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File 128816447061.png - (780.42KB, 1000x1304, now and then.png) [iqdb]
Previous: >>21974

Tracking down Tewi is more difficult than you thought it would be. You easily waste an hour looking around for any sign of her.

When you find her, she’s in one of Eientei’s many rooms, holding some sort of meeting. Furniture is arranged in the room in a semi-circular fashion, giving you the impression of a forum or conference hall of sorts. In the middle, sitting in the (presumable) presidium, is Tewi flanked by two other rabbit girls on either side.

The room was pretty noisy as you came in, but soon it falls into complete silence. All (red) eyes are upon you, including Tewi’s. She nods solemnly at you, and you get the feelings that it’s some sort of gesture that the rabbits will be reading too much into.

“Sorry to intrude,” You excuse yourself from the room, backtracking and closing the door behind you. It’s a while before you can hear more noise from the other side and it’s a while longer before it seems they’re done.

Tewi emerges from the room with a sheepish smile, “Sorry about that.”

“Did I interrupt something important?”

“Not very,” Tewi says, speaking to you as familiarly as she usually does, “So what’s up?”

“Not much, just got back. Still trying to cut loose,” You say.

“Come back?” Tewi asks, “You went somewhere?”

“Jeez, I know I don’t see you that often but that’s just cold of you. I know full well that you know the whereabouts of everyone ever.”

“Eh,” The petite rabbit shrugs, “We all have our off days. I’ve been busy with stuff. Should I have known you were going somewhere?”

“Not really,” You shake your head. It’s a surprise that Tewi was apparently not aware of your little excursion. You act casual, explaining to her in the most general of terms what went on, “I figured I could use some room to breathe a little, forget about things.”

“Alone this time,” Tewi rubs her chin with one of her palms. She catches on real quick, something which you pretty much expected, “I wasn’t aware that things had taken such a dramatic turn with you two.”

“No, no. It’s nothing really like that. Like I said, I needed some time away so I just selfishly chose to go by myself.”

“Whatever, as long as you feel good about what you did I guess it’s fine.”

“No prying and using the information to your advantage?” You smirk, “How unlike you.”

“Hey, well, like I said, I’ve been busy. Besides,” She grins, “Despite what you may believe, I don’t actually take pleasure in interfering with everyone else’s lives.”

You spend some time with Tewi. It’s a very laid back sort of encounter with casual talk about rabbits and the village intermixed. At one point, you share cookies with her, having liberated a few from the kitchen prior. Whatever it is that she was dealing with before you interrupted is completely forgotten - she doesn’t so much glance back at the room and keeps you company for the better part of an hour. Not that it would really matter. You’re pretty certain that the room has long since been vacated. Tewi knows how to compartmentalize.

Following an off hand remark about loose ends, you’re shown just what happened to the still that was set up in your room not too long ago. Copper tubing and drums line an otherwise barren room. The heating apparatus and all other sort of dangerous elements aren’t present. Tewi says that they’ve been put into good use with her customary aloofness, something which surely spells bad news for some unsuspecting soul.

All in all, you determine that she’s being sincere. She really didn’t seem to know about your trip, in spite of the rabbit pickets on the way to Eientei and she doesn’t really seem to care. Knowing better than to expect her to suddenly have turned over a new leaf, you conclude that her claim of having bigger fish to fry must be true. The fact that she’s even taking time to talk to you, to slow down to your tempo, is strangely touching. It’s funny how someone who could only be seen as an obnoxious self-centered ass could worm her way into your heart. The feeling is mutual, you’re sure; You don’t ask what she thinks about an oaf like you, because you think you already know.

“I’ve taken too much of your time,” You try to let her off the hook after a while, “You should get back to conquering the world.”

“Conquering is too boring, so I wouldn’t do it,” She jokes, “I’d much rather have everyone recognize my genius.”

She skips away, as carefree as only she could be.

You retire to your room and don’t do much else besides stare at the ceiling and space out a whole lot.

There’s a knock.

You turn your head in time to see Kaguya barge in. Her glare is ice cold and it’d be obvious to anyone that she’s upset. You brace yourself for the storm.

But it doesn’t come. So you say something in a foolish attempt to communicate, “Nice to see you...”

“Why?” She asks.

“Why what?”

“Don’t play dumb.”

“You can’t just assume that I know what you’re talking about. I’m not psychic,” You sit up, trying to think of anything you might have done which would have set her off like this.

She is holding a scrap of paper. Clenching it tightly, more like. She shoves it in your face. It’s hard to focus on an object that close to your eyes but the bad handwriting on it makes things click into place.

“Oh, this is the note I left you,” You lean back in an attempt to act casual, “I told you, I needed time to think.”

“So you decide to leave without telling anyone?”

“It’s not that big a deal, it felt like the right thing to do. Besides,” You smile, “I’m back already.”

"How completely selfish.”

“Sorry, but the note was supposed to make you feel better - I’m ok with what you said and I was just working out a few stupid things in my head.”

Kaguya sighs, apparently not being able to keep a hostile facade up. She looks tired, like she hasn’t slept much or very well.

“Were you worried?” You ask.

“How couldn’t I be?” Kaguya admits, “Instead of saying anything to me you disappeared for over a day leaving me just a cryptic note. I thought that maybe... you’d decided to do something idiotic again and I wouldn’t ever be seeing you again.”

“I’m sorry, it really wasn’t my intention,” You apologize again, standing up. You hug Kaguya and hold her for a long while. She rests her head on your shoulder, closing her eyes. Neither of you say anything for the duration.

Kaguya sighs again as you let go. You look at her face and there’s no doubt in your mind - she looks dead tired. You hand slips away and you offer her to sit down. She declines, instead saying, “Please tell me if you ever plan to do something like that again.”

“I will, I promise.”

You draw away the’hair from her face, kissing her forehead. She smiles and asks in a more usual playful tone, “Did you sort out everything that you needed to sort out?”

“I think I did. It’s hard to tell with these things. I think things will be fine if I can continue to see you smile like this.”

“I’ll try my best to keep it up then.”

“Yeah, you go ahead and do that my princess,” You smile and gently stroke her cheek. Her brow furrows momentarily, as if she was annoyed with what you called her, but it soon relaxes and another smile washes over her delicate features.

“I was really scared that you were going to take it the wrong way, you know,” She says softly.

“I’m sure how I feel about you,” You whisper, “As long as I’m part of your life I’m happy.”

“How can you be so... certain of that?” She asks.

“I just am. As you can probably figure out, I don’t really know what love is either. But I’m sure that it’s what I feel towards you.”

“Sounds too convenient to me,” Kaguya shakes her head, “Isn’t there a more, well, better way to be absolutely certain. Like Eirin would say, ‘a way to ascertain objectively’?”

“I don’t know,” You reply, “I don’t think there is really. It’s one of those things you just got to trust your heart on. As far as I know there’s no objective test for love.”

“Hmm...” Kaguya looks to be deep in thought, her eyes hinting at the possibility of her recalling something in her past and reinterpreting it.

“Maybe you’re just not as big of a romantic as I am,” You joke.

“Maybe,” She agrees. She snaps out of her pensive process and grins, “I’m certain that deep down you harbor a desire to whisk me away on horseback to some idyllic place where we would live happily ever after.”

“Guilty,” You laugh, “It’s not a desire that’s very deep down either.I guess I’m just a sucker for the idea of acting the role of a gallant knight. Magnificent and trusty steed underneath me, my armor polished and my cape fluttering in the breeze. I like to think that even I couldn’t resist myself.”

“You’re lucky your hero complex hasn’t gotten you killed. I dread to think what might have been if you were wandering all by yourself in Gensokyo. No doubt one of those plucky sirens they call youkai would have wrapped you around her wretched little finger and consumed you whole.”

“I’m lucky that I get to be wrapped around your finger,” You grin.

“Oh shut up.” She pushes you away playfully, laughing.

“Oh what a cruel destiny the universe has handed me,” You ham it up to eleven, “To be so near the object of my complete and utter devotion and entire affection but have my feelings unrequited. ‘Tis a cruel sling of fate indeed, that my lady harbors not the same burning passion that I can barely contain in my chest. She plies me as a master smith would an ingot of precious metal, fashioning me to her tastes and whim. Not good enough for my precious princess I lay discarded, forgotten, only occasionally looked at with only the barest gleams of feeling. I vainly await the day for which I was made, for which milady so chose to mold me this way.”

“You should have been in your drama club in school,” She shakes her head.

“And get booed off stage? Acting was never my strong suit,” You shrug.

“Now that’s hard to believe. You’ve got the talent for it,” Kaguya teases, “My heart flutters when you say ‘milady this’ and ‘my love that’.”

“Cruel destiny indeed.”

“Well, it’s good enough acting for me at least. I almost believe you mean all that garbage sometimes.”

“But I do,” You say, “Like you said earlier, I would whisk you away to a place where the two of us could spend our days in the utmost bliss.”

“I’m happy here.”

“Well, if you’re happy I’m happy then I guess.”

“Ooh, how contradictory. Brave Sir Knight seems to say only those things I want to hear. Surely there’s no ulterior motive behind his carefully chosen words,” Kaguya teases again.

“Hey, like I said, I’m satisfied as long as you keep smiling and I mean it.”

You waste no time in stealing a kiss, finding that she’s particularly receptive to the idea.

“Heroes get their rewards only at the very end, I’m sure that I’ve already gotten most of mine,” You say with a smirk.

“Hmm, I wonder about that,” She looks at you coyly, “I’ve been thinking about it and... well, I would mind if we moved along a tiny bit further.”

“Are you sure?”

“We can’t spend all our time together just kissing, now can we? I mean, just doing a little bit more would be fine I think.”


“No need to think so hard about it, you idiot.”

“...wait are you blushing?” You think you see a pretty little pink hue on her cheeks.

She shakes her head vigorously and denies it, “Am not. You’re just imagining things again.”

“Just what do you have in mind anyways?” You grin, your male nature making your imagination go wild. You whisper to her, “If you don’t want to say it out loud you can always tell me softly.”
In fact, having her whisper obscene things to you, even if they’re only just mildly obscene, makes your heart race with anticipation.

“Touching...” She murmurs. She stammers, trying to explain, “A-as long as it’s reasonable... I’m not sure I could take much... I mean, it’s not that I- er you know.”

“I’m not sure I do,” You force a look of confusion on your face. All the while thinking that you know just exactly what she means. Kaguya doesn’t seem to be able to put into words just what exactly she means. Her arms are crossed over her chest and her hands are clasped together at neck height.

[] Keep the dumb act for a little bit longer to tease her
[] A hands-on field trial right way is better
[~] Keep the dumb act for a little bit longer to tease her

Switching modes seems kinda weird to me, and honestly I prefer the baffled Kaguya.
[X] A hands-on field trial right way is better

Fuck if I know..going with my gut here.
[x] Keep the dumb act for a little bit longer to tease her
He has such a way with words. Maybe disappearing for a while was the best for Kaguya to figure out what she wants. And for him.
Yeah, tease her a bit and such, you know the drill.
[x] Keep the dumb act for a little bit longer to tease her.

Works for me~!
[x] Keep the dumb act for a little bit longer to tease her.
[X] Keep the dumb act for a little bit longer to tease her

We really don't want to go too far with the whole playing dumb thing here, but maybe we can spread small bits of it over what we'll be doing. You know, have it pop up during the particularly tense moments to fluster her and make her want it more.

Going too far with this, however, will most certainly ruin the mood, so we've got to be careful.
[x] Keep the dumb act for a little bit longer to tease her
File 128821868420.jpg - (412.79KB, 816x1440, c2c388a5684864b8457f839418aab70d.jpg) [iqdb]
Lately i really enjoy the conversations between Shirou and Kaguya the most. The back and forth, the very underlined sexual tension, her toying and his good nature.

The only fear i have is when the two finally get together that the story will drift off into some kind of slice of life daily kaguya & shirou adventure. While that is not bad perse, the plot would end and there would be simple nothing more to do and the story could only end. But i am sure Teruyo already has this covered and still has plans for that.

So i am curious. What do you all think about this? Did you think the story is challening with the choices and trying to figure out how to improve things with Kaguya? Is there something that oyu would like to see more or less?

I'd say there are quite a few things left unresolved as of yet. The situation between Eirin and Kaguya is pretty much a mystery to every one for starters. The whole deal with that other moon rabbit (Silver) and some invasion pretty much avoided and dealt with by Eirin alone (seemingly).

As for the two actually settling with one another in union it'll be a great contrast to the first run for one thing. There could be a lot of things the two can do that would be beyond their finalized relationship. Rather not start mind-plotting Teruyo but...

The Moon Capital rearing its ugly head once again and some how succeeding in capturing one of the household members.

Shirou finding reasoning in trying to find immortality to stay beside Kaguya

Eientei falling apart months after the two having realized their union, reasons unknown

Sure the above are possibilities, but who's to say what will happen besides Teruyo for now?

Either way it's been wild between writers' despair and anon tripping over themselves regarding to the voting to brilliant moments as well as memorable probably stretching it really write-ins by anon.
>"I think things will be fine if I can continue to see you smile like this.”

>“I’ll try my best to keep it up then.”


[X] Keep the dumb act up for a little bit longer to tease her
[X] Keep the dumb act for a little bit longer to tease her.

Eh, this sounds more fun.
File 12886709686.jpg - (6.66KB, 328x136, atwork.jpg) [iqdb]
Teruyo at Work.

I guess that's a good sign that I need to explain what's up. In a nutshell: last final less than 24 hours away and am otherwise busy revising. I have something half done which I may or may not finish before aforementioned test, if I decide to take a break. No guarantees about that. There you have it.

Well, the actual plot for this part of the story has been pretty much subservient to character/relationship development. Will things go anywhere else? Definitely. Will it be a powerful climax finalizing the struggle between good and evil? Not really, since this isn't that kind of story. Hopefully what lies ahead will be satisfying. That's all I can aim for.

As for the ideas - don't worry, I've got plenty of my own. Some better, some worse, some similar. Definitely none about the Watatsuki sisters giving couple advice or their desire to reclaim Reisen.
File 128884131618.jpg - (93.80KB, 850x882, 15fa4b7da30ee01f1181c3bc84068ab1.jpg) [iqdb]
File 128899935382.png - (3.34KB, 300x300, 1276485663113.png) [iqdb]
File 128901554251.jpg - (179.40KB, 850x1259, 5a68cbec3b1958b32a4f9537c6e8f8a8.jpg) [iqdb]
She waited for you.

And she is still horny.
“Hold on,” You try to look genuinely confused, “when you say touching, do you mean like stroking your hair or something? I mean, don't I occasionally do that when we're together already?”

“You're making fun of me, aren't you?” Kaguya puffs her cheeks.

“I'd never dream of making fun of you,” You say as deadpan as possible, “Help me understand you.”

“I really can't tell if you're really this thick or just being a jerk...” Kaguya mutters, “It just won't do if I'm the impulsive one.”

“Do for what?” You ask with a stupid smile on your face. You don't have a mirror nearby but you're sure it's an annoyingly conceited sort of smile, the kind the smartest kid at school has when the dumbest is picked to answer a question.

“I don't want to ruin a good thing, and I think we were having a good thing just now,” She remarks. It seems to you like she's swallowing her pride in saying that.

The princess sighs, shaking her head. She slowly extends her arm to yours, grabbing your hand with hers. She brings it up slowly and deliberately towards herself, hesitantly coming to rest with your hand on her left bosom. Her eyes meet yours, silently telling you that it's this sort of thing that she meant all along. There really can't be any further confusion about that. Though what she expects the limits to be or, indeed, what will come out of the act isn't something you can guess.

“Ah...” You feel happy. More than that, privileged. Though filtered over clothes, the sensation you feel can only be described as magical. All the same, it's not your intent to simply rejoice and let this be this. You keep from cracking a smile, staring at Kaguya with all the fake sincerity that you can muster. You tell her quite simply, “They're not as big as Reisen's. And boy did I get a good look at those.”


“I wonder if I asked nicely, if she'd be willing to go this far? I mean, we've shared more intimate moments after all.”

“This... has to be a cruel joke, hasn't it?” She asks quietly.

“Though man, I've often found myself thinking about Eirin's massive rack. I'm sure she needs a crane to get those two medical milestones out of bed every morning,” You smirk and fake that far off look that is universal sign for lecherous thoughts. In the meanwhile, you wiggle your fingers, as if mentally comparing her chest to your fantasies.

|I”m supposed to laugh, right? Maybe get a little angry? I know, maybe blush and call you an idiot? I'm lost here...” Kaguya drones on.

“She always wears really sexy underwear too, from what I've seen...” You look sheepishly at Kaguya, and as if the correction would make her feel any better, you add, “I mean imagined, not seen.”

“Alright, I have to do something again, that's the only way I'll get you to stop,” She decides.

You pause, expecting her to kick you in the shin, or somewhere more tender. Fortunately, the princess seems to be above violence currently. She stands on the tip of her feet; She brings her face close, kissing you softly on the tip of your nose. Her kiss moves onto your lips and she takes the initiative.

“Did I fix you thinking about other girls?” She asks quietly, parting.

“How can I think about other girls when you're so adorable?”

“...you really are a good for nothing idiot, Eirin was right.”

“Eirin called me an idiot? Ouch,” You shake your head, only slightly surprised at her casual revelation.

“Not in so many words. She was circumspect enough to avoid calling you names outright. Sort of how last time she examined she politely said that my bust was suited to my charms.”

“She was right about that,” You remove your hand from her breast, smiling. “She might be right about me too.”

“Hmm, you have a really perverted look on your face right now.”

“Ah,” You weren't aware of that, “what kind of guy would I be if I didn't have dirty thoughts about you?”

“A eunuch, maybe I guess.”

“Right, that.”

“You know,” Kaguya smiles wryly, “I was sure you were just teasing.”

“Like I said, I'd do no such thing to you. I like seeing you smile.”

“Other parts of you are more forthright. Whether you notice or not,” She moves her eyes downwards towards your trousers. You see what she means. “I'm a little flattered,” she says coyly, “I can't deny I like the attention but it is a bit embarrassing to think about.”

“Uh, yeah.” You look around, chuckling. “I'll get to you yet.”

“But you already do, though you don't know it.”

“Eh, how:?”

“That-” She winks, “is a secret. Just know that you're really good at it.”

“Way to spoil my fun,” You shake your head. You move on rather quickly, encouraged by her overall light-hearted humor, “You know how in games the girl will let the guy rub her chest all the time because it helps them grow...”

“I'm rather sure I've stopped growing,” Kaguya laughs, “A for effort though.”

“Shucks,” You scratch your head, “Couldn't hurt to test the theory all the same, right? We've got nothing to lose I mean.”

“We'll see what tomorrow brings.”

“That a yes?”

“It's not an outright no, so be happy with that.”

“Meanie, you said I could touch you.”

“Sometimes, when the mood is right,” She shrugs, “I think the mood is gone now. It feels like we should grab something to eat and watch a bad show or something.”

“That works as well,” You give in.

Kaguya is as strong-willed as any other woman you've met in Gensokyo. You cut your losses and enjoy time with your flippant lover as best as you can. Truth be told, you don't want to force yourself to do anything too rash either. It seems like a happy little equilibrium in between progress and familiarity exists now and you're not entirely sure you want to tip the scales any more.

What happens behind closed doors between you and her becomes increasingly more interesting. Enough to make you feel quite lucky. Things are looking up. Nothing short of crazy moon people invading Eientei and disrupting your happiness would upset you. But the odds of that are astronomically low, as long as Eirin is around.

Thinking about it, there's only one little thing that aggravates you somewhat. It's not finding chain-smoking rabbits in your room all the time either - Though you do eventually get Tewi to designate your room a no smoking area eventually. Your source of frustration lies with Kaguya's glee and joy. When it spills over into the realm of the digital, that is.

Once again you're faced by a monitor, hands resting gently on a ergonomic keyboard. Kaguya chatters away, moving the mouse and clicking on options as you dictate them. Of course, she has to ask about every single, like she has for the last dozen games. Like it matters. Like it really really matters. Sure she's nice about it, playing the role of the enthusiastic patron, introducing you to the gems of her role-playing lineup. It's getting tiresome to have to explain your choices. With something more than a “I like that” or “It feels right” anyways.

No doubt the next character is no exception.

You suspect she's, for some reason, trying to learn how to best please you with all of these choices. Or at the least, understand you a little better. She never leaves your side when you play, treating your offhand remarks like absolute judgment. You'd much rather be reading a magazine or watching something. Those two activities can lead to snuggling. Obsessive clicking and button pressing, not so much.

You look at the options, half-heartedly. Somehow this harkens back to bygone days of poorly-designed PDA software. The decision to lead the princess on or just goof around can wait until after the basics. You select a few traits for your adventuress,

[] Cool platinum
[] Blonde
[] Dark
[] Flaming red

[] Short
[] Average
[] Tall
[] Amazon woman in the mood

[] Natural 20
[] Blessed with abundance
[] Statistical average
[] Illegal in Australia

[] Disgraced noble
[] Quiet Genius
[] Diligent Squire
[] Exotic dancer

Belated,I know. I'm also going to be traveling to don't expect an update for at least like a day or two from now at the earliest. Good news is that I have a boatload more time to write now.
[~] Flaming red
[~] Average
[~] Illegal in Australia
[~] Disgraced noble

I think that fits Mokou well enough. This is a vote of "Let's see how far we can push this" rather than a true heart vote, but w/e.
>“How can I think about other girls when you're so adorable?”
He has his way with words.
>“You know how in games the girl will let the guy rub her chest all the time because it helps them grow...”
>“I'm rather sure I've stopped growing,” Kaguya laughs, “A for effort though.”
The reason why i like this story. You can feel the flow in the conversations and it never gets bored to listen to them.
>Once again you're faced by a monitor, hands resting gently on a ergonomic keyboard. Kaguya chatters away, moving the mouse and clicking on options as you dictate them.
As long as she is happy about it, click that mouse dead.

