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File 128147173592.jpg - (131.59KB, 1024x768, Forêt2.jpg)
The night is coming.
Well, not exactly coming. Perhaps "falling" is a better term.
Whatever, the night's here.
And I'm lost.

Uuuu. I have to remember what Miss Keine said about peoples getting lost in forest.
"Don't go running everywhere kids! If you're lost in the woods, you're in serious danger!"
Well, I'm lost in woods.
I think this one is called... Bamboo Forest of the Lost.
It's a nasty place to get lost.
It could be worse. I could be in ...
I think I'm in hell. Not real Hell, but a really frightening hell.

I'm in a place, without any landmarks.
It's night, so I almost can't see anything, and it's cold.
I'm 10 years old. I must have a mature reaction.
I didn't found anything else.
I'm lost, I'm tired, I'm cold.
I was hoping for a full moon, but ...
This is not THIS time of the month.
Dad told me once:
"Full moon are easy to notice. Just watch your mother's behavior. If she start acting strangely, then it's full moon."
Thanks Dad. Even if Mom passed away one month ago, I still like to remember her.
I think I remember her, actually. She always had this smile on her face.

Except in THIS time of the month, where she frantically cleaned everything in the house.
I smile. This is still a good memory of my mother.
Mommy. I miss you. Can you come back, please?

Everything is going dark.
Even darker than before.
I noticed that, even in pitch black, you can ALWAYS see. Even if there's just a little light, you still can see.
As long as the darkness are not magicals.
But this time, it's really really dark.
And I know why.
It's because I'm closing my eyes.
I too tired to move.
It's cold.
I'm lying on the floor, trying to get some heat.
I'll just sleep a little, after that, I'll continue to walk.
...just... a little...
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File 128147693986.png - (1.24MB, 2145x1519, guerre48.png)
I hear something.
Look like a voice.
Something's in a bad mood.
Let me sleep.
I just wanna sleep a little.

"...always like ... should change my..."
It's a woman.
I try to rise, but I can't move. Everything's dark, and I can't move.
I should give up.
But I can't.
I don't want.
I'll leave Dad alone if I give up, so I can't.
I slowly try to move my fingers.
Good. They move.
Then, my hands?
My arms?
No, they don't move!
"...and this creepy forest..."
The lady is going closer and closer. Perhaps she'll see me even if I don't move?
No. I have to move.
I have to move at least my arms.

I can move. I grab the nearest bamboo tree, and I pull with all my strengh.
I... have... to... stand...
"Hey, what's... A CHILD? Hey boy, are you okay?"
She notice me.
I open my eyes.
And I see...
An angel.
I see a really pretty woman. She's young, younger than Miss Keine, younger than Mommy, and she has long and white hairs.
She's so pretty.
"Boy? Where do you come from? Are you a human?"
She's talking, but I can't hear her.
I'm hypnotised by her beauty.
She's... definitly the prettiest woman in the world.
She touches my forehead with her hand.
She's soft. Her skin is white too. Almost everything in her is white.
She's shining in the darkness.
"Boy, you're cold!! That's not good!! You'll die at this rate! Come with me!"
She's still talking, but I'm not listening.
She's... an angel.
She comes for me.
Paradise must be good, if she's working in.
She grab me in her ams.
I feel like a baby who's nursed.
I go back to sleep.

It's warm.
I'm warm.
What's happening? Am I in Heaven?
Did I died?
Well, I'm fine with this.
I suddenly rise.
I surprise someone.
Oh. It's the white-haired angel.
"Oh, so you're alive! Don't worry, I told your father that you were okay."
I'm trying to say something, but everything's is chaos in my mouth.
"... g ..."
The woman smile at me, and ask:
"D... D-D-Did you know my father? Did you see him?"
"Nope. I asked Keine to tell him."
"You know Miss Keine?!"
"Oh yes. She's a close friend to me."
"She never told me anything about you!"
She smiles in a sad way.
"Perhaps it's because I'm known as "The Bamboo Demon" ?"
Without thinking, I say:
"Nonsense! You're an angel, not a demon, right?!"
I lower my head, blushing.
Damn. I said something stupid again.
"It's okay boy. Tomorrow, you'll see your father and your mother again."
I try to smile.
"My mother is dead, lady."
Hearing that, her face goes dark.
"You too, hu?"

And that was my first night in the Bamboo Angel's house.
Tomorrow, I'll be back to Miss Keine, who will headbutt me, like usual, and to my father, who'll be happy to see me.
After that, he'll say:
"Take care next time."
And everything will be back as usual.
Except for my wish to encounter the Bamboo Angel again.

"Have mercy, teac-"
"Wow, he's dead."
"He's totally dead."
"Yep. You owe me a rice cake."
"Look like the teacher is dead too."
"Mmm. Want to bet?"
"I bet my rice cake."
"Teacher, are you stunned?"
"Teacher, are you single-"
"Wow, Two in a row."
"You owe me TWO rice cakes."
After a little time, I came back to my senses. Teacher heabutted me stronger than expected.
I still see some stars here and here.
"All right, class start NOW! Everyone, take your seats."
After that, the class went boringly.

I go back to my home in a hurry.
"Ah, finally here. I was worried unthil Miss Keine came and told me that you were safe."
"Yeah, I'm safe."
"About that, why did you went in the bamboo forest?"
"I wanted bring back some bambbo shots for the meal."
He smiles.
"Thanks son."

I am 15 years old now. The white haired Lady from the bamboo forest is still... in my head.
In fact, she never left me. I was obsessed with her.
But now, my father passed away.
I have to choose if I will follow my obsession, and move into the bamboo forest, or if I'll stay in the Village.
According to Miss Keine's hints, there's a clinic in the forest. Perhaps they can provide me with a job or something.

[] Live in the Village.
[] Move in the Forest.
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[X] Live in the Village.

Safer, plus there's more of a chance for Mokou to visit without us getting lost in the Forest
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[x] Move in the Forest.

Keine'll help out.
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[x] Move in the forest

Greater chance of meeting Mokou
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[x] Move in the Forest.
An obsession is an obsession.
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[x] Move in the Forest.

The only reason for me to live in the Village was my father.
And now, he's dead.
I don't have ayone else.

I want to live in the Bamboo Forest.
I don't want to leave the village, but...
I wanna see this woman again.
How can I move?

-If you don't know, ask someone who does."
I'll ask Miss Keine about it.

*knock, knock*
-Miss Keine?"
-Yeah? Oh, it's you."
-I'm sorry for your father."
-It's okay, Miss. He ... passed peacefully."
-I see. It's better to ... leave that way. So, how can I help you?"
I close my mouth. It's a difficult matter. Even I can understand it.
As Chief said: "Humans aren't supposed to live alone."
I know he's right, but...
-I... I wanna leave the village, and move in the forest."
-Uh, the bamboo forest. Not the Forest of Magic."
-... Well, that's unexpected."
-I'm... I'm fine with that, and I'll help you, but I want to know one or two things before."
-Okay. What do you want to know?"
-Why? Why do you want to leave the village?"
-It's ... an old story."
-You don't want to tell me, right?"
-... I'm sorry, that's ... a childish dream."
-It's fine. You may call it 'childish', but one day, perhaps you'll be happier, because you achieved this dream."
-... Thanks."
My spine freezes. When she speaks like that, she speaks like a teacher, with a cutting tone.
-Going to live alone in a wild place like that is dangerous. You already have this fact in mind, right?"
-I know it's dangerous."
This fact, as she call it, never left me, since that night where I was going to die.
-Even if the place you want to live is ... 'safe', there are still some dangerous and wild youkais."
Oh. Youkais. Of course, I know some of these. There are this bunny with red eyes, who often come to the village to sell medicines, and also this maid-person, and also this short girl with this thing following her.
-I know how to deal with youkais."
She's saying 'how cocky' in her mind.
-That's true! I just have to use a charm, right?"
-... Theorically, yeah. But in fact, most of the youkais simply ignore the charm."
-You can recognize them easily, since only females youkais are obeying to this rule."
-The rules?"
Don't I have to just show them the charm, and they run away?
-What you're calling a charm is what we call a Spiritual Strike Talisman. Its function is to create a barrier to knock back youkais."
-Howewer, it works only once."
-And it works only against female youkais, since male youkais are easily frenzied by any opposition. If you use this charm against a male youkai, he'll go berzerk. And you won't stand a chance."
-What are my option if I have to encounter an youkai, then?"
-I would say 'just run', but almost all youkais can fly."
-That's cheating!"
-Enough with that. Can you tell me more about your project? Where do you plan to live?"
-Well, I heard that there was a clinic or something inside the forest. I though that, maybe, I could work here."
-Excuse me, teacher?"
-No-nothing. I'm just surprised. Well, if you can, it'll be simplier. You won't be killed inside the clinic, at least."
-So, it's okay?"
-Only if you're hired in this clinic. Otherwise, I'm against."
-Thanks teacher."
She's smiling.

I went back to my Father's house, and I tried to sleep.
My plan was simple.
-I stay in the village.
-I wait for this medicine-selling bunny-girl.
-I ask her to lead me to the clinic.
-In the clinic, I ask to the doctor to hire me.

Oh, well. Look like the 3 first step are working.
The rabbit (she told me her name was Reisen) came to the Village, as planned. I explained the whole thing to her, and she agreed to show me the way, telling me that I'll 'have to deal with the Master'.
Look like the famous doctor is a male.
I wonder how he look like. According to Reisen, I won't wait too long.
I'm in a waiting room, or something like that. It's empty.
The clinic was bigger than I expected. Perhaps it's be more accurate to call it a mansion instead of a clinic.
The mansion is not very tall. I mean, it's big, but it's not tall.
I don't have enough words to describe it.

Ah? There's the doctor.
And he's... wait, what?
It's not a man at all! It's a woman!
She's tall, even more than Reisen. And she have long white hair. And a strange dress with ... red-black pattern?
She comes with a smile.
I rise from the seat, and I bow very deeply. I have to let her talk first. That's what my Father taught me.
-What a polite boy. Nice, nice."
Still bowing, I don't answer. I'm staring the floor.
-It's okay, you can look at me. I'm not used to that."
I rise my spine, and I look at her face.
She's pretty. Of course, she's old, but she's still pretty. How to say it? She's ... like something so hard that even time couldn't hurt her.
She's not human.
-Well, boy. Udonge told me that you wanted to talk to me. What is it, I wonder?"
-A-Ah.. Mm... Well..."
-Calm down, boy. I won't eat you."
You say that, but your eyes are saying 'what is this?'
-I... Sorry... But..."
I bow again, while asking:
-Can you hire? I'll work hard!"
There is a silence.
-Perhaps. What can you do?"
-I... I can do almost everything. If I understand it, I can do it."
Her eyes sparks.
-If you understand it, you can do it? That's a very nice skill."
... Did I said something wrong?
-Rise your face. Show me your face."
I obey. I rise my face. She stares me with great attention.
-Mmm. Yeah... You ahve some scratches here and here. But you're not winded at all. And Udonge told me that you came back from the village with her... That's pretty far from here..."
I don't answer. That's obviously not a question.
-Looking at your face, I can see you're used to hard work. But that's not all, right? You fight a lot. Wiiiith... other lids."
How can she tell that just by looking at my face?!
-Because you have a bruise on your cheek. If it was an adult's doing, the bruise would have been larger. That's obviously a kid's punch. Mmm. A little older than you."
... Is that just amazing observation?
-Mmmm. You're strong for your age. But it's not the way you were treated in the village that pushed you to move, right? It's ... something else..."
-My father died. I had no reason to stay in the village."
-I'm sorry to hear that."
-For the rest, you were right. I always fight with others."
-I knew it."
Her eyes are sparkling again.
-Anything else you want to know?"
-Your parents? What did they do?"
-Excuse me?"
-Their jobs?"
-Oh. My father... I never knew. And my mother... told me once. She ... sold springs."
-I don't know what it means, but I think it's nice. She told me that her job was about giving happiness."
The doctor looks away, and answer in a strange tone.
-W-Well, in a way, that's right..."
-So, are you okay with me?"
She look at me, and says:
-I'm fine. You're hired. By the way, I'm the doctor Eirin Yagokoro. But you can call me Yagokoro."
-Yes, uhh... Yagokoro?"
-Like this, yeah."
It's strange. Calling someone only by her name like that, it's like... being friend with this person.
Even if she asked me, I wouldn't have be able to call her 'Eirin'. Too... intimate...
-And by the way, the cute rabbit who lead you here was Udonge."
-But... She told me her name was Reisen..."
-Oh? Then you can call her like that."
And so, I was officially hired inside the Eientei Mansion.
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Then, Yagokoro called Reisen, and asked her:
-Can you find out a empty room for our new laboratory assistant?"
-Wha- Master? Are you fine with this?"
-I am fine with HIM."
And then, Yagokoro smiles in a creepy way. Then, she spokes to me:
-All right. Do you have any luggage?"
-Except for some clothes, I don't have anything."
-All right. But we'll provide you with clothes suited for experiment. The job I want you to do is dangerous, so your clothes will have to protect you."
-How can clothes protect me?"
-You're young. You have no idea, right? But you'll learn."
After that, Yagokoro left, leaving me with Reisen.

Who was pretty angry.
-WHY did you do that? Do you have ANY idea of what kind of job Master have in mind for you?"
I answered:
-I don't care. I don't have anything, so everything wil be fine."
-Couldn't you live in the village, peacefully?"
My answer surprised her.
I look her more closely than usual.
She don't look very old. Just a little more than me.
She must be ... 18-19 years old. But the strangest features about her aren't her bunny ears, but her eyes.
Entirely red.
That's creepy.
-W-Well. Master took her decision, so I just have to obey. Follow me."
And we went, together, inside the long corridors of the Eientei.

-This is the Master's laboratory. Never go inside, unless she ordered."
-I-I see."
-This is the Master's office. I have to clean it sometimes, but if Master want to turn you into a laboratory assistant, I guess you won't have to worry about it."
-The office and the laboratory are in differents place? Why?"
-Because the office is almost closed. It's hard to sneak in. Meanwhile, the laboratory is opened, to allow air circulation."
-Is Yagokoro making dangerous experiences?"
-Yago-? You mean the Master? Oh yeah. She's almost everytime in her laboratory."
-But why? Isn't she a genius? Why is she making experience like that?"
-Because ... Well, it's complicated. Related to the Princess, and stuff."
-The Princess?"
-Wha-? Forget what I just said, okay?"
-Uh. Okay."
-The Master is a perfectionist person. Of course she's a genius, who can heal everything, with minimal sides-effect. Howewer, her aim is to achieve maximal knowledge. She's not doing research to discover new medicine, she's doing it for her."
-Because she wants."
-And because research is one of her only goal in life."
-So what is the another goal?"
-You're pretty clever, for a young boy, right? No wonder why the Master is interested in you."
I bow my head, blushing.
-Well anyway. Here are the rooms."
How can I describe it? Imagine a long, long, corridor.
I guess there are ... more than thousands rooms!!
-That's ... amazing!"
-This is the power of our Lady."
-Follow me, there is still place to discover before beginning the job."
She opened a door, entering inside a random room. I followed her, wondering what would happen after that.
Inside the room, there are a futon, and two closets. On the opposite wall, there is a strange pattern.
-It's another door. Who leads outside."
She walk though the room, and open the door.
We're outside.

How to say it?
The mansion is ... bigger inside than outside. I mean... From the outside, it's big, but it's not that impressive. It's smaller than the village, I mean.
But from the inside, it's ... infinitely big! I can't even see the ceiling!
Except the mansion, there is a small storehouse. Reisen told me that it was used to keep unused medicines, and Yagokoro's old experiments.
-Wait, experiments?"
-Don't worry, she stoppped doing that."
... I'm not really confident.
-Oh, about that. Our food is served by white rabbits, but take care."
-The leader of the rabbits, Tewi, is a clever little commander. Never trust her. She likes pranks. Usually, I'm the only one targeted, but since you're new here, I think she'll 'welcome you' in her way."

After that, Reisen leads me in a empty rooms, gave me a change of clothes.
Mmmm. White clothes. Long. Look like a dress.
I hope Yagokoro don't want me to crossdress?
-Don't worry. It's not that.You just put this white coat over your casual clothes."
-So it's a coat, hey?"
-Yes. Well, see ya."

I put the white coat, in a correct way.
It was hard. I tried many many times, before I finally noticed that I was trying to put my legs in the sleeves.
-Am I fine?"
-Yes. Now, follow me. We are going to the Master's office."
-What will be my job?"
-Just wait. It's basically that. You wait for her to give you an order, and when you receive one, you try to execute it as best as you can. After that, you come back, and you wait another order."
-What kind of orders does she give?"
-Basically stuff like 'Bring me tea, please", or 'Take that to the storehouse'. Oh, and important notice: NEVER TRY TO JUSTIFY YOURSELF."
-Uh? Why?"
-Because she don't care about 'why' or 'how' you failed. She's only interested by the task. The rest doesn't matter."
-Uh. Thanks for the tip."
-If you fail something, she will be angry at you. If you try to justify, she will be mad. I learned it myself."
She's remembering her past now.
... That's scary, in a sense.

And so, I am now, in Yagokoro's office, waiting for a order.
Yagokoro is writing and reading into severals big books, and don't pay attention to us at all.
That's very quite. I could amost fall asleep.
If I wasn't standing still. Reisen looks like she's used to it, but I have some troubles to stay like this.
-Could you bring me some tea, and a small crate of selenium?"
Reisen and I answer at the same time.

[] make the tea.
[] Go get the selenium.
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Mea Culpa.
I messed up the title.
I'm not talking about the title of the reply, "Visit the place you'll live for a long, long time.", but about the story's.

The name of the story should be "Running after the Sun". Sorry about that, but I forgot that I couldn't change easily the name of the story once it's began.
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[x] Go get the selenium.

I'm assuming that we do know what selenium is
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[x] make the tea.
Delete Post
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[x] Go get the selenium.
First failure~
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That's not something you tild, and we don't need to start our new job on such a downnote.
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[x] Go get the selenium.

Considering how much I suck in cooking and stuff like that, I think I'll go get this thing that Yagokoro want.
Reisen and I leave the room.
Quickly, I ask her:
-I'll go get the selething. Where is this?"
She answers:
-Go in the storehouse I showed you earlier. There is a crate of bottles, containing red powder. That's selenium. Bring it back."
-Will you be okay with the tea?"
-I'm used to that. And I know Master's tastes very well."

I left her, and I went toward the storehouse.
Crate... crate...
Ha! I see a crate who's full of bottles!
I quickly take one of them, and I look carefully.
That's not powder! That's liquid!
Damn. Maybe Reisen was wrong?
No. Definitly no. She's used to this place.
Maybe someone else filled the bottle with water?
But why?
-Why you take it, or not?"
Someone spoke. It's ... a rabbit? Shorter than Reisen, but with "normal" ears.
-Hello there. Do you happen to know where is the selenium?"
-First, you should introduce yourself. Second, it's in your hands."
... What is this young brat saying? Let's walk with her for the time being.
-Yeah. Excuse me. I'm working here since this afternoon."
-So it's normal for you?"
-Excuse me?"
-I'm the leader of the rabbit. I'm Tewi Inaba."
-Inaba... Are you related to Reisen?"
-NO. NO AND NO. AND NO MEANS NO! Why are you all asking the same question?"
-... Perhaps... because you both have the same name?"
-It doesn't make sense!"
-Oh, and about the selenium?"
-It's in your hands."
-Oh. Well thanks."
-No need to thank me, boy."

Very strange. She's so young, and she's acting like an old granny.
I'm afraid. Afraid of what kind of thing I'll discover in this mansion.

-That's not what I asked you."
-I asked you to bring me selenium. Not wine."
-I'm sorry! I'll go get it now."
-No. Udonge will go."
Without a sound, Reisen left the room, leaving me alone with Yagokoro.
I bet she's angry after me, so I won't say nothing.
If she forget me, I'm fine. And it look like she's focused on her job now, so I should be able to survive.
-... I bet you just encountered Tewi?"
-The white rabbit?"
-With a carrot necklace. It's her. Never trust her."
-She's always lying. I'll let this one slide, but the next time you'll get wrong..."

That was my first day in the Eientei.
Many years passed.
I learned a lot. About Yagokoro. About Tewi. About Reisen.
But, I never discovered anything about the Princess.
Sometimes, during the night, I can hear Yagokoro talking to someone.
Sometimes, I can hear noises in the garden.
I think there's something wrong in this place.
I don't know what, unfortunatly.

5 years passed. Thanks to Yagokoro, I learned lots of things about drugs, medicines, and healing.
I guess that I can be considered as a doctor, according to human's standards. But, then I try to understand Yagokoro's research... I have the feeling that I'm still a child.
I can do lots of things right now. But, if I dare to compare myself to Yagokoro, then I'm less than a rookie.
I finally get why Reisen call her "Master". It's not because she's violent, clever, or any of that.
It's because she's still carrying on her research. Despite the fact that she don't have any materials, she still continue.
In this way, she's admirable.
But on the other side... Well, I often "screw up". And then I srew up, she become... angry? Mad? Furious? I can't find the good term.
But one thing for sure. I never want to screw up. Because each time it happen, she beat me so badly that I spend one week in the bed, almost unconscious.
I don't really to talk about that. It's not a good souvenir.

But I resume my story, because something strange happened.
One day, I was working as usual, assisting Yakogoro. But suddenly, Reisen came, saying that a big blond lady was at the entrance.
Immediatly, Yagokoro rise from her chair, and went to greet her.
That was VERY unsual. I mean, Yagokoro is not the kind of person who move easily. When she's focused on something, NOTHING can make her move.
Except a stupid human screwing up in a soon-to-be-painful way.
I followed Yagokoro.
And I saw. That Reisen was right. This woman was really tall.
-Did I ever lied to you?"
-Well, not you, but ANOTHER Inaba lied to me a lot!"
-We are not blood-related!!"
Well anyway. Yagokoro welcomed the new lady.
She was polite! So it was suspicious!
-I wonder what the Eientei's doctor want from me?"
Said the blond lady.
-Well, if you come to the office, perhaps I'll explain it to you, Lady Yakumo."
Oh. This lady was Yakumo.

