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File 150992367529.jpg - (143.43KB, 595x842, Magnel - Koga 1.jpg)
Magnel - Koga 1
Quiet and swift, you step across the soft grass, guided by the brilliance of a full moon. Every shop, stall, and public office has long since closed, but you are still far from home. Small, humble headstones pass by, but you pay them no mind, or at least, you try not to. Youkai visit the graveyard. One might already be here, hiding in the dark. Watching, listening.

One of them spends entirely too much time here, especially on nights like these. You’ve crossed paths before, but only ever briefly. As brief as you could possibly make it. Youkai tend to get weird around you, after a while, and you can’t let that happen with her. Just need to clear the graves and reach the walls.

Soft, wet grass yields to your sandals you ease them down, one step at a time. You catch a glimpse of flickering torchlight ahead. It’s the main gate, maybe a couple minutes away if you sprint. You feel like you’re home already-


The deafeningly cheery voice slams into you, just as her generous breasts crash against your stiffening back. Kogasa Tatara. Local blacksmith, part-time pseudo babysitter. Youkai. Your body locks up. You can’t move. Maybe this is just your second encounter. Breath shaking, you run though plans. She needs to leave. Soon.

Then she wraps her right hand around your breast, and the following squeeze shatters your thoughts. Her short hair brushes against your neck as she leans over your shoulder. A soft lilac scent wafts in, as time slows down. Fabric folds and pinches under her fingers, rubbing against your flesh. Then she giggles.


You flinch, jerking forward. Another hand wraps around your waist, pressing you back against her stomach. Her hard, abdominal muscles and her large breasts force your own torso out, as she lays her head down on your neck.

“It’s dangerous to be alone out here, you know.”

You can’t help but squirm at that, hoping to pry off a hand, or somehow just slip through her grip. Your body twists and turns as much as her vice-grip allows. No luck. An out-of-shape human like you, versus a youkai, even one as otherwise harmless as her, isn’t a contest.

“Please, let me go.” It’s the strongest, most confidant tone you could muster, and it still sounds almost like you’re begging.

“Hmm…. Nope!” That bubbly, cheery voice should have been soothing. But it just drains what energy you had left; you can’t help but slump into her grasp. “Just kidding!”

And suddenly you spring free of her. For a moment, all you can do is just stand there. Stand and stare.

She’s still standing right in front of you, allowing you to make out a face that’s beaming with… pride? Experimentally, you place one foot behind the other, bracing for a full sprint. Only for her to continue.

“But! It’s really dangerous for you out here. So, you gotta stick close, okay?” She offers her hand. Your heart thumps. If you run, will she chase you? If you stay together, will you get another chance to separate? Another heartbeat.

Would it really be so terrible to let her do wh…?

A flash of short hair invades your mind. Short hair and slender, suffocating lips.

Yes, it would, and you’ve wasted too much time already. You wrap your hand around Kogasa’s wrist and march toward the walls. Don’t spook her, but don’t give her time to get ideas. You got her to let go once. You’ll just need to do so again.

“Whaa!” Her cute, girlish squeal loosens tense muscles and sets your nerves at ease. Only for another figure to appear on the road. The pale moonlight reveals a dark cloak over a pale dress. Wild, dark hair cascades over her face and down her back. As you approach, two points appear on her crown. Animal ears.

Kogasa waves. You look the other way. You already have one youkai to shake off tonight.

“Hey, you there!” The woman says, in a voice that’s almost elegant.

“Who, me?” Kogasa asks.

“No.” A pair of hands grip your shoulders, turning you just slightly. White mountains fill your vision, until the woman gets on one knee. Brilliant red eyes bore into you, their intensity less concerning than the tongue sliding between her lips.

A hand cups your chin, and the woman plants a quick kiss on your lips. Brief, but gentle. Pulling back, she speaks.

“My name is Kagerou. May I ask for yours?” Her face would be the picture of graceful confidence, were it not for the slight tremors to her smile.

Kogasa yanks you back, twisting you and pulling you into her arms. One hand on your back and the other gripping your head, her lips press against yours. Rigid nipples grind against your flesh as a pair of smooth thighs press down on one of your own. There’s a slight, smoky flavor to her, when she presses her tongue between your lips and against your teeth.

Then, awkwardly, she breaks the kiss.

“A-Anyway. I saw her first. You don’t get to do weird things with her!”



Your stomach drops at that sound. Only one other youkai ever sounded so ominous. And she was only half this woman’s height.

You need to get out of here now.

“Isn’t that right?” Kogasa’s staring at you.

Just gotta cooperate with one. Get away from one and lower the other’s guard. It’s a long shot, but you don’t have a prayer of escaping both at once. Unless you can get them to go after each other and run away in the confusion. But then you’re trapped in between them. Could you really slip out?

On the other hand, the gate is close enough that, with a loud enough scream, you might just get the guard’s attention. But what will your captors do before they arrive? …Assuming anyone even does hear you.

[X] “Yes.” Side with Kogasa
[X] “No.” Side with Kagerou
[X] “Maybe.” Try to play them both off each other.
[X] Scream. The Guards are your only hope now.
[X] Write In

What is your name?

[X] Naoko Honda
[X] Write-In
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[X] “Yes.” Side with Kogasa
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[X] “Maybe.” Try to play them both off each other.

[X] Naoko Honda
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[X] “Yes.” Side with Kogasa
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[X] “Yes.” Side with Kogasa

[X] Naoko Honda
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[X] “Maybe.” Try to play them both off each other.

No strong opinions on the name.
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[X] “Maybe.” Try to play them both off each other.
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[X] “Maybe.” Try to play them both off each other.
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[X] “Maybe.” Try to play them both off each other.
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Votes called for [X] “Maybe.”
Expect next post tomorrow.
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File 15105205654.png - (1.05MB, 1129x1518, Magnel - Kage 1.png)
Magnel - Kage 1
[X] “Maybe.” Try to play them both off each other.
[X] Naoko Honda

“I, I… I don’t know.”

Kogasa frowns, somewhere between disappointed and genuinely confused.

“Well then, I just need to prove I’m better!” Kogasa puckers up, preparing for round two.

A slender, powerful arm wraps around your stomach, as a hand presses Kogasa’s face away.

“You had your chance!”

“So did you!” Kogasa throws Kagerou’s arm off her head, grabbing you by the back of the head and shoving you into her chest.

But Kagerou doesn’t relent, joining the arm around your stomach with one gripping your breast. Planting one foot to your side, she pulls hard, threatening to crush your lungs.

Straining to push shallow breaths out under Kagerou’s crushing grip, and between the folds of Kogasa’s shirt, you twist and strain. Desperation rising, you plant your hands on Kagerou’s arms, shoving with all your might. As Kagerou’s arms quake and Kogasa’s hand threatens to crush your skull, you kick and flail at anything you can.

Finally, one kick connects with Kogasa’s ankle, shocking her just enough to break her grip. Kogasa flails, but catches your obi, trying to pull you back. Kagerou just pulls back, shredding the obi in the contest.

Wasting no time, Kagerou pulls you away and releases your breast to fire a volley of light at Kogasa.

If only you could do things like that.

Then a barrage fires back toward you. Kagerou turns on her heel and kicks off the ground, sailing away from Kogasa, and taking you with her. Light flashes across the dirt and headstones beneath you, until a bullet slams into Kagerou, breaking her grip.

You hit the ground hard, but adrenaline stunts the pain. Suddenly free, you stumble back. Your kimono now hangs loose, exposing your camisole and panties, but you have far greater problems. You’re not even quite out of the graveyard yet. And for a few precious seconds, Kagerou and Kogasa are focused entirely on each other.

You leap behind the largest grave you can find, praying for protection from whoever rests beneath you. Taking a moment to catch your breath, you dare to glance behind you. The two are still engaged in danmaku, but they keep moving. From here to the gate is open dirt and grass. There’s nowhere else to hide.

A bark blasts through the night. Turning back, you find Kagerou charging at you.

You turn and run, sprinting down the road as fast as your legs can carry. Silhouettes appear on the walls. All cover and pretense blown, you suck in as much air as you can.

“Help! Guards!” You cry. Sweat builds and muscles strain, but one glance reveals that Kagerou’s easily catching up.

As you finally approach the gatehouse, the silhouettes resolve into two lightly armored young men with readied bows, aiming above you. One fires, the arrow exploding into balls of light. You duck under the dazzling display as you reach the gatehouse steps.

Crash! A purplish, fully fanned umbrella slams into the ground in front of you, giant tongue hanging out. The tongue shoots out toward you. You spin on your heel, but overbalance. Throwing your hands out, you catch yourself, scraping your palms on the hard-packed dirt. Pushing off, you build back up to a full sprint. Your lungs burn from abuse as your breath grows ragged. Sweat pours from your skin as bullets whiz by your head. Behind you, Kagerou’s lost plenty of ground, but she’s now bounding after you.

Smooth grass gives way to sticks, leaves, and roots, as you charge toward the woods. Soon you’re forced to slow down or crash into the branches. Alternating between hops and short sprints, you push forward. The thickening canopy blocks out most of the moon’s light, plunging everything into shadow. If you could just find somewhere to hide…

A short, girlish giggle shocks you still. Frantically scanning the shadows, you’re relieved to find it’s only Kogasa. Less than a meter away. You leap away, only to land against her umbrella. It’s thick, heavy tongue sliding between your legs. Her human form moans.

You kick off, running down the forest again. Branches snap and crunch behind you, as Kagerou crashes through them. Moonlight appears up ahead. Kogasa and her umbrella glide across the forest floor, flanking you. The guards are long gone.

Nowhere to run, no one to call. Your legs quake, your throat hurts, and Kagerou’s still gaining. Just as you break into the clearing, a mighty howl breaks out. Kagerou crashes against your back.

Dry leaves and small twigs crack and break beneath you. Kagerou’s ass settles down on the small of your back as her legs press against your sides. Lifting your head, you find Kogasa staring down angrily at you.

“How could you run away like that?”

Kagerou plants a clawed hand on your ass, giving it a painful squeeze.

“Guess I win.” Kagerou says.

“What? No fair!” Kogasa whines. “Besides, like I said, I saw her first.”

“Besides,” String and fabric slide against fabric. A vest hits the ground before you, followed by a pale blouse. “I’m prettier!”

Kagerou grumbles, but lifts herself off your back. She steps forward. Kogasa steps back, her chest now naked, save for the blue bra holding her shapely breasts.

You crawl out from under them. Kagerou growls. You turn away from them and haul yourself upright.

You plant one foot forward, only for Kagerou to grab your kimono, yanking you back. Then, planting one hand on your nape, she yanks it off, dragging your arms behind you.

Grabbing your wrists, she drags you back. Wrapping an arm around your belly, she squeezes you against her. Her own mountainous breasts press against your neck. She then releases your wrists, using your own back to keep them pinned. She then turns back to Kogasa, taking you with her.

“Screw it!” Kagerou fumes. “You want some of this? Help me keep her under control.”
Kogasa pouts. “Like, I, said! I saw h-” Kagerou tears your camisole down the middle and rips it off, snapping the straps.

Kogasa’s speechless. For a long moment she just stares. You always thought your body was average. You were never the skinniest, or the fairest, or even the bustiest. Kogasa’s enthralled eyes chill you, knowing what’s to come. But some small part of your ego still appreciates her attention.

Then, regaining her composure, she steps forward, licking her lips. Kagerou buries her face in your straight, shoulder-length hair. She takes in a long, deep whiff. Your eyes, however, are locked on Kogasa, who undoes her bra and, crossing her arms, pulls it right off. Letting her breasts settle back into position, she smirks at you, sticking out her tongue.

She steps forward, until her smooth, full breasts nearly fill your vision. Shifting just slightly, she grabs one, and presses a rock-hard nipple against your pursed lips. Judging by the taste, she never even broke a sweat.

That’s when Kagerou pulls you back, almost jealously, and releases your hands. But before you can move, she wraps her hands around your breasts, giving each a firm squeeze. Her claws dig into your flesh, shocking you with pain and drawing blood.

Kogasa just smiles and steps back. Kagerou rolls your breasts around in her hands, as Kogasa kicks off her geta. Then Kogasa shimmies her skirt off, revealing long, smooth legs and a pair of panties that, even in the moonlight, are visibly soaked through.

As if her excitement wasn’t obvious enough.

Kagerou pinches your nipples, still taking the occasional sniff. Kogasa hooks her fingers into the waistband. A palm leaves your tormented breasts to circle your navel. The panties slide down Kogasa’s leg, as Kagerou’s leg presses against your ass. For a moment, you’re drawn to the neatly trimmed hair just above Kogasa’s folds. Despite everything, a familiar heat builds inside you.

Then her hand moves further down, cupping your slick panties. Slick from sweat.


Kogasa kneels down and lifts one of your feet. As Kagerou rubs circles over your crotch and massages your breast. Kogasa slides your geta off, one at a time. Then Kagerou’s hand slides back up to the waistband, to give it a quick tug. A gasp escapes your lips. The fabric tightens on your ass and slips between your outer folds, before she releases it. Kogasa slides off your socks next, as Kagerou slides her hand back down, pressing the fabric in, just slightly.

Kogasa gently licks the underside of your foot. It tickles. Kagerou presses one finger between your folds. Your breath hitches. Kogasa’s tongue slides along your sole, happily tasting your skin and sweat. It still tickles. Kagerou slides her finger up and down, eliciting small quakes and spasms in you. Kogasa wraps her lips around your toes, sliding her tongue between them. Even as Kagerou continues her assault, you can’t keep a giggle from escaping.

Kogasa releases your foot with a wet ‘pop’, staring up at you, confused.

Kagerou’s hand freezes. She releases your crotch, and spins you around. She grips your face and smashes her lips against yours. Her tongue forces its way through stunned lips, barreling through slack teeth. Kagerou explores your mouth, tasting everything she can reach.

A pair of hands hesitantly slide up your legs, slipping themselves underneath your panties.

Satisfied exploring, Kagerou focuses on your tongue. Tasting it, nudging it to one side or another. The hands hook themselves in your waistband. The night air blows against your ass, as your panties sink down your legs.

A growl reverberates down your throat as Kagerou’s hands clench, biting into your scalp.
Scared, you push your tongue forward. The growl stops. Nervously, you slide along her lips. A hum of satisfaction. You press in a bit further.

A tongue slides up your ass, gliding between the cheeks. You yelp, knocking Kagerou out of the kiss.

“God damn it!”

Frozen, you stare at the bared teeth of her scowl. She pushes herself off of you. In one quick motion, she grips the panties around your ankles, and yanks them off each leg. She presses them to your nose, filling it with your scent. You let out one ragged breath.

“Open up.”


[X] Open. No hope of escape now. Maybe you can try to enjoy it. Somehow.
[X] Refuse. Damn it, they can take your virginity, but not your pride.
[X] Bargain. Angering them is bad, but you can’t stand the thought of tasting yourself like this.
[X] Scream. Then run. If you make it back into the trees, maybe you can hide? Or find a youkai who won’t assault you just yet?
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[X] Bargain. Angering them is bad, but you can’t stand the thought of tasting yourself like this.
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[X] Bargain. Angering them is bad, but you can’t stand the thought of tasting yourself like this.
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[X] Open. No hope of escape now. Maybe you can try to enjoy it. Somehow.
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File 15111356479.jpg - (1.43MB, 1240x1754, Magnel - Kage 2.jpg)
Magnel - Kage 2
[X] Bargain. Angering them is bad, but you can’t stand the thought of tasting yourself like this.

Legs quaking, you press a hand against the offered panties, cringing as they squish against your palm. Another growl rises through Kagerou’s throat. Her hand grips your shoulder, long nails digging into your flesh. Razor sharp teeth glisten behind a snarling lip.

“Please! Let me do something else!”

The words just spilled out. You’re powerless here, but this is just too much. Unfortunately, Kagerou’s patience has run thin. She knocks your hand away, pressing the panties against your pursed lips.

“Open. Up.

Your mind spins. A small taste of your pussy on your lips. Blood trickles down your shoulder, from where her nails have dug in. For all you know, she might well kill you if you don’t comply. Lips quivering, you try to will them open.

Nothing happens. The blood trails slowly down your arm, and Kagerou’s growl grows only louder. You can’t do it. You just can’t. The thought of letting that thing on your tongue is just too much.

Kagerou’s teeth part. Maybe to say something, maybe to bite you. Your hands fly to her wrists, straining to keep them away.

“Anything!” You blurt out. “Anything else.”

Kagerou stops, pulling her hand away for a moment.

You’re entire body’s shaking now. Adrenaline drowns out whatever you felt before.

Kagerou stares hard at you, the closes her eyes. She lets out a frustrated sigh.

“Fine.” She tosses your panties away, then returns her gaze to you, leering.

Kogasa starts humming. Into your ass.

A smile creeps up Kagerou’s face. A lecherous, domineering smirk. She claps her hands together, moistening them with the fluid from your panties. She then brings them to your face, trailing that juice down your cheeks.

Then, gripping them, she pulls your head in close. She’s a bit taller than you expected, your eyes are brought only to her lower lip. She angles your head back, until you’re staring at her eyes.

“Part those pretty little lips for me, okay?”

She slides a pinky down your neck, nail resting against your jugular.

You open your mouth, lips dry and trembling.

She puckers her lips, and for a moment you think she’s just going for another kiss. She swishes her cheeks back and forth. It’s like she’s sampling some kind of fine wine. Or trying to eat something that’s too chewy. She learns her head forward, positioned her lips just over yours.

Kogasa’s tongue slides up your ass one last time. Then she presses it against your anus. You can’t help but flinch, but keep your lips parted. Kogasa may have her sights set on violating you, but you’re mostly certain she’ll never kill you. Kagerou’s a short-tempered mystery.

Kagerou parts her lips just slightly. Clear, lukewarm fluid pours from them down your tongue. There’s no taste. It just feels like…

Your own saliva. She’s feeding you her spit.

Kagerou opens wide, sliding her tongue out. Small bubbles slide down her tongue as more drool drops down. You cringe as it starts to pool near your throat.

Kagerou slides her thumbs between your lips, pulling your mouth wide open. Slowly, deliberately, she pushes one last, large dollop off her tongue. It drops down, grazing your tongue to join the pool at the bottom.

“Good girl.” Gently, she guides your lips back together. Your legs shake as Kogasa’s tongue continues to press against you, insistently probing your anus.

“Swallow.” Cringing against the slimy feeling of it, you force Kagerou’s spit down your throat. You suppress a shudder as it goes down, but then relax as most of it leaves your mouth.

Then the tip of the tongue forces its way past your sphincter. You plant your arms against Kogasa’s head, as her efforts threaten to throw you off-balance. In response, she wraps her hands around your hips, pressing her face further against your ass. Pushing through, her slick tongue slides against your walls. Despite everything, a small fire builds inside you. Some part of your body enjoys this.

Kagerou steps back, pulling your head level on the way. She bends down to reach the hem of her dress.

In one smooth motion, she hikes it up and throws it over her shoulders. Soft brown fur forms a thin carpet over most of her body. Arms, legs, and sides are completely covered. It thins out over her breasts, belly, and crotch, but it stops completely at her wrists and ankles. Kagerou throws the dress aside, leaving it to land somewhere in the soft grass of the clearing. Her feet are already bare, leaving only a lacy black bra and matching panties between you and what’s to come.

For a few moments, Kogasa’s content to just taste you. The tip of her tongue slides in circles along your inner perimeter. Then she shoves her tongue forward again. Walls clench and your legs lock. You clench against her, straining to keep her out. But millimeter by millimeter her tongue forces itself deeper and deeper. You strain against it, but soon it’s pointless. With one last push, the Kogasa forces the last of her tongue inside.

Kagerou clears her throat. Focusing back on her, you find her lacy, black bra and the heavy breasts within filling your vision. With a snap, Kagerou releases the latch. But rather than pull them off, she guides your head to one breast.

“Take it off for me, okay?”

Unsure, you bite the cup. Kagerou pulls back, sliding her arms through the loops on the way. Finally, the garment falls limp, hanging from your teeth. Returning to you, she pulls it out. She flips it around and rubs the cup against your nose.

“Tell me dear, how do I smell?”

All you smell is sweat and fur.


“Good girl.”

Kagerou drops the bra behind her. She returns her hands to your scalp and presses you between her breasts.

Kogasa’s tongue slides back out of your ass. Then, just as the tip reaches your sphincter, she forces it back in. Her slick tongue once more grinding into your ass. Shoving its way back through the tired muscle, she sinks back to the… hilt. Uncomfortably full once more, you can’t help but shiver. Then she thrusts her tongue forward again. No human tongue could possibly extend so far up your ass. Impossibly, it keeps going. Then, finally, it stops. Wet muscle fills you nearly to bursting.

Your legs give out. Kogasa’s hands are now all that keeps you upright. Small tremors crawl up and down your body.

Pulling your head back, Kagerou grabs one of her breasts and presses it toward your mouth.
Nervously, you give the nipple a light kiss. Just tastes a little salty. Kogasa’s tongue finally slides out, your walls contracting around it. Her hands leave your hips. Your ass jerks back slightly, until the tip finally clears your entrance.

Kagerou shoves your head forward, stretching your lips wide open to fit her massive breast. Taut, soft flesh fills your mouth. She wants more. You slide your tongue along it, grazing her nipple. Kagerou hums.

Something cool and hard presses against your ass. Thinner than Kogasa’s tongue; some kind of rod? You try to ignore it. Kogasa can do what she wants. Kagerou demands your attention. You slide your tongue black down, then up again. Her nipple is rock hard. Then you stop and focus your attention on the nipple itself. You flick it with your tongue once or twice, then narrow your lips to give a hard suck. Kagerou lets out a heavy moan.

Good. She probably won’t hurt you. You gently pull yourself back to move to her other breast, as Kogasa’s rod pulls back.

Slam! Your whole body jerks forward as the rod crashes through, sinking deep into your ass. You stumble briefly, effectively impaled on Kogasa’s rod. Hard metal grinds against sensitive walls. Shaking, you try to focus on the breast, licking circles around the nipple. Kagerou wraps her arms around your back. You plant a kiss directly on the nipple, before clamping down on it. This time, you suck it gently, pressing your lips softly to it. You look up to Kagerou’s now softer face.

The rod pulls back, almost dragging your ass with it. It stops just short of exiting completely. Then it pushes forward again, shoving itself painfully deep inside you. It pulls back, then thrusts forward, scraping against your insides. You jerk and groan, muffled by Kagerou’s breast. Kogasa’s rod fucks you slowly at first. The pleasure of stimulation mixes with the pain of it’s hard, unyielding surface.

Slick, sticky fluid trickles down your leg, from your increasingly wet pussy.

Kogasa licks your now exposed clit. Pleasure blasts through your system. Quakes and spasms fire up and down your body as the rod pushes in and out. Your legs involuntarily clamp together as Kogasa rubs her tongue against you.

Then with one last, shuddering breath, you hit the edge. Time stands still.

This is it. Your first time. Not with a man or woman that you loved. But instead with a pair of strange, overpowering youkai. In the middle of nowhere. One of whom you’re certain you’ve never even met.

They barely even touched your pussy.

The rod surges forward, pushing you over. Pleasure now sears through you, and every ounce of strength evaporates. You sink forward, once more buried between Kagerou’s breasts.

Kagerou grabs you by the shoulders and eases you down. She gently lays your back on the cool grass. Blearily, you lift your head to see Kogasa kneel between your legs. Even now, you find the way she stares at it almost cute. Like a priestess before her god, or something. You pray she’s just admiring your crotch. Would be nice for a youkai to give you some space. Just once.

If only you could use their fixation on you, somehow. To hold others off, if nothing else.

Kagerou stands up, turns toward Kogasa, and plants her feet by your head.

Black, lacy panties slide down into view, held taut between a pair of furry legs. You look back up to see Kagerou’s firm, smooth ass as she lifts one leg, sliding it out of her panties. Not even bothering with the other leg, she drops her knees to the ground. Thick, heavy thighs slowly, deliberately sink on either side of your head, dragging her ass ever closer.

Kagerou’s ass fills your vision, as its weight settles against your face. Then one of your legs are flung up and over a shoulder. Kogasa drapes a leg over your other one.

Kogasa’s pussy presses against yours.

Nervously, you try to look up, but see nothing beyond Kagerou’s backside. Kagerou leans forward just a touch, sliding her pussy against your lips.

“You know what to do, right?

There was still that threat, hidden in her voice. She still doesn’t trust you, and you still don’t know what she’ll do if you don’t cooperate. You give her pussy a kiss. She moans, softly this time. Almost cutely.

Then she clamps her furry thighs against your head, giving you a painful squeeze. She leans back, pressing your nose against her anus. Her ass fills your nostrils, smothering you. You press your tongue to her entrance, silently praying for mercy as your lungs strain. Kogasa slams her pussy against yours, shocking you with pleasure. The fire returns to your belly as she grinds against you.

Tears build in your eyes as pleasure builds in your crotch. You wrap your hands around Kagerou’s hips. You push your tiring tongue inside Kagerou’s folds, filling your tongue with her taste. Kagerou leans forward again, pressing herself to your lips. Finally free, your nose sucks in as much air as you can get. Kagerou’s smell still dominates it. You try to stir her up, pushing against her walls. You push in and out, trying to build a rhythm that’ll keep you going until she comes.

Then Kogasa’s pussy grazes your clit. You seize up for a second. Shocks fire across your body. Worried, you try to pick up the pace. Kagerou starts rocking against you, sliding her pussy against your face. You try to keep thrusting your tongue. In and out, in and out. Kagerou’s trembling, but Kogasa’s still rocking against you. Your crotch burns, your muscles quake, and you’re certain you won’t be moving once Kogasa finishes.

If Kagerou doesn’t climax, what’ll she do to you?

You pull your tongue out of Kagerou’s core, to slide up along her folds, as far as you can reach. Straining, you rub it against her clit. Kagerou quakes, leaning further, bringing her clit closer. You focus your efforts there. You press your tongue back and forth across it. Kagerou trembles.
You see, taste, and smell nothing but Kagerou. Her ass, her sweat, her arousal.

Kogasa smashes her pussy against yours. Your muscles seize. You’re almost there. Again. You drag your tongue back to Kagerou’s folds, ramming it in. In. Out. You pump it in and out as hard as you can, straining your neck and tongue to finish her off. Kagerou drags her clit against your chin, sending her off the edge. Heavy, powerful thighs lock together against your head, grinding your skull. A howling scream rips through the night as juices pour down your tongue.

Then Kogasa hits you just right, sending you off. Your breath catches as your body seizes. Pleasure overwhelms you as every muscle in your body quakes and spasms.

Then everything goes black.

Vision soon returns, followed by the scent of Kagerou’s ass. Long nails stroke your hair. Kagerou’s thighs still weigh down on you, her pussy resting on your lips.
“Just clean it up, okay?”

Slowly, you slide your tongue along Kagerou’s slit, still dripping with arousal. And slowly, her remaining juices slide down your tongue. Kogasa hugs your leg, kissing the heel.

Kagerou leans forward, planting her hands on your breasts. Idly, she pulls them away from each other, then pushes them against each other. Pain builds as she squeezes too tight, but mercifully, she lets go. Instead, she simply starts to knead them.

Kagerou releases your breasts to lean back, once more burying your nose in her ass. You suck air in through your mouth. Kagerou presses her heel against your entrance, now bringing only pain. She grinds slowly against it.

Finally, you lick what you hope to be the last traces of Kagerou’s arousal from her slit. The taste is gone, at least. Exhausted, you let your tongue fall back behind your lips.

Kagerou’s crotch finally slides out of view, dropping just behind your head. Once more the scents and taste of the cool night air fill your lungs. Finally, it’s over.

A pair of hands slide against your cheeks, lifting your head up. Grass rustles as Kagerou’s thighs sidle up against your shoulders. Kagerou lets go, dropping your head into her lap.
Dropping your head onto her bare pussy.

Whatever. It doesn’t matter anymore. Kogasa’s leg drapes across your torso, pressing its heel against your left breast. Kagerou’s fingers slide through your hair.

But that’s it. Maybe they’re satisfied. Maybe you’re just too tired to care anymore. But they’re… quiet now. Slowly, exhaustion takes its toll.

You fall asleep.
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You were so busy worrying about getting home, you almost forgot why you even left the village.

Who are you, and what happened?

[X] The only daughter of a minor noble. You were invited to a local ball put on by Remilia Scarlet. Your parents expected you to find a chance to marry up there. You hid near the mausoleum instead.

[X] The youngest daughter of a working-class family. You’d left the village to deliver a banner to lady Byakuren, who talked your ears off.

[X] The eldest daughter of a single mother. Your mother’s enemies had kidnapped you and dropped you off in the wilderness, presumably to die. Mercifully, most of the youkai just passed by. As if you didn't exist to them.

[X] The middle child of a large, farming family. You’d left the village to visit them, but homesickness kept you too long. And that one goddess got weirdly cozy with you.

[X] Write-in.


Very short intermission to cover basic backstory and give you a chance to customize Naoko a bit. If you're not interested in that, consider it a chance to nudge Naoko toward one group or another. Expect the next post by Wednesday or Thursday.
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[X] The middle child of a large, farming family. You’d left the village to visit them, but homesickness kept you too long. And that one goddess got weirdly cozy with you.

Akis need more love.
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[X] The middle child of a large, farming family. You’d left the village to visit them, but homesickness kept you too long. And that one goddess got weirdly cozy with you.

Either the Akis or Hina.

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[X] The eldest daughter of a single mother. Your mother’s enemies had kidnapped you and dropped you off in the wilderness, presumably to die. Mercifully, most of the youkai just passed by. As if you didn't exist to them.

I'm apparently having a stroke or something right now as I can't figure out what this is referring to, so I'll just fall back onto the tried and true method of voting for it and hoping for the best.

Also hope I didn't fuck up the spoiler tags.
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Closest I can think of is Koishi. She is the one with the magic 'forget-me-now' subconscious aura thing.
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File 151139781182.png - (1.82MB, 1224x1263, Magnel - Shizuha 1.png)
Magnel - Shizuha 1
That’s right, the farm.

For most farmers, their worst year was either the Scarlet Mist Incident, or the endless winter. For your family, is was one bad summer.

Last year, a youkai attacked your home. The following night, another came. For weeks, they came. Some crept around your house, seeking open doors or loose windows. Others smashed their way in, through doors, windows, or walls. Some crashed through the ceiling, some dug up from the ground. A few slipped through cracks between the boards.

Some didn’t even wait for nightfall, striking in broad daylight as you worked the farm. It was never more than one or two at a time, but it never seemed to end. If not for Hiroki and Ayame, they would have taken you in the first few days.

Of course, you and your family were prepared for youkai attacks, as they were just part of life on the farms. But the constant barrage and lost sleep wore them down. You did what you could to ease their burdens, scaring off what youkai you could, without waking or calling for them. Unfortunately, you weren’t strong, gifted, or magical.

It was like every monster you imagined as a child was now terrifyingly real. Even the little detail that it was you, specifically, that they wanted.

Really, it was just the why that was different. The fact that the monsters had always technically been there didn’t help too much.

But your parents, your elder siblings, and even Youta helped keep them off you for weeks. Every night, they’d creep and crawl, or they’d bash the door down. But they never got past your family.

Until her.

That night, you were certain that it would happen. That she would have her way with you. It seemed as if nothing was going to come between this girl and what she wanted. Yet somehow, Ayame pulled through. You realized you could hold off the inevitable no longer. The next morning, you packed and moved to the village.

Then, one week ago, Ayame showed up, offering to escort you back home for a visit. You’d been apart for a year, after growing up your entire life with them. As unnerving as the farm had become, you couldn’t bear to say no.

The week flew by before you knew it.


It was the last night of your visit. The weak, violet light of a late sunset poured in through the lone window of the warehouse loft. Thankfully, the orange light of your lamp drowned it out. You often came here when you were younger to vent frustrations, or just to be alone. This time, you kneeled over a simple page of numbers, glancing over it one more time. You’d already learned to read and write, so you’d been studying math.

A soft, cool breeze wafted in through the open window.

Then a slender hand cupped your chin. Looking up, you saw a stern face framed in short blonde hair, with a pair of leaves in it.

“Naoko Honda, right?” Her voice was small, but kind of silvery.

You wouldn’t mind listening to it a bit more.


You couldn’t help the tone. How did she even get in here? The only thing on her slender frame was a simple red dress with its hem cut in an odd leaf-pattern. Did she fly in? Could she fly in?
“Good. I’m Shizuha Aki, you may have heard of me.”

Surprisingly, you had. Your older sister, Ayame, was a trained priestess, whose skill in exorcism had saved your ass several times during the bad summer. She was also the only priestess of Shizuha that you’d ever heard of.

Shizuha cleared her throat.

“I hate you.”


Did your sister’s own goddess personally visit you, just to say that?

You couldn’t decide whether to be hurt, or just shocked.

“You’re the reason I’ll lose my only priestess for miles.”

“…I’m not sure what you mean. You’re the only reason Ayame ever wanted to become a priestess in the first place.”

Shizuha let out a tired, frustrated sigh.

“Yes, I am.” She stepped forward to kneel in front of you.

“And she expects me to protect you, somehow. Like I’m one of the mountain goddesses, or something.” She looked down at your paper, scrutinizing it like it owed her money.

“You’re going to get raped by a youkai, you know that?”


So, you had to address this, huh?

“Nonsense, they haven’t shown up for months.”

It was true. They hadn’t attacked once during your visit.

“And what happens when they do?”


“Don’t bother.” Shizuha cut you off, levelling a glare at you. “Maybe it’ll be tomorrow. Or in a week. Or a month. But it’s going to happen. And you know what that’ll mean?”

“Ayame will give up on me, and move to someone stronger. Kanako, Bishamonten, maybe even the Hakurei god. It doesn’t even have a name, and it would probably do a better job than I ever could.”

“But doesn’t Kanako just ser-”

“Honestly.” Shizuha grabbed your cheeks, pulling your gaze to hers.

“What does she expect me to do? I turn leaves red, and knock them off trees.” She tilted your head slightly. “It’s enough for her little art club of a congregation, but I can’t part a sea.”

She let go. Turning around, she glided behind you.

“Honestly, I should just get it over with.”

You didn’t like the sound of that.

“Just fly over to the woods, leave you there, and watch the results.”

You turned around, scooting slowly back.

“Seriously, it’s such a pain the neck. Why bother doing anything for someone who’s just going to spit on me in a month?” She crept forward.

You bumped against the wall.

Shizuha’s hands slid onto your knees. Softly, she stroked your cheek.

“Lucky for you, I’m a problem solver. I can’t cure you, but I just might be able to help you.”

A smirk broke out across her face.

“I think I’ll dig a basement and lock you in it.”

You gulped. “I’d honestly rather you didn’t…”

“Oh, how about a cage then?”

You shook your head. Your sister’s goddess wasn’t this cold, was she?

“Fine. A leash it is. I suppose I could take you for the occasional walk that way.” Shizuha crawled onto your lap. She placed her hands on your shoulders.

You just shook your head again.

She let out a melodramatic sigh. “Oh fine. Then maybe you have some bright ideas?”

You looked away. It’s not like you never considered this, but what could you do? Anyone with any real power was either the very thing you feared, or was surrounded by such things.

She wrapped her arms around your back, pulling you forward just slightly. Then, she laid her head against your neck, hugging you.

“You can’t win, you know. Not like this. You really need to protect yourself.”

“But is there anything I can do?”

Shizuha pulled back, sliding her eyes down your body.

A short, tight breath. “Not my area of expertise. But I need you happy, for her.”

She leaned in, planting a short peck of a kiss on your cheek.

Pulling back, she continued. “So you need to figure something out, okay?”

She put on a thin smile that was probably supposed to be reassuring.

“I’ll try.”

Then she slid a hand down to your hip.

“Just remember, if you lose me one of my precious few priestesses, I will… punish you.”


To be continued.
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File 151140054643.jpg - (203.05KB, 854x1565, Magnel - KogaTits.jpg)
Magnel - KogaTits
You awake to the most girlish shriek you’ve ever heard. Shivering in the cold dew and grass of an early summer morning, you crane your head back. Kagerou stands behind you, fuzzy legs crossed and arms wrapped tight around her breasts. What the hell?

“Wh… I- w- d-” Half-formed sounds tumble out of her mouth as her skin burns cherry red.

Meanwhile, a pair of breasts squirm against your thigh, smooth slit sliding pressing against the knee. Kagerou steps around you, reaching down to pick up a black bra on the way. You try to pull yourself up, only for pain to flare across your back. Flexing your arms and legs, you find most of your body sore.

At least you can taste things other than Kagerou now. Glancing back at her, you realize the fur’s noticeably thinner now. Even at its thickest, it’s not really a carpet anymore. It’s more ‘hairy’ than ‘furry’ now. As she slides the black panties up her legs, you could swear there’s something missing there.

Split personality? Was she drunk? Drugged?

No, she was definitely under the effect of… whatever you have.

Does sex cure it?

If so, you hope it’s not just that. You barely made it through two youkai at once. The amount you’d need go through to achieve any real safety out here would be just impossible. Still, it’s be better than nothing, you guess.

Kagerou flips her hair out and over her dress. Something is definitely different about her head.

“What’s your name?”

“Naoko.” That goddamn voice. You’re not sure you can say no to her any more. Not for a while, at least.

Then she launches into the air and disappears. Just like that.

“Boo!” Pain screams through your body as you launch into a sitting position. Kogasa just shouted that… into your pussy. What the hell is it with her and vocalizing to your genitals? And she has the gall to give you the brightest, most cheery smile you’ve ever seen.

At least she’s let go of your leg.

Then she just stands up and grabs her own light blue panties.

“You’re the most surprise-able person I’ve ever met.”

“Have you actually shouted into someone’s crotch before?”

“Well, not really…” She blushes at that.

Kogasa’s different too. She’s not alarmed, but she’s giving you space now. Maybe the sex really does cure it.

“But you know, your ass was just sooo delicious.”

Guess not.

“I wonder if I could eat something from it?”

Your head turns to her. She’s sliding her vest over the blouse. The skirt’s already there. She walks toward you, finger to her chin.

“Maybe sushi?”

She’s not serious, is she?

“Nah, I should start with something simple, like carrots or cucumbers.”

Please, for the love of god, don’t let her be serious.

She drops to her knees next to you. Then grips the bottom of her vest. In one motion, she pulls it, along with her blouse, up above her breasts. Glistening nipples and pale pink areola greet you.

Either you’ve been desensitized to nudity very quickly, or you’re just too damn tired and sore to care that she’s flashing you.

She drops it back down, then shrugs.

“It was worth a try. Here.” She drops her bra on in your lap.

You look up at her.

“Wolfy broke yours, remember?”

Your camisole, right. Torn apart, like your obi.

As weird as it feels to use someone else’s underwear, your hands appear to be tied here. You flex your arms a bit, testing their capabilities. Most of your strength is back, at least.

You push your arms through the straps, then pull the bra over your shoulders and try to work the clasp.

“Here, I’ll get it.” Kogasa leans in and snaps it shut.

It… hangs a bit loose, but it’s probably better than nothing. Mostly hides the naughtiest bits, at least.

Kogasa hands you your panties. You slide them down your legs, slowly, to ease the strain.
They don’t feel too great. But again, not really any options.

Then Kogasa presents you with your kimono. It’s… seen better days. It was only ever a cheap single-layer affair, but it did the job. Without anything to properly tie it together though…

Grunting, you throw it over your shoulders and push your arms through the sleeves. Slowly, you haul yourself upright and, clutching the sides, wrap it around you yourself. You’ll show a lot of skin if you ever need your hands for anything.

“Oh wait!”

Kogasa gives you a peppy smile and places her finger to her lips.

“You know, I can still taste it a little… wanna share?”


Oh. Oh hell.


Kogasa shrugged, grinning. “Suit yourself, I suppose.”

“So where do you want to go?”


[X] “The Village.” Really, you just want to rest, safe behind the walls. Besides, you need to wash last night off your body.

[X] “I’ll be fine on my own.” No. No, no, no. Fuck this. You’ll throw yourself to the youkai before you learn one more goddamn thing about the nuances of that part of your body.

[X] “…Where did Kagerou go?” You can’t help but wonder just why she reacted the way she did. Did she have a change of heart?

[X] Write-in.
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[X] “The Village.” Really, you just want to rest, safe behind the walls. Besides, you need to wash last night off your body.
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[X] “The Village.” Really, you just want to rest, safe behind the walls. Besides, you need to wash last night off your body.
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[X] “…Where did Kagerou go?” You can’t help but wonder just why she reacted the way she did. Did she have a change of heart?
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File 151234545838.png - (671.37KB, 1600x1200, Magnel - Shizuha 2.png)
Magnel - Shizuha 2
[X] “The Village.” Really, you just want to rest, safe behind the walls. Besides, you need to wash last night off your body.

“I think I’ll just go back to the village.”


And just like that, Kogasa scoops you up in her arms, pulling you into a princess carry. You’re not entirely comfortable resting against her bust, but you’re far too tired to complain.

“Hey, I just thought of something.” Kogasa leaps forward, clutching you tight. “I don’t think I’ve ever had sex before. That’s kind of a weird thing for an umbrella to do, huh?”

Is that the part she’s concerned with?

“Anyway, I’m pretty sure that’s normally something only lovers do…” She skips between a pair of trees. “But I don’t think we are, yet…” You wrap your arms around her neck as she slips beneath a low branch. “And then there’s wolfy. She also had sex with you.”

“But a single night doesn’t make us lovers, right?”

“Hm…” Kogasa hummed thoughtfully. “But we’re going to have more, right? A lot more?”

Shit, you should have seen that coming. “Uh. I can’t say we won’t…” It sounds lame, but you are not giving her any reason to turn around.

“Good enough for me! And if you don’t feel like it, then I just gotta force you again, right?”

“Please don’t.” She knew she was doing that?

“Hm, hmm~” Kogasa hums. She pulls you in for a hug, nuzzling her cheek against yours.

She skips out of the woods, onto the packed dirt of the road. You see the village walls in the distance as the sun rises behind you.

Then her feet leave the ground. And the hand on your back slides to your butt. Because of course it does.

Then she starts stroking it. Mercifully, her levitation covers ground fast, and you soon reach the gates.

How on earth did you ever expect to outrun her?

“Stop right there.”

Two guardsmen stand in front of the gatehouse, spears pointed directly at you. Sunlight shines off lightly plated armor.

“Let her down.” The right one says.

“Uh, okay!” Kogasa sets you down. Your muscles protest, but you don’t quite collapse. It’s only when your bare feet touch the ground, that you realize you left something behind.

The right one gestures his spear toward you. “You may enter.”

Cautiously, you limp past the guards, reaching the gate. Their spears remain trained on Kogasa.

“Oh, come on! I’ve been behaving. I haven’t hurt anyone yet!”

Your hands reach the gate as another pair touches your shoulders. They spin you around, pulling you face to face with Kogasa again. She plants a full kiss on your lips, then pulls back.

She sticks out her tongue. “You haven’t seen the last of me!”

She lets out a short giggle and allows the guards to pull her away.

Awkwardly, you wave at her before turning back around to open the gate.

You close the gate behind you, walking through the dimly lit chamber of reinforced wood. It’s like a miracle. You’re finally inside the walls, and both your captors are gone. Finally, you’re safe.

You open the second gate, and step down onto the village’s main thoroughfare.

Even in the early morning hours, merchants, artisans, and visitors fill the streets here. Shakily, you push your way into the crowd, clutching your loose kimono around you. Mercifully, no one seems to notice.

You still can’t quite get over the sheer gulf in the youkai’s behavior between last night and now. You step off the busy market streets to a small residential district. The streets here are quiet, but noticeably thinner.

Kogasa wasn’t too different, just more sedate in her perversion than expected. But Kagerou? The one who did all of that? And she’s the one to freak out?

As if you’d forced it on her?

You pass by a few small houses to reach a small apartment block. You take one hand off your kimono to push open the door to your house.

There’s not much inside. A futon in the far-left corner, a thin wardrobe lining the right wall, and a low table in the near-left corner. A pair of romance novels by your bed are the most personal items you own. Soft, slow romance. You close the door behind you.

You drag yourself to the futon and drop to your knees.

You’re home. You’re safe.

Now you just need to stay that way. And at this point, you may need to address your little talent to so. It’s not like the village is completely free of youkai, after all.

But you still don’t know much. It sends nearby youkai into a frenzy, but last night was not your first encounter with Kogasa. She’d tried to scare you or sell you a lock once or twice before.

Is that normal, or was Kogasa an exception? You’re pretty sure you never met Kagerou before last night, and she was worse. Which one was the exception?

Sex does not cure the effects of your talent, does it? It certainly didn’t cure Kogasa.

You can’t help but rub your ass at the thought.

Then you look down your torso. With your hands resting against the futon, there’s little to hide your smooth belly, or Kogasa’s ill-fitting bra, from the world. You can’t keep walking around in this. And then there’s the lingering smell you’ve been ignoring.

You need to wash the sex off.

Grumbling, you haul yourself to your feet. You open your wardrobe to pull out a simple, rustic red kimono. Then you grab a simple gray bra and matching pair of panties. Closing the wardrobe, you bundle them up with a small bag of coins. Wrapping your current kimono around yourself again, you press the bundle to your chest to help keep the kimono closed.
Precisely who does your aura affect anyway? Are ex-humans affected? What about fairies? Or…

“I will… punish you.”

Are gods vulnerable to it?

What about magicians or hermits?

Shaking the thought off, you push your door open and step back into the streets. Making your way to the bathhouse, you’re once more brought back to alert. You scan the crowd for rabbit ears, red hats with puffballs, giant pink clouds, and anything else you can think of.

Mercifully, the trip to the bathhouse is uneventful. Your muscles still creak and groan, but you’re getting used to it.

Stepping inside, you hand the attendant coins for admittance, and a little extra for soap and a towel. Collecting the items, you proceed to through the pink curtain. Warm steam and quiet dripping greet you on the other side. Smooth, moist tiles greet your feet as you walk through the largely empty room.

There are the usual shelves, buckets, and pools. But otherwise you’re largely alone.

Not really a surprise though; the baths are usually more of an evening activity anyway.

You set your bundle on a shelf, then shrug off your kimono and set it next to the bundle. Your panties and Kogasa’s bra soon follow. Then, stepping back, you settle onto a stool. You take the soap and lather up. You need a plan. Sliding the lather down your arms and legs, you consider your options.

You’re up against potentially terrifying youkai. Small spells or weak gods might buy you time, but they won’t save from the big ones. You need an ace.

You get more lather and rub it up and down your torso. A strong guardian would be nice, but your hope of relying on any of them is negligible. You rub your lathered hands across your face, almost hoping to just wish the frustration away.

Warm water crashes over you.

You spin around to find a slender woman holding an upturned bucket. Her scowl and short, blonde hair are familiar, but you can’t quite place it. Her breasts are also a bit smaller than your own, barely large enough to wrap a hand around, you think.

“So, how was your night?” She all but growled.


You open your mouth, only for her to cut you off.

“You reek of sex. Or you did, I suppose. Please, do tell me how that happened.”

Of all the things you could say, you decide to settle on simple honesty. After all, Kogasa’s still around, apparently ready to lovingly describe every detail. The incident with the guards will probably keep her out of your hair for a while, but she’s coming back.

That’s just who she is.

“I didn’t make it.”

Shizuha lets out a surprisingly soft sigh. Then she grabs your wrist and drags you over to the bath. She settles in. You slip one foot into the hot water, then the other. Slowly, you ease yourself down next to her.

“Ayame’s not the only one who’s worried, you know. She’s just the only one silly enough to ask a nobody like me for help.” Shizuha grumbles, but slides her arm around your back, giving a gentle squeeze. “You wanna talk about it?”

“Not really.” You’d rather just forget it happened.

Shizuha lets out a long sigh. “Guess I just have to tell Ayame I failed then. I wonder who she’ll follow next.”

“You don’t have to, do you?”

“Asking a goddess to lie now, are you?” Shizuha turns toward you, sliding her arm back. She sits on your feet, looking right at you. “Now tell me, do you think I should also lie the next time this happens? What about the time after that?”

She pulls you in. Water swishes as she all but presses her breasts against yours. “And what should I say when she inevitably learns the truth, hm?”

“There won’t be a next time.” You almost pout.

“Oh, so you did come up with something?”

You nudge her back and stand up.

“I have a few… ideas.” You turn around and step out of the bath.

You take a bucket of cool water and pour it over yourself. You then grab your towel and start drying yourself off. You’re only hope of true safety is to make a powerful ally soon, but even attempting to do so will put you in substantial danger. Rubbing the last bit of excess moisture out, you head to the shelves to grab your fresh clothes.

A wet hand grabs your shoulder and spins you around. Shizuha plants a soft kiss on your lips. She then blushes and looks away.

Confused, you reach for your panties and slide them up your legs. Shizuha starts drying off as you grab the bra. Sliding it over your arms, you snap it shut.

“So, who was it?”


“Who did it to you?”

You’d really just rather forget.

“Can we talk about it later?”


You pull the red kimono over your shoulders, carefully setting it into position. Then you wrap the obi around it and tie it off.
You’re finally dressed.

Which is when a now dry hand slides down your back. Shizuha wraps her arms around your torso, pulling you close.

“I’m not letting you go anymore, you know.”

“So, where to?”


[X] Bar. The only thing you need right now is some good booze. Maybe you can make a helpful friend while you're there?

[X] Plaza. Maybe there’s a performance? A good song or act would do wonders for you.

[X] Bookstore. You need to know more about youkai and/or your talent. Maybe something about magic too.

[X] Roadside Shrines. Try one of the weaker, safe gods. They won't solve your problems, but you need something.

[X] Write-in


With Thanksgiving out of the way, I should be back to the regular weekly schedule. Hopefully future updates will be better refined as well.
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[X] Bookstore. You need to know more about youkai and/or your talent. Maybe something about magic too.

can't go wrong with more info
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[X] Bookstore. You need to know more about youkai and/or your talent. Maybe something about magic too.

Hm... Kosuzu/Mamizou maybe?
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[ze] Bar. The only thing you need right now is some good booze. Maybe you can make a helpful friend while you're there?

Friend gathering games.
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[X] Bar. The only thing you need right now is some good booze. Maybe you can make a helpful friend while you're there?

Can't possibly go wrong.
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I'm gonna ask for a tie-breaker, if someone would be so kind. First vote for visiting the bar or bookstore decides it.

If the tie is not broken within about 24 hours, I'll call it myself with a coin flip.
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[X] Bookstore
Delete Post
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And we're called for a visit to the bookstore. Expect an update at the usual time.
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File 15129486506.jpg - (887.83KB, 1625x4047, Magnel - Kosuzu 1.jpg)
Magnel - Kosuzu 1
[X] Bookstore. You need to know more about youkai and/or your talent. Maybe something about magic too.

“There’s a little bookstore I want to visit.”

“A bookstore? I suppose that would be safe enough. Lead the way then, mortal.” You’re sure she’s at least mostly joking with that last remark.

Shizuha lets go and you fix a pair of sandals onto your feet, then step onto the road. She falls into step beside you. She’s still wearing that red dress. You pass through streams of people, tuning out the low din of constant conversation to scan the faces that pass by.

There are plenty of youkai working or hiding in the village, and any one of them could bring about a repeat of last night. Furthermore, it’s only a matter of time before Kogasa returns. Weeks, at most.

You don’t have time to learn magic or exorcism. You can never quite be certain who’s youkai and who’s human. You barely even know the first thing about your little talent. You need information. Right the fuck now.

But this is not the first time you sought to correct this problem. In fact, you’ve searched every library and bookstore in the village to find clues to your nature. Well, all but one.

There is one store you’ve never dared touch. A store almost infamous for the strange events that cluster around it. No one’s quite certain why they happen, but in Gensokyo, it’s not hard to make an educated guess. Before, that was why you steered clear. Now it might just be your only hope.


There is, without a doubt, some sort of mystical influence there. Probably youkai. If you’re lucky, the visit will be uneventful. If not, then at least you’ll still be inside the walls, during the day. You need to take a risk now, or face certain peril later. And sadly, this is your best shot.

Then a thought strikes you.

“By the way, don’t you have some divine duties to attend to?”

“Goddess of Autumn, holding duties during the summer? Ridiculous.” Shizuha sneers, perhaps at fate itself.

“My sister has plenty to do, watching the crops and everything.” She lets out a quiet grumble. “What would I do? Paint trees out of season?” She scoffs. “That would go over well.”

“…Huh.” A part-time goddess? She’s right about Minoriko though. That girl spends tons of time around the farms. Supposedly, she’s checking the crops and preparing them for harvest. But you sometimes wonder if she’s just looking for free food from pious farmers. Or just making sure they don’t forget her; she does seem to offer food as often as the takes it. Still, something bugs you.

“You sure you want to stick to me like this?” You can’t help it. People getting clingy never ends well for you.

“It’s that or let you get fucked again.” You can’t help but wince at that. Does she have to be so damn blunt about it? “Besides, even if I didn’t need your sister so badly, I feel like I should at least try to protect you.”

That sounds reasonable enough. You hope.

You weave your way to a quiet street, just off the markets, near the wall. Not too many major businesses here, which is a mixed blessing. There are fewer strange faces to pick through, so the less human-like youkai are easier to pick out. But there are also fewer witnesses and capable fighters, so if something does go down, you’re in trouble.

Still better than the wilds, probably.

Finally, you stand before a simple doorway draped with small banners. Like with Kogasa, you’d made it a point to learn precisely where this is, to better avoid it whenever you had to come close.

Swallowing hard, you lift the banner and step into Suzunaan. It’s… dark. Sure, the doorway faces away from the sun, but the murky shadow smothering the interior still stuns you. Towering bookshelves, stacked so full of books that they pile on top, lurk in the shadows. Deep shade hides most of the walls, giving off the illusion of a vast, cavernous chamber.

“Good morning.” The attendant says, all bubbles and sunshine. Short, orange hair with little bells in it. Not a youkai, to your knowledge. She sits behind a simple table with a cup of writing utensils and a strange bronze instrument on top. A horn of some kind, maybe. “Is there something you’re looking for?”

