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File 149100718453.jpg - (119.31KB, 850x680, Worst blowjob ever.jpg) [iqdb]
File 149174353924.png - (1.84MB, 1000x1618, 7f9b7e2bbcc26c60e1237a0c971afb5c[1].png) [iqdb]
Content warning: Some mild humiliation and D/s, spanking, random OC fairy maid, futa Sakuya, relatively long intro, oral focus, bad writing and lack of proofreading(lol)


The Lady had been entertaining some guests when disaster struck.

No, perhaps not real disaster. It was a little thing, really, but it happened at an unfortunate time: the littler Lady had had something of an incident only two days prior, and she had put the mansion in a tense mood. Nothing more than an accident of poor timing.
One of the Lady’s guests — one of her usual colorful guests from the village – found an entire spoon embedded in her dessert pudding. The guests themselves laughed it off without thinking twice and joked about it, but Remilia put a great deal of weight on such affairs and visibly let it bother her, mulling on the insignificant embarrassment for the rest of the visit. Perhaps they noticed, because made their excuses and they left sooner than usual.
It wasn’t insignificant to the small vampire.
As first direct subordinate to the head maid, the little fairy who was in attendance at dinner saw the catastrophe unfold as if in slow motion from her spot at the side of the room, where she stood waiting to serve.

Later, she stood stock still before the door to the Lady’s chambers and listened, rooted to the floor, to the dragging minutes of Remilia berating the head maid for the gaffe. The vampire’s shrill voice carried all the way to the main hall and beyond, while Sakuya’s voice couldn’t be heard at all.
Her ranting was clearly just venting, but to the poor little fairy that didn’t matter. Indeed, her mind was so filled with panic that no other information could enter – she wasn’t even processing what was being said.

A measly two weeks before, after months of prodding and what she thought were subtle hints, she had finally gotten the head maid to agree to start delegating more of the work to the fairies. Kitchen work, to be more precise. Then the first thing she does is make a royal bungle of it, after so much assuring her it was fine, she was ready, she was confident in her workers.
It wasn’t a personal screw up, but she was the one responsible for it as surely as if she had dropped the spoon in herself. The head maid had entrusted her with the entire process – the entire meal, this time! A massive gift of trust, given that the maid used to personally overview every detail of every meal before.
She listened in as the Lady unfairly yelled at the head maid she was an incompetent. That even the dumbest fairy (and the one listening in flinched) could have done a better job. That it was Sakuya’s fault Flandre had been that way lately. And so many other patently false, horrible accusations.
But she was the Lady and it was her birthright to spew nonsense if it pleased her.

The fairy felt every single muscle on her small body tighten with each passing second, although she didn’t move from the hands-clasped pose of a maid she’d been trained to hold. Every shriek from inside the Lady’s room seemed to put her one step closer to exploding into a million little nervous fragments.
When the tall, severe maid quietly exited the room twenty minutes later, it was a testament to the fairy’s courage that she stood there and didn’t bolt for the hills never to come back. She didn’t dare move her eyes from her prim black shoes as the maid’s elegant steps sounded closer, then stopped.
“Rose,” she said, her smooth voice giving no indication of her mood.

The start that single lonely word gave the fairy was enough to make her traitorous throat let out a little whimper. Under usual circumstances, Sakuya might have laughed at the exaggerated reaction.
She didn’t then. Instead, she stood there, waiting for a response, which right at that moment was a worse torture than any yelling or beating. Long seconds grinded by as the cold knot in the fairy’s stomach tightened and tightened until it was overtaking her throat and threatening to choke the breath out of her entirely.

“Rose,” said Sakuya in the same dead-even tone, when waiting a half-minute failed to produce any result. “Look at me.”
When she didn’t in another second, the maid gently took hold of her chin and forced her face up, and stared at her eyes.
Looking directly into the head maid’s steel eyes for any amount of time was difficult for any fairy even in the sunniest, cheeriest day full of wine and tea, but the situation here was quite enough to traumatize one. She had never seen the maid look more than mildly aggravated, but looking into her sharp eyes right then, she was quite sure she was capable of taking out one of her knifes and opening her up from neck to hip her right there on the corridor just for twitching at the wrong time, and damn the mess. Through incredible (and incredibly un-fairy-like) effort she held her tears and sputtered out a thin “Y-yes?”

