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File 157519429350.jpg - (737.11KB, 1000x750, Science1.jpg)

“Day one of human cross-species mating analysis. Subjects have been briefed and await further consultation in the lower chambers,” Yumemi spoke in a cold and clinical voice, her words caught in the voice recorder as she paced back and forth in her laboratory, the distant scratching of her assistants pencil against paper being the only other sound in the entire room, “Plan is as follows; supply all three subjects with the means of sexual…”

“Didn’t you say you didn’t want me to be a part of this? You said it was inappropriate given my age?” Chiyuri called out from across the room, the scratching of her pencil ceasing as Yumemi sighed and turned to face her, clicking the button on the recorder as she did so.

“Yes? What about it?” Yumemi asked, a little more frustrated than she normally was. Most of the time, Yumemi found Chiyuri’s more naïve moments to be somewhat endearing and was more than happy to entertain them, yet today, she was somewhat focussed on the operation at hand. Being on the brink of significant scientific advancement, Yumemi desperately wanted to get started. She considered herself to be devoid of any personal motivation to pursue this research, yet the slight tingle in her lower ‘extremities’ betrayed just how far her enthusiasm for the study went. Though naturally, Chiyuri was completely oblivious to the nature of the experiments.

“Surely you should do the whole research recorder in a different room then. Or am I okay to know what you’re going to do, but I’m not allowed to witness?” Chiyuri asked, rising to her feet and propping herself up against the table, “And why can’t I take part?”

“You’ll just have to trust me on this. Now, are you done. Can I get back to making the most significant scientific advancement of our time, or do you want to continue asking questions?” Yumemi asked, causing Chiyuri to silence herself and return to the inane pencil scratching that she occupied herself with. Turning back, Yumemi took a deep breath before clicking the side of the recorder. However, her voice caught in her throat as she reflected on Chiyuri’s words. With a deep sigh, Yumemi tucked the recorder into her pocket and swept up the various documents and folders she had spread across her desk. Holding them beneath her arm, she turned towards the door, calling out to Chiyuri as she went, “I want the report finished by the end of the day. I won’t have time to go over it in detail, so remember everything I told you?”

“Yes, mistr… Miss… Ma’am. Yes. As you say,” Chiyuri stammered, managing to crack a smile across Yumemi’s round and supple cheeks. Pushing her way through the door, she strode her way down the hallway, winding her way through the various passageways that occupied her home. Rooms of different machines and scientific apparatus passed her by, yet none of them garnered her interest today. No. Today she was going to change the world in a very different way to that which she had been attempting beforehand. Gone were her wayward dreams of understanding the magics of the world. Instead of wanting to discern how to use and operate magic, she sought to see how humans may interact with that which could, in some uncertain terms, be considered of magical descent. The mere thought of what she could accomplish set a spring in her step as she made her way down the nearby stairwell and arrived in the basement; a basement that had been completely retrofitted over the past few weeks to serve her needs.

Along the back wall were three large cages, for want of a better word. They were hardly prison cells as they were spacious and vast in their area and populated with everything someone would need to live comfortably -beds, books, tables, and the means to cook a whole range of foods-. The cages were separated with concrete walls so that those within them couldn’t see the other cages, whilst the front of the cages had bars reaching from the roof to the floor, each one thick and heavy. In front of the cages was a laboratory, filled with different scientific apparatus and all the different objects that Yumemi thought she would possibly need. Entering the room, she dropped all the papers and folders onto the tables, searching through and ordering them before turning towards the cages and the occupants within. Each cage had a single occupant, each one there to serve a different purpose within the experiment. Given how her previous attempts at research via the kidnapping of various subjects had ended cataclysmically, Yumemi had instead opted for willing participants, though they were all of them not entirely pleased with the living arrangements. Plucking from the table three folders, Yumemi drew her research recorder out from her pocket. As she approached the first cage, she brought the recorder to her lips and clicked it on.

“Subject Three, Tewi Inaba. Species, Youkai Rabbit, also known as Earth Rabbit. Petite in figure, pale skin, black hair, red eyes and rabbit ears protruding from head. Subject seems amicable this morning. Moving on to subject two,” Yumemi spoke, lingering a moment to stare at Tewi as she sat at the table in her small confines, writing in a small notebook as she kicked her feet beneath the chair. Dressed in a pale pink dress, cut to her knees, the young-looking Youkai Rabbit maintained a seemingly care-free mentality even in the current setting. He pale skin and soft features rounded out into a delicate and youthful expression, her thin lips drawn into a slight smirk as she wrote, almost completely ambivalent to the words coming from the outside of her quarters. Eventually, she turned towards Yumemi, seemingly only noticing her at that very moment, the smirk on her lips widening to a smile as she waved casually. Almost returning the gesture, Yumemi stopped herself at the last moment, maintaining her perceived professionalism despite the impended descent into a more… promiscuous nature. Stopping in front of the next cage, she peered in and once again clicked her recorder on,

“Subject two… Suika Inuki. Species, Oni. Larger figure, yet with a thin frame. Two horns protruding from her head, surrounded by strawberry blonde hair. Subject… Subject appears to be somewhat intoxicated and has already removed her clothing in preparation for the day’s events. I will refrain from comment on her physical… attributes. For now…”

Pausing for a moment, Yumemi kept her eyes on the exposed flesh of the Oni, silently watching as the subject reclined on her bed, drinking from a deep mug of ale as she flicked through a book, glancing up to see the good scientist staring lustfully at her. Dropping the book, Suika smirked and winked at the scientist, playfully blowing her a kiss as she rushed forwards and onto the next subject, trying in vain to remain completely objective as the supple toned body of subject two lingered in her mind. Doing as best she could, she cleared her thoughts and continuing to the final subject. Refreshing herself, she adjusted her underwear, wincing slightly as her bulge became somewhat unwieldy. Sighing, she brushed it to the side and clicked her recorder on once more.

“Subject one: Kosuzu Motoori. Species, Human. Subject will serve as control. Auburn hair, soft features. Medium build, but thin. Subject appears to be waiting patiently, sat on her bed. No visible emotions present,” Yumemi announced slowly, watching as Kosuzu sat waiting. Every book on the small bookshelf had been pulled out and stacked on the table, almost as if she had read them already. Observing her for a few moments, Yumemi, retreated to her small laboratory area. Setting down the recorder, Yumemi’s attention was drawn towards a scrap of paper from her journal which she had purposefully left on the counter. Breathing deeply, she read it and reminded herself of her intentions: ‘Remember, this is for scientific discovery. Whatever personal pleasure is derived from the experiments, it is only in search of scientific truth!’

Reading that etched a renewed smile on Yumemi’s face. Sweeping her hair behind herself, she fastened it into a single pony-tail before beginning to steadily undress herself. Removing the lab-coat first, she carefully folded it over her chair before working on her dress. Pulling it over her head, she dropped it to her side, standing in the cool chill of the basement laboratory in nothing but her underwear. They were nothing special, just a simple mismatched pair of white panties and a pink bra. Whilst their uneven pigmentation may have suggested a haphazard choice, Yumemi had in-fact spent hours deciding on them, searching through her vast collection of lace, satin and silk, opting for the most dull and plain looking ones she could find. After all… this was for science. There was no place for frilly lingerie and suggestively tight-fitting lace bras. At least that was what she endeavoured to remind herself of. Her panties, unlike most girls in Gensokyo, and even her homeland, didn’t fit tightly to her flat crotch. Instead, her anatomy bulged, filling the underwear and stretching them outwards. Yumemi was endowed with a unique blessing; a blessing that made this experiment possible.

Turning around to the three subjects, Yumemi took a deep breath, debating whether or not to unsheathe herself then and there or wait until she was inside on of the test-chambers. The decision was ultimately made for her as she noticed Suika propped up against the metal bars, watching eagerly as the scientist stripped herself naked, the Oni’s hand pawing casually at one of her plump breasts, gazing lustfully towards her. Blushing deeply, Yumemi grabbed her recorder and sped over to Kosuzu’s chamber, ignoring the laugh that came from the Oni as she retreated back to her bed.

“Beginning with the control,” Yumemi announced clearly into the recorder as she stepped inside the confines of the test chamber, locking the door behind herself and turning to Kosuzu. The two of them stared somewhat silently at each other, neither one making a move.

“Good Morning, Yumemi? Are we… are we ready to begin? Are you okay?” Kosuzu asked, rising to her feet and clasping her hands behind her back. Smiling softly, she waited politely for a response from Yumemi, the scientist’s eyes lingering on the delicate features of the young girl’s face, the softness of her skin and the sweetness behind her smile making her shiver with anticipation.

“Yes. Yes. Sorry, I sort of spaced out there. Erm. We can begin now,” Yumemi said, blushing deeply as she stood frozen in place. She had spent the past few weeks in rigorous planning for the experiment, plotting out every aspect of study that would take place and all the intricate details of the nine-month span of study. Yet all that planning ultimately failed her when she was standing in front of the subjects. Suddenly, she regretted only writing down ‘Impregnate subject’ for this step of the experiment. It was only now dawning on her that she was going to have to have rather intimate sex with the three subjects. Doing everything in her power to remain objective and clinical, she straightened her back and waited.

“Good, good. Well… what would you like me to do? Should I get naked like you?” Kosuzu asked, her hands reaching up to the buttons on her dress. Yumemi’s eyes widened at even the slightest suggestion of seeing more of Kosuzu’s exposed flesh, her panties tightening even further as her crotch swelled and throbbed.

“Erm… yes! If you wouldn’t mind doing that. That would be… preferable. Subject is getting… getting naked,” Yumemi stammered, desperately uttering the last few words into her recorder, but forgetting to click it on in her nervous quivering. Had she been more observant, she would have her the sniggering from the adjacent room as the Oni listened intently to what was going on, amusing herself with the Professor’s nervous ramblings.

