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File 154017296316.png - (367.31KB, 750x750, MystiBoobs.png) [iqdb]
39475No. 39475
Previous Thread: >>38360

[x] Play around a little. You’ve still got some frustration to work out on your would-be ‘lover.’
[x] Blast Mystia with your orgasm beam for so long, and make her cum so hard, that Mystia reaches a level of pleasure and ecstasy she never thought possible.
 - [x] Tell Mystia that we will never use the orgasm beam on her ever again unless she never tries to rape us ever again, and does whatever we say for the rest of her life.

You can’t help the evil twitch at the edge of your lips. You give Mystia’s leash a tug and she approaches, one timid step at a time. You lean in close, feeling her excited breath wash over you again. “Close your eyes.”

Her eyes flutter closed as she puckers her lips. You wait only a second before you bring the ball to her lips and press. Her brow furrows and her stubborn lips twitch. Her eyes open, questioning, or perhaps pleading. You push and for another rebellious moment she resists. Then she allows the ball to slide behind her lips and through her teeth until it hits her throat, stretching her jaw wide open to accommodate its sheer, curving girth.

Satisfied, you step around her and pull at the straps, buckling it tight against her head.

You run your fingers across the rigid frame of her wings. She groans a quiet, muffled protest. You hum, rubbing the crescent depressions. No response. Your hand slides back up, out, and down, eliciting a shiver as you hit the base. You smile as your tone drops close to menacing. “Say, Mystia, did I ever tell you how I managed to satisfy Wriggle?”

“Hwogh…” She shivers.

You pull one hand back and slip a finger under her back strap, between her shoulder blades.

“Would you like to find out?”

She shudders and pauses, shuffling her thighs. She bows her head, small tremors running up and down her body. She nods. Your hands slide back up her wings, then clench around the crescent depressions, your fingers sinking into the smooth feathers.

“Good.” You reach around and grab the leash. Letting go of her wings, you step back toward the bed and give a hard tug. She flinches, then twists toward you, stumbling on her bound thighs. She wobbles and rights herself, swinging her hips to compensate for her tiny steps. You stop, the bed just behind you as you beckon her close.

You sit down, lifting Aya’s skirt to flash her your belt. The one she helped force you into, even if you’ve since found a use for it. She leans forward, muffled, gurgling pants eking past the red ball in her jaw. You slide a leg over her shoulder, pulling her close. Then plant a bare foot against her face.

She takes a long, loud sniff. Her eyelids slide down as she lets out a long and happy, but muted sigh.

You throw your leg off and give her face a light kick, pushing her off your foot. You stand, yanking her back by her leash. She stops, teetering a hair’s breadth from your body.

“A-anyway. That’s one of the things she made me do.” You shudder. “Maybe I’ll show you the other one later.” She’d probably enjoy that as well.

You wrap your hands around her back, pulling her into a hug. She yelps as you kiss the hard ball between her lips. You reach down, giving her ass a light swat. She rewards you with another yelp.

You step aside, slipping under and around her wings to grab her ass. You give it a squeeze, eliciting a garbled moan. You give her ass a light smack. Then raise your hand high and spank her so hard her knees bump into the edge of the bed.

Her wings flutter in panic, long flight feathers slapping you and buffeting you back. In response, you run a hand up her corset and shove her into the sheets.

You crash a hand across her ass, cheeks bouncing against your palm. She wiggles. You spank her again. She squirms. Another slap.

You rain blow after blow on her bouncing bubble ass, alternating hands until she stops squirming. Finally, your hands stinging from the assault, you rub her reddened ass.

“I still don’t remember how we first met, you know. Not all of it anyway.”

You grab beneath her gut and push, bunching her wings beneath her as she rolls over. Twitching eyes greet you as her obscene tits side back into view.

You climb up, plopping your ass on her lap and pushing her down. You plant your hands on her heavy breasts, pressing and rolling them around. She closes her eyes, an almost serene expression dirtying her face.

You push her fowl tits back, grinding into them. She wiggles and blushes. You let go.

“You cornered me in the woods, correct?”

“Ghgfh nh-”

“Yes or no.”

She winces but gives you a slow nod.

“Did I ask you to leave?”

She nods. You squeeze her fowl tits.

“Did you?”

She shakes her head.

“Did I try to leave?”

She nods.

“Did you let me?”

She shakes her head.

You lean close, breathing down her nose. “Do you see why I might have felt a little worried? Why I might have caved, just to get away?”

She lets out a muffled whimper.

“And I’m sure you had a great reason for kidnapping me when your first attempt failed.”

She stares you dead in the eyes and nods.

“And leaving me with Wriggle just for her help. And threatening to sic her on me if I didn’t behave.”

She looks away.

“And forcing… no, raping me when that didn’t work.”

She squirms under you. You sigh, slide back, and lean down. You lick her now soft nipple.

She twitches. You kiss it, sending a shiver down her body. Predictable.

You unzip her crotch strap, sliding a finger in her hot, moist pussy. She moans.

You pull your finger out, flicking her juices off, and bite down, sinking your teeth into her areola. She squeals.

You sink deep but stop short of breaking her surprisingly tough skin. You pull up and shoot a hand out.

You clench her cheeks. “If you ever pull that again, we’re done.”

Her wings curl against her body. She looks away, blinking fast. She nods.

You take a deep breath. “Now that we’ve cleared that up, let’s talk about your future. You still want to show your face around me. Not just right now, but in the future.”

She peeks back at you but doesn’t otherwise move.

“You want me not to try to forget you even exist. Or to leave behind the hell you gave me. Is that about right?”

She sniffles and blinks. And nods.

“You know what?”

She peeks up. You groan. “I’ve been thinking. You’re right. I need someone to watch my back. And right now, a rapist is the only option I have.”

She flinches again. Her eyes widen, wet but hopeful, and her wings unfurl.

“It’s a long shot, but…” you wrap your fingers around her thick, hard nipples, “if you behave, maybe we can work something out. Besides,” you settle her with another glare, “I never did get a chance to express to any of you just how I felt about your abuses.”

Your fingers jerk, twisting her nipples as far as they’ll go. She groans, her hands sprawling open in a vain attempt to do something. You hold her there for a few moments, lifting her a hair by her breasts. You then let go. She drops, panting through her nose.

You pat her breasts. Then turn around. You rub the edge of her slit, wetting your fingers.

You take a deep breath and press a finger inside her tight folds and feel for your power. Still there.

You pull it together, gathering it near your core. Your body protests, but you shove its relentless whining aside. You’ll rest once you know you have this bird wrapped around your finger. Once you know you’re safe around her. The energy still slips and fades, but less than it once did, allowing you to concentrate it faster and stronger than before.

Yet still you wait. Your chest soon throbs and your head pounds, but you keep at it. Your whole body starts to vibrate, but you hold it in just a little longer.

Your limbs soon grow cold and numb. Taking a breath, you plant your palm to her open pussy and fire.

Raw lust blasts out and into her pussy, splashing back out in heavy, cascading waves and bathing the room in a deep, blinding pink. She screams and a goes rigid, but you continue to fire. Soon the lust saturates the air, rippling through you with its revolting taint. Mystia bucks, throwing you off just as it peters out.

You tumble over her wing to the sheets beside her as she spasm and twists, now moaning, voice hoarse.

Shivering, you push yourself up, only to tumble back down. Your limbs shake like wet noodles as you take in erratic, gasping breaths. Mystia’s stomach undulates as her scream stutters off. Arching as high as her corset allows, she twitches and spasms, her body going rigid again.

Waiting a moment for the shaking to die down, you crawl back around her wings. Step by shaking step, you pull yourself back over her body until your quaking hands hold you over her bulbous breasts.

“If-” you take a breath. “If you ever want to feel like that again, you will do everything I say. You will refrain from doing anything I don’t approve of. Do you understand?”

You then notice her glazed-over eyes. Erratic gasps burst from behind her fat gag. Shit. Your arms give out and your head crashes into those filthy breasts. Sight, sound, and smell bleed into the ether.


A faint impression of soft blue.

“The door’s still there, but I do think I know where it came from.” A familiar voice from a strange place. Makes you think of round fluffy things. “Proud old lady with some dirty habits, but I think we can keep her out for a while. Hmm?” A pause. “Oh, my. I’d be very careful abo…”


You wake atop the soft, smooth, soaked flesh of Mystia’s bust. She pants and moans. Coarse metal scrapes together as she squeezes her legs. She twists beneath you, her eyes moist and pleading. Her hands, still shackled to her sides, clench and release. The fat crimson ball still stretches her lips back and garbles her pleas into incoherence. Her sweat seeps into the bed beneath her.

Your own body still tingles. You doubt you’ll use any magic soon.

You run a hand down her twitching arm. “Did that feel good?”

She nods, feverishly.

“And do you want to ever feel that again?”

She nods again, gasping.

“Then you’ll do everything I say, no matter how frustrated or horny you get?”

A spasm rocks her body. She sucks in a breath through her nose. She nods.

You pat her belly. “How did Wriggle put it? Oh yes. ‘Good girl.’”

You sigh, then reach around her head and unlock her gag. Gently, you pull it back.

She looks to you, biting her lip. She jerks her elbows and squeezes her legs.

You sigh. “Spit it out.”

She inhales. “Promise…” she pants, “not… mad?”


She winces. “Please. P-please. Touch… me. Or-or… f-u-uck. Me.”

She twists, squeezing her legs again.

A door opens. You turn and sit up, finding the distant, silver door open and a pair of willowy woman in plain yellow dresses approach, lips tight. Long but well-trimmed, golden blonde hair obscures their eyes and descends behind them, past their knees. A simple, plush black hat sits atop each head.

They stop, one at each side, just before the bed.

“Name, intruder.” An airy, almost ringing voice.

You turn to Mystia and back. “I’m Naoko. A… An acquaintance, I guess, sent me through. You’re not going to…”

They exchange a glance.

“Naoko Honda.”


“Come with us.” The other one this time. Her voice is also airy, but quite a bit heavier. Something about it sounds off.

Mystia groans. “Could this wait a minute or two?”

“No. Come with us, Ms. Honda.”

“You’re just going to leave Mystia here?”

“She may follow. Now please, come.”

Mystia twists and shakes beneath you. “Hey! W-hat- do… to her?”

“She must be tested to remain here. Punctuality is highly recommended.”

Mystia hisses. “Why…” She pants. “Not just… a- inter… view?”

The figures pause, glancing to one another again.

The first speaks. “That may be… tolerable. You may request an audience with either the leaf or the stem, though one or both may not be available at this moment. Your fate will be left in our hands if they’re not.”

“Leaf? Stem? Who are these people?”

“You will see, should they appear.”

“And this test?”

“We must determine your aptitude, of course. Me must see if you’re worthy of our lady’s presence.”

You turn back to Mystia, mouthing ‘did you…’

She shakes her head.


[x] Take the test.

[x] Attend to Mystia first.

[x] Demand an Audience.
 [x] The stem.
 [x] The leaf.

[x] Write-in.
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>>No. 39477
[x] Attend to Mystia first.

Can't just leave her hanging. Me gotta finish what me started.
>>No. 39478
[x] Attend to Mystia first.
>>No. 39479
[x] Attend to Mystia first.

I-is it possible to die of blueballing?
>>No. 39480
We're helping Mystia first.
>>No. 39482
I meant to have the update out by now, but haven't been able to get in the writing I'd hoped to do. Ideally it'll be out around Wednesday, but in a worst-case scenario, it may not be out 'till Friday.

In other news, if you haven't noticed, I've considered attempting to participate in the November event. I don't think there's any feasible way I could apply that directly to this thread, (I'm not willing to drop the standard revisions) and so if I do participate, it will most likely be in the form of a new story. If I do this, there's a good chance it will slow this story down a bit while I goes on. I intend to keep the new story fairly short, (possibly pausing it in December if needed) but that will probably still be a couple late updates.

I bring this up for a couple reasons. First as a simple heads-up on possible delays, but also to pose a question. I'm still working through the ideas I would use. Right now I'm considering a side-story involving a different Honda, but leaning toward something a bit more lighthearted (and probably a fair bit goofier), probably involving either Shinmyoumaru or the Taoists. I bring this up mostly because I'm still on the fence about the whole idea and, while this notice is a bit late, want to give you a chance to voice your concern if you'd strongly prefer I keep my focus here. If you're less concerned but like the idea of one specific story over the other, I'm happy to hear that as well.

And though it goes without saying, I feel the need to say it anyway: I'm sorry about the delay.
>>No. 39483

Thanks for the update. I'd say
go ahead and do the side story. I'm really curious to see how many people can actually stay in the running since there seems to be a pretty big showing this year.
>>No. 39486
File 154120464440.jpg - (114.98KB, 700x990, MystiLaid.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Attend to Mystia first.

“I’ll be there soon. Just give us a moment.”

One of them frowns, turning to the other. There’s a glint in her companion’s eye.

They step forward. One runs her hand by your hip, down Mystia’s quivering thigh.

“I wouldn’t trust her, if I were you.”

You snort. “I’m not. I’m just finishing what I started.”

“Of course.” She flicks your cheek. You wince.

“Just be sure you don’t find yourself wearing her leash.”

A hand slaps your back, jerking you forward. You twist to see the other one skipping away.

“Don’t dally too long, Naoko.”

They both giggle as they turn and walk back.

You sit there, still perched on Mystia’s belly, watching them leave. One turns around, just long enough to give you a curt wave.

Then they disappear behind that door, one after the other.

You throw your legs across Mystia’s bust to face her. You lean down, groaning but sliding a gentle hand in to cup her cheek.

“Let’s get you off, shall we?”

She clenches her eyes shut and nods, breathing ragged.

You run your hands up and down the sides of her corset, more for your own nerves than for her. You lean down, giving her a soft, gentle kiss.

She hums as you pull back. Sliding your hands around her breasts, you give them a quick, tight squeeze.

She hisses, shaking.

You rub them up and down, from her neck to their underside, flicking her rigid nipples and pressing into her flesh. Your hands scrape across dry, sticky skin as she twists beneath you.

She lets out a hungry, needy groan.

You lean close, still massaging her salacious breasts. You whisper into her ear, using perhaps a more mocking tone than you should. “At least you didn’t finish without permission.”

Her breath hitches. “D-didn’t w… wa-” She shudders. “C-came. Once. Wa-”

You slap both hands across her tits. “So, it’s just fine to lie when you do it, then?”

She squeaks. “D-didn… n- ot…” She pants. “lying.”

You stare her down for a moment, frowning as you parse her words. “We’ll see.” You slide a finger through the open zipper behind you, probing her pussy. You push in, scraping through her shockingly dry folds.

She hisses in pain even as her body clenches tight around your finger, trapping it inside. Which provides enough friction to shock something inside her, her back lurching upward and lifting you with it.

“Are you… okay?”

She gulps, her back still arched beneath you.

You pull your arm back, only for your fingers to catch on the rigid, dry vice-grip her pussy holds.

You look into Mystia’s already clouded eyes, her tongue protruding from her gasping throat.

Then she quakes again. Her pulsing, almost crushing walls beat down on your finger, easing up only in tiny, erratic windows. Windows that prove, with vigorous pulling and twisting, just enough to pull out.

Sucking in a tired breath, you give your abused finger a shake. Planting a hand by her ass, you slide the finger back near the lips, up against the ragged, metal edge of her zipper.

You roll your head, lift your ass, and turn around.

Shou was right. You need someone to trust right now and Mystia’s the only option you have. But for her to do you any good, she needs to be lucid.

You take a deep breath, preparing to risk the better part of your hand to her ravenous slit.

Then a thunderous quake rocks your body. It takes you a second to realize the quake rattled into Mystia, not from her. It hits again, ripping a groan from your lips. One almost as needy as panting, mewling voice below.

It’s that toy. The small, vibrating toy behind your belt. It takes only moments for the first couple drops to seep past your belt and through Aya’s panties. You press your hands over Mystia’s crotch to steady your own shivering body. Grimacing, you shove two fingers to your tongue, tasting a hint of her foul, lewd juices. Once wetted, you pop them back out and line them up with her hungry slit. She’s close. Just get her off and figure out what to do with that damn toy. Again.

A shiver runs down your spine.

You press your fingers in, testing her resistance. Then another beat hits, jarring them into the zipper. Metal teeth bite into your hand as a quake surges up your spine. In only a moment the tremors ebb. Biting your lip, you line the fingers back up, praying only for another moment of calm.

You thrust, parting the lips as you plunge deep into her throbbing hole. It clamps down, sinking your fingers to the hilt, your knuckles hitting her fluffy bush and the cruel zipper above it. She gasps and bucks, throwing you forward. You cast your spare arm into the sheets, catching yourself and landing back on her body.

You land on the other side of her breasts. Your ass slides down toward her neck as you push your fingers down. They don’t move much, but it’s enough to grind them into her pussy.

She groans as you work your fingers.

A familiar low, steady thrum starts up inside you as Mystia twists her body beneath you. Her legs stretch out and curl back in, dry, salty thighs and the chain between them pressing into your arm as if to shove it in deeper.

Quaking and gasping, she belts out a loud, lascivious moan.

You press a third finger into her, barely passing her mound before they hit the hard walls of her clamped-down cunt. She bucks again, throwing you up, but not off. Panting, you run your hand across her chest, rubbing her tits as you press deeper inside her.

She gasps as your third finger wedges itself partway down. You fight through your own halting breaths as you force your fingers in, hair by hair.

Then she mewls. You see Aya’s shiny black bra through your moistening shirt. A shiver runs through her body.

Then she screams. Again. Heavy, rocking quakes race up her body and all but jostle you off.

As the scream dies down, her body follows suit, going limp. You pull your fingers from her slackened slit and wipe them off on her corset.

Shutting out the buzzing inside your own body, you zip her crotch back up.

Lifting yourself up for a moment, you throw your legs back and twist your body around to face her again. Leaning down, you plant your hands by her head.


Panting, gulping, she nods, almost absently.

“Now, I’d like to hear about why you said you never came.”

Almost gasping, Mystia shakes her head.

“I thought you asked if I took a test.”

You stare down, blank. “What?”

“They’d been… saying you needed,” she gulps, “to take a test to see if you could stay.” She wheezes. “I thought you asked if I’d also had to take one.”

“Oh.” That’s… plausible. “Wait. You didn’t.”

“No. No one asked me to take any tests. Not even them.”

You groan. Well, you needed her lucid anyway. You sigh.

“And about that ‘reason.’”

She blinks, giving you a blank smile. “Reason?”

You slide a pair of fingers around each nipple. “For the kidnapping.”

She giggles, a little shrill. “Oh… that.” She wiggles her wrists, padlocks clanging. “It’s going to sound stupid. So, don’t get mad, okay?”

You groan. Again. “I’ll, try not to punish you for honesty. That’s all.”

She gulps. “Okay. Well, I just…” She wiggles her shoulders. “If I didn’t, you’d never give me a chance, right?”

“After your first night?”

She winces. “I… Look. I knew we’d be the perfect couple. I couldn’t possibly give up on something like that.”

“The perfect couple. Where one kidnaps the other and never lets her leave.”

“It was just once?”

“And brings a sadist to keep her in line.”

“I was desperate, okay? I spent months trying to find you. But then she shows up with her insect army-”

You shiver. “Insects?”

“Oh, you didn’t know? Wriggle can talk to and command them. She already knew where you lived, but she couldn’t get in.”

…Oh. Of course.

What was even the point of hiding? “…When was this?”

“Mid spring, I think. I got really depressed, you know. I wanted to see you so badly, but Wriggle wouldn’t let me. She wanted to make sure the guards couldn’t track us down. We went through so many plans to before you leapt into our arms.”

You breath in, then out. “I see.” You pinch your fingers together, squeezing her nipples. You rotate them.

Mystia clenches her teeth. “H-hey. You said you wouldn’t punish me.”

“For being honest. But I need to trust you and that poses a problem.”

“Wanting you?”

“Conspiring, for months to kidnap and enslave me. And still not having a problem with that.”

She glares back. “I never wanted to make you a slave! That was all Wriggle’s stupid idea!”

“Right. You just wanted someone who did everything you wanted.”

“That’s different! I didn—”

You twist. “What is it then? Brainwashing? You can apologize for that instead.”

“I’m sorry. I’m sure I would’ve let you go. It would have been so different if Wriggle weren’t there, I swear. I’m so sorry I let her near you. And, and I guess I’m sorry for kidnapping you, too. If it helps, I promise that I’ll never do it again.”

You let go. “That’ll do for now. Just…” You sigh. “I’m tired of running, Mystia. Tired of cowering, begging, lying, and compromising.”

She pouts. “Okay, okay. I get it. That was the whole point of our new deal, anyway.”

Something about her story bothers you, but you’ll worry about it later.

You lift your head, taking note of the disheveled bed. Mystia lies atop a folded-over blanket, exposing a full third of the bed, with a suspiciously wet pillow nearby.

You sigh and ruffle her hair, even as your hips start to tremble and your muscles sag. “What do we…”

A polite cough behind you. You turn to see a quiet, meek face above a garishly purple dress. A similarly gaudy, gold capelet and waist-apron adorn that dress. Two auburn locks descend from either side of her face, plummeting just past her waist. A sagging black cap sits atop her otherwise shoulder-length hair.

“How long…?”

“Since about the beginning of her climax.”

You turn back to Mystia, who’s shut her eyes. Then you realize how… normal this is starting to feel. Which is when your face starts to burn.

“I-it’s not- I’m not really…”

“Don’t worry, Naoko. But now that you’re finished, I recommend you dismount her and follow me.”

“For the test?”

“Test?” A heavy pause. “Oh, of course. Well, it is a matter that must be discussed at a more… appropriate venue. My companion insists you come at once, but if you’d prefer a change of look and perhaps smell, I’m more than happy to help.”

Mystia blushes. Again. “I’m coming too, right?”

“Of course.”

Your hips shake again, that toy still buzzing inside you. “Could I change into a new chastity belt?”

She sputters. “A new— Why do even want one?”

You shrug. “Protection.”

She groans. Then a hand grabs your ass, lifting your skirt. She hooks her fingers into the waistband and slips your panties down. She pats the metal of your belt.

“Where’s the key?”

You shiver, the open air doing little to cool your mostly-bare ass or your dripping slit.

“I don’t know.”

“Of course. But then unless you’re ready to present yourself half-naked, the answer’s no.”

The toy still lies behind the metal barrier. It’s started to chafe, but Aya’s bra isn’t starting to feel any better either.


[x] Go straight in.

[x] Get changed.

[x] Replace the belt anyway.

[x] Write-in.

Time remaining: ::Timer ended at: 2018/11/06(Tue)00:00

>>No. 39487
[x] Go straight in.
>>No. 39488
[x] Go straight in.
>>No. 39489
[X] Lose the belt. You have your knight in feathery armor now.
>>No. 39490
[x] Go straight in.
>>No. 39513
So, when I suggested that participating in the NaNoWriMo event could delay updates here? Turns out I was dead-on. But I'm not here to taunt y'all or anything. Just stopping by to note that I've got a rough draft together, which is usually the toughest part.

Next update should be out in about a week at the latest. Fingers crossed.
>>No. 39515
File 15426835187.png - (461.14KB, 700x933, slytono.png) [iqdb]
[x] Go straight in.

Batting her hand away, you pull Aya’s panties back up your legs and over your ass. Climbing off Mystia and the bed, you turn back to face this woman, patting your skirt.

“I’ll follow you.”

“Good. This way.”

You glance back to Mystia. She cranes her neck to see you over her breasts and gives you a shaking, nervous smile.

“You can bring her along.”

You twist back to the woman, finding her face impassive.

You turn, lean over Mystia, pull the leash off the bed and give her a tug. She twists and bounces. Pulling the leash, you lift her off the bed and she stumbles forward, into your chest.

You groan, push her off, and grab the spit-soaked rubber ball from the sheets. Mystia stares at it, twitching, as you approach. She shuts her eyes as you slide the straps across her shoulders, buckling it behind her neck.

You sigh. “Please, don’t fuck me over.”

She peeks one eye open, exhaling and smiling once she realizes it’s not going into her mouth.

She nods, hard and firm.

You turn and give her another tug. She follows, swaying and stumbling, her cuffs jingling by her sides, as you push forward, passing the rows of lewdly-dressed mannequins into the open door. You find yourself atop a staircase, looming over a vast chasm, plunging into a deep maroon mist below. Your bare feet pad across dark, lacquered wood as you descend, one step at a time.

Mystia hops behind you, frequently wobbling as she lands.

“Satono, by the way.”

“Excuse me?”

“It’s my name.”

You rub your neck. “Okay.”

A moment passes, Satono stepping down this seemingly endless staircase as you follow and Mystia struggles to keep up. Hints of doorways appear in the fog below.

Then you reach a landing. Two stairways descend to the right and left, while another ascends before you. Each stairway splits off further, some going up, others down. Satono turns left. You follow.

“I’m not… intruding, am I?”

“You don’t belong here.” She says, in a softer tone than you expected. “But my colleague’s ecstatic you’ve come, so I’ll let it pass.”

Mystia laughs, nervous, behind you. “Why is she so happy?”

You continue down the stairs, Mystia hopping behind you. You rub your crotch as your hips twitch.

“You’ll see.” Satono stops at the bottom, before a heavy mahogany door, carved with the image of someone bowing. She pushes it open and walks inside.

You follow her, stepping into a room of polished oak floors and velvet curtains ranging from black, indigo, and violet, to gold, turquoise, and olive. Mystia stumbles behind you. You yank the leash up, catching her neck until she regains her balance.

You tiptoe through the quiet room, winding through curtains at a brisk pace just to keep from getting lost.

Finally, you reach a clearing of sorts, with a tall, wide chair set against the wall, atop a platform raised four steps from the floor. Rich, gold-colored cushions adorn it.

“The test is ready to begin, Naoko.” Satono gestures to the chair. “Please, sit.”

You swallow, stepping toward it. Your place your foot atop the first step, then the other on the next step. Turning around, you slide your ass into the deep, soft cushions of the chair. Resting your hands at the edges of the similarly soft armrests, you take a breath and face forward.

Satono leaps toward you, planting her hands across your wrists and almost bumping your nose with her own. She stares you dead in the eyes.

“What do you have to offer the goddess, Naoko?”

“O-offer? Like what?”

Her nostrils flare, a citrus-scented breath wafting across your nose.

“You could give her your body, but you don’t want that, do you?”

“Do I need to give something? Would it really hurt just to keep me out of the wilds?”

“We have other ways to keep your talents under control. Think about it.”

“I… I don’t…”

You glance to Mystia. She shrugs, helpless. You’ve barely learned to wield magic and now you must find something to offer a goddess?

Her eyes narrow. “A noble’s basement, a firefly’s hovel, a—”

“No! Not the fir-glh!” A woman pops out of the curtains, shoving the ball back between Mystia’s teeth. She unbuckles and re-buckles the straps, pulling it tight against her skin.

The woman smiles at you, wearing a similar dress to Satono but in a far more sedate green. Like Satono, two long tassels of her pale green hair descend across either side of her face. Your chest heaves as you turn back to Satono, her lips curling.

She rolls her eyes. “Look, it doesn’t really matter. Just serve the goddess and we’ll take good care of you.” She strokes your cheek. “What I need to know right now is what you want.”

“I want to be safe.”

“How? What sort of safety? What sort of… dependence?” She slides a hand to your thigh.


She rubs your thigh. “Anything we give, we might one day take back. Something to think about.”


[x] I want to hide.

[x] I want power.

[x] I want allies.

[x] I want to speak with your leader.

[x] Write-in.


The choice came up sooner than I anticipated, shrinking the update.

Votes End:
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>>No. 39516
...Alright, I am officially cancelling the timer. Votes are open until I close them.
>>No. 39517
[x] I want allies.
>>No. 39518
[x] I want allies.
>>No. 39534
We're getting allies.
>>No. 39540
File 15436060189.png - (567.90KB, 800x571, koishispin.png) [iqdb]
[x] I want allies.

“Give me allies.”

Satono pulls back, frowning. “Well, we can’t hand ourselves over…”

She twists to her green companion, who still holds Mystia back.

“Hey, Mai. Do we have anyone we could give her?”

The woman—Mai, apparently—lets go and walks away, carrying Mystia’s leash behind a green curtain. She hooks it to something, then comes back.

Mystia shouts out angry, burbling noises as she tugs against it, flexing her fingers.

Mai jogs forward. “Hm…” She presses her arms behind her back and looks you up and down. “Give me a boost, Satono.”

Satono groans. Then steps back and starts dancing.

Mai rubs her chin. “Ah. I’ve got it!”

And she runs off, disappearing behind a crimson curtain.

You sit there a moment, as Satono stops dancing. She steps back up and plants her hands on your knees.

Angry, incoherent tweets hit your ears.

“Looking forward to your service?”

“My… what?”

Satono sighs. “The goddess does not simply bestow gifts on others because they ask, does she?”

“I… I don’t know. Does she?”

“She does not. She bestows her generosity on those who earn her favor.”

“What do I do to earn that?”

Mystia ambles into the green curtain, her wings still poking out, twisting and flaring as her body turns and heaves.

Satono runs a finger up your belly, weaving up Aya’s shirt and between your breasts. It flicks past your chin and settles on your lower lip. She smiles.

“You don’t even realize how many enemies you have, do you?” She pulls your lip down. “So many people who could have their way with you. Ever wonder what would happen if you upset master?” She slides her other hand across your cheek. “She could send you anywhere in Gensokyo, after all.”

She pauses, freeing your lip. You glare back.

She places the finger to her own lip. “Or outside it. How would you fare on the moon? The netherworld? Hell? Heaven? Makai?” She sighs, sliding a hand down your side. “Just remember: do not piss master off.”

Mystia falls out of the curtain, sweating and sagging, leash still hanging from the other side. Her lips slide up and down the red ball behind them. You bite your lip. “What do I have to do?”

She shakes her head. “Like I said, you just have to serve her.” She pulls the finger from her lip and cups her cheek, tilting her head just slightly. “I can’t tell you how, because I don’t know myself. But you’d better think of something when the time comes, because she dislikes freeloaders.”

“Got her!”

Mai yanks on a dark, bluish-green leash. She heaves, moving toward you one backward step at a time. Bare feet stumble and scrape across the polished, lacquered wood. Satono walks behind you.

You scan the room. “Who?”

Out of nowhere, a woman wearing a matching, bluish blindfold under pale hair perks up. A smooth, fat, blue ball pulls her lips back, just like the red one still stuffed in Mystia’s mouth. Green straps and steel rings run from the ball across her cheeks, but also up and over her nose, her blindfold, and across her forehead.

A simple orange shirt covers her, with a green, rosy skirt below. A familiar blue orb floats beside her, connected by matching tendrils to her body. A glimmering chain dangles from her long, frilly sleeves. Another chain hangs from a pair of blue cuffs on her ankles.

She rushes toward you.

You panic. “Wait! Wa—”

She freezes.

“Who are you?”

“Ghfhih Ghmgi”

Satono rests her hands on the back of your chair. “Why don’t you give her a spin?”

The woman takes a step closer and plants her hands beside your feet, bowing.

Satono leans in. “Just ask her to do something for you. Or command her.”

You hug your legs to the chair.

“Ah. Ah. Ah.” Mai yanks on the leash, jerking the girl back.

The girl gurgles, then stills, hunched forward.

Satono breathes over your ear. “Go ahead.”

You inhale, preparing to issue your first experimental command.

Then another idea strikes. “Wait. Take the gag out.”

Mai frowns. Satono squeezes your shoulders.

“Are you sure you want to do that?”


Mai grumbles but steps forward. She snaps something behind the girl’s head, then peels the straps back in front of her head. With a light tug, she pulls the ball from her mouth, strands of saliva hitting the wooden floor before you. Mai gathers up the gag and steps back.

You clear your throat.

“Who are you?”

She smiles. “Koishi!”

The name sends shivers down your spine.

“What do you want?”


Your eyes narrow. “Why?”

She giggles. “You’re weird.”

You tilt your head. She tilts hers to match.

“Excuse me?”

“Like I said, you’re weird.”

Vague, foggy memories flit at the corners of your mind, hinting at… something. Something different. Something wrong.

You pause, working through your choice of words. “Why am I weird?”

Unruly bangs bounce over the blue-green leather wrapped across her eyes. “’Cause your body begs for love, but your heart begs me to stop.”

“And that’s why you want me?”

She grins. “Yeah!”

You tap the edge of one armrest. “What do you want to… do with me?”

She puts a finger to her chin, looking up. She points it at you. “I wanna watch you.”

“Watch me do what?”

“You ask hard questions, lady.” She tilts her head. “Anything, I guess.”


She throws her hands up together. “Yeah. Do whatever you want.”


Her hands fall back down. “Why what?”

“Why do you want to watch me?”

Her brow furrows. “’Cause I wanna see what you do.”

You groan. This isn’t helping, so you try another tack. “Do you want to fuck me?”

“Hm… Ah! That’s a great idea! Let’s do that.”


“Aw. Boo. You’re stingy.”

You tense, but she just stands there, hands swaying together. With that blindfold on, you can’t tell what she’s thinking or feeling.

“Come here.”

She approaches, chains clinking.

“Show me your ass.”

“Yes ma’am.” She straightens up, stuffing her hands under her skirt. Bunching it up, she grips the edge of her simple black panties and drags them down. They hang on her ass, then slide down to her ankles She turns around and grabs the side of her skirt. She fidgets with it, then tries the other side.

Her smile falters. “Uh, help?”

Mai steps around and behind her, yanks the skirt down, then steps back again. A wild, untamed jungle rests between this woman’s legs.

“Thanks, lady.”

Koishi turns around, displaying her plain, bare ass. She leans down and plants her hands on the floor, presenting it further and showing the edge of that jungle once more.

You slam your foot forward, crashing it into her ass and propelling her away from you. She stumbles forward but somehow manages to right herself, panties still stretched taut between her ankles and skirt dragging behind. She stands up and steps backward, returning to where she was before you kicked her.

You growl. “Look at me.”

“I can’t.”

“Face me.”

She turns around, still smiling.


She falls to her knees and bows. Cuffs jingling, she plants her hands on the third step and lowers her face to your feet. You lift one foot and press it into her hair, forcing her head into the floor. She coos.

You hear what you can only assume to be a furious squawk of some kind.

You’ll worry about Mystia’s feelings later. You’ve got a stranger to make sense of.

You set your stomping foot aside and press the other to her cheek. “Kiss it.”

She presses her lips to your big toe. She lingers there, pressing them to your nail before she lets go. She slides her tongue up your foot. You kick her off.

[ ] Abuse her.

[ ] Make her fuck Mystia.

[ ] Make her worship you.

[ ] Ask for a ‘test drive.’

[ ] Ask for someone else.
 [ ] (Optional) Specify.

[ ] Write-in.

Votes End:
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>>No. 39546
[x] Make her prove herself
-[x] "Here's a test. Mai and Satano try to rape me. What do you do?"

I refuse to accept Koishi as an ally unless she proves that she can function as an ally. If she can't stop people from raping us, she's useless to us.
>>No. 39547
[x] Make her prkvr herself
[x] Ask for a ‘Test Drive’

Koishi is too much of a wildcard to trust completely so she needs prove herself and I think part of that is this ‘Test Drive’. We have a lot riding on this since Okina’s favor is at stake for us so we need to be 100% sure on this.
>>No. 39560
Hoo boy, I've let this thread languish longer than intended. Long story short: end of semester madness.

I've got a tentative rough draft done, but I've also got final exams left. I'm not dead yet, but the update likely won't hit until around the 16th. I apologize for not telling you all sooner and that this update has taken so long.
>>No. 39563
>>No. 39571
File 15450109226.png - (631.66KB, 750x783, lewddancers.png) [iqdb]
[x] Make her prove herself
 [x] “Here's a test. Mai and Satano try to rape me. What do you do?”

You tap a finger on your armrest, staring down at Koishi’s humbled form. “Stand up.”

She pulls herself up, giving you a lopsided smile. A grin that only sets your hair on edge with the blindfold above it.

You suck in a breath. “Let’s… test something. Koishi.” You clear your throat.

She faces you. “If Mai and Satono tried to rape me, what would you do?”

She angles her head up, chain jingling as her wrists sway. “I’d, uh…”

Satono steps back behind you.

“Um, what would you want me to do?”

You pause, mouth open, narrowing your eyes. “I’d want you to stop them.”

“Then I’d do that.”

You lift a hand from its rest to rub your forehead. “How?”

“How would I stop them?”


“I have no idea!” She grins, wide and proud.

She’s useless. Utterly fucking useless. A liability at best.

Satono claps her hands on your shoulders. “It must be so tragic, relying on such fickle friends.”

You growl. “She was your idea.”

The hands bounce. “I’m so sorry. It was just such short notice. Maybe we could look around, but…”

Mai sends a significant look over your shoulder. The hands lift away and Satono returns to Koishi, looking her up and down.

Their looks worry you. You return your focus to Koishi herself. “Why don’t you know what to do?”

“I haven’t done it yet.”

What does that even mean?

“But what if y—”

“Say, Satono. Think we should…”

Satono circles Koishi. “Yes. We should.”

“Awesome!” Mai tosses a silver key to Satono. Satono fiddles with Koishi’s wrists while Mai works on her ankles.

They click, and heavy, dark aqua cuffs fall to the floor. Koishi stretches her arms out before her as Mai works on the back of her head. With another click, she pulls the blindfold off.

Koishi blinks, looking to you, her blindfold and a pair of cuffs lying by her feet. She swings a leg out and grins wide. You press your back into your seat.

Satono pushes her back, twists toward you, and steps forward. She stares you down, licking her lips. She plants her hands over your wrists and climbs onto your lap, slipping her legs around your back.

You shiver as you stare into her low-lidded eyes. She settles in, shifting her ass across your knees. She stretches, pulling her gaudy shirt across a pair of perky breasts.

She extends a hand by your head, stroking your cheek in slow, lazy loops.

“Tell Koishi to save you.”

You stare back, perplexed. “Excuse me?”

Satono extends her other hand, cupping your cheeks. She puckers her lips. Realization hits.

“Help! Koishi, help! Save me!” You buck, knocking Satono upward, but not off.

“Wha? Huh?” Koishi blinks back at you. You press your hands into Satono’s gut, inadvertently sliding them up to the edge of her bust. Koishi charges toward you, only to get yanked back by Mai.

Furious squawks hit your ears from the side, tempting you to tear your gaze away.

Satono licks her lips and releases your head. She pulls Koishi’s cuffs out. In a heartbeat, she has a cuff wrapped and locked one of your wrists and she’s pulling both behind her back. You buck again, her ass thumping hard into your knees as she snaps the second cuff on, trapping your hands behind her.

Satono bumps her nose against yours, giving an almost apologetic grin. “She’s not a miracle worker.”

She pops the top button free of Aya’s—no, your shirt. You twist your arms around her as she pops the next two. You look away as another button pops, exposing your cleavage and the edge of your black bra. You slam your wrists into her back, crashing her own modest bust into yours. She pops the next three of as if nothing happened.

“Koishi! Where are you! Get me out of here!”

Satono jerks backward, jarring you. She then lurches back, dragging you off the chair by your bound arms. Open air bushes against your stomach, the shirt now hanging half open as you stumble forward. You tug your wrists against her back.

She cups your cheeks with both hands, her smile turning dark. “I can’t remember the last time I got to play the villain like this. What do you think, should I have claimed your lips yet?”

You give her the most disarming smile you can muster. “I think you… maybe?”

She pouts. “If it helps, I thought she’d do better.” Satono frowns and flicks her thumb across your lips. “Care to bet when she’ll save you?”

Something snaps around your waist and Aya’s skirt falls to your ankles. Satono leans in close, puckering her lips but letting go of your chin. You lean back.

A loud crunch sounds as her hands grind into your waist and metal edges dig into your skin. Then your belt falls, thumping to the floor beneath you.

Someone slender crashes into your back, throwing you forward. Satono’s lips hit your forehead. A new pair of hands slide across your sides, meeting at your stomach. She presses you in, shoving your head down into Satono’s modest bust. Silk and bamboo fill your nose as their weight presses into you from each side. Then a pair of hands grabs your thighs and pulls, yanking you to your knees. Your face slides down between their stomachs.

