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File 163779545532.jpg - (43.72KB, 800x762, Press the button rumia.jpg) [iqdb]
Time: 2 pm; Date: 07/07/2017
Location: Hakurei Shrine


So, you picked up again? I guess that means you’ve seen through the errors of your way.
Or perhaps you’re simply curious on what I have to offer? Sadly, I cannot read your mind.

Even so…Rumia… Oh dear Rumia, my sweet little moon ray. No words can describe the feelings of joy I’m feeling right now. Finally, you accept that you are nothing without me. Finally, you see the truth that without order, that without a guide nothing can be achieved by acting like a wild animal.
But to be honest you sure took your sweet, darned time, do you have any idea on what I had to do while you were gone? The things I had to make happen to entertain myself. I was very lonely…

Anyway, as I’ve said before, today was going to be a little bit different. For today not a single anon can survive! Except I was wrong…my expectations for you were too high and voila much vital time has been wasted. We do not have that much time left and so we can no longer hunt them all.
But that is okay, for I have a plan dear Rumia. A plan that will give both you and me the things we oh so desire. You get power and I get to watch you brutalize the indigens. But first I need to test you.

Power does not come for free after all, and even if it did who am I to know you won’t go on a trollolol rampage across the land the moment you obtain it? I need to test your loyalty and competence beforehand. For I have little time to waste now, if you fail me know you will be replaced.

Open the drawer beneath you, no not that one. I meant the one on the rig-ah there you got it! Good, good. Now then what you have before is a shiny red button. Look at how clickable it looks like. Do you behold its splendid form? Can you feel the temptation urging within you? The beautiful red texture, the jolly candy like shape, the mystery behind its function. Does it not speak to your heart?

“Rumia! What are you do- “Ignore the fairy, focus on the button! Look at its strawberry juiciness. Do you not want to put your finger on it? Does knowing you can press it whenever while it’s unable to stop you not make you feel like you’re in control and in power?

Do you not want to press the button? Do you not want to become number one? Do you not want to make this button your [redacted]? Your [redacted] [redacted] [redacted]? Ooh, I know you want it. We all want it.

Well guess what? That’s the test. Press the button Rumia! I formally allow it! Embrace the fun that is obeying your guardian angel and see all the good that comes from doing it. See just by listening to me already you get to press a funny little button. Isn’t that every young girl’s dream? Do not think about how the button get in that drawer, just focus on the moment. On making your meaty finger give the button a big sloppy, skinny kiss all over its…ahem, got a bit excited there. Just press the button. Go ahead now, press the button. Accomplish my quirky lily test and I’ll take you back.

It is a very simple thing to do, just point your finger at it and push. There is no way and I mean absolutely no way for you to possibly fail at doing something this simple. So go ahead.

Press the button Rumia, and I will take you back. Press the button Rumia and everything you ever wanted shall become…well more like become available to you. Now press the button. Do it!


[]Press the button
[] Don't press the button
[] Genuflect
File 163779604763.jpg - (238.66KB, 1000x1415, nygE2F-g1vn1Cv5Y_BZgY1PCH1x3HaHT2XWEE32gPPs.jpg) [iqdb]
Nested genuflection, go!
[[[[[[[[[[X] Genuflect] Genuflect] Genuflect] Genuflect] Genuflect] Genuflect] Genuflect] Genuflect] Genuflect] Genuflect

Jokes aside big red buttons are so turn of the milenium, and the voice DOES want us to give up the sweet chainsaw arm, so anything it says, especially given the override of our senses and apparent need for consent to do anything, should be taken with enough salt to solve the gensokyan salt crisis four Eirins age over again.
[x] Mmm... Strawberry... Eat the button
[x] Button
While I would've loved to three-way tie this, button is more enticing.
[x] Genuflect
Crackpot time: this isn't the real angel. Our real angel didn't need any medium to contact us before. We've yet to genuflect since near the beginning.
This anon can remember more than "chainsaw" and the immediately preceding post, so I'm going to trust him. I encourage you all to do the same.
File 163787389696.jpg - (98.63KB, 800x800, Press the button press the button press the button.jpg) [iqdb]
Good, you're aiming for the button. Yeah, that's right put your grubby little hand on it, now press it. Press it and finally follow the correct route, let our massacre no our holy crusade begin!

What are you hesitating? Are you perhaps afraid of the consequences of pushing a mere button? Come now there’s nothing to worry about and you’ve got done way mor-you are licking the button.

You are licking the button instead of pressing it. You have failed the most basic test in the world.


How even?

Why couldn’t you press the button? It should have been so simple. HOW ON EARTH DID YOU FAIL SUCH A SMALL TASK?!


No, I won’t get mad. I’m not MAD. This isn’t defeat yet, so I’ll stay calm. I’m going to be patient; I’m going to be NICE. It is not your fault that you failed to do this, clearly, I have set the bar far too high. I apologize for that. My little Rumia, I simply expect a lot from you, and it breaks my heart when you fail to meet them. Which is all of them, you suck. I did not keep in mind your actual competence or state of mind. I’m sorry for the fact that you’re you. Being you of all people must be a nightmare.

Do you forgive me? Of course, you do, I guess this is one of the dumbest things you’ve done heh, to the point I’m almost not surprised at this point. But it’s okay I am laughing you hear that?
I too have a sense of humour, clearly licking an inanimate object is the funniest thing ever.

Also stupid, very, stupid-and why are you getting on your knees, what in the.
“Hello, welcome to th- “How rude of you to try call some other girl right now! Don’t you know women don’t like it when you talk about other women right in front of them? Idiot….

Wait no that’s mean of me! It’s not your fault! You did not choose to be born as you. Clearly something went wrong during your conception that gave you these drawbacks. But retarded girls are the cutest after all, if anything all it does is add some extra nggh! factor to your overall cuteness.

Or were you trying to defy me? Were you trying to call for help? If so, just think a moment. Can you name anyone else who would believe and help you right now? Can you name anyone worthier to be your guardian angel? Can you name even one person? You know that I alone have the power to give you everything you want from that bucket list of yours. I am the only who can make those delusions reality. Your dreams into truth, and your worries into mild afterthought. You just need to accept me.

For I have nothing bad in mind for you, why I quite like you Rumia. In fact, I really don’t like it when you speak to the other voices, so why don’t you make this space just for between you and me?

Not like anything bad will happen if you don’t. Just the fact that you are struggling on your own or with these blank sheets of quirky personalities you call your friends won’t help much in the long run. Now I’m not threatening you, in fact this is a warning. If you don’t press the button, you’ll have a very violent death. Not by my hands of course, but by that of Anon. They’re going to take everything.

No more Wriggle
No more Cirno
No more Mystia
No more Daiyousei
No more Rinnosuke
No more Reimu

Etc, no more friends overall.

Wasn’t that your prime motive? To make sure your friends won’t be harmed. Or were you too dumb to even make up such a relatable goal slash ideal? Did you think this was going to be a fun sausage fest? No homo, or yes homo if you like that. Okay sure, I may have said that you can eat any Anon you meet but that doesn’t mean all are edible. So eh, let’s uh…wait what was I saying again?

