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File 123157355178.jpg - (518.32KB , 1400x1104 , 1229886231546.jpg ) [iqdb]
13210 No. 13210
// DAY ONE //

The situation is critical.

You’ve been hiding from the German troopers for- how long it has been? Hours? Days? Weeks? You cannot tell; all you know is that you’re the only surviving member of a Soviet division assigned to defend an outpost that had been killed by German artilleries. All you know is that you’re supposed to hold the line until reinforcements arrive, yet your Commissar has ordered you to retreat to Headquarters seconds before a piece of shell obliterated him.

It just does not make any sense.

You, the cream of the Motherland, the best there is, is supposed to hold the line until the last blood is spilt. You, who strongly believe in nationalism and have vowed to defend your homeland to your last breath, cannot accept the idea of retreating without giving out any fight. Yet you assume that your division leader knew things better than you are. A bitter fact to digest, but you have no time to cuss over it as the sound of stomping marches is fast approaching.

You notice that the cave you’re in seems to go deeper than you previously thought. Curious at the anomaly you slowly venture in, taking great care of not notifying the troopers outside. The deeper you go the further you are from the entrance, but you aren’t daunted. It may connect to underground tunnel network, and the prospect of meeting your comrades is enthralling.

You see a spot of light at the end of the passage. You’re excited at the sight, but you are also aware of the possibilities of traps set up by the Germans. So you have your weapon locked and loaded and you march slowly towards the light. As you approach the light, you swear you could hear the giggling voice of a woman; so vague but it was clear for your ear to pick up. You pay very little attention to it as your distance becomes closer.

You finally make your way out. Instead of fellow comrades you’re so hoping to be reunited with, or showering rains of hot lead fired from German bunkers, you find yourself standing next to a river facing what looks like a bamboo forest.

A bamboo forest.

A bamboo forest?

How in the name of Motherland, you ask, you can end up in such place? It doesn’t make sense; the place feels too Oriental, like you have just stumbled across a mysterious gate that connects your homeland with Asia, which is thousands of miles away.

Does it matter to you anyway? Right now you’re dead tired. Your body’s begging to have enough rest, and you can barely feel your legs now. Yet this seemingly exotic place is enticing you to explore further, and your adventurous self becomes restless just by thinking of it.

[ ] Sit down and rest for a while.
[ ] Disregard your fatigue and head to the bamboo forest.


Author’s note: after skimming through the SDM sections, I was kind of inspired to do the same but with Eientei casts. Actually, this idea has been around for quite a while (five months, in fact) but I haven’t had it started until now for some reasons (laziness, being one of them).

As side notes, I will seek for advices to get this stuff going. Some of them include:
+ Basic knowledge I need to gather regarding the life of Soviet soldier in World War 2 (training, equipments, tactics, etc.)
+ Some of the famous battles our Sniper Anon will refer to. Take note that our Anon comes from period before the Battle of Kursk.
+ Stuffs on whether the Lunarians know about World War 2 (in general or specific, if situations dictate) and how our Anon will relate to this.
+ Events that will broaden Anon’s knowledge and appreciation for Gensokyo. Armed conflicts are optional (?).

Also, since my Internet access is pretty much limited, don’t expect regular updates. I will update this whenever I get the chance to be online (and review all feedbacks). By the way, what’s the limit in posts before we reach auto-sage?

Thank you in advance, and please enjoy this adventure.
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>> No. 13212
[x] Sit down and rest for a while.

Autosage sets in at around 198-199 posts.
>> No. 13213
File 123157498380.jpg - (298.10KB , 605x605 , 1206392876735.jpg ) [iqdb]
Alright, thanks for the heads-up.

I'm logging off. Home's got no Internet, so updates and stuffs will have to wait tomorrow (or any other days I get access).

In the meanwhile, vote away, guys. Your choice may well determine our fate as a little soldier lost in this exotic world.
>> No. 13221
[x] Sit down and rest for a while.

>> No. 13222
[]Sit down and rest.

Our name will be Yuri, for it is manly and feminine at the same time.
>> No. 13223

[x] Sit down and rest for a while.
>> No. 13226
[x] Disregard your fatigue and head to the bamboo forest.



Well, sitting down probably already won. As for the other stuff, I'm (not?) proud to say that I know an unreasonable amount about WWII and the Eastern Front. So just ask away if you want to know anything. From the Winter War, passing through Operation Typhoon, and beyond Bagration.

And I would assume that the lunarians would know about World War 2 (unless they don't care, that is).

And well, wouldn't this story happen sometime before Reisen fled the moon (or was even born?).

Anyways, I look forward to it. And I know you said you have limited internet, but feel free to drop by in #eientei on rizon if you wish to chat or maybe consult faster or just hang out or whatever.

Oh, and I'll be voting as anonymous from now on. Just using the tripcode for this once.
>> No. 13229
Now this looks undeniably interesting.
If you manage to put/reference/whatever the P1000 Ratte Landkreuzer or the KV-VI-BEHEMOTH, you win.

[X] Disregard your fatigue and head to the bamboo forest.
Elite Soldiers does not need rest.
>> No. 13244
I like the names already. Will put them in next votes.

Our Anon got transported to the year 2008 via that mysterious cave (this will be explained as our story progresses). So this story takes place after Reisen fled the moon.

Looking good, though how these machines will get into Gensokyo is beyond my knowledge.

Story will be posted after this shortly,
>> No. 13245
File 123164752118.jpg - (909.91KB , 1750x1313 , 1203696905109.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Sit down and rest for a while.

However tempting the adventure you may go through, your physiology comes first. Exhausted, battered and hurt, both physically and mentally, the first priority is to take enough rest for your body to recuperate. You need them now, as much as your need to get rid of the terrible images of your comrades killed in front of your face.

With that decided, your legs automatically weaken and you fall into the ground, landing flat on your face. What that was for, you ask. Perhaps your legs are trying to tell you how seriously messed up they have been since the runaway started. Poor legs; wish you had listened to their cries of despairs earlier.

No time to mess around.

You sit up and examine your inventories. It appears you’re stripped off from almost everything. Figured that you left the outpost in such a hurry that you forgot to take your backpack along. You shake your head in disappointment; almost the necessary stuffs are inside that pack. Oh, well.

Paying no attention to the setback, you focus on what are on you.

+ One scoped Mossin-Nagant with two rounds left inside its chamber. Bruises on its butt-stock remind you of past, violent melees.
+ Ten 7.62x54mm sniper rounds in your right pocket.
+ MP40 sub-machinegun confiscated during a raid on German convoy.
+ Two 32-round ammunition clips.
+ A water bottle. Half empty.
+ A pair of boots. Cracked from physical overuse and weather abuse.
+ A set of clothes of rough wool quality. Might not be comfortable at times but, at the very least, they keep the elements out.
+ A beret with a piece of Red Star on it. A bullet hole marks a close call with German sniper.
+ A pair of wool gloves. Torn apart from overuse.
+ An amulet made of a 30mm shell fired from a strafing Bf109. It’s your lucky charm.
+ A photograph of your regiment. Worn out as a result of weather effect.
+ A bayonet. Its blade is longer than your palm.
+ A small diary. Someday you will need it to note down your memories…

You sigh. These are inadequate, at least considering the place you’re in. For better or worse, you should probably look for any settlement, since you don’t know if you would survive the outback. It no longer matters to you whether you’d meet your comrades or not;

Your stomach growls. Badly. That’s right. You haven’t eaten for almost an entire time of your life since you left the outpost. You swear to Motherland you’ve been eluding death god for so many times while you were on the run.

Death god?

God? You don’t want to have anything with it.

Oh. Just what the hell is wrong with you? You put your hands on your head. You feel nothing more than sheer dizziness. You examine your limbs. Nope; they appear to be intact. Your sanity? It’s undisturbed, too. The only thing that’s probably at low level is your morale. This is really getting scary, not mentioning suspicious. And already you see images of children dancing around you in cartwheel, singing the teasing song of surrender, wanting to see you drop dead and hopeless.

Your stomach grumbles. Again. It’s time. Can’t afford to continue your trip with an empty belly and soul. You’ve got to have yourself revitalized.

[ ] Go find something to eat.
[ ] Continue resting.

If [ ] Go, then:

[ ] Walk along the river.
[ ] Head into the bamboo forest.
[ ] Follow the white rabbit.


A question: are the inventories good enough, or does the list need some alterations?

And yeah, our Anon is an atheist.
>> No. 13246
[x] Go find something to eat.
[x] Walk along the river.

This will lead to a settlement eventually. Or maybe a chance encounter with someone having a drink.
>> No. 13249
File 123165772611.jpg - (47.90KB , 486x528 , 1204467766672.jpg ) [iqdb]
Looks like I won't be around for another day or two. So until I get my broadband account activated (either Monday or Tuesday) keep on voting and decide on which route we, the Sniper Anon, should take.

What just made Reisen gape in shock, we can only guess.
>> No. 13251
[x] Go find something to eat.
[x] Chase that rabbit down; it shall be our supper, and one paw will be a nice brother to the shell that hangs around our neck. Luck, right? We need all we can get.

The inventory looks okay, but you couldn't have at least left us with a fully loaded pistol?


[x] Reload this piece of shit.
[x] If the rabbit didn't lead you anywhere of particular interest, continue further into the bamboo forest.
>> No. 13255
[x] Go find something to eat.
[x] Walk along the river.
>> No. 13517
File 123314918819.jpg - (28.51KB , 470x297 , Killer_rabbit.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Go find something to eat.
[ ] Walk along the river.

If you follow the river, chances are you might be able to find a settlement and probably meet someone whom you can seek for help, with additional bonus that you can finally get to fill your empty belly. Having decided that, you get back on your feet, the rifle reloaded just in case you stumble across any potential meal.

You use the opportunity from the trip for an observation. It surely is a strange place to start with, the bamboo forest. You have never heard of such place, let alone visiting. It is a stark contrast from where you used to live; back then there were nothing more to be seen than snows and debris, not mentioning the horrid sight of countless bodies that fell to the German guns. The very sight makes you cringe, both in remorse for your inability to defend the Motherland and in anger at the invaders for their intolerable thirst for blood.

You continue walking. The river seems to be heading to nowhere. You’ve been walking for this far, and yet there seems to be no end to it. Plus, it’s getting dark and your hunger once again strikes. You try to fight and press on the walk, but the more you resist the more persistent the hunger is.

You heard a rustling sound from beneath the bushes. You halt. Your reflex kicks in, and you immediately aim your rifle at the source. The sound becomes louder, and you become suddenly aware that this place may not be friendly at all.

The rustling stops. You see a pair of ears sticking out of the shrubs. Then, to your relieve, the owner of the ears reveals itself.

It’s a rabbit.

[ ] stay still.
[ ] slowly unsheathe your bayonet and…
-- [ ] pounce at the rabbit.
-- [ ] toss it at the rabbit.
-- [ ] charge while yelling a battle cry.
[ ] snipe the bastard.

Regardless of the choice…
[ ] write-in.
>> No. 13519
[x] snipe the bastard.

Man, why'd you have to go and sage this update? This story was so far down I would've missed it if I wasn't backtracking another story.
>> No. 13520
[x] stay still
There's no need to randomly attack the first rabbit that you find. Plus, even if we caught it, I don't think we could cook it due to lack of tinder.
>> No. 13521
[x] snipe the bastard.
>> No. 13522
[x] stay still
>> No. 13524
[x] stay still

>> No. 13528
[x] stay still.

Like the T-Rex, it can't see you if you're not moving.
>> No. 13531
[X] Stay still.
No Anonymous, YOU are the T-Rex that can take this life in a single second.

>[ ] Follow the white rabbit.
I SlowpokeSaw what you did there and raged a little
>> No. 13542
That wasn't a part of the vote, but my silly side decided to kick in. So yeah.

Blame my laziness on that. Plus, with my final project a priority, updating this may depend on whether I have the time to do so.


[ ] stay still.

No matter what your instinct is telling you, you best not make yourself a clear and present danger to the rabbit. Slowly, very slowly you lower your rifle while maintaining eye contact with the rabbit. The creature doesn’t seem to notice it and remains at where it’s standing (or rather, holding its ground). You don’t know what you should do, but again what can you do in such situation?

You hear another rustling voice. This time it’s coming from your right. The rabbit notices the voice, too, and turns its head to the direction. There’s no one to be seem, and the bamboo forest suddenly falls silent. With the exception of the sudden gust of wind, everything else becomes so suspiciously eerie. You have a chilling sensation seeping into your spine, which you shrug off as if it were a fly.

You turn back at the rabbit. It’s still there, only this time it’s watching at you. What is this? Is it interested in you? You need to do something about this creature.

[ ] write-in only.
>> No. 13543
[x] Investigate the area the rustling sounds came from.

Something larger than a rabbit, like a deer.
>> No. 13544
[x] Avoid making sudden movements and try to put the rabbit at ease by talking to it softly
[x] Try to keep yourself aware of any further noises so as to not be ambushed.

It's obviously not a predator, otherwise the rabbit would have fled. Which probably means someone is watching you. It's best to play it cool but keep our senses honed. And act at the right moment.

Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer...
>> No. 13545
[x] Slowly exchange the Mossin for your MP40 and back up. This is definitely a bad sign.
>> No. 13556
>It's obviously not a predator, otherwise the rabbit would have fled.

