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File 132028513282.jpg - (1.72MB, 1600x1200, Winter_Forest.jpg) [iqdb]

Muttering nonsense in my half-awake state, I sit up from the makeshift bed. While leaves aren't the most comfortable cushion, it does not irritate the stems of my wings like the bedrock would. The first thing I notice is the lack of heat. With a flick of my pale hand towards the small pile of coals, the makeshift fireplace smolders to life. I look around lazily, brushing my mahogany hair out of my eyes. This helps little, as my brown eyes aren't meant for the darkness that being four feet underground tends to have.

All I can make out with the lightly burning lumps of bark is that nothing changed overnight. The small hole I found under the tree is still unaffected by the harsh winter blizzards; my routine of melting the snow that plugs the only entrance is likely a factor. Yawning, I debate on whether to sleep through the day again or not.

Hopping off the pile of leaves, I rip of a piece of one and use it to blow my nose. While being just under half a foot tall has it's downsides, I never tire of it's benefits, with "using small objects in ways larger fairies couldn't dream of" being in the top 5. I flash-burn the leaf into ash and wipe my hands onto my already-soot-covered red, one-piece dress; after ruining my only other outfit by trying to turn the dress into a shirt/shorts two-piece, I figure that nobody is going to see me in this thing, anyway. Stretching my almost-invisible two pairs of wings, I stare into the small fire and let my mind wander...


[ ] __________
[x] How did it all come to this?

Aren't fairies social creatures to some degree? Why are we alone, in a cold hole in the ground? It's so sad.
[x] Who am I?
[x] How did it all come to this?
Excuse the few votes, /forest/ is not particularly active these days. That is to say, it's nearly completely dead.

I prefer to to think of it lacking enthusiasm.

Though ghost town may be better

That said,

[X] How did it all come to this?
[x] How did it all come to this?

Ooh, new story. Good news!

So, we're a fairy?
[x] How did it all come to this?

Oh nice a fairy story. I'm glad i decided check /forest/ today.
Suddenly, a series of pangs peirces my train of thought. I collapse onto my side and curl into a fetal position, clutching my head in a futile attempt to ease the pain. Just a fast as it started, the pain leaves. I hesitantly stand up, unsure of what just happened. Who am I?

Wait, why would I think that? I'm Hinotama. I've always been Hinotama. I don't have that amnesia thing I read about, do I? No, I still remember my name and age. Well, my approximate age, at least; I think I'm 210 or 211. How did it all come to this?

Why do I keep thinking these obvious questions? Okay, hold on... why did that thought seem louder than the other? No... not louder, more numerous. What's going on here?

"Am I going crazy?"


[x] __________

(Have fun either giving Hinotama helpful information or a headache.)

I'll try making updates as often as I can so you can interact more efficiently.
[x] Check the surrounding area.

Hahaha, oh wow. Good luck bearing Anon's talk in your mind, Hinotama.
[X] Check inventory.

I don't think leaving our refuge in the middle of a cold winter without preparation is such a goos idea.
[x] Check inventory.

"Don't worry. We are anonymous. Most mean no harm. Please wait while consensus is reached."
[LOL] Are these my hands? woooooaaahhhh

stoner fairy? no way...

[X] Check inventory

Got to have something useful or important!

Another severe migraine wracks my brain, although not as strong as the debilitating pain from before. Quickly getting myself together, I attempt to find any rogue thoughts. Like before, I hear the voices; unlike before, however, they didn't just pop into existance mid-thought. The most numerous phrase mentioned says to check my inventory. Like, what's on me?

"Okay... either I'm crazy or I'm hearing other people in my head," I mumble to myself. "In case of it being the latter, I'll humor them."

Doubt lingering in my mind, I speak in a hushed yell to the... things. "I have an outfit on covering my body. It doesn't have any pockets, so I guess that's it." Check the surrounding area. "Oh, there's more? Okay, um... there's a pile of leaves over there," I attempt to explain by pointing to my bed. I then point to the burning coals. "That's my fireplace."

Curious as to what they know, I try talking back. "Um... are you actually other people talking to me? Do you have any sort of definitive name I can call you? How are you talking to me? Are you demons? How does this even work!? Ugh, I'm so confused!" I shout in frustration.


[x] __________

(What you say and do influences whether he listens or ignores your votes. Also, he can recieve anything that is in {these}.)

I would recommend you be descriptive so Hinotama doesn't get anything wrong. And yes, all votes are included into updates. This is a double-edged sword, though, so vote wisely.
{Don't worry. We are legion. Most mean no harm. Please wait while consensus is reached.}

This is going to be interesting.
[X] We're just...we're just a bunch of people, dude. How the hell did we get into your head?
File 132037701789.gif - (22.34KB, 190x143, legionsaint.gif) [iqdb]
>[x] __________

>(What you say and do influences whether he listens or ignores your votes. Also, he can recieve anything that is in {these}.)

Had to re-read that. Need sleep

[X]"Don't worry. We are legion. Most mean no harm. Please wait while consensus is reached."
-[x]"In the mean time, have this brown, leather, satchel bag. You may need it later on~!"
--{Leather Satchel Bag}

I still wonder if he'll be able to see physical manifestations of us while no one else can.
I meant "recieve" as in messages.
Probably should have re-worded that.

>>24354 here

In that case,

[X]Ethereal translucent form from >>24354 floating around his head the size of a small toy ball (for the sake of not terrorizing him of seeing the true shape and size)
--{Don't worry. We are legion. Most mean no harm. Please wait while consensus is reached.}

Just something to this affect if I didn't format it correctly. Nice idea of how we interact but some extra clarity later on in case would help.
File 132038899561.jpg - (178.97KB, 904x918, This Fellow.jpg) [iqdb]
Huh. A different legion than the ones I was thinking of.
[X] A man in a Black Buissness suit, with a blank space where the head would be.
[X] {Ignore that guys description, as we are not a floating ball of corpses. You may call us Anonymous. Legion is our nickname.}

Oh Hell no I come here to get away from real life pseudo-politics not see it dragged in here and be reminded of it constantly!

Going with >>24356 description.

[X]Ethereal translucent form from >>24354 floating around his head the size of a small toy ball (for the sake of not terrorizing him of seeing the true shape and size)
--{Don't worry. We are legion. Most mean no harm. Please wait while consensus is reached.}

Just stay way from the hilariously horrifying introduction style that occurs on the 9 second mark on this video

Yet another headache, weaker than the last one, fades away. I nearly fall over as the information floods my mind; there are even more voices than before. I feel more comfortable knowing I'm not going crazy, and decide to speak out to the voices in response. I go over the messages one by one.

"Um... Legion?" I chuckle slightly. Quite a few of them are hard-pressed on that. "While that makes sense, I doubt something like that would disagree with itself. At least you are trying to help, if you're telling me the truth..." Becoming bored of standing idly, I begin walking up the steep slope to the exit of the burrow. "So, you're all essentially just a bunch of random people who happened to be able to talk to me? Do you have any ideas on how this works?" I cease walking as a small pang goes through my head, followed by an image of... a satchel? They must be just as confused as me. Dismissing the bag from my thoughts, I continue hiking up.

"Okay, so none of us know how this works. All I can tell is that you guys can communicate with me at random intervals, and what you tell me arrives en masse." I reach the exit, looking out at the snow-laden forest. "I assume you can see what I see, right? This is my home: the Forest of Magic. If you don't know where that is, it's in Gensokyo. It's some kind of sealed world; I don't know the specifics." Stretching my wings, I fly up a foot off of the ground and hover in place. "Oh, and to avoid having to refer to you as 'voices' or 'things', I'll call you Legion because you obviously have an ego... and I know how it feels to stroke it." I smirk at that last sentence as I begin flying off in a random direction.

"I might as well explain a few things about me to even things out. My name is Hinotama, and I am a fairy. I'm... below average when it comes to size, but I make up for it in my element: fire. And I am really good at fire." Getting bored of flying around, I let loose a jet of flame at the snow below me and land on the freshly-exposed ground. "As for that one message from earlier involving 'how it's come to this', I just don't like the cold is all."

Suddenly, I hear a faint voice dripping with confidence yell in the distance, "♪~You can't catch me!~♫" My spine shivers for multiple reasons.

"Shit, how did I forget Cirno!?" I panic, looking for a place to hide. "If she sees me in this dress, she'll tell the other fairies! I'll be the laughing stock of the forest!" I groan in fear of the humiliation. How am I going to-- wait! "Um, Legion? I need your help here. Should I hide or what?"


[] Hide...
-[] ...in the snow!
-[] ...behind a tree!
[] Attack her...
-[] ...head on!
-[] ...while hidden!
[] Flee back to the burrow!
[] __________

I should probably mention that, since Hinotama is a fairy, he can respawn without consequence. Dying still hurts, though, so Hinotama won't like it if you constantly get him killed. Oh, and sending images you post to him can be done by doing {image} in your comment. Don't do a lot at once, though; his brain might not take it too well. Good luck!
[x] Observe her...
-[x] ...while hidden!

{It sounds like she's being chased, but you should still move and hide away from the melted patch of snow. It's a dead giveaway.}
[x] Observe her...
-[x] ...while hidden!

