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File 126958026260.jpg - (126.82KB, 600x600, 4ddf0312e6797d27ad32356db4f10282.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] To the market!

To the market! It’s the most obvious choice, considering the volume of people moving around there. Humans crowd the streets, the rabble indistinct and at a dull roar. Occasionally, you hear a vendor haggle away with a customer, or a hawker show off his wares. Yes, the market is alive and bustling with activity. There’s bound to be someone interested in buying whatever it is Reisen is selling. Your partner agrees with you as well, guiding you but staying close so as to not lose you again. As she walks around, a trickle of customers approach Reisen and buy one or two packets of medicine. The stream of customers seems painfully slow, however, and at some points you wonder if people cared at all. Indeed, there were moments when humans actively avoided Reisen’s presence, if not outright ignore her. Was there a sense of mistrust amongst the population?

Come to think of it… you haven’t seen anyone else like Reisen in the village; not in the sense of other rabbit folk, but just non-human entities. There’s an interesting variety of human life here, but that’s just it. Humans. Back in Eientei, there was a sort of variety amongst the population (if you could consider it variety), but here, it seems almost unwelcoming. It just feels… abnormal for you. Not exactly uncomfortable, but there’s something off. Was it the village? Or was it just you?

“Thank you!” Reisen’s voice drags your attention back into reality, of which you didn’t even realize you had drifted off. She’s handing off a small white package to a brightly grinning boy, who immediately disappears into the crowd upon passing over cash.

“First customer?” you ask.

“Yep!” Reisen answers with a nod. “It’s always cute to have kids come buy for their parents.”

“Aren’t you worried that someone may gather the drugs for other purposes?”

“Well, nothing in here is viable for substance abuse, and if they wanted to make something bad, it would cost far more than it’s worth,” she pauses in her explanation to sell of a packet of medicine to a small family passing by. “I doubt anyone here has the chemistry background to do anything terrible. Don’t worry so much!”

Hmm. That’s a good point. Why were you so worried about it in the first place? With a shrug, you follow Reisen as she slowly sells. The day warms up over time, but not uncomfortably slow. With Reisen, you manage to see a good chunk of the market, but that lingering discomfort still hangs over you. You can feel eyes on you, staring. It’s creepy, invasive, and pervasive. Reisen seems either unaffected or unaware of the feeling, but you can’t help but feel… unwelcomed.

There’s a guy on the roof, armed with a hammer. He seems to be looking at you.

Three guys in the alley to the left; two meters; unarmed.

Smoker, to the north east; four meters. A signal?

Could there someone tailing you? Too many people to determine.

A kid just bumped into you and dashed off. Did he leave something behind?

Another bump, this time from the shoulder. No harm done.

A heavy crowd means someone could easily ambush you then dash off, completely unnoticed.

Reisen’s here. She’s safe. Nothing will happen to her. You guarantee it.

Your hand suddenly snaps out, gripping an outstretched wrist heading to Reisen.

“What the—” a male voice.

“Ein!? What are you doing?” Reisen asks, utterly surprised. Tunnel vision suddenly clears up; you’re grabbing an older man’s arm, almost crushing his wrist. Reisen’s looking at you, her eyes wide in shock. What… what were you doing?”

“Hey, something wrong? Or are you gonna let me go?” the fellow asks you, as you abruptly realize what you’re doing. You let him go, pulling your hand back quickly.

“Er… no, I’m sorry. I’m just jumpy, that’s all,” you say sheepishly, scratching the back of your head as you apologize. Jumpy indeed, you hadn’t even visibly acknowledged the hand. You just… knew, and your body reacted accordingly. “My mistake, really. Carry on, please!”

Both the customer and Reisen look at you strangely before going back to negotiating a price. Right, he was just pointing out what he wanted. He wasn’t dangerous at all.

No need to be jumpy.

Despite the incident, the rest of the time progresses normally, all the way to lunch time. With the sun a little ways past noon, Reisen calls a halt to the day’s work.

“Half of stock sold! That’s a pretty good day,” she smiles as she peers into the box. Indeed, roughly fifty-percent of the box contents is gone, with some less than others. A cheery jingle reminds the two of you of the day’s profits

“Is that really a decent profit?”

“Well, for the most part, master’s drugs are general use things, and she gives enough for several doses. Painkillers, allergy medications, stuff like that,” the rabbit girl explains as she counts the cash. “Only the heavy duty stuff is back at the clinic. The truth of the matter is, not many people trust master’s medicines. A lot rely on folk medicines, prayer, or just plain toughing it out. It’s not that they’re poor; they just don’t understand how the drugs work.”

“Is that so…”

“Well, it’s not a major issue,” she shrugs, tucking the money away into the box. “So! You’ve gotten a look around; where would you like to go?”


[ ] Relax in a tea shop
[ ] Walk around the village
[ ] Stay in the market and browse around
[ ] Head back
[ ] __________
[x] Relax in a tea shop

More and more of Ein's instincts/training are starting to come out.
[X] Relax in a tea shop.

I want a big ol' curly straw, too!
[X] Relax in a tea shop

The whole trip seems to not only bring out trained skills but also how inadequate he may be currently for civilian socializing.

Then again, wouldn't a very well trained assassin be capable of blending in with the general population..? I'd say merely being surrounded by so many people is a shock to his memories. Nothing very significant aside from skills he had prior to reaching Eientei

Relaxing may help smooth things out in his mind.
[X] Relax in a tea shop

Those reflexes need to die down some way.
[x] Relax in a tea shop

Yeah, maybe it'll calm the jumpiness.

>Those reflexes need to die down some way.
Maybe, but wouldn't it be handy should someone's drink get bumped off a table? Don't let drink go to waste.
The problem isn't his reflexes but his general jumpy state of mind. That super alertness would be useful in some cases, but not in a peaceful setting.
[x] Relax in a tea shop
[x] Become jittery in a coffee shop.

Triple shot espresso, and fast.
[x] Become slack-jawed in an opium den.
[X] Relax in a tea shop

Curiously enough I've yet to find a cafe or coffee shop that wouldn't kick me out for not purchasing anything else other than a newspaper.

In any rate a quick break from the masses ought to relax his reflexes a bit.
[x] Relax in a tea shop
[x] Relax
File 127165361675.jpg - (206.70KB, 877x620, 1dd383dd82e144d31481d3c195348735.jpg) [iqdb]
Please come back.
My friends, I have good news and bad news.

The good news is that I now have much more free time in which to write.

The bad news is that this free time is the direct result of me losing my job.

Anyways, onwards.

[x] Relax in a tea shop

Despite the relatively light work you’ve done, you feel slightly tired mentally. You are not exactly sure why you feel this way, but you cannot seem to brush off this minor haze in your head. Maybe a little break would be nice.

“Why don’t we find somewhere to sit for a bit? We have been walking around all morning,” you suggest, looking around a bit. Aha. There. A tea shop of sorts, with indoor and outdoor seating. “How about over there?”

“Oh! I know that place. It’s got really good snacks. You got good eyes, Ein,” Reisen praises your choice.

You lead the way, already deciding to take an indoor seat near a window. That way, you can see anything that may come in, as well as have an easier time escaping should the need arise—

Gah. What the hell are you thinking about?

The hostess greets you with a smile and seats you at the desired place. All those strange thoughts of escape and unrestricted range of vision seems unnecessary here; the position is just great for enjoying the life of the village without being stuck in the middle of it. Plus, it’s much quieter here, compared to outside, at least.

A waitress sidles up to your table.

“What do you want to order?” Reisen looks at you expectantly, to which you shrug.

“I’ve no clue as to their menu, so I’ll just rely on your decisions for now.”

“Hmm, genmaicha and anko dango for both of us, please!”

“Coming right up!” the waitress is almost excessively cheery, practically bouncing off with your order. At least Reisen seems pretty relaxed, resting her chin in her folded hands as she leans forward.

“You picked a good place. The people here are super nice, and the food is good too. It’s hard to find a place like this,” she smiles at you. “So, how do you like the village so far? Pretty hectic, huh?”

You nod. “Definitely. It’s really full of life, though; and very different from Eientei. Still, I think I like the peace more.”

“I know, right? Sometimes, I miss the hustle and bustle of the village, but I always go back to the quietness of home.”

“I guess rabbits like you prefer the peace in the end.”

“Haha, maybe,” she grins, her ears twitching cutely. “And how are you feeling?”

“What do you mean? I’m feeling pretty good right now.”

“No, I mean, how are you feeling? You’re still an amnesiac, you know, and I suppose Tewi doesn’t help with controlling the stress.”

That damned rabbit.

“Ehh, the same as before, I suppose,” you answer with a shrug. It’s as true as you can make it, since you feel no different than you did yesterday. “But really, what is Tewi’s problem with me? I couldn’t get a straight answer out of her, and she’s been giving me the cold shoulder since.”

“Hmm, she can be a little complicated,” Reisen leans back into her seat, crossing her arms. “She’s a trickster, but she’s also very protective. It’s possible that she sees you as a threat since you are a stranger. A lot of humans chase after her in hopes of getting her luck, and while she’s not hostile, Tewi does not make it easy for them.”

“What’s luck got to do with it?”

“Tewi’s specialty. She can bestow great luck on those who can catch her, but for the most part that only happens if she allows herself to be caught. Tewi is very unpredictable, and even Master Eirin has difficulty controlling her. Lady Kaguya and Tewi get along pretty well, though.”

“I see,” you lean back as well. “I guess she just doesn’t like me…”

“I’m sorry. I would love it if you two could get along, but…” Reisen’s ears droop slightly in her disappointment.

You shake your head quickly, “No, don’t be sorry. Neither of us have done anything wrong; we’re just incompatible, probably.”

A stranger, you are indeed, but that forms another stream of thought. You are a stranger to Eientei, but to this land as well. A simple comparison of your clothes with the villagers reveals plenty. The villagers wear simple robes and older styles of clothing, dyed in earth tones and lacking in any bright colors. In comparison, your clothes look far different and better made, as if comparing different cultures. Come to think of it, Reisen’s clothes are the same way…

“Hey, Reisen?”