Uh, no. Freezing is the characteristic response to being observed by a potential predator. Prey animals only start to flee when the predator crosses the flight initiation threshold.
>> No. 13578
>Avoid making sudden movements and try to put the rabbit at ease by talking to it softly.

Soviet Anon now trying to speak in rabbit language?


Writing now as we speak.
>> No. 13583
File 123329943387.jpg - (30.71KB , 372x295 , 19174270.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Avoid making sudden movements and try to put the rabbit at ease by talking to it softly.
[ ] Investigate the area the rustling sounds came from.

You don’t want to startle your potential meal, and you certainly don’t want to waste your time chasing it across the nowhere land. If possible, you want to have it captured right away.

“Alright,” you start talking to the rabbit in soft voice, keeping your rifle lowered and pointed at the ground. You don’t know whether it works, but you give it a shot. “I don’t have anything against you and I never hate you for any reasons, but for the sake of Motherland’s sake, you are going to be sacrificed.” You aren’t sure if you get it right (and that just sounds silly in the first place) but the rabbit seems to get your message.

“Look. I’m going to take a look at the shrubs over there,” you speak while pointing to the area the rustling sounds came from. “So you better not leave, or I will have to chase after you.” Is it just or you, or did the rabbit just nod its head? You silently laugh at yourself; this has got to be the most stupid thing you have ever done.

You approach the shrubs and stop a few feet away. You lift your rifle, pull its bolt and aim it at the shrubs. “Who’s there?” Nothing. You must have caused whoever beneath the shrubs to freeze because you no longer hear the rustling sounds. You repeat the question in stern voice but not too loud as to startle the rabbit. Again, there is no response. You begin to wonder if you were imagining things, but you’re quite certain the sounds are real.

You’re certain it’s just your imagination. You lower your rifle and turn back at the rabbit. Thankfully it’s still there, loyally waiting for you. You grin; this little fellow really is something. Just when you open your steps, you hear a thud from behind. The rabbit’s ears rise in alarm and it immediately stands erect on full alert, but it doesn’t run away. You turn back to the shrubs, and see someone falling out of what is used to be her hiding place.

It’s a girl.

[ ] choose your girl.

Remember, folks, this is /Eientei/ and the girl of your choice may be anyone so long as they come only from within this domain. Also, your choice will determine the path our Anon will take in times to come.
>> No. 13586
[x] Reisen
>> No. 13588
[x] Reisen
>> No. 13589
[x] Kaguya

The only thing funnier than this would be Eirin, but a soldier and a princess work well together.
>> No. 13592
[x] Kaguya
>> No. 13593
[x] Reisen

>> No. 13594
[x] Reisen

Target acquired.
>> No. 13595
Updates will be posted in 8-10 hours' time, so keep the vote running.

The only problem our Anon will face once he meet the girl is language barrier. Suggestions are very much welcomed.
>> No. 13596
I don't really want it to be Reisen, and I'd go for Eirin, but since no one else is voting a Kaguya is fine too.
Alcohol, cigarettes, and a burning desire to protect the motherland is more than a proper way to communicate with anyone.
>> No. 13600
>The only problem our Anon will face once he meet the girl is language barrier. Suggestions are very much welcomed.

His father was a veteran of the Russo-Japanese War, and remained completely convinced until his death that Russia's major rival would be Japan. Hence, he went to lengths to have his children learn Japanese so that they may know their "enemy" better.

Failing that, Yukari did it, Eirin's new drug, etc.
>> No. 13616
>His father was a veteran of the Russo-Japanese War, and remained completely convinced until his death that Russia's major rival would be Japan. Hence, he went to lengths to have his children learn Japanese so that they may know their "enemy" better.

Good idea there. Gotta implement that.

Update will be late today, as I'm doing errands at the city at the moment. So yeah, keep on voting, guys.
>> No. 13622
File 123340281072.jpg - (111.73KB , 859x779 , 90e9fac7d250e62ebc57470493c736c6.jpg ) [iqdb]
[x] Kaguya

Seconding this.
I like Reisen, but we've had enough of her.
She's shaping to be the interest in CUtMaS; we're going after-- with any damn luck --Tewi in TALE; Eirin..... well, she wouldn't be quite right for this.

Kaguya needs some time to shine, however.

What? LAE? I've never heard of any story like that.

Moving along.
>> No. 13627
[x] Kaguya

Although I am not sure what she would be doing out on her own. Coming back from a fight with Mokou?
>> No. 13628
[x] Kaguya.
>> No. 13629
File 12334601898.jpg - (49.46KB , 704x400 , isumi.jpg ) [iqdb]
>> No. 13630
Kaguya, eh? This may become interesting.


You take a closer look at the girl. At first glance, she appears to be coming straight out of a fairytale storybook. Her satin black hair seems to go over her slender waist; pink shirt and burgundy skirt that match each other. There’s a mysterious atmosphere surrounding her that demands more attention from you or everyone else.

You shrug. There’s no time for admiration. After all, one question starts to rise up: what is a girl like her doing in a bamboo forest?

“Ouch. I shouldn’t jump out like this.”

Japanese. You’re certain you heard it right.

You remember the lessons of the language you had taken from you father. A veteran of the Russo-Japanese War, as you recall, he remained steadfast to his last breath that the land of the rising sun would be Motherland’s major rival. You can remember the day he insisted to your mother that he taught his children to learn the language so that they understood the “enemy” better.

Another question arises: if the girl speaks Japanese, does that mean you’re in Japan? You cringe. Oh, for Motherland’s sake, of all places you can possibly imagine, you’re now stranded in the very heart of the enemy’s land? Your inner sense dictates that you kill every enemy you come across, and it’s the first thing that had been taught to you when you were first enlisted.

Although from the way the girl looks, you’re doubtful whether she belongs to the enemy or not. Besides, she surely needs some help.

You approach the girl. She’s still oblivious of your presence as she’s still moaning over the fall. Trying your best not to startle her, you extend your arm forward and begin to speak but just when you’re about to open your mouth, she turns to you. Your presence must have startled her, and she looks up at you with a confused expression painted upon her face.

“Who are you?”

[ ] write-in only.


Not sure if I got this right, but I decided to give it a shot anyway.
>> No. 13633
[x] Yuri "John" Ivanov, brother of Aleksandr Ivanov.
>> No. 13635
[x] Vladimir Lem

Dearest of all my friends
>> No. 13636
[x] Vladimir Lem

Have no fear, Vlad is here!

Just when i was replaying Max Payne in the last 5 hours.
>> No. 13637
[x] Yuri "John" Ivanov, brother of Aleksandr Ivanov.

I would go for the Max Payne reference, but I'm too busy cackling like a madman.
>> No. 13638
[x] Yuri "John" Ivanov, brother of Aleksandr Ivanov.

Changing vote, even though it's pretty much the same damn thing.
>> No. 13640

And who is this Aleksandr Ivanov? I've looked up at Google and showed me that there are several persons with this name.
>> No. 13641

Checkout /shrine/. Specifically Paperboy's story.
>> No. 13642


The story starts here.

Basically, a fighter pilot, and a dude with a very similar background to this dude.

He's also a bit of a preacher.
>> No. 13644
File 123349900467.jpg - (11.59KB , 261x158 , 1203975115876.jpg ) [iqdb]
Ah, thanks. Never thought to see another Soviet Anon preceding mine. The story had me laughing and facepalming all the way, and it was quite fun to read, too. Wonder if this Sniper Anon will meet Sturmovik Anon (hurray for Il-2!) someday.

Anyway, updates!


[ ] Yuri “John” Ivanov, brother of Aleksandr Ivanov.

“Yuri Ivanov, brother of Aleksandr Ivanov,” you introduce yourself. “You may call me John, if you want to.” You’re not sure where that name came from, though, and the very mention of it almost makes you laugh silly.

“Yuri… Ivanov?” the girl pronounces the name.

You nod, all while you keep your hand extended. “Need a lift?”

She takes your hand, and you lift her off the ground with a slight groan at your side. “Thanks. It was hell back there, hiding from you,” she says, pointing back to the shrubs she was hiding.

“You were watching,” you say.

“I-it wasn’t intentional,” the girl replies in defiance. “I just got back from settling matters with… a friend.” There’s a slight hint of resent when she mentions ‘friend’, and if she does she definitely isn’t showing it to you. “I know it isn’t polite for a girl to eavesdrop, but I couldn’t help it.”

“I can see that,” you shrug. “I’ve seen worse.”

“Though I was quite surprised to see an outsider roaming here in bamboo forest, judging from your name and your clothes,” she continues. “You weren’t, by any chance, abducted by the boundary lady, were you?”

You raise your eyebrow at the mention of ‘outsider’ and ‘kidnapped’. You’re slightly irritated. “What do you mean by kidnapped? I’ve been running away from the Germans for days and I don’t remember anything about being kidnapped!” You pause as to gather your breath. “And what’s with being an outsider? You speak Japanese, you look like Japanese, and therefore this must be Japan! Motherland’s great enemy must me vanquished!”

You fall silent. What a rude way to answer a lady you just generously helped. Calm down, comrade. There’s no time for anger. “Well, I did find a cave back there, and I thought I could hide until the Germans left,” you continue. “So-”

“Cave? What cave? I don’t remember seeing a cave somewhere here,” the girl replies. “Oh, just forget that. You really have no idea of where you’re really at, are you?”

You shake your head. The photographic memory of your dying comrades and its effect must have prompted you to talk nonsense. “I’m sorry. I… was supposed to defend the outpost until reinforcements arrived. Many of my comrades had fallen to the German guns. I was… the only survivor.”

“Ah, so you’re a soldier.” You nod. “And… let me guess. Russia? Soviet Union? Second World War?” You nod to each of the question, unsure of her motive. “And that weapon you’re carrying… a sniper?”

You sheepishly laugh. “I’m still a novice compared to our living legend. His skills surpass everything we zaichatas have.”

“I see. I see.” She nods to herself, digesting the newfound knowledge to her benefit or so. “Enough with the talks. The bamboo forest isn’t safe for outsiders, and you look like you’re in the need for sheltering place. Perhaps you’re hungry, too?”

“With due respect, Ma’am-”

“Kaguya,” she says. “Houraisan Kaguya. Pleased to meet you, Mister Ivanov.” She later smiles. “Oh, yes. This place you claim as Motherland’s great enemy isn’t Japan at all. It’s Gensokyo.”


She just smiles. Somehow, the very sight of the smile soothes your convoluted mind and heals your hurt heart. “I wish I could explain it to you right now, but it’d be better if you could come with me to the Eientei. I’ll let you stay in for the night.”

Gensokyo. Eientei. Kaguya Houraisan. This new piece of information proves to be too invaluable.

“So, Mister Ivanov,” she says. “Are you coming?”

[ ] accept. Use this chance to revitalize, clean up, and maybe learn more about Gensokyo, Eientei and Kaguya herself.
[ ] decline. You have survived the harsh Russian winter, and you’re certain you can survive the wilderness.
>> No. 13645
[†] accept. Use this chance to revitalize, clean up, and maybe learn more about Gensokyo, Eientei and Kaguya herself.
>> No. 13646
[ ] accept. Use this chance to revitalize, clean up, and maybe learn more about Gensokyo, Eientei and Kaguya herself.
>> No. 13650
[X] accept. Use this chance to revitalize, clean up, and maybe learn more about Gensokyo, Eientei and Kaguya herself.
>> No. 13656
[x] accept. Use this chance to revitalize, clean up, and maybe learn more about Gensokyo, Eientei and Kaguya herself.

Did you really need to make this a choice?
>> No. 13679
File 123354667585.jpg - (92.64KB , 540x720 , 1204558246672.jpg ) [iqdb]
Update is 70% complete, and should be ready to post sometimes this afternoon.
>> No. 13686
*[ ] accept. Use this chance to revitalize, clean up, and maybe learn more about Gensokyo, Eientei and Kaguya herself.*

You have survived the harsh Russian winter. In your opinion, if you could live through the hardships, the wilderness should pose you little problem. You’re confident of your survival skill and would probably not have to rely on her hospitality. On the other hand, if you accept, you can use the opportunity to restore your lost strength, clean yourself up and maybe resupply in case you need to go somewhere. Perhaps you can also learn more about Gensokyo, Eientei and Kaguya herself if you choose to go with her. Boosting your otherwise low morale is fine, too.


You holster the rifle over your shoulder and take time to brush dry leaves off your shoulders and soil off your trousers. Can’t afford to make your host wait, you remind yourself. “Alright… Miss Kaguya, I humbly and gladly accept your invitation,” you tell her. “I’ll be relying on you starting today.”

Kaguya clasps her hands, smiling altogether. That has to be the most calming sight you have ever seen. “I’ll be relying on you as well, Mister Ivanov,” she says. “I’ll lead the way to Eientei. Can’t afford to lose my guest in the forest.”

“Thank you, Miss Kaguya,” you say “I owe you for your deeds. But first…”

You look behind. To your delighted surprise, the rabbit’s still there, contently watching you. Smiling to yourself, you kneel, bring your hand forward and tell the rabbit there’s nothing to be afraid of. “What are you doing, Mister Ivanov?” the intrigued Kaguya asks even as the rabbit cautiously approaches you.

You pat the rabbit’s head, letting it nuzzle your palm. “Taking my emergency food ration,” you answer.