{It sounds like she's being chased, but you should still move and hide away from the melted patch of snow. It's a dead giveaway.}

Works for us~!
I'm fairly certain portions in curly braces are one's own voice talking to Hinotama. Repeating that is like parroting off what someone already said.
{Does Cirno hold a grudge against you in particular, or is she just overly energetic?}
The group I dubbed Legion answers almost immediately with only a small ache; I must be getting used to it. One thing I notice is the lower number of responses. Perhaps it fluxuates randomly or-- now is not the time for experiments!

"Observe? ...Good plan, but where? Yeah, the snow is too obvious, even for her..." I look around, stopping on hole in a tree about 10 feet away. It's very small, though; it's about an inch in diameter. Probably an abandoned mouse home. "That'll work." Folding my wings, I back into the hole, stopping once my head barely sticks out of the hole.

Almost immediately, I see Cirno flying backwards, firing wildly in her wake.
"Guys, I really hope you can hear my thoughts despite being unable to read them. I can't risk talking. You see, Cirno and I had an arguement over a decade ago, and I ended up melting her house. She freezes me whenever she can." The blue menace's eyes bulge out as she suddenly turns into the forest, away from me. Why would she--

I barely suppress a not-girlish squeal as the part of the forest I was at seconds ago is engulfed in an all-too-familiar pillar of light. Please don't be her!" As if on cue, the source of the light flies into view on a broom and ohshitshestoppedhere.

Wearing a very supervillain-esque outfit (complete with the first letter of her name), Marisa Kirisame lands on the now-snowless ground only a few feet away. "Damn, she got away," the witch mutters, looking around in hope of contradicting her thoughts. As she turns to look opposite of my position, I make my move and...

"Fuck me."

...find I am completely stuck in the hole. I can't even move my arms out in front of me. The witch turns to look in my direction and walks towards me. I shut my eyes, waiting for a quick end... I'm not dead yet... still not dead... what the hell is taking her? I open my eyes, only to be confronted with a wall of blonde hair just a few millimeters in front of my face.

Marisa Kirisame has sat down and rested her head on the tree, right on top of the hole.

"Fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme!!" I hold my breath, knowing that if I move her hair, I am a goner. Why did I even listen to those voices? "You guys got me into this mess, now help me get out!"


[x] __________

HINT: You can encourage Hinotama into doing things he wouldn't attempt otherwise by stroking his ego.

I hope you guys respond regularly. I plan on updating at least once every day, with or without responses. I'd hate for Hinotama to feel abandoned in a dire situation...
[x] Remain calm. Angle your head away from hers when breathing.

{She won't lean, unmoving, against a tree for very long. Especially not when there's a target to chase. She'll leave, and then you can, too.

Maybe back up a little more, if you can, just to be safe.}
[x] Remain calm. Angle your head away from hers when breathing.

{Back up as much as you can, but do it slowly. Don't want an unexpected sharp piece of wood to ruin your day here.

On another note, what CAN you do exactly? You're not going anywhere for a while so might as well tell us so we can help you better.}
See >>24361:
>I make up for it in my element: fire. And I am really good at fire.

Fire control; also mentioned when we first arrived:
>I flash-burn the leaf into ash.
Well don't I feel stupid now.
All I feel is the feedback, having apparently become immune to the pain. Doing as they advised, I try turning my head as far to the left as I can begin breathing as softly as I can manage. After a moment, the wall of yellow slides down slightly, followed by the sound of a yawn.

"I hope you're right, guys. She sounds tired." Erring on the side of caution, I begin slowly backing up, hoping there aren't any sharp edges on the top that could ruin my wings; while a fairy's flight is based on magic, the wings act as amplifiers. Without them, I would struggle at hovering an inch. A few seconds of crawling, my legs enter the hollow trunk. After working my hips a bit, I fall into the tree entirely. The landing sounds off, though; instead of a dry thud, it's a wet sound. "I can't see anything in this darkness. Why is it so hot in here?" I begin to hear an ominous hum from below, getting stronger by the second. "There is absolutely no way my luck can be that bad, right?" A sharp pain in my side answers me, followed by another. I don't even bother creating a light to verify my thoughts. I just scream.


I panic, flailing constant streams of flame from my hands. "THERE IN MY EYES! AUGH!!" Two stabs of pain hit my left arm, followed by another on my ass. I growl in frustration, collecting as much energy around me as I can while ignoring the many stings I recieve. In one swift motion, I release everything I can in a massive explosion. Looking around, panting heavily from exhaustion, I wait for the smoke to clear. When it does, I smirk in satisfaction.

The tree is erased from existance, with only a foot-deep crater showing where it was. The black-white witch is lying flat on her face a good twenty feet away, unconscious. "Well... that went better... than expected..." I gasp between breaths. I raise my fist in triumph before blacking out.



Muttering nonsense in my half-awake state, I sit up from-- PAIN. "Oh godesses, I feel terrible." Looking around, I notice that I'm still at where I exploded in more than one way. It's dark out, meaning I've been out for at least the entire day. It's just begun to snow. Standing up slowly, I check myself for damage. The dress I have on is slightly shredded and singed, but otherwise wearable. My skin is covered in bumps from the bee stings. My wings appear to have suffered the most, having shriveled up in the intense heat. Sighing, I create an ethereal flame and begin walking out of the crater, a small smile forming on my face.

"Legion, are you still there? I'm lost, I ache, and I'm grounded for a few hours, but knocking out Marisa was worth it. Any ideas on what to do until sun-up?"


[x] __________

Go, Hinotama! You're so badass!
Also, I really wish I had a certain Wicker Man .gif file.
[x] Find other fairies.
[x] Practice controlling your fire.

{Output is important, but one must be able to wield it, as well.}
[x] Find a place to rest.
{Night time is when all the youkais come out to play.}
[x] Find other fairies.
[x] Or, failing that, a place to rest and recover.
{I say we can't do a lot of practice in this state, and we should probably find a place before Marisa wakes up.

Speaking of which, is she still here?}
[x] Scare the shit out of something.

{You can EXPLODE? We are going to get along well, little one~}

Writefag, this is brilliant. I pray you can keep up with it.
[x]Find a place to rest
-[x]Practice controlling your fire

{Getting out of the area would be a very good idea. When Marisa wakes up, you don't want her figuring out that you did it. If it goes right, she'll place blame on someone else.}
File 132087836050.png - (398.17KB, 842x754, Yukari-dontfuckwithme ONLY.png) [iqdb]
Gah, I feel so uninspired! Lack of inspiration is keeping me from updating as of late. Don't worry, though. I'll be back in the groove by Friday.

To help compensate, here's a badass Yukari.

That was a good doujin.

Just sayin'
which doujin is this?
File 132100468029.jpg - (1.88MB, 2308x1600, the_tenkomori_01.jpg) [iqdb]

I don't have the full title, but here's the cover from my version. I have it saved as "THE TENKOMORI".
Legion's reply enters my brain without adding to the pain I'm already in. Stretching to stave off the exhaustion, I begin conversing with them. "Find other fairies? No chance; we rarely stay outside after the sun sets. Yeah, resting would definitely be my best bet, but not out here. I'd end up as youkai-food, and being eaten alive isn't exactly a painless way to go." I grab the floating flame and extinguish it, before creating three around me with a snap of my fingers. "And I don't need practice. Like I said, I'm good with fire." I roll my eyes at one message. "Thanks, but I doubt I can scare anything in this condition. Maybe when my wings work, just for you."

I begin walking away from the likely-permanent hole in the ground, stopping to check for the witch. "No, she's gone. And not by her power, either." I walk towards the spot, sending a flame over to light my destination. Upon reaching it, I look at the snow, noticing the spaced-out boot prints in the snow. "Looks like someone ran over, grabbed her, and flew off. My guess is that it was the puppet lady; she and her have some kind of love-hate thing going on. Judging by how faded the prints are, it was a while ago. Knowing how stubborn that witch is, she'll be back..." Leaving the site of the chaos, I begin walking in the direction I think my burrow is.

After five minutes, I realize that I should stop trusting my sense of direction. Sighing out of equal parts frustration and exhaustion, I lean on the nearest tree. "Man, my luck is shit right now. At least it can't possibly get any worse!" I yell out, daring anything to try. The snow answers my cry as the winds begin to pick up. I sigh in frustration. "Great, a blizzard's starting up." After a moment to rub my temples, I look around for a temporary sanctuary from the snow. A gleam catches my eye in the distance. The soure of the reflected light appears to be an orb under a fallen tree, leaning next to a pile of large rocks to form a small shelter. I run for the natural awning, melting the snow around me as to not trip. As I get under the large trunk, I examine the strange ball.

Upon further inspection, the object is a magical sphere of some sort, roughly two inches in diameter. The orb is of a deep aqua hue, only getting deeper towards the center. "I can feel the magic in this, but it's strange; I can't pinpoint the type it uses." Shrugging, I lean on the nearest rock, place the flames into the center of the covering, and begin talking to Legion out of boredom.

