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File 149627574669.jpg - (157.63KB, 850x1190, Lewd.jpg) [iqdb]
File 149881016956.jpg - (2.70MB, 2507x3541, trouble.jpg) [iqdb]
"Good morning, Reimu."

My shrine maiden doesn't deign to answer. She just sips her tea and waves lazily at the spot beside her.

I sit, of course.

"You're awfully quiet this morning. Something on your mind?"

Still no reply, other than to pour a second cup for me. I sip at it right away; scalding hot as always.

"Well, if you're not going to let your voice out on your own, maybe I need give you a hand, hmmm~?"

I lean toward Reimu, my intentions clear. She leans away, still without even looking.

I slip my free hand into the folds of my sleeve and send it somewhere naughty.

Reimu spits out her tea. Her eyes bulge, her thighs squeeze together and she rounds on me with a glare that would send lesser youkai into shock. She opens her mouth, fire on her tongue -

"Yo, Reimu!"

Ah, perfect timing~

Reimu's mask of indifference returns in an instant. She sighs, sets down her tea, and turns away from me again.

"...Marisa," she says at last.

"How do you do?" I add pleasantly.

"Oh, Yukari too? The more the merrier!" The ordinary witch grins. "There's this new dango shop just opened up, wanna go check it out? I've heard good things!"

"...maybe" - I run a finger through her nether regions again, but her voice doesn't so much as twitch - "another time." Reimu shoots me a look.

"...oh?" Marisa's eyes flick between the two of us. Then she smirks. "You two want some alone time, all ya gotta do is ask..."

Reimu scowls. "Did anyone ever tell you you have a one-track mind?"

"Hey, it's what I do. I'm the magician of looooooove after all!" Marisa plops down on the other side of Reimu and slides up to her. "So, what's my love-struck miko all hung up about? Food? Youkai? Boredom?" She twirls her hakkero in one hand. "Just say the word and I'll zap all three~"

Reimu leans backwards, away from both of us.

"I just don't feel like it." Still no reaction!

"...so it's that time of month, is it? No, wait, your last one was a week ag-"

Spirit Sign 「Fantasy Heaven」

"WHOAAAAAAahahaha! That's more like it! Ah - heh - hey - wah!"

I scoot backwards out of the way of a few stray shots. Better to wait this one out inside, I think.

Reimu doesn't keep me waiting for long. She stomps in the door, out of breath for various reasons -

"God damn it YukarEEP!?"

I plunge a finger into her and she squeaks. Her gohei clatters to the floor as her hands fly to her crotch and her knees twitch reflexively together, sending her toppling forwards -


Ah. A little high.

"...serves you right," Reimu huffs into my chest.

"If I were human, that would have hurt," I reply. I delicately pinch her between my thumb and forefinger, but all I get is a glare.

"So this doesn't hurt, then?" she asks, before roughly poking my right breast. I smile widely.

"Or this?" She grabs it and squeezes. Hard. I fake a yawn.

She pushes me down onto the tatami and plants both hands on my chest, putting most of her weight on it. I raise an eyebrow.

"You're really enjoying this, aren't you?"

"Dammit, just react already!" She fumes.

"I will if you will~"

"You first!"

I smirk, and watch the emotions play across her face.

Then she starts undoing my top.


Reimu ignores me, peeling back the layers of cloth.

"Reimu, the door's still open. What will you do if that tengu comes past?"

"Give her your three sizes."

"You've measured them already? My my~"

"Nope. Ran talks in her sleep."


It's Reimu's turn to smirk. "Got you."

"Oh, please. Do you really think I'd - ack!"

Oh gods, not the armpits!

"YoU tHINK you can tiHICKle me into submISsion?" I say, my unoccupied hand flying to fight back.

"Think - of - all - the - years - of - practice - I've - had - in - this - stupid - outfit!" Reimu grunts back, grinning.

I sink my middle finger up to the knuckle inside her. Just a little more -

"Aah!" I shriek in spite of myself because she just bit me on the nipple. "Ow, ow okay! That hurts! Stop!"

Reimu stops, and slumps on top of me. "I win," she breathes.

"You've completely ruined the mood," I complain.

"That was the idea."

Reimu pushes off me. I groan and start to sit up - but then she dives under my dress.

