I think Keine has the best hat. It's still darn silly though.

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File 149100489935.png - (1.08MB, 724x1292, They tripped.png) [iqdb]
What is the focus, I'm sure you're wondering. Why, the pint-sized, puntable pests, of course! No, not Shinmyoumaru, you monster. Fae!

Cirno, Daiyousei, the fairies of light, Lily, generic fairies, PC-98s, you name it. If it's a fairy, then that's where the focus of this contest lies! Ohh, right. And Clownpiece.

Terrible character designs aside, the focus of this contest is what you make of it. However, the special category will be Shitpost, in honor of THP's birthday, so make of that what you will. As always, the special category is entirely optional. If you want to write a serious short with serious tones, just do it. Seriously, it still counts, assuming fae are involved as an important component.

The contest will run from right now up to the 30th at 00:01 After that, voting begins, lasting up until the 24th at 00:01. Why the 24th? Why, that gives an exact week break between voting and the next contest starting.

This time, I'm going to have a prize for every category! A shitty prize of shitty art! More on that when I link the threads. I have a literal minute left to write this.
File 149101095037.jpg - (332.68KB, 850x987, Fairy Rangers assemble!.jpg) [iqdb]
Entries go in their respective threads, and are due by April 30th at 00:01. To reiterate further, voting ends May 24th.

>>/shorts/2123 Non-Lewd
>>/at/38232 Lewd

Categories are as followed: Lewd, Non-Lewd and Shitpost.

Why a shitpost category? Because April 1st, as well as it being a bit of a tribute to the days of yore. Also, with how often shitposts crop up, and with how much I enjoy them, I'm tempted to make it a bonus category on every contest. Think of this as a test run with a purpose.

As I said in the first post, the winners of each post shall get a prize of shitty art of their choice.

Within reason, of course. Because drawing ten characters sucks. Don't expect quality, either, as it's more an excuse to practice while also giving out some vague incentive to participate.

>oppai Dai

Absolutely disgusting.
File 149116552828.jpg - (458.07KB, 750x1000, Titty monster ho!.jpg) [iqdb]

Can't please everyone!
File 149174365756.jpg - (105.43KB, 850x850, 33d9fc088014dfcbf4cb200f8c6952e3.jpg) [iqdb]
File 149271926653.jpg - (151.73KB, 850x1133, Plotting soul theft.jpg) [iqdb]
Get your entries in, or miss out!
File 149276713758.jpg - (516.63KB, 777x1000, did I really write this.jpg) [iqdb]
So, somehow I seem to have written some filthy fairy pornography. It's short, doesn't feature a single 2hu and might just possibly be a little bit shit.

Should I post it anyway?
Alola Cirno entries where
I'm not saying Alola Cirno entries would instantly get my vote, buuuuut....
File 149288110211.jpg - (84.78KB, 770x726, 17991946_708227049356954_77268563361834874_n.jpg) [iqdb]

If you were wanting me to answer as opposed to that anon, which, as I've not noticed any new porn posts, I'll assume is the case...

Do it, faggot.

But, in the end, I really don't care what people post, so long as the rules are respected. You could write the Alola Cirno scat porn nobody asked for and I'd be fine with that. Mildly nauseous, but that's another topic entirely.

As I said before, let the voters decide if you are worthy of praise enough to win.

If nothing else, having more stuff to read is always nice.
Actually I was just having another go at un-shitting it. I failed.

Posting in five.
File 149342406254.jpg - (69.80KB, 500x650, She ate the hellraven.jpg) [iqdb]
If you want to cram in a last minute entry, now's the time.
File 14935104853.png - (560.60KB, 800x556, A gaggle of not-children.png) [iqdb]
Riiiiight after I link all the entries. Should find the time by tonight.
>Only one Cirno story.

>It is shit

Step it up, senpai
I would have entered in the contest, but there was never any time because of my studies.
File 14935939711.jpg - (187.40KB, 850x1209, AND THIS IS TO GO EVEN FURTHER BEYOND.jpg) [iqdb]

>>/shorts/2124 Dai the Resigned
>>/shorts/2125 The Strongest
>>/shorts/2126 Steve Irwin in Gensoukyou.
>>/shorts/2129 Cirno Shit Post
>>/shorts/2130 Fittingly Nameless Nameless Fairy Story


>>/at/38233 Nameless Graphic Sexual Disclaimer Story
>>/at/38248 Servants at Play
>>/at/38251 Springtime

Theeere we go! Sorry about the wait, guys. Didn't mean to take quite so long, but I was busier than expected yesterday.
File 149359785757.png - (962.44KB, 1052x744, tiki.png) [iqdb]
The winner is rather clear for me, and that’s the Nameless Nameless Nameless Fairy Nameless, though I am rather sorely tempted to give my vote to the Cirno Shit Post for the use of “smug” as a verb. We’ve got a real Touhou connoisseur in our midst. That said, Nameless Nameless manages to convey a fairy’s likely mental processes in a way that just swept up my cold cynic’s heart. Good job.