"So yeah, you guys are pretty cool. Things usually aren't nearly this fun or exciting. You know, if you guys are sticking with me, I should tell you a few things about me." I slide down the rock into a sitting position. "First off, I assure you that I am great at creating and manipulating fire; if I seem unpracticed, it's because a fairy's body isn't meant for extreme magic use. I've tried using more intense fire magics, but I either pass out or my body just explodes in a bloody mess. In twenty years, I haven't gotten any stronger, only more skilled." I sigh, somewhat irked by my limitations. "In short, I am as strong with my fire as physically possible."

"Another thing you probably noticed is how I kind of go into detail out loud when I am thinking. I kind of get like that when I feel like boasting my intelligence. While I'm definitely not as smart as the kappa or a select few youkai, I am very well read." I chuckle lightly. "It sucks being really smart with other fairies; they either get confused or fly off out of boredom. As a result, I'm pretty antisocial." A smirk appears on my face. "Being intelligent has it's ups, though."

"For example, at no point in time did I reference youkai. How would a random group of people know that youkai are nocturnal? Don't say you got the information from my head, because you ask questions I know answers to by heart. And you guys obviously don't even know each other and are probably large distances from one another, because you all have very different ideas on what to do, likely because each of you grew up in different social environments. This eliminates you all being inside the border, since Gensokyo has little in terms of cultural diversity."

"So, Legion, how do you know about youkai?"


[x] __________

Hinotama is using his deductive abilities to try to piece things together. Will you help him out and reveal the source of you knowledge, or steer him away from the truth?

Also, I just got Return to Dreamland. It's amazing.
[x] http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Youkai

{The most merciful thing in the world... is the inability of the human mind to correlate all its contents.}
[x] http://en.touhouwiki.net/wiki/Youkai.
{We have our sources in some documents and a drunk man}
[x] Yours isn't the only story we concern ourselves with, nor the only life we guide. There are many different worlds, and though each is slightly different, our interactions with them lend us knowledge of Gensokyo.

A hyperlink doesn't do much good unless he can open the internet in his mind.
[x] Myths, Legends, and Folktales didn't just stop existing, and general information about them isn't that hard to find.

Pain. Almost as much pain as the first time. I keel over, clutching my head until it fades. The cause is obvious;an image of some form of document is floating about in my head. Concentrating, I focus on the image and begin going over it. After a moment, I sigh in an attempt to contain the plethora of emotions and questions floating in my brain. Before discussing with Legion, I check the other responses.

"If your needlessly cryptic messages are true, then what your saying is that this... Touhou thing is a form of, for a lack of a better term, game. A game which has many... parallel timelines? Not sure how to word that. And each of these timelines is centered around an individual, whom you guide. That image, whatever it is, has information rivaling Akyuu's, who is mentioned in the very image. It talks about everything like some sort of--" My eyes bulge out in shock, recalling the leftmost part of the document. "...game."

I begin talking more erratically from a flurry of mixed emotions, my mind attempting to make sense of things. "So, basically, everything in Gensokyo is a game to you. Not in the derogatory sense, but in a literal one." My mind begins to sort things out as a grin starts forming on my mouth. "I'm essentially a protagonist in a story, then? A story that doesn't occur in this Touhou game. A fictional timeline of a game with established..." I snap my fingers repeatedly in order to remember a word I heard not to long ago. "...camon or something. And you guys play this game and lead characters that do or do not exist in the game on fictional journeys." My grin becomes a full-fleged broad smile. "And I have people who know almost everything about this game in my head! This is amazing!" I hop to my feet, a burst of energy flowing through me.

"If everything you say is true, I don't truly exist in your reality. That doesn't matter, though; the fact that I exist in my reality is all I care about. I've read about parallel universes, but mine is some kind of dependant universe. It's like when you read a story, and the characters 'exist' as you read it. That's not exactly right, though, or else I would have no memory of my past. Do stories continue after they end?" I shake my head. "Listen to me ramble. Ugh, I can't sleep through this storm now; I'm too excited!"

After thinking on what to do for all of a split second, I begin storing energy. "You guys still stayed with me when I was knocked out, so you'll probably stick around after I die." The fallen tree begins to darken from the heat my body is emitting. "I'll revive in a couple days, so the blizzard will be long gone. Plus, my wings will have healed." The rocks begin to glow. "I'll talk to you in a little bit!" I release the energy.


I sit up, feeling weak yet energized. I rub my eyes and look around to assess the damage. The rock pile is gone, as is most of the dirt in the area. A large crater about ten feet acress and two feet deep marks my last and current location. "Huh, I was going for bigger." Testing my wings, I hover over to the lip of the crater. The thin layer of snow, along with the cloudless sky, hint at the blizzard being the last snowstorm to occur in the forest. The magical aqua-hued orb is embedded in a nearby charcoal tree.

I stretch, testing one last thing. "Legion, you still there? I'm in the mood for that scare I promised. Any good victims you can think of with your vast knowledge?"


[x] __________

Hinotama is now aware of being a fictional character to you, and sees no issues with it. While he doesn't know exactly what Touhou is, he knows the gist of it.

And congrats on surviving (technically) the first day. It served as an introductory, so this day will be longer.

Any ideas on a name for this story?
[x] Cirno perhaps? I am curious to know how you match up with her.
{Note that our vast knowledge is heavily tainted by guesswork and intuition, and so isn't the most reliable thing around.}
[x] A fairy other than Cirno.

{I don't think it's possible for that girl to feel fear. Better not piss her off.}
[x] Rumia
{The youkai of darkness, rumored to dislike heat.}
[x] Cirno.

It really is just payback.
File 132139217599.jpg - (552.36KB, 888x1531, 18480648.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Rumia
{You know that big ball of darkness that flies around the forest? That's Rumia. You might not have seen her with her guard down, but she looks somewhat similar to this. {image} Maybe.

You probably know more than us about the inhabitants of the forest, really. You live here, while our sources are... dubious, at best.}
Where did you find books? A library?
"Cirno? Even if he was joking, I agree with that one guy; she has been riding her high from defeating Marisa for a while, so she's too foolhardy right now." A slight pain coupled with an image of Rumia appears. "Rumia, on the other hand, could work. The problem is finding her." Flying above the treetops, I look around to get my bearings. The sun is just above the mountains in the distance, rising slowly. "I wouldn't even know if she's awake, since she has an erratic sleeping pattern."

I put my hand to my chin, before snapping my fingers in realization. "They're probably at the Misty Lake." Turning to look in the direction of the lake, I can barely make out a black orb and three blue figures along the edge. "But now that's four people I would need to prank. I'm going to need some help if I don't want to be frozen. I'm going to need some help." I turn to face the Hakurei shrine in the distance and fly full-speed. "Luckily, I know a few pranking experts who owe me a favor."


Around fifteen minutes later, I arrive at the large torii in front of the shrine proper. It's still relatively early in the morning, and the front porch is deserted. "From what I heard, those three took up residence nearby. I was hoping they'd be pestering the miko, but she's not even up yet. Debating on what to do, the sound of broom bristles comes from behind me.

"Oi! Reim--WAH!"
"You have got to--OOF!"

I barely have time to turn around before the impact of a high-velocity face sends me and the unfortunate witch hurtling to the ground. As we get to our feet, Marisa begins to speak.

"Watch where you're going, girl. I almost broke something, ze," she lectures me, rubbing her right forearm.

She apparently doesn't recognize me; she never actually saw me, after all. Still, calling me a girl because of the dress is just mean. "Look, this dress is all I have to wear right now, so I'll let the 'girl' comment slide. You telling me to watch where I was going, however, is entirely uncalled for. You ran into me."

She stifles a chuckle. "Heh, whatever you say," she said, waving me off as she walks to pick up her hat off of the ground a few yards away. "Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go--"

"Reimu isn't awake yet," I tell her smugly, resisting the urge to correct her with heat; she'd know it was me in an instant.

"Hmm, then I can wait," she says, placing the witch hat on her head. "Why're you here, daze?"

It's like she's irritating me without even knowing it. "I'm looking for Sunny and her gang. I need their help with a prank."

Marisa walks over to the porch and sits. I follow and do the same, about five feet away. "Really? Who're you pranking?"

"Rumia, hopefully Cirno and the others with her." Her expression changes slightly upon mentioning Cirno.

"They live a few minutes east," she says, pointing her thumb westward.

She isn't really all that intimidating when she isn't attacking others; her obvious thoughts at me not being a threat, however, are irksome. I make sure my chuckle is audible. "That's west, witch."

She frowns. "You sure know a lot for a fairy," she remarks in an insulting tone.

I frown in return. She's wearing my patience thin. "Yes. I am a very well read fairy, thank you for noticing."

"Well, you're not as smart as me," Marisa gloats, pointing a thumb to her chest.

"Do you know what a derivative is?" I challenge.

"Don't try making up words, ze. I'm smart enough not to fall for that," she responds, seemingly proud of herself.

"At least I've filled out more than you," I say with as smarmy of a grin as I can manage.

Her eye twitches slightly, signaling the striking of a nerve. "O-oh, really? So you are as feminine as your dress implies?" She's trying to one-up me at insults? She doesn't stand a chance.

"No, I'm just saying that you're manlier than me, and I'm male."

Another nerve. "Do you want to take this somewhere else?" She says with a hint of malice, motioning to the open area in front of the shrine.

