I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 157128396382.png - (389.29KB, 850x775, by wai-tei.png) [iqdb]
>This is a travesty. The Cabal has been talking away here, and it’s become obvious that we will decidedly not be having a NaNoWriMo this year. Why? Because reasons.


Yeah, that’s right, fuckheads, we are having a Nana Write More, and it’s gonna be fucking incredible.

“Whoa,” you say. “I thought we weren’t going to have it?”

Are you deaf? Because you heard fucking wrong. Who the hell said that? The ‘Cabal’? I AM THE CABAL YOU PEASANTS. BOW TO ME AND please participate in Nanowrimo please please please I don’t want to be the only one participating.

“Wait. Moral, you can barely fucking update anything!”

To that, invisible talking voice, I reply: That’s what they say every year, but I’ve completed Nanowrimo twice now. I don’t know if I can make it a third time, but god damn it, I’ll try.

Rules are fairly straightforward. Either you:

1) update thirty times in November, or:
2) write thirty-thousand words total before November 30.

Yes, you can technically post 30k words in the last day, but you have to declare that you’re participating before Nanowrimo begins. If you don’t, you’re the first to be fed to the live sharks that were bought by the THP Patreon donor money (don’t fact check me on that). There will be no extensions, as per usual. Also, don’t worry too much about timezones—nobody gives a shit about your made-up timezone that’s 50 hours behind. You’re a human being, so you’re smart enough to keep track of your own days. Yes, there will be auditing, and no, you’re not that stupid enough to fake a timezone difference. Write anything you want—shorts, updates to existing stories, updates to a new story, yadda yadda, go fucking nuts.

...What? You asked if there are prizes? Uh. Shit. Don’t tell them about the prizes last year.

Fine. That’s right, last year had prizes. Here’s a quote from the 2018 thread that sums it up. If you managed to succeed in Nanowrimo:
>YOU can provide a story idea, a concept, a rough outline, or your shitty fetishes, and a group of volunteer writers will pick it up and write about it.

By the way, I was one of those writers, and I have yet to finish one of the requested prizes. There are several more unfinished (anyone can pick them up, hint hint) that I have to answer for. The prize this year will be the same.

YOU can provide a story idea, a concept, a rough outline, or your shitty fetishes, and a group of volunteer writers (probably just me) will pick it up and write about it.

Whoa, before you burn me at the cross, I assure you that they will be finished. I won’t give you the same, boring excuses that I’ve made every few months or so (wahh, life getting to me, wahh, busy, etc.), so I’ll just say that I plan on keeping my promises. Plus, on the bright side, we probably won’t get many entries anyway this November so who cares?


Got questions? Well, me too. Ask away on the THP Discord:

See ya, bozos. I’m off to begrudgingly finish writing the Nanowrimo 2018 rewards.
File 157128457999.jpg - (266.40KB, 850x581, flan is writing.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm planning to participate this year. I won't be doing a daily update, but I will be trying to hit 30k (and hopefully, much more). I'll post again in this thread with information on which thread I'll be posting in and my schedule for it, etc., a little closer to November.

Also, >>15829, the real Cabal sends its regards.
I got asked a good question.
>so are atom and nanowrimo competing?

FUCK YEAH WE ARE Wait, we're not? Well, since we're in the spirit of updating and shit, we might as well consolidate. If you succeed with Nanowrimo, you also win for the All Touhous Owe Money contest. You can feel like a double winner now! Or a double failure! It's all up to you, my adorable little stains.

Skip the Yumemi one. I got something in the works for that.
We'll both write one, then. It's a date.
I'll be updating, but not participating. Would've been cool if the MaF sequel was ready for this, or rather I had time for it, but with the other two stories... nope.
Alright yeah whatever, I'll be participating this year, and I'll be writing under this name so I don't wimp out and everyone I know can yell at me to update or whatever.
I'm not ready.
File 157132185839.jpg - (250.31KB, 1920x1080, HALLOWEEN.jpg) [iqdb]
Reader here, I'm HYPED.
File 157133136931.png - (1.41MB, 1334x750, 88C62605-F3F0-45EC-93E1-8933A281F1FC.png) [iqdb]
Hope I got my trip right, but I’m in for Nanner Rice Meal, absolutely.

Hopefully things aren’t like last year Ahahah kill me.
Okay, fine, I guess I gotta use my trip to announce myself.