I really liked Servants At Play as well, despite my usual dislike of erotica anywhere outside of H-games. I’d love those to see those two featured in that story interact more. A full story maybe? Yeah, I know. Hope dies last, get off my case.

(X) Nameless Nameless
(X) Servants At Play

Man, I don’t even like fairies all that much! Sekibanki contest when?
File 149360558542.jpg - (319.54KB, 1038x1252, when.jpg) [iqdb]
Wake up and vote, fags.
Okay, fine. I don't see much point in voting in a contest where most of the entries are shitposts, but...

[x] Nameless Nameless Nameless Nameless
[x] Servants at Play

The former was reasonably well-done. Too bad there was nothing to really compete with it.

The latter was nice and something I rarely see from porn stories here. It had a lighthearted feel that seemed... well, more true to life. I'm sure awkward morning-afters are more common than we'd care to admit to ourselves.
File 149412848464.jpg - (178.15KB, 600x1000, IT WAS SHIT ALL ALONG.jpg) [iqdb]

It is a contest with an optional focus on shitposts to celebrate the site's birthday. Just as the last had an optional focus of soul crushingly depressing.

Also, using this chance to remind that the contest's voting phase isn't an entire month this time, but instead three weeks. I feel that a week between voting and writing gives time for discussion.

Voting ends on the 24th at 00:01

No thanks. I disagree with these contests and encouraging shitposting.

So do I, but the few people that didn't shitpost took time out of their lives to write, so the least we can do is pick a fucking winner.
[X]Steve Irwin in Gensoukyou.
[X]Nameless Graphic Sexual Disclaimer Story
Not until the 23th at night
Non-lewd: [X] Fittingly Nameless Nameless Fairy Story

Lewd: [X] Nameless Graphic Sexual Disclaimer Story
You definitely ticked enough fetish boxes, that's for sure. Quality fapdoujin material.

And an honorary shitpost vote for [X] Cirno Shit Post
It really was quite shit. Thanks.
[x] Nameless
[x] Servants at Play

Might I suggest removing the shitpost tolerance for next contest? All it does is draw out people who think they're funny and discourage real entries. This one basically isn't a real contest and has only one real choice, that being between the 2 lewd entries.

Each contest gets its optional subject. This one has actually been fairly informative, and it's hard to tell if it was a success or a failure. People had fun, and that people entered

Still, next contest wasn't gonna have it anywho. I try to make each contest distinct overall, as it'd be boring to have them all be the exact same.
>>/shorts/2124 Dai the Resigned

The funniest part is that this story predates the tannening. Enjoy your new protag, Dai! ...Who is the exact same person as before. Was a good read.

>>/shorts/2125 The Strongest

You list a lot of interesting plot points, but a list, a story does not make. It's not really written in a way that I'd call it a shitpost, either. In the end, were it actually showing these events, it'd likely win a vote from me. If the events were sillier, it'd even win my shitposting vote. But, as it is, it just falls a bit short of being a story.

>>/shorts/2130 Fittingly Nameless Nameless Fairy Story

Short, but sweet: these words describe this story to a tee. I like the large age applied to the MC, as it's rare that people consider how old immortals can potentially get. I enjoyed the sceneless slice of life you gave, and honestly — even if it was only as long as it had to be — think it was easily my favorite of the lot. If it were a full length CYOA, I'd totally vote.

>>/at/38233 Nameless Graphic Sexual Disclaimer Story

The line breaks were... random in length. Sometimes standard, sometimes forcing paragraphs together for kisses, and sometimes extra large. People tend to dislike extra large if they have a smart phone or what have you. I do not, so I could care less. However, there is something that can be said for consistency, and having several run-on is a little annoying.

Still, the story itself is wonderful. Fairies need love, too, after all! Which, of course, you gave in spades, if in an odd way. You're likely to win my vote, regardless of the flaws. They're annoying flaws, though are more accidental than anything actually of substance, and are easily addressed.