"Take what? Are you stealing our lovely conversation now? What would your father say?" I go for the kill.

"THAT'S IT!" She grabs her hakkero, teeth clenched. She never gets it charged, as a Yin-Yang Orb impacts the side of her head.

"What the hell is your broom doing impaled in my donation box!?" I glance at the source of the projectile, Reimu Hakurei, next to her deflowered donation box. The broom must have kept going after Marisa hit me.

"I-it's not my fault! This fairy crashed into me and knocked me off!" the startled witch pleads, in search of an ally in the argument.

"Um, miss Hakurei, she was the one who crashed into me," I correct, acting as if nothing else happened.

"Yeah, I figured," the miko yawned. "Why are you here, anyway?"

I decide to get right to the point. "Do you know where Sunny's house is?"

"A few minutes west," she answers dryly.

"You're just letting him leave!? Did you not hear what he said!?" Wow, Marisa's boiling with rage.

"Yes, I did," Reimu's voice gains a stern tone. "But you were practically asking for it."

The now-red witch lets out an unintelligible yell before calming down surprisingly fast. "Fine, whatever. I'm going home." She looks at me, smiling a little too much. "We'll settle this later, fairy." I wave goodbye while hovering backwards into the forest. After a moment, I fly around ecstatically.

"Hot damn! That was fun, Legion! Now back to the task at hand. Any good ideas I should pitch to Sunny and her gang?"


[x] __________

Don't forget to use {} for direct comments.

To hell with getting 100% in Kirby: Return to Dreamland. Getting platinum on the ability challenges is absurd. It makes the True Arena look easy!
I got nothing.

{Good luck?}
{From what we know, Rumia seems to enjoy her darkness. Why not utilize the sun fairy's ability to project an image of what is actually there on top of the darkness, making her think her sphere of darkness has ceased functioning? Of course, this would be more effective if Rumia was alone. With the current situation, I would suggest using Sunny's ability to make something interesting appear out on the presumably frozen surface of the lake, as well as hiding the two of you. Use fire to weaken the ice so they'll fall in. Station Luna so that the range of her ability covers the cries of those who fall in, but not the gathering on shore.}
{As a side note, weren't you worried about other fairies seeing you in that dress?}
{Fool the people at the lake to attack the Scarlet Devil Mansion.}
{How? And what's to stop the inhabitants from coming after us if they figure out what happened?}
[x] Make it really bright around her?

{Can't really think of anything else right now.}

{Yeah I don't think that's even remotely NEAR an acceptable choice of action right now.}
{Or ever, now that I think about it.}
"Hmm, the 'Rumia's darkness orb' one sounds good, but with the three others there it's pretty risky. Involving the SDM into it is a no-go, though; I promised Patchouli I wouldn't cause trouble in exchange for free reign of the library." Looking at my dress, I sigh. "It's not lie I have the money or materials to get new clothes at the moment. At least I'm not naked, right?" I shrug. "Thanks for the input, at least." I double-check which way west is and fly towards my goal.

In only seconds, however, I come across the sane one of the three, Star Sapphire, wandering aimlessly. Upon noticing my presence, she looks over and waves to me. "Hey, Hino! How's it going?"

"'Hino' is their nickname for me. I only let Star say it when the others aren't around." I hover over to her. "Hey, Star. I was actually looking for one of you," I reply, looking up at her. I never get used to how she is three times my size, with me only reaching her thighs.

"Really? What for?"

"Well, remember that favor you three owe me?"

She grins mischievously at me. "I don't think you're big enough for me, Hino."

I nearly drop to the ground out of embarrassment as Star giggles behind a hand. "I sort of have a crush on her, okay? She likes to pick on me about it. At least she promised not to tell the others." I attempt to get back on topic, fighting my flustered face. "L-look, I'm serious. I need help with something."

"You burnt all your regular clothes again, didn't you?" She remarks with a smirk, noting my dress.

I sigh, lowering my head. "Yes, I did, but that's not it. Please, Star, can we be serious for a bit?"

Star smiles softly. "Oh, okay. Let's head over to my place. What do you need?" She asks, waving me along to follow her as she goes ahead. I quickly catch up.

"I'm planning a prank on Rumia for today, but she's with Cirno and her winter group, and I'm at a loss," I say, giving her the gist of it.

Her eyes had a gleam to them after I mentioned pranking. "I see. And you want to try getting all of them, right?"

I nod. "Right."

As we approach a well-furnished tree, she motions for me to stop. "Wait here." She flies over to the door and knocks in a rhythm. The door opens as Sunny Milk and Luna Child emerge in a rush.

"What's the emergency, Star?" Sunny inquires, looking slightly panicked.

Star chuckles before talking. "You never come out if I don't knock that way; it's the only way to get you out." Sunny pouts in response. "Hinotama's here for the favor," she clarifies, pointing over to me.

"Oh, hey! How's it going, Hino?" Luna yells as I float over to the group.

"I told you not to call me that," I chastise. "It's going good, but I need help with a prank."

Sunny immediately perks up. "Well then, you cam to the right place! Who's the victim?"

"Rumia, along with Cirno, Daiyousei, and the winter girl," Star answers for me.

Sunny puts her hand to her chin, suddenly acting business-like. "Hmm... that sounds tricky. Any ideas of your own?"

"Yeah," I confirm. "I was thinking about having you three mess with Rumia's bubble to make her think it's not there. I was hoping her reaction would cause interesting reactions to the others, but that's--"

"Very unlikely, right," Sunny interrupts, finishing my sentence. "Any thoughts?" She asks, turning her head to Luna.

"I was thinking more along the lines of having Hinotama scream out in pain and play dead while covered in red berry juice."

I flinch slightly at the image. "That's kind of morbid. Besides, I'm trying to prank them, not scar them. Where are we going to get berries in the winter, anyway?"

Luna frowns slightly in thought. "You're right. Sunny?"

"I think his idea is the best, given the circumstances. We'll just improvise depending on the others' reactions. That sound good?" Sunny finishes, looking at me.

"Last chance, Legion. These three are hard to stop once they get going."


[x] __________

I see the three fairies' personalities as this:
Sunny: Energetic and somewhat-stubborn.
Luna: Energetic and somewhat-sadistic.
Star: Calculating and somewhat-energetic.

Also, I'm thinking the title to be "Fourth-Wall Fire Fairy". Any better titles you can think of?
[x] I like the berry thing.
{Make them "disappear" one by one}
{Make them "disappear" one by one}

[title] Burning the Fourth Wall
So the three fairies are about 15-18 inches tall in this?

[x] Make them "disappear" one by one

[title] Burning the Fourth Wall
[x] Make them "disappear" one by one.
{Use Luna to keeo them from figuring it out}
[title] Burning the Fourth Wall
A nigh-unanimous reply comes from Legion. "I like the way you guys think."

"Actually, I just thought of an even better idea."

Everyone looks to me in anticipation, with Sunny . "Really? What is it?"

"First off, we approach from high up, with Sunny refracting the light around us to make us invisible to everyone not within a radius of five feet." Sunny looks somewhat lost, to which I sigh. "Move the light around us like a bubble."

Sunny bops herself in the head. "Oh, that's what you mean. You know, we aren't eggheads like you, Hino," she chides playfully.

"...Tama. Hinotama. Anyway, once we get near the lake, we dive into the forest and follow Star to where they are, although they might still be at the lake's edge. Once we hide behind a nearby tree, that's when both of you..." I point to Sunny and Luna. "...make each of them 'disappear' one by one."

Luna perks up. "So when Sunny makes them vanish, I keep them from making sound, right?"

I nod in confirmation. "Exactly."

She smirks. "That could be more sadistic than my berry idea, if they begin panicking... Me likey."

Sunny raises her fist in excitement. "Okay then, let's head to the Misty Lake. Star, you take the lead."


A few dozen feet above the forest, the Misty lake is visible in the distance.

"Can you find them, Star?" I ask. "I can't see them by the lake."

Star shakes her head. "They're probably playing in the forest. We'll need to look normally, though; I can only tell where moving things are, not who they are."

"Damn..." I scan the horizon for any floating black orbs or blue shimmers. My view becomes obscured by a blue orb. Then another. Looking around, I notice several rising from the forest as the others get close to me. As the blue orbs stop and turn white, I hear a familiar explosion from directly below us. I let out one word. "Scatter!"

We all become visible and dive of the way of the magic comet. The white orbs begin moving again, scattering us further.

"Nice try, fairy!" I look up at the obvious source, her grin visible from twenty feet below her as she grabs her hakkero from the broom's end. "Having trouble, ze?"

I look around, noticing the chaos beginning around me. Cirno is firing wave after wave of ice at Sunny, who is rushing over to help Luna and Star fight Rumia and that winter person. I frown inwardly at the textbook execution of an ambush. I respond to Marisa loudly above the sound of bullets flying. "A little. You teamed up, I see."

"Yep! Figured the little rascals could use a hand, y'know?" She shrugs.

I begin smiling, gathering energy for the inevitable battle. "I'd have figured you would get back-up after I wiped the floor with you twice."

"Twice? We've only met once; aren't you supposed to be smart?"

