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File 150992367529.jpg - (143.43KB, 595x842, Magnel - Koga 1.jpg) [iqdb]
38360 No. 38360
Quiet and swift, you step across the soft grass, guided by the brilliance of a full moon. Every shop, stall, and public office has long since closed, but you are still far from home. Small, humble headstones pass by, but you pay them no mind, or at least, you try not to. Youkai visit the graveyard. One might already be here, hiding in the dark. Watching, listening.

One of them spends entirely too much time here, especially on nights like these. You’ve crossed paths before, but only ever briefly. As brief as you could possibly make it. Youkai tend to get weird around you, after a while, and you can’t let that happen with her. Just need to clear the graves and reach the walls.

Soft, wet grass yields to your sandals you ease them down, one step at a time. You catch a glimpse of flickering torchlight ahead. It’s the main gate, maybe a couple minutes away if you sprint. You feel like you’re home already-


The deafeningly cheery voice slams into you, just as her generous breasts crash against your stiffening back. Kogasa Tatara. Local blacksmith, part-time pseudo babysitter. Youkai. Your body locks up. You can’t move. Maybe this is just your second encounter. Breath shaking, you run though plans. She needs to leave. Soon.

Then she wraps her right hand around your breast, and the following squeeze shatters your thoughts. Her short hair brushes against your neck as she leans over your shoulder. A soft lilac scent wafts in, as time slows down. Fabric folds and pinches under her fingers, rubbing against your flesh. Then she giggles.


You flinch, jerking forward. Another hand wraps around your waist, pressing you back against her stomach. Her hard, abdominal muscles and her large breasts force your own torso out, as she lays her head down on your neck.

“It’s dangerous to be alone out here, you know.”

You can’t help but squirm at that, hoping to pry off a hand, or somehow just slip through her grip. Your body twists and turns as much as her vice-grip allows. No luck. An out-of-shape human like you, versus a youkai, even one as otherwise harmless as her, isn’t a contest.

“Please, let me go.” It’s the strongest, most confidant tone you could muster, and it still sounds almost like you’re begging.

“Hmm…. Nope!” That bubbly, cheery voice should have been soothing. But it just drains what energy you had left; you can’t help but slump into her grasp. “Just kidding!”

And suddenly you spring free of her. For a moment, all you can do is just stand there. Stand and stare.

She’s still standing right in front of you, allowing you to make out a face that’s beaming with… pride? Experimentally, you place one foot behind the other, bracing for a full sprint. Only for her to continue.

“But! It’s really dangerous for you out here. So, you gotta stick close, okay?” She offers her hand. Your heart thumps. If you run, will she chase you? If you stay together, will you get another chance to separate? Another heartbeat.

Would it really be so terrible to let her do wh…?

A flash of short hair invades your mind. Short hair and slender, suffocating lips.

Yes, it would, and you’ve wasted too much time already. You wrap your hand around Kogasa’s wrist and march toward the walls. Don’t spook her, but don’t give her time to get ideas. You got her to let go once. You’ll just need to do so again.

“Whaa!” Her cute, girlish squeal loosens tense muscles and sets your nerves at ease. Only for another figure to appear on the road. The pale moonlight reveals a dark cloak over a pale dress. Wild, dark hair cascades over her face and down her back. As you approach, two points appear on her crown. Animal ears.

Kogasa waves. You look the other way. You already have one youkai to shake off tonight.

“Hey, you there!” The woman says, in a voice that’s almost elegant.

“Who, me?” Kogasa asks.

“No.” A pair of hands grip your shoulders, turning you just slightly. White mountains fill your vision, until the woman gets on one knee. Brilliant red eyes bore into you, their intensity less concerning than the tongue sliding between her lips.

A hand cups your chin, and the woman plants a quick kiss on your lips. Brief, but gentle. Pulling back, she speaks.

“My name is Kagerou. May I ask for yours?” Her face would be the picture of graceful confidence, were it not for the slight tremors to her smile.