Oh yeah, working hard for 17 hours with no break. Now that’s love. Well, I love you too Rumia. I love you so much I can’t stand it. So much…I want to keep you forever. But I can’t do that right now. There’s too much stuff that needs to be done first, but after this whole thing is over, I think it would be nice if we were to meet face to face. You and me, Alone, private with no one else to disturb us.

I’m going to be honest; I was going to let you be free for this entire day, but my heart can’t take it anymore. I need to hear your voice; I want to see your face. I want to meet you so bad right now.

The fact you’re willingly trying to kill yourself by using, if not actually loving an object that’s been stated multiple times by me to be bad news is another factor. Like seriously the hell? Are you trying to extinction yourself to death? Even the dodos were smarter than this? DO NOT USE THE SAW.

Ahem I could have chosen anyone for this adventure, but I chose you. You out of…a lot of people.
You should be honoured by this; this is the greatest chance in your whole existence. So, take it.

The first wave is about to come by the way, in around 5 minutes. Sure, that’s kind of a bomb to drop in the middle of this but I feel like you should know it. You better brace yourself for trouble.

Back to the subject, I’m not sure if this was an accident or not. So, I’m going to give you a second chance. An act of compassion if you will. Put your hand on the button and press it.

Press the Button Rumia. Don’t think, just do what you know is right. Press the button.
Think about everything that’s in stake here, think bigger here. What will you have without me? What will you ever hope to achieve with your own lot, nothing. You will do nothing of note like you’ve done so many times before, you will fail over and over until one failure ends up being fatal. You will not live to see tomorrow if you do not accept my aid. So press the button, for the sake of everyone.

[] Press the Button, press the button, press the button, press the button. PRESS THE BUTTON.

[] Don’t press the button, who is she to decide anything? Are you not Rumia?
[] Man this is boring, you wanna go play with Reimu, Dai and everyone!

[x] Don’t press the button, who is she to decide anything? Are you not Rumia?
But, uh, I understand if people think that's a little too extreme.
File 163788823648.jpg - (222.30KB, 850x599, I believe in you anon.jpg) [iqdb]
Dare!-That's the only word your dictionary needs to know~

Go ham if you want, being hotblooded is already natural at this point. It's your choice and our fun.
[X] Rip the button apart
[X] Just put the banana down.

This reminds me of that cyber bullying meme from years ago. But serouisly just put the phone down if someone tries to shit talk to you.
File 163796212035.png - (102.33KB, 428x242, Dont tell me what to do.png) [iqdb]
Imagine the words Rumia say when they're capitalized as if she's trying to be a dark lord.

(That’s enough. You’ve heard more than you needed to hear and frankly I am starting to get tired of your nonsense, if you do not the pre-oh, you’re finally actually picking it up. Do go on the-)

The BUTTON of TEMPTATION lies before your HAND, while many of its PROMISES and words are TEMPTING to you...

There feels something AMISS, like WHO is SHE to assume YOU need HELP? WHO is SHE to INSULT YOU like THIS? If anything, the way she tries to CONTROL you only MAKES you want to RESIST even more!

YOU turn the BUTTON around and OBSERVE it’s FEATURES, a deeper feeling LIGHTS inside your CHEST.

(What are you do-) SHUT UP LADY! SHE'S STOLEN enough TIME from YOU. You put DOWN the PHONE with MANLY VIGOR and immediately the voice DISSAPEARS. No longer POSESSING the MEDUIM to speak with your NOBLE MIND.

The BUTTON is HERE, yet at THE same TIME it is NOT. YOU are NOT sure how to EXPLAIN it, but you can FEEL it within you that this BUTTON is NOT really a BUTTON but SOMETHING ELSE. Like the PEN before a CONTRACT with shady SMALL letters so does this BUTTON give these BAD feelings inside you. It is trying to TAKE your FREEDOM. Your INDEPENCE. Your DIGNITY and finally your most ominous, vile, filled with evil darky DARK SOUL!

OR you're HUNGRY again, it's been like what? HALF an HOUR since your last MEAL? You need lots of FOOD to FEAST on so YOU can BECOME a BIG GIRL. The NUTRIENTS are NOT to be NEGLECTED.

Even so the CONCEPT of you ACCEPTING that, is in quite the SIMPLE term…

RIDICULOUIS! You, Rumia the YOUKAI of DARKNESS! the TERROR of the NIGHT! and the reason people go to sleep at a healthy time instead of trying to indulge in activities past 10 pm! have COME to a DECISION. You REJECT the voice’s OFFER, you have no NEED for a GUARDIAN, or a GUIDE or even an ANGEL.

For YOU are the DEVIL! You are the INCARNATION of DARKNESS itself, the PRIMAL FEAR of all LIVING creatures who LIVE under the LIGHT. Your SOURCE was THERE before the UNIVERSE existed, your SOURCE will LIVE alongside the UNIVERSE and still be THERE when EVERYTHING comes to an END. You are ETERNAL, UNSTOPPABLE, and a FORCE OF CHAOS!

EVERYONE casts a SHADOW on the THINGS they STAND on, and there is no USE in moving from PLACE to PLACE to try and SAVE things for the SHADOWS always FOLLOWS. Yet PEOPLE fail to UNDERSTAND that that is a GOOD THING. The STRONGEST trees are ROOTED in the DARK places of EARTH, DARKNESS can be a CLOAK, DARKNESS can be a SHIELD, DARKNESS can be a MILK superior to that of your mother’s FACTORY, DARKNESS can give you STRENGHT above any other. Yet they FEAR it, they FEAR what they CANNOT understand and FEAR what will OUTLIVE them! And that is a GOOD THING thing as well. It is said FEAR that has birthed YOU into this WORLD, it is that FEAR that gives MEANING to your EXISTENCE, it is your JOB nay your very PURPOSE in life to make EVERYONE FEAR it and to DEVOUR those who dare tread within it. Though the MAN EATER goes OFF the CLOCK at 6 AM!

YOU are NOT cute, YOU are NOT something to be SPOILED and FANCIED. The very REMARK of someone TREATING you that way DISGUSTS your very CORE. It FILLS your heart with RIGHTOUS ANGER! If this voice LOVES you as it says, then you HATE her!

Your FIST smashes against the CASE! The WOOD does not YIELD to your STRENGHT and is completely UNHARMED, you PUNCH it AGAIN and the SAME thing happens. Another ATTEMPT proves just as FRUITLESS! The BOX taunts you for your FAILURE!

You CLENCH your fist in SHOCK “What is the meaning of this?!” and are OUTRAGED by your CONTINOUIS FAILURES.

(PFufufuhahahahahhaha!”) You HEAR the voice LAUGH in a MOCKING manner (So in the end you still choose to follow your own *path*, such a delusional view can’t possibl-) BE QUIET WENCH!

You PICK up the PHONE and try to CRUSH it with your BARE HANDS! “There is nothing I can’t do!”

(You’re an idiot who doesn’t know their limit, there’s no way you’ll survive!) the voice SHOUTS back.

“Yes, I can!” you GRIP it MAJESTICALLY with all of your STRENGHT! You will SILENCE this NONSENSE here and now!

(No, you can’t! you won’t achieve anything, you won’t obtain anything, you won’t win!)

