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File 130257734310.jpg - (40.41KB, 445x404, 47c95d1f0491364de478aba36cbbf785.jpg) [iqdb]
It’s time for a story about fairies. A fairytale, if you will.

The focus of the story is "nameless" fairies. Humans and Youkai are not very important to them. Some named fairies may appear over the course of the story.

There is no big, over-arcing story.

There are no routes, penalties for dying, bad ends, or time limits.

If there is nothing going on, I have a small library of prepared events, incidents, and mini-plots to draw from.

It’s like a sandbox full of immortal, shape-ambivalent little hedonists with magical powers.

Now, to build a protagonist-

Your aspect is what facet of nature your embody. You draw power from being around your aspect, and your abilities relate to it, at least in concept. Some examples can include types of plants, classical elements and their variants, weather conditions, minerals, heavenly bodies, and generally any aspect of nature itself. It can be changed any time you die or sleep.
[ ] Wind OR Rain OR Snow OR Clouds OR Lightning
[ ] A flower or other plant (specify)
[ ] A rock, gem, or metal (specify)
[ ] A classical element (any model, specify)
[ ] Other (write in)

You sex is, simply, whether you are a man or a woman. Yes, there are fairies of both kinds. Yes, this can also be changed any time you are dead or sleeping. (No write ins)
[ ] Male
[ ] Female

Prior to becoming a “great fairy” and gaining a proper name, it is not uncommon for a fairy to change many times.


One vote for each field, majority after minimum 3 votes or twenty four hours wins, write ins welcome unless otherwise specified.

Here's hoping I don't decide I really regret this tomorrow!

Picture related only by season and fairy-ness.
[x] Beryl (Semi-rare gem)
[x] Female
[x] Female
[x] Snow

We still have snow here.
Feet of it, in some places.

Also, I love you forever.
[x] A rock, gem, or metal (Stone)
[x] Male
[X] Beryl
[X] Female

Have you considered moving out of Antarctica?
[X] Other (Boundry)
[X] Female

No, not Yukari seeing what it's like being a fairy...

That's not a valid aspect, sorry. Boundaries aren't really "aspects of nature" in the way a lake, a hunk of rock, or a leaf are.
[X] Magma
[X] Female

Hey, if there are fey underground...
[X] Metal
[X] Female
You're gonna get dressed up by Orin!
[] Shelter.
[] Female

"Shelter" isn't quite specific enough. That's more a "function of certain aspects of nature" than an aspect in itself.

We're an extremely unique fairy! Unless this gets naysayed, of course.
[X] Copper
[X] Female
[X] Magma
[X] Female
Stardust is fine.
So far, the only two things to have two votes are
'[x] Magma' and '[x] Beryl'

Obviously, female is in the lead.
[X] Magma
[X] Female
Alright, let's consider this called!

Initial settings are "magma" and "female". I'll work out the opening story post this afternoon.
Okay, nevermind, how about "update this morning." I had some extra time.


[x] Magma
[x] Female

You wake up, and sit up in bed. It’s so nice and warm under your covers, you just want to lie down and go back to sleep... You could hide in bed for the rest of the day, and just relax...

But that wouldn’t be any fun! You already did that yesterday, anyway!

Reluctantly, you crawl out of the comfort of your bed, and open your closet. There’s an assortment of clothes inside.

What to wear...?
[ ] Write-in
[ ] Skip


No picture.
[x] Skip
Wait does this mean we skip getting dressed?
It’s time for a story about fairies.
Hell yes. It's time for fairies.

[x]some frilly victorian dress.

Made mid 1800. Give her some british accent.
[x] Sweater + Jeans combob

Our fairy is a magma fairy. I think she would fore go the frilly dresses worn by her contemporaries. It makes a weird sort of sense that she would like to be warm at all times.
I don't know for you but when I think Mid 1800 british I hink of the stereotypical gentlemen which really isn't fitting for a fairy in my opinon.
On the contrary I'd believe she would -be- warm at all time even in the cold and fresher clothes seem like a better option.

Thinking for now voting later.

If you want it to.