“Yes. A book on youkai.”

She smiles, blankly, for a moment.

“…Like the Memento?”

“Not… quite.” You’ve skimmed through a copy of that once. It helped to pick out a few youkai you otherwise wouldn’t have noticed, but that’s about it. Youkai get too weird around you for main contents to be of any real use.

“Something more about how they act in general or…” You can’t help but blush at this, but you need the information, “their sexuality, especially.” A youkai mood-killer might save your ass. Or piss them off. That’s the trade-off when dealing with beings more powerful than you, you suppose.

“I honestly, sincerely, doubt that would help you, Naoko.” And Shizuha’s just a ray of sunshine, isn’t she?

“I- I don’t think we have anything so lewd.” The girl’s face is quite a bit redder than yours, but she maintains a mostly professional mask despite that. She steps out from behind the desk. She apparently favors a somewhat western fashion, with the red checkerboard shirt and green skirt under that apron.

‘Kosuzu’. That’s not the store’s name, is it hers?

“It might not be exciting enough but… Maybe a demonology book?”

She leads you down one of about… four isles, you think. The shadows make everything seem large and enigmatic, so you can’t be certain. She pulls down a black book bound in what looks like actual silver. Some odd red runes decorate the cover.

“It mostly describes some older youkai that don’t really appear anymore, but it does contain some speculations about their general behavior…” She pulls a sticker off the front edge and offers the book.

“Thanks, I’ll give it a look.” Gingerly, you take it up.

“I’m Kosuzu, by the way.” So, it was her name.

You open the cover.

A strange, crawling energy surges through you, then fades away. When it’s over, you’re still standing between shadowed shelves and creepier books. Shizuha and Kosuzu are still there. Relieved, you glance through the book. The inside cover contains an illustration of a woman with an intricate red dress and white hair cascading down her back. Odd veiny… shapes float behind her. Wings, maybe? The first page contains what appears to be a title.

In what sure as hell isn’t Japanese. Or English. Or any script you can identify. You skim through the next few pages. Sure enough, more gibberish. Then you stop.

You’re staring at a page with an illustration of a woman with large, purple wings. There’s a title just underneath, with smaller type in short clusters beneath that. Some kind of stats? The other page is a wall of incoherent text. Then the title changes.

‘Vampire’ it says. The text beneath changes as well. ‘Habitat: Lakes, marshes, and other still bodies of water.’ Then the next one: ‘Skills: Sucking blood, creating thralls, and molesting young maidens.’


‘Demeanor: Proud, ambitious, horny.’

‘Desires: Naoko’s pussy.’

The book crashes to the floor. Shizuha looks at you.

“Uh, Naoko? What was that about?”

Kosuzu scrambles to pick the book off the ground. She looks at it, confused.

You stare at it for a moment, half-expecting the illustration to rise out and, well, do what the book implied. Are you seeing things now? What the hell was that?

“Are you okay, Ms. Naoko?”

You take a deep breath to still your shaking legs. “I’m fine, I just… thought I saw semen.”

The other two freeze. It takes a minute to realize what just escaped your tongue.

“Something. I just saw something.” You reach for the book. Tentatively, Kosuzu hands it back.

You flip through it, soon finding the page with the purple-winged woman. It’s back to that alien script. You stare for a moment, but nothing happens. Maybe it was just… what?

You’ve slept. You’ve had a good bath. You’re only moderately hungry.

You can’t be hallucinating. Not naturally, anyway.

Sighing, you hand it back.

“I can’t rape-” You cough. “Read. I can’t read it.”

“Are you okay?” Shizuha slides her palm across your head. It doesn’t feel especially cold.

“I’m fine.” Sudden inexplicable vulgarity aside, you feel just like you normally do. You need a something readable. “I need a bitch, I mean book, I can rim. Read.”

“Uh, Ms. Naoko, maybe you should sit down?”

Something about Kosuzu’s face and tone doesn’t sit right with you. Like she’s nervous for the wrong reasons, somehow.

Still, that may not be a terrible idea. Something’s wrong, and if it’s anything like your normal experience with the supernatural, it’s because something wants to fuck you. Possibly worse.

Still, in the grand scheme of things, you’re blind. And this is your one shot to finally know what the hell is going on.


“I… I don’t nude. Know. I dick know. Don’t. I- Screw it.” Something’s very wrong. Something is screw. You need to know something about either youkai or your talent, but what do you do?

Shizuha steps beside you and grabs your wrist.

“We’re leaving.” She drags you back toward the entrance. You want to resist her; you might have finally been able to learn something crucial about yourself. But you’re also happy for an excuse to get the hell out of here. In the end, you let her lead you away.

“Goodbye then, I guess. If you come back, I’m sure I can find the right book for you.” There’s a weird tone of relief mixed into the more obvious disappointment. Is she hiding something?

Shizuha parts the banners, just as your torso freezes.

Your arms slam against your sides as bright, red light flashes around you. A red ring of light materializes around your midsection, decorated in those damn runes.

The light dies down as more runes form above and below the ring. It dims to a strong glow. Your sandals scrape against the hardwood floor. Air glides past as the ring drags you back into the bookstore. You plant for feet into the floor, but that just knocks your sandals off. Then the ring stops, holding you in front of the main desk.

You strain forward, barely budging. You strain back, moving only slightly more. You kick your legs out, and they swing through the air, your body still suspended in the ring. They fall back down. You stretch out your arms, finding that your forearms, at least, can leave your sides. They can’t move far, but the circle does not bind them the way it does your upper arms.

Shizuha sprints back. “What the hell is this?” She reaches for the ring, only for her hands to slide through. She circles around behind you.

“You’re really going to keep me busy, huh?” She grumbles.

Her arms wrap around your yours and your midriff. Locking together, she strains, her arms digging into your gut as she pulls.

You shift backward very slightly.

“Help me out, Kosuzu.”

“Oh, okay!”

Kosuzu circles around in front of you and plants her hands against you, just under your breasts. She presses hard against your ribs. Nothing. She throws herself against you, grinding her elbow into your gut. You don’t even budge. Then the elbow and arms relax, either resting or giving up.

You spring back to your previous position. The circle still binds you. It appears to have a sort-of rest state, from which strenuous exertion barely shifts you.

You can’t escape on your own.

An odd voice rattles through your head, thin and raspy, but clearly feminine.

Your bare feet rub against hardwood as the circle drags you once more. Alarmed, you twist and turn, but don’t even slow it down. You find it’s barely moved you, just positioned you to face the table corner. Then, slowly, it slides you forward, until the coarse edge presses against your crotch. Your legs squirm, seeking a comfortable position. It presses forward again. Both your kimono and panties fold inward, parting your lower lips.

“Begone!” Shizuha commands. “Depart. Dispel. I banish you!”

She can’t save you.

Apparently Shizuha’s trying to exorcise the circle. You twist your forearms to plant your hands on the table and push. It’s far too heavy to even budge, and you can’t get the leverage to even budge your torso this time. The ring rotates very slightly, rubbing your pussy against the corner.

That’s when a white clay bottle floats into view, transparent liquid sloshing inside. You clamp your mouth shut, but a hand to reaches out and snatch it away.

You turn to see Shizuha as she wrestles with it. It struggles against her grip, but she forces it to her lips and chugs. She stares your stomach down as she drinks. With one final gulp, she sets the bottle back on the table. She sways slightly, but sets her gaze toward you.

“Ha! You’ll have to try harder than that.”

The ring flares out a short burst of light, then dies back down to normal. Anger? Frustration? Either way, there’s a definite blush on Shizuha now. Either she’s tipsy, or just embarrassed by your predicament.

Kosuzu sneaks behind Shizuha, toward the exit.

“Hey! Where do you think you’re going?” Shizuha spins on her.

Kosuzu rubs the back of her head, then gives a deep bow. “I’m sorry! I can’t help, but I know someone who can.” She runs to the doorway.

She stops, just before reaching the banner. Turning around, she shuffles back toward you.

“Eh-he. Sorry, I but just got a better idea.” She stares straight at you. There’s now a jarringly lascivious undercurrent to her otherwise bubbly voice.

Kosuzu’s bells jingle as she approaches. The circle pulls you back, then slowly rotates you to face her. Shizuha places herself between you and Kosuzu. Kosuzu idly pushes her away. She throws her yellow apron up and over her shoulders, tossing it aside. She stands before you and slides a hand between your breasts, down to your stomach.

Shizuha steps behind Kosuzu and grabs her wrists. Straining, she tries to pull them away. Kosuzu just slides a hand over your breast, dragging Shizuha’s with it. She brings the other hand up to your other breast. She slides them underneath, cupping the bra beneath your kimono.

“Get. Away. From. My. Property!” Shizuha grips Kosuzu’s wrists and throws her weight back. She pulls the hands back slightly.

Kosuzu then slams her foot into Shizuha’s stomach, blasting her into a bookshelf. Wood crunches and books crash over her.


Shocked and appalled, you writhe in the circle. You can’t help her, you can’t fight Kosuzu. Straining, you do the only thing that comes to mind. You swing a foot back. Then you drop it to throw it up between Kosuzu’s legs. With a hard thump, it connects. Kosuzu’s entire body jerks upward. There’s no balls there, but you know that still hurts like hell.

Your foot drops back to the floor, wet and sticky. Not with blood.

You look back to Kosuzu, who’s breathing heavy. She slides her hands around your bound arms, then links them behind your back. She rests her head in your breasts. She lets out a happy sigh.

“Hey, before we get dirty, how about you do that again…”

I can help.

“Kosuzu, why are you doing this?”

Sign a contract with my author, and I can dispel this demon.

She looks back up to you, eyes glowing a faint red.

“Kosuzu? I’m just doing what the vampire does, remember?”

Vampire? What does… The book. That goddamn black book.

The goddess is back up. Send her to the violet book.

Shizuha? You glance over the orange hair buried in your chest. Sure enough, she’s pulling herself back up.

I can guide her, but she needs your command.


[X] Get the Violet Book. It might be friendly, and that’s all you can hope for right now.

[X] Get the Black Book. It’s clearly the cause. Maybe she can break it?

[X] Get Help. If Shizuha’s free, she can run for help. You just pray she’ll be back in time.

[X] Talk. You’re not letting go of Shizuha yet, but you don’t know how to fight this thing either.

[X] Write-in.


Expect updates to release a day earlier (Saturday/Sunday rather than Sunday/Monday) from here on out.
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[X] Get the Violet Book. It might be friendly, and that’s all you can hope for right now.
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[X] Get the Violet Book. It might be friendly, and that’s all you can hope for right now.
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[X] Get the Violet Book. It might be friendly, and that’s all you can hope for right now.
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[X] Get the Violet Book. It might be friendly, and that’s all you can hope for right now.
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File 151346506827.jpg - (602.49KB, 800x800, Shizuha Facesitting.jpg)
Shizuha Facesitting
Pic only partly related


[X] Get the Violet Book. It might be friendly, and that’s all you can hope for right now.

“Shizuha, the bookshelves! Look for a violet b- urgkh!”

Kosuzu’s hands squeeze tight around your breasts. She pulls her head out of them, her bells jingle as she raises it to level a black glare at you.

Shizuha scrambles behind her.

Books and scrolls tumble off the shelves all around you, flying toward her.

Kosuzu grips your chin, pulling your eyes back to hers.

“Tell me, Naoko. What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Kosuzu squeezes her your breast tight and yanks. Pain burns through your chest as ligaments and tissue strain against her iron grip. For a terrifying moment, it feels like she’s about to rip it clean off.

Then she lets go. Your breast settles back into place, suddenly quite sore.

Kosuzu huffs. A proud, stubborn sort of huff.

“It doesn’t matter, really. I’ll just have to wrap the girl up and see if she’s any good as a sex toy.” She says, in a voice that’s too bubbly for the husky tone she’s using.

Books clatter and scrolls unwrap behind you.

“You, however, are mine.

Kosuzu leans back in. Her hands slide around your back, into your obi. Your muscles twist and strain, but fail to move you within the ring. In seconds, Kosuzu’s work is done, as your obi falls to the floor. Mercifully, with your arms pinned so tight against your sides, the kimono barely moves.

Then Kosuzu slides her hands up to your shoulders, under your dress. Gently, she slides it down, baring first your shoulders, then your upper arms. Then, gently sliding her hands to your belly, she parts the dress. Your kimono falls completely open, barely held to your body by locked arms.

Her eyes open wide, like a hungry dog.

Good, good. Keep her distracted a bit longer.

More clatter occurs beside you, and a brief glance reveals Shizuha sidestepping a pair of scrolls, with a purple book in her hands. She appears to be fidgeting with i-

Kosuzu plants her hands under your breasts. With a quick push, she slides your bra up and off them. Exposed to the cool, dry air of the bookstore, your nipples start to harden. Your bra now sits awkwardly bunched up above them. Kosuzu slides down to a crouch. Gripping the sides of your panties, she glides them down to your ankles.

Kosuzu stares, transfixed, at your bare pussy.

The doorway is so close. You might even be able to escape right now before she notices. If you could just fucking move.

Breaking the trance, she grabs an ankle. You twist your leg, trying to extract it from her grip. Almost idly, she pulls it up and out of the garment. She leaves the other where it is. She plants her hands on your ass, squeezing the cheeks.

Then she raises her head back to your chest and plants a soft, short kiss on the underside of your breast.

I’m free!

“On behalf of my author, I offer Lady Naoko Honda a contract. In return for-”

Kosuzu’s tongue slides in slow, lazy circles around your breast’s perimeter. You try to focus on the voice as she circles inward.

“…a period of one week-”

Stinging pain lurches through your breast. Kosuzu sunk her teeth into your nipple, gnawing at the tender flesh. She releases her teeth to suck on your abused nipple. She hums.

She lets go with a wet pop. Moving to the other breast, she opens wide.

“…power. What do you say?”


Kosuzu smashes her lips against yours. You lean back, only for her hand to wrap around your scalp, pulling you back in. Moisture trickles down your leg. Kosuzu’s tongue pushes forward. You offer only token resistance, waiting for a chance to act. Her tongue pushes past your teeth to slide along yours.

Desperate, you kick at her again. Her legs are closed, so you swing at her from the side. You get a happy moan, but nothing else. You kick again, and again. Your lungs burn as she slides her tongue from side to side.

For a moment, your vision blurs.

She pulls out, giving you precious moments to suck in air.

Then, once your desperation dies down, you take in a quieter, controlled breath.

“I d-ghk.”

A thick, snake-like tentacle coils around your head, crushing your cheeks and sinking between your teeth.

“I think I’ll just keep this here, pet.”

Kosuzu steps backward. She gives her skirt a few tugs, then it just slides down her legs, exposing a cute, if simple, pair of pink panties. The skirt pools around her boots. She kicks it to the side and, with just the one hand, throws her checkerboard shirt over her head and tosses it away as well. She leans forward, popping the top button off her white undershirt. Undoing the next few buttons she exposes a matching bra atop her modest bust. One by one, leaning closer each time, she undoes the rest of the shirt. She shrugs it off.

The discarded clothes slide into the shadows, across a surprisingly clear floor. Where did all those books and scrolls go?

A few more books tumble behind you as Kosuzu rips her bra off.

Then Shizuha floats back into view, naked save for the scrolls wound tight around her body, her arms twisted tight behind her. It’s almost impressive, the way they wind up her legs, skip the pussy and large patch of blonde hair, then wrap once just below the breasts and once above, then up again, finishing off with what almost looks like a collar around her neck.

Either gods don’t need to breathe, or that scroll is a hell of a lot looser around the neck than her reddening breasts. The way they jut out past the bindings makes them look large and full. She wiggles, a little, but either she’s entirely bound or, like you, she’s saving her energy.

Kosuzu then kicks her boots off, having apparently unwound the strings at some point. Lifting one foot, she slides her sock off. She lifts the other and pulls it off as well.

Shizuha floats closer, almost bumping up against Kosuzu.

Kosuzu turns to Shizuha, who leans her head back. Kosuzu grabs Shizuha’s jaw. Pulling it closer, she forces it open and stuffs the socks inside, one at a time. Shizuha gags, her once-pristine hair jerking forward. Another scroll slides across the white wool stretching her lips, then circles behind her neck and wraps itself around her jaw. It takes a few circuits before it’s finished.

With Shizuha bound, you’re almost out of hope.

“Mrgph!” You cry, more in desperation than any expectation of an answer.

Kosuzu turns back to you. She rolls her eyes dramatically. She shimmies her panties down her legs. She steps out of them, picking them up with her free hand.

She lifts the panties up over Shizuha’s head and stretches them over her ragged hair, making a perverted little ‘hat’. Satisfied, she gives Shizuha’s head a quick pat, then turns back to you. She sidles up, pressing her body against yours. She parts her lips, revealing a thick, black tongue. Then the tongue slides out.

It’s… very round. It flares near the tip, then tapers off into almost a bell-shape, with a small hole at the end.

That thing turned this girl’s tongue into a goddamn cock. All it’s missing is the vertical slit at the end.

“I’m gonna unwind my baby now. Be a good girl and kiss the tongue, okay?”

You nod, quickly. The tentacle on your head slides down to your neck. Just as it leaves your lips, it gives a single, threatening squeeze. Then her… ‘tongue’ slides forward, it’s head all but touching your lips.

“Ple-ghk!” The tentacle squeezes your throat.

Panting, you lean forward. You place a light, shaking kiss on the soft head of the cock. It slides back behind Kosuzu’s lips.

“There we go. See, you could do it if you tried!” Kosuzu cups your cheeks. “Unlike this bitch.” She nods her head to the side.

Soft flesh crashes against the hardwood floor. Shizuha collapsed, still bound by those scrolls.

“Honestly, she’s so pathetic. I just don’t know what you see in her.” Kosuzu places another light kiss on your lips. “Besides, why be with one girl, when you could be with hundreds?

“All those demons, spirits, and nightmares… I have every single one of them stored inside me, you know?”

“This piece of shit couldn’t compete with even one of them.” Kosuzu glances to the side, idly kicking Shizuha’s stomach. “I think she’s staring straight at your poor little virgin pussy right now. You should punish her for such lechery. Kick her for me, would you?”

You remain still.

“Oh well.” Kosuzu slides that disgusting tongue back out.

“Suck on it.”

She didn’t even move her lips to talk. You remain still for a moment, only to get another warning squeeze to your neck.

Obediently, you part your lips. Slowly, you lean in, dreading every moment. Your lips envelop the soft head first, stretching to fit the whole thing inside. You squeeze your eyes shut, trying to ignore the cock’s foul taste. Kosuzu pulls your head forward, forcing the shaft inside. Thankfully, it’s short. Barely any longer than the head.

You slide your tongue along the cock’s underside, forcing back a gag. Kosuzu presses her lips to yours. Is this a french kiss or a blowjob? Kosuzu’s body jerks and you hear a hard thump beneath you, followed by a muffled groan.

“Really, trying to steal my pet like that. What a bitch.” She doesn’t even break the kiss to say that.

Please, let Shizuha come out of this okay.

Kosuzu slides a hand down to your crotch. Slowly, she rubs your pussy.

Her cock thrusts forward, forcing its way to your throat. It stops. You take slow, steady breaths through your nose. It pulls back. The head bumps against your lips.

Then it thrusts itself back in. Kosuzu’s leg jerks again, followed by another thump and a groan. This time, it stays there, extended, and rotates slowly. Fabric twists beneath you, accompanied by a muffled hiss.

Kosuzu’s tongue pulls back. Then it surges forward, hitting your throat and pushing through. Your throat seizes as you gag on her cock. It pulls back and pushes forward, as it builds up a rhythm. Back and forth, Kosuzu face-fucks you with her tongue. As her cock pounds your throat, you twist and strain your body against the red ring. To no avail.

Kosuzu breaks the kiss, leaving her cock behind. Some sort of sticky, fleshy substance seals over your mouth, trapping it inside.

“Can’t have you saying any naughty words now, can we?”

The head sits at the back of your mouth, almost blocking your throat. Paper shuffles below you. Looking down, you find Shizuha twisting and turning in her bindings as her head slides between your legs. The scroll left her mouth, exposing the now spit-soaked bundle of wool inside. She pulls her head up and spits them out. Then her face disappears, now hidden beneath your crotch. Smaller red rings flare to life around your ankles, locking them in position. The rings drag them apart, spreading your legs and baring your pussy to the world.

Then the red ring sinks down, dragging you with it. Shizuha screams. Her body shakes and writhes, desperately seeking escape as you sink closer. You twist and strain again, as her body rises to meet you. But the ring continues its journey, inexorably dragging your body with it. Your ass sinks over Shizuha’s face, her hot breath brushing against your asshole. Her nose rubs against your crack.

Kosuzu plops her ass down on Shizuha’s stomach, staring almost rapturously at your pussy. Which is leaking a small stream of your juices down Shizuha’s chin. Letting out a heavenly sigh, she leans down to place a firm, wet kiss on it. She leans back up and scoots forward, deliberately rubbing her legs and crotch against Shizuha’s tormented breasts. Then, pressing her ass against them, she drapes her arms over you.

There’s a flash of red light behind you. She pulls back one hand to reveal a black dildo.

“You know where I’m putting this, right? After all, there’s really only one place left.” She slips it into her mouth. Then, popping it back out, she presses it against your collarbone. She meanders it down between your breasts, and down your shallow stomach, to press it against your entrance.

In one harsh motion, she slams it in. The tongue-cock bounces against your tongue as your head bounces forward. You groan in pain as much as pleasure, as the fleshy shaft grinds against your folds. She stops. You hear a strange, almost grinding noise below you. Shizuha screams into your ass.

“Hey bitch! Better start licking your friend’s ass. I’d just hate to see what happens if you don’t.”

Shizuha’s tongue darts to your asshole and slides up and down your crack, almost feverishly. The grinding stops. Her nose pokes at the cheeks, as she shakes her head. Her head leans back for a moment. Her tongue returns, all but slurping up and down your crack.

Kosuzu slides the dildo in and out, sending pops and surges of pleasure through your body. Shizuha presses her tongue to your asshole, probing the entrance. You wiggle your ass, still straining against the ring that anchors you just above her. Your ass just pushes Shizuha’s head from side to side. Your breath hitches.

Shizuha’s tongue breaks through, penetrating your sphincter to taste your colon. She rattles, her head quakes, and you think you can hear her gag. Her tongue slides back out and returns to licking your crack.

Kosuzu slides the dildo back out, your pussy clutching to it on the way. She smashes it back in, sinking to the hilt. Your walls contract as the sensations blind you. Shizuha’s tongue pushes back into your anus, shoving its way past the sphincter. The black tongue swells, filling your mouth completely.

Even through the growing haze and building need, you sense a desperation in Shizuha’s attention.

You squirm, rocking your hips as hard as your bindings allow. It’s not much. You try to ride Kosuzu’s toy cock and Shizuha’s tongue, pushing them in as deep as you can. The increasingly rigid tongue threatens to choke you as it extends to hit your throat again.

If you don’t climax soon, Shizuha might not make it. Hell, you might not.

You can’t move your upper arms at all. You can only barely move any other part of your body. But by straining against the circles with all your waning might, you can wiggle slightly. Fighting back the growing convulsions, you force Kosuzu’s dildo as deep as you can.

With one final thrust, Kosuzu’s dildo surges inside you, bringing you to the edge. Kosuzu erupts, her pussy pouring her juices over Shizuha’s chest as she collapses into you, convulsing. Shizuha screams again. A sticky, metallic fluid pours down your throat, as the tongue deflates. The scrolls are tightening even more. The black cock falls out of your mouth. You can finally act now. You must act now.

You pray the book is still listening.

“I accept your terms! Purple book, I ac-”

A new, strange energy pours through you. Cleaner than the first. Less… creepy.

Kosuzu jerks back to clarity. She pulls herself up to glare at you.

“You bitch!”

Red light flares across your body. The rings grind against your skin, threatening to break the bones in your arms. Heat bursts out of them, searing your flesh.

Kosuzu growls. “I am not letting you go!”

Kosuzu leans forward, gripping your shoulders. Her eyes flutter. She collapses, her head falling to your breasts.

Shizuha’s tongue pushes up, straining to reach deeper into your ass.

“I think… I think she’s defeated.”

Shizuha’s tongue slides back down. Nothing happens. An audibly relieved, if muffled, sigh climbs up your ass. You wiggle again.

Sure enough, the rings are still at full strength.

“Hey, book. I signed your contract, how about you help me out of this?”

There’s a moment of quiet. Shizuha wiggles a bit, letting out quiet grunts.

“Your bindings are beyond my power. Only my author has the power to dispel them.”

You arch your neck and twist your knees. Shizuha yelps. You relax. Shizuha relaxes as well; did you squeeze her somehow?

Kosuzu blinks twice. She plants her hands on your breasts and pushes herself back up. She stares at you, somewhat owlishly.

Her mouth opens and closes. A few soft, but unintelligible sounds spill out of her mouth, as moisture builds in her eyes.

“I… I-I-I-I-I…” She hurls her arms around your neck and presses her head into the crook of your neck. Her bells jingle.

“I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

She sounds miserable, but you’re still trapped in a bookstore filled with potential youkai, possibly smothering your only ally with your ass.

You don’t have time to deal with Kosuzu’s regrets right now. You need her to…


[X] Get Help. You need someone who can get you out of this, before more monsters come.

[X] Untie Shizuha. She saved your ass; the least you could do is try to get her out from under it.

[X] Find the Black Book. That thing’s a danger that needs to be put down right now.

[X] Write-in.
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Belated Content Warning: May be a bit brutal (No blood or gore though)
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I'll be honest, while it was interesting at first, my interest has been waning after each update. This last update made me lose what was left.

I'm not saying it was bad, per say, just that it isn't for me anymore.

I'm sure other people will enjoy it anyway.
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Honestly I thought it was pretty damn good (though the weirdness with Kosuzu was not what I expected) and now I'm kinda curious what happens what with this book and now that Naoko might not be completely helpless anymore.

[X] Untie Shizuha. She saved your ass; the least you could do is try to get her out from under it.

More people helping the better right about now
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Thanks for giving it a chance.
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Don't feel too bad about it. Unwilling Possession Rape just so happens to be a big turn off for me. Mostly because of how close it is to Destruction-Of-Former-Self-Type Corruption, another big turn off (And I should mention that it seemed to me like Kosuzu was heading in that direction).
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[X] Untie Shizuha. She saved your ass; the least you could do is try to get her out from under it.
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File 151407564613.jpg - (665.21KB, 627x885, Kosuzu Breasts.jpg)
Kosuzu Breasts
[X] Untie Shizuha. She saved your ass; the least you could do is try to get her out from under it.

“It’s alright. Listen, I need you to untie Shizuha right now.”

You hear what you think is a note of agreement from Shizuha, muffled by your ass. You pinch your legs together, as far as their bindings allow. It’s not much, but it does spread your ass-cheeks very slightly. Hopefully Shizuha can get at least some slightly purer air that way.

“I- …okay then.” Kosuzu stares down, between your legs. At Shizuha. She sets to work on Shizuha’s ankles, finding the start of the scroll spiral. Exclaiming something between a grunt and a girly squeal, she rips the tip away from Shizuha’s ankle. She pulls it over Shizuha’s legs, then under. She passes it from one hand to the next. Over and under. Over and under. Soon, Shizuha parts her shins, now free of the scroll. Kosuzu kneels between those shins to continue her work. After a few more passes, she slides her hands under Shizuha’s ass, to peel the scroll off.

Kosuzu steps gingerly to the side, bumping up against your leg. With a quiet jingle, she continues her work on Shizuha’s stomach. She slows down once she reaches Shizuha’s reddened breasts. She gingerly peels the lower binding out from under them. Then she removes the upper binding. Mercifully, Shizuha’s breasts settle back into their natural positions, no longer compressed between the scroll. Kosuzu reaches Shizuha’s neck and, after a few passes, removes the scroll entirely. She steps back, gathering the scroll together as best she can.

Shizuha plants her hands under your thighs and arches her back. She pulls herself against your pelvis, her nose grinding against your ass. You push yourself against the ring, straining for what little height you can achieve. As usual, you budge very slightly. Shizuha strains, grinding her nose against you and shoving her slick chin against the base of your pussy.

She sags back down, taking in deep, exhausted breaths. You worry about just how much of your ass she’s breathing in right now. Is she even getting any proper air?

You shift your legs slightly, hoping to ease the strain.

Shizuha folds her legs together. Squeezing tight, she shoves them against yours until they’re tucked underneath them. She then wraps them around your shins.

Your limited strength gives out, once more completely smothering Shizuha beneath your ass. Shizuha shoves herself forward, popping her head out behind you. She stops when her breasts hit your crotch. She takes a long, heavy, gulp of air. Then, shifting the weight of her legs to your thighs and, planting her hands beneath them, she pulls herself back.

Her chin slides back through your crack, followed by her nose. They scrape against your flesh again, as she tries to shove them out the other side. She twists and wiggles her head, seeking an angle that will let her out. Nothing happens. She lifts her crotch, pushing her head to the side. She shouts something into your ass. She then wiggles her head, bobbing it to one side.

Straining, you push against the ring again. Your muscles burn, but you get that precious bit of space. You can only guess what she means; you pray you’re right. Using the space, you twist your ass just slightly to the side.

Shizuha slams her nose against your backside. You bite back a groan of pain, as her skull pounds against your pelvis. Then, with a pop, her head slides beneath your ass and lands between your legs.

Shizuha looks up at you, a mix of triumph and irritation on her face.

“Are you alright?”

“I’m fine. Everything hurts, but I heal quickly.” Shizuha lies back down.

She coughs a few times.

You take a breath of your own, your ass now resting over open air. Apart from Kosuzu staring at your breasts, nothing happens. You squirm, twisting your legs and arms. Nothing. Still anchored into this odd squatting position. Essentially displaying your bare pussy for the store to see.

In fact, you’re pretty sure it’s visible from the doorway.

Aaand putting that thought out of mind, you focus back on the bindings themselves. Three rings. One around your stomach. This one locks your upper arms to it, and then locks all three to a specific point in the air. Then there’s one around each ankle, locking them a point, but not tying them to any other objects. Rune-shaped holes in the rings, with additional, glowing runes, above and below the central ring, but not the ankles.

Shizuha tucks her legs back in, then stretches them out between your own. Her arms follow suit.

A flinger slides along your back, gliding against the kimono still held between your arms and sides, still draped over the lower half of your back.

“You know, I’ve never seen this language before. I wonder where it came from?”

You can’t help a bit of discouragement at that. You were kind of hoping to decode the rings and find a solution that way.

“So, you can’t read it then?”

“What?” The finger stops. “Oh no, I can still read it just fine. I just can’t tell where it came from. Isn’t that weird? Why would a book not use the language it was written in? Or did its language change somehow?”

“Wait, you can read a language you’ve never seen before?”

“Huh? Oh, yeah. It’s a little talent of mine, I guess.”

That’s… that’s not a youkai thing, right? Because she could probably do anything she wanted right now, and you’d be completely powerless to stop her. Hell, you’d probably be powerless to hinder her. You need her to be human right now.

Either way, now’s not the time to press her on this. You have someone who can read the nonsense. Studying the gift horse can wait until it can’t bite you.

“So, what does it say?”

“It’s… difficult to convey. For instance, this section literally says ‘Core, extension, arms, binding.’ But what it means is something like ‘Target the center, add the arms, and bind those together.’ Magic grammar’s just really weird like that.”

That might prove useful in the future. Possibly. But right now, all it tells you is what you’ve already learned through pain and futile endeavor. Wait, so she’s read other spells before?

Naoko, you’ve been gifted a portion of my author’s power. You can break the circles with it.

Shizuha hauls herself up into a sitting position. Grabbing one of your knees, she pulls herself onto her feet.

“Hey, Kosuzu, got something to drink?”

“Table, top right drawer.” There’s a sound of focus, almost to the point of tunnel vision, in her voice.

As Shizuha walks off, you notice that her breasts are already back to a more healthy, peachy tone.

There’s no comfortable position to put your legs in. Between being suspended from just about a head’s depth above the ground, and locked to points a good pace apart, a dull ache is building within them.

Shizuha spits. Out of the corner of your eye, you catch her holding a cup and rubbing her lips. She then takes a drink of whatever’s inside.

“It’s just so weird.”

“What is?”

“The… intentions, I guess.” Kosuzu presses a finger against your back, again. “See, this one feels curious, wanting, and a little… frisky, I guess.” She removes the finger. “But the ones on your legs are completely different. They feel more like a predator. Super focused, no curiosity, and super… um, you know. Pervy.”

Is there really such nuance in those symbols?

“Also, uh, Naoko.” There’s a quiet jingle behind you. “Please, please, please. Don’t freak out, okay?”

Well, that’s encouraging. But you do need to focus. So, you brace yourself for the news as best you can.

“The letters aren’t just on your rings.”

…What? What does that even…

“What do you mean?”

“W-well. It’s down your back, and your… butt. On your arms, your legs… And you know, just all over.”

Okay, that’s just ridiculous. You look down your body. Still not thrilled about the bra sitting uselessly above your breasts. But there’s no writing, anywhere but the rings.

“I don’t see anything.”

“Wh-huh? You don’t?”


“What about you, Shizuha?”

Footsteps sound behind you.

“Nope, nothing.”

“I-uh, okay. I’m probably just seeing things then, I guess.”

And you’re back to square one, trapped in magic shackles, anchored to a quiet, dark store filled with demonic literature.

Lady Honda, your magic. Use it.

You can’t feel anything there, but…

You clench and twist your muscles. Your hands open and close. Your knees wiggle. Most of your body does fucking nothing.

With nothing left to go on, you close your eyes. To find yourself or something. Shut out every other sense. Just focus on what is within. You’re pretty sure that’s how it normally goes. But you find nothing. Reluctantly, you open your eyes again.

You catch a flare of red light. Then your head locks into position, ramrod straight above your shoulders. A scream of terror surges from your lungs. Only to die as your jaws lock together, muffling your voice far beyond recognition.

Shizuha rushes to your side, vaulting over a bound leg to stand before you. She places one hand flat against your stomach.

“For the love of all that is holy, you piece of shit. Be. GONE!”

The entire store turns a deep red. Every circle burns, heating your flesh. Countless pinpricks poke through your skin.

But something reacts against it. Something inside you. It feels like… energy, actually. Like what you use to pull yourself out of bed, play ball with your brothers, or dig holes and furrows for planting.

There are subtle differences, but they’re difficult to describe. You might say that if your ‘normal’ energy is fire, then this is water. There is, for lack of a better term, a ‘cooler’, ‘softer’ feeling to this.

And now that you sense it, you realize you can move it. Taking as deep a breath as you can through your nose, you drag the power inward. Pulling from your limbs and head, you concentrate it within your stomach. Much of the pain dissipates.

Shizuha glares at your stomach, bathed in red.

You shove the energy at your front, slamming it against the main ring. It feels like heavy, scalding knives cutting through your belly. But though you can’t look down, you notice that at least, there’s no blood pouring out.

Shizuha’s eyes widen, before she returns to that mask of determination. Maybe that did something? Testing, you find both your torso and arms still as locked as they were before.

That energy gathers again near your skin. You pull it together again, only for a blast of pain to scatter it. In the following haze, a woman appears behind Shizuha. Long and straight black hair, a shrine maiden’s garb decorated with red, leaf-patterned sash.

She leans to the side, her hands on Shizuha’s shoulder as she watches from behind.


You can’t let her see you. Not like this. You gather the energy and throw it at the main ring again. Pain follows, then an audible crack.

In a burst of red, the ring shatters. The rings around your ankles wink out. Then, finally, the ring around your head.

No longer anchored to a point in mid-air, you collapse. Your head falls back into a pair of comfortable, fleshy pillows. They’re not very big, but they’re soft. A pair of arms wraps around your torso, dragging you backward. Gingerly, she hauls you onto a chair. The girl then circles around to your front.

Kosuzu places her hands on your knees, an act that pushes her humble, but still very naked breasts together. Shizuha stands a few paces behind her, likewise still nude.

Honestly, you can’t believe you’re somehow the most dressed person in the room.

“Where’s the book?” Shizuha stares at Kosuzu.

“W-Which one?”

“The black one. The one that attacked us.”

“Its- it was over there.” Kosuzu points to nearest isle. Shizuha marches toward it.

Scanning the store, it comes with some surprise to realize that it’s mostly still intact. You could probably count on one hand the number of books or scrolls knocked off a given bookshelf. With all the commotion you heard, you expected this place to look like a war zone. In fact, most of the clutter is just a scattering of red leaves.

Grunting, you reach up and pull your bra back over your breasts. Then, reaching down, you slip your foot back into your panties and slide them back up your legs. You lift your ass off the chair to slide them over it.

“Are… are you okay?”

You pull your kimono back under your ass before you sit back down. You’re finally free. But you’re exhausted and dirty. Again.

Shizuha rifles through the shelves. Barely keeping from knocking books off them.

“I’m… fine.” As much as you appreciate the support, you can’t sit still.

You have magic now, apparently. With some training, you might just learn to fight off low-level youkai. Like that one shit that keeps pestering your neighbors.

You’re also now contracted to some mysterious ‘author’. Whatever that means. You pull your kimono back over your shoulders, settling it back into its proper place. You push yourself up off the chair.

Kosuzu throws her hands against your shoulders, pushing you back down.

“Please, I’ll get it for you. Just tell me what you want.”

You sigh, too tired to fight her.


“Oh, right.” Her face turns pink. She turns around.

That ass is way too plump for how thin she is. You’re kind of jealous. Of course, yours is probably a little bigger, but it just never had quite the right shape for you. Not the cute bubbles she has, at least.

Kosuzu returns with the obi, wordlessly handing it over. You finish tweaking your kimono, then wrap the obi around yourself. You need to be somewhere safe, and you need information.

What you need is…

“Kosuzu, the book’s not here.”

“Are you sure? Maybe it’s just nearby.”

“No, it’s nowhere near here. I don’t think it’s even in the building anymore.”

…Shit. That’s one more problem you can’t tackle right now.

But you’re all tired, hungry, and dirty. And you can’t stay here. What you need is…


[X] Food. You need to eat, and you need a chance to chat with your current companions.

[X] Booze. You need to unwind, and you need connections.

[X] Rest. Your muscles ache, and you need a chance to interrogate the purple book.

[X] Write-in.
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[X] Food. You need to eat, and you need a chance to chat with your current companions.
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[X] Food. You need to eat, and you need a chance to chat with your current companions.
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[X] Food. You need to eat, and you need a chance to chat with your current companions.
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[x] rest
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[X] Booze. You need to unwind, and you need connections.
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File 151476371711.png - (0.96MB, 635x906, Aya Butt.png)
Aya Butt
[X] Food. You need to eat, and you need a chance to chat with your current companions.

Your muscles ache, there’s an odd, almost salty taste on your tongue, and you’ve just been through shit you really want to forget. But before you can get to really addressing any of those, you need to take care of something else.

Low, angry gurgles sound from your stomach. You need food. Admittedly, you’re not quite certain what a god needs to eat, and you’re not even quite clear on whether demonic possession affects hunger. But you need a chance to talk things out before you can make any clear plans anyway. A good meal’s as good a chance to talk as any.

“…Let’s get something to eat.”

A dull pain throbs in your midriff, your ankles, and a section of your arms. It seems the rings took a greater toll on you than you thought.


Kosuzu shuffles off to pick her bra off the floor.

Shizuha walks over to you, apparently unconcerned about her bare, brown nipples or the blonde hair between her legs. She stands over you.

“You okay?”

“I’m fine. Just fine.”

You’re not very mobile right now, and you do need to get the hell out of the store. But you’re free, and not under any immediate threat. Once you’re walking, you’ll be safe. You hear fabric slide up Kosuzu’s legs as Shizuha slips her hands into your hair.

Those hands then slide down the sides of your face. You can’t help but notice how her arms push her breasts with their movements.

“What are you doing?”


Her hands slide to your shoulders. Then they slide to your breasts. Apparently, gods really are susceptible.

“Please don’t touch m…”

“Dumbass. I’m worried that bastard left something behind.”


The hands shift to your sides, where they slide down to your hips. Behind Shizuha, you catch Kosuzu sliding a book back into its shelf. With nothing but a few strips of pink cotton on her ass and upper back. Shizuha’s hands slide down to your ankles. She lets go.

“It looks like you’re probably safe.”

“Thank goodness.”

“But I think there’s something wrong.”

Shizuha grabs the bottom of your kimono and shoves it up your legs. On instinct, your hands snap to hers to push them back. For a moment, both are held in place, battling for dominance.

Shizuha stares you in the eyes.

“Trust me.”

Reluctantly, you let go. Shizuha pushes your kimono up to your hips. She then lifts your ass up to slide it just a bit higher. She lets go.

Then she slides your panties down, almost to your knees. Her fingertips touch your pussy. Her head sinks, until you feel her breath on its lips.

She pulls it open. You focus on Kosuzu, who’s rewinding one of the scrolls.

“Where is it?” Shizuha slides a finger inside.

You can’t help but squirm a little. The finger slides in, squishing against you, one knuckle at a time. Your body warms up quickly, apparently somewhat frustrated from earlier. The base of Shizuha’s other fingers hit your crotch as it slides down to the hilt. It pushes to one side, then the other. Up, then down. It rubs a few quick circles around your walls. A clear fluid soon climbs up her finger to drip on the chair beneath you.

“Where IS it?”

“Wh-ere i- is w-hat?” Her motions make it very difficult to keep a level voice.

“The… the thing. That twisted object she shoved inside you.”

Twisted object? What did she shove inside… The dildo. Where did that go?

Shizuha yanks her finger out.

“So that’s another thing that’s just disappeared. Great.” She stands up. “Did you at least see what it looked like?”

You swallow. She’s been your only real help so far, might as…

“A-a penis.”

You turn to Kosuzu’s blushing face. Still wearing just her bra and panties.

“It was black and shaped like a someone’s… manhood.”

“Great.” Shizuha steps back. She performs a quick scan of the store. “Nothing left to do here, then.” The leaves littering floor start to shake. Shizuha takes a few more steps back. The leaves burst to life. They soar through the air in a great spiral, toward Shizuha’s body. Then, starting at her collar, they merge together. The growing mass extends down Shizuha’s arms and torso. Capping off near her knees, they form her dress.

Shizuha steps forward again. She holds out her hand. You slide your panties back up.

“Time to eat, huh?”


A fine mixture of rich, earthy smells greets you, as you stand before the Yoshinoya. Apparently a quite new restaurant with an aim for the ‘hip’ and ‘modern’. Whatever the hell that means. Shizuha’s half-carrying you as Kosuzu, now dressed, leads you inside. After a brief exchange with a receptionist, Kosuzu leads you to a small, four-chaired table. Shizuha lets you ease yourself into a chair, as she takes one adjacent. Kosuzu sits opposite Shizuha, placing you between the two.

Young men and women sit at other tables, dressed in outfits that are fancy, but not ostentatious. High-class farmers, or minor nobles, probably. There are no horns, exotic ears, or other indications of the supernatural. As far as you can tell, they’re all human.

“So, what do you want to eat?” Kosuzu gives you a nervous glance. Precisely what makes her nervous, you’re not quite certain.

You glance through the menu. You recognize most of the meals in structure, but they all seem to have something a little weird to them, except for one friendly face.

“Perhaps the beef bowl?”

“I’ll have the soba.”

“Okay.” Kosuzu lets out a sigh of relief. “I’ll just take another soba, then.”

A young woman stops by, wearing the restaurant’s name on her apron. Kosuzu relays the orders, and the woman walks away.

“So, uh… does anyone um… well, today was nice and cool, right? Not too hot?”

You glance to Shizuha. She shrugs.

“It won’t last. A heat wave’s coming in soon.”

“Oh. Okay. Um, is there anything you like, Shizuha?”

“Woods, red, peace and quiet.”

“Oh. Well, what about you, Naoko?”

You… You’re not sure. It’s been awhile since you’ve really had a need to think about it.

“Cards and ball, mostly. But lately I’ve just been reading…”

“Reading? What do you read?”

“Well, it’s a book about a girl found inside a bamboo tree. It’s strangely relatable, at times.”

Shizuha raises an eyebrow.

“Oh, I see. Did you get to the part w…” Kosuzu continues, but your gaze slides to the entrance, where a young woman enters. Short, black hair. Brown cap, with matching jacket and shorts. Long, pointed ears.

Aya. Reporter and author of the Bunbunmaru news. Tengu.

You hurl your gaze around the room. Dozens of people, one exit. There’s nowhere to run without running into her.

“Youkai.” You whisper to Shizuha, pointing.

Shizuha looks at Aya, then back to you. She lets out a pointed sigh, and turns her chair to face you.

Then grabs your head and buries you in her breasts.

“Just act like you’re passed out.” She whispers back.

Rustic woodlands fill your nostrils as your head rests between gentle mounds for the second time today. You feel nothing between her dress and her breasts. Ignoring that, you let your arms slump, hoping to keep inconspicuous. The room continues to chatter, as your head gently bobs to the rise and fall of Shizuha’s chest.

Shizuha lets go. “She’s gone.”

Slowly, you lift your head back out. Sure enough, you can no longer find her amid the crowd. The waitress returns, carrying a wide plate.

“Here’s your food.”

She sets three bowls down on your table, then turns to leave. You lift your arms to your bowl, wincing at the discomfort of moving your limbs.

“Ah! Here, let me get that for you.” Kosuzu scoots her chair near yours and, grabbing your chopsticks, fetches a portion of your dish, lifting it toward your mouth.

Shizuha’s eyes narrow, before she turns her attention to you.

You take a bite. There are some spices you don’t recognize, but the normal texture’s still there.

“Naoko, you made some kind of pact, I assume?”

“Uh, yes. I think so.” You give an embarrassed smile. “Honestly, I couldn’t pay attention at the time, so I’m not sure what the pact was.”

Kosuzu blushes at that, for some reason.

Excuse me? You signed a contract without reading the damn thing?”

“I’m sorry! But you were… it seemed like you were really suffering. I had nothing else.”

“Ugh, fine. But now we need to know just what your little deal entailed.”

“Um, I think I know…”

You both turn to look at Kosuzu.

“It was a… a familiar pact. You promised to serve as a familiar for one week. It means… well, you do whatever your new master says.”

That’s… oh god.

“You know, as foul as your ass tastes, you could’ve said no. There must have been another way out. Somehow.” Shizuha takes a sip from her bowl. “Yuck, I can still taste it. Anyway, we need to find this ‘master’ then, I suppose. Learn what it is we’re dealing with, now.”

“I suppose so. Kosuzu, do you know anything?”

“Not much. The book came from a second-hand dealer, so I’m not sure who the author is.”

“Shit. Wait.” Shizuha’s brow furrows. “It’s one week, right?”


“Maybe we can just sit the week out, then. Hope the contract expires before her ‘master’ comes calling.”

“I… I don’t know. But I guess that might work?”

“Hey, Kosuzu!” A woman wearing brow-

Aya’s returned, standing at your table. “So, how’s business, partner? Everything going well?”

“Yeah. It’s fine. Everything’s fine…”

You stare straight at your beef bowl. You stuff a chunk of it in your mouth, ignoring the protests of your arm. If she doesn’t see your face, maybe she won’t notice you.

“Great to hear.” A chair slides away from the table. Then back in. An unfamiliar boot taps against your foot. “Books selling, no robberies, all that jazz?”

“Yep! There was a little… fight, but nothing too serious.”

Aya’s foot stops. “Well, as long as you’re still okay.”

Now that you’re used to the new spices, this beef tastes pretty good.

“At least one of our jobs is going well.”

“Yours isn’t?”

“Nah. It’s been a really slow week. The mountain’s been kind of slow too, but the village is just dead. I’ve got a grand total of one story I think the humans will really care about, and I haven’t even had a chance to speak with the main subject yet.”

“Tell me, what’s this story about?”

“Oh, hey. Late introductions, you’re one of the Akis, right?”

“Shizuha, yes. About this story…”

“Ah, ah, ah. No spoilers. Can’t have details leaked before anyone has a chance to read about it, right?”


Your bowl’s running low. You won’t be able to hide this way much longer. Attempting a casual posture, you lean back and look outside. The view through the windows isn’t amazing, but you can play ‘spot the youkai’ while waiting for the conversation to finish.

“But really, what I’d give for just one little interview right now.”

“Is she missing?”

“No, I don’t think so. But she should be at home right now. Unfortunately, she’s very reclusive, and the few people she’s in regular contact with haven’t seen her.” Aya audibly stretches. “It’d be such a shame, had I never found her.”

Maybe you could just walk out? Would she notice?

“So, Ms. Honda, could you spare a few moments of your time?”


“Me?” You’re still watching the window.

“Yep. Naoko Honda. Daughter of Takuma and Masami Honda. Apparently a subject of interest in multiple youkai attacks, one of which may cause a bit of a stir here.”

“I… I have a thing I really need to…” You push your chair out. You really need to get…

Your chair slides back into the table. Looking up, you find Aya’s grinning face. A moment later, she’s back in her own chair, facing you.

“Just a few questions. Besides…” She flicks out a picture. It’s a picture of you, from the back, bare naked save for a pair of white panties you’re sliding up your leg. “I think it would be in both of our interests for me to know a little more about you.”

She puts the picture in one of her jacket’s pockets. “I really want to know just why I would ever have taken such a picture.”

Kosuzu speaks up. “What do you mean?”

Aya huffs. “I’m not a voyeur. Besides, humans just don’t do it for me. Never have. Except for little miss lady magnet, somehow. And I’m afraid that if she doesn’t find a way to turn her little power off, I may just… lose control. Soon.”

“Somehow, I doubt that’s quite what you want. Is it, Naoko?" Aya leans forward, placing her hands on the table. “So, how about you tell me a little bit about what happened, and maybe we can work something out.”

Can you trust her? Is she really on your side with this? You glance back to the exit. Given her stunt with the chair, you need to tell her something, but what?


[X] The Bad Summer. Old news, but possibly the most helpful for diagnosing your talent.

[X] The Black Book. A grave danger is on the loose; people need to know about it.

[X] Kogasa and Kagerou. The most likely to get her to leave you alone.
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[X] The Black Book. A grave danger is on the loose; people need to know about it.
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[X] The Black Book. A grave danger is on the loose; people need to know about it.
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Really like your story. I find the idea of a poor human girl getting constantly raped by all nearby Youkai kind of hot, so keep going!~
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Is that what this is about? Sounds interesting.

[X] The Black Book. A grave danger is on the loose; people need to know about it.

Because grave dangers ain't nothin ta fuck wit. People need to be forewarned of that kinda thing.
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All I'll say is that MC's consent will probably be dubious even at the best of times.

Also, while I'm here: As a general rule, I recommend placing comments with your votes when the saucier bits come up. That way, if there is any particular theme (kink, fetish, what-have-you) I've hinted at (intentionally or otherwise) that excites or discourages you, I might be able to either sidestep/minimize it, or include/emphasize it, depending on your desires. Naturally, my main priorities for the story come first, but I do want play to your tastes as best I can.

Of course, this has no bearing on other votes - feel free to comment as much or as little as you want then. I'm just trying to make sure I don't slip in an avoidable side-fetish that turns my readers off.

Feel free to disregard this advice if you're just fine with things as-is.
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File 151528169446.png - (879.90KB, 1003x1416, Aya Skirt Lift.png)
Aya Skirt Lift
[X] The Black Book. A grave danger is on the loose; people need to know about it.

“So… how much do you know?”

“That I am dangerously close to doing something with you that we will both regret.”

“Try it, bitch.” Shizuha growls.

You swallow. You hate having to be so goddamn passive, but you’re in no position to fight or even bargain. Besides, you have a duty to the village right now.

“A black book attacked me, just a few moments ago. We don’t know where it-”

“A book? What about the karakasa?”

“That was last night. She’s… I don’t think she’s a threat to anyone but me. But that book is on the loose, I think it-”

“About the karakasa, Kogasa, I-”

“She’s not important!” You burst out. “Yes, she… assaulted me, like the book. She… licked my ass.” Shizuha grimaces. “But she’s my problem, and the village can fight her off if needed. That book could be anywhere, in…”

“Fine. Tell me about the book. When did it make it’s first… advance on you?”

“Shortly after I opened it.”

Aya scribbles notes down in a small book. “And how long were you in the room before then?”

“A few minutes, at most.”

Kosuzu raises her hand. “Also, she read it just after I… unsealed it. Sorry, Naoko.”

“…It’s fine.” That’s not entirely true, but you can’t afford to hold a grudge right now.

“Hmm…” Aya looks between you and Kosuzu. “So, what did the book do?

“It twisted my words, then locked me in glowing rings.”

“And then?”

Shizuha spoke up. “It possessed Kosuzu, and used her to rape Naoko.”

“Confusion, binding, and possession. Anything else it’s capable of?”

“It wrapped me in a scroll and stuffed my face in Naoko’s ass. What do you count that as?”

“…Telekinesis, I suppose.”

“It also made my tongue weird.”

“…Transmutation? Is that everything?”

“I… I think so.”

“Great.” Aya’s pen stops. “If I can find evidence, I can report that to the elders, and possibly get some secrets in return. But.” She turns to you. “That doesn’t tell me much about you. The book appears to have acted the moment it made contact, but I know that your little aura can take longer to… trigger. You were attacked last night as well, correct?”

Kosuzu turns to you, both guilty and curious.


“And it was the karakasa that time, Kogasa, I believe?”

“She was one of them, yes.”

“One of…?” Aya resumes her writing. “Anyway, how much contact had you had with her before?”

“She tried to surprise me once. We crossed paths once or twice afterward. That was all.”

“And had she shown any interest before last night?”

“Maybe? She was very friendly, but isn’t she like that with everyone?”

“Hm. You said she was ‘one of’ the people who attacked you last night. Who else was there?”

“Some kind of wolf girl, I think.”

