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File 154814905238.jpg - (167.23KB, 800x941, cats.jpg) [iqdb]
200225No. 200225
“Alright, fellas,” you say. “Time to go drop in on that Noboru human and tell him the great news. I’m sure he’ll be overwhelmed, as humans do whenever youkai drop by, but it’s better that Daiki gets her family visit out of the way before dropping the whole ‘I want to be the village’s cat youkai-slash-protector’ bomb on the populace.”

“What?” Chen sputters out, shifting her gaze abruptly towards her fellow cat companion. “You’re gonna do… what?”

“Basically,” you say, “Daiki’s going to have the human village accept her as one of their own.”

Chen takes off her cap to frantically scratch the top of her head. The girl’s frustration spreads to her feet as she paces back and forth around the shrine’s front entrance, kicking stray stones on the ground.

“I’m no good at these kinda things,” she groans, “but isn’t that crazy?”

“That’s what I’m saying!”

“Think it’ll work out?” Tewi says. All things considered, she’s surprisingly composed.

“Me? If I’m being honest, no. But I don’t know those humans.” With a defeated smile, you shake your head from side to side. “Daiki does. Your opinion, cat?”

“This cat thinks it will be alright.” She nods shyly. “She believes in them.”

How deliciously sappy. “Let’s get a move on, then.”

Noboru’s household probably wasn’t expecting an entourage of youkai to greet them come noon. And yet here is Daiki, bringing along a rabbit, another cat, and a wolf to Noboru’s home. To be fair, you’re not really a youkai, but you digress. Things get awkward, and quick.

A woman steps out from the home, only for her to go running back in, yelling Noboru’s name all the while. You overhear Noboru and the woman, presumably his mother, squabble for a bit before the boy unceremoniously peeks his head out the door, pulls Daiki in, and disappears with the nekomata.

A long moment passes before Noboru comes outside with Daiki.

“I’m sorry,” is the first thing he says to Chen as he bows low.

“Huh? For what?” the brown haired cat replies.

“For, um, well.” He motions to her bandages and sling. “That.”

She narrows her eyes. “Save your apologies, ‘cause I don’t need em. This thing?” She waves her arm around. “It’ll be good in no time. Anyway, I just did what I felt like doing, not because it was the right thing to do. That youkai? Didn’t like its face, so I decided to go pick a fight. Not like you told me to protect your home or anything.”

“I… yeah.” He hangs his head. “You’re right.”

“Noboru should keep his head up,” says Daiki. “This cat thinks that he should not blame himself.”

“Don’t think too hard about it,” you say. “After all, you’re just a human. What were you going to do, stop it? You would’ve been ripped to shreds.”

He looks over to you, crestfallen.

“Instead, you should be grateful that everybody got through it okay,” you say, glancing over briefly to Chen. “Mostly okay, I mean. But you know that you have better things to worry about. Like, for example, your cat. Did you hear what she’s about to do?”

“Yes,” he says, going rigid. The slow glance to nowhere in particular betrays his nervous emotions. Not that it isn’t obvious—his brow couldn’t have been furrowed any harder. “Daiki told me about it.”

“Good. Do you know what you’re going to do?”

He freezes. “I need to do something?”

“Yes, you ninny,” you say crossly. “What did you think was going to happen? You watch from the sidelines while Daiki goes in alone and tells the crowd, ‘Yeah, I’m a youkai, but I’m trustworthy, I promise, trust me!’ If you think that’ll work out, then you’re either an idiot, a fool, or everything in between. You have to tell the other humans that Daiki is your family, or something similarly gushy—that they can trust her because you do.”

“I—I don’t think I’m an important enough person to do something like that in front of the other villagers.”

“Huh. I guess you’re right. Looks like we’ll have to wait for you to grow up—I’ll see you around in ten or twenty years when you become the village chief, eh? Ah, wait, Daiki will be dead by then. Drats. Better luck next time.” You stare straight into Noboru’s dark-brown eyes until he retreats and tucks his head behind hunched shoulders. “I’m waiting for a response, you know.”

“Can I really do something for her?” He clutches his shoulder, massaging anxiously near the neck. “Am I able to?”

“You going to continue wallowing in your indecision, or what?” Really. Humans and their stupid, wavering emotions. “She needs you out there. And not the wishy-washy you. So are you on her side?”

“...I am,” he says.

“Then are you going to man up already?”

There, he hesitates.