“Hey, Satono, where’d she go?” Mai says, her body pressing into you from behind.

“What, did you lose her?”

The hands release your legs. Then another hand slips to the back of your neck and presses, forcing you into Satono’s crotch, only her skirt and underwear between your face and her pussy.

Finally, your head falls between her legs, your own legs sprawled out around Mai’s.

A foot digs into your back. Craning your neck, you barely catch Satono’s pink thong and a plump ass you don’t want to think about.

The foot leaves. Your hands lay before you, still bound but no longer wrapped around anything. Experimentally, you crawl forward.

“Whoah. Hey, Mai, cut it ou—”

You hear a loud, wet kiss behind and above you.

A hand descends into your view, palm open. You grab it and let it pull you back to your feet. You look back to find Mai and Satono entangled together, slobbering and moaning into each other. The hand yanks you back, pulling you into the curtains.

Violet velvet descends around you, a fold brushing into your bare slit.

“I don’t get it!”

You turn around to find Koishi staring back.

“Why’d they do that?”

Your voice falters. “I, I don’t know. I think I asked the wrong question?”

“Did you? What was the right one?”


“Get off!” Someone stumbles somewhere behind you. She raises her voice. “Alright. Good job, Na… Naono. Test drive’s over.”

Koishi looks over your shoulder, blinking. You rub your hands together.

“Come on back and get yourself unlocked.”

You should do that. She didn’t really do anything to you yet and you need your hands free. You shiver.

Koishi grabs your hand and sprints away, knocking you off balance. You stumble forward, pumping your feet to keep yourself upright.

Your feet catch on Aya’s skirt, kicking it off as you thump into Koishi’s back. She tumbles and crashes to the floor, barely cushioning your own fall and getting your arms pinned beneath you.

“Ow. Ow, ow, owee.” She groans.

You press your hands into her, pushing yourself off. You tumble onto your back, warm wood hitting your bare ass. You hurl your weight forward, swinging yourself up until you’re sitting. “What were you thinking?”

“I don’t, silly.”

“You don’t… think?”

She rolls onto her back and drapes an arm across her head. “Yup.”

Deep blue velvet now wafts around you. A pair of arms slides across your shoulders, a heavy bust resting against your back. Your body freezes.

“Well, well. What have we here?” An unfamiliar voice speaks. “The troublemaker and…” The arms slide back out. “Is this Naoko? What brings ground zero herself to our humble abode?”

Your stomach drops. You twist your body around, finding a woman standing barely above you with curves to kill for. Above her wide hips and round breasts, you find a long head of curly blond hair, adorned by an origami-esque black hat. You stare into cool, appraising eyes with a distinct edge hinting at thoughts deeper and darker than you wish to imagine.

She tuts. “I haven’t introduced myself, have I?”

You have a guess, but you can’t force it past your drying lips.

“Mai. Satono. Come here.”

Feet shuffle and they appear, passing through the curtain. They look away from each other, faces red and bodies sweating. You turn around to face them. Satono pulls her skirt up as Mai tugs her shirt down. The woman coughs. Satono steps forward and crouches before you. She grabs a wrist and slips a silver key in your cuff. She twists, popping it open.

Mai rubs her neck as Satono gets your other cuff. “Sorry about the belt. Satono gets a bit carried away sometimes.”

Satono scoffs. “She wanted to replace it anyway.”

The blonde woman raises a brow. She flicks a wrist.

Satono snaps the cuff open and pulls it off. They both step behind her.

“Rise, Naoko Honda.”

You stand up. You also plant your hands over your crotch.

“Wow. Your butt’s so pretty.”

You twist back to give Koishi a glare. You return to the blonde woman, sliding one hand back around your ass.

“You’ve had a difficult two days, haven’t you?”

Still silent, you nod. She stands at eye-level with your bust.

“And could you explain the satori’s presence here?”

You part your lips. “Satono offered her.”

The woman glances to her right, then returns to you. “I see. Follow me.”

The woman levitates, then floats back behind the curtain. You step forward, ignoring your exposed bra to keep your hands firmly on either end of your crotch. She settles into the chair you left.

Satono and Mai take sides opposite her. You stop just before the steps. They share a glance with each other, then with the woman.

Mai turns to you and clears her throat. “The goddess, lady Okina Matara. Grand sage and...”

Okina waves her off. “You’ve been the center of an interesting controversy lately.”

Koishi pats your ass. You swat her away. She gives you a contrite frown, then steps backward, bowing.

You turn back to Okina, who stares at your crotch, her cheeks just slightly pink.

You struggle to maintain eye contact, your own face matching hers.

Okina sighs. “Satono.”


“Punishment. First thing in the morning.”

Satono freezes. Mai fidgets with her dress.

Satono swallows. “Yes, mistress.”

Okina gestures. Mai slips behind her and runs off to the side. She grabs Aya’s skirt and your broken belt, then jogs back around and hands them to Okina. Okina takes the belt and brings the interior of the central band to her nose. She takes a long, deep sniff, then hands it back.

“Strange. It smells only like human sweat and juice.”

Mai takes it, gives it a quick sniff herself, then holds it behind her back.

Okina flicks her fingers. Two doors appear from midair behind her.

“In return for your service, I’ll lend you an ally of your choosing. Either her,” she flicks her hand in Koishi’s general direction, “or someone from one of these two gates.”

You study the doors. The one on the right is teal, the one on the left, red.

“Who’s behind them?”

“This one,” she gestures to your right, “holds a proud, trained warrior. This one,” she gestures to your left, “holds a woman you know, of great power.” She clasped her hands together. “Neither has been tainted, neither is likely to be tainted. Now, choose.”

You glance to the side, finding Mystia curled on the floor, a puddle of drool accumulating under her gag. Her leash still hangs from the curtain beside her. Her chest swells and recedes in slow, tired breaths.

[ ] Take Koishi.

[ ] Take the teal right door.

[ ] Take the red left door.

[ ] Question Okina.

[ ] Refuse Okina.

[ ] Write-in.

Votes End:
Time remaining: ::Timer ended at: 2018/12/20(Thu)20:00

>>No. 39572
[x] Question Okina.

Honestly, I'm always about the "tell me more" option in adventure games.
>>No. 39577
[x] Question Okina

We should try to find out more about these two she’s offerjnr before deciding
>>No. 39578
[X] Question Okina.

If she isn't getting irritated. Beggars usually don't get to choose.
>>No. 39582
File 15458753771.jpg - (610.43KB, 708x1000, mystiwet.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Question Okina.

You focus back on Okina. “Please, tell me more.”

She taps a foot against her chair. “Do you have a problem?”

“I don’t know… anything about what I’m getting into. Who are these people? Can I trust them? What sort of service are you talking about?”

She props an arm up by the elbow and rests her head against it. “I see, you’re quite the curious person.” She leans toward Mai, whispering in her ear. Mai nods and trots away, toward Mystia.

“You want information then. Hm…” She drums her fingers, reaching into the outer folds of her skirt with her other hand. “I’ll help you out, and I’ll even give you a few extra tips for free. Like…” She pulls out a familiar pink block and flips a switch.

Your thighs clench almost before the first vibration hits. Your breath catches as your hips shake. She flips the switch again, stilling the ball.

She grins. “Why don’t you give that toy to my servants, so I’m not tempted to… play with you.”

You breathe in, thinking it over. You do need it back out, but to retrieve it, right here, would entail…

But then, any ‘playing’ she does would be worse, wouldn’t it?

Gulping, you press two fingers inside yourself. You shut your eyes as you pry the outer lips apart, right in front of Okina. Removing the hand from your ass, you stick another finger inside, between them. After a moment of shaking and prodding, a familiar vibrator falls out and into your fingers, dripping and sticky.

You pull it out and find Satono standing to your side, palm held open before you. Blushing, you drop the sticky toy in her hand.

“An average pussy, too. Strange.”

You choke at her words. Mai trots back toward you, leading Mystia by the leash.

Okina flicks a finger and Mai pulls her key back out. She approaches Mystia and pops her cuffs open. Mystia squirms, hugging herself and sliding her lips down the ball behind them as Mai slips behind her and releases the gag. Mai circles back in front and pops the ball from behind her teeth. Mystia rubs her jaw.

Satono passes the toy to Okina, who lifts it to her nose.

Mystia jumps in front of you, wobbling from her locked thighs, and grabs your hands. Her bare breasts and swollen nipples fill your eyes. “Are you okay? Do you need help? Comfort?”

You nudge her back. “I’m okay, I think.”

She droops, but she lets go and steps back.

“Here.” Satono butts in, passing your toy to Mystia. “Tide yourself over with this.”

“Wait one second!” You reach forward, only for Satono to bat your hand away and point to Okina.

Okina smiles back at you. “Don’t you have a pussy to hide?”

You bite down a screech, blushing. As you plant your hands back over your holes, Mystia sniffs the toy and pops it in her mouth, humming a curious tune. She gives you a bashful, apologetic smile.

Still lounging, Okina sets both elbows down and steeples her hands together. “I’m not thrilled with your attitude, but I like your curiosity. Let’s continue our chat once you’ve refreshed yourself a little.” Still lounging, she points off toward an orange curtain. “You’ll find a door back there which leads to an utterly divine chamber. Make sure to use the amenities it provides, then come back once you’re finished.”

You bow, stiff but deep. Then, straightening back up, you walk toward the curtain, Mystia and Koishi behind you.

“Excuse me, little girl.” Satono grabs Koishi’s upper arm. “The goddess wishes to speak with you.”

They return to Okina as you push aside the hanging silk and open the door behind it.

A wall of hot steam hits you as your feet hit wet, warm tiles. Your vision clears, revealing a wide bath set into the floor, full almost to the brim. Mystia closes the door behind you as you turn around to find a series of shelves set deep into the shimmering, golden walls.

The floor tiles run deep red, the similarly tiled ceiling a pale pink. Long, flat panels run along the ceiling, bathing the room in soft, amber light.

You turn to Mystia, her wings and ears drooping. She flashes you an embarrassed smile, patting her corset. “Mind letting me out?”

You stare back.

She rubs her neck and holds out an open palm toward you, with a silver key on top. “I’m already mostly free, you know. I promise—no, swear—I’ll go back in once we’re done. But I’m still a girl like you. I want to get clean, too.”

You fold your arms, looking her up and down. The hobble chain still hangs from her thighs and you could still put her back in those cuffs if she lets you. But you’ve also got the goddess and her servants nearby. Your spine tingles at the thought of freeing her but you can’t count on getting another chance to test her without some new youkai breathing down your cunt.

Koishi’s not the bastion you’d hoped for and you don’t know what else Okina’s offering you yet. As much as it makes you want to scream, she may still be the best protection you’ll get.

“Turn around.”

She spins, offering you her back. Still twitchy, you rub your forearms, then accept the key. You first crouch down to pop the leg cuffs open, dropping them to the floor. Then you rise back up and snap the buckles loose as she works on her front. A minute or so later, you’ve disconnected it from her collar and she’s pulled it down her legs. She sets it inside a shelf and steps into the water. She shivers.

“It’s so warm.”

She practically melts into the water as you peel Aya’s shirt off and pop the bra. Lifting it up and off, you peer around, finding no stools or buckets. You tread around the bath, finding nothing but empty shelves set into the wall and smooth tile lining the edge. Sighing, you set Aya’s clothes in a nearby shelf, opposite Mystia, about a body’s length between her and your edge of the pool.

You tap the water with your foot. It’s not scalding, but it’s close. You slide your leg in, slow and sure, giving your body time to acclimate. Pressing a hand to the tile, you slide the other leg in and ease yourself down. Burning wet heat stings your skin and seeps deep into your body as you lower yourself in. The hot water grazes up your bust as your ass hits the smooth, hard surface below.

You lean back a moment, taking your time to unwind. Then a spray of hot water hits your face, stinging you. You look forward to find Mystia leaning down, swinging back and forth, her wings puffed and stretched out. Her wings shake, flap, and shudder, then fold back in to her back as she settles down and lounges against the rim.

A hand lowers into your vision, carrying a smooth green block. “Your soap.”

You look up to find Satono staring back down on you. You accept the soap and she steps away. You rub it between your hands, set it beside you, then spread the fresh lather down your arms. Up ahead, you find Mai offering a similar block to Mystia.

“I’m not thrilled with your attitude.”

You don’t think you did anything remotely outrageous, but that sentiment bothers you. You lean back and raise a leg, lathering it up. Maybe it was just an idle, offhand comment. Maybe it was even intended just to push you toward giving more to her. You can’t help a bitter, wry chuckle at that. If that’s all it was, it worked. Satono and Mai disturb you, but even their assault wasn’t enough to dissuade you from this place, given the competition.

Not yet.

You lather up your other leg and stand up to work your stomach and chest. You make certain to apply copious lather under and between your breasts, as well as your crack. You send off a frantic prayer that Okina won’t care, but you’re not taking your chances.

Finally, you splash your face and lather it up, then splash it again to get the soap off. You blink the water out to find Mystia staring back, close enough to feel her breath through the fog.

You glare. She blinks, blushes, and steps back.

“I think that goddess wants us all super clean and, well…” She looks to the side, scratching her cheek. “You can’t do your back properly, right?”

Your brow furrows, but she’s right. You grunt, defeated, and sit down on the floor, swishing the water with your legs. Even naked, soaked, and exposed to the air, you feel only the barest traces of chill. “Hurry up and don’t you dare touch my ass or tits.”

She gulps and climbs out of the bath. “Yes, ma’am.”

She lifts the soap off the floor, then sets it back down. She rubs her palms together, then presses them to your shoulder blades. “It’s been a weird night, huh?”

“It’s been a long night and a longer morning.”

Her hands slide up, over your shoulders. “I’m sorry.” They slide down, grazing your sides.

“I know.”

Her hands slide to your hips, then back up the center of your back. “You feel nice, though. Your skin’s so smooth.”

“It’s wet and soapy.”

“I-I know that! I’m just saying it’s nice. It’s a complement.”

“Yes. The kind usually followed by… this morning.”


You sigh, wondering if your mind’s been twisted into paranoia by the past year.

“All done.” She retracts her hands and sits down beside you, swishing the water with her legs and flicking her wings.

“Say, uh… I kind of need help with my back too, so could you maybe, you know…”

“Yes, yes.” You step up and lather your hands back up. She curls her wings over her arms, exposing a strip of clear skin between the white feathers of her wings. You start there, sliding your hands down.

“Oh, I already did my wings, so you don’t need to worry about them.”

She coos as your hands slide down her back. You follow a similar pattern to her, though you keep your hands clear of her sides as you sweep around her wings and stop cold at her waist.


You step back into the water beside her. She scoots away a few steps, then slides back in much like you did. She sighs and stretches her wings out underwater.

“Wait, didn’t you just bathe a few moments ago?”

She giggles. “We can’t be too be too careful, right? Besides, well… I’d like to have a talk with you.”

You swish a finger through the water’s surface. “About what?”

“Well, you know. Us. I’m your pet now, right? What do you want me to do? And you know, if you ever get a little pent up…”

With a clack, you find a dark bottle and Mai leaning over you. “For your hair.” She says as she walks away. Mystia snatches it up, pops the top open, and squeezes out a small white dollop. She sniffs it, shrugs, and sets the bottle down, rubbing her hands together.

You take the bottle, squeeze some onto your finger, and lather up. Following her lead, you then work it into your hair, rubbing it in near the scalp, and dunk your head in the bath.

It feels good to have the sweat, spit, and juices of so many girls off your damn body. You sigh, content. You never quite decided what Mystia should be to you, other than obedient.

Mystia matches your tone. “Well, anyway. If you want me to do something, just let me know, okay?”

“This way.” Satono stands across the pool from you, before the door you came from. Groaning, you pull yourself out of the bath and turn around. You hear a splash as Mystia pulls herself out beside you.

You find the shelves where you’re sure you left Aya’s clothes, empty. And the shelves nearby. And every damn shelf on this wall, as far as you can tell. You spin around to find Mystia’s shelf and its neighbors similarly bare. Mai steps out of the door, carrying a pair of green, fuzzy towels. You groan again and step back into bath, wade through it, then climb back out in front of them, Mystia following close behind.

Mai hands a towel to Satono starts rubbing hers over Mystia’s face. Then a towel hits your own.

Satono rubs your face and hair dry, then moves to your breasts, holding one at a time as she dries them.

“Hey! I can do this myself.”

Satono ignores you, rubbing your stomach. “This is our duty. Let us handle it.” She swings around and dries your back.

“Please? Could you please let me do this myself?”

“No.” Satono swings back in front to rub the towel against your pussy, then across your ass, dipping between the cheeks. Then down your legs and over your feet. She hands the towels to Mai, who places them in a shelf as she pulls out a shiny black box.

Popping the box open, she pulls out a pair of lacy purple undergarments and hands them to you.

You accept, finding a pair of elaborate, lacy panties with a matching bra.

You waste no time dragging the panties up your legs, soon finding them a pleasant fit… and not actually panties. They amount to little more than two sheer triangles running from your ass-cheeks in the back to the edge of your hips in the front, framing your genitals more than hiding them.

“Excuse me, but what the hell is this?”

Satono tuts. “You’ll need to trust our mistress. Now finish dressing.”

Swallowing, you spread the bra out before you, only to find similar holes in it. It’s elegant, really. Beautifully sewn lace that just so happens to frame your nipples. Still, you flip it around, then pull it down your arms and over your chest. Snapping it in the back, you find it an excellent fit as well. That just happens to reveal vast swathes of your areola. Looking back up, you find Mystia now dressed as well.

In similarly sparse, red undergarments. Idly, you wonder how they connect at the back, given her wings.

Satono clears her throat, holding a bunched up, purple dress. “Lift your arms.”

Hesitant, you obey, raising your arms straight up. She slides the dress over and down them, until the straps hit your shoulders.

She lets it descend further, then steps back. You find yourself in a sleeveless dress that descends almost to your ankles. With a slit on one side reaching your upper thighs. She presents you with a pair of matching gloves, which you accept and slide down your arms, finding them thin and light, but reaching halfway from your elbow to your shoulder.

She ties off a set of thin laces at the end of each glove, then offers a pair of violet sandals with shallow heels. Sighing, you let her fit you into each one. Finally, she ties off a few laces on your back, tightening the dress around your stomach and emphasizing your bust.

Even your soft, barely-there nipples poke out underneath it. You look to Mystia, finding her still her underwear. If you can even call it that.

They look you both over, then bump their fists together.

Satono gestures toward the door. “This way, ladies.”

You give Mystia a tired, defeated smile, then follow them through the door. You find yourself passing through the dark, pinkish curtain and back before a smiling, lounging goddess.

“So, did you appreciate my gift?”

Your face twitches. “I—”

“It’s wonderful! Thank you so much, goddess.”

She nods. You breathe out a sigh of relief. You barely even care about Mystia’s likely ulterior motives.

“Good, good.” Okina flicks her fingers, bringing the doors back. She sweeps a hand toward the red one. “This one leads to a powerful shrine maiden. The site crawls with all sorts of youkai, but all your problems may just go away if she so chooses.” She sweeps the other hand toward the green one. “This one leads to an elite swordswoman. She’s fast and sharp, but a bit naïve. Her mistress is a bit dangerous, but I think you’ll do fine.”

She closes her eyes and swishes her finger through the air in lazy circles. “My servants’ offer is still on the table, if you prefer her. You’re also free to refuse to serve me, though…” Her eyes crack open, narrow and sharp. “I can’t say what will happen to you if you do.”

She crosses her legs, expression easing. “Your service will entail a single task of my choosing, at the time of my choosing, with express permission to punish you as I see fit, should you fail or refuse. I won’t request sexual gratification or prostitution, but I expect a willingness to perform such acts if needed. Finally, as a bonus, I’ve decided I’ll help you with your randy bird. Tell me what you want from her and I’ll see to it that she’s decorated accordingly.”


You take the…

[ ] Shrine maiden of the red door.

[ ] Swordswoman of the green door.

[ ] Koishi, the first offer.

[ ] None yet. You try to bargain the service down.

[ ] None. You refuse to serve.

[ ] Write-in.


You want Mystia to be your…

[ ] Champion.

[ ] Pet.

[ ] Slave.

[ ] Gimp.

[ ] Write-in.


Votes End:
Time remaining: ::Timer ended at: 2018/12/30(Sun)20:00

>>No. 39583
[x] Swordswoman of the green door.

Koishi is useless, and I figure if Reimu was going to help us she would have done something already.

[x] Champion.

Make Mystia stop raping us, and make her stop other people from raping us.
>>No. 39584
File 154700972294.png - (320.82KB, 700x756, taterpaku.png) [iqdb]
[x] Swordswoman of the green door.
[x] Champion.

You take one last look at each option, then sigh. “I’ll do it. Give me the green door.”

Okina smiles. “My, I’m almost surprised. You chose not to pursue your hero. Well, I suppose it would have been embarrassing to admit your troubles to her.” She claps her hands, once. “Excellent. I’m sure this girl will be happy to see you. Now, about your associate.”

You fidget with your dress’s collar. There’s still an itch to hurt or humiliate her just a bit more, but there are bigger, more burning targets for that desire. You need help, more than anything else. “How about a champion?”

She taps her lips. “I think that will work out just fine.” She flicks a finger and her servants approach. Satono grabs Mystia by the shoulders and drags her away. Mai walks off in another direction.

You watch her leave.

“Oh, one last thing.” Okina twirls a lock of hair. “The woman you’re going to is a servant of a friend of an associate of mine. I’m not fond of this associate, but I won’t upset her on your account. I’m terribly sorry, but you’re simply not important to me. As far as I’m concerned, the swordswoman has permission to do as she sees fit if you offend or undermine her. This permission extends to her master, of course.”

You bow, tense and shallow. “Of course.”

“Don’t think too hard on it. The mistress is quite easygoing, and the girl’s simple enough to appeal to. Just don’t go stepping on anyone’s toes and don’t expect any divine intervention or relinquished duties should they require something strange.”

You bow just slightly lower. “Yes.”

“You know, I wonder what I will ask. You’re not very influential, beyond your exotic power. You’re barely competent at combat, and you’re not very tough…”

You strain your eyes up, only to see her stroking her chin.

“Well, we’ll come up with something later. Time to depart.”

You rise as she sweeps her hand again and the red door fades away. The green one floats down, beside the chair. “Go ahead, then.”

You walk forward, onto the steps, and pull the door open. A faint, lightless room lies beyond. You glance back to Okina, who nods.

You step into the threshold.

“Wait a moment, I just remembered a few things.”

You turn back around. Okina motions you toward her. You step up before her. She motions you closer. You lean forward.

She grabs your head and pulls you to her pendulous chest. She pushes your face down and plants a kiss on your forehead, gently letting go.

You focus your eyes on her bust, blushing. She grins. “Think of it as… a good luck charm, of sorts. We’ll make certain your avian friend plays along and does as she’s told.” She strokes her chin again. “By me, that is. Though it will extend to you by some proxy, I’m sure.”

You sigh. “Of course.”

“And I’d hate to have you doubting the reliability of either of them, so I’ll be sure to invite a friend to see you soon.”


“Oh yes. I like the boyish firefly girl and that… enthusiastic umbrella.”

You choke, dropping an arm across her lap as you double over.

“But you’ve not yet experienced the captain’s love either. And there are youkai you don’t even remember just dying to get inside you. Or you inside them. You know how they get. Choices, choices.” She crosses her legs. “Don’t worry. Whoever I choose, she’ll just be there to give your new friends a chance to show off. Who knows, maybe you’ll even get a chance to express yourself in return.” She waves. “Goodbye.”

You bow one final time and step back down, bumping into the hard, wood surface of a door. She waves her hand and it falls open behind you.

You wobble, then teeter backwards and spin around. You hear the soft snoring of a young woman before you, but you see nothing. Then, slowly, as your eyes adjust, you catch the faintest outline of a blanketed body.

You take a deep breath. Then feel a heeled shoe dig into your back, shoving you through the gateway. The kick launches you, just slightly, into the air. You hear the door shut behind you just before your knee collides with someone’s bare foot.

The figure before you stirs just before you pitch forward, collapsing into her gut.

You catch only a faint glimmer in the darkness before her legs clamp down around your body and the tip of a smooth, sharp blade rests, trembling, over the back of your neck.

The soft texture of a light summer dress presses into your cheek, with a tight, smooth belly beneath it.

Voice tight, she whispers. “Who are you?”

“N-Naoko. Naoko Honda. I’m just a farmer’s daughter.” The soft, oil-scented dress does little to muffle your voice.

She pauses. “Farmer? Why on…”

She snaps her finger, her legs peeling off your body. Jittery, you push off the ground, folding your legs beneath you as a lantern flares to life above. Pale, bluish light touches the room around you, providing just enough light to see the rest of the room.

It’s small. There’s a messy futon before you, next to a small desk and plain, wooden chair nearby. Together, these fill one end of the room. Twisting your head, you find a blank door, flanked by a small armoire on one side and a scabbard hanging from a rack on the other.

You turn back to see a young woman standing over you, her pale hair cut much like Wriggle’s, pointing a sword to your face. A short one. An empty scabbard lies by her futon.

“Are you the, uh, swordswoman?” Even after everything else, you struggle to tear your eyes from her glimmering blade.

She tilts her head, which only makes it more menacing in the dim light. “Swordswoman?”

“The elite swordswoman? Quick and, strong, I think? Not very… I mean, with a dangerous mistress?”

She steps forward, holding her blade toward your neck. “Yuyuko is wise and strong, not dangerous.”

Your blood chills. “Yuyuko? Yuyuko Saigyouji? Manipulator of death? Ruler of, of—”

“The netherworld.”

You pull yourself backward, chest pounding. “Then, then…” Your mind blanks a short moment. You’ve been captured, cursed, confined, and raped, but to negotiate with the queen of death itself? What the hell did you get yourself into?

And just how powerful is Okina, if she considers herself within that woman’s sphere? What kind of god did you just beg from? Not that she’ll help, but just how far in over your head are you?

The girl stares down at you. You swallow. You’ve made it this far and you’re still short on help. “I… need friends. Guardians. Could you possibly help?”

She turns her blade aside and steps forward. Leaning down, she grabs you by the collar and hauls you up. Dropping you on your feet, her eyes harden. “How did you get here?”

Someone thumps into the walls nearby.

“Let go of me! My love is in here and she needs me!”

The girl sends a glare your way, then scoops the scabbard off the wall and throws her door open.

Only to have a winged girl slam into her, throwing her back inside. Fluffy, white wings with purple frames attached just below a head of fluffy pink hair.


She pulls herself back up and spins to face you. A deep red, sleeveless top with more frills than you’ve ever seen in one place covers her big, fat chest, but little else. A matching skirt hangs from her waist but fails to reach even halfway down her legs. Long gloves run up almost to her shoulders. Simple shoes cover the only article of a different color: sheer, black socks with intricate floral patterns that reach just above her knees.

‘Honda’ adorns one breast in glittery gold lettering, with ‘Naoko’ on the other. What kind of champion wears that?

A pair of spectral men in heavy armor stomp into the room, seizing her. “Our apologies, lady Konpaku. We’ll have this girl out in just a moment—”

Mystia kicks, throwing her body around as they turn back.

A foot crashes into the wall.

“Wait!” The girl—Konpaku—hisses.

They pause. Mystia stills.

“Let’s talk.”

They turn back around, bringing Mystia with them. “What’s there to say? We caught her intruding.”

The woman pauses, taking a breath. “Lady Yuyuko is asleep. Quiet down.”

“No!” Mystia pouts back at the girl. “Naoko’s gonna get raped if…”

You shake your head, flailing your hands, then pressing a finger to your lips. That last thing you want is to parade your vulnerabilities to every human and youkai you…

Mystia smiles back. “Sorry, Naoko. Your pussy’s too important to me.”

The guards look aside, away from Mystia. Konpaku slaps her own hand across Mystia’s lips. “Language!”

Konpaku pauses. “Is there some beast you ran from? Is it a threat to Hakugyokurou?”

You take a step back, bumping into the wall. “I don’t think s…”

Are they? Mystia, Wriggle, Kagerou, Murasa? None of them pose a threat to someone like Yuyuko.

But the book? You never encountered it since the library, but it did possess one of the most powerful women in the village.

Mystia twists, failing to so much as jostle her captors. “It’s safe.”

“Then throw them out, or…” Konpaku sets her scabbard down and waves the guards away. “Leave them here but guard the door. I’ll dismiss you when we’ve finished.”

They let go, bowing. Then they turn around and leave the room, shutting the door behind them. Konpaku pulls the empty scabbard from beside her futon and sheathes the naked sword, then sets both blades down. She kneels at the edge of the futon.

Nerves tight, you kneel near her, with Mystia across from you.

The three of you stare at the floor between as you consider what to do next.

A hot breath brushes past your ear from behind. From… the wall. You twist, finding the cheeky grin of a disembodied face. You bite down a shriek as you twist and fumble backward, landing on your ass, across from Konpaku.

The face approaches, the full, almost plump body of a proud noblewoman following suit. She smiles as she floats down, settling on her knees.

She turns to you, barely jostling her mess of soft, curly hair. She reaches a hand out and ruffles your own hair.

You turn to Konpaku, who rubs her scalp.

“When you said r…” she looks across from her. The woman smiles back.

“Lady Yuyuko, how long have you been here?”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. Now,” she turns to you, “I heard some juicy gossip about a monster threatening some poor maiden’s pussy.”

Your voice croaks. “Ms. Yuyuko?”


“Y-You. You’re Lady Yuyuko? Mistress of the dead?”

“Only some of them.” Her smile turns warm, but with a touch of condescension.

You pause, half dumbfounded. Before you can think, a question tumbles from your tongue.

“How do I… look, to you?”

“It’s too dark to see, silly. But…” She runs a finger in circles on your knee. “That’s not really what you want to know, is it?”

Your spine tingles.

“As to whether or not I’d want to taste some fresh fugu, plated on your thighs….”

Konpaku locks up. As do you. You just barely met her and you’ve asked if she wanted to fuck you. Would she interpret that as stupidly forward, or the more biting question you most likely meant? Is there any way to…

“The answer is not yet, but I hear these desires can come on quite suddenly.” She pats your knee. “Let’s leave that aside for now. The farmer’s misfortunate daughter traveled quite a distance to reach, of all places, the Netherworld. I’d adore it if you could tell me just which youkai managed to chase you so far.”

[ ] Tell all, from Kagerou’s attack.

[ ] Emphasize the Black Book.

[ ] Ask to address this in the morning.

[ ] Offer to serve.

[ ] Write-in.
>>No. 39585
[X] Tell all, from Kagerou’s attack.
>>No. 39586
[X] Emphasize the Black Book.
>>No. 39587
[x] Tell all, from Kagerou’s attack.

Start the story at the beginning.
>>No. 39588
We're telling the full story.
>>No. 39589
File 154779222319.png - (390.41KB, 635x850, underwear (clipped).png) [iqdb]
[x] Tell all, from Kagerou’s attack.

You look between the figures of Yuyuko and Konpaku, under the dim light. “Do you know who I am?”

Yuyuko claps her hands. “You’re quite the lady killer, from what I hear. A fine delicacy to every feminine monster and a sultry morsel even to the civilized. All of this, despite a painfully average birth.”

“…Do you know why I left the farm?”

Yuyuko grins. “I couldn’t say, though I have to wonder if it involved a few jilted lovers.”

You laugh, short and sarcastic. “That’s how they’d see it. What about what happened…” you take a breath, counting the time that’s passed, “two nights ago?”

Konpaku puts a hand to her chin. “Nothing important happened at that time, but there were extra patrols yesterday… An attack?”

Yuyuko claps her hands. “Good job, Youmu! Yes, she got tag-teamed by ferocious beasts.” She turns to you. “But who attacked you and which position did they use?”

You shake your head. “It was a werewolf and a tsukumogami. I escaped to the village the next morning.”

Yuyuko turns to Konpaku. Youmu? “Hey, Youmu. Do you think they spit-roasted her?”

Youmu’s head spins away. “How would I know!”

You cough. “They had no… no d- they didn’t have the anatomy for that.”

Yuyuko turns to you. “So, you do know what it means.”

You sigh, tired. “It’s been a long year, Lady Saigyouji.”

She pats your head. “Aww, how cute.”

Cute? This is cute?

A stray wisp of air slips under your dress, brushing into your slit. You press your thighs together. “While there I encountered a magic book. Something demonic. It also… It possessed the bookkeeper and used her to…”

“Ravish you, I imagine.”

You shift your legs just slightly. “Yes. We got away, a reporter flashed me, and I met someone pretending to be my sister. I went home, where I found a tentacle buried inside my…”

“Maiden’s flower? Feminine core? Love hole? Or did slip up your backdoor?”

Youmu groans. Whether at her excessive interest or odd word choice, you’re not sure.

“Not my… butt.” Would ‘ass’ have offended her? “It was the other… hole. We exterminated it—”


“Me and the fake. Then the book from before found a new host and Shizuha—”


“The goddess of autumn. I met her just after returning to the village. Which we now left, where we…”

You point at Mystia, eyes hard. “We met her alongside an accomplice.”

Mystia looks back at you, then at the other two. She rubs her neck. “Oh, that was last night. Of course. Right, right, right. Yeah, we kidnapped her. Wriggle did mean stuff to her, but she professed her love and we made out. She spaced out at some point too, I think.”

“I… had a vision of a sorceress, I think. She said something about a contract.” You swallow. “Wriggle made me…”

Yuyuko tilts her head, still smiling. “Pleasure her?”

“Yes. I escaped soon after, but…” You turn back to Mystia.

She scratches her head. “I panicked. And I, uh, raped her.” She bows her head. “Sorry.”

You swallow, shifting your ass. “A Buddhist scared her off, saving me. Later I returned to the village with the perverted journalist and she showed me a way into the realm of the rear door. There I reunited with Mystia, under my own terms, and we met the goddess of that realm. She sent us here.”

“My, what strange company you keep.” She pauses, sliding a hand down your shoulder. “Could you tell us just a little more about this goddess and just why she sent you here?”

You tug the edge of your dress over your hips. “She offered me a new ally, in return for some favor.”

She squeezes your shoulder. “She decided you’d acquire this companion here?”

“…Yes. She said it was a skilled swordswoman serving you, I think.”

Yuyuko’s voice turns frosty. “She did, did she? And why did she expect me to hand one over?”

“I… don’t know. I don’t know what she wants or plans. That’s just the offer she gave.”

“And your avian concubine isn’t enough?”

Mystia preens, humming.

“I…” You glance back to Mystia. “I can’t protect myself alone. From the others, or from her.”

“You think she sees you like a tender steak?”

“Yes.” You hunch down. “If you want something from me in return, I’ll listen.”

Yuyuko’s eyes narrow in the dim light. She places a hand on your thigh, by the slit in your dress.

She lifts your dress, exposing your bare, almost frizzy mound. Your hands pounce into the dress’s folds, pressing it back over your crotch.

Yuyuko coughs and looks aside. She stands up. “My apologies, young lady. We’ll decide how to handle you tomorrow. Guards.”

Opening the door, the spectral knights return to the room.

“These womena are tired. Show these women to a good bed, please.”

They nod. You get up, allowing them to escort you out. They guide you down a long hallway, one guard in front and one behind, with Mystia on your right. You pass through an open hall, only a sequence of columns between you and what appears to be a rock garden to your side. Though you’re forced to guess based on the few shapes you make out in the midnight gloom.

You hug yourself, clenching the light fabric of your dress close to your body. What was Okina thinking?

You pass back into the structure’s interior, turning to the left, then the right, before the guards finally stop. The leader opens a door to your left, ushering the two of you inside. You find a thick, silky futon on the floor to your right, with a desk beside it, in the far corner. Nothing else stands out to you in the gloom, save the small window your only light comes from.

The door closes behind you.

Sighing, you crawl onto the futon, just catching a muffled, girly chirp behind you.

Mystia throws her top off, revealing what appears to be her ever-erect nipples, seemingly bare. Her hands slide down her sides and push her skirt off.

Your breath catches. “W-what the hell are you doing?”

She pauses, her head tilting. “We can’t sleep in these, right?”

“That- well- I mean. It would be okay, I think? Just one night should be—”

She tuts, waving a finger. “We can’t make a good impression in wrinkled clothes, can we?” She pushes her skirt down, dropping it to her ankles. You look away.

Shoes tock against the floor as you stare down your dark dress. You poke and tug at it. You’ve already been raped what, four, five times? Six? What’s one more abuse? Feeling sick, you pull it off and pray Mystia reins herself in for just one night.

She scares you but, damnit, you need Yuyuko’s support.

Folding the dress, you set it down beside the futon and take a deep breath. The warm night air fills your lungs as you rub your bare stomach. The shade conceals some of your near-total nudity, though you wish your ‘underwear’ would contribute something to that as well. Anything. Swallowing, you kneel and pull yourself into the futon. You lay on your side, head nestled into a deep, fluffy pillow. You lie facing the window.

Gently, the blanket rises, her legs sliding in behind you. A moment of shuffling later and she lies down, letting the blanket fall over you once more.

The futon’s nice. Not the sagging soft of Mystia’s or Okina’s beds, but not as hard as your own home. Your…

Mystia pokes your shoulder blade. “Can I… can I hug you? Please?”

You grunt. “Fine.”

Her arms slide around your midsection, pulling you close as her head slips into the crook of your neck. And her smothering tits press into your back, complete with warning bell nipples.

She giggles. “Thank you, Naoko. I’ll be good, I promise.”

You sigh. “Just… just keep your hands off anything sensitive.”

“Yes, yes.” Mystia hums, then cuts off. “Oh, I guess you don’t want to hear my song anymore, huh?”


“The one about you? About your, well,” her voice drops just above a whisper, “your ass. The one I sang in the forest, when we uh, captured you.”

Oh. That one. “I don’t.”


A quiet moment passes as Mystia’s head shifts from your neck to the back of your head. She nestles into your hair.

What do you do now? Did Okina expect you to act differently? Did she scam you with that offer? Does she have something up her sleeve?

Or did Yuyuko hide something under her hostility?

What do you do if you win her favor? Do you just walk out with her warrior? Try to get lessons? Would it help if you did?

If you leave, where do you go? Mystia rustles, rubbing her coarse nipples across your back. You worry about what you’ll find in the morning. Is it even worth resisting these people?

“Say, Mystia. What do you want to do tomorrow?”

She giggles. Again. “You don’t want to know.”

You groan. “Besides fucking me.”

“You still don’t want to know.”

“Besides marrying me?”

“Still no.”

“Besides dating me?”

“Well, if we skip all the lovey-dovey stuff… I think I should get back to my cart at some point. Those eels won’t cook themselves.”

You sigh. “Eel, huh? I wonder what it would’ve been like, to just taste your cooking. Before that night.”

“Which one?”

“Any of them.”

She squeezes you, nuzzling your neck again. “Just give me some time. I’ll make up for it.”

“You’d better. If you don’t, I…”

You drift to sleep.


You sprint forward, staggering down a rolling, peach-colored plain dotted in small, thin hairs. You stumble, skidding to a stop before a pair of perfectly spherical hills, just taller than you, topped with coarse, rose-colored lumps. The plain drops off on either side of the hills. An enormous leg stomps into the ground below, followed by another. Thick brown fur blankets both, meeting together in a bare, dripping slit, covered in a mess of much thinner hairs. The giant kneels, her hairy crotch thumping into something just past the spherical hills. A quake ripples through the land beneath you.

The plain jerks, lurching upward and sending you to the hills. You crash into their soft edges, feet sliding into the tight valley between. Furry arms, ending in claws, reach out toward you as the plain levels off again.

Eyes wide and sweat pouring, you turn and run. Sprinting back down the plain, you bolt up a subtle incline and skid around a depression, just avoiding the lumpy pit inside. Soon you’re running downward, watching another giant leg flung upward in the distance. You slow, jogging down as you spot the leg’s base meeting the plain.