I'm joining in on this. Very likely not daily updates, because I am a wagecuck who works shit hours and have the attention span of a fly. I look forward to failing even more this year.

Good to see my little callout got up your collective arses, though.
Lurker reporting in, work to my amusement, slaves.
I'm participating. I have an idea for a story focusing on Medicine.
Ah, so it was you all along.
Hell, it's been a long time, why not? I'm in!
Been hesitant about participating this year. Got my finals to worry about, so I can't update daily.
But 30k words should be doable, assuming I'm allowed to start beforehand
Though who is gonna come and fact check it anyway? There' will be a long update at the end regardless. Besides, its not like I'm gonna claim my price either, if I manage to do it again this year.
>who is gonna come and fact check it anyway?
We're all aydolts here. I'll take your word unless it's painfully obvious that there's been a cheater on the premises.
last year I said something similar, but I actually recently started entertaining a thought

I think, we'll see. Depending on others, I may or may not start something
File 157183697937.jpg - (157.85KB, 825x1000, 3B1D5D88-3C17-47DC-A47A-0CAABCF386FB.jpg) [iqdb]
I’m in. It’ll be my first time in a contest (marathon?), so please be gentle, senpai.

Yeah, that's right. At the time of writing, it's currently 10/31/2019 over where I am. You know what that means. No, fuck your stupid made-up holidays. Yeah, the other thing - Nanowrimo. We have exactly one day, or maybe less depending on your imaginary timezones, to start this shit. No pressure or anything, but if any of you ninnies decide to pussy out now, then I'm going to have to send in the task force AKA the live sharks, now with new ground mobile unit capabilities. Yes, the Patreon funded that too. Point is, sharks and voluntary writing.

Now watch me fuck up on the first day and fail Nanowrimo.
For good measure - if this less-than-ten-updates-a-year faggot by some kind of coincidence does not supply the sharks and ANGRY YELLING, someone else will. It will not be pretty.
There's no 31st month, your threats are useless against me.
This is my story entry this year:

I'm teaming up with Fluff in the squared circle, because apparently NaNo is the only time of year I'm capable of getting off my ass and writing.
So marks the beginning of Nanowrimo for me. Deadlines and failures fuck yeah!
I'm far too busy with college, intership and my thesis to write a story and update it early. Instead I promise to read every single entry of the contest and vote and comment on them, regardless of whether I like the story or not.
You ought to be doing that anyway, but good on you for showing that atomic spirit.
You writers should be updating daily every time too, but you don't see me complaining about it.

Anyway, normally I do vote on all the stories I'm invested in, but I skip those that don't interest me. All I'm saying is that for this month I'll ignore the caveat and stick with every single story even if some turn out to not be of my liking.
I'm going to be out of town for the first week or so of this here Nano Writo, so my plan is to write a fuckton of content and dump it all at once. I'm hoping to do my 30k words in two chunks, once in the middle once at the end of the month. I'll post in this thread again when the first chunk is up.
For your consideration, the porn entry that no one asked for.
This is the collaboration between me (Fluffy Mask) and Mask of Gold. Please enjoy!
Here's mine.

Here's mine. My timezone is still at November 1st so I haven't failed! Woo, got past day 1.
Late, but eh >>/th/200549
Check this shit out. We're still fucking alive. Yeah, you sick fucks, it's been a week since Nanowrimo's started.

How has it been so far? Do you want to give up like the little bitch you are? Hell no. I feel good, and YOU should feel good, too.

No, but seriously, despite my lack of good health, I've managed to update TWO stories for Nanowrimo every day so far. Granted, one of them has a maximum word count per update (that I admittedly never follow), but you can catch my drift.

Hey, if I can update two stories per day while sick, then anyone can. Right? Right.

Now go get 'em, tiger, before I get the mecha-sharks (MK. II!) out again.
How do you authors deal with the crippling fear of rejection when it's time share your creative work with others?

Actually writing stuff is the easy part.
I doubt I could help terribly much here. I only submitted my first story here because I'd grown so desperate to share it that I was willing to risk being laughed off the site rather than let it languish. So if it helps, I guess I could note that I was also terrified of that very thing when I first posted.

Beyond that, it may help to note that there's IRC channels and a discord you could potentially request feedback from before posting your story to the main site. I started there and found this stage much easier to commit to. Then, once it's done, you may find submitting the work itself to be a bit less daunting.

