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File 134056730551.jpg - (438.78KB, 811x1200, a729c7cf1ebf1eda4a3b8d3e36d751d9.jpg) [iqdb]
Thread 2! Hey, I'm alive!
I know a lot of people were ragging on me for dropping my other story, but I came out and said I would. This one went on break because of some personal life problems. I'm still here.
Also I feel like people may have deleted their votes for the last choice or something (besides the votespam) but I'll write with what the votes say now.


"I don't know." I respond quietly. "This story is so vaguely written. It is more of a legend than a historical account. I can't glean much from it. The people seemed to like him, but it doesn't say what he did. Sure, he killed some youkai, but did he kill ones that were a major threat? Or did he kill them just because he could?"

Keine smiles. "This is a part of interpreting history. Often times people only have a vague story written about them. Sometimes they seem great, other times, not so great. However.." She gives a small smile.

"This is just one account. There are other was to understand something. For example, this story is recent enough that some people may still be telling it and may know something about it. So, for your first assignment in my class, I'd like you to find out as much as you can. You are free to use any resources you can find, and you have until next week to report to me with your new opinion on the hero and his story."

She stands, and bows.

"Class dismissed." Keine gives a cute giggle while looking me in the eye. Class of one dismissed, huh? I suppose it is time to meet up with Marisa..

But it is a bit early. We said we'd meet in the evening, but class today was rather short. I have a few hours, so I decided to head home. I don't make it very far, though, before a sharp pain strikes my head.

Or, I should say, a dull rock lands on my head.

"Ow! What the-"

I look up, and see a broomstick, huge grin, a black-and-white outfit, and a hint of bloomers.

Oh, sweet bloomers.

I'm relieved to see her..it means she is unharmed and not involved in whatever happened last night
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[x] Defend the youkai. She didn't harm me yet.

That and Yamame is one of the nicer ones (I believe her profile more than biased documents)
[x] Defend the youkai. She didn't harm me yet.

Seriously, she wasn't threatening us or anything.
[x] Defend the youkai. She didn't harm me yet.

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File 130024945521.jpg - (318.22KB, 840x700, 3ac8537e052b8ed41b9feee54d726325.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, whatever. What happens in the beast's lair is none of your concern, as long as you and your human are safe. And since his offering seems to have appeased the beast itself, even put the both of you in its favour, you see no reason to go wandering. The sound repeats, slightly louder this time, almost insistent, and you just ignore it. The subsequent silence is almost petulant.

However, it is quickly broken by the return of the red-white. She sets down a small tray and pours tea for the three of you. Taking a place at the other side of the table, she relaxes quickly - or at least appears to. She settles onto one elbow.

"So. What do you want?" She cuts right to the chase. Your human doesn't answer immediately, instead electing to take a drink from his tea. He looks down at it curiously, and speaks.

"You know, if you use the smaller, lighter leaves, you get a much better flavour." He laughs at her expression. "Now, now, don't make that face. I had to make do with weed tea for a few years, myself. It's admittedly a bit of an acquired taste, but you learn a few tricks after a while." Curiously, you pick up your own cup and take a sniff. It's certainly a strong-smelling sort of tea. However, it's all you can do to keep from spitting it out when you taste it. It's really terrible. You make a face, and set the tea down. He continues, "But yes, I did come for more than to just give you money."

"Of course. What's your problem? A particularly troublesome youkai?" She slides her eyes over to you for the barest second. "Or maybe not. So? What is it?" She manages to somehow sound just as impatient as she does laid back. Taking a sip from her own cup, she looks as miraculously unperturbed by the taste as your human. ...Maybe it's just a human thing. Speaking of humans, yours is pulling that rectangle from earlier out. And a little stick. The terrible creature across the table simply looks slightly curious.

"Tell me a story."

“…Excuse me?” She’s surprised. Off balance.

“A story.
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[x] Attack the rabbits from behind.

Pincer attacks work wonders, and who cares about rabbits? We have to save our Human, and reach Hiosu Tensoku Giant Mima.
hahahah what?