“There was a small mistake at dinner.”

The hand on her chin, now firmly holding her there, prevented her from nodding, so she repeated her meek “yes” dumbly. Sakuya studied her face for a long, painful moment.

“We’ll need to review,” she said with finality. “Be waiting in your room.”
Rose shivered, and then Sakuya was gone.


’Hours’ later.

Finally, everything that needed immediate taking care of was done. Sakuya laughed out loud and did a little twirl, being quite certain nobody could hear or see her here in her own space. Oh, but her fairies were so delightful, so delicious, so adorable. She could hardly keep herself from sprinting all the way to her favourite subordinate’s room, and then only because she knew she’d have to stand there outside the door for half an hour before she could fully suppress the smirk on her lips.

Rose was one of very few fairies who got their own room, and Sakuya was sure she’d have run there as soon as she was told to wait – without being given any details, she wouldn’t want to risk angering Sakuya further. She’d sit there, writhe, tear her own hair out and near enough worry herself to death.
Of course, Sakuya wasn’t angry. Sakuya was the precise exact opposite of angry. She had a favourite tasty morsel waiting for her on a plate, and all it had cost was enduring one of Remilia’s tantrums. She was used to these and knew they meant little in truth, but this one particular fairy seemed to be quite convinced it was the end of the world. The maid was even a little worried she might try to escape; it had happened before.
It suited her fine.

You see, Sakuya had a certain characteristic. An oddity.
She was what you might call a sadist.
She was loathe to admit it, and she fervently told herself she just ‘liked to tease them’, but nobody who saw her at it would be fooled for a second. She delighted in tormenting the fairy maids under her.
She loved the way their eyes would readily fill with tears when they thought they were in any trouble. She loved how utterly incapable they were of mastering their body language or lying well. She loved the way the fairies she hand-picked accepted punishment so readily. She loved personally molding them into whatever she wanted.

The truth was, all their little quirks turned her on immensely. It was such a pure and purely carnal reason that even she would blush if she allowed herself to think of it.
And then there was Rose.
Sakuya stood before the door to her room for a while, making absolutely certain her appearance was immaculate and not a trace of the enjoyment she was feeling showed on her expression. Image was a big part of these games.

Rose was a special project. Not special physically: her body was, as was not uncommon to fairies, that of a young girl almost fresh out of puberty. Slim and short, breasts no more than a bare handful: the exact amount Sakuya enjoyed the feel of in her hands. Long, wavy black hair down to the waist, usually tied in a ponytail, in the servant’s fashion. She might be confused for any given jealously guarded farmer’s daughter, freckles and all, if it weren’t for the transparently thin wings attached high on her back.
No, physically she was not special, although she was as beautiful as any other fairy. It was more than that that attracted Sakuya to the seemingly ordinary girl.

For a fairy, she was talented in several activities. She was uncommonly good at management, she was punctual, made great tea, and had even successfully interacted with Flandre, a couple of months ago. But it was none of those things that made her special, either.

No. To put it simply, it was her eagerness. Sakuya had no idea why, but this fairy was near desperate to be a good maid, a good servant, and any possible hint that she was displeasing Sakuya had the girl tripping over herself to please the her in any way possible. It was that that drove the head maid up the wall. Other fairies did a good enough job and could be trained into being obedient in the way she liked, but to be naturally that way was special. And she hadn’t even gotten started with her yet.

Sakuya had a few ideas for her, but so far, she had only gotten as far as toying around with her a bit. Nothing serious. She had been pacing herself, drawing it out. Until today.
Rose’s quite spontaneous and alluring panic had sent Sakuya into a serious state. She didn’t feel capable of stopping herself, and there was a lingering worry she’d go too far and end up with a girl who was no longer fit to work at the mansion for one reason or another. It had happened before.
Then again, it also didn’t feel like it was possible to go too far with Rose. She was like putty in Sakuya’s experienced hands.