[x] Flaming red
[x] Tall
[x] Statistical average
[x] Diligent Squire

No idea what Natural 20 is supposed to be.
[x] dark
[x] average
[x] illegal where I'm from :(
[x] Disgraced noble
[x] dark
[x] average
[x] illegal in Australia
[x] Disgraced noble
[X] Cool platinum
[X] Tall
[X] Blessed with abundance
[X] Exotic dancer

[x] dark
[x] average
[x] illegal in Australia
[x] Disgraced noble
[X] Cool platinum
[X] Tall
[X] Illegal in Australia.
[X] Exotic dancer

The options below it really should be a huge hint.

[x] Flaming red
[x] Short
[x] Illegal in Australia
[x] Disgraced noble
File 128951949725.jpg - (325.10KB, 629x800, 7de2acc6264cebd44c112e515876ac54.jpg) [iqdb]
I would eat those Carrots.
Fetch quests are very tedious and boring. They take what little enthusiasm you have quite quickly and decisively. You think that it's the recourse of a very pressured game designer, one who knows there's an impending deadline and can't dedicate more time to spicing things up. That is a very optimistic take on it but the alternative, that games are made only to secure a bigger bottom line for companies and therefore cookie-cutter missions are the best way to cut costs, is too enraging to think about.

Quite honestly put, your gaming session is very boring. You go through all the motions, figuring that at least there'll be some semblance of plot to keep things interesting. After all, Kaguya seems excited to watch you play and provides silent moral support for your adventures in the fantasy world.

You steal a glance at her. She notices and smiles at you. “You can almost afford better armor now,” She remarks casually.

You mumble a quiet “Yeah” and look at the screen. The character you've chosen doesn't really have much armor on. The poor girl looks like she's gone through some very serious economic hardships. Proud noble dresses look flimsy and revealing, accentuating the delicate complexion of the character. Surely a noble worth her salt would dress in more elegant designs, ones looking less like a high-class harlot and more like a woman of refinement. The better armor Kaguya was referring to would no doubt be yet another revealing piece of clothing.

Maybe a short time ago you'd find that sort of thing attractive but now it seems like something that's in bad taste. The target audience of these games isn't really you anymore you realize.

“...what's the point of that top,” You mumble.

“She can't fill it out very well, that's true,” Your companion chimes in.

You shrug and turn to her, “I think I'm bored of playing this.”

“It is rather repetitive,” She observes. Her posture is proper and her tone right and steady. It's difficult to believe that someone who can be so formal could be the one who pushes you to waste your time on silly informal games.

You quit. You lean back, bringing your upper body to the same parallel as her position.

“To tell you the truth, I didn't find the world very immersive,” You say.

“It is the fourteenth game in the series. It's bound to be a tired concept.”

“True but I think when I can't bring myself to enjoy my own character very much I think that it goes beyond tired game concepts.”

“And what was the matter with her? I mean, you chose the exact type of character you wanted.”

“For starters, the clothes she wore put me off,” You tell her, “Not exactly very ex-nobility.”

“They certainly weren't very dignified, but that's fantasy for you. What's more, these games cater to males.”

“...Somehow it feels like you're omitting part of your opinion.” It's easy to pick up on some of Kaguya's subtleties and mannerisms. With all the time you spend together, you wouldn't be surprised if eventually you'll be able to read her completely. Of course, that sort of thing goes both ways you know.

“Some of the characteristics you chose are obviously there for those with very particular interests.”

“Are you calling me a pervert? You should know better. I'm pretty sure I am a pervert,” You grin, “You know, internet and all – never had a chance. Still,” You ask, “is it the breasts that you're talking about?”

“It sure explains why you spend a lot of time with Tewi.”

You laugh, “I don't really think that's the best explanation for that.”

“I wonder about that. It takes a very special kind of person to believe that less is more. Most women spend all their lives worrying about their size.”

“It's just a game,” You remind her, “no real bearing on real life.”

“So you say, but some might see it as a commentary of sorts,” She shakes her head, “Other than that part of her, and the hairstyle, I'd say she's kind of like me.”

“Even if she were,” You smile lecherously, “You should know that I enjoy myself immensely with you.”

“Perhaps a little too much,” She agrees.

The conversation isn't really very substantial. It's downright silly and pointless at times. But it's the type of conversation that you often have with Kaguya. It's a comfortable contrast to the sometimes dull game sessions. You go on, as you usually do, making jokes and talking with her until it's late. Rinse and repeat the next day and the day after that, throwing occasionally into the mix moments of physical intimacy. It's not a bad life. It's one that's broken up by random events, like the appearance of bunny girls in pink;

“I head you like little girls,” Tewi grins with delight. She has all the subtlety of the attire of an 80s pop star, “I may look like this but you know I've been around for long than you have, right? Not that it should matter, given your physical preferences.”

“I just knew that you'd find out somehow,” You take it in stride, “If truth is to be known, I can barely restrain myself around you.”

“I can't blame you,” She says, “It's a very intoxicating appeal that I possess. I'd be willing to bet that between me and Reisen, I'd pull in more dedicated fans.”

“I wouldn't know about that,” You muse, “you never know what people think nor why.”

“It's the truth and you know it, no need to sugar coat it.”

“Whatever makes you happy,” You say.

There's not much else to the brief encounter, save for her parting words. They stick to your mind for the rest of the day, even as you distract yourself with games and other media, “Kudos for resisting this time. Maybe some other time, some other life, we'd have a lot of fun together.” It's not exactly a deep statement but it feels... layered, coming from her at the least.

“You don't think that things aren't going a little too well, do you?” You ask during a lazy afternoon.

“What sort of paranoid streak is that?” Kaguya questions your sudden outburst, looking up with some interest from a magazine.

“Things are quiet, we're getting along and no one has bothered us in, like, forever. Seems a little odd, that's all.”

“Oh Shirou...” Kaguya can't help but smile sympathetically, “During most of my life things have been quiet and peaceful.” She winks, “Maybe not as fulfilling as this but...”

“It's just a feeling I had, that's all,” You explain yourself, “I guess I'm too used to not getting things my way way for long or consistently.”

“That seems like it's not true. I'm sure that with me you've gotten things mostly your way, haven't you?”

“Not until you let me wash your hair,” You joke.

“I'll never understand that about you,” Kaguya sighs, “It's not like I'm the only one with long hair here, what's so special about my hair?”

“I'd put it into words, but I think my body can't take prolonged thinking regarding that subject.”

“I'm not sure you understand that some people would find what you just said a little creepy.”

“Oh, I do. But I figure that I don't need to hold back with you. I've already barred my soul so there's little point in shielding you from everything else.”

“I can't decide if that sort of thinking makes me like you more or less...” She raises an eyebrow, as if she doesn't take you very seriously when you say things like that. Otherwise unfazed, she returns to your initial statement, “So what sort of thing do you expect to happen?”

“You mean to throw our peace into disarray?”

“I get the feeling that it's more than just a general unease, right?”

“You know me too well,” You say.

“Well then? We're talking about it so you might as well share. If only for me to put you at ease.”

“How kind of you.”

“Someone has to be the more grounded person in the relationship. When I'm with Eirin, it tends to be her. With you, it's me. Just the way things go I think.”

You feel like objecting to her conclusion. She loses herself in the moment and in brainless entertainment all too often. When it comes to a lot of things, you're the more grounded and realistic personality. But, contradicting her openly would no doubt spark an argument. So you avoid conflict, for the moment, and continue the conversation.

[] Eirin might continue to disapprove of and intervene in your relationship
[] More moon people come to disrupt lifestyles
[] Kaguya might get bored of being with you
[] The rabbit revolution will dispose of the ancien regime
Hooray for updates but man the choices.

[X] Kaguya might get bored of being with you.

I remember this feeling all too well when things are far too calm or the bad version of being "settled down"
[X] Kaguya might get bored of being with you

I suppose this would, in my eyes, be the worst of those things that could happen. In all reality, though, I sort of doubt that it will; after all Kaguya doesn't really have anyone else to choose from unless she leaves Eientei, and she'd probably have less fun playing her games alone. I hope my way of saying it doesn't sound like she's merely settling for Shirou, but it's not as if she has much of a choice between "be forever alone" and "bumbling yet headstrong idiot".

Despite all that, my vote still stands. Relationships always seem to have a paranoid fear or two, regardless of what logic is prevented. Let's see how Kaguya (hopefully) affirms that this particular fear is unnecessary.
[X] The rabbit revolution will dispose of the ancient regime

We're finally getting along with her again, so why do we have to bring this shit up now?
Well said.
That is not actually a choice. It is a joke, hence it is crossed out. Also, it's okay to bump a thread with a vote. Or with stuff that's relevant to the story or thread.
[x] Eirin might continue to disapprove of and intervene in your relationship


You would think an option being humorous in nature and also crossed out would indicate it being a joke of sorts. Are you two the same guys who took the reaction image Karesh posted seriously, despite the fact that it was a reaction image?
Well, i thought it was a good idea and stated my reasons. And it is not the first time that a choice was crossed out and still won. But anyway, Teruyo decides what goes or not.

I am sitting this one out.
I guess it was a misunderstanding on my part. I figured that any of the other choices would turn the conversation towards the problems Shirou and Kaguya could possibly encounter, and I wanted to keep things lighthearted.
Shirou's question struck me as idiotic, and not in his normal kind of idiocy. After going through all the trouble of making up with Kaguya, he decides things are going too well? What the fuck kind of logic is that?

As for saging my posts, I just do it out of habit.
[X] Kaguya might get bored of being with you

It's normal to have fears like this.

Eirin hasn't shown up in a while so we can deal with that later.
It's taken 3 days to get 4 votes. 4 was the low standard I set for myself before I would get to updating this time. I will get to it in the coming hours. I am, however, considering changing my plans for this story in light of its continual decline. Some more deliberation is necessary.
[X] Kaguya might get bored of being with you.
File 129053287987.jpg - (23.42KB, 450x253, kiraboshi.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] More moon people come to disrupt lifestyles
[X] More moon people come to disrupt lifestyles
[X] More moon people come to disrupt lifestyles
File 12929729428.jpg - (64.72KB, 492x503, 1291493515032.jpg) [iqdb]
Even if there are 2 votes you will finish this. Just that you know, i won't stop from flying to Oceania and drag you in front of the wordpad.
File 129427917256.jpg - (508.22KB, 800x800, 38e427fe1be00cafa40ea6930eb2cf2c.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Eirin might continue to disapprove of and intervene in your relationship.

Though kaguya is acting as weird as heck, I don't think she's bored of us, it's more like she's eithier hiding her feelings or unsure.

Plus I wanna figure out why Erin has been acting so weird recently, and if anything this choice will let us figure out that.
[X] Kaguya might get bored of being with you.

How do you keep a princess happy?
Where did you guys suddenly came from?
[X] Kaguya might get bored of being with you.
Finally caught up with the story. This seems to be a pretty valid concern, I mean have we even seen Eirin recently?
[] Kaguya might get bored of being with you
File 12946987534.jpg - (162.75KB, 533x746, ears.jpg) [iqdb]
Please don't just vote weeks/months late. Or even just hours late. It's very out of place and annoying. Especially when it's clear that the author has made a decision about it. If you must show that you've bothered to read, I much prefer just a simple line of text with thoughts. Probably asking way too much as usual though. Then again I suppose there are plenty of expectations you have regarding me that wouldn't be asking too much.

That's just the way things are though. I must be a masochist surely, bothering to tilt at windmills on my birthday. Or just insane.

Happy (slightly belated) birthday; hope it went better than your tone implies it did.

Don't worry; regardless of what your fans may expect from you, you don't really owe us anything. If you enjoy writing for us as much as you say you do, you'll hopefully get around to it eventually; I can confidently say that I'm not the only one that's looking forward to it, but it isn't really our place to demand it, jokes about a certain hardly-working race aside.

tl;dr - Take it easy, we'll love you regardless.
File 129601987920.jpg - (150.04KB, 573x800, she who makes the heavens smile.jpg) [iqdb]
Kaguya laughs. Just as you expect. It's a pure, wholesome laugh, one which is as dismissive as it is comforting. It's pretty much the way you thought she would act. You smile, embarrassed, feeling a little bit stupid.

“Now now,” Kaguya says, “I think I would sooner get bored of taking nice baths than getting bored of you. We've only gotten this far because of the fact that I couldn't imagine my life anymore without you there.”

“There's no guarantee of what tomorrow will bring, is there?” You say, despite yourself.

“There isn't,” Kaguya agrees. She takes to gently running her fingers through your hair, softly messing it up. Her eyes close and she sighs, “I can't guarantee anything at all. I don't have the power to do so. We've talked about something before, and it's important that you understand. You're the first one that has seen this side of me, the first one to whom I've entrusted my heart.”

There's a sadness in her words that weighs heavily on you. Her beautiful features are made all the more lovely by the poorly-contained emotion that seeps out to you. She is a flower in its prime – strong, beautiful and alluring all at once. Her delicate scent inundates your smell. You hold her tight and kiss her, feeling her beauty crudely through your mouth.

“I can't promise that I'll stop worrying,” You whisper to your lover, “But I'll trust in what I feel about you until the very end.”

“Mmm...” Kaguya says dreamily, “Always with the cheesy lines... yet for some reason my heart is beating really fast.”

“I knew they were working after all,” You flash her a very intimate smile, one which you think might have just the appropriate level of roguish charm.

“I might get bored of those eventually,” Kaguya teases.

“Inconceivable, princess.” You kiss her again, hoping to out-bluff her.

You spend a good while as you are, enjoying the intimacy afforded by the room and the quiet of Eientei. It's strange, but your anxiety really does melt away, your heart beats pacifically and your nerves are all steady. For a while your head rests on her lap. She continues to stroke your hair while smiling quietly and you silently enjoy being spoiled.

Her expression seems to mirror what is surely your own, seemingly answering your fear, contesting it with a clear and resounding answer. Without words you both broadcast with no apprehension, “How could I ever get bored of this?”

The answer to one problem is given, but several others remain. Kaguya for her part really does try to be open and tries to share her feelings in sometimes very awkward ways. She avoids being direct and often you spend a day wondering just what it was that she meant by something like, “I have my differences in views with Eirin.” and “I have responsibilities to myself and others that I can't forget.”

It's for that reason that you bring up these subjects with her when you can, hoping to understand her better, “Are we really fine ignoring everything else in the world?”

“Not always,” She jokes, “I get the feeling that you would enjoy it if someone watched us during an intimate moment.”

“I'm not against that. Heaven knows that Reisen probably would enjoy it as well.”

“Who said anything about her?” Kaguya sounds almost jealous. You smile, thinking that that, too, is a sign of progress in your relationship.

“Just bringing up past experiences. She's a nice girl and probably really lonely.”

“Well, it's nice that you're so concerned for her wellbeing. You better not forget whom you've pledged your eternal and undying love to.”

“Love sure is greedy,” you mutter.

“What's that?”

“Nothing,” you chuckle, still getting a kick out of getting the upper hand on Kaguya whenever possible. “I was thinking that maybe we shouldn't discard the possibility of any outside forces getting between us.”

“Whatever for?” Kaguya asked haughtily. She was growing to be almost sanctimonious when it came to her convictions about your relationship, “Our bond, our mutual trust, is enough to get us through anything.”

[] “Fine then, let's be the most arrogant obnoxious couple ever then. Nothing can go wrong when we're together!”
[]”We're not star-crossed lovers, we should be a little more realistic.”

Thanks man, rest assure that your good wishes actually make a difference to me.As does your attitude. And, yeah, I was just applying some of my usual self-depreciative humor there, so don't worry about that.I really do hope that people take to heart what I said though as it frankly is rather annoying. After the initial round of voting, unless specified, I would prefer anything but another (often mindless) vote. Not likely to happen though.In fact I know it won't because of the other stuff on the site.
[x]”We're not star-crossed lovers, we should be a little more realistic.”
You can't always deal with everything.
[X] "We can't expect that nothing will go wrong, but if it's us, maybe we'll get through it."

Well, it's a shame that it's the case, but it's the truth that there's always going to be the possibility of a "but" situation coming up while in a relationship. "But I don't know if we can handle a long distance relationship", "but my friends have decided they dislike you", "but you're always so flirty with other girls lately", and that sort of thing. Who knows what our yet unrevealed "but" situation could do to our relationship?

No matter the size of our collective resolve, the world still has bigger things to throw at us, so all we can do is try our best when hard times come.

If write-ins aren't allowed for this particular vote, flip a coin for my vote or something, if you don't mind. I'm terrible at going one way or the other. I tend to choose between 2 and 4 on those silly "strongly for" or "strongly against" tests.
File 129603756261.jpg - (109.36KB, 578x782, f6ef4d091808309dc6525d729badccb6.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] "We can't expect that nothing will go wrong, but if it's us, we'll get through it."

There are always some problems but with work and together you can overcome everything.
I probably can never get enough of Kaguya/Shirou dialogus. They fit really complete each other.
>She's a nice girl and probably really lonely.
Oh yes. The poor lonely bunny who spends her sleepless evenings dreaming of Shirou and seeking help and comfort from her master.
It should be time for us to find her a good man.
[X] “Fine then, let's be the most arrogant obnoxious couple ever then. Nothing can go wrong when we're together!”

We've got to hoooooold on to what we've got, it doesn't make a difference if we make it or not, we've got each other, and that's a lot...
[X] “Fine then, let's be the most arrogant obnoxious couple ever then. Nothing can go wrong when we're together!”

Works for me~!

no seriously that mindset brought me more happiness than simply accepting some one else's views on reality and any pointed out limitations to it.
[x] “Fine then, let's be the most arrogant obnoxious couple ever then. Nothing can go wrong when we're together!”

Why ruin the moment?

I don't see a reason here to throw what she said into her face. Just go with it.
I tried to read this story, and very honestly, I found it terrible. Emiya jokes, "you lost me"...
But, by pure curiosity, I read this last update. And it seems nice. Very nice, in fact.
I think I'll start reading this story from now.

[x] “Fine then, let's be the most arrogant obnoxious couple ever then. Nothing can go wrong when we're together!”
Read it from the beginning. Or at the least 8-10 threads ago. It may sound harsh, but I don't think it's alright to just jump in without context.
Okay. I'll start from the 10th thread.
Kaguya seems to be easy to understand, but if I have to vote something related to Eirin...
[x] "We can't expect that nothing will go wrong, but if it's us, we'll get through it."

I feel this is best as I'm sure something will go wrong and not Kaguya getting bored. The Eirin matter remains dangerously unresolved. Ignoring a problem doesn't make it go away. It might have been solved already judging from Kaguya referencing a chat she had with Eirin.

Then that just leaves the any visitors from the moon. But I seriously hope things are in their final stretch.
[x] “Fine then, let's be the most arrogant obnoxious couple ever then. Nothing can go wrong when we're together!”
I have a question for people voting here: are you even thinking about what might happen or are you blindly parroting someone? I've been catching up on this and I saw many cases where folks here mindlessly bandwagoned and retard rushed into a mess.

Sure Shiro's not a genius, but your actions aren't helping any, or is it helping the author who has said he'd like more discussion many times.

The worst part is that nothing was learned either by bandwagoners or the person who made the vote/point in the first place.
[X]”We're not star-crossed lovers, we should be a little more realistic.”

People will always encounter some kind of difficulty, and stubbornly believing you'll get through quickly and painlessly won't get you anywhere. It's much better to be prepared (as much as one can prepare for unknown troubles, anyway) for problems than it is to live carelessly.
Prepared how, exactly?

You guys realize she's basically saying you'll always be together? Your girl is asking you if you will love her forever. This is where you agree.
Of course, I voted "[x] "We can't expect that nothing will go wrong, but if it's us, we'll get through it."" as a show of reassuring confidence. That and things have gone wrong before, and with the hanging plot threads in the air, thing will go wrong.

We still haven't found out what Shirou's 'illiness' is.
Sorry guys, I've been meaning to update this for three or four days now. I have the bulk of the update done, but haven't been able to get the feel that I wanted for a couple of bits. Maybe if I get a good night's sleep I might finally be able to deliver.
Take your time Teruyo. No matter how long you take, you will always be faster then glasnost.
Or Taisa.
If I'm not disturbed or made to do other things, I should have an update ready in the coming hours.

They have their lives and their issues. It's a bit unfair to bring them up.
File 129672547028.jpg - (80.82KB, 572x800, A little gets a lot.jpg) [iqdb]
Kaguya is pleased with the answer. She displays a grin, one that is unbearably smug - Ill-behooving a princess. It's, however, an expression that perfectly fits the circumstances. Somehow you think that Eirin would have a hard time matching Kaguya's current level of haughty confidence.

“You know Shirou, you made me realize something,” Kaguya says, “we're wasting opportunities just lying around here.”

“Uh, we're not lying around? We are, in fact, sitting.”

“Oh you,” She rolls her eyes. Humor of that class works on her occasionally. Anything needlessly complex or highbrow is liable to backfire, you find. You think it's because it reminds her of Eirin's explanations.

“So what did you have in mind?” You ask, bringing her back around.

“Truth be told, there's been something that I was thinking about doing with you. For a long time now too...” She looks around shiftily, as if trying to gauge your reaction.

Your imagination goes wild. There's no reason why it wouldn't, after all, Kaguya's demure ways entice and excite you. There's so much that could happen. And even if it's something stupid, like making popcorn and watching a bad movie, it'll be exciting as far as you're concerned.

“Sure, whatever you're up for, I'm up for,” You try to hide your mounting excitement.

“Well then, come with me.”

She holds your hand the whole way over, gripping firmly. Your excitement reaches its zenith as the destination is revealed to you. Your heart is beating hard enough to explode.

