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File 128310756953.jpg - (83.40KB, 571x589, quintessence.jpg) [iqdb]
Previous: >>20689
A series of strange events take place at Eientei. The long, mostly empty, hallways are silent witnesses to a cavalcade of the bizarre. More than once you spot a procession of rabbits making their way through the premises; Large effigies are carried to the outside and the occasional musical instrument can be heard pounding away in the distance during the small hours of night. These are the trappings of a cult of sorts. Another alternative is that they’re preparing for the biggest party of all time. Either way you decide without so much as a second thought to steer clear of all the excitement.

Things take a life of their own. Your pacing, thinking and decision making process become ritualized. Time stops to hold a lot of meaning. What may be ten minutes of pacing might be hours or what may be hours of sleeping may have only been a couple of seconds. Mind and body are not refreshed regardless of what happens and keeping track of day and night cycles is something that you feel you don’t have to do. What’s important is the clarity that comes from walking about, from stopping, turning and repeating patterns endlessly. It helps you deal with things, deal with what you have done and what you want to do. A contradictory excess of willpower and a chronic shortage of the shame keeps you in the cycle of brooding and pacing.

It is in the courtyards and the secluded spots that life seems to be the least complicated. Hidden away by the sheer size of the mansion for the most part, these solitary spots are easy enough to stumble upon. It‘s rare for you to pay the quiet spots much mind, but it‘s also rare for you to carry on as you have. It somehow feels like there‘s no difference between a proactive approach and a more passive one. Indeed it is hard to tell what you‘ve done and when - personal grooming and other such basic customs are taken care of somehow.

The important thing is having gotten Kaguya to talk. It could have happened because of your knocking and a humble request. It could have just taken five minutes to do. But just as easily it could have been h
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File 12877685195.jpg - (507.92KB, 571x800, cc3329e6be1faf0755fe97db9d11b125.jpg) [iqdb]
Moon bunny demands that you get back to work nigger.
File 128796877973.jpg - (4.13KB, 255x47, addiction.jpg) [iqdb]
So, uh, wrote most of it, decided it sucked. Scrapped 1000 words and I need to rewrite it. Problem is, well, the image sums it up. Those last two weeks are just the 3-4 or so days since the patch since I hadn't played for a while. We'll see if I'm able to tear myself away after I finish my current marathon game.
File 128814942846.jpg - (17.98KB, 180x216, Huayna_Capac.jpg) [iqdb]

I'll see you there.

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File 124868907575.png - (370.65KB, 800x600, fnms.png) [iqdb]
This is a little a little idea that's been festering within me for a while. I'm posting a teaser of sorts to see what anon thinks. I may then continue it as a proper story, if enough people show interest. If not, it's a mere vignette, suddenly appearing, and quickly forgotten...


I quickened my pace in order to keep up with her. The loud crunching sound of leaves and the snapping of twigs intensified. My side bag weighed heavily, feeling like a sack of lead.

Did she plan to simply run away? That wasn't very fair.

I wasn't going to give up that easily, though. Even though I had been walking for the better part of the day, I still had enough stamina to meet any challenge she threw at me. And even if I didn't, I was sure that sheer determination on my part would be enough to keep up with her. I hadn't gotten into this without being prepared.

I grinned. My mouth was dry and my throat ached – both proof of my determination.

“That's extraordinarily disturbing.” She quipped from up ahead. It was the first set of words she had directed at me since leaving. I widened my grin further on the realization that she was stealing glances at me in between brisk steps.

“Careful there. I wouldn't want you to trip because of me.” I joked. “I learned my first-aid from working with animal corpses.”
“That's alright. I can handle myself.” She looked ahead, her words barely reaching my ears. “I've been doing this for more time than you can imagine.”
“That's not what the others say. They say that you've been barely doing this for a year or so.” I told her what the villagers had told me. They, at least, hadn't been aware of her until last year or the year before last. That said, they were hardly the most credible source. They practically still believed that life originated spontaneously.

She didn't reply. That suited me fine. There probably wasn't that much left anyways.

After a half an hour more of effort and perspiration, we reached a stop. I had successfully kept up with her.

“So, what do I get?” I smiled at her, trying to hid
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...Yeah, you lost me.
I think she mustered up as much niceness as she could for the sake of the job. Some Anti-social people can put up such fronts.

Different role? She's only appeared in the last 2-3 posts.
Quite literally faults. As in, imperfections and mistakes. As for the rest: I do plan to write sometime soon but need find a little time in my schedule.

That's a pity. I'm being straightforward. So I don't know what else I can say.

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File 126958026260.jpg - (126.82KB, 600x600, 4ddf0312e6797d27ad32356db4f10282.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] To the market!

