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File 131016329166.jpg - (390.31KB, 1510x1582, Character.jpg) [iqdb]
It's been a week and a half after falling into this strange world and being saved by the black-white witch. If it weren't for her, you'd be frozen to death by that damn blue haired fairy, although you wouldn't agree with her (somewhat extreme) methods of rescue. You got over the flight sickness easily enough. She introduced herself as Marisa Kirisame(a curious blend of European and Japanese names) and offered you a place to stay for a while. You decided to pay your dues to Marisa by working as a helper in her magic shop but man oh man, you're beginning to regret it. Not only are you now an accessory to at least 3 counts of robbery but you also find that your back is about to break from all the lifting she's having you do. Still you can't really complain. After all, she let you sleep in her guest room which is actually rather cosy compared the place you were living before you ended up here. She's a good cook, and despite the fact that the floor is a mess, it's still strangely navigable. It's like the floor is in some sort of orderly chaos.

You stand in front of a bubbling cauldron in the fireplace, keeping an eye on its contents for Marisa while she looks for stirring equipment in the adjacent room. You hear her shouting something urgently. "Hey! put .... potion in .... cauldron, I'd say it's .... ready!" You can barely hear her due to the acoustics in the room. "Do .... quick it should be about to .... over ze!" She's right, it is about to boil over. You spot a couple of potions on top of the mantelpiece. Working quickly, you pour in....

[] The yellow smoky potion.
[] The blue swirling potion.

This will primarily be a /d/ story, the specifics of which will be revealed in the next post. and I hope to keep it a brief as possible as I don't think I have the stamina for a long ass story.
[X] The yellow smoky potion.

I associate yellow with Marisa.

So yellow it is.
I stopped reading after that. I don't know for you, but /d/ means very often tentacles monsters, bestiality, vore and stuff like that. Not for me, bro.
[X] The yellow smoky potion.
>Not associating /d/ with futas
Wouldn't /at/ be more appropriate?
[x] The yellow smoky potion.
I associate yellow with piss. So, yellow it is.

Eh, this could go in /at/, but it's not like /forest/ is a hopping place.
[X] The blue swirling potion.

I prefer swirls to smoke.
[x] The blue swirling potion.

Monster girl story?
[X] The blue swirling potion.
[X] The yellow smoky potion.
I don't know if I like where this is going. Or maybe the slashes(//) are just a red herring?
Vote called, Writan. Things to do today, Might not finish it by the end of today.
[] The blue swirling potion.

Blue is always better.

File 131034178034.jpg - (428.95KB, 572x600, 15021119_m.jpg) [iqdb]
...the yellow, smoky potion into the cauldron. Just as you put the top on and replace it above the mantelpiece, Marisa comes in with a long wooden rod and begins stirring it. "You put in the red, bubbling potion didn't ya ze~?" She asks, "The red one?" you reply hesitatingly. "Uh, are you sure you didn't mean the yellow one?" You tap your fingers along the mantelpiece nervously. "I guess the yellow, fizzing potion could work, so long as it wasn't that yellow, smoky potion! Ha ha ya da-ze~! I wouldn't know what would happen if you did!" She laughs. Suddenly, the cauldron begins bubbling at an increased pace. "Eh? Oh no! Look out ze! it's about to blow!" She pushes you back into a pile of books as there is a massive flash of light and an equally massive splash from the cauldron which gets all over Marisa. You black out.

You wake up a little later, a little dazed and confused. "Urgh, Marisa? Are you okay?" you mumble as you stand up. How long were you out? Infront of the fireplace is a large pool of yellow liquid, probably from the cauldron's explosion, with Marisa's hat floating on it. However, Marisa is nowhere to be found. "Marisa? Where are you?" you shout as you wanter towards the enterance to the next room. "Ugh" A voice came from behind you, accompanied by a small blurp. You turn around to see.... Nothing, nothing there at all. "agh" You hear the blorp again, Did Marisa turn invisible? You inch over to where you were when you woke up. "You there marisa?" you ask the silence. "Yeah, I'm kinda okay, I feel weird though blze~" Thats odd, you almost think that it was coming from below you. "And when did you get so tall ze~?" You look down into the yellow liquid to see a pair of yellow, liquid eyes come out of the ooze! You jump back in shock and crash into a set of old bed linens. "M-M-Marisa? What happened to you?" you ask the goop. "Huh? there's something wro-Aiee! What has happened to me ze~? Why am I now just a puddle of liquid?" "I- you- I don't even-" you mutter as you sit on the linens.

You sit in a strained silence with "Marisa" for about 5 minutes as you calm yourself down. Is that really Marisa? What was she cooking? What would have happened if you put in one of the other potions in? "Hey. You still there?" The goop says to you. "Yeah, I guess I'm still here, uh. How are you feeling?" "Strange still ze~. I can't feel my arms or legs but I can feel myself trying to not seep into the floor boards, But I think I can do something with this. Hold on." You look at the puddle as a large, molehill shape rises out of it. It looks viscouis and slimey as it grows in size. You watch as it forms itself into a legless body shape. "Okay ~ze, I think I can pull it together now!" The body gains more form as the shape of Marisa's body becomes slowly more appearant in it. Eyes open up at the top of it and an indent forms the mouth. It looks just like a normal mouth abiet a bit yellow. "Hmmm, I think I can hold this form for a while ze~. Even longer if I didn't need to focus on not letting me drain through the flo-" A knock at the door. "Marisa!?" It sounds frantic. "Are you okay? I saw a giant flash from your house just now and I wanted to see how you're doing!"