Kogasa yanks you back, twisting you and pulling you into her arms. One hand on your back and the other gripping your head, her lips press against yours. Rigid nipples grind against your flesh as a pair of smooth thighs press down on one of your own. There’s a slight, smoky flavor to her, when she presses her tongue between your lips and against your teeth.

Then, awkwardly, she breaks the kiss.

“A-Anyway. I saw her first. You don’t get to do weird things with her!”



Your stomach drops at that sound. Only one other youkai ever sounded so ominous. And she was only half this woman’s height.

You need to get out of here now.

“Isn’t that right?” Kogasa’s staring at you.

Just gotta cooperate with one. Get away from one and lower the other’s guard. It’s a long shot, but you don’t have a prayer of escaping both at once. Unless you can get them to go after each other and run away in the confusion. But then you’re trapped in between them. Could you really slip out?

On the other hand, the gate is close enough that, with a loud enough scream, you might just get the guard’s attention. But what will your captors do before they arrive? …Assuming anyone even does hear you.

[X] “Yes.” Side with Kogasa
[X] “No.” Side with Kagerou
[X] “Maybe.” Try to play them both off each other.
[X] Scream. The Guards are your only hope now.
[X] Write In

What is your name?

[X] Naoko Honda
[X] Write-In
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>> No. 38361
[X] “Yes.” Side with Kogasa
>> No. 38363
[X] “Maybe.” Try to play them both off each other.

[X] Naoko Honda
>> No. 38364
[X] “Yes.” Side with Kogasa
>> No. 38365
[X] “Yes.” Side with Kogasa

[X] Naoko Honda
>> No. 38366
[X] “Maybe.” Try to play them both off each other.

No strong opinions on the name.
>> No. 38368
[X] “Maybe.” Try to play them both off each other.
>> No. 38369
[X] “Maybe.” Try to play them both off each other.
>> No. 38370
[X] “Maybe.” Try to play them both off each other.
>> No. 38371
Votes called for [X] “Maybe.”
Expect next post tomorrow.
>> No. 38372
File 15105205654.png - (1.05MB, 1129x1518, Magnel - Kage 1.png) [iqdb]
[X] “Maybe.” Try to play them both off each other.
[X] Naoko Honda

“I, I… I don’t know.”

Kogasa frowns, somewhere between disappointed and genuinely confused.

“Well then, I just need to prove I’m better!” Kogasa puckers up, preparing for round two.

A slender, powerful arm wraps around your stomach, as a hand presses Kogasa’s face away.

“You had your chance!”

“So did you!” Kogasa throws Kagerou’s arm off her head, grabbing you by the back of the head and shoving you into her chest.

But Kagerou doesn’t relent, joining the arm around your stomach with one gripping your breast. Planting one foot to your side, she pulls hard, threatening to crush your lungs.

Straining to push shallow breaths out under Kagerou’s crushing grip, and between the folds of Kogasa’s shirt, you twist and strain. Desperation rising, you plant your hands on Kagerou’s arms, shoving with all your might. As Kagerou’s arms quake and Kogasa’s hand threatens to crush your skull, you kick and flail at anything you can.

Finally, one kick connects with Kogasa’s ankle, shocking her just enough to break her grip. Kogasa flails, but catches your obi, trying to pull you back. Kagerou just pulls back, shredding the obi in the contest.

Wasting no time, Kagerou pulls you away and releases your breast to fire a volley of light at Kogasa.

If only you could do things like that.

Then a barrage fires back toward you. Kagerou turns on her heel and kicks off the ground, sailing away from Kogasa, and taking you with her. Light flashes across the dirt and headstones beneath you, until a bullet slams into Kagerou, breaking her grip.

You hit the ground hard, but adrenaline stunts the pain. Suddenly free, you stumble back. Your kimono now hangs loose, exposing your camisole and panties, but you have far greater problems. You’re not even quite out of the graveyard yet. And for a few precious seconds, Kagerou and Kogasa are focused entirely on each other.

