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File 133618922151.jpg - (125.99KB, 850x547, alice38.jpg) [iqdb]
[ ] Aye, if she asks, you must trust your dear dollmaker.

In the end your mind swiftly streams through trammeling twists, for this question is no question at all. So you nod slightly, so with a small smile your dear dollmaker draws back and the two of you walk after the shield-thane once more.

"I don't think anyone's going to like what they see, when we gat back out however." Alice then tells you her voice surprisingly flat for soch a grave announcement.

"You know this well, I would wager." You answer her, the words bringing a chuckle from the Seven-Coloured Sorceress.

"I left Shanghai to keep an eye on Marisa." Alice answers you with a sly smile. "It's a trick we use sometimes."

You steal a swift glance at her and see that it is how she tells, the small puppet is nowhere in sight.

You feel strangely disappointed by this fact.

With these words spoken, you find that you've reached the temple grounds once again. Where before there was light and magic, furious forces battling in the sky, fierce like the host of Prince Eirik's men clashing with the shield-wall of the english, now there is only calm. The Wight of the deeps is nowhere in sight for your gaze only falls upon the Black-White Witch and the Immortal Phoenix, both settled down beneath a tree, looking as ones without a care in the world.

In truth this sight is a welcome one as well as one without great surprise, for forest witch is great in might, this truth you know well. Yet behind welcome victory rests well-hidden danger, for how will the high priestess take the news that her champion has fallen before foeman?

Thus you watch her warily as you make your way towards the two, wondering whether ravens shall fly over the din-of-spears before this day is done, pondering if death or glory shall be yours.

"It seems as if matters have settled down." The whisper-voice of the high priestess declares, "Would you kindly tell where Murasa has gone?"

"Oh, her?" The forest witch replies with a wave of her hand "Crashed somewhere thereabouts last I saw her -ze."

"I see. Then I shall go find her." The radiant calm-bringer replies, "Yet we shall discuss this later".

Thusly spoken she swiftly takes flight towards the direction pointed out by the hand of the black-white witch, her speed as the steed of Odin, like Sleipnir's din of hooves upon the firmament.

"What a bore." Mighty Marisa tells with a grin, watching the high priestess disappear between the trees "I woulda been up for another go."

"Aren't you always?" Alice replies, a small smile on her lips. The dollmaker's words bring a slight blush to the forest witch's cheeks and a flash of anger to her eyes.

"Watch yourself doll girl," The black-white witch snaps back, her flustered expression turning into a wicked smile "After all, you ain't much better..."

"Shut up!" Alice growls, her fierce words cutting off the black-white witch "You are to be quiet!"

"Or what, doll girl?" Wildwood witch's bold voice makes reply, sorcery spinning around her, spells streaming, swift, silent, deadly.

"Or maybe I'm going to let you have another go if you want it so badly." The seven-coloured sorceress snaps back, dolls forming up in long rows as her rage is unleashed.

"Heh, stop it Alice, you're makin' me blush." The words strike home, with wit and wisdom does Black-White witch's skill strike true, colouring your dear dollmaker's cheeks crimson, her fingers twitching in anger.

[ ] Let this move at it mays, for ill is it for a man to step into women's quarrels.

[ ] Halt this foolishness, not for friends to battle friends.


I am very sorry for buggering off for all this time, but I've been busy as all hell with schoolwork.

The good news is that I'm finally done with uni, so I might have more time to write in the future.
[x] Halt this foolishness, not for friends to battle friends.

I have my doubts that letting them fight would really solve anything. If anything it'd make things worse.
[x] Halt this foolishness, not for friends to battle friends.

Incidentally, minor errors sighted (boldface mine):
"I don't think anyone's going to like what they see, when we gat back out however."

Mayhaps a proofreader would serve you well? I've seen a few of my own errors caught by them after I missed those errors repeatedly.
[x] Let this move at it mays, for ill is it for a man to step into women's quarrels.

Truer words have rarely been spoken.
>You feel strangely disappointed by this fact.
One of the traits of Gensokyoland saga that I most cherish is the fact that no vote with 'Shanghai' on its text ever lost.
If she were a love interest choice, well...

[x] Halt this foolishness, not for friends to battle friends.
They seem to be on an edge after entering the temple. Isn't this a place of peace?
[x] Halt this foolishness, not for friends to battle friends.
Calling vote here. Writing begins.

These words do indeed gladden my heart, o skald. Open swiftly your word-hoard, and scatter its treasures upon us!
So are we getting updates this month or what?
Patience. At least we're not waiting for a year and a half again.

...I hope.

Well, it's been a month so far...
File 134071300379.jpg - (106.38KB, 500x299, I like them continue.jpg) [iqdb]
So I find this amazing story in the story-list, power through it all in one night, and come to a dead end. Wonderful.

I just wish the guy wouldn't promise updates in a few days and then disappear.

