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File 130907177024.jpg - (247.82KB, 960x725, e2fc13f6bbd1cb9147eee089e59f5925.jpg) [iqdb]
And halfscore past, and childehood's end past, and whereas my mind too past, locomobile lought stilhouette in the road. Peaces scatter, stoneskip ofer the asfalt to wards the gutter, Corpus Callowsum! To haven't twohold, to half and half-not.

So we leive. So leiving. So livted, hopefully ever after.

And morowse and agonious day: I, we, dullboy, schooleryboy. Ruler smart me for days and doze, betwist dreamamine of farrest and would, listenless to Professer Reid and harkan not, but open amyway his thirstory deksbook to peige, en peige, en peige agone to his spielling out of Overlaud and Nomandy, when on due tree! Spring is aground up, is shoots, is rowse, until the Professer is lost beyonder trunks and stands-up not afore me, him nor classmet, nor linestone backwall.

Saw robin and bird sing: Halloo halay! And ill a tune I, I kept, and kept quite.

So begain:

[ ] The grase-estaimed, the songstress herselve.
[ ] Forest fliege, the papilia.
[ ] Fair and fairrow, with glosamer-span.
[ ] The whitte fibres cut, and dusken after.
[ ] Dolce, all-a-one, her poppet-fallows friends.
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[X] The grase-estaimed, the songstress herselve.

Road, dirth and dustance, the valey of dirth, the florest parameated aground it, so furrowed, so trekked our souls ontil the shoestrung coaked with greet and grovel, and thenupon a stand, sawn, stoodstill, of would and while, a prosper comeupponce!

So I sought, and so, took I beneth the awening, umbelly, fairday kage, sweet from the haught and the seiseon.

The proprietiress: a starrybook laurellass, a piniondance, tiedied up her hair enchiefed. Reest, and roast not, cheek accountered, eiyes lax, she glinses to me, and spake. Naught now, she quorte. Ressemble eveafter, for the nightime, the dearktime.

Unnascesary. My breagh, alieu me that!

Esquinter upon me, her see palpabral. Journious disdressed you, say she. Youman you, you shaldnt strally so fare awry the villase grein. And grin and grinner, she talls you beost, and bogumen, and fear falk afrittous.

I arkknowledge none! Wreak, I am wreak. My phalanks jib, and fumors spit. Thure and thure no overman braune I, but I know. This is the fantcy whorld, all ahead. No stings and errors here. My phalanks jib, but here, rejoyned, tenderns untearned, they surve archic untirely! Ontinue, says I!

Her dactyl dantse, her dah-dit-dit o'er wouldentop as reaver rapstones. Her graze nearrows. Dit-dit, dah-dah-dah! O, tryly? Dit-dah-dit-dah. So sung keratine, a riamarkable chime, chime unnaugh, and chime unnaugh outlast.
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File 130968895394.jpg - (197.67KB, 951x951, dat sparrow.jpg) [iqdb]
Short and sweet~

Good thing too, this would quickly overstay its welcome.
File 132272746765.jpg - (819.34KB, 1500x1125, c2168b45f3587b1af107723ae86f8117.jpg) [iqdb]
As much as I enjoy this site in general, I'd have to say that this is one of my favorite pieces on THP. I'll probably come back to this every once in a while to see if I can decipher more of your 'turnsafrase'. Thanks, man.

I hope I saged right, so this doesn't necrobump.

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File 13017684967.jpg - (1.48MB, 2029x2833, doll collection.jpg) [iqdb]
Discord. Usually a source of entertainment. Often a catalyst for a complete break. And after that came the joy of rebirth. It always followed that pattern, not caring who or what it destroyed. It was best observed, not experienced.

The time was not right for gambling. Even if what emerged from discord were to be stronger, the uncertainty involved was too big to be ignored. With carefully laid plans, the need to minimize risk was pivotal. A century of plot would not be undone by chance.

The strength of the bond was weak, but not had not completely given way. For someone of her abilities it was trivial to reach out as necessary. Already she made the most of the fledgling link, whispering half-truths and tempting promises. It would work. It always did. Events would be shaped to her liking. It was, after all, her plan. And it would not be changed without her consent.

“You'll catch a cold like that.”

“I could say the same to you,” I opened my eyes slowly. As expected, Marisa was still as exposed as before. Somehow she had gotten her clothes wet while in the bath and had emerged wearing nothing more than a towel. In an attempt to cover herself, she had left much exposed. The towel only extended to just above her bosom and barely reached the very upper extremity of her thigh. Though highly suggestive of the body underneath, I did not make an active effort of looking at her figure.

“I found the shirt,” She said.

“Put it on then, instead of just holding it.”