Only one way to find out.

Sakuya didn’t knock, of course. The mansion belonged, in every practical sense, more so to her than to Remilia. Walking in, she found she was slightly disappointed that Rose wasn’t already kneeling by her feet – which was, of course, an unreasonable thing to expect, but such were the workings of Sakuya’s mind at moments like this.
The fairy girl bolted to a sitting position on her bed, looking lost. Looking up to Sakuya.
For direction, or a command, or…
Sakuya twitched imperceptibly. Or something along the lines of a punishment.
First she locked the door, and rechecked once, twice, thrice, four times Then, with a handy trick, made sure no sound would be escaping the room. Then she turned to the fairy, who looked for all the world like a fawn before a wolf. Ready to be eaten.
“On the floor. Kneel down,” Sakuya commanded.

Rose moved pathetically quickly, keeping her eyes down. Sakuya sat lightly on her bed.

“Rose.” She made a show of sighing deeply, which would have seemed fantastically unusual to the fairy. “What am I to do with you?”

She stuttered senselessly and settled for fiddling with her hands on her lap, head still lowered. Sakuya imagined her eyes would be gleaming with tears by now, and felt a twinge of pleasure in the core of her being. She continued. “I’ve been thinking, and I’m not certain…” she let some indecision leak into her voice, subtly. Too subtly for most fairies, perhaps. “I’m not certain we can keep you here.”

The shock momentarily overwhelmed her enough that she looked up at Sakuya and made a distressed little noise. Sakuya, at that moment, marveled that she managed to resist ravaging the girl for this long.
“I… I can…” She swallowed, sniffed. She was trying very, very hard not to burst into earnest sobbing. Her voice cracked “I can be good. I can work hard, I’ll—“

“Stop talking. You aren’t convincing me with sniveling.”
She did.
“You haven’t even apologized for your mistake yet. What kind of servant are you?” Sakuya gave a piercing disappointed stare. “Undress. You need to relearn your place.”

She didn’t stop or think about the order. She just did it, glad to know exactly what she had to do to please Sakuya for the moment. It was only when she had her apron off and was halfway through carefully removing her heavy maid dress that it struck her exactly what she was doing, and Sakuya watched as a heavy blush spread up her neck all the way to the tips of her ears.
She folded her clothes carefully, her face now bright red under Sakuya’s gaze, until she was down to her underclothes. Plain undyed linen, as supplied by the mansion. She hesitated for a moment, and Sakuya didn’t miss a beat. “I said undress. Completely.”
So she did, balling her tiny fists up in embarrassment. Sakuya stared down impassively as she kneeled back down, shyly covering her breasts with her arms until the head maid tsked at her. She hurriedly lowered them then.
Fairies tended not to worry much about values like modesty, but again, Rose was not so similar to most fairies: she fell further towards the human end of the spectrum, as did many inhuman creatures that were older or more powerful than the mean. Besides that, having what, in her mind, amounted to the ultimate authority staring at her naked body from above was a novel sensation. It did something to her, made her feel something she couldn’t quite place, a chill just below her belly.

“That’s a good start. It’s good to bare the body – if you want to be a good servant, you have to learn some humility. I think putting you in command of other fairies has made you arrogant,” Sakuya said, spinning nonsense on the fly. It was fragrantly a bunch of crap, but she knew Rose would swallow it all as if it were gospel.
“I can help you, but first things first. You owe me a proper apology, don’t you think?”

She nodded uncertainly, having no idea what a ‘proper apology’ entailed. Sakuya ‘helpfully’ provided some guidance, clearly relishing every moment.
“Bow. Forehead touching the floor. Hands together on the floor, in front of you. No, closer to yourself. Knees and feet together. ”
It was the traditional prostrate position, she recognize. Rose shivered, hearing her get up from the bed and walk closer. The position was uncomfortable, and if Sakuya happened to walk behind her, she’d be completely exposed. She didn’t dare move a muscle while the head maid moved around her, looking predatorily down at the huddled girl.
“Good. That’s the position you need to be in for a proper apology, do…”
She trailed off behind her, and the fairy felt a sting of fear.