Kaguya laughs. Whether it’s because she thinks it’s funny or not, you cannot tell. “Emergency food? Why, the rabbit is interested in you already.”

You frown. “So? Does it really matter to you anyway?” You continually pat the rabbit. “Besides, I’ve heard of a story where you can have lots of luck if you hang rabbit’s paw around your neck.” You fiddle with the 30mm amulet a bit. “Luck is something we zaichatas will do anything to get our hand on.”

“You really are an interesting person, you know,” Kaguya says. “Anyway, we better get going. It gets dark here pretty fast.”

You stand up. “Lead the way.”

The trip is anything but uneventful. Being a quiet person by nature, you don’t talk much along the way, preferring to listen to people’s rants than to speak your mind. So you attentively listen in, as Kaguya expresses her delight to have a guest from the outside world. She also states that it has been many years since she last had an outsider as a guest, and is looking forward Occasionally she will tease you for having the rabbit as emergency food when you can make it a pet instead, which you don’t take very seriously.

“Looks like I’m the one who does all the talks,” Kaguya speaks. “Why don’t you tell me a thing or two about yourself?” You stare at her. Curious as to know her intention, you ask her the reason. “Why, a soldier like you surely has lots of field stories to share. It’s rude not to please a princess, you know.”

You gape. “You’re a princess? Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I would’ve-”

Kaguya laughs. “You’re funny, Mister Ivanov! I don’t know what’s really with you, buy you’re so funny!” You can only watch in bewilderment as she keeps laughing, not taking care of the rabbit that seems to sympathize for you. “Ah… I’m really out of my character today. I’m sorry; I shouldn’t laugh at you. Please don’t take it seriously.”

“Anyway, you aren’t just going to let me wait, are you?” she continues. “Tell me a story. I’ll listen to anything.”

You’re not sure where to begin. You can start with stories of your motherland invaded by the German fascists, or you can start with your background. You scratch your chin, thinking of anything that can make a good story.


[ ] write-in only.
>> No. 13687
[x] Tell the events of what took place during the last few days up to now, to the point of your arrival here.

I don't care what the story is, but something that just happened recently strikes harder than those that happened long ago.
>> No. 13692
[X] Tell the story of your struggle against the implacable Nazi war machine, how you lost your comrades holding out against the evil tide.
>> No. 13701
[x] Tell the story of your struggle against the implacable Nazi war machine, how you lost your comrades holding out against the evil tide.

How we brought down the Thousand Year Reich single-handedly!
>> No. 13712
File 123367675320.png - (68.77KB , 440x300 , 1203133472761.png ) [iqdb]
Update is very slow to write over here. Will not be posting until I get the motivations needed to continue (probably in a couple of days). Picture related.

Just a quick pointer: since we're going to stick with Kaguya route, chances are we will meet Mokou under some circumstances.
>> No. 13716
>holding out against the evil tide

Twice in a row I read that as tilde, then realized it wasn't.
>> No. 13741
[x] Tell the story of your struggle against the implacable Nazi war machine, how you lost your comrades holding out against the evil tide.
>> No. 13810
File 123406842210.jpg - (256.18KB , 1000x1427 , 1203134912859.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, sorry for the delayed update. Been out of motivations and such, plus I’m on my final term, so final project comes first (though I'm too lazy to even think about it).

[ ] tell the story of your struggle against the implacable Nazi war machine, how you lost your comrades holding out against the evil tide. And then…
[ ] tell the events of what took place during the last few days up to now, to the point of your arrival here.

“I’m not sure if you’d be interested,” you tell her, scratching the back of the head as you do. “It’s… quite complicated, you see.”

“Oh, come on! I’ve told you I’d listen to anything, remember?” Kaguya urges.

You stop. The rabbit stops as well and looks up at you. You stare at Kaguya, who in turn returns the stare. Your heart skips a bit when both of you have eye contact. Those eyes, they’re the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen in your life.

After a long time of inner debate, you give it a shot.

“To begin with, as soon as the Nazis invaded our land we got drafted into the army,” you speak. “I was… an anomaly among the people as I had graduated from university months earlier.” You laugh a bit when you remember the days you were going through at boot camp. “I mean… a graduate joining the army as conscript? I should’ve been looking for decent job and looking after my family, but then Mother Russia needed to be protected from the fascists.”

“Well, you surely the not one I’d call conventional soldier,” You notice that Kaguya is smiling. For what reason, you cannot tell. “Tell me more about you and your comrades.”

You cough. “There was I, the strange zaichata. Then there was Kamarov… everybody knows him better for his body odour, and man, he was actually proud of that.” You pause as to take a second to recall your memory. “There were other people I knew apart from Kamarov. There was Sasha the silent bullet, Boris the hyperactive and Gorky the heavy duty guy. We all shared our passion to defend the Motherland and we had sworn upon our blood to become her shield.”

“You’ve got quite an interesting bunch of people back there,” Kaguya coos.

You nod. “My brother was supposed to be with me as well, but he decided to join the air force,” you continue. “I assume that he had things for flying, and he doesn’t talk much about it either, but we understood each other.”

You continue again. “We continued our training and even got our first taste of combat during the defence of Moscow. Then news reached boot camp that the Stalingrad had fallen.” You take a deep breath when you mention the name. “Stalingrad.”

“Battle of Stalingrad… home to the bloodiest conflict ever to take place. I think I’ve read about it,” Kaguya says.

You nod. “Of course, whoever doesn’t like to see their homeland invaded by bloody fascists? I was angry; Kamarov was angry; Boris and Gorky were angry. Sasha? Well, he just wanted to give the Germans a good headshot with his rifle.”

“It was dead winter when we arrived and the city was in its most sorrowful state. The five of us were ordered to find the remaining soldiers in the city, and in doing so we became aware of how grave the situation was.” You pause again. “The Germans… they seemed to have our heads marked: sniper rifles, machineguns, grenades, anti-armour rockets, tanks… even this.” You show her the 30mm amulet dangling over your neck as a proof of how ‘up close and personal’ the encounter was. “It was very close. The German plane would have gotten us if it weren’t for the soldiers we were ordered to look for. They… they bought the plane time so that we could escape and fight another day. They… didn’t make it. This amulet… it’s a reminder of that day.”

“I’m sorry to hear that,” Kaguya apologizes.

You shake your head. “Lots of them had fallen, yes, but their sacrifice was not in vain as we were able to drive the German fascists out of Stalingrad,” you speak, now gaining some degree of morale. “I was more than satisfied to be able to avenge their fall, and I was sure the rest of us were feeling the same.”

You look at Kaguya again. This time you can see her eyes lighting up in admiration. You can tell that she’s becoming more interested in you. “Well?” she asks in excitement. “Do you have more stories to share?”

You decide to go for it and tell Kaguya of how after Stalingrad, you and your division were sent to an outpost outside Kursk, how you had to spend the passing days without any skirmish with the Germans. It was a stark contrast compared to the chaotic days of Stalingrad, and you recall a day when because there was practically nothing better to do Boris proposed the division a game of ‘domination’ where the objective was to secure a waypoint and defend it with any methods for as long as the game went.

The atmosphere of the storytelling switches from amusing to sombre when you reach the part where your outpost was under attack by German artilleries. You start by detailing out how the division was caught completely off-guard and was forced to throw everything it had at the Germans despite being overwhelmingly outnumbered and outgunned. One after another, your comrades fell to the Germans although Boris would not let them pass by charging at them with hands and body full of grenades. And that left you, the zaichata, alone in the mayhem and in spite of your insistence to hold the ground the Commissar had ordered you to retreat to Headquarters.

“And that’s when I found the cave and went in. Figured that I could use it as a hideout until the Germans left,” you speak. “Until I realized that the cave was connected to this place. I decided to go deeper and…” You pause. You take a deep breath. Then you continue. “And that’s how I got here.”

You scratch the back of your head, sighing to know that you’ve done your part. “I hope you find the story interesting. I’m not really good in storytelling, so…”

“That was wonderful!” Kaguya exclaims. “Never before in my life have I listened to a story this engaging! You should tell this to everybody else when during dinner.”

“Ah… hah…” You can only sigh.

By the time the moon rises from the horizon, the three of you have reached your destination. “I certainly never thought our trip would be this lengthy,” you say, looking up at the entrance gate. “So I assume this is the place I’ll be staying in for tonight?”

“I’ll have the accommodations ready, so don’t worry,” Kaguya assures and approaches the gate. As she does so, she’s approached by a person who seems to be flattered by Kaguya’s return. You also notice Kaguya saying a word or two to the person who just nod without any objection. “Mister Ivanov!” she shouts from beyond the gate. “Come over here.”

You oblige. You walk in, closely followed by the rabbit and approach Kaguya. There you can see the person she was talking to earlier. It’s another girl.

[ ] Reisen.
[ ] Eirin.
[ ] Tewi.
[ ] Random earth rabbit.

[ ] greet the said girl. (Write-in is encouraged).
>> No. 13811
File 12340712278.jpg - (55.87KB , 400x400 , 1203780542052.jpg ) [iqdb]
Before I forget, I'd like to apologize if this LA contains inaccuracies in term of historical background, relationship between characters, personalities and such. Oh, blame me for late updates, as well.
>> No. 13817
[†] Eirin.
>> No. 13822
[x] Eirin.
>> No. 13824
[ ] Eirin.
>> No. 13826
[x] Eirin.
>> No. 13830
[x] Reisen.
>> No. 13833
[x] Reisen
>> No. 13834
[x] Eirin.

Hellooooo nurse!
>> No. 13842
[x] Eirin.
>> No. 13850
[ ] Eirin.

The person Kaguya was talking to earlier gives you a strange look. You say nothing much as a response; it appears there’s no need to do so. At best, you’re a stranger in this strange land, and you better not do anything that may upset your host.

“Eirin, this Mister Ivanov here is my guest. He will be staying at Eientei for tonight,” Kaguya tells the person.

The person -- Eirin, as you try to remember the name -- gives you another strange look. This time, she nods a little at your shabby appearance. “Very well,” she says. “Shall I take him to the guestroom, princess?”

Kaguya nods. “As for you, Mister Ivanov.” She later turns to you. “Dinner will be served at eight. We’re expecting you to be present. Just ask Eirin or anyone of the servants where the dining room is, okay?”

“I’ll make sure I’ll be there,” you assure.

Kaguya waves her hand makes haste to another direction, leaving you to the person named Eirin. She says nothing again and, instead, asks you to follow her. You just comply and follow the direction she’s headed to. “You’re an outsider, are you not?” You nod. “It’s very rare to see outsiders around the Eientei, let alone seeing one invited by Her Highness. You must have piqued her interest.” She sounds very cold; at least, that’s how you perceive.

After five minutes of uneventful trip you arrive at the room. “This will be your room,” Eirin tells you and shows you the interior. “It hasn’t been used for many years, but it has everything prepared. Make yourself comfortable.” At this point, you really want to ask her, but you keep the question to yourself. For now, you don’t want to upset her for something you didn’t even do.

“Thank you, Miss Eirin.” She says nothing; this is getting rather irritating (or interesting?), but you decide not to delve in further. You watch as she heads to the direction Kaguya went, wondering if she has issues with visitors (or outsiders). You shrug and take a look around. The room appears to be in the simplest condition; apart from the single mattress and a wardrobe, the room is basically empty, So much for ‘everything prepared’, you grumble. At the very least it’s better than sleeping outdoors, with bullets and shells exploding around you. You could use the opportunity to finally have the rest your body is so desperate for.

Right. You forget how your body smells of reek. You haven’t taken proper shower ever since your inception to the army (but then, how would anyone have time for shower in the middle of war?).

[ ] go take shower.
[ ] rest a bit more; check your inventory while you’re at it.


Dang. Describing Eirin is harder than I originally thought. So much for my understanding.
>> No. 13852
[x] rest a bit more; check your inventory while you’re at it.

A tsundere Eirin is fine, too. Now inb4 Reisen hoses us off in the courtyard.
>> No. 13853
File 123431303493.png - (34.36KB , 755x553 , hitthoseshowers.png ) [iqdb]
[ ] go take shower.
>> No. 13860
[ ] go take shower.
>> No. 13874
[ ] go take shower.

Smelly Anon is smelly
>> No. 13877
File 123437123813.gif - (15.71KB , 520x420 , 1204760701907.gif ) [iqdb]
[ ] go take shower.

Shower is the best option there is. You don’t want to spoil the atmosphere with your body odour. You put down your gears and search the wardrobe for a towel, hopefully, or anything that can cover your body after taking bath. You also look for any kind of hygienic products to use, and satisfied with what you find inside.

“These should do it.”

With everything set you head towards the door. The moment you slide it open Kaguya enters the room and bumps onto you. You certainly didn’t see it coming, and both of you fall to the floor, dropping all items off your arms.

“Aw, I should be more careful…” Kaguya moans while rubbing her behind. “Oh, Mister Ivanov! I didn’t know you’re in here. I’m sorry.” She rises on her feet and offers to help. “Are you alright?”

“Somewhat.” You take her hand and get up, carefully not falling back (and possibly taking her along). “I was just about to take my shower. What brought you here?”

Kaguya shows you a pair of kimono. “Thought you’d be looking for decent clothing for dinner, so I brought this.”