You leap behind the largest grave you can find, praying for protection from whoever rests beneath you. Taking a moment to catch your breath, you dare to glance behind you. The two are still engaged in danmaku, but they keep moving. From here to the gate is open dirt and grass. There’s nowhere else to hide.

A bark blasts through the night. Turning back, you find Kagerou charging at you.

You turn and run, sprinting down the road as fast as your legs can carry. Silhouettes appear on the walls. All cover and pretense blown, you suck in as much air as you can.

“Help! Guards!” You cry. Sweat builds and muscles strain, but one glance reveals that Kagerou’s easily catching up.

As you finally approach the gatehouse, the silhouettes resolve into two lightly armored young men with readied bows, aiming above you. One fires, the arrow exploding into balls of light. You duck under the dazzling display as you reach the gatehouse steps.

Crash! A purplish, fully fanned umbrella slams into the ground in front of you, giant tongue hanging out. The tongue shoots out toward you. You spin on your heel, but overbalance. Throwing your hands out, you catch yourself, scraping your palms on the hard-packed dirt. Pushing off, you build back up to a full sprint. Your lungs burn from abuse as your breath grows ragged. Sweat pours from your skin as bullets whiz by your head. Behind you, Kagerou’s lost plenty of ground, but she’s now bounding after you.

Smooth grass gives way to sticks, leaves, and roots, as you charge toward the woods. Soon you’re forced to slow down or crash into the branches. Alternating between hops and short sprints, you push forward. The thickening canopy blocks out most of the moon’s light, plunging everything into shadow. If you could just find somewhere to hide…

A short, girlish giggle shocks you still. Frantically scanning the shadows, you’re relieved to find it’s only Kogasa. Less than a meter away. You leap away, only to land against her umbrella. It’s thick, heavy tongue sliding between your legs. Her human form moans.

You kick off, running down the forest again. Branches snap and crunch behind you, as Kagerou crashes through them. Moonlight appears up ahead. Kogasa and her umbrella glide across the forest floor, flanking you. The guards are long gone.

Nowhere to run, no one to call. Your legs quake, your throat hurts, and Kagerou’s still gaining. Just as you break into the clearing, a mighty howl breaks out. Kagerou crashes against your back.

Dry leaves and small twigs crack and break beneath you. Kagerou’s ass settles down on the small of your back as her legs press against your sides. Lifting your head, you find Kogasa staring down angrily at you.

“How could you run away like that?”

Kagerou plants a clawed hand on your ass, giving it a painful squeeze.

“Guess I win.” Kagerou says.

“What? No fair!” Kogasa whines. “Besides, like I said, I saw her first.”

“Besides,” String and fabric slide against fabric. A vest hits the ground before you, followed by a pale blouse. “I’m prettier!”

Kagerou grumbles, but lifts herself off your back. She steps forward. Kogasa steps back, her chest now naked, save for the blue bra holding her shapely breasts.

You crawl out from under them. Kagerou growls. You turn away from them and haul yourself upright.

You plant one foot forward, only for Kagerou to grab your kimono, yanking you back. Then, planting one hand on your nape, she yanks it off, dragging your arms behind you.

Grabbing your wrists, she drags you back. Wrapping an arm around your belly, she squeezes you against her. Her own mountainous breasts press against your neck. She then releases your wrists, using your own back to keep them pinned. She then turns back to Kogasa, taking you with her.

“Screw it!” Kagerou fumes. “You want some of this? Help me keep her under control.”
Kogasa pouts. “Like, I, said! I saw h-” Kagerou tears your camisole down the middle and rips it off, snapping the straps.

Kogasa’s speechless. For a long moment she just stares. You always thought your body was average. You were never the skinniest, or the fairest, or even the bustiest. Kogasa’s enthralled eyes chill you, knowing what’s to come. But some small part of your ego still appreciates her attention.

Then, regaining her composure, she steps forward, licking her lips. Kagerou buries her face in your straight, shoulder-length hair. She takes in a long, deep whiff. Your eyes, however, are locked on Kogasa, who undoes her bra and, crossing her arms, pulls it right off. Letting her breasts settle back into position, she smirks at you, sticking out her tongue.