“You’re not from around here, are you?”

“…” she looks at you, uncertainty reflecting in her red eyes. You regret asking such a question, but she answers soon enough, “No, I’m not. Not a native of Gensokyo, at least.”

“Oh. Errm…” Yeah, that was a pretty stupid question.

“But I suppose Gensokyo is far better than where I was originally from. At least here, I fit in somewhat. To the villagers, I am a youkai rabbit, so I’m not an uncommon species. At the same time, I do feel others’ eyes on me sometimes.”

Ah. Yeah, you were getting that same feeling…

The mood is rather serious, but it changes quickly with the arrival of your order: a large plate of four skewered balls of stuffed glutinous rice and two hot cups of tea. What great timing!

Your friend is quick to swipe one of the sweets from the plate, immediately biting off one of the dango and pulling it off the skewer. A very pleased sound comes from her as she chews, bringing one hand up to her cheek and her eyes closed.

She looks so happy just eating those sweets, a pleased smile brightening the whole room as she chewed. You can’t help but smile in reflection; the cheer is just contagious. You bite into your own dango, immediately understanding why Reisen is so happy. This stuff is good; chewy, but not rubbery, with a subtle sweetness in the glutinous rice. The red bean paste’s sweetness is tempered by a lightly salty sauce, and the hot tea sooths and cleanses your palate. Hell, you could eat a whole bucket of these.

You’re just about to chomp into another skewer when there’s a loud crash deeper inside the shop, followed by a wholly displeased voice.

“What the hell? I asked for tea and I get this hot rat piss? Who the hell do you think I am, a damned youkai?!”

“I-I’m sorry, sir! I will get you a fresh cup right away!”

Huh. Seems like there’s an unhappy customer. Reisen suddenly seems rather uncomfortable.

[ ] Ignore it; let someone else deal with it.
[ ] Deal with the problem yourself.
[ ] Pay and leave.
[ ] ___________
[x] Deal with the problem yourself.

We're not a Youkai and we love it. That and Reisen was upset by that.
>The bad news is that this free time is the direct result of me losing my job.
Given the choice, I'd preferred a hiatus. Wanna talk about it?

[x] Deal with the problem yourself.
[x] Deal with the problem yourself.

Peace needs to be restored.
[X] Deal with the problem yourself.

We're a Lunarian ninja assassin. You dare interrupt our quiet time with the moon bunny?!
[x] Deal with the problem yourself.

Balls of Steel time.

>>The bad news is that this free time is the direct result of me losing my job.

Like the other anon said, I'd prefer Hiatus. Your personal life comes first.
I'm sure he's looking, which he can't do all the time. So he's using the other chunks of free time writing.
[X] Deal with the problem yourself.
Inb4 Ein gets himself and possibly Reisen banned from the shop due to making a tense situation uglier.

I'm just saying from personal experience but maybe there will be justice this time around for once
[x] Deal with the problem yourself.
>The good news is that I now have much more free time in which to write.


Also this scene reminded me of the opening of Sengoku Rance, with him and Sill eating danjo in the tea house.
>The bad news is that this free time is the direct result of me losing my job.

Not Horay!
[x] Deal with the problem yourself.
Ehh, it’s okay. I can only spend so much of my day job searching. Writing is a good form of release, anyways. Thank you for your concern, Anon.

[x] Deal with the problem yourself.

The commotion is disruptive, but it should pass once the waitress gets the customer a new cup of tea; you’d be pretty miffed yourself if you got a crappy cup. The guy’s reaction is not unreasonable, though his choice of words could be improved on. Looking over at Reisen, you notice her discomfort, but she reels it in quickly. Her earlier words return to your thoughts, about her being considered a youkai rabbit, and considering the man’s behavior, you sense that youkai are not exactly liked around here. It would probably explain the strange looks that you’ve been picking up all over.

Another crash, louder and heavier.

“This is bullshit! Now you’re gonna help someone else before getting my tea?”

“Sir, I was just cleaning their table. Please, I am going to get your tea now!”

That’s it. You’ve had enough.

With a quiet sigh, you push yourself out of your seat, giving Reisen a half-grin before walking over to the disturbance. The waitress is kneeling down, picking up pieces of a shattered plate. Next to her, with his back towards you, looks like to be the guy responsible for the situation.

“Hurry the hell up!” the man barks, confirming your suspicions.

“Hey. Calm down. The lady’s trying her best here.”

Your words silence the entire shop, the eyes of every patron and employee upon you. The man himself slowly turns around in his seat to give you a glare, then he stands up to his full height.

“What was that, outsider? You got a problem with me?”

Shit. This guy’s taller than you! And his bicep is the size of your head! He’s big and beefy, probably a smith or a farmer. Unshaven, dirty, his clothes are mottled with dirt and grime and his eyes are large and very angry looking. Still, you don’t seem to fear this man all that much. Coolly, you brush off the spittle from your coat and stare right back at him.

“You need to stop yelling. You’re disturbing the other guests here, as well as my friend.”

He looks at you, then over you. He likely figured out that you are here with Reisen.

“What are you, a youkai lover? Are you fucking that little rabbit whore? You like animals that much?!”

“I do like her. She’s a friend,” you reply coolly. Not really a confession, but a statement of your position. You also decide to ignore the insult to Reisen.

“Piss off, outsider. You don’t know anything going on, so I’ll let you run away this time.”

How kind of him, but you’re not backing off.

“I’m afraid I can’t do that. Not until you at least apologize to the waitress for your behavior.”

“Who the hell do you think you are, telling me what to do?”

“As you said, an outsider, but I cannot stand back and let you bully her.”

“Think you’re tough shit, just because you’re not from around here? How about I just show you the exit instead.”

Two gigantic hands wrap their sausage-like fingers around your neck, the thumbs crushing your windpipe like it was just a sock. At the same time, he starts to lift your up as if you were a mere pillow.

Immediately your right foot lashes out, just as your hands come up and jerk the hands away as hard as possible. The sudden forces releases the man’s hands, while your shin manages to strike the man’s testicles hard enough to send them to his throat. You land as he predictably folds inward, your elbow suddenly driving into the man’s face. Your arm cocks back, shooting forward to punch your opponent twice more. You don’t even realize that you’ve grabbed and kneed him in the face, becoming fully aware of your situation with the man knocked out cold on the floor.


His friends, two of them, jump up in response. One charges forward in an attempt to tackle you around the waist. As his shoulder slams into your hip, you drop your stance and kick your legs back, putting your bodyweight forward. Force diverted. The man’s head smacks into the ground unceremoniously, with you still on top of him. Quickly, your arms move, wrapping around his neck tightly. He makes a strangled sound, forcing the third man to move. Man number three barely makes two steps before you make your own tackle, your shoulder crushing into his belly and your hands grapping the back of his knees. With a strong jerk, his legs are pulled form under him. With a strong push, he falls backwards, and now you are on top of him, straddling his stomach and one fist readied to split his face wide open.

A loud, powerful voice stops you, “That’s enough! All of you!”

You look up, heart still pounding from the excitement. You can feel your hand shaking ever so slightly from the pent-up energy. There’s a guy in messy white, probably the chef of this shop. A large butcher’s knife in one hand, and a scowling look on his face; he doesn’t look very pleased with what just happened.

“You,” he jabs a finger at you. “Pay and get out. And Yuusaku. Take your friends and scram. I don’t want to see any of you for at least a week!”

The three men struggle to stand and stumble out of the shop, while your rabbit friend comes up next to you.

“Let’s go,” Reisen whispers, her red eyes glancing over at the gathered crowd. Nodding, you follow her out.

Outside, Reisen manages to pull you off to the side and sets her box of medicine aside. Quickly, she looks over you for any injuries. You don’t remember getting hurt at all during the scuffle, other than a few new wrinkles in your clothes.

“Were you hurt at all?” she asks, looking right into your eyes. She’s really worried…

“N-no. No, I wasn’t injured. They didn’t touch me,” you reply, unable to stare back at those quivering eyes.

She lets out a breath, relieved. Suddenly, she perks up.

“But that was amazing, Ein!” the rabbit girl gushes, her hands clasped together. “You moved so quickly and smoothly, like you were some kind of master! How did you know how to do all that? Oh! Maybe it’s a memory! Did you remember anything? Huh?”

“I… I don’t know. I guess I did, sort of…” you’re unsure of what exactly that brief moment of violence awoke, but it felt very natural. You look at your hands, rough and worn, the sign of hard work. Your hands clench into fists. “It wasn’t an actual memory; it was more like… I dunno, muscle memory? My body reacted before my thoughts.”

“Hmm. That is very possible,” Reisen nods in acceptance. “Even if your mind doesn’t remember, your body does. Is it possible that you were a fighter? Or maybe you’re an assassin! Heh heh.”

Her laughter is gentle, but her words do make you wonder again: what are you, exactly? Your thoughts are interrupted, however, with the concern that you just got the two of you banned for a week from that tea shop. Reisen had seemed rather pleased about the shop, and now you’ve gone and ruined it all.

“I got us kicked out of that place for a week,” you grimace.. “I feel really bad about that. I’m sorry, Reisen.”

“Eh, it’s fine, don’t worry about it,” she waves off your apology. “I don’t go there all that often anyways. The owner, Masa, is a really nice guy though. It’s not often you find a place willing to serve human and youkai alike. It was a nice break, anyhow.”

Reisen looks at you expectantly.

“So, what next?”

You could probably do one more thing before you definitely have to leave the village.

[ ] Look around town some more
[ ] Let’s head back home
[ ] Shop around
[ ] ________________
File 127261253459.jpg - (351.95KB, 630x900, 1b1f479bfa22500a455460bcb99ea492.jpg) [iqdb]
>Is it possible that you were a fighter? Or maybe you’re an assassin!