"No, we met a while before I verbally destroyed you. Remember this!?" I release some of the energy in a small explosion, leaving the rest as a dramatic flame aura and crossing my arms. "How are those splinters coming out for you, anyhow?"

"You did that!?" Oh wow, she's making the mansion look white with that skin color. "I was going to toy with you for a bit, but now you've pissed me off! Magicannon [Final Spark]!"

I just barely avoid death, feeling the heat from the pillar of light. "Guys, I'm in deep shit! Any ideas!?"


[] Aggresive
[] Defensive
[] Evasive
[x] __P_L_A_N__

Okay, get ready for an epic battle (if you plan right)! I really loved typing up the pre-battle banter. Hinotama acts so badass. Regardless of the outcome, expect a wall of awesome.

I love the title idea, by the way.
Not as planned, NOT AS PLANNED!

[x] Defensive
[x] Her Sparks leave her open. If you pretend you're slower than you are, you might be able to take advantage of that by charging forward and knocking her out in a single close-range blow.

basically "Hold shift for focused movement." I hope someone else thinks of a better plan.

I like how cocky Hino is.

[x]Take advantage of her rage as it will cause her leave more openings than usual and just barely dodge the lasers to make her think you are slow. Then when she gives a good opening, get in her face then give her a point-blank Bang.

{If we can take her out, we'll demoralize the ambush squad... Except Cirno, she is too much of a nineball to know when to retreat}
{Now that I think of it, do we have any spellcards?}
File 132253019810.png - (917.66KB, 800x1016, 17012527.png) [iqdb]
I liked this story.

eh. fire fairy. close enough.
[X] Defensive

{A person in rage is blinded by it, so make her think that you are one of those slow moving cannon fodder fairies, get closer and then BOOM! Take it from a...a type of fairy, it works almost every time}
[x] Defensive
[x] Her Sparks leave her open. If you pretend you're slower than you are, you might be able to take advantage of that by charging forward and knocking her out in a single close-range blow or use of magic.

{I'd call you an idiot, but in fairness you couldn't really have seen this coming. In the future you might want to watch what you say. This is happening because you told Marisa who you were gonna prank, and then let her know it was you who blew her up.}
{Also, ignore the guy who says he's a fairy, he's human like the rest of us. That doesn't stop his advice from being good, though.}
File 132281071598.jpg - (75.28KB, 750x600, ingenuity.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Defensive
[x] Her Sparks leave her open. If you pretend you're slower than you are, you might be able to take advantage of that by charging forward and knocking her out in a single close-range blow or use of magic.

{To be fair, "a type of fairy" could mean a lot of things.}

You must be new here. Please leave the "Name" field blank unless you're a writer. >>/gensokyo/6052
"Go on the defensive and let her underestimate me... seems sound enough of a plan. Let's do this!"

As she charges up for another shot, my mind begins to go into overdrive as I begin calculating multiple variables. She fires of another Spark as I mutter the number to myself, grazing the massive laser. "Point-eight seconds to charge before firing." I stay close to the beam as it moves slowly in my direction before dissipating. "Three-point-two second duration, with six-meter diameter. Only capable of redirecting Spark within a seven-degree cone." I smile in confidence. "The attack produces too much force for her human body to adjust it."

"Stay still!" She shouts, letting loose a third Spark. I move just above the deadly light show, feeling the energy pulse beneath my feet.

"She's about 20 meters away." I let the beam fizzle out, firing a couple weak fireballs to keep her focused. "Easily covered within three seconds."

"You'll have to try harder than that!" She yells, punctuating her taunt with yet another Final Spark.

I dodge to the right and begin flying towards her, hugging the edge of the laser as I charge up energy. Just before the attack dissipates, I close in. Marisa's shocked expression is priceless as I focus all my power into my fist. My fire-engulfed fist connects to her head just as the hakkero fires off the last of its charge. The impact, boosted by magic, sends her reeling a few meters from her perch on the broom, which falls to the forest below.

"What the hell!? You can't just punch me!" Marisa screams, clutching her head with her free hand.

"Says who?" I reply with a smirk.

"Need any help~?" Rumia asks airily from behind me.

I glance behind me, confirming the existence of the black orb. "How did you get here?" I ask calmly, frowning at the circumstances.

"Cirno's taking care of the others~!" she responds cheerfully. "Letty got beat pretty fast~!" A look towards the lake shows it playing host to a flurry of colors and ice.

"Tear him apart, Rumia!" Marisa commands, fishing through her clothes.

"'Kay~!" Rumia chirps, dashing for me. I casually lob a single fireball at her, eliciting a scream from the ball of darkness. "Gah! It's too bright~! Get it off~!" The sphere flails around for a few seconds before stopping a couple meters away. "My skirt burned away~! Don't look~!"

I stare blandly at the opaque black ball. "You're surrounded by darkness. Nobody can look."

"Is that so~?" she inquires, sounding rather adorable.

"Aha! Rumia, catch!" Marisa shouts, tossing a large pot to Rumia.

Judging by the lack of clay exiting the orb, she caught it. "Ooh~! What's in this~?"

Marisa grins smugly. "That's my Magical Ruin [Deep Ecological Bomb]!" She answers, flying off.

I don't even give Rumia a second look as I bolt after the witch at full speed, siding with letting her know I'm fast over the alternative.

"Where are you goi--" A massive explosion shakes the area, the epicenter being the unfortunate youkai of darkness. The subsequent shockwave sends me reeling end-over-end. As I tumble, I catch a glimpse of an unconscious Rumia falling head-first into the forest. I regain control as I notice Marisa turning around about a hundred meters away, firing of a barrage of magic missiles. I instinctively begin grazing them as I send out an ember to draw her fire. It floats lazily towards her, firing a spread of small orbs in her direction. She slows slightly, stopping her assault a good seventy meters away.

"Comet [Blazing Star]!"

The remaining distance vanishes almost immediately as she blasts forward, straight through the now-vaporized flame. I barely fly out of the way, the ICB-broom nearly sharing my brains with the denizens of the forest. As she turns around for another run at me. I glance at the skirmish over the lake. Cirno seems to have taken control, sending the three pranksters scattering and firing wildly; the events from the last time they fought must still be affecting them. I dive down to avoid Marisa and her rear-mounted Spark."I've got to end this fast; the others won't hold out for much longer, and if Cirno joins in over here, I'm a goner." Marisa begins to turn back to nail me. "Legion, about the main timeline thing this universe is based on. That game covered the recent incidents, I assume. I did my own research on them myself. If they covered the battles in enough detail, this might seem familiar." I grab on of my two spellcards from the inside of the skirt as Marisa begins to dash for me.

I shout at the approaching black magician. "Time to end this! Overheat [Critical Mass]!" The card glows and vanishes, imbuing my body with extra power as the spellcard starts up. Marisa closes in, the broom ramming full-speed into...

...the bubble of fire surrounding me. I get sent back several meters, but remain upright and unharmed. Marisa stops for a moment, likely stunned that one of her best attacks just bounced off. "Now it's my turn!" I declare with an admittedly insane-looking grin. The ball of fire begins rotating rapidly, sending waves of red arrow bullets in all directions, as I start firing waves of fireballs in quick succession at my target. She begins backing up, firing more magic missiles towards me. They reflect off at random angles upon contact with the shield. "You can't touch me, Kirisame!" I shout, launching forward nearly as fast as she was moments before.

She tries avoiding the lunge, but to no avail as I grab onto her collar. She begins suffering light burns as I look her in the eyes. "This time-out spellcard lasts around thirty seconds, but I'll skip to the end for you!" I let go of her as I begin gathering magic around me. She lets her broom fall to the forest as she begins to flee. I release all of the built up energy and fire three homing suns towards her, shattering the shield in the process.

Marisa takes two of them to the back before crashing inches away from the lake. The remaining one veers off to the next closest target, vaporizing Cirno before even touches her.

I pant heavily, exhausted by the sheer output of the spellcard. "The eerie silence... after the battle is... something I doubt I'll ever... get used to," I tell nobody in particular. I look towards the lake, unable to locate Sunny or the others. "Didn't plan on that... last one veering off... Glad it did... Looks like the fairies fled.... I don't blame them..." I pause to catch my breath, succeeding only slightly. "Hell, I probably owe them a favor now..." I begin to float over to where Marisa collided with the lake's shore. "I based that attack off of that raven with the arm cannon. It's my strongest attack." I gloat through the evident exhaustion. I wipe my forehead out of reflex. "If there's one thing I hate about danmaku, it's that fairies have very low magic storage. That's the reason so few of us have spellcards; our bodies would just give out due to the influx of energy, if not just explode."

I arrive at the area of impact, Marisa just beginning to move. She spits out a mixture of blood and sand as she pushes herself off of the ground. I land in front of her two meters away. "Hey, are you okay?" I ask her, my voice sounding calm and tired.

Her left arm gives out as she collapses, getting another mouthful of sand. She settles on rolling over onto her back. She responds in a wet, yet raspy voice. "What the hell did I do to you?"

I hover up a little to get a better look at her. The sight before me is not pretty. "Busted lip, broken nose, broken left forearm, and that's just the visible stuff. Best case scenario, several ribs broke and only punctured her ribs. That fall did a lot of damage, Legion."


