She leans forward, muffled, gurgling pants eking past the red ball in her jaw. You slide a leg over her shoulder, pulling her close. Then plant a bare foot against her face.

She takes a long, loud sniff. Her eyelids slide down as she lets out a long and happy, but muted sigh.

You throw your leg off and give her face a light kick, pushing her off your foot. You stand, yanking her back by her leash. She stops, teetering a hair’s breadth from your body.

“A-anyway. That’s one of the things she made me do.” You shudder. “Maybe I’ll show you the other one later.” She’d probably enjoy that as well.

You wrap your hands around her back, pulling her into a hug. She yelps as you kiss the hard ball between her lips. You reach down, giving her ass a light swat. She rewards you with another yelp.

You step aside, slipping under and around her wings to grab her ass. You give it a squeeze, eliciting a garbled moan. You give her ass a light smack. Then raise your hand high and spank her so hard her knees bump into the edge of the bed.

Her wings flutter in panic, long flight feathers slapping you and buffeting you back. In response, you run a hand up her corset and shove her into the sheets.

You crash a hand across her ass, cheeks bouncing against your palm. She wiggles. You spank her again. She squirms. Another slap.

You rain blow after blow on her bouncing bubble ass, alternating hands until she stops squirming. Finally, your hands stinging from the assault, you rub her reddened ass.

“I still don’t remember how we first met, you know. Not all of it anyway.”

You grab beneath her gut and push, bunching her wings beneath her as she rolls over. Twitching eyes greet you as her obscene tits side back into view.

You climb up, plopping your ass on her lap and pushing her down. You plant your hands on her heavy breasts, pressing and rolling them around. She closes her eyes, an almost serene expression dirtying her face.

You push her fowl tits back, grinding into them. She wiggles and blushes. You let go.

“You cornered me in the woods, correct?”

“Ghgfh nh-”

“Yes or no.”

She winces but gives you a slow nod.

“Did I ask you to leave?”

She nods. You squeeze her fowl tits.

“Did you?”

She shakes her head.

“Did I try to leave?”

She nods.

“Did you let me?”

She shakes her head.

You lean close, breathing down her nose. “Do you see why I might have felt a little worried? Why I might have caved, just to get away?”

She lets out a muffled whimper.

“And I’m sure you had a great reason for kidnapping me when your first attempt failed.”

She stares you dead in the eyes and nods.

“And leaving me with Wriggle just for her help. And threatening to sic her on me if I didn’t behave.”

She looks away.

“And forcing… no, raping me when that didn’t work.”

She squirms under you. You sigh, slide back, and lean down. You lick her now soft nipple.

She twitches. You kiss it, sending a shiver down her body. Predictable.

You unzip her crotch strap, sliding a finger in her hot, moist pussy. She moans.

You pull your finger out, flicking her juices off, and bite down, sinking your teeth into her areola. She squeals.

You sink deep but stop short of breaking her surprisingly tough skin. You pull up and shoot a hand out.

You clench her cheeks. “If you ever pull that again, we’re done.”

Her wings curl against her body. She looks away, blinking fast. She nods.

You take a deep breath. “Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s talk about your future. You still want to show your face around me. Not just right now, but in the future.”

She peeks back at you but doesn’t otherwise move.

“You want me not to try to forget you even exist. Or to leave behind the hell you gave me. Is that about right?”

She sniffles and blinks. And nods.

“You know what?”

She peeks up. You groan. “I’ve been thinking. You’re right. I need someone to watch my back. And right now, a rapist is the only option I have.”

She flinches again. Her eyes widen, wet but hopeful, and her wings unfurl.

“It’s a long shot, but…” you wrap your fingers around her thick, hard nipples, “if you behave, maybe we can work something out. Besides,” you settle her with another glare, “I never did get a chance to express to any of you just how I felt about your abuses.”

Your fingers jerk, twisting her nipples as far as they’ll go. She groans, her hands sprawling open in a vain attempt to do something. You hold her there for a few moments, lifting her a hair by her breasts. You then let go. She drops, panting through her nose.

You pat her breasts. Then turn around. You rub the edge of her slit, wetting your fingers.

You take a deep breath and press a finger inside her tight folds and feel for your power. Still there.

You pull it together, gathering it near your core. Your body protests, but you shove its relentless whining aside. You’ll rest once you know you have this bird wrapped around your finger. Once you know you’re safe around her. The energy still slips and fades, but less than it once did, allowing you to concentrate it faster and stronger than before.

Yet still you wait. Your chest soon throbs and your head pounds, but you keep at it. Your whole body starts to vibrate, but you hold it in just a little longer.

Your limbs soon grow cold and numb. Taking a breath, you plant your palm to her open pussy and fire.

Raw lust blasts out and into her pussy, splashing back out in heavy, cascading waves and bathing the room in a deep, blinding pink. She screams and a goes rigid, but you continue to fire. Soon the lust saturates the air, rippling through you with its revolting taint. Mystia bucks, throwing you off just as it peters out.

You tumble over her wing to the sheets beside her as she spasm and twists, now moaning, voice hoarse.

Shivering, you push yourself up, only to tumble back down. Your limbs shake like wet noodles as you take in erratic, gasping breaths. Mystia’s stomach undulates as her scream stutters off. Arching as high as her corset allows, she twitches and spasms, her body going rigid again.

Waiting a moment for the shaking to die down, you crawl back around her wings. Step by shaking step, you pull yourself back over her body until your quaking hands hold you over her bulbous breasts.

“If-” you take a breath. “If you ever want to feel like that again, you will do everything I say. You will refrain from doing anything I don’t approve of. Do you understand?”

You then notice her glazed-over eyes. Erratic gasps burst from behind her fat gag. Shit. Your arms give out and your head crashes into those filthy breasts. Sight, sound, and smell bleed into the ether.


A faint impression of soft blue.

“The door’s still there, but I do think I know where it came from.” A familiar voice from a strange place. Makes you think of round fluffy things. “Proud old lady with some dirty habits, but I think we can keep her out for a while. Hmm?” A pause. “Oh, my. I’d be very careful abo…”


You wake atop the soft, smooth, soaked flesh of Mystia’s bust. She pants and moans. Coarse metal scrapes together as she squeezes her legs. She twists beneath you, her eyes moist and pleading. Her hands, still shackled to her sides, clench and release. The fat crimson ball still stretches her lips back and garbles her pleas into incoherence. Her sweat seeps into the bed beneath her.

Your own body still tingles. You doubt you’ll use any magic soon.

You run a hand down her twitching arm. “Did that feel good?”

She nods, feverishly.

“And do you want to ever feel that again?”

She nods again, gasping.

“Then you’ll do everything I say, no matter how frustrated or horny you get?”

A spasm rocks her body. She sucks in a breath through her nose. She nods.

You pat her belly. “How did Wriggle put it? Oh yes. ‘Good girl.’”

You sigh, then reach around her head and unlock her gag. Gently, you pull it back.

She looks to you, biting her lip. She jerks her elbows and squeezes her legs.

You sigh. “Spit it out.”

She inhales. “Promise…” she pants, “not… mad?”


She winces. “Please. P-please. Touch… me. Or-or… f-u-uck. Me.”

She twists, squeezing her legs again.

A door opens. You turn and sit up, finding the distant, silver door open and a pair of willowy woman in plain yellow dresses approach, lips tight. Long but well-trimmed, golden blonde hair obscures their eyes and descends behind them, past their knees. A simple, plush black hat sits atop each head.

They stop, one at each side, just before the bed.

“Name, intruder.” An airy, almost ringing voice.

You turn to Mystia and back. “I’m Naoko. A… An acquaintance, I guess, sent me through. You’re not going to…”

They exchange a glance.

“Naoko Honda.”


“Come with us.” The other one this time. Her voice is also airy, but quite a bit heavier. Something about it sounds off.

Mystia groans. “Could this wait a minute or two?”

“No. Come with us, Ms. Honda.”

“You’re just going to leave Mystia here?”

“She may follow. Now please, come.”

Mystia twists and shakes beneath you. “Hey! W-hat- do… to her?”

“She must be tested to remain here. Punctuality is highly recommended.”

Mystia hisses. “Why…” She pants. “Not just… a- inter… view?”

The figures pause, glancing to one another again.

The first speaks. “That may be… tolerable. You may request an audience with either the leaf or the stem, though one or both may not be available at this moment. Your fate will be left in our hands if they’re not.”

“Leaf? Stem? Who are these people?”

“You will see, should they appear.”

“And this test?”

“We must determine your aptitude, of course. Me must see if you’re worthy of our lady’s presence.”

You turn back to Mystia, mouthing ‘did you…’

She shakes her head.


[x] Take the test.

[x] Attend to Mystia first.

[x] Demand an Audience.
 [x] The stem.
 [x] The leaf.