Eager to aid in the experiment, Kosuzu wasted no time at all in beginning to undress, ignoring the Professor’s laboured intent breathing as she watched. Firstly, the young human began to unwind the several leather fastenings that held her dress In place, unbuckling her buttons and the couple bows that were primarily for show. Slowly, but surely, the long flowing dress began to loosen and bunch, dropping slightly as she shrugged her shoulders out of the garment. Yumemi’s breath caught in her throat as she watched fabric fall away, exposing her sumptuous lithe and delicate body. To Yumemi’s surprise, the young girl neglected to wear a bra at all, taking the Professor by complete surprise by the sudden appearance of her supple breasts. They were a nice handful, bulging and slightly bouncing as they sprung free, yet holding delicately on her body with upset, each one capped off by the tiniest, pinkest of nipples. Each sensitive nub was already standing proudly at attention, hardened by the cool air of the test room. Her flat stomach stretched down to her panties. Whilst Yumemi had purposefully chosen the most unsexy panties for herself in an attempt to dissuade her more carnal desires, she had no control over her subject’s choice, causing her to bite her lip as she saw the cute pair the human had chosen to wear. They were a light pale pink, outlined by a vibrant red silk, the silk then winding into two perfectly small bows at either side of her hips. Bending over, the young girl flaunted her rounded rear; a perfect juicy bubble-butt. Unhooking her panties from her cheeks, she pulled them down over her feet and tossed them to one side, before turning back and around and beaming with a magnificent smile.

“Subject is naked…” Yumemi announced, forgetting to lift the recorder at all this time. Giggling at the Professor, Kosuzu stood and waited patiently for Yumemi to join her in her nudity. Quickly, Yumemi unfastened her bra, revealing her comparatively smaller breasts. There was less of a bounce to them, but they suited her shorter stature. Not only were her nipples rock-hard, but Kosuzu was able to spot their outline long before the scientist had plucked her bra away. Next came her panties, which she quickly dropped to her ankles and kicked to one side, exposing and revealing the true uniqueness of her anatomy. Kosuzu had the typical silky folds of flesh, gently folding outwards: a pussy: whilst Yumemi’s crotch swelled in a thick long protruding shaft of rigid pulsating flesh: a cock. The bulbous tip throbbed in the cool air of the laboratory, the head already glistening and gleaming with pre-cum. Being free of the tight constraints of her panties, she let out a deep moan as her cock was exposed and completely unbound. Kosuzu watched with eager intent, examining every inch of her shaft, wanting to get closer and inspect it in its entirety.

“My! Its so big… I never expected them to be that big… I thought most people exaggerated about their size,” Kosuzu exclaimed, taking a step towards Yumemi. Instinctually, Yumemi stepped backwards, hitting herself against the wall as Kosuzu retreated slightly, worried she overstepped her boundaries.

“Is this the first one you’ve… you’ve seen? You’re a…” Yumemi stammered, unable to control the quiver In her voice as Kosuzu lingered closer. She couldn’t help but think about how silly this all was. She had planned this entire experiment, yet the idea of having her cock touched made her so overwhelmed. What did she think was going to happen? This was all for science she reminded herself.

“It’s the first real one I’ve seen. I’ve sex plenty of times. There was this kind artisan in my village who would shape replicas of a man’s penis from wood and metal. I would use them and…” Kosuzu explained unashamedly, the earnest nature in her voice making Yumemi smile in inside.

“I see!” Yumemi interrupted, her cock visibly twitching as Kosuzu recounted playing with herself. Shaking her head, Yumemi reaffirmed her position her and what she was here to accomplish. Standing up straight and brushing her hair to one side, she opened her mouth to speak, “If you wouldn’t mind…”

“Can I touch it?” Kosuzu asked, cutting Yumemi off and causing her cheeks to flare up once more. The human girl once again closed the distance between them, her hand outstretched, waiting for Yumemi’s approval before she grasped the thick, hard cock.

“I suppose… But, we are… Meant to be…” Yumemi stuttered wildly, unwittingly giving Kosuzu the go-ahead. Before she could say anything else, her words were replaced by a deep and guttural moan, one derived from the intense pleasure of having the young girl’s hand clasp around her cock, gently and lightly squeezing her length with her delicate and soft hands. Clinging to the wall behind her for support, Yumemi’s eyes rolled closed as she focussed on the pleasure coursing through her cock. She had gotten so titillated by everything leading up to this point that the mere act of having a hand on her cock became one of the most intense and unbelievable pleasures she could have possibly imagined. Moaning softly, she fought against her instincts to succumb, her mind repeating why she was here, forcing her to remind herself of the scientific means behind this set-up, yet as Kosuzu’s hand explored her cock, playing with her shaft, she found herself unable to do so. She could only imagine how embarrassing it would have been if the first pleasure to grip her cock was the tight confines of Kosuzu’s pussy. She would have made a fool of herself and almost definitely cum instantly. Perhaps it was better to start off and warm herself up. At least that was the warped logic she used to justify her straying from the intended path, “We really… shouldn’t… science… for… its for… for science…”
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File 157519438689.png - (806.20KB, 900x1259, 7f23eeae618da0b500f4b709801147ae.png)
Unable to stop the curious young human, Yumemi simply submitted the small morsel of pleasure, allowing Kosuzu to pass her cock back and forth between her hands, eagerly exploring its entire length as she squeezed and massaged her throbbing mass of flesh. Each gently movement of her supple hand coaxed more and more pre-cum from her already glossy tip. At first, Kosuzu found the slick substance to be less than welcome, but as more of it began to cover her hand, slickening the steady movements of her fingers along the scientist’s cock, she began to welcome each pearly bead as it rolled down her purplish tip and coated her fingers. After her initial exploration and inspection, Kosuzu began to notice the soft moans escaping from Yumemi’s lips, noting the way her breathing grew ragged as she pulled the girl’s foreskin back, gently stroking her shaft. Turning herself away from an eager exploration of a new thing, Kosuzu began to chase those moans, wanting nothing more than to help her scientist friend experience new pleasures. Being inexperienced herself in stuff like this, Kosuzu fumbled around a little as she tried to figure out the right way to move her hand and the best angle to stroke the girl’s cock.

Doing whatever seemed to make Yumemi moan the loudest, Kosuzu quickly managed to pick up the right technique, pumping her hand back and forth along the girl’s cock, steadily jerking her off, watching the professor’s face contort in pleasurable disbelief as more and more pre-cum poured from her quivering twitching cock-head. It was quite a satisfying thing to bring such pleasure to the girl’s body, with Kosuzu savouring each moan that she was rewarded with. It brought a little bit of joy to her body, not the mention the light quiver that shuddered through her own rapidly aroused crotch.

“We… we should… oh… oh my that is…” Yumemi moaned, unable to bring about a conscious and coherent thought. She was about to stop Kosuzu and continue with the designated purpose of the experiment, but before she could finish her sentence the human girl slid down onto her knees in front of her, changing the angle of her hand and breaking into an even steadier and more pleasurable handjob. Kosuzu had no intention of taking the professor’s cock into her mouth, yet to Yumemi it seemed like the girl was on the mere verge of leaning forwards and capturing her engorged cock-head with her lips, taking her shaft deep into her sumptuous throat. Yumemi’s thoughts were running wildly as she stared down at the innocent smile on Kosuzu’s face. That innocent smile, framed parallel to her thick cock, corrupting the sweet and naïve look of the girl. Naïve was hardly a good descriptor Yumemi thought, given Kosuzu’s eagerness to jerk her off and the previous revelation of Kosuzu’s rather experienced real of personal pleasure, yet in that moment Yumemi reduced Kosuzu down to pure visuals. And the round sweet features of supple face, paired with the thickness of her cock being pumped mere inches away from the human’s face, was more than enough to make Yumemi’s perverted thoughts flare up. Her moans continued as she waited with bated breath for Kosuzu to lean forwards take her cock into her mouth, yet she didn’t seem to want to.

She was taunting the professor, holding her lips so tantalising close, lingering so very near yet never committing to what would be the ultimate satisfying pleasure. Yumemi debated grabbing the girl’s head and thrusting her hips forwards, but quickly defused such thoughts, trying in vain to maintain an objective scientific mindset. Wanting to slam her cock balls-deep in the girl’s clutching throat was hardly the object of the experiment. But there was nothing she wanted more. As her eyes rolled closed, she imagined Kosuzu’s lips pressed firmly against her shaven crotch, the girl’s throat bulging with her cock as she coughed and spluttered, her innocent inexperience rendering her unable to deepthroat, yet she was so intent on pleasuring the professor that she was willing to let her throat spasm and quiver if it meant bringing pleasure to the scientist’s body. Anything to make the gorgeous scientist cum.

Those thoughts corrupted Yumemi, reducing her to base and desire driven creature. Brushing the girl’s auburn hair out of her eyes, Yumemi lightly clasped the back of her head, biting her lip as Kosuzu continued to draw her hand back and forth, continuing to jerk her off with intense desire. Leaning slightly forwards, Yumemi brought her hips closer to Kosuzu’s oblivious lips. The human girl smiled sweetly, assuming that Yumemi was simply adjusting her position to be more comfortable. However, this was far from the case. Still staring up at Yumemi, the human girl asked politely, “Does that feel good pro…”

Before she could finish her sentence, Yumemi thrust suddenly and sharply forwards, pushing the head of her cock into Kosuzu’s mouth unexpectantly. Spluttering instantly, Kosuzu pulled sharply backwards, giving Yumemi only a moment within the pleasurable confines of Kosuzu’s sumptuous mouth. Dropping Yumemi’s cock from her hand, Kosuzu fumbled backwards, slipping off her knees and onto her back as she tasted the copious amounts of pre-cum that had splashed onto her tongue. Instinctually, she spat it out, not used to the taste and the suddenness of the intruder. Snapping back into reality, Yumemi felt her cock flop against her thigh. Whilst she was rock-hard, her cock remained heavy enough to swing downwards slightly. Reaching out to Kosuzu, she began to apologies profusely as the human girl brushed her hand to one side and helped herself up. Wiping her mouth, she glared somewhat at Yumemi before noting the professor’s sincerity in her apology, “I’m really sorry, I don’t know what came over me. I must have slipped forwards.”