You scratch your head. That’s so generous of her, but you feel that she’s overenthusiastic about her guest. “About that, Miss Kaguya…”

A rustling sound makes both of you turn. You see the rabbit nudging into your backpack. What is it doing? There’s nothing to be looked at inside the backpack. No, wait. Most intriguing of all, how did it manage to sneak into the mansion unseen?

[ ] ignore the rabbit for now.
[ ] go take shower.

If [ ] go:
[ ] ask Kaguya about the direction.
[ ] look for the bathroom yourself.
>> No. 13878
Sorry, the vote was supposed to be like this:

[ ] ignore the rabbit.
[ ] take the rabbit out of the backpack.

If [ ] ignore:
[ ] ask Kaguya where the bathroom is.
[ ] go find the bathroom yourself.

So ignore the vote in the post and use this one, instead.
>> No. 13880
[X] take the rabbit out of the backpack.
>> No. 13881
[x] take the rabbit out of the backpack.
[x] ask Kaguya where the bathroom is while performing said duty.
>> No. 13886
[X] take the rabbit out of the backpack.
>> No. 13887
[x] take the rabbit out of a hat.
>> No. 13894
[ ] take the rabbit out of the backpack
[ ] Give it to Kaguya as present
>> No. 13945
[x] Take the rabbit out of the backpack
[x] Give it to Kaguya as present
>> No. 13952
File 123472717033.jpg - (42.47KB , 521x585 , 1218214872756.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] take the rabbit out of the backpack.
[ ] ask Kaguya where the bathroom is while performing said duty.
[ ] give the rabbit to Kaguya.

“What are you doing?” You take the rabbit out of the backpack, hold it on its nape and stare into its eyes. The rabbit squeaks, struggling to get off your grasp as if it does not like the handling. “Seriously, there’s nothing to be found inside my bag. Silly zaichata,” you tell the rabbit.

You turn to Kaguya. “While we’re at it, do you know where I can have a shower?” you ask and point to your shabby clothes. “I… haven’t taken proper bath for so many months.”

Kaguya gives you a long, intrigued look. Then she laughs and made the ‘that’s smelly’ gesture. “Yeah, you do smell of reek,” she says. “I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to upset you with the comment.”

You shrug. “I don’t mind. There was someone I knew who never had shower for his entire life.”

“Oh, yes. The bathroom.” She coughs a couple of times and puts the kimono on the floor. “I’d have asked the servants to show you the direction, but let me do the honour. I hope you don’t really mind.”

“You know you don’t have to go as far as showing around,” you tell her.

“But I insist!” Man, is it you or does she look kind of adorable in that dogged, if not pouting, face? “Besides, who’s going to look after the rabbit when you’re having shower?”

Ah, so that’s it. You look back at the rabbit that has begun to calm down, then at Kaguya. “Right.” You give her the rabbit, telling her not to mistreat it. “Can’t afford to lose my food and potential lucky charm,” you say.

“Food? Lucky charm? You’re so cold, Mister Ivanov. She only wants to play with you,” Kaguya says as she cuddles the rabbit. “See?” At this point you really don’t know whether to act cool or burst in a landslide of emotion over the remark. “Aw, Mister Ivanov cannot say anything.”

Putting those setbacks aside, Kaguya agrees to take you to the bathroom under the condition that you must never treat the rabbit as emergency food ration. You dejectedly accept it; you cannot imagine what it must feel like to be at the receiving end of Kaguya’s wrath, even though you have yet to experience it. So you follow her to only-God-know-where-it-is, walking down the seemingly endless corridor while listening to Kaguya’s endless rants. You become aware of the inhabitants who are all looking at you in curiosity every time you walk past them (is it you, or do they have extra pair of ears on their head?).

Finally after what must have taken forever, the two of you reach your destination. You’re more than surprised to know that you’re being taken to an open-air bathroom and you ask Kaguya. “The guest’s bathroom’s under reconstruction,” she says even as she instructs the servant to give you a bucket. “I’m sorry for the inconvenience, Mister Ivanov.”

“I’m fine with it, anyway,” you say and take the basket and fill it with stuffs you brought from the room. You, then, turn to Kaguya. “So, I take it that dinner will be served in one hour?” She nods. “Well, I guess I have plenty of time to spend in there.”

Kaguya smiles and pats the rabbit’s head. “Enjoy your bath, Mister Ivanov.”
You enter the room. You’re astounded by the magnitude of the space and wonder if a room this size can fit an entire division. It feels very Western, much to the contrast of the Eientei’s overall atmosphere of the Orient.

“Don’t be hesitant to call me or any of the servants if you need some help, sir,” the servant says and closes the sliding door. You pay very little attention to the servant or anything that she said and focused on the steamy pool before you. Definitely one of those ‘indoor hot springs’ you have read from your father’s book before, you think.

You undress, put the dirty uniform in a nearby basket and dive in. The sensation of enveloped by the warm temperature is enough to revitalize your body, and you sigh contently at the refreshed feeling. You lean against the rocky surface, put the sheathed bayonet on the floor next to you (safety first) and begin the long and tedious process of body scrubbing. Somehow, you feel sorry for your comrades who couldn’t have this kind of luxury.

“Did you hear? Princess is taking home a guest.”

“Eh? It’s been a very long time since she’s had one.”

“I heard he’s an outsider. A soldier, on top of that. He doesn’t look like a friendly guy to me.”

“Yeah. I just saw Mistress Eirin leaving his room. She doesn’t look very pleased.”

“I saw how he looked. He’s kind of cute. Did anyone of you ever get his name?”

You pause. The conversation comes from the outside; there are two, possibly three of them judging from the different voices you hear. It takes a couple of minutes before you hear the sliding door opened. Oh, shoot. Neither Kaguya nor the servant told you this room is shared, or the fact that it is off-limit to male occupants.

You have to make decision before they show up.

[ ] take cover.
[ ] hold your ground.
>> No. 13954
[x] hold your ground.
[x] Prepare to fire.
>> No. 13966
[ ] hold your ground.

Soldier that is scared? Don't think so
>> No. 13967
[†] hold your ground.
>> No. 13968
[X] hold your ground.
>> No. 14001
[x] hold your ground.

And I do feel like helping here, so I'll make a couple notes of a miscellaneous sort. Some of the best Soviet soldiers were trained in Siberia, and before the Moscow counteroffensive had been stationed there in case of a Japanese attack (this might not be so relevant, but could still prove useful). Soviet soldiers were often with scarce resources, and if not for American shipments of spam and wheat many would have been close to starvation. Also, some thought helmets to be a sign of cowardice, and opted to simply wear the pilotka caps without a helmet on them. In the case that this uniform is with a Model 1943 gymnastiorka (blouse), it should have a stand-up collar and shoulder boards. As for the weapons, remember that the Mosin-Nagant sniper versions were usually reloaded round by round (as opposed to the stripper clip used by versions without a scope), and keep in mind that to reload an MP40 with a round in the chamber one must simply remove one magazine and attach another, but must pull the bolt back and lock it before this process and release it forwards afterward if the gun was empty. Any questions you might have I'll gladly answer to the best of my ability, but first, out of curiosity: considering the service of Ivanov's division in various sectors and including the battle of Stalingrad, there is a chance it could have been named a Guards division for its service. Any indication on whether it had or hadn't?

(You don't really have to answer that. I was just curious.)
>> No. 14021
Actually I was about to do some research on this, but since you've answered pretty much most of the questions I guess I should thank you.

And regarding the question on Guards' Division, I don't think there was any mentions of it (at least here). As a matter of fact, I had been struggling to think of the division Ivanov would be enlisted in. Help on this will be greatly appreciated.

And here comes the update.

[ ] hold your ground.

Hold your ground, soldier. Do not, for any reason whatsoever, turn away from the enemy. Face yourself against the marauding horde. Defend the line to the last
>> No. 14023
File 123494826338.jpg - (441.67KB , 1250x1000 , 83f23f112b744b529e55536904362cff.jpg ) [iqdb]
Fucking connection reset. Why you do this??!!

*[ ] hold your ground.*

Hold your ground, soldier. Do not, for any reason whatsoever, turn away from the enemy. Face yourself against the marauding horde. Defend the line to the last drop of your blood. You have been taught of the value of the Motherland and the necessity to sacrifice one’s life for its sake.

With that decided you reach out for the knife and ready yourself. Whatever happens happens. You aren’t afraid of anything and you cannot afford to show the enemy your fear. Not here, not now.

“Guys! The princess’ summoning us to her room.”

“What? But we’re already going to take our bath!”

“No buts! She needs all of you right now.”

“Awww! When we thought we could do THIS and THAT… jeez. You don’t have to be this mean, Reisen…”

“You always want THIS and THAT… come on, guys!”

They leave. You sink into the water, sighing deeply in relief. Thank goodness they’ve got their attention diverted. You have to thank Kaguya for saving you from the critical time, even though she may not know. Though you have to wonder by what the girls mean by THIS and THAT.

Also, there’s a certain Reisen in the group. Perhaps she’s the chief of the ladies you stumbled across up till now? You take no regard of that and continue basking in the water for a few more minutes, hoping to have a moment of privacy inside this room.

That is, until a hand suddenly taps your shoulder.

You turn around, to be greeted by a woman sticking out of an unknown material that seems to come out of nowhere. You almost jump off the pool, surprised by the unexpected presence of the mysterious woman. She merely giggles at your reaction and hides her face behind a fan, her eyes narrowing at the sight of your naked chest.

“What’s the matter? Surprised to see me? Silly outsider; at least you should thank me for the cave,” she says.

Cave? Thank? Outsider? Your mind reels back to the cave you discovered during the runaway. Then, as if you’re struck by the hammer of revelation you point straight at her face. “It’s you!!”

[ ] Write-in only.
>> No. 14025

Many writers use Word/Wordpad to write their stories, not the post box. It maybe of some use to you.
>> No. 14026
[x] "For the sake of motherland, let the coals of war blaze and damn my luck along with my soul!"
[x] Grab the woman by the arm and flip her into the bath water. Get into fighting position.

No, no. I know exactly what I'm doing.
>> No. 14027
File 123496385644.png - (7.76KB , 128x127 , 1203549415504.png ) [iqdb]
I'm using Word as we speak. It's when I submit the post that poses the problem (I blame this to my broadband connection that sometimes disconnects without any warning).

The avatar pretty much describes my feeling.

Wait. What?
>> No. 14035
How about we do something completely different this time around and be THANKFUL to Yukari for bailing us out of that warzone ...
>> No. 14051
And actively prevented us from taking an active role in the successful defense of the Union from fascist invaders along with the subsequent spread of Soviet influence among the nations of Eastern and Central Europe. Wonderful.

How's this? 3rd Guards Rifle Division, fought in Moscow, Stalingrad, Kiev and Kurland. Was named a Guards division in late 1941, and before that was known as the 153rd Rifle Division. Misc note: the MP40 is a nice and reliable weapon, but has a tendency to go off if dropped or shaken.

[x] Don't act against her yet; see if she has an explanation for this first.
>> No. 14053
[x] "For the sake of motherland, let the coals of war blaze and damn my luck along with my soul!"
[x] Grab the woman by the arm and flip her into the bath water. Get into fighting position.

While >>14035 is an interesting tack to try, I figured: Hey, what the hell.

Or maybe this is not a good idea?
>> No. 14055
[X] Don't act against her yet; see if she has an explanation for this first.

Let's avoid being total fucking idiots for once.
>> No. 14060
[X] Don't act against her yet; see if she has an explanation for this first.
>> No. 14061
File 123505853644.jpg - (5.03KB , 169x165 , Vasilimain.jpg ) [iqdb]
Currently is low on motivation. Updates won't be available until this weekend... I hope.

Let's not go there. Thank you.

>How's this? 3rd Guards Rifle Division, fought in Moscow, Stalingrad, Kiev and Kurland. Was named a Guards division in late 1941, and before that was known as the 153rd Rifle Division.
This looks good. I'll use it when Ivanov introduces himself to the households.

Picture somewhat related
>> No. 14068
Nobody wants to see Yukari's wet clothes sticking to her body... ;_;

As a soldier, it would be classified as "Just a reflex".
>> No. 14071
We can always drag her in to bath AFTER we listen to her explanation
>> No. 14106
File 123524339596.png - (194.76KB , 480x700 , 1204681781592.png ) [iqdb]
Update is here. Finally.


*[ ] don’t act against her yet; see if she has an explanation for this first.*

She laughs. “Why, yes it’s me,” she says. “Call me Messiah. The Great Saviour. Anything your mind has to say.” You stay silent, unsure of whether to hail her as what she had said or treat her as a potential hostile, but you keep your mouth shut. “Hmm? Don’t you have anything to say about me, little soldier?”

“Who are you calling little soldier?” you retort. “Pvt. Yuri Ivanov, Third Guards Rifle Division. I have fought in Moscow, Stalingrad, Kiev and Kurland. I have trained in the Siberian wilderness for the entire winter, Miss Saviour, so you may find me not the… little soldier you’re so hoping to make fun of.”

“Oh? So says the one who deserted the battlefield,” she replies in mocking tone and giggles when she sees the change in your facial expression. She positions herself comfortably in spite of being clamped by the mysterious entity. “Disregarding that, welcome to Gensokyo. I’m your ever friendly, ever generous host, Lady of Borders and Mistress of the Lost Village, Yukari Yakumo.” Her smile widens a bit. “I brought you here because you have something that Gensokyo doesn’t have, and it has got to do with the skill you possess.”