Finally, while I won't say it gets better overnight, I will say that it has, at least for me, gotten a lot less scary over time. Eventually, writing did become the hard part, though it took some time.
After enough experience, it stops being the monster looming over you. I still get anxious sharing my work to the public eye (and this is after years of writing), but I just tell myself, "Fuck it, I'm sharing it anyway," and submit it.
>writing is easy, posting is hard
so there are such things as enviable problems...
The anonymous format helps. Who cares if a bunch of faceless losers don't like my excellent take on Parsee? I'm a faceless loser too. There's no real pressure and if they don't like it, they can just ignore it.
Figuring out that Anon has no standards.

Okay, well, he does, but his standards are not as high as any writer is towards their own writing, because as the writer you can visualize what you were trying to do as opposed to what you ended up doing, and then you make the mistake of assuming everyone can see that disparity when it's really just you.

So, uhhhh, take it easy, I guess? Anon won't rip you apart unless you're writing in script format and emotes unironically
File 157330157450.png - (270.63KB, 750x850, even if.png) [iqdb]
Passed the 15k mark yesterday.
I got a late start thanks to real life, but I've been catching up and if I manage to keep up my pace will drop a 30k update November 30th, 29th if my proofer can finish it in one go. (Expect 6-7 posts at the character limit)
Just wanted to celebrate.
>if I manage to keep up my pace will drop a 30k update November 30th
>30k update in one day
good luck but I hate you
File 157456345651.png - (436.85KB, 850x1200, nano write more.png) [iqdb]
ALRIGHT, WHORES. We have only one week left. Or rather, we still have one week left. Who's alive and kicking? I'm currently drowning, but I'm just barely on pace to get sixty updates out by the end of the month. Yes, I know I'm retarded, you don't have to keep letting me know.

How's everything going for the people that still haven't given up yet? Is your word count nervously sweating yet? Or, if you're pushing for the thirty updates, how ahead (or behind) are you?

In before everyone gave up already and there's dead silence in the thread. I'd say that I'd look like a fool if that happened, but I already do regardless.
/at/ holdout reporting in. I have avoided killing myself through a cunning strategy called, "Stop aiming for daily updates, you utter retard." Present word count is almost 49k; actual NaNoWriMo goal happening before November's out for sure. No sweat here but that of my brow from all this ass-busting.
Failure here.

Protip: Make sure you're actually prepared for the mundane reality of writing updates for your story concept and not just mildly infatuated with the base idea in a distant, "yeah that'd be nice" way.
Passed 24k yesterday, lowering my remaining daily average quota to 1200 instead of the 1600 I've been working with (late start and early writer's block. Got over it) (Aiming to have it done by 29th, so I can torture my proofer with this stack of bricks I call and update)
Busted my ass yesterday to pump out the 3k words needed to pass that milestone, not expecting any time to write today, but luckily I got time anyway. Time to hammer down my quota even further!
I miss having spare time.
Finally done. Finally posted. Here's a wall of ~31.5 words and ~170k characters

It's the final day, fuckheads, give or take a few timezones. Gonna report back in later today when I finish my two updates to close it out.

>Here's a wall of ~31.5 words
I hate to break it to ya, but you still have 29,968.5 words to go. Better hurry or the sharks are coming.

what wizardry
File 157515370269.png - (1.38MB, 1403x1984, __okunoda_miyoi_touhou_drawn_by_sachisudesu__f20bd.png) [iqdb]
I for one welcome our new shark overlords.
File 157516842979.png - (400.45KB, 802x676, 77779573_p1.png) [iqdb]
Yamabiko Speaks for the Silent: 31/30 updates, 12,384 words
Hakurō: 30/30 updates, 18,130 words

Total updates: 61
Total words: 30,514

Check it out, I managed to fulfill both conditions of Nanowrimo. I really thought that I wouldn't even come close, considering I wasn't trying to update two full-sized stories, but uh. Shit happens. Shitposts happen. I was really trying to pace myself with a self-imposed 100 word limit per update on my first story, but I decided I'm a fucking idiot and said, "Screw the rules, we're going to make November miserable." And despite this past week being my busiest, I believe I wrote the most words during that time - I felt particularly inspired on some updates, so the words just flew out of my keyboard. Weird, since I usually take a year to write five hundred words at a time.