“Right,” I looked away just as the towel dropped and she unabashedly dressed in front of me. My mind was preoccupied with another female and spared her no second thought.
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Mind not bumping this? It makes me feel like a douche when I don't come through. Like now. Sorry but apparently a lot of free time leads me to waste it on things I've been depriving myself of (mainly video games) and when I do try to write not much comes out. Gonna give it another night's sleep and then go for broke. That better do it.
>Mind not bumping this? It makes me feel like a douche when I don't come through. Like now.

Generally when the writefag makes a statement as to the status of the next update, it should be bumped because it is relevant to his readers, though many writefags sage those posts out of misplaced humility. Of course when the writefag feels strongly about it, the reader is obliged to follow his preferences.

>Gonna give it another night's sleep and then go for broke.

It's more like I feel that it's unfair to bump the thread above the other story threads (which may have had updates) just because of a status post. It's that simple. It's not the end of the world but it doesn't feel right either.

In any case, this thread is done with.

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File 130257734310.jpg - (40.41KB, 445x404, 47c95d1f0491364de478aba36cbbf785.jpg) [iqdb]
It’s time for a story about fairies. A fairytale, if you will.

The focus of the story is "nameless" fairies. Humans and Youkai are not very important to them. Some named fairies may appear over the course of the story.

There is no big, over-arcing story.

There are no routes, penalties for dying, bad ends, or time limits.

If there is nothing going on, I have a small library of prepared events, incidents, and mini-plots to draw from.

It’s like a sandbox full of immortal, shape-ambivalent little hedonists with magical powers.

Now, to build a protagonist-

Your aspect is what facet of nature your embody. You draw power from being around your aspect, and your abilities relate to it, at least in concept. Some examples can include types of plants, classical elements and their variants, weather conditions, minerals, heavenly bodies, and generally any aspect of nature itself. It can be changed any time you die or sleep.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Place vinegar-soaked paper towels over sunburned areas for 10-15 minutes. It helps a lot.
File 130906152173.jpg - (65.11KB, 800x600, Big enough for them.jpg) [iqdb]
Looks like I'll never get to build that fairy shrine.

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File 129643414582.jpg - (325.98KB, 710x842, NorGlaWriggle.jpg) [iqdb]
This is a tale of a young Gensokyo native and how he ends up witnessing various events in the course of knowing everybody's favorite bug-girl.

Select character archetype; this determines the MC's personality and preferred choices. A name would also be preferred, but not required. Voting ends late tomorrow.

I'm also taking suggestions for the title.


[ ]Hotblooded -- A talented novice hunter and fighter, his aptitude in other areas is not notable at all. Despite his dimness, his confidence gives him a sort of charisma smarter folks might lack.

Life story: Orphaned by a youkai, an older hunter and his wife took him and raised him as their own. Under their roof he learned how to hunt and kill, and he has just started to work with other novices. He's a bit perplexed by the soft stance his "father" has in regards to non-feral youkai. Also, his father discourages acting recklessly for glory and profit, something his personality predisposes him to do. He has a fondness for tales of heroes, which caused his reckless streak.

Combat: A (Melee based)
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[c] “I’ll go the Inn as I can get there faster. You should head over to Ginji’s as I’m sure you won’t run into much trouble there.”
Yuki going to the inn wins, update will be in a new thread. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask.
Here: >>23522

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File 128621668213.jpg - (96.64KB, 650x578, tea and solitude.jpg) [iqdb]
Page after page of yellowed paper passed by my thumb as I searched for what I was looking for. Each page was filled from margin to margin with small-font text that the casual onlooker might confuse for streams of ants neatly crossing the page, annotations in flawless penmanship next to the text, and the occasional elaborate illustration. There were no chapters, headings, or any other markers that could otherwise show where the content I was looking for would be. I had to rely on dumb luck and sketchy memory, trying to correlate familiar words and drawings with the approximate placement of the material. At last I found what I was searching for towards the back of the book. I took out my own notebook and transcribed the passage I needed. The reason I had failed last time I tried to cast was that my reagent was added at the wrong moment. Or so I believed. All other explanations left me wanting. Uncertainty was something that had to be avoided, something which I had been taught was a crutch.

I closed the ancient book, lifting up a column of dust in the process. I coughed, and was aware of my surroundings. The dark little closet where the older tomes were stored was barely large enough to fit a chair and a small knee-high podium for perusing. The walls were lined with shelves upon shelves of lore and the door was as heavy as it was secretive. The whole place stank of mold and negligence and was more of a hiding place than storeroom. Needless to say, no natural light dared to sneak in either because of how remote this place was to the rest of the house. My source of light had been an ethereal wisp floating around my should, an elementary display of magic which helped me deal with the circumstances. It cast the whole room in a ghostly hue of white light. I felt compelled to leave as soon as possible and seal the tomb-like repository.