After that, the two ladies closed themselves inside Yagokoro's office, and called us only to get tea and cookies.
Something very strange was going on.
Quietly, I tried to listen. Well, to be frank, I was eavesdropping.
Don't... DON'T LOOK AT ME LIKE THAT! I'm sure that everyone did it!
So, I overheard a part of the discussion. And it was about a Princess.
Which mean that I was right, there was really a princess in the Eientei.
Hey, what do you know? I didn't have enough free time to investigate! Yagokoro kept me busy for five years!
Maybe I learned a lot about medicine and stuff like that, but I stayed in the mansion almost all the time!
Somehow, I didn't turned into a vampire. Pure luck, I guess. I heard that if you stay away from the sun too long, you'll turn into one of them.
Well anyway.
The discussion was about a princess, so I listened by curiosity. And, soon after that, they began talk about some "Mokou" girl.
Hey. Not interested.
"It would be nice if they stopped killing each other."
... Wait, what? Killing...
"You're asking me to find a new way for them to fight, without shredding blood?"
Oooookkaaaaayyyy. Nooooormaaaaaaaaal.
After that, I went back to the kitchen, pretending I didn't heard nothing.

Yagokoro's experiment are very dangerous. I was never concerned about that, since Reisen was always the one assisting Yagokoro during dangerous time.
But, sometimes, Yagokoro's experiment may go wrong. For example, it happened only once, but she gave Reisen this tonic.
Poor Reisen. She spent 5 days standing still, unable to sleep, running and jumping everywhere. After that, the medicine's effect worn off, and Reisen was able to sleep.
Another example: we had some bugs trouble inside the garden. Yagokoro wasn't really concerned about that, but when Tewi said that bunnies stopped work because of the bugs, she decide to take radical action!
She send us, Reisen and me, take some life-threatening medicine in the storehouse, and she ordered us to put it in the garden. Unfortunatly, she 'forgot' to give us gas mask. I spent one wekk in the coma, while Reisen spent only 2 days. Since this time, the garden is a dead place, without any plant.
I bet it was some strong medicine.
I was okay with that, since nobody was really in danger: after all, Yagokoro is still a good doctor, so as long as we're near, there's no danger.
But if some kind of experiment is tried on the whole land, then ...
I guess I should warn someone.

But who?
[] Keine?
[] The Miko from the mountain?
[] The Miko from the secluded shrine?
[] The monk from the temple?


No write-in. I have lot of trouble to maintain a correct plot, so I don't want any "chaos" in this story.
Somehow, I have the feeling that writing this story is like playing Jenga.
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I have no idea what to choose... eeny meeny miney moe...
[x] Keine?
We don't even know the other people... I think.
Delete Post
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[x] Keine?

Hey he never thinks that may be that woman's name.
Delete Post
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[x] Keine?

Wow, I'm surprised that MC didn't run away after what all Eirin has done to him in 5 years.
Delete Post
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[] Keine?

Okay. I have to tell to my old teacher about this.
I don't really care about the mikos, but if teacher's is caught, she might get hurt.
First, I have to find a way out.

5 years ago, Tewi showed me a secret passage, leading out the mansion.
But I never used it. I prefer the main door.
I tried to run away several times in the past, but I always came back. Because I had nowhere else to go, and because, despite everything, it's still fun to work with Yagokoro.
Of course, sometimes, I was caught.
But I honestly think it's better to be caught by Yagokoro, even if she's seriously pissed off, than trying to use Tewi's passage.
I don't know, but I suspect some kind of deadly trap.
Tewi is like that. She's cute, and she looks innocent, but in fact, she's more dangerous than Yagokoro. Yagokoro, at least, is predictable. She won't beat you black and green just because she feels like it.
But Tewi is unpredictable. Sometimes, she can be very lovely, and sometimes, she can be a complete brat. I suspect her to be half-insane. Or maybe she's just disgustingly clever.

I'll just use the main door, run to the village, tell eveyrthing to teacher, come back here, and pretend nothing happened.
Yeah. It'll work.
All right. Step one: Get out the mansion.
As I said before, the Mansion is divided into several part: the mansion itself, the storehouse, and the field. Most of the mansion's food come from the field, so the mansion can survive for eternity without any contact with the exterior.
I remember I tried to ask Yagokoro once why she was using her medicine for villagers.
After explaining me that medicines have to be used, otherwise they'll rot, she beat me, because I was slacking.
This day, I learned to never, NEVER ask question when she's asking you something else.

Okay, okay. Nowhere to be seen. Just run to the door, open it, go for it, close it, and run.
I run to the door. Okay. I don't see nobody, so I guess everything's all right.
I try to open the door.
Damn! It's locked! Reisen, why do you have to make things harder for me?
*CLANK* Shit! For a noisy noise, it's a noisy noise.
Come on! Open! Yes!
I pass, and I close the door.
Okay. Cool. Nobody saw me. Now I just have to-
"Hello there."
"Sorry if I scared you" the white rabbit said, smiling.
You... YOU PERSON!! Damn...
"Where are you going like that, I wonder?"
"I go to the Village."
"All alone? Might be dangerous."
"It's day. I'll be okay."
"Oh, I wonder about that. Some monsters sleep during the night."
"What do you mean?"
"Nothing. Have fun."
And she left.
That's Tewi for you. The cunniest rabbit. Everything coming out from her mouth is a lie.
Some monsters sleep during the night. What did she means?
A-Anyway! I have to run.

God damnit. Why now?
I mean... For 5 years, I lived in a mansion, lost inside woods. Sometimes, when Reisen was sick, I had to go sell medicines myself. Each time, I hoped I could see the white girl. But since I never get lost, I never encountered her.
And, now, now that I REALLY need to find a way out, I manage to lost myself.
Not now dammit...
"Right behind you."
I jump, screaming in fear.
Oh. It's the girl.
Sooob... What am I showing her my worse profil each time I can see her?
Funny enough, she didn't changed a single inch.
"I'm... so happy to see you again!"
"Wow, wow, calm down. What's the matter?"
"Yagokoro said to a woman that a princess and a Mokou would have to stop killing each other, and I think they're planning something dangerous, so I want to tell Keine about this, and-"
"Hold on, hold on."
"First of all, my name is Fujiwara no Mokou. I'm the one you're talking about."
"Ye-... Hey, what?"
"Second, Keine already know about that."
"What do you mean?"
"The woman you're talking about. I bet she's tall, and blond, mmm?"
"Well, yes..."
"She already asked me to play in her little game. So, be at ease, Keine already know."
I can't find anything else to say. Oh. Perhaps, after some time, I'll know accuretly how to react. Should I shout: "No way! That's impossible?" or shouldn't I?
"Well... Will I see you again?"
"Well, maybe. But, whu would you want to see me again?"
Oh crap. I wasn't expecting this answer. Lie. Use Tewi's training.
"Oh, uhh... I wonder? Maybe it's because I don't see you often, and then, maybe that, mmm..."
Damn, Tewi, you have failed me!
"Well, since teacher already know, I guess it's useless to warn her."
"Yeah. You're the guy working at the Eientei, right?"
"You should go back before your master realize you ran away."
"I didn't really ran away, but..."
She's right. Tewi probably already sold me out. If I can sneak in before Yagokoro notice, I'll be okay. Otherwise... I don't want to know.
"Well, then, good luck. Errm. Fujiwara."
"Yeah, yeah. You too."

Okay. After 3 hours, and some crying, I finally managed to find my way to the mansion.
I'm done for. Yagokoro will beat the medicine out of me. That's sure.
So, why am I going back, despite this fact? Am I masochist? Or is it because I don't have anywhere else to go?
Well, anyway, I'll just go and-
Who talked?
"I can't allow that, unfortunatly."
Somehow, I manage to fall. How can this be possible? I don't really want to know. After all, I saw Yagokoro doing impossible thing. One of them implying my arm. She twisted it in many ways I couldn't imagine.
And, for your information, it hurts like hell when your arm is twisted by a doctor.
I'm in a purple world. Well, almost pruple. I can eyes here and here.
I wonder if I should be surprised to see eyes floating in a pruple world? Maybe not. After all, I've been living for 5 years in a mansion who's camped from the outside, and almost infinite from the inside.
It's obviously a youkai doing, by the way. And if this youkai was a carnivorous one, I would already be dead. So I guess it just want to talk.
"What can I do for you?"
Something appears in front of me.
"Hey, you're that blond lady from earlier! How are you doing?"
She smiles.
"Fine. Thanks. But that's not why I brought you here."
"So, what can I do?"
"Maybe stop eavesdropping?"
Oh crap. TEWI! I'll get you back for this!
"I didn't meant to! I mean, of course I wanted to, but..."
"You heard about the new game I'm planning, right? So you went to warn Kamishirasawa."
"Well, you see, I managed to get you lost in the bamboo forest. And, by an amazing chance, you bumped into Mokou. Who sent you back to the Eientei."
"What do you mean?"
"She lied to you. Keine don't know about the new game. Oh, don't worry, she'll learn soon enough."
"Are Fujiwara and Keine in danger?"
"No. The danger will be for the characters, not for the player. Mokou already chose her pawn. He'll be arrived soon enough."
"I don't get a single clue."
"Well, it doesnt matter anyway. I'll remove you from the game."
"Before you're like chaos. The game must be settled between characters. I don't want you ruining the game."
"What will you do?"
"Do you know Mokou?"
"Fujiwara? Yes, she's a pretty girl from the Bamboo Forest."
She smirks. Oh gosh, what a disgusting smile. It's the "you-gonna-get-raped" kind of smile that Yagokoro usually have on her face before beating someone.
"You had a crush on her, right?"
HOW DO... No. Not good. Stay calm.
"H-H-How d'ou know?"
"Not really complicated. Maybe you're older, but living for 5 years in the same place didn't helped you mature at all."
"I'm 20 now. I hope I matured."
"Unfortunatly, you didn't. But I'll give you a gift. Instead of just dropping you randomly like usual, I'll send you in a good place. You'll learn a lot."
"I wonder if I should thank you for this. You're not doing it for me."
"Let's say that I am."
"Then, thank you Lady."
"Oh, and by the way. Mokou is eternal. It doesn't matter if you get old, she'll still be the same."
"What do you mean?"
"Oh, and I'll take some of your memory."
"Hey, no-"
"There is an eternal person near your destination. If he give you immortality, you'll be blessed."

Before I could answer to this one, she threw me out.
Head first.
"Where am I? What is this..."
Sand. My mouth is full of sand.
"My god. It's full of sand!"
Okay. I don't know where I am, but I'm obviously not in the Bamboo Forest anymore.
In front of me, there is a sea.
Behind me, a forest. Not a bamboo forest, but a strange forest.
And the sky is awfully black.
Am I still in Gensokyo?
Somehow, I doubt it.
The sea is... dead. There's nothing living inside. Not anymore. I don't even need to look closely. It's obvious for someone like me.
After five years near dangerous stuff, I can say almost instantly if something will kill me or not.
Thanks to Yagokoro. And thanks to Tewi, who poisoned my food almost everytime.
I sit on the sand, near the sea.
I never saw any sea before.
Didn't the blond lady said she was going to take my memory? I don't notice anything missing.
My mother, my father, my encounter with Fujiwara.
Five years after that, my father passed out. I went to live at the Eientei.
Five years after that, I appear to eavesdrop... And I am here now.
I know there's something missing. But what?

I don't care. The sea is beautiful.
I just want to watch it. More and more. Black sea, under black sky.
Black, black... Black sun. Kuroitaiyou.
Is that making sense.
What am I thinking? Did the blond lady replaced old memories with new? Why am I thinking about Black Sun now?
That doesn't make any sense. I think it's the sea. It'll drive me crazy if I don't pay attention.

What should I go?
[] Stay where am I. I'm in an unknow place, but there's obviously inhabitants. I'll just let them get me.
[] Follow the beach. I need to move. Quickly. The sea is quite powerful, I don't even want to know how strong are this place's citizens.
[] Go in the forest and walk randomly. Forest are the best place to ambush someone. I'll see if I can get someone, and torture it for information about this place.


No write-in this time. Take an option mean take a reasoning. Pick the forest if you want to be hostile. Stay where you are if you want to be peaceful.
Just for your information, MC don't have anything with him. Just his clothes. Maybe he'll find some food in the forest, or...
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[x] Follow the beach. I need to move. Quickly. The sea is quite powerful, I don't even want to know how strong are this place's citizens.

Forest is hostile? I think I'll pick the golden middle...
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[x] Stay where am I. I'm in an unknow place, but there's obviously inhabitants. I'll just let them get me.

I'd rather not pick unnecessary fights.
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[x] Follow the beach. I need to move. Quickly. The sea is quite powerful, I don't even want to know how strong are this place's citizens.

Normally I would pick the forest but torturing people for information just seems too out of character
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File 12825831408.png - (629.27KB, 850x977, Bitch.png)
1 vote for stay where am I.
2 votes for follow the beach.

Well. I guess I just have to follow the beach, unthil I see someone.
"You'll learn a lot."
I repeat the words I heard. What did she meant by that? Will I encounter crazy peoples?
... The doctor was already almost crazy. What was her name? Dammit.
Anyway, I think that the Doctor was crazy for two.

It's a really strange picture, you see. There is this ... strange black sea.
No wonder why I don't see any fish. It's deadly. Not deadly in a chimical sense, like some of the drugs I worked with, but nothing can live inside this sea.
Perhaps I should try to swim, or something like that...
No. Definitly not. That's not a good idea. This sea is not made of water.
It's some kind of... I guess it's mud, or something... I'll investigate later. For now, I just have to see someone.

Aaaannnnd here, there is dah forest. With some-normal looking trees.
"Peach... Of course."
Peach tree. Here. In thif strange-looking land.
Of course. Makes perfect sense.
"... Someone care enough to explain what the hell is this hellish place? Am I in Hell, or something like that?!?"
I'm... totally lost.

And the weirdest of all things, the sky.
I don't see any sun, so I guess it's night. But, normally, I would be blinded by the darkness. How can I see anything if there's no sun?!
And why the hell is this sky black? It should be blue, like usual!
Speaking about that, why is the sky blue?

I jump.
It's a man, with a ... an armor? He's a strange man. Don't look like anyone else I ever saw.
I try to answer:
He smile bitterly.
"Japanese? Good thing I learned it, so..."
Okay. He's speaking my language. Good.
"Where am I, mister?"
He look surprised.
"You're on the moon, you knucklehead."
... The moon?
"Why am I here?"
"Why should I know?"
"Because you're here."
"You're here too. Now, excuse me, I have to go."
"Far away from here."
"Because I'm followed by a lunatic girl armed with a sword, and a big group of stranges creatures using rifles."
"You aren't from here?"
"NO! I'm an European astronaut. I was sent here with other scientist, to study the moon. When we arrived, we were ambushed by those things, so I ran away."
"You let your friends to die?"
"... Close your mouth."
Walking slowly, he disappeared in the forest.
... Hell, what am I doing? I should be going with him! According to what he said, peoples here are hostile.
"Hey, wait for me!"
"Was? Hey, no! Don't follow me!"
"I don't want to get killed by a woman."
"Good idea, but-"
"Stop right here, criminal scum!"
"-too late."

Suddenly, rabbits eveywhere.
Funny enough, I can say that they are rabbits, but they don't really look like the white pranking rabbit, or her underlings. They are taller, and their ears are ... wrong.
They remind me someone I saw ...
Yes. Now, it seems obvious that what's-her-name was a moon rabbit. I mean, they all have red eyes, strange, big ears, and a helmet.
But something's wrong here...
I know. They are shaking!
"I don't think they'll shoot."
Says the astronaut guy.
I crouch, and I grab some sand.
"Hey y-you! Let go this sand! It's a holy sand!"
Says a rabbit. Immediatly, astronaut guy answer:
"Holy sand? Too bad that I took a crap minutes ago, and that I buried my crap under your holy sand!"
... What the hell is he saying?
"H-How dare you!"
"How dare you dare me!"
"Y-You dare to dare us?"
"How dare you ignore my 'how dare you', you thing!"
I interrupt them:
"Actually, they are rabbits."
"Rabbits? Impossible! Rabbits are small, cute creatures!"
... The last sentence created a silence.

"Put your hands on your head! The Lady will judge you and sentence you to death!"
"Immediatly, lunar inquisition!!"
"Put your hands on your head! And let go the sand!"
Without obeying, I put my hands on my head, mimicked by Astronaut.
"All right. Everyone, cover me while I tie them!"
That's it. Come cloooooooooooooser...
The male rabbit grab his rifle with one hand, and approach me. I know what he'll try.
He want to grab my hand, to release the sand.
But at the moment he grab my hand, I throw the sand in his eyes.
"Haa! Help!"
I grab his throat with one hand, while Astronaut grab his rifle.
I make it turn, to use it as a meat shield.
I'm not very used to it, but the Doctor teached me to use anything.
Five years with a bunch of lunatic peoples. You know, if I'm not dead, it's because I acted smartly.
No pay, no holiday, and ludicrous beating if you do something wrong. Of course I evolved.
But, seriously, I never though that I would have to take a rabbit in hostage.
"Good job, boy. Now, bunnies, let us go, or I'll eat your friend for night meal!"
The threat is terrifying for the rabbits. They are all shivering, being afraid of Astronaut.
Of course. He must be like an Oni to them.
"What's wrong, you bunnies? Got chicken's skin?"
"Excuse me?"
I asked.
"Oh, I mean 'being afraid'."
The rabbit I'm holding try to speak:
"L-Let them go! But go report this to Lady Yorihime!"
He's pretty brave for a rabbit. I bet he's the boss.
"F-Fine! We'll let you go for this time! But you better be prepared! Lady Yorihime isn't like us!"
"Yeah, way to go, fucker! Now go back to your lair, and act like bunny. And you better go bring this lunatic very soon, 'cause your friend will be VEEERY lonely for a while, and rabbit can die if they're lonely."
I decide to play along with him.
"Of course, they can die faster if we decide to eat him. So be fast."
Immediatly, all of the rabbits run away. That's something funny to see.
"All right, Astronaut! We're alone now, so what's your plan?"
"We have to go back to the ship. With this hostage, we can do it."
I release the rabbit. Astronaut immediatly aim at him with the rifle, while saying:
"I don't know this model, but I bet I don't need more than a try to find out the trigger. So, you go first, with hands on your ears!"
"A-Allright. But it's useless! Lady Yorihime will get you!"
Amused for a while, Astronaut answer in a funny tone:
"Luckily, we're on the Moon, not in Mars. Which means that I have some duct tape."
"Duct tape? What do you want to do with that?"
"Well, you see, I wonder what happen if you put duct tape on rabbit's ears."
Must be something horrible, because the rabbit is now completly white.
"O-Okay, I'll lead y-you! Follow me!"
"Good boy."

"Wait, is THAT your ship?"
"Yep. Spaceship. Pretty, hey?"
Both the rabbit and I can't really agree with him.
"Do you... really think this thing can fly?"
"Of course it can! It's what bring me here, after all!"
"Why didn't you went back immediatly?"
"Because of the lunatic girl with a sword."
The rabbit open his mouth:
"You're talking about Lady Yorihime! Can't you show some consideration?"
"I forgot consideration on my last week's pants."
"How rude."
"What was that? Did I heard someone saying: 'please, put duct tape on my ears'? Because I thin I heard someone saying that!"
I watch them arguing like that. That's something funny. They are enemies, but they're arguing as if they were kindergarten boys.
Horrible scream.
"What's happening!"
Astronaut is panicked. He points something.
"The bearded lunatic bitch with a sword is back!!"
"Told ya..."
"Shut up rabbit! Astronaut! Can we left now!"
"Impossible! The engine must heat during at least 30 minutes!"
"So we're done."
"Yes. Let's end this with a flash."
Finally, the sword lunatic arrive. She's something really impressive. And, frankly, she looks pissed.
"And I though that you were able to take him down!"
She's speaking to the rabbit. Look like he's even more afraid than us.
"Ah, uh, you see, my Lady, it's because he-"
"And I see another intruder!"
She's looking at me. Am I just an intruder for her?
"You really screwed this. Not only the earth intruder is still alive, but we also have another intruder! You really screwed this, bunny!"
Muh? Who talked?
Oh. That was Astronaut, mimicking Yorihime's voice. I answer, mimicking the rabbit's voice:
"That's just bad luck, milady! I didn't meant to! I absolutely didn't want to bring another intruders! I just screwed a little!"
Oh, she's even more furious now.
"Well, I would feel guilty if I were to interrupt your friendly meeting, so I'll just go back. Wanna come with me, boy?"
"Yes, of course."
"You aren't going anywhere!!"
And I saw Yorihime putting her sword in the ground. At the same time, several blades came off, blocking Astronaut and me.
"What's that? Nerf this! That's cheating!"
Said Astronaut.
"That's not cheating. I trained for a looonnng time."
"Votekick Yorihime!!"
Well, I didn't get this one. And, I don't think that Yorihime or the rabbit get it either.
"You're fighting like a rabbit, but it won't help you."
Astronaut's face suddenly became serious. I know this kind of face. If when you're thinking fastly and deeply about your differents options.
And then, Astronaut's face became a horrible mask of hate.
"Oh yeah? Taste my fury, you bearded bitch!"
He aimed at Yorihime with the rifle, and shot.

I forgot that he had this rifle. And Yorihime obviously didn't care.
I wondered why. I wondered why this fragile woman wasn't worried by a deadly rifle, shhoting in her direction.
And I know why.
When he shot, Yorihime blocked the bullet with her sword, and sent it back to him.
In short, he was shot with his own rifle.
Taking the bullet in the stomach, he said only one thing before collapsing.
"No... Not funny... Not funny..."
After that, other rabbits came.

Yesterday, I was living in the Eientei, as usual. Tonight, I'm sleeping in Moon's prison.
How ironic. Astronaut guy is next to me, and he's deeply wounded.

[] Try to heal him with basic heal skills.
[] Let him die.

[] Write-in. There must a way to leave this place.


A wild MARY-SUE appears!
Okay. I tried to put a fight against Yorihime, but considering how she's stong in SSiB, making her lost against two morons would be OOC.
Luckily enough, the Lunar Defense Corps is quite useless, so as long as Yorihime isn't here, you're okay.

About the write-in:
The only option I'll giving you is to save Astronaut, or letting him die.
The write-in is ... well, write something who'll inspire me. But now that the agressive way isn't the better, expecially with a wounded military moron, and a stupid masochist addicted amnesic moron.
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[y?] Let him die.
Cause I'm a heartless little fuck.
Delete Post
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[x] Try to heal him with basic heal skills.

Going to need to think on this... more so now that moon sharks have been jumped.
Delete Post
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[x] Let him die
Delete Post
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You really are helpless.
All right. Update coming soon.
Delete Post
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>You really are helpless.

