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File 129014254777.png - (153.96KB, 500x600, LLupdate1.png) [iqdb]
Well it's been a while since I've wanted to write something and after many ideas this one won out. For the most part it's meant to be a semi-serious story. In terms of updates I'm not really sure how often I will be getting around to this but I will attempt to keep it regular. Originally I had intended to draw something for each of the updates but I've decided against that and will instead do for the ones that I deem important.

Overall the main goal is for both the readers and I to enjoy creating this tale together.


Vividly, memories are being called one by one. Segments of senses assorted seemingly random come together creating short windows of the past. Childhood, family gatherings, accomplishments, and even seemingly pointless events like eating out one night, they merge together to flow through your mind. Each of them as real as the next, visions and sensations that one could easily lose themselves in. Yes, it would be nice if one could live on dreams and in the past.

However, these feelings are short lived as reality slowly creeps its way back in. Those reminiscent senses fade and are replaced with new ones. The candle on the desk in front of you flickers, illuminating your vision to a dull red as it hides behinds the lids of your eyes. The nostalgic smell of home that is rarely visited is accompanied by the soft chirps of the insects emanating from outside the room.

You open your eyes and are reminded by the sight of scattered pieces of paper covered with ink brushed lines. They belonged to your father, each sheet contained designs that were created for his line of work. Both complex and simple clothes sketches are surrounded by various notes and patterns. They are legible and understandable enough thanks to the fact you had been working under his guidance.

A familiar feeling you had recently gained looms over your body once more; it has been a few days since your father passed away. While not a talkative person, he was able to give you the life style you have today. You were given the ability to live as you see fit and to work as an artisan. Another memory flashes before you, one that you may never
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Going to call the votes now so I can get working on the next update.

Glad to be back.

Thanks for letting me know, I usually proofread most of my writing myself which is prone to the phenomenon of reading what I want instead of what is on the page. I came up with a new method for going over it, so hopefully I can reduce the number of errors.
hope you're right, but I sense that she'd get used to it and endure it under your plan. But seeing how it won, I hope I'm wrong.
[]She'll never survive the entire minute, wear her away like a river rock.

Glad to see your back man, just found this story today, happy to see it being worked on again!

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File 123157355178.jpg - (518.32KB, 1400x1104, 1229886231546.jpg) [iqdb]
// DAY ONE //

The situation is critical.

You’ve been hiding from the German troopers for- how long it has been? Hours? Days? Weeks? You cannot tell; all you know is that you’re the only surviving member of a Soviet division assigned to defend an outpost that had been killed by German artilleries. All you know is that you’re supposed to hold the line until reinforcements arrive, yet your Commissar has ordered you to retreat to Headquarters seconds before a piece of shell obliterated him.

It just does not make any sense.

You, the cream of the Motherland, the best there is, is supposed to hold the line until the last blood is spilt. You, who strongly believe in nationalism and have vowed to defend your homeland to your last breath, cannot accept the idea of retreating without giving out any fight. Yet you assume that your division leader knew things better than you are. A bitter fact to digest, but you have no time to cuss over it as the sound of stomping marches is fast approaching.

You notice that the cave you’re in seems to go deeper than you previously thought. Curious at the anomaly you slowly venture in, taking great care of not notifying the troopers outside. The deeper you go the further you are from the entrance, but you aren’t daunted. It may connect to underground tunnel network, and the prospect of meeting your comrades is enthralling.

You see a spot of light at the end of the passage. You’re excited at the sight, but you are also aware of the possibilities of traps set up by the Germans. So you have your weapon locked and loaded and you march slowly towards the light. As you approach the light, you swear you could hear the giggling voice of a woman; so vague but it was clear for your ear to pick up. You pay very little attention to it as your distance becomes closer.

You finally make your way out. Instead of fellow comrades you’re so hoping to be reunited with, or showering rains of hot lead fired from German bunkers, you find yourself standing next to a river facing what looks like a bamboo forest.

A bamboo forest.

A bamboo forest?

How in the name of Motherland, you ask, you can end up in such pla
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[ze] Argue.
File 123800112012.jpg - (83.73KB, 491x450, 1206396429516.jpg) [iqdb]
Well, people, thread's almost hitting autosage, so I'll post update in new thread. It's almost done, though I can't guarantee I'll have it finished in seven minutes.
[9] Do not argue.