[x] Write-in.
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>> No. 39477
[x] Attend to Mystia first.

Can't just leave her hanging. Me gotta finish what me started.
>> No. 39478
[x] Attend to Mystia first.
>> No. 39479
[x] Attend to Mystia first.

I-is it possible to die of blueballing?
>> No. 39480
We're helping Mystia first.
>> No. 39482
I meant to have the update out by now, but haven't been able to get in the writing I'd hoped to do. Ideally it'll be out around Wednesday, but in a worst-case scenario, it may not be out 'till Friday.

In other news, if you haven't noticed, I've considered attempting to participate in the November event. I don't think there's any feasible way I could apply that directly to this thread, (I'm not willing to drop the standard revisions) and so if I do participate, it will most likely be in the form of a new story. If I do this, there's a good chance it will slow this story down a bit while I goes on. I intend to keep the new story fairly short, (possibly pausing it in December if needed) but that will probably still be a couple late updates.

I bring this up for a couple reasons. First as a simple heads-up on possible delays, but also to pose a question. I'm still working through the ideas I would use. Right now I'm considering a side-story involving a different Honda, but leaning toward something a bit more lighthearted (and probably a fair bit goofier), probably involving either Shinmyoumaru or the Taoists. I bring this up mostly because I'm still on the fence about the whole idea and, while this notice is a bit late, want to give you a chance to voice your concern if you'd strongly prefer I keep my focus here. If you're less concerned but like the idea of one specific story over the other, I'm happy to hear that as well.

And though it goes without saying, I feel the need to say it anyway: I'm sorry about the delay.
>> No. 39483

Thanks for the update. I'd say
go ahead and do the side story. I'm really curious to see how many people can actually stay in the running since there seems to be a pretty big showing this year.
>> No. 39486
File 154120464440.jpg - (114.98KB, 700x990, MystiLaid.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Attend to Mystia first.

“I’ll be there soon. Just give us a moment.”

One of them frowns, turning to the other. There’s a glint in her companion’s eye.

They step forward. One runs her hand by your hip, down Mystia’s quivering thigh.

“I wouldn’t trust her, if I were you.”

You snort. “I’m not. I’m just finishing what I started.”

“Of course.” She flicks your cheek. You wince.

“Just be sure you don’t find yourself wearing her leash.”

A hand slaps your back, jerking you forward. You twist to see the other one skipping away.

“Don’t dally too long, Naoko.”

They both giggle as they turn and walk back.

You sit there, still perched on Mystia’s belly, watching them leave. One turns around, just long enough to give you a curt wave.

Then they disappear behind that door, one after the other.

You throw your legs across Mystia’s bust to face her. You lean down, groaning but sliding a gentle hand in to cup her cheek.

“Let’s get you off, shall we?”

She clenches her eyes shut and nods, breathing ragged.

You run your hands up and down the sides of her corset, more for your own nerves than for her. You lean down, giving her a soft, gentle kiss.

She hums as you pull back. Sliding your hands around her breasts, you give them a quick, tight squeeze.

She hisses, shaking.

You rub them up and down, from her neck to their underside, flicking her rigid nipples and pressing into her flesh. Your hands scrape across dry, sticky skin as she twists beneath you.

She lets out a hungry, needy groan.

You lean close, still massaging her salacious breasts. You whisper into her ear, using perhaps a more mocking tone than you should. “At least you didn’t finish without permission.”

Her breath hitches. “D-didn’t w… wa-” She shudders. “C-came. Once. Wa-”

You slap both hands across her tits. “So, it’s just fine to lie when you do it, then?”

She squeaks. “D-didn… n- ot…” She pants. “lying.”

You stare her down for a moment, frowning as you parse her words. “We’ll see.” You slide a finger through the open zipper behind you, probing her pussy. You push in, scraping through her shockingly dry folds.

She hisses in pain even as her body clenches tight around your finger, trapping it inside. Which provides enough friction to shock something inside her, her back lurching upward and lifting you with it.

“Are you… okay?”

She gulps, her back still arched beneath you.

You pull your arm back, only for your fingers to catch on the rigid, dry vice-grip her pussy holds.

You look into Mystia’s already clouded eyes, her tongue protruding from her gasping throat.

Then she quakes again. Her pulsing, almost crushing walls beat down on your finger, easing up only in tiny, erratic windows. Windows that prove, with vigorous pulling and twisting, just enough to pull out.

Sucking in a tired breath, you give your abused finger a shake. Planting a hand by her ass, you slide the finger back near the lips, up against the ragged, metal edge of her zipper.

You roll your head, lift your ass, and turn around.

Shou was right. You need someone to trust right now and Mystia’s the only option you have. But for her to do you any good, she needs to be lucid.

You take a deep breath, preparing to risk the better part of your hand to her ravenous slit.

Then a thunderous quake rocks your body. It takes you a second to realize the quake rattled into Mystia, not from her. It hits again, ripping a groan from your lips. One almost as needy as panting, mewling voice below.

It’s that toy. The small, vibrating toy behind your belt. It takes only moments for the first couple drops to seep past your belt and through Aya’s panties. You press your hands over Mystia’s crotch to steady your own shivering body. Grimacing, you shove two fingers to your tongue, tasting a hint of her foul, lewd juices. Once wetted, you pop them back out and line them up with her hungry slit. She’s close. Just get her off and figure out what to do with that damn toy. Again.

A shiver runs down your spine.

You press your fingers in, testing her resistance. Then another beat hits, jarring them into the zipper. Metal teeth bite into your hand as a quake surges up your spine. In only a moment the tremors ebb. Biting your lip, you line the fingers back up, praying only for another moment of calm.

You thrust, parting the lips as you plunge deep into her throbbing hole. It clamps down, sinking your fingers to the hilt, your knuckles hitting her fluffy bush and the cruel zipper above it. She gasps and bucks, throwing you forward. You cast your spare arm into the sheets, catching yourself and landing back on her body.

You land on the other side of her breasts. Your ass slides down toward her neck as you push your fingers down. They don’t move much, but it’s enough to grind them into her pussy.

She groans as you work your fingers.

A familiar low, steady thrum starts up inside you as Mystia twists her body beneath you. Her legs stretch out and curl back in, dry, salty thighs and the chain between them pressing into your arm as if to shove it in deeper.

Quaking and gasping, she belts out a loud, lascivious moan.

You press a third finger into her, barely passing her mound before they hit the hard walls of her clamped-down cunt. She bucks again, throwing you up, but not off. Panting, you run your hand across her chest, rubbing her tits as you press deeper inside her.

She gasps as your third finger wedges itself partway down. You fight through your own halting breaths as you force your fingers in, hair by hair.

Then she mewls. You see Aya’s shiny black bra through your moistening shirt. A shiver runs through her body.

Then she screams. Again. Heavy, rocking quakes race up her body and all but jostle you off.

As the scream dies down, her body follows suit, going limp. You pull your fingers from her slackened slit and wipe them off on her corset.

Shutting out the buzzing inside your own body, you zip her crotch back up.

Lifting yourself up for a moment, you throw your legs back and twist your body around to face her again. Leaning down, you plant your hands by her head.


Panting, gulping, she nods, almost absently.

“Now, I’d like to hear about why you said you never came.”

Almost gasping, Mystia shakes her head.

“I thought you asked if I took a test.”

You stare down, blank. “What?”

“They’d been… saying you needed,” she gulps, “to take a test to see if you could stay.” She wheezes. “I thought you asked if I’d also had to take one.”

“Oh.” That’s… plausible. “Wait. You didn’t.”

“No. No one asked me to take any tests. Not even them.”

You groan. Well, you needed her lucid anyway. You sigh.

“And about that ‘reason.’”

She blinks, giving you a blank smile. “Reason?”

You slide a pair of fingers around each nipple. “For the kidnapping.”

She giggles, a little shrill. “Oh… that.” She wiggles her wrists, padlocks clanging. “It’s going to sound stupid. So, don’t get mad, okay?”

You groan. Again. “I’ll, try not to punish you for honesty. That’s all.”

She gulps. “Okay. Well, I just…” She wiggles her shoulders. “If I didn’t, you’d never give me a chance, right?”

“After your first night?”

She winces. “I… Look. I knew we’d be the perfect couple. I couldn’t possibly give up on something like that.”

“The perfect couple. Where one kidnaps the other and never lets her leave.”

“It was just once?”

“And brings a sadist to keep her in line.”

“I was desperate, okay? I spent months trying to find you. But then she shows up with her insect army-”

You shiver. “Insects?”

“Oh, you didn’t know? Wriggle can talk to and command them. She already knew where you lived, but she couldn’t get in.”

…Oh. Of course.

What was even the point of hiding? “…When was this?”