A second leg extends out to one side, with a puffy mound and an open, wet slit between them. Folds of pink, spongy flesh protrude from the interior of that mound.

The plain—the stomach—behind you arcs again and your feet lose purchase. A leg falls across the idle one as you fall. Just as your feet slip across the squishy folds of this land’s mound, the gaping maw of another woman’s pussy descends from above.

You catch yourself and spin around as you fall. Then the second pussy crashes into your back, trapping you between the dripping hot, squelching folds of two cunts.

The women above and beneath you seem bigger than before.

The rank odor of lust chokes your lungs as you squirm beneath the giant’s weight. Her crotch pushes down, dragging you further in. Her pussy lips rub against your hair, drenching it in her juices even as she plunges your face into the pussy below.

Thick, gushing fluid pours down your throat before she grinds upward, freeing your drenched head from their flesh. You choke, coughing out heavy globs of their juices.

Hacking, you look up. Three images appear before you. A violet book, a glowing, red ring, and an orange door. All float above the stomach. Time slows, almost to a stop, as the objects transform into familiar figures. From the book, Patchouli, scrutinizing you like a puzzle. From the ring, Kosuzu, whimpering, then sneering. She fades to static, then turns into a blurry image of Akyuu. From the door, Okina, a twinkling eye the only sign of emotion on her face.

As your chin sinks into the pussy below, you reach out to…

[ ] Patchouli.

[ ] Okina.

[ ] Kosuzu/Akyuu.

[ ] No one.

[ ] Write-in.
>>No. 39590
…I’m gonna set a timer. If there aren’t any votes when it ends, I’ll just pick one myself.
Time remaining: ::Timer ended at: 2019/01/27(Sun)20:00

>>No. 39591
[X] Patchouli.

Eh, that contract was such a sidenote I forgot about it until now. Let's see if there's some more to it.
>>No. 39592
[x] Okina.

>>No. 39593
For the record, feel free to bug me if you ever find the choices too vague. I don't always remember to clarify everything that needs it.
>>No. 39594
[X] Patchouli.
>>No. 39595
[X] Patchouli.
>>No. 39598
File 154951316179.jpg - (92.79KB, 800x632, mystigasm.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Patchouli.

You stretch your arm out.

“Patchou-lph…” thick folds of heavy flesh squish and press around your head as thicker fluids drench your skin. The spongy walls contract, compacting your arms to your sides as they press the air from your lungs.

The pussy above grinds upward, blocking out the light and smothering your body in it’s choking, smothering aroma.

Then the black before your eyes burns violet and the upper pussy jerks away. You grope puffy mound around you, seeking but failing to find purchase. Desperate, you pinch the flesh between your fist, using the leverage to free your spare hand. Tiring, you yank your it out and grab hold of the other side. Dazed you glance around, seeing the shallow belly rise and fall ahead, and your giant’s legs sprawled out behind you. The other pair stumbles into the night.

It all seems so familiar.

The muscles around you contract again, threatening to pull you in. You wheeze, shoving your hands straight down to push yourself up. You heave, pulling your bust free. A tremor ripples up through her cunt, sending your hands into a desperate vice-grip, but her sucking walls to swallow one of your shins. Straining, gasping, you keep the rest of your body free, waiting for her muscles to relax. Finally, the grip on your leg weakens and you throw yourself out, sprinting between her hip bones to her stomach’s subtle incline.

You wheeze, sputtering out globs of pussy juice.

Your chest heaves, throat burning as you take in long, greedy gulps of cunt-scented air. Then, finally, you collapse, laying on the calm, peach-colored plain.

It twitches, red lights flaring across the skin underneath you. You startle, pulling yourself back up as giant, glowing rings form over the plain ahead and the legs behind.

Red rings.

The crotch jerks up, throwing you across the flat belly. You tumble across that shallow hill, skidding back down before crashing into the narrow gully between enormous breasts.

More purple lights flash across the body, layering atop the red and holding the giant still. You pick yourself up once more, knees shaking. Wiping sweat from your chin, you take a hesitant look, finding the violent lightshow of two magic powers battling over a single salacious titan.

Then your legs snap together, thighs and shins grinding into each other. Your arms follow suit, pressing tight to your sides and hips. You glance down.

At least four separate rings have formed around your body, reaching from your chest to your ankles. You twist and squirm, but you remember these. You’re going nowhere until they’re gone.

Your feet slip up and away from the soft plain. You watch, helpless, as the titan drops out beneath you, the rings pulling you slowly upward. Then your motion stops. You crane your neck, finding Patchouli floating to one side, her long lavender hair splaying out as she stretches a glowing hand out toward you.

A giant hand bats her away as another hand folds in around you, trapping your bust between the index and middle fingers, the thumb pressed to your cheek. The rings vanish as the hand pulls you away.

It twists, turning you to see Kosuzu’s enormous face. Licking her lips, she opens her gaping maw and pulls you close. Her oppressive, panting breath washes over you as she rotates you once more and slides you in, closing her mouth.

As she presses the smooth, wet weight of her lips to your entire head, a faint, violet glow graces the edges of your vision.


Startled, you wake. Faint daylight streams in through the small window as slender hands fold and press around each of your breasts. A pair of fingers rubs the edges of one nipple, giving it experimental squeezes. You shudder. Heavy breasts and swollen nipples still press into your back, their body now shivering. It’s legs curl around one thigh, trailing wet arousal up and down it.

You squirm, annoyed by the faint hint of your own desire, lurking at the corner of your mind.

Then you wake in earnest, reaching behind to your captor’s sides and shoving her back.

She resists, digging her fingers into your breasts and warbling between panting kisses to your neck.

You move your hands from her side to her wrists. “Let go, Mystia.”

Her lips still, but she squeezes harder. “C’mon. I’ll be good later, I swear. Just give me this, I need it so bad.”

You yank at her arms, heaving. They pull away, freeing you. You stumble forward, crawling away from Mystia. You roll over to see her, scooting your mostly bare ass across the mercifully soft tatami. She crawls out of the futon, wearing wide puppy-dog eyes and licking her lips. And that ‘underwear’ exposing her nipples and leaking slit.

Her wings flare out, ready to… lunge?

Her right hand wanders to her crotch, two fingers slipping inside her pussy. “Please. You’ve no idea just how bad it is. Just one fuck, please~”

You back into the wall. For a moment you sit there, hunched over with a hand planted before your crotch. “You came on the promise you’d protect me, remember? From precisely this shit!”

“I know. I did my best, I swear. But I just can’t take it anymore. Just one little fuck.”

She plants a hand between your knees, followed by her head. She leans forward, sniffing the hand before your crotch.

“You smell so good.”

You jerk one knee inward, colliding with her skull. She pauses, blinking. You hurl your foot into her chest, startling her. You shove it in with all your might, knocking her back.

She falls back on her ass.

You grunt. “We’re done.”

Her eyes flare out. “Wait, wait, wait!” Pussy leaking, thighs and wings twitching, she holds her left hand out. “We can talk this over, right?”

Her right hand slips back over her cunt.

“Those were the terms. You don’t touch me without permission, remember?”

“I- I- I…” She winces. “I’ll be good, I swear. Just…” She groans, pumping two fingers in and out of her pussy. “Uuurgh. Please, please give me permission. Let me touch you. Fuck you. Let me make sweet, sweet love to you.”

You pause, thinking it over.

“No.” Not when she’s like this.


You glare back. “No.”

Her lip trembles as her eyes beg. And her fingers pump inside her. She doubles over, puppy dog eyes collapsing into a focused grimace. She groans as her left hand grabs the nearby breast, squeezing and kneading. Her skin sheens with sweat as you sit there, half-shaking.

“Oh, Naoko. Naoko~”

You learn forward and crawl, circling around behind her, where you find the dresses you’d both shed last night.

“Oh, oh, oh!”

You reach down, grabbing your dress with trembling fingers. Is this it? Does this happen to everyone? Will this happen to the swordswoman? Konpaku? You pull the dress over your head, thinking.

Should you hit her with another beam? Or is that what’s responsible for this clusterf—

Mystia grunts, shaking. “Oh, Naoko, I’m cu—”

Her thighs quiver, then return to more irregular shakes. “Urgh! C- come- on-”

You press the dress to your stomach, taking some solace in the embrace of opaque fabric over your privates.


Mystia rolls over, lifting her pelvis as her left hand slides from her bust to her ass.

“H- hey. T- this lo-ooks h-hot, ri… right?” She pants, now fidgeting more than pumping her pussy while she probes her asshole.

She grunts, getting her first finger in as you turn away, back to the window. You walk back around her and lean through the open, circular hole. At least the air’s pleasant here, if a bit stale.

Mystia screeches behind you as you try to take in the air.

You’d love to leave. To go somewhere safe and permanent. You want to talk with Yuyuko to know at least what happens next. But you’ve never been here. You don’t know the customs, rules, or even which sections are off-limits. Hell, for all you know, it might offend her just to leave your room without permission.

And so, you grit your teeth as Mystia pants and huffs. As the squelching sound of now-vigorous fingering floats to your ears.

Maybe they were right. Maybe you’ll just find yourself back under her heel.

A heavy hand raps on your door.

Mystia screeches again, this time in ecstasy.

You turn and jog back, sidestepping her panting, collapsed body.

“I… I dedicate thi… this performance to you.”

You slide the door open a hair and position yourself in the crack, hoping you’re not too obvious about it.

You find a new guard, a rugged face under a thorn-bush of stark white hair. Heavily-armored like the others.

“Lady Yuyuko wishes to see you.”

You bow, briefly, then look back. Mystia sighs, naked save the ‘bra’ and ‘panties.’ And wet.

“I’ll be there as soon as I can.”

“She insists you come at once.”

You look between Mystia and the guard.

The guard sighs. “We can look after her.”

“…Thank you.” You bow and slip out. Taking one last look over your shoulder, you call back to her. “Don’t forget to clean up.”

Mystia, still shaking, nods.

The guard marches away, making you jog a short distance to catch up. Now under the growing light of day, you find the mansion surprisingly mundane.

Not plain by any stretch — elaborate tapestries decorate many of the inner walls, the sheer size of the estate speaking much to the ruler’s wealth. But in many ways, it just looks like what you’d expect from a wealthy lord. A wealthy, earthly lord.

Even the sky looks the same.

The hallway ends in a door decorated in an intricate image of branches heavy with assorted birds and fruits. He slides it open, revealing a quiet room with a circular table wide enough to sit perhaps eight people with some space to spare. In the center a golden-brown, sizzling chicken lies atop a silver platter, next to a matching platter of vegetables and two pots, both steaming. Four plates lay near the edges. Yuyuko sits behind it, smiling back at you in a light-blue dress. One simpler than you’d expect of her station. A gruff but slender, bald man stands behind her, wearing an apron.

You step inside and stand before the table, opposite Yuyuko.

A snicker. “Glad to see you’re here.”

The voice makes you twitch. Turning, you find Satono sitting to one side. She grins back, waving.

“Don’t worry. I’m just here to help.”

Yuyuko giggles. “Please, sit.”

You kneel, settling under the table.

“Ken’ichi, if you would.”

“Of course.” The man kneels and pulls out a butcher’s knife, which he presses into the chicken, calm but methodical.

Yuyuko leans back, eyes slanted toward Satono. Not aroused, as far as you can tell. “You push me to a corner, handmaiden. But the answer, I’m afraid, is no.”

Satono stares back, face guarded. “Are you so sure? Given the village’s state, I dare think you should—”

“On the contrary. The fact you’ve not taken her place tells me it’s not quite so important.”

“Please, you know our mistress. She just hates getting her hands dirty.”

Yuyuko snaps her fingers as she heaps a hefty portion of vegetables on her plate, followed by a heavy chunk of fresh-cut chicken. “I realize you have no pride, but surely you must have some shame.”

“Think of it like an opportunity. You’d have a chance to see firsthand, or through your servant, what they’re talking about.”

“Hushed whispers in seedy bars, brothels, and alleys. Hardly a topic worthy of my interest.” A servant arrives, carrying small bowls. Yuyuko takes one and has them fill it to the brim with a steaming soup from one pot as she pours rice from the other to her plate.

Satono starts helping herself as Yuyuko snaps her fingers again. The servants bustle around you, removing your plate.

Yuyuko pushes her plate and bowl toward you, accepting the empty plate and filling it again, now with far smaller portions.

You glance between her and the plate. She nods. Blushing, you pull it close.

Satono chuckles. “Don’t sweat it. She’s just showing off.”

“I’m a hospitable host, handmaiden.”

Yuyuko holds up a steaming carrot slice, then slips it into her mouth, rolling it over inside. She chews, slowly and thoughtfully.

You poke at your own heaping plate, worrying about what this gesture means. A servant offers you a pair of chopsticks, which you use to pick at the rice.

It’s touched with spices you’ve never tasted before. You’re not sure what to think.

“Perhaps I could do it.”

You pause. You and Satono both look to Yuyuko, who dabs at her lips with an embroidered cloth.

“I could lend you my gardener. If you do something for me while you’re gone.”

You heart thumps, twice. “I wi—” You stop. No. Take it slow. “What would I do?”

“A dear friend of mine has run into a bit of trouble with a subordinate of hers. I lend little Youmu to you, and she helps you fix my friend’s problem. Once you’ve taken care of your own problems, of course.”

Your skin chills. “How would I help?”

Yuyuko smiles, a perfect mask of innocence. “Well, that’s just up to you. I think you have the tools, though~”

Satono sighs. “We could do that too.”

“Strange then, that you chose not to offer.”

“We do now. If Naoko extends another favor our way.”

You take a sip of your soup. Miso, with a hint of… something. “And what favor would that be?”

“You’ll just have to wait and see.”

“Of course.”

Yuyuko puts a finger to her lip. “Your sparrow looked quite cute, by the way. I hope she’s not been too hard to tame.”

You tilt your head, hesitant to assume her meaning.

[ ] Commit to Yuyuko’s favor.

[ ] Commit to Satono’s favor.

[ ] Counter-offer.
 [ ] (Yuyuko) Trade Mystia for Youmu.
 [ ] Renegotiate for clearer terms.
 [ ] Write-in.

[ ] Write-in.
>>No. 39599
[X] Commit to Yuyuko’s favor.
>>No. 39600
[X] Commit to Satono’s favor.
>>No. 39601
I came down with a cold and learned I can't write too good when I'm sick.

To keep things simple, I'll attach a voting timer in the hopes of ensuring I can start writing as soon as I'm well. So uh, apologies for tagging this as an update, but them's the rules.

Voting ends:
Time remaining: ::Timer ended at: 2019/02/16(Sat)19:00

>>No. 39606
[X] Counter-offer.
 [X] (Yuyuko) Trade Mystia for Youmu.

Say no to unspecified favors!
>>No. 39608
[X] Counter-offer.
 [X] (Yuyuko) Trade Mystia for Youmu.

What is it with these people and their cryptic non-answers? Just tell us what you want us to do.
>>No. 39609
File 155080966894.jpg - (159.21KB, 650x923, dangermysti.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Counter-offer.
 [x] (Yuyuko) Trade Mystia for Youmu.

You take another sip, holding your breath steady as your brow furrows. You already promised Okina one blank favor. For this. To get precisely this thing. Now she needs a second one just to follow through? She couldn’t be bothered to get off her ass to fulfill her end of the bargain?

And they won’t tell you what either favor is? And nothing from Yuyuko either, for that matter. You set the bowl down, breathing out.

“How about Mystia? Can I just trade her for the swordswoman?”

Yuyuko slices off a sliver of wing and slides it, almost sensually, between her lips. She sends you a sinister smile. “Quite cruel of you, just trading your companion away like that.”

You frown. “She’s earned it. In spades.”

Yuyuko giggles, softly. “I’ll accept her as collateral, but surely you could find something more to offer me? Something to better console me for my loss?”

Satono laughs. “You’ve had your eyes set on that bird since you met.”

Yuyuko pouts. “It’s not polite to poke at me this way, you know.”

Satono shrugs.

You lean forward. “Please, Lady Yuyuko. I need help. I need someone strong to protect me.”

She giggles, licking her lips and pulling small slivers of chicken to her rice. “I’m afraid Youmu’s still cuter than both of you.”

You pause, blinking, then slump. You’ve already racked up far more ‘debts’ than you ever should have needed. There must be some way to protect yourself without more, right?


“And you call us tasteless?”

You look up. Satono stares at Yuyuko, flat and unimpressed.

Yuyuko scowls. “Oh, fine. Just go and ruin the whole show, why don’t you?” She turns to you. “Yes, yes. I’ll accept the trade. We’ll watch over the sparrow while you go gallivanting with Youmu. Just...”

She leans over the table, inviting you close. You lean in. In a lower voice, she continues. “Bring her back with her purity intact, would you? I dislike making examples out of people.”

She leans back, plopping a chunk of rice on her tongue.

Sweating, you sit back yourself. “Thank you, Lady Yuyuko. I’ll treat her well.”

She smiles, chewing, then swallows as she waves it off. “Of course, you will. Now, Handmaiden. We’ve made the deal, you’re welcome to leave at any time.”

Satono stands and bows. “Okina sends her regards.” She reaches up and taps her own back.

She then twists, contorting into a vaguely purplish vortex before winking out of existence.

Yuyuko sighs. “Don’t worry about her. They do that.”

You stare at the spot Satono used to sit. “I… see.”

The two of you sit in silence a while, eating from your plates. As your palate adapts, you find an exotic, pleasing sweetness to the meal.

Yuyuko snaps her finger and the servant departs.

“How does it feel?”

You slurp down the last of your soup. “Pardon?”

Yuyuko’s eyes narrow, twinkling. “Being the most succulent meat on the market. Having even gods pursue you.”

You choke. You pound your chest until breathing returns. “Gods? Which ones? I don’t remember…”

“Oh?” Yuyuko grins. “She never told you? Oh dear, oh my. How cruel of her. Should I tell you?”

You swallow. Is it Okina herself? “Who is it?”

“Why, gods, of course. More than one. What do you think they want? Had I swung that way, I think it would be your slightly above average bust. But Okina’s more of a butt girl. She’s quite sinister, by the way. The sort that always has at least one hidden agenda with you, usually two or three.”

You look down, then back up, narrowing your eyes. “You think I should have refused her?”

“Of course not. As shady as she is, goddesses like her are also quite temperamental. Now, I believe your guardian angel should be…”

There’s a knock on the door.

“Go ahead. She’s waiting for you.”

You nod and stand. Turning, you reach the door and pull it open. Youmu stands at attention, both blades sheathed at her hip, her hands carrying your gloves and boots.

Mystia bolts out from behind her, tackling you to the ground and burying her face in your neck.

She takes a long, loud sniff. She pulls back, hands on your shoulders. “Sorry about this morning. I’ll do better, I promise.”

She rubs her thighs together.

Yuyuko giggles. “Why, of course you will. You’ll have hours of practice, after all.”

She looks up, wide-eyed and blinking. “Huh?”

You clear your throat, looking away. “We… made a deal. You’re staying with her for now.”

“What! Why?”

You stare back at her. She sags.

“Oh. It was that bad?”

Youmu steps forward and pulls her up, off you. She hands you your gloves and boots, which you pull up your arms and legs. Snapping tight to your skin, you find eyes drawn to your shoulders and upper thighs. Grumbling, you stand and pull the slit skirt across your thighs.

Yuyuko beckons Mystia. “This way, little sparrow.”

“I… I didn’t agree to this!”

You let out a tired, frustrated sigh. “We need some time apart, anyway.”

Mystia pouts. “But I wanna be with you.”

“Youmu dear, escort Ms. Honda, if you would.”

“At once, Lady Yuyuko.” Youmu gestures toward the hall. “Ms. Honda, this way.”

“Have a good trip!” Yuyuko waves.

You give Yuyuko a quick bow, waving as Youmu guides you down the hall. A pair of guards falls in between you and Mystia, shutting the door behind you.

Youmu marches in silence, her stark white hair bobbing at her brisk pace. More than once, you find yourself jogging to keep up. You pass a few guards on patrol, each nodding to Youmu as you pass. She turns sharp at each corner and intersection, soon striding through a pair of double doors, into the morning light.

She trots down a wide flight of stairs to the mansion walls, silent as the guards open the gates. You step through it and down another long flight of wide stairs. As you reach the bottom, you find your legs wobbling onto uneven, rocky roads waiting. Your shallow heels click across the ground as you pull to a stop, resting hands atop knees and panting. Youmu stops, tapping her feet.

You pull yourself together and continue forward, marching beside her.

The next leg of this journey continues in silence, passing odd, worn down trees and scraggly grass. You smell… nothing. Uneasy, a thought comes to your mind.

“Mystia will be fine, right?”

Youmu stops, turning toward you. She shakes her head and returns to her forward march. “If she’s under Lady Yuyuko’s roof, yes.”

You sigh, glancing back to the silhouette of stairs in the distance. Youmu grabs your wrist, pulling you close to her chest. You look away, blushing, confused by sudden advance.

You find yourself staring at a giant gate that she shoves open. Just before scooping up your legs and lunging in.

Bright light overwhelms you as the wind rushes past. A wave of burning heat washes over you as the light clears, revealing a wide, expansive sky, and the ground far, far below you. Your hands leap around Youmu’s neck as she soars downward, before remembering your own capabilities.

“I… I can fly.”

Youmu slows down.


“I can fly!”

“O-Oh. Okay.” She drops you.

You plunge toward the earth for only a moment before your power ignites, righting you and slowing your descent to a crawl. The two of you drop to a nearby road, touching down on the dirt. As the rush of air subsides, you find its hot weight pressing down on you.

Youmu rubs her brow. “Let us keep pace. We must leave this oppressive heat.” She marches down the road. You follow, listening to the cry of summer chicadas.

She looks back, barely slowing. “Tell me, Ms. Honda. What incident threatens Gensokyo?”

You pause. “Incident?”

“Yes. The urgent affair that demanded my hand. Lady Yuyuko assured me you’d know of its nature and how to aid me.”

“She did?” When did Yuyuko tell her this? You’d been with her from before you settled the deal to when you met Youmu. What on earth…

Youmu stops, staring, head tilted higher than it needs to. “Yes. What incident threatens us?”

“I…” Your mouth flounders, but you settle on the truth. “It’s just some personal troubles. Some youkai… bullying me. I don’t think it extends beyond that.”

You’re not the threat, are you?

“I see.” Youmu turns back to her forward march. You jog up alongside her.

“What sort of bullying?”

“The… sexual kind.”

Youmu stares down to the road, cheeks red. “Oh.”

Long shadows stretch across the road, bathed in the blueish tint of early morning light. An already sweltering morning.

She shakes her head. “We’re to find out together, then.”

“I don’t think there is an incident.”

She clenches a fist, her eyes shining with determination. “There is. Lady Yuyuko said as much. You may not realize it yet, but you’re the key to it.”

“I’m not an incident, I swear!”

She claps you on the shoulder. “Of course not. You’re the key.”

You shake your head, baffled. “What does that mean?”

Youmu sighed. “I have no idea.”

“Did Yuyuko tell you this?”

“Of course.”

You stare down the road, finding the silhouette of the village in the distance. You’ve spent half an hour with that lady and you already find Aya more trustworthy, but this woman works for her and trusts her every word? “What do you think of her?”

Youmu smiles. “She says a lot of weird things, but she’s beautiful. And wise. She’s a great master and someone I’m proud to serve. She really pushes me to my limits. You should find someone like that yourself. It really helps.”

You shake your head. “I’ve had my fill of masters.”

Youmu tilts her head. “Perhaps a lover or friend then? Someone whose mere presence pushes you to do your best for them?”

You put a finger to your moist chin. You love your parents. You trust your brothers and sisters, Ayame especially. But to push you? None but your enemies have really made that possible. Not these days, anyway. There is the Hakurei, but despite what she symbolizes, you’ve never actually met her.

“I don’t know.”

“You should think on it further, then. No task brings greater satisfaction.”

“I see.” Perhaps you should visit her sometime. You’re starting to develop some capabilities. But then, even you’ve heard of her finances. She wouldn’t go full youkai on you, would she?

A ferocious glust blasts into you. Your feet slide back along the dry, dusty road. As it clears, you find Aya’s smug grin, topped by that tokin.

She leaps forward, slinging an arm around your shoulder and spinning you away from Youmu. She leans into your ear.

“You and me. Sunset. Your farm.”

She lets go and steps back. “Thanks for the help last night. And what do you know? Look what I found while scoping the place out.” She pulls a thick, violet-bound book from behind. “Practically begged me to take it to you.”

She holds the book out toward you. You reach to accept her offer.

She grabs your wrist and shoves it down her skirt, underneath her panties. Short, prickly hairs scratch at your fingers as she holds it to her soft, wet pussy. She sighs, happy, then pops it back out, dumping the book in your arms.

A sense of relief washes out from it.

“My job is done here.” She twists around and soars away.

Youmu turns to you, frowning at the book. “What was that about?”

“Someone requested this. Aya promised to help find it last night, but it disappeared.”

“That’s it?”

You sigh. “Apart from the… ‘bullying,’ yes.”

Violet lights shine around you, growing brighter. Something tugs on your body. Then, in a reddened flash, the pressure dies and the lights wink out.

Youmu stares, blinking, then blushes. “W-well uh, who requested it?”

“Ms. P…”

Youmu throws a hand across your face, pressing a finger to her lips.

You pause. Chicadas whine and leaves shuffle. A giant hornet bursts from the trees, surging toward you. A light flashes out and it falls apart, bisected. Two more hornets charge toward you. Youmu slices both in the blink of an eye. She grabs your wrist and races forward. You stumble over your feet, struggling to keep up with her as she surges toward the village. Centipedes scuttle into the road. Wasps, butterflies, and mosquitoes swarm through the air. Throngs of ants and beetles crowd around the centipedes.

She looks back. “How well can you fly?”

“Decent. Not fast.”

“Very well.” Youmu spins and scoops you back into her arms. She kicks off, soaring into the air. Her arms tremble. The sky behind and to your sides darkens.

“Come back here you cowards!” You both turn to find Wriggle soaring after you, her black cloak flapping in the wind.

Youmu swallows, teeth chattering. “Leave your foul minions behind and I’ll accept.”

“How dare you call them that! Take it back!”

“Fine, I take it back! I’ll accept your challenge. Just not with them around!”

“That’s two on one!”

“I’ll fight you myself. Just get rid of the bugs!”

The insects pause. Youmu slows down, watching Wriggle.

“Tie her up. The winner gets her.”

Youmu stares her down. “Why tie her up?”

“So she doesn’t run away when I win!”

“Didn’t I defeat you before?”

“That was a fluke! I’ll crush you this time!”

Youmu looks to you, eyes shining with focus. “Her tastes are strange, but I can beat her.”

You look to Wriggle. Given what you know about her, you hesitate to go anywhere while she’s feeling strong. But to let her tie you up? To trust her not to betray you during the battle?

[ ] To the village. You need shelter, even demon-haunted shelter.

[ ] Fight Wriggle. You can’t go anywhere if she’s still a problem.
 [ ] Demand she offer herself up if she loses.

[ ] Ask the book. It saved your ass from the demon book.

[ ] Write-in.

Votes (Tentatively) End:
Time remaining: ::Timer ended at: 2019/02/26(Tue)20:00

>>No. 39610
[x] When Wriggle gets close enough to tie you up, blast her with an orgasm beam, and then run like Hell while she is distracted.

She can't chase us and orgasm at the same time.
>>No. 39611
[x] Fight Wriggle. You can’t go anywhere if she’s still a problem.

Though definitely not the sub-option for this one. I don't think it really worked with Mystia, and it probably would work even less with Wriggle.

If necessary (for a tie-break or something) you can consider this to be in accords with the write-in option above. I consider what they wrote to be a valid form of combat. Or just do whatever you want.
>>No. 39614
File 155217037647.jpg - (91.24KB, 650x1004, youmuengarde.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Fight Wriggle. You can’t go anywhere if she’s still a problem.

“We’ll take you on.”

Wriggle scowled. “Listen to me, damnit! I’ll fight one of you.”

You trade glances with Youmu.

“I’ll take you-”

Youmu holds you close to her modest bust. “Let me battle her.”

You look out toward Wriggle, fingers twitching, eager to beat her yourself. Despite your inexperience, you can’t shake off the image of grinding her to the dirt. Pleasant tingles run down your body at the image of her, face down, under your blue boots.

An almost primal need wells up within you to manhandle her personally.

But the thought of what would happen if you lose sends a very different shiver down your spine. Youmu’s expertise in flight alone tells you she’s the better suited to a duel. You need more practice, but you need to get it from someone who’s not her.

And you really, really want Youmu as friendly as possible while she’s here.

You hold the book close to your chest. “Alright. Kick her ass.”

Youmu blushes, but grins. “Of course.”

“Please, don’t let her win.” You find yourself muttering.

You feel her nod. “I will be your opponent, Nightbug. Prepare to lose once more.” The air shifts as she carries you down.

“I’ll make you eat those words!”

Youmu drops from the sky. Touching down, she lets you step into the cool shade and bare dirt of the forest. Wriggle lands barely a step away, hungry eyes fixated on you. You take an involuntary step back and Youmu chooses to stand between the two of you.

Wriggle rushes forward and leans around Youmu, scowling. She points to an oak tree behind you. “There.”

Youmu turns to you. You nod.

Wriggle latches on to your wrist, only for Youmu to yank her hand back off. Wriggle glowers as you march to the tree, Youmu by your side.

Wriggle points to the ground. “Sit down.”

You stare back at Wriggle, cool as you can manage, as you sit down against the tree. Soft dirt and thick, hard roots press into your ass as you line your back up against the tree.

She races behind it. “Give me your hands.”

You slip the book between the tree and your lower back.

Youmu stands by your side. You give her one last, nervous glance before sliding your arms around the trunk behind you.

Wriggle grabs your wrists and pulls, pressing your back into the bark as she forces them together. A loop of heavy, coarse rope falls across your wrists as she pulls it around and through the loop, wrapping it around them. After perhaps four loops, she shoves it up between your arms, lashing your wrists together.

Finally, she ties it off, leaving them enveloped and immobile.

She dances back in front of you. “There. All secured for my glorious victory.” She slaps her hands together then strokes your cheek, sliding her other hand down to fondle your breast. “All-”

Youmu yanks her back. “My lady’s grace will not be spoiled by your barbarism.”

Wriggle pouts, keeping her eyes on you. “Just wait a moment. Your cunt’s mine.”

Youmu glares. “Watch your tongue!”

Wriggle shrugs and turns away to face Youmu, wiggling her ass in front of you. “Let’s do this.”

Youmu gives her a short, curt bow. “At once. Ruffian.” She takes back off, floating backward into the sky.

Wriggle launches toward her.

You lean back into the rough bark. Idly, you tug at the rope. Quite secure. There might be some way to fry it with magic or cut it on something, but finding the time? You look up, watching them shoot above the canopy. They soon disappear past the leaves above.

It’s only when flashes of blue or green light pour back down that you realize the battle’s begun. You sigh, folding your legs together. You press your wrists into the bark, looking for a sharp angle. Just in case. You scratch a few times, though you don’t feel any effect. Whether or not you shou…

Tiny clicks, hums, and buzzes prick at the corners of your ears. Turning your head, you find bugs perched on every branch of every tree close enough to inspect. All facing you.

Master of insects, right. You lay your wrists back down.

You’re not getting out of here before the fight ends.

Grumbling, you look to the trees, finding no obvious landmarks. Just an endless expanse of thick oak amid a carpet of dirt, roots, and twigs, scattered with an assortment of discarded leaves. More flashes pop through the branches, followed by a stream of bullets bursting through and pummeling the dirt for a moment before it turns course back into the sky above.

Your foot brushes against something. Straining forward, you kick it to its side, finding a busted ring gag with an imprint on an inside strap.

A twig pokes into your crack. You twist, but only manage to get another sitting uncomfortably between your thighs. You push your legs out and lift yourself up, dislodging them. You sit back down on your heels, wiggling them slightly to keep the skirt’s slit from sliding across and exposing your thigh.

It takes a moment, but soon you’re settled back down with your skirt still spread across both legs.

You sigh, catching glimpses of movement above, but still not enough to guess who’s winning.

Groaning, you feel your core. The ‘energy,’ magic or whatever it is, is still there. A little stronger than yesterday, you think. Experimentally, you push it through your arms and legs. It flows easily, turning back to the core when you let it go.

It feels warm, inviting. Almost invigorating. There’s a quiet thrum there, nothing like the shaking that overtook you last night. Why is it that now, after ages of fruitless effort, you find the power rising to your fingertips within what, one day?

I took your sister a couple weeks just to get basic danmaku down. And she learned it fast.

You freeze as leaves rustle behind you. You throw a quick glance up, still catching the pops and flares of magic flung from combatant to combatant.

If they’re up there, then who’s down here?

They rustle again, behind and to your right. You pound your tight-wrapped wrists into the bark, disturbing the bugs. You send them a glare, jerking your gaze to the rustles.

They don’t respond. You throw your gaze over your shoulder, finding nothing. You throw it over the other shoulder. Still nothing.

You groan, sagging.

You catch a glimpse of Youmu through a gap in the canopy, jerking from side to side and floating away from an advancing Wriggle.

Your heart pounds.

Youmu’s not losing. She can’t.

You can’t go back to that sadist.

Someone giggles behind you. You lock up.

“W-Whoever’s there, please listen. I… I’m already claimed. If you touch me, my… the other person will get mad!”

The sounds die down. You arch your back, easing an already tense muscle. You lie back into the bark. Silence.

You swallow.

“Boo!” A young woman drops into your lap. Your mouth flies open, but no sound escapes.

She looks at you, blinking. A thick, red bob-cut frames curious eyes. A set of lean, transparent wings flutter behind a layered dress colored a warm brown.

She’s sitting on your lap and still must look up to see your eyes. Her hands, resting beside her legs, still fit on your lap. She kicks her feet against your hips.

A fairy. The first fairy you remember encountering this week.

Which, in retrospect, frazzles your mind. These forests are lousy with the pests. They frequently joined your attackers that first week. Where were they the past couple days?

Did Kagerou scare them off? How did Shizuha avoid them? Were Mystia or Wriggle involved?

“Hey, you said she’d scream!” You turn back to the fairy, who now looks off to your side. You crane your neck to find another one floating toward you with the weirdest bed-head you’ve ever seen. Her light blue hair’s perfectly smooth, but a mess of leaves sticks out from it.

Not to mention the yellow… horns? The yellow something extending from her scalp. And those yellow butterfly wings are the most ornate you’ve ever seen on a fairy’s back.

She floats across, from your right to your left, staring at you. Then she floats behind you, before returning to your right.

Then she frowns at the other fairy. “She would, if you’d done it right.”

“You just said I had to jump her.”

“You’re supposed to jump her bones.”

“What does that even mean?”

Another couple fairies float from above. One with round, stubby wings, a blue tutu and long purple hair, the other with swooping wings, a green leaf dress, and wild orange hair.

The purple one touches down and scampers over to your left. She pokes your cheek. “Hey guys, who’s she?”

The leaf-head scratches her cheek. “A human, duh.”

The purple one tilts her head. “I know that.” She pinches your cheek. “What kind of human? And why’s she all tied up?”

You glance up, straining to see through the canopy. You find the flashes barely popping above a dense portion of the canopy. Sighing, you look back down.

The orange one prances to your right. “Hey, hey. You’re the girl Eternity talks about, aren’t you?”

The leafy one nods. “What do you think?”

“Hm…” The orange one rubs your arm. “She’s just a human, isn’t she?”

Eternity steps beside your knees and leans down, gripping the edge of your dress’s slit.

You cough. “Excuse me, ladies. I mean girls. Fairies. Could you tell me your names?”

You glare at the insects behind them. A large fly rubs its antennae and buzzes off.

Eternity smiles. “Eternity Larva.” She points at the orange haired one. “Dawn River.” Then the purple one. “Twilight Raven.” Then the redhead. “Hearth Amber.”

You’re not entirely sure what those names mean, but the fairies look proud of them.

Hearth pokes your breast.

You frown. “Stop that.”

She tilts her head. “Why?”

“I don’t like being touched.”


Twilight lifts the slit of your dress and stares underneath. “You’ve got weird underpants.”

You clear your throat. “Please, put that down.”

Dawn slaps her hands down on your thigh. “Hey, Eternity. Do the thing!”

Your eyes whip to Eternity. “What thing?”

Eternity rubs her arm. “Aw, c’mon. It’s embarrassing.”

“What thing?”

Hearth smiles. “You’ll see.” She leaps backward, off your lap.

The three fairies stare Eternity down. “Do it. Do it. Do it.” They chant.

“Ugh, fine.” Eternity steals a glance back to you, then climbs up on your lap.

Your eyes flit between each fairy, before settling down on Eternity’s blushing face. “It’s nothing se-”

She hurls her face forward, crashing into your own.

Pain. You feel nothing but pain as your vision clears. Eternity cradles her own head.

Branches snap above you.

“Oooow.” She wails.

A body crashes into the forest floor beside you, scattering the fairies. Except Eternity, who staggers off your lap, still clutching her head. Then she floats away.

A head of short green hair with rumpled antennae and a black cape. Insects gathering around.

Wriggle lies face down in the dirt.

Youmu touches down beside her, whipping a wakizashi out as she marches around behind you.

Wriggle pulls herself onto her side. She spares only a glance to you before she glowers at Youmu behind you.

“You moved way too fast! You cheated! I demand a do-over.”

“W-what? I’d never cheat! I’m just fast. You should’ve known that.”

“No one’s that fast! You used someone else like last time, didn’t you?”

“No, I didn’t! Besides, she slowed me down!”

Your spine tingles as a blade lunges between your wrists, severing the rope around them. Without the lashing, the ropes fall right off, and you pull your hands back to your lap.

Youmu marches back in front, offering you a hand. You grab the book from behind you and let her pull you up, sighing in relief. She pats down your shoulders, then your sides. Wriggles glares up at you as Youmu pats down your hips and legs.

Youmu straightens up and rests a hand on your shoulder. “Time to depart.”

“Hey, don’t leave me! We’re not done yet! If you leave now, I swear I’ll find you and claim what’s mine!”

Youmu steps away, toward Wriggle. She unsheathes her full sword, lowering it toward Wriggle’s back. Her voice drops an octave. “Just try, insect. I dare you.”

They exchange glares. Then Wriggle slumps, defeated.

Youmu marches back to you, gesturing to the sky. “This way.” She lifts off. You follow.

Once you’re both a ways above the treeline, she breaks out into a silly grin.

“That was so cool. I was awesome back there, wasn’t I?”

Muffled, childish questions and giggles echo from the trees.

[ ] Enthusiastic yes.

[ ] She was okay.

[ ] Write-in.

Travel plan:

[ ] Straight to that sorceress’s estate.

[ ] Stop by the village.

[ ] You want a moment with Wriggle.

[ ] Write-in.

Votes end:

Time remaining: ::Timer ended at: 2019/03/14(Thu)20:00

>>No. 39615
[X] Enthusiastic yes.
[X] Straight to that sorceress’s estate.
>>No. 39622
[X] Enthusiastic yes.
[X] Straight to that sorceress’s estate.
Business first, debts must be repaid.
>>No. 39624
[X]No youmu, I can sense you're still holding back your true power. Next time, I want you to fight twice as hard.

[X] You want a moment with Wriggle.

For I have no mouth and I must bully. Also ask Wriggle to stop being a jerk.
>>No. 39625
College has gotten messy, so it looks like I'll need a few days to push through that before I can get back to writing.

I apologize for the delay. Hopefully it'll take less than a week.
>>No. 39626
[X] Enthusiastic yes.
[X] Straight to that sorceress’s estate.
Business first, debts must be repaid.
>>No. 39633
File 155450065353.jpg - (122.83KB, 650x917, proudyumu.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Enthusiastic yes.

[x] Straight to that sorceress’s estate.

You throw your arms around her, pulling her into a hug. “You were great. Thank you so much.”

“O-oh.” She chuckles, audibly embarrassed. She pushes you back.