“This is indeed something that obnoxiously happy couples do in theory,” There's a squeak in your voice as you realize what's up. You proceed into the room with your head in the clouds. It's better than you first imagined.

“Why now?” Kaguya reads your mind as she closes the door behind you. Her smug, perhaps even arrogant expression makes electricity shoot wildly down your spine. She adds, “Surely you can figure it out by yourself.”

“I don't know, this kind of thing wrecks stories. Or so I've heard. Something about poor execution or an inappropriate lead up towards this sort of event. Someone with more conservative values might be offended.”

Your point is lost in a turbulent storm of thought. Kaguya smirks, looking at you in a very patronizing way. Her eyes seem to say, “Well isn't that just adorable?”

“I don't think we're in a story, and now I think I maybe shouldn't have forced you to read through all those games,” She laughs sweetly, “I think that if we've come along this far, we can deal with what's ahead. Otherwise you know what would have happened long ago, right?”

“I would have dumped you. Right, I know that.”

“Other way around, probably,” She shakes her head. She asks, still grinning, “Are you happy that you're in this deep? You're the one that's always telling me to be more straightforward.”

You think about it. And as you do, Kaguya begins to undo her dress. Your eyes are glued to her slender fingers as she works each button slowly and methodically. As strange as it seems, time seems to slow down, even pause, as you watch and you get the feeling that this spectacle truly is for your eyes only. Hers is a coy charm, juxtaposing what at first seems like reluctant unbuttoning with an impish grin that ill-fits the image of a highborn princess. She seems to take pleasure in slowly exposing her fair skin and silken undergarments underneath. She leaves her top half on, the front open and ready to be taken off.

“There's no doubt that I'm happy,” You finally reply, breaking the stare directed at her navel to meet her eyes. “I can scarcely believe that you want me to take a bath with you. I'm still not sure what brought this on. I can hardly believe that this is happening.”

“Well, take off your clothes then. Maybe the hot water will wash away your doubt. Taking a bath with your girlfriend is every man's fantasy, isn't it?”

Teasing with a wink, she rapidly presses on. She leaves the changing room and slides the door behind her. Because of the light, you can still see her silhouette through it and you watch as she quickly strips down completely. She disappears deeper into the bathroom and the sound of water and splashing then follows. She's likely getting ready to take a soak in the bathtub.

With an eerie calm, you take off your clothes. You don't question the validity of her previous statement. You can't speak on behalf of men everywhere, but you reckon she may be on to something. Or the magazine where she read that tidbit anyways. Thinking too much about the situation is liable to get you into trouble, you decide. So instead you just think about stripping down and getting yourself ready for a bath. That strategy works long enough for your to enter the bathroom with a towel wrapped around your lower body and for you to come into contact with a very much nude Kaguya.

Hair neatly tied up and contained with a towel, her gently arching back is exposed to you as she sits on a stool, rinsing herself carefully.

“Hurry up and wash up so we can get in together,” She says simply, not hint of malicious teasing in her voice.

“Alright... but...”

“Let's not bother doing that old 'wash my back' cliché right now, okay?” She turns her head to the side, trying to look backwards at you, “That's what you were thinking right?”

“Not really, I was wondering if you weren't going to wash your hair.”

“Takes too long, won't do it right now.”

“That proves you can't read my mind,” You mutter under your breath and smile. It's the smile of a fool in love or, more likely in the eyes of an outside observer, the smile of a pervert.

You happily wash yourself up, soaping and rinsing carefully but quickly. You try to divide your attention between your own body (including your very erratic heart), Kaguya's back and exposed rear and the door. It hurts your neck after a while. The little 'ouch' you let out is heard by Kaguya.

“Is something the matter?” She asks, apparently done with washing herself. You may have pulled a muscle there and can't crane your neck to the appropriate angle to catch a glimpse of her exposed self before she gets into the bathtub.

“I was just thinking, isn't it about time that someone bursts in and interrupts us?”

Most likely Reisen carrying laundry, or something equally stupid. Like a bunch of schoolchildren on a field trip. Point is, door would open and you would look stupidly exposed.

“What kind of messed up thought is that?” Kaguya scoffs, “There's no one here but us and I don't think anyone else is going to come here, much less just barge in. You're being paranoid.”

'Eh, I guess,” You don't remind her that that sort of thing has happened to you before. She may not remember the incident and you want to keep it that way, for fear of ruining the mood.

“You really have been playing too many of those games... next think I know you'll start thinking that I'm the girl whom gave you the ribbon under the tree all those years ago.”

“Wait, how did you know about that?”


“Nah,” You get up, “Just pulling your leg. I'm not that far gone. Yet.”

Kaguya has a point. And you manage to convince yourself that nothing is going to happen to interrupt the moment. It feels like you're in your own little secret place, removed from the rest of the world. The time spent scrubbing and talking is pleasant and potentially infinite, nothing can end things prematurely you feel. If willpower alone could guarantee that, then you'd be set. Time seems to flow slowly, or not at all, when you're enjoying yourself with Kaguya,, maximizing your satisfaction.

The walk to the bathtub is awkward. With your towel clumsily wrapped around your waist, you are painfully aware that it will eventually have to come off before you get into the water. Inadvertently, you march bow-legged, surely looking like some sort of caricature. Making things worse, Kaguya's eyes are on your body, and she quietly seems to scan every inch of your exposed self. And the unexposed parts follow, much to your consternation.

Inevitably, a choice has to be made. The words “quicker is better” come to mind. That's why you decide to ignore Kaguya's scrutinizing stare and just be done with it. The towel flies off and you quickly hop into the large bathtub, raising the water level by a perceptible amount. You sit, rather sink, until only your head is exposed. You settle down at the opposite end of the large, square and ornate bathtub and take a very passive attitude.

“Aren't you even just a little curious?” Kaguya asks.

“I'm fine, thanks.”

“Really? Ugh,” Kaguya shakes her head, “I hate myself for saying this, but it looks like your body is being more honest than you are.”

“That is a horrible line,” You agree. But she has a point. She's been staring at you for a good while now and would haven to failed to notice something as obvious as that.

“Come closer then, it's okay,” She splashes a little water towards you in a playful way.

[]Go along with Kaguya's wishes
[] Pussy out

It feels like there's some sort of choice you're supposed to make now. But really, that's just a silly preconceived illusion. There's no choice at all, no matter how confused you may act. That's the reality of it. The way things are set up, there's little choice to make but to go along with the flow, to ride things out with overwhelming inertia.

A sign that the gears are already inexorably in motion and nothing can stop them comes with Kaguya's next move. She bobs her head in the water a bit, as if pumping herself up. Soon there's a splash and the water level drops a little in the bathtub. She stands before you shamelessly, exposed and with thousands of droplets of water running down her very healthy skin.

She wades through the water, every move a kind reminder by the laws of physics of the beauty to be found in the natural world. There truly isn't a single flaw or blemish on her a fact confirmed by the way the light seemingly dances through the running droplets. Little wet streams where water gathered and plunged towards the bath highlight her regal curves as well as trace the profile of her breasts. Nothing is left to the imagination as your gaze lowers to her crotch.

There's hardly any time to react at all before she reaches you and unceremoniously drops herself back into the water. A smile of satisfaction appears on her face. It seems to say, “If you don't do anything, then I will!”

Your hand is seized underwater. Once again, you read Kaguya's expression. “This is nice, isn't it?” She seems to ask. Disregarding your nerves and anxiety, you're inclined to agree.

“I guess it's silly for me to bring up how happy I feel, huh?” You say.

“Yes. But you have a strange of showing your happiness,” Kaguya replies. With a teasing wink her eyes look into the water, straight at the the rest of your body.

“You're just asking for it, aren't you?” You shake your head and relax. There's no point in getting more wound up, you decide.

“Haven't you heard? Princesses are usually very spoiled,” She giggles.

There's no doubt about that in your mind. Kaguya may be spoiled but she's also sweet, stubborn and sometimes amusingly oblivious to your desires. In short, what you do next will surprise at least one of you.

“Mmmph!” Kaguya expresses her surprise by relaxing the grip on your hand. Her delightful lips are as lovely as ever The water provides a strange medium for further interaction. Parts of your bare bodies meet underwater. It is an odd feeling, completely unlike the sensation of clothes sliding past one another. When you separate your lips from hers, she gasps for breath.

“It doesn't matter how has the initiative as long as one of us does something, huh?” You claim, “I somehow suspect that the red flush on your cheeks is not entirely the hot water's fault.”

“I – I'd be lying if I didn't say yes,” She agrees easily enough. It's quite the change from the days when she wouldn't even acknowledge that you had any impact on her. “If you want... you know,” She adds, “we can continue. It's not what I mainly had in mind but...” Her voice trails off.

“Do you want to get out? “ You caress her cheek with your free hand, “I think all the water would make it awkward.”

She nods, agreeing silently.

Hands still held you both stand up. And both leave the bathtub.

“...back to my room?” You ask.

She shakes her head, “No, it's... warm in here. And I don't want to risk losing this chance.”

You understand what she means. In the bathroom, it's like you're off in your own little world, truly apart from normal reality. You hesitantly let go of her hand and arrange a bath mat and a few towels on the floor. It's rudimentary and ill-befits a princess, but you can't do any better. You embrace her and gently urge her down onto the surface.

Her head comes to rest on an elevated section of towel. The towel on her head comes off and an explosion of liberated black strands makes you grin. Even in the damp conditions, her hair is fabulous. It has a rich dark color and shimmers with light. You kiss her again, concentrating this time on her upper lip and with no delay moving to the side – across her cheek – and to her neck. You push back a few lines of dark hair and press close; It's difficult to stop just there and you leave a pair of love bites on her thin and slender neck.

“Ah!” She realizes what you're doing. Instead of objecting to the actual act she just remarks, “I won't be able to go out in public for a while at this rate.”

It's too unbearably cute for you to bear.

You chuckle and focus your attention on the rest of her. Like an explorer set upon virgin lands, you waste no time in exploring and mapping everything you find. Your fingers trace a route from her thighs, to her hips and to her side. The slopes and curves and their elegant mysteries are yours for the taking. You enjoy the benefits of her good upbringing by finding that the journey is exclusively over smooth and soft terrain.

The body of your lover is unequivocally well-proportioned and worth dedicating the rest of your days exploring. It's rewarding to place a hand over her modestly shapely bosom and to play with the pink peaks with your thumb and finger. You tease the soft flesh with your mouth as well, licking and even nibbling ever so gently on the tips. Kaguya's face is now flush and all the more attractive for it. She is allowing you unfettered access to her and you are making the most of it.

You enjoy seeing the change in her breathing and noticing how her body reacts to her increasing arousal. Her nipples harden and are like beacons for your attention. Her perky breasts are wonderful.

Her flesh is perfumed and sweet, thanks in no small part to the scented water she was just bathing in. Her aroma tickles your nose like a bouquet of flowers would. Being close to her makes you get drunk on her, something which propels your little conquest of the new world.

The soft mounds capture your imagination for a while yet and you spend several minutes massaging her front with gentle vigor.

“I knew it,” Kaguya groans, “You really do have a thing for breasts.”

“That's not it at all,” You reply, hands still hard at work, “I have a thing for you.”

After a line like that, you can't think of anything more suitable than to once again seal her lips with your own. Your tongues dance around, content to do their little bit in bringing two people together. A sloppy line of saliva is present between your lips. A line that Kaguya isn't hesitant to destroy by licking her lips.

It's then that you decide to move to the next logical place on her body. Your hands move across the warm landscape to her crotch. A fine area of silken pubic hair brushes your adventuring party as it moves by to the target. There is already some moisture surrounding the area, something which you see as an encouraging sign. Her body shivers as you touch her directly, as your fingers get to work.

You tease her mound by circling a finger around the entrance, tracing its path as it goes along. You move yourself to match her pink entrance's height with your face and you smile with approval. The letch within you is having a field day and you indulge your desires in face of Kaguya's implicit carte blanche. You have a better idea and change your mind about fingering her. You use your tongue to stimulate her, licking as rhythmically as you can muster.

There's no doubt that your methods succeed in arousing her further. Kaguya lets out sweet and sensual moans and her legs occasionally twitch in sync with your proddings. Further reward for your action is the increase in emissions of fluids. When you move your tongue lower, obscenely wet sounds echo out in the equally moist bathroom. You lap up some of her juices, making quite the mess of the region as saliva and her honeyed juices go everywhere.

A scent unlike that of her normal charm stimulates your nostrils. It's much more acrid and much more vulgar than a bouquet of flowers. Yet it is also infinitely more stimulating and definitely more arousing. It is proof of her excitement and the result of your hard work. Her fluids are a translation of her desire.

An urge to tease her with her very sticky reaction, byproduct of your specialized care, loses out to a little remaining dignified reason. It may be part of her charm, you think – to induce a strange sense of reverence and respect even in this sort of circumstance.

You are sure that you can move on if you want to. You look up to her face from down below, view enriched by the nearby pubic field and the twin hills off in the distance. She is looking down at you, a mix of embarrassment and pleasure written on her face.

All the same, you can't help yourself and have to ask, “...is doing all this really alright with you?”

“We wouldn't be here if it wasn't. I've made up my mind and there's no going back now,” She answers back calmly. Her stubbornness really is part of her charm.

You move up so that you're face to face again. You look her straight into the eye to confirm what she just said.

“In that case, I'm going to move on,” You announce.

“Please do. Can't you hear it? My heart is beating so fast that it feels like I'm going to die.”

You gently place your ear against her bosom, listening to her accelerated heartbeat. It's going roughly at the same speed as your own heart.

“That makes two of us...” You stroke her hair, running a hand to her cheek. You stop to kiss her forehead before continuing. No one could ruin the moment, not Eirin or a pack of rabbits. It would all be secondary to the attention and dedication you give Kaguya.

You finally acknowledge your very swollen member. It's been difficult to contain your excitement but it's ultimately been worth the hardship. With care and concern for your partner, you position your manhood to her entrance. You begin to push in slowly, whilst simultaneously lowering yourself to kiss Kaguya. Her lips stiffen and her tongue recoils a bit as you slide all the way inside of her. In fact, her whole body shivers a bit. It is like you're submerged in liquid fire, your whole body desires to move about, in a futile attempt to get rid of the excess heat.

“I'm not hurting you, am I?” You whisper to her. Your restraint is almost hurting yourself. You feel constricted, like an overwhelming pressure grips your shaft from all sides.

“We've come this far, so it doesn't really matter, now does it?” She smiles, but tears well up in her eyes. She preempts anything stupid you would have said, claiming, “They're tears of happiness.”

“I understand,” you let her have her little lie. You lower yourself down to her and allow your bodies to touch at various places. You hold her and feel her warmth in a way that you thought just wasn't possible. There's a connection that feels to go beyond the physical, like it might somehow be possible to meld together. It's with quite a lot of satisfaction that you conclude that your hearts must now be beating at the exact same rhythm.

You hold hands, fingers intertwined. Letting her know first with a look, you begin to move. At first the thrusts are slow. It's difficult to imagine being able to move about smoothly with all of the friction enveloping you. This makes it seem as if you're teasing yourself, the heat from before threatening to consume you whole if you don't allow yourself to go wild. You twitch and can't imagine being able to last much longer either.

It's in concentrating at the scene unfolding before your eyes that you're able to have some restraint. Kaguya's breasts move in a hypnotically smooth motion around, bouncing with every thrust and withdrawal. Her breaths quicken and she closes her eyes as a frequently increasing number of moans escape her lips. Thanks to your shifting perspective you are also able to enjoy how her hair shimmers with the change of light as it glides along with the rest of her.

Eventually, you quicken your pace. Groans and moans of pleasure escape both your lips as what is otherwise a wordless dialog emerges. The resistance you thought so overwhelming and constricting is a well lubricated canal of pleasure. Every move you make sends bolts of satisfaction directly to your brain and greedily makes you seek more. Your hips move increasingly faster and you abandon holding one of hands in order to lift her bottom higher and make it easier for you to thrust.

On her end, too, there is change. Her moans are now exclusively of pleasure, there is no doubt about it. She drives you on to consume her wholly. Her legs curl upwards and around your back, inciting your to plunge ever deeper within her depths. The sex is not rough, by an objective metric, but it is intense and intimate. You are both running ragged and building up towards a great release.

The fire within you seems ready to dissipate at any moment and you dedicate a few further valiant moves back and forth with appropriate energy. You think that you cry out in tandem with Kaguya as your final restraint disappears. You explode deep inside her, unleashing your scorching heat in a violent spurt. She keeps you held tight with her legs crossed over your back and trembles all over. You collapse over her, placing your out of breath face next to her own out of breath face.

As soon as you regain some of your senses you find that she kisses you passionately, tears in her eyes again. You stroke her cheek and, when finally allowed to, roll to the side and onto the comparatively cold bathroom tile. You stay like that for a while, holding her hand.. As if it were the most natural thing in the world, you cuddle, naked bodies closely pressed together.

Somewhere along the line you get lightheaded and have to relocate. It's only then that you're aware of the flow of time again. The hidden little world you inhabited becomes part of the greater whole again as you get dressed and return to Kaguya's room. It feels like the previous scene was just a dream as you idly lounge around her room, staring at the ceiling blankly. It's gotten dark and it feels like there's nothing else that you can do for the day.

“I love you,” Kaguya casually utters. She's also looking up to the ceiling, lying close to you. Her hand reaches out towards you.

“I know,” You reply, reaching out to hold her hand. A very powerful but controlled fire burns within your chest. It's contained for the moment, but your feelings for her could overwhelm you one day.

“Since when have you made it a habit to gives cool answer like that?” She asks softly. She may be trying to tease you again, you think, but her heart doesn't seem at all into it.

“I've always been cool and bold, we never would have gotten this far otherwise.”

“I wonder, I wonder... Ah well, I'm happy so I'll just let that go for today,” She giggles stupidly, like she had just made a joke with some deeper meaning.

[] Suggest that you take more baths together from now on.
[] Propose that you sleep together in the same bed every night
[] Say nothing, the moment is best seized at another time.
[] Get paranoid and find Tewi's recording of your sex tape
asdfhgjkl couldn't find a pic I liked enough.

Congratulations Shirou

[X] Say nothing, the moment is best seized at another time.

Spontaneity seem to work best for the two.
File 129675608694.jpg - (70.75KB, 526x390, fuck-yes.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Say nothing, the moment is best seized at another time.

Holy shit we might get a good end. I was a little worried there for a bit.

>[] Get paranoid and find Tewi's recording of your sex tape

Nah, Tewi is the broest of bros. I don't think she'd do that.
[X] Say nothing, the moment is best seized at another time.

I hope you realize that my stringent conservative sensibilities have been thoroughly offended, leaving me shocked and appalled to my very core, good Sir.

It is no small exaggeration to say that this story and the characters within it have been irreparably ruined in my eyes.

I mean, REALLY. To write such a scene as that, and not wash her hair?!
What kind of foul deviance is this?!

To bring those two together, and not have them partake in the good, wholesome tradition of lathering the hair, rinsing it clean, and then repeating it, possibly following up with a bit of conditioner to ensure the hair remains silky and smooth?

You depraved monster.
File 129677095863.jpg - (140.21KB, 850x1189, 1288729716719.jpg) [iqdb]
>“Truth be told, there's been something that I was thinking about doing with you. For a long time now too...” She looks around shiftily, as if trying to gauge your reaction.
How i love Kaguya teasing. It is one of the best things to come out of this story. The other would be how Shirou and Kaguya interact with each other.
>Kaguya says, “we're wasting opportunities just lying around here.”
>“Uh, we're not lying around? We are, in fact, sitting.”
I know such things are probably not noteworthy but they still give the story more life.
>Kaguya undressing
Yes. Fina-
>“Not really, I was wondering if you weren't going to wash your hair.”
>“Takes too long, won't do it right now.”
Damn you, just damn you.
>the girl whom gave you the ribbon under the tree all those years ago
Don't ever do that again.

Overall it was pretty good, the going into detail and overall feel. Just things like
>Like an explorer set upon virgin lands, you waste no time in exploring and mapping everything you find.
made me laugh out a few times. But seeing her being cute like that really is great. Now that it finally happened, the times with her teasing and the overall wanting to be with her and get her to love you is gone. Kind of already miss those times. I hope it will continue as strong as it was before.

[x] Suggest that you take more baths together from now on.
Now would be a good time for such a line.
[x] Say nothing, the moment is best seized at another time.

We can ask to sleep in her bed or take baths with her some other time, right now let's just lie down and enjoy the moment.
Oh come on guys. This is ridiculously weak. After all we've been through, all I've said, all you've rebutted and we've talked about even!

Would it kill you to use a little logic? I shouldn't have to point out that there is an obvious drawback to doing nothing, one of you already should have. Or maybe, I don't know, think about the big picture or how stuff ties in. Maybe point out how this is a good/bad resolution to events that have been building up. Or how you found something smart/thoughtful/sweet/funny, I don't know. Anything but what essentially boils down to 'good' and then a vote. It's maddening. Just go with what your heart says, even if it seems dumb or irrelevant. When someone speaks up it incentivizes others to do the same. The hair guy had it right, despite saying nothing about why he picked his choice or how everything else impacted him.

This does not apply to everyone but come on, you can't just sit back and occasionally shout something to the driver when you've supposedly been driving this whole time. I'll apologize in advance for offending sensibilities again but I'm overwhelmed by how underwhelming things are on the site.
[X] Suggest that you take more baths together from now on.

Side adventures of them finding fetishes in between dodging the eyes of the rabbits and a seemingly hawk-eyed doctor?


Sure Kaguya can technically freeze a space in a moment of eternity but wouldn't it become too noticeable? Plus Shirou could always just persuade her not to use that skill.

