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Since people don't tend to read news pages, I'm creating this thread here to communicate with the community.

For starters, a link to the archives: http://z4.invisionfree.com/touhouvn/index.php?showtopic=176

An easier-to-use solution is being worked on for archives and will be implemented.

The site is back up and working more or less as you remember it. Some of the fixes we devised previously have yet to be applied (no. working incorrectly for example) but it's just a matter of time. I'd like to encourage any user to contact an admin on irc or via mail if any issues crop up (our moderators are the same as before as well).

With that said, time to discuss some of the changes. /th/ is our general story board, meaning that any story that isn't necessarily tied down to a location belongs there. /gensokyo/ will be our general discussion board, and while stories aren't discouraged here (some quick or experimental pieces are more than welcome), discussion that doesn't necessarily pertain to stories or are pertaining to the general fandom go here. I'd like to encourage the people who wish to move their stories from /gensokyo/ to contact an admin, and we will gladly do so.
Oh, before I forget. Post limit before autosage on all boards is 250, and character limit is 30,000.

Some specifics about new features and further changes will be posted here in the future, so keep an eye on this spot.

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Some of you may be wondering 'what goes where?', and it's understandable. I'd like to preface our general list with our general philosophy on the matter;

Ideas, stories, and concepts are organic. They should be free to flourish however they want without excessive control that may stifle creativity.

This does not mean that a Meiling-based story would go in, say, /shrine/, it would naturally fall in /sdm/ in most cases, but a good story and its writer should not feel constricted by imaginary boundaries if it helps his narrative. Use common sense and don't be afraid to experiment and do whatever works for you.

That said, here's a rough guide of what falls under each story board:

/eientei/ - Eientei and the bamboo forest and any character/story heavily related to Lunarians.

/forest/ - The inhabitants of the Forest of Magic, their surroundings, and their antics.

/border/ -Those around and beyond the borders of physical Gensokyo

/shrine/ - The Hakurei shrine

/sdm/ - The denizens of the Scarlet Devil Mansion and the lake.

/youkai/ - The Moriya shrine and Youkai Mountain

/underground/ - Mostly the cast of SA

/th/ - Generalized stories, with no neccesary single place as a central focus. Includes several alternative universe stories.

/others/ - stories that don't fit into the above, more AU/crossover stories, and may have very different narrative styles

The cast of UFO doesn't really have a specified home yet, so feel free to use them as you need to.

As you may notice, there is quite a bit of overlap in the above. It should be further emphasized that not all AU stories should go in /others/ or wherever else, but where they fit in most naturally. Same goes with whatever other peculiarity.

In the case of the human village(s?), its ambiguous location in canon makes it prone to having several possible locations. It is therefore feasible that a story that has a backdrop of the village but the main character interaction is with, say, Reimu, would belong in /shrine/. But the same could hold true for a story dealing with Marisa and /forest/, etc. If it works within your context, it's fine.

There is another thing to mention - the site needs a new title and banner. I'll create a thread where you can post ideas and submissions that we may add/use.
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I've introduced a small tickbox next to the file box on most boards titled 'NSFW'. This, when ticked, masks the image thumbnail with a 'NSFW'-warning thumbnail.

With the introduction of this, posting of material that is not worksafe is permissible as long as the image uploaded has the NSFW cover. Be reasonable about its use, and don't decide to do an image dump or anything of the sort, you have /at/ for that sort of thing. Oh, and most definitely, anything illegal should never be posted at any time (no rule change there), and bans will be handed out for any misuse of the system.

There's the last (and obvious) point I have to make: Any material hidden by the NSFW thumbnail is only intended to be viewed by those of legal age in their respective countries.
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The FAQ has been updated with most of the information anyone is likely to need.

Rotating banners have been added to all story boards. We still need banners for /gensokyo/, /tt/, /i/, and the front page (perhaps a generalized logo as well). Additional submissions for banners for the boards are always welcome. If you're up to the task of making a banner please see >>1353

An IRC widget has been built into the front page (under the IRC tab). Using this will connect you to the site's channel. You can easily contact an admin about an issue with this or talk to the writers that hang out there. It's quick and painless. You're welcome to come on for whatever reason.

It's not an ideal chat client though (an advantage is that it's usually not port blocked). So you might be interested in trying one out; There are many clients available for different operating systems (mIRC, xchat, irssi, etc) and some web browsers have the functionality (Firefox + chatzilla and Opera has IRC chat built in).
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Automatic iqdb file searching implemented. Click on the button next to filenames. FAQ updated with that and a few miscellaneous tidbits.
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A file download site searching tool has been added, /rs/. Any link posted will get processed making finding links for doujins, music and other things that may get posted here easy. Right now the currently supported sites are: rapidshare, megaupload, mediafire, uploading, depositfiles, sendspace and zshare. If you feel that any other site should be added, contact an admin.

In case you haven't been following developments in /at/, Mysterio006 has made a compilation of H doujins in spreadsheets. Using that data, a couple of pages were created here. See www.touhou-project.com/h which will (hopefully) be regularly updated.
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Check the following for a list of stories and their status:

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In order to better accommodate stories and the expanding cast of the Touhou series the names of the boards have been changed so as to explicitly include certain areas and characters. Do be mindful that, as always, this is not an absolute delineation and is a guideline so as to hopefully sort any real confusion as to what might go where. Feel free to continue to exercise common sense and not sacrifice creativity if something doesn't fit 100% into one of these molds.

On a different note, there is a downloader for threads at >>7144

You may be interested in using this tool or, as always, the story list and archives are always available.