Blushing, she gives you a firm nod. “You’re… you’re safe with me.” She clears her throat. “A-anyway, where did you want to go?”

You hold your book up, glancing through its binding. ‘Linking Compendium,’ it says.

“The Scarlet Devil Mansion. I need to return this.”

She swallows. “Very well. Let us depart.” She glances left and right, then swerves behind you and shoots forward. You roll, twisting around to follow.

You soar after her, pushing hard and straining to maintain direction through the crushing wind. A sea of trees, interspersed by thin roads, jets backward behind you.

But Youmu just flies further ahead.

You push yourself further, tilting under the air’s overwhelming weight, but only slow the rate at which Youmu gains on you.

She glances back, slowing on her own.

You relax, regaining control as you catch up. A beaming smile twitches on and off her face as she offers you a hand.

She pulls you close and takes off again. Sprawling forests give way to a wide lake coated in a thin fog. The distant sound of giggles and squeals rings through the air as small, scattered lights dance near the water’s surface.

More fairies. You nudge Youmu. She gives you a quick glance before veering off to the side. She keeps near the shoreline as she flies around, banking slowly toward a great red mansion in the distance.

Small lights rip out from the lake surface, hurtling toward you. In a moment of panic, you kick off away from Youmu, wobbling to avoid it as the next barrage fires. Small, muffles giggles and squeals float through the foggy air as you duck under the oncoming bullets.

Youmu grabs your wrist and rockets forward, soon clearing the mist to find a wide gate made of elaborate, flowing shapes in black iron. You see a manicured courtyard through the gate with trimmed rosebushes flanking a flagstone path.

The shots fade off as you descend. With cool grass under your feet, you glance back to the find a dearth of fairy fire. You turn back to the gate, hoping to see what intimidated them.

A tall, busty woman leans against the wall, her stark red mane descending to her knees with neatly-trimmed bangs blowing across her closed eyes.

You glance back, finding no hint of oncoming bullets. But as you return to the guard, you overhear hushed voices somewhere behind you.

Youmu walks close to the guard as you approach the gate. You poke at it, feeling some give. You push, pressing your body in to overcome the metal’s weight. It swings open without further resistance.

The voices creep closer. You spin around, finding only lapping waves and blurry, grey mist.

You step backward toward the gate. Youmu flicks her gaze to you and steps away from the guard.

You step behind the walls. Youmu moves to follow you.

The gatekeeper snatches her arm. Youmu freezes.

“You’re not invited.”

Her legs twitch. “I- I’m with her. I-I’m her guardian.” The sudden timidity in her voice catches you off guard.

The gatekeeper lets go and reaches her arms out, yawning as she stretches. She turns to face you, smiling. “Orders are orders. She can’t just enter the lady’s grounds.”

Youmu twists to face her, fingering her blades as she lowers her stance. “You mean to bar us entry?”

The gatekeeper waves, returning to Youmu. “No, no, no. She,” she points to you, “can enter. You can’t.”

The gatekeeper drops into a ready stance herself, fist readied.

Youmu grips the handle for her longer sword. “Very well.”

She lunges forward, narrowly missing as the guard leaps aside. Rainbow lights pelt into the ground as you take another couple steps back.

More lights appear over the lake as a new fairy, green-haired with a distinctive sideways ponytail, locks eyes with you from the mist.

Youmu and the guard have now moved away from the gate. Which allows her to just float forward.

You take a few more steps backward. She floats through the open gate.

You pause, holding your breath. She stops.

You slide one foot back. She floats forward.

You turn and leap into the air, hurtling yourself through the air, over orange flagstones, toward the front door.

You veer to the right to avoid a grand fountain, tiny droplets of water splashing you. You slow, twisting yourself around to reorient back left toward the mansion door, and launch forward again. As it approaches, you drop back to the ground, skidding across stone as you latch onto one handle.

Gripping tight, you drag the wide, heavy door back and duck inside. You take one last glance outside to the fairy racing forward. Twisting around the door, you shove it closed once more.

Fumbling at the handle, you find a bolt and shove it through its housing to seal the door shut.

You collapse, resting your tired, sweating body against the heavy oak.

Bright light from tall windows shine on the ground of hallways extending out to your right and left, with a semi-circle of wide, curving staircases up ahead. Despite a pair of tall, arched windows flanking the door behind you, little light reaches the plush red rug before you, which extends into a hallway running underneath the stairs.

Another rug graces the floor of each side hallway, atop a wide floor of black and white, marbled tiles. Tiles polished to a brilliant shine.

You turn around and lean forward, peeking out of the left window. The fairy floats away, wings drooping, as more lights burst and pop outside the walls. You’re safe.

Then small, squeaky whispers float on the air from behind you. You whip around, catching a flutter from the hallway above.

You extend one hand out, your chest warming and thrumming.

A hint of dark purple flashes through the very edge of your vision.

You flick your gaze from the side halls, to the passage under the stairs, to the horizontal hall above them.

A muffled whimper to your left. You lurch around, warming up a shot.


You step backward, flicking your gaze back to the upper hall.


You glance back at the window, now angled too severely to see the fight through.

It’s fine. She’ll win and have your back again. In the meantime, you need to…

“You’re the familiar, aren’t you?”

Air wheezes through your throat as force your body to move. Turning around, you find an aqua bowl-cut staring back at you, bangs too long and thick to see her eyes through. She seems rather tall for a fairy, but she’s got the usual gossamer wings.

She tugs at the rumpled sleeves of her French maid outfit. French maids. Was it a fairy that introduced you to that idea, or a youkai in the village?

At the light din of a thousand shuffles, you scan the room again to find numerous heads and wings poking out from the railing and nearby doors. All wearing the same sort of dress.

Not as neatly as the girl before you, though.

You take a deep breath, holding the book close to your chest. “I need to speak with Ms. Patchouli. Do you know where she is?”

A chorus of ‘ooh’s ripples through the crowding fairies.

“She’s in the library!”

“It’s up here and to the left!”

“No. under the stairs and to the right!”

“No, it’s down this hall and through the kitchen!”

A whack.

“That’s not where the kitchen is!”

That last two came from behind the stairs.

The fairy in front of you flicks her head to the peanut gallery above. “Shouldn’t we let, uh, Remi know first?”

“Shh! She’ll punish you if she hears you called her that.” A fairy with a black bun leans over the railing. “Besides, she’ll interrupt our fun.”

Fairies crowd the stairs and the side halls, but you don’t see any under the stairs. Quietly, you shift your feet and warm your core, readying yourself to sprint. If needed.

You clear your throat and put on the heaviest tone you have. “I’m only here for the library.”

Another chorus of ‘ooh’s follow, accompanied by scattered ‘ah’s.

A small body thuds into your back, dropping you to your knees. Then the stampede follows.

You hurl yourself to the side, sprinting for the door. A wall of fairies drops from the stairs, blocking your path. You spin around, finding yourself surrounded. Mixed clusters even hover in the air above you.

Someone pokes your thigh. You whip around, lighting up your hand and aiming it out. Small giggles erupt behind you as the fairies in front exchange glances. A year ago, you knew how to deal with these creatures. They were pushy, obnoxious, and everywhere. But they were also predictable. Kind of.

A fairy always liked sweets and wanted to make mischief. Horny fairies could be stunningly erratic.

A puff of air brushes your neck. You whirl back around.

Someone slaps your ass. You spin around again, firing a heart into the crowd. They dodge, a wave of eagerness rolling through them.

They’re just short of shooting at you now. Normally, that would be fine. Even you dealt with fairy bullets once or twice. But you have nowhere to dodge and no way to take them all out fast enough to clear a path.

There’s a yank on your dress and you feel the back of its skirt fluttering up, then back down over your ass.

There’s a high-pitched, squeaky wolf-whistle, accompanied by what sounds like stunned silence.

Your arms shake.

“That’s enough!” The bowl-cut shouts.

There’s a poke on your wrist. You twist to see the bowl cut pointing under the stairs. “Um, let’s go this-”

You feel a tug on the book. You grip it tight, but a second pair of hands joins in and together they rip it away from you.

“Hey! Give that back!” You turn and run after the offending fairies, only to get cut off by more crowding in front of you.

“What kind of panties are those?”

“Can I get some?”

“Are they weird like that in the front, too?”

The culprits disappear into a front hallway.

“Hey! What did you guys see?”

“Was it funny?”

“Was it hot?”

“It’s just a butth-”


The fairies freeze. Then scatter. Bowl-cut waits a moment, rubbing her arm across her lips, then chases after them.

You turn to see a stern look on a lithe frame. A French maid dress, like the fairies, but no wings, a shorter skirt, and an almost oppressive air of no nonsense. Choppy, silver hair frames clear blue eyes with a pair of slender braids draped before each ear.

The woman blinks out of existence, reappearing right in front of you. She looks you up and down.

“Naoko Honda, welcome to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.” She offers a curt, shallow bow.

You bow back, a bit deeper.

“This way.” She gestures to the left flight of stairs. You step toward them.

She guides you around and up them, her hand gliding along the banister. “You have business with Lady Patchouli, I believe.”

You sigh. “I did.”

She does not respond to that as you reach the top. Instead, she turns and guides around the wall and down the hall.

In silence, she walks down the hall, passing dozens of doors before she reaches the corner, with the hall continuing to the right. She opens a door, ushering you into a small room with an elegant but slender table framed in silver and surrounded by a deep sofa, curving almost all the way around it.

She gestures toward it and you sit down at the left end. She disappears again, reappearing in the middle of the sofa, sitting to your left.

“We’ll recover the book soon.”

“But what if the thieves run away?”

Her eyes narrow, a thin smile creeping across her chin. “They won’t. Even Evette knows not to interfere with the mistress’s friend.”


She giggles, warm and almost dainty. “I’m afraid not.” She pauses. “The book will be recovered long before it leaves the grounds.”

“That’s it?”

She smiles a soft, kind smile. “That’s it.”

You rub your shoulder. The silk of your gloves feels odd on your bare skin.

“What sort of a person is she, anyway? Patchouli, I mean.”

“She’s a magician. She has a tendency toward tunnel vision and all but obsesses over knowledge. She spends too much of her time reading. Personally,” she leans toward you, lowering her voice, “I suspect she assigned herself that surname.”


The woman blinks. “Knowledge.”


“I suggest you visit her soon. We may have the book, but she’s the sort to want things done as soon as possible.”

“I see.”

And just like that, she vanishes again.

You sigh, staring down at your cup of warm tea.

You pause, staring into the liquid’s surface. This… wasn’t here before, was it?

You raise it to your lips, taking a light sip before you set it back down.

Its bitterness reminds you of the tea your father liked to brew. Only Youta ever liked it.

Your breath shakes for a moment.

You lean back, taking in the room. No fairies jostle in or outside, as far as you can tell, and warm sunlight bathes the whole room.

You take another sip, savoring the memory, if not the taste.

You glance outside. No lights flash around the gate or the lake beyond anymore. Either the fight ended, or it moved further away.

“Your companion will arrive soon.”

You startle, spinning back to find the maid standing in the doorway.

She vanishes again.

You’re left gaping and wondering what the hell was going on.

She reappears. “I would suggest you see the mistress soon, as well. She prefers to meddle with the visitors before anything else.”

She disappears. Again.

Bullets go off, echoing through the hallway. Bursts and pops follow. A very distinctive kind of pop.

Fairies are ‘dying.’ Idly, you wonder if they’ll reappear with the aprons still on, or if those need to be replaced each time they return.

Does this place even use the same fairies, or just grab whichever ones wander in or spawn nearby?

Footsteps pound down the hallway toward you until, with a click, the door swings open. Youmu pants, sweating, as she steps inside.

When did the door even close?

You smile. “Welcome back.”

Youmu straightens back up, almost standing at attention before she slides into the sofa in front of you.

She drops her head back, letting out a frustrated groan before looking down at the table. She picks up her own cup of tea.

You have no idea when that one appeared, either.

She takes a long slurp, gulping as she sets it back down.

“I’ve never fought such ill-mannered fairies before.” She sighs, glaring at the cup. “Such tasteless, perverse cretins.”

You chuckle, a moment of genuine mirth and empathy warming your chest. “They’re just the worst, aren’t they?”

“Yea, yea.” Youmu raises her cup. You raise your own and she clinks them together.

You take a sip. A purple glow fills the room. Youmu tilts her head as you squint to keep your eyes from burning.

Then it all turns red. Sharp, stabbing pains race up your arms and down your spine. Your cup flies from your hands as your vision goes dark. Muscles twist and spasm, then freeze.

For a short, black moment, your throat seizes and you find yourself choking.

Then your vision returns and your collapse onto the table, muscles worn out. You blink, looking up into Youmu’s worried eyes. She sits straight up, each arm out and holding a cup. A light stain dirties her vest.

Tea, most likely. Probably from your cup.

“Are you alright?”

You groan, pulling yourself back up. “I’m fine, I’m…”

You look down, glowing red letters run up your arm, under the glove and your dress. Worried, you lean around the table and pull at the slit of your dress. More glowing letters adorn your thigh.

You don’t recognize the script, let alone the language. Something about all of this feels eerily familiar, though you struggle to remember why.

You look to Youmu. She sets the cups down.

There’s a knock on the door. Youmu twists around and stands. She opens the door, revealing the bowl-cut fairy from before.

The tall fairy bows. “Excuse me, but I…”

She stops, staring at your arms. “I can come back later, if this is a bad time.”

Youmu halts her. “What did you come for?”

She rubs her sides. “I talked to the troublemakers and I could get them to give you your book back, if you came with me.”

Youmu glances back.

“But you’d have to come alone!” She turns to Youmu. “You’d just scare them off. Sorry.”

[ ] Seek out the lord of the estate.

[ ] Seek out the magician.

[ ] Follow the fairy.

[ ] Write-in.

Time remaining: ::Timer ended at: 2019/04/09(Tue)20:00

>>No. 39635
[X] Seek out the lord of the estate.
dont trust those fairys at all
>>No. 39639
[X] Follow the fairy.

Can't just steal someone's book like that.
>>No. 39642
[X] Seek out the lord of the estate.

We can complain about how her maid staff stole our book.
>>No. 39644
[X] Seek out the lord of the estate.
>>No. 39645
[X] Seek out the lord of the estate.
>>No. 39661
File 155578241872.png - (695.64KB, 700x743, remigrin.png) [iqdb]
[x] Seek out the lord of the estate.

You wave the fairy off. “I appreciate the offer, but I need to see someone else first.”

She sags, wings drooping. “Okay.”

Dejected, she floats away.

Youmu stands and, straightening her skirt, marches through the door. “Let us see this magician at once.”

“Mistress, actually.”

Youmu’s head tilts. “Mistress?” Her face turns pink. “Oh- oh my. I didn’t realize you were married, much less that…”

You shake your head, your skin heating up. “No, no. The mansion’s mistress.”

“Why would it…” Youmu flinches, then sighs. “Yes, I see.” She clears her throat, turning to give you a quick bow. “My apologies.” She straightens up and turns back. “Let us see her at once.”

You walk up beside her and continue the hall. Her brow furrows, sticking to your left.

“Would she prefer to lounge on the top floor? Or would she, as a vampire, spend her time in the basement?”

A vampire. That’s right, this was Remilia’s estate. And it’s her mage that you’re… bound to?

A door creaks behind you. You glance back just as it slams shut.

You lean down, rubbing your chin. “Remilia, Remilia, Remilia.” You frown. “What was she like?”

“A proud, eccentric maiden. As a noblewoman should be.”

You jump, finding that maid to your right.

“Do you… need us for something?”

She smiles. “I’m afraid you’re going in the wrong direction.”

You stop. Youmu stops a step later.

“This way.”

She gestures back toward the room you left. You glance to Youmu, finding her focused solely on the maid, then shrug and turn around.

You walk back, studying the architecture. Red velvet carpets and marble walls decorated in little more than lit candles. It almost shocks you how much darker these hallways are compared to the entryway.

She indicates an intersection you’d passed, so you turn into it. Oak doors line some of these walls, but little else stands out.

Something tugs on your dress. You whip around just as something thunks into the wall.

“Oh, come on! I just wanna see what they saw!”

You find a fairy with deep blue bushy hair reaching toward you, held to the wall by a knife impaled through her sleeve.

The maid turns her nose and continues down the hall. “This way, Naoko.”

You follow her, shooting nervous glances back. The taller maid holds firm, face impassive. The smaller one sticks her tongue out, sneering.

You walk closer to Youmu this time. Wait… “Did I tell you my name?”

“You did not.”


“The news.”

You shoot the maid a cautious, quizzical glance.

“The mistress read your story this past evening. She then learned of your entanglement with our magician.”

Of course. Those tengu work fast. Or just Aya.

It would be nice if it’s just Aya.

“I’m Sakuya.”

A parade of doors passes as Sakuya turns down another intersection.

“I’m Youmu.”

“Pleased to meet you, Ms. Konpaku.”

Youmu clams up.

“Does Remilia want anything specific from me?”

“I doubt she’s decided on anything yet. I recommend you not linger too long, however. I am, after all, obligated to see through any idea she comes up with.”

“Is there a way to…”

You pause, blinking. These hallways look mostly the same, but you could swear they moved. You turn, finding an elaborate door before you.

“Good luck.”

You whip back to see…

The another, simpler door on a different wall. Spinning around, you find yourself on a balcony, tucked into a nook in the outer walls, with a wide canopy overhead. Well-lit gardens extend out below you, but the walls and roof keep this balcony dark.

A very petite young woman sits at a slender, intricate silver table, sipping from a small cup, opposite you. She wears a frilly pink dress with red lace and a matching cap. The shadowed silhouette of her long, bat-like wings cuts through the sunlit sky behind.

She sets the cup on a matching plate in her left hand. “Please, sit.” She takes another sip.

You step forward, pulling out the seat to your left.

Her wavy, lavender hair rustles in a quiet breeze. One that barely grazes your left side.

You sit down and pull the chair in as Youmu settles in across from you.

“Lady Remilia?”

The young lady looks up, blinking. Even sitting, she’s noticeably shorter than you.

She glances to Youmu first, and then to you.

Her eyes fly open.

“My, my, my, my. Wherever did you get those?”

You glance down just as her hand slides across your glowing shoulder.

“Here, I think.”

She glances up, brows slanted. “Don’t be absurd. Patchy’s work looks nothing like this.”


“Then again… who else would write their bindings in such an uncivilized language?”

“You know what it is?”

She gives you a crooked grin. “Why, of course.”

You wait a moment. Still grinning, she folds her hands across her chest.

You groan. “Could you tell me? They’re written all over.”

“Oh, I can see that.”

Another moment of silence.

You shake your head. “Nevermind. Your maids attacked us.”

She waves her hand. “They’re fairies, they always do that.”

You clear your throat. “They also looked up my skirt.”

Youmu nods, frowning. “They insulted my choice of undergarment.”

“Oh?” Remilia turns to Youmu.

Youmu glances back to the door. “It is as I said.”

A silence hangs over the table. Youmu swallows, unwilling to continue.

“They stole a book your magician needs.”

Remilia sighs and snaps her finger. Sakuya appears beside her, leaning down.

As they whisper to each other, you poke at your glove.

Remilia claps her hands and Sakuya disappears.

A burning, dripping heat bursts to life, rising from your crotch. You gasp, tremors racing through your spine. You fall, propping yourself on your elbows as your breath heaves. “Wha- di- did you… d-d…o?”

You swallow. Youmu leaps out of her chair, hand on one hilt.

Remilia scoffs. “What nonsense. Why would I harass a guest? Perhaps you should…” She stares at your bust. “I think someone forgot to wear something.”

You feel the fabric strain against your swollen nipples. Small beads of moisture drip from your slowly parting slit to your chair. You clench your legs together.

“How long do you think it will take?”

You glance up.

“For me to fall under your spell, of course. I’ve heard such exciting stories.” She raises the cup back to her lips. “A werewolf, hooked on the spot? You must be quite potent. But then, the tsukumogami took longer, didn’t she? Perhaps you could stay a few days? You know, just to make certain.”

“Perhaps,” she pokes at one of your protruding nipples, “We could…”

Youmu draws her full sword, pointing it toward Remilia. “Unhand her.”

Remilia frowns. The sword disappears, reappearing in the vampire’s hands. Grabbing it by the flat of the blade, she offers it back.

“Have you ever heard of the magic word?”

You gulp, a wave of need rolling through you as the first drop of sweat trickles down your brow.

Youmu glares, reaching for the offered sword. “I have not.”

Remilia pulls it back. “I suppose not. It’s ‘please.’”

You groan, leaning back and rubbing your thighs together.

Youmu blinks. “I don’t understand.”

Remilia lets out a longsuffering sigh. “It means that if you want something, you should say ‘please’ first.” She grabs your left breast. You hiss at her frustrating touch. “Let’s try this again, shall we?”

Youmu unsheathes the second blade, only for it to vanish as well.

Sakuya appears behind Remilia, draping the stolen sword across her spread palms.

Remilia gives you a squeeze. “Wrong again. What was that word again?”

You drop your hands, sinking your weight into Remilia’s cupped palm as you reach down, rubbing your thighs to keep them off and out of your pussy.

Youmu grinds her teeth. “…Please.”

“Very well.” Remilia lets go of your tit and extends the sword again. Youmu snatches it out of her hand.

You collapse to the table, drool falling from shaking lips.

She then retrieves the smaller one from Sakuya and sheathes both.

You squeeze down on your legs to keep your hands still.

Youmu rushes to your side, pushing your chair out to rub your side.

“Are you alright?”

The heat ebbs, just slightly.

“I-I’m f…fine.”

Your lift your shaking hands to the table, clubbing them across it twice before you find purchase and plant them down to push yourself up.

“Milady, perhaps now would be a good time to wrap your date up.”

Remilia turns to Sakuya, frowning. “Mind your own business.”

“Of course, Milday.” A glance passes between them. Like a shared secret or an inside joke.

Remilia then turns to you.

“Apologies, I’m afraid I may have gotten a little carried away.” Her frown shifts to a faint smile. “So, what do you think of Patchy?”

Your knees buckle. Youmu grabs you, draping one of your arms across her shoulder and heaving you back up.

You wipe drool from your lips. “Like I… said, we’ve b-arely spoken.”

Remilia sets the cup and plate on the table and leans back, stretching. “How sad. If you want to remain bound to her, I could have you set up by nightfall.”

“Why would I want that?”

Her smile breaks into a devious grin. “Isn’t it obvious?”

You swallow, chest shaking. “No?”

She leans back, folding her arms. “Do you already have a master, then?”

“No. I don’t. Why do you keep-”

“And how’s that worked out for you?”

Your hairs prick, skin cooling. “What are you saying?”

She shakes her head, still grinning. “It’s too late, you know. The paper’s been printed. They know what you are. What you can do.”

“I can’t do anything! I just make people attack me.”

“Sakuya, head count.”

“Nine fairies, Milday.”

“Really?” Remilia’s eyes narrow. “You’re quite something, Naoko. Tell me, what could you make those fairies do?”

You take a faltering breath, swallowing again. A familiar, sticky fluid trails down one leg. “What fairies?”

“The one’s of my household you’ve charmed.”

You blink, lips twitching. “I can’t make them do a damn thing.”

“Even if you offered them something… juicy?”

Your hips twitch as Youmu’s grip shifts. The feel of her slender frame against your side makes them quiver. You shake your head, trying to focus. You did persuade Mystia to hold off for a little while. Could you do more, if you were willing to… “I wouldn’t.”

“Oh, you would.” Remilia leans forward, propping herself on her forearm. “Ever been tortured?”

You lean into Youmu, sweating. “What are you saying?”

She groans, pulling back. “I’m saying that the Buddhists, the Taoists, the mountain gods, the major exterminators, even the damn lunarians, all know about you. Now,” she places a hand across her chest, “I’m happy to keep you away from the rack, the stocks, the gibbet, bronze bull, iron maiden, and dunking chair. But the other players?”

She holds her palms up, shaking her head again. “Well, I don’t know what sort of degeneracy you’d been roped into, but it won’t get better while you’re… up for grabs.”

She scoots her chair back and stands up. “Think about it. Patchi, myself, or my sister. I’ll bind you to any one of us if you want. I merely suggest you find a master soon. Before some ambitious bigshot or scoundrel chooses to…”

She twists around the table, lurching forward with hands curled into claws. “Pounce.”

Youmu flinches, her grip shaking. You wince.

Remilia sighs and strides past you, under your shoulder. “Sakuya, see them to… wherever. I’m going to sleep.”

A tingle travels up your gut from your warm, wet crotch. What the hell…?

Patchouli, Remilia, or her sister. That was…


“Don’t mind the mistress overly much. She has a penchant for the dramatic.”

Remilia pauses, halfway through the door. She glances back. “I might even get to ensure you serve someone else, just not for free.” She then leaves, closing the door behind her.

Sakuya clears her throat. “I would recommend that you address your… ‘excitement’ soon. Especially if you wish to avoid the maids’ attentions.”

You glance down, past your own hardened nipples, to find a faint dark spot on your dress.

[ ] See Patchouli.

[ ] Find an empty room.

[ ] Ask Sakuya for help.

[ ] Visit the fairies.

[ ] Write-in.

Time remaining: ::Timer ended at: 2019/04/24(Wed)20:00

>>No. 39664
Quick heads-up that there's less than 24 hours left on the timer. I'm willing to overlook some late votes, though I cannot promise if or where they'll be cut off afterward.
>>No. 39665
[x] Ask Sakuya for help.
Professional help.
>>No. 39666
[X] Ask Sakuya for help.
>>No. 39667
[X] Visit the fairies.
>>No. 39668
[X] Visit the fairies.

Can't just steal people's books.
>>No. 39669
[X] Ask Sakuya for help.

Breaking the tie.
>>No. 39670

>>No. 39678
File 155689632119.jpg - (159.92KB, 700x955, sakupan.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Ask Sakuya for help.

You bite your lip. A pit settles in your stomach at exposing yourself like this, but… but you need to, to think straight around, well, this ‘master.’ Focus. You need focus. And you don’t, don’t trust yourself here.

Not alone. Damn fairies.

“Can you h…” you gulp, “help me?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Just…” You take a breath, gut heaving. “Please, get me off.”

You catch a glimpse of Youmu’s face as she turns scarlet. You wince, praying Yuyuko won’t kill you for this. “I… I can’t think, uh, straight.”

Sakuya maintains a steady, neutral stare. “I’m sure you can handle it yourself. I may provide a quiet room and a set of…”

“No!” You clap your hands over your mouth at your outburst. Thinking fast, if in a million directions, body shaking, you continue. “Please, I… need. I-I need, help. I don’t,” your lip trembles, “I can’t do it… alone. Not here.”

Sakuya’s gaze softens. “Very well.” She snaps her fingers.

The door opens again, revealing a timid fairy with curly blond hair. “Margaret, see Ms. Konpaku here to the library, please.”

The fairy salutes. “Yes, ma’am!”

“Excellent.” Sakuya turns to you, a glint in her eye.

Youmu scrutinizes you and Sakuya as the fairy pushes her inside.

Sakuya steps forward after them, holding the door open for you.

You step through, breathing hard as you cast a smiling glance backward. “Thanks.”

She sighs, responding with a minute shake of her head. She points to a door directly to your right. “In there.”

Nodding, you wrap trembling hands around the knob and open the door. You find a tiny cubby with brooms and mobs stacked into the corners. An empty bucket sits just inside.

In a flash, the brooms, mops, and other tools vanish, replaced by a single, plain stool set against the far wall.


You glance back again. Sakuya’s face has returned mostly to its familiar neutrality, though with a distinct hint of a smile this time. You turn and sit down, facing her.

She steps inside, turning to close the door behind her. Darkness falls, punging the room into… a deep red. The scarlet light from your body casts a dim glow over Sakuya and the walls behind her.

She looks you up and down, one of her legs positioned between your own, even as her back rests against the door.


Your eyes jump to hers, widening. Your breath catches.

She sighs, and a gust of wind hits your bare belly.

You look down to find your swollen nipples on display, framed by the slitted bra, and your leaking pussy beneath them with its own lacy outlines. Sakuya holds your dress for only a second before it simply disappears.

Your legs shake, your breath trembles. Sweat coats your skin.

“At least you’ll make this easy for me.”

You find yourself wrapping one silk-sheathed hand around your bust while the other plants itself before your crotch.

She leans in, cupping your cheek. She looks down at your exposed pussy. You blink. Your hands now rest behind your legs.

“I’ll have to clean that up, you know.”

You stare back at Sakuya, questioning.

She slides her hands around your breasts, ignoring your gaze.

“So, this is how a ‘woman’ feels. I’m not sure what to think.”

She rubs them, grinding her hands across their underside, palms sliding up until they grind across your nipples.

She rotates her hands up and squeezes, pinching the token fabric of your ‘bra’ between them as her fingers sink into your flesh.

You shudder. She withdraws her hand from your right breast, sliding it down your bare stomach.

“You know, I’m sure there’re better ways to find a lover than such tawdry undergarments.”

“Not… not my-ulp!”

A finger grazes your hood.

“You really will make this easy for me, won’t you?”

Her eyes narrow, pinching your left nipple between the base of her middle and ring fingers. She drums her fingers over your hood, dragging staccato breaths from your throat.

She presses her hand flat to your mound, sliding it down the outside, deep between your legs.

You let out a whine as she drags it back up to your navel.

She slides it down again, now pressing it into your flesh. Your body trembles, hot and wet.

She drags it back up. You hiss, sweat dripping.

She rubs your mount up and down, pushing, pressing.

You gulp, arms locking to keep yourself upright. Your legs slide apart, exposing yourself to her as fully as you can.

It takes only a raised eyebrow for your head to flick away, unwilling to see what she thinks of your obscene display.

A slender finger slips inside you. Involuntarily, you clench down, squeezing it for all it’s worth.

It’s not enough. Not even close.

Groaning, you thrust your chest out and your crotch forward, even as she pulls out.

You sigh, squirming.

A moist, sticky finger touches your lips.

An unfocused question flits through your mind only a moment before your mouth parts, latching down on her offering. You drink down your own juice from the finger. Your face burns harder, but you can’t take it anymore.

Anything to keep her inside you.

Your lips part, no longer tasting yourself on her finger.

Two fingers now slip inside, dragging a low moan from your throat.

They push in through your clenching cunt, sinking in to their bases.

You moan again, panting as she drags them back out. A strand of drool slides down your chin as your chest pounds.

Again, the fingers graze your lips. Again, you suck them in.

She pushes them from side to side, stretching your cheeks and forcing your tongue to follow. You don’t care. You just drink your juices off and let them go.

“So eager. What would the mistress think if she saw you here?”

You gulp, hissing as her fingers return to part your slit. You spare a glance back to her, finding her face lowered to your crotch, where she’s parted you wide open.

You shut your eyes and bite your lip.

Her fingers slide in once more, three of them twisting through your tight cunt. Your body locks up for just a second, a desperate mix of pleasure and need rolling through you.

She pulls the fingers back. You inhale, shivering.

She thrusts them in, knocking the air from your lungs.

Your legs stretch out as the tremor hits. You lift a hand to your mouth and bite down on your thumb as she finger-fucks you.

You yelp.

Waves of pleasure roll through your quaking body, only to be diminished by an ever-growing sense of raw, overwhelming need.

Sakuya’s fingers now pound you hard enough to hurt, but it’s not enough.

Taking a shaking breath, you open your mouth.


Sakuya pauses, ripping her fingers out.

All but choking on frustration, you glance forward.

She scowls.

A faint, fuzzy sensation spreads through your body. Then something hits you, like a great brick to the gut.

You topple forward, body convulsing. Your body burns in desperate lust, pleasure flickering through it in irregular waves. Sakuya catches you, holding you to her body as saliva drips from your limp lips.

“Finally, you’re done.”

You can’t speak, you can barely move. The growing hunger drowns your mind, overwhelming all other sensations.

The smooth texture of Sakuya’s shirt and the shape of her breasts press into you. Her lithe arms, her firm thighs. The rustic scent of her hair and the sour aroma of her sweaty neck.

More. You need so much more.

Your lips flounder, flailing, trying to form any coherent sound. To express your desire. Your dissatisfaction.

Sakuya holds you, hands wrapped around your waist, casting a faint shadow on the crimson door behind her.

Your hips and pussy ache, sweat drenches your skin and underwear, seeping into your gloves and boots.

Sakuya clicks her tongue. “You’re not done, are you?”

Trembling, you manage a minute shake of your head.

Sighing, she slides a hand down your right side, cupping your ass cheek.

On your left, she slides her fingers back inside your slit, pumping immediately. Slavering down her fingers, your needy cunt clenches hard. But, despite the tingles and the warm, shivering waves that ride up your spine, it’s not enough.

Your body just cries out for more.

She pushes you to the side, pressing to the wall.

She shoves her fingers back inside, thrusting them in and out.

In and out.

In and out.

Your hips quake, your body jerks. Sweat pours, juices drip. Every now and then, spittle escapes through quiet, needy gasps.

She pulls you back, dropping your ass back on the slick, sticky surface of the wooden stool.

You stare back up, stunned, bleary. She glares back down.

She drops her hands behind your hips and leans forward, planting a kiss on your left nipple.

Then bites down, digging her teeth into the tender flesh.

You cry out, more a ragged, halting whimper than a scream.

She pushes all five fingers inside, twisting them through your sopping slit.

They’re back outside in an instant, leaving your aching pussy.

Another wave of desire ripples through you, drowning out any pleasure she would have bestowed.

The hand jerks to one side as another wave hits.

Then another. You moan, loud and hungry, as the next hits.

Then all goes black.

The desire, the soreness, those remain. And yet your mind clears, however slightly.

A small, red light ignites in the darkness, growing into a humanoid shape before you.

A naked, feminine shape.

It resolves into a woman, with dark, shoulder-length hair and an average bust. About your height, about your shape.

Wearing your face. Except with a pair of irises that glow bright red.

“For the wolf, you were just a scapegoat, weren’t you?” She even uses your voice.

You lick your lips, still shivering. “What are you?”

“And the umbrella, she had eyes only for your ass.” The figure steps forward, breathing down your face.

“The bug queen just needed a slave. The bird couldn’t keep it her pants for more than a minute.”

You clear your throat. “What do you want?”

“The other bird, she was no better. The goddess, like all the rest, was pitifully weak.”

The woman lifts her left leg over your lap, then the right. Straddling you, she runs her fingers over your breasts. “You want release, don’t you?”

“What are you-”

She presses her lips to yours. Images flash through your head of that night. Of Ko… ko… of that beast. And moreso, of Ayame. Of how close she’d come to…

The woman wearing your skin pulls back, licking her lips.

“You want to cum, but her touch, now ignited, won’t let you.”

“What touch?”

“The one you wear, dummy. If you want to think straight ever again, I’m afraid you’ll need to return to your true master. Not these weak, spineless wannabes.”

“I don’t need a master.”

“Of course, you don’t. You already have one. And she misses you.”

“I don’t have one either.”

“Tell yourself that, if you must,” she hops back off, giving your bare pussy a playful smack, “but come back to her before you go insane.”

You just stare, baffled.

She slides a hand behind your head, pulling you in. She presses her lips to yours once more, rolling her head from side to side before she pulls back again.

“Don’t worry. She’ll make it all right again. Before you know it, you’ll find ecstasy at her feet.”

She evaporates into shadow, bringing the room back to its familiar dull red. The dull red of your much brighter markings.

Your body aches and shivers. It burns in a painful mix of need and exhaustion.

Sakuya looks over you, frowning. “I ought to just take you to Patchouli.”

Something bothers you about the vision, something missing. Precisely what, your mind’s too fried to interpret.

[ ] Go to Patchouli.

 [ ] To dispel the markings.

 [ ] To speak of this ‘Master.’

[ ] Find Youmu.

[ ] Call for Remilia.

[ ] Write-in.

Time remaining: ::Timer ended at: 2019/05/06(Mon)20:00

>>No. 39679
[ ] Go to Patchouli.
[ ] To speak of this ‘Master.’
Remi want's so set us up with a master, but if someone else is claiming to already to own us that might not go over well... knowledge is power at this point, and she just might know something to help
>>No. 39680
We're down once more to less than 24 hours on the timer.

If you want to be sure I'll count your vote, I recommend you place it before then.
>>No. 39681
Ooooooh wait wait, I totally got a good idea.

[X] Ask Sakuya to help discipline those naughty fairies who stole your book.
>>No. 39682
[x] Go to Patchouli.
-[x] To speak of this ‘Master.’

I should think we would be able to do this and dispel the markings, but if we can only do one then this Master thing might be more important.
>>No. 39686
File 155777631214.jpg - (115.08KB, 800x450, shadowpatch.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Go to Patchouli.
 [x] To speak of this ‘Master.’

You wait a moment, pressing your shaking hands to your thighs. The heat of your skin and the quaking of your body drag on, ebbing too slow to think.

Not trusting your vocal chords, you simply nod.

“Very well.” Sakuya leans against the door, slipping her index and middle fingers between her lips.

You’re still too warm, but you find your motor control incrementally improved. Small tremors still plague your limbs, core, and lungs. Your pussy still aches, its emptiness gnawing at your mind.

Why hasn’t Sakuya moved yet? Why haven’t you?

Sakuya twists the fingers in her mouth, savoring them. She pops them out, moving on to lick her ring finger, then her pinky. The sight only flares the dripping heat inside you.

She drags her tongue out as she brings her thumb to it, bringing a cramped, eager tingle to your body.

A half-formed question tumbles from your lips. “How do I taste?”

You snap your mouth shut the moment those words escape, yet you steal furtive glances toward Sakuya’s cool gaze, hopeful.

She shakes her head. “Dif-”

“That sounded strange. I just… I mean…” Why did you ask that question?

Sakuya sighs and stares at you. “Salty. That was the taste.”

Your eyes drop to your knees and the glowing red marks plastered across your skin. You hiss, rolling your butt on your wooden stool.

You glance back up. “Say, you didn’t see anyone else here, did you?”

“I’m afraid not.”

“I see.” You wince and place your hands on your knees, pushing your breasts between your arms. “She said I had a ‘master.’”

“That would be Ms. Knowledge.”

You open your eyes. Sakuya holds a towel between her hands.

You shiver. “This master wanted me back. I don’t think she…”

Sakuya pulls you up. Your knees shake but manage to support your weight. The sweat disappears from your skin, alongside Sakuya’s towel.

You flash her an awkward smile. “Thank you. Could you point me to my dress before-”


“-you send me…” you glance around, finding towering bookshelves at every side, “…here.”

Sakuya’s gone. In front of you, you find a table with two stacks of books on either side and a giant tome lying open in the center. Behind it, a woman in a pale nightdress stares you down, her eyes wide and her face scarlet.

Dark purple hair descends from a poofy cap with a shining crescent.

She drags to book to her face. “Make yourself decent, please.”

You cross your legs as your arms fly to cover yourself, your left arm across your nipples and your right hand planted firm between your thighs. Face burning, you crouch down. “I would if I could.”

A tense, quiet moment passes. You speak up.

“Perhaps you have a dress I could borrow?”

You peek up at her. She lowers the book. “No.”

She frowns, stern but not angry, still reading her book. Whatever title it has, it’s not Japanese. Her gaze makes your nipples hard.

With a thump, she drops the book on her desk and leans over it, narrowing her eyes.

You catch a short, subtle jiggle in her chest as she does so.

“Stand up.”

You raise yourself back up on shaking knees, arms still pressed to your bare skin.

She curls her finger, beckoning you toward her.

You take three steps forward. She barely leans back as you stop, your legs a hair’s breadth from touching the desk.

You swallow excess saliva down your throat. You can’t help but notice the faint hints at this woman’s figure that her dress offers.

The gentle, flowing folds hide most of her physique, but the gentle curve of her shoulders, her hips, and her full, hefty breasts beckon you.

Her lips, too. They…

“German.” She mutters, groaning. “Why?”

The palm across your crotch grows moist.

“What’s German?”

She clears her audibly wet throat. “A language from western Europe.” She squints at your belly.

“Where is Europe? Is it a country?”

She blinks. “Not an outsider, are you?”