Before you know it Shirou's plowing Kaguya at one of the shrines under certain occupant's noses with none the wiser
[X] Suggest that you take more baths together from now on.
>>23177 here, changing vote to
[x] Suggest that you take more baths together from now on.

You make a good point. I personally found the scene quite good. I laughed, I cried. I can't believe we didn't get to wash her hair. So, I changed my vote to make that a bit stronger possibility.
>“I love you,”
>“I know,”
Reminded me of Star Wars. Hopefully we don't get shipped off to the moon in carbonite by a jealous Eirin.
I suppose this solidifies things with Kaguya, just getting her to say "I love you." has been a difficult journey through heaven and hell but completely worth it. Now that we have that much, something as simple as sleeping in the same bed is trivial while showing that both sides are just as serious. Sure it might be a little flaunting to the other residents of Eientei but its something that shows commitment and signifies your stance to everyone else as well.

Now focusing on the long term is important for Kaguya and crew. As enjoyable as it hide away from the world with Kaguya, leaving marks all over her body and such, there are other people's feeling to consider. Maybe checking up on everyone else or something, like that one forgotten bunny.

[x] Propose that you sleep together in the same bed every night.
[x] Propose that you sleep together in the same bed every night.

It does fit under bold and cool, and is actually taking a step forward I think.

The bath remark might count as one or it might be staying still.
It's a sweet scene - cute and intimate. I think it fits their relationship perfectly.

[x] Propose that you sleep together in the same bed every night.
Haha, fair enough. I'm glad you said something.

[X] Propose that you sleep together in the same bed every night

What better time to propose this than now? I feel that sleeping in the same bed will also guarantee more baths in the future as well.

I feel like this is the pinnacle of the entire story. No other update was written this well. It wasn't entirely perfect, but the mood and interactions conveyed a magic that really made it shine. It wasn't cheap or forced, just natural.

It also makes me look to the future. Obviously, Kaguya is
immortal and Shirou is not. Will we see a bitter-sweet ending where Shirou gradually grows older and dies? Or will Shirou find a way to overcome age and be with Kaguya forever? I'm anxious.
You forget that weird thing with Shirou's liver earlier, which we need to look into somehow.

>Will we see a bitter-sweet ending where Shirou gradually grows older and dies? Or will Shirou find a way to overcome age and be with Kaguya forever?

That depends on whether Kaguya wants Shirou to live forever. She has obviously been through a lot of shit, I'm not really sure what to think of it.

At this point I don't think it is possible to avoid.
>I feel like this is the pinnacle of the entire story. No other update was written this well.
Well, yes. Somehow it always comes down to it, we tried our hardest to get Kaguya to love Shirou, find out and know her feelings and in the end create a relationship.
But for me it would have done without the sex too.
>Obviously, Kaguya is immortal and Shirou is not
There are only 2 ways, Shirou becomes immortal or Kaguya somehow becomes mortal.

A scene with Kaguya asking Shirou if she loves her and then telling him to cut her up and eat her liver. All romantic, tears, blood and madness.
But i am making up shit here. Who would want something like that.
You're right, I completely forgot about that interesting tidbit.

I'm hoping for the "immortal end", but I think both are possible. Maybe.

That would be an interesting alternate end, but it'd tear my heart and place it on a platter.
The time has come to be unlazy and update this. Since I can't bring myself to flip a coin for this particular choice, I'm going to do something different:

Persuade me of what choice to go with. Make an argument to your fellow readers, explaining your logic and your motivations and I'll judge which train of thought is the best. It goes without saying that the two choices that are tied will have different results and have different implications and tone.

I'll give it a day, or as soon as I'm convinced. And no, don't bother pointing out that it's naive to expect something in just a day. Don't crush my spirits further please.

Just as a final note: >>23180, put a little effort man. You presumably read 4000+ words in an update and couldn't think of anything at all to say. In the future take a minute or two to type something more. Who knows, you may have been the persuasive force needed to get things your way.
Hey, eating a Hourai being makes you immortal, right? Because the immortal is the Hourai itself.
Do you understand what I mean? Eating a Hourai doesn't always mean :"eat the flesh". I think that Hourai can contamine through other bodily fluids, like blood, (maybe not sweat. Does Hourai sweat at all?), tears and stuff like that.

You don't get it? I'll be short. Just try a cunnilungus, and, logically, you should be immortal.
But it's just a theory.
I doubt it will work this way.
Your only support would be that Kaguya did not want sex until now because of him becoming immortal? If that would be it there would be many many immortals running around everywhere.

Leaving the whole thing aside for later, proposing to sleep in the same bed sounds like moving in to me. A serious and next step in a relationship. While the other one is more light and making a joke.
Goddammit Hartmann.
Ugh. You're implying a very active and complete sexual history there with no evidence whatsoever. Furthermore, that's not really an argument either so much as a brief analysis. An argument takes a side and presents evidence and usually uses logic to convince others.

Quick (and watered-down) example: "I think that getting a Tewi tattoo is a good idea because the real Tewi has shown to be moved by displays of affection before, like that time when we whacked the head capo of the rival mob. That time she rewarded us with an even better belt and a footjob, surely this time we'll get something better."
>[] Say nothing, the moment is best seized at another time.

I never want to do or think about anything after having sex. Everything that isn't cuddling with Kaguya can wait a while.

>Somewhere along the line you get lightheaded and have to relocate. It's only then that you're aware of the flow of time again.
>“I wonder, I wonder... Ah well, I'm happy so I'll just let that go for today,” She giggles stupidly, like she had just made a joke with some deeper meaning.

They're both obviously feeling that same high. In my experience doing anything tends to be a buzz kill. It's not like there is some desperation to be sleeping in Kaguya's bed, and there is no reason why we can't just ask later.
I read the previous votes and hopefully what I say will address what I think about them. Might as well strike while the iron is hot.

The way I see it just suggesting to have more baths together can be misread, especially after what happened. Reading in between the lines it can be possibly construed to "I'm only interested in sex, same time tomorrow at 3?" Maybe with some additional work can this vote work but just as it is seems like a bad idea. Essentially it's moving forward slowly, which by itself is a safe option but there is a better way to do it.

Personally I would like to see the two be closer instead of just the usual occasion they run into each other. Sleeping together each night solves this pretty easily. While it can be the same as wanting only her body, it creates the situation where there is an obligation to be together every night for an extended period of time. That time is opportunity to know Kaguya better. It's not as easily waved off with "I don't feel like it at the moment." that comes with the bath situation. Sure it's a bold move but so is having sex in the bathroom. Worse that happens is that she declines and is mad for a while.

In the end it's just trying to predict on how Kaguya will take each of the proposals.
I think Kaguya wants Shirou to continue his "Bold, Cool" stance and suggest taking the next step, sleeping in the same bed. Not for sexual reasons, but for intimacy reasons. It's a major difference between say fuck buddies and lovers.

The bath option reeks of "Herp Derp Shirou"; and we're past that point.
File 129778378759.png - (223.48KB, 590x590, humble bundle.png) [iqdb]
“Here you are,” Kaguya reaches behind the door. She pulls out a small wrapped bundle, with a red ribbon tying the top shut. It fits easily in one of her palms.

“What's this?” You ask, taking the small bundle from her.

“A little something from me to you, I hope you enjoy it.”

Raising an eyebrow you tug at the edge of the ribbon, undoing the knot. You smile at the golden baked squares and ask, “Did you make these yourself?”

“I had some help,” She smiles. Chock-full of confidence, she states, “We're lovers and this is the sort of thing lovers do for one another.”

You thank her by kissing her lightly on the lips. This is something that causes her eyes to light up. Truth be told, it probably has the same effect on you. Curious to their taste, you waste no time trying one. While chewing, you stretch out your hand, offering one to Kaguya. She politely refuses, and only looks interested in your reaction. You take a long time chewing and casually swallow.

You avoid giving her a straight answer. You instead ask, “Isn't chocolate more traditional?”

“Ah... well, I guess...” Kaguya seems a bit confused. Her lips puff up and she pouts, looking absolutely adorable. A feeling of guilt manifests itself.

“Cookies aren't bad either...”

“Chocolate is really difficult to come by in Gensokyo and I also didn't really know how to make them.”

“I'm just teasing you,” You smile. You can't help but pat her on the head. It's a patronizing gesture but you certainly enjoy running your fingers along her silken hair whenever you get the chance.

“You're an ass,” She pouts further, “And to think that to other people I'm an elegant and refined lady of virtue.”

“I know better, and I'm all the happier for it. Even your selfishness is adorable.”

“Know better?” She stares you down. It's a transparent effort to distract you from your loving prod. She scoffs at the notion, “You just do as you please, I am the same me as always.”

“Of course you are milady.”

“I insist, there's nothing you can say that'll change the facts.”

“I wouldn't dare contradict my princess.”

“Not even your sarcasm and lack of respect is going to get to me.”

“Perhaps this will?” You hold her by the waist and drag her closer. You don't hesitate to lock lips with her. A sharp contrast to the first time you dared to do the same. Your confidence comes from the pleasant feeling in your chest and the warm sensation of her body pressed to yours.

In spite of her previous agitation and stern rebuking, she seeks intimacy as greedily as you do. Lost in your own little world, you spend hours with one another. It's only the next morning that either of you remembers that the world at large still exists. Hunger overcomes laziness wrought from passion and as you get up you remember the small bundle.

“Want one?” You offer your lover a cookie, taking one for yourself. It's a miracle that they weren't crushed after they were forgotten. This time Kaguya takes one gladly and munches happily, sitting up to snuggle next to you.

“You know Shirou...” She sounds a bit tired, a likely consequence from little sleep and much activity. She brings up something that the both of you had forgotten until that very instant, “you never did tell me if you liked them or not.”

You wrap an arm around her, relaying your answer silently.

“...I thought as much,” She mumbles, head coming to a rest on your shoulder. “I should make more later.”

You say nothing, instead thinking of how you' might have to watch your weight from now on. Maybe she won't make too many more. Her dedication makes you smile and her intent automatically makes it all taste very good.

“You've got that look on you again,” Kaguya says.

“What look?”

“The same one from last night, you really do have a one-track mind, don't you?”

“Not at all,” You say, “I was just thinking about how I needed to exercise more.”

“I knew it,” Kaguya giggles. Her reaction is anticlimactic, “If you're serious, you should jog a little. Though if you don't feel like it, I certainly don't mind helping you out.”

You pat her head again, feeling happy. You won't have to worry about getting fat after all, it seems.

Was going to be part of the update, but it messed with the flow too much. So here you have something stand alone and, unlike the other random writings, is canon. As in, this happens at some unspecified point in time during the story. Sometime within the scope of the next update or two. Meant to post it yesterday too, but was really busy. Belated happy Valentine's day. Hope you guys enjoyed yourselves.
Well, that was really sweet. It doesn't even matter that it is too.
I was just kind of expecting something Eirin related. Maybe even Reisen involved.
I think it would be better as well those two are basically lovers now. Not often that we get to see a CYOA couple celebrate the holiday in question.

Nice little short; I can see such a thing happening.
>Not often that we get to see a CYOA couple celebrate the holiday in question
It is a great thing that Teruyo can write normal life situations so great. Even if it is just a meaningless conversation or some stroll through the house.
I suppose it's been long enough to warrant a status report: was busy, had to travel and was under a lot of stress/pressure and couldn't really concentrate on writing. Then the earthquake happened, had no power/internet for a while and here we are. No real ETA except soon*. On the plus side, I temporarily have more free time... on second thought, I write less when I have more freedom. We'll see, dreams and images have kicked me into writing mode before so it could happen at any time potentially, if I'm not wasting away with the vidya.

*As measured in seven-minute increments.
File 130141845597.jpg - (297.23KB, 550x550, d7c07fcda56dbd2bfa38d416b059560f.jpg) [iqdb]
Reisen can't find any updates.

Why can't Reisen find any updates?
File 130161834764.png - (0.96MB, 1100x900, hidden truths.png) [iqdb]
Her head lies comfortably on your chest, her body at a tangent to yours. Things are peaceful. They usually seem to be when you're around one another. A large smile is painted on on your face. There's no reason why there shouldn't be one there, given your almost sickening happiness.

However, in the dimly lit bed chamber, things aren't as peaceful as you might like. With a heavy sigh that can only mean trouble, Kaguya softly asks, “Are you alright with this?”

“Of course I am, what kind of question is that?” You answer stupidly. A sort of genetic memory, the legacy of generations of men who had dealt with women, started demanding caution, “Is something wrong?”

“This isn't alright with me,” She speaks softly, her eyes rolling up to try to see your face. By now warning lights begin to flicker in your mind.

You bravely continue, “Have I been acting strangely? What's bothering you?”

You attempt to stroke her soft silky hair. Your hand is stopped by hers. Sirens go off in your head. The possibility of all-out nuclear warfare somehow seems very real.

“I know we've been through a lot but... I wonder if you feel that it's for the best.”

“I've said it time and time again that I-”

“Please, not now,” She cuts you short. There's a good chance she knows your undying love speech by rote. Her demand is made clear, “Would you please just hear me out? I think it's important we talk about this.”

You can do naught but nod.

“I don't doubt that you really care about me. Your foolhardiness and dedication are proof enough. And thank you for that, really. But... you're not good at keeping secrets you know. It shows on your face. It's a cute nervous tic you have, you scrunch up your nose and – ah, I'm drifting away from the point.” She sighs again. It feels like you're about to go past the point of no return. You want to yell, reach up, do anything to keep from going into a bad place. You cannot help but just silently listen, dumbly waiting for the apocalypse.

Kaguya removes her head from your chest, rolling to her side and look up directly at you. Her deep eyes reflect a chilling gravity of circumstances that it nearly makes you shudder. The girl you find stunning and indescribably beautiful is also horrendously frightening. Even your heartbeat is stilled by a foreboding feeling.

“There is another,” She states dryly. The truth is out. Queasiness spreads from the pit of your stomach to your extremities.

Were this a low-class show on daytime TV, that sort of statement would elicit hoots and jeering. At the very least. In your dark and lonely room, it's only your imagination that runs amok. There's a million things that you can say, ranging from “baby, it ain't like that” to the simple “not true”. Unfortunately, all you can do is weakly protest by trying to laugh it off. Like it were some big joke. A very unfortunate joke.

Her expression doesn't change even for a single moment. It is clearly not seen as a joke by her. If your positions were reversed, you doubt you'd see it as one either.

“I've noticed it for a while now,” She explains, “and at first I was bothered by it, jealous even. I was angry as well, like you wouldn't believe.” Her tone is one of someone who has come to terms with a harsh truth, her words are meek and show resignation to the whimsy of cruel fate, “But then I thought about it. Meditated upon it. And realized there is only one mutually beneficial outcome. It just won't do for us to be like this anymore. It's not right, and it can never be right.”

There are no words to express what you are feeling.

“I'm sorry, but I think it's for the best if we each go our own way. I'll always treasure the time that we spent together and know that I truly loved you.”

She leaves the room without saying another word, nor stopping to look back at you one last time. Brief as the affair was, it was full of intense feelings that riveted your very soul. You feel like there is a part of you that is forever lost, rent asunder by the vicious nature of life.

There is no denying what she said, you know. As much as you attempted to disguise it, repress it, it is more than evident that it would eventually show somehow, some time. For someone who was so intimate with you, it was really just a matter of time. You just tried to fool yourself, you realize. It is with a heavy step and a few staggers that you clear the room, intent on at least seeing through things to the end.

You don't have to go to the mountain, the mountain comes to you.

Sitting in the middle of your room, she looks about as uneasy as you were feeling earlier. It's remarkable and a shocking turn of events, but Kaguya probably explained things clearly to her. You knew it was the type of thing she would do. Someone who had been that intimate with you could not hide secrets better than you could keep them.

Your attitude is remarkably different to hers. You have clarity of thought and strength of purpose. With all the lies in your life neatly cast off thanks to Kaguya, you can approach this situation with an unprecedented level of honesty.

“I love you and desire you,” You speak clearly and plainly. There is no hesitation, “I always have.”

Clearly she has been giving the subject much thought, given the way her eyes only skit away from you momentarily. Still, her rational mind demands lip service, “How can that be? I always thought we were just friends at best.”

You smile at her nervous little dulcet voice. It is not just embarrassment like you've heard before from her, it warms your heart to realize that there are feelings that are barely contained leaking from her every gesture and every word. It emboldens you.

“You know how and why,” You smile, “I can tell that you feel what I feel.”

“But what of Lady Kaguya-”

“What of her?” You interject, “That's over with. Done. She understands and that is why she approached you.”

“This all too much, it's like a dream...”

“If it is, I hope to never wake up.” You kneel down and grasp her hand. She does not flinch, her deep red eyes meeting yours for the first time in recent memory. As you stare into them, the thought of not being by her maddens you. Without words you are able to convey this and much more. And with a kiss, you finally validate the unspoken covenant. Unrequited love is one thing, but the real consummated deal is manifold times more intoxicating.

“What of the others?” She asks out of a probable remaining sense of duty.

“They don't matter. All that matters is us,” You recall what may have been very real threats uttered by Eirin but dismiss them promptly. If she didn't approve, you would just confront her, or if that didn't solve anything, simply move away. She would have to learn to deal with it. After all, there was no bond stronger than the true love felt by you right now. “Tewi would probably even help us if I asked. Don't worry about that, it'll all be fine.”

“Just one thing that I want to know...” Even at this stage it seems like she still harbors doubts. You indulge her, letting her voice her concern, “Tell me: why me? Was it pity? I'm happy, but there were so many other choices better than me...”

“No,” You correct her, “there wasn't a better choice. Even if the whole world shunned you, no one would give you the time of day, or truly wish for happiness with you, I still would. This was the only path, I have no regrets.”

Reisen giggles. She finds your seriousness funny when contrasted by your words. Hands not holding anything, not knowing death, those all are very cheesy lines. But they make up an important part of you. Just like she will form a very important part of your life from now on. The road ahead does not look completely clear, but true love conquers all. You're confident that you'll be able to tackle all challenges with a loving Moon bunny by your side.

The End.
>“But what of Lady Kaguya-”

Wait a minute...

>Reisen giggles.


My answer: read, and think about, the goddamn stories.

Not that I've been doing a very good job of that, or any of the other things, myself. Also, you probably meant to contact you on IRC, so sorry about that.
Oh wow.
And a happy April 1st to you too.

>“No,” You correct her, “there wasn't a better choice. Even if the whole world shunned you, no one would give you the time of day, or truly wish for happiness with you, I still would. This was the only path, I have no regrets.”
You sick fuck. It was still funny.
I may have to get drunk & do a Reisen LA now. I'll call it 'Deal With It'.

And yes, I would prefer it if you contacted me through IRC. This is a story thread and relates only to things in this story. I also can't really discuss the prize out in the open if you do win, since there must be an exchange for you to be awarded it. If you hate irc, or want to be anonymous or something, just use the widget on the front page or just /msg Zer00 on irc.rizon.net. Confidentiality assured.
>“This all too much, it's like a dream...”

Began echoing inside my head

>April 1st


Happy April 1st to ya Teruyo
>I may have to get drunk & do a Reisen LA now. I'll call it 'Deal With It'.

I'm holding you too this
File 130177025921.jpg - (47.00KB, 500x661, 407092e19c748e94870ab70a20eb61ab.jpg) [iqdb]
You know what? I am okay with this.

Now, let's have a Silver route!
I might just do it next month. Maybe.
How did I missed this? Almost had me, by the way, but I checked the date so...
Still, nice update
So...we ditched Kaguya and got a Reisen End?
I think that was an April fools joke.
File 130252938760.jpg - (381.17KB, 720x950, 893fa724f47adf7d42a05eb86815dd77.jpg) [iqdb]
Writers choice. Inner desires manifested.
File 130281364198.png - (1.47MB, 1920x1138, 1299665620160.png) [iqdb]
Okay, so I went and I finally catched up with your story. And now, here I am, waiting for hypothetical updates.

So here I come, bumping this. You still have readers.
“I don't think that's such a good idea,” Kaguya concludes after a moment of silence. Her reaction makes your spirits sink low.

You don't say anything, looking dumbly at the plain ceiling It's difficult to tell if the atmosphere has change much, or if it's just your feelings of rejection and paranoia that have gotten the best of you. To test the potential volatility of the matter, you reach out to hold Kaguya's hand. Save for your sweaty palm, there are no issues with the maneuver at all. It's still difficult to feel much in the way of relief.

It's not all in vain, as you come to grips with the fact that she's just not ready to move that fast. You find that she gladly reassures you with praise and flattery. It feels very strange to be called understanding and you have to first wonder if maybe she's not being patronizing. Your heart knows better than your mind and you accept her kindness as it comes. Happiness is a very strange feeling, manifesting itself in many different ways. You display it this time by returning her kindness and praising her in kind. You tell her that you'll be ready whenever she is. Deep down, you know it to be sooner rather than later.

Eventually, no further words are exchanged. Physical intimacy replaces the sweet whisperings of before. Her head is at the same height as yours and her arm drapes casually over your own. It isn't appropriate to suggest you get a blanket at this stage, nor is the room cold enough to justify a disruption. Eyes shut, breathing steady and calm, you watch her doze off with a smile. The peaceful expression, coupled with her noble features and alabaster skin give her the appearance of a masterly created sculpture. In the dim lighting, only the faintest traces of rosy hue are apparent on her cheeks and you barely can make out the slow rising and falling of her chest.

When you close your eyes, you can still see her lying next to you, every detail preserved in your mind. It's no wonder then that you are able to fall asleep soundly. For the time being, you have no care in the world.

There's a spring in your step as you walk down the hallway, bag of handmade sweets in your hand. A peaceful situation like that just seems to beg for disruption. Yours waits for you at the corner, leaning against the wall while nonchalantly tugging at a loose thread on her dress. You're damned if you stop and damned if you don't. Being in a good mood, you take the initiative and stop.