[ ] Get on his case.
[ ] Talk to the rest of his family instead—maybe they’ll be more conducive.
[ ] Forget it. He’s his own man with his own nekomata problems.
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>>No. 200226
Previous thread: >>199530

I can't believe this update even took this long but, as always, it was my own fault. A month of daily updates in November to none for all of December and most of January. Sad, but I'm all settled in now.

I'll also be working on one of the Nanowrimo writing requests, so I may or may not be a little slow on the coming few updates as well.
>>No. 200227
[X] Get on his case.
Glad to see it return
>>No. 200228
[X] Get on his case.
Either he man up and helps or he can be like all pathetic humans that doesn't even try and just wallow in his shit
>>No. 200229
[X] Get on his case.
>>No. 200230
[x] Get on his case.
>>No. 200232
[X] Get on his case.

Don't fuck it up, man. There's a catgirl at risk.
>>No. 200233
[X] Get on his case.
>>No. 200234
[X] Get on his case
>>No. 200235
[x] Forget it. He’s his own man with his own nekomata problems.
dogue superior
>>No. 200236
[X] Talk to the rest of his family instead—maybe they’ll be more conducive.

I think is issue is that he doesn't want to be alone in this.
>>No. 200237
[X] Talk to the rest of his family instead—maybe they’ll be more conducive.

He shouldn't be alone in this
>>No. 200238
[X] Talk to the rest of his family instead—maybe they’ll be more conducive.

I think that >>200236 has the right idea
>>No. 200287
File 155113886340.jpg - (469.32KB, 3508x2400, __original_and_etc_drawn_by_koshi_koshi_vortex__0f.jpg) [iqdb]
Fool,” you bark, and though you had more to say—better cut words for the likes of him—you bridle your tongue. Humans. “Perhaps you don’t realize how important this is—how important you are. You get to decide whether she lives, or otherwise. Understand?”

“I do.” Noboru bobs his head up and down numbly, letting stray black hairs falling down to his forehead. “That’s why—that’s why I—”

“So fickle, you humans, cowardly lot. You save their lives, and they repay you with what? Indecision? Stuttering?” You narrow your eyes at the human. “Human. If you understand, then you understand. There’s no room for ‘that’s why’ or ‘what if’ or ‘maybe.’ You either do, or you don’t. If you do, good. And if you don’t—know that you shall be forever scorned by me. Forever.”

“I get it,” he says lowly. “I get it,” he says again. “It’s not that I won’t help Daiki—I will, and you may take my word on that. But what if I mess it all up for her? If I stand in front of the other villagers, and they don’t believe me, then it is because of me that Daiki would…” He struggles to find his words. “...move on.”

“So what?”


“I said,” you hiss, “‘So what?’ Do not make me repeat myself. If you need me to explain, then you are more daft than I initially presumed.”

“But then...” he trails off.

Daiki places a hand on Noboru’s head and runs her fingers through his hair. “Noboru. It is okay. This cat’s fate—whatever it may be—she can accept it. Because this cat is on borrowed time. Even being alive here and now is a blessing—to be able to repay the people who loved her and protect them: It’s more than she deserves.” She lets go of Noboru and takes a step back. “And if she is not needed—if they don’t need her—then she shall leave.”

“So she says, you sheep. Are you going to do something about it, or what?”

Noboru, for maybe the first time in his life, grows a spine and lifts his head to meet your gaze. The invisible weights attached to his forehead must have fallen. “I’ll do it,” he murmured, brewing quietly in his ill temper.

“Then say it with conviction and not like you’re whispering sweet nothings in my ear.”

He stamps a foot to the ground. “I’ll do it, god damn it!”

“Good,” you say. “That’s what you should’ve said in the first place.”

“So,” Noboru says, with ice still in his voice. “What should I do, or say, to help?”

You shrug. “Don’t look at me. I’m not giving you a prepared speech. You figure it out.”

Desperate for assistance, he turns to everyone else, and the crowd goes mild. “You mean I should just play it by ear?”

“You know your heart thing?” you say. “The one with all your emotions? Yeah, use that and appeal to them. I know that you’re no man of reason—so just make do with your feelings or whatever.”

“...You’re calling me stupid, aren’t you?”

“So you can read between the lines! Really. If I didn’t tell that idiot cat I’d help her, I wouldn’t have even bothered. But I guess it’s my job to meddle.”

Noboru narrows his gaze. “Forgive me for being rude, but if you don’t mind me asking—”

“I do, by the way.”

He ignores you. “Who are you?”

“A god.”

“A god?”