[X] Attack the rabbits from behind.
[X] Attack the rabbits from behind.

We have the advantage of surprise. No one knows we're here. If we're fast enough, we can break through and escape before anyone registers we were even present in the first place.

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File 12462764903.jpg - (260.15KB, 600x849, valkyrie.jpg) [iqdb]
This is a thread of what might have been, what may yet be and what never could have been.

Basically some stuff that I've been toying with for a while. Let's see how it turns out.
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File 134187888887.png - (56.68KB, 450x450, siiip.png) [iqdb]
sage your posts in old story threads
>given her Plant attributes
>surviving a nuke
File 134827349381.jpg - (42.42KB, 480x720, l2fR0.jpg) [iqdb]
Thinking warmly of a writefriend.

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File 133885185029.png - (368.96KB, 800x600, marisa.png) [iqdb]
This is not the Gensokyo you may know in your heart. I, Matsuo Heikichi, am not a hero. I cannot fight the youkai who seek to feast on me and my friends and family. I have no defense. If I run into a youkai outside the village, I am most likely doomed. That is how my mother died, when I was very young.

My hopes and dreams are not all dead, though. I live a happy life in the human village with my father, who is a blacksmith. While I often work with him, I am not being forced to pick up the family trade like most kids here. I'm a bit clumsy compared to him, and while I appreciate his work, I think both of us would rather I do something a bit more...scholarly.

My highest hope, though, is a girl. A personal hero, someone I have admired for a few years now. Marisa Kirisame. Sometimes she flies over the human village, and I am in awe of her speed, and defiance of the laws of nature that bind me. She flies, like a youkai, proving that
humans are not inferior. I hear tales of her defeating youkai in combat with her magic, and I can't help but idolize her. Last year I spent all my year's allowance getting one of the neighboring shops to carve a tiny wooden statue of Marisa flying on her broomstick, smiling and waving. It is my greatest treasure, and I don't regret it at all.

And today? Today is special. I'm going to confess to her. I don't care what she says, but I want to get it all off my chest, to thank her for what she has done for the village and for inspiring me. A man today laughingly told me that she'd be at the Hakurei shrine visiting her
friend, the caretaker.

And here I am, making the climb up the stairs in the summer heat, wishing I could fly more than ever. I hope my sweat doesn't make me unattractive to her, but I'm not the most impressive guy as far as looks anyway. At last, I reach the top of the stairs, and my efforts are rewarded already with the sight of my hero.

Marisa is talking to the shrine maiden, laughing cheerily at her expense as the two drink tea.

"Oh? Looks like you have a pilgrim, Reimu!"

"A human, too! Are you here to make an offering to the shrine, by any chan
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File 134034540345.jpg - (621.27KB, 1000x708, rumia27637307.jpg) [iqdb]
That should do it.
It seems I've been summoned by Mystia pictures.

But no, in all seriousness, I have not abandoned this. I would tell you if I had. I at least owe you guys that much. I have a new job and can no longer write from work, and my personal life has been plagued with trouble. If you guys are still interested in the story, I plan on continuing and have about half of the next update already finished, I just need to finish it up and post it. My update speed will be slower though, as I used to update from work for the most part.
...Are we allowed to ask Rumina about her opinion on the Youkai hunter?

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File 130906710582.png - (291.66KB, 700x1020, and you call yourself amusing.png) [iqdb]
I stood by the doorway, hesitant to commit fully to disturbing her. The memory of the last time I questioned her instruction was still fresh in my mind. I hoped it would not be like that again, “Mistress, a moment of your time if I may?”

“What is it that you want?” She did not look up from her cup of tea, eyes fixed on the hot vapor rising from the beverage.

“I wish to know of your assessment regarding my performance,” I put it directly, “What you believed happened and why it did.”

“Why?” She asked simply.

“To better myself if possible,” I explained.

“Are you incapable of reaching a conclusion yourself?”

“That is not it. I merely thought that your insight might reveal something I overlooked.”

