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File 140322664740.jpg - (16.03KB, 460x216, plane-landing.jpg) [iqdb]
You open your eyes from your sleep and yawn, looking out the window of the Airplane. It's been a few hours since you got on. The plane must nearly be there now.

"Turn off your electronics, please; we are about to land," echoes through the plane. You shake your head to clear out your sleepiness, and sit up properly.

The plane shudders as it touches down, and you wait a few minutes until it's finally safe to get off. Then, standing up, you take your backpack and walk into the airport. It's bustling with people of all ages and nationalities, as one would expect from an airport.

As you walk into the airport, you reflect upon your life. You're a transfer student, 15 years old and male, transferring to a Japanese after you've been studying Japanese for quite a few years. The reason you got interested in Japanese culture, however, is fairly different: Touhou.

For some reason, the games always resonated with you, in a strange way. When you first discovered the fandom, you felt a connection to the characters for some reason, and decided to give the game a try.

You managed to beat Lunatic difficulty on first try on a single life run.

Needless to say, you were excited when you managed to get it done. But something about it just... called to you. Then, you began to look through online series and pictures. It had you hooked.

You've been a fan of Touhou since Subterranean Animism came out. Recently, though, you've been having some strange dreams that remind you of the games. The strange thing, though, is that in those dreams you were always a girl. These dreams were...
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1: Favorite/strongest Touhou is a question generally frowned upon by the English Touhou fandom. Almost to the point where an individual who brings up those topics is automatically considered to be trolling.

2: The "generic male meeting up with Renko/Mary" thing is overused. Nobody is going to take you seriously with a cookie cutter into like that.

3. MC sucks. Nobody likes the generic, beta, VN protag archetype.
First off, the question wasn't for the favourite/strongest Touhou. The question was... well, just read the title.

Second off, they're not the same characters that are in the novels. They're completely different.

Lastly, alright, you have a point. Next update I'll try to add some flavour to the character.
How is the "generic male meeting up with Renko/Mary" thing any worse than the "generic male meeting up with *insert Gensokyoan" thing most stories have?

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File 13937075323.jpg - (1.06MB, 1411x2000, a false choice - audeamus.jpg) [iqdb]
A song of youth and hope.

Previous thread >>57210
Character blurbs: www.touhou-project.com/others/theater


I ignored the prodding for the moment. Suika was certain to try to bait me into saying or doing something stupid. If I knew her well, and I thought I did, she'd probably try to bring Alice into the mix and have a laugh while I was in a tight spot. Not giving her the satisfaction of playing along was worth the risk of getting pelted with spitballs later on. I'd hold off from any preemptive strikes for the foreseeable future as well.

“Hey, Kaguya,” I called out to her softly, trying to avoid attracting Mima's attention. Last thing I needed was another one of her acerbic remarks. The transfer student was clearly new at the whole stealth game in class as she turned around to face me. I decided not to comment on it, instead hoping to get the message out before anyone noticed. “Would you like to have lunch with me today? I kind of want to talk to you about a couple of things.”

“Sure thing,” she replied with a smile, “I'll look forward to it.”

“Ms. Hoursaisan,” Mima interrupted our little interaction. “I know it's difficult being a new student and you don't really know anyone yet, but I would recommend you avoid associating yourself with chronic malingers and petty troublemakers like the young man that sits behind you. Nothing good will come of giving him any attention.”

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And we might run into someone who'd rather not have Arc be there or feel that his work for Yuyuko is becoming a snitch/turn coat/etc.
[x] Develop a sudden acute onset of a mystery illness. The only cure is a visit to the school nurse.

Despite my voting to go without Yuyuko, I am still intensely pleased by this outcome.
New thread >>58743

Can the fabled hatesex scene be achieved? Likely not if all you do is ignore Mokou and/or Kaguya.

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File 137524772495.jpg - (44.78KB, 367x500, at least she isnt quite so bad now.jpg) [iqdb]
Part One: >>47924


[-y-] Keep on driving. You're just being paranoid.
It was a 2/2/2 vote. I picked the two that didn't send all the bear in the city on your tail, and flipped a coin. Never mind, someone voted. I was too far along to change it, but I'm glad it settled itself.


You shouldn't react so rashly to this car. Granted, you are quite certain that it is following you. However, you are on a major highway circling a large city. The chance that you might see two of the same cars behind you is larger than zero.

Instead, you decide to try to play things safely. Turning away from you introspection of the vehicle in your mirror, you start looking at the road signs to see how far it is to the next exit. "…Alright, that seems like it's the best way out of here…"

Minoriko frowns a bit as she tries to lean forward and check the car herself. "So, we're going to keep driving? I have the feeling that we can't exactly get away as it is."