"Oh Crap! It's Alice ze~" Marisa wispers to you "She's been acting odd recently, I've been hearing strange things in her house at night ze~. I don't want her to see me like this. If she did, who knows what she might do ze~? Distract her with something while I make my way to the bathroom" You walk towards the door and say to Alice.....

[]Write in only

This story, whilst /d/ in content and h-scenes, won't be overly sexualized. There'll be some sort of slice of life element to it as well.

Also Generic googirl for the hell of it.
I'll hold off on voting until after I've slept. So far I like the story but the -ze gets really annoying.
[x] "She's not okay!" Invite Alice in and explain everything.

This story isn't very well-written. But that's okay. I still like it because my standards are extremely low.

Note taken.


I admit I'm not the best writer. But hey I thought I might as well write. I mean there's no better way to get better eh?
[X] Thoughtfully explain the situation to Alice.
[x] "She's not okay!" Call her in, bring her over to Marisa now, try not to accidentally push her in

Who knows how long Marisa can keep this form?

(Also, author, there is an NSFW selectable button next to the file button for NSFW pictures. This technically is a worksafe board, so please keep it worksafe by keeping that stuff spoilered.)
Uh, you have a point there. Well, looking forward to the next update!
[x] She left for the forest to pick up something... mushrooms I guess.

I think it could use less "ze~"
[X]She's not in at the moment, can I pass on a message?

Try to pretend nothing is wrong and hope we can divert her with vague answers "I don't know where she is exactly. That explosion? Oh, noone was hurt, it just needs some cleaning up.".
[x] She left for the forest to pick up something... mushrooms I guess.
[X]She's not in at the moment, can I pass on a message? The light was one of her potions, it fell of the shelf.
[X]She's not in at the moment, can I pass on a message?
Does Alice even know the MC? Strange guy answers the door at Marisa's house and says she isn't around, that's supposed to make her stop worrying?
Vote called because of similar votes. The potion bit will be left out because there is a majority of votes where it's left out.

Do you want to pick a name while I'm writing or will I use the name I picked out already?
Name him Josh. He totally seems like a Josh.
>He totally seems like a Josh.
How so?
Go for the name you picked out.
Josh sounds fine. It feels... adequate
Josh is fine but I'd like to hear the Author's Name of the Day too, in case it turns out better.
Well the name I proposed was Jeffrey but Josh works too I guess. I'm still writan.
File 131068301856.jpg - (875.09KB, 800x1000, 128242756354.jpg) [iqdb]
"Ehh, Marisa isn't in at the moment, can I pass on a message?" You ask in your most cautious tone. You put your back up to the door as Marisa slithers quickly into the bathroom and closes the door.

"What? Who are you?" Alice shouts through the door. "And what are you doing in Marisa's home?" Oh cripes, how should you answer this one?

You're working off a debt to her? She'll never buy that.
You're a house sitter? If that was true she wouldn't ask.
You're a thief? Well, that's just making a bad situation worse.

"Eh, uh... We're lovers!" Wait, what?

The woman behind the door goes dead silent for a full two minutes before piping up. "Ah, so y-you're a thief then? I read s-somewhere that thieves use responses like 'l-l-lovers' to get into houses uninterrupted! Yeah! That must be it! W-well, Mister Thief! I would stop you, but, you know, Marisa has been stealing alot of stuff recently, and I guessit'sjusticebeing served rightbye!" She mumbles and speeds off into the distance. Well, that was a decent change of luck.

You go towards the bathroom and knock on the door. "Marisa? Are you alright in there? She's gone, by the way," you say through it.

"Ah yeah ze~! The tiles in here are much easier to manage. Nice job keeping her away! What did you tell her?"

"I told her that you weren't in. So she took me as a thief and left me here."

"Wow, really? What a terrible friend. Now, let's see what this new body is all about."

You examine Marisa's new form in detail. From the waist down she's nothing more than a big mess of slime, but above the waist she's retained her standard shape. She has, however, lost all of what was once her boobs. What was once a B cup as best is now flatter than a pancake. It's terrible what has happened to these boobs, it should be a war crime for that to happen to anyone, Googirl or no.

"Eh? Why are you staring at my chest?" Marisa asks. "Ah! I must have forgotten to make my breasts when I was forming into myself!" The casualness of her remarks astounds you. You'll have to ask about it later. "Hold on, I think I can do something with this ~ze." She closes her eyes and focuses.

Suddenly, a lot of the slime from her bottom half is sucked up into her upper half. Her chest wobbles and explodes into two, wobbly, massive, H-cup breasts. "Whoah wah!" She falls forward onto them from the sudden change in her center of gravity. "Ahhh, Heavy~..." She whines as she picks herself up from the floor. "This is neat!" She smiles at you "I can finally give Yukari a run for her money now!" She holds her new breasts up with her arms. "Hey, Do you think I'm sexy ~ze?" She sticks her tongue out at you.

