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I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.
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File 149627530894.jpg - (404.36KB , 850x3400 , Walk into the light.jpg ) [iqdb]
14903 No. 14903
Yeah, I know. Odd name, right? Well, this contest is focused on picking any two games or written works' cast and slapping them together in some way. The only limit is that it has to be the first game they were in. So no picking SA or PoFV and getting a ton of characters. If you want Reimu, you need to be more highly responsive to prayers, if you get my drift.

The deadline will be July 1st at 00:01 site time. If you need more time, say so before the deadline.

As with the previous contest, there will be prizes. First place on a given category will earn you what amounts to crappy commission art. However, I do intend to give it my all, so long as the request is within reason. Ties will both earn a prize. In the event you don't request one, I'll draw something based on the story itself.

On that note, one prize remains unclaimed in the previous contest.

Categories are: SFW and NSFW. The flavor of the day is Best Pairing.
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>> No. 14905
File 149627752399.jpg - (449.54KB , 700x608 , Go surprisingly well together.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>/shorts/2136 SFW
>>/at/38262 NSFW

Let the crack pairings games begin!

The inspiration for the contest goes to Anon this time. >>14898 had an idea that I twisted into something I felt would make for an interesting contest.

I was gonna make a historically inaccurate contest, but sadly July isn't today.
>> No. 14906
Woah, this is the first complex theme I've seen in a contest. And it opens the road for crossovers... I can't wait to see the entries
>> No. 14907
If you want...

-Marisa: use Story of Eastern Wonderland
-Yuuka: use Lotus Land Story
-Mima: use Highly Responsive to Prayers
-Aya: use Phantasmagoria of Flower View
>> No. 14908
what if I want Rin Satsuki though

This looks pretty interesting, I might actually enter something. Just to be sure, are crossovers allowable like >>14906 suggests? I assumed so at first, but realized that the games or written works could be meant to be Touhou-specific.
>> No. 14909
Pretty sure he means 2hus Only, Final Destination, considering the specific mention of Touhou games.
>> No. 14910

Other works are acceptable. Didn't think to mention them. My bad.
>> No. 14911
File 14962820868.jpg - (246.87KB , 850x1193 , OHHSHIT.jpg ) [iqdb]

There's a simpler way to end confusion, but thanks for the efforts. Appreciate it.

For those wanting to know who is in what game, the wiki is very helpfully categorized.



>> No. 14912
See? We have the first confusion already. This is a good thing for me. Complex conditions means complex stories... Sometimes
>> No. 14913
>The only limit is that it has to be the first game they were in.

But what if I want to mash something up with Not-Just-Recently-Moved-to-Gensokyo Sanae, or Not-Omnicidally-Insane Okuu, or Not-Currently-Trying-to-Blot-Out-the-Sun Remilia?

>If you want Reimu, you need to be more highly responsive to prayers, if you get my drift.

But what if I want to mash something up with Not-Purple-Haired Reimu, or Not-Child Alice,
or Not-a-Brown-Haired-Witch-Apprentice Marisa?
>> No. 14914

Think this way: each game/whatever you pick is like a DLC for unlocking those particular character for use however you see fit. HRtP gets you Reimu and the rest, at any point in time, to use however you see fit. Basically, it's to avoid Reimu being an auto unlock in almost every pack, and to avoid certain games being absurdly appealing to pick, as it gives you a massive roster.

However, with games outside Touhou, I'm willing to ignore that for the sake of freedom. It's just like this for Touhou to avoid people power gaming by picking double spoiler and impossible spellcards or the like.
>> No. 14915
>The flavor of the day is Best Pairing.

Does this means the story should focus on a ship, or at least contains a shipping?
>> No. 14916

Should? No. Can? Most certainly. It's why I made the crack pairings joke, as they're quite likely in this situation.

However, the special category is always optional. I just think about what's likely to happen in a contest and think of how to give a bit of an extra challenge for those interested.
>> No. 14917
Heh, here I am self-indulgently writing a 2hu-related short about my character from a tabletop RPG I'm in, and then this contest pops up with the potential for crossovers.

Yet, well, I'm real hesitant to try posting it here because, frankly? Using a tabletop campaign as the 'other game' in the the context of the contest feels... well, really cheaty and maybe going against the spirit of the rules.