1) slow
2) fuck your androphobia.
Let me do it again.

[x]some frilly red victorian dress.
File 130263100768.jpg - (948.14KB, 900x900, 12490807.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Skip

I'm going to picture her like this, no matter what you say she's wearing.
Hair too short, wrong type of wings, has a ribbon where it should not, dress that does not resemble any options thus far...

Totally not right. But whatever.
File 130263341687.png - (1.92MB, 999x1401, 9123989.png) [iqdb]
Amount of description I've heard in the story: Zero.

Yeah, that's just my mental image talking. You can ignore it as you want, I guess.

That is a nice image, though. Quite nice.
[x] Brown dress with red lines (Magma motif dress)
[X] This picture, all of it.
How big are we? Small fairy size or big from the start?

[x] That picture

Also, if this story actually happens and doesnt fizzle out in three updates, I will build a shrine to you.
The man is dependable, though there might be hiatuses at times.
File 130264625170.jpg - (294.58KB, 639x600, 10430618.jpg) [iqdb]
A fairy-shrine?
[x] >>23227

Standard nameless fairy size.
You are about three feet high, with completely ambiguous proportions. Chalk it up to an imaginary art style.

Also, I have at least a thread's worth of updates, even assuming things happen very quickly.

Anyway, votes counting-

Looks like >>23227 wins!

Writing soon, update might be tonight!
>Writing soon, update might be tonight!

Last one for tonight, I guess.


[x] Write-in (>>23227)

As you pick out a simple, everyday red-and-white dress from the closet, you hear something from up above. Those sound like explosions...

Is it-
Could it be-
Another incident!?

You hurry up the tunnel, and push open the trap door. The sky over the mountain is alight with multicolored danmaku, and a huge, golden building is flying in the distance.
It is!

The other fairies are already swarming into three distinct clouds. There’s no time to waste!

Chase after...
[ ] The red one! Stick to the classics!
[ ] The black one! Alternative is better!
[ ] The green one! Try something new!


Shamelessly throwing in UFO as a starting scenario. Screw me, I liked it.
File 130266325898.jpg - (191.76KB, 628x691, 7821613.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] The blue one! It's so lonely...
No? Fine...
[x] The black one! Alternative is better!

UFO was always good.
[x] The black one! Alternative is better!

Mega lasers are dodgable, while homing danmaku is much harder.
I signed up for suicidal death charges, not this dodging bullshit!
[X] The green one! Try something new!

Though shouldn't this be white? Green is Youmu.
nope, this is referring to UFO, with Reimu (Red), Marisa (Black), and Sanae (Green)

[x] The black one! Alternative is better!
I knew that, I was pointing out the oddity that the choices refer to Reimu and Marisa by the color of their clothes, but Sanae is distinguished by hair color.

Sh-shut up!
[X]The green one! Try something new!
[x] The red one! Stick to the classics!
[x] The black one! Alternative is better!
Marisa's a dick, but she's the nicest of the bunch. At least she can acknowledge that fairy can have potential ( has seen in FW)
[x] The red one! Stick to the classics!
[x] The black one! Alternative is better!
[x] The black one! Alternative is better!
[x] The black one! Alternative is better!

Being perpetually on fire has left you with little fear toward people who live in heavily wooded areas.
'[x] Black one' wins. Writing very soon.
File 130270050987.png - (174.00KB, 309x231, crappypaintskills.png) [iqdb]
God damn who makes screenshots that small?

[x] The black one! Alternative is better!

You dart off after the Witch’s broom, hurriedly pulling on your dress in mid air.

Giving yourself a little burst of speed, you fall in among a fresh swarm of fairies lining up for an attack. Something seems weird about some of the others, though...

“I haven’t seen you before,,” a grey haired, slightly husky, suspender-clad fairy remarks beside you.

A shout of “She’s here!” comes from the front of the group before you can respond. Sure enough, three rays of light lance through the formation, sending the first casualties spiraling out of the sky.

How do you attack?!
[ ] 3-spread
[ ] Bullet spray
[ ] Dual spiral
[ ] Fireballs!