"Say, Marisa, I can't help but feel that you're taking this very casually." You're right, she's been being far too casual with you about this. Why, just two days ago she smacked you on the face for walking in on her getting changed in the bathroom. This is far too odd.

"Hm, I know this seems odd, but," she laughs, "I don't feel any of my old embarrassment anymore for some reason! I think it's a side effect of the explosion." This is a very odd change in her personality but, you welcome it anyway. "Now, I want to try something, hand me one of the useless books from the bookshelf over there, would you?" She points to a bookshelf on the other room.

"Actually, Hold on. I've got an idea and I think I can get it from here ze~" She puffs up her chest and sucks the boobs back in, and then reaches out to the bookshelf. You watch in amazement as her arm gets stretched fantastically through the door and into the other room. "Urgh!" She grunts as her arm slowly gets longer and thinner. She's extended it to nearly 10 meters! This is incredible, you wonder if she can do that with other parts of her body.

She finally grabs the book and slowly withdraws her arm back towards her body, handing you the book as her arm normalizes and fixes itself. "Okay, this is what I want you to do." She looks at you seriously. "I want you to jam that book right into me without putting your hands in." You look at her strangely.

"Jam it... into you?"

"Yes! I'm made of goop, right? I think I can take some from any part of my body. Push the book right into my chest." This is incredibly odd, but you decide to go through with it. You decide to take a look at the book first. The Doctor's Guide to Managing Sandglasses and Their Effect on the Space-Time Continuum, by Rinnosuke Morichika. Sounds useless. You put the end of the book on her chest and begin to push. "Okay, slowly now ~ze." The book deforms her flat chest unrealistically as the surface of her body resists the book.

"Aaaaah!" Marisa moans as the resistance gives way and the book slowly slides into her form.
"Oh it feels... it feels..."

"You alright Marisa? The book is halfway in now."She pushes your hands away from the book and pushes it all the way inside her at once.

"Ooooh, it feels so nice~." she moans as her body closes over the end of the book. Well, that wasn't sexual at all.

You watch the book with Marisa as it hypnotically floats inside of her. "Aaah~. Well, it's as I thought ze~! I'm not acidic on the inside! This is a good discovery!" She smiles at you. "I think that's all the experimentation we'll do for now. So, what have we learned here? I can manipulate the size and shape of my body, and I'm not acidic da ze~" You sigh.

"Hey Marisa, can I ask something?"

"Sure, what is it ze~ze~?"

"Can you stop saying ze~? It's been giving me a goddamn headache these past few days." She looks at you dejected, but then an unsettling grin spreads across her face.

"Why yes, I could give it up. But only on one condition." She wraps her warm slimy arms around you. "I get to have you to myself tonight. I mean, you were the one who made me this way~" She caresses your back, the smooth fingers leave a wet trail behind them that quickly cools to the exposed air. "You should be punished~" This could not have gone better, you think. "Of course, because you did a great job getting rid of Alice, I think you should get to choose what I do to you hihi~" You stand corrected. "No words~."

You should make a choice on what you want now.

[] Whip out your dick:
--[] Touch her mouth
--[] Touch her chest
--[] Touch her nipples
--[] Touch other (write in)
[] Put your hand inside her body
[] Open your mouth
[] Fold your arms (abstinence)
[] Anemia option.

Just had a writing crash course with one of my favourite writers just now. Hopefully this will be better.

This is an option. Look who posted that.
[x] Whip out your dick:
--[x] Touch her chest

Will there be more plot? This is looking like something better fit for /at/.

There will be plot. Straight from the plotton fields.
Yet if its going to have more then one lovemaking scene a thread its more /at/ish. Things like Archetype of Self only had like three sex scenes, and those were used for bonding. From where this is going Marisa wants sex just because, and if anything that's more /at/ worthy then it is forest worthy. Besides, Moral's got an Aya story going on in there with a plot.

[x] Whip out your dick:
--[] Ask her to make a hat so you can masturbate into it. You've been wanting to bone that witches hat for so fucking long.
Fair enough. I don't know the ratio of h-scenes to plot in /at/ but I was suggested to post it here so whatever, Thread 2 (if there is one) will be moved to /at/ or a mod at his discretion may move this thread from here to /at/. So long as he tells me on IRC first.
[x] Fold your arms (abstinence)

I can't not pick this option. I just can't. No matter how alluring nipplefuck is.
Again, You're the one with the story planned out. If you put the story in /forest/ or /at/ it doesnt matter so long as you know what your doing, and at least give a fair warning to whats ahead in /forest/. I'm just pointing it out for future notice.

On a side note, Gooey futa vore tentacle beastility Marisa is best.
[X] Put your hand inside her body

I actually had to roll a die to choose, too many options I want.

As to where this thread belongs... I think it's more about where the emphasis lies; Is the sex a part of, or supplement to, the plot or is the plot a framework for the sex?
Either way, I like it so far. Any chance you'll tell us what the other potion would have brought?
[X] Fold your arms (abstinence)



Get your shit out of here.
[x] Whip out your dick:
--[x] Touch her chest
[x] Anemia option

Swoon. Swoon, dammit!