To the market! It’s the most obvious choice, considering the volume of people moving around there. Humans crowd the streets, the rabble indistinct and at a dull roar. Occasionally, you hear a vendor haggle away with a customer, or a hawker show off his wares. Yes, the market is alive and bustling with activity. There’s bound to be someone interested in buying whatever it is Reisen is selling. Your partner agrees with you as well, guiding you but staying close so as to not lose you again. As she walks around, a trickle of customers approach Reisen and buy one or two packets of medicine. The stream of customers seems painfully slow, however, and at some points you wonder if people cared at all. Indeed, there were moments when humans actively avoided Reisen’s presence, if not outright ignore her. Was there a sense of mistrust amongst the population?

Come to think of it… you haven’t seen anyone else like Reisen in the village; not in the sense of other rabbit folk, but just non-human entities. There’s an interesting variety of human life here, but that’s just it. Humans. Back in Eientei, there was a sort of variety amongst the population (if you could consider it variety), but here, it seems almost unwelcoming. It just feels… abnormal for you. Not exactly uncomfortable, but there’s something off. Was it the village? Or was it just you?

“Thank you!” Reisen’s voice drags your attention back into reality, of which you didn’t even realize you had drifted off. She’s handing off a small white package to a brightly grinning boy, who immediately disappears into the crowd upon passing over cash.

“First customer?” you ask.

“Yep!” Reisen answers with a nod. “It’s always cute to have kids come buy for their parents.”

“Aren’t you worried that someone may gather the drugs for other purposes?”

“Well, nothing in here is viable for substance abuse, and if they wanted to make something bad, it would cost far more than it’s worth,” she pauses in her explanation to sell of a packet of medicine to a small family pas
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Is this dead?
Good lord, let us hope not. If I'm not confusing my writefags, this one got a new job that was eating his time. We can only be patient until he deigns to answer our calls.
File 131259887659.jpg - (40.88KB, 495x365, Futurama dog.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Jump

Reisen route!

Seems dead but

Still waiting.

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File 127510724041.jpg - (383.39KB, 708x1003, f5414b488cb1be9217aee32cbb78bee0.jpg) [iqdb]
For the record, these are links to the previous thread: >>20085

And here's the download links for all the saved threads and original documents (let me know if they are broken or need to be re-uploaded):


Actual update will be uploaded after this, since I don't want it to be accompanied by the OP picture.
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Try hooking up a monitor to it; most laptops should have a port to connect a monitor to.

That or using the laptop HD as a portable for another.

But actually fixing or replacing the screen will be a pain as you'd most like have to take it to a professional on top of the replacement part costs.
File 128356213561.jpg - (695.85KB, 1284x929, 3a5184c57879fbfd43701ffb7cc3fb18.jpg) [iqdb]
Those are all the considerations I have in mind right now, but you're right about fixing or replacing the screen. I just hope I don't have to resort to the last option. Thanks, though.
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File 125776569179.jpg - (666.30KB, 850x850, 9e98525325acf5c7d7895c2b21f9fc9b.jpg) [iqdb]
"W-Why do I...have to do this..." You cry softly, trying to gather information as to your current state. A very sad state, of course, you can't bear the sound of your blazer jacket hitting the floor. It hits it with an awful thud, a cold, blunt one that makes you wonder why you're even here. What you wouldn't do for a nice warm bath and carrot juice. But no, here you are, standing in front of your would-be master, facing a mirror, a body length mirror, at that, so you can see just entirely how bad your miserable expression is. Effecting your entire body. You get no responce though, except a gesture you can see in the mirror, the person behind you waving their finger about, telling you to keep going. This only makes you shed more tears, for the embarrassing pain you're going through.

You gently loosen your tie, trying not to both accidentally and purposefully strangle yourself. You want to live, but the extreme weight on your heart right now is so much to bear. The hot tears of anguish continue streaming down your face, streaking your cheeks and dirtying your once beautiful face. The droplets are soon hitting the floor, as your eyes have watered so much by now. Your tie slowly slips off your hand and onto the floor below, as you soon now work your way to your shirt, reluctantly. Button by tiny button you undo them, watching the gleeful expression of the perpetrator behind you in the mirror. You further undo your shirt, exposing the pink, carrot printed bra underneath. Your arms start shaking, not wanting to continue, but you must. You slide the shoulders of your shirt off your arms, and yet another, soft, yet sickening thud is made on the freezing floor below you.

You shakenly and very reluctantly reach for your backside when you see the menace behind you gesturing downward, something you were afraid of, personally. You take a gulp, finding that your mouth is dry and exhausted, and carry your hands down your bare stomach and to your pleaded skirt. You move one of the flaps and start unzipping it slowly, every notch in the steel that the zipper has to go through making an undeniably painful sound to you. The skirt loosens and the draft you feel more or less
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File 128256626253.jpg - (537.42KB, 1024x1280, b3f196b3de370a206243651b57a2f188.jpg) [iqdb]
"Ah...such a nice full moon out...so beautiful...so radiant...wouldn't you agree mister?"

