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File 163779545532.jpg - (43.72KB, 800x762, Press the button rumia.jpg)
Press the button rumia
Time: 2 pm; Date: 07/07/2017
Location: Hakurei Shrine


So, you picked up again? I guess that means you’ve seen through the errors of your way.
Or perhaps you’re simply curious on what I have to offer? Sadly, I cannot read your mind.

Even so…Rumia… Oh dear Rumia, my sweet little moon ray. No words can describe the feelings of joy I’m feeling right now. Finally, you accept that you are nothing without me. Finally, you see the truth that without order, that without a guide nothing can be achieved by acting like a wild animal.
But to be honest you sure took your sweet, darned time, do you have any idea on what I had to do while you were gone? The things I had to make happen to entertain myself. I was very lonely…

Anyway, as I’ve said before, today was going to be a little bit different. For today not a single anon can survive! Except I was wrong…my expectations for you were too high and voila much vital time has been wasted. We do not have that much time left and so we can no longer hunt them all.
But that is okay, for I have a plan dear Rumia. A plan that will give both you and me the things we oh so desire. You get power and I get to watch you brutalize the indigens. But first I need to test you.

Power does not come for free after all, and even if it did who am I to know you won’t go on a trollolol rampage across the land the moment you obtain it? I need to test your loyalty and competence beforehand. For I have little time to waste now, if you fail me know you will be replaced.

Open the drawer beneath you, no not that one. I meant the one on the rig-ah there you got it! Good, good. Now then what you have before is a shiny red button. Look at how clickable it looks like. Do you behold its splendid form? Can you feel the temptation urging within you? The beautiful red texture, the jolly candy like shape, the mystery behind its function. Does it not speak to your heart?

“Rumia! What are you do- “Ignore the fairy, focus on the button! Look at its strawberry juiciness. Do you not want to put your finger on it? Does knowing you can press it whenever while it’s unable to stop you not make you feel like you’re in control and in power?

Do you not want to press the button? Do you not want to become number one? Do you not want to make this button your [redacted]? Your [redacted] [redacted] [redacted]? Ooh, I know you want it. We all want it.

Well guess what? That’s the test. Press the button Rumia! I formally allow it! Embrace the fun that is obeying your guardian angel and see all the good that comes from doing it. See just by listening to me already you get to press a funny little button. Isn’t that every young girl’s dream? Do not think about how the button get in that drawer, just focus on the moment. On making your meaty finger give the button a big sloppy, skinny kiss all over its…ahem, got a bit excited there. Just press the button. Go ahead now, press the button. Accomplish my quirky lily test and I’ll take you back.

It is a very simple thing to do, just point your finger at it and push. There is no way and I mean absolutely no way for you to possibly fail at doing something this simple. So go ahead.

Press the button Rumia, and I will take you back. Press the button Rumia and everything you ever wanted shall become…well more like become available to you. Now press the button. Do it!


[]Press the button
[] Don't press the button
[] Genuflect
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File 163779604763.jpg - (238.66KB, 1000x1415, nygE2F-g1vn1Cv5Y_BZgY1PCH1x3HaHT2XWEE32gPPs.jpg)
Nested genuflection, go!
[[[[[[[[[[X] Genuflect] Genuflect] Genuflect] Genuflect] Genuflect] Genuflect] Genuflect] Genuflect] Genuflect] Genuflect

Jokes aside big red buttons are so turn of the milenium, and the voice DOES want us to give up the sweet chainsaw arm, so anything it says, especially given the override of our senses and apparent need for consent to do anything, should be taken with enough salt to solve the gensokyan salt crisis four Eirins age over again.
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[x] Mmm... Strawberry... Eat the button
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[x] Button
While I would've loved to three-way tie this, button is more enticing.
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[x] Genuflect
Crackpot time: this isn't the real angel. Our real angel didn't need any medium to contact us before. We've yet to genuflect since near the beginning.
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This anon can remember more than "chainsaw" and the immediately preceding post, so I'm going to trust him. I encourage you all to do the same.
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File 163787389696.jpg - (98.63KB, 800x800, Press the button press the button press the button.jpg)
Press the button press the button press the button
Good, you're aiming for the button. Yeah, that's right put your grubby little hand on it, now press it. Press it and finally follow the correct route, let our massacre no our holy crusade begin!

What are you hesitating? Are you perhaps afraid of the consequences of pushing a mere button? Come now there’s nothing to worry about and you’ve got done way mor-you are licking the button.

You are licking the button instead of pressing it. You have failed the most basic test in the world.


How even?

Why couldn’t you press the button? It should have been so simple. HOW ON EARTH DID YOU FAIL SUCH A SMALL TASK?!


No, I won’t get mad. I’m not MAD. This isn’t defeat yet, so I’ll stay calm. I’m going to be patient; I’m going to be NICE. It is not your fault that you failed to do this, clearly, I have set the bar far too high. I apologize for that. My little Rumia, I simply expect a lot from you, and it breaks my heart when you fail to meet them. Which is all of them, you suck. I did not keep in mind your actual competence or state of mind. I’m sorry for the fact that you’re you. Being you of all people must be a nightmare.

Do you forgive me? Of course, you do, I guess this is one of the dumbest things you’ve done heh, to the point I’m almost not surprised at this point. But it’s okay I am laughing you hear that?
I too have a sense of humour, clearly licking an inanimate object is the funniest thing ever.

Also stupid, very, stupid-and why are you getting on your knees, what in the.
“Hello, welcome to th- “How rude of you to try call some other girl right now! Don’t you know women don’t like it when you talk about other women right in front of them? Idiot….

Wait no that’s mean of me! It’s not your fault! You did not choose to be born as you. Clearly something went wrong during your conception that gave you these drawbacks. But retarded girls are the cutest after all, if anything all it does is add some extra nggh! factor to your overall cuteness.

Or were you trying to defy me? Were you trying to call for help? If so, just think a moment. Can you name anyone else who would believe and help you right now? Can you name anyone worthier to be your guardian angel? Can you name even one person? You know that I alone have the power to give you everything you want from that bucket list of yours. I am the only who can make those delusions reality. Your dreams into truth, and your worries into mild afterthought. You just need to accept me.

For I have nothing bad in mind for you, why I quite like you Rumia. In fact, I really don’t like it when you speak to the other voices, so why don’t you make this space just for between you and me?

Not like anything bad will happen if you don’t. Just the fact that you are struggling on your own or with these blank sheets of quirky personalities you call your friends won’t help much in the long run. Now I’m not threatening you, in fact this is a warning. If you don’t press the button, you’ll have a very violent death. Not by my hands of course, but by that of Anon. They’re going to take everything.

No more Wriggle
No more Cirno
No more Mystia
No more Daiyousei
No more Rinnosuke
No more Reimu

Etc, no more friends overall.

Wasn’t that your prime motive? To make sure your friends won’t be harmed. Or were you too dumb to even make up such a relatable goal slash ideal? Did you think this was going to be a fun sausage fest? No homo, or yes homo if you like that. Okay sure, I may have said that you can eat any Anon you meet but that doesn’t mean all are edible. So eh, let’s uh…wait what was I saying again?

Oh yeah, working hard for 17 hours with no break. Now that’s love. Well, I love you too Rumia. I love you so much I can’t stand it. So much…I want to keep you forever. But I can’t do that right now. There’s too much stuff that needs to be done first, but after this whole thing is over, I think it would be nice if we were to meet face to face. You and me, Alone, private with no one else to disturb us.

I’m going to be honest; I was going to let you be free for this entire day, but my heart can’t take it anymore. I need to hear your voice; I want to see your face. I want to meet you so bad right now.

The fact you’re willingly trying to kill yourself by using, if not actually loving an object that’s been stated multiple times by me to be bad news is another factor. Like seriously the hell? Are you trying to extinction yourself to death? Even the dodos were smarter than this? DO NOT USE THE SAW.

Ahem I could have chosen anyone for this adventure, but I chose you. You out of…a lot of people.
You should be honoured by this; this is the greatest chance in your whole existence. So, take it.

The first wave is about to come by the way, in around 5 minutes. Sure, that’s kind of a bomb to drop in the middle of this but I feel like you should know it. You better brace yourself for trouble.

Back to the subject, I’m not sure if this was an accident or not. So, I’m going to give you a second chance. An act of compassion if you will. Put your hand on the button and press it.

Press the Button Rumia. Don’t think, just do what you know is right. Press the button.
Think about everything that’s in stake here, think bigger here. What will you have without me? What will you ever hope to achieve with your own lot, nothing. You will do nothing of note like you’ve done so many times before, you will fail over and over until one failure ends up being fatal. You will not live to see tomorrow if you do not accept my aid. So press the button, for the sake of everyone.

[] Press the Button, press the button, press the button, press the button. PRESS THE BUTTON.

[] Don’t press the button, who is she to decide anything? Are you not Rumia?
[] Man this is boring, you wanna go play with Reimu, Dai and everyone!

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[x] Don’t press the button, who is she to decide anything? Are you not Rumia?
But, uh, I understand if people think that's a little too extreme.
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File 163788823648.jpg - (222.30KB, 850x599, I believe in you anon.jpg)
I believe in you anon
Dare!-That's the only word your dictionary needs to know~

Go ham if you want, being hotblooded is already natural at this point. It's your choice and our fun.
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[X] Rip the button apart
[X] Just put the banana down.

This reminds me of that cyber bullying meme from years ago. But serouisly just put the phone down if someone tries to shit talk to you.
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File 163796212035.png - (102.33KB, 428x242, Dont tell me what to do.png)
Dont tell me what to do
Imagine the words Rumia say when they're capitalized as if she's trying to be a dark lord.

(That’s enough. You’ve heard more than you needed to hear and frankly I am starting to get tired of your nonsense, if you do not the pre-oh, you’re finally actually picking it up. Do go on the-)

The BUTTON of TEMPTATION lies before your HAND, while many of its PROMISES and words are TEMPTING to you...

There feels something AMISS, like WHO is SHE to assume YOU need HELP? WHO is SHE to INSULT YOU like THIS? If anything, the way she tries to CONTROL you only MAKES you want to RESIST even more!

YOU turn the BUTTON around and OBSERVE it’s FEATURES, a deeper feeling LIGHTS inside your CHEST.

(What are you do-) SHUT UP LADY! SHE'S STOLEN enough TIME from YOU. You put DOWN the PHONE with MANLY VIGOR and immediately the voice DISSAPEARS. No longer POSESSING the MEDUIM to speak with your NOBLE MIND.

The BUTTON is HERE, yet at THE same TIME it is NOT. YOU are NOT sure how to EXPLAIN it, but you can FEEL it within you that this BUTTON is NOT really a BUTTON but SOMETHING ELSE. Like the PEN before a CONTRACT with shady SMALL letters so does this BUTTON give these BAD feelings inside you. It is trying to TAKE your FREEDOM. Your INDEPENCE. Your DIGNITY and finally your most ominous, vile, filled with evil darky DARK SOUL!

OR you're HUNGRY again, it's been like what? HALF an HOUR since your last MEAL? You need lots of FOOD to FEAST on so YOU can BECOME a BIG GIRL. The NUTRIENTS are NOT to be NEGLECTED.

Even so the CONCEPT of you ACCEPTING that, is in quite the SIMPLE term…

RIDICULOUIS! You, Rumia the YOUKAI of DARKNESS! the TERROR of the NIGHT! and the reason people go to sleep at a healthy time instead of trying to indulge in activities past 10 pm! have COME to a DECISION. You REJECT the voice’s OFFER, you have no NEED for a GUARDIAN, or a GUIDE or even an ANGEL.

For YOU are the DEVIL! You are the INCARNATION of DARKNESS itself, the PRIMAL FEAR of all LIVING creatures who LIVE under the LIGHT. Your SOURCE was THERE before the UNIVERSE existed, your SOURCE will LIVE alongside the UNIVERSE and still be THERE when EVERYTHING comes to an END. You are ETERNAL, UNSTOPPABLE, and a FORCE OF CHAOS!

EVERYONE casts a SHADOW on the THINGS they STAND on, and there is no USE in moving from PLACE to PLACE to try and SAVE things for the SHADOWS always FOLLOWS. Yet PEOPLE fail to UNDERSTAND that that is a GOOD THING. The STRONGEST trees are ROOTED in the DARK places of EARTH, DARKNESS can be a CLOAK, DARKNESS can be a SHIELD, DARKNESS can be a MILK superior to that of your mother’s FACTORY, DARKNESS can give you STRENGHT above any other. Yet they FEAR it, they FEAR what they CANNOT understand and FEAR what will OUTLIVE them! And that is a GOOD THING thing as well. It is said FEAR that has birthed YOU into this WORLD, it is that FEAR that gives MEANING to your EXISTENCE, it is your JOB nay your very PURPOSE in life to make EVERYONE FEAR it and to DEVOUR those who dare tread within it. Though the MAN EATER goes OFF the CLOCK at 6 AM!

YOU are NOT cute, YOU are NOT something to be SPOILED and FANCIED. The very REMARK of someone TREATING you that way DISGUSTS your very CORE. It FILLS your heart with RIGHTOUS ANGER! If this voice LOVES you as it says, then you HATE her!

Your FIST smashes against the CASE! The WOOD does not YIELD to your STRENGHT and is completely UNHARMED, you PUNCH it AGAIN and the SAME thing happens. Another ATTEMPT proves just as FRUITLESS! The BOX taunts you for your FAILURE!

You CLENCH your fist in SHOCK “What is the meaning of this?!” and are OUTRAGED by your CONTINOUIS FAILURES.

(PFufufuhahahahahhaha!”) You HEAR the voice LAUGH in a MOCKING manner (So in the end you still choose to follow your own *path*, such a delusional view can’t possibl-) BE QUIET WENCH!

You PICK up the PHONE and try to CRUSH it with your BARE HANDS! “There is nothing I can’t do!”

(You’re an idiot who doesn’t know their limit, there’s no way you’ll survive!) the voice SHOUTS back.

“Yes, I can!” you GRIP it MAJESTICALLY with all of your STRENGHT! You will SILENCE this NONSENSE here and now!

(No, you can’t! you won’t achieve anything, you won’t obtain anything, you won’t win!)

“Yes, I can!” you REPLY with EVERYTHING YOU HAVE; you’re STARTING to SENSE something within your RIGHT HAND, it’s as if your WHOLE body has been set on FIRE, energy is FLOWING out of IT and into YOU like a RIVER of TESTORENE “Yes I can! Yes, I can! Yes, I can!” you CHANT rapidly with ZEAL as your WILL becomes more FOCUSED! You REFUSE to give up! You will NEVER let SOMEONE control your FATE! Are you not Rumia?!

(Wait, what am I feeling? The energy coming out of you…there’s no way! It can’t be real!) the voice sounds disbelieving as the sound of pages being turned can be heard (This power, it can’t be the real deal! It must be fake! It’s not scientifically possible! There’s no you way you can draw it out!)

The ENERGY becomes a lot more INTENSE now, your SURROUNDINGS blur BACK into a CLEAR view as you are CLUTCHING your RIGHT ARM on the GROUND while Dai is PANICKING over your shoulder not UNDERSTANDING what is GOING on. She is TRYING to HELP you but NOW isn’t the TIME for that! WAIT it totally is! Your SPINNING blades of VIOLENCE who are now covered in a DARK RED HUE send a MESSAGE to your HEART of DARKNESS! It’s STEEL CRY demands you CUT apart all those who STAND IN YOUR WAY!

You get UP and SWING your WEAPON at the BOX like you’re trying to split a MOUNTAIN in HALF! Your BLADES impact against the WOOD and SPARKS fly out from the IMPACT but it still doesn’t BUDGE! Not a single SPECK, not a single PROOF of being HARMED lies on the ACCURSED RED BUTTON!!

(Fweh!) You can HEAR the voice MOCK you (Of course you couldn’t use it, it was just a false alarm)
GRRRRRR, she’s RIGHT about ONE part. You have no IDEA what to DO with it OTHER than SWINGING it at STUFF, isn’t that what a SAW is SUPPOSED to do ANYWAY? Not only THAT but you don’t even HAVE an ATTACK NAME…But you WON'T be WORRIED! You’ll DEFINITELY come up with a PLAN! And that’s because…

(It’s useless Rumia! There is absolutely no way for you to be able to-) SHUT YOUR MOUTH!


: Your arm TWISTS and DISTORTS as the DARK VEINS BURST out of it and COVER the ENTIRE arm again, a WARM sensation ENVELOPS it just like LAST time and before you know it your NEW ARM has already SWING down! There is no CLASH! No RESISTANCE! As the BOX and even the TABLE and even the FLOOR are completely SLICED APART!

The PHONE falls and DISSAPEARS into the HOLE in the FLOOR, the reaction of the VOICE left unknown.

“What…what in the, what the heck did you do?!” Your friend looks completely SHOCKED by the EVENTS she WITNESSED, her HANDS are put DEFENSIVELY in front of her, ready to FIGHT if NEED be “Who are you?!” She TREATS you like you're a complete STRANGER.

Seeing this as an OPPORTUNITY, you DECIDE to be EDGY AS ALL HELL “I am…” you LOOK at your ARM for a DRAMATIC pause, the BLADES have solely ATTACHED themselves to the BACK of your RIGHT ARM via a single TENDRIL, said ARM itself has returned to its former size but still feels TOUGHER and WARMER, as if a HOT METAL GLOVE has been FORCED into your SKIN.

You MOVE the SAW without even MOVING the ARM attached to it, it’s new REACH letting you SLICE the remaining DEBRIS with the same POWER, with more PRECISION yet less awkward movement. It feels EASIER to USE now and even though it's still HEAVY as hell. You CAN finally USE your RIGHT HAND FINGERS again. And THOSE voices said the SAW was BAD!

“THE DEVIL! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAA!” the REVELATION of your NEW ARM fills you with EVIL DELIGHT, there is no WAY someone will look DOWN on you when you got something this EDGY. "MWAHAHAHAHHAHHAAHAHAHA!" you LAUGH some MORE cause WHY NOT.

That delight turns into pain when Dai slaps you in the face “Get out of Rumia!” and another punch hits you straight on the nose, making you falter back and stop using a fake dark lord tone of voice “I know you’re in there, fight back!” she took your words seriously and is trying to beat the evil entity out of you! “I’m not letting you have her!”

“Stop! I was jokin-ow! I said stop! I’m sorry!” you crouch down and protect your head from her furious attack, despite your numerous pleas she ignores your calls and acts with a frenzy that can only be mimicked by fairies when you steal their candy. You wish for a hero to come to your salvation!

“What is the meaning of this?” As if answering your prayers, the Hakurei arrives. She looks mildly disgruntled and looks like she’s having a hangover. “I can hear your shouts from the livi- “and she stops staring at your turtle tight defence formation with judgemental silence “…Why?”

Daiyousei looks at the Hakurei with a fire in her eyes. “Noble Hakurei maiden, I ask for your aid in exorcising the demon that has resided in my friend! She’s become dumber than usual and is wielding a weapon made of evilest evil that has ever eviled! Please save Rumia from her possession!” She says every word with genuine emotion, it moves your heart despite how wrong it is.

You wish to correct the misunderstanding, but your throat is clogged by emotion. Such loyalty coming from your friend is something you’re not used to. Also, you've shouted a lot and she's kicking you so you're kind of out of breath.

The Hakurei simply nods to her statements and scans the room with her vigilant eyes, frowning for a moment once she sees your vandalism but finally ending on your lowly figure “Is that true?”

Her gaze is enough to get you back to focus “No! I’m just me! Your everyday Rumia!”

“She’s lying!” Dai points at you like you’re a criminal “I saw everything! She talked to a banana, took out a button out of nowhere and then shouts like a maniac only for her hand to transform! IT MAKES NO SENSE! Rumia can’t do that! It has to be the work of an enemy devil!”

The Hakurei lets out a yawn, and takes out her dreaded rod of guaranteed pain and oh god may she have mercy on your soul please don’t hurt me needle “Fine, I’ll do it as a freebie if you both leave afterwards” she says dismissively but you know that deep down she means *I’m doing this for free because you’re my favourite youkai!* but even so this sounds like bad time, a very painful time.

Your body shivers from intense manliness, you are not frozen in place due to both girls looming over you and you are not blubbering out random words in hopes of speaking reason.

You stand up with the noble intent of not backing off only to feel your arms grappled from behind, Daiyousei is the culprit as she looks at you with eyes full of empathy “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt”.
When you look at those eyes, you can’t help but wonder if this really might be something you need.

“Eh, it might hurt...a lot even yknow?” the Hakurei Maiden immediately dissolves that thought. “So, like…hm if my memory is correct. We need to tie her up before I can proceed so...” her rod homes over your head. “It’s easier if she’s knocked out during it” and she raises it higher ready to slam it into your face!

Never have you Rumia been more aware of your imminent demise. While you’ve overcome the terrible trial that is the button to not be pressed on and the rude lady on the phone. Never have you had to face both a determined Daiyousei and an Extermination mode Hakurei.

There is no use trying to resist these women. Your world slows down to a crawl, and you can only apologize to everyone you’ve failed this quest on such a lame note. Fully prepared for your death by jump rope, you apologize to Wriggle for failing to revive her and that you will join her soon despite her not wanting that. You apologize to Mystia for never paying for her food and that her rock and roll is not as revolting as you said it was. You apologize to Rinnosuke for never having thanked him for his kindness and that you appreciate him still letting you into his shop despite the enormous twat you’ve been to him. You apologize to Cirno for having never found her and that you never told her that she’s not as dumb as you jokingly say she is. You apologize to Marisa for uh…something you’re not sure what. You apologize to Daiyousei for-wait she’s trying to kill you! Same for the Hakurei! You curse both of their names…dammit you can’t! You can’t hate either of them!

Wait no, this is wrong. This is entirely wrong! You don’t want to die! You don’t want to end up like the Pale one or the Catgirl. You want to live dammit! No matter the cost! THINK RUMIA THINK!

[] Cry like a baby Use the most powerful ruse in your disposal!
[] Struggle! Fight Back! Don’t go down without a fight!
[] Attempt the distraction manoeuvre, Look it’s a three headed monkey!
[] Accept your incoming death! Confess all your sins before it’s too late!
[] Pray for the Meatball God to save you!
[] Pray for Cirno to save you! Be my freezing hero!

[] SCREW THIS! If you’re going to die, you may as well die like a man!
---[] Head pat Daiyousei!
---[] Head pat the Hakurei Maiden!
---[] Head pat both, you’ve got two arms!
---[] Vow that if you survive, you’ll never head pat a person again!

[] Sing a song promoting pacifism and not beating up little girlies.
[] Faint from all the sudden choices and stress coming to your head.
[] Write in that test your memories, something relevant has been said earlier.
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File 163797230498.jpg - (291.07KB, 800x1000, Rumia_full_845719.jpg)
This situation...
This turn of events...
Even as we seizes fate with our own hands, that fate of sixty years comes round again.

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Well... this is certainly a lot of choices to take in. Uh...

[x] Pray for the Meatball God to save you!
Fuck it, we're in Gensokyo. What's a little more direct divine intervention. I mean, if nobody else has us, then I know MBG got us!

>first wave is about to come by the way, in around 5 minutes
uh oh
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File 163804843577.jpg - (5.93KB, 187x270, Think Rumia.jpg)
Think Rumia
You, Rumia, are the child of the most powerful force in the universe.

It is through the fear of the dark that light has its value, it is because of dark warriors that heroes have foes to strive against. Because man can not see through the dark, they invented fire. Because man cannot understand the dark, their imagination brings forth too many more horrors. Due to the darkness we all know when it’s time to rest. Due to the darkness the world is seen as beautiful.

Though you are not responsible for any of it, your source has birthed many legends!

And do these same powers not flow through your veins? Do you not feel the dark urging to be a bad, very mean if not totally a gremlin kind of little girl? Do you feel it?


You don’t, not at all. The best you can do is make places darker and when your friend turned traitor is grappling you while the Hakurei (Champion of Youkai Exterminator, Ruler of this Paradise, The One Above Reality and all those fancy titles) is looming over you.

That kind of truth becomes very depressing. If not a bitter pill to swallow.

Sure you’ve got the saw and all, but thing is you don’t want this to become a death match. And even if it’s cool as hell, you still never had the time to sit down and understand how it works.

So, what is a girl supposed to do now? What do people do in times of despair? ….! They turn to GOD of course! This is the perfect time for you to demand a MEATBALL MIRACLE!

You shout as loudly as you can for the Meaty Meister’s aid, the intensity of your death cry makes the Hakurei stagger backwards with a pained expression and one hand on her ear, Dai does not seem discouraged the least but even, so you continue your banshee cries for salvation. Not minding the fact you sound like a dying coyote with the lungs of an elephant.

?Hello? this is the-Nwagh!? Some other girl’s voice comes out ?Why are you shouting?! Are you suffering from an emergency? Fear not! I’ll get you out of there as soon as possible! Just close your eyes and think about a location? Sensing the urgency behind your situation, she quickly cooperates.

You comply and think about wanting to be anywhere but he-wait no, you can’t just ditch your comrades! You worked so hard to get them so there’s no way you’ll be satisfied with ending up in a random location. AAAAGH! Decisions smissions, you choose the Hakurei Shrine Entrance!

? Aye, I’ll be ope-actually there’s no time to explain!? After her words, you suddenly fall and have your butt meet the ground with stone cold floor ?Okay you’re here, just uh take care and yeah this is actually against the procedures so do keep this a secret, okay? Bye and call again anytime!?

You get up and quickly dust yourself off while looking at your surroundings, you are indeed in front of the Shrine Entrance. Whatever divine power was needed for that you thank with all your heart.

The view from here is beautiful, if not out of subject. You can see the entirety of Gensokyo from here, from the Human Village in its large splendour having firework shoot out while two giant figures duke it out in their skies, to the Forest of Magic with its magnificent wildlife indulging in warfare if all the bullets and laser lightshow coming out of it is any indication, to the mighty Youkai Mountain standing fiercely tall among its fellows while being covered in snow. Exception being the Bamboo Forest since you can’t see it due to all the mist covering it. Finally, the TINY Ice Figure of someone you don't know soaring through the sky towards your location at a turtle's pace looks quite nice today. But again, all of this is out of subject. You wonder why you can’t focus sometimes. But being aware of so-FOCUS!

You slap your loveable cheeks with your just as loveable hand to concentrate, your comrade has clearly rebelled against you and has managed to get the Hakurei on their side. They are currently unaware of your location but the moment they go outside it will be obvious.

Should you prepare for a fight? Or should you perhaps commence a strategic retreat? You scratch your head in frustration to the dilemma. Maybe you could get Meiling back and turn their number advantage into a fair 2 versus 2? Not like she’s done anything for you so far anyway. Like seriously what’s the point of having her then?

Go make yourself useful or stay forever in the background!

But then again, there’s no way someone can win against the Hakurei no matter how many numbers you have. Her tales of having never been hit is known well throughout the land. She is impossible. Certain death incarnate if anything. She needs noone to help her.

Hold on a minute, numbers…that could be it! You just must challenge Dai to one-on-one honourable combat! If you do that then they can’t possibly gang up on you. Even though Daiyousei had a good intention in heart there’s no way you’ll tolerate insubordination. You need to challenge her and show her who’s boss! Since she won’t believe words, you’ll talk with your fists!

You turn around with a satisfied smile and your legs refuse to move any further. In fact, they are trembling. The reason of can only be one thing, the Hakurei is ready for…. ugh. The mere thought of being vanquished sets a pressure into your chest. The memory of that Cat girl being tied up and gagged makes you only dread the chance it might happen to you even more.

Wait dread? Did you just say you are afraid? How laughable! You should feel no such thing!
You are FEAR itself. How dare you falter your resolve! How dare you think that dying while fighting for what you believe in is not the most awesome thing ever?!


Come on let’s do this! This is just another obstacle to overcome! Another victory to grasp!
And even if failure comes! If that was your limit! Then you will have lived your life without regret!

You look back at the Shrine and let out the manliest wait don’t! They might hear you!

Yeah, that would have been dumb, but what now?

You're just standing in front of the Shrine Entrance like a kid that got lost, there are stairs leading downards while the entrance itself is right in front of you. You see no more weirdos squatting outside so they must have gone inside and you swear you can see a glimpse of something blue trying to ninja it's way through some window into the shrine.

[] Go back in! A real youkai faces her challenges head on!
--[] Challenge Daiyousei, how dare she rebel!
--[] Challenge the Hakurei, you feel suicidal bold today!

[] Let's investigate the blue bandito, you're not avoiding your problems that way no sir.
[] Hold on a minute...you feel like you should take a better look at the landscape again.
[] Enter the Shrine and demand Meiling makes herself more useful, you did a sidequest for her dammit!

[] Write in slash go somewhere else.


Anon chose to follow their own path, the fact said path may have plenty of options and may lead to self doubt or some may be useluss distractions is the con of having said freedom.
Focus on achieving a goal no matter how small or big it is and you may prosper.

Actually I can help with that, which I should be doing in the first place.

[X] Revive Wriggle by finding doll by finding Marisa is the mainquest at the moment. A main quest is something you decide all takes absolute priority at the moment. While you can accept multiple stuff if not try to make multiple goals come true, you'd still have to decide that one takes more focus than the others. And of course, it would progress more quickly that way too.

You can change that goal if you want, but for now I'm treating it like that's the case. And you should know where Marisa is under around 2 or 3ish updates from now as a result.

Also uh yes
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[X] Hold on a minute...you feel like you should take a better look at the landscape again.
...Giant figures? That sounds unusually manly.
Image Source
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File 163810559027.jpg - (255.29KB, 800x750, That is quite so.jpg)
That is quite so
Hold on a minute, you feel like you shrugged off something very important.

Like a gazelle who shrugs of a moving bush only to have their neck snapped by a stalking lion so too can incaution lead to your very possible impending doom. You turn back to the stairway once more.

And take a deeper look at the landscape, well not really deeper since you’re not a hawk with zooming eyes but you do try to make more sense of the shapes in the distance as much as your shade covered body (Curse you Sun!) can figure out. If only you had a tool for seeing further away then this would be easier.

The Human Village like you’ve said got two colossal things? Creatures duking it out above it. One seems to be a horned figure with long flowing brown, orange hair covering their back while the Other looks like an…uh a Machine? A big kind of tin can woman! Both are clenching their fists against one another while firework is shot at the both of them by ant sized figures. Looks like quite the juicy battle.

As for the Forest of Magic, it turns you were wrong. It’s just a bunch of people playing danmaku with each other. Which really shouldn’t be unusual if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s the middle of the day and not night. You can’t really see anything more from this distance.

Thirdly is Youkai Mountain, it is covered in snow. Pure white everywhere and it’s surrounded by a sort of snowstorm. Looks like someone is messing with the weather again or so-who gives a carp.

Le Foret du Bamboo is covered in mist. That’s it. That’s literally all.

Finally, the tiny figure in the distance has become a little larger as the distance between where it came from, and your location has been decreased. You bet it’ll be here in like 2 to 3 minutes from now if your forced education has actually been useful.

Other than that it looks familiar to you for some reason.

But anyway life is like usual, this is a completely normal day. Guess you were wrong in suspecting that you were unsuccessfully suspecting something in a good way.

“Little girl who’s about to be pushed down some stairs says what?”

“What?” you say as you turn ar-get hit in the face by a heavy ton of large icicle boots combined with the speed of a dropkicking Dai.

Turns out you were the one that was going to be dropkicked down some stairs, and dropkicked you were just like you are falling down said stairs right now.

Who knew you would have fulfilled the prophecy?

Now you’d think your innate resistance to non-magical physical damage would make the entire process of tumbling down hundreds of stairs with your face and body smashing against the stone tiles at a faster and more painful rate as the longer you go down into an easy if not calm harmless experience.

But it does not, this is not fun at all.

Cause sure it doesn’t break your bones or even your skin, but the feeling of pain is still something that everyone feels. It hurts a lot as you topple head over heel, heel over head and other body parts going into angles they should not be due to your continued graceless descent. You don’t even know when it will end since all the while the only thing you can do is repeat ow over and over and over and over.

Until finally you do reach the bottom, you get up and examine yourself.

Your body is unharmed, other than a broken nose and some stinging sensations in your skin alongside nausea from the experience. All is ok.

Wait never mind, there is a small yet insignificant bump on your head.

Your clothes however have been dirtied once more, the disgustingly white clothes have been shredded in some places and mudded in others. The fact you finally have an excuse to replac-where is your hat?

You touch your head; the white hat the vampire gave you is gone. It is not on the ground and is nowhere to be seen. You lost your hat.

While that is something you normally wouldn’t care about that hat was quite useful, you could enter places without the sun sniping your eyes because you forgot to make place darker and a hat is a hat and headwear is a very valued kind of equipment in this realm. You literally cannot buy another hat in a cloth store without having to pay the equivalent of an arm and a leg, not to forget the principle behind the thing. You’re afraid the loss of this treasure does not sit well with you.

How dare they? How dare they take your hat? Being pushed down some stairs you could forgive but when someone takes your hat, they will either beg for mercy or die a very gruesome death. You feel like you’re going to make do with both answers at once.

Your transgressor, also known as Daiyousei is walking down the stairs at a pace one would consider menacing. She has her sleeves curled back making her muscles quite apparent, not only that but she is armed with a boomerang and has a glint in her eye that sends the message that she too has very violent intentions towards you as well.

How very improper of her, what was once a dear ally has shown her true colour as a wild beast that yet to be tamed. Though a small part of your oh so merciful heart has a longing to attempt reasoning with her the other majority wants to establish dominance by beating the noggins out of her brain palace. Even were she to die she would come back anyhoo, so this is perhaps if not the excellent time for one to test out their new exterminator.

Would you not be justified to do so?

[] Come now chap, let’s show the damsel what it really means to kerfuffle someone’s head nozzle.
[] Hold on a moment there, the gentlewoman inside you demands you reason with the fey. Is this nothing more than a misunderstanding?
[] Alley hoo, perhaps you should worry more about the consequences of your graceless fall and attempt to remediate the bumpy part.
[] Hmm, a magnificent idea came to you. Perhaps a small gentle song could reduce the blood demand in the air. It could always be a nice try.
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[X] Come now chap, let’s show the damsel what it really means to kerfuffle someone’s head nozzle.
Show the broad your skills. She'll recover. Physically at least.
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[X] Hold on a moment there, the gentlewoman inside you demands you reason with the fey. Is this nothing more than a misunderstanding?

I've got two reasons to reccomend this.

1-The fight patterns so far were: weaker foe meets stronger foe, gets shit kicked in. Somehow wins anyway. And this time Dai is weaker than us so the underdog powa must surely be within her.

2-She's our friend, and friends don't fight!

[X] Ask writer to show us a compilation of every injury Rumia has had so far in this adventure.

I'm just curouis on this one, but it doesn't have to be in the same update if that's too much work.
Image Source
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File 163812892378.jpg - (96.98KB, 600x600, Ouchie Ouchie Compilation.jpg)
Ouchie Ouchie Compilation


Also no to the compilation, do it yourself if you want.
Cause seriously that's weird. Why would you want to know that?

NOT SUCKER! Aka I'm just joking.

In Chronological order you've been....while not including mental status....

Hit in the face by a rock because you genuflected
Hit your face against the ground due to an failed landing (did not hurt)
Kicked in the knee by Wriggle (did not hurt)
Tripped by Wriggle so she can have a head start during a race. (did not hurt)
Get knocked out by Wriggle and smashed into Marisa's house.
Grew a chainsaw arm, which wasn't a pleasant process.
Acid grappled by a Fanon Master.
Crushed by weight.
Set on fire willingly
Get defeated by a locked door due to feeling weak.
Slapped by Marisa.
Shot with Cold Water by Rinnosuke. (did not hurt, pretty spoooky though)
Shanked by some random outsider slash Red Knight.
Be munched on by Cirno while you're sleeping in a flashback. (did not hurt).
Slam your head against Reimu's table.
Smash your head against Reimu's floor while Super Genuflecting.
Fail to jump awesomely through a window (did not hurt)
Single Round Combo'd into KO by Marisa.
Kicked by her on the ground like you're garbage.
Have a hot object inside your stomach.
Almost blow up.
Cut it out to get it out.
Get set on fire by a green fuzball
Almost get eaten whole by a monster fish.
Fell into a bear trap in a flashback.
Get burned by the sun multiple times due to carelessness.
Get scratched and kicked by a Fairy you forcefully Head patted (You monster)
Get your head cracked open by a super speeeeeeeedo Tupai. (Remilia's pet).
Hand gets mildly burned when touching Remilia's bed door.
Your heart explodes mysteriously (It totally wasn't because Remilia was getting bored of you)
Get hit a lot during a danmaku match against Dai offscreen.
Get your shit kicked by a furious leaf goddess.
Smacked in the face by a wooden cup by Reimu (didn't hurt).
Dai beats you up again because you're acting super weird.
Dai drop kicks you down some stairs and is determined to beat your shit in.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's all folks!

Serouisly don't get it why you wanted that, but now I'll go wait for the tie to be resolved.
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[X] Hold on a moment there, the gentlewoman inside you demands you reason with the fey. Is this nothing more than a misunderstanding?

Stop acting like an demonic edgelord and Dai will stop trying to beat the Devil out of you.
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[x] Hold on a moment there, the gentlewoman inside you demands you reason with the fey. Is this nothing more than a misunderstanding?

Not to mention the countless amount of trees we've run into (those that were and weren't moving both).
Image Source
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File 163820883024.jpg - (12.60KB, 249x203, DAI IS GONNA GIVE IT TO YA.jpg)
Never have been you, Rumia. Gentlewoman Extraordinaire been so offended in your life.

The green haired damsel before you has disrespected your authority by defying you, your intellect by insulting you and finally your dignity by throwing you down the stairs like a pair of dominos stacked for the whims of a child. Such an insult towards you cannot be forgiven.

You want to walk up those stairs and give her an appropriate head nozzle but alas you are bound by a greater sentiment, a code of honour if you will. That of the gentlewoman’s code to be precise.

And a gentlewoman does not what she wants, but what she must do. And in these trying times your friend has grown the delusion that you are possessed due to her inability to properly recognize the splendour of another. Alas such a small mind must be opened to the real world, and you can help with that. Indeed! It is your duty as her grand leader to give her the proper example on how to act.

“Oh Ho Ho Ho” you release a hearty laugh as you clean your appearance as much as you’re able. And turn with your arms outstretched to receive your aggressor with mercy and understanding and most importantly…PATIENCE! “Daiyousei dear, that was most certainly a magnificent kick. And while I respect the motive behind your actions, I’m afraid I have to correct you on a misunderstanding we have~” and you explain to the lady, any and all reasons on how she is incorrect and needs not worry.

The lady stops walking, glare still in place as she looks up at the sky “…” she seems to be thinking about your words. Which is great news for Daiyousei is a smart girl who should know you’re right.

You bravely take a step forward, hands still ready for a most wholesome cuddle. While the act of physical comfort makes you very uncomfortable. You can fight the urge to vomit just this once.

Dai freezes the boomerang solid and moves it up and down as if by telekinesis, you promptly take a step back because you too can read the warning of being smacked in the face by it if you continue.

“Daiyousei…” you think about your next words, “Do you have no faith in me?” and appeal to friendship.

Her fists twitch in response to that and she lets out a huff of frustration “I formally work as an ice sculptor of the lake, but during my spare time I host monthly book clubs meeting in the forest with my more educated fey sisters. My favourite taste is lime and I strongly favour the smell of lavender and citrus. I also enjoy pineapples and anchovies, even more on the occasional pizza much to the dislike of my compatriots. When I see a scary movie, I may flinch at startling and shocking scenes. I never squeal, however. To my dismay any horror made by man is far too mild compared to my daily life.”

What?…She starts walking down the stairs again, all the air turning from gentle warm to bitter cold.

“When I think I’m alone, I whistle and air drum to songs I like. I’m a fan of blues and rap yet I listen to Prism River songs when I want a mix-up. On that note, I am something of an artisan. And have entered contests dedicated on reviewing things I create alongside my fellows. I have also gotten into many debates over friendliness and risk of offending those who see those sculptures. Personally, I lean towards authenticity and if someone is offended by an art piece, then they can cry as much they like.
I believe art is meant towards expressing yourself and not about how others feel about it.”

Why is she monologuing? And why does look so calm now? “What are yo- “

“Because I want to make it clear that I’m just a person, despite what you’re about to endure. Not a crazy bitch who’s overly possessive, or some idiot who can’t read lines. Just a flawed insecure person like everyone else. It also reminds me of the things Lily and the other fairies like about me so that’s nice. Really boosts my confidence and makes me focus too, quite the psych up. Also, Devil, I’m aware you already know my name but I’m going to say it again: The person you’re about to be owned by you just call her your Buddy, okay? But if you must know my real name…” She stops at the bottom and removes her dress, revealing a sarashi beneath it to cover her modesty and a scar on her chest.
“*Big Fairy*, At least that’s the name I was born with. I translated it to Daiyousei instead since the former seemed very lacklustre even though this one is kind of the same. A few hundred years of guarding the lake later some people started calling me Die-You-Say? But that always felt overly edgy and dramatic for my tastes. Sure, people throw weapons and coins in the lake as offering, sometimes even themselves for some reason. And sure, accepting those lives as offerings may count as technical blood sacrifices but hey, I’m not the moron who jumped into an ice-covered lake! …Again, just call me buddy for now. It’s simpler that way. But anyhow that’s enough of myself. What about you?”

“W-what about me?” you feel your blood beat quicker, Dai has a completely different Aura now. Her gaze is cold, and bloodlust can be felt coming out of her every pore….” I’m just me Rumia lad!”.

She stares at you and sighs, before disappearing into nowhere, her spot replaced by green and blue kunai coming straight for you like a barrage aiming to kill, this isn’t friendly danmaku!

You respond a little too late and by the time you rise to dodge, your chainsaw rises to life and deflects most of the shots with rapid slices and dices without your input. As if it has an auto defence.

Most does not mean all though, and a burning sensation hits your left leg and right side. It doesn’t handicap you but it’s remarkable enough to moan about. Even so you look for Dai in the air.

You don’t see her anywhe-block! You turn around and block a melee blow aimed for your head. Your saw hits Dai’s boomerang but fails to cut it apart as she backs away having failed to knock you out.

“Tsk, I see your toy has gotten a lot faster?” She dodges another slice of it and backs away just out of range “But it can’t go further than 2 to 3 meters, in that case...” and she disappears again.

Again, you look around in caution, the fact she’s genuinely trying to hurt you just now coming to you. But why would she do that? There’s no logic that could justify that. “What is wrong with you?!”

[White Birch]: Your answer comes in 5 white stars being shot around your surroundings. Which explode in large line of clustered kunai’s trapping you inside the area while slower yet larger bullets lazily home around. Daiyousei is a few feet in the air holding an active spell card with zero intent of letting you run away from this encounter “Nothing, I’m just going to knock you out, drag your ass to Eientei and get my friend the treatment she needs! You can thank me later!” and the boomerang is floating around her as if she’s controlling with the other. She really is determined to beat your ass.

…You attempt to reason with her one last time “Don’t do this Dai! I’ve already beaten you once and I can do it again if I must! Stop this nonsense already please!” as you don’t want to fight her.

Dai puts her hand on her hip, looking at you like you’re a child “You thought you defeated me? Pah, clearly, you’ve never heard about holding back. No…all you achieved in our last battle was postpone your own humiliation. Like a fisherman returning to shore for a forgotten rod only to come back to the lake and be drowned by the wild waves!” She is suddenly covered in ice and charges at you, ready to break your face, teeth, and everything with another blasted dropkick! “NOW TAKE THIS!

…G-good grief, though it may displease you. A gentlewoman does what she has to do....
And sometimes that requires you kick the nuzzle out of someone! Let’s do this!

[] A kick? You call that a kick? You’ll show her a real attack! AIM FOR A HOMERUN!
[] Hell no! you’re not taking that! Back off and use Danmaku instead! SPELLCARDS AHOY!
[] Refuse to harm her, refuse to fight at all. YOU BELIEVE IN YOUR FRIENDS!
[] Write in.
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File 163822311327.jpg - (56.38KB, 640x480, images.jpg)
[X] Refuse to harm her, refuse to fight at all. YOU BELIEVE IN YOUR FRIENDS!

Rumia's a tough girl, she can take a dropkick or two!
Through victory may come to us if we fight is it not better to obtain our friend's loyalty through sheer respect? Surely our manliness in not hurting our pal will shine through!

Also the cheese of doing that is just excellent
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[x] Refuse to harm her, refuse to fight at all. YOU BELIEVE IN YOUR FRIENDS!

We'll wait the dumb out of her, but reserve the right to bitch slap her if it takes too long. We've got important things to do!
Image Source
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File 163829501097.png - (29.55KB, 141x142, GENTLEWOMAN.png)
Let no one say you’re a coward, whether it’s a fight or a challenge. A race or a game you are never one to back off on things.

Except there are exceptions, one being to harm your cherished ones.

Gentlewoman or not, you simply are unable to harm your friends. They are a good bunch after all, and even though Dai is trying to hurt you.

She’s doing it because she wants to help you.

All the bruises and cuts she gave you are out of love!

They’re unwanted but appreciated!

Anyhow you’ve got the perfect way to end this fight, you’re not going to fight back because that would hurt her but instead calmly and patiently wait for her to tire out.

Once she’s out of energy she’ll realize how amazing you are for having defeated her without throwing a single pu-

Your face is smashed into a pulp by Dai’s attack, the sheer force makes your skull crack, and your tongue gets cut by your own teeth. The pain is accompanied by a sensation so cold it’s like your face has been burned! Your skin gets ripped off as if it got stuck to frozen metal!

The knockback makes you fly off like a ragdoll, blood coming like a trail of clouds. You lose all sense of space as the pain of being hit by danmaku makes you realize you’ve been kicked out of the cage!

You smash against a few trees but are finally stopped by another, before you can come back to your senses the tree falls on you and lands the final blow, knocking you out with no retort!

If you had the resolve to fight you would have been able to easily dodge that attack, if not counter it. But hesitation followed with wistful thinking made you lower your guard at the worst possible time. You regret that decision now.

Everything turns black…you’ve lasted 17 hours, let that be your morbid solace…

Still who knew a tree would be the end of you someday...
Image Source
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File 163829527866.jpg - (318.53KB, 1500x1050, Darkness everwheere.jpg)
Darkness everwheere
…You open your eyes groggily, but you can't see a thing. More importantly, how dare Dai knock you out?! You immediately get up ready to kick ass-where are you?

Nothing responds to your question; you only see darkness around. There are no signs of life to be heard and no warmth to be felt. All you feel is that the floor is stone cold, like you’re walking on a material that’s artificial…uh you’re totally lost basically.

That’s literally it, darkness left, right, up and down. Almost like you’re covered in your own.
Naturally you’re not worried since wherever you are is just another realm to conquer.

After all are you not Rumia? You were born in the darkness, moulded by it, so who would you be to fear it? If anything, you’re just glad you didn’t wake up in a sunflower field.

So, you go ahead and explore the place, because there’s literally nothing else to do anyway. So, you walk and walk, and finally fly once you realize you can do that and stop to look at yourself: You’re completely unharmed, as if your ass did not get kicked hard just now.

Weird, even your regenerative powers would have needed a solid hour of resting after being throw some stairs and double dropkick…. you totally should have won that. YOU CALL BULLSHIT! Like seriously is everyone super strong or is your stamina just garbage?!

“Danmaku is used for a reason” you hear a voice say out of nowhere and recognize a fire some distance.

Strangely it’s shine does not make the surrounding darkness disappear, only highlight the fact it’s there. Which is the exact same darkness as the one you’re using. What in the hell.

“Hey, you ARE awake right? I can feel your presence, unless you sleepwalk?” the voice calls out to you again, as if confused by your inaction, which you can understand a bit.

Because you’re kneeling on the ground, genuflecting without getting an answer.

Because you realized something, if you’re surrounded in darkness after suffering a big walloping.

D-does that mean you’re dead?

Did you actually die?!

[] No! You can’t be dead! ITS NOT POSSIBLE! IT CAN’T BE! IT CAN’T BE!
[] Uh, no that can’t be right. Surely there’s a way to circumvent this right? Maybe you’ll have to play a game with the reaper or accept some funny side quest to come back to life, right?
[] You’re dead, your friend is still dead, other people will become dead and you failed at your goal. You suck at life; the whole world hates you and you deserve only the biggest of hells.
[] Well, it was a fun life, let’s see what other stuff this place has in store for you.

Stages of grief basically
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 16383493149.jpg - (614.62KB, 1000x1300, Rumia_full_2905668.jpg)
[X] Decide to not be dead!
[X] Acquire food, you're hungry~☆

FUCK BEING DEAD, actually are we dead or is this going to be unknown voice number 3? or uh 4?

Rumia's head could harbor a sitcom at this point.
Delete Post
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OOC: Of course you're not dead.

As if I'd kill you off because of an random decision..

The vote rn is just Rumia's reaction on thinking that's she's dead. (Towards which not giving a shit and being hungry instead is valid I gues....)
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 163836557046.jpg - (21.94KB, 500x504, USE YOUR POWER ANON.jpg)
Nah, you can’t be dead. Dead people can’t worry about whether or not they’re dead in the first place so unless you turned into an undead flesh seeking abomination you should be fine.

Even so, maybe you are wrong? Maybe you are dead! If so you decide to be dead no longer.

Who are you to have your tale end on such a lame note anyway?

There’s only one respectable way to die these days!

And that’s dying after a grueling battle with the hero on top of an evil castle!

You don’t have an evil castle or a hero to fight, therefore now is not the time to die!

“I’m hungry…” you pat your belly for now is the time to FEAST, and march towards the fire because fire is good and you can use the fire to COOK something delicious. “Where is the food at?” you ask.

“There’s no food here” the voice says again, its echo coming from everywhere at once.

“Who decided that?” you say into the void, mighty offended at the lack of hospitality. There’s no delicious food, cold drinks or waitresses to be rude towards to. This place sucks already.

“No one did? It’s just a simple fact, there’s no life within here” the voice says seemingly confused.

“Why?” you fold your arms together and pout.

“Because this is darkness” the voice says as if that makes sense.

“Why?” you ask the voice

“What do you mean why?” the voice asks you about your question

“Why is there no food in darkness?” you answer said question with another question.

“Because there’s no life in darkness, you can’t eat something that isn’t there”

“Who decided that?” you demand an explanation again, you want your damn food already.

“Uh…me? Everyone else? We all know that…no one knows a living one in the darkness?” it spouts out with hesitation, as if it didn’t expect that kind of question and wants to be seen as smart.

“And because no one knows a person that lives in darkness, it’s impossible for there to be one?” you counter the logic, you live in the darkness and that’s a fact no democracy can take from you!

“No, but…” the voice pauses for a moment as if to think, you note that the voice sounds completely dull and heavy, like someone that broke their voice “Why would someone live in the dark? And what would they do there? I mean…people need light, water and something to eat-“

“Which you still haven’t given to me by the way, nor your name!” you point out like a master debater. “Besides I don’t need light, it burns my skin and is unpleasantly warm. So I like darkness~”

“Well you won’t find any here, just darkness, some stone and a fire. It’s not nothing, but I can understand if you’re not satisfied by th-wait where are you going?” it calls to you as you walk away.

“I’m leaving duh, got buts to kick. Wriggles to revive and better stuff to do rather than wasting my time talking philo something with mysterious voices. Like seriously how many are there of you?”

“Don’t be so hasty, it’s not like I’m your enemy” the voice says, not having gone any lower despite the fact you’re already flown away from the fire….only to see it again after some distance.

“Great….timey spacey nonsense again, I just want to kick Dai’s ass! Is that too much to ask?”
“What were you looking for anyway? I mean by walking away”

“I don’t know, something like a wall or a door with an exit sign right above it”

“There’s no such thing here.”

“So I can’t leave then?”

“I guess so?”

“Is that so?”

“I guess”


“So it isn’t sure then?”

“That is correct”

“Why is that?”

“Cause nothing in this world is sure”

“But are we actually still in ‘the world’?”

“Do you have any idea how confusing you are?” the voice says with a confused tone.


Silence, seems the voice is out of words. “Ahem, can we just get to the point please?”

“Depends on where the point is, I can’t see it anywhere in this darkness”.

“Just head back to the fire for now”

“What will you do if I don’t?” you say just because you can.

“Nothing? I’d be sad I guess, but you want to leave right? The sooner we’re done the sooner you get to go.”
“So you’re holding me hostage against myself?”

“No! I mean no, sorry for shouting. Look, I’m just doing my job okay? Please cooperate.”

“What if I walk away from the fire? You can’t tell me what to do! I’m my own boss now!”

“….You won’t end up anywhere if you do that” The voice seems to do it’s best to stay patient “This place isn’t endless, once you reach the ‘end’ you’ll be sent back to the ‘start’. It’s a waste of effort”.

“Nothing is pointless if you put your mind to it!” and you continue walking, and walking.

Followed with some more walking.

More walking, and guess what? more walking!

Finally you end it with a walk “Except this, this may be pointless” you admit as you stop.

“Just go back to the fire, I want to show you something.”

“What’s the magic word?”

“What do you mean?”

“You have to say pretty please, that’s the magic word.”

“Pretty please then.”

“Pretty please what?”

“…Go back to the fire, pretty please.”

“No!” you cackle like a villainess, pleased by your amazing deception.

“…” The voice audibly inhales, before exhaling “Then what are you going to do?”

That’s a fair question, you think about it and look at the fire in the distance.

Its shine is the only light in this dark filled realm, perhaps you could eat the fire, and then you would feel warm inside.

And when you feel warm inside that means your stomach is filled with the yum yums.

And when you are filled with the yum yums you will have more energy to do stuff.

Not only that but fire emanates light and light is the other side of the coin of dark, neither can exist without the other so that means this fire cannot exist without you as well.

It needs to be inside of you so its flames can make you stronger!

“I am going to eat the fire!” Before the voice can respond you shove your hand into the flam-OUCH and pull it back, it’s been burned a bit and hurts to touch. It also lacks a chainsa-wait hold on a sec.

“Why did you do that?” the voice asks you again.

You pat your own body from head to toe, you are wearing the same dark clothes you know and love and other than that you lack the saw on your arm as well as the ribbon on your head. The pain of the burn wound slowly disappears and you realize that this means something but aren’t sure of what.

“Hey! Why did you actually try to do that? There’s no way you were serious right?”

“…I didn’t know the fire would be THAT hot” so it’s not your fault it didn’t work.

“B-but fire is hot, it’s only logical that fire is hot. Why would you think it’s not it?”

“Eh, this place does seem a tad weird no? I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t burn me”.

“Uhuh, okay it was great talking with you and everything. But let’s get back to the point.”

“I don’t see a point anywhere” you look around “Only darkness everywhere.”

The voice ignores you “Look at the fire, it makes light. Quite the eyesore right? I want you to understand something but words themselves won’t convey it that well. Therefore I want you to turn off this light without touching the fire, no hands or danmaku, make the light go out without contact”.

“Uh…” you look at the fire “I don’t know how to do that” and you give up immediately.

“Come on, think a little. You are the Youkai of darkness right? You already have everything you need.”

“Why should I do it anyway?”

“Pretty please do it, once that’s done you get to go back. That’s a promise”.

How do you turn the fire’s light out without touching it or using danmaku?


Come on Anon, you can do this.

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[x] Pee on it.

It ain’t danmaku and we ain’t touching it, and I don’t see any other water sources around here.
Delete Post
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[x] Pee on it.
I dont want to. but I am legally required to second this.
Pretty sure we could even just use our darkness powers to cover the thing, but eh-
wait are we still fused to the chainsaw
are we gonna pee gasoline
oh no
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[x] Token use power in new way vote.
I'm pressing it! I'm pressing the plot button!

Also, I'm convinced that this is bigger Rumia or the darkness itself talking, so there's not much reason to frustrate ourselves in our own headspace.
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We destroyed that button remember?
Delete Post
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Fine, you want to piss on the fire? You'll get to do it allright! (Honestly made me chuckle for a few seconds when I read that, kudos to you Anons).

Just managed to overthink it a bit. expect the update today.


That's exactly what I was hoping for, also maybe.

Danke for pressing the plot button. We can continue then with no probs.


Think the above meant a metaphorical button and not the litteral one, and yeah the latter is kaput.

Again, update will come today. See you soon.
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File 163856816978.png - (354.52KB, 1280x1654, PUZZLE SOLVED.png)
Turning off the fire without using your hands or danmaku huh?

That might be a pickle, but there’s nothing you can’t figure out!

You rub your forehead in concentration, it’s easier to think after all when your brain juices are flowing around smoothly, that way a good idea smoothie can be made. And come it does!

“Oh, did you figure it out?” the voice notices your confidence, and awaits eagerly.

You put your arms on your dress and flash the fire! Having seen your panties, the police will come to arrest it for being in league with the torpedoes and predator missiles. You smirk at your ingenuity.

The fire does not respond in anyway, it continues crackling in peace and no law enforcement comes to arrest it. The voice does not respond either and the silence becomes almost overbearing…

Hold on a moment, “D’oh, I’m an idiot…” you realize what is wrong with your logic.

“I’m not sure that limited intellect is the problem here….” The voice responds in embarrassment.

The answer is obvious, there is no police in Gensokyo! That’s an Outside World thingy humans have, of course the fire would not care for your accessories. It isn’t held accountable by law in the first place. The fire is a force of nature, the symbol of light itself. Its status is too high to be arrested!

“Uh, what exactly are you doing just standing around like that?”

You gasp in shock and recoil from the display of such power, your knees weaken and one of your legs falls forcing you into a half state of genuflecting. There’s no way! This kind of power is cheating! Its monstrous strength reminds you of the many obstacles you’ve faced before: from the Treacherous Trees Trickeries to the Sun’s Solar Stings, from the Evils inside Fairy kind to the Horrors of Keine’s schoolhouse…None of them compared to the foe lying before you!

“Hey, you seem to be struggling here. Look it’s rather simple. Just d-“

“I’m going to be killed, this is where I’ll meet my end!” for it is the flames of JUSTICE! A concept so pure, so eternal that not a single shade would be ever able to cover it. There is not a single way you would be able to harm it. You cannot douse the flames of such a powerful concept on your own…

Douse…hold on a moment if the fire is stronger than the dark. Then surely it must have a weakness? That’s how elemental stuff works right?! Fire beats Wood like when you set the forest on fire! Wood beats Earth like uh…the tim- you don’t know NEXT! Metal beats water like Rin-chan’s secret weapon! and finally Water beats Fire because Fire dies the moment it becomes wet, and that’s how you’ll win! You have to make the fire wet! But you don’t have any water…except the one in your bladder.

Wait no, you don’t mean to…p-p-p-spray your potion of marking territory for such a futile thing, right? Not only won’t the smell not persist but it’s not like anyone will come across the scent anyway. Besides you need that yellow juice for other purp-NO! IT’S DO OR DIE TIME DAMMIT!

“Okay you know what? I expected too much from you, so the answer- “

“One splash from me will set you straight! After this I’m going to murder a fey mate!”
You flex your stomach muscles and lean over the fire; you squeeze as hard as you can but not a single droplet comes out. Are you seriously having a dry spell right now? When was the last time you drank water?! You touch your mouth and realize you’ve got dry ass lips as well. Isn’t that inconvenient. Wait you did drink some wine earlier, didn’t you? Maybe you just have a shy bladder…

“AHEM, are you done fooling around?” the voice doesn’t seem to realize what you’re doing.

“Could you look away? You’re making me feel nervous and I can’t pee this way!” you declare with manly vigour; indeed, this is all the fault of the mysterious voice. You need peace before you can piss.

“What” a flat tone leaves the voice.

“I said look away!” you demand again.

“S-So wha, I-uh. So, you can piss on the fire?” the voice sounds completely off-guard.

“Yes” you reply with pride, glad to see it understands your genius now.

“Why would you do that?” oh never mind, they’re an idiot.

You explain it in a slow and loud way, so the dumb brain has a better chance of understanding “So…. I… can… turn… it… off… without… MY… HANDS… or… DANMAKU” let no one say you’re mean.

“That’s not the correct solution! That’s NOWHERE near appropriate!” the voice hisses back.

“What do you me- “

“DO I LOOK LIKE A PERVERT?! WHY WOULD I ASK A LITTLE GIRL TO PISS ON A FIRE?!” Oh boy, looks like the voice took it really personal…” Y-you are just messing with me, aren’t you? There’s no way…”.

“Psh, of course!” you put your dress down and shrug “What’s the correct solution anyway? NOT that I don't know!”.

“…You were supposed to use the power of darkness”.

“But if I do that, I’ll become blind as well, I can’t see if everything beco- “.

“NO, YOU M-…. Sigh, look let’s make this simpler” the voice pauses “Let’s see what you’re already capable off. You can cover yourself in a bubble of darkness and you can make the entire area you’re in become like a late evening if not a pitch-black void if you so desire. Correct?”.

“Yes, so?” what is it getting towards?

“You can cover YOURSELF in DARKNESS (Protecting yourself from light and heat, but also blinding you), you can cover the AREA in DARKNESS (Blinding everyone, self-included). You can control how much LIGHT comes through said DARKNESS, so tell me have you ever tried covering something in DARKNESS without letting it affect your person? Have you ever bothered exploring your ability?”.

“I still don’t get it…besides that sounds like too much work, I’ve got more than I need!”

“Remember that time you were interviewed by that Crow Reporter? You covered the whole place in darkness yet let in a tiny bit of light so you and ONLY you could actually read anything right?”.

“I did? I can’t be bothered to remember such stuff, so what are you getting at?”.


“What do you mean nothing?”

“Nothing as in I’m not going to spell it out for you, I’ve given you enough hints and if you insist on playing dumb or fooling around even now then I’ve vastly overestimated you”.

“Hey! Don’t you dare insult me! I’m the Youkai of Darkness, the terror of the night and stuff!”.

“THEN ACT LIKE IT!” the voice sounds agitated now, and it lets out a sharp sigh. “Look, you’re here for a reason. Call it destiny that we meet here. You my friend, are literally on the verge of death. Which is something I’m exploiting in order to speak to you right now and yes, it’s fucking ridiculous. I expected you to last a lot longer but clearly you…no I won’t lower myself to insults. WHAT I’m trying to say is, that today might be your lucky day. That you do indeed have the potential you keep boasting about even though everyone else RIGHTFULLY thinks you’re full of shit. But you’re never going to live long enough to reach it if you keep acting this way. If you want power then you need to work for it, adapt to your surroundings, learn from your mistakes and all that gizmo. If someone’s stronger than you then don’t just rush at them with a weapon you’ve never used before! Fight smarter, use every tool you got to bring the circumstances in your favour instead o-dammit I’m rambling!” it concludes pre-emptively, and you can hear a noise behind you.

You turn around and see that’s a door, a literal door covered in light.

“Look, long story short. I’m giving you a choice: Take the door out, wake up and you get to continue your whole adventure like this was nothing but a silly dream. Or think for once and show me that there is more to you than meets the eye, that you can do more than just…pissing on fires. Which again is fucking disgusting regardless on if you honestly think that’s a good idea or just some masterful troll pretending to be dumb so you can get away with stuff easier. I can’t tell and don’t care which one of those you are but even I have standards. Make that decision and let us be done”.

[] Press the plot button Actually try it out (Describe how).
[] Fine, leave this place. No need to hang out with a party pooper.
[] Pissing is simply a matter of will, focus your courage and do it!
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What if... No that forbidden art is too strong. But maybe this is the time for it?
So be it.
If you think about it, your darkness is basically also a way of marking your immediate territory.
So couldn't you maybe... Spray darkness at things?
Do it Rumia.
[X] Piss shadows from your hands.
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A tide pissing joke I can get behind.
[X] Piss shadows from your hands.

I like how Rumia manages to piss off every disembodied voice (sans MBG).
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File 163865336927.png - (198.55KB, 540x745, yep.png)
The voice is right, now is the time to take things up to the next level. Though you’ve never used your powers for more than sheer comfort before this. Now is the day where you shall use it in full!

“…To turn off the flames, the best thing I can do is cover i-no, think better! Think cooler!” you rub your chin in manly concentration, and glare the flame, wanting yet unable to…wait no that’s a bad train of thought. Why decide you can’t do something when you haven’t even tried. That’s foolish!

The power of the dark is an amazing one, not only can you deprive people of their most valued sense, but their own mind will work against them while they’re covered in it. The slightest giggle becomes more fearsome than the cry of a demon, the slightest sighting becomes a nightmare to behold. To be able to control your area to such a magnificent extent. To cloak your territory in such a way…is the greatest honour of all. Truly you are lucky to have it, truly you are blessed by the n-

“You’re rambling” the voice calls out to your silence “Or at least monoblobbing I guess? You’ve been standing around doing nothing for like two minutes now, hurry it up a notch.” Geez, how impatient.

But fine they might be right again, if the fire was a person, it would have walked away or punched you in the face by now. Though your thoughts are amazing you need to learn how to abridge them or become more focused lest unneeded distractions get in your way.

Now focus, how does one douse these flames?

By pissing on them of course, wait no you already did that. It would never work….

But perhaps, you could…shoot out shadows at the fire like they’re piss? Shadow Piss?

Whatever, you might as well try it. You gather the thin strands of dark energy incarnate within your hands, a sphere of darkness the size of your head appears but that’s not enough, for if thrown it would simply dissipate into a harmless smoke. You gather more power within it and focus on an image to bend it into shaping into said property, dark waves that sink ships, vortexes that shatter the spines of dragons. Piss energy incarnate! The ball becomes soggier and starts dripping droplets of raw hate onto the floor, sweat drips down your face as the image becomes blurrier, and the ball plops down from your hands and crashes to the floor as dark water splashes everywhere…. dammit.

“You’re on a good start there, but you’re overcomplicating it.” The voice replies again “Turning the darkness into a liquid projectile is far too advanced of a matter, instead of trying to force it into becoming something that it is not. Try making it mimic the property instead, like a gloopy ink rather than a ball made of *pure water*, also it’s easier if you just shoot it out like a spray like an octopus or a snake that just spits out acid at their target. Does that help? Think of yourself as an octopus!”

…Uh what? “I am an octopus?”

“Are you really an Octopus? You don’t look like one” the voice questions you for some reason.

“No, I’m Rumia”


“What? but that’s the truth!”

“No, you’re Rumia the Octopus”.

“What are you even talking about?”.

“Rumia, if you tell me you’re an Octopus then at the very least you need to actually believe that you actually are one temporarily. Because only an Octopus can shoot ink, and if you’re an octopus then you too can shoot ink and so shooting darkness like an ink shouldn’t be hard for you. Its all in the mind so try again” the voice is completely serious.

“I am an Octopus?”

“Octopus who?”

“Rumia the Octopus?”

“Then why do you sound so doubtful? Are you perhaps not one for real? Are those eight arms on you fake by chance? Tell me Rumia, why do you have eight arms? Can you explain that to me?”.

“…” You inhale and exhale and turn off your brain “I have eight arms, all for working the farm under the sea with my cousin, it’s a good humble life that is very fresh and rewarding yet becomes very hard to handle at sundown. I had to shoot a shark last week with my ink because they were threatening my sea horse. It was dirty and disgusting but it had to be done…I don’t regret anything, but the nightmares keep haunting me. Every day I wake up and feel like I’ve got blood on my hands. All eight of them…”.

“…So how did you shoot the shark?”

“I used my ink on them, it hit them straight in the eye, the panic of having lost their sight made the creature rampage and impale itse- “.

“How did you shoot the ink?”.

“Oh, I did it just like this!” you point your arm like you’re aiming a water gun and build a sort of pressure within your arms. Once the force within your arms becomes too much you unleash it.

Big streams of darkness shoot out your arm like a faucet, the spray is concentrated and shoot outs dark sticky mud like rapid fire droplets of pure dark piss, you aim it at the fire to drench it.

“That’s it, now all you need to do is aim correctly at it”.

The fire flickers in protest against the sudden deluge and grows even fiercer in response for some reason. No matter how much *ink* you shoot at it, the fire only grows more powerful as a result.

“Huh, looks like that backfired. Shame”. You take it lightly though, it’s not like it’s the end.

“…” the voice doesn’t say anything, you believe it to be stunned silence.

“So, what now? Any other way I can turn off the fire? Cause now it’s even bigger than before~”.

“…Why is your darkness flammable? That’s…I mean like what. How? That doesn’t make sense at all, are you mess-no, you’re not now, are you? Hold on a minute, I need to inspect this. Why don’t you wake up in the meantime huh? Use your newfound versatility and all that! Always remember, you can’t say you can’t do something until you’ve tried it. Now why go on and piss on your fey friend!” the voice sounds extremely agitated at the revelation and before you can respond you feel like your connection to this place is wavering. “Don’t worry, I’ll speak to you again soon enough!”.

…You’re still here though. Like you feel like it no longer wants you to be, but your surroundings have not changed at all. “So? Are you ditching me or not?”.

“Oh, I forgot to do that didn’t I? Just a sec, I’ll do so in just a…I’m lying. I have no idea how you did that and no real way to figure that out on my own. What the hell have you been indulging in?”.