“How's it going?” You ask.

“Oh? As I live and breathe! If it isn't my good friend Shirou,” Tewi flashes a very well-calculated smile. Her ears flop a bit as she excitedly raises her head in feigned surprise, “I'm very well today, how about yourself? If I had to guess, things are good with you.”

“That's right, no complaints here.”

“Mercy, you practically are radiating happiness!”

“Do you want something from me? Maybe to use my room as a distillery again?”

Tewi frowns, “I'm hurt that you would come to the conclusion that I wanted something from you. Is it really strange for me to content myself with your happiness?”

“A little,” You say flatly.

Tewi giggles. You inwardly sigh a bit of relief, it's evident that she is playing with you as usual. The bag has not eluded her attention and you know that she's interested in the contents. She dances around the issue, “Where are you off to this fine day? If you aren't too busy maybe we could go skip rocks on the lake. I've got the record for number of skips, you know.”

“I don't think I could beat you.”

“We can do something else then, you pick.”

“Well,” You reluctantly admit, “I was kinda going to do something now. So it'll have to be some other time.”

“Oh, I understand,” She flashes a dirty grin, “I won't keep you from seeing Reisen. It's obvious that something has been going on between you two.”

“No, it's nothing like that,” You shake your head.

“Then I suppose it's off to Eirin then. I knew there was a reason she was looking for you,” Her grin turns into a wry smile, one that unabashedly implies innuendo, “I guess you'll be examining each other.”

“You'd know, wouldn't you?” You shrug, not rising to her bait. Unfortunately, you realize all too late, she narrowed down who you were going to see just by gauging your reactions.

“You make it sound like I'm some sort of peeping tom... I'm a good girl, didn't you know?” She puffs up her cheeks and places her arms akimbo.

“Whatever, I'll just pretend that you don't know about what happened in the bath.”

“Oh ho ho?” Her voice drops a couple of octaves going from 'cute little girl' to 'scary sadist'. There's a chilling melody to her words, “And just what exactly occurred in the bath, I wonder?”

You made a terrible mistake. If you bolted, it would only make it worse.

“I just used a bit of Kaguya's fancy soap... that's all. Please don't tell her.” Your lie doesn't even convince you.

Tewi is a shark when it comes to these things. She can smell a bad lie from a mile away. She mercilessly closes in for the kill, “If that's all that happened, then it would be no cause for concern. She can always get more soap. I'm thinking that maybe something interesting happened in the bath, something that would make you act this happy. Just confess. It'll make you feel better...”

“Stop acting like such a brat,” Tewi gets a mild smack to the head. Your savior scolds the prying rabbit, “Instead of bothering people about their own private business you should help me out with the chores for once. Come on, follow me and we'll sweep the entrance together.”

“Aw, you're no fun Reisen~” Tewi changes her attitude at once. “I thought I could get him to spill the beans and then you show out of nowhere. I was so close~”

“Come on, move along then, it's obvious that we all have things to do now,” Reisen prods Tewi forward, shaking her head apologetically at you as she passes.

You watch as the pair marches down the corridor, the smaller girl struggling all the way. She shouts back, “I wasn't kidding about the Eirin thing! She was looking for you.”

“Indeed I was,” You turn in time to meet the cold, calculating stare of a dour-looking Eirin. “Come along, I wish to speak to you.”

“I can't right now, I was going to do something else,” You state. Something like mild surprise flashes across her face but if there is any traces of annoyance to be found, they're invisible to your eye.

“This is urgent, I suggest we get this over with sooner rather than later.” Her tone implies that she won't take no for an answer. She's too accustomed to getting her way, you find yourself thinking. All the same, you find it best to just go along with her for the moment. Kaguya isn't exactly expecting you so it should be fine to show up later.

Unsurprisingly, you go back to the clinic to talk. She takes a seat in a chair opposite your own. The blinds are drawn, which you find odd. It makes the clinic seem more sterile than ever, being bathed solely in artificial light. Her eyes are focused and her expression cold.

“Do you know why I've called you here?” She asks, “If you do, then that will make this conversation a lot shorter. And easier for the both of us.”

[] “I really don't.”
[] “Obviously you've been meaning to confess your undying love to me,” State with a wink.
[] “You know about Kaguya and I, don't you?”
[] “I take it that my presence as a guest here is no longer wholly welcomed by all?”
[] “It's my KEY-AIDS, isn't it doc? Tell it to me straight, how much longer do I have to live?”


Readers, friends, Romans other interested parties: I have been inactive too long. Yes, there have been times I have been legitimately busy. Yes, the whole natural disaster and subsequent state of emergency did not help. And yes, I wasn't always inspired. To move on it's important to focus on the good rather than the bad. To this end I pledge to update at least once a day, every day, until the story is finished. It's more than time, we are months behind schedule. I ask that you lend me your strength and give it your all like I will. This means not being afraid to post your opinion, comments or anything else that may be relevant as well as voting as promptly as you are able. I will keep to my schedule and, even if something comes up to keep me busy, I will at least post something stating as much and will delaying it no more than the next day. I'll ask you to trust me on this one and hopefully we'll be able to proceed in good order.

Not going to happen anytime soon. Original characters don't deserve their own routes before others. Otherwise it'd be just too cruel. I know, joke and all, but she's really just a supporting character and wouldn't know what love is.

I'll certainly be along for that ride. And if you finish it, then something special might just happen...

Seeing as only one person actually bothered, they are the winner by default. Chances are he won't check this thread though, so whatever then.
[x] “You know about Kaguya and I, don't you?”

>“I really don't.”
Playing dumb with Eirin is just... stupid.
>“Obviously you've been meaning to confess your undying love to me,” State with a wink.
This is no time to joke. Eirin seems quite pissed.
>“You know about Kaguya and I, don't you?”
Vague enough to avoid saying too much by mistake.
>“I take it that my presence as a guest here is no longer wholly welcomed by all?”
Now that's just overly agressive. Eirin probably just wants to talk, being like that will put her on guard.
[x] “You know about Kaguya and I, don't you?”

Was going to say “I take it that my presence as a guest here is no longer wholly welcomed by all?” but the anon before me convinced me otherwise.
[X] “Obviously you've been meaning to confess your undying love to me,” State with a wink.
[x] "Alright seriously you know about Kaguya and I, don't you?”

Would have done it but things are looking serious now.
[x] “You know about Kaguya and I, don't you?”

>>she's really just a supporting character and wouldn't know what love is.

Poor other other moonbunny, denied not only the chance at love, but to not even know what it is, nor have a chance to learn of it!

What fun it would have been to work to melt away her ice-cold exterior, only to reveal an even colder and harder interior within. When all was said and done, all that would be left of her is little more than a puddle. But it would be a puddle of LOVE, damn it!
>“You make it sound like I'm some sort of peeping tom... I'm a good girl, didn't you know?”
Oh you are so much more than that. Maybe in another time line we will go further into it.

>“This is urgent, I suggest we get this over with sooner rather than later.”
Well, this was bound to happen sooner or later. Serious talk, like asking the father for the hand of his daughter.

[x] “You know about Kaguya and I, don't you?”

Let's stay serious here. Important moment to convince, explain, state and show how serious you really are. Time for you lost me can come later.

She was always the one you could figure out the least. But i somehow always get a picture of Eirins back, while she shoots an arrow at the range. All alone. Need to make sure to not leave her out and include her as much as possible.
Well sounds about right, good thing the recent mistep was very minor.

[x] “You know about Kaguya and I, don't you?”

Let's hope our luck holds out.
[+] “You know about Kaguya and I, don't you?”

I really can't think of anything to add that wasn't covered by one of the above.

>I'll certainly be along for that ride. And if you finish it, then something special might just happen...
Well I have always wanted to see pigs fly without assistance. Seriously though: it would, almost certainly, be next month some time if I can get things lined up & my schedule continues as-is.
[X] “You know about Kaguya and I, don't you?”

This is the most reasonable choice.

Good luck with the new schedule. Try not to let yourself get bogged down too much if you do end up missing a day.
[x] “I take it that my presence as a guest here is no longer wholly welcomed by all?”
File 130303745050.jpg - (188.08KB, 547x451, labor of love.jpg) [iqdb]
“Regardless of whatever you think you may have accomplished,” She says dryly, “and whatever you mean to allude to, it almost certainly is not the reason we are having this conversation.”

You feel that she would sigh if you weren't watching her. Her steely demeanor is otherwise unchanged. Her eyes continue to sharply observe you.

She seems to wait for a long time before continuing. Almost as if giving you enough time to let yourself slip up and grow impatient. There is no point to losing patience and so the only alternative is simply waiting until she's ready.

Her lips form a thin and ephemeral smile. A move that strikes you as a little smug. She takes her time talking, enunciating fully and carefully, “You have done things your way. That is admirable, from a certain perspective. This conversation is not about past successes, however, it is assuring future ones.”

It's the second time she mentions the word “conversation” but to you it certainly feels more like a monologue. You are the passive party.

“I don't know what your plans are for the future or, if you indeed have any. I have said before, my concerns are founded upon a very tangible reality. What you desire is irrelevant, let us make that clear – I say this before you launch yourself into another pointless rant stating your idealized visions of life and love and whatever else is in vogue. It is clear that your words do not match your deeds often, if at all.” Her lip curls into a sneer that is as transient as the preceding smile. She digs up an incident that would have been best left forgotten, “For all your professed concern, you certainly did nothing to help her when she needed the protection from someone strong-willed the most. Do not forget that it was I that handled the last great problem and even cleaned up the muddled mess you made with that joyless visitor. You proudly roared that you wished to handle it, only to give up before seeing things through. Off to a lovely little vacation, ignoring the uncomfortable realities of the world. Quite a showing of your dependable nature.”

You feel the blood draining from your face as you cannot counter her without sounding like a petulant child. She is, after all, essentially correct about that incident. You completely failed to do what you promised. As far as your relationship with Kaguya is concerned, you likely did the right thing but insofar as results for something you ardently volunteered for, you failed.

The only thing you can do is get her to make her point, “And what is all this talk leading to?”

“That is one example of many used to establish precedent. It therefore follows that there is little reason to expect you to act any different in the future. To me at least, it seems like you will sacrifice difficult long-term propositions in favor of short-term satisfaction.”

It's almost like she can read your mind. She preempts your objection and dismisses your would-be example, “The sacrifice and commitment that you think you've made in order to get this far and be with her can be seen as a simple series of acts made in self interest. She is quite the 'catch', I'm sure you understand. It would not be the first time a man foolishly casts away his dignity out of mere attraction and potential satisfaction at being with her. No doubt you would contest that and claim that you are different. And why should I, or anyone else for that matter, believe that? Because she does? And that's all that matters? What a limited rationale.”

You wish she would get to the point. No one likes to simply listen to someone else drone on and on about what they consider your shortcomings.

“The issue at hand is the future. What guarantee is there that you will do your best or even just be there when you're needed? How will you earn your keep, so to say, by continuing to be in our lives? It is not difficult to imagine you desisting when the going gets tough or worse – being completely confused and helpless when confronted with trouble.”

“I trust that there is no answer that I could give that would satisfy you,” You say, very much believing it to be exactly the case. No matter what you say, there is nothing that would wholly persuade her. The only thing that could convince her are deeds, not words, and those cannot be accounted for at the moment.

“Likely not. But it is not impossible,” She replies, “It's somehow possible that you're still here. That must mean that I don't believe you to be more harmful than benign. At least that's one possibility.” She flashes a cold and mechanical smile, “Or perhaps it indicates that this conversation serves to provide me with further incentive and justification for removing you from our lives. For good.”

Goosebumps ripple out on your arms. That sort of extreme action is not beyond her, you know. However it was that she handled the previous incident, it seems to have been a very permanent and definite solution.

“If I must give you some sort of answer, I guess I will.”

[] You will learn from, and defer to, Eirin in the future
[] The only answer you can give is your commitment to her happiness
[] She has no right in meddling in your life or Kaguya's and you don't need to offer her any satisfaction
[] Turn your mind to steel These FSN references sure are wearing thin, aren't they? Maybe I should stick to just power ballads and mecha

This should have been up earlier but I had a very taxing and depressing day and drank quite a bit. Figured it would be best to sober up before writing, lest the update be all about Eirin and how she looks in a miniskirt or something.

Oh and as an aside: It's ok to be bold sometimes. Not too often but also never too seldom. It's no fun when everyone goes for the same choice pretty much, it makes me feel like I've somehow failed in presenting good alternatives. They're there for a reason and, yes, making fun of Eirin would have been interesting in its own way. No overall best choice, stuff we've covered before, etc.
>This conversation is not about past successes, however, it is assuring future ones.
Always bet on Eirin to bring you back to reality. And those things she said, they really hurt.
>It therefore follows that there is little reason to expect you to act any different in the future. To me at least, it seems like you will sacrifice difficult long-term propositions in favor of short-term satisfaction.
Goddamn, w- he has changed. He is not the man he used to be, he got his goals right, his thinking process turned on and will do everything possible to do it right. Not promising he will make it always, but most of the time.
>You wish she would get to the point.
Sometimes he really is stupid.

>The issue at hand is the future. What guarantee is there that you will do your best or even just be there when you're needed?
>The only thing that could convince her are deeds
>How will you earn your keep, so to say, by continuing to be in our lives?
>No matter what you say, there is nothing that would wholly persuade her. The only thing that could convince her are deeds

[x] You will learn from Eirin in the future

Too long has he just wandered through life. Time for him to find something to do. Eirin is the best choice to make him stop being a slob and get him some kind of job.

Everything else is just dodging the subject and not tackle the problem. Because his intention and way are right but his action are just lacking.

In time she will know how sincere and serious he is about Kaguya. Her questions and everything she said will get answered. Because his actions will prove it. But he will do it because he HIMSELF wants it and not because he gets forced to do it.
[x] You will learn from Eirin in the future

Changed my vote. Eirin is trustworthy (for now at least), and she's really, REALLY experienced.
As long as she doesn't try anything on Shirou, and as long as they trust each other, it'll do.
[x] You will learn from Eirin in the future

I can think of no one better.

Her scathing observations are entirely correct. Learning from her should go a long way in turning Shirou into a respectable and dependable man.
sure about that? That sounds like that's the route to becoming a drone. And in light of all that's happened, I'm wary of Eirin. She might be up to something like the time she tried to 'teach' him. This is the near mindless bandwagoning the author dislikes.
The author hates many many many things his readers could do. The things he likes are people who bring forth arguments and comments with their votes. If you think it should be done otherwise, let them be heard.

But let's see it this way: There are many things we do not know about Kaguya and are just in the beginning to learn. Eirin has the clear advantage, aka, the knowledge over us here. In probably every aspect.
>sounds like that's the route to becoming a drone.
This would have been with defer to included. Bow down to someone just because you fear. Never leads to anything good. What is wrong to want to become a better man for Kaguya, or mostly for oneself? Take all the knowledge she has to offer, learn new things, get new ideas, more common sense and what else she has to share. Nothing to stop him from learning a job and become a real part of Eientei.

But hey there is always [ ] Take Kaguya and start a new life somewhere in Gensokyo.
I'm noticing that the votes for learning from Eirin have taken the 'defer' part of it out. So does it count as a different vote, in that we will learn from her, but not weigh her opinions/desires more heavily?
[X] The only answer you can give is your commitment to her happiness

Best answer. If making her happy also involves learning from Eirin, fine, but as a man, you need to put your foot down, and assert your authority. This is either going to work, or cause a bad end.
I wanted to try updating at least twice today but it doesn't seem possible given the votes. It's ok to take your time too I guess. Gives me more time to pretend to deal with other stuff in life.

For practical purposes, since the essence of the vote is the same, the outcome is virtually the same.

The only way this choice would lead to a bad end is if you all voted to punch out Eirin, drug up Tewi and flee into the night with her in your arms, leaving a trail of destruction and mayhem in your wake. And, of course, if I somehow lost all my sense and allowed that to happen.

Hate is a strong word. It's more like dislike for extremes. Think of Goldilocks with things working out for the best when they're just right; On average not too bold, but neither too timid. Not too homogeneous in the voting, but not too scattered. Not too unpredictable but not so consistent that it's boring. Not too quiet when voting, but neither needlessly verbose. I think that sweet spot enables us to have the best interactive experience and I strive to stimulate you to that. When in doubt, explaining your reasoning almost always makes any situation better however.

There are times I wish I were a reader here, so I could pose counterarguments and show evidence for them. It's just not the same if I do it, as impartial as I try to sound, it's still kind of Word of Godish.
[] Punch out Erin so you can take some of her drugs and inject Tewi with them, then run off into the night with Tewi in your arms while turning over everything that you pass.

[X] The only answer you can give is your commitment to her happiness
[x] You will learn from Eirin in the future

Leaving out the defer to bit was nice. It's not like Shirou should leave every decision to Eirin.

>I wanted to try updating at least twice today but it doesn't seem possible given the votes.

Fucking family, you make me miss so many opportunities.
The Author said the end result would still be the same.

[X] The only answer you can give is your commitment to her happiness

I wouldn't mind learning if she came off as more trustworthy than having her own agenda. She does not come off as an idea mother, but one that does her own agenda with "protecting" as her justification.
[x] You will learn from Eirin in the future.
He'd be lying if he said he would just defer to her on everything. We all know that won't happen.
[X] She has no right in meddling in your life or Kaguya's and you don't need to offer her any satisfaction

As long as we're on the subject of Eirin and reminiscing about Shirou's shortcomings, I seem to recall something that came up in one of their previous "chats". Something about how Shirou, basically, had no balls? Seeing as she's once again calling him/us out on his/our flakiness and tendency towards giving up in the face of adversity in favor of the quick and easy solution, it seems like a pertinent thing to bring up now.

She's made it clear what she thinks of his behavior, and how she expects he will continue to act in light of that. Clearly, simply assuring her that you've learned your lesson and will do better in the future won't cut it. But will agreeing follow Eirin be any better in convincing her of anything?

Since she clearly is of the opinion that she knows what's best, it's not an unreasonable thing to think that way. She knows what's best, you clearly don't, and so why not just go along with whatever she says?

Problem is, isn't that basically going back to doing the exact same thing she was criticizing you of? Of taking the quick and easy route? More to the point, of taking that quick and easy route and letting her do all the work for you?

She offered her assistance with our problems before, and we turned it down. Now that she is the problem we have to deal with, what good would it really do to ask for her help now?
perhaps but it might be going too far as one of her accusations was Shirou being recklessly out of control at times. I think Balance is the key word as a mature person set on a path wouldn't bow under so easily nor act out wildly.
“I thought as much,” Eirin nods. For a moment you think that you've satisfied her with your reply. Only for a short moment.

Her head tilts slightly forward, her bangs now hiding her eyes from you. A smile forms on her lips just as she slowly shakes her head from side to side. Her arms cross over her chest, hands gripping elbows. A wave of vibration sweeps over her, originating from her upper body. It spreads to her extremities and she shakes softly but noticeably. Her lips part and allow for sound to leak out, “Fuehehe...”

The laugh, mild and humble at first gets progressively louder. It's as if she can't help herself. Her head tilts back upright and you see that there are moist concentrations of tears in her eyes. Anyone would be dumbfounded as how to act and you cannot but help stare until she gets herself back under control.

She clears her throat, conscious of the effect her outburst had on you, “If I didn't laugh, I may have had to do something a lot more painful to you.”

A moment of silence. All traces of joy disappear.

“If you were to ask me how much I trusted you to honor those words I would simply tell you that I did not trust you at all. 'I will follow your example' – there's no evidence to back that up, as established by all your other pledges of doing so and so no matter what. Need I remind you that the times I volunteered to help, you flat out refused every proposal at every step of the way? No matter what amenities were added you insisted on going about things your own stubborn way. What has fundamentally changed about your character since then? I would claim that nothing has.”

“The future is not set in stone,” You argue.

“Indeed not, but if it were wholly unpredictable civilization nor the rule of law would not exist. A person whose priorities seemed to be determined only by himself suddenly promising to learn from others is surely to be met with skepticism.”

“Learning is a process. I can't change myself from one day to the next but I can improve myself slowly. I can't prove it without actually trying, I hope you can see that. If you get too hung up on the past then there's no chance for a different future,” You retort. It's not the strongest of arguments but you would have said just about anything to buy yourself a little time to think.

“You can say whatever you wish. I won't dwell too much on the previous points I've raised.” Eirin raises an eyebrow, “All I see before me is someone who is giving me the answer that he thinks I wish to hear. Someone whose strength is found in idle boasts and not in worthy behavior.”

“I gave you an answer because you asked for one,” You remind her. There doesn't seem to be any way to win the argument.

“If your dedication is for once legitimate,” She does not conceal her disdain and openly displays contempt towards you, “you will have to learn from a distance. I am done offering you any help. I thought to act in the benefit of someone important to me but it is clear that my intervention was unneeded and unwelcome. I will protect what is important to me but I will not cover for your buffoonery and false bravado any longer. “

She gets up and walks towards the door, unlocking it. The implication is that it's time for you to leave.

Any anger you may have felt was drowned by the overwhelming feeling of impotence. There are no real rational flaws. All your counter arguments are simply based on goodwill and faith. None of those are existent in her right now, at least insofar it concerns you.

As you leave she adds a few final words, “Pray that your selfishness never hurts her. If it does, you'll find that there are worse fates in life than being someone often muddled and inert in action and leadership.”

Nothing physical keeps you from returning to the clinic. The door is left open and Eirin simply returns to her work. It's the overwhelming powerful emotional barrier that you feel exists at the door that keeps you from even trying to get a better resolution. You don't know what would happen if you blindly decided to confront her further.

You walk, like a mindless zombie, and lurch on. The next thought that you can remember is one given to your hitherto forgotten present. You open the bag and find that the sweets are destroyed, ground into a mushy mess by the tight grip of your hand.