“Mid spring, I think. I got really depressed, you know. I wanted to see you so badly, but Wriggle wouldn’t let me. She wanted to make sure the guards couldn’t track us down. We went through so many plans to before you leapt into our arms.”

You breath in, then out. “I see.” You pinch your fingers together, squeezing her nipples. You rotate them.

Mystia clenches her teeth. “H-hey. You said you wouldn’t punish me.”

“For being honest. But I need to trust you and that poses a problem.”

“Wanting you?”

“Conspiring, for months to kidnap and enslave me. And still not having a problem with that.”

She glares back. “I never wanted to make you a slave! That was all Wriggle’s stupid idea!”

“Right. You just wanted someone who did everything you wanted.”

“That’s different! I didn—”

You twist. “What is it then? Brainwashing? You can apologize for that instead.”

“I’m sorry. I’m sure I would’ve let you go. It would have been so different if Wriggle weren’t there, I swear. I’m so sorry I let her near you. And, and I guess I’m sorry for kidnapping you, too. If it helps, I promise that I’ll never do it again.”

You let go. “That’ll do for now. Just…” You sigh. “I’m tired of running, Mystia. Tired of cowering, begging, lying, and compromising.”

She pouts. “Okay, okay. I get it. That was the whole point of our new deal, anyway.”

Something about her story bothers you, but you’ll worry about it later.

You lift your head, taking note of the disheveled bed. Mystia lies atop a folded-over blanket, exposing a full third of the bed, with a suspiciously wet pillow nearby.

You sigh and ruffle her hair, even as your hips start to tremble and your muscles sag. “What do we…”

A polite cough behind you. You turn to see a quiet, meek face above a garishly purple dress. A similarly gaudy, gold capelet and waist-apron adorn that dress. Two auburn locks descend from either side of her face, plummeting just past her waist. A sagging black cap sits atop her otherwise shoulder-length hair.

“How long…?”

“Since about the beginning of her climax.”

You turn back to Mystia, who’s shut her eyes. Then you realize how… normal this is starting to feel. Which is when your face starts to burn.

“I-it’s not- I’m not really…”

“Don’t worry, Naoko. But now that you’re finished, I recommend you dismount her and follow me.”

“For the test?”

“Test?” A heavy pause. “Oh, of course. Well, it is a matter that must be discussed at a more… appropriate venue. My companion insists you come at once, but if you’d prefer a change of look and perhaps smell, I’m more than happy to help.”

Mystia blushes. Again. “I’m coming too, right?”

“Of course.”

Your hips shake again, that toy still buzzing inside you. “Could I change into a new chastity belt?”

She sputters. “A new— Why do even want one?”

You shrug. “Protection.”

She groans. Then a hand grabs your ass, lifting your skirt. She hooks her fingers into the waistband and slips your panties down. She pats the metal of your belt.

“Where’s the key?”

You shiver, the open air doing little to cool your mostly-bare ass or your dripping slit.

“I don’t know.”

“Of course. But then unless you’re ready to present yourself half-naked, the answer’s no.”

The toy still lies behind the metal barrier. It’s started to chafe, but Aya’s bra isn’t starting to feel any better either.


[x] Go straight in.

[x] Get changed.

[x] Replace the belt anyway.

[x] Write-in.

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2018/11/06(Tue)00:00

>> No. 39487
[x] Go straight in.
>> No. 39488
[x] Go straight in.
>> No. 39489
[X] Lose the belt. You have your knight in feathery armor now.
>> No. 39490
[x] Go straight in.
>> No. 39513
So, when I suggested that participating in the NaNoWriMo event could delay updates here? Turns out I was dead-on. But I'm not here to taunt y'all or anything. Just stopping by to note that I've got a rough draft together, which is usually the toughest part.

Next update should be out in about a week at the latest. Fingers crossed.
>> No. 39515
File 15426835187.png - (461.14KB, 700x933, slytono.png) [iqdb]
[x] Go straight in.

Batting her hand away, you pull Aya’s panties back up your legs and over your ass. Climbing off Mystia and the bed, you turn back to face this woman, patting your skirt.

“I’ll follow you.”

“Good. This way.”

You glance back to Mystia. She cranes her neck to see you over her breasts and gives you a shaking, nervous smile.

“You can bring her along.”

You twist back to the woman, finding her face impassive.

You turn, lean over Mystia, pull the leash off the bed and give her a tug. She twists and bounces. Pulling the leash, you lift her off the bed and she stumbles forward, into your chest.

You groan, push her off, and grab the spit-soaked rubber ball from the sheets. Mystia stares at it, twitching, as you approach. She shuts her eyes as you slide the straps across her shoulders, buckling it behind her neck.

You sigh. “Please, don’t fuck me over.”

She peeks one eye open, exhaling and smiling once she realizes it’s not going into her mouth.

She nods, hard and firm.

You turn and give her another tug. She follows, swaying and stumbling, her cuffs jingling by her sides, as you push forward, passing the rows of lewdly-dressed mannequins into the open door. You find yourself atop a staircase, looming over a vast chasm, plunging into a deep maroon mist below. Your bare feet pad across dark, lacquered wood as you descend, one step at a time.

Mystia hops behind you, frequently wobbling as she lands.

“Satono, by the way.”

“Excuse me?”

“It’s my name.”

You rub your neck. “Okay.”

A moment passes, Satono stepping down this seemingly endless staircase as you follow and Mystia struggles to keep up. Hints of doorways appear in the fog below.

Then you reach a landing. Two stairways descend to the right and left, while another ascends before you. Each stairway splits off further, some going up, others down. Satono turns left. You follow.

“I’m not… intruding, am I?”

“You don’t belong here.” She says, in a softer tone than you expected. “But my colleague’s ecstatic you’ve come, so I’ll let it pass.”

Mystia laughs, nervous, behind you. “Why is she so happy?”

You continue down the stairs, Mystia hopping behind you. You rub your crotch as your hips twitch.

“You’ll see.” Satono stops at the bottom, before a heavy mahogany door, carved with the image of someone bowing. She pushes it open and walks inside.

You follow her, stepping into a room of polished oak floors and velvet curtains ranging from black, indigo, and violet, to gold, turquoise, and olive. Mystia stumbles behind you. You yank the leash up, catching her neck until she regains her balance.

You tiptoe through the quiet room, winding through curtains at a brisk pace just to keep from getting lost.

Finally, you reach a clearing of sorts, with a tall, wide chair set against the wall, atop a platform raised four steps from the floor. Rich, gold-colored cushions adorn it.

“The test is ready to begin, Naoko.” Satono gestures to the chair. “Please, sit.”

You swallow, stepping toward it. Your place your foot atop the first step, then the other on the next step. Turning around, you slide your ass into the deep, soft cushions of the chair. Resting your hands at the edges of the similarly soft armrests, you take a breath and face forward.

Satono leaps toward you, planting her hands across your wrists and almost bumping your nose with her own. She stares you dead in the eyes.

“What do you have to offer the goddess, Naoko?”

“O-offer? Like what?”

Her nostrils flare, a citrus-scented breath wafting across your nose.

“You could give her your body, but you don’t want that, do you?”

“Do I need to give something? Would it really hurt just to keep me out of the wilds?”

“We have other ways to keep your talents under control. Think about it.”

“I… I don’t…”

You glance to Mystia. She shrugs, helpless. You’ve barely learned to wield magic and now you must find something to offer a goddess?

Her eyes narrow. “A noble’s basement, a firefly’s hovel, a—”

“No! Not the fir-glh!” A woman pops out of the curtains, shoving the ball back between Mystia’s teeth. She unbuckles and re-buckles the straps, pulling it tight against her skin.

The woman smiles at you, wearing a similar dress to Satono but in a far more sedate green. Like Satono, two long tassels of her pale green hair descend across either side of her face. Your chest heaves as you turn back to Satono, her lips curling.

She rolls her eyes. “Look, it doesn’t really matter. Just serve the goddess and we’ll take good care of you.” She strokes your cheek. “What I need to know right now is what you want.”

“I want to be safe.”

“How? What sort of safety? What sort of… dependence?” She slides a hand to your thigh.


She rubs your thigh. “Anything we give, we might one day take back. Something to think about.”


[x] I want to hide.

[x] I want power.

[x] I want allies.

[x] I want to speak with your leader.

[x] Write-in.


The choice came up sooner than I anticipated, shrinking the update.

Votes End:
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>> No. 39516
...Alright, I am officially cancelling the timer. Votes are open until I close them.
>> No. 39517
[x] I want allies.
>> No. 39518
[x] I want allies.
>> No. 39534
We're getting allies.
>> No. 39540
File 15436060189.png - (567.90KB, 800x571, koishispin.png) [iqdb]
[x] I want allies.

“Give me allies.”