“It’s quite alright. The taste simply… caught me off-guard. Perhaps it was my fault for being so intently occupied on my inspection of your penis. I apologise if I have distracted you from your original intentions,” Kosuzu smiled, wiping her mouth one last time and clasping her hands in front of her, “Shall we proceed with the experiment?”

“Erm… Yes… Of course. Make yourself comfortable and we’ll begin,” Yumemi smiled, glancing around for the recorder that had slipped from her hand as she lost herself amidst the pleasurable haze of Kosuzu’s handjob. Catching her breath and clearing her thoughts, she turned back towards Kosuzu and gulped. The human girl had reclined on the bed getting herself comfortable as Yumemi had asked, only she was laid on her back, spreading her legs nice and wide. In hindsight, Yumemi shouldn’t have been surprised by this, given that missionary was easily the most popular and common of positions; at least in Gensokyo. But seeing the girl spread out like this was truly surprising. In the weeks leading up to the experiment, every single vision she had for the actual conception process had been of singular design. Yumemi envisioned all three subjects bent over their beds on all fours. She had expected to go from test room to test room without any form of interaction beyond sinking herself inside the subject, doing her thing and leaving. She had ignored the personal element.

She could hardly tell her subject to make herself comfortable in the specific way that she wanted as that was completely and utterly counter to the intention of getting comfortable. It seemed in that moment that Yumemi’s idea of a pump ‘n’ go process had gone out the window. She was going to get into a little bit of a more intimate position. So many wild thoughts claimed Yumemi’s mind as she looked at the human, spreading her legs and flaunting the tight slickness of her wet pussy. And she was incredibly wet to say the least. It seemed that the girl’s experimental handjob had done more than just satiate Yumemi’ carnal desires but also worked to arouse her. She was positively gleaming down below. That fortunately meant that Yumemi didn’t have to do anything in addition to make her so. There was no need for her to reciprocate. With a nervous stammer, Yumemi asked, “Are… Are you comfortable?”

“Oh, yes. Very much so,” Kosuzu replied with a smile, adjusting the pillow beneath her head before waiting patiently for Yumemi. Reaffirming her scientific zeal, Yumemi made her way over to the bed, clambering on top and kneeling between Kosuzu’s legs. Unflinching, she placed the recorder to one side and crawled atop Kosuzu, her face lingering above the human girl as their stomachs lightly touched. Reaching down with one hand, Yumemi grasped the base of her cock and angled herself towards the sumptuously slick folds of the human girl. Shifting her hips forwards, she nestled the engorged head against the nest of slick folds that was her pussy, searching for the right angle. Before she pushed forwards, Yumemi had her confidence shook by Kosuzu one last time, “Go slow, please. I am quite tight.”

Tight. It’s amazing how one single word could send shivers through Yumemi’s hardened cock. How one word could shatter the brief scientific mindset that had adopted and reduce her back to a nervous shell, governed by a conflicting desire to satiate her sexual desires whilst wrestling with the need to stay objective for her scientific purposes. Nodding, Yumemi didn’t dare open her mouth out of fear of what stammering nonsense she would splutter out. Instead, she simply bit the bullet, sinking her hips downwards and pushing the head of her cock into place. Able to find the girl’s entrance with relative ease, Yumemi was utterly surprised by the fact that she was immensely tight. It took a little work and a little creative teasing to eventually get the proper angle and access. With everything in place, she wasted no time at all In easing herself forwards. The head of her cock pushed inside of Kosuzu with ease, the girl’s pussy seemingly engulfing it as soon as she was properly warmed up. The tight warmth of her heavenly entrance drew her cock-head inwards, bathing and basking the sensitive bulb of flesh in the slickness of her pussy. Moans escaped both of their lips as the pleasure took them, their hot breath intermingling with one another, their lips so dangerously close to one another. Letting go of her cock, Yumemi was confidant that her cock would remain in place. Instead, she devoted her hands to maintaining a degree of distance between their lips, worried than in a sexual driven haze she would assault the human with a barrage of intense embraces. Even as she did distance herself, she was silently hoping that Kosuzu would deny such a movement and force and embrace herself. Instead, the human simply reclined, enjoying the familiar pleasure of being penetrated, but savouring the new sensations of having a real cock inside of her, her mind swirling with pleasurable satisfaction.

All that she had thrust inside was a single inch, and the two of them were already swimming in satisfaction. Yet, as Yumemi pushed forwards, steadily sinking herself inside of Kosuzu, inch by inch, she began to feel Kosuzu’s pussy tightening, her insides clutching around her cock more and more. Perhaps it was because Yumemi’s cock swelled in thickness towards the middle, or maybe she was plunging into untouched depths of Kosuzu’s semi-experienced cunt, but the professor steadied her pushes and began to allow the girl moments to adjust to the thick impending intruder. Frankly, Yumemi was happy to simply let her cock linger in the tight haven that was Kosuzu’s pussy. The way her insides quivered and clenched around her cock, tightening and loosening as the human grew more accustomed the cock, all of it was simply sublime. With around half of her cock easily inside of her, Yumemi pushed a little further forward, accidently slipping two more inches suddenly and unexpectantly inside of her. Yelping, Kosuzu’a hands leapt upwards and clasped around Yumemi’s neck, pulling her lips closer, their breath once again mingling as Kosuzu attempted to grow used to the thickness now swelling within her exceptionally tight entrance. She didn’t let go, keeping Yumemi’s head pinned in place as she steadily began to moan again, her legs hooking around the professor’s waist as if to imply she wanted her to continue. After the sharp suddenness of that unexpected push, the remainder of Yumemi’s cock easily slipped inside, her crotch pressing against the wiry auburn patch of Kosuzu’s unshaven crotch, her heavy cum-laden balls smacking softly against the human’s rounded bubble butt, the two of them locked together, crotch to crotch; cock to pussy.

Giving Kosuzu a moment to adjust, Yumemi watched her face intently, loving even the slightest quiver across the auburn-haired girl’s lips, the subtlest excretion of pleasure shuddering across her face. It was almost as entrancing as the pleasure itself, her body relishing the tight clutching nature of her pussy, the clutching nature that drew her deeper and deeper, just as the delicate moans of the human brought her steadily closer to simply throwing caution to the wind, abandoning her scientific principles ands simply devolving to pure erotic desire. She was strong enough, however, to ignore the initial allure, instead beginning to pull her hips backwards, drawing her cock back through the heavenly embrace that was Kosuzu’s pussy, the legs that were wrapped around her waist relaxing to allow the steady draw of her cock to grind against every sensitive avenue of her delicious pussy. Moaning in unison, the two of them shifted their bodies apart, allowing Yumemi to pull her hips back until only the head of her cock remained. Plunging back inside, Yumemi was thrilled to feel Kosuzu’s cunt give away almost instantly, welcoming her cock back with complete ease, the obtrusive tightness that she previously displayed given away to welcoming embrace. She was still tight. But no longer did Yumemi have to wrestle her way inside. Now she could focus on fucking the human, sliding her cock intensely into her pussy, lovingly… no, not lovingly. Simply fucking her.

The intense position, the intimate haze of their mingling breath, the orgasmic moans seeping from Kosuzu’s mouth, the tight embrace of her welcoming pussy, all of which was compounded by the tight clasp formed by the human’s legs around her waist; all of it screamed intimate, romanticism. Yet, those emotions didn’t form in Yumemi. Instead, desire and passion. Her thoughts were wild, spinning and losing themselves amongst her pleasure-ridden brain. Finally, she succumbed to it all. To the pleasure. To the bliss. All scientific thoughts shed themselves from her and she simply lunged into a flurry of intense and powerful thrusts, desperate to unite their bodies in heavenly orgasm. No longer did Yumemi care for the results of the experiment. Frankly, they were a happy coincidence for her. No, it was her desire to cum inside of Kosuzu that drove her to fuck her with such intensity. Desire to simply cum, not to study the fruits that came a result.

In that moment, Kosuzu would have been hard pressed to disagree. Her mind was submerged in new realms of pleasure. Each thrust of Yumemi’s cock, drove more pleasure into her body, shooting shuddering waves of new sensations through her insides. The contrast of being suddenly filled and emptied of such a thick and powerful cock was beyond description. Clinging to Yumemi’s neck, Kosuzu continued to use her legs to make sure that Yumemi sank every single inch inside of her, the human wanting to feel each thrust as their bodies writhed together. The wet slapping of flesh became the chorus that inched them closer to their end. Kosuzu thought herself to have quite a lot of stamina, with her secluded sexual delights within her own bedroom lasting hours on end; however, she quickly found those to be false aspirations when faced with a real cock. There was something about the impact of each thrust, the shifting, throbbing nature of Yumemi’s cock. All of it was more pleasurable that her toys. All of it more enjoyable. Perhaps it was sharing the pleasure with someone else. Or perhaps it was the new extents to which she was being pushed with Yumemi’s size and power. All Kosuzu knew was that she was more than thrilled to have accepted being a part of this experiment. The pleasure and impending orgasm were already award enough. Her moans turned to light squeals as a grin stretched across her face. Yes, she would definitely enjoy this.
umemi kept her eyes open, watching the constantly shifting expression of Kosuzu’s lips. She would later speak into her voice recorder about how this was to access the subject’s mood and expression of enjoyment, but this was false. There was nothing more satisfying to Yumemi than the pleasure someone else derived from her cock. Seeing Kosuzu moan and grunt and groan in such tantalisingly suggestive ways gave her cock more pleasure than the infinite tightness in which it was consumed. The symphony of wet slaps, moans, grunts and squeals -combined with the distant sound of rhythmic slapping sounds from the adjacent room- brought both Yumemi and Kosuzu closer to orgasm. Strangely enough, Yumemi held back, making sure that she didn’t cum to early, wanting to make sure that Kosuzu was the one the cum first. Despite being completely irrelevant to the study, such thoughts didn’t even cross Yumemi’s mind as she made a conscientious attempt to ensure that pleasure found its way writhing through Kosuzu’s body before it did hers.