“What is this?”
Rose nearly cried out in surprise when she felt Sakuya plant a hand firmly on her lower back, holding her in place, and then really did when a finger slipped cleanly slipped inside her, then out again in less than a second.
She didn’t dare move, thoroughly confused and embarrassed. She yelped in pain when Sakuya pulled her up slightly by the hair, and her vision was suddenly filled with the maid’s slim hand. One digit was slick and shiny to the base.
“What is this?” she repeated, incredulity in her voice. It wasn’t a performance this time: Sakuya had played with more than a few fairies over the years, but for one to be this ready this soon was unheard of. She’d usually have to painstakingly lead and train the panicky creatures before it got to this point – most fairies lived with only the faintest notions of sex, unless they lived alongside humans, in rare cases. Once properly introduced, Sakuya knew from experience, they took to it like ducks to water, in occasion even becoming needier than it was worth.
Rose, along her life, had acquired a sense of modesty and shame that her peers often lacked. With a poor partial understanding of what was happening, the main feeling in her heart was that whatever was happening to her was horribly, painfully shameful, and that it was her fault. Still prostrated with Sakuya above her, the girl stuttered, trying and failing to come up with some kind of answer that would satisfy her boss.

With one hand, Sakuya reached back and delivered a hard slap to the tender flesh of her thigh, the soft spot that joins with the hips. Rose cried out and bucked forward, but Sakuya’s firm grip on her hair pulled her back and she didn’t fight it. She started crying in earnest, the tears striking the floor with a pattering that seemed to resound through the room.
“You’re excited. You’re enjoying this. You don’t even care about the trouble you’ve caused me. Unbelievable.” Her voice was cold. She squeezed the same spot she’d just struck hard, drawing a gasp of pain from the fairy.

“N-no, t-that’s not true,” she whined through tears. “I—“
Another sharp slap to the behind cut her off cleanly. She squealed and bucked again, finally moving out of position by bracing herself with one of her arms. Sakuya crouched besides her, effortlessly forced her back into place again.
She was close enough to whisper in her ears. “Don’t move from that pose if you want to stay in the mansion,” she warned. “And don’t lie to me. I can see how wet you are from here.”

It was true. The fairy was already so ready her thighs were running. As if to prove her point, Sakuya ran a single finger over her slit with a light touch, and that alone was enough to draw a clipped moan. Clipped because she tried to suppress it as soon as she realized what was happening. That earned her a third stinging slap, but then Sakuya’s skilled hand was immediately back to work teasing her. She took care not to enter her or touch her clit yet, but even then, the fairy writhed and twitched under her with the slightest touches. Sakuya marveled: she really was fantastically sensitive.
“Look at this. You’re a bitch in heat,” she whispered ruthlessly. “I’m surprised you could hide this from me for this long.” Another blow, for no real reason that time, made Rose clench her teeth and shudder. “How many of our clothes did you ruin with your filthy juices? Did you have to burn them? How often did you sneak off to touch yourself instead of working?”

“Hmnnnnever. I—I never—“
Sakuya wound back and put real strength into the next blow, again to the sensitive top of the thigh. The fairy howled and bucked forward yet again, so Sakuya pulled her back and did it again to the exact same spot, and again, four more times, until Rose’s scalp ached from the hair-pulling and she finally learned to stay in place.
It was the worst pain the fairy had ever experienced. If she didn’t know better, she’d think her behind was getting skinned or held up to a fire. And although she didn’t fully know or understand it, it excited her immensely.

“I thought I told you not to lie to me.”
Rose would ordinarily have been smart enough not to contradict her any more, but she was dazed, panting, sweating, naked and had nothing in her head but lust, shame and Sakuya’s voice. She didn’t even get a full ‘no’ out before another stinging slap landed. At least she didn’t move – or so she thought.
Sakuya tsked again.
“I know you’d like nothing more than to spread your legs for me, but keep your knees together.”