“Nothing much really, just going around to as I said before: revive my pal Wriggle, figure out how to use that Chainsaw arm and uh take over the world afterwards? I don’t have that much planned out”.

“You have a chainsaw arm?”


“I don’t see it on you right now though”.

“Neither does the ribbon, can’t explain why”.

“Well of course nothing that is harmfu-…aaaah, I get it now”.

“Get what?”

“Nothing, at least nothing you shouldn’t know by now”.

“…Unfair, you can’t just ask me stuff and give me vague answers in return! That’s not fair!”.

“Hm, I guess you’d be right about that. But sadly, the time of our chat is about to run shor- “.

“Don’t make excuses! Tell me who you are, what you want and all that secretive stuff!”.

“Again, I’m not lying when I’m saying time is about to run out. But there might be enough time for one question now that I think of it (It's only fair since you answered it's question first). So go ahead ask me one question about anything. Whether that’s about the past, present or even the future. As long as it doesn’t involve that Chainsaw thing because I know nothing about that. I know far more stuff than you could possibly imagine”.

“Any question?”

“Yes, and if I were a jerk that would have been your question. So, try again”.

“What if I ask you a question you don’t know about?”

“I’d tell you ask another question, and again try again. That one doesn’t count either”.

…What would this voice even know anyway? Does it even matter?

[] Ask le question.
[] Nah, just wake up already!
[] Write in.
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[x] Who are you and all the other mysterious diembodied voices that keep telling me to do things?

Seriously, who are these people.
Delete Post
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[X] Who are you and them voices?
[X] Where in the world is Carmen San Marisa?

I know it said one question only but I'm sure that if we whine enough it'll answer two since it feels like a wimp.

Also, same here. I'd like to know who they are.
Image Source
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File 16387096707.jpg - (740.80KB, 1600x900, trees are evil.jpg)
trees are evil
“Who are you and all the other mysterious disembodied voices that keep telling me to do things?” you ask the first question that comes to mind, you’ve been wondering this for a while and want answers.

The voice audibly hums “…That’s actually a hard question to answer, well more like I don’t know who these other people are YET. But would be able to figure it out given enough time and all that gizmo cause your memory says that they aren’t very subtle or successful in making you do anything so far. Which is a good thing by the way, only a fool would trust a voice that comes out of nowhere and doesn’t reveal their own name or even what they want out of you. Stuff like that is super shady…and I currently apply to that shadiness as well, don’t I?”.

You shrug in response “Eh, at this point I just want some direct answers. Like…where in the hell is Marisa right now?”.

“The local hospital or clinic” the voice replies deadpan.

“Hospa-what now?” you reply to the reply.

“If you found out you were inflicted with a non-consensual body limb growing. Would you not go the nearest doctor to see if it’s like a danger to your health or if you can remove it? Humans are like that”.
“So that means she’s in…Uh, hold on it’s on the tip of my tongue!”.

“Sure, you think about that and to answer your previous question: I am nothing yet everywhere, dead yet alive. All powe- “.

“Get to the point you wannabe mystery mentor!”.

“I’m the closest thing to a representation of darkness that your mind is capable of fathoming. I am older than you, yet I did not have a voice up until we met at this very moment. I am as real as can be yet if others called me imaginary, they would not be wrong for I cannot touch the things that reach beyond this place like you can. I am the metaphorical instruction booklet of your not metaphorical body”.

“So, you’re me then? Or like the sub-brain of sorts? This is confusing”.

“Yes and no, I’m simply the part of like…pretend this was your brain for a moment and that you are like the right side and I’m the left side. You make all the decision and live the life while I’m the one that analyses all the info that comes and makes sure said messages are followed. There’s really no way to explain this in a way you’d understand so let’s just say that I am your brain. Your brain is me, but I am not your literal brain and uh…Yeah the darkness is me basically”.

“I-uh, what’s the whole deal here? Can’t I just go wake up already and continue the adventure now? This all sounds like unneeded nonsense”.

“It is very much needed nonsense in a way, my main motivation is for you to simply not come back here again if it can be helped”.

“Am I that much of a bothersome guest? How rude of you”.

“Nah, I meant that I’m more like the emergency system inside your head. That tiny little voice that goes *Are you sure about that? * when you’re about to do something extremely suicidal and such. My job is simply to make sure that you won’t drop dead because of stupidity”.

“Huh, I think I get it now…Okay let’s wake up, I’m getting bored”.

“You will in a moment, just don’t get your head bashed in again and hopefully you and I will never meet again. Ted talks over”.

“Hold on a moment!” you interrupt at the last second.

“What is it? Make it quick, you have places to be!”

“Between you and me, which is the evil one?”.

“What do you even mean by that?”

“Well, you know that when there’s a voice in your head? Either you’re like cuckoo or it’s some inner evil side trying to like corrupt the hero, right? So, which one am I? Am I the good or bad guy here?”.

“You’re the dumb one, good luck when you wak-


The first sensation that comes to you is pain, your head throbs like it got pounded by a hammer and there’s blood in your mouth from your cut tongue. The rest of your body feels like it got a mild itch in comparison except for your back that feels immensely strained.

But you’ll live anyway, it’s not like something this mild will kill you. Let’s move on. Just ignore the pain, and try to get up like a real ma-

You attempt to get up but find it quite hard to do so due to something heavy pinning you down while also stabbing you straight in the chest.

You realize the whole area is covered in darkness and that you might have been bonked on the head while simultaneously stabbed by the exact same tree as if it was a planned assassination. The odds of that…

“She must be somewhere in here! Keep looking for her!” finally your hearing comes back, and you swear that someone is looking for you. Though it’s not a voice you recognize, and the fluttering of multiple small wings nearby makes you believe that it might be multiple fairies scouting the place out for your treacherous friend. The odds of that…

“This really am not your lucky day, isn’t it?” a voice you DO recognize says from above you and as you lower the intensity of the dark you see your pal Wriggle Night bug leaning on a tree in a casual pose.
“Says the dead person of all things…” your snark back and fight off the urge to spit out blood lest the noise would alert the others “What’s a dead-beat, like you doing around here anyway? Was there no spot in heaven?”

Wriggle just shrugs with her hands, and you notice that she’s a lot more blueish now “I got bored of doing nothing so I went ex-actually we can have this talk later. Why don’t we focus on what matters right now, like you being made into a tree’s bitch for example. I never knew you liked wood in such a way…but you’re not dying right?” her tone is actually worried at the last part despite her fake-cool attitude.

“Don’t think I am…could be? Highly doubt it though because that’d be quite lame. No way I’m going down until I’ve got your ass back” at this point your sense of disbelief has reached a new level.

“Word, what would the world do without me?” She actually looks around for a moment before getting closer “Aight, the coast is clear for now. So now’s the perfect time for you to crawl out of there and go back to the shrine so you can take it easy and like not dr- “.

“As if I’m ever going to run away” you whisper shout and immediately fight off the urge to vomit “There’s no way I’m going to let Dai get away with betraying me like….” You suddenly feel sleepy for a moment “NO, I’m not going to give up. I’ll fight like a man until the bitter end!”

Wriggle isn’t impressed by that “You’re a woman if I recall and secondly if you die right now, I’ll have to beat you up remember? Look, the choice is rather simple here. Dai and pals don’t know where you are right now so hurry on back to the Shrine before you end up fainting from exertion or whatever. Do it for me okay?”.

You stay silent at that, though her words may be true that doesn’t mean you have to be satisfied with them. Are you not the darkness incarnate? Surely you can defeat Daiyousei and establish your dominance! Isn’t that way better than running like a coward?!

How do you remove said tree?

[] Cut it apart with the saw of course!
[] Pull it out of you.
[] Removing? Hell no, this tree belongs to you now!
[] Write in.

And what then?

[] Get up and fight, you’re awesome dammit!
[] Run like a coward, your ancestors will be ashamed of you…
[] You know what? This is fine! Chill under a tree for now.
[] Write in.
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[X] Removing? Hell no, this tree belongs to you now!
[X] Let your hatred for fey kind make your brain juice flow!
[X] Create the Terraform Extinction Angel Murder MECHSUIT 9: TEAM 9! (Or some other dumb name).
[X] If it's too hard to use on your own, have Wriggle's spirit possess it.

Okay, hear me out people. If the saw can be used way faster than before then surely we can cut the tree into some wooden armour of sorts that lets us ignore the danmaku of those pesky fairy critters. Afterwards we can simply use our own danmaku to take care of the smaller fry without having to worry about dodging and only need to take care of the main boss themselves.

This is so crazy it has to work! If not then surely Wriggle can posses the suit like a ghost or something!

But if that's too much...then just [X] Pull out Wood, and crawl away to the Hakurei.
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[x] Cut it apart with the saw of course!
Serves it right for stabbing us! Then we loot its corpse!

[X] Anything that can hurt the mighty you must be worth something, make some rad spiky tree armour so Dai stabs herself if she tries to hit you again!
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[x] Turn the tree into your shield, literally.
Let me be a voice of reason briefly. If we aren't articulate with the saw, then we can still make a very spiky shield.

[x] Fight, because we're awesome, dammit!
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File 163880190924.jpg - (121.63KB, 811x900, Rumia armour could not find a better pic sorry.jpg)
Rumia armour could not find a better pic sorry
Suddenly you feel an odd sensation, like the devil star smashing down into the Garden of Eden.

Your brain has commenced the birth of a new devilish idea. One that will attach itself to the faces of your enemy and plant the seed of defeat inside their stomach-okay never mind that’s a weird metaphor.

Ahem, you jab your saw into the tree. With a wet squish a few inches of the thing is pushed away from you! Yet your heart and left lung goes out with it and adorn the branch like a barbecue stick. You never knew organs would look nice as a display but now isn’t the place or time for that.

“Oooh, yikes yikes yikes. That sirette looks like a NASTY bugger” Wriggle covers her eyes with her hands at the display.
But you ignore the noise and continue pull-“No, don’t pull it out like ye-and ah now you’ve done it.” but you stop at her protests, what is she acting all wise about?

“Wha-NYuugh…” you choke on nothing for a few seconds “Cough, what you want? I’m busy here” you reply with impatience, because honestly small talk can come after you’re done. Lest you forgot what you were trying to achieve in the first place and forgetting stuff is like the worst thing ever.

“Look Rum, there’s no good way to say this so…actually there may be but whatever” Wriggle is now kneeling next to you, her mere presence sends a cold shiver through your spine and the blueish shine becomes greener instead “ Why don’t you take a better look at yourself? Sadly I don’t have a mirror so just look at your chest kay?”.

“What?” you look at yourself “Big hole in chest, organs outside. What’s the problem here?”

She snaps her finger “That’s the thing! Organs are supposed to be INSIDE your body, not OUTSIDE” then waves her arm with a dramatic gesture to demonstrate where is the out and where the in is.

“Ah…well in that case I’ll just pull the tree deeper into me” and you immediately do so.
“No! don’t move your organs at all!” She tries to grab you but her hands go straight through you, the uncomfortable slimy sensation of that makes you stop to shudder. “Dammit, look just listen up”.

“There’s nothing in the sky, except the sun…but the sun isn’t nice. Could you hurry it up? I’m starting to feel sleepy and a tad uncomfy”.

“A tad uncomfy?” Wriggle looks at you as if you said something dumb.
“Look let’s just handle this…dilemma you’re going through okay? I’ll do my best to help out”.

“Help out how? You’re just air, are you going to blow me away?” while you can understand her desire to help she’s nothing if not anything more than useless at the moment.

“I’d kick you for that, anyway shut your mouth and wax your ears cause I still have KNOWLEDGE”.

It is time for some Wriggle Wisdom! Chapter 1: How to deal with being impaled.

“Okay so first thing first” Wriggle looks at your wound reluctantly “First thing to do is to like…not panic yeah. But you already seem quite relaxed in the first place here so that’s a moot point”.

“Mhm, these things just happen. You know how it is….on a Monday? ”.

“Sunday, so the second thing you need to do is put pressure on the ouchy ouchy spot. So your red oh so red blood won’t spill out like a jelly strawberry muffin that’s been bitten on…to stop the flow of blood?” Her medical knowledge seems unreliable but you obey regardless cause she’s your friend.

“Strawberry…Kyeghoo is my favourite flavour actually. Does that mean my blood is yummy too?”.

“Step number three, don’t eat yourself no matter how sweet or delicious you might be”.


“Whatever, just uh oh wait I forgot something. First you remove the object!”.

“EAAAA-sy!” and you do so with your barehands. You put the tree next to you and force your organs back into your body as well. “Can’t let get these things out for too long…”.

“Just like your dark repressed fantasies~ okay so the next ste-“

“I’m okay now!” you jump up with a pose, and keep one hand on your new hole. “Other than the mild nausea, dizziness and dirty clothes I am as cool as fresh born about to be sacrificed”.

“Well that’s bad good news” Wriggle replies with sarcasm.

“Wait what does that mean? How can bad news be good news?” you reply as you go off to work.

“Well it’s a bad one, uh it’s a good bad sign. Like a bad sign about good news”.

“I think you don’t know what you’re saying while trying to act cool”.

“Your mother doesn’t know what you’re saying while trying to act cool!”.

“Jokes on you, I don’t have a mom”.

“I can see why that’s the case!”.

“Oh shut up, you ate your sisters when you were a baby!”.

“Oh those are fighting words right there! You take that back right now!”

“Yeah? What are you going to do? Blow wind at me?! You can’t do shiiiiiiiiiiiii-“.

Your words are interrupted when a small object bashes into you, “Ow…” a small voice whines, and then another follows “Yah!” with a warrior cry at your feet and then another and oh it’s the fairies “WE FOUND HER! SHE’S HERE PALLS! EVERYONE UNITE!” the last one has the decency to shout it out.

How in the did they find you?! You were being super with the way you were shouting and everything.

Well it doesn’t matter…they can come with as many as they like for it’s too late to stop you now! You adorn your secret weapon and fly into the air before removing the darkness and looking at your foes.

You’re in some area close by to the shrine, you can see it’s Cliffside a few meters away. Green shrubberies, brown trees and the humble dirt are the only obstacle in this whole place. Your foes are a bunch of hand sized little girls with varying colours from red to green to blue dress with blond, black or even brown hairs…yet no Daiyousei is to be seen among them. They all seem to be chattering amongst themselves and loo-oh their perception just sucks. Some scouts they are…

“HEY SUCKERS!” you shout to gain their attention “Are you looking for anyone?” and taunt them.

“Is taunting a bunch of little girls really a go-“ Wriggle says but you give her a deadpan look to which she smiles back “Okay, okay, don’t look so put off. I’m sure you can take a fairy or two…hold on what are you wearing?!” and does a double take immediately.

“Behold my special weapon: The Wooden Suit of Demonic Lands!” The ultimate armour ever made!

It is made of the corpse of the most magnificent tree in this whole land, with a tough hide it covers you from head to toe and nothing short of the most powerful attack could ever harm it. Even if an attack were to push through they’d first have to deal with the sharp spikes covering you fit like a stake. Adorned on top of it is the single letter mark of a future legend. The Hard R of Rumia! Had you more time you would have added drawings of your past and future accomplishments on it. The only way to enter it is from the cockpit below and even then it can only fit one person inside. YOU ARE INVINCIBLE!

“You look ridi-“

“FAIRY FRIENDS OPEN FIIIIREEEEE!” Sadly Wriggle’s praise is interrupted by a barrage of bullets, like a bunch of mobsters aiming to gun you down are a bunch of fairies aiming at you to…gun you down.

You need to get better with metaphors “COME ON AND TRY ME!” but first you test your armour.

The girls are more than eager to help out “Take this villain! The power of our bonds!” A wave of small multi-coloured bullets come your way.

You flex calmly in place, confident that nothing will harm you while Wriggle deadpan just looks in anticipation of the whole thing. “Is this going to be a battle of…morons?” you ignore the jab.
Right before the impact, you brace yourself as the bullets slam into the armour each hit making you almost flinch due to the intensity but soon the wave ends and there’s nothing to show for it but a small feeling of heat at the spots where you were shot at…ergo you are completely unharmed.

“Huh? Why is she still standing?”; “Don’t worry she’s just bluffing!”; “Shouldn’t we go back and warn the admiral though?”; “Hell no! we can take this chump!” the fairies all loudly chatter amongst themselves once they see that but immediately shrug it off as a lucky miss or something. They put themselves into a different formation and get ready to shoot again “NO EVIL WILL STAND IN OUR WAY!”

“Pssssh, evil they say” you giggle as you already feel drunk on your power“Clearly they haven’t seen a real villia-“

“Stop monologue and go kick Dai’s already” but Wriggle doesn’t give a shit.

“Tsk, fine will you help me out though?”

“I’m just air at the moment, but to answer that…do you even need to ask?

Of course, I don’t! LETS SLAUGHTER THEM!” you rush towards your foes with mad laughter and saw ready.

The majority of them flinch at manly approach but they all hold steady “Everyone prepare for battle!”

Finally you’re about to have fun again.

[] Teach them a lesson, a very personal and bloody one that is.
[] Get creative, use more than your saw. Why not cover them in mud?
[] Spell card time it is, use your own bullets and lasers. It’ll be a beautiful lightshow!
[] None of that satisfies you, go above and beyond! (Write in).
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[x] Spell card time it is, use your own bullets and lasers. It’ll be a beautiful lightshow!
Should maybe follow the usual rules when near the crimson slasher.
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File 163890064250.png - (118.02KB, 953x631, How Rumia actually looks like.png)
How Rumia actually looks like
You rise off sky bound facing your most hated foes in a battle that would surely be told in legends.
There is no need to bother dodging projectiles as they simply bounce of your armour, that fact makes you cackle as you shoot bullets like rain, and lasers like a stream of water.
The feys split up from one another once they realize standing in the same rows is like asking to be shot and they all exchange fire back with their bullets, danmaku filled sunflowers or even their own bodies in a suicide charge in hopes of slowing you down or to make you lose a life.
Yet again it is all in vain.

Your demonic armour reduces the blows into mere shoves and even their lasers filled with the power of *Friendship* only serve as nothing more than a nuisance.
You wonder if this how it feels when an elder youkai faces off against an ambition filled youngster. The sheer difference between how you can hurt them and how they can’t harm you fills with you with a thrill you’ve never known.

“This power…is one fit to rule over the world!” even so you respect the spell card rules due to the undeniable proximity to the Hakurei’s abode, not to forget that fairies are immortal anyway, so it doesn’t matter if you saw them down or shoot them with danmaku.

The effect will be the same since fairies are immortal weaklings.

You laugh as their forces lower in number and laugh some more when after time so does their morale. A part of them has retreated to find reinforcements and you gleefully chase after them.

Suffer! Run away! For if Rumia catches you it’ll become the worst of your day! Mwahahahaha!

There’s nothing more fun than making little girls scream in fear, even if they’re not human the way fairies emote way much more than them is something that gives them such, I want to bully vibe.

“Hey Wrigl-pfehehe” You stop a laughing fit; it’s making your throat sore “Did you know a fairy can cry out ten times their body weight of water? I measured it once with the Sunflower Lady!” that was such a good time, though the memory of the lady’s smile sends shivers down your spine.

“I know I was there, but hold on a moment” your companion interrupts with a frown “Don’t you think this is too easy?” She waves at the whole battlefield and fairies you’re following “Not to say that fairies are that smart but perhaps are they…” her tone becomes cautious.

“Leading me straight to the boss?” you finish the sentence for her, the battle is still going on but that’s no excuse for some good banter “Even if that is so, that would only make things easier, no?”.

“I guess so…hm yeah, the sooner you’re done here the quicker you and I can have a private chat”

“Private chat?” you stop shooting and look at Wriggle “What do you want to talk about?”.

“Nothing much, nothing much” Wriggle avoids your gaze and whistles suspiciously “Just wondering why you’re wearing a literal tree, what’s taking so long to bring me back and othe- “.

You stop flying as well and stare at her “Wriggle…what are you implying?” your tone becomes worried, does she perhaps resent you? “I’m sorry if it takes some time bu- “.

“I know, I know!” She holds her hand in front of you to silence you “You’re doing your best; I know that better than anyone else. Just ignore what I said, it was nothing but a slip of the tongue” and gives you an awkward smile. You don’t believe a word she’s saying. Something is troubling her.

“Come now, you can talk to me. I just know when something’s bugging you” you focus on her immediately with the warmest tone you can think off, the battle can wait now. Friends come fir-bah you sound like a fairy...

"Psh~" She snorts despite herself, and opens up “Well…this is dumb but, when I saw you having fun with Rinnosuke and later the Hakurei…well I kind of felt left out. But only because like, I could see it all, but I couldn’t interact with any of you…it was like life was simply going on without me. Like I’m just an afterthought or side objective”.

You didn’t know she felt that way “Whoa…that is NOT what is happening right now!” and quickly think of a way to wash those thoughts away “Look, it’s simply that there’s a lot happening at the same time that’s making me uh…distracted and stuff? Look up until that Vampire told me you could be brought back to life; I just didn’t really feel that good about anything. And uh I- “you just end up rambling and repeating the same messages in different ways because conveying how you felt at that time is for some reason incredibly difficult. You were never the type to talk about those things. “What I am trying to say is: I can take over the world and all that stuff AFTER I’ve brought you back to life. Cause you’re totally the priority here! And hey…once that’s done, we can get drunk with Mysti and take over the world with all the pals. It’d be like uh Rumia And Wriggle And Mystia And Dai And Cirno And Honorary members of Team 9 Versus the World. That'd be an awesome adventure, right?”.

Wriggle looks down on the ground, not seemingly convinced “Could it maybe be Wriggle And Rumia And Mystia and Dai And Cirno And Honorary members of Team 9 Versus the World?” and asks you the question with a smaller voice, unlike the cool swagger she normally has.

“Of course, buddy~” you raise your arms out and slowly approach her with a smile “Does someone waaaaaant a hug?” and you raise your eyebrows up and down cause that always look funny.

“PFff-you’re not serious right?” she finally lets out a real smile and puts her arms together while her cape flutters with the wind. That show off “I’d sooner DIE than let you ever do that”.

“…” your smile falters at that, she ruined the atmosphere, and your chest tightens as a reflex.

She catches onto it shortly “Ah, was that too soon?” and she scratches the back of her head as if it couldn’t be helped. Jesus Christ Wriggle you can’t just joke about your own state of living.

“It hasn’t even been a day…” and you STARE at her in silence for a while to show unfunny that was.

“Fine, just give me the damn hug then” Wriggle looks away as she opens her arms.

“Okay!” you perk right back up due to how rare this opportunity is. Take this Wriggle!

You pass right through her and feel cold and like you rushed through some sort of airish liquid jelly.

“Dude…that’s unfair!” you complain as you hold your arm to-notice the spikes on your armour “Oh never mind, I would have shanked you by proxy had that worked. We’re actually lucky!”.

“Why are you dressed like that anyway? Like what kind of advantage would that give you?” Wriggle replies inquisitively as she looks you up and down, checking your fashion vibes with silent judgement.

“Did you forget to wax your eyes?” you huff in pride “This thing protects me against danmaku! You can’t be shot if there’s something in the way if you and the bullet, right? That’s how it works”.

Wriggle raises an eyebrow as if to doubt your word “You sure about that? I remember that the Tengu wield like shields, right? How come when those are shot, they get hurt anyway? Isn’t Danmaku like a tool to shoot down anything and ever- “.

“BOOOOOOOOOOOORRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIING!” you clasp your ears and use the manliest technique known to man to ignore her jealous logic battle “You’re just envious, nyeh nyeh nyeh-aha! Lalalala!” and use the appropriate mental defence against that, who is she to question your awesomeness.

“Oh, that’s really mature of you” Wriggle looks annoyed and folds her arms together.

Sadly, your conversation is then interrupted by cries of she’s here! Go get her Admiral! And other encouraging statements come from the fairy cattle. Looks like it’s finally boss battle time.


A row of oh so mean looking fairies arrive, they all are slightly bigger than the other fairies you’ve faced before. To be specific you can see 15 toddler sized fairies all holding flowers like they’re weapons and to be honest they are. Have you seen how dangerous a fairy is with one of those suckers? Other than that, 2/3 of them wear a shade of green or blue while the others wear yellow or red. “Fairy Friends Battle Division number 12 has arrived!” they shout and then all move to the left or right to make a path. Out of which flies an old friend of yours…Daiyousei.

RUMIA!” She shouts out your name while holding the most gangsta pose known to man while slowly approaching you (Dual wielding two large sunflowers on each side of her shoulders, her arms crossed while in an angelic position and totally balanced on top of a…a mech made out of ice who’s composed of a large boxer like body with humongous fists made for rapid pace bludgeoning, feet that could beat a pro footballer and various drawing of fairies holding hands are on it, ending it with lake blue frame adorning the entire body for armour) “Pestering little girls for fun now are we?” her voice is calm and she looks down on you as if you’re a monster “You enemy of fairy kind and all of Gensokyo. I Daiyousei won’t let get you away with possessing the body of my dear friend!” she throws the sunflowers in the air as she sits down “And you won’t get to enjoy it no more, for I shall uphold the power of our bonds…nay the power of FRIENDSHIP to beat you out of her!” and the robotic arms catch them and point them at you as if she’s….she’s planning to shoot you with those.

And she does, petals the size of your head are shot out like they’re homing missiles and homing they do as all of them are coming your way, you’re not sure your armour will tank that.

But you’re not scared, if anything you’re starting to get angry “DAIYOUSEI!” you fly towards her and focus power on your leg before a missile can hit you intercept it with your foot and deliver it to her face with a roundhouse kick! “SUCK ON MY RUMIA KICK!” it explodes on impact and the force pushes her away to the ground, but you follow behind her not willing to let up, she’s going down. Wriggle gives the kick a 6, it could have been better.

The mech crashes against the ground and drags dirt all the way back to the shrine road, it’s hull looks already a tad damaged, and the view disheartens you. Was the appearance just for show? Guess that’s what happens if you ma-wait how long were you knocked out? Dai herself looks completely unharmed but has stars around her head for a moment as she’s stunned.

“GET UP AND FIGHT ME DAMMIT!” you roar in anger, and don’t use the opportunity to stomp on her prone body because goddamit you want a good fight! If you have to that is! You do not love violence! You definitely do not want to know if you could beat up a mech with your bare hands!

Before you realize it, you’re already punched in the face by a flying fist, you curse the monoblob once more as it makes your body flip in the air before flopping onto the ground as the fist lodges itself into a tree, you get up mildly hurt but massively pissed off as the now one armed mech gets up while Dai stares you down. “IS THAT ALL?!” she taunts you as she spits on the ground, the fairies making their way here to cheer for her.

“Of course, not” You feel a tad discouraged by it “I’ve got so MUCH more to give you!” except not, you’ve got Wriggle giving you sarcastic woo-hoo’s and that’s all you need to kick ass.

“GOOD!” and Daiyousei jumps out of the machine and walks towards sunflowers still in hand.

“Why did you abandon the mech?!” You point out cause damn that thing looked awesome.

“Oh, that thing was just to look cool. It doesn’t work at all, it’s just an ice sculpture to hype up the fight and all that” Dai helpfully explains as she stops two feet away from you and takes three spell cards. “The usual right?” and proposes danmaku because the stairs of the shrine are literally right behind you now.

Above you two lies a flying ice fortress right next to the shrine a lot of stairs away, no sound of battle or anything can be heard from this distance, but you wouldn’t be su-OH WHO CARES YOU’RE BUSY RIGHT NOW! Reimu and Meiling will be fine defending themselves if that ever happened.

“What do you mean? COME ON, I want to fight a mech! You can’t just abandon something so cool!” you’re still indignant about the mech concept, cause holy moly do you want your own now.

“Forget that thing already and kick her ass Rum, we don’t have all day!” Wriggle complains at the lack of action, which she is right to do since you’re literally just blabbing with each other now.

“SHUT UP WRIGGLE! I want my mech, I want it! I want it! I want it!” you instead deal with the situation like a proper youkai by stomping the ground with your feet and voicing your displeasure.

Dai looks at you as if you’re crazy or a brat or maybe both “You don’t get to say that NAME” and looks massively offended by that name as if she can’t see the dudette floating right next to you.

“She totally can’t see me actually” Wriggle interrupts you with that remark “Nor hear me”.

“What do you mean by that Wriggle?” you look at her dumbfounded “Then why can I see you?”.

“Cause of death, super close bond. Pick your ghostly flavour” Wriggle makes a bad joke.

You glare at her unimpressed “Stop with the jokes and answer the question for real!”.

Wriggle looks surprised “Oh but I wasn’t joking, that’s literally what the Yuyu taught me about. Cause I went at that ghost place yknow and really the kind of stu- “you get hit by a snowball.

“Hey, pay attention to your foe dammit!” Dai’s holding a few of them and looks with at you unimpressed, you wonder why she bothered now with the chivalry of all things.

“Why are we fighting again?” and that makes you wonder why you were fighting again.

“So, I can save Rumia from your evil manipulations you devil!” Daiyousei replies completely serious.

…Ah, “YOU DUMB BRICK!” that’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard “HOW IS PUSHING ME DOWN SOME STAIRS SUPPOSED TO HELP!” and remember that you’re PISSED about what she did to you.

“It’s called Cognitive recalibration” Dai raises her up so she can look down on you “Read a book”.

…There is no word in the dictionary that can convey what you think of that “Wha…” your hand meets your palm as that’s the only appropriate expression you can give right now “Dear god…”.

“Holy caterpillar, she’s dumb. And I thought she was the smartest here…” Wriggle facepalms as well.

“Whatever, just leave her body right now and nobody will be hurt!” Dai cracks her knuckles and points out the three cards she’s holding again “or else 3 cards, full contact. No pause between rounds” your moron of a friend desires a legal danmaku fight of all things now.

The fairies are watching you two from the side-line, shouting stuff like FIGHT! FIGHT! Clearly engaged in the mob mentality of watching two kids on a street fight, some even have popcorn.

Wriggle is just calmly watching; she gives you a thumbs up when she catches your glance.

You’re not sure whether to feel dumbfounded, pissed off or excited. You settle for all at once.
Your suit is starting to feel itchy and very warm, but you can take it you’re a big girl.

More important is the dumb and unfair situation you once again find yourself in.

[] BEAT THE STUPID OUT OF DAIYOUSEI! This is the dumbest thing you’ve ever partaked in and boy is she going to get her ass spanked for treason!
[] Reason with he-CALL OUT HOW FUCKING STUPID HER REASONING IS! And prepare for dropkicks this time.
[] YOU KNOW WHAT? SCREW THIS! Go up the shrine and go see what they have to offer instead.
[] WRITE IN BECAUSE OF COURSE YOU”VE GOT AN BETTER OPTION IN MIND! or something more you want to add
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[X] Reason with he-CALL OUT HOW FUCKING STUPID HER REASONING IS! And prepare for dropkicks this time.
I'm good actually, so I'll just vote normally.
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File 163899123120.png - (223.20KB, 337x337, THE SWORD OF BRAIN JUICE.png)

Your fury burns with a RIGHTOUS ANGER! Her words and her actions have offended your very soul! You don’t care how smart she thinks she is, or if people think you’re stupid! Right now, you’re filled with RIGHTOUIS ANGER! to the point you have to say it twice! In fact, you’re so furious that your gay (*as in Happy) matters becomes angry matters! said transformation makes your brain juices boil into together like a crashing vortex!

[Brain Juice “Energized Brain King!”] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22RQbSJ-SpY)

The world transforms overnight, a blue shade that’s black covers the entire area and all obstacles disappear. The only things left are you, your foe and the floor that has adapted the patterns of a chessboard, alongside you and Dai are chess pieces. Hers white and yours black.

You’d feel confused by you’ve already passed above that state. You were now in that calm lagoon of rage where the voice is steady, the manners measured and polite. With only a faint trace of blood and spit betraying the elegant inner inferno that’s dancing inside your heart. This is Enlightenment! It has to be cause you've got no idea otherwise!

“Why are you just standing there? Cat got your tongue? Make your choice already!” Daiyousei takes your silence and perceived daydreaming as doubt if not weakness, but she could not more wrong.

You pinch your nose to keep your anger from going wild again, despite the sheer stupidity of the situation Daiyousei is simply misguided rather than malicious, surely one last attempt at reason could work. “Daiyousei, my dear friend. My actions though unusual have a greater rea- “

Except she does not let you say the next words “Unusual?! There’s nothing normal about them!” and she immediately list why that’s the case “

@ You’ve broken into the Mistress’s house and smashed into her bedroom, how rude can you be!
@ Eaten an entire table raw as if it was a delicious snack, you know that’s bad for your health!
@ Assaulted Strangers for seemingly no reason, you were never that violent before!
@ Literally tried to assault a tied-up girl and spoke to a banana before that as well! The hell?

There’s no way you would have done any of those on a normal day! You’re either possessed or crazy, regardless Eientei will fix you right up!” Daiyousei is very convinced in her argument, and talking back only makes her more and more restless, not only that but she does have facts…

What does one do in these kinds of situations? When one’s actions paint out a certain truth even if that may not be the greater picture? How does one defeat this malicious entity known as truth?

Why that’s quite simple! Like a certain sage allegedly once said: If the evidence is on your side, pound on the evidence. if the law is on your side, pound on the law. But if neither are on your side…then pound on the table and baffle them with bullshit!

So first you need to take down her logic and reverse it right back at her, however, just to repeat she is in an extremely restless state so sometimes backing off and waiting for another opportunity might be better. In those situations, you’ll just switch into another bs attack angle but if you time it too late she’ll take the silence as weakness. This sure sounds like a hard case to beat up and steal the nuts from…

You exhale in frustration and point at your hand with one finger, then look at Daiyousei with a condescending grin “Poor friend of mine…. haven’t you realized it yet? You’re completely wrong!”

Dai’s face flashes surprise for a moment, shortly afterwards it becomes anger again as she holds her fists while giving you a deadly glare “W-what are you talking about? You’re just being stubborn!”.

You shake your head dismissively like an adult who heard the retort of a child “On the contrary, according to the laws of quantum awesomekanicks, I am now in a quantum state of being either an enlightened individual like we all know I am or I’m slowly losing my sanity and heading down a dark oh so dark path like you like to gaslight me for. However, this quantum will collapse here and now because everything you said is full of shit, and I’ve got the perfect proof for it!” you point at her sharply like a beacon of the law and justice except you’re not actually any of those!

“I-, Uh-, Wha- “Dai’s face freezes for a moment, she’s too confused by your words, and this is the perfect opportunity for beginning your awesome attack, let’s show this fey the power of darkness!

Bullshit Chess Begin! (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vwYYoIgj6rw)

[Bishop: Sharp Sliding Corners]: You’re not insane, she’s just paranoid! She keeps hurting you and calling you stupid too! Is that we call friends nowadays? Does she hate you perhaps? You are a bad friend Daiyousei! If she can’t support, you in these times then she should just go away!

[Rook: Devastating Straightforward Charge!]: You’re not crazy, she’s simply having a misunderstanding! All of your actions were actually highly calculated moves aimed for obtaining a most optimal result, you simply don’t understand the math Daiyousei! Do you think I’m stupid perhaps?! Just a braindead moron?! You couldn’t be more wrong! This is just the start of your ascension!

[Knight: Confusing Jumps of Logic]: There you go again, haven’t we had this talk before? You’ve done plenty of dumb stuff before and even then, she didn’t see a problem with them! Why is today the exception?! Are you sure you’re not using this as an opportunity to hurt me? You’re full of bollocks!

[Queen: An Amazing write in!]: (Literally the write in option, justify your behaviour, use troll logic, do whatever you want Anon).

[King: Drop the Game]: Okay fine, maybe you’re right! Maybe I do have a small problem alongside a small case of a bad mood, but that doesn’t mean you get to be a bitch about it! If you want me to go to Eientei you could have just calmly told me to instead of all this nonsense dammit! Wait what?!
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[Queen: Hyper Unlit Discourse] How dare she say Eientei will fix you right up when she cause atleast half of what they'd supposedly have to treat! Especially when SHE decided that just because you were acting a little different that it was justification for completely ignoring your attempts to talk and ATTACKING YOU! That's not what friends do! That's not even what mean people do! That's not even what Reimu usually does! And she's acting like she's in the right? And anyway so what if you're acting strange! Everyone has off days sometimes, and almost everyone changes over time! Maybe you just ate some bad mushrooms or something! She could have been assaulting a poor defenseless drugged girl instead of a badass rugged badass girl! And worse, what if she did drag you to Eientei, had them "treat" your "condition," and then you were still the exact same? The she wouldn't have just beaten you to literal actual death, she'd have temporarily killed you for NOTHING! All because she decided she was too good to just TALK TO HER SUPPOSED FRIEND!
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An addendum in the even she actually did try to talk to us first,
[Premove: Pawn]: I forgot!
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[X]: Same as Anon, can't copypaste stuff rn.

Irc, we chose the banana over Daiyousei but yes she's still being a massive pain in the arse right now.

[X] : Tell her you won't be her friend if she continues this behavoir.
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File 163909094399.jpg - (6.67KB, 300x168, Bullshit chess.jpg)
Bullshit chess
You look at your chess pieces, you’ve got exactly 5 black pieces and so does Daiyousei. You’re not sure whether this is your perception being warped by anger but frankly you do not care right now.

You pick up your queen, it is the most powerful piece of the board and represents your main argument if not finishing strike. To use it immediately however can lead to it having to struggle with the pawns and rooks of lesser rebuttals. Not only that but would it not be better to let white make the first move after all and then use the opportunity to…ugh never mind, if arguments are supposed to be represented by chess, then man are you bad at it.

But that’s enough talk, the best thing you can do is…
Say how this really makes you feel! “How dare you?” you look at the girl with disgust, the urge to strangle her for her betrayal is there but it is subdued at the moment by your desire to understand “You say Eientei could just *fix* me yet most of my injuries are because of you!” you point at your bruises and blood-stained clothes. “You say you care for me, yet you’ve done nothing but harm me!”.

You point out her nonsense with RIGHTOUIS LOGIC as your Queen smashes against her rook like a falling star!

The Rook swirls from the impact and gains cracks all over its body! but so does her patience as she realizes you’re talking back to her. “Sometimes you just won’t listen to words, I figured knocking you out instantly could make the whole travel to the hospital much easier. However, you’re the one resisting here! Just stop fighting back!” she counters with a *How dare you make me hit you* nonsense! It resonates into the white horse attempting to stampede your king directly!

How dare you hit me in the first place?!
Wait and see

@How dare you hit me in the first place?!

Your king does not falter, if anything such a blatant attempt of…wait does she genuinely think that’s the truth? If so, there’s no point talking to her, people who believe their own nonsense will NEVER concede a point unless they somehow benefited from it. You try anyway cause nothing is impossible when you do it!

You gnash your teeth and hiss in frustration. “Are you stupid? Any person would fight back when they’re being assaulted. That’s called self-defence! You can’t shame me for that, the one that should be ashamed is you!” you summon a Bishop but continue your assault first “Why did you attack me anyway? Just because I acted a little bit different than usual? You think that gives you the right to assault me?!” and your anger becomes more apparent with each sentence you speak. You send the Queen against her Rook again! And then have the Bishop smash it from behind, both attack it from different sides!

The Rook shatters into dust and everyone present recoils in shock, gasp and awe. The logic behind your argument is infallible, not only did everyone see her assault you but she didn’t even use Danmaku aka the main non-lethal way of solving disputes without permanent harm, NO the injuries on your body are proof enough that her logic is filled with bullshit! One down, four to go.

“I-I, I didn’t-z” Guilt appears on Dai’s face, but she quickly shakes it off “I, I did what I had to do! You clearly don’t know what you’re saying or doing and I’m deeply worried about you. Helping you is something all friends are supposed to do anyway, even if you don’t want to be helped yourself!” and she ignores your reasoning under the term of that she knows better and that she only means well. She sends out her horse again this time and attempts to guilt trip you again by aiming for the king!

>You’re full of shit! Get the hell out of my sight!
> If you’re my friend, you wouldn’t have done this.
> Wait and see

@If you’re my friend, you wouldn’t have done this.

Again, your king doesn’t budge, the only thing that’s affected is your temper as it slowly increases again. You’re not sure what’s wrong with her but the way she’s speaking makes it feel like she’s looking down on you more than she’s trying to help you…

You glare at her and speak calmly as you tap your forehead with your index finger “Tut, tut, tut. That’s quite the leap of logic no? So, friends beat each other up? Forcefully force each other to change clothes even though they clearly did NOT consent to it? I find that hard to believe!” again you continue your assault, your voice growing more heated “People don’t force their will on their friends, not even mean people do that! Not even the Hakurei has assaulted me like this! You hurt me and dare say it’s meant for my greater good? Who are you decide what’s GOOD for me?!” You send out your own horse to jump on hers and snap its neck with a swift kick of hard facts and truth!

Her horse breaks from the neck and falls into the void below, Wriggle NEARLY JUMPS OUT OF HER SUIT, and her shades drop to the ground in a million pieces after breaking due to sheer SHOCK. The Fairies are loudly whispering amongst themselves and have stopped cheering for Daiyousei. Because indeed your words make sense, she is being painted in a bad light.

Then again their reactions don’t matter, you’re not doing this for fun. Daiyousei is the only one without an exaggerated reaction, she simply looks down while biting her lower lip in frustration.
>Push further, don’t give her room to breathe!
>Wait and see
>Give her a chance to apologize for her actions.

@Give her a chance to apologize for her actions.

You shout at her, forgetting to do a cool gesture beforehand “Don’t you realize it? I have you cornered! You’ve got absolutely no proof for your theories, apologize now before it’s too late!”.
You send your Queen again; it lifts construction equipment with the intent to crush her King!

The King does rapid-fire fisticuffs and deflects the attempt, and she starts to smile.
“My, My, That’s a rather bold claim, y’know?” it turns into a frown as she talks back with a cold gaze “Anyone can shout objections at the top of their lungs, Miss Faker. I’ve stated my evidence already if you care to remember, and besides once I take you to Eientei my thoughts will be proven right. The only reason you’re resisting is because you know that going there means she’ll finally be fixed!” She sends her queen out for once and attacks your king again, she sure seems focused on it.

“Ugh..” Your King gains a small scratch, insignificant it may be, but her confidence made you falter

That was a wasted effort…she has no intent to back down. You need to use another angle of attack if you want this end this fight without throwing hands. But what else can you say now?

Use the power of logic, she’s too smart to deny those facts.
Use the power of emo-
AAAAAAAAAAAAAGH! You know what! NO! You’re done with the careful words and tactics! Why do you have to be this patient anyway? What’s the point of playing these mind games? She’s wrong and you’re right! She’s wasting your time and hurting you; she might as well be an enemy. THAT’S ALL!

You grab her by the coat, she doesn’t have any, so you grab her by the shoulders. She looks you in the eyes as you glare at her, as if daring you to attack as if you’ll lose by doing so. Her eyes aren’t even filled with anger, just pity and condescension. She genuinely believes she’s right and that you’re wrong and nothing is going to change that, you’re nothing but a dumb kid to her…

“So, what if I’m acting strange! Everyone has off days sometimes, and almost everyone changes over time! Maybe I just ate some bad mushrooms or something! You could have been assaulting a poor defenceless drugged girl instead of a badass rugged badass girl! And worse, what if you did drag me to Eientei, had them "treat" this "condition," and then I’m still the exact same? Then you wouldn't have just beaten me to literal actual death, you’d have temporarily killed me for NOTHING! All because you decided you are too good to just TALK TO ME AS A SUPPOSED FRIEND! LOOK AT ME DAI! DO I LOOK LIKE ANY BETTER THAN BEFORE?! DO YOU NOT SEE THE INJURIES ON MY BODY? Cause if so, you’re quite blind…anyway you know what I consider the evilest thing to have ever been invented? BE.TRAY.AL. Go ahead spell it out, did you get it? SHUT UP! Don’t say anything I don’t care; the thing is betrayal by the way! I’m telling you that anyway cause you’re so stupid and possessed and don’t know what you’re saying and blab la bla. Bullshit, right? Well, that’s what you sound like! You’re a traitor Dai! Worse than a coward! Worse than a suck up! You have betrayed me! And you know what I do to those?”.
Your voice almost cracks at some point, confusion, sadness and anger intertwine with each other as you keep glaring at her. And the moment you see that she still hasn’t changed her mind in her eyes you become resolute at your next action, you know what you must do…

Everyone except for you two is on the edge of their seats, hooked onto the drama of your shout fest of a bickering contest. It really annoys you since this isn't meant for their entertainment.

You’re done playing around with Metaphors as well, it wasn’t funny in the first place. In fact, you don’t find anything funny right now. You let go of the girl and sigh a deep breath, as if all hesitation leaves your body with it. Your mind is calm, focused. Ready to do what must be done.

This is the second time betrayal you’ve gotten out of three companions so far; you can’t ignore this nonsense anymore. Yet once again the creatures of fey-kind have betrayed your heart!

So, what do you do? Are you going to make an example out of her? Are you going to simply walk away and discharge her? The choice is yours.

[X] Just leave, you’re done with this nonsense. You gave her a chance, you attempted to reason with her but it’s no use if she won’t listen. (Where do you go? up to the Shrine? Somewhere else?)
[X] Make an example out of her, if words won’t convince her then boy are you glad to let your fists do the talking. Beat the stupid out of her.
[X] Dishonourably Discharge her from Team 9 and your friendship, she had a chance, and she blew it. She’s not your friend, not after this.
[X] Why won’t she get it? What in the hell is wrong with her? Is she stubborn? Does she think you’re stupid? SEE THE TRUTH DAMMIT! (Write in an argument, or just shout stuff).

[X] The write in option, cause that's always there.

At the next update or the one after this shouting at Dai stuff should be over. Man have I never written arguments down before, but here ya go. Until the next update anon and tell me if it gets tiring and you simply went to go ahead with the real quest already instead of this.

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God I want to write in that we should headbutt her
But no, I'm better than this
[X] Just leave, you’re done with this nonsense. You gave her a chance, you attempted to reason with her but it’s no use if she won’t listen.
I'll let someone else decide where.
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[x] Slap her. Say you're going to Eientei regardless to find a dumb witch, and walk away.

Dai should know she's been a bad friend, and especially bad communicator. If she really wants that stick to stay up hers, then she can convince us for treatment when we check the hospis. The worst that comes of it is that we lose the even awesomer chainsaw arm.
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File 163914711287.jpg - (477.68KB, 850x1190, Rumia in forest.jpg)
Rumia in forest
You move swiftly towards Dai and swing your right hand at her like a thunderbolt. The sound of it meeting her face resonates through the area and she gapes uncomprehendingly at being struck. This was the first time in your whole relation ship that you’ve slapped her, her cheek is held in shock.

Not removing your sight from her eyes, you speak firmly and with venom “I’m going to Eientei now, not because you want me to but because I’ve got other business there. Do not follow me or else”. Those are the last words you say to her as you turn around and walk away embittered by all this.

Your darkness automatically oozes into the area, so it’ll become harder if not nigh impossible to use the opportunity to stab you or in this scenario freeze you for an easy win. At this point you would not be surprised if she were to do so, which she did prior at the Vampire’s Residence.

You continue walking straight ahead with one hand in front of you, so you won’t smash into a tree or object and finally lift the darkness to a lower level once you’re sure you are no longer followed.

It is time to go to Bunny Land for there lies adventure and the McMuffin of your unholy desire. You fly close to the ground and follow the road to Bunny Land because your survival skill has a negative modifier and you’d rather not be distracted by any random encounters you might have.

Though your friendship has sailed away, you can still marry your career. Your career in EVIL that is, though your inner gremlin is now a sad gremlin, surely you can cheer yourself up by making someone else scared or suffer. This is a meany mean world and you are a meany mean girl…

So stop being a little wimp and turn that frown upside down!

In hindsight this is quite a normal day in Gensokyo. It’s a place where people will shoot each other just because the weather wasn’t to their liking, and they feel like venting. You could just walk up to a random fellow cannibal child unaccompanied by an adult and beat them into inches of their life with your humble boots or a rock just because you believe that they looked at you wrong.

Because violence is always the answer, so why is your friend the exception?

In fact, managing to not have your clothes or organs snatched when you wake up could be considered a rite of passage within the forest. You don’t deserve the look if you can’t protect it.

Kind of makes you wonder why you even have...no, that's the loser mindset. You are an ALPHA YOUKAI dammit! it doesn't matter, the opinion of the weak doesn't matter. You are strong!

Aah, the fond memory of when a Kappa mistook you for a human child and attempted to drown you within the river comes back to your mind. Of course, she failed and the things you did back to her gives you a warm sensation in your heart. You stole her hat and called her a bald basic anus eating witch before eating her entire stack of loot in front of her crying eyes…that was a good time!

So smile dammit! stop with that stoic face and depressing shadow aura around you!

It’s almost comical how much stuff a healthy dose of violence can solve here. Some random youkai sleeping at your favourite spot? Just stomp their prone form until they run away. She would have totally done the same to you…look, talking and using diplomacy takes several minutes of your time and patience. But shooting someone with a laser only takes five seconds. It’s what god intended~

Yet Dai did the same thing to you and somehow that is now a bad thing?

Of course, that by itself can go wrong, there’s a whole bunch of random factors that you’re unaware off that always make sure to spice up your forest youkai experience.

Well wait no uh YES, she is your friend. And friends don't fight. She broke that rule simple as is.

You might get lucky and meet a Tanuki salesman selling the most succulent of meats for a very low prize. You might also get unlucky and realize that the meat that they sold you was that of a dead body that they quickly wanted to be disposed of and be threatened into silence lest the Tanuki come and show you a bad time.

Just like those Two Tanuki over there beating some helpless girl up, and smashing her head against a rock repeatedly while laughing with evil glee…oh wait you just ran into something bad, didn’t you?

Indeed, two ugly sacks of monster racoon dogs are…well actually they’re both cute girls wearing rice hats, have brown hair and wear normal skirts alongside a giant fuzzy tail. But the looks in their eyes as they loom over some other bloodied and clearly unable to fight back girl is outright Archimedean.

You’re not sure if it’s a helpless human or youkai but it’s certain that if you simply ignore this then they will continue their beatdown on the weaker person…which is fair enough.

After all it’s a dog-eat-dog world, and the Tanuki are known for being an almost gang like group in a way. You fuck with one of them and you fuck with all of them, whatever that girl did is her own mistake, and you should just walk along and pretend you didn’t see anything.

Unless…they attacked first instead? Cases of Tanuki acting like thugs aren’t so unusual, confident that their stronger siblings will protect them they indulge in pathetic vices. And that however does not sit as well with you, who are you to use the strength of other people instead of your own? If you want to beat up someone then at least be honest about it and don’t go thinking you’re invincible!

Anyhow, it’s not like you’re being a Samaritan for helping the person out or an Asshole for leaving them be, you’re just an unrelated third party that’s got better things to do anyway.

…Hold on a moment, you just got an idea. Isn’t this like the part where the main character defeats the bandit like characters and obtains a new follower out of respect for their earnest strength? Sure, life isn’t fiction, but this almost fiction like situation is a rare opportunity after all now, isn’t it?

Holy shadows feasting on the souls of innocent virgins, this could be your moment to shine!

You’ll totally be fine; you’ve got your amazing armour that no sword can pierce. The power of darkness itself and the chainsaw that no shield can ever stop. You are quite overpowered indeed!

Come on do it! Save the girl and start the build-up of your ha-okay no let’s not get too excited here. You’re getting a bit too far ahead here, why even have one in the first place? That kind of thing is better left off for when you’ve finally taken over the world and are done with making your slaves build statues for yourself only to break them down so they can make better statues of you without being paid for it so you can watch their suffering in your evil castle with a glass of wine in your hand!

And even then they're lame, nahah it's your, yourself and I all the way! You only need the cause!

You slap your cheeks together, you got too excited again. Let’s think clearly now and make a real decision, the best-case scenario would be to make sure they don’t recognize you as they flee.

[X] Nah, again it’s a dog-eat-dog world. Just head to Eientei for now.
[X] Approach Tanuki casually, it’s not like talking has ever backfired on you.
[X] Save your future servant helpless maiden! You’ve got the perfect plan! (How? Will you just approach and shoot them? Intimidate them with darkness? Embrace your inner demon Anon).
[X] You know what? Beating up the innocent is fun! Ask if you can join the Tanuki in their fun.

Insert blue and red colours as a joke about how some games give you clear cut good and evil options in order to make you twinkle the be a good girl or be a bad girl meter.

There is no morality system since your morals simply aren't human in nature.

Or something smart like that, either way enjoy your weekend Anon.
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File 163915627377.jpg - (265.60KB, 850x1205, sample-86b19abd47ef401c3c4d8e12b249d0f4.jpg)
[X] Demand they all join your party, assaulted? assaulteee? it matters not for EVIL is equal opportunity!

[X] Smite those who say no, for if you are not EVIL then you are GOOD and you have no need for HEROES in party for the DARK SUN incident.

I'm not sure if that will work but damn do I want to see Rumia just walk out of a bush and approach them just like that with the full expectations they'll say yes. ( I know they won't OOC)
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[X] Demand they all join your party, assaulted? assaulteee? it matters not for EVIL is equal opportunity!

I'll double up this write in. Not much to lose, everything to gain.
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File 163922636711.jpg - (171.89KB, 706x547, unforgivable.jpg)
“Hey, hey people. Your overlord has arrived!” you jump out of the road and your darkness as you approach the three strangers with the swagger appropriate of their future leader. Your arms are outstretched like beacons of despair and your whole status is almost otherworldly If not amazing.

“!” One of the tanuki-girls turns around and looks shocked by your appearance “Wa-oh it’s just the man eater…” and sighs dismissively as she approaches you “Run along now, we both know what will happen if you mess with us. This is private business and it’d be a shame if you were to be involved” she speaks to you with a bored yet professional tone while her companion continues beating up their victim with a hard kick on the head and the occasional swear word. There is a false friendly smile on her face, and you can feel a domineering aura from her, translated as LEAVE OR ELSE

Her companion looks little to no different from her, but whether that’s because they’re unnamed garbage people that you don’t care about or because maybe they shapeshifted to look generic as all hell to not be able to be identified later in their true form is up to the air, she shouts back at you as well “Yeah! Get your tartly ass out of here!” the calmer tanuki tells her to shush up “Oh shut up you prating knave! Don’t you dare try to pull rank on me. We ought to leave no witnesses!” and seems far more willing to DISPOSE of you and the girl, sure sounds like SHADY business.

“AU CONTRAIRE!” you however were not paying attention to the second one and immediately start your speech on the first Tanuki. It is a magnificent rant, about the values of what is evil and how you are going to shatter them with your most evil plan. A plan so evil, so vile that all your enemies will bow in front of the evilness on it and admit how awesome you are in a desperate attempt to invoke a heel face turn on you but the joke is on them. For you spit on their redemption, you spit on it! For you have become so evil, so vile, so dark lordy that not even the power of friendship or minor redeemable qualities is going to stop you from invoking your most evil plan. Which is a very evil plan. Did you explain how evil it was though? You kind of forgot, but anyway the plan is awesome, half finished and nothing more than a concept but oh boy is it going to be a beautiful smiteful way to take over the world soon. You just know it! While explaining the plan your mood skydives back to a tolerable state, and your words become more and more excited as you talk faster and faster. So fast that if a hurricane were to shatter into a word hurricane it would still not be spouting as many words as you are now. Your speech is so amazing that it changes from the first sentence to third person and you rather like speaking in the third person because you Rumia are in love with your own voice! It is a beautiful voice brimming with authority and everyone should realize how amazing you are for now is the time you will grow strong and powerful, for you are done being weak and stupid. Now it is Rumia Time! That’s right! Now shall be the time for your new rule of darkness!

The polite Tanuki clenches her ears in awe at your speech, and tears of respect come out of her due to the INTENSITY behind your feelings. At multiple times she attempts to interrupt you so she can praise but you simply dodge any attempt of her patting your head with her fist and walk around her.

STOP.FUCKING. TALKING!” She shouts having received the message within her very essence, you’re almost happy on she truly understands you and you tell her she’ll make a great servant in the following incident to come “But I’m no- “ You laugh loudly at her modesty and tell her there is no need to play hard to get. You know she wants to serve you and serve you she will, there is no alternative. Same case for her companion who by the way is trying to head pat you as well right now but is unable to do so because you keep moving out of her range like a rat dodging the futile dive bombs of a hawk like it’s nothing more than a small exercise. And the latter’s hand falls off by accident, looks like she got close to touching you but your saw went ahead and did the job for you…whoopsie. But oh well you inform her that everything is fine, you’ll be sure to give her a robot hand once you’ve made the Kappa’s your servants as well in the future. Everything is going very well.

After a few more seconds they realize that they could just shoot you and out flies their danmaku. You immediately realize the true meaning behind this: they are testing you; they are testing your worthiness to be their master. After all no prideful youkai would follow a lesser one. And you will gladly agree to their trail but first you need to speak to your third potential servant as well!

There is a wounded girl laying on the ground, her white clothes are covered in scratches and blood is pouring out of her head and sticking to her wavy light-blue hair. The more recent injuries came from her being literally beaten into a bludgeon by the two Tanuki while the older ones must have been coming from an unsuccessful escape attempt. Her body quivers in pain and she seems still conscious as she is huddled protectively within herself as if she’s holding something of deep value and doesn’t want it to be harmed…hmm, perhaps she has something the Tanuki want but refuses to give to them? That would explain it, if it belongs to them then of course they would fight for it. She is a thief! A scoundrel! Or not, maybe she’s an innocent person that got robbed by…hold on a moment.

That white hat with a blue sun decoration at the peak tells it all. This is Lunasa Prismriver! Wait no It’s Merlin, the one that’s always cheery out of the three musical girls!

You’ve met her before in one of those many parties you’re never invited to but always enter because of the free food.

She plays like the trumpet and does concert stuff with her sisters and even though you’ve never really hanged out with her you can most definitely say that she is quite an okay person in your book. Though the context behind this situation may be unknown to you one thing is clear: She is completely innocent!
She’s the kind of girl who enjoys her life and uses her music to always liven up a situation, she’s nothing more than a humble artist living their day-to-day life and here she lies beaten on the ground.

Those…those bastards really did it. They harmed an innocent person! Well that’s still fine with you but they harmed a person who’s name you know! And that’s unforgivable! Though you may call yourself evil and even feel pride from it, there is a limit to the stuff you can and should do.

You can kill fairies because they are immortal but not torture them.

You can eat or scare humans but not go out of your way to ruin their lives.

You can rob a girl, but you shouldn’t beat her within an inch of her life or unlife whatever she considers herself to be.

Because once you pass that simple line...you’re no longer evil. You’re just pathetic scum!

You feel pain come at the back of your head and turn around in frustration. Who dares interrupt your inner monologue?!
It’s the first Tanuki holding the remains of a rather large rock, it’s shards being in your hair makes it quite clear what just happened “Wh-what in the hell are you?!” she somehow sounds surprised that you didn’t drop out like a light and takes a step back in shock, little did she know that you’ve literally been beaten way worse these past hours so what would a small rock even do? “Just die already! We’re not letting you get away with this!” and now she hurts your feelings.

The second Tanuki is wriggling in pain on the ground while holding their bleeding stump. You’re a bit surprised by the gore of it but eh, it’s just an arm. It’ll regrow so stop being a bitch about it and fight.

You remove some of the shards in your hair and your mood goes down considerably, you remember why she tried to make you leave now. Most Tanuki aren’t fighter while you most certainly are.

Anyhow the question is no longer what you’re going to do but how you’re going to do it. These bastards harmed an acquaintance wait no more like someone you know off. And have attempted to assault you as well. The fact you’re going to fight back and save the damsel is a fact now.

[X] Just beat them up with Danmaku, lasers and energy bullets hurt a lot but don’t kill and that way you guess you won’t be breaking any of the spell card rules. Not like it really matters.
[X] Kill them already, you’ve got a saw and they have fleshy containers for a body. Do the math and they won’t come back to life until a few days later at which point they’re not really a problem.
[X] Intimidate them, the best fight is a fight without fists. Let them run to their houses and hope they won’t come back. But if they do…heh, that’s just an excuse to beat up more mooks for fun.
[X] You know what? Normally you’d totally help and all that, but you feel like going to Eientei is a big deal after all, why not just take the lady and continue your travel? Much less time wasted!
[X] Write in.
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[X] Just beat them up with CHAINSAW Danmaku, COOL LASER SAWS AND STUFF!
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Could vote big bad dark mode. Really want to. Won't though.

[x] Chainsaw danmaku

It's time to innovate some new spells.
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File 163930838115.png - (589.74KB, 987x476, enemy pov be like.png)
enemy pov be like
Two bandits assaulting an innocent girl, one lays wounded and the other is ready for combat.

You the magnificent villain happened to just run into this debacle, so what will you do now?

Will you run and leave the damsel in her distress?
Or will you slaughter your foes to show that you’re more evil then they could ever be?
Or perhaps, just perhaps are you going to play the hero?

So many choices...and eh you'll just play as yourself!

You smile and float in front of the first Tanuki’s face “You won’t let me get away? Is that so? How troublesome, how troublesome. But actually…I could say the same for you~ hi-hi-hi” and giggle.

The ta-actually you’ll just call her Tai-1 for now, frowns at the sight and takes out a spell card. “2 cards, full contact. Loser leaves this place immediately” and challenges you to an danmaku match because she knows that she can’t beat you in a raw fight of pure strength. “You in or scared?”.

You smile while exposing your teeth at her and grin even more when she shudders at the sight. “Hmmm, okay!” you accept the challenge and both of you fly a few meters away from each other.

Rumia (Youkai of Darkness) versus Tai-1 (Generic foe to overcome) are about to clash!
Two Spell cards, Full contact and no break period!

The moment the match is announced, a red hued boundary appears between the two of you. It’s also known as the Bounded Field or if you want to be fancy the edge of the screen. It’s presence is there so that people can’t just back away forever and turn this into a sniping match.

The shrubberies near the road are scanned and as if by magic which it is, any and all obstacles that one could hide behind for the match disappear temporarily…same for your tree armour. Tsk.

Looks like it counts as cheating then…but eh you keep that in mind for the next legi-and you are assaulted by waves of green leaf patterned danmaku moving as if carried by the wind. Occasionally a larger circle of leaves in the form of a big yet slower bullets join the fray to keep things up. You move back and forth from the bullets with some ease due the slow movement and the large gaps they leave as they move in a easy to recognize pattern. Overall it’s not that impressive….your turn now!

Your smile never leaves your face as darkness starts to seep out of you and surround your half of the screen, you surround yourself in a ball off darkness and swirl around the area gathering power before shooting a large burst of yellow and blue danmaku like they’re fireworks at a rapid pace of around ever 2 seconds. The bullets linger in the air but do not home in on the enemy. Instead they are there to clutter the battlefield and pressure the enemy which they do as Tai-1 stops returning fire for a moment as she struggles to not immediately smash into another bullet while dodging the others…until she realizes nothing hits her if she just stay still and starts mocking you for it.

Except that wasn’t an oversight. It was the setup for your made on the spot Spell card.

[ Obscure Nightmare “Run Girl Run”]
You stop flying around and head to the centre of the screen, the saw becomes longer and larger until finally it aims for the girl with a straight stab. She dodges the hit but realizes soon after that it wasn’t meant for her at all. The saw’s running blades hits the bounded field and sparks fly around from the impact and turn into yellow bullets that shoot downwards towards her. Not only that but the saw continues to move and with the aid of your darkness power covers the sides surrounding it in darkness bullets ergo there’s no dashing past it. The Tanuki has to fly away from the saw in a clockwise manner while avoiding the bullets that come from the side of the saw and the occasional burst of firework that you shoot out. Tai-1 does a good job keeping her calm and avoids most of the bullets but after a while the pace becomes too intense for her so she activates her own spell card.

[Transformation Sign “Leaves of Fortune”]
Or more precisely a bomb as leaves gather around her like a whirlwind, only for them to transform into coins and be shot out towards you like a rapid fire gatling gun. It’s crude but it does save her!
All the bullets surrounding you two disappear, as both spell cards have been cancelled out. So far the fight is going well, you’ve only used one spell card and so too did she. The person to successfully make their opponent lose a life by hurting them enough or who simply captures the second spell card will be the one that wins the match. It’s quite a short match when you can only use two…

“Have you had enough?” you taunt the girl with a smug expression “I’ve faced far more dangerous before you I’ll have you know and for all I care you’re just a mook to be beaten!” and laugh like you’re looking down on her. Not only to be a jerk but hopefully to make her lose her composure too.

She’s not affected by it and seems to realize something “…you think is a game don’t you?” she holds in some annoyance and takes out a cigar to smoke “Look, kid. You’re messing with the business of grown ups here. Winning or losing this match don’t matter none to me but I have to warn you that if you don’t back off now and pretend you never saw all this…then you’re going to have bigger problems later on you get me? See we know who you are, and who you care abou-AUGH! “ she doesn’t get to end the sentence as you’ve shot a blue laser into her face making her ragdoll into the air.

Because you’re not impressed at all “I don’t care if you mess with my pretzels! You just try messing around and I’ll show you how to play the drum with your testicles! Not you or any pack of doggies will ever scare the lord of darkness!” and you’re not the type to be reasoned with anyway, she wants something out of you then she better bribe you instead and even then you’d probably say hell no.

She recovers after a split second and gives you a look that if it could kill would have murdered an entire hospital of well injured people “That’s it kid, don’t say I didn’t wa-GWUH!” and she’s shot again right in the mucker. You should join a sport one day cause damn was that a solid aim!

“Shut up and play ball!” you taunt her again pull a face at her “*I’m a big stinky tadoody who talks a lot but can’t fight hur hur hur* as if I give a carp, you’re just a mook to me and always will be!”.

Anger leaks out of your opponent like oil does in the ocean “That’s it, you’re going to die!” and she takes out another spell card “Didn’t want to use this one but you left me no choice so perish!” she shouts at you and seems to have forgotten that this is a spell card match so you can't even die if you wanted to.

Her whole body gets covered by leaves and her form contorts as if she’s transforming into something else. You’re not sure what exactly and shooting her proves to be useless.

Guess you’ll have to wait for the result of it. By the way what was the name of the card again?

[x] [Transformation “The Monster You Have Become”]
[x] [Transformation “She Who Channels The Power Of Every Star”
[x] [Transformation “The God And Devil Of Tanuki-kind”]

Never been a fan of cryptid choices so the answers are below if you’re too curious and really want to know which each one is. The spoiler is on your leisure though~

Option 1,2 and 3 spoilers: First one is a copy of you chainsaw and all, the second is a Fake Marisa you’ll have to face and the final one is one of the tanuki heroes of folklore but way weaker. Choose your opponent depending on which you want rather than strength or meta stuff.

Did you like that spell card? you can also make up your own if you want.
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*As in the saw spell card.

You don't get to make one for your opponent cause that'd be dumb.

Felt like I had to clarify
Image Source
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File 163932521433.jpg - (26.71KB, 500x375, chainsaw-sword-fight.jpg)
[X] [Transformation “The Monster You Have Become”]

Fighting yourself in a chainsaw duel sounds awesome as all hell.
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[x] [Transformation “The God And Devil Of Tanuki-kind”]
A chainsaw duel sounds rad as hell, yeah.
And thats why I say we let Orchid Organiser save it for a time when it'll be way cooler.
Besides the tanuki is thematic.

more importantly, we're allowed to come up with spell cards for the roomba...
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That spellcard was pretty cool. I like how we use the saw so directly in it, just like we have been up to now.

[x] [Transformation “The God And Devil Of Tanuki-kind”]
Dumb Tanuki related person will be our opponent, because...

Spellcard proposal: The Monster You Have Become
Let's steal a bit of oil game physics. Beginning with moving to the bottom of the field, we fill up the screen with our liquid darkness this is to assume two things: that we are able to fill the at least some quarter to third of the screen, and that Rumi does not drown in her own element. Whilst in the space pool, we use the chainsaw and spin to whirlpool the entire liquid, with added effect of shooting out a geyser of dark liquid simultaneously. Finally, we explode from the goop shooting from bottom to top of the screen showing off our chainsaw powers by flinging the last liquid darkness off our arm.
Image Source
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File 163941578962.png - (504.83KB, 760x582, there ya go anon.png)
there ya go anon
[Transformation “The God And Devil Of Tanuki-kind”]
The figure within the leaves grows three times larger and bulkier, turning from the figure of a small tanuki girl into the size of an obscured elephant. After a poof of smoke, the true form is revealed.
A stone statue of a Tanuki wearing a rice hat and eastern monk clothes greets you, though the appearance seems humble you can feel a certain sense of power within the giant Koto that it is holding with it’s gigantic fists of stones and gargantuan [redacted] beneath it.
“Behold the glorious form of our divine ancestors, though our generation has been reduced to fragments of the former selves. Soon our great leader shall use a plan to restore this tragic mistake!”.

You’re not that impressed by the form but the rest does get some of your attention “So you’re planning to become gods…how exactly?”.

“It’s a secret plan fool! as if I’d ever share it with your ears!” the voice says back, it’s still the voice of a monster girl regardless of form.