Is that... is that a ferrofluid googirl?
[x]Put your hand in her body

I, too, rolled.
I think your sarcasm detector is off. >>24003 here, and seeing as how not a single soul wants to fuck that witches hat (for odd reasons), I'm changing my vote to:

[x] Open your mouth
>"Hm, I know this seems odd, but," she laughs, "I don't feel any of my old embarrassment anymore for some reason! I think it's a side effect of the explosion." This is a very odd change in her personality but, you welcome it anyway.

Blatant copout is blatant. Oh well.

[x] Put your hand in her body
[X] Whip out your dick:
--[X] Touch her chest

The abstinence option is tempting, but I gotta go with this.
[X] Put your hand inside her body
>seeing as how not a single soul wants to fuck that witches hat
The hat is too sacred. To defile it is beyond us at the moment.

We must wait and choose our time.
The vote made like a phone and called. Writan tomorrow (today?) when I finish work.
Writan doesn't mean postan.
It does mean disappointment though.
File 131128503623.jpg - (720.43KB, 750x1000, 12824275643.jpg) [iqdb]
You place your hand on her shoulder and begin to press lightly. She feels soft and warm, like pushing your hand into warm gelatin. Your hand is slowly enveloped in her rapidly deforming body. "A-ah," Marisa moans as the resistance of her surface gives way, sucking your hand into the yellow goop inside her. It feels tingly and wet "So that's what you want is it~?" She pulls her arm away from your back and caresses your arm that's stuck in her goop. Her fingers feel soft and leave a familiar cold trail behind them. "You're lucky you know, I want you inside me as well~" She pulls back her body and yanks your arm out of the warm slime. "But first it would be best if you got into the bath, it would be the best place for this sort of thing~" She lets go of you.

You climb into the western style tub and put the plug in to stop any of Marisa flowing out. You must say, cold enamel is an unpleasant feeling in any situation. "Hold on! Let me take out the book inside of me first." You watch as she takes her right hand and plunges it into her body. Oddly, the hand doesn't loose its form as it grabs the book and pulls it out of herself. "A-aaah!" She moans as she finally removes the now, slime covered book and she leaves it on the counter of the sink. "Now then, Jeffery, let's see if you'll enjoy this as much as I will~"

She climbs, head first, into the bath. She loses her form for a second, but she quickly pulls herself together. "Now, we will begin~" She slowly slithers her lower body towards you and you feel your feet get smothered by her slime, but oddly they do not penetrate her. The warm feeling tingles and makes your member reach a state of hardness it has never reached before. Your legs slowly become enveloped by Marisa's lower half as she continues her way up to your body. "Ah, I can't wait to have you inside me~ I think one of Kaguya's games mentioned this, something called 'Slime heaven~' Ehehe~ It sounds like fun~" Her voice is dripping with seduction and drives your mind insane.

She slimes her way up your body, stopping just short of your dick. "Ah, for this we need something special~" She straightens up and forms thighs of her own, complete with a vagina. From your postition it's impossible to reach it but Marisa slowly brings it down onto your member. Your dick immediately tingles at meeting the slime inside Marisa. It feels warm and tickles your urethra, yet it feels strong and refined. It's like sticking your dick into a fine glass of wine. "Oh-oooooooh~!" Marisa moans, "this feels so incredible! It's even better than if you put something else in me~ But we're not done yet~"

She leans forward, Letting her upper body deform and cover yours. "And now, Jeffery, the crescendo~" You feel yourself being lifted by her goo as the surface closes around you. Suddenly, your entire body is sucked at once into Marisa's body. The warm tingling is spread all across your body as you're drawn inside, with only your head sticking out at Marisa's neck. "Aaaaaaaauuuuuu~" She moans and pants loudly, "Uh, don't think I forgot about you. You can't penetrate me when you're already inside me, but I have a solution~" The liquid inside Marisa churns and moves and slicks against your rod like a tongue. You feel the pressure building inside your dick. "Now, before we climax, I want to..." She leans in and kisses you passionately on the mouth, Her tongue tastes like fresh, perfectly sweetened Lemonade. "Mmhh I-I'm cumming!" she slurs with her tongue still in your mouth.

"Mmmmh so am I!" You mumble. You quiver and shake as you shoot your load into Marisa's body.

"I feel like I'm about to..." She manages before she literally melts on you and collapses onto your head, submerging it in her thick slimy body. This raises an interesting question.

How will you breathe?

You frantically lean up, freeing your slime drenched head from Marisa and take in a gasp of air. "Ah, I forgot about that you need air." Says a strange voice in your ear. "Don't be surprised, I can control the slime on your body and I can speak to you through the slime still in your ear. Lay back and I'll take care of it~" Marisa keeps a seductive tone even when she is literally inside your ear. You relax back into the slime cautiously so that only your face is facing up, outside her body. "Don't worry, I can take care of you~" The seductive tone as well as the constant teasing of your penis is driving you mad, so you decide to lay back into the goop. You wait for an air bubble or something as you hold your breath inside Marisa. "Okay, you're not going to like this, but it'll be great when it's done~"

You suddenly feel a strong surge of fluid up your nostrils and down your throat. There is a strong lemon scented smell and taste coming from it. You thrash about wildly, trying to get back up to breathe but you can't break the surface. "Ohoho? Trying to get some air are you? It's impossible to break through the surface now, I've thickened it~" You keep thrashing as the slime proceeds to fill your lungs. You gasp a thick glob of slime as a reflex, and you stop suffocating completely. "I told you I'd take care of it~" Marisa seductively "whispers" into your ear. "You can breathe me as much as you want~ It feels very good when you do~" You relax a bit. What an odd feeling, breathing the very essence of the one you just had sex with. The delicious lemonade flavour of her slime tingles not only your body, but also your tongue as well. You feel like you could drink this fluid forever.