A final piece of advice:

File 130270122357.png - (5.94KB, 489x243, POWER graph.png) [iqdb]
It’s time for me to explain one final game mechanic: Power.

You can use up one Power in order to greatly raise your abilities, just for that action. Don’t worry about running out, though- accomplishing anything important will net you more Power. Accomplishing something really important while using Power will give you +2, for a net one Power gained. To use Power on an action, just add ‘[x] Power’ to your vote.
[x] Bullet spray
[x] Power

But we're fairies, so of course we should blow through this limited resource as quickly as possible.
[x] Dual Spiral
[x] Fireballs!

Unless multi-options aren't valid, in which case stick to just '[x] Fireballs'. Fire solves everything. As a magma fairy this should be a clear and obvious fact for us.

While we're at it...

[x] Power.

I certainly can't think of any better reason to spend a point than setting a protagonist on fire.
[x] Fireballs!
[x] POWER!
The obvious choice is to use our
[x] Powerful
[x] balls of Fire
This joke would be 10x funnier if we had used steel.
I suggest converting fireballs into lava bombs. May seems like a small detail but Fire =/= magma. Plus it's more awesome.

That and [X]Power

These are all based on fairy attack patterns from UFO Stage 2. I'm just going with what I see.
[x] Bullet spray
[x] Power
[x] Fireballs!
[x] Power

Wins. Writing soon.
A little longer, because more description was needed.


[x] Fireballs!
[x] Power

Time for your specialty! While the others charge into the fray with battle cries, you drop back and spread your arms.

With a little push of magic, huge black and red spheres form in front of you and fire out in a spray toward the witch. Several other fairies follow suit, filling the air with a mix of huge red bullets, and the smaller blue ordinary shots of the fairies on the front line.

The witch doesn’t panic, and speeds up, diving between a trio of bullet before they smash into each other. With a grin, she takes out her little box-thing, and begins firing lasers through through the cloud of fairies. The lasers sweep in wide arcs, mowing down your numbers by the second.

You puff up indignantly when one of her lasers attacks you, and start firing another volley. You know you can get her this time! More of your red bullets fly after her, which she weaves in and out of, laughing.

Suddenly, a fairy drops in front of her, babbling at high speed, a chunk of... something clutched in it’s arms. With a nonsensical shout, it shoots out bullets in two spirals.

Surprised, the witch hammers away at it with her danmaku, frustratedly weaving through the tight pattern. She backs up as it falls, barely running into one of your bullets.

You pump your fist excitedly as her broom wobbles and she curses. The remaining fairies applaud as you watch her pull away.

Next tactic?
[ ] Go up for another round!
[ ] Chase one of the others! (Red, Green)
[ ] The weird fairy dropped something...



Might not be much of an update tomorrow, classes are bleh.
[ ] The weird fairy dropped something...
[X] The weird fairy dropped something...

[X] The weird fairy dropped something...
[x] The weird fairy dropped something...
[x] Power

If we gather 3 ufos, can we summon a big ufo just like a protagonist?
[x] The weird fairy dropped something...
[x] The weird fairy dropped something...

We made a good first impression. That's what matters.
[x] The weird fairy dropped something...

Nothin too awesome about robbing the corpses of your comrades
[x] Chase one of the others! (Red, Green)
Such jolly creatures.
[x] The weird fairy dropped something...

With that option, you're supposed to pick one or the other other (red OR green).

Holding off on calling it, since I'm gonna be in class until late afternoon.
[x] The weird fairy dropped something...
"[x] The weird fairy dropped something... " wins.

Writing in seven minutes
As promised.


[x] The weird fairy dropped something...

You fly over to the hovering disk-thing. It drifts around lazily, making little “whoop” noises.

Oh! It changed colors! You reach out and tentatively poke it. It makes a little “whir” noise, and stops moving for a moment. Your hand feels kind of tingly.

After a moment of thought, you jump on it and wrap it completely in your arms.

It feels... mylxptz.

“Are you okay...?” The other fairies are clamoring around you for a better view.

[ ] “I ztxg great!”
[ ] “My dojm grbel tingles.”
[ ] “K rek’g bzri so good...”