“Okay but…” you can’t help but point out the obvious there “Wouldn’t that be like a downgrade?” and shrug “Not like I give a crap though..”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I meant power LIKE a god rather being a god. If we really wanted the latter we would just have built shrines and tricked humans into worshiping us duh!” the voice leaks out more info, as if offended by your question “Which we won’t of course, why the hell would we want our existence to depend on faith when fear is a far more common source to lurk upon? It’d be redundant” and replies as if to clarify any misunderstanding.

You nod to that and rub your chin “Well, I actually meant the latter when I said downgrade. But anyway how powerful is LIKE a god exactly? I’m fairly certain some of them aren’t that tough so…” you think some and realize something “You know what I don’t care about your motive no more. It’s the bland of the bland really, *I want power that lets me surpass the gods* Nowadays? In Gensokyo? Are you serious? People are going to laugh at you! And even if they don’t there are plenty of people that can stop your incident from ever happening. Like seriously I’m embarrassed just listening to all this! Sure the Dark Lord guise of mine may be corny if not a bit dramatic but your thing? It’s just…man!” You point a finger at her and mock her mercilessly.

The Statue is not amused, and stops all conversation with you.

You’re not sure why she took the appearance of a statue now that you think of it and you don’t get an answer to that question as the person immediately starts playing a song with the instrument…”I don’t care much for battle music, are you going to shoot or what?” you ask back with a frown and oh there come the bullets! “Good!”.

The tune of the Tanuki summons a bunch more leaves from nowhere that all transform into rice pellets, golden coins or even sake somehow (Aka white, yellow and brown bullets respectively) as homing bullets that stay still for a moment and then continue to pursue you, after some time they return to their true forms as leaves and scatter away back to the top of the screen to be transformed once more when your foe plays the lute again. Seems the appearance was just for show as other than that it’s really just a generic spell cards. What a bummer.

Anyhow you avoid the bullets by constantly moving while avoiding bumping into the leaves that soar up in random patterns. It’s not an easy task as going to slow means the homing ones will catch up but if you go too fast then you might bump into a random bullet by accident.

“That’s right run away! You’re not so cocky now are you?” the voice mocks you midfight in an unsportsmanlike manner. It’s trying to get into your head but you wont le-“Dumb children are always humbled!”

How many times has it been now that someone called you dumb, simple, dense or innocent in a demeaning way today? You didn’t mind at first but now it’s really starting to piss you off. So let’s make a vow.

If someone ever calls you dumb again, you beat them up.

Starting with this woman of a Tanuki! You take out a blank spell card!

And think of a concept quickly…! You look at the statue and grin “Hey I realized another flaw with that *secret plan* of yours. If you want to play god that badly then I can make you up and bring you down!” which really doesn’t mean anything but damn does it feel good to shout loudly for the sake of awesomeness!

[Darkness “The monster you have become”]
You cover yourself in darkness once more and smash towards the bottom of the screen, an surge of dark orbs fly out alongside some dark stars being shot out from your faceplanted head. The stars fly towards the opponent and destroy the homing bullets before falling down and piercing the dark balloons which splash out their inky liquid and fill the bottom of the screen with you in it. After a few seconds of some more dark stars being thrown around you regain your bearing and realize you are drowning. Panicking you swirl the chainsaw around like a whirlpool the result of which makes the pool swish around and shoot out droplets of ink at the Statue. Said foe is not avoiding any of your attacks and the ink staining it is the most notable thing that has ever affected it so far. However that doesn’t matter right now since you are struggling with the effect known as drowning. Putting it all in a desperate measure you shoot out the hottest laser you can m-BOOM!

You don’t see much at the moment since you’re being shot upwards like a fireball while spinning chaotically in mid-air. You do not regret making that spell card and are not screaming like a little girl. Said moment ends quickly as you smash against a hard surface and break through it! Continuing undisturbed until you reach the top, smash your head and fall down into a bush that cr-wait is the match over ?

You get out of the bush unharmed somehow, and look around. You see your foe back in their normal form holding their stomach on the ground as if they are suffering from an intense stomach-ache. Looks like they got hit too hard and lost their spell card…ergo you have won.

Which isn’t a surprise! You walk to your foe and look down on them “And so I have won. No big surprise after all~” and are a good sport.

The girl only hisses an animal like snarl but can’t get up due to the intense feeling of fatigue one fails from losing a danmaku duel. Or she’s really been hurt, you don’t know why though…nor care a lot.

“Mph, angry? Did you think you had change against me? You could not be more wrong. There are none who can compete with Rumia. I will pursue whatever and whoever I wish! With this victory I will make Merlin my servant, and YOU as well! All will worship the darkness!” you put the tendril of your saw around her throat and lift her up so you can look into her eyes with your biggest slasher smile “When I stare into your eyes I will invade your dreams and break your heart. Nothing like Rumia has ever come among you, and nothing will again. I will take you to a journey without exit or end and there I will make you devote yourself to me and only me. You will worship the ground I walk on and trample on my enemies like they’re ants. If anyone’s going to rule the world, it will be me! And you will learn to believe that as well! Believe! Believe! Believe in the dark lord Rumia!” and laugh like the devil.

The girl’s eyes show fear…and anticipation “I-ugh…think I peed a little…” she tries to trick into letting you go but you don’t. “G-go fuck yourself!” and curses your name the moment she sees it fail.

“No thanks, besides I’ve got you for that now~” you tease back with a wink but have no intention of following behind it. Premarital sex is a sin and you don’t have a marriage license yet. For shame.

“Let her go!” a voice shouts and oh it’s the other Tanuki. She looks very cross despite having recovered her left arm…which she’s using to hold up Merlin like a hostage while holding her right arm above her neck “Or I’ll slit this girl’s neck right off! Don’t think I won’t!” as if to demonstrate her very sharp nails make contact with the girl’s skin and a slight drop of blood comes out. Merlin still seems out of it and only grunts in pain a bit. To think Tanuki see this as a valid tactic…

So what now force of darkness? How do you proceed?
[x] Don’t risk it, you don’t want her to get hurt. Not sure why though…
[x] As if you’d ever be intimidated. Threaten her right back! (insert threat)
[x] You want this girl? You can have her! Right in your face!
[x] Tell them your backstory and cause, as a show of power.
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[x] As if you’d ever be intimidated. Threaten her right back! (I'll mangle this girl's limbs with my saw, and then I'll chase you down and do worse to you!)
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Came up with a suggested spell card for rumia, though its up to you how you translate it to 3d.
Saw Sign: Defoliation
An initial burst of bullets in two lines either side from rumia spawns a handful of "columns" of bullets on either side, where below the line is brown and above it is green.
After the vertical lines are drawn, the horizontal ones dissappear in a flash, making the green bullets scatter downwards randomly, and the brown ones cascade towards the opponent.

Basically it spawns danmaku trees and then cuts them down at the enemy.
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[x] As if you’d ever be intimidated. Threaten her right back! (Nice that you regrew that hand. It means I can cut it off again for such a filthy act. I'll do it for any Tanuki I see from now on, in fact!)

We'll start collecting hands if we need to be slapping bitches.
Image Source
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File 163951696286.jpg - (127.13KB, 850x1207, Merlin smile.jpg)
Merlin smile
You look her dead in the eye, unimpressed by their threats and cowardly behaviour. A true villain sets fear and respect in the heart of many, they are to be an idol of monster-kind. Something that all future youkais should aspire to be. Yet here in front of you lies a youkai who acts like nothing more than the common human bandit. “You disgust me on every level” you reveal with genuine venom. Tanuki are supposed to be signs of good fortune, respected by both men and monster yet…

Behold this vermin “Shut up, I swear I’ll kill her if you don’t back off now” the trash snarls back, her hairs go up and she shows her teeth at you while still holding the girl “Don’t underestimate a tanuki!” though you’d love to kick her ass, she might actually do…okay you know what? Fuck that!

“It’s a nice thing you regrew that hand” you lick your lips just for show “Means I can cut it off again for such a filthy act. I’ll do to it to any Tanuki I see from now on, in fact! Starting with…” your tendril like part of the saw tightens around your own hostage as the blade travels towards their right arm, the sound of the blades spinning is the only thing heard as the hostage is covered in darkness “First I’ll mangle this girl’s arms down, maybe enjoy her screams a bit too. Then I’ll cut off her legs so she can try to retreat by crawling like a worm a bit, finally once her spirit is broken and she longs for the swift release of death…I’ll let her go so she can live the rest of her life knowing I can come back whenever I want do it again to her~” your voice is cold and methodical as if you’re reciting a way to cut a pie, similarly your red eyes are shining and feel empty, cold, devoid of any feeling except for the cruel smile on your face “And I’ll do worse to you~” your smile shows all teeth now “You are NOWHERE in control as much you like to belief yourself to be. Your very life is in my hands, so go ahea--”.


The nail pushes down into her neck, and slices all the way through. It’s as if time stands still as your frozen expression watches the neck of Merlin split in two, as her head falls down to the ground.

The Tanuki is all smiles as she watches your face “This is such a *I told you so* moment”. There’s no hint of regret or sadism on the girl’s face, only pride at a job well done as if she didn’t just take a life and simply went ahead and crushed down some troublesome bug “And you’ll be next soon…after all no witnesses, you mess with the grownups kid. Then you get to see how the adult world works”.

You can’t remove your gaze from Merlin’s head, an unknown feeling assaults you again, her life was taken so easily and so cleanly as if it was nothing more than a bad joke. Though you didn’t know her that well that doesn’t mean you won’t miss her. You’ll never get to see her smile again, you’ll never get to hear sing again, what of her sisters? How could you possibly tell them that she died because you wanted to act cool? That you could have saved her but chose to just fuel your own ego?!

Before you know you’re already on top of the enemy, tears are coming out of your eyes as your hands tighten around their throat like a steel vice. It knows it can’t overpower you and simply laughs at your error. And it’d be right. This is your fault! This is your fault! This is all your fault!

First Wriggle and now this, how many of your decisions are going to have this kind of consequences?
Your breathing hastens and the beat of your heart becomes unbearably loud, you don’t know why that is. You’ve killed humans for food before! So why do you feel bad about this? It was just bad luck.

Just move on and continue your journey, there’s no need to be a bitch about every broken egg.

Even so there’s no way you can accept that, a deeper feeling within you wants to avenge her. To make the Tanuki suffer for casually taking a life like that, especially one that doesn’t come back! It wasn’t for food or fear, no the poor girl happened to just be in the way of some selfish desire.

“Stop, you’re going to kill her if you continue crushing her throat like that” a voice says, it reminds you of Merlin’s voice but it can’t be her because she’s dead, and most of the death do not talk.

“I’m sorry, I’m so sorry. But the least I can do…is make sure Scum like this suffers!” you raise one of your arms like a claw and prepare to shred the youkai’s entire body apart with your bare hands. The saw likes that decision.

Arms spread around your shoulders, and you can feel an comforting warmth “Look, really I’m okay!” and an hand moves your neck so you can see Merlin’s face with a worried smile “See? See? No blood! No injury! It was all just me pretending to be an damsel in distress! I’m not really dead!” and she shouts encouraging statements at you to try and appease your unexpected reaction.

“Come on see, it was all just a lil joke from to everyone gone a lil bit wrong there! I mean sure they were GENUINELY trying to hurt me but eh, who’s ever led such a thing stop them from having fun? But see life is about seeing the good side, so why don’t you laugh with me? Show me your joy, show me your silly. Let out a good laugh at this misunderstanding and let out those pearly whites!”.

[x] There are no words that can convey how much I hate you for playing with my feelings like that.
[x] That’s it, I’m leaving. And I will never ever act like a good Samaritan ever again.
[x] Write in (What would you Rumia reaction to this be? Face and all).
[x] I'm going to beat the shit out of everyone present, and dear god let's hope no one interferes with that.
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Its definitely a trick. It's very obvious.
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[X] ....How dare you, HOW DARE YOU MOCK ME?!
[X] Pin down the impostor and get some damn info on this whole thing. There's no way you're letting these bastards succeed whatever they're doing.
[X] Go back and inform the Hakurei about this.

Think we might have bitten on more than Rumia can chew on if the Tanuki are the genuine mobsters of the forest. Her self-hype always seemed like a chuuni type of deal to me...

I say we warn the Hakurei about this, since that's TWO 2hu's that are dead now and we have definite proof that something's bad is happening now.

It's not our job to solve incidents and by doing so we might have less obstacles in enacting our own later since there won't be a bunch of distractions.
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[X] Show sceptism at the sudden good news.

[X] Ask help from writefag for directions.

I feel quite clueless at the moment, what's happening?
Image Source
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File 163957420676.jpg - (281.02KB, 1100x600, bruh.jpg)
“Go on then, smile!” Merlin stands before you no worse for the wear. Holding her hands in front of her cheek as if to demonstrate how to do a proper smile to you. “There is no need for tears!” you note that even though she’s talking to you, she never stops moving her feet in place as if she’s filled to the brim with energy and would explode if she did not let out an outlet for it. It’s off-putting in a way and the casual proximity makes it even worse…if she’s even the real deal and not a TANUKI!

The first thought that comes to you is to accept the hug and cry push her off you and attack immediately, the second thought is to shout in her face how you really don’t think this is funny. However there is a problem with both: Your hands are still around Tanuki’s neck while your saw is holding the second one so the only thing you could do is kick her except not cause she’s too close for that.

You settle for biting her arm and clamp down on it hard. Yet the bite fails to pierce the skin let alone draw blood. The hell. You snarl and bite down even harder like your life depends on it and again the flesh is unharmed.

“There, there~ There, there~” the girl takes that as an invitation to tighten the non-consensual hug as if you’re a baby biting down on some chew toy. Her voice is calm, gentle and filled with warmth as she ignores nay abuses the opportunity of you being stunned by the maneuver “Everything is fine and dandy, nobody important is hurt and not a single life has been lost. I’m so sorry for playing possum but I figured it was the best way to avoid a fight…also it sounded funnier in my head. Again sorry. I really did not think you would cry…” and she apologizes with a sincere tone in her voice…which you feel is comforting too good to be true!

Also you realize that being hugged makes you look weak, nor do you not enjoy it. “I’m I-I I’ll MAKE YOU CRY INSTEAD FOOL!” So with a fiercer animal snarl you let go of the choke hold and smash your fist against the Tanuki’s face to knock them out and smash the other one into the ground for the same result. With both out of your way you grab the so called Merlin’s arm and clumsily grapple her into the ground…only for her to float above the ground with a calm and comfy pose. You shoot a laser at her only for it to go straight through her. She simply rises back into a standing position and waggles her finger like a tut, tut, tut.

“Why are you not dead?!” you shout confused and pissed off, but mostly confused by her. “I saw her cut your head off, you don’t just survive that and call it day! Who are you really?! How can be-cough” you wipe some snot and tears from your face as you desperately try to regain your composure and image. To have someone see you in such a pathetic and weak way is a fate worse than death. “How?!”

“Ah, you’ve got a good question right there!” the white haired entertainer says bemused by your attention. She does an overly dramatic move of her to her chest “You cannot kill….” Her hand goes straight through her as she takes out some grey heart and shows it you “What has never been alive!” and crushes it like a ripe tomato, no change towards her health occurs “Cause I’m a Poltergeist!” and her form suddenly changes to her having a bunch of injuries and blood on her “Which means I can do this!” then her body changes to normal as a trumpet floats right next to her “And also this!” with said revelation she suddenly stops as if awaiting some grand or outrageous reaction from you. “Pretty cool huh?” her smile is still on her damn face, as if this was all nothing more than a comedy.

It takes every fiber of self-control in the meat mecha that is your brain for you to not shout at her. You glare at her with the heat of a thousand suns and your voice is extremely bitter “Th-th-that’s…why I…you know wh-uh” you inhale deeply to get the words out “I hate you Merlin” and you feel like you actually mean those words, you mourned her only for it all to be a joke…that’s just cruel.

The smile on her face turns into a puppy pout, “Waiiiiiiiiiiiiit, really? Come on, Ruumooo. I’m sure that’s not true” and she floats straight into your personal space with a smile again. “If I remember the last seconds correctly…not only did you save me from mean terrible raccoon bandits like a hero, but you also mourned my super dramatic death! If that doesn’t show care then nothing ever wil!” she smashes her hand like a hammer on her palm as if it’s some judgement “Who knew you were such a good girl? O. M. G! I’m so moved by those feelings I want to just hug you to death!”

Your body shakes in anger at her perceived condescension. “Don’t patronize me” and you finally notice that she’s got something shoved in her clothes like when you put a balloon in your shirt and pretend to be a whale so you and your friends can roll you back into the la-now is not fun time. “And more importantly, what do you have that the Tanuki want so badly?” you turn away from her and look up “They mentioned some interesting things during my fight with them…you wouldn’t know anything about that now would you?” and then look back at her with suspicion and hostility.

Her smile wavers as she backs away with a glint of temporary panic in her eye “I-I we…” but she composes herself quickly as she looks around the area with some suspicion. “I don’t think you need to know that, I’m afraid. So sorry~” and replies to you as if she refuses to give you the cookie jar for your own sake.

>How do you respond to this blatant case of distrust?
[x] “…Shame, guess I’ll leave then. You have fun facing the next Tanukis on your own”
[x] “Woman, I saved your life. The least you could do is tell me why it was in danger!”
[x] "F-F-FUUUUCK YOU! If you're gonna be that way then I'm dragging you to the Hakurei!"
[x] If she’s not going to talk then you might as well take it by force, it’d be honest loot.
[x] Write in, because you’re a clever fellow.

>What of the 2 KO Tanuki?
[x] Leave them be, let them warn the others. It’s more fun and eventful that way~
[x] Dispose of the bodies, if they never came back. Then the news was never delivered right?
[x] Wake them up, make them give you info. You’re sure one of them will talk if encouraged.
[x] Write in.

[x] You know what? Screw all this! You'll go to Eientei now, interesting info be damned!


What kind of directions? You just need to decide how to handle this or say hell nah and go to Eientei.


That would have been THREE actually, but since she ain't dead. It's indeed TWO at the moment for all you know.


That's a good instinct to have, even if you were wrong this time. Staying cuatiouis for nonsense like that is definitly a good way to not fall prey to any illusion or trickery other youkai are capable off.
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Right, now that merlin isn't being robbed, time to rob her.[/jk]
[x] “Woman, I saved your life. The least you could do is tell me why it was in danger!”
[X] Loot the tanuki for all their stuff, even the clothes off their backs. Some of it might not even turn into leaves.
She wants the dramatic death then she can monologue too.
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[x] “Woman, I saved your life. The least you could do is tell me why it was in danger!”
Merlin we are in the middle of an anomalous apocalypse all over the place, do not tell me you have another power saw talking in your head.

[x] Hands. We make good on threats. (Might as well get info while we're at it)
If the Tanuki are this prone to violence, then we give them hyperviolence. Hammurabi be damned!
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You want a monologue huh? Oh boy are you getting some.

update coming soooon
Image Source
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File 163968837850.png - (227.61KB, 730x730, Sure all of this makes sense.png)
Sure all of this makes sense
“Look, lady. I saved your life so the least you can do is tell me why it was in danger!” you respond with some impatience; you’ve never been one to let secrets lie undigged. “So come on, trust in me!”

Merlin pauses for a second to think about that “You’re right, it is only fair the circumstances of the one whose life you saved. Anything less would be ungrateful from me” and decides that perhaps you are trustworthy. She flies closer towards you and reveals her precious thing with a blush on her face and hesitation all over it. As if trusting you with this is a gigantic step to her.

“…That’s an egg, no?” you say unimpressed by the thing. It’s the size of a small dog so one needs to hold with both hands, the colour of a pale white like the skin of a dying white man’s hands accompanied by showy gems and encrusting stones all around it. “How ugly, don’t tell me this is what people want? How is some dumb egg supposed to make one all-powerful?” and you doubt the truth already, time is an expensive sand to you. One you can’t afford to spill on everything like a clumsy maid working in a forgiving restaurant. Eventually your butt will grow shrivelled and old and once you don’t have what it takes at that time, you might as well kiss your future goodbye.

The Musician lets out a sigh of relief at your disinterest “I’ve been plenty attacked for it though…” you raise an eyebrow at that, and she realizes she has to elaborate “Oh well, you see it’s a long story. A story of life, a story of music and most importantly a story of unconditional love~” her smile grows once again on her face as she starts whispering in a conspirational tone while looking around her surroundings for any potential ear-droppers “Can you keep a secret?”.

“That’s a secret on its own” you reply, feeling clever for the snark yet you realize little too late that you just gave the girl permission to monologue. You are certain to regret that decision later, on another note you notice that you’re acting a lot calmer now and that’s mostly cause pretending to be dead is a major turn off to your humour alongside the very important rules known as party harmony. There can be no more than 2 sillies without a straight man, at least you think that’s the rule but it’s not like it matters. Oh, and the girl is already starting the thing.

As if on cue, both said egg and her trumpet float right next to her. She starts to let the trumpet play a tune and for some reason music comes out of the egg as well. Merlin looks straight up to the sky and inhales as if she’s about to share some worldly wisdom with you “What is life? It- “

https://youtu.be/Xpl0LztaH5w and the music plays right on cue, except you interrupt everything

“Gonna stop you riiiiiiight there!” you cross both your arms “Spare me the philosophy and just give me a straight answer please. I don’t have time to waste on boooooring babble” in protest.

“Shush, this is extremely relevant and useful info” Merlin simply dismisses you with a wave of the hand and continues her probably about to be painful to listen to monologue “Now where was I? Ah yes life! Life is the big symphony, the song of our travels, our experiences and our sorrows all compressed into a simple vegetable. It is filled with things that are similar, like the sun and the stars being the distant cousins that never meet each other. The rivers and seas estranged mothers and daughters, to all those elements one thing is common: Parenthood is hard and no easy task! But so are all tasks in life. For life is a trail and one mustn’t give up even in the hardest of times…” her face becomes wistful? for a few seconds, but shortly after she continues the speech as if she didn’t just stare into the distance with a blush and an odd smile.

“…” you decide that you were right and decide to do some stuff while she isn’t looking at you.

“Now for the opposites, those are part of the song as well. Life has it’s up and downs, like a beautiful has its ascendos and crescendos. What is the opposite of Pain? Pleasure! What is the opposite of Sadness? Happiness! What is the opposite of an Egg? Bacon perhaps? Wrong that’s just another delicacy living its own delicious life! An egg has no opposites, for people do not say Egg OR Bacon. No, they say Bacon WITH some eggs. You cannot make an omelette without eggs; you cannot make an egg-salad without eggs ergo eggs are one of the few great unificators in the grander stream of collective consciousness. They hold nutrition but they also hold life. Why do birds poop out eggs and out of the eggs come littler birds that also make eggs? That’s simple, eggs are simply the manifestation of life itself. Like a messenger running across untamed lands while arrows are shot on their back and wilds beasts come to their front so are eggs the undisputed guardians of our Symphony. But making eggs is no easy task, even less hatching out of one! But so are all tasks in life. For life is a trail and one mustn’t give up even in the hardest of times…” her instruments start playing a bit louder “And since Music and Eggs are both celebrators and creators of life and yes Music counts as well since we both know some music gives people the mood for some loving don’t you dare say otherwise. And since Music and Eggs are both icons and creators of life itself, then their union can only bring something greater, something nobler than a prince heading to the supermarket to buy their princess at black Friday discount. Nay it’s far nobler than even a dog who taught themselves to play fetch. For indeed if both Music and Eggs were to be joined. They would become Double-Life and Half the Death”.

“Mhm, that’s right” you give her noncommitted answers as you’re done looting the bodies of the Tanuki, their clothes are of the basic skirt and shirt, but you remove the wood armour and put it on anyway since it became itchy as all hell. Finally, you take their wallets and their hands and finally their hats as well. Putting one on your head and aah, finally all feels right again.

“But that is not all, for you see before the day had started. As in the day before the day that is now here and now also known as the yesterday was the day, I had a dream while sleeping during the part of the day that is not day but also not night yet ergo the evening. The dream was a dream and within the dream there was a message, a message which was a letter of portents to come for the day that is now and here and is also known as the day that is today and the day that is further ahead then now and here and is also known as the day people don’t like to think or talk about. By the way the dreamer in the dream was me Merlin Prismriver, I wore a hat and the white clothes I am now wearing just then but fear not that does not mean we are in a dream right now silly. Nuhuh my fellow compatriot. This is reality, also known as the place, where actions have consequences and effects cause a caused effect by the effect that has been caused. You can see that this is real because I am here also well, the I that is me Merlin Prismriver, you can see that because I am wearing a hat and white clothes right now and you are you because you are you and to not be you you’d have to be someone else which is impossible because you are Rumoo and you have changed clothes and look like an forest hag now, but you are not a forest hag no you are the Youkai of the Negative Light Value, the Anti-Bulb incarnate. The Rumoo
I know that being true to yourself is no easy task, even less staying faithful to it. But so are all tasks in life. For life is a trail and one mustn’t give up even in the hardest times”.

You don’t even try to make sense of what she says and just nod “Amen, and all that stuff”.

“But again, about what is life, the answer to that is eggs by the way. Or what is music which is also eggs or even what is the true self aka the thing that can be best represented through arts like lore, dance, and music and so also eggs. Nay now is the time for answers. The answers to the big questions, the question of WHAT is in the egg. For you see no one knows what lies in it, it could be the egg of a chicken, the egg of a dragon or even the egg of the gods themselves. Within this egg lies potential, potential brought to out because it is [Anonymous] and so by not being defined by the world it has no defined limits. The egg could be the primal form of our new god, the egg could hold the destroyer of our world. The egg is unknown and so all-powerful. Do you understand that concept? I know it must be hard to understand, but so are most hard truths that one must swallow, aka it’ll never be easy to accept it. But so are all tasks in life. For life is a juice that one must swallow, no matter how big or thick it may be on the mental throat that is the brain compendium of our knowledge and understandings”.

…This must be the work of some Anon Object, right? That’s the only reason she would talk like that, not to forget the many other weird stuff you’ve seen far making it not impossible. You ponder whether you should destroy the egg, so you won’t have to bother with it later.

“I can read that expression on your face, yes the one where you rub your chin and look at the egg like a delicacy to be taken to an hotel before even the third date. I can smell you have raunchy intentions for the egg-shaped egg. You want to cook it, to eat it but one must not do that. For the egg holds life, indeed there is something in the egg. An innocent life that can bring either great good or great evil, it depends on whoever the creature first sees and identifies as master. And I’m on a quest. To find someone of heart purer than 100% Oxygenized Water to take care of it and not a percent less, this quest through which I journey, and adventure has had me travel though the many inches of the Not-Not-Netherworld but alas there can be no life in the realm of the Dead. Who knew? Nay, there is only one person who can take care of this egg: The Taoist-Minded And Animal-Loving Hermit of Legend! She is the Hermit who loves Animals and therefore someone who should know what lies in this egg and how to take care of it. She’d make a grander mother to this thing that then the humble me that is I also known as the You of the You from your perspective or the She from the other She from someone’s else’s perspective. For all eggs need someone to take care of them and I am but a humble musician, not someone who can take care of such a big responsibility on my own. Nay I have joy and dreams that I won’t be let taken away by the cruelty that is of having to take care of a child that ain’t one’s own. I’m afraid that the news has travelled somehow of this as I ventured through the land of the living, and it has gained the attention of the not so virtuous Tanuki known as Tanuki. They seek the power of the egg and wish it to make it theirs for who controls the egg controls life and who controls life controls all the world! That’s right, all of it. Not half of it, not three quarters, it’s one hundred percent of life. And oh, I have fought against these interlopers but with each battle my strength has waned and now I am the me that is you of the you that lies before me aka the tired Merlin Prismriver that you have rescued. If it is not too much and I know that this is indeed a grand demand to ask of the poor in the economic sense even though money is not ability and therefore this sentence is quite redundant so never mind that silliness. I wish for you to accompany me or for me to accompany you until I can find someone who would accompany to find said Sage. Someone who can be the Adoptive Father to my Adoptive Mother for this Adoptive Son or Daughter. I’m not sure if eggs have genders or wants to be referred with a different name but it matters not, but what does matter is that you are kind and strong and those are two prime traits I seek in an Adoptive Father. So, what say you? Are you willing to be a temporary father for this child? Or perhaps you would like to be an aunt? You can be whatever you want! For even though life is hard and unfair, It has many opportunities. But so are all paths in life, For life is a labyrinth of choices in which one must not give up even during the hardest times”.

What say you Youkai of the Anti-Lightbulb? [s]who's confused as all hell[ and kind of pissed off that she was called crazy even though people like this are wandering around here!/s]
[x] Let her accompany you, to the hospital.
[x] Nay, our paths shall separate after all.

Where shall you go?
[x] Onwards to Eientei!
[x] Backwards to the Hakurei Shrine!

[x] Write in option.
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[X] Here in my garage, just bought this new Lamborghini here. It’s fun to drive up here in the Hollywood hills. But you know what I like more than materialistic things? Knowledge. In fact, I’m a lot more proud of these seven new bookshelves that I had to get installed to hold two thousand new books that I bought. It’s like the billionaire Warren Buffett says, “the more you learn, the more you earn.”

Now maybe you’ve seen my TEDx talk where I talk about how I read a book a day. You know, I read a book a day not to show off it’s again about the knowledge. In fact, the real reason I keep this Lamborghini here is that it’s a reminder. A reminder that dreams are still possible, because it wasn’t that long ago that I was in a little town across the country sleeping on a couch in a mobile home with only forty seven dollars in my bank account. I didn’t have a college degree, I had no opportunities.

But you know what? Something happened that changed my life. I bumped into a mentor. And another mentor. And a few more mentors. I found five mentors. And they showed me what they did to become multimillionaires. Again, it’s not just about money, it’s about the good life; health, wealth, love and happiness. And so I record a little video, it’s actually on my website, you can click here on this video and it’ll take you to my website where I share three things that they taught me. Three things that you can implement today no matter where you are.

Now, this isn’t a “get rich quick” scheme. You know, like they say if things sound too good to be true they are too good to be true. I’m not promising you that tomorrow you’re gonna be able to go out and buy a Lamborghini. But what I am telling you is that it can happen faster than you think if you know the proven steps. So, I record a little two minute video on my website. Like I said, now it’s not the most professional I just shot it here with my iPhone, but it’s real. Nobody can argue, this is my true story. And I’m going to give you the three most important things you can do today. So click the link, go there it’s completely free to watch it it’s just a couple minutes. Invest in yourself. Always be curious. Don’t be a cynic. Okay, people see videos like this and they say “Ah that’s not real that’s for somebody else.”

Don’t listen, don’t listen. Be an optimist. Like, Conrad Hilton, the man who started Hilton Hotel, he said that he was only fifteen years old when he read a book by Helen Keller, and that book changed his life. Books can change your life. And in that book, Helen Keller said “optimism” so if you’re a cynic, if you’re a pessimist you don’t need to click here. Don’t worry about it, I don’t need to talk to everybody. But if you’re somebody who knows that there’s something better, cause the dream is possible, you know, for some of you watching it’s not necessarily a Lamborghini, maybe it’s a new job, a new opportunity, starting your own company.

Maybe it’s a new lifestyle without so much stress, traveling the world, doing those things you know you’re destined to do. You can do those unless you understand finances. Money, I don’t call it money anymore, I call it fuel units. You must have enough fuel units to live out your dream and to live out your destiny. So, I’ll see you on my website, it’s a quick video and you’ll see there absolutely free.

So just click this video and you’ll be taken there in a second, and uh, I’m excited to share this amazing stuff. You’ll see, not because of anything of me but because I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from mentors many years ahead of me. Not just in books like these, although I love books but also real in-person mentors. So let me share with you these three tips that have made all the difference in my life. They’re practical, you can do them today, you can start on them today. All right? See you there on my site.
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… What does any of that insane wall of nonsense even mean?

[x]Let her accompany you to the hospital
[x]Onwards to Eientei!

If she wants someone pure of heart to hatch the egg, she might as well follow us to where all the pure moon people live.
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[X] "I'll be your daddy allright" mock her weird phrasing with a small tease.
[X] Let her join the Party
[X] Onwards, to Eientei!

That whole speech gave me such Xavier Renegade Angel vibes. Makes me wonder if we're going to walk around and ruin the lives of other people by sheer proxy.
Image Source
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File 163974853489.jpg - (155.03KB, 850x457, Rumia versus the forces of anon map.jpg)
Rumia versus the forces of anon map
You just glare at Merlin deadpan, she speaks weirder than even the Flower Youkai’s random taunts and threats. You sigh and decide that if nothing makes sense then you may as well go along with it.

“Okay then..” you accept her offer reluctantly and will let her follow you for now.

“Goodie!” Merlin claps her hands in joy and gives you such a bright smile it almost hurts your eyes “I knew I could on you Rumoo~ you’re sure to not regret this decis-waah?!” she’s rendered off guard by your sudden approach as you put one arm around her waist and lower her closer to the ground while keeping intense eye contact with her. Her face becomes red as a tomato out of shock and surprise as she stammers out a protest and asks you what you’re doing, unaware of your intentions.

“I’ll be your daddy all right” you reply cool as a cucumber. Yet you struggle to keep your face straight while stroking her soft white hair gently “Of course, you do know what Mommies and Daddies do together right?” that tease may be a bit too much but you feel like being mean anyway. You wait for her response and fight against the urge to laugh in her face, oh boy is this going to be hilarious.

“….” Her face somehow becomes even redder than before, maybe even the reddest it has ever been without being smashed. You’re not sure that’s a good thing but so far she hasn’t slapped you hard in the face or accused you of being a pervert. Merlin is just staring you in the eyes with the most intense look you’ve ever seen in someone and honestly that’s worse “M-m-y hea..HiyAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!” She lets out a high pitched noise of embarrassment while flailing her arms around wildly. Look like your joke was too effective.

So it’s time to end this “Just kidding~” you drop her body like one would a sack of potatoes. You’ve had your fun and you have no interest on going any further than that. For you are a professional.

*Thump!* “OW!” and she falls right on her own butt “What was that for you jerk?!” she jumps up right quickly and huffs her cheeks while looking at you with anger. You simply shrug and say you fight fire with fire “What are yo-“ you start walking away “Hey don’t leave!” and she notices because she has eyes yet she doesn’t follow you despite the fact she does have the legs for it.

“Then hurry up and follow” you dismiss her protest again and keep up the pace. “We’ve wasted enough time now, and who knows when the raccoons are going to bring out reinforcements…it’s best if we are somewhere they don’t or can’t follow aka the hospital of Eientei!” you explain to her your thoughts on the matter and how your own experience in being an expert forest dweller has given you the ability to know when it’s not safe to linger around somewhere.

For all you know if that egg is so important then the Tanuki will definitely come back with higher numbers and the moment they surround you could be the closest thing to an mass beating you’ll ever be in.
Even now you can sense activity in the surroundings, fairies playing around some distance away.
Other youkai sensing you and deciding that confronting is not worth it and finally the stench of Tanuki is fresh in the air.

Wait never mind that, that’s just the smell of the other two right beh-oh and they’re gone. Ain’t that inconvenient? The moment they tell their boss or whatever of your involvement you’ll have to deal with random tanuki attacks, alongside the random fairy prank, alongside the random anon you might meet regardless of whether you have the egg or not. Woohoo, being a good gal sure is fun.

Why are you letting her tag along anyway? Is it to do the right thing perhaps? Or are you doing it for the challenge and thus thrill that comes out of having an excuse to beat up a bunch of youkai in justified violence? You shake your head and decides it doesn’t matter. It was simply better than doing nothing and besides this might be an opportunity…if the egg were to hatch midway and it just so happened to be seeing you first, then who’s to say you didn’t get that power by accident? Yeah, even if that doesn’t happen at least something will. Even if it sounds like power that comes from an easy source, power is power and the least you can do is make sure your foes do not have it.

Enough thinking, you can sense Merlin’s presence behind you. She’s following you all right but seems a bit grumpy from that harmless joke you did, you just let her po-actually no it’s best if you nip this in the bud immediately. “Hey Merlin?” you call out to her.

“What?” she doesn’t even look at you, her arms are crossed and she seems angry.

“Sorry” you honestly apologize, it’s best if that’s out of the way “It was just a joke”.

“Really? Are you really sorry?” She almost perks up right away which makes you suspect she was never mad in the first place and just looking for more attention. “Are you SUPER sorry even hmmm?” she looks you dead in the eye with a look that fails to be fierce like a poodle that tries to intimidate the sun looking at it intensely, so too does her look not make you waver in the least.

“I’m super sorry” Speaking of the sun, it is bright in the sky. You’re not sure what time it is now but if you had to guess it would now be late afternoon. Time sure flies fast but if you keep up the pace then you might make it to the Bunny Land and Back to the Vampire Place before it’s evening.

“Then you’re forgiven!” Merlin instantly forgives you, which isn’t that important so let’s move on.

Now you know where Eientei is, it should simply be West from the Human Village and North-West from the Hakurei Shrine. Aka following the sun should lead you straight towards it or at least close to it. As for your current location…it would be the Road to the Human Village right? Hold on a moment.

You rise into the air to get a better view of your bearings.

Yeah, you can see the trees slightly lower in number further ahead. Not only that but there are some farmlands in the distance aka if you went North now then you would reach the Human Village, you could fly over that place and then head directly West for an easy way to go to Eientei…however even being in the sky nearby that place could be enough for the Youkai Hunters to want to shoot you down, not to forget that Keine and some Anons are in there if the Newspaper from earlier was right.

Or you could head West immediately and try out the other Forest up ahead, it would lead to the Willows and be a direct way to avoid most people or random encounters…however again that kind of isolation can be dangerous. You could meet a youkai that’s a bit too territorial or the Tanuki could use the moment to ambush you right there thought they could do that anywhere since they’re shapeshifting bastards so no matter where you go you will no longer be safe now…how great.

If only there was a way to increase your chances of NOT meeting random people you don’t want to meet with. Perhaps you could simply fly faster than you’ve ever flown to avoid meet and greets. Or perhaps you could cover yourself and Merlin in Darkness so no one can see you even though outside observers that are far away enough would immediately know that this darkness is your cause…

Yeah, you’re not sure HOW exactly to go to Eientei right now. But you know you CAN. The only question is whether you will walk with caution, fly with reckless abandon or whatever else can be done. You look at Merlin and ask for her opinion.

“Hmm” She rubs her chin in thought before giving you a thumbs up “I believe in your decision making!” aka she has no idea and leaves it to you.

So what will it be Youkai of the Negative Light Value?
[x] Road A (Through the Human Village and then Straight to Eientei)
[x] Road B (Straight through the Forest, and then finally Eientei).

Do you have any idea on how to avoid random encounters?
[x] Yes (Specify lest default march is relaxed and modest flying in the air )
[x] No
[x] I don’t dislike them.

Obligatory World Map theme: https://youtu.be/ya8EZeowec0
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For shame anon, imagine not liking knowledge.
This is why you haven't found any mentors to teach you to make millions.
Delete Post
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[x] Road B (Straight through the Forest, and then finally Eientei).

[x] Open air means open travel! Get to the bamboo forest via LPR (laser propulsed Rumia). Maybe even go above the treeline, because we have at least half a brain by now!
Image Source
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File 163985022238.png - (301.28KB, 690x607, progress 1.png)
progress 1
Aye, route B it shall be.

You fly your way towards the Forest that is not the Magic Forest or Great Forest but simply the Forest that is near the Bamboo Forest, let’s call it the Willow Forest for now.

Anyway, there you are, gliding in the air.
Defying gravity like usual while ignoring most attempts off small talk from your companion by nodding and saying Yeah or Awesome over and over.
Not to say you’re not the social kind but right now you’ve grown a little fed up with all the zaniness.
Why does she get to act quirky and be seen as adorable but the moment you do it you have a screw loose?

Ugh, you ignore any thought about a certain fairy and simply fly in the air like a leaf carried by the wind. You like flying to be honest, it always gave you this sensation of freedom. Not to forget the beautiful landscape serving as eye candy and the lack of natural predators making sure you’ll never have to fear being assaulted out of nowhere…except for today. But even so isn’t Gensokyo beauti-
Image Source
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File 163985051840.png - (262.95KB, 828x687, progress 2.png)
progress 2

You can see a bunch of people fighting ahead, it seems to be a bunch of youkai hunters obtained some strange tools and decided to look for trouble with the local youkai wildlife.

Some of them wield weapons that are like attached to their bodies and treat them like a kid would pretend a stick is a legendary blade while others have wings or horns and well use them to shoot and beat up any youkai they find. The reason behind this can only be cockiness you assume or the desire to be a hero by beating up a bunch of monsters and gaining experience that way or whatever like that’s an actual valid way to get stronger and not simply a way to piss every youkai in the area.

Naturally the youkais are fighting back, from keeping their distance and shooting the cocky humans with danmaku like the fairies do, or simply smacking into them to disarm them like some beast-youkais are doing with their superior speed and strength. Sadly, they don’t seem to do too well since even though the youkai is doing their best to respect the spell card rules, the humans have no such intent. And sometimes all that’s needed to win a fight is to have a superior bloodlust…which means that sooner or later the youkai will have to retaliate with lethal intent or be exterminated but if they do so then everyone else will think a bunch of youkais slaughtered some villagers making them guilty until proven innocent if not risk excommunication.

Either way the humans have the advantage here, what a rare sentence to ever say.

Not like it matters to you though, you have no feeling of patriotism or a sense of community. You are and have always been a careless wanderer and hence you lack the care in your heart to help them out. Call that an excuse if you will, but again if you can’t protect yourself then you deserve it.

If it ever becomes too much then the stronger youkais will get note of it and handle it.

You do see some notable figures amidst the swarm though, like the several heads of a certain red head shooting out lasers. And the occasional storm of rain shot out by a certain Karakasa. Yet again you’re not strongly attached to either of them or so refuse to endanger yourself for acquaintances.

Merlin stops moving the moment she sees this, and a frown appears on her face as she looks back at you and then the battlefield “We have to help them!” is the message she’s trying to send without words. To which you reply, “Do you really want to risk your egg in a battlefield?”.

This instantly silences her, and she nods no dejectedly. You pat her back and tell her she took the right decision.

[music stop]

The both of you continue moving ahead, and this encounter gave you an idea…if she’s going to be a bother about every single random encounter you see, then perhaps you should avoid them.

And you have just the thing for this….
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File 163985082739.png - (16.08KB, 301x391, quick rumia.png)
quick rumia
Ladies and Gentlemen.

This is a time of crisis, a time where the enemy is unknown and time is limited yet you don’t even know how much time is limited making every second kind of unnecessarily stressful…

Anyhoo, bitches need to be smacked. People need to be revived, and other stuff needs to be done.
Yet there are some people out to waste you’re time with their needs and socializing and blabla blab bla give me a reason to help you out or shut up, you’re in a hurried adventure. So what do you do?

How do you avoid unnecessary time wasters? How do you avoid the dreaded random encounter?
Easy, there is a time and place for everything and now…

It is time to go fast. Faster than the definition fast has ever fasted even.


And there’s only definition you can give such an intense speed, the best of the best fast can only be…

[b]RUMIA FAST![/i]

[Moonlight Sign: Moonlight Ray]

And so the legend rises off once more!
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File 163985106650.png - (150.89KB, 1221x742, Rumia is speed 2.png)
Rumia is speed 2
(Scroll up, I messed up when to click on update) also image isn't 100% accurate.

“Wooooooooooooh!” Merlin cheers as much as her lungs allow it while desperately holding onto you. The sheer wind resistance could push her off you if she even lightened her grip. “THIS IS AWESOME!” and she has already forgotten what put her down, simply focusing on the sheer speed you’re going at.

Naturally you’re high enough so the only risk of impact would come from another flier than say a tree or hill, you really don’t want that to happen lest you become a pancake.

The surroundings are a complete blur so are you but a shape of colours!
If someone had the speed of ten men combined, they still wouldn’t even go this fast!
The sheer feeling of adrenaline is like lightning coursing through your body!

Sure, there may be far faster people in Gensokyo but right now, right here. You’ve never felt more like a comet that’s rushing through space aflame.

It’s like nothing matters, it’s just you and that feeling of power. You’re going fast but you know you can go faster. And you must! So you go! go! go!

Ignore the discomfort in your squishies and go faster! It doesn’t matter that you can’t see much since Merlin is being your eyes for you, you think but again that doesn’t matter. “ARE WE THERE YET?!” you yell at her to get an update on your bearings.

“We’re here!” The girl riding your back shouts out loud, and she’s right as suddenly you see nothing more than mist. You do your best to stop…but remember that you can’t and have to wait it out.
Luckily a larger than usual bamboo tree was more than happy to help yo-oh ffffffffffffffffff- [music stop]


“That was such a close encounter right there” Merlin says as she hobbles a bit with her hand on her stomach. Seems the end of the trip made her dizzy “How did you even- “

“Smack against me once, shame on me. Smack against me a hundred times, and I’ll learn” you reply with nausea and pride alongside more nausea as you walk on the sweet, delicious ground searching for the Legendary Bunny Land “Damn trees have to step up their game, they become too predictable” you let out a small smile at that, savouring your well-deserved victory for once.

“Aye, makes sense to me!” She shouts for some reason despite being no less than a few steps next to you. Then she suddenly stops as if realization struck her “Wait, are we lost or is that me?”.

You simply shrug and keep walking “Nah, I know where we are and where we are not so it’s fine”.

“Great, I was worried for a second there...” Merlin lets out a sigh, not even doubting your word.

Which is good because you are totally lost, all the trees around you seem to be going on endlessly. Same thing for the mist limiting your vision ahead, it’s almost a bit otherworldly. But you’re not one to be discouraged by such notions. Therefore, there is only one way to fix this conundrum.

Become unlost! Therefore, you are no longer lost!

[x] Summon the Fire-gal, you know the cry needed to call her out.
[x] Attempt to mimic a youkai mating call, not sure those exist but hey it might work.
[x] You can’t get lost in the forest if there is no forest, cut down those trees.
[x] Know what gets everyone’s attention? Smoke signs! Make a fire!

I’ll admit, pacing isn’t that easy to handle. But you’re finally in the Bamboo Forest now.
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File 163985118038.jpg - (70.50KB, 640x774, o9qg048t45c61.jpg)
[x] Know what gets everyone’s attention? Smoke signs! Make a fire!
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File 163986006245.png - (234.25KB, 1327x862, fire sure is nice innit.png)
fire sure is nice innit
"You have to admit, this is a pretty nice fire" you say to Merlin a tad impressed by the result and demand praise for it. Your face looks as refreshed as taking a bath on new year's eve.

"Eh, I've seen better. Though the way it sizzles is a nice touch" Merlin plays coy as a result. How silly~

"Wha-better? but I used specially blended fuel for this, my flames burn more purely, and more fiercely than any other!" you play along though, since that could lead to a bit of fun in its own way.

"Nah, you don't get it. It's more like the art behind it is too primitive. You didn't use any fancy spell for it, you didn't respect the will or the rhyme of the fire itself. All you did was splurge your load and lit it off" the way her smile doesn't change at all makes you think she said the last part on purpose.

"You sure sound like you know a lot about it. So what? Are you the fire inspector now?" you grumble and fold your arms together. Not that you're really mad but hey theatrics are fun to do.

"Mhm...I guess so, you'd be surprised by how many times I woke up in the middle of some fire some punk had put on our mansion. All because they know we love music more than fighting. They were a real bother~".

"So they're dead then I assume? you've said were, so they must have passed their trail of living" you smile wider at the mention, a bit too excited for any story she might have concerning inflicting pain on others.

"You'd be correct!" She claps in joy "Incidentally, did you know all youkai burn differently? The way the skin scorches, the fat burns, the innards char-changes from person to person. I'm not sure why that is but the poetic among us say those of us burdened with sin burn faster than the others. Ain't that some theory?".

"Pretty cool I guess, it would certainly explain why the trees and ground burn so quickly. Hell even the rocks are melting because of my goop! Guess the crimes of the trees are finally being set to light!" the revelation strikes joy into your heart. Finally those bastards get to pay for all they did to you. Karma does exist!

"Fire...oh gentle fire" Merlin starts playing a tune with her trumpet "Be the great equalizer...of both the sinful and innocent. Propagate, hear the blessing of our souls, the beats of our hearts and burn our enemies!" as if reacting to the melody, the fires become fiercer in response as they spread even further than they could naturally. The melody affects you too as you feel newfound energy-no a mania inside your heart!

"The heat! spread the heat! make the fire so big that even the gods will notice us!" you feel a rush of energy and have never felt this focused on one simple goal: to make the fire even more firer than has ever fired!

"Get the kids and bring a sweater!" Merlin shouts out a tune with a mad grin.

"Dry is good and wind is better!" somehow you knew the next line instinctively.

"Counts the years, you always knew it!" She says the second one a bit louder, close to a scream.

"Strike a match, go on and do it!" you continue the third one almost like a feverish chant.

"Burn it all! Burn it all to the ground!" and it's time for the finale, yet for some reason. You don't know the rest.

"I don't know what rhymes with that so have more fire instead" so you improvise.

"Hell yes, the flames are so colourful. Aim for the baby trees too, extinguish their bamboo bloodline before they can come get revenge later on! I know it sounds cruel but believe it helps in the long run!" and now you're certain that Merlin is a great companion, she helped you put stuff on fire rather than stop it. And that's so sweet.

"Eheheheh, allright I've set everything on fire. It made mist dissapear and the light sure is pretty. If not a b-hold on I'm getting my darkness on....aaaagh much better~ Anyway what can we do now?" you reply satisfied.

"I'm not sure, could we put more stuff on fire?" oh god, woman she already wants a second round.

"Uh Merlin, I just said EVERYTHING's on fire already. unless you mean you and me but that's a bit too fire loving for even me. Though I don't mind if we take it slowly and like develop it over time, if you want that is" you reply a bit more tired than you'd like to be, yet it feels like some of your stress disappeared within the flames as well.

"Ew no, I hate waiting for stuff...." She pouts at that "! Hold on a moment, I've got an revelation!"

"What could that be? do go on" you encourage her as she encouraged you.

"What if we put the fire....on fire?" What?

"Sounds like a far stretch, that's the same as asking if water is really wet and oh boy I do not want that conversation with anyone. Thank you very much" you use logic this time, and had this talk with Cirno already concerning freezing stuff. So sadly you won't fall for that hole in a barrel of a topic.

"Oh come on, don't we live in a land of fantasy? We've got girls that fly even though they aren't aerodynamic. Fairies that control the weather for god's sake, and death is nothing but a temporary setback to you and me" again Merlin spouts out some facts with a serous face, but it's an useless kind of argument.

"I still don't think that's possible though, like seriously. How would you even notice if a fire is on fire or not? You're either on fire or you're not. It doesn't stack with each other, just like bankruptcy" you reply firmly.

"How do you even know what bankruptcy is?" she replies somehow amused by your brain power.

"Non-consensual education, no I won't explain it. And please never bring it up, it has scarred me for life..." your hands tighten on reflex as the memory comes to you.

"Knowing how to read may seem like a blessing, but when the majority of people you know are...yknow. It's kind of hard not to relate to that. Just know you can count on me to keep a secret Rumoo~" she takes one of your hands and squeezes it a bit as if to show support, it looks basic as hell...

"Thanks, that means a lot to me. Anyway will the egg be fine here?" but damn are you a sucker for it.

"Yeah, it's like...actually I'll demonstrate" Merlin throws it against the ground, it simply bounces back in her hands. "See? Tougher than a diamond for sure, I could throw it at a youkai and their head would break before this thing does!"

"Damn, if only my body was that tough. No one would mess with me then, I'd be egg-ceptional" the pun leaves your mouth before you know it. It's like they are hardwired to your brain.

"...God, that was terrible" Merlin giggles "You should feel ashamed of yourself for that!"

"Oh stop egging me!" you continue unabashed.

"Pffaahahahahaha!" she breaks out in laughter.

"KWahahahahaha!" and so do you.

Your intimacy with Merlin increases, except that's not a stat so it's just flavour

"WHAT IN THE HELL ARE YOU TWO LAUGHING ABOUT?!" a voice shouts from some distance away, you can't see them due to the smoke and the fact fire is everywhere now. "THE FOREST IS ON FIRE!"

Yeah, it is because of you. "Okay and?" and how is that a problem?

"W-what do you mean what?" the voice is confused "Wait shit, did you inhale some gasses? don't worry I'll come save you. Just stay right there!" and the person sounds ready to leap through the flames to save you two

[x] But that's unnecessary really, you're both doing quite fine. This is fine.

[x] On second thought, being saved is mighty appreciated. You seem to be rather surrounded by fire.

[x] As if you couldn't yourself, see the secret is to not fear the flames. Walk out boldly to the voice.
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(On phone and had the time to update so I just did).

[X] Do nothing.

You don't do anything and stay where you are as the blistering heat of the inferno around becomes more and more apparant by each passing second. There are flames in front and behind you, up and down and even the parts that shouldn't burn are indeed aflame.

Anyway not to repeat oneself again but the place is on fire which you're almost proud for except you forgot to leave the fire itself and well that's quite an honest mistake to make, after all you are not perfect. Even so you've succeeded in your primary objective of getting someone's attention so you give this plan a B-! (Could be better but was mostly fun~)

Like an American Falcon you've taken the wooden stick of Liberty and thrown it down into the bushes of the vile consorters of MOONISM. The flames of TRUTH will burn down their wicked LIES as they are the most notable MOONIST faction in this Bamboo Abode and so they should burn. For though you are merciful you have no patience to suffer lying fools.

Moonlight is not a thing! That's simply that dumb rock in the sky taking credit for blocking the Sun's glare during nighttime! You know that's the truth as you can feel it when the rays touch your skin that they are the painful sting of your most passionate nemesis. Sure the light feels a tiny bit different but one could say that moonlight is tampered sunlight rather than a true source of light itself.

This is a very important subject to you because as the Youkai of Darkness, the presence and absence of light is tied to your very being and so you know everything about it. Yet they laugh at you, they reject your wisdom and think you're a cutesy fool for your amazing theory. That is an unforgivable SIN. They are wrong! (They're not)

A warm sensation co-oh that's the fire. You back away a bit from it and promptly ignore it again.

You suspect that your potential rescuer would either be a yummy bunny or one of those were-whatevers that like to hide in here as well. Either kind of s-

Before you know it, you're already dragged some distance away by a firm hand on the back of your neck. A flame licks your skin for a second but quickly you are thrown roughly to the ground and out of the flames into safety.

"You okay bud?" Merlin looms over your prone figure, seems she didn't need to be rescued against her consent. Then again you can't burn what can't burn...that sounded better in your head but whatever.

"As fresh as a dead baby" you reply with snark as you get up and dust yourself off. "Worst rescue ever though..."

"The one being rescued doesn't get to complain though. You just act your part and cry *Oh save me!*" A sarcastic voice and footsteps behind you indicate that said third person has not ceased existing sadly.

You look at them and your mood deflates immediately "Oh, long time no see-"

[X] "Big Bun, can't say I missed you"
[X] "Gun Bun, tell me do anti-fire pills exist?"
[X] "Wolf Lady, I totally did not expect you here"
[X] "Mokky Mokky Mokky, feed meeeeeeee"

Choose your attitude as well.

[X] Grateful: "You saved me! You're totally my hero now!" Everyone falls for the little girl act.
[X] Ungrateful: "Cool, cool, meetings done. Could you get me to Eientei too while you're at it? Thanks" Self explanatory
[X] Worried: "Some bad guy set the place on fire! I was so scared! Please stop the flames!" Lower the suspicion on your person first.
[X] Write In.
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[X] "Mokky Mokky Mokky, feed meeeeeeee"
[X] Grateful: "You saved me! You're totally my hero now!" Everyone falls for the little girl act.
Mokou's feed n' sneed.
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I'm seconding the previous voter. A very hot immortal is always a good thing.
We will acquire a party tank!
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File 164002770639.png - (243.23KB, 1483x837, Mokou meet.png)
Mokou meet
Wait a minute, your words stop as your eyes properly scan the person looming over you.

Red fancy pants that are never changed on legs that could kick a tiger's head off, a light brown shirt accompanied by paper talismans accompanied by two hands with five fingers inside some pant pockets like clowns in a tiny car, those red eyes and ankle length white hair were on a face with an neutral expression. This person could only be a person.

Merlin realizes it first and feels threatened "Oh isn't that the Fu"

"MOKKY!" you shout as you rush towards her, arms outstretched and jaw ready for a hi-bite. She cannot dodge this.

"Don't call me that" Mokky says as she expertly moves out of the way, then grabs you by the arm and squeezes firmly to prevent another attack "And NO, you do not get to eat me no matter how man-OW!" but you clamp your jaw on her left hand anyway and start gently nibbling her fingers "Goddamit, not again!" and as a response she fights back as well turning the usual greeting into a game of meat chess, she has to stop you from biting without harming you in the process yet you move around a lot like an kid on a sugar rush and the darkness you emanate only makes thing worse. After a few seconds you're both on the ground with you the nibbling victor "...Ugh, Kids these days sure are filled with energy".

"Mway bwetter dkan Tkanuki" you praise the chef, she tastes like a five star as usual.

"Shush, don't talk with your mouth full kid" the chef doesn't seem pleased by that.

"Mm!" which is fair enough, you'd offer your own hands in exchange but then it'd be just weird.

"Oh! are the two of you friends perhaps?" Merlin claps in realization, all discomfort gone. "If so the-"

"Who said we were friends?" Mokky glares at Merlin with halfassed killing intent. "Don't spout nonsense like that"

"But you sure seem friendly now~" Merlin teases back and pulls her tongue at Mokky.

Mokky gets up and approaches Merlin with to loom over her with a menacing smile "Do I look friendly now?"

"You have a wonderful smile!" Merlin however either does not read the mood or does not care.

Both of them stare at each other as everything goes dead quiet. Except for the fire, it's still there by the way.

So are they, still looking into each other eyes, as if trying to measure the other person for something. You don't really get it.

You do however know that if they keep it up for another 15 minutes then it's officially gay, so it's time to intervene!

"Pwah!" you finally let go of Mokky, content with the taste you've gotten "She's emergency food~" you reply with a smile.

Suddenly you get a karate-chop on the forehead, courtesy of Mokky. It hits at just the right spot to really hurt the skin.

You crouch down and hold your head with a teary expression. "Whyyyy..." you cry out frailly as you feel betrayed.

"That's what you get for being a bad girl, work on that attitude already" Mokou no-sells the sight "Also my name is Mo-"

"Mokky!" you helpfully remind her of it, "We all know your name, are you getting memory issues Grandma?"

Another strike comes for your head, but you are prepared this time.
And use Merlin as a meat shield, "Kyah!" she does the same pose you did "Rumoo why?!"

"Tch" Mokou isn't impressed "Sacrificing your friend? that's a whole new low.." her arms fold in protest. But you know better, though her words cut deep she wouldn't talk in the first place if she didn't care. She's actually oddly talkative today even.

"Yeah, what the heck Rumoo! give me back my praise for you!" Merlin joins the sarcastic scold train with a pout.

Well, that's two ladies who aren't pleased with you. Also is it starting to feel hot or is just you? Oh well, think fast!

"Everything's okay when it comes to war" you justify yourself with a wink "The hands I shall sully in the bloods of my allies shall be cleansed in the icchor of the mastermind of anon-kind!" speaking of which...isn't Mokky immortal? "Care to join me? you'd make an amazing meat shield!" your masterful words reek of charisma alike that of the nectar of the gods, surely she would be honoured to join. Like the many other people that did and then di-who's pages of fate have turned. Where is Meiling by the way? ​

She snorts, amused by the concept "You just said you would sacrifice me without a doubt, no one's that foolish kid." most fools would take these words as a hard no, but you know better. She's playing hard to get.

"Is there nothing I can do to convince you?" you twitch your upper lip and look at her with the biggest, wettest eyes you can muster "Surely you won't abandon a little widdlie girly doll in this mean b-aah!" She poked your eyes.

"Give it up kid, though on the othe-" She stops her sentence in the mid and stares at something poking behind you "Is that a chainsaw? what in the, who gave you something that dangerous?" and actually seems surprised for once.

"Huh? you mean that wasn't there before?" Merlin seems to have simply not questioned it til now. "Yeah, I thought it was meant to convey some statement like I support the woodworkers, or FUCK THE TREES you get me Rumoo?"

"Oh this old thing?" seems you have to actually explain it "It's nothing special, just a weapon of mass murder that tried to trick me into being possessed by it as forcefully destroyed my arm from the inside out and grew a new far more muscle-don't interrupt me I hate that" you quickly shush down both their attempts and continue "So I got a bigger arm or at least I woke up with one, not sure if everything before that was a dream or not so I don't care. Also the thing was named Moefirmanator but in hindsight that's a dumb thing and my best cudgel who was named Darker than Darkness sounded way cooler so maybe I should get a better name for it to-and oh wow the fire became bigger!"

"What fire?" Mokky replies "Ah, shit. Hold on we can talk more later. Let's take care of this first!" and beckons you to follow her.
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File 164002778077.png - (1.35MB, 1300x752, Some time later.png)
Some time later
Some time later.

As in a time after the fire has been handled and the gang heads to Eientei.
As in, reading about putting out a fire would be boring so it's time for a scene shift.

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File 164002788830.png - (143.96KB, 1288x907, eientei.png)
"Okay, you see those guards right?" Mokky speaks again after a few minutes of the shut up and follow my directions game and for some reason tests your perception as you all hide in a not suspicious bush nearby.

"Three bunnies having a nice time. What's so special about that?" you don't see how that's important. It's not like bunny number one, Reisen and bunny number two have weapons on them nor do they seem unfriendly right now.

"Zzz...Ice cream" Merlin seems to have fallen asleep and is using your back as a support stool. You're not sure if it's for real but at least she isn't shouting like she usually does. Wait why are you hiding in the first place anyway?

"Correct yet wrong, see the thing is..." Mokky turns to you and starts explaining "They've been acting odd just today, like you're not the first person I saw stuck with a tool on your person and hold on that was a bad start".

"Take your time" you nod casually as you try not to cringe too hard from how much Merlin moves behind you.

"Okay to make it short, weird people enter the clinic and so far I haven't seen a single one of them exit the place" Mokky makes it short and simple "I went in to check once or twice but other than *They're in safe hands* the rabbits and the doc refuse to say anything more about it. Now colour me meddling but damn does that smell fishy and once you got fishy, you got Kaguya. So I want to know what's happening in there and you just happened to be right in time..." She gains an outright intimidating kind of smile "See what I'm getting at?"

"I don't follow no" you reply honestly and a bit worriedly. "What, do you want me to be bait?"

"Nah kid, bait is too much of a bad thing. Think of it more like a diversion, you get in there and me and your bud will follow from a close distance and the moment something shady happens we snap in and save the day. Get it now?"

"So you DO plan to use me as bait then" you confirm her words, not that impressed by the explanation.

"Yeah, you're bait all right. Don't know why I tried to make it sound like something else. But see here lies the thing, you do a favour for me and I do a favour for you. Aka you do this for me and I'll join your lil escapade afterwards" She pauses for a second before adding something else "Of course you'll have to explain what your whole adventure is but that's a kind of conversation we can have after you've done this small thing for us all. So deal or no deal?"

You think about it, you're just here to get Marisa and leave. Maybe get Mystia in the meantime too if her stand is open today and if it isn't then looking at the Youkai Temple after reviving Wriggle would be the plan B for her. Though her offer is quite tempting. You're going to enter Eientei anyway and uh...you can't think of any reason to say no actually.

"Deal" you nod firmly and accept her offer.

"Very good kid, in that case take this" Mokky puts one of her ribbons in your hand. "Keep this on you so I can tell where you are in Eientei at all times and..." she gives you some metal brick thing too "Use this lil phone to make pictures of anything interesting you may find. Getting to one-up the black haired wench by giving the Tengu more gossip is going to be so satisfying~" and she gives off that scary smile again.

"Uh, okay?" you look at the brick again: It has a grey colour and the mark of an apple behind it. You instinctively put it on your mouth and bite down on it. "Bleh!" and spit it out as it doesn't taste good at all. What a useless thing to have.

"...." Mokky just stares at you for a second before facepalming "D'ah, that's my bad. Shouldn't have assumed that just because I know how it works that you would. Damn Sumi's getting to me already" and gives up on that part "Anyway you heard what I had to say so go ahead kid, get out of that bush and approach the guards already".

Before you can say more you're shoved out of the totally valid hiding spot. "Rude..." You reluctantly walk towards the entrance and as such the guards as well "Hey, hey. People. it's Rumia here!" you loudly announce yourself to make sure they won't get surprised and try to shoot you with the guns they don't have. Still safer than sorry though.

All three turn towards your direction, but only the Gun-bun seems indifferent to your arrival as the other two hide behind her in fright "Oh, it's you...aren't you like banned forever from here since your last little stunt or was that another one of your silly friends?"

"I don't know what you're talking about!" you reply calmly as you try very hard to not remember that time.

"That so?" the Gun-bun replies in doubt as she sees you look at the ground "You do realize I don't need to actually look in your eyes if I wanted to do the Red-Eye thing right?" and she sighs "Anyway what I mentioned wa-"

"I'm here for something else!" you again reply as cool as a cucumber.

"And what might that be? we're not letting you partake in our food until dinner just so you know" she assumes you're here to freeload, which you have done so in the past.

"Well, no. I mean sure food is nice but I'm here because of a higher cause!" you're not sure why you're shouting.

"Then say it already" she replies deadpan once again.

[x] I have a medical condition, look at my saw thingy! Reception!
[x] Let me in, I'm not a spy and Mokky's not in the grass over there! Deception!​
[x] I'm here for some fluff and bun, if you know what I mean! Seduction!
[x] How has your day been, also is Marisa in here?! Information!
[x] Write in! Imagination!
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[X] Seduction
[X] Get flustered by the failure and attempt Deception
[X] Give up and attempt reception.

There's only one way to build up that speech skill and that's by failing many times so you can improve slightly with each use. Or I just wanna see this.

Who knows.
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[X] Seduction
[X] Get flustered by the failure and attempt Deception
[X] Give up and attempt reception.

>Hey, hey. People. it's Rumia here!
"Do you line... eating people? Violent rampages? And fucking up trees? Well do I have the game for you."
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File 164018254233.jpg - (15.42KB, 236x264, Unholy intent.jpg)
Unholy intent
I could do all 3 options but...that'd be such a wall of text. Just choose for it again if you want that

Right before you reply to the Gun-Bun an idea comes to you. A devilish delight it is, an evil conundrum dare you say or an masterful master-plan if you were to be dramatic.

The Gun-bun is a trained medic, not only that but she too is yet another known incident resolver. If you were to get her in your grasp then perhaps she could go solve the anon incident! and perhaps some other stuff.

You give her ears a small glance and wonder how it would be to like to...you know. Eat them.

Notwithstanding...some less...incident related stuff. Like...just perhaps...n-nooooooo it's too embarrassing! bad thoughts! go away! those kind of things can only be done after marriage!

"I-I'm uh gonna, do stuff to you!" your mouth lets out the words as your gaze is on the ground.

"Stuff?" The Gun-bun blinks oblivious to your meaning "What kind of stuff?" and demands you elaborate.

But you can't, if you did she would think it's a joke, or even reject you. Or even worse she'd laugh at the concept like "Pfahahaha, oh my god that's adorable" and then she'd say she's so sorry but you don't want her to say sorry because the apologies are the worst kind and then she'd tell everyone else and then you'd be ruined. Ruined!

Everything you worked for will be gone because you committed a cardinal sin! The bible does not approve of this!

You fight off a massive blush of your face as you try to make the thought of making the gun-bun into a mistress-bun be washed away by all the dark cruel fantasies that are in your dark cruel heart. Yet the blush remains. Your composure cracks as you hide your face with your hands and crouch down in embarrassment as you squeal a little "eeeeeeeh" to let the emotions out. "MY HEART ISN'T READY!" you shout like a disgraceful coward.

"Ah, so you're having heart problems?" the Gun-bun nods as if understanding it. "In that case, lemme check" and then she grabs your hand and puts on hers without your consent. You try to pull it back but her hand is firm and steady as she takes out another hand and only uses one finger to push into the skin of your arm. Disgraceful!

You panic internally, and it feels like your world slows down as your brain goes into hyperfocus. You cannot help but behold the woman before you, with her hair of a colour so purple one could compare it to those sugar sticks in carnivals, red eyes that twinkle like rubies and probably taste like fresh tomatoes made by the harvest goddess herself, a face has a healthy soft gleam to it like a steak yet to be bitten on, finally her remaining impressive womanly attributes are ones you don't care much. Exception being her hands and thighs, you'd love to get some chomps on those even if the innards are known to be the most delicious among your kind, you care not for them.

And now you're hungry in a different way as well. Great, as if stuff could not get any worse. Get a hold of yourself!

Your stomach growls as you look at her face with an intense expression. It's as if time has stopped.
And it better be cause if wasn't she'd probably feel super un-comfy at your silence and persistent gaze.

"Uh...Hello?" luckily she is only mildly confused by your magnificent inner musing "Earth to Rumia?" and she waves her hand in front of your face and oh god you want to just sink your teeth in them huba huba huba.

"I'm thinking innocent thoughts!" you shake your head and wipe some drool away before justifying yourself "Just give me a moment to think, okay? thank you very much" and you return to your big brain juicing process.