Like, writing a character from an official sourcebook for the TRPG as one part of the crossover? Sounds legit. Writing my SPESHUL OC STEEL DONUT TYPE from a totally original campaign that just uses the same TRPG as a rulebook? Skeevy.

Anyway, I just wanted to ask if, indeed, this falls outside the boundaries of what you had in mind with the rules, OP, before I just post it straight up and possibly cause a ruckus over what's a legit entry. If not, that's fine.
>> No. 14918
Speaking not as the organizer but as another TRPG player who sometimes writes fiction about OCs, I agree that your idea feels against the spirit of the rules. But I'm still kind of curious now. And you could always post your story in, say, /shorts/. Mind me asking what the game is that you're in?
>> No. 14919

Since you asked, it's a game of Nechronica, that fun game about zombie children and the terrible things that happen to them. It feels like it could fit oddly well with a bit of touhou, which is why I defaulted to using a touhou as a viewpoint character for my thing.

Still, the more I think about it, the less comfortable I feel about posting it in this contest even if it did get approved after all. If I want to enter something, I can definitely come up with a story that's not skirting the spirit of the rules like this. I was already set on posting my thing to /shorts/ regardless when it was done, so this isn't a big loss or anything.

This kinda renders my earlier questioning pointless, hah. Sorry for clogging the thread with this after all, folks.
>> No. 14920
With this you get guaranteed critique. And you may win prizes! Go for it.
>> No. 14921

I'll allow it, but, as always, I'm only one vote. The voters are the true ones to decide, but I for one would rather be able to read it than not.
>> No. 14922
File 149635985227.jpg - (196.42KB , 850x601 , 00f7e9dc2474b36618edb3ea92114b385.jpg ) [iqdb]
It went unsaid with the recent contests, but is the limit for one story one post or two? Just wanted to know.
>> No. 14923
It was asked a few contests back, there's no limit
>> No. 14924
So, uh, lemme get this straight: crossovers are cool, right? If I want to mix Touhou with, say, Final Fantasy or whatever, I don't have to worry about picking one particular game from each series?
>> No. 14925
Well, explain what you mean and I'll consider it. My thought was, say, EoSD/FF9 as an example of a crossover entry. To be honest, though, every single contest of mine has had no rules against crossovers thus far.

To be cheesy, the only limit is your imagination. ...Well, and your ability to work within slight constraint.
>> No. 14926
Wait, so... does that mean I could do something like Touhou/Kemono Friends?
>> No. 14927
Well, I don't actually know much about the latter, but assuming they're both particular games and not a series there of, yes.

I mean, the rules are alterable, though. If one argues well their point, I fairly easily buckle. I just would like it to be fair is all.
>> No. 14929

Nevermind, I'm just dense. I'll go back to fagging up other people's threads and deleting my self-spoiling stories right after I start them and let you smart people get on with actually competing in something I clearly don't have the IQ to participate in.

> On that note, one prize remains unclaimed in the previous contest.

On another note, every non-shit story in that contest remains unclaimed. I should go do that.
>> No. 14936
Okay, I finished my first entry.

(Kemono Friends actually started with a mobile game that fell through before the anime even started, so it still counts.)
>> No. 14938

I mean, honestly, anime and TV shows can count, if they have to. The way I said it in the rules was like that due to speaking about Touhou, as I hadn't considered crossover stipulations.

If you want PoFV/Law & Order SVU or something, I'd honestly not mind, as it's in the spirit of the contest.
>> No. 14950

First time writing here, Ragna from Blazblue meets yet another vampire.

I honestly wanted to write slice of life stuff about Ragna being the older brother to the Scarlet sisters as they become silly, but it felt odd to do that without an intro. Maybe in the next one shot.
>> No. 14951
Ah good. I was hoping a clearly stolen Ao Usagi joke wouldn't be the only story there.

Can't have a contest with only one person, right?
>> No. 14958

Whoever wrote this, thank you for writing elder sister Cirno being all adorable.
>> No. 14968

God help me, I am the most self-indulgent bastard imaginable, but I posted the Nechronica/Touhou thing and it is huge. Good friggin' luck to anyone wading through it.
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