The last person in the world that you wanted to see right then appears before you. She smiles sweetly upon seeing you and greets you with hurtful kindness, “Oh there you are, I've been looking for you. I was hoping we could spend some time having fun together.”

“Ah yeah.”

“Did Tewi trick you again?” Kaguya raises an eyebrow playfully, “I swear, you guys are too much.”

“No, it was nothing like that,” You force a smile, not wanting to worry her about anything. She isn't on speaking terms with Eirin and you know that it would sour her mood if she knew you were down. You look at the bag in your hand, “I just had a little something I made to give you but I accidentally destroyed it.”

“It doesn't matter!” She exclaims, looking all to happy with the idea of getting something made by you. She grabs the bag out of your hand and opens it. “This sort of thing still tastes good, no matter what the shape,” She giggles and takes a piece of the amalgamated sweet and pops it into her mouth. After chewing it for a moment she rips another piece off and forces it into your mouth. “See?” She winks, “It's really amazing anyways. So thanks!”

“It doesn't seem like a worthy response to the cookies from the other day,” You sigh. For another reason entirely, but she doesn't know that.

She reassures you so strongly, with such pure intent that you can't help but smile. A princess like her acting so girlishly and, furthermore, as stupidly as you do makes you believe more that you're on the right path in life.

[] Forget yourself in Kaguya's soft embrace
[] Concern yourself with Eirin

It's a shame that people don't seem to check after voting since I think that that was compelling reasoning. I certainly would have been convinced if I were a reader (then again I'd also keep voting for '[x] Brush Kaguya's hair'). You guys would do well to listen to one another and be open to new ideas and suggestions. Instead of, y'know pretty much sticking with the first thing always. Keep trying until that day comes, I at least appreciate the effort.
[X] Concern yourself with Eirin

Honestly, I'm not sure this is the best choice, and have no real argument for or against it. On one hand, I think Eirin is right, and if there is anything that should be done it's to consider where she's coming from. On the other hand, dwelling on Eirin should not be done at the expense of Kaguya. Eirin has pretty much cut Shirou off, and so has most likely ceased to care at all about what he does beyond what might justify her to finally make good on her threats.

>>That was pure bullshit devoid of any logic. Screw her.

How so? As far as I can recall, she's pretty much right on the mark. Ever since the attack we've either squandered what help we've received from her, or refused it outright. She provided us with the training and tools to defend ourselves and the others should things get violent, and when the time came that we might actually have to use what we learned, we instead chose to literally run away from the problem with Kaguya. When we swore to get Silver to talk, we didn't see any signs of her cracking until Eirin offered her assistance and allowed us to grope her in the process. What, then did we do with that? We threw it all away after a day out on the town, because getting through to her was apparently just too darn hard.

Even when Eirin wasn't helping us, our record for conflict resolution has been less than stellar. Remember when we tried to get Kaguya and Eirin to get along again? Not only did we have to rely upon Tewi to help, but all we seemed to accomplish in the end was getting both ladies pissed off at us.

Really, if you look past all the threats, Eirin has otherwise been nothing but supportive of Shirou, and has shown nothing but patience for him and his behavior up until now. I'm amazed it's taken her this long to cut the cord on him, and even so she still given up on him completely. After all, if she was truly convinced there was no hope for him, and that he really would do nothing but harm Kaguya in the end, I'm not sure she would have allowed him to walk out of her clinic just then.

Of course, she could just be waiting for a more opportune moment to dispose of him.

Point is, I don't see how anything Eirin said was lacking in logic or reasoning, and when she was already saying that Shirou's past actions make her serious doubt anything he might say or do from now on, saying that you're going to follow her lead from now on when you failed to do that so many times in the past is not going to change her mind about anything. She's past the point where mere words would have convinced her, and while telling her it was none of her business may have still pissed her off, at the very least it would have allowed Shirou to show he still had some semblance of a spine.
[X] Concern yourself with Eirin
[x] just don't let it get in the way of Kaguya's feelings

[X] Concern yourself with Eirin
As much as it pains me to admit it, she's probably right.
[x] Concern yourself with Eirin

Eirin is an insensitive bitch so far.
But that doesn't mean we can just forget what she said. Shirou is still unstable, ready to follow his whims rather than thinking logically.
We should get rid of that habit. You should get rid of that habit.
We have a goal. Let's focus on her, and decides things only if it brings happines. But let's think on a long term too.

Also, during the "escape", Shirou said something about passing out, was it cleared? Do we have an explanation for this?
[x] Concern yourself with Eirin

Heh answer she wanted to hear? Well I thought that would have been to submit to her, though it might have been a meta way of calling out the voters.
[┼] Concern yourself with Eirin.

I love it when someone appears to read my mind.
[x] Concern yourself with Eirin

You are right. Thank you for helping me come to my senses. We should stay with what we did and stay on course.

Somehow it is sad, he was serious about it but she did not believe him. The past actions just weight too much against him. But it is not like that is the end of the road. He can still do it.
[x] Concern yourself with Eirin
[x] Not at the cost of our relationship with Kaguya.

This needs to be said explicitly.
Problem is that not many people re-vote unless something serious happens.
[x] Concern yourself with Eirin
[x] Not at the cost of our relationship with Kaguya.

As much as I dissagree with the current choice, I wouldn't be suprised if the other option is bad end teratory
[x] Concern yourself with Eirin

>She isn't on speaking terms with Eirin

It can't stay this way forever. Odd in this case that the phrase isn't an exaggeration.


>[x] Not at the cost of our relationship with Kaguya.

I think that's pretty much a given.
Been busy all day, making me miss the twice a day window. The update will come along depending on how badly my work kicks my ass/time I spend playing portal 2.

Any similarities in opinion between a certain Brain of the Moon and maddened fanfiction (yes, redundant) writer is purely coincidental. As a biased observer, I'd have to say he got off seemingly easy.

What could be bad about concentrating on the one you love? Surely if there is there is salvation to be found in life it is manifest in the arms of a compatible soul.

>[x] Not at the cost of our relationship with Kaguya.

Nothing personal, but I am going to ignore this bit. I don't think Shirou is ever going to purposefully ignore Kaguya. At least not with his current mindset. People can't always be perfect even when consciously trying not to mess things up. In a sense it's implicit as it lines up with motivation. So it comes off as a non-option to me really. Please don't take this as "The author said that this choice means that he's going to unwittingly ruin his relationship with her". I'm just explaining as to why that sort of thing isn't anything anyone can really control. Good intentions or bad.
True, but there isn't much I can think of in way of viable options, not when faced with two stubborn immortals, with one being completely unrepentant for her actions.
I'm not saying there's anything wrong with focusing on Kaguya, but it feels a bit too much like we would be disregarding everything Eirin said to us
File 130339254970.png - (479.00KB, 595x842, peace and peacefulness.png) [iqdb]
“You look a bit preoccupied,” Kaguya asks about what must be very obvious to her. Her hand dangles ahead of her body, off the platform and into the direct sunlight. She is lying down, head and body facing the garden, much in the same position that you are. Your heads are near one another but neither of you can see the other's face.

“Why do you say that?” You ask quietly. Following her lead, you also stretch out an arm and bathe a hand in warm sunlight. The warmth of the day feels uncharacteristic for the season. The dead of winter may have long since past, but it is not yet supposed to be time for spring. Least of all such a warm and bright spring. It is a month or two too early.

“Would you believe me if I told you that I could just tell?”

“Yes, I probably would.”

“Hehe,” She giggles, “I don't think I've reached that level of ability just yet. You've been all quiet and reserved all week.”

“That a fact? We've been pretty much carrying on like normal though. We even had a really nice dinner last night.”

“You missed the thing I said to Reisen though, even though it was really funny,” She states, you wonder if perhaps you've unwittingly grown a little colder. She develops her reasoning through the example, “When I poked you it didn't seem like your usual 'I don't get it' routine. It was like you were somewhere very far, doing something else.”

Your days of daydreaming while staring at the poster behind your monitor are long past. They happened a lifetime ago as far as you are concerned. All the same, you understand exactly just what she means. Your mind has been at a very different place than your body and has been thinking often of someone besides Kaguya. It was a matter of time before Kaguya noticed and, indeed, you think that maybe she hasn't said anything sooner out of polite respect. If you pressed her to take a guess as to the contents of your thoughts, you have a sinking suspicion that she would hit the nail on the head on the first try. She is, after all, frighteningly sharp when it comes to reading you.

“I have had something on my mind,” You admit. The zen garden and its grey and whites contrast vividly with the azure sky. The patterns of stone carefully raked, no doubt the handiwork of Eientei's handirabbit, are soothing in their visual simplicity. The grooves follow strategically places stones and often form concentric patters at varied intervals. A walkway made of flat stone cuts discretely across to the corridor opposite where you are. Around halfway across, a small pond is tucked away near a wall.

“Should I be worried?” Kaguya asks. You don't know if she is teasing or genuinely asking.

You give her a generic answer, “I'm fine, I just need to sort out things on my own.”

“Is that a fact? Hmm...”

“Don't sound too disappointed, it's not like I'm ignoring you or anything, we spend a lot of time together.”

“That's true...” She concedes but at the same time strikes back, “saying something like that just sounds like you're trying to make me feel overbearing and be quiet. That would be unfair.”

“Sorry,” You play down your people skills, “You should know me better than that. Even I don't think I'm capable of being that subtle and manipulative.”

Kaguya laughs and agrees. You watch as she wriggles around her fingers playfully to some silent rhythm. She is a bit reluctant to let the subject go, you feel. She tells you quite candidly that “You can tell me anything you want whenever you want and I'll be more than happy to listen.”

She's quick to joke about things, however. You can imagine the smile on her face as she playfully details your possible thoughts, “If you're wondering what kind of silly plan you're thinking of... let me just tell you that I would not be entirely opposed to trying something new if you like,” It's the kind of stuff that makes your heart beat a little faster just by hearing it. You give her some sort of equally jocular reply all the while thinking of what to do next.

There is absolutely not way to prove Eirin wrong or even interact with her. You spend the night agonizing over a plethora of plans. There is no reason for you to go to the clinic and you suspect that she would be unreceptive to casual talk. Much less further talk about you. Even if you could sit down and talk again, you could easily see her dominating the discussion. Her rhetorical ability is infinitely superior to yours. That's why you have to be a little forceful with Kaguya sometimes, you words simply don't cut it. All you can do is prepare yourself for whatever might happen in the future.

She's hardly a part of your daily life. Reisen spends the most time with her but doesn't know about the antipathy that exists between you. Or the still strained relationship between Kaguya and her. Even if she did, you don't think her capable of saying anything critical. She's under Eirin's thumb wholly. Your options are limited significantly; Watching her from afar is impossible since her day is mostly spent in a small office and even if you could watch her you don't think you would learn anything. The skill and commitment that you presumably lack definitely cannot be learned by observation.

Your reasoning is circular and ultimately is failing to accomplish anything. The talk with Kaguya earlier is a bad sign, one that you're being too easy to read. Concerning yourself with Eirin is affecting you and making you moodier. It's like you've got a complex puzzle in your hand but no instructions or clear way to interact with it in order to solve it. In fact, you're not sure that Eirin is even the puzzle you have to solve.

You lay in bed, awake, until morning comes. The day is spent much like the others with Kaguya as the sole ray of sunshine for your darkened and tempestuous mind. Things cannot continue this way forever, you conclude.

[] Write-in
[] Obsessing won't get you anywhere. Her criticism and vague allusions are ultimately meaningless as long as you're happy.

As always, keep it focused and simple. No wall of vote. That seldom ends well. If it's important for you to try something, this is your chance. I recommend that if you go with that you consider her past behavior and motives as well as those of other characters when relating to her. If nothing appeals to you there's the option to disengage from it all.
[x] You need to set things right with Eirin. A fool she may have called you but a determined fool you are. No matter how long it takes, no matter the cost: you set your path, time to see it through until the end because pride is hardly a matter when it is about the person you love most on this world.

>Someone whose strength is found in idle boasts and not in worthy behavior.
What is more worthy to want to change for the person you love. Even if she is not willing to teach you need to show that you will stick with what you did choose. Not to prove her wrong but for yourself.

He can always look for things to do in the human village or chop down trees. Learning is a process and he has much to catch up. But that would be the next step.

This is at least what i would do.
[x] You need to set things right with Eirin.
That's a all nice and good and I'm sure that it might make sense to some that what Shirou needs to do is just obsess even more over the whole thing but that's not the point of the choice. More specific action is called for.
>As always, keep it focused and simple. No wall of vote.
Simple, straight to the point action of what to do.
If this is not what you had in mind i can only think of one other way: leave Eientei, wander around and find some jobs/help people/find enlightment in temples or feed yuyuko.

It would make one badass story for him to leave kaguya behind for a time being just to wander Gensokyo.
But it does nothing to address the real issues at hand. What issues are those? Basically Eirin being a scheming bitch. I'm at a loss of how to go about dealing with it. Shirou outwitting Eirin is a nearly impossible task.

I suspect among her reasons is that Shirou's causing Kaguya to be outgoing and thus out of her control. Her reactions stem from trying to bring Shirou under control using various methods, with all of them failing. A way of dealing with it is doing things so things are out of Eirin's control complete and force the issue for all to see. The risk with that is very high though.
File 130343794216.jpg - (719.04KB, 800x1000, 4976ca015e6745fbe3db1e23364c9e6e.jpg) [iqdb]
I don't really believe that Eirin is a scheming bitch. She may come over as that but i doubt that she wants to bring him doom or at least seperate the two.

The situation shirou is in now reflects our choices and votes. So it is no wonder she does not trust him and does not believe him when he is serious about wanting to change. All she sees is some good for nothing who goes out with Kaguya.

Butting with the head against the wall does not help much. You said yourself how much of a superior position Eirin is in, so trying to duke it out with her is going to end in failure most likely. Well, without a plan that is. If you have some good idea of what could work and has a chance of success, we could try that. But be aware that this would break up the friendship between Kaguya and Eirin and really piss her off and make an enemy out of her. And this is something i do not wish too. Hence the prove yourself and change vote because this would be the best way in my opinion. And i was kind of half serious regarding to wander gensokyo.

This situation would call for a superior write in. Or at least some input from others.
I think it's part of why Kaguya and Eirin are on the outs at the moment: Kaguya was aware of one Eirin's stunts (thanks to Shirou). The impression I'm getting from this Eirin isn't someone doing things for Kaguya's sake. I do think at the same time if one were to get Eirin to admit what was on her mind, the path to discussion and understanding would be open. The fatal flaw of the "Lock them in the room" plan is that both are very stubborn and not likely to start talking about anything in this scenario.

If I thought things were so simple as Eirin wanting Shirou to make more use of himself, I'd be all for the 'getting a job' plan. But it's not; Eirin might have aided in getting Shirou here, but she might have expected him to maintain her order, not disrupt it.

I do think at this point, keeping Kaguya in Eientei isn't so much for her protect, but for Eirin's control.
Wasn't able to do an update today for the very obvious reason of having absolutely no votes. Figures that when I have time and want to forget about stress by writing a little it turns out that I can't really do that. Have fun, I really don't know what else to say or do anymore.
[x] Talk to Kaguya about Eirin

She obviously doesn't want to, but I can't think of anything else and neither can Shirou.

The best way to get to Eirin has always been Kaguya anyway, and by deepening our relationship with Kaguya we might finally have a chance to fix this mess.
[x] Talk to Kaguya about Eirin
Not sure what to vote. I'm not feeling particularly motivated to brainstorm a write-in.


I can see this option working. Shirou needs to share his feelings with someone. At this point only Kaguya can calm the storm inside Shirou that Eirin whipped up.

The problem with this is that it doesn't lay out a plan of
action or present a way to prove Eirin wrong.

[X] Look for a job in the village
[X] Lumberjack
- Short term goals: Learn a new skill set, develop responsibility, obtain a source of income.
-Long term goals: Build a house, marry Kaguya, support a family.

What the hell did I just write? This shit will never work.
I support this idea. Especially build house and marry Kaguya.
[x] Talk to Kaguya about Eirin
We've entered that ever so lovely phase where no one will say anything despite it being more than obvious that things are not okay. This usually culminates in me getting fed up after a while and updating, disregarding everything, what could be days or even weeks later. In a futile attempt to avert that, as well as keep my blood pressure manageable, I'm interceding.

Get your act together. I don't know what happened with the various clever or at least attentive readers I had but there was more than three of you, I know for sure. If there ever was a time to debate or justify a vote, a write in is it. You are being given freedom because of the path that you are stubbornly choosing to cling to and have been free to back off at any time. Hell, you can still easily not go for a write in. I have given you an out. As such you should have a majority and at least have enough conviction instead of this sad display here. Honestly I am not about to write what one guy says and other two dudes (with no opinions of their own apparently) back just for you to again later on ask "Why did we do that?". Really guys, we've come this far and now is not the moment to act like timid morons.

Yes, I am a bit upset and will probably regret the tone of this later. Get your shit sorted, stop being so goddamn afraid to put forward your opinion, read what others have said, incorporate the good, get rid of the bad and actually behave like you're part of a collective. Read each others votes, react, change your vote if it sucks, try to convince others. You know, do shit that should come naturally anyways and is the most important part of being in a group. Pick something, with a larger consensus, that you won't regret. You don't want me to quit for yet another uneeded hiatus when I have plenty of time to write. Like last time.

I apologize to the other story that's started up for bumping this, but hell, the handful of idiots who read this need to see what this greater idiot has to say.
Proving to Eirin that we're not a complete fuckup isn't something we can just do overnight; it's not like we could run out and slay a dragon to show off how brave Shirou is. It'll take something that has meaning to Eirin to convince her, and, like >>23416 said, prove to ourselves, that we can get shit done when we need to. We've had how many heart-to-hearts with Eirin now? The best it's gotten us is a not so veiled threat from her warning us against causing trouble. From this last chat, talking obviously won't lead anywhere. Hiding behind Kaguya is probably the worst possible thing we could do right now; it would only solidify Eirin's opinion of us (shame on whoever suggested it). More than that, it would also strain Kaguya's and Eirin's relationship further. While I'm not saying we leave Kaguya completely out of this, the main issue is between Shirou and Eirin, so let them work it out.

About the becoming a lumberjack/eloping ideas, I'm assuming these are in jest, because that's about as far from what would brighten Eirin's thoughts of us as the Abell galaxy is from Earth. (Yes, I googled 'furthest star from earth.')

>I do think at this point, keeping Kaguya in Eientei isn't so much for her protect, but for Eirin's control.

If Eirin obsessed as much as you seem to think, she'd have kept Shirou on a leash from day one. We could never have even started the 'Kaguya Route.' She does, however, value Kaguya more than the others in Eientei - especially Shirou.

The point is, we've got to do something to show Eirin that Shirou isn't a coward, that we can take care of things when it's needed, and that we won't somehow blow up Eientei. However, we can't just sit around and wait for the next big crisis to roll in. Since there isn't any life threatening issue at hand, we've got to make due.

Here goes:
[] Ask Kaguya (or Tewi or Reisen) about what they think might impress Eirin. (Mixed feelings about this. It seems shallow since we're still relying on others, but might be the best way to figure out what could satisfy Eirin's expectations.)
[] Think of your own way to settle Eirin's disapproval: (pick one)
-[] Help Reisen with household upkeep. (May lead to shenanigans between her, Kaguya, and us later.)
-[] Keep the Earth rabbits out of trouble with Tewi.
-[] Become Eirin's apprentice.
-[] Convince Kaguya to spend more time with Eirin. (Eh...)
-[] Other (you think of something.)
[]Head out to find and slay a dragon to prove your bravery and win the princess's hand in marriage.

Unless I can think of something better, I'm going with
[X] Think of your own way to settle Eirin's disapproval:
-[X] Convince Kaguya to spend more time with Eirin.
for now.

As an aside, does anyone else think of Eirin as a prickly mother-in-law who thinks the guy her daughter's seeing will become a convict? Because the parallels are hilarious.
[X] Think of your own way to settle Eirin's disapproval:
-[X] Convince Kaguya to spend more time with Eirin.
-[x] Help Reisen with household upkeep.
-[x] Keep the Earth rabbits out of trouble with

I don't see these being mutually exclusive. The main point is simply making Shirou useful around the eientei. Things won't change overnight, but it's a start.

Please disregard the lumberjack vote, it was made in jest and will only succeed in Eirin arranging for Shirou's assassination
[X] Think of your own way to settle Eirin's disapproval:
-[X] Convince Kaguya to spend more time with Eirin.
-[x] Help Reisen with household upkeep.
-[x] Keep the Earth rabbits out of trouble with with Tewi.

Something like this is exactly what's needed, assuming of course we can pull it off.
Also to Teruyo, we're trying. This is one of the few stories here where you actually need a real answer that makes sense. This makes for a much better story, but also makes it much harder for those of us that are not clever.
She didn't expect he would among other things have Kaguya run off with him. And if she was someone who insisted on others doing hard work, then how come she didn't apply that to Kaguya? Simple; Kaguya's NEET-ness has her staying within Eirin's boundaries.

And a mother in law would never try seducing her daughter's boyfriend.

If we go around running to do a job, who to say Eirin won't do something to reassert her control and cut Shirou off from the place? I wouldn't put anything past this Eirin.
Oh how much i love you. I can only agree with everything you said.

>As an aside, does anyone else think of Eirin as a prickly mother-in-law who thinks the guy her daughter's seeing will become a convict? Because the parallels are hilarious.
Not so much of a convict as just someone who does nothing in his life and will never do anything. That is pretty much her problem with him, as up the point where he was just friends with Kaguya she had no problems with him. Now that he is together with Kaguya she takes it serious and wants him to shape up. The one last test she gave we failed horrible but there is no saying you can just stop after you try once. Just try again. And again. And again. If it is important you will succeed.