“Yeah.” You smile. “Hakurei’s.”
>>No. 200302
'You'll grow a spine, or I will club you to death with yours'
>>No. 200390
File 155919810734.jpg - (452.01KB, 689x996, __touhou_drawn_by_ichiba_youichi__sample-cd02b312b.jpg) [iqdb]
“Wait wait wait.” Chen stammers. “What?”

“You—You mean, that Hakurei? The shrine maiden, Hakurei?” Noboru says.

“No, the village idiot Hakurei.” You’re met with a blank stare from the human, so you sigh. “Yes, the shrine maiden. And don’t give me those doe eyes. If anything, you should be relieved because that means I ain’t a wolf tengu. Less chance of me ripping you to shreds.”

Tewi covers her mouth in mock-surprise. “Weren’t you already going to do that?”

“That’s my backup plan. If he fails, that is.”

“I won’t,” Noboru replies gruffly. “And, um, my apologies for being so rude. I didn’t know you were the Hakurei god.”

“As long as you do now,” you say. Hey, maybe being that lanky shrine maiden’s god wasn’t such a bad gig after all. Despite appearances, it seems like she’s got a reputation—and a good one, too. Who would’ve thought? “So when are you going to gather up the humans and tell them about your dirty cat secret?”

“This cat is not dirty,” Daiki says.

“To humans, you are.” You turn your gaze to Noboru. “Well? I’m thinking after lunchtime, but any time before the sun falls is fine. You know those villagers get anxious when all the nocturnal youkai come out to play.”

“You want to do this… tonight?”

“Oh, are we playing ‘Ask the God Stupid Questions’ again? I love this game—next, you’ll ask me if water is wet. No wait, we can get even stupider!”

Noboru, closing his eyes momentarily, blows steady air through his nose. “I’m asking seriously. There’s no way I could get all the village elders to agree to this in one day.”

“What’s the hold up? Just tell them to come, and they will.”

“Humans have schedules,” he says, matter-of-fact. “The elders won’t come just because I told them to.”

“Then tell them to come, or else.”

“Or else what?”

“Must I spell everything out to you? Here, just do as I do.” You narrow your gaze at the boy and give him your best snarl. “Just say: Or else means or else.”

“You want me to threaten the elders?” He sputters out. “You’re crazy!”

“What I’m saying, human, is that you don’t have time to wait for the stars to align. Really. My patience is running thin. You want something to happen? Then you make it happen—none of this ‘waiting around’ business.” You take a step forward and crouch down—just barely enough so that your gaze is level with Noboru’s. “Frankly, I’m rather tired of you running around in circles, vomiting out malarkey, and being so pathetic. Where’s all your confidence from two minutes ago? Threw it into the void? By the time you get ready to do whatever you’re doing, all the other humans are going to die of old age. Am I clear, or do you need me to reiterate? This is going to be the second time, mind you.”

“No,” he grumbles, resignation seeping into his face. After a wild scratch at the roots of his hair, he concedes. “I’ll go talk to the elders.”

Daiki steps to Noboru’s side. “This cat will come with.”

“You can’t,” the boy snaps. For a moment, he’s lost in his own bitterness, demonstrating it with an awful frown. But as his frustration dissipates, he returns to his usual sullen countenance. Softly, he corrects himself. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to lash out at you, Daiki. But you really shouldn’t come—I don’t think I can persuade the elders with any youkai around. Don’t worry though. I’ll come back when I’m done.”

“...Okay,” replies Daiki, faking a poor attempt at nonchalance.

Ugly, you think, how quickly humans point their anger at their loved ones. You keep quiet—anything more out of your mouth, and his fragile ego is going to break again.

As Noboru leaves for the village, you think to follow the human, but you’re met with two cats and a rabbit. You reckon that Chen, with a face that says she’d rather be anywhere else, isn’t keen on human politics. Daiki’s silent, and Tewi’s raising an eyebrow that says, ‘Well? What now?’

[ ] Keep physical distance from the boy. You don’t want to see his ugly mug right now.
[ ] Tail the boy alone. Chances are, he’ll need your help like the useless human he is.
>>No. 200391
[X] Keep physical distance from the boy. You don’t want to see his ugly mug right now.
>>No. 200392
[X] Keep physical distance from the boy. You don’t want to see his ugly mug right now.
>>No. 200393
[x] Keep physical distance from the boy. You don’t want to see his ugly mug right now.
Can't see much point. He's had it beaten into his thick skull what to do. Whether he succeeds or fails is on him.