“Hmm… Book, karakasa, wolf girl, crow tengu. Book was instantaneous, Karakasa took longer…”

Aya puts her pen down. She gives you a pointed stare. “Seriously, I don’t want to chain you to my bed, but I’m running out of time here. Either way, this will have to do.”

Aya stands up and walks around the table, to stand next to you. With a light kick, she scoots your chair out to face her. “Look at me.”

You force your gaze to her. She points down. Reluctantly, you stare at her shorts. She pops the button, then pulls down the zipper. Before anyone else can act, she has both her shorts and panties around her knees. Her bare, shaved pussy stares at you.

In an instant, her shorts are back where they were before.

“Like I said, I’m not a voyeur.” Aya turns to leave.

“I’m an exhibitionist.”

As Aya walks out the door, a spot of moisture builds between your legs.


Filled up and slightly rested, you step outside the restaurant, followed by Shizuha and Kosuzu. The sun’s still shining bright, a couple hours past noon or so. Kosuzu had insisted on paying for everyone, apparently still feeling guilty about her role in what happened at Suzunaan.

“So, what are you going to do now, Noako?”

“She’s going home, that’s what.”

“I don’t that I sh-”

Shizuha grabs your wrist and jerks you down the road.

“I-I’ll see you guys later, okay? If you need help, come to my st-” Kosuzu’s voice cracks. After a moment, she continues, somewhat sadly. “Um, go the Hieda House, I’ll get you in.”

“Okay.” You say, as Shizuha drags you down the road. You jog to catch up with her. “Are you sure this is a good idea?”

“Twice.” You’re about to ask for clarification, when she cuts you off. “You’ve been ‘assaulted’, as you prefer to call it, twice now. Am I wrong?”

“…No, you’re right.”

“We’re not taking any chances anymore. You’re going home, where you’ll stay. I’ll lock you in if I must. If you need anything, I’ll get it. Food, water, information, a fucking suit of armor or a legendary artifact.”

Your gut sinks. Sure, it’s not too different from how she talked back at the farm, but you’d kind of figured she was at least half-joking or something.

Still, an odd thought crosses your mind.

“And what if I need to… you know… ‘go.’”

“I’ll drink it.”

…What? You stop. Shizuha stops soon after.

“I mean, I’ll get a bucket. Besides, it can’t be any worse than your asshole, anyway.” You feel a sting of guilt at that. That still bothers you, having put her through that. Helplessly watching her squirm as your ass sank ever lower…

Shizuha grunts. “Damnit. You’re the one that should be bitching right now.” She turns around and pulls you close. “When we get there, let’s just take the chance to unwind, okay?” She wraps a hand in your hair and buries her head against your neck. “But you’re going to be just fine. One way or another, I’m keeping those monsters away from your crotch.”

Her firm breasts press against your own.

She pulls back, letting out a forced cough. “A-anyway. We’re going to your home. Maybe you’ll stay there, maybe not. But let’s get somewhere safe before trying to make any more plans.” Shizuha steps forward, then stops.

“By the way, where is your house?”

“This way.” You lead her down the street. You turn from the wider boulevard through a humble artisan’s square. You’re not especially familiar with the wealthier parts of the village, but you know the general direction. Soon you’re back into the market thoroughfare and from here, it’s easy.

Then, just as you pass into a quiet neighborhood, someone’s hands press hard into your shoulders. You turn to look, only for a pair of thighs to land on your shoulders. And for a soft mound to press against your hair, separated only by a strip of soft linen. The mere texture sends a quiet shiver down your body.

“What’s up, girl?”

That voice… No, that’s impossible. That’s impossible on so many goddamn levels. Still, you look up. A curtain of black hair greets you, and a face you’ve seen once today.


She never talks like that, and she sure as hell was never as rambunctious as you. She was never the kind to touch people either, much less ride on their shoulders. That was more Kaori and Youta. On top of all of that, she was damn busy last you talked.

A grand total of two days ago.

But still, that’s obviously her voice, and her face. She wasn’t possessed, was she? Impossible. The book would have had to make that journey in less than an hour, then return almost instantaneously. Besides, she hasn’t degraded Shizuha yet.

“What the hell, Ayame? You were praying to me less than an hour ago.”

Your legs squirm. Not from Ayame’s weight, as she’s surprisingly light. But rather from the inexplicable, growing heat in your belly. A need’s building within you, and you haven’t a clue why. One of Ayame’s thighs flips over your head, and she rolls off your shoulders. Landing gracefully, she stands back up. Her skirt’s quite a bit shorter than it usually is, going barely halfway down her thighs. Probably why you felt her, well…

“Aw, c’mon. I was really worried, so I decided to check on you myself.”

She speaks nothing like your older sister. Confused, you turn to face both her and Shizuha.

“What, you’re not jealous, are you?”

Shizuha just cocks an eyebrow.

“What the hell would I be jealous of? Are you planning to actually worship Naoko?” She grins. “I mean, you might as well, really. You certainly fixate on her enough.”

“What? No. Nothing like that.” Ayame puffs out her chest. It’s not titanic, but it’s big. Always was. “But maybe I’ll marry her before you do.”

That was a joke, clearly. But she sounded like a part of her meant it. This is getting weird, fast.

Your sister’s not a youkai, is she? There are certain types of youkai who can be siblings to humans, but you doubt she could be any of them.

“You’re going to marry your sister?” Shizuha scoffs. “Very funny.”

Something about that statement surprises Ayame. Did she expect a stronger reaction?

Regardless, she laughs it off. “Yeah, bad joke.” She turns to you. “Hey, sis. I’ve got something I need to tell you. Super private. Could you come with me, for a sec?”

Without waiting for a response, she grabs your wrist and drags you through the street.


“Five minutes, I swear!” Turning a corner, Ayame scoops you into her arms and takes off. Skimming just above the ground, she weaves around pedestrians like a graceful bird.

Ayame’s a pretty decent priestess, who even holds a couple spell cards, but she never learned to fly.

She twists and turns too fast for you to keep track of location. After one last turn, she sets you down in front of your house. You’re… not quite sure you want to know how she knew where it is.

“Key.” Without thinking, you hand it over. She unlocks the door and slips inside, pulling you with her.

She closes and locks the door. She lets out a heavy sigh and sits against it. The house is pretty much still the same small, sparsely decorated home you’ve spent the past year in. Still the same as you left it a few hours ago, minus the set of clothes you’re now wearing. Though you realize you forgot the clothes you wore this morning somewhere. Not that you’d have much use for them anymore.

“So, uh… Sorry about that whole mess. And I’m, well, not your sister.”

“Then you’re a youkai.”

“Oh. Heh, heh. That.” Ayame rubs the back of her head. “You tend to get a bit leery around us, huh?”

“What do you want?”

“I just wanted to talk, honest. I’m not usually into girls, but I would totally do you.”

You look away, blushing. Your arms and legs quake. There’s something building up inside you. It feels… like magic, or what you think is magic. But creepier, more twisted.

“I- I’m sorry, that came out weird. I mean, I still would, but not, y’know. If you didn’t want to.” Ayame pauses. “Let me start over.” She squirms. “Wou- would you let me take you out on a date?”

“…What?” Is she seriously, unironically, asking for your consent? For a relatively non-sexual encounter? “I-”

Your legs give out. You throw your hands out to catch yourself. You’re body trembles, your heart pounds, and a trickle slides down your leg. Something slithers inside you. On all fours, you glance back to Ayame.

“Hey, are you okay?”

A thick, rubbery shaft of something pushes against your folds, from the inside. Ayame grips your shoulders. Belatedly, you realize your eyes went wide.

“H-hey. You’re gonna be fine, okay? Is there anything I can do?”


[X] Just stay close. Can’t risk losing the only person nearby.

[X] Get me Shizuha. She’s the only person you trust.

[X] Leave me alone. Try to confine the coming disaster.


Ask ‘Ayame’ to reveal herself?

[X] Yes.

[X] No.

[X] Just ask her to drop Ayame’s face.

[X] Write-in.
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[X] Get me Shizuha. She’s the only person you trust.

Ask ‘Ayame’ to reveal herself?
[X] Just ask her to drop Ayame’s face.
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[X] Just stay close. Can’t risk losing the only person nearby.
[X] Just ask her to drop Ayame’s face.

Someone asking for a date is not what I expected, but I'll take it. Also uh, ew Shizuha. Watersports is not on my list of good times.
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[X] Just stay close. Can’t risk losing the only person nearby.

[X] Since we're both being honest; help me get the magical penis snake out of my vagina and you got yourself a date.

Can you imagine how weird it would be working as a doctor in a setting involving magic? Like...I work in a hospital, and am constantly surprised at people can get up to without magic.
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[X] Just stay close. Can’t risk losing the only person nearby.
[X] Just ask her to drop Ayame’s face.

At the very least if she's willing to show this much self restraint rather than jumping her I think at least a little trusts in order... and yeah, if you want this much you should at least say who you are.
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[X] Get me Shizuha. She’s the only person you trust.
[X] Just ask her to drop Ayame’s face.

"Ayame" seams to be a decent person, and we can allways use more decent people in our lives. I just don't want to scare her off with whatever is about to happen... maby tell her that well get back to her in a second?
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File 151588789164.jpg - (1.13MB, 1500x1950, Reimu Lean.jpg)
Reimu Lean
[X] Just stay close. Can’t risk losing the only person nearby.

[X] Just ask her to drop Ayame’s face.

“J-just don’t leave me, okay?” You force out through shuddering breaths.

“…You got it.”

“And pl-ea-ea-ease, please, sto-hrk-hop wearing my sister’s face.”

“Ah, of course.”

Ayame’s form shimmers and distorts, then fades to an indecipherable haze. The shaft pulses against you, sending a shock through your body. Your hands give out, dropping you to your elbows.

The haze clears, revealing an almost lanky young brunette with a great red bow on her head and a distinctive red dress.

“R-Reimu?” Admittedly, you don’t know much about her. But she’d become something of an icon to you all the same. A badass human who never had to run or hide from youkai, and could probably kick the shit out of any would-be molester. Keine was cool too, but ever since learning about her youkai side, your thoughts of her no longer held the same comfort.

“Reimu?” She looks at you. Then at herself. She scowls. “Whatever. I’m not your sister anymore. That’s good enough, right?”

She walks around to your side. Slipping one arm under you, near your breasts, she pulls you backward. Then, catching your butt with the other, she scoops you up into her arms. Carrying you a few short steps, she lowers you down to your futon. Is it just you, or is it getting a bit stuffy in here?

“Uh, how are you feeling, Naoko? You look kind of hot.”

Straining just to move your neck, you glance down your body. Your kimono sticks tight to your body, dripping in sweat. The tremors have died down for now, but your muscles are too sore to move again.

“I guess I’m a bit warm.”

Reimu leans over you. You glance away, too embarrassed to stare at the valley between her firm breasts. It feels almost… sacrilegious to gaze lewdly at an icon of immunity to such intentions.

If only it was the real Reimu.

She lifts your ass off the ground and fiddles with your obi.

“What are you doing?”

“Getting your clothes off. You’re drenching them.”

Reimu finishes untying it. She slides it off and parts your kimono. She slides a hand down your now slick stomach. She gulps.

“Uh, sorry. About this. H-how are you feeling?”

Still twitching, you bite out a few words. “Be-etter, I think. I n-ghk!” The shaft moves again, starting a slow rhythm against the depths of your pussy. Your legs twist, bumping against Reimu’s side. “I ne-e-e-eed you t-” You gasp, set off by a precision strike to your sweet spot. Your back arches slightly.

“Need me to what?” Confusion and panic rise on her face.

“My v-ah! V-ulp!” Broken, incoherent syllables pour out of your mouth, soaring in pitch and intensity.

Reimu throws her gaze across your body. “Screw it.” She says, as she pulls your kimono wide open. She hauls one of your arms out of the sleeve, takes a glance at it, then lets go. She pulls the other out, to similar disappointment. She hurls your sandals off, before turning to your breasts.

She freezes. Then slaps herself. She throws herself over your torso. Hands shaking, she grips the band between the cups. She closes her eyes and shoves it up. Back where it was when Kosuzu…

She peeks an eye open, growing furiously red.

“I… how creepy would it be to call you beautiful, right now? Or talk about how gorgeous your tits are?”

“A l-eep!” A part of the shaft sucks on a segment of your walls. There’s something else happening inside you. It feels like some sort of pollution crawling through your body.

“Right, right. Focus. Sorry.” Reimu once more casts her eyes across your body. She slides beside you to lift one side up. She sets you back down. Then she turns her gaze to your crotch. Wordlessly, she points at it. She looks at you, questioning.

You force out a curt nod.

She slides her hands to your hips. She grips the waistband.

“Seriously, are you… okay with this?”

You force another nod.


She pulls the band. The panties slide down your hips. Passing over your knees, they travel down your shins to your ankles. Reimu pulls them off.

Red and shaking, she turns back to you, dragging her eyes to your pussy. She crawls over your legs, planting her hands by your hips. She stares.

She snaps her gaze back to you.

“Seriously, I can’t find anything wrong.”

The shaft settles again. You take a few shaking breaths, as deep as you can.

“I-it’s inside! In there. In my pu-urgh-my pussy.”


“Yes! Pl-eek!” The shaft inflates, stretching your walls with its new girth.

Reimu returns to staring at your crotch, she lowers her head to it.

“…You smell kinda nice, you know.” Reimu slips two fingers inside. She pulls them apart, pushing your entrance open.

You squirm, but the sensation of her fingers against your folds is minor. At least when compared to the hard shaft still stretching you further in.

“Hey, I think I…” Reimu stares hard at your pussy. “There!” She readies her other hand, a finger pointed outward.

The shaft pulses. Your hips jerk upward, knocking her finger away. She angles it for another go, only for another pulse to drop them.

“Hold still!”

The shaft pulses harder and faster, pounding your walls with it’s fury. Something smooth and round wraps itself tight around one thigh. Another one wraps around your other thigh. They hold your legs tight, elevating your crotch just slightly. Presenting it to Reimu.

And the fact that you can’t even see these things, makes it look like you’re the one spreading your legs.

You jerk and twitch, but your crotch remains constant. More or less.

Reimu extends two fingers inside, probing you. They bump against the shaft. She grips it, as tight as she can. Fluid’s filling you, just as the shaft undulates, now pressing against your walls in waves.

“Hyaa!” You can’t help but scream. You’d clap your hands over your mouth, if you could move them.

“C’mon, you bastard. Whatever you are, I’m pulling you out of my girlfriend!” Reimu stammers. “I- I mean, prospective girlfriend. Shit, does that still sound presumptuous?”

A steady trickle drips from your folds.

She gives it a hard yank, only for it to pull back in, pressing against your walls on the way. Your breath hitches.

“Stop hiding!” Reimu reaches in again, only for the shaft shove its way back out. It pounds her hand away, it’s head breaking free to rest against the lips.

“Ha!” Reimu grips the tip. She yanks at it. It resists.

The shaft pulls toward its head, leaving your core. It bunches up, almost leaving you completely.

It forces itself back down your channel. Smashing through you. It once more grows fat as it pumps in and out, pounding your walls.

Spittle flies out as your head and body jerk to its rhythm.

“You know what? Screw this.” Reimu pulls back.

Then Reimu’s teeth sink into it, her lips pressed against your crotch. The shaft freezes, and your body follows suit. Moisture builds on her chin, seeping out from your pussy. For a moment, it seems as if you’re caught in a standstill. With a demon tentacle.

Not even a tentacle monster, but a single tentacle.

Fluid continues to trickle from your crotch. Reimu plants her hands against your thighs. Digging her palms in, she tries to pull herself away. The tentacle pulls back, dragging Reimu’s nose against your crotch.

Reimu twists her head to the side, still tugging. She lets out a muffled grunt. Then a growl. Then something forces your thighs together, smashing Reimu’s hands against the sides of her head.

“RRGH!” She lets out a muffled, angry scream.

“Aagh!” The tentacle swells again, forcing your walls wide open to accommodate its excruciating girth.

It stretches out, pushing Reimu’s head a short distance away from your crotch. It pounds its way back inside you, pressing deep. Even amid the pain, a familiar haze returns. Reimu’s head slams against you, only for the tentacle to drag it back away.

Hauling your head up, just a bit, you catch a clear fluid leaking from the sides of Reimu’s mouth. Is that drool, or is this thing feeding her something? The fluid leaking from your own orifice has built almost to a slow pour now.

The tentacle hammers at your core, pounding harder and harder. A need builds, feeding the fire as your body now quakes in earnest. Squeaks and groans escape your lips even as your pussy screams in pain.

Reimu’s head no longer slams against you, instead seemingly sliding along the dark cock on its own accord. Then it hits.

Your thighs tremble, your heart clenches. Nothing. The pounding continues. Your pussy still leaks, your muscles still quake, and perverted moans still emit from your tongue. But the heat, the need, only builds.

Reimu’s lips pull back. A curt thud sounds out as something thin and sharp jabs the tentacle. Another hit lands, followed by another. Soon, a long, steady series of staccato jabs land against the tentacle.

They build in power and fury as they hammer away. The shaft vibrates against you. Finally, there’s a crack. Reimu’s head pulls away from your crotch, taking half the shaft with it. With a wet thump, she spits it out. She hacks out a few ragged coughs, as your thighs snap completely shut, squeezing your poor, abused pussy even tighter against the invader.

Pain wars with need as your pussy screams for release, one way or another. Finding one last reservoir of strength, you drag your shaking hands to your crotch. Just as they arrive, the shaft grows once more. It extends out, rigid and fat, complete with that flared tip you’ve seen before.

On Kosuzu’s tongue.

It thrums with need, even as it stretches you out. Reimu turns back to you.

“W-What the hell! I just ripped you out!”

Reimu steps back over to you. Dropping into a crouch, she wraps her hands around the shaft, sending a shock of pleasure through you, as the cock thrums in response.

She latches on and yanks.

You scream. Pain blasts through you as the cock threatens to take your pussy with it. Reimu stops. The cock twitches as two dull thunks sound. Squeezing tight around the cock, she heaves.

For a moment, there’s nothing but the sensation of that cock yanking on your walls. Then blinding pain.

After a moment, the pain fades. Your voice dies down, easing your now strained throat. You must have been screaming. Your pussy’s still throbbing and sore, but mercifully vacant. There’s a wide, sticky pool beneath your crotch, with a light trickle still dropping from your folds.

At least it’s not blood.

Then a wet, but heavy squish. The creeping sense of filth evaporates, and your thighs slide apart. The burning need drops to a quiet urge.

“Finally.” Reimu sighs.

You let out a shaky, relieved breath. Idly, you glance out the window. The sun’s not quite setting, but its close.

“That was one persistent bastard.”

You freeze. You’ve never heard that voice before. It’s smooth, but playful. Someone steps over to kneel beside you. Short and wild black hair framing a mischievous face. She wears a very short, but simple black dress. And…

You flinch. And try not to scream again. She has three red curvy… scythe things sprouting from one side of her back. From the other is a trio of blue, arrow-tipped… tentacles? And there’s a weird, green snake on her wrist.

You’ve never seen someone look just so… ‘youkai’ before.

“Name’s Nue. Sorry about, well, everything. I guess. Hey, you wanna…”

A knock on the door.

“Just a second.” Nue hops up and walks to the door.

Straining, you lift yourself just high enough to see it over your breasts. There’s a little hole in the back of her dress for those… things. Nue unlocks the door and opens it a crack. There’s a short, muttered exchange. She jumps.

Nue opens the door. Striding through, wearing the same brown hat and jacket ensemble she had before, is Aya. She glances around, before fixing her gaze on you.

She visibly blushes, but shakes her head. She looks away.

Nue returns to your side.

“Ms. Honda, you need to leave. Now.”

“What? Why?”

Nue slides her hands along your arm. “Hey, can you move?” You try to lift your arm. It shakes, but it does lift off the ground. A little. “Crap.”

“No time for details.” She glances out the window. “Let’s just say you made the right call, about your story. Someone’s been possessed, and she’s on her way. I can’t afford to get in a fight with her right now, and you don’t want to be around when she comes.”

“…Who? Does she know where I live?”

“She knows where you are, and…” Aya looks you over. “I don’t think you’re in any condition to fight her.”

Nue massages your belly. “Do you think anything’s broken?”

You lift your head on your elbows. Your muscles scream in protest, but the bones seem fine. “I don’t think so.”

Nue sighs. “Good enough, I suppose.”

“Hey, I s-”

The door slams open.

“What the hell is this?” Shizuha stands just behind Aya. “And who the hell are you?” She marches toward you. She kicks Nue off.


“Who is she, and just what did she do to you?”

“I didn’t do anything!”

Shaking, you look back to Aya.

“Who’s been possessed?”

Aya glances at Shizuha, before returning to you. “Someone powerful. Please, let me handle the details.”

“Who are you talking about?”

“The black book’s new puppet.”

Shizuha freezes.

“Heading here. Right now.”

Nue leaps to your other side, now across from Shizuha. She slides your bra back over your breasts. “Hey, Naoko’s girlfriend, wanna get her panties?”

“What? I am not-!”

“Yeah, yeah. You gonna dress her or do I have to?”

Shizuha grumbles, but moves down to your legs.

“A-hem!” Aya glares at Nue. “Are you going to get her out of here, or do I have to drag her out myself?”

“…Where would I go?”

“Good question. I can’t speak for everyone, but the Moriya Shrine is far away, reasonably well protected and-”

“And on what is literally called ‘Youkai Mountain.’” Shizuha all but seethes. “No thank you.”

“A lot of the youkai don’t particularly like the shrine. There wouldn’t be too many undesirable visitors.”

“And what happens when the gods find out about her aura? You think they won’t find a way to exploit her?”

“Uh, hey. If shady gods are a problem, what about Byakuren’s temple. She’s nice, honest, and good at protecting people.”

“Even worse! The entire temple is crawling with youkai! It’d be an orgy in minutes!”

“Orgy?” Nue looks genuinely confused. “Why would it…”

Shizuha groans. “If she’s going anywhere, it’s to the Taoists’ place. Wherever that is. We just need to find one of them and convince them to let us in.”

A thought occurs to you. A part of you’s too scared to say it, but if it helps the village…

“If I’m all she wants, maybe it’d be better if…”

“I swear to Aki, Naoko. I will tie you up, gag you, and haul you off myself, if you finish that sentence.”

Aya glances at you, before turning away to study the window. “She'll be easier to bargain with if she doesn’t already have what she wants.”


Where to?

[X] Moriya Shine. The shrine itself is just gods, so it’s the safe bet. Maybe?

[X] Myouren Temple. Abstinence is a thing in Buddhism, right?

[X] Miko’s place. If you can just get in, then it’s all humans. Probably.

[X] Bamboo Forest? If you’re going to hide, where’s better than the forest of the lost?

[X] Write-in.
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Also, a heads-up. I’ll be out of town for a crucial part of next week and essentially all the following week, so this may very well be my last update this month. But whatever happens in the next couple of weeks, I should return to my usual schedule next month.
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[X] The Land of Rear Doors

Haha! Time for Newhus!
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[X] The Land of Rear Doors
admittedly, this isn't a bad place to try and go. Okina is a god, and it's damn near impossible to get to unless she wants you there... which is also the biggest problem with it in the first place. If we can get help from Okina though, were (hopefully) fairly safe from whoever is chasing us.
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[X] The Land of Rear Doors

I gotta vote for that, if only cause I'm curious as hell to see how'd you implement it
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File 151770606378.png - (518.49KB, 642x900, Mystia Boob Heart.png)
Mystia Boob Heart
[X] The Land of Rear Doors

“…Perhaps the Land of Rear Doors?” At least you can’t be cornered there, right?

“Land of Rear Doors?” Aya puts a finger to her chin. “That could work… if I still had my own back door.”

“Uh, hey, the land of what?”

“Rear Doors. I did a story on it just after the four seasons incident. It’s sort of like a giant intersection to every place in Gensokyo. Not the easiest place for a simple human to try and live. But in this girl’s case, it might be a step up from the alternative.”

Shizuha grumbles as she slides your panties back up your leg. “And how many youkai live there?”

“I’m not sure that any youkai live there. The only people I encountered were the local goddess and her servants.”

“Goddess.” Shizuha repeats.

“Yes. Okina Matara. Goddess of secrets or something.”

Shizuha snaps your underwear pack into position. “But nothing else?”

“Nothing I know of.”

Fine. Land of Rear Doors it is. Just tell me how to get there.”

“Sorry, I lost my only ticket back in.” Aya flicks her head to the side. “Crap. Gotta go.” Aya turns back to you, pulling a small wallet out of her shorts. She places it on your belly. “Here’s a sort of… parting gift. Promise you won’t lose it, and you won’t open it near anyone else, okay?”


“Good. Now, Shizuha, Naoko. If you want to try and get there, you should look for somewhere Okina’s been operating recently and hope she left one behind.”

Aya leaps backward and slips through your door. Heavy footsteps echo in the distance. Nue peeks her head out your window, those… things splaying out behind her. She turns back to you.

“Hey uh, Naoko? Shizuha? We gotta go.”

“Right.” Shizuha starts working your arms back into the sleeves. Straining, you shift your arm slightly toward the hole.

Nue pushes Shizuha aside. She grabs one side of your kimono and pulls it across your body. She pulls the opposite side across. She pulls both sides tight, pinning your arms to your sides, and the wallet to your waist. Grabbing your obi with one hand, she lifts your waist with the other. Slipping the obi underneath, she pulls it up and around, tying it across your stomach.

“…What the hell are your doing?”

Slipping her arms beneath your upper back and your knees, Nue heaves you up. And extends her arms out.

“Here you go.” You fall into another pair of arms.

“I’ll buy you guys some time, if Naoko promises a date when she gets back.”

“She’s not coming ba-”

“I’ll do it.” She’s already saved your ass once, and you kind of want to know how a youkai shows her affection when she’s not about to force herself on you. If you can just get over her extra bits.

“Sweet! Trust me, this monster will be ancient history by the time you’re back.”

Nue takes off, her form shifting just before she leaves your sight.

Shizuha rocks you from side to side, pressing your face and knees against her breasts. She settles your body against herself, all but burying you in the soft fabric of her dress. She steps toward the door. She peeks around the corner, then jogs out and into the street. Dodging through back streets, she leads you toward the edge of the village.

Skirting around the still-bustling markets, Shizuha glances at the walls. She leaps up, reaching at least double your body’s height and clearing the wall. With a quiet whump, she lands on the other side.

“So, genius, what’s your master plan now?”

You… never quite thought it through this far. You’d kind of spit-balled that name, not necessarily expecting anyone to go along with it. It sounds wonderful: no youkai, and numerous exits, so you’re never cornered. But as to how you’d get there…

“…the Hakurei shrine, maybe?”

“The Hakurei shrine.”

“There’s always a party there when the incidents end, right?”

“That one was at least a year ago.”


“So, we’re back where…” Shizuha trails off. Amid the cricket cries of sunset, a gentle, melodious voice wafts through the air.

“There she is!” A guard cries from the wall.

Shizuha takes off, surging toward the woods. She flies close to the ground. Odd.

Kogasa did something similar. And come to think of it, so did Ayame… no, Nue. Maybe you should ask someone about that, next time you catch a break.

The singing grows loud enough for you to make out some of the words.

“When first I heard your voice, I knew I had no choice~ My love is far too much to tame~”

And it’s apparently a cliché love song.

“Your kind, lovely voice, still makes my heart rejoice~”

Light drains from around you as Shizuha plunges deep into the woods. The sound of crickets fades, replaced by calls and cries from insects you’ve never heard before.

“When first the passion came, I lost all sense of shame~”

That… sounds uncomfortably familiar.

Shizuha stops to lean against a tree.

“Land of Rear Doors… How the hell do we get there?”


A finger jabs at you, attached to slender body, in a light blouse and dark, poofy shorts. A bowl of green hair frames her glaring face. There’s… something on her back, probably. Maybe a cape of some kind?

“Your damn siblings can’t stop me now!”

The song grows a touch louder. Is the singer moving toward you?

“Though I never won your game, please tell me your name~”

“…Who are you?” There is something familiar about her. But just barely. Like a neighbor who needed help once. Or one you caught trying to swipe something.

“Wriggle Nightbug! We met behind your house, but those bastards tore us apart! And you never came back!”

The girl reaches out to grab you. Shizuha jerks away. The girl throws herself at you, crashing against both of you. She wraps her arms around you and tugs.

“Let me go!”

“No, goddamnit! You belong with me!

A thump. Shizuha shakes but holds firm. The girl trips backward but refuses to let go. You crash into her flat chest, as Shizuha falls on top of you. For one peaceful moment, they both let go.

The girl’s hands shoot back around you, but Shizuha shoves them away. Shizuha pushes you away, and you tumble into the leaves of the forest floor. The girl twists toward you, but Shizuha yanks her back.

“Run, Naoko. I’ve got her.”

The singing grows louder. And clearer. The singer is moving toward you. With Shizuha distracted, you’ve got no one left to protect you. Slowly, you heave yourself into a sitting position. Your hands are still tangled in your mis-tied dress, but you don’t have time to try to correct it. Instead, you lean forward, press your feet beneath you, and drag yourself upright.

“I hope it’s not too crass, how much I need your ass~”

Your legs shake, your body wobbles, and your muscles whine. But you’re upright.

You take a few shaking steps back. That girl lunges toward you, but Shizuha tackles her. Something stirs in the near-black air around you. With four awkward steps, you swivel around, looking deeper into the forest. You plant one foot forward, then the other. You shamble into the darkness.

You trample through soft, wet leaves as you march through the woods, traveling as fast as your weary legs can carry you.

“Please, don’t make me act like a whore~”

Long, winding branches hang just above your head, covered in old and rough bark. It feels like you’ve done all this before.

“It's too lovely a mass, to ever let it pass~”

You glance behind you. You see nothing but the darkened trees immediately near you. Everything else is black. If you just had use of your arms, you might use the nearby trees as leverage. Still, you force your sluggish body forward.

“We’ll join ‘till you’re sore, and you can’t stand anymore~”

Scattered webs enter your view, perched in the corners where branches meet their trees’ trunks.

“Oh, we’ll fuck again and again~”

You look back again, to find a pair of fluffy ears on a mop of fluffy pink hair, and bizarre, brown wings spread wide. You’re too tired and worn to jump back. Instead, your foot catches on a root. Instantly, a pair of hands are wrapped around your back, long nails sliding against your bundled dress.

“You’ll beg for more, forgetting who you were before~” She sings into the crook of your neck.

Her hands guide you into her chest, depositing your chin between her heavy breasts.

“Do you like my song? It’s about us.”

“It’s a bit forward, isn’t it?” Like the way she’s pressing her tits against your cheeks.

She chirps.

“Of course not. We’re getting married, right?”


“Yes. You stood me up for a year! Don’t you remember? You promised!”

Did you? A year ago would be… that summer. Was she part of the onslaught? Did you do something weird to get away from her?

You know, most girls would ditch someone for pulling that. Why couldn’t she be one of those girls?

“Would it be too late to call the whole thing off?”

“Well, I guess. But then you’d have to be my mistress, and that’s just weird.”

“What the hell, Mystia!” That’s the girl from before.

Mystia looks back over her shoulder. “…Oh, hey, Wriggle. Uh… This is not what it looks like…”

“Urgh, that’s not why I’m mad! ‘Mistress’ is the opposite of what she’s supposed to be!”

“Different kind of mistress, Wriggle.”

“Still, you thought you’d have her all to yourself, didn’t you?”

“Uh, well…” Mystia’s arms press your face into her chest.

There’s a dramatic sigh. A floral perfume assaults your nose from the fabric of Mystia’s dress, as she buries your face in it. The might of her seemingly delicate hand threatens to smother you between her breasts.

“Whatever.” Wriggle grunts. “But you heard her. She doesn’t want to marry us, and you know what that means.”

“That’s too cruel! How could you do that to her?”

Your eyes flutter, as your muscles sag.

“Excuse me? She blue balled us for decades!

“One year, Wriggle. It was one year. And besides, we don’t have balls.”

“Still.” Wriggle lets out a strangled sigh. “No. She said no. We’re going with my plan now.”

Their voices grow distant.

“But she didn’t actually say no yet, did she?”

“Well, no, bu…” Your mind trails off into oblivion.


Wet leaves rustle against your head, and the bare flesh of your ass and side. Coarse rope pins your wrists together, behind your back. You’re naked again, but your strength is back.

Pulling your torso upright, you glance around. You’re in some kind of clearing. Well-lit leaves extend out a few paces, before they plunge into impenetrable shadow. Aches and creaks makes themselves known across your body, but they’re manageable. Almost as an afterthought, you snap your thighs together, hopefully hiding your pussy.

Mystia and Wriggle are nowhere to be seen. Thank god.

Footsteps sound, rustling the leaves beneath them. A thick, but curvy figure steps out of the shadow. Like you, she’s completely nude. Full breasts and giant hips sway as she steps forward. A head of full, wavy hair. A face you’ve seen before…

It’s Masami. Masami Honda.

Your mother.

That forest between the thighs, that you’re staring at right now, belongs to your mother.

She turns and drops to her ass next to you.

“How was your day, Naoko?”

She slides her hands to your sides and pulls you into her lap. She’s still a bit taller than you. Hard nipples press into your back, as her pubic hair rustles against your bound hands.

You throw yourself forward, but her arms wrap around your belly and hold firm. Confused, you fall back into her, and fall back on old, old habits.

“I… made a new friend…”

“That’s good to hear. Is she taking care of you?”

“I… well, I lost her recently, but she’s been really helpful so far. I wish there was something I could do for her, though.”

“That’s good, but you should be more careful. Goddesses aren’t as safe for you as they seem.”

Goddess? When did you say that?

“I hear you’ve had some troubles lately, do you want to talk about it?”

“Troubles, like what?”

“They say some mean girls have been pushing you to do things you don’t want.”

“I… it’s fine. It’s under control.” You shut your eyes. Now’s not the time to break down. “I’ll get away from them soon.”

There’s a bright, clear blue sky through the window. You’re sitting at the dinner table now, your bare ass still resting on your mother’s thighs. The table’s bare, and the room is likewise deserted. No fire, utensils, dishes, tools, or anything.

Not even any sounds from outside.

Soft hands slide down your arms, rubbing them.

“You have a plan, right?”

“Of course. I just need to find the right door.”

“What sort of door are you looking for?”

“I’m… not sure. But I need to find one that leads to the realm of the rear door.”

“‘Realm of the Rear Door,’ hm?” She slides one hand across your belly, rubbing circles in it. “And how do you plan to find that door?”

“I… don’t know.”

She slides her hands beneath your breasts. “Well then, perhaps I can help.”


“Yes, but I’m afraid it will come at some cost. You see, I have a friend who knows the way in, but she won’t give that away for free.” She gives one breast a light bounce. “She’ll need something from you. Your name, your face, your humanity, or something like that.”

“…What does that even mean?”

“I’m afraid I don’t know. How badly do you want to access that realm?”

“I… I’d give…”


[X] ‘My name.’ It’s valuable, but losing it probably wouldn’t hurt you.

[X] ‘My face.’ No way this could hurt you, right?

[X] ‘My humanity.’ What does that even mean?

[X] ‘Nothing.’ This has ‘scam’ written all over it.

[X] Write-in.


If you find the votes a bit cryptic this time around, I'm fine with clarifying them.
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I'm assuming this means that we either
A) can't be called Naoko anymore
B) have our appearance changed on us
and C) become a Youkai

so I'm going with [X] My face
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[X] ‘Nothing.’ This has ‘scam’ written all over it.

Well hello there Doremy Sweet, how are you doing?
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[X] ‘Nothing.’ This has ‘scam’ written all over it.

When you've got someone impersonating your mother and asking for your humanity... honestly taking your chances with Mysty and Wriggle is probably the safer option than this.
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[X] ‘My humanity.’ What does that even mean?

Interesting option for a CYoA.
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File 151830700040.jpg - (456.99KB, 900x1200, Wriggle Butt.jpg)
Wriggle Butt
[X] ‘Nothing.’ This has ‘scam’ written all over it.

“I… I’d give… Nothing.”

A pressure tightens around a nipple as your… As ‘Masami’ pinches it.

“Life will be difficult for you without that help. You know that, right?”

“Yes. I… I know.” You can’t quite remember what happened to you before this, but you’re certain you were in peril. And yet… to give in to strange demands, from a strange woman, with only vague promises of help? No. Whatever trouble you faced before, you’re better off facing on your own. “But I’ll face it myself.”

For some reason, you don’t quite feel comfortable openly admitting you don’t trust her. Or her ‘friend’. You’re starting to wonder if they’re really different people.

“Well…” A pair of fingers closes around your other nipple, and Masami tugs at them. Your skin crawls at the feeling. “I won’t try to stop you, but I’m not sure when you’ll ever find help again. Are you really okay with that?”

“…I am.” More okay than giving what she wants, anyway.

Pain coils through your breasts, as Masami twists your nipples.

“Very well. But I’ll be watching.” With one last, painful twist, Masami lets go, and her hands return to cupping your breasts. It’s… technically an improvement.

“Why… why does that friend want to help?”

“She didn’t say. All I know is that you’ve managed to catch her attention.” Masami rubs circles around your areola.

“Why does she want those things?”

“Hm…” One hand slides down to your crotch, gently rubbing your pussy.

“Could you… could you not touch that? Please?

A finger slips inside.

“H-how’s Shizuha? Is she okay?”

“Oh, she’s fine. But you… well… I hope you like chains…”


Birds chirp as the smell of grilled meat floats toward your nostrils. Your head throbs in pain, but you’re not quite sure from what. A soft cushion and warm sheets comfort you, but the way your nipples rub against them feels weird. You stir, only to feel metal dig into your wrists and rub against your crotch. Groaning, you open your eyes. You’re in a bedroom, with a short table to your right, and a chair in the corner. You twist your wrists, but they’re locked tight behind the headboard. Flipping your head back, you find a pair of metal bands chained together behind the wooden bars. A chain that's barely three links long.

You’re pretty sure that being chained to a stranger’s bed isn’t the worst position you’ve been in. Yet. The strange metal wrapped around your crotch might change that, though. Or the legs straddling your stomach. You look down your torso at the green-haired girl sitting on you, her black cape draped over your blanket. Her creepy antennae wiggle, and she pulls the blanket off your breasts.

Goosebumps crawl across the bare flesh of your breasts. You're naked under the sheets.

“Morning, bitch.” That voice is far too cheerful to have uttered that sentence.

Wriggle’s crotch pinches the blanket over your stomach, twisting it with each movement. She leans forward, planting her hands on your breasts to support her weight. She’s grinning, somewhere between playful and vindictive.

“Slept well?” She leans in close, two black antennae all but touching your face. She pulls back. “’Cause I did. Best sleep I’ve had in ages!” A grin breaks out across her face. “Hey, how ‘bout I give you a free preview of what you’re doing tonight?”


Wriggle shrugs. “That’s cool. I don’t mind if you struggle.” Her grin grows. “That just makes it more fun.”

Something primal wells up within you. You can’t help it, and can’t resist what happens.

You scream.


In a split-second, Wriggle’s leg flips over your body, turning her around. Your breath dies in your throat. Her ass looms over you, as a pair of shoes press against the sides of your face, draped over your arms. You try to pull yourself toward the headboard, but her feet prove stronger. Slowly, her ass sinks toward you. Darkness falls, as her black shorts blot out the light. Then it happens. Her ass-cheeks first press against your face, then sink to either side. You can feel the depression of her asshole through the shorts.

“Naturally, you’ll be eating this out ‘till your tongue falls off. But we still haven’t quite figured out where Mystia fits in.” Wriggle’s voice is muffled, but still understandable. She plants her hands on your breasts. “She wants to do something more ‘romantic’, but that’s gonna be kind of hard.”

The scent of denim and her ass fills your nose. You push upward, arcing your body for every ounce of strength you can muster. You push. But Wriggle’s just too goddamn heavy. You twist your body, hoping for some kind of leverage. Nothing.

Mercifully, Wriggle lifts her ass up. You take in a deep gulp of purer air.

“Thank y-”

Wriggle sits it back down, burying your face again. “Aw c’mon~ We can play around a little longer, right?”

You strain to breathe, as Wriggle’s ass dominates your lungs. At least you’re not forced to sniff directly from her asshole. Still, what you’d give for a moment of clean air. Her ass lifts back up again.

It stops a hair’s breadth from your face. It’s enough to breathe a bit easier, but you can’t see anything beyond the black-clad cheeks. For several excruciating moments, it just sits there. Her feet remain clamped to either side of your head; there’s still nothing you can do if she chooses to sit back down.

She stays still.

“Uh… Wriggle. P-please, I’ll do wh-”

Her ass buries you again, her asshole nearing your lips again.

“If I want you to do something, you’ll do it. Besides.” She lets out a quiet, surprisingly feminine moan. Her ass wiggles from side to side, carrying your face with it. “I doubt anything could feel better than this seat.”

Then she stops. Wriggle leans back, burying the entirety of your face beneath her ass-cheeks. Your lungs strain, but barely anything makes it through the barrier of denim and flesh, pressed against your nose and mouth. It feels as if, for this moment, your entire world is just Wriggle’s taut, but suffocating ass.

Then, in a move that squeezes her ass-cheeks around your face, Wriggle hops off the bed. Gripping the edge of your blanket, she yanks it off. You shudder in the suddenly-cold morning air. Wriggle crawls back onto the bed, to sit between your legs. Gripping each by the thigh, she hefts them up. Revealing a metal ‘T’ shape wrapped around your crotch, with some sort of grill in front of your pussy.

The vision of your otherwise utter nudity doesn’t surprise you anymore.

“What do you think?”

You stare at your own crotch, as blood rushes to your head.

“…What is it?”

Wriggle sets your thighs back down, beaming with pride and… something else. Sadism, probably.

“A chastity belt. Now you don’t get to cum unless I allow you. And hey, check this out.” Wriggle fishes through a pocket, then pulls out a small, pink block with a couple knobs on it. She pushes a button.

Something vibrates inside you. It pushes against your flesh with a light thrum, just behind the ‘belt’. You can’t help but squirm a little, but it doesn’t do much.

Wriggle giggles, in a way that’s somehow menacing. She pushes the button again, and the vibrations stop.

“By the time I’m done, you’ll be begging me to fuck you. Just like I would have, had you even given me the chance.”

“Breakfast is ready! Wriggle, bring her over!”

Wriggle shrugs and hops back off. Leaning over you, she fiddles with the bands. There’s a click, and one opens.

You try to bolt out and away from Wriggle, only for her to catch you by the wrist and pull you back. Grabbing the empty shackle, she yanks. Thrown off-balance, you tumble off the bed, held up by your still-bound wrist. Stumbling to your feet, you stagger forward as she opens the door and drags you through it.

You should use your free hand to find something to fight back or escape with. Instead you use it to hide your pussy, and the short hairs now growing near it. You squirm as she drags your naked ass toward Mystia.

There’s a plate of rice and some kind of meat on the table. Mystia stands next to it, beaming.

“Sit her down.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Wriggle hauls you to a chair. She shoves you onto it and pulls one arm through the bars at the edge of the seat’s back. Then, pulling the other arm through the opposite gap, she snaps the cuff back around your wrist, binding your wrists behind you again. The angle bends your arms such that the entirety of your forearms are trapped behind the bars. And you’re forced forward at an angle that exhibits your breasts to your captors.

You give the restraints a light, experimental tug, too intimidated by her earlier aggression to do anything more… obstinate.

“Welp, I’m done here.” Wriggle takes a plate and returns to what must be the bedroom.

“Hey! Don’t make a mess.”

“Wouldn’t dream of it.” The door closes.

“Honestly. If I hadn’t needed her help…”

You glance at the plate in front of you. You lean forward, twisting your arms. You can’t reach the plate. Is this a cruel joke?

“Oh, sorry!” Mystia leans in front of you, using a fork to pick out a piece of meat. She raises it to your lips. “Say ‘ahhh’…”

Biting back frustration, you open your mouth.

She extends the fork, and you clamp down. She pulls the fork back, and you chew. It’s not too bad. Weirdly sweet and a bit bland, but not bad.

“I’m sorry about the handcuffs, but Wriggle’s just so convinced you’ll run away.” Mystia readies another fork, this time including some rice. Obediently, you open back up. Your dry mouth can wait. Mystia slips a hand under your chin as she glides the food in. You take the bite.

“You said you loved me, you know. Why’d you leave?”

You take your time to chew. You need an answer that doesn’t piss her off, but also doesn’t promise too much. Not until you know what will or won’t bite you in the ass. You decide on something partly true.

“I was just… confused.” You start. Some thought or feeling flits across Mystia’s face. “Everything happened so fast. By the time you came, I barely knew who I was.” Technically true. You ran through dozens of theories as to why every youkai around suddenly wanted to fuck you. At one point you figured you must have actually been a youkai. “I’m sorry.” Sorry you got caught, that is. You still put on as contrite and sorrowful a face as you can muster.

Mystia’s face melts. She rushes toward you and throws her arms through the bars to hug you. “It’s okay. We’re together now, and we can finally do everything we promised!”

That puts a pit in your stomach. After a year of memories you wished to forget, you suddenly wish you had perfect memory. Just what the hell did you promise her?

“Well, we can’t do the chocolate tonight, but maybe the pet-play?”

…What the hell is that?

“Oh! You’re probably thirsty too.” Mystia rushes off. Your plate’s barely started. Mystia returns with a clay cup. She extends it to you. “Actually…” She pulls it back. “I’ve got a better idea.”

At just that moment, you feel a click. That thrum starts back up. That… thing vibrates against your walls again.

Mystia raises the cup to her own lips and takes a drink. Grinning, she sets the cup next to your plate and turns to you. She swings a leg over your lap and straddles you. Your legs squirm at the vibrations between them. Sliding her arms behind your head, she leans in and presses her lips to yours.

For a moment, nothing happens. Then Mystia grunts. You part your lips. A sweet, tangy fluid pours down your mouth, and drips down your chin. Fruit juice, but not a fruit you’re familiar with. It’s a welcome relief to your throat, at least. A hard pulse beats against your walls, jolting you and spilling some of the juice down your chin and breasts. Mystia pulls back to take another swig.

She leans back in for another ‘drink’. The vibrations cease. You open up. Just as the first drops slide down your tongue, another hard pulse hits you. You jerk, pushing Mystia back and spilling more of the juice down your bare chest. Mystia takes another gulp and goes right back in, undeterred.

You swallow almost all of it, but her tongue follows. You lock up. You can’t bring yourself to play to this. Mystia pulls back.

Mystia buries her face in your shoulder. “It’s okay. You’re a bit confused right now. I just love you so, so much.”

“You don’t know the first thing about me.”

“That’s not true… Your name is Naoko, you helped check the crops in the morning, but by evening, you’d either play card games with your sisters, or throw a ball with your brothers. You’re a C-cup with a plump ass and…”

“…About who I am.”

“We’ll figure out together.”

Three hard pulses hit your walls. Then it hits a constant thrum, much, much harder than before.

Mystia leans back from you, as a tremor rocks your body. She pops the top button off her dress. She looks at you, bashful. “Do you… do you still feel that way I…”

You open your mouth to respond, just as a ring falls between you and her, held aloft by a pair of metal brackets, each fixed to a leather strap. Before you can speak, it’s jammed between your teeth and latched up behind your head.


Your tongue lolls just beyond your jaw, now held wide open by that ring. The brackets pull at the sides of your lips. The vibrations ease to a low hum.

“Hey! We were having a serious discussion, Wriggle!” Mystia steps off your lap.

While they’re talking, you lean forward, straining against the chair.

“Yeah, about sappy shit. Now are you gonna help me train her or not?”

You have no hope in breaking the cuffs on your wrists, but maybe you could snap the wood?

“She doesn’t need to be trained!”

You pound your forearms against the bars, to no avail.

“Mystia, do you even know what a sex slave is?

“Hweh?” You can’t hide your alarm at that remark. Small beads of sweat form on your skin.

“Shh, girl. Your fiancés are talking.”

Sex slave? Spittle flies from your mouth, as you make one last, desperate heave against the chair.

“Fiancé? Are you kidding me? You still seriously think she’ll even consider fulfilling her marital duties?”

You sag in defeat, staring down your moistened breasts. Saliva trails from your chin, to your bare breasts, down your naval. Small shivers still climb up and down your body, caused by hum inside your pussy.

“If you’d been listening, she’s already all but confessed her love!”

Wait, you did what? When?

“Anyway, take that horrible gag away.”

“You sure you want me to?”

Mystia hesitates. “Why wouldn’t I?”

A hand wraps around your chin. It forcibly angles your face to Mystia’s.

“’Cause I could’ve sworn there was something you really wanted to with these lips.”

“I…” Mystia looks down at you. Well, more leers than looks. “I shouldn’t. You know I shouldn’t. I should just wait…” She glances at Wriggle. “Just this once. And only for a moment.”

Mystia pops every button off her the top half dress in record time. She’s flushed, breathing heavy, and licking her lips. She's shaking but doesn't even slow down. The blouse is half-undone before you notice, both sagging on one side to the deep red of her bra, and the breast it supports. She pops the cup up, exposing her pendulous breast. She leans forward. Wriggle’s hand forces your gaze a bit lower. A single, swollen, brown nipple slides through the ring. Her heavy flesh sealing the hole. The nipple slides against your tongue.

“Ohh… Oh, Honda. We are so going to do this every day.”

“Which is why we should just keep her as a sex slave.”

“But that was not. The. Deal.”

Whack! Your ass burns from the force of Wriggle’s slap. Mystia’s hands fly around the back of your head, keeping your lips on her breast. Her rock-hard nipple slides along your tongue.

“Come on, Mystia! She stood you up. Left you cold and alone. Besides, why do you even want to marry her when you could just fuck her?”

“I…” Mystia nudges your head, trying to force her breast deeper inside. “It’s love, Wriggle. You wouldn’t understand.”

“Love, huh? And if she doesn’t want to fuck you? Would you love her enough to leave her alone?”

“I don’t know! Maybe?”

“And besides, don’t you have work today? Do you really think you can take her with you?”

“I’ll work something out! Now let her speak, so she can prove she still loves me.”


Wriggle circles around in front of you and pushes Mystia to the side, finally freeing your tongue from her breast. You’d try to cleanse your mouth, if you could move it. She slides her hands behind your head, leaning in close. Quietly, she speaks.

“You and I are going to have a lot of… fun, if she or I find out you lied today.” She leans back and speaks louder. “Actually, I don’t think she really needs to speak. So, girl. You love her or not. Just nod your head to say yes, or shake it to say no.”

Mystia stares at you, hiding nervous shivers behind a bright, but plastered-on smile. Wriggle looks more… eager. Like she’s just waiting for you to fuck up.

Could you possibly do it? Pretend to not only like, but love the woman who’ll rape you? And keep up that charade for who knows how long? Could you possibly say no, knowing your fate may be even worse?

“Oh, don’t forget. You’re not just marrying her. If Mystia gets you as a bride, then so do I. Aren’t you such a lucky girl?”

A part of you really wants to just kick her. Groin, stomach, legs, wherever. It’s a stupid, stupid idea, but this might just be your only chance to wipe that grin off her face. There’s no way it’d be worth her retaliation, is there?

Thinking on it, drool still gliding down your chin, you…


[X] Nod. You need every ounce of protection you can get.

[X] Shake. You can’t do it. You just can’t do it.

[X] Kick. This is a terrible idea, but it'll feel so good.

[X] Write-in.


I should probably lay off on the facesitting for bit.
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[X] Shake. You can’t do it. You just can’t do it.
Mystia seams allright, all things concidered.
Wriggle. however, is no.
make sure that Mystia knows that.
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[X] Kick. This is a terrible idea, but it'll feel so good.
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[X] Nod. You need every ounce of protection you can get.
[X] Kick. This is a terrible idea, but it'll feel so good.

I mean... can it be both? Best way I can think of to both show Mystia you'd like things her way rather than Wriggles and make it clear you're not amused with Wriggles sadism.
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Not sure anyone needs this clarified or not, but just in case there's any uncertainty:

Unless otherwise specified, I will allow multiple choices, barring ones that must be mutually exclusive. That said, if the vote is not set-up specifically for multiple choices, each combination will be considered a unique vote. (For example: [X] Yes + [X] Kick does not count toward [X] Kick, or vice versa.) A multi-choice vote would not be a free, best of multiple worlds option, of course.

TL;DR: >>38798 is legal.
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[X] Kick. This is a terrible idea, but it'll feel so good.

Gotta say, I love orgasm denial and was not expecting the story to go this way. I really hope to see some tease and denial scenario's out of this in the future.
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[X] Nod. You need every ounce of protection you can get.
[X] Kick. This is a terrible idea, but it'll feel so good.
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I need to call the votes a bit early this week, and would prefer that voters make the final call, so I'm humbly requesting another tie-breaker.

Current leaders are Kick, and Nod + Kick. Previous rules apply: first leader to get another vote wins, but if there are no new votes by about this time tomorrow, I choose one myself by coin flip.
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[X] Nod. You need every ounce of protection you can get.
[X] Kick. This is a terrible idea, but it'll feel so good.
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And we're called for Nod + Kick. Update at the usual time.
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File 15189210026.png - (1.56MB, 1500x2100, Mystia Stripping.png)
Mystia Stripping
[X] Nod. You need every ounce of protection you can get.
[X] Kick. This is a terrible idea, but it’ll feel so good.

…You nod, disrupting the saliva flow from your locked-open maw. Goddamnit. Mystia’s face lights up like a star, as her wings fan out. She pops the cup of her bra back over her breast, but leaves her dress and blouse sagging open.

Her smile’s nice, but if you’re doing this, you need some protection from the green sadist. And since you can’t speak, you do the only thing you can think of. Hauling one naked leg up, you pound it into Wriggle’s gut. Amazingly, she actually stumbles backward.

“You piece of sh-!”

Mystia leaps forward, knocking Wriggle aside as she buries her tongue behind your locked teeth. She drapes a hand behind your head, and another around your back. Her tongue drifts between your lips, sliding against your own and taking brief tastes across the sides of your mouth. Like she’s testing the waters. She pushes her tongue underneath yours, then sweeps it back over.