If he can show that he is not some good for nothing who lives day by day leeching of someone else she will sooner or later approve of him. I mean, she actually even said that.

You are way too paranoid. Stop looking for conspiracies behind every corner. This is not MiG.
[+] Think of your own way to settle Eirin's disapproval:
-[+] Convince Kaguya to spend more time with Eirin.
-[+] Help Reisen with household upkeep.
-[+] Keep the Earth rabbits out of trouble with with Tewi.

I get back from vacation, catch up, and start typing only to see someone's read my mind and went the next step & did it better. Bueno.

>Help Reisen with household upkeep.
>Keep the Earth rabbits out of trouble with with Tewi.
This is what needs to be done - contributing to the household and being more than a leech that's benefiting from dating the mistress of the house and we shouldn't stop there. We should keep an eye out for things that need to be done/will need doing.
[+] Think of your own way to settle Eirin's disapproval:
-[+] Convince Kaguya to spend more time with Eirin.
-[+] Help Reisen with household upkeep.
-[+] Keep the Earth rabbits out of trouble with with Tewi.

Sorry, I was out on a trip. I had so little free time (maybe about 3 hours a day on average) that I didn't even think to come here. It probably wouldn't have been a very high priority anyway, sorry to say. Most of my free time was spent reconnecting my laptop to crappy hotel internet to further my torrents and trying to gather up friends to play a game with.

Anyway, not to bandwagon here, but I chose this because I'm not sure if there's one single thing that we can do to change things. Hopefully this choice will bring about a better attitude in general? Something like that, I suppose.

My intention, of course, is not to lock Kaguya and Eirin in a room again. The Kaguya and Eirin portion of the vote is my lowest priority. I should probably move it to the bottom of the three, but just to maintain a pattern here, I'll leave it as is.

Also, this is only the opinion of one person, but I don't mind your tone. Then again, I'm not the easiest to offend. I don't think it's right to take offense at someone expressing their honest concerns anyway. Keep on keeping on (damn how I hate that saying)!
If someone makes a thinly veiled threat against one's life, being worried about what she'd do is not Paranoia. If anything you're being too simplistic, overly trusting. Now if this was say Eirin in DIM, I would see where you're going as she strikes me more as a protective mother than this one.
[+] Think of your own way to settle Eirin's disapproval:
-[+] Help Reisen with household upkeep.
-[+] Keep the Earth rabbits out of trouble with Tewi.

Anon said it. Stop being a leecher, and act like a real member of the Eientei.
Except that I'm having doubts about asking Kaguya to spend more time with Eirin.
>Keep the Earth rabbits out of trouble with with Tewi.
Am I the only one noticing the "with with"?
>Am I the only one noticing the "with with"?
Well now I'm noticing it.
Sorry for not updating. I wished to give you a little space and time and since then developments in my personal life have drained my time and energy. The precious little free time I've had has been spent rekindling my passion for visual novels and concurrently attempting to not explode due to stress. It is entirely possible that I will be able to update as soon as a day from now and if all goes well I'll once again be fulfilling my promise with regularity.
>It is entirely possible that I will be able to update as soon as a day from now and if all goes well I'll once again be fulfilling my promise with regularity.

It hurts me that this kind of excuse seems to be chronic. I haven't been in the right frame of mind to write as of late and have been seeking inspiration from various sources. Not to much success. It makes me feel guilty. Other things have also happened, including me being hospitalized briefly over the weekend, which have sapped my willpower. I really want to do stuff, but seem unable to. My apologies.

Today is the third year anniversary of me starting to write on the site, a lot has happened since then, and I wanted to do something special. So sorry about that too. Time is a harsh mistress.
File 130488884718.jpg - (99.42KB, 682x765, 8a1aed51705e5b5984b1b29740e834c2.jpg) [iqdb]
Shit man, forget about that. But better come back safe and sound to us. And mentally stable if possible.
You can do so anyway, if you want. And, as always, take your time. One should always have priorities.
File 130581345650.jpg - (175.44KB, 500x801, sitting this one in.jpg) [iqdb]
The broom rests easily in your hand. You sweep away the last layers of dust deftly, into the dustpan and off the stone. It takes almost no effort. Everything is cleaned up way ahead of schedule now and so you allow yourself a little break. A sigh escapes your lips. You're not sure why. It may be because you feel little in the way of accomplishment.

“Good job,” Someone who clearly thinks otherwise congratulates you. Reisen gives you a figurative pat on the back, stating, “We've managed to do the chores for the day already. And it's still a couple of hours until lunchtime. You're amazing.”

“You know what they say about fools,” You mumble to yourself, “We have one-track minds...”

“Sorry, did you say something?” Reisen smiles at you, inspecting your handiwork with approval. Between the two of you, you've swept, polished and wiped every surface of Eientei these past few days. You even helped clean the gutters of leafs. You didn't even know that this sort of Japanese-style manor had gutters until recently.

“Not really.”

Taking your cue to leave, you stow away the cleaning materials. Eientei is virtually dead this time of day. The rabbits are mostly up and about during strange hours of the day rather than during broad daylight so things seem rather quiet. It means that you're spared headaches as the only troublesome rabbit you have to contend with is Tewi. Her pattern of harassment is... tolerable. At least she allows you to maintain the illusion that you can get the best of her occasionally. You both know it's just merely an illusion but it's the oil that lubricates your relationship.

“Thinking something perverted?” She also has been getting close to reading your mind, judging from insightful interdictions like that.

“Only about you and your usual antics. So yes.”

You may be reading too much into it, but these days Tewi seems to basically wait for you to finish up with Reisen before engaging you. Like she has nothing better to do. It's a bit adorable if true, but equally frightening as it means she gets to play around with you. She wears the same innocent smile as always, looking up at you with wide and playful eyes. The smile can quickly become a predatory grin. That much you know from experience and always remind yourself of that fact. It's best to be wary.

Her body is pressed up against you, her tiny hands wrapped around your back. It's a surprise move and catches you entirely off guard. She hugs you tightly for several seconds before letting go.

“What was what for?”

“For thinking of me,” She answers with a wink. She adds with a grin, “And if by any chance anyone else was watching, tell them I was marking my territory.”

“Oh my, how scary~” You say flatly, shaking your head. You can never tell what she's thinking. There's no point in even trying.

It must be funny to watch you two from a distance. A small girl in pink with rabbit ears and a comparatively larger man with a very different complexion. You can't say you're much of an archetype. Sure there's the broad shoulders and larger mass, but that comes from being a normal sort of guy. It'd be weird if you were effeminate and short. At least that's the way you see it. Being born this way makes it hard to imagine anything else being normal. You don't know if the other rabbits approve of you spending so much time with her but you don't care. It seems to be mutually entertaining for the two of you to spend some time before lunch joking around or dealing with some of the fallout of the latest hare-brained scheme she came up with. It provides perspective for your life. And, more importantly, it passes time. Otherwise you'd be counting the seconds until you can be with Kaguya again.

It's just before lunchtime that you see her. She seems to be looking for you and smiles when she spots you just outside of your room.

“Good day,” You greet her with a little wave at a distance. It leads to conversation similarly pleasant as every other day.

“The world isn't going to end if you spend the night, you know.”

“I told you before,” You smile, “I can't sleep when you're asleep. Your face is too cute and my heart starts beating really fast. I get no rest at all.”

“Liar,” She giggles, “I know it's because you don't want to bother me when you get up in the morning.”

“A little from column A, a little from column B.”

“And you're saying I'm cute, you should look in the mirror some time.”

“Guys usually don't find themselves cute. Or other guys cute. If I did, well, we probably wouldn't be together.”

It's lighthearted banter that fills your soul to the brim with satisfaction. Seeing her laugh and smile with you is enough to make your day. As per usual you have lunch together, sitting at the table and enjoying Reisen's cooking. This is kind of a date of sorts and you're sure is nauseatingly lovey-dovey for any spectators. That's the reason why you suspect that Reisen calls you in after she's served you and waits until you're gone to remove the dirty dishes. You certainly can't blame her. It may make you happy to have Kaguya occasionally feed you or eat a stray grain of rice but it's something that, objectively speaking, is disgustingly cute.

It's an unspoken arrangement that neither of you talk about Eirin. It's a taboo subject. Obviously one that still evokes a few sore feelings with Kaguya. But it's also one that you've been broaching in a roundabout way. Not to much success. You're certain Kaguya knows what you're trying to do but is choosing to play dumb.

Talk about togetherness and what nears a passive-aggressive obsession on your part reinforcing the idea that talking things through is the only way to understand people isn't really working. The days are going by and you're pretty much convinced that things are going to keep on being static at this rate.

[] Flat-out tell her she should speak to Eirin
[] Try to get her to open up about her grievances first to you
Threaten to withhold physical affection if she doesn't sort things out Haha, that never would work.

Apologize if this sucks but I admit to being inebriated while writing it. Wanted to stop dragging my feet and just do something.
[x] Try to get her to open up about her grievances first to you
[x] Try to get her to open up about her grievances first to you

forcing her didn't work well last time.
>“For thinking of me,” She answers with a wink. She adds with a grin, “And if by any chance anyone else was watching, tell them I was marking my territory.”

[x] Try to get her to open up about her grievances first to you
She knows it but does not want to go deeper into it. Maybe if we try from another angle and try something else.
File 130584831747.jpg - (13.50KB, 400x300, MAGIC.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Try to get her to open up about her grievances first to you

>The days are going by and you're pretty much convinced that things are going to keep on being static at this rate.

Ehh, it's a better kind of static now at least.
[X] Try to get her to open up about her grievances first to you

One step at a time...

also hooray updates!
[+] Try to get her to open up about her grievances first to you.

Let us speak of feelings.
[x] Try to get her to open up about her grievances first to you
The response has been disappointing and a bit demoralizing. But there's no point in getting hung up over it indefinitely, a few days is more than enough. I can't keep waiting for something that just will not happen. There will be something sooner or later, my schedule, heart and brain capacity permitting.
[x] Try to get her to open up about her grievances first to you

Undisguised bump to let you know that peoples are still waiting for a comeback.
Ok then. Just for you I'll start writing.
File 130750308375.jpg - (308.26KB, 612x700, 29f70055d432264d58549abbf46b6f43.jpg) [iqdb]
But you will do it for me. Right?
File 130766237068.png - (856.34KB, 850x680, a full arrangement.png) [iqdb]
It's not easy to broach the subject. Your timing always seems off too. During meals you decide it may leave too bitter a taste in your mouths, during more intimate moments inappropriate and when you're otherwise spending time together you're too engrossed in your activities to even contemplate it. It burdens you heavily, though an observer would probably not think it. You have never been in this sort of position before, intervening in between two people with a very long history together. You're a mere interloper and you can admit that you still have your lingering doubts about the whole ordeal. But love conquers all and your love for Kaguya won't allow you to simply bury your head in the sand anymore.

While doing a bit of flower arrangement with Kaguya, you decide to broach the subject. You're reluctant to because, as loathe as you are to admit it, arranging flowers is rather fun. It brings out your creative side. Sure it's girly, and not something you would have ever dared to pick up on your own, but it's something that you've come to enjoy. More importantly, Kaguya enjoys it and you enjoy seeing her hum softly to herself as she decides how to best contrasts a flower's intrinsic beauty with its surroundings. She really does look like a noble, certainly fits the bill of a princess. But if you don't do it then, you won't do it later while drinking your traditional post-arranging tea. That moment is too precious for you to sully.

“You trust me to be honest, right?” You ask, using a classic relationship staple.

“Of course I do,” Kaguya answers without hesitating. Bless her. She doesn't even bother to turn around, giving you time to talk freely.

“Good. I trust you too,” You say, “which is why I need you to share something important with me.”

“Hmm... why do I feel like I'm walking into a trap here?” She wasn't wrong, not that I would tell her that.

“It's no trap, just honest discourse.”

“Well, stop dancing around the subject then... unless it's that and I don't really want to do that right now.”

“No, it's not about writing angry letters to the producers of... well, it's not that,” You shrug. There's no where else to go with it except forward. You let it out, “I wanted to know why you're not on speaking terms with Eirin. Just knowing why would help me deal with it so much better.”

“I really don't want to talk about it,” Kaguya says. Her back is still towards you.

“I do, however. I'm sorry, but I'm really on your side. I just want to hear you out,” You sweeten the deal, “I won't bug you afterwards once I understand what's got you so bitterly opposed.”

“Can't you just respect my wishes?”

“Can you blame me for wanting to know? You're the most important person in my life and when I see that something has you upset, I want to fix it.”

“I'm sorry... but this is private. I have to think of her wishes as well.”

“Aha!” You exclaim, “How telling. So you are being considerate of her as well. I see, I see.”

“I'm not going to play this game.”

“Oh, I know just how stubborn you can be, that's why I came prepared,” You fetch your secret weapon from your pocket. She's underestimated you for the last time. You gloat, “See this?”

“Eh?” She turns around. It doesn't look like she understands her position yet.

“Come on, you've seen it before.”

“Isn't that the... doohickey you're always playing with?”

“Hm... well I used to give it a lot more attention before. Now it sort of just sits there most of the time... that's not the important thing,” You clear your throat for dramatic effect, “This wonderful PDA of mine contains a veritable treasure trove within its memory banks Images that I've taken with the device, furtively at times, as well as a whole range of other media including aural content.” You tap a button.

<Is this love that I'm feeling? Is this the love that I've been searching for?>

“Umm... that's either a bag of drowning cats or you trying to sing something but failing miserably...” Kaguya raises an eyebrow.

“Sorry, wrong file. Pretend you never heard that.”

“It'll be hard to.”

You hit another button.

Recognition creeps into her expression and she recoils.

“W-when did you-”

“Simple, one day after cleaning I found you talking to yourself, I thought it was really cute so I started recording so we could laugh together. I never thought you'd say such embarrassing things about your... well, your body,” You smirk, “By the way I you're just right down there.”


“If you don't cooperate I might accidentally share this with a certain anti-social drifter I've met a few times. And maybe her good friend, the school teacher, would like to share it with her class as well. It is a valuable anatomy lesson, superbly narrated might I add.”

“You wouldn't dare.”

“I'm desperate. I'll do anything to get you to open up. We can't keep living like this.”

She lets out a heavy sigh. You know that she knows as well as you do that it's not something she can just keep ignoring forever. It looks like you've allowed her to finally broken through the thick and stubborn lunarian surface to get to the delicious adorable core. It looks like you won't have to mention those pictures you took of her drooling in her sleep. Those can be your little secret treasure.

“You'll tell me then, won't you?” You close with the best pair of puppy eyes you can muster. If that doesn't do it, nothing will.

“Fine, fine,” She concedes, nobly enough. “I feel a bit weird for talking about someone else who isn't here, but I'll tell you whatever it is you want to know.”

“Why are you and Eirin not on speaking terms?”

“Because we're both stubborn and she said some things that she shouldn't have. She thinks she knows whats best for me and for you,” She clenches her fist, “She's said some things that she shouldn't have said and can now never take back. Her actions are none to better. It's completely unacceptable.”

“...calm down and take your time, it's obvious this means a lot to you. Don't get too worked up,” You smile, trying to look reassuring.

“I'm sorry. I guess I can't talk about it.”

“No, don't be silly, you're doing alright,” You say. In order to take off the emotional pressure, you decide to try something a little different, “If you want, I can just ask you specific questions so you can just give me punctual answers. That sound alright?”

“I... guess...” She gives you a sullen look, making you feel guilty.

Ask questions focusing mainly on:

[] Actual events and incidents
[] Her feelings
[] Key points of grievances
[X] Actual events and incidents.
Just the facts ma'am.
For now at least.
>[] Actual events and incidents
May include the 3rd choice, but would have the context leading up to such things.

>[] Her feelings
The effect of what happened, not so much the cause. It'd be best for last as to vent things out properly

>[] Key points of grievances
The heart of the matter, though we might miss out on the context leading up to them.

I must say that's a rather underhanded move... yet I'm curious about the details. But Shirou is off to a good start as for one, it confirms some of my suspicions of Eirin. That being that her idea of protecting Kaguya isn't agreeable with Kaguya herself.
This is a cop out, but is it possible to do all three? In an issue this big between two people, all are important. The events matter so we understand why, her feeling on why that's important, and the actual grievances are how we can fix it. If we cant do that (and honestly I doubt we can) then I'd vote
>[X] Actual events and incidents
They're three different approaches to the same subject matter. The focus is different though there may be overlap in content.
[x] Actual events and incidents

We've already got some feelings and some grievances, but we don't know any specifics yet.

Blackmailing Kaguya was perfect. With Tewi being our best bro we should have thought of it sooner!
[x] Actual events and incidents
[x] Actual events and incidents
Let's hear the most objective version she can muster
[X] Actual events and incidents.

Works for me~!
>"I you're just right down there.”

[x] Key points of grievances
Analyze. Understand. Exterminate.
It should, obviously, read:
>I think you're just right down there.
[x] Actual events and incidents.

Get the facts straight away so we can sift through the emotions.
Nonsense. Even if Kaguya is immortal, she's still a woman.
You can't reason her just with arguments, you'll need emotions too.
Agreed. My approach is simply to get the story straight first then deal with the emotions second, not exclude emotions entirely. Shirou will need a solid base in order to dive into this matter.
Kaguya thread on /jp/ reminded me that I should update this. I'll get to it soon. Probably within a day. But it may take a while since I think I've lost the feel for what I was going with.
Don't worry about that, we can wait.
File 131352370459.jpg - (1.84MB, 2000x2200, talk is cheap.jpg) [iqdb]
“I'll start with the obvious,” there's no need to be pussyfooting, you decide, “when did this whole mess begin?”

Kaguya wears a bit of a pitiable expression – world-weary would probably be the best way to describe it. It's like she's trying to remember something that she doesn't want to remember. Nonetheless she gives you a straight answer, “It's been a matter of months now. Just after the whole mess with that rabbit.”

“And what caused this clash?” You ask, already suspecting the answer. You're concede that you are likely at the center of it. You and your incompetence. It seems like an eternity ago, before you were able to climb the seemingly-insurmountable walls around Kaguya's heart. Well, the first set of walls.... maybe just the moat. It was an eon ago as far as you are concerned. No one cares to admit the mistakes of their youth, figuratively speaking.

“I did,” She replies, looking sullen. The typical playful light in her eyes is nowhere to be seen.

“How so?” You resist the impulse to hug her. It's difficult to try to extract the truth objectively.

“The choices I've made aren't exactly the best choices, for starters,” She looks straight into your eyes, with a bitter little smile, “I am utterly selfish and always have been.”

“In other words, you're saying that Eirin objects to me being close to you?”

“Not as such, but it may as well be simplified as that.”

“My being close to you has caused problems between you and Eirin.”

“It's not as simple as that,” Kaguya corrects you before you reach some sort of erroneous conclusion. She somehow keeps herself from sighing as she explains, “The fact that I like you is no problem in of itself, despite her cold exterior I'm pretty sure that Eirin has known what it is like to be in love.”

'Hard to imagine' You want to say but keep yourself from saying.

“She doesn't like our being together because of the path I've chosen. The way she sees it, I'm not doing anything good with my life. I'm wasting my opportunities, perhaps afraid of other possibilities.”

“What does she think is the right path then?” You ask, holding back the urge to utter such cliches as 'following your heart is never a waste' or 'whatever your choice it's fine because it's your choice'.

“I haven't asked,” She admits, “Nor do I think she would tell me directly.”

Eirin's attitude seems very judgmental and passive-aggressive at the moment. Not something you can endorse or approve.

“So what does she expect from you?”

“To make a hard choice, probably,” She looks away, “One I really don't want to make.”

“Have you tried explaining your point of view to her?”

“There's no compromising with her, she knows best because she has more experience. That's always been the way between us.”

“I'm sure she can be reasoned with, we just have to find the right way to approach her.”

“Doubtful,” Kaguya droops her shoulders, her clothes slightly loosening around her collar. The attractive curve of her neck and other delicate features only serve to make her look smaller and more vulnerable. “When it comes to matters of principle and direction,” She explains, “She is 100% sure of her position. If I don't change in a way that she approves of then she won't be happy.”

“She may not like me, but I'm sure that she loves you. You should try to keep that in mind.”

“I wonder how many people who truly loved someone else would offer to have sex with their lover so as to 'confirm you are not making a mistake',” Kaguya scoffs, it's clear that she finds Eirin's behavior distasteful.

There's no time to feel flattered by that. Basically it's the same offer Eirin made to you but recapitulated and tailored for Kaguya's sensibilities. It's clear that the idea is repulsive to her. As it, by extension, should be to you. Eirin's intervention with your relationship is, beyond a shadow of a doubt, unwelcome. With the way things have developed it's impossible to think that that sort of arrangement would be manageable. Again, definitely not welcome. There's no point in drudging up things with Reisen for comparison. That, you feel, would make her direct her irritation towards you.

“In giving me the responsibility and liberty to make my own choices she's taken away all my liberty and made little of my responsibilities,” She gripes. It becomes less about specifics and more about overbearing attitudes on behalf of certain parties. The specifics are specific but not in the way you hope them to be. Knowing that Eirin would rather cut all ties if it meant getting her way than relent is interesting, in that it drives home the point that the women you deal with are stubborn, but it does not fill in the missing blanks of the current dispute.

What Eirin expects and what Kaguya has decided remains unclear. And you can't really get at it despite asking rather direct questions. Not due to evasiveness on Kaguya's part but rather it's just her interpretation of what you mean for her to say that makes just talk about ultimately irrelevant details.

It's hard to keep listening as she veers steadily off course. It's not that you don't care, far from it - seeing Kaguya's heart laid bare before you is something that you appreciate. Putting it mildly. The warmth that you feel from seeing show her feelings is something that threatens to show up as a very inappropriate and ill-timed grin. Her behavior not something just anyone can see. Or that they deserve to for that matter. You want to respect that, do the right thing.