Congrats on finally updating, btw.
>>No. 200394
[X] Keep physical distance from the boy. You don’t want to see his ugly mug right now.

Thanks for not dying bby
>>No. 200395
[x] Tail the boy alone. Chances are, he’ll need your help like the useless human he is.

>>No. 200396
File 155928745335.jpg - (108.64KB, 1080x1236, Do work nigga youre a damn god.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Tail the boy alone. Chances are, he’ll need your help like the useless human he is.

One old dude squaring up against a tradition of superstition and fear? Come on people, this guy doesn't have a chance in hell. I think Hakurō would be wise enough to know humans are at their absolute worst in these types of situations.
>>No. 200397
What I imagine is that Hakurou knows this, but he's being petty right now so he doesn't want to help him out on the small stuff... Or Hakurou could be letting Noboru do it himself so that Noboru doesn't have to depend on him.

Let's be honest, he's doing this for shits and giggles.
>>No. 200398

Well Hakurō being petty is one vote option. The other option is Hakurō recognizing the odds are clearly stacked against Noboru.

I also don't think he's doing this for shits and giggles. Furthering the influence of the Hakurai shrine seems to the be the main objective behind our recent actions.
>>No. 200444
File 156697863376.jpg - (187.27KB, 1819x2274, __chen_touhou_drawn_by_sero3eta__f8c0a806dd45c9329.jpg) [iqdb]
You, for a brief moment, feel nothing but contempt for the boy—of course, humans love to do things their way and their way only for the sake of satisfying their own pride. But you don’t let your nasty emotions control you, at least to that degree. To do that would be to be human, no? Even if it might be—no, would be—better to satisfy your irritation by consuming until there is nothing left and—You’ll think of it no more. The last thing you want is to waste your thoughts about that stupid boy right now. Instead, you decide to mosey your way into Noboru’s home.

You’re halfway there when Chen asks an honest, if not dumb, question.

“Um. What are you doing?”

“What does it look like I’m doing?” you say, turning to her. “I’ll be waiting until the human comes crying back home, begging for help. Then I’m gonna rub it in his face and say, ‘I told you so.’”

Tewi folds her arms. “Very mature. You’re not going to follow the boy?”

“Frankly, I don’t give a damn whether he manages to get the elders together in their little village council. If he does—good. That’s what’s expected of him. And if he doesn’t, then it’s my turn to have a little chat with the other humans, whether the boy wants me to or not.”

“So… you’re just going to wait?”

“As always,” you reply, turning back round to enter through the family home, much to the surprise of Noboru’s mother, who was spying through the crack of the half-open door. “I am very good at waiting. After all, I’ve done it for over a thousand years. And, excuse me.” You briefly acknowledge the human woman. “I’ll be borrowing your home.”

She has a look in her eyes that you can’t quite make out, but you’ll hazard a guess and say that her stare isn’t all sunshine and roses. “Okay,” she mumbles. Clearly, she’s thrilled.

Daiki’s already inside, peering over to the other youkai from inside. With a nod of her head, she prompts them to come join her. She acts like she owns the place—but you suppose that’s just how cats are.

A second human comes out of hiding from her room, quietly observing the other two youkai reluctantly enter the human household. Suddenly, it’s a crowd. The house’s entrance leads straight into the leisure room which doubles as a kitchen. To say it’s homely would be an understatement: The place isn’t meant for two humans, three youkai, and a god to reside in at once. That, however, is not going to stop you from intruding because you’re already reclining back on a chair.

The smaller human inches forward and whispers something to her mother, but she’s quickly hushed and shooed away. They silently exchange a glare, and, presumably ignoring her mother’s complaints, the girl speaks up.

“Hello. I’m Yoru. Are you all, um, Daiki’s friends?” The room is quiet—the youkai are just staring at her. She blushes at the attention.

[ ] “‘Friends’ is a strong word.”
[ ] “Sure. We’re all something like that.”
[ ] Say nothing—just keep staring.
>>No. 200445
[x] “Sure. We’re all something like that.”
>>No. 200446
[x] “Sure. We’re all something like that.”
>>No. 200448
[x] “Sure. We’re all something like that.”
>>No. 200449
[x] “Sure. We’re all something like that.”

Come now, play nice
>>No. 200450
[x] Say nothing—just keep staring.
>>No. 200451
[X] Say nothing—just keep staring.

I mean...what's life without a bit of trolling. I really feel like this is the in character option.
>>No. 200452
[x] “Sure. We’re all something like that.”

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