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File 136950878626.jpg - (349.89KB, 750x800, The Astral Knight.jpg) [iqdb]
The First Genso-Lunar War.

The very first encounter between youkai and lunarians is shrouded in mystery. But now, after more than 1000 years, a portion of the truth behind it has been revealed. After the publishing of Hieda no Akyuu's update of her Gensokyo Chronicles, in which the First Genso-Lunar War was briefly mentioned, I used powers and my sources to further delve into this obscure period of the history of youkai. Following my newshound's instinct, I searched for more and more details, cross-checking and corroborating tiny bits of information, pulling from minuscule and hidden threads.

There was a reason for my obession. The roots of the war lie in the invasion Yukari Yakumo led against the Lunarians. After somehow amassing a whole army of blood-thirsty and rowdy youkai, the Witch of the Boundaries modified the boundary between truth and falsehood, and plunged into the moon's reflection on the lake's surface.

Although the might of the combined forces of oni, tengu and kappa was astounding, they still couldn't fight against the Moon's dominion over the youkai's biggest weaknesses: science and exorcism. Yukari's army retreated to Earth after being crushed by the Lunarian's advanced weaponry and spiritual magic, and because of this humilliating defeat, youkai learned not to attack anything outside their territory.

This, of course, can be found in any history book written by youkai, or even in Hieda's Gensokyo Chronicles. But I noticed a strange similarity in the materials I gathered. There were several accounts about a warrior, all followed by the title "Astral Knight".

She is the woman I seek.

This mysterious knight fought across the Moon's surface at the youkai's side, and disappeared from history after the war ended. She was a lone warrior who inspired both fear and admiration on her enemies and allies alike.

But most of the information I found was incomplete. Still, I was i
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I looked for my notes, and I found out I wrote them on my mother tongue (Spanish), and with certain notes and annotations that only I can decipher. When I have a bit of free time, I'll work on making them understandable to any English speaker. I already jotted down your e-mail, so you can erase your post now if you want.

Btw, is that a throwaway address? What with the Cipher thing and this being based on AC:Z and all that.

Yeah I was really into AC:Z at the time when I created that yahoo account. I still use it quite a bit.

Just send me them when you find the time.
Um. Winged Ikaros, did you ever tell me your e-mail account name? Because I have no idea who I should be looking for.

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File 133362052586.jpg - (11.92KB, 150x112, 7be91d650f96a27792059712ac9fbc41.jpg) [iqdb]
Killing time with this story. Kinda want to see where this'll lead so ya.

The Sun burns your face.
Despite the screen over the view port, the light shining through is still strong enough to wake you up from your slumber. For the past few weeks the Sun has scalded your unprotected face every morning as you slept aboard the Guillotine; the newest military satellite orbiting Earth for 5 years now. As the sole crew member remaining on the space station during a staff transition it’s up to you to maintain the station until the next shuttle is sent up in a week. It’s been long and tiresome being the only person aboard the orbiting cannon but you’ve managed to keep everything in perfect working condition. You’re looking forward to finally getting some actual company instead of the video transmissions the people on Earth keep sending you.

You grab one of the many handles adorning the interior of the station and propel yourself out of your sleeping quarters. First things first, you check the overall status of the satellite and run an internal diagnostics check on life support systems. Going through the procedures isn’t hard at all; it’s just that going through them for weeks has started to wear at your mental state. You’re tired; it’s a comfort knowing that a week after the replacements arrive you yourself finally get to return to Earth for some nice R&R. Drifting into the dining module, you prepare a simple meal of cereal and milk.

It’s awfully quiet in here.

The silence is unsettling. Normally, you would have a partner assisting you with the daily routines and maintenance of the station. However, unforeseen circumstances forced the rest of the crew to return to Earth. Trying to distract yourself from it, you play a bit with the milk in your bowl; it’s been a while since you could relax a bit and you figure unwinding even a little might help you from going insane from the isolation. As you form shapes with it you suddenly remember.

Oh shit! A solar storm is going to happen today!
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File 135853906263.jpg - (84.37KB, 450x600, 1354068198153.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Greetings can wait, we need to explain ourselves to the girl. At least make her understand why we happen to be so late.

I cant be mean to her even if there are plenty of better choices even in eientei (pic related) when its basically my fault 1/2 the day's gone

stupid rabbits are ninjas, but it was stupid to follow them after they went past the tree line
[x] Give a friendly hail. Let her know that you’re alright before relaying the bad news.
[x] Greetings can wait, we need to explain ourselves to the girl. At least make her understand why we happen to be so late.