"And now, my dear Jeffery, It's feeding time~" The currents of slime inside her now, formless body tug against your hard dick with increasing intensity. You feel the pressure building and you explode into the slime once again. But the currents keep tugging, quickly getting you hard again. "You didn't think I was done with you did you? It is your punishment after all~" You cum again into the slime, the fluid turns a little whiter as your semen is absorbed into it and it quickly turns into a brighter yellow colour. This process repeats itself two more times, each more frantic than the last.

"Okay then, I think that's enough~" You look up at the head of the bath to see that Marisa's head has sprouted out of the top but everything below the neck is still formless. She looks down at you. "Wow! Look at you~ You look so cool inside me." When is she going to let you out? You're getting tired. "This bath is cold, so I don't want to sleep in here alone~" She rests her head on the side of the bath "You're going to sleep in there tonight. I'll let you out in the morning~" You try to break through her surface again. "What did I tell you? You can't break through it. Now go to sleep." Resigning to her commands, you pass out.


[]A rumbling landscape.
[]A light at the end of a tunnel.
[]A relaxing sound.

It's not the best but the fact that I will get better over time is the only thing I can hope for at this point. Criticism welcome!

Each thread will cater to a specific fetish. Each story will only be as long as one thread.
I will rewrite this scene when (if) I get better at writing.

Repostan due to wrong picture selection and choice ommission. Disregard that last post.
[x]A relaxing sound.
Not bad eh. I'm no expert though.
[x]A relaxing sound.
[x]A relaxing sound.

ALright but rushed and if you do a bunch of separate threads in one board, it'll get cluttered up. It'd be better to make it one series, but adding in a sort of table of contents to each chapter.
[x]A relaxing sound.
[x]A rumbling landscape.
Keeping it all in one thread would probably make things easier.
[x] A relaxing sound

Each story is going to last until about auto-sage. So if he kept all the seperate stories in one thread, it wouldn't really work out since it wouldn't bump anymore at a certain point. It also wouldn't really clutter up the board either, since it'd be the same as making a new thread for one continous story once it hits the bump limit.
>wouldn't really clutter up the board
There would be several different stories on the board at once, all about 5-10 updates long.
Chances are when he finishs a story, either theres room for one more quickie, or no room at all, thus giving him more then enough reason to make a new thread.

However, if what he was implying was making a thread after 100 or so posts, that's retarded.
Relaxing sound? Alright, your funeral.


What he said.
You're missing the point. It would only clutter up the board as much as normal story would. The threads are probably going to have the same title, i.e. A /d/angerous Situation thread 2, so you won't have a bunch of short story threads with different names everywhere.

I don't know how to make it any more clear for anyone still confused.
Because a story that hasnt passed auto-sage yet has a new thread is, no matter how you look at it, cluttering the board?

I couldn't care less myself, to be honest.
File 13122033123.jpg - (863.38KB, 1050x800, 1285706425550.jpg) [iqdb]
You are drifting in a black void -- No, not completely black -- there is a tinge of yellow that streaks through your peripheral vision.

"Where are you?"

This question rebounds in your head like a bullet in a bowling ball. All you can sense is that you are floating in a dark abyss. A warm, wet sensation can be felt all over your body and you can tell that you are slowly moving upward -- or is upward? It seems that you could be moving in any direction, but you decide to call it, "Headways". You begin to hear a calming, deep bassline which grows louder with every moment as it reverbrates through the void. It makes the yellow streaks in the distance dance forward and back slightly, like an equalizer display in slow motion.

"Hey." A solitary, ladylike voice whispers into your ear. It isn't like any voice you've heard before. It's soft and gentle, not upbeat like Marisa's voice or nervous like Alice's.

"Hey, pay attention." There was a sudden flash of pink and blue before you. "It's important you know this." A blurry female figure produces itself from the void. She's pinkish near her head, which is probably hair, and has some sort of blue coloured clothing. The image of the figure vibrates with the sound, similar to the streak of yellow.

"There isn't much time, so I'll be brief." She speaks to you with a distorted, blurry voice. "What you have done earlier today has set in motion a chain of events, many of which are inescapable." She drifts slowly towards you as she talks "Over the next few weeks you'll need to be on your guard for many... undesirable events that may occur. While you can't prevent many of the events themselves, you can change whether or not you decide to interfere with them. Of course, doing nothing may lead to one result, while taking action might have another~"

"What?" You shout back to her. "You're saying that I have no power to control what happens? No, fuck you, you smooth talking bitch. I refuse to be led around like some sort of fucktrain on a railroad!" You glare angrily back in her direction. The image of the woman cracks into fragments, not unlike a broken window.

"Oh? Well then, you're more than welcome to prove me wrong." You feel her leaning towards you. "Go then, hero, see if you can survive until the next time we meet." She kisses you on the lips.