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[x] Make your way to the outskirts.
Doing something while remaining relatively cautious. Seems like an idea.

[x] Make your way to the outskirts.
[x] Wait here. You don't want to risk going in without the odd girl with three eyes.
I know it may be futile, but I don't want to take the risk

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File 137181741017.jpg - (456.47KB, 900x783, Patchoulis are reading Please wait patiently.jpg) [iqdb]
“Shouldn’t you have knocked Ran?” Patchouli said, her tone unchanging as ever.

“You wouldn’t have answered either way.”

“What brings you to my tower? Our paths rarely cross without some urgent matter as the cause.”

“Next year’s applications came in. I thought you might like to see them.”

“Sorting through applications is your job is it not?”

“They’ve been sorted. Each of the others has made their selection.”

“Leave them on my desk.” Patchouli gestured toward the mountain of papers atop her desk. “I’ll sign off on them later.”

“At least look over them, won’t you? That is after all your job.” Ran’s mouth briefly curled into a smile with that remark.
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[x] fire

What the flying fuck, is this back?
IIRC isn't she not really a friend of the Taoists in canon? Almost more like a mutual acquaintance of theirs'? From what I remember Miko may be trying to sorta distance herself from Seiga.
Calling it for:

[x] - fire tower

Thread 57744 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 139157398461.png - (191.76KB, 600x845, Night of the Living Story.png) [iqdb]
Rule of Three Edition.

First Thread:

Latest Thread:


[1] – Delivery Service

“Seeing some of the Outlands might be good.” I’m not confident in my ability to hunt monsters, so this sounds best.

“Excellent!” S claps her hands together. “Will you be able to leave tomorrow?”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[1] – That grove of trees has a few burns about, among other, more unusual signs of magic. Is that a training area or…

Seems like a good place to start.
In CYOAs, distractions are just that: distractions. There's no convenient powerful item at the end of every dead trap not experience that isn't granted by finishing quests. With that in mind:

[x] distractions, all of them. Enter the house
Called for:

[1] – That grove of trees has a few burns about, among other, more unusual signs of magic. Is that a training area or…

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File 139633918849.jpg - (565.82KB, 956x1133, 956a80225d6e9c520265b3194e37a065.jpg) [iqdb]
A thought crosses my mind.

Apparently this city is connected to some bizarre dreamworld through my boss's dreams.

What the fuck?

The more I think about it...

Flandre, with her bizarre strength and resilience. Remilia, with her ridiculous amount of speed. Kaguya blowing me around with a magical fan, Mokou managing to make a full recovery from a bullet wound to the head

this is all insane.

I do a quick check of my conscious functions

Right now, my reasoning and logic seem fine.
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[x] Shower. Not as strong as coffee, but far more refreshing.
[x] Shower. Not as strong as coffee, but far more refreshing.
[x] Shower. Not as strong as coffee, but far more refreshing.

You know, I have a theory...

Somehow, we've managed to replace Yuyuko as Canon!Yuyuko's counterpart. My evidence?

-The fan. Would it respond to anyone other than its master?

-Yukari's attempt to push together Youmu and us.

-The fact that we were partners with Youmu in the IN equivalent.

-This last bit is very subtle, but it's in the update just before the latest Dream scene: It mentions how we inhale the food like a vacuum.

Thread 37432 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 131983952739.gif - (53.46KB, 650x890, 0d03907e2c533867674ae0531771e271.gif) [iqdb]
Continuing from >>25926
Sup dude.
No, that's a horrible idea and you know it. Stop trying to get us killed.
No, it's a great idea and you know it. Stop trying to cockblock us.

Ignoring him, you quickly think up something to say to Koakuma.

"What kinds of magic do you know? Anything you could teach me?"

"Other than shooting bullets at things, everything I know is rather specialized, and I don't think it's the type of magic that Patchouli would like for me to teach someone."

15 posts omitted. Click Reply to view.

Hey! We were kind of busy, what with raping people, everyone trying to kill us and setting Yuuka on fire twice. Besides, we always had someone else to do the flying for us, so it wasn't a priority until now!

Uh huh...right. If I had a nickel for every time I heard the "I was too busy setting Yuuka on fire" excuse, I'd be a rich man.
>get someone to teach you how to fly

Thread 46823 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 134681475880.jpg - (189.88KB, 1024x683, 3585652473_a55bb3b49a_b.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Sit tight for a while and observe.