The wisp was extinguished by a single muttered word when I felt the warm rays of sunlight on my face. I walked towards the nearest window, reading my notes.

I still was not confident that I had found the real issue when she spoke, “Are you ready yet?”

“I think so,” I replied, turning around to face her. As had been the case lat
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File 129791071136.jpg - (717.84KB, 3333x2500, sw2-honda.jpg) [iqdb]
I tend not to comment much when voting because I can think of nothing worth saying at the time (especially if someone else has already said it better than I would) its kind of frustrating sometimes but in some cases it would just be a case of me copy and pasting what someone else has said.

If I was to criticize this story now, it would be the voting in this story has my head spinning, it's kind of hard for me to comprehend what would happen if either of the choices happened. I'm kind of confused. It could be because i've spent all night reading this so i'm tired and also can't get the idea of Suika dressed as Tadakatsu Honda fucking shit up while trying to think.

In direct response to the cross-post, I had a rather strong feeling that she was just trying to get rid of us and wasn't surprised when she turned out to be gone, but i've only just started reading this today (I still would have left anyway, because she said so). anywho

[x] There is no routine to fall back on, but time can be spent pretending it's just another day.
She has told us time and again we should be focusing/studying on getting that basic spell done.
>"...You have been derelict in your duties. As an aspiring magician you must never forget that your training comes first.”
[x] There is no routine to fall back on, but time can be spent pretending it's just another day.
Am I being trolled or are you just that clueless?

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File 12963934556.jpg - (129.24KB, 800x1119, Touhou (38).jpg) [iqdb]
Ah, hello. I figured trying to put my story here won't hurt. Sadly, this is not a CYOA, but an ordinary fanfiction. It's about Alice, so naturally it fits here, right? Also, constructive criticism is appreciated, since i'm still new to writing; heck, this plot is not even original (I sort of got it after playing a Touhou visual novel....
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Yeah, I get it. I used dearth incorrectly. I figured that out from the other guys jumping on my shit. Now, did you really have to bump this travesty just for that?
bumped it from the top of the page?
It's the fact it was bumped at all. This thread deserves nothing but the last page.

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File 129549717529.jpg - (111.10KB, 660x858, 3469389c103790f5b0a8ca061734f1a9.jpg) [iqdb]
You are awakened by a low growl, and a dull ache in your stomach. Ugh...you're so hungry - you haven't been having any luck with your hunting recently, and what little food you've been able to forage has hardly staved off the hunger pangs. But you have your pride. You won't go begging to your friends for something to eat - you're a hunter! And besides - you have a good feeling today. You'll totally catch something tonight!

The only question is...where should you look? The Forest is really big, after all - if your usual hunting grounds are tapped out, maybe you should look somewhere else? You've seen a rather heavily used game trail that cuts throught the depths of the Forest - that could be a good place to try your luck, if you're careful. All manners of creatures live in the depths of the woods, and even the beasts you hunt can be dangerous. They're much larger than you are, after all, and can be quite cunning as well. You've heard stories about the beasts banding together to turn the tables on an unwary hunter. And you can remember the pain of being attacked by that one...you were lucky to escape with your life.

You could try luring one out of its nest - or den, or whatever it's supposed to be called. You know where a few dens - nests? - are, but they are always at their most dangerous when cornered, especially in their own territory. And gods help you if you accidentally pick one with young to protect.

Of course, you could always just wander around and hope you get lucky. It's worked once or twice in the past. Or maybe something else?

Whatever you do, you'd best be about it soon - they aren't active for very long, this time of year, and if you can't find anything tonight, you may have to swallow your pride and ask for some handouts.

[ ] The usual hunting grounds - you aren't entirely sure you won't find something there.
[ ] The trail - As long as you're careful, there's nothing to worry about.
[ ] Lure one from its nest(den?) - What's a reward without risk? You have a plan!
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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some people use the position of the treads as opposed to the "Watched Threads" list and they might miss new updates.

On the flip side, sticking with one thread for a prolonged period favors those who use the WT list.
I say split the threads.
New thread, for anyone trawling archives, is here.


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File 128547860371.png - (1.10MB, 1027x759, Picture 4.png) [iqdb]
[X] I don't know if that's a good idea, we don't know who Nitori is with.

"Marisa... I don't know if we should..." You begin to say, a bit late you notice, as the witch begins to sneak up behind the rambling kappa. "Wait!" You whisper urgently at the black-white as you stumble toward her.

You'll never catch up to her at this rate; if that other girl is who you think it might be, then Marisa's in for some bad luck if she scares the two of them. You've got to act fast.