That's one of the worst comments that you can leave to your lifeblood. CYAOs here are nothing without votes, and treating them badly won't keep your stories afloat.
Delete Post
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if he keeps this up, the righteous fires of /blue/ will start up once again.
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[] Try to heal him with basic heal skills.
Delete Post
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[x] Try to heal him with basic heal skills.
[x] Look for a weakness in that cellar.
[x] Talk to the guard. Try to extract some info about this place.
Delete Post
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Because I honestly wasn't expecting this vote.
You disappointed me, /eientei/'s Anon.
Well, anyway.
Update is coming, and it'll cover both votes.
Delete Post
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Well it's hard to tell seeing how you seem to be in full rail jumping mood.
Delete Post
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Anon is unpredictable. Don't just expect the vote you think/want to win to, well win. Besides being around so many non-human and immortal beings, one tends to forget about his own humanity so it only makes sense that we don't really care about some random astronaut guy we just met.
Delete Post
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>Anon is unpredictable.
I'll remember that next time.


[x] Let him die.

Even if I worked with the Doctor, I never really studied medicine stuff.

I watch carefully at his wounds, just to see if there's something I can do.
His wound by rifle... The bullet is still in the wound. I can't get it off. The differents slices, I think I can clean them, but I don't have water or anything!
There's nothing I can do for him.
His breath become lower and lower. He'll really die. What should I do? I think that the lunar guys won't really help me, so I'm alone.
And there is nothing I can do for him.

There is one thing I can do.
I can... shorten his suffering.
He'll heavily wounded. He took a bullet in his stomach, and had several slices in his body. And I can't heal him.
But... I can shorten his pain.

I put my hands on his neck.
No. I can't.
There is no way I can kill someone.

Hours passed. His breath is still horribly low. He may die any second now.
So why don't he die? Why is he still living?
I... I don't get it.

I move, just a little, to see his face.
So peaceful. Look like he's sleeping.
Wait, sleeping? He's dead! He's dead, but something is still breathing here!
What the hell?

"Hello there."
Hey, it's the blond lady who sent me here!
"What are you doing here?"
"I should be the one asking that. Why is he dead?"
"Because he was killed. Peoples die if they are killed."
"My, my."
She's smiling, but she's really angry. It was a bad idea to make fun of her. In a sense, she remind me the Doctor.
"Now, I was counting on this guy to change things in the Moon. Now that he's dead, everything's finished. My, my, what will I do?"
She's not asking my opinion. She's just stating the fact.
"Without him, you will be executed by lunarians. How sad. I could bring you back to Gensokyo, but unfortunatly, I don't want you to run everywhere during the game."
"I know. I'll send you in a different place. You'll enjoy it. I think."
A gap open under my feet.
"Hey, wait!"
"I hope you'll really enjoy hell. Utsuho didn't have any newcomer since a while. I think she'll be happy to burn you alive with her power."

This is how my story end.
The Great Youkai Sage was furious after me, because I didn't answered to her expectations.
To punish me, she manipulated the Border of Life and Death, to make me immortal. After that, she sent me to hell.
During 100 years, I was burned. When she finally forgive me, I no longer had any sanity left. I was just a human garbage.
She threw me in the Bamboo Forest. After 3 days walking randomly, drooling and panting, I finally saw the girl I was running after.
And I died here. She though I was a youkai, and she killed me.
After 100 years passed in Hell, I was killed by a flame.

Dead End.
You have created a Time Paradox.


After-life dojo:
Don't try to outsmart Yukari Yakumo. She can be really scary at time like that.
Her manipulation of border allow her to do anything. Change dead things in living things, change living things in eternal things.
Don't mess with her.
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Well now Doc, perhaps you want to rewrite the story with other choice?

If so, then you are encouraged to do so along with this particular vote:


For heads-up, that was my previous vote. For other anon, feel to reshape it for better sounding.
Delete Post
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Wow a time loop. I think? How is helping him going to change anything if we vote for the other thing? We apparently tried and could not do a thing (though one would think we'd learn at least something in 5 years).
Okay then:
[x] Try to heal him with basic heal skills.
[x] Look for a weakness in that cellar.
[x] Talk to the guard. Try to extract some info about this place.
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This, my friend, would be related to our minds. Let's just say that it affect us everytime in our everyday life. For example, you're in college. You love to study. Especially Mathematics. Everytime you do assignments, you always finish Maths-related works first. But, you hate Calculus. You loath it. Everytime you encounter Cal assignments, you always leave it last and whenever you start working on it, you can't solve the questions. You solve few ones and leave it at that. Not maths, even you can't solve hard question, you determined to solve it nn matter what.

The morale of this is that mindsets plays important role in our life. Perhaps for our masochist anon, if we choose the other, even it doesn't make any difference, he still and will try his best to fix astrodude(a simple bandage will do, perhaps taking risk to remove the bullet and pray for dude's survival and miracle?). Anon didn't give much effort and give up too early because our previous choice had influence to do so hence spells our doom.

Sage for rambling too much since college life had me stress out along with flunked exam results.
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Yes. I screwed up last time, because I was surprised by the vote. Next time, I'll work harder to avoid stuff like that.
The story is very large, but there are some event that you can't avoid (unless you really want to create a Time Paradox).


[x] Try to heal him with basic heal skills.
[x] Look for a weakness in that cellar.
[x] Talk to the guard. Try to extract some info about this place.

Even if I worked with the Doctor, I never really studied medicine stuff.

I watch carefully at his wounds, just to see if there's something I can do.
Wow, what a blody mess! I don't even know where to begin.
Calm. Think carefully.

First of all, I have to list all the wounds.

Okay. There are several cut on his arms, and one slash on his leg.
Not too deep, but he might lose some blood.
The most dangerous wound is the one in the stomach. When Yorihime sent back the bullet.
I don't think I can remove the bullet myself.
And I don't have any tools here. All I can do is clean up the wounds, and put some bandages.
Thanks, the prison give us beds.
At least, we won't sleep on the floor. And I can use the sheet.
I tear it into several part.
All right.
I don't have any water. I can't do anything without that.

I go near the door, and I shout:
"Is there someone here?"
No answer.
"Hey! You're putting two peoples in a jail, and don't even let a guard? What kind of morons are you?"
"I'm here."
"Okay. I'm thirsty, can you bring me some water?"
"... Didn't you noticed the tap inside your cell?"
"The what?"
"... The thingy."
"Yeah, what?"
"Turn the little wheel."
"Yeah, water! Thank you, rabbit."
"... Geez..."

Putting a clothe uder water, I use it to clean the wounds.
Still horrible, but I saw worse with the Doctor.
Using clean clothe as bandage, I managed to stop the bleeding.

Okay. He's still not definitly saved, but at least, he'll survive unthil they decide to save him.
Perhaps, if I can make some kind of pliers, I may have a chance to remove the bullet.
Mmm. Nothing. Maybe if I destroy the tap, I can use it to...
No. Bad idea. There's water coming from this tap, if I remove it, maybe water will come without stopping, and we'll be drown.
Mmmm. The door is in full metal. Just a little opening, to talk and receive food.
There's a window, near the ceiling, at the opposite side. By jumping on the bed, I can see what's happening outside.
A town. A very living town. But the house aren't made in wood, but in ... some kind of material...
That's really something strange.
Ha, Look like Astronaut awoke.
I jump to him.
"How are you?"
"Mentlegens... Je n'ai jamais..."
... He's ... raving?
I put my hand on his forehead.
God, he's burning!

I put more clothes under the water, and I put them on his forehead.
That's all I can do. I can do really disgusting things, but I can't even heal a single man.
Dammit. When I'll be back, I'll ask Doctor to teach me.

Mmm. Noise.
They are coming.
They open the door. There are several rabbits here. Armed and equipped. Except one. Probably the boss. He look Astronaut, and ask:
"Hey! Who asked you to heal him?"
"I won't let someone die next to me."
I answered. I can recognize him. It's the one I captured.
Hey. I bet he's angry after me.
"The Lady want to see both of you. Rise him."
"Do it yourself. He's 10 years older than me. He'll kill me just by falling on me. Besides, he's too wounded to be interrogated."
"Who said that? Are you a doctor?"
"Nope. But even a moron can say that."
"About that, could you say-"
"O-Okay, I'll bring just you to the Lady."
Hey. He's panicking. Suppose that Yorihime-lady-whatever is not really the kind type.

Following the white lunarian rabbit into the moon hole, I noticed that the prison is a really small place.
I don't know, I was expecting something bigger. After all, it's the Moon.
They don't really need jail, because they don't do any prisoners.

After leading me into several corridors, the rabbit finally knocked at a door.
He was answered something in a strange language. He opened the door, and entered inside the room.

Wow. It's a big room.
And I see two women. Yeah. Both are lunarians. It's obvious.
The first one is the lady who attacked us earlier. Yorihime, I think.
The second one... is unknown. Seriously, I don't know her.
Not that surprising.
The rabbit show me the floor.
He want me to sit on the floor? That's pretty rude, I don't even have a ... I'm prisoner, right.
I sit on the floor. After that, Yorihime give an order, and the rabbits leave.
We're alone.

"You don't look like an Earthling. Who are you?" ask Yorihime.
"I don't remember."
"How convenient."
"Maybe he's right. It won't be the first time."
"No. You sensed something, right? Hey, who threw you?"
"A blond lady."
"Care to be more accurate?"
"I can't. She stole part of my memory before leaving me here."
"What do you think, Yorihime?"
"I think it's that woman you fight against when you went on Earth."
"We'll see that later. You. Tell us more about you."
"Because you're on the wrong side of the sword."
"Okay then. I was borned in a rice paddy, my mother was a-"
"Not that kind of thing! Tell us why you're here!"
"... Because I was thrown here?"
"Hey, do you know that, thank to our Master, we have several ways to torture peoples?"
Hehehehe. Trying to scare me with that?
"I spent five years living with the most horrible, sadistic and inhuman creature of the world. Nothing can fright me now."
"Oh yeah? Wanna bet on that?"
"Hey. One time, she catched me when I was trying to flee. She shoot at me with a bow, leaving me in the bed for 2 months. Wanna see the scar?"
"That's pathetic. One time, my Master beat me almost to death with a folding chair, because she managed to disarm me. She said that it was unforgivable."
"Pff. One time, I screwed up the differents medicines, and I almost poisoned her. She beat me with bamboo spear, and made me breath hallucinogen gas. I was down for 4 months."
"Senseless! One time, I-"
The second girl talked. So they are sister, right? Very useful.
After looking dumbfondly at her for a while, Yorihime finally spoke.
"Mmm, yeah. Anyway, we'll send you back to your cell. If you have anything important to tell us, it's now."
"Wait, please!"
"The guy your hurt with your spell, he'll die if you don't heal him."
"I'll send someone later."

After that, rabbits came, and brough me back in jail.
First thing I did, was to check his temperature.
Good. Still hot, but less than before. But he won't heal for sure if there is this bullet. I have to get it removed.
What can I do now?
Let's try to talk to the guard.
"Hey, rabbit!"
"What was the strange language Yorihime spoke earlier?"
"I don't know, I wasn't with you. But I guess it was lunarian."
"Yeah! If you go inside the street, you'll hear lot of it. Only the Lunar Defense Corps member can speak other language than lunarian. It's very rare for a civilian to speak an Earth language."
"Why is that? I though that lunarians killed everyone in sight?"
"I think it's the 'Know your foe' tactic. Lady Yorihime think that it's important to understand your enemy."
"And her sister?"
"She's... not very interested by that."
"And why?"
"Because she can kill anyone just by moving her fan, so she's- AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!"
"No. It might be useful."
"She will kill me..."

(End of Part 1.)
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The problem I see here, is that it's not our mind we're supposed to be worried about. It's not about us having the mindset to save him if we try to and can't do almost anything, it's about him having the mindset to want to be saved. Well let's just leave it at that since Hart did a pretty good job turning the thing around. I don't know why exactly we're on the Moon but I'm expecting part 2 quite anxiously.
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Mmm. The update may come later than expected.

I'm facing a very grave trouble.
Lack of inspiration. Whatever I'm trying to write, it doesn't come out as I expected.

Oh, and also, I have to search more informations.
Notably about Eirin's genealogy.

So, to be short, the story will be update, maybe during the week, maybe even later. It will depends of several parameters.

Sorry about that, and please continue to support this humble writefag.
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"Well, suck to be you. But you're the one with the rifle now, so I won't show any mercy."
"You're horrible."
After that, the rabbit went for a patrol, and I was left alone, with Astronaut.
Oh? He's calm now. No more delirium.
But even like that, if the bullet if not removed very soon, he'll die.

I guess it was 15 minutes now.
I can't really say. I can't be sure.
I don't have any watch.
At least, Astronaut seems still okay.

"Hey, there!"
Ah, it's Yorihime. She's followed by 2 rabbits guards, and another woman in a white coat. A doctor, or a scientist.
"Move away, guy."
I sit on my bed.
The two rabbits stay near the door, watching me with attention, while Yorihime explain the situation to the white coated woman.
I guess it's lunarian. I can't understand it.
The white coated woman ask something. Yorihime answer fastly, and ask me:
"Are you the one who bandaged him?"
They are talking again, in lunarian.
I don't really appreciate how they are looking at me.
"Stop looking at me like that."
After that, the doctor took a strange tool from her coat, and used it on Astronaut's wound.
What the hell was that?
"What have you done, lady Yorihime?"
"First, call me lady Watatsuki. Second, she extracted the bullet."
"With this? How?"
"THIS... is a magnet."
"That's the most stupid way I ever saw."
"But it worked."
Yes, Astronaut begin to open his eyes, so it worked. But I won't congatulate her. This is a stupid way.
Yorihime speak again in lunarian, and the doctor leave, followed by a rabbit. After that, she try to interrogate Astronaut:
"What is your name?"
Astronaut answer in a weak tone:
"Call me Moriarty. That was how they called me..."
"What did you seek by coming here?"
"The Holy Grail."
"Hu? Oh sorry, I mistook you for someone else."
"... I'm going to forget that if you tell me..."
"Fine, I'll tell you."
"Okay. So what?"
"I'm almost dead. No, I'm already dead. The rocket is destroyed, and my friends are dead."
"So, I have only one thing to say..."
"And what is it?"

Before anyone could react, Moriarty already slapped Yorihime's face.
It was ... frightening. Nobody dared to move, because the outcome was obvious.
After a while who seemed like an eternity, the guard rabbit moved forward, and hit Moriarty with his rifle.
"Aoutch! Not in the stomach, bunny!"
But the rabbit ignored him, and continued to hit him, while Yorihime was standing here, deeply shocked.
I guess she was never hit a single time in her life.
Oh? Her shock transformed into anger.
"How dare you hit me?"
"How dare you kill my friends? Stop hitting me!"
"How dare you dare me?"
"How dare you dare me while I dare you! Aoutch, le me go!"
Yorihime went to the door, and ask for reinforcements.
Several other rabbits came, and brough Moriarty with them.

Somehow, I have the feeling that his interrogation will be more painful than mine.

Oh, I was right.
He's back. His face is red, as if he was slapped several times by someone.
"Are you okay?"
"I can stand. Thank to you."
"What do you mean?"
"They told me that you're the one who saved me. I owe you one."
"It was my duty."
"What do you mean? Are you a doctor or something?"
"More something. I was assistant."
"You're a good one."
"Thank. Say, I see that she beat the crap out from you, are you okay?"
"She's weak, don't worry about that. In a hand-to-hand combat, I can win. She slapped me more to humiliate me than to hurt me."
"How do you know that?"
"I'm a soldier. I know basic torture tricks. Humiliation, stuff like that."
"Sounds painful."
"It was. But it's over. Why being bothered by something's over?"
... Hey, he's right.
"Well anyway. Do you have a plan to get the hell out of here?"
"It may looks sudden, but yeah."
"And what is it?"
"We sneak out, reach the rocket, and activate it to go back to the Earth."
"Any flaw?"
"The rocket need 30 minute to take off."

[] "Sorry, but it won't work. Something else?"
[] "We can still try. They'll kill you whatever."
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[x] "We can still try. They'll kill you whatever."
Plot armor etc.
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I changed. Instead of using NotePAD+, I'm using OpenOffice. Setting him in english for one document was a bother, but I guess it will avoid several typos from now one.

[x] "We can still try. They'll kill you whatever."

"Okay. I'm with you."
"Thanks man."
After all, we don't have anything to lose.
Moriarty will certainly be sentenced to death, and I... will stay here, until Yorihime discover where I come from.

Time to eat. The guard bring the food, and Moriarty distract him.
"You're not used to guard prisoner, isn't it?"
"How can you say that?"
"Because you're here. Inside the cell."
Finally, he understand. Too late.
I jump on him, and I hit him.
"Get his rifle! Get his rifle!"
I tried to take his rifle, but he's grabbing it with unnatural strength.
"Come and help me Moriarty! He's grabbing it like a mad!"
"HELP! Someone help me!"
Moriarty put a pillow on the rabbit's face, covering his screams.
"Hit him!"
I hit him in the solar plexus. He let go the rifle.
Moriarty grab him by the shoulders, and throw him against the wall.
"Where is the rocket?"
"The prisoners are out!"
Moriarty punch him on the stomach.
"Where. Is. The. Rocket?"
"... In the treasure room."
"It's... a war trophy."
I can see many emotion going by Moriarty's face. Anger. Disgust. Despair.
He talks to me.
"If this room is underground, we can't leave."
I have nothing else to say. We are already fleeing.
"It's too late to stop."
"I agree. But I want to go to the rocket. I have several things to recover."
"I follow you."

Moriarty throw the rabbit on the floor, and kick him in the face.
“Don't kill him.”
“I'm just knocking him out.”
The rabbit is bleeding now, and he's unconscious.
“Are you sure you didn't hurt him too bad?”
He laughs.
“Don't worry about enemies when your goal is to survive. When you're fighting, fight for yourself.”
Yeah. Right.
But before leaving, I put a pillow under the rabbit's head.
Exiting the prison part, we run though different places. A storehouse, a armoury, and the sleeping quarters. As we get closer and closer, the whole environment is changing. More decorations, the door aren't made in metal, but in some kind of wood.

“Don't you think it's strange?”
“What do you mean?”
“Except the jail rabbit, we didn't saw any guards.”
“Maybe they're parading somewhere. Or maybe they're slaughtering another crew.”
We found the good room. Thanks to our luck. The Palace is well built, with several directions panels. Unfortunately, they're written in lunarian.

But, no doubt about this one. This is the treasure room.
It's... a big room. Everything's made of platinum, even the wall are shining with silver lights.
“Look like those lunarians are fond of silver.”
Moriarty said that, and I think he's totally right.
And, in the middle of the big room, there's a … rocket.
“You came from the Earth with that?”
“Yep. That was difficult. I was trained during 3 months, before being able to ride this.”
“Ride... You're talking of it like if it was a horse.”
“What's the difference?”
I knew he's wrong somewhere, but I can't prove anything. Let's surrender.
“Okay. You win. So, since we can't leave by this, what's the plan?”
“I have some weapons that I want to get, and I have to send a message to the Earth.”
“What kind of message? Monsters and zombies everywhere?
“You'll see.”

The room was larger than I though. I though that the rocket was very small, but in fact, it was the treasure room who was bigger than I expected.
“Are you sure it's a trophies room, and not a library or something like that?”
“I don't know? I'm not living here.”
“Oh, about that, why did you slapped Yorihime?”
“The woman with the sword?”
“Because I wanted to.”
“Any objection?”

After we entered inside the rocket, Moriarty sent me near the engine room.
“Where's the engine room?”
“The... lowest part of the rocket.”
After several tries, I managed to find out the engine room.
And I climbed back to Moriarty.
“And when I reach the engine room, what should I do?”
“Usually, the weapons are kept in a room near the engine room.”
“Is this room closed?”
“How am I supposed to open it?”
Hearing that, Moriarty put his head in his hands.
“God... Just follow me. Do you know how to shoot?”
“... Except healing peoples, what can you do?”
“... Then you have to learn QUICKLY how to aim and how to shoot with that.”
He takes something from the rack.
“This... is a SPAS cal. 12 shotgun. Wanna try it?”
“I'm not fond of weapon. I'll just keep the rabbit's rifle.”
“As you wish.”

“Lunarian technology seems pretty good, compared to yours.”
“Maybe. I'm not a scientist. As long as I can understand how I'm supposed to use it, I don't give a damn. But one thing's sure: if we're talking about weapons, then I have the best one here.”
“What, your SPAS shotgun?”
“... Aren't those lunarians more advanced than you?”
“I'm an expert in weapons. I can assure you that their rifles are... ridiculous. I can create one like that with scrap metal.”
“Yeah. Somehow, I have the feeling that they focused their research on something else. Maybe energy or something like that.”
“Oh! Speaking about that, the rabbit told me that Yorihime's sister carried a nuclear fan.”
“A nuclear fan? What the bloody hell is that?”
“Something you'll learn more than you ever wished.”
I didn't talked.
It was someone else.

We run to the door.
Yorihime, her sister, and several rabbits are standing outside the rocket, blocking us.
“Surrender, or I'll attack.”
“You think you can kill me HERE, Yorihime? This rocket is my inner sanctum. There's no place like that in the Moon!”
Chief answered to Yorihime, and quickly closed the door. After that, he looked at me, and said:
“Despite what I just said, it's just a matter of time before our defeat. I will send my message to the Earth. You, stay here, and surrender when she'll enter.”
“Why should I surrender?”
“Because she'll kill you if you resist. Surrender, and you might be able to stay alive.”
“But you'll doomed.”
“I was doomed since the beginning. She was not going to let me live.”
Quickly, we ran though the rocket's corridor, trying to reach the command room.
“Stay down!”
“Out of question! I didn't followed you here to hide when fight begin!”

“ALREADY? She already destroyed the door? My friend, this is going to be troublesome.”
“Anything to close ourselves inside the command room?”
“Except the door? Nothing. The room is circular, with a column in the middle. No place to hide.”

Finally, the command room.
Wow. It's … impressive. The biggest place in the whole rocket. I can see strange engines everywhere.
“What's that?”
“I don't know. The radio is here. Can you close the door?”
“Of course.”

I closed the door, and I hide behind the column. Well, it's not really a column. More like... a round table, showing a strange pattern.
“That's the floor. This table is supposed to show the Earth when you're leaving her.”
“Oh, right. The Doctor used something like this.”
“Yeah. Now, I have to focus on something.”
Moriarty turned some buttons, and finally began to speak in a microphone.
I don't understand what he said. I guess he's speaking in some strange language.

“Open this door.”
Wow. Yorihime is already here.
“No freaking way, Lady.”
“I think I have to destroy it, then.”
“If you think you can do it...”
Of course she can. I'm just bragging.
We're done. No hope. No help.
The only thing we can do is sent this message. I have to buy time for Moriarty, and I'll surrender after that.

Cyanide, the door is already down!
I quickly glance at Yorihime, and...
Red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red. Red.
Red everywhere.
I lost my grip. The rifle fall from my hands.
Red. Behind Yorihime, there is a red void.