Alice finally raised her gaze, giving me a hard stare. The warm wisps of steam were a sharp contrast to the coldness of her expression. She rebuked me harshly, “I am your instructor, not someone whom must hold your hand every time you waver. Do not waste my time without attempting to even resolve matters yourself. I have given you all the tools you need to learn and grow in skill. The paucity of result should not be my responsibility as it is not my effort that determines the outcome.”

“...I apologize,” I said weakly, “I did not mean to presume.”

“Your perfidious statements belie your apology,” Alice remarked. Her delicate finger still held the tea cup gently by the handle. She gently placed it on the saucer, adding a few more words to the chastisement, “Whatever conclusions that I have drawn from your failure today are inconsequential. I did not think it an impossible task but did not think it too simple either. If outright hostility and admission of failure is what you expect from me, I fear that I shall leave you wanting.”

“Excuse me for taking up your time then,” I tried to cut my losses.

She wouldn't let me go so easily, “Perhaps I should not betray your expectations. What punitive measures should I undertake?” She smiled to herself, looking somewhat pleased with the idea, “A more brutal teacher would employ the cane or whip to castigate failure. A more
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[x] Nah, Eastern High has got it covered.

I don't like romantic comedies. Gives me flashbacks to all those harem animes.

By the way, Eastern High is half romantic comedy half Kira paranoia fest. Delicious.
[X] Hell yes!

Yes, I've been reading your stories for a while, I'm fond of them but I've never been able to think up anything interesting.

Anyways, that seems like and interesting mood change from your other stories, my curiosity is piqued.

Also, what happened to Violet Sky?
File 13384413899.png - (549.20KB, 600x839, can't show this in christian manga.png) [iqdb]
I guess that's most of my readers voting there. It looks like I'll do it, after all. After the next update for this. Not sure where to put it, thinking either /th/ or /others/. The former has the other story and the latter doesn't feel wholly appropriate.

You don't have to ever really think up anything interesting. You automatically get an 'A' for minimum effort in my book. You know, maybe someday you'll feel inspired and hold the key to a story in your hand, but I'm a realist. I appreciate people just trying even if it's in their own way.

>what happened to Violet Sky?
You'll hate me for this. The short answer is that it's still on. The longer answer is as follows: I kept expecting/hoping that someone would say something further in the last vote or someone else would vote. I think it may have been a tie and/or I was explaining the meaning of the vote to people who were making assumptions that were due to me not being clear enough. Waiting for potential revotes as well. It seemed like at least one person was on the verge of coming to some sort of useful conclusion. In the end, no one else bothered to follow up. So I waited, saw that nothing was forthcoming... was a bit let down by that and then real life kicked in; A couple of long trips, things going the wrong way in different ways and a period of intense work. So it was forgotten/de-prioritized. And since no one brought it up either on the boards or irc (generally the talk there is anything but my stories), I haven't said anything about it. Yeah, not cool, I know. Sorry. I would resume it but I want the wait to have at least not been a total waste. So a revote or something else to jolt it into life would be nice. If not I'll probably eventually drink a lot and cry enough to just bear it and move on. I wouldn't bet on that being that soon, though. Yeah that was kind of a joke. Not very funny, sorry. But I really am lacking a bit of drive in that department.

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File 129111882584.png - (510.41KB, 941x1247, 0b971f54e6f1887d7f7b45116306f46d.png) [iqdb]
Previous thread: >>21491
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[x] Ask granny how to vote on 184-23
Your wishes are my command. I had to re read the thread, just so you know.

[x] Talk with Grandma about…
- [x] …what she had wanted to tell you back at her home.
- [x] …the purple lady. Ask her if she knows anything about her.
File 13362979314.jpg - (398.88KB, 1600x1200, eeede60a804ebd282e8f165c6e678bd1.jpg) [iqdb]
Thread's almost auto-saged, so update will be posted in a new thread.

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File 12668900165.jpg - (508.61KB, 700x700, malice14.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Introduce yourself as...
- [ ] The song-smith of the north, weaver of verses and skald of skill.