"...Reimu, what are you d-"


Before I can get another word in Reimu yanks my bloomers all the way off and tosses them aside. My legs pull in instinctively, but all that accomplishes is squeezing Reimu's head between my thighs. My breath catches as her hair brushes against them.

Then I let out a gasp as Reimu blows a thin stream of air over my clitoris. She makes slow, brush-like movements with each breath, softly stroking my labia without even touching them, while the real brushes of her hair continue to caress my legs. I have just enough presence of mind to slip my hand through a gap and close the door before I unceremoniously flop onto my back, breathing deeply.

Reimu adds her fingers to her rhythm, running them lightly over my skin, stroking down, around, and up onto my inner thigh and abdomen. My hand flies to my stomach and I giggle in an undignified manner as she gets more adventurous. Remembering my own machinations, I begin slowly stroking her with my thumb.

I gasp again and arch my back involuntarily as Reimu's lips brush against me. She slowly, gently kisses her way down my lower lips between breaths, and then back up, starting and ending over my most sensitive spot. Her fingers begin working their way gradually deeper. I whimper as she slowly runs them over my opening, and slide my own finger out and then back into hers.


I feel her voice before I hear the words, and it sounds unsteady. It takes me a moment to oblige. I shudder as she runs her tongue over me, teasing me with slow circular motions. Her fingers finally stop playing and start digging, first one at a time, then two at a time. My index finger joins my middle finger to match her.


Reimu tightens around my fingers, and my chest tightens at the sound - the first she's made so far. She quickens her pace, and her breathing. I run my free hand up onto my breasts, playing with my nipples. It would be better if it was her doing it, but, she's...


...definitely enjoying herself. Unable to contain myself any longer, I lift my legs over her, crossing my ankles over her back. I can feel the fabric of her shirt against my skin. I breathe deeply and try to relax, to prolong the pl-


I grit my teeth and claw at the floor as Reimu suddenly presses her lips against me again, sucking hard on my clitoris and ramming me over the edge. Her juices gush down my hand and her muscles milk at my fingers.

But still she doesn't stop. My mind stops processing what she's doing as she urges me on to a second climax in as many minutes. Somewhere in the haze I manage to clamp my hand over my mouth, just in time to smother a very unladylike scream of pure ecstasy as my third orgasm starts before the second is even finished.

I'm not sure how much time passes after that. Maybe seconds. Maybe hours. I stare at the ceiling, not seeing it, not thinking about it, not thinking about anything.

Then, finally, Reimu sits up. It takes her a moment to find her way out of my skirts.

"I think you broke my neck," she grouses, her voice barely holding. How she managed to stand, I have no idea.

"I think you broke my brain," I moan back, letting my legs slide to the ground.

"Can you - can you get your fingers out of my gap now?"

I blink, and stare blankly back at her for a few seconds.

Then we both break down giggling.

"That was awful," I groan.

"Yeah. But, uh, I kinda need to use the bathroom, so..."

"Just go in the gap."

"...you want me to pee on you?"

I roll my eyes. "It's only my hand, and there's plenty of your fluids there already."

"Enough fooling around, I really need to go."

I stare at her silently. Her face starts to flush red again.

"I - I'm really going to do it!"

I smile. She blushes furiously and looks away.

I trickle of something warm runs down my palm. I curl my fingers.

"Wh-what are you doing? Are you trying to make me enjoy this?"

"But of course~"

Reimu lets her breath out in a rush. The trickle becomes a gush.

"...what the hell is wrong with you?"


File 149885202267.png - (264.54KB, 608x868, SanaSumi pic 2.png) [iqdb]
Gensokyo truly was like the land of fantasy for Sumireko. Out in the boring, normal world, she had to hide her great abilities, but now that summer break was here, she was free to sink into a deep sleep-like trance and return once more to her playground.

Last time, she was too busy dealing with the ruckus she had caused to spend much time exploring. This time, she slipped into Gensokyo with little fanfare, with her mission already in mind. The pink-haired hermit Kasen Ibaraki had mentioned the name “Sanae Kochiya” before soundly bopping her and giving her a long lecture on the nature desire and impatience.