If you can't decipher the missing words, just ask.
File 130281650592.jpg - (271.03KB, 1000x1000, tony10208949.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] “I ztxg great!”
[X] “I ztxg great!”

Sure. I'll be fine with this.
[x] “My dojm grbel tingles.”
[x] “I ztxg great!”

feels good man
[x] “My dojm grbel tingles.”
[8] “My dojm grbel tingles.”
[X] “My dojm grbel tingles.”

We might want to get that looked at.
[X] “My dojm grbel tingles.”
[x] “K rek’g bzri so good...”

What color was the UFO we picked up?

One of the color-changing ones.
I imagine the votes will determine which color it was when we picked it up, in that case.
File 130283112315.jpg - (47.60KB, 576x432, senses.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] “My dojm grbel tingles.”

No, it's still changing. We're a fairy, not a protagonist.
[x] “K rek’g bzri so good...”

[x] “My dojm grbel tingles.”
Whatever that means
[x] “My dojm grbel tingles.” wins, with 7. Writing later on today.
[x] “My dojm grbel tingles.”

oh my

Ah, sorry, but I got distracted reading something. No update this evening or tonight, hopefully something tomorrow though.

Sorry, again.
Jokevote to kill time.

[X] I ztxg great!
[X] Fant-kssht-ic, -kssh-pendous, even!
[X] And -kssht- an IDEA!
[X] Lasers! Who -ksssht- make lasers?
[X] You -kssht- top of the kssht and fire straight ahead!
[X] -kssht- of you, go to -kssht- and fire -kssht- to keep her boxed in!
[X] Then when -kssht- and she cant dodge, I'll -kssht- and finish with a GIANT FIREBALL!
Such things are not well accepted, and it's annoying to those to have to read such votes regardless of content.
Did you miss his name field? It's almost expected for him to act like a tremendous faggot.
File 130628536692.jpg - (168.68KB, 690x960, 9426971.jpg) [iqdb]
Is this dead or on hiatus without notice?

Damn, I was hoping no one would notice until I'd picked it up again. Sort of the latter. I kind of lost the desire to write for a while, so I'd been stalling out. Also, my terrible planning (again) means that I'm still missing a few parts of this introduction.

So yeah, we'll see over the next few days.
Sorry about that got totally sidetracked. Getting back on schedule now, hopefully didn't lose too many readers.


[x] “My dojm grbel tingles.”

It’s like little sparks are running vsv over your hjbs. You feel invigorated bzf weird all at the same time. la’o feels familiar, too, like when ksu reincarnate.

“...What was that?” One ng gos nearest fairies furrows her brow.

”Could you understand any of that?” “What is she saying?” “Look, she’s changing colors!” The other fairies’ murmurs sound hnovshmbs, like from the bottom of a lake.

Even though your head is dfojawx, you feel warm and cozy, and there’s another light next to your jrgwis power.

<UFO: Life ↑, Confusion>

One of the jfoislt reaches out to touch the jiksl in your arms.

[ ] It’s yours! Fight kgi off!
[ ] You’re krgsdet now, go after them again! (Red, Green, Black)
[ ] Go gltzhudge else!
[ ] Drop the UFO



Something added for fun: Special items. As long as you're hanging on to them, they give you something special. In this case, it makes you a bit tougher, but garbles random words and makes you kind of batty. If you die, you lose it.
[x] It’s yours! Fight kgi off!
[x] Go gltzhudge else!

A treasure~! We need to go find a hiding place for it immediately! If we fight, the other fairies will mob us and take it for sure.
[x] Go gltzhudge else!
[x] It’s yours! Fight kgi off!
>makes you kind of batty.
I like it. Let's keep it.
[x] You’re krgsdet now, go after them again! (Red)

Dogged pursuit. We won't give up until we have defeated the player character or have been shot out of the sky.
[x] Go gltzhudge else!
[x] Go gltzhudge else!

wins, with three votes. Hopefully writing soon.
Took a while to figure out how to fit the scenarios together. I still suck at segueing.


[x] Go gltzhudge else!