Satono pulls back, frowning. “Well, we can’t hand ourselves over…”

She twists to her green companion, who still holds Mystia back.

“Hey, Mai. Do we have anyone we could give her?”

The woman—Mai, apparently—lets go and walks away, carrying Mystia’s leash behind a green curtain. She hooks it to something, then comes back.

Mystia shouts out angry, burbling noises as she tugs against it, flexing her fingers.

Mai jogs forward. “Hm…” She presses her arms behind her back and looks you up and down. “Give me a boost, Satono.”

Satono groans. Then steps back and starts dancing.

Mai rubs her chin. “Ah. I’ve got it!”

And she runs off, disappearing behind a crimson curtain.

You sit there a moment, as Satono stops dancing. She steps back up and plants her hands on your knees.

Angry, incoherent tweets hit your ears.

“Looking forward to your service?”

“My… what?”

Satono sighs. “The goddess does not simply bestow gifts on others because they ask, does she?”

“I… I don’t know. Does she?”

“She does not. She bestows her generosity on those who earn her favor.”

“What do I do to earn that?”

Mystia ambles into the green curtain, her wings still poking out, twisting and flaring as her body turns and heaves.

Satono runs a finger up your belly, weaving up Aya’s shirt and between your breasts. It flicks past your chin and settles on your lower lip. She smiles.

“You don’t even realize how many enemies you have, do you?” She pulls your lip down. “So many people who could have their way with you. Ever wonder what would happen if you upset master?” She slides her other hand across your cheek. “She could send you anywhere in Gensokyo, after all.”

She pauses, freeing your lip. You glare back.

She places the finger to her own lip. “Or outside it. How would you fare on the moon? The netherworld? Hell? Heaven? Makai?” She sighs, sliding a hand down your side. “Just remember: do not piss master off.”

Mystia falls out of the curtain, sweating and sagging, leash still hanging from the other side. Her lips slide up and down the red ball behind them. You bite your lip. “What do I have to do?”

She shakes her head. “Like I said, you just have to serve her.” She pulls the finger from her lip and cups her cheek, tilting her head just slightly. “I can’t tell you how, because I don’t know myself. But you’d better think of something when the time comes, because she dislikes freeloaders.”

“Got her!”

Mai yanks on a dark, bluish-green leash. She heaves, moving toward you one backward step at a time. Bare feet stumble and scrape across the polished, lacquered wood. Satono walks behind you.

You scan the room. “Who?”

Out of nowhere, a woman wearing a matching, bluish blindfold under pale hair perks up. A smooth, fat, blue ball pulls her lips back, just like the red one still stuffed in Mystia’s mouth. Green straps and steel rings run from the ball across her cheeks, but also up and over her nose, her blindfold, and across her forehead.

A simple orange shirt covers her, with a green, rosy skirt below. A familiar blue orb floats beside her, connected by matching tendrils to her body. A glimmering chain dangles from her long, frilly sleeves. Another chain hangs from a pair of blue cuffs on her ankles.

She rushes toward you.

You panic. “Wait! Wa—”

She freezes.

“Who are you?”

“Ghfhih Ghmgi”

Satono rests her hands on the back of your chair. “Why don’t you give her a spin?”

The woman takes a step closer and plants her hands beside your feet, bowing.

Satono leans in. “Just ask her to do something for you. Or command her.”

You hug your legs to the chair.

“Ah. Ah. Ah.” Mai yanks on the leash, jerking the girl back.

The girl gurgles, then stills, hunched forward.

Satono breathes over your ear. “Go ahead.”

You inhale, preparing to issue your first experimental command.

Then another idea strikes. “Wait. Take the gag out.”

Mai frowns. Satono squeezes your shoulders.

“Are you sure you want to do that?”


Mai grumbles but steps forward. She snaps something behind the girl’s head, then peels the straps back in front of her head. With a light tug, she pulls the ball from her mouth, strands of saliva hitting the wooden floor before you. Mai gathers up the gag and steps back.

You clear your throat.

“Who are you?”

She smiles. “Koishi!”

The name sends shivers down your spine.

“What do you want?”


Your eyes narrow. “Why?”

She giggles. “You’re weird.”

You tilt your head. She tilts hers to match.

“Excuse me?”

“Like I said, you’re weird.”

Vague, foggy memories flit at the corners of your mind, hinting at… something. Something different. Something wrong.

You pause, working through your choice of words. “Why am I weird?”

Unruly bangs bounce over the blue-green leather wrapped across her eyes. “’Cause your body begs for love, but your heart begs me to stop.”

“And that’s why you want me?”

She grins. “Yeah!”

You tap the edge of one armrest. “What do you want to… do with me?”

She puts a finger to her chin, looking up. She points it at you. “I wanna watch you.”

“Watch me do what?”

“You ask hard questions, lady.” She tilts her head. “Anything, I guess.”


She throws her hands up together. “Yeah. Do whatever you want.”


Her hands fall back down. “Why what?”

“Why do you want to watch me?”

Her brow furrows. “’Cause I wanna see what you do.”

You groan. This isn’t helping, so you try another tack. “Do you want to fuck me?”

“Hm… Ah! That’s a great idea! Let’s do that.”


“Aw. Boo. You’re stingy.”

You tense, but she just stands there, hands swaying together. With that blindfold on, you can’t tell what she’s thinking or feeling.

“Come here.”

She approaches, chains clinking.

“Show me your ass.”

“Yes ma’am.” She straightens up, stuffing her hands under her skirt. Bunching it up, she grips the edge of her simple black panties and drags them down. They hang on her ass, then slide down to her ankles She turns around and grabs the side of her skirt. She fidgets with it, then tries the other side.

Her smile falters. “Uh, help?”

Mai steps around and behind her, yanks the skirt down, then steps back again. A wild, untamed jungle rests between this woman’s legs.

“Thanks, lady.”

Koishi turns around, displaying her plain, bare ass. She leans down and plants her hands on the floor, presenting it further and showing the edge of that jungle once more.

You slam your foot forward, crashing it into her ass and propelling her away from you. She stumbles forward but somehow manages to right herself, panties still stretched taut between her ankles and skirt dragging behind. She stands up and steps backward, returning to where she was before you kicked her.

You growl. “Look at me.”

“I can’t.”

“Face me.”

She turns around, still smiling.


She falls to her knees and bows. Cuffs jingling, she plants her hands on the third step and lowers her face to your feet. You lift one foot and press it into her hair, forcing her head into the floor. She coos.

You hear what you can only assume to be a furious squawk of some kind.

You’ll worry about Mystia’s feelings later. You’ve got a stranger to make sense of.

You set your stomping foot aside and press the other to her cheek. “Kiss it.”

She presses her lips to your big toe. She lingers there, pressing them to your nail before she lets go. She slides her tongue up your foot. You kick her off.

[ ] Abuse her.

[ ] Make her fuck Mystia.

[ ] Make her worship you.

[ ] Ask for a ‘test drive.’

[ ] Ask for someone else.
 [ ] (Optional) Specify.

[ ] Write-in.

Votes End:
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>> No. 39546
[x] Make her prove herself
-[x] "Here's a test. Mai and Satano try to rape me. What do you do?"

I refuse to accept Koishi as an ally unless she proves that she can function as an ally. If she can't stop people from raping us, she's useless to us.
>> No. 39547
[x] Make her prkvr herself
[x] Ask for a ‘Test Drive’

Koishi is too much of a wildcard to trust completely so she needs prove herself and I think part of that is this ‘Test Drive’. We have a lot riding on this since Okina’s favor is at stake for us so we need to be 100% sure on this.
>> No. 39560
Hoo boy, I've let this thread languish longer than intended. Long story short: end of semester madness.

I've got a tentative rough draft done, but I've also got final exams left. I'm not dead yet, but the update likely won't hit until around the 16th. I apologize for not telling you all sooner and that this update has taken so long.
>> No. 39563
>> No. 39571
File 15450109226.png - (631.66KB, 750x783, lewddancers.png) [iqdb]
[x] Make her prove herself
 [x] “Here's a test. Mai and Satano try to rape me. What do you do?”

You tap a finger on your armrest, staring down at Koishi’s humbled form. “Stand up.”

She pulls herself up, giving you a lopsided smile. A grin that only sets your hair on edge with the blindfold above it.

You suck in a breath. “Let’s… test something. Koishi.” You clear your throat.

She faces you. “If Mai and Satono tried to rape me, what would you do?”

She angles her head up, chain jingling as her wrists sway. “I’d, uh…”

Satono steps back behind you.

“Um, what would you want me to do?”

You pause, mouth open, narrowing your eyes. “I’d want you to stop them.”

“Then I’d do that.”

You lift a hand from its rest to rub your forehead. “How?”

“How would I stop them?”


“I have no idea!” She grins, wide and proud.

She’s useless. Utterly fucking useless. A liability at best.

