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File 125512761812.jpg - (834.49KB, 940x630, 2bd9ec099f5ad15fefe342c2567c2b63.jpg)
Intense pain. An inability to concentrate, think understand. It's the first sensation that comes. It lasts for a few minutes as the damage to her brain begins to heal its self. Shortly after, full thought returns.
She opens her eyes. As usual, she's still in a daze. At first the scenery above her head doesn't bother her, but after a few seconds of staring at the sky it hits her suddenly.
WHY did she revive in the middle of the human village?
Usually, when she dies, she revives right where she dropped. It wouldn't be TOO strange for her to have died in the human village, considering that she visits semi-frequently. The strange part is that she was left there. Even if people knew she can't die, her dying would had at least made someone rush over. A corpse is still disturbing, even if it will soon revive. Maybe even moreso because of it. More than that, there would be a mess left behind. Puddles of blood aren't something people like leaving around.
When she presses her hand on the ground, she notices a lack of the dampness that would come from said blood. Her first reaction was to think that she's just been dead long enough that the blood's dried. However, when she pushes herself up into a sitting position, there's no stain. her next thought is that she must have been poisoned.
"Che." She mumbles to herself. What a cowardly way to kill. She hadn't even thought that Kaguya would kill in such a way.
"Well, this is near where I was headed anyway." She stands up and begins walking toward her good friend's house.
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While it first struck her as odd that the town square was absolutely empty in the middle of the day, the lack of people in the rest of the city gives her the creeps.
"No one' shere. This is pretty strange. I wonder if there's a festival somewhere."
With that thought in mind, she extended her wings to begin her search for the party that she wasnt' invited to. Of course, with the intention of crashing it.
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Um...more? C'mon, you can't give small segments of railroad and then leave it at that. If you're going for a onee-shot, then finish it first, then post.
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That's my favorite kind of doujinshi.
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It’s not really her style, but nonetheless she decided to walk most of the way to her first destination, the Hakurei Shrine. The hot mid-September sun beats down on her face as she walks, mixing with the coolness of the shaded forest air to form a delightful mix of temperatures. Of course, she mostly ignores it. It's gotten pretty old after centuries of living; especially considering how much of that time has been in the wilderness. It's been a long, long time since the elements have bothered her.
As usual for this time of day, the forest is pretty empty. Only a few small animals here and there break the silence with the sound of their running, along with the occasional call from a bird high in one of the trees. There aren’t even any of those fairies giving her any trouble. It's rare to find such a peaceful place outside of the bamboo forest.
"It's a shame I don't have anything pressing to think about," she thinks out loud. This kind of atmosphere is perfect for thinking. There are no distractions, and the temperature is fairly nice.
Finally, she reaches the intimidating tower of steps that is the stairway to the Hakurei Shrine. Instead of climbing them, she decides to glide up them. Pushing off the ground, she spreads her wings and increases her upward momentum. The cold air undoes the sun's earlier job of warming her face as it streams by quickly, until she lands at the top.

"Looks like no one's here either," she thinks. "Or more likely, Reimu's taking a nap or something."

As she passes the saisen box, she notices something strange. First of all, the box is somewhat dusty. Reimu wouldn’t let her box dirty like this, even if she'd leave everything else alone. However, more alarming is the 500-yen coin resting at the bottom. Someone actually donated to the shrine. When Aya finds out about this, there's sure to be an article.
When she searches the house, she finds it empty. Well, it isn't that surprising. Reimu probably also went to whatever event pulled all the villagers from the village. But since that isn’t' here, there's no reason to stick around.

With a shower of embers, she once again spreads her wings to take flight.
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"This is kinda creepy." she whispers to herself. All of Gensokyo is empty. Hakugyokurou only has faceless ghosts, and there's no one at the Sanzu river. It seems she's the only one here. Even Kaguya's missing, which could be a blessing or a curse.
She didnt' feel lonely before, but that was when there were people there at all who she could talk to if she wanted. With everyone missing, that ancient melancholic feeling she hadn't felt in centuries returns.
Well, if this place is desserted, the next pace to go would be outside. Normally that'd be really hard, but she knows where teh border is weak. IN fact, with Reimu gone, it shoudl be even weaker. Perhaps it's turned into an actual hole.
She lands on the ground. This is where teh hole was. She can tell because of all the junk and rubbish littering the ground. If she just keeps walking this direction, she should escape...