You arch an eyebrow. Somehow, you don’t find that reason encouraging; as a matter of fact, you suspect this Yukari Yakumo is plotting something against you. “I find your lack of persuasion disturbing, Miss Yukari. You aren’t the kind of person I would serve to.”

“Hey, where’s the gratitude for this saviour of yours?” she asks, faking dejection. “Seriously, little soldier, you should stop thinking of winning the war and relax. Your precious Motherland is not as important as you might think.”

As if on instinct, you grab her arm and throw her into the pool. How you manage to pull her out of the gap, and what kind of move you used against her, are out of question. A loud splash is heard as she dives into the water with a surprised yelp, and you watch as she struggles to stand back. “Aw! Look what you’ve done!” she whines, her wet clothes sticking to her body. “What do you think you were doing, little soldier?”

“It’s a reflex,” you blatantly answer. “I can forgive you for… bringing me here, but all forms of insult towards the Motherland will not be tolerated. And stop calling me little soldier, Miss Yukari.”

“Jeez, you don’t have to be this serious,” she grumbles and looks over her drenched self. “Can’t help it when you’re dealing with a fiercely nationalistic soldier,” she continues and squeezes water out of the skirt. “Well, since you’ve ruined my otherwise good mood, I won’t let you know my plan, and that’s too bad because I already have arranged for a welcoming party tonight.” Another gap appeared behind her, and she takes time drying herself before she walks in. “Until we meet again, little soldier,” she says as she’s almost fully inside the gap and waves to you before she disappears.

And that leaves you alone in the indoor hot spring. Your mind is now in its most messed up state, more messed up than a bird’s nest. You have no freaking of idea of why the Lady of Borders brought you here, or what she meant by ‘something Gensokyo doesn’t have’. Whatever the reason is, you are not in the position to argue over it.

[ ] stay for a bit longer; use the warmth of the steam to ease your mind.
[ ] finish off your bathing and leave. Cannot afford to make Kaguya wait.

Note: unless stated otherwise, I'll assume that Ivanov is a Private by the time he found the cave.

And I'm out of here. Too tired after squeezing every content of my brain just to have this written.
>> No. 14107
[†] finish off your bathing and leave. Cannot afford to make Kaguya wait.
>> No. 14108
[X] Finish off your bathing and leave. Cannot afford to make Kaguya wait.
>> No. 14110
[ ] finish off your bathing and leave. Cannot afford to make Kaguya wait.
>> No. 14112
[x] finish off your bathing and leave. Cannot afford to make Kaguya wait.

At least make him something higher than a private. I'm imagining Tewi calling him captain. I vote to make her our comrade in arms.
>> No. 14114
File 123528211413.png - (16.14KB , 300x300 , 1204558305047.png ) [iqdb]
Captain, is it? Thanks, my mind was too tired to think of anything other than 'private' last night.

Alright, then. Vote is decided. I can now write the update.
>> No. 14123
File 12353246616.jpg - (43.54KB , 595x397 , ratte7.jpg ) [iqdb]
*[ ] finish off your bathing and leave. Cannot afford to make Kaguya wait.*

You finish off the rest of your bathing and prepare to leave. You cannot afford to make Kaguya wait at the dinner, and your stomach is already grumbling at the prospect of feasting upon proper (and desirable) meal.

“Having good bath, sir?” the servant asked as you, fully clad in bathrobe, walk out of the room.

“It was fun. I even made a dive,” you joke, not wanting to tell her about the lady of borders named Yukari. “Though truth to be told, the ladies almost made my life miserable.”

The servant giggles. “My apology for not telling them the room’s occupied,” she says.

You shrug and point to your uniform. “Can you have those ready by tomorrow, then?”

“Yes, sir. Definitely,” the servant answers.

You thank the servant and head back to the room, where you see a note on the kimono as you enter. You pick it up and read the note, in spite of difficulties with the written characters. “Everyone’s waiting at the dining room. Please hurry.” Definitely Kaguya, you think. Not wanting to waste anymore time, you dress up and get ready for the dinner. You take a few seconds examining your new look; the dress is slightly loose but it should do its purpose fine. Plus, you’re getting the vibe of a noble warrior serving his master.

Oh, crap. You forgot to ask the servant where the dining room is. Damn; how are you supposed to get there in time?

[ ] trust your sense of direction and look for the dining room.
[ ] ask someone for direction.
>> No. 14124
[x] trust your sense of direction and look for the dining room.
[x] If you see anyone along the way, ask them.
>> No. 14125
[X] Trust your sense of direction and look for the dining room.

Follow your nose~
>> No. 14135
[x] trust your sense of direction and look for the dining room.
[x] If you see anyone along the way, ask them.
>> No. 14204
File 123567785827.jpg - (75.69KB , 400x400 , 1204429955884.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] trust your sense of direction and look for the dining room.
[ ] if you see anyone along the way, ask them.

You make haste, trusting your sense of direction in looking for the dining room. It is a significant event not to be missed, and it would be a disgrace both for you and your host. With that as your top priority, you navigate through the mansion’s intricate paths, remembering every direction from your previous trips.

You stumble across someone. It’s the same servant from the bathroom. Good timing, because you’re wondering if you’d get lost in the vast complex. “Hello,” you greet her.

“Oh, hello, sir,” the servant replies. “Having difficulties looking for direction?”

“Not really,” you answer. “Just wondering if I could find the dining room by myself.”

“I believe it would be better if I could show you the way,” the servant offers. “If you’re alright with it, sir.”

You consider the suggestion. Sure, you can always look for direction on your own, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask people of where you’d be heading to, would it? After all, you can kill some time talking with her. “Well, if you insist.”

She nods and turns around. “This way, please.” You just follow her lead, making sure you don’t overpass her all the way. She doesn’t seem to speak a lot; maybe she’s not accustomed to male visitors, or maybe she’s not the type who enjoys talking with people. Whatever it is, you suddenly have the urge to ask her about the occupants of Eientei, and she’s the only one you can forward the question to.

What do you want to ask?

[ ] Kaguya.
[ ] Eirin.
[ ] Reisen.
[ ] Herself.
[ ] Anyone else.
>> No. 14219
[x] Eirin.

Need to learn about the person who REALLY runs this place. We can ask more about Kaguya later.
>> No. 14221
[x] Eirin.
>> No. 14230
[ ] Eirin.
>> No. 14249
[x] Ta~su~kete Ei~rin
>> No. 14265
*[ ] Eirin.*

You remember Eirin. The first person you were introduced to upon your arrival. You start by asking the servant about her. “She’s a pharmacist,” the servant answers. “She takes care of everyone’s health in Eientei. Oh, she also sells medicine to people around Gensokyo. So in case you need medical check-up, she’s the person you can rely on.”

“I take it that she runs this place, yes?” She just nods. “Well, I understand if her hands are full, but she didn’t seem to be pleased seeing me.”

“Please, sir, don’t misunderstand her. She’s very friendly with visitors; she enjoys conversations with people like you as much as Princess Kaguya is,” she says. “You see, she was having a hard time managing Eientei after the earthquake struck. It was chaotic, if you ask me.”

Earthquake? Can there be earthquake in this seemingly peaceful land? “Must have been a very busy day,” you say.

The rest of the trip is uneventful. Neither you nor the servant is saying anything, and you don’t know what else to ask. Sure, you can ask her about Eirin again, but then it’s better to know the person yourself, so you keep the rest of the questions for now. After a few minutes you arrive at the dining room. “Please wait here for a moment,” the servant says and enters the room. You wait outside, thinking of what to talk of throughout the dinner, and it doesn’t take long before the servant comes back. “Princess Kaguya is inside. You can go in.”

“Thank you very much.” The servant just nods and leaves you, without even telling you her name. So much for the hospitality. You disregard that and turn your attention to the dinner. Wonder what kind of meal you’ll be having tonight. You slowly open the sliding door, and…

[ ] write-in only.
>> No. 14272
And...? And what?

[x] Are faced with the sight of Kaguya, Eirin and another girl with purple hair, chasing around an even smaller girl in a pink dress, screaming almost uncomprehensible things about a chicken wing.
>> No. 14294
[] A sea of rabbits
[] Reisen order everyone around
[] Kaguya looking at it amused
>> No. 14298
This kind of choice really shouldn't be left entirely to the readers to fully decide.
>> No. 14305
File 123609101012.jpg - (107.60KB , 456x700 , 58567cf65b72bcc4a1cb3c4de28133c9.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, sorry about that. Was planning to do full-length update that night, but tiredness caught me first. I don't exactly expect the readers to help, but there are situations where I can't trust my ideas enough to continue with the story. Also, I can't guarantee if I can update on regular basis, as again the updating speed depends entirely on the time and ideas I have. And even if I do, I'm not going to post wall of texts like I used to do before I came here. I'll appreciate every help, advice and suggestion from you people, anyway.

And so I'm off to write down the update.
>> No. 14308
But I have no idea what you did before you came here. Anyway, consider my vote to be:

[x] >>14294
>> No. 14320
Right. I have my final project to concentrate, if that's what you want to know. Also, I have the tendency to stay overnight to browse this site and others (can't help it if you live in different timezone).

And before I forget, what's the maximum word limit for posting?
>> No. 14335
>> No. 14340
[ ] A sea of rabbits.
[ ] The sight of Kaguya, Eirin and another girl with purple hair, chasing around an even smaller girl in a pink dress, screaming almost incomprehensible things about a chicken wing.
[ ] Kaguya looking at the duo’s antics amused.

You slowly open the sliding door, and are greeted with the sight of a sea of rabbits (rabbits? They look more like human to you) Kaguya, Eirin and another girl with purple hair, chasing an even smaller girl in pink dress, screaming almost incomprehensible things about a chicken wing. Kaguya, as you notice, is watching at the duo’s antic amused, with Eirin besides her telling the servants to get the meals ready.

“Tewi! Just you wait!!” The pink-dressed girl sticks her tongue as a response, which ticks the purple-haired girl to no end. “Jeez! You really don’t want to behave!” At this point you begin to wonder if this is how Kaguya’s daily life looks like, but you decide not to ask as you continue standing at the door.

Kaguya notices your presence. “Oh, hey! Over here, Mister Ivanov!” she waves from her place. You oblige and approach the table, paying no attention to the duos or even Eirin, though for a second you think she’s glancing at you. “I thought you wouldn’t come. What took you so long?”

“The bathroom was nice,” you answer. “Would have stayed there a bit longer if it wasn’t for the dinner.”

“But here you are,” Kaguya says with a giggle. “We were going to start without you, but since you’re here I guess we can begin the dinner right away.” You look at the meals. Your heart skips at the exquisite sight that stretches before you. You want to cry, and as a matter of fact you do, drenching the kimono with your tears. “I guess the luxury has left Mister Ivanov speechless.”

“Well, if that’s what you want to expect from an outsider, Princess,” Eirin giggles.

“I feel so unworthy of these foods…” you murmur.

Kaguya orders the two girls to sit down and asks the servants to sit as well. “Well, then,” she speaks after everyone gets seated. “Ittadakimasu!”
You have quality time enjoying the dinner. You lend Kaguya your ears as she actively tells you how she has to persuade the chefs to cook Russian dishes despite not in regular menu. You’re still unfamiliar with Eirin, though after a while the two of you start talking. You can’t pay enough attention to the two other girls who are in constant disagreement over the food, although it’s the purple-haired girl who argues a lot more.

“You know, all we’re talking of is food and food,” Kaguya speaks and laughs afterwards, “but we keep forgetting to introduce to each other. Isn’t that silly, Mister Ivanov?”

“Right. I guess I should start the introduction.” You cough a bit, correcting your pose as you do. “Captain Yuri Ivanov, Third Guards Rifle Division,” you begin. “I have fought in Moscow, Stalingrad, Kiev and Kurland as a part of the defenders. I have trained in the Siberian wilderness for the entire winter before posted to the Western Front.” You notice that, except for Kaguya and Eirin, the rest of the diners are staring at you in both amazement and surprise. You almost want to reveal Yukari as the culprit, but you decide against it and only tell them you stumbled across a mysterious cave that linked your world with Gensokyo. “So… I guess I am done with the introduction.”

Kaguya smiles and takes her turn. “I’m Kaguya Houraisan, as you may have known,” she speaks. “As the master of Eientei, I welcome you to this place.”

“Eirin Yagokoro,” Eirin says. “I’m sorry if I didn’t introduce to you earlier.”

“Tewi Inaba. Pleased to meet you!” the girl in pink salutes before she points to the purple-haired girl. “And this is Reisen. She’s a useless bunny only good for her sex appeal.” The said girl snaps and starts yelling at her yet it is promptly ignored as Tewi plays deaf.

“The residents are surely lively, aren’t they?” Kaguya laughs at the question, and you stare at her in confusion. “What? Did I say something wrong, Miss Kaguya?”

“I bet your crowd was even livelier,” she says.

“Ah… hah…” You force yourself to laugh over the matter.