She pulls back, licking her lips. You suck a breath in, through jaws still locked wide open.

Mystia hops back and circles behind you. Wriggle rubs her stomach, muttering under her breath. She grabs a fat, white stick of some sort, with a black cap. Looming over you, she extends it toward your forehead. You swing your leg back for another kick, only for her to catch it with her foot.

“Don’t hurt her, Wriggle.” Mystia fiddles with your cuffs.

“Yeah, yeah.” She pops the cap off, revealing a very short black brush at the end, and presses it against your face. You wince as she rubs it against your forehead, moving it in squiggly lines for a few moments. When she pulls back, you open your eyes to catch her bringing it down to your lower belly.

You squirm helplessly as Wriggle scribbles something just above the belt, just before a cuff snaps open. Wriggle bounces back and walks away. You pull your wrists out from the chair, as Mystia circles back around. She takes one look at Wriggle’s handiwork.


“Just leaving her a few… reminders.”

Mystia groans in frustration. She turns to you and stretches out her hand. Hesitant, you accept, and she helps pull you upright.

“C’mon, Naoko.” Mystia wraps her arm around your shoulder, her almost bare breast against your side. She leads you back to the bedroom. Your heart pounds and your fingers twitch. She’ll probably expect you to do it with her. Enthusiastically. Like you want her inside you, or to be inside her. You’ve been through a lot, but that… What’ll happen when she finds out you lied? Will she tell Wriggle?

A hand snaps around your free wrist and drags it behind your back, snapping the cuff back on it before you can act. You throw your gaze behind you, to find Wriggle slipping a key down her shorts.

“Iheea. Ieh. Eeuh,” you blurt out, trying to force words through the ring.

Mystia opens the door and turns back to you. “Oh. Heh, heh, sorry. Gimme just a sec, okay?”

She leads you to the bed and sits you down on it, then plops down beside you and starts working the straps to your gag. Her wings encircle you, not quite touching your skin. With a clack, the clasp is undone, and she pulls it loose. Then, leaning against you, she pulls the straps away from your head and pops the ring out of your mouth. She pulls it back to herself as you exercise your jaw. It’s already a bit sore.

Then Mystia wraps her arms around you and throws you into the mattress, wrapping her body and wings around you.

“Oh, this is a dream come true!” She nuzzles into your shoulder. “It’s finally happened! After that long, cold year, you’re finally here, where you belong!” She plants a quick, soft kiss on your neck.

A click. The vibrations start again, having stopped at some point during the chaos. Your breath hitches, but you manage to keep from letting anything more embarrassing out.

“So, where do you want to go first?”

“Go? For what?”

Mystia swats your thigh. “For our date, silly. We can’t just get married without going on at least one, right?”

Date. Of course. Just what y- hrk. A bead of moisture trickles out from behind the belt. No. You could use this. If you play your cards just right, you could hold off on actual sex until afterward, right?

“So, where do you want to go?”

“I…” There’s only one place you want to be right now. But there’s a much worse monster waiting there. You clamp your legs together, fighting the urge to rub them against one another as the heat builds.

The vibrations die back down. Wriggle’s playing with you. Taunting you. You need to get the hell out of here before she breaks you down. If you could just yank that thing out of your…

Your stomach rumbles.

“Oh, oops. I kinda forgot to finish feeding you, huh? Give me just a second.” Mystia lets go and stands back up. “Oh, stay there for a bit, okay?”

She walks back through the door.

For one precious moment, you’re alone. You’re bare-ass naked, hands tied behind your back, but you’re alone. Idly, you wonder if you could escape like this. There’s a glass window that looks like you could just pop it open, if you could work the latch with your teeth.

Well, if you sat with your back to it, you could use your hands…

But either way, streaking through the forest, bound, is probably even worse than staying here.

The door opens, and Mystia walks back in, carrying your plate and cup. Her wings flutter as she sets the dishes on the bed-table. She scoops up a portion of your breakfast with her fork and extends it toward you.

“Say ‘ahh.’” She holds one hand under the fork, smiling.


She slides her spare hand under your chin as she guides the food in.

She spends the next several minutes feeding you. It’s quite nice. The food’s good and no one’s pestering you for pleasure. You take a moment to relax and savor the taste, until she’s fed you everything on the plate. Then she grabs the cup and empties it behind her own lips. Her cheeks swell. She leans in close, puckering her lips.

You can’t help a nervous twitch as your eyes bounce left to right, but you close them tight and open your lips. Gotta pl-

Mystia plants her lips against yours and forces the juice down your throat. She rubs her tongue against yours as she shoves you down against the mattress. Juice drips down your cheeks, onto the sheets. Everything tastes sweet and fruity. She all but collapses on top of you, wrapping one arm around your back while burying her other hand in your hair. You let out a quiet mewl as she assaults you with her tongue. She pulls back for air, ruffling your hair, but before you get a single breath in, she buries her tongue down your throat again.

She pulls back again, this time to slip her dress over her head and wings, then drop it on the floor. Her blouse follows. She must’ve unbuttoned them while she was-

Her lips crash into yours again. She holds back her tongue, for at least a moment, as she grinds her body against yours. Heavy breasts, tipped with painfully erect nipples rub against your own, as she slides a leg between yours and presses it to your crotch.

It hits metal, but she doesn’t even seem to care as she returns her arm to your back. Her tongue returns, this time poking at your own.

The hand around your back slips down and gives your ass a squeeze.

That sets something off. Before you can think about it, you’ve turned your head away, breaking the kiss. Mystia’s gyrations stop, and you make yourself drag your gaze back to her.

She stares at you, blinking, saliva still trailing from her lips. You take a few moments to catch your breath, the rise and fall of your stomach pressing against her own.

Her brow wrinkles in worry.

Shit. You’re supposed to be ‘in love’ with her. You need an excuse. Now.

“I- I… I, I’m sorry. I just… I wasn’t ready. Let’s…” Keep going. Keep going. Keep fucking going. She’s the only thing between you and Wriggle right now. Just tell her you’re ready to… “Maybe later?”

Goddamnit. You can only pray this doesn’t ruin it.

“Oh, heh heh. Sorry.” She rubs her neck. Wrapping both arms around your back, she stares deep into your eyes, a dreamy expression on her face. “It’s okay. I always knew we’d be here. Wriggle thinks it was a lie, that all your talk of love and submission was just a ruse. Just an excuse to get me to let go. And who knows? Maybe that’s true.” She strokes your hair. “But it’s okay. You’re mine now, and that’s all that matters.”

Right. Hers. You’re her little sex toy now. Just like you were Kagerou’s toy, and Kogasa’s toy, and that… thing’s toy. You’re shivering. You’re not quite sure why. You wrap y- Your cuffs clink. Right, you can’t even hug yourself.

You choke back what might be a sob. Or a cough. Or just something stuck in your throat.

“Are you okay?”

You push away with your feet and flip, turning your back to her.

“Is it something I said?”

You fold your legs in, against your stomach. You can’t do this. You can’t pretend to love her. You can barely pretend to like her. Weren’t you supposed to be in some esoteric realm by now? Rear door, or something? How the hell did one simple, goddamn trip get so badly derailed? Where’s Shizuha? Shouldn’t she have saved you by now? You never should’ve left the farm. What’s Ayame doing right now? Wh-

A faint buzz stirs against your flesh.

No. Not now. Not f-

The toy explodes into action, beating against you. Your body’s quaking in seconds. You try to choke back a groan, but your breathing’s already labored. A heavy, throaty moan escapes your tongue, and you can already feel more on the way.

“Naoko? Are you okay?”

Mystia rests a hand on your shoulder. You try to twist away from it, but you’re shaking too hard and your motor control’s shot to hell.

“F-f- i-ine.”

Your legs betray you, squirming in a vain effort to push the toy in deeper. Then the toy hits a sweet spot, arcing your back and forcing a squeal past your lips.

“You… you know, I hear some girls could get off just by playing with their breasts really well, maybe…”

What? No! Your muscles lock together, as a spasm runs through you. Your juices slip down your hips and seep into the blanket. Your body curls forward.

You feel the edge approach. She’s about to make you climax without even touching you.

Then it stops. The toy dies down to a low hum.

Your muscles sag, partly in relief, as you bite back a frustrated scream. Mystia pulls you into her arms, her still-rigid nipples reminding you of her desire.

“There, there. I’ll talk to Wriggle. I’m sure we can convince her to go a bit easier on you.” A hand slides across your breast. There’s some pleasure from her touch, which makes your skin crawl.

“…I don’t have to marry her, right?”

“Eh heh. Sorry. But you kind of do. Unless you really did want to be her slave.” Mystia idly plays with your nipple.

“Hell no.”

“Well, then I guess you’ll be Ms. Lorelei and Ms. Nightbug. I’ve got an awesome wedding dress picked out for you, you know. I think you’ll love it.” She buries her nose in your hair. “All white, and pretty, lots of lace…” The hand not fondling your tit travels south to paw at your iron belt in slow, sleepy motions.

One heavy moan escapes your lips as the toy starts back up. You bite back the next one. The returning quakes aren’t helping. Mystia’s motions soon slow to a crawl, then stop altogether. Then her other hand falls off your breast, slumping to the mattress beneath you. Her stomach pushes against you in a steady rhythm of rise and fall.

She’s asleep. Mystia is now the first person to fall asleep molesting you. And there’s still sunlight pouring over the whole goddamn room.

There’s a quiet knock on the door. Then it clicks open, and a pair of feet step around the bed, until a pair of black shorts enter your vision. Wriggle drops into a crouch, bringing her eyes level to yours.

“Hm. I guess you would make a pretty good body pillow, huh?” As far as you can tell, she’s not actually carrying any weird toys. What does she… “Well, Mystia needed the sleep anyway. Now.” She gives your breast a light swat. “Get up. We need to talk.”

You nestle into Mystia.

“Don’t bully her, Wriggle.” Mystia stirs, her voice bleary.

“Don’t nanny me, Mystia. It’s just a talk.”

“…Fine.” Mystia scoots your legs off the bed, and Wriggle hauls you upright. You squirm in her grip, twisting against her, but she just presses your arms into your torso and shoves you forward. She pushes you around the bed and back through the door. She hauls you toward that chair and drops you in it. At least she doesn’t bind you to it again.

She pulls another chair out, until it’s facing you. She sits down in it, propping her feet on your lap.

“I need you to do something for me, before I let you off the hook.” She pokes your stomach with the tips of her shoes.

“…I thought the deal was just about whether I loved Mystia?”

“The deal was that both of us got to fuck you. The question was whether we’d be fucking our wife or our slave.” She levels a glare at you, rubbing her stomach. “Somehow, I don’t trust you to follow through on your own.”

“Do you… need me to do something?”

“I need you to prove you won’t waste the past year of my life.” Wriggle swings her legs off your lap and stands up. She unzips and kicks her shorts off. There are simple black panties underneath. She sits back down, spreading her legs. “I’m not taking the belt off until Mystia and I have both come, but I need to know you’ll do your part. So, you can eat me out, or you can lick my feet. Or do something else, but I’d better come out convinced.”

A sleepy, inaudible mumble floats in from the bedroom.

Wriggle looks away and lets out a frustrated sigh. “If… If you do well enough, I might ease up on the torment. I guess.”

“If… If I…”

“Don’t? If you don’t, we go back to doing things my way.”

You gulp. In retrospect, this was probably the best you could expect from someone so deep under your “talent’s” influence. Still doesn’t ease the bile at what you’re being asked to do.

You decide to…


[X] Eat her pussy. You’ll fuck, but you won’t bow.

[X] Lick her feet. It’s not sex, at least.

[X] Refuse. All or nothing, even if you’re bound to get nothing.

[X] Write-In.
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[X] Write-In. Refuse unless she takes the handcuffs off before eating her out. Even if only temporarily.

After the way she acted to being Mystia's toy I can't see her willingly being Wriggles. This lets Honda retain what little power she has, and who knows if Wriggle agree's then down the line repetitively doing this might lead to a chance to escape (besides, it's not like you could get away from Wriggle right now even if you weren't handcuffed)
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[X] Lick her feet. It’s not sex, at least.
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[x] Tell her about your aura.

She's tried running, she's tried hiding, she's tried fighting, and she's tried lying. None of it worked. Has she ever tried reasoning with the youkai? Telling them that they don't really love her, that its just her aura forcing them to like her, and that she can't turn it off? Its worth a try, and its not like it could make things worse at this point.
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[X] Eat her pussy. You’ll fuck, but you won’t bow.
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[x] Maybe if she knows the why she won't be so eager. Tell her about your aura.
-[X] If that fails, eat her pussy. You’ll fuck, but you won’t bow.

If the first fails, there is still the second. Trying to weasel out first but relenting and such if we must.
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[X] Lick her feet. It’s not sex, at least.

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Alright. Gonna say that, for the next few months, I'll try to close votes at some point between 19ish on Tuesday or Wednesday. In the interest of fairness, I'm giving you the full duration this week, so you've got until around this time tomorrow. Just giving you a heads up. (And don't forget that, as per the rules I'd defined last vote, Lick Feet is now in the lead)
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[x] Maybe if she knows the why she won't be so eager. Tell her about your aura.
-[X] If that fails, eat her pussy. You’ll fuck, but you won’t bow.
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[X] Lick her feet. It’s not sex, at least.
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I wrote this >>38844

I'm willing to expand it to become

[x] Maybe if she knows the why she won't be so eager. Tell her about your aura.
-[X] If that fails, eat her pussy. You’ll fuck, but you won’t bow.
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Coin's been flipped. We're going to lick her feet.

However, in light of the unusual 'intensity' of this vote, expect some more formal aura talking options in the future.
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File 151959612221.jpg - (517.47KB, 960x1080, Wriggle Feet.jpg)
Wriggle Feet
[X] Lick her feet. It’s not sex, at least.

A part of you really wants to just come out and tell her why she wants you so badly. Maybe she wouldn’t be quite so eager to fuck you if she knew she was being manipulated. On the other hand, what if she takes that as an admission to having lied to Mystia? Now seems like a terrible time to learn what she meant by ‘fun.’

You part your suddenly dry lips.

“I… I’ll do it. I’ll… I’ll lick your, your feet.” You’re shaking. You hate submitting like this, but if it delays having to fuck someone again, even for just a moment, you’ll do it.

“Well, what are you waiting for?” Wriggle taps her feet.

You plant your hands against the seat and lower yourself to a kneel. With how close she’d been sitting, you’re already between her feet.

“Good girl.” Wriggle pops the strap off one shoe, then the other. She slides the first to your face. “Take it off for me, would you?”

She’s kidding, right? She’s the one that locked your hands behind you. What does she expect you to…

No. She’s not expecting you to do that, is she? You look up at her, praying that you’re wrong.

She lets out a dramatic sigh. “With your teeth, dumbass.”

Of course. Returning to her feet, you bite down on the front of her shoe. Her foot slips out, and you drop the shoe on your lap. She offers her other shoe. You move to bite that one as well, but she pulls away. You look to her, but she just smiles back. You lean forward, and she pulls her foot back against her crotch. You lean further, finally closing your teeth around it. Using that foot, she pushes your head back, before finally retracting her foot from the shoe. You throw that shoe to the side. All that’s left between you and your inevitable, repulsive job is a pair of short, white socks.

“Good girl.” She says, wearing that condescending smirk. “Now, how about you help me with these?” She prods her foot against your lips.

They smell like sweat and, well, used socks. You wrinkle your nose, but part your lips wide open, hoping to keep all but your teeth away from the wool. You bite into the edge, pinching the sock between your teeth and pulling away. It slides across, and then off her foot. You drop it to your lap the split-second her toes pop free. Wriggle presents the other sock, rubbing it across your lips. The aroma of used sock fills your nose. You bite down and rip it off, swallowing a taste of her sweat to end it early. You spit it to the side.

“So far, so good. Maybe I won’t have to bully you so much, after all. Now, about your promise.”

Wriggle presents you with her bare foot. For a moment, you stare. Her toes flex in anticipation. The smell nearly smothers you. You need to lick that thing, to run your tongue along her foul feet. Her gaze hardens. Up to now, you’ve managed to get her in a relatively good mood, and you need to start soon if you want to keep her that way.

You press your lips to the big toe. You look back up to her smug face. You slide your tongue along the tips. You have no idea how to do any of this. Sex, at least, is something you understood, conceptually, before your first time.

Your first rape.

There’s a taste of dirt and sweat. You angle your head up to slide your tongue over the top of her foot, avoiding the worst of it. Wriggle angles her foot down, allowing you to slide up from the toes to the ankle, and back down. It feels like you’re tilling the ground, trailing each lick along fresh skin. As unpleasant as it is, it’s somehow a step up from what’s become the norm of your life. You wish you could just lick someone’s feet all day.

Just as you reach the end of her foot, she swipes it away and pushes her other foot to your lips. You repeat the process. Back up and down the dirty skin of your captor’s bare foot. Soon you’ve licked the tops of both feet clean.

Then she angles her foot up. She doesn’t push it toward you or rub it against you. She just lets it sit there. She knows what you’re going to do. She knows what you must do. Forcing down disgust and frustration, you lean forward, planting a kiss against the ball of her foot. The smell almost does you in before you force your tongue out. It tastes… quite a bit worse. For a moment, the scent and taste of Wriggle’s sweat, mixed with some dirt, overpowers you. You pull back, hacking out your disgust.

Then her leg slips over your shoulder, and she presses her foot against your face. Her toes block out your sight, as her heel squashes your lips. All you can do is sit there. Naked, save for the chastity belt. Kneeling, hands bound behind you, inhaling nothing but the scent of Wriggle’s sweaty foot.

She pulls her foot back, slightly. “I believe you still have some work to do. Right, Naoko?”

Grimacing, you stick out your tongue and force yourself forward. You drag it down from her pad to her sole. It’s foul, but you force your tongue all the way to the heel. You drag it back up, fighting the urge to gag. Even after several long licks, as you coat her foot in your own saliva, the smell lingers. Muted, but very present. Struggling, you flick your tongue across the top edge of her pad, grazing her toes.

Wriggle pulls the wet foot back and plants it on one of your bare breasts, pushing you back as she slides her leg off your shoulder. Setting the wet foot on your lap, she presses the underside of her other foot to your lips. More sweat and dirt greet your tongue, but you fight your way through. Eventually, with a flick, you finish off that foot as well.

Wriggle pulls that foot back, and sets each foot on one of your breasts, pushing you backward. You’re forced to plant your bound hands to the floor, but you don’t fall.

“Did… did I do good?”

“Hmm…” Wriggle strokes her chin like there’s a beard there. “You did okay. But I still have one little thing for you to do.” She extends a foot forward. “Open up~”

She slides her big toe past your lips, followed by its neighbor. The foul taste that tormented your tongue now fills your mouth.

“Make sure to get between them, okay?”

Wincing, you slide your tongue between Wriggle’s toes, as she slides them through your mouth.

“Oh! I just forgot. How silly of me.” A click. The toy roars back to life between your legs, pounding and thrashing against your flesh. Your tongue falls limp as your body quakes. That body, denied ever since the library, screams for release.

A foot taps your gut. “Keep licking, girlfriend.

Struggling to focus as your muscles rattle, you drag your tongue back inside and just manage to squeeze it between her two smaller toes, as the toy dies back down. Your tongue droops past your lips, as Wriggle pulls her toes free of your mouth.

You sag forward, sweating and worn out from the endless stream of teasing that Wriggle has put you through. A pair of toes lifts your chin up.

“C’mon, you’re almost there~”

Wriggle raises her other foot to your lips. You open up for her, as she slides her toes inside. You’re too weary to care about how disgusting it tastes, as you slip your tongue between her smallest toes. Exhausted, you drag it between each pair, picking up who-knows-what on your way to the big toe.

Finally, you manage to haul your tongue across the side of the last toe, as Wriggle drops her other leg back over your shoulder. You look to her, confused. She pushes her foot further past your lips, jamming three of her toes inside and tapping the base of your tongue with the big one. Revolted, you try to pull back, only for her leg to hold you firm.

“C’mon, give it a good suck, would you? Then we’ll be done, I promise.”

Relenting, you do as she says. You’ve already licked off most of the sweat and grime, so it doesn’t taste much worse. Then the vibrations start again. Once more, your body warms up fast. Small shakes and tremors return, but the toy sticks to a low hum, allowing you to continue squeezing against her toes.

After a moment, Wriggle pops her foot free of your lips, before she rubs it across your face.

“Good girl. Maybe we can get along after all, huh?”

“Will you leave me alone?”

Wriggle gives you a flat look, pressing her foot to the side of your head. “Very funny. But,” She retracts her leg and sets both feet down. “I guess I shouldn’t leave you in suspense anymore.”

“…About what?”

A devilish grin splits Wriggle’s face, as she hops off the chair and rummages through a nearby cupboard. She pulls out a polished bronze disk. She settles back into her chair and presents it to you.

It’s a mirror. You see the image of a young woman naked, kneeling and bowed. You. There are scribbles on your forehead and lower belly, but it takes a moment to decode them. Reversed by the mirror, the writing on your forehead spells out ‘bitch.’ Scrawled just above your belt is ‘property of Wriggle and Mystia,’ with an arrow pointing downward.

“See, it’s not too bad, is it?” Wriggle strokes your belly with her foot. “I mean, I could have called you so many, much meaner things. Instead I just wrote that you’re slightly mean.” She pinches your nose between two toes and drags your face close to her crotch. “Now, neither of us have cum yet, so you’re still wearing that belt for a while, but maybe you can get ol’ Mystia taken care of soon.”

“…What do you mean?”

Wriggle lets go. “I’ve got some business to take care of. So I…”

There’s a knock on the door.

“Just a second.” Wriggle stands up, hauling you up after her. “C’mon, this way.” She pushes you back toward the bedroom. She throws the door open and pushes you inside, closing it behind you. After a moment, there’s a click, and the door locks. You slump against it, squirming at the toy whirring away inside you.

You hear what you assume to be the front door opening, and an unfamiliar voice engaging with Wriggle. This… this could be your ticket out of here. If this woman is powerful enough, and cares enough to take you away. Of course, even if she does, she’ll likely try to force herself on you instead. And if she doesn’t get you out, you’ll blow all favor you’ve managed to earn with Wriggle and Mystia.

…It’s probably better just to play along, for now. But then there’s the question of the belt. So long as you wear it, neither of your captors will touch your pussy or ass. Probably. But at the same time, that sex toy will stay lodged inside you for Wriggle to tease you with.

You look to the bed, where Mystia sleeps, splayed out only halfway under the covers, likely due to the rising summer heat. Of course, even waking her up from that, you doubt it would take any effort to ‘seduce’ her. But you just doused Wriggle’s feet in your own spit for the sole purpose of delaying this kind of thing. Is now really the time to start fucking someone for a favor?

Or you could try telling her about your aura. She’ll probably be hurt, but she’s likely not as eager for an excuse to punish you as Wriggle seems to be.

What do you do?


[X] Seduce Mystia. You need to get Wriggle’s toy out of you.

[X] Tell Mystia the truth. Maybe you can avoid Wriggle’s punishment this way.

[X] Wait. You’ve avoided sex so far, and you’re not about to start now.

[X] Scream. Better to gamble and lose, then miss what might be your only chance.

[X] Write-in


Due to the delay in getting this update out, the voting period will again extend until about 19:00 on Wednesday.
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[X] Tell Mystia the truth. Maybe you can avoid Wriggle’s punishment this way.

We already tried pretending to love Mystia, and we damn near had a nervous breakdown because of it. Might as well give being honest about our aura a try.
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[X] Attempt to unlock the door and greet the visitor.

I'm calling shenanigans on this one. There is no way in Makai this bedroom door would lock from the outside.
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[X] Tell Mystia the truth. Maybe you can avoid Wriggle’s punishment this way.

Lets see what happens with this. Mystia's prolly the more understanding of the two anyways.
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[x] Scream. Better to gamble and lose, then miss what might be your only chance.

Go for broke. Or mindbroke.
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We're telling the truth.
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File 152021148559.jpg - (170.52KB, 775x625, Mystia Morning Bed.jpg)
Mystia Morning Bed
[X] Tell Mystia the truth. Maybe you can avoid Wriggle’s punishment this way.

You can’t count on whoever’s on the other side to help you. Even if you get through the door, it’s bound to piss Wriggle off. If you want to hold off sex in any meaningful way, you need to try what you’ve never quite done before. You gulp and turn to Mystia. Sunlight shines across her wings and breasts, only half-covered by the sheets. Her arms splay out across her wings, as her chest rises and falls in a steady, quiet rhythm. You step toward her. It would be nice to just go sit in a corner and wait for nightfall, maybe fall asleep there. You almost drool at the thought of hours upon hours of not getting fucked or molested.

Then you suffer a short spasm, reminding you of the thing still whirring away inside you. Besides, so long as you remain trapped in this house, it’s all certain to be nothing more than idle fantasy. Your hands remain locked behind your back, and that damn belt still rubs against your bare flesh.

Warm, sticky fluid slips down your leg and drips onto the wooden floor. The voices in the other room grow heated as you glance over Mystia’s sleeping form.

If you want any hope of easing your stay here, you need to make yourself less desirable. You must convince one of them of the truth. You lean down to push your face against Mystia’s arm. But she barely stirs. You drop your face into the sheets and shove against her arm. Her arm shifts, but she remains still.

Then she rolls over, her other arm falling across your neck and pulling in, pushing your head against her bare chest. She physically drags your body partly into bed as she presses your face to her chest. Your face is trapped in a tight, wet, and warm space as her breast brushes against your cheek. Yet the gentle rhythm of her breathing remains perfectly steady.

“Uh… hey, Mystia?” you whisper. No response.

“Hello? Wake up please…” you raise your voice incrementally. Even as the weight of her body presses against you, the last thing you want to do is piss her off before you have a chance to talk. “Please, wake up. I need to tell you something.”

There’s a few soft, incoherent mumbles, but nothing more.

You don’t know how long Wriggle will be distracted, or what she’ll do when she’s done. You need to get this conversation started now.

So, you do the only thing you can think of. You open your mouth, strain forward, and bite into her breast.

Mystia yelps and spins to her other side, knocking your teeth back and dragging you with her. Her eyes flutter open, weakly, as your body slumps into the sheets, next to her.

She gives you an almost angelic smile, wrapping her legs around one of yours. She drapes a wing over your body.

“Hey, Naoko. You need something?”

“Yes, I… there’s something you need to know.” Best ease into this.

She pulls you back. “Well then, go ahead.”

“It’s, well. I think something’s sort of, uh, you’re being tricked. Manipulated, into…” Her legs rustle against yours. “I have this… aura, I think. It, well…”

You clear your throat. Focus.

“You and Wriggle weren’t the only ones who wanted to, to be with me.” You can’t quite bring yourself to say the R-word. Not to her face, at least. “There were a lot of… people, chasing me down.” Mystia’s brow furrows. “It’s…”

“Every youkai I meet wants the same thing you and Wriggle want. They all want to be with me. To play with me.”

Mystia’s gaze softens in sympathy.

“If it wasn’t for that aura, we’d never have met. You wouldn’t even know I existed.” Well, probably. Hopefully.

Mystia leans in to plant a light kiss against your lips. “I guess I should be thanking it then, huh?”

Is she even listening? You don’t want to irritate her, but you need to press her on this, “Mystia, do you think every youkai near my farm just happened to decide they all wanted me? That all of them just happened to decide on the same farm girl, at the same time, for the same reasons?”

“Hm?” she gives you a blank stare.

“You… you don’t really love me, y-”

Her eyes narrow. “Excuse me, what?”

The toy still whirrs inside you, and Mystia’s flesh still presses against you. “I’m still shackled, Mystia-”


“Whatever. I don’t even know what happened to my clothes, and you’ve barely even protected me from Wriggle. You don’t love me. You just want me for your own pleasure. And-”

“No. You’re wrong, Naoko. I-”

“It’s fine. You don’t have to love me. I really don’t even…” Wait, you don’t want to admit to your deception yet. Not until you have the aura thing out of way. “Anyway, your feelings aren’t really, well, real. It’s just my au-”

“Then turn it off.”

“What?” Your legs squirm against hers, still agitated by that buzzing toy.

Mystia pouts and pulls you tight against her. “If my feelings aren’t real, if it’s just something you’re doing to me, then surely you can turn it off, right?”

“If I could, I would have last summer.”

Mystia rubs your back. “No helping it, I guess. If my feelings are so fake, I guess I should just give up now and leave you with Wriggle.”

“What?” No. She’s just joking, right?

“No, no. You’re right. Clearly my feelings are too fake, so I should leave you with the girl who doesn’t care where hers come from.”

“I… can we talk about this?” This is almost the last direction you wanted this conversation to take.

Mystia pulls you into a tight hug, squishing your face against her breasts. “The thing is, I can’t help how I feel about you. Maybe it’s not love, but it certainly feels like it. And besides, being here with you feels so much better than without you. So,” she pulls back, and her eyes flatten, “you can be with me, or alone with Wriggle, which do you really want?”

“I, I don’t…” Something’s wrong. It smells fishy. It-

She strokes your cheek, face settling into a glare. “Naoko. You don’t… You don’t really love me, do you?”

And there it is. As inevitable as this was, you’d hoped that maybe you could sidestep it somehow. Still, you need to find a way to ease her desire.

“Really, Mystia. The only reason you want me i-”

She wraps a hand around your head and plants her lips against yours. She pulls back. “Naoko. Do you love me. Yes or no?”

You swallow hard. She’s not Wriggle. She probably won’t hurt you for looking at her weird. Your wrist-cuffs clink. Your heavy tongue lifts as you part dry lips.

“I… I’m sorry, Mystia. I don’t.” For a split-second, her eyes fly wide open. Her expression then turns black. “Listen, when Wr-”

Mystia buries her face in your chest. She wraps her arms around your back and lets out a muffled screech. She pulls back, glaring at you.

“So it’s true. You lied to me back at that farm, and you lied to me here.”

“I’m sorry, really. But y-”

“No, no. It’s fine. Just fine.” She sighs, planting a hand against your breast. “You don’t want to touch me, right?” A hand slides down your back and squeezes your ass. “You don’t like me doing this, do you?”

“I…” As uncomfortable as her wandering hands are, there’s something in her tone that bothers you more. No point to lying now, though. “Please don’t. I just w-”

She kneads the base of your breast. She lets out something between a sigh and a groan. “Looks like Wriggle had the right idea all along. You need those handcuffs on your wrists. If we didn’t chain you up, you’d already be gone, huh?” She pulls you close. Her breasts press against yours, as her wings envelop you. “You’d leave us lonely and frustrated, wouldn’t you?”


“It’s been a year, Naoko. Do you really think these things will just go away?”

“I, guess not?”

“And rather than try to help, you’d abandon us to it? Curse us to live all our days as slaves to desire, unable even to experience even the simple joy of your company?”

“I, I’m sorry. I just want to be left alone. Is that really so much to ask?”

Mystia groans.

“It… it’s not like I can’t understand, you know.” She leans in to plant a kiss on your forehead. “I’m sure it must have been difficult, hiding all the time. So…” She flicks your nipple. “I guess I’m willing to offer a compromise, if you’ll hear it.”

“…What is it?” She’s not completely pissed off, right?

“I still can’t bear to be without you, so…” She gives your ass a light squeeze. “We’re still getting married, but you don’t have to pretend to love me, at least when we’re alone, okay?”

You let out a defeated sigh. “Do I have a choice?”

“Of course you do. There’s always Wriggle.” A shiver runs down your spine. A sly smile creeps across her face. “For such a pain in the neck, she can be just so convenient. So, you don’t want to go back to her, right? Without my protection?”

Slowly, you nod your head.

“Good.” Mystia nuzzles your cheek. “But…” she pulls back, “we do still have to handle your little fib. And if Wriggle won’t punish you, I guess I have to.” She sits up and swings a leg over your body. “So, we can do this one of two ways.” She hops off the bed and moves to the closet. She rummages through it, pulls out a pair of objects, then turns back to you. She hops back to the bed, holding a white puff-ball attached to a series of beads in one hand, and a headband with a pair of white rabbit ears in the other.

“If you hate my touch so much, I guess you just have to make good on your original promise and be my cute little bunny. Or we tell Wriggle.”

“…Do I just wear the ears?”

“Hm…” Mystia eyes the headband. She looks back to you. “No. I think I’ll have you hop around too, and good pets don’t say mean things like how they don’t love their masters, so I’ll also need to get the gag back out.”

“Are there any other options…” You trail off, catching a glimpse of very pale, green hair whip through the closet.

“Unless you’d rather fuck me, right now, no. Or you can come up with a better punishment, I guess. But if I don’t like your offer, I’m leaving it all up to Wriggle.”

Mystia hesitates, then offers an apologetic smile. “If you choose to stick with me, I promise I’ll at least try not to force you into anything explicitly sexual. I can’t control Wriggle, though.”


[X] Take the ears. It’s still not sex.

[X] Refuse. Cooperation’s getting you nowhere.

[X] Check the Closet. You’re not ready to make your decision just yet.

[X] Write-in.
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[X] Check the Closet. You’re not ready to make your decision just yet.

Good chance to see what other stuff they've got in there instead of marrying yourself to the first option.
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[x] Check the Closet. You’re not ready to make your decision just yet.

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We're checking the closet.
Image Source
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File 152080645875.png - (1.52MB, 1392x1516, Mystia Morning Pout.png)
Mystia Morning Pout
[X] Check the Closet. You’re not ready to make your decision just yet.

“Can I look in your closet first?” You can’t quite meet her eyes.

Mystia frowns at you.

“Just, just for a second! I’ll take whatever punishment you want. I just want to, you know, see what options I have.” She gives you a flat look. “I-I mean, what if we find something you’ll like more?”

Mystia narrows her eyes. “Fine.” She sets the ears and puffball near you. “C’mon then. Follow me.”

Hesitantly, you push off the bed and follow behind her. Your hips jerk as the still vibrating toy pulses once, before settling back into that endless, insufferable rhythm.

“C’mon, c’mon.” Mystia slides an arm around your hip as she wraps a wing around you. She pulls you close to her side, rubbing her hand up and down the side of your ass.

“Could you maybe, not touch…”

“Shh. You don’t want to fuck me, right?”

You nod.

“Well, I’m trying to hold myself back here, but you need to give me something to work with, okay?”

You look away, allowing her to fondle your ass as she pulls the closet door completely open. There’s a series of dresses hanging from a rack, and a pile of assorted things beneath them. The first for you to recognize being at least three more sets of shackles, or handcuffs as Mystia called them.

There’s a very short roll of some shiny, gray fabric. A short black sash of some kind. A paddle, a whip, a coil of rope, a leather leash, and a black box.

Half the outfits and dresses on the rack are familiar or common enough, but some are just strange. There’s a very lacy, sleeveless white dress, with a tight midsection, but a see-through skirt and similarly transparent chest, which tapers up to a white collar. There are a few more dresses and outfits with holes or transparent fabric over the breasts, tiny skirts, or slits in strange places.

“What’s in the box?”

“Eh he he. Just a little jewelry we scrounged together.”

Mystia folds her wings against her back as she kneels down to pop the box open. She pulls out a pair of silver earrings with a weird chain between them. “These go on your nipples…”

“My what?” Okay, not earrings, exactly.

“Here, let me show you.” Mystia leans over you.

“No, no. I’m good.” You back away, falling on your ass and scooting back toward the bed. She soon stops, and so do you.

“Well, if you insist…” Mystia goes back to rooting though the box.

You settle down, stretching out your legs and planting your hands underneath you. You’ve no doubt Mystia will find something horrible in there to force you into, but so what? You can’t run, fight, or even meaningfully resist her. There’s just no point. She’s going to force you into something humiliating, she’ll force you to go on some ‘date’ with her, and she’ll no doubt rape you eventually.

This isn’t a question of if she’ll violate you, and maybe it never was. Perhaps they had sealed your fate the moment they saw you. Maybe you should have just stuck with Kogasa. Let her do whatever weird stuff she wanted with your ass; at least she never forced you to touch or taste hers. Idly, you tug at your handcuffs. You’re shaking, a bit, as your fluid drips from the belt to the cool wood beneath your ass.

Maybe you never had a chance to escape this. Maybe you were destined to be Mystia and Wriggle’s bitch the moment they laid eyes on you. Your family had performed admirably, but it now seems like the entirety of their accomplishment was in delaying the inevitable. If only you could go back to the time before that horrible summer.

If you could just return to living on that farm, busting your ass during the day, then goofing off at night. Before that summer. That goddamn summer. Those fucking monsters. Th…

“You think this would look good on you?”

Mystia holds up a cutesy, pink apron.

“What would I wear it with?”

Mystia lets out a soft, longsuffering sigh. “You just don’t get it. You’d wear only it. Nothing else. That’s the point.” She shuffles through the rack some more. “Maybe I should get something more exciting.

If Ayame was still here, maybe she could’ve saved you. If she saw you like this, surely, she’d at least have tried. No one in your family was exactly a Reimu Hakurei or a Keine Kamishirasawa, but they were used to fighting off youkai. A skill that, despite your efforts, you never quite got a hold of.

“I guess we could do a maid thing, maybe? Or, hm…”

You lean back, closing your eyes. Of course, trying to explain this to your family would get weird fast. ‘Oh hi, mom. Hey, Ayame. Do you guys know it how felt to be molested by what seemed like you?’ Well, Nue didn’t molest you, exactly. Hell, she didn’t even force you into that ‘date.’ Still, if you went back, it’d probably be best to avoid those topics the first few weeks…

Mystia’s voice, along with the sound of her shuffling through jewelry, fades out. Confused, you open your eyes back up. Vague, muddy colors swirl around you, until they converge into a whole lot of red.


Books. There are tall, imposing bookshelves everywhere. Balconies stretch above you, containing even more of these books. A soft, red carpet rests beneath you.

“Good morning, Ms. Honda.” A shockingly familiar voice calls. Thin, tired, and raspy, like that one book you talked with. A woman sits before you, slouching behind a desk. Long, violet hair droops from her pale hat past her shoulders and down her back. She wears what appears to be a lavender set of warm nightclothes.

“Please tell me, young lady, just what it is you’re doing on my arcane payroll.”

“Your what?”

She lets out half of an exasperated sigh, before it degenerates into a dry cough.

“I have a project of utmost importance underway at this very moment, and therefore no time for games.” She sets her hands down on the table. “I have enough of my power drained by my current servant and I cannot afford a second waste, especially for one who offers nothing in return. So, precisely how have you managed to accomplish this feat, and what would it take to remove you from my command?”

“I… what are your talking about?” At this moment, it strikes you that you’re not sitting or standing in the room you see. In fact, it’s as if you’re not even physically present.

She rubs her temples. “Do you know what a familiar is?”

That term sounds weirdly, well, familiar. “I’m not entirely sure. Was it some kind of servant?”

“I suppose I’ll have to start from the beginning then. Like magicians, familiars come in both natural and occupational forms. Since you have not spawned from the maelstrom of my energies, you are an occupational familiar. The function of a familiar is to perform arcane tasks while her mistress is otherwise occupied. Now, please, both my time and my power are precious; would it be so terrible to tell me how and why you’re draining it?”

She glares. You wince. This, this is your arcane mistress, then?

“I needed help. I was…” You take a moment to think. “Under attack. A book had possessed someone and used her to assault myself and my, uh, friend.” In retrospect, your relationship with Shizuha is a little weird. “A different book promised to help me if I signed a pact. I didn’t have any other choice.”

She somehow leans back further. “That’s it?”

“That’s it.”

She leans forward. “So you signed a pact with a book and somehow, that attached you to me?

“I guess? Kosuzu said it was a familiar pact, and I never signed any others.”

“Hm…” She returns to slouching. “What sort of book was this?”

“I don’t know. But it was purple and it sounded just like you.”

She puts her finger to her chin. “Then, perhaps it is… No, it must be that book.” She focuses on you. “I take it you know of no way to revoke the contract yourself, correct?”

“No, but I think it’s only supposed to last a week.”

The woman waves her hand dismissively. “Still too long. But I may yet get something in return for my trouble. Bring me that book, and perhaps we can work something out. You have three days.”

“…How do I get it to you?”

“Do you not know who I am?”

“I, no, not really.”

The woman coughs again, quietly.

“Then simply bring that book to the Scarlet Devil Mansion and ask for a Ms. Patchouli Knowledge.” She sighs. “That’s me, by the way. My name.”

“The… Scarlet Devil Mansion?” You hesitate. This woman is likely the source of that power that broke you free of the book’s bindings. Learning from her could save your ass. But to willingly surround yourself with youkai? “Is there any other way to…?”

“No.” She flicks a finger, and everything swirls into confusion again. After a moment of muddy colors, daylight once more pours down upon you.


A soft pair of lips press against your own. Mystia pulls back, outstretched wings folding in as her ample breasts squeeze between her arms. She fidgets, possibly seeking what to say. Now that things have moved around a bit, you catch a glimpse of a tall mirror against one wall. You slump at the reminder of ‘bitch’ written on your forehead, and the property markings on your lower belly. You glance to the rack, still confused by the white, see-through dress.

“So, what is that dress for?”

Mystia looks at it. “That? Oh, that’s your wedding dress.”

“…What does it go on top of?”

“On top of?”

“Yeah, I mean, how do I cover my, you know, my privates?”

“Hm? Oh, you mean like your breasts? You don’t, silly. I can’t have you hiding something so valuable from me at such an important moment, you know?”


“Besides, it’s the skirt that’s really important. Anyway.” Mystia waves her hand. “I think I’ve got another idea, if you don’t want to be my pet.”

“You can wear this,” she pulls the apron out, “and these.” She pulls out a pair of oddly angled black shoes. “They’ll take some getting used to, but you can be my pretty little maid.” She closes her eyes in thought. “But you know, I’m not quite sure how I should gag you.” She opens them back up. “Oh well, I guess I’ll just say that if you ever say anything that’s not a direct response to a question or command, or something I just don’t like, I’ll let Wriggle do whatever she wants.”

She puts the apron and shoes down, before she flashes you another apologetic smile. “I couldn’t really come up with anything else, though. Sorry.”

You glance through the closet. “Can I just wear-” a gasp breaks past your lips, knocked loose by that toy, “my, my old kimono?”

Mystia giggles. “Of course not, silly. I need some eye candy.”

“Some underwear, maybe?”

“Hm…” Mystia tilts her head to the side. “I guess we could do that. I’d still have to gag you though. And throw in a blindfold, I think.”

You slump; no matter what, she’s not letting you speak freely.

“Oh, don’t get like that. Once you’re behaving better, I’ll be happy to take it off.” She goes back to the box, then turns around. “Oh, and that also applies for the other punishments.”

You’re about to speak, when something catches your eye. The mirror’s slightly askew, and you could swear you saw something move behind it. Yet there’s no space for anything to be there. Then it’s gone. Something funny’s going on, and a small part of you dares to hope you just might have a way out.

On the other hand, if there is anything there worth checking, any attempt to use it would no doubt anger your captors. If you want to play it safe, you’ll have to just accept a punishment. Taking the ‘maid’ role gives you a chance to speak, but a single verbal misstep could land you right back under Wriggle’s full power. The other two roles are safer, but one sounds like it still leaves you completely naked, and may even hobble you, while the other straight-up blinds you, even if it does allow you to cover up a little.

You squirm, shifting your weight across the wet wood. “Then, I guess I’ll take…”


[X] The apron. Your voice is probably the only hope you have left.

[X] The ears. You’re not about to gamble what little protection you have.

[X] The underwear. You’ll take some blindness to cover up a bit.

[X] The mirror. Hope is just about the only thing you have left.
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[X] The apron. Your voice is probably the only hope you have left.

Sounds like the most potential freedom we'll get out of this
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[X] The mirror. Hope is just about the only thing you have left.

It's a gamble, but it's also a desperate situation either way, and fortune favours the bold or something like that. Besides, I'm curious what the hell could be back there.
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The coin's been flipped, we're taking the apron.
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Fug how the heck did this update twice without me noticing? I really need to start clicking through the threads again instead of glancing at the mystery box.

[X] The mirror. Hope is just about the only thing you have left.

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File 152132746182.png - (437.08KB, 750x1000, Wriggle Crotch.png)
Wriggle Crotch
[X] The apron. Your voice is probably the only hope you have left.

“…The apron.” As much as you’d like to imagine that some safe haven lies behind that mirror, any attempt to reach it will almost certainly just piss Mystia off again. She’s already threatening to take your voice away, and you really don’t want to find out what she’ll take if you push her any further. Best to just accept what leaves you with the most freedom.

“Okey-dokey. Just stand up, please.”

You fold your legs underneath you and push up, your balance threatened by weary thighs.

Mystia lifts the apron’s top loop over your head to let it fall around your neck. The apron descends across your front, mercifully concealing most of your breasts and crotch, as its frills brush against your sides.

“Lift your hands, please.”

Embarrassed, but relieved to finally wear something, you lean forward, angling your hands as high as your cuffs allow.

“Your butt is sooo cute. I just want to hug it.” Mystia slides her hand across your ass, giving it a soft squeeze. Your body quakes, whether in revulsion or frustration, you can’t tell. She lifts her hand back off you. “Oh, uh, don't worry. I know you're not ready for that kind of stuff yet.”

Mystia pulls the loose strands around your waist, tying them together in what you think is a bow. You let your hands fall back against your bare ass.

“Okay, socks next.” Mystia returns to the closet and pulls out a pair of short but frilly pink socks. You lift your feet, one at a time, for her to slip them on.

“There, now you just need your shoes.” Mystia pulls out the black shoes, sets them in front of your feet, and pops the latches off. “Step in, please.”

Now confronted with them directly, a pit forms in your stomach. You’ve never worn tilted shoes before, much less ones so… extreme. Can you even walk in those?

“What… are those?”

“These? high heels, silly.”

Well, now you have their name, at least. With a light gulp, you slide your foot in one. It comes to rest at a steep angle. How are you going to walk in these things? Mystia clips the shoe shut, and you try to lift your other foot. Your body wobbles and your weight tips backward, but Mystia wraps her arms and wings around your back, then pulls you upright.

She takes a deep whiff of your apron.

Resting against her, you slip your foot in the other shoe. Slowly, Mystia lets go, folding her wings back in. You falter but hold your balance long enough for Mystia to clip that shoe shut as well. Mystia takes a few steps back toward the bed. “C’mon, this way.”

You take a step forward, swaying. Another step. By the third, you’re teetering. You take a moment to regain your balance, then take another step. Your ankle twists and sends you plummeting. Mystia rushes toward you just in time for your face to crash into her generous breasts. She rights you, then moves to stand beside you.

“Here, let me help.” She places a hand on each hip and guides you toward the bed. You almost tumble forward, but she pulls you back. She guides you around it, and slowly, your steps grow steadier. Once you’re standing between the bed and the main room, she sits down. She pats the bed next to her. You settle down next to her, and she wraps her wing around your back.

There’s still a slight trickle, moistening the bed with your unwanted lust. Your face burns at the realization, though you’re certain your captor won’t mind.

“See, that wasn’t so bad, right?”

“I… can learn to live with it, I guess.”

Mystia fidgets. “Hey, can you try calling me ‘mistress?’”


“No, no. With my name.”

“Mistress Mystia?”

Mystia smiles, then wraps her arms around your neck presses her lips against yours. Her tongue pushes through, almost choking you as she rams it in. She takes a moment to rest it atop yours a-

There’s a click, just before the door slams open and Mystia pulls back, yanking her tongue and wing back with her. Her spit trickles down your chin. Wriggle stands before you, glaring over her shoulder.

“Pain-in-the-ass preacher stopped by. Harvest goddess looking for new followers, or something. Barely managed to- why is Mystia awake?”

“Oh, Wriggle, good timing.” Mystia lets out a dramatic yawn. “You’re right. I gotta go back to sleep, so you can look after her now.” She rubs your side. “We made a little deal. She doesn’t get to speak unless spoken to, and she can’t say anything that’s not a direct response to a question or command. She also has to address us as either master or mistress.”

You look back at her, preparing to object. You open your mouth, only for her to place a finger against it. “If she breaks any of these rules, you get to do whatever you want.”

An almost lecherous smirk climbs up Wriggle’s face. She steps forward. “Is that all?”

“That’s all.” Mystia slides back into bed. “Nighty night.”

Sunlight’s still pouring in through the window. Judging by the angle, it’s about midmorning.

“Goodnight, Mystia.” Wriggle turns to you. “This way, Naoko.”

You glance back to Mystia. She nods.

Sweating, you stand up and take a shaky step forward. Wriggle plants a hand against your hip and nudges you to the door. You step through, just in time for her hand to pull back and crash against your ass, propelling you forward. You soon slip, but Wriggle catches you by the wrists and pulls you back. With a click, she unlocks a cuff and glides your free hand in front of you. Pulling the other hand to your front, she snaps your cuff back on.

She steps in front of you and pulls out that pink block again. She slides something from one end to the other and pushes a button. The toy bursts back to life.

After ages of near-constant strain, your thighs all but collapse on the spot. Before you fall, Wriggle catches you and hauls you back up. She leans in close.

“How about you fetch me a cup of water?”


Wriggle cocks an eyebrow and a lopsided grin. You realize your mistake just as she opens her mouth.

“Yes, mistress.”

She shuts her mouth, her grin smaller and softer, but still quite visible. You turn toward the table, wobbling, but not falling. A steady stream of your personal fluids trickles down your leg, staining the floor behind you. It irritates you that she all but entirely controls your need and desire, but it humiliates and infuriates you that she’s also free to force such secretions out of you.

“You know, I could watch that ass all day…”

You bite back a curse at her. Relax, just relax. Stop fighting. Stop wasting your captors’ patience. Stop giving them reasons to bind or hurt you. You reach the table, finding it largely empty. Behind, however, there’s a short counter against the wall with a few clay cups and a couple bottles. Stumbling over to it, scooting your bound hands across the table for balance, you find one bottle to be sake, while the other is unlabeled, containing a similarly clear fluid. Popping the cork, you take a whiff. No identifiable odors, so you’ll just assume it’s water.

For a moment you hesitate, fearing this may be some trick on Wriggle’s part. But a quick glance reveals no other obvious sources, and the heels have crippled your mobility. Seeing no real alternatives, you pour its contents into one of the cups. Once the cup’s mostly full, you pick it up and turn back to Wriggle. You take slow and measured steps toward her, hoping to keep your quaking thighs from breaking your already waning balance. Miraculously, you reach her without having spilled more than a few drops.

Wriggle takes the cup from you and sips at it. “Not bad, now how’d you feel about serving as my footstool this morning?”

You shake your head, too nervous to openly deny her.

She smiles. “That’s what I thought. So, how about you sweep the floor for me, so I don’t give you another intimate moment with my feet?”

“…Yes, Mistress.”

You look around, and find a broom resting against the wall by the outside door. You sway and stagger forward, almost tripping on your heels. But you reach the wall, planting your cuffed hands against it for balance. You take in a heavy breath. You can see the shape of your nipples through the apron. Quivering, you grip the broom and push it against the floor. Your thighs clench as the toy dies down again.

Half-using the broom as a walking stick, you push some dust under the door, before moving out from it. You start working on one corner, between the door and the table. You spend a few minutes in uninterrupted, peaceful labor. It’s almost blissful, just performing a simple chore without the incessant buzzing inside your pussy.

Your feet twist in their heels, but the broom keeps you steady. Then, just as you’re about to finish the space between the table and the door, the toy flares back up, beating against you and breaking your focus. You collapse into the shaky support of your broom.

“Hey, how about over here?”

You veer toward Wriggle, stumbling but pulling yourself up. Slowing down, you return to measured steps, recovering some balance. As you step next to her, she slides a finger up your leg. You stop to let her, but shiver as it picks up the sticky residue of your arousal. She pops the finger in her mouth and appears to savor your taste.

“Hey, how about you take a little break? Just a quick little rest on your girlfriend’s lap?”

“I’d really rather…”

“My lap. Now.”

Suppressing a scream, you stumble toward the table to set the broom against it. With a more careful gait, you return to Wriggle wearing a forced smile.

“How, how do you want me to sit?”

“Facing me.”

“Of, of course.” You place your hands on Wriggle’s lap as you slip one leg through the chair’s arm, then the other. You sit down, your weight resting against her knees. Wriggle fondles your ass, kneading it as she stares into your eyes. “Give me a kiss, will you?”

Shutting your eyes tight, you lean forward, puckering your lips. Wrapping her hand in your hair, she pulls you in, but merely plants a soft kiss against your lips, sparing you her tongue. The vibrator dies back down. Your mounting frustration strangles what little relief you’d otherwise have felt.

She pulls back.

Wriggle slips her hands under your apron to squeeze your breasts.

“Bet you’re getting real tired of that belt, huh?”

You bite your lip. “No, I’m fine. No, no problem. Really.” You’re panting, sweating, and moistening her legs as you speak.

A click. For one violent pulse, the toy pounds your flesh, tearing a squeal out of you. Wriggle gives you a knowing smirk. “Are you sure you couldn’t go for just a little bit of relief?”

“I’m, I’m fine. I, huh, I’m just a bit, winded.”

One hand tightens its grip, slowly squeezing and twisting. “Do you really think you should be lying to me right now?”

You look away, as her nails dig into your flesh. Your breast burns in her constricting grip.

“I… Fine. I, might, I guess, prefer to be, uh, free of it.” A strand of drool slips free of your lips.

Wriggle lets go. “There, that wasn’t so hard, right?” She gives both breasts a short squeeze, then lets go. “You can get off now.”

“Oh, uh, okay.” Planting your hands against her lap again, you slide your legs back out, soon standing before her.


Confused, you lower yourself down, until you’re resting on your shins. Wriggle steps up and stands in front of you. She pulls your head toward her crotch, all but rubbing you against her shorts.

“You remember the arrangement, right?”

“But, but I proved myself, didn’t I? So I wouldn’t have to…”

Wriggle angles your head back. “Don’t worry, I won’t force you into anything. But like I said, I’ve got some business to attend to, and…” She gives you an almost cruel smirk. With a flick of that box, her toy beats another violent pulse against your flesh. Your hips jerk as it rips a strangled moan out of you. “…Well, I’m just trying to help, is all.”