You’d scratch your cheek if your hands weren’t so damn busy. Your thighs twitch.

“My family here goes as far back as anyone remembers. That’s not a problem, is it?”

She drums a hand on the desk. “An inconvenience, but it simplifies other things.” She glances at the stack of books to your right. “It’s a continent to the north and the far, far west. It’s where I come from.”

“Did the Europeans write these things? Did they put this spell on me?”

“Don’t know. I was never the social type.” She frowns. “Why?”

“I saw a vision.” You pause, debating how much you dare to share. “Someone thinks I have a master, who I need to see.”

She massages her throat. “Another master? That might explain the interference.”


Patchouli flicks her fingers.

You see a violet flash, a split-second before it burns red. Your body freezes, limbs locking together.

Then you’re released, staggering a step back and dropping to your knees. You let go of your breasts to grab the edge of the desk.

“The enchantment did that. But why?”

You get yourself back on your feet and plant your arm once more across your nipples. Patchouli’s lips look delicious.

“Naoko. When did you get it?”

“Just an hour or so ago. When the purple flash…”

“The summoning. It must have been there before. Dormant. To what end…” Patchouli leans back. “We need to remove it. As to how…” she glances at your arms. The ones filled with nothing but your virtually naked flesh.

You frown. “I lost the book to the maids. Sorry.”

She narrows one eye, only for a cough to interrupt her gaze. “Remilia will hear about this.”

“She already has.”

“She’ll hear about it again. Not that it matters.” Patchouli leans forward, rubbing her forehead. “This interferes with our connection. I can’t sever it until those words vanish.”

Patchouli snaps her fingers. “I’ll break it.”

“What about the master?”

“What about him?”

“I need to know who it is.”

Patchouli waves her hand. The top five books rise into the air from the stack to your left. Patchouli pulls the one beneath them out, then they fall back down. Patchouli slams it down atop the one she had out before, then pulls it open. “Fine, I’ll see what I can glean from its construction.” She scans through it, flipping pages. “Circles, circles, circles. Summoning. Cursing. Enslaving-”

“Enslaving?” Your spine tingles, your body shakes.

“Not applicable. No, no, not that one. There.”

“Did someone call me?”

A tall, lanky woman floats in from the left, long and straight red hair flowing behind her. Small bat wings flutter on her back and the crown of her head. She takes one look at you and zips forward.

You turn to face her, staggering backward as she approaches. Her pouting lips slip into a grin. “Oh, how could you, Patchi? How could you hide such a fun-”

“Quiet, Koa.”

“Oh, how cruel~”

“I said quiet. We’re making a circle.”

­“Ooh… are we binding her?”

Patchouli coughs, trying to stare Koa down even as she does so. “She’s,” she clears her throat again, “the familiar. Get behind her. Now.”

Koa floats away again, showing you a cute butt in a tight skirt as she twists around. Your hands grow heavy, still clinging to your precious privates.

Koa’s footsteps tap across the wood behind you. “Don’t move now. I’d hate to make a mess.”

You smile, nervous, glancing to Patchouli. She nods.

Koa claps her hands.

“All yours, master.”

Patchouli sighs and lifts a hand. The ground beneath you glows a deep blue. “Earth, Moon.”

Koa whispers into your ears. “Nice ass, by the way.”

You lift just off the ground. A mystic force tugs at your arms, prying them away from your skin.

You resist, clinging to your breasts and your crotch, but the magic soon overpowers you and drags them up, baring you before Patchouli.

Footsteps pound their way toward you.

“Wretched maids! I’ll slice them when-”

Youmu stammers, incoherent, somewhere to your right.

A tiny, choked whine slips from your lungs. “Close your eyes!”

“Yes, of course!”

Koa smiles.

You strain your head, finding Youmu’s hands clasped tight over her eyes.

“I witnessed nothing of your precious hood or pubic hairs, Ms. Naoko. Nor do I have any thought as to the color or texture of your areola. Or how hard your nipples may or may not be.”

“Thank… you?”

“Think nothing of it.”

Koa snickers. “They’re pink, by the way.”

An electrical jolt runs down your spine, burning red into the room around you and sending spasms through your chest and stomach.

The red fades as another jolt runs back up. Your throat catches.

The red returns, but only for second before it vanishes.


“What are you doing?”

“Testing. Oh?” She stares at you. “Speak.”

Your head tingles. “What slut I s…” You flex your hands, working your jaw. “Again? Whore’d you do?”

Youmu gasps. “Ms. Naoko! How could you-”

“Not her.”

Youmu turns to Patchouli.

“A side-effect of the enchantment. Dormant, like…”

The tingling fades. Then a it feels as if you catch fire, a blistering heat erupting from your heart to sear your skin and scorch your bones. You part your lips to scream, but no sound escapes.

Beneath the smothering heat, your gut pounds out a steady beat of warm, wet desire.

You cough and sputter, legs shaking. Your heart pounds. Drool drips from your filling mouth, casting trails against your naked bust and belly.

You swallow, trying to keep it in. Your pussy moistens.

Searing heat radiates from your skin, choking your gut and pounding through your head.

“H-he…” “el…” “ll…” You gasp between each failed attempt.

Then the heat fades and the choking pressure dissipates. You swallow the last of the excess spit, panting.

Your pussy still aches for attention.

Then the heat returns, blossoming from your chest. Red lights stain the library as your muscles lock and your eyes open. Tingles race up and down your spine. Your arms twist, your lungs burn. Your pussy clenches.

Your muscles flex.

Then it all goes black.

You find yourself lying on hard, polished wood, your arms sprawled out before you. Youmu’s feet stand before you.

Red light fades off the bookshelves in the distance. Your whole body aches.

“Naoko Honda. Human farmer. Power: Sufficient to appeal to Youkai.”

“Huh, wha…” You shut your mouth to ease a dry, rasping throat.

“Oh, that? She just read your tits.”

“I read her chest, Koa.” You hear Patchouli cough above you. “These symbols describe you, it seems. Your capabilities, demeanor, and habitat. All in German, except your tongue.”

You lick your lips and stick your tongue out, trying to see it.

“It’s a hieroglyph.”


“Ancient Egyptian writing.”

You groan, bringing your aching arms to your aching stomach. “Egyptian?”

“It’s south of Europe. These two languages don’t belong together.”

“Hey, master, look at this!”

“Hmm?” Patchouli steps around you. Her eyes widen. “What? No!”

You look up to find her crouched over you.

“What is it?”

You glance down your body to find the words fading.

“Koa, hold her down.”

“On it, master.”

A pair of hands presses into your exposed side.

A sharp, stinging sensations hits your sternum, then fades away.

You lie there, silence falling over the library.

Patchouli grumbles. “How did this happen?”

The hands ease off you. “That’s awfully sensitive of it, isn’t it?”

Someone steps away from you. “The enchantment’s buried itself deeper. It could’ve signaled the enchanter, too.”

“Let him come. I’ll cut him in two.”

“Hold your blade.” Pachouli rasps. “I need him to release the spell first. You lot may decide what to do with him afterward.

Your throat aches but you push it open again. “Please, don’t let her take me.” Something about this all feels familiar. Disgustingly familiar.

Either way, given your track record, this won’t be a man.

You angle your head upward, finding the barest hint at Youmu’s choice of underwear. A soft mint color. You could surely lubricate your sore throat with her juices, couldn’t you?

“Fight him if you must, just wait ‘till the enchantment’s off. And keep it outside the library.”

“Surely you mean outside the estate, Ms. Knowledge. The lady’s asleep, after all.”

Sakuya. She’s somewhere behind you. How would she taste? Your pussy tingles, remembering her touch.

“You’re the chief, shouldn’t you wake her for events like these?”

“Interrupt her beauty sleep? How could I possibly do that?”

“Do you want to please her or not?”

“Of course, it’s what I live for. What would please her most is a good day’s sleep.”

Patchouli grunts.

Another pair of feet pounds toward you, accompanied by the wild clamor of small bells.

“Help, help! Where’s Remilia?”

“Asleep, Ms. Motoori. What’s the matter?”

“It’s Akyuu. Help,” she gasps, sucking air, “she’s, she’s…”

“Take your time, young lady.”

“She’s not possessed anymore!”

The Book. The Black Book. Shizuha.

You wheeze. “Thank goodness.”

“No! Not good! She got possessed on purpose! Now the book’s loose again!”

“Please, Ms. Motoori, calm down.”

Youmu’s feet shift. “A book, is it? What are its intentions?”

Kosuzu stutters, then clears her throat. “Ms. Naoko. It wants to fuck her.”

You lean back to see Youmu’s hands pressed to her ears.

Patchouli coughs. “Let it come, then. I must see what’s written in it.”

Sakuya sighs. “Careful, Ms. Knowledge. It may be too powerful for you.”

“Then vanquish it yourself and bring it to me.”

Youmu leans down. “Can you stand, Ms. Naoko?”

You turn onto your belly, a heat and desire throbbing inside you. You try to push yourself up, arms shaking.

After several painstaking minutes, you pull yourself onto your knees. “I… think so.”

Youmu steps back. “Let me slice your hesitation away.”

[ ] Accept her offer.

[ ] Find Patchouli’s book.

[ ] Find somewhere to hide.

[ ] To the human village.

[ ] Write-in.

Time remaining: ::Timer ended at: 2019/05/16(Thu)20:00

>>No. 39687
[x] Could you slice my lust away instead? I really need some relief here.

Cut straight to the source of the problem and nip it in the bud.
>>No. 39690
[x] Accept her offer.
The write-in is fine too though
>>No. 39691
[X] Find Patchouli’s book.
>>No. 39695
[x] Could you slice my lust away instead? I really need some relief here.
>>No. 39706
It took me awhile to work out the outline again. That said, it should not have taken this long to get where I am and I apologize for letting things get away from me.

The next update should arrive in about three to four days.

In other news, there's been a bit of a continuity error in this story. For the record, Naoko currently wears boots, not sandals. I also apologize for screwing that up.

One last note is that I'm nearing the later phase of writing for my contest reward post, and I may put this thread on hold after the next update to finish that up and get back to my more usual writing. I realize this has been something of a cascade of delays, but all I can really say about them is that I'm looking ways to fix that and don't yet have a clear plan.

(Vote is called for lust slicing, btw)
>>No. 39709
File 155908914198.jpg - (193.72KB, 700x627, konpakass.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Could you slice my lust away instead? I really need some relief here.

You raise your hand in a halting gesture.

“Wait.” You take a breath, focus waning. “If you can slice hesitation,” whatever that means, “could you slice my lust instead?”

Her hand squeezes around a cord-bound hilt. “I’m certain I can.”

A hint of mint and musk wafts to your nose.

“Then, please…” damn, she smells so good, “do it.”

She answers with a curt, confidant nod. “Face me.”

You turn to her, staring at her cute green shoes.

“Um, uh…”

You glance up. Face burning red, she glances away.

“I, I… I mean, to cleanse that, I need, you need…” Her voice fades into barely-audible mumbling. You can’t pick out a single word.

“I need what?”

She yelps. “I! I need. You. I need you to, to, to…” She swallows. “Place your hands down. Behind your back!”

Each word grows increasingly shrill.

Still shivering, you slide your hands back, leaning away from her. You take one glance down your lacy pussy-framer and clamp your legs together.

Youmu glances to you, then jerks back away. “And I need… I need, I, your legs. They need to be…”


You both glance to your left. Koa stands there, smiling and blinking.

Youmu nods.

Swallowing your own trepidation, you spread them, baring your pussy to Youmu.

Oh heavens. Yuyuko will kill you for this, won’t she?

“Yes. That is fine. Perfect. Hold still.”

You close your eyes and hold your shaking legs out as Youmu’s feet shift. A rustle sounds, followed by a cold blade slashing through… you.

Not your stomach or limbs. Certainly not your flesh or bones. Just you.

It stings but doesn’t hur…

The slice rips through your heart and mind, purifying your desires.

Purifying them into a single, overriding, undeniable impulse.

Your eyes open slowly, in perhaps your last lucid moment. Youmu looks down on you, her lips pouted and eyes narrowed in a critical, studying gaze.

Koa gives you a gentler, milder gaze.

You lean forward, taking a deep, hungry breath.

You’re not quite certain what it is that pushes you to your first target. Perhaps it’s the way her face shifts as you face her. Maybe it’s the smell of her skin or the way her skirt swishes before your face.

Either way, you take one last sniff, savoring Youmu’s fragrance as you clap your hands under her skirt. Lifting it, you place your hungry lips to her plain mint panties.

“Ms. Naoko, what are you doing?”

A vague worry ignites deep inside, only to be drowned under your pounding lust.

A heavy, earthy aroma fills your nose, providing a…

You slide your hands up and yank her panties down, shoving your tongue around them and inside her as you do so.

She tastes heavenly.

“What are you two doing in my library!”

You ignore the sorceress’s voice as you taste Youmu’s sweet, salty pussy.

Youmu staggers back as you bury your nose in her crotch. She whimpers as you plump the depths of her delicious cunt. And as your right hand slides down your stomach.

“Don’t just stand there. Stop them!”

“Yes, Ma’am!” Koa taps your shoulder.

You pump your tongue and-

She plants her hands on your shoulders and hauls you back, tearing Youmu’s pussy away from you.

“I’ll find you two a bedroom and…”

Youmu clenches her skirt. “No, not yet. I’m not ready!”

Her panicked voice puzzles you, though you’re not sure why.

You twist out of Koa’s grip and latch back to Youmu’s sweet, soft thighs. Your lips part as you lick the nectar from her mound. Youmu plants her hands on your head, pressing down in a vain effort to dislodge you.

She’s strong, but not near as strong as you. You plunge back inside her once more, immersing yourself in her overwhelming taste.

A pair of arms wrap around your gut and, overpowering you, haul you back. You reach out, extending yourself toward Youmu’s legs even as Koa pulls you away.

Youmu stares down on you, panties around her shaking knees. She closes her eyes, taking in slow, steady breaths.

A glimmering trickle winds down her right thigh, out of reach.

Then she speaks. “Keep her still.”

Your muscles burn, but you still reach forward.

Youmu fingers the hilt of her smaller blade. “Hakurouken, guide my hand.” She inhales. “Properly, this time.”

One eye opens. “I’m sorry, Naoko.”

A brilliant, white light shines and vanishes. Another discordant wave ripples through you. A wake of utter calm fallows, coursing up from your pussy.

Then chaos. A choking pressure builds inside you, then hurls you back. The shock jostles Koa off and away. One of your feet twists on the floor, spinning you around. Hard panels rush to meet you before a mass of black rushes between you and them.

Your face crashes into Koa’s tight, firm breasts. Dazed, you glance through her soft, rolling hills to a wincing smile framed by disheveled red hair. The calm evaporates, replaced once more with raw, carnal energy.

Your burning, overwhelming lust returns, scattering your thoughts.

Something’s different, though.

Then you feel it. Your throat catches as a desperate, wild warmth fills you.

You roll to your back and wrap your arms around yourself, breathing unsteady, as it rises.

You close your eyes only a moment before the dam breaks.

It starts in with a blazing, tight heat where Youmu’s calming wave began. Your pussy.

It spreads, burning away the moment of need with warm pleasure. Your body lurches as a bolt of blinding satisfaction shoots down your spine.

You cry out, body curling under the weight of devastating ecstasy. Gasping, sputtering, you fight to stay conscious. To experience every bit of pleasure. To squeeze this moment for everything it has to offer.

Your legs stretch out and your back arches. You moan, low, sultry, and satisfied.

Your hips quake, your arms shake. Your sweat and juices seep into cloth beneath.

Then, pleasure fading, you roll off onto the smooth wood. Collapsing onto your side, you lie there. Koa stares back at you, wide-eyed and slack jawed.

Wearing a vest and skirt much darker in the front than the sides.

Up above, a naked woman with shoulder-length hair and an ass smothered in glowing red words wrestles with Youmu, pressing their faces close.

It looks important, but your head swims through a buoyant sea of carnal bliss. Patchouli scowls.

That’s fine. You’ll deal with that later.

You let out a long, content sigh.

Youmu squeals. “Demon, magician. Help me!”

You glance back up. Youmu has a hand over her partner’s face and another on the woman’s shoulder. She struggles to push the strange, familiar woman back. A short chuckle escapes your lips.

How weak must the glowy girl be to lose against…

Youmu. A trained warrior. A servant of Yuyuko herself.

Should you really have overpowered her so easily? Did she send you a novice?

Your unfocused eyes study the foggy, distant ceiling.

Boots scrape across wood, calling your attention. You lean up, over your lace-framed nipples. Koa pulls the woman back, away from Youmu. She grunts, straining to hold the woman back.

“I don’t know what’s going on, but you guys need to talk these things out.”

The woman throws her gaze back your way.

It’s you. You’re the one staring back at you.


And those damn red markings carpet her skin.

You glance back over your own body. Nothing. Either they’re gone or completely invisible now.

The woman flails her arms around.

“Hold her still.”

“I’m trying.”

“Try harder!”

“I don’t know how!”


A stray hand strikes Youmu’s left breast.

Youmu steps back. “Do something.”

Koa lets the woman go. The woman lurches forward just as Koa grabs her waist and spins her around.

She presses their faces together, giving the woman pause.

Youmu strikes them both in a downward slash of her short blade.

Koa staggers backward, letting the woman go.

The woman gasps, then grabs at Koa’s vest, pulling her close. Then lets go, stumbling back. She glows a bright red.

Then she disintegrates.

A heavy tome thumps down.

“What absurdity was that?”

Light-headed, you glance to the table. You see the edge of a closed book over the lip.

Groaning, you roll onto your front and try to haul yourself up.

You give up a moment later. You’re exhausted, your legs wouldn’t carry a grain of rice, and you’re still a little tingly.

“Here, let me help.”

Koa rushes to your side and drops to her knees. Slinging your right arm across her shoulder and grabbing your hip, she hauls you upright.

Patchouli frowns, staring deep into your eyes.

“You conjured a clone?”

You offer only a sheepish grin in return. “I did?”

She scowls. “In fact…” she sniffles, “you created,” she rubs her nose.

“Ha-chlurph!” She sneezes, which transforms into a cough halfway through.

She clears her throat and raises a finger, only for another cough to interrupt it. You glance away to find Youmu staring down, holding an arm. The panties still dangle from her knees.

Koa glances between the two of you, then nudges you toward the desk and lets go.

Your hands land on the giant book and, by the combined effort of all four limbs, you hold yourself up as Koa rushes to Youmu’s side.

Youmu. The girl you just assaulted. You just did what they do. The youkai.


Does this make you a monster? Or just another beast?

Surely not just a victim of some greater power again.

Why? Sure, you needed something. You may even have been desperate. But to go that far? You shake your head.

“As I said, A mirror image of you. With physical form. I’d like to know…”

You turn to Youmu. She stares back, mouth and eyes flat. Your lips part, but you can’t find a word to say.

She bows, then turns and shuffles away.

“Wait! It’s not…”

And she’s gone. Koa glances between the two of you, visibly lost.

You sigh. You’re alone again.

“Koa, what do you smell?”

Koa stops, closing her eyes and lifting her nose. She opens them, looking to Patchouli.

“Beside the sex?”

“Yes, idiot.”

“Hey, that hurts.” Koa pouts. “A loose spell, why?”

Patchouli stares back at her, flat. “The human.”

“Hm?” Koa stares at you. “Oh, it’s gone, isn’t it?”

“Yes, the enchantment’s gone.”

You look between them, settling on Patchouli. “It is? I’m free?”

Patchouli sighs. “From it, not me.”

“That means I’m still…”

“Draining my mana? Yes. But the barrier’s gone, so I need only the index now.”

“But…” She looks down, running a finger across the cover of the book you rest on. “We need not terminate it yet.”

You shrink back. “Why?”

She gives you a wry smile. “Do you seek powerlessness?”

You blink.

She sighs. “I know your magic. Almost all is mine. Without the contract, you lose that.” She drums her fingers. “Not that it bothers me, if it aids my research.”

Vague memories of your first encounter surface. “The one you needed the magic for?”

“I said that. But it’s more complicated.” She turns to the side. “Koa, hold her.”

“Yes, ma’am.”

Koa returns to your side and slings your arm across her shoulder once more, pulling you up and off the book.

Patchouli opens it back up. “I’m an elementalist. The best still living.” She glances up. “A tragedy.”

She flips the page. You have no idea what the words or the diagrams mean.

“I intend to create a prism. One capable of assimilating all seven days at once to create spells the world has never seen. At present, I have only mastered dualities.”

“She can make a Philosopher’s Stone, but it’s not very good.”

“It’s imperfect. I need an elemental glue to refine it.”

Elementalist? Days? Dualities? Philosopher’s stone?

You clear your throat. “There’s a way I can help?”

“Possibly. Trinities require hostile elements. Additional hands may…”

“Oh, hey. About your girlfriend…”

You wheeze. “What?”

“Are you gonna make up to her?”

You look down. “Would it make a difference, after what I did?”

“You’ve got nothing to lose by trying. She seemed so sweet.”

“She’s not my-she’s my guardian.”


You sigh and, testing your legs, pull yourself off her. They wobble slightly, but they carry your weight now.

“We’re not dating. It’s a long story, but I needed protection.”

On your own two feet again, you once more run an arm across your bust and cup your exposed pussy.

“Oooh… Your knight in shining armor. Then you definitely have to make it up to her.”

Patchouli rasps. “Koa.”

“Just apologize really hard, I’m sure-”


“I can even go and talk-”


She jerks to attention. “Yes, master?”

“We have a project to plan, and-”

You feel the rustle of cloth under your hands and, glancing down your body, find your dress once more draped over your chest. Sakuya stands between you and Koa.

“Pardon me, the-”

A door slams to your left.

“The creature has overpowered Meiling. It seeks entrance.”

Patchouli exchanges glances with Koa.

“Lady Honda, as it desires you, might I recommend you retreat to the mistress’s quarters?”

“The mistress? Didn’t you say she shouldn’t be bothered?”

“Not that one. The young mistress.”

“The young mistress?”

There were two? If the normal one’s Remilia, then the younger…

Koa gasps. “You’d send her to Lady Flandre? After the poor girl’s tragic rejection?”

Sakuya frowns, eyes steeled. “Her domain’s well-fortified and I’m certain the young mistress would appreciate some distraction.”

Flandre? Hell no. No way…

The door slams again.

You glance to it, remembering the black tentacles and the abuse Shizuha’s suffered.

[ ] Fuck the book. Take me to this mistress.

[ ] I need to see Youmu.

[ ] I’ll stay here. Someone needs to fuck up the book.

[ ] Take me to the older mistress anyway.

[ ] Write-in.


The next update may be delayed, so no hard timer yet.
>>No. 39711
I don't get it. I though she cut away the lust. Anyone besides OP explain what's going on?
>>No. 39712
So far as I can tell, Youmu attempted to slice out our lust, but failed spectacularly because she was too flustered to aim properly, and accidentally sliced out everything EXCEPT our lust. Then she tried it again and made sure to aim properly the second time.

[x] I need to see Youmu

At the very least, it will give Youmu a chance to apologize for her epic failure at aiming.
>>No. 39713

I see I see. Read it a 4th time and that seems to be the case. Thanks.

[X] Fuck the book. Take me to this mistress.

Epic Flandre time.
>>No. 39719
[X] Fuck the book. Take me to this mistress.
>>No. 39727
[x] I need to see Youmu

Locking ourselves in with the least stable person in Gensokyo is suicide, not a plan. Lets retrieve our guardian.
>>No. 39729
First vote for either Youmu or 'the mistress' within about the next six hours decides where we go, otherwise I go with a coinflip.
>>No. 39730
[x] I need to see Youmu
>>No. 39731
and just like that we will never get to see best girl
>>No. 39732
damnit wanted to meet Flandre too T_T
>>No. 39733
File 156073717659.jpg - (172.15KB, 850x1095, its raining.jpg) [iqdb]
where wer u when delicious flandre scene die?

i was at home playing destiny 2 when thread update alert call

"Flan is kill"

>>No. 39734
File 156074115234.jpg - (5.69KB, 128x150, Its been a tie for days.jpg) [iqdb]

I voted for Youmu and I regret nothing, because I helped best girl win. I just want to point something out. Its been a 2 vs. 2 tie between Youmu and Flandre for the last 5 days. There are 3 of you. Assuming that the 2 existing votes for Flandre belong to 2 of you, the last one of you could have broken the tie days ago and we would be waltzing off to meet Flandre right now. Whichever one of you decided to hold off on voting until now, you only have yourself to blame for no Flandre.
>>No. 39735

You're right. We have nobody but ourselves to blame for this travesty.
>>No. 39736
I think were simply going to meet Flandre later i mean if the the vote was tied it would make sense right?
>>No. 39737

Maybe. Maybe not. It kinda takes away from the intent of CYoAs if the readers get everything they want.
>>No. 39746
File 15614414668.png - (515.45KB, 900x636, sdmhall.png) [iqdb]
[x] I need to see Youmu.

You take a step back, thinking. Youmu left in the direction of…

You turn around, away from the thumping door. Surrounded by bookshelves, you glance to the gap that Youmu fled through.

Sakuya sighs. “Excuse me, Ms. Honda? Do you intend to leave?”

“I need Youmu.”

“We can gather her once the intruder’s gone. Please, I must recommend you wait in the basement.”

You glance back. The door thumps.

“I’ll be quick.”

Sakuya sighs. “Very well. Then I shall escort you.”

Patchouli and Koa exchange glances again, eyes narrowed. Patchouli clears her throat. Or coughs. It’s gotten hard to tell.

“Sakuya. Stay here.”

“Lady Patchouli, I assure you I can address both our visitor and the intruder at once.”

The door slams again.

“After the damn book’s on my shelves.”

Sakuya twitches, biting her lip. “Very well, Lady Patchouli.”

The door slams. All three turn to face it. Patchouli mutters strange syllables. Koa puts her fists up. Sakuya pulls out a knife, blood red eyes steeled for the coming fight.

You turn back toward the route Youmu went and leap forward. Sprinting across red velvet, between towering bookcases, you turn through a corner to find a door. In one swift motion, you throw it open and bound back to the scarlet halls.

Slate-gray stairs trail upward, flanked by deep red walls with lit candles hanging from them at even intervals. You jog up them, soon reaching a red marble landing as the stairs turn to the right, a smooth oak door in the landing’s outside wall.

You hear voices from above, floating toward you.

“Where is she?”

“Lizzy said she’d be in the library.”

Fairies. You take a breath and glance around. Just red walls, stairs, and the door.

Between Patchouli, Koakuma, and Sakuya, the book should be doomed. But you don’t want to stick around to find out. Certainly not without at least one skilled fighter at your side.

“What’s so great about it, anyway?”

“About what?”

“Her butthole.”

You freeze. They’re talking about you. Without thinking, you leap for the door and swing it open, throwing yourself inside. You close the door behind you, plunging a rack of small, frilly dresses into shadow.

“Think about it, Evette. Her panties showed it off. You don’t do that if you’ve got a boring butt.”

“What if she just thinks it’s great. You know, like the mistress’s taste in booze?”

“Ugh. Don’t let her or the head maid hear you say that.” A pause. “Lizzie swears it’s awesome. Besides, she also says this girl shows the other side, too.”

The voices grow closer. You close your eyes, listening and praying they turn around.

Moments pass as something shifts around the corners of your mind. Creeping, inky sensations, curling and ebbing out from a dozen points around. Some far away, some closer, one floating through the hallway just above. Masses of raw, putrid lust.

A faint, almost invisible speck stops behind the door you press your back to, on the landing. A writhing mass shifts further out, roughly around the library. A host of small spots move and shift throughout the building. Another, more moderate mass moves, far from the library.

The book, the fairies. Who else did you infect? The gatekeeper? The vampire?

Despite the blackness, you clench your eyes as the doorknob turns. Panic rising, you try to suck your power in, holding it tight to the core of your being.

A muffled explosion sounds from the library.

The doorknob eases. The spot flees away, back down the hall.

You breathe out, still holding that power close.

Once the spot moves down another direction, you ease the door open. Candlelight returns to your eyes, drowning out the spots and masses.

Still holding that power tight, you creep forward, turning to continue up the stairs. They end at the middle of a long hallway. Gray stone gives way to more red velvet carpets atop dark granite, below vaulted wood ceilings. Leaning around the right corner, you find doors and candles running down each wall. One fairy floats out of an opened door. Shutting it, she glides away, down the hall.

Glancing back, down the other side, you find more doors and more candles, with two fairies also floating away. You step down the right hall. You pass by door after door, until you find a hall branching off from the left.

“So, you escaped, right?”

You plant yourself by the nearest door, just by the left hall.

“Yeah, she was crazy!”

“Okay, but what did you learn?”

A childish giggle blatantly intended to come off as ladylike.

“Much better than the mint girl.”

Mint girl?

“But what did they look like?”

“Dark red.”

They float closer.

“That’s it?”

“With shiny gold patterns.”


They slide right around the corner, eyes focused on each other. Two fairy maids with pastel-colored hair.

“In really fancy, leafy shapes.”


A pause. Your heart pounds. Could you take them?

Would you attract the rest if you did? You keep a tight hold on your power.

…Have they not noticed you?

Their eyes slide right off you as they float past.

A shaky sigh of relief wheezes from your lungs as your eyes blink in happy disbelief.

“And you’re sure these were her panties? Not her dress?”

Your heart stops.

“Psssh. Her dress was just some boring fading color. None of the fancy stuff.”

“Show me! Show me!”

Fading color? You peel yourself off the door and move to step past, turning toward the left hall.

“Hey, did you see something?”

You pause.

“Hey, who’s that?”

Your grip slips. The power follows, sputtering, then spraying out from you. A silence settles on the hall.

A fairy squeals. “It’s her! Let’s play!”

You whirl around to find the fairies lunging toward you.

You respond by conjuring a handful of hearts and flinging them forward.

They connect with one fairy, staggering her.

The fairies conjure balls of red light. You respond with another volley.

A matching ball whizzes by your head, from behind.

You glance back, further down the hall to find three more fairies coming your way.

You blast another volley at your first foes, popping the first fairy and staggering the second.

You turn and dash down the side hall, only to find yet another fairy coming your way.

She leaps toward your chest.


You slam a line of hearts into her gut, popping her. Spinning back around, you find a field of bright red bullets headed your way.

You ready and release a small cloud of hearts now, hurling it their way.

They dodge. You hop backward between their bullets as you fire your next round.

The bullets whiz by, one clipping your thigh.

You fire again, popping one of the four maids. Three left. You fire another wave, popping one more. Two left.

Your muscles start to groan as you leap over a low bullet. You fire again. You stagger both, but neither pops. More bullets come, one line down the center, one near the right wall. You press yourself to the left, then fire again.

It connects with both, popping them.

You stop, breathing heavy. The hallway ends in another two-way intersection about a pace behind you. You stare, stunned, at the empty hallway before you.

Three, two, one… Six? Six fairies. That you fought and beat, all at the same time. A quiet, disbelieving giggle escapes your lips, praying you can get by without fighting more.

…Once you find the purple book, that’s going away. Isn’t it? You shake your head and turn back the way you’d retreated.

You reach the end, then glance down each hall, finding only more doors and more candles. And so much damn red. If only you had someone like Sakuya beside you right now. Or Youmu.

Guessing that she’d be further from library than closer, you turn to the right. Your boots click across the red velvet carpets as your mind wanders.

You need her back, but what do you say? ‘I’m sorry I molested you’? You rub your chin. Then your hand wanders across your face to rub your scalp.

More red passes by.

Is it even really your fault? It was because Youmu missed, after all. If she couldn’t do it, why did she still accept? Surely, she, of all people, would’ve known the risks. For that matter, why did she leave? Did she think you’d go after her again? Was she offended that you lost control?

She’s too strong to fear you, so she must be angry.

You hit a dead end with a dark, wooden door. You lean in, pushing the door open to find a room with a plush bed, a tall dresser, and a small, short white desk with a similarly small mirror.

But no Youmu.

You close it and turn around.

She could be in any one of these doors, but you have nowhere near the time to check them all.

You walk back down the hall, finding another hall branching off to your right. You must have missed it on the way in.

You turn and walk down it, closing your eyes.

More spots of filth litter the building, but none too close. The giant mass moves further away below you, but the smaller one grows closer.

Just how will you broach the question?

Something clatters into the wall to your left, ringing as it bounces off to hit the floor behind you.

You glance back.

It’s a shiny, embossed silver ball with two dark red straps hanging out.

It looks an awful lot like a smaller version of the gag you stuffed Mystia with.

You glance forward, shivering. This way takes you closer to the mass. It’s also where the gag came from. It may be your only shot at finding Youmu.

If you wait, more fairies will eventually find you. If that book wins, it will find you, given enough time.

You swallow and step forward, soon finding a thin wooden block lying in the hall, with dark iron hinges and three circular holes, the middle one larger than the other two. A black iron seam runs right down the middle, hitting every hole before ending in a padlock.

You step around it when voices, yet again, float to your ears.

“It’s gotta be the bar!”

“The bar’s boring. Give her the ring!”

“What about the weird one? I wanna see how it works!”

More damn fairy maids.

“Unhand me!”

That was Youmu.

This hallway ends at a corner, veering off to the left. A smaller fairy crashes into the wall to your right, thumping to the ground. More toys litter the floor before you. You jog, as quiet as you can, to the corner and peer around it.

Youmu lies face-up on the floor, her feet facing you as she wrestles with a tall, aqua-haired fairy maid hunched over her. A busty fairy maid with one wing drooping to the floor and the other peeled halfway off. A thick, white substance drips from the peeled wing. Youmu’s swords lie a good pace away, out of reach. Several smaller fairies crowd around them, each carrying a gag, a set of shackles, or some other strange toy. Each restraint features either dull metal on leather straps, or silver with red, pink, or purple straps.

Except for the simple but smooth, shining gray shackles lying near Youmu.

She throws her leg up at her assailant, only for the maid to twist to the left. Youmu throws a shackled fist at her, dragging a second cuff behind it, into the maid’s gut. The maid jerks back from the blow but catches it and yanks on it, throwing Youmu onto her front. Plopping her ass onto Youmu’s back, the maid drags that empty cuff across, pulling her wrist along with it. The maid’s hair, once smooth and held close to the scalp, now puffs out, scraggly with wear.

One of the smaller fairies lies on the ground nearby, clutching her stomach.

The maid cries out in triumph. “Gotcha!”

Youmu twists her wrists, pulling their chain tight just to get them to her sides. The maid lifts herself up to turn around. Youmu throws her leg up, jerking the maid forward as it collides with her ass.

The maid grunts. “Hey, cut that out!”

“Get these things off me!”


The maid snatches the loose pair from the floor and wrestles Youmu’s left ankle to the floor, cuffing it. You need to act. But something about her…

She giggles. “Aren’t they amazing? I made them so they’d keep even an oni restrained.” She sighs. “If only I got to use them on the girl I’d made them f-”

Youmu’s free leg thumps into the maid’s side, over and over.

“Hey! I said quit it!”

Made them? What is she, a blacksm…

Your jaw moves, silent. It clicks. The size, the peeling wings…

What about her had started to stir so much dread.

That’s not a fairy maid. It’s Kogasa.

Her head jerks up, one red eye and one blue swiveling toward you. You leap back, pressing your back flat to the corner wall. Your heart pounds.

You swallow, sweat beading on your skin. You gulp and close your eyes, feeling the lust around you. The mass is Kogasa, surrounded by at least four spots.

Her desire strains toward you, but there’s a faint undercurrent creeping toward Youmu, as well. You’ve no idea where Kogasa’s looking, however.

Your chest heaves, breath quaking. Youmu needs you. You steal one more glance. Kogasa’s dragged the ankle chain underneath Youmu’s wrist chain and back up, pulling it back and folding her left leg in half. She kicks her free right leg into Kogasa’s side. She’ll do that to you if she gets the chance, won’t she?

Five fairies, plus the one on the ground, and Kogasa.

With her wrists locked, without her swords, Youmu won’t help much. Probably. You need to do this yourself. You breathe in and out. In and out, you can-

“Unhand me, you barmglph!”

A giggle sounds behind you. You twist back, only finding a door ajar.

You peek again. One small fairy maid stands in front of Youmu’s face, hands stretched into it, while another floats over her head and with a pair of small bars, held together by small gears. The maid lowers them in front her face. Kogasa folds your protector’s free, thrashing leg near the other.

Youmu shakes her head, but the fairies hold on.

Just you versus Kogasa. And the five fairies, too.

Another click. One more glance. Kogasa steps back to reveal both ankles now shackled, their chain trapped behind Youmu’s wrist chain. She rolls Youmu onto her back, her green skirt sliding down her straining thighs to her waist to expose her mint panties again. Youmu arches her back, the interlocked chains of her shackled hands forcing her feet to fold against her ass. She sags then turns to an angle, straining ankles pulling her shoulders taut as they drag her hands to her thighs. Kogasa hops over to Youmu’s face, pressing your protector’s back to the ground.

Youmu squeals, just before you hear gears turning. Kogasa winds something near Youmu’s cheek. The fairies let go and float away. Kogasa settles back on Youmu’s belly, turning in your direction, her eyes just barely slipping past you to something on the ground nearby.

An engraved, curved metal plate, just smaller than your hand, welded to a leather base and a mess of straps.

“Well… if I can’t have the girl I need, I guess I can perform a little stress test on my babies.” Kogasa runs a hand down Youmu’s twisting, straining form, bringing up her thigh and around to pat her exposed panties.

“You’ve been very mean to me, you know. So, keep struggling, okay? Make sure they’re nice and secure for my girl.”

Youmu bucks, throwing Kogasa up.

“Wha!” Kogasa lands, wrapping her hands around Youmu’s head and pulling it up. You find Youmu’s tongue extended all way out from her mouth, pressed tight between a pair of slender bars just long enough to dig into the corners of her beet red face. “You didn’t have to do that.”

Your hopes are fast fading. You need to…

“Bring her back with her purityintact, would you? I dislike making examples out of people.”

[ ] Charge in. Youmu needs you.

[ ] Negotiate a trade. She’ll leave Youmu alone if she’s got you.

[ ] Wait. Strike when she’s better distracted.

[ ] Flee. You need backup.

[ ] Write-in.

Votes end in:
Time remaining: ::Timer ended at: 2019/06/28(Fri)20:00

>>No. 39747
[ X ] Charge in. Youmu needs you.
>>No. 39748
[X] Charge in. Youmu needs you. >>39746
>>No. 39749
File 156220877577.jpg - (212.56KB, 750x1086, youmuharness.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Charge in. Youmu needs you.

Kogasa leans in, bringing her head near Youmu’s forcibly extended tongue. Youmu twists, bouncing and crying out as their faces near.

You hurl yourself around the corner, charging toward them. “Let her go!”

Kogasa pauses, turning to face you. Her eyes go wide, outright sparkling.

“Naoko! You came!”

She drops Youmu’s head and hops to her feet, spinning to face you. She opens her arms wide.

You hurl a chain of hearts at her gut. In a blink, she shifts to the side.

“Wah! Hey, we don’t have to fight!”

You pause, feet stopping amid a pile of shackles and gags. “Let Youmu go.”


You blink.

“If you’ll take her place!”

“What? No!”



She pouts. “Fine. We’ll have a fight. But I get to keep you if I win!”

You stare back. “And you’ll let Youmu go if I win.”

Youmu arches her back again, folding her legs as she tries to… do something. She sputters through the tongue bars, voice desperate and eyes wide.

“Yeah, yeah.”

Spirals of purple bullets appear around Kogasa as you warm up your own hearts. You take a step back, wondering how you’ll squeeze through her bullet wall.

A high-pitched voice squeals from behind you, “it’s a fight!”

A red bullet crashes past your shoulder, to the wall behind Kogasa.

You flip around to see three fairies firing more red bullets. You pound a line of hearts into one fairy, catching her by surprise and popping her.

You spin around to find the bullets fast approaching, accompanied by fire from the three fairies behind Kogasa. You fire another couple lines forward.

Kogasa sidesteps them but they send the fairies behind her scattering and clip one. Youmu twists her back from side to side, grunting.