“Yes, I can!” you REPLY with EVERYTHING YOU HAVE; you’re STARTING to SENSE something within your RIGHT HAND, it’s as if your WHOLE body has been set on FIRE, energy is FLOWING out of IT and into YOU like a RIVER of TESTORENE “Yes I can! Yes, I can! Yes, I can!” you CHANT rapidly with ZEAL as your WILL becomes more FOCUSED! You REFUSE to give up! You will NEVER let SOMEONE control your FATE! Are you not Rumia?!

(Wait, what am I feeling? The energy coming out of you…there’s no way! It can’t be real!) the voice sounds disbelieving as the sound of pages being turned can be heard (This power, it can’t be the real deal! It must be fake! It’s not scientifically possible! There’s no you way you can draw it out!)

The ENERGY becomes a lot more INTENSE now, your SURROUNDINGS blur BACK into a CLEAR view as you are CLUTCHING your RIGHT ARM on the GROUND while Dai is PANICKING over your shoulder not UNDERSTANDING what is GOING on. She is TRYING to HELP you but NOW isn’t the TIME for that! WAIT it totally is! Your SPINNING blades of VIOLENCE who are now covered in a DARK RED HUE send a MESSAGE to your HEART of DARKNESS! It’s STEEL CRY demands you CUT apart all those who STAND IN YOUR WAY!

You get UP and SWING your WEAPON at the BOX like you’re trying to split a MOUNTAIN in HALF! Your BLADES impact against the WOOD and SPARKS fly out from the IMPACT but it still doesn’t BUDGE! Not a single SPECK, not a single PROOF of being HARMED lies on the ACCURSED RED BUTTON!!

(Fweh!) You can HEAR the voice MOCK you (Of course you couldn’t use it, it was just a false alarm)
GRRRRRR, she’s RIGHT about ONE part. You have no IDEA what to DO with it OTHER than SWINGING it at STUFF, isn’t that what a SAW is SUPPOSED to do ANYWAY? Not only THAT but you don’t even HAVE an ATTACK NAME…But you WON'T be WORRIED! You’ll DEFINITELY come up with a PLAN! And that’s because…

(It’s useless Rumia! There is absolutely no way for you to be able to-) SHUT YOUR MOUTH!


: Your arm TWISTS and DISTORTS as the DARK VEINS BURST out of it and COVER the ENTIRE arm again, a WARM sensation ENVELOPS it just like LAST time and before you know it your NEW ARM has already SWING down! There is no CLASH! No RESISTANCE! As the BOX and even the TABLE and even the FLOOR are completely SLICED APART!

The PHONE falls and DISSAPEARS into the HOLE in the FLOOR, the reaction of the VOICE left unknown.

“What…what in the, what the heck did you do?!” Your friend looks completely SHOCKED by the EVENTS she WITNESSED, her HANDS are put DEFENSIVELY in front of her, ready to FIGHT if NEED be “Who are you?!” She TREATS you like you're a complete STRANGER.

Seeing this as an OPPORTUNITY, you DECIDE to be EDGY AS ALL HELL “I am…” you LOOK at your ARM for a DRAMATIC pause, the BLADES have solely ATTACHED themselves to the BACK of your RIGHT ARM via a single TENDRIL, said ARM itself has returned to its former size but still feels TOUGHER and WARMER, as if a HOT METAL GLOVE has been FORCED into your SKIN.

You MOVE the SAW without even MOVING the ARM attached to it, it’s new REACH letting you SLICE the remaining DEBRIS with the same POWER, with more PRECISION yet less awkward movement. It feels EASIER to USE now and even though it's still HEAVY as hell. You CAN finally USE your RIGHT HAND FINGERS again. And THOSE voices said the SAW was BAD!

“THE DEVIL! MWHAHAHAHAHAHAA!” the REVELATION of your NEW ARM fills you with EVIL DELIGHT, there is no WAY someone will look DOWN on you when you got something this EDGY. "MWAHAHAHAHHAHHAAHAHAHA!" you LAUGH some MORE cause WHY NOT.

That delight turns into pain when Dai slaps you in the face “Get out of Rumia!” and another punch hits you straight on the nose, making you falter back and stop using a fake dark lord tone of voice “I know you’re in there, fight back!” she took your words seriously and is trying to beat the evil entity out of you! “I’m not letting you have her!”

“Stop! I was jokin-ow! I said stop! I’m sorry!” you crouch down and protect your head from her furious attack, despite your numerous pleas she ignores your calls and acts with a frenzy that can only be mimicked by fairies when you steal their candy. You wish for a hero to come to your salvation!

“What is the meaning of this?” As if answering your prayers, the Hakurei arrives. She looks mildly disgruntled and looks like she’s having a hangover. “I can hear your shouts from the livi- “and she stops staring at your turtle tight defence formation with judgemental silence “…Why?”

Daiyousei looks at the Hakurei with a fire in her eyes. “Noble Hakurei maiden, I ask for your aid in exorcising the demon that has resided in my friend! She’s become dumber than usual and is wielding a weapon made of evilest evil that has ever eviled! Please save Rumia from her possession!” She says every word with genuine emotion, it moves your heart despite how wrong it is.

You wish to correct the misunderstanding, but your throat is clogged by emotion. Such loyalty coming from your friend is something you’re not used to. Also, you've shouted a lot and she's kicking you so you're kind of out of breath.

The Hakurei simply nods to her statements and scans the room with her vigilant eyes, frowning for a moment once she sees your vandalism but finally ending on your lowly figure “Is that true?”

Her gaze is enough to get you back to focus “No! I’m just me! Your everyday Rumia!”

“She’s lying!” Dai points at you like you’re a criminal “I saw everything! She talked to a banana, took out a button out of nowhere and then shouts like a maniac only for her hand to transform! IT MAKES NO SENSE! Rumia can’t do that! It has to be the work of an enemy devil!”

The Hakurei lets out a yawn, and takes out her dreaded rod of guaranteed pain and oh god may she have mercy on your soul please don’t hurt me needle “Fine, I’ll do it as a freebie if you both leave afterwards” she says dismissively but you know that deep down she means *I’m doing this for free because you’re my favourite youkai!* but even so this sounds like bad time, a very painful time.

Your body shivers from intense manliness, you are not frozen in place due to both girls looming over you and you are not blubbering out random words in hopes of speaking reason.

You stand up with the noble intent of not backing off only to feel your arms grappled from behind, Daiyousei is the culprit as she looks at you with eyes full of empathy “Don’t worry, it won’t hurt”.
When you look at those eyes, you can’t help but wonder if this really might be something you need.

“Eh, it might hurt...a lot even yknow?” the Hakurei Maiden immediately dissolves that thought. “So, like…hm if my memory is correct. We need to tie her up before I can proceed so...” her rod homes over your head. “It’s easier if she’s knocked out during it” and she raises it higher ready to slam it into your face!

Never have you Rumia been more aware of your imminent demise. While you’ve overcome the terrible trial that is the button to not be pressed on and the rude lady on the phone. Never have you had to face both a determined Daiyousei and an Extermination mode Hakurei.