[*] Apologize
-[*] Help out... somehow.
[x] __________

"*" means Hinotama is doing this regardless of what you guys say.

This was my first attempt at a fight scene. I'd like it to be much better, but the phrase "You're your own worst critic." comes to mind. Advice on writing future ones is welcome.
{You look like you wanna help. That's admirable. You're too small to carry her anywhere, so you'll probably need to bring aid to her. I would recommend someone from Eientei if you know how to find one, Reimu if you're prepared to risk angry shrine maiden, or somebody from the human village. Tell her not to move, or she'll make it worse. Also, we may be of help if you wish to perform first aid. Just give us as detailed an account of her injuries as possible, and we can probably tell you what to do.}
[x] "Wrong side at the wrong time."

{Splint her arm, then head to the Hakurei shrine or Eientei, whichever's closer, at maximum speed. It's best not to risk moving her yourself, if the best case scenario is breaking ribs without puncturing a lung.}
{ For such a smart fairy, you sure don't know when to hold back. }

{ Meiling or Alice are probably closest. If Meiling would help. }
{Looks like we've won in a pryyic victory, since Cirno can't claim as the only fairy to win against Marisa while we've taken them out in one spellcard. BUT we ended up injuring Marisa due to a lack of restraint. Get to the gatekeeper in the SDM to request aid after apologising and asking her to not move. Mark the area with something so you don't get lost and waste precious time. When treating people, time is the most precious thing.}
[x] Tell her about us. Say you wanted to show off.
damn, isn't this supposed to be non-lethal?
{Time and place for everything. Here and Now are neither for that.}
As Marisa tilts her head to the side, I attempt to apologize. "...Sorry," I force out through the guilt.

The bloodied witch spits out a combination of saliva, blood, and bile before grimacing in pain. "Apology accepted, ze," she replies weakly through a strained smile.

My brain pauses for a second. "W-wait, you're forgiving me just like that!?" I yell, shocked at her reaction.

A throaty chuckle emanates from her mouth, blood specking the snowy beach around it. "I know what it's like to get too into a battle." She spits out more blood. "Besides, I've suffered worse." She makes a thumbs-up with her right hand.

I take a moment to admire how well she's taking her condition. "Look, you're pretty banged up," I inform her. "I'll get some help over here as fast as--."

"I have already alerted Ms. Yagokoro of the situation."

My muscles seize up upon hearing Sakuya's voice behind me, causing me to hit the ground with my face. I shake it off as fast as I fell, regaining my composure as I address the uniformed head maid.

"Thank you, Sakuya," I gasp, still winded by the sudden arrival. I turn to look at Marisa. "Get her over to Eientei, please." Marisa vanishes the moment I finish my sentence. I turn around to face the time-manipulating maid.

"It seems you and the witch butted egos," she plainly says, her body shifting position from stopping time; she's likely doing work in the mansion mid-conversation.

I let out a soft chuckle. "Yeah, we both kind of got too cocky." Another shift; must be busier than usual. "Did the Mistress hear the battle?"

"Felt would be more appropriate. You aren't the most reserved when it comes to magic, you know," she chides playfully.

"H-hey, their arms grew back!" I counter. "You never miss a chance to bring that up, do you?" A rather adorable suppressed giggle breaks through her hand over her mouth. "Yeah, Sakuya and I are on pretty good terms; probably because I was actually competent when assigned a task, unlike most of the other fairies."

Sakuya instantaneously changes posture again, looking distressed this time. "Something has come up at the mansion," she states quickly. "Would you like in heading over to Eientei?"

"No thank you, ma'am," I reply, dusting off my dress. The head maid nods before vanishing leaving me to my own thoughts. I stretch my wings before flying into the Forest of Magic. As I head of in where I believe my destination to be, I feel a minuscule pulse of magic several meters in front of me. Keeping it in mind, I begin conversing through thoughts with Legion.

"Thanks for the ideas with how to handle that, guys. My plan was pretty much to alert the mansion and have them take Marisa to Eientei. Luckily, Mistress Remilia heard the commotion." I pass the area where I felt the pulse, noting the unusual energy around it. Almost immediately, another almost-unnoticeable blip occurs ten meters in front of me. I suppress a downward twitch on my tired smile. "I totally wasn't expecting this to happen... Did you get the sarcasm on that, Legion? Oh well, we'll deal with that hurdle when it comes; best to play ignorant for now." Passing the origin of the blip, I recognize the familiar energy along with a faint ionized smell. The pulse pops up again another several meters away. "Either Yukari is toying with me or she just doesn't remember how tuned fairies are to magic. Knowing her, it could be either. I'm heading over to Alice's, by the way. I figure I can get an actual outfit while I inform her of Marisa's condition."

I remember a couple questions I had on the whole "Touhou" thing. "Hey Legion? How is that game portrayed? Is it a board game like D&D, or is it more like that Phalanx game I played over at Rinnosuke's shop? I'm kind of curious on the specifics, if you don't mind at all."


[x] __________

Why must Skyrim be so addictive!?
I suddenly feel the need to play Phalanx.
{Its a side scrolling shooter which covers multiple incidents such as the Scarlet Mist Incident and the Imperishable Night and needs the players to dodge increasingly complex danmaku patterns and spellcards. There are also two fighting games and nobody know what exactly two of the photography games are. Here is the more detailed explanation http://www.touhou.wikia.com/wiki/Touhou_Wiki just browse through and you'll understand.}
{She doesn't have a web browser, doofus.}
Actually, links are essentially images, since he can only see that one page.
{He's a he. Also, I'm sorry for my associates, who show you stuff without regard for the pain. The games are based on danmaku, with the player character moving on a horizontal plane and avoiding bullets from foes. The games are based mostly on incidents. In order, these are: the scarlet mist incident, winter going on for too long, an abnormal amount of parties, the replacement of the moon with a false one, the mass blooming of flowers due to possession by ghosts, the Tengu reporter Aya Shamemaru bothering people, the appearance of the Moriya Shrine, extremely odd and varied weather, the gaining of nuclear power by one Utsuho Reiuji, the sighting of a large mysterious shadow, the appearance of the flying ship that now makes up Myouren Temple, Aya bothering people again, Cirno's quest for revenge after the destruction of her home by the three fairies of light, and most recently, a large number of divine spirits showing up in Gensokyo. There's also five others, but nobody really knows how they relate to Gensokyo today, if at all, so I won't go into them. Of these, the ones focusing on Aya, Cirno, the mass blooming of flowers, the large number of parties, the odd weather, and the sighting of a large shadow differ from the norm. The last three take place in a vertical plane, and include close combat as well as danmaku. The ones featuring Aya do not have her shoot danmaku at her opponents, instead taking pictures of them to win. Oddly, her camera also clears out danmaku. Cirno does shoot danmaku, but also is able to freeze bullets that are close to her, which then freeze bullets that touch them. When done right, this creates a large chain of frozen bullets. The game based on the flower incident is more like a danmaku race than a danmaku fight. These aside, your average Touhou game works like so: There is the player, who can fly around on a 2d plane. Enemies fire danmaku at him, which he must not be hit by. Even if a bullet looks like it hits the player, it does not count unless it touches a region near the middle of the player known as the hitbox. After a number of enemies are shot with danmaku, dropping powerups, a more powerful opponent appears. These often have spellcards and a great deal of health, so they must be shot a lot to defeat them. The player has access to a limited number of 'bombs', though more can be obtained, which are a rough equivalent of spellcards. When used, bullets are destroyed.}

Don't use the wikia wiki, use this one instead: http://en.touhouwiki.net
Also, he couldn't navigate away from the last page he was linked to, as far as I know.
{It's something like Phalanx, except the view is from the top down and you die in one hit.}

Holy wall of text batman!
{It's pretty much like this: You pick a girl, pick a shot-type and 'bomb' which clears all bullets and you only get a set amount of 'lives', aka hits.}
"Gah-mmpf!" The pain from the sheer load of information interrupted my flight, sending me face-first into the snow-laden forest floor. I get to my feet quickly, spitting out a mouthful of slush as I look for any unaccounted-for witnesses. "Gods, don't send so much info while I'm flying! You're lucky I was only a couple decimeters in the air!" I look at the meter-long behind me. Yukari's probably doing that annoying chuckle-softly-behind-her-fan thing now. Ugh, whatever..." I evaporate the snow off my dress and take to the air. "Why the hell did I never fireproof my other clothes?"

I continue on my way, ignoring the periodic pulse of Yukari's scrying, as I sort out the info. "Okay, so it's like the vertical parts in Salamander, but with a lot more bullets. The main incidents are covered in the main games, and the miko and the witch are the basic protagonists. You guys are pretty up to date on the incidents, too... Hey, we're here!"

I emerge into a small clearing in the forest, Alice's well-maintained house stationed at the edge of the flora. The front door is guarded by two dolls holding jousting lances, each one staring outward with their empty eyes. Figuring that stealth isn't really needed for a friendly visit, I whistle softly to test their abilities. Immediately, they turn their bodies in my direction. I decide to get down to business as I approach the guard dolls.