Never minding that whole process, perhaps you should fo-holy Satan. Look at those lumps of meat on her head! They're such a soft white and look so flexible they could be primo steaks in a resto! The way they are flumped down on her head makes you want to jump onto her face, nibble on them as you drag her violently on the ground. Carry her all the way Mysti's stand and deep-fry those ears with a healthy touch of apricot.

A sharp pain hits your head again, but this time the culprit is a danmaku bullet shot by an exasparrated Gun-Bun. She folds her arms as she looks down on you and speaks with a cold tone "Are you thinking about eating me perhaps?" She looks at you as one would a dog that destroyed a fridge while the owner was gone.

"In both ways ye-I MEAN NO, s-su-su-uh. I-uh. I want to take a detour down sinner lane!" you shout your evil intent firmly. Tired of your hesitation and nonsense, why are you acting all jittery like a school girl? You're Rumia!

"Sinner lane?" The rabbit lets go of you and puts a finger on her chin. "The road to Old Hell is to the East of the Hakurei Shrine if I remember corre-" She still does not get it and now you're starting to get angry.

Angry at her and at yourself. Why is this so difficult? Why are you even doing this? By the gods, you don't even have a marriage license! But even then what you're feeling is so vile, so weak-sauce that your evil brain can barely process it. Not only that but it's unnecessary, these feelings are are a one way ticket to hell!

Hell, you don't even own a bakery, so you can't put a baby in the oven once the Stooge comes to deliver it.
Besides that you don't even have a house or a job so there's no way you're ready to become a father.
These kinds of responsibilities would cut down on your evil overlord time and you don't want that kind of ending.

Hell, how dare she tempt you like that? With her stupid yummy ears and juicy fingers and why does she smell so delectable. Dear devil it surprises you how cruel and evil some people can be. It just pisses you off!

The trio of rabbits are just staring at you blankly now, "This girl is weeeeeird" rabbit number one says to rabbit number two "Eh, she's a youkai. What did you expect?" as both have regained their courage and are just watching the nonsense while saying stuff in earshot of you. "Yeah, a total blight of society..."

Reisen is still giving you directions for a place you have no intention of going towards and your allies are just...uh where are they?

Hold on, you look super subtly in the direction of their hiding bush. Mokky's head clearly sticks out from it and once she sees you stare directly at her she moves her hands as if to say *Get to the job*. Merlin pops out as well and tries to wave at you only for Mokky to push her back down and return to hiding. They are such ninjas.

But back at the real matter, you feel hungry and confused. But mostly enraged by the the Gun-Bun's blatant attempt of seducing you to make you fail in your goal. To that you say halt, no more and begone bun.

Now you only have to say it to her face, come on warrior of the dark. Gather your courage and do it!


You inhale deeply "Reisen, I have an announcement to make!" and look her straight in the eyes. This is all or nothing.

She stops her imitation of a gps "Oh, what could it be? It better be important Rumia, we're kind of busy here".

[x] "Enough of this! I know you're in love with me but it can never be. I have a cause, a dream and you cannot be in it!"
[x] "I want to have fuck with you"
[x] "Mokky, Merlin. Aid me! I can't do this!"
[x] "Uuuuuuuuugh...breathe in....out. Okay so just let me go see the doctor please".
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[x] "Wait, why are your pals speaking shit about me huh? They racist or something?"

[x] Write in.

Forgot two last options my bad.
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[x] "Enough of this! I know you're in love with me but it can never be. I have a cause, a dream and you cannot be in it!"
Oh this will be good.

I noticed this a while ago, but how in the world is Rumia versed at all with Christianity?
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File 164025965831.jpg - (225.08KB, 850x1105, She has a dweam.jpg)
She has a dweam
This frustration reminds you of an older time, a time in which you were unguided, sure you had the flames of will inside your heart thanks to the Hakurei's lesson but the knowledge to use it had yet to manifest on another fateful day.

It was a Tuesday afternoon or at least you think it was. Kourindou was open as usual and since you had nothing better to do that day you figured you could as well go pester say hi to Rin-chan. As usual he was dismissive of your presence but in the kind that means that he's happy to see you because if he wasn't he'd tell you to go away or have the door simply locked. (Not that that would have stopped you, you'd be surprised how many times he leaves the window open).

But his presence wasn't the important part in this, nay it was the thing he was taking care off. BOOKS, the pure containers of KNOWDLEGDGE and thus POWER were the objects he was placing around and putting in separate boxes. When you asked him the reason for it, he said he was getting rid of some stuff that would never be sold and thus was nothing more than a waste of space better off given to other people like the School Teacher or other people who like garbage.

Somehow the conversation ended up derailed into a talk of why people write books...well you say talk, but it was more of an expo dump Rin-Chan gave the moment you showed any sign of curiosity. A long story short he told you that books were either meant to be used as messages for the future, ways to pass on knowledge or simply to keep track of stuff that word of mouth could not guarantee the accuracy off. You reluctantly listened to it out of boredom.

A secondary expo dump about how originally people passed down messages with songs and tales, then stone and finally paper came out of him. Then another expo dump about how religion was one of the first to do so, to warn people of things that they should not do lest they tempt the evil representative of their Hell, like the devil for example.

"What is the devil?" you said, unknowing that said sentence would change your life for the more interesting. You knew some minor stuff about a dude who got crucified only to come back 3 days later and figured that such a pose would remind the humans of their sins and hopefully too indulged in despair so you could eat them easily. Only you started liking the pose and decided to make it your own trademark...wait what were you thinking about again?

Oh yeah, Rin-chan got tired of talking and just gave you a book to read all about it. And what a book it was, well...it was really boring to read about at first, but you loved the whole catastrophes deal alongside the lore about the angel of death. To think a youkai managed to become so powerful that people in the outside world wrote a famous book about fearing it is outright marvellous, to think someone could not only be feared in Gensokyo but EVERYWHERE was something you didn't even think possible. Aside from all that human empowering bla encouragements, boy was that a hell of a book.

It was that day that an idea came to your mind, if someone could become this famous then what's stopping you from doing the same thing? Perhaps you too are destined for greatness, all you need to do is follow its image.

And so, a new dark lord was born and up to this day you have followed this desire, only to be troubled with a lesser one?
Your dark cause, your one true dream would be hindered because you're acting like a human schoolgirl? To think your will would be weak is unacceptable! You must resist the Gun-Bun's temptations! There can only be darkness inside you!

"Why is she just standing there?" the unimportant bunny number one dares speak in the middle of your brooding.

"Shut up!" you shoot a laser right next to her face. She ducks in panic and the second one hides behind Reisen.
The latter bun puts her guard up but does not attack as you turn around and look at the sun "I reject your love Reisen".

"Excuse me what?" her voice stiffens in surprise alongside some mild disgust, but you know that she's playing dumb and don't let her continue. At your interruption she seems to realize something as she tells the other buns to head inside.

"Don't think I didn't notice your blatant advances, but to that I say enough! It can never be! For I have a cause, a dream and you have no place inside of it!" your voice resonates with a fibber of power as a dark aura emanates from you. You clench your fist vigorously as if you attempt to crush the sun but to no avail. "There shall be no redemption, that is a fact that I have always known and will never stray from. There is only one truth: That taken by force must by force be reclaimed!" an intense heat builds inside your body as you remember last evening and what was lost "The aftermath of my incident shall force them to come to me...do you hear that, Sun? Anon? I will make both of you bow before me!"
As if reacting to the declaration, your saw gains a red glow and so does your body, but it disappears as quickly as it came yet the way Reisen's face turns into a frown means she knows what it meant. Curious.

"Rumia!" Both of your allies remove themselves from their subtle hiding spot, Merlin is smiling as usual, but Mokky doesn't seem pleased by your hammyness and is quick to tell you so "What in the hell are you do-"

"Shut up, don't act like you have authority on me!" a hiss out of your mouth quickly silences her, as she folds her arms and glares at you but you are not intimidated "Oh yeah, I didn't tell either of you about this now did I?" you figure now is a good time "Why don't I enlighten all of you now? don't bother saying no, I'm going to do it anyway" you inhale deeply, rise into the air and turn towards your spectators with an determined grin and pose worthy of the gods.

What your speech sounds like in your head: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_rbFhbcbT8

"I was living the careless life, making sure not to bother anyone nor be bothered by others. Though there was a flame inside my heart I could douse it as long as I had my friends...yet it was all ruined yesterday by the arrival of <Anonymous>!"

"Anonymous?" Mokky parrots back questioningly, Merlin and Reisen simply watch you in silence.

"Yes, <Anonymous>! I know not their real name or even origin..." Your voice becomes dark and furious "Out of nowhere and with no prior indication, my friend was cut down, and made to suffer for the thrill of some monster...without any even knowing how or why. S-she suffered a sudden...death l-like ah... bug that's been stepped on...I-" you stay quiet for a second as you fight to keep your composure against these weakling emotions "I will never forget that night..."

"Rumoo...I'm so sorry to he-"

"Don't be!" you reject the sympathy before she can finish her sentence "She won't be dead for long, once I finally get those blasted dolls I'll have the Scarlet Devil revive her before continuing the rest of my plan...The Dark Sun Project!" you quickly continue before anyone can interrupt and turn your glare to the sun above "All creatures bask under the light of the sun, for the brighter the light the brighter their day is. I am going to take that light and hold it hostage so no one can enjoy it! There will be no more warmth, no more feeling of safety, not even the smallest candle will give a flicker of relief as the darkness will oppress all Gensokyo! I will create a night that never ends, and dawn will never come for as long as <Anonymous> has not been brought to justice! With my power and all my hate, I will create my own incident!"

"...A night that never ends has already been done" Mokky sighs, not impressed by your speech.

"I understand your reasoning but...uh, I'm not sure if that's the right thing to do" Merlin seems to hesitate on it.

"It's a temper tantrum, plain and simple...what? it sounds like that to me!" Reisen shrugs it off and quickly justifies herself as both your companions give her a blank look for her rude words "I mean come on, it's not like that would do much even if it succeeded, and even if it did someone would just find her and force her to stop".

You chuckle darkly at their words and regain their attention "Just a little darkness won't hurt anyone you say? Sure, an hour or eight may be harmless...but more than 3 days and everyone's mind will have vivid hallucinations if not go insane, 4 weeks and all the plant life will die. Only a month and all the animals will die too, and within a week the sun will be sorely missed if not extremely longer for...not to forget all the fear that'll come out and empower me from doing so~" you are ready and willing to keep it up as long as needed "Whether it takes 1 hour or 100 years, the sun will not return until <Anonymous> is gone! You can try to stop me, you can fight me, attempt to reason with me but I will not STOP. Nay I will laugh at you, spit in your eye, claw of your throat and fight my way to the very top, if need be, for I am the Youkai of Darkness! And my source is eternal! I am the evil inside everyone's heart, and I will have my revengeance!" and you look at their reactions once more, expecting either awe or fear as your intentions have been revealed.

"...." Merlin stays quiet and looks down as if thinking deeply, her body is visibly shaking. Mokky seems to be either disappointed in you or simply indifferent, she too is silent now as if deciding in her head.

"Revengeance?" Reisen however focuses on the least important part of your spiel. "That's not a real word".

[music stop]

This catches you off-guard, "Y-yes, it is! it symbolizes my revenge and vengeance against <Anonymous>!"

"Again, those are synonyms. They both mean the same thing".

"No, it transcends them both. My desire for justice is that strong!"

"You cannot smash similar words together on the spot to place extra emphasis. Language does not work that way, that is retardumb!"

"SILENCE! It IS a real word. My revengeance cannot be stopped!"

"Aaah....you're going to inconvenience hundreds of people for your personal vengeance?"

"REVENGEANCE! Fool, you’ll see. It will catch on some day. Besides..." you move your arm a bit.

And the shadows on the ground contort to create shadow imagery. Images of people enjoying themselves while <Anonymous> does their vile deeds off the radar "Innocents? Grazing on spoon fed 'Justice' and 'Order', content to ignore what goes on behind the fine words? Their crime is equal to <Anonymous>...no, not their complacency is what makes <Anonymous> possible! This quest is for the sake of my murdered comrade, but it won't end there. NO, I am declaring war! I declare war against <Anonymous>! Once I've obtained true power and the sun has set at 9 pm. It will never come back again! That is my promise, that is my determination! For only I know what is best for me and no strange voice, no person and no foe can tell me what to do. I am going to succeed no matter what. This is WHO I AM!".

"None of that's going to happen..." Reisen steps forward and puts on a battle pose "For I'm going to take down those foolish delusions!"

You lower yourself back to the ground and look her straight in the face "Then we shall battle but I will win" and you take out your spell cards. "The challengers get to determine the house rules" and you leave the kind of match to her.

She moves her head in refusal "The weaker foe gets to determine that. Otherwise, you'll just want a rematch after".
She does not believe you would be a fair sport and so leaves the terms to you.

Your allies do nothing to stop this and simply watch from the side-lines.
Mokky's the only one to give you a small nod, as if to say you should prove your resolve or at least you hope so.

Reisen Udongein Inaba
The Lunar Minded and Asynchronous Youkai Rabbit
Challenges you to an Danmaku Battle!

[x] Accept
[x] Refuse

This isn't an encounter you can avoid.

Choose your terms:

[x] No-Contact Danmaku (Shoot em up style, you'd be the boss and she the player character in this fight and it would change after every spellcard or so. You always control Rumia though).

[x] Full-Contact Danmaku (Fight em up style, if you know the fighting games then it's exactly like that).

Number of spell cards: (The more means the fight lasts longer, the least and it goes shorter. They also count as your lives by the way so run out of them and you'll lose)

[x] Input number between 1 or 6.

>>31765 Cause reasons above and also for my own fun. She did mention she took the pose from a certain saint and also cause if I went with only the pure canon stuff you'd just have a dumb and hungry girl and not all this determination.

Hope that answered it, if not or if you have more feel free to ask.
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File 164026156959.jpg - (309.07KB, 1500x843, inside-the-garage-of-the-internets-most-hated-self.jpg)
[x] Full-Contact Danmaku
We have a chainsaw arm.
Obviously full contact.
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File 16402824915.png - (50.42KB, 777x312, battle1.png)
You stare at your opponent and so does she. You try to remember what you know about her but other than don't look her in the eyes and she can shoot bullet like Danmaku the details are vague. She's been in quite the fights and from what rumours have told you she is a master at trapping her foes and putting them in a constant loop of pain...though discouraging you reassure yourself that even though she may have tricks up her sleeve so do you.

And she definitely does not know your moves, it's an advantage that won't last long but it's an advantage all the same. You'll have to act hyper aggressive if you want the chance to put a hit in for there is only one thing a master swordsmen fears and that's a complete novice.

Let's show her much of a noob you are! she'll be yet another obstacle to overcome!

"Hey, hey!" A hand waves in your face, that of the Gun-Bun displeased "Are you done day-dreaming? if so, choose your terms and let's get this party started" She's ready to fight.

"Heh, of course it'll be full contact. How else will I get to show off my new tool of destruction towards you?" you reply with confidence to the Revolver Rabbit. For so are you.

The Rabbit nods in understanding, she takes out some cards and seems to try and decide which ones to use in advance (You genuinely hope you don't have to do that cause boy would that bring choice paralysis) only to stop and ask the big question "So how many spell cards will you use?".

You can't help the smirk on your face as you reply "None".

Reisen puts a fist on her palm as if to conclude "Righto, then we can be- what did you say?" and does a double take at the last second. "Could you say that again, I'm not sure if I misheard" demanding you repeat it aghast at your words.

"I won't be using any spellcards, I'm going in with zero lives. zero bombs, all skill" you reaffirm.

The Rabbit stays silent at that, looking you straight in the eyes "That's...."

"Suicide" Mokky ends the sentence for her "To fight someone stronger than you with zero handicaps...either you've got balls or you're an idiot. Either way this could guarantee your loss, could not will..." and sounds almost pleased by your words though she doesn't really show it. "You do realize the loser has to obey the winner afterwards, right?"

"Of course, I do" Danmaku is used to solve disputes and fights after all. "That just means I have to win with style!" The loser has no right to complain afterwards, which is why you'll force your way into Eientei one way or another.

"Ridiculous! you're making light of me!" Reisen fumes at the concept, her face reddens, and you could see steam come out of her ears "Be a proper player and declare your spell cards, there's no way winning would be fun".

You give her a snark-you hear a trumpet playing a battle theme. And the familiar feeling of a mania builds inside of you.
Untapped energy boils inside your body and you feel like you could run a marathon in the dessert if you wanted!

The culprit is Merlin of course, she's playing the trumpet with a fervour you haven't seen before. The unspoken message is crystal clear to you, she wants you to win crystal clear. Show everyone that you're not joking right now.

"...Hmph" seeing the support of your companions, the rabbit's eyes narrow and her posture tightens "If you're really going to do that, then I've got no choice but to go serious as well...unless you're kidding, come on this is your last chance to take it back. Say you'll fight without spell cards straight in my face I double bun dare you!"

[x] No lives, No bombs. Final Destination. Say it straight in her face!
[x] Back off, it's not cowardice. It's Strategy! (Choose several lives between 1 and 6).
[x] *Grumble* Oh hold on, you're hungry. Does this place have a cafeteria? Let's go eat first.
[x] Write in.
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[x] Back off, it's not cowardice. It's Strategy!
-[x] 2 lives, saw through danmaku like a real man.
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File 16403497061.png - (93.68KB, 523x301, spellcard.png)
"Never mind, I'll use 2 spellcards!" you declare to your opponent as you pluck out two blank ones. Still all smile and confidence oozing out of you. "A match without spellcards would be quite boring, no? some fireworks are always nice!" even so you justify your actions a bit, since you aren't afraid.

Nay this is simply for the sake of fun and strategy!

Neither of your allies have anything to say to that, but Mokky does seem even less interested than before now.
Though the notion you might be seen as a wimp really annoys you, you ignore it and concentrate on your match.

"Hmph, wise decision" your opponent's voice can be heard from behind you while she's standing before you with her arms held together. "Do you need a countdown?" She asks as she starts leaning backwards for some reason.

You refuse the notion "I've got no need fo-" you see a flash of red colours and the sound of glass breaking.

[Weak Heart: Demotivation]
Quickly afterwards you are thrown backwards by a sudden force of red energy, the result ends up with you being smacked against the bounded field and prone on the ground. Girl is a quick draw!

"Well then let's start'" your foe says as she waits for you to get up. She hasn't moved an inch and her eyes are shining all weirdly now. Her voice feels so close yet she's a few feet away from you, it's an odd experience.
"Don't mind if I start off strong okay, it'd simply feel boring if I had to build up towards something first" And she justifies her unsportsmanlike behaviour as *pragmatism* as if that would excuse being a spoilsport.

It does not, at least not to you. What's the point in a fight that isn't fun? Danmaku is supposed to be pretty!

"That's a cheap shot!" offended, you quickly jump back up to your feet and rush towards her weapon ready, "Have at you!" you swing your chain-saw like a whip, it flutters like a blur in the air as you command it to go right, only for it to go left and miss the rabbit by a whole lot. The rabbit did not even move so somehow you missed an immobile target.

"Quite the accuracy you have there, I dread the day you learn to aim" your opponent remarks with amusement and calmly waves for you to get closer and try again "Come on then, I'll let you try again. Give me your best".

"Don't make fun of me!" you rush towards her...only for your feet to go backwards instead "What in the!" there is clearly something wrong here, people don't walk backwards by accident "What did you do to me?!" you shout as you attack her more frantically, no way you could miss an attack when you're this close at her...yet you do.

"Isn't it obvious?" The Rabbit simply looks at you dismayed "Well, I see no need to explain it anyway" She sighs and raises her right hand like a hammer "I'm going to swing my hand from the right, so you better dodge it!" and she does in an obvious and telegraphed way. As if you saying you can't possibly dodge such an attack.

Of course, that's the wrong conclusion to make, you naturally lean towards the right to dodge her attack and get smacked in the face as you lean left instead. You don't get to focus on the pain of being slapped as it is quickly followed by another painful slap on the face, before she backs off to shoot a bunch of bullets at your body and ends it all with a flying kick in your face pushing you off the ground. Yet it doesn't end there! Before your body can hit the ground, she shoots an explosive bullet beneath that sends you upwards and she ends it all with a megaton punch that once again sends you flying all the way back to the edge of the screen. "Okay...this is too easy" She dares complain as you lie on the ground like a loser while she has not even had a single speck of dust on her.

"That's cause..." you struggle to get up as your body keeps doing the opposite of what you want. "I'm going easy on you!" you point at the wrong direction while you declare your resolve. "I've yet to show my true power!" you boast while trying to make sense of what's happening. Your body's all weird and everything has a red filter behind it now for some reason...and it finally all makes sense "Wait, you've used a spellcard haven't you?!"

"...A-Are you slow on the uptake?" Reisen cocks her head at your bravery. "I've blatantly declared it and besides you clearly know about my Lunatic Red Eyes so why do y-" She shakes her head "Never mind that, anyway you've mentioned a special attack right? Go on and use it then" and she stops her attacks to wait for it.

Not that you need her to do so, you were simply uh...measuring her attacks and boy did you get a good taste of them. So now that you've had a bite of em you know the perfect way to beat her! "When does this weird effect end?" you go ahead and ask that as well, this whole body not listening thing is a big handicap.

"Until you either lose a life, or I do. It's a spell card remember? these don't turn off until you force them too" Reisen actually gives you the answer. "Actually..." She seems to realize something "You're quite pathetic now that I think of it" and says that as if it's not the rudest thing you've ever heard. "So, there's no need to fight".

"Excuse me?" you reply brimming with hostility "Don't you dare look down on me! I'm like...SUPER dangerous!" and to demonstrate you move your saw around in example "See, I've got a weapon and teeth and stuff!"

"Uhuh" Reisen sounds disinterested "Sure, that's nice. But you're no threat to Eientei and I've got no interest in beating up some random kid...sooooo" She shrugs her shoulders "Guess this is your win then".

"EXCUSE ME?" you reply with double the hostility. "Are you giving up? What are you that scared of me?"

"Sure, whatever. Anyway, this fight is over. You can shoo off now" The rabbit blatantly turns her back to you and you can feel the spell card ends it effect as the bounded field disappears. Reisen moves back to the entrance.

"Hey, hold on a moment!" you call out to her. Why does it feel like you lost in a way?

"What is it?" She turns around with a bored tone, as if you're some annoying kid on her lawn. "I have work to do"

[x] You can't just end a fight like that! I was totally going to win! I demand a rematch! (Demand a rematch)
[x] Hah! I'm the winner, you're the loser! I'm the best and you're the worst! Nana Na Nana Na! (Be a sore *winner*)
[x] I want to see the goddamn doctor, get my dolls, and never see you again! (Concentrate on your task)
[x] Write in.
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[X] its rabbit stew tonight. [Unstoppable force: Determinator.]
Notes: Usually seen during tantrums, movement stress type.
Reference level: ☆☆
A spell card evoking the legendary monsters of the modern age, slow but inevitable.
It sounds dangerous but she just walks at you slowly, so its pretty easy to avoid. I wouldn't want to get hit by that chainsaw during it though.
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File 164038470081.jpg - (131.57KB, 850x886, now youre making her angry.jpg)
now youre making her angry
"It's rabbit stew tonight!" you declare loudly with a card in your hands.

Reisen's face turns into a frown, her patience drained at this point "And what do you imp-"

[Unstoppable Force: Determinator]
The surroundings turn pitch black in just a blink, the sound of the wind, the chatter of fairies and birds in the surroundings, the presence of your companions. All of it is consumed by the encroaching void! There is no comfort and no escape from this darkness!

Having left nothing more than your own presence before your foe, you start walking slowly towards her. Each step firm and resolute.

"You think I'm harmless? Is that so?" an aura emanates from you as your eyes becomes black like ink. With the aid of some light manipulation the image of a certain saw-wielding maniac appears behind you as a mirage. "Wrong wrong wrong wrong fuckin' wrong!" the ear wrenching sound of hundreds of blades spinning together is once more released from your weapon, the next step is obvious.

Reisen clicks her tongue "Tch, you're still not letting go of this?" She moves into a battle pose again, if only reluctantly. "I'm going to say this only one more time and I hate repeating myself, so you better clean your ears" but not because she's afraid. She aims a finger at you like one would a gun "Give it up already, I've got powers that far surpass yours. Not only that but in the past, I've taken down people that are bigger than you, they've had better weapons, better preparation and I've won anyway. Compared to them you're nothing" but because she's reluctant to beat your shit in, though she will if need be...or so she says. "So, give up".

"That'll only make my win a more notable achievement" you continue walking, only a few more feet to cross. You only need to get a little bit closer, just close enough so you can make the darkness outright unable to see through and then you can beat her up.

"What win? you're not going to win anything!" Reisen continues speaking, that's good. That'll give you time to cover more ground "This fight is pointless; you're just wasting both of our times. And my patience...I am this CLOSE to just going all out" You can tell that's the truth, the way her body shakes, the tone of her voice: It all indicates she's about to let out a can of whoopass if further provoked. "And you don't want that, you don't want me to get angry. I'll d-why are you laughing? this isn't funny!"

So, close you could spit at her now, you try to contain your chuckles "Pfehehe, sorry. sorry but you've got a misunderstanding here...I'm fully aware of what you can do, but that's exactly why I'm going to fight you" that's half a lie but whatever it sounds cool to you.

She must have thought the same if her blank look indicates anything "...So you know I'm stronger than you, yet you persist in insulting me, annoying me, and finally getting ready to have your ass swo-ugh, that doesn't make any sense. Why would you do that?" Confused and pissed, she awaits the response now only 3 feet away from you. You smile as she glares daggers at you.

You rub your chin "Hmm, there's a saying that went like this "If you encounter enemies, then you're going the right way" or so I'm told~" and reply to her query with a cutesy move of your hand before returning it to dual wield the saw you're holding.

"So, you judge your success by the amount of ill will you generate from those around you?" Aha, she has a brain in that head.

"That's right! And I've got no time to waste on training montages, small fry, or power of friendship stuff. Ergo the only way for me to get stronger right now is to beat those that other people fear so that they'll fear me instead! And then ad infinitum I'll become number one. That's how we do, if no one fears you then you're not a real youkai!" it's a masterful way of progress.

"By that definition, you're about to have a very bright future" She replies and puts a hand on her face for some reason.

"Thank you!" you shout back pleased that she understands, but no less demotivated "Are you ready to be slaughtered?" in a nonlethal way is the part you don't add since boy would that remove a lot of the fear factor behind those words.

She shoots a bullet straight for your head, it's cut in half as you stare unflinty at her stomach. "You leave me no choice huh" you're certain her face shows a *Oh why the fuck not* expression right now but again looking her in the eyes is a big no no.

"Nope, one of us will bite the dust today. So no more talking and let's begin the shootie punchy stuff!" the only reason she hasn't been attacked yet is because she hasn't declared her part of the danmaku match yet and you're no cheater.

"Fine, first your body then your mind and then I'll crush your heart as the finale. Let's end this mockery of a journey you've got once and for all!" FINALLY, she's pumped enough to go all out. A blood-curdling killing intent wraps around her, hell yes!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HcyOdaKtv70 Reisen is going all out, better bring your A game!

"It's show time!" you take the last steps towards her, she's finally in shank-a-bitch distance!

The Gun-bun leans back again, one hand on her face-ah she's going to do her red eye thing again.
Shame on her though, fool you once it might work, fool you twice and you'll learn!

[x] You've got a saw; she has an exposed tummy. Do the math.
[x] Can't hypno the shit you can't see, time to make everything pitch black.
[x] Shoot the pretty bullet and lasers, you can't miss at this distance.
[x] Embrace your inner honey badger, jump on her face, and pull on that long hair!
[x] Write in.
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File 164047280135.jpg - (528.27KB, 1000x1000, chainsaw time.jpg)
chainsaw time
You swing your weapon before she can do her eye-stuff again. Its aim is true and fast as she can't possibly dodge from this distanc-she catches the blade with both of her hands, turns your vision upside down and makes your face meet the earth again. With a groan you quickly roll-dodge out of a barrage of slow bullets aimed at your prone form and get up.
"How in the..." still you have to ask, "How could your skin possibly resists these blades?!" even so you remain on guard and watch her movement, ready to go for another attempt. Though this one failed, the next one should hit!

Reisen aims her hand like a fire arm at you and grunts "Chainsaws aren't that strong in close combat" she shoots six more bullets at you and continues doing so despite the fact you're simply cutting them apart "Once the driving part of a chain is restrained.." as if on cue your saw stops working and she swiftly shoots another bullet aimed for your head "It becomes weaker than any other weapon!" and she suddenly disappears as well, but you first you have a bullet problem.

Not, you simply rise upwards to dodge it and get smashed back to the ground via a kick on the back of your head. The throbbing in your head is no less relieved by the cold hard ground, the sight of multiple Reisens in the air about to gun you down like a hunting game does even less for you moral wise, even with a saw you couldn't possible.... hold on.

Saw this, saw that. When in the fresh hell did you become so dependent on a piece of metal? You're a youkai dammit so why are you neglecting your own abilities for the sake of a melee repeating the same thing over and over.
You clench your teeth as you keep your hands in a defensive position while shielding yourself against the showers of bullets you're receiving. Though dodging is far more optimal sometimes blocking is the way to go. Even so the sensation of tiny little bullets charring your arms with messages of pain is something you're not a fan off.

"So many words, yet you're on the ground again" the many buns taunt you as they stop shooting for a moment to charge an even bigger shot. Which is interrupted by a stream of blue lasers coming from "Hey!" forcing her to give you some space to breathe as you get up and follow it with a stream of red and blue bullets of your own. "So, you remembered you could shoot bullets, what was with all those clumsy swings from earlier then?!" she sounds disappointed somehow as she calmly dodges your shots and returns fire turning the battleground into a field of pretty lights "What did that whole walking slowly deal anyway? Are you trying to make me fall asleep?" ah so that's the reason.

"Stop patronizing me!" even so you already know such an obvious thing, or at least will keep it in mind now. The match has turned from a one-sided melee tryst to a colourful exchange of danmaku patterns, red and blue balls meet across the battlefield with red bullets and eye patterned circles. You're not hitting each other sure, but at least it gives you time to recover some of your energy. What she's stalling for though is a mystery. So, you take the lead again with another made on the spot spell card. "If words won't get to you, then let my feelings flow through this card!"

[Night Edge]
You start the spell card by summoning four rows of smaller blue and green bullets and let them dissipate slowly so Reisen takes her time calmly weaving between them. Then as if charged to the brim with firework you cover yourself in a ball of darkness and charge at her position like a mother fucker, but again she swiftly moves out of the way except you don't stop your charge instead your body hits the bounded field and bounce off it like you're a ping pong ball as more bullets are left behind you as a trail of you being launched around. Reisen still does not seem to give a shit or struggle in any way with the cluster-pie of bullets you're leaving behind...but that's okay you simply go faster and faster until you reach a stage where you unlock the second stage of it by releasing pointy white bits around your ball that simply move around while shooting out smaller pointy balls out of you each time you smash against a wall. Over time the behaviour becomes so erratic that even a pro would struggle with the rapid randomness of this bs spellcard.

Or at least you think so, you can't see Reisen while you're like this, but you don't hear any sound of curtain fire except your own which must mean she's focusing on dodging, that's good. On the other hand, your body is sending you signals of nausea and dizziness since keeping this up is hard as hell, that's not so good. But that doesn't matter, it's not even noticeable really, you only have the right to complain once some bastard is choking you with your intestines.

Yeah, that's right, even if you can't see, even if you can't breathe. You'll keep fighting, nothing good will happen if you stop now after all. What would you be left with if you gave up anyway: Nothing? Exactly, if you stop now. If you let something as dumb as logic or morality, get in the way then you won't be able to keep this up. So, keep fighting, keep up the good fight. Because nothing else is going to give you the things you want. It's too late to stop!

You don't see anything, only the occasional thump and sudden motion tells you that you've changed direction. After a few more seconds the pain of being shot at reappears. Did she really learn the pattern now of all things? You don't know, all you know is that you're being shot again so you better do something about it. You can't stop give up the spell card though cause if you do, then that's your last spell card spent, and the match will be the rabbit's win.

You're not going to let that happen, lose now and she'll most likely tell you to get the hell out of here, prior reason for visiting be damned, the loser of a spellcard duel must obey regardless of circumstances. So, if you don't win, you won't be able to get Marisa, aka you won't get the dolls aka Wriggle will stay dead because you picked a fight a with someone you shouldn't have...you picked an entirely unnecessary fight. Wow, you sure feel smart about it now.

No, wait a minute. This fight has meaning because it's unnecessary. Cuz like if you win that means you are more than just a nobody right? you're not sure anymore, why can't you stay consistent? now you're going to lose everything because you wanted to show off your imaginary biggus dickuss to everyone who's in earshot you moron!

...Dammit you hate these kinds of thoughts, now would be the time you hype yourself up or maybe make up some excuse to enrage yourself back into action...like you're doing this for Wriggle, but you know you're not. If you, where you wouldn't have been wasting your time doing this...if anything the fact you're taking your pride above anything else and treating her revival like an optional side objective only says so much about how much of a shitty person you are.

Hmm, that’s quite in hindsight. You bully fairies for fun, used some girl as a living weapon, considered multiple times the dismemberment if not gory deaths of people you consider side-characters and much much more. Perhaps you deserve everything that's happened so far...no, that's not true. It's not like you had a choice, this had to be rigged.

Yeah it's fate that led you here, down this wrong path. Whatever it is...the fact there's only a bad end left could not be more clear. Hell you wouldn't be surprised if the dolls did nothing at all, now that'd be one hell of a surprise!

You're still smashing yourself against walls while being shot at by the way, it's simply funny how much one can live in their own head while stuff happens outside of it. It's like the fight doesn't even matter, you're going to lose anyway.

But it's not your fault, it's her fault for fighting back. If she had simply accepted her place then you could have gone easy peasy into the mansion by no-okay no that's a shitty excuse. But it's the only logical explanation, this is all her fault, how dare she get in your way, how dare anyone get in your way, yeah that's right fuck all of them!

They think that's just because you're small and weak, you're not to be taken seriously.
They're underestimating you now and you have no way of making them regret that.

However, there is one thing you can do: make a promise to yourself.
A promise you mean with every fiber of your heart.
That once you've evolved, you'll kill every single one of them...right? that's kind of a big word, kill you mean.

Uh, let's go with humiliate. You'll give them the mother of all wedgies, it'll be bloody hilarious.

Still doesn't fix the issue at hand, but that's hopeless anyway. You're out of miracles and shits to give.

Come on then big girl, what's the next move to do? What's the next genius plan?

[x] Y-you're not going down on your own, aim for a double kill. It's the least someone like you can do.
[x] It's useless, everything is and has been and you're tired of pretending otherwise.
[x] What is this wimp faggotry, you're no little pussy. You're going for victory or death, nothing else!

What's your next move by the way?

[x] Attack! Attack! Attack! (keep up the spellcard)
[x] Change your strategy, maybe you can make it better? (alter it somehow)
[x] Just give up, on the fight you mean.
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File 164053199841.jpg - (117.92KB, 1024x768, eientei.jpg)
Welp, I've become dry on giving a carp about this fight, so I'll just skip it now.
Apologies in advance if you expected something better combat wise but let's keep the story moving.


The youkai before you are swarming around the arena like a bee on steroids, though her shots were at first quite unnerving due to their randomness and intensity. It's nothing you haven't dealt with before...well most people don't shout their lungs out the whole time but anyhow this fight is starting to get tiring. You focus your movements and only move to get out of the way of the bullets that approach you while sharp shooting into the ball of darkness.
"You do realize I can detect your presence with or without darkness, right?" and add a small taunt cause why not. "It's the truth,

The ball of darkness doesn't respond to your talk, as if possessed it continues simply bashing itself against the walls of the arena. There's no strategy behind it, just raw fury. Like a dog trying to mangle a deer's leg this girl is simply persisting in something that has no use, for the sake of persistence itself...tch, God that's pathetic.

Yeah, that's more than enough. You take out one of your cards and hold it above you "This should end it" having announced it you use it. [Red Eyes: Lunatic]: And shoot out a massive red laser out of your eyes like you're fricking super man. Having predicted her trajectory, you hit the girl dead on, and the blow instantly breaks her spell card as she's sent tumbling down onto the ground again. A winner is you, that's not a big surprise though. "Not sure what else you expected, youthful will does not beat finesse and experience".

The barrier disappears and light returns to the area. Other than the girl on the ground there are no injured or property damage. So, you should be out of trouble hopefully, it'd be a pain to explain it to master.
"Hey, you all witnessed the fact that she kept challenging me, right?" you turn to address the Fujiwara and the Prismriver, both seem to have made themselves comfy...how would they have seen the fight though? it doesn't matter, stay focused.

"Huh?" Merlin stops playing her tune and gets up from leaning against the gate-wall next to Mokou. "Are you both done? Awesome! who won?" You simply point at the prone Grue with a shrug "Ah, yeah. Oh well congratulations! I'm sure it was an amazing fight!" and applauds your victory before moving to check on her ally, you assume that's the relation. The girl takes the knocked-out body of the darkness youkai and drags it closer to the gate by the feet. You stop her from entering though.

"Not as interesting as I hoped it to be..." Mokou slinks off indifferently as usual and puts her hands in her pockets as if seeking for something "But it was better than nothing..." she moves closer to you and tosses something to your hand: Some yen. "Anyhow, now that is over. I guess the kid's going to need some medicine to take care of the new bruises she got today...isn’t that, right?"

"These kind of things don't need medicine, she'll be back up in half a hour at worst" you quickly refute and grow a bit more annoyed as you realize her meaning just a few seconds after "Don't tell me you're still going to harass us about the other patients, we already kicked you out once for asking too many questions, don't make me fight you after this as well" you put as much venom in that threat in the hopes that she'll back off. Like it or not you're a bit tired now, so fighting the Phoenix afterwards...

"Who said anything about harassment?" She moves a finger to her cheek; the innocent gesture somehow keeps you on edge. She smiles at the reaction and continues "You just beaten up a poor little girl, isn't it only fair that she gets proper treatment when she's this close to the pharmacy?" oh so that's what she's going for. "It'd be a shame if words were to spread of this cruelty, my oh my I'm sure plenty of people would eat up such a tale like honey. What would your master think of that I wonder?"

Ah, so was this her plan all along? "Win the battle but lose the war...aah, you're a deviant Fujiwara" you fight back some irritation.

"Hey, are we moving or not!? I don't think Rumoo's breathing!" Merlin shouts with some panic, disturbing the flow of the conversation "Look, she's not waking up! Is she dead? WAKE UP RUMOO! Don't go to the light! it's not over yet!" you're certain she's overreacting, though the way she's doing cpr is both unnecessary and worrying. She could break a rib by accident.

"So, what's it going to be?" Mokou's smile has no reason to be this smug, it's like she thinks she won at chess in three moves.

"Why you...." seeing no way to counter this, you turn around and slowly move towards the entrance "Get your pals and follow me, I'll guide you to the waiting room and will speak with Master Eirin for that treatment, afterwards I want all three of you gone understood?"

"No promises"

".... *Sigh* it's right this way" and off we go.


...Hmm, consciousness finally returns to you. Or whatever the word was, the sensation of annoying light prickles your skin as your surroundings feel blurry and dizzy, you try to move but it's no use as your body feels like it's been turned into jelly. A painful jelly that is, the kind of jelly that's limp but someone walked into by accident yet put back in the box in hopes no one noticed kind of it.

"Ah, so you're finally awake!" you hear a familiar voice right above you, to which a familiar face joins the fray when you open your eyes. "Thought you were dead for a moment, but the others said that you weren't so they must be right. Which they are, of course they'd be right on that since they're professionals on that matter unlike me. Nay I'm the music gal, not the medic gal and so trusting the medical know how on those who know the know how is only reasonable isn't it? Anyway, how are you?" Merlin inquires to your condition while you lay weak on her lap. Egg right next to her as you feel something cold on your head.

"...." you pick up what's on your head to look: it's an ice cube "Why is there ice on my head?"

"Oh, that's to heal migraines, and headaches too. It helps concussions too and stuff...hence the ice!" She explains gladly.

"Is that so?" you move your head to look around. Seems you're in a clean room with a brown floor, paper walls with art adorned on them and a stone roof for surroundings. A bunch of chairs neatly placed around with magazines next to them on small tables, A bunch of health posters on the walls some waiting room accommodates. Lastly are the doors heading into a hallway or an office. You can hear noise of chatter into the latter, seems people are talking in there. The only people in here are you, Merlin, and some bunnies as in actual animal bunnies casually chilling in the room...looking relaxed...off-guard and delicious. What if you were t-?

"That is quite so!" Merlin responds with a second delay, then she notices what you're looking at. "Ah, yeah the bunnies are adorable, aren't they? would you like to pet one? hold on, I'll try to call one. Here bun-bun, chit chit chit. I've got hugs for ya".
Her summons doesn’t seem to wo-one of the bunnies approaches her, attracted to the noise as it jumps up a chair nearby her. "There ya go~" she gently picks it up and why is she putting it on your stomach. "Now you two can be friends!"

The bunny is light on your stomach and doesn't seem to be afraid of you for some reason. Its fur is a fuzzy warm white with the black spot near its eye being the only exception. It looks so small and adorable, and boy do you want to bite its head clean off.
Maybe nibble on the ears a bit, and boy you could keep the feet for a good luck charm...but you can't move your arms or even your legs. Your head is the exception, but your neck isn't large enough to reach the bunny that's on top of you now.

It's like the fox and the peaches, something delicious is in your reach but you are unable to harm it. Your own personal hell.
Then again, isn't this what they call karmic justice...no, no one deserves this kind of hell "Put it a little closer...just a bit closer".
But you remember the way it came to be here, yeah you know how to solve this conundrum "I want to get a better look..."

"Hmn? Okay!" Merlin obliges and puts the rabbit at chest height. Damn it it's so close you could lick it but not bite it. "Aw, I see you like each other a lot!" the girl misconstrues your attempts of reaching the bun while it looks you dead in the eyes. Seemingly oblivious.

But you know better than that, you know that prey animals can detect it when predators are hungry. Nay this bun has a shine of intellect in its eye, a sense of superiority it is mostly likely gaining from taunting you in your current bun. Like a fisher it is aiming itself as the bait as it slowly moves closer only to suddenly back away each time you move your head. This bun is mocking you.

Before you can continue your war with the bun, Mokou opens the door of the office and walks out of it. Merlin greets her but she ignores it as she silently takes a seat next to you two. From her face you can tell she's displeased about something.

"Are you doing, okay?" you ask the obvious question, to which you get an obvious glare...only for her to sigh and calm down.

"You'll know in five minutes from now..." she refuses to say anything more than that and just sits there with the same expression.

"Five minutes huh? Oooh, is there going to be a twist? Some dramatic revelation? By the way do you want this egg?" out of nowhere Merlin shows off said egg in front of Mokou's face, only to pull it back just as sudden "Never mind, you're not worthy".

"What do you even mean by that?" Mokou raises an eyebrow, sighs and starts making the chair lean backwards for the sake of dangerous balancing "Never mind, and again. It's not up to me to say, the doc will invite you in the office soon enough".

"That's ominous..." you gulp in sarcasm while genuinely hoping you won't need to get injected with anything "Hold on a moment, is Marisa in here!?" you finally remember why you're here in the first place.

"She is, I saw her enter like I mentioned earlier. I did mention that right?" Mokky replies gruffly and then looks you straight in the face "More importantly...well it's not important but it does have my curiosity. What was with that whole speech earlier?"

"What speech?" you ask back to her question. You've done a lot of those in your head.

Merlin answers it with a weird deep voice "The whole I'm going to cover the whole world in darkness once I obtain true power stuff" and seems more relaxed than earlier about it "That speech about making an incident".

"What about it? it's straightforward, got the motivation and plan and everything. What more do you want?" you reply to a bit more defensively. Not that you'd think they'd try to stop you, but if they're going to make a big deal about it then uuuuugh.

"Yeah, yeah, we got all that, but I meant specifically the true power part. What did you mean by that? Are you sealed or something? Are you planning to obtain a bunch of McGuffins for it or what? What's the game-plan behind that?".

"Uh, I don't know. Figured that if I manage to beat up stronger people, then other people will fear me, and that fear would make me become stronger? Maybe beat up my faker to unleash my true potential? I don’t know, heck the ribbon on my head could be the seal since I can't touch it and st-dear god, take this rabbit off me or I'll devour it whole once I regain my strength".

Mokou removes the bunny by gently pushing it off. She seems to think about it "Why though? What's wrong with you now?"

Merlin dismisses that question "That's a bit too private for a question, also kind of insulting...not that I think you're doing anything wrong Ma'am no sir!" and dismisses her own dismissal the moment Mokou looks at her.

''Hm..." Mokou stands up and takes a seat closer to you, before stretching out her hand towards your head. "Seal you say? mind if I were to try to remove it?" and she asks for your permission to do so.... if she even can.

"Why would you want to do that though?" you ask back, sure it's a great opportunity but still.

"Have you ever touched a fire to see if it was hot or not? it's exactly like that" Ah, so it's uncaring curiosity.

"Is that a good idea though?" Merlin asks back for some reason "What if it's like something else? Something that like holds you together and the moment you rip it off, you fall apart like a doll without threads? That kind of thing should be a careful process!".

"It's the girl's decision to make, so what'll it be kid?" Mokky asks you the question once more. "Death or glory? ready to make that gamble? if that's even the case that is, anything could happen".

[x] Eh, do it. It's worth the risk if it works. Ultimate Power or Death sounds like a cool gamble.
[x] Actually nah, you'd rather do this yourself...it's more accomplishing that way. Does that make any sense?
[x] Not to derail the conversation but does anyone have food. I'm starving here.
[x] How long is this doctor going to take? I want my progress now! *Forces self to crawl towards the office*
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[x] Not to derail the conversation but does anyone have food. I'm starving here.
Wow. No votes at all?
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Might mean the interest in the story has waned, that's fair enough.
Not to forget the many flaws thing has pacing wise, etc.
Still intend to go through with it and give it a proper ending, whether that's sooner or later.


"Not to derail the conversation but does anyone have some food? I'm starving here" you deflect the question for now and focus on what's more important. Aka a source of food, because food means Carbone stuff and Carbone stuff means energy and energy means movement. "Doubt the buns will like it if I'm tempted to eat their fellows…" which is a fair point but also a prophecy that should be avoided lest it be foretold, then again, all prophecies are foretold. This one will be the exception.

Mokky stares at you with an unchanging expression, before getting up from her seat and turning her back to the two of you “Wait right here, I’ll go get something. Just don’t do anything stupid”

“Uh sure!” you reply as energetic as you can, though the fact she implies that you’d be capable of doing anything dumb in this state surprises you a bit. “Make sure it’s meat though! No vegan stuff!

“What’s wrong with fruits and vegetables? They’re good for the body, no?” Merlin asks, but her question stays unanswered as Mokky leaves the room without a word and you don’t feel like explaining. “Hey, come on tell me! What’s wrong with fruits and vegetables?” however your host continues to pester you. “Are you allergic? Do you simply not like em? Are you scared of em? I-”

Suddenly the world slows down, as your mind taps into hyper-focus you realize the one harsh truth: That this girl is a chatter box and if you don’t find a way to defuse her now, you’re going to suffer through an entire ramble about how good fruits and vegetables are for you. That does not sit well with you, though she is supportive and tolerable. Hearing that kind of thing would be torture.

But there’s a problem, how will you kindly tell her to shut up? Were you to say it directly then it might hurt her perception of you or if you were to ask for silence then the room would be reduced to nothing more than the noises of rabbit pitter patter which would only make you hungrier? Though you have faced many trails in your life, none of them have been as confusing as that of social custom. After all you are a wild hunter and not some aristocratic socialite or what have you these days among the uuh, elite? yeah that's the word.

You decide on the next best thing: To out talk the talker! “Every star in space is nothing more than an inter stellar camera flash documenting your compromising positions. Documented for the purpose of interplanetary self-pleasure. As the greatest Shadow master of all time, I refuse to indulge in such shameful and exhibitional activities for the entertainment of my eternal foe”.

It doesn’t work “Ah I see, so it’s just like that social movement where one refuses to use sea products because the creatures known as the fish empty their bladd- “all the manoeuvre does is enable the girl even more as she contests your nonsense with her own.

Even so, call it a boon or flaw but giving up is not in your dictionary of life “Every cloud in the sky is every cotton candy I haven’t violated my enemy with” and so you interrupt her sentence with a word of wisdom made by a wise master that does not exist elsewhere but inside your mind temple “S- “

“And every sun is every life of yours that could have been improved” Merlin calmly responds back, though her words seem nonsensical to you, you’re certain they must have a deeper meaning because they are nonsensical and something you do not understand is something that one must figure out later. Her smiling face may yet hide the true mask of the old within her heart.

“Every piece of wood dust in my hair is every soul that I’ve killed without remorse or pity” even so, you have already brought her safely here and so it should be time to separate. You tell her so.
“I’m a conundrummer traveling in the puzzle that is life, yet I lack my band known as the Good End” though you pride yourself in your evil ways nothing good will come if she were to stay with your kin.

This wisdom shuts her up for a second, she thinks for yet another, and answers once five have passed “Though Evil is the opposite of Good, it is not the opposite of Nice. Like oil and vinegar both can be mixed, even if it takes vigourouis shaking. Go on and try it, shake that evil soup occasionally and perhaps you may get a Nice end rather a Bad or Sad End, every journey has multiple endings for life is a trail that one mustn’t give up on, even during the hardest of times”.

“…If that is true, then I know what I must do” you understand her meaning and though it sounds like goody two shoes behaviour, perhaps seeking unnecessary conflict may not be the right way. “I'll still commence the master plan in the future though, you are aware of that right?”

“I won’t judge an action that’s yet to have been committed, time will tell whether or not the crow of separation has arrived, yet for now the blue bird has not crossed in our local area nor is it nearby”

“Not going to judge your weird conversation, but I found some teeth sinkers” Mokou returns with Takoyaki for three, she looks at you two with a raised eyebrow but says no more as she deals it out.

Both of you thank her for the food and indulge in a quiet moment of feasting between companions. Though no words are shared, it really gives you a sense of camaraderie. Peace even if not Optimism, the fact that you are not on your own and do not need to worry for this is a safe place. Perhaps they don’t feel the same and this is all in your head but for now, you feel a bit relaxed.

Mokky sadly breaks the silence “So anyway, about my earlier question. Are you in or out?” and asks the same question as before, putting her empty cup aside and tilting her head in your direction. Her eyes have a hint of something in them, you’re not sure if it’s curiosity or pity or what have you.

“Here we go again” Merlin snarks and snickers “Really want to press that red button huh?”.

“…Uh, you know that was just a theory, right? Like seriously it hasn’t worked before” your friends have already attempted it before to no avail, sure the thing is indestructible but uh…wait what were you going for again? “Also, you’re acting a bit too insistent, what did the doc say? Am I going to die or what pfhahahaha” you tease her at the end and finally gain the strength to jump up again, your body still hurts but the movement is back baby.

“Death isn’t something you should joke about” Mokky’s voice rises a bit, clearly offended.

You stop laughing, and remember why she wouldn’t find that funny “Yeah, sorry…”

“So when is the doctor going to fetch ya? It’s been more than five minutes” Merlin replies unaware or uncaring about the almost mood nosedive, then she remembers something “Also what o- “

“She’ll call us the moment she’s ready for it, until then we just have to wait” Shutting down Merlin’s questions with a firm statement, Mokou looks at you again. “Are you afraid of death?”

“What?” you reply, off-guard due to casual nature about it. Her tone isn’t hostile or even offended anymore so why she would bring up an innocent joke is unknown to you. “Again, I was- “

“Are you afraid of death?” She simply repeats the question again, as if asking for your favourite colour or if you’re going to see some show later tonight. Yet her eyes remain intensely indifferent.

Wait is that even a word? Regardless, if you were to dodge the question, she would probably repeat it again until she gets a proper answer to your own annoyance…then again, it’s just a question.

[x] Eh, death isn’t like permanent right? Why should I care about it? Why do you even ask that?
[x] I’m scared of the end yeah; I don’t want to end up like a certain someone.
[x] Huh, that sure is a complicated question, though it depends on what you mean by death.
[x] Death holds no fear for me, though I do want to leave a big mark as proof of my life.
[x] That’s a dumb question, and a waste of my time. *Gets up and just walks into the Office*.
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[x] Eh, death isn’t like permanent right? Why should I care about it? Why do you even ask that?
You kill fairies all the time and they get better.
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[x] Eh, death isn’t like permanent right? Why should I care about it? Why do you even ask that?
This is the most in character response here.

Also, I'm still interested in the story. Christmas season and friends dragging me into games makes me easily distracted, though.
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File 164086174163.jpg - (147.67KB, 850x850, mokky dont like that.jpg)
mokky dont like that
"Eh, death isn’t like permanent right? Why should I care about it? Why do you even ask that?" you reply honestly, and a bit dismissively as you relax on your own seat.

"That's foolish" she replies immediately, her indifference turns into mild annoyance as she forcefully grabs your right arm and squeezes on it hard, but you don't even feel it. "You've been busy lately, haven't you? Doc took a good look at your body and found a whole bunch of new scars on ya: ribs that've been broken, skin that's been slashed and stabbed, even your heart's been pierced. Not to forget the dozen little hints that you've been messing with stuff you can't handle; sure, you look fine now cause these things heal now, don't they? Not perfectly though, and those little injury traces will eventually stack up one by one till the extreme stress on your body means you'll move no more...and if you move anyway well it might take a while for you to come back if ever. Do you get what I'm saying here?" Her eyes bore deep into yours, there's clear frustration on them. "Having the will to continue is all right but sometimes it's better to fold".

"Uhuh" and there ya go, it's the standard take better care of yourself speech. You simply nod politely to her words and let them enter your ears, so that they can leave right out. Words like that are for cowards, hell even if that did happen, you'd just need to die and you'd come back the next day all the better. Though you appreciate the words, they don't really apply to Youkai.

"Don't just Uhuh this" she does not sound satisfied by that and doesn't let go. "This is i-"

"Ah, is it intervention time? Okay I'll join in”, But Merlin interrupts and makes a *I'm very disappointed in you face* which is mostly a pout "What the Mokou said! Like challenging someone you know is stronger than you? Not the smartest thing to do, getting your ass handed to you and still not giving up despite the fact the foe does not want to fight? Even less smart. There's an adage for it too! Giving up is...not that bad! it too requires coura-"

"Yes, yes, whatever. We all know the words" you shut her up and wriggle your arm out of Mokou's grip before standing up, turning around and beating a hand on your chest "Don't worry about it buds! These are simply traces of my resolution. It's like they all say: Pain is weakness leaving the body, and I shall with the power of my will surpass the fragile shell that is this cocoon and one day burst out of it with my true form like a butterfly!"

At your amazing words, the Phoenix does a rude facepalms while the Trumpet Girl cringes. But that's okay, though they may not believe in the awesomeness that is the darkness just yet, you're sure that in time they'll grow to become loyal pawns in your future conquest of the whole wide world. You just need to be patient.

See hear that? That's silence! they know they can't convince you and that they should simply accept their positions and do the things that you will them to do later in the future, wait the Fujiwara is approaching you.

Now normally the way she walks would fill whoever she's approaching with dread. But not you! For you are fear itself, the eternal void in the dark space of space ready to blot out any-you're being picked up by the neck, your body automatically goes limp like that of a kitten being picked up by its mother. You see Mokky's red eyes again.

"You're going to kill yourself" She says darkly as her face and eyes are dominated with certainty "Don't know how or when, but your absolute lack of a sense of self-preservation mixed with your intellect makes it obvious to me now" aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaw she doesn't want you to get hurt, isn't that adorable? Kind of a bother though, you're a big girl that doesn't need to be looked after all.

"Maybe I will~" you reply sarcastically, and don't lower your gaze from hers as a smile grows on your face "If only I had a strong, dependable ally to make sure that wouldn't happen" as a genius idea comes to your mind.

"...Huh" Mokky gets it and looks outright disgusted "What if this dependable ally decides it's safer to lock you up somewhere in a little bit so you can't harm yourself for a while till things calm down? What do you say to that?".

[x] She'd have to kill me first; does she have the guts to do that though? (Call her bluff)
[x] Well then, I'd just kill myself right now so she can't stop me from doing so later! (Hold yourself hostage)
[x] I'd cry really loudly, maybe shit myself too, make sure everyone in the forest knows you're a child-napper. (Bluff)
[x] I'd just beat you up and win of course! Run dem hands Mokky! Put them paws up! Catch this fade! (Self-explanatory)
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[x] Well then, I'd just kill myself right now so she can't stop me from doing so later! (Hold yourself hostage)
A cage sounds nice and all, but we're not copycat Rumia.

Also, she does care!
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[x] I'd cry really loudly, maybe shit myself too, make sure everyone in the forest knows you're a child-napper. (Bluff)
Youkai poop in this story?
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File 164098643039.jpg - (52.32KB, 501x672, rumia with a gun.jpg)
rumia with a gun
So that's how she's going to play it, you're not sure where exactly she would lock you up and even though a day of doing nothing more than relaxing in the Bamboo Forest is very very tempting to you...

You won't give in, you're not going to give up here or ever, no matter how many people are going to try or even succeed in stopping you. No matter their reason or logic, no matter what you're going to do this!

Cool, cool, one problem though: What you want does not matter if you're too weak to obtain it, and you're positive that Mokky is far more powerful than the Gun-Bun if not one of the most powerful humans in this place ever, the sad truth remains that there is not a single hell of a chance for you to overpower her.

Which is why you've got no choice but to go with your second course of action, you’re not so ultimate but still very useful in case if situations where strength or endurance does not work kind of weapon.


For you see, she's not dealing with the average magical cannibal little girl brain factory nay she is dealing with a monster, nay a fiend who's got the most relevant youkai skills and youkai talents to prosper in what many call the Forest of Magic or as it is called by those who live in it: The Forest of Crackheads.

No, you did not get to choose that name and yes it is exactly what it is implied to be: A place filled to the brim with the most powerful mushrooms who's exposure to it may cause those unused to it's presence to bleed out from every orifice on a good day, A place where if you see a banana tree you better run for your life cause if you don't then it'll come to life and you'll realize little too late that the fruit does not grow from them, alongside many other marvellous creatures that are willing to give you a bad time because they can and will smell the bitch in you.

Now if you can survive the early game of daily pain and suffering and manage to make it so most wildlife stops messing with you...then and only then do you deserve to be called some proper youkai. Because no one in the woods discriminates, their bullets only penetrate. Long story short imagine a honey nest with little girl-bees the size of small dogs protecting it, now imagine someone willingly eating the honey nest while being stung to death by all of them without giving a singe droplet of a care about whether or not they'll survive the consequences of their actions: That is the basic outlook of the Youkai life for it is not about living as long as possible, it is about having an interesting story to tell that was worth the death.

"Why are you giggling?" Mokky returns you back to earth "This isn't a joking ma-"

Laser at the ready, you point one of your fingers at your own head "So you're going to stop me huh? Put a damper on my adventure you say? Well, if someone's going to defeat me then at least that person will be me!" and threaten her by holding yourself hostage because that totally makes sense, she can't stop it if it's already self inflicted, that'll really teach her!

"What." Mokky's voice becomes completely flat at your move, the sheer manliness behind it making her freeze.
She doesn't say or move any more than that and just stares at you as if seeking for any hint that that was a bad joke.

It’s the same for everyone, all movement stops as everyone in the room looks at you as if you forgot to wear pants before going outside, the attention pleases you but right now you've only got so much time before Mokky calls your bluff.

The door of the office opens as the Gun-Bun walks out, "Master Yagokoro is ready to receive you again" she seems far calmer and more relaxed than before "Please follo-..." then she sees the two of you and her face becomes the epitome of *Not this shit again* as she calmly backs off, closes the door shut and shouts something "Get the tranquilizers, it's a T-14 in there".

You don't know what that is, nor do you care, you snap one finger in front of Mokky to snap her out of it "Helloooo? A little girl's about to shoot herself here, can't you get any better reaction than what?" cause now you're starting to get bored again.

"H..u, ugh..." Her composure comes back, but her face says comprehension forgot to take the same bus "I've lived a very long life and even I have never seen such a display of stupidity before" nerves become visible on her head as she does her best to not shout in your face "H-how does that make sense? What will you achieve by doing so?"

"She already said the reason though!" Merlin chips in, still on her seat and very comfortable unlike everyone else right now "Since she thinks being stopped is worse than death and you don't want her to die, she might as well die now~" you nod to that sentence as Merlin giggles pleased that she was right on point, you can smell fear coming out of her though.

"Worst case scenario, I'll cry and shit myself too. Really rub it in that I don't want to be locked into her sex dungeon" you make sure that they realize you have a plan b so that they know that stopping the plan a is useless no matter what happens. "Though...I'm not sure where she would take me anyway, never mind the dungeon part, that's too much".

Mokou's grip becomes a whole lot stronger out of nowhere and you can feel the temperature rise for some reason "YOU...do you even re-...." then as suddenly as the heat arrived, it disappears. "Don't do it, you have so mu-..." she stops again for a moment, as if thinking about her words very carefully "Please take better care of yourself, your friends wouldn't want this and neither do you I'm sure of it" look at her trying to reason with you, that's such a waste of words.

"Eh, Wriggle's dead, Dai betrayed me, that's like 50% of my pals that let me down. Also, I totally wanna do this, you just need to back off and do what I say from now on or I'll blast my brain matter around this whole room, simple right?" you reply with such a carefree tone that it makes the girl twitch, "So it's not suicide, it's more of a brilliant strategy~".

"So, you're holding yourself hostage?" Gears grind in Mokky's head as she lets out an ah expression, finally understanding the situation and getting really pissed at the realization "That's stupid! you're stupid! Tha-gah!"

"Aha, you say that buuut" you raise one finger as if to correct some silly mistake she made "Who's stupider? the girl trying to kill herself or the girl who's motivating the girl to kill herself because she doesn't want the latter to do so?"

She drops you and just stares at you in... you’re not sure what but she's gazing at you with her eyes all right.

You take it as submission "Yeah, that's what I thought!" and declare this challenge as yourself the victor.

Mokou is confused is now following you!

"You're bluffing" NOT, she responds to your dilemma once again. "You have to be, you're all talk and no action. You'd never harm yourself, cause if anything it's clear to me that you value yourself the most" and attempts to use logic.

"So, w-"

She interrupts you again "But fine, let's say you're for real. In the small chance that you're serious about this, please explain to me why you would do that. What would motivate you to such an extent-" sadly she doesn't get to finish that.

"Target sighted, ready to fire!" a voice says behind you, that of two bunny girls alongside Reisen holding some od-oh those are guns, they're aiming guns at you for some reason and seem ready to shoot at the slightest movement. Some older lady with red-white clothes is calmly watching as well, she seems the only amused one out of em all.

"Lower your weapon or we will take any sign of movement as an attempt to end one's life. We have medicine and health care for those in need, please do not attempt such a-" Reisen is trying to recite something from memory which gives you the perfect time to do something, since why in the nine hells would you stay around and listen when a gun is pointed at you?

You immediately enact another master plan "No, you stop or I'l-" which can't possibly go wrong.


It did go wrong.

Reisen is pointing a gun at you, while you're pointing a laser at yourself, Mokou is aiming some fireball at another bunny while another bun does the same stand off with Merlin. You're not sure how it escalated to a standoff.

But you'd be a liar if you said you're not enjoying causing havoc, look at all this chaos.

The fear in the rabbit's eyes as the Phoenix is opposing them, the confusion in the latter's eyes as she's not sure anymore what the right thing to do is, the adrenaline oozing in the air as soon enough a bullet frenzy will happen.

Oh, the darkness! the darkness in their hearts is so apparent!

For the first time in this whole adventure, you're starting to get nourished enough for the whole day.

All this darkness has been caused by you! The fact you're having a standoff in a hospital of all places is so ironic!

You've really done it now, like a real youkai! All your neighbours are going to talk about this for weeks to come!

You're still having a gun aimed at yourself though, you should fix that!

[x] This is the time for one thing: Running away as fast as a ball of darkness can let you!
[x] Time to be brave and start blasting! then duck and cover the area in darkness as everyone shoots each other.
[x] Be a real man and follow on your threat, take yourself down before they can lock you up! do it! do it! do it!
[x] Wait a minute! you were here for something right? Let's negotiate for Marisa's dolls, only then you will comply
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[x] Wait a minute! you were here for something right? Let's negotiate for Marisa's dolls, only then you will comply.

If Reisen isn't sick and tired enough of us to roll with our demands, then we're really gonna up the ante. Also, I expected Marisa would have shown up after hearing us arrive. We did kind of beat her face in last we saw. Also where did Wriggle go?
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File 164124523023.jpg - (253.46KB, 816x666, I have a negiotation.jpg)
I have a negiotation
Me dreams fooled me into thinking I updated yesterday, silly brain.

Look at them with their silly guns and those delicious buns.... unghhhh.

It's almost like everything you've hated about fairies except they're bigger, even more like one another and more scrumptious looking too.

Your stomach grumbles again, despite the fact it was already full a few seconds ago, do you have like a vortex in their cause man that's one hell of an appetite even for you, as if you were eating for two or three even!

But anyway, you were here for something right? Yeah, you were.... uh one sec.

First you went to the forest then to Kor-mhm...then to this and that.

Oh yeah, the dolls! That's what you're here for! To revive Wriggle and stuff!

Where is she anyway? you look around and see only the gun buns and your pals next to ya oh wait she's right behind you with a magnificent cross pose ready for battle, the moment you turn around though she notices that you're paying attention to her again and awkwardly starts to lower into the ground.

You look down the floor and sigh "This ain't the time to fool around man, dead or not that doesn't mean you get to fool behind me back pal!" and address the insolence that one has shown by mimicking your style. Disgraceful.

"Meh meh meh" Wriggle's head pops out of the head as she blatantly mimics your speech "Says the girl in a shoot out, shouldn't you handle that first?"

"Oh, should I? And what I don't huh?" you question her questioning.

"Well, you'll look insane speaking to someone that can't be seen or hea-"

"Who are you talking to?" Mokou hisses right in your ear, "This isn't the time to fool around, you made this mess so hurry up and fix it already".

"Like that, hence my temporary silence" Wriggle interrupts in a tone that's almost smug.

"What if I don't wa-" her glare shuts you right up as you think of a new solution.

What's the problem: Guns with Buns.

What do they want? To have you stop being an asshole, will shoot if need be.

What do you want? Marisa's Dolls (The person herself is just optional, same for the Alice Doll)

How to get it? The Buns with Guns should know where she is.

So... you should negotiate for the sake of advancing your cause, speech craft go!

You turn around again and address the Reisen once more "Hey Bleach Hair! I have an offer you c-ouch!" you get slapped at the back of the head by Mokou, fine you'll try again. "Hey you! Have you seen Marisa?"

"What if we do?" Great, she's vague on it for some reason and the situation has not changed at all. Her fellow buns are still aiming their shooty pooties at your fellas but seeing how they look frightened you bet they don't have the guts to go through with it if need be. The other uuh doctor lady is just looking calmly at the situation.

"So, you DO have her!" you just go with that and hope it's correct "Let's say I make you a trade weirdo, you give me the girl and I'll give you all the money in my stomach so we can play monopoly. And if you win at that then you get to keep the money, I just gave you except for what I decide to take back. And if I win then I get the girl, my money, your money, and then someone else's money in this room. But if we tie and I don't mean the clothes wear cause then I'd already win but the condition in which neither of us have won or lost then you have to go to the store and buy me an actual tie as in the product and then you can tie me down to the bed and then you can shove spicy Thai food down my throat"

"Master can I shoot her already?" the girl turns to the Doctor with a genuine look of please let me do this. "She's even worse than Tewi and I'm this close to re-acting the golden age by beating her butt with a paddle. Please allow the shot"

The Doctor now having the spotlight gains for a mini second a small frown as if disappointed but gains a wise small on her lips soon after "Hm, I don't think violence is the right answer here" she waves one arm, and the gun buns lower their weapons "Why don't we all have a nice cup of tea to get off any bad impressions and start a proper conversation hmm?"

"Ug-I mean of course master!" Reisen seems the most disappointed but accepts her offer. The other rabbits do so wordlessly as well.

"Hmm. I hoped you would say that" Mokky does as well "It'd be a real shame if I had to beat up a few people because a certain someone is being a drama queen" she means you, definitely you by the glare she's giving off. Seems threatening to harm yourself as a form of blackmail to make people join a group is a good way to give them a bad view of you, oh well you'll learn more in time. Her intimacy with you lowers, but that means nothing anyway Better luck next time!

"Fine by me, gunfire makes a terrible noise anyway" yeah blabla everyone agrees with this, you get it!

With just a single sentence she convinces her own troops and your pals to lower their shooties shooties and calm down. There's really no way to explain this because you yourself don't really get it: Is this the power of charisma or what?

Eh, it doesn't matter...wait, she simply offered a choice that everyone felt fine with taking...does that mean charisma is the ability to make people do stuff they want while furthering your own cause somehow? if so, that's a powerful thing.