There is no use trying to resist these women. Your world slows down to a crawl, and you can only apologize to everyone you’ve failed this quest on such a lame note. Fully prepared for your death by jump rope, you apologize to Wriggle for failing to revive her and that you will join her soon despite her not wanting that. You apologize to Mystia for never paying for her food and that her rock and roll is not as revolting as you said it was. You apologize to Rinnosuke for never having thanked him for his kindness and that you appreciate him still letting you into his shop despite the enormous twat you’ve been to him. You apologize to Cirno for having never found her and that you never told her that she’s not as dumb as you jokingly say she is. You apologize to Marisa for uh…something you’re not sure what. You apologize to Daiyousei for-wait she’s trying to kill you! Same for the Hakurei! You curse both of their names…dammit you can’t! You can’t hate either of them!

Wait no, this is wrong. This is entirely wrong! You don’t want to die! You don’t want to end up like the Pale one or the Catgirl. You want to live dammit! No matter the cost! THINK RUMIA THINK!

[] Cry like a baby Use the most powerful ruse in your disposal!
[] Struggle! Fight Back! Don’t go down without a fight!
[] Attempt the distraction manoeuvre, Look it’s a three headed monkey!
[] Accept your incoming death! Confess all your sins before it’s too late!
[] Pray for the Meatball God to save you!
[] Pray for Cirno to save you! Be my freezing hero!

[] SCREW THIS! If you’re going to die, you may as well die like a man!
---[] Head pat Daiyousei!
---[] Head pat the Hakurei Maiden!
---[] Head pat both, you’ve got two arms!
---[] Vow that if you survive, you’ll never head pat a person again!

[] Sing a song promoting pacifism and not beating up little girlies.
[] Faint from all the sudden choices and stress coming to your head.
[] Write in that test your memories, something relevant has been said earlier.
File 163797230498.jpg - (291.07KB, 800x1000, Rumia_full_845719.jpg) [iqdb]
This situation...
This turn of events...
Even as we seizes fate with our own hands, that fate of sixty years comes round again.

Well... this is certainly a lot of choices to take in. Uh...

[x] Pray for the Meatball God to save you!
Fuck it, we're in Gensokyo. What's a little more direct divine intervention. I mean, if nobody else has us, then I know MBG got us!

>first wave is about to come by the way, in around 5 minutes
uh oh
File 163804843577.jpg - (5.93KB, 187x270, Think Rumia.jpg) [iqdb]
You, Rumia, are the child of the most powerful force in the universe.

It is through the fear of the dark that light has its value, it is because of dark warriors that heroes have foes to strive against. Because man can not see through the dark, they invented fire. Because man cannot understand the dark, their imagination brings forth too many more horrors. Due to the darkness we all know when it’s time to rest. Due to the darkness the world is seen as beautiful.

Though you are not responsible for any of it, your source has birthed many legends!

And do these same powers not flow through your veins? Do you not feel the dark urging to be a bad, very mean if not totally a gremlin kind of little girl? Do you feel it?


You don’t, not at all. The best you can do is make places darker and when your friend turned traitor is grappling you while the Hakurei (Champion of Youkai Exterminator, Ruler of this Paradise, The One Above Reality and all those fancy titles) is looming over you.

That kind of truth becomes very depressing. If not a bitter pill to swallow.

Sure you’ve got the saw and all, but thing is you don’t want this to become a death match. And even if it’s cool as hell, you still never had the time to sit down and understand how it works.

So, what is a girl supposed to do now? What do people do in times of despair? ….! They turn to GOD of course! This is the perfect time for you to demand a MEATBALL MIRACLE!

You shout as loudly as you can for the Meaty Meister’s aid, the intensity of your death cry makes the Hakurei stagger backwards with a pained expression and one hand on her ear, Dai does not seem discouraged the least but even, so you continue your banshee cries for salvation. Not minding the fact you sound like a dying coyote with the lungs of an elephant.

?Hello? this is the-Nwagh!? Some other girl’s voice comes out ?Why are you shouting?! Are you suffering from an emergency? Fear not! I’ll get you out of there as soon as possible! Just close your eyes and think about a location? Sensing the urgency behind your situation, she quickly cooperates.

You comply and think about wanting to be anywhere but he-wait no, you can’t just ditch your comrades! You worked so hard to get them so there’s no way you’ll be satisfied with ending up in a random location. AAAAGH! Decisions smissions, you choose the Hakurei Shrine Entrance!

? Aye, I’ll be ope-actually there’s no time to explain!? After her words, you suddenly fall and have your butt meet the ground with stone cold floor ?Okay you’re here, just uh take care and yeah this is actually against the procedures so do keep this a secret, okay? Bye and call again anytime!?

You get up and quickly dust yourself off while looking at your surroundings, you are indeed in front of the Shrine Entrance. Whatever divine power was needed for that you thank with all your heart.

The view from here is beautiful, if not out of subject. You can see the entirety of Gensokyo from here, from the Human Village in its large splendour having firework shoot out while two giant figures duke it out in their skies, to the Forest of Magic with its magnificent wildlife indulging in warfare if all the bullets and laser lightshow coming out of it is any indication, to the mighty Youkai Mountain standing fiercely tall among its fellows while being covered in snow. Exception being the Bamboo Forest since you can’t see it due to all the mist covering it. Finally, the TINY Ice Figure of someone you don't know soaring through the sky towards your location at a turtle's pace looks quite nice today. But again, all of this is out of subject. You wonder why you can’t focus sometimes. But being aware of so-FOCUS!

You slap your loveable cheeks with your just as loveable hand to concentrate, your comrade has clearly rebelled against you and has managed to get the Hakurei on their side. They are currently unaware of your location but the moment they go outside it will be obvious.

Should you prepare for a fight? Or should you perhaps commence a strategic retreat? You scratch your head in frustration to the dilemma. Maybe you could get Meiling back and turn their number advantage into a fair 2 versus 2? Not like she’s done anything for you so far anyway. Like seriously what’s the point of having her then?

Go make yourself useful or stay forever in the background!

But then again, there’s no way someone can win against the Hakurei no matter how many numbers you have. Her tales of having never been hit is known well throughout the land. She is impossible. Certain death incarnate if anything. She needs noone to help her.

Hold on a minute, numbers…that could be it! You just must challenge Dai to one-on-one honourable combat! If you do that then they can’t possibly gang up on you. Even though Daiyousei had a good intention in heart there’s no way you’ll tolerate insubordination. You need to challenge her and show her who’s boss! Since she won’t believe words, you’ll talk with your fists!

You turn around with a satisfied smile and your legs refuse to move any further. In fact, they are trembling. The reason of can only be one thing, the Hakurei is ready for…. ugh. The mere thought of being vanquished sets a pressure into your chest. The memory of that Cat girl being tied up and gagged makes you only dread the chance it might happen to you even more.

Wait dread? Did you just say you are afraid? How laughable! You should feel no such thing!
You are FEAR itself. How dare you falter your resolve! How dare you think that dying while fighting for what you believe in is not the most awesome thing ever?!


Come on let’s do this! This is just another obstacle to overcome! Another victory to grasp!
And even if failure comes! If that was your limit! Then you will have lived your life without regret!

You look back at the Shrine and let out the manliest wait don’t! They might hear you!

Yeah, that would have been dumb, but what now?

You're just standing in front of the Shrine Entrance like a kid that got lost, there are stairs leading downards while the entrance itself is right in front of you. You see no more weirdos squatting outside so they must have gone inside and you swear you can see a glimpse of something blue trying to ninja it's way through some window into the shrine.