Just as Marisa is about to pounce on Nitori you summon your most pleasant voice and shout to the kappa, "Oh! Hello Nitori!" The entire group turns toward you, including Marisa who bears a look of surprise and disappointment across her face.

"Aww c'mon... why'd ya hafta-" Marisa begins before being blindsided by a pair of arms attached to a rather joyful kappa, holding the witch in a warm embrace.

"Marisa! It's so good to see you again!" Nitori beams, lovingly nuzzling against the witch's cheek. "I was just showing..." She trails off as she notices you standing behind the somewhat annoyed witch. "... this thing to... I uhm..." Her face flushes red once again. "W-Well... uhm... Y-You know..."

"What's got ya all flustered?" The witch asks the kappa before following her gaze to you. "Ohhhh..." She sighs somewhat exhaustedly. "That's right... you have issues talkin' to... boys... and humans and you're..." She says as she points to you. "Both."

"I-I'm getting better, Marisa!" The kappa whines as she clings more tightly to Marisa. "B-Besides... i-it's not just that..." She whimpers.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File 129801381690.jpg - (322.54KB, 800x912, ac33b97970fe09fe980dd741d0247618.jpg) [iqdb]
Apologizes for not having updated in about a week, as of late I've been rather sickly which hasn't been helping my lack of creativity. I'll try to get back to this story as soon as I can, so please wait warmly until then.
Are you dead?

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File 128606227778.png - (1.72MB, 1100x1100, b706dcd2f487b01e2b727638c7a978ba6d8568c3.png) [iqdb]
You awaken with a splitting headache and a strange lightness of body you’ve never experienced before. It is only when you attempt to roll out of bed that another strange aspect imposes itself upon your senses – you aren’t in your bed. Or your room. Or house. Rather, you are lying on the ground, alone, in a small forest clearing. The scene is so picturesque that if it weren’t for the incredible pain, you’d almost think you were dreaming. But even that is quickly fading, you realize, and by the time you get to your feet, it’s already disappeared, with only the memory remaining to indicate it ever existed. In fact…you stretch experimentally, and realize that you feel better than ever, energized and fit, with none of the little aches and pains you normally ignored.

With a yawn, you look around to get a better idea of where you are. Nothing really stands out, a pair of paths on either side of the clearing leading away from you. Wait…the trees…
With a bit of a start, you realize just how big these trees really are. Why, you could almost build a house in the branches of some of the larger ones! And all of the plants seem so unnaturally vibrant and alive! And big! With a frown, you look down. No, the plants aren’t quite so large as you had thought. You’re just quite a bit smaller than you’re used to. And…floating a few inches off of the ground. Oh. So, it really is a dream?

You start walking towards one of the paths, putting your questions out of mind as you decide to just try and explore the forest, only to be stymied by the fact that your feet are six inches off the ground. Maybe if you just…? Acting on your first impulse, you lean forward a bit, and will yourself forward. It is a dream, so maybe just through willpower..?

You’re still surprised as you begin to drift over to your chosen path, flying as naturally as if you were born to it. With a delighted laugh, you throw your arms out to the sides, like a small child pretending to fly, and start to try tricks. Even if you mess up, it
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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What happened? Status update?
So are you still alive?
SO! Status report!
Unfortunately, this story is going on indefinite hiatus.
That huge silent period of mine was me never being on the boards because I was battling my update. Which is why I am going to put this on hiatus. Because it shouldn't take months and months to write an 800-1200 word update. And I can't write anything decent for this story, right now. But I like it, and don't want to abandon it entirely.
So break.

In the meantime, I'll probably work on some other things. I have a mini-CYOA in the works, which may even go up tonight.

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File 124467656465.jpg - (217.34KB, 1024x768, 00start.jpg) [iqdb]
Choose name: (Optional)
Describe appearance: (Optional)
Choose difficulty: Easy (tea-party time), Normal (pretty normal), Hard (youkai are youkai-like)

Choose 3 or less personality traits:
Scatterbrained OR Focused
Athletic OR Lazy
Dexterous OR Clumsy
Emotional OR Stoic
Brave OR Cowardly
Lucky OR Unfortunate
Charismatic OR Unsocial
Kind OR Harsh
Strong OR Weak

Note: Lazy overrides Strong, and vice versa. Scatterbrained overrides Charismatic, and v.v. Weak overrides Athletic, and v.v. Stoic overrides
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [View thread]
File 128369571967.gif - (34.30KB, 100x100, 127584638849.gif) [iqdb]
File 129414235892.jpg - (7.08KB, 251x250, 1293484231429.jpg) [iqdb]
writefag is a lazy faget
File 129824127162.png - (292.88KB, 1024x768, shrug.png) [iqdb]
This is abandoned, in case that wasn't clear.

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