A moment flashes past, one of judgement and doubt entwined into one. Thoughts race through your mind, wondering whether you should seek to find the answer she must be looking for, or whether you should tell her what you feel in your heart. Perhaps these are one and the same, perhaps not.

Still, Sons of Odin are not ones to hesitate, and in a sudden flash of insight you choose which one among the many titles you could claim you should choose. Silver tongue unbound, song forged with wit and skill, tale told truly, these do you bring with you, for no other skill is as great as the stave-smithing.

You stand tall and proud, you face the guardian of this strange town, and you sing.

"Hail, glorious guardian, you who would know the one who now stands before her.
Hail, listen to the words, tangled tale untwisted when silver togue speaks.
Listen, you loyal thane who would stand before your hearth and home,
You who would shield the town of spellbound realm, hear honour's voice.

Ask, you who stand sentinel o'er hold and hearth, ask him of his deeds and daring,
Question, you who would wish to know him, answers aright he does as Odin bids.
Wonder, true-hearted thane, what warrior stands before you, know he is a tale-weaver,
Hear his deeds and name, those both who mark a man for judgement, who weigh his worth."

You pause for a brief moment, for dramatic effect as well as for a quick breath, then you catch the trusty thane's gaze with your own and you speak again, power flowing over your tongue and into your words.

"Listen, for one who stands before you is Sigurd Thorgrimson, son of Odin, song-smith.
Verses he weaves, staves of skill summoned when tongue tells truth, as when fable is fashioned.
His is wit and wisdom, well-versed with praised poems he sings staves smithed by skalds of yore.
Words he wields, warrior of blade and song, when glory is greatest he is its author or witness."

There is silence as you let the words end. In the eyes and expression of the great g
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Still alive?
I wish for this to continue as well.

I've been following what i could for the past 6 months(navy deployment), and the storytelling is something i haven't seen in a long time, and usually from stories without anon input(fanfics)

Praise for Norseman, Hopes for his return, and Dreams for the continuation of the story of our viking Sigurd

You do realize that there is a new thread a little further up the page?

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File 132028513282.jpg - (1.72MB, 1600x1200, Winter_Forest.jpg) [iqdb]

Muttering nonsense in my half-awake state, I sit up from the makeshift bed. While leaves aren't the most comfortable cushion, it does not irritate the stems of my wings like the bedrock would. The first thing I notice is the lack of heat. With a flick of my pale hand towards the small pile of coals, the makeshift fireplace smolders to life. I look around lazily, brushing my mahogany hair out of my eyes. This helps little, as my brown eyes aren't meant for the darkness that being four feet underground tends to have.

All I can make out with the lightly burning lumps of bark is that nothing changed overnight. The small hole I found under the tree is still unaffected by the harsh winter blizzards; my routine of melting the snow that plugs the only entrance is likely a factor. Yawning, I debate on whether to sleep through the day again or not.

Hopping off the pile of leaves, I rip of a piece of one and use it to blow my nose. While being just under half a foot tall has it's downsides, I never tire of it's benefits, with "using small objects in ways larger fairies couldn't dream of" being in the top 5. I flash-burn the leaf into ash and wipe my hands onto my already-soot-covered red, one-piece dress; after ruining my only other outfit by trying to turn the dress into a shirt/shorts two-piece, I figure that nobody is going to see me in this thing, anyway. Stretching my almost-invisible two pairs of wings, I stare into the small fire and let my mind wander...


[ ] __________
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File 133109629440.jpg - (42.39KB, 292x256, 1192774992170.jpg) [iqdb]
File 133712395937.jpg - (1.50MB, 2496x3645, 36a935abe3fc049fd534b4dd2aa2df26.jpg) [iqdb]
I miss this one.

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File 13067328885.png - (8.10KB, 256x256, リグルビーム.png) [iqdb]
Chapter two
Previous Thread: >>22517

The update should be up in the next day or two.

As far as the picture in question? It's both a hint at the update and something Yuki and Wriggle discussed at Rinnosuke's shop.
 [View thread]
No point in waiting for more votes in the face of uncontested opinion. I'll try to have something up by around next weekend or so.

I'll attempt to start work on the last part of the Omake as well with in this time.
You might as well have another thread, you're 4 posts away from the autosage point.

New thread

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File 131016329166.jpg - (390.31KB, 1510x1582, Character.jpg) [iqdb]
It's been a week and a half after falling into this strange world and being saved by the black-white witch. If it weren't for her, you'd be frozen to death by that damn blue haired fairy, although you wouldn't agree with her (somewhat extreme) methods of rescue. You got over the flight sickness easily enough. She introduced herself as Marisa Kirisame(a curious blend of European and Japanese names) and offered you a place to stay for a while. You decided to pay your dues to Marisa by working as a helper in her magic shop but man oh man, you're beginning to regret it. Not only are you now an accessory to at least 3 counts of robbery but you also find that your back is about to break from all the lifting she's having you do. Still you can't really complain. After all, she let you sleep in her guest room which is actually rather cosy compared the place you were living before you ended up here. She's a good cook, and despite the fact that the floor is a mess, it's still strangely navigable. It's like the floor is in some sort of orderly chaos.

You stand in front of a bubbling cauldron in the fireplace, keeping an eye on its contents for Marisa while she looks for stirring equipment in the adjacent room. You hear her shouting something urgently. "Hey! put .... potion in .... cauldron, I'd say it's .... ready!" You can barely hear her due to the acoustics in the room. "Do .... quick it should be about to .... over ze!" She's right, it is about to boil over. You spot a couple of potions on top of the mantelpiece. Working quickly, you pour in....

[] The yellow smoky potion.
[] The blue swirling potion.

This will primarily be a /d/ story, the specifics of which will be revealed in the next post. and I hope to keep it a brief as possible as I don't think I have the stamina for a long ass story.
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So what, exactly, do you propose we take to prove our innocence?
I think the best method of action to prove that we are innocent is to prove that we have near no means to do so and no motive to do so. No means to do so is embedded into Jeffery, he is but a normal human that has fallen into Gensokyo, many levels of power below Marisa. If we have any marking of getting knocked out, that is sufficient proof that we are incapable to cause a magician capable of leveling mountains to vanish. No motive can be stemmed from two things. One, if we caused Marisa to vanish, why would we seek the 'police' (Reimu) to remedy the problem and find us guilty? Two, if we can prove that we are Marisa's assistant and thus 'friend' of sorts, we can further the idea that we are innocent. We can prove our association with Marisa by perhaps a ring/a badge/cloth patch that Marisa gave to Jeffery and told him that it signified that he was her partner in crime accessory assistant. Given that we have been wearing this item all along, but had forgotten about it, and that rumors of a person assisting Marisa on her book raids should have propagated far enough, and descriptions (and complaints) by first hand witnesses and victims of the raids should be enough evidence that we are Marisa’s friend. Unfortunately, this may have bad implications in case we meet the SDM, but I feel sure that Reimu has come to accept this habit of Marisa’s. Therefore, we are innocent in Marisa’s disappearance, and accept what we are guilty of (and such ‘guilt’ can be undone with something as simple as returning ‘borrowed’ books).

In other words, bring your things that Marisa gave to you to make you her official assistant and your brain. Jeffery can easily logic his way to innocence. No motive, and the few means to cause her disappearance (potions, because he lacks the physical and magical ability to do so) can be logically analyzed out (Marisa wanted him to create them, he doesn’t know crap about the effects of the potions nor how to make them as seen when he turned Marisa into a slime) of the situation.

tl;dr: Bring your brain, logic, and the ring/badge/patch Maris
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
[X] The person who took her might be dangerous alone, it'd be a good idea to find someone first. (Reimu)
Just going to Reimu should be good enough. After all we couldn't subdue Marisa even if we tried and there's no way we would go tell Reimu if we did smack her over the head while she was sleeping.

The worst she could think is that we're leading her into a trap but that's unlikely at best and not many people can defeat the shrine maiden in battle. Therefore lets go add Reimu to the party and search for Marisa~

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