[] Go back in! A real youkai faces her challenges head on!
--[] Challenge Daiyousei, how dare she rebel!
--[] Challenge the Hakurei, you feel suicidal bold today!

[] Let's investigate the blue bandito, you're not avoiding your problems that way no sir.
[] Hold on a minute...you feel like you should take a better look at the landscape again.
[] Enter the Shrine and demand Meiling makes herself more useful, you did a sidequest for her dammit!

[] Write in slash go somewhere else.


Anon chose to follow their own path, the fact said path may have plenty of options and may lead to self doubt or some may be useluss distractions is the con of having said freedom.
Focus on achieving a goal no matter how small or big it is and you may prosper.

Actually I can help with that, which I should be doing in the first place.

[X] Revive Wriggle by finding doll by finding Marisa is the mainquest at the moment. A main quest is something you decide all takes absolute priority at the moment. While you can accept multiple stuff if not try to make multiple goals come true, you'd still have to decide that one takes more focus than the others. And of course, it would progress more quickly that way too.

You can change that goal if you want, but for now I'm treating it like that's the case. And you should know where Marisa is under around 2 or 3ish updates from now as a result.

Also uh yes
[X] Hold on a minute...you feel like you should take a better look at the landscape again.
...Giant figures? That sounds unusually manly.
File 163810559027.jpg - (255.29KB, 800x750, That is quite so.jpg) [iqdb]
Hold on a minute, you feel like you shrugged off something very important.

Like a gazelle who shrugs of a moving bush only to have their neck snapped by a stalking lion so too can incaution lead to your very possible impending doom. You turn back to the stairway once more.

And take a deeper look at the landscape, well not really deeper since you’re not a hawk with zooming eyes but you do try to make more sense of the shapes in the distance as much as your shade covered body (Curse you Sun!) can figure out. If only you had a tool for seeing further away then this would be easier.

The Human Village like you’ve said got two colossal things? Creatures duking it out above it. One seems to be a horned figure with long flowing brown, orange hair covering their back while the Other looks like an…uh a Machine? A big kind of tin can woman! Both are clenching their fists against one another while firework is shot at the both of them by ant sized figures. Looks like quite the juicy battle.

As for the Forest of Magic, it turns you were wrong. It’s just a bunch of people playing danmaku with each other. Which really shouldn’t be unusual if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s the middle of the day and not night. You can’t really see anything more from this distance.

Thirdly is Youkai Mountain, it is covered in snow. Pure white everywhere and it’s surrounded by a sort of snowstorm. Looks like someone is messing with the weather again or so-who gives a carp.

Le Foret du Bamboo is covered in mist. That’s it. That’s literally all.

Finally, the tiny figure in the distance has become a little larger as the distance between where it came from, and your location has been decreased. You bet it’ll be here in like 2 to 3 minutes from now if your forced education has actually been useful.

Other than that it looks familiar to you for some reason.

But anyway life is like usual, this is a completely normal day. Guess you were wrong in suspecting that you were unsuccessfully suspecting something in a good way.

“Little girl who’s about to be pushed down some stairs says what?”

“What?” you say as you turn ar-get hit in the face by a heavy ton of large icicle boots combined with the speed of a dropkicking Dai.

Turns out you were the one that was going to be dropkicked down some stairs, and dropkicked you were just like you are falling down said stairs right now.

Who knew you would have fulfilled the prophecy?

Now you’d think your innate resistance to non-magical physical damage would make the entire process of tumbling down hundreds of stairs with your face and body smashing against the stone tiles at a faster and more painful rate as the longer you go down into an easy if not calm harmless experience.

But it does not, this is not fun at all.

Cause sure it doesn’t break your bones or even your skin, but the feeling of pain is still something that everyone feels. It hurts a lot as you topple head over heel, heel over head and other body parts going into angles they should not be due to your continued graceless descent. You don’t even know when it will end since all the while the only thing you can do is repeat ow over and over and over and over.

Until finally you do reach the bottom, you get up and examine yourself.

Your body is unharmed, other than a broken nose and some stinging sensations in your skin alongside nausea from the experience. All is ok.

Wait never mind, there is a small yet insignificant bump on your head.

Your clothes however have been dirtied once more, the disgustingly white clothes have been shredded in some places and mudded in others. The fact you finally have an excuse to replac-where is your hat?

You touch your head; the white hat the vampire gave you is gone. It is not on the ground and is nowhere to be seen. You lost your hat.

While that is something you normally wouldn’t care about that hat was quite useful, you could enter places without the sun sniping your eyes because you forgot to make place darker and a hat is a hat and headwear is a very valued kind of equipment in this realm. You literally cannot buy another hat in a cloth store without having to pay the equivalent of an arm and a leg, not to forget the principle behind the thing. You’re afraid the loss of this treasure does not sit well with you.

How dare they? How dare they take your hat? Being pushed down some stairs you could forgive but when someone takes your hat, they will either beg for mercy or die a very gruesome death. You feel like you’re going to make do with both answers at once.

Your transgressor, also known as Daiyousei is walking down the stairs at a pace one would consider menacing. She has her sleeves curled back making her muscles quite apparent, not only that but she is armed with a boomerang and has a glint in her eye that sends the message that she too has very violent intentions towards you as well.

How very improper of her, what was once a dear ally has shown her true colour as a wild beast that yet to be tamed. Though a small part of your oh so merciful heart has a longing to attempt reasoning with her the other majority wants to establish dominance by beating the noggins out of her brain palace. Even were she to die she would come back anyhoo, so this is perhaps if not the excellent time for one to test out their new exterminator.

Would you not be justified to do so?

[] Come now chap, let’s show the damsel what it really means to kerfuffle someone’s head nozzle.
[] Hold on a moment there, the gentlewoman inside you demands you reason with the fey. Is this nothing more than a misunderstanding?
[] Alley hoo, perhaps you should worry more about the consequences of your graceless fall and attempt to remediate the bumpy part.
[] Hmm, a magnificent idea came to you. Perhaps a small gentle song could reduce the blood demand in the air. It could always be a nice try.
[X] Come now chap, let’s show the damsel what it really means to kerfuffle someone’s head nozzle.
Show the broad your skills. She'll recover. Physically at least.
[X] Hold on a moment there, the gentlewoman inside you demands you reason with the fey. Is this nothing more than a misunderstanding?

I've got two reasons to reccomend this.

1-The fight patterns so far were: weaker foe meets stronger foe, gets shit kicked in. Somehow wins anyway. And this time Dai is weaker than us so the underdog powa must surely be within her.

2-She's our friend, and friends don't fight!

[X] Ask writer to show us a compilation of every injury Rumia has had so far in this adventure.

I'm just curouis on this one, but it doesn't have to be in the same update if that's too much work.
File 163812892378.jpg - (96.98KB, 600x600, Ouchie Ouchie Compilation.jpg) [iqdb]


Also no to the compilation, do it yourself if you want.
Cause seriously that's weird. Why would you want to know that?

NOT SUCKER! Aka I'm just joking.

In Chronological order you've been....while not including mental status....