No pops, though.

“Wait! Give her the shackles, not the pillory!”

You spin back around to find a fairy floating toward you, carrying a small block of wood with two holes.

You pound her with hearts, popping her.

“No! Daisy!” The remaining fairy glares at you, then flees as you fire another line her way.

You glance forward just long enough to squeeze through Kogasa’s spiral, ducking low to avoid the red bullets slipping through. Puffing, you pull yourself back up and whip around to fire another burst of hearts toward the last fairy behind you.

She floats out of the way, sticking her tongue out at you.

“Careful, Lizzy, careful. Don’t…”

You spin back around, a fairy floats between you and Kogasa, carrying a rubber ball on red straps.

“Wah! She found you!” The fairy in the back pelts you with red, forcing you to duck as her companion approaches. Slipping to the side, you lift yourself up to find the gag floating far too close. Jogging backward, you pelt the carrier with hearts. They connect, popping her.

As the ball clatters back to the ground and a new wave of purple bullets appears around Kogasa, you spin back around to find the last fairy behind you picking up what appears to be a dark red corset.

You fire, nailing and popping her.

You return your gaze to Kogasa to find the two fairies behind her fighting over a red buckled collar. You heave a tiring breath as you fire a cloud of bullets their way.

Kogasa slips between the hearts, letting them pop one fairy and clip the other. Youmu lies on her side now, shaking her head and curling her back as she pulls at her chains. A small puddle of drool collects under her tongue.

You breathe heavy. Just one more fairy, then Kogasa.

The purple bullets float toward you, forcing you to leap to the side to slip between them.

“For honor! For love! For panties and pretty pink leashes!”

The last fairy surges forward, carrying a silvery leash with a long chain and pink frills underneath.

You fire another cloud of hearts, then one more.

Kogasa steps through both, slipping between your hearts. The fairy weaves between them and pounds her body into your gut, shoving you back. She floats out, staring you down with hard, glinting eyes. You pound a trio of hearts into her, popping her.

Just you and Kogasa now. And Youmu, still twisting around near her feet.

Kogasa gives you a massive grin as she raises her hand. Three spirals of pink bullets fire out from her, terrifyingly fast. You jog back, firing out more clouds of hearts. The pink bullets rocket toward you, changing into narrower forms in a spread of rainbow colors as they approach. You leap and hop between the narrower bullets, letting them graze your shoulders and hips as you look for the next opening.

During the short gaps between, you fire more clouds. One of them, finally, clips Kogasa’s arm.

Then the bullets end. Kogasa’s still grinning. “You did so well!”

A faltering smile breaks across your lips. “Is… is that all? Are you done?”

She presses a finger to her lips. Youmu thrashes in her chains.


You tense, firing off another cloud, smaller and denser, in Kogasa’s direction.

“Rain Sign [A Rainy Night’s Ghost Story]!”

To your surprise, your bullets evaporate as they approach, subsumed by a cloud of small, blue bullets of her own. She fires them toward you, flying in random directions.

You find one opening and throw yourself through it, only to find more bullets behind it. So many, many more bullets. You duck, dodge, and weave, taking a blow to your gut, then your head.

You stagger backward, only to find the bullets still coming. No gaps this time, just an unending swarm. You throw yourself into the best opening you can find, only to get hit on both shoulders.

Heavy breath shaking, you scan for another, only to get slammed in the crotch. You stumble back, falling on your ass as the bullets finally fade away.

Limbs shaking, you pull yourself off the floor. Your knees knock as you struggle to hold yourself upright, dragging on your power to summon one more heart. It fizzles and winks out. You try again, scanning the room for your… target.

Kogasa’s not there.

“Erhe! Ehoo!” Youmu screams, banging her shackled feet on the floor.

“What do you…”

A hand claps your left shoulder as a smell floats to your nose.

Pussy. Wet, hungry pussy. Your gut churns at how fast you identified the smell. A hand leans over your right shoulder, holding a bunched-up wad of dripping, white-and-blue striped fabric.

“Open up for me, okay?”

She slides the hand on your left to your chin, while the right carries that fabric toward your mouth.

You slide your shaking hands up in front of your mouth to press them to the fabric, holding it back. “Wait. Let’s talk about this. Please, I-”

“I won, Naoko. Fair and square. Just be a good sport, admit you lost, and let me have my prize.”

“What about a rematch? And maybe I could-”

Kogasa’s hand squeezes your jaw. “Open up.”

You purse your lips, shaking your head. Until her iron grip stops you, locking your head in place as her fingers grind into it. Your jaw aches, then hurts, then threatens to buckle under her fingers. Defeated, you open your quivering mouth. Youmu stills, eyes closing as she rests her head and knees on the carpet.

Kogasa presses the sex-drenched cloth between your teeth, almost choking you as she shoves it inside. Her fingers leave your aching jaw.

The taste of Kogasa’s lust drowns your tongue as she gives it a few final pats. She lets go and you let yourself fall back to your ass.

“Enjoy my panties, I made sure to get all of my love on them.”

She giggles. You retch, dry heaves pushing a couple folds past your lips.

“Hey! Keep it in!”

Too weak to stand, jaw still aching, you just sit there, wet panties hanging from your lips. Kogasa turns a glare toward you. You freeze, too petrified to dare pull the panties out.

She hops in front of you, carrying that engraved metal plate with all its straps hanging off the sides.

“Jeez. You’re making me do every little thing!” She presses a hand to the wadded cloth, shoving it back behind your teeth. She then sighs, face brightening into a smile. “Ta-da!” She presents the plate, not quite shoving it in your face.

‘Naoko,’ it reads.

“I made this one just for you. Isn’t it pretty?”

With your mouth stuffed as it is, you settle for mumbling a vaguely positive sound.

She pouts. “Here, let me show you how it works.”

She steps around to your back and drops to her knees, then slides the plate in front of your panty-stuffed mouth. She presses the leather backing tight to your jaw with one hand, while the other pulls a strap up from the top.

Two smaller straps run up from the plate, around your nose, to connect to a single larger strap just above it. She runs it up and over your scalp, then slides it around something behind you just before pulling the two side straps around the base of your head.

Something buckles behind you just before she pulls on it, tightening it around your head. Idly, you push on the cloth with your tongue, pressing it to the plate.

The plate doesn’t budge, of course.

Kogasa hops around and in front of you once more as she scans the floor. You run a hand along the plate, feeling the grooves of your name. “Hey! Don’t touch that!”

Startled, you pull your hand back off. Kogasa wanders around you, maid dress bouncing as she flits from shackles to ball gag to pink cock.

You could try to unbuckle the gag, of course, but then what? Fight her? After she almost broke your jaw just to stuff you? Sex-flavored fluids trickle down your throat with each subtle shift of the teeth you unwillingly press into her panties.

Still shaking, you pull yourself back to your feet and stagger backward. Maybe if you just…

“Give me your hands.”

You blink, looking up to see a pair of bright, silvery shackles with soft pink lace at their edges. Just like the last fairy’s collar. And Kogasa’s red and blue eyes staring right at you. Defeated, you lift your hands.

She places them, one at a time, in the cuffs. Then she closes and locks them. Groaning, you tug at them, finding the chain about as long as Youmu’s, letting you get them to your sides before it pulls taut.

Kogasa lifts your right foot. You glance forward to find a matching set of shackles near them, one sliding around your ankle.

She shuts and locks it, then locks the other around your left.

“Over here!”

You look up to find her holding a collar, the pink-laced one the last fairy dropped, its long chain dragging behind her.

She pops it open, splitting it in half by the d-link. She slides it around your neck and snaps it closed again, closing a padlock on the front. She runs her fingers down the chain, pulling it up as she glances to a door at the end of the hall, behind Youmu.

She glances down at Youmu, then sighs.

“Wait right here.”

She jogs back, snaps a matching leash from the floor, and hops over to Youmu. You look away, down your violet dress. So much for saving Youmu.

Chains clink and metal snaps open. Then it snaps shut again. Footsteps patter toward you just before a hand slides across your silk-covered belly to snatch your leash. It tugs, pulling the chain up, then away.

Then it forces you to turn, finding Kogasa carrying your leash in one hand, alongside Youmu’s.

She carries a bulky mess of black leather in the other.

You pull your neck back, but a quick tug from Kogasa sends you stumbling forward, feet twisting just to keep you upright. She drags you down the hall, to the door she’d been eyeing. You glance to Youmu, whose hands rest trapped behind her back, but freed from her ankles.

She glances back, giving you a hard, determined stare. One rather undermined by the tongue still forced out by the small bars digging into her cheeks. Kogasa gives both leashes another tug. You turn to see the door open as Kogasa drags your stumbling feet forward.

You find the room she brings you to rather cozy. A dark wooden dresser sits in the far-left corner, with a two-person, plush bed with high, engraved wooden posts at each corner, four beams running between them. A rosy red blanket covers the bed. Another small desk and mirror rests in the near left, made of matching dark wood.

“Okay! Let’s get started.” Kogasa ushers you to the bed, dumping you on it as she spins around. She takes a quick detour to the door, clicking the lock, then whirls back around to stare down your would-be guardian.

“Now, Yo-u-mu…”

Youmu flinches and backs into the wall, chains shifting as she pressed herself between the desk and dresser.

“Someone’s wearing Ms. Naoko’s bracelets.”

Kogasa drops the mess of black leather beside Youmu and grabs her green vest, popping it open, button by button.

You turn around, tugging your wrists apart as you try to shut out the sound of fabric sliding against fabric. Then Youmu’s garbed cries. You burrow your head into the blanket, lifting your left leg almost to your waist before the chain pulls taut. The chains clink as your ankles tug at them, but not loud enough to drown out the sound of fabric sliding against skin.

“Hey! Naoko, pay attention!”

You flinch, sweat beading on your skin as you ease your struggles.

“Don’t make me come over there, young lady.”

A quiet, disbelieving giggle bubbles from your throat. This is the girl who overpowered and confined you? Whose magic so overwhelmed your own?

You remind yourself of what her temper would do to your bones. Groaning through the panties, you return to face Youmu’s now bare back and soft, tight ass.

“Behold!” She stares you in the eyes as she gestures to the chain hanging across that butt from Youmu’s stiffened wrists. “Built to hold even an oni in place! Once equipped, the captive will never escape until its owner opens them.”

You squeeze your right hand between your thighs, jerking the left almost to your chest. You tug the left up, away from your right, letting the shackle dig into your wrist. The chain doesn’t even creak.

She nudges Youmu. Tired and irritated, Youmu tugs at them for a moment, then lets her wrists fall limp.

She rubs her nose. “I put so much effort into them, you know. Do you have any idea how hard oni-resistant metals are to get, let alone work with? I busted my favorite hammer! And the next one!” She sighs as she licks her lips. “But it was all worth it, just to enjoy your ass one more time.”

You roll to your side, cuffs biting into your wrists as you pull at their chain.

“Next!” Kogasa drops to a squat, gesturing to the ankles on Youmu’s smooth white socks. “Just as tough, guaranteed to prevent even your most dexterous efforts from separating us!”

Youmu tugs her right ankle up for but a moment.

“Now just a wait a moment, dear, before I get these babies on you, where they belong.” Kogasa stands back up, bringing her hands to Youmu’s top button and snapping it loose.

You turn around, giving your wrists one last tug before you let go, skin bright red under the cuffs. You sigh, shackled hands and legs curling into each other as you dream up escape plans to the sound of leather sliding across skin, mixed with Youmu’s garbled cries.

You uncurl, glancing back just long enough to find Youmu twisting, still upright, under the heavy leather straps Kogasa had draped over her shoulders. Trying to turn away from the hands sliding across her modest breasts to flick at her pale, pink nipples.

You turn your eyes to the vaulted ceiling, spreading your legs to pull at your ankle chain. Leather slides against skin, buckles snap, and Youmu’s cries grow quieter. Sadder.

You failed.

Chains clink, both your own and Youmu’s.

Youmu failed.

“Now, I need you to be real still, okay? Naoko needs her shackles back, so…”


You lift your head.

Youmu stands in the corner of the wall and dresser, pressing herself into them and away from Kogasa, who sits, feet splayed, a couple steps away.

Kogasa leaps back up, throwing her right hand to Youmu’s shivering shoulder and under a black strap. “I said be still!” She shoves her left hand into Youmu’s gut and slides the right hand down Youmu’s side, pulling the strap tight over her right arm, then her left. Kogasa then tugs another set around each hip.

Black leather straps crisscross Youmu’s torso, connected by metal rings in a repeating diamond pattern. The leash is gone, replaced by a collar matching her straps. Kogasa moves to her collar, pulling and tightening each strap one by one.

Youmu yelps as Kogasa reaches the straps encircling her breasts, pushing Youmu’s breasts out and digging into their bases just a little more with each tug. Kogasa hums a cheery tune as she continues down to the diamond encompassing her navel, then the straps wrapped around the base of her thighs, running just around Youmu’s cute, exposed pussy.

Kogasa pulls Youmu back and steps behind her, tightening it in the back.

“You’re doing really well. Just hold still a little longer, okay?”

Youmu groans, slumping over as Kogasa pulls a black sleeve from the floor and presses it to Youmu’s back, chains clinking as she moves your protector’s arms.

You hear a couple clicks, then find Youmu’s shackles falling to the floor behind her. Youmu throws her body into Kogasa’s side, shoving your captor back again. She staggers forward, around Kogasa, toward you.

You barely get a muffled squeal through the damn panties before Kogasa leaps, tackling Youmu to the ground, where she pins her arms to her back and drags the sleeve over them.

You shuffle backward, chains clinking until you hit the headboard. You curl into yourself, shivering. Idly, you tug your ankles apart again.

Leather presses to fabric once more before you hear a zip, followed by three straps buckling. With a trio of tugs, Kogasa sighs.

Then a few more straps buckle. Then Kogasa steps out and around, hauling Youmu up by her collar.

Youmu groans, swinging her torso around to reveal the black sleeve pressed tight around both arms, folding them behind her back. A strap runs up from each end of the sleeve, connecting to a ring at the center of her back with three more straps running out from it. One to her collar and one around each arm, back to the diamonds in the front. She leans back, gurgling her frustrations.

“Almost done, now let me see your feet.”

Youmu yelps, again, jerking her head downward as Kogasa grabs her ankles. Fitting a key into the shackles, she frees one, then the other. Youmu kicks at her.

It connects. Kogasa staggers back, holding her forehead. “Ow!”

She turns to face Youmu, grabs the ankle, and yanks.

Youmu’s feet fall out from under her, sending her ass crashing back to the floor.

“Now, behave.”

Gurgling, Youmu nods her head. Kogasa drags Youmu back toward the wall, rips her shoes off, and throws them aside. She then slides one leg into a long, long black boot. One that reaches halfway up the girl’s thigh, with a heel so long it would force her onto her tiptoes.

She buckles four different straps at different points along the boot’s length, then feeds the other leg through an identical boot. As she buckles the second up, you can’t help but notice a series of d-links running up the interior side of each boot, right by a corresponding buckle.

Kogasa grabs a handful of padlocks, which she runs through the links between Youmu’s leather-wrapped legs, clicking one shut around each link. Finally, she finishes with Youmu’s ankles, lets go, and stands up.

Once Kogasa backs off, Youmu goes back to twisting and straining. But if the shackles inhibited her, these immobilize her. Humming, Kogasa skips toward you. You twist and bounce, pressing yourself to the headboard, shrinking away from her. Youmu’s shackles dangle from her hands.

She leaps onto the mattress and crawls toward you, chains clinking. “Oh boy! I finally get to put these on you!” She pulls out a key, which she inserts into the lock on your left shackle, popping it open. She repeats with the right.

“Now, about this dress…”

Kogasa glides her hands through the slit in of your dress and, reaching under it, she pushes it up your stomach. Frantic, your hands fly to her wrists. She snatches them and presses them to the bed on either side of you.

“I. Won. Fair and square. Now stop messing around!”

She glares at you. You lock up.

She pushes the dress up, over your head, and down your arms. The cool bedroom air brushes by your exposed belly and…

“Oh, wow. The fairies were right.” Kogasa runs a hand down your bare belly, up against the side of your ‘bra,’ and flicks your bare nipple. “Well, I guess we can leave these on, since they don’t get in the way.”

She throws the dress aside and sets the smaller shackles on your belly, both popped open. “Put your hands here.”

Eyes moist and twitching, you shake your head. She frowns. You shut your eyes, still shaking.

Kogasa sighs. “If can’t behave, I guess I’ll need to teach you.”

A hand crashes across your left breast, stinging it. Then your right. Your feet shake, but Kogasa’s weight prevents you from running, even if you had any courage left. You choke through the next couple blows, then surrender, dropping your wrists, limp, in the cuffs and letting her lock you into them. You lie there, letting her slide down, pop your ankle cuffs off, and replace them with Youmu’s set. You can’t help but notice just how snug they fit, as if they were made with only your wrists and ankles in mind.

Finally, she pulls something else out from behind her. A shiny but dull gray collar, the same as your gag and your new set of shackles. You find a name embossed into the front, just above an empty d-link. ‘Naoko Honda,’ it reads. Of course.

Popping it open, she sets it aside as she opens your current collar, only to toss it to the floor. Gently, reverently, she slides the new, embossed collar around your neck, snapping it shut and locking a padlock on the back.

“You know what means, right?” Kogasa rubs a hand down to your crotch, fingers poking at your exposed pussy. “You’re all mine now. Your ass belongs to me, understand?”

Gut dropping, you nod. It’s a lie, of course. You can… you can still win. You can still escape. You got away from Mystia and Wriggle. You can get away from her. Eventually. You throw a glance to Youmu’s constricted, defeated form. You just play by her stupid rules and you’ll get your chance… right?

And even if you can’t escape, you can at least get Youmu out, right?

An opportunity will come, right?

“It’s not so bad, you know. Being a tool. It’s so much better than being unwanted. Now point that adorable little butt this way, okay?”

Shivering, you comply, feeling the blanket against your face as you flip onto your front.

“Good, good. Now, stick it out just a little more.”

Face burning, you fold your legs together. Just get it over with. Just get it over with. Just…

A tongue swipes down your crack. You bury your face in the sheets, screaming into Kogasa’s panties as she licks your asshole. As she grabs your ass-cheeks, wedges her face down your crack, and forces her wet, slippery way through your sphincter.

She moans into your ass.

Garbled, furious screams float to your ear from the far wall as Kogasa rolls her head around your crack, pumping your ass with her impossible tongue.

The screams climb in pitch and ferocity until you feel the full length of her wet muscle slide up and out, popping free from your ass as she pulls her head away.

Shaking, you let your spit-soaked ass fall. Groaning into the panties, you twist and turn, facing back to Youmu as you pull yourself into a sitting position.

Kogasa approaches her. “Sorry, sorry. I guess you felt kind of left out, huh?”

Youmu’s screams die in her throat. Kogasa hauls her apron up and off, then with a pop of a button, drops her pleated skirt down her legs, exposing a smooth, round ass of her own.

She steps out of it and, crouching down, grabs Youmu by the collar, dragging her onto the floor. Youmu twists and writhes as Kogasa turns her until the girl’s feet face away from you. She squats down over Youmu’s naked, tightly compressed body. Pinching Youmu’s already pinched tongue between her fingers, she lowers her crotch to Youmu’s face.

You shut your eyes as Kogasa’s pussy muffles Youmu’s cries. But it does little good. The muffled cries are soon drowned out by wet schlicks as Kogasa rubs her lascivious cunt all over the poor girl’s face.

And what little cries you hear soon transition to frantic licking. Intermixed with the occasional whimper.

Then the sounds die out. The whimpers grow louder, now interspersed with hiccups.

“Hey! I gave you attention! What else could, you…”

The sound of revelation in her voice paralyzes you.

“Oh, of course! Here, just a sec.”

And just like that, you’re back to curling into yourself.

A chain rattles, then hits something solid, then slides along it.

Youmu yelps. Leather twists and strains, then something hooks into it.

“Wakey wakey, sleepyhead.”

You peel your eyes open to see Kogasa staring back. She leans forward, grabs you by the collar, and pulls, jerking you forward.

With another tug, she has you off the bed and stumbling to your feet. Then she grabs your wrists and pulls. You shake your head, pulling back. Her eyes narrow, darkening. You swallow, stale pussy juice gliding down your throat as you hold out only another moment before you relent, letting her haul them up. She drags you nearly to your tiptoes before hooking them into a chain that hangs across the rafter above your head.

You stare up at it, bewildered, before feeling a pair of soft, tight breasts bump into your own slightly larger, less restrained pair. You look forward to find Youmu tethered to the other end of your chain, hooked by links on her shoulder straps.

Kogasa reaches around your neck, carrying a short chain over your shoulder. She snaps one end onto your collar’s link, then runs around behind Youmu and affixes the opposite end to her collar.

Even in the position you’re in, breasts bumping into Youmu’s, the chain barely droops. A hand glides across your ass.

“Now that we’ve got you two lovebirds together, let’s dig in!”

You twist, hands forced above you, Youmu’s nipples glancing across your breasts, hips touching.

Kogasa squats down, stroking your ass again.

You look into Youmu’s terrified eyes, feeling just a spark of courage returning. Just for her, you might be able to defy Kogasa. But should you?

[ ] Resist. It’ll piss Kogasa off but might just distract her from Youmu.

[ ] Comply. Let Kogasa do as she pleases so she doesn’t hurt either of you.

[ ] Ignore Kogasa. Risk her ire but keep your eyes peeled for other chances.

[ ] Write-in.

Votes end:
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>>No. 39750
So, those oni chains we've got on are unbreakable eh? And long enough to get our arms at our sides and walk without stumbling are they?

[x] Wait until Kogasa is distracted with her head between your's or Youmu's legs
-[x] Lift your legs so you dangle from the ceiling, quickly loop your leg chain around Kogasa's neck, and squeeze hard until she is good and unconscious (or dead)
-[x] Either grab the key with your toes if you can, or wrap your leg chain around Youmu and saw through her leather straps with your chain until she is free.

When life gives you unbreakable chains, hang life with an unbreakable noose.
>>No. 39753
[x] Wait until Kogasa is distracted with her head between your's or Youmu's legs
-[x] Lift your legs so you dangle from the ceiling, quickly loop your leg chain around Kogasa's neck, and squeeze hard until she is good and unconscious (or dead)
-[x] Either grab the key with your toes if you can, or wrap your leg chain around Youmu and saw through her leather straps with your chain until she is free.

Burn life's house down!
>>No. 39756
File 156288949374.jpg - (75.15KB, 707x700, genericspanked.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Wait until Kogasa is distracted with her head between your's or Youmu's legs
 [x] Lift your legs so you dangle from the ceiling, quickly loop your leg chain around Kogasa's neck, and squeeze hard until she is good and unconscious (or dead)
 [x] Either grab the key with your toes if you can, or wrap your leg chain around Youmu and saw through her leather straps with your chain until she is free.

You give Youmu the firmest, most confident gaze you can muster, even as a bit of drool trickles down her chin.

You tense as Kogasa’s tongue slides up and down your crack once more. Her panties shift in your mouth, squeezing out another dribble of her juices. You’ve got an idea.

She presses her nose between your ass-cheeks, probing your sphincter. Again. You breathe in. You’ll need an opening to pull this off. You give the chain above an experimental tug, testing your strength. Youmu yelps through the bars on her tongue, diverting your eyes.

Her wide eyes shift from terror to jittery nervousness. Kogasa’s tongue leaves you.

“Oh! I almost forgot!” Kogasa jogs away from you.

You twist, pushing your right breast between Youmu’s pair and leaning back behind your hanging arms to glance behind you.

Kogasa clears her throat, holding her right hand out. With only a light rustle, that giant, purple umbrella flies out from under it, sliding inside her outstretched hand. Its eye stares back at you, its giant tongue hanging.

She swings it upward and, reaching underneath it, pulls out a long and curved double-ended pink dildo. She gives you a giant, beaming grin as she tosses it to her umbrella’s giant tongue.

The tongue folds around the dildo, rubbing it.

“Just give me a second to have this lubed up for you lovebirds.”

“Hgh! Hgh!”

Something drips onto your right breast. You turn back around to find Youmu’s eyes wide again, her spit now dribbling off her chin, down to your chest. She beats the backs of her hands against her sides, twisting in her harness.

A slender but calloused hand slides down your back, along your ass, to poke at your pussy. “Spread those legs for me and be real still so it goes in easy, okay?”

You sigh into her disgusting panties, looking up to your dangling wrists as you spread your legs. You pull the chain taut just as you feel the head press against your pussy lips. You breathe in and out as what you pray to be the last of her juices dribbles down your throat.

You whimper as the rubber cock pokes at your lower lips, sending a shiver up your spine as it slides in. Then it stops, pushing into stiffer flesh. You look down, between both Youmu’s modest breasts and your own pair, seeing only the mock underwear around your crotch.

Involuntarily, you squeeze your thighs together to try to push the fat, ridged intruder out. You yelp as her hand crashes across your ass. Groaning, you spread your legs again, shuffling your hips to ease the pressure as she pushes it harder, squeezing it through your unyielding cunt. Youmu’s saliva trail shifts to your left breast as she fidgets, twisting her own bust around and grinding her nipples across your flesh.

Kogasa pushes it harder until, with a thump, it slams through you, the bend hitting your mound. You swallow, cheeks squeezing her now spit-soaked panties, fingers twitching and back shivering at the sensation of the repulsive, unwelcome shaft wedged inside you.

“There, much better. Now…” She glides around behind Youmu, reaching around her to grip the hard, pink shaft protruding from your pussy. She pulls it down, lining it up with Youmu’s slit. You stare into Youmu’s wide, teary eyes, offering the kindest gaze you can achieve with only your eyebrows.

You just need to wait for Kogasa to step within reach of your ankles.

Youmu’s teal pupils fixate on your joined crotches. You feel only subtle shifts inside you but find Youmu’s eyes clenching shut. You feel her body shiver against yours.

“Ghlr… Lgh.”

Her cheeks flush, spit trailing between both your breasts and hers, now.

The shifting slows down. You feel small twists and jerks, accompanied by Kogasa’s grunts, followed by Youmu’s.

“Grrr. Hey, Naoko. Help me out here.”

You stare down both pairs of breasts again, still blinded by your body and Youmu’s. She whimpers, shifting her hips.

“Give her a few thrusts, okay? It’s not going in.”

Youmu opens her eyes wide, shaking her head hard enough to send her spit flying to the sides.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Kogasa leans her head out from Youmu’s back, flat eyes boring into you. Slowly, shivering, you shake your head. Yuyuko will kill you if you take this any further.

She frowns. You close your eyes, holding firm. Kogasa leaps to her feet, sliding her hands around Youmu’s ass. She drags Youmu’s ass back, then shoves it forward. Youmu wails as the dildo jerks inside you. She drags Youmu’s ass back again.

“Hrghph!” You shout. Kogasa pauses.

You inhale through your nose. It’s too late to go back now. You need Kogasa relaxed enough to get in position. You need Youmu’s crotch to get through this. For both your sake and Youmu’s, you need to play this girl’s stupid game a little longer.

You offer Youmu your most apologetic eyes. She cocks her head, brows slanted, before they fly wide open again.

You pull your hips back, just slightly, then thrust. You’re softer than Kogasa was, but she still jerks back, yelping.

“Good, good. Keep doing that.”

Kogasa leaps to her feet and circles around your back again.

You thrust into Youmu again, she whimpers.

Kogasa shoves her face in your ass again. You jerk back, pressing the cheeks into her face before you thrust forward. The tongue presses to your sphincter. Again.

You shove forward. Again. The shaft shifts, triggering a warmth in your gut. You push it to the side, listening to Youmu’s garbled, broken yelps as you thrust Kogasa’s vile toy into her. With the end of each thrust, your ass bounces back into your captor’s face, pushing her back.

Youmu groans, wriggling on the cock, hands clenching and unclenching. The toy’s movements slow, jerking from something inside her.

Arms aching from your chains, back tiring, the cock beats into you with each thrust. Hips bouncing, Kogasa’s tongue playing with your asshole, you shiver, growing warm and wet.

“Ghleh!” Youmu yelps in pain. You pause, slowing. Something warm, wet, and sticky trails down your leg. After the parade of pussies you’ve been shoved into, you know quite well what its fluids feel like. Whatever trickles down your leg is something else.

Kogasa sighs. “Oh, you were a virgin. My bad.”

You stare down at her, frantic.

She stares back up. “Hey! It’s already gone, so get back to pounding her!”

You pause, turning back to Youmu. Youmu winces, eyes easing over time.

Kogasa slaps your ass. You jerk from her blow, then start, slow, and push into Youmu again.

Kogasa pulls her head from your ass and shuffles around you, stopping behind Youmu. Youmu’s eyes fly open again as she lets out a yelp. You pull back, slowly.

Wet, slurping noises sound out around Youmu’s ass, followed by a loud, disappointed sigh. Kogasa stands up and drops her arms over Youmu’s shoulders, nuzzling into her neck. The weight pushes her down, dragging you to up to your tiptoes.

“Your ass tastes way too much like mochi, you know that?”

Youmu’s looks up and away, her face burning red.

“You should go for a more earthy, rustic flavor, like Naoko.” Kogasa sticks her tongue out. “And the cheeks, my goodness. Your butt’s way too firm. A little bit’s kinda nice, sure. But there’s none of Naoko’s pillow softness. And the weight, the heft, they’re just not there. You need to eat more.”

Youmu whimpers, twisting her torso as Kogasa slips her tongue back in and slides her hands down Youmu’s ass.

“Jeez guys, no one came yet.”

Youmu lets out a shivering whine as Kogasa drags her back, almost off the damn cock. She holds Youmu’s hips there. “Well? Are you gonna get back to fucking, or do I have do it all myself?”

You twitch. She shoves Youmu’s hips down again, slamming her into your crotch. Youmu screams and you squeal as the shaft grinds itself deeper inside you. Kogasa steps back, staring hard at you over Youmu’s shoulder. Shutting your eyes, you take the hint and move your hips.

With only a few more thrusts, a few more hits to Youmu’s crotch shoving jerking the rubber menace inside you, you grow hot. Youmu’s skin burns against yours, her heavy-lidded, aqua eyes dancing away from your own. Every twist and bounce of her breasts glances across your own quaking chest.

Your chains clatter. Your skin beads with sweat. Youmu lets out a soft, muffled mewl. Kogasa stands back as you pound the disgusting toy into your one-time protector’s vulnerable pussy. Your stomach twists even as your crotch begs for more. Then, with a shudder, the final wave of pleasure washes over you.

Heart pounding and lungs straining, a long and loud, shuddering groan filters through your captor’s underwear to escape the engraved plate on your lips.

Exhausted, you sag in your chains, held up only by the rafter and the damn dildo. You wince as you feel the sticky trickle running down both your leg and hers.

Kogasa steps around to your left, tapping her feet. She waits a moment. Silence hangs over the room. Kogasa sighs, then drops to her knees and tugs on the dildo. With a couple jerks, she drags it out of your pussies.

“I guess your girlfriend can wait. But just this once, okay?”

You groan through her damn panties. You’re still under her perverted thumb, but at least your pussy’s empty. Then Kogasa pushes you aside, rotating you as she squeezes between the two of you.

“Fatten it up next time, okay?”

Looking down, you find Kogasa kissing Youmu’s pussy. She pulls back, just starting to stand. She’s in position, or at least as close as she’s going to get. With your arms and back already aching, you won’t have any strength left the next time.

You tug your wrists downward, jerking Youmu up. She yelps as you lift your feet off the ground. You’re no athlete, but you manage to get your ankles just high enough to hurl your them out, over Kogasa’s head and behind her neck. You jerk them back across her shoulders. You drag the chain around her neck, sliding one ankle toward the other to cross…

They stop cold, held in place by firm, powerful hands. She stares back up at you, arms raised to hold your ankles, eyes wide and mouth gaping. You shove your feet toward each other, twisting and straining just to get the chain closer to her damn windpipe. Chains rattle and muscles burn, your best efforts barely budge under her iron grip, then she hurls them back away and down to the floor. You stagger back, jerking Youmu with you by her collar.

Kogasa walks behind you as you regain your bearings, your breasts once more pressed to Youmu’s chest.

You failed.

“How… how could you!”

Wincing, you glance over your shoulder to find Kogasa’s seething glare.

“Did you even stop for a second to think about your poor anklets? They were made to hold you. This was supposed to be their best moment! And what do you do? You go and use them to hurt their maker.”

Kogasa sniffles.

“They deserved better! So much better!” Her shoulders sag. “Fine. I’ve seen human mothers. I know how to treat naughty girls.”

She snags the umbrella back up. With a heavy thump, she smacks it into her hand. Stepping forward, she thumps it again, and again. She exhales long and slow, stopping just behind you.

She swings the umbrella back. You tense.


It’s wide, wet, and heavy tongue crashes into your ass, shoving you into Youmu with its weight. You swing on the chains a moment before—


You yelp, lurching forward again, ass moist and stinging.


You barely swing back in time for the next—


A muffled wail rises from your throat as your ass heats up.

Whack! Whack! Whack!

You wince, your own eyes moistening as blow upon blow rains down on your poor ass, small yelps and squeals escaping your stuffed lips with each one.

Whack! Whack! Whack! Whack!

A pause comes, bringing a pause to your halting cries. Your wrists sting, your arms, legs, and back ache. Your ass burns.



You scream in pain as Kogasa delivers one final blow, almost knocking you off your feet with the impact.

A thick, papery object clatters to the floor.

“Just wait right there so I can fix this!”

Liquid drips from your burning ass-cheeks as Kogasa sniffles, her feet pounding away to your left.

You hear a click just before she throws herself through the door.

“Hlgh Hwey.” Youmu stars into you with soft, sympathetic eyes.

You look down, closing your eyes and trying to shut out the fire in your ass and the thought of what she’d just done.

And the thought of what you’d just done.

Your captor, your two-time rapist, just spanked you like a naughty child. You’re still rubbing your bare nipples into your naked would-be savior, the woman you just came on.

You hiccup, leaning your head into Youmu’s shoulder as a heavy shudder rolls through your body. You’ve no idea what Youmu tried to say and you couldn’t respond if you wanted to. You barely care that the nipples pressing into you are not entirely soft, or the slight trails of her juices running down your thigh. Your arms sway near her head and your legs bump into hers. You’re even okay with the drool gliding down your shoulder.

You rest there a moment, trying to shut out your numerous aches, your weakened, sore muscles, and your wounded ass.

Footsteps thump down the hallway, just before the door slams into the wall. You lift your head and open your eyes to find Kogasa carrying another leather mass, this time a navy blue with a single touch of red. She shuts and locks the door behind her, then marches to the bed, throws the leather mass onto it, and stomps to your right.

Reaching between your necks, she snaps the chain at both ends, tossing it to the floor. She then snaps the chains from Youmu’s shoulders, one at a time, disconnecting her from the rafter.

“I worked really hard on those, you know.” Kogasa mutters.

Sighing in garbled relief, you sag, staggering back. The chain your wrists hung from slides across the bar, then thumps to the floor, pooling near your feet. Exhausted, you collapse to the floor yourself, only for your beaten ass to wring a muffled scream from your throat when you land. Shivering, you lie down and roll onto your side.

“Hlh, Whlh!” Youmu twists and squirms as Kogasa hauls her up over her shoulder, only to throw her back down a few steps away. Youmu’s ass crashes into the floor by the far wall.

Kogasa spins around and marches toward you. You lift your hands up on instinct, but it doesn’t matter. She just grabs your sides and lifts you up, throwing you to the bed. You crash into the cushions, your chains clinking and even the blanket stinging your backside.

“All that work, for a stupid, mean girl like you.”

You curl back onto your side, barely getting a chance to glance at the blue leather to your left before Kogasa unlocks your first ankle cuff. You glance down your body to find the other unlocked as well. Reverently, she sets them on the floor. You pull yourself backward, down the bed.

Youmu curls into the corner of the dresser and the wall.

Kogasa picks up a long leather boot with a heel somehow longer than Youmu’s. And another series of straps with d-links down one side. You scoot to your right, away from her, only for her eyes to snap right on you.

You have barely a chance to blink before a hand shoots out and grabs your ankle, dragging you back. Wrist chain jingling, you let out a muffled, garbled screech, clawing at the blankets for purchase, flailing for something, anything to grab on to and pull yourself away as she drags you toward her.

“You don’t deserve my babies. They can do better than you.”

She stops just as your knees reach the edge. Grabbing hold of your violet boot, she tugs, hauling it off in one smooth motion. She then throws your other boot off. You kick at her, only for her to catch your foot and stuff it down one of the leather boots.

You twist and squirm, breathing hard as she forces the leather down your leg, up to your mid-thigh. She pulls the top strap tight, buckling it. One by one, she does the same for each buckle.

You hear a click. Glancing to the door, you find it hanging just slightly open. Straining your head up, around Kogasa, you find Youmu looking toward it as well.

You squirm as Kogasa pulls the second boot up, but your burning muscles dampen your efforts. Soon it, too, is buckled tight. Youmu wiggles her hips, lurching slowly around the dresser. Kogasa notices your eyes, sliding her own toward…

You kick your leather-bound legs down, into her hands, smashing them into the blanket. Her angry eyes snap back to you as she pulls a silver padlock from the pile. Forcing your thighs together, she runs it through the top links and shuts it. She grabs another and works her way down, sealing your legs together as Youmu wiggles to the next wall.

Youmu shuffles down the wall as Kogasa climbs onto the bed, crawling over you. You gulp as she unlocks your remaining shackles and sets them delicately by the pillows. In one last quaking, terrified hurrah, you plant your arms into her gut and shove. She just groans and throws your hands aside, then reaches under your back to snap your mock bra loose. Slinging it down your beaten arms, she tosses it aside and pulls a mass of blue leather straps over you.

Exhausted, beaten, and sore, you strain and squirm as she pulls them around your body and fits them into place, under the collar. But you barely slow her down, failing even to stop her from yanking the panties down your thighs to make way for the thigh straps. Panties bunched up over the top padlock, you find yourself covered in a blue version of the same diamond pattern Youmu wears.

Youmu stops by the door, sending a worried, drooling glance back your way. You give only the tiniest nod as Kogasa sets to work tightening your straps. Soon the leather bites into your skin, pushing your breasts out even more than they did Youmu’s.

It makes you look disgusting. Obscene.

And they hurt. Kogasa finishes around your crotch, tightening a pair of straps around your throbbing ass-cheeks. You hear a quiet swing and find Youmu gone. It’s only when Kogasa flips you onto your back that you realize something odd. She strapped the harness under your arms, not over.

Then she tears your gloves off, slings your arms around your sides, and presses your arms together into your back. She drags a long leather sleeve over them, with a compartment at the end that forces your hands flat against each other. She buckles a strap around your wrists, sealing your hands inside. She pulls three more straps tight, each pressing your arms tighter together.

By the time she clips the end of the sleeve into your shoulder straps, your sore arms throb in compressed pain. Her hands move to the back of your head, where they undo the straps, loosening the metal plate. She flips you onto your back again, peeling the plate off and setting it behind the pillows.

You raise your aching hips, just to keep your throbbing ass off the blanket.

A muffled squeal floats through the walls, followed by the sound of magic bullets. You lie back, praying that Youmu makes it out of that.

Kogasa grips the cotton between your teeth and yanks it out, glaring.

“You don’t even deserve these.”

For the first time in what already feels like ages, you move your lips.

“Um, Ms. Kogasa.” You give her the most disarming smile you’ve got. “I’ll be good. I promise, so don’t…” She pulls out a fat black ball with red straps. Your eyes widen. “You don’t need to do th-glph.” She shoves it between your teeth, sliding another triangle strap around your nose and pulling them tight behind your head.

With one last buckling, you find your cheeks stretched wide and yourself thoroughly muffled once more.

“You can talk later. First you have to make up for hurting my girls.”

At least there’s no pussy on it this time. You wiggle, finding both legs and arms locked tight.

She glowers, then rolls you back to your front. She wraps her hands around your waist, folding your legs together as she pulls your ass backward.