Each plunge of her cock threatened to take her closer to spilling rope deep inside of Kosuzu, yet Yumemi held on, gritting her teeth for a while as he body began to gleam with sweat. Fortunately for Yumemi, it didn’t take long for Kosuzu’s pseudo-virgin pussy to bring the human girl to a tumultuous orgasm, one that would forever remain with Yumemi in the moments of sexual arousal late at night. Nothing was more fantastic than the sounds of ecstasy that escape the young human’s lips.

A sudden and sharp squeal of delight erupted out of the human girl’s mouth as she arched her back, chasing the thick cock that was plunging in and out of herself. She wanted her to be buried deep inside her as she came, and Yumemi was more than happy to provide such a feeling. Hammering home once more, she too unleashed a sound orgasmic delight, driving her cock deep inside of Kosuzu, spilling her seed inside of the human woman. Several long strands of cum sprayed inside of her, the scientist’s pent-up orgasm finally bursting free and filling her to the brim. The two of them moaned in unison, the feeling of the other cumming alongside them driving them to spiral deeper into strand avenues of sexual delight. The feeling of cum bursting into her and painting her fertile insides was beyond description, causing Kosuzu to sweep into a new bout of moans and sounds of pleasure. Meanwhile the clamping pleasure of Kosuzu’s orgasming pussy tightening around her cock, clutching and pulling her deeper made for a sensational haven to lodge herself inside.

Moaning loudly, she savoured every last moment, drinking in the pleasure of her tightness, right up until her cock began to soften inside of her, eventually slipping out as the two of them fell away, breathlessly exhausted after their orgasmic bout of fun. Rolling away, Yumemi staggered slightly as she landed on her feet. Reaching back, she grabbed her recorder and made her way towards the door, only to get stopped by Kosuzu, “Is that it then? Can I clean myself up?”

“I would wait five minutes or so. Just to make sure. I’ll be back after I’ve seen to the other two to check you out… check up on you!” Yumemi explained, correcting herself at the end as she stepped outside of the test-chamber and closed the heavy metal door behind her. Turning back, she felt somewhat bad just leaving the girl there, but given how she had succumbed to her desires and had lost her scientific objectivity, she felt it somewhat important to distance herself at that point.

“Professor!” Kosuzu called out, moving to stand up, but stopping herself at the last moment when she realised that the cum inside of her would begin to leak out if she did. Smiling softly, she said, “Thank you for being gentle with me. I really enjoyed it.”

“Erm… Yeah… Yeah, me too…” Yumemi blushed, quickly turning and ducking away. Her plan had been to immediately move onto the next subject, but she disappeared back towards the stairs, heading upstairs to shower and calm herself down before continuing. Not to mention spending a great deal of time reminding herself of the purpose and design of the experiment. She wasn’t here to enjoy herself, but to make steps forwards in scientific knowledge. She hadn’t gathered three different species of females just to find out which one was the best shag.
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File 157519501587.jpg - (460.92KB, 876x620, science2.jpg)

The shower had worked wonders on Yumemi, giving her a clearer state of mind and allowing her to remind herself of the true purpose of her project. Renewed vigour pulsated through her body as she strode confidently back down to the testing areas, grabbing her recorder from the table and immediately clicking it on as she advanced on subject two, already rattling of her previous observations, only to immediately get stopped in her tracks, “Study is resuming. Subject two will not be impregnated. The subject is… the subject is… is masturbating…”

Suika was doing just that. The Oni, having previously stripped herself naked, was laid spread-eagle on the bed, her legs split apart as wide as possible, her back arched as she threaded her skilful fingers through her delectably slick pussy. Whilst the test chambers had been designed to limit the ability of the subjects to voyeuristically watch the other subjects, they weren’t designed to stop them listening and filling in the blanks themselves. Which Suika had been doing with rapt attention, adoring every squeal and squeak from the two next door as their bodies collided in sumptuous, orgasmic bliss. Her fingers were snaking towards her entrance, already dipping inside of herself and curling upwards to find her sensitive g-spot.

Her moans were also loud and apparent, evidently having been muffled previously by Yumemi and Kosuzu’s loud love-making, allowing Suika’s self-pleasuring to go unnoticed. Now that the wet slapping of Suika’s fingers against her own pussy, joined by the light moans that came from her lips, were the only sounds filling the basement, both Kosuzu and Tewi were listening intently, neither one joining the Oni in playing with themselves, but with both of them being interested regardless. And just like that, the confidence that Yumemi had bolstered by a brief interlude immediately shattered itself as she was once again faced with the delightful exposing of gloriously supple flesh, flesh that was writhing and moaning with such sexual purpose that even Yumemi’s soft and wearied cock began to lift itself in excitement. Knowing the exact effect that she was having on the good Professor, Suika opened her pleasure-ridden eyes and cast a glance over to her, suddenly stop her intent masturbation and feigning surprise, “Oh, professor. Sorry. I got a little carried away there… Is it my turn?”

“Erm… erm yes… if you’d like to… you’re already… naked… We’ll get… get started,” Yumemi stammered, stepping forwards and opening the door to the test-chamber. Closing it behind her, she gasped as she turned around and saw that Suika had closed the distance between the two of them.

“A drink? To… get us in the mood?” Suika suggested, holding up a jug of ale and two mugs. Not even waiting for a response, Suika began to pour out two sizable portions, quickly swigging half her own drink back before thrusting the other one into Yumemi’s hand.

“I don’t think that’s necessary. We can just begin and get on with it, and then I’ll leave you to yourself,” Yumemi said, coming to her senses and placing the mug down on the table. Stepping forwards, she asserted a degree of dominance and control in the situation, control that was quickly noted by Suika with a smile.

“What? No foreplay? A spot of oral? Not even a kiss and a confession of love?” Suika giggled as she dropped into a chair beside the table, resting one of her legs on the wooden surface and casually pawing at her pussy, gently rubbing her clit as she talked to the Professor.

“No. This is a study. An experiment. There is no need for such frivolity. This is going to be one of the greatest scientific discoveries of this generation. So, no. There will be no need for foreplay, oral, kisses or anything remotely related to admissions of romantic intentions,” Yumemi snapped, straightening her back as she retorted every single word that her subject had gave her.

“Of course. You’re right. I’ll refrain from… perverting this noble experiment of yours. Where would you like me? Bent over the bed? Nice and simple,” Suika said, dropping her salacious purr and dropping her mug of ale down onto the table. Rising to her feet, she went over to the bed, draping herself over the edge of the covers, presenting her rounded, juicy little ass, plump and perfectly formed into a heart-shape; the ideal arse to ogle and pull at. Silently happy that her subject was taking things seriously, Yumemi stepped forwards and stood behind Suika, bring her recorder up to her lips to begin her first un-perverted test of the day.

“Subject has assumed the position. Insemination process beginning. Insertion… oh…” Yumemi began, grabbing her cock by its base and immediately realising an issue. She had been so caught up in the moment, consumed by the need to remain objective, that she neglected to notice the fact that her cock had remained completely softened. Even as she stood staring at the juicy arse of her second subject, she couldn’t muster the arousal to plunge deep into her pussy. Was this a result of having already had sex with Kosuzu. Whilst she didn’t want to admit the true nature of her lack of arousal, she knew it to be true. Her desire to remain objective, to remove any and all intimate desire from this ‘scientific’ experiment had effectively neutered her in that moment. Whilst she wasn’t going to admit it, Suika knew exactly what was going on, her salacious purr returning to her lips as she glanced over her shoulder and asked.

“Is there a problem, professor?” The smirk on her lips indicated that she knew this was going to happen. As she rolled onto her back to face Yumemi, she feigned surprise as she reached forward and lightly fondled Yumemi’s cock, squeezing it as she said, “Are you sure you don’t want that drink? To help with the mood? Or perhaps you wish to walk back on the whole, no foreplay?”

“No. That will not be necessary. There… Just give me a moment,” Yumemi stammered as she turned away, facing away from Suika as she fought with her conflicting notions of objectivity and pure desire. Sliding to her feet, Suika steadily advanced on the professor, her hips swaying with unnoticed seductive appeal, the light cocking of her hips indicating supreme understanding of what made sex hot.

“Come good professor. No one blames you for enjoying this. Sex is raw and powerful. It captures lust and sexual deviancy in such an intense and pure way. Even the most reserved of people find themselves emboldened in the arms of sex. Being free of clothing, inhibitions, rules… It’s enough to make any woman quiver. You can keep telling yourself you aren’t enjoying it, even as you hammer that cock of yours into our pussies again and again. You can tell yourself that the physical feelings are necessary for the experiment and that your intense orgasms are for science. You can tell yourself that you aren’t allowed to enjoy it, but…” Suika purred as she brought herself up behind Yumemi, pressing her breasts against the professor’s back, wrapping her hands around the woman’s body, taking her cock in one hand and one of her supple breasts in the other, rolling her nipple back and forth as she brought her lips closer to Yumemi’s ear, “Why shouldn’t you enjoy It?”

“Because this isn’t a brothel. It’s a scientific laboratory. This… This is science…” Yumemi stammered as she felt her skin ignite with flares of desire, the feeling of warmth from the Oni’s body behind her igniting her desire, her sumptuous need for more.

“Then let’s discuss it as so… For your experiment to work, you need to cum inside all three of us, yes? Where in that process does your enjoyment factor in. If you fuck us while telling yourself not to enjoy it, we end up pregnant. You succumb and enjoy each riveting moment of personal pleasure? We end up pregnant. All that changes is how fondly you look back on each orgasmic moment inside of us. So… If you want to continue telling yourself that you need to hate every moment, for science, I’ll bend back over the bed and wait for you to get hard. Or if you want to admit the truth, I’ll swallow every inch of your cock until you’re thick, veiny length is plugging my fucking throat. And then, you can pound my pussy in any position you want, pumping me full of cum before going and ruining that little earth rabbit next door...” Suika purred, removing her hands from the professor’s body and simply resting them on the human’s hips, her lips stretched in a perverse smile as she watched the professor fret. She couldn’t see the woman’s face, but she knew all the thoughts rushing through her mind. Silently, and without a single word, Yumemi turned around and looked into Suika’s eyes.