Dark red, with lighter red.
Red everywhere. Red Red RED RED RED.
Red eyes red rabbits red.
I scream that, and I cover my eyes.

How could I forget that? Lunar rabbit have strange skills, telepathy, hypnosis, and stuff like that. Never look a rabbit in the eyes.
“Dammit! Luckily Yukari didn't stole that from me.”
I quickly look Moriarty. He's focused on the radio, without even noticing Yorihime who's going closer and closer.
I grab the rifle, and I shoot her.
The detonation make a big noise in the closed room. But the recoil was stronger than I expected.
I fall on the ground. When I look up, Yorihime is looking at me with a surprised look.
You didn't expected that, right? Is that I want to say.
I didn't shot her. I'm poor at aiming, and she still have the ability to return bullet. I missed her, half on purpose, to avoid the obvious outcome.
The bullet avoided her, and destroyed a panel near Yorihime.

Now, I have her full attention.
Which also means that I'm dead.
I can't fight. Ever if I manage to hit her, her ability will sent everything back to me.
“I wonder why you aren't affected by our rabbits' eyes.”
Oh. That's why she didn't killed me?
By the way, Moriarty is still talking in his microphone. Are not paying attention?

After that, all went red again.
I don't get how, but I was thrown out the rocket.
I assume she must have done something, and then kicked me out, but I can't prove it, since my memory is entirely red.
Freaking rabbits. The more they are, the powerful they are.

And they are focusing on me right now. I can't even understand where I am. I think I must be in the treasure room, since I was kicked from the rocket, but everything's red, so...
It's like... painting the whole world in red.
Darker red for wall, brighter red for rabbits' eyes.
And... what is that? A perfect red colour? It's between scarlet, and brown red.
Think. Think with calm. It's red. Obviously. But a different red. So... it means that this thing is jamming the rabbits' world.

I wanna know. What is it. I wanna touch it. If I can touch it, I can understand it.
I walk to it. I can hear a distant scream. “He's walking. No way! That's impossible!”
The red thing is closer and closer.

[] Touch it carefully.
[] Touch it frankly.
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[x] Touch it carefully.
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[v] Touch it carefully.
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Congratulations! You are now a youkai!


[x] Touch it carefully.

Red. Red. Red.
What is red? Except red. The word for red is red. I wanna touch this red. I wanna feel this red. I wanna understand this red. I wanna fuse with this red.

I touch it.
Carefully, I touch it. With my fingers. It's cold. It's glowing. It's red. Red and cold.

I sense... a change.
I'm changing. My fingers are changing. My hand is changing.
“Lady Yorihime, something is going wrong here!”
“Keep him away from that!”
“We need your help!”
“I defeat this moron, and I come back immediately!”
Gunshots. Something is happening. But it's far. Really far.
I look at my hand. It's changing. Like an old apple. Going all wrinkly and stuff. My hand is dying. And my arm too. I'm dying.
I'm changing into a wrinkly creature. Fascinating. My whole body is changing. I look at my hand again. It's normal again. The wrinkles are moving like a riddle. My arms are also going back to normal.
It reach my face. I can feel it.
“L-Lady Yorihime! Please, come here! Something's wrong with this human!”
My face is twisting and changing, like a odd paint, from a crazy mad man, who killed his mother.
My face is changing, and my spirit too.

I am changing.
I am changing.
I'm no longer human. I can't tell what I am, but I'm not human. Am I an youkai?

The world is normal again.
I'm standing still. In front of me, a beautiful table, with a mirror on it.
The mirror is broken. Because I touched it. It... was something. By touching it, I assimilated it. Now, I am the man, and I am the thing inside the mirror.
“Lady Yorihime! He's... different! He's an abomination!”
Someone spoke behind me. I glance.
It's a rabbit. The one Moriarty knocked out inside the cell.
“Is your head okay?”
He notices that I'm speaking to him. He takes a defensive stance, and stares me.

Suddenly, he looks panicked.
“L-Lady Yorihime! My power isn't working!”
Gunshot. A quick scream.
I raise my head. Someone is falling. It's Moriarty. Look like Yorihime was tired of his resistance, and kicked him outside too.
“Move, rabbit.”
I try to warn him, but he's too focused on me to understand what I'm saying.
“Told ya.”
I warned him. But he didn't listen. Too bad for him.
By the way, are Yorihime and this rabbit the only lunarians peoples in this room?
Ha, Yorihime took the same way to get down quickly. She's right in front of me.
“What have you done? You're... different.”
“I assimilated that.”
I answer, pointing the mirror. When she notice that, she looks hesitant.
“Damn, I'll have to ask Toyohime for that.”
“About what?”
“... Nevermind that! You're my prisoner!”
“I don't think so, Yorihime.”
I answer to her in a calm tone. I can. I mean, she won't kill me, and she's too bad in biology to hurt me efficiently. She won't try anything, it's obvious. She don't want to kill me, and she can't hurt me.
“... You're not just a earth-crawling, isn't it?”
She lowers her sword. She feels that something is going wrong. Maybe it's how I talk to her.
“I regained my memory. I know who I was working for. There's nothing here who can scare me.”
She adopt a defensive stance too. Words are indeed frightening. I haven't said a single words that she's already prepared to be attacked. Too bad I don't attack in a physical sense.
“Do you remember Yagokoro? I worked for her.”
“What? That's a lie.”
“No. I can even describe her. She's tall, with white hair, scary look, and the habit to torture you if you screw up, calling that 'punishment time'.”
“... Did anything else changed inside you?”

I don't answer. There's definitely something strange inside me. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside. Inside.

I'm lost. I am lost inside my own head. Labyrinth. Walls. Ceiling. No entrance. No exit.
“Stop right there!”
I come back to the normal world. There are rabbits everywhere. Moriarty is kneeling, hands on his head. He gave up. I'm... Wait, what am I doing in the same position?
I try to call Moriarty.
“So, did you pass your message?”
He answer in a strange tone.
“Yes. I did it. They're safe. Safe.”
I don't answer. What should I answer? It's obvious that they'll kill him after that.
“Where are the two Watatsukis?”
“Inside the rocket. They are trying to understand what was the message I sent to the Earth.”
Speaking of the Devil, Yorihime is coming to us, and she looks pissed. She walks to Moriarty, and slap him.
“Now you've done it! What did you said to your friends, back on Earth?”
“... If you can't repair the radio, there's no way I'll tell you.”
“F-Fine! Now I just have to kill you! Whatever you said, it won't matter any more.”
“Just kill me already. After all, you enjoy that, right?”
Yorihime grab her sword. Something tell me that it's not just a sword, but also an artefact.
“After all, you killed everyone in the rocket, right? I bet you enjoyed that? Running everywhere, killing at will.”
Moriarty spits on the ground.
“If it's the famous lunarian ideal, then kill me. I prefer living, and dying as a normal human.”
Yorihime won't kill him. She's hesitating. It's difficult to kill someone that you know. WAIT, WHO's telling me that?
“Nice speech, Moriarty.”
I say.
“Thanks, Nameless Doctor.”

After a while, Yorihime gives an order. In lunarian, so I can't get it.
A rabbit raise his rifle, and aim at Moriarty's head.
“Now... Pull the trigger. And enjoy that, because I will be the last human you'll kill. The message I sent was a warning. I told them that the Moon was radioactive or something. They'll never come back. You'll never be able to kill again. Enjoy your boring eternity, you CRAZY BITCH!”
He spat the last words. Yorihime answered by an order. The rabbit shot.

Moriarty is down, face against the ground, bleeding badly. His arms are extended in front of him, like if he wanted to grab Yorihime's legs.
… I... I think he's dead.
I can't be sure for sure, but... I think he's dead.

Another girl appears. It's Toyohime, the nuclear-fan user lady. She comes, notice Moriarty on the ground, and sigh.
“Even though you said he was interesting, you killed him at the end.”
Yorihime answer, still maintaining a blank face.
“It was obligatory. I have the duty to protect the Moon.”
Toyohime looks at me, and ask:
“And this one? What's wrong with him?”
I answer:
“You mean, apart the fact that I worked for your supposed-aunt or something? Nothing of interest.”
Yorihime add:
“He's forgetting the fact that he assimilated the mirror.”
Gearing, Toyohime's eyes go wide.
“He... assimilated the mirror? Show me.”
And she grabs my face, to looks into my eyes.

But when she touched me... The time stopped.
Everything went black.

I open my eyes. The world is dark. Warm. Comfortable. I don't want to move. It's so nice in here. I can hear everything outside my world. Voices are speaking.
Something changes. I can't tell what is it.
There is a big light. I'm cold. I'm afraid. I shout for help.
“Aaah, that's a girl. Congratulations.”
Someone put a warm blanket on me. Thank you.

Years passed. I'm now ten years old. I'm staring a strange girl though a glass. She has blond hair. She remind me Toyohime.
No. Wait. That's it! I am Toyohime! I'm living her whole life! Just like a reader would read a book, I'm living Toyohime's life!

Birth, grow, lesson with Yagokoro.
The doctor Yagokoro. It's strange to see her, though someone else's eyes. She seems nicer than usual.
“Wake up, princess, it's time for your training.”
“Don't wanna wake up Eirin.”
“Too bad. Your sister Yorihime is already training. Are you sure you want to leave her alone with me?”
“... Fine, fine, I get up.”

Decades passed.
I'm now watching though a woman's eyes.
Toyohime is no longer a girl. She's now a woman. I can see her ENTIRELY each morning.
I see that she's pretty lazy. Yorihime is always training, reading trying to improve herself, while I.. I mean Toyohime is just eating peaches, while reading a funny book. Named “États du Soleil et de la Lune.”

Centuries passed.
The Earth citizens are beginning smarter and smarter.
The Lord of the Moon, who's still unknown to me, admit that the Moon need a defence force. Toyohime and Yorihime are charged with that.
For me, it's mainly the opportunity to play with lot of rabbits.
For Yorihime, it's mainly the opportunity to become even better. Unlike me, I mean, unlike Toyohime, she takes this duty seriously.
Beside, she's married now, and I heard that his marriage is not an happy one. I suppose she use 'training' as an excuse to be as far as she can from her husband.

One night.
There are noises and screams.
Something's wrong. I put some clothes, as fast as I can, and I try to figure what's going on.
Yorihime appears, looking panicked:
“Toyohime? Do you know?”
“No. What?”
“Lord Tsukuyomi banished Kaguya!”
“Kaguya? But why?”
“Nobody know. That's a real problem!”

More centuries passed.
Eirin Yagokoro went to recover Kaguya, but something went wrong, and both of them are missing. Lord Tsukuyomi want to sent us, but the Earth native are troublesome on that.
The first rocket landed.
Yorihime went, with Reisen, and several other rabbits.
But something inexplicable happened, and Reisen is missing, just like several other rabbits. Furious, Yorihime kill all of the Earth invaders.

Weeks after, something even more unexpected come to us. Reisen is still alive, but she's lost somewhere on the Earth. Along with Yagokoro. Yorihime ask me to keep that as a secret, telling me that Lord Tsukuyomi would certainly sentence her to death if he learned about that.
I agree on this one, but I warn Reisen that the Earth natives are still attacking.
I sincerely hope that she'll come back.

Another rabbit come to our palace, carrying a Eirin's message.
Yorihime tell me that we have to kill her, or to keep her with us. I decide to keep her.
It's a good decision.

Later, I take the fan, and I manipulate the boundaries between Earth and Moon. I manage to capture the mastermind behind the Moon invasion.
Yukari Yakumo.
The same who took me my memories, and who sent me here. No. Wait. I said... Me. Me. The 'Me' who was human. Not the Toyohime 'Me'.

Something strange happened.
Yorihime came back with two prisoners. That's unlike her. The first one is a young man, with a dumb face.
Hey, what, was that her opinion of me?
Look like his memory was stolen. He's not from the rocket's crew.
The second one is older, and is heavily wounded. When I ask Yorihime why she kept this one alive, she don't really answer me. Saying stuff like: “He was interesting. Wasn't obsessed with his own life, and tried to protect the other before.” Yeah, definitely unlike her.

We interrogate the two prisoners.
Yorihime says that the younger healed the older. Very strange. She also says that he's pretty good as a doctor. She wonders if he's related to Eirin. I answer:
“No chance. Lady Eirin would never take a human as an apprentice.”
She don't answer, she's angry after something, but I don't know what. During the interrogation of the second prisoner, she frankly explodes, and she slap him several time.

He must have done something to her. But I won't butt.

After sending the prisoner back in jail, she says that she has a plan. I listen to her. She want to know precisely what the prisoners are seeking. She will remove all the guard, and let the prisoner reach the rocket. Of course, they won't be able to left, and she will keep them in sight any time.

Something strange happened. The older was defeated by Yorihime, and almost killed, but the younger became something different. I can tell him just by looking. And the rabbits are afraid from him, calling him an abomination.
I wonder what's going on...

The world become normal again.
I'm still kneeling. I'm grabbing Toyohime's hand really hard, and Yorihime's word is on my throat.
“Let her go. Last warning.”
I release her. Her hand is pale. I guess I grabbed her really hard.
“How long was I... grabbing your hand?”
Still looking shocked, she answers:
“Five seconds. No more.”
I want to rise, but I'm feeling tired. And warm. God dammit, I'm sweating!
“What the hell happened?”
“That's what we want to know.”
Yorihime answered, still threatening me with her sword.
I watch her carefully. Yes. That's definitely the Yorihime I saw in … my memory. My memory. My memories. Toyohime's memory is still inside my head! I still have Toyohime's life inside my own life!

“What was that artefact?”
Toyohime answer:
“I don't know.”
I answer too:
“I know you don't know.”
“... What do you mean?”

[] Tell her everything about the memory. Tell her that you saw her completely naked more often than you saw yourself naked.
[] Lie. She won't hurt you if she's angry, but Yorihime will probably become furious if she understand that you know EVERYTHING about her.


Note: MC's power is Memory Stealing.
In short, he can now assimilate the memory of the living being he touched directly, and know everything about them in a very short time.
The time used to assimilate a memory depend of the age of the assimilated person. If it's an human, it won't take long. If it's someone who live for a long while, it will take more time.
Stealing refers to the fact that he copy the memory, not just read it. It doesn't have any physical or mental consequences for the target.

Cons: He needs to touch the target directly, skin against skin. And nothing is hidden. Even sealed memory is stolen.
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[x] Tell her everything about the memory.
I think we can be honest here but we should still omit the "Tell her that you saw her completely naked more often than you saw yourself naked." part for obvious reasons. In other news... WHAT? Ok I guess we're a youkai now.
>I open my eyes. The world is dark. Warm. Comfortable. I don't want to move. It's so nice in here. I can hear everything outside my world. Voices are speaking.
I like this part. Lately I've been tl;dr-ing through boring bits of your updates but this one was interesting through and through! You're getting better. The grammar mistakes are slowly fading away as well...
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Oh. Sorry if that sounded a bit rude.
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[] Tell her everything about the memory.

' Tell her that you saw her completely naked more often than you saw yourself naked. '

I'm sorry but why would we say this part?
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Sorry about that short update, but I need to clarify one or two thing before beginning the real plot.

[x] Tell her everything about the memory.

I decide to be frank.
“I... I saw everything. Everything you did, since your birth, until now.”
She don't adopt a shocked face. Of course. She's lazier than her sister, but she like comprehend things. I know her, now. You could say that I made her. It's almost like that.
“What do you mean?”
“When you touched me, I saw your life. Your birth, your training with Yagokoro, Kaguya's flee, Yorihime's marriage. I saw everything you saw. I did everything you did.”
“In a sense, I am you.”
Yorihime butt in, screaming furiously:
“That doesn't make any sense! You're obviously lying.”
Both Toyohime and me answer at the same time:
““No, that's true. That's the artefact who's responsible for that.””
Looking at us, Yorihime looks confused for a while, and she put her sword back in her sheath.
“So. How are we supposed to fix that?”
I answer:
“Good question. Even if the Lunar Defence Corps is supposed to be independent, the loss of an artefact will put Tsukuyomi in an anger.”
“... I don't really appreciate how you're suddenly as smart as me.”
“Au contraire! I like that!”
I'm smiling. Hey, why would I be annoyed? I mean... I'm no longer a human fearing for his life! I'm now an youkai!

“We'll decide later.”
“You want me to go back in jail?”
“No. Since you're not a human, our law are against that.”
Yorihime is speaking for herself. I'm butting in, just to annoy her.
“Speaking about that, didn't you had contact with a banished person just recently?”
“I'll ask for a doctor to take care of this human.”
“Do you find him still interesting?”
“Not like your average portrayals?”
I hit right in the mark.

Toyohime told me that, for lunarians, all humans are crawling creature. Just like rats, or anything else.
Their disgust only come from that portrayal. And Moriarty managed to broke it, because he tried to protect the others before himself. He brought Chaos in Order.
That's interesting.
“... Could you stop acting like if you were Toyohime?”
I answer:
“Impossible. I am, in a sense, Toyohime.”
Toyohime interfere:
“Impossible! I am sexier than that!”
Hearing that, everyone laugh. Except the rabbits. They are still looking at me with fear.

Four hours passed. Yorihime gave me a chamber.
Pretty luxurious stuff, by the way.

But I was too busy to be impressed.
Too busy, trying to clear things in my head.
Who am I? No longer a human. But not Toyohime.
What am I? Certainly an youkai.

A mirror! Quick, a mirror!
Ah, here.

Yeah. I'm not human any more. Since I'm not human any more, I need a new name. Something simple. Something in relation with memories.

[] Name.
[] Physical description.


I'll personally shoot the first one who suggest something like Chaos, or Chaos' other impossible name.
And about the description... Well, Anon is an youkai now, so you're pretty free to decide. Of course, he must stay humanoid, but you can add features if you wish.
Just don't change him into a tyranid, or you'll have trouble later.
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[x] Hair: same style, dark crimson colour
[x] Eyes: silvery-white colour
[x] Physicality: same features, has youkai strength
[x] Extra features: none

Yeah.. I leave physical appearance and extras to other anon. I'm no good with those. About youkai strength, please ignore it if MC already has that.
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Name: 屍鬼, Shiki
[x] Hair: Same
[x] Eyes: Yellow
[x] Physicality: Leaner with greater endurance. Increase in strength corresponds to the level of permanent adrenaline rush.
[x] Extra features: Increased ability to access magic. I imagine our MC to be more of a cunning, intelligent mage then a physical fighter.
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Change vote to this:

[x]>>22111 except the eye colour is silvery-blue.



how to pronounce it and what is the meaning? Sorry but I can't read kanji.
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it's Shiki
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Name: 屍鬼, Shiki
[x] Hair: Same
[x] Eyes: Silvery-blue
[x] Physicality: Leaner with greater endurance. Increase in strength corresponds to the level of permanent adrenaline rush.
[x] Extra features: Increased ability to access magic.
>I imagine our MC to be more of a cunning, intelligent mage then a physical fighter.
Yes I agree but we need some way to form physical contact easily.
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That reminds me. We can now copy other people's attacks and styles right? We're probably quite good at martial combat.
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Here are the votes for now:
Name: Shiki
[x] Hair: Same
[x] Eyes: Silvery- (between blue and white)
[x] Physicality: Leaner with greater endurance. Increase in strength corresponds to the level of permanent adrenaline rush.
[x] Extra features: Increased ability to access magic.

About Shiki's power, yes, he can copy the combat styles. But it doesn't mean that he can use them.
For example, if he manages to assimilate Yorihime, he can't summon gods. Because this is a power that Yorihime got since her birth. But if Shiki can ssimilate Patchouli or Marisa, he could almost instantly become a good wizard.
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So, if Shiki assimilate multiple at once, will other assimilated memories stored inside his brain or will it be overrided by recent ones?
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The differents memories will be stored inside his head.
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Votes are closed now. There's still a draw about Shiki's eyes colors, but I found something nice about that, so...
Update coming soon.
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Just don't make him change colours (with or without u decide already! Not you Hart) or have them be rainbowy.
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If that happens, then we are Crimson Moon
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“Why not Shiki? Sounds good.”
Mmm. How is my appearance now?
Do I have sharp teeth?
I open my mouth, and I look closely at my reflect. Hmm. Can't say for sure. It's obvious that I changed a lot. My hairs changed, for example. Instead of being dark, they are dark crimson. My eyes are also different, but … I can't say what colour they are for sure.
There is silver for sure, but it looks like they are balancing between blue and white.

During several minutes, I stare at my reflect, trying to identify the real colour. Blue? Or white? It's difficult to say.
I try to use Toyohime's memory:
“So? What do you think of that?”
She answers:
“Don't know. I wonder if you have some hypnotics powers now.”
“Why are you thinking that?”
“Your power is unmeasurable, but it's useless if you can't touch your opponent. Maybe your eyes are changing, in order to ease your task.”
“You think that my power is changing my body on its own?”
“That's what I think.”
This mind conversation isn't helping me. In fact, it's scaring me more than anything else. My power is changing me? And what else?

Toyohime's memory comes back:
“If this power really changed you into an youkai, then I think that you must be stronger than before.”
My human memory comes too:
“Maybe. I remember that I had many trouble, lifting only a seat. If you can find something like that in this room, we should be able to verify her theory.”
Find a seat, hey? Damn, I'm giving me order. I wonder if schizophrenic peoples are like that. Having many voices inside their head, I mean.

Will this be okay?
“I guess. Try to lift him.”
I kneel, and I put my hands under the seat.
Wow. Easy.
“I was right. You are now a real youkai, with superior strength.”
I ask to Toyohime's memory:
“Is that good?”
She answers:
“Well... When I was on Earth, I watched several youkais. I think that your strength is... just the minimal.”
“What do you mean by that?”
“What I mean? Simple. You're less strong than the average youkai. Still stronger than a human, but less than the usual youkai.”
I answer:
“Bah. Don't matter. I just have to fuse with a magician or something like that. If I can assimilate your sister, it should be okay.”
My old human side asks:
“Is that power you're seeking? You know it won't end well.”
Toyohime adds:
“He's right. Besides, I don't think that 'assimilating' a person give you all her powers.”
“It sucks.”
“Excuse me.”

Ha. The last voice I heard wasn't from my head.
It's a little rabbit. Standing nervously, near the door.
I try to smile:
“L-Lady Yorihime and Lady Toyohime want to ask you if you're okay to eat them.”
“... Excuse me?”
“HA! I-I mean... to eat WITH them...”
“Of course. It would be rude from us. I mean, from me.”
“Well then.”
And she left, like if the Oni was after her.