Hit in the face by a rock because you genuflected
Hit your face against the ground due to an failed landing (did not hurt)
Kicked in the knee by Wriggle (did not hurt)
Tripped by Wriggle so she can have a head start during a race. (did not hurt)
Get knocked out by Wriggle and smashed into Marisa's house.
Grew a chainsaw arm, which wasn't a pleasant process.
Acid grappled by a Fanon Master.
Crushed by weight.
Set on fire willingly
Get defeated by a locked door due to feeling weak.
Slapped by Marisa.
Shot with Cold Water by Rinnosuke. (did not hurt, pretty spoooky though)
Shanked by some random outsider slash Red Knight.
Be munched on by Cirno while you're sleeping in a flashback. (did not hurt).
Slam your head against Reimu's table.
Smash your head against Reimu's floor while Super Genuflecting.
Fail to jump awesomely through a window (did not hurt)
Single Round Combo'd into KO by Marisa.
Kicked by her on the ground like you're garbage.
Have a hot object inside your stomach.
Almost blow up.
Cut it out to get it out.
Get set on fire by a green fuzball
Almost get eaten whole by a monster fish.
Fell into a bear trap in a flashback.
Get burned by the sun multiple times due to carelessness.
Get scratched and kicked by a Fairy you forcefully Head patted (You monster)
Get your head cracked open by a super speeeeeeeedo Tupai. (Remilia's pet).
Hand gets mildly burned when touching Remilia's bed door.
Your heart explodes mysteriously (It totally wasn't because Remilia was getting bored of you)
Get hit a lot during a danmaku match against Dai offscreen.
Get your shit kicked by a furious leaf goddess.
Smacked in the face by a wooden cup by Reimu (didn't hurt).
Dai beats you up again because you're acting super weird.
Dai drop kicks you down some stairs and is determined to beat your shit in.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand that's all folks!

Serouisly don't get it why you wanted that, but now I'll go wait for the tie to be resolved.
[X] Hold on a moment there, the gentlewoman inside you demands you reason with the fey. Is this nothing more than a misunderstanding?

Stop acting like an demonic edgelord and Dai will stop trying to beat the Devil out of you.
[x] Hold on a moment there, the gentlewoman inside you demands you reason with the fey. Is this nothing more than a misunderstanding?

Not to mention the countless amount of trees we've run into (those that were and weren't moving both).
File 163820883024.jpg - (12.60KB, 249x203, DAI IS GONNA GIVE IT TO YA.jpg) [iqdb]
Never have been you, Rumia. Gentlewoman Extraordinaire been so offended in your life.

The green haired damsel before you has disrespected your authority by defying you, your intellect by insulting you and finally your dignity by throwing you down the stairs like a pair of dominos stacked for the whims of a child. Such an insult towards you cannot be forgiven.

You want to walk up those stairs and give her an appropriate head nozzle but alas you are bound by a greater sentiment, a code of honour if you will. That of the gentlewoman’s code to be precise.

And a gentlewoman does not what she wants, but what she must do. And in these trying times your friend has grown the delusion that you are possessed due to her inability to properly recognize the splendour of another. Alas such a small mind must be opened to the real world, and you can help with that. Indeed! It is your duty as her grand leader to give her the proper example on how to act.

“Oh Ho Ho Ho” you release a hearty laugh as you clean your appearance as much as you’re able. And turn with your arms outstretched to receive your aggressor with mercy and understanding and most importantly…PATIENCE! “Daiyousei dear, that was most certainly a magnificent kick. And while I respect the motive behind your actions, I’m afraid I have to correct you on a misunderstanding we have~” and you explain to the lady, any and all reasons on how she is incorrect and needs not worry.

The lady stops walking, glare still in place as she looks up at the sky “…” she seems to be thinking about your words. Which is great news for Daiyousei is a smart girl who should know you’re right.

You bravely take a step forward, hands still ready for a most wholesome cuddle. While the act of physical comfort makes you very uncomfortable. You can fight the urge to vomit just this once.

Dai freezes the boomerang solid and moves it up and down as if by telekinesis, you promptly take a step back because you too can read the warning of being smacked in the face by it if you continue.

“Daiyousei…” you think about your next words, “Do you have no faith in me?” and appeal to friendship.

Her fists twitch in response to that and she lets out a huff of frustration “I formally work as an ice sculptor of the lake, but during my spare time I host monthly book clubs meeting in the forest with my more educated fey sisters. My favourite taste is lime and I strongly favour the smell of lavender and citrus. I also enjoy pineapples and anchovies, even more on the occasional pizza much to the dislike of my compatriots. When I see a scary movie, I may flinch at startling and shocking scenes. I never squeal, however. To my dismay any horror made by man is far too mild compared to my daily life.”

What?…She starts walking down the stairs again, all the air turning from gentle warm to bitter cold.

“When I think I’m alone, I whistle and air drum to songs I like. I’m a fan of blues and rap yet I listen to Prism River songs when I want a mix-up. On that note, I am something of an artisan. And have entered contests dedicated on reviewing things I create alongside my fellows. I have also gotten into many debates over friendliness and risk of offending those who see those sculptures. Personally, I lean towards authenticity and if someone is offended by an art piece, then they can cry as much they like.
I believe art is meant towards expressing yourself and not about how others feel about it.”

Why is she monologuing? And why does look so calm now? “What are yo- “

“Because I want to make it clear that I’m just a person, despite what you’re about to endure. Not a crazy bitch who’s overly possessive, or some idiot who can’t read lines. Just a flawed insecure person like everyone else. It also reminds me of the things Lily and the other fairies like about me so that’s nice. Really boosts my confidence and makes me focus too, quite the psych up. Also, Devil, I’m aware you already know my name but I’m going to say it again: The person you’re about to be owned by you just call her your Buddy, okay? But if you must know my real name…” She stops at the bottom and removes her dress, revealing a sarashi beneath it to cover her modesty and a scar on her chest.
“*Big Fairy*, At least that’s the name I was born with. I translated it to Daiyousei instead since the former seemed very lacklustre even though this one is kind of the same. A few hundred years of guarding the lake later some people started calling me Die-You-Say? But that always felt overly edgy and dramatic for my tastes. Sure, people throw weapons and coins in the lake as offering, sometimes even themselves for some reason. And sure, accepting those lives as offerings may count as technical blood sacrifices but hey, I’m not the moron who jumped into an ice-covered lake! …Again, just call me buddy for now. It’s simpler that way. But anyhow that’s enough of myself. What about you?”

“W-what about me?” you feel your blood beat quicker, Dai has a completely different Aura now. Her gaze is cold, and bloodlust can be felt coming out of her every pore….” I’m just me Rumia lad!”.

She stares at you and sighs, before disappearing into nowhere, her spot replaced by green and blue kunai coming straight for you like a barrage aiming to kill, this isn’t friendly danmaku!

You respond a little too late and by the time you rise to dodge, your chainsaw rises to life and deflects most of the shots with rapid slices and dices without your input. As if it has an auto defence.

Most does not mean all though, and a burning sensation hits your left leg and right side. It doesn’t handicap you but it’s remarkable enough to moan about. Even so you look for Dai in the air.

You don’t see her anywhe-block! You turn around and block a melee blow aimed for your head. Your saw hits Dai’s boomerang but fails to cut it apart as she backs away having failed to knock you out.