Your post is almost a year after the last post. I hope you didn't bump this thread.

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The sky was especially beautiful tonight, she thought. As of lately, the black canvas she was so used to see felt alien to her. An old friend was missing in the picture, and in its place there stood a stranger, bigger, brighter and more colorful, yet it lacked the elegance and beauty the missing friend had. He knew that, technically, it was the same dark sky he saw every other night, but nonetheless he often found himself losing his gaze into the black firmament.

“Still, it’s not the same without it,” she muttered to himself.

She knew perfectly where it was, but she had to remind herself every time she looked above. It was all too surreal for her to swallow, yet there she was, standing where no human, fairy or youkai ever went until now.

“Ah, there you are, Konka!” a familiar voice brought her back to reality. “I’ve been looking for you for a while. Shoulda figured that you’d be staring at the stars again.”

The speaker approached from behind and patted her back with a little too much strength for Konka’s liking. In a reflex move, the woman brought her hand to the hilt of his sword instantaneously and prepared to draw, but she cut the motion short when she saw her friend’s face.

“Whoa whoa whoa, it’s me, Seita!” The young man took a step back and lifted his hands in a submissive manner, yet he still had that ever present smile of amusement painted in his face.

“By Ibuki’s gourd, man, we’re in a war zone here!” Konka let out a deep breath and relaxed her tensed muscles. “Don’t sneak up on me like that ever again.”

“Sneak up? Me? Hah, that’s a good one,” chuckled Seita. “You know we oni aren’t exactly the stealthiest ones. It’s your fault for letting your guard down.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[X]She decided to rush to the reunion. She already arrived late at one today - she couldn't afford to miss another.
I know not how many people are you following this story. But I'll have you know that, although it has been inactive for almost two months, I haven't forgotten about it. The reasons I haven't advanced this story range from pesky college work, to more focus on my other story in this site, and a huge constant writer block. Concerning the latter, I have spent much time this past week trying to continue Soiled Surface.

However, after many futile attempts to get something relatively good done, and some reassessments of this story's ideas, I have reached the conclussion that the way this story is going is not suitable for my plans. Therefore, I decided to rewrite the whole story in a completely new way, with many elements changed to make the idea I had for Soiled Surface more entertaining to read and easier for me to write. I will start from zero with a different title, different premise, different characters and different writing style.

tl;dr This story will be thrown to the scrapped pile, but I will rewrite a new one based on the ideas I had for it with more changes. My apologies to all of you who were following this.
The rewriting of this story, now retitled The Youkai Crusade, is in >>25768

Let's see if this time I don't find so many blockades while I write.

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File 13353638472.jpg - (0.97MB, 1433x991, 1.jpg) [iqdb]
The Gensokyo star system is a quiet backwater at the fringes of the galaxy, with only one charted faster-than-light route connecting it to civilized space. Poor prospects for colonization and a lack of strategic resources in the systems beyond make the Gensokyo system an unlikely place for future development. Nominally part of human space, the local administration is for most intents and purposes an independent entity. While the largest colony in the system, located on the marginally habitable (and most habitable in the system) planet Gensokyo Prime, is almost entirely human, various youkai who can handle more extreme living conditions have made various parts of the system their home. Everyone gets along, or at the least is civil enough to avoid open conflict, with everybody else for the most part.

The harvest moon festival, a tradition dating from a time when agriculture suffered from quaint restrictions such as seasons, is fast approaching. By happy coincidence the moon of Gensokyo Prime will be full as well, something that has worked up human and youkai alike into a state of excitement. It is at such a time that a certain private investigator receives a visit from a mysterious client, starting a chain of events that would forever change the Gensokyo system…

Character Select:
[ ] Reimu Hakurei
A former shrine maiden in a time when shrine maidens are viewed as cosplayers rather than spiritual guardians, she now supplements her nigh-non-existent donations with freelance private eye work to support herself.
Special skill: Youkai extermination – improves odds in shootouts and brawls versus youkai.

[ ] Marisa Kirisame:
A former fighter pilot who was dishonourably discharged for insubordination, theft and smuggling soon after the War ended, she now makes a living as a freelance private eye.
Special skill: Ace pilot – improves odds in spacecar chases.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Kowloon-class freighter

I seriously hope you didn't mean to make that reference, because that plus the bugs makes me think someone's going to be ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL.