She forgot to tell me what I was supposed to do. Should I wait here, or should I go after her?
I guess I'll just wait. After all, there are a lot of books here. Of course, they are almost all written in lunarians, but Toyohime's memory can translate them for me.
…? I see one of them that's not in lunarian. 'Dune', by Frank Herbert.
I open it.
Great. It's in English. I guess I'll have to assimilate Moriarty.

What are the other books?
Gods of the Moon. États du Soleil et de la Lune. Story of the Earth. Objective report of the puny little earthlings' lifes. Declaration to the Moon.
“Wow. I never knew that there were so many writers on the Moon.”
“Lunarian can't die from old age.”
Toyohime's memory put her non-existent nose into my own thought. If I want to assimilate more peoples, I'll have to find a way to control them, or my head will turn into a chat room.
“Does that means that they are immortals?”
“In a literal sense, yes. The only thing who can kill a lunarian is either pain, either boredom.”
“Pain? Don't they die like other peoples?”
“No. However, if they have to endure too much pain, their heart will stop, and they will be dead, forever.”
“And boredom?”
“Can leads them to suicide.”
“Sounds fun to be a lunarian.”
“That's only theory, of course. In fact, suicide are very rare, and are mostly done because of some honour-related trouble, than boredom-related trouble.”
“Hara-kiri and stuff like that?”
“Yes. Except that it's much more painful here.”
“Really? Did you tried one?”
“No, but...”
“As long as you don't try yourself, you can't say.”
“Are you still here?”
Oh great. She's upset. I managed to upset a lunarian lady's memory! All glory to me!

Oh? Another rabbit. Still a female one, smaller than the other one, but still shaking like a … well, like a rabbit in front of an oni.
“F-Follow me please.”
“All riiiiight...”
I walk to her.

She's leading me though several corridors. During the walk, I try to ask her:
“Why are you so afraid of me?”
“B-Because... You... You are...”
“An abomination? Another rabbit said that. What does it means?”
“It's... a word used to … describe... several peoples in one...”
Oh... Make sense. HEY, WAIT!
“Impossible. You called me like that just after I touched the mirror. In short, I was still a normal person at this time.”
Shaking more and more, she don't answer. DAMMIT.
I try to ask Toyohime's memory about rabbit psychology. All I get is:
“It has something to do with their eyes. Don't ask me more.”
Their eyes, hey? I'll try something.
Silently, I'm walking faster and faster. Until I can reach her.
And then... I grab her hand.

I see another life.
Born as a rabbit. In a forest. It's so nice and cool.
Growing quietly, with all the family. Nice and cool.

One day, a lady come. They speak in a gentle manner, and she gives food.
Everyone go to her. I jump on her, and I try to nibble the peach she's eating.
Laughing, she put the peach away, saying something I can't understand.
After that, she bring me with her.

Decades after.
I wake up.
Something is not right.
I'm feeling cold. Usually, even if morning are cold, my fur protect me. But now...
I open my eyes. Why is everything so small?
And I'm cold... So cold...

More decades after.

Something went wrong. The human has changed into something else. Living beings are detectable to their wavelength. But this one is... a black hole. He don't have any wavelength. Worse, he drains them.
He, no it... is an abomination. Something who's feeding on memories and wavelength. I wonder if it can die. I wonder what happen if I stare in his eyes. Will I see the void?

Minutes later.
Relisan came back, shaking in fear. She said that she didn't want to see him again. Hearing that, Lady Yorihima became furious. She ordered me to bring him in the dining room.
I'm... afraid. I tried to hypnotize him, but instead of seeing his wavelength, I saw only a black thing.


The memory stops here.
Once again, I'm panting. I'm feeling tired.
The rabbit jumps in fear, and begin to run. Almost instantly, she disappears. I'm alone now.
Bah. It doesn't matter. Thanks to Toyohime's memory, I know this place. After all, I 'lived' here.
Well, my 'abomination' side lived here.

I really have to find a easy way to organize 'me'. Because, there is the youkai 'me', who is newborn, the human 'me', who's dead now, the Toyohime 'me', and now, the rabbit 'me'.
“I'm not just a rabbit! You assimilated me, so remember at least my name!”
Hahaha. Does rabbits even have a name?
Well, I don't care.
Let's follow this corridor.

“Oh. You're here.”
The dining room. Well, the whole wing is reserved to the Lunar Defence Corps, so there's no risk of intrusion.
I see a long rectangular table, just like in 'my' memories. The seat at the end is symbolically reserved to Lord Tsukuyomi. Toyohime and Yorihime are seated next to it. A rabbit is seated too, but at the other end of the table. As far as possible.
Nice. Treat you superior with respect, and it's called obedience. Treat your subaltern with respect, and it's called noblesse.
Wait. Who told me that?

I come near the table, smiling and asking:
“Where should I seat?”
Yorihime answer:
“You should know.”
Mmmm... What does she means... Certainly, I have Toyohime's memory, but she was a princess. I, on the other hand, am just a newborn youkai.
I leave.
“Where are you going?”
I answer:
“It's obvious, isn't it? As an Earthling, I'm going to eat in the kitchen.”
Yorihime claps her tongue. I stop walking, and, still smiling, I say:
“Of course. You didn't expected THAT, isn't it? You thought that I will have a seat near Lord Tsukuyomi's one?”
“... Yes.”
“Can you stop this? I'm just eating because I'm polite. If you have to test me, it won't do.”
“... Have a seat.”
I come back to the table, and I take a seat. Between the Watasuki's seats, and the rabbit's seat.

During the meal, I will be able to ask several questions:
[] You didn't killed Moriarty. Why?
[] Is there anything else than peaches to eat?
[] Will you send me back to Earth soon?
[] Where'd you get the coconuts?
[] What do you know about Eirin that I don't know? On second thoughts, give up on that, there's no way you could hide something from me.
[] Now that Moriarty sent hid message to Earth, you won't be attacked any more, right?
[] You won't get bored?
[] Write-in.

Pick only two choices. On second thoughts, 3. On third thoughts, let's say 4.
Four shalt be the number thou shalt count, and the number of the counting shall be four. Three shalt thou not count, neither count thou one, excepting that thou then proceed to four. Five is right out.


For some reasons, my computer is acting weird now. Either I did something bad, using the wrong shortcuts, either it's possessed, either I'm infected by a trojan.
I'll try to scan my computer, and if it doesn't work, I'll exorcist it.
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To make it clear, the choice :
"now that Moriarty sent hid message to Earth, you won't be attacked any more, right?" and "you won't get bored?" are related. But they count as separated choices.
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[x] You didn't kill Moriarty. Why?
[x] Will you send me back to Earth soon?
[x] Now that Moriarty sent hid message to Earth, you won't be attacked any more, right?
[x] You won't get bored?

Maybe next time then
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[x] You didn't kill Moriarty. Why?
[x] Will you send me back to Earth soon?
[x] Now that Moriarty sent hid message to Earth, you won't be attacked any more, right?
[x] What do you know of the gap hag? It's her fault I ended up here in the first place.

I wonder if he'd express his desire to simply go back to Gensokyo and try resuming his life... that and stopping Yukari's 'game'

If Yukari is indeed the villain, there's no better allies than these two.
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[x] You didn't kill Moriarty. Why?
[x] Now that Moriarty sent his message to Earth, you won't be attacked any more, right?
[x] You won't get bored?
[x] What do you know of the gap hag? It's her fault I ended up here in the first place.
[x] Will you send me back to Earth soon?

Foods come, brought by several rabbits.
“Oh, yeah, I had a question I wanted to ask you, Lady Yorihime.”
The Yorihime froze instantly. Am I really that scary?
“Go ahead.”
“You didn't killed Moriarty. I wondered why.”
She don't answer. I insist.
“Is that because he broke your portrayals? Or is it something else?”
“... If it was something, what could it be?”
“Oh, I wonder about that.”
I don't answer. But I have a interesting theory. Too early to verify it.

Of course, the best way to be sure of this fact would be to assimilate Yorihime.
But... I don't want to.
There are only one reason, and I know you'll find it ridiculous and retarded. It's because Yorihime was married. And I can't really stand living a bad marriage by her eyes. Oh, and also because 'm forced to watch the whole life of the assimilated person. There's no way for me to … don't look, if you get what I mean.
To be short, I don't really want to see Yorihime's wedding night.


“I have a second question.”
“Can't you eat, instead of... just go ahead.”
“Now that Moriarty sent his message to Earth, you won't back attacked any more, right?”
Yorihime froze again. It's funny to block this woman.
“I... I guess.”
I decide to tease her.
“You guess? Yorihime, the lunarian swords, guess something? That doesn't feels right.”
Toyohime speak:
“Funny, I was thinking the same thing.”
I take a serious tone, and I ask:
“Won't you get bored?”
“What do you mean?”
Yorihime put her chopsticks down, and look at me in a threatening way.
“What I mean? I mean that you love a good fight. If you don't have sparring partner, won't you get bored?”
I asked that in a totally different tone. I know Yorihime pretty well now, and I know that she won't bear being called a blood-thirsty demon.
And it failed, since she's pissed off.
“I NEVER treated invaders as 'sparring partner'! I NEVER enjoyed killing! Even if they are invader, they have the right to live!”
“Why did you killed them, so?”
It's Toyohime who answer now:
“You already know why.”
Of course I already know why. But there is a difference between knowing something, and recognize it.
“Tsukuyomi's orders.”
Nobody answer, but we all know that I'm right.
Yorihime don't really enjoy that, but she's a soldier. And she's the leader of the Lunar Defence Corps.

Bah. At least, I'm sure now that she don't kill peoples because she's bored.
Okay, then, now it's time to ask serious question.
“Do you know anything about a blond gap hag?”
“It will get cold if you don't... a blond gap hag?”
Toyohime and Yorihime stare at each other for a while, and Toyohime ask:
“You should find something about her in my memory.”
“... What? But I don't have anything!”
“... On Earth... While the Moon was attacked, I ambushed her.”
… I check her memory.
“I'm sorry, but all I see is a foggy figure.”
“... Strange. Interesting.”
“You're talking like Yagokoro. Putting 'strange' and 'interesting' in the same sentence.”
I try to joke, but it's worrying. In Toyohime's head, the memory is untouched, and in my head, the memory is damaged.
Is that the gap hag's doing? Or is it... something else?

“Last question!”
“Thanks god.”
“Will you send me back to Earth soon?”
“Well, it's clear. But why?”
“Because you are now an artefact. Even if the Lunar Defence Corps is independent of the Lunar Palace, we're still obeying Lord Tsukuyomi's order. If he discover that an Earthling destroyed an artefact, and went back to the Earth...”
“He will burn the Earth down until he gets it back?”
“That wasn't what worried you, right? In fact, the first thing he will do is beat you black and green.”

The rest of the meal was boring.
Since the rabbits couldn't reach me without panicking, I didn't get served at all.
All I did was watching the others eating while I was starving.
I'll have to find something to eat. Very soon.
And all I can see is... peaches. They are eating peaches...
I wanna cry from despair.

“Meal's over! See ya!”
“Hey, wait!”

Where to go? Pick something:
[] The Moon library. Use Toyohime's memory.
[] The kitchen. Use the rabbit's memory.
[] The jail. Take Moriarty's memory.
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[x] The kitchen. Use the rabbit's memory.
-[x] Grab something to eat.
[x] The Moon library. Use Toyohime's memory.

Does this work? I want to go to the library but we should not starve because of it.
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[x] The kitchen. Use the rabbit's memory.
-[x] Grab something to eat.
[x] The Moon library. Use Toyohime's memory.
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[x] The kitchen. Use the rabbit's memory.
-[x] Grab something to eat.
[x] The Moon library. Use Toyohime's memory.
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[x] The kitchen. Use the rabbit's memory.
-[x] Grab something to eat.
[x] The Moon library. Use Toyohime's memory.

Okay then. I suppose I just have to grab someone... I mean, something to eat. I like using the rabbit's memory. Because she don't like me.
But I really need to find a way to control them, because right now, it's troublesome. If you want to know, it's … like having several peoples talking in my head.
No. In fact, IT'S having several peoples talking in my head.
Where is the kitchen?
“Left, right, though the curtain, left, left, left.”
Oh yeah. I guess you CAN'T BE MORE ACCURATE, right?
“I did what you asked. Don't blame me if you're lost.”

While walking, I'm deeply trying to understand my power.
Once I assimilate a person, I'm still keeping them. Their mind, I mean. I'm keeping their mind.
Luckily, it seems that there are no consequences. Otherwise, Yorihime would have killed me in a blink.
When, when I'm touching someone, I see their lives, and after that, I keep them in mind. In a litteral sense.

The question I'm asking now is : if I touch the same person a second time, what happen?

I scream that, while opening suddenly the kitchen's door.
Of course, it's full of rabbits. And, of course, they are deadly afraid of me.
But I don't know what's scaring them the most.

Me, busting in? My... wavelengths? Or, Yorihime being right behind me, with her sword unsheathed.
“I would appreciate if you acted like someone polite.”
“I'm what I am. An abomination. I can act like Toyohime, but I can't act like someone I don't know.”
“How rude. Toyohime is pretty polite.”
... You really think that?
I close my mouth without saying that.
“Anyway, we still have something to do with you, so you come with me. Any objection?”
Well, the fact that you're pointing this to me isn't really encouraging.
“No ma'am.”
“Fine the- Hey, wait! How did you called me?”
“... Did you touched any rabbits?”
“Oh yes.”
Her eyes are full of anger now.
“Just... Just... JUST FOLLOW ME!”
“Yes MA'AM.”

So much for meal, hey? Bah. If I'm really an youkai now, I won't starve to death.

We finally reached the library.
The human 'me' is impressed, while the youkai 'me' is not amused.
“So? You want to search randomly until you find a book about strange-looking mirror granting youkai power?”
She flinches.
“That... was the plan.”
“Sounds like a pretty cunning plan. Exactly like the one consisting in running randomly around when you're in a black room.”
“Shut up.”
“Yes, Yorihime.”
The fact that I call her in several ways is really annoying her. But it's funny, so it's okay.

“Hey! I found something!”
Toyohime calls for us.
Hearing, Yorihime rise from her chair, while I jump form the ladder.
Yes. I was searching randomly, while Yorihime was reading something else. I think she got bored from the task, and did something else.
“What, what it's saying?”
Toyohime looks at me with a bright smile.
“It's explaining everything! Everything! It's even written by Lady Eirin!”
“Good. Gimme that.”
I snatch the book from her. She doesn't seems to mind, but Yorihime is clearly pissed.
I open the book, and I read it loud.

“The Mirror of Fog and Unfog.
Considered as the most precious treasures from the old ages, the Mirror of Fog and Unfog is a powerful artefact, created by the Goddess Omoikane herself.”
Eirin Yagokoro, then. The following is handwritten.
“The only purpose for the Mirror of Fog and Unfog is to store memories. In fact, it doesn't exist for anything else. As a matter of fact, it can be considered as a living being.”
I stop reading in a dramatic tone. Toyohime looks interested, still smiling, while Yorihime is biting her lips.
“Of course, without the Earth's spiritual energy, it's difficult for the mirror to grow as an youkai, but, as a genius, I can't be neglectful.”
Sounds like Eirin now. Always so proud of herself.
“In that case, the Mirror will probably try to gain more and more memories. Even if there's no after-effect for the 'victims', the Mirror don't have any sense of privacy. Besides, with enough time, it may be able to evolve to a superior state.”
Good. I'll evolve.
“I designed the mirror as a reminder. It will assimilate your memory, and it will display a reminder, just in case. It's more handy than a post-it, but it can get dangerous.”
Great. I'm a human-post-it hybrid.
“The mirror himself don't have enough energy to store more than one memory. But if it evolve to an youkai, he will be able to store maybe thousands different memories.”
I close the book, and I glance the two sisters.
“What should we do, now?”

“I'm not sure! I'm not sure at all!”
“Of course it will work. Trust me.”
“There NO WAY IN MOON that I can believe you! You're not totally objective! I can tell that by Toyohime's memory!”
I'm laying on a table. I'm tied down. I can't move. Yorihime is inspecting her sword. She told me that if I was killed, then maybe the mirror will be restored.
“I don't like the 'maybe' part! Drop that stupid idea!!”
“If you have nay other idea, I'm okay to hear it.”
“Sent me back to the Earth! I'll ask Eirin to help me!”
“As I said, it's a bad idea.”
Yorihime don't want Eirin to know it. Geez, Eirin won't punish her. Is Yorihime still a kid or what? Eirin won't spank her just because a mirror was broken.

… Well, considering what was the broken mirror, maybe she will do that, but... MY LIFE IS ON THE STAKE NOW!
I can't help it. I have to use my lowest attack.
“Yorihime...You really enjoy killing peoples, right?”

“Well, Toyohime, do you have another idea?”
“Humm. No. I think Shiki's right. Calling Eirin is the best thing we can do.”
“YOU HEAR THAT? SHE'S OKAY WITH- wait, how did you called me?”
“Shiki. Isn't that your name?”
“... Yes, but how?”
“I have pretty good ears.”
“... Yeah, right. I'll have to assimilate another rabbit very soon.”
“What? I said 'assimilate', I didn't said 'rape them until they die from heart attack'!”
“Because any trying would lead to an horrible death.”
Yorihime... You're scary then you're like that.
“Well anyway, when will you send me back to the Earth?”
Toyohime answers immediately:
“Impossible right now. We have to wait for a appropriate moon.”
“When well?”
“WHAT? But it's been... 2 days since I disappeared! Doctor Yagokoro will kill me!”
“Sucks to be you.”
“Thanks for the support, you sword wielding f- You really nice and sexy lady!!”
Strangely enough, having a sword pointing toward your throat is something quite threatening.

“So, what should I do until that time?”
“Don't leave the Lunar Defence wing.”
“Because... it's our secret. Besides, you might get killed by the first lunarian you see.”
“I'm not that weak.”
“Second. Don't attack the rabbits.”
“I don't attack them. I assimilate them.”
“What's the third rule? Should I brush my teeth or something like that?”
“There is a curfew here.”
Curfew isn't in my dictionary.
“Don't cause an ruckus. I'm kind enough to let you live, but I still can kill you any second now.”
Oh, my hand is far more interesting than you.

Pick... Well, do what you want. You have 1 day to kill.
[] Try to find something interesting in the library (describe what you're looking for).
[] Go see Moriarty.
[] Stay with the sisters, talk about (write-in).
[] Left the Palace.
[] Write-in.


I tried to describe Shiki's power, but my obvious lack of vocabulary is playing against me. Bah.

Oh, a little something about Shiki: when he's talking about his 'abomination' side, he's talking about all the memories he's having. Abomination is the whole Shiki, if you get it. The old Anon is called 'human me', and Shiki is called 'youkai me'. They don't react in the same way, so I tried to be as accurate as I can.
The term Abomination here is a reference to Frank Herbert's Dune.
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[x] Go see Moriarty.
This is something we should probably do. Afterwards:
The only option! Go!
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[x] Go see Moriarty.
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[x] Go see Moriarty.

All the day to kill...
I guess I can go visit Moriarty, see how he's doing.
After that, it can be interesting to assimilate more rabbits.
I remember some place who are perfect to ambush.

I move to the jail, only to find a empty cell.

Either Moriarty is running randomly like a jackass, either he was moved in another room.
I would more than happy to assimilate the guard rabbit, but... he's missing.

Those rabbits are fleeing me.
That's obvious.
Well, no mind.
After all, I know several ideal ambush place.
For example, in this corridor, I can easily hide, behind a curtain or something like that.

I ask to the rabbit's memory:
“How can you detect strangers?”
She answers:
“We can't. We can see their wavelength, but that's useless if we can't see them.”
“You don't have any ways to detect someone, even if you can't see him?”
“No way. We can detect other moon rabbits, but not other creatures.”
“Why were you interested?”

Without answering to the rabbit's question, I hide myself behind a curtain.
And I wait...

A noise. Someone is walking in the corridor.
Discretely, I open the curtain, and I glance.
Good. It's a rabbit.
I wait just a bit more, and I throw the curtain.
His first reaction is quite funny. He jumps.
His second reaction is almost insulting. He looks at me, and screams in horror.
His third reaction is pure disgust. I'm running after him, since he tries to run away.
“Stop right there!”
“Don't follow me, you abomination!”
“Stop running, stew!”
“You have something in your head that's interesting for me!”
“I don't care! Leave me alone!”
“No way, rabbit!”
Dammit, he's fast. Even with my new youkai strength, I can't catch him.

I have only one last thing to do.
I don't like this, but I have to.
I pounce him, and I throw him against the floor, immobilizing him.

Now, he's clearly panicked.
I know why.
Instead of seeing me normally, he's seeing only a black void.
His eyes are glowing red. Is he trying to hypnotise me or something?
“Get. Away. From. Me.”
I stare him for a second, and I laugh.
“Try again bunny! It's not working on me!”
He clenches his teeth.
“You know what? Somehow, I wanna... bite your ears. Nibble them, eat them, tears them with my teeth.”
And I smile.
Anger is clearly replaced by despair.
“No! Get away from me!”
“If you tell me where I can find the Earthling you captured, I'll let you go.”
“He's in Lady Yorihime's room!”
“Oh my...”
“Lemme go! You promised!”
“I didn't promised anything. But thanks to you, I'm not feeling hungry any more.”
I throw him once again.
Wow. I'm really stronger than before.
Being youkai is nice.

While walking to Yorihime's room, I'm thinking about something troublesome.
While I was interrogating the rabbit, I wanted to... eat him. In a literal sense.
I wanted to rip his throat with my teeth. I wanted...
Am I... going crazy? Or did he really affected me with his eyes?
I'm not hungry any more, now, but... I still want to bite something. Badly.

I put my right thumb in my mouth, and I bite.
It hurts. It hurts. Dammit. DAMMIT.
It hurts so bad that it's making me mad. I want to bite stronger.
More pain. Something warm. Copper.
I chew. Mmm. It's good.
Something hard. What is it?
I put my hand in my mouth, to see what's hard.
It's a little bone.
Why do I have a bone in my mouth?

Who do I have a bloody mess instead of my thumb?
Why is my hand bleeding?
What am I...
I spit all I have in the mouth on the floor.
Meat. Blood. Bone. Nail.
My own thumb.

What's happening to me?
Is that being an youkai?
Will I want to bite everything I see?