You would reply. But you can't. You're currently tied up by some very rough material to the walls inside the bamboo mansion. There are sliding doors just in front of you that are wide open, displaying the light of the full moon seeping in. In between you and the door stands your captor, a long haired rabbit youkai, with red eyes that invoke madness in anyone foolish enough to stare into them, you included.

As for your inability to speak, that was just one of the many horrors introduced to you when you had the misfortune of stumbling here. For this maniacal youkai had literally stitched your lips together, with medical stitches.

"You're convulsing, do you know this? Can you feel it? That fear welling up inside you. Exhilarating isn't it?"

These are of course the words of the rabbit as she approaches you with the smile that denotes insanity. They can't be yours, your lips are sealed, literally. Can't be anyone else's either. You can't imagine anyone else being stupid enough to approach this rabbit as she is.

"Huh? What's that? You can't feel it? Ohh, maybe that's because you're too used to welling up inside others! I despise people like you, going around and merrily sticking your dick into things where it doesn't belong. And what about me? What about poor, ol' me that's just sitting here, waiting for some sort of prince charming to come rescue her, huh? Huh?! I don't get you, I don't get any of you, you...you humans make me sick!"

Her maniacal smile had instantly trodden into that of extreme anger as she made a jab about you welling up inside others. She continued staring into you with those glowing red eyes, everything's starting to become a blur the more she does so. Her exasperated voice rings in
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.

It needs this track.


Nonetheless I liked it!
File 128262552410.jpg - (89.01KB, 253x750, 1276691372831.jpg) [iqdb]
I got hard and I'm not sure why.

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File 127219567079.png - (1.04MB, 1447x1447, ksla.png) [iqdb]
Previous: >>20324


Your answer is as much of a summary as it is an emotive reminder of all that makes her great. Liberties are taken with the truth, not in a purposefully misleading way, just – they're just very subjective. Inexperience and a romantic view of the past tinge your words with a definite bias. But in that there's your truth; Your words say what you really feel.

"'What attracts me to you?' Well that's simple: you're my bwest bwuddy in the world, of course. You're also gorgeous, intelligent, and you have an impeccable taste in video games. You happen to look pretty good in poofy red pants and suspenders, which is a plus. You call me out on my idiocy, but you have the patience of saint to deal with my late night visits without fail. You have an uncanny sense when it comes to gift giving, which I think is all to rare in this or any other world. You're kind and caring, almost to a fault. You're easy to tease, easier to kidnap, and a great kisser. You also brought me here and basically saved me from myself. Thank you, by the way. I don't thank you enough for doing that, but I really should. All that and more is why I like you; what attracts me to you. But why I love you? I don't know why. I only know I do."

It's a mouthful. Several lungfuls in fact. There was an underlying urge to stammer, stutter or otherwise choke. But you keep your cool throughout. With the 'great kisser' remark, you expected backlash, a jab at your experience with Eirin.

There's nothing of the sort.

In fact, it looks like your words have a significant impact on her. Kaguya looks lost in thought, layers of pensiveness all bundled on top of another. Some of what you said couldn't have come as a surprise, she already had heard it before. So, the question you find yourself thinking is 'just what is she thinking about?'

“I suppose you could do worse.”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>Civil discussion, on THP? Surely, you jest.
Good sir, as you may know, mine is an insanity born from staring too hard at the moon. Lunacy, if you will. I can't help but gaze up into the heavens and hope for the best.

It would be nice if maybe other people would heed what you've said. Or what I've said. It's not futility if... I don't know how to finish that sentence. At the least, it is some consolation that there's ever-lovely images of moon folk and their exquisite pets.
File 127943380040.jpg - (190.00KB, 900x805, e8c49fab4b7f3ea6bb1bfaac7ddcff0b.jpg) [iqdb]
Here is the solution. Do this 3 time s day and you will be healthy in no time again.
I suppose I owe some sort of status update. Sometime soon, within this week. I'd say sooner but I lost something that was half-done and tossed out the other things. Then again I keep telling myself every day that today is the day. I'll try to be good on my word.

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File 125250229266.png - (796.24KB, 989x565, Call_of_Duty_4_Photo.png) [iqdb]
So after some consideration, I decide to post Little Soldier's side-story at this board for everyone's convenience. As I have mentioned in the actual thread, this story will be split into chapters and I cannot assure myself that there won't be too many chapters.