“Tsk, I see your toy has gotten a lot faster?” She dodges another slice of it and backs away just out of range “But it can’t go further than 2 to 3 meters, in that case...” and she disappears again.

Again, you look around in caution, the fact she’s genuinely trying to hurt you just now coming to you. But why would she do that? There’s no logic that could justify that. “What is wrong with you?!”

[White Birch]: Your answer comes in 5 white stars being shot around your surroundings. Which explode in large line of clustered kunai’s trapping you inside the area while slower yet larger bullets lazily home around. Daiyousei is a few feet in the air holding an active spell card with zero intent of letting you run away from this encounter “Nothing, I’m just going to knock you out, drag your ass to Eientei and get my friend the treatment she needs! You can thank me later!” and the boomerang is floating around her as if she’s controlling with the other. She really is determined to beat your ass.

…You attempt to reason with her one last time “Don’t do this Dai! I’ve already beaten you once and I can do it again if I must! Stop this nonsense already please!” as you don’t want to fight her.

Dai puts her hand on her hip, looking at you like you’re a child “You thought you defeated me? Pah, clearly, you’ve never heard about holding back. No…all you achieved in our last battle was postpone your own humiliation. Like a fisherman returning to shore for a forgotten rod only to come back to the lake and be drowned by the wild waves!” She is suddenly covered in ice and charges at you, ready to break your face, teeth, and everything with another blasted dropkick! “NOW TAKE THIS!

…G-good grief, though it may displease you. A gentlewoman does what she has to do....
And sometimes that requires you kick the nuzzle out of someone! Let’s do this!

[] A kick? You call that a kick? You’ll show her a real attack! AIM FOR A HOMERUN!
[] Hell no! you’re not taking that! Back off and use Danmaku instead! SPELLCARDS AHOY!
[] Refuse to harm her, refuse to fight at all. YOU BELIEVE IN YOUR FRIENDS!
[] Write in.
File 163822311327.jpg - (56.38KB, 640x480, images.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Refuse to harm her, refuse to fight at all. YOU BELIEVE IN YOUR FRIENDS!

Rumia's a tough girl, she can take a dropkick or two!
Through victory may come to us if we fight is it not better to obtain our friend's loyalty through sheer respect? Surely our manliness in not hurting our pal will shine through!

Also the cheese of doing that is just excellent
[x] Refuse to harm her, refuse to fight at all. YOU BELIEVE IN YOUR FRIENDS!

We'll wait the dumb out of her, but reserve the right to bitch slap her if it takes too long. We've got important things to do!
File 163829501097.png - (29.55KB, 141x142, GENTLEWOMAN.png) [iqdb]
Let no one say you’re a coward, whether it’s a fight or a challenge. A race or a game you are never one to back off on things.

Except there are exceptions, one being to harm your cherished ones.

Gentlewoman or not, you simply are unable to harm your friends. They are a good bunch after all, and even though Dai is trying to hurt you.

She’s doing it because she wants to help you.

All the bruises and cuts she gave you are out of love!

They’re unwanted but appreciated!

Anyhow you’ve got the perfect way to end this fight, you’re not going to fight back because that would hurt her but instead calmly and patiently wait for her to tire out.

Once she’s out of energy she’ll realize how amazing you are for having defeated her without throwing a single pu-

Your face is smashed into a pulp by Dai’s attack, the sheer force makes your skull crack, and your tongue gets cut by your own teeth. The pain is accompanied by a sensation so cold it’s like your face has been burned! Your skin gets ripped off as if it got stuck to frozen metal!

The knockback makes you fly off like a ragdoll, blood coming like a trail of clouds. You lose all sense of space as the pain of being hit by danmaku makes you realize you’ve been kicked out of the cage!

You smash against a few trees but are finally stopped by another, before you can come back to your senses the tree falls on you and lands the final blow, knocking you out with no retort!

If you had the resolve to fight you would have been able to easily dodge that attack, if not counter it. But hesitation followed with wistful thinking made you lower your guard at the worst possible time. You regret that decision now.

Everything turns black…you’ve lasted 17 hours, let that be your morbid solace…

Still who knew a tree would be the end of you someday...
File 163829527866.jpg - (318.53KB, 1500x1050, Darkness everwheere.jpg) [iqdb]
…You open your eyes groggily, but you can't see a thing. More importantly, how dare Dai knock you out?! You immediately get up ready to kick ass-where are you?

Nothing responds to your question; you only see darkness around. There are no signs of life to be heard and no warmth to be felt. All you feel is that the floor is stone cold, like you’re walking on a material that’s artificial…uh you’re totally lost basically.

That’s literally it, darkness left, right, up and down. Almost like you’re covered in your own.
Naturally you’re not worried since wherever you are is just another realm to conquer.

After all are you not Rumia? You were born in the darkness, moulded by it, so who would you be to fear it? If anything, you’re just glad you didn’t wake up in a sunflower field.

So, you go ahead and explore the place, because there’s literally nothing else to do anyway. So, you walk and walk, and finally fly once you realize you can do that and stop to look at yourself: You’re completely unharmed, as if your ass did not get kicked hard just now.

Weird, even your regenerative powers would have needed a solid hour of resting after being throw some stairs and double dropkick…. you totally should have won that. YOU CALL BULLSHIT! Like seriously is everyone super strong or is your stamina just garbage?!

“Danmaku is used for a reason” you hear a voice say out of nowhere and recognize a fire some distance.

Strangely it’s shine does not make the surrounding darkness disappear, only highlight the fact it’s there. Which is the exact same darkness as the one you’re using. What in the hell.

“Hey, you ARE awake right? I can feel your presence, unless you sleepwalk?” the voice calls out to you again, as if confused by your inaction, which you can understand a bit.

Because you’re kneeling on the ground, genuflecting without getting an answer.

Because you realized something, if you’re surrounded in darkness after suffering a big walloping.

D-does that mean you’re dead?

Did you actually die?!

[] No! You can’t be dead! ITS NOT POSSIBLE! IT CAN’T BE! IT CAN’T BE!
[] Uh, no that can’t be right. Surely there’s a way to circumvent this right? Maybe you’ll have to play a game with the reaper or accept some funny side quest to come back to life, right?
[] You’re dead, your friend is still dead, other people will become dead and you failed at your goal. You suck at life; the whole world hates you and you deserve only the biggest of hells.
[] Well, it was a fun life, let’s see what other stuff this place has in store for you.

Stages of grief basically
File 16383493149.jpg - (614.62KB, 1000x1300, Rumia_full_2905668.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Decide to not be dead!
[X] Acquire food, you're hungry~☆

FUCK BEING DEAD, actually are we dead or is this going to be unknown voice number 3? or uh 4?

Rumia's head could harbor a sitcom at this point.
OOC: Of course you're not dead.

As if I'd kill you off because of an random decision..

The vote rn is just Rumia's reaction on thinking that's she's dead. (Towards which not giving a shit and being hungry instead is valid I gues....)
File 163836557046.jpg - (21.94KB, 500x504, USE YOUR POWER ANON.jpg) [iqdb]
Nah, you can’t be dead. Dead people can’t worry about whether or not they’re dead in the first place so unless you turned into an undead flesh seeking abomination you should be fine.

Even so, maybe you are wrong? Maybe you are dead! If so you decide to be dead no longer.