She takes a deep breath. “Look, you did some very bad things, but my babies really want to serve their purpose.” Something rustles, then a hard, metal rod slides down your crack to poke your asshole. “I can still forgive you, but it won’t be easy anymore. You’ll need to take my other half. My umbrella, that is. If you take it as deep as you can, I’ll give you a chance to be reunited with them, okay?”

You twist and squirm. “Wlgph! Wlgph!”

Kogasa groans. “Just stop, okay? You’re taking me in one way or the other.” She squeezes your burning ass. She sighs. “But, I guess if you roll over, I’ll let you take it in your cute little pussy instead.”

Your lips slide up and down the ball.

[ ] Roll over.

[ ] Stay still.

[ ] Squirm.

[ ] Write-in.

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>>No. 39758
Minor note: I'd cropped the update image. Original is: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1720159
>>No. 39759
[x] Stay still.

Kogasa has proven she is too much for us. Best not to make her any more angry. Maybe if we give her what she wants she will treat us better.
>>No. 39760
[X]"Where's Youmu?'
[X] Stay still.

She did work really hard on those chains. That kinda thing deserves a reward.
>>No. 39761
File 156350881671.png - (631.90KB, 800x708, happynakedgasa.png) [iqdb]
[x] Stay still.

You hold still, whimpering into the ball as Kogasa’s shaft pokes your asshole. The first drops of your drool pool on the blanket beneath you. You fidget, adjusting your arms in their constricting sleeve, but not daring to shift your legs.

You let out a quiet whine as her hand slides across your burning ass.

Then she shoves the rod. You jerk, hissing as hard, dry metal grinds into your sphincter. You hold your breath as it pushes, insistent, through tender puckered flesh.

Then it starts to make progress, grinding into you. You clench your eyes shut, biting back a wail. She twists it, scraping your asshole.


You scream, garbled by the gag. The rod pauses.

“That’s weird. You didn’t scream last time.”

You inhale, then groan as the rod slides away, sparing your already tender sphincter and pulling a muffled gasp of relief from your throat. You lie there, breathing in and out. Your asshole already hurts almost as much as the cheeks around it.

“Hm… You didn’t let someone else in your ass today, did you?”

You shudder, shaking your head.

“Then, why did… Oh, silly me. I forgot to lube it. Now, stay where you are, okay? I’ll be right back.”

You sniffle, naked ass still high in the air. Blinking, your dark hair matted to your face, you adjust your cramped shoulders. At least Youmu escaped, thanks in part to your efforts.

“Now, let’s just extend this tongue over here.”

You wiggle as something slurps the rod and what sounds like folded paper.

What had she meant by ‘last time’? You hadn’t seen her since the first night and the following morning. When did she…

Oh, fuck. She did impale you back then, didn’t she?

“There, all done.”

You hiss as she runs a finger down your ass again, sliding it through the crack. Inhaling, you hold your quaking hips still as she spreads your cheeks and pokes the rod against your asshole again.

“This might still hurt, so bear with it, please.”

She pushes, twisting the rod back through your abused sphincter. You whimper, wiggling slightly until it breaks through. You groan as it pushes inside, forcing your walls aside as it settles in. It’s not scraping anything anymore, but you can’t help a slight wiggle on the rod now stuffing you. Your drool pools around the ball behind your lips, clinging to your cheek.

Kogasa shifts the rod slightly, angling it down.

Then she shoves it down, slamming it in, jerking it deeper in. You gasp, then groan, wiggling your arm sleeve as it sinks down, forcing itself through you.

Kogasa moans.

You’re not entirely sure why.

Hands apparently shaking, she pulls the rod back up, halfway to the entrance. You wince, knowing what comes next.


You scream again as it crashes back through. Something folded and papery pushes into you, only to slide back out.


You scream once more, jerking forward as it stops. It pulls back, shaking, before slamming back in. You yelp, sliding forward. Her papery shaft stretches your asshole wide open.


You let out a low whine right before she pounds into you again, no deeper than before. You choke back a sob. She pauses, twisting the umbrella before pulling it back.


She twists it back down, forcing it through your flesh. Your walls stretch, forced back around its sheer girth. You breathe, ragged, as she forces it ever deeper. Your ass burns, stuffed so tight you doubt you could even move anymore. Then it pauses. You groan, adjusting your lips around the ball as you wait for her next—

“Hlgh! Lgh! Grph!”

Kogasa pounds into you once, then twice. She pumps you over, and over, and over again. You ass bounces on her thumping, papery shaft, jerked and dragged with each hit. You twist your shoulders. Your head rolls through the spit-soaked blanket beneath you. Each time, she finds a way to sink just a little deeper. To rub and press into ever more sensitive flesh. Your whole crotch starts to burn. You yelp, groan, gasp, and whine.

“Ghlr! Mph!”

Your hips jerk forward with each hit, then slide back, following the rod they’re impaled on. She’s pounding you hard enough to make your breasts bounce even under your weight. You blink, eyes wet.

“Hfh! Lrgh! Fmph!”

Kogasa speeds up, her once smooth, slick rod starting to scrap through you again. Your harness creaks, biting even more into your flesh as her rod beats your canal, rubbing your ass raw.

“Oh, oh, oh!”

Kogasa gasps, moaning behind you. You bounce forward and back, letting out a garbled, broken keen.

“Oh! Oh ye… oh, hrrngh!” Kogasa lets out one last, loud moan as her shaking rod slows, then stops deep inside your throbbing ass.

For a quiet moment, the rod just sits there, buried deeper than you ever want to know. Kogasa collapses to the bed beside you, sweat dripping from her glistening skin, rolling down her swollen breasts. She sighs. “Was that good for you, too?”

You blink, trying to clear the tears from your eyes. You don’t answer.

“Oh, I should probably take myself out now. Silly me.”

Kogasa hops back off the bed. Wincing, you dare to look behind you. You see only a white, sandaled foot hanging off the edge of the black shaft in your ass.

You gasp as it stirs, sliding slowly up. It tugs and jerks, scratching and thumping inside you until it reaches your entrance. Then with one last, painful scrape, it slides all the way up and pops free. Kogasa licks the tip, then sets it aside.

You gasp as she strokes your ass. “You were really mean, you know. But… I guess you did a good job here. You felt even better than you taste.” Kogasa sighs.

Then drops her head into your crack.

You wail in pain, not caring how much the fat, choking ball garbles your cries.

You hiss as she rolls her head around your battered ass-cheeks, then slides her tongue back to your tender, beaten asshole. She licks it once, then twice. “I know I pounded you kinda hard, but please feel better.”

She sighs, sliding her tongue through your crack and rubbing your sore, abused ass.

Then finally, mercifully, she peels herself away. Planting her hands on your waist, she rolls you to your front. She then pulls your locked legs off your stomach, sliding them to the sheets, dropping your shins off the side.

The blanket stings your ass, so you lift your hips.

She giggles. “I’ll take your pussy later, I promise.”

You blush, confused. You glance across your protruding breasts to your raised pussy. You look away. The blankets shift as she crawls onto the bed, climbing over you. She stops, sliding her hands around and under your head and guides your eyes back to hers. Her hanging breasts sag near your eyes, with swollen nipples and raised areola. A clear, shimmering fluid trails from the flowering pussy beneath her trimmed bush, down both her thighs.

She smiles. “You did good, you know. Now, if you’ll stay good and say your apologies, I’ll take the gag out. Okay?”

You whimper, nodding your head.

“Remember, I’m trusting you here.”

She releases the buckle and, sliding the top strap down your head, pulls the ball from your mouth. You flex your jaw as she sets it down by your collar bones.

Then buckles it around your neck. You glance to it, then her.

She frowns. “I need to be able to put it back in if you misbehave, you know.”

“Now, let’s start with…” She reaches forward, swinging her heavy, clothed breasts over your face. “Ah, here we go.” She pulls a pair of shackles from the pillow, hanging them over your head. “You used these poor girls to lift yourself up. Tell them you’re sorry.”

You blink. She’s telling you to apologize to a pair of shackles. Is she insane?

She stares back, a warm smile fast fading.

You clear your throat. “Sorry! Um, I’m sorry I uh, misused you.”

She smiles again, then sets the shackles aside. She pulls out another pair. “Now, these are the girls you really hurt. The ones you tried to choke me with.”

You swallow. Kogasa’s not smiling. “I’m… sorry. I’m sorry I tried to… use you to… attack her?”

She scowls. “Say it like you mean it.”

“I’m… so sorry.” You breathe in, then out. “I should… never have done that.” Kogasa’s expression eases, but her eyes remain fixed on you. You blink, thinking. “And, and I’ll never do it again.”

Kogasa smiles again. “See? That wasn’t so hard. Now…” She sets the shackles aside and leans down, lifting your head. She plants her lips to yours, sliding her tongue inside only briefly.

There’s a sour hint to her tongue.

She pulls back, smiling with her tongue out. She rolls to the side and hops off the bed. Snatching the shackles, she throws them into the air. The umbrella flies forward, catching them inside its folded canopy.


“I guess you didn’t really hurt the gag, so we can leave that alone for now.” She grabs the gag and throws it to the umbrella as well. She then skips through the room, swinging her eyes from side to side.

You clear your throat. “Uh, Kogasa.” She glances back. “I made you feel good, right? Could you let me go?”

She cocks her head. “No, I don’t think so. Your bracelets and anklets need you. I’ll think about it once we’re back at my forge.”

You twist, straining to shift your arms and legs. “They’d love me more than this leather, right?”

She sighs, picking her skirt off the floor. “You betrayed them, Naoko. You did good now, but you need to do better to be reunited. Let them have their space.” She pulls the skirt up her legs, clipping it around her waist.

You arch your back, straining to peel your legs apart. They tug hard on the padlocks between them, but the effort exhausts you in seconds. Nothing. You collapse back down, wincing at the weight on your sore ass. “Could you… at least let me wear my dress again?”

Kogasa throws her shirt over her head. “No. You need to think more about what you’ve done.” She buttons it up and grabs her apron.

She pulls a chain off the ground and tosses it to her umbrella, which opens up just long enough to catch it. In that moment, you find the shackles and gag hanging from its spokes. She ties the apron back on.

She trots over to you and climbs up on the bed, beside you. She then wraps her left arm around your stomach and throws you up, over her shoulder. You land, your naked breasts bumping into her back as you stare down the back of her dress. Holding an arm tight around your leather-wrapped legs, she steps off the bed and marches to the door.

“I need you to be quiet, Naoko. Don’t say anything until I tell you.”


Kogasa stops, pushing the door open.

Then a hand crashes across your ass. You yelp.

“One more word and the gag goes back in.”

Whimpering, you whisper, “yes, ma’am.”

“Silly. I like your attitude, but that was two more words. Just don’t say anything else and I won’t have to get mean again.”

Kogasa turns down through the hallway, stepping around the scattered gags, cuffs, and toys. Wanting to see just about anything other than the peppy bounce of her butt, you lean up, scanning doors as she walks by an intersection.

Down that intersecting hall, you find Youmu on the ground. A head of short blonde hair leans over her, peeling a strap back with her teeth. You catch only a red dress before Kogasa carries you past and Youmu’s freed hands fumble on the floor.

Short blonde hair, red dress. Something about her nags at your mind. Have you seen her before?

You close your eyes, breathing in.

You’re not getting another chance to escape Kogasa. You need their attention, whatever Kogasa says.

Then you feel it. Kogasa’s lust reeks from her body, but it’s nothing compared to the mass nearby. The giant cloud you felt around the library. It’s close. It’s damn close, it’s moving toward you, and it’s coming from…

It approaches the hallway Kogasa carries you down.

You have exactly one chance to speak before she gags you again. You need to use it carefully.

[ ] Risk Kogasa’s wrath to cry out for help from Youmu and the blonde woman.

[ ] Bargain with Kogasa to work with Youmu and fight off the monster.

[ ] Quietly warn Kogasa about the monster.

[ ] Stay silent.

[ ] Write-in.

Votes end:
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>>No. 39762
[X] Bargain with Kogasa to work with Youmu and fight off the monster

We probably should deal with the most powerful person in the mansion right?
>>No. 39763
[x] Risk Kogasa’s wrath to cry out for help from Youmu and the blonde woman.

Kogasa is going to gag us before we get more than two words in edgewise. Might as well make those two words "Yooommuuuu, heeeeeeeelp!"

Maybe the monster will pick Kogasa off while she is busy trying to gag us.
>>No. 39764
[x] Risk Kogasa’s wrath to cry out for help from Youmu and the blonde woman.

Yeah, Kogasa doesn't really care much about anything other than our ass, so might as well go with this if we're doing anything at all.
>>No. 39765
[x] Risk Kogasa’s wrath to cry out for help from Youmu and the blonde woman.
Flandre may have the mentality of a child, but even children can tell when someone needs help.
>>No. 39766
[X] Risk Kogasa’s wrath to cry out for help from Youmu and the blonde woman.

>>No. 39767
File 15642705604.jpg - (119.81KB, 715x1000, nudeblade.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Risk Kogasa’s wrath to cry out for help from Youmu and the blonde woman.


Your burning ass bounces under the force of Kogasa’s slap.

“You-” whack “-MU! Pl-” whack “lease!” whack! “HELP!”

“I said no talking!”

You take in a shaky breath, fighting back tears from your burning ass-cheeks. “Youmu, h-”

Kogasa hurls you to the ground.

“AAARGH!” You scream as your mauled, abused ass hits the barely-carpeted floor and your leather-enveloped arms hit the wooden wall. You sit, groggy, in a hallway corner with the hall you came from to your left.

Kogasa drops down, glaring, breasts sagging under her apron as she drops to her knees in front of you. Extending her hands around your neck, she unbuckles the gag.

Eyes wet, you shake your head. “YOUMU! HE-ghp!”

In seconds, she has the gag straps back around your head and buckled behind your neck. You adjust your teeth around the fat ball as she slides her hands to your sides.

“Hands off!” A bright, flat wave of light strikes the wall beside you. Youmu floats some distance behind Kogasa, still wearing the black, diamond patterned harness, high-heeled boots, and nothing else. Two sliced straps hang off the sides, near her exposed breasts. Her legs shift, the padlocks that held them together now gone. She holds her longer sword out, toward Kogasa, and carries her shorter blade readied near her hip.

Kogasa leaps to her feet and turns to face her. Youmu visibly flinches, swords shaking.

Kogasa plants her hands on her hips. “I beat her! Get your own ass!”

“You didn’t beat me.”

“Yes, I did!”

You shrink into the corner, twisting your locked arms and legs. The blonde woman floats in, behind Youmu. Her hair’s short, her dress a plain red fading to gold near the… leaf-patterned trim.


Why’s she here?

“That was an ambush, not a fight!”

“But I still beat you, didn’t I?”

Shizuha hangs behind Youmu, silent.

Youmu glares, her swords stilling. “You didn’t fight me at all!” Youmu shakes her head. “Let’s see if you beat me without your stupid shackles.”

Shizuha holds her arms behind her back, pushing her small breasts out just sligh… No, there’s glowing red rings around her stomach, her shoulders, and her neck. They’re pressing her arms into herself.

Kogasa lets out a long, rolling groan. “Fine, I’ll fight you.”

Kogasa’s purple bullets appear around her, soon interrupted by another slicing beam that whooshes past you. You lean forward, shutting your wet eyes at the pressure that puts on your beaten ass. You shift your legs, straining at the padlocks. You twist to the side as golden bullets fly past, tugging at your arm sleeve.

“Hey! Two on one’s cheating!”

“So is jumping on me!”

“Gheh.” You swallow, biting into the ball behind your lips as you push, pull, and tug. Sweat coats your skin as you struggle to get your tired body out of the damn leather. Sagging into the wall, you groan, watching the fight unfold.

Your eyes widen as you find Kogasa’s umbrella sneaking up behind Youmu.

“Ghlerh! Hreh!”

Youmu floats from side to side, focused entirely on slashing at Kogasa and dodging her bullets. Shizuha’s bullets mix in, though you find her eyes dancing between Kogasa and you.

The umbrella thumps into Youmu’s back, forcing her into a purple bullet.

“Urgh!” Youmu winces, tumbling to the ground, then stumbling on her heels. She picks herself back up and floats off the ground just in time to slide around Kogasa’s next volley.

Youmu’s next slash strikes Kogasa, knocking her into the wall beside you. Kogasa recovers and throws herself back into the fight, firing at Youmu only to get struck by the loose bullets released by her next slash.

“Not so domineering anymore, huh?” Youmu shouts, a little shrill. “Can’t hurt me anymore, can you?”

“That was…”

Another couple slashes surge past, dissipating into the wall. “Where’s your weird, rubber toys now?”

Kogasa staggers between the slashes and bullets, panicking. “You came, didn’t you?”

Youmu freezes at that, barely snapping back into the fight in time to stagger away from Kogasa’s next volley.

Sharp heels click across the floor to your right. You turn to find Sakuya walking toward you. Long rips and tears run up and down her apron, shirt, and skirt. Frizzled silver hair twists and bends around her harrowed face.

She fixes her intense, glowing red eyes on you, though she struggles to hold her eyelids open. Her mouth curls into a crooked, panting grin.

“Finally,” she breathes, “found you.”

You twist back, pushing past the screaming pain as you shuffle your ass as far into the corner as you can.

“Hleh! Hleh!”

You’re not entirely sure why you’re screaming. You throw your gaze, frantic, to the fighters on your left. Red light flares around you, dying out just as you find yourself rising into the air, a red ring around your stomach.

The bullets and bursts to your left die out.

“Hey! I saw her first!”

Sakuya turns to Kogasa. Barely a second or two later, the ring around you winks back out, dropping you on your beaten ass. Again. You groan in garbled pain.

Sakuya stumbles forward, then crashes to the ground in front of you. The hallway corner holds still a moment. You blink, stunned.

Then an inky black mass rises out of her, eddies of bright red light running through it.

It resolves into the form of a tall, imperious woman in a blue dress with six white wings on her back and a long mane of white hair flowing from her head. A vaguely shield-shaped icon adorns the front, with flowing white sleeves extending out.

She sighs. “An, angel of death. One of my, favorite, entries.” She looks down on you, licking her twitching lips. “Now, Honda. Follow… follow me.”

Shivering, you shake your head.

The purple umbrella rockets forward and slams into her, pressing her to the wall.

“Back off!” Kogasa pants. “I. Saw. Her. FIRST!”

The woman tuts, yanking the umbrella off and shoving it away. “I don’t need your entry, umbrella.” She then fires a series of bright white beams down the hall, accompanied by a swarm of roaming white balls. Kogasa squeals and leaps away from them while Youmu weaves between them, but many more follow behind.

Youmu’s first slash at the new woman hits the wall just as you find some of the balls wandering close to you.

“Ghwo! Ghwo!” You twist, struggling to shuffle away from them. In desperation, you remember your limited flight capabilities. Straining, you tug at the energy inside, trying to remember your experience. Beams and small balls litter the hall as the feeling comes back and you give the power a tug.


Twisting, you try again. Every attempt makes it fizzle and fade away. You groan, giving up.

“I’ll slice you apart, villain!”

Your eyes fly wide as a beam slams into the wall beside you.

You gurgle and twist again, arching your legs and pushing against the wall. With a few jerking shifts, you get your stilted feet beneath you and lift yourself slightly up. Then a loose ball hits your gut, dropping you back to the floor as you double over. Groaning, you thank the stars you landed on your side this time.

But more balls approach, alongside a… gold and red cloud? Leaves. A cloud of leaves gathers around you, clinging to your skin and the leather atop it before forming into a familiar red and gold dress. You send a puzzled glance back in Shizuha’s general direction, only to find the white swarms obscuring her.

Then you lift in the air, carried by the dress. You lurch through the bullets, grazing several and slamming into one before passing through them entirely and finding the hallway Kogasa had carried you through. Shizuha flies away from you in only a deep red bra and pair of panties, decorated in gold.

Her arms join at the elbow, running down her back in a pattern very similar to what the sleeve does to your own. Glowing red rings around her wrists and elbows pin her arms tight against her back, pressing one hand into her crack.

She glances back, dropping to the ground to body-slam a door, throwing it open. She glances in, then turns on her heel. The dress carrying you slows to a stop as she glances ahead and behind you, then she sprints forward. The dress carries you close behind her as she bounces from intersection to intersection, slamming seemingly random doors open and peeking through them.

The red rings flicker.

She stops again, wiggling. The red rings around her flicker again, then shatter, dissipating into the cool air. She pauses, rubbing her neck and flexing her suddenly free arms. “Finally.”


“Shh!” Shizuha pauses, listening. She then spins on her heel and races forward. A moment later, she throws a door open and rushes in. You find yourself floating through shortly after, into a small, quiet bedroom much like the one that Kogasa…

Shizuha shuts the door behind you, locking it. Another oak dresser sits at one wall, another red bed across from it. Candles, hanging from the wall, bathe the room in a soft pink glow. You’re not entirely sure how it gets that color. The dress drops you on the bed before disintegrating again. You find the leaves gathering and reforming the dress around Shizuha, standing in front of you.

She scowls, then swings forward, onto the bed over you, and plants her hands by your sides.

You shrink back. She snatches you by the gag straps and slips her hands behind your head. She snaps it loose, popping the ball free, and peels it away. Throwing it aside, she stares into your eyes.

“Where the hell were you?”

You sink into the blanket, lip trembling. “I, I don’t…” You inhale. “Where was I when?”

“All of yesterday! Where did the bird take you? How did Aya find you? Where did she take you? And how did you end up here?”

“I don’t know!” You hiccup, wiggling your cramped shoulders. “How did you get here?”

“I got pos- no, we don’t have time for this. Roll over.”

Kogasa’s previous demands float through your mind.


“God damn it, Naoko.” Shizuha glares down at you, plants her hands under your left side, and shoves upward, rolling you onto your front. Leather straps creaking as they bite into your skin, you rest, naked breasts pressed into the blanket.

A moment of silence descends, following by a slender finger poking your sore ass. You groan, wincing.

“…What the hell happened to your ass?”

“I, I…” You sniffle. Kogasa’s shouts rattle through your mind.

“Forget it.” Shizuha’s hands slide across your back, to your shoulders. With a flew flicks, she detaches the straps from your collar, then works down. One strap at a time, she loosens the sleeve’s constricting pressure, then pulls it off. “Whatever happened, happened. If you don’t tell me, that’s less I have to lie to Ayame about.”

You flex your arms, nestling your head in the blanket as you breathe in a sigh of relief. You roll onto your left side, staring up into Shizuha’s eyes. You sniffle, smiling. “Th-thanks for saving me, Shizuha.”

She turns her head. “Until you’re out of this forsaken mansion and back in the damn village, I haven’t saved shit. Now…” She steps back and squats down, staring at the back of your blue, padlocked boots. “I can’t pick locks or break steel.” She runs a finger up the boots, then to underside of your bare thighs.

She plants both hands between your thighs and tugs, pushing them to the limit that your padlocks allow. She lets go and pokes at the top straps. “You’ve got the umbrella spirit and the book monster on your ass. Any other local enemies I should know about?”

You breathe out. “I… I don’t think so.”

“What about the bird, is she still a problem?”


“And her henchwoman?”

You shudder. “I… I…” Your ass still stings, you’re still wearing the harness Kogasa forced you into. A metal collar, engraved with your own name, still rests around your neck. Even her damn boots still trap your legs together. Wriggle or her bugs could be just outside the walls, waiting. You shiver, hiccupping. “I don’t…”

You sniffle, chest trembling. Just how many people have been inside you now? How many have you been forced to, to…

You swallow, eyes wet, breath quaking. No. You wrap your arms around your belly. No, you can’t break down now. Shizuha was right. Until you’re out… You hiccup.

Shizuha groans. “Oh, come on. I, you… it’ll be… it might be okay. We just have to get the hell out of here before anyone else can hurt us, right?”

Shivering, you force a smile. “…Right.”

“Good, now let’s just get you out of this shit first.” Shizuha moves from your boots to your harness, sliding her hands under your metal collar to loosen the leather one underneath.

Shivering as Shizuha works on your back straps, you’re too tired to tug your mock panties back up.

You let out a slow, shaky sigh as your first tear hits the blanket. As Shizuha works on your straps, you try to focus. To shut out Kogasa’s voice, touch, and the feel of her umbrella stuffing your ass. You could try to leave right now, but what happens with the book if you do? Can you still count on this mansion to keep it under control? And what about Youmu? You’d been forced to leave her alone with Kogasa and the monster. What will Yuyuko think if you just leave?

If you stay, where will you go? Who could you turn to for help?

[ ] Look for the master suite.

[ ] Try the basement.

[ ] Return to the library.

[ ] Flee the mansion.

[ ] Write-in.

Votes End:
Time remaining: ::Timer ended at: 2019/07/31(Wed)19:00

>>No. 39768
For the record, if the options or anything else ever seems too unclear in any respect, feel free to ask. While I obviously must hold some things back for dramatic reasons, I'll still try to answer as clearly as I feel that I can.
>>No. 39769
[x] Look for the master suite.

I'm thinking its about time to get Remelia to help fix this mess. Remi's got people impersonating her maids, her real maids are trying to rape everything in sight, her head maid is incapacitated, there is an evil lust monster running loose through the halls, and God only knows what happened to her librarian and assistant librarian.
>>No. 39770
[X] Try the basement.


Remi already failed. It's time this place came under new management.
>>No. 39771
I say its time to meet flandre after all
[ X ] Try the basement.
>>No. 39772

I just didn't want to be the first one to vote.
>>No. 39780
File 156522395376.jpg - (416.26KB, 787x1165, classyremi.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Look for the master suite.

You shudder, exhaling as Shizuha snaps a few straps open. Snapping the leather collar loose, she peels the whole harness out from under metal collar above it and off your body.

She runs a hand along the metal collar, behind your head. She fiddles with a moment, then hisses. “We’ll have to get this off later.”

You rub your bare belly as she sets it aside. “Shizuha, we need to stay.”

Her eyes snap to you, narrowing. Kind of like Kogasa, just before she… you shrink back. “Youmu needs our help, at least.”


“The swordswoman. White hair, fought alongside you?”

She growls. “Just leave her be. We can’t save her anyway.”

You gulp. “But we could wake the mistress—”

She turns on you, glaring. “Mistress?”

You stutter, shifting your locked legs. “Of the mansion! The mansion. Not of me.”

That, at least, won’t change. Right?

“She’ll wake up on her own eventually.”

You run your hands over your boots, poking at the thigh straps. “I… made a deal with someone powerful.” You breathe in and out, slowly. “Very powerful. That’s why Youmu’s even here. If she finds out I just left her…”

Shizuha breathes in, sharp and impatient. “Okay, fine. We’ll talk to this damn mistress. But we’re just going to wake her up, then we leave.”

You shrink back. You really should object. Shizuha would listen. She’s not Kagerou, or Kogasa, or Wriggle, or… you sniffle. “O… okay.”

“Good, now…” Shizuha pokes and prods at the straps again. A moment later something clips behind your right leg and the boot loosens. “Finally.” She unbuckles it, then your left. Then she works her way down, loosening each strap around your boots. She finishes by gripping your heels. She tugs.

Doing what you can, you grip their edges and push. Still locked together, the boots slide off your legs. Shizuha tosses them aside, wiping her brow. She spins and rushes to the dresser. Throwing it open, she roots through it, then pulls out…

Another dark blue maid dress, complete with apron.

A symbol of servitude. Like the cold metal of Kogasa’s collar that still sits around your neck, still wearing your name. You shake your head.

You pull yourself off the bed, heave a slow, sad sigh, and pull the lacy fabric of your false panties up over your crotch. You wince as the triangles rub against your sore ass. The one you got for attacking your last master—no, captor. Shizuha turns toward you, then freezes. She stares down at your exposed pussy, then brings her flat gaze to your eyes.

Blushing, you look aside. “I… had no choice.”

“That’s just the story of your life, isn’t it?” Shizuha tosses the dress to the bed, then returns to the dresser. “Put that on while I find something appropriate.”’

“Are you sure I should take this without ask…”

“Or what? Walk around the halls naked? With your aura?”

“…Sorry I asked.” You gulp and sit up, pushing down with your thighs to keep the pressure off your tender ass. You pull the dress over your torso, sliding the cotton over your bare breasts. Okina won’t mind you losing her mock bra, would she? Or replacing the mock panties?

“Damn it!” Shizuha shuts the dresser, spinning back to face you. “No underwear. Hey, can you walk?”

You stand up, wobbling just slightly as your legs get used to holding your weight again. You pat down your painfully short, frilly skirt, but give Shizuha a tentative smile. “Yes.”

“Good. Let’s go.”

Shizuha unlocks the door, peeks out, then motions forward as she steps through. You follow her out into the halls as she turns to her left. You take a deep breath, jogging forward to grab her left hand. She glances back, her flat eyes laser-focused on the hand you’re holding, her face pink.

You blush. “I can sense when… dangerous people are near, but I can’t pay attention to where you’re going while I do.”

She grunts, then looks forward again, grasping your hand back. You sigh in relief, then close your eyes, trying to concentrate as her hand sways and your feet cycle. The biggest mass is… somewhere. You try to focus harder, but the rhythm of your feet, the effort put into moving forward, distracts you. All you feel is a vaguely muddy sensation all around you.

Groaning, you open your eyes again. Shizuha glances back. You shake your head. “Sorry, I can’t feel it right now.”

She grunts. “It can’t be too close, then.” Then she stops in the middle of a four-way intersection, eyes bouncing from hall to hall.

The way her eyes flit between them worries you. “Um, where are we…”

She groans. “Naoko, how do you get to this master?”

You stop, rubbing your hip. They all look the same. “We just need to find some stairs up, maybe?” Sakuya never let you get there on your own…

She turns to the right.

You close your eyes, trying to concentrate again. Trying to shut out your exertion, the way Shizuha clenches your hand, and the way your ‘panties’ and the frills above them slide across your ass. Shizuha stops. You peel your eyes open to find Sakuya, groaning and leaning against the wall.

She sighs. “There you are.” She takes a breath, her blue eyes fluttering. “The intruder’s fled to cover.” She inhales. “The mistresses can handle it, but we need to strike before it causes further havoc. We…”

Shizuha hisses. “We’re on the way. Just tell us where this damn mistress is.”

She exhales. “That would be difficult. I can, however, guide you.”

“Fine. Naoko, carry her.”

You let go, blinking.

“I’m apparently the only person here who can fight worth a damn, so I need to keep lookout.”

You hesitate, a queasy feeling rising from your gut at her tone. But she’s right, so you nod, rushing over to Sakuya’s side and sliding her right arm across your left shoulder. Wrapping your own right arm around her side, you march forward.

She parts her lips, oddly slow. “Turn left, then up the stairs to your right.”

Following her directions, you make your way through the halls to a short, wide passage lined with portraits and elaborate busts, ending with a similarly wide door made of rich mahogany. You raise your hand to toward the door.

Shizuha steps in front and shoves it open.

She stomps in and you, still half-carrying Sakuya, follow.

Sakuya shifts, then pulls her arm away, separating from you as she makes slow, shaking steps toward the giant, plush bed before you.

Like the other beds, dark, rich woods frame this one, but with far more care to the shapes and patterns carved into it.

And decorated in gold.

A deep, scarlet carpet covers the floor, with elaborate candles hanging from the walls and long, wide portraits flanking the bed. Women you don’t recognize stare down from them, proud, imperious, and wearing impossibly elaborate dresses. Sakuya wobbles toward the bed, teetering. Then she collapses into the carpet, one hand barely reaching the blanket.

You exchange glances with Shizuha. She sighs and jogs toward the bed. You follow after.

Reaching the bed, you press a hand to the lump. “Um, Ms. Remilia, I think it was? Please…”

Shizuha presses her hand to the lump. “Hey, Remilia. Wake up.”

The lump stirs. Shizuha plants a hand in the blanket,tapping her foot.

“Ngh, eight more minutes…”

You rub the lump. “Ms. Remilia, please, the mansion needs you.”

“’course it needs me… I’m the… mistress. Why wouldn’t it…” She dozes off.

You groan, turning to face Shizuha. She stares back, flat.

Shizuha clears her throat. “I’ll handle this. I should…”

“I’ll do it.”

Shizuha frowns. You offer a defensive smile and a shrug. Her impatience worries you.

If there’s one person you need in a good mood right now, it’s this woman.

You lean forward and shake the lump, hard. “Lady Remilia, please. Please wake up.”

It stirs again, revealing a pair of squinted eyes behind a fluffy mess of lavender hair. “Wha… you’re… you’re not Sakuya. Why are you here?” It stirs and shuffles, then throws the blanket off.

Remilia lies before you, wearing a soft pink nightgown. She throws her arms out as a long, loud yawn tears itself from her wide-open, fanged mouth. A pair of slender black bat wings fold out behind her.

The teeth pull together again as her lips close and the wings fold behind her back. She stares blearily up at you. “Hey, I’ve… seen you before. Where did… oh, the new familiar.”

Her eyes slide across your body, hovering a moment on your collar. She shrugs and hauls herself up, hunching forward. Scratching her back, she looks around, then peers over the bed’s edge, locking her eyes on Sakuya, who now sprawls out on the floor beneath her. “What’d you do to my maid?”

You freeze. “Nothing! We didn’t do anything. The book showed up, and, and…”

Remilia giggles, her tone dropping as she does so. “Oh, did it, now?” She sighs. “Urgh, fine. Dress me.”

You stare. “Excuse me?”

She stares back, eyes flat. “Do you have cotton in your ears? Get my pajamas off and get me in my day dress.”

Your gut twists at that tone.

Shizuha jogs forward, around to the bed’s opposite side. “I’ll dress you. Naoko, get the—”

“No. She woke me, she’ll dress me. You can fetch my clothes.”

“Look, Remilia, y—”

A spear of bright, red light flashes to existence inside her open, outstretched hand. “Fetch the clothes, girl.”

Shizuha lets out a strangled groan, then turns on her heel toward the ornate sliding door at the far-left wall. Remilia turns her irritated gaze your way. “Well? Get working.”

An objection rises to your throat only for the memory of Kogasa’s wrath to choke it back down. “…Yes, Ms. Remilia.”

Slowly, you climb onto the bed. She huffs, presenting her back. You find a couple buttons just under the neck, but above a long slit through which a pair of slender black wings extend. You pop the buttons open, opening the dress nearly all the way down her back. She lifts her arms, crossing them above her head.

Taking the cue, you slide your hands down her sides to grip the edge of her dress, then pull upward, over the wings. You turn your head as your work exposes her pale, nearly porcelain skin. Pulling it up and off her arms, you set it beside her. Peeking back, you find a dearth of underwear anywhere on her off-white body. Though her figure does take you aback, if only slightly.

Her body, while clearly small and delicate, displays a definite curve to both her hips and her chest that you’d never have expected. As petite as her form ultimately is, it’s not the child’s body you anticipated.

“Hey, blondie, where’s the dress?”

You pause, looking to the open door. Shizuha stands there, head turning from side to side.

“Which one do you want?”

“Hm…” Remilia pauses. “I guess you wouldn’t be smart enough to pick for me.” She thinks another moment, apparently unconcerned about her nude form. “I’ll take the one with the red and gold trim today.”

“Which one is… oh, whatever.”

“If you’re lying about anything, you know what will happen, don’t you?”

You shudder, feeling a familiar cadence in her demeanor. “Punishment?”

She licks her lips. “You know what? I like that idea. In fact…”

Shizuha emerges, carrying a pink mass of fabric with only hints of red or gold. She drops it on the bed. You look between them both. “What about the, uh…” Your eyes slide across her bare back. “Undergarments?”

She turns to you, exposing a soft, red nipple atop a perky but small breast. “Why? Do I make you nervous?”

You twist your head away. “Uh, Shizuha, could you please…”

“You need proper panties more than she does, Naoko.”


You squeak. “Shizuha, please just get her a pair.”

“Fine, your highness.”

“Is my visitor going commando now? You wouldn’t happen to be one of those types, would you?”

“No! Not technically.” You pause, swallowing. “What… what types?”

“You know, the sorts who like to be seen.” A finger runs up your back. “You look a little cute in a maid dress, but maybe you’d prefer to be outside it?”

“N-no! We couldn’t find any.”

“Did you not bring any yourself?”

“I, I did…”

“She lost it, princess.”

You turn to find Shizuha dumping a pair of white panties with a red ribbon by Remilia’s bare legs. Remilia tuts. “I’m not sure I like your tone, young lady. Now,” she turns to you, “help me get this on, will you?”

She sits on the edge opposite you. You sigh, step off the bed, and walk around it. Standing before her, you pull the panties off the sheets. Pulling the holes open, you place it by her ankles. She slips her feet inside and you pull it up her slender legs, to her smooth, bare…

You turn away and let it snap around her crotch.

Turning back, you find her eyes boring down into you, expectant. She motions with her eyes to the dress lying before her. You pause. “No bra, Ms. Remilia?”

She shakes her head, mouth shut but eyes sharp and now floating toward your skirt. You sigh, grab the dress, and pull it to the air, unfolding it. It’s just like her previous one, but with a two-tone trim. Shiny golden on the outside with a wider strip of rich, dark red on the inside.

Reversing the process, you pull it over her head, down her smooth body, the wings now flattened to her back, and the stiff… the rest of her body. She hops away, swishing it and giggling. She stops, facing away from you.


You groan, but step forward, off the bed, and snap a trio of dark, shiny buttons between the wings and her neck.

She turns back and salutes you. “Good work girls. Neither of you are cut out to be proper handmaids just yet, but given time…” She sighs, stretching her arms. “Now, it sounds like the two of you have made a bit of a mess. Would you both be dears and make sure you clean up any of what you left behind?”

Remilia hops away, shutting the door behind her.

You turn to Shizuha. She looks back, face hard.

“We woke her up. Now let’s get the hell out of here.”

Is that… is that a good idea? Youmu’s just as safe now as you could hope, but would Yuyuko see it that way? Would Remilia accept your disappearance?

Would it be wise to stick around even if they wouldn’t? How much of this could Yuyuko learn, anyway?

[ ] Check the Library.

[ ] Clean up the sex toys.

[ ] Join the fight.

[ ] Leave the Mansion.

[ ] Write-in.

Votes End:
Time remaining: ::Timer ended at: 2019/08/11(Sun)19:00

>>No. 39781

For the record, I appreciated your votes and wish I could have included them, but felt it would be unfair to the voter who got theirs in before the timer ended.
>>No. 39783
[x] Pick up Sakuya's unconscious body off of the floor, and tuck her into Remilia's bed so she can rest and heal.
[x] Wake up the other mistress of the mansion to help Youmu. To the basement.

So Remilia wakes up, sees her head maid sprawled out on the floor unconscious, and instead of helping her clearly injured maid or trying to find out what happened, Remilia's first priority is to bully 2 random strangers into changing her pajamas. I think its abundantly clear that Remilia is not going to accomplish anything. Lets see if the other Scarlet sister is any more helpful.

I also want to throw those Flan guys a bone. I appreciate being allowed to win, but they did outnumber my Remi vote 2 to 1.
>>No. 39784

Do not weep for Flandre Squad, gentle Anon. Long have we suffered at the hands of OP and his cruel timer.

But yea, feels bad man. I only come here once or twice a week when I'm in the mood to fap to crazy lesbians.
>>No. 39791
Less than 24 hours left to vote, if anyone's interested.

Votes entered after the timer expires are still appreciated and may still count for tie-breaking, if I choose to do so. Otherwise, if you haven't voted and wish to do so, I encourage you to try to get it in within the next 22 - 23 hours.

For the record, I'm willing to bend the schedule a little with sufficient interest, though probably not by more than a day, as I wish to keep the updates flowing fairly quick. In addition, if there's other channels you'd like to receive notifications in, I can promise at least to look into it. (I'm currently posting reminders in both irc channels and the discord.)
>>No. 39793
[x] Check the Library.
>>No. 39794
[x] Pick up Sakuya's unconscious body off of the floor, and tuck her into Remilia's bed so she can rest and heal.

[x] Check the Basement.