She lets out an almost compassionate sigh. “I just want to do my part to help free you from that horrible belt.” Her caring frown falters. “But… I’ve already offered you my pussy once. So…” She turns around, still gripping your scalp. Your nose grazes the seat of her shorts. “If you want to do this the simple way, you’ll be licking my ass.” She lets go, turning back around to face you. You pull your head back, looking up her shirt and her small, but visible breasts, to her glinting eyes. “If you really don’t like that idea, then I guess I could lend you my pussy, but only if you let me put something of my own on you. I’m thinking… how about a leash? A nice collar I can wrap around your pretty little neck and attach to, oh I dunno, maybe Mystia’s bed? This chair? Maybe just wherever I feel like.”

She guides you back up. “So, what do you say?”

Your lip quivers. She’s been playing with your pussy almost nonstop since you awoke. As much as the idea disgusts you, it might just be worth it to pleasure her so that you’re one step closer to finally freeing yourself from her depraved toy. If you do, the obvious choice would be to eat her ass to protect what little autonomy you have left. But could you do that? You barely made it through her torment on the bed and fared little better with her feet. Maybe it’s better to just refuse her, unless…

She never gave you a chance to bargain before, but Mystia appears to have softened her tone a little. Maybe. And she seems to like embarrassing you. If you begged her to leave you alone, you might yet win some relief without fucking her. Or she’d just egg you on, then turn you down at the end.


[X] Eat her ass. You need to keep what freedom you still have.

[X] Eat her pussy. Anything but that sadist’s ass.

[X] Refuse. You’ll suffer whatever she throws at you.

[X] Beg. Not like you have any pride left anyway.

[X] Write-in.
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For the record, I do wish I could've included your vote.
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[X] Eat her pussy. Anything but that sadist’s ass.

Sounds like the best option here
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[X] Eat her ass. You need to keep what freedom you still have.

Don't fear the pooper.
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[X] Eat her ass. You need to keep what freedom you still have.
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[X] Eat her pussy. Anything but that sadist’s ass.

Yup, that description sums up my thoughts here
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[X] Ask if the mistress would like a full-body massage.
[X] Eat her ass. You need to keep what freedom you still have.

A butt is fine too. Though, preferably in a way that curbs her sadist streak.
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In light of recent voting patterns, I intend to change my policy to better accommodate extended votes. However, as I feel it's a bit late to do so in this cycle, I'm forced to consider the votes currently tied, and request a tie-breaker.

If someone would be so kind as help decide which orifice to lick, I would greatly appreciate it. As usual, first vote in decides it.
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Dunno how you're cunt-ing that one, mate, but I'm pretty sure the butthole is winning by one.
Delete Post
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I was operating on the awkward rules I'd set out in a previous update, but if no one minds me counting the last vote alongside the rest, I'll happily call votes for ass.
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[X] Eat her pussy. Anything but that sadist’s ass.

If you're still open for a tiebreaker here's one. I for one find all the ass stuff to be a huge turn off in this.
Delete Post
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Thank you for the offer, but I'm afraid I'll have to turn it down. I'm sorry for the confusion. If it's of any solace, I do think I've probably been a bit excessive on that particular subject matter, and may ease up on it for a while.

As I've heard no complaints against the idea of including the combined vote, I've chosen to stick to my previous decision, and apologize for any confusion my somewhat fumbled approach has caused.

We'll be licking Wriggle's ass.
Image Source
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File 152193175967.png - (211.21KB, 400x646, Wriggle Butt wLingerie.png)
Wriggle Butt wLingerie
[X] Eat her ass. You need to keep what freedom you still have.

You swallow hard. Your skin burns and sweat coats your body. You really are going to do this, aren’t you? All for some stupid, fleeting dream of escape. You’re really going to…

“I’ll do-”

“Ah, ah, ah.” Wriggle nudges your head back. “I’m doing you a favor here, so how about you ask for it? Politely, of course.”

You bite back another curse.

“Please, mistress,” you blush, bracing yourself for what you must say next, “let me lick your ass.”

She pats your head. “Good girl.” She slides back into her chair, popping a button off her shorts and pulling the zipper down. She stops. “Say, why don’t you help me out here?” Licking her lips, she shimmies the shorts down to her knees. “The sooner you start, the sooner I finish, after all.” She pats her shorts.

Shaking, you lift your hands to her shorts and tug them down her legs. Your pulse quickens.

“You know, I’m impressed.” She slides her fingers through your hair. “Just this morning you were fighting me, yet here we are.” She hums a cheery tune. “If you keep this up, we might even get to take your cuffs off soon.”

You drop her shorts around her ankles and look back up to find her panties now stretched between her knees. You grip them and yank them down to her ankles. She lifts her feet out and sets them atop her shorts. Done.

You look back up to find a neatly trimmed but thick, dark green bush, thinning as it nears her pussy. As much as you hate what you’re about to do, you feel a tinge of relief that at least you won’t have pubic hair all over your face. Hopefully. Wriggle rubs your scalp as she stands back up. She turns around and with a snap, her black cape falls from her shoulders to join her discarded shorts and panties. She pats her bare, round ass.

“Well? Go ahead.” Wriggle leans forward on the chair, rubbing a circle on one cheek.

This is it. You swallow one last time as you plant your hands between her legs and lean in. Her ass-cheeks fill your vision once more as you approach her crevice. As she removes her hand, you veer off to kiss one of the cheeks.

You lick the cheek. The salty taste of her moist skin is hardly pleasant, but it’s no worse than her feet. You drag your tongue out in slow, lazy circles. You do this partly to delay the inevitable, but also in the hope that it’ll warm her up enough to finish the job quickly once you're inside. You lick across the crack to her other cheek, and with a few more circles, you’ve tasted about as much of her ass-cheeks as you can tolerate.

Still, encouraged by the relatively mundane taste, you plunge in, wedging your face between her cheeks. As a faint and bitter, almost floral scent drifts to your nose, the full weight of what you’re doing hits you like a hammer. With the weight of Wriggle’s ass pressing against your cheeks and your own lips poised near her asshole, you struggle to retain your nerve. You’re committed now. You must see this through. Unable to use your hands for anything more than support, you wedge yourself in a bit further and plant a kiss on her asshole. It’s not awful, but it’s weird enough to give you pause. You can’t quite bring yourself to push any deeper. Not yet.

You take a deep breath through your nose and let it out over Wriggle’s asshole. She shivers. You slide your tongue down her crack, working up the courage to taste it. As shivers run down your spine, you slide your tongue back up, tasting only skin. You lick around the edge a few times. Finally, bracing yourself, you take the plunge. You press your tongue against her asshole. It doesn’t budge. It’s clean, but that bitter taste hits you harder, almost choking you.

Wriggle hums a bouncy, bubbly tune you can’t quite recognize, as she wiggles her ass from side to side. Without her weight pinning you down, you’re forced to shift your head along with her or lose your momentum. You push your tongue against her, straining to keep up the pressure as she threatens to throw you off. For a moment, you feel the sphincter give, just slightly. Then you break through, your tongue slipping through to the interior of Wriggle’s ass.

Wriggle’s voice catches, but you almost choke on the bitterness engulfing your tongue. You keep going, but struggle to keep taking her alien flavor. You can’t give up yet. Wriggle’s already won, but you stand the thought of her smug face, should you pull out now. You slide your tongue along the edge, scared to go any deeper. You can feel small shivers crawling across Wriggle’s body as they run across her ass to vibrate against your face and your tongue.

You take a few more experimental licks, triggering new shivers each time. For once, it almost feels like you’re in control. You slide your tongue back out, eliciting a quiet whine from Wriggle. It would be fun, if you didn’t have to bury yourself in her ass for it. Taking a moment to breathe, you stare at the soft, round flesh before you. Wriggle’s ass wiggles a bit.

She speaks up. “Look, if you really want to wear that leash, you could just ask.”

Taking the hint, you lean back in. Letting a soft breath out, you press your tongue against her hole. You straighten your tongue and shove it back through her hole, forcing it down as far as it will go. Wriggle squeaks and clenches around your tongue as you force your way down her insides. Suddenly unsure of what to do next, you allow your tongue to go slack.

“W-What’s wrong? Can’t h-hoo-handle me?”

You drag your tongue back until only the tip sits inside.

“Bet you c-urk!”

You shove it back down, grinding against the walls of Wriggle’s now shaking ass. You drag it back and push it forward once more, getting a heavier quake out of her.

Something drips onto your hands. One drop, then two. It builds into a slow but steady rhythm, evidence of her desire moistening your palms. You’ll want to wash your hands, but at least you’re nearing your goal.

You pump your tongue up and down Wriggle’s asshole as hard as you can. You get her quaking, and her ass bouncing against your face, but you can’t quite seem to finish the job. You lift your hands up and rub your knuckles against Wriggle’s wet pussy. You hear her moaning now, but she’s still not cumming.

You scrape your tongue against one side as you flip your palms to cup her dripping slit, then rub one finger against her. She jerks, her ass smashing against you and jostling your tongue free. Anger blossoms, and you shove your face, with your suddenly tender nose, back into her crack. Your tongue surges through her sphincter to grind against her. Your finger slips through her folds to shove against her walls. She’s jerking and moaning. You hammer your tongue and finger against her. Then it hits. More of a screech than a scream, Wriggle’s voice rips through the air. For once, you thank the presence of her ass for dampening it.

Wriggle collapses in the seat as you haul your tongue from her ass. With a pop, her twitching asshole releases your tongue and you fall back on your own ass. For a moment you just sit there, dazed. As the fury subsides, you choose to thank whatever god might be watching that you didn’t do something stupid.

The bitter taste lingers on your tongue, as Wriggle’s juices drip from your fingers.

Still twitching, Wriggle hauls herself off the chair and sways toward you. Gripping your scalp, she presses your face against her hairy crotch. She rubs herself against you a few times, then pulls back.

“Sorry… ‘bout uh, that. But like I said, business. Can’t… can’t afford to be all wet for it, you know.” Wriggle turns around and crouches down. She picks her panties up and slides her legs through them as you slump into the hard ground.

You turn your head and spit a few times, but it does little for the taste. Relief fills your chest, as shame fills your stomach. You made it through everything without pissing anyone off or earning any new restraints, but you had to bury your face in Wriggle’s ass to do it.

A soft leather package thumps against your apron. You turn your head back to look at it, as you catch Wriggle, dressed again, standing over you. One hand holds that weird, fat-handled brush again.

“It’s from when we found you.” A tired grin creeps into her face. “You, uh, probably don’t want to let Mystia see that.” She hops down, popping the lid off her brush, and pushes your apron up to your stomach. She scribbles something on your upper thigh, before popping the lid back on and standing back up. “Just so Mystia knows to unlock you if you do, well, you know what.”

You glance down again, working through the difficulties of reading upside down, you manage to parse the message. ‘Fucked Wriggle.’

She turns and walks to the door. Struggling a bit with how close your wrists are stuck together, you peel the wallet open. The first thing you see is a flawless rendition of firm, full tits with hardened red nipples, lovingly cupped by their owner’s hands. Across from that is another image, this time of a spread pussy. You’re about to close it when you notice the side with the second picture is slightly thicker than the first. Reaching behind the picture of the pussy, you find a folded note.

Pulling it out and unfolding it, you find a message. ‘Last known sighting: forest of magic, deep.’

You press the note back inside. Great, just when you’d discarded most of your secrets. You look back to the door as a droplet of Wriggle’s arousal falls from your chin. You’re alone and no more restrained than when you arrived. If you took off your heels, you could try to sneak outside while Wriggle’s away and Mystia’s asleep. They may have prepared for this, but you might never get another chance.

Or you could try checking the mirror now that Mystia’s asleep. You can probably do it without waking her, but even if there were no risk of irritating your captors, you have no idea what you’d find. Maybe it’s nothing, maybe it’s your ticket out, or maybe it’s a trap, possibly leading to some other predator’s domain.

Or you could just surrender completely. Do whatever they want and hope they treat you better after having their way with you. Just focus on keeping them content until someone hopefully saves you. Maybe offer a prayer to some unknown god for luck. Maybe they’ll at least stop locking you in weird stuff.


[X] Leave. This might be your only chance to ever leave the house.

[X] Mirror. It’ll steer you clear of Wriggle, at least.

[X] Pray. Anything to stay out of new restraints.

[X] Write-in.
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Also, in case it's not clear by now. I'm changing voting policy. To put it simply, I'm planning to just play it by ear, which I probably should've done from the beginning.

I'll likely try to count votes together when I can, so as to avoid unduly discouraging additions. Though I don't expect this to come up: if it's unclear whether votes should be counted together or not, I may choose to decide by whatever option is at the top of the vote.
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[X] Mirror. It’ll steer you clear of Wriggle, at least.

It's certainly worth a shot.
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[X] Mirror. It’ll steer you clear of Wriggle, at least.

A coin toss won't foil me this time!
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[X] Mirror. It’ll steer you clear of Wriggle, at least.
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[X] Mirror. It’ll steer you clear of Wriggle, at least.

Nothing ventured and all that jazz.
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We're checking the mirror
Image Source
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File 152254541180.jpg - (68.65KB, 500x500, Looming Mysty.jpg)
Looming Mysty
[X] Mirror. It’ll steer you clear of Wriggle, at least.

After what you put yourself through with Wriggle, you’re not wasting a chance to do something. Spitting again in one last attempt to get that taste out, you haul yourself up into a sitting position, holding the wallet in your lap. You want to hold on to it, in case it contains some further secrets or information, but as the warming summer air hits your bare back, you’re reminded that you really have nowhere to put it. You could try just holding on to it, but you’d rather not have Mystia catch you with porn of another woman. No matter how thoroughly disinterested in it you yourself are.

Either you take it with you, risking everything just to hold on to something that likely won’t even help if you make it through, or you find somewhere to hide it so that if you’re caught, you still have a chance of salvaging things. In the end, it’s not even a real choice. Pushing against the floor, you haul yourself onto your unstable feet.

Mystia’s asleep and Wriggle’s gone. You’d like to think that gives you at least a few hours to do this, but you’re not optimistic enough to count on that. You need to get in and out now, while you still have the chance. You drop the wallet and kick it into a corner. No one should notice it immediately, and without Wriggle there’s nothing clearly connecting it to you anyway.

Walking as quietly as you can in these irritating, clacky heels, you approach the door and slowly, gently, turn the handle. Nudging the door open, you find that Mystia’s once more collapsed in her bed, this time on her side, with only her wings and ruffled hair poking out from the sheets. Wobbling a bit, you scoot toward the closet. Your heels clack against the floor as the silent toy shifts inside you. At least it’s not buzzing anymore. Glancing to the side, you catch Mystia’s wings twitch slightly, but nothing else. Click, clack. After a few more steps, you’ve finally reached the closet.

Pushing the door aside, you slip in. You muscle your way through her weird dresses, gingerly stepping over her toy chest. Finally, you stand before that mirror once more, confronted again by Wriggle’s insulting graffiti. Stepping to one side, you slide the mirror askew. Rotating it to face the side wall, you find something utterly bizarre.

A door. There’s a door on the backside of this pane of polished silver. Your heart leaps as the forbidden, sensuous feeling of hope rises within you. You yearn to shove those doors open and just plunge straight in, no matter what lies beyond. But your sanity reigns and instead you simply prod at the door, finding no obvious traps or dangers.

You put only the tiniest pressure on the handle. Then a little more. Now that you’re so close, you can’t stand the thought of screwing anything up. Increasing your effort in tiny increments, you slowly, eventually get the handle all the way down and push the door forward. It swings open and you step inside.

Your foot plunges, dragging you with it. There’s nothing on the other side. Your other leg crashes against the floor and sends you careening into a pitch-black abyss.

You roll and spin through the endless shadow. All around you, in every direction save for the rapidly fading, dim light of Mystia’s closet, is oblivion. Then a new light appears and, even through your chaotic, uncontrollable tumbling, you just manage to keep track of it. Soft, pale green peeks out from behind a pair of doors opening in the distance. Then another color, this time a dim red, cuts through the shadow.

Then the door you came from closes, sealing its light. Another light appears. Not a door, but a purple sphere. Light blasts out from it in a cascade of arcane bullets. Calling on your borrowed magic, you strain to push your body away. The energy moves, shifts, and even twists within you, but nothing happens.

The light from the bullets illuminates the realm around you, revealing an endless expanse of doors in every direction, often in the process of either opening or closing.

A bullet crashes into you, searing your back and throwing you aside. Thankfully, it managed to straighten you out. No longer spinning, you see a strange, amorphous floor beneath you, which you’re descending toward. You throw every ounce of will into moving and manage to shift yourself just barely out of the next bullet’s path.

A screech rips through the air, dragging your eyes to a distant door with a faint brown-ish shape rocketing toward you. In mere moments, it resolves into the unmistakable pink hair and odd wings of your captor. Mystia Lorelei’s closing in on you. Looking forward, you find a door opening, and by straining your power, shift your trajectory just enough to fall toward it.

You crash against the floating doorstep, wounding your already sore back as you tumble through an unfamiliar stone basement. Leaping to your feet, you trip on your stilted shoes, barely catching yourself. Standing back up, you lurch around toward the door and shut it. You turn away and plant your bare back against it, just as Mystia pounds into it. One thump, then two. Looking forward, you catch a familiar face, her stark-naked body strung taut in glowing red rings.

Nue stands before you, her wings missing and her wrists hanging in the air, her body slender and lithe, save for a pair of perfectly shaped breasts. Another pair of rings forces her legs apart. Red whip marks adorn the skin of her bare breasts and a similarly red hue burns across her likewise bare pussy.

She looks away, her face flushing. She squirms, then looks back at you, giving a sheepish, apologetic grin. She opens her mouth to speak, but no sound comes out. Then you notice the red ring around her throat.

An awkward silence falls. Nue twists her arms and legs but fails to accomplish much. She nods in your direction.

You raise your voice. “What…”

Nue shakes her head, then dramatically purses her lips. You place a finger to your lips, the cuffs dragging your other hand with it as you cock your head in question. She nods. Whispering, you continue.

“Do you need my help?”

She shakes her head again, firm and controlled. She flashes a cocky grin, before returning to a more somber expression. She nods toward you again.

You point to yourself, questioning. She shakes her head. Looking behind you, there’s just the door. You point to it. She nods.

“You want me to leave?”

She nods again, emphatic.

“I… can’t.” The thumping dies down and you sink to your ass in relief. “Someone’s chasing me back there.”

She stares at you, a mix of sympathy and exasperation. She strains against her bindings a few times, whether to break free, or for effect, you can’t tell. She nods to the door again, giving you this look. Like your mother telling you to eat your vegetables, or not to go outside after dark.

You raise your hands, in what you’d intended to be a placating gesture, only to be reminded that they’re still locked together.

“Is there any other way out?”

She mimes a heavy sigh. Small, paper lanterns give off a weak glow, barely illuminating the rows of heavy barrels to each side. One such row runs behind Nue to the corner of the room. You’re in a cellar meant to store drinks rather than prisoners, but there’s only going to be one other way out.

“I’m uh, sorry for getting you caught up in all of this.”

Nue scoffs, grinning again.

“Is there anything I can…”

Footsteps sound above you. You turn to Nue, whose eyes fly wide open.

“You really think I should…”

Nue nods, a touch frantic this time.

You get up, careful to retain your balance as you rise. You take a step back from the door and turn around. Maybe she’s gone now, maybe…

The door flies open, Mystia lunging toward you. She grabs the chain between your wrists and hauls you forward, all but throwing you with her back into the abyss.

Where once there was one ball firing out barrages, there’s now several. Swarms and cascades of bullets rain down upon you. And up to you, and from your sides. Mystia presses your head into her bare breasts, and your poor pussy’s ‘belt’ against her bare thigh. She soars through the void, jerking and weaving around the torrent of light.

The flowery scent of her flesh fills your nose again, but she gives you space to breathe, at least. As she presses something thick, long, and rubbery against your hair. She rolls through one barrage and sort-of ‘leaps’ over another. After a few more ducks and dives, she halts before another pair of doors. Lurching to one side, she throws it open and hurls you through a moment later.

Once the confusion dies down, you find yourself back in the close-

Not the closet. You find yourself in a strange room. It’s made of a different, lighter wood, possibly cedar. The room’s empty, apart from a lone futon in the corner, a pair of wide golden rings propped against the wall, and a simple door across from you. There’s a thin window near the top of the wall, letting in a small band of daylight. Mystia tumbles through a moment later, shutting the door behind her.

“Finally! Back…” She looks around, apparently as confused as you are. “What the hell? This was the exact door I came in through.”

While she’s catching her bearings, you drag yourself to the side. She’s not touching you, so if she can just spend a little longer orienting herself…

Her hands slam against the ground on either side of your shoulders. Something rolls across the floor nearby.

“You. You’re never going to want me, are you?”

Really? Is now the time for this? What does she… wait. There’s a ragged edge to her breathing, and though she's no doubt still stronger than you, her limbs sag. Even her eyes flutter once or twice. She’s tired and, if you could just put her back to sleep, you should be able to get away.

Still, you need a diversion. This is not a subject you want to talk about right now.

“I… I fucked Wriggle.”

Her eyes snap to you, narrowing.

“I mean, she made me do it. Harassed me until I gave in. And uh…”

Mystia scoots up, planting her bare, moist pussy on your stomach. She places a finger against your lip. “Well then, if you’re never going to want me, I might as well follow her example. There’s no real reason to wait, is there?” She slides a hand over your breast, giving it a light squeeze. “So, are you going to pleasure your fiancé, or do I have to take a more forceful approach?”

A quiet, solemn chant echoes nearby.

You can’t fight her, but you’ve left her home. You could try calling out and pray that whoever arrives is strong enough to take her on, but not another youkai. Or, if you calm her down enough, you might just get her asleep again and try to figure out where you are before you expose your presence to every local in earshot. Of course, looking at her now, you have doubts about how ‘calm’ you can get her.

On the other hand, if you could just distract her with something, you could make a break for the void door. She liked talking about when she met you, so maybe try and get her on that again. Hopefully she'll be unable to follow you through that kind of chaos again.


[X] Cry for Help. Maybe you’ll find an ally?

[X] Distract and Run. Lose her in the void.

[X] Relax and Scout. Could keep your options open.

[X] Write-in.
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[x] Cry for Help. Maybe you’ll find an ally?

Really? I have to be the first vote? Get your shit together, anon.
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[X] Distract and Run. Lose her in the void.

See if we can get lucky in the world of doors again?
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Coin's been flipped. We're calling for help.
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My bad yo.

[x] Cry for Help. Maybe you’ll find an ally?
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File 152323061499.jpg - (291.51KB, 800x800, Standing Mystia.jpg)
Standing Mystia
[X] Cry for Help. Maybe you’ll find an ally?

You’ve been here before, pinned down by someone dead-set on your body, and so far, only one thing’s ever pulled you out before you’d satisfied your captors.

“Help! Somebody! Please- hlph!” Gripping your head, Mystia smothers you between her heavy breasts. The flowery scent of her skin stifles you as her firm breasts crash against the sides of your head. You press your hands against the smooth skin of her stomach and twist your body in a vain attempt to free yourself from the crushing confines of her bust.

Your lungs soon burn. Straining, you push back against her grip in a vain bid for breath and speech.

“Quiet!” Mystia bites out, bunching your apron up against her crotch as she slowly retracts her hands. As you pull back, sucking precious air back into your lungs, she presses a finger against your lips. “I swear, if someone interrupts us…”

“Somebody! Anyone! Please save m- ulp!” Mystia shoves a breast through your open teeth, burying it inside your lips.

“Shut. Up.” She mashes your face against it, then rolls your mouth around her breast, rubbing her nipple in circles against your tongue. She gives you a nearly withering glare. “Do you really want to do this?” Releasing one hand from your head, she hangs two fingers before your face. Sliding them just above your mouth, she pinches your nose. You try to jerk your head away, but both hands remain firm. Your muscles strain, but she keeps your airways sealed tight.

Pulling you by the nose, she drags your mouth in a few more circles around her nipple. You hear a quiet moan as your muscles burn and your lungs quake. She looks down on you, expression softening, as your vision swims.

Your body trembles as sensations fade.

Then, suddenly, she lets go. You collapse back to the floor, quaking. You wheeze, gulping in every bit of air you can as Mystia scoots up to your breasts.

“Pleah. S- oh… ome… one…” You strain, forcing out what you can between each gasping breath.

“We could have been the most adorable couple, you know. Maybe we could’ve even ditched Wriggle.”

Mystia scoots over your bust to settle her full thighs on either side of your head. The short, pink strip of hair above her pussy looms before you. You barely exhale your dread before the inevitable happens, as her full, puffy slit presses against your lips.

“Sorry, honey. But you just keep shouting. I kind of need to keep you quiet.”

She rubs her pussy against your lips, smearing you with the steady flow of her juices. You take a breath and push your head from side to side, seeking an opening. Mystia rocks her hips, smearing up to your nose with her arousal, before sliding back down.

“Hhph. Mh.” Nothing but muffled, incoherent noises make it through her pussy.

Then Mystia swings a leg out, flipping onto her back and dragging you with her. You’re pulled onto your chest, head still buried in her crotch as she loosens her grip. She strokes your hair as you pull back, resting on the soft flesh of her thigh, panting.

Gazing past her ample breasts, you find an almost mischievous smile.

“Ready, honey?”

You give a nervous smile back. Sucking in another breath, you part your lips to speak-

Only to have them shoved back against her pussy, vice grip pressed tight against your scalp.

“Aw, c’mon. You don’t have to keep trying that, do you?”

She rubs your nose between the lips, letting out a happy sigh. You plant your hands against the floor and shove upward. Your back arches, but your head fails to budge.

Then her thighs clamp together, rubbing against your head as she drags your face across her crotch to scrape against her pussy. Her scent and taste seep into your skin as she grinds against you.

Back and forth, she rides your face and bathes you in her arousal. She soon lets out heavy, almost moaning breaths as you feel sweat bead across her thighs. You twist and strain, beyond hope of freedom, but unwilling to simply surrender to the cage of her smothering muff.

Even as the first tremors travel down her body, she slows down and eases her thighs off you.

“H-hey, Naoko. You hate th-that belt, right? Help me out so we can take it off, okay? Give me some of your lov-vely tongue, would you?”

You shake your head. Her thighs smash back against you as she shoves your head back into her flesh. Her legs squeeze around you, bearing down on your skull. For a few, defiant moments, you hold firm. Then pain flares across your cheeks and your jaw threatens to crack under their mounting pressure.

Fear overtakes frustration and your tongue slides against her pussy. The pressure eases, but your head remains locked within her legs and her grip. You lick at her moist mound, easing into the taste of her terrible lust. She’s shaking as you sweep up and down her slit. Your tongue grazes her clit, ripping a stunningly deep moan from her lips. You give a few more passes, sending her into contortions, quakes, and heaving, panting breaths, then push in. The dripping lips part around your own wet muscle and it slips with ease into her canal. You shiver, squirming at the taste as you slide deeper in, probing for her sweet spot.

She’s quaking as her sweat seeps down your nose and cheeks. You pull your tongue back and pump it in once, then twice. The third push drags an almost trilling squeal out of her and her thighs beat against you, slamming against your skull until her voice dies back down and they fall limp. Her hand falls from your hair. Now free, you pull back, wincing at the fluids dripping from your face.

You pull yourself back, sitting up. For a moment you just sit there, stunned. Is that it? Certainly, you’re not exactly bothered by the thought of finishing so soon, or not being ‘pleasured’ yourself. Even if Mystia’s left you smothered in the smell and taste of her own satisfaction. At least it’s overcome Wriggle’s taste.

Now would be the time to run or call for help again. Or do something. You look around, spotting that thing Mystia had held. A shiny, purple, double-ended cock. Something she must have decided to pick up before pursuing you through that door. You look back to Mystia’s resting form, her wings sprawled out across the ground. She stirs.

Mystia stretches, sitting up. Blearily beaming at you, she pushes herself onto her feet. Her wings droop, but her but crotch still drips in desire. She steps toward you, wobbling slightly and bringing that dripping slit closer to your face. She crouches down to your level, still beaming. She holds up a small silvery key.

“Well, Wriggle and I both came now, so I guess you don’t need that terrible belt anymore, right?”

“I, guess not?” This should be wonderful news, so why has a pit formed in your stomach?

“Good.” She pushes your apron back up and takes a minute to stare at the writing on your thigh. “Oh, that cheeky brat~” She slides the key along the side of the belt, into a contraption where the ‘buckle’ would be. “Lie down so I can take it off, okay?”

Still oddly nervous, you lie down.

With a light twist, something clicks, and the strip pulls free. Fiddling with something, she loosens the metal bands of the belt and pulls it from your crotch. As she drags it down your legs, you slide your own hands to your pussy and with one of them, reach inside to grab that damn toy. Pulling it out, you’re surprised to find the round, pink object smaller than you thought.

You throw it away as Mystia pulls the belt from your feet. You let out a sigh, finally free of at least one trouble. Mystia steps away from you.

You close your eyes, sighing again in relief. It’s over. You’re safe for now.

Mystia picks something up. Looking to your side, you find her holding that purple cock. It bends toward the ground, bouncing slightly, as she walks back to you. Standing over you, she presses one head to her pussy. Your stomach drops as the head slips through her eager slit and the shaft travels up, bit by bit. That’s why she cared so much about your belt.

Hands bound in front of you, you wiggle your back to shift away from her. She grabs one of your legs, holding the other head of her toy cock in the other. You whimper as she positions it against your pussy. She yawns but remains fixed on your crotch.

“You- you’ve gotta be tired, right?” She can’t keep going, right? “We just had sex. How about you get some rest?”

Mystia shakes her head. “C’mon, Naoko. That was just the warm-up! Now…”

“I’m here! Who needed sa… ving?”

Mystia freezes. You crane your neck to catch someone standing behind you, with black-streaked, dirty blonde hair and a rack superior to your captor’s. She steps forward, bringing her long, crimson dress close to your head, draped over a pair of white pants. There’s a wet flop when Mystia’s dildo falls to the floor. She stands straight, shoving her arms across her rigid nipples and dripping pussy.

“No one. No one needs saving, right, darling?” Mystia turns to you, hinting a threat beneath her forced cheer.

“Please, save me.” You scoot away from Mystia. Something feels off about this new woman, something that reminds you of Kogasa, Kagerou, and Wriggle. But you can’t afford to reject any would-be saviors right now.

She levels what you’d like to think is a heroic glare at Mystia. “What’d you do to her?”

Mystia lets out a soft but shrill laugh. “Me? Nothing. She’s pulling your leg. Right, Naoko? You’re not leaving me again, right?”

“She took me away and made me…” You’re shaking, but you can’t quite bring yourself to continue.

The woman kneels. “Relax, I’m here for you.” Standing back up, she steps over you. You shut your eyes just as her legs cross over your head.

“Naoko! Wait, please! I- I’m sorry, okay? We can go slower ne…”

“She’s under my protection. Leave.”

With your vision blocked by the woman’s admittedly firm back and shapely ass, you can’t tell just what Mystia sees. But she jumps at the low, feral growl the woman lets out.

For a moment, Mystia cowers. She stammers, stops, then she bolts through that strange door, slamming it behind her. The woman turns around and crouches over you. She looks over your body, visibly wincing. Then she takes a sniff, scrunching her nose.

“Don’t worry, you’re safe in our temple.” She grins, cocky and proud.

She sits down next to you. “Name’s Shou. So, there uh… anything you wanna talk about?” She gives you a worried look, before turning her head away, blushing.

“Where am I?”

“Where are… you don’t know?” Shou looks out the window, face scrunched together. “What sort of villain…” She clears her throat. “You’re in Myouren Temple, the center of Buddhism here, and a refuge for all who suffer.”

Myouren, huh? That’s… not good. Mystia and Wriggle might have been better than here. You can’t stay here. But… It’s close to the village, where that monster lurks.

“Uh, thanks for saving me,” you give the brightest smile you can offer, “but I really need to go.”

“Not yet.” She fidgets. “Wait just a bit, okay?”

You shiver, backing away from her. “How, how long?”

“Just an hour or so, ‘kay? You need to rest and stuff, I think. Then we can take you to your friends or something.”

You relax. You’re still in danger, but she’s probably not planning to jump your bones. Yet. Still, there’s something you need to know.

“You’re a youkai, right?”

She blinks, rubbing the back of her head. “I uh, guess so. But don’t worry. On my honor, the honor of this temple, and my assistant, I swear I’ll protect you ‘till you’re ready to leave.”

That’s… chivalrous, you guess? But…

“Are there any humans that could take your place?”

She droops. “No, really. You’re totally safe with me. I’m not going to eat you or anything.”

You heave out a sigh. “Yes, I know.” Well, not necessarily, but that’s a topic for another time. “But you’re going to, well…” You clear your throat. “Seriously, is there anywhere else I can rest instead?”

She looks downright offended now. “Really, we’re not all ravenous beasts, you know. But…” She closes her eyes, scrunching her brow. Opening them, she continues, “I suppose the human village is-”

“Besides there.”

She cocks her head, visibly puzzled. “I guess I could take you down to the mausoleum? I think there’s someone who could shelter you there. But really, what is your trouble?”

“I, I make youkai want to… well, do what she just did. To me, that is.”

Shou’s silent, whether she’s concerned or simply humoring you, you can’t tell.

She hasn’t attacked you yet, so maybe she’ll be more like Nue? If so, you might be able to afford sticking around for a little while, but could you possibly count on the rest of the temple showing such restraint? On the other hand, any escape route now all but promises more youkai on the way.

Where to you go?


[X] Stay. Just long enough to get a plan together.

[X] Go back. Pray to find a better door.

[X] Mausoleum. Pray for a friendly human.

[X] Write-in.
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[X] Stay. Just long enough to get a plan together.
-[x] Tell her, unambiguously and in full detail, exactly what your aura is, how it works, and why this would make you concerned with the fact that she is a youkai.
-[x] Put the chastity belt back on now that the toy is no longer a problem.

She doesn't want to rape us yet. Maybe telling her about our aura now, before it has a chance to work its magic, will make her more inclined to fight it. And if that doesn't work, the chastity belt should do the trick.
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[X] Stay. Just long enough to get a plan together.

Fuck the tiger. Gently.
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[X] Stay. Just long enough to get a plan together.
-[x] Tell her, unambiguously and in full detail, exactly what your aura is, how it works, and why this would make you concerned with the fact that she is a youkai.
-[x] Put the chastity belt back on now that the toy is no longer a problem.

seems like a good plan, even though a strong enough youkai can probably break it.
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[X] Go back. Pray to find a better door.

Being locked in a den of youkai, even with a chastity belt, sounds like a terrible fate waiting to happen, and something about the idea of being taken down to the Mausoleum feels... unsafe. Maybe it's the fact that a crazy bitch like Seiga could be around (imagine the kinds of sadistic shit she could get up to) or that Shou could go fuck-crazy partway there. Until there's a guarantee of meeting someone who's plain jane human (and it's a big assumption that even that's safe), we're better off risking going it alone.
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We're staying, but we're taking precautions.
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To put it simply, my initial outline was unworkable but by the time I realized, it was a bit too late.

Essentially, I'm just posting here to say that there will be a gap, but that my posting schedule should resume as usual once it's over.

I apologize for the inconvenience, but expect the update by the usual time next week, at the latest.
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File 152435518243.jpg - (50.27KB, 300x400, Soft Shou.jpg)
Soft Shou
[X] Stay. Just long enough to get a plan together.
-[x] Tell her, unambiguously and in full detail, exactly what your aura is, how it works, and why this would make you concerned with the fact that she is a youkai.
-[x] Put the chastity belt back on now that the toy is no longer a problem.

For a moment, you just lie there. Between the looming dangers of Mystia and Kogasa, both escape routes hold the threat of youkai who’re already primed and waiting for the chance to fuck you. The temple, at least, should contain only youkai who’ll eventually try to rape you.

So long as that book runs free, the village is off-limits, and a return to any of the outlying farms would undoubtedly result in nothing but a repeat of last summer. Beyond that, there are a few outposts with humans powerful enough to ward off most youkai attackers. But even then, with places such as the Hakurei Shrine, there are just too many youkai who either visit or operate nearby.

Besides, as much as you’d love to have a personal one-on-one with the Hakurei Shrine Maiden herself, the thought of burdening her like that makes you sick.

Which leaves you with, having had your attempt to reach Okina collapse the moment you left the village, no option but to wait and pray someone takes care of that book soon.

In the meantime, you’re stuck in a den of soon-to-be randy youkai, with your wrists still cuffed, more than half your body naked, and nothing to protect yourself.

“Are you… feeling okay?”

You turn to Shou, who struggles to meet your gaze.

“I’m sorry, but I’ve never really…” she shrugs, more defeated than indifferent, “never really had to help someone with this sort of problem.”

“What sort of problem?”

She glances away, pressing a finger to your face and wiping a streak of fluid off. “Well, this.” She sniffs it, wrinkling her nose. “I guess I’m just trying to say that, well…” She sighs, wiping her finger on her skirt. “Well, that I’m here for you. If there’s anything you need to get off your…” she gives a brief glance to your chest, “anything you wish to say.”

“Actually…” There is something. You don’t want to talk about it, but you sure as hell need to. “About m-”

“Oh, just a second.” Shou jumps to the door, giving you a quick, embarrassed shrug. “Be right back!” She rushes through it, closing it behind her.

Damn it.

Well, at least you’re alone. For now. The futon lies, still untouched, in the corner. Near your legs lie the purple cock, still sticky with Mystia’s ‘excitement,’ as well as the belt she took off your crotch, and the pink ball you pulled out. You’d rather not have to see either of those toys again and worry they may give the locals certain ideas.

But that belt, well, it’s not like you have anything else to protect yourself.

Pulling yourself up, you slip your legs through the holes and grip it on either side of the buckle, stretching your cuffs as far apart as they’ll go. You slide it up your legs, and with a quick flip with one hand, slip it under your apron. Cold metal slides up your crack until the thick, heavy bands hover over your waist once more. You push the loose band back in, snapping the belt tight against your hips.

The chain between your wrists jingles as you tug at the belt’s edges. To your relief, it holds firm. So firm that you’re certain any attacker must be far stronger than you to break it.

Which has been at least half of the people to attack you.

Still, it might resist them too, and it’s better than nothing. Crotch guarded, you sit back down to plan. Grabbing the key Mystia used to open it, you flip it between your fingers. Idly, you angle one of your cuffs up, exposing the keyhole. You line the key against it and push, only for it to bump against the edge, incapable of sliding inside. You grumble, but you’re not shocked.

Honestly, did they even have to cuff you? What were you gonna do, scratch them? You flip the key around. The thought of forever trapping yourself in the belt worries you, but so long as you hold on to this key, your attacker could always just take it, then use it to undo your one barrier.

Flushed, you look up to find a only blank wall. The door you just came from has disappeared, leaving a featureless plane of smooth wood in its place.


You’ll need to hold on to that key for now, and just pray you can find somewhere to hide it. Maybe you could…

The door opens. You twist around to find Shou striding back inside, her giant tits drawing your eyes as she carries a small bucket with one hand and a bottle with the other, with a small, thin brown blanket thrown over her shoulder.

“I figured you’d want to, well, get that stuff off.” She circles around in front of you, giving a faltering, awkward smile as she sets the bucket and bottle down beside her. Dropping the blanket behind her, she pulls a wet cloth out of the bucket. Giving it a squeeze, she leans forward, bringing it to your face. “Close your eyes, okay?”

“Ms. Shou, I appreciate the help, really. But you…”

“The youkai thing?”

You nod. “Even otherwise innocent youkai try to force themselves on me eventually.”

She falters. “Well, someone needs to help you clean up at least. You’ll let me do that, right?”

Nervous, you nod.

She pushes the cloth forward. You wince as the cool, plush fabric hits your cheek. She drags it across your nose to the other side, smearing sudsy water behind it. She slides it down, then toward your mouth. For a split-second, you panic, visions of black tentacles, metal rings, and your own panties filling your head. You lock your jaw, preparing to run. But it just passes over, moving up to your eyes. She swipes it across your face a few more times, then pulls back.

You open your eyes. She’s scrutinizing you, staring at your forehead.

You wince when she pushes the cloth back against it. She scrubs back and forth, pressing harder with each pass. Soon it feels like she’s trying to grind it into your skin. She pulls back, and you loosen your face from the grimace you’d adopted.

She sighs.

“It’s just not going away, huh?” She runs a finger across your forehead. “I’m sure Hijiri could get this out, be she won’t be back for awhile…”

Her breasts sway slightly, nudged by even the subtle motions of her arm.

“Seriously, I don’t think…”

“Here, take this.” She holds out the bottle, its cork already gone.

Hesitantly, you take it.

“I can’t clean her profanity off, but this should help get the taste out, right? Just take a sip.”

A part of you realizes this is a terrible idea. Accepting an unknown liquid from a youkai, given what your aura does to them. But you find it increasingly difficult to say no to such people. As if any sign of resistance will turn them into another Kagerou or Wriggle. Or another whatever-the-hell possessed Kosuzu.

You press the bottle to your lips and take a gulp.

It is refreshing, and it does do a decent job of washing Mystia’s residue down your throat.

“There, see? I’d like to say something like ‘all better now,’ but,” she glances at you, “that’d be a lie, wouldn’t it?”

You set the bottle down. “I guess so.” You sag. “But thanks. It’s… refreshing for, well, someone like you to help me, when…”

She looks toward the ceiling. “The youkai thing again?”

You look down. “It’s going to happen, you know. I can’t say how long it’ll take, but the longer you spend near me, the more likely it is take over… I think.”

“You think?”

You grumble. “Most youkai don’t attack me like that until we’ve talked or at least made eye contact a few times.” You turn to look at her. She’s looking more relaxed. Or maybe you’re feeling more relaxed? “But seriously. It’s going to happen. If you really want to help, you need to help me get out of here and take me somewhere that’s not crawling with youkai.”

She rubs the back of her head. “You know, I’m sure there are some youkai you can trust. But if you can’t go the village, where else is there to go?”

“I… I don’t know.” You sigh, defeated. It’s inevitable, isn’t it? Unless you can somehow find a haven in the village, there’s nothing that’ll prevent you from falling into the lap of another sex monster. Well, maybe if you snuck into Senkai or the Realm of the…

Back Door. That’s where you just came from, isn’t it?

God damn it.

Shou leans forward again, this time wrapping her arms around you. Her massive breasts threaten to choke you as she pulls you into a bear hug that squeezes the air from your lungs. Your skin heats up and you let out a wheeze, just before she pulls back. She pulls the blanket out and throws it across your shoulders. You realize it’s not a blanket just before she ties the threads across your collarbone. It’s a cloak. She tugs the edges, pulling them closer together to over your apron.

“It’s not perfect, but given your, uh…” she gestures at your hands, “restraints, this is the best I could do.” Your heart’s thumping. Not for love, but not from fear either. In fact, it feels a bit like that time with Nue.

She stands up, and you can’t help but watch the motion of her healthy, curvy thighs as she does so. Something’s wrong.

“Hey, I bet my assistant could get those cuffs off you. She’s really good at…” She trails off, her eyes resting on your crotch.

Then you feel it, moisture trickling out from behind your belt. Again. With nothing even forcing it out this time. You look back up at Shou, confused and flushed.

For a moment you just sit there, stunned. Then, in a flash, you clamp your hands over your crotch and lock your legs together. Your thoughts turn to a near-incoherent mush, every attempt to explain yourself or plan your next action derailed by the thought of having shown your… arousal? Having shown your lubrication to a potentially friendly, helpful stranger.

“I, uh, well, Mystia, she…” You raise your hands—forced again by those fucking cuffs to move them together—in a vague, grasping gesture. “She, uh…”

Shou gently pushes your hands back down.

“It’s okay.” She looks away. “A-anyway. I think you should stick around for now, I’m sure we can hold ourselves back for a few days, right?”


She winces. “It couldn’t act that fast, could it?”

You slump down. “A wolf youkai attacked me the moment we met.

“Oh. Well, that’s…” She presses a finger to her brow. “But anywhere else would also have youkai. Look, I’ll just let everyone know that if they try to do anything weird, they answer to me, okay?”

Your skin burns, as the shivers fade.

“You sure that’ll work?”

She flushes. “It’s fine! Desire leads to suffering. To break free of samsara, you can’t go lusting after things. All that good stuff. Besides, do you even know why you effect youkai the way you do?”

You stop. “I… no, not really. If I knew, it wouldn’t be happening, would it?”

She shrugs. “Maybe. If it was some big rule of the universe, there wouldn’t be anything you could do, even if you did know, right?”

“I, guess so?”

She adopts a meditative posture. “Right. But maybe your energies or something are just acting strange. Then if you fixed them, it would stop happening, right? I could try and help you out with that, though Hijiri would be better suited for it.”

You look down at your cuffed wrists. You’d rather get these pieces of shit off, but a better understanding of your powers may be more useful in the long term.

“But I think you need something else right now.” A smile creeps up Shou’s face. Not lecherous or cruel, but silly. She holds up the bottle. “Booze!”

“…What?” Here? Now? Get drunk, surrounded by youkai? Wait, that didn't taste like achohol.

“Look, I can tell you’re not in the right place right now. Nothing’s better for what ails you than a nice, deep bottle of sake and a sympathetic ear.” She leans forward, planting a hand on your shoulder. “Trust me, once you’ve flushed out your worries and had a good rest, you’ll be thinking much clearer.”

“It’s morning.”

“Noon, actually. But if anyone deserves the go-ahead for some day-drinking, it’s you.”

You eye her, nervous. “You want to fuck me, don’t you?”

She sighs, drooping. “See? This is what I’m talking about. You need to be able to trust someone. And if you’re not in the village, that someone’s going to be a youkai.”

She… may have a point. You’re learning some things, but you’re still helpless on your own and, past the farms and village walls, humans are hard to find. Furthermore, your psyche’s taken a beating over the past several days which you’ve never really had a chance to work through. This might just be your only chance to do so without guaranteeing your partner follows up by fucking you.

But is it really worth the risk? If you need to wait, wouldn’t it be best to do so alone? You could always pray or something.


[X] Get her assistant. Immediate problems first.

[X] Practice magic. Self-protection capabilities first.

[X] Drink. You need a clean psyche.

[X] Pray. Avoid the youkai at all costs.

[X] Write-in
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Naoko did not deliver a single big spiel on her aura, but she has spilled about everything she understands about it to Shou. I hope this does not feel like a violation of the spirit of that vote, but please let me know if it does.
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[X] Get her assistant. Immediate problems first.

Probably our best bet for right now, no harm in drinking with her AFTER we're unchained and free.
Also I think you captured the spirit of the vote well enough, and made it work fiven the circumstances. No worries.
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[X] Get her assistant. Immediate problems first

Best have those chains off
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[X] Get her assistant. Immediate problems first.

Immediate problems because immediate.
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We're gonna see if we can get our hands free.
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Belated warning: some outlining troubles have forced me to push the update back again. Thankfully, it should be up by about tomorrow, depending on your time zone. Due to this delay, I may also extend the deadline for voting.

Because I don't want to bump the thread with nothing, I'll just lay down a couple notes.

Behind-the-scenes stuff:
As you might have guessed, the vote way back when you left the village was intended to lock you into the voted place for a period of time. I considered sticking to that even when backdoor won (by saying Aya still had her door), but opted against that because it just didn't feel right or natural. And because the realm belonged to a goddess of (according to herself) obstruction. So if you were wondering why some things derailed at that point, this is why. That said, I didn't want to bait'n'switch you, so I've tried to keep some options open.

Actual spoiler:
You're not locked out of Okina route yet.
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File 152513308773.jpg - (337.53KB, 700x980, Nazrin Frown.jpg)
Nazrin Frown
[X] Get her assistant. Immediate problems first.

“Maybe later. You said you had an assistant that could help with these?” You extend your arms, presenting your chained wrists.

“Oh, right. That would be more pressing for you, wouldn’t it?”

“As much as I… appreciate your offer, yes.” The thought of drinking your troubles away tempts you, but first things first. Besides, you’re still not sure she doesn’t want to fuck you. Or that she won’t once her inhibitions drop.

Shou stands up, laying her hand on your shoulder. “You’ll be alright. Trust us, we can work something out.” She looks to the side, scratching her chin. “Actually, I’ve got an idea.”

She grabs your wrist and hauls you up.

“What, what are you doing?”

“This way.” She pulls you do the door. She is… way more powerful than you. “I’m not really sure if I can solve your problems, but…” She opens the door, pulling you into a tight hallway. “I know people who’re smarter and cleverer than me. If we all put our heads together, we’ll come up with something.”

“Wait! Wait. You’re showing me to the rest of the temple?”

“Well, I’m not sure showing is the right word, but yes, I suppose so.”

“Why? Didn’t you hear anything I just said?” You tug at her arm and set your feet into the ground. But you just stumble as she drags you along.

“Well, you did say it takes time for your power to take hold.”

“I said it usually takes time! Remember the wolf youkai? She attacked me immediately!”

Shou stops and turns to you. You relax your arms.

“If you stay here too long, we’ll all fall under your spell, right?”

You look down. “I, well, I think so.”

“And if you run? What happens if you meet someone so susceptible then?”

You look away. “She has her way with me.”

Shou resumes walking, dragging you with her again. “Right, so we need to take some chances. I’m the strongest youkai here, so I’ll step in if anyone gets weird, okay?”


Reluctant, you let her lead you to an open room with six rows of low tables, each long enough for about six or eight people to eat on at a time. A series of windows line the long wall across from you. She guides you to the nearest corner and lets go.

She pauses for a moment. “I’ll have Naz here in just a moment, okay? Just scream if someone gets weird.”

“Wait, what?”

…And she jogs off down a hallway on the opposite end, and even now you can’t help but note the way her breasts bounce on the way. You need to get your mind off feminine flesh before even your moments of respite start blending into your ever-growing list of traumatic attacks.

Unsure of what to do, you sit down at the nearest table and set your hands on it, cuffs clinking against the wood.

Birds chirp as a faint touch of incense wafts through the air. You draw your wrists apart, pulling the chain taut before they’re even parallel. You strain against it for a moment, then let them fall back together. You rub your thighs against the cool metal of your chastity belt. There’s still a faint ‘itch’ tugging at you.

“I promise, okay? Don’t worry about it.”

Your head flips to the distant hallway as two women walk out of it. One wears a dark hood atop a white dress, while the other wears what you barely remember as a sailor suit, complete with a cap and shorts.

The hooded woman speaks. “You don’t understand. The implications alone could destroy everything we’ve worked for.”

The sailor bops her on the head. The hooded one opens her mouth, then sees you and stops. She coughs, and the sailor follows her gaze. The hooded one gestures at something behind her, then walks up next to you.

Frowning, she leans over. “Are you okay?”

You shrug. “I’m… fine. Just fine.”

“Yo, what happened?” You turn to find her partner already sitting, cross-legged, on the table before you.

“A pair of youkai attacked me and carried me into the forest. Shou saved me.”

The hooded woman gives her partner a significant look, then sits down. “That’s what now? The fourth youkai attack around the village?” She turns back to you. “I’m Ichirin, by the way.” She gestures toward her partner. “This here is Minamitsu.”

“It’s Murasa, and hey, we don’t know it happened there.” Murasa flicks your forehead. “Hey, did those youkai write this crap?”


You swallow. “Yes. One of them liked… well, she liked to degrade me.”

Ichirin wraps a hand around your side. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s fine. More importantly, and please don’t take this the wrong way, but you need to avoid me.”

Ichirin pulls back. Murasa just cocks her head. “What, you sick?”

You shake your head. “No. It’s just that, well…” no use hiding it, “I make youkai horny.”


Murasa and Ichirin clamp down their ears, while you’re forced to settle with cupping one ear, one hand hanging below it.

“What, what was that?”

Murasa waves her hand. “That’s just Kyouko, don’t worry about it.”


“But seriously, ‘make youkai horny?’ Mind explaining that one?”

You look down, setting your hands back on the table. “There’s not much to explain. Any youkai who spends time with me eventually decides she wants to have sex with me.” You shiver. “By then, they never really bother asking for consent.”

“You’re saying you meet youkai, and they try to rape you.”

You shiver, slightly. “They, they don’t just try.”

“What, they’ve actually…” Murasa cuts off, looking guilty.


Ichrin speaks up. “Say, miss, how many youkai have you met, who’ve… desired you?”

“At least a dozen. Beast youkai mostly, but they weren’t alone. There were even some fairies after me.” Which would’ve creeped you out, had you been doing anything other than fighting off or running away from bigger, scarier youkai at the time.

Murasa claps. “I getcha. You think we’ll turn on ya, right?”



“’Scuse me, coming through.” A short, gray-haired woman with big mouse-ears on her head muscles between you and Ichirin. She drops a wallet-like parcel on the table and unrolls it, revealing a series of picks. Selecting a simple, slender one, she pulls it out and motions for your wrists. Hesitant, you offer it to her, which she takes. She rolls the cuff around your wrist, angling the keyhole up.

“Name’s Nazrin.” She slides the pick down the hole. “I’ve got crap to do, so let’s get this over with.”

She slides the pick back out, pushing it to one side on the way. “Mhm, mhm.” She slides it back down, then up.

Murasa rocks from side to side. “What’s yer name and where’re you from, by the way?”

“I’m Naoko. Do you know the Hondas?”

Murasa and Ichirin look to each other, then both shrug.

“Nah. Not really.”

“Oh. Well, we work a farm a few hours south of the village.” You stop, thinking. “But the village itself is where I’ve lived the past year.”

Nazrin grabs a second pick and pushes it against the first, still inside the hole. She drags the first back out, then slides it back in, keeping the second positioned like a lever.

“That’s pretty far out isn’t it?”

Ichirin broods.

There’s a click, and your cuff pops open. You pull your wrist free as Nazrin reaches for your other cuff. You lean back, supporting your weight with your newly freed hand.