Who are you to have your tale end on such a lame note anyway?

There’s only one respectable way to die these days!

And that’s dying after a grueling battle with the hero on top of an evil castle!

You don’t have an evil castle or a hero to fight, therefore now is not the time to die!

“I’m hungry…” you pat your belly for now is the time to FEAST, and march towards the fire because fire is good and you can use the fire to COOK something delicious. “Where is the food at?” you ask.

“There’s no food here” the voice says again, its echo coming from everywhere at once.

“Who decided that?” you say into the void, mighty offended at the lack of hospitality. There’s no delicious food, cold drinks or waitresses to be rude towards to. This place sucks already.

“No one did? It’s just a simple fact, there’s no life within here” the voice says seemingly confused.

“Why?” you fold your arms together and pout.

“Because this is darkness” the voice says as if that makes sense.

“Why?” you ask the voice

“What do you mean why?” the voice asks you about your question

“Why is there no food in darkness?” you answer said question with another question.

“Because there’s no life in darkness, you can’t eat something that isn’t there”

“Who decided that?” you demand an explanation again, you want your damn food already.

“Uh…me? Everyone else? We all know that…no one knows a living one in the darkness?” it spouts out with hesitation, as if it didn’t expect that kind of question and wants to be seen as smart.

“And because no one knows a person that lives in darkness, it’s impossible for there to be one?” you counter the logic, you live in the darkness and that’s a fact no democracy can take from you!

“No, but…” the voice pauses for a moment as if to think, you note that the voice sounds completely dull and heavy, like someone that broke their voice “Why would someone live in the dark? And what would they do there? I mean…people need light, water and something to eat-“

“Which you still haven’t given to me by the way, nor your name!” you point out like a master debater. “Besides I don’t need light, it burns my skin and is unpleasantly warm. So I like darkness~”

“Well you won’t find any here, just darkness, some stone and a fire. It’s not nothing, but I can understand if you’re not satisfied by th-wait where are you going?” it calls to you as you walk away.

“I’m leaving duh, got buts to kick. Wriggles to revive and better stuff to do rather than wasting my time talking philo something with mysterious voices. Like seriously how many are there of you?”

“Don’t be so hasty, it’s not like I’m your enemy” the voice says, not having gone any lower despite the fact you’re already flown away from the fire….only to see it again after some distance.

“Great….timey spacey nonsense again, I just want to kick Dai’s ass! Is that too much to ask?”
“What were you looking for anyway? I mean by walking away”

“I don’t know, something like a wall or a door with an exit sign right above it”

“There’s no such thing here.”

“So I can’t leave then?”

“I guess so?”

“Is that so?”

“I guess”


“So it isn’t sure then?”

“That is correct”

“Why is that?”

“Cause nothing in this world is sure”

“But are we actually still in ‘the world’?”

“Do you have any idea how confusing you are?” the voice says with a confused tone.


Silence, seems the voice is out of words. “Ahem, can we just get to the point please?”

“Depends on where the point is, I can’t see it anywhere in this darkness”.

“Just head back to the fire for now”

“What will you do if I don’t?” you say just because you can.

“Nothing? I’d be sad I guess, but you want to leave right? The sooner we’re done the sooner you get to go.”
“So you’re holding me hostage against myself?”

“No! I mean no, sorry for shouting. Look, I’m just doing my job okay? Please cooperate.”

“What if I walk away from the fire? You can’t tell me what to do! I’m my own boss now!”

“….You won’t end up anywhere if you do that” The voice seems to do it’s best to stay patient “This place isn’t endless, once you reach the ‘end’ you’ll be sent back to the ‘start’. It’s a waste of effort”.

“Nothing is pointless if you put your mind to it!” and you continue walking, and walking.

Followed with some more walking.

More walking, and guess what? more walking!

Finally you end it with a walk “Except this, this may be pointless” you admit as you stop.

“Just go back to the fire, I want to show you something.”

“What’s the magic word?”

“What do you mean?”

“You have to say pretty please, that’s the magic word.”

“Pretty please then.”

“Pretty please what?”

“…Go back to the fire, pretty please.”

“No!” you cackle like a villainess, pleased by your amazing deception.

“…” The voice audibly inhales, before exhaling “Then what are you going to do?”

That’s a fair question, you think about it and look at the fire in the distance.

Its shine is the only light in this dark filled realm, perhaps you could eat the fire, and then you would feel warm inside.

And when you feel warm inside that means your stomach is filled with the yum yums.

And when you are filled with the yum yums you will have more energy to do stuff.

Not only that but fire emanates light and light is the other side of the coin of dark, neither can exist without the other so that means this fire cannot exist without you as well.

It needs to be inside of you so its flames can make you stronger!

“I am going to eat the fire!” Before the voice can respond you shove your hand into the flam-OUCH and pull it back, it’s been burned a bit and hurts to touch. It also lacks a chainsa-wait hold on a sec.

“Why did you do that?” the voice asks you again.

You pat your own body from head to toe, you are wearing the same dark clothes you know and love and other than that you lack the saw on your arm as well as the ribbon on your head. The pain of the burn wound slowly disappears and you realize that this means something but aren’t sure of what.

“Hey! Why did you actually try to do that? There’s no way you were serious right?”

“…I didn’t know the fire would be THAT hot” so it’s not your fault it didn’t work.

“B-but fire is hot, it’s only logical that fire is hot. Why would you think it’s not it?”

“Eh, this place does seem a tad weird no? I wouldn’t be surprised if it didn’t burn me”.

“Uhuh, okay it was great talking with you and everything. But let’s get back to the point.”

“I don’t see a point anywhere” you look around “Only darkness everywhere.”

The voice ignores you “Look at the fire, it makes light. Quite the eyesore right? I want you to understand something but words themselves won’t convey it that well. Therefore I want you to turn off this light without touching the fire, no hands or danmaku, make the light go out without contact”.

“Uh…” you look at the fire “I don’t know how to do that” and you give up immediately.

“Come on, think a little. You are the Youkai of darkness right? You already have everything you need.”

“Why should I do it anyway?”

“Pretty please do it, once that’s done you get to go back. That’s a promise”.

How do you turn the fire’s light out without touching it or using danmaku?


Come on Anon, you can do this.

[x] Pee on it.

It ain’t danmaku and we ain’t touching it, and I don’t see any other water sources around here.
[x] Pee on it.
I dont want to. but I am legally required to second this.
Pretty sure we could even just use our darkness powers to cover the thing, but eh-
wait are we still fused to the chainsaw
are we gonna pee gasoline
oh no
[x] Token use power in new way vote.
I'm pressing it! I'm pressing the plot button!

Also, I'm convinced that this is bigger Rumia or the darkness itself talking, so there's not much reason to frustrate ourselves in our own headspace.
We destroyed that button remember?

Fine, you want to piss on the fire? You'll get to do it allright! (Honestly made me chuckle for a few seconds when I read that, kudos to you Anons).

Just managed to overthink it a bit. expect the update today.


That's exactly what I was hoping for, also maybe.

Danke for pressing the plot button. We can continue then with no probs.


Think the above meant a metaphorical button and not the litteral one, and yeah the latter is kaput.

Again, update will come today. See you soon.
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