Suika knew instantly. Her proclivity for those that humans called vices gave her an understanding of these things. She could see pure lust and desire in the professor’s eyes. In fact, she could see it from the moment the human entered the basement. Only now, it was different. No longer was that lust and desire chained and fastened in place. No… Now it was unbridled. It was free. With a deep and lustful grin, one that wielded more satisfaction than she could have expected, Suika dropped to her knees in front of the woman, eager to enjoy her time as a test-subject.

Being somewhat experienced in the realms of sexual pleasure, Suika wasn’t surprised by the bulbous cock that Yumemi sported. She was hardly the first woman she had lain with that had such a unique appendage. Grasping the woman’s cock, she immediately felt a change. Her previous groping hadn’t elicited the slightest reaction from the professor, but now, a simply squeeze worked wonders on steadily hardening her cock. Not wasting any time at all, Suika leant in and captured the girl’s cock in her mouth, wrapping her lips tightly around the base, managing to swallow a great deal of her cock with ease. Steadily inflating inside her mouth, Yumemi’s cock began to grow to its usual length as Suika bathed the shaft in saliva, lathering it in the warm slickness, all the while darting and ducking her tongue around the bulbous cock, tending delectably to the thick, pulsating tip that slowly inched its way down her throat.

Suika kept her lips wrapped snugly around the base, meaning that each and every inch that Yumemi mustered in her hardness went straight down Suika’s throat. It took a little work, but Suika’s tender tongue and the delicate massage she provided Yumemi’s sensitive balls, garnered enough of a reaction from her hardening cock that the thick cock-head was beginning to push against the back of her throat. With a smile filled with cock, Suika swallowed, accepting the engorged cock into her gullet, the tightness of her throat managing to elicit a deep groan of pleasure from Yumemi as her sensitive bulb of flesh was smothered into an even tighter depth. From that point on, Yumemi’s cock hardened almost instantly, stretched down Suika’s throat to surprising extent. Surprised by the length of the professor’s cock, Suika couldn’t help but drop a hand down to her pussy, rubbing her folds back and forth, tending to her throbbing clit.

The promise of such a thick, long cock plunging into her pussy was enough to make her giddy with excitement, yet she maintained her steady mindset and attended to the cock in her throat, knowing full well that she wasn’t going to sacrifice the chance to suckle and savour such a delicious cock, especially when it was already balls deep in her throat. Thrilled that she had managed to sway Yumemi’s sensibilities, Suika launched into a sumptuous blowjob, wanting nothing more than to feel her throat swell and bulge with such a heavenly shaft.

With her cock completely hardened, Yumemi watched as Suika began to move her lips along her shaft, sliding all the way back to the tip of her cock before plunging her lips down the entire length, swallowing her cock in one swift gulp. Moaning loudly as she did so, Yumemi staggered backwards slightly, her legs almost giving away to the wild levels of pleasure surging through her body. Instinctually, Suika lifted both her hands to Yumemi’s hips, steadying her in place before sliding them around to cup the professor’s round and taut ass cheeks. Using her grip on her ass cheeks to pull the professor’s hips forwards, allowing her to get the woman’s cock deeper into her throat, Suika began to build up an rhythm, one that was exceptionally pleasurable for Yumemi. Breathing deeply, Yumemi steadied herself, keeping her eyes locked on the frankly stunning sight of Suika’s face being impaled on her cock, the Oni bouncing her head back and forth with such precision.

Every time she drew her lips back to Yumemi’s tip, the Oni swirled her tongue wildly across the bulbous cock-head, adding to the pleasure. Yumemi assumed that it was for her benefit, but in fact, the movements of her tongue were for Suika’s. Nothing drove her wilder that the taste of pre-cum and every time she pulled her lips back, she made sure to sweep the beads of pre-cum that had leaked from her tip up, the taste causing her pussy to tingle with excitement.
Groping and pulling at Yumemi’s ass cheeks, Suika let her eyes roll closed, sinking herself into her own personal fantasy as she sank the professor’s cock inside of her mouth, savouring the way her throat bulged with each plunge, her gag-reflex having been completely and utterly annihilated by her exhaustive background of sucking cock.

The wet slaps of Yumemi’s rapidly slickening balls had begun to fill the room, Suika relishing each time her heavy sack smacked against her chin, the rhythmic sounds adding to her pure carnal enjoyment. Staring down at Suika, Yumemi wondered if it would be considered rude to literally grab the Oni by the horns and drive her cock forwards of her own free will, throat-fucking the Oni hard and fast. Deciding against it, the professor couldn’t deny that the allure still remained. She was, however, distracted momentarily from such an idea, by another avenue of pleasure being so secretively introduced. She barely even noticed one of Suika’s hands disappearing from her ass cheeks, long enough to dip a single digit inside of the Oni’s already stuffed mouth. It was only when she felt that slickened finger return to her ass cheeks, inching and crawling its way between them, that Yumemi realised exactly what Suika’s intentions were.
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File 157519513997.png - (473.51KB, 800x950, 238d48dc4ffd947832093657a48f7ba7.png)
Inexperienced in that particular avenue of pleasure, Yumemi’s doubts against experiencing what she had considered too perverse for her tastes were quickly diminished and replaced with immediate moans of pleasure.
Suika curled her slicked finger towards Yumemi’s puckered and as yet untouched asshole, causing the professor to moan instantly. Giggling into the cock in her mouth, Suika made sure to keep up her constant barrage of sloppy movements in order to make the slow intrusion of her finger as pleasurable as possible. Wriggling the digit back and forth, she finally managed to get the angle and eased her finger inside. As tight as she was for a virgin ass, Suika’s finger had very little trouble in pushing all the way up to the knuckle, curling inside of her and adding another level of pleasure to the already sumptuous blowjob that Yumemi was facing.

On the verge of simply exploding into orgasm before having fulfilled the very purpose of this encounter, Yumemi tried and failed to get Suika to stop so that she would cum then and there. However, the Oni’s strength made such attempts futile, as her grip on Yumemi meant that she was completely at her mercy, regardless of whether she wanted to be or not. Usually, Yumemi would have fought valiantly to escape so not to corrupt the essence of her experiment by cumming too soon, but she simply succumbed, relaxing and allowing Suika to continue driving her finger into her ass, massaging and lightly fucking her tightest entrance, all the while lavishing her cock with the most delightful of blowjobs.

Nothing Yumemi could do would stop her from cumming deep into Suika’s throat, but she didn’t care at that point. The pleasure had been so intense and powerful, that she could think of nothing more perfect in that moment than unloading herself into Suika’s throat. However, she was sharp enough to know that she wasn’t simply going to cum at the first opportunity. No, if Yumemi was going to cum, she was going to have to be pushed to the very edge, smothered and swarmed with so much pleasure that the only choice she had was to cum or be plunged into sexual delirium. And she was getting closer and closer to that point by the second, with each plunge of Suika’s throat, bringing her closer and closer, inching further and further towards the precipice. She did everything she could to hold off, fighting the driving force of Suika’s finger, combined with the tight warm haven of her silky throat.

With a loud and sudden moan, Yumemi unloaded her orgasm, spilling several long strands of cum deep into the Oni’s mouth, letting the sounds of bliss fill the room as she did so. Not stopping her constant barrage of pleasurable ministrations, Suika continued to bounce her lips along her shuddering shaft, milking each drop of cum with purposeful intent. The humming moans of her own personal satisfaction vibrated through her orgasming cock, her finger being clenched in place by Yumemi’s tight, convulsing arse. Still, her enhanced strength allowed her to continue pumping the digit back and forth, causing more and more tumultuous pleasure to work itself through her body. Yumemi’s legs quivered as she let her orgasm fly loose. Expecting her cock to begin to soften, leading her to spend some time recuperating, Yumemi was surprised as her cock remained thick, hard and rigid within Suika’s throat, the Oni continuing to lavish her cock with more silky movements, keeping her at full mast. Unthreading her finger from the professor’s ass, Suika maintained her constant suckling movements, slurping eagerly on the woman’s cock, still ever enthralled by the size and bulging nature.

Not often consumed so completely by the momentary satisfaction of sex, Suika found herself completely forgetting about the actual experiment and remained steadfast in simply enjoying having her lips around a rather impressive and enjoyable cock. So much so, that Yumemi was powerless to stop her doing so, with the Oni steadily working towards bringing the Professor to a second orgasm, long before she had fulfilled the object of her study. Fortunately, Yumemi was able to break Suika’s haze of bliss, snapping her out of the mindless enjoyment she was getting from gorging herself on a fat, juicy cock. With her lips stretched and her cheeks bulging, Suika finally plucked her lips from Yumemi’s cock with a smirk.

That however, didn’t mark the end of the fun. In fact, Suika was surprised at how readily Yumemi converted to her more salacious tendencies. Hauling Suika up onto her feet, Yumemi wrapped an arm around her waist, pulling her hips towards her own, the woman’s throbbing cock, pressing between their bodies, sandwiched against their stomach, smearing spittle and pre-cum across their skin whilst pulsating against Suika’s folds. Moaning softly as she felt the cock nudging against her entrance, Suika was quickly swept away by a sudden kiss from Yumemi, their lips pressing firmly together in a uniquely passionate embrace. Moaning loudly into the professor’s lips, Suika draped her arms around the professor’s neck, pulling her deeper into the kiss, their tongues battling fiercely as they wove their way deeper and deeper, exploring the depths of each other’s throats, all the while grinding their most sensitive areas together. Their hips rocked back and forth, grinding their crotches against one another, their breasts sinking into one another, prodding their hardened nipples into the soft supple flesh. Yumemi’s hands went straight to Suika’s ass cheeks, sinking deep into their pliable silkiness, her animalistic desire driving her to paw and pull at their heavenly mass.