"Ah! I've finally found someone!"

An unfamilliar male voice comes from the fog. He comes into view. His clothing is...different. All gray, with a large bag strapped to his back. IN his hands is a glowing...thingy. It folds in half at the middle, with one half home to a glowing square, and the other half housing some shapes with numbers on them, and two shapres with red and green symbols.
The man notices her staring at the object.

"Ahh, no reception. I thought I'd be stuck wandering in that fog for hou-"

With a bright flash, the man disappears into thin air, leaving behind only the trinket he was holding.

"What the hell?" She shouts. Of course, someone vanishing in front of your face is pretty surprising. It was pretty obvious that he had gotten here by crossing the border. Jjust disappearing shouldn't happen, though. Something's going on.
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I lol'd.
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Your tenses are still off and you could use some proofreading, but it's still interesting.
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It's been three days.

The harder she tries, the more obvious it gets that finding another living being is hopeless.

Underground, all there is to be found is moss and a shell of a hidden town. Trying to travel through Muendzuka accomplished nothing but giving her a headache, and even though she's heard of people making it all the way across the Sanzu river, hours spent flying got her nowhere. She couldn't understand enough of the books in the library to be able to work out a way to the outside world from that, and trying to burn a hole through the barrier proved to be a moot point.

And then she started to notice it. A strange spell insignia scattered everywhere. It's a strange mark that you can't see if you look at it directly, only from the very corner of your eye, and even then it's just a blur. When she first saw it, she thought she was just seeing things that aren't there, like she has in the past before she learned the differences between different types of wild fungi, but even after a full day of sleep the marks are still there, tricking her eyes into not seeing them.

But even if she can see them through the corner of her eye, that's all she can do. Even if she burns object it's attached to into ash, the spell insignia will remain, even with the ashes scattering in the wind.

And then she noticed them on the boundary. Not the small ones attached to trees and stones; big, mansion-sized ones attached to the boundary. She didn't notice these until she decided to give the shrine one last try. Normally where you'd expect there to be an invisible wall, there are countless white circles slowly rotating in space.

These are the only clue she has. For now, all she can do is try once again to learn to read all of the books written in strange runes. It's not like she has to worry about anything like time, after all.
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You sure you should be bumping a topic that's been dead for over a year? Hell, far as I know, authors need permission from the mods before bumping one of their month-or-two old stories.
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That is inconceivably retarded.
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>Hell, far as I know, authors need permission from the mods before bumping one of their month-or-two old stories.
Where the hell did you get this idea from? The only bitching about necrobumping I've seen is when it wasn't the writefag doing it. Writefags should have every right to bump their own threads when posting content or updating the story's status.
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Did not notice the trip and thought he was a random Anon hijacking. My mistake.
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Days passed. Weeks. Months. It's hard to even tell anymore, alone in an empty world.

She'd given up on the books completely. Even if all you have is time, there's only so much you can do before you realize something is hopeless. There's probably a dictionary somewhere in the massive library, but without a librarian to guide her there, it's useless. Even if she tried to use magic to find it, the curses and enchantments on most of the books here would corrupt her spell, rendering it useless if not dangerous.

Eventually, she just gave up. She's lived centuries alone in the past. It isn't very different here. Her goal changed. Instead, her purpose shifted to leaving Gensokyo entirely. So, she traveled to the shrine, one of the places where the barrier is weakest.

She approaches the boundary.


The girl struggles to force her body to move, but it's useless. Even with centuries of experience fighting for her life, as meaningless as it was for her to do so, she's unable to break the spell.

"Oh," a female voice speaks from behind. "I knew I felt something strange from this side."

The girl feels a cold hand touch her back.

"Let's go back to where we belong, shall we~? Hahahaha."

Everything goes black.
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