I sense something bad coming up after this.

[c] Look around town some more.

Is there any chance to see Keine?
[x] Look around town some more

Hopefully Ein will be able to go down Axel's road.
[x] Shop around
The plot thickens... nice battle, by the way.
[x] Shop around
[x] Shop around

Might want to make it quick though... hmm...
[x] Look around town some more

That was smooth. Real smooth.

>Is it possible that you were a fighter? Or maybe you’re an assassin!

[x] Look around town some more
>Or maybe you’re an assassin!

What a cheery thought.

>[] Look around town some more

Just sounds like 'look for more trouble'.

[x] Shop around
[X] Look around town some more

Recon Get intel familiar with the area.
[x] Shop around
Moonbunny gift time.
[x] Shop around
[X] Look around town some more
[x] Shop around

Why not give her a gift?
[x] Shop around

“Well, we were supposed to get some groceries, right?” you ask Reisen.

“Yep!” she nods in confirmation. “Shall we go do that then? There should still be plenty of fresh produce available.”

You follow her to a different area of the market, still chock full of people but with farmers’ stalls instead of shops and other things. You keep an eye on Reisen as she browses the grocery stands, though it’s not as hard as it was earlier today. Her lavender hair and rabbit ears stick out prominently against the human crowds, much to your relief, though some part of you wonders who that young girl was.

Keeping close, you do some browsing of your own, curious as to what is being sold other than foods. Nearby is an odds-and-ends stand, and while you are utterly broke, some windowshopping couldn’t hurt. Besides, it may help to get an understand what exactly you can get from a eclectic shop such as this. There’s a bunch of random stuff here, ranging from pots and pans to pottery and plates. There’s even some books, of which you’re not sure what the calligraphy on the covers say. At a corner of the stall is a bunch of jewelry, carefully polished and cared for rather well.

One piece catches your eye: a necklace with a coin-sized amulet hanging from it. The necklace is silver-colored, as is the amulet. Set in the center, however, is a polished gemstone of sorts: a milky, pearlescent oval with a faint blue tint. It glistens, almost glowing, in the afternoon sun, with a polished sheen that makes the milky complexion seem to swirl. Simple, yet oddly intricate for an old-style town such as this.

This would look nice on Reisen…

“Something interest you, boy-o?”

“Huh?” you answer gracefully, looking up to the source of the voice. There’s an old man there, a pipe in his mouth and a white cloth wrapped around his head. He smiles through his wrinkles.

“I see you eyein’ that necklace. It’s a moonstone, ya know. The whole set up is silver. We don’t get this sort of stuff often, so you’re in luck today!”

He rattles off a price, but it doesn’t matter.

“What’s wrong, sonny? Got no money?”

The look on your face tells him plenty, but rather than brushing you off, he just laughs.

“Heh. I figured as much. You’re an outsider, ain’tcha?”

“Ah, yes. It really interests me though. It’s just a shame that I have no cash. I feel like I really should do something to thank my friend though, for taking care of me so well…” your vision carries over to Reisen, currently trying to negotiated a cheaper price for a large radish. The shopkeep seems to follow your line of sight, grinning even wider as he realizes whom you’re talking about.

“Heh. She’s a nice girl, that one. Thinking of getting it for her?”

The more you think about it, the stronger the feeling gets. She really has treated you well, and you owe her something for her selfless efforts. Of all the occupants in Eientei, Reisen definitely deserved something nice.

The old man is either good at it, or you must be easy to read, as he speaks up again. “Well, chin up, sonny. I can’t make it free, but I do barter. Do you have anything worth trading?”

Bartering, huh. You look over what you have on your person, coming up only with the not-on-time wristwatch and the silver clasp you have on your tie. Either one of these should be sufficient for bartering, but which one should you give up? You feel little connection with the pieces, but at the same time, there has to be some reason why you possess them. The wristwatch has an obvious purpose—it says it is 0235 hours, by the way—while the clasp seems more abstract. Fitting just under your tie’s knot, it is a simple piece of silver with an uncomplicated design and an obsidian center. You feel there’s more to this than just a piece of jewelry, just like your watch, but you can’t seem to understand what.

If trading:

[ ] Wristwatch
[ ] Tie clasp


[ ] Decline trade
[ ] __________
Nice one.

[c] Tie clasp.

Unless if it has sentimental value, I'd go with [c] Wristwatch.
[X] Wristwatch

The wristwatch seems more something en-mass issued or simple. The clasp however seems out of place imo. Not often uniforms would have accessories with special stone material such as Obsidian.

Or rather I can't think of any thing that would resemble a uniform and have special materials such as Obsidian be a part of its' accessories make up.

The tie clasp could have been a gift by someone close, if not special...
We aren't chap enough to worry about the hour, so I'd go for the watch (that jewel looks kinda interesting) but I wanna try something else.
[x] Work for it?
[x] Tie clasp.
[x] Wristwatch

Put me down for trading the wristwatch. I have similar thoughts to >>20769. If it ever needs to be reacquired, I have a feeling it'll be easier to get back than the clasp.
[X] Decline trade

I'd rather not give up either of these. Ein has demonstrated an inability to keep track of time, and the tie clasp probably has some significance about his past.

Also, would it really be that hard to set the watch's time? Even with a lack of clocks and sundials, a soldier should be able to tell when the local noon is (shadows are at their shortest and point due north). Some inaccuracy would be better than gross inaccuracy.
[x] Wristwatch

Already been stated, Tieclasp is a more out of place.
[X] Tie clasp

Gotta keep moving foward and leave the past behind.
[X] Wristwatch
>Gotta keep moving forward and leave the past behind.

You're right, besides the damn thing's not functioning anyways...

[X] Wristwatch
I'm alright with trading either of the items really.
The Tie Clasp seems kinda suspicious in how fancy it is.
Something tells me that tie clasp has a bit more meaning to his past than meets the eye. Moon rabbits have worn ties, as far as I recall...

[X] Wristwatch
[x] Wristwatch

You look at the little device strapped to your left wrist. Dull, matte black, and rather unassuming, it gives you the wrong time and is little more than a decoration on your person at this moment. The analogue readout is clear, though, and despite a few dinks and scrapes the watch seems in fine working order. It could be worth more, too, than this small little clasp.

You release the watch from your wrist.

“Would this be fine?” you ask, holding up the device, to which it is immediately taken in by the shopkeep for closer examination.

“Hmm. I think I’ve seen one of those at that weird shop. It looks kinda used, though…”

Quickly, you spin up a pitch to make the watch seem better, as well as mask some of the imperfections.

“That’s because it’s sturdy. I won’t lie to you; it’s been through a bit, and yet it’s still working. It has a lot of history behind it, and the watch as a lot more to go. I think this will work really well for you, or at least sell decently since it’s tough.”

“Hmm, the wear ain’t so bad. How’s the accuracy on it?”

“Err, it’s a little off,” you admit, unable to produce a satisfactory answer.

“It’s off?

“Yes. I’m afraid it tells the wrong time. See, it’s the afternoon, but it says it’s two and a half hours past midnight.”

The old man peers at the watch closer, even holding it up to his ear. “…How do you know that?”

“What do you mean?”

“I’ve seen clocks before, boy-o, and they have the same face as yours,” he studies it closer. “Two-seven? What’s that mean again?”

He turns, yelling at some guy off in the back.

“Oi! Nishi! What time is it?!”

A moment passes before another voice responds. The shadows in the back are too dark for you to see who it is.

“It’s two hours past midday!”

Nodding, the shopkeep turns to look at you again. “Hmmm… I think it’s doing fine as is.”

“Uh…” you swallow, unable to formulate a proper response. Your head is awhirl with too many thoughts, particular

How do you know that it’s 0235 hours? The watch has an analogue face, not digital. The seconds hand is ticking away, while the hour and minute hands resting a little past the 2 and on the 7, respectively. It could’ve easily been 1435 hours—no, 2:35pm. So why did you think it was the inverse? Or for that matter, 0235?

“Well, it looks like a mighty fine watch, anyways. It looks a lot tougher than those dinky ones I’ve seen elsewhere. Alright, I’ll agree to the trade. Shake on it?”

Numbly, you shake the man’s hand and accept a box with the necklace in it. Quietly, you step away, just as the shopkeep dips into the shadows in the back.

“Hey! It glows too!”

Finding Reisen is easy, but trying to keep the confusion of your thoughts out of your face is rather hard. Hell, you’re not sure what to think of it. Is it a good sign? Bad? Suddenly, your friend is right in front of you.

“Hey! Where’d you go?” she asks with a smile, but it seems your attempts to mask your anxiety has failed, as her own expression changes to one of worry. “Is something wrong? What happened?”


[ ] ___________
[ ] ___________
[ ] ___________
[ ] ___________

(The Laziness hath struck me! Alas~!)
File 127312188479.jpg - (37.39KB, 640x480, OMG_IT_SPINS.jpg) [iqdb]
>“Hey! It glows too!”

You are now imaging the shopkeeper as this guy

[X] Present the necklace to Reisen as a gift for all her help since you've been there.
-[X] Ham it up
[x] Wait until the walk home to give Reisen the Gift.
[x] Wait until the walk home to give Reisen the Gift.
[x] Wait until the walk home to give Reisen the gift.
[X]Take note of the fact that you're tracking time quite possibly elsewhere rather than Gensokyo's time. Perhaps lunar timezones rather than the Earth's
-[x] Wait until the walk home to give Reisen the Gift.
[X]Take note of the fact that you're tracking time quite possibly elsewhere rather than Gensokyo's time or notation. Perhaps lunar timezones rather than the Earth's, and in military notation
-[x] Wait until the walk home to give Reisen the Gift.

On the bright side if we need it back we can end up finding in at Kourin's shop or buying it once Ein has money. Better on the walk than at home due to that Damned Earth rabbit.
[x] Wait until the walk home to give Reisen the gift.
[X]Take note of the fact that you're tracking time quite possibly elsewhere rather than Gensokyo's time or notation
-[x] Wait until the walk home to give Reisen the Gift.
[x] >>20796
[X]Take note of the fact that you're tracking time quite possibly elsewhere rather than Gensokyo's time or notation
-[x] Wait until the walk home to give Reisen the Gift.