She steps forward, until her smooth, full breasts nearly fill your vision. Shifting just slightly, she grabs one, and presses a rock-hard nipple against your pursed lips. Judging by the taste, she never even broke a sweat.

That’s when Kagerou pulls you back, almost jealously, and releases your hands. But before you can move, she wraps her hands around your breasts, giving each a firm squeeze. Her claws dig into your flesh, shocking you with pain and drawing blood.

Kogasa just smiles and steps back. Kagerou rolls your breasts around in her hands, as Kogasa kicks off her geta. Then Kogasa shimmies her skirt off, revealing long, smooth legs and a pair of panties that, even in the moonlight, are visibly soaked through.

As if her excitement wasn’t obvious enough.

Kagerou pinches your nipples, still taking the occasional sniff. Kogasa hooks her fingers into the waistband. A palm leaves your tormented breasts to circle your navel. The panties slide down Kogasa’s leg, as Kagerou’s leg presses against your ass. For a moment, you’re drawn to the neatly trimmed hair just above Kogasa’s folds. Despite everything, a familiar heat builds inside you.

Then her hand moves further down, cupping your slick panties. Slick from sweat.


Kogasa kneels down and lifts one of your feet. As Kagerou rubs circles over your crotch and massages your breast. Kogasa slides your geta off, one at a time. Then Kagerou’s hand slides back up to the waistband, to give it a quick tug. A gasp escapes your lips. The fabric tightens on your ass and slips between your outer folds, before she releases it. Kogasa slides off your socks next, as Kagerou slides her hand back down, pressing the fabric in, just slightly.

Kogasa gently licks the underside of your foot. It tickles. Kagerou presses one finger between your folds. Your breath hitches. Kogasa’s tongue slides along your sole, happily tasting your skin and sweat. It still tickles. Kagerou slides her finger up and down, eliciting small quakes and spasms in you. Kogasa wraps her lips around your toes, sliding her tongue between them. Even as Kagerou continues her assault, you can’t keep a giggle from escaping.

Kogasa releases your foot with a wet ‘pop’, staring up at you, confused.

Kagerou’s hand freezes. She releases your crotch, and spins you around. She grips your face and smashes her lips against yours. Her tongue forces its way through stunned lips, barreling through slack teeth. Kagerou explores your mouth, tasting everything she can reach.

A pair of hands hesitantly slide up your legs, slipping themselves underneath your panties.

Satisfied exploring, Kagerou focuses on your tongue. Tasting it, nudging it to one side or another. The hands hook themselves in your waistband. The night air blows against your ass, as your panties sink down your legs.

A growl reverberates down your throat as Kagerou’s hands clench, biting into your scalp.
Scared, you push your tongue forward. The growl stops. Nervously, you slide along her lips. A hum of satisfaction. You press in a bit further.

A tongue slides up your ass, gliding between the cheeks. You yelp, knocking Kagerou out of the kiss.

“God damn it!”

Frozen, you stare at the bared teeth of her scowl. She pushes herself off of you. In one quick motion, she grips the panties around your ankles, and yanks them off each leg. She presses them to your nose, filling it with your scent. You let out one ragged breath.

“Open up.”


[X] Open. No hope of escape now. Maybe you can try to enjoy it. Somehow.
[X] Refuse. Damn it, they can take your virginity, but not your pride.
[X] Bargain. Angering them is bad, but you can’t stand the thought of tasting yourself like this.
[X] Scream. Then run. If you make it back into the trees, maybe you can hide? Or find a youkai who won’t assault you just yet?
>> No. 38373
[X] Bargain. Angering them is bad, but you can’t stand the thought of tasting yourself like this.
>> No. 38374
[X] Bargain. Angering them is bad, but you can’t stand the thought of tasting yourself like this.
>> No. 38377
[X] Open. No hope of escape now. Maybe you can try to enjoy it. Somehow.
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