Another wave of shame went through her as she righted herself, trying hard to ignore Sakuya’s hand; she was prodding more insistently, sinking one digit in to the base and back in a slow rhythm as she spoke.
“I’ve never seen a fairy as slutty as you, did you know? I’m not sure I can keep a slut like you employed.” Sakuya punctuated the words by driving her finger into Rose as deeply as she could and watched with amusement as her wings fluttered each time.

Rose whimpered pathetically each time, but managed to respond. “I… I can work. I’ve worked, I can still work.”

Sakuya thought about that.
She was expecting denial. ‘I’m not a slut,’ or something of the sort. The thought didn’t even occur to Rose: Sakuya told her she was a slut, so in her addled state she immediately took the label as a statement of fact, having only a vague idea of what the word even meant.
The head maid grinned fiercely where Rose couldn’t see it, still prostrated as she was. She liked to make her chosen fairy maids say demeaning things about themselves, but that usually took weeks to get right. The girl was a true treasure.

“For starters, if anyone knew it would be a catastrophe,” Sakuya said, paying attention to the fairy’s reactions as she explored her. “We can’t have people thinking our Lady’s household is a whorehouse. Besides, I’d have to deal with you myself.” Another slap, which got a sharp gasp out of her. “I have enough to do without having to take care of a needy slut in my staff. You’re a not a bad worker, but I’m not sure you’re worth it.”
She pretended to ponder a while longer while Rose sniffled against the floor, then got up, leaving the girl suddenly cold.
“Sit up.”

Rose gave a sigh of relief as she was finally allowed to leave the uncomfortable position, but froze again, still on her knees, as soon as she caught sight of Sakuya, close enough to feel her warmth on her skin. Sakuya, who had gotten out of her clothes and was sporting something decidedly ungirly between her legs.
“Do you know what this is?”
The head maid slapped it down on her face, right on top of one eye.

She blinked and flinched, but somehow didn’t move away. She couldn’t believe it.
It was so huge! Laid flat it stretched all the way from her chin to her forehead. It felt heavy on her faceand seemed a few degrees above normal body temperature, from the way it almost burned against her skin.
She had no idea what to make of Sakuya’s sudden brazen shamelessness, but her body did – fairies don’t reproduce in the natural way, but they certainly don’t lack any of the required instincts. Her mental state was hardly clear, either, so she failed to have any real reaction beyond swallowing reflexively and inadvertently taking a deep breath, arousing her even further.

Sakuya could barely keep herself in check. This small, innocent, submissive fairy; freckled, button-nosed and delicate was kneeling below her, ready to do anything she wanted her to. She was flushed all the way to her collarbones, still heaving with deep breaths, and her eyes shifted uncertainly back and forth between the head maid’s face and the cock resting heavily on her cheek. She made no effort to move away.

Sakuya tapped her lightly with it as she spoke, delighting in her little twitches each time. “This is a teaching tool to deal with girls like you. You’ll still be a slut, but you could still be useful here. This,” she tapped again for emphasis, “is a cock. If you touch it, I’ll feel good, just like I made you feel good just a while ago. Are you following?”
She nodded slowly, to Sakuya’s enjoyment.
“We’ll have an exercise. You’ll have to make me feel good, but there are a few rules. First, you can’t use your hands. Second, you can’t touch yourself, and finally, you can’t take it in your mouth – only kiss and lick it.”
Rose imagined it. Her body tried hard to make her blush harder, but she was already bright pink all over, as flushed as she could go. She was too dazed to ask the obvious question of how this was supposed to help her in any way.

She hesitated, intimidated, and nearly immediately felt the head maid’s hand on her hair. She flinched, remembering the pulling and hitting she’d just gone through. This time, though, Sakuya was unexpectedly soft, just calmly resting her hand on her hair.
“Don’t be scared. I’ll help you.”