I don't think this is going to be her route all the way but oh well...


This story is on its way to do the impossible. Don't jinx it.

[X]Take note of the fact that you're tracking time quite possibly elsewhere rather than Gensokyo's time or notation. Perhaps lunar timezones rather than the Earth's, and in military notation
-[x] Wait until the walk home to give Reisen the Gift.

ಠ_ಠ x infinity. We've met the bulk of the players without any surprises. All of us here are united in going after the very nice bunny. I do not see a problem coming at all in our plans.

What about Ein finally remembering everything before and after the crash? If he's truly an assassin and is actually chasing after Eirin as well as Reisen... It'd stands to reason that things could get real ugly.

Or not as I haven't the slightest idea what Ein's orders were prior to the crash. For all that the Eientei crew knows, he could very well be a deserter as well.

I guess you've never heard of a man named Axel Almer.

His case was similar to Ein's; he ended up among people that were supposed to be his memories, but he made such bonds with them that when he recovered his memory, he choose to side with them over his original allies. At least if he's main character.
oh god suddenly I'm playing stalker
All this talk of amnesiac Ein reminds me of the Ein from Riviera.
File 127329304516.jpg - (690.98KB, 1693x2537, 299c407c2eb8140b1aa82abd612d061d.jpg) [iqdb]
[c]Take note of the fact that you're tracking time quite possibly elsewhere rather than Gensokyo's time or notation
-[c] Wait until the walk home to give Reisen the Gift.

Now that you mentioned it, I can't help imagining Ein as this dude.
>>20804 Here and I meant Enemies instead of memories...

Also a similar case to what I talked about.

are you doing it... Manually?
File 127337871515.png - (283.44KB, 631x480, square dog.png) [iqdb]
Now that you mentioned it, I can't help imagining Ein as this dude.
Girls love dogs; I'm sure bunny girls are no exception.
Well, almost. I just hope Ein doesn't go Code: Kirin on Reisen, though.

Awesome dog is awesome (another reason for me to find Cowboy Bebop DVD).
They do rerun it on Cartoon Network still. Just late night/early morning.

I remember catching an episode around 3:30 am EST...

Assuming you live in the US.
If he lives in the US then his teachers should be shot.
File 127348806488.jpg - (97.32KB, 450x338, ohyou.jpg) [iqdb]
Because his school must really, really suck if he hasn't learned decent English by now.
that's assuming he's even from the US Guess what? He's not
I don't know what to say, but still...

[Q] Wait until the walk home to give Reisen the Gift.

Just picked this story up, and I must say, it's brilliant.
[X] Wait until the walk home to give Reisen the Gift.

Moon bunny~
[Q] Wait until the walk home to give Reisen the Gift.

Loving the story so far. Keep up the good work!
Good news, everyone! I had interviews, a family reunion, and reconnecting with old friends all last week. Things are looking up (except today's incident with my sister losing her ability to drive and unable to defeat a tree with her car), and combined with the great feedback, it kept me awake till the sunrise of today to write this up and post it. Please excuse me if it seems a little lacking, as a little quality was likely sacrificed.

[x] Write-in

Is it possible that you’re thinking from a different time zone? Yeah, that seems most likely; probably some place exactly twelve hours ahead of this place. But you wonder, where could be twelve hours ahead? It is a question you cannot answer, and though it frustrates you to not know, it’s a familiar frustration. And what about that—


“Huh?” an intelligent sound comes from your mouth as you turn to look at Reisen.

Oh crap. She’s been staring at you this whole time.

“Uhm… it’s nothing,” you say quickly, much to the rabbit girl’s suspicion. Shit. Say something else. “Maybe I’m just feeling tired. I keep zoning out.”

“Oh,” she blinks, seemingly accepting your words. “Do you want to rest a bit, then?”

“No, it’s alright. I’ll survive the walk back,” you smile at her reassuringly. “You done?”

“Yep! I’m all done shopping!” she holds up the bags of groceries in triumph. A tuft of greens and something orange sticks out of a bag.

Shifting your leg, you feel the shape of the gift box in the back pocket. Good. You managed to slip it away before she noticed. And since Reisen seems ready to go, you nod your consent.

“Alright. Let’s move out, Trooper.”

She was already in mid-step when she suddenly freezes, her entire body coming to a complete halt before completely turning around. Slowly, Reisen turns back around to look at you with dazed eyes. “What… did you say?”

“Hmm?” You blink and repeat, “I said let’s move out.”

“No, after that!”

“Huh?” That intelligent sound again, combined with a look of utter confusion. You don’t remember saying anything after that.

The rabbit girl just stares back at you, her eyes piercing right through you. It scares you, seeing those deep red eyes peering into your soul.

“You called me ‘Trooper.’ Why did you call me that?”

“I did?” You honestly have no recollection of it. Reisen just stares at you; the silence is absolutely nerve-wracking—


—Good God your head hurts, as if someone set off a grenade right inside your brain case and then dug right in with a pneumatic drill. What the hell just happened?! First you were talking with Reisen, and now all of a sudden you’re on your back, head about to explode and implode simultaneously, and your perception of the world might as well be inverted. Through your dancing vision, you manage to make out a blurry shape.

Heeyy… it’s the bunny~!

“—in! Ein?! Ein, can you hear me?!” she’s speaking to you, though it sounds distant, with a dull roar in the background drowning her out.

What response you give her comes out garbled and nonsensical, though you did honestly try to tell her “Yes, I can hear you.” A hand comes up, your own, to cover your eyes in an attempt to dispel the disorientation, though relief comes slowly. A smaller, cooler hand gently places itself on your forehead. It is soothing, and you feel the stupefaction fade.

“Ein…?” her voice is soft, almost whispering.

“I’m okay, Reisen,” you answer, your voice a croak. “What… what happened to me?”

“I… don’t know,” her reply comes evenly, though it is easy to pick up on the worry carefully hidden away. “We were about to leave and you just… Dammit, you scared the hell out of me!”

You cough out a laugh, “Believe me, if I could prevent this, I would. Did I have some sort of episode?”

“Maybe. We’ll have to talk to Master about it. Do you think you can stand? Or walk?”

You don’t feel dizzy anymore, so, “Yeah, yeah, I think I can.”

Moving to stand, Reisen moves to help you with her small but strong hands. The groceries are on the ground, haphazardly dropped with a carrot almost spilling out. Once you’re back on your feet, Reisen is already picking up the half-filled box of medicines. Almost automatically, you go for and pick up the bags of foodstuffs, despite Reisen’s protests.

“Hey! I can carry that, you know! You just collapsed and—”

You interrupt, “I’m an amnesiac, not a cripple. Whatever caused me to blackout didn’t make me weak, nor do I feel dizzy. I’m fine, really. Let me help you, please.”

The last words seem to work, though she still looks apprehensive. “Fine, but you walk ahead of me, in case something else happens.”

“Fair enough. Let’s head back.”


The walk home is awkward. What good feelings you had about the day had been suddenly and very abruptly disrupted due to the incident, and now there’s absolutely no conversation going on as the two of you head back under the late afternoon sun. You can feel Reisen’s eyes on your back, attentive and watchful. You almost hesitate to look back, lest you worry the girl any more. Really now, you are just a mess…

“Hey, Ein? What’s that in your back pocket?”

Eh? What back pock—oh. Oh!

“Oh, heh. I almost forgot about it,” you find it difficult to not smile as the thought of the gift resurfaces. Putting down the groceries, you turn around and face the curious bunny, pulling out the box as you do so.

At first she seems wholly on guard, but seeing that it’s just a small box, she relaxes.

“What is it?” she asks.

“It’s… my appreciation. I’m thankful for Doctor Yagokoro, the lady Kaguya, and sure, even Tewi. However, I am most grateful for you, Reisen,” you say, looking her right in the eyes. They are bright, clear, and wide with surprise.

“E-eh? I-I-erm…” She stutters, looking away as a small blush forms. “It’s nothing, really. I just want you to get better, so I have to keep a close eye on you.”

“Regardless, you’ve been wonderful to me. Ever since I woke up here, I firmly believe I’ve managed to keep my sanity thanks to you, and I doubt I would not be where I am if it not been for you. So, thank you, Reisen. Really,” you give her your best smile and hand her the box.

Carefully, daintily, the bunny girl opens the box. Only when she takes notice of the moonstone necklace does she gasp in surprise, a hand snapping up to her mouth as she gazes at the jewelry. Silently, she stares at it, her eyes shimmering with hidden emotion. Reisen is stunned, a reaction that you wanted. The fact that she looks utterly adorable in that state makes it all the better. Slowly, she looks up from the gift.

“H-how did you…?”

“I traded my watch,” you shrug. “It was useless to me, anyways.”

She looks at the necklace again, her face strangely unreadable. A tear rolls down her cheek, soon followed by more. Slowly, she pulls the box in and holds the gift against her chest. Her shoulders are quivering, her legs shaky. This worries you, greatly.

“Hey, Reisen? What’s wrong?” you ask fearfully, utterly terrified that perhaps you did something horrible instead. “…You don’t like it?”

You are standing right next to her, a hand gently on her shoulder. She shakes her head in response to your words, looking up finally with a red face and tear-stained cheeks. It tugs at your heart to see her in such a state, with guilt wracking you mercilessly.

“No. It’s not that,” she replies shakily, her voice quivering. Despite the emotions, she is smiling, and it is incredible relief. “I love it. I just… didn’t expect it, that’s all. I’m sorry; I get really emotional with gifts, and you really surprised me with that. We’ve only known each other for a few days, you know?”

Yet, you feel as if you’ve known her forever. “Time is meaningless to me, a man without memories. Only now, today, and tomorrow matters, and I do wish the future to be as wonderful as you.”