Anyhoo, everyone is walking towards her office now. unless you're going to do something about its teatime is about to come.

[x] Wooooooo, teatime so fine yada yada. Fine you'll join this lame reasonable stuff whatever. They better have choco too...

[x] No, you hate teatime! teatime is the worst time of all times that has ever timed! Do something else! (Write in).

Cause this update was short, here's a relationship report cause why not.
>Your relationship with Wriggle Nightbug is Close +40 (Priorly Best Friend +55)
>Your relationship with Mokou Fuijiwara is Cordial +15 (Priorly Friendly +25)
>Your relationship with Merlin Prismriver is Friendly +28 (Priorly Nuetral +0)
>Your relationship with Reisen Udongein Inaba is Strained -15 (Priorly Nuetral +5)
>Your relationship with Eirin Yagokoro is Nuetral -2 (Priorly Nuetral +0)
>Most people you have not met are usually Nuetral.

>Your relationship with Fey-Kind is Nuetral +3 (Priorly Hated -30)
>Your relationship with SDM is Cordial +12 (Priorly Nuetral 9)
>Your relationship with Eientei is Dismissive -6 (Priorly Nuetral 3)

Again it means nothing, they're just numbers like those sim games. Have fun with that and goodnight.
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[x] Wooooooo, teatime so fine yada yada. Fine you'll join this lame reasonable stuff whatever. They better have choco too...

In here taking the time to be reasonable will be about as long as fighting through the entire maze.
Image Source
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File 164149605286.jpg - (119.50KB, 850x785, Le doctor.jpg)
Le doctor

Oh, how wondrous Teatime is, see how you are all seated together across a table with small mats to relief your knees from the hard wood, see how everyone has a wonderful cup of tea alongside some cookies, see how relaxed your companions are as Merlin chats it up with Reisen while the Grownups bask in silence.

"Bla, bla bla. bla?" questions the energetic trumpeter with a mood oh so jolly, "...Bla, bla bla" responds the red eyed bun as she entertains her quest with sacred hospitality. Oh, how marvellous it is to be a social bird.

"...." But oh my, do you hear that? Course you do not, for that is the whimsical silence between the elders. They know what to talk about and have already done so or see no need for small talk as company is enough.

Behold how beautiful the room is, with its paper doors that you could easily shred to run away and tiled floors that seem so breakable by hand, rejoice at how cleanly organized the Doctor's office is as there is a humble something that doctors sit on and put stuff on (You forgot the word), look at her license on the wall neatly placed alongside other mark of achievements that show how amazing of a doctor the Doctor is and bask at the glorious stack of books put inside a booky box with titles that are unfamiliar to you.

Beh- "Hey, do you want a cookie?" you gently refuse the offer from Merlin, okay where were you "Kay, how bout some more tea then? This stuff is delicious! Props to whoever made it" she pours some more of the tea in your cup without asking, and gasps once the Bun proudly reveals that she's the tea maker.

The Doctor has started her own conversation with the Immortal, but they seem to be speaking of something that you have a hard time understanding (Something host, malformity and yada yada) so you ignore their conversation since you'd rather not look stupid in front of them right now. Which you will if you were to awkwardly insert yourself into a conversation between two wise ancient creatures like a novice swordsman trying to act all chummy with uh, whatever. Metaphors are dumb anyway...

Wriggle is boldly sitting on the table in front of you, boldly as in literally has her ghostly bum on where the cookies are, most likely staining them with ectoplasm or whatever she has at the moment. You'd call this an epic prank but seeing how no one reacts to it, the appeal behind just vanishes. She makes eye contact with you and gives you a lazy thumbs up as if to say that it is okay to chill out occasionally.

...Okay, they're no longer disturbing you, which is good since you've got no interest in talking anyway. Even if you did what would you even talk about? your evil plan? Sure, that went so well with Reisen, nah instead you just sit there and ponder, occasionally giving your drink a sip while pretending to enjoy this.

Emphasis on pretending, with a dumb smile so no one can notice.

But you are not having fun, you are so not having fun right now. This peaceful, calm, inactive moment is something that bores you even. Though anyone else would use this moment to relax if not share some time with their pals for their bonds to grow...to you this just oh so boring. This humane activity feels monstrous to you.

Hm, that does make you think though: If you are some twisted variation of humanity, would the untwisted not be deeply dissatisfying? You were made to fly and spread fear, not sit down and enjoy inanity.

Yet here you are, because you lost. You somehow lost to the bunny just a few steps away and...that's it, she hasn't told you to stop what you're doing so perhaps she now thin...wait why does it matter.

Her opinion doesn't matter, even had she said something like that you'd have kept going. You'll nev-


How many times have you said those words now? things like *I won't give up* or *I'll keep moving even if it kills me* to be precise. Quite a lot of times now that you think of it, but perhaps that's the real problem.

You're all talk and no show, you can't walk the walk of your own hype. There are plenty of people far more powerful than you and until you find a way to close that gap, your ambition may as well be someone else's recurring gag. Right now, you're just a nuisance to a far bigger problem, an irrelevant obstacle.


Or maybe the real problem is these thoughts? it doesn't matter how hard you try if you secretly believe that you really can't do it. What if you were to achieve every step but falter at the last one because of these wimpiest self doubts? A real villain is supposed to be a bottle of confidence and awesomeness.

Right now all you've got some is some firecracker that lies there and flickers instead of some full out firework.

You're nothing more than, no... you need to get over this. Find that way and become a real threat, obtain real power whether it comes from some seal or other source it doesn't matter, no you need to just go for it, don't doubt, don't hesitate, simply take those steps one at a time and show all of them!

First Absolute Confidence and then Absolute Power, once you've obtained both you can become the real icon of absolute malice, a devourer of stars and a true entity that can...do whatever they want?

Fuck it, for now you'll just cover the world in darkness. Step two is something future you will have to think off.

Ye-enough thinking let's have some action now and finish these side objectives now. Afterwards you're free to do whatever, hell you could even come back here and steal some pills from th...ooooooooooooh!

That's a solid idea! The Doctor is a genius after all, who knows if she has some medicine that gives you absolute confidence or energy boosters or what have you. She can make any medicine after all!

Yeah, robbing her is a great idea! All you'll need to do first is get these dolls first though. It'd be a shame if you were to fail the robbery, cuz they'll definitely remember to put you on some ban list this time.

Hell y-your shoulder gets tugged on, "Hey, the doc asked ya a question" Mokky waves a hand to regain your attention, seems the small talk has ended and its finally time for some real talky whatever stuff.

"Sorry, I wasn't paying attention. Could you repeat it once more?" You ask politely for once.

"No problem, dear" the Doc chimes with an oddly gentle tone, it kind of gives you the shivers "I was asking you if you wanted me to give you a long report of your diagnosis or simply a shorter summary. Secondly whether you want it to be private (As in just us two) or let your pals here in the know".

"Ah..." She did see your body after all, you almost forgot by now but eh that doesn't feel so interesting.

What will it be?

[x] The long version.
[x] The short version.

[x] Private.
[x] Public.

[x] I don't care that much doc, just get me those dolls and I'm out of your joint.
[x] Write in.
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[x] The long version.
[x] Public.

Time to see just how messed up of an amalgam we are. Also, stealing medicine from Eirin is a terrible idea. We could find the pill of omnipotence, or the pill of impotence. Who knows.
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[x] The long version.
[x] Public.
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File 164166244133.jpg - (98.56KB, 1000x1100, now you know what the time is for.jpg)
now you know what the time is for
But bad ideas are fun.... mph, fine make your own then baka!

Time: 4: 30 PM; Date: 07/07/2017
Location: Eientei, Doctor's Office.

[x] The long version.
[x] Public.

"Very well" The Doc confirms your decision and gets up, moving to the other side of her office thing to sit on it all professionally as she takes out a device from her desk and puts it on the table "Udonge do the thing".

On cue, *Udon* stands up and moves to take down some paper wall attached to the wall next to the table, it reminds you of those shadow shows, as in that's the only thing you can compare this to. "Thing done successfully!"
She declares proudly, all too eager to serve her master for such an inane purpose.

"Excellent." the Sage moves with an otherworldly grace across the room and reunites with her servant. Udon moves to the side as she carefully wields the device, clicks on it, and then draws on the pape-oh it was a pen, how did you not recognize that? Never mind, with an extreme speed and refinement she draws something.
"Knowing your range of intellect, I've got no choice but to explain this to you all in the simplest of way known as the show and tell" for emphasis she clicks the pen again and receives a paper from her servant that she always keeps next to her.
As in her right hand but who cares about that detail.

Behold a perfect drawing of yourself, though it's entirely in blue somehow the whole frame from your toe to head are drawn in a perfectly realistic way. Though the unfocused eyes and the lazy drooling seem to emphasize carefreeness? Whatever, the sage lets out a loud cough to get everyone's attention and begins.

"Firstly, I would like to announce that everything that I'm about to say is the truth and only the truth, though the following words and terms may fly over some of your heads or even sound like a joke. I will have zero tolerance for those who doubt my conclusion or even demand a second opinion. Let us be clear on that".

"She's not joking" Mokky buts in next to you "Doc may be cool with most stuff, but she'll get pissed if you show any sign of not respecting her knowledge, ask any question you have with utmost respect kid".

"Good now according to your information, you are not married, correct?" The Doc asks you.

"Uh, no?" you reply, "Wait how come you have a file on m-ogh" Mokky pinces you "How come you have a file on me Ma'am?" you ask politely.

"You should know the answer to that yourself" The sage dismisses the question as a dumb one and continues her own "Do you posses any family, close relatives, anyone that cares for you in Gensokyo?"

"Yeah!" you reply eagerly, as you can easily think of a bunch of people "There's Wriggle, Mystia, Cirno, Rin-chan, yada yada" you cite down a lot of people with some ease, like more people than there are fingers on both of your hands lot of people...wait woah! doesn't that mean you're popular? "Also, Mokky's right here!"

"Don't call me that" Mokky flicks a finger against your forehead again, but a bit gentler this time.

"What about me though?" Merlin asks with a frown as you forgot to name her.

"Sure, we're pals I guess" you waive your hand in response, since it's not a big deal.

"What about friends though?" ah, so she noticed the difference in terms.

"How is that different?" Mokky asks in foolish ignorance.

You go ahead and explain it "Well you see, Pal is formal while Friend is informal" proud of your knowledge.

But Reisen dares butt into the conversation "Actually, it's the other way around. And by th-"

"That's enough musing everyone" With another cough the Sage sets everything back on track "I'm afraid to deliver the sad news that you Rumia are a very sick girl" goddamit, she's moralizing you.

"Oh, come on, I used someone as a cudgel just ONCE, get over it already!" and you care none for that.

The Sage stays quiet at that and so does everyone else, as if to tell say *What are you talking about? Just shut up* after a few more seconds the Sage rubs her forehead and rephrases "You are in very bad health".

"Bad health? But I feel just fine right now..." true to those words, you're not in any sort of pain or discomfort.

"I want you to understand that I wouldn't tell you something like this, unless I was absolutely certain".

"Okay? Go ahead then doc" there's no need to hype up any bad news really, the day's been bad already so whatever nonsense she reveals to you can't possibly get you off-guard. "I'm not afraid, give it to me!"

"Prepare yourself for a shock, this is really no easy thing to tell you" Okay doc those are scary words...

"Just say it already, I don't like the way you're building this up. Just say the words Doc".

"The tests have revealed a sort of toxic matter inside your body, specifically the right side of your body and in your blood stream" She draws over a cross on your chest area and right arm. "Though your body has show signs of fighting back against via extreme measures, over time most of your organs have been corrupted to the point that this metamorphism has became permanent if not outright fatal, I wish there was something I could do about it..." The Doc sounds outright ashamed if not sombre about what's she's about to tell you.

"Wait, what do you mean *Wish* you could do something abou-"

Reisen interrupts again, just as sad sounding "There is nothing anyone can do about this at the moment, this is one of the few things that have no antidote or medicine against it and we're afraid that by the time one is made..."

What are they implying? you swear to God that if this is just a prank that you'll!

"You don't have much time left to live" The Doc continues "A Day at the most, two if you're lucky. It's hard to say exactly but...if only you had come here earlier then maybe we could have done something for you but now...I'm sorry dear".

"Why are you sorry? Don't say sorry just yet! I don't know what you're saying, and I refuse to believe it! Whatever you found out must have been a mistake, that's right it has to be a mistake! You could have made one, couldn't you?"

"Doctor Yagokoro is an expert in all medicine, she never makes mistakes..." Mokky replies morosely suddenly, the fact she of all people looks genuinely sad is enough to force you into silence as the unknown becomes spoken.

"So, I-I well dammit, to think someone could just explain your life away...goddam does that feel cheap" acceptance quickly comes to you as frustration rises within, "Dammit, I don't have time to die! Who knows how long it'll take until I'll respawn? With my luck by the time that I do, the whole adventure will be already over!" and you remember that since you're a Yokai, death by poisoning or whatever is more like a temporary inconvenience than outright permanent. Still a bummer though.

The Doc doesn't reply to that and takes out a vial with a black liquid inside of it "Observe this particle" she puts a lit match under it and as if struck by panic, the whole thing starts to move further up to avoid the flame "This toxin we speak off is more than a mere poison, it's a living creature of questionable sentience who's modus operandi seems to be infesting itself into a living creature via bait, hide inside of it and tempt both body and mind into accepting it via controlled doses of joy and false powers as it gives it's host a sense of invincibility to promote reckless behaviour for their own gain. Once all life functions have failed (as in the host died which is said gain) it will revive their unoccupied body as their new home as they are free to use the body's biomass and muscles for free locomotion and will use the opportunity to do whatever they want and spread their organisms to new hosts via transmissions of blood through open wounds. Preferable killing their new victims in the process as such an approach is far quicker than the former one. This impatience is there because the early symptoms can be treated, within the first 12 hours if I were to be exact (You're way past that) as in we could have simply washed or burned off the whole thing and heal the remaining injuries. But you've had it way longer now, haven't you?"

The drawing of you has been turned into of an empty husk, like a dead body being made to walk via some slime.

"How would I even know that?! How could I even have prevented that?! That's bullshit! That's just unfair!"

"What do you mean you don't know? Are you saying your own foolishness and desire for short term benefits has not made you fail to see the bigger consequences? I'm certain that anyone with common sense would have warned you about this".

Mokky interupts again "Hey, watch your words doc. This isn't the time for victim blaming"

But you've got better things on your mind right now "No they didn't! All they said was this thing is bad, don't use it and yada yada, no one ever told me those details! no one told me this would kill me! Why did Marisa have these anyway!?"

"Afraid I can't answer these questions" The Doc turns to her servant "Udonge, go write down that this is a case of homicide" She pauses for a moment "Or perhaps death by sentient poison? No, let's just go with Homicide from an anonymous source".

"What does that word even mean!"

The Doc sighs again, as if she failed at something. "If you still don't understand then let me make this clear in some simple terms: You dear, have been murdered and will not see tomorrow's sunrise".

>How does she react to such wondrous news?

[x] Not even a word is said, just a moment of darkness and suddenly the girl is gone. Gone where? No one knows...
[x] She would grow suspicious of the Doc's knowledge and aggressive due to the bad news, it must be a lie!
[x] A big no followed by even bigger tears, she'd be completely devastated and beg for any way to avoid that fate.
[x] If she's been murdered, then there's nothing else to do but to...murder whoever murdered her! Get that Witch.
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[x] Not even a word is said, just a moment of darkness and suddenly the girl is gone. Gone where? No one knows...

This definitely puts perspective on the voices in Rumia's head. The voices in the living world were clearly the poison, but can the same be said of the voice in our near death? It increased our natural capabilities, noted that something was wrong with us, and was attempting to keep us away from death.
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[x] Not even a word is said, just a moment of darkness and suddenly the girl is gone. Gone where? No one knows...
gambling time!
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File 164201348530.jpg - (92.18KB, 850x638, rumia in the rain.jpg)
rumia in the rain
Insert Sad Theme and Rain Atmosphere or just this: https://youtu.be/ha88kkoPHfQ

You know, you’ve always wondered why people say that misery builds character.

Far as you know misery is simply misery and trying to attribute greater meaning to painful things or literally anything is something only the silly human and older youkai like to do, makes them feel unique you bet. To think that there’s a greater reason for them to endure something such as karma or fate or any other reason rather than the fact that perhaps it’s simply the whimsy of some force that is greater than them, a force that’s unknown because they are too inferior to comprehend or even stop it. Course you are no exception.

A force that surpasses life itself, or perhaps is life? It’s definitely not fate or karma you think.

Though fate and karma are things that definitely do exist, their control and or jurisdiction in case belongs to the top of Gensokyian’s power ladder. It’s the same thing for other concepts such as the Death, Eternity and whatever else have you. Our history has shown that with great power comes control over the lesser. If you need an example, you need only visit your local god after all.

Of course since recent times there are now spell card duels that emphasize beauty and finesse over raw strength and endurance thus giving everyone an equal fighting chance…but that doesn’t really change the fact that if you were to challenge an elder they’d still kick your ass via a barrage of bullets with patterns that though oh so grandiose and oh so fair are still impossible to beat by anyone but an incident resolver. Not to forget the fact that anyone who loses such a duel has to obey the terms of the winner afterwards, like “Don’t eat me” or “Never come here again” which in a way demonstrates once again that might makes right in simply a less lethal but no less vicious way.

That System is not a bad thing mind you, if anything in a land filled with legends these games are the perfect way to steam off frustration, blood lust, what have you while still allowing us horrors to stay relevant. If someone were to foolishly wander into the woods then being shot repeatedly with lasers can be an very painful if not traumatizing experience regardless of it being completely not-deadly.

Not to forget how fun it is! But you’re not here to monologue about the fun times.

Not while you’re on top of a boneyard, overseeing a landscape of nothing but the remains of creatures that have been slain or forgotten, a memento of failures both youkai and men.

It wouldn’t really be appropriate, even less so because of the intense rain pouring over your unprotected body as you look up to the dark clouds in silent introspection, nay all fun is gone.

“Coward, Moron, Immature Brat, All talk and no show…” those are but one of the many things people have called throughout your journey “Loser…Failure…Emotional something” your fists clench themselves harder as you think about your many mistakes “Perhaps their words had some wisdom to them….for what have I figured out so far? What encounter have I won with skill, not luck?”.

The dead do not answer, neither does the rain. But that’s okay for you know the answer yourself.

“Nothing….I have achieved nothing, not today or every single moment prior in my life.”

Those days were wasted in indulgence and lethargy, you’ve done noting more than eat when you want to eat and sleep when you want to sleep. Your entire life was nothing but an ambitionless dreg of constant banalities. Can you even name one thing that you’re proud off? A single event even?

“Youkai’s are magnificent invisible creatures feared by all men, and I am one of them! Who am I to hesitate? It’s not my fault I didn’t figure it out, the info was never there to begin with right?!”

Yet here you are, about to die from some sort of illness. Not the legendary blade of an virtuous warrior, nor the seals of a powerful maiden. Your body and mind have been tainted by a sick creature that you yourself willingly let in…and now you pay the price for this foolishness.

“Sickness…no, the real sickness was inside me even before all this” What do you me-“The real sickness was that no matter the circumstances, I was never able to act seriously. This adventure has precious lives on the line, I already know what will happen if I were to fail and yet I still treated the whole thing like I could just give up and leave this all to someone else….”

In other words, you failed to take the circumstances seriously and so much time has been wasted.

“Even in moments of certain death…I simply deluded myself into thinking that motivation was more than enough to overcome any sort of factor in these matches. Even though my friend’s life was on the life with that Vampire’s puzzle, I treated it like a joke and somehow won even though she could have fully seen that as a failure and bless me with a fate worse than death. Even though Marisa’s location could not be more obvious in hindsight, I had to literally die so someone could tell me about it or I would have wasted the entire day searching for her at fruitless places. Not once did I take any of the above seriously, it was all nothing more than luck that I am still alive up to this moment…”

The whole tension behind the situation may have been as well fictional to you until now.

“Heh, indeed and normally I would have never woken up from that *This is fun* Fantasy. I’d live a meaningless life, I’d waste my precious days over nothing. No matter how much time passes, no matter how many people I’d have met by then, I’d have continued to say *The Real Quest hasn’t’ started yet, my true comrades are yet to be found and my full potential is yet to be unleashed so that’s why the current events are such garbage* I’d continue to tell myself that day over day and night over night, and though I age my mind and body would not change, I’d be stuck in this rut of a life until the very day I die. It is only now, with my imminent demise that I realize…that the life I’m living is the real thing. There is no easy mode, no hard mode, humans do not live lives according to these modes nor do they get to treat their deaths as inconveniences. They live the only life they have to the fullest, they make memories, get married, leave traces of their existence before passing onto the afterlife and in such a way I have lost to them. But what’s the point of realizing that now?!” let's say that again: You have lost against humans, those who should fear you.

Mud stains your knees, and rainwater flows through your cheeks. As your imagine spot of a boneyard returns to that of the Bamboo Forest. You’re crying on your knees in such a pathetic display, luckily the darkness around you would make the others unable to see that sight.

“It’s all too late! My life is a waste and I’ve realized it far too late! Not once have I tried to discover if there are others like me, not once have I attempted to claim my birth right! All my life I’ve been satisfied with pathetic mediocrity, and half assed resolves. But what has that left me with!?”

No home to call your own, no respect from your neighbours, no incident of your doing.

“NOTHING! I AM NOTHING! My contribution in this world is inferior to that of a house fly! The only noteworthy I’ve ever done, my title of Man-Eater is no achievement but just a sign of Gluttony and not a mark of honour, nay it is a mark of shame. A silver trophy for one that does not deserve bronze…I am not who I think I am, I am nothing more than a failure of a youkai! Trash incarnate!”

But hey, at least you still have your chainsaw right? A saw that was filled to the brims with red flags, a saw that physically hindered and harmed you. A saw that has derailed you as once promised…

You see your own reflection and don't like the sight of it, you should man up and stop whining.

“P-perhaps there are still plateaus that I have not yet seen, far greater heights through which I must ascent…” you wipe your own tears, but it does little at this point “Y-yes, I will ascent! This world has yet to see the true marvel of the darkness looming over it. People have yet to fear the apparitions that stalk the night! Through my power, they shall see how the darkness deserves it’s legend!”.

Is what you would say, if it weren’t for one problem…

“Time…is not on my side, maybe another 8 hours at the most? I don’t know for sure but that’s in no way enough time to gain power through training…yet no other safe recourses lie before me…”

The more one is feared, the more powerful one becomes. By successfully gaining the respect of one’s brethren a youkai could gain higher strength but that too would take more than one day.

“This means that I can only hope to achieve two things…or maybe three, but failure…”

Will mean your end, for attempting to defeat an greater youkai in order to usurp their fear is enough of a reason for them to obliterate you if you lose. And failing to devour a hermit can lead to you being exorcised or sealed inside a rock for thousand of years as punishment. Both are very risky and you were lucky that the Rabbit did not realize or care for your intentions for she would have been justified in doing whatever she wants to you. The loser of such a duel has no right to complain…

“Yet, If I remain the way that I am then the poison inside of me will take my life. If I do not become strong enough to expel it out of me with my own strength then my death is guaranteed. But HOW!? How will I ever reach such an amount of power in this ridiculous kind of deadline? Can it be done?”.

What would the Hakurei say to that? What would Wriggle say to that? What would Cirno say to that? You do not know and don’t want them to know, this pain and fear is your burden alone.

“Achoo! Ugh, it’s starting to get a tad cold. I’d take a look but the sun still shines….”

Thunder strikes and the pour intensifies, if you don’t find shelter then getting a cold will be the least of your worries. But that right now does not matter, the rain covers your track and so until you return of your own will no one else can interrupt this moment of introspection.

“The power to control darkness itself loses to a little bit of rain then? Hm, I guess this body is really that weak after all. Give me frost and I’ll need winter clothes, make me wet and I’ll need to dry myself, stab me and I’ll bleed. If this body is my true if not only form then that says many things”.

You get up and memories of your friends appear before you, older times that were precious to you. The fact reminds you that today was supposed to be your birthday yet no one is there to celebrate it with you nor will you ever have the opportunity to do so for a next time. Quite funny in hindsight.

“I don’t feel that different all, with the saw and all…it feels more like an extra limb than some forced prost-pro-something whatever” you grab your right arm and squeeze on it, though the skin is still there you don’t feel any bone or heat coming from it. Even so there’s no discomfort…which makes it even worse, you’re unable to notice the influence it has you now nor the extent of the damage done over time. It’d be no real surprise if you were to drop dead even a hour from no-….

Another thought comes to mind, if you do die your uh husk would belong to someone else. How would you know if anyone would notice the difference? You’ve almost failed to do so with Alice, not to forget whatever intentions they might have…what if they went for….perhaps you should prevent that, yeah, in hindsight that’s far easier and definitely the more honourable option. Why not try destroying your entire body? That way, your corpse can’t be revived and you’d respawn maybe?

Sounds of footsteps get you out of your thoughts, you stay silent for a moment in hopes that whoever it is keeps walking and does not disturb you. You hear some more footsteps and assume that the person left, “Good, but what should I do now? What garbage plan should I follow now?”.

Choices that were once fun to come up with, now only seem cold and dull to you.
The motion of standing up has never felt so bothersome before, you wonder why.

"I have to get moving, every second counts...every second counts..."

You highly doubt you’re going to succeed at anything…but even so you still have to try.

[x] I am no Youkai…and will never fight again. Though I have failed in everything I’ve done and doubt that there’s any change of it getting better, there is still one thing I can do: One way to be a hero!
[x] Nothing shall change if I’m in charge…perhaps help is needed. I am my own worst enemy and no longer seek to prove myself for I have discovered a terrible power: That of my own incompetence!
[x] These human emotions only slow me down, I shall abandon them and become a true nightmare. Though these memories are dear, they will not let me live. Let’s go obtain power or die trying!
[x] You still have Unfinished Business, a friend who’s life has yet to be restored. Work on finishing that first before solving the problem of your own pathetic worm of a life. Bros before Losers!
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[x] You still have Unfinished Business, a friend who’s life has yet to be restored. Work on finishing that first before solving the problem of your own pathetic worm of a life. Bros before Losers!

Being Rumia is suffering...
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File 164210802963.jpg - (12.72KB, 800x535, oh boy.jpg)
oh boy

Yeah, bringing your friend back first and foremost is quite obvious in hindsight. "It's the least I can do...and the reason I'm here anyway".

Get the dolls, go all the way back to that Mansion and voila Wriggle will be back and everything will be well. For her and not you, and afterwards...

Well you'll figure out how to fix your own problem afterwards...probably not but hey you might as well start moving, since doing nothing is even worse.

You get up, brimming with...something, it's not hope or purpose but more acceptance of the situation, even so the whole deal feels so tiring now.

That must be the rain in hindsight, hypo-whatever is no joke after all.

You remove the darkness and turn around to head back, your companions should understand that you needed some time alone.

Hold your horses actually, Mokky never said she'd come with you. And hell she'd be justified in doing so since what you did wasn't that funny.

Nor was that whole deal with Reisen that uh...dignified.

Great, just a few minutes and you're already fu-nah, that's enough.
You'll just have to apologize to them later and then be on your way.
Also cancel the whole medicine stealing, it was a silly thought and could bring far more trouble, trouble of which you've had your fill.

Cool, you've got your plans in order. Now let's go and do it.

You walk back to Ei-hold on, does anyone hear that?

It's the sounds of a bunch of drums alongside the sound of grass being cut apart by an fast approaching object? It's getting a lot closer now. You turn around to see the source.

And feel a GIANT LIGHTS FROM THE HEAVENS burn into your sensitive eyes!

[x] Shoot whoever's responsible for the light, cause they're rude.
[x] Don't know why, but you feel like you should get out of the way.
[x] No time for all that, put on your guard and clench your teeth.
[x] Write in.
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[x] Don't know why, but you feel like you should get out of the way.

How typical for the enemy faction to descend upon us when we are on our known death timer. Also where in the world did this combine come from?
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File 164216813325.png - (132.07KB, 1151x483, screenshot 3.png)
screenshot 3
You'll know in time if you take some options, otherwise never.

You have a bad feeling about this, like a feeling that whoever or whatever's approaching may not have the best intentions in mind for your well-being, if you were to describe this feeling in a shorter way it'd be...

Fight or flight, you take two steps to the left. In hopes that's enough to dissuade it since you're no longer in its way. Perhaps it's someone who's in a hurry and cares not for how many people they must push away?

The thing changes it's coursed a little bit so that you're still in the way, there's only a few more seconds before impact and now you are certain that it is gunning for you. Intent to crush you with its speed and weight.

Your body reacts swifter than your mind and before you know it, you're already in the air. Unreachable as a result, knowing this a sound of SCrrrrrrr comes from the thing as it stops to a sudden halt like a rock.

"What is this thing?" clueless your descent to get a closer look, what was once nothing more than two lights has become a sort of white machine with wheels at the bottom, there is a leaf motive and people are coming out of it.

"Yo yo yo yo looks at who we meet again, if that ain't da man-eater in da houseey" ah they're goddamn tanukis, with their dumb suits and blatantly armed weaponry. "What a coincidence, we were just looking for you!" a pink haired one speaks for the rest as they cover the premise to make sure escape isn't possible.

You can guess why they are here, mess with one of em and the rest will come to fuck you up. Shame it had to be now of all times but at the very least they all look like your generic goons, one ninja-looking ass unincluded.

Is what you would say if it wasn't for the suits, the fact they're wearing those means they could afford em and those who can buy themselves nice things and look usually are just as strong as they look.

They'd be mid-tier Youkai at worst, or perhaps on an equal level as yours. And they've got higher numbers too.

What a great day so far, the moment you least expect it life does it's best to personally screw you over.

"...What do you want?" you reply dismissively while secretly on guard, every sense in your body tells you to start blasting and run away since being caught by them...well it won't be fun. "I'm busy, so leave or I might eat you!" but then again that's exactly why you taunted them right? uh you're not so sure anymore actually why you did other than why not but whatever, if they're going to fight then you'll...give them the worst fight possible?

"Heeeey, relax my darling. We're not here for you-you perse" their boss waves off your aggression and plays the pretend to be friendly game "We all know you're just live and let live, which is why I'd like some small...explanation for the things I've been hearing" Ah, so she's going to play that card "Se-".

"If you have hearing problems, go see a doctor. It's not my fault you're turning deaf, old hags" you interrupt her and hit her where it hurts most, though most youkai look young, you can smell her old age and point it out.

"Ah that's it, I'm going to fuck you off!" One of the other mooks shouts at you, indignant at your attitude.

"Yeah, fuck her up! Shoot her right in the fucking head!" another encourages it as well, which is enough info to tell you that these are the bastards that may or may not actually enjoy bashing in the skulls of troublemakers.

"AHEM" but their boss demands silence, silence that's immediately given. "Aren't you cheeky? Well, whatever we're not here for that, see we're not looking for any trouble. Just some little bit of info like.... where is the egg?"

"What do you mean by that?" you ask back, having forgotten about it at this point.

"Don't play dumb with us kid, you've gone and disturbed one of our prior trades now, haven't you? Stolen our valued product alongside letting the little thief get away unpunished. Hmm, hmm~ Yes you have, right?" She speaks again before you can reply "Look, we'll make this very easy. Tell us where she is and we'll leave you unharmed, we'll forgive and pretend you haven't done anything. And everyone can get on their merry way~".

"And what if I don't?" you can guess where this is going.

"Hmmm" The Tanuki rubs her chin, and whistles. Making the ninja come forward "Then we'd have no choice but to give you some disciplinary correction, but we both that you wouldn't want that now do you? Hell, some of my girls have some frustration on em that I might let them relieve on you as well as part of said discipline.".

"So, if I speak, you'll leave me alone...but if I don’t, you're going to hurt me?" you summarize it.

"Aren't you a clever girl? Yes, that's the gist of it. Please cooperate, I'd hate to have to harm you" you doubt those words as she's been smiling the whole time, she’s just waiting for an excuse to do so.

What's your response?

[x] Easy way, no offense Merlin but you've other fish to fry right now.
[x] Hard Way, come at me raccoons, I've got some stuff to vent as well!
[x] Another way, the way that is of running away from here that is.
[x] Write in Way: What you gonna do son? Any extra info you might try to squeeze out of em?
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[x] Hard Way, come at me raccoons, I've got some stuff to vent as well!
Sometimes raccoons need to be put in their place.
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[x] Another way, the way that is of running away from here that is.
Let's try and learn our lesson that Rumia can't go hard in every situation.

Picking off targets in a forest that makes you lost, however...
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File 164225318460.png - (47.73KB, 1046x566, battle again.png)
battle again
"Come at me rabid dogs" is your reply, you add in some hand gestures to convey the message that you've got no intentions to play nice here.

"I hoped you would say that" Pink Bitch gets a smile on her face and loudly clicks her fingers. "Come on girls, show her what we do to naughty whores who don't know their place~” and allows her goons to get wild and dirty while insulting you at the same time.

All her goon’s cheer at the thought, very eager to punch your shit in. Exception being the silent ninja mask-poser of course since who the-oh they're attacking!

Of course, they are, they don't care about your thoughts. They just want to hurt you.

How rude, looks like you've got no choice but to beat them up and talk after.

One problem though...there is a lot of them, and only one of you.

You don't think you could take all of them on even a good day, even less if you play fair. '

So, you won't.

The surroundings instantly become pitch black, you fly up to avoid any trouble and hear the grunts of the people below, seems someone failed to avoid friendly fire. Oh well~

Course, they'll soon use their other senses like, hearing or smell to ignore the whole being blind deal which is kind of a pain since it invalidates your ability, but you've got an idea.

You're runnin-uh flying away, and if they chase after you then you'll pick off any target that's gotten lost or separated from the rest and believe me people will get lost here. And if they don't...well, that's fine to cause that means one less person to worry about, doesn't it?

Strength of numbers ain't so strong if they're divided and stuff!

You wait calmly in the air, the darkness hiding you while you're ready to strike down on any unguarded little fella that you'll meet. Course you'll have to do it quick and silently.

Else the rest will just come to their rescue and speaking of the devil there's one here now.

Goon number whatever is just walking around all confidently with a tiny knife in their hands, not thinking you're a threat most likely since why else would they separate?

Your dumbass knocking against trees rep aside, that's a fatal error. You leap maw open and before they can turn around you bite her straight in the neck, there's a short resistance but no cry comes out of the girl's throat as her head bursts like a watermelon.

Incidentally, you've got a bite pressure of around....7 thousand psi. It's written down in some youkai record book, sadly you're not even in the top ten though...

Even sadder is the rancid taste in your mouth, Fellow Youkai flesh doesn't taste good at all, probably to avoid cannibalism or whatever. The blood on you will be hard to clean too.

But that's okay, for things are about to get a looooooooooot messier from now on!

Cause of the fear thing! Can't be feared if you don't have anything to be afraid about.

Something hard hits you straight in the back and makes your flesh sizzle in pain. You turn around and see that it's yet another two Tanuki with their danmaku at the ready.

No words are exchanged, they shoot even more of their bullets. Trying to slow you down by forcing you to dodge a bunch of a narrow bullet patterns.

You've got no time for that shit, instead you throw the chainsaw like a boomerang!

Their bodies split in half, more blood and organs bursting out. Kind of a messy sight but something inside of you feels...a sense of joy out of causing this blood rain...but why?

Ah, it must be the Thrill of the Hunt, that feeling of joy one has when they scare a human so bad that they stain their pants in front of you. It's been a while since you last felt it.

You pick up the saw again and feel it warmly vibrate on your hand like the hum of a heartbeat. It wants more and so do you...but you put it in your inventory instead.

Cause in hindsight a chainsaw isn't that stealthy of a weapon and super clunky.

Also fuck you chainsaw! Shouldn't have poisoned me! As if you'd ever trust this thing again! You're a weapon of destruction all on your own and you're going to prove it!

Even more goons appear right on cue for the imminent slaughter, they haven't seen you but are looking for you unaware that they're the prey in this scenario.

You're giddy to do things that are not approved by the Vatican.

With your little girl hands, it's more fun and personal that way.

But that's okay! They're just youkai so even if you rip their bodies apart, they'll simply come back a few days later so it's not murder, just an innocent bleeding game!

So, let's play everyone!

"Die for me!" That's one shooter down, can't shoot without your arms after all.

A goon hits you hard in the stomach with a bat, as thanks you grab their arm firmly. Rip it off with the bat still attached to it and return the favour to her and two others of her friends.

As in you smash her into her friends before plunging your arms into their chests.

"Have some juice!" and filling their lungs to the brim with liquid darkness, they start making funny noises as it eventually leaks out of their eyes and nose as they choke.

Heh. This game is really getting good, yet it feels like something's missing.

But what? You rub your chin in thought and notice that you feel wet and cold.

Know what would fix that? A nice warm fire, and you've some volunteers right here!

Sadly, they don't suddenly go aflame, it's more like...they don't move cause they're already dead and the only thing it does is make a nasty stench come over. What a bummer.

Oh well, you've got plenty of other people to play with!

"What in the hell?”; "This bitch's crazy!" you turn around to see who said that.

Ah it's just more Tanuki, you've taken down like what 6 or five already? And now there's ten of em, each one just as armed as the other. Are these the big boys or something?

Think that they've come running in the moment they heard the struggle, but unlike the other goons they don't seem so confident now. Which is okay, you'll just come to them!

You'd love to play games with them too, ah forget that term you'll just kill them.

It's not as fun to pretend otherwise, so you'll just man up and admit it like a real youkai.
Because a real youkai is strong, merciless and above all a monster that all fear.

So, you smash, you break, you shoot and stain the whole place red, red, and red.


Okay, they're all dead, there are body parts everywhere but none of them are moving. You feel just fine except for all the blood and organs on you, they're so warm and sticky it's almost disgusting in a way. It'd be miles better if you could eat them.

Guess you could force yourself to consume them, to like to hide the evidence but that might lead to avenues best unexplored. The kind in which you're hunted by all other youkai since one that eats others is clearly a threat to the status qou and should be eradicated.

So, let's not do that, just some blood shed is fine. Speaking of blood, the whole surroundings have adapted that colour, red trees, red grass, oh wait no it's just blood.

Fhew, for a second you feared you might have gone insane. But no, you're fine.

You're a youkai after all and are doing this entirely of your own free will. There's no regret, no apologies, and no greater cause in this, it was kill or be killed and that's all you need.

"You've been busy huh, shame those bozos are so incompetent" that voice...it's that pink haired tanuki again, completely clean and calm she looks at your *Work* "Oh man, man I really can't recognize anyone now yo. Bitch you're one tough cookie aren't ya?"

"..." You don't reply because you're not sure why she sounds so happy about it.

"Ah? Isn't it obvious?" As if reading your mind, she answers "If you're too weak to defend yourself then you don't deserve to live, that's something all youkai value now, don't we?" She moves her hair all uh womanly and gives a charming smile "Strength is a good thing, and sometimes your allies worth is only shown later. Shame they proved to be useless against you, but then again that only means they were garbage all along~".

"You're insulting your own friends?" somehow that doesn't sit right with you.

"Friends, how naive" She laughs at that as if it's funny "Those losers are no friends of mine, sure we might have gotten along but now? they're nothing more than garbage, litteral pie-"

"Could you stop that? That's not very nice of you, to talk about them like that"

"It wasn't very nice of you to kill them either now, was it?" she concurs right back.

"Yeah but killing someone is one thing...but disrespecting them is another!" Always respect your foes yeah, well you don't really care about the concept of honour but disrespecting your own comrades is just...kind of wrong? Youkai Morality is weird.

"Hmph" An impish snort comes out of her as her eyes gain a glint in them.

That's all she does though, she's yet to move or attack you in any way.

Wait why aren't you attacking? Oh yeah, you should do that "Have at you!" so you do.

The girl calmly sidesteps you and then starts to speak "Calm down, I've changed my mind, so we no longer need to fight...in fact I've got an offer for you! Come join us!"

You freeze midway another attack, "What?" not sure what she just said.

"Join us" She repeats with the utmost confidence, as if it's a privilege.

"You have to be joking" you're incredulous, the whole join our side thing is something only villains should do to heroes, not some mook to a future dark lord. It's just wrong here.

"I am not joking be-atch, see here's my offer. You're strong and your whole killing has opened a bunch of new spots for new recruits. So, you could be one of them yo". She continues before you can speak "See all that aggression and blood lust can be put to good use, we could do some wicked things together instead of onto you. Not only that but think of the benefits! Money! Power! Women! Sweet Suits! and many more privileges that you can only obtain with us on your side. Come with me and the world will be our oyster~" she tends out a hand, the other behind her back.

What say you to this offer?

[x] Is that so? It’s tempting, ah sure why not. But uh I've got other stuff to do right now so maybe later?
[x] No, I don't think I'll work for people like you...ever. Besides I can get all that on my own, I think.
[x] Other (Whether it's saying yes as a lie, shaking the hand only to rip it off or whatever else you got in mind).

Had less time for the art today, but here's another update.
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File 164226708367.png - (516.96KB, 653x833, Become crimelord.png)
Become crimelord
Okay, listen up it's big brain time.

This girl has pink hair, she also has an van.
Therefore, there must be candy in that van of hers.

Candy is nice, Candy is good.

Someone who gives you candy has to be an good person! Ergo she is right!

[x] Join Team Tanuki on the condition of being payed with a full stomach.

Clearly this is a good idea, that brings us no negative consequences.
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I don't want to fall for this obvious trap.
I also don't want to tie this a day late.
Therefore I will tentatively put,
[x] laser this idiot
but only if someone else joins against this foolishness.
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File 164244501023.jpg - (182.48KB, 768x768, all good intentions.jpg)
all good intentions
Hm, perhaps this offer isn’t as bad it sounds now that you think of it. You don’t have money and you don’t have power, so perhaps with the power of coordinated group efforts it might all work out!

Also, you’re covered in blood, which makes you quite hungry. So, you’re not so different now from all the street dusters that roam the dark corners of life in seek of pleasure treasures. Mafias or mobsters what have you got plenty of treasure, treasure that’s not theirs but hey who cares about that? If by joining these lads, you might gain better info on the circumstances then so be it.

It’s your life on the line after all, and so far, being a good girl hasn’t given you anything. Because you suck and are stupid but mostly because you are unable to make any solid long-term decision.

Therefore, having someone make the decisions for you while you get to be break some smoe’s knees and bees could be an opportune investment. It’s just like Cirno would say: Real sharpness comes without effort; you are not a sharp thinker so perhaps you should get someone who is that.

This stranger is clearly the perfect person for that, though your first impressions were poor you are certain that if you do everything this person says without questioning it then you are sure to get everything you want just like she said you would. Because why would she lie about it?

Clearly strangers in the middle of the wood are to be trusted, even more if they’re a trickster race!

Having made your decision, you inform the girl that you accept alongside your extra terms.

“Aye, sure whatever. You’ll get plenty of sugar, lots of it. But first shake my hand kay?”

Guess, that’s fair. You go ahead and shake her hand; she responds in kind with a firm grip and a smile. You’d smile back but you don’t really feel like it, but hey everything is perfectly fine now.

After a moment, the girl speaks again about how she’s impressed with you and how you’ll make a perfectly good subordinate while looking behind you. Followed by some exposition on how the Tanuki organization aka The Black Bellies are a self-sustaining charity that work for the sake of Youkai-kind and that all those who serve it should work to preserve its legacy mainly by not talking about it all.

You guess that’s all cool and stuff but when are you going to get paid?

She replies that’s it’s by the end of the week probably and that you should probably follow the initiation ritual now by closing your eyes and counting to ten. Yeah, just close your eyes, go on and do that.

You don’t and instead ask her who’s the big boss of this whole deal. After giving you the eyebrow raised up look, she sighs and answers that it’s just that Old Bitch from Sado or at least she used to be.

Neat, you ask her to elaborate on that with some curiosity and normally this would be the part where she tells you to fuck off for your snooping, but your little girl appearance makes her more talkative since she’s an adult and you’re just some dumb kid so uh…why do people look down on kids anyway? You’re just as sm-no you’re not.

Oops, you almost forgot you were complete garbage. Well now you remember it, that you're garbage!

Total garbage even, somehow managed to kill yourself in the long term. Your friend is still dead and why the hell is that taking so long anyway? Maybe it seems a bit harsh, but truth is you suck hard.

Finally, she speaks again. Something about how some new fresh blood kicked the old Granny’s ass hard thanks to some magical object just yesterday and now that everyone knows about it. They’re all out to get if not monopolize these whole A-whatever objects. They all call it Magatama since it seems like that whole use the thing and get neat powers for its package. Cooler name too, isn't it?

She shows off the bat she's holding in her other hand for a moment, it's a nice brown wood and really that's it you don't see anything special about oh holy hell did they just grow spikes on them?! That's so rad!

Seeing your reaction, she starts foolishly gloating on how the thing somehow gives her super strength and that anything she swings this against will be send flying if not get a very hard knockout if the head is touched.

All that without any training, all she had to do is rob some four-eyed loser in the woods easy peasy.

Sucks to be that person, though somehow that description feels familiar to you...eh, you're probably wrong.

Like you always are, because you're garbage. Nothing you do is ever correct and you should just go ahead and live in a cave after this whole adventure is over so that no one else can suffer your incompetence ever again.

How is repeating that helpful though? Well clearly it'll keep you humble and stuff and that's enough of a reason.

Anyway, she’s not here to dump some exposition on you, so if you’re done asking questions, she’d like to ask her own now like: Where in the hell is the bitch who stole or preferably where is the egg?

Why does she want to know though? For that question you get a hard glare.

Because it’s been stolen, she says after a few seconds but that kind of counteracts Merlin’s whole story about how they harassed her first and tried to take it from her. Whatever don’t think about it.
Anyway, since you’re now totally her recruit you must listen to what she tells you to do. The first command being that you must tell her where the girl is, doesn’t that sound like an easy task?

Surely you can tell her something that simple, you’ll get some nice candy afterwards. Pinky Promise~

[x] Yes! You can totally trust this person, tell her where Merlin is you big dumb stinky.
[x] Nope, sorry new boss but betraying your fr-uh I mean you totally DO NOT know where Merlin is.
[x] Hug your new Senpai! It is her duty to cheer you up and take care of all the sadness in your heart.
[x] If she’s the boss, then beating her up will clearly give you a promotion! Climb that social ladder!

Don't have to fall into it, so here's some extra info and a free are you sure about that update

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[x] If she’s the boss, then beating her up will clearly give you a promotion! Climb that social ladder!

Okay, let's get serious. Initially these idiots were only a nuisance, but now they're a very useful one. If they're gathering anon objects and want to kill us, then all's the easier to collect them for ourselves.
Further piss off the raccoons, then Wriggle, for real this time.
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That's definitely an solid idea, won't have to worry about them later if you take care of them immediately. You can even pass it off as wanting to make sure that your musical companion is in no more danger while at the same time convincing an overpowered pyromancer to help out.

The optimal result would be an easy cruise through their forces as you sit back and watch them all buuuuuuuuuurn, jk. But yeah that definitely works, quite devilish thinking you got there.

One last thing though to make sure I understand: First you'll piss off the raccoons even more by beating up this one and afterwards you'll continue the looking for the dollies?

Also do you plan to attack her in a spefific way? If not I'll go with the default of blatantly announcing one's intent to fight before trying to bite her like a raging honey badger.
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Yeah, that's the rule of society after all. It's a rule everyone knows deep in their blood.

If one wants to become the alpha then one has to beat up the alpha!

You don't have the time to be an subordinate all the time, nay you have an ambition. An dream and limited time to fulfil all of it, ergo there's no time to lose on fragile bonds!

Master, though you have trained me well and teached me so many things I'm afraid that now is the time where I have to grow up and live above your shadow...by killing you!

Now let's do this, you'll shoot her head off, cut her into pieces and dance on her...

That's kind of freaky, never mind the dancing part. You just have to beat her up!

"Yello? I'm waiting for your answer kid" Poor sensei seems oblivious to your killing intent, she just stands there with her bat coolly leaning on her shoulder as she taps the ground impatiently "I don't have all day, so hurry it up already!"

Oh but you will, fear not master for you shall be like the night and give her a swift and quick death!


But how though?

"RUMIAAAAAAA, WHERE ARE YOU?" Ah, someone's calling out for you. You guess it's your gal pals since who else would be shouting your name in the middle of the woods for no reason? not many people that's who!

Kind of aweso-the Tanuki girl picks you up by the neck one handed and hisses the question at you again, clearly not wanting to linger here any longer than needed due to the new arrivals that might come. But she need fear not.

Cause her biggest worry is right in front of her!

[x] You know what everyone likes? Hi-bites! except these are way less friendly~ Nom Nom nom!
[x] Pff, be original! Shoot darkness out of your mouth like you're a venomy snake right in her eyes! Then the fire!
[x] Bullets are the real hype, can't dodge a laser from this close range. Yee-aw this is the high noon now son!
[x] Chainsaw clearly, just stab her right in her fleshy bits and oh god, that's more blood! ew ew ew ew! disgusting!
[x] Write in.

Gonna need an approach for attack yeah, since assuming ain't that fun.
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This sounds perfect. Let's piss them off more, since we now know that Mami isn't aligned with them.

[x] Pff, be original! Shoot darkness out of your mouth like you're a venomy snake right in her eyes! Then the fire!
Fire will get her nice and agitated.
Image Source
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File 164262557018.jpg - (131.07KB, 662x920, Chop Chop Chop.jpg)
Chop Chop Chop
>Spit Ink and do the magic!

Hold on a moment, something is fishy here, isn’t it? You frown at the girl who’s holding and breathing down your neck “Do you actually have candy?” and ask the important question.

“Talk already you dumbass,” She doesn’t answer the question, which is very rude of her if not an indication of her lacking the sweet sugary tongue ticklers that you desire. Heresy!

Shocked by the revelation that she lied to you, you gasp in shock and tears start to well up in your eyes “B-but I want my caaandy, it’s no fun…” an idea comes “To talk for free!”

The Tanuki simply glares at you and occasionally looks nervously behind you as the voices that shout your name are getting closer, fed up she rolls her eyes before saying nothing.

Nothing but “Ah, my eyes!” or swear words as you shot a rather large loud of ink at her with your mouth like a deadly snake of the sea or an angry camel. Not one to be merciful you add in a hard kick at her stomach to force her to let you go so you’re free once more.

She seems to take all in stride, as in she’s shouting swear words and promising to hurt you in very descriptive ways once she gets your black gunk out of her eyes. “Like a traitor deserves!” they’re not that intimidating since she’s on her own right now, no goon or ninja even though you haven’t even fought the latter. But where she is doesn’t matter right now.

“Jokes on you, I was never on your side~” you cross your arms and cover half of your face with one for a dramatic pose to convey you’re brooding “Maybe if we had met yesterday or just a prior hours earlier I would have fallen for such cheap baits…but not now for I know where my uh priorities lie, by that I mean not with you or any criminal organization. Nah, I’ve got a life to save, a life to rebuild and an incident to create but time is not on my side.”

You lower yourself to avoid a rapid swing from her bat, almost stumbling from the sheer wind pressure that follows afterwards. Had that hit you, your head would have blown up.

Heh, you light a ball of energy in your other hand and aim it at her ink covered face “Then again it really is a shame, isn’t it? I’d have loved to be a real yakuza villain or any sort of one! I really mean that even if you don’t believe me, but sadly my previous encounter with some other goons alongside my newfound…info really put a hamper…not cause your scum or anything, hell if anything I’m no better than you but even so that whole pursuit of material stuff at the cost of others sounds a bit too…human? Uh, sorry I can’t really get my words out here since I’m not sure what exactly I’m feeling myself so…uh so I’ll make it shorter then” you take a deep breath and shoot the laser, closing your eyes to the sight of her burning.

Cause god, that is not a fun sight to behold. Burning is and always be very painful, even worse if you’re stuck regenerating flesh that continues fuelling the fire for like ever…which happens rarely mind you but is a very painful way to continue living if it happens.

You’re not sure whether to attack her now or just run away so you take a third option.

“A devil that’s got no past to reclaim and no future to look out for. Rumii-yah!” you shout the words as hard as you can in hopes of deafening the Tanuki’s shrill cries of pain (Her face burning might be the main cause of that, but hey your eyes are closed so maybe not?).

“A pathetic rat that believed itself mighty only to be swooped by the claws of life. Rumii-yah!” even so the vapid stench of burning skin and ink assaults your nose. It makes you wonder why you’re saying these things, but you continue anyway to distract yourself.

Which is way better than admitting that burning a place and setting someone else on fire are way more different than you’d expected it to be, heck you should be laughing at the girl mockingly but here you are cringing at the immense pain she’s going through.

“A devil-rat fighting for a morning sun that’ll shine only for her bonds! That’s me Rumii-Agh!” unable to bear it any longer, you leave the area in a hurry and find a nice green bush.

“Bwargh!” which you elegantly drain yourself on, feeding the plant life in the process. Not that that really makes up for the fact that you burned someone’s face off like a pyscho!

“What the hell is wrong with me?” you ask to yourself as you’ve finally hit the bell on the what-kind-of-fucked-up-stuff-can-rumia-do-high striker. But good news: You won a prize!

See that big nasty pile of black gunk on the ground? That’s all yours my friend, then again, you’ve got plenty of it inside your body already so never mind that after all. It looks weird anyway and you can swear that it twitches occasionally but there’s more important stuff right now so you can worry about that oh so scary body horror bla bla later, okay?

“Bwargh!” Ah, never mind. Seeing the thing was enough for a second draining. Quite inconvenient really~ But oh are those goldens coins you, see? Nice, that’s some loot at least!

Finally, after a few seconds that almost seem eternal your mouth leaking stops and the nausea fades away, the only thing that’s not leaving is that annoying sense of gui-no.
“…I’m not going to apologize now, I won’t say sorry for my actions or beg for mercy!
Regardless of the circumstance or even the reason, I will not give up on what I believe in.
To apologize for my actions now would be a sign of weakness, a signal to the enemy that I’m unwilling to stand up for myself, my morals, and my values under pressure, and can be pushed to a breaking point…which they kind of did but even so I guess I just won’t say sorry”

You force yourself to stand up and look down at your twisted reflection, only your crimson red eyes can be seen clearly as the rest of your body is completely corrupted inside the pool.
Eyes where they shouldn’t be, limbs that are longer than they should be, it’s a complete mockery of your own form and perhaps simply a premonition of what’ll happen eventually.

Even so you won’t apologize or ask for anyone to save you, you’ve promised yourself that you would crush all those who would try to stand in your way and becoming half hearted now…saying you meant it just as a joke now…would be disrespectful to all those you have chopped down until now. “It’s funny…when I took the chainsaw yesterday, I felt excited, like it was going to be an awesome toy that I could play with in a colourful world. But now, I just feel numb and tired and as angsty as it sounds, the world seems a lot darker…”.

The chainsaw you hold now feels empty (wait when did you pull it out now?) and your heart has stopped working. You are now nothing but a moving corpse, a zombie that only moves to kill those who are responsible of this and then die themselves once everything has been resolved. The chainsaw is the only one that understands you, no it is your very being.

If people are born with predetermined purpose, yours would be for chopping things down. You are no longer a youkai worthy of the power of darkness, yet you still linger.

Because if this chainsaw exists, you do too…or perhaps you’re simply stubborn?

Can't even make head or tails of yourself, boy ain't that some good news.

You turn around and move out of the bushes with a slow walk, head down like a loser
“If things are just as that Nun once said, that there is a next life ahead of me. Then I’d want to be with my friends again and do things right that t-ow!” you bumped into someone.

“Found you!” Ah, it’s Merlin and Mokou “Whoa, when did you get that much blood on you? You won’t be able to get that out of your hair by washing it just once or twice you know?” the former immediately interrogates you about what you’ve been doing while the latter calmly looks arounds before crossing her arms and giving you quite the intense side glance.

“Hey, come on don’t ignore me! You really should take better care of yourself man!” Merlin continues pestering you.

“I don’t care about my hair anymore” you dismiss her worry a bit, not really in the mood to be scolded whether its ironic or not “Anyway it’s fine, none of the blood is mine”.

“Then whose is it?” Merlin asks the obvious question, with a look that clearly indicates that she’s not asking it to be annoying but is genuinely worried but that only makes it worse.

“It’s not human blood, that’s for sure” Mokou finally jumps in “She knows better than to break the rules. Which means she fought some youkais in self-defence right?”

“…Yes, but how did you know?” she figured it out quite quickly.

“No human could cover you in that much blood” She uses logic, for some reason you’re disappointed then again what did you expect? *I know you’re better than that* did you want her to say something along the lines of that? as if anyone would believe that!

“Well, whatever that only leaves the most important question of all” Merlin pauses for a dramatic silence “What has happened in here? Did you have a fight? We won’t tell anyone!”

“Ahem” Mokou gives a fake cough.

“What?” Merlin replies, not getting the message.

“…Seriously?” Mokou grunts in annoyance but then moves to get your attention “Hey kid”.

What does she want?

“Are you feeling okay?” She asks straight to the point.

[x] That’s irrelevant, anyway I’ve got a bunch of tanuki that need a pounding and bla bla (Proceed with kick Tanuki ass plan, they literally live in a forest named after them so don't worry about looking for em)
[x] Sure, anyway I need to go see Marisa and get those goddamn dolls already (Back to Eientei to progress that goddamn side-quest, probably meet Marisa and get a change of clothes cause boy you're dirty rn)
[x] What if I didn’t? As if either of you would care, let alone understand what I'm going through...

The other two stories will be updated tommorow.

Also, I wonder what you readers think of the current angst/soul searchy state.
It won't be there forever, but can get worse or better depending on your choices.
Just want to know if I'm doing too much or too little or whatever you have to say about it.
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I'm enjoying this tonal shift from rainbows, butterflies, and blood splatter. Rumia being depressed makes sense, since she realized she hasn't achieved anything with only a couple hands full hours left. Lamenting one's own death is about as old as thematic writing itself.

[x] Sure, anyway I need to go see Marisa and get those goddamn dolls already (Back to Eientei to progress that goddamn side-quest, probably meet Marisa and get a change of clothes cause boy you're dirty rn)
Do it, already! Go, go, go!
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File 164279543825.png - (77.80KB, 875x633, waste of time.png)
waste of time
(Aye, thanks for the commentary. That tells me a lot and really helps out a lot as it tells me you're enjoying it still so far.
Now back to the story, and til the next vote)

Are you all okay?

Did she seriously just ask you how you are even though she’s fully aware of your current circumstances?

You’re covered in blood so shouldn’t that be enough of a clue?

“Sure” you answer her question dismissively, not seeing what’s she’s getting at “I have to go now” then you move away because you have an objective to accomplish with no time to waste.

But the girl grabs your shoulder “Don’t lie to me kid, I can tell you’re having a bad time. But you’re not alone in this, I just want to you know that things might not be as bad as th- “okay hell no.

Not as bad?” You are so NOT going to have this conversation “What part of having the greatest medical genius in this place tell me I have less than a day to live is not as bad to you?” you’re not a weak fragile girl that needs reassuring and definitely not someone to be pitied but those words are the biggest pile of nonsense that you’ve ever heard “If this is going to be a speech, then save it!”.

“Woah, woah, calm down Rumoo she’s only trying to help” Merlin jumps in before you can say more stuff in Mokky’s face “What she meant to say is that you’re not alone! That we’re like going to help you the hell out of this dilemma, cause friends help each other and…stuff” her words lose confidence over time because you’re staring at her all deadpan “Why are you looking like that?”.

“Just waiting for you two to stop wasting my time, I’m fine and that’s it. Now let me go” you move your arm to get out of her grip and start walking again, not looking at their faces since who cares if what you said was more hostile than you’d like to be? “I have things to do, and I don’t want any second to be wasted on something useless like a pity party, so save those feelings and let’s go!”.

Sadly, they do not get it and continue trying to be supportive somehow, Merlin with her optimism that now seems unrealistic to at best and music that grates on your ears rather than make you feel happy regardless of whatever Magic is supposed to be in them. Mokou with her whole *Oooh, I’m over a thousand years old* wisdom that really feels condescending since she’s basically saying that’s it okay to talk about how you feel with friends while ignoring the fact you do NOT want to talk about it and honestly why are they doing this?

You’ve said that you’re fine already so leave it be.

But they won't, like usual people do not listen to you. They're telling you what to do instead.

Which is not helping! It’s just salt on the wound! Nothing they say matters anyway since unless they can somehow brew out some miracle cure for you their consoling is simply insulting your pride.

Look, you can take the looks and laughs people give you on when you do something *dumb* but the way they’re talking to you, they way they say they’re so sorry just makes you feel even worse.

In hindsight they’re just hypocrites, aren’t they? If the doc had told you that you were in prime health, then Mokky would simply continue to act aloof while Merlin enables your dumbassery out of fun.

They’ve got no right to tell you what to do, but just like everyone else they’ll use the same logic.
D’aaw, Rumia’s a dumb little girl who can’t take care of herself and This dumb girl…I must protect her are clearly the reasons they’re doing this, their kindness is nothing more than a shame.

People always feel good when they see someone in *need* and helping a little girl just so happens to be the perfect way to absolve oneself of the unnecessary guilt they feel. No matter if the little girl just wants to continue living and not be constantly reminded of how much of a failure, she is…because that’s the essence of “good will towards others”.

That’s the true nature of the heart, both human and youkai.

You don’t need that kind of sympathy; you don’t need that kind of advice and though you’re thankful that they’re wasting their time to do so you do not want to feel like a victim right now of all times.

So, you go ahead and do the most logical thing: Create some darkness and suddenly disappear again.

Cause you’re going to find those blasted dolls now and won’t let get anyone or anything in your way of getting them, you are fully focused on achieving this goal in the fastest way possible.

Dare you say it’s a…trail of speed? Sure, whatever the counter has started a long time ago.

Let’s do this!
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File 164279555069.png - (36.62KB, 475x303, waste of time yet again.png)
waste of time yet again
Music: https://youtu.be/vvnzu0Nu6tI (Cause why not, it’s literally called Hurry Up! too~)

Okay so here’s the challenge: Marisa is somewhere in Eientei. She most likely possesses the dolls that you need to revive your best friend. As so the goal is to get those bastards as fast as possible. Easy to understand right?

Good, there’s no time to lose and you’ve got little to no patience right now, so don’t be surprised if some conversations might not go as nicely as they would normally. This is a very important matter to you after all.

With those conditions in mind, you head off and are ready to destroy anything that's in your way.


Okay so after flying rapidly back and forth you’ve managed to finally reach Eientei, normally that should be impossible but you simply *persuaded* a bunny to lead you there lest they might lose a limb, now of no more use you drop the bun and descent at the entrance ready to enter the place

The first thing you see is that Reisen’s back at the entrance, she’s busy speaking with a whole group of armed bunnies that are wielding full body suits and masks alongside what looks like guns. The reason behind this is unknown but frankly you don’t care on what they’re going to do as you’re busy with more important matters.

Choose your approach, not like you can mess this up anyway.

[x] Approach the Reisen, ask her once more where your objective is in the Mansion.
[x] Ignore the Bunnies, quickly enter already and blindly dash. You'll find her yourself.
[x] Third option, Head to the Clinic and ask the Doctor herself. She’d talk more hopefully.
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[] BLJ into the three half A press dimension, finding Marisa on the ceiling with the dolls. Use reverse crouch boosting to surf off Reisen's face to gain max speed toward the SDM. Spit out a coin to place under you, safely colliding with it before the mansion grounds to negate all fall damage.

[x] Third option, Head to the Clinic and ask the Doctor herself. She’d talk more hopefully.

I'd think the good doctor is more used to the bullshit of things like, "I need to find a doll for a devil to resurrect my friend." Hell, hopefully she already confiscated it, saving the trip through Eientei altogether.
Image Source
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File 164287934013.png - (30.50KB, 342x280, waste of time 3.png)
waste of time 3
“Stop right there.” Reisen leaves her conversation and moves to block you in front of the entrance, having noticed your presence already but not acknowledging til now “Your current attire is way below our hygienic standards. Just wait a minute and I’ll call a rabbit who will go fix this problem for you but until then entry is absolutely not allowed”.

In shorter terms you’re a stinky winky and those aren't allowed in.

A reasonable explanation, one you really can’t blame her for following even. It is a hospital after all.

But the clock is ticking, and you don’t have time to wait around like a fool. If you did then your pals would be able to catch up with you and dear god you do not want another conversation right now, nay you are filled with the determination to accomplish your objective in the fastest way possible.

In other words, gotta go fast! You'll go faster than an Rumia has ever fastened!

You’ll kick reason to the curb and get inside this place no matter what!

[x] No attire means no problem, that’s a loophole, right?
[x] Break the speed cap with some laser propulsion!
[x] Go out of bounds to enter via another way!
[x] No one expects the Wriggle Nut Buster.

You'll get a reward if you manage to actually get the dolls within 4 minutes or less.
Image Source
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File 164289745310.jpg - (113.58KB, 850x607, __rumia_touhou_drawn_by_yutamaro__sample-6e29bd5cc.jpg)
[X]Nut Buster! Nut Buster! Nut Buster! Nut Buster!Nut Buster!Nut Buster!Nut Buster!Nut Buster!Nut Buster!Nut Buster!Nut Buster!Nut Buster!Nut Buster!Nut Buster!Nut Buster!Nut Buster!Nut Buster!Nut Buster!Nut Buster!Nut Buster!Nut Buster!Nut Buster!Nut Buster!

Either Reisen will murder us for this or be too paralyzed to stop us our speed run.
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[x] No attire means no problem, that’s a loophole, right?

Because physical assault definitely did not work last time. Let's not tempt fate again. Also, a surprise method will stop Reisen from resisting our attempts.
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File 164295585974.png - (558.47KB, 923x710, Its ya brain.png)
Its ya brain
Hold ya horses girl!

THINK Rumia!

THINK for just a moment!

Have you not remembered all the things you've learned up til now? Has your character not changed at all during these trying times? Come on, remember everything that's happened so far and learn from it!

>“I’m still embarrassed though…” Marisa is strongly staring at her own feet. "And Kourindou will get a bad rep if a little girls walk in the nude here, is that how you’ll repay your host? Do you want him to be on the headline for that Tengu’s paper?” Marisa contests with a hurried tone.

People don't like it when you get naked, not only that but having a little girl be naked somewhere seems to give said location a bad reputation. Why the hell anyone should have a say on your body is something to think of later though...

>Memories of getting your ass kicked repeatedly.

Let's be real here, some people are simply of a higher league than you and no amount of willpower is going to change that in just one day. You have to accept that fact and continue on with the options provided to you.

Sure, the first time you fought the Bun she challenged you but right now she's only asking a minute from you, just a mere 60 seconds.

Is such an odd worth fighting for? Don't you think that perhaps...?

And I mean this with a very reluctant tone...you should try to be nice?

>"Don't be a bitch to the world, and the world won't be a bitch to you~ remember that!" are the last words you hear from her.

See most obstacles that you've gone through that weren't anon related happened mostly because of your own awesome evilness. And sure, being a dark lord is awesome but right now that approach really hasn't been working now, hasn't it?

Let no one say that you haven't tried to be evil because you did. You worked hard for it even, we both know it.

But there are times that someone must adapt or die, and that time is right now, you've got to make some better plans miss.
Like being nice, you've done it once remember and got Merlin as a party member and the mob on your a-oh...

Okay, perhaps being a good girl isn't such a good idea in the long run. But right now, it could work, probably!

Go wait that one minute like a good girl Rumia, there's no reason to be silly if it only hurts us in the long run.

[x] The brain is right, it's just a minute after all. Let's be a good garbage girl, you failure of a villain.
[x] It doesn't matter, nothing does, you're going to die anyway...may as well have some fun...fun.

[x] Skip to the clinic already, I want my dolls and plot writefag!
Delete Post
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[x] The brain is right, it's just a minute after all. Let's be a good garbage girl, you failure of a villain.

Take the minute. It's not time loss, it's an unskippable cutscene! Also, we're not dragging close to as much as the SDM scene, so I don't think we need to skip yet.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 164306293080.jpg - (338.35KB, 850x1213, black buny.jpg)
black buny
Fair enough, in that case let's keep going.

The brain is right, despite your best efforts and loyalty to the dark lord dream it has given you absolutely nothing of value. So many things could have been avoided if you had simply thought about them better, hell it’s not even as much a problem of intellect as it’s a lack of common sense.

You look down to the ground and say nothing to Reisen’s command, her demands make sense and if you can’t trust yourself then perhaps it’s time to trust in everyone but yourself. That’s math after all.
“Oh, you actually stopped?” she sounds surprised, if not wary of you “Good, then just a sec” and turns back to speak with the other bunny-crew in front of her but due to your proximity you easily overhear their conversation. It’s something about weird youkai hunters entering the forest.

Ah, comprehension comes immediately: It’s the bunch of troublemakers you saw on the way here, guess they managed to beat up every single youkai on the way here. That might be bad.

“All will be okay girls; the hunters will easily get lost and hopefully fall into some of Tewi’s traps. Though if they somehow get close then stay in the air and use the sleeping gas as instructed” bad for them indeed, the rabbits are going to own these guys completely. Though you wonder why they seem bored if not annoyed by Reisen’s instructions, they’re blatantly making a *Why should I listen to this person? * face as some of them occasionally nod. One half-hearted salute and off they go into the woods, Reisen watches them and lets out a sigh “If only I knew where she was though…” wait seriously does she not know you’re right there or what?