It seemed impossible that the upperclasswoman Sanae Kochiya from her school that always seemed odd and distant and had one day vanished without a trace would be the same Sanae Kochiya that Kasen had mentioned. Then again, it seemed impossible that she wouldn’t be. She would find out soon enough as she flew up the side of Youkai Mountain, headed for the Moriya shrine, Sanae’s new home — according to Kasen, at least.

Sumireko’s face soured as the name bounced around in her head. People used to wonder aloud how they weren’t friends. They were both nerds and oddballs, they both spent most of their time with their heads in the clouds, fascinated with the supernatural. Then Sanae had to go and be an early bloomer. Sumireko ground her teeth together as she remembered Sanae sashaying to school, drawing the attention of boys and a handful of girls as her hips started to stick out and she complained to her friends that she had already outgrew her old bras and needed to go up a cup size.

She couldn’t help but wonder what Sanae would look like now, a few years later after the last time she saw her. How had years in the land of illusion changed her? She briefly imagined Sanae as a cheesecake dungeon-crawler with a plate-mail bikini and groaned out loud in frustration. She pushed the image out of her head, only to imagine Sanae as a high-class concubine, servile and dressed in thin fabrics. That thought made her cackle, imagining Sanae getting her just desserts for making her have all these confused, conflicting feelings.

She almost didn’t notice as the slope of the mountain curved to flat, walkable ground. She adjusted herself, but stayed a few feet above the ground. She wanted to be able to look down, figuratively and literally, and sneer when her time finally came. She peered off into the distance to see the side of a shrine, a large torii in front of it, and felt her heart race. She had found the shrine.

As she approached, she could make out a figure. Someone was standing in the courtyard, sweeping the dirt path. Her heart raced even faster as she saw the sweeper’s green hair.

“Sanae?” she called out.

The girl stopped sweeping and looked up. Sumireko flew close enough to make out her features, then stopped in midair and let out a gasp. She was dressed like some sort of modern take on a shrine maiden, with a white vest leading and detached sleeves with blue trim leading down to a long blue skirt. What drew Sumireko’s attention first, however, was Sanae’s figure.

When Sanae turned to Sumireko, her boobs kept turning. The sleeveless shirt revealed just a hint of skin on the side of her breasts, and judging from the way they moved, she wasn’t wearing a bra. She had grown up as much as she had grown out, too, and looked like to be a solid foot taller than Sumireko. Sumireko felt the familiar feelings bubble inside her, the feelings she hadn’t felt since Sanae had disappeared. It was as if she was back in high school, watching Sanae giggle and smile at some boy who complimented her.

The filthy slut.

“Remember me, Sanae?” Sumireko put her hands on her hips and smiled, floating in midair. A slight breeze made her cape flutter behind her.

Sanae tilted her head. “I… don’t, actually,” she said. Her voice had grown along with her. It was breathy now, and sounded dangerously mature.

“Usami Sumireko, from Higashifukami high school! We, ahem,” Sumireko lowered her voice, “we were both in the manga club.”

“Oh, that’s right! Were you the freshman who sat in the corner a lot?”

Sumireko winced. Sanae’s trashy, mainstream tastes in manga had been another log on the pyre for her, and Sumireko made a habit of slinking to the corner and reading during most club meetings.

“But enough about that!” Sumireko snapped, shaking her head, “I’m here to get my revenge!”


Sanae fidgeted as Sumireko swooped to the ground and walked towards her. Sumireko jabbed a finger at her, trying desperately to remember what her plan for revenge was.

“I remember you, Sanae! The way you flaunted your body to every boy in the school, just rubbing it in how you’re—”

Sumireko gulped as she got close enough to smell Sanae’s hair. How the hell did she get nice shampoo in Gensokyo?

“ — you’re a slutty hotbod!”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about! Literally!” Sanae took a step back. Just that movement was enough to make her breasts jiggle.

“I’m talking about these outrageous udders!” Sumireko had an out-of-body experience as she watched her hands lunge forward and grab Sanae’s breasts.

“What-- aah,” Sanae’s face flushed as her squeak of surprised turned into a moan.

Sumireko stared at her hands, slack-jawed, shocked at herself but even more shocked at how wonderfully soft and pleasant Sanae’s breasts felt. She couldn’t resist giving them a squeeze and feeling how the skin pressed against her fingers.