The powerful desire to please Sakuya won out quickly against any hesitation and she allowed herself to be guided back.
She closed her eyes and started with one tiny, hesitant pressing of the lips, and was surprised to find Sakuya immediately made a sound, something that was almost a sigh. For her standards, it was as if she had moaned loudly: as far as the girl was aware head maid never did anything that wasn’t tightly controlled and rarely expressed what she felt except when around lady Remilia.
It should’ve been obvious it was exaggerated for her benefit, but guilelessness was among the qualities that made the fairy so attractive to Sakuya. It worked well as encouragement, and she soon gave another experimental little peck, and when the head maid cooed appreciatively, another, and another. Before long she was affectionately peppering the cock with kisses and small cat-like licks.
Without the use of her hands, she had to readjust her entire torso constantly, and putting too much force into the act made the whole thing bob frustratingly away from her, forcing her to chase after it.

It was easy to immerse herself in the task. Sakuya’s hand on her hair subtly guided her, and she got a rush from the thought that she was having such an effect on the normally stoic maid of the Scarlet Mansion. There was praise, too: whenever she did something particularly good, Sakuya would whisper something like “good girl”, scratch her head and Rose would feel supremely pleased with herself and a little embarrassed.

The combination of factors was too much. With Sakuya’s positive feedback, her own nature, the lingering pain, shame and arousal from the spanking… put it all together, and the girl had placed herself into a kind of trance within minutes. Her eyes were half lidded, clouded and she rocked rhythmically on her knees, her thighs unconsciously squeezing together in time. Each time Sakuya praised her or pet her head she squirmed harder, grinding against herself.
She was in a daze. Her only thought was for the next few seconds and the majestic cock before her; exactly where her mouth should be and how the head maid was reacting. Each passing minute made her sloppier and better at it, until it was completely shiny and slick with her drool and her mouth was scarcely ever away from it for more than a second.

Sakuya suddenly moved it up and just out of reach from the fairy, who automatically made to follow, half getting up from her knees. She was firmly stopped by the hand still on her head and made a barely-audible sound of frustration from the back of her throat. It was right there in front of her eyes! Why couldn’t she touch it? She ground her thighs together hard, but it wasn’t nearly as satisfying without the contact.
But then it was back and all was right again. She resumed attacking it with gusto.

Sakuya was genuinely impressed. She’d never seen anyone get off quite so much just from giving a blowjob. Not without a little help, at least. She pulled the fairy back and got another gratifying frustrated mewl in return. A line of droll connected them. She strained against her grip enough to let Sakuya know that she was trying to move, but not truly fighting her.
That was the last straw for her. Even she had her limits.

She maneuvered the fairy like a doll so her head was propped up against the bed, grabbed it with both hands and lined up with her mouth. The girl opened up without any urging and promptly held the tip in her lips, looking at Sakuya with those upturned eyes. She drove inside with a smooth, slow movement, stopping as soon as Rose looked like she might start coughing. It was surprisingly deep at that point, more than half-way in. She kept it there for a few moments, and was again surprised when the fairy started suckling slowly, with that same dazed look in her eyes. With the bed behind her and the much stronger human holding her in place, she was totally helpless to resist, even if she wanted to.

Sakuya drew back and repeated the process, and got a tiny amount further the second time. And again, and again. Tears ran freely from the girl’s clouded eyes and she choked occasionally, but the head maid was utterly merciless, not withdrawing completely even once.

Something curious happened when she finally managed to sheathe her entire rod in the girl’s throat and hold it there. She twitched violently once, arched her back hard against the bed, forcefully shut her eyes and froze in place. Sakuya puzzled over this for a lone second, then realized what was happening.
She was coming. With no contact except what little she got from squeezing her thighs together.

Sakuya started fucking her mouth in earnest then. She had just been screwing with the fairy before, but it seemed like she’d been right, this one was a born slut. There was no need to be gentle. Rose took the battering like she’d been doing it for years, her eyes glazed over in the aftermath of what was, incredibly, her first orgasm. She grabbed on to Sakuya’s thighs hard, but the maid didn’t even seem to notice at all.
After that display, it didn’t take long for Sakuya to come as well. She was tempted to make the fairy taste it, but there would be time for that later. Instead, she let it all out as deep inside her as it would go, and she swallowed greedily without being told to. She almost didn’t let go when Sakuya withdrew.