The moment I hover under the extended portion of the roof, the dolls ready their weapons, soulless eyes showing no emotion. "I wish to speak with Alice over urgent matters concerning Marisa's well-being," I announce bluntly. The sound of porcelain shattering comes from within the building, followed by rushed steps of increasing volume. After a second of silence, the door opens, revealing Alice with several dolls behind her and a book clutched tightly in her left arm. A forced calm demeanor is evident on her face; her fiery glare betrays the illusion.

"What happened to Marisa this time?" She says with little emotion, save for a slight sigh over the word "this".

"She is currently in stable condition at Eientei, where she is recovering from a five-story fall." The puppeteer's posture visibly relaxes, proceeding to put a hand to her forehead.

The dolls behind her begin floating off, dismissed. "Please refrain from alerting me about every little injury Marisa suffers."

I give her a look of disbelief. "Wait, that's a little injury to you?"

"You'd be surprised at how much she can take for a human," she says with a faint smile. "I assume you have another reason for being here."

I shake my head to realign my train of thought back onto its rails. "Yes, actually. Do you mind if we talk further inside?"

Alice nods and turns around, heading for the kitchen. I enter the building, a doll closing the door behind me. I follow her into the kitchen, where the scent of eggs is prominent. several dolls dart around, tending to various tasks. One carries a small bag full of the remains of a teacup. Alice's voice by the table grabs my attention. "I would imagine that you have something to do with Marisa's state if you chose to come here personally."

I take a seat on a small chair on the table. "Must be for a doll." I rub the back of my head sheepishly, still somewhat guilty over what happened. "Yeah, I kind of pissed her off at the shrine. I was arranging a prank on Cirno, you see, and I was getting some help."

A doll hands a cup full of tea to Alice and bows before flying away. "Those three meddlesome fairies, I assume?" She adds on, taking a sip.

"Yes. Anyway, Marisa stopped by, and she tried leading me away from them for some--"

"Despite their conflicts, Marisa sees the ice fairy as a more childish version of her," Alice explains, then motions for me to continue.

"Wait, how are Marisa and Cirno alike exactly?" I query.

The puppeteer takes another sip of tea before elaborating. "Marisa works very hard to be strong, often injuring herself in the process. I imagine Cirno acts similarly, correct?"

I nod in confirmation. "Very similarly. Getting back on track, she tried pointing me away from my goal. I called her out on it, we exchanged verbal blows, and she exploded and tried to kill me."

Alice interrupts me. "She's usually very playful when trading insults. What exactly did you say to set her off?"

I think back to an hour ago. "Let's see... she wrongly insulted my intelligence, I countered by insulting her breast size, she poked at my outfit--which I also came here to talk about, by the way, I called her manly, she wanted to start a fight, I accused her of stealing our argument and ask her what her parents would say--"

"That did it," Alice states firmly.

"Oh. Did something happen with her and her parents?"

She takes another sip. "Not my place to say. Continue."

I nod. "Before she could attack, Reimu intervened. Marisa said she'd get her revenge and flew off to warn Cirno and her gang."

A pair of dolls floated over, carrying a plate of scrambled eggs. They set it down in front of Alice, who thanked them. As the dolls headed off, she grabs a fork. "That would explain why she didn't come over this morning," she replies, poking a chunk of egg and putting it in her mouth.

Determining that Alice would not be talking much, I wrap up my tale. "I got the help from Sunny and the others, and we were on our way to the lake. When we got there, Marisa and Cirno ambushed us, along with her gang. We both got cocky during the fight and I went overboard and knocked her out of the sky. Remilia sent Sakuya to help take Marisa to Eientei, and I flew over here."

Alice finishes chewing her fifth bite and swallows. "You must be pretty strong to take on Marisa," she analyzes. "I don't think I ever got your name."

I stand up out of the chair to formally introduce myself. "I'm Hinotama, best fire-using fairy around." I stick out my hand in a friendly gesture, before retracting it once I remembered the size difference. Alice gives a smirk before taking another bite.

After a moment of eating it, she speaks. "You wished to have a more fitting outfit, mister Hinotama?"

I take to the air and meet her at eye level. "I was hoping for something less..."

"Girly?" she finishes. "Stop on by later today, I'll have it ready for you." She gets up, the dolls taking care of the leftover dishes and eggs, and begins walking towards the front door.

I hover in place for a moment before following. "Wait, don't you want some form of payment?"

"Your company is payment enough." She opens the door and gestures outside. As I exit, she continues. "You are an interesting fairy, Hinotama. I look forward to seeing you again." The door closes behind me as I collect myself. The "Marisa" and "clothes" issues out of the way, I draw my focus onto the "privacy-invading gap youkai" one.

"Okay, Legion. Now we have to deal with Yukari somehow. Though she doesn't show it, she's pretty damn smart; she'll piece things together eventually. Should we just go out and explain our situation to her, or just let her figure it out on her own? She's unpredictable, so anything could happen either way."


[x] __________

The next update, regardless of what you guys vote for, is where a major part of the story is introduced. Get ready.
[x] Don't go out of your way to bring the matter to Yukari's attention, but don't hide it if she or her underlings questions you.

{Sorry about that. Anyway, I think it'd be best to let Yukari do whatever it is she's doing. If she wants to talk to you, I presume she'll let you know. By the way, I'm going to do some experiments regarding the transfer. If you don't mind, could you let me know what order you receive the numbered statements in, and what language you get the other statements in? If you don't understand a message, please try to sound it out.}

This is intended to test the order of messages. The third part has been moved to the language post in case there is a difference between messages in the same post and those in different ones.
{This is the first message.}
{This is the second message.}
{This is the third message.}

This is to test what language he hears us in, as well as any possible translation. First up is the language we're speaking, and the other most likely language.
{This message is in English.}
Translation: This message is in Japanese.

Next, as Hinotama may speak both Japanese and English, here's some German:
{Diese Meldung wird in deutscher Sprache.}
Translation: This message is in German.

This is to test whether there can be multiple languages in one message.
{La primera parte de este mensaje es en español. La deuxième partie est en français.}
Translation: The first part of this message is in Spanish. The second part is in French.
What the fuck kinds of downs syndrome is this post holy fuck
[x] No use to lie to her. But then again we aren't obligated to tell her. Call her out on the stalking thing. Don't bring us up during the conversation you may have with her as she's probably more interested in your fight against Marisa than mysterious head-voices she may not even know exist.
The leve of autism in this post is so strong, I had to reply although I dont even read this story. GERMAN DOES NOT WORK THAT WAY. GOOGLE TRANSLATE IS NOT YOUR FRIEND.
Oh, did Google Translate make a mistake? I'm sorry, I should have used my innate knowledge of the German language to fix it. Oh, wait, I don't know anything about German and that's why I used Google Translate in the first place.

By the way, why are people assuming autism? It's not like I spent a ridulous amount of effort on it, just the translator open in another tab and copypaste.
What does what language the MC hear from us have to do with anything? You're missing the point of how retarded you are sounding.

Saged because i cant think of a vote.
File 132434972579.jpg - (216.11KB, 668x621, Wheatley.jpg) [iqdb]
Estás usando este software de traducción de forma incorrecta. Por favor, consulta el manual.
File 132437239019.png - (296.96KB, 624x336, vlcsnap-2011-12-20-10h12m32s131.png) [iqdb]
Bizarre que tu fasses le boulot pour quelqu'un de mort!
[x] Don't go out of your way to bring the matter to Yukari's attention, but don't hide it if she or her underlings questions you.

Wanna see this update.
If Hino hears all the messages in the same language, it means meaning is transmitted, rather than the words themselves.

This is important because it lets us know more about the link. And before you ask why that's important, do you seriously mean to tell me you think this link won't feature heavily in the plot?
So the meaning is being translated and the words arent... okay then. Now tell me again, What does this have to do with the story at all? The meanings still going through so does it really matter if its in french or english?
"Um... I assume you are trying to see how this whole 'communication' thing works. I can't really understand the other languages, just the Japanese one. I recognize the broken English, German, Spanish and French, though. I hope that clears something up... Yeah, lying would be a bad idea... I think I'll call her out on the gap-spying. Sounds equal parts fun and badass." I turn my gaze towards the source of the current pulsing: a small boulder on the clearing's edge.

I wave my hand calmly in acknowledgment to Yukari's presence. "What's up?" I look around, debating on what to do ne--OHGODESSESEYESEVERYWH--!!


--such an eerie motif for her gaps, I step out of the gap and onto real ground.

"Don't forget, hun~!" Yukari's voice sings out from the hole.

I sigh away the diminishing frustration. "Don't worry, I know." The gap implodes into non-existence the moment I finish my sentence. I look around, verifying that she put me inside my small den. I begin walking up the slope to the entrance and start relaying everything that happened to the voices. "Guess I should update you guys on what transpired while I was in there, since Yukari said she cut off our link in her little world. Yeah, she pretty much knew what was going on. 'They thought that I, a youkai who can manipulate borders, wouldn't notice the anomaly around you?' she said," I say in a high-pitched tone to poorly imitate Yukari. "Basically, she said that she would overlook our interactions if she could test my abilities at regular intervals."