Satono claps her hands on your shoulders. “It must be so tragic, relying on such fickle friends.”

You growl. “She was your idea.”

The hands bounce. “I’m so sorry. It was just such short notice. Maybe we could look around, but…”

Mai sends a significant look over your shoulder. The hands lift away and Satono returns to Koishi, looking her up and down.

Their looks worry you. You return your focus to Koishi herself. “Why don’t you know what to do?”

“I haven’t done it yet.”

What does that even mean?

“But what if y—”

“Say, Satono. Think we should…”

Satono circles Koishi. “Yes. We should.”

“Awesome!” Mai tosses a silver key to Satono. Satono fiddles with Koishi’s wrists while Mai works on her ankles.

They click, and heavy, dark aqua cuffs fall to the floor. Koishi stretches her arms out before her as Mai works on the back of her head. With another click, she pulls the blindfold off.

Koishi blinks, looking to you, her blindfold and a pair of cuffs lying by her feet. She swings a leg out and grins wide. You press your back into your seat.

Satono pushes her back, twists toward you, and steps forward. She stares you down, licking her lips. She plants her hands over your wrists and climbs onto your lap, slipping her legs around your back.

You shiver as you stare into her low-lidded eyes. She settles in, shifting her ass across your knees. She stretches, pulling her gaudy shirt across a pair of perky breasts.

She extends a hand by your head, stroking your cheek in slow, lazy loops.

“Tell Koishi to save you.”

You stare back, perplexed. “Excuse me?”

Satono extends her other hand, cupping your cheeks. She puckers her lips. Realization hits.

“Help! Koishi, help! Save me!” You buck, knocking Satono upward, but not off.

“Wha? Huh?” Koishi blinks back at you. You press your hands into Satono’s gut, inadvertently sliding them up to the edge of her bust. Koishi charges toward you, only to get yanked back by Mai.

Furious squawks hit your ears from the side, tempting you to tear your gaze away.

Satono licks her lips and releases your head. She pulls Koishi’s cuffs out. In a heartbeat, she has a cuff wrapped and locked one of your wrists and she’s pulling both behind her back. You buck again, her ass thumping hard into your knees as she snaps the second cuff on, trapping your hands behind her.

Satono bumps her nose against yours, giving an almost apologetic grin. “She’s not a miracle worker.”

She pops the top button free of Aya’s—no, your shirt. You twist your arms around her as she pops the next two. You look away as another button pops, exposing your cleavage and the edge of your black bra. You slam your wrists into her back, crashing her own modest bust into yours. She pops the next three of as if nothing happened.

“Koishi! Where are you! Get me out of here!”

Satono jerks backward, jarring you. She then lurches back, dragging you off the chair by your bound arms. Open air bushes against your stomach, the shirt now hanging half open as you stumble forward. You tug your wrists against her back.

She cups your cheeks with both hands, her smile turning dark. “I can’t remember the last time I got to play the villain like this. What do you think, should I have claimed your lips yet?”

You give her the most disarming smile you can muster. “I think you… maybe?”

She pouts. “If it helps, I thought she’d do better.” Satono frowns and flicks her thumb across your lips. “Care to bet when she’ll save you?”

Something snaps around your waist and Aya’s skirt falls to your ankles. Satono leans in close, puckering her lips but letting go of your chin. You lean back.

A loud crunch sounds as her hands grind into your waist and metal edges dig into your skin. Then your belt falls, thumping to the floor beneath you.

Someone slender crashes into your back, throwing you forward. Satono’s lips hit your forehead. A new pair of hands slide across your sides, meeting at your stomach. She presses you in, shoving your head down into Satono’s modest bust. Silk and bamboo fill your nose as their weight presses into you from each side. Then a pair of hands grabs your thighs and pulls, yanking you to your knees. Your face slides down between their stomachs.

“Hey, Satono, where’d she go?” Mai says, her body pressing into you from behind.

“What, did you lose her?”

The hands release your legs. Then another hand slips to the back of your neck and presses, forcing you into Satono’s crotch, only her skirt and underwear between your face and her pussy.

Finally, your head falls between her legs, your own legs sprawled out around Mai’s.

A foot digs into your back. Craning your neck, you barely catch Satono’s pink thong and a plump ass you don’t want to think about.

The foot leaves. Your hands lay before you, still bound but no longer wrapped around anything. Experimentally, you crawl forward.

“Whoah. Hey, Mai, cut it ou—”

You hear a loud, wet kiss behind and above you.

A hand descends into your view, palm open. You grab it and let it pull you back to your feet. You look back to find Mai and Satono entangled together, slobbering and moaning into each other. The hand yanks you back, pulling you into the curtains.

Violet velvet descends around you, a fold brushing into your bare slit.

“I don’t get it!”

You turn around to find Koishi staring back.

“Why’d they do that?”

Your voice falters. “I, I don’t know. I think I asked the wrong question?”

“Did you? What was the right one?”


“Get off!” Someone stumbles somewhere behind you. She raises her voice. “Alright. Good job, Na… Naono. Test drive’s over.”

Koishi looks over your shoulder, blinking. You rub your hands together.

“Come on back and get yourself unlocked.”

You should do that. She didn’t really do anything to you yet and you need your hands free. You shiver.

Koishi grabs your hand and sprints away, knocking you off balance. You stumble forward, pumping your feet to keep yourself upright.

Your feet catch on Aya’s skirt, kicking it off as you thump into Koishi’s back. She tumbles and crashes to the floor, barely cushioning your own fall and getting your arms pinned beneath you.

“Ow. Ow, ow, owee.” She groans.

You press your hands into her, pushing yourself off. You tumble onto your back, warm wood hitting your bare ass. You hurl your weight forward, swinging yourself up until you’re sitting. “What were you thinking?”

“I don’t, silly.”

“You don’t… think?”

She rolls onto her back and drapes an arm across her head. “Yup.”

Deep blue velvet now wafts around you. A pair of arms slides across your shoulders, a heavy bust resting against your back. Your body freezes.

“Well, well. What have we here?” An unfamiliar voice speaks. “The troublemaker and…” The arms slide back out. “Is this Naoko? What brings ground zero herself to our humble abode?”

Your stomach drops. You twist your body around, finding a woman standing barely above you with curves to kill for. Above her wide hips and round breasts, you find a long head of curly blond hair, adorned by an origami-esque black hat. You stare into cool, appraising eyes with a distinct edge hinting at thoughts deeper and darker than you wish to imagine.

She tuts. “I haven’t introduced myself, have I?”

You have a guess, but you can’t force it past your drying lips.

“Mai. Satono. Come here.”

Feet shuffle and they appear, passing through the curtain. They look away from each other, faces red and bodies sweating. You turn around to face them. Satono pulls her skirt up as Mai tugs her shirt down. The woman coughs. Satono steps forward and crouches before you. She grabs a wrist and slips a silver key in your cuff. She twists, popping it open.

Mai rubs her neck as Satono gets your other cuff. “Sorry about the belt. Satono gets a bit carried away sometimes.”

Satono scoffs. “She wanted to replace it anyway.”

The blonde woman raises a brow. She flicks a wrist.

Satono snaps the cuff open and pulls it off. They both step behind her.

“Rise, Naoko Honda.”

You stand up. You also plant your hands over your crotch.

“Wow. Your butt’s so pretty.”

You twist back to give Koishi a glare. You return to the blonde woman, sliding one hand back around your ass.

“You’ve had a difficult two days, haven’t you?”

Still silent, you nod. She stands at eye-level with your bust.

“And could you explain the satori’s presence here?”

You part your lips. “Satono offered her.”

The woman glances to her right, then returns to you. “I see. Follow me.”

The woman levitates, then floats back behind the curtain. You step forward, ignoring your exposed bra to keep your hands firmly on either end of your crotch. She settles into the chair you left.

Satono and Mai take sides opposite her. You stop just before the steps. They share a glance with each other, then with the woman.

Mai turns to you and clears her throat. “The goddess, lady Okina Matara. Grand sage and...”

Okina waves her off. “You’ve been the center of an interesting controversy lately.”

Koishi pats your ass. You swat her away. She gives you a contrite frown, then steps backward, bowing.

You turn back to Okina, who stares at your crotch, her cheeks just slightly pink.

You struggle to maintain eye contact, your own face matching hers.

Okina sighs. “Satono.”


“Punishment. First thing in the morning.”

Satono freezes. Mai fidgets with her dress.

Satono swallows. “Yes, mistress.”

Okina gestures. Mai slips behind her and runs off to the side. She grabs Aya’s skirt and your broken belt, then jogs back around and hands them to Okina. Okina takes the belt and brings the interior of the central band to her nose. She takes a long, deep sniff, then hands it back.

“Strange. It smells only like human sweat and juice.”