Well Norseman, I really do love this CYOA, and your poetry is pretty good. I hope that if this continues, you'll move along to the plot. Sometimes that can help motivate an author who's stuck.
Seconding everything in this post. I need my Heroic Viking Awesomeness fix soon, before I start going into withdrawal.
God I am going crazy with all these half-finished stories lying about! they are all just so good, yet so far from completion! hell, in this story alone, i can't even remember how long ago we were told to get loki's spear, and we literally have not even discussed knocking on the front door of SDM, let alone a battle plan! the whole story is just too delicious to be such a small morsel at a time! on the upside, since they aren't finished by a long shot i actually get a say in story progression as opposed to reading about the choices i would have made but couldn't in long forgotten threads. also i vote to halt this foolishness
[x] let it move as it may

alice/marisa rivalry is always fun
I am still waiting for updates. Maybe one day the gods will return.
[]It is unwise to tempt these two scorn. Best be it to avoid hanging yourself, so to speak.

Have you not heard "Hell hath no fury like women scorned."? That not kill ourselves here...
Check dates before voting, friend.
File 136718027667.jpg - (89.91KB, 500x642, 1289262842787.jpg) [iqdb]
I hate you to death.
Generally the people of this site dislike it when someone not the author bumps a thread that clearly hasn't updated in a long time as it makes them think that an update has been posted, when it turns out to be just some random anonymous. If you wish to add your two cents to the the thread despite it being dead then please enter the word "sage" (without the quotation marks) in the email field in the reply section. This is all a moot point if you're doing this intentionally to make people mad at you and/or poke the author. But if its not intentional it'd be great to keep the aforementioned warning in mind. Thanks.
So I was playing The Old Gods today, and all that raiding and pillaging and concubine-abducting and England-conquering reminded me of this story.

Shame it still hasn't updated.
File 13784481986.jpg - (167.28KB, 398x501, Lunar Dial.jpg) [iqdb]
Tick tock, tick tock. Only two months left, Norseman.
Wow. O_O

Norseman, you're a truly awesome writer. You're able to re-create skaldic verse and incorporate it into a relatively alien setting, not to mention compile an enticing tale full of Norse culture. This especially appeals to me because I'm greatly into both the Iron Age and Touhou. Looks like I'm not alone. :) Hope you'll get some new stuff out!
File 139561195054.jpg - (11.19KB, 224x226, 138377581275.jpg) [iqdb]
Dry, man, wat r u doin here.

You just can't go and necro a 2 years old thread like nothing! Especially one that was so loved and followed back in the day when this was still alive. And worse, you even gave your name, thus directing the hate of the community towards that moniker for all eternity okay, I'm exaggerating, but you catch my drift.

An advice from friend to friend: type 'sage' on the email box next time you want to make this kind of comment on a dead story. And lurking moar before posting on a new community is highly recommended too. If you got any specific quesitons, you can usually find me where always. But for now, you should start thinking of a new name... or just post as Anon, like everybody else.
This shit is not cool.
Fucking doom on you man. Doom on you.
File 139562905634.jpg - (101.17KB, 500x350, You must be new here!.jpg) [iqdb]
>commenting on a dead story without sage


That's like, four strikes in one post. If you're not new, then I'm going to treat you like you are anyway.

Look at the top right of the site. You should see a link labeled "Home". Click on it and you'll be at the sites front page. There are four tabs to switch between. Read both FAQ and Rules.

Once you've done that, go to this thread >>/gensokyo/6052

Please read it entirely, including the seemingly irrelevant comments below. There are some important facts mentioned among the clutter that aren't really mentioned elsewhere.

Finally, this is the news and general information thread >>/gensokyo/1351

This one isn't as important as the others, but please read it if you can spare the time.

Once you've read all that, you should pretty much know everything you need to know. If you still have any questions, feel free to come back and ask us.

Welcome to THP. I hope you enjoy your stay.


>And lurking moar before posting on a new community is highly recommended too

Seconding everything Ikaros said, but especially this.


Also, this.
I feel like I'm being rused with this post
Not too rough on the newbie, you guys.

This really isn't that rough. In fact, compared to what we used to do in the old days, this is positively friendly. Especially considering that Dryhavich bumped the thread literally three posts after someone explained exactly why not to do that.
File 139590786183.jpg - (513.58KB, 850x666, 134371546290.jpg) [iqdb]

Oh you son of a BITCH.

I'ma kill you.
31 month since the last update and I'm still hoping this will revive one day...

I don't :(
Fallout Gensokyo has revived after a hiatus of 6 YEARS.

After that, you have to BELIEVE.
New years; new hopes.
This is a woderful tale of magic and mystery, of gods and mortal man. Although it may never be completed and fade away, I can only thank the author of this story for creating it. It has once again shown me why I love norse mythology and mythology in general.

Good fortune to the creator of this tale wherever he may be.
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