You skzt away from him. The ship euhlwof left, so this grhgz is getting boring. Jlub, it feels weird with all zhd isgeojn staring at you.

You dive ogls to the forest. It’s funny, but you don’t grer tired at all, even after a fight! You yawn, and feel a tingle.

Igj can’t help but notice arfd another fairy followed you. It’s flying uby, and hiding behind trees. You can zbfos see it, though.

[ ] Ignore zgr, see what happens.
[ ] Confront! Maybe it wants ufru thing!
[ ] Just stare at gjf.
[ ] Jrig keep looking for ___ (Write-in objective)



You can always vote "drop the <item>", assuming you're carrying something. Also, feel free to do write ins at any time, I'll let you know if you try to do something impossible.
[X] Confront! Maybe it wants ufru thing!

This is my UFO, which is mine!
[x] Just stare at gjf.

[x] Confront! Maybe it wants ufru thing!

Blast her out of the sky!
[x] Just stare at gjf.
[x] Just stare at gjf.
[x] Just stare at gjf.
I'm imagining a horde of fairies chasing after us like the seagulls in Finding Nemo.
[x] Just stare at gjf.

Wins! A little busy today, but I'll write when I get the chance.


That would be a great way to imagine a fairy mob.
[ ] Confront! Maybe it wants ufru thing!
I wonder how I can make the "vote called" message more visible.


[x] Just stare at gjf.

You ojgrs on the edge of blk face peeking around the tree. Hlff jse sees you looking, glp ducks the rest of the way behind it. You continue staring intently bl ofr hiding spot.

Mrn glances out again, making eye contact, and pulls back with a squeak. Slr wings, poking out either jlus of narrow trunk, flutter rapidly. You keep staring, sho move closer.

When you reach the tree, the jgleo fairy tries to peek again. Face inches from yours, she squeals, and freezes. Her wings vibrate faintly.

[ ] “Who los you?”
[ ] “What gre olb doing?”
[ ] Other question (write in)
[ ] Just leave sni there.



Delayed by tornadoes, but it's here~!
[x] “What gre olb doing?”
[x]Blast her out of the sky!
-[x]Drop the UFO

We aren't just another random fairy. We're a major contender; and they shoot first and ask questions later! We'll sort it all out after we have established dominance. Voting to drop the UFO because it's a tad bit annoying, and doesn't seem to have any effect besides annoyance.
[X] “Who los you?”
[X] “What gre olb doing?”
[x] “Who los you?”
[x] “What gre olb doing?”

>drop the UFO
No! We are taking that UFO home and dropping it there, on our Treasure Pile! That is where treasure goes!

And it makes us a bit tougher in combat.
[x] “Who los you?”

Mostly to make sure that the curious fairy isn't named. If it isn't, KILL!

As far as I can tell, this is the first time you have done this. It will also be the last. See >>/gensokyo/6052

Seriously, where do these retards keep coming from? We've done this 2 or 3 times in the last fucking week alone. You would think they would be able to learn from others.

Not even THP is safe from summer.
[x] “Who los you?”
[x] “What gre olb doing?”

[ ] “Who los you?”
[ ] “What gre olb doing?”
Sorry, no update today, getting employed.
Go go Q!
File 130687661374.png - (587.26KB, 600x600, web19239975_m.png) [iqdb]
Oh boy. I am less employed than I was lead to believe. Might still get the job over the next week or so, apparently.
File 130688448083.jpg - (373.13KB, 800x783, daiyousei does not know how to use gun.jpg) [iqdb]
Hoora... oh.
Heading to Florida. Be back in about five days.
I have returned. Regular updates resume... tomorrow, probably?

[x] “Who los you?”
[x] “What gre olb doing?”
[x] “Who los you?”
[x] “What gre olb doing?”

Wins. Probably writing soon, and sunburn sucks.

Place vinegar-soaked paper towels over sunburned areas for 10-15 minutes. It helps a lot.
File 130906152173.jpg - (65.11KB, 800x600, Big enough for them.jpg) [iqdb]
Looks like I'll never get to build that fairy shrine.
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