Calm down and think. Just like Eirin teach you.
It's not my youkai side who's making me act like that.
There's something. Or else, I would already be dead.
Something changed. But what?
Is that the rabbit's power?
“No. I already told you, but... you are a black hole. Wavelengths can't affect you.”
So, what is it?
I ask to Toyohime's memory.
“Mmm. I may have an idea. But since I'm just a memory, I'm not sure.”
“Speak. I'll ask to Toyohime later.”
“I think it's because you assimilated too many youkai recently.”
“... Excuse me?”
“Mmm. I will be simpler. You see an Yin-Yang orb, right?”
“Yeah. Taoism. What's up with that?”
“Let's say that toukais of all sorts are Yin. Humans, on the other side, are Yang.”
“Since humans exterminate youkais, and since youkais eat humans, if one of them were to disappear, the other side would disappear too.”
“So... You're saying that I'm like an embodiment of Taoism?”
“That's the only explanation I see. You assimilated several youkais, if we consider Lunarians are youkais. Which means that your behaviours now is more … wildly. More beast-like.”
“If I assimilate Moriarty, it should be okay, right?”
“Mmm. I can suppose. You should try. But speak to my, too, just to be sure.”
“I'll ask.”
Stopping the discussing with the voices in my head, I watch my right hand.
The thumb is back. With a horrible scar, but it's back.
The pain disappears. It's like before.

Copper taste. I won't forget this sensation.
Having blood in your mouth.

'knock, knock'
“Yorihime, open this door!”
No answer.
I wonder what she's doing with Moriarty.

Toyohime's memory don't really help.
“Stop... sending me your weirdest memory!”
“Tee hee hee.”
“Open that door! Now!”

Finally, the door opens.
Said a really sleepy voice.
“... Moriarty... What the hell are you doing in boxers?”
“Mmngh? Dunno. I awoke in this room, so I decided to sleep here.”
… Something tells me that Yorihime didn't planned that.
And she's married. If she learns that this guy slept in her bed...

Start imagination sequence:
A big red horned Yorihime run everywhere, killing everyone she sees.
Stop imagination sequence.

I feel a cold chill in my spine.
And … something hot in my head...
Right! I should assimilate him first!
“Gimme your wrist.”
“Because you were badly wounded. I want to see if you're okay.”
Lame excuse, but he will get scared if I grab his neck.
I grab his wrist.

I see... A lonely life.
He's an orphan.
He runs away from the orphanage.
He encounters a blond lady.
They talk for a while.
After the discussion, he decides to become a scientist.
He don't want to be alone.
He decides to work in the military sciences.
Creating engines to save lives.
“You can't stop wars. But you can make them less expensive.”
After decades, he sees the blond lady once more.
After their discussion, he decides to follow a heavy training in various weapons.
He's chosen to be sent on the Moon.
His worse enemy until that day was his superior.
Now, he's dead.
He just don't want to be alone.
He sees Yorihime, flying and killing easily.
“Man... I'll kill this woman.”
A dream of death.
Since this day, he lost hope.
Sending the message to the Earth was his last move.
All he wants to do now is killing Yorihime.
Not for revenge.
But just to proves that he's worthy.
I can understand him now.
He's dead.
“To live, you need three things. A person to love, a person to hate, and a goal.”
The blond lady said that to him.
Now, he's living by this.

I release him.
The blond lady.
Yukari Yakumo.
The same woman who sent me here.
This man is not Yukari's pawn, but... she changed his life. In drastic proportions.

What kind of goal-
“You! Stop right where you are!”
“... Hey, Medic, who is this guy blablating nonsense?”
Following Moriarty's finger, I look at the new comer.
It's a man. Obviously a lunarian. He's... Oh crap.
“Moriarty, this is Yorihime's husband.”
“All my compassion, dude.”
Moriarty, still in boxers, move to the newcomer, grab his hand, and shake it.

It's done for.
This guy just saw an outsider, more than that, an earthling (as they say), coming out from her wife's room, with nothing but boxers.
Even worse, this guy don't speak Japanese, which means that I have to translate everything for them.
The Husband: “Tell him that he's just a filthy mongrel!”
Me: “He's more than happy to meet you.”
Moriarty: “Tell him that I'll make him eat his own balls tonight with couscous!”
Me: “He wants to show you some regional dish.”
The Husband: “Tell him that I'll make him spit my sword!”
Me: “He wants to show you how he's good with a sword.”
Moriarty: “Tell to this cuckold that his wife was damn good., even if it's a lie”
Me: “Mmm... He 's okay to introduce you to his friends.”
And it continued like that for a while.

What should I suggest?
Right now, this guy is furious. Maybe more than furious, I don't know, I didn't assimilated him.
One thing for sure, he wants to kill Moriarty.
What should I suggest:

[] Duel. Let them fight like gentlemen.
[] Write-in.


Originally, I didn't planned the choice, but if you find some good alternative, I'll be happy to use it.
But if I don't like the write-in, I'll choose for you.
Yes, I'm a tyrant.

The tone is silly in this update, except in the cannibalist part.

A human cannot be a youkai.
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[x] Find Yorihime
or something. Please someone come up with something better.
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[x] Find Yorihime and tell her of the mix up you stumbled upon.
Delete Post
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[x] Dig deeper through Toyohime' memories and try to find something that can be used against the husband.

Here's my shot. Doc, you can go wild with the reasons. Yeah, like the husband has PE and not good in bed.
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Docteur is writing. Please F5 warmly until it's ready.
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[x] Find Yorihime and tell her of the mix up you stumbled upon.
[x] Dig deeper through Toyohime' memories and try to find something that can be used against the husband.

I need a plan. And a pretty cunning one, or else, everything I know will end here.
Nah, just kidding.
In lunarian, I ask to the husband to wait a little, while I ask in English to Moriarty:
“Can you calm down just a bit, plz? Things will turn nasty if you pick a fight with him.”
He answers:
“First, he's the one who began. Second, I don't know you.”
What? Oh, yeah, he doesn't know about my... transformation?
“I'm the one who healed you.”
“What the hell happened to you?”
“Mmm. Pretty complicated. I can resume it by just saying that I learned English.”
“I can heard that. And what about him?”
“Him? Well...”

Let's see.
Toyohime's memory is more than happy to help me. She hates this guy.
“Yorihime is a good daughter. She married only to create heirs for the throne. But this guy married just to own Yorihime. She interests him only for her position.”
“He's after the throne's wealth?”
“No. He just wants to own the best woman in the Moon.”
“... Marriage is a hindrance, then?”
“For this guy, yeah.”
“... I don't think you're totally objective, Toyohime, but I trust you for this one.”
“Just ask the rabbit if you're not sure.”
“Good idea. Continue like that, and maybe I'll let you pilot this body.”
“A male body? No thanks.”
“Hey, rabbit.”
“My name is... Well whatever. What?”
“What can you tell me about this guy?”
“Mmm... Lady Yorihime gave special orders about him.”
“Ah! Sorry! She said 'if this guy shows up, kick him out'.”
“Wow. Did she said why?”
“Nope. Just said 'don't let him running around like an idiot'.”
“Did Yorihime learned about how he saw her?”
“Of course. She was the one who told me.”
“How was she?”

I shut my mouth, and I stare the husband in the eyes.
Yes. That's definitely the man I heard about.
A man who considers women as tools.
“Yes, hmm. Guy?”
“Call me Shiki. You see this moron?”
“Pretty accurately.”
“He's an asshole. Can you hold him up for a while?”
“I guess I can, but, looking at him, he'll try to kill me.”
“I'll be as fast as I can.”
“Then go now.”
I run.

Yorihime, my dear, where the hell are you?
I looked in the kitchen, in the the library, and even in Toyohime's room, and I simply can't find you.
“Look in the training room. She likes swinging her sword before doing something she doesn't like.”
Thanking Toyohime's memory, I run to the training room.
And I find her.
Sleeping peacefully.

D'awwwwwwwwwwwww, she's so cute when she's asleep.
I can hardly imagine her as the crazy swordswoman who killed that many peoples.
Can I really trust the memories I have in mind?

I see her white skin.
I really want to do it.
It's dangerous. Maybe I'll go mad. Maybe I'll die.
But... I want to do it. Moriarty named that the “Id”. Acting now, without thinking to consequences.

Carpe diem!
I grab her hand.

I see a long life.
The life of an hard-working girl, doing her best.
I see the life of a lonely girl, thinking she's worthless.
“I'm not worthless. I'll prove it.”
Fight. Fight. Training. Training. She does her best.
When Eirin was trusted as a teacher, she -I?- was happy.
Having such a wonderful and powerful teacher...
“You did it again.”
Eirin was really serious. Having fun during the training was prohibited.
The little girl suffered a lot. But she learned a lot.
Swords. Science. Magic.
She tried to learn everything.
“So, if I can summon this god, I will be able to turn any enemy bullet into sand?”
“That's it. And with more training, you'll be able to send them back to the attackers.”
Then, Kaguya fled to the Earth. Eirin disappeared after.
Tsukuyomi called us, and declared that we'll be the leader of the new Lunar Defence Corps.
In private, he said:
“Earthlings are like beast. They act only in their own interest. If you kill one of them, the other will run in fear.”
Later, Toyohime told that she didn't believed him. I said she was a fool.
Later, I, I mean Yorihime, went to marriage.

The ceremony was great.
The only flaw was Eirin's absence.
During the night...
I close my eyes. That's Yorihime's life.
I don't know what happened, but I can feel it.
Pain. Physical pain. Psychological pain. Betrayed. Deceived.
In one hour, her love changed into pure hate.
She can't get rid of him.
To avoid him, she's focusing on the Lunar Defence Corps formation.
The first invasion.
Reisen is considered as Missing in Action. She disappeared.
She deserted.

I close my eyes.
I didn't saw her whole life. I'll keep that for later.
I saw only what I wanted to see.
She's unhappy about...
Maybe about me, because she's staring me with cold eyes.
“Having fun? My life was interesting?”
Oh crap.
”Listen to me, please.”
She pull her sword out of her sheath.
“Fine. I'll listen to you. And after that, I'll cut you into pieces.”
“Your husband is here!”
“What? Where?”
“Near your room!”
“He saw Moriarty!”
“Moriarty was in boxers!”
Yorihime shouts.
“Because he slept in your bed!”
“And your husband thinks that Moriarty... slept with you!”
“And he want to kill him!”
“What are you doing here?”
“Warning you!”
“And you let them alone?”
“... Oh CRAP!”
A detonation.
A scream.

“Congratulation, Yorihime. You are now officially a widow.”
With a blank face, Yorihime stare her husband's corpse. I can understand her. She hated him, and she couldn't get rid of him.
Inside her heart, she's grateful to Moriarty.
But outside... an earthling killed a lunarian lord. That's something awful.
Do we have a solution?
I ask that to my different memories.
Moriarty's: “He's not dead. Just hide the body.”
Rabbit's: “Hiding the body is stupid! He will be found anyway!”
Toyohime's: “What do you suggest, sis?”
Yorihime's: “It was a duel, right? Moon's law allows duel two peoples from the same gender.”
Older me's: “That's smart!”
Me: “Obviously. She studied any possible way to get rid of him, she knows a lot about that.”
Clapping my tongue, I look Moriarty.
He's holding his shotgun.
“SPAS .12. Two bullets were fired. One was enough. The other was to be sure he was really dead.”
I say loud:
“It was a stupid idea to duel someone with a firearm.”
Nobody answers, but everybody understand. It was not a murder. It was a duel between gentlemen. Except that one was armed with a sword, and the other with a shotgun.
Finally, Yorihime gives orders:
“Rabbits. Take this body out. We'll burn it later.”
It's unusual to burn the corpse here. But it belongs to her.
“You, Shiki, and Toyohime, you come with me.”
Still in boxers, Moriarty follow the group.

Moriarty falls on the ground.
Yorihime didn't went easy on him. She didn't used her sword, she only used a stick, while Moriarty still had his shotgun.
But even with this advantage, Moriarty lost.
“DAMMIT! Using a firearm against you is not good. I must find something else.”
“Obviously. Not, you officially paid for my husband's death.”
Without turning back, Yorihime left the training room.
Moriarty being half-unconscious, I decide to ask to Toyohime:
“What'll happen to her? Her husband is dead. Won't it create trouble?”
Smiling, she answers:
“Not really. Since you suggested it was a duel, everything's legal.”
“Won't Tsukuyomi ask for proof or anything like that?”
“Lord Tsukuyomi don't speak english. And considering how your friend is skilled in japanese, Lord Tsukuyomi won't be able to ask him directly, even if he wanted. And we don't have any witnesses.”
“And what about her feelings?”
Hearing that, Toyohime stares me.
“You assimilated her, right?”
I blush.
“Not completely. There's part that I... learned to avoid.”
“Like her honeymoon?”
“... I was unable to skip that part.”
“Oh. Explanations are unnecessary then. Yorihime will act like the widow, but... even if it's immoral and everything, this death will relieve everyone.”
“Okay then.”

“Your memory suggested me to ask you something else.”
“What is it, I wonder?”
“Why do I want to eat peoples?”
I said the last part in lunarian. I don't want Moriarty to understand it.
Toyohime's eyes opens wide, and after a while, she answers:
“... I think it's because you assimilated too many inhuman peoples.”
“What do you mean?”
“You were human to begin with. Assimilating inhuman memories can affect your mind, even in your current state.”
“You mean the Abomination stuff?”
“Yes. If you were an youkai to begin with, you would be able to assimilate as many youkai as you wanted. Same thing if you were a lunarian to begin with. But since you were human to begin, any inhuman memory will make your abomination's mind more unstable.”
“So I have to assimilate more peoples of my own race?”

After that, the rest of the day went smoothly.
Yorihime spent all her time in her room, burning everything Moriarty touched.
“Do you think she's hating me?”
“Actually, I think she hated you since the beginning.”
“Good. Hate is something powerful.”
“.. Yeah, right.”

Toyohime spent all the day walking around ,eating peaches, and humming jazzy tunes.
“I don't get why she's happy. I mean, I killed her... stepbrother?”
“That's why she's happy.”
“She's the worst stepsister ever.”
I don't really want to answer.

Moriarty spend all the day drinking alcohol in the training room, while I was driking some kind of red tea that the rabbits brought to us.
Mmm. Copper taste. Feels bad, but at least, I'm not feeling frenzy.

And, finally, Yorohime came.
“It's time.”
“I didn't told you about that, right?”
“I'm going back the Earth.”
“Okay. See ya.”
“Don't wanna come back with me?”
“Nope. Free alcohol. It's paradise. I'm dead for the Earth.”
I decide to not argue more. Yorohime was hiding her joy, but hearing that her palace is a free alcohol place is making her mad.

We left the Moon Capital, and went on the beach, where I landed.
Toyohime made several circle in the sand.
“Woa. Pretty.”
Yorihime answered:
“Useless. Sis, be serious.”
“Can't help! I'm feeling happy right now.”
They are both crazy. Less than me, but still...
“Okay, listen to me, Shiki. You first priority, once you're back, is to assimilate humans. Okay? This way, you will be able to keep your sanity.”
“Okay. Got any message to Eirin, while I'm on it?”
“Yes. Give that to her, please.”
That's... a paper roll?
Paper roll. Paper roll. It reminds me something, but what?

“A... Anything else?
And, for the first time, Yorihime smiles.
“Don't say farewell.”
“Okay. Good bye then!”
I don't even have the time to end my sentence, that I'm already back on Earth.

Home sweet home.
This... feeling. I almost forgot it. It's the Bamboo Forest. I love this place.
But the one I love the most is Mokou. Even if she betrayed me, I still love her.
I don't care about Yukari's game.
I don't care about my possible insanity and blood thirst.
I only care about Mokou.

But first, let's give this letter to Eirin.

“Stay away!”
“Call Reisen! She's the only one who can stop it!”
“Help! Help! He's coming to us!”
For some reason, the rabbits are afraid of me.
I thought that only the moon rabbits are afraid of me.
I was wrong.
Ha, here is Reisen.
“Hello, Reisen.”
Oh, here's Eirin.
“Hello Yagokoro.”
“Oh. You are back. I though you ran away.”
“N-No. Well, maybe it looked like I ran away, but...”
“You're admitting it?”
“N-No... It was Yukari's doing... She took me-”
“Blaming Yukari?”
“N-No. I'm not blaming her or anything, it's just that...”
“Punishment time.”

That night, the light didn't went off in Eientei.
For two reasons.
The first one being the supernatural fear, hiding in everyone's heart.
The second one being Shiki's scream.
During the whole night, he experienced 'punishment time'.
And during this night, he discovered that Eirin was soft with him before.
Because he was a human.
But now, he was a youkai. Almost immortal.
So, Eirin didn't went softly.
Au contraire!


Pick a choice:
[] Inser another coin (continue the story).
[] Start a new game (used the unlocked character in another story).


Honest choice right now.
You can end the story right now, wich means that Shiki will be interested by Yukari, and will appears in Gensokyo's Tower, like a regular character, or you can continue the current story, which means that Shiki won't care about Yukari's doing, and will focus on Mokou.
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[x] Inser another coin
Delete Post
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[x] Inser another coin (continue the story).

Have you actually played any games before? Since some of these look like something out of a bad doujin.
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[x] Inser another coin (continue the story).
Mou ikkai! No. I'm not doing that. Damn I'm tired...
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Forgot to proofread.
Image Source
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File 128485181366.jpg - (52.08KB, 364x277, Eirin.jpg)
Not better, but it's readable now.


That was the best WORST punishment I've ever received.
Usually, Eirin stop earlier, but this time, she didn't stopped. She tortured punished me during the whole night.

Well, I think I passed out several times, because I have several blanks in my memory.
Speaking about memories...
Yorihime: “Wow. She didn't changed a single bit.”
Toyohime: “That's Eirin for you.”
Moriarty: “You're crazy man. Being turned on by such a thing? Well, it's good for you, I guess.”
Yorihime: “Well, it's better to be masochist if Lady Yagokoro is your teacher. Otherwise, she can be very scary.”
Moriarty: “... Yeah, right. And I though that being excited by your teacher was the most terrifying thing that could ever happen...”
Toyohime: “Well, since he was going to get beaten anyway, isn't it better to enjoy it?”
Moriarty: “... Make sense, in a way.”
Rabbit: “Now I understand why Lady Yorohime is so violent...”
Yorihime: “Yes, I endured such punishments, so...”
Me: “SHUT UUUUUUP! My head isn't a chat room!”
Old me: “Well, technically, yes...”

I open my eyes.
I'm laying on my belly.
Because my back is stinging like hell.
“I didn't knew that Eirin was so fond of whips.”
Time to get up.
Mmm. I can't really put something... My back aches too much. I'm only wearing a trouser. Well, I call that a trouser, but... Ah, screw details.
… I feel something warm on my back...
The futon is full of blood.
Moriarty: “My god, it's full of blood!”
Shut up! Don't make references like that!
Toyohime: “Can't help. Since you assimilated a lot of inhumans' memories, you can't control yourself very well. I suggest you go see Lady Yagokoro, and then go assimilate some humans, to regain your sanity.”
Yorihime: “I agree with her.”
Moriarty: “+1.”
Rabbit: “It's a good idea.”
Old me: “Yagokoro knows much. She's the best person here to help us.”
I almost want to kill myself. I'm listening to voices that I'm the only one hearing...
I must be crazy.
“Hum? No, you're not.”
“Don't scream like that.”

Eirin!! She's here! Standing near the door! She heard me!! HAAAA!
“Of course. You were breathing so hard during your sleep, EVERYONE heard you...”
“... Sorry.”
“Well, anyway.”
She throw me a paper. That's Toyohime's writing.
“Gna gna, how are you, fine, gna gna gna, blablabla. HEY WHAT? That's absolutely not what happened!!!”
Toyohime wrote that I destroyed the mirror by myself! That's a lie!
Moriarty: “Yeah, yeah, scream USO DA, just for laughing.”
Shut up.

Eirin's eyes narrows.
“Are you implying that my beloved pupils lied? After all I taught them?”
… A part of me want to answer Yes, just to cause trouble, but the other part want to answer No, because I'm feeling that Eirin will take it personally if I talk bad about her relatives.

I'll listen my prudent side. Well, my prudent sides.
“N-No... It's just that... this … report is … just a little short...”
“What was omitted?”
“Well, the fact that I was totally hypnotised by those rabbits at that time...”
“Are you implying that it's not your fault?”
“... Well...”
I certainly touched it, so...
“Well, that's my fault-”
“So everything's all right.”
“Yeah, but- wait what?”
“You see, it's possible to rebuild the artefact you broke. It's possible, using your heart, and some of your vitals organs. But unfortunately, I don't really want to get my hand dirty.”
Moriarty: “You see? She's considering you like dirt.”
“So? What is the clean way?”
“I'll just have to wait your death.”
“If my expectations are correct, when you'll die, another artefact will be formed inside your body.”
“Because, technically speaking, you are a living artefact.”
“I don't take that as a compliment.”
“That's not one.”
Rabbit: “That had to hurt.”
Shut up.
“So, all I have to die is die from old age, and everything will be settled?”
“No. Considering that a youkai can't die from old age.”
Toyohime: “I don't like where this is going.”
Dammit, are you gonna comment each time I'm doing something?
“You have to die, after being killed.”
Moriarty: “Of course. Peoples die if they are killed.”
Hey, shut up.
“... I don't think it's a good idea.”
“Oh yes, it's a good idea. Of course, because I'm a genius.”
“The fact that you're holding a scalpel don't really please me.”
“Don't worry, it won't hurt.”
“Won't hurt who?”
With a smile, the genius devil walk to me.
Too late. I'm already running.

I don't know where to go, but one thing for sure, I don't want to be catch by this white devil.
Moriarty: “Let's cool your head a little. Hahaha...”
I don't get the reference. What sort of shows did you saw?
Moriarty: “Almost everything. Untouchables, Potemkine, 1984, I tried to watch everything.”

Running though the garden, I quickly quit the mansion.
Every step I'm taking is an advantage.
This mansion is bigger inside than outside.
Eirin will know that I'll go in the entrance, to get some shoes.
But since I'm outside the mansion, I'm faster than her.

You get the picture?
Well, it failed.
“What a bad boy, hu hu hu.”
I will get killed.
Yorihime: “Well, it's unavoidable. She's armed with a bow. You can't move.”
Moriarty: “It's checkmate, friend.”
Thanks for the help, you bunch of...
The arrow fly.
Right in my chest.
I have the feeling that someone is piercing me with a spear.
Moriarty: “Interesting. She put some medicines on the arrow, to confuse the wounded enemy. This woman is a frightening enemy.”
Yorihime: “As expected from our master!”
Rabbit: “Hooray for Lady Yagokoro!”
And me? I die, that's all? You bunch of assholes...

Spitting blood, I fall on my knees, and then, on the ground.
“G... Grelagua.”
What a pitiful last word.