“It’s near the bamboo forest, but it’s not too close. I think.”

Ichirin perks back up. “Do you know the names of anyone who attacked you?”

“Well, the first two were Kogasa a-”

“Kogasa? Are you certain?”


Ichrin quiets down. “After that, did anyone attack you in the village?”

“Yes. A, uh… a book.”

“Yo, Ichi, watcha thinkin’?”

Ichirin mutters something under her breath, before a grin bursts across her face. “Murasa, we have an explanation for the attacks. This will fix everything. We just need Ms. Honda to come with us to the v-”


The two turn to you. With another click, the remaining handcuff falls from your wrist. Nazrin puts the picks back, rolls up their container, and takes the cuffs. “I’m done. Bye.” Before you can thank her, she walks off down the hallway Ichirin and Murasa came from.

“Why not? You said you had to go, the human village is better anyway…”

“The book’s still there. It’s why I left.”

“You left?”

“I…” You didn’t explain that, did you? “Yes, I left. That’s how Mystia caught me. Besides…”

There’s a crash. Moments later, someone sprints through the distant hallway, rushing toward you. Soon, a small woman with floppy dog ears pounds into the room. She skids to a stop near Murasa.

“You! Why’re you lying about Mystia?”

Stunned, you just stare back at this girl, broom clutched in her hand.

“You know her?”

“She’s my friend! And bandmate!”

You shrink back. “I didn’t lie! But if it helps, she might not have had a choice…”

The loud dog girl stops. “What?”

“Normally it only takes a few days, at most, for youkai to fall for me. We first met more than a year ago. The aura’s effect could’ve built to impossible strength since then.” You decide not to mention that she also tried to rape you back then. Or that by such logic you’d have swarms of youkai hunting you down by now. “Maybe it was impossible to fight.”

“Your aura?”

Murasa snorts. “Her youkai seducing aura.”

“Oh, right.” The dog girl pouts. “I still think you just don’t like Mystia. If you can super-powerfully seduce youkai, then do it on me!”

“What?” Does she have any idea what she’s even asking?

“I said do it on me. Make me rape-y.”

She’s kidding, right?

“Kyouko? Don’t you think that’d just make things worse?”

“I…” Could you do that? You’ve never tried. “I can’t. If I had any control over my aura, she never would’ve attacked me.” Either way, you sure as hell are not about to find out.

“Do you think we’re also vulnerable?”

“You are. That’s why you shouldn’t stay too close.”

“But you're not goin’ back to the village?”


“Then what’s yer big plan?”

“I… I’m not sure. If someone takes care of the book soon, I can return to the village. But if that doesn’t happen, I’ll eventually need somewhere to go before I turn you all into… well, criminals. Do any of you know how to get to Senkai or the Realm of the Rear Door?”

“I’m heading to the village soon. I suppose I could talk to one of the hermits, but this book sounds like a more pressing concern.”

“Yeah, I’m sure we can handle whatever sexy powers you’ve got for a few hours. ’Sides, I’m kinda busy right now, but I’m sure Kyouko could help ya look around or something. Can’t promise you’ll find anything helpful, though.”

“I’m not helping ‘till she proves she wasn’t lying!”

“Oh, there you all are.” Shou walks back in. “Have they been helpful?”

“If you seek the Realm of Rear Doors, a visit to the Hakurei Shrine might be best.”

Shou sits down next to Ichirin. “Are you feeling better?”

“I am, thank you.”

“The drink’s still on offer, by the way. As is the training.”

“Hey, if you’re drinking, I’ll join ya.”

Ichirin frowns. “You said you were busy.”

“Yeah, but this is different!” Murasa turns to you. “’Sides, I know where Hijiri keeps the good stuff.” She stops. “Oh, hey, Shou. Naoko here says you had to fight Mystia off her. That true?”

“Mystia? Who was that again?”

“My friend! Someone who’d never do something like that!”

“Well, the attacker had fluffy pink hair and a night sparrow’s wings…”

Kyouko twitches. “But she didn’t actually try to rape her, right?”

Shou visibly sweats, offering a tight smile. “Well, if she didn’t, then she did a very good job of making it look like she did.”

Kyouko sulks. “Couldn’t have been Mystia. She’d never do something like that.”

You glance at Kyouko, who huffs and looks away. You’ve no idea how to adequately comfort her, given you yourself are the victim of her ‘friend,’ but you’d really rather she doesn’t fall for you while she’s still upset.

On the other hand, you still need to do something about your inability to fight off even weak youkai. And you still need a chance to rest your bruised and battered mind.


[X] Drink. Whatever she’s after, Shou’s right about your mind.

[X] Training. You need to defend yourself somehow.

[X] Comfort. Try to at least calm Kyouko down.

[X] Seduce. Knowledge is power?

[X] Write-in.
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[X] Training. You need to defend yourself somehow.

CQC, Boss.
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[X] Drink. Whatever she’s after, Shou’s right about your mind.

take a drink relax then training.
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I'll be calling the votes approximately 13 hours from now and would like to request a tiebreaker, if possible.

As usual, the first vote for either of the leading options (Training or Drinking) will decide it. If there are no new votes by then, I'll flip a coin.
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Got you covered boss.

[X] Training. You need to defend yourself somehow.
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Looks like we're training.
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File 152565285677.jpg - (132.00KB, 800x619, power of love.jpg)
power of love
[X] Training. You need to defend yourself somehow.

“Miss Shou. You said you’d be willing to help train me?”

Shou blinks. “Oh, yes. Just a second.” She turns to Murasa. “Could you talk to Kyouko for a bit?”

“You kiddin’?” She looks to Shou, who shakes her head. “Urgh, fine. Come with me, kid.”

“Hey! They haven’t apologized yet!”

“Yeah, yeah. You gotta give ’em some space ’fore they’ll do that.” Murasa pushes Kyouko back toward the distant hallway.

“Come on, this way.” Shou moves down to a nearby doorway.

Getting up, you walk after her. Ichirin gives you a slight bow before she goes back down the hall you came from, followed by a thick, pink mist. Shou takes you to another doorway, in between the other two. She guides you through a couple corridors, plain and empty, save the occasional door. After a few more turns you find yourself stepping into smooth, soft grass. There’s no roads nearby as far as you can see, so this can’t be the front entrance.

She sits down against the wall of the temple. “What do you know?”

You glance around. Despite the warmth of the air, you can’t help but shiver as it blows through your cloak, to the otherwise bare skin beneath. Maybe you should’ve made a point to get properly dressed first, but really, does it even matter? Even this’ll be ripped off at any moment, anyway. At least it hides most of your body.

“There’s this power inside me, and I can move it around. But I can’t get it to do anything.”

Shou nods, somehow a bit too solemn. “Then we should start with the basics.” Her face splits into a grin halfway between confidant and goofy. “Now, take a deep breath and let it out, okay?”

You breathe in and out, once. Thoughts float, unbidden, to the surface, of the legs, breasts, and asses that choked your lungs. You wheeze.

“It’s okay. Just clear your thoughts and try again.”

You close your eyes, shutting the thoughts out as you take in another breath. Wings and antennae swim through your head. In, out. In, out. A purple umbrella. In, out. Slowly, the images bleed away entirely.

“Good, good. Now, you can feel your energy, correct?”

You nod, eyes still shut as you fight to keep your mind clear.

“Great. Now, this isn’t really how summoning bullets works, but I hear it makes it easier for beginners. What I want you to do is gather that energy into your shoulder.”

Shoulder? Well, it’s not like you’ve anything to lose. Concentrating, you focus on the vitality inside you and drag it up and to one side. Without something to smash it against, it’s a bit like pulling at a thick soup. And yet you manage to gather a decent amount.


You nod.

“Good. Now, pull that arm back like you’re going to punch someone.”

You pull it back.

“Now, throw that power down your arm and punch!”

You punch forward, hurling the energy down and out. You open your eyes as the punch finishes, releasing nothing more than a light, pink dust. Shou’s nowhere to be seen.

You turn rigid as a hand slides along your shoulder.

“Excellent effort, but let me help you out a bit. Kneel down just a tad, okay?”

Still stiff, you lower your knees into a not-quite squat.

“Good. Now,” she nudges your spare arm slightly, then adjusts your hand, “when you fling your power out, I want you to imagine you’re firing an arrow, okay?”

You nod.

“Alright, go.”

You gather the energy back, then punch. A small, glowing pink heart floats away from your fist.

Your face burns. You’ve finally fired out a bullet, and it just has to remind you of the very thing you’re trying to escape.

“Oh. Wow. That was… fast. It’s as if you’ve been practicing.” She doesn’t mention its shape or color.

“…Is that it?” You force a slight cheer to your voice. Moping can wait ’till you’re in fighting shape. Besides, this does give you the beginnings of a chance to fight back.

“I’m afraid one bullet won’t be enough, even for a fairy, but just getting here’s the hardest part. Are you certain you’ve never practiced before?”

“Well, it’s complicated.”

“Oh?” Shou steps around you, and returns to the wall, sitting down. “Then keep practicing. If you keep firing those off, you can start building a pattern.”

Well, nothing for it. You throw another punch, flinging out a misshapen heart. You throw another, and another. You start alternating hands. At first about every other heart either comes out weak and misshapen, but soon, most punches throw out proper, heart-shaped bullets.

“Do I need to keep punching?”

“Hm? Oh, no. That’s just ’cause humans have trouble thinking the right way. Once you get the hang of it you can stop using your body completely.”

You throw a sort-of half punch. It flings out a proper heart, but it flies slower. After the next few half-punches, you get their flight speed to about what you got from the full throw.

“So, Naoko, what’d you mean by complicated?”

“Do you remember the book?”

“The one that attacked you?”

“Yes. Before it lost, it wrapped me in these horrible magic rings. I used my power to get out.” That and a familiar contract you’d rather not get into right now. And… Shizuha. You really hope she’s okay.

“Hm… Ah! Look out!”

Something twinkles in the sky. You leap to the side just as a giant, shimmering blue anchor crashes beside you.

“Ho, ho, ho. Lady Naoko! I challenge ya to a duel. Defeat me, or I’ll claim yer booty for myself.”

“Murasa, weren’t you busy?”

What? You look to Shou, who shares a look with the green spectre atop the anchor, then gives you a shrug.

No. No, no, no. There’s no way you could win.

“I refuse!”

The anchor shimmers away, and the figure vanishes with it.

A light but calloused hand pats your ass. You leap forward, spinning around to find Murasa standing before you. You glance to where the anchor was, then back to her. She turns green and disappears again, just before one hand grips your shoulder as another slides down your back.

“Are ya sure ya wanna do that? Just surrender yer body to me?”

Shou lets out a low growl. “Murasa…”

You sigh, defeated. “What difference does it make?”

Murasa shoves you forward. You turn around again, almost tripping, to catch a fierce stare from her.

“It ain’t gonna be any worse if ya try an’ fail, so quit bellyachin’ and fight me.”

You just stand there for a moment, perplexed. None of your attackers acted like this. And why isn’t Shou doing anything? Didn’t she promise to protect you? Has she already given in? Is she planning to use your body once Murasa’s done?

So that’s it, then. You’ve barely even met them, and they’re already pulling this shit. No matter what you do, you’ll play into their hands.

So, fuck it.

You throw a hard punch, shooting out three hearts in a trident pattern, the center one aimed directly at Murasa. They zip forward, but she just sidesteps between them, breaking out in a grin. In a split-second, a giant wave of greenish-blue bullets form and fire toward you.

You duck, dropping low to the ground. The bullets whiz past your head, as you fire off two more three-heart barrages. The crappy angle has them miss without Murasa even moving. You step up, just in time to catch another giant anchor sailing toward you.

You leap to the side as Murasa vanishes. You whirl around and fire a trio of bullets at the green specter appearing behind you. They sail straight through.

You jog backward, firing more hearts out. One connects, staggering her.

“Heh, got one in.” She grunts, audibly winded. All that from a single bullet? You fire off another volley, which she dodges. You build up your power and unleash a stream of bullet after bullet, aimed directly at her.

She glides to one side, dodging your bullets as she conjures another anchor. She spins it around herself, accelerating as she goes. You’re still jogging when she flings it out, low to the ground.

On gut instinct, you plant your feet and leap directly upward. You clear the anchor, but only then do you realize you’ll crash into it before it passes. You shut your eyes and flail your arms as you gather what energy you can to just try to hold yourself aloft for a single, precious second or two.

For one single instant, your mind turns to the inevitable moment when you lose and Murasa claims her prize. Then to all the youkai who’ve done that before. From the furry thighs against your cheeks and the fluids they forced down your throat, to the tongues and toys they shoved inside you.

In one last, desperate effort, you take your power and push.

Panic surges as your foot grazes the energy of the phantom anchor, but you stop. You open your eyes as the anchor sinks behind you and disappears. Into the ground you’re no longer standing on.

“Naoko, you did it! You’re flying!”

You whirl on Shou, your focus cracking.

“Yeah, but ya still gotta beat me, kid. Or I’ll, uh, touch your pussy!”

You fall to the ground and, barely holding yourself together, you gather your power together.

“Murasa, do you really have to keep playing that character?”

Maybe you can still pull this back. Still save what little’s left of your purity. You fire everything you have at Murasa in a single blast. Murasa doesn’t even try to dodge as a pink, heart-shaped beam erupts from you.

It slams into her, eliciting an ear-shattering scream.

Shou looks to her, horrified, until the scream turns to something that horrifies you. Ecstasy.

You stagger backward as energy drains from your body. What have you done? You fall to your ass, still scooting back. Murasa collapses as well, crying out in pure satisfaction.

“W-what happened?” Your voice trembles.

Shou looks between you and Murasa, more confused than upset. “She- I don’t know.”

“Ya gotta learn this,” she moans, shaking, “this stuff the right way.”

Shou huffs. “We were doing it right!”

“No, ya weren’t.” She pants. “It’s all about,” she gulps, “all about…”

Shou looks away as Murasa passes out, still shivering.

Exhausted, you collapse back to the grass.


The first thing you feel is a pair of soft lips, pressed against your own. Someone’s knee presses into your crotch, as her heavy breasts press against your more moderate bust, grinding you into the coarse bark behind you. Soft, fluffy tufts of hair graze your cheeks as your eyes finally open.

A thick canopy hides her features from the full moon’s pale light until she pulls back, licking her lips. Pink hair, fluffy ears, and those odd wings. Mystia. Glancing around, you find a break in the trees nearby. You know that fence, and you know that growing barley field. Mystia wraps an arm around your back.

She gives you a pitiful frown. “You don’t seem very happy to see me.”

“Well, I’ve just been thinking. There’s this other fantasy I have.” You’ve been here. “But I’m sure you’d hate me if you heard about it.” She wouldn’t – they never do. But it makes a decent excuse.

“How could I hate you, silly? Just spill, I’m sure we could work it out.”

This was always the challenge, back then. You needed something suitably exotic to justify your trepidation, but not too weird in case this youkai finally got you.

“Well, I always wondered what it’d be like to have a cute girl lick chocolate off my naked body.”

Details were important. You didn’t need to know what you were saying–you only learned what chocolate was months later–but it had to sound lewd enough to distract them, to get them all hot and bothered, and forget to ‘secure’ you in some way.

“Well, now that you mention it, that sounds great! I’ll get us some chocolate right now.”

Her knee leaves your crotch as she jumps backward. With one hard flap, she rockets through the canopy and into the air. You wait a few moments to make certain she can’t see you. Then, satisfied, you jog back into the open field. You need to get back inside before more youkai find you. And before Mystia returns. It’s only when you start pushing through the barley that you remember why this is so familiar.

You’re back home, on the last night of terror. The night when she came.


[X] The perverted shadow monster.

[X] The lecherous earth shaper.

[X] The libidinous rogue cat.

[X] The lascivious rabbit.

[X] The randy… girl with the… hat, or something.
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[X] The randy… girl with the… hat, or something.
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[X] The randy… girl with the… hat, or something.

All of my YES is going into this one.
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[X] The randy… girl with the… hat, or something.

All of my YES is going into this one.
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[X] The randy… girl with the… hat, or something.
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We're going with the ‘mystery’ door.

Good luck.
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File 152625403174.jpg - (43.52KB, 600x750, 'mystery' youkai.jpg)
'mystery' youkai
[X] The lewd… girl with the… hat, or something.

The night when she… when…

Who was she? What was she? Was it a she?

Yes. You still remember that girly laugh. Light, careless, and a touch childish, but undoubtedly feminine. The underlying voice was plenty matured, but the way she laughed was just so…

Your obi loosens on the way back.

Which was the first thing to go wrong, though you didn’t realize it until… just now. Huh.

This was your second escape from Mystia, which itself had been one of the key reasons you fled to the village; old attackers had started appearing alongside the new ones each night, more determined each time. Mercifully, this mystery woman was the last youkai to attack you this night.

You move forward, feeling that growing, amorphous dread. Something you realize must have come, at least in part, from the way your kimono now flows to your sides, exposing your legs and belly.

The cool night air brushes past your bare skin. You stop at the house wall, resting your back against it and wrapping your arms around yourself, beneath your breasts. Here was when you first decided something was, in fact, wrong. Which may have had something to do with the bra sliding up to your neck, your breasts popping free.

Whoever attacked you had the power to screw with your head. And she’s here, somewhere, watching you. You throw your gaze left and right, finding nothing but quiet, darkened fields and distant trees.

Your kimono slips off your shoulders, catching on your clenched arms.

Where the hell is she?

You rub your arms as goosebumps build across your skin. It’s funny, back in the village, you often wondered just why you ever found her so uniquely terrifying, and yet you thanked your stars every day that no matter how difficult everything got, at least you knew she wouldn’t be there.

Now, you worry your celebrations may have been… premature.

You stand back up, walking alongside the wall. Your arms fall to your sides, letting your kimono fall right off.

Is she a puppet master of some kind? A hypnotist?

With each passing moment, you grow more tense, yet mixed in there’s a strange sense of nearly detached curiosity. Just who is it that’s done all this to you?

You catch the back door passing by the edge of your vision. You hadn’t even been trying to get back inside. Now the fear’s building in earnest. Even though you know what happens here, you’re starting to realize just how hopelessly, pathetically outmatched you were. Had it not been for Ayame, there’s not the slightest question as to how this night would’ve ended.

But what’s worse is what happens when this vision ends. She could be out there, right now. She could show up and take you away without even you yourself noticing.

You shiver, teeth chattering.

Your panties slip down, falling to your ankles. Your next step trips on them and you lurch forward, barely catching yourself. But rather than notice the obvious and try to put them back, you just pull one leg out and continue, dragging them behind you.

You circle around to the front when you start to feel an ‘itch’ between your legs. A soft-spoken but insistent request to rub your pussy. You clench your hands, holding them tight by your bare thighs. Last time, your hands had wandered long before you gave even the slightest thought.

You stand still as desire throbs and your body shakes. Heat pools and burns in your belly as your breath degrades into ragged, panting heaves. And yet you hold firm, even as your hands wrap around your…

You give one breast a light squeeze, almost choking on the searing pleasure that single act forces upon you. In the confusion of that blinding bliss, your spare palm scrapes against your pussy.

“Uh, lady, do you want some help?”

Your eyes jerk forward. That’s her. Moisture trickles down your hand as you scan the open fields. Where is she?

A finger pokes the breast you’re not already groping. It pokes again.

“So soft…”

You still see nothing, even as the hand moves to grasp your tit. It squeezes once, then twice. You’re shuddering, but still standing. Barely. Another hand bats yours off your own breast as she grabs both, hefting.

She rolls your breasts around, then bounces them. Gritting your teeth, you force your slick hand from your slit to grab at her wrists. Despite the growing haze, and a few failed guesses, you find and latch onto them. She doesn’t even slightly resist you, yet it takes every fiber of your being to shove her hands away, even for a moment.

And she just flicks her wrists, breaking your focus and knocking your hands to the side. She wraps her arms around you, burying her head in your naked bust. Your hands return, sliding up and down her back. Her still-clothed back.

That’s a good thing, right?

She steps back, looking up at you. At least, you get the impression that’s what she’s doing. She lays her hands on your shoulders, nudging you down. You drop to your knees, bringing your face almost level with hers. She leans in, wrapping her fingers in your hair and you already know where this is going.

Her lips brush against yours, strangely hesitant.

Then her head all but crushes yours against the wall behind you as her lips mash against you and her breath almost smothers your nose.

Crickets chirp, crops rustle, and the back door still creaks, as this girl’s lips slowly suffocate you. This, this you remember.

Her whole face seemingly tries to grind your head into the wall as her face wiggles just slightly. You fight against her, struggling just to remain upright under the sheer weight of her might. Your eyes flutter.

In retrospect, it’s a small mercy she never brought her tongue into play, so at least you need not worry about choking on it. But it’s a cold comfort as your very jaw threatens to buckle beneath her and your breaths come in ever shrinking, ever more desperate, wheezing pulls.

Your muscles quake, moments before your strength fails entirely, and your body falls limp in her arms. The hands buried in your hair keep you upright as she finally pulls back. She lets go, your ass crashing into your heels as your head bangs against the wall, jarring your body back to action.

You sit there a moment, dazed and coughing. Your lungs rattle, forcing precious air back through your body as she stands over you. You can’t tell whether it’s the headache or her weird mind powers, but you can’t make out more than vague colors. There’s a black splotch somewhere around where her head’s supposed to be. Below that she’s yellow, then green. Then a pair of hazy pale lines, which might be her legs.

She leans over. “Are you okay?”

You wheeze. Your air’s coming back, and she’s losing one of her biggest tricks. Just keep her relaxed, and…

The dark splotch drops near your chest.

“Hey, lady. What’s your name?”

“Naoko,” you take a breath, “Naoko Honda.”

“Good to meet you then, Naoko’s tits.”

She wraps her lips around your breast, flicking the nipple. Your hands jump to your mouth, fighting down a hungry moan. Your body begs for a release you that can’t bear to let your family hear.

Distantly, you realize that letting them hear this would be your best chance of escape, but the fear and shame overwhelm your waning sense.

Her tongue stills as she clamps her lips down, sucking on your nipple. You’re sweating and shaking, your hands struggling to maintain their hold over your lips. Then a hand wanders over your mound, giving only the slightest, gentlest rub across it. You choke back a scream as her bare, token ministrations push you ever closer to release.

Your vision and hearing fade out, lost in the burning haze as your breath hitches and your body heaves. Light, gentle fingers ghost over your pussy, barely touching the mound as she sucks from your breast.

It’s enough to drive you insane.

Then her lips break free. You let out a hissing gasp when her hand bumps against your clit. She scrambles away from you. You let out a groan, the haze clearing as you drop, frustrated, from the edge. The blurs and blotches that make up your captor twist and fret.

Still shivering, you pull yourself back to your feet. You shuffle along the wall, moving your weakened knees as fast as they’ll take you. Fluid trickles down your leg, already leaving a long, sticky trail down one side.


Her arms wrap around your waist, pressing you to her humble bust.

“Don’t go. Please.”

Is she scared?

You strain and squirm, but you already know where this sort of fight leads. You take a deep breath, preparing to scream.

It comes out in a quiet, whispered cry.

You try again, and once more you merely whisper.

“Naoko!” Your captor flinches. “Naoko, where are you?”

Ayame’s here. You’re saved. Your captor turns around, and you find Ayame walking toward you, smooth black hair flowing out behind her dark, reddish nightdress. A smile bursts across her face and she runs to you.

She wraps her arms around you, burying her face in your shoulder.

“There you are. You’re okay.” She pulls back, looking down your body. “Um, sister? Why are you naked?”

Your captor speaks up. “’Cause she’s been stripping.”

“What… Naoko, who did this to you?”

“It’s not, I didn’t…” She did it. The youkai latched to your back made you do it. So why can’t you just tell her? Why can’t you tell your own sister what this girl did?

Ayame looks away, fidgeting. “It’s okay. We’ll figure it out later.” She looks back. “Anyway, let’s go inside, okay?”


Ayame turns to look over your shoulder, apparently noticing your captor for the first time. Her eyes harden.

“You’re trying to take her away, aren’t you?”

“Not my fault. She wants to be taken away, don’t you, Naoko?”

You open your mouth to answer, but your tongue sticks to the bottom of it. You let out a few broken, incoherent sounds, but can’t bring yourself to state even something this obvious.

Instead, you shake your head, imperceptibly.

The girl retains her grip around your stomach, and Ayame stares at you, waiting for the obvious answer. Just a simple word, or a simple, visible shake, and you’re free.
But you can’t do it.

No matter what, you just can’t tell her ‘no.’

“Uh, hey. Naoko’s friend.”

“I’m Ayame, her sister.”

“Cool. Wanna fuck her?”

Excuse me?”

Oh, thank goodness. This youkai’s done your work for you.

A pair of fingers slides between your lips, clamping around your tongue and dragging it back out. Keeping your tongue pinched between her fingers, she continues.

“I bet this would feel really good inside you.”

Ayame steps back a pace, stunned. For a moment, she just stares at you. Or your captor; it’s hard to tell. The she raises her gaze to the moon, planting a hand on her chin, as if she’s…

As if she’s considering it.

“No, I couldn’t. It’d be too wrong. Sick, even.” She twists her shoulders from side to side. “I really shouldn’t…”

Oh no. Oh dear stars and harvests, NO.

You part your lips to tell her off for even considering it, but nothing comes out beyond a quiet mumble, muffled by the fingers still gripping your tongue. This never happened. Despite all the fuzzy uncertainties, you’re goddamn certain your elder sister never considered such a revolting idea.

“Well, okay.”

You shiver, goosebumps cascading across your skin. You feel so cold. Why? How could she? How…

“But,” Ayame looks directly at you. “I'll be the one to pleasure her. I'm certain you could accept that, right, sister?”

“No!” Your captor squeezes you just below your breasts. “I get her pussy.”

Ayame steps forward again, her breasts not quite pressed to your face. She stares across your shoulder. “I guess we’ll need to work something out then.”

Your captor lets go, bumping you into your sister’s rack. She takes a step back. You see the road not too far away. If you could…

No. No time to think. You duck between your captors and leap toward the road.

Then choke on a leather collar, fixed around your neck, and crash back to the ground between them. Looking up, you find the youkai holding your leash.

“Hey, Naoko, you’re fine with pleasuring your sister, right? I mean, I know you just licked someone else’s pussy, but you can do it again, right?”

…What? No. No you didn’t. The first time you had outright sex with anyone was a year later. Why on earth is she…

“We do have a few toys, you know. She wouldn’t have to lick anyone’s privates.”

Just hearing those words from your own sister makes you want to vomit. You’re certain your proud elder sister’s still hiding somewhere in there. If you could just bring it back out, you’re certain she’d save you. But then, if you fail, she’s still fucking you. If you gave yourself up to the youkai, you’re certain you could at least convince her to ditch Ayame. It’d be certain rape, but no incest, at least.

Alternatively, this is still a dream or something. If you could just focus hard enough, you might wake from it before anything more disgusting happens. Of course, staying focused while a strange youkai and your own sister try to fuck you could prove to be beyond your abilities.


[X] Surrender. Anything but your sister.

[X] Appeal. She can still save you, right?

[X] Meditate. Just end the nightmare.

[X] Write-in.
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[X] Meditate. Just end the nightmare.

Oh no, it's...
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[X] Appeal. She can still save you, right?
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[X] Write-in.
-[X] Tell Ayame if she wants to pleasure you, she's gunna be the one getting fucked
-[x] Meditate

Easier to focus this way.
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[X] Surrender. Anything but your sister.

more Koishi... no incest if we can avoid it, and I don't want this to end yet
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We're gonna try to break out, possibly attempting to steer for better conditions to focus in first.
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Update's close to completion, but won't be ready today. I should be able to get it out in about a day or two, however. (One week at the very, very latest)
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File 152746282358.png - (399.96KB, 550x901, Koishi Heartboob.png)
Koishi Heartboob
[X] Meditate. Just end the nightmare.

No, calm down. Just calm down. You know you’re dreaming, you just need to break out. Just think about…

“Anyway, my sister’s pleasure comes first.” Ayame leans down, offering you her hand. Distracted, you accept it, letting her haul you back up. Spinning you around, she faces you back toward the youkai. Then she plants her hands beneath your breasts, not quite cupping them. “If you’re going to touch her, you will make her feel loved.”

The youkai leans down, looking back up to you, quizzical.

Is this… is that how your aura affects your sister? Or how she justifies it?

No. No, this is just a dream. Just a nightmare. Ayame’s not like this. She’d never do any of this. It doesn’t matter that you feel her breath on your neck, or the gentle movement of her chest behind you. None of this is real.

“Uh, hey, Ayame…” You force an awkward chuckle.


“I appreciate your thoughts, really. But maybe I’ll enjoy it most if uh… well, I’m sure the youkai can take care of me just fine on her own, right?”

You haven’t given up on ditching Ayame yet. Besides, there’s not much that makes your genitals drier than the thought of fucking your sister.

The youkai spins around. “Oh, I dunno… I bet she knows your body super well.”

Ayame slides a hand down, rubbing circles across your stomach. “I agree. Besides, if she’s going to touch you like that, she’s going to do it right.”

“No, no. Seriously. Ayame, I-”

“Naoko.” Her voice drops, adopting a tone of stern disappointment. You swallow, but don’t respond. “I will make you feel good.”

You gulp. “Okay.” You know what that voice means, and you’re not in any position to fight her right now. Still, if you’re going to wake up, you need a chance to focus. “But could you let me be the one to pleasure you, then?”

“Hey, hey. Ayame, how ‘bout you just take her butt?”

Ayame hums, a touch of curiosity in her voice. Her hand slides up your breast, flicking your nipple. “I appreciate your thoughts, Naoko. Really, I do. But like I said, what matters is your pleasure, not mine.” The hand on your belly slides to your ass.

“Please? Ayame, I really want to do this.” Utter bullshit, but this nightmare won’t end itself, and every bit of ‘pleasure’ will just make it that much harder to escape.

The hand on your belly slides to your ass, giving it a gentle pat. “I’ll let you do whatever you want. After you cum. Now be a good girl, okay?”



Tingling revulsion crawls up and down your body at her caresses. You’re going nowhere with this.

You shut your eyes and recall the grass and energy bullets you left.

Her hand glides up your back, rubbing your side. “Now, as to your offer, youkai… I’ll think about it. But first, I have a sister in desperate need of some love.”

Focus. Training with Shou. Punching, then bullets. Grass, open air, and that hand along your…

The hand slides back down your hip.

The anchor. Terrifying blue anchor. All those bullets. C’mon. Come. On!

She twists your head to the side. Smooth, wet lips push against yours, loving and tender.

The bullets and anchors melt away and, reluctantly, your eyes flutter open.

Ayame pulls back, giving her lips a single, delicate lick.

Your throat trembles. You want to say something. Anything. Just make her stop touching you.

She moves back in, gently kissing you once more. Your body goes rigid. Her lips slide to one side, then the other, as her hands slide along your back. Keeping one hand pressed to your cheek, she rubs up and down your stomach.

Then her lips part.

Her tongue slides out, slipping inside your mouth. It pokes against your tongue, playful. You recoil back, folding your tongue against your throat, but she inches forward.

You feel the youkai’s hot breath on your pussy, breathing it in like some gourmet dish.

Ayame’s hand wraps around your breast, giving it a single, light squeeze as the youkai smashes her face against your crotch, pressing you between her enthusiastic lips and your sister’s firm body.

Ayame’s tongue retracts and she pulls back just slightly.

“You trust me, right, sis?”

You look into her eyes. They’re gentle and supportive.

“I trusted you not to do this.” This isn’t her. This can’t be her.

Ayame winces. “It’s okay.” She massages your butt. “We’ll make you feel great. Right, youkai?”

The youkai gives your pussy a single, short lick. No, you can’t do this.

You grab Ayame’s hands, pulling them off your ass. You shove them away, then reach forward to pull the youkai away, only for your wrists to catch on your back. Her tongue slides up and down your slit as a pair of metal cuffs dig into your back, held together by…

A short chain between your wrists. As the youkai slobbers over the outer folds of your pussy, you strain your neck over your back, finding a familiar pair of handcuffs binding your hands together. You turn back to Ayame, who smiles an apology.

You twist once, straining against the iron bands, then slump. It’s over.

Ayame rubs your shoulder. “There, that’s more like it.” She leans over your shoulder, smiling at you. You wince when she puckers her lips, shuddering at the incoming violation.

She leaves a single, light kiss on your forehead. She gives you a warm smile, sliding her hands down to your breasts. “You know, I always thought you were my cutest sister. Even these adorable little nipples and the pillow-soft breasts beneath them.”

Your skin crawls as her hands slide along their edges. You jerk as the youkai’s tongue slips inside you.

“Besides, I always wanted…” Ayame pulls back. You focus on the black blur slurping your pussy.

She says nothing. The youkai’s tongue glides against your walls, tasting more than pushing. You twitch, light beads of sweat dripping down your skin. She grips both sides of your ass, squeezing as her tongue pushes deeper.

“I always wanted…” You can hear hesitation in her voice.

“To surprise you!” Kogasa shouts into your ear. You lurch, held in place by the youkai’s grip. A familiar face skips into view. Messy light blue hair atop the beaming face of a naked tsukogami, her nipples rigid and her pussy already dripping.

You open your mouth to scream, only to have a wad of linen shoved inside, soaked in Mystia’s juices. Before you can think, she’s dancing around you, wrapping a painfully tight cloth around your mouth. You strain against your cuffs once more, until she stops behind you and ties the cloth off in a bow.

“Whu. Mgh.” Your jaw barely budges against the fabric packed tight behind your teeth.

The youkai’s tongue leaves your crotch as she pulls back, standing up. She’s covered in brown fur and a matching head of long, wild hair and fuzzy ears. Kagerou stands before you, an imperial gaze atop her similarly naked body.

You step back, bumping into Kogasa’s heavy breasts.

Kagerou grips your shoulders and spins you around to Kogasa. Kogasa waves, planting a quick kiss on your gag. You squeak as Kagerou shoves you forward, holding your thighs. You crash into Kogasa’s bust, head buried between her heaving breasts. Groaning against a growing ache in your head, you look back up to Kogasa. She smiles back down on you.

Then, still grinning, a shiny, rubber shaft slips out between her lips.

Mystia’s dildo.

You feel the head of another, throbbing shaft against your ass. Kagerou grips your thighs, nails digging into your flesh, as she hoists you onto her cock. Your pussy slides atop it as she presses your thighs down against her rod, rubbing it between them.

You twist and squirm, more as a formality than anything else.

Kogasa wraps her arms around you, squeezing your body against hers, as she plants her lips against the fabric over your mouth. For a few moments, as Kagerou’s fat cock grinds against your thighs, Kogasa savors your warmth.

At least the juices trickling down your throat provide one benefit: She can’t fuck you like this. Kogasa pulls back.

Then the fabric bunched inside your mouth evaporates, leaving behind a smooth, steel ring. Held in place by metal brackets, attaching it to a strap around your head.

Kagerou pulls back, easing your pussy off her cock. You breathe a sigh of relief through your locked-open jaw, until she presses the head of the shaft to your slit.

You look to Kogasa, wide-eyed and twisting in Kagerou’s arms. Tears break out as she shoves her cock inside, crashing through you. Pain bursts and flares through your crotch as she forces you wide open.

Kogasa presses her lips to yours, openly savoring the taste. Then that rubber shaft pushes in, barely fitting through the ring as it presses your tongue down.

Kagerou pulls back, filling you with relief as she slides out. Only for her to thrust back in, slamming you against Kogasa’s face and impaling your throat on her dildo. You fight back the urge to gag on Kogasa’s shaft as Kagerou stuffs you.

You cough, slightly.

Kagerou slides back out, slow, and steady, until only the head remains inside. Her hair falls across your back as she leans over you. Her breasts rest against you, pinning you as she grabs your bust, kneading your breasts.

“What do you think, Kogasa? Is she ready?”

“Hm…” Kogasa’s rubber cock pops free of your lips. She runs a hand through your scalp, playing with your hair as she pulls your head to one side. The dildo disappears behind her lips. “I dunno…”

Kagerou hums. “Well, I guess I’ll just ask her then.” Her breath blows across your ear. “What do you think, Naoko? Just say ‘no’ if you want us to stop.”

Quiet and shivering, you shake your head. “Hwo. Hwo, hwo.” You utter, desperate to get the word around your gag.

Kagerou chuckles. “Oh? No objections, then?”

“I didn’t hear any!” Kogasa slams her lips against yours, burying her dildo back down your throat.

Even as you fight back another gag, you muster barely more than light disappointment. Kagerou’s hair falls away as she returns her hands to your thighs. She slams your ass against her crotch, almost bouncing your head off Kogasa’s as she impales you again on her cock. You groan in pain, only for Kogasa to force your lips back down her own shaft, filling your mouth as your pussy squeezes down on Kagerou’s retreating cock.

Kagerou slams you back onto her cock, then Kogasa stuffs hers back down your throat. Kagerou’s rock-hard shaft starts pounding you, bouncing your gagged lips up and down Kogasa’s dildo. Spittle flies, bouncing across her face as a fluid starts to leak from Kagerou’s cock.

Heat bubbles away inside you, clouded by confusion and fear. What happens now? How long will the nightmare continue? How long have you been out? What will you come to when you wake?

You lose focus as Kogasa’s shaft hits your throat. Unable to hold it back, you gag, choking and heaving on her rubber cock as Kagerou keeps pumping. You grow dizzy and everything fades to back.


You wake upon the dried leaves and loose twigs of a forest clearing, sun shining overhead. You twist, finding your wrists still locked behind you. Mystia’s taste lingers at the corners of your lips, while both your head and crotch still ache. But you’re awake.

Stirring, you drag yourself up, resting your bare back against the smooth bark of a nearby tree. The sun burns your tender, wincing eyes as you scan the surroundings. It’s either the clearing where you suffered your first violation, or the one where you dreamed of your mother. Possibly both. You flinch at the birdsong overhead, reminding you of your former fiancé.

You take a deep breath of the gentle spring air, unconcerned by the light breeze across your bare breasts. You hear leaves rustle as someone sits next to you.

“I’m uh… sorry. I guess.”

You know that voice. Turning, you find a distinctive black, brimmed hat atop a short but unruly head of pale green hair. Hugging her nearly garish orange sleeves around a lime-colored skirt, Koishi lets out a sad sigh. Even that weird, blue eye thing droops, hanging from the cords that connect to her body.

“I just get like that sometimes. I do things, but people don’t always like them. Sometimes they really hate what I do.” She sniffles. “But I just can’t tell until I do it.”

You look away, rubbing the small of your back. What the hell are you supposed to say? ‘It’s okay’? Your pussy still aches from her oversized…

Why does it still ache? Wasn’t that a dream? It couldn’t have been real, right?

“It’s… just don’t do it again, okay?”

Koishi lets out a nervous laugh. “Of course, of course. I’ll just make sure to remember that.”

You turn back to find her palm burying her lips, deep in thought. She turns to you, muttering something. Then she speaks.

“Let’s go on a treasure hunt.”

You open your mouth, then shut it. “…What?”

She grins. “A treasure hunt. I bet there’s all kinds of cool stuff just lying around.”

You close your eyes, relaxing. “A treasure hunt, huh? What do you think we’d find?”

Koishi hums. “I dunno. Lost memories? Hidden potential? Or maybe…” she leans in close, whispering in your ear, “some super-secret powers…”

You stretch your cuffs. “No traps or monsters?”

Koishi pulls back. “Probably traps and monsters.”

You open your eyes, staring at her. “Then…”

Wait. Memories? Potential?

She sighs, exasperated. “I’m sorry, okay? I wanna make it up to you, but I just… I don’t know how.” She stands up, shading her eyes, and stares out. “This place is kinda weird, so I just thought I could help you find something nice.”

You groan. “I’d prefer if you just left me alone.”

She laughs, nervous. “I guess so. But I’m still out there, you know. That temple place really helped you out, but they’re not gonna help much if I show up.”

“Are you threatening me?”

She blinks. “No? I don’t think I am. But if you really don’t wanna look at stuff, I could maybe try to tell you things? I’d have to touch you in weird, fun places to stay focused, though.”

“That doesn’t sound good.”

She shrugs.

You don’t like either option. One’s unpleasant, and the other’s outright dangerous. And the way she’s talking about you, it’s like you’re still…

Still asleep. If that’s the case, you need to wake up before anyone takes advantage of you, and the only thing drastic enough you could think of would be to… well, to die. You look to Koishi, who looks back, innocent. She could probably kill you, but if it turns out you’re awake after all, or that there’s properties to this realm you don’t understand, then that’s it.

It’s not like it’d by any worse than half the deaths you’d already envisioned since that summer, but even after everything you’ve suffered, you’re not quite sure you’re ready to take the chance. So, do you risk your sanity, or the fleeting tatters of your purity, or something else?


[X] Treasure Hunt. Time to take another chance.

[X] Massage & Chill. Maybe she has useful advice?

[X] ‘Suicide.’ If there’s anyone outside playing with your body…

[X] Write-in.
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Also a heads-up. This update was delayed in part by my current class schedule, which will also make future updates difficult for about the next month or so.

I'll still try to get updates out when I can, but there's a decent chance they'll take two weeks a piece, rather than the usual (approximately) one week per. Either way, it should all clear up by July.
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[X] Massage & Chill. Maybe she has useful advice?

Let's see what she has to offer. If it's just a dream, its nothing *too* pressing, and maybe we can get something useful out of it.
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[X] Treasure Hunt. Time to take another chance.

What's a safe option
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[X] Massage & Chill. Maybe she has useful advice?
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[X] Massage & Chill. Maybe she has useful advice?
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We're settling in for some light touching.

Next update will probably be around Saturday/Sundayish of next week.
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I was wrong. I thought I could get some writing squeezed in between the cracks of my current schedule, but that looks nearly impossible now.

Just posting here to update the forecast. At this point, it's most likely I'll be unable to get any real writing in until a class of mine ends in a couple weeks. So while I'll still try to get something in before then, the most likely date for the next update will be at around the end of this month.

Apologies for the inconvenience.
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We'll wait for it, sure. Unbusy yourself, man.
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File 153057557878.jpg - (151.93KB, 650x912, Koishi Finger.jpg)
Koishi Finger
[X] Massage & Chill. Maybe she has useful advice?

You take a shaking breath. “Fine, tell me things. I’ll…” You cough, clearing your throat. “You can touch me, if you must.”

“Hm…” Koishi returns her hand to her chin. The other wanders toward your bust. “I dunno. You sure you don’t wanna get all intimate and stuff?”

You swat the hand away. “Yes.”

“Hmph. Fine.” A sour tone flits across her face, before breaking out into a goofy giggle. She kneels before you, gently prying apart your legs. Her breath brushes through your mound. “So, what do you want to know?”

“I…” You squirm, stretching your wrist-chain. “Where am I? How did I get here?” You still need to get out of here, and away from her, but first you need to know how.

“I dunno.” Koishi pokes your mound, squishing the lips together. “But, I think your head’s been getting kinda weird, so someone’s probably touching you, wherever you are.”

You twitch, flinching at Koishi’s cavalier touch and fighting the urge to smack your legs against her. She’s given you something. Something that sends a chill up your bare back, but that you can’t fix here.

You need more.

“So, who are you, anyway?” Seriously, why can’t you remember more than the name and face of someone who scared you all the way to the human village?

“Me?” Koishi pats your pussy like a good pet before she pulls her hand back, licking it. “I’m a…” She looks up, scratching her forehead. “Oh, right. I’m a satori, like my sister.”

A Satori, huh? You thought they’d just read peoples’ minds, not wipe them. Is that something they normally refuse to do? Something only some can do? Or is there…

She leans back down, sliding a finger through your short bush.

“Hey, hey! Do you have a girlfriend?”

Your skin turns a very slight shade of pink. You’d like to think of Nue becoming one, or maybe even Shizuha, just to get something akin to a normal romance for once. Not like that hell Wriggle and her winged henchwoman put you through.

Or was Mystia the ringleader and Wriggle her enforcer?

Either way, you don’t have anyone yet. And you pray to any god that’ll listen that no repeat of your last ‘romance’ ever comes.

“No.” Being taken wouldn’t dissuade her anyway.

She tilts her head to the side, staring up through your legs as she plays with your pubic hair. She opens her mouth, then closes it, shrugging. She hums a light, jaunty tune.

“Wh- Why are you here, anyway? And…” wait. She doesn’t know where you are, but she thinks someone else had been touching you? “What is this place?”

“It’s not a place, silly. You’re still asleep.” She lets out a quiet huff. “You didn’t have to interrupt your dream just when it got to the good part, you know.” She glances behind her. “Dunno why I’m here, though.” She turns around and plops down next to you, patting her lap.

You shake your head.

She pokes the side of your breast. Then disappears.

You spin around, searching the woods around you, but she’s gone. You squirm and shift your weight, straining your wrists apart and praying she’s not about to…

You feel a pair of smooth legs, under a soft skirt, beneath your bare ass. A pair of gentle hands slide along your shoulders, only barely pressing into them.

Warm breath brushes past your neck. “There, there.” Koishi whispers.

“How did you…”

“Shhh…” She rubs her hands in slow but firm circles. Her legs clench, trapping your hands against her crotch. “You’re all tight and upset. Just let me take care of you, okay?”

You can’t quite relax in her grasp, but her handiwork does sooth you. And as her recent stunt reminds you, if she really wants you, she’ll just take you. Better to keep her focused on something else. Anything else.

A thought occurs to you.

“Can you… help me?”

“I already am, silly.” Her hands slide down to your upper back, working your shoulder blades.

“I mean, can you hide me from other youkai?” It’s a stretch, but she can hide herself from you. You can decide later whether you’d accept such help.

Her hands freeze. Heavy, almost heaving breaths hit your neck as a drool drips on your shoulder.

“I could do something like that, I guess.” Her hands slide down your back, slipping behind your clenched fists to rub your ass.

And just like that, your body locks up. You feel your muscles tense up and before you know it, you’re off her lap and lunging forward. Until something smooth wraps around your ankle, yanking it back. You pitch forward, but just manage to right yourself as its companion coils around your other leg. Vines. You reach down the back of your thigh to rip it off, only for another pair to leap from the grass and twist around your stomach, pinning both arms to your back.

You glance back to find Koishi gone again. Twisting and squirming as the vines slide up your body, you heave a quaking breath. Which your captors use to run a fat coil of vines from one cheek, between your teeth, to the other, stretching both your cheeks and your jaw with their combined girth.

You turn, straining against the vines just to nudge your body to one side. You turn to the other, achieving little more.

Koishi’s clothed bust presses into your back, wrapping her hands around your midsection. You try to lean forward.

“It’s okay. It’s okay. Relax.”

“Eh ehweh!”

She squeezes. “You gotta relax so they can let go.”

You stop twisting. “Hu?”

“I don’t wanna hurt you. I promise I won’t hurt you. But you gotta calm down.”

She again squeezes your already strained stomach. “Just feel happy things. Like puppies and hell kittens.”

What? No, never mind that. What did she say about them letting go? And just what is this place?

“I’m sorry I did those mean things to you. You don’t like it when people touch your pretty butt or your soft boobs or lick your tasty flower, but I, but…”

Flower? Is she talking about your… no. It doesn’t matter.

“Anyway, I’m sorry I pushed myself on you. I wanna make it better.” She loosens her grip, shaking. “At least enough so you don’t kill yourself.”

Whatever she meant by that, you appreciate the sentiment. Probably. Not so much the stuff about your body, though. Still, the confusion muddles your fears and, even in your floral prison, your breathing slows, your panic weakens. As it does, the vines loosen their grip.

First your braided gag falls away. Then, in tandem with your ebbing fear, the vines slide back down your body, releasing their grip on your arms. As they retreat down your legs, you find the cuffs disappeared somewhere as well, freeing your hands completely.

You collapse to the grass, already exhausted.

You lie on your back, looking back up at Koishi. “What was that?”

She fidgets. “Well, you panicked.”


Koishi sits next to you, running her palm along your stomach. “You got all scared.”

“No, I mean, where’d the vines come from?”

She blinks. “Like I said, you panicked.”

You stop, catching your breath. You’re getting nowhere.

“Why does panicking lead to vines?”

She flicks your breast. “I dunno. It’s your head, not mine.”

“It’s my-”

“Hey. I’ve got an idea.” Koishi throws her arms wide. “You know how you’ve got all those guys always chasing you around?”


“The youkai.”

“Girls, but yes.” If she’s got even the slightest hint toward a better solution…

“But you just can’t seem to keep any of ’em away, right?”

“I guess so?”

She puts a finger up. “But you don’t wanna just pick one.”

“…Pick one?”

“Yeah, you know. Find one that’s kinda nice and let her do what she wants if she keeps the rest away.”

You shudder. Both at the thought and how Koishi’s started dancing her fingers around your nipple.

“…Yes. That’s something I won’t do.”

“Well, I thought about what you said, and…” she leans in, whispering conspiratorially, “how ‘bout you just stick with me. We can do different weird, fun things together.”

You stare at her. Her devious grin’s a fair bit goofier than she thinks it is. “What do you mean?”

“Well…” she looks away, “We just have to play when I feel like it.”

“What sort of play?”

She shrugs, her face still fixated away. “I dunno. Those sorts of things just kinda come to me. We’ll see when it happens. I don’t have to touch you, though.”

“When it happens?”

She gives you a cocksure grin. “When it happens.”

You’re already getting lost again. “Whatever. Thanks for helping with those vines, I guess. How’d you know about those, anyway?”

“Hmm? Oh, that’s just…” she looks around, “Just ’cause.” She looks down, almost mumbling. “I didn’t want you to die.” Koishi stands and starts pacing.

“How would I have died?”

“Feedback loop.” She frowns. “Where would we go? Actually…” She scampers off into the treeline.

You sit up, no longer daring to venture out without her. It takes only a moment for her to return, beaming with her hands behind her back.

You’re finding her harder and harder to understand, but there’re still a few things you need to at least try to figure out.

“What exactly do you want from me?”

“Me? I just wanna have fun.” She giggles and steps behind you. You hear her unfurl something. There’s a light ‘click’ just before a leathery strap brushes against your neck.

You spin around to find her holding a thick, pink collar.

“What the hell ar-!”

Koishi slaps an open palm over your mouth, brow hardening. “Shh!”

Bushes rustle nearby. A quiet melody floats over the wind. Quiet, sensuous whispers echo from every direction.

You lose track of the noises surrounding you somewhere around a dozen.

Koishi scoops you into her arms and pads away. Slipping toward a quieter part of the treeline, she steps inside. The silence of woodland chirps and chitters sets your hair on edge. Quiet, hungry whispers and distant moans float though the air. Koishi flits her head left and right, then sets you down.

“Hide.” Is all she whispers before pausing. “And remember to stay calm.” She gives you a tight smile before creeping away.

Unsettled, you find a thick oak tree near a pair of dense bushes. Light, crunching footsteps approach. Gingerly, you slip between the tree and bushes, then duck down. You barely get your head below them, but you don’t dare seek better cover now.

You hold your breath as a figure approaches, leaves crinkling beneath its feet.

“Heh, figured I’d find you here.”

You choke down a scream. It’s Wriggle. She leans forward, her twisted grin looming over you. You can’t bring yourself to move a single muscle.

She reaches toward you.

Iron bars slam into the ground between you, destroying both bushes to form a tightly-packed fence and jarring her back. Another set of bars crash from the canopy, locking across the first set to form what looks like…

You spin around, finding many more bars that together form a giant cage. Which you’re trapped inside of.

“What the hell?” Wriggle cries, slamming her fist against the cage wall.

Turning back to keep an eye on Wriggle, you pull yourself up and creep away. Slipping around the tree, you inch back toward the cage center.

You bump into someone. Whirling around, you find Koishi grinning at you.

“I just saved your butt, huh?”

You’re shivering. “You brought this thing down?”



She glances left and right. She reaches one hand out. Mist seeps up from the forest floor to gather just above her open palm. It grows dense, then coalesces into a…

A purple dildo.

She tilts her head. “That’s weird.” She tosses the sex toy away, turning back to you. “Anyway, you gotta go.”

Whatever that’s supposed to explain, a small sense of relief washes through you as the toy disappears again. Still…


“’Cause your head’s getting all freaked out. And you’re not gonna like what I’d need do to fix it.”

“So this is my mind.”

Something crashes against the cage above you. Looking up, you find Mystia rubbing her head, perched on the upper grill, glaring at you.

“Not quite. We’re in your head, but just a bit below your mind. You’re never supposed to be here, really.”

“Below my…”

A flash blinds you. As the light clears, you find Aya standing just outside the nearest wall. Her pants sit around her ankles as she holds her camera in one hand and bares her drizzling slit with the other. A red light appears behind her, which soon resolves into Kosuzu, floating and holding a black book in one hand.

Your breathing’s picking up pace as the forest floor stirs beneath you.

Koishi grips your shoulders, whispering into your ear.

“It’s okay. I’m here. It’s just your nightmares. I can take care of ’em.” She squeezes. “But you gotta go.”

You wheeze. “Go where?”

Koishi hums a concerned tune. “Don’t you know how to wake up?”

You shake. More figures appear at the edges of your sight. “Would dying would be bad?”

She twitches. “That’s how you do it?” She frets. “That doesn’t work here. Maybe…”

Vines burst from the forest floor, snapping around Koishi and rooting her in place. You take a step away from her as something emerges from those vines.

A smooth, round gemstone emitting a soft pink light.

“What… what do I do?”

Koishi lets out a squeak. “Don’t touch it! It’ll make you mean and evil.”

“What else can I do?”

Koishi grunts, looking to the left and right. She shuts her eyes tight.

Woods crashes against wood in the distance. Spinning around, you find trees crashing behind the growing pile of leering youkai. A simple, floating farmhouse door drifts toward the cage, stopping only a short distance outside.

“Someone left this thing in your head, I dunno where it goes, but it won’t be here.”

The bars in front of the door then rearrange themselves into a giant gate.

Koishi grunts. “It opens from the inside.”