“Flatterer!” She sniffs, giggling lightly before bopping you gently against the chest, a mock angry look and pout on her face. “And what are you doing, making a girl cry like that? Do you like seeing me in tears, Ein?”

You only chuckle in response. Reisen smiles beautifully.

“Thank you, Ein. And…” She pauses, closing her eyes and breathing deeply. “Thank you.”

Her tears soon dry, and the two of you are walking again; this time, side-by-side. The necklace looks amazing on her.

It’s the last stretch of path before reaching Eientei, a little ways into the Bamboo Forest.

[ ] Ask Reisen about her earlier life.
[ ] Talk about the village, and what lies beyond.
[ ] Ask about different time zones.
[ ] Silence is golden. Don’t ruin a good thing.
[ ] ________
[X] Silence is golden. Don’t ruin a good thing.

D'aww was induced. We have the advantage now, let's not ruin it with anything that either saddens her or makes us black out again.
[Q] Talk about the village, and what lies beyond.

Something present, mundane, and not likely to induce anything horrible.
[X] Silence is golden. Don’t ruin a good thing.
[X] Talk about the village, and what lies beyond.

>The rabbit girl just stares back at you, her eyes piercing right through you. It scares you, seeing those deep red eyes peering into your soul.
>“What… what happened to me?”
>“I… don’t know,” her reply comes evenly, though it is easy to pick up on the worry carefully hidden away.
She... she did that on purpose!
[x] Silence is golden. Don’t ruin a good thing.
[X] Silence is golden. Don’t ruin a good thing.

Enjoy it while you can Ein, enjoy while you can.
[x] Silence is golden. Don’t ruin a good thing.
[X] Silence is golden. Don’t ruin a good thing.


>Oh god what eyes no stop

Could this be a hint of their previous life back at the moon and how Reisen probes for lies or settled her "serious quarrels" with "Ein" when traditional means (ie toss shit around) isn't enough?

Rather interesting, if not causing nice amounts of "d'aww".
I suspect lesser aspects of Ein's original personality is coming out, something that hints at bossing bunnies around.
oh shit Ein got optic blast'd

Also moon bunny~

[x] Talk about the village, and what lies beyond.
[x] Ask about different time zones.

plot furtheran games
[▲] Silence is golden. Don’t ruin a good thing.

She's happy, nothing else matters at the moment.
[x] Ask about different time zones.
[x] Silence is golden. Don’t ruin a good thing.

The silence is nice, and there’s a good feeling between the two of you. Why ruin it with needless words? Though the sun is still up, the shade offered by the thick bamboo makes the trek cool and comfortable. In her cheer, Reisen seems to be humming a soft tune. It’s catchy, to the point where you find yourself humming along. Your baritone meshes rather well with Reisen’s lyrical soprano, a sort of duet that the two of you unknowingly perform, but appreciate in the end. It’s a nostalgic feeling.

The hidden Eientei soon appears, humble yet majestic, welcoming you with its quiet solitude. You enter the foyer with Reisen and take off your shoes.

“We’re home~!” your friend calls out, to which she is immediately answered by an older voice.

“Welcome home. Did everything go well?” Eirin comes to greet you, wiping her hands on a towel.

“Yes!” Reisen answers with a proud smile. “Half of the product was sold, and I managed to get some good produce. Ah, and they had very good trout; we can roast it or grill it for dinner.”

You lift up the bags of groceries in response, inciting a smile from the doctor.

“Wonderful. Was it from Takayama’s stand?”

“Yep! He gave us a discount as thanks for the fever medication.”

“My, that wasn’t necessary, but I appreciate his gift,” she brings a hand up to her cheek. “Speaking of gifts, I see you got one too, Udonge.”

“Ah!” Reisen starts, a flash of red crossing her cheeks. She bows her head, half in embarrassment and half in shyness, unable to meet her master’s eyes. “Y-yes, I did.”

“It is a lovely necklace; moonstone, if I remember my gemstones correctly. From whom did you get it from? Was it Seiji?”

“No, it wasn’t him,” the rabbit girl murmurs.

Who’s Seiji?

“No? Then… Kei?”

Reisen shook her head.

“Then… Ein?” Eirin seems pleased that your name causes Reisen to blush even darker. “Oho? I see he works fast. Has he captured your heart already?” Eirin winks at you.

“Master! Please stop teasing me!” Reisen begs, her face the same tint as her eyes. Heh, she looks like she’s about to explode.

“Aww, you’re like a big cherry, Udonge,” the doctor smiles and looks at you. “Would you kindly put that on the kitchen counter? I think I will do dinner as well.”

“Eh? Master, I can’t let you do that!” Reisen tries to intercept you, but Eirin speaks up in time.

“Oh, don’t worry about it. I need to discuss with you about the medicine sales, anyways. Walk with me?”

They go off to do their thing, so it would be best if you did yours. Groceries in hand, you head towards the kitchen to complete your task. Upon the kitchen counter you rest the produce, placing the more-perishable goods like the trout in the nearby icebox. You do notice, however, an inordinately high volume of carrots. While the culprit is obvious, a part of you wonders why rabbits love carrots so much. Is it the sweetness? Such idle thoughts bounce around in your head, the time passing without you realizing it. You’re humming the same tune as Reisen was earlier, pleased that you’ve memorized it so quickly.

You’re just about to stash away the (very large) bundle of carrots when the good doctor enters the kitchen, but without the rabbit girl.

“Hello, Ein. Thank you for going with Udonge. I hope you had a good time?” she speaks, idly double-checking your work. It did take you a while to figure out where everything went.

“Oh yes. It was a little overwhelming to see so many people all at once, but once I got over it, I discovered the village to be an exciting place, for the most part.”

“Hmm, well, after a few visits, the village gets a little boring,” she grins jokingly. “Did you pay much for that necklace?”

“Ahh, sort of? Not really, though. I didn’t have any cash, so I bartered for it.”

“Oh? What did you trade?”

“Traded my watch for it. I had no use for the thing, and it was broken anyways,” you shrug. Should you tell Eirin about the time confusion? Maybe later…

“I see…” she nods. “I know I had asked you this before, but what was the last thing you remember?”

What an odd question. You furrow your brow, your thoughts automatically following Eirin’s question.

“You mean, my earliest memory?”



[ ] Waking up to your room. Oh, and there was this bunny…
[ ] Pain and… blood? Odd lights, distant sounds, and smoke.
[ ] It’s just a blank. You don’t remember anything…
[ ] That information is classified.
[c] Pain and… blood? Odd lights, distant sounds, and smoke.

Hmm, this update has left me intrigued.
[x] Pain and… blood? Odd lights, distant sounds, and smoke.
[X] Pain and… blood? Odd lights, distant sounds, and smoke.

When he crashed he may have had a horrible concussion and lost his memory in the process but I doubt at the moments he was conscious before blacking out he'd forget the sensations of being battered and most likely bloodied.
>[ ] Waking up to your room. Oh, and there was this bunny…
I doubt this will lead to progress. It may be blissful ignorance, but that won't do.

[x] Pain and… blood? Odd lights, distant sounds, and smoke.
>[x] "There was a bright light, and then someone hit me."

[x] Pain and… blood? Odd lights, distant sounds, and smoke.
[X] Pain and… blood? Odd lights, distant sounds, and smoke.
[X] Pain and… blood? Odd lights, distant sounds, and smoke.

Let's see...
[Q] Pain and… blood? Odd lights, distant sounds, and smoke.
File 127514263114.jpg - (23.13KB, 513x355, mikuru.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] That information is classified.
File 12751476201.jpg - (7.16KB, 294x180, that\'s classified.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Pain and… blood? Odd lights, distant sounds, and smoke.

It's true yet ambiguous enough to avoid too much suspicion.
[X] Pain and… blood? Odd lights, distant sounds, and smoke.
[x] Pain and… blood? Odd lights, distant sounds, and smoke.

Well you do remember waking up that morning to what is your current room, but that does not seem to be the extent of your memories. No, you remember more, of a moment earlier, before you woke. There is no clear picture, but…

“I… remember pain. Dull, throbbing pain, yet close at the same time,” you start, leaning against the counter. The memories are hazy and fleeting, like trying to grasp sand. The harder you try to recollect, the dimmer those visions seem.

“Oh?” Eirin comments, urging you on.

“My whole body ached, as if I had been beaten around for a long while then stabbed in the chest. I remember a hot pain in my chest and belly,” without you knowing, your hand moves to your solar plexus, strange phantom pains poking at your ribs.

“And blood. I remember blood. Or at least, something red, splattered in my vision. It was hard to see. I was choking on something… smoke, maybe. The air was pretty thick, and there were odd lights everywhere. That’s… pretty much it. I guess I blacked out, and when I work up, I was here.”

“I see… hmm,” she looks pensive, thoughtful. “What about before that?”

You shake your head almost immediately, “No good. I barely remember all that as is. I’m pretty sure I’m forgetting something, but the more I think about it, the worse it gets. I dunno, maybe I’m relapsing?”

The doctor brings a hand up to her mouth, giggling lightly into it, “Silly boy, amnesia does not work that way. You cannot gradually lose memories, unless you have a degenerative neurological disease, but then you would have a completely different problem.”

“I see… Why do you ask, anyways?” you ask, curious.

“Just to check your progress. It has only been, what, a day since you’ve woken up, and already you are ambulating and lifting substantial weights. Your body seems fine, but what of your mind?”

“I feel fine, though,” you reply honestly.

Do you really?

“Really, it just feels like I’m missing something, and as frustrating as that is, I also understand that’s something time will fix… or not,” another shrug.

“My, quite understanding of your situation, are you?”

Why do you accept this?

You shrug, “Its circumstances outside of my control. I didn’t ask to lose my memories, and I’m pretty sure

“How would you know that?”

Yes, how do you know?

“Ehh… a feeling, I guess? Even if I really am at fault, I’m pretty lucky to land near you guys.”