Mai takes it, gives it a quick sniff herself, then holds it behind her back.

Okina flicks her fingers. Two doors appear from midair behind her.

“In return for your service, I’ll lend you an ally of your choosing. Either her,” she flicks her hand in Koishi’s general direction, “or someone from one of these two gates.”

You study the doors. The one on the right is teal, the one on the left, red.

“Who’s behind them?”

“This one,” she gestures to your right, “holds a proud, trained warrior. This one,” she gestures to your left, “holds a woman you know, of great power.” She clasped her hands together. “Neither has been tainted, neither is likely to be tainted. Now, choose.”

You glance to the side, finding Mystia curled on the floor, a puddle of drool accumulating under her gag. Her leash still hangs from the curtain beside her. Her chest swells and recedes in slow, tired breaths.

[ ] Take Koishi.

[ ] Take the teal right door.

[ ] Take the red left door.

[ ] Question Okina.

[ ] Refuse Okina.

[ ] Write-in.

Votes End:
Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2018/12/20(Thu)20:00

>> No. 39572
[x] Question Okina.

Honestly, I'm always about the "tell me more" option in adventure games.
>> No. 39577
[x] Question Okina

We should try to find out more about these two she’s offerjnr before deciding
>> No. 39578
[X] Question Okina.

If she isn't getting irritated. Beggars usually don't get to choose.
>> No. 39582
File 15458753771.jpg - (610.43KB, 708x1000, mystiwet.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Question Okina.

You focus back on Okina. “Please, tell me more.”

She taps a foot against her chair. “Do you have a problem?”

“I don’t know… anything about what I’m getting into. Who are these people? Can I trust them? What sort of service are you talking about?”

She props an arm up by the elbow and rests her head against it. “I see, you’re quite the curious person.” She leans toward Mai, whispering in her ear. Mai nods and trots away, toward Mystia.

“You want information then. Hm…” She drums her fingers, reaching into the outer folds of her skirt with her other hand. “I’ll help you out, and I’ll even give you a few extra tips for free. Like…” She pulls out a familiar pink block and flips a switch.

Your thighs clench almost before the first vibration hits. Your breath catches as your hips shake. She flips the switch again, stilling the ball.

She grins. “Why don’t you give that toy to my servants, so I’m not tempted to… play with you.”

You breathe in, thinking it over. You do need it back out, but to retrieve it, right here, would entail…

But then, any ‘playing’ she does would be worse, wouldn’t it?

Gulping, you press two fingers inside yourself. You shut your eyes as you pry the outer lips apart, right in front of Okina. Removing the hand from your ass, you stick another finger inside, between them. After a moment of shaking and prodding, a familiar vibrator falls out and into your fingers, dripping and sticky.

You pull it out and find Satono standing to your side, palm held open before you. Blushing, you drop the sticky toy in her hand.

“An average pussy, too. Strange.”

You choke at her words. Mai trots back toward you, leading Mystia by the leash.

Okina flicks a finger and Mai pulls her key back out. She approaches Mystia and pops her cuffs open. Mystia squirms, hugging herself and sliding her lips down the ball behind them as Mai slips behind her and releases the gag. Mai circles back in front and pops the ball from behind her teeth. Mystia rubs her jaw.

Satono passes the toy to Okina, who lifts it to her nose.

Mystia jumps in front of you, wobbling from her locked thighs, and grabs your hands. Her bare breasts and swollen nipples fill your eyes. “Are you okay? Do you need help? Comfort?”

You nudge her back. “I’m okay, I think.”

She droops, but she lets go and steps back.

“Here.” Satono butts in, passing your toy to Mystia. “Tide yourself over with this.”

“Wait one second!” You reach forward, only for Satono to bat your hand away and point to Okina.

Okina smiles back at you. “Don’t you have a pussy to hide?”

You bite down a screech, blushing. As you plant your hands back over your holes, Mystia sniffs the toy and pops it in her mouth, humming a curious tune. She gives you a bashful, apologetic smile.

Still lounging, Okina sets both elbows down and steeples her hands together. “I’m not thrilled with your attitude, but I like your curiosity. Let’s continue our chat once you’ve refreshed yourself a little.” Still lounging, she points off toward an orange curtain. “You’ll find a door back there which leads to an utterly divine chamber. Make sure to use the amenities it provides, then come back once you’re finished.”

You bow, stiff but deep. Then, straightening back up, you walk toward the curtain, Mystia and Koishi behind you.

“Excuse me, little girl.” Satono grabs Koishi’s upper arm. “The goddess wishes to speak with you.”

They return to Okina as you push aside the hanging silk and open the door behind it.

A wall of hot steam hits you as your feet hit wet, warm tiles. Your vision clears, revealing a wide bath set into the floor, full almost to the brim. Mystia closes the door behind you as you turn around to find a series of shelves set deep into the shimmering, golden walls.

The floor tiles run deep red, the similarly tiled ceiling a pale pink. Long, flat panels run along the ceiling, bathing the room in soft, amber light.

You turn to Mystia, her wings and ears drooping. She flashes you an embarrassed smile, patting her corset. “Mind letting me out?”

You stare back.

She rubs her neck and holds out an open palm toward you, with a silver key on top. “I’m already mostly free, you know. I promise—no, swear—I’ll go back in once we’re done. But I’m still a girl like you. I want to get clean, too.”

You fold your arms, looking her up and down. The hobble chain still hangs from her thighs and you could still put her back in those cuffs if she lets you. But you’ve also got the goddess and her servants nearby. Your spine tingles at the thought of freeing her but you can’t count on getting another chance to test her without some new youkai breathing down your cunt.

Koishi’s not the bastion you’d hoped for and you don’t know what else Okina’s offering you yet. As much as it makes you want to scream, she may still be the best protection you’ll get.

“Turn around.”

She spins, offering you her back. Still twitchy, you rub your forearms, then accept the key. You first crouch down to pop the leg cuffs open, dropping them to the floor. Then you rise back up and snap the buckles loose as she works on her front. A minute or so later, you’ve disconnected it from her collar and she’s pulled it down her legs. She sets it inside a shelf and steps into the water. She shivers.

“It’s so warm.”

She practically melts into the water as you peel Aya’s shirt off and pop the bra. Lifting it up and off, you peer around, finding no stools or buckets. You tread around the bath, finding nothing but empty shelves set into the wall and smooth tile lining the edge. Sighing, you set Aya’s clothes in a nearby shelf, opposite Mystia, about a body’s length between her and your edge of the pool.

You tap the water with your foot. It’s not scalding, but it’s close. You slide your leg in, slow and sure, giving your body time to acclimate. Pressing a hand to the tile, you slide the other leg in and ease yourself down. Burning wet heat stings your skin and seeps deep into your body as you lower yourself in. The hot water grazes up your bust as your ass hits the smooth, hard surface below.

You lean back a moment, taking your time to unwind. Then a spray of hot water hits your face, stinging you. You look forward to find Mystia leaning down, swinging back and forth, her wings puffed and stretched out. Her wings shake, flap, and shudder, then fold back in to her back as she settles down and lounges against the rim.

A hand lowers into your vision, carrying a smooth green block. “Your soap.”

You look up to find Satono staring back down on you. You accept the soap and she steps away. You rub it between your hands, set it beside you, then spread the fresh lather down your arms. Up ahead, you find Mai offering a similar block to Mystia.

“I’m not thrilled with your attitude.”

You don’t think you did anything remotely outrageous, but that sentiment bothers you. You lean back and raise a leg, lathering it up. Maybe it was just an idle, offhand comment. Maybe it was even intended just to push you toward giving more to her. You can’t help a bitter, wry chuckle at that. If that’s all it was, it worked. Satono and Mai disturb you, but even their assault wasn’t enough to dissuade you from this place, given the competition.

Not yet.

You lather up your other leg and stand up to work your stomach and chest. You make certain to apply copious lather under and between your breasts, as well as your crack. You send off a frantic prayer that Okina won’t care, but you’re not taking your chances.

Finally, you splash your face and lather it up, then splash it again to get the soap off. You blink the water out to find Mystia staring back, close enough to feel her breath through the fog.

You glare. She blinks, blushes, and steps back.

“I think that goddess wants us all super clean and, well…” She looks to the side, scratching her cheek. “You can’t do your back properly, right?”

Your brow furrows, but she’s right. You grunt, defeated, and sit down on the floor, swishing the water with your legs. Even naked, soaked, and exposed to the air, you feel only the barest traces of chill. “Hurry up and don’t you dare touch my ass or tits.”

She gulps and climbs out of the bath. “Yes, ma’am.”

She lifts the soap off the floor, then sets it back down. She rubs her palms together, then presses them to your shoulder blades. “It’s been a weird night, huh?”

“It’s been a long night and a longer morning.”