You look from her to the door and the dozen or so youkai on the other side of the bars. They’ve gathered just outside the path to that door, possibly hoping to bait you out of the cage.

Koishi sighs. “It’s pretty risky, but I maybe it’ll be better.” She groans. “If you don’t wanna do that, you just gotta let me take a little control.” You glance between the youkai and Koishi, feeling drawn to the strange gemstone nestled in her vines. Is she right? Will it corrupt you? Is the door any better, with the risk of what happens if you step outside?

Or is it riskier to just leave a strange door below your mind, letting who-knows-what screw around with your head. Where is ‘below your mind’ anyway?

A small part of you’s tempted by Koishi’s offer. The thought of never having to fight them off anymore does call to you, even if it means surrendering to one.

You could try meditating again. It got you out of one nightmare, maybe it’ll get you out of this one? Of course, it might just push you into something worse instead.


[X] Touch the gem. It can’t be worse than the alternatives, right?

[X] Take the Door. You need to know why it’s here.

[X] Surrender. You’ll take Koishi over those nightmares.

[X] Meditate. She did say fear was the problem.

[X] Write-in.


Fingers crossed for a return to regular weekly updates. I'll probably keep voting open until about Thursday, given the awkward timing of this update.
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[X] Touch the gem. It can’t be worse than the alternatives, right?

Youkai want us that badly? Time to make them regret it.
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[X] Take the Door. You need to know why it’s here.
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[X] Surrender. You’ll take Koishi over those nightmares.
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[X] Take the Door. You need to know why it’s here.
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[X] Surrender. You’ll take Koishi over those nightmares.
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[X] Take the Door. You need to know why it’s here.

I don't like Koishi.
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Me too. For some reason, the fandom only ever uses her "rapey psycho" persona, which gets old fast.

[X] Take the Door. You need to know why it’s here.
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We're trying for the door.
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I screwed up the initial draft and need to rewrite it, more or less from scratch. Because of this, it'll probably be another three or four days from now before it's ready to post.

Once more, I apologize for the inconvenience.
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File 153161160067.jpg - (105.09KB, 700x810, Imaiboobs.jpg)
[X] Take the Door. You need to know why it’s here.

You glance back. Her offer tempts you, but you remember the night you left. Maybe she changed more than Mystia or Wriggle, but you doubt it. The thought of that gem making you ‘mean’ sounds kind of appealing, though. But you’ve got a problem to address before you even consider either choice.

You look forward, through the cage walls, to the farm door outside. Either Koishi’s bluffing or someone installed a secret passage into your head. On one side of the closed door stands Kagerou, baring long fangs in her grin. Across from her stands Kosuzu, face impassive, red wisps floating around her. Numerous faces with feminine bodies and strange appendages float nearby, including Wriggle, Kogasa, Aya, and even Shizuha. All leering at you.

You swallow. It’s only a few paces between the cage and the door, but you command neither the speed nor strength to break through that. And yet you plant one foot behind you.

Koishi clears her throat, voice wobbling. “Be careful, okay?”

You roll your shoulders. You’re screwed, but you simply can’t leave the door there.

You throw yourself forward, floating over the ground and flipping your feet forward. You thump against the bars, next to the gate. Finding no lock or other mechanism, you just grab the handle and yank, throwing the gate inward.

With your feet perched on the bars, time slows to a halt. Heartbeats pass, one by one, as every pair of eyes swivels straight to you. The farm door sits there, just a pace or two away. Kogasa’s face lights up, Kagerou’s hungry grin turns feral, and you even catch a devious glint in Kosuzu’s eyes.

You drop one foot down to smash it against the dirt and throw yourself forward, free of the cage.

Until a pair of strong, clawed hands seize your midriff and your captor buries her face in your neck, gorging her lungs in your hair. She plants her legs down and twists you to face Kosuzu, keeping herself pressed into your back.

Your hands hang down, trapped against your sides by her arms. You grunt, twisting your body as Kosuzu steps forward, eyeing one breast like a prize crop. She hefts it once, the opens her lips and presses her tongue to its underside. Slowly, she drags her tongue up, crossing your areola and rubbing your nipple before she retracts it.

Heavy wings pound the air above you, just before the moistened silk over someone’s pussy smushes into your face. A pair of toned, curvy thighs wrap around your cheeks as a pair of slender hands dig into your scalp.


Kagerou’s grip eases, giving you just enough space to yank your arms out. You grab at the thighs on your shoulders, screaming into your captor’s crotch. All you get back are Mystia’s girlish giggles. Kosuzu grabs your sides and kisses your collarbone as Kagerou steps away. You twist your shoulders in a vain attempt to knock Mystia off.

Then something yanks Kosuzu’s hands away. Mystia tumbles off your shoulders soon after. You collapse to the ground, finding Koishi’s legs wrapped around her neck.

Wasn’t she just…

Dazed, you glance around to find Kagerou, Kosuzu, and several other women laid out around you, but already stirring. Your muscles protest at even slight movements, but they’ll all be back up in seconds. Even now, Koishi struggles to keep Mystia down.

She grins at you. “Time to go, silly.”

Fighting a creaking body, you force yourself back upright. You take one last glance around to find Wriggle already halfway up. You stretch out one hand, yank the door open, and leap through.

And almost fall through oblivion once more. Using your shaky grasp of flight, you steady yourself just long enough to grab the side. Spinning around, you grip the wooden handle and, adjusting one hand, shut the door behind you.

You turn around and kick off, sailing into the dark blue expanse before you. Above you twinkles the brightest stars you’ve seen, set against the backdrop of a giant, yellow moon. Below you, you find nothing but darkened farmland, stretching as far as the eye can see. Rice, wheat, barley, assorted berries… every crop you can think of passes below you.

The nighttime calm seeps through you, easing your strained mind and body. Until you catch ominous shadows lying over an approaching rice field. Storm clouds. Clouds that would be about, well… you look ahead, a moment too late.

Dark blue mist envelops you.

You sail through shadow until it turns into a smooth but dusty wooden floor. Your feet, elbows, and knees bump and scrape against the wood as you tumble, throwing out your hands in a last-ditch effort to stabilize. You skin one palm and scratch the other, but you halt your skid, collapsing to the ground.

You lie there, resting your wounded and aching body. Looking around, you find that dark, murky shadow clings to the corners between a few towering bookshelves.

You’re back in Suzunaan. The place where…

Bare feet thump across the ground behind you. You look up to find Kagerou again, her white dress swishing as she strides toward you.

Her eyes glowing red.

You part your lips to scream, only for your voice to die as everything turns red. You gulp as the light dies down, taking a few quick, light breaths. Your throat works fine.

But your neck doesn’t move.

Kagerou flicks a finger upward. Your neck moves up, dragging your body with it. Your hands fly to it, almost clawing at your flesh as it drags you upright. Then it stops just as your heels leave the floor. Kagerou steps up to you, sighs, and slides her hands along your arms.

Squeezing your wrists, she shoves them back down, pressing them to your thighs as red light once more sears through your vision. You pull at your wrists the second it dies back down, only to find them glued to your thighs. A quick glance down confirms your fears. A red ring envelops each thigh, trapping your wrist with it.

You wiggle, sweating, as Kagerou grins. Your neck’s still trapped, your feet barely touch the floor, and you can’t even move your hands. She gives you the sort of half-lidded gaze that few can pull off, and yet, in another time, would’ve made your knees weak. She flicks your chin, then dances her fingers down your chest, her gaze sinking with them.

Flicking your slit once, she slides her fingers back up your sides. Settling her hands across your shoulders, she smiles. Then spins you around to face a small, slender woman’s bare back.

And bare ass.

The woman’s blonde hair gives you a hint to her identity, but her dour sigh wipes away all doubt. Shizuha. Your neck sinks back down. Your feet flatten back out, but it keeps going, tilting forward and jutting your ass out behind you. You grip your thighs, hoping to rebalance the weight sliding toward your neck. As your head descends, it becomes clear what she had in mind. Shizuha sighs, taking one step back, toward you. She takes another as your neck levels with her ass. You squirm again, working your jaw and straining to pull your wrists free.

Shizuha slides her hands down her ass, pulling at the cheeks to expose the hole between them. Your breathing picks up. Recent horrors swim through your head. Green hair, antennae, cruel laughter, and vindictive strikes. The ring pushes your head forward. You dig your feet into the floor until your nose stops, just short of her ass’s spread cheeks.

You take a few quick, light sips of air.

Dark thoughts continue their parade. Wriggle’s heavy ass, Mystia’s oversized tits, and even that red monster’s fleshy tentacles.

A clawed hand dances across your back. “So, just what would you do to avoid that last, little step?” Kagerou’s ass settles on your back, textured only by the lace of her panties, as she drapes her dress over your side. She rubs her fingers through your hair. “Kiss my feet? Call me your queen? Give me the gift of that cute tongue?”

Shizuha stretches, turning from side to side, her ass almost touching your cheek.

Kagerou drums her fingers on your skull.

“Would you hurt her for me? Degrade her?”

What? Shizuha’s done nothing to hurt you, you couldn’t possibly… well, you wouldn’t, right? Sure, it would be amazing to, just once, escape such abuse. But you wouldn’t go that far, right?

Kagerou idly fingers your hair as Shizuha steps away from you. Until she turns around, revealing a familiar black appendage hanging from the depths of her pussy.

A rising, hardening, tentacle cock. She stares you dead in the eyes, hands on her hips.

She takes a step back toward you, her appendage now rigid and level with your lips.

You shut your jaw.

Kagerou lays a pair of dainty, clawed hands on your shoulders and leans down.

“Have fun~”

Another flash of red. The rings constricting your neck, thighs, and wrists disappear. Kagerou hops off your back as your hands drop to the floor. Shizuha stops. In horror, you watch your own hands pad across the floor, followed by your legs. You will yourself to stop, only to keep crawling.

You stop just before her crotch. Your gut lurches as you nuzzle the tentacle with your cheek. Then your lips part to give it a kiss. A long, tender kiss. But just as you start to pull away, the shaft splits down the middle. And the other middle. The head parts into four quarters, each fleshy on the inside and filled with wiggling, writhing nubs.

You haul back, but just before you can scream, it latches onto your face. It thrusts a second, squishier shaft down your throat. The new shaft pushes deep down, ripping a heaving gag from your lips as it ejects some foul fluid. Then it just pulls back, popping free of your lips and disappearing behind Shizuha’s bare slit.

You fall on your face, clutching your churning stomach. A pair of strong hands cup your breasts, claws sinking inside to haul you back up. Once Kagerou’s bust presses once more against your back, she starts to hum, rubbing your abused flesh. Then she squeezes.


You shut your eyes tight as Kagerou sinks her claws deeper into your flesh. A tongue slides up your navel. Shaking, you open your eyes as it pulls back. Shizuha gives an apologetic grunt as she leans back in to drag her tongue up. She slips her tongue between Kagerou’s fingers, licking the blood from your breasts.

The pain in your stomach ebbs, even as Kagerou yanks at your breasts. She stretches them away, then smashes them together. Your chest burns and aches. Shizuha pulls back. You open your mouth, only for her to grip your cheeks and smother her lips across yours.

Kagerou lets go, even as Shizuha sucks the air straight from your lungs. In a second, your chest burns worse than it ever did before. You claw at Shizuha’s scalp, straining just to grab her, as your lungs struggle to inflate.

Slam! Kagerou’s clawed hand crashes against your ass, raking the skin. You jerk, bumping into Shizuha’s slender frame. Kagerou’s claws slam against your ass again, drawing blood. Your chest screams in agony even as Kagerou rakes her claws again, this time across your back.

Then, just as it hits a fever pitch, both parties pull away. With no strength left in your body and nothing holding you up, you teeter back, sagging.

Then Kagerou’s foot slams into your back, throwing you to the ground. You tumble back to the floor, barely even caring about the new aches and pains the floor forces into your joints and battered chest. You lie on your side, coughing and choking until a little air seeps back into your lungs.

A smooth, clean foot steps into view as its counterpart settles down behind your resting head. A shin and thigh press together as someone squats over you, her ass hovering just above your chin. Something wet and sticky drips onto your cheek. Another drip, then another.

A clawed foot pokes your belly. Then steps on your belly. Then pushes you onto your back. As your head rolls up, you find Shizuha’s pussy oozing onto your lips. She gives you a dead stare.

Then reaches down and plugs your nose.

It takes only a moment for your tired lungs to force your mouth open. The oozing turns into a deluge of pussy juice cascading down your throat. The foot leaves your stomach.

You choke and sputter, just as something throws Shizuha back off you. You turn back to your side, coughing and spitting out Shizuha’s fluids.

“You are mine, Honda.” Says a voice you’ve never heard before. High, imperious, and with just a hint of unnatural echo. You look up to find Kagerou gone. In her place is someone you’ve never seen before. Long and flowing, but wispy black hair. A simple red dress with large, white sleeves, both fading into mist near the edges. You’ve no idea if she even has feet. And a thick, red horn jutting from her forehead.

As red as her eyes still are, they no longer glow. You haul yourself up, barely staying upright on your weak feet. Still wheezing, you take a trembling step backward. She floats toward you. You take another shivering step, almost tripping.

Then a hand grabs your wrist and hauls you backward. In seconds, the bookstore fades to nothing, taking the horned demon with it. Everything dissolves back to blue, then to the farmland sky. The cloud fades into the distance.

“Not sure what your brilliant plan was, but you can’t just float around here all willy-nilly like that, girl.”

You barely manage to turn yourself enough to see your new companion. You find a black and white puffball dress and a matching sleeping cap. All worn by a curvy, slightly bored-looking woman with what might be a tail. Ending in another puffball.

“Where am I?”

“Where are ya- you serious?” She looks you up and down, then blushes. “Well, there’re weirder things going on here than just that.”

Even after everything, you can’t help but match her blush. You throw an arm across your nipples, and a hand over your crotch, but you doubt it means much at this point. You need to rest.

“I just, look, it’s a long story.” You look away. “I never wanted to look like this.”

“Mhmm. So, what’re you doing out and about in the open dream world, huh?”

Dream world. That’s where the connection goes. “I… found something where it didn’t belong.” She opens her mouth, but you continue. “What was that cloud? What just happened?”

She shrugs. “A nightmare. Common occurrence around these parts.” She slides a sly glance your way. “Especially around people who’re having a hard time.”

Then you need to get out of here. “You seem to know this place pretty well.”

She lets out a sigh of feigned longsuffering. “’Course I would, I gotta get my food somewhere.”


“Dreams. Speakin’ of which, what kind do you want?” Her tail swishes back and forth.

Dream eater. One of those youkai you know little about. Wait, has she seen into any of yours? You float back, just slightly.

She cocks her head, scrunching her brow. Then a smug grin breaks across her face. “Oh… You been dreaming something naughty?”

What? No! Well, not voluntarily. “You’ve never… peeked into any of my dreams, have you?”

She pokes her forehead, focusing for a second, then sends a sinister grin your way. “How badly do you want to know?”

You shiver. “Not badly enough.” You can tell by that smile, whatever she wants isn’t worth it.

She stares straight into your eyes just before her gaze wanders down. Then she jerks back up, giving a polite cough. “Guess I ain’t telling then. Maybe later.” She glides toward you.

You glide back.

She chuckles. “Well now, I’m not going to bite.”

You eye her.

The sky warps to gray, then back.

“Besides, it looks like you’re about to wake up.”

You glance to her. The sky shifts again. The door’s still there, but anyone you tell about it could abuse that knowledge to do who-knows-what. On the other hand, the thought of those nightmares bothers you. And what the hell was with that horned woman at the end?

You’ve no idea if she’ll listen to any request you make, but it’s not like you’ve got anything to lose by asking.


[X] Ask her to protect your dreams. You need your sanity.

[X] Ask her to clean up that door. Fingers crossed, but you can’t just leave it there.

[X] Ask about the nightmare. Could be nothing. Could be a lead on someone important.

[X] Write-in.


Also, I'm reworking my writing process to minimize major delays. But in the event that it happens again, would you prefer I continue noting them as I have, that I sage such posts, or remain quiet altogether?
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[X] Ask her to clean up that door. Fingers crossed, but you can’t just leave it there.
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[X] What do dreams taste like?
[X] Ask about the nightmare. Could be nothing. Could be a lead on someone important.

She ain't a door youkai.
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We have one vote for the door and one for dreams with the nightmare.

Usual stuff. First vote for either one within the next 14 or so hours decides it.
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[X] Ask her to clean up that door. Fingers crossed, but you can’t just leave it there.

Flipped a coin.
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We're asking for help with the door.
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File 153239467146.jpg - (148.56KB, 800x599, ByakuThighs.jpg)
[X] Ask her to clean up that door. Fingers crossed, but you can’t just leave it there.

“Wait. Uh, about how I got here. The thing that doesn’t belong.”

The sky flickers, the stars blur into a fading night.

She looks back to you.

“It’s a door. Probably not far from where you found me.”

“You’re running out of time, you know.”

She blurs into the night herself.

“If you can, please try to destroy it!”

Everything fades to gray. Your last plea fading into the night.


You blink, squinting through the orange light. Your muscles weigh you down as your eyes adjust. A vague mass of black, white, and brown leans over you. Soft, full thighs support your head. Soon, your vision clears. A strained, yet cheery smile hovers over you, surrounded by a cascading mess of purple hair, fading to brown as it leaves the scalp.

Byakuren. Hijiri.

Leader of the temple. Commander of this youkai horde. Possibly youkai herself.

Personally attending to you.

Why is she here? Did you do something? There was that scream. Did you hurt one of her followers? You wheeze, flicking your eyes across the room. It’s tiny. Barely big enough to fit a futon and maybe a small table. Weak sunlight filters in through a tiny window across from the door. She wouldn’t want vengeance, would she?

You take a deep breath. You’re not dead yet, so she hopefully has something else in mind. She’s not planning anything worse, right?

“Oh, I worried you wouldn’t wake.”

Her voice brings back memories of her visits to the village. Hearing her voice in the markets always had you scanning the streets for her followers. If there’s one thing Kagerou and Wriggle did for you, it was to put such fears into rather stark perspective.

Will Wriggle come back for you? If she does, maybe staying in this temple wouldn’t be so bad.

You glance down your body, slow and careful. You’re still in Mystia’s apron and Shou’s cloak. Still with nothing underneath, save the metal belt. You shift your weight, then freeze.

Something shifted with you. Something small and round, just inside your belt. Your eyes dart to your crotch while you keep your body level. You see nothing but the apron, yet another slight shift confirms it.

The toy is back.

You look back up to Byakuren, eyes narrowing.

She heaves a sigh. “You need not trust us, but please, at least listen to what I have to say.”

The toy remains dormant as you flex your muscles. Subtly, you hope. The weight of sleep has mostly left. You can’t help a glance at her impressive bust, praying she never tries to choke you with it.

“Do you know of our mission, Ms. Naoko?”

“Yes.” Now’s not the time to dive deep into your past, but there’s no point in lying here.

She grins, face tight. “That’s excellent. Then you understand how vital it is to me that you’re kept safe.”

You’re less certain. The recent youkai attacks appear to have hurt the temple’s image, if your slowly clearing memories are anything to go by. But you can already imagine a much simpler solution for her than your protection. Maybe it speaks to her character or something that she’s yet to openly consider such a choice, or maybe she just worries about the suspicion it would bring.

And even more worrying is the damn toy. How’d it get in there? Did someone pick the lock? Break the lock? The belt feels firm enough, but you haven’t even really moved yet. Or did they… The key. You couldn’t get rid of it. You’ve been out long enough that anyone could have popped it open.

Now’s not the time to confront anyone, though. Or at least, not the woman whose goodwill your life and shattered purity now depend on. “So, what brought you back here?” A lame question, but as good a place as any to start.

“I had simply,” Byakuren glances away, “finished my business in the village.” She refocuses on you. “I had to return for the evening ceremony.”

Evening? Already? You wrestle yourself free of her grip and sit across from her. “What happened while I slept?”

She scratches her cheek. “I’m afraid I only just returned. You’ll need to ask one of the others.”

Then it may not have been her. You study her gaze, getting only a mask of serenity back. Is she hiding something? What does she plan to do with you?

“Did you see anyone when you came in?”

She exhales. “I’m afraid I was in too great a hurry.” She glances around. “I think we should move this discussion.” She stands up, offering her hand to you.

You accept it, letting her pull you up. She slides open the door to this cubby of a room, leading you down the hall. After a few minutes, she turns into a quiet, moderately sized room with a single bowl of rice topped with salmon strips, and a pair of chopsticks next to it. She gestures to it.

You step around and sit down. She slides the bowl down, then sits across from you. It’s the only food on the table. She places her hands together and bows for the traditional phrase. Hesitantly, you join her. Once finished, she motions to the bowl.

“You haven’t eaten since you arrived. Please, eat.”

Your stomach is bare, but so is your appetite. You pick up the chopsticks, poking a clump of rice out. You eat, taking your time. Even in the warm air, it’s cool and dry.

Why is one of the most important people in this world watching you eat?

It tastes fine, but you still find it a chore to consume. “Ms. Hijiri, would you like some?”

She waves you off. “I’m just fine, thank you. I’m happy to help with your needs, but I assure you that we’re well trained to resist our own bodily desires.”

Was that supposed to reassure you? It sounded like it was.

You chew another clump of rice. You’ll pick some of the meat off later. “How’s the village?”

She winces. “I’m afraid it’s still very unsafe for you. The…” She grasps the air, at a loss. “The problem you had is still there.” She lays a hand on your shoulder. “But I promise we’ll do whatever we can to fix it.”

You’re stuck between slumping at the thought that you’re still trapped outside and cringing at just how much someone with her power and responsibility fixates on your personal issues. What the hell is her angle? You cough. “Did you meet any goddesses there?”

She folds her arms, tilting her head. “No, none that I’m aware of. Though some are so weak you can barely tell.”

You’re still stuck, then. What’ll happen when you next sleep?

“You have some human worshippers, right?”

She brightens up at that. “Why yes. Our open-heartedness scares many off, but we find more each week who see the wisdom in our path. I promise you’re safe here.”

You stare hard at her. Surely she knows about your problem by now. Well, you’re not about to take any chances.

“Um, Ms. Hijiri. About me. You know about my…”

Gently, she wraps her hands around one of yours, guiding it down to the table.

Then the door opens behind her, Ichirin’s head poking though the crack. A specter of self-doubt flits across her face.

“Lady Byakuren, the service is about to start.”

Byakuren sighs. “I’m afraid I must leave it to you tonight.”

There’s a moment of quiet. “Then, I’ll leave you to your business.” Ichirin disappears, closing the door behind her.

You gaze at it, using your free hand to poke at the rice. As much as Hijiri’s attention worries you, it does keep you somewhere quiet while the youkai gather.

She lets out a polite cough, dragging your gaze back to the table, where her hands sit atop one of yours. You feel something happen between them, but you can’t tell what.

“Close your eyes.”

You glance to the bowl, slipping a sliver of fish down your throat. You want to keep her calm and happy, but that sort of thing requires trust. Trust that’s become very difficult to exercise around anyone.

“Please, Ms. Honda. It will help, I promise.”

She gives you the strange hybrid of puppy dog eyes and a disappointed mother. You glance away. It works, a little. But blinding yourself, even for a moment, around what could be a youkai?

“Maybe later. I, I just…” But then, would it really be any different? If she decides to attack you, what could you do? You glance back.

“Alright.” You swallow hard, shutting your eyes.

“Thank you. What do you feel?”

Warm. The muggy summer air presses around you. Though there’re also strange… almost eddies in it. Vague feelings of lewd intentions, faint and distant. “I feel danger, I think.”

“Would that danger feel, um, well…” You hear her take another breath, “dirty?”


“Do you feel any from me?”

You can tell precious little from the sensation, but it does feel like they’re at least a little further away. “I don’t think so.”

“Then, please open your eyes.”

You open your eyes to find her straightening her back. “I promise that your condition is better than you think it is. You’ve probably come a long way, and I do not believe your powers will bring any shame upon this temple. Why, you’re not too far off from learning what is you really do.”

“Do you really think that’ll help?”

“Of course. It is, after all, the journey that matters. Once you learn the mechanism by which your power operates, you’ll best understand how to counter it.”

You’re less optimistic, both about the time it’ll take and the results it’ll reap. But it’s something.

She grins. “You’ll soon learn even to control your power, I suspect.”

Control, huh? Like that beam…

“Ms. Hijiri. Where’s Murasa?”

“Minamitsu? Did she do something to you?”

“No. Well, not yet. I don’t know.” You ripped a climax out of her. Right before you fell asleep. For all you know, she’s already thirsting for your body.

But then, she teleports. She’d already be all over you, wouldn’t she?

And if Byakuren doesn’t know about that, then why is she here?

“Don’t worry about her. She likes to scare people, but she’s mostly harmless.”

“Right. Of course.”

There’s a knock on the door.

Byakuren glances to you. You shrug, too tired to worry about anyone else in her presence.

The door creaks open and someone pokes her head through. Someone with very long, very well cared-for brown hair. The sort of hair that’s so neat it shines.

Then she turns to face you.


“Ms. Hijiri, about what you…”

You lock up. She stares at you, confused. Then jolts up, freezing. For a tense moment, you both stare at one another, and she appears to be about as terrified as you are. There are deep pockets under her eyes.

Byakuren glances between you two.

“I think this may be a good…”

Kagerou opens her mouth, visibly sweating. She moves her jaw as if trying to speak.

Hijiri lets out a sad sigh. “So, that’s you meant, isn’t it, Kagerou?”

Kagerou shuts her mouth. She winces, then nods.

“But you’ll never do anything like it again, will you?”

She flinches, shivering, but nods again.

Your skin turns clammy.

“And Ms. Honda, could you, perhaps, find it within yourself to listen to her feelings?”

You slip out of your chair, backing up toward the wall.

“Ms. Honda?”

Kagerou opens her mouth again but shuts it right after. Then she slips back out and shuts the door.

Her footsteps pound down the hall, away from you.

You sag into the corner.

Hijiri exhales, tight and controlled. “I can’t imagine how difficult this must be for you.” She turns back to you. “I understand this may be presumptuous of me, but I don’t suppose you could try to help her? I’ll be happy to be there with you, but could you please give her your ear? I think it would do wonders for both of you.”

The thought of resolving it all now certainly sounds nice, and your aura had as great a role to play as anything else. But it’s still her eyes that stared you down as she buried you under her flesh. As she forced you to taste her cunt.

Following her request may net you a new ally, friend, or at least a favor. But could you pull it off? On the other hand, you still need to know where the hell Murasa is and, more importantly, if she’s become a problem. Although, above everything, you find yourself wondering if Shou’s offer is still available. At this point, you’re not certain you’ll make it through the night without something to dull the strain.


[X] Visit Kagerou. Try to work things out with either her or Hijiri.

[X] Find Shou and/or drinks. You need to unwind. Now.

[X] Find Murasa. If she’s a problem, you need to know before she acts.

[X] Write-in.
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[X] Visit Kagerou. Try to work things out with either her or Hijiri.

From what I recall Naoko's power stopped working on her after that night, so she's someone she can semi rely on.
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[X] Visit Kagerou. Try to work things out with either her or Hijiri.

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[X] Find Murasa. If she’s a problem, you need to know before she acts.
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We're checking in with Kagerou.
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File 153290252516.jpg - (122.99KB, 650x722, KageButt.jpg)
[X] Visit Kagerou. Try to work things out with either her or Hijiri.

The hot, moist air pricks at your skin. “I’ll try to listen. I can’t promise more than that.”

Hijiri nods. “It’s okay. That’s all I ask.” She stands up, holding the door open.

You walk through, hearing a chant rise through the building. Quiet and mostly solemn, but with wild, off-beat notes sprinkled through it. Byakuren steps beside you and guides you down the hall. The evening crickets begin their own routine chatter, drowning out the chant.

“I found your choice a pleasant surprise, Naoko. Too few humans will think to give their compassion for youkai, even to the weakest.”

You grunt a muted assent. Your own family would include such people, and you don’t blame them. Crops and people tend to go missing when simple farmers give youkai the benefit of the doubt. Even the weakest youkai can come up with nasty schemes, or work with a gang of stronger youkai.

You don’t necessarily fault her ideals, but her generosity is a privilege that your people simply couldn’t afford.

Your eyes wander to her figure. Hijiri’s dress does little to conceal the tight ass or sculpted hips she has.

No. You’ve had youkai control your tongue, your pussy, and your ass. You’re not giving them your mind too.

You also send off a quiet prayer that she’s not trying to ‘entice’ you into anything.

The chanting overpowers the crickets and the smell of incense wafts in as you creep up to a broad, open doorway. Inside is an alarming abundance of animal ears, tails, and other oddities. Shou kneels at the far end, the assorted youkai facing her. As quiet as you can, you leap past the door and continue forward.

Hijiri’s already beside you when you land and guides you around a corner. More doors pass by, and your nerves ease up as the incense fades and the chanting dies back down. Your eyes slide to her ample breasts, before you catch them and snap your gaze to the walls instead.

She glances back to you. “You’ll be fine. No one can hurt you here.”

She continues forward. You still struggle to keep your eyes off her body, and you’re getting worried that you don’t know why.

The ball in your crotch shifts slightly, sending a tingle up your spine. You stop, pushing your apron aside to glance at your belt. The metal’s dirty, but hard and smooth. You give it a few tugs and it holds firm. Whoever broke in must’ve used the key.
You sigh in relief. There’s someone around here with easy access to your crotch, but only that one person. Unless she has friends. You drop the apron, letting it settle back over your crotch, and look back up.

To find Hijiri staring right at you.

Your face burns. “S-Security measure. To keep them from, well, you know…”

She gives you a pained smile. “If it makes you feel safer, that’s enough reason for me.” She gestures to a door. “She won’t hurt you either, I promise. If you need something, I’ll be right by your side soon.”

Working up your nerve, you rap your knuckles against the door. Firm, but gentle.

There’s a moment of silence. What will you say? What can you say? You still remember the taste of her breasts, the weight of her ass, and even the way she smeared your face with your own juices.

Whether or not you blame her for it, she was one of the two to set off the disaster you now stumble through.

Could you forgive her?

You’ll figure it out later. You have other business to address with her. You’ll at least stick around long enough to listen. You can do this. You can do this.

“Come in.”

The voice is quiet and tremulous, but clear enough to hear over the rising chatter of crickets. You slip your fingers between the door and the frame, gently pushing it aside.

She stares at you, eyes going wide. Wearing, you now notice, the same dress she had on that night. It’s rumpled and messy, but neatly tucked over her shoulders. She fidgets with it, tugging the collar up against her neck. You halt, taking a deep breath.

Fighting down the urge to bolt, you force yourself to step inside, closing the door behind you. Trembling, you force yourself to kneel. Her chest rises and falls a bit too quick.

It’s strange, though. Despite being a full head taller than you, something about her seems small. Maybe some compassion could be justified, but you’re still too busy fighting the urge to be literally anywhere else.

She trembles, looking to you for something. An explanation? Condemnation?

There’s a tiny, dark part of you that revels in reflecting your pain and terror back on her. Though her fear would mean more if you weren’t also shaking. And were she more fully responsible.

You clear your throat. “I… I just thought that, maybe, I should, I don’t know. Hear your story, I guess.”

Kagerou’s eyes flit left and right. She lets out a nervous laugh. Then stares you dead in the eyes before bowing her head to the floor. “I’m sorry.”

She lifts her head, just slightly. “I don’t know what happened. I promise. The moon always makes me a little strange, but it’s never made me do anything…”

Her voice falters. “I needed to have you then. I just,” she looks back up to you, “I lost control. I’m sorry.”

You look away. “It’s, well,” you struggle for the words, “I accept your apology.” Maybe you’ll forgive her, maybe you won’t, but you can at least acknowledge her remorse. “Besides, there were other things-”

She blinks, eyes moist. “…Are you naked under that?”

You blush. “…Yes. Thanks to my most recent… well, the last woman to do what, you know, you did.”

She grimaces. “I’m so sorry. Wait, last woman?” She stares, almost wall-eyed. “We’re talking about the same thing, right? Just how many, what’s even happened to you?”

“It’s, um.” How much to tell her? Fuck it. She’s showing what could be genuine interest in your well-being and you’re not about to waste that opportunity. You give her a quick, but complete explanation for what you know.

“If it helps, that night wasn’t the worst time I’ve had.”

In fact, you’re still wearing the reminder of a worse time.

She barks out a laugh, hollow and bitter. “Well, I’ll never give you a time that bad again.” She pauses, thinking. “But really? Even that thing I did with my legs?”

You groan. “Yeah. I’ve had worse.”

“Wow.” She leans back. “How’re you feeling?”

“I just want to go home.”

She sits back. “Well, crap. Is there anything I can help with?”

You rub your cheek. “Actually, yes. I still don’t understand what it is I do. Could you tell me any more details about why you did, well, that?”

“Details. About the night I…”

“Yes.” Your voice somehow cracks on that single word.

“Well,” Kagerou runs a hand through her hair. “I guess I’d been feeling a little strange at first. Like something exciting would happen if I just wandered around near the road.”

Does the aura not need visual contact, or was this unrelated?

She sets her hands back down, wringing them together. “Then, I dunno. I guess something just clicked when I saw you. I felt like I had to own you. To play with you. Like my very soul depended on you. And your, uh…”

You slide a hand across your belly. “My body?”


“And just to be clear, you don’t feel that anymore, right?”

Kagerou glances away. “Not really.”

You suddenly feel cold. “What do you mean?”

Kagerou grunts, her voice squeaking. “I mean, I…” She hangs her head. “When I think back to that night, I feel upset. Angry at what I did. But I also, I also sort of…” She tilts her head, shaking. She lifts her skirt, swiping her fingers across her black panties. She holds them up.

They glisten.

Instantly, she cringes. “It’s so gross, isn’t it?”

“It’s… concerning.” You can’t decide whether to be scared that she still finds you hot, or disgusted that your power could make someone like something they hate.

“So, you’re still affected.”

She shakes her head. “I don’t know. But I wouldn’t need to be.”


She continues. “It’s just that I’m weak, you know? Compared to all the bigshots, anyway. The idea of finally being the one in control, especially of a human…” She shrugs. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what’s going on, but we’re perfectly capable of being terrible people on our own.”

So, your power isn’t forcing it on her. Should this relieve or further concern you?

“But you acted completely different yesterday.”

“Like I said, the moon tends to make me a bit wild. I lose control more easily. And if you’re telling the truth, it could have made me more vulnerable to that thing you do.”

“Any particular reason it makes you wild?”

She rubs her neck. “Well, I’m a werewolf, sort of.” A small pair of ears pop out of her hair. “While it’s not pure lycanthropy, most days the wolf side’s small enough to hide.” The ears disappear back into her hair. “But on full moons…”

So, her wolf side may be more vulnerable than her human side. That makes sense, you suppose.

“Oh, uh…” Kagerou cringes again. “What was your name?”

Oh. She never learned that?


“Well, Naoko. I’m part of this network. It’s small right now, but I’ve been working hard to expand it. If it’s alright with you, I think I’ll try to warn them about you.”

You halt.

“I promise I won’t tell them anything too personal. I’d just describe your appearance and warn them about the effect you might have on them.”

You exhale. “That… that would probably help.”

“If there’s anything else I can help with, please. Please let me know.”

“I, I’ll think about it.” You stand up. “Can you give me a second?”

She blinks, wiping her eyes. “Sure.”

You slip outside, taking a breath. That went almost better than you dared to hope, but you need a moment to breathe.

A hand slips around your head, shoving your face between a pair of plump, bare breasts. It lets go and you stumble back.

“Been making progress?” Aya stands before you, rigid pink nipples poking out from breasts exposed by her unbuttoned shirt.

The cap’s gone, as are the shorts. She now wears a simple, open white shirt with a tiny black skirt. A red tokin sits on her head.


She sighs, cupping her breasts. “Were these not a big enough hint?”

Right, the aura thing. Of course.

You think quick. “I’m getting close.” There’s something about her that bothers you right now, likely related to those tits. “Just give me a few more days.”

Aya clicks her tongue. “Not a very bright idea.”

“I’m working on it. I promise.”

Aya steps forward. She leans in, rubbing her breasts against your apron. You wince, stepping back.

And promptly bump into a pair of bare breasts. You whirl around, facing Aya. Again. She grips your head, leaning over your shoulder.

She whispers. “You know what it takes to keep a white wolf restrained?”

You shake your head.

“Well, I’ve got the tools do that now. And I’m itching to use them.”

She turns around and hooks an arm around your neck, forcibly guiding you down the hall.

“I promise you’ll be safe for about the next twenty-four hours, but beyond that…” She trails off, flicking one of your breasts.

“I’m working on it. I swear, as soon as I figure anything out, I’ll try to fix your problem.”

She grins. “That’s excellent. Especially since I’ve been having some motivation troubles lately.”


She waves a finger in the air. “It’s getting hard to do things that might separate us. Or change the ‘urges’ you’ve given me. I’d really rather not degrade myself with a human farmgirl, but it’s getting a bit tricky.”

“Would you at least have any leads to offer? Ways you think you could be cured?”

“Well, yes. The most likely place to find solutions would be in certain forms of very specialized magic.”

“Anywhere they could be found?”

“Well, I happen to know of a rather strange book in the village. I’ve also got a proper connection to Okina lined up, who might know a way to hook us up.”

“Wouldn’t you be better qualified for this?”

She squeezes you. “Like I said, intervention’s getting difficult. I’ll need a ‘morale boost.’ That’s you.”

“I’ll… I’ll think about it. Could you come back tomorrow?”

“Nope.” Aya separates, closing her shirt back up.

“Motivation’s waning fast. Maybe I’ll be here tomorrow, maybe I won’t. But if you want the help of a tengu you can trust, you need to act now.”


This is exceptionally dangerous. But if it leads to a cure…


[X] Hunt down books. Maybe you’ll solve at least one of your other problems on the way.

[X] Head for Okina. You’re still hoping for access to her realm anyway.

[X] Refuse & Rest. See if the temple has somewhere you can bathe.

[X] Write-in.
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[X] Hunt down books. Maybe you’ll solve at least one of your other problems on the way.
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[X] Head for Okina. You’re still hoping for access to her realm anyway.
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[X] Hunt down books. Maybe you’ll solve at least one of your other problems on the way.

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We're going for the books.
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File 153359361438.png - (685.49KB, 600x839, ShameiBoob.png)
[X] Hunt down books. Maybe you’ll solve at least one of your other problems on the way.

You take a breath. “Let’s get that book.”

“Great, let’s go.” Aya swings a hand around your hip.

You flinch. “Uh, wait. Just one second.” She lets you step away. You jog back to the room you’d left.

You pull the door open, finding a calmer Kagerou sitting inside. “I’ve got something to take care of. I’ll see you…” You think. “At some point.”

“If it’s important, I could come with you. I’m sure there’s something I could help with.”

You glance back. Her brow furrows and her arms sit, rigid, in her lap. Her eyes aren’t quite manic, but they’re very tense. As if her very soul’s been stretched taut. As much as you’d like another helper or ally with you, especially for this, you’re not entirely certain you trust her. Plus, as much as the memories of her smothering mound bother you, you’re not quite ready to risk condemning even her to that book’s attentions.

“I’ll… keep you in mind. Another time.” You move to close the door just as another thought interrupts you. “But if I’m not back by this time tomorrow, could you come to the village? Just to make sure I’m okay?”

She nods, determined, and you close the door.

You catch barely a blink of Aya before she sweeps you off your feet, cradling you in her arms. She strides down the hall, toward the exit. Then she flinches and turns around, turning you with her to face Hijiri’s hard stare.

Aya bows, smushing her tits against your face. “Personal business, right, Naoko?” She straightens up.


Hijiri sighs. “I’m not entirely certain what that means, and I wish to urge that you stay here. But if you intend to leave, I’ll merely insist that you exercise caution. Especially around Ms. Shameimaru.”

Aya just huffs and turns on her heel. She jogs forward, kicking open a wide door.

Polished wood gives way to darkened grass.

Crickets chirp and the heavy evening heat beats down on you. Grass rustles beneath you as Aya adjusts your weight, just before the air slams you into her stomach. In an instant, the grass drops away. The trees plummet beneath you as she rockets up, carrying you into the evening sky.

Aya climbs high above the forest, slowing only slightly as she changes direction. Trees whiz past as the wind deafens you. Her arms twitch, one hand sliding down your thighs before it jerks back up.

The wind eases and you glance ahead. The brilliant orange of the setting sun burns against the deep purple clouds, set against the indigo sky. You have less than an hour before the sun’s gone, but you’re still coming off a full moon, so the night won’t be too dark if it rises soon. Of course, full moons also mean wilder youkai. They shouldn’t be as wild as Kogasa and Kagerou were, but any travel alone will be out of the question.

Trees still rush beneath you, but not at the breakneck pace they did moments before. Pinpricks of light appear among the trees, soon resolving into glow of village lanterns.

Aya shifts your weight. “Let’s get this taken care of.”

You find yourself pressed tight against Aya once more as she slows again. The trees rush toward you as she descends. There’s a jolt, blurring your vision as she rushes to the side. In an instant, you’re descending not into trees, but among the tiled roofs of village structures. Once your own feet hit the ground, you separate, a little light-headed.

Aya grabs your hand and leads you through the streets. You try to ignore, at least for now, what this all implies about the reliability of the village walls.

You find enough closed or dimly lit shopfronts to tell you you’re in the commercial district. Though, judging by the vacant streets, you must be at the very edge, likely near the walls.

You find the hard-packed dirt of village streets an odd comfort.

Still walking, Aya rubs her hair. “Sorry about that mess with the forest. I was a bit distracted.”

“It’s… fine.” Details can wait. There’s something else that’s not right. Something like-

Aya pushes you forward, snagging an arm around your shoulder and pushing you into a crouch. The sounds of evening chatter and closing shops float in from up ahead. You’re still a ways away from the main thoroughfare, but you’re approaching busier streets.

She glances left and right, waiting. Then she lets go, standing up again but placing a finger to her lips.

It takes you a moment to recover, but you catch onto a worrying thought when you do. Whispering, you ask, “Aya, what about that book? The one I warned you about?”

She waves, dismissive. “I’ve got it under control.”

She passes by a few shops, scrutinizing the entrances. Then stops. You follow her gaze, recognizing the entrance.


What the hell are you doing back here?

She inches toward it, carrying you with her.

“Aya, why are we here?”

She grins. Not cocky, but not forced either. More a smug curiosity, somehow.

“I said we’d be getting a book, didn’t I?”

She holds up the flap, scooting you inside. She slips in behind you, scanning the nearest bookshelf.

It’s… dark. The store’s empty, the lamp’s out, and no one’s home.

You don’t belong here.

You turn back to the entrance. What have you just gotten yourself into? What did Aya mean by having the book ‘under control?’ Is it gone, or just limited in some way? You’d love to wait outside while Aya does whatever questionably legal activity she has in mind, but the book could be just around the corner for all you know.

And that doesn’t even get into what other artifacts could lurk around the corners in here.

You glance across the shelves yourself, hoping for glowing purple runes or something. If you could at least get your hands on that book, you’d have one concern taken care of.

“So, about your progress.”

A dim, earthy light illuminates the building. Aya rests against the desk, a lit lamp atop it. She crosses her admittedly beautiful legs. “How are we doing?”

You scan the now visible shelves for a purple binding. “I can feel how much someone wants me, I think.”

“So how bad do I have it, then?”

You turn back, shutting your eyes. It takes a moment, but then you’re bathed in waves of foul, disgusting lust. It seeps from Aya like an overstuffed jar, packed tight but ready to explode. More disturbingly, there’s another distinct source further away, deeper in the city. Distant, but far greater and less restrained.

Either the black book’s still around, or there’s something similarly terrible lurking in the village.

You open your eyes, trembling.

Aya tuts. “That bad, huh?” She glances left and right. “Alright, let’s just do this.”

She snags your wrist and yanks you into a cubby. Working her buttons off with one hand, she places a finger against your lips with the other.

You stay silent as her shirt falls open again. You look aside as she pops her smooth black bra up.

Then a pair of fingers pinches your cheeks, dragging your face back to her naked breasts.

Aya groans. “Once we’re done, you’ll tell no one about this.”

Still holding your cheeks, she yanks her panties down and lifts her skirt. There’s an inscription next to her thin, bare pussy. ‘Naoko.’

You flush, squirming as she holds your head in place.

Then she lets go, hiking her panties back up and dropping her skirt back into place. Her shirt hangs open and her bra still sits near her neck.

Aya searches the shelf behind her, yanking books out, turning them over, and stuffing them back.

You’re left staggered, but eager for some distance, so you scoot over to a shelf near the back. You catch a mix of burgundy, ochre, and even violet books, but nothing matching your last visit.

A book clatters to the floor. You spin back, only to find Aya shrugging and moving on.

You can only pray she knows what she’s doing.

You search through a few more shelves but find little else. More books and scrolls, but nothing you recognize. Frustrated, you look back to find Aya holding a scroll to her nose, sniffing it.

She then sniffs another. What is she looking for?

And where, exactly, was that book before? Back when Kosuzu, possessed by that demonic tome, had you at her mercy. It held you near the entrance, and near the desk, specifically. You retrace your steps, returning to the desk and sliding your hand along it.

Absently, you finger the corner you’d been pressed against. In one of your life’s few mercies, it’s smooth and dry.

You scan the bookshelves nearby, recognizing a vaguely familiar pattern in their distribution.

You flinch at the sound of a scroll unrolling. Spinning around, you find Aya reading one, rubbing one of its edges between her fingers. Turning back to the shelves, you follow the patterns, looking for…

There. You find the spot where you’d last seen it. Which is now a small gap between the books. Crouching down for a closer inspection only confirms it. The purple book’s gone, at least from this spot. Unless the owner decided to do some rearranging, someone must have bought, rented, or stolen it.

Either way, you’re still no closer to solving that dilemma.

Aya rolls her scroll back up behind you.

You turn back to her. “By the way, Aya, what exactly are you looking for?”

Aya hums, striding forward. She pulls a paper seal from her shirt pocket. “Doesn’t matter; it’s not here. I found this though.” She holds it before you. “Recognize it?”

You stare at it. As far as you can tell, it’s just a paper seal. Nothing more, nothing less. “No?”

Aya folds it and stuffs it back in her shirt. “Came off that book monster. It’s a bit worn down, but it’ll suit our purposes just fine.” She peeks over your shoulder. “You’re not so lucky though, huh?”

You glance back. “Well, I wouldn’t want to steal anything, so it doesn’t matter, does it?”

Aya clicks her tongue. “It does. You’re looking for a magician’s book, aren’t you? Purple cover?”

“Yes. Does that matter?”

Aya circles you. “All the books I could feasibly use are gone, so I’d hoped yours would be an exception. Seems it’s not.” She turns to face you again, putting one hand on her hip. “For them all to disappear in less than a day, there’s only one likely explanation. The puppet must’ve taken them. A gutsier move than I would’ve expected, but maybe something set it off.”


“The evil book’s puppet. Which means we’re not solving my problem without confronting it.” She turns and rests her ass against the desk, planting her hands beneath her. Which just so happens to push her still bare breasts out. “I’ve got at best another day where I can help you and about one, maybe two more before I lose it.”

…How, exactly, is this book ‘under control?’

Aya stares at you. “I can run in and try to find your magician’s book, but only if someone else keeps the puppet distracted.” She rests a hand on her thigh. “But I don’t know exactly where the book would be, and we don’t even have any decoys anyway. So, either we hunt for volunteers, risking the exposure of our only plan, or we wait another day for better leads.”

“But then you’d be less reliable, right?”

Aya groans. “It’s worse than that.” She looks you over. “Urgh, yep. If we wait, you and I will need to do a little something first.”

Your hands fly to your breasts and crotch, pinching the apron to your skin and belt.

“I know. It’s gross. Ick, humans.” She glances away. “But I can’t spend an entire day setting this up, and then expect to pull it off, if I can’t focus.” She shrugs. “If it helps, my reputation’s on the line here, so I’d need to be very gentle.”

“What if I was the decoy?”

Aya stares at you. “What if you were to put yourself in front of the creature that most wants to fuck you.”

“If it hasn’t been caught yet, it must be trying to avoid attention, right? If I kept us somewhere public…”

Aya drums a hand on the desk. “It’s gutsy enough to raid this place. Besides, there’d be no way to keep you in the open for long at night, so we’d need to wait until morning. I might be able to get a little research in before we move, but you could bet the puppet would work hard to get you alone.”

She puts a finger up, shutting her eyes. “On the other hand, our only hope for short term recruits is either the schoolteacher or an exterminator. The teacher should be easy enough to convince but it’ll blow our cover wide open. An exterminator gives us some leeway, but we may need to offer something big for such short notice.”

She sighs, opening her eyes. “Well, it’s your ass on the line, so I guess I’ll let you make the call.”


[X] Get friends. Get this done before Aya gets any weirder.

- [X] Schoolteacher. Play it safe.

- [X] Exterminator. Try to keep your options open.

[X] Play decoy. Maybe you’ll learn something about it.

[X] Sleep with Aya. If it means staying away from that book…

[X] Write-in.
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[X] Sleep with Aya. If it means staying away from that book…
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[X] Sleep with Aya. If it means staying away from that book…
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[X] Sleep with Aya. If it means staying away from that book…

She seems to be on the straight and narrow.
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We're sleeping with Aya.
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File 153411662037.jpg - (369.58KB, 600x750, AyaStrip.jpg)
[X] Sleep with Aya. If it means staying away from that book…

Jittery, you reach a shaking hand out and lay it on Aya’s thigh. “Let’s do it, I mean, you can, well, if you want to…”

She lays a hand on your shoulder, pushing her breasts to one side. “You’ll let me do you.”

You sigh. “Yes. Please be gentle.”

She scoffs, standing and turning away. “I will. But…” she turns back to you, biting her lip, “well, that doesn’t matter anymore, anyway.”

You step back, fidgeting with your apron as you scan the shelves again. You take one last glance, seeking out that book one last time. As you do so, the cool, unyielding steel rubs against your crotch. You’ll need to work around that somehow.

Aya’s already buttoning her shirt back up when you turn back to her. She soon pops the last button back in, then offers you a grin and an open hand. You accept it, which she uses to pull you in, bumping the side of her ass against your own and draping a hand across your back, settling on your hip.

Awkwardly, you slide your own across her back to grip her side. Just to keep it away from her ass.

Letting go of your arm, she guides you back to the entrance, slipping past the drape and walking out into the evening streets. A distant, violet light still shines across the horizon, leaving the village smothered a deep, dark blue, punctuated only by the wavering amber light of lanterns.

Squirming in her embrace, something bothers you. “Didn’t you dislike humans?”

She groans. “No, they’re fascinating. I just…” She waves a finger, almost drunkenly, through the air. “No offense, but I find the idea of fucking one weird and a little gross, that’s all.”

You feel yourself pout at that. “Sorry for being gross.”

She flinches. “It’s not… not that.”

She takes a deep breath. “It’s just not the kind of story I want going around.”

The two of you walk in silence, straying away from both the walls and the still-active streets.

“So, who is this puppet?”

Aya looks away. “Trust me. I’ll be with you all night and have you out of here first thing in the morning.”

“But who is she and what happens if she leaves the village?”

“She won’t, I promise.”

“Even if she finds out I’m not here. The person that you said she really wants to fuck?”

“Well…” Aya trails off, looking ahead.

Warm light pours from an open door. A shop that hasn’t yet closed.

Aya glances back, twisting you around to scan the road behind you. She looks forward again. The light flickers.

“Please, Aya. How can I trust anyone if I can’t be sure they’re not possessed by that monster?”

Aya groans. The door closes, cutting off the light.

She strides forward, carrying you with her. She slows back down once you’ve crossed the door and turns into a side alley.

In moments you find yourself amid small, musty houses. Still rubbing sides, she takes you through a few winding alleys until you’re standing before one such house, tucked tight between its neighbors. Aya lets go and pulls a key from her skirt, using it to unlock the door.

“I’ll tell you soon, okay?”

“…Alright.” You’re still not sure why she’s so evasive, but at least you’ll be getting an answer now. Hopefully.

She opens the door and you follow her inside. She closes it behind you, plunging the room into shadow.

You stand against the wall, next to the door, as Aya scoots something heavy around. Metal scrapes against stone and tiny sparks fly out, illuminating parts of the room in tiny, fitful pinpricks.

A second later, a warm, orange light bathes the room, emanating from a simple, heavy lantern atop a large crate.

This isn’t even a house. It’s just a well-built shed. There’s a pile of similar crates to one corner of the room, near the door. Notebooks, nails, dolls, and other objects litter the floor. In a distant corner, across from the crates, lie several coils of heavy rope. A pile of shirts, pants, and other garments sits against the other far corner. And, across the door from the crates, lies a single, heavy futon, rolled up and propped against the wall.

Aya shuffles about the room, gathering up the nails and dolls, then dropping them near the ropes. You find yourself drawn to the crate in the center. Scattered around the candle are loose papers. Scooting forward for a closer look, you find they’re notes, written in a language you don’t recognize.

Some Tengu script, perhaps?

Aya unrolls the futon behind you. “We’re really doing this, aren’t we?”

Your belt itches. “We don’t have to. You could just drop me off in the temple.” You find yourself tense, twitching and half-tempted to trade the threat of gang rape for this.

Aya sighs. “No, I can’t.” She strides back, circling the box until she stands across from you.

“Wait. If we’re really going to…” You swallow. “Do you have any drinks? Sake, perhaps?”

Aya grins. “Of course, Ms. Honda.” She hops over to the boxes, pries one open, and pulls out a bottle. She then pulls out a clay cup and carries both to the crate. Scooting the notes together with her forearms, she sets the cup and bottle down on an empty spot. She then shuffles all the notes together and sets them in a neat pile.

She pops the bottle open and fills the cup, handing the cup to you. As you accept it, she walks back to the crates and pulls out a box, which she carries back to the table.

She opens the box, revealing a series of plain dango skewers and a small black bottle. Popping the bottle open, she drizzles a brown syrup over the skewers, then sets the box in front of you.