“Hmm, yes, aren’t you?” Eirin gives you a smile. “Well, it’s good that you are feeling better, but you do need to make sure not to overexert yourself. You’re still healing, after all, but I hope this progress continues, and applies to your memories as well. The weather does not seem to be that bad for tomorrow, so you could go see where we found you for more clues. I could have Udonge go with you, instead of of Tewi—I know how… frustrating she can be at times.”

You nod in acceptance, “Yeah, sure, that sounds great. I’ll look forward to it then.”

“Now then, I must start making dinner, so if you’ll excuse me… Oh! By the way, the bath is ready should you wish to wash up before dinner.”

“Oh! Yes, of course. Pardon me,” you make your way out of the kitchen. Taking a bath does sound good…

“Ein…” the doctor’s voice gives you pause, causing you to turn around again. “If you were to regain your memories, what would you do?”

That’s… a good question, one that you don’t have an immediate answer for. Still…

“I… don’t know, to be honest. I guess I’ll figure it out then?”

“Hmm…” without another word, she turns back around, leaving you feeling unsure on how she felt about that answer. Was it not what she wanted to hear?

There’s enough time to do one thing before dinner is ready.

[ ] Bath time
[ ] Offer assistance to Eirin
[ ] Visit Reisen
[ ] Check out Kaguya’s pad
[ ] Attempt to make peace with Tewi
[ ] Locate and eliminate the target
[ ] _________________
[x] Bath time

Who knows we might have bath time bonding with the bunny. (Not likely, but a bath would be nice anyways)
[X] Bath time

Usually a good place to clear the mind. Not to mention those questions that popped up.

Had Ein said anything out of the ordinary such as "That's classified", this could very well have triggered some memories to return. However not only is this awkward but also potentially dangerous to Ein.
[Q] Bath time

We're taking a motherfucking bath.
[X] Bath time

Get yourself nice and clean for the moon bunny.

>I didn’t ask to lose my memories, and I’m pretty sure
Pretty sure what? Finish the sentance.
[x] Bath time

Eirin may have interrupted Ein before he could complete it...

>Ein: You shrug, “Its circumstances outside of my control. I didn’t ask to lose my memories, and I’m pretty sure

>Eirin: “How would you know that?”

Just that the author may have either meant to make it look like Eirin interrupted Ein's explanation with another question and didn't really make that clear or it was unintentionally cut off.
>[ ] Attempt to make peace with Tewi

I doubt it'll be easy until we get a chance to prove that we won't some how turn on eientei.

>[ ] Locate and eliminate the target

Not a good thing.
eventually if Ein doesn't calmly figure out what the fuck is going on he may eventually slip into doing something involuntarily ala "Manchurian Candidate".
[c] Bath time.
[X] Bath time

It's been too long.

>[ ] Locate and eliminate the target

Though this option did intrigue me a bit.

As said, a good bath can cure any ailment.
[x] Locate and eliminate the target
I am very, very, very interested to see what this is.

The fuck it can.
It most certainly makes you feel better most of the time after all.
[X] Bath time

Bathing option, always the right option, etc.
So am I

[x] Locate and eliminate the target

Do you doubt the power of the bath? You fool!
All I've got to say is that I'm sorry this took so long to get out.

[x] Bath Time

Some part of you wonders if you will have a fated meeting inside the bath. You don’t know why you have such a thought, but somehow the idea of Tewi setting up such an incident would not be beyond her. That, or she’ll have spiked the water, the soap, the shampoo, or maybe the towel

Or maybe that’s what she wants you to think. Yeah, she just wants you to fear every shadow and suspect every little thing. That’s how she’ll get to you. She gets in your brain and messes every little bit up. Psychological warfare. Feh. The mind of a rabbit is nothing compared to yours. You have been through much worse than anything she can possibly cook up. After all, she is a mere earth rabbit, and you… and…

And… what the hell is wrong with you? It’s just a bath. Calm down.

A polite little rabbit (definitely not Tewi) shows you were the bath is, scurrying away after you thank it. There’s no one else here. Good.

Stripping down, you are surprised to remember that your body is in fact wrapped rather well in bandages. Huh. You had completely forgotten about it… What must your body look like, under all that gauze? It can’t be anything too bad, lest you still feel it now. Still, with gentle touch, you carefully pull away the gauze wrapping your body. The exposed flesh itches, though you can see the raw flesh of healing wounds. Jagged scars appear here and there, pink against your skin. There does not seem to be any sort of healing wound that would bar your from washing (and hey, wouldn’t the doctor have mentioned it?). You gradually speed up the gauze removal, and when finally free of all restrictions, you enter the warm and humid room.

Soap, shampoo, a good lather, then a quick rinse. The tub looks rather inviting, the still water steaming. How long has it been since you bathed? Weeks? Months? A shower pales in comparison…

With a groan, you slip into the hot water, thoroughly enjoying the heat as it penetrates your aching flesh. The scars are a little tender, but the discomfort isn’t too bad. You feel your ails drain away with every breath, the troubles of the day dissolving into the hot waters. Bathing is the washing machine of life; you’re not sure where you have heard that from, but it does make a lot of sense. Two minutes—no, five minutes soak, and you’ll be done.

Yeah. A good long soak…

…“So? What will you do?” a calm question.

“What do you think?!” a furious voice, cracking in places.

“I think you will go off and do something very foolish. Don’t be so hasty to run off and—”

“Then what would you have me do? Just sit here and wait for justice? There is no such thing!”

“Anger is messing with your head! Calm down and think about it!”

“I am calm.”

“No, you’re not! You think you can pull this off on your own?! You don’t even know where—

—are you? Hey! Don’t leave me out here!”

Lost, afraid, and alone. What a terrible prank this is. But it’s okay; soon, you jump out and reveal yourself.

“Haha, sorry! Sorry! You just looked so adorable!”

A fist smacks you in the chest. “Meanie! Don’t do that again!”

“Scared, were you?”

“Of course I was! What did you expect?!”

“Sorry! I’ll make it up to you, I promise!”

“Then, I demand that you—

—hold position. Standby.”

“Standby?! That is not an option, dammit!”

There is no response. All you can feel is frustration.

You sigh a long, suffering sigh. “So, alone, is it? That’s just great. It’s bad enough that that we’re lost, but we’re getting no support, either?”

“Sounds pretty typical. You ready?”

“No, but let’s do—

—this was the best we could do. I’m sorry.”

So tired. Too tired—

—“Ein!? Ein! Are you okay?! Wake up!”

Small but strong hands haul you out of the lukewarm bath as your consciousness returns to you. The water in your nose forces a coughing reflex, forcing the fluid out violently. You gasp for breath, feeling the moist air fill your lungs. Suddenly aware, but still confused, you look around wildly as you attempt to get a hold of your surroundings.

Where?! This place—unfamiliar! Where…? A bath? Oh, right. You were taking a bath.

“Ein? Are you okay?”

It’s Reisen. She’s holding your arm. Her big red eyes are staring at you, filled with worry.

“What just…?” you ask, still unsure.

“Master told me to check up on you, to tell you that dinner was ready. When you gave no response after a while, I got worried, and…” she trails off, giving you an awkward look. Bathwater stains her white button-up shirt, the sleeves rolled up. You can almost see right through it…

“Oh, sorry… I just…” you push yourself out of the bath, sitting on the furo’s edge. The water doesn’t feel so great anymore.

“What happened?”

[ ] Tell her what you saw
[ ] It’s nothing. Just tired, that’s all.
[ ] Remain silent
[ ] You’re still naked.
[ ] ______________
>Her big red eyes are staring at you
[x] Tell her what you saw
Modesty be damned this shit's serious.

[X] Tell her what you saw.

Trust the moon bunny~!

no one else can be trusted enough considering that night where Ein was eavesdropping on a conversation where Reisen was the only one supporting him.
[x] Tell her what you saw

Amnesiac guy named Ein...DOA...

Hot sisters WHERE?

You asked too much.
[X] Tell her what you saw.

As nice as that would be, I don't think it's going to work like that.

[X] Tell her what you saw.
[x] Tell her what you saw

It'll be interesting
[Q] You’re still naked.
[Q] Tell her what you saw.

In either order.
[X] Tell her what you saw.

He's not about to stress about being naked when he's nearly drowned himself.
[x] Tell her what you saw
[ ] Tell her what you saw
The Watatsukis are on the moon, duh.

>Some part of you wonders if you will have a fated meeting inside the bath.
I see someone's been reading Lucifer & Biscuit Hammer.
That and it's something of a running /eientei/ gag where when the MC takes a bath, there's a good chance he'll run into someone. What happens after that varies wildly.

/eientei/? /eientei/?

That, son, is no /eientei/ gag! That is a gag of the world!
Yes but in this site, it's only at Eientei's hot springs do you usually run into someone or someone runs into you. /shrine/ would be up there if more people wrote in it.

I hope the next update comes soon.
[x] Tell her what you saw

What was it that you saw? It was so jumbled and out of order, barely making any sense. It’s frightening, confusing, but what else could it be? Still, you try your best to form your words.

“I… don’t know. I was just resting in the bath when I guess I passed out. Then, I dreamt I was… I don’t know where I was. Someone was talking to me, and I was angry for some reason. We were discussing something related to justice, and I was angry for not getting it? I think? Indignant, maybe. What else, I do not understand.”

Reisen suddenly interrupts, “Wait, you were dreaming this?”

“Y-yeah?” you look at her. Why did she sound surprised?

“No… it’s nothing,” she shakes her head, “Continue.”

“Okay,” you nod, “Then I saw something else. Or heard, rather. I was with someone else, different from before. A woman? I think it was a woman. I was hiding from her, and she was getting worried. A joke, I think? I was playing a joke on this person, and I promised her…”

The rabbit notices that you’ve trailed off, tilting her head slightly so as to keep eye contact with you, “What did you promise her?”

“I…” you try to finish, but instead you shake your head in negative. “She said something, but I can’t remember what.”