Suika was thrilled that Yumemi had taken her speech to heart, transforming into a pure object of desire and lust, driven by pleasure and desire, ignoring her foolish instincts to struggle in service of wasted objectivity. Having signed up for the experiment purely on the basis of kinky sexual exploration, she was thrilled to finally see that being displayed by the experimenter herself. Now, the only thing that remained in Suika’s pursuit of more sexual deviancy was to convince the professor that more communal sleeping arrangements were a better idea. One step at a time she thought, simply succumbing to the moment.

Immediately, Yumemi broke their embrace, grabbing Suika by the hips and turning her around. Giggling as she was manhandled, Suika felt herself get bent over at the waist, her hands resting on the bed-sheets as Yumemi stepped up behind her. With a lustful grin on her face, Suika waited with bated breath for the all too familiar sensation of a throbbing cock-head pressing snugly against her folds. Guiding her cock to the girl’s folds, Yumemi hurriedly searched for the Oni’s entrance, finding it immediately, feeling Suika’s folds grasp at her cock, beckoning her deeper. Anticipating a slow and eventual penetration, rife with teasing and the perfect amount of titillation, Suika was instead offer an immediate plunge of thick veiny cock into her pussy, causing her to gasp loudly as she felt every inch sink into her tight and clutching depths. It wasn’t the slow burn she expected, but the playful fun she had with Yumemi’s cock had made her ready all the same. The pleasure was sublime. There was nothing else in the world that Suika loved more than the feeling of being filled to the brim with a nice cock.

Combined with the sensation of someone’s crotch pressing snugly against her arse, a heavy pair of cum-laden balls smacking against her pussy, and she was in heaven. Yumemi similarly revelled in the delightful, delicious pleasure of being submerged in another tight pussy. She was already letting her mind get awash with pleasure, her thoughts wandering as she did so. She couldn’t help but wonder if she could expand the scope of her study to explore the intimate biological differences between Humans, Oni and Earth Rabbits; an expansion that would result in her being able to properly study every aspect of her subjects. Repeatedly.

That idea lingered but was quickly removed by Suika impatiently rocking her hips forwards, beginning to fuck herself on the cock lodged in her pussy. With a grin, Yumemi reminded Suika who was in charge. Throwing caution to the wind, she reached forwards and grabbed the Oni’s horns, pulling them backwards as she thrust forwards, burying her cock deep inside of Suika and silencing every sound from the Oni’s lips, reducing them to the sounds of quivering pleasure. Moans flooded from the Oni’s lips as Yumemi plunged into a wild series of thrusts, using Suika’s horns as an anchor, allowing her to drive her hips forwards harder and faster, sinking her cock into Suika deeper and with more impact. Normally, Suika despised having her horns used in such a way, but considering the rougher treatment was ultimately a symbol of Yumemi succumbing to her more perverse desires, she was more than happy to have her body used in such an exciting way. Besides, most people who tried to use her horns like Yumemi was did so for their own sexual pleasure, yet Yumemi was using them with power and impact, slamming her cock harder and deeper into her pussy, creating a shared bond of pleasure. And that was more than enough for Suika to allow such a brusque and somewhat demeaning use of her physical features. Their bodies collided wildly, the contrasting sounds and pleasures that came from Yumemi’s time with Kosuzu making the powerful rhythmic bliss of fucking Suika all the more enjoyable.

Suika continued to push and pull her hips alongside Yumemi, creating even more pleasure as the woman’s cock scratched deeper itches than Suika had ever known she had. The heavy slapping of flesh, the laboured breathing brought about by a combination of physical exertion and sexual pleasure, all of it was simply the best, bringing the two of them rattling towards their orgasms despite them only being connected in such a way for minutes at most. Yumemi’s cock was already sensitive, whilst Suika had been masturbating since the professor’s fuck with Kosuzu, meaning that they were both of the verge of truly explosive endings, all of which would culminating in the insemination that was so crucial to Yumemi study. Yet at that moment, her study was the farthest thing on Yumemi’s mind to the point where she almost pulled out and painted Suika’s face with her load.

This time, Yumemi didn’t stop to think about letting her partner cum first and instead hammered her cock deep into Suika’s pussy, spilling her cum inside of her depths, spurting rope after rope of seemingly unending orgasm into the eager Oni’s pussy. Groaning with satisfaction as she was filled to the brim with cum, Suika savoured the unique sensation that she hadn’t yet felt in her whole career of sexual deviancy. She had always opted to not get pregnant, yet now she realised she had been missing out on a shudderingly brilliant sensation. The utter newness of the feeling caused her orgasm to rear up and ripple through her body, her legs shaking slightly as she clung to the bed, loving the way that Yumemi kept her held In place, her hands firmly tightened on her horns, making sure not to let go until she was sure that every drop of cum had been drained from her balls. Finally, she let go, sliding her cock out of the Oni’s pussy, breathing deeply as she did so. Rolling onto her back, grinning lustfully, Suika lifted an eyebrow in confusion as Yumemi turned and went for the door, instantly opening it and locking it behind her. With a smirk, Suika called out, “Not in the mood for pillow talk?”

Yet the quip went completely unnoticed and unheard. Like a woman possessed, Yumemi stepped straight towards Tewi’s test chamber, swiftly unlocking the door and stepping inside. Suika tried to crane her neck to see what was happening, but resorted to simply listening through the wall. It seemed that her pep-talk at the beginning of their session had truly inspired Yumemi. All that Suika knew was that Tewi was in for the most sublime fuck of her life.
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File 15751955048.jpg - (109.11KB, 864x648, science3.jpg)

“Professor?” Tewi called out as the door to her quarters slid open, the red-haired woman stepping and not bothering to shut it behind her. Despite having just cum twice before, her cock was already rock-hard, throbbing and pulsating between her thighs, a look of pure desire on her face. A little taken aback by the sudden sight of the arousal-driven woman, Tewi couldn’t help but feel a quiver of anticipation between her legs, her folds dampening slightly as she was met with the immediate embodiment of carnal lust and desire. All eight inches of it…

Rising to her feet, Tewi smiled softly as she faced the woman, only to immediately gasp as Yumemi advanced on her with intense purpose. Suddenly, the rabbit felt her body collide with the wall behind her, her breathing intensifying. She barely had time to make a soft exclamation before her surprised sounds were silenced by Yumemi’s lips, the red-haired professor lunging a hand around the back of Tewi’s neck, pulling her closer and deeper into the kiss. Taken aback by the sheer swiftness and tenacity of Yumemi’s tongue, Tewi stood motionless, paralysed out of shock as Yumemi’s tongue explored the depths of her mouth, darting back and forth as the naked girl pressed her body against Tewi, the warmth of their embrace setting Tewi’s heart a flutter, causing her breathing to deepen as the exuding sexuality from Yumemi’s driven desire flooded over her, corrupting her to share in the primal intensity that Yumemi was displaying.

It was a far cry from the clinical observations that Tewi overheard the woman making and whilst the quiet rabbit had anticipated a somewhat awkward encounter during this experiment, she didn’t expect to be met with such a commanding and intense force. It was almost intoxicating to have the professor breathing such heavy breaths, her hands moving across the earth rabbit’s body, groping and pulling at her, taking control of the situation and commanding the smaller girl’s clothed body. It was exceptionally different from everyone of Tewi’s sexual experiences, yet it was infinitely exciting and thrilling.

Timid though she was, Tewi was more than thrilled to not have to take an active role in this consummation. She was all too eager to have Yumemi command her supple body. However, Tewi did not yet know exactly what was rushing through Yumemi’s mind, the thoughts and perverse utterings that had claimed the woman’s thoughts. Suika’s previous statement regarding how no matter which path Yumemi chose -the cold and clinical, or savouring the experience- the end was the same. Tewi would end up pregnant no matter what mindset dominated her. And if she savoured the experience, then there was an awful lot she could savour before culminating in the inevitable end. There was plenty other deviancies that could stand as a buffer between now and the explosive end. All caution was thrown to the wind. Yumemi intended to enjoy every avenue possible with the pliable form of Tewi Inaba. Every… single… one…

She did at least feel some degree of apprehension unleashing her perverse thoughts on the quiet and sweet looking Tewi, as playful as she could be. Everything about her screamed virgin, despite her age. However, Tewi was well-experienced to say the least, though not in the ways that would prove useful in satiating Yumemi’s desires. Earth Rabbits were known for their softer sensibilities when it came to sex. Whilst Tewi was experienced, it was in slow paced, intimate, romantic and tender love-making. The kind that took hours to culminate. Rumour of the sheer intensity of pleasure at such culmination led people to assume Earth Rabbits to be masters of the sexual world, but it wasn’t the case.

They simply preferred softer and more intimate sex. At least, most did. Tewi was older than her body suggested, and whilst she had satiated her desire for soft and loving sex, she found herself in need of a carnal itch that simply couldn’t scratch itself. It began when she procured for herself a dildo, a common item amongst Earth Rabbit sex, as it allows for control of both partners orgasms. If one Is moving too quickly towards their end, a dildo can be used to maintain pleasure in one party whilst the other caught up.

However, Tewi used it in solace and found pleasure in increased speed. It was only slightly, but she soon realised that she had savoured the Earth Rabbit way long enough and needed to have… more. Incidentally, that was when Yumemi approached her about the experiment and Tewi realised that this could very well be the opportunity to experience something powerful and new. And her realisation was affirmed the moment she was pinned up against the wall, the heavy rising chest of the pleasure-consumed Yumemi threatening to smother her smaller, frailer form. And it was in that moment that every Youkai sensibility abandoned her. For the next hour or several hours, Tewi was no Earth Rabbit. She was a pleasure-hungry girl, desperate for new sensations and pleasures. And she got them almost immediately.
Yumemi didn’t waste a single moment in grabbing the front of Tewi’s dress and immediately tearing it in two. Gasping as the fabric pinched against her skin before shredding, Tewi found her body exposed to the cool air of the room and the hot breath of the professor. In Youkai fashion, she elected to not wear a bra, instead only donning a pair of simple panties, panties that Tewi didn’t even notice being dropped around her ankles.