>>/at/38248 Servants at Play

Not my favorite, but still quality porn. Maybe be a bit more descriptive is all I can say. It seems more like it's saying that things happened and not the how.

>>/at/38251 Springtime

I... don't really get it. Nice try, though. Not a lot to comment on, sadly.


SFW: [X]Nameless
NSFW: [X]Nameless (The lewd one)
SHITPOST: [X]Dai the Resigned
And that's a wrap! I'll start tallying the votes soon, and get back to you. I suppose it's time that we start claiming our luggage, huh?

Anyone have anything they'd like to see in a contest?

Story ideas thread taste test theme, except there's no voting at the end. Anon simply categorize the entries as would read/would not read.

How about a contest with ecchi as the theme?

Perverse, but QUITE lewds.
File 149561312555.jpg - (1.20MB, 800x1130, IT'S SPRING CHANGEE.jpg) [iqdb]
Drum roll, please...

The nearly undisputed SFW story is... ...A story that doesn't actually have a name! ...I'll just make up a name for it. ...Again.

Nameless! Congratulations! You managed to bring in a landslide of votes, and beat my own story! Runner up is one of my own: Steve Irwin in Gensoukyou.! While I'm flattered, I think that number one deserves the vote.

On the lewd front, we actually have a complete tie! Congratulations to... either nobody or both of you. Ehh, I'll just congratulate you both. Although, as one of you had a nameless story, I'mma give it a name as well.

Punishment and Servants at Play! Congratulations: you managed to get literally every lewd vote, making you both runner up and victor!

Now, there was one last category. The winner of the Golden Turd is... ...also a tie.

Dai the Resigned and Cirno Shit Post! While it's weird to congratulate myself on a shit well done, Congratulations! Mine was the shittier one, of course. I'm half tempted to disqualify myself simply so I don't have to draw shit for myself.


>>/shorts/2124 Dai the Resigned: 0(1)
>>/shorts/2126 Steve Irwin in Gensoukyou.: 1
>>/shorts/2129 Cirno Shit Post: 0(1)
>>/shorts/2130 Fittingly Nameless Nameless Fairy Story: 6


>>/at/38233 Nameless Graphic Sexual Disclaimer Story: 3
>>/at/38248 Servants at Play: 3


Hadn't considered the first, though the second was definitely one I've thought about. Both are interesting ideas, though, so I'll be sure to consider them.
Duos or triads or quartets or whatever picked from either a single game cast or maybe a thematically-appropriate bundle of 2hus. Or I guess it could be completely random, too.

Also, odd pairings; i.e., characters that don't "match" thematically or cast-wise put together in the same situation.
Fuck, it's the 24th, time to vote.

...uh, gimme a hour or two
File 149569846160.png - (238.69KB, 1000x1000, Moral vicory.png) [iqdb]
Congratulations to Moral, winner of winners! He doesn't actually win a winner, though is instead the winnerest winner. If he won a winner, I'd imagine that participation would either plummet, or skyrocket.
File 149587434242.png - (174.06KB, 2000x2000, Eye's on the prize.png) [iqdb]
The hardest part was coming up with a concept for the Hakurei God. Because, seriously, gods are just a big ol' ball of symbolism.

So I made a ball full of symbolism.

Inside of further symbolism.
I wrote the named lewds.

Now who else has the gall to own up to their shit?
File 149646981585.png - (291.75KB, 400x640, This is as shitty as it gets.png) [iqdb]

Well, what do you want drawn, then? I have the requests from the other remaining winners, but yours I do not.

And on the topic of claiming, I wrote Cirno Shit Post and Steve Irwin in Gensoukyou.
Since we're all here to claim stories, I wrote the nameless fairy story.

Wait what that was me you were talking about? Fuck me sideways with a rake and call me Genji, I really am slow.


Keine headbutting Sekibanki's head off. Because that is a thing that needs to be drawn.

Or if that's too complicated then pretty much anything involving Sekibanki. Maybe it'll guilt-trip me into actually writing about her.
File 149658018124.png - (356.07KB, 2000x2000, Keine's hair sucks.png) [iqdb]

I made Keine DBZish, as it was easier to visualize. Hope you don't mind.
File 149658193730.png - (55.35KB, 500x500, Bouncy Backup.png) [iqdb]
For the writer of our shortest winning entry, I give a generic Twitteriffic Dai. With extra dai.

And extra dai on the extra dai.
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