The dining continues for another one hour. You fully use the given advantage to repeat the story of your struggle against the implacable Nazi war machine, how you lost your comrades holding out against the evil tide and your ambition of protecting the Motherland from the merciless invaders. You give out details of every skirmish you participated, every enemy convoy you and your comrades encountered, and every enemy you took down with your scoped Mossin-Nagant, doing various hand gestures and mimicking sound effects to enhance the narration. Not only Kaguya is interested in the story, but the rest of the residents also are, especially Tewi who can’t stop saying “that’s awesome, Captain!” at each story. (Captain, huh? You like the sound of it already.)

Then the conversation goes a bit serious. Eirin explains about the whereabouts of Gensokyo, its dwellers and places of interest. She also tells you that not many outsiders are lucky enough to find a way into Gensokyo, let alone stumbling across an access path, and although you find the information interesting, you can’t help wondering if she deliberately leaves out some details.

“Say, Mister Ivanov.”


“Are you really serious of having the rabbit as your emergency food?” You put the cutleries down and stare at Kaguya, who in turn stares back at you. “I mean, it’s grown attached to you and you don’t seem to mind petting it.”

“I thought I had agreed with you on not turning it to food,” you say.

“Well…” She’s a bit hesitant before she continues. “Just in case you suddenly change your mind. That’s why I’m asking.”

“You see, Miss Kaguya…” Before you can continue one of the servants suddenly jumps onto her feet and accuses you for animal abuse, and shortly afterwards the rest of the rabbits (with the exception of Reisen and Tewi) join in. although she doesn’t say anything, Eirin does eye at you, as if asking you to answer her curiosity as well.

Kaguya coughs. “Silence,” she tells the crowd in a strangely stern manner, a complete contrast from her usual cheeriness. One of the rabbits insists to keep voicing her opinion, yet Kaguya is adamant on letting you voice your opinion, even to the point of threatening to expel her from the mansion if she refuses.

Kaguya turns to you afterwards. “Please, Mister Ivanov. Tell us,” she says, her smile returning. “It wouldn’t hurt sharing your thoughts with us, would it?”

You consider…

[ ] explaining on how snipers like you need every piece of luck they can.
[ ] telling them you aren’t going to let your first meal slip away.
[ ] asking the rabbits what the big deal of their unfounded worry instead.


I guess this should do for this morning. I'll keep the votes open for two to three days or until I get enough votes to continue writing. Ask away if you're curious about this CYOA in general.
>> No. 14344
[ ] asking the rabbits what the big deal of their unfounded worry instead.
>> No. 14347
[x] asking the rabbits what the big deal of their unfounded worry instead.
>> No. 14349
[ ] asking the rabbits what the big deal of their unfounded worry instead
>> No. 14366
File 123662972279.jpg - (73.91KB , 607x303 , 1205264328750.jpg ) [iqdb]
*[ ] asking the rabbits what the big deal of their unfounded worry.*

You stare at the rabbits nearest to you. The moment eye contact is established they shudder and hide their face from sight. You aren’t very content with the term ‘animal abuse’ since it never exists in your dictionary and you’re sure your instructor would never come up with the term during your boot camp days.

“What’s the big deal? It’s not that I’m going to hunt down anyone of you after this.” You can sense the atmosphere turning gloom at the mention of ‘hunt down’ and you can only shake your head in amusement. “Why the worried look? Do I look like serial rabbit killer or something?”

“But!” one of the rabbits interjects. “Hunting our kind for lucky charm? That’s horrible!”

You squint at the rabbit. She obviously doesn’t understand the situation you’d face, and you’re certain neither is the rest. “It can’t be helped, can it?” You take out your lucky charm, never forgetting to bring with each time you go out, and put it on the table. The rabbit looks at the item, seemingly confused at the alien object and she murmurs to her friend. “Don’t getting my message? Fine; try having yourself cornered in city ruins where all weapons are aimed at your head and you have nowhere to escape. What are you going to do about it?”

“But that still doesn’t explain why you want to hunt us down!” another rabbit argues.

You glare at the rabbit. “Do you have any problem with me?” Seriously they’re beginning to tick you off, and you would’ve silenced them with a bullet or two had you brought your Mossin-Nagant along.

“Hmm…” Eirin scratches her chin before she turns to you. “I understand the situation you’re facing, Mister Ivanov,” she speaks. “I can see that you’re a sniper serving your country, and I respect your opinion. Though I can’t help feeling a little doubtful if luck is the only thing in your mind.”

You almost want to start an argument but you realize this isn’t the best time. “Whatever,” you shrug and put back the lucky charm. “I’d rather not start an argument lest I’d provoke the wrath of my charming host. Sorry.”

“Oh? Looks like Captain is interested in the princess already,” Tewi teases.

“Tewi, hush!” Reisen interjects.

“But the soldier did the good job in scaring the rabbits,” Eirin jokes wryly. “Maybe I should employ him instead of Udonge.”

“Mistress!!” Reisen moans.

“Ah… hah…” you sigh.
The dinner ends two hours later. You have fulfilled your very basic necessity, praising the Motherland for the exquisite delicacy. With that done, all you can do for is to sit down and relax with Kaguya, watching Reisen and the rabbits working to clean up the room. Eirin already left, saying she had something to do at the medical store. Tewi is nowhere to be seen, and that’s kind of a relief because you were kind of tired by her endless addressing throughout the dinner.

You turn to Kaguya. “Sorry about earlier,” you apologize. “I knew it wasn’t the right time to argue, but at times I need to make my opinions heard.”

“N-no! It was fine that way,” Kaguya replies. “It’s kind of unfair not letting you speak.”

You have to laugh. “Unfair? I’m not the talkative type, Miss Kaguya, and I don’t see any fun in talking. Besides, you’re the one who started that. Asking me about that rabbit of all things,” you tease.

“I couldn’t just sit and do nothing about the rabbit’s faith, could I?” Kaguya laughs. “Anyway, if you have anything in your mind, don’t be afraid to tell me. I’ll try my best to help. Is it alright with you, Mister Ivanov?” You can only smile. Oh, Miss Kaguya, you and your generosity.

Now that you mention generosity, you find yourself utterly bored. At this point you wonder if you can do something to kill time. You should…

[ ] lend Reisen your hand. She looks like she could have some help.
[ ] have more conversation with Kaguya. Ask her of any details Eirin missed out.
[ ] head to your room. It’s time to call it a day. Tomorrow is waiting.
[ ] go outside. Take some fresh air and enjoy your first outdoor night in Gensokyo.
>> No. 14392
[x] have more conversation with Kaguya. Ask her of any details Eirin missed out.
>> No. 14393
[ ] have more conversation with Kaguya. Ask her of any details Eirin missed out.
>> No. 14394
[x] Start a different conversation with Kaguya. Her likes and dislikes, maybe?
>> No. 14398
[x] lend Reisen your hand. She looks like she could have some help.

We are a soldier. It feels odd to just sit back and do... nothing.
>> No. 14409
[ ] lend Reisen your hand. She looks like she could have some help.
>> No. 14454
No updates to be posted (still writing as we speak), but I'm just wondering that in any rate, we will be done with Day One before this thread gets saged. Not that I want to complain the lack of discussion, but oh well.
>> No. 14455
[x] have more conversation with Kaguya. Ask her of any details Eirin missed out.
>> No. 14456
[X] go outside. Take some fresh air and enjoy your first outdoor night in Gensokyo.

And snipe Mokou in our paranoia. Just to see the reaction.
>> No. 14457
File 12367959471.jpg - (121.42KB , 450x651 , 1236535224418.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] have more conversation with Kaguya. Ask her of any details Eirin missed out. After that:
[ ] lend Reisen your hand. She looks like she could have some help.

You ask Kaguya of any details Eirin missed out during her explanatory season about Gensokyo. You’re curious about the inhabitants, and you’re intrigued if she knows anything about them. At the very least, you should learn their name.

“Hmm? I thought Eirin has explained enough,” she says.

“I just want to hear your opinions,” you answer. “Besides, Eirin left out some of the details, like… people you have actually met. So yeah.”

“Well, if you say so.” She corrects her sitting position and tidies her hair a bit. “Last spring we got visited by the Hakurei shrine maiden and her friend- who was it again? Yes, Yukari. The Lady of Borders, as she told us. It was nothing important; it’s just that Yukari’s servant’s servant got spring fever, and Eirin happened to have the remedy.”

Yukari. Just mentioning the name is enough to make your blood boil in anger. How dare her barging in your privacy and making fun of Motherland. On top of that, who did she think she was, calling you a little soldier as she liked?

Kaguya somehow notices the troubled look on your face. “Something bothering you, Mister Ivanov?”

You shake your head. “No; thanks for telling, though. It was worth asking. Anyway…” You turn to Reisen. She looks like she could have extra hands, and judging from the situation you should give her some help. “Looks like someone doesn’t have enough hands,” you say and approach the still-unaware Reisen. “Need some help?”

Reisen turns to you, obviously startled. “…yes, sure,” she reluctantly agrees, much to the intrigue of the other rabbits. “But I’m not sure if Princess would agree-”

“Oh, no, I’m fine with it,” Kaguya assures.

“Well, if you don’t mind.” Reisen looks around her and points you to a basinful of dishes some of the rabbits are struggling to carry. “Can you take them to the kitchen? You don’t have to wash them; the rabbits will do the job.”

You look at the rabbits. “Just take them to the kitchen, eh?” You approach the rabbits and offer to carry the load. You can’t help noticing them giggling shyly as they hand over the basin, and you slightly groan as the weight shifts into your hands. “Heavier than I thought,” you say, much to the rabbits’ amusement. You disregard the hefty weight and carry the basin to the kitchen.

It only takes a few precious minutes and the errand is done. The rabbits are thanking you, and Reisen expresses her delight over the help. You’re grateful, as well; if anything you feel this is the start of your path towards gaining the rabbits’ trust. Though you’re kind of disappointed for not using the chance to know Reisen better.

It doesn’t matter. You are tired and there isn’t anything better to do after this anyway. You’re not heading back to the dining room, presuming Kaguya might probably have gone to her room by now.

[ ] head to your room.
[ ] stay for a while.


Question: what rifle is Reisen holding in the picture?
>> No. 14458
[X] Go outside, sleep under the stars.
Bring Mossin-Nagant.
Snipe Mokou, get reaction.
>> No. 14459
[X] Go outside, sleep under the stars.
>> No. 14460
[ ] stay for a while.
>> No. 14466
[x] Go outside, sleep under the stars.
>> No. 14482
*[ ] Go outside, sleep under the stars.*

Despite the comfort of the room you’re so craving for, you still prefer napping under the stars with sometimes nothing more than your clothes to keep you warm. It has become your second nature of sort and you never find any problem in finding a spot to lie onto, whether it’s a piece of rock or next to tank’s turret.

With that decided you return to your room to take the MP40, just in case someone or something (hopefully not Yukari) decides to disrupt your otherwise peaceful sleep. After making sure the ammunition is adequate you head out, taking care of not alerting the resident
>> No. 14483
[ ] Go outside, sleep under the stars.

Despite the comfort of the room you’re so craving for, you still prefer napping under the stars with sometimes nothing more than your clothes to keep you warm. It has become your second nature of sort and you never find any problem in finding a spot to lie onto, whether it’s a piece of rock or next to tank’s turret.

With that decided you return to your room to take the MP40, just in case someone or something (hopefully not Yukari) decides to disrupt your otherwise peaceful sleep. After making sure the ammunition is adequate you head out, taking care of not alerting the residents. It only
>> No. 14484
Fuck, twice I got the Internal Server error. What the fuck?


[ ] Go outside, sleep under the stars.

Despite the comfort of the room you’re so craving for, you still prefer napping under the stars with sometimes nothing more than your clothes to keep you warm. It has become your second nature of sort and you never find any problem in finding a spot to lie onto, whether it’s a piece of rock or next to tank’s turret.

With that decided you return to your room to take the MP40, just in case someone or something (hopefully not Yukari) decides to disrupt your otherwise peaceful sleep. After making sure the ammunition is adequate you h
>> No. 14486
*[ ] Go outside, sleep under the stars.*

Despite the comfort of the room you’re so craving for, you still prefer napping under the stars with sometimes nothing more than your clothes to keep you warm. It has become your second nature of sort and you never find any problem in finding a spot to lie onto, whether it’s a piece of rock or next to tank’s turret.

With that decided you return to your room to take the MP40, just in case someone or something (hopefully not Yukari) decides to disrupt your otherwise peaceful sleep. After making sure the ammunition is adequate you head out, taking care of not alerting the residents. It only takes a few minutes to reach the backyard since you have the route memorized and imprinted in your mind, and it doesn’t take very long before you find a suitable resting place, too.

“This should do.”

You sit down on the patch of grass. Man, it feels so good to have the feeling of moist ground again. You kind of missed the snowy ground, but you’re sure you’ll get used to it. Putting the gun on your chest, you lie on your back and look up, admiring the heavenly sight of the night sky, the first in your life as a soldier. Alas, if only your fellows were here…

As you keep watching the scenery, your mind rewinds all the flashbacks, from the moment you discovered the mysterious cave to when you met the princess named Kaguya, from the fated encounter with the Lady of Boundary to your introduction to the Eientei. As your mind begins to falter, you begin to wonder if there’s any significance behind your presence in this exotic land named Gensokyo.