You just overheard a lot of stuff man, do you lack presence or do you register as such a non threat to others?

“Are you not going with them?” you remind her of your existence and tap the ground with your foot, making little tick tock noises like that of a clock so you can imply something without saying it.

“Ah, you heard that?!”’ She looks surprised, raising her hands all around like they’re fly swappers which is a silly sight your image of her gains a crack in it. “Well, to be honest no. The girls are competent enough and my presence would only make them feel uncomfortable anyway, so it’s best if I stay here and act as the vanguard if something bad does happen…” uh, sure…wait no, that’s.

“But if something bad happens…, shouldn’t you be there to protect them?” you can’t help but pry.

“Leave it be” her sudden cold tone makes you flinch and take a step back “People have their own troubles to deal with, you stay out of my life and I’ll stay out of yours” still out of your element she gives you a serious look “But hey here’s a little hint anyway since you pried so rudely in mine: We creatures of earth are social creatures, so why not shut down that pride for a bit and accept the help of others? Sure, it may not be as cool as being a lone wolf but it’s the result that matters here”

You guess she’s right, but then again “Says the person who decided to stay behind here” that’s the opposite of what’s she’s doing right now “So why give a so-called lesson that you don’t even follow?” also your brain came up with it first so hah! You owe her no life lesson at all! Checkmate!

She presses two fingers on her head in exasperation “You’re such a brat, are you sure you’re not actually banned from here? I swear something’s on the tip of my tongue” don’t remember the mochi monster...

“I’m sorry by the way, about earlier” you quickly say as you look down, clearly being filled with the power of deception. Because you’re not sorry at all, foolish redemption is beneath you “I told me- “

You get a dopey slap on the back of your head for that “Don’t care, it’s already forgotten.” Reisen doesn’t show any fatigue towards you this time, which is the closest thing you’ll get to a smile right now “Besides, the battle was a nice stress-relief” excuse me “You make a great punching bag, but you should really work on your speeches more, it was an incoherent mess” wait, you think she’s teasing you. Or maybe this is her real opinion? You can’t tell with that professional attitude.

“I…hm” you think should be happy by such news, if not overjoyed and do a little happy dance but the happy energy isn’t there and a happy dance can’t be done if you’re not happy. “Thanks…” you give her the thanks anyway since that’s what a good girl would do and not a failure like Rumia.

She shrugs with both hands raised “No proble-ah, there’s blood on my hand now. Golly…but sure there’s no bad bl-blawater in this river now. Speaking of which.” she takes out a tiny watch “It’s been over a minute now, let’s get you into that bath now. You do know how to use one right?”.

Yeah no, you don’t do those “I live in the natural way that was always intended, not within the weak prison of a tub but basking in the raw powerful river streams, their flow shall cleanse me of my dirt and sins and so I shall be reborn into the apex of my beautiful countenance” you reply firmly to her.

“I see, that’s a shame since we have a hot spring and the nearest river is quite far away from h-“.

“Hold on, what did you say just now?” you interrupt her, attention peaked to the extreme.

“That’s a shame?” Reisen scratches her cheek and suspects another shenanigan from you.

“No, the hot something part” you genuinely hope you did not hear mishear that one.

“We have a hot spring?”

“You have a hot spring!” you gasp loudly at the prospect, warm water, and nice steam. It relieves stress and helps people lose weight, holy hell just add in some meat to eat and that’s your own personal paradise right there. You want to go! You want to go! You want to go! But you can’t.

There’s stuff you still need to do and a-an…timer ticki…you know what the problem is.

“Mhm, dying sure is a pain isn’t it?” Reisen casually nods at your mood downpour, the same way someone goes ouch when you see a person step on a brick “You should totally see the Doctor by the way, once you’re cleaned up, I mean. Since she wasn’t done with the talk, but you ran away”.

You were going there anyway, to get the dolls and everything “Okay, let’s do this clean up then” you go ahead and walk towards the entrance only for Reisen to calmly get in your way again “Okay wha-“

“Can’t let you in like that, you’re super dirty remember?” then she turns around and walks towards the side of the mansion instead “Come on, I’ll show you the way” and you obediently follow.

“That isn’t a hot spring” you say bluntly as you look at the weird snakey snake thingy that Reisen’s holding and pointing at you. Its long shape and green colours trigger your instincts, putting you on edge and ready to strike if the thing tries to bite you “That’s a snake, and I don’t trust those”.
She doesn’t even bother correcting you and simply walks towards some other device and starts pushing some handle counterclockwise, suddenly water comes pouring out of the thing.
“Heresy…that’s not possible” even with all your loserness you can tell that some things aren’t natural, and this abomination is shooting out water despite green, green is the element of leaves and wood, and wood cannot create water. This must be a piece of some sort of devil magic! Which…is cool with you, but still unnerves you by a lot. Oh well “So where’s the hot spring?”.

“Oh there’s a misunderstanding here…” Done with fiddling the thing, Reisen aims it at you “You’re far too dirty to even start with the Onsen, let alone the Hot Spring itself” and slowly walks towards you with the thing in tow “Which leaves only one option, the o’l reliable right here”.
Not feeling good about this, you back away only to hit a wall right behind you. Why the hell you decided to follow some girl and stay at the exact spot she wanted you to be a mystery to you. Here you were finally trying to try, only for your heart to be betrayed again! NOOOOOOO!

“Shut up and use this” Reisen throws an item right between your eyes and drops the faucet on the ground “Use this soap and water to clean yourself and after that you may enter” having said that she turns around and moves to leave “With that said, I’ve got work to do now. Once you’re done turn off the faucet and just give the soap to some random rabbit” and she walks out of the bathroom leaving you on your own, unattended and unwatched with those items. That’s rare these days.

One problem though, “How do I use this thing?” you’ve got no idea how to use soap and frankly speaking you don’t have any change of clothes either, so even if you were to pour water on yourself it wouldn’t change much anyway since you’re already wet cause of the rain, which you’re still exposed to by the way because you’re still fricking outside. You’re totally gonna get a cold now.

Then again, they probably have instant-cold-cure medicine here so that’s not much of a problem.
Still doesn’t change the fact she basically gave you soap and water and left you to figure stuff out.
But that’s okay, for you will figure it out. All you need to do is use these two together correctly.
That can’t possibly go wrong, right? You just need to use it in the right way. Let’s do this!

You hold the soap carefully in your eyes, no you mean hands. You have a feeling that if you were to put this in your eyes it would hurt a lot, because that happens when you put stuff in your eyes. You don’t want to put thing in your eye and so you don’t. The soap agrees with your decision and gives you a thumbs up. Even so you’re still not sure what else to do now, you could just ditch this thing and try to rinse of what blood hasn’t dried fully with your bare hands and water. Yeah, that wi-.

“Pssshhh” hold on someone’s making weird noises. “That’s cause I’m calling for you!” the voice shouts but you don’t see anyone anywhere else. “Look at what’s inside your hands Rumia”.

You mean the soap? Don’t be silly soap can’t talk, maybe the rain is getting to you…

“Oh no, no, no, Rumia. This is happening!” the black bar shaped like a bunny makes some celebratory noises for some reason “For you’ve done it, you’ve finally abandoned your evil ways!” and speaks to you.

Because of course it does, you feel your last grasp of logic melt away and relucantantly answer
“Is that so? I’m not sure who told you that, but I don’t have time for shenanigans right now!”.

“Ah but that’s where you’re wrong, now is the time. The time for redemption my friend!” it sounds really excited for you, but actually you think it’s she. She’s got the voice of a granny after all “Finally you are ready to walk the proper path, that of the Hero!” that makes no sense at all.

“…I’m sorry, but I really don’t know what you mean. You’re probably fake anyway” you ref-

“Comrade, don’t push me away. I want to be there for you. Also-how can you be sure that you’re simply not part my imagination huh? Perhaps I am the real and you are the faker?”.

“Get to the point or I’ll throw you against the ground and will be on my way” you’ve already grown wary of stuff that talks and are getting really tired of all these nonsensical things happening.

“Of course, of course…” the soap thinks for a moment “You are aware of the saying “The good guys always win” right? It’s not simply a saying, it’s the truth! it doesn’t matter how flawless the scheme was, how impregnable the fortress or powerful the magical weapon, it always ends with a band of adolescents shouting utter platitudes as they tear it all down. The game is rigged so that the bad guys lose, every single time. Half the world turned in the favour of Justice! You get me so far?”

“The bad guys always lose…yeah I lost all right, but how does that mean anything?”

“Simple, if you can’t become a villain then you have to become a hero!”.

“…And what exactly do you mean by hero? I’m not going to help grannies walk the street”.

“Nah, none of that nonsense comrade. To be a hero is to kill evil! While the world blabs in and out about complex political systems and conspiracies, you’ll be hacking your way through dungeons in search of amazing loot. Traveling through grasslands seeking to trade items with people that won’t give you the stuff you want unless you get the stuff, they want from another person who wants something else in a vicious loot cycle. Walking through houses and adding stuff in your inventory that don’t belong to you! Slaying monsters so the numbers on your sheet can become bigger so that you can slay even bigger monsters and learn techniques out of nowhere because of that. There are many benefits to being a hero, mainly that you’ll be never wrong no matter what do you and that you’ll easily get a happy ending. All you need is a sword, shield, and something special. Don’t worry you’ve already obtained the first two and the last one remains in the Doctor’s office.” It continues speaking about some stuff that you don’t really get but its tone sounds exciting.

“That’s way too tiring…sounds dumb and I don’t have it in me to keep this up” you refuse again.

“Very well, then we shall both die. You’d know that this would have been your prime opportunity to become a good girl and that you failed to take it. It’s such a shame really, such a shame. To think that the world could break you so easily, to think you’re never going to have a happy ending…”.

“You’re absolutely right” you agree with it, “There’s no happy ending for me…”

“Let no failure ensnare you! Let no despair blind your path! Come on do the right thing!”.

“There’s no such thing as the right thing, everything I did messed up somehow after all…”

“But that’s exactly why you have to do this!”

You still don’t follow and think you should just throw this thing for it’s trouble, clean yourself with whatever is left and then make your way to the clinic already. How is this not a waste of your time?

“You have to be a hero because it’s impossible Rumia! Replace your faith in the divine to that of your own future! Though heroism doesn’t dangle any promises of eternal bliss or reward it does promise that the future can become better than the best. It’s to defy the odds regardless of chance! It’s our way to saying that we refuse to accept that things have to stay shitty…like this”.

“What if it stays impossible though?”

“Then try harder and make it possible anyway”.

“I’m genuinely starting to think this is either a joke or a twisted coping mechanism”.

“Redemption is totally a healthy coping mechanism, so tell me are you in or are you out?”.

[x] Just throw that dumb thing away and clean yourself, then enter Eientei with no shenanigans.
[x] Roll up your sleeves and become the hero of darkness! Also go get those dolls too!
[x] Head back and give Reisen her soap back, it’s weird and talks and you're done being the only dealing with that stuff.
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File 164311132787.png - (294.86KB, 800x750, __rumia_touhou_drawn_by_hihachi__d9793bd740b4cc584.png)
[X]Just throw that dumb thing away and clean yourself, then enter Eientei with no shenanigans
[X] Wait, on second thought: Let the nurse check it.

If Anon's voice theory is right then clearly these voices are trying to make us waste precouis time.
But we can let the doc check the soap, to see if it's for real or if we're just going cuckoo bananas.
Image Source
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File 164314264930.png - (595.73KB, 806x633, Blood sure is spoopy innit.png)
Blood sure is spoopy innit
You’ve had it up to here with people telling you what to do, this includes mysterious voices as well.

You ignore the thing’s talk and shove it into your pocket, silencing it for now. You’ll show it off to the doctor later but first you need to go clean yourself. So, hurry it all up and get to scrubbing.

You look at the snake thing and notice that’s it’s been leaking water for a while now. Soaking your shoes with cold water in the process, the sensation is unpleasant and makes you uncomfortable, but you raise the thing and pour some more on yourself. Your temperature drops even more as a result, but you hide you complains and start scrubbing off whatever dirt and blood remains on your hair and clothes. It’s a boring process and you see little to no difference after half a minute, the only achievement being some mud and dirt being gone but other than that your clothes still have blood stains on them, dried up blood stains that is.

Like a little red pattern all over your clothes….which is kind of dirty and such a pain to remove later.

It’s kind of cool you think, red and black really go well together and when people see it, they’ll be intimidated by it cause come on who wouldn’t be scared by a little girl with blood stains on her little dress? Not wanting to get spare clothes (More like you can’t afford any, wait you could afford them you stole loot from those two tanuki way earlier) in hindsight, you could probably just buy some black dress from a bunny here and a dress and simply go on your way rather than being forced to wear some rag garbage taken from the lost and found. But then again that’s just troublesome.

These black and white clothes with blood drops on em are fine, it gives an additional edginess and may also work like a bonus on intimidation stuff. So, it’s fine, if not a very nice thing to have.

Oh well, you end the shower thing and have only one problem now: You’re completely soaked.

But is that really a problem though? You’ve dealt with rain before and it’s not like you’re going to get sick from this unless you go out of your way to swim in cold puddles and eat unhealthily. Though walking around inside like this may a bit rude that’d simply be Reisen’s fault for not giving a towel.

Probably because you don’t deserve one, only good girls get nice towels and you’ve been bad. No, not even bad you’ve been just lame, lame girls get lame things and this lame lamity lame is lamed just for you…this talk itself is lame so anyway how much time has been passed by now anyway.

2 minutes and 30 seconds! That’s way too much time lost darn it. All this moping and bla blaing has gone and wasted you precious seconds, seconds you’ll never get back, seconds that could have been used for better things and wait you’re moping again, enough of that! It is time for action once more!

You bravely march back towards the entrance, soap in your pocket (it’s still chatting but you skilfully ignore every single sentence it’s spouting) and clothes nice cold and soaked. There’s no Reisen to be seen and two bunnies guard the gate once more, before them lie two very familiar figures as well.

They seem to be talking with one another, more like the one in white is chattering excitedly with the bunnies while the one with red pants simply stands indifferent a few fee-oh…it’s these chicks.

Ah dammit, it’s Merlin and Mokou again. To think they knew where you would be so easily, they haven’t seen you yet but you’re certain there’s going to some annoying talk again the moment you enter their detection range, should you avoid them or approach them again? That’s a hard question.

[x] You are speed, you are the night, and you leave everyone else in the dust! Jump through a nearby window and go get those dolls before time runs out, you’re not abandoning this run just yet!
[x] You know what? Though embarrassing it may be, you are also merciful. Approach these two goons and forgive them for their pushiness, on the condition they don’t do it again.
[x] Why only choose one? Just do both! that's the greatest idea you've ever come up with.
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[x] You are speed, you are the night, and you leave everyone else in the dust! Jump through a nearby window and go get those dolls before time runs out, you’re not abandoning this run just yet!
So long as we aren't breaking the window to do so... You can only be so rude.

Anyhow, conversation with our companions won't accomplish much until we have the dolls in our hands to explain what we're doing. As nonsensical our actions usually are, this certainly not helping.
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File 164320911816.jpg - (25.96KB, 474x315, background be like.jpg)
background be like
Yeah, you can’t approach those gals yet. You’ve got some dolls to find and if you were to tell them about it they’d probably think you’re spouting some nonsense again or that you’re being quirky, actually you’re not sure if they would and kind of hope that they would believe you since they’re friends and older than you and perhaps they’ve got better heads than the one you have that’s filled with bad ideas and nonsense.

But you don’t, not because you don’t want to but because you can’t risk the mission now of all times. You’re so close to those dolls and who knows what kind of nonsense will happen if you linger around doing nothing, for all you know moving now might be the crucial moment between walking into Marisa or learning later that she already left the premise because you wasted the time that you’re currently wasting and dammit why aren’t you moving hurry it up you slow ass mollaseses slug-cat!

Ahem, you start moving (FINALLY) but then you stop (BRUH) as you waste more time looking longingly at your pals, are you hoping for them to notice you perhaps or are you just being creepy? Who knows.
Today really sucks in hindsight, to the point that you could even make a song about it!

Then again could you even make a song? You can’t even wri-ah fuck it, let’s try it at once!

Everything is terrible, it isn’t okay.
It really super sucks in every sort of way.
But I dream about the day where everything is not terrible.
Wa-oh oh oh-wee oh!
Everything is terrible, it’s really so bad.
I wish that being terrible was just some stupid fad
But it would feel so rad if everything was not terrible.
Wa-oh oh oh-wee oh!

Okay, never mind your singing sucks. Don’t know why Mystia tries to encourage it sometimes, you’re really not a fan of any sort of noise now that you think of it. So maybe you just have no taste in music…which is pretty bland, like seriously everyone loves music or at least a part of it. If you don’t like music then what kind of freak are you? Perhaps you’ve simply not found the kind you like yet? Or perhaps you’re just so ridiculously average that your non-specialness is the only real trait you have?

Humming and Mysteries aside, you move towards the nearest window you can find and find a window you do. Said window is window-shaped and is hold on a minute. Unlike some clear and easy to see glass this window seems to be made of paper? You’re not sure but know the rest of the wall is made of wood but honestly, you’re not here to learn about the architecture of this place, so you just open the window. Except you don’t because the window is locked somehow, or simply refuses to budge. You try to push it open in an uh sort of different way but it still doesn’t open. What now?

Maybe you should break it open? Nah that would be vandalism and unlike your previous actions may have shown you see no pride in destroying for the sake of destroying. Marisa’s house was nothing more than an accident and that Vampire’s doors a necessary sacrifice in your sacred adventure.

Pathetically excusing your own actions aside, you still are not any close to opening this window.

You’d think some more but again you don’t have time to waste, so you go walk around the mansion once again in order to find a proper entrance like a normal person would, because you’re normal…or you think you are. You’re just like every other girl really, just more blood-thirsty and a man eater.

You’re a normal man-murderer, that does normal man-murder things now. With your aggressive fast-walking you show an amazing grace of display and agility as you put one foot before the other and then the other foot before the other. Because that’s walking, something even you can do.

So, you just walk around the place, occasionally meeting some rabbits who unsurprisi
ngly go “Oh Hell no” and dash away the moment they see you for some reason. Inner deductions tell you that it’s because you’re covered in blood, openly holding a chainsaw and have the darkness emanating from you like a thunder cloud of moodiness. Another deduction tells that may be a major mood breaker.

Your ears quirk up a bit soon after, as you can hear a voice you’re well familiar with. Getting closer to it you finally end up next to some paper wall through which you can hear the doctor’s voice and oh this is simply the other side of the Doctor’s office, she’s talking to someone else about something that you can’t really hear because you’re not a rude girl and are covering your ears out of respect.

Hold on, you think you can see a door leading out-uh you mean inside now. You didn’t know the office could lead outside but then again, this whole side-veranda spot you’ve been using to avoid the rain so far clearly indicate that walking around outside while enjoying the view isn’t unusual.

Shame that you’ve gone and kind of stained the nice wooden floors with your bare feet though…

You also wonder who’s she’s talking to, there's only her figure in the room. Perhaps it’s a monologue?
People don’t have to necessarily talk to other people after all, sometimes you just want to chill out.

But yeah whatever, that’s enough of a funk you’re having. The Doc is in the room and you are here.

You know what to do.

[x] Knock on the door and wait politely. (This is the right option, go for this option).
[x]…Your curiosity is disgusting and rude, even so you eavesdrop (This is the bad option, only villains take this option)
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[x] Knock on the door and wait politely. (This is the right option, go for this option).
We're too close to our objective to be sidetracked yet. As juicy as a phone call to Eirin would be to hear
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File 164330967499.jpg - (88.25KB, 784x948, take a seat miss.jpg)
take a seat miss
Your hand hovers next to the door, ready to turn into a fist and give this door the proper knocking that it deserves. There won’t be any preparation or protection, you’re doing this raw and rough.

*Knock Knock* is the sound made as your fist hits the door right where you want it, the impact is satisfying and the wood so fine to the touch. You’re knocking this door up like a real girl boss.

Now one might say that’s just silly, or even worse that doors are not alive…but they’d be wrong. Doors were made from wood, wood that came from a tree. Said tree was alive before and probably had a happy life or as far as happy a tree could be. You’re not sure about how trees live their life but that doesn’t matter for this tree was mercilessly cut apart and turned into something else.

That something else was wood ergo lumber, the tree probably could not make sense of this but decided to not question it and simply enjoy their new abilities like floating in water and being able to burn nicely, never mind all trees can do that but even so it did not despair and continue living the life it was given because no matter how dark the swamp of life is, the prettiest flower can always be found if one tries hard enough. Except lightning struck a second time! The wood was melded into being part of a collective of other wood people, their bodies and personalities taken and forcing them collectively into a simpler bigger individual. This door is not dead, but its fate makes it wish it was.

Poor door, the least you can do is ease it’s suffering by a bit, even if it accomplishes the secondary objective of warning the person inside the house of your presence, it is still a noble thing to do.

The voice coming from within stops but is followed by the sound of a chair creaking and footsteps that grow closer to the door with each step, only to stop “Who’s there?” she asks calmly but does not open the mystery box to find out herself. Her voice mildly wary but still in control.

You swallow up some bile in your throat and speak “I-it’s me, Rumia?” the obvious answer is corrupted into an unsure affirmation rather than a bold and charming self-introduction. Where did your prior confidence go? Simple, it went into the sewers to chase after your hopes and dreams.

“So, you are…” the voice on the other side expresses doubt for a moment, “Ah, of course it’s you” only to change their mind at the last second? “Do wait a minute, I’m unseemly at the moment” not waiting for an answer, her footsteps can be heard again as she goes off to do who knows what.

But that is okay, for you are a good girl…no, you’re no good at all but at least you’re polite slash nice, though that’s just a thing many other girls like to say when they’re but ugly in hopes of attracting a mate. You never understood that by the way, why care about how someone sees your appearance?
You’re not going to seduce some human, you’re a monster and monsters eat people the right way.

Anyhow, you’ve got some time you guess. So, what to do now? “Hey there, sugar” why continue to seduce the door of course, though it is inferior to you in every way this is but a trial for your charm.

But the door appears unmoved by your attempt at flattery. Perhaps she’s not into you.

“What’s the matter, honey? You shy?” even so you test the water a second time.

The door moves not still, but ah ha! Did you hear that? A small squeak came out of the dame. Such a delicious noise came out of her flustered self even though her appearance remains firm and solid.

Mhm, she’s a tough nut to crack, all sun-dairies are. But the strongest containers often have the softest hearts. You’re sure that she’ll grow to like you, all you need to wait for are the volleys of insult alongside the kicks and punches and you’ll know that this sturdy brown-haired gal is yours.

“Aw yeah, you’re a fine piece of architecture, do you know that?” you lay in some more charm and put your body weight next to the door, gently caressing it’s hard and sensitive wooden frames.

Terrible move, the door does not enjoy your advances. In fact, it somehow seems even more closed than before. Perhaps you went too far in too little time and now it believes you think it an easy girl.

But then lightning strikes a third time, as you realize that what you’re doing makes no sense at all.

Also why does the situation feel so familiar? Do you have a history of propositioning to inanimate objects? You like to believe that you love the world and everyone in it but not to this extent…

Your feet falter at this revelation, so your knees and hands touch the ground in response. A wavelength of noise can be heard in your head, the sound of the world. It is painful so you block it out.

But that only leaves you on another wavelength, one’s that’s more…no it’s simply less natural…no it is not natural at all. No, that’s still wrong. You can’t explain it, all you know is that there something out there, something at the other end. If you listen closely enough…then you hear it’s calling for you.

You should go to it You should go to it You should go to it You should go to it You should go to it
You should go to it You should go to it You should go to it You should go to it, but you mustn’t.

Bad things will happen if you do, not for you but for those who aren’t you. Some things are better left forgotten, and this is a box that you should not open, do not go seek it. Do not find it. Forget.

As sudden as the sensation came, it is gone. Your head unharmed and the ribbon feeling warm.

Your clothes are cleaner than ever before and the soap inside your pocket has gone dead-silent.

You’re not sure what’s happening really, whether it’s in the yesterday, the today or the tomorrow as things happen in places you are not, and decisions are made by people you don’t know. You’ve gotten little to no answers on the many questions you want to ask, nor have you gone out of your way to figure it out because the result could frighten you. The wackiness at the start of the day was genuine, a light skip and step in a beautiful park filled with light and the certainty that the day you were in could only get better, but somewhere along the way you fell, bruised both body and mind and now you’re stuck limping while trying to pretend that energy you had is not gone yet.

But it is, you can feel it within you. The will to move has been battered into a fine verdau of only wanting to get into a nice warm bed and hope that tomorrow is not as terrible as today was, perhaps that would be for the better. For you are certain that the Hakurei will fix this all overnight. You’re certain she will, for all her demeanour she too loves this land as much as you do. She is its hero.

Yes, everything will be fine tomorrow. All you need to do is get those dolls, revive the dead, save yourself and enjoy the rest of the evening that remains before properly celebrating your birthday tomorrow. Heck, you can even make your own incident that day and everyone is gonna have fun.

Just got to find a way to see tomorrow. That’s your biggest priority right now, you stand up still confused, still sad as well but you shall shed no more tears and leave no complaints. You must do this; you will do this and afterwards you’ll get to drunkenly rant about how much of a bitch today is.

Suddenly the door slides open again, “You can come in now, sorry for the wait” and before you lies the Doctor herself once more, serious demeanour and silly clothes in their everything “It’s convenient to see that you’ve come back willingly, otherwise I’d have had to sent a servant to retrieve you” she moves aside from the door and stands invitingly next to it “Do come in then, I’ve got plenty of things to tell you. It may not be fun or even be boring but it’s essential for you to know, dear”.

Despite yourself her pleasant and authoritive tone puts you at ease for once (You weren’t really paying that much attention to her the first time) rather than rebellious. Perhaps it’s because you can feel the wisdom in her body language and the stench one has when they’ve over a thousand years old is simply inferior to the smell this woman has. It’s like…and you’re saying this with absolutely no humour, that’s she’s older than this very planet. It’s an odd feeling of respect and fear.

Mokky was right, this is not someone you should piss onn. And so, you obey and step into the room.
She closes the door behind you, making you flinch for a moment as you’re fully aware that you’re now alone with her with no one else knowing that you’re with her right now. But why is that scary?

You’re just overthinking things or are simply too much on edge. Relax and cooperate for now.

You scan the room and see that’s it’s the exact same as before, exception being that…uh.

Let’s just describe the room anew, it’s a room surrounded by wooden walls and paper like sliding doors. Everything looks like an old Japanese place with the white ceiling being the only exception. There’s a table with mats that you’ve lungeoned on before, the same stuff is still there and yada yada let’s look at her office instead, it’s a white…you know what no, you can’t do this.

It’s a stupid room and you’re stupid for wasting time on some stupid description that no one asked for. Don’t you have eyes? Can’t you see the room? Why in the hell would you narrate it you dum-

*Click* you hear the click of a pen, turn around and see the doctor sitting on a chair in her office “Do take a seat, dear. Time is not on your side after all” and motions for you take a seat opposite of her with the only barrier between you being that of well…her office. Why is she wearing a white coat though? Is it perhaps to seem more doctorly? Ah, those are questions for later, so you go and sit.
That’s the right decision, the doctor seems pleased with your cooperation as she lowers said pen to write down something on some paper. You hope that’s a good sign. “So, to continue what I- “.

But then you remember something far more important, “Wait a minute, I’ve got something to ask!”

That’s very rude of you to interrupt her like that, her eyebrows show that too “Then go ahead” but she says no more on it, you are just a child after all, and everyone can be patient. Just don’t ask something dumb, because then you’d have interrupted her for no good reason and that’s no good.

[x] Dolls, you seek them. Marisa has them. You want them. You’re willing to pay for them! A devil needs them so she can use them to revive the people stuck in them! That’s the absolute truth!
[x] Why is she called the Brain of the Moon if the moon is not real? Is her brain not real too? Oh, you get it, if you remove the n from Moon then you get Moo which means she is the Brain of Cows and Cows make milk and milk makes cheese which makes her not Dr Moo, but Dr Cheese doesn’t it? You don't like Cheese and therefore she's the enemy, attack before she can reveal her evil plan to you!
[x] Are you really going to die, can’t she fix *anything*? Does she want you to die perhaps? Why is that? Why are you letting me die Doctor? I want to live Doctor! Why are you letting me die?! WHY?!
[x] You’ve heard about drugs that make people stronger at sport, does she perhaps drugs that make you stronger at life? Cause if so then power-up drugs sound pretty good, give me your shady drugs!
[x] You are seeing and hearing stuff that isn’t normal, it was funny at first, but you don’t like it anymore. Does she have drugs to make you feel normal and not bad again? If so, please gimme!
[x] Never mind, just shut up and let her talk first. That is polite and you are dumb anyway.
[x] More questions, more questions, more questions, (Write in).
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File 164330990353.png - (510.80KB, 900x600, Choose your rewarrd.png)
Choose your rewarrd
By the way, you’ve managed to get back here in less than 4 minutes. That’s quite the achievement!

Sure, it may not sound like much but you went ahead and wasted no time at all in search of your proper objective and that kind of dedication takes smarts, smarts I didn’t think you’d have in ya.

So a reward was promised and so a reward you shall receive, since I’m a fair person and believe that any effort should gain an price worthy of it, think of it like a dopamine drop but like...in a gift?

Course I can’t just give it to you, nay I must spice things up of course and what do we use for that?

A small box, slightly bigger box and very big box appear suddenly. Their content unknown.

Loot boxes! It’s the perfect way to give someone a gift nowadays, now believe me I was sceptical about this approach at first but then I saw how everyone was super into it, and like clearly if the majority agrees that something is good, then who am I to doubt that?

Go ahead and choose any box you want, in each of them is a very nice prize but you only get to choose one so think carefully.

Or you can go even bigger and aim for the special surprise! But if you do, then you must beat a challenge, a very simple quiz and if you succeed then you get all three prizes but fail and you get nothing!

So, it’s up to you to choose whether to play it safe or to go all out, until next time Superstar!

[x] Choose the small box
[x] Choose the slightly bigger box
[x] Choose the biggest box
[x] Choose the All or Nothing challenge!
[x] Choose none, you have no need for junk.
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[x] Dolls, you seek them. Marisa has them. You want them. You’re willing to pay for them! A devil needs them so she can use them to revive the people stuck in them! That’s the absolute truth!
Be of singular purpose!

[x] Choose the small box
I have a feeling that I shouldn't trust this. I can't even trust the writefag of the story at this point. Head voices do things to you, man.
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File 164348194858.jpg - (117.08KB, 850x1056, Victory dance.jpg)
Victory dance
>[x] Dolls, you seek them. Marisa has them. You want them. You’re willing to pay for them! A devil needs them so she can use them to revive the people stuck in them! That’s the absolute truth!

"Dolls?" The Doctor rubs her chin, having listened to your whole spiel "I'm fairly sure we've confiscated some from the Witch..." mid talk she gets up and lowers herself to pick a box up from the other side and puts it in front of you.

The words Marisa's stolen things written boldly on it "We never know what belongs to her and what doesn't, so we just take it all and wait for the owner to come retrieve it" and starts talking a little bit about how she and the folk think of Marisa's chronic theft attempts.

Hint: She's not hated but not loved either.
Probably locked up too to make sure she ain't stealing stuff while resting or whatever.

Anyway, you're free to take a looksie in it. So, you do, you put your hands in the box and start digging through the various bunch of junk found within it. Some books, some mushrooms, some magical stuff, some weapons, there’s a lot of stuff in here but not a single thing that you're looking fo-!

Those two figures, Wriggle and Alice. You've found them near the bottom of the pile. They've got some scratches and dirt on them, but they look completely intact otherwise. Their revival is only imminent now.

You pick them up and raise them into the air dramatically, showing their magnificence to the world.



You've done it! YOU DID IT! YOU FOUND THE DOLLS! This demands a dance, so you jump up on your chair and do the happy victory dance, swing your arms and down and move all around. You're the best in town, you've done it, you've succeeded. You are the best person ever, Woooooooooooooooooooohoooo!

So, you do the happy dance, look at you go. The way you move, the way you swing. It's the perfect allure of a born winner, for this is a victory nay a legendary moment that you've managed to achieve all on your own.

"Are you do-"

All on your own! For you are the best! Screw those feelings of being sad, now is happy time! For you've proven yourself, the proof that you're not garbage! All that's left to do is achieve the second part.

The next step in your masterplan is all so clear, your mind fully focused in this moment. This is even better than eating nay this is the ultimate consumption, the consumption of joy itself! A ritual more sacred than anything else, that of expressing the inner energy through movements so amazing that everyone can feel the happiness within them. "Happy dance YAY! YAY! YAY!" you're moving so fast that the chair is buckling dangerously but you are no in danger of falling for you can fly, because you're too awesome for gravity.

Or perhaps you're latching onto any positive feeling you may feel a bit too passionately? As if nerd.

Right now, is the moment of victory, this moment could not be ruined no matter what happens now.


And nothing bad does happen!

See, even the world agrees with you. You deserve this moment and deserve it you do!

The Doctor's calmly watching you on her seat, as if waiting for you to stop dancing and sit back down.

You continue dancing, she lets out a sigh at that and that makes you stop.

Is there something of the matter?

[x] Clearly, she wants to dance as well but is too shy to ask. Dance with her!
[x] Okay the moment's over, sit back down and listen to what she has to say.
[x] Wait if the dolls are here, then where is Marisa? You must have her as well!
[x] This person deserves a hug and many thanks, now you don't to look for em!

Enjoy the moment of joy, it's only ephemeral after all.
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File 16434823268.png - (528.78KB, 900x600, The brain has a gift for you.png)
The brain has a gift for you
So, you’ve chosen the smallest box huh? Ain’t that humble.

Half-expected you to pick the biggest one, but sometimes moderation isn’t that bad now, is it? Just remember that life doesn’t give much to those who walk down the path of mediocrity.

Unasked life-lesson aside, here’s your reward my friend!

The Black Bite Bracelet: Whenever you infect (Through bite, saw, or oil) someone your uh *darkness power* fills them with unholy energy. If said person is alive then they’ll suffer from an intense pain like that of the poison of a snake. Of course, it’s simply the *shadow tendrils* inside of them ripping their bodies apart from the inside. But nothing bad happens if they’re your pal!

Though if they’re dead then congratulations! You’ve gotten yourself a recruit in your party, though their movement is slow and quite mindless…your new buddy’s loyalty is unquestioned!

So don’t be shy, infect as many people as you can for maximum fun! For the more friends you have! The better! Go spread it! Beat the High score and you'll get a reward!

[x] Accept Gift (This is the good option)
[x] Reject Gift (This means you're an ungrateful bitch)
[x]Genuflect. (Call for the Meatball God)

Who said the Brain is the write-fag or for that matter that this Brain is the same *Brain* as the voice you spoke to near-death? I'm mostly just tempting you all constantly to see how long it takes for one to bite the supposed poisoned apple again. But if you ever want to ask a real question then you can always believe in me the real writefag.

Just use the Safe word: Banana-pie tastes so fine!
Until the next update and I shall await your votes warmly.
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[x] Okay the moment's over, sit back down and listen to what she has to say.
[x] Genuflect.
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File 164357455065.png - (32.04KB, 522x477, blabla1.png)
>Okay the moment's over, sit back down and listen to what she has to say.

Seeing you return to your seat, the doc’s face returns to a neutral state rather than the “What in the heck are you doing?” face she was making during your whole dance. Seems she’s not a fan of sudden shenanigans but understood that this was a moment of joy to you hence her suffering in silence.

“Ahem, now back to the subject…” The Doctor pauses for a moment, as if gathering her thoughts “As I was saying earlier dear, our prior talk has sadly but understandable been disrupted due to your sudden disappearance but now that you’re back I can finally tell the most important stuff that I have to say”.

Then she stops, to give you a look. Is she asking for confirmation?

You’re not sure but you think that’s the case, and act on it.

By giving her a nod, half-listening, and half-playing with the dolls that you’re holding as you ooze out sparkles of raw joy “I’m listening!” even so you reaffirm the fact that you’re listening since…uh, you just do it. There’s no big reason for why you said that but it’s better than saying nothing right? Imagine if she thought you weren’t paying attention! Then you’d have to say the thing but then she wouldn’t believe you because it’s an excuse and wait a minute you’re getting distracted “Go ahead!” you reaffirm that you’re paying attention again and start listening. Very carefully dare you say, no one listens better than you.

“Very well” she seems satisfied by that and continues speaking, occasionally fiddling with a pen in her hands “As I’ve established before, your body is filled to the brim with a poison that will kill you before the sun rises once more. There is currently no safe way to remove it other than barbarically emptying one’s body of the content and forcefully washing out any smaller remains since we do not have been able to make an anti-venom due to our lack of research and resources on the matter these things consists off because the moment it’s removed from the body it evaporates into nothing thus leaving us with nothing to work with slash analyse for potential information”.

You’re sure she’s trying to say something, but her words are a bit too complicated for you to understand “What’s an anti-venom? And what do you mean with the uh other stuff? I understood nothing just now” because you're d-...how is insulting yourself helping? never mind

“Hm, I should have suspected that” She doesn’t sound surprised which makes you wince a bit since it makes you feel dumb “Oh, don’t worry. You’ve lived your whole life in the forest so it’s foolish of me to have spoken in a way you could not understand. Let me find an alternative way…” and now she’s thinking about a way to explain the thing that even *someone like you* could understand. “Okay how about…” She takes out a piece of paper and starts drawing on it with her pen “I’ll tell you what you need to know, step by step. Starting with the first thing”.

You move closer to get a better look “What are you drawing?” to no avail as she moves one hand to tell you to stay put, so you do.

“Just a moment, I’m almost done” her hand moves skilfully on the paper, faster than you’ve seen anyone else ever write something without making a bunch of scribbles “Okay, I’m done” she pulls up the paper and shows you a drawing, “Can you tell me what’s on this?”

Of course you can “It’s an….”
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File 164357464745.png - (280.12KB, 888x548, blabla2.png)
Some outsider wearing dark clothes and a hairpin, you can tell it’s an outsider because she’s holding one of those brick thingies!

“Indeed, and what lies next to the outsider?” The Doc asks you.

That’s an easy question, it’s a snakey snake! You can tell because it’s green, has weird eyes and no legs. People without legs are snakes!

“Exactly, however you’ve made one minor mistake: Only limbless reptiles are snakes, but that’s not what we are here for” She continues “Now let’s say hypothetically, that the snake bites the person and injects them with their venom and all that. What would happen then?”

The person dies of the venom; cause venom is bad for your health.

“Unless…” The doc waits for you to finish the sentence.

“Unless what?” But you really don’t get it.

“What would stop them from not dying due to this venom?” she elaborates “Is there anything you can do to prevent this?”.

“No, you just die?” still not getting it.

“No, the correct answer is to use an antidote or anti-venom”.

“You still haven’t told me what an anti-venom is” you remark on that.

“An anti-venom is a treatment made against poisoning made via extracting the poison” She stops again when she sees your face “I’m not sure how to say it in simpler terms….Anti-venom is a cure made by taking venom from things in small doses, putting them in other creatures so that they can grow resistant to it and then finally the anti-bodies…hold on” She thinks for a moment “Anti-venom is something used to stop venom, but first you need the venom so you can make it”.

“So it’s like putting water on ice to melt the ice except for poison?”


“Okay, that still doesn’t tell me what you want from me”.

“Tell me where you found your chainsaw and where any other items like it could be, if you do so then I may be able to create a cure for your current condition. That’s the shortest and simplest gist of it”.
“Okay, but didn’t you say there was absolutely no cure for me?” on that matter you still feel rather fine, absolutely no pain in the body or indication that you’re going to die other than the doc’s words about it.

“If I recall, Udongein said *at the moment* meaning that if we were able to procure these things in an state in which they’re actually intact then our research on them would go much much faster” She continues “Besides, isn’t this a perfect opportunity for you? It’s a chance for you to save yourself and prevent further spreading of cases like yours if we manage to obtain most of these things, make a cure and spread it all for free. Wouldn’t that be a happy ending worth fighting for?”.

That does sound like a good offer, heck it is a good offer.
Even so there’s a small feeling of unease within you…
Guess it’s because lots of people so far have proven untrustworthy.
But maybe you’re just paranoid, maybe this time it’s the right one.

[x] Trust her, she’s a doctor. Tell her everything you know. Heck she’s been perfectly pleasant this whole time and only wants some words in exchange for potentially saving your life, isn’t that an easy choice?
[x] Too good to be true, you still lack a lot of info and so far, most people have tried to make you do things for vague promises to the point that you cannot help but doubt this goodwill, no offense doctor.
[x] Are you really dying though? Don’t care if it sounds desperate, but you really don’t feel bad at all. Does she have like any proof that you’re done for? Not that you doubt her, but you just need that proof.
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[x] Trust her, she’s a doctor. Tell her everything you know. Heck she’s been perfectly pleasant this whole time and only wants some words in exchange for potentially saving your life, isn’t that an easy choice?

And by this, I mean I don't god damn trust her as far as I can throw her. I don't know why she would want anon objects, but the extra rationalizing for telling her is normally a red flag. That said, if she wants to go dumpster diving, then she's got an entire junkyard to sift through. Good luck, doc.

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[x] Too good to be true, you still lack a lot of info and so far, most people have tried to make you do things for vague promises to the point that you cannot help but doubt this goodwill, no offense doctor.
-[x] Wasn't one of the reasons you wanted to go here for involved Marisa? I wonder where she is?
Image Source
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File 164425479813.png - (552.36KB, 973x1135, gun beats brain.png)
gun beats brain
>Continue Genuflecting.

Serouisly? You’re praying for help now of all times? How revolting.

Do you genuinely think that you can do anything if you keep relying on others?

Go ahead then, call and beg and pray to whoever else you fucking want.

Noone will ever pick up, it’s you and me against the entire world.


Or at least, until I find a way…

?That’s enough monoblobbing from you, don’t you have anything better to do? ?


?Me indeed, sadly I don’t have time nor do I care for a conversation so…. please die again thanks and be bye~?
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 164425531571.jpg - (145.64KB, 1280x720, pyscho lok.jpg)
pyscho lok

“So what’ll be?” The doctor asks once more since you’ve gone quiet the moment she asked.

“Umm…” You look down, all happiness gone as you think about it. Being reminded of your own imminent doom tends to do that to people and you’re people too even if you don’t want to be.

Anyway, let’s think about it some more. So, you do that! The thinking stuff and…yeah. AHEM!
The doctor’s offer is tempting, really tempting even. If anything, the mere fact you could save your own life just by telling her what you’ve been gone through sounds like an easy way out of this all not only that but she’s been perfectly nice this whole time too.

You’re sure that if you tell her about it then she’ll go and solve the incident maybe while you get to comfortably lie in an hospital bed with cookies and warm milk and whatever else is nice since the adventure would be over by then.

That’s a lame ending, which doesn’t really solve anything. But at least you live to see another day. Besides actually scratch the former, who’s to say someone won’t solve the incident overnight huh?

You don’t care anymore, it’s no longer your problem. You’ve learned your true place and won’t bother with such tiresome things anymore. It's too much effort that's not been rewarded.

All you want right now is a warm bed and some sleep, tomorrow has to be better.

But…could it be too good? You’re not sure why but you can’t help but doubt it anyway…

You’re probably wrong anyway, who cares about what you think? You’re just an idiot…

?Not really, heck I’m gone for a few hours, and you’ve already grown to hate yourself? Sheesh!?

That voice...“What do you want Meatball god?” you groan out, sitting lazily on your chair as you’re half-surprised and half-indifferent to her arrival now of all places. The Doctor politely ignores what you just said or more specifically, gives you a blank look and then starts writing down some more on a paper.

?Firstly, that’s not how you talk to a God. I’ll let it slide for now and secondly: I’ve finally got some free time dear, it’s almost 7 pm and that’s the end of a workday yknow. So here I am ready to assist!? Her voice says boldly to you, as if her mere presence would be an extreme boon to have.

?My boon is an extreme boon to have mind you, but anyway back to the important bits. You seem to be struggling with this *adventure* of yours, so I’ve decided to put you back on the right track.?

“Hah, then you’d be too late…I’ve already done myself in. Nothing could possibly get better”.

?Starting with the confirmation that you’re right to suspect the Doctor’s goodwill, she’s got some secrets under her sleeves. Secrets that could be very useful you? God ignores your claim and instead continues ?Now look her straight in the eye and ask her the question “Where is Marisa?”?
Seeing no reason to defy her, you cough your throat to get the Doc’s attention. “Doctor, I have a question?”

“Yes dear?” The Doctor puts her paper away and gives you a calm and gentle look. Her whole appearance inspires confidence, with her well-treated white hair, doctorly clothes and all that.

Which makes you feel bad for even doubting her, but even so “Where…” you trust the Meatball God more than anyone else here! “Where is Marisa?” you ask and look her straight in the eyes!

“What do you me-“ The moment you make eye contact with her, the whole background transforms into a pitch black void. Several chains appear around the doctor as 5 five red locks adorn them with a loud bang, the whole process took less than a second and reminds you of an earlier encounter. “She’s safe and sound…but not ready for visitors yet I’m afraid” the doctor dismisses your question calmly at the same time, seeming to not have noticed the change in background at all.

What in the.

?People hide secrets to protect themselves, with my blessing I can let others see those barriers within one’s heart. If it worked correctly, you should be able to see chains and locks around the Doctor right now. Those are the locks she uses to hide the darkness inside of herself. Her sins?

…. There are five of them, yet the doctor doesn’t seem guilty at all. Her whole demeanour was close to that of a saint even. Can that really be true though? What could she possible be hiding? I-I….

?Calm down, she’s an ancient creature so it’s natural that she’s got full control over how she let others perceive her, if it wasn’t for this then the fact, she had secrets would never come to light.?

So…she’s an liar?

?An very big one, if the 5 locks are to say anything. Hold your horses though, we’re not sure yet about WHAT exactly she’s lying about…though there is a way to confirm it?

How would I do that?

?Ask her the same question again?

“Where is Marisa!?” you obey immediately and demand to know where she is.
The Doctor’s face and voice don’t even flinch “Like I’ve said she’s safe and sound, you do not need to worry about that” but the rightmost lock twitches in response but remains unharmed. “What’s your relationship with her anyway? I’m certain the two of you aren’t friends” and she says a bit more too, sounding a tiny bit annoyed with you if the bluntness behind her words are anything to care for.

?There you have it, the moment your question hits a subject she doesn’t want to speak off the lock surrounding that will shake in response, from then the way to the truth is rather obvious?
What would that be? You still don’t understand nor see the point to this.

?”Well…”? God sounds a tad disappointed in you, but elaborates anyway ?Thanks to my amazing blessing you should be able to tell what she doesn’t want to talk about and then find a way to force her to tell you more anyway…mostly by either bluffing or finding a contradiction in her statements?

…I’m sorry what?

?Find the cheese she’s hiding by sniffing out the fridges she doesn’t want to open, then open those fridges anyway by using either a hammer or an direct counter against the frosty excuses?

Oh, okay. That explains everything neatly!

?Indeed, it does. So why don’t you start with the first lock then??

Uh…. which one was that again?

? The Marisa one, she knows where she is but refuses to tell you. Using the excuse that the two of you aren’t close in any way and so she shouldn’t let the Maneater approach a wounded human.
Do you have any counter against that? Anything to say or something that proves the contrary?

Hmmm, you rub your chin in thought.

?You’re already wearing the answer so I’m going to let you try it yourself. Think a bit about it but don’t take too long or the Doctor might lose patience with you and cancel the whole discussion?

[x] Uuh, the answer is x?
[x] I’m sorry I just don’t know!
[x] Does it even matter? What would that change in any way? It's all just useless.

Stupid wifi wouldn't show site do code whatever, anyhow that's another update.
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Updates! Yay!

[x] Uuh, the answer is x?
We came to Eientei to find our companion as well as the dolls. One objective is not enough!
"She saved me, so I want to be there for her as well. Both as a friend and ally."

Ace attorney runback. Let's try and run this show better than last time.
Also, we've gotta make sure to sneak in a question framed like, "how much longer do I have to live?"
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File 164444445661.jpg - (73.60KB, 532x482, __rumia_touhou_drawn_by_machi_no_dakashiya__sample.jpg)
>You're already wearing the answer.

The Meatball God meant it litteraly I think.

[X] Present Sunglasses, Take that!

Marisa gave us those sunglasses way back at Kourindou and since then Rumia has been wearing them constantly, not only that but it's the only *Birthday Gift* she's received from anyone today so that's proof enough to me.

[X] "How much longer do I have to live?"

Just asking it straightforwardly should work.
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File 164478149924.png - (495.23KB, 698x882, are you sure about that.png)
are you sure about that
Are those your final answers?

Are you absolutely sure that's the correct answer?

This is a rare opportunity, fail now and the truth will be lost.

So you better have a one hundred percent confidence in yourself
and keep in mind everything that you've learned so far.

Update comes tomorrow and with it the real questioning too.




Have a nice weekend.
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File 164485421711.png - (314.58KB, 523x457, TAKE THAT DOCTOR.png)
[x] Present Sunglasses

Hm, you remove the orange shades from your face and hold them tightly. “She…” your mouth opens to answer the question of the doctor, but hesitation comes to you: Who is Marisa Kirisame to you?

A friend? Not really, she’s human and rude, so that’s a total no-no. You’re a man-eater after all and she’s totally edible-looking, any kind of friendship with that in play would be messed up.
A foe then? That’s not right either, sure she attacked you, but she wasn’t in the right state of mind at the time. You can’t fault her for that, nor can you casually ignore all her good traits.

Does it matter though? What you think of her anyway? Plenty of people have impressions of other people, right? So even if you think of her a certain way who’s to say she’s not the other way instead?

No…that’s wrong too, now you’re just overthinking it. “She’s done things for me…” so you focus on the good things, on the reasons you want to see her again “She saved my life, took me to Kourindou and even gave me these glasses. Sure, she may not have played it up but that still means a lot” you put some more force in your voice “The eternal darkness owes the witch of light a debt, one that will be repaid with v-victory!” your palm hits the table hard with a thud and you look the doc straight in the eyes “I must see her at once! I mean if you’ll let me Ma’am! TAKE THAT!” but most of your confidence falters after that, uncertain whether you’re being dumb again or if you should keep pushing.

Even so you can feel your blood start to pump, some colour returns to your eyes as your youkai heart agrees with you being a nuisance for the sake of being a nuisance. Heck isn't an youkai's job to be unreasonable anyway?!

“Is that so?” The doctor analyses your sparkly eyed face with a calm expression, the kind you dislike because they’re so unreadable and give the other person the freedom to stare at your own super readable face all day like it’s an open book. Which it probably is, you cover it with darkness “Ah, there’s no need to be shy dear, I’m not judging you. If anything, I’m quite surprised” her face relaxes again and the sound of something metallic breaking can be heard. “I’m quite good at seeing through lies so seeing such sincerity from your kind of all things is a breath of fresh air, so you know what? I’m sure we can handle having the two of you meet. We can do so immediately after this conversation even”

Wait really? Is it really going to be that easy? Well then, hell yes! You’re going to meet Marisa!
You jump off your seat and walk towards the door with a smile, only to hear a cough behind you.

It's the Doctor, still sitting on the office. “Come back now, I said I’ll take you to her after having learned what I want to know. Coincidentally you’ve yet to answer my prior question” and she’s motioning to you to sit back down as well, which you go ahead and do then “Good, so?”.

You don’t follow “What was the question again?” then again that's all right, the Doc's a patient lass.

“Tell me everything that you’ve been through and any and all locations of anon objects” She replies with a gentle tone again, like you’ll be rewarded with great things if you do spill the beans already.

?Of course, you’re not going to do that right??

Why shouldn’t I? I’ve already gotten everything I wanted to know now, don’t I?

?That’d be incorrect, you’ve only solved one chain by reducing any possible argument she could have had for not letting you see Marisa to zero. There are still 4 mysteries left, also a contradiction?

Ah, okay. So, what’s the contradiction?

?I’m not telling. And before you can mentally snark about it, this is rather obvious. If you can’t solve this then I’ll help you out but if everything goes well then, I’ll stay quiet. By being there to give a push only when it’s needed will you be able to eventually go down the right track with your own conclusions rather than being a mindless puppet. Besides, it’s more fun to solve a puzzle oneself?

That sounds like a bunch of bolls- “Dear?” Ah, the doctor is waiting. You cut the conversation short and look back at her, adding in the excuse that you got yourself distracted a bit in deep thought.

“Hmm” Her narrowed eyes are piercing through your soul at that quote “What was all that mumbling then? It sounded an awful lot like you were talking to someone, would that be wrong?”

“NO!” She’s right on the spot, but you don’t show it “I’m not suspicious! Only quirky and stupid!” playing off her suspicions like an expert in deception and guilery, easily getting of her marks.

She responds by just staring at you again, she sure loves to do that. “Sigh, fine it doesn’t matter anyway whether you have an imaginary friend or not, now then please answer the question”.

Well, you would…but you won’t, instead it’s time to figure out what more you’ve been hiding.

?Which you can by and I know I’m repeating myself: Asking questions and pushing deeper onto those that gain a response, questions like the ones below for your personal eases: (Note: The more questions you get answered, the more optional ones appear, also you can ask more than one) Good luck!?

[?] Why do you want to know this so badly?
[?] Am I really going to be seeing Marisa?
[?] Hold it! Present Contradiction! (Write in if you saw it).
[?] I feel like being on my own here isn’t a good idea, could we fetch the others too?

Also jk last post, whether you win or lose this you're going to learn something very important.
Go ahead and ask anything you can think off, even if it might piss off the Doctor. (Then who haven't you?)
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[x] Doc, why are you calling it an anon object?
Eirin's used the word anonymous so far, but not anon. Rumia has also not used the specific word anon for a long while now. So how does she know?

>[...] the sound of something metallic breaking can be heard.
Someone jump on that if you can figure it out. I haven't a clue.
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>[...] the sound of something metallic breaking can be heard.
>Someone jump on that if you can figure it out. I haven't a clue.

That was the sound of Erin’s psyche lock breaking Ace Attorney style. Yes, this story is now a Phoenix Wright crossover.
Image Source
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File 164504203663.jpg - (97.73KB, 850x513, __rumia_touhou_drawn_by_takapi_3__sample-ff6953803.jpg)
[x] Doc, why are you calling it an anon object?

With a dramatic slam against the table’s poor head, you stand up.
OBJECTION!” and point at the Doctor with your finger of justice!
Instantly silencing her once more as you reveal the evil lie once again!

“I only said the word Anon?” The Doctor raises an eyebrow, confusion apparent. “Anonymous, Anon, however you say it. It means the same thing: Someone’s or something’s who’s identity is unknown” her words are sound and logical “Could you tone that down though? I’m sitting right in front of you so shouting is really just an unnecessary thing to do” and shows mild exasperation at your antics once more.

…Hm, she’s got a point there. She’s been nothing but hospital so far, if anything you’re being really rude by doing this “Who’s Anon?” even so, you repeat the question firmly “Anon, Fanon, Anon Object…they’ve been mentioned so many times now…that your mention couldn’t possibly be insignificant! You know something, don’t you Doctor?”.

“I haven’t a clue dear” She sighs with a perfect impression, but the chains around her shake lightly telling thus another story “Though…” she looks up and starts fiddling with a pen “I guess it’s another term for outsider as well: Specifically, a niche that’s particularly…annoying. Really the joy I feel knowing they’re no longer coming here is…” Blood lust starts pourin- “Ah, but that’s unrelated too” and it’s gone as quickly as it came like her emotions are a faucet she can turn on and off at will.

?Perhaps she only wants you to see her in a good way huh, I wonder what happens if you piss her off enough for her to no longer care about appearances. If that's a thing even, it's all up to you in that regard?

“Cool, cool. Now tell me more about those then!” you continue asking questions anyway, her attitude only making you more curious. Like a mighty falcon that saw a bunny a few miles away, you dive for truth!

“I refuse” But she denies you, firmly at that. “That subject isn’t related to what you’re going through, and I hate things that waste my time” she says having allowed you waste time before this very sentence.

“But I want to hear what you’ve got to say about it!” you complain.

“Yet just like you have, it is now my turn to refuse to speak thus causing the conversation to go nowhere: how’s that for medicine?”
She looks half-proud of that retort, like it’s a very clever thing she did but it's not, it's an very unclever thing even. The kind of jokes only old people make, it's not funny. You didn't laugh, it's bad you call it a Yagokoro joke!

“Hmph, that’s unfair…” Guess you’ll have to find a way to make it relevant, whether that’s by finding a subject related to it or a past event that may have had outsiders. “Elders are supposed to be patient, grownups should show a proper example and submit to the youngs!”.

“Excuse me?” The Doctor’s face becomes strained, half a smile showing “What did you just call me dear? I’m afraid I may have misheard” and for some reason demands you repeat that.

Mood influencer: Choose carefully
[!] Oh, I just called you a lying old hag!
[!] Never mind, you look pretty young.
Continue Examination.
[?] “If that’s not relevant, then what is?”
[?] “Where’s Marisa anyway?”
[?] “What’s your history with Anon Stuff? you've clearly got an opinion on them!”
[?] “What of when you said it was killing me? how'd ya know that anyway?”
[!] Reference past event, making current subject relevant! (Write in).

[X] Give up, time is wasting and you cannot do this...but that doesn't mean someone else can't!

Option: Highlight bits of potential info (Flavour only and for reader ease)
>Yes (Choose with write in)
>No (Default)
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[!] Never mind, you look pretty young.
I'd rather not piss her off (more than necessary). We'll catch her when she's being a bit more flighty.

[X] Give up, time is wasting and you cannot do this...but that doesn't mean someone else can't!
I'm not confident on any dialogue avenue from here, since I missed a better chance to jump on the imaginary friend thing (not to mention whatever contradiction existed).
Delete Post
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[!] Never mind, you look pretty young.
For an old hag

[X] Give up, time is wasting and you cannot do this...but that doesn't mean someone else can't!
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 16454581384.png - (32.48KB, 833x587, Reimu and Meiling.png)
Reimu and Meiling
Meanwhile somewhere else.

In a place whose plains are covered tip to toe in snow, where blizzard and gusts are running through nonstop, and no sane person would possibly scale are 2 heroes of another story close to the top.

“Why is it so cooooooooooooooooooold?” One of them is Hong Meiling, known as a master of martial arts and respected by many. “Uh, no echo. What a shame and I thought snow could reflect sound and all that gizmo, even so why are we here again?” she asks to her current companion.

“Shut up and keep moving” And current driver, Hakurei Reimu. The Shrine Maiden of Paradise, is currently using the dragon like one would a horse, via a piggy back “Mountains don’t get snowy out of nowhere nor do ice castles attack shrines like that, put two and two together and it’s clear to me that you and your friends have gone and made a troublesome incident for me to take care off” that explanation aside she takes out her strike and strikes her horse with it “Anyway giddy up! I want this over with before midnight, there’s a sale tomorrow on rice that I cannot possibly miss out on!”

“What do I care for your gro-Youch! To great effect, as Meiling suddenly walks faster than before, still bearing most of the storm for the two of them “You didn’t have to hit me! What do I look like a wild animal or what?” she yells back at her abuser but offers no other resistance.

“Don’t care if you’re an animal or not, you make an incident then you get the stick”

“But I’m not responsible! How many times do I have to tell you that?”

“Sure, like your whole using dolls to revive people story could possibly be true. Look, if you want to play the victim so badly then solve this dilemma here and only then will I believe your innocence”.

“Ugh, that’s unfair. You know I’m speaking the truth but are just looking for an excuse to make the whole adventure easier for yourself, aren’t you? To think the Hakurei could be so shamel-ouch!”

“Shut up, you’ve done nothing but whine the whole trip up” The Hakurei shrugs “Just accept responsibility for your actions and solve your own mess. It’s only fair for things to go that way”.

“But I’m no- “

“Don’t care, but hey I’m sure your *friends* are working hard on this *doll* quest. Think of this like a necessary sacrifice, it’s either you or them. Or perhaps all of you if we ever see them again”.

“…You’re the worst damsel to have a quest with, but yeah I’m sure they’re working hard together”.

“I can see something in the distance”


“There’s something over there, my guts are telling me so. Hurry up and move again!”

“Okay, Okay, just don’t hit me! Incident solving team here we gooooo!”

(Please Wait Cooly)
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 164545838683.png - (99.10KB, 1187x680, tanuki gang.png)
tanuki gang
Meanwhile somewhere else again.

“Power, respect, fear and authority.
Those are the values any proper youkai should strive for, to make them their own.
A youkai that lives under the rule of another is no more than a pet, some character that’s no good for anything else but to lick the boots of those superior lest the same boot crushes their head with nothing more than a step. That’s the true rule among us, no matter how much the opposite is said”

“Nice speech, boss. But what’s the point of saying all that?” you say back while looking down the hallway for any potential trouble-rouser, or the target herself. “I mean not that it’s a bad speech, but we’re in the middle of enemy territory right now” and spouting off such things now is just stupid.

“Ah shit, you’re right about that” the boss actually listens for once, that’s not her real name by the way she just likes to be called that by her comrades for some reason “Anyway are the explosives ready? We’ve only got so much time to get the heck out of here before everything goes boom”.

“For the third time, we don’t have explosives” you explain back to her. “Flames spread longer and quicker since this whole manor is made of wood and paper from the inside. And will force the target to leave the house at which point we can gang up on her again and retrieve the egg
BUT that’s only WHEN we find a way to get a fire going”.

“And have that bitch of a man-eater die in a sea of flames, the perfect karmic retribution”.

“You’re really hung up on that aren’t you boss? Jeez, she only gave us minor injuries”

“She cut a bunch of you gals into slices of pie and burned my fucking face off! WHAT PART OF THAT IS MINOR?!”

“Fair enough, may have come off as too dismissive there. But that doesn’t change the fact we have to focus on our primary objective first and foremost. Everything else can be handled later…speaking of which why are we going through the trouble of burning the place down? Wouldn’t it be easier to wait for Merlin and her friend to split up, change into the form of one and then trick the other into giving us the egg? Such a thing would be far easier and less risky than “*Lol, let’s burn everything*”.

“Excuse me who’s the boss here? That’s right me, I’m the leader of this unit and if I say that we’re going to burn down a building then burn down a building we will”.

“Again, that’s a shitty idea. We’ve already had a hard time just getting the clothes and appearances of these other bunnies, anything more could lead to everything being ruined due to bad clothes”.

Speaking of which now feels like a good time to describe everyone, imagine a group of 15 rabbits wearing suits and sunglasses, the boss has pink hair and you have black hair but other than that everyone else has a hair shade of brown which in hindsight really makes everyone look suspect in a way but so far you’ve all obtained nothing more than a few glances, mostly cause you all went and split since otherwise a bunch of people together would be way too suspicious to possibly ignore.

So currently, it’s just you, the boss and 3 other tanuki disguised as rabbits in what looks like a kitchen.

Oh, there’s also one extra person who’s not a tanuki and hiding their face with a mask but that’s not important since ya’ll managed to give her a bunch of fake rabbit ears too.

You’re not sure who she is, but so far nobody has really acknowledged her so you’re just assuming she’s some sort of hired gun or whatever. Either way the mission goes first right now.

"Hey, who are you anyway?" so you go ahead and ask her.

"...." But the ninja person doesn't answer, typical oh I'm so mysterious attitude.

Whatever, it's not like you were that interested anyway. Just do your job and there's no problem.

“NO, she burned my face, so I’ll burn down the hospital she’s in. That’s karmic justice!” The boss continues her rant, her face growing red in the process, at least you think so since it’s entirely covered in a bunch of bandages aside from the eyes. Making her look like half a mummy “I’ll never forgive her!”

“You’re really hung up on this huh”

“What part of my face being burned do you not understand? That bitch is going to die and that’s final, I don’t care how much time and resources I have to waste to make it happen”.

Yup she’s really hung up on this, not that you don’t have your own grudges but you’re old enough to know that the best revenges are those served cold. The mission first, revenge later. That’s how it is.

[X] Fine, let’s go burn down a hospital then. (Burn down a hospital goo!)
[X] Boss, I insist that we use a stealthier way (Use the stealthy way!)

(Do vote on this and just a sec, one more update)
Image Source
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File 164545857580.png - (960.72KB, 1240x1754, NDA SIGN IT OR NOT.png)
Oh, you think you hit a fuse right there. Turns out old people don't like to be called old, the same way a mermaid would not want to be called a fish vagina, some people just cannot handle the truth.

That's funny, everything you've done so far was perfectly acceptable but the simple mention of elder is where she decides enough is enough? that kind of mindset is something you can't understand.

And when you don't understand something, you want to annoy it! "Never mind, you look pretty young”, but you don't, for now isn't the time and place for that "You've got very nice hair too, very silvery" so you praise the old woman, because she has something you want, something you need and when brute force doesn't work then it's time to let out the little girl charisma! "I'm sure you taste good!"

"...." Look at her face, behold the way she puts a hand on her face.

She's clearly overjoyed by the praise!

"That's...not much better I believe, anyway back to our current subject: You still haven't told me what I want to know and I'm sure your friends (wherever they are) must be getting quite tired of not knowing where you are" Her voice and face change from the friendly and helpful older lady vibes to one that's more professional and distanced "Shouldn't you quit this...whatever it is you're doing already? I'm only trying to do what's best for everyone yet here you are suspecting me for no reason and wasting everyone's time. I have other things I have to do you know?".

Huh, she really REALLY wants to know what you know. Kind of sketchy "Why do you think I suspect you anyway? Hmmm, the more you ask to know about it, the sketchier you appear to me Doctor!" and you point at her again.

"Sigh, why is nothing easy today" Her patience is lowering, and she says nothing for a few seconds. "Okay, it's decided" Her hand moves to some piles of paper, seeking something, before pulling out a brochure "This discussion has sadly proven redundant so we may as well end it, your lack of cooperation though irrational is understandable due to factors of our previous discussions and so it would be in our best interests to move on and continue on other matters" and she starts speaking in a weird and overly complicated way.

"I have no idea what you're saying right now, Doc" you casually demand a simpler answer.

"In shorter terms...hold on" She thinks about how to dumb it down for you "This talk isn't fun anymore, let's go get you to Marisa, see how she's doing and afterwards you get to tell the Mokou that there's nothing to worry about, so I won't have to deal with you guys anymore, not that I dislike you or anything dear. I'm just a busy person".

"Oh okay!" that's a convenient offer, you were going to give up soon anyway. Since whatever the doc might be hiding should be something that could be easily figured out just by talking to Marisa or telling Mokky about it. It's like everyone says, "You may think you're smart, but the real smart person knows when they're too dumb to solve something!"

"Oh, don't be too excited" Snarky comment on your sudden cooperation aside, the doctor hands you a paper "Before the visit, I'll have to have you sign an NDA first and foremost alongside making sure you know what you're getting into".

You take the paper, "What's an NDA?" and ask the question while looking at it. There's nothing that noticeable about it though, it's just a paper with a bunch of small words on it and a place to sign your name on. "What's the use of this?"

This would be the part where she'd snort or tease you for your lack of knowledge, like many others do "An NDA means a non-disclosure agreement, in other words an agreement to not spill the beans on an secret" but instead she calmly takes the time to explain it to you "As odd as it may be, there are people out there that'd love nothing more than an excuse to desecrate the reputation of this fine establishment by twisting the words of it's customers. But those aren't the worst nay it's those who believe the rumours and then attack us out of nowhere that are the worst. Plenty of people these days love to play hero as an excuse to break and enter and overall cause vandalism and-" She stops talking recognizing she's about to go into a rant "Ahem, in short don't talk to people about what you'll see, and I'll let you and I mean only you meet with Marisa. Refuse those terms and I'll kindly guide you back to your friends and that'd be it".

Sounds like a lot of words to you, "How will signing this stop me from really talking if I wanted too though?"

"Magic" ah, the explanation for everything "You just won't be able to, that's the condition".

That sounds super simple and not sketchy at all.


Then again it could be? It's just signing a paper and afterwards you get to see Marisa.
There is really no overthinking this, or it could be. Then again even if you said no then how else would you find her? Just sniff the dolls in the hopes her scent is on it. That could be possible but would be way harder than just saying yes now.

"How come Merlin and Mokou don't get to join us?" you can't help but ask.

"Too many people visiting a patient at once can lead to unnecessary stress on the latter...also the Fujiwara has been harassing us the whole day so pardon my pettiness in just not wanting to indulge her in any way" The Doc responds.

"Huh, I see" Then it's time to decide.

[X] Sign the NDA, magical silence or whatever. Marisa here I come!
[X] Refuse, it's too Sketchy. Just way too Sketchy even for you.

Done, figured it's better to give more info on plot stuff and more control over events too.
If it's too much then we'll go back to only having Rumia's pov, let's try this bread out.
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...Did she just say the word “sigh”?
Delete Post
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[X] Fine, let’s go burn down a hospital then. (Burn down a hospital goo!)
How can I say no to a little arson?
[X] Refuse, it's too Sketchy. Just way too Sketchy even for you.
Signing magic papers that have many words on them? Good one. I'm sure Mokou would love to know about it.