"Ah, it smells like lavender."


You jolt awake to find yourself stuck in a fetal position, floating in front of a stove. Your vision is blurry and tinted yellow due to looking through Marisa's semi-transparent slime. "Oh, are you awake in there?" says Marisa's distorted voice from above you. "Thanks to last night, my body's stronger and more solid, I'm walking around with legs again!" Her body ripples and moves as she speaks. How did she manage to get to the kitchen without waking you? "I thought I would make you breakfast, since you looked pretty tired after all that punishment! Is bacon okay?" You gurgle in response. "Great! It's actually ready right now, so I'll, er, let you out. Make sure to come out feet first or it'll be hard getting all the slime out of your lungs~" That last bit sounded worrying...

Suddenly, Marisa turns away from the stove and her belly churns and begins contracting in on itself. Following her earlier advice, you extend your legs and stick your feet out at the walls of her body. Her body deforms and stretches for some time before it finally releases your feet to the outside world. Bending over, Marisa lets you begin to slide slowly out of her midriff. "Ah!" She moans as your dick makes its way through the gaping hole and onto the floor. You straighten your arms as your belly button gets exposed to the air, and Marisa moans and pants as you the rest of your body emerges from inside her. As your shoulders slide through the hole, Marisa contracts her body, sucking the slime out of your lungs as you finally bring your head out and onto the tiled, kitchen floor.

"Ah, haaaa, ah." You gasp for sweet, sweet air as you lie on the floor, covered from head to toe in Marisa's slime. That was an... Interesting experience to say the least.

"Hurry up and put your clothes back on," Marisa says playfully. "We need to experiment some more today, because who knows how long this spell will last?" Trying to push your weary body up to stand, your slime-covered hand slides across the floor and you slip, bashing your shoulder painfully upon the ground.


"Oh, am I slippery? I didn't notice. I suppose you can't put on your clothes like that. Hmm..." She puts her hand to her chin thoughtfully. "Maybe, if I were to try this?" Suddenly all the goop surrounding you jiggles and starts running off of you and into a puddle on the floor, leaving you bone dry. The puddle then oozes its way towards Marisa's leg and is absorbed into her foot. "It tickles!" Marisa laughs jovially. "Now, get dressed and come eat some breakfast."

After uneventfully getting dressed in the bathroom and eating some incredibly delicious bacon, Marisa takes you to the fireplace where she began her transformation. "It's time for experiments! Wahahahaha~!" She laughs like a stereotypical mad scientist. It's so cooru!

"What do you think we will try, Jeffery, my assistant?" You look at the potions you didn't use yesterday, as well as the remains of the one you did.

[]Your name's not Jeffery. It's ______ (write in)
[]Don't mention anything
-[]She shouldn't know that your name is _____
-[]No, no she got it right.

[]Pour the red bubbling potion into her.
[]Pour the blue swirling potion into her.
[]Pour the yellow fizzing potion into her.
[]Pour the yellow smoky potion into her.

[]Extra physical tests (write in)

Sorry for the delay.

I will write the next short when this reaches auto sage. The next one involves a different location though, so I may write it on another board.
I forgot to mention, Choose the order of the potions you put in, not just one.
[X]Don't mention anything
-[X]No, no she got it right.
[X]Pour the blue swirling potion into her.
[X]Pour the red bubbling potion into her.

Are we supposed to use all the potions? If so I'll supplement my vote later.
so um
MC just had sex, correct? and what I can only assume was a heavenly experience, at least from his viewpoint

so um, someone in his dreams tells him he cant change shit, he shouldn't flip out. he should be basking in the afterglow of what just happen and most likely be chill, not be a tight bitch
[x]Don't mention anything.
-[x]No, no she got it right.
[1]Pour the yellow smoky potion into her.
[2]Pour the blue swirling potion into her.
[3]Pour the yellow fizzing potion into her.
[4]Pour the red bubbling potion into her.
[x]Don't mention anything.
-[x]No, no she got it right.
[x]Pour the yellow smoky potion into her.
[x]Pour the blue swirling potion into her.
[x]Pour the yellow fizzing potion into her.
[x]Pour the red bubbling potion into her.

Worst case scenario? She dies. Best case scenario? Freaky-deaky sex, Scoob.
[x]Don't mention anything.
-[x]No, no she got it right.
[x]Pour the yellow smoky potion into her.
[x]Pour the blue swirling potion into her.
[x]Pour the yellow fizzing potion into her.
[x]Pour the red bubbling potion into her.

Just to hurry this along~

We don't have a clue what any of the potions do, so it's random choice anyway.
İs this still going anywhere?
He's just having some block.
Putting my two cents into this, to maybe help the writefag overcome his block.