You close your eyes. It’s time to call it a day. Goodnight, strange zaichata.
Day: ONE
Route Status: LOCKED
Commentary: good work, comrade. You have accomplished your mission; not bad for a stranger in this land. Now sit back, relax and enjoy your well-deserved as new day is fast approaching.


Also, ca anyone of the mods delete >>14482>>14483>>14484 please? My password can't be used, and it really sucks.
>> No. 14569
File 123713678141.gif - (9.69KB , 104x104 , avvy_kaguya.gif ) [iqdb]
Day Two is on the way, folks. Seven minutes is all I need to spend.
>> No. 14570

Day One Overview:
Yuri Ivanov, a soldier in the Soviet Army with the rank Captain, stumbled across a cave while evading German troopers and thus passageway to Gensokyo and met Kaguya Houraisan at the Bamboo Forest who later invited him to the Eientei as honorary guest. There, while taking bath at Eientei’s indoor hot-spring he met the Lady of Boundary Yukari Yakumo who told him she had plans regarding his presence in Gensokyo but did not lay out the details. After the introductory session with the households Ivanov decided to sleep outside, without any idea of what awaited him…

// loading… //

You open eyes. It’s so dark, and you cannot see anything. You figure that it’s still night time, but then you notice that the sky is mysteriously missing and the grass you’re lying on is missing as well. You stand up and realize you are no longer at Eientei, but in a pitch black room with absolutely no light whatsoever. What happened? Who brought you to this place of nowhere?

“Well, well. Looks like our little soldier is scared of the dark. Should I turn on the light for you?”

You know that voice. It’s Yukari. You turn around, trying to spot her. She is nowhere to be seen in the darkness, and you can only hear her laughs. “Show yourself! Don’t hide like a coward!” She keeps on laughing, and you are more annoyed than you are scared. “What do you want from me?”

“What do I want from you?” Slowly she materializes out of the darkness, this time showing her full form instead of sticking out from gap like she did the last time. “Well, it’s obvious that you have something I want, but I’m not here to tell you that. I’m just… concerned of my guest’s welfare.”

You reach for the MP40, only to yourself unarmed. “Looking for this?” You turn back to Yukari and see her holding the sub-machinegun. How did she get it without alerting you? “You’re so helpless without any weapon, little soldier. How pitiful.”

“Like that will stop me from fighting!” You charge at Yukari, hand clenched into a fist and aimed at her face. She parries it with the MP40, and in the negligence that follows she counterattacks with a roundhouse that is flawlessly executed despite her flamboyant dress.

“Oh? You have guts to attack me, little soldier,” Yukari murmurs and effortlessly disassemble the MP40, before discarding the pieces into the darkness. “That’s too bad, because you don’t have any idea of who the boss is.”

“Don’t fuck with me!” you bark and pounce back at her, only to fall onto your knee. The pain on your kidney is so agonizing you can no longer stand up. “What the hell do you really want?”

“Hmm… I wonder…” She makes a pistol gesture with her hand and points it at you. “You know, I’d like to tell you all the details here, but judging from your stubbornness I guess I’ll have to postpone it to other day.”

“Then why are you here? What’s your purpose?” you reply, now beginning to lost conscious as the pain starts to seep into your veins.

“Like I want to tell you that.” You look at her, still angry over whatever she’s doing to you. “Well, I’m not going to let your sleep disrupted for any longer. Goodnight, little soldier, and have a sweet dream.”

She smirks. “Bang.”
Your eyelids storm wide. Thick sweat drenches off your face and dampens your dress. Your heart beats wildly against your chest, running out of control. Your body is totally sore, like you have gone through the longest run in your entire life. Not only that your waist is throbbing in pain, as if someone had kicked you on the body part. For a minute or two you are in complete state of cluelessness, not knowing whether it was a dream or not.

After what seems to be ten minutes of complete silence, you snap. What… what the freaking hell was Yukari doing in your dream? You reach for the MP40 and to your appalled shock it’s gone. Damn. It’s your first day, and already the lady of boundary decided to meddle with your life? What’s up with her?

To hell with that. All you know that she had disrupted your sleep, and you so want to continue slumbering. You close your eyes, cussing her name in your mother’s tongue and slowly doze off. You haven’t had proper sleep in a long time, and you seriously need one.

Or not, as you feel something hopping onto you. You ignore it at first, but then it starts to thump erratically on your chest. Oh, great. What is it this time? Can’t she just leave you alone?

You reluctantly open your eyes again, and instead of Yukari you see…

[ ] the white rabbit.
[ ] Tewi.
>> No. 14571
File 123714052338.jpg - (110.03KB , 1045x415 , 1203452895488.jpg ) [iqdb]
Forgot to write in that post, people, but we are now in Day Two. New day, new adventure, new whatever. So yeah.
>> No. 14572
[ ] the white rabbit.
>> No. 14573
[ ] the white rabbit.
>> No. 14574
[x] Tewi.
>> No. 14582
[x] Tewi.
>> No. 14591
[X] Tewi.
>> No. 14615
[ze] The white rabbit.

We shall call it Mie.
Someone out there probably gets that.
>> No. 14616
[x] the white rabbit.
>> No. 14619
Oh you.
>> No. 14626
File 123722295053.jpg - (9.76KB , 362x218 , waitwhat - Copy.jpg ) [iqdb]
I don't get it. Can anyone point me to the source?

Regardless, this CYOA has somewhat rekindled my interest in military arms, and I'm not just talking about weaponry in games but also in general. Speaking of which, had played the final stages of World at War's Soviet campaign, and I immediately fell in love with the PTRS-41. So yeah, I may give Ivanov appropriate upgrades throughout the story, if the situation permits.

Well, sorry for the off-topic content. Since the choice is pretty much decided, I'll begin the update. Seven minutes, maybe more, is all I need to have. A question, though: how's my portrayal of Yukari?
>> No. 14630
*[ ] the white rabbit.*

“Please…” you groan, obviously distraught by the rabbit’s presence. “I need to sleep a bit more. Can’t you leave me for a while?” The rabbit doesn’t pay attention (perhaps because it’s a rabbit for the sake of Motherland?) and continues thumping your chest. You try your best to resist the pounding but eventually you’ve had it enough. So you rise and pick it up, glowering at the critter as it stays placid in your grip. “Seriously, what makes you doing that? Also, how did you find me here?”

“There you are, Mister Ivanov.” You turn to the direction of the voice and see Kaguya standing not far from you, accompanied by Reisen who is obviously staring at you in intrigue. “You weren’t at your room, so I thought I should go look for you outside.”

“Did I just freak out the households?” you ask.

“You didn’t,” Kaguya replies with a smile. “Well, Reisen did freak out when she reported me of your… disappearance.”

“I did not!” Reisen interjects. “It was Tewi who told me he was missing!” Almost at the same time Tewi appears, much to the purple-haired girl’s surprise. “Tewi! Look what you’ve done!”

“What did I do?” Tewi asks with a smirk. “Obviously, the Captain wanted to sleep outdoor, and it wasn’t right to disturb him.” She, then, looks at you. “Right, Captain?”

“Hey! You aren’t even listening, Tewi!” Reisen barks.

“Stop arguing, both of you. Mister Ivanov just woke up here,” she tells them. “Anyway, I’ll be at the kitchen for breakfast. Ask Reisen if you need to find the direction.” She turns to both Tewi and Reisen and tells them something you cannot apprehend before she returns indoor, leaving the two girls to continue their argument. The rabbit finally flees your grip and follows Kaguya’s lead, which is surprising to the very least since only pets would do that.

You sigh. Regardless of the otherwise disturbing encounter with the lady of boundary, and the strange behaviour of the rabbit, you feel exquisitely refreshed after the longest sleep in your life as a soldier. Now that you’ve earned your rest, you feel ready to begin the day.

[ ] return to your room.
[ ] head to the kitchen for breakfast.
>> No. 14634
[ ] return to your room.
>> No. 14635
[x] head to the kitchen for breakfast.
>> No. 14638
>how's my portrayal of Yukari?
Perhaps too cryptic, other than that, it definitely feels like a youkai of boundaries that will fuck your life up out of boredom.

[x] head to the kitchen for breakfast.
>> No. 14639
[x] head to the kitchen for breakfast.
>> No. 14640
[x] head to the kitchen for breakfast.
[x] Pick up the two arguing girls on the way. One under each arm.
>> No. 14642
[x] Head to the kitchen for breakfast.

Harker's story, "Contemplations Under Moon and Stars" features an original character who is one of the many bunny girls at Eientei. Her name is Yue.

Yue, Mie, we all e for e e.
>> No. 14646
File 123731708155.jpg - (236.70KB , 1000x687 , 1237289917776.jpg ) [iqdb]
Too cryptic, eh? Well, I'll try to make it less obscure in future writing, though I admit I like how I described Yukari up till now.

Ah, yes. I'll have the story checked and read.

As usual, no updates for tonight until I can get my brain to work properly (not even a glass of coffee helped). Have an Udonge.
>> No. 14703
[ ] head to the kitchen for breakfast.
[ ] Pick up the two arguing on the way. One under each arm.

Your stomach grumbles. Right, you better have it filled before the day can start. With that decided you stand up and approach Reisen and Tewi. “Alright, enough with the argument.” You pick up the twos, one under each arm and head straight to the kitchen. “You two are coming with me.”

“What the- hey! Put us down!” Reisen yelps. The equally surprised Tewi tries to flee your arm but you choose to ignore as you continue your trip, walking pass several rabbits that are looking at you in sheer curiosity. You swear you can hear one of the rabbits saying “see? I’ve told you he’s a bad person,” and another rabbit saying, “he’s going to hunt us after this! I’m so scared…”

You halt. You look over your shoulder, and give them a very deep glare as you say “yeah, I hunt rabbits for breakfast, so what?” You watch as they back off in terror and shake your head in amusement; it’s meant to be a joke but it seems they’re taking it too seriously. Not all of the rabbits are willing to accept your presence in the Eientei.

“Way to go, zaichata,” you murmur.

You and the girls arrive at the kitchen. The moment you approach the door Tewi finally gets free and sticks her tongue at you in frustration before she heads to the table where. “Well, so much for someone who calls me Captain a lot,” you shrug (Tewi sulks when she hears this, and you can’t help thinking how adorable she in the pouting face).

“Err… Mister Ivanov?” Reisen calls you. “Could you… let go off me?” Oh, right, you almost forgot. You loosen your arm, careful not to suddenly drop her onto the floor, and she effortlessly stands straight up. “Thanks, though it was kind of… embarrassing when you were-”

“Embarrassing? You call that embarrassing?” you chide. “Or would you rather be hauled over my shoulders like how I used to carry logs in my hometown?”

“What?” By now her face is burning in a mixture of embarrassment and disdain, and you can hear Tewi chuckling over Reisen’s reaction as she growls at you in anger. “Don’t compare me with logs, Mister Ivanov! And before you even ask, I’m not that heavy!”

“She’sh gane shum weit tish week, Cap’n,” Tewi shouts, her mouth muffled with the carrot she’s eating.

“I did not!” Reisen moans.

“It seems the strange zaichata is having argument of his own with Inaba.” You turn to your left and see Kaguya and Eirin approaching, with the white rabbit tagging along. “Good morning, Mister Ivanov.”

“Good morning, Miss Kaguya, Miss Eirin,” you reply. “Thought I’d see you here right away.”

“Well, I thought I could gather everyone for breakfast,” she answers. “But here I am.”

“I can see that, though… strange zaichata?” You raise an eyebrow to emphasize your curiosity over the nick she just used. “What’s that for?”

Kaguya giggles. “It’s cute, really,” she says.

You step aside, allowing them to walk in before you and Reisen follow the lead. Kaguya motions at you to take the seat next to her, in which you do as you approach the table. “How was your outdoor sleep?” she asks.

You shrug. “It was fine, thanks.” You decide on not telling her the unpleasant encounter with Yukari just yet; not until you can have the lady of boundary explain everything. “Brought back memories of my first, too.”

“You’re aware that it’s not safe for normal human to stay outside, let alone sleeping, aren’t you?” Eirin asks while handing Kaguya ceramic glass containing green tea.

Kaguya shushes the pharmacist. “Eirin, at least he was sleeping at the courtyard,” she tells her.

“Nobody told me it isn’t safe outdoor,” you shrug.

“Nah, Cap’n wud probably be awrite,” Tewi said, still munching the carrot as you notice. Reisen scolds her for the lack of table manners but gets ignored again as she keeps talking with her mouth full.

“So, Mister Ivanov.” Kaguya turns to you. “What would you like for breakfast?”

[ ] write-in.
>> No. 14707
[x] Discipline
[x] Hard work
[x] The death of my enemies...
[x] Oh, and some orange juice would be nice, too.
[x] Have whatever they're having. You wouldn't want to impose.
>> No. 14712
>“What would you like for breakfast?”
It had to be rabbits so,
I can't choose.
>> No. 14719
[x] Discipline
[x] Hard work
[x] The death of my enemies...
[x] Oh, and some orange juice would be nice, too.
[x] Have whatever they're having. You wouldn't want to impose.

>> No. 14720
[x] Discipline
[x] Hard work
[x] The death of my enemies...
[x] Oh, and some orange juice would be nice, too.
[x] Have whatever they're having. You wouldn't want to impose.
>> No. 14723
Awesome indeed.