Still, you know next to nothing about these two demons. It would be better to sit tight and observe, at least for now. You do remember quite a few of the demons that you got from that interrogation, as well as your other sources - but none of those really had pictures next to them, so placing them by looks isn't something you can do.

The top floor of this shop thankfully has a few windows for you to observe out of. Small windows, such that you can't get a complete view no matter which way you turn, but enough that you can follow these two demons as the smaller one flails about. The assaults seem to have stopped for now, while the two in charge of this operation 'discuss' what to do next. With fists.

It's a pretty violent match. Fairly one-sided, too - you wonder if this is how routine problem solving is done in Makai? Either way, it ends when the smaller one finally blocks a few blows, and manages to parry one. They exchange words, glaring at each other all the while, before the smaller one gives a reluctant nod. They talk for a bit more, but it's not long after that that the smaller one gives a signal to the lesser demons.

About one third of the group pulls back. The bigger of the two leaders pulls back even further - so far as to be out of view of your windows.

“... Yoshiro,” You whisper, turning to one of the tengu. They've both been intently watching, either out the window or towards the hall leading downstairs. “Keep track of that tall one. Stay out of sight, and report back if she does something odd.”

She knows you're here - and, if she's coming to find you, you definitely don't want to find out as she's coming up the stairs.

The tengu nods, and swiftly makes his way down the stairs without making much noise at all. You go back to tracking the smaller group of demons. They seem to be making for a flanking maneuver, heading back and around the group defending the warehouse.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Going to leave this open until, uh... next tuesday, I guess. I almost said Sunday again but you know how that works out.
I'm starting to think we should have just went for the ending instead of being mired in this drawn out war segment, especially since it seems no one knows what they're doing.
There's at least one person who doesn't know, anyway.

Next update is going to be longer, so I will need some time to put it together. Watch this space, I suppose - I don't have a good estimate.

Thread 58309 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 13962083527.jpg - (308.25KB, 675x900, 9290207243567909e7dcae9f1f03c11b.jpg) [iqdb]
Now with 100% less impostors and thread erasures!

Prototype #427 Shanghai: http://pastebin.com/92fgH1vV
Prototype #428 Hourai (Part 1): >>/others/56217

Pitiful paranoid puppet, prepare. Plead pleasantly plentiful platitudes.
Pathetic perverse people, pray. Pound pulsating putrid parts.
19 posts and 2 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
[X]There was something important Master forgot in here...

Got to agree Info gathering ho! Though I'll be very disappointed if this important item was a chip.

Nevertheless. UPDATES YAY! Didn't even notice as it got buried.
File 140051835470.jpg - (139.69KB, 850x528, neverending study sessions.jpg) [iqdb]
Sorry this is not an update, but I've been reading some complaints in other boards about stories that are beginning to slow down and eventually die with no notice. This is just a reminder to those who still follow this story that no, Project D.O.L.L. is not quite dead yet, that I still haven't said my last word.

Exams and real life are doing their best from keeping me away from the writing board, and so far they have done an excellent job at it. But once this nightmare is over, I promise I will return in full force. After all, there are still so many mind games and experiments to be had, right, Philospher?

Zzz... Hrm... Hm, did you say something, Maestra?

... Nevermind, just sit right there.
If only I had read this earlier. Also calling this doll for being Alice Maestra.

Thread 51630 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 137343073143.jpg - (98.72KB, 450x600, the_dark_door___.jpg) [iqdb]
.>learn Magic Mastery

Magic Mastery has been increased to level 1. You can now learn and use magic. Base mana 10.

You have become aware of the Synthesis ability.

Current ability points: 2

Available abilities:

??? - to Level 4 (cost: 5 Ability Points). Further simplifies communication with ???. Speeds up communication with ???. Increases negative mental effect negation to level 4.

Pyromania - to Level 1 (cost: 1 Ability Point). You can start fires more easily, and they burn for longer. Chance of mental corruption.

Advanced Dispose - to level 2 (cost: 3 Ability Points). You can use DISPOSE on larger items. Experience per item +2.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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.> Try to approach the human village. We haven't actually been there before.
Man, we might have to start taking down information on when each portal takes us, as well as where.

.>help flight
.>head straight down first, the portal leading to above a particular location seems likely. Even if not, marking the location could come in handy.
.>dispose small plants
.>go human village

This portal totally leads to the sky directly above the trapdoor, calling it now. Disposal may or may not be too broad, but it can't hurt to try.
>>58365 here

changing vote to >>58367

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