Her hands slide up, over your shoulders. “I’m sorry.” They slide down, grazing your sides.

“I know.”

Her hands slide to your hips, then back up the center of your back. “You feel nice, though. Your skin’s so smooth.”

“It’s wet and soapy.”

“I-I know that! I’m just saying it’s nice. It’s a complement.”

“Yes. The kind usually followed by… this morning.”


You sigh, wondering if your mind’s been twisted into paranoia by the past year.

“All done.” She retracts her hands and sits down beside you, swishing the water with her legs and flicking her wings.

“Say, uh… I kind of need help with my back too, so could you maybe, you know…”

“Yes, yes.” You step up and lather your hands back up. She curls her wings over her arms, exposing a strip of clear skin between the white feathers of her wings. You start there, sliding your hands down.

“Oh, I already did my wings, so you don’t need to worry about them.”

She coos as your hands slide down her back. You follow a similar pattern to her, though you keep your hands clear of her sides as you sweep around her wings and stop cold at her waist.


You step back into the water beside her. She scoots away a few steps, then slides back in much like you did. She sighs and stretches her wings out underwater.

“Wait, didn’t you just bathe a few moments ago?”

She giggles. “We can’t be too be too careful, right? Besides, well… I’d like to have a talk with you.”

You swish a finger through the water’s surface. “About what?”

“Well, you know. Us. I’m your pet now, right? What do you want me to do? And you know, if you ever get a little pent up…”

With a clack, you find a dark bottle and Mai leaning over you. “For your hair.” She says as she walks away. Mystia snatches it up, pops the top open, and squeezes out a small white dollop. She sniffs it, shrugs, and sets the bottle down, rubbing her hands together.

You take the bottle, squeeze some onto your finger, and lather up. Following her lead, you then work it into your hair, rubbing it in near the scalp, and dunk your head in the bath.

It feels good to have the sweat, spit, and juices of so many girls off your damn body. You sigh, content. You never quite decided what Mystia should be to you, other than obedient.

Mystia matches your tone. “Well, anyway. If you want me to do something, just let me know, okay?”

“This way.” Satono stands across the pool from you, before the door you came from. Groaning, you pull yourself out of the bath and turn around. You hear a splash as Mystia pulls herself out beside you.

You find the shelves where you’re sure you left Aya’s clothes, empty. And the shelves nearby. And every damn shelf on this wall, as far as you can tell. You spin around to find Mystia’s shelf and its neighbors similarly bare. Mai steps out of the door, carrying a pair of green, fuzzy towels. You groan again and step back into bath, wade through it, then climb back out in front of them, Mystia following close behind.

Mai hands a towel to Satono starts rubbing hers over Mystia’s face. Then a towel hits your own.

Satono rubs your face and hair dry, then moves to your breasts, holding one at a time as she dries them.

“Hey! I can do this myself.”

Satono ignores you, rubbing your stomach. “This is our duty. Let us handle it.” She swings around and dries your back.

“Please? Could you please let me do this myself?”

“No.” Satono swings back in front to rub the towel against your pussy, then across your ass, dipping between the cheeks. Then down your legs and over your feet. She hands the towels to Mai, who places them in a shelf as she pulls out a shiny black box.

Popping the box open, she pulls out a pair of lacy purple undergarments and hands them to you.

You accept, finding a pair of elaborate, lacy panties with a matching bra.

You waste no time dragging the panties up your legs, soon finding them a pleasant fit… and not actually panties. They amount to little more than two sheer triangles running from your ass-cheeks in the back to the edge of your hips in the front, framing your genitals more than hiding them.

“Excuse me, but what the hell is this?”

Satono tuts. “You’ll need to trust our mistress. Now finish dressing.”

Swallowing, you spread the bra out before you, only to find similar holes in it. It’s elegant, really. Beautifully sewn lace that just so happens to frame your nipples. Still, you flip it around, then pull it down your arms and over your chest. Snapping it in the back, you find it an excellent fit as well. That just happens to reveal vast swathes of your areola. Looking back up, you find Mystia now dressed as well.

In similarly sparse, red undergarments. Idly, you wonder how they connect at the back, given her wings.

Satono clears her throat, holding a bunched up, purple dress. “Lift your arms.”

Hesitant, you obey, raising your arms straight up. She slides the dress over and down them, until the straps hit your shoulders.

She lets it descend further, then steps back. You find yourself in a sleeveless dress that descends almost to your ankles. With a slit on one side reaching your upper thighs. She presents you with a pair of matching gloves, which you accept and slide down your arms, finding them thin and light, but reaching halfway from your elbow to your shoulder.

She ties off a set of thin laces at the end of each glove, then offers a pair of violet sandals with shallow heels. Sighing, you let her fit you into each one. Finally, she ties off a few laces on your back, tightening the dress around your stomach and emphasizing your bust.

Even your soft, barely-there nipples poke out underneath it. You look to Mystia, finding her still her underwear. If you can even call it that.

They look you both over, then bump their fists together.

Satono gestures toward the door. “This way, ladies.”

You give Mystia a tired, defeated smile, then follow them through the door. You find yourself passing through the dark, pinkish curtain and back before a smiling, lounging goddess.

“So, did you appreciate my gift?”

Your face twitches. “I—”

“It’s wonderful! Thank you so much, goddess.”

She nods. You breathe out a sigh of relief. You barely even care about Mystia’s likely ulterior motives.

“Good, good.” Okina flicks her fingers, bringing the doors back. She sweeps a hand toward the red one. “This one leads to a powerful shrine maiden. The site crawls with all sorts of youkai, but all your problems may just go away if she so chooses.” She sweeps the other hand toward the green one. “This one leads to an elite swordswoman. She’s fast and sharp, but a bit naïve. Her mistress is a bit dangerous, but I think you’ll do fine.”

She closes her eyes and swishes her finger through the air in lazy circles. “My servants’ offer is still on the table, if you prefer her. You’re also free to refuse to serve me, though…” Her eyes crack open, narrow and sharp. “I can’t say what will happen to you if you do.”

She crosses her legs, expression easing. “Your service will entail a single task of my choosing, at the time of my choosing, with express permission to punish you as I see fit, should you fail or refuse. I won’t request sexual gratification or prostitution, but I expect a willingness to perform such acts if needed. Finally, as a bonus, I’ve decided I’ll help you with your randy bird. Tell me what you want from her and I’ll see to it that she’s decorated accordingly.”


You take the…

[ ] Shrine maiden of the red door.

[ ] Swordswoman of the green door.

[ ] Koishi, the first offer.

[ ] None yet. You try to bargain the service down.

[ ] None. You refuse to serve.

[ ] Write-in.


You want Mystia to be your…

[ ] Champion.

[ ] Pet.

[ ] Slave.

[ ] Gimp.

[ ] Write-in.


Votes End:
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>> No. 39583
[x] Swordswoman of the green door.

Koishi is useless, and I figure if Reimu was going to help us she would have done something already.

[x] Champion.

Make Mystia stop raping us, and make her stop other people from raping us.
>> No. 39584
File 154700972294.png - (320.82KB, 700x756, taterpaku.png) [iqdb]
[x] Swordswoman of the green door.
[x] Champion.

You take one last look at each option, then sigh. “I’ll do it. Give me the green door.”

Okina smiles. “My, I’m almost surprised. You chose not to pursue your hero. Well, I suppose it would have been embarrassing to admit your troubles to her.” She claps her hands, once. “Excellent. I’m sure this girl will be happy to see you. Now, about your associate.”

You fidget with your dress’s collar. There’s still an itch to hurt or humiliate her just a bit more, but there are bigger, more burning targets for that desire. You need help, more than anything else. “How about a champion?”

She taps her lips. “I think that will work out just fine.” She flicks a finger and her servants approach. Satono grabs Mystia by the shoulders and drags her away. Mai walks off in another direction.

You watch her leave.

“Oh, one last thing.” Okina twirls a lock of hair. “The woman you’re going to is a servant of a friend of an associate of mine. I’m not fond of this associate, but I won’t upset her on your account. I’m terribly sorry, but you’re simply not important to me. As far as I’m concerned, the swordswoman has permission to do as she sees fit if you offend or undermine her. This permission extends to her master, of course.”

You bow, tense and shallow. “Of course.”

“Don’t think too hard on it. The mistress is quite easygoing, and the girl’s simple enough to appeal to. Just don’t go stepping on anyone’s toes and don’t expect any divine intervention or relinquished duties should they require something strange.”

You bow just slightly lower. “Yes.”

“You know, I wonder what I will ask. You’re not very influential, beyond your exotic power. You’re barely competent at combat, and you’re not very tough…”

You strain your eyes up, only to see her stroking her chin.

“Well, we’ll come up with something later. Time to depart.”