“What are you doing?” Sanae said, wiggling her arms but doing nothing to stop Sumireko.

“These… these lewd funbags!” Sumireko said, hypnotized, as she hefted Sanae’s breasts in her hands, marveling at their weight. She licked her lips, catching the drool that was just beginning to form on the corner of her mouth.

"Sumireko, someone might see us,” Sanae said. Her breathing was deeper and faster, and Sumireko could feel each rise and fall of her chest.

“You’ve had sex a bunch of times, haven’t you? How many dicks did you take back in school? Did you ever have sex in the school building in a stairwell after classes hoping nobody saw you? While you were still wearing your uniform and just slid your panties down and…”

Sumireko was squeezing Sanae’s tits like stress toys, but she slowed down as her voice trailed off. Thinking so much about Sanae in her school uniform, she remembered how much she seemed to bulge out of that thing even when she was younger.


“Ow. What?” Sanae winced at Sumireko’s rough, clumsy grabbing.

“D-do you still have your old s-school uniform?” Sumireko said between low, dirty giggles.

“I don’t know, I… I might.”

“Take me to your room and put on your old uniform and let me see and aaaaahhh,” Sumireko groaned as she pressed her face in Sanae’s cleavage, grabbed the side of her breasts and smushed them against her head.

“Jeez! okay, just get off of me!” Sanae wiggled and gently pushed Sumireko away.

Sumireko followed close behind as Sanae turned and walked into the shrine. Praise be, she thought, seeing a hidden outline of Sanae’s backside underneath the long skirt. She was far too gone in her own thoughts to wonder why Sanae was acting so oddly. Maybe Gensokyo was the land of fantasies in more ways than one, she thought. She grinned, hoping it looked dirty and domineering, but could feel her cheeks dimple as her lips curled up.

She let out a little giggle as she followed Sanae through the door, then froze in place. In the main room of the temple were two other women: a short, shrimpy blonde girl sat at a kotatsu across from a massive woman with cheek-length blue hair and a plump, alluring mombod. Sumireko flinched and shuffled past them, but neither of them said a word or even looked up from their teacups.

She slinked into Sanae’s room and left that scene behind her. She was in a girl’s room. Not that there was anything special about that, she told herself, and she shook her head, trying to fight the increasingly warm, pleasant, horny feeling that spread through her crotch. This was just a revenge fantasy, she reminded herself, and certainly not an unrequited crush that she would never admit to anyone.

Then she saw a pair of Sanae’s dirty panties on top of her laundry hamper and nearly passed out. The scent of Sanae’s body hung in the air around the hamper. She shook her head again and turned back to see Sanae bent over, rummaging through a pile of clothes, her ass sticking up in the air.

“I found them!”

Sanae straightened up, holding the same old uniform that Sumireko remembered, the white blouse looking comically small as she held it in front of her. She tossed it onto the bed, grabbed her vest, and started peeling it off of her. Sumireko yelped and grabbed her cape, pulling the tail in front of her face to cover her eyes.

“What’s wrong?” Sanae asked.

“N-nothing! I just, um. I don’t want to lose control and pounce on you before you get changed! Because I’m strong and dangerous and good at sex.”

Sanae didn’t respond, but Sumireko could hear the sound of shuffling clothes as she kept changing. She turned her head away, facing the slightly-open door. She could just barely hear voices talking. It must have been the two women at the table.

“ —tting frisky again, huh?”


“C’mon, Kana. Sanae’s all grown up!”

“Don’t call me Kana.”

Sumireko shivered. She rubbed her thighs together. That was it, she thought. Proof that Sanae is a dick-munching butt-slut bringing someone to her room every day to do sex things!

“It’s tight,” Sanae mumbled. Sumireko whipped around.

She had outgrown the uniform and then some. The blouse rode up her stomach all the way past the belly button, the sleeves only going partway down her forearms. The skirt was stretched tight around her hips, small enough to reveal her thick, pale thighs. Those obscene gazongas of hers bulged against her top, stretching the buttons, windows of cleavage showing between every button. She could see the little nubs of her nipples poking out against the white of her shirt. Sanae let out a squeak as one of the buttons popped open, her tits bouncing as they filled out the new available space.