Take note that since I'm so used to CYOA-styled writing, I find myself facing difficulties working on this story normally, so please excuse any abnormalities that may be found throughout this story. OP picture is chosen because I can't find anything more suitable. Also, the actual chapter is going to be posted after this.

Regardless, sit down and please enjoy heartily.
 [View thread]

>Decided to make the epilogue short (if the quality doesn't reach everyone's expectation, I apologize).

>If anyone wants to see Anne appearing in LSL main story, kindly let me know in the main thread or here.
Yes please.

Well anything that begins must have an end, and so does the story. By far this is one of the threads that made me visit the /eientei board often.

I was a good read overall, and I am looking forward to see Anne in LSL. Or CtV, for that matter XD

Keep up the good work, cap'n.
Yes, yes, a thousand times yes.
On Anne appearing in LSL, I'm all for it.

But she's too much of a little sister to stick her in CtV.

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File 127460729724.png - (209.58KB, 1439x735, fuck yeah.png) [iqdb]
 [View thread]
File 127493297956.jpg - (381.36KB, 709x850, faf9453deb2fec56733cd7ae5ba15b31d1b4f725.jpg) [iqdb]
>At least Cirno has had a route.

pffft some route that turned out to be ahahahahahaha
File 127495998793.gif - (6.19KB, 75x75, cirnodizzy.gif) [iqdb]
Touhou has nothing to do with /tg/.
And /tg/ is above such petty things like "gets".
...At least that's how I remembered it. People who made Touhou discussions there were simply redirected to /c/ or /jp/, anyone who cared about gets was redirected to /b/ or /v/...
How low you have fallen /tg/. For shame.

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File 126895451991.jpg - (308.20KB, 2200x1239, ba506ff0d8049865bdf07e244d65c349.jpg) [iqdb]
For the record, these are links to the previous threads:

And back to our regular scheduling.


[ ] Accept Yuugi’s offer.

You look at Kaguya, and then at Yuugi. Then you look back at your squad members, who are expecting a quick answer from you. The oni keeps smiling, ever using the time to consume more sake from the bowl, which never seems to spill despite her vigorous hand manoeuvres. The bridge princess is staring at you, apparently in disgust over the presence of Eientei folks, before she gets another slap on the back from Yuugi.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [View thread]
[x] Be honest. Soldiers of the Red Army always go straight to the point, and so are you.
-[x] In the end it was as if I was more a toy than a person to her.

I actually would have preferred Yukari, but it's far too late now.

Isn't it sad, Yukari~n?
> Isn't it sad, Yukari~n?

Not at all.
You mean more like Kaguya, who's from the moon? She definitely sees Yuri as more as a person than toy, even if he makes a nice warm pillow.

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File 127092955138.jpg - (194.63KB, 768x957, all your fault.jpg) [iqdb]
Previous: >>19278

Not what I had planned, not what I had expected, not a lot of other things. But here it is, as is, no more delays. Otherwise I'd be stuck forever. I apologize and hope we can move on now with faster and regular updates. I hope to make up my shortcomings here over time.


Her request weighs upon you for a moment. It's an invitation for you to be honest and say what you want to say. There's a lot of that. There's a lot that you feel, that you want to try to put into words. She's giving you a chance for that.

But first thing's first, you decide.

“Well, you know... I just have to clear some things up... this trip, it's not really what I pictured what it would be.” You pictured something else... what that was you're not 100% sure, but it wasn't this you know. The original had something of a more relaxed vibe. More unrepentant fun and no complications. The cool night air helps you choose your words carefully, the stars whispering the right words to you, “I wanted to spend some time alone with you, with my buddy, away from Eientei, away from all that madness. You know, have fun and laugh and be ourselves. Lately there's just been so much asked of us that, I don't know, it just felt right to do this. I thought that a lot of what was going on might have been upsetting you, and I thought we could both do well to unwind. Without Eirin or the rabbits or whoever else breathing down our necks.”
“I know your intentions weren't bad,” Kaguya states, “Otherwise I wouldn't have come along. I, um, have faith in you.”
“Thank you.” You thank her solemnly. Her faith in you means the world to you, you realize. It's a vote of confidence that's hard to quantify in terms of just how exactly it makes you feel. It's like being accepted for you yourself, in spite of your faults. It's the stuff of good relationships.
“I'm sorry if I've made you feel uncomfortable, if I've made you feel nervous. I didn't mean to.” You pause, half-expe
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
 [View thread]
I feel like adding "My eternity is yours" somewhere along the line, but I don't know where it'd fit, if it'd fit at all.
File 127218901461.jpg - (193.21KB, 1200x1708, P_003.jpg) [iqdb]
File 127218908586.jpg - (234.95KB, 1200x1708, P_004.jpg) [iqdb]

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