In a flash of power, Sakuya was dressed and composed while the fairy still sat against the bed, dripping with fluids, her mind completely blank.
“You can stay.”

Rose shifted her eyes towards the head maid and said nothing. She felt a sudden cold weight around her neck. She felt for it and found that a simple metal ring had suddenly appeared on her. Like a slim steel choker, only as thick as one of her fingers and with no apparent lock or hinge on it.
She’d seen that on a handful of other fairies, but had thought nothing of it at the time.

She looked again, and Sakuya was no longer there.
File 149294710986.png - (1.06MB, 1500x1500, servant at work.png) [iqdb]
You crack your eyes open. The sun gouges them out and you quickly close them again.

Must have been a great night.

Your mind drifts for a while on the border of waking and dreaming, that fuzzy place where you're not really awake but not really asleep either.

...you can't sleep. Well, hell. You take a deep breath, open your eyes and wait for the pounding to start.

It doesn't. In fact you're feeling pretty good, relatively speaking. You've definitely felt better, and everything is hazy after a certain point, but at least you're n-


You freeze. That wasn't you. It did come from somewhere around your throat, but not inside it. You carefully tilt your head to look, and find a head of long, silky blond hair nestled against your shoulder. Someone is lying on top of you. Someone very light.

And very naked, you quickly add. Your arm is draped protectively over her bare back. And now that you think to check, you don't seem to be wearing much either. You can feel the sheets against your skin.

And her skin against yours.

Until recently you'd have been thrilled with this development, but there are currently four adult women in a five-mile radius and this isn't one of them. That leaves your co-workers, a bunch of airheaded and hyperactive little girls whom you have absolutely no interest in sleeping with, and you're pretty sure have no interest in you either.

What the hell did you do last night?

Your bedmate stirs and tries to roll over. A sharp tug at your nether regions startles her awake and confirms beyond any doubt the whereabouts of you rapidly-growing boner.

She twists her neck around to look up at you, wide-eyed.

"Good morning," you say lamely.

"G-good morning," she replies.

"...who are you?"

She blinks slowly a few times, shock giving way to confusion.

"...you don't remember?" she asks.

You shake your head. "It's all a blur after the party."

"You didn't look that drunk."

"I don't feel like I was that drunk."

"O-oh. Well, I didn't - I mean it's not like I could have - you sure seemed like -"

"What happened, exactly?" you ask, interrupting her embarassed stammering.

"Well, uh, I was drunk, and you were drunk, and we were doing dumb drunk stuff, and then I, er, may have started flirting with you, and you started flirting back, and one thing led to another and we came back to your room..."

"...and we had sex," you finish, shifting your lower body slightly to confirm that point.

"And we had sex," she confirms, face flushing slightly.

You stare at each other for a moment.

"...you are a fairy, right?" you ask.

"Huh? Oh!"

A moment later a pair of those familiar irridescent wings flutter into existence on her back - above the sheets, strangely enough.

"Most fairies have to concentrate to hide their wings, buuut mine are backwards." She looks sheepish. "They disappear when I fall asleep."


You lift your free hand and gently poke at a wing. Your finger passes through it with minimal resistance, like brushing away a spider's web. You make a stroking motion, and the wing's surface swirls like colorful mist in its wake.

"H-hey! That tickles!" she giggles, twisting away.

You grin mischievously. Her eyes widen as she realizes what you're about to do, but it's too late. You hug her against you firmly with the arm under the covers as you bring the wiggling fingers of your free hand into contact with her sensitive wings. She shrieks, squirms and tries half-heartedly to wiggle free, until she's laughed herself out and you relent.

Given your current state, all that movement puts you in the mood for a very different activity.

"So, um," the girl on top of you says, still out of breath, "if you don't remember, then, uh... wanna do it again?" Her face immediately flushes scarlet, but she doesn't look away.