[x]Don't mention anything.
-[x] She shouldn't know that your name is Jack Ryan.
First the yellow ones, just because I like clean colors.
[x]Pour the yellow fizzing potion into her.
Seems like the most dangerous, use that one first. The fizzing indicates that it could be acid, or make Marisa acidic. When she is acidic from the get go, maybe the other potions can cure her. While she burns a hole in the floor, we...
[x]Pour the yellow smoky potion into her.
I dont know if the smoky stuff will make her thin and pool on the floor, but I can imagine her to give off some mist that makes everyone extremely horny, hard and/or wet. This smoy stuff also seems the most likely to disarm any acid. Then we...
[x]Pour the blue swirling potion into her.
I don't know what the swirling is supposed to mean, other than that it might stir itself. Maybe it gives her more strength, turning her into a more tightly contained and (to the touch) dryer slimegirl? I also hope for any strength-enhacers to make her into a Musclegirl because that is awesome and could lead to hot massages inside her.
[x]Pour the red bubbling potion into her.
No idea, except Kool-Aid Marisa. OOOH YEEAH. The logical conclusion would be futa or tentacles, or "seeing red" meaning sexrage or just normal rage.

I hope this helps, somewhat.
I rarely visit /forest/ anymore, but to find a slimegirl story when I do check in? I love it.
OP, could you at least give a status update? I know how embarrasing looking at a half-dead story is, but do us a favor.
Where's the slime bro

I need me some slime

File 132535181193.jpg - (37.38KB, 468x307, article-1345666-083E3B61000005DC-746_468x307.jpg) [iqdb]
You sit up, your head pounding like you were drinking the night away. What happened? It feels like months have passed. What year is it? You sit up while cradling the bump on your head. Were you knocked out? You look around, the room has been throughly smashed and ransacked, like there's been a struggle, the main window adjacent to the fireplace has been broken and judging by the glass on the floor it was someone breaking in. You try to remember what had happened.

You were experimenting with Marisa, starting with the blue potion. you remember her injesting the potion, and that it didn't affect her in terms of body structure, but rather her personality and colour changed. You remember thinking the new personality was rather cute.

The second potion you tried, the yellow one, simply changed her back to the standard yellow colour and personality. You think that if you combined the two colours you could get a green Marisa going. What that'd entail in terms of personality wasn't tried out.

The third potion was the other yellow one. You remember thinking that it'd be good for disguise and for leaving the house with Marisa, but you didn't (and still don't) know if she'd retain her personality changes with other potions.

The Red potion was "ingested" rather oddly. You can't remember the details but it involved Marisa's nipples in some form. You remember blacking out shortly afterward with the last thing you saw being a bright red Marisa looking lusty while she's leaning over you, and the blue potion falling behind her.

Speaking of marisa, where the hell is she? You could have sworn she'd have noticed you being awake, especially if the blue potion fell on top of her. You call out for her as you stand up. No response. You step in to the kitchen but she's not there either. That's odd. You look back to the fireplace and the mantelpiece. All the potions are still there, the blue one has spilled a bit but there's still plenty in the bottle. You pick it up and put a stopper back on it. If Marisa didn't take the bottles, and she's gone from the house as well as the broken window and the messed up room. That can mean only one thing.

Someone has taken Marisa.

[] You should move quickly, the more marisa is out there, the more likely something terrible is going to happen.
[] Don't be hasty, gather what you can from here and see if you can find her outside the house.
[] She introduced you to a friend of hers, said it was her only male company other than you. Should you inform him about it?


Yeah yeah slowbro. A feeling of "I'm a terrible writer" came over me. Then I just said fuck it.
Oh and by the way. The swirling, cloudy etc are supposed to be references to Nethack and roguelikes in general.
[x] She introduced you to a friend of hers, said it was her only male company other than you. Should you inform him about it?

Now to wait until later next year.
What's the point of a reference if you explain it immediately? Get it together, man.
Wow. Nice cock-block.
[X] Don't be hasty, gather what you can from here and see if you can find her outside the house.

She's probably just crazy from all the life threatening concoctions she ingested. Probably just outside throwing up some rainbow bile.

Also welcome back Bro
[X] Don't be hasty, gather what you can from here and see if you can find her outside the house.
[x] Don't be hasty, gather what you can from here and see if you can find her outside the house.

CSI: Gensokyo is underway.
Vote called. Cool and cautious is a go.
File 132588113348.jpg - (145.33KB, 830x534, 830px-MarisaHouse.jpg) [iqdb]
You slow down a bit. You shouldn't jump to conclusions. After all, Marisa's probably outside or something. You open the front door and step outside into the cool summer breeze, No sign of her here. Nothing around the right side of the house either. A small locked chest is lying here. Marisa showed you this, it was a dueling box in case she needed to go help stop an "Incident" or something. There was not much in it when she showed you, a messy assemblage of a few spare changes of clothes, some sort of square pink and green gems, as well as some sort of octogonal box. Marisa mentioned that she'd never leave the house without at least the box. Said it was her most cherished possesion. It's said that only Marisa can open it, and only those who know of it can notice it.

You move around to the back of the house where there is a massive pair of tanks going into the house both raised off the ground to provide running water to the household. There's a sticker attached to each one, Marisa explained that they were charms that increase or decrease the temperature, effectively making a hot tank and a cold tank. There seems to be a thin panel turning a crankshaft here, Some sort of silver engine marisa explained. Before the tanks were installed she'd get water from the well which lies a few feet behind the house. You peek inside it, but there's no sign of her here either.