I open my eyes.
“Pure white.”
The ceiling.
Wait? A ceiling?
Toyohime: “Yes. You are a youkai. You won't die from such a light injury.”
Light injury...
Yorihime: “Well, I don't know youkais well, but I know that you need to behead them to kill them for good.”
Good. I'm feeling WAY better now.
Moriarty: “Stop whining. Eirin picked the mirror from your chest, which means that your debt is repaid. You're now free.”
Wow. You're kidding?
Eirin: “No.”
Eirin: “Simple. I touched you with my bare hands. Even unconscious, you assimilated my memory. And, it allowed me to noticed some interesting effects.”
For example?
Eirin: “Assimilating a target put you in a state of excitation, almost similar to an orgasm.”

Moriarty: “... Oooooooh?”
Don't say it.
Moriarty: “You're blushing, friend... Are you...”
No. Just shut up.
Moriarty: “A... virgin?”

Even in my head, I'm getting bullied.
Toyohime: “Pff. Listen. The memories are more and more wild, because of this unbalance. You need to assimilate humans. If you do that, you won't excited by blood, and you'll be able to rules memories easier.”

I'll do that.

Let's go hunt some humans!!
Who should I assimilate?
[] The average male native.
[] The average female native.
[] The miko who was with Yukari during the fake-moon accident.
[] The witch who tried to attack Yorihime with some sort of star-shaped food.
[] Someone else.
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Ahaha ha this is going to be fun!

[x] The miko who was with Yukari during the fake-moon accident.
[x] Someone else-Rinnosuke

We MUST assimilate Rinnosuke. No other option.
I'd pick everyone but we must not be be greedy must we~
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[x] The average male native.
Delete Post
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[x] The average male native.
[x] The average female native.
[x] The miko who was with Yukari during the fake-moon accident.
[x] The witch who tried to attack Yorihime with some sort of star-shaped food.
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I don't think Rinnosuke would do much good; he's half and half; we need pure humans. Personally I think starting with normal folks would be better as it'll stablize us and makes trying to contact the other two easier.
Delete Post
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Aah. I picked Rinnosuke mainly because I wanted his voice included in our arsenal. I wonder, what kind of a character Hart can make him into.
Image Source
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File 128495784399.png - (55.61KB, 201x195, Myface.png)
>three voters
>three differents votes
my face.png

Votes are still opened. Someone to break the tie?
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[x] The average male native.
[x] The average female native.
[x] The miko who was with Yukari during the fake-moon accident.
[x] The witch who tried to attack Yorihime with some sort of star-shaped food.
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Votes closed. When I'll have time, I'll update, with those options:

[x] The average male native.
[x] The miko who was with Yukari during the fake-moon accident.
[x] The witch who tried to attack Yorihime with some sort of star-shaped food.

Rinnosuke is currently unknown to Shiki, but I plan to ASSIMILATE HIM.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 128527334773.jpg - (210.86KB, 700x700, 1282047423150.jpg)
[x] The average male native.
[x] The miko who was with Yukari during the fake-moon accident.
[x] The witch who tried to attack Yorihime with some sort of star-shaped food.

Okay. I just need to assimilate humans. Good.
Eirin: “Humans should be fine. Average humans, or extraordinary humans. It doesn't matter.”
Great. Who are you suggesting, then?
Eirin: “Mmm. I know two girls. One of them is a miko, and the other is a witch.”
Sounds interesting.
Let's... Hey, wait?
Eirin: “Sorry, I tied you.”
WHY? And why am I naked?
Eirin: “It was simpler, in order to open you.”
Eirin: “You don't wanna know. Trust me.”
Moriarty: “I saw everything. And, yeah, don't ask.”
Yorihime: “He's lying. Your eyes were closed. We didn't saw anything.”
Wait, so you can see by my eyes?
Rabbit: “Yes. And I'm not just 'rabbit'!”
Eirin: “Well, you see, differents memories are stocked inside of your head, which means that they can still receive informations. From your eyes, but also from your other senses.”
Great. Which means that I'll have 6 peoples watching me constantly.
The old Me, Moriarty, Yorihime, Toyohime, Eirin, and rabbit.

Time to add new memories to my...
Moriarty: “Uncyclopedia?”
… No! Shut up!
Eirin: “If you're seeking how to untie yourself, just push the button hidden under the table.”
Hey, it's working!
I sit on the table. The whole room is white.
“Where am I?”
Eirin: “In my secret room.”
Can you explain me why you have a table like that?
Eirin: “It was a test. To see if you can assimilate memories while you're unconscious.”
And how are you supposed to verify that?
“Because I'm right behind you. You were so busy talking to yourself that you didn't even noticed me.”
I jumped to the opposite side of the room.
“E-E-E-Eirin!! You scared me!”
“That was intended for.”
“W-W-What did you want?”
“I just want to see you acting like a wild youkai.”
“Excuse me?”
“According to my research, you're mimicking the behaviour of the peoples you assimilated. I'm also guessing that you didn't assimilated lot of human.”
“... True.”
“Which means that, right now, you should be acting like a wild youkai. But you're not.”
“Seems like it.”
“And why is that?”
Good question. I still want to bite everything I find, but I'm refraining myself.
“Because I still have a human side?”
“... Oh yeah?”
Oh god, she's smiling. That's not good.
“What have you done to me?”
“I told you. I used your internal organs to create another artefact.”
“But right now, I'm thinking about something else.”
What's that thing in her hand? A knife?
No... Eirin's memory tell me it's a scalpel.
“Allow me to try that.”

She makes a quick move with the scalpel.
I adopt Yorihime's defensive stance, but she wasn't attacking me...
“Let's see how you're reacting in front of blood.”
She... cut her own hand.
Her hand is bleeding.

I don't realize it, but I'm moving.
I'm hearing several voices, inside my head, and outside my head, but I don't listen to them.
I just pounce, and bite, and scratch, and bite and scratch.
Pained scream.
Something isn't going right.
Big noise.
It's the door.
Reisen is here.
She shoots.
I'm taking the bullet right in my head, but I don't fall.
I use Yorihime's memory, I summon a god.
I don't know who it is.
Sand everywhere.
Reisen is crushed.
I bite Eirin again.
More blood.
Not this creepy copper taste.
Good blood.
Another bullet goes in my head.
It hurts.
I growl.
I jump to avoid the third bullet coming from the stranding bunny.
I use Eirin's memory.
I shout something to Reisen.
She froze immediately.
I quickly ran out the room.

Good lord...
What am I doing, half-naked, in the middle of nowhere, under the rain?
What happened?
I try to remember...
A white room...
What the hell happened?
Moriarty: “You don't remember?”
Eirin:”That's pretty strange...”
Old me: “Perhaps it's another him?”
Moriarty: “Like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde? It doesn't make sense, he's still a youkai!”
Toyohime: “Perhaps he's so scared of Master Eirin that he sealed his own memory?”
Eirin: “Perhaps... Listen to me, Shiki. Don't return to Eientei for now.”
What happened?
Moriarty: “Mmm. To make it short, you attacked your beloved sadistic boss.”
Oh... It explains the blood. But the white room?
Eirin: “You don't remember that? I tried to make you attack me.”
It worked fine.
Eirin: “Better than expected. But, the me outside is quite wounded now, and Udonge will certainly try to kill you without explanation if she find you. Avoid her as possible.”
Yes ma'am.
Yorihime: “What's bothering me is the sand.”
Moriarty: “What do you mean?”
Yorihime: “I don't know any god who can use sands.”
Eirin: “Please, Yorihime, use your head. He certainly copied your memory, but it doesn't means that he did anything like you. He didn't summon the lunarian god. He just copied HOW you summoned them.”
Toyohime: “It makes sense. Because the power of summoning is in the body. If he copied just your memory, he wouldn't be able to summon gods.”
Yorihime: “So he just summoned-”

Let's find someone to assimilate.
That guy, here, will do perfectly.
Because he shouldn't be here. It's raining.
It's not a time to work.
“Hello there.”
“Oh darn. A youkai.”
“Yep. But I won't kill you.”
“Say that again?”
“I just want to shake your hand, and after that, I'll leave you.”
“You know what? Keep dreaming.”
“That's not very nice.”
“Of course not.”
Oh crap, he ran away.
I guess I should follow him.

He closed himself in this hut.
“Can someone explain me why there is a hut in a hostile forest?”
A voice comes from the hut.
“Where do you think the youkai lives, you moron?”
Oooh, you're a funny one.

I walk around the hut.
No window.
Just a door.
Even with my pitiful strength, I might be able to crush it.
Eirin: “There is the Hakurei Miko who usually exorcise youkai who attacks human. Act quickly.”
Thanks for the advice.
I grab the door, and I pull.
“Annnnnnd. Shit.”
“I told you. I don't want to kill you.”
“I don't trust you!”
He's holding something.
It's... a red card?

I go pichuuun.
Well, I should say: “Weeeee!”
I'm currently flying.
Not because I'm using magic.
But because this human used a charm who throw youkai.
A tree gently stop me.
I guess I lost three ribs.
I cough blood. I guess my lungs are impaled by the broken ribs.
That doesn't hurt, but it's slowing me down.
“Had enough, you monster?”
“Bleuargh... I'm not a monster!”
“First news! The tengu journalist will be happy to hear that!”
“I'm just an Abomination.”
“... It doesn't make a difference...”
I cough again.
More blood.
I'm puking blood.
“Wow. Those charm are more efficient than I though.”
He's coming. He wants to see the result.
So curious...

I grab his hand.

And the world is going white again...


A little apology in this one.
As you noticed, I can no longer upload as often as I used to.
Why? Because I'm currently in formation. I'm no longer a NEET. Which means that I can't really write during the week.

About the story: No votes before a long time. Until Shiki's goal are all achieved.
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So two more updates?
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 128560435633.jpg - (295.53KB, 1181x1181, 26567.jpg)
I see white peoples.
I'm in a white room.
I'm cold.
Totally cold.
I scream.
They move.
Something warm is put on me.
I feel better.

I'm 8 years old.
Just like everyday, I go to the school.
But, today, I'm not walking.
I'm running.
I'm late.
And if I'm late, the teacher will be mad.
And if the teacher is mad, I'm done for.

I'm 20 years old.
Time to build my own home.
I call some friends.
In 3 days, I managed to build a pretty good house.
Thanks, friends...

The world is going back.
It was a pretty average life.
“Get away from me!”
“No problem.”
I let him go. He looks surprised for a while.
“Oh. Well, thanks.”
He runs away.
Normal, I guess.

Are you here?
Guy: “I'm here, yeah.”
Moriarty: “Just as planned.”
Eirin: “The outcome was predictable.”
Toyohime: “As simple as learning how to cook pie.”
Yorohime: “Peach pie? Sounds tasty?”
Moriarty: “Dunno that. I always ate apple pie.”
Toyohime: “Apple? What is that? Sounds tasty.”
Eirin: “Apple are mainly European. I heard that some of them were exported to other country, but it didn't worked well.”
Guy: “Hey, if it's about farm and stuff like that, just ask me! I'm an expert!”
Eirin: “Maybe later. Shiki, can you please pass your finger on your teeth?”
Uh? Well, yeah.

I cut myself.
My teeth are still pretty sharp.
Eirin: “But less than the last time. Which means that you are less youkai-like. I guess your eyes are now more attractive than before?”
I don't have a mirror, but I guess that yes.
Eirin: “Which means something simple: if you assimilate youkais, you'll be stronger. If you assimilate humans, you'll be prettier.”
Moriarty: “And if you're handsome, it'll be simpler to persuade peoples. Trust me, it's better to be human.”
Yeah, well... I don't really want to assimilate average humans like that. His life was boring.
Guy: “HEY! Shut your mouth!”
Moriarty: “ORLY? You didn't paid attention, then...”
What do you mean?
Old me: “I think he's referring to Keine.”
? What about Keine?
Moriarty: “She was the same in your memory than in his memory. And yet, you're 10 years younger than him.”
Guy: “Come on, I'm not that old!”
What do you mean?
Moriarty: “Keine is not human.”


Well, anyway, I decided to assimilate more humans, so where can I find them?
Eirin: “There's that miko in the Hakurei Shrine, but she's pretty powerful. You should assimilate the witch before.”
Isn't the witch as dangerous as the miko?
Eirin:” The witch won't be able to detect you until she sees you. The miko will sense you, even if you're hidden.”
So, I work on my human side, and I try to use my charisma on her. Got it.
Eirin: “That's the idea.”
And the witch? She won't get suspicious?
Eirin: “Well, about her... “
What? Don't make me anxious.
Eirin: “Mmm. She's using a very powerful spell. If she's hostile to you, she can probably kill you.”
Don't matter. I'm a youkai. I won't die from being killed.
Eirin: “No, I mean, she can kill you forever.”
Moriarty: “Your conversation doesn't make sense.”
Guy: “I was thinking the same thing.”
Rabbit: “Me too.”
… Yeah, right. Anyway, let's go!

Where is it?
Guy: “I remember she's holding a magic shop who's always closed. It's deeper in the forest.”
This forest, or the other forest.
Guy: “This forest.”
Look like you're more useful than I planned.
Guy: “I don't know if I should take that as a compliment.”
Ha ha ha ha.

All right. I'm still almost naked under the rain, but I managed to reach the witch's house.
And guess what?
Moriarty: “It's closed.”
Guy: “It's closed.”
Yorihime: “It's closed?”
Toyohime: “It's closed.”
Eirin: “Closed.”
Rabbit: “It's closed!”
Old me: “Closed?”
… HEY!
Guy: “W-Well, sometimes, she just goes in the forest...”
I won't wait under the rain like that! I'm going to catch a cold!
Moriarty: “Can you catch a cold? You're no longer human.”
Eirin: “Well, even if he's youkai, he can be sick.”
Yorihime: “He's already sick.”
Toyohime: “Yes... His excitation while you were-”
Eirin: “What? Tell me more about that!”
Moriarty: “Well, you see, this guy is a m-”
All the voice in my head are nowhere to be heard now.
But the last one wasn't coming from my head.

Who talked?
“Turn around. SLOWLY.”
Oh shit.
I know this voice.

That's Reisen.
The first one.
I just beat her teacher, besides, she's scared of me, besides, she had to go under the rain to hunt me. She's quite pissed.

What should I do?
[] Bite my finger, try to trigger a blood-induced frenzy.
[] Scream like a woman from a horror movie. Not useful, but laughable.
[] Screw this. Destroy the door, and forcefully enter the house.
[] Surrender. I'm half naked, under the rain, and I have nowhere to go. Besides, Eirin must have something for me...
[] Attack her. She's just a rabbit.
[] Write-in. Improvise.


I'll tell you right now: assimilating Reisen is out of question.
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[x] Screw this. Destroy the door, and forcefully enter the house.
-[x] Find a mirror too. Take a glimpse of yourself and see what just changed. Especially your eyes.

I'm curious. REALLY CURIOUS.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Screw this. Destroy the door, and forcefully enter the house.
Yeah screw it. Let's get sparked by Marisa.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Surrender. I'm half naked, under the rain, and I have nowhere to go. Besides, Eirin must have something for me...

Let's just go along with Reisen and make things easier.
Delete Post
Report Post
Updating probably tomorrow.
Too tired to proofread it now.
Delete Post
Report Post
more like bad end if anything.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
Report Post
File 128587556488.jpg - (83.35KB, 469x428, thumb-640x.jpg)
[x] Screw this. Destroy the door, and forcefully enter the house.

Mmm. If Reisen is after me, I can't waste my time thinking.
Eirin: “You should surrender. I'm pretty sure I'm not mad after you.”
You, maybe not. Because you're a scientist. Always after result, not annoyed by the troubles on the road. But Reisen is attached to you. And since I hurt you, I don't trust her.
Moriarty: “What do you want to do, guy?”
Crush the door. Run inside the house.
Find anything to use against Reisen.
If this girl is really a witch, she must have something magical in there. I'll use it to take Reisen down, and I'll use her body as a bait to lure the witch.
Hé hé hé hé. Perfect plan.
All of them: “ “ “ “ “ “ “That's the most stupid plan I've even heard.” ” ” ” ” ” ”
Shut up.

Without any hesitation, I hit the door with my elbow.
Ah? The door is weakened! Perfect!
I move back, and, this time, I run frankly.
I have to break the door perfectly.
“Hey! Stop right there!”
Or else Reisen'll shoot me down in 2 seconds. She's far more dangerous than your average soldier rabbit.

I run. As fast as I can.
Moriarty: “Remember, you have to divide the strike on your whole arm! If your elbow alone take the shock, it'll break!”
The door is coming closer and closer. Seems pretty solid.

Wow. I really broke the door.
Usually, when you try to break open a door, you break either the knob, or either the hinges.
But, right now, it's the door itself who's broken.
In half, I mean.

I admit I'm a little surprised. I never expected a door like this to be this weak.
I didn't broke it open. I broke it. Just broke it.

Breaking a door like this is pretty cool, by the way. But there's a cons.
The fact that I'm still running, due to inertia.
Moriarty : “Brake is under your left foot.”
Very funny, hahaha.

I crush into a random furniture-I-don't-know-what-it-is, and I'm sent flying though the air.

Either it's a wall, either it's my spine.
Funny, it's the same noise than the door made. Was the door made of bones? Or was my spine made of wood?

It hurts. Must be my spine.
Eirin: “Wow. Spinal column. Properly broken. Even with your youkai strength, it'll take you one day, and some shots, to get yourself better.”
Moriarty: “The main trouble is the rabbit who's chasing you.”
Rabbit: “You are done. You should surrender. With a broken spine, you can't fight. Not against Reisen.”
Wait, you knew Reisen?
Rabbit: “Of course yes!”
Rabbit: “You didn't asked.”

Rabbit stew for tonight.

“You're not making things easier for me, -------, or whatever-your name-is.”
“Yeah, sorry about that. But running under the rain pissed me off.”
I try to laugh, but my back is still hurting like hell.
I can hardly breath. If I were still a human, I would be dying.

Red eyes.
She's here.
“Now, look at me in the eyes, abomination, and fall in a deep sleep.”

That's not working. I don't know why, but, even if I can see Reisen's eyes, it does nothing to me.
“Try again... Reisen... It... isn't working...”
She stays silent.
Stare contest time.
I stare her face.
She stares back at me.
Red against blue-white (well, it was like that last time I checked, so maybe it changed).

“That never happened.”
“What? Got any trouble against a poor dying earth youkai?”
“What is wrong with your eyes?”
She clenches her teeth. She tries to stay focused, while speaking.
Is she trying to get me unfocused?
Eirin: “Mmm? Well, since your strength was lower now than before, I assume that your charisma is a little higher.”
What do you mean?
Eirin: “I hate explaining. Ask someone else.”
Toyohime? Can you explain?
Toyohime: “Yes. Well, you see, as explained before, youkais are wild beast. They act on instinct first. That's why youkais are stronger than humans.”
Aren't lunarians youkais too, in a way?
Yorihime: “No. Lunarians are more god-like than youkais-like.”
Makes sense. And, what about me?
Toyohime: “Mmm. Well, as you noticed, your teeth were less sharp, after you assimilated this guy.”
This guy: “HEY!”
Toyohime: “But your teeth are not the only thing who changed. I assume that there are other things who changed.”
Like my eyes?
Toyohime: “Yes. I guess you're more attractive now. If you keep going with more and more human, you will be-”
… I can't believe this guy was a scientist.
Yorihime: “Well, he's right. He's just saying it in a … personal way.”
Rabbit: “I just want to add that it's difficult for a rabbit to even look at you. Remember that you're like a wavelength black-hole. Instinct commands us to flee.”
So, it means that, my eyes can block Reisen's power, and that my … abomination side can scare her?
Rabbit: “I'll be frank. She's unexpectedly brave, to stand against you. Any other of us would already be far away.”
Toyohime: “That's my Reisen! Always brave!”
Eirin: “That's my apprentice! Always brave!”
Yorohime: “Don't bully her, got it?”

I answer to Reisen's question.
“I can ... resist you... because I'm more... human!”
She clenches her teeth, and her hands.
“NO! Humans can't resist me! You must use something else!!”
“I'm... saying the... truth!”
Eirin: “Well, not ALL the truth, but, basically, you're not lying.”
While staring Reisen, and while listening to the voices in my head, I try to move.
Yep. I can't move my legs.
But my arms are fine. Except for some scratches here and here, they are fine.
My back is hurting like hell. But since it's broken, it's normal.
The rest of my body is fine. “The rest” meaning here: the upper part of my body.

Well, I can move my arms, so there's something I can do...
What can I do?
That's a good question...
“I... surrender.”
I say that, looking away.
“Oh? Oh. Well. Good.”
She moves. Her eyes are still shining, but at least, I'm not attacked.
Just a warning, right?
“I won't … do anything. My spine is ... broken, I can ... barely survive as ... I am right now.”
I'm still breathing heavily, but it's better than 2 minutes ago. Just 5 minutes, and I'll be able to walk. I guess.
Eirin: “ 'won't bet on that. Even as a youkai, regenerating a spine is something troublesome.”
Reisen's eyes are shining again, but from excitation this time.
“Spine broken? Seriously?”
Oh-oh. She's smiling. Not good.
“It's PERFECT! Master just made a cream yesterday to heal broken spine! Let's try it on you!”
A … cream to heal broken spine? Even a poor doctor as me know that a broken bone can't be healed with cream.
Moriarty: “You gonna get cream'd.”
… Are you the same guy who wished to defeat Yorohime just … what, 5 days ago?

“Sorry, but I won't touch you. But if you put this on yourself, you should be fine!”
Something land in my hand.
A little wooden box.
“Apply it on your chest! I'll look you!”
You're a pervert. Looking men putting cream on them...
Eirin: “I'm learning something new about Reisen here.

Oh, well, let's try this cream. Even if it fails, it won't kill me.

I take back what I just said.
It's killing me.
“Too many acid. I'll have to tell the Master when I'll be back.”
“And it doesn't seems to be working. That's annoying. I guess I'll have to make some sort of sled, or something like that.”
“Oh? Looks like it's burning? But acid doesn't burn. Mmm... What are the ingredients?”
“Oh? I took the wrong box. Sorry about that!”
“Does it hurts?”
“I knew it.”
I have the feeling that my whole chest is burning. It's kinda like... have a fire inside your stomach. Perhaps that, if I eat iron, it will melt?