Anyway, I'm physical sick, and I'm tired, and I want to play videogames wahhhh, so I'll see you all on the other side.
Physically*. Son of a bitch.
Good work! Get a rest, you've earned it!
I came into this with basically no idea what I was doing. I come out of this with a probably poor idea for what I'm doing. But it'll get done, as long as a few people stick around, voting in and directing my absurdity. Final tally with November's end is 55,978 words and 13 updates, though I meant to shoot for the 30 update condition as well. Shockingly, with the average length of my posts, that was slightly very infeasible. Maybe one day I'll learn how moderation works, around about the same time I pen something that isn't awful smut.

Regardless, I know exactly what I'm throwing down as a request. It's got 3 parts:
First, pick a 2hu you like. Have multiple if you want; it's probable you'll need at least 2.
Then, pick at least 3 interesting fetishes. Standard holes don't count, nor do positions - but other than that, go with whatever feels in the spirit. Or just choose what you like. As long as they'd spice things up.
Once you have them in mind? Write porn, final caveat being it isn't male on female. Anything else, from something solo to genderbent yaoi, is totally fair game.

Essentially I just want something neat to pop up on /at/. If that happens, I'm happy.

Done. Originally for Satzibeli, but I figured I might be able to kill two birds with one story if waited a bit to post it.

Fetishes: Futa, creampies, SCIENCE

I am going to have to offer you a grade of 'needs more synonyms for the word cock/10' on principle, but from what I got through, I can hardly claim you didn't fulfill the requirements. Certainly a hell of a fast turnaround, and I'm far from complaining. Consider that request ticked off, and take my thanks for making /at/ a little brighter.
File 157521246415.png - (202.08KB, 900x750, cold innit.png) [iqdb]
According to my word processor, I did 30701 words spread over 22 updates for The Fifth Fellowship. My own personal goal was to replicate what I did for my Kagerou story last year which meant daily updates (of at least 1000 words) with nothing prewritten at all. For a variety of personal reasons, I wasn't able to do that this time around and, in fact, had to take a day or two off to decompress from life and its bullshit. This is also the reason why I only managed a single (2kish) word update for the other story.

My original instinct was to do shorter updates and have the story move faster but I'm a wordy dumbass.I enjoy world building, character interaction, and character development more than actually moving along plot. As the cliche goes: it's more about the journey than the destination for me.

Still, I don't plan on slowing down significantly and plan to maintain a similar pace when it comes to updating.

Congrats to everyone who participated and I hope that the people who read and voted continue to do so. As a community-focused site, it is your updates, your comments, your votes that keep this place alive and active.

I didn't write that myself. I got commissions done for winners of last years contest in a fit of childish pique since none of the authors here were actually delivering on writing them a victory fic.
File 157524894414.png - (800.71KB, 1027x882, Lbz5nQ9.png) [iqdb]
>since none of the authors here were actually delivering on writing them a victory fic.
I admit, that sucked. However, I'm going to be resuming progress on the ones left unfinished in 2018 now that Nanowrimo 2019 is over.

This will be a never ending backlog, won't it?
File 157526289526.jpg - (347.19KB, 800x1600, 57453744_p8.jpg) [iqdb]
>since none of the authors here were actually delivering on writing them a victory fic.
I did one for another winner, and quickly. No excuses to those who didn't follow up. Unless they didn't take *my* suggestion in which case, well and good: part of the point of my suggestion was figuring that no one would take it.

Anyway, though my specific Nanowrimo story only made it to 29/30 updates, across my other stories I made... more. I know it's more than two at least. As for word count, the Nanowrimo specific one reached 20,000, and across the other updates looks like I didn't reach the other option of 30k. I wrote roughly 26,000 words, it seems.

I don't feel as good about Severing Doubt as my other stories but it's been a neat experiment. I don't think it'll be many more updates til it finishes. Probably will reach a second thread, but end early in there.
>No excuses to those who didn't follow up.
Fuck off, I had a perfectly fine excuse.

I couldn't actually come up with anything to fulfill the request I claimed orz
That's still no excuse. Why would you claim a request if you had no ideas on how to fulfill it in the first place?
Some personal stuff happened in my life two thirds into the month and as such, this project fell by the wayside. Still, I managed to write 20k at least, and while that wasn't the goal, I am happy with it. Nanowrimo was a good motivator.

The next step for me is to edit and polish these 20k words a bit more, now that I don't have a deadline, and then post them.

Congrats to all who hit their goals!
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