She grins again. “Enjoy.”

You take a sip of the sake.

Aya clears her throat, standing across from you again and wearing what you can only describe as a ‘business face.’ “Now, we’re here so I can get my work done and stay out of your hair tomorrow. So, to that end.” Aya stares at you, wearing the kind of smile that’s excited, but gives you the feeling she’s hiding a stomach full of butterflies. “Naoko, keep your eyes on me.”

Aya grabs the sake bottle and presses it to her lips, flipping her head up. She chugs it, draining it to the last drop, then slaps it back on the crate, letting out a satisfied sigh.

You feel a bit of relief that she didn’t try feeding you any of that the way Mystia would.

She pops the red tokin cap off her head, leaning over to settle it on yours. She sways backward, away from you. It’s slow and shaky, but deliberate. You settle down, grabbing a skewer and sliding the first ball into your mouth.

It’s soft and chewy, with the right balance of sweet and salty.

Aya reaches behind her back, fiddling with something near her waist. A moment later, she slides a black belt our from her shirt, dropping it on the floor. She starts to sway again, undoing the bow underneath her collar. She drops it on the discarded belt.

She starts humming and swinging her hips back and forth.

She clears her throat, fixing her flushed face at you as she slides the top button free of her shirt. The next two follow, one after the other, slowly revealing the plain bra she’d already shown off before.

She had no problem shoving her raw pussy and tits in your face before, so why’s she worried now?

Though as the next button follows, you find yourself better able to appreciate the full weight of her breasts and the shiny fabric holding them back. You munch on the next ball as she tugs the last button free. She steps forward and leans onto the crate, providing a deep, close view of her cleavage.

It’s not as deep as others, but their firm, smooth curve makes your mouth water.

Her next grin’s still flushed and shaky, but it shows more of the cockiness you’re used to from her.

Aya pulls back, spinning slowly as she shrugs the shirt off one arm, then the other, and tosses it away.

You take another sip of sake as she faces away, her bra strap being the only barrier between your eyes and her sculpted back. She flexes, showcasing her light, toned muscles.

That’s when you notice her shimmying her skirt down her legs. But the shiny black panties atop that round ass draws your attention away. Your heart pounds as you feel the heat and moisture build. You wonder if it would really be so bad for her to pin you down and have her way with you.

You need a release. Soon.

Aya kicks her skirt off to one side and turns around. You finish your skewer, munching both balls in quick succession as she steps forward and leans toward you. Reaching around her back, she works her bra, snapping the clasp open. Gently, she reaches with one arm to pull the strap off the other. Then, sliding the other strap off, she holds the bra up against her chest, squishing her breasts together. You start munching on another skewer.

Still grinning, she slowly lifts the bra up and off, her nipples and puffy areola finally free.

She stands up straight, stepping back and tossing her bra aside. She slides her thumbs into the waistband of her black panties. She cocks her hips to one side and leans forward, largely obscuring her crotch.

As she slides the panties down her legs, your mind wanders to the thought of playing with the pussy she so brazenly shoved in your face before yet teases you with now. Oh, to make someone beg for your touch, just once. You down a long, deep gulp of sake as you start to quiver.

The panties slide over her shoes and off completely. Once discarded, she straightens back up, planting her hands behind her neck and spreading her legs.

There’s a trickle already slipping down one leg, from the pussy splayed out before you.

And you’re not too far off yourself.

But something changes when Aya straightens up and leans in. Her bedroom eyes and devious smirk bring other, darker thoughts to the fore.

She slides a hand along your cheek.

You jolt upright, spin around, and sprint for the door. Her tokin clatters to the floor behind you.

In a flash, Aya’s hard, puffy nipples press against your back as she wraps her arms around you. She spins around, drags you back, then turns and dumps you on the futon.

She drops to her hands and knees, crawling over you until her head hangs over yours.

“Idiot.” She doesn’t glare, but her lip trembles. “What the hell were you thinking?”

Your mouth opens. Then closes. “I… I don’t know. I just, I got scared. I’ve seen that kind of face before.”

She grimaces. “That’s, understandable. Maybe. But you know what’ll happen if you go out without an escort, right?”

“The puppet?”

“The puppet. She’s got people all over the village. She’s…” Aya looks at the wall, then back to you. She drops her voice to a whisper. “It’s Akyuu. She’s the puppet.”

You stare at her, she scowls back.

That’s… impossible. Anyone else. You’d accept anyone else. Without Akyuu’s work, you’d have wound up in some youkai’s basement months ago. Sure, you had some close calls from rabbits, foxes, and tsukogami who weren’t on the Memento, but Byakuren? Hell, even Aya would’ve already taken you if not for her profile.

“Look, Naoko. I promised I’ll be gentle, and that I won’t do anything you don’t allow. But you and I both know this needs to happen. And getting caught certainly won’t help either of us.” She shifts her weight, just slightly jostling her tits. “So, will you let me take your clothes off?”

You take a deep breath. Your body’s still warm and your slit still wet. You might need this almost as much as she does. “Okay.”

Aya’s face flushes, but she gives you one more, cocky grin. “I thought you’d say that.” Before you can respond, she flicks your swollen nipple. Which, now that you’re looking, pokes up through your apron. She sets her hands on your collarbone, undoing the clasp. Then, gently, she peels the cloak from your shoulders and knocks it away from your arms.

She leans down, brushing her nipples against your bust as she slides her hands under your back. You lift if up, allowing her to grab your apron’s knot.

“Trust me, I’ll make you feel good.”

“I, I’ll try to make you feel good too.”

She giggles. “Well, that’s the goal.”

In a second, she has the knot undone and pulls the tassels out. Then she leans forward, dragging her breasts near your face as she grabs the apron collar. The smell of ink and downy feathers washes over you. She slides it up and over your head, then pulls back, taking the apron with her.

Slowly, she peels it back across your body, first exposing your own bust, then your belly.

She then tosses it to the side, exposing you completely before her.

Except for your pussy, still locked behind your belt. Aya stares at it, perplexed.

“You don’t have the key, do you?”

You swallow, your mouth suddenly dry. “No, I don’t.”

“Hmm…” Aya leans forward again, until your noses touch. She plants a light, soft kiss on your lips. “So, what do you suppose we do about it?”

“We can’t just keep going with it on?”

“Hmm…” Aya presses her lips to yours again. She hums, sliding them from side to side. She pulls back.

“I don’t know. I can’t make you feel so good like this, can I?”

“Is there anything you can do about it, though?”

Aya plants one more peck on your lips, then sits up, resting her thighs on your knees. She puts a hand to her chin, looking up.

Then turns back to you. “Yes, actually. I think I can. It would break the belt, though.”

You might convince her to cuddle anyway, then try to find a better solution in the morning, but that’s playing with fire at this point. Maybe tell her where the key was last and hope she finds it.


[X] Refuse and focus on Aya. Protection over pleasure.

[X] Smash the belt. Frustration’s a worse danger.

[X] Cuddle. You need to come, but you also need the belt.

[X] Write-in.
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File 153411765168.png - (1.18MB, 800x1067, top_fluff (small).png)
top_fluff (small)
Also, credit for choice of sweet.
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[x] Blast Aya with your orgasm beam just like you did to Murasa earlier
-[x] Blast yourself with your orgasm beam if you still feel horny.

We learned to do this during Shou's training so we might as well make use of it. We get to keep the belt intact too. Using our powers, we only cum when we want to cum, not when some youkai makes us. Lets turn the tables on them for once.
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We're trying the magic.
Image Source
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File 153446999759.png - (375.57KB, 700x980, AyaTitGrab.png)
[x] Blast Aya with your orgasm beam just like you did to Murasa earlier
- [x] Blast yourself with your orgasm beam if you still feel horny.

You run your hands along her thighs. You need release and so does she, but you need to keep this belt. Aya stares back at you, half pouting, as she drags your hands to her ass. “Can I break it or not?”

Your own pulse quickens. Your pussy aches for attention, the dormant toy still sitting within its folds. Unconsciously, you squeeze her ass cheeks. You need to resolve this now, before something new interrupts your chance. But you have nothing to work with, save your own naked body and your…

Magic. You brought Murasa to an instantaneous climax using only the power you hold. Drawing your mind back, you find that reservoir still resting within you. If you shot a similar blast at Aya, you should win similar results.

She’s not the problem, really. You’re getting so needy you sort of look forward to feeling and tasting her. But if you could then fire a similar blast at yourself…

Well, you’ve no other viable options, so you might as well try.

“We don’t need to touch my belt.”

She blinks, eyes narrowing at you.

You take a deep breath, sliding one hand off her ass. You hold it over your heart, drawing streams of lush, primal energy from your core to that hand. Working from memory, you ramp up its intensity, then point one finger at Aya’s heaving tits.

“What are you doing?”

“I made a girl climax on the spot and, well, you didn’t want to fuck a human, right?”

Aya massages your sides, glancing away. “Well, yes.” Strange, she looks half disappointed. She shrugs. “This won’t make me any worse, right?”

The energy nears its peak. “Hm?”

“Your influence, this won’t make me completely addicted, right?”

The energy falters. “I… probably won’t?”


Aya slides a hand down, rubbing the stubble just above your mound. She bumps her palm against your slit, cracking your focus. “You’re not really going to take that chance with me, right?”

You suck in a breath, regathering lost power. “It’ll be fine, I think.”

Her eyes narrow further, but you don’t think she’ll stop you from firing it off.

You’ve never used it on anyone but Murasa, but you’d know if it made her worse, right? You’ve never met since then, but you’d have woken up on her thighs, or Hijiri would’ve warned you about her, or something.

You also collapsed when you used it, but it was your first real use of any magic powers. Besides, Mystia and Wriggle had already beaten you down by then. Here you’d be fresh and focused. At the very least, if something terrible happens, you’d know immediately.


[x] Keep going.

[x] Stop.
[x] Break the belt.
[x] Leave the belt.
[x] Wait until Morning.

[x] Write-in.
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Sorry for the micro-update, but it felt wrong to declare by fiat how Naoko responds here.

Also, I've got a potentially ugly 3 weeks coming up, so updates could be sporadic until about the 7th of September.
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[x] Keep going.

At this point we might as well. By her own admission Aya is going to try to rape us eventually anyway, and if our only defense makes things worse then we are screwed either way.
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[x] Keep going.
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We're going through with the original plan.
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File 153618809975.jpg - (238.21KB, 700x700, AyaPleased.jpg)
[x] Keep going.

You shut your eyes and fire the beam, point blank, into Aya’s chest. Her breath hitches and she locks up. Time slows and a little mewl escapes her lips. You open your eyes.

Aya remains, limbs locked, looming over you. Her breasts hang just above you and her hair grazes your cheeks. She takes a tight, shuddering breath. Then, like Murasa, she screams. High pitched and wailing, ecstatic right from the start. Then she collapses, her bust crashing down and knocking the air from your lungs. Her head thumps into the futon beside you as you wheeze, hoping to refill your lungs.

In an instant she’s quaking, wrapping her arms around you and squeezing you tight as her body convulses atop you. You force small, shallow breaths out from under her heavy bust and locked limbs. Her quaking body sends shivers through your own, inflaming the burning heat inside you.

Hopeful, you regather your waning strength, drawing energy once more to your center. It slips and flickers through the haze, but it gathers. Aya’s sweat seeps across your skin. You just need to fire off one more shot to complete this.

Aya gasps and sputters. Then, shuddering, she pulls herself back up. Hovering over you, she glances down, eyes glazed over in sheer bliss.

Well, at least you know the beam works. Now if you could just get yourself off.

Aya sighs, dreamy. She drags her lips to yours, slobbering over your mouth without the slightest care. Her tongue drags along your lips as you try to get your power back together.

Her tongue pokes your teeth. Still focused on your body, you let her slip inside. She presses her lips down as she flicks your tongue with her own. Filling your mouth, she bats at your tongue, distracting you. Hoping to calm her down, you lick hers. She drifts back. Regathering your power, you plant a hand against your side and fire.

You hiss into Aya’s throat as a warm pleasure ripples through you. Then dissipates.

Groaning, you prod her tongue again, which pulls back. You regather your strength for another shot, poking your tongue further up.

Then she pulls out from your lips entirely. You follow, licking near the base of her own tongue.

She clamps down, tugging at your tongue with her lips. You’re almost there again. She sucks down, her cheeks pressing your tongue flat against hers.

Your power snaps loose. In a panic, you drag it back together as your saliva glides up her throat.

You have it back together just as she releases you. You pat your hip and fire again.

You gasp as your own body twists and hitches, knocking Aya’s jaw from your face. You feel good, but not good enough, and you already feel the shock waning. Aya leans back as you twist and shiver. Your whole body feels warm, but the burning heat fades away, exposing only a dull need.

For a moment, you lie there, covered in your own cooling sweat, a mix of both your sticky juices pooling across your crotch and lower belly. You drag your power together again. Aya exhales as you grab your side and fire it off again. A tingle of pleasure, then nothing. Perhaps you’ll find a way to perfect it later, but it’s not working here. Not with this… distraction now fingering your hair.

You look back up to her, eyes pleading. Your only remaining hope of release tonight. “Please, I need to come. You’ll help me, right?”

She leans down again, stroking your chin. There’s a feral tint to her grin. “With pleasure.” She plants a hand on your belly.

“But…” She trails her finger down, bumping against your belt. She leans in close, eyes narrowing over her grin. “What will I do?”

You turn away, shuddering. “I don’t know. I just need this.”

Aya twists to face you, giving your lips a peck. “Aw, you’re cute.” She slides her fingers over the belt’s cross and down the grill, rubbing the flesh beneath each side.

You shiver at her touch, arching your back. Of course, all that achieves is pressing the metal of your belt to her palm. Aya glances to it, then back to you.

She grins again.

“I’ve got an idea. It’s not a good one, but it’s the best you’re getting if you insist on keeping the belt on.”

She turns and swings a leg over you. More juice drips from the pussy now hovering over your head. She leans down, kissing the grill over your pussy. Her dripping fluid hits your lips, giving you the first full taste of her desire.

You’re so needy you don’t even mind.

Aya runs her tongue down your belt, traces of her saliva dripping through. Your pulse quickens. “Wha- what are you doing?”

Aya runs her tongue in a few more circuits. “I’m doing what I can.” She wiggles her hips. “Besides, if I can’t get myself inside you…”

She lowers her hips and for once, you look forward to what awaits.

Her pussy lands on your lips. The smooth, taut skin offers welcome relief to Kagerou’s scraggly muff or Mystia’s fat mound. It’s simple, smooth and slender. Aya presses down on your crotch as you take your first, tentative lick of her leaking slit. The tight flesh resists your touch.

You rock your hips as Aya presses her knuckles to your belt, as if she’s trying to get a finger underneath it.

You slide your tongue back down her slit. Maybe, if you shove yourself deep enough in, bury yourself in her flesh and her scent, it’ll be enough.

Aya’s thighs twitch, nudging your cheeks as she lets out a moan. She pokes at your belt a couple more times. Then gives up.

She stands up, dragging her shimmering pussy out of reach as she steps over you and away. You twist and squirm as the heat dies back down. You moan, almost praying for her touch.

Then she comes back with a feathered, five-pointed fan. She leans over your crotch, running the feathers along the belt. Your thighs shake as they tickle your skin.

She pulls it up, then swats the air above your belt. A gust of air blows through the grill, tickling your pussy and reigniting your lust.

She runs a hand down your belly as she sets the fan down. Your thighs twitch and your breath hitches. She scoots forward, once more leaning over you and squeezing your left breast to support her weight. She gives you a quick peck, then lifts the fan up.

You wince, bracing yourself as she drags it back down. Wind rushes through your pussy, brushing against your flesh. You jerk, breathing out through clenched teeth. You’re shivering and warm.

Aya coos into your ear, rubbing your breast in circles.

“You said you want to come, right?”

You gulp. “Y-yes. Please.”

She chuckles, patting your belt with light, teasing swats. The wind tingles, forcing you to clench your legs together in pure desire.

“Well then…” She licks her lips. “How do I look?”

You twist to one side, splaying your legs out. You lift your back again, pushing her hand against her own bust.

“You’re… pretty.”

“Hm…” Aya drags the fan up your belt, your thighs still twitching at its touch.

“You’re very healthy, and…”

Aya lets go of your breast to pinch your cheeks together. She drags your eyes back to her chest.

“Try again.”

“Your… your breasts?”

She lets go, running the hand down your side.

“You’ve got sexy, perky tits?”

She leans back down, kissing your neck. She swats the fan across your belt, bringing another rush of pleasant but frustrating wind.

“And, and you’ve got a tight, inviting pussy.”

She swats your belt again. You gasp as a wave of pleasure ripples down your body. You’re panting now.

“And a great ass.”

She winds up for another one, only to halt it halfway down.

She places a finger across your lips, then leans back down. Her face blocks out the weak lantern light and her hot breath glides down your nose.

“One last little thing.” She flicks the fan across your belt. Your crotch jerks and the tingling rush of air. “Who’s giving you your release?”

Shuddering, you breathe out, “you.”

“And since I’m risking my reputation here, I’m sure you could do me a little favor once we’re done, right?”

You squirm. “Yes. Please just-”

“Good.” She pulls back, her breasts heaving as she leans up. She raises her fan.

She slams her fan down, stopping it just above your belt.

The air crashes through you, tearing at the soft, tender walls inside. You don’t care. You choke as your entire body arches high. A second blast of air hits you, blinding you with pleasure.

You sputter as your body burns. Tiny, gasping breathes eek through your throat as you fight through the bliss.

Then another gust hits. You scream, twisting and stretching as the climax hits. Your sight and thoughts melt away in the face of this ecstasy.

Then there’s a click and a flash, searing the room in white for a split second. You gasp, still riding it out as Aya leans back down, holding that black and gray ‘camera’ of hers. She lies beside you, pressing her breasts and cheek to your side as she holds the device out.

There’s another click and another flash.

She rolls atop you, still holding it out as her panting, sweating body presses down on you. Sliding her spare hand under your head, she presses her lips to yours once more.

Another click.

Your body eases back down as she frees your lips. You heave and moan, twitching and shivering as the lingering pleasure flows through you. For the first time in what feels like months, you feel good.

Aya sets the camera aside to cradle your head with both hands. Her eyes twinkle in the lantern light as she moves in for one more kiss.

You close your eyes, parting your lips. Her chest heaves and subsides atop you as she caresses your hair. For a split-second, her weight disappears, before her breasts and legs once more settle atop your body.

She presses a wad of sticky, elastic fabric through.

Your eyes fly open. She winces, holding a finger to her lips. She’s got a roll of rope in her hand.

“I’m very sorry, but you did just finish the job.”

She reaches down. You grab her wrists, holding them back. She stares you down.

Your arms already quake, weakened by your moment of ecstasy. The taste of sweat and pussy fills your mouth.

She pushes her hands down, pressing a strand of rope over the cloth. She then eases up, letting you push her arms back. “I don’t have to tie you up, though. Well, not if I know you’ll behave.”

You look back to her, hopeful.

“Aww, don’t go enslaving me then turn around and give me the puppy-dog eyes.” She shakes her head. “Like I keep saying, I don’t want to do anything terrible. You just keep forcing my hand.”

There’s a knock on the door.

She leans further, whispering. “Tell you what, you made me feel pretty damn good. I’m sure we can still work something out if you keep your head down.”

“Aya! I know you’re in there!”

You both freeze. You know that salty but silvery voice.


Aya continues. “You know, there’s a few youkai who’d have found you by now if not for me. I want to keep things that way, but if I can’t find you…”

She hops up, jogging back to her clothes and working her bra back on. You find her shirt and skirt but can’t spot any panties on the floor.


[x] Run. Trust in Shizuha to keep you away from her. And away from the puppet.

[x] Call out. Shizuha needs to know you’re here, at least.

[x] Stay quiet. You’ll give her a chance.

[x] Write-in.
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[x] Stay quiet. You’ll give her a chance.
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[x] Stay quiet. You’ll give her a chance.
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[x] Stay quiet. You’ll give her a chance.
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[X] See if you can listen in on them.
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Naoko's keeping her mouth shut but her ears open.


In other news, would you mind if I ask you all a question? That is, if there's any particular kink, trend, event, or idea in this story that you've found particularly enjoyable or off-putting?

I hope the question isn't presumptuous or anything, and I don't mind if you'd rather not respond, or if you consider your position already sufficiently explained in previous votes.
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I can only speak for myself as ive enjoyed the first part with Kagerou and the later part with Wriggle the most as i generally like beeing the bottom and feet. Offputting for me was the tentacle-ish book but thats just my opinion of course
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Update's taking a bit longer than I hoped, but should still be up somewhere around the weekend.

I also wish to emphasize that as far as feedback goes, personal preference, vague impression, or lopsided (all negative or all positive) comments are all a-ok. I'd intended to clarify this in the initial post, but it appears to have slipped my mind at the time.

I may also respond to your comments more often in the near future. In particular, I may respond to the answers I get to this question (if you don't mind), but might wait until I close the next vote, just to be safe. Finally, I wish to clarify that I do appreciate the rest of the feedback I've received, negative or critical comments included.

I hope I didn't waste too much of your time with this and I hope it wasn't too sappy or weird or anything, but I felt the need to make myself clear here. As previously stated, your (semi)regularly scheduled erotica should return in a few days.
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Had some computer troubles recently that shut me down for about a day. I'm mostly back up, but probably won't have the update ready until Wednesday. I apologize for the mess, but this update should hit around then.
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File 153741541875.jpg - (105.77KB, 784x1095, Rumia Frenzied.jpg)
Rumia Frenzied
[x] Stay quiet. You’ll give her a chance.

In moments, Aya has her full complement back together. She glances back to you, pressing a finger to her lips. Then, after a couple surreptitious whips of her fan, she opens the door, leaning out with it.

“What is it?”

“Where’s Naoko?”

You quiver. There’s an urgency to her voice, either hungry or worried. It must be concern. That someone else is getting close or something.

“She’s safe, Shizuha. Don’t you trust me?”

“Where, Aya?”

Aya groans. “Where’s the puppet?”

There’s a moment of silence. “Home. Probably asleep. You smell like her, do you know that?”

Aya shivers. “What about her minions?”

“Minions? How the hell am I supposed to know? About you-”

“Rough guess.”

“I don’t know. Most people are asleep. She talked about helping ‘lost villagers’ earlier, but hasn’t mentioned anyone by name. Not publicly, at least.”

“Good, good.”

An evening breeze picks up outside, blowing against the walls.

“She’s here, isn’t she?”

Aya grumbles, then whispers something. You strain to listen in. You catch a warning, almost chiding tone from Aya, and something about ‘control.’

More silence. Shizuha coughs. “And you’re better?”

Aya fidgets. “Better than the puppet.” Aya leans further, only her skirt and her long, healthy legs remaining in view. “Are you going to do your part, or demand I give you a turn?”

The wind dies down. You listen further. Silence.

Then hasty, stumbling footfalls. She ran away.

You’re alone with Aya.

She swings back inside and shuts the door. She swaggers back toward you, then steps over you and leans down. Peeling your sheets back, she flicks a pair of fingers over your mouth and lifts her panties out.

She pats your head. “Good job. Buuut…” She squats down next to you, dropping her panties on your stomach. “We’ve got somewhere to be.” She stands up, kicks off her skirt, and drops it on your face.

“Put those on. We’re...” She scrunches her brow for a long moment, then fixes a stare on you. “Oh screw it, I just want an excuse to show off a little bit longer.”

“Show off?”

She looks left and right, groaning. “Just get dressed, Naoko.”

You lift her wet panties off your stomach. You swallow, but scrunch up your legs and slide them up. The belt presses out against the fabric. A bra flutters over your face as you grab the skirt. Peeling the bra off, you find Aya already naked again and pulling your apron over her head.

You tug Aya’s skirt up your legs and sit up to pull the bra down your arms. Then a pair of hands grabs the straps behind you, snapping it shut. You suck in a breath. It's a bit too tight this time, but you'll bear with it. Anything to make assault just that little bit more difficult.

Aya throws her shirt over you and pulls you up. Pushing your arms through the sleeves, you button it up. She ties off a slender ribbon in the skirt and pats you down, straightening it all out. She slaps your ass, then circles around.

“Wow. You look like a smaller, more timid me.” She leans down, away from you and all but shoving her ass in your face as she picks your cloak up. Throwing it over her shoulders, she shuts the clasp and grabs your hand.

You give your new shirt a sniff. You smell like an Aya-scented orgy.

Satisfied, she pulls you to the door and, pulling it open, she steps out into the night, taking you with her.

You open your mouth, only for her to shush you. “I want to hear a lot more about my body, but first things first.” She turns around, pulling a key from inside her cloak, and locks the door. Then, dropping the key back in the cloak, she spins back around and grabs your hand.

She drags that hand inside the cloak and presses it to her far ass-cheek. Then, draping her other arm over your hip, she marches down the road.

At least she’s got a firm ass.

“So, I’ve got a special present for you. Want to guess what it is?”

“Somewhere safe to hide?”

Aya glances aside. “Well, you’re on the right track. Anyway, sorry about the whole ‘Shizuha’ thing. It just wouldn’t have looked good. She’s really attached, you know. I can’t say her heart’s entirely in the right place, but...” She looks into the sky. You’re passing into proper neighborhoods now. “It’s close. She’s been so worried though, and she already knows how bad I’ve got it.”

Her stilted shoes click across the smooth stones. You wander some moments in silence. She stops.

“Remember what Shizuha did last night?”

“Which part?”

Aya grins. Then sweeps a leg under you, knocking your knees out in front of you. Then, facing the village center, she scoops you into her arms and leaps into the air. She performs a backflip, sailing over a couple houses, then clearing the wall. She lands just outside, staring at the village’s stonework, then turns in the opposite direction.

“That part.” She adjusts your weight, then takes off running. Lights flare to life around you as her pumping feet jostle you against her bouncing breasts. The warm yellow of fireflies dances near you while the more kaleidoscopic lights in the distance suggest fairies.

Aya weaves between trees and leaps over bulging roots. A burst of light explodes just behind you. You glance back to find a red fairy, with two others—one orange, one blue—close by. None of the noteworthy ones, as far as you can tell.

More shots streak by. Small bolts of fire, frost, and various lights. At some point, Aya kicks off and just flies through the woods, greatly easing the motion of her unbound bust. Why does everyone fly so close to the ground?

“I can fly too, you know.”

“Not half as fast as I can.”

Tress and branches whiz past you as Aya keeps ducking and weaving through the increasingly dense canopy. The pale moonlight grows increasingly dim as the trees grow ever larger and closer together.

You must've entered the forest of magic at some point. The light grows ever dimmer, but Aya doesn't even slow. Soon, all is dark save for distant pools of faint moonlight. You must be deep inside by now.

Then those pools of light wink out.

Your weight plunges into Aya’s gut as she brakes, throwing her feet out front to stop on a tree.

A high-pitched, childish giggle echoes around you. Then crashes into you, knocking you out of Aya's arms and into the hard, course roots below. She fumbles over you, hands literally groping over your breasts. She's dazed. And at least a head shorter than you.

“Hey baby, wanna let me ‘eat’ you?” The voice comes out deeper than the giggle, but squeaky.


Aya groans.

The voice rockets back to it’s higher register. “Maybe just a little bit? How about kissing, is that okay? Some petting?”

You shiver, remembering Mystia. “No.”

“What? Come on! It’ll be awesome! Please? I haven’t had a good lay in decades. Do you have any idea what fairies are like in bed? They can’t focus! They’re all excited at first, but…”

Someone lifts her off you.

“She’s already fucked me, let her rest.”

“Aww… How about tomorrow?”

“Ask her then.” Aya’s footsteps move toward you. She grabs your collar and hauls you up. “We're close enough. You like surprise presents, right?”

You're not sure if it's her tone or the utter darkness, but a chill slips down your spine. “What kind of surprise?”

She dusts you off. “Remember what you left the village for?” She spins you around and rubs your back. “Now, just remember that you've got me all enthralled. Go ahead and date or love or marry or fuck whoever you want, but if you ever get a booty call from me...” She whispers. “You'd better come running. Otherwise I might need to make do with... someone else. And I sure as hell won’t be gentle.”

She shoves you forward.

You stumble across dry, dusty dirt. Then trip on plush carpet before tumbling into the side of a deep, wide, and impossibly soft bed. You spend a moment lying there, perplexed. She’d spent just about every moment with you talking about restraints this and kidnapping that, but now that she’s even deeper under, she just lets you go with some vague threat?

A door clicks shut behind you. Light returns, revealing an opulent bedroom. Deep red carpet and sheets. Dark, polished marble walls. A pile of wide pillows at the left end of the bed, flanked by masterwork nightstands. A delicately framed, full-body mirror by the mahogany door you just came from. Another matching door across from it. Then, at the far end of the room, across from the foot of the bed, is one more door, this time decorated in silver and gold.

A suite of full-size mannequins flank that door, each wearing some elaborate dress or lingerie in a range of colors from white and pink, to violet and crimson.

You lie there, sinking into the bed's embrace, almost embarrassed to stain it with your presence. And Aya's sweat.

Then the side door opens, across the bed. Out steps Mystia Lorelei, ears splayed and wings curled around her moist skin, hid only behind the pink towel wrapped around her torso.

You pick yourself up and step, slow and careful, back to the door you came from.

She sees you, freezes, and ducks back into the room she came from, slamming the door behind her.

You turn around and tug open the door you came from, only to find a large closet. More dresses and lingerie hang from poles running along the walls, but so do gorgeous kimonos and more outsider-y tops and bottoms.

The door behind you slides open in slow, shuddering movements. You turn around to find Mystia steal a glance at you before ducking back inside.

You’re finally where you wanted to be, but you’re stuck with Mystia and one door that might get you away from her. Her timidity could suggest she’s calmed down like Aya seemed to, but it may only mean she fears scaring you off again.


[x] Talk. See if you can reason with her.

[x] Ambush. You have magic, maybe you can still get the drop on her.

[x] Hide. See if you can learn anything without exposing yourself.

[x] Leave. Get as much distance from her as you can manage.

[x] Write-in.


Cleaned up a technical error
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[x] Leave. Get as much distance from her as you can manage
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[x] Ambush. You have magic, maybe you can still get the drop on her.

Constantly being the sub is gettin old.
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I expect to be closing votes in a few hours. As there currently happens to be a tie, I'd like to request yet another tie-breaker with the usual rules.

In an admittedly quite late response to >>39431, I just want to say it's good to know those things were appreciated, and I appreciate hearing about what you disliked, regardless of how carefully thought-out or technically precise your feelings may be.

More generally, I wish to note that I feel like I've been a bit more quiet in response to feedback than perhaps I ought. I sometimes find direct expression of my feelings difficult, but nonetheless wish to note a few.

First and foremost, while I suspect that I sometimes react clumsily and perhaps even excessively, I seriously appreciate your complaints and at least desire to respond as best I can. To put it simply, I wish to put forward my best effort, but cannot hope to see every mistake. Even gut feelings can provide some insight into where these might have cropped up. I appreciate the positive feedback too, though I suspect this goes without saying. But more specifically, I find it helps to remind me of what not to neglect in my efforts to improve.

Secondly, however you happen to feel about the story at this point, I sincerely appreciate your willingness to see it through as far as you have and hope I don't disappoint in the future.

I worry I've overshared, gotten sappy or self-indulgent, or otherwise fumbled something, and wish to apologize if so.
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[x] Ambush. You have magic, maybe you can still get the drop on her.

Tie broken.
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Ambush it is.
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File 153836109559.png - (382.35KB, 650x910, MystiTowel.png)
[x] Ambush. You have magic, maybe you can still get the drop on her.

You decide to keep your mouth shut and lift one foot forward, keeping your eyes peeled on Mystia’s door. You drop that foot down, lifting the other behind it. You wait a moment, almost holding your breath. Silence. You slip around the bed, brushing past the carved oak posts at each corner. Step by quiet, nervous step, you inch toward her door.

The soft light of the ceiling domes does little to ease your rising nerves.

You’re not strong, brilliant, or fast. But maybe she isn’t either. You have a little magic and one particularly bizarre power. You shut your eyes, feeling her rank lust wash over you. Amid all the filth, she holds still, just on the other side. You look down, hovering your hand just over the knob.

It’s sleek, elegant. Shaped like a lever but curving like a sensuous tongue. Your heart hammers its distress into your ears. You breathe out, quiet but shaking.

You grip the knob and twist, slamming the door open. Mystia stares at you, taken aback as her hard, brown nipples pop free of a falling towel. For a split-second, your eyes wander to the bush you’d…

You slam three pink hearts into her gut. You feel it now, just a little. More lust ripples out from the hits but her overflowing reservoir fails to grow.

Thank god.

She spins toward the wall, throwing her hands up. You round on her and swing your arm out, firing off another volley. She ducks away, toward the center. Then a wave of green light bathes the dark marble surrounding you.

Pale balls of light smash into you, knocking you against a hard, stone shelf. Groaning, you stare down the cocky grin of your assailant as she conjures more of those terrible orbs. You fire off another round of hearts. They whiz through the air now, but she still avoids them. You hurl yourself to one side as the next volley crashes down on you.

One of the smaller orbs clips you, burning your side and sending you reeling into the wall. You fire another round. She dodges again, then stops.

Dozens of red and blue spheres pop into existence around her, flying out as they appear. You pump out your own swarm of hearts and fire them off as fast as you can, then dodge to the side.

It’s not even close. A red ball crashes into your shoulder, then a blue into your leg. Then another blue into your head. You crumple, knees splaying as your ass thumps into the wet tile.

She stops. Her grin grows devious. Her bare feet slap across the wet tile as those long, soft legs carry her toward you. She kneels and places a hand on your shoulder.

“Are you… feeling okay, Aya?”

What? You glance down. Right. Her clothes. Her scent. Mystia’s smile darkens again.

You fire another heart into her gut. She staggers back. You haul yourself up and heave forward, grabbing at her shoulders. She slams into the wall beside the door, your hands having landed on her tits instead. She blushes, breathing hard. Her eyes stare deep into yours. Her eyelids fly out.

“Naoko? Is that you?”

You cup her crotch. Hand shaking, you ready another shot, bathing her pussy in pink light.

“Don’t move a muscle.”

She stares back at you, intense and bright red. You keep your eyes hard and steady.

She twitches. Your heart pounds. You’re a hair’s-breadth from becoming her plaything again. Your hand shakes.

Her eyes narrow. You stare her down. Your hand vibrates as you hold the shot. She licks her lips. Small droplets slide from her damp hair, down her neck.

“Feeling frisky, Naoko?” She swats your thigh.

You fire, small hearts exploding across her mound. She screams, collapsing into you. Still gripping her pussy, you force energy through your hand one more time. Your whole arm shakes, but her crotch lights up again.

“Ow, ow, ow. Shit, Naoko. Did you really ha-”

Her pussy starts to vibrate. She leans back, looking down. She winces, giving you a sheepish grin.

“I’ll be good.”

You let go, keeping your shaking hand trained on her. “Turn around.”

She obliges. You grab her ass, reminding her of your vibrating threat.


She obliges. You guide her around the door and back out into what must be the bedroom.

She pants. “You know, Naoko, th-”

“Shut up.” Your body aches. Your hand throbs. You have maybe a couple seconds left to secure her before your last shot winks out. You pick up the pace, marching her to the bed. You eye the posts. They’re not terribly thick, but they’ll have to do.

You shove her forward. She crawls onto the plush crimson blanket. You freeze. You throw your gaze around. Fancy clothes near the untested door, with a few more in the closet. You look down your own body. Nothing useful.

Mystia coughs, almost demurely. “There are-”

You hold an open palm out. “Wait here.” You step back, away from her and toward the closet. Taking one last glance at her, you throw the door open again and rush in. You throw rows of hanged clothes aside, finding chests of accessories you don’t recognize. Not immediately, at least. You rush from one side to the other. Then from there to the back. Finally, you find something recognizable. A slick, shiny pair of deep red handcuffs. You snatch them from the chest, spotting a matching, heavy collar nearby. That thing must reach from the chin to the shoulder. You grab it too and rush back out.

Mystia sits at the edge of the bed, stretching her wings as her feet swing out, thumping a lazy rhythm against the base.

You march forward. You snag one wrist, pulling it to the nearest post. She sets it by the post herself, sliding the other next to it. You wrap a cuff around one wrist and snap it shut, then snap the other cuff on her.

You step back, letting out a shaking, relieved breath. Mystia tugs her wrists back, catching on the bedpost. She pulls. The post holds firm. She arches her back, heaving against the post. It holds. A disbelieving giggle tumbles off your dry tongue. You’ve done it. You’ve…

She squeezes her thighs. She flutters her eyes, still flushed. She’s already stained the blanket underneath her.

She twists her wrists. “So, uh, what now?”

You have no fucking clue. You could just… leave her there, probably. The post connects to a rectangle of wood above her, so she’s not likely to escape. You could just find Lady Matara or her lackeys, work out habitation arrangements, wait out the village fiasco, and so on. Maybe come back later if you really want to worry about Mystia’s feelings.

But there’s something that puzzles you. Besides the fact that this room just happened to have those cuffs and… you’re still holding the collar. Which is where Mystia’s eyes rest right now. She licks her lips.

You laugh, a little nervous. “You didn’t buy my bluff, did you?”

Mystia blinks, flexing her arms around the post and focusing back on you. “Bluff? You mean you’re not going to play with me?”

What? “No. I mean, I never intended…” You suck in a breath, trying to figure out how to explain…

Mystia giggles, light and soft. “Sorry, sorry. But hey,” she bows her head, “would now be a bad time to apologize for earlier?”


“When I raped you.” She sucks in a breath. “Sorry about that. My bad.”

You stare, disbelieving. “That’s it?”

She tilts her head, her voice dropping to an almost sensual tone. “Well, if you want a little more contrition, you could always try to ‘extract’ some.” Her shoulders twist and shiver, rippling out to her wings.

A moment passes. Did she just try to egg you on? Pull you into some weird roleplay? Is there even a good way to respond?

She shakes her head. “I mean, I’m really sorry. Honest.” She looks down. Her ears flutter. “I don’t suppose you could give me another try?”

There’s a voice in your head, screaming at you not to say it. But you can’t resist. “No.”

Mystia sags, letting out a sad sigh. You feel euphoric. You’re in control. You got to say ‘no’ to her and watch her squirm.

And she probably won’t get to gut you or rape you for it.

She looks up, giving you a nervous smile. “You remember what Wriggle wanted to make you?”

You don’t quite glare at her. “Is it really that different from what you wanted?”

She shrinks into herself. “She wanted a slave, right? For you to be her personal property?”

You let out a tight, clipped breath. “That’s the impression I got, yes.”

“What if we started off like that?”

You pause, staring at her. She hugs her legs and wings to her body, covering her nipples and pussy. “I do whatever you want. If I step out of line, you leave.”

“You’d just pin me down if I tried.”

Mystia looks away. “That’s not true! I…” She looks the other way, dropping her wrists near her feet. “You need someone watching your back. I know I don’t seem like anyone you could trust right now, but I swear that if you even tried to leave, it would hurt. You could hold that over me, if you have to.”

No, no, no. You’re not buying it. “And just why would you want that?”

She hurls her gaze away, burning red. “I…” She fidgets her wrists. “I want your heart more than your body.”

“And you’d just do anything I said for that?”

There she goes, blushing again. “Anything. I could help carry things for you or negotiate for you. Or help navigate strange places.”

“Like here?”

Mystia sweeps her eyes across the roof, then the silver door, before turning back to you. “A little. I also know you’ll need someone to help you fight people. Especially,” she smirks, “given your performance here.”

Now it’s your turn to blush. “I panicked!”

She giggles. “It’s fine, it’s fine. Trust me, these things take time to learn. Besides, I’m sure I could give you a few tips.” She quiets down, staring at you. But stealing glances to the collar.

“So, what do you say? Want your own personal songbird?”

“But seriously, anything?” You give her a hard stare.

“Anything.” She fixes you with a firm and resolute, but decidedly red stare of her own.

It’s tempting. You’re still not sure you’re safe yet and the thought of having a youkai at your beck and call does allure you. But a youkai’s just about the last thing you want watching your back, especially after what she pulled. You don’t have the keys for her cuffs on hand, but they’re probably somewhere back in the closet.

Mulling it over, you…


[x] Leave her. She’s neutralized, and you need to resolve your stay here.

[x] Make her chirp. See if she’s willing to embarrass herself.
[x] Actually, no. Make her bark instead.

[x] Find more restraints. You like the idea, but you’re not taking any big risks.

[x] Make her beg. What the hell, make her fuck the post, too.

[x] Write-in.
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[x] Find more restraints. You like the idea, but you’re not taking any big risks.

Not throwing away control once it's in your grasp sounds good.
Delete Post
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[x] Make her chirp.

But like...in a sexy way that doesn't risk getting splinters from a bedpost.
Delete Post
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[x] Find more restraints. You like the idea, but you’re not taking any big risks
Delete Post
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[x] Make her chirp. See if she’s willing to embarrass herself.
[x] Find more restraints. You like the idea, but you’re not taking any big risks.
[x] Make her beg. What the hell, make her fuck the post, too.

In that order.
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[x] Make her chirp. See if she’s willing to embarrass herself.
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We've currently got a tie between bondage and chirping. Normally I'd flip a coin or request a tie-breaker, but >>39451 gave me an idea.

I'll combine the first two votes so that we make Mystia chirp, then bind her before we let her off.

Feel free to let me know if you take issue with your vote being combined like this. I'd prefer not to, but I can do a coin flip instead if there's enough disagreement.
Image Source
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File 153920759424.jpg - (76.74KB, 800x640, MystiBound.jpg)
[x] Make her chirp. See if she’s willing to embarrass herself.
[x] Find more restraints. You like the idea, but you’re not taking any big risks.

You know what, you can do two things at once. You step to the side and deposit the collar beside Mystia’s bare ass. She glances at it, the barest hint of a smile beneath her twitching eyes.

You return to your previous position at the foot and adopt a wide stance, planting your hands on your hips.

The small chain between Mystia’s wrists clinks as she rubs them together, giving you a pensive smile. You decide to start this off simple.


She chirps, a questioning tone to her voice.

You step forward. “Again.”

She chirps again, audibly nervous. You advance.

She has her knees folded on the bed before her, her big breasts facing you behind an arm hanging to the side. Her wings fold behind her.


Mystia stares at you, blank. “I… can’t do that.”


Her throat wobbles, then she chirps again, shriller this time.

You fold your arms. She gives you a wobbling but cocky grin. It makes you feel just a little like Wriggle, but you need to wipe that smile off her face. Not because she captured, confined, and raped you of course. It’s just that you need to know she’s serious.


She gives you a soft, warbling tweet. Her arms twist, baring those rigid brown nipples again. Maybe she’s just cold, but her body just sets you on edge.

You plant your hands on the mattress on either side of her thighs and stare into her flitting eyes. She wiggles her arms, thumping the post next to her.

“Sing for me.”

She stutters a bit, coughs, then belts out a screeching refrain. “Well we can’…”

You plant two fingers on her lips and she quiets back down. “You’ll speak when I let you. Give me some birdsong.”

You pull back, standing straight and folding your arms again. Her eyes go straight to your still clothed bust when you do.

She opens her mouth, then coughs. She clears her throat, shutting her eyes and wiggling her hips.

She tweets once, then twice. She chirps, shrill and clipped. Then again, a bit lower. She turns her head away, eyes still shut, and lets out a long series of low, warbling chirps. She’s turning red again.


Her wings extend outward as her chirps rise back up in pitch. It sounds at first like a quiet conversation in a strange language, but as her tone rises and falls, it takes a more melodic turn.

She sways back and forth, producing an interlude of slow tweets.

“Now dance.”

She chirps again, strangled and shrill. She opens her eyes and looks back to you.

You stare back. “Well?”

Mystia’s eyes flit between you and her wrists. She tilts her head and blinks, somewhere between pleading and confused. You remain silent.

She shuts her eyes and sways from side to side, sliding her legs over the edge. She swings each one out, thumping against the bed as her hum grows louder. She stops, rubs her hands, and swings her legs together from side to side. She stops again, hunching down. She clears her throat, faces the post, and hums, her wings bouncing just slightly as she opens her eyes and looks around. She rolls her shoulders.

Mystia shifts across the mattress and swings one leg off the other side, putting the post directly between her thighs. She opens her mouth, the faint stirrings of her voice slipping out before she shuts it again.

You step around her, positioning the post directly between her and you.

She closes her eyes and starts tweeting again. She sways from side to side, sliding her hands up the post. She pulls herself up, then slides back down. She chirps and twirls around it, sliding her legs over and off the bed as she turns her bare back to you.

She’s shaking as she swings her head from side to side and twirls again, sliding her legs back over the bed. She stops chirping and tweeting, dropping to a low hum as she throws her legs out. Still blatantly red, she slides her ass back into the bed, sliding the post between her engorged breasts. She gives you a low, drawn out tweet as she straightens back up.

She swings around the pole again and spreads her wings and legs, jutting her ass out at you. She pants, chest heaving and wings twitching. She looks down and away from you.


This… does not reassure you.

You haul back and bring your open palm crashing onto her ass. She yelps and bolts upright. Shivering, she turns around again, once more planting that ass on the bed.

She positions the pole to one side and shuts her legs, giving you a defensive, sheepish grin.

You step around the post and place a hand on her head. You stroke her hair.

Her ears flutter.

“Spread your legs.”

She blinks. Then she blinks again. Her grin drops all defenses as it breaks out across her cheeks. Breathing heavy, her thighs part, opening the lips just slightly.

You stand between her legs.

You drag your hand from her hair to her face, presenting its back to her lips.

“Give me a kiss.”

She gives your hand a soft, almost reverent peck.

That’s better. Hopefully.

You wait. She smiles back up to you, expectant.

Her eyes flick from her spread pussy to your hands to your face.

Her cuffs jingle as she stretches her arms.

You lean down, bringing your face a hair’s breadth from her own, feeling her lavender-scented breath blow across your face. You rub her thighs.

You watch her nostrils inflate and deflate, her eyes dancing from side to side, her face red. Her legs twitch. You lean back.

You give her pussy a light swat and take two steps backward.

She gives you a disappointed chirp.

You turn away, looking back to the closet. “Rule number one. You will wait as long as I damn well please for the privilege of my touch or my body.” You sigh, turning back to her. “Understood?”

She nods, submissive.

You turn around and walk back to the closet. Her blatant desire leaves you nervous, but she’s shown a willingness to follow embarrassing orders. It’s almost more than you dare hope for.

It takes only a little digging to find a host of ‘toys’ like what you just used on her. Behind the dresses and lingerie rests a series of fancy but heavy-duty boxes of different colors. The box you got your first batch from happens to be colored the same red as the cuffs and collar. And the contents all show a similar hue. Color-coordinated padlocks hang from the closed latches of other boxes.

Yet this one’s wide open. Did someone open it before you arrived? If so, who had they intended to use these on? Are there any other restraints lying around?

You root through the box for a few moments, debating on which contents to pull from it. But you decide not to make the choice yet. Instead you close the lid and sink into a squat. Slipping your fingers underneath it, you haul it up and plant it against your gut.

It’s heavy, but with a quick turn and a few hurried steps, you have it out of the closet and about a pace away from Mystia. With a hard thump, you let it down.

Mystia’s eyes go wide. Her mouth twitches. She looks at you and tweets, inquisitive.

You stare back at her. “You want me to give you another chance, right?”

She nods.

“Good.” You sort through the box, finding a corset with a strap running underneath, two straps hanging off the top, and cuffs attached to the sides with more padlocks. Figuring it’s as good a place to start as any, you pull it out and approach her. It doesn’t open in the back, so you bring it to her feet.

She lifts them off the ground, letting you slide it up. She stands up, letting you slide it all they up until the bottom pulls taut over her crotch and the top bumps against the underside of her breasts. You drop onto the bed and fiddle with the straps on her back.

“Are you really sure about this, Mystia?”

She gives you a quiet tweet.

You blush. “You can speak now.” You work around the strap dangling off her back to tighten and secure the first buckle.

Subdued, she speaks. “Yes.”

For a moment, your heart pounds. You work through the next few buckles, tightening them. There’s an intensity to her voice that warms your heart. And chills your spine.

You finish the last buckle and return to the box. You rifle through the assortment of cuffs, eying her legs the whole time. You find a matching set of cuffs with a similarly short chain and return to her, bringing them up near her knees.

Her veil of nervous dedication evaporates into wide-eyed panic. She sputters. “It’s okay! I promise. I won’t…”

You send her a muted glare. “You said you’d do anything, right?”

She looks down, rubbing her thighs. “It’s completely unnecessary, isn’t it? You know I’d never run from you.”

You eye the zipper running down her crotch strap. “Anything. Yes or no.”

She groans. “Okay.”

You pat her hip. “We can take them off later. If you behave, of course.”

She gulps, then slides one leg out.

You fix one cuff around the thigh and tighten it, then seal the padlock hanging from it. You swing around the other side to affix the other cuff. You rub Mystia’s side.

Finishing that, you step back. That strap still hangs off the front of her corset. Mystia’s legs squirm, now tied together.

Returning to the box, you root through the side compartments until you find a silver key. You return to Mystia and take a deep breath. You hear her heartbeat.

You insert the key into one wrist-cuff.

It clicks.

She pulls her hand free.

You stand and stare at her, one foot poised to flee.

She presents her other hand.

You take the cuffs off and toss them back in the chest.

She stands up, stretching her wings and arms wide out. She looks at you.

She sighs.

She sets her wrists inside the open cuffs hanging from her corset.

You step near and close one cuff. You tighten and lock it. She smiles at you, warm but tight. You seal her other wrist to its side.

She pulls at her cuffs. They hold.

She pouts. “That’s enough, right?”

You eye her up and down. She can’t hold you or force-feed you her pussy. But you’re not quite happy.

You reach around her and pull the collar from the bed. She looks at it.

“Do I have to?”

“Yes.” You wrap it around her neck and seal it shut.

With yet another padlock.

You lift the corset strap and run it between her breasts, finding that it attaches to the collar. You attach it and walk behind her, finding the matching strap to have a similar link that the back of the collar matches. You run that strap between her wings and attach it.

Finally, you return to the chest and after a quick search, you find a red ribbon leash and what appears to be a ball-type gag. You grab both and close the box, where you find one more padlock hanging off the edge. Your key fits it.

You lock the box and drop your key in Aya’s shirt pocket. You then attach the leash to Mystia’s collar and give it a light tug, holding the gag in one hand.

“How do you feel?”

Mystia squirms, half her body now immobilized.

“Cramped.” Then she blushes. Again. “I don’t mind being the bottom here, but did you have to use so many of these?”

You cock an eyebrow. “I could’ve sworn you wanted me to tie you up.”

She twists from side to side, wiggling her elbows as she pulls at her cuffs. “I… well, that’s half true…”

“The other half?”

She pouts again, mumbling. “Well, you know. I wanted you to, to tie me down and fuck me.” She looks to the bed. “But I did say we’d do some pet-play. I’d love to be your pet, by the way. At least until we upgrade to lovers again.”

You look to the door.

You look back at her and her obscene breasts still hanging out over the corset. You look to the gag still lying in your hand.

You think you’re back somewhere in that backdoor realm, which is great. So long as your new hosts don’t get any weird ideas themselves. You poke through your shirt at her bra straps, still pressing into your skin. You…


[x] Play around a little. You’ve still got some frustration to work out on your would-be ‘lover.’

[x] Look for that goddess. Try to get everything sorted while you still can.

[x] Bathe. You should make yourself presentable for your hosts first.

[x] Write-in.
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[x] Blast Mystia with your orgasm beam for so long, and make her cum so hard, that Mystia reaches a level of pleasure and ecstasy she never thought possible.
-[x] Tell Mystia that we will never use the orgasm beam on her ever again unless she never tries to rape us ever again, and does whatever we say for the rest of her life.

We need some way to control this bird, and I don't trust those restraints to last forever. Giving out orgasm beams for good behavior might be the only method of controlling her we've got.
Delete Post
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[x] Look for that goddess. Try to get everything sorted while you still can.

Back to work.
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[x] Play around a little. You’ve still got some frustration to work out on your would-be ‘lover.’
[x] Blast Mystia with your orgasm beam for so long, and make her cum so hard, that Mystia reaches a level of pleasure and ecstasy she never thought possible.
-[x] Tell Mystia that we will never use the orgasm beam on her ever again unless she never tries to rape us ever again, and does whatever we say for the rest of her life.

Let's mess around first.
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[x] Look for that goddess. Try to get everything sorted while you still can.
Delete Post
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[x] Play around a little. You’ve still got some frustration to work out on your would-be ‘lover.’
[x] Bathe. You should make yourself presentable for your hosts first.

>Tell Mystia that we will never use the orgasm beam on her ever again unless she never tries to rape us ever again

What the flying fuck am I reading?
Delete Post
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>Getting raped makes me feel bad

>Orgasm beams make you feel good

>Don't make me feel bad and I will make you feel good

That's what the flying fuck you are reading.
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I'll be calling the votes in about 10 hours. We currently have a 3-way tie between playing, searching, and using our beam again. I'm not declaring first-in rules this time, but if there's still a tie by then, I may be forced to choose a random vote from among the leaders. (currently, that's all five.)
Delete Post
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I am >>39457

If I were to add "play around a little" to my vote, so that we play around with Mystia by using the beam on her, would that break the tie?

[x] Play around a little. You’ve still got some frustration to work out on your would-be ‘lover.’
[x] Blast Mystia with your orgasm beam for so long, and make her cum so hard, that Mystia reaches a level of pleasure and ecstasy she never thought possible.
-[x] Tell Mystia that we will never use the orgasm beam on her ever again unless she never tries to rape us ever again, and does whatever we say for the rest of her life.

If it doesn't break the tie, feel free to ignore this post.
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This does, in fact, break the tie. That's three for playing, two for blasting and searching. Both blasting votes tie back to the playing votes now.

We're playing with Mystia, then blasting her. Next update will be a link to the new thread.
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