"I dunno," you reply, peering down at her. "Did we ever actually stop?"

She lifts her body slightly and looks down, in the process giving you a good view down her front.

"I, uh... I guess not."

She looks up at you again, and then slowly, tantalisingly, lifts herself into a sitting position.

She's... well, she's definitely a lot more youthful than you'd like. And smaller. Her lack of body hair is also a bit unsettling. Or maybe she shaves? On second thoughts, you'd rather not know. But she sure as hell isn't as much of a kid as all the fairies you've seen look (and act) with their clothes on.

She has boobs, for a start; small, firm and easily hidden, but enough to sway and bounce ever-so-slightly as she rises. Her slender build shows off her delicate muscles as she moves, without making her look bony. Her slim waist accentuates the subtle curve of her hips just enough to bump them up from 'cute' to 'sexy', and the silky smooth skin of her thighs feels amazing against your sides as she settles into position.

"Sooo... you like?" she asks, watching your gaze.

"Hell yes," you affirm.

"Then what are you waiting for?"

She grabs you hands and pulls, with way more strength than you were expecting from a fairy. She hauls you up into a sitting position with her straddling your lap. You face stops barely an inch from hers. You drop your hands down to her thighs and slide them hungrily up her sides, running them over her hips and up to her breasts, eliciting a long, shuddering gasp.

She returns the favour by running her hands up your back, one stopping halfway and the other continuing into your hair, gently pulling you in for a kiss.

Her lips graze yours. They're soft. Very, very soft.

She presses against you with agonizing slowness.

After what feels like an eternity, you feel her tongue gently brush against your lips. You open your mouth to respond in kind.

She stops you.

Her tongue dances around mischievously, thwarting your every effort to pass her lips.

And then suddenly she's kissing you passionately, diving into your mouth, and you into hers, all pretense at restraint - or technique - thrown out the window. She slides herself upward, rubbing her whole body against you as she lifts almost all the way off you, before she drops, plunging you deep inside her once more.

You break off the kiss, your need for oxygen overriding your desire for her impossibly soft lips. She brushes her nose lightly against yours, staring into your eyes as she continues to rise and fall. It's very clear that she is the one fucking you, and not the other way around.

You are completely okay with this.

You hear her breath quicken, never rising above a whisper but becoming more and more frantic with each passing second. You begin to add your own motions to the rhythm, rocking your hips, arching your back, pushing back every time she grinds her crotch against your abs. You bring your hands up to caress her face, still staring into your own, and she does likewise.

Then you run your fingers town to her her chest, and begin to stroke her breasts. You gently circle around her erect nipples, before bringing your thumb against your finger and squeezing. She rewards you with low, breathy moan of pleasure, and begins to increase her tempo.

She finally breaks eye contact as her eyes begin to glaze over. She pulls you in tighter and you slip your arms around her once more. She nuzzles your cheek and buries her face against your neck, her panting breath tickling your shoulder. You can feel your own pleasure rising, threatening to spill over at any moment.

Then she suddenly gasps, rams you as deeply inside herself as she can and squeezes you. You hug her just as tightly and bury your face in her hair as you let loose into her madly convulsing insides.

Her deathgrip on you gradually loosens, and you relax against each other, savouring the moment in silence.

"...your hair smells nice," you say after a while.

"...really?" she says into your neck. "What does it smell like?"

"Autumn leaves."

She giggles. It's a very pleasant sound. "Well, I am a forest fairy." She peels herself off you and sits up straight.

"So, did you remember anything?" she ask.

"Nope. Still a total blackout," you reply.

"Oh." She actually looks put out.

"...I guess that just means we have to keep trying," you say.

Her eyes nearly bug out of her head as you push her down onto the bed.


It's another hour before the two of you finally show up for work. Sakuya scolds you something fierce, but neither of you care.

It was totally worth it.
File 149343421949.jpg - (609.92KB, 1128x800, no pics of this pairing.jpg) [iqdb]
"It's spring!" said Lily.

"It's midnight!" said Cirno.

And then they fucked.

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