Fingers crossed for Flandre
>>No. 39795
[x] Pick up Sakuya's unconscious body off of the floor, and tuck her into Remilia's bed so she can rest and heal.
[x] Wake up the other mistress of the mansion to help Youmu. To the basement.

Yes this is very good vote. Don't you just hate when you spend time coming up with a good write-in and then nobody copies it? That's that shit I don't like mang.


Also imouto kink works much better when both siblings are together.
>>No. 39799
File 156652978254.jpg - (68.20KB, 800x485, darksdm.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Pick up Sakuya's unconscious body off of the floor, and tuck her into Remilia's bed so she can rest and heal.
[x] Wake up the other mistress of the mansion to help Youmu. To the basement.

“Just a moment.”

Shizuha pauses, staring at you.

You look down to Sakuya’s prone form. “Help me out with her, okay?”

Shizuha groans. “Fine.”

Gently cradling Sakuya’s neck, you pull her head to your bust as Shizuha grabs her legs. You slide your hands under her back for support as the two of you haul her off the floor. Slowly, gently, the two of you shift and rotate her, then deposit her on the bed, setting her head on the pillow. After nudging her far enough in to ensure she won’t fall off, you pull the blanket over and up to her chest, then turn back toward the door.

“Okay. With that done, we just need one more thing.”

Shizuha grabs your wrist. “No. We’re done. This mansion’s already gotten more than it deserves from both of us.”

Shizuha turns and walks toward the door, dragging you with her. It’d be a lie to say the thought’s unappealing, but other concerns fight against your defensive instincts. Images of the white-winged demon from before float through your mind. Then to Kosuzu and the black, cock-shaped tongue she…

You stop as Shizuha reaches the door. She turns back, eyes sour and flat. “Come on, Naoko. We’re leaving.”


“Excuse me?”

You jolt. She’s starting to sound like… them. Her glare reminds you of them, too. But you can’t.

For a moment, you stand there, under her glare.

Then she pauses, stuttering. “I… I mean…” She looks down. “I’m sorry.”

You give a pained, wincing smile and part your lips. “It’s… fine. But I need to do this.”

“Do you?”

“What if Remilia loses?”

“Does it matter?”

You blink. “Of course, it does! It tracked me all the way here. If it wins, it will find me again. If that happens, if…” You wrap your arms around yourself, shivering. “It will claim me.”

Shizuha lets out a strangled groan. “I… Urgh.” She takes a long, deep breath. “You… could be right. Fine. Fine. If you think this other stupid errand will help, I’m… here for you, I guess.” She throws the door open and gestures to the hall. “Lead the way, Naoko.”

Calming down, you nod. You walk forward, past her and into the hall. You walk past the busts and portraits, to the first intersection. You glance left and right, fidgeting with the collar around your neck.

You have no idea where the basement is.

At random, you pick the right and walk down, watching for stairs. You do this several more times, turning left, then left, then right again and into a curving hall. You find one flight of stairs downward and take it to the lower floor.

You reach another intersection, with a hall extending to your left. You peer down it, only for a fairy to barrel into you, forcing you back.

“Found her!”

Four fairies pour into the hall from nearby doors, one carrying a pair of cuffs while another carries a stout pink shaft. A burst of red and yellow bullets flies out from beside you, popping them all just before they get the cuffs open. You turn back to see Shizuha’s scowl.

“Hurry, Naoko. There’s going to be more where that came from.”

You keep going, taking turn after turn after turn. You find and take one more flight downstairs, but nothing seems to change. Then you catch a brief flutter of a green dress with bright pink trim, disappearing into an open door on your right.

You stretch a hand out. “Wait!”

No response. Feeling otherwise lost and clueless, you rush after it and into the room. There’s no beds in this one, just a smooth wooden floor with a few stools and easels. And another open door to in the far-left corner.

You creep along the wall and peer into the door, finding a tight closet with a broom, a fat but narrow roll of shiny silver fabric, and a row of towels hanging from the walls. You step inside and run your hands through the towels, finding only stone wall behind them.

Stone? Not the wood and plaster behind you? And for that matter, something about the contents seems inappropriate for the room behind you.

“Naoko, what the hell are you doing?”

You turn around to find Shizuha behind you, standing inside the doorway.

“I thought I saw someone running—”

A hand slides along the door’s edge, from someone standing behind it. Another hand slides out, under the one gripping the door, and hovers behind Shizuha.


The hand shoves Shizuha forward, knocking her head into your bust as the other hand presses the door closed. Shizuha’s arms cling to your back for a moment, before her warm, shuddering breath rustles through your dress and she pulls herself back.

She rests her back against the door and you press yours to the wall. You still feel her body shift against your hips and breasts. Only a sliver of light creeps in from under the door, making shapes difficult to read. Shizuha groans.

“What the hell just happened?”

You shake your head. “I… I don’t know.”

She grunts. “Whatever. Let’s just get out of here.” She wraps a hand around the knob and turns, opening the door back into the…

Hallway? A dimly lit hall extends straight in both directions, with no visible doorways this time. More red carpets run along the floor, with matching paper on the walls. But under that paper lies smooth-cut stone.

Shizuha steps out and you follow. She glances back your way.

“Is this it?”

Your mouth flounders. “I… don’t know.”

She groans. “What, exactly, are you looking to do, anyway?”

“Get the other mistress, of course.”

“The other mistress.”

“Remilia’s younger sister. Back in the library, Sakuya—”

Shizuha’s face shifts from flat to alarmed. “Sakuya told you to do this.”


“The same woman who was possessed by the book?”

You stop. Sakuya was the puppet? She is where the white and blue angel came from, but… Her?

You stutter. “She only wanted me to visit Flandre…” If she was possessed when she suggested it, she would have wanted you down here, wouldn’t she? “You’re… You might be right. Maybe we should turn b—”

“Oh, come on! You just got here!”

You freeze, as does Shizuha. You turn around to find a young woman, rather similar in build to Remilia, save slightly longer legs and a bit more curve to her bust. Messy blonde hair ripples around her face, hanging past her chin, with one side tied into a tail, all topped by a white cap.

And a pair of twisting, long black spikes extend out from the back of her frilly red dress, with rainbow-colored crystals hanging from each one. You’ve seen those things before, in the memento.

You shudder, swallowing as you struggle not to hide behind Shizuha. Flandre Scarlet stands before you.

She blinks, frowning. “I’m right here! If you want to say…”

She blinks again, staring at your neck. You open your mouth just as she hops forward and runs her hands along Kogasa’s collar. You flinch as her long, sharp nails graze your neck. “Na, o, ko. Huh.”

She pauses, looking up into your eyes.

“Is that your original name, or sis’s idea?”

“It’s m—”

“Oh, who am I kidding?” She lets go. “It sounds kinda dumb, but nowhere near dumb enough to be hers. She’d call you Emerald or Betsy, I bet.”

“It’s not d—”

“Hmm…” She fingers her chin, looking you up and down. “I know I haven’t been cleaning my room, but I didn’t think she’d go this far.” She walks around you. “Hey, are you good at games?”

“What s—”

A hand slides up your side, then skips to your shoulder, running down your arm. “What about cooking? Any good dishes you know?”

“Not r—”

“Ooh, ooh. Pasta!” She walks in front of you, squeezing your biceps. “Wait, that’s stupid. Sakuya makes it all the time.” She hops down, scrutinizing your skirt and poking at your thighs. “Soup. You’ve gotta make a good soup if you stay down here.”

“I don’t w—”

She flips your skirt up. A quiet wheeze slips from your slack jaw and scarlet face. Her eyes flatten.

“Oh, that’s what she had in mind.” She pulls herself to her feet, eyes flattening. “Sorry, maids are sis’s thing, not mine, but…” She circles behind you, sliding a hand down your back.

Then she pats your ass. “Hm. You’re okay, I guess. A little plush for my tastes, but if I really need a hand—hey!”

Startled, you spin around to find Shizuha’s hand locked around the girl’s wrist.

Shizuha glowers. “Hands. Off.”

The girl pauses, the crystals hanging from her spikes barely shifting. Then she clears her throat.

“Uh… hey, angel. Which heaven did you fall from?”

Shizuha blinks, her face twisting in odd directions. You take a step away.

“Are… are you hitting on me?”

“What? No! I just want to have hot sex with you.” She idly jerks her wrist out from Shizuha’s grip, then rubs her hands. “…Is it working?”


A moment passes. Flandre clears her throat and extends a hand toward Shizuha. “Uh, well… I’m Flandre Scarlet, pleased to meet you.”

“Shizuha.” Shizuha holds her arms still.

You take a breath. “Uh, Ms. Flandre, we need y—”


“Naoko’s right, Flandre. W—”

“How about we give this girl back, and I just take you instead?”

“I’m not up for bargaining.”

You step to the side, finding Flandre pouting.

“But she’s boring. You’re so much prettier.”

Shizuha stammers. “…Pretty?”

Flandre sighs. “Very pretty… Hey, wanna fuck yet?”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh, come on! Please?”

You need to step in. You know what it’s like to be where Shizuha is. How painful, how scary it is. But Kogasa’s beating still ripples through your mind, holding your tongue.

Flandre grabs Shizuha’s wrist and starts walking away. Shizuha stands still, then finds herself knocked off her feet as Flandre progresses. Shizuha grabs the hand on her wrists and tugs, then tries to pry Flandre’s fingers off. As far as you can tell, Flandre doesn’t even notice. Timid, you walk behind them.

“Hey, I’m getting bored. Let’s play a game.”

Shizuha pants, stumbling at Flandre’s forced pace and still trying to pry the girl’s hand off. “Wh-what sort of game?”

“Hm…” Flandre rubs her chin. “Oh, how about house?”

“You… you want to play house? Sure, why not?”

“Awesome! I’ll be the husband, you be the wife. We’ll start out as…” She pauses, glancing your way. “Scratch that. Let’s play poker instead. No, strip poker.” She waggles her eyebrows. “I caught sis playing that with a guest the other day. Oh man, you should have seen her face.”

Flandre stops before another wide door and throws it open, revealing a wide, rather extravagant room with a pale pink carpet and a bed with a plush, dark crimson blanket and a pile of pillows. Shelves line the walls, filled with dolls, stuffed animals, and toys you’ve never seen before. Bits of torn fabric, loose stuffing, and broken ceramic litter the spaces between each item as well as the floor beneath them.

A cold tingle runs up your back, from your waist to your neck.

Flandre folds her arms, scanning the room. “You know what? Card games are too slow. We need something exciting. Like uh… tag. Or truth or dare, maybe hide and go seek?”

She then lets go of Shizuha and trots forward, still mumbling about what to play. Flandre taps her foot. “Oh, and the loser, uh, has to do what the winner says.” She turns and gives Shizuha a wink.

Shizuha glances your way, mouthing ‘help.’

[ ] Press the intruder issue.

[ ] Plead with Flandre to give Shizuha space.

[ ] Try to seduce Flandre away from Shizuha.

[ ] Bargain to delay Flandre’s playtime until after the intruder’s gone.

[ ] Write-in.

Votes End:
Time remaining: ::Timer ended at: 2019/08/26(Mon)19:00

>>No. 39800
Apologies for the delay. I've got school coming up again, but future updates shouldn't ever get quite this bad again for at least a while.
>>No. 39803
File 156669927186.gif - (2.52MB, 480x270, either this or strip rock-paper-scissors.gif) [iqdb]
[X] Bargain to delay Flandre’s playtime until after the intruder’s gone.
-[X] We'll both do whatever you say for the whole day if you help us beat the monster.
>>No. 39804
Just a bit less than 24 hours left. If you want to ensure your votes are counted, I recommend you try to get them in before then.
>>No. 39805
[X] Bargain to delay Flandre’s playtime until after the intruder’s gone.
-[x] If the intruder finds us, they will possess Shizuha's body, and then you'll never get to have sex with her because the intruder only wants to have sex with me. But if you stop the intruder and prevent Shizuha from being possessed, maybe Shizuha will give you a special reward for saving her.

I'm not too keen on giving Flandre free reign over us for a whole day. Maybe if Flandre beats the monster, Shizuha can kiss her, and then we hit Flandre with an orgasm beam while she is being kissed to trick Flandre into thinking that Shizuha is just that good at kissing.
>>No. 39806

It's just one day. What's the worst that can happen?
>>No. 39807
[X] Bargain to delay Flandre’s playtime until after the intruder’s gone.
-[x] Convince Flandre the intruder is a threat to sexy times with Shizuha (what the other guy said, pretty much)

From what we have seen, a shitton can happen in one day. Lets not take that risk if we don't have to.
>>No. 39808

I think you're taking a much bigger risk by not offering Flandre a good offer. She doesn't seem threatened by the thought of an intruder, so getting her to prioritize that over immediate gratification seems like the wrong angle here.
>>No. 39813
Urgh. This update gave me more grief than expected. Apologies for the delays, but I should still have it out within the next few days, sometime this week at the latest.
>>No. 39822
I screwed up the draft, so the update will be even later than previously expected. Hopefully, I will take less than another week for this, but I'm not ready to make promises anymore. Just know that I've neither died nor lost interest.
>>No. 39831
File 156980926213.jpg - (71.84KB, 700x700, madshizu.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Bargain to delay Flandre’s playtime until after the intruder’s gone.
 [x] If the intruder finds us, they will possess Shizuha's body, and then you'll never get to have sex with her because the intruder only wants to have sex with me. But if you stop the intruder and prevent Shizuha from being possessed, maybe Shizuha will give you a special reward for saving her.

You wring your hands. Flandre wants to play with Shizuha and you, somehow, must stop her. Or at least stall her.

“Ms. Flandre?”

Her eyes twist back to you, narrow. You swallow.

“You… want Shizuha to play with you, right?”

She shakes her head. “I want her to fuck me.” Shizuha takes a step back. “But playing works too, I guess. Maybe something where we rub up against each other.”

“Of course. Of course.” You’re sweating. “But if someone… possesses her, and that thing wants me more, she won’t do that, right?”

She frowns. “You want me to do something, don’t you.”

“I…” You shiver. “Do you want to keep playing with her?”

Shizuha’s eyes jump to you, glaring.

Flandre spins and puts a finger to her chin. “Yeah, I guess so.”

“Well, the intruder—”

“Ugh. That again? Why do you have to keep bringing it up?”

“It might possess her again!”

Flandre blinks. “Oh, really? Why didn’t you say so?”

You sigh, relief flooding you. “Maybe you could play some game with it?”

She looks up, head and hips swaying from side to side. Then she levels her eyes back on you. “Okay! But you better still be here when I’m back!”

You nod. Shizuha just glares at you.

“Oh, one more thing!” She hops over to Shizuha. Shizuha takes a step back as Flandre grabs her wrist. The vampire slides a hand behind Shizuha’s head and pulls her in for a kiss.

“Mph! Gph!” Shizuha twists and squirms in Flandre’s arms. Wet, muffled pops and pants sound from them. “HPH!” Shizuha writhes, beating and kicking against Flandre. Then, finally, they part. Flandre pulls back, letting out a happy sigh just before she turns toward the door, carrying Shizuha with her.

Shizuha tugs on her wrist. Flandre glances back, then shrugs and lets go. She turns back to the door, then back to Shizuha. Shizuha steps back.

“Uh, hey, hey! What kind of intruder is it? Is it a monster? Is it big and scary?”

Shizuha groans. “It’s a book.”

Flandre sighs. “Oh, is that all? Books are boring.” She takes a step toward Shizuha.

“It’s also scary! It possesses people, it overpowered a swordswoman.”

You clear your throat. “It also beat Patchouli.”

“Oh, really?” She hums and haws, then spins on her heel. “See you two later, hot stuff and present girl!”

And just a moment later, she’s gone. You glance at Shizuha, she frowns back. You swallow.

“She… she wanted you, not me.”

A quiet, brittle laugh wheezes through her lips. “You’re not offended, are you?”

“I’m…” You blink. Now that she’s gone, now that you have time to process it… You don’t know what to think. “No. But, what now?”

Shizuha grabs your wrist and turns toward the door. “Now we get the hell out of here.” She takes a step forward. You hold back.

She glances back, frowning deeper.

You look around at the busted dolls, scattered stuffing and ceramic, and loose ribbons. “That’s not the deal. If she finds out…”

Shizuha tugs on your wrist. “She won’t if we hurry. Now let’s move.”

You rub your ass. It still stings, both inside and out. Kogasa’s cold, unyielding metal still decorates your neck. “N-no. We… we can’t. It never, it never works. We sh—”

Shizuha tugs on your wrist again, harder. “We are not staying here, Naoko.”

“No, we have to. We made a deal.”

She lets go. “You made a deal.” She glares, eyes visibly moist. “I’m not fucking her for you, Naoko.”

“I… I…”

She groans. “You know what? You want to stay here? Fine. But I’m not.”

She storms off, racing through the open door and slamming it shut behind her. You blink.


For a moment you just stand there, baffled. What now? What should you—no, what could you do? If Flandre comes back and finds only you, what would she…

You can’t let that happen.

You stagger forward, then jog. Tossing the door open again, you turn left and sprint down the hall.

Shizuha, Shizuha, Shizuha. Where did she go? Where did Flandre go? If she sees what you’re doing, what will she…

She won’t care, probably. If she finds Shizuha running, though…

You shake your head, then run toward a dead end. Spinning on your heel, you find an intersection to your left and sprint down it. You can’t hear any footsteps. You close your eyes and concentrate, preparing to open them again as the muddy…

Whatever fogged up your senses before is gone. Small pinpricks of lust dot the halls above you as a slightly denser mass moves up…

A flight of stairs, on your level. Focusing on that location, you open your eyes and wind around the halls until you find it. Your feet grow heavy and their pounding strikes send unpleasant ripples through your sore ass, but you keep going.

Climbing the stairs, you find a pair of massive doors swung wide open, into the better-lit halls you remember. A small fairy pack scatters, throwing doors open as they duck into nearby rooms.

Those toys still litter the floor as you turn and jog to the right. A red bit gag, a pair of cuffs, a dark armbinder…

You shake your head and close your eyes. Two pinpricks float out from the rooms behind you. You hear a shuffle as…

You throw your eyes open, spin around and fire…

A single, wobbling heart that makes it only a few feet before evaporating. You hiss, your magic still exhausted from your previous fight. You spin on your heel and—

“Get her!”

You spin back and sprint, pounding your aching, burning legs. You take a deep, hungry gulp of air and raise your hands to your mouth, preparing your lungs to…

To do what? Call for help? Is that really a—

A loud pop sounds behind you. You glance back to find only two fairies and—

One of them, a lanky blonde, snaps a red ribbon leash to the metal collar on your neck and gives it a tug, only forleaves and orange lights sail through the air, popping both her and her buddy. Amid the fading, glittering lights, Shizuha marches toward you, sweating and panting.

“Sister damn it, Naoko! I turn around for five minutes and you’re almost overwhelmed by fairies?”

You let out a shaking, relieved breath. “You’re back. Does that mean…”

She turns on her heel and marches forward. “It means I’m taking you with me.”

In an instant, something tugs on your collar, pulling you forward. You look up to find Shizuha’s hand gripping your leash.

She blinks, looking down. She drops the leash like a hot coal and throws her gaze down. Then rushes close and unclips it. Hurling it to the side, she turns around and gestures forward. “Let’s… let’s go. Now.”

“But… I can’t. They’ll find me. When they find me, they’ll…”

“I’m leaving, Naoko. Now, would you rather leave with me, or wait for that brat empty-handed?”

You stumble slightly, but soon fall into her rhythm, passing a long parade of candles on your way down an impossibly long, wide hallway. She’s… she might be right. Pissing off powerful women never seems to do any good, but without Shizuha, that’s going to happen anyway.

You rub your aching ass and find your eyes sliding, ever so subtly, to the swish and bounce of Shizuha’s dress across her own smooth backside.

You both freeze as an explosion echoes down the halls. Shizuha twitches.

You sigh. “Where is that?”

You pause, then shut your eyes. You’ve got this. It’s…

Shizuha sprints forward, dragging you with her. “We’re not about to find out.” She grunts, hauling you around a corner.

You stumble and pump your legs, struggling to keep up with your tethered wrist. Only when the noises fade further into the distance does she slow down. The two of you stop to catch your breath.

A scarlet armbinder and matching ball gag rest atop the hallway carpet.

You wipe your sweating brow, still worried about Flandre’s wrath. “It can’t be too bad, can it, Shizuha?”

She stares back, sour.

“Maybe I could bargain her down. We can still work something out, can’t w—”

She turns on her heel, scoops up the gag, and steps up to you, close enough for her dress to graze your apron. She presses the ball to your cheek, eyes narrow. “One more word and this goes right between your teeth, understand?”

In an instant, you’re whimpering. Quiet, you nod.

She pulls it back. “Good. Now, this way.” She grabs your wrist and pulls. You only budge, your mind trapped in a shaken stupor.

She then sighs, tossing the gag aside. She glances back. “Look, you’ll… you’ll be fine, I promise. We can still make it out of this safely, I swear.”

Shivering, you nod again. She tugs again and this time, you follow. Your steps are slow and halting at first, but you soon advance to a steady, if twitching, march.

“And… besides. Your… family. They’re worried. They want to see you. So just hold out until then, okay?”


It slips from your lips before you catch it. Shizuha freezes. Then she starts forward again. She clears her throat. “They’ve… heard things. Stories. From the village. Just think about what how they’d feel if you disappeared here, never to return..”

There’s something subtle but strange in her demeanor as she says that. Something sad and sympathetic. Whatever it is, she’s not telling you something.

“If I keep my…”

Shizuha’s eyes narrow, you shut your mouth, sighing. “You might be—”

An explosion rocks the building, followed by faint voices, echoing in the distance.

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“What, regretting that hot babe you sent me?”

“Where did you learn that language, young lady?”

“I’m basically the same age as you! Besides, I…”

You feel a tug on your wrist. Shizuha points forward, insistent.

You follow her down the hall again, still worried about the girl you’re leaving behind. And more importantly, how she’ll react when she realizes that.

You swallow.


Are they still speaking?

“Get over here. It’s time to end your contract.”

Who is she… That wasn’t from a distant hall. That was inside your h…

Your vision blurs, resolving back into the library.

Patchouli slouches into a wide, cozy chair. She pants and coughs, possibly harder than she did before. It’s difficult to tell. She takes small breaks to mutter indecipherable words and gesture from bookshelf to bookshelf.

Books litter the floor, though a few tomes float from the floor to the shelf, one at a time.

“Koa found the index. Get over here so I can sever your bond.”

“How do I…”

“Turn right, big door on the,” she coughs, “left. Koa can do the rest.”

She starts to wave her hand, then pauses.

Koa throws herself in front of Patchouli. “Hey! You’re somewhere around here, aren’t you?” She glances left and right, then turns to Patchouli and, following her eyes, stares just off to your left. “She can summon you for real if she has to! And besides.” She gives a lascivious smirk to that point behind you. “Your special sauce might flow down her pipes if the connection lasts too long, know what I mean?”

You have no clue what she meant, but it must have been lewd, the way she’s waggling her eyes.

Patchouli blushes then, glaring at Koa, waves. Your vision blurs again, bringing you back to that endless hallway. You bounce slightly, cradled in Shizuha’s arms.

She glances down. “Oh, finally awake? Good.” She pauses and sets your feet on the floor. “You’re damn heavy, you know that?”

You glance around you, finding yourself at the end of a hallway. It splits to the left and right.

She clears her throat. “Care to explain what the hell happened there?”

You swallow. “It was my, uh, master, I think. The sorceress, with the book that saved us. She told me to…”

Shizuha crosses her arms. “Did she tell you a way out of here?”

“No, but she did tell me how to get to her. I can break the contract there.”

She narrows her eyes, taking a sharp breath. “Another stop?” She pauses, sizing you up. “Fine, let’s get it over with. But if I see even a glimpse of that brat, I’m gone. Understand?”

“The wh…” she used that term before, for… “Flandre?”

“Yes. Her.”

You let out a shaky sigh. “Yes. Of course.”

“Good. Lead the way.”

You turn down the right hall, soon finding the big door. You reach for the handle, only for it to swing open on its own. Koa stands inside, grinning and gesturing you further in.

You follow her, stepping over loose books and ducking once or twice over books floating through the air.

She skips on, deftly weaving between each obstacle, until you find yourself back at the chair that Patchouli sags into.

She takes an idle glance your way then, clearing her throat, mutters more strange words and conjures a glowing circle around you.

Shizuha hisses and hops back. “The hell is this?”

“Ms. Naoko. I hereby release you from your contract.”

Small, weak tendrils of energy seep out from your body, leaving you weak.

The light fades down. You stand there a moment, stunned. “That’s… that’s it?”

She clears her throat. “Yes.”

“Is there… any way to get my power back?”

She groans, clearing her throat. “Ask me when my library’s in order. I need it now.”

Shizuha grips your shoulder. “I’m weak, but I’m still a goddess. Start praying to me and I’m sure we can work something out. Now can we finally just go?”

You glance between her and your former… master? Supplier?

A quiet giggle echoes, either from a distant hall or the back of your mind.

“Koa, show them out.”

“Yes, please.”

Koa pouts. “More slave labor, master? Fine.” She rolls her eyes, then skips forward. Shizuha grabs your wrist and follows. After several winding turns, you find yourself before another big, open door.

“Up the stairs, take a right, and follow the daylight.”

You both nod and jog up.

You hear a giggle echo from around the corner. Shizuha gulps, scoops you into her arms, and sails through the air. Following Koa’s directions, her flight path soon takes you to a hall with slightly tinted light reflecting off the walls.

The sun’s started to set. You told Kagerou to make a fuss if you didn’t see her before now. You told Aya you’d be back at your farm by now.

Shizuha drops you to your feet by the great entrance doors. She grips a handle and glances back. You pause.

If you leave now, you’re bound to make enemies of at least one powerful vampire. If you don’t, you may never get to leave again. You rub sweat-slicked skin. When did it…

Nevermind. Not important. You scan the stairs before you and the yellow-tinged light on the walls. No fairies or vampires in sight yet.

You glance back to Shizuha as she hauls one door open. She opens her mouth, but you cut her off.

“Where are you, you planning to take me?”

“The village. Where else?”

You shake your head. Of course. With the book here, and likely subdued by now, it would be the safest place for you. And yet…

Will you be safe from the Scarlets there? What about Aya? What about Kagerou or that phantom… anchor girl? Swallowing hard, you decide to...

[ ] Stay.
 [ ] Alone.
 [ ] Cajole Shizuha one more time.

[ ] Go.
 [ ] To the farm.
 [ ] To Myouren Temple.
 [ ] To the village.
>>No. 39832
Oh, forgot the timer.

Votes End:
Time remaining: ::Timer ended at: 2019/10/03(Thu)19:00

While I'm here, I wish to note that the image has been modified. Original version is at: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/674606

And with that, I'm finally fucking back. Good god, I hope it takes a long time before my updates slow down *that* much again.
>>No. 39833
[x] Stay.
 [x] Alone.
>>No. 39834
[x] Stay.
 [x] Alone.
>>No. 39835
woops my bad first time on the site!
on to why i voted as i did, as much as i like her she's not being very understanding of our situation or what weve been through, further more she freaked out about having to have sex once when weve been repeatedly raped sooooo.
>>No. 39836
Just a little under 23 hours left on the timer. If you wish for your vote to count, I encourage you to try to get it in soon.
>>No. 39837
[x] Stay.
 [x] Alone.

Shizuha is beginning to succumb to our aura. She needs to get away from us before it is too late. Right now, Youmu is our only hope.
>>No. 39838
[x] Go.
 [x] To the farm.

We have multiple obligations to fulfill and not enough time. Maybe if we talk to Aya she can get a message to Kagerou. Staying with the vampires is trouble no matter what.
>>No. 39840
-[X] Subdue Shizuha and deliver her to miss Flandre. A deal is a deal.

Multiple obligations indeed. Let's start with this one.
>>No. 39841
File 15709844845.jpg - (175.79KB, 960x640, misctoys.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Stay.
 [x] Alone.

With one last push, Shizuha sets the door aside. Brilliant bluish daylight fills the room. Impatient, she beckons you forward. “Come on, Naoko. Let’s go.”

You take a deep breath, then exhale, shaking your head. “Go… go ahead without me. I’ll be fine, hopefully.”

She stares back, flabbergasted. She lets out a quivering, shaking laugh. “That’s… that’s not funny, Naoko. That brat could tear you apart.”

You shudder but hold your ground. “I’ll work it out. I can’t leave, Shizuha. Not yet.”

“Naoko, this is a life sentence! I can feel it! I can…”

“I’m staying, Shizuha.”

She glares, eyes visibly wet. “…fine. I’m not coming back for you, though.”

She turns on her heel again, dragging the door shut behind her. With a loud thump, the daylight vanishes, leaving only the windows to light the room. This, this will be fine. You’ve been through worse. You’ll just talk with the…

Flandre expected to fool around with Shizuha when she finished. On your advice. Remilia expected you to pick up the toys those fairies had left around. You take a long, slow breath, calming your nerves just slightly. You can’t do anything about Flandre anymore, so as you walk back, passing underneath the sweeping stairway above, you keep an eye out for those… things. The tools of your torment.

It takes only a few moments to find the first one. A pair of scarlet leather handcuffs. Glancing around and confirming that no fairies float too close, you pick them up and walk forward. You continue forward, finding a black blindfold and a blue ball gag.

You turn to the left, advancing through the same kind of scarlet halls Kogasa carried you through. Shivering, you find another item. A dark blue corset. Picking it up, you…

“Good choice, farmgirl.”

You spin, finding Remilia rubbing her palms behind you. You swallow, giving her a defensive smile. Her wings unfurl.

“But maybe you could tell me why you took so terribly long. I do recall insisting you take care of them before I left to take care of your mess, did I not?”

Your smile falters. “I thought the book was more important. I’m taking care of them now, aren—”

“Good job.” She grins up at you, clapping. “But…” She sighs, shaking her head. “You’ve done enough. I think I’ll leave it to more competent servants, like the fairies.”

Your jaw clenches at the sneering grin she gives you. You’re more competent than a fairy, at least. But you shake that thought away. Not now, not inside her estate. “What do you want from me?”

She chuckles. “Just put those away, then we’ll talk.” She whistles at such a high pitch you barely hear it. A few moments later, more of those maids float in. She turns to them. “Pick the toys up and follow me.”

The maids salute. Remilia steps forward and, patting your shoulder, marches past you. After a moment, you follow, still carrying the restraints you’d gathered.

“Wait! Ms. Scarlet! Where do they go?”

She glances back, head cocked. “Follow me, farm girl.”

The fairies float around you, following Remilia. Shivering, you jog forward. Unable to fight even another fairy, you’ll be screwed without someone stronger to hide under. It takes only a moment to catch up. Stepping between the fairies, you advance to Remilia’s side.

She spares you a grin, but one that’s stressed and worn. She turns away, looking straight forward as she marches through the halls. She turns left, then right, then stops before a staircase down. She lifts off the ground and floats down, just above the stairs. You walk down them, following close behind.

As she touches down, she glances your way again. “You really have a thing for my maid, don’t you?”

You blink. What?

She shrugs, letting out a yawn, and returns to walking. “She must have made you cum hard when you ducked away with her. Now you’re slipping into her dresses and playing with her toys.”

“Her dresses?” You glance down your body, scrutinizing the maid outfit you’ve been wearing. This is hers? It’s not… it’s clean, right? It wouldn’t be… Face red, you force your gaze back up to find Remilia smirking back as she walks.

“Did she pick that collar out for you, too?”

“What? No. This was Kogasa. She…” Your tongue clamps itself to the floor of your mouth. You take in a sharp breath, wishing you could wipe that memory away, forever.

She looks forward again. “Don’t worry about it. In fact, don’t worry about anything. I’ll take good care of you.”

You open your mouth to respond, only for her to turn to the right. A short distance away, the hall ends in a dull metal door. That she walks straight toward. Glancing back to the fairies, you find them floating smoothly behind you, having accumulated small handfuls of those terrible restraints.

Suppressing unpleasant thoughts of them, Kogasa, and handcuffs, you focus on Remilia.

She stops just in front of the door, fingering a lock in the center. Fishing a dark key from her skirt, she slides it into the lock and, turning, pulls the door open. A single lantern hangs from the ceiling, barely lighting the black marble floor or bare wooden walls and ceiling.

Metal hooks line the walls, above a pair of shelves hanging at waist level, with a single, long chest underneath each. As the fairies flit to the walls, hooking gags, cuffs, and harnesses into those hooks, Remilia ignores them, advancing to the giant, metal door at the end of this short… hallway.

Uncertain, you wander near a vacant hook and pull out the cuffs you’d grabbed. Lifting it to the hook, you—

“Not those.” Remilia glances back at you. “I need those dropped off a bit further in.”

That sounds wrong. That sounds horribly wrong. But… you glance back, through the mess of fairies, to the open door. Small giggles ripple through them, accompanied by furtive, grinning glances your way. The moment you leave her presence, you’re a walking fairy toy. Gut sinking, you turn your gaze back to the large, interior door.

It’s… big. At least two people could walk through it side-by-side, probably without even touching each other. A great red circle adorns the center, covered in matching symbols you can’t read. Remilia rolls her shoulders, then presses an open palm to the circle. It flares to life, bathing the hallway in red. As the light dies down, metal scrapes against metal as you hear gears turning and the whole damn door rises up and disappears through a narrow hole in the ceiling.

A stale, tangy scent wafts to your nose as Remilia marches into shadow. Then, on some unseen cue, four chandeliers burst to life, casting amber light across a floor of brilliant red marble beneath your feet and…

Cages hang from the ceiling. Wood and metal crosses rest against the walls, some of which stand upright, others tilted to make X shapes. Two long wedges protrude from short rails in the left wall. One’s hard and wooden, the other soft, with a pair of pink nubs on top and a crank in front. On the right, you find a stocks and a few metal structures, vaguely humanoid in shape. Strange, strap-covered tables rest near the back.

Around the corners, you find water troughs, strap-covered chairs, and odd poles. A furnace lies in the far wall. Alongside the walls, you find a few large armoires, all shut and locked.

In the dead center, you see a small metal dome, covered in more strange writing. Two small black chests flank it.

It’s not… too strange. She has a good reason to store the toys you’d picked up in here. Right?

“Hurry up, farm girl.”

Remilia stands by the dome, patting a black chest to the left.

Swallowing, you jog forward. She peels the lid open. With a great sigh of relief, you dump the restraints inside. She then shuts the chest. You wipe your brow, then turn to Remilia.

Rubbing your neck, you clear your throat. “Ms. Scarlet, what do you want next?”

She puts a finger to her lips, looking up into your eyes, then casting her gaze around the room. “Tell me what you think of this place. Beautiful, isn’t it?”

You glance around, noticing straps on the crosses, the tables, and triangles, all of which you’re certain could fit your wrists or ankles. “It’s a… dungeon.”

She gives you a flat stare, then groans. “Whatever. This is all too much for someone of my palate to deal with right now. This way.” She steps around the dome, standing opposite the side facing the entrance.

You follow, then freeze. It’s open on this side, heavy bars lined up close together. On the inside, a pair of manacles hangs from the ceiling, with another pair fixed to the floor. You stare only a moment befo—

Pain rips through your cheek, followed by a slow, steady drip down your neck. You turn to Remilia, who trots to the cage’s left, blood dripping from her nails. Scraping a bloody nail across her palm, she cuts a tiny sliver into it. Smearing the mixed blood across her left hand, she presses it into the cage’s side. With another flash of red light, the bars sink into the floor.

“Alright, show’s over. Get in.”

You work your mouth, unable to find your voice. Wordlessly, you cock your head, pointing at the cage.

“Yes. In the cage.”

Eyes wide, you take a step back, shaking your head. “Ms. Scarlet. Lady Remilia. Please. I promise. I—”

In a flash, she’s standing before you. In another, she’s gone. It’s only when the boot slams into your back that you realize where she’d went. You tumble forward, slamming into cold metal and crumpling into the smooth, curving surface of the far wall.

A dainty hand grasps your right wrist and, dragging it upward, hauls you back to your feet. You twist and tug as Remilia wraps a manacle around that wrist, then snaps it shut. She lets go and moves to the other side, grasping your left.

“Please, Ms. Scarlet. I swear I’ll do better. I’ll do exactly what you say this time. Just p—”

A backhand crashes across your cheek, stunning you. The manacle snaps shut around your once-free wrist.

“Better?” She scoffs. “Perhaps you should have considered that before you dragged my sister into this.”

You gulp, flexing your hands and tugging, just slightly, at your chains. “I’m s—”

Her eyes narrow. “Tell me, have you ever seen one of her tantrums?”

“I just met her, so—”

“Of course. Well, let’s just say you should thank me for this.”

You’re still twisting and straining when she grabs an ankle, but it does nothing to even slow her as she encases it in cold, hard metal. It takes barely a second or two for her to trap the other one.

She rights herself and, dusting off her hands, she grins. “Flandre won’t find you here, at least.”

Trembling, hands suspended above your head, you watch as she strides away, stopping just outside the cage. She sends an idle glance back.

“No one will.”

She presses the same side of the wall. You lean forward, barely, as those bars rise from the floor, thudding into place at the top of this cage’s door.

“Wait! Please!” You stare into Remilia’s eyes. “I, I can fetch your food. I can clean. I can maybe massage you. Please, give me a—”

She stretches, yawning. “I’m going back to bed. I’ll deal with you when I wake up.”

Voice quiet, you stare into Remilia’s eyes. “Please, at least tell me what I can do to make it up for…”

Yawning again, she turns and walks away, out of sight.

“Ms. Scarlet! Remilia! Please! I can still, I can still…” You tug on your manacles again, only for a sharp pain to strike your wrists. They’re still sore and tender from…

From the cuffs Kogasa put you in.

Before you tried to fight her in them.

Squinting in pain, you still tug on them. You throw your body forward, then pull it back. Worn-down, you sag in your chains, your short, puffy sleeves falling to your shoulders. Your breath hitches. Blinking hard, you feel wet streaks slide down your cheeks, followed soon by tears dripping onto your apron.

“Just…” You shudder. “Just give me one more chance. Please.”

Silence hangs over the… dungeon. Then those gears sound again, followed by a heavy thump somewhere behind you.

And just like that, she’s gone. Sniffing, you glance around your cell. Smooth metal walls curl into the ceiling your wrists hang from, though the barred exit covers a good third of your prison. Beyond that, a pair of those strapped tables rests, each with a strange, heavy crank on the interior side. Between them, the dormant brick furnace.

You tug on your chains again, idly testing their give. You get one foot up to about the other’s ankle and one wrist down almost to your head. Your chest shudders, your shoulders shake, and a steady stream of tears drips from your chin, wetting your apron. No. No, no, no…

Why? How could she do this? You’d done what she wanted, didn’t you? You sniffle, wishing you could rub your wet eyes. However bad these ‘tantrums’ are, they couldn’t be worse than losing to that book. Body shivering, you hiccup. This, this… Why didn’t she warn you about any of this?

You rest there a moment, idly tugging your ankles. You get one maybe half its length off the floor. Your breath hitches. Shutting your eyes, you try to shut out the thought of what she has in store for you. You think of…

[ ] Mystia. Was it okay to leave her with Yuyuko?

[ ] Shizuha. Did you need to leave her?

[ ] Ayame. Will she miss you?

[ ] Nue. What would it have been like, to go on that date?

[ ] Youmu. Did she make it out okay?

[ ] Write-in.

Votes End:
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>>No. 39842
[X] Nue. What would it have been like, to go on that date?

Nue was the most ‘Tame’ Youkai we met so far so I would like to see this explored
>>No. 39843
[x] Youmu. Did she make it out okay?

Wonder how her fight with the book monster turned out.
>>No. 39844
[X] Flandre. Both sisters seem to lack certain people skills. Surely there's some common ground here.

Et tu Remi?
>>No. 39845
Just over 21 hours left to vote, if you want to be certain your vote's counted.
>>No. 39846
[x] Youmu. Did she make it out okay?
>>No. 39847
[X] Nue. What would it have been like, to go on that date?

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