Choosing your words carefully, you interrupt her, “I know you've got a lot of frustration built up and heavens knows that your opinion is well justified but I think I can understand the situation best if you just try to put all of that aside for now.”

“I'm a girl, you know,” She replies along with a heavy, world-weary sigh.

“I think I'd still love you if you were a man,” You joke, unsure of where she's going, “but our relationship might then be a little different.”

“I just mean that I can't separate how I feel from something that affects me deeply so easily,” She does not seem amused with the joke. She furrows her brows in what could be the beginning of a scowl, “As you should know, I'm just human despite it all.”

[] Let her have things her way
[] Write-in

This is poorly written, underwhelming and overdue as far as updates go. Who is to blame for that? Several candidates - There's me for being terrible, then there's life, perhaps the readers, the site in general, then of course there's the fish people... but I think that I'll settle with putting all blame on >>23733 . Being enabled by this one person instead of being held accountable has led to all of this. No other explanation is acceptable. Really.
If it was a normal situation, I would vote for the "Screw Eirin, let's go away" situation. But we already did that, and even with Tewi's help, she found us pretty quickly. Even if we decide to do it for real, she WILL find us.

So I see only 2 solutions:
-either proving Eirin that she can be wrong,
-either killing her.
And since you can't really kill the Brain of the Moon, we have to find a flaw in Eirin's reasoning, and then, use it to prove her that even her can be wrong sometimes.

[x] Do something. Doesn't matter what, we just need to prove that we're necessary.
[x] Do something. Doesn't matter what, we just need to prove that we're necessary.
-[x] Remark perhaps on the matter of how Eirin insists on control as under such control, it's hard to have someone become independent.

It's a shot... though I might change my mind later.
File 131354773159.jpg - (13.67KB, 338x450, fresh from hat.jpg) [iqdb]
The current vote leaves too much in Shirou's hands, and he hasn't proven himself the best in situations like this even if we are the ones doing the driving.


I think it is more like:

-Find some way to be useful (to Eirin)
-Convince Eirin that Kaguya's happiness is more important than some protective "he is not good enough for you" thing. If that is what this even is.

I can't be entirely sure of what Eirin is thinking, but I can at least believe what she says when talking about Kaguya.

>She collects herself, summarizing in a single sentence, “Her welfare is my ultimate concern.”

Not so sure about what to do about the situation though. Tewi's brilliant idea of locking them in a room failed, doing chores around Eientei probably failed because nothing happened with Eirin but we can't be sure and waiting around won't get shit done... maybe.

If Shirou and Kaguya sit around being happy all day then Eirin might get the message, but Eirin is so fucking stubborn that it might either take an eternity or never happen at all.

I'm trying to think of a better way of getting this across than "[x] Go to Eirin's office and demand she acknowledge the two of you." If I am wrong here then that vote would fuck things up even more than they currently are. Lots of ifs, and it would be better for me to think this over sleep. I'd love if people tried to brainstorm with me rather than hoping for Shirou to pull something out of a hat.
File 131357553423.png - (40.83KB, 450x550, bunny from a hat.png) [iqdb]
Be more specific. If you're going to go with a write-in vote at least go with something that isn't just a giant cop-out. Can't have it both ways.

>I'd love if people tried to brainstorm with me rather than hoping for Shirou to pull something out of a hat.

Would be nice, admittedly. Not only are the chances increased of having a coherent and logical approach but it has the added side effect of making this pitiful writefag happy. I really want to say something about the rest of your post but it exceeds the limits of my disinterested non-biased interaction with you guys. There's food for thought there is what I'm saying.
>I'm trying to think of a better way of getting this across than "[x] Go to Eirin's office and demand she acknowledge the two of you."

I tried to think of a better way to come across than that, but nothing really seems to be clicking for me. If I had the time to read through the story from the moon bunny incident and up again I would, but this week is bad for me. For a while I considered having Reisen help get Eirin, Kaguya and Shirou together in the same room, probably during dinner, but it would be way too easy for Eirin to weasel her way out of that. If she didn't just turn around with a plate a food and walk out and actually talked it would work, but with no guarantees nothing will actually get done with the vote. Being this direct will at least force some kind of confrontation for better or worse. Now that Kaguya has gotten annoyed thinking about all this shit it is time to strike while the iron is hot.

[x] Go to Eirin's office and demand she acknowledge the two of you.
Hm. From how I'm reading this, it seems that Eirin's problem with the relationship is not Shirou specifically, but what he represents, the whole neet thing. Somehow,Shirou has to convince Eirin that not only is he not a bad influence on Kaguya but that Kaguya is becoming/has become the woman that Eirin wants her to be. Question is, what kind of woman does Eirin want Kaguya to be? The perfect lady? To be honest, I have no clue how one would prove such a thing.
Kaguya is a princess.
I think Eirin wants her to be like that.

Now, question: how do we turn a NEET into a princess, and how can we convince Eirin that we're good enough for her?

I think that Kaguya was, if you have to say it, NEETing around before Shirou came to Gensokyo. Besides, Kaguya already said that she and Eirin stopped getting along after the moon bunny came. This entire thing is all about convincing Eirin that Kaguya's happiness is more important than everything else, but that is easier said than done.
Well if Eirin was serious about Kaguya not being a NEET, she should have done more before now. I get more the impression that she wants Kaguya under her control and with Shirou around she's becoming a bit too free thinking for Eirin's tastes. Hard to tell if this is motherly in its roots or tyrannical. She did teach the infamous "moonbitches" after all.

I don't think convincing Kaguya to take a more princess-ly route is hard outside of what Eirin might do as doing so would disrupt the current order (Eirin running things with Kaguya being the ineffectual royal figure).

Changing Eirin's mind will be hard as you know what they say about old dogs and their ways.
>>23978 here.
You're suggesting us to go see Eirin, and tell her "Kaguya's happiness is more important than your schemes"? I'm pretty sure she'll rip our balls off if we try that. Can't we sugarcoat it? Don't forget that Eirin is smarter than us. And she knows it. She will make sure we remember it. She'll go "I know better than you what the princess needs". Then, we'll answer "if she needs something, she'll just have to ask me and trust me."

Sorry, I'm tired, and that's not making sense, but we should prepare it carefully.

It didn't come out on paper as well as I wanted it. It should be going with Kaguya to see Eirin and confronting her together. Not really sure how to sugercoat that. Kind of just hoping that she doesn't talk circles around both Shirou and Kaguya at the same time.
I can't help but think we're missing something. Maybe I'm just misinterpreting things, but Eirin is acting almost like a jilted lover.

Reading through again, I notice Shirou was straddling the fence between Kaguya and Mokou while mostly hanging out and relying on Eirin. However, when Mokou was removed from the picture, Shirou dropped Eirin like a bad habit.

Maybe I'm wrong about this. I could be completely wrong.

I was under the impression the greatest Rival for Shirou Kaguya had was Eirin... though it might be a result of us and by extension Shirou doing something stupid.
Applying a little (hopefully) nurturing pressure here:

Thus far the only thing we have that's a vote is >>23984 and no real consensus if that's acceptable or not. Putting aside the correctness or necessity of that suggestion for a moment, I think that maybe it might be healthier if you narrow the scope for the moment. Ask yourselves the following: Does what Kaguya is saying make sense and is it ok for her to think like that? If not, what can be done to change that and bring her around to another viewpoint? Would the best way to do that to force the issue and make her confront established assumptions? Perhaps play the devil's advocate? There are other routes, such as validation via comforting and understanding. Or is it preferable to simply not challenge her and therefore not go with a write-in at all?

Hopefully that helps you focus a bit. I'm in no special rush and am willing to be patient but I think you shouldn't limit yourselves to the macro in the discussion. You are, after all, dealing with people first and ideals second.

A lot has its roots in the (literal) distant past of this story. Which is my fault for being like over a year over schedule for finishing this. It's understandable if you forget but I'll remind you that I personally don't believe in any one single occurrence shaping a whole relationship permanently. Does help if you've got context though.
...or we could do the whole inertia thing with the deathly quiet vibe that seems to be so popular. Even accounting for the fact that there's like three of you left in this story this still would be, relatively speaking, a frustratingly glacial pace where nothing gets done. I don't really want to but if it's too much trouble for you I can simply call it quits for an undefined amount of time, just let me know so I can adjust my expectations yet again.

I'm worried about shit getting done if Shirou is just sitting there saying how right Kaguya is about everything. Directly talking to Kaguya doesn't work because of getting sidetracked. Directly talking to Eirin doesn't work because she talks circles around Shirou. Kaguya and Eirin getting together was kind of a success I guess. I liked that part because they both could have easily left if they really wanted to, but instead stayed locked in that room together. So either they wanted to talk but couldn't find the words or they were just humoring Shirou. Since that incident happened I have been banking on the first. Unfortunately, nothing actually happened because of it.

I guess someone could say that the direct approach just won't work at this point, but now that Kaguya is riled up the two of them might have a chance at getting to Eirin. The major problem seems to be that neither side is talking to the other, and now that Kaguya has gotten all of her grievances off her chest she might be willing to say something. Shirou can be there for support so Eirin doesn't just talk Kaguya down.

Not that this is some kind of argument against you, Teruyo, I am just explaining more why, "[x] Go to Eirin's office and demand she acknowledge the two of you," is what I decided with. Though, it should really be, "[x] Go to Eirin's office with Kaguya and demand she acknowledge the two of you," or perhaps, "[x] Confront Eirin together."

They're the same spirit, but I am not the best person when it comes to taking thoughts, sorting them out and putting them on paper.
Sorry, Teruyo. I would have responded earlier but had work. I really do like your story and characterization.

But going for the story, the only thing we can do is confront Eirin together and try to hash things out.

[x] Confront Eirin together.

But one thing I've been thinking about, sadly haven't had a chance to reread the relevant area. During the "Moon bunny crisis", Shirou and Kaguya more or less "abandoned" everyone at Eientei. The threat of the moon was still looming overhead and Shirou "herp-derps" out dragging Kaguya along for the ride. So yeah, in my opinion, Shirou screwed up badly there. Anon (and by default Shirou) is so focused on Kaguya, they seem to forget the other people pf Eientei. They are all people with feelings and needs too. Just putting that out there for consideration.

If I went over something that has been stated already, my apologies. I'm attempting to fully catch back up after not reading for sometime.
You're dealing with Kaguya right now. Focus on that instead of jumping the gun and going for something that is clearly somewhere further along down the line.

> just sitting there saying how right Kaguya is about everything.
Then don't.

>Shirou can be there for support so Eirin doesn't just talk Kaguya down.
It's not that I don't understand how you feel but since no one else is playing devil's advocate (can't be helped with so few of you) I guess I should. The problem with this vote is that it not only completely gets rid of the possibility with interacting critically with what Kaguya is saying (get her to say more, challenging her or comforting her) but it assumes too much. Is it really the best thing to grab Kaguya's hand (figuratively or literally), take her down to the clinic, plop her down in a chair and directly try to get either of them to speak? Would either party really be willing? And even if they are what role is Shirou going to take? Is he just going to basically go "my girlfriend said that you said and did some other things to her and I believe that you should settle your differences"? Kinda lacking substance, no?

Just think things through and deal with the here and now instead of the there and then.

> I'm attempting to fully catch back up after not reading for sometime.
Take however long you need, just don't be afraid to speak up. There's little that's more frustrating than to see people complacent and not engaging one another. I really shouldn't be the one to point out other perspectives, you guys should be doing that on your own.
File 13137835521.jpg - (107.37KB, 750x600, determination.jpg) [iqdb]
Picture is not relevant but still awesome.

I can't help but wonder what it is Eirin wants out of Kaguya. Make a choice of who is more important to her, Einntei/being a princess or Shirou? Does she want her to go out and get a job? I'm just running in circles with this.

Could Eirin want an apology for the aftermath of the "moon bunny" incident? We need more info.

However, focusing on the here and now, I can understand how it's hard to separate yourself from your feelings. I almost want to let Kaguya have her way because I want to let her have what she wants, but I know we have to mend this "gap" between Kaguya and Eirin before it can no longer be fixed.

How we go about doing that I don't know. Shirou is stuck between a rock and "not-so hard" place. I think for the moment perhaps it might be better to let things go for now.

Hindsight is 20/20, I hope I don't come to regret this feeling. I would hate to be "broken" again. Screw you anon, screw you

So unless someone can give an awesome write-in and good reasons for it.

[x] Let her have things her way
The only problem with that is, letting this wound fester isn't going to help anything, its just going to make it worse whenever it is eventually fixed. Problem is I have no clue how to fix it now.
I like the idea of a compromise, but if they weren't able to reach one before, how is the addition of Shirou going to help anything? Eirin doesn't seem to value his opinion enough to make any difference.
A compromise would be awesome. However, both sides are stubborn and adamant that they are right. Honestly, we need more insight into what Eirin "believes" is wrong.

Eirin doesn't seem to want to talk to us at the moment. I wonder if Reisen might have been told something or perhaps could give her "view" of this whole mess.

We could keep banging our heads against the wall or we could try the "Shirou thing" and just enjoy Kaguya time. The action mentioned in >>23980 is a viable method of "resistance". It could also come back and bite us in the ass.

Spanking EirinRisk vs Reward is the name of the game at the moment.

If I had to take a guess as to what they're fighting about, I'd say it has to do with Shirou's relationship with Kaguya and her immortality.

Eirin told Shirou that he needed to think about the long term, but I think she meant "what happens when you die and Kaguya's left alone and heartbroken forever?" That is pretty long term.

She warned Shirou about hurting Kaguya, and leaving Kaguya alone for eternity after he dies is a pretty painful thing to have happen to her.

Eirin's actions can then be justified as 'protecting Kaguya's best interests'

Kaguya's 'hard choice' based on this theory should be pretty obvious: either love him and watch him die or to not love him at all, and avoid getting hurt at all.

Either that, or the use of a certain elixir.

If what I just said is true, then to resolve this conflict Shirou is going to have to try and remind Kaguya that she can't keep fighting with Eirin forever, and that one day she may end up alone if they keep it up.

It's not so much that Shirou needs to prove his usefulness to Eirin, it's that he needs to prove that he does in fact, have Kaguya's best interests at heart.

And how is he gonna prove that?

"I promise I will never die."
no need for more empty words

Then again, we/Shirou were warned about making assumptions.
Good point though earlier in the story, Kaguya snuck something in his drink that caused some liver pains... perhaps Kaguya might have slipped him some.
From Eirin's point of view, things are like this:
a guy comes to the house. He's a good-for-nothing, and since he's a guy, he obviously have a dick for brain. But the Princess is fond of him, and Eirin knows he's going to die SOON.

She tried, and failed to prove that we're driven by our dick. But she's still considering us as a good-for-nothing. If you add to this the fact that we ran away with the princess, I think the only thing keeping her from kicking us out of the mansion is the general affection toward us (Kaguya of course, Tewi to some degree, and Reisen too, but just a little).
This could be very well true. I doubt Eirin will just hand over the Elixir though.

Oh, I must have forgotten about that, could you link the post(s) related or a referral to the general area of the story?

Maybe they are fighting because Kaguya wants to give Shirou the Elixir? I doubt it. It's just paranoia a crazy theory.

A very plausible theory behind Eirin's actions. It would explain a few of her more interesting odd actions of late.
The drink thing happened when they were on the run, maybe while they were at the Hakurei Shrine.
File 131403082970.jpg - (119.64KB, 502x624, want to see princess.jpg) [iqdb]
It's been roughly a week since I updated. I'm still in no real rush to update (in fact between being sick and excessive amounts to work it's doubtful I would have had the strength of mind this last week). I really enjoy seeing the back and forth here, it's rather comforting for a weary heart. However, we actually haven't decided on how to proceed and instead just sort of talked about motivations and such. That's important but I need something more practical to actually update.

Thus far there's a vote for 'let her have things her way ' and the other for confronting Eirin. I think the latter is inappropriate for the moment and think in order to consider the flow of the story it'll have to wait a little bit (it'll happen one way or another, don't worry). Therefore I'll give you a final chance for a proper write-in. If you still don't know what to go for just go for the choice I've given you. And then we'll be able to move on properly. Otherwise I'll... work with some sort of compromise if it feels appropriate.
>>24003 Here

The only way thing I could see to do things would be to let Kaguya do what she wants or try to get Kaguya to ask what this "hard" decision that Eirin is forcing on her is.

I'm doubtful it would work if we just came out and asked, but at this point I don't believe the situation could get much worse.

I mean its not like Eirin is gonna make us drink the Elixir and torture us for the next thousand years right?

P̹̤͙̭̮͎͘e̖̼̲͌͌͒͝ͅͅỏ̤̽̐pͬͪ͛͌l̩͚̲͎̂͗́͊́e̞͝ ̠͚̱͖̠̭̿ͥ̊̓d̦̥̔͆͐͌͜i̯̼͔̬ͪ͠e̪̪͕͎͕͚ͥ͜ ͪͫ̈́̒̃ͪ̆w̟̰͇̮̍̓̓ͮ̉̋̈́h͔̬̲̰̦̉́̾̀̎̔ḙ͈̞̗̼̄̿ͯ̍ͩn̢̓̏ͩ̐ͥͥ ̘̻̲̹̠̜͑̄̂ṭ̺̪̞̲̖̥̓̅͗ͣ̂ͧh́͜e̲͇ͬ̐̄̌y͇̣̤͚̫ͦ̈͆͛ ̨̣̣̻͍̜͎ä̟̙̭͙͍̗͍̂̀r̥͉̻̪͎̐e͈̯͕̩̥ͫ̉ͩ̑͊̅ͅ ͕̳̣̘͚͕̻̊ͦ͘kͭ̑ï̫̭͔̙̼lͮͣ͊̓̔ͫl̩͎̘͎̬̯ͯ̈̒ͧ͟ė̲͚̝d̹̲̜̥̐̐́ ̝̩̋̄r̝̾̍͗̈́͗ͬ͝i̴̮̲͖͑ͮ̈ͨͨͮg͈̘̰ͮ̀h͖̩̘̻̞͚̺ͦt̯̻̳̯̠̯̖͌̽̈͝,͙̳̖͎̊ ̛̪̟̝͎̲͆̉̉̀̐E̝̹̘͐ͪͅi̲͚̲̰̝͓̍̿rͤ̈́̃i̵̥͙̤̟ͫ͗́ͥ͌ͣͦn̪̥͉̿̒͐̋͗ͅ?̛͌̽ͬ
̝̻̭̘̮̰͚ͫͭ ̳̫̲͍̺̙͋̉h̻̮̹̼̞̭͎ͨ̏͂̊ͯḁ̘̫̱ͣͧ͗̾s̰̟̯̤͇̠̭̍̂̈̈̐̋͜ ̰̩̦͇͈̥̈́̑c̳o͍̬̼͇͓̺̠͌ͦ́̑͐̚͜m̷̹͍̠̼ͣ̓͛̊͋ĕ̥̰̖̏̐ͮ͌́͛ ͎̠͗̓̿̕ṭ͑ͧ̂̍̚ō̧̯̘̙ͦ ͒͋̉͑̎̏͠a̷͔̱̭̳̣ͮ͂ͮͣͯͭͬn̶̬̗ͤ ͍̘͓̩̫͋͂͜e̹͇̱͚̺̳̟̊͊̒ͫ͒̽n̘̬͛͒͆̃͒ͣd̫̦͔͆ͅ.̺̙͍
̹̃͑̿̐̑P̸l͙ͦ͌̐̊̈̋͜e̵̝̙̬͔̠̎̽ͤ͗ͬas̨͕͈̙̥͎̱͕̅̑ͣ̈́̍̇ͮe̞̮͇̟̹ͧ̀ ͎̤͋ͩ̀l̸̲̝͈̟̱̦ͅe̼̞͊ͦ͐͗ͯ͒t͌̃̌̀ ͍̂̊ͤm̧̦͉̦̝ͪe̱͓ ̥́̂͡ͅd̻ͤ͌̒̀̓͜i̖̤͉̬̖̝͎̔ͤ̋̾ͦ̋ͪ̀ě̸̠̝͛̽͐.͖͋̄.̥͝.̼̘̣
No one really voted as we're trying to find a good option than just letting things go by.
Sure don't look like that to me friend. You can claim to be thinking all you want for a vote but the truth is that a few posts getting made with irregularity across a week, talking mostly about stuff besides the immediate, hardly proves otherwise. Usually when one goes swimming, they end up getting wet. By completely avoiding the water it looks to me like you don't want to go swimming. Which is why I'm saying that I'll step in. I'll be glad to be proven wrong but for now it looks like if I don't take matters into my own hands we're not going anywhere. Your timidity does us no favors.

I'm still being patient on the odd chance that I've mistaken thoughtfulness for meekness but likely for no longer than another day.
I honestly think that may be for the best at this junction. I think we've become timid at the thought of screwing up the situation.

So unless someone can come forward with something solid, I believe its best to move forward.
I want to say that you're wrong about that, but to be honest, yeah, we haven't really come up with anything good, and don't seem any closer to doing so
[X] Let her have things her way
[x] Let her have things her way

I wonder where the top minds of THP are as if we're expected to think this much, we'll need their help.

It's like I'm back in school again
Funny how it's taken so long to be done with this thread. And by funny I really mean how tragically sad. Still, the past is the past and so we'll be moving forward with a new thread (disregarding that there are a scant few more posts until the autosage limit).
Let's keep posting here until it reaches the autosage. Bots are annoying.
Or you could just report the bot instead of replying to a post from a year ago.
I imagine he wanted to max out the thread so that bots couldn't bump it again.

Which is done.
Plenty of threads on all boards that haven't reached the limit. Just report and move on. Spambots aren't consistent on what they pick. Your moderators would appreciate it.
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