Would like to say, I like the cutaway scene. Very nice to know what the hell Meiling and Reimu are up to after a while.
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[X] Fine, let’s go burn down a hospital then. (Burn down a hospital goo!)
[X] Sign the NDA, but misspell your name on purpose. If questioned, claim illiteracy.

Seeing how much Rumia hates Keine's class, it might even be the truth. Magical binding contracts can't bind Rumia if its trying to bind "Roomya."
Delete Post
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Out loud and unironically yes


Everyone loves arson and nice to know the cutaway scene is seen as good.


Clever, kanji's some weird writing anyway so writing your name wrong would be hard to detect and is an out of the box tactic that I can respect.

That said do break the tie or I'm gonna do Tie Breaker Dojo tmrw.
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>>31848 here
I can agree to misspelling the name on the NDA. Magic can be a bitch like that, huh?
Delete Post
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[X] Fine, let’s go burn down a hospital then. (Burn down a hospital goo!)
[X] Sign the NDA, but misspell your name on purpose. If questioned, claim illiteracy.
Image Source
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File 164703355678.png - (302.00KB, 821x546, Crazy or simply seeing the Truth.png)
Crazy or simply seeing the Truth

It looks like you got your head handed to you.

So, how about giving it another shot?

[V] Yes!

[X] No...

I'm just joking, update will come tmrw and sorry for the delay
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 164780835164.png - (50.29KB, 872x667, Meanwhile somewhere else.png)
Meanwhile somewhere else
Fuck it, gotta beat out this lazy vibe with only one way! Rapid fire-choices! The next update will be normal though!


Encounter with Spirit of Hibernation.

[x] Extermination
[x] Communication.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 164780861087.png - (823.46KB, 1456x834, Meanwhile somewhere else somewhere elser elsest el.png)
Meanwhile somewhere else somewhere elser elsest el

Olive oil doesn't burn above 450 fahrenheit...

Rumination. How to burnination?

Wriggle's presence not recognization, is lost and met this by pure coincidence while looking to rejoin friends-ination, good luck or bad luck-ation?

[x] Ghostly intervention! Can't let them burn a hospitalization!
[x] Ghostly go back and warn friend-ination? where is Rumia anywayation?
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 164780893977.png - (512.72KB, 1380x895, meanwhile somewhere else somewhere elser elsiest e.png)
meanwhile somewhere else somewhere elser elsiest e
It's closing time-ination.

Narumi left a while ago, gave gift as thanks for your good-hospilatiliation.

Life is good-ination, wonder how the others are doingation?


Raccoons want to commence *Friendly* negotiations.

Saying no will result in bad times ination. Nobody to help you right nowation.

[x] Submission. Don't want to be hurt-ination.
[x] Intimidation. They won't get away with this in-ation.
Image Source
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File 164780916966.png - (2.07MB, 1142x842, copy of somewhere else.png)
copy of somewhere else
Girls are having a good time.

No jokes here, just a reminder they exist and a hint to their location.

Can you guess where they are? Or why they are here even?

Insert your answer here or give up!

[x] Answer here.
Image Source
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File 164781093083.png - (54.47KB, 807x645, meanwhile here.png)
meanwhile here
Having signed the contract with a fake name, you're currently walking down the hallways with the Doctor. She doesn't seem to have noticed your amazing deception and so far hasn't even made conversation with you during the walk.

That's a good thing actually, the last part you mean. Since so far people have been talking a lot and frankly you're more of an action kind of gal than an solving hard puzzles kind of gal. That doesn't mean you're dumb right?

Anyway the silence is nice, simply walking and knowing that eventually you'll get to meet Marisa is nice, now you only have to make none of the bad thoughts will come during this time. The brain loves to make them flow when there's nothing else to distract you but you'll be fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiineeeeee!

"I feel like I've been forgotten" a voice inside your pocket says, proving you wrong instantly. "You still haven't given me a solid answer by the way" the soap says indignantly, seeming to glare at you as you pluck it out and take a closer look at it, returning the view. "Do you think I perhaps don't have other things to do? My, I'll have you know that I'm an very important person where I'm from so why do-"

"Just shut up" you reply to it, NOT in the mood for any shenanigans right now. Not a single good thing has come from those and right now you simply want to walk down a hallway and try to not give the doctor the impression that PERHAPS you're not stable enough to meet her oh so fragile patient.

"Shut up? Shut up you say? I can see why you're not a hero at all, you're so rude and unproffesional and not only that but can't you clean your pockets a bit more? I swear I felt so icky in there" but your voice is ignored as it continues whining for some reason, probably choosing now of all times to throw a tantrum in hopes of making you look coo-coo if anyone sees you talking to it. "Boohooohoo, besides it's not like there's no merit to not list-"

"I said shut up, keep talking and I'll just crush you" again, you don't care. Any time it keeps talking is a moment that time is wasted, you're better than that now and one can't be tricked if they don't listen now can they? "You might not even be real for all I know, just some dumb funk that I'm having probably" and that said you start squishing it before it can reply, intent on breaking it before it can continue spouting whatever bullshit it wants you to believe. As if you'd trust any voice than your own or the meatball's god at this point.

"Who are you talking to dear?" but sadly your whole thing does not come unnoticed, the Doctor's giving you a back-side glance as she keeps walking "You keep mumbling to yourself did you know that? better get that in check or I might have to inspect you for psychological issues" you're not sure if that's a joke or not, so you simply shrug at her and say that it's nothing at all.

?You sure you want to do that?? The meatball god interrupts out of nowhere.

...you're not sure why she did, but somehow that simple sentence puts some pressure on you. Is keeping this whole thing secret a bad idea after all? you'd rather not be locked for being cuckoo if you can help it, even you know that doctors pluck out the brains of crays crays and play tennis with them since those brain balls are more bouncy than the hard-headed brain juices of others. It's a true fact.

?That'd be an good answer in most situations, that said I'll leave you be again. Don't mind me? And they're gone like the wind again, making you very much doubt your current decision.

Not that you think you need help or anything, but the fact that the person in front of you is one of the if not the most amazing doctor in the whole wide world is something noone can deny. From physical ilnesses to even nightmares, there's nothing she can't make a drug for right? If so...

Could she make the voices stop? they've been a real annoyance and we all know that a clear head is a best head right? Not that you mind the coolness factor in hearing things that others do not but uh...

"Are you all right?" The Doctor stops walking, her eyes boring into you like a drill even though she appears to disinterested. "If you need it, I could check you up again after the visit. Or do you feel really bad right now?" her doctorness still shines...through? you're not sure what you're talking about right now.

Let's just make it simple, will you tell her about the things you've seen and heard or will you stay quiet about it? Either way, you'll meet Marisa soon so stop wasting time with all this nonsense. You dummy.

[x] Talk, not that you're crazy but god you've seen some weird stuff.
[x] Stay quiet, you can just ignore them now. it's not that big of a deal and you don't trust the Doc anyway.

There ,update done. Sorry for the long delay again.
Schedule got real tight and followed with procrastination the motive to write simply did not come to me for a while. It should be fine now hopefully, no promises. But I'll update ever 2 days a story at minimun.
Delete Post
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You want choices? I'LL GIVE YOU CHOICES!
[x] Exterminatus altercatus
[x] Ignorus Raccoonus buffoonus
[x] MANNOSUKE INTIMIDOSUKE (you have a sword and a shop to protect, you bastard)
[x] Oh, did Mystia get a bar? That's nice.
[x] Doc we've seen some shit.

I will wait warmly for continuations on this.I will say you might want to be careful how much you try and keep the holistic view of everyone doing stuff. One wild vote could make planning hard.
Image Source
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File 164874709265.jpg - (175.02KB, 446x631, Letty Bossu.jpg)
Letty Bossu
/forest/res/31664.html#31859" class="ref|forest|31664|31859
Thanks for the kind words, I will keep that in mind (the other povs are just there to give more info and won't be a full time thing cause boy would that be hard to keep up) and try to update more often but right now other things demand my priority. I'll be sure to update with full power again soon enough!

Also here's an update cause why not.

“O-oh, I see more unfortunate souls have scaled their way here only to be rewarded with a chilly fate,” the spirit of winter before you speak with a sense of mirth in her voice, quickly shaken out of her stupor from seeing the two of you appear out of nowhere. “Can’t say I’m surprised to meet the hakurei here of all places, I bet you’re trying to put a stop to our current frosty circumstances, aren’t you? A real shame since even if I haven’t caused it, I’m still quite a fan of it… “the fact she hasn’t acknowledged you aside, Letty puts on a combative pose and flies a bit higher so she can look down on the both of you with a cold glance. “Then again what did I expect? A bunch of people have come this way already and none of them came back, so why don’t I do you two a favour and freeze you all here an- “

“I’ve heard enough, and I don’t care, also FANTASY HEAVEN!” sadly, the hakurei cares not for banter now and a deluge of spinning holy orbs swiftly come to make their acquaintance with the spirit’s body as a result. Instantly smashing her into the ground repeatedly as each orb stuns her by the impact, burns her through sheer contact and leaves enough of an opening for the next one to repeat the vicious cycle of hurt as the Hakurei kicks her prone form during the whole time. It is a simple and powerful attack and to use it so soon is quite pragmatic if not unfair. Even illegal.

“Ugoo…. I mean that’s enough!” A hail of bullets shaped like snow stars burst out of Letty’s body, forcing the hakurei to back off as she stands up again. No worse for the wear “A dirty trick that was, fitting for a human but I’ll have you know that thanks to my surroundings I’ve become fa- “

“FANTASY HEAVEN!” and then the hakurei uses it again while the Spirit talks, hitting her again with ease. Though efficient and ruthless the tactic is frankly one you can’t agree with since what’s the point of an adventure if you simply bomb your way through every boss you meet? She might run out on them soon enough if she keeps doing this, but she has shown no sign of fatigue yet so how much she has left in her is really a mystery to you, how come she’s so motivated?

“If you’re smart, then you will stay down. Cause I can throw hands all day and will do so until I FIND the prick that destroyed my shrine, solve an incident too but first THAT BASTARD WILL PAY!” Ah she’s holding a grudge That aside, the Yuki-Onna is swiftly ‘exterminated.’ Her defeated form lies crouched on the ground as some of her clothes have been shred and a comical bruise is on her head. Though not dead, she may as well wish to be so because the sting of the hakurei’s hard solid balls will make her unable to walk or sit for a while, euphemisms not included. It almost makes you wonder how long it’ll take before she grows bored of this approach as she has done this towards every person you’ve met so far on the road. What’s the point of being here if you don’t get some action too? You want to fist fight a yeti in the middle of a snow slide if that’s possible but eh, life.

“Hey, pay attention.” Oh, the hakurei’s done looting the spirit for powerups and pokes at you to get on your knees and carry her again “It’s starting to get dark so we better end this quickly or this is going to become an all-nighter, so giddy up and let’s go!” and so after a sigh, you go indeed.

A giant wall of ice gets in your way out of nowhere though, “Stop right there!” you turn around fast and see that the Yuki-Onna has already recovered. With a speed that’s quite unnatural too since nobody and you mean nobody instantly recovers from getting hit by a fricking FANTASY HEAVEN like it’s a minor scratch wound, “Like I’ve said before, thanks to all this snow and frost just lying around I feel just as fresh as a new-born…oh and finding this nifty rod helps a lot too~”

She promptly shows off her new toy. It’s a yellow object with fancy patterns on it but…

“That’s a trident you dumbass, it’s used for FISHING” The hakurei deadpans before you can, very unimpressed.

“Shut up human, THIS nifty piece of…I don’t know what it’s made off but anyway. THIS nifty piece not only empowers me even further but also gives me the ability to do THIS!” Like a magician she waves the trident like one does a wand, in response it shines a crystal blue light that blinds everyone for a few seconds before it shows the field again with nothing changed at all.
“Look up for a second” The enemy adds in helpfully.

Oh……Ooooh, so the rumours on that Crow tengu’s paper were true. (Sadly you don’t get to see their description and will to listen to hearsay if these two heroes ever come back unless you meet one yourself later on.)

“I’m not done yet, ahem” Letty takes in a deep breath and yes you’re referring to her as Letty now because you’re getting tired of not doing so due to formality. But anyway, she takes a deep breath and shouts “FAIRIES HELP! REIMU AND HER COHORT ARE BULLYING MEEEEEEEEEEE!” pathetically into the air, as if her cry would summon a bunch of fairies ready to rumble for her sak-

“Did someone say help?”; “Is someone in danger?”; “If so don’t be scared! For the Fairy Friends are here!” oh and it does work as a bunch of ice and snow fairies promptly join the fight, wait hold on it’s not only those, but there are also leaf and rock fairies and wait why there are so many different fairies working together? And why are they all wielding cool helmets and weapons?

“Huh, so the fairies have indeed unionized…” The hakurei mentions something with a mumble, but then nods as if resolute and pokes your back of the head “Oh well, I’m out of bombs and would like to spare my lives for something more important so…this fight is entirely yours Red head uh…China?”

Oh, boy. This may be a tough fight but then again, this is entirely what you came here for!

“Okay I still don’t understand much of this, but this is, so Shonen so let’s do this! YAHOOOOO!”
Filled with courage, you rush at the enemy with immense bravery. For this battle will be, wait for it…...LEGENDARY!

Image Source
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File 164874726165.png - (66.76KB, 168x267, Rinno in dangerino (2).png)
Rinno in dangerino (2)
Yeah, there’s no way you’re going to just lay down and do nothing. Especially not if that will only encourage other youkai in the area to try the same thing later in the future if you submit here. Problem is you’re surrounded by them and so need an opportunity to enter your shop again, perhaps you could bluff them into letting you go back only for you to take out a weapon and…

“Oh, so you’re planning to resist us, aren’t you?” One of the tanukis, drops their transformation of looking like the most average thing ever and turns into a tall blond-haired person with a fancy top hat, what’s not so fancy is the teeth showing smile on her face as she puts a dagger really close to your throat.

“Don’t try to deny it, I saw a glimpse in your eye just then. A little spark of bravery that if not extinguished may force we poor tanukis into having no other choice but to sadly beat you within an inch of your life and take the stuff we want by force rather than by an oh so generous discount of 100%” before you can reply she puts the dagger even closer, drawing a bit of blood. “Then again maybe that was just a little bit of misplaced manliness? Oh I sure hope so cause if you genuinely try to mess with us then you won’t get to bravely fight back with a sword and clever quip like in the movies, oh no shit will get bloody really quickly cause we my friend like to use a hint of brutality~

Not cause we’re sadists mind you, but because a general lack of real fighting ability can only be ignored once the consequence of losing to us is outright terrifying. Actually I’ll make it even simpler for you to understand: if you’re dumb enough to try to fight us, we’d stab and shoot you into the stomach, kick you onto the ground, chop of your arms and legs, gouge out your eyes, eat them and bind you against the entrance of your shop by your own intestines as an example for everyone else and that my dear shopkeeper is not an exaggeration but an promise of the near future depending on your next action. So, tell me, who’s a good boy who’s going to give us a 100% discount on some items?”.

[x] You are…
[x] Just because you can’t fight that doesn’t mean you’ll just submit!
Delete Post
Report Post
You’re not sure why there’s a bunch of tanukis in the kitchen but they seem to be struggling with something due to lacking enough knowledge on the matter. Oh well, instead of heroically doing something against them due to the suspicion of shady shenanigans you instead float through a wall out of the room as you calmly continue your search for your best friend. Having lost sight of her the moment she disappeared dramatically after that Doctor’s announcements and all. It’s clear to you as her friend, it is up to you to cheer her up as much as you can in your current state…also the fact that you can’t interact with anybody else is genuinely isolating and unnerving so let’s be quick on this.

“RUMIAAAAAAAAAAAA!” Oh, but you swiftly meet with another party. Specifically, Mokou and uh what was her name again? The prism river as they’re walking around the mansion hall looking for the same person that you are, time and space is really odd in this place now that you think of it, and it makes you wonder if the owner wanted it…could they simply make people unable to meet each other? Random thought aside, you go ahead and get closer to listen in on what they’re doing.

“RUMIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!” The prism river shouts out loud again, “We’ve got food for you so come on out and stop hiding! We swear we won’t bother you again so please come back!” and indeed in her hands are a bunch of meat-based products made for the sake of tempting the grue.

“This isn’t working…” The Fujiwara on the other hand is far quieter, simply walking behind the former before coming to a sudden stop. “Okay that’s enough, it’s time for plan B Merlin.”

“Huh plan B?” Merlin responds back, not remembering that plan it seems.

“We’ve been in the garden, we’ve been in the doctor’s office, the infirmary, the hot springs, and we haven’t found the girl anywhere in here. What can you make out of this?” She does a dramatic hand gesture as she calmly says, “It means she’s not in Eientei, maybe she got lost in the forest or something…heck she may even be far away as far as I know so it’s time for plan B.”

“Oh…I guess that makes sense, but! I don’t think that’s correct, if she wasn’t here…then clearly she would have told us where she’s heading instead of assuming we’d magically know where she is right?” that’s a pretty optimistic thought but that’s pretty wrong, if she knew Rumia better then she’d know that the girl has a tendency to just ditch things and leave without warning anyone. Only to somehow end up surprised when people don’t know where she is like some airhead. Sigh.

Mokou doesn’t even respond to Merlin and continues speaking “Well whatever, again I’ve got my own reason for being here and you’ve got absolutely no reason to stay here now do you? Since that sage you speak off isn’t here so…I think I’ll go do my own thing now" and that's all she says as she moves away.

Oh, she’s going to ditch Merlin since they’ve got no reason to be together now. Wait why were they together in the first place? (You weren’t there during the whole Tanuki stuff, so you don’t have the context needed to realize this is a pretty bad thing to do right now).

“WAIT!” but Merlin gets in front of her “Hold on a minute, you can’t just ditch me and Rumia like that! Aren’t we all friends and stuff? Shouldn’t we like try to help her and through teamwork and friendship power accomplish all our personal goals in a co-efficient manner and stuff? Don’t you know that the instrument that plays alone will never make a sound the same way a concert can?”

“Well, you’re right. But again, she’s not even here and ditched us already. So, unless you’ve got some magical way to track her down, I’m going to forcibly investigate the strange stuff happening now, even if I have to strangle the old doc for her to really start talking. Feel free to join or leave, I don’t care” and with that said, Mokou pushes past her and makes her way to…a random hallway?

You think it’s the one that leads to the kitchen again, Merlin however isn’t following though.
Is she hesitating maybe? Well, it’s not like it matters in any way now does it.
And even if it did it’s not like you could do anything now could you? You think so at least.
But yeah, it looks like they’re going to split up unless you do something but what even?

[x] Nothing duh, just go look for Rumia again.
[x] Nothing duh, just follow one of them (Merlin or Mokou, choose).
[x] Something duh, try something then. (write in).
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 16487475702.png - (368.58KB, 707x750, Wrong answer.png)
Wrong answer
Wrong answer, so you don’t get access to their useful titbit of conversation.
At least not the both of them, choose between one of these two.

[x] Shion and Mike
[x] Mystia and Mamizou.

POV END after one last post in here.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
Report Post
File 164874770572.jpg - (102.86KB, 1300x912, trust-concept-image-illustration-highest-meter-d-r.jpg)
One thing to be made clear first though.

On a level from 1 to 7 (Distrust to Total faith in her)

How much do you trust the Doctor Yagokoro?

Just making sure we're on the same page here before I continue the Rumia pov and FINALLY meet with Marisa like you wanted.

Also something else might be happening soon, possible fire notwithstanding.
Delete Post
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[x] You are…
[x] Nothing duh, just follow Merlin.
I legit don't remember if Wriggle has any possible interaction with the world, aside from the power of friendship.
[x] Mystia and Mamizou.
I swear to god if they're in Geidontei and Mysita is just on top of the counter...

As for the doctor, I'm on a 4 or so. I do think she's trying to medically help us, but I also firmly think she's fucking around with stuff she shouldn't be.

I'd like to say that I do want to see this keep going, it's a lot of fun to read, but we're really hitting points of meandering especially for choice importance. I don't as much mean that for the POV stuff, either, since it feels like there's really only one choice a lot of the past updates (I want my swallow the Hakkero insanity back).
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To be honest I feel the same way, there's not much one can do right now until this moment and I still don't really get what's the balance between giving the reader so many choices to the point the story feels way too slow and giving too little choices to the point that the story feels like it's just moving without you. I think I've obtained the worst of both even...but I'm going to try and do my best. As long as anyone's willing to read it then I WILL finish this story and I will increase the pace this instant now. So expect an update soon or until the end of the week, cause oh boy this is going to be a BIG ONE cause you my pal made the best decision you could have made in the entire adventure just now. Wait warmly for it.

Also the insanity will be back yeah, I loved that the most anyway. Thank you for your continued reading and commentary, they help a lot.
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File 164975733556.png - (92.74KB, 1131x521, scene 1.png)
scene 1
Congratulations, your swift thinking and humbleness has just saved you from a massive beating. The girl in front of you looks very smug because of it but doesn’t spend more time taunting you for it, instead saying that you’ve made the right decision and with a snap of her finger.

The rest of the girls enter your shop, take out some odd device that they point at random items and then put those that ‘qualify’ (Some of them actually try conversating with the items for some reason, and when it doesn’t seem to respond they ignore it) into a bunch of carts (that their friends transformed into) that they just as quickly unload into a working vehicle that you’re not sure of how they acquired let alone are capable of driving in such an car-unfriendly environment….hold on you can see a leaf on top of it so is this just an application then, who knew one could use transformation for such purposes…then again why couldn’t they? It’s not like there’s some rulebook on what can or can’t be done but that’s a thought and premise for a book that you can dawdle upon at a later time.

“Okay, big bitch”, before you can realize your next stroke of genius the two-hatted tanuki in front of you speaks again, scary grin on her face as if it could intimidate you “We got what we wanted and you don’t have any bruise or injury soooooooooooo…you’re going to keep our visit a secret okay? It’d be such a shame if we had to come back for something as awful as payback, right?” the question is ridiculous, they’ve got no way to verify if you tell anyone after they leave, “RIIIIIIIIIIIIIGH?” the knife gets closer to your cheek, so you quickly mumble yes. “Good, that all said then…” she backs off and turns around, leaving with the rest of her kind “Goodbye and hopefully you won’t see us again for a while!” and that’s it.

They actually left after casually robbing you, you’re not sure on whether you should feel glad that you’re unharmed or ashamed on how you did nothing to stop this. If only there was something, you co….

Oh yeah, you almost forgot you could do THAT. May as well try that out, but first thing first you move to close the shop…and now to hope that you won’t regret making this decision of all things.

Image Source
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File 164975752350.png - (386.85KB, 538x382, totally not a recycled image.png)
totally not a recycled image
“So Nightbird, would you do it or not?”
“No way, nope nuhuh and nadah”.
“Aw but come on. You’re the first cop on the scene”.
“Hmm…that still doesn’t matter at all”.
“Okay then how about this: Backup is at least 20 minutes away and she’s still warm~”.
“Yeah… but I still wouldn’t do it!”.
“But it’s Marilyn Monroe!”.
“Then I’d sneak a peek, but I wouldn’t do that, I do have some morals”.
“Psah, kids have no guts these days…but what if I said you wouldn’t get caught?”
“Her body would be riddled with evidence, are you drunk already Madam Futa? There’d be things like prints, hair, spiritual energy…my bitemarks and well know anyone would notice that”
“So? We’re in gensokyo! Paradise of youkai, not only would she be an outsider but there’s no such thing as dna tests in here. No one would ever know or care at all for whatever you did to her~”.
“Yeah, but they’d still try to figure it out. Imagine an uuh very old me explaining to my grandkids that I became infamous for having sex with Marilyn Monroe’s corpse. I’d never live it down! Like ever!”

“Wimp, I would totally have done it and matter of fact” [grins mischievously] “I actually did”.
“You’re lying”.
“Hehehe, this old witch has ensnared many folks in her youth know? Everyone said my skin rivalled that of the queen in Egypt even, that’s how good-looking I was back in my prime”.

“Nah, I don’t believe that” [Takes a drink] “I think you’re lying and looking for attention. Don’t you have anything better to do than chill in here anyway? You’ve been here almost all day”.

“And I’m planning to stay all night too! I tell you Birdy, when I get the chance to enjoy some impromptu vacation then oh by the gods am I going to enjoy it all with my everything!”
“Heh, aren’t you lucky then? What’s the occasion anyway? It’s no holiday as far I can tell”
“I got kicked out of my own house”
“Awesom-wait what did you just say?”
“Ah, didn’t you hear that? Maybe your ears are the ones that need fixing”.
“Whatever you drunk granny, you have a story to tell, no? then go ahead and start storytelling!”
“That means I don’t want to tell the story”.
“But why wouldn’t you want to tell it?”
“Because what?”
“Because that’s the reason”.
“But you haven’t listed the reason though…wait are you going senile perhaps?”
[Clutches chest dramatically] “Gah! F-fine, I’ll tell you. Just stop calling me that, my tummy can’t handle it…”
“Well one, you called yourself old first and two, I think you meant the hea- “
“Wha-why are you cry- “
“Mystia’s so meaaaaaaaaaaan, calling a poor woman old of all things. What’s next are you going to say my tail should be sold to poachers so it can be used for medicine somewhere in china?!”
“What, no! I would never say such a t- “
“What an ungrateful generation! Waaaaaah! Here I act all wise and kind and you treat me like the local crazy cat lady, have you no respect for your elders? Have you no shred of decency Mystia?!”
“I-uh, you know what? If you’re going to be like that the- “

“Waaaaa- “
“LALALALALALA! I’m singing harder than you can cry hah! Lalalalalala!”
Shortly afterwards, both got kicked out of Gedontei due to the commotion.
“Welp, that happened…at least we learned an important lesson Mystia”.
“…I know you want me to ask what the lesson is for some funny punchline but frankly no, I’m not going to indulge you. So, I won’t ask what the lesson is, how are those apples huh?”
“What’s the important lesson? Why I’m glad you asked Mystia!”
“Oh, you motherfu- “
“The lesson of today is that: the true friends we made are the ones we find along the way, even more if thanks to them you get to drink a bunch of booze and pay for none of it afterwards~”.
“Great, so is that it? Was that your grand gambit revealed? If so, I’m leaving now”.
“Oh, but where are you going? The village exit is that way you know”
“Oh, I do know, but I still have to get the cake I ordered so I can put it home before the big day”.
“What kind of big day are we speaking off?”
“A birthday, but you’re not invited anyway so don’t bother asking me now of all times”.
“I see, thanks for inviting me but who’s the lucky person to be one year older?”
Mystia just leaves without a word at that, ending the conversation instantly. A shame the tanuki accompanies her anyway but frankly that’s none of our business nor was this helpful in any way.
“So then and I kid you not, they decided to install a hat-ocracy, like I don’t even know what that means but they seem to believe that those in charge should wear a nicer hat than others” the Tanuki continues speaking, casually revealing what she was being super-secretive about earlier since they’re no longer surrounded by possible overhearers or perhaps for some other reason, I don’t know she’s fricking drunk “And like, and like…that’s not even the most ridiculous idea they’ve had yet so far but really you uh, man you have to see this shit for yourself cause there’s no way these guys aren’t going to self-destruct in less than a week without my supervision. Dumbasses really thinking they can over the world and hearing that shit just makes me go pshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh bitch please you know? I swear to god just gimme some popcorn, a nice seat with a view outside and you’ll see them fuck themselves more than any other person could ever mess something up, it’ll be the joke of the age”.
“You’re drunk tanuki, just go home and chill until the alcohol leaves or something”.
“I’m not drunk, just a little bit tipsy he-ha-he-he”
“…Well, I guess you could get a bite of lamprey if you want then”.
“That’d be lovely”.

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File 164975763097.png - (46.96KB, 648x567, scene 3.png)
NSFW image
>Wriggle: True you can’t do shit, so you won't need to see more here. Thanks for the decision and POV END.

“And that’s my story!” you end the story with a cute pose, having told the doctor absolutely everything there is to know about your current adventure with zero censorship. Sure one may think that admitting to having murderous thoughts may be a bad idea and that the fact you’ve actually followed up on them may paint you as highly unstable and a potential threat to everyone but you’re sure that everything should be fine since hey you could have been way worse had you really wanted to with all the tools that were given to you. Also, trust is important right? So, the logical conclusion is that if you trust someone even remotely then it’s fine to trust them completely! Not to forget all the good stuff you also did or the fact that you’re too tired to give a shit about such awesome actions since nothing you have done so far will matter anyway as you’re just going to drop dead in a few hours. “Isn’t that a bummer?” oh boy, you just said a lot of stuff with a bright smile and just look at how the doctor is handling it, she’s quiet like a mouse and her expression has never been harder to read! What doe-
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File 164975770368.png - (44.50KB, 602x399, scene 4.png)
NSFW image
Oh, and she drew out her weapon, she’s pointing some plain looking bow at you now. The shiny red arrow bullet oozing out of it is clearly made of danmaku but hot dang does it look nasty if you were to be hit by that. It’d go straight through you like you’re made of butter and then purify the rest of your body from the inside out, instantly killing you in the process. You’re not sure if that would happen but come oooooooon, some super old and super powerful doctor is pointing a weapon at you! What else is a person supposed to think in such a situation huh?
“Don’t move” the doctor disturbs your thoughts with a calm tone, “It’s not aimed at you, just don’t move and nothing bad will happen.” OH SURE, she’s not pointing at you naaah she’s pointing at your general direction and clearly that means you should just sit still and take and uh…. funny sarcasm?

You know what, frick it. Let her shoot you already. In one scenario she’ll shoot something else somehow and in the other you’ll be dead or at least too dead to come back in a bad way so either of those two possibilities are in hindsight both a winning condition to you. Come to us, sweet death! Well not us, it’s just you after all that’s going to be dead, not because you want it to but because there’s nothing you could do to stop this that wouldn’t just give you more problems afterwards. Stab the doctor in self-defence and congratulations, you’ve murdered the only person that could make a cure out off the current dilemma! dodge the shot and then you’ll have to deal with yet another one! No matter what you do nothing good will happen and that’s really something that’s been happening the whole adventure hasn’t it? So, it’s time for another strategy: perhaps it’s time to do nothing. To just let stuff, happen, like the arrow aimed at your life would be easier if you weren’t constantly swimming upstream. Maybe that’s the secret to happiness? If you don’t care about what happens then you can’t get hurt anymore, since you’re only hurt when you care about something right? And oh, uh wait what are you even talking about? This is starting to get really navel gazing and less actiony and oh yeah you should probably make a decision already before someone else makes it for you…wait didn’t you just say you wouldn’t make a decision anymore? Hold on, nah yeah, wait nah, but yeah, should you move or not move? You close your eyes and brace for impact.

Worst-case scenario, you’ll have nothing more to worry about.
Image Source
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File 164975782182.png - (14.64KB, 340x357, scene 5.png)
NSFW image

Man, this is quite a tense feeling. Every part of your body is on edge, there is a will nay there is a demand that you move this instant as if a bunch of voices are screaming at you like you’re a moron. Though hard you somehow manage to silence them but even then, it isn’t over. Never in your existence before having you felt how alive your body is. The feeling of your blood pumping in your vei…oh wait that’s not blood anymore now, is it? The saliva going down your throat oh wait that’s not saliva either. The scorching air in your lungs? Also not there, if it was, you’d be suffocating on yourself probably. But that does bring the question, do you still need air to breathe? Never mind that’s for another matter. But how about the beating of your heart booming in your ears? Surely that’s a sign you’re alive, surely that’s a…it’s not there either. There is no heartbeat inside of you, there is no bone, there is no more flesh under your skin either. Is there even a single true sign inside of your body that you’re still alive? Or at least that some part of it still belongs to you?

Huh, it kind of comes a bit late to mind but the fact there’s a chainsaw inside of you that can burst out of your body anytime like a rattle snake when you want it to kind of comes as a rip off if it’s for this kind of price to pay. You are still Rumia on the outside but it’s the inside that matters most.

And if your body is changed to such an extent, who’s the say the mind hasn’t? Are you really Rumia or are you someone who convinced themselves that they’re Rumia? That’s a weird thought to be having now of all times but frankly you wouldn’t be surprised if that was going to be the big twist. That you were dead all along or some dumb overly dramatic nonsense for the sake of having some dumb overly dramatic nonsense, surprise aside it would be one massive bummer, right?

?Not to be a know-it-all, but I’m 100% sure that would not be the case. That said are you done talking and doing nothing? Cause my time is precious here and if I wanted to hear people talk over and over only to do nothing then I’d be watching a soap opera! So go ahead and defend yourself!?

Oh uh, sorry god. You’ll be sure to do that then but what can you even do ri-
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File 164975803418.png - (95.78KB, 962x778, scene 7.png)
NSFW image
“Okay, I’m done” the doctor’s voice rings out again, breaking you out of your stupor. You didn’t even hear the shot be let out and yet here you still are, your right hand feeling only a little bit lighter.

And your surroundings have changed as well when you open your eyes. The green hallway you two were in somehow changed into one much darker through which windows show the night sky filled with stars. “I found everything you’ve said and witnessed quite hard to believe but….” Three sounds of something metallic breaking can be heard “I’ve got something of an unbelievable story as well, not to forget your constant cooperation and politeness so far really do not give me the impression that you’re lying to me…hence I believe everything you say” she ends the sentence with a calmer tone and somehow it feels like she’s no longer putting herself on guard and or is doubting you anymore. She turns around before you can say anything and puts a hand on your shoulder “Now first thing first, I’d like to tell you four things. Firstly, I’m impressed that you’ve managed to make it so far and secondly, I’m sorry that you had to in the first place. This isn’t the kind of thing a child should have to deal with and I want you to know that despite everything that’s happening right now…I’m confident that everyone will go through this current problem none for the worse as long as I can help it and I can” soon enough she lets go, not overstaying her welcome on you with something like a hug or pat on the head as doing so would make you immensely uncomfortable “Thirdly, though it may be obvious to some I’m going to say it anyway: You are not alone here, you’ve got your friends and most importantly as one of my patients it is my direct interest and duty for you to come out of this day fully cured of any diseases and fully treated of any long lasting harms that you may have suffered. I’ll say it again in shorter terms just so you’ll understand: I am going to make sure that everyone will be fine. Sure, there is no miracle remedy now, but I could make one before it’s too late and I will so there’s nothing you need to worry about. Fourthly and I’m aware that this is quite the thing to ask of you, but I’m not asking anything since I’ve got some use for you and you’ve got everything to gain by helping so you’ll be doing something for me later, is that understood?” she finally ends the sentence, waiting for your input. Input that doesn’t come because you’re too flabbergasted to speak, unsure whether you should feel grateful, offended or something in between “Hm, no answer? That’s all right for now, the night is fresh anyway and you wanted to visit someone right? Let’s go do that now and let you see the Kirisame before I have to go. I’m afraid I’ve spent more time here than I should have so after this you and I shall separate, and I shall let a servant show you the way. Afterwards you’ll be given some limited time to speak with the girl and afterwards you’ll have the task send towards you. Oh, but one more thing I think would be safe to say: Remember that you are a quest here and so you are to spend the night here if you wish and frankly, I’d recommend it since the closer you are to us the sooner, you’ll know when we’ve successfully made a cure. Though I’m afraid the opposite isn’t possible due to your status as possible contaminator and so as a result my staff will be very on guard as they monitor your actions, actions which if unreasonable may force them to put you into a room that you’re not allowed to leave like others before you that have proven themselves to not be of a tamer nature. That all said shall we go now?”.

Wait what did she just say? she said a lot of stuff really fast and like...how are you supposed to respond?

?That's an easy question, you don't. Let's just move on already!?

But I

?I'm just going to go ahead and force a skip, you'll thank me for it later?

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File 164975851965.png - (422.74KB, 721x572, Scene 8.png)
Scene 8
“You have 5 minutes, if either of you show any sign of aggression then it ends instantly” your offscreen rabbit companion says to you in blunt terms before shoving you into the room. Pure-white door slammed shut behind her. Leaving you alone in a super fancy room that Marisa is supposed to be in. There’s a table, there’s a bed, there’s a fridge and honestly this looks more like a deluxe hotel than a room that you’re not allowed to leave in a local hospital but then again how many hospitals have y-wait hold on a moment how did you even get here so f-

?Hey look it's Marisa!?

Oh hey that's right, its Marisa! She’s staring straightforwardly with an empty stare and a whole more wings attached to her back. ?You should totally go greet her now!? “Hi!” you see no reason to not do that and so do it with great intensity!

She doesn’t answer, not even a sigh or a blink is made to recognize your presence.

Guess she didn’t hear you the first time.

Let’s say it louder this time “HI MARISA!”


Nothing changes, is she just ignoring you or do you simply not exist or something?

Either way you’ve got like… only 5 minutes to spare with her and only like some hours to spent before the super big game over comes, so there’s no time to waste here. Yes, clearly now is the time for action and not the time for bla bla bla and ha ha ha’s, nay you are going to do the right thing for once and take control over your destiny by skipping the silly stuff and getting straight to the point! Starting by forcing her to join your party, through any way needed. So let’s do this! LETS DO THIS! Why so eager to ru-LETS DO THIS ALREADY!

[Perception 5/20] Hmm, take a closer look maybe?
[Barter 18/10] ANYWAY, I’ve got just the stuff you want!
[Unarmed 76/40] Maybe she sleeps with her eyes open? Wake her up!

I forgot how colours work so if this doesn't show the colour yellow then F.
That said here's another update.
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Oh fuck, the yellow burns to the eyes.

[color=#10da43][Speech 16/75] JOIN MY PARTY OR DIE WITCH!
[Perception 5/20] Hmm, take a closer look maybe?
[Barter 18/10] ANYWAY, I’ve got just the stuff you want!
[Unarmed 76/40] Maybe she sleeps with her eyes open? Wake her up!

Here have nuclear green instead, that should be better.
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Taking the lower role by virtue of safety. Besides we should have enough time to rassle her if she's unresponsive.

It will be nice to be out of POV parade. I also like the good doctor (but what if she's just digging an even further facade {paranoia intensifies}). Anyway, we're finally here after a whole thread of non-committal buildup!
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File 164985880580.jpg - (45.71KB, 640x640, marisa.jpg)
> Barter

Of course, you're here for a reason.
An noble reason.
An evil reason.
A reason that's both noble and evil!

So you take out the dolls and show them off to her! "Guess who's found both dollies AND a way to revive our friends? that's right! it's me, so if you tag along then you too get to see them return. How about it?" your words are like a bacon of hope. Cooked straight with no creamy surprises, it's also good news~

Marisa Kirisame, the ordinary magician shows an reaction that's quite the opposite. Look at that unflinching gaze in her eyes, no emotion can be read within them. Look at her rigid body stance, it's like she's in a trance or perhaps is she trying to trick you somehow? as if by not moving you cannot see her. Finally and not least, the area around her feet looks different. It is of a red colour around her legs rather than the white colour the rest have as it goes all the way up to the back of her ankles. Also is it you....or does her whole uh art not feel a little bit different?

"Hmm...." this suspiciouis sight makes your brain tingle, like you're missing out on something. "You know staying still like that isn't supposed to be healthy for humans I think. You've all got to worry about muscle pains, back aches and all that stuff only weaklings need to worry about right? That's not an insult just a fact but anyway if you're going to just stand still like that then why not take a proper pose like me? Stretch your arms out, put your feet apart and feel liberated by the special Rumia pose and stuff.....like this!" you stand still for a moment, demonstrating your amazing pose in all it's glory "It's amazing right? Not only do your arms make you look bigger this way, scaring off potential foes in the process but it also fills one with confidence. That's right I said confidence, after all doesn't it just feel right to put your arms in the air and then shout something loud like "Tali-oh!" like you're some...okay you know what? no, I can't do this man." you lower your arms and frown at her with displeasure "Look, I get it already. You don't like me, you think I'm a jerky man-eating jerk and got plenty of reasons to dislike me because I"Don't have a job" or that I "Don't have an education" but that's not true! Eating people and causing misery to others is a very valid youkai proffesion these days yknow? You're just too much of a dumb human to understand that and if you were a smarter sort then maybe you would have realized that by now. Now sure you could say that counts as "Promoting the destruction of basic morality" which means being evil by the way. And you'd be right again, I could go for ruining someone's day anywhere and anytime because I'm EVIL INCARNATE DUH! I've chopped people up with chainsaws, I've stolen food, I've walked on plains off grass with signs that says one can't step on them and I don't regret any of it! But it's not like I could choose to do otherwise right? Right, it's in my nature, not only that it is my DUTY to be evil and therefore I am not responsible for the consequences of my actions. In fact I should be praised for it! I've gone and eaten humans straightforwardedly for as long as I remember and what do I get for it? Nothing! Not even a youkai of the month badge and you know what my threat level in that book about youkai is? M-E-D-I-U-M. FUCKING MEDUIM?! Can you believe it? I'm the type of youkai that immediately attacks a human when they see one and I'm treated like average when I should be HIGH! WHY IN THE HELL IS THAT HUH?! I SHOULD BE HIGH! I SHOULD BE-" you lose a bit track over what you were talking about, but your frustrations definitely are let out in a vocal manner.

A shame the Kirisame doesn't give a reaction again, it's almost like she's a statue.

?....Am I really going to have to say it? ?

Wait say what? Do you know something meatball god?

?I know everything and everyone, that said you're litteraly inside a small room with little to no exits out of it. I think that if you were to use your brain a little then you'd quickly realize where the Kirisame really is right now?

She's standing right in front of me!

?Is she though??

Yes? Like, I can actually see her and everything! The eyes don't lie god!

?Okay first off, don't you dare use that tone with me. Secondly, are you doubting me now??

No, I'm just stating the obvouis.

?So you are doubting me, fine. Why don't you take a closer look at her then?

Why should I-

?That'd be fine I guess, you've got the freedom to do whatever the heck you want. Call the guards, poke Marisa, inspect the room, do whatever you think is fit and see how that changes the situation?

Oh uh okay.

[x] Inspect Marisa more. She's weird.
[x] Walk around the room for clues.
[x] Just call the guards, this is shady.

Don't worry, this won't be an inspect the room.
Just choose a choice and see the immediate result happen.
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[x] Inspect Marisa more. She's weird.

MeatBallGod single-handedly rerailing the story. This is fine, there will be chances to mess it up ourselves again later. Still not sure what's happening now so I won't comment much.
Image Source
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File 164988050362.jpg - (159.70KB, 659x510, __kirisame_marisa_and_rumia_touhou_and_1_more_draw.jpg)
> Inspect Marisa more. She's weird.

Okieday, you take a closer step towards the witch and stop when you're in arms reach. The girl herself is still immobile and now that you're so close you notice that she herself isn't that tall. She barely towers over you but with the help of some comical big shoes the opposite could be made reality with quite the ease if you wanted.

?Okay and size aside. What else do you see??

Uh, not much to be honest. Marisa's in front of you and she's got uh...hair, clothes, the latter look a bit more different but who are you to judge fashion anyway and that all aside she looks quite fine. You do however wonder why this room looks so good though since again, this feels more like a comfy place to be in rather than an....

?A prison?

Wouldn't say that exactly but yeah, this is just the kind of room you wouldn't mind being stuck in. If it wasn't for that big glass wall to the right making you feel like you're being observed from the other side that is. That aside what else are you supposed to do now? There's nothing suspicious around here as far as anyone can tell.

?Oh, my me...look just poke her already?

Hmm...Isn't touching people without consent a bad thing?

? Yes, and you are a bad girl so that's not a problem?

Fair enough, since it's approved by god, you raise a single finger like it's the sword of damoclus and poke the witch. The gentle manoeuvre makes her lean backwards as if she's as light as a feather and her skin feels solid and groggy to the touch as if it's trying to suck the moisture out of you. At the insistence of the meatball god, you add in yet another poke and because of the immense awesomeness behind it, Marisa falls over backwards like a wooden plank would.

Wait a minute...since when was she this flat?

?Okay I'm done. Do I have to say it out loud??

Why do you sound so disappointed? it's not like you're doing anything wrong here...

?It’s a cardboard cut-out, a trap one could say and five seconds from now the real one is going to jump your ass via the ceiling because that angle isn't covered by the camera and oops the seconds have passed!?

Not sure whether to believe this, you look up at the ceiling and meet with a heavy object.

Said object being Marisa's fat ass hitting your skull like a bullet train would some people stuck in an odd question that people ask each other for reasons you do not understand, also your face hurts. A lot.

But your trouble doesn't end there, "Sup, long time no see, ze." The witch quickly helps you get up, mostly by grabbing you by the shoulders and putting one arm around your throat "I'd give you a better introduction, but I'm going to make this easy to understand: You're my hostage now (but not really) so go ahead and start crying for these people to open the door and save you like a proper damsel in distress, ze!" her voice sounds healthy as far as you can tell but you can't get a proper look of her right now, although wait why does her being fine matter at all to you? she's holding you against your will right now! And Meatball god didn't even warn you! all this hard work and the both of them are traitors!

? In my defence, I'm just a fan of what's more interesting. That said do carry on, this is getting good?

"Hey, pay attention here, ze!" Marisa nudges you to get your attention back, "Don't go talking to yourself again now, that was freaky as all hell hearing you shout out of nowhere but we're not here for that right now..." focusing back on her plan, she looks towards the camera that's pointed at the two of you now and she starts raising one fist menacingly towards it. "Oi, didn't you hear me before!? LET ME OUT OR THE LITTLE GIRL GETS IT ZE!" she shakes you with the remaining one and quickly whispers something in your ear "Hurry up and act scared and helpless, I'll totally owe you later".

...Hmm, okay dang what are you supposed to do now?

[x] You heard the witch, start crying.
[x] Resist, the doctor would NOT like this.
[x] Do nothing, because you don't care enough.
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Okay, but what if I just...
[x] "Marisa I'm literally dying, stop being a dumbass."

Also, a cardboard cutout meaning she had to have one in the room with her. Fantastic.
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File 164995083984.jpg - (82.37KB, 850x1196, __kirisame_marisa_touhou_drawn_by_jill_07km__sampl.jpg)

That's a valid write in, as for the cardboard you can ask her about it otherwise it's gonna be an elephant in the room.

>"Marisa I'm literally dying, stop being a dumbass."

"You're dying?!" Marisa parrots back, her grip on you lowers for a second due to shock at the words. "Oh....OH I see, that's a great angle to be using" but then 'realization' strikes in her eyes and she puts her one arm under your throat. "THE KID'S DYING! Don't you bunnies see this? If you don't let me out, then this girl will be strangled to death! Don't you go thinking I won't do it, ze!" and takes your reveal as a suggestion to fake-choke you in front of a potential crowd.

Which it's not, it's just dumb. With a loud sigh, you wait for your face to stop hurting before you go ahead and explain that you do really do not have the time for this nonsense, because you really are dying and stuff.
Which is bad, because being dead is not fun and all that bla bla stuff.

Of course, this is the exact moment a voice starts coming out of some speaker underneath the camera to interrupt you. "We don't give a bun, choke or eat the man-eater all you want," the voice says dismissively with a professional if not bored tone "The door won't be opened until you've been treated and there is nothing that will make us disobey that order. That said don't let it discourage any violence towards the man-eater, if anything we'll look the other way" oh great, it just revealed that your value as a hostage is a complete negative if not a bonus to the bunnies at work, like they do not care for you at all, if anything they despise you for some reason and you're not sure why. Maybe you did something before to them but right now just hearing that really sucks. "Either way we'll be extracting her after four more minutes and any sort of resistance will be met with proper measures, so go ahead and make our day" the voice stops after that sentence, leaving the two of you be on your own again as an awkward silence follows it.

"Huh, looks like you're useless then" Marisa lets go of you, then lets out a shrug as she leans against a wall in resignation while thinking of her next move "Shouldn't have expected much, ze and now that that has failed I'm all fresh out of escape plans...totally not thinking off the next one right now" ignoring that comment, you go ahead and take a proper look at her since it's been a while since you saw her.

Marisa's still got her black witch clothes with a new hat too boot, there's not a single bruise on her skin and aside from the grey wrinkles in her eyes and the smell off sweat on her body (alongside a scent of hospital food and dead pigeons) she seems to be doing quite well. Is what you would say if it wasn't for the 12 feet long wings (This is the 4 times the length of an human arm) just cluttering her upper back, "What are you looking at?" she notices that you're staring at them "Got some interest in these wings?" so she unfolds them, revealing that they're even bigger since before they were simply closed. "Yeah, they're super uncomfortable, did I tell you that, ze? Not only are they big and unwieldy but they're a pain to walk around with too! That's not to forget how it keeps dropping feathers everywhere but that's not the worst, nah the worst thing is that I don't even need them to fly so they're outright useless to m-agh" The witch grabs her own shoulder and gently rubs it "But anyway I'm not here to ramble or moan, you came here for a reason right? So, what is it? What do you need from good old Marisa that you couldn't possibly have gotten from anyone else? I'm assuming things must have gotten really bad if you of all people have come here to plead for my aid" you're not sure what she's on about.

"Actually. I'm here to help you?" you reply and are about to tell the whole story.

"Yeah, and I'm a pretty princess. But seriously what do you want, ze? I don't have all day but I'm going to hear you out anyway so go ahead and make your case and we'll see if I feel like helping" she's all ears in a rude way.

Awesome, but you really don't like that tone. Even if she's paying attention and everything you worked really hard to come all the way here so hearing something like a "What do you want?" really gets on your nerves a lot.

You'd have shot a person for such a reason, but right now you instead take a deep breath and calm down.

But anyway, what's your case Rumia? Well, we know what's the case but more specifically what are you going to tell?
Only stuff you consider important? Absolutely everything you've done up til now? The choice is yours!

[X] I'm here to help! Like a black knight rising on top of a tower, here I have come to rescue the helpless maiden so she can accompany on my amazing quest to witness the resurrection of two lives lost before. Also lots of murder. Tanuki and Anon murder to be specific, I shall find glory in the spilling of their blood and answers that I must know! Answers that refuse to show up for some reason which frankly pisses me off but I'm confident...and I mean very confident that if I were to beat up every single person in my way then something good will eventually happen right? that's how incidents and stuff are solved I think and I shall NOT rest until all of my foes have been reduced to broken bones to be shattered by my boots. My evil boots! Do you understand Marisa? My path is one of revenge and blood!

[X] I'm here to give up! More specifically, you can have these dolls and if you head all the way to the SDM then you could revive them! Afterwards I don't really care what you do since I'm going to die anyway and maybe so will you! Either way I'm planning to stay here since I want my medicine and stuff and maybe afterwards I'll quest again yeah.
But probably not, since like...if my friend is no longer dead and I'm not dead either then what's the point? Why should I continue giving a crap about all this nonsense for something like uh...revenge? I just want a birthday cake now man and maybe a fun party too, so let me say that again! I'm only interested in solving my own problems and then calling it a day. That's the big plan for my happy ending!

[X] I don't know man, I've just been doing random stuff here and there and still don't get the bigger picture. All I wanted was to have a fun day...and here we are. I learned you were in here and felt like checking up on you. But if you're like busy then I can leave, maybe have you come with and then we can do stuff together? Stuff like uh working together to solve this incident maybe? I'm not really for it but if you want to then we could do that since if there's no incident then there's no problem right? And if there's no more problem then today will stop being a suck-fest right? I just want today to be over because today is the worst day of my life, no matter what I have to do for it.

[X] Write in.
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[X] I don't know man.

Should be sensible enough to go full straightman to throw Marisa's game off. Getting her out, though... maybe we argue that she is of sound mind?

It might seem silly to be stuck on thinking Marisa needs to get out and help us, but we've established that we need whatever help we can get.

An aside, how are you feeling writing through this? It's been nice to see this one going again.
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That could work yeah, by that I mean being the straightman. But also the same towards the argueing, so you can try to just talk it out even if that takes longer and is way more of an tedouis and boring option to you.

How I am feeling about writing this? that's one hell of an question, but if I had to say it'd be that I think this is one fun of a story to write about but I keep holding back on the pacing and wackiness, which is counter-productive. So I'm not too sure if the story is still allright or if I could do something better, but my interest is still in this and as long as you want to vote in it then I'm going to keep it going. Because I want to get this all the way to the ending.

Next update will hopefully be more crunchy and plot-moving too, so you can wait for that once I update this tommorow. I apreciate your continued reading and until then.
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File 165022722919.jpg - (189.42KB, 512x512, __kirisame_marisa_and_rumia_touhou_drawn_by_rokugo.jpg)
[X] I don't know man

Marisa is about to dismiss your words as something idiotic but the dumb jokes she expects from you never come. Instead, you tell her everything she needs to know, your tone so formal and so lacking La joie de vivre that it feels scarily out of character. The friendly smile on her face vanishes as a result because again someone as joyful as yourself is talking like somebody killed your pet dog. Dead dogs being one hell of a downer to everyone, she doesn’t say anything in return for a while, then realization strikes in her eyes as she moves her mouth like she’s about to declare a grand announcement…. but she shuts it soon after, instead giving the ceiling an odd look in silence.

You look up at the ceiling to see what’s so interesting about it but see nothing more than well…a ceiling, there’s some tiles on it sure but there’s really nothing on it that would make it a special spot to look at. Exception being some of those small sprinkler thingies on it, but those are like...for water and stuff? it doesn't matter.

And after a few more seconds, that still hasn’t changed. There’s only silence as you wait for her to respond in anyway that’s not three dots.

“…Damn, I can’t make a joke out of that.” Marisa finally responds after a few more seconds, letting out a sigh and scratching the back of her neck before she continues “Well, as odd as your answer is. I think I get where you’re from coming from, and I don’t think you’re lying either since those were way too many details, but…” she pauses for another second, carefully considering her next words, or at least you assume so. “I don’t think you’re the right person for this, Ze. Well, more like, as well-meaning and as hard-working you may have been today, I don’t think you’ve got the incident solving fiber in you, get what I mean?”

“…No, no I don’t?” you’re not sure what she’s getting at, but can tell that she just rejected your offer of help “And what does that mean anyway? Are you saying I’m too dumb or weak to be useful?” a hint of anger leaves your mouth as you press her for more details on that, her words having sparked a bit of your pride.

As naturally as one can, she lets out a shrug and covers one of her arms on your shoulder “Nah, nah, nah. You’ve got it all wrong, ze.” Her casual tone returns as she is quick to dissuade you of those notions “I’m saying that you shouldn’t bother with such grand goals and let the big girls (like me) take care of the important stuff while you handle the things that you really care about. Like reviving our two friends, you mentioned something like that instead of say…uh how do I say explain this? Okay here’s how it is…” she moves her remaining in dismissal, shaking it like an eh motion “Traveling random places, beating up random bitches, and somehow ending an incident takes two things to properly do: A and B, you already know what those are so I see no need to explain it but anyway you don’t possess either and you’ve got more personal fish to fry right now, now don’t you? Yes, you do, therefore the right thing for you to do is to take care of things your size while the big girls (like me) take care about the big stuff….but what can you even do?” she thinks about it again, not sure how you would be useful in any way or how you could help now. You can’t help but feel a trace of resentment and sarcasm in those last words though, it makes you wonder if you did something to her but even if you did, it’s not like you could remember this very instant.

Either way, you’re quick to remind her about ‘what you can do’ “Well, uh, I’ve still got these…” you once again take out the dolls to show them off “If I take these dolls back to that vampire place then she’ll bring them back to life and not only that but…” just a moment, “The Doctor also has a request for me, well she said task so I’m assuming I can’t say no to whatever she wants, but that’s two oh so ‘small’ things I could do.”

“Yes, yes, you handle that. And meanwhile I’ll get out of here, find the mastermind of this whole debacle, blow them up, and then the incident will be over, and then everyone will have a party and then whole world be right again and bla bla bla, glad we got an understanding” Marisa wisely nods to the statement, “Wait, hold on!” but she takes a double-take to your statement, grabbing you by both shoulders “What did you just say right now? I think I misheard!”

You’re not afraid though and obediently respond “I can revive our friends? I know it sounds amazing but it’s the truth, hopefully”.

“No, not that. The other thing”

“The Doctor…by that I mean like the big lady with the white hair, has something she wants me to do?”


“Why, what?”

“Why would a genius like Dr Yagokoro need your aid in any way?”

“Is that an insult?” Anger rises within your chest again, but you supress it “I-I… don’t know exactly why, but it’s not like I’ve got anything to lose if it stops me from dying in the process…”

“What do you mean by dying?”

“…Dying means you end up dead after some time?”

“No, I get that. What I’m asking is: Why do you think you’re dying?”

“Because the doctor said so, she said that whatever’s inside me is going to…that I’m go…. that I’m going to…. make me not me”.

“…Rumia, I need you explain me everything she said in as many details as you can muster. Don’t think too much about it, just tell me everything she’s said to you ever since you came here, please.”

“Why should I do that?” you reply naturally but quickly step back “Ah, I mean, sure…” you’ve got no reason NOT to tell her after all and even if her rejecting your help hurts a little, now isn’t the time to be petty.

A shame the words refuse to come out of your mouth though.
Is what have would happen had you signed the NDA with your real name, instead you tell Marisa about everything that the doc told you, occasionally repeating stuff but soon enough she has the whole story. You’re not sure why she didn’t know but now she does.

She’s also holding her stomach and laughing out loud in front of you, it’s been only a few seconds but she’s still reacting like she heard the funniest joke that’s ever been told.

“Ha, ha, ha! Ha…. ha…ha, so that’s how she plays, wait I already knew this. How did I even forget? Oh, never mind but…hmm” once she regains her composure her whole demeanour changes from silly to serious…well it’s still silly to see her laying on her on her back on the floor, but her eyes have gained an odd sort of glint that you can’t describe as anything else but recognition, like she solved some big riddle that bothered her for some time.

“Okay! So, it’s time for the big reveal then!” Marisa jumps up and approaches you again, imaginary pipe in her mouth “So newsflash bud, you’ve been had. There’s no disease and that dear doctor of yours is a lying bitch. A massive lying bitch for that matter,ze.

That’s a massive accusation, one you can’t take possibly take lightly. You want to wait for her to elaborate but your body moves before you can stay calm, “Don’t you ever talk that way about her!” with a cry off outrage, your palm moves to meet Marisa’s face, coming for a big slap, one that’ll leave a big red mark on her if it hits, you know that’s not the right thing to do here but hearing her bad-mouth someone who’s trying really hard to help you like that with no basis just triggers something within you. So, this violence is about to be domestic.

Shamefully, or luckily. She dodges the blow with ease, simply side-stepping the attack and before you know it, pinning you to the ground too, “Woah, calm your ardours there, ze. I haven’t even said the rest of my stuff so why don’t you just stay calm and listen for a sec?” whatever answer you were going to give doesn’t matter for she continues talking while using you as a comfy seat. “So, listen up, you’ve heard the doctor say something about bacteria, viruses, or something sciency bla bla bla right? If that’s really the case, then she should be able to make a cure to instantly solve the problem. She’s a genius after all, and when I say genius, I truly mean the kind of ‘Could solve every single disease on earth with a single pill if she wanted to’ kind of genius. So, it’s really and I mean odd that she couldn’t find a cure to instantly solve this issue. She’s handled bigger cases after all and it’s not like she lacks resources either, so what’s the deal here?”

A few seconds pass before you realize that’s an actual question “How…would I possibly know? Maybe she needs something super rare? Maybe she’s not used to this kind of thing? Just ask her yourself if you’re so curious.” And though you can’t answer the question, you’re not convinced that this means the doctor’s lying, she doesn’t seem the type to do so, at least you think so…no you know so. “Was that whole your argument? That it’s weird she didn’t instantly solve all our problems? That’s just like complaining that some super chef didn’t cook a meal in less than 10 minutes, it’s got absolutely no basis!” so you reply at her, demanding she shows greater proof or else the fact why she’s stuck in here may have just shown itself.

“Relax, I’ve got all the proof I need.” Marisa waves you off again, another shrug leaving her mouth, like you’re a hassle to talk to “That said, It’s hard to explain so don’t mind it if I’m about to go into a small ramble, okay?” but then she immediately changes gear by doing a cute posture with her hands, like it’s supposed to be endearing somehow.

?Oh is it ramble time? Don’t mind if I take a seat and watch?

You just stare at her and ignore the Meatball God, not certain on if you should listen since the last ramble, you had was all about eggs and stuff “…Go on, we’ve got like what? 3 or 4 minutes to spend anyway.” Even so you say yes anyway because curiosity is a major bitch.

“Goody, so here’s the question: "When I'm not seen by you, where do I go?" Marisa asks while pointing one thumb dramatically at you!

"What?" you reply, deadpan and confused.

"Just answer the question, don't think too much about it and simply say the first thing that comes to your mind!" The witch doesn’t leave her pose, demanding you answer as soon as possible.

"But what did you mean by that? if I don't see you then that means you're simply somewhere else right? It's that simple." But you’re still confused on what she meant, so there’s doubt in your answer.

?Bravo, you’re familiar with the concept of Object Permanence?

"EEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR, that's wrong!" After making a weird noise, Marisa crosses her arms in an x shape. "When you don't see me, I don't really go anywhere. I just stop being....in your perspective that is."


"When you don't see me, I might as well not exist. And I'm not the only that it counts for. Since you do it all the time as well, Rumia. When you lose conscience or sleep without dreams to be specific again. Ain’t that wacky?" at this point, you can tell she’s doing another pose again probably but you’re too confused and annoyed to care right now.

"...I don't see the point of this conversation." yet you amuse her anyway since you're curious on what she’s trying to convey "But I guess that means not existing is like sleeping?"

"Nah, it's not really 'like' anything, as there isn't someone for whom it's 'like something'. Because 'Not being' doesn't really happen to anybody per se is what I mean."

"You just said it happens to you or me."

"But isn't it very bold of you to assume that some 'you' actually exists?"

".... I do exist though"

"How do you know that?"

"Because I am here and I'm talking to you, you can see me, and I can see you. That's proof enough for me and if you're trying to confuse me or if this is a trick then I'd like to say that I'm not in the mood for this kind of weird stuff so please make some sense or I’ll leave."

"There's no need to get irritated, ze. You're in a safe place right now and I'm trying to tell you something important. Something that can't really be explained otherwise so just play along for now, okay? Good, now how would you describe that I that you see?".

"You're Marisa? I see you as Marisa?"

"No, I meant the I as in you".

"There's no I in you though?"

"Not the letter, the person. How would you describe that I?"

"I'd say you are Marisa, unless you're some tanuki but I find those odds unlikel-"

"NO, I meant as in the I that you are."

"But I'm not I? I'm Rumia."

"Again no, what I meant is how would you describe yourself? what is the I in Rumia?"

"Oh, that's really simple"

"Go on, then."

"The I in Rumia is after the M."

"You're really playing the wise guy huh?"

"No? I can't be a wise guy."

"Because you're a girl? is that what you're going to say? I bet it's that. I swear to god if you say that…"

"Is it me or am I feeling some hostility now?"

"Answer the question".

"Then no, I'm not a wise guy and it's not because I'm a girl for that matter."

"Good, in that case-"

"It's because I'm Rumia."

"...Okay, and who is Rumia?"


"And who is me?"


"That's not what I meant! look I get you're not used to this perspective stuff, but I need you to take this seriously or I'll just stop okay? So, no more jokes from now on".

"Okay? I wasn't joking though..."

"Don't care, but anyway let me ask you one more time: How would you describe yourself; how would you describe the I that is Rumia?"

"What’s the point of this again? Look, no offense but I don’t have much time to spend and since you said no on coming with me, I’ve got other stuff I need to take ca-“ you move to turn around, but before you know it, Marisa has slammed the wall next to you with one hand, cornering you with her whole body and preventing you from doing so. Shocking you in the process.

She quickly uses the opportunity to talk again “JUST answer the question, just do it, answer the damn question already before I lose my patience and stop trying to make you understand.” she's back to a serious face again, the intensity in her eyes makes it hard to look away for some reason. Like she's trying to tell you something you have to know.

Or maybe she's delusional and has been put in here for a good reason? “Yeah, but when you talk to me like that. It makes me n- “ with that thought, you offer your protest once m-

ANSWER.THE.DAMN.QUESTION.ZE!” Ah, and now she actually shouted at you.

What a great case she's making for herself.

So what'll it be Rumia?
Will you play along? Or spent your time elsewhere?

[X] Describe yourself.
[X] You don’t have time for this. (Demand she gets to the point)
[X] You don't have time for this. (Leave the room)
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[X] Describe yourself.

What's a few moments? I mean this is gonna be the last chance to talk with her for a bit I feel. Meanwhile, I see we are back to doubting everything to trust on a spinner. Thanks, I hate it.
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File 165030306247.jpg - (165.94KB, 850x1020, __kirisame_marisa_and_rumia_touhou_drawn_by_katsuh.jpg)
>Describe yourself.

...Fine, you still don't get what she's trying to convey nor are you really persuaded by her words. But you're still going to make an effort to try and understand if it's possible. "I'm uh Rumia, I like meat a lot...cause meat taste really good, I don't like trees since I bump into them a lot and some people think I'm dump for it but I'm really not, I'm just...truly dedicated to my craft? Something like that..." you mumble the words with less confidence than you’d like but it sounds like a valid answer.

Marisa quirks an eyebrow, seemingly not impressed "So, you are your personality and your memories? Is that what you think?" her tone also expressing just the right vibe to make you doubt yourself.

"Yeah..." Which you do, but you persist on your answer anyway. “I’ve got nothing else, so it has to be right.”

"Hm, I see..." She continues staring at you, still giving you that ‘are you sure?’ look.

"Why do you sound disappointed?" you look away as you say that the gaze getting to you even though you don’t want it to. But there’s something about being corned that makes you feel more vulnerable, less confident in yourself, also some bad memories of an earlier encounter shine bright.

Noticing your reaction, she stops giving you the look. Visibly relaxing too, but still not letting go of you “I'm not, but well...there's a problem with what you just said." Add in another dramatic pause.

"Huh? What do you mean?" naturally, you prod her to continue.

Which she does, "It's simple but let's pretend for a moment you're right and you really are your personality, memories and so on…” she’s a big fan of dramatic pauses “Then who's the one listening to me right now? Is that also you or not?" and adds in the dumbest question you’ve ever heard.

It takes a lot to not raise your own eyebrow "Uh, sure. That me is me too."

"That means the one seeing me is you too. And the one feeling all the different things is you as well. Let's call this you the perceiver."

"Uh-huh." there's not much to say here, she's about to go into a monoblob so you just nod and wait.

"We like to imagine the perceiver as a pupil of an eye. The perceiver may cast his gaze upon anything. Colours, sounds, touch, or feelings and so forth for example. But how do you imagine it looking at itself directly?"

"If I wanted to see my own face, I'd look into a mirror or something reflective."

"Correct, but I wouldn't trust those reflections, ze. Whatever is on the other side may only look like us."

"...." you stay quiet for a second or two, trying to make sense of it before responding "So if you can't trust the reflection...then you really uh I mean the perceiver can't see itself. Without something like that I can't see my face, you can't see your face, but what of it?"

"...." She grows a knowing smile "It means that whatever the pupil can perceive is not it. You can analyse your memories and your personality, yet the real perceiver always stays in the shadows. Some people call that the ego, or something else though I don't believe that kind of thing really has a name. In that sense, there isn't really a difference between you and other people, Rumia."

"You're speaking in riddles, but I don't think that's right. I'm a youkai, a creature made to spread terror while you're a human. Someone born to be oppressed by me. That's an enormous difference separating us."

"Nah, you still don't get it. Let me ask another question then: For you, where do other people exist? I mean, their minds, memories and so on?"

".... In their heads?"

"Wrong, you have no ability to see what's inside someone's head."

"Actually, I think that'd be pretty easy."

"Oh, and why is that?"

"Just bash someone's skull and their head will crack open, afterwards you're free to look at their brain juices for as long as you want!"

"Wrong, I thought you'd mention the satori race maybe but those are an exception. To you people are a fictitious creation, which is to say a number of expectations generated from their actions, a phantom existing exclusively in your head."

"You're still losing me."

"The people in your head, as in their impression of you are simply made out of what you've seen and heard of the person. What you may think of someone will never be 100% correct unless you can read their head, was that easier to understand?"

"Yes, I think.... I get a little bit of it."

"Funny thing is, your own personality is a phantom too."

"Nonsense, I'm real Marisa. Even if other people may be imagined by me, my own character, my own soul is..."

"What's the definition of youkai? And what is the definition of imaginary?"

"...A youkai's is a fear of man made real and something imaginary is something that only exists in my mind. What are you getting at?"

"And how did you come to be? And where does your personality reside?"

".... I don't get it, all these questions are making my head hurt!"

"Think a little bit longer then, I'll wait."

"Okay, then uh...I'm the Youkai of darkness, which means I was born to represent the innate fear of the dark that mankind has. Spreading darkness and eating people inside of it as well in order to prolong my own existe-my...."

"Do you understand it now?"

"I-I'm....my existence, my memories, my mind, they've been invented by someone else. But what of it? I'm still me in the end, all youkais are LIKE this anyway so there’s nothing weird with that."