"Dammit, woman!" Sumireko jumped against Sanae, wrapping her arms around her and sinking her hands against her ass. She could feel how tight the skirt was against it, feel how her ample thickness was pulled taut underneath as she rubbed her hands over her. Her forehead bumped against Sanae's collar. She looked up to see Sanae's nervous, twitching smile looking down at her.

“Get down here already!” Sumireko slapped a hand against Sanae’s butt for emphasis.

“Keep it down, I don’t want them to hear us,” Sanae whispered back as she knelt down, reaching eye-level with Sumireko.

Sanae’s face with her wide, pleading eyes and thick, pale, gently pouting lips were now right in front of Sumireko. She gripped Sanae tighter and nearly gave her a kiss, but panicked and turned her lips away. She pressed their bodies together, feeling how Sanae’s roundness smother her flat chest and how she could feel the points of her nipples poke against her and the muffled sounds of more buttons popping open as she stretched Sanae’s blouse further.

“Your dirty pig sow slut bitch body!”

Sanae yelped as Sumireko brought her hand against her ass harder, hearing the slapping sound of flesh on cloth as she rubbed against her. Sanae’s skirt rode up her backside, and Sumireko slapped again and felt nothing but skin on skin.

“N-no panties?” Sumireko gasped.

“I don’t wear them when I’m wearing my long skirt,” Sanae replied with an embarrassed giggle.

Sumireko pictured Sanae going to school without panties, ready to take someone as soon as possible and do the deed. Sumireko’s only experience was watching porn and some nervous self-exploration, and she couldn’t fully hide her fear at exploring what was virgin territory for her. She tried to force the fear out of her as she brought her hands back and shoved her in the direction of the bed. Her hands slapped uselessly against Sanae’s shoulders and she didn’t budge.

Sanae glanced behind her. “Oh. Kyah!” Sanae turned and threw herself onto the bed. Sumireko climbed on top, her muscles already feeling strained as she took deep, ragged breaths.

The obscene cleavage-window created by the popped buttons drew her eye. She gripped Sanae’s blouse and yanked it open. Sanae’s breasts sprang free, launching up slightly as her blouse opened, then flopping down against her body, bouncing softly in place as if inviting her in. Sumireko attacked, latching her mouth around one nipple as she pinched the other one between her fingers. This was it, she thought, she was feeling a boob. They weren’t quite what she expected. Her tit gave some resistance as she pressed her face against it, feeling it push back against her. Her nipple, still soft, felt pliant and rubbery between her fingers. She sucked and tugged in unison, feeling their weight each time she lifted them.

Sanae leaned her head back and moaned, her body arching slightly. Sumireko took her lips off of Sanae and watched her breast snap back into place after being stretched. A faint purple color marked where she had latched onto, the beginnings of a large hickey. Sumireko grinned at seeing her own handiwork and gave an extra-hard tug to Sanae's nipple, now feeling firm between her fingers.

Sumireko was fascinated and fell into a trance of kissing, sucking, pinching, and tugging. Sanae’s moans began to die down after a few minutes, and Sumireko tilted her head back to see Sanae staring at her, a hint of boredom on her face through the look of nervous lust.

She would have to do something more. But what? She was too short to lean up for a kiss, and still liked seeing Sanae in her uniform and didn’t want to take it off. As she raced through her thoughts, she felt Sanae’s hands reach down and grab her thighs. She yelped, surprised by how nice it felt to have someone else’s hands on her body. Suddenly, it was her turn to receive as her mind went blank from Sanae’s caresses. She was supposed to be the one in control here, not some sort of partner in mutual pleasure!

“Hey now, don’t—”

Sumireko was cut short as Sanae’s hands sneaked up her skirt. Her pale face turned cherry-red.

“Boxers?” Sanae asked.

Sumireko nodded, then buried her face against Sanae in embarrassment, but also because it felt nice. Sumireko had gotten used to being alone, and boxers and a camisole made much comfier underwear for her scrawny body. She shivered against Sanae as her hand pressed between her legs and pressed against her pussy.

“You know, Sumi, I remember one thing about you from school…”

“Mhm?” Sumireko mumbled from Sanae’s cleavage.

“I always thought you were cute when you got embarrassed.”