I reach the end of the tunnel, snow blocking the exit. "I agreed, obviously. I mean, I can't really die in the process, right?" I walk right through the snow, melting it in front of me. "Finally outside again. Sun's not even up all the way; probably around ten." I take to the air, stopping just above the forest canopy. "Let's head over to Eientei. It's only fair that I check up on Marisa." I begin flying towards the Bamboo Forest, gathering my thoughts to relay more details. "Yukari said she was interested in my unusual magical strength and intelligence, and 'offered' to test them in random situations while testing your cooperation skills. If we failed to pass the tests in a timely manner, she'd sever the connection. I guessed that refusing resulted in removing our link anyway, to which she did that fan-glare thing." I grimace visibly at remembering that pet peeve of mine. "Honestly, she'd be a lot more likable if she didn't flaunt her dominance over everything."

I shake my head, remembering an obvious fact. "You know that purple dress she normally wears? Yeah, she was wearing something... different. She called it 'cosplaying'. I called it distracting, and not in the good way." I go over what I said in my head, seeing if I covered the majority of what happened. "I think that's pretty much what happened. You guys need any more info? Maybe just ask a few questions to pass the time?"


[x] __________

Sorry for the wait, guys. Been busy over the holidays.
[x] Pick up blue orb.
{Pass the time, huh? Sure. Why do fairies attack people with Danmaku during incidents? You know how we sometimes send you images? Why not try focusing real hard on, say, Yukari's cosplay and sending it to us? Worth a try. Oh, by the way: that blue orb is probably going to turn out to be important. Stuff like that always is. You might want to swing by and pick it up.}

Sweet, this finally updated!
{You only understood the Japanese one and not the English? That's odd. Our messages are in English. Hell, even the documents we sent you are. If this was transferring meaning rather than the actual words, you ought to have understood the all the messages, but what you said suggests you've heard all our previous messages in Japanese. Unless the Japanese message said it was in English, I've got no clue.}

Updates yay.
{So... Yuakari has challenged us, eh. Well, I have no intention (puts on sunglasses) of failling
That doesn't even make sense. And you're supposed to do that after making a pun. Also, please spell correctly.
{Ignore him, he's an idiot. Some part of every group is. That bit at the end is an ... in-joke, of sorts. I suppose we can explain it if you want.}
{Do you guys just appear wearing the dresses?}
{Do the names Mima or Kotohime mean anything to you? I ask as the answer gives a clue as to the nature of the timeline your Gensokyo exists in. Also, what do you know of Yuuka, if you don't mind answering?}
Actually, 24581 has a good idea. Working out what timeline we are on would be helpful, as would knowing whether we should avoid the hell out of Yuuka, or if we could survive if we stayed polite and careful with fire (unrestrained fire+flowers=death)

{Do the names Mima or Kotohime mean anything to you? I ask as the answer gives a clue as to the nature of the timeline your Gensokyo exists in. Also, what do you know of Yuuka, if you don't mind answering?}
There's no need to repeat stuff in brackets. He hears them all.
{Do you have any questions for us you'd like to see us try to explain to you?}
{How long where you in Yukarigaplandia? The time it took on our half of the link was kinda muddled around then.}
[x] Pick up blue orb.
{Does the phrase 'take it easy' ring any bells?}
[X] Pick up the orb!
{I think the better question to ask here is what are YOU going to do with the knowledge WE have? Do you want to cause a particularly amusing incident? Do you want to try and use our knowledge to, say, set you up with a couple dates with some of the residents of Gensokyo? Do you want to challenge the rulers of the netherworlds to an all-out dance-off? I ask as it seems you really don't know what YOU want out of the situation here, and that just seems sad to me.}
{I agree with that guy in principle, if not exactly what he said. Most or all of our Gensokyan knowledge is probably either uncertain or stuff you already know, although we might come up with something useful. In my opinion, the way we can be of the most use to you is giving you directions on how to do stuff. First aid, fireworks making, electronics, chemistry, pretty much anything you want. But anyway, you ought to pick a goal. Goals are good to have, you know.}
My brow subconsciously raises at the amount of feedback. "'Blue orb'? What-- oh, that orb I saw earlier! Yeah, that might be useful." I glance around, still heading for Eientei, and notice a small, charred clearing. "If I remember correctly, it's still embedded in that tree from my encounter with those bees. Did I mention I hate bees? Anyway, I'll grab the orb once I check up on Marisa." I do an aileron roll for the heck of it, enjoying the cold air. "Send an image to you? Hmm, that could work in theory..." I contemplate. I stop my flight momentarily and begin concentrating on what Yukari looked like. I cease trying after a minute, sighing in defeat, and continue my trek. "Yeah, I doubt that worked. She was wearing some kind of old-looking metal helmet with horns instead of that baggy hat. Other than that, she was in her basic attire. Like I said: distracting."

"Wait, so you guys were using English this whole time? I've been getting responses in Japanese... Maybe the link we have somewhat adapts to our main languages. I may need to ask Yukari about multi-dimensional varia--"

"You're a pretty interesting fairy, aren't you?"

I quickly turn around, but see nothing. "Who's there!?" I shout, glaring around in an attempt to get a response. Getting none, I slowly turn back and return to my travels. "Okay, that was weird. Something talked to me there in my head. Oh well, it's watched me enough to know I'm talking to you guys, so I doubt there's any need to hide it from the unknown voice." I return to passing the time, albeit attentive of any more unusual events. "Yeah, I'm all for being in the loop with that joke. Kaguya did a similar thing while I was over there for an errand, and I was confused for about a week afterward."

The forest thins out beneath me as I begin passing over the Human Village. A multitude of people walk through the streets, performing various chores and errands. "No, we appear with whatever fits our personality. I never bothered to enchant mine to resist fire - a massive oversight, I know - and every time I tried to get them protected, I got preoccupied with a book or figured out a solution to a puzzle or Flandre jumped me... Mmm..." I become distracted as the smell of food wafts through the air. "I don't necessarily need to eat, but I haven't had any in about a week or two."

I fly in low to avoid detection; fairies don't have the best reputation in dealing with money or payment. I dart behind an empty crate near a crossroads, several stalls selling snacks to folks passing by. "Mima? Kotohime? No, I've never heard of either of them. I wouldn't base my knowledge alone on the specific timeline this world exists in, though; I'm just a lone fairy. As for what I use your information for... probably for looking awesome. Ego stuff, you know. I make a dash for the nearest vendor, a fruit stand. As the owner looks away, I grab a large grape off a bunch and bolt back up into the air, returning to my original destination. "Before you say anything, I've seen almost everyone in the town do that."

The village thins out as bamboo begins to sprout from the ground beneath me. "Bamboo Forest of the Lost... glad I can fly right now, because I am not getting lost again." I begin to zone out, thinking more about the odd voice. "It carried power, but that's all I can tell; no gender, no personality or accent... Legion, any id--" I halt my train of thought as I note a speck of black in the distance, the sound of wind forced around an object at high velocity rumbling in its direction. "There is no way I'm getting interviewed in this dress... Time to get lost, I guess," I say, diving into the bamboo. Before I reach the forest floor, the rumbling stops abruptly. "Shit, I think Aya just stopped at Eientei..." I mumble, putting the palm of my hand into my face. I return to flying above the bamboo, debating how things could go down at the eternal mansion. "As I was saying, any ideas?"


[x] __________

I really need to step up my update speed. The input keeps piling up otherwise.
{The way I see it, you've got two options. Go see Marisa later, or get interviewed. I'd recommend keeping a low profile.}
{Regarding the voice, there are a number of people in Gensokyo we know about who could have said something without you seeing them, but the voice being utterly featureless probably rules out a lot of them. My guesses are either Koishi Komeiji, Nue Houjuu, somebody neither of us has heard of before, or someone in a similar situation to us. I don't know if you know Nue or Koishi, so let us know if you want a bio. It may be advisable to think to us rather than speak out loud, as we don't know the intentions of this voice. Also, I second the recommendation that you not become the subject of a newspaper article.}
File 132697268217.gif - (150.36KB, 502x875, tempcht.gif) [iqdb]
{Looking awesome? I guess it's better than nothing. By the way, how hot do your flames get? If you don't know in degrees, what color does a piece of iron turn when you heat it up compared to the chart? How common is aluminum? I ask because depending on your maximum flame heat, there may be a chemical compound we can teach you to make that burns hotter.}

According to various wikis, Gensokyo was established in 1885 and the current method for producing aluminum was discovered in 1886, though it's possible the kappa have independently discovered it.
{What's there to do besides going to Eientei? Maybe you can find out how Marisa's doing without running into Aya.}
{Hino, your author's being a lazy faggot.}
Wow. I don't really have any words for that. Really?
{What fruits do you like?}
I will pretend you never said that. As far as the story is concerned, I'm just the messenger.

I'm writing when I can, but I've been rather busy as of late (ie College). I'll try putting out the next chapter soon, though. Please be patient.

File 133109629440.jpg - (42.39KB, 292x256, 1192774992170.jpg) [iqdb]
File 133712395937.jpg - (1.50MB, 2496x3645, 36a935abe3fc049fd534b4dd2aa2df26.jpg) [iqdb]
I miss this one.
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