“Are you feeling better now?”
“Well, you can walk now! Isn't it great?”
My spine is still hurting like hell, but compared to the cream's burning, it's just a tingling.
I don't know if Eirin is completely mad, or is a genius, but I know that the Eirin inside my head won't answer to that.
Eirin: “What? You're walking, right? So, what's the problem?”
Never heard something called 'ethic'?
Eirin: “Ethic is for humans patients. Youkais patients won't die-”
Moriarty: “Even if they are killed.”
Eirin: “So I can use stronger medicines on them.”
Something so painful that everything feels like a tingling is hardly a medicine.
Moriarty: “In my world, a medicine like that will never be allowed.”
Eirin: “Too strong?”
Moriarty: “Not enough patients.”
Eirin: “Ha ha ha.”
Oh shit. They are laughing together now.
I have two mad scientists in my head.
Moriarty: “Beeet! How long will Shiki stay sane?”
Eirin: “I bet on 7 days.”
Moriarty: “Seven days? That's a curse for you!”
Yorihime: “Sister... I don't get it.”
Toyohime: “I guess it's a scientist joke. Don't try to understand it.”
I want to cry.

[] Use your charisma. "SHUT UUUUUP!! You are all hallucinations!"
[] Use force. "You don't have to bet on that." "We don't have to bet on that."
[] Stay silent.


Rewrote it. The original was messed up, and I forgot several things.
LESS TYPOS! (I hope.)
LONGER! (Hooray!)
FUNNIER! (If you get the references.)
PICTURE RELATED! (Problem, Anon?)
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[x] Stay silent.
It's better to stay silent when called a fool, than opening your mouth and confirming the accusations.
[x]LESS TYPOS! (I hope.)
This, most of all. You're getting better Hart
Delete Post
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[x] Stay silent.

You're trying a bit too hard with the references.
Delete Post
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[x] Stay silent.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 128597341782.png - (50.99KB, 200x198, faces.png)
Story dropped.
Blame my lack of experience, my lack of self-confidence, and the fact that I'm really bad in English.

Picture related.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 128597678731.jpg - (66.85KB, 667x775, ae311bba842d3b30e4694989637d08d3.jpg)
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I think there's a difference between a writefag, and a writer.
As someone said, the writefag write for his own self. He's not interested by his character, or by his plot.
I think the writer must be different. I think the writer must love his story.

I wanna be the writer.
Which means something simple. I don't want to give up on that story.
But, since I'm still a beginner, I'll make it short.

I ask you to vote.

If “Continue the story” wins, then I'll take back my nickname, I'll look for a proofreader, and I'll do my best to improve the story, and keep you interested.

If “Give up” wins, then I'll write the end of the story. Like I did in “Gensokyo's Tower”. Just a short thing, to explain how it'll end.

[x] Continue the story.
[x] Give up.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Continue the story.
-[x] Improve
-[x] Less references
Delete Post
Report Post

Silly author.

There is no difference between a writer and a writefag.
Delete Post
Report Post
No differences? For real?
And I always though that "writefag" was a poor way to talk about yourself or something like that.

Bah. I'm trying to make the thing too complicated.
Delete Post
Report Post
Continue, improve your plot and characters especially MC. He's too much of a wimp. And I admit, GT was shit. The characters were shit. I hate it. This one is okay. Just improve, less references, that refer-shit is getting too old by using too fucking much. The plot needs to be fix much. Not like GT which was complicated and roundabout. Think of something that's interesting, and eye-catching or simple and normal. Remember, you are not ryukishi, not nasu either. The only thing that keep me reading that time was MC's power and recreating him.
Delete Post
Report Post

This has some promise.
Delete Post
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Exactly. What he said.
Delete Post
Report Post

What he said, and I'll have to add that you need to improve a lot. If you're going to write in a language, you'll have to look at examples of actual literature in it, not just translations of VNs and such. Right now, your writing kinda... well, it kinda sucks, okay?

Read something by Heinlein, or Iain Banks - hell, even J.K. Rowling if you want. Just read actual writing, and see why it's good enough to get published. People will stop saying that your writing sucks.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
Report Post
File 128784022735.png - (876.82KB, 1280x720, vlcsnap-2010-07-21-13h18m36s102.png)
I think it's pretty clear.

But even like that, don't expect an update too soon.
This story is in hiatus until I'm feeling ready to write a "good" update.

In fact, I need to revise the story:
>MC is a wimp.
I'll try to fix that. Don't expect a overmanly MC fixing everything by punching peoples. Shiki will fight, but in an intelligent way. In fact, I'll try to avoid danmakus as possible.

>less references
I admit I overdid it. Moriarty is a european scientist, it's a little OOC for him to talk about oriental movies and weeaboo stuff.

TL;DR: Please wait warmly. Update will come in time, and I'll make it good.
Delete Post
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but Danmaku is how things are generally done in Gensokyo.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 128904900913.jpg - (630.52KB, 1200x1000, Giygas.jpg)
I can't do anything against them.
Besides, if I really have to bear with them for my whole life, I can't really fight against them now.

But, be nice and stop that crap, okay? Eirin may be really mad at me, so I'll need some good advice.
Moriarty: “Don't worry. After all, she's the one who provoked you. She can't be angry at you.”
Eirin: “Don't worry. I still have experiments to try on you. I won't be angry.”
… And you really think I'll be relieved to hear THAT? What do you want to try?
Eirin: “Nothing important. Regeneration rate, evolution possibilities, poison resistance...”
That sounds gruesome.
Moriarty: “Not as much as you think. Actually, it's possible to check this out without harming you.”
Really? How?
Moriarty: “Well, for the poison part, it's pretty simple. Cut some skin, put it in-”
“We're baaack!”
Reisen cut in my inner discussion. I hope it won't become a habit.
Oh shit. Eirin is nowhere to be seen.
“Mmm. How's Eirin?”
Without looking at me, she answers:
“The Master is in her room, heavily wounded.”
… Crap. I made a mistake by calling her Eirin.

“But why sand?”
“I hoped you could answer to this.”
“I'm sorry Eirin, but I have not idea.”
I'm in Eirin's room. She told me everything happened and we're trying to understand what went wrong.
“You reacted to the blood, it was predictable, but I'm more than surprised to learn that you didn't keep any memory of this event.”
“Why did I react to your blood?”
“That's because you are a human in a youkai body.”
“... And your point is?”
“Think about it. You are a human. You are still thinking like a human, trying to avoid killing people. Udonge told me that she found you in front of the witch's house. You weren't planning to kill her or anything like that, right?”
“In other words, it means that you are still restrained by humans standards. Morale, ethics, and useless stuff like that.”
I'll ask Moriarty to explain what is “ethics” later.
“But I'm a youkai, right?”
Looking more and more interested, Eirin quickly jump on this subject.
“Well, strictly speaking, your metabolism is a youkai's but your general behavior and how you think... It's still human.”
“... In short, I'm like a human trapped in a youkai body?”
“You can say it like that.”
“But what does the blood have to do with this?”
“Well, that's complicated and almost philosophical.”
“I'm ready.”
“Well, you see... Where should I start.. Maybe from the beginning... Humans and youkais are totally opposed. I mean, in a literal sense. Like yang and yin. Like oil and water. It's just IMPOSSIBLE. And for many reasons. The first being of course youkais eating humans. The different metabolism between them. A youkai don't really need to eat to stay alive. A human, on another hand...”
At this point, I gave up on listening. Even with my modest medical skills, there's just no way for me to understand everything about magic, eating, and all that.
I focused on my though. Well, in my memories, to be accurate.
Moriarty: “In short, she's saying that a youkai doesn't obey to any biological law?”
Eirin: “Exactly.”
Moriarty: “Which means that the universal law, saying that nothing disappears, nothing appears, everything transforms...”
Eirin: “It doesn't apply to youkais.”
Moriarty: “Interesting. But, about guts...”
Eirin: “Youkai do have them. They eat, sometimes, even if it's mostly just for the sake of eating something. In this current condition, eating or not eating has nothing to do with survival.”
Moriarty: “What do you mean?”
Eirin: “As you know, Gensokyo is a strange place. Youkai live on human beliefs.”
Moriarty: “And there are enough humans in Gensokyo to sustain them?”
Eirin: “Yes. That's why most of the youkai are civilized.”
Eirin: “They look like humans.”

“And, given the amount of sodium that you can find in blood, it explains everything!”
“Thanks Eirin, I understood everything.”
“Congratulation. I lost myself during the process.”

What should I ask?
[x] “About this sand... Do you have any idea about how I summoned it?”
[x] “About the memory you gave me... Are you truly okay with that?”
[x] “Why do I react so badly to blood?”
[x] “Are you fine? You told me you were badly hurt...”
[x] (trying to use Moriarty's memory) “If I am truly a human in a youkai body, does that mean I didn't reached my full potential?”
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] “About this sand... Do you have any idea about how I summoned it?”
[x] “About the memory you gave me... Are you truly okay with that?”
[x] “Why do I react so badly to blood?”
[x] “Are you fine? You told me you were badly hurt...”
[x] (trying to use Moriarty's memory) “If I am truly a human in a youkai body, does that mean I didn't reached my full potential?”

Is this already chosen? If not it's my vote. If not, [x] “Are you fine? You told me you were badly hurt...” is.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] >>22699
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] “About this terrible post... Do you have any idea about how I summoned it?”
[x] “About the vote you gave me... Are you truly okay with that?”
[x] “Why do I react so badly to good writing?”
[x] “Are you fine? You told me you were badly hurt...”
[x] (trying to use Hartmann's memory) “If I am truly a newfag in a writer's body, does that mean I didn't reached my full potential?”
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
Report Post
File 12909760753.gif - (153.43KB, 150x128, 1286109888437.gif)
[x] “About this sand... Do you have any idea about how I summoned it?”
[x] “About the memory you gave me... Are you truly okay with that?”
[x] “Why do I react so badly to blood?”
[x] “Are you fine? You told me you were badly hurt...”
[x] (trying to use Moriarty's memory) “If I am truly a human in a youkai body, does that mean I didn't reached my full potential?”

“But still, there's something I don't get... Why sand, from all things?”
“Why not?”
“... Excuse me?”
“Well, I don't really know how you work. I certainly took a part in your birth, but even if you're a living artefact, you were still human. Which means that there's still a part of you that I don't know.”
“But you're a doctor!”
“Before being a doctor, I'm lunarian. You can't expect me to use human logic or common sense.”
For the common sense, I already knew that.
Moriarty: “I don't get it. Aren't lunarians basically human?”
I repeat that to Eirin.
“Obviously no. First, most of lunar peoples are gods or lesser gods. Besides, living on the Moon cleans us, which also means that...”
From here, I gave up on listening. It's not like I'm not concerned or anything, but history of the moon isn't really interesting from my point.

Sadly, there are three people in my head who are interested. Moriarty, the moon rabbit, and the guy.
Guy: “Hey, I have a name!”
Who cares?
Rabbit: “I do.”
Shut up.

“So, to be short, you don't know why?”
“Well, there's two possibilities. The first one is: you used your memory's magical power.”
“... No chance.”
“The second one is: your transformation into a youkai unlocked some kind of latent power.”
“... Is there a chance?”
“Mmm. I don't really know Gensokyo, but I know that most of its human population come from a large band of youkai-hunter. I won't be surprised to learn that Gensokyo natives have latent capacity.”
Eirin: “Besides, Gensokyo itself is a land of magic. Which means that a witch from Gensokyo is more powerful than a witch from the Outside.”
Moriarty: “I assume that, to balance that, Outsiders are more curious about things?”
Eirin: “Yes. From what I saw, Outsiders are more interested by 'how is this working' than the average Gensokyo native.”
Can you please talking like that in my head? It's hard enough to understand the Eirin who's in front of me, if the Eirin inside my head start to talk as well, I'll become crazy.
“Which reminds me! Eirin!”
Startled by my brutal reaction, Eirin snapped from her speech.
“I have your voice in my head.”
“... And your point is?”
“Are you okay with that?3
“If I wasn't, it wouldn't be here, right?”
“... Yeah, right.”
“Anything else before we start the experiment?”
“Two things: Reisen told me you were hurt.”
“Experiment risk. I won't hold any grudge.”
“And why am I reacting so badly to blood?”
For a second, Eirin's face went blank.
And then, she began to smile. Like a teacher having to face an interesting question.
“Well, you see, it's basically because your body is a youkai's body. It means that, while your mind is still human, your body is reacting by youkai's standards, meaning that your basic reaction are still youkai-like, meaning that if you're faced to a dangerous situation, you'll react like a youkai, fighting wildly, without any advanced reasoning, meaning that the more dangerous the situation is, the more stronger you'll get.”
“... Cool.”
Damn, I'm acting like Moriarty.
“Which means that the more you'll fight, the stronger your body will be.”
“Which means that this experiment will be interesting.”
“... Co- wait what?”
Looking at me blankly, Eirin repeated:
“The experiment...”

Oh great. She's holding a grudge.
Pretty obvious, for someone like her. I mean...
She a scientist. And a pretty cunning-
Eirin: “SMART!”
And a pretty smart one.

“What is this experiment about?”
“Simple as hell. I put you into a dangerous situation, and I observe how you react.”
I'm probably going to die.
“And what is this dangerous situation?”
“Well, I don't know yet. There's so much choices!”
“But before that, I need you to deliver some things to the Scarlet Devil Mansion.3
I'm feeling relieved now.
“Fine. Where is it?”
“Near the lake. Just walk around, and you'll find it. You have to deliver the medicines to the landlady.”

It's sudden. I know. It's really sudden.
Eirin wanting to include me into an experiment, and suddenly, deciding to send me to a Devil's place. It's obviously not good. I think it's a trap.
Mmm... What do I know about this Mansion?
Eirin: “I never saw it. But I saw the Mistress and one of her maid.”
Moriarty: “When?”
Eirin: “When they tried to attack us.”
Moriarty: “... Wow. They were fighting? For real?”
Eirin: “Yes. And they are quite powerful.”
Is that why you sent me here?
Eirin: “I can't say. The me outside your head had different informations than me.”
Does that mean you're useless?
Eirin: “Not exactly. But I can't predict how I will act.”
Thanks anyway.

“So? Where should I go?”
“Ask Udonge for details. She'll give you the medicines to bring, and she'll show you the way.”

I really have a strange life.
It's a good life, don't get me wrong, but... it's strange.
I went on the Moon, I became a youkai.
I came back to the Earth, after understanding that my boss was a 1,000+ years old doctor.
I became a creature living on memory and wavelengths.
And now, I'm waking though a forest, in order to find a creepy mansion, finding its mistress, and handing her some medicines.
This is sooooo... I don't know. Natural? It's so natural that it's obvious by now that something will go wrong. I don't know yet what will go wrong, maybe I'll encounter someone on the way, maybe the vampire will try to suck my blood, maybe...
Eirin: “Don't worry. You'll be safe.”
Coming from you...
Toyohime: “Master Yagokoro is maybe a science-obsessed woman, but she won't put you in a dangerous situation.”
Thanks. I feel better.
Yorihime: “Unless she had a way to observe the situation.”
Thinking about this matter, can't you shut up and let me think quietly?
Rabbit: “Well, considering you forced us to live in your head, we don't really have choice.”
I forgot about that.

But now, there's a more complicated problem.
Despite Reisen's hints about the way, I managed to get lost.
Daaaaamn... I'll stay in this forest for a looooong time...
I can feel it. And I hate this damned forest. Why? Because it's full of trees!

[ ] Don't give up. I'll find the way out! To the Scarlet Devil Mansion!
[ ] Scream until someone comes to help.
[ ] Do something totally stupid and unrelated.
[ ] Write-in.


Only one choice.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Don't give up. I'll find the way out! To the Scarlet Devil Mansion!
Delete Post
Report Post
Oh, boy, he's back!

[ ] Write something totally wacky and unreadable.

Keep up the script style, doc. Makes you look like a real professional writer, cream of the crop.
Image Source
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File 129099877544.jpg - (12.69KB, 480x360, thevalkyrietrulymakesforanexceedinglycinematicsoun.jpg)
>fucking script format in my fucking THP arrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh

Image Source
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File 129100363042.png - (55.83KB, 295x216, 1238862487872.png)
[x] kill yourself
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Don't give up. I'll find the way out! To the Scarlet Devil Mansion!
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Write something totally wacky and unreadable.
[x] Kill yourself.

I approve of this vote.
Delete Post
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That was not too bad. Good work I guess
Delete Post
Report Post

Thanks, I spent like an hour making that vote.

Seriously though, Hartmann sucks balls.
Delete Post
Report Post
Could you at least tried to write in a normal fashion? It's painful to look at.
Delete Post
Report Post
Well, if you went back to scarlet clockwork, you can at least say he's definitely improved. I still think it's darn silly to write a CYOA to improve your english, when he'd just be better off reading a couple of novels written by professionals.
Delete Post
Report Post

>you can at least say he's definitely improved

That's the thing, he's only improved enough for his lack of skill to be clear. It's like saying a plague victim is in much better condition because he's dead.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Stop writing.
[x] Spend some time reading classic literature and reviewing other, better-written CYOAs before trying again.
Delete Post
Report Post
> I still think it's darn silly to write a CYOA to improve your english, when he'd just be better off reading a couple of novels written by professionals.

You cant improve without practice..still this isn't a Improve your English board. So I have to say he should really go somewhere else, like somewhere where that is acceptable.
Delete Post
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Whoever reported this post with the reason "Not saged" - this is what I would call a frivolous report. Don't do it again.
Delete Post
Report Post
Hey, this is looking slightly bett-

>Eirin: “Basically, no. But her species-”

Oh, never mind~

[x] Try to bribe her with good writing.
[x] Provoke her with bad writing.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Try to negotiate.
-[x] Speaking in the most polite terms possible
-[x] Refer to the task which Eirin sent you on.
Image Source
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Report Post
File 129226129827.jpg - (136.90KB, 522x439, 26553.jpg)
Fixed something I forgot.


[x] Don't give up. I'll find the way out! To the Scarlet Devil Mansion!

Never give up. Never give up.
I really need a motto like this.

It's not like I'm totally lost. I mean, it's still the day. Okay, it's the afternoon, and it'll be the night very soon, but I still have some time to find a way out.
And even if I don't, I don't think I'll die from sleeping in the forest.
Maybe Eirin will kill me if I'm late, though.

That's not really fair.
What should I do?
I know! I'm just gonna walk straight! I mean... If I do that, I'll obviously find an exit!
“Yes. Or maybe you'll reach the forest's deepest part.”
Always positive, Eirin.
“I didn't say that.”
Who talked?
“Me. And you're thinking aloud. That's funny, because it's your voice who brought me here.”
I look around. Nobody to be seen.
“Where are you?”
“Look up.”
That's what I do. And I see... some kind of... ball?
That's black. Reminds me of the Lunar Void.
Wait, what did I say? I mean, it reminds EIRIN of the Lunar Void. And what the hell is this void anyway? Hey? Eirin? Can you hear me?
“You won't understand it. Give up.”
Fine. Fine.
Let's get back to the main topic.
“So, who are you?”
“I can ask the same. I don't know you, and you're walking in my territory.”
“Sorry about that. I'm a little lost.”
“That's what I heard.”
“Do you... I mean, can you help me?”
“I don't know. I don't know you. Give me your name.”
Says the black ball. I guess I have no choice.
“Well, my name is Shiki. And I'm... youkai.”
That's true.
“I can smell it.”
The darkness slowly fades away, while the not-so-round ball moves down.
“Hey! But you're just a little girl!”
“The name's Rumia.”
Oh crap. That was rude from me.
“Sorry. Hello, Rumia.”
“Hello Shiki.”
There's something wrong with this girl. I know she's a youkai -obviously, otherwise she wouldn't be able to live here-, but there's something else.
“So... How's the weather recently?”
That was stupid, but I couldn't find another way to start a conversation.
“Pretty fine.”
Smiling lightly, the not-so-little girl Rumia looks at me with … some kind of predator's stare.
“What were you doing in my territory, Shiki?”
She's still smiling. I think I know what's making me uneasy. Maybe because her eyes are red. And maybe also her clothes are drenched in blood.
“Well, you see, I was trying to reach the... the Red Oni Mansion, but I got lost.”
Not good. This girl is scaring me. For real, I mean. Not like Yorihime, nor like Eirin in her “I'm a genius nothing can go wrong” mode. There's just something... evil with this girl.
“The Scarlet Devil Mansion.”
“That's the Scarlet Devil Mansion you're trying to find, isn't it?”
“... Yes.”
Her smile goes wider now. If I don't move quickly, I'll lose my sanity. Or a part of it. No, wait... Considering there's several voices talking in my head, do I have sanity left? I don't even know...
“I can show you the way out.”
“Do you want to know?”
How can a little girl be so scary?
“Y-yes, please.”
“Before that, I have to check something.”
What? And WHY is she still smiling in this creepy way?
“Please do.”
Quickly, she flies to me, grabs my shoulder with one hand, my arm with another hand, and...*

I'm saying it quietly, but don't think it didn't hurt.
“Of course. Tearing off a part of your body hurts. That's an obvious fact.”
“Because I wanted to be absolutely sure that you are a youkai.”
“Because you're reacting like a human.”
“Yes. I told you, right? I smelt it.”
“Because like that, I can be sure. You can't be totally sure about your nose, unless you're a tengu. Elemental youkai like me can't be unsure about something. We MUST be sure.”
“Could me explain me how tearing my arm can-”
“Just look at you.”
“Excuse me?”
“If you were a human, you would be screaming and holding your arm. You would be running away. But you're still here, ready to attack me. That's what a youkai does.”
“So you're basing your supposition over my aggressive behavior?”
“Yes. You can know people just by looking at them.”
“Yes. For example, look at you. When you saw me, you were like a human. Scared. Unsure about what to do. But now, you're ready to fight! That's what a youkai is like!”

“That's some serious bullshit. And what about my arm?”
“Your arm? Just look at it.”
It... grew back.
How is this possible?
Oh, right. That's youkai's metabolism.
Be able to recover from any wound. Pretty handy.
“And now that you're sure I'm not a human, can you help me?”
“I don't see why not. The mansion you're looking for is right here.”
“... Thanks.”
“No. Thank you.”
“I keep your arm.”
“And, remember. You're a youkai. Don't act like a human, or you'll get killed by another youkai.”

What is she going to do with my lost arm?
“I don't want to know. I don't want to know.”
“Rumia is a cannibal.”
I found a strange youkai, who said I shouldn't act like a human, my arm was torn off, and will be used for tonight's dinner. I hope my life will turn back to normal.

The mansion is visible now.
Funny enough, its design and external appearances reminds me of the Lunar Palace.
I wonder if the Lady has something to do with lunarians.
“Basically, no. But she's-”
If it's about biology and stuff, I'm not interested.

Ha, there's something guarding the gate.
A tall woman with red hair. Obviously a foreigner.
“Hello! I'm here to deliver something to your lady! Can I come in?”
Opening an eye, the woman answered:
“Do you have an invitation?”
“Then you can't enter.”

[] Defeat her and enter.
[] Try to bribe her with _________.
[] Provoke her “__________”.
[] Try to negotiate.
[] Give her the delivