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File 128460774267.jpg - (521.93KB, 1322x1122, c376dc02e457314e763dd0f9d2515438.jpg) [iqdb]
“You want me to pay you right here? Right now? You’ve got to be kidding me!”

You remain calm. The fact that you’re dealing with the city’s most influential family doesn’t bother you much. In fact your only response is to stare at the man in white overall and fedora. “Why not? It has been stated in the contract, and my client has to agree to it without any question,” you speak. “I expect you to do the same.”

“But you didn’t say that I have to prepare the money before you arrive!” the man protests. You can see his face contorting as he tries to suppress his anger, and his hands clenching the armrest in rage. “This is too much. You’re trying to extort money from me, aren’t you?”

“Perhaps.” You lean against the chair. “Sure, you can terminate the contract anytime you like, and I don’t see any problem about it. But I have to warn you.” You lean forward again, pointing the pen at his face. “I will have to charge you extra for the termination, and that might include additional payment for the time I have to waste just to get to your headquarters.”

“You insolent bit-”

“Look. I’m only trying to strike a bargain with you,” you cut him off. “And I’m the only one capable of accomplishing this task perfectly.” You keep your gaze fixed on him as you continue: “of course, you can just refuse this offer and look for somebody else, but believe me: you won’t find anyone willing to charge you this low.”

The man, whose age you guess is around his fifties, groans and shakes his head. “Alright, Kirisame, you win. How much do I have to pay?”

“Not until you tell me the purpose of hiring me,” you answer.

He sighs. “Very well.” And he starts his explanation of the reason he seeks for your service, detailing every piece of information that will prove invaluable to your operation. This kind of business isn’t unusual; as a matter of fact you have been doing this for almost ten years. As a transporter, you have been entrusted by the community in the city to delivers good to their intended destination, and you almost always find the adrenaline rush in it. You have made friends and rivals with many, and even regarded by some as a threat to the conservative courier system. In spite of the risk, you enjoy this lifestyle; where else in the world can you find a profession that offers payment as instant and often as this?

It’s only recently that you have been approached by people from the dark side of the society and asked to deliver their “goods”, often in questionable nature. You don’t question the nature of this transaction as it is your unspoken law of “transport anything, question nothing” although you do get suspicious eyes fixed on you due to your transportation method. You don’t earn the nickname Stardust Halley for nothing; you’re one of the few transporters in the city (maybe the ONLY transporter) capable of reaching the destination in record, if not neck-breaking, time, and your skill of traversing the rough urban terrain and avoiding obstacles puts even the most experienced extreme athletes to their knees.

“So!” You clap your hands happily. You’re done listening to the old man’s briefing, and you’re satisfied with the details he’s given. “I guess my job tonight is as simple as counting the numbers in a pi.”

“Don’t get too cocky just because you’re the best transporter we can find,” the man warns. “I’m putting my family’s future, my own dignity and my men’s safety on your shoulders. You better not disappoint me.”

“Relax, gramps,” you chortle, causing one of his henchmen to aim his handgun at you. “The city’s been a part of my blood. I entrust my every step to her.” You outstretch yourself. “Man, this has been the most tiring day in my life. Oh, right, the payment.” You count your digits in succession, all while throwing your sight at the gun-wielding henchman. “That will be twenty thousand dollars, and I accept only hard cash. No cheque, please.” The man orders his henchmen to prepare the cash. “Oh, please include muffin and fresh milk. Can’t start my work without those.”

As the light meal is being prepared, you notice the old man speaking to some of his henchmen, some of them are dressed in the same manners as he is albeit in different colouring. You enjoy dealing with this kind of business; it’s fun to poke their intention of hiring you to do their bids in spite of their reputation, and more often you get cold shoulders from these people.

“Leave us for a while,” the old man tells his henchmen. “I have some question to ask Kirisame.” You watch as the gunmen walk out of the office, leaving only you and the old man alone in the room. “Hope you don’t mind me asking.”

“If this is about my lack of manners, I'm sorry for that,” you answer.

“Not really.” The old man puts the empty teacup down. “I’m curious. Why must you go through all the troubles just to earn some money? You know you could've looked for something more… secured.”

You shake your head. “I don't know, gramps. It's been inside my blood for as long as I can remember. You know, the addiction for adrenaline rush?” You munch a bit of the muffin. “I know I could find some better job – I don't know, maybe fashion designer or cafe owner? But yeah, I'm more used to this kind of stuff.”

“And seeing you actively involving yourself in the dangerous world of transporting…” He chortles. “I can’t help wondering if you have ever thought of your own future. How old are you again, Kirisame?”

“Gonna be eighteen next week,” you answer. “Why?”

“Ah, so young, so prolific…” He shakes his head. “I wish I could go back to my prime time and tell my younger self not to take the wrong path, but this old self is becoming too fragile to even think of his own self.” This conversation is getting nowhere, so you ask him not to think too much. “Indeed. I shouldn’t worry about this matter too much.”

His henchmen show up, one of them carrying a briefcase containing the money. “Seventy-five thousand dollars in hard cash, all have been accounted for,” one of them speaks as he hands the briefcase to you. You can only grin at the amount of money you’ve earned as you peek on its content; you can survive an entire month on this alone.

“When will the delivery start?” the man asks.

“Once you get the packaging ready, I’m all set,” you answer. “Meet me at the subway tonight, eight o’clock sharp. Don’t want to miss the train.”

The deal is sealed. You exchange handshake with the old man and leave the hotel, heading straight to the parking lot where your assistant is awaiting. “Sorry to make you wait,” you tell her. The woman in maid uniform shakes her head and gives you a letter instead. “Oh? For me?” Under the woman’s watchful eyes you open the letter and read its content. Then you throw your sight at the sky; the waxing gibbous moon has just risen from the horizon and is starting to fill the sky.

“Right.” You put the letter into your trench coat and fix the fedora that almost slips from your head. “Want to go shopping? I’ve wanted to buy you a new set of hat.” The woman smiles happily at the mention of hat and seizes you arm, almost dragging you along as she runs towards the shopping mall. “You really love hat, don't you?” you ask, grinning when she nods at you lovingly.
Eighteen years ago, Marisa Kirisame gave birth to a daughter (one of the twins is our MC in this LA) but she had to make the tough decision to send her only child to the outside world, away from Gensokyo and her caretaking. Over time, our MC grows up in the city she’s sent to live in, supporting her life by becoming a transporter, and she quickly climbs the rank to become one of the most successful transporters. Over time, however, she begins to forget her origin and she loses her connection to Gensokyo and her bloodline as the child of the ordinary witch.

All of this is about to change…
Before we can proceed further, here are some votes to be considered:

[ ] Male.
[c] Female.

[ ] Write-in (it can be themed, if Anon likes).

Alignment (this will determine how our MC will behave in the story, but this may change)
[ ] Lawful Good.
[ ] Neutral Good.
[ ] Chaotic Good.
[ ] Lawful Neutral.
[ ] True Neutral.
[ ] Chaotic Neutral.
[ ] Lawful Evil.
[ ] Neutral Evil.
[ ] Chaotic Evil.

Well, yeah, I'm supposed to start Stardust Halley with a prologue about how it all started, but I figured that it's better if our MC uncovers the secret along the course of story. I just hope I don't have too much trouble with the timeline, though.

Oh, I don't plan to ditch Little Soldier Lost entirely; this is just one of my attempts to write more stuffs while not updating LSL.
[c] Female.
[x] Taika.
[x] Chaotic Neutral.

The name has quite a few definitions, but there's one that associates it with magic. It's also easy on the ears, I guess. As for alignment, CN seems to fit best in regard to her job.
[c] Female
[x] Star
[x] Lawful Evil
[x] Female.
[x] Kuroko
[x] Chaotic Good.
She does sound kinda chaotic. And that name is only fitting for the daughter of the black and white.
[x] Female.
[x] Hanabi
[x] Chaotic Good.

Everything we do, we do it in style, and with a bunch of firework.
[c] Female.
[x] Kuroko.
[x] Chaotic Good/Neutral.

This Alignment is where I see Marisa usually hanging out, between Chaotic Good and Chaotic Neutral, edging towards Chaotic Good slightly.

Besides, Chaotic Neutral is the best place to be in an Alignment, it's where all the crazy awesome people reside, such as Captain Jack Sparrow.
[c] Female.
[x] Kuroko.
[x] Chaotic Neutral.

Why be restricted by mere petty morality?
[c] Female.
[X] Hanabi
[X] Chaotic Good.

>(one of the twins is our MC in this LA)
Wait, what? You might want to explain this since the rest of the sentence states Marisa had only one daughter.
[c] Female.
[X] Chaotic Good

I don't care about the name, whatever gets voted highest.

And it's hats, SATA.
File 128462079483.jpg - (198.51KB, 800x800, 4b21c7362db989c4ad485109fa1c50c3.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry about the misinformation. It wasn't supposed to be there, but I forgot to edit it (I originally had wanted our MC to be Marisa's twin sister, so yeah).

I'm not sure if I can begin the update since the vote count is rather vague, so I'll wait for a few more votes.
[c] Female.
[x] Stella.
[x] Chaotic Neutral.

File 128462192212.jpg - (603.33KB, 700x973, 738e257c63c67a4c050631535963677f.jpg) [iqdb]
But Anon, Stella's not from CSI: Miami.

>Vote count
Chaotic Good: 4
Chaotic Neutral: 4
Kuroko: 3
Hanabi: 2
Star: 1
Taika: 1
Stella: 1
[X] Female.
[X] Hanabi
[X] True Neutral.

I do love a tie.
[c] Female
[X] Alyssa
[X] Chaotic Neutral

If you do not get it, try saying that name out loud a few times. Or think reverse Malice Cannon.
[X] Female.
[X] Kuroko
[X] Chaotic Good
She does the right thing, but in her own crazy way.
[x] Female.
[x] Kuroko
[x] Chaotic Good.
THis sounds interesting.
[x] Female
[x] Alyssa
[x] Chaotic Good

Screw Railgun.
[c] Female
[X] Alyssa
[X] Chaotic Neutral
I'm just gonna throw it out there, I think Kuroko is a terribad name.
[c] Female
[X] Alyssa
[X] Chaotic Evil

Girl's gotta be tough to survive.
[X] Female.
[X] Kuroko
[X] Chaotic Good
[c] Female
[X] Alyssa
[X] Neutral Evil

Asshole alignment!
[x] Female
[x] Alyssa
[x] Chaotic Neutral
[x] Female
[x] Alyssa
[x] Chaotic Neutral
>About to perform a suspicious job in the city
Hopefully she won't get hit by a truck!

[c] Female.
[x] Stella.
[x] Chaotic Neutral.
>Hopefully she won't get hit by a truck!
Why would you say this? Now I'm sad for multiple reasons.

[X] Female
[X] Alyssa
[X] Chaotic Neutral
[c] Female
[X] Alyssa
[X] Chaotic Neutral
I raged.
I like the name Alyssa, it sounds right. And Chaotic Neutral shall be our alignment, which is fine with me.

Alright, the votes have been called; update will be ready sometimes this weekend.
File 128478034990.jpg - (387.81KB, 644x900, 8c1635aa3febee8ed6cb7bd13300e848.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Gender: Female.
[c] Name: Alyssa Kirisame
[c] Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
[c] Location: Undecided (Anon is free to choose the city our MC is staying)

Fifteen minutes past seven. You’re getting impatient; you’ve been standing for almost an hour now, and yet your assistant isn’t done yet with her browsing. At time like this, you should have prepared yourself for the upcoming delivery but you aren’t bound to rules and regulations. You are what people an anarchist, a free-spirited individual who follows nothing but her own heart. Yet right now neither of the issues plays a major role at this moment, and you start losing your patience.

“Are you done?” Your lovely assistant shakes her head and instead asks that you wait for a few more minutes. “Look. You’ve spent an entire hour just checking at that dress, and you aren’t making any decision as far as I know. I’ve got a work to do, so please hurry up.” She glowers at you, her pouting face never fails to captivate your heart with its sweetness.

“Alright, knock it off.” You take her hand off the shelf. “Either we can stay here and make no progress, or we can come here tomorrow and spend a whole day.” She struggles to get free from your grasp, an attempt that only makes her cuter by the dozen. As you prevent her from moving, however, she starts crying and stares at you in puppy eyes. “Oh, for crying out loud! Stop giving me those doggie eyes.”

“Trouble with your girlfriend again, Alyssa dear?” the shopkeeper asks as she shows up from behind the shop.

“Cut it out, Grandma,” you growl and yelp when your feet get stomped by your assistant. “That’s it. You’ve gone too far.” The young woman sticks her tongue at you as a taunt. “Oh? Acting tough, I see. Well, let’s see if you can act tough after I do this!” You pounce at her, seizing her body to prevent her from escaping. Her quiet yelps go unnoticed as you turn her around and embrace her from behind. “Grandma, I hope you don’t mind us doing this,” you tell the shopkeeper as you tighten your arms around her waist.

“Of course not, dear,” the shopkeeper utters with a laugh. “You’re free to do whatever you like here.”

The cuddling game goes on for minutes, and your assistant who at first squirms to get free begins to relax in your arms, and she giggles as she rests her head upon your chest. “You always like being cuddled, you know.” She nods and places her hands upon yours. “Liking a cute girl like you is a crime,” you tell her, “and I’ll be more than happy to commit such crime.” She hums happily in response, even as the two of you start rocking left and right. “We could do this all day long and nobody will care about it. You know, just the two of us.”

The alarm sets off. You grumble at the interruption and look at your wristwatch. There isn’t much time left, so you let go off your assistant and grab a sun hat. “Hey, Grandma, how much is this?”

“Buying your girlfriend another hat again, Alyssa? You surely know how to win a woman’s heart,” the shopkeeper teases.

“How many times I have to make myself clear again? She is an assistant, not a girlfriend.” Your assistant slaps your arm in protest. “Not a girlfriend? Then what do you want to be? A wife?” Her eyes glitter and she nods vigorously in response. “You’re going to regret that, I swear.”

“My~ that’s so sweet of you.” The shopkeeper gives your assistant a scarf and helps her tying it around her neck. “A gift from me. You can share it with your dearest one here, too.” She nods excitedly and gives the elderly woman a big hug before she snatches the hat from your hand. You can only shake your head in amusement at her antics and offer to pay for the hat. “No need to. I’ve treated both of you for many years like my own grandchildren, so there’s nothing to be worried of between us.”

“You can’t always do that, Grandma,” you tell her. “Sooner or later, I’ve got to pay you as a respected customer.”

The elderly woman just smiles and asks you to bend down. You oblige and stay still as she fixes something on your fedora; when you take the hat off your head you’re astounded by the presence of a butterfly-shaped bowed pinned on it. “People may think of you as an unstoppable comet, but you’ll always be the little witch who has stolen my heart.”

You heart tickles at the moniker ‘little witch’. You may never know the significance between the name, but you’re fond of being called one. “…thanks, Grandma.”

“I’m going back to Sicily next week, so I can’t stay here to celebrate your birthday together,” the shopkeeper speaks. “You’re going to be eighteen next week, right? Look at how much you’ve grown up. I can barely touch the tip of your hair anymore.”

“Well, you can always send a postcard or something,” you speak and give her a hug. “But thanks again for the early present. I’ll surely keep it.”

“You’re more than welcome, Alyssa dear,” she replies. “You have works to do after this, right? Go and do your best! Grandma will always be with you.”
You quickly leave the shop and meet up with your assistant. “We don’t have much time left. The family man’s gonna show up at the subway anytime now,” you speak. “Do we have Plan B?” She nods. “Good, because we’re gonna need it in case things go south. Who knows what the old man has in his mind.”

You’re about to make way to the subway when your assistant grabs your arm. “What is it again? Don’t tell me I forgot something behind.”She nods and moves her lips; your skill in lip-reading means you can understand what people are telling to each other without ever hearing a word, and when you do… “Oh, dear.” The woman folds her arms and glowers at you, the whole action indicates she’s furious at your negligence. “Hey! I can’t forever remember your name with all the deliveries I’ve got, you know!” She arches an eyebrow upward; she clearly isn’t buying it. “Oh, alright. I’m sorry, it was my fault for not remembering your name, and I shall now recall your name. Satisfied?” She claps her hands giddily. “Let’s see… what’s the name again? Hmm, this is a bit difficult… ah-ha! I’ve got it!”

You smack your fist onto your palm. “Your name is…”

Choose our wife’s assistant’s name.
[c] Gender: female
- [ ] Patricia.
- [ ] Reverie.
- [ ] Frieda.
- [ ] Mriya.
- [ ] Layla.
- [ ] Yuki.
- [ ] Others. Inb4 Anon naming our wife Shanghai/Hourai/etc
>- [ ] Layla.
>- [ ] Yuki.
Tempting, but these may cause confusion for other characters.

[X] Location: Boston
[X] Sylvia.

By the way, how old is she?
[X] Location: Melbourne
[X] Sylvia.
File 128479653792.jpg - (393.54KB, 800x1131, f352b5db4d15ad38cad29c5fb91801ee.jpg) [iqdb]
>By the way, how old is she?
Seventeen, and she's going to celebrate her 18th birthday in a week (in this LA's timeline).

I think I'm going to need a proper reference image of Alyssa in the future.
[X] Virginia West.
After Shanghai, West Virginia
[X] Location: Melbourne
[X] Sylvia.

Works for me.
I meant the assistant.
[X] Location: Melbourne
[X] Sylvia

We are talking about Melbourne, Australia, right?
File 128486725077.jpg - (384.24KB, 1000x1000, 1233013822184.jpg) [iqdb]
If that's the case, she's one year younger than Alyssa. I basically see her as Kana, except that she has longer hair and doesn't have elbow gloves.

>We are talking about Melbourne, Australia, right?
I believe we are.
Well, it could be Melbourne, Florida, assuming they build a subway system between now and whenever this story takes place.
File 128488598447.jpg - (495.01KB, 900x846, e198c63fc9b64510ef739b498eb7715b.jpg) [iqdb]
Guys, have you made decision about our MC's location yet? If not, I'm going to call the votes and start writing.
[X] Virginia West.
[X] Location: Melbourne, Australia

Do you come from a land down under...
We are
>> Aassuming they build a subway system between now and whenever this story takes place.

Well they did build the Chunnel.
File 128498447384.jpg - (384.05KB, 800x1131, 5002e5438f5d1d2fb529356ae01bb021.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, I had to do coin toss and decided to go with Virginia West as our wife's assistant's name. Melbourne, Australia will be our location, so the update will be ready in a couple of days.
Huh? Sylvia has four, Virginia West only has two. Coin toss was unnecessary.
I wonder if mother would approve, and I wonder who her "father"/father is.
Yuyuko is the shopkeeper, Sicily is a lie, you heard it here first.

This looks interesting~ Update soon, please~
File 12850357673.jpg - (528.06KB, 1064x1508, e9890ae6bc67ad3a2ed68bd7fc0b2c89.jpg) [iqdb]
Ah, really? Didn't notice the vote count, so I'll change to Sylvia. Nice name, though.

Marisa, you jerk. That's not how you play with children.
One question, and I hope I don't sound stupid asking this on the chance that it's supposed to be completely obvious, but is the assistant supposed to be mute or something?
I was just wondering because she doesn't say anything.
File 128504539862.jpg - (118.61KB, 520x728, 48dc7d25dbd2558b46c83a666091c387.jpg) [iqdb]
Meeting location changed to harbour.

[c] Sylvia.
[c] Melbourne, Australia.

“Sylvia! It's got be Sylvia, right?” Your assistant claps her hands as to cheer your success in remembering her name. “Satisfied that I finally get to call you with your name?” Nodding, Sylvia approaches you and tiptoes on her foot as she plants a 'thank you' kiss on your cheek. She pulls back just in time your face starts burning, and chuckles as you tip the fedora down as to hide the blush from plain view. “Alright. We... we got a work to do,” you speak, almost stammering. “Let's go.”

You and Sylvia head to the rendezvous point, greeting many people along the way. For the most of the time, however, Sylvia's fondness towards you attracts more attention than it supposed to be. It doesn't help that Sylvia doesn't even mind advertising your relationship, even happily clinging onto your arm as to emphasize the closeness between the two of you. Good grief; you can only hope that you don't stumble across any homophobic along the way - or even worse.

You arrive at the harbour. It's ten minutes past eight, but nobody else is present. Sylvia looks around the area and taps your shoulder, pointing you to a black limousine heading at you. With Sylvia following you from behind you approach the limousine and greets the old man. “Good to see you here, Gramps,” you say. “I started to think you wouldn't show up.”

“Nonsense. The contract must be obeyed, isn't it?” He gestures at one of his henchmen to hand over the package. It looks like one of the tubes often used to carry blueprints or painting, and your first impression that this might be the thing he wants you to transport. “I'll pay you some hefty bonus if you can get this delivered to the art gallery in time,” he speaks.

“Isn't the gallery closed at night?” you ask as you take the tube from the henchman.

“Your job is to transport the package to the gallery,” the old man answers. “No question asked, right?”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever you say.” You sling the box strap over your shoulder. “So how long I can wait until the deadline expires?”

“As long as it arrives at its destination, it doesn't matter how long you'd take,” he answers. You bat an eyebrow at the answer's double meaning, and you stare at the old man long enough to make him snicker. “Why? Can't I have a say about this matter for once?”

“Not really,” you reply. “But I guess I'll get paid once I deliver this to the gallery, right?”

“You will, but only after you reach the art gallery with the package in one piece,” he reminds.

“Alright. Consider our business tonight done.” You turn to Sylvia, noticing that she's pointing at something. “Sylvia, let's go. The sooner we get the package sent, the sooner we can get to-” Sylvia grabs your head and turns it to the direction she's pointing at, and you see a young girl peeking out of her cover behind the old man's legs.

“Ah, I almost forgot.” The old man gestures at the young girl to step forward. “If you don't mind, can you take my granddaughter for a walk around the city? You can take her anywhere you like, she doesn't mind.”

“Gramps, I don't have time for children,” you say. Sylvia responds by stomping on your toes hard. “What the hell?! This is NOT the time to walk in the park, you know!” Sylvia glowers at you in annoyance, and before you can have a word on her she approaches the girl and embraces her tightly. “For Pete's Sake, get back here. Now.” Sylvia shakes her head and instead tightens the embrace, almost as if she's saying 'but look at her! She's so cute and adorable I can't just leave her alone like this!'. You have the urge to palm your face.

“I know I'm asking too much of you, Alyssa,” the old man says as he approaches you. “I won't ask you anymore after this, just this once. What do you say?”

“Uhh...” You look at the old man, then at Sylvia (who is now busy cuddling the panicking girl). “Gramps, I don't know if you've got some loose screws inside your head, but I...”

[ ] Decline.
[ ] Accept.
- [ ] But under one condition. (specify)

Ah, nice question, but I can't answer it right now. There will be backstory on how our MC met Sylvia in the past, and it will be posted as a part of the main story.

>Yuyuko is the shopkeeper, Sicily is a lie, you heard it here first.
What is this I don't know even.
[X] "...doubt anyone could get Sylvia to release her steel grip on your granddaughter. Fine, you win."

That's the problem with wives, one they latch onto something, they don't want to let it go.
[X] "Don't know why you'd make your granddaughter run with, an, ah, a messenger, but..."
[X] "...uh, I doubt anyone could get Sylvia to release her steel grip on your granddaughter. Fine, you win."

[x] Accept.
-[x] But it'll cost ya extra.
Of course we are going to accept, but we might as well get something out of it, right?
[X] "...doubt anyone could get Sylvia to release her steel grip on your granddaughter. Fine, you win."
He already paid nearly four times the asking amount, and threw in a bonus if Alyssa gets the package delivered quickly. She can afford to be a tour guide for free.
[X] "Don't know why you'd make your granddaughter run with, an, ah, a messenger, but..."
[X] "...uh, I doubt anyone could get Sylvia to release her steel grip on your granddaughter. Fine, you win."
[X] "...uh, I doubt anyone could get Sylvia to release her steel grip on your granddaughter. Fine, you win."
[x] "Don't know why you'd make your granddaughter run with, an, ah, a messenger, but..."
[x] "...uh, I doubt anyone could get Sylvia to release her steel grip on your granddaughter. Fine, you win."
File 128512081033.jpg - (223.97KB, 800x1067, 4af6b9621c88f74d2517b57ce8033656.jpg) [iqdb]
>"Don't know why you'd make your granddaughter run with, an, ah, a messenger, but..."
>"...uh, I doubt anyone could get Sylvia to release her steel grip on your granddaughter. Fine, you win."

I sense Anon's attempt to turn Alyssa into a stammering, blushing-prone, easily-embarrassed moe. ಠ_ಠ I'm fine with it, actually, so don't mind me.

Writing now.
File 128512810537.jpg - (212.73KB, 512x512, a110812be2db68fbae0c1ad98d45e487.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] “Don't know why you'd make your granddaughter run with, an, ah, a messenger, but...”
[c] “...uh, I doubt anyone could get Sylvia to release her steel grip on your granddaughter. Fine, you win.”

“Gramps, don't know why you'd make your granddaughter run with an, ah, a messenger, but...” You groan. You hate it when you start stammering, and you always hate it when your inherent weakness strikes. Calm down, Alyssa. Don't panic, don't panic.

“And why would you not want to have a little girl with you? Afraid that she'll constantly interrupt your quality time with your assistant?” the old man asks.

You blush at the mention of 'quality time'. “Gramps, that's... not what I meant,” you grumble, stammering once again. “It's just I-” You shake your head; damn it Alyssa! Not this time, not this time!

“Well?” the old man asks.

You look back at Sylvia. By now she has let go off the girl from her embrace and is talking to the girl in sign language; in spite of her inability to speak she's a sociable person, being able to captivate everyone just with her charm alone. She looks happy with the girl, and knowing her you'll lose the battle even before it starts. “...uh, I doubt anyone could get Sylvia to release her steel grip on your granddaughter.” You shake your head. “Fine, you win,” you say and tip the fedora low to hide your flushed cheeks. “I'll do this for you just this once, so don't come back looking for me after this, okay?”

“I thank you for your kindness, Kirisame,” the old man speaks.

You shrug it off approach Sylvia. “Come on, Sylvia. We better get moving,” you tell her. “Ah, Gramps, about the payment-” You turn back to the old man but he already has left the harbour. “Forget it. I'll figure it out myself.” You look down at the girl. She looks up at you, her eyes glittering in excitement. How cute, but that doesn't mean you'll easily fall into her spell. “So, little one, what's your name?”

“Reverie! My dream is to be a puppeteer!” she replies. “And you must be Daddy, right? Because Mommy told you that you are!” At once you feel blood being drained out of your face, and you feel your stomach turning upside down. Turning to Sylvia for explanation, she just giggles innocently, acting as if she has done nothing. What the hell, Sylvia?

With Reverie in custody you and Sylvia leave the harbour and head downtown. “Alright, Sylvia, you take Reverie to the city mall; ask her what she wants and what she likes. I'll see you at the usual place after I'm done with the delivery,” you speak.

“Mommy, where's Daddy going?” the girl asks.

You kneel in front of her. “Look, little one.” You grab her by the shoulders. “I'm not Daddy, and she's not Mommy. We are not married, and that is it.”

“But you look like one!” Reverie exclaims and throws her arms wide.

You tighten the grasp. “Read my lips,” you utter. “I. AM. NOT.” A hard chop on your head, and you release Reverie from your grip. Looking up you see Sylvia, her arms folded, her eyes narrowed. “You should know that I'm not very good with children,” you make up an excuse. Sylvia pouts. “What? Thats' the truth. You know about it too well, right?” Sylvia instead makes the unmistakable 'but what about me? I'm still a child at heart, don't say such thing~' expression, her hands rested upon her ample chest to strengthen the emotion. You cannot stand this; your heart could collapse into itself just from looking at her face. The fact that she has bigger chest size than yours doesn't even help, either.

“Fine, you win, little one.” You shake your head as you let Reverie go. You can't believe you're losing to a young girl, what an embarrassment. “Sylvia, make sure you don't lose your sight on her. I'm counting on you.” She points at the trench coat, “Oh, right. Can't afford to let these stand in the way, right?”

You head to the nearest restroom to change up, and head outside in your transporter gear; the tube box is neatly strapped on your back, its lid taped to prevent its content from spilling out in rough manoeuvres. Reverie's eyes widen in awe at your new look. “Daddy looks so cool in that dress! I want to make one, too!” You grit your teeth in disdain over the remark but it won't worth another argument with Sylvia.

“Sylvia, get the timer ready,” you speak as you give the trench coat to her. Sylvia takes out a timer and motions at you to take the starting point. You give your assistant a tip on your fedora and ready yourself. “On Three, Two, One...”


And off you go, and at once the adrenaline kicks in, driving you as you run across the streets and leap over obstacles. This is what you're here for. This is what you're born for.

This is what makes you you.

[ ] Take the shortest route to the art gallery.
[ ] Take the long way through the urban jungle.
File 128512861045.jpg - (58.33KB, 429x800, this is how alyssa looks like.jpg) [iqdb]
Before I forget:

Name: Alyssa Kirisame (nickname: Stardust Halley)
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Age: 17, going to be 18
Origin: Gensokyo
+ Sylvia (assistant, self-proclaimed “wife”)
+ Grandma Shopkeeper (close friend; custodian?)
+ Marisa Kirisame (mother)
+ Parkour
+ Negotiation
+ (More to be added, unless Anon has suggestions?)
Occupation: fulltime transporter
Current location: Melbourne, Australia
How she looks like: see picture (tagged for spoiler)
[X] Take the shortest route to the art gallery.
Parkour is always about the shortest path.

I was going for an air of resignation with >>21547. There was no way to get out of babysitting.

>How cute, but that doesn't mean you'll easily fall into her spell.
They all say that. But no one can resist forever. Give in to the moé...
[x] Take the shortest route to the art gallery.
Gotta stay professional, and it doesn't look to good if we take the long way.
[x] Take the shortest route to the art gallery.
Gotta stay professional, and it doesn't look to good if we take the long way.

Makes sense.
[x] Take the shortest route to the art gallery.

Let's not keep our assistant waiting.
File 128521132820.jpg - (522.88KB, 469x921, db5f98d132d13e82bccf7e1f21488fe2.jpg) [iqdb]
Alright, we're taking the shortest route to the gallery, then. Please wait.

Also, does Anon need me to include a map in the next update? Just to be sure.
[x] Take the shortest route to the art gallery.

Also include a map.
>I sense Anon's attempt to turn Alyssa into a stammering, blushing-prone, easily-embarrassed moe.

Damnit, SATA, that's not what I was going for!
I was putting that first vote as a feeble attempt to come up with a legal name for a not so legal 'business'!

Also, let's base her off of Faith!
+ CQB II (Hand to hand combat, with abilities like Disarm, Knockout Punch, and Velocity Knockdown)
+ Firearms I (Basic Firearms use, Firing, weak control, etc)
+ Andrenaline III (Sprinting for long distances, also A.K.'s love of the rush enables her to, when needed, react extremely quickly in a pinch!)

Since she's an 'experienced' transporter, you'd have to at least include these, learned through raw experience and run-ins with the law.
File 128529401322.jpg - (176.18KB, 673x1000, 87303295583da7bdc561ef789eedae2d.jpg) [iqdb]
Haha, that was just my suspicion, but I'm fine with the vote actually.

Lovely. I'll implement them in the update. Do I need to include the inventory while we're at it, too?

Yes please.
Well, I think I'm encountering a bit of problem about the inventory. So, any suggestions from Anon will be appreciated, and sorry for the trouble I caused.
There's not a lot we can help with when we're not even vaguely sure about what the problem is.
I don't think he was even trying to be game-y with this.
What is the problem with the inventory?
Be vague if you have too.
File 128538191135.jpg - (184.10KB, 1082x1082, 9d0575a9a0e4d26189a697d44db0306a.jpg) [iqdb]
Update is on the way, and regarding the inventory, I think I'll just describe it as the story progresses.
File 128539749051.jpg - (1.23MB, 6577x764, 398d14b8a1eff32c173fe2cab493a3df.jpg) [iqdb]
I'm going to throw in Alyssa's stats while we're at it. These don't necessarily reflect the actual data, so yeah.

Height: 165cm
Weight: 49kg
Three Sizes: Why I bother putting this here ಠ_ಠ
Blood type: A+
File 128539928173.jpg - (398.37KB, 1000x1304, 6c1ef95d41e607dc5bed2cfc46ce5067.jpg) [iqdb]
This update. My god.

[c] Take the shortest route to the art gallery.

Parkour. It's all about getting from point A to point B in the quickest time and via the shortest route possible. As a transporter, you are aware of the significance of getting to your destination as quickly as possible. Time is money in this business; the quicker you can transport goods to your customers the better your chance of getting your hand on lucrative contract is. You remember the city council rewarding you beautifully for safely transporting one of their Ming Dynasty paintings to the airport a few months back; it was one of the more memorable moments along your career, perhaps-


You almost run into an hotdog stand, but you manage to avoid collision by vaulting over the booth. A perfect landing! You continue your sprint, jumping and hopping and rolling and ducking, weaving through the crowd and avoiding obstacles while making sure the tube box doesn't get left behind during all the manoeuvres.

You make a turn at the junction near the yacht club. This is one of the more crowded area in the city, and you just love the challenge this particular area provides. The fact that you're on a transportation mission makes it even better. You snicker; you're going to like this.

“Hey! You!!” You turn to the voice. Oh, if it isn't your law-enforcement friend, and he's clearly not amused. “Don't you dare doing your stunts at this area!!” he warns.

“Sorry, mate, but time is golden.” You tip your fedora downward as a sign of farewell and leave the pissed police as you run into the area. There's a carnival ahead of you, and finding way through the dense ocean of human is going to take precious time. “If I can't go through the crowd,” you utter. “Then I'll just have to go over them!!” You hop up the nearby lamp post, jump to the wall and climb all the way up to the rooftop. Your wallclimbing skill really does come in handy as you can reach tight, difficult-to-reach spots as shortcut, and you're going to use every bit of your specialty to get this task done.

“Goddamn it, Alyssa!” the voice of your law-enforcement friend echoes before it disappears in the festival. You turn around quickly to give the middle-aged man a salute before you vault over the the gap, landing on the next building. You continue running and jumping until you're at the end of the area. Good, from down here, the rest of the trip is going to be a walk in the park.

Or not, as you find yourself facing your law-enforcement friend. Somehow he has managed to get through the festival, and his legs are shaking uncontrollably as he approaches you. “Can we make this quick, mate?” you ask. “I've got an errand to run.”

“You... I swear I'll catch you and throw you into the jail...!” the man groans.

“For what offence? All I know is that I take a shortcut,” you shrug. “Yeah, a shortcut.”

“That's what I was talking about!” he barks. “You have no ideas how many laws you have broken during that stunt of yours. No, Alyssa, you don't.”

“Hmm, persistent to a fault, aren't we?” you utter. “Oh, look! Someone's crossing the red light.” Your law-enforcement friend turns his head to the would-be-offender, only to realize he has taken your bait. “Catch you later, mate!” you speak as you leave the frustated man behind and continue your journey. “Oh, I'll treat you with a bottle of beer after I'm done with this errand, if you don't mind!”

“Don't make fun of me!!” he yells.

You shake your head in amusement. What a pity.
After dodging and running and vaulting over any and all kinds of obstacles, you finally arrive at your destination. You suspect this is where the old man wanted you to send the tube box since you can see several men in suit similar to his henchmen awaiting near the door. Strange, the way they're gathering near the entrance is like they're expecting an ambush from rival group.

You greet the men, and at once they draw their weapons at you. “Whoa, lay down your weapons, mate,” you tell. “Gramps sent me here to deliver this stuff.” You show them the tube box, and at once they withdraw. “That's better. Now, I just remember that he didn't specify which one of you I should hand over the delivery, so I guess anyone of you qualifies?” One of them approaches you and looks at you almost intimidatingly before he notions at the box. “Oh, I guess you're the one. Here.” You give him the tube box and stay in place as he examines the content; he nods in acknowledgment and returns to his fellows. “So! I guess my work here is done!” He returns to you just as you're about to leave and gives you a briefcase. “For me? I guess this must be extra bonus Gramps told me earlier.” You open the briefcase and snicker at the bounty you've collected. “Awesome. I think I can survive another month with this bonus.”

You leave the art gallery, but for some reason your feet feels heavy. You suspect it has to do with Gramps' intention of asking you to babysit Reverie, so you head back to the henchmen. “Hey! Anyone of you! Do me a favour and ask Gramps when I can bring his granddaughter back to him.” They seem to be reluctant to cooperate, and you press them more. “What? I'm not a babysitter, for your information, and if he thinks he can rely on me to do the shepherding, he's gonna have to pay me.” None of them are answering, and this starts to irk you. “Oh, what is this? Too afraid to even look after a kid? Jeez, what kind of underlings are you?” You shake your head; this isn't going to even help you. “Oh, well. I guess I'll have to look for him after this.”
You take a long walk down the street. You can't believe the lack of cooperation you got from the henchmen, and thinking that they refused to give you the answer makes you wonder on what the old man is hiding from you. If you meet that old man again, you swear you're going to make him answer all your questions.

You shrug. Being concerned of someone else's affair isn't your nature. In fact, you find it a burden to be worried over people's trouble, even if they don't have any connection with you. You're pretty much satisfied with doing things on your own, and you're content on not interfering with someone else's affair. You shake off the latter, since

Your monologue is cut off when you bump into someone. “Urgh... woops! Didn't see that coming,” you say as you regain your posture. “Sorry for not noticing you! You alright?” The person turns around; her dark golden eyes narrow at you, as if you have offended her by walking into her. “Uhh... I said I'm sorry, so-”

The woman chuckles. “Oh, dear me. Easily panicked, aren't we?” she says and closes the paper fan she's holding. She approaches you, her deep purple dress swaying with each motion of her steps, and you're frozen on your place as she's standing before you. “Well, I understand you're in the hurry, so you're forgiven.” She, then, tips herself upward until her face is an inch or so from yours. “My, your eyes share the same colour as hers, you know~”

“Uhh... ma'am, I'm a bit busy here, so...” The woman keeps staring into your eyes, and this starts making you feeling uncomfortable. “Hello?”

“Of course.” The woman chuckles and steps away from you. “I'm sorry for taking your time. Go on, enjoy your time with your wife~” You try to react but you find yourself overwhelmed by the crowds. The crowds disperse not long afterward, and to your shock...

“She's gone.”

You're dumbfounded; how can that woman make herself vanish from existence without a trace? Not even your skill in disappearing into the crowd can compare to this. This is getting a bit creepy, so you make haste to rendezvous point.
“Hello, Daddy!!”

You cringe. You're not going to like this, but you know at least that Sylvia and Reverie are safe. Judging from what you're seeing right now, you don't really have to worry about their welfare, despite your earlier concern about the girl's grandfather.

“You want some?” Reverie asks as she shows you the cake she's eating.

You shake your head. “No thanks, Reverie,” you decline as politely as you can.

“But Daddy, you must eat this cake!” Reverie insists. “Mommy said it's your favourite, and it's delicious! Want to see?” She takes another bite of the cake, and instantly her smile turns blissful. “Mmm~ I like it~”

You look at Sylvia. She just shrugs her shoulders. “I bet you've taught her everything about me, huh?” She just smiles. “Oh, well.”

“Daddy!” Reverie calls out.

You turn back at her. “Now what is your business going to be, little one?”

“Are you taking us somewhere to eat? I'm hungry,” Reverie says.

What a good question, little one. As a matter of fact, your stomach starts grumbling. You can think of going to the nearby fastfood restaurant and feed your hunger, or you can take Reverie to the lounge you and Sylvia often visit for dinner. Or maybe you can go back to Grandma's place and ask if she can cook for the three of you.

[ ] Fastfood restaurant (KFC/McDonald's/Burger King/etc).
[ ] The lounge you and Sylvia often have dinner.
[ ] Grandma's shop. Nothing beats the taste of her homemade delicacy~

Writefag's note: dialogues in spoiler indicate they're spoken in Japanese. Yes, you can speculate who the mysterious woman is. inb4 plot
[X] The lounge you and Sylvia often have dinner.

Might just be me, but I'm sick of the fast-food here. Then again at least we don't have beef made out of corn-fed cows. Also, we've bothered the old woman long enough, no need to drag her into this when plot happens.
>Yes, you can speculate who the mysterious woman is.
It's obviously Kogasa.

[x] Grandma's shop. Nothing beats the taste of her homemade delicacy~

Why not.
[X] The lounge you and Sylvia often have dinner.
[x] Grandma's shop. Nothing beats the taste of her homemade delicacy~
Deep purple dress, and a fan? Oh boy, who ever could it be. Its Mary
[X] Grandma's shop. Nothing beats the taste of her homemade delicacy~
More Alyssa teasing is required.

>Yes, you can speculate who the mysterious woman is.
A disguised grown-up Sunny Milk?

>inb4 plot
You mean the delivery for the "family" man wasn't plot? Goddamn it, I thought this would be like The Transporter!
[x] Grandma's shop. Nothing beats the taste of her homemade delicacy~

Not even going to bother. I think we all know who that is.
Nope that's day to day life before things start.

I wonder if this mystery lady is fond of Russian Soldiers or not.
[x] Grandma's shop. Nothing beats the taste of her homemade delicacy~
>Nope that's day to day life before things start.
It was a joke, son.
If you end the sentence with "son" you're pretty much obligated to go all Foghorn Leghorn on us.

That's a joke, son! A flag-waver! You're built too low. The fast ones go over your head.
File 128547738584.jpg - (168.92KB, 800x763, 23b0069d389aa4070e7cbf42e21c9274.jpg) [iqdb]
Looks like we're going to have dinner at Grandma's home tonight. Please wait warmly while the meal's being prepared.
File 128551439543.jpg - (220.25KB, 1252x961, 9968d8b44b7bd9901b3f77e19da76fae.jpg) [iqdb]
>The Transporter
But we don't have any cool car.


[c] Grandma’s shop. Nothing beats the taste of her homemade delicacy~

“Let’s go to Grandma’s place,” you tell the girls. “I see if I can ask her to cook dinner for us. Besides, nothing in this world can beat the taste of her homemade delicacy.” Sylvia claps her hands happily over the suggestion and takes Reverie’s hand as she makes haste to the old woman’s shop. “Hey! At least wait up for me!” You shake your head in amazement over her enthusiasm. “Alright then!” You pick up the pace and chase after them. “Whoever arrives last will have to wash the dishes!!”
You frown in disgust. Sylvia and Reverie are high-fiving each other. The old woman just chuckles. Apparently your bid to win the race didn’t end well, and you’re furious at yourself for easily losing to your assistant (this is your fifth loss in two months). Good grief, now you have to eat your own words and do the dishwashing.

“Now, now, dear,” the old woman speaks. “You don't have to be this gloomy even though you lose to Sylvia. Again.”

“You aren’t helping, Grandma,” you grumble.

“See! I told you not to outrun us, Daddy!” Reverie exclaims, even as Sylvia is taking her into a dance.

“Alright, Alyssa, I understand you’re coming here to have dinner,” the old woman speaks. “So what would you like to have?”

“Umm... I don’t know about you,” you speak, “but I’d rather have the usual. The same goes to Sylvia, I think.”

The old woman grins. “Alright. It shall be Sfincione and Arancine, with Granita for dessert. You’re fine with it, right?” Good grief, you’ve always wanted Granita for so long, and the thought of having the ice melt tenderly in your mouth is enough to make you drool. You quickly wipe the drools away before the old woman notices.

“Daddy! Daddy!” Reverie calls. “What are we going to eat tonight?”

“Daddy?” The old woman cackles, and you panic as you try to explain her the situation. “Oh, silly Alyssa. Like I don’t know the whole affair between you and Sylvia is.” You can see Sylvia blushing over the remark, while Reverie is looking back and forth between you and Sylvia, confused by what she’s hearing. “Maybe it’s a good idea for me to prepare the wedding dresses for you two.”

“W-what? Me and Sylvia married?” You look back at Sylvia, who is by now blushing furiously. “Sylvia, help me please.” To your horror Sylvia’s eyes sparkle, an ominous sign that she’s taking the ‘wedding’ affair too seriously.

You feel like you’re becoming a victim here.
“So you’re asked to babysit Reverie?”

“That’s what I have been trying to tell you, Grandma,” you answer. “Good grief; you always don’t want to get the point, do you?”

“Why not?” the old woman replies with a chuckle. “It’s fun teasing you once in a while. Besides, you need to chill down and relax, like Sylvia always does. Right, dear?” Sylvia nods and resumes feeding Reverie with bite-sized pizza; the little girl squirms in delight as she bites the chunk. “So, tell me, Alyssa,” the old woman says. “What are you going to do now that you got paid for your works?”

“I don’t know,” you shrug. “Settling our rental payment, paying Sylvia’s hospital bill- oh. Almost forgot that she has appointment tomorrow, so yeah.” You lower the coffee cup and look at Sylvia; realizing she’s being watched she looks back at you and smiles.

“Caring almost to a fault; that’s what I like about you,” the old woman comments. “But Alyssa, you know you can’t always be her caretaker. Sooner or later, you have to let her choose her live on her own.”

You lower your head. Grandma’s right; you’ve been looking after Sylvia for almost a decade, starting with the time you met her at the streets. Back then she looked nothing like the Sylvia you know now; abandoned by her parents for unknown reasons, she was later diagnosed positive with diabetes, requiring constant insulin treatment which doesn’t come cheap (one of the reasons you became a transporter is to maintain steady budget for her medication cost). You have no intention of not dropping your responsibility anytime, even after she has reached the stage she can take care of herself. “It’s not that I want to, you know, let her go, but I know her better than anyone else. She needs me, and I obviously...” You stammer; you don’t really like talking about this topic, and just thinking of it is enough to make your mouth go sour.

You feel your shoulder being tapped. It must be Sylvia, so you turn to her only to have your mouth stuffed with a spoonful of Granita. You glower at the girl who just giggles at your reaction. “That,” you say after swallowing the ice whole, “is not nice.” Sylvia fumes, clearly not fumed over the remark. “Then why don’t you keep feeding the little one instead?” She shakes her head and offers another spoon of the flavoured ice, hovering it agonizingly close near your face. Despite your refusal, the temptation of the Granita is too much to take. You open your mouth and try to take the ice, only to have the spoon pulled away from you. “Come on, Sylvia! Give me that!” Sylvia sticks her tongue at you and points to her lips, before she takes the Granita into her mouth. You blush at the realization of her intention and turn away from her in disdain. “If you’re thinking of feeding me that way, then there’s no way-”

Your head is grabbed, and before you can react Sylvia presses her lips against yours. You stay still, a frozen statue, unable to move your limbs as she pries your mouth open, filling it with the flavoured ice. When she at last releases you she chuckles and pokes the tip of your nose, saying ‘this is what you get for not being nice at me’. You can hear Grandma chuckles almost approvingly, and a quick glance at Reverie shows that she’s cooed at the affection your assistant is showing.

“I...” Unable to hide your blushing face you leave the table. “I think I’ll go wash the dishes.” Quickly you leave the dining room and into the kitchen, your heart tumbling in a cocktail of emotions you can’t get over. Calm down, Alyssa, she has done this many times before, there’s nothing to be ashamed or afraid of! It’s obviously just one of her ways to show her affection.


You shake your head. Affectionate or not, Sylvia should have not kissed you in front of Reverie and Grandma. Dipping your face once into the kitchen sink, you try to get rid of the trouble and head back to the dining room, stopping just near the door. You can see Sylvia and Grandma talking to one another in sign language, the former seemingly unaware of your current situation. You can’t help smiling; sure, Sylvia’s method of showing her gratitude towards you is questionable, and sometimes downright outrageous, but at least you know she’s happy to be with you.
It’s late night. You’re helping Grandma with the dishes as promised, while Sylvia is playing with Reverie at the living room. The rest of the dinner were spent without much trouble, apart from the young girl’s mischievneous when she asked you whether you and Sylvia had done “that”, much to Sylvia’s embarrassment. Grandma didn’t even help you, either, telling the girl that both of you didn’t need to do “that” just to prove your feeling towards each other, although seeing Reverie getting confused by the answer was somewhat entertaining.

“Are you going back home tonight, Alyssa?” Grandma asks.

“I don’t know,” you say. “To be honest, I don’t even know if I can walk myself home under this condition.”

“Then why don’t you stay at my place? Just for tonight,” Grandma says. “I’ll prepare the room for the three of you, or would you like to sleep on the couch as usual?” She grins at the end of the question, and seeing her smiling at you in such way is uncomforting.

“Anyway you like, Grandma,” you answer.

[ ] Stay with Grandma and talk some more.
[ ] Go see Sylvia and Reverie. See what they’re up to.

[x] Stay with Grandma and talk some more.

Supposing this is our last chance to have a good long talk with Grandma before the inevitable spiriting away, we might as well make the most of it.
[X] Stay with Grandma and talk some more.
[X] Stay with Grandma and talk some more.

[ ] Go see Sylvia and Reverie. See what they’re up to.

Anti-bandwagon games.
[x] Stay with Grandma and talk some more.

Until I am expicitly proven wrong, I stand by my earlier suspicion. Anyway, grandma's pretty cool, eh teases girls and doesn't afraid of anything.
[x] Stay with Grandma and talk some more.
Wouldn't Sylvia be able to read lips?
[x] Stay with Grandma and talk some more.
> Wouldn't Sylvia be able to read lips?
Mute(probably), not deaf.
File 128556209731.jpg - (302.84KB, 800x800, d939ffbb3ab66b1d5be242dab30b6d60.jpg) [iqdb]
That would be Alyssa's skill, as Sylvia talks to people in sign language. Mute, but definitely not deaf.

Calling the vote, by the way. Writing.
Needs a "GRANDMA SAYS RELAX" shirt.
You know... while there was talk of going after one of Marisa's friends, I find my self wanting one target: Sylvia. I hope we won't leave her behind or anything.
We could do Sylvia and Marisa.
Don't forget about our unmentioned twin also. Twincest is always great.
File 128558990464.png - (544.65KB, 800x800, c406634353e9b8e36ed45ad1832b0b68.png) [iqdb]
Wow, Anon, you sure are greedy to steal their precious things, eh? About Sylvia, we won't leave her behind, in fact she'll be joining us on our trip home to Gensokyo. Reverie, too, if you like.
File 128559657221.jpg - (25.72KB, 435x368, c7ed8235e449c54da04d6c1d554d8b70.jpg) [iqdb]
>Wow, Anon, you sure are greedy to steal their precious things, eh?
>Reverie, too, if you like.
That's a bit..uh...
I don't think he means like that...
But kidnaping might be fine too.
I think he meant in a "daughter" way.
File 12856443471.jpg - (263.78KB, 698x800, a2ec46f16f5efcc542910cf49addc774.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Stay with Grandma and talk some more.

“Say, Grandma, can I ask you something? It's a bit personal, so if you don't mind…”

“Sure, dear. Go ahead,” she replies.

You put down the dishes. “What were you thinking when you brought me to your home on that day? Like, you weren't like anybody else who fled when they first saw me.”

Grandma chuckles. “I don't really know, dear. Like I said earlier, you're a little witch who has stolen my heart.” She approaches you and gives you a comforting pat on the shoulder. “Hmm, maybe we can call it the case of love at first sight?”

“You…” You blush when she mentions the moniker “little witch” again. “Come on, Grandma. Stop teasing me. I'm gonna be eighteen this week, and that means I'm already grown up, so…”

Grandma chuckles. “Why not? You're fun to tease. Besides, you're the only precious treasure I have, and I want to cherish it as much as I can before leaving this world.” Somehow the last statement makes you feel miserable, and you drop everything you're doing to give the old woman a hug. “My, you're really are emotional, aren't you?”

“Jeez, Grandma, don't say such thing like you're going to die tomorrow.” You pause, realizing what you have slipped and you mumble to yourself, cussing you over the err. “Sorry… didn't mean to say it.”

“It's alright, dear.” Grandma returns the hug. “Not all things last forever, and all will return to where they come from. Ash to Ash, Dust to Dust. It's one of the things I had taught you, remember?”

“Y-yeah, I guess so,” you utter.

You keep hugging the old woman for a bit longer before you let her go. “Umm… can we get back to dishwashing? I don't think I can concentrate on it if we keep on… well, you know…”

Grandma laughs. “There we go, stammering again like always,” she utters teasingly. You're unable to say anything, opting to lower the frontal tip of the fedora to hide your flushed cheeks. “See? You're easy to tease, you know?”

“Jeez, Grandma, stop that.”
It's awfully quiet by the time you're done with the kitchen chore. You decide to check on Sylvia and Reverie at the living room, and to your pleasant surprise they're asleep. “Well, look at that.” You approach the two girls and kneel beside them, pleased to see them finally going quiet. “Guess you really like children, huh Sylvia?” you comment at the sight of Sylvia holding the young girl in her arms, cradling her in the way a mother would do to her precious child.

You yawn; you too need to get some sleep. You have the medical appointment to worry about tomorrow, and you don't think you'll have time to walk back to your apartment. So you lie down facing Sylvia and take Reverie into your arms, holding the young girl together with your assistant. “Goodnight, Sylvia, Reverie…”



[ ] Red.
[ ] Gold.
[ ] Blue
[ ] Purple.
[ ] Green.

Dream sequence? Flashback update? I'll leave this to Anon's speculation.
[X] Gold.
[ ] Green.
I like trees.
[X] Red.

Why hello there Reimu.
[X] Green.
Green is the best colour.
[x] Gold.

[x] Purple.
[x] Green.

Honestly, I just like the colour. Also, purple seems like Yukari's involved.
[X] Red.

"I'm right with you, Red 3..."
File 128578827739.jpg - (264.16KB, 1024x768, c5685328f95e63fe394dffe42dcb632f.jpg) [iqdb]
Red. (2)
Gold. (2)
Blue. (nil)
Purple. (1)
Green. (3)

Gonna need a few more votes before I can proceed with the updates, folks.
[x] Green.
[X] Blue
[x] Green
[x] Green because Mima
File 128589838580.jpg - (276.30KB, 924x720, 71e5983a6184f1bd8b03cf17b3daf2ec.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Green.

You blink. You are standing in the middle of a lush field. Everywhere you go you can only see vast greenness that stretches for as far as you can see. You have no idea of where you are, or what you’re doing in such a place, but what you do know is that you’re in a land foreign to you. Yet, for some reason, you feel familiar with this place, almost as if you belong here.

There’s a sign of people on top of the hill nearby. You head to the hill and get a glimpse of a youthful woman in black-and-white attire, accompanied by another woman in red-white getup. There's also a green-haired woman in all-blue clothes standing next to the red-white, and all of them are holding hands as they observe the land that stretches before them. You try approaching the couple but a soft voice forbids you from going any further.

“Not yet, dear, not yet…”

You look around as to look for the owner of the voice, but there’s nobody there. Thinking it might be your imagination, you look back at the hilltop; only the red-white woman is present. Where are the other twos? Upon closer observation you notice that the woman is sobbing, as if mourning over the loss of someone. In spite of the hindrance you approach the woman anyway, noticing that she’s embracing a witch hat in a rather possessive manner. You can hear her murmuring a name under her breath but you can’t figure out who she’s talking of.

As you’re about to approach the woman closer, a sudden gust of wind blows dried leaves up to the air, pushing you away from the woman and blocking your view. As you try to regain your stance, you hear the same soft voice whispering “you’ll get your chance… you will…” followed by a sharp ringing voice inside your head and a light tap on your head.
You wake up. You find yourself staring into Sylvia’s auburn eyes as she stares down at you. “Uhh… good morning,” you mumble. “What is it?” In hand gestures, she tells you that you were talking in your sleep, and that she’s worried whether you had a nightmare. “No, I’m fine. Just a short tour to the dreamland, nothing important,” you dismiss. It doesn’t take long before you realize you’re inside Grandma’s room; Sylvia must have carried you here while you were sleeping. “Nice. I bet you were sharing the bed with me last night, too.”

“Good morning, Daddy!!” You turn to that cheerful voice, and sure enough Reverie is sitting next to you, staring down at you in anticipation. “What’s our activity for today?”

“Our activity?” You look at Sylvia, who just tells you to answer the question. “Right. Hold on, I need to get up first.” You lift yourself from the softness of the mattress, only to be tackled by Reverie back into it.

“Gotcha!” she exclaims. Before you can push Reverie, Sylvia pounces onto you and joins the young girl in the tackling hug. “Mommy’s joining, too? Hooray!”

“Oh come on, girls, give me a break,” you utter.

“Not until you tell us what we’re going to do today!” Reverie exclaims.

“Alright, fine. We’ll go shopping for new clothes, take you to the amusement park, I don’t know,” you answer. “You decide what you want to do, and I’ll just follow.”

“That’s awesome! I love you, Daddy!” Reverie hugs you tightly and kisses you on the cheek. “Daddy, can I ask you something?”

You don’t have the time for argument, what with yourself being squished in the middle of two girls. At least it feels comfortable to have them hugging you, so you can’t complain about it. “Shoot. Go ahead.”

“Is it true that you and Mommy always kiss each other every time you have dinner? Because that’s what Grandma told me when I asked her.” You don’t know whether to scream or laugh, but right now you feel your face heating up in embarrassment. “I thought only married people can kiss wherever they like, but Grandma said you aren’t!” she says.

“And here you keep calling us Mommy and Daddy,” you mumble. “Seriously, Reverie, there are time when kids aren’t supposed to ask what the adults are doing. Do I look like a married… somebody?”

“Umm, no?” Reverie replies.

“Good, because I don’t want to talk about it right now,” you shrug. “Why don’t you go take your breakfast now? Sylvia and I will follow you shortly.”

“Oh, okay.” Reverie lets you go and heads to the door. “I’ll tell Grandma that you’ve woken up, okay?” She heads downstairs, leaving you behind with Sylvia still embracing you. You look at your assistant, who’s offering you her sincere, if not shy, smile. “Well, what now?” Sylvia moves a bit so she’s hugging you properly. “Oh, so you want to do this, too?” She just nods and tightens the hug, nestling herself as close to you as she can. You have to admit she looks adorable doing this, what with the cute blue/white pyjamas she’s wearing right now.

Sylvia lifts her head and stares at you. You return the stare, noticing that she’s looking at you as if she’s expecting you to say something. Or do something.

[ ] Stay like this for a bit longer, but don’t do anything weird or indecent.
[ ] Cuddling game is fun~
[ ] Ask her to let you go. You need to start your day properly.
[x] Cuddling game is fun~
[X] Cuddling game is fun~

Other choices? What other choices? I don't see any.
[x] Ask her to let you go. You need to start your day properly with an early morning kiss.
[x] Cuddling game is fun~

This hug of mine is soft and warm! It calls out for me to embrace you!
[X] Cuddling game is fun~

[X] Cuddling game is fun~

[X] Stay like this for a bit longer, but don’t do anything weird or indecent.

Children: the best cock blockers on the planet.
[X] Cuddling game is fun~

I have no regrets, this is the only path.
My whole life was Unlimited Cuddling Works.
[x] Ask her to let you go. You need to start your day properly.
Do not want stuttering moe-blob Alyssa.
File 128598489794.jpg - (150.76KB, 600x751, 514e7f122fd0846ecc478c71119de52b.jpg) [iqdb]
Cuddling game wins the vote, folks. Writing.
File 128608774845.jpg - (369.49KB, 666x666, 1285214407397.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Cuddling game is fun~

Who says one need to start your day properly? You, for one, have found just a perfect way to get everything started. Without any alarm you wrap your arms around Sylvia’s waist and turn around so that she’s lying underneath you. “Trying to be sneaky, eh? I know what your intention is,” you speak. Sylvia gives out a foxy chuckle and switches place so that it’s your turn to lie on your back. “Oh? Now you’re really up into something. How about this, then?” You tickle her on the waist, eliciting a silent yelp from the girl’s lips. “Quite sensitive, aren’t we?” you utter and keep tickling Sylvia, making her squirm and shudder in delight. She brushes your hands aside and keeps them at bay, lacing her fingers with yours as she’s staring down at you contently. “Alright now. What do you have in mind right now?” She smiles. “I see you’re trying to act daring to me. Why don’t you show me right here?”

Sylvia leans into you and, to your shock, seizes your lips in a kiss. You really don’t see this coming, and you don’t think this is the best way to start your day. As the kiss lingers, and as Sylvia’s holding you firmly, your only hope is that Reverie or Grandma doesn’t step in and get a wrong idea about this affair. After what you thought to be forever, Sylvia finally lets go off your mouth and jumps off the bed. With a knowing smile she places her finger upon her lips, telling you that she had enjoyed the moment, and she leaves you with a reeling emotion. Good grief, what were you really into?

Well, at least you deserved that kiss for tickling Sylvia.
With your personal hygiene taken care of, you dress up and join the rest of the family for breakfast. Grandma is setting up the table with the help of Sylvia and Reverie, the former has also dressed up for the occasion. “Morning, guys,” you greet them. “What’s for breakfast?”

“Nothing very special, Alyssa dear,” Grandma speaks. “Just some toasts with honey coating and warm milk to keep you energized.”

“Lovely,” you speak and take your seat. Grandma is taking her place, as so are Sylvia and Reverie. You’re about to start the breakfast with prayers to the Lord when Grandma looks at you. “What is it, Grandma?”

“Sylvia said you kissed her on the bed,” she speaks, causing you to choke the toast you’re eating. “Oh, ho~ you’re quite a naughty girl, aren’t you? I see that I have raised you well – way too well~” Sylvia chuckles, while Reverie is looking confused by this affair.

[ ] Eat first, talk later. Don’t bother answering.
[ ] Bloody hell, Sylvia. That’s not what really happened!
[ ] Hell yeah, we kissed and cuddled and- wait, what?
[X] Bloody hell, Sylvia. That’s not what really happened!
-[X] "Sylvia, good girls don't kiss and tell!"
[x] Hell yeah, we did all sorts of naughty things in bed and- wait, what?
[x] Bloody hell, Sylvia. That’s not what really happened!
- [x] Actually, she kissed me.
[x] Eat first, talk later. Don’t bother answering.
[x] Hell yeah, we kissed and cuddled and- wait, what?
[X] Hell yeah, we kissed and cuddled and- wait, what?
[X] Bloody hell, Sylvia. That’s not what really happened!
[X] Bloody hell, Sylvia. That’s not what really happened!
[X] Hell yeah, we kissed and cuddled and- wait, what?
File 128616591658.jpg - (657.95KB, 735x750, 96984511557fc569c667309b44fdfe59.jpg) [iqdb]
The votes have been called, folks. Writing.
>“Oh, ho~ you’re quite a naughty girl, aren’t you? I see that I have raised you well – way too well~”

Grandma is THAT kind of grandma?
It's probably Mima in disguise.
File 128633696589.jpg - (130.94KB, 721x830, fb759511d024205ef7a374a7b9de828b.jpg) [iqdb]
inb4 Everything I know about my life is a lie all along! *despair*.


[c] Hell yeah, we kissed and cuddled and- wait, what?
[c] Bloody hell, Sylvia. That’s not what really happened!

You snort. So, what’s the problem? It’s true that Grandma has raised you well, and it’s a fact that you should be proud of. Hell, she did teach you how to treat your partner in your morning routine, and you take a pride of it since you did kiss and cuddle with Sylvia in the bed, sharing your intimate moment with each other and taking no care of the world surrounding you as-

Wait. What?

“Bloody hell.” You feel blood surging into your face with such ferocity you feel like you’re going to burst in embarrassment. “That’s not what really happened! Goddamn it, Sylvia!!”

Sylvia’s response is quick and decisive as she seizes Grandma’s arm and scowls at you for the remark. “Alyssa, look what you have done,” the old woman speaks as she pats Sylvia’s head soothingly. “Shame on you; you shouldn’t treat your assistant like that.”

“What the hell? Grandma, you’ve got the whole idea wrong!” you protest.

“Why shouldn’t I?” Grandma answers. “Is it not immoral to have your beloved one waking you up in the morning as intimately as she wants?” Sylvia nods, a hint of mischief like one would find in a succubus’ smile visible on her face. “See? Even Sylvia agrees.”

You bury your face in your palms. Reverie is trying her best to comfort you, to no avail unfortunately as you start shrinking into a hapless midget. Dear God, you feel like you’re the victim here.
In spite of the commotion you manage to get everything started for your day. Sylvia has dressed up for her appointment, as so is Reverie, her excitement about the day clearly visible from the way she’s tiptoeing around Sylvia, asking her on this and that. Grandma’s helping you with your necktie and coat, fixing it so that it stays in place. Dress up properly for the appointment, as she often reminds you, but you have to question her clothes of choice as she made you wear business suit instead of the usual black-white ‘witch’ getup you often wear when you’re not transporting goods.

“Ready, everyone?” you ask as you, Sylvia and Reverie are standing in front of Grandma’s shop. Reverie takes your left hand while Sylvia grabs your right hand, and the two girls are now standing on your both sides.

“Okay, Daddy! We’re ready!” Reverie says aloud.

You bid Grandma your farewell and begin your trip to the city. “We’ll be back to your shop before dinner,” you tell the old woman even as Reverie and Sylvia are waving to her.

[ ] Visit the hospital after we check the schedule of Sylvia’s appointment.
[ ] Go to the nearest boutique and buy new clothes for everyone. Grandma’s shop isn’t one, so hers doesn’t count.
[ ] Ask Reverie if she wants to see her grandfather.
File 128633861679.jpg - (415.80KB, 724x844, 8255b81d92e273aa9235fabe1a755067.jpg) [iqdb]
For convenience, this is how Alyssa's dressed up for the day (minus the hat, of course).
[X] Visit the hospital after we check the schedule of Sylvia’s appointment.
[X] Visit the hospital after we check the schedule of Sylvia’s appointment.
Smooth Criminal. Manually.

[X] Visit the hospital after we check the schedule of Sylvia’s appointment.

You gotta be healthy!
[X] Visit the hospital after we check the schedule of Sylvia’s appointment.
[X] Visit the hospital after we check the schedule of Sylvia’s appointment
File 128643699771.jpg - (245.16KB, 868x868, 8cdf374204725c840f55e5d572ba45ca.jpg) [iqdb]
>Smooth Criminal.

I just hope Anon doesn't really want to see Alyssa following Mama Marisa's footsteps, but who knows what will happen in the future.

The vote has been called, by the way. Writing.
File 128651232418.jpg - (1.85MB, 1749x2470, eb8b6b07bceabda8191d0390d7a02eb6.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Visit the hospital after we check the schedule of Sylvia’s appointment.

You remember the letter Sylvia gave you yesterday. It must be regarding her appointment so you open it and read its important notes. “October 7th, nine o’clock, Doctor O’Brien.” You look at the watch; it’s fifteen minutes past eight, and it’s still early but you know time awaits no one. “We’re heading to the hospital,” you tell the girls.

“Eh?! But I want to go to the shopping mall first!” Reverie protests.

“Mommy has to do medical check-up,” you tell the girl. “And no buts this time. Behave properly for me, and I’ll take you to wherever the heck you want.” Reverie is still protesting the decision so you bring your fist to her. “Do we have a deal?” you ask.

“Aw… okay, then.” Her frustration is quick to be swept away as she brushes her small knuckle upon yours. “Deal! Don’t forget about it, okay?”

With this problem taken care of you head to the hospital, and there is no time to loiter around as you quickly arrange for the meeting with the Doctor O’Brien. You and the staffs are familiar with each other, having understood each other’s need for ten years now. You’re also a recognizable sight in the hospital, and together with Sylvia you’re becoming a part of the organization’s family.

You hear Sylvia’s name being called. You take Sylvia to the doctor’s room and greet the physician as you step inside. “Good day, Alyssa. Good day, Sylvia,” O’Brien speaks.

“Morning, doc,” you shrug. Sylvia bows to the doctor. “We got the letter yesterday, so yeah; we’re here for the appointment.”

“Of course,” the female physician speaks as she corrects her glasses. “Hmm? Who that child might be, I wonder?” she asks when she notices Reverie standing beside Sylvia.

“Hello! My name is Reverie, and these are my parents!” the little girl speaks and squeezes Sylvia’s hand.

“Oh, my~ I didn’t know Alyssa has adopted a child already,” O’Brien giggles.

“Doc, please, I don’t come all the way from my home to talk with you about childcare,” you grumble.

“Indeed we aren’t, my mistake,” O’Brien replies.

You inform Sylvia you’ll be waiting at the lobby. “Eh, I don’t really have any business with Doc, so why should I?” you say when she asks whether you want to stay with her. “About the payment, you say?” She nods. “Don’t worry about that; I’ll take care of it. Now go, have fun with the Doc.” You push Sylvia towards the doctor and push her down onto the chair. “Well, Doc, she’s all yours. Please take care of her.”

“She surely knows when to avoid her responsibility, isn’t she Sylvia?” O’Brien asks. Sylvia nods even as she shoots you a dirty glare. “I see. I’ll be more than happy to teach her everything about parenthood, if she doesn’t mind~” O’Brien utters as she throws you a foxy grin.

“Doc, come on, are we here to check on Sylvia or to flirt with one another?” you grumble and head to the door. “Whatever. I’m going to the lobby - that, or the cafeteria, whichever comes first. Come on, Reverie.”

“Oh, Alyssa.” You turn back to the doctor. “Can I see you after this? I need to speak with you about something in person.”

“Yeah, sure,” you shrug. “I’ll see you later.”

You head to the lobby. You take your seat and throw your sight into the bland ceiling. Your day is just getting started, and with more appointments and payments to settle you’re certain your hands will be full by the end of the day. You also have to take into account your promise with Reverie to take her around Melbourne, and that doesn’t include any delivery task you might get.

You know, you could do something appropriate while waiting for Sylvia.

[ ] Go to the cafeteria. After what has taken place at Grandma’s place, you seriously need a proper breakfast.
- [ ] And don’t forget to take Reverie along. She might want to have something to eat.
[ ] Ask Reverie anything she knows about her grandfather.
[ ] Do nothing. Just sit down and enjoy the passing time.
[ ] On the other hand, that woman in purple… why is she looking at me…

I have set up the date so that we can now the timeline for this story. Also, inb4 “do want lesbian doctor.”
[x] Do nothing. Just sit down and enjoy the passing time.
-[x]Play with Reverie
[X] Ask Reverie anything she knows about her grandfather.

>“Hello! My name is Reverie, and these are my parents!”
I'm starting to worry about where her real parents are.
[x] Ask Reverie anything she knows about her grandfather.

Alright, I have some epileptic trees to get off my chest here. The following is almost certainly blatantly false, and only cropped up due to a combination of sleep deprivation and a naturally suspicious mind, coupled with see some WEIRD plot twists in my time.

Shadows of Destiny for example. But anyway.

Alyssa, Marisa's daughter, does NOT actually live in the outside world, but rather, perceives it to be the outside world through unexplained plot device(Gap hax?) for Yukari's amusement. Hence, most, if not all, of the named characters she meets are in fact residents of Gensokyo, obscured by the plot-hax. The doctor MAY represent Yagokoro, but hasn't gotten enough screentime to really tell. Grandma is Yuyuko(see butterfly motif presented earlier, laid-backitude, etc, Yukari has been outright obvious, Alyssa seems to be similar to Shanghai, perhaps a prototype independent doll, simply lacking speech? Mob Boss-type guy could be any number of people, and Reverie's identity may or may not be contingent upon that identity, or she could be Original Generation.
[ ] Go to the cafeteria. After what has taken place at Grandma’s place, you seriously need a proper breakfast.
[x] Ask Reverie anything she knows about her grandfather.
File 128659707872.jpg - (665.10KB, 1600x1162, 00ea2a67a84b1bf7f222c16ecb950bed.jpg) [iqdb]
I'll wait for more votes to pour in, by the way.

I won't comment on this, haha.
[x] Talk to Reverie about her grandfather.
[X] Ask Reverie anything she knows about her grandfather.

So uh, who's MC's father? Or is it second mother?
That dream of ours seems to suggest three mothers at the same time!
[X] Ask Reverie anything she knows about her grandfather.
[X] Go to the cafeteria after Sylvia's appointment as a family as a group.

In Melbourne, all women are lesbians.
File 128676502884.jpg - (238.10KB, 567x802, 4724f426c08cdfd62346693c278a3726.jpg) [iqdb]
Three mothers at the same time? I need to change my pants right now.

The vote has been called. Writing now.
File 128688527575.jpg - (171.33KB, 500x500, 3146d12dd8ce5e4826d542b1e40fb4c7.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Ask/talk to Reverie anything she knows about her grandfather.

“Hey, Reverie.”

The little girl turns to you. “Yes, Daddy?”

“I’m just curious about what your grandfather really does for a living,” you speak. To your intrigue the little girl looks away from you, as if the mention of the old man is a taboo to her. “I guess he never tells you anything about it, doesn’t he?”

“He never does,” Reverie tells you. “I’m sorry...”

“Nah, I’m fine with it,” you say and pat Reverie on the head. “I should the the one apologizing for asking.”

Reverie giggles when you start ruffling her hair. “Well, I can tell you that- you’re tickling me- Grandpa runs a business at the port- stop messing with my hair, Daddy- but he seldom talks to me- Daddy, please stop!”

You ignore her plea and continue playing with her hair. “I won’t, because I just like playing with someone else’s hair,” you answer.

“Aw~!” Reverie squeals when you give her a light scratch at the back of her ear. “Then do you do it to Mommy often?”

“She’s the one doing it to me instead,” you shrug. “And usually she’d end up making braids out of my hair, or even worse.” You shudder when you remember the time Sylvia gave you a haircut and almost shaved your head in the process, and to add insult to the injury she never apologized for the disaster she had almost brought upon you. “Let’s forget about that, okay? Maybe she’ll be happy to make braids out of your hair, instead.”

“Braids!” Reverie utters happily. “I like having braids~”

“And speaking of which.” You finally let go off Reverie’s hair. “Where on earth are your real parents? You keep calling us Mommy and Daddy, and I figured out that you don’t do that to your real parents.” Reverie frowns again, and you find yourself feeling guilty for mentioning it. “Maybe I should have kept myself quiet, instead.” You notice how troubled the little girl is, and you put her on your lap. “Come on! Don’t be that gloomy. I’m fine with you giving me that face, but Mommy isn’t.” Sensing she needs to be comforted you wrap your arms around her, and at once Reverie sags in your embrace and clings onto you like a baby koala would do on its mother.

“I missed being hugged like this...” Reverie murmurs.

“And now you don’t have to anymore,” you tell her. As you keep hugging Reverie, you keep thinking of how nice it would have been if you were in this little girl’s shoes and have someone holding you in a comfortable embrace, but you can’t even recall the time you’ve had any. Your heart sinks a bit; wouldn’t it be nice if you could travel back in time and learn more about your past? You keep on holding Reverie, without knowing that you already start feeling drowsy. You could have sworn you’re hearing a soft lullaby from a distance, but your ears can only catch it slightly before your eyelids drop...
You feel your body being shaken. Stirred, you wake up and find yourself staring into Reverie’s eyes. “Umm... morning, Reverie,” you murmur tiredly.

“Daddy, you fell asleep,” Reverie says. “I tried to wake you up, but you wouldn’t respond.”

“Uhh... I did?” Shaking the drowsiness off your head you look at the front and notice Sylvia and Doctor O’Brien looking at you. “Wow, I must have been sleeping like a log or something.”

“You were,” O’Brien speaks.

“What are you doing out of your office, Doc?” you ask.

“I thought I could treat Sylvia at the cafeteria after we’re done with the diagnosis,” she informs. “And instead of having to discuss with you inside the saturated room of mine, I figured out that it’s better for anyone of us to sniff the fresh air of the outback.” She corrects her eyeglasses. “Well, Missus Kirisame, what do you say?”

You don’t feel hungry right now, but you could use the time to treat Reverie with some meals. On the other hand, having seated inside the air-conditioned room puts you in a headache, and you should get some fresh air outside the hospital.

[ ] Cafeteria.
[ ] The botanical garden.
[X] The botanical garden.
Maybe there's something to keep Reverie distracted.

>As you keep hugging Reverie, you keep thinking of how nice it would have been if you were in this little girl’s shoes and have someone holding you in a comfortable embrace, but you can’t even recall the time you’ve had any.
No hugs from Grandma? Or was Alyssa too old for that when they met?

>being seated inside the air-conditioned room gave you a headache
[X] The botanical garden.
> You could have sworn you’re hearing a soft lullaby from a distance

Prisimriver's? Mystia? Someone else?
[X] The botanical garden.
[X] The botanical garden.

Greenery soothes your mind.
[X] Cafeteria.

I am hungry, so therefor she is hungry.
Makes perfect sense!
File 128705080242.jpg - (215.78KB, 746x600, 332fa6a25fb1c9017b1849c0c3e252a0.jpg) [iqdb]
Calling for "botanical garden". Writing now.

File 128720559834.jpg - (431.35KB, 750x1000, 5cee0140a7cda41b5501754680190469.jpg) [iqdb]
Yeah, sorry for making you wait, but I still need to finish it first. Sage because this is not an update.

>Prisimriver's? Mystia? Someone else?
It's just the lobby music.
File 12872399902.jpg - (481.63KB, 600x700, 5565210ff4e7579b3b5f6b5ab93cec4b.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] The botanical garden.

“Yeah, sure, why don’t all of us go outside?” you speak. “My head’s starting to hurt right now. Damn, I really hate waiting inside the lobby.”

“Hmm, the botanical garden will serve its purpose,” O’Brien says.

“Oh! Are we going to flower sightseeing?” Reverie asks. “Let’s go! Let’s go! I want to see the flowers!” The little girl realizes she has made loud noise when Sylvia reminds her to keep quiet. “Sorry~”
You sigh in relief. Being an outdoor person yourself, you never enjoy sitting down in air-conditioned room, especially when you’re forced to wait for something. So as soon as you step into the botanical garden you waste no time approaching an orchid plant and sniff its flower deeply, much to the gardener’s amusement. You let go off the flower and turn back to your group, completely dismissing their various reaction to your impromptu act. “Thought I could kiss Mother Nature right now,” you shrug. Sylvia frowns at you for the answer. “What? Don’t tell me you want me to kiss you instead,” you speak, causing your assistant to blush furiously. O’Brien is chuckling over the remark, while Reverie looks at you in confusion before she gets what you have said.

“My~ you should be careful with your mouth, Alyssa,” O’Brien speaks.

“Like I want to,” you answer, making Sylvia fume at you. “Now what will your problem me, Sylvia?” The cute assistant of yours approaches you and gives you foot a hard stomp of her heel. You yelp in excruciating pain, and it doesn’t help that O’Brien and Reverie are laughing at you. “Goddamn it, Sylvia. You just have to do that, haven’t you?”

Sylvia sticks her tongue at you before she takes Reverie’s hand and heads to the corner of the garden. Still wincing from the stomp, you sit on the nearest bench. “She just has to do that,” you say while squeezing your feet to ease the pain.

“Oh, you know she does that because she likes you so much,” O’Brien says as she sits down next to you.

“Whatever.” You wince again; surely you could ask anyone for a massage to relief the pain? To your delight, O’Brien offers just that, and you’re too happy to oblige as you let the doctor treat your feet. “Hey, Doc,” you speak, shuddering in pleasure at the soft touch of O’Brien’s hand on your feet. “You said you want to talk with me about something. So shoot it.”

“Ah, of course. I have almost forgotten.” She gives your feet a couple of slaps as she begins: “Sylvia’s medical condition has improved by a great degree,” the female physician speaks. “And by ‘great degree’ I mean she no longer has to rely on regular insulin treatment. That is good for both of you.”

Somehow you are less than impressed by the news. “I thought you’d be dead if you stop taking insulin,” you say.

“Nothing is impossible, if you believe in miracle,” O’Brien remarks. You snort; it’s one thing you never want to believe in for as long as you’re concerned. “You know, you should change your view on the world for once, Alyssa.”

“I don’t know, Doc,” you utter. “To be honest, I’m not even sure if I really belong here. Like, I always feel out of place wherever I go… even when I’m with her.” You turn your attention to Sylvia, who at the time is talking to Reverie about the flowers they see.

“Do you mind if I ask why?” O’Brien asks.

“It’s just hard to explain,” you speak.

“Anyway, I don’t really care, so long as I get my bill for Sylvia’s medical cost. Think you can mail the bill to my address after this?” you utter.

“Always straight to business, aren’t we?” O’Brien says and presses her thumbs against your sole. “How does it feel?”

“Oh, yeah, that feels good, Doc…” you murmur. “Maybe you should quit your job and open a massage house instead. You’re good in this kind of therapy.”

You aren’t sure if you’re flattering the doctor or not, but her blushed face is suggesting that she’s pleased. “Oh, my~ you surely have the knack to please this lady, haven’t you?” she speaks bashfully.

“Whatever, Doc,” you shrug.

Minutes into the session you feel you’re being watched. Paying no attention to O’Brien who has been occupied with giving your feet massages you turn to your right and see the glimpse of a purple dress from behind the flowers. You thought you’re just seeing things and blink your eyes; it is still there.

[ ] Ignore it. It’s just your imagination.
[ ] It demands that you investigate. Go check it out.
[ ] It demands that you investigate. Go check it out.
[X] It demands that you investigate. Go check it out.

Freaking stalkers.
[X] It demands that you investigate. Go check it out.
-[X] With the doctor of course.

You want a one-on-one Yukari? Too bad.
changing to
[X] Yell, "Get out of here, Stalker!" with as thick of a Russian accent you can muster.
[X] It demands that you investigate. Go check it out.
[X] It demands that you investigate. Go check it out.
-[X] With the doctor of course.

And then Sylvia-dearest takes this the wrong way, thinking we're cheating on her with the doctor by going off to do some kinky stuff out of her view.
[x] Ignore it. It’s just your imagination.

Do we really want to end the real-world adventure so soon?
[x] Ignore it. It’s just your imagination.
Not yet
File 128754116953.jpg - (206.57KB, 640x480, 23b431764d5a5872bfb074c64083a610.jpg) [iqdb]
I was supposed to write the update and post it today (the same goes to Little Soldier Lost and Winemaker's Journey) but this computer is riddled with virus and I can't concentrate on doing the work. So yeah, please give me a few more days before I can get over it.

>And then Sylvia-dearest takes this the wrong way, thinking we're cheating on her with the doctor by going off to do some kinky stuff out of her view.
Why would you think of that? Now you make me very sad.

Ignore him, he's just overly paranoid.
I read it as joking.
File 128791816765.jpg - (1.75MB, 1189x1269, 4393d44f6a1107d9e0946e253b53abe5.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] It demands that you investigate. Go check it out.
- [c] With the doctor, of course.

You aren’t feeling comfortable. The fact that someone is stalking you gets into your nerve, and you don’t particularly enjoy the idea of having strangers delving into your private life. Whoever this person may be, you’ll make your point clear: privacy is nobody’s business.

“Doc, you got a minute?” you ask O’Brien.

“Alyssa, I’m not finished with the massage yet,” O’Brien answers.

“Forget the massage; you can do it another day,” you tell her. “There’s something I want to check behind the shrubs first. Come with me for a second.” You head to where you saw the purple dress and begin searching for the stalker, O’Brien closely following you from behind. As you approach the stalker, you realize that this person is starting to make fun of your effort by disappearing and reappearing at another location. You aren’t daunted by this and keep following wherever direction he or she is headed to.

“Alyssa, what exactly are we looking for?” O’Brien asks.

“Keep quiet,” you tell the doctor. “Don’t want to let it escape before I catch it.” You slow your walking pace as you spot the purple dress again; this time it’s lurking just a few feet away from where you’re standing right now, and the person doesn’t seem to be aware of your presence yet. “Alright. We’ve got it on sight. On the count of three, we’ll pounce at it together. Doc? Doc, you there?” You turn back to where O’Brien is supposed to be, realizing she has disappeared. You don’t remember telling her to find help, so the only explanation viable is that she backs off.

You shrug. You don’t want anyone to interfere, anyway, so you press on. Very cautiously you approach the purple dress, careful not to step on dead twigs or make sudden movements that will compromise your cover. You’re almost within a striking distance, and you can almost see the owner of the purple dress loitering about, unaware that you’re about to jump at him or her.

“Well, what do we have here?”

You turn around. To your surprise the owner of the purple dress is standing right next to you. “How the bloody hell did you get past me?” you demand.

The woman chuckles. “I know you’re watching at me, so I pretend that I don’t see you coming,” she speaks and closes the paper fan. “It’s just the simple game of ignorance.”

“I know you’re stalking me, and I saw you from behind the shrubs,” you speak. “You must tell me why.”

“Hmm? Why am I stalking you? It’s simple.” She opens the paper fan, revealing its intricate butterfly decorations on its surface; it’s almost surreal to see this pattern, especially since you notice with an alarm that the butterflies seem to have their own life. “Sheer curiosity.”

“Sheer curiosity? What kind of answer is that?” She merely chuckles; that doesn’t help you with the answer. “Forget about that. Who are you?” you question.

“Who am I? Who am I? Let me think for a while~” She closes the paper fan again and places its tip just under her lower lip. “Perhaps you can say that I am one of your secret admirers, if that comforts you.” She speaks again. “Or maybe I’m a ghost, who lurks in the midst of the cold winter, waiting to strike at the enemy of the motherland~” Now she speaks Russian, and you have no idea why she’s talking in that language right now.

“You aren’t answering the question,” you insist.

“I really wish I could give you the answer, but alas!” She opens the paper fan, again hiding her grin behind it. “I don’t have much time to spend right now, and I must take my leave. Urgent matter is very urgent~

“Oh, come on! You must tell me the answer!” As you step towards her, the woman prods the paper fan on your forehead, and instantly your vision blacks out. You only feel your body weakening and falling onto the ground, and for a while you only hear the wind whistling inside your ear.

Then you hear the woman whispering: “Your time will come soon, but it is not now~”
You open your eyes. You find yourself lying inside the ward, with O’Brien checking on your health condition. The doctor is looking at you, obviously not amused by the antics you pulled out at the botanical garden. “How long did I pass out?” you ask.

“About a couple of hours,” O’Brien says. “The gardener found you lying on the ground. You were immediately brought into the emergency ward afterward.”

“That worse?” you ask.

“It was enough to freak out Sylvia and the girl,” O’Brien tells you. “I told them everything would be alright, though Sylvia needed more than just a persuasion.”

“I bet she’s going to be mad at me after this,” you groan weakly.

“You better be,” O’Brien says. “Besides, the little girl of yours told me her Daddy still owes her trip to the shopping mall.”

You close your eyes, allowing the doctor to administer your IV. “Doc?”

“Yes, Alyssa?”

“Why did you leave?” you ask.

“I didn’t,” O’Brien answers. “I was trying to keep up with you, but for some unexplained reasons I couldn’t approach you.”

“That’s impossible,” you utter. “You were just a shout away behind me. You could’ve, I don’t know, alerted me with a yell. No force in the world would keep us separated.”

“That was exactly my first thought.” She places her hand upon your forehead. “You maybe awake, but you’re still weak. So get enough rest, okay?”

You nod. “I’ll try. Hey, Doc.”

“What is it, Alyssa?”

[ ] “…I… I had no idea what I went through.”
[ ] “…sorry.”
[ ] “…nothing. Just wanted to say thanks.”
[X] “…I… I have no idea what I went through.”

>“Or maybe I’m a ghost, who lurks in the midst of the cold winter, waiting to strike at the enemy of the motherland~”
You're not Yuri! But will we end up meeting him?
[x] “…nothing. Just wanted to say thanks.”

I'm not sure I understand the first option. And why would we apologize, exactly?
[x] ".......Man, what the fuck?"

Everything seems dodgy.
[ ] “…I… I have no idea what the f-hell happened.”
[ ] "But I just wanted to say thanks."
[X] “…I… I had no idea what I went through.”
[x] “...Nevermind."
File 128824062593.jpg - (289.13KB, 600x700, ba190638645ad3cc74f5e7bf3bea7236.jpg) [iqdb]
So do I have to wait for more votes to pour in, or does Anon want to see the update?

This is your story, so you chose if you want more votes or not.
update please?
File 128829727118.png - (405.25KB, 650x1500, 807a2617a9c63072560bf8bcb6c6d261.png) [iqdb]
Yeah, I'm working on it.
File 12887691508.jpg - (198.83KB, 496x702, 6d3a96bfc80f4a997845e902f79eb8f9.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry for the delay.


[c] “…I… I have no idea what I went through.”
- [c] “…but I just wanted to say thanks.”

“…I…” You shake your head. “I have no idea what I went through. It was like a dream, but it was not.”

“Perhaps you were hallucinating back then,” O’Brien suggests.

“Ha-ha, as if,” you reply.

“I can run thorough examination to prove you the otherwise, if you like,” she says, a hint of mischief present on her lips. “But still.” O’Brien sits closer towards you and stares deeply into your face. “What were you exactly looking for, Alyssa?”

“No idea, Doc,” you answer. “A stalker, maybe, but she said to me she’s my secret admirer.” You shiver at the thought of having an incognito admirer. It’s just disgusting to have your life stalked by someone because he or she admires you.

“Hmm… a stalker, I’ve heard of this excuse too many times,” the doctor says. “If that’s the case, you should lodge a report. Maybe the police can help.”

You chuckle cynically. “Come on, Doc! You know how bad my records with them are, right?” you utter. “You know Officer Howard? He’ll be happy if I turn myself in instead.”

“That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t neglect them,” O’Brien says. “I know someone who can help you; she works with the Missing Person department, so that’s where you should start if you want to catch your stalker.”

“…I think so.” You, then, look at the clock. It’s getting late in the evening, and you assume Sylvia and the girl are dying to go shopping. “Will you do me a favour and make Sylvia and Reverie busy for a while? I think I want to rest for today.”

“I’ll let the girls know about your condition.” The doctor lets out an exasperated sigh while correcting her glasses. “Looks like it’s all coming down to me again. As always.”

“Sorry for being a bother,” you tell her.

“Don’t mention it.” She gets off the bed and heads to the door. “At least I can ask Sylvia to give me proper body massage.”

“I’m sure she doesn’t mind helping you,” you utter. “Umm, Natalie?”

The doctor turns at you as she’s about to step out of the room. For a while she’s staring at you in surprise before she snickers. “Never expected to be called with my first name from you. What is it, Alyssa?”

You hesitate. Then you smile at her. “…just wanted to say thanks.”

The doctor smiles back at you. “I’ll appreciate it.”

The door closes. You are now alone inside the ward, with nothing but the room’s plain facade to accompany you. You fall back onto the mattress and stare into the empty ceiling. You’re getting restless from just lying down and doing nothing. You’ve got to do something to keep yourself occupied, so that you can forget the unpleasant encounter with the purple lady.

What will you do for the rest of the afternoon?
[ ] Sleep. Just sleep. And have a flashback.
[ ] Do something else.
- [ ] You haven’t had lunch, have you? Go eat at the cafeteria.
- [ ] Go back to the botanical garden.
- [ ] Find a way to contact Reverie’s grandfather (and have him explain everything).
- [ ] Anything else (write-in).

Flashback option:
[ ] “…where am I…?”
[ ] “You don’t? What, you’re expecting me to give you a name?”
[ ] “I’ll do the errand for you, but you’ve got to pay me first.”

Casts we have been introduced to so far:
+ Alyssa Kirisame
+ Sylvia
+ Reverie
+ Grandma
+ Natalie O’Brien
+ Reverie’s grandfather (Gramps)
+ Officer Hughes (first encountered during our delivery of Gramps’ package)
+ “Mysterious purple lady”
[X] Sleep. Just sleep. And have a flashback.
-[X] “…where am I…?”
[X] Do something else.
-[X] Find a way to contact Reverie’s grandfather (and have him explain everything).

Some exposition would be nice. Or words that would make sense to us.
[x] Do something else.
- [x] You haven’t had lunch, have you? Go eat at the cafeteria.
- [x] Find a way to contact Reverie’s grandfather (and have him explain everything).

If possible.
[x] Do something else.
- [x] You haven’t had lunch, have you? Go eat at the cafeteria.
- [x] Find a way to contact Reverie’s grandfather (and have him explain everything).
File 128900953991.jpg - (434.30KB, 716x905, cd6e394f0901b78d2821fa2c1eb53837.jpg) [iqdb]
Only four votes? I was expecting more from Anon.
Are all these Alice images hinting at something? I see no Alice here.
Did you miss my massive spoiler-wall? It gave one explanation of how Alice could be related. And another: The pairing in Gensokyo ISN'T MariAli, and Sylvia is in fact ALICE'S daughter, also mysteriously in the outside world for no currently given reason, who has naturally gravitated to Alyssa as not only another with origins in Gensokyo, but something more.

Also, if the name hadn't been voted on, I would have had a field day with the speculation. I mean, really. Alyssa? I half-started to speculate on it, before I remembered the name's origin.

[X] Do something else.
-[X] Find a way to contact Reverie’s grandfather (and have him explain everything).
[x] Space out and have a flash-forward or some other kind of bizarre shit.
[x] Space out and have a flash-forward or some other kind of bizarre shit.

Fuck yes.
It's not as brilliant as you think you dipshits. Stop trying to shit up this story!
[X] Do something else.
-[X] Find a way to contact Reverie’s grandfather (and have him explain everything).
Though I suspect the vote for this has long been closed, I've a question. What would we be grilling Gramps on? What exactly are we having him explain?
And I really just want to see an update.
File 128918346598.jpg - (311.15KB, 1000x858, e6f2afee5d80b8af16986e31c9cdec17.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, yeah, I forgot to say that the votes are closed already. Working on update now.

What is this I don't know even.
You should take the liberty to refuse a write in if it is too out of character or just too stupid.
Well that one didn't even win..so..I don't think thats the problem.
File 128935797292.jpg - (308.68KB, 1182x795, f92c2aade4819dca129a45a670ae5bfb.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry for the delay.


[c] Do something else.
- [c] You haven’t had lunch, have you? Go eat at the cafeteria.
- [c] Find a way to contact Reverie’s grandfather (and have him explain everything).

You haven’t had lunch since you arrived at the hospital, have you? You can’t remember the last time you had lunch on your own and not having to worry about ‘feeding’ or ‘being fed’ by Sylvia. With that decided you jump off the bed, leave the wardroom and head straight to the dining hall. You wonder what’s on the menu today…

You bump into someone. You back off from the person and apologize for not looking at your direction. The person turns back at you, and you find yourself moving one step backward in shock. “Goddamn it, Gramps. You almost killed me!”

The old man laughs. “I have many better ways to dispose of you than to surprise you,” he speaks. “What are you doing here?”

“No, I should be the one asking you that,” you reply. “What are you doing here?”

“I like you for responding to me like that; always not showing respect to senior citizens,” he remarks.

“I have no time for lectures, Gramps, cut it out,” you reply. “And you didn’t answer my question.”

He laughs again; is it you, or does he like responding to your banter with a laugh? “I’m just done with my medical check-up. I was going to head back home when you showed up. You’re hungry, aren’t you?”

You’ve recovered from your initial shock and regain your composure. “Yeah, sort of. It’d be kind of cool to have you treating me with lunch.”

He laughs again, albeit a bit quieter this time, and signals at his black-clad men to leave him. “Fine, then. Just state out your price.”

“Anything you’ll eat,” you say as you follow the old man to the cafeteria. “And I’m paying.”

“Seriously?” the old man asks.

“Hey, something’s got to be done about the money you paid,” you reply. “Can’t afford to leave them unspent, can it?”
“So you’re here because your assistant has a medical appointment,” the old man says while the two of you are having fish and chip for lunch. “It’s a shame I didn’t show up earlier, because I could use the opportunity to talk with her.” He takes a sip of the coffee. “I’m sure she’d enjoy having conversation with this aging man.”

You furrow your eyebrow. “And then enticing her to work with you? Not in a million years, Gramps,” you reply. “Not in a million years.”

The old man chuckles. “I see your point, and I respect it. Anyway, you don’t happen to be here with my granddaughter, do you?” he asks. “Where is she, if I may ask?”

“Reverie? She’s probably making herself amazed by the dresses at the shopping mall with Sylvia,” you shrug. “I got caught in a mishap at the garden outside. I told the doctor to keep them busy for time being; don’t want the incident to worry them, so yeah.” You take a bite of the fish. “When I said ‘anything you’d eat’ I didn’t say I would have fish and chip for lunch. I was expecting something along the line of salad or something similar.”

“Why not?” the old man replies.

“Because old people like you should be worried about eating something high in cholesterol,” you tell him. The old man’s smile drops; it’s as if you have pushed the wrong button, but you don’t care. “What? I was just stating the obvious, wasn’t I?” You frown when the old man isn’t saying anything. “You’re mad, aren’t you?”

He shakes his head. “You’re right; I shouldn’t eat this unhealthy meal,” he speaks. “But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy doing what I like doing, can I?” He takes a bite of the potato chip. “Think about it. You’re going to grow old, and when you reach my age, you’ll find yourself yearning to do stuffs you should have done when you’re younger.” He points the fork at you. “I’ve gone through those years, if you want to know. And believe me, you will.”

“So you’re telling me that you want to catch up with everything you’ve forsaken in the past?” You snort. “I’ve heard that kind of excuse a lot, Gramps. Don’t think that I’d buy them.”

The old man just snickers. “We’ll see, Kirisame.”

“Whatever.” You take a mouthful of the fish. “Hey, Gramps, can I ask you something?” you ask, mouth still full with the food.

“Sure, go ahead. Like you have anything important to tell me,” the old man replies.

“Actually, it is important.” You put down the cutleries at stare at him. “You see, Gramps…”

[ ] Write-in time. What will your question to the old man be?
> I have many better ways to dispose of you than to surprise you.

Of course. If he wanted that to happen, he would send Kogasaa purple forgotten umbrella. And no one cared.

As for questions, I'm drawing a blank here, so I'll refrain from trying anything for now.
[X] "It's about Reverie. She's latched onto Sylvia and I, calling us her parents, but she did it so quickly and easily that it worries me. Where are her real parents?"
[X] "It's about Reverie. She's latched onto Sylvia and I, calling us her parents, but she did it so quickly and easily that it worries me. Where are her real parents?"

Surprisingly insightful. Good job, dude.
[X] "It's about Reverie. She's latched onto Sylvia and I, calling us her parents, but she did it so quickly and easily that it worries me. Where are her real parents?"

We talked about this.
File 128952923772.jpg - (624.00KB, 1600x1200, 1289506897382.jpg) [iqdb]
I like the write-in, so it shall be used for the next update. Picture not related.

That picture is fantastic, by the way.
[x] "It's about Reverie. She's latched onto Sylvia and I, calling us her parents, but she did it so quickly and easily that it worries me. Where are her real parents?"
This comes rather late, but as the author of >>22038 I would like to apologize for come up with this pretty stupid write-in. I'm usually better than that, I feel dirty.

And then, to see this...
Apparently you live in fucking Missed the Point, Kansas.

It was a terrible vote, and the person who voted for it after I wrote it should feel twice as worse as me: Once for not being able to see how bad it was, and twice for actually using it.
Honestly I still don't think its that bad of a vote.

Maybe a little adventure some/weird but its not "rape everyone."
File 128972098584.jpg - (56.38KB, 616x700, 76920_130429487010734_100001310507369_164116_68466.jpg) [iqdb]
>Maybe a little adventure some/weird but its not "rape everyone."

We will get there, but it's still early for that. Anyway, update is on the way, so please wait.
File 128972413017.jpg - (0.98MB, 1300x1837, ee1773aec1a4da25337709454db0b147.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] “It’s about Reverie. She's latched onto Sylvia and I, calling us her parents, but she did it so quickly and easily that it worries me. Where are her real parents?”

“It’s about Reverie.” The old man stops eating the meal and stares at you. You return the stare with your own, and for a while the two of you are locked in an intense eye contact, and it takes you a great deal of effort to break the mood.

“What about her?” he asks.

“You see, old man.” You cough once before you continue. “That girl’s latched onto Sylvia and I - yes, just both of us - and started calling us her parents.”

“I don’t see any problem with it, Kirisame,” the old man speaks. “If she’s happy staying with both of you, then I should be happy for her, too.”

“It’s not whether or not she’s happy that worries me,” you speak. “It’s why she does that so quickly and easily that’s made me concerned.” You notice the old man smiling at the answer, and you quickly tip your hat low enough to hide your flushed cheek. “What? It’s not that I don’t want her to stay with us, jeez.”

“If you like having her company, then what’s worrying you?” he asks.

You tip your hat up. You stare at the old man’s calm face. There’s something about that smile that irks you. “The problem lies in the fact that I’m bothered by the lack of information regarding the whereabouts of her real parents. In other words, where are they and what happens to them?”

The old man shakes his head. “Well, I suppose I should reveal the truth sooner or later,” he utters. “You see, Kirisame, the little girl’s deprived of love and care she should have got from the moment she was born to this world.”

“You’re trying to imply here that her parents didn’t carry out their responsibility as they should?” you ask.

“More like denied of the chance to fulfil their obligation as parents,” the old man corrects. “There are times and places when people have the chance to do whatever they like and want, but they are not given the opportunity to do so, most often cruelly and without any regard of their feeling.”

“What does that suppose to mean?” The old man just snickers and stands up as his bodyguards show up. “Oh, come on! You can’t just leave me and not answering the question!” you retort.

“This is not the time and place to discuss such topic, I’m afraid,” the old man says. “I’ll tell you everything you need to know the next time we meet. If we get the chance to see each other.”

You’re furious at the answer he gave you. “You’re trying to evade the truth, aren’t you?” The old man stops walking and turns back at you. “It’s your eyes; I can tell you’re afraid of letting me know.” He stares at you, as so are his bodyguards. “Look at me, Gramps. Do I look like a secret police or something?”

The old man shakes his head again. “Always persistent to the core, aren’t we?” he speaks.

“I’m not going to question the deliveries you had asked me to do in the past, that I can assure you,” you answer. “But this? This is the matter of a girl getting loved or not.”

“Very well. You win.” He approaches you and gives you what you can only assume as a business card. “Here’s my phone number. You give it a call, and tell me where you want us to meet tomorrow.”

“Fair enough.” You put the card inside the pocket of your trouser. “So we are done here, I guess.”

“I believe we are,” the old man says. “If you don’t have anything else to ask from me, I suggest that-” His words are cut off when Reverie appears out of nowhere and hugs him in a tackling manoeuvre. He doesn’t even show any reaction to the over-the-top affection the girl is showing, and you have to resist the urge to plant your face into your palm.

“You didn’t say that you’d show up, Grandpa!” Reverie says.

“I’m very sorry for that, dear,” the old man apologizes. “You didn’t even give me a phone call, either.” He picks Reverie off the floor as to cradle her. “I assume you’re very busy enjoying your time with your parents here.”

“I am!” Reverye answers happily. “And that’s why I’m going to extend my stay with Mommy and Daddy! Can I, Grandpa?”

“No,” you answer.

“Oh you, why not?” O’Brien asks as she and Sylvia are showing up. “She likes staying with you, so let her.”

“Because I’m not a babysitter, that’s why,” you answer.

“Kirisame, surely you don’t mind letting her stay with you for a few more days,” the old man says, “until your birthday?”

“Yeah! Mommy said I could stay with you until your birthday,” Reverie adds.

You scratch the back of your head. You don’t like the direction of this conversation. “Look, everyone. I don’t give a damn about my birthday, and I don’t care if anyone’s planning to have party on that day. And besides, I have to expect myself to deliver goods around the clock, does anyone think I have time for babysitting?”

“But you have Sylvia,” O’Brien reminds you. “You can always rely on her to take care of the household while you’re at work - like a dedicated wife. Isn’t that right, Sylvia?” Sylvia shyly nods.

“Bah! Why is everyone assuming that Sylvia and I are married? I abhore that!” you protest.

“Daddy is just being mean at me,” Reverie retorts. “Daddy doesn’t like to love me like how Daddy often loves Mommy.”

“Reverie, I suggest that you drop that sensitive topic right now,” you warn her. “Gramps, don’t you dare getting any idea on what she’s talking about. I swear to God-”

“Like how Daddy often kisses Mommy at dinner?” Reverie suggests. “Or how Daddy and Mommy like to give morning kiss to each other on bed?” Sylvia blushes furiously over the remark, O’Brien and the old man are laughing, and you find yourself shrinking to the lowest point of embarrassment. It doesn’t help that everyone else at the cafeteria is sharing their own load of amusement over the drama. Goddamn it, Reverie, must you embarrass this ordinary transporter in front of the people?
An agreement is reached between both parties. You agree to let Reverie extend her stay with your family until your birthday, and in return the old man agrees to tell you in details about the girl’s past. There isn’t anything else you can do for the rest of the evening; you have taken care of Sylvia’s medical expenses, O’Brien is summoned to the emergency room and Reverie is almost done with her farewell hugs to the old man.

“So you aren’t going to tell me what will you give her for birthday?” the old man asks.

“But Grandpa, birthday present is supposed to be a BIG surprise!” Reverie protests. “I always keep it secret from you before your birthday, so why can’t I do the same to Daddy?”

“Oh, alright. Can’t afford to let down my cute girl, can I?” He kisses Reverie on the forehead and puts her back on the floor. “Have fun with your Daddy and Mommy, okay?”

“I will!”

Hugging Reverie once more he let go off her, who quickly meets up with Sylvia. He, then, approaches his bodyguards and leaves the cafeteria. You almost forget something so you chase after him. “What will your business be this time, Kirisame?” the old man says.

“You don’t mind if I ask you one favour?” you ask. “Actually, I don’t think I can trust myself and the police to do this, and you’re the only one with the… expertise I need.”

“Alright, speak up, but please make it quick.” You begin by telling the old man about the encounter with the purple lady and laying out the details about the mysterious woman’s appearance. The old man listens attentively while telling his bodyguards to write down the description of the woman, and when you’re done he nods in acknowledgment. “I’m more surprised that you didn’t approach the more… rightful people to help you.”

“Like I said earlier, I don’t trust the police to do the work,” you tell her. “So you think you can help me with that?”

“Of course, Kirisame,” the old man answers. “I have Melbourne under my belt, and I know what I will do, so don’t worry about it. Now go; I suppose you want to take your family out for dinner after this.”

“Will you CUT that out for once?” you retort.

The old man laughs. “Alright. I’ll see you next time.” Using his hat as an extension to his hand, he waves you goodbye and leaves the lobbym. You shrug at the old man’s complete lack of sense of respect for your private life and approach Sylvia who’s occupied with taking Reverie in a spin-hug.

“Alright, girls, we better get going,” you tell them.

“Where to, Daddy?” Reverie asks.

“I don’t know, you tell me,” you answer. “And you, Reverie, have some guts to embarrass me in front of everyone. You really have no shame, you know.”

Reverie replies by sticking her tongue at you. “That’s because you didn’t even let us see you in the ward!” she replies.

“Why, hello there Miss Always Right, Daddy was in bad shape, and do you want to see someone when she’s in bad shape?” you ask back.

“But that’s why we wanted to see you,” Reverie argues. “You’re Daddy, she’s Mommy, and I’m your daughter! That means we are family!”

You plant your face into your palm again. “Alright, Reverie, enough with this family bull crap. We’re leaving this place.” You usher them out of the lobby and shoot the staffs your annoyed glare before you follow them. Just as you join them at the bus stop you take out the business card and look at it; you notice the name “Saint Kilda General Cemetery” printed on it.

Your heart suddenly sinks.

You don’t like this feeling, so you put back the business card and meet Sylvia. “It’s still not too late to do some shopping, right?” you ask.

“Let’s go to the bookstore, Daddy,” Reverie says. “I want to find something - and no, Daddy, it will not be your birthday present.” She fumes when you snicker sarcastically at her. “Daddy, it’s supposed to be a secret! You aren’t allowed to know about it until it’s your birthday,” she protests.

“Oh, alright, we’ll go there,” you utter. “If Sylvia doesn’t mind, that is.”

You take a taxi and head to the nearest bookstore, where Reverie wastes no time running to the children’s book section, leaving you and Sylvia at the lobby. “Look at her. She’s unashamedly spilling adult people’s big secret and she doesn’t even care of the consequences,” you speak. Sylvia gives your shoulder a soft pat, and you just sigh exasperatedly. “Yeah. I suppose this is how parenthood is supposed to be.” She removes your hat and starts patting your head. “Hey, stop that. I’m too old to have my head patted like a kid.” She ignores you and keeps patting you, occassionally ruffling your hair. You blush and have to lower your head to hide your flushed cheeks. “Jeez; you’re the same as Grandma, always knowing how to strike people when they’re at their most vulnerable,” you mutter.

Almost as fast as she left Reverie returns to you and calls you aloud. “Daddy, can you choose which book should I buy?” she asks.

You look at her. “Can’t you do your own choosing?” you ask.

“I know, but I want to ask you first,” she says and shows you four storybooks. “I like all of these, and I can’t decide which one to choose. Can you help me, Daddy? Can you please?”

You look at Sylvia, who in turn looks back at you. Then the two of you look at the books Reverie is holding. “Well, well.”

[ ] Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
[ ] Pied Piper of Hamelin.
[ ] The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
[ ] Peter Pan (or the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up).
[X] Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Just for the amusement value of a future meeting with Alice.
File 128975106634.jpg - (93.61KB, 600x449, Alice-The-Mad-Hatters-Tea-Party.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
Always loved the Book.
[X] Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
Tempted to just vote to buy them all, but I have a feeling this choice is more important than just buying children's books.
[x] Pied Piper of Hamelin.

Because I'm pretty sure that this is the Marisa option.
[x] Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

I think this is the "going to Gensokyo" option. Specifically, it determines how we'll get there, since 3 of the 4 stories there involve some kind of amazing transportation to a magical fantasyland: The mirror in Alice in Wonderland, the tornado in Wizard of Oz, and as I recall, simply flying there, in Peter Pan. The odd one out is the Pied Piper of Hamelin, in which the only notable trip of any kind results in being lured away to the trip-takers' deaths. Maybe that's a hint, and maybe it's not, but I'm staying away from it.
I really hope this is sarcasm..
[ ] The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Pretty sure he was referring to
>a little adventure some/weird
>Rape Everyone
[X] Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.
Sounds good enough for me.
File 128987757723.jpg - (1.57MB, 1350x1910, 1d46d9489741f02fcb6043150a46dfd8.jpg) [iqdb]
I guess everyone likes reading Alice In Wonderland, eh? Alright, I shall have the update ready in a few days.
File 129013184227.jpg - (456.73KB, 593x800, 12df5dd29c1eb82205223692578bcb84.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

You snicker. You don’t know why, but somehow the idea of reading story about Alice and her adventures in the Wonderland has piqued your interest for quite sometimes, and it’s always exciting to follow the girl’s travels across the fantasy land. You look at Sylvia, who gives you a smile of approval, and turns back at Reverie. “Right. We’re going to read this before bedtime,” you say and take the book from her arms. “I’ll pay. Wonder if this bookstore will give discounts for parents.”

“Really?” Reverie asks excitedly.

“What? I expected your Gramps to do the same to you every night, little girl,” you reply.

“I’m not a little girl!” Reverie protests.

“Why yes you are.” You kneel down and proceed to annoy Reverie by pinching her delicate cheeks. “Look at you. Trying to act like you’re already grown up, when the fact that you still need to be picked up from the floor.”

“Dhaddy, dhad ist just ruud,” Reverie grumbles, her voice muffled due to her cheeks getting pulled at. “Shtop puwwing at my cweeks!” You keep pulling and pinching her face before Sylvia pulls you away and takes Reverie into her possessive embrace. “Mommy, can’t we do something to teach Daddy a lesson?” the girl asks. As she keeps cuddling Reverie Sylvia stares at you; you step backward when you notice a sinister smile creeping upon her face.

“Whatever. I’ll go pay for this book, so can you guys wait somewhere for a while?” Sylvia nods and takes Reverie to the nearby bench. “I’m taking you two for dinner after this, so stay at where I can easily see you.” Sylvia giggles at the reminder, and you can already read the message behind the giggle. “Sylvia, I suggest that you drop that thought right now.” Your assistant pouts at the warning in protest, and you throw your arms upward in surrender before you leave them and head to the payment counter. Along the way you can’t help noticing everyone looking at you funnily, some even giggling as they walk past you. You shoot the passersby your annoyed glare, and they quickly step away from you with a fit of giggles; good grief, what are they thinking of right now?

You approach the counter and put the book on the desk. The shopkeeper is staring at you in intrigue before he chuckles. “Arguing with your wife again, Sir Alyssa?” he asks.

“Shut up, Andrew,” you grumble. “I’m not even in the mood to start arguing, so don’t.”

“Chill out, there’s no need to get pumped up about it,” the shopkeeper tells you. “Alice in Wonderland, eh? I’m surprised people are still looking for the classic version of this story, no thanks to the new movie. At least, I know you’re still dropping by as usual.”

“Well, yeah, I know,” you utter and take out some money to pay up for the book. “And while we’re at it, you still have the outdoor cooking book with you?” The shopkeeper laughs, much to your annoyance. “Oh, come on! It’s not that I can’t apply survival skills in this concrete jungle, can I?” you retort.

“No, but I’m more curious about why a woman like you would bother learning such skills,” the cashier answers.

“What? You expect me to learn embroidery instead? Sorry, Andrew, but my fingers aren’t so built for work that delicate,” you answer.

The shopkeeper grins. “I see what you mean,” he says. “Say, whose child you decided to kidnap again this time? I see you’re getting desperate to raise a family of your own.”

“Cut that out, Andrew, you’re freaking me out,” you retort. “And before you get any wrong idea, I was forced to raise someone’s granddaughter, and Sylvia was like ‘oh yes, my chance to raise a child has finally come!’ You should see her eyes getting sparkly, too.”

“I see what your problem is,” the middle-aged man says. “But still, I swear I’ve seen that child before. It’s… intriguing to see her having your company.”

You lean forward as to make the conversation secret. “What have you got in your mind?”

“I’m not sure,” he says as he closes the distance between you and him. “But I saw her with an old man at the cemetery two months ago. Probably visiting someone’s final resting place, but I couldn’t tell since they were surrounded by people in black.” You don’t like the sound of this, moreover since it reminds you of the business card the Gramps gave you at the hospital. You have to know more about his family.

“Think you can help me digging in the girl’s history?” you ask. “The name’s Reverie; that should help you.”

“Oh? I thought you’d meet the police to have this matter done,” the shopkeeper utters.

You snarl. “You do know that I have bad reputation among them,” you say.

“Relax, Alyssa, you know you can always rely on me,” he says. “But that will be fifty bucks.” You look at him, as he presents his empty hand at you eagerly. “Come on. I know they paid you heftily the delivery you did for them.”

“Oh, come on! I’ve got to pay for that, too?” you moan.

“Information is an expensive commodity nowadays, and getting it is costlier,” he answers. “Besides, fifty bucks are a meagre price for what you’ll get.”

You bite your lower lip. “Can’t believe I have to deal with a cutthroat,” you grumble and take out a piece of banknote from your wallet. You just watch in annoyance as the shopkeeper is kissing the money giddily before he puts it inside his pocket.

“That is better,” the shopkeeper utters. “So what sort of information about Reverie you want me to dig in?”

“Her family,” you answer. “Anything about her family.”

“Her family, eh?” He corrects his eyeglasses precisely once. “Alright, I see if I find anything, but it will take a while before I can get all of the information,” he says and gives you the storybook. “So don’t expect to hear anything interesting.”

“Fair enough,” you say and pay for the book. “I know you can be relied upon, but I’ve got to go. I’ve got two hungry and desperate mouths to be fed.”

“Careful out there,” the shopkeeper reminds you. “I saw Officer Howard walking outside a while ago. He looked very pissed off.”

“I’ll be careful. Thanks for the heads-up.” You bid the shopkeeper farewell and approach Sylvia and Reverie, the former still hugging the latter rather tightly. “Alright, girls. Let’s find somewhere to eat. It’s still not too early to have dinner, is it?”

“Let’s go to my favourite place!” Reverie suggests. “I know where to find it. Grandpa often takes me there for dinner.”

“Right,” you remark dryly. “And the next thing we know, we have to eat children’s meal with you.”

“Hey, my taste is way too high for that!” Reverie protests. “I’m a classy girl, you know.”

“Oh? So you’re high-classed, eh? Bloody nice,” you reply. Sylvia shakes her head at you, even as she loosens her arms around the girl. You find yourself planting your face in your palm. “Oh, alright. I suppose I shouldn’t ever argue with children,” you mutter in defeat.

“Or wife!” the shopkeeper shouts from behind the counter.

“For God’s sake, Andrew, just shut up!”

[ ] Take Reverie’s suggestion into consideration.
[ ] Suggest that everyone go to the restaurant you and Sylvia frequently visit.
[ ] Dinner with Sylvia and Reverie, eh? How about we go to our apartment first and dress up for the occasion?
[x] Take Reverie’s suggestion into consideration.

>Grandpa often takes me there for dinner.
Good enough for me. Gramps is one smooth motherfucker. Any place he frequents has got to be of utmost quality.
[x] Dinner with Sylvia and Reverie, eh? How about we go to our apartment first and dress up for the occasion?

Let's be posh and classy. We can manage that, right?
[X] Dinner with Sylvia and Reverie, eh? How about we go to our apartment first and dress up for the occasion?

Does everyone in this city think of Alyssa and Sylvia as a married couple?
I like Andrew. He seems to be a Bro.

[X] Dinner with Sylvia and Reverie, eh? How about we go to our apartment first and dress up for the occasion?
[X] Dinner with Sylvia and Reverie, eh? How about we go to our apartment first and dress up for the occasion?
File 129030595484.jpg - (376.20KB, 945x638, eab52890b021c26ad20a57963aa44386.jpg) [iqdb]
Calling for "dress up for the occasion". Please wait while the update is being prepared.
File 129039314752.jpg - (39.07KB, 450x400, 0fadd16ee49192829fc3e29b772e0b4e.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Dinner with Sylvia and Reverie, eh? How about we go to our apartment first and dress up for the occasion?

Dinner with Sylvia and Reverie? You wonder if you can even remember the last time you brought someone to important dinner.

“Right, we better get dressed up for the occasion,” you utter. “Let’s head to our apartment.”

“Aw, but I thought we should go have dinner right away!” Reverie protests.

“Look, does anyone of us here look like they’re ready for this special night?” You lift your arm and take a quick sniff of your armpit. “Yeah, I smell like a hundred-year-old sock right now. I could go for some scrubbing right now.”

“Daddy, that’s just disgusting!!” Reverie moans. “You’re not supposed to smell your armpit in front of people!”

You glower at her. “And the problem will be?”

“It’s so uncivilized, that’s why!!” Reverie remarks.

“Yeah, and you could probably need to live in the outback once in a while.” You sneer at the little girl; you could make use of this habit to tease her in the future.
The three of you arrive at your apartment. Goddamn, you’ve forgotten how long you haven’t dropped by at this place, and seeing it in its saddest condition possible make you wonder if you should find somewhere else to stay. Reverie doesn’t seem to mind, though, as she quickly jumps onto the couch and rolls on it excitedly.

“I know we should clean up the mess before going out,” you mutter as you pick up the piling letters from the mailbox. You approach the balcony and open the sliding doors as to let air and sunlight in. “That’s better,” you utter and loosen your necktie as to cool yourself down.

“So this is where Daddy and Mommy stay together,” Reverie utters as she hugs one of the plush dolls. “I’m so envious. I never get the chance to have my own private home; Grandpa is so mean.”

“Whatever, Reverie,” you shrug. “Right, anyone who wants to take a bath may go ahead. I’ll check the kitchen and see what’s still drinkable.”

Sylvia reaches for your sleeve and tucks it tightly. You turn to her and notice that she’s staring at you - furiously. “Sylvia, what I meant is that you and Reverie can use the bathroom first,” you utter. She shakes her head and pulls at your sleeve so hard you think she’s going to rip it from the shirt. “Sylvia, what the hell is that for?” She stops pulling your shirt though she still keeps her eyes fixed on you. “You want me to take my shower first?” She shakes her head. “Then what is it?”

Sylvia points at the door that separates the bathroom from the living room, then at her, and finally to you. She enforces this by undoing your necktie and unbuttoning your shirt, and by the time she reaches the third button you seize her hand. “But Sylvia, we aren’t supposed to share the shower when we have visitors in this house!” you bark. She glares at you due to the answer, almost as if she’s saying ‘but there’s nothing wrong with two girls having bath together, right?’, and the revelation that later hits you hard is more than enough to make you blush.

You grab her by her arms. “Just because we are girls doesn’t mean we can share most things together. And I especially abhor the idea of sharing bathroom with someone else, girl or boy.” The answer only serves to strengthen her resolute, and with an amazing strength she pushes you onto the floor and sits atop of you. “Alright, Sylvia, you’ve gone too far. Get off me before I have to punish you.” She shakes her head and instead proceeds to finish unbuttoning your shirt. “Sylvia, you have any idea of what you’re doing? We have a kid inside this house, for God’s sake!!”

Sylvia finishes unbuttoning your shirt and is tucking at the strings of your brassiere. You try looking at Reverie to see if she’s busy playing with the doll but Sylvia is blocking your view. “Sylvia, let go off me,” you remind her. She shakes her head and starts fiddling with the strings. You gulp when you realize she’s just as determined as you’d expect; your only hope is that Reverie isn’t watching, or that no one decides to take unauthorized photos of this shameless affair.

[ ] Give it up. How can you ever win when you have your determined wife straddling you and trying to strip you - in front of your ‘daughter’?
[ ] Resist. Fight back. Counterattack. Whatever you do to defend your modesty.

Inb4 someone does crash in like a Kool-Aid Man.
File 129039452287.jpg - (395.55KB, 850x1200, b863504535073085142b3025101235e4.jpg) [iqdb]
>I like Andrew. He seems to be a Bro.

I know, right? Too bad we won't be seeing anymore from him in the future and we all can blame the mysterious purple lady for that.
[x] Resist. Fight back. Counterattack. Whatever you do to defend your modesty.

Nope. Still don't want that lovey-dovey moe shit.
[%] Resist. Fight back. Counterattack. Whatever you do to defend your modesty.

Yeah, there's something wrong here. Boundary hax?
[x] Resist. Fight back. Counterattack. Whatever you do to defend your modesty.

Someone needs to keep Sylvia's libido in check.
[X] Resist. Fight back. Counterattack. Whatever you do to defend your modesty.
File 129040683423.jpg - (183.84KB, 800x800, 23d77c1a2e06f05f631202b1644158e2.jpg) [iqdb]
>Yeah, there's something wrong here. Boundary hax?
Sylvia is just messing with us. In the way that we don't want to know.

>Someone needs to keep Sylvia's libido in check.
Who, if I may ask? Reverie is obviously out of the question, unless you're talking about Grandma or O'Brien. Who am I to speculate, really?

The votes have been called, and I think it's alright to post the update in a new thread since this one is almost auto-saged, so yeah.
I dunno, maybe a former professional trick shotter with abnormally godlike skill working their magic with a garden hose and annoyingly precise blasts of water ricocheted off of random every day objects to hit Sylvia.
[ ] Resist. Fight back. Counterattack. Whatever you do to defend your modesty.
New thread: >>22216
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