Finally, you go around to the right again to the part of the house where the window was broken, There's not much glass on the ground here, compared to outside, but there is a trail of blue goop leading from the window going out towards the woods, but just before it ends it expands to a large puddle on the ground, most of it is evaporated by now, but it left behind a thin layer of blue residue. There's no boot prints leading away from the house, but there is a very slight depressing in the center of the puddle, with a larger concentration of residue pooled inside, like there was a large circular object of sorts resting there earlier for a short time. Marisa obviously isn't here either, otherwise, you'd notice her by looking out of the window earlier.

What could this mean?

[] Nothing left to find here. Might as well go look for her in the forest somewhere.
[] The person who took her might be dangerous alone, it'd be a good idea to find someone first. (Who?)
[] Maybe there's stuff I can take or do around here to help me find her (write in)
[x] The person who took her might be dangerous alone, it'd be a good idea to find someone first. (Reimu)

Severe lack of Raymoo detected in this story. Attempting to rectify.
[X] The person who took her might be dangerous alone, it'd be a good idea to find someone first. (Reimu)
- [X] Maybe there's stuff I can take (Knife, something to prove that you are close to Marisa, something to prove that you are not the one that wrecked Marisa's house and caused her to disappear)

We need protection from possible belligerents. A knife is something relatively nearby that is usable as a weapon in case of unpleasant encounters on the way to the shrine. A knife may not be terribly useful, but at least it is something, and it is realtivly quick to obtain, and time is key here. Even if you can't win in a fight, you can at least use it to buy time in a confrontation. A knife is concealable, so possible belligerents do not know you have it, but primarily so you do not frighten or anger otherwise neutral or friendly people. You do not want to appear hostile when you have no intent on fighting other than to reclaim Marisa. You will not brandish your weapon unless you are sure that you will enter a fight or otherwise bad situation if you don't and you know that by brandishing the weapon, you will be able to avoid said situation.

We also need something to prove that we are close to Marisa and not some random stranger when we do meet Reimu. This way, we will make the situation more believable to Reimu, who may be apathetic to a random stranger giving a seemingly far-fetched story. I would recommend the ‘octagonal box’, but for the reason below and the fact that doing such might anger Marisa or cause it to fall into belligerent’s hands, I have not recommended anything.

We also need something to prove our own innocence. It would not be out of reason to say that we are the criminals, the person that caused Marisa’s disappearance. After all, we were the ones to add the potions and caused her to become slime in the first place. We were at the scene of the crime; we are not from reasonable doubt to have the means to commit the destruction of Marisa’s house and her disappearance. The only thing that clearly do not have is a motive.

Reimu is Marisa's friend so hopefully she'll understand the situation and take it seriously. Also, if Reimu cannot rectify the incident of a missing slime Marisa, we are truly in a dire, dire situation.

Sage because this is an unnecessary wall of text.
It's only been a week and a half. We might not even know Reimu at this point.
All the more reason to go meet her! Marisa should have mentioned her existence, at the very least.
So what, exactly, do you propose we take to prove our innocence?
I think the best method of action to prove that we are innocent is to prove that we have near no means to do so and no motive to do so. No means to do so is embedded into Jeffery, he is but a normal human that has fallen into Gensokyo, many levels of power below Marisa. If we have any marking of getting knocked out, that is sufficient proof that we are incapable to cause a magician capable of leveling mountains to vanish. No motive can be stemmed from two things. One, if we caused Marisa to vanish, why would we seek the 'police' (Reimu) to remedy the problem and find us guilty? Two, if we can prove that we are Marisa's assistant and thus 'friend' of sorts, we can further the idea that we are innocent. We can prove our association with Marisa by perhaps a ring/a badge/cloth patch that Marisa gave to Jeffery and told him that it signified that he was her partner in crime accessory assistant. Given that we have been wearing this item all along, but had forgotten about it, and that rumors of a person assisting Marisa on her book raids should have propagated far enough, and descriptions (and complaints) by first hand witnesses and victims of the raids should be enough evidence that we are Marisa’s friend. Unfortunately, this may have bad implications in case we meet the SDM, but I feel sure that Reimu has come to accept this habit of Marisa’s. Therefore, we are innocent in Marisa’s disappearance, and accept what we are guilty of (and such ‘guilt’ can be undone with something as simple as returning ‘borrowed’ books).

In other words, bring your things that Marisa gave to you to make you her official assistant and your brain. Jeffery can easily logic his way to innocence. No motive, and the few means to cause her disappearance (potions, because he lacks the physical and magical ability to do so) can be logically analyzed out (Marisa wanted him to create them, he doesn’t know crap about the effects of the potions nor how to make them as seen when he turned Marisa into a slime) of the situation.

tl;dr: Bring your brain, logic, and the ring/badge/patch Marisa gave you to prove that you are her assistant to prove that you are close to her and thus have no motive, that you have no real means to cause her disappearance, and therefore without adqueate means nor motive that you are innocent.
[X] The person who took her might be dangerous alone, it'd be a good idea to find someone first. (Reimu)
Just going to Reimu should be good enough. After all we couldn't subdue Marisa even if we tried and there's no way we would go tell Reimu if we did smack her over the head while she was sleeping.

The worst she could think is that we're leading her into a trap but that's unlikely at best and not many people can defeat the shrine maiden in battle. Therefore lets go add Reimu to the party and search for Marisa~
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