[x] Monomolecular vibre-sword with plasma bolt surprise.
[x] Monomolecular vibre-sword with plasma bolt surprise.

I don't usually jump into bandwagons like this, but since I have no idea what's the line between realistic and overly powerful for sci-fi weapons, I'll just roll with this.

Oh, and the space dogfight scene was awesome. Keep it up, writefag!
[x] incendiary revolver.
Is shooting bullets just not cool enough for you? Buy a Maliwan, and light some people on fire!

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File 130164214538.jpg - (419.09KB, 678x750, d7f758faef077c30512ade4c34edaca3.jpg) [iqdb]

The real update will be posted after this, so please wait. And no, this is not an April Fool joke.
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Going to vote for this since I fail at battle plans
File 135365339333.jpg - (26.80KB, 496x367, 3533502_f496.jpg) [iqdb]
[c] Write-in, with some modifications.

You point your gun at the direction of the threat, switching to low-light vision for better view of the interior. Six individuals are seen jumping from the hole, but the bulk of their equipment is preventing you from identifying them.

“There he is! Open fire!”

You quickly dive into the ground, barely missing bullet streams fired at your position. You roll to your right and take cover behind crates, taking pot-shots as to force them to disengage.

“Sir! Are you alright?” Reisen shouts.

“I’m alright,” you shout back. You peek above the crates and see the enemy directing their shot at your new position. You curse under your breath; you’ve been taught to avoid fighting in confined space, and now you’re doing the very same thing, but is there anything else you can do?

Screw this shit. This is Stalingrad all over again!

You engage the suit’s speed mode. You jump over the crates and rush the enemy. You rear up and throw a punch at the nearest enemy, and follow up with a sweep kick that knocks him and his fellow soldier off the floor. You pounce at the soldier next to and, like a beast possessed, punch him repeatedly in the face. You have no idea what you’re doing, but by the time Reisen and Kogasa are restraining you, you’ve beaten the soldier half-dead, his helmet broken into pieces.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
File 135372446679.jpg - (481.44KB, 600x839, ce6dee88784e87e4eee144b2f4551682.jpg) [iqdb]

[c] Continuation.

Night time in Eientei. You’ve had your dinner with the household (and several guests Eirin had invited), and are spending the rest of the time at the courtyard. From what you’ve gathered during the dinner, Reimu and Marisa (along with Sanae and Youmu) had solved the incident without any setback; Nitori had her hands on the exotic technology your team acquired from the battle (and excitedly declared that she’d mass-produce the battle suit); Flandre and Shinano vented their frustration by challenging Yukari in spellcard duel, while Anne’s keeping the mortar crew under constant surveillance while awaiting interrogation day.

You stare at the clear sky. You close your eyes, recalling the violent skirmish you had gone through. It’s been a very, very long time ever since you had such experience, and it certainly was a call back to the days you and your comrades were prowling through Russian streets, exchanging empty fists with German invaders in closed space. It was also a reminder that you’re still a soldier in heart, member of the proud Red Army, “beloved child of the Motherland” as Stalin once put in.

“Enjoying the night, I see?”

You turn to the voice. You can’t help smiling. “As always,” you answer and let Kaguya sit next to you. “I see you’re not joining the after-dinner party.”

“I wish, but I don’t want to,” she says. “Then why don’t you go join them? Besides, Alice and Reimu are here. You should talk with them.”

“To celebrate the success of the mission?” you ask. Come to think about it, you haven’t had parties in a while, but as much as you want to join the partygoers, you decide not to. “The party can wait,” you say. “Right now, I just want to spend some time with you.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

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File 132190157643.jpg - (191.90KB, 1400x763, 6fdffd22add76b379a5aec06009b150b.jpg) [iqdb]
Is it me? Is it the medication? I never knew myself to be a criminal, but I guess I never really knew myself. I never was myself before I took the medication, was I? I was wrong before, I was flawed. I must be right now. That’s what medication does. It makes you right.

“Please, stop…”

The pitiful doctor cries for mercy as I continue to push her against the wall, arm to her throat, choking her. “This is right,” I tell myself. It is right. I’m medicated now. I am fixed.

It doesn’t feel right.

I let her go. Just as easily as I choked her, I let her go. I do not understand why. I was right. I was made right. I made the decision while right. I am still right. But I have made a new decision. I was wrong.