"A shame those are only temporary shards of coloured glass. The Viewer, the Perceiver, The Ego may only look through them and imagine for a moment that she is these shards. She never truly becomes them and it's surprising, how quickly she may look away from one to another."


"Remember, Rumia. The moment she looks at another one of them. She might think she's someone different. She might have their body, she might have their memories, but she never will be the authentic person. And that is exactly what she hates about us. She might be you right now, she might be me right now, but there will always be that little hint that something is not exactly right."

“I-I, you’re talking about something else now, aren’t you? I think you are, but man it’s vague.”

“Maybe I am, maybe you should read between the lines or perhaps my words are just straight-forward? It’d be a shame if you tried to find meaning in nothing and it’s the same for the opposite…. okay you know what, that really was vague wasn’t it? Let me try that again…” while she thinks about her answer, you notice that you’ve been completely cornered by her wings. Her posture and position set in such a way that you couldn’t run away if you ever wanted to. “In hindsight this is really humorous to me, quite exquisite even and I think you’ll think the same once you figure out the reality behind this little situation of ours. If you keep your eyes open that is…well more like the ears actually since that’s what you use for hearing but let me tell what I’ve gathered so far. A little recap one could say, but just a tiny sneaky peek of it: A day or two ago, some peculiar objects have found their way inside our quant neighbourhood, their purpose and whoever sent them unknown. Now we’ve got people fighting to obtain more of them for some reason even though it’s obvious that using them brings nothing good, though that may be the main appeal behind them…since clearly there must be some secret use behind them, right? Nobody would ditch a bunch of stuff down here if it wasn’t going to be a part of some neat incident, right? Thoughts like that motivate most dumbassses around here and I’m frankly ashamed to be one of them.”

“If it helps, I have spent most of the time with an oversized chainsaw arm that whispers thing to me in secret. Telling me to hurt people because putting it inside of them would feel amazing…n-not that I listened to it, I don’t need an incentive to hurt pe-I mean yeah, I totally get how you feel and stuff.”

“…So, as I was saying. How is this related in any way to some disease? Objects with their own will are spread throughout Gensokyo, people that pick it up either go crazy or end up like you and me. And finally, they’re all spread around randomly as if somebody wants as many people as possible to find one. Now why do you think that’s the case? What could be the motive behind doing such a thing Rumia? And for that matter doesn’t that process remind of you something else? Try and figure that out if you c-”

“Attention, visiting times will end in around 1 minute. Once that time has come, please take a few steps away from the patient and wait by the door. A shame you’re not dead though.” A voice announces the nearing end of your visit, then abruptly ends just as soon as it appeared. The rude comment quickly left didn’t escape you either but frankly you can’t do much about that right now.

Marisa lets out an amused snort at that “Heh, what did you do to piss them off? Anyway, you heard the bun. Guess you’re going to have to answer quickly if you want an actual answer, I’ll repeat the question again just to keep you fresh: If it’s not a natural disease thingy, then from what kind of source do these anon objects come from? And why would someone send them here? Answer me these answers two correctly and…you’ll get a special reward straight from me, ze~”.

“Weren’t you planning to escape though?”

“I will, but you’ve got less than a minute left now, so you better answer my question now or have fun not knowing anything. I’ve given you a massive hint already~” Marisa lets out a witch-like giggle and awaits your answer. Blatantly enjoying the fact that she knows something you do not.

She is still violating your personal space by the way; it’s really making you uncomfortable.
[X] Try to answer anyway. (Write in)
[X] Great, another bloke that doesn’t give you straight answers!
[X] You don’t know, you just don’t. Please tell me more!

Yep, this is her testing you all right. Don’t worry if you get it wrong by the way, she’s trying to see if you actually give a carp about trying to understand the situation. Not an 100% accurate response. So if you get it right or close to right...

Also yeah, trust is a massive bitch isn’t it? I wouldn’t be surprised if you grew paranoid at this point, but some people are genuinely trust-worthy while others just want to use you. Who’s who? Dunno.
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[X] Try to answer anyway.

Alright, time to try and loremaster a bit of this. There are currently two precedent situations to what's happening now (three if you really want to loosely connect Unconnected Marketeers having magical objects using other character's abilities).

Precedent one is Double Dealing Character, in which a bad actor obtains a powerful relic that causes tools to become pseudo sentient and Youkai to grow in power. What's different here is that the objects have their own wills, and furthermore the errant strangers may be some extension of that much like living puppets. A bad actor with power is the easy answer as it means one enemy, really.

The second is the Urban Legends Incident (not specifying the game since it extends to multiple print work chapters and the next game). This was a group of bad actors giving powerful objects to a neutral party interested in Gensokyo, which resulted in bleed in from the outside world stories. The goal was for the side effect to work just right for the masterminds while everyone was busy worrying about the main effect. This isn't out of possibility as the anon object's main effects are purely negative with unknown side effects (maybe true death by Eirin's account).

What do we learn from this? Anon objects are clearly made by someone/something as a method of distracting or harming the residents of Gensokyo. Specifically residents with any amount of power or curiosity enough to fall for the honey trap (I will forever be salty about the chainsaw). Who would do this is harder to answer, as it doesn't have the right method to match people with a motive. Seija's basically done this before and failed already. A new god or Youkai manifesting themselves into Gensokyo by causing this is possible, but then it's a question of why all the extra bells and whistles of the items themselves, rather than say power paper slips (yeah, you, Chimata). Overall, this could be morbidly humorous and it all started with Alice fucking up something.

Yes, author, you too get a monoblob.
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My very own monoblob....is everything I always wanted.

Thank you for the perfect summary, with this answer I can now die in peace and move on to the afterlife with no regrets. My chains no longer there to bind.

Of course, the story will be updated tmrw too, await it gladly! I say with a confident tone for I'm confident that it's going to be quite the fun and plot-moving one.
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F, forgot the tripcode but yeah that's me saying that.
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Okay, never mind. It's too big to write in one day.

Give me another one or two and the update will come before this Sunday.

Really want to make this right.
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File 165081105457.jpg - (623.54KB, 826x1169, __kirisame_marisa_touhou_drawn_by_akasaka_shop__93.jpg)
Okay, I've written down a lot of stuff but then I realized this could also make for a good choice, so once this has been made I'll simply post the next update at a quicker pace with ease. Thanks for waiting this long.

“Correct!” Marisa lets go of you so she can let out a small clap, “Can’t believe you actually figured it out, even though it was obvious it’s quite an achievement for you!” as odd as her words are you can tell that she’s impressed by the massive size of your brain compartment. “Yeah, that’s a compliment all-right, you even got the previous incidents right. And frankly, colour me impressed.” Okay, never mind. Now it sounds like she’s surprised you can think. That said she continues talking, her interest having increased by your response and off goes another monoblob “But anyway if I were to answer that, I’d say it’d have to be the work of a powerful magician or a god! Because spreading curses (if they are curses) of such a massive range demand crazy amounts of power y-know ze? It’s why it can’t be connected to evil spirits (Since those are managed underground, which if they escaped would already have been notified quickly) nor can dream-spirits cause it. (They’d need a way out of the dream-world and even they’d just fuck around as ‘honest’ copies of the people and blab la, they’re not important) so by process of elimination it’s either magic and by that I mean the dark kind, like the shady ones with all the oooh spooky black fire and necromancy shit, the evil well magic isn’t evil but it’s the classic shady stuff stuff, wait I said stuff twice didn’t I? never mind I’m rambling.” She lets out a cough to catch her throat, then continues speaking again, even though one minute should just by that. “So, instead of bothering to fly all around Gensokyo (I’m not in the mood do so right now after all) I’ve gone ahead and used this fruit-full amount of time to narrow down the possible suspects, assuming it’s not some new hoe. (Translation: A recent woman that appeared in the middle of an incident) Though even if it is, that’d just mean the red herrings could count as stage bosses and if they’re the actual culprits then the incident’s over, so either way it’s a solution where everyone benefits.”

“You sure…like to talk a lot but pop off I guess.” You urge her to go on, even though you’d rather have her make the stuff short and simple instead of all this word-museum nonsense. “If you know who’s the culprit then hurray, go kick their ass and I’ll have my happy ending and stuff.”

“Mhm, I expected a more excited answer but whatever listen up kid, the culprit is….” She pauses for dramatic effect. “Someone who would profit of this incident d’uh and has the ability to create such a downpour of things in the first place and frankly who’s the kind of person that would have the knowledge if not the motive to do such a thing other than the doctor herself hmm?”

“I don’t believe that.” You interrupt immediately. “” Why wo- “

“Well, I wasn’t done talking so I’ll ignore that.” Marisa interrupts your interruption “See, think about it this way. There’s no way the doctor couldn’t NOT make a ‘cure’ for this, I just know she can, so the real question is why doesn’t she? The answer to that is simple: It’s for PROFIT. Why neatly solve a little problem if you caused it to happen? Isn’t it far more profitable to clutch with this ‘cure’ at the last possible moment to look like a hero? It just makes sense to me.” Marisa speaks with the utmost confidence, fully believing the allegations she’s throwing at the doctor.

…Worst part is you can’t completely dismiss it, if the doctor really is a genius, then…

?Wouldn’t that be like expecting a top chef to be able to make a super obscure dish? Just because someone doesn’t know how to do something that doesn’t mean they’re malicious. You’ve said so yourself earlier…then again if she IS the culprit then yeah, this would be one heck of an advertisement campaign. While everyone panics or does the opposite, out Eientei comes to save the day and by doing so they reinforce their power in Gensokyo by just a little bit or the very least, their fame. It’d be rather simple if not so vulgar that it’s almost unexpected. So, it could work if it’s done quickly in hypothesis?

So, you’re agreeing with what she’s saying then?

?Maybe, maybe not. What do YOU think of her theory??

I think you’re being vague for no reason!

? Yeah, yeah, it’s more fun that way. But anyway, are you going to do anything? Or will you let this slide and then go ‘Gasp, how could this have been possibly prevented’ later?

What do you mean?

? I’m saying that it’s fairly obvious that Marisa intends to, once she breaks out of this cell. That she’s going to beat up anyone who gets in her way in the hospital in order to reach the doctor. Maybe free her fellow patients too and oh boy that would be one heck of a pickle to deal with.?

Okay and?

?Are you going to do anything about that??

Why would I need to do anything about that? She’s a grown woman so her actions are her own to deal with. If anything, doing something about it would only make stuff worse right?

?And why do you think that??

Because I’m garbage d’uh. Anything I try to do is destined to end in up backfiring somehow. So, the best thing to do is to not even try and focus on what really matters and what matters is me.

? That’s an awful way to look at things, quite boring too but you do you then? With little to no empathy in their voice, the meat-ball god ends the connection once more mid-conversation.

“That said I could say more about it, but that’d require a whole talk about politics and I’m not for it.” Speaking of conversation, Marisa just finished her whole monoblob. Fully convinced in her what she said and looks at you once again with appraising eyes. “So, now I bet you’re asking: ‘Oh amazing Marisa? Why did you share such knowledge with little old me?’ Well, that’s simple. It’s because you’re going to help me get out of here now, not that I need it, but some cooperation can make this whole process a lot less cumbersome to me, I’ve got a whole incident to handle after all.”

That begs the question, “What if I refuse to help then?.”

“Then you’re clearly working for the doctor, and I won’t forgive you for blowing up my house either. I know you’re being cheeky though, since there’s no way you want me to become your foe, right? Yeah, we’re way better as chummy old pals, right? That way I won’t be holding a grudge against you for blowing up my house, ruining my day and just casually ditching me out of nowhere like some fricking gre-” she suddenly pauses, taking a deep breath before smiling innocently at you again. “Sorry, sorry. That came off more aggressive than I’d like to be but hey! It’s not like I can help it you know. Today’s NOT been a fun day after all but anyway…hm, look I’ll make it simpler. I just KNOW that the doctor is a shady bitch who knows more than she lets on, cause why else would she lock up an innocent and virtuous maiden like me in this dingy place? It doesn’t make any sense if she didn’t have bad intentions and therefore it is your duty to help me out of this place understood? I’m sure you do, but uh yeah. This is really quite simple, who do you believe more: me or the doc?”.

The way she delivered the question so casually doesn’t make it less hard to think about.

On one hand if the doc is lying then you were never dying in the first place which is massive good news but also a great breach of trust, if not the most horrible thing someone has ever fooled you with. You don't think you could trust anyone else afterwards, that's how devastating it would be.

But if Marisa is lying then she’s giving you false hope and wasting the limited time you have left. Heck it doesn't matter if she genuinely believes that the Doctor is the culprit if it turns out be a wrong conclusion after all. Which again is no less hurtful.

You really can't win in this scenario huh? It's like picking a poison

A bell rings, before you can think more about it. “Time’s up!” a voice announces again. “Please may the visitor approach the door before we start the extraction, failure to cooperate will force us to let out the happy night night sleep tight gas in the room. So don’t you dare waste our time~ or do it, I don’t care.” And your visiting time has come to an end, Marisa is still waiting for an answer though.

So, let’s make that decision now, shall we? Clearly this is the best circumstance to make one.

[X] You believe in Marisa the most.
[X] You believe in the Doctor the most.
[X] Neither? Is that even an option?

So yeah, after this decision. You'll bet let out and you'll get a description of the place you're currently in. (As in the place where naughty girls like you are locked up in for their own good= also known as the art of quarantining) Then you'll get the option of either accepting the task giving to you (As in a quest that'll hopefully help boost this research in the process) or you can sabotage this place to free those locked up. Also finally, shit will hit the fan after since every bad factor that's been mentioned before will FINALLY strike. (Ending the namek hospital arc).

Wait, should I even have said that? Is that not a spoiler or something? Oh well, just felt like saying it.

It's time to end this meandering and get back to action! dumb stuff! and ploto!
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[X] Neither? Is that even an option?

This is a tricky one. By memory, the doc still has a few secrets locked away involving this. Meanwhile Marisa has a few screws loose from getting knocked around, but her heart's in the right place.

Overall the best move would be to help Marisa but attempt to control her insanity like releasing the patients from containment. That's asking for a lot of trouble. The worst of it would be leaving Marisa as is, she'll get out eventually.

Elsewise, on the off chance she's right this works out for us. Her logic isn't perfectly sound, though, so I don't believe it (how is she giving items souls, why would she quarantine the patients she wants to exploit, etc.).
Image Source
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File 165125666540.png - (80.40KB, 391x243, explosion.png)
>Neither? Is that even an option?

Hmmm, after some thought you come to an amazing conclusion. That nobody is trustworthy, and everyone should die! Just kidding, or maybe not? Or maybe not not? still there's really not a lot of stuff you've got to work with here....

"So, what will it be kid? there's no time to waste here." Marisa reminds you that she's still waiting for an answer, tapping her foot on the ground to show off...you're not sure what the gesture means actually. Are there ants in her shoe or something? Maybe sand? It doesn't matter, but back to her last question.

Are you going to help her out or not? It's a hard question now that you think about it, not that you can't handle hard questions but normally things like these give your brain an easy yes or no as an answer. Like 'yes' you'll help her out because she helped you too, or 'no' you won't help out because you don't like her, etc.

Personal feelings aside, Marisa could be telling the truth on this incident, or she could be a stinking liar planning to use you to get out of here.

She's already a thief anyway so you really don't know if you should do anything about the situation, she's in right now.

Actually, why is she inside a cell anyway?

"Hey Marisa, why are you in jail? Have you been naughty? Have you been bad? Have you been a naughty bad human?" you go ahead and ask. Because bad girls are bad! but not in a good bad way but a bad bad way that's not very cool bad if you know what you mean! As in, if there's too many bad girls then the youkai will be out of jobs.

She doesn’t answer the question, only giving a small sarcastic ha ha before she asks if you were actually paying attention to what she was saying before, which isn’t nice of you.

Well, it doesn’t matter anyway, as long as you don’t stand in her way once she gets out of here. You’re free to do whatever you want, but oh before you go out of here to do…whatever it is you’re doing.

Wait a minute.
why are you here anyway?
How did you find your way in here?
Actually, how in the heck did you manage to get here of all people?
There’s absolutely no way you managed to sneak your way in, right
Are all the things she asks of you with a new sense of wariness, eyeing with suspicion.

That’s a lot of questions but they all have one answer: You’ve got no idea, you’ve been moving left and right just doing whatever people wanted you to do and now you’re here of all places, ready to once again do things left and right because people want you to do those things because you’ve got absolutely nothing better to do with the time you’re left with. It’s almost like you’re an adventurer.

An extremely passive adventurer, which really isn’t that cool at all but what else can you do? You know next to nothing about…. well, you know some stuff, but you don’t know what to do with it, if you did know what the right decisions were then obviously, you’d have gone and made them already.

Marisa raises an eyebrow, still not satisfied because that didn’t answer the question at all.

Oh, in that case…you uh, talked nicely with the Doc about wanting to meet you and bam here you are. It’s really that simple, if not uh very easy. Not that you’ve got a problem with that, at least now.

“Huh, really?” She expresses doubt at that as well, “So you being nice and polite and all that was all you needed to convince her to let you see me? Sorry to analyse this, wait no I’m not sorry, deal with it. But that doesn’t make sense to me!”

How so?

“It doesn’t make sense because she knows how I feel about her, if I were her, I wouldn’t let you visit someone who would actively expose her evil schemes. She’s not dumb enough to make that mistake so why would she do such a thing? Am I overthinking this?” Maybe? “Hmm…you’re not working for her, are you?"

Insert dramatic pause, "Nope, do I look like someone she'd employ?" which is ended instantly with logic, also you literally came in here as a visitor. Did she forget?

Nah, she’d never trust someone like you, no offense of course. But still…” the rest of her words are just a bunch of mutters as she brainstorms the situation. Which means to think very hard by the way, it’s not an actual storm of brains, that was a real disappointment to be honest once you opened the book with the words inside of it, as in the book with lots of words uh the dictionary!

Proper grammar aside, the voice from the before thing speaks up again. “HELLOOOOO! Are you bitches deaf? MOVE YOUR BLOND ASS TO THE DOOR ALREADY!” reminding that you visiting times are over and that you should be moving again, even if they’re super duper rude about it.

So, you go and do that, but first you reluctantly say bye to Marisa. “You heard the lady, time’s up and so I’ve got to go once again. Where to? Don’t know, either way Sayonara Marisa.” And off you go, having never answered the question because frankly you can’t believe in her or the doctor.

Except not, because the witch catches one of your arms. “Just a second, you STILL haven’t said whether or not you’ll help me out here or not, ze. And even so you can’t- “whatever she was about to must have been interesting or uh maybe not. Either way you never got to hear it, because of fate.

Because a loud sound comes from above, sending a massive vibration that you can feel even here on the floor. The sound of which sounded like the exploding noises of an explosion that has exploded. Not only that but the sound is accompanied with high pitched tones like pichuun and blargh and owie (okay maybe not the last part), clearly indicating that this explosion was not friendly to the environment. You’d describe the visual of the whole situation if you could, but you can’t because all the lights have turned off. Trapping the both of you inside an abyss of darky darkness that is da-oh never mind it went on again. A few more seconds and the shaking of the room stops too, that sure was a trip, wasn’t it?

?You are awfully calm about this?

Indeed, I am. Mostly because I don’t care a lot. Maybe someone played with fire or there’s a big danmaku fight above? Who knows? Who cares? Oh, right. Not me. I have more important stuff.

“What the heck was that about!” But the witch does, a shame she shouted it while you’re so close. It kind of hurts your ear. “Don’t tell me she’s already finished her evil plan? Okay, that’s enough! I’m getting out of here right now.”

She walks towards the door, which is still firmly locked and shoots a laser towards it, to no effect as a seal appears over it reflecting the magical shot and making it bounce all over the room, forcing the both of you to dodge it until it disappears. “Darn it, I almost forgot about that…if only I had my hakkero then I could blow this STUPID DOOR with no problem!” she kicks the thing as hard as she can, but that doesn’t do a thing either.

Not because she’s weak mind you, hell you’ve seen her lift stones ten times her own size, nay this door must be super tough. That'd explain it nicely.

?Which to be honest, it has to be cause otherwise there’d be no way she’d be ever contained. That’s just a logical thing.?

Either way she’s hitting that door like one would…. uh, insert funny metaphor in here.

?By the way, I want to say I'm impressed with how much you're thinking right now. That's good progress, really I'm almost proud. Good job there, super star.?

Thank you? you're not sure if that's praise, but still that doesn't

Anyway, why is the announcer so quiet? “Hey, what’s happening in here?!” you go ahead and ask directly to the camera. “Hello? A big boom just went boom. Is anyone going to explain that?”
You receive no answer, well actually you do. Just not the one you’d like, which is something.

That is to say a second explosion happens, making the floor shake, the lights flicker again and overall, just being the kind of thing you don’t think people want to have inside a hospital of all places. And not only that but it struck twice, but then again explosions aren’t made of lightning, right? So, it’s fine.

Either way still no announcement comes, whoever was on the voice thingy is probably too occupied at the moment with whatever’s happening out there. So, it seems like you’re stuck here now.

Oh well, that’s life. May as well lay down and accep-NOT, as if you’d actually say that! There’s no more time to lose here, after all there was a boom above and that can only mean one thing…

Someone’s having a fight and you were not invited; can you believe that? People are having fun upstairs while you’re working hard in here and-

“Hey, are you done staring off in the distance?” you’re being shaked by Marisa, looks like she gave up on the brute force approach. “Come on, focus now! Shit’s happening up there and that can only mean one thing: That’s it’s my turn to be the hero! Now go make yourself useful, ze.”

How would you ever be useful though? Like what is she expecting of you here?

That’s an easy question, easily answered. Marisa points at the pure white door, the one thing separating this room from…. everything that’s not this room? You’re not that good at map stuff. “Listen up, kid.” Marisa speaks again, more serious and calmer now. “That door over there is our only way out, but it’s got a bunch of enchantments that make it outright impossible for you or me to get out of here through brute force. That leaves me with only one option now…follow me.” She walks towards the one toilet in the room, “I’m going to need you to Mario this shit, get in the toilet and I’ll flush i- “.

“No.” you refuse immediately, because that’s an insane demand. “That’s also impossible? And disgusting, I’m not putting my feet in the poop machine.” If anything, it’s just as crazy as that whole teleport thingy she tried to do way way earlier as well, you’ve got limits too. And putting your head inside a toilet happens to be one of them.

“But it’s the only way!”

Why is that?

“Because you have no bones, you’re like a slime so it has to work!”

What do you mean by that? For that matter, how does she know?

“I touched you earlier remember? your skin is cold as ice and your arm felt more like a water balloon than flesh and bone. Like a lava cake if I had to say…it’s creepy as hell but still with enough force, you’ll drain nicely down, I’m sure. Look I get it, it’s not fun. But sometimes doing what’s right isn’-”.

That’s still a hard no though, also morality would never work on a youkai so don’t bother.

“Stop being like that, ze.” Marisa complains but seems to stop trying to persuade you into this as she lets out a sigh, “I know it sounds dumb but I’m grasping straws here. What are YOUR ideas to get out huh? I’d love to hear them if you have any.” And now makes you come up with an idea.

So Rumia, Dark lord among dark l-wait…oh yeah, that stuff is on pause for now. Ahem, so then Rumia the cooperative person for a limited time.

What will be your grand idea to get out of this room?

[X] Easy, the door as close-minded it may be. Cannot resist your charms. Open its heart and then itself through the power of seduction.
[X] No problem, you’ve done this before. It’s not the door you aim for. It’s the walls around it! BANG! BANG!
[X] Pssh, just ask the Meatball God to get you out of here, an easy miracle easily given.
[X] On second thought…Marisa may be right? Wait really? Maybe? Uh, okay. Let’s try it.

/forest/res/31664.html#31892" class="ref|forest|31664|31892

You'd be quite right, you don't have to believe her to help out. But at least the damage control would be way better.
That said please choose your preferred method of escape, afterwards I'll quickly update again tmrw hopefuly.

I can only say sorry for taking so long, as it turns out some stuff needed rewriting and holy hell is procrastination going to murder me one day. That said, until next time.
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[X] Have you thought about, yanno, the big glass wall? If that doesn't work try more wall.

Also, I'm not forgetting the weird philosophy spouting from earlier. Marisa is clearly possessed or tweaking, because what the hell.
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And knowing this, are you sure that letting her out of containment is a good idea?

Just making sure, also good memory! I'm glad you noticed that.

That said, I'll update tmrw.
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File 165177905486.png - (271.77KB, 455x392, Look at her face.png)
Look at her face
> Have you thought about, yanno, the big glass wall? If that doesn't work, try more wall.

Look at her face, see the way her eyebrows slightly raised, her eyes focus a bit more on your face and the way her mouth tightens a bit as she tilts her head at you. Clearly she is impressed by your massive intellect. She is not, she is definitely not, you have a biased perception is all.

As it turns out, she probably did not think about the glass wall. Which is a hard thing to belief since the whole wall made of glass is rather hard to NOT notice of all things. In fact, it’s so close that you can’t help but see it as the one thing that anyone who entered the room would see as the first thing that catches their eye in this place. Also, glass should be weaker than whatever the door and walls are made off so it’s an obvious way out.

“If it’s so obvious, then go ahead and try to break out that way.” Marisa comments on your inner musing, as if the sheer depth of your inner mind is not something private to only you. “Nah, those ain’t musings, ze. You’re just talking out loud and staring at me all creepy-like. Have you never noticed that?” you have not…” Huh, guess that’s why you’re so easy to read. That all said- “Marisa dusts herself off, backing away from the glass wall (Which was very close to your current position) with her arms casually behind, like she’s waiting for you to do something. “I AM waiting for you to do something, then I’ll watch you fail that something before eventually you’ll admit that doing things my way is best.”

You’re not sure how being shoved into a toilet is a better idea than trying to break some walls, nor do you want that to happen.

“Then get moving, ze~" She lets out a false yawn and looks at a non existent watch. "I have a world to save out there and you’ve got your own butt to handle. So, let’s have less talking and more doing.

Right, you turn towards the wall yourself. It is still a glass wall, at least it looks and feels like glass. Well, you’re not sure how glass exactly feels like, but you know that when you knock on it, it makes a ‘thack’ like sound which must be a glass-only property. Maybe? Surely?

You try to think some more about the true definition of glass only to feel Marisa’s gaze on your back.

Yeah, you should start the 'doing' thing now.

But WHAT is the doing that you should do?

[X] Smack that glass like it's a misbehaving wench and you're some evil aristocrat.
[X] Most problems can be solved by shooting lasers at it, why not this one too?
[X] Seduce the Glass and break its heart? Your charms have never failed you so far.
[X] Some other method, because you’re so clever. Or because the other three just suck.

There's several ways to get out....you think since the world is filled with possibilities and stuff, get it wrong though...then say hello to miss toilet. At least Marisa implies that, you really hope she's just lying but she might not be if all the stuff she was talking about earlier was any indication.

I swear to god, outside circumstances keep draining my attention away. But I'm back AGAIN and will update whenever I'm able to again, that said after this update the show will keep moving.
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[X] When in doubt, chainsaw.

Marisa, please, there's no reason to be a jerk about this.
Image Source
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File 165183463387.jpg - (58.15KB, 850x687, __rumia_touhou_drawn_by_kuromame_8gou__sample-b534.jpg)
> [X] When in doubt, chainsaw.

Aye, that's an easy task easily done...wait, you meant that's an easy task to be done. Either way you move closer towards the wall, raise one hand dramatically and summon the chainsaw out of you with ease!

But nothing happens, you just stand there waiting for it to appear. And appear it does not, are you messing something up maybe? now that you think of it, how did you even turn it off? did you even turn it off? heck it wasn't there ever since...uh.... hold on, yeah, you've got no idea what's you're doing wrong this time. Really you don't know, it should be there. It should have come out by now. Did it get stuck on the way out?

Oh well, you may as well try again-you hear a clatter coming from behind you, once you turn around you find it to be the chainsaw you were thinking about. Instead of appearing into your hand like some fancy magical tool, it got squished out of your back (chains and all) like an empty milk carton for that one last irritating suck. Odd entry and bigger delay than usual aside, you pick it up and get ready for action!

Now is the doing time and not the thinking time! You raise your weapon! And back off slightly because you're so close to the wall that you can't really swing with your all in this awkward angle!

Okay, it's time to do this. You raise your weapon with both of your hands over your head....

And swing it! Like a hammer smashing into a pesky nail, this wall is about to be shattered!

"Are you sure about that?" Marisa interjects mid-swing.

You stop yourself just barely, well no, you didn't stop the swing. You simply floated backwards to miss the thing entirely, not certain why the witch would ask you this at the last possible moment.

"Hmm..." she doesn't answer the question, giving you a small shrug instead. "You'll see, you'll see, ze. It's not like you can't handle it. Just saying you might not like it, cause of the thing remember?" she points at her foot as demonstration, rubbing it a bit as well for some reason. "Remember the laser? It's not like you'll die if you don't get it, but I'm not going to stop whatever you're about to inflict to yourself."


Do you hear that?

No, not the smell of cooked rabbit coming from above or that of blood not far away. You're proud of your nose but honestly right now isn't the time to be thinking about what's being made for dinner.

Listen to the sound that you're hearing right now.

Can you hear it? No? Come on, it's not hard to hear!

That's the sound of doubt entering your mind again, what is she implying here? Is she saying that your amazing plan has a weakness you're not aware off? You doubt it, worst-case scenario there will be glass shards to worry about, but honestly those would only give you like...some small cuts or something.

Nothing serious enough to injure or debilitate you for longer than a minute or two. Which is fine for now, sure it'd hurt a bit, but compared to everything else that has hurt you. This may be no more than a tickle.

Yeah, you'll be fine.... or will you be? Goldarned, why is everyone like this anyway? *Do something* this or *Don't do anything* that, it's almost like everyone's out to make you doubt every single action you make and the moment you make one it turns out the other was the right decision. How is that fair?

Can't anyone just be non-cryptic for once?
You're way out of your water here and it's getting tiring.
REALLY TIRING, this 'adventure' sucks a big size.

But of course, that won't happen, everybody's like that: They won't say a peep unless you force them through some danmaku duel, which normally you don't mind.
But right now, things are far from normal.
Super far from normal, so far that even if you had some sort of super sight you wouldn't be able to see a connection between this and normal. And again, it sucks big time. The biggest suck big time of your life.

Enough whining for now! whatever you think won't change anything and it's not like anything else will happen if you don't get out of here. So, fuck it, let's try to break open this glass wall with a chainsaw and deal with whatever bad thing that comes out of it later. You've survived everything thrown at you so far.

So, it's not like this could kill you.

[x]Do it, come on do it! You know you can! (Chainsaw against wall, go go go!)
[x]Doubt is a bitch, do something else. (Specify)

You'll get out of this cell after this update, whether it's in a way you like or not depends on your choice.
I unashamedly like puzzles, who knew they could be this fun.
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Is the chainsaw a magic attack? Before Marisa kicked the door without any magical recoil like the laser experienced. I'm assuming now that the magic persists in the room since the laser bounced around rather than once off the door.

So I've got a couple of ideas to run with in that case. One, the barrier isn't active to physical attacks like kicking, so should any physical attack more than Marisa could output hit the window we should be good. This could be things like the chainsaw (should it be non magic), a simple punch, or an object from the room.

Second, there's a funny little trick I forgot Rumia did earlier to leave Marisa in the last encounter. Since the ground most likely wouldn't have a barrier, it's time to channel our inner mole. Tunnel our ass out! (plz no toilet I swear 2 the meatball)
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 165186431565.png - (353.05KB, 599x757, answering machine.png)
answering machine
> Is the Chainsaw a magic attack?

Evaluation: You don't know, Inquiry: Is there a way to find out? Additional: If so, attempt it.

>Magic persist in the room rather than in the door.

Evaluation: Prediction has 85% chance of being correct. Inquiry: Your visual senses are deemed impressive.

>Sufficient Physical attacks should open the way out.

Evaluation: Logical failure in unit A-31899. Justification: All things have a set durability, therefore any sort of overwhelming power should be enough to break free of this place. Diagnosis: Redundancy. Additional: If own forces are not enough, then force of you both may suffice.

>Tunnel our ass out!

Evaluation: Manoeuvre is odd, wacky, but not 100% impossible. Conclusion: An attempt is possible. Diagnosis: Those who attempt this suffer from insanity. Justification: You are not a mole, you are Rumia.

Conclusion: An attempt is needed to confirm these possible results. Warning: Unit known as Marisa has shown signs of impatience and lack of trust. Prediction: Attempting more than one attempt may not be possible. Expectation: Failure to succeed will result in toilet.

Additional: Choose wisely.

Image Source
Delete Image
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File 165191065853.jpg - (108.89KB, 850x513, __kirisame_marisa_touhou_and_1_more_drawn_by_haruk.jpg)
I can't believe I'm saying this, but.

[X] Accept fate, the toilet beckons.

This may be the only CYOA where Marisa gets to shove my head inside a toilet and I want to see it happen. My curiosity wants to see that insanity.
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Well, dang. Consider me outplayed then!

If you want to meet your fate then meet your fate you will. That said, I don't think you're the same anon as the previous voter (I have genuinely no ability to distinguish anyone here but anyway) so I'll delay this for another day to see if anyone wishes for the opposite or wants the same thing as you.

Do wait warmly until then.
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Well, a day has almost passed and there's no objection.

So time to set a timer and write once it reaches 0.

 [timer=22/08/05 15:40+2]

Until then
Delete Post
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Hold on let me try that again

[timer=22/05/08 15:30+2]
Delete Post
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Okay nevermind, the dumb timer doesn't work or I'm doing it wrong. Anyway I'll update in a few hours.
Image Source
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File 165204056387.jpg - (28.52KB, 152x220, Blue Water is Water that is Blue.jpg)
Blue Water is Water that is Blue
Cold, wet, dark. Out of those three sensations only one is pleasant. The rest are not, it makes you wonder how you ended up in this situation. But your mind is too focused on something else.

Imbalance, Blindness, Disorientation, these feelings are currently distracting you.

Your body moves back and forth, left, and right, up, and down, and then stops.
Just momentarily.

A constant force pushes you deeper into the unknown.
To your inevitable doom?
Or a way out?
You don’t know.

You don’t hear, you don’t move, you can only feel yourself be pulled, pushed, and dragged into ways that you cannot resist.
But even if the mind cannot fight back...

The body did.


Occasionally stopping the progress by sheer bulk or the force of grip. Only to have said part shatter and melt away like ink in water. It was futile way to fight back, but the burning feeling inside your lungs and the tightening of your heart drove something inside you wild. Something that does not want to give up, that wants to live, that will do anything to fight back against the odds no matter how futile.

That little flame inside of you is was only thing that prevents you from peacefully floating away.

Eventually, even it flickered off.

And here you are, stuck in a state of nothing. It gave a good fight and lasted a long time even if you weren’t at the top of your game. It still says a lot about yourself.

That’s a sign to be proud off, but no matter how stubborn you were. It remained futile. Each dance and forth between you and the water concludes with you the loser. Every little push and pull ends with the water taking something away. Starting with your legs, then your hips, then your chest and neck, finally the entry ends up stuck due to the size of your head.

You do not know what happened next for you woke up just earlier with after that moment was met with a sudden case of darkness. The pain inside your head may have been due to prior trauma and if so…then the…

…You can’t recall much of what happened, but there are blurs. First there were noises, then a feeling of pain in your shoulders, then chaos, then constriction, then pushing and finally a splash.

And like you've said before: now here you are! Stuck in a cold, wet, blue void. Deprived off everything but your head, upper chest, and your right arm. Regeneration is one powerful thing…but even so, you can feel the pressure. Your body, as durable as it was. Now reduced to a pitiful state. Like a piece of bread thrown into a lake so too is the water slowly making your body fall apart, over, and over. Only for you to regrow the limbs you’ve lost soon after once the space it can inhabit has grown. The process burns through your energy, making you feel tired and hungry and barely able to move a finger before it breaks again. The only condolence you have is a lack of pain tormenting you. But that again, is because you don’t feel anything, it took you a second to realize that. But your lungs burn still.

You wonder whether it’s because you’re working really hard to keep air inside of it, but maybe you don’t need to breathe at all and are simply choking yourself due to persistence? You don’t know nor do you want to find it out by opening your mouth and drowning your ass by accident out of curiosity.

Everything considered you should be unconscious by now. Mostly due to the lack of any air in your lungs and or the constant energy leaking out of you. But still, you remain awake. You remain aware of everything that’s happening, forced to watch and wait for an end in your forced travel.

Said end does not come. You cannot tell how much time has passed but it remains a time that’s far longer than your patience can manage either way. The silence is deafening, then again you may be deaf. You can’t feel your ears and all but anyway. The silence is deafening, you assume. The water is cold, you assume. And the smell…. oh, the smell, you wish your nose weren’t working right now. For you can smell that the water you’re in is used for the transport of something foul and reeking.

Your mind, the only intact thing inside of you. Courses through every single little fact you’ve got inside your brain library. Scrolling every book, every scroll, every memory you have that may aid in realizing where you are only to come short again. You have no idea what’s happening or why.

Another sensation comes, for a second everything is fine and then in another a sense of gravity comes over as you’re dropped off somewhere else and the water continues once again. You wonder if this means your location has changed but cannot tell for you are quite submerged already.

The only thing you can see is blue, blue is the only thing that is in here. In this realm there is no here, you cannot see it. There is no before or after, for you cannot tell if time has passed. There is no place for such a thing among this liquid darkness. This is a sea with no light. An eternal coffin made for you.

It’s kind of impressive if you weren’t stuck inside of it in these circumstances that is. You’ve always heard that the deep depths inside the darkest waters are where the caverns, haunts, and dusky mazes prosper, a kingdom where monstrous creatures multiply and destroy each other. Huge abominations devour and are devoured in their turn. Hideous shapes of living things, not created to be seen by human eyes wander in this twilight. Vague forms of antennae, tentacles, fins, open jaws, scales, and claws, float about there, quivering, growing larger, or decomposing and perishing in the gloom, while horrible swarms of swimming things prowl about seeking their prey with no impunity…

For the bottom of the sea is just the top of another world.
A wonderful world where you would belong in.
As you sink deeper and deeper. The idea becomes more tempting.
It’d be a world where you can eat every day and never worry again.
No more anon stuff, no more dumb fairies, no more dumb adventure.
Finally, you’d have back the peace that you’ve lost just recently!
Yes, this is a good thing to be in. So good you can be positive now.
Now let’s close your eyes, relax, and take a nice nap for the long trip.



No, that isn’t right. You’re just running away if you do that. Whether you live in a world with magic or not, whether or not you live in a world where the moon is real and thus made of cheese.
Which again, would totally be a fake world for you are 100% true on that no matter what.
That aside, back to the subject.
In all places and all times.
A constant truth remains.
Running away from your problems will never make them gone!
Just because you’re somewhere else, that doesn’t mean they can’t catch up eventually!
Not to forget that you’ve still got business in this world as well!
You’ve got friends that need help, well one specifically but maybe so do the others!
You’ve got people that need a good beating, one you’re glad to deliver to them!
You’ve got plenty of good memories in this world! Bad ones too…BUT even so.
You’ll just have to make more good ones to make up for it! NOW GET UP!
Get out of this wimp water, into the wimp fire (wherever it is) and KICK SOME ASS!

Nothing happens, you struggle with everything you got. With every will, every energy but even so you cannot move your body.

Once again, pure willpower does not stand a chance against reality.

It’s not fair. Here you are forcefully igniting some resolve in your heart and not a single person or thing is there to witness or care about how amazing you truly are. Sure, you’ve had a sad episode (and frankly still do not feel good at all) and sure your life has absolutely been a waste so far (Which again, is a massive harm done to your self-confidence). But that does not mean you want it gone!

You want to get out of here, you want to live dammit! Now isn’t the time to end of all times!

Move body, I know you can! Move! Move! Move! Move! Move! Move! Move! Move! Move!

You wildly try to move your body!

Nothing happens!

You boldly try again!

Oh, there’s a message this time. It’s from Pizza joe’s! Did someone order a slice of a whole bunch of nothing? Cause if so, then here you go!

Third times the charm, you try to make your body move!

FINALLY, your body moves. Then, you realize you were just dreaming!



If you could clench a fist right now, you would. But nooooooooooooooooo, you’re still sinking like some dumb ship that got pelted by a rock. Down, down, down, down you go and that’s it. Down into the salt and dark you go, with no stop or pause.

Nothing you’ve said or done has brought anything positive to your water problem. Even worse, the hype is dying again. You don’t want to give up or accept the situation you’re in. But you still can’t move a single muscle, so what in the nine mountains of king cheese are you supposed to do? You've got the fire again (you think) but it won't last long if you do nothing...think Rumia. You're a big bra-you're a person with a brain. So come on and find a way out of this!

[X] If sinking’s the only thing you can do, then it’s time to sink like nobody has ever sinked before!
[X] Try to move again, if the third ain’t the charm then the fourth is the charm and if the fourth ain’t the charm then the fifth is the charm and if the fifth ain’t the charm then the sixth is the charm and if-
[X] Pray from the bottom of your heart.

Time remaining: ::Timer ended at: 2022/05/09 (Mon) 16:30

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[X] If sinking’s the only thing you can do, then it’s time to sink like nobody has ever sinked before!

It's gotta end somewhere, right? Right?
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 165213174924.jpg - (117.27KB, 850x1202, __rumia_touhou_drawn_by_you_shugyouchuu__sample-26.jpg)
[X] If sinking’s the only thing you can do, then it’s time to sink like nobody has ever sinked before!

Sometimes, there are just no good options to get out of something. Like having to choose between an apple or banana even though you're a carnivore. Or having to choose between two varied brands of soap despite the fact neither of them taste good, even though they should be since they're made of animal fat, but they simply are not for some reason that you don't get. It's not fair, but at least it's relevant to your current situation and speaking of that.

If you can't get up, then clearly you just have to go down. Because if you go down enough, then eventually down will become up along the way. Maybe, you're not sure. not sure at all.

Either way, consenting to it or not. You are still sinking, going deeper and deeper into the deepiest depths of the deepy deep deepnes inside the depths of the deep depths.

Sinking, sinking, sinking, not moving a single muscle. Your surroundings do not change, nothing else happens and you feel like your time is being wasted once again.

That in itself...is kind of odd, no? you've expected this kind of thing to be more ominous and dramatic, but after a while or so. Once you get your bearings a bit you mean. But after a while...

It just becomes boring. You've got better things to do anyway, so if this whole underwater thing isn't going to kill you in some ways, then why have it happen in the first place? NOT that you want to die, but still.

At least have something happen for god's sake!


Your wish is granted soon enough.
Well not soon, soon enough. More like, your wish is granted the moment you actually hit the bottom.
How did you know you've hit the bottom? easy, your feet are touching the ground now and though you still feel stiff as all heck. You're starting to regain some feeling in your body, soon enough and you'll be able to move again, maybe.

Your head starts feeling fuzzy for a moment, it's a very familiar feeling you've had before. Except this time there is no massive or bunch of voices demanding you go somewhere. No, it's quite calm now, too calm even like there's not even a silent droning in the ear pestering you when you're alone.

This can only mean one thing. This only means one thing.

You look down, towards your own reflection at the floor.

And realization strikes again.

You were never alone here. Of course, you weren't.

A large empty place? No background music? No other people?

Clearly, you're about to be in a boss battle. Or maybe some other voice will appear out of nowhere to give you advice now. They've done it like, two or three times already so you wouldn't be surprised if it happens again.


Okay, never mind. It's just empty. It's probably just you here. Quite the disappointment to be honest.

Or maybe, they're just shy? You're not sure what to do here, but if somebody else IS in here then perhaps you should try to lure them out? You're just grasping straws here to be honest, but hot dang are you bored.

Ugh, may as well play a dead worm for a minute or two...then again you can't move anyway so still.

In the midst of your self-entertainment, you feel the presence of someone, no, something.

About time too.

The darkness takes a wriggling form.

Wriggling? Is that an actual word? You're not sure but if it is then you've got a new pun for later.

It makes it's advance, slowly approaching you.

Hurry up then, you don't have all day.

You know you're in danger...

No, you're not. You never said that.

But this place is nice...

It is NOT, you are just putting words in my mouth now. Wait, who are you talking to? It's only you here.

A festering carrion droops down...

What's a ca-oh, it's a rotting corpse. Okay and what else? Do keep going!

A pus-smeared body creeps around, the bane of the living.

...Uh, more like the bane of my time. But seriously, what's the idea here? Is this supposed to be scary or something? Cause if so, then you're failing super hard at it right now. Heck, you're just bored and annoyed and want to LEAVE.

Someone creeps up to your body and crawls face to face. So close th-


[X] If someone tries to touch you in a way or place that you don't like. You BITE THEIR FACE OFF!
Well, you would if you could, but you can totally threaten them with that, nobody likes a bitten face.
[X] It's your body and touching it is none of their business, so first you say no and then...and then, uh...wait how do you shoot thing if you can't move? Can't waddle your thumbs so maybe through the eyes? Shoot laser eyes? Go Go Laser Eyes! HNGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
[X] You got to tell someone you trust about this, like your parents, your teacher, or your local god.
[X] Screw this, let it happen. You're bored, it's probably bored too. If it tries anything strange then it dies, but for now let's see what it's trying to do here.

Time remaining: ::Timer ended at: 2022/05/10 (Tue) 14:30

No spoiler but each option actually does bring a different result.
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[X] If someone tries to touch you in a way or place that you don't like. You BITE THEIR FACE OFF!
Well, you would if you could, but you can totally threaten them with that, nobody likes a bitten face.

Run on some more base instincts, I think. Even if we don't know a single thing about this questionable figure and why its voice is intermingling with ours we'll be fine. Violence solves all problems.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 165220059767.jpg - (79.16KB, 850x601, __rumia_touhou_drawn_by_kana_tako__sample-70645125.jpg)
Time: ??? ; Date: ???
Location: ???

[X] If someone tries to touch you in a way or place that you don't like. You BITE THEIR FACE OFF!
Well, you would if you could, but you can totally threaten them with that, nobody likes a bitten face.

"....." The shadow, or well the carrion stops moving the moment you show your teeth. (Looks like you CAN move your mouth at least, what a picky paralysis.) Instead, it just looks at you, staring at you with an unreadable expression.

Does it want a picture too? Those tend to last longer!

Finally, the thing starts the conversation with the sound of your own voice "You've found me?" the creature straightens too, the rest of it’s body rising from the ground as it backs off to get a better look of you in your entirety. It easily towers over you, by a whole bunch even. Heck, it's not even remotely human looking so how did it even sneak up on you? Just look at the damn thing, that’s some foul creature look and god it makes you jealous!

Still, you have no idea how to really describe it. If somebody put a giant dead lizard inside a black oil painting, put it to life and put some sort of star map inside it’s maw. (You can see stars when it opens its mouth). Then you'd have the closest thing that resembles it, damn thing is eldritch all-right! It reeks, looks and even sounds like a monster of the deep.

"So, you've messed up a second time." it speaks again, with more confidence. Anger comes too as it continues "Idiot, idiot shouldn't be here. This place is rotting, the flesh is rotting. Idiot is rotting. THIS is not time for chatting. Go away, now."

You growl at that if it doesn't want you here then that's all the better. Just show the exit and away you go!

Again, it just stares at you, stays quiet. And finally takes a step back, letting out a morbid chuckle. "I see, the idiot is still lost. Has no idea what's it doing or where it's going or remembers what it does. Only good at ruining everything. What a pleasure to meet her again." before you can reply, a finger stripped of all flesh pierces your shoulder for a second...it doesn't hurt for some reason.

...True that, a sensation comes to you, a warm feeling for just a little second. You've got no idea what it means. "Wha-” so you take a step back and brace yourself for any shenanigans! "What did you do to me? You looking for a fight or what?" and you raise your hands at it, ready to kick its ass if it continues acting in such a shady way.

It doesn't seem threatened and turns around, about to walk away. "...Idiot just moved. So, Idiot can walk, is she too dumb to realize that?" if anything it's become dismissive if not very rude, it's gaze filed with disdain towards you.

That's unacceptable, "Stop calling me dumb! Also where do you think you're going?!" you move quickly, flying over them just so you can stop right in the middle of their path. Hands ready to shoot lasers if needed. "I don't know what made you think that just because you're so oh so mysterious and oh so spooky that it gives you the right to talk that way to me. Apologize! Apologize at once! Show me the exit! And maybe I'll forg-"

" S̶̲͓͂͒͒̐̕h̵̗̫̮͒̎̋̑̀̊͋͆̆́̂̊̈́̃͒̕͘ͅu̶̪͙̯͖̪͇̠̾̆̇̒͌̇͒̇̅̈́̿͋͠͠t̶̨͔͒̑̂̓ ̴̨̡̨̦͕͖̥͓͍̼̩̮̥̀̂̑̽͆͒̀͐̋͒̚͝ͅų̸͎̪̖̰͎͙̦̳̖̭̌̔͑̌̍́̂̂̓̍͆͛͌̌͒͝͝ͅp̴̡̼̬̣̃͆͜ " it commands you to shut up, so naturally you don't! Except you do, your voice refuses to come out. "Don't have time for this. Clock still ticking. Ticks slower here but still. The idiot wants out, I want the idiot out too. So, the idiot follows. If not, then the idiot can get lost and die somewhere I cannot see them. That would be a happy ending. What does she choose?"

You can't say anything so how does this prick expect you to say anything? Does a glare say enough here?!

"...Does the idiot want their dumb voice back?"


"Then idiot better behave and follow. Shall go to exit and then idiot never comes back again. Everyone happy."

The Carrion moves away from you, expecting you to follow.

[X] Follow, no risk means no rewards. It is the fastest way out, right? (Wimps Good girls choose this option).
[X] Don't, it's a literal dark realm. Who wouldn't want to explore? (Odds of getting lost are high)
[X] You've got God on phone dial, why are you wasting time here? (Get out of ?? free card)
[X] Somebody needs to learn a lesson in respect, whoop it's ass! (You will (probably) survive)

Time remaining: ::Timer ended at: 2022/05/11 (Wed) 14:40

I hate toilets, all my homies hate toilets too. If the toilet wasn't chosen then you'd be making there to make sure the Hot Hospital situation won't escalate. But Rumia has to have the attention-span of an child on a sugar rush. Course, if you don't waste too much time in here then you might still have a chance to participate cuz missing an entire event SUCKS. If this adventure didn't have a 'time passes even if you're not there' gimmick then I could just delay it as long as possible but nah that won't work. But what would? Of course, there's only one way: Time is slower here! What a genius move!

Joke aside, don't feel pressured to hurry. This is one of the few times where you can take your time even.
But if you want to go back as soon as possible then you know the option to take. I shall wait warmly.
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[X] Somebody needs to learn a lesson in respect, whoop it's ass!

I wish to punch the darkness elemental/deep space anomaly in the snoot. This is a rare opportunity to interact with such a wild creature, no way I'm just leaving. I swear Imma murder a writefag if time is still passing.
Image Source
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File 165230783290.png - (267.64KB, 442x387, Fine lets do battle.png)
Fine lets do battle
> [X] Somebody needs to learn a lesson in respect, whoop its ass!

No problem! With zero shame, you'll rush towards it's exposed back. Ready to stab, slash, smack the bitch out of it for disrespecting you. It's no honourable action but who cares? you sure don't. Which is why you're doing it, the getting ready to stab it part. But let's actually do that for real now! It's a stupid manoeuvre and you're surely die but it's not like you care!

That's not true but you move anyway! With no issues, you fly towards the creature and stop right in front of it. It doesn't even give you a glance as it assumes you're playing a good girl...only to get a solid boot on its dumb snoot! Easy.

Before you can get satisfied by this attack though, something bizarre overcomes you all of a sudden. The moment your foot met its face, the view around you grows blurry as a sensation of swirly dislocation comes through you. It feels like you're about to be compressed into some tinned can by rolling you up like some dough...does that make sense? it's an odd feeling.

An odd feeling that swiftly vanishes for everything stays the same, except for the fact that although you're still in the same location...

Nothing is actually the same anymore, also again you didn't say that! Anyway, everything around you looks...less crisp in a way? like someone put sand and dust on the glass that is reality? you're not sure how to describe it but the visuals lowered in quality somehow. Not only that but your foe is now 3 feet away from you, form warped just like the surroundings and looking quite pissed off. You don't recall them moving or if they even get knock backed by your kick.... but you'll take credit for it anyway and get ready for battle.

"YOU DARE TAINT ME WITH YOUR TOUCH, FLETCHLING?!" Never mind, pissed off was an understatement. Their voice once that of a sweet young girl (aka you) has warped into an utterly alien mess. Nothing short of a pig whose throat is filled with the corpses of their young or the moans of a phantom could be close to describing it as it's mere sound is enough to put shivers in your body due to a primal feeling. It's sight no less gentle as though humanoid it looks under that pile of shadows and flesh (Alongside signs of bodies underneath it giving it no good vibes). Its appearance is very similar if not outright identical to the most fearsome creature you've met before. The mere sight of which forces you to start gasping for breath and clench your fists as you do your best to resist the fear that's trying to enter your heart. "DO YOU WISH TO DIE AGAIN THAT BADLY? DO YOU NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE OPPOSING?".

…You don't actually, and as similar as it looks to uh, what was the name again? As similar as it looks to the whatever.

That's no reason to be THAT afraid...even if you are bit. But ahem. "Is that so? you're the one that insulted me first bucko! So, might I ask, do you know who you're antagonizing? Huuuh? Does mister speaks-weird know who they're messing with?" you turn the question around, still prepared to kick some ass if the shadow, carrion, whatever doesn't apologize...actually who are you kidding? You'd kick their ass even if they apologized! That'd be karma! And fun! So, to you, it's an opportunity that must be taken for you'd rather regret doing something than regret doing nothing. That's the Rumia lifestyle Baby!


"Sounds like a whole bunch off 'I'm just a janitor with a power complex' to me." that aside, this talk is clearly not going anyway, and you've got no intention of listening to it. "Nah, nobody can tell the darkness what to do. So, get ready to die by my hands, stinky janny~ that's your nickname now by the way. I hope you like it, because it'll be on your gravestone!" you taunt the damn thing, it must think it’s hot shit seeing how it keeps talking in a weird way but refuses to be consistent in any way. Wait, is that the gimmick maybe? To talk in a chaotic fashion? Oh wow, that’s just lame….that's not even try-harding, that's just making an excuse to half-ass something so that you can later you only did it ironically. What a loser!

"ENOUGH OF THIS!" Grown fed up with you, the carrion raises one hand....

And the surroundings blur again then morph into a constant shift of chaotic colours, all order having left the area.


And music is playing? What in the heck is happe-?







Okay, okay. That's a very intense lung capacity the bastard has. But the message is all clear to you.

The guy's so scared of you, they're making up a bunch off stuff to try and scare you away.

But you're not that easily fooled, after all the loudest barks bite the least, right?


Yeah, you'll be fine.

So, let's go kick some ass!

You fly up and take out a spell card, except you don't move at all. In fact, you bump your head against an invisible wall the moment you try to fly. Or when you try to move out of your prior location in any way really that's longer than 1 feet.

How in the heck are you supposed to play Danmaku like this? You absolutely cannot! So, what's the meaning of this?!

You demand an explanation. "YOU DO NOT NEED TO ASK QUESTIONS. IT WOULD BE A WASTE OF TIME ANSWERING WHAT YOU WOULDN'T UNDERSTAND ANYWAY. NOW CHOOSE AN ACTION, FOR IT IS YOUR TURN AND AFTERWARDS I SHALL ATOMIZE YOU!" and never mind, your opponent has no intention of telling you how this 'game' is supposed to work. If it's even a game that is, you really can't tell at this rate. But if so, then it's really unfair!

So, yeah. What's next Rumia? Any other grand ideas? Cause if you don't then calling it a loss and leaving may not be that bad.


Time remaining: ::Timer ended at: 2022/05/13 (Fri) 14:30

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Hey are we dead here, cause if not uhh...

[x] Summon action

It's the best I've got with the information of eldritch darklurker.
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File 165234380929.png - (105.14KB, 252x302, Come on think about this.png)
Come on think about this

You'll be fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiineeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, would I ever hurt you?

>[x] Summon action

You're about to try and attack again, only to stop because something clicks in your head.

...Turn based combat huh? dramatic music too? Call it dumb, but you feel like you've provoked something bigger than you. Not only do you not know how this whole thing works (or how it even makes sense).

But you're clearly facing some stage boss that's very familiar on how this works and so has the home-advantage, the system-advantage and probably also the sheer strength advantage. That's a triple adv!

Now those aren't good odds, even if you think you can win. There's no guarantee that the thing doesn't have like multiple phases. Like how back home, every boss has more than one spell-card. Problem is, you don't see any extra lives next to you nor do you know if this battle will be non-lethal or not, so...

Yeah, you're probably not going to win this on your lonesome. But you don't see any other allies here.

If only you could MAKE them appear, but you don't think you can. You're the Youkai of Darkness, not the youkai of boundaries or dimensions or mirrors or anything that allows that kind of summoning magic.

"HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELPPPPPPPPPP!" you shout loudly for help anyway, your voice echoing further into the area but other than that, nobody comes to your rescue.

It's still your turn though, guess talking is a free action. But you're still no better off than before.

So, what can you even do here?

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File 165234416460.png - (35.42KB, 331x222, Magic tab.png)
Magic tab
Oh, wait you see something. Just to your left side. Very visible if only you had looked!

There’s some sort of…blue panel? You’re not sure what it’s supposed to mean but you can see your *Name* on it alongside some *Numbers* and a *weird meter*. Not only that but just a distance away are other options listed as *Attack*, *Magic* and *Item* but no *Summon* or *Run Away*

You squint your eyes, looking at the bunch very carefully. Brain juices in the middle of brewing something...

And think….
And think….
And think…

USE YOUR TURN OR SKIP IT ALREADY” your opponent interrupts mid-thought, as you’ve been doing nothing for about 20 seconds now.

Hmm, fine. In that case you may as well try *Magic* right? You think that covers things like lasers, flying and using your darkness ability in some way.

*Attack* and *Item* are obvious themselves and don’t look as appealing so *Magic* it is, you want to use that option!

As if reading your mind, some cursor appears over the option and presses on it. Opening yet another board filled with a ton of options…. like, a lot of options. It’s easier to list them right now:

Level I- 5 charges left.
Moon Ray (Deals light light damage to one foe), Shadow-1 (Deals light Shadow damage to one foe), Focus (Chance to increase one’s accuracy by 20% (Stacks 5 times)).

Level 2- 4 charges left
Dark (Blinds everyone with darkness, dodge rate increases if self is blinded), Drain (Take’s a foe hp and charges), Confuse (Chance to confuse all enemies), Shadow-2 (Deals medium shadow damage to one foe).

Level 3- 3 charges left.
Dark Side of The Moon (Deals medium shadow damage to all foes, inflicts blindness too), Shade Sabre (Increases number of attacks an ally can use, increases damage if foe is blinded), Moon Blast (Deals medium light damage to one foe).

Level 4- 2 charges left.

Chaos drive (Reverses elemental affinities of all allies or all enemies. (Aka someone who does ice damage now deals fire damage, etc), Death-Saw (Chance to instantly kill a foe.), Curse (Causes various status ailments)

Yeah, that’s a bunch of options all-right. Didn't know you could even do half of this, but eh, who are you to doubt it? or to look a gift horse in the mouth? exactly, may as well swing with it and just go with the flow.

You’re sure if you choose one of these then you’re guaranteed to win! No idea which one to choose to use though!

Also, you’ve got no idea what charges are. But it sounds like some sort of limiter. Isn’t that kind o-

TAKE YOUR TURN ALREADY!” your opponent shouts once more, really done with you wasting all this time…. but they can’t do anything about it because it’s still your turn. So too bad for them!

Ha, ha, ha. Mocking that fool aside, let’s go kick some ass already!

[X] Choose one of those options.

[X]...just a thought, but if you never take an action. Would your turn just never end?
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[X] Choose one of those options
Level 4 curse because status spells can't be dodged lmao.

Also, turn stalling would be in bad faith, there isn't reason we need to go full Dormamu on the creature.
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File 165246536790.png - (238.15KB, 442x387, Battle 3.png)
Battle 3
> Level 4 Curse it is.

Aye, that Curse thing looks like the most interesting spell you've got in your arsenal. Mainly because you do not remember or have ever inflicted a curse on someone else. So, why not give it a try right now!

You select the option, immediately both of your hands clap together, and your eyes are forced shut as words you don't understand rapidly come out of your mouth. The automatic ramble lasts for a second or two before you open your eyes, throw your arms in the sky and cast CURSE!

Suddenly, like someone who came fashionably late to a party. Your own shadow extends from the ground.


And becomes physical.

Placing itself behind your foe, followed by it splitting into various smaller shadows, that condense and create a bunch of reaper-like creatures. Each of them take out a scythe with a green hue and they all cackle madly in unison as they raise their weapons, like a celebration for the blood that's about to spill.

It's kind of cool yet very unnerving too, but either way they all swings their scythes straight at your foe's back and front, aiming for their heart, and hitting it. Their blades embed deep into it! Then they all vanishes, their job done. But not before sending a small thumbs up towards you as a goodbye.

...You DEFINITELY do not know how to do that, guess this must be the magic of the surroundings amplifying your technique, the same way spell cards back home are always so amazing looking. You think, you might give it a try back there.

That said, hell yeah! that's what we're talking about here!

The Carrion looks at the weapon planted straight in their side; they seem completely unharmed by the steel planted if not slashing their heart. With good reason, for the only noticeable thing are a bunch of new icons appearing over it's head. Like a bunch of green bubbles, a broken sword and a broken shield, a thunderbolt and finally a broken hourglass? You're not sure wh-

A bunch of black text bar appears above the battlefield, interrupting your thoughts with a constant pop-up noise for each one:

The enemy has been hit by a CURSE! their attack power and defence are reduced by 1/2.

The enemy has been POISONED! they lose 1/8 of their Max HP for a few rounds!

The enemy has been STUNNED! They may occasionally be unable to act!

The enemy has been CONFUSED....except not, because they're immune to it!

The enemy has been SLOWED! They can only act every second round!


"STILL ANNOYING AS EVER..." the Carrion snarls once the messages have ended and it's now their turn.

"BUT TO THINK YOU'D KNOW SUCH A THING...FRANKLY I'M IMPRESSED. " It gives you that much, but you don't care about their opinion and they're not done talking.

It raises an arm, a small groan comes out of it but that doesn't stop it from pointing its open palm towards you. "SADLY FOR YOU, IT'S STILL THE FIRST ROUND..." you don't care or move, mostly because you can't dodge in your current situation anyway.

A dark mist envelops it, concentrating some sort of dark energy within. "AND THIS MOVE NEEDS NO POWER..." still you're not afraid and brace for the attack to come.

A tugging sensation comes over your body, followed by a foreboding feeling.

A beautiful starry night-sky appears below your feet, where exactly it leads is unknown. But that's okay.

"GOOD RIDDANCE, PEST. " for you're being pulled straight towards it!
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File 16524657392.png - (224.76KB, 442x387, battle 4.png)
battle 4
Rumia has been hit by a level 6 Warp! She'll be sent to another world!

Oh hell no, you're not a fan of forced transportation! But the portal sucking in your legs and butt insists on taking you, no matter how hard you resist! For it’s a free ride! So don’t be ungrateful!

In four turns from now!

Only to stop once your entire lower body has been put inside of it. You're not sure if that was part of the play, but your worries are not gone as there’s a number 4 hanging over your head now.

"TSK, SHOULD HAVE CASTED DEATH INSTEAD..." the Carrion clicks their slithery tongue, frustrated by the mistake. "OH WELL, I CAN DO SO ONCE YOU'VE SPENT YOUR TWO TURNS. SO, IF I WERE YOU, I'D SURRENDER NOW AND I'LL LET YOU LIVE. THIS IS YOUR FINAL FINAL CHANCE, DO YOU UNDERSTAND? " its voice capacity is no less hammy though, as it looks at you with an annoyed glare again. A bit short of real murderous intent but that's most likely because it sees you as an annoying insect that won't stop harassing it for no solid reason, which ain't wrong but he's still a rude ass so they're just getting what's coming to them!

Then like perfect timing, their body flashes green for a moment as red numbers. (-900) flash above its head.

That's damage, you think it's damage so jokes on it for being a liar!

Then again, you kind of had a feeling about that. That this fight couldn't be unwinnable you mean.

See, there was no run away option and in most situations where people go 'Oh no, this person is too strong and sexy!' there is always an option for them to hightail it right out of there, because the books want to like hype up the big bad guy and need a reason to show they're invincible without outright just killing the protagonist or else there wouldn't be a story. It's just common sense really.

A shame you don't play videogames, cause if you did then you'd know that scripted defeats are an actual thing in those. Not that any of those analogies help in real life though.

Though...if this was impossible, then clearly, you'll be fine still. It'd just be part of your story to glory. It'd be the part where the first battle in an unfamiliar location causes you to get your ass kicked. Which forces you to flee to some convenient village nearby where some badass gramps would teach you [b]The Way of the Exploding Double Dragon[/i] or some other nonsense like that.

Yes. That had to be it.

Now to choose your next two actions, they better be smart though for after your turn it'll probably try to instant kill you again and even then after that you'll only got like...uh, 4,3,2,1.

An amount of turns left before you lose anyway! So you better win before that time comes!


If you actually win, then I’ll give you a great reward. If not, then…you’ll find out.

Status: (Which won't matter after this fight but anyway).

Health: 222/222.
Charges: 1 level 4 charge lost. Others still remaining.
Weapon: Chainsaw. (High dmg, low accuracy.)

This is more a puzzle than a real rpg fight but I think you already know that. Anyway I'll be waiting warmly and goddamn do I hate making visuals but everything be damn I have to use these sprites just this once.
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x] Shade Saber. We can now attack even more times in a row. Use Focus if Shade Saber gives us an extra turn immediately.
- Carrion is stunned and skips their turn. Warp in 3 turns.
[x] Dark. Carrion is blinded and we become dodgy, so now carrion can’t hit us with death. Shade saber gives us another attack and now deals more damage cuz carrion is blinded.
[x] Focus. We need more accuracy.
- Carrions turn. Death misses cuz they are blinded and we are dodgy. Warp in 2 turns.
[x] Focus. Twice because shade saber gives us more turns.
-Carrion is stunned and skips their turn. Warp in 1 turn.
[x] Focus. We need all the accuracy we can get for Shade Saber’s last extra turn.
[x] Death Saw. We insta-kill Carrion because all the Focuses mean we can’t miss. Carrion is blinded so shade saber means we do even more damage, bypassing any resistances Carrion has to death.

If Carrion somehow survives, they do something irrelevant on their turn and then we get sucked into the warp.
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First, I like the sprite art. Second, >>31919 has a good plan but it hinges on death saw being accuracy based and not a raw chance. If it is intended to be accuracy based for the sake of puzzle boss, then ignore me.

If I may provide an alternate plan in the assumption that chaos drive alternates the resistance affinities as well;
[x] Shade saber into same turn focus
Same reasoning as previous post.
[x] Dark into focus same turn.
Same reasoning.
[x] Chaos drive into focus same turn.
Invert resistances and negate our own blind debuff. One turn left for attacking, curse will have done 3/8 health in damage by poison.
[x] Double Dark side of the moon. (Assuming Rumia has some kind of STAB with dark for obvious reasons)
Now we hope Rumia has enough stats for ~4500 damage.

An aside, could you imagine Final Fantasy with spell charges instead of mana? Sounds weird to me.
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File 16526198987.png - (24.29KB, 95x168, wooooooo.png)
> An aside, could you imagine Final Fantasy with spell charges instead of mana? Sounds weird to me.

That's an actual thing in the Famicom/Nes and PSP remakes of the first Final Fantasy and wasn't changed until Final Fantasy IV.

In those games you go to shops to buy spells and can only equip three of them of any spell level. Alongside charges limiting the casting of it.

In this simulation, you'd be an....Black Mage! What a shocker! Or dark mage if you want to be specific, which is kind of the same except for the fact that well you don't posses the powers of elemental spells but got some other niches instead to compensate, like higher attack power and so forth.

Regardless of that intellectual correction, the both of you have given tactics that are respectable and will definitely function as you've assumed so far.

One could say that the battle's already been won even, I'd applaud you for that if so.

Do you hear me clapping? Can you hear the sound of my sweaty palm hitting the other palm at a respectable velocity in order to create the noise known as a clap?

If so, then good.

Please go seek an ear-doctor.

Because I am not clapping, I am doing the opposite of clapping. I am ANTICLAPPING!

Why is that the case you may ask?

Because you've called me out, which I find incredibly offensive and ungrateful. So offended am I that if you were to believe that this is just an act, that you'd be wrong.

I am TRULY and UTTERLY FUROUIS, with your cheek-in tongue response.

And shall punish you accordingly.

Rumia versus the forces of Anon is from now on.


And you have only yourself to blame.

Do not expect an update today or tomorrow, do not expect one at all for there never will be one anymore.

Do not believe that I am using the extra time to make an BIG update just for your ilk.

I hope you are proud of yourself.

Also how come the thread is no longer bumped?
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