Sumireko squealed and pressed her face harder against Sanae’s chest. No way, she thought. It was impossible. There was no way that Sanae would think she was cute and would give her a pet nickname like ‘Sumi.’ She squealed again as Sanae’s fingers caressed the lips of her pussy over her underwear.

“Seems like this is working a little better,” Sanae said with a sweet giggle, “I know you had a scene in mind, but maybe you’re more of a masochist, aren’t you?”

“No!” she shouted. Yes, she thought.

"Here, let's get more cozy."

Sumireko yelped again as Sanae grabbed her shoulders and flipped her over with ease, suddenly looming above her. Those infernal boobs that had started all this now dangled above her face, then soon swung downwards as Sanae sat up. She grabbed the buttons of Sumireko's dress and popped them open one after the other, pulling the straps down her shoulders, then lifting her legs up and pulling the whole thing down her legs until it came off of her. Then she yanked Sumireko’s boxers up her legs, leaving her in nothing but her camisole and cape. Even her hat had been knocked off, lying on the bed next to her.

“Wait, Sanae! I haven’t…”

Sumireko covered her face in her hands. She had never bothered to trim herself down there, and the sparse hairs on her crotch were long and curly.

“Ooh!” Sanae cooed. Sumireko curled her toes as she felt Sanae’s fingers stroke against the bare skin of her crotch.

“And you’re so sensitive, too!” Sanae teased a finger between her lips, tickling her inside. “You’re enjoying this more, aren’t you?”

“I-I love it. You b-bitch.”

“Oh, that’s right! Now then, it’s time for my revenge for all those names you called me.”

Sumireko peeked through her fingers. She had practiced her evil grins in the mirror before, but Sanae’s grin was better than anything she could manage. Sanae grabbed her shoulder again and flipped Sumireko over, onto her stomach, her cape fluttering up to reveal her bare butt. She felt Sanae weigh down against her back, pinning her in place, then felt an arm wrap around her neck, putting her in a headlock. Sumireko remembered with a whimper how Sanae used to talk about pro wrestling all the time at club meetings.

The grip wasn’t tight enough to choke her, but enough to constrict her and make her breathing even more strained and ragged. Sanae’s other hand wedged underneath Sumireko’s body, roaming down her stomach to reach her crotch. Her hips trembled as Sanae’s fingers pressed against the top of her pussy, fishing around. She tightened her legs as a finger pressed against her clit, peeling back the hood to let it pop free, already red and swollen.

Sumireko let out a loud, low grunt and went slack as pleasure coursed through her body. She tightened back up as she felt Sanae’s fingers enter her and curl, easily slipping inside her pussy. All she could see was the pillow in front of her, and every new twist and wiggle of Sanae’s fingers was a new shock of pleasure as she explored inside her. The fingers pressed against a firm spot near the front of her pussy and caused another burst of pleasure to explode through her as Sanae pressed against it in firm, rapid strokes. This was so much better than anything Sumireko had ever done to her own body. Sumireko’s every inhale became a thin squeak and every exhale became a high, lilting moan.

Sanae's headlock suddenly stopped as she put a hand on her shoulder. Her fingers slipped out, instantly leaving Sumireko with a burning, throbbing need. She flipped Sumireko yet again, and she could see Sanae’s grin had gotten even bigger, wider, and nastier as she took Sumireko's slender thigh in her hand and lifted her leg up.

"I want to see your face when you cum," Sanae tittered.

She shoved herself back inside, resuming her assault, her thumb tracing circles around Sumireko's clit as her fingers rubbed and pressed inside her. Sumireko's mouth hung open and her eyes rolled up in her head. She could feel something building deep inside her, teasing her as it grew, yet also seeming to come on too fast for her to handle.

"Wha-- what's happening?" Sumireko's voice rose to a shriek as she felt her pussy tighten, every muscle in her body tightening. Then she felt a blissful release spread through her crotch. She closed her eyes and raised her hips as she felt fluid gush from her, and distantly registered the sound of it spraying against Sanae, still thrusting her fingers inside her even as she came.

Sumireko's clenched body finally relaxed. Her hips fell onto the bed and she threw her arms to the side, splayed out and spent. She craned her head up, seeing how her fluids had soaked Sanae.