Before she could even register the fact, she was stripped naked, her clothing in tatters on the floor, her pussy dripping wet and her body begging, pleading for more from Yumemi. Equally hungry for pleasure, Yumemi plucked her lips away from Tewi’s, moaning as she abandoned the haven of the rabbit’s mouth, instead searching for more satisfying areas to gorge herself on. Trailing down Tewi’s exposed skin, her neck and collar-bone, Yumemi came face to face with the girl’s breasts, her eyes widening as she saw them in full. The earth rabbit was a deceptive one. Her clothing betrayed her true bustiness, as her breasts bulged and bounced with each rise of Tewi’s chest. Each one was a sizable handful, capped off with petite pink nipples, hardened in the cold air of the room. Stopping for the briefest of moments, Yumemi eyed up the rest of the rabbit’s body, seeing her sumptuous curves and rather voluptuous body.

She was beyond gorgeous, her juicy plumpness making for a delicious change given the previous two subjects and their thinner, perter forms. Shaking herself free from her distraction, Yumemi sank her hands into each of Tewi’s breasts, gently massaging and fondling them, loving the way her flesh sprang back to form, her nipples rubbing lightly against her palms as she passed back and forth over them. Throwing her head back, Tewi bit her lip, adoring having her tits played with. Youkai foreplay often began with the breasts, with people lavishing and attending to each of her nipples with slow, methodical intensity, curling their tongues gently around the beads. It could last for ages, with the slow burn setting their loins on fire and preparing them for more intimate sex. Thankfully, Yumemi had something very different in mind. Slow and methodical were not words that had any place in her mind at this moment. Ravenous and passionate. Those fit her so much more.

Lunging forwards with her lips, she latched them around one of Tewi’s succulent breast, her tongue lathering her nipple with saliva, rushing back and forth, lapping and curving across its hardened surface, reducing the Youkai a quivering mess of moans as she clung to the wall behind her. Continuing to fondle her other breast, she pinched Tewi’s nipple between her thumb and forefinger, lightly squeezing and tenderly pulling on it, stretching her delicate teat until a light gasp came from Tewi’s lips. Letting her tit bounce back into place, Yumemi curbed the sting of having her nipple teased by swapping her lips, bringing the lightly red bud into her mouth and lavishing it with her tongue, smothering the redness with supple pleasure and drawing more moans from the girl’s mouth. Grinning madly with pleasure, Tewi felt a hand grab her slickened nipple, Yumemi squeezing the breast she had already attended to, inadvertently smearing her spittle across her pale expanse of skin.

Unable to get the same grip on her slippery teat, Yumemi resorting using her mouth. Swapping back, she pinched that hardened nipple between her teeth, lightly nibbling on it as she bit and pulled on it, contrasting the pain and pleasure to create a delicious combination, one that stood in stark opposition to the usual treatment that Tewi’s nipples gained, sending shuddering pleasure rippling through the Youkai’s body. Plucking her lips away from her breasts, Yumemi pushed them against Tewi’s lips once more, pressing her body up against the Youkai’s, their breasts sandwiched together, slipping back and forth as the copious amounts of saliva smothered both their tits, lubing them to a slight glimmer.

Her hardened cock pushed between Tewi’s thighs, sliding along the delectably soft folds of the rabbit’s pussy, adding to the heightened pleasure working through their bodies. Yumemi had half a mind to angle herself perfectly and simply slam her cock deep into the clutching Youkai’s cunt, pounding her as the two of them snogged intently, yet she starved herself of such an action, instead preferred to saw her hips back and forth, lightly fucking Tewi’s folds, teasing the pleasure-ridden rabbit with more blissful satisfaction.

Pulling her lips away from Tewi’s once more, the two of them stared at one another, breathless, moans dripping from their lips. Unable to deny herself the hunger that had been prevailing since Suika had dared to take her cock into her mouth, Yumemi immediately dropped to her knees, not giving Tewi so much as a slight warning before shuffling forwards and sliding her lips up against the Youkai’s pussy. Both of them moaned deeply as Yumemi’s lips lightly brushed against the rabbit’s outer folds. Tewi moaned because of innate pleasure derived from having someone’s hot breath emanating across her drenched folds, whilst Yumemi let out her moan due to the satisfying taste of the rabbit’s cunt.

Ever since her cock touched Suika’s lips, that hunger and desire to devour someone’s pussy settled itself in the back of Yumemi’s mind. Even as she hammered her cock into Suika’s pussy, she was constantly plagued by the desires to unsheathe herself and plunge her tongue inside instead and savour the deliciously sweet taste of pussy. Now that she her lips against someone’s glistening folds, the taste of her arousal collecting on her tongue, Yumemi found herself tingling with pleasure. Her tongue ran all the way along Tewi’s pussy, licking clean the outer folds of her anatomy, searching for all the sweet juices that she could derive.

When nothing but the gleam of her saliva coated the girl’s pussy, Yumemi began to curl her tongue beneath those outer lips, sliding her tongue through her inner folds, eagerly exploring all the nooks and avenues of Tewi’s pussy. It was a delightful pleasure for the professor; that of exploring someone’s pussy. It always seemed so endless and new every time she did it. No doubt if she returned to devour Suika and Kosuzu’s pussies, she would find infinitely different folds and secrets within their tight, wet entrances. Perhaps that could be yet another avenue of study. The anatomical differences of the three species tight cunts. Naturally, such a study would require both an external and internal examination. And whilst it wouldn’t be explicit scientific practice to conduct such an inspection with one’s tongue, Yumemi was confident that any form of close and personal examination would be sufficient. Besides, only her tongue could find those deep and hidden parts that elicited such delight squeals of orgasmic pleasure from her subjects; a fact proven by the sudden exclamation of pleasure that shuddered from Tewi’s very core, bursting free as she arched her back against the wall, pushing her crotch forwards with eager anticipation for more of the same kind of pleasure. Yumemi had found her clit.

As Yumemi brought her tongue rapidly back and forth across the sensitive bulb of flesh, yet another idea for a scientific paper, or rather tutorial crossed her mind, ‘A Professor’s Guide To Clit Locating’. Should could provide details on multiple species and perhaps chronicle every single species Gensokyo had to offer. It was a brief thought, as her mind was then quickly consumed by attacking and pleasuring Tewi’s clit with as much pleasurable movement as possible, loving the squeaks and quivers that escaped the girls lips as she did so. Usually, Youkai would take slow languid movements across their clits as opposed to rapid brushes. In fact, Youkai oral was less focussed on intense and constant pleasure, but slow and steady build. It felt so unfamiliar to have a tongue lunging back and forth across her most sensitive area, peaking the pleasure swiftly and holding her there for as long as possible.

Tewi felt herself beginning to shake as she clung to nearby wall, holding onto anything for support. Resting a hand on Yumemi’s head, she clung to the wild red-hair as a way to stop her knees from giving out from underneath her. She could feel her orgasm building, the sweet release of pure intensity coming and coming quickly. What took hours in Youkai consummation took mere minutes with Yumemi, and whilst it wasn’t nearly as powerful or as impactful, there was the distinct and certain promise of more subsequent orgasms, each growing in delicious levels of pleasure. It was all becoming so much for the rabbit to bear as she tried to steady herself on her feet, but ultimately began to fail.
She found herself teetering on the edge of orgasm, about to slip over when suddenly and without warning, Yumemi withdrew her tongue. Tewi barely had time to object, her orgasm only slightly creeping back when Yumemi unleashed the final push that would usher forth an explosion of orgasmic intensity. Making her tongue as rigid as possible, Yumemi placed it at the very entrance to Tewi’s pussy and plunged it as deep inside as possible. Gasping loudly Tewi’s body seized as pleasure coursed through every inch of her form. The combined newness of the pleasure in comparison to having her clit teased, and the suddenness of the intrusion acted as the final jolt that sent pure orgasmic pleasure thundering through her body.

Her pussy clamped down on Yumemi’s tongue, pinning it in place as her arousal flooded down over her taste-buds, giving Yumemi her reward for making the rabbit cum. For a minute at least, her body quivered, finally relaxing a little as she collapsed to her knees, draping her body over her bed, presenting her ass to Yumemi.

Breathing deeply, Tewi felt Yumemi’s hands rest on her ass cheeks, prying them apart to reveal her holes; tight and ready. A smile stretched across her face as she waited for the familiar pressure of a cock to rest against her pussy. She waited for Yumemi to achieve the object of her experiment. However, no such pressure came. No such pleasure tingled through her body. Instead, Yumemi revealed that she wasn’t done quite yet. Tewi felt, with one long brush of her tongue, Yumemi lick her tight and puckered asshole, causing Tewi’s eyes to fly open; partly from shock and partly from pleasure. The professor couldn’t possibly be thinking of doing that, was she? She got her answer rather swiftly as she felt the tip of Yumemi’s tongue beginning to dart back and forth across her asshole, tracing every delicate crease of her tight, untouched asshole. Youkai rabbits didn’t partake in that sort of pleasure. Well, at least not females.

So, to feel a tongue brushing across her hole, revealing that it was not only sensitive but able to elicit pleasure comparable to having her pussy licked, was a revelation that shook Tewi’s body. She had another avenue of sublime pleasure at her disposal, yet, she never dared to engage with it. Those thoughts were quickly robbed from the Youkai as Yumemi pulled away and angled the tip of her tongue towards the rabbit’s entrance, making her tongue as rigid as was possible. Slowly and steadily, she began to apply pressure, pushing forwards, inching her wriggling slippery tongue inside of Tewi’s asshole. Expecting pain, Tewi felt nothing but intense pleasure. It was the same intense pleasure that she had felt the first time a cock had entered her pussy. The feeling of being stretched and of being full. That experience, that experience that had set her on her sexual journey, the feeling of having a virgin hole penetrated for the first time was so intense for Tewi that she couldn’t resist. She had only felt that pleasure once before in her entire life and now she had an opportunity to experience it again. With steamy breath and desperation in her voice, Tewi moaned to Yumemi, “Professor… please… please fuck my ass…”
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File 157519558411.jpg - (83.72KB, 840x1000, 4fff6bb6b548aa3d18cecb9fced469c0.jpg)
Those words would forever ring in Yumemi’s mind. That was what she hoped the rabbit would say, yet she didn’t expect the girl to be so immediately explicit about her desires. Plucking her tongue from Tewi’s asshole, Yumemi made sure to drench the girl’s puckered entrance with saliva, massaging it into place with her fingers. Whilst her cock remained hard and lubricated with a combination of pre-cum, spittle and Suika’s own arousal, Yumemi made sure to drizzle a mouthful of saliva across her cock, jerking her shaft back and forth a few times to ensure that it was completely coated. Resting her hand on Tewi’s ass, she spread her rounded and plump cheeks apart, revealing in its entirety that tight little hole. Shuffling forwards, she rested the bulbous tip up against the girl’s arse, gently pressing into the concave that was her entrance. She could feel Tewi’s anxiety about it but knew that the laboured breath and light moaning was a sign of this being a desperate desire within the Youkai. She wanted it.

This was the new pleasure that she had signed up in search of. Having a cock plunge into her ass was the sensation that would break her free from the quiet and intimate ways of the Youkai and bring her into the world of true explosive pleasure. She may have wanted it, but it was more than that. She needed it more than anything. And Yumemi was more than happy to provide.

Easing slowly forwards, Yumemi realised Tewi’s virginity in this matter and took a slower approach, curbing her wild animalistic desires to pound her ass ravenously. Instead, she searched for that perfect angle, the perfect position to slip inside. Her fat cock-head pressed tightly against her unrelenting entrance, until finally, she felt the girl’s asshole give away, the very tip of her head breaching her sumptuously tight hole. Moaning softly as she pressed onwards, Yumemi eased her way in until Tewi’s puckered ass wrapped snugly around the head of her cock. Expecting a grunt of sound of initial discomfort, Yumemi was pleasantly surprised by the moans and sounds of pleasure coming from Tewi. She seemed to be utterly enthralled by the feeling of having her arse plugged for the first time. Taking note of that, Yumemi’s scientific mind wondered if there were additional pleasure centres on Youkai’s rear entrances allowing for more enjoyable anal sex. Perhaps it would be of worth studying that as well.

A thought that lasted all of a few seconds given how her mind was immediately swarmed with pleasured when she pushed further forwards, the tight clutching nature of Tewi’s ass replacing any semblance of thought with that of pleasure. Her ass was immensely tight, yet so easy to push into after that initial trouble with gaining entry. And no matter how much of her fat cock slipped inside the girl’s virgin ass, she moaned louder than anything before, biting her lip with each inch that slipped inside her. Relishing the fact that her cock was being sucked deeper into such a tight hole, Yumemi was almost disappointed when her crotch met with the rounded bum of the earth rabbit, her balls slapping against the drenched folds of the Youkai. She was stuffed to the brim with several inches of thick and juicy cock, with even the slightest hint of pain being smothered by that pleasure that had initially caused Tewi to fall in love with sex in the first place.

Eager to experience being fucked in the ass properly, Tewi took the first step. Yumemi had planned to let the rabbit adjust, but Tewi took things into her own hands, pulling herself forwards and easing every inch of cock out of her ass, only to being lightly fucking herself on the rigid slab of cock. Immediately surprised, Yumemi simply let Tewi bounce back and forth on her cock, pushing harder and harder, with each thrust. It was hardly the wild sex that Yumemi had had with Suika, but it was definitely something given how this was her first ever anal experience. Resting her hands on the rabbit’s hips, Yumemi continued to guide her back and forth, relishing the smacking of their bodies and the lingering tightness of the rabbit’s ass.

Even after a couple minutes of light fucking, she remained as tight as ever, her asshole seemingly fitting to her cock perfectly. Tewi’s moans filled the entire room as she simply enjoyed being ass-fucked. Most girls would rub their pussies or intensely finger themselves to smother the pain of being anally penetrated, yet Tewi could feel no such need. It was perfectly balanced between pain and pleasure, allowing for a really complex sensation to build within her body. The twisting of another orgasm within her core made her moan sharply. It would seem an anal orgasm would be infinitely different from a regular one, given how she wasn’t getting any pleasure from her pussy at all. Yet it was all becoming so intense. So brilliant. She couldn’t possibly imagine how it could get any better, when as she pulled forwards, unsheathing every inch of cock from her arse, she then suddenly felt Yumemi grab her hips and pull her sharply backwards, slamming her cock hard and fast into the rabbit’s ass. That’s how it could get better.

The suddenness claimed every sense of her body, as the largest burst of pleasure coursed through her body. Rendered immobile, not from pain, but from satisfaction, Tewi felt her ass beginning to empty as Yumemi took control of the pace and power. Drawing her hips backwards, she slid her entire cock out of Tewi’s ass, slowing down considerably, only to sharply thrust back inwards, filling her to the brim and leaving Tewi to contemplate the pleasurable contrast of being empty and then full of cock. It was sublime to say the least. Whilst frozen in place, moans still worked their way out from her lips, revealing just how much she was enjoying being rigorously fucked in the arse. Again and again, Yumemi drove herself forwards, steadily pulling out and then hammering back in, her balls smacking harder and harder against Tewi’s dripping wet pussy. The rabbit’s thighs and legs were gleaming as her arousal slipped across her skin. Her nipples throbbed with pleasure, tingling as Yumemi thrust forward.

It was if every thrust sent a wave of pleasure through her body, shuddering through her sensitive areas, and bringing out more blissful perfection. No matter how hard she tried, Tewi couldn’t put it into words. She quickly gave up, simply closing her eyes and relishing the sensation, barely even noticing when her pussy began to quiver, her core beginning to tighten, her orgasm rearing its head. The pleasure was so intense, she barely even noticed it beginning to culminate. That orgasm came so quickly that it flew Tewi’s eyes open, her mind becoming addled by nothing but that orgasmic bliss. Everything seemed to go numb as her pussy and ass hummed with pleasure. Her fingers tingled as she clutched the sheets beneath her, everything being reduced to pleasure. Every sense she had softened allowing for the steep and sudden incline of pleasure and nothing but pleasure. It lasted for a couple minutes as far as Tewi could recall, yet Yumemi didn’t stop her constant thrusting, knowing full well that she was coming to her own orgasm. It was only when Yumemi finally reached her own orgasm that Tewi’s one appeared to cease.

Breathing heavily and she thrust back and forth, faster and faster, Yumemi felt her balls beginning to tighten. Not wanting to waste this opportunity, she wrestled her cock out of Tewi’s tightening, orgasming ass, and right before she came, guided her cock into the rabbit’s pussy, spurting forth her final orgasm of the day. A wash of sweet relief came over the professor as she drained herself deep inside. Her body shook with pleasure as she felt her body beginning to ache. She couldn’t rightly tell how much cum she had deposited in Tewi’s pussy, or indeed how long her own orgasm lasted. All she could remember was her cock eventually slipping out of Tewi’s pussy, cum leaking onto the floor as the two of them remained in their positions, exhausted, yet infinitely satisfied.

Yumemi dared not move, worried that if she did, she would either collapse or faint from exhaustion. Tewi simply didn’t move because the notion didn’t occur to her. Her eyes rolled closed as sleep began to take over her and she simply fell into a slumber, slumped over the edge of her bed, her arse presented to the researcher, and her asshole still puckered as tight as it was beforehand. After a couple minutes, Yumemi eventually rose to her feet, collapsing towards the wall but managing to catch herself before she hit the floor. Steadying herself, she followed the wall around, finding the door wide open as she left it. Staggering outside, she hauled the door closed behind her, the long arduous walk to her desk presenting a very real problem. Taking one step away from the wall, she dropped to her knees, her legs too weak to support herself. Crawling on all fours, she managed to make it to her rudimentary laboratory, no clear direction for her in mind. As soon as she spotted her office chair, she decided that was her goal, yet despite her best effort, she couldn’t haul herself up onto it, instead finding herself succumbing to sleep then and there, her head resting on the seat as the rest of her knelt on the floor.

Uncomfortable as it was, it was more than enough to take her to sleep, the day of exhausting pleasurable satisfaction catching up with her, carrying her off to equally pleasurable dreams.
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File 157519676973.jpg - (96.01KB, 850x917, science5.jpg)

Plucking her recorder from her desk and the three usual folders, Yumemi rose to her feet and bid her assistant a good-day. Finishing the cup of coffee that served to wake her up, Yumemi made her way down the stairs and into the basement with a light skip. As she hit the floor, she unbuttoned her long white lab-coat, the garment falling to floor revealing her completely naked body and already hardened cock. Dropping the folders in her lab, she turned to her three subjects, all three of them progressing through the pregnancies. All of them were naked, with them not even bothering to wear clothes at all, finding them to be nothing but a hinderance given the events of each day.

There were a couple changes of note. Each wall separating each subject now had a round hole carved out; one that was perfectly shaped to allow one of the two subjects between whom the wall separated them to present their round asses to the other. Now whatever they chose to use it for was obviously not of Yumemi’s concern, no matter how much she did enjoy watching regardless. Several sex-toys now populated all three rooms, with the three subjects favourites being claimed and treasured for their own personal entertainment.

Grabbing a clipboard, Yumemi strode out in front of the three subjects, all of whom immediately made their way to the front of their testing chambers, leaning out eager to hear from their professor.

“Good-morning ladies. Today’s particular study will be… the location of pleasure-centres across varying species, with special focus of those residing within the ass,” Yumemi announced, reading down a long list of experiments and studies, scratching of the next one in the list before putting it away. All three of the ladies celebrated in their own way, eager to see what results the experiment would provide.

Turning back around, Yumemi smiled with a perverse and salacious grin, “Lube up, ladies…”


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