You rise as she sweeps her hand again and the red door fades away. The green one floats down, beside the chair. “Go ahead, then.”

You walk forward, onto the steps, and pull the door open. A faint, lightless room lies beyond. You glance back to Okina, who nods.

You step into the threshold.

“Wait a moment, I just remembered a few things.”

You turn back around. Okina motions you toward her. You step up before her. She motions you closer. You lean forward.

She grabs your head and pulls you to her pendulous chest. She pushes your face down and plants a kiss on your forehead, gently letting go.

You focus your eyes on her bust, blushing. She grins. “Think of it as… a good luck charm, of sorts. We’ll make certain your avian friend plays along and does as she’s told.” She strokes her chin again. “By me, that is. Though it will extend to you by some proxy, I’m sure.”

You sigh. “Of course.”

“And I’d hate to have you doubting the reliability of either of them, so I’ll be sure to invite a friend to see you soon.”


“Oh yes. I like the boyish firefly girl and that… enthusiastic umbrella.”

You choke, dropping an arm across her lap as you double over.

“But you’ve not yet experienced the captain’s love either. And there are youkai you don’t even remember just dying to get inside you. Or you inside them. You know how they get. Choices, choices.” She crosses her legs. “Don’t worry. Whoever I choose, she’ll just be there to give your new friends a chance to show off. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get a chance to express yourself in return.” She waves. “Goodbye.”

You bow one final time and step back down, bumping into the hard, wood surface of a door. She waves her hand and it falls open behind you.

You wobble, then teeter backwards and spin around. You hear the soft snoring of a young woman before you, but you see nothing. Then, slowly, as your eyes adjust, you catch the faintest outline of a blanketed body.

You take a deep breath. Then feel a heeled shoe dig into your back, shoving you through the gateway. The kick launches you, just slightly, into the air. You hear the door shut behind you just before your knee collides with someone’s bare foot.

The figure before you stirs just before you pitch forward, collapsing into her gut.

You catch only a faint glimmer in the darkness before her legs clamp down around your body and the tip of a smooth, sharp blade rests, trembling, over the back of your neck.

The soft texture of a light summer dress presses into your cheek, with a tight, smooth belly beneath it.

Voice tight, she whispers. “Who are you?”

“N-Naoko. Naoko Honda. I’m just a farmer’s daughter.” The soft, oil-scented dress does little to muffle your voice.

She pauses. “Farmer? Why on…”

She snaps her finger, her legs peeling off your body. Jittery, you push off the ground, folding your legs beneath you as a lantern flares to life above. Pale, bluish light touches the room around you, providing just enough light to see the rest of the room.

It’s small. There’s a messy futon before you, next to a small desk and plain, wooden chair nearby. Together, these fill one end of the room. Twisting your head, you find a blank door, flanked by a small armoire on one side and a scabbard hanging from a rack on the other.

You turn back to see a young woman standing over you, her pale hair cut much like Wriggle’s, pointing a sword to your face. A short one. An empty scabbard lies by her futon.

“Are you the, uh, swordswoman?” Even after everything else, you struggle to tear your eyes from her glimmering blade.

She tilts her head, which only makes it more menacing in the dim light. “Swordswoman?”

“The elite swordswoman? Quick and, strong, I think? Not very… I mean, with a dangerous mistress?”

She steps forward, holding her blade toward your neck. “Yuyuko is wise and strong, not dangerous.”

Your blood chills. “Yuyuko? Yuyuko Saigyouji? Manipulator of death? Ruler of, of—”

“The netherworld.”

You pull yourself backward, chest pounding. “Then, then…” Your mind blanks a short moment. You’ve been captured, cursed, confined, and raped, but to negotiate with the queen of death itself? What the hell did you get yourself into?

And just how powerful is Okina, if she considers herself within that woman’s sphere? What kind of god did you just beg from? Not that she’ll help, but just how far in over your head are you?

The girl stares down at you. You swallow. You’ve made it this far and you’re still short on help. “I… need friends. Guardians. Could you possibly help?”

She turns her blade aside and steps forward. Leaning down, she grabs you by the collar and hauls you up. Dropping you on your feet, her eyes harden. “How did you get here?”

Someone thumps into the walls nearby.

“Let go of me! My love is in here and she needs me!”

The girl sends a glare your way, then scoops the scabbard off the wall and throws her door open.

Only to have a winged girl slam into her, throwing her back inside. Fluffy, white wings with purple frames attached just below a head of fluffy pink hair.


She pulls herself back up and spins to face you. A deep red, sleeveless top with more frills than you’ve ever seen in one place covers her big, fat chest, but little else. A matching skirt hangs from her waist but fails to reach even halfway down her legs. Long gloves run up almost to her shoulders. Simple shoes cover the only article of a different color: sheer, black socks with intricate floral patterns that reach just above her knees.

‘Honda’ adorns one breast in glittery gold lettering, with ‘Naoko’ on the other. What kind of champion wears that?

A pair of spectral men in heavy armor stomp into the room, seizing her. “Our apologies, lady Konpaku. We’ll have this girl out in just a moment—”

Mystia kicks, throwing her body around as they turn back.

A foot crashes into the wall.

“Wait!” The girl—Konpaku—hisses.

They pause. Mystia stills.

“Let’s talk.”

They turn back around, bringing Mystia with them. “What’s there to say? We caught her intruding.”

The woman pauses, taking a breath. “Lady Yuyuko is asleep. Quiet down.”

“No!” Mystia pouts back at the girl. “Naoko’s gonna get raped if…”

You shake your head, flailing your hands, then pressing a finger to your lips. That last thing you want is to parade your vulnerabilities to every human and youkai you…

Mystia smiles back. “Sorry, Naoko. Your pussy’s too important to me.”

The guards look aside, away from Mystia. Konpaku slaps her own hand across Mystia’s lips. “Language!”

Konpaku pauses. “Is there some beast you ran from? Is it a threat to Hakugyokurou?”

You take a step back, bumping into the wall. “I don’t think s…”

Are they? Mystia, Wriggle, Kagerou, Murasa? None of them pose a threat to someone like Yuyuko.

But the book? You never encountered it since the library, but it did possess one of the most powerful women in the village.

Mystia twists, failing to so much as jostle her captors. “It’s safe.”

“Then throw them out, or…” Konpaku sets her scabbard down and waves the guards away. “Leave them here but guard the door. I’ll dismiss you when we’ve finished.”

They let go, bowing. Then they turn around and leave the room, shutting the door behind them. Konpaku pulls the empty scabbard from beside her futon and sheathes the naked sword, then sets both blades down. She kneels at the edge of the futon.

Nerves tight, you kneel near her, with Mystia across from you.

The three of you stare at the floor between as you consider what to do next.

A hot breath brushes past your ear from behind. From… the wall. You twist, finding the cheeky grin of a disembodied face. You bite down a shriek as you twist and fumble backward, landing on your ass, across from Konpaku.

The face approaches, the full, almost plump body of a proud noblewoman following suit. She smiles as she floats down, settling on her knees.

She turns to you, barely jostling her mess of soft, curly hair. She reaches a hand out and ruffles your own hair.

You turn to Konpaku, who rubs her scalp.

“When you said r…” she looks across from her. The woman smiles back.

“Lady Yuyuko, how long have you been here?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. Now,” she turns to you, “I heard some juicy gossip about a monster threatening some poor maiden’s pussy.”

Your voice croaks. “Ms. Yuyuko?”


“Y-You. You’re Lady Yuyuko? Mistress of the dead?”

“Only some of them.” Her smile turns warm, but with a touch of condescension.

You pause, half dumbfounded. Before you can think, a question tumbles from your tongue.

“How do I… look, to you?”

“It’s too dark to see, silly. But…” She runs a finger in circles on your knee. “That’s not really what you want to know, is it?”

Your spine tingles.

“As to whether or not I’d want to taste some fresh fugu, plated on your thighs….”

Konpaku locks up. As do you. You just barely met her and you’ve asked if she wanted to fuck you. Would she interpret that as stupidly forward, or the more biting question you most likely meant? Is there any way to…

“The answer is not yet, but I hear these desires can come on quite suddenly.” She pats your knee. “Let’s leave that aside for now. The farmer’s misfortunate daughter traveled quite a distance to reach, of all places, the Netherworld. I’d adore it if you could tell me just which youkai managed to chase you so far.”

[ ] Tell all, from Kagerou’s attack.

[ ] Emphasize the Black Book.

[ ] Ask to address this in the morning.

[ ] Offer to serve.

[ ] Write-in.
>> No. 39585
[X] Tell all, from Kagerou’s attack.
>> No. 39586
[X] Emphasize the Black Book.
>> No. 39587
[x] Tell all, from Kagerou’s attack.

Start the story at the beginning.
>> No. 39588
We're telling the full story.
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