Writing now. Seven minutes.
>> No. 14730
File 123752972126.jpg - (118.30KB , 500x500 , 1236792179129.jpg ) [iqdb]
[ ] Discipline.
[ ] Hard work.
[ ] The death of my enemies…
[ ] Oh, and some orange juices would be nice, too.
[ ] Have whatever they’re having. You wouldn’t want to impose.

“Discipline. Hard work.” You begin your speech. “These were the things I’d take for breakfast, day after day, for weeks nonstop ever since the war started. Of course I took something else, but as soldiers these were my top priority. For extra delicacy, I also dined in the death of my enemies; fresh from hunting ground is my preference. Headshot kill is a bonus, too.” You pause as to correct your posture. “Oh, and some orange juices would be nice.”

You stop as to watch their reactions. Reisen’s eyes bulge out of their sockets, Tewi is in utter awe, Eirin keeps herself quiet while Kaguya is looking at you in amusement. The white rabbit is doing nothing else but munching on a carrot Tewi had given earlier.

“You’re scary, Mister Ivanov,” Reisen comments.

“At least I didn’t have rabbits for breakfast,” you answer jokingly, much to the purple-haired girl’s ire. Tewi points to Reisen and laughs at her feeble reaction to the joke.

“We’re going to have toast with omelette for breakfast this morning, but if Mister Ivanov wants something else, we can have it prepared,” Kaguya tells you.

“I’d take anything,” you shrug. “Can’t afford to be fussy when it comes to food.”

“Then, it’s decided.” Kaguya turns to the servant (who to your surprise is the very same person who had helped you on the bathroom and guiding last night). “Bring us tea and orange juices. And-oh, make him some pancakes, too.”

“Yes, Princess,” the servant obliges.

“Can I have pancake, too?” Tewi asks.

Toast, omelette and pancake. The very thought of it makes you feel guilty over yourself. Once again, you feel like crying over your unworthiness as Kaguya’s guest of honour, only this time you remind yourself not to show your apparent weakness. As breakfast are served, Tewi cheers and starts eating feverishly, ignoring Reisen who tries in vain to remind her on table manners.

“So, Mister Ivanov, what’s your plan for today?” Kaguya asks.

You stop munching the pancake. “I don’t know. The truth is, I don’t even know what I’m going to do after this,” you answer. “And I’m not the kind of person who would stay home when the backyard offers more adventure.”

“I’m sure that can be applied to the princess, too,” Eirin comments. You grin a little when you see Kaguya pouting over the remark. “Mister Ivanov can take her for a walk just outside the mansion. It wouldn’t hurt to bask under the sun and get free vitamin D, would it?”

“But Eirin!” Kaguya protests. “What about my MMO? You’re telling me to ditch it altogether?” MMO? What is Kaguya talking of?

“I never said anything about ditching, am I Princess?” Eirin asks with an eyebrow batted upward. “I’m merely suggesting that you should lessen your MMO time and go out more often.” She turns to you afterwards, paying no attention to Kaguya as she keeps mumbling over gaming of whatever you think. “That’s right; he’s a soldier. He can’t afford to neglect his responsibility to the Motherland, can he?”

You cough a bit. She has a point; there’s no use for a soldier to start his day without his vow to protect the Motherland until his last breath. “Though I doubt I’d consider doing the same thing here,” you speak.

“I suppose he can help us with the pharmacy,” Reisen suggests. “We could have some extra hands to carry those heavy boxes.”

“But Captain likes adventure, right?” Tewi asks. “Maybe I can take him for a walk at the bamboo forest.” When Reisen insists she wants to teach you how to prank, Tewi gives her a very mischievous smug. “Oh, you just want to be lifted like a log, right?” Tewi asks back.

“Tewi!” Reisen moans.

“Such a lively conversation we’re having this morning,” you say. “Let me think about it first.”

[ ] help Reisen and the rabbits at the pharmacy.
[ ] go for a walk at the bamboo forest with Tewi.
[ ] go somewhere else.

If [ ] go somewhere else:
[ ] ask if there’s any place you can visit.
[ ] don’t ask and trust your sense of direction instead.


Well, this should do for now.
>> No. 14734
[x] Go for a walk in the bamboo forest with Tewi.
[x] Ask Tewi to teach you the layout of area, and how to find your way back if you get lost.
>> No. 14735
[x] Go for a walk in the bamboo forest with Tewi.
[x] Ask Tewi to teach you the layout of area, and how to find your way back if you get lost.
>> No. 14736
[x] Ask if there are any other places in Gensokyo you might want to know about, so that you can visit them at a later time if need be.
[x] help Reisen and the rabbits at the pharmacy.
>> No. 14738
[x] Go for a walk in the bamboo forest with Tewi.
[x] Ask Tewi to teach you the layout of area, and how to find your way back if you get lost.
>> No. 14739
[x] Go for a walk in the bamboo forest with Tewi.
[x] Ask Tewi to teach you the layout of area, and how to find your way back if you get lost.
>> No. 14741
File 123760393191.jpg - (30.22KB , 203x189 , geh - Copy.jpg ) [iqdb]
Geh, can't do updates today, not until I can get over the problem with my ISP and its shitty connection service. So yeah, this will have to wait for a while. Hopefully by next Monday I'll be able to resume posting.
>> No. 14784
[ ] Go for a walk in the bamboo forest with Tewi.
[ ] Ask Tewi to teach you the layout of area and how to find your way back if you get lost.

Right. The first place you got into soon after you walked out of the cave was the bamboo forest. You’re sure you could learn a thing or two about it while you’re staying. Who knows, you may be able to apply the knowledge with your proficiency in the art of sniping “Say, I was wondering if Tewi could teach me the layout of the bamboo forest and its routes,” you utter.

“That’s quite a thought, but why bamboo forest?” Kaguya asks.

“Well, maybe I can find my way back if I get lost there,” you shrug.

Tewi grins. “I can arrange for that, Captain, if you don’t mind going out for a walk,” she says with a wink.

“As a matter of fact, I was thinking of doing that, too,” you say. “Whatever it is, let me get dressed up after this. Can’t afford to walk outdoor with this attire, can I?” You finish the last piece of the pancake and breathe deeply in pleasure, tapping your tummy at the same time. “My praise to the Motherland for this exquisite meal. My blood, my heart, my soul, I shall offer them for your grace,” you speak.

Kaguya claps her hand. “Splendid speech, Mister Ivanov. Splendid.”

You sheepishly grin. “Thank you, Miss Kaguya.”

After the breakfast, you kill some time by helping Reisen with the dishwashing, using the opportunity to forge friendship of sort with her (although Tewi’s constant teasing at Reisen for being a useless bunny takes a lot to get used to). By this time Eirin and the servant have left, though Kaguya stays behind as to feed the rabbit. With the chore finished you excuse yourself and return to your room. There you stumble across the servant, holding what looks like the uniform you had asked to be cleaned last night.

“Your uniform is ready, sir,” she speaks.

“Good to hear that, because I was about to ask you for it.” You examine the clothes and notice they are thoroughly clean; your first thought is that the servant (or whoever did the cleaning) must have gone through hard time scrubbing the stains. It smells nice, too; you wonder what kind of washing agent they used. “You did well; I appreciate it. Though I admit I’ll miss the scent of battlefield after this,” you joke.

“I’ve done everything I could to have the clothes clean as you asked, sir,” the servant answers. “I hope you find the service satisfying.”

“Yes, very much so. Spasibo.”

She tilts her head, one of her rabbit ears drooping to the left as she does. “Excuse me?”

“In your language, that would be ‘thanks,” you tell her.

“Oh, yes.” She grins, as if she’s learning the new word. “Well, I’ll hope you’ll enjoy your day.”

The servant leaves. You enter the room and take the precious minutes to dress up; it feels good to be wearing the uniform back. You also strap on your gears, never forgetting your role as a soldier and as a safety precaution in case the trip goes amiss. You examine the scoped Mossin-Nagant and open the bullet chamber, making sure the bullets are still there. Right; while you’re at it maybe you can ask Tewi of any place you can resupply your ammunition stock (and if possible, finding a replacement for your lost MP40).

You leave the room. You make haste to the gate and meet Kaguya with the likes of Tewi and the white rabbit. “Looks like the strange zaichata is all geared up,” Kaguya says.

“I don’t find the calling particularly comfortable,” you cough.

“Why? It fits you the most,” she giggles. “Plus, you used that to describe yourself, weren’t you?”

“Not on daily basis, Miss Kaguya,” you tell her. “Not on daily basis.”

Kaguya, then, turns to Tewi and speaks of something you can’t comprehend (Tewi seems to grin at every word the princess is saying and you can only wonder), before she turns back to you. “Well, have fun exploring the bamboo forest, Mister Ivanov, and please be careful.”

“I will,” you nod.

She head backs to the mansion and leaves you with Tewi; the white rabbit follows her lead, hopping all the way as they enter the door and disappear from sight. You look at Tewi who in turn looks back at you.

“So, Captain, ready for some jungle trekking?” she asks.

You nod and holster the rifle. “I’m more than ready, Comrade Tewi. Lead the way.” She grins widely at the address; maybe she’s been waiting to be called that.

“Well, then.” She tiptoes to the front and point to the bamboo forest. “Which way do you want to go?”

[ ] left.
[ ] right.
[ ] straight ahead.


Well, I hope I got the Russian right, as I know nothing of the language (had to consult my friend for its translation).
>> No. 14785
File 123782072673.jpg - (138.82KB , 500x700 , donations.jpg ) [iqdb]
BTW, a very silly problem nonetheless: I can't do the coding for bold, italic, underline, spoilers and such right. Anyone help me, please?

Picture somewhat related.
>> No. 14786
[x] I see only bamboo. Direction has lost any meaning. Pick a way Comrade Tewi.
>> No. 14787
Coding? It's like this : (although with my current luck, I'll screw this up as well)

[ b ] BOLD [ /b ]
[ u ] Underline [ /u ]
[ i ] Italics [ /i ]
[ spoiler ] Spoiler [ /spoiler ]

Just erase the spaces between the []'s and what's in the middle.
>> No. 14788
[x] You hope to cover every inch of this ground by nightfall. Direction means nothing to you.
>> No. 14789
[x] I see only bamboo. Direction has lost any meaning. Pick a way Comrade Tewi
>> No. 14790

Don't forget strikethrough.

[ s ] Strikethrough [/s ]
>> No. 14812
[x] I see only bamboo. Direction has lost any meaning. Pick a way Comrade Tewi
>> No. 14814
Remind me: what's "zaichata" mean, again?
>> No. 14815
[x] You hope to cover every inch of this ground by nightfall. Direction means nothing to you.
>> No. 14816
File 123788064346.jpg - (65.19KB , 363x588 , 1237869723135.jpg ) [iqdb]
>>14814 from Wikipedia on Vasili Zaytsev:

>He is notable for having participated in the Battle of Stalingrad. There, the Soviets set up a snipers' training school in the Metiz factory; it was run by Zaytsev. The snipers Zaytsev trained were nicknamed zaichata, meaning "leverets" (baby hares).

It seems the votes so far are quite intriguing. I'll put the update on hold as to wait for more votes to pour in.
>> No. 14822
>baby hares
Oh u.
>> No. 14827
[x] I see only bamboo. Direction has lost any meaning. Pick a way Comrade Tewi
>> No. 14850
File 123795574330.jpg - (137.85KB , 598x850 , 1209268152234.jpg ) [iqdb]
*[ ] “I see only bamboo. Direction has lost any meaning. Pick a way Comrade Tewi.”*

You look straight ahead. Then to the left. Then right. There’s no road whatsoever you can see at each direction. Where to go? You can’t choose the direction you want to. This is very confusing.

“I see only bamboo. Direction has lost any meaning. Pick a way Comrade Tewi.”

Tewi looks up at you. “Eh? That certainly is unlike you, Captain,” she says smugly.

“You know the place better than I do, Comrade. You show me.” Right; it’s better to listen to someone who’s accustomed to the area. After all, by following wherever Tewi’s headed to you hope you’ll be able to cover every inch of this ground by nightfall. Directions mean nothing to you and should pose you no problem.

Tewi giggles. “Well, then. Let’s go this way!” So saying she walks towards the nearby river, bunny-hopping all the way. “Over here!!” You follow her, looking around the vegetation for any sign of hostility; occasionally you pause and aim the scope at the gaps between bamboo trees. “Captain, you’re slowing down! Something caught your attention?” Tewi asks while standing on the river bank.

You approach Tewi. “You can’t just let the enemy attack you unprepared, can you?”

Tewi just giggles. “Oh, come on. You’ll be safe with me around,” she assures. Somehow you don’t find that convincing, not with that rather disturbing smug on her face. Or is it just you being uncomfortable with her? “Besides, you can just shoot those fairies with that gun of yours, right?”

Is she testing you or what?

[ ] Argue.
[ ] Do not argue.


Stupid update is stupid. Had to practically squeeze my brain in order to write this, and even so I never found it satisfactory.
>> No. 14851
[x] Argue.
>> No. 14864
[ze] Argue.
>> No. 14877
File 123800112012.jpg - (83.73KB , 491x450 , 1206396429516.jpg ) [iqdb]
Well, people, thread's almost hitting autosage, so I'll post update in new thread. It's almost done, though I can't guarantee I'll have it finished in seven minutes.
>> No. 14881
[9] Do not argue.
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