“There was a third part. I was with others, comrades, I believe. I felt safe with them, but also frustrated. We were… we were doing something. I don’t know what…” you trail off, looking up at the girl in front of you. “That’s all I remember.”

Reisen looks thoughtful, but you can’t really tell what she’s thinking about. She seems like she wants to say something, but can’t seem to get the words out. Instead, she only sighs, sounding relieved.

“Well, it was just a dream, right?” she asks you, to which you nod. “It could be a sign that you are regaining some memories, but it could also just be that: dreams. Sometimes, our minds make up things to bridge together thoughts…

She shakes her head, “I’m sorry, I can’t explain it very well. Master had spoke about it when I mentioned to her that you were remembering some stuff. While it is important to consider everything as potentially a lost memory, you must also be careful that such ‘memories’ are not actually fantasy. Our minds are like that, you see? To protect our own sanity, our minds will create a pseudo-reality to cover up whatever trauma that may have occurred. There are many cases of this, though admittedly psychology isn’t mine or master’s forte. Still, you could ask her later.”

Her explanation is sound, and in the state you’re in, her words make complete sense. Confusing as those visions may have been, they still need closer analysis…

“Gosh, it’s cold in here,” the rabbit girl comments, shivering slightly. Even the fur on her ears seem to be spiking up.

“Well, I am still wet…” you note with a wry grin, leaving out the fact that you’ve been sitting here in the nude right in front of her this entire time. Either Reisen was completely oblivious to that fact, or her professionalism was crazy top notch. You yourself are not disturbed by your state of undress or Reisen’s lack of response, for some reason. “As are your clothes, so…”

“Oh, well… heh, I guess that does explain… it…?” she trails off, a look of comprehension suddenly dawning on her.

Ah ha. Maybe now she realized it.

Indeed, her cheeks suddenly blossomed in flushed crimson,

‘U-um! Well! You’re feeling better, y-yes? It-It would be best then for you to dry off quickly and get dressed. M-Master is still waiting for us!”

Like a robot, she marches out of the room with nary a look back. A smirk crosses your face, bemused by her rather delayed reaction. But she is right; you need to get dressed and get to dinner. It wouldn’t do to be excessively tardy to a meal, now would it?

As you dry off and slip back into your clothes, sans bandages, your thoughts return to what Reisen said earlier. Dreams, were they? Certainly, everyone dreams, and often they are nonsensical. Occasionally, or in rare individuals, dreams are lucid and frighteningly clear. What you experienced undoubtedly nonsensical, or at least, to the current you. All those other flashes you’ve experienced – were they the same way?

But then, what is dream and what is memory? What is a fabrication and what is reality?

Has your own mind betrayed you, burying your sanity deep into fantasy?

You can’t imagine what those implications could mean.

[ ] Go to dinner.
[ ] Skip the meal and rest.
[ ] ǝıl ɐ sı ʍouʞ noʎ ƃuıɥʇ ʎɹǝʌǝ
[ ] ___________
[c] Skip the meal and rest.
[x] ǝıl ɐ sı ʍouʞ noʎ ƃuıɥʇ ʎɹǝʌǝ
˙uɐǝɯ I ʇɐɥʍ ʍouʞ noʎ ʇnq 'ƃuıɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ ʇou 'ʃʃǝM
>[] ǝıl ɐ sı ʍouʞ noʎ ƃuıɥʇ ʎɹǝʌǝ

Seems as if madness is slowly creeping into his mind. Who's to say the voting options won't eventually devolve into similarly mad-looking options?

[X]Focus your thoughts on Reisen's words on the way towards dinner.
-[x]Consider the possibility of the recent visions as possibly true memories; albeit warped around your past experiences.
--[x]Use that as a gauging tool for the "visions and dreams"; find something in common between all the possible memories and dreams experienced.

Sometimes the mind would warp any and all reality to where it's comfortable to the owner. In this case there should be a common theme that allows Ein to not entirely go to the deep end of madness.

Being with a special woman, military bootcamp/acadamy(?), a relationship that had been rather intimate?

What else...
[x] ǝıl ɐ sı ʍouʞ noʎ ƃuıɥʇ ʎɹǝʌǝ
Dunno why, but I lol'd.
[x] Skip the meal and rest
>tilting her head slightly so as to keep eye contact with you
Shes done this shit before. And there was that one conversation we overheard... Damnit, this shit is making me paranoid.
[X]Focus your thoughts on Reisen's words on the way towards dinner.
-[x]Consider the possibility of the recent visions as possibly true memories; albeit warped around your past experiences.
--[x]Use that as a gauging tool for the "visions and dreams"; find something in common between all the possible memories and dreams experienced.

Unlike the last time there was no strong jolt, and what happened with Ein was before Reisen came in.
[x]Focus your thoughts on Reisen's words on the way towards dinner.
-[x]Consider the possibility of the recent visions as possibly true memories; albeit warped around your past experiences.
--[x]Use that as a gauging tool for the "visions and dreams"; find something in common between all the possible memories and dreams experienced.

Going with this
[x]Focus your thoughts on Reisen's words on the way towards dinner.
-[x]Consider the possibility of the recent visions as possibly true memories; albeit warped around your past experiences.
--[x]Use that as a gauging tool for the "visions and dreams"; find something in common between all the possible memories and dreams experienced.

He should already realize that he has militaristic expertise as well as flashbacks/dreams related to it. Shouldn't something powerfully memorable return..?

What about that weird beach dream from way early on? To me it seems like a bad mix of some horrible event on the battle field and seemingly vacation-like events that had already occurred before those bad battlefield events.
[x]Focus your thoughts on Reisen's words on the way towards dinner.
-[x]Consider the possibility of the recent visions as possibly true memories; albeit warped around your past experiences.
--[x]Use that as a gauging tool for the "visions and dreams"; find something in common between all the possible
ǝıl ɐ sı ʍouʞ noʎ ƃuıɥʇʎɹǝʌǝ [x]

...Then it's probably not accidental. Good catch, there.
[Q] Go to dinner.

We just said we should.


[x]Focus your thoughts on Reisen's words on the way towards dinner.
-[x]Consider the possibility of the recent visions as possibly true memories; albeit warped around your past experiences.
--[x]Use that as a gauging tool for the "visions and dreams"; find something in common between all the possible memories and dreams experienced.

So are they dreams? Or are they memories?

Reisen does bring up a good point, that what you have experienced may not be true. But are they really dreams? Concoctions of your subconscious, bridging together the gaps in your broken mind; are they real? Or merely influenced by the real? No, they can’t be mere dreams. While true, they are nonsensical, but only in context. Context that you do not know. Another thing she mentioned, the establishing of a pseudo-reality to protect one’s sanity – how traumatic was the crash to rattle your brain so badly? Or is it your past that is so terrible? You hope it is not the latter.

You walk to dinner, feeling it rude to just skip out on it. Plus, you would worry the kind rabbit and her master, and that’s even worse. Still, you can’t help but think about what you have seen, what you have “remembered.”

First and foremost, that mysterious person; a female, from the behavior and speech, yet you cannot match a face. The voice has been muddled, though she seems to be very close to you. There was that nightmare from last night, but you’re certain that it was just a nightmare. In all that you have seen, she was one that stood by your side, like… a girlfriend? A girlfriend you seemed to enjoy teasing. Huh, maybe there is someone waiting for you back home then?

That thought makes you stop. Could she still be waiting for your return, something that may not happen in the near future? Or even far future? What if you can never leave this place? What if you can never go home? The people here, this place called Eientei, it is not your home.

So where is it?

…Best to think about that later, perhaps. More questions are popping up and you are in no shape to answer them. You resume your walk.

Second, the experiences without this female, but with other familiar individuals. You felt close to them as well, but in a different way from the woman. Friends? Brothers? The feeling is… fraternal, yes. Buddies, people closer than friends yet not family. It’s good you can recognize that. You must have been through a lot with them for it to stick so hard in your mind. But like the girl, the specifics are muddled. At the same time, there is a faint, almost nonexistent, feeling of loss. Perhaps some of them died?

That is saddening. Friends, dead. And here you are, having forgotten them. For their sake, you must remember.

And thirdly, your own little episodes; not so much what you remember, but what your body seems to. Quick movement, fast enough to move across a room before a plate hit the ground. When you were attacked earlier by danmaku, you managed to avoid getting hit. Strong enough to fight three fully grown men to victory. You know how to fight, if only at an instinctive level. What sort of person knows how to fight like that? It was not brawling. You cannot seem to accept it as such. It was too precise, yet you remember its ferocity in combating opponents. Not a martial art… but a self-defense art—no, A military art?


The others, your “brothers.” And you. You can fight. You can survive. Always aware, always searching. Even in the village, you could not relax. The faster you are, the stronger you are, the better your chances. Luck and guts, the deciding factors when all else is exhausted. You and your brothers were together for a long time, fighting alongside each other. Bleeding, crying, fighting, dying; you stood alone, together.

A wave of nausea hits you, causing you to stumble slightly. You hold a hand out to the wall to steady yourself. The revelation is there.

You were a soldier. Of what, from where, you do not know. But you feel incredible just by knowing that.

Dinner smells really good. The doctor, the rabbits, and the princess are all there, waiting for you. You apologize, taking your seat. Fortunately, it seems they did not wait too long.

[ ] Keep quiet about your thoughts
[ ] Share your discovery
[ ] They are not rea--------
[ ] Food. You must eat it.
[ ] _____________
[x] Food. You must eat it.
[ ] They are not rea--------

this interests me
[x] They are not rea--------
Repeating vote for the mystery option.
[X] Food. You must eat it.
-[X] Share your discovery

Got to build trust as Ein may recall that only Reisen would trust him from his short eavesdropping that night. As for "Ein's" affiliation to a military, that is left honestly murky. Once it's revealed it may actually help Ein get closer to finding answers for himself more clearly. Especially considering he's seems close to start "tripping balls" in more ways than one.
[x] They are not rea--------
Perhaps this is referring to his "memories?" Which I don't honestly believe are as true as Ein would like to think. Too much moonbunny shenanigans going on for everything to be locking into place like it is.
why sage yourself?