"That was... unbelievable," Sumireko gasped.

"Was that your first time squirting?"

"Is... is that what I did?"

Sanae pulled her fingers out a little too quickly, making Sumireko twitch. She wiped her hand on Sumireko's cape, now wet and stained with sex.

"Aw, Sumi. You have so much to learn."

“I-I do?”


Sanae grabbed Sumireko's calves. She tugged her down along the bed until her ankles dangled over the edge. The feeling of being manhandled gave her another rush of excitement and nervousness. She watched with curiosity as Sanae peeled her undone top off, then peeled her skirt down. She saw the gentle lines on Sanae's tummy trace down to her hips, down to the neatly-kept tuft of green pubic hair on her crotch. Her thighs were deliciously thick now that she was naked, and as Sumireko watched them move, she started to feel her sore, tired body beg for another round anyway.

Sanae leaned over onto her hands and knees and crawled up Sumireko's body. Then she kept crawling. Sumireko watched as she was face-to-face with her, then staring at her drooping breasts, then her stomach. She gasped as Sanae leaned back and she saw the thick lips of Sanae's pussy dangling above her.

Sanae reached behind Sumireko's head. Her hat had fallen off at some point long ago, and Sanae picked it up and put it on. "Now then, how about you return the favor?"

Sanae lowered her hips, enveloping Sumireko in her soft thighs as her pussy pressed against her mouth with a soft wet sound. She grabbed a handful of Sumireko's hair and pulled. The taste of Sanae's juices overwhelmed her, more bitter than she expected, and she felt her pubic hair tickling her nose as she breathed in the thick scent. She lapped her tongue up and down across Sanae's pussy, doing whatever came to mind first. It must have been the right decision, as Sanae began to grind her hips against Sumireko's face.

"There you go!" she said, pulling harder on Sumireko's hair. She pulled her hair the other direction, giving her a moment to gasp for breath, then smushed her face back against her.

She kept that rhythm of tugging and grinding as Sumireko felt a blissful numbness. She pushed her tongue between Sanae's lips, diving in to lick inside her before pulling out and running her tongue along her folds. Sanae started to speed up, giving Sumireko fewer chances to breathe. She began to kick her legs against the bed, panicking as Sanae smothered her. She grabbed handfuls of Sanae's thighs, trying to push her away to get some room, but instead she felt her hands sink against them and squeezed. Sanae pressed her weight down against her face as her walls gripped Sumireko's tongue.

Sanae trembled as she rode out the waves of her orgasm before finally letting go of Sumireko's hair, leaning away from her, and rolling over onto her back.

"Wow," Sanae giggled.

Sumireko whimpered. The rush of sex started to fade as she felt the sticky fluid all over her make her body start to cool down. She was about to fall asleep when Sanae sat up with a start.

"Oh, crap! I need to make dinner.”

She jumped out of bed, then wobbled on her shaky knees. She rummaged around for her normal clothes and threw them on, not bothering with so much as a "see you later" to Sumireko before she slipped out the door. Sumireko took a deep breath, splayed out on the cold, wet sheets of the bed, and blinked.

When she opened her eyes, it was night. She blinked again, feeling like she was waking up from a dream. Was she back home in the Outside World already? The sheets felt like her sheets, and they definitely weren't soaked through now, but she felt appropriately sore after that wild adventure. She let out a grunt and turned her head. She saw her familiar alarm clock, her familiar window, and another girl in bed with her.

Through the moonlight from the window, she could just barely make out her short, slender figure with long blonde hair. It was that girl from before, she remembered with a gasp, one of the women sitting at the table as she went inside with Sanae. The girl let out a giggle, her voice surprisingly mature and breathy for her size.

"I saw the whole thing," the girl whispered as she stroked her hand along Sumireko's thigh.

“Wha-hawa-awa-ha?” Sumireko said.

Sumireko realized her boxers were still off as the girl’s fingers stroked against the lips of her pussy.

“No wonder you were so pent-up, girl. You never learned how to get yourself off, let alone make someone else get off."

“Who — what — what?”

“I’m Suwako, mountain goddess of the Moriya shrine,” she giggled. “Now, just lie back and let me teach you a few tricks.”
Aw, so sweet and sexy.

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