How can I be wrong when I was right? I cannot be. I do not want this. I do not want to be wrong. I want it to be over.

“Put me…”

[ ] “…Down.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[x]Squeeze. …Squeak. Squeeze. …Squeak.
Stress balls are the best.
Squeeze. …Squeak.
Just keep squeezing.
[x] Hug. Squeeze... squeeze. Not too much.
[x] I'm scared.
[x] Hug. Squeeze... squeeze. Not too much.
[x] I'm scared.

Hugs are good for lonely people.

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File 134506760039.jpg - (173.81KB, 1000x992, Kaguya hates us all.jpg) [iqdb]
This is my first time writefagging over here in THP, and my first time writing a CYOA. I'd say go easy on me, but literary criticism doesn't work when it's nice, so please feel free to crush my dreams and make me want to die. Not that you needed my permission, of course.


“Ten. Nine. Eight.” A soft-sounding male voice blared through the loudspeakers. In a nearby room, a multitude of bodies were scrambling around, or frantically flicking switches, or otherwise sitting silently.

“Seven. Six. Five.” With the countdown came renewed urgency for some.

“Four. Three. Two.” For others, their job complete, nothing was left to do but sit, and hope. And pray, if they thought it useful.

“One. Liftoff!” Two switches, three buttons, and 400,000 gallons of propellant were all it took to launch a rocket.

Onboard the flying bomb, two men and one woman held on to their collective metaphorical hats, hoping that the controlled explosions going on beneath wouldn’t grow to consume their tiny space.

Through the chaos and g-forces onboard the craft, nobody was surprised when announcements from the launch pad were garbled.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [View thread]
I feel incredibly awkward typing this, but I don't think I'll be able to write this, actually. Multiple things have come up that I'm sure you don't want to hear about, but long story short I'm not likely to even have a computer for a few months. I apologize to everyone for starting something I couldn't even continue. I'll definitely keep writing if I can, but like I said, I probably won't have a computer.

So, yeah. Another one for the scrap pile, guys. For what it's worth, I'm sorry.
It's for the best if you don't have any realistic prospects for being able to continue the story. Better tell us now than write more and have both author and reader get too attached.
Also as far as reasons to stop go, not having a computer is fairly legit.

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File 131421884478.jpg - (119.58KB, 850x935, Kaguya.jpg) [iqdb]
Nobody knows where dreams come from.
According to artists, a dream is a gate to another world. According to scientists, a dream is the brain having a break. The most common theory is that dreams are formed from memories, but misinterpreted by the brain, thus leading to this strange dream you're having right now. You mean, why else would you be dreaming about the moon? It's just a dumb flying rock. Nothing else. Of course, thanks to it, you have tides. Wow, big deal. It's not like tides are really interesting, anyway.
But you're not the star is this dream. Nope. In fact, you don't remember being in this dream at all. However, there is a recurring person in this dream. A young girl with long black hair. You don't remember anything else, just the loooong hair. It was quite impressive, but it become a little scary when your vision is entangled by her hair.
You wake up. A little scared, you look around, half-expecting her to show her face in your room. A laptop computer, an electrical fan, many books about Warhammer 40K and, near your computer, some toilets paper. You were sick recently, coughing and sneezing. This toilet paper is JUST for this. Nothing else, really.
Dropping your legs on the ground, you cover your sweating face with your hands, and you try to remember what the dream was precisely about. Something about the moon, and black hair. Damn, the more you try to think about it, the more you forget about it. Perhaps you should write it down while you still remember. It was about snakes. Constrictor. Or something like that.
“Screw that, I can't remember.”
If you forgot it, it wasn't important. That's what you hope, anyway. Maybe you're wrong. Well, you shouldn't worry about that. Breakfast is the more important thing right now! Even more important than the fact that your room-mate was sleeping in your bed during the night!

Wait, what?
The fuck is he doing here?
“Hey! Wake up, you jackass!”
“No, mom, let me sleep just a bit more...”
Okay. Now it's time to explain the situation. Being in the university right now, you had to take a room with a room-mate.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [View thread]
DDYK cannot act this turn!
DDYK cannot stops crying.

I'll try to write a little something later, but don't expect anything right now. Too hot, too many things to do, to many things to read.
File 134385168213.jpg - (621.83KB, 560x172, FUCK copie.jpg) [iqdb]

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