[x] They are not rea--------

Not only am I curious but this may even push his mind further to identifying himself more clearly than ever before.

Hopefully for the better
though I still wish to continue trusting the moonbunny;_;
are you trying to cause his mind to snap since odds are that is what will happen, and thus the "No Reisen route" curse will strike again.
>Dinner smells good.

[Q] Food. You must eat it.
[x] Food. You must eat it.
[x] Food. You must eat it.
[X] Food. You must eat it.

Eat now, talk later.
Because I have extremely low self-esteem and don't think my comments are worth anything.

Chin up. No need for that talk.

[x]Food. You must eat it.

Oh man.

Food is delicious.

After greeting your benefactors, you join them at the dinner table. You thought about telling them about your recent revelation, but such an idea is buried under the current desire of filling your hungry belly. The lunch from today was tasty, but rather light in substance. Thusly, you dig in to your meal with gusto. In your eagerness to eat, however, you miss the looks of amazement from the others (and one of disgust from Tewi).

But the meat is succulent; so moist and tender. The vegetables are crisp and refreshing, and the soup warms your very soul. Even the rice is delicious, mellowing the flavors and even standing out on its own. Truly, a meal by a master chef! Did Eirin have any other skills? Perhaps she could fly a plane too…

Half way through your bowl, you notice the strange silence stifling the table. Slowly, you look up from your meal and at the gathered group. Yep. They’re all staring at you. At least they’re just shocked, and not like Tewi.

“Erm…” You manage to make out, swallowing before continuing. “I’m sorry. The food is really good. I can’t help myself?”

You must look pretty silly, as Kaguya starts giggling. Soon following is Reisen, and even Eirin lets out a feminine titter. Tewi, ever the buzzkill, just rolls her eyes and ignores you.

“My, Ein, if you like my cooking that much, perhaps I should make meals from now on,” Eirin recovers first and smiles at you.

“Shoot, is master taking my responsibilities too? I really am becoming useless,” Reisen’s ears droop dramatically, though the look on her face says she’s far from upset. She does reach over and pluck a grain of rice off your cheek, much to the growing mirth of Kaguya. What does that girl find so funny, anyways?

“Come now, Udonge! I still need you for my… experiments,” a strange glint is in the doctor’s eyes, one that causes the rabbit girl to cringe away.

“No! Not that! Please don’t test E15 on me anymore!” crocodile tears glisten at the edge of Reisen’s eyes, “I still can’t get the nightmares to stop!”

“Do I even want to know what E15 does?” you ask, a raised eyebrow aimed at the group.

Reisen sighs miserably as Eirin clears her throat, “Well, it’s an injection that is supposed to help with digestion and improve nutrient absorption in the small intestine. However, there is a side effect of gathering excessive energy in the abdomen, resulting in a build-up that needs to be expelled…”

“It makes the person shoot bullets out of their butt,” Reisen says flatly, looking away.

The very mental image of Reisen shooting danmaku out of her butt is catastrophically hilarious. Catastrophic, because it almost makes you spit your food out laughing. Fortunately, you rein yourself in before you make a mess.

“You made something like that?” you ask the good doctor.


“She didn’t make shit. This whole thing is a sham,” Tewi cuts in suddenly, her voice harsh and impatient.

“Tewi! Why are you being so rude!?” Reisen leaps up to her feet. “Apologize to master, right now!”

“This is pissing me off. I can’t believe this is still going on!” the little rabbit throws her hands into the air in exasperation and pushes away from the table, her meal barely touched. “Whatever. I’m out of here.”

“Tewi? Tewi! Get back here Tewi!” Reisen follows her fellow bunny, leaving the three of you to stare at this in silence. The lady Yagokoro appears slightly agitated, while the lady Houraisan just watches this all unfold in front of her. She has no smile, but rather a neutral look. Eirin clears her throat.

Ahem. “Well, Tewi is right in that it’s a joke. However, I would have preferred a less blunt method,” Eirin sounds disappointed, a mild frown marring her beautiful face. “Really, that rabbit… What could be bothering her?”

The doctor looks at you instead, “Again, please excuse her behavior, Ein. I have never seen her like this, and usually she is a very nice girl.”

“No, it’s okay. I think I’ve come to expect her to dislike me,” you give her a sad smile. “I’d love to get along with her, but I guess that’s far from now.”

“I wish it wasn’t so. There was a good feeling at dinner, too,” Eirin sighs. Her appetite seems gone, as does yours. It’s a shame too, that this delicious food cannot be enjoyed. Fortunately, enough was eaten to leave only few leftovers.

“I guess I have cleaning duties~” Kaguya singsongs as she picks up the dishes, “Really, making me of all people do work! You’re harsh, Eirin!”

“Now now, a little work now and then does you good, my lady. There really isn’t much to clean, either, so it shouldn’t take too long.”

“Oh, let me help. With two people it’ll be even faster,” you follow the lady, earning a smile of gratitude.

“My, what gentleman! Thank you kindly, Ein~”

The doctor was right. Cleaning was a breeze, even if it was you doing most of the work.

Dishes are done, cleaning finished. Everyone’s doing their own thing.

What to do?

[ ] Sit outside and relax a bit.
[ ] Return to quarters and sleep
[ ] Wander around Eientei
[ ] Visit someone (who?)
[ ] ___________
[x] Sit outside and relax a bit.
>“She didn’t make shit. This whole thing is a sham... I can’t believe this is still going on!”
Even more lies from Eirin and Reisin? Is even our pleasant dinner being fabricated, so as to lead us down an Eientei approved path? It's a shame that the only person we can trust is Tewi, who is open in her hatred for us.
[X] Sit outside and relax a bit.
-[x] Shame eh?


A bit depressing but until Ein finds out more along side dealing with strange scenes and images flashing before his eyes and mind, he'll never fully recover his true memories.
>She didn't make shit
The drug that they where joking about.
>This whole thing is a sham
As in, acting normal around an enemy.

[x] Wander around Eientei
Let's give Tewi a chance to get a one-on-one on us.
[X] Wander around Eientei

Exploran gaems.
[x] Wander around Eientei
Aren't you guys trusting Tewi a bit too much?
[x] Wander around Eientei

I don't think we take enough risks these days. Let's see if we meet Tewi then.
[x] Wander around Eientei

It's good to have a recovering mind see a bit of change. Maybe not as much as venturing beyond Eientei, but it's better than sitting in one spot.
[X] Wander around Eientei

>>21712 here
Its precisely because she doesn't like us that I trust her words and opinions.
She didn't live to her age by being stupid. But we need to make clear that whatever Ein was, he doesn't have a desire to return to that life.

Spirit of Player Axel in SRW A, Yo
Ugh. Too long a period without updates and too short of one. Sorry, guys.

[x] Wander around Eientei

The night is still young, so why not walk around the place a bit? Everything looks different at night, with the moon’s light filtering in through the windows. You remember what happened last night you did this, that “faithful” meeting with Tewi. You hope what should such a reunion happen again, you won’t get a washbin to the back of your head. Maybe she won’t do it again? …No, it’s Tewi, and she hates you. Maybe this time she’ll drop a brick on you, or a whole mess of them.

Heh. She’ll say it was an accident too.

Hmm, at night, the empty halls seem much more mysterious. Dark, quiet, illuminated only by moonlight, you briefly ponder if these halls were haunted. At least, that way you could explain the chilly feeling you’re getting.

Wait. Something behind you?

You peek over your shoulder, seeing nothing but specks of dust floating in the moonlight. A light thump pulls your attention forward, seeing the figure of a small white rabbit hop-along-by without so much as a look in your direction.

There’s that weird feeling again, as if something was crawling up your spine. The hairs on your neck stand up, and you seem strangely alert. Looking behind you shows only an empty, dark path. You are alone, right? There’s nothing there. No. There’s definitely something following you, but not knowing what only makes you more nervous. You are alone, yes, but you are also not. They're watching you, waiting...

When did this place suddenly become so hostile feeling? Or, perhaps, you hadn’t noticed until now? Either way, you feel a decidedly unwelcoming aura about the place. Perhaps you should just head back to your room…

You take a step forward, only to freeze in place. Every part of your senses is screaming at you: Danger! Forward! Nothing is in front of you, yet you are suddenly suspicious of the space. A trap, is it? The floor boards seem alright, but your gut is saying other things. Carefully, you prod it with a foot. It feels solid enough, though with more pressure it seems to give a little. There’s something there, a pit trap, perhaps.

That little freak of a rabbit. She set this all up just to mess with you, didn’t she? And damn her foresight! Setting up a trap this far ahead, without knowing that you would actually be wandering around…

You’ll need to be more careful around her. Yes.

You reach your room without incident, having stepped around the trap and making your way with extra care. You feel strangely exhausted, as if moving about on extra high alert drained you both physically and mentally. Dammit, this has to stop. But now, sleep. And perhaps, a chance to dream…

There’s a hole here.

[ ] Jump
[ ] Do not jump
[ ] ___________

[ ] Jump
File 128152393897.jpg - (39.33KB, 640x480, hole.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Jump

Hole investigaetin headgaems
[x] Jump
's a dream right?
[Q] Jump

It's our job.
[x] Do not jump
Who the hell jumps into a strange hole they encounter?

who the hell sages their posts when making a vote?
Throw something down the hole

depending on our observations

[x] jump
[X] Jump

[X] Throw a rock in it!
Is this dead?
Good lord, let us hope not. If I'm not confusing my writefags, this one got a new job that was eating his time. We can only be patient until he deigns to answer our calls.
File 131259887659.jpg - (40.88KB, 495x365, Futurama dog.jpg) [iqdb]
[X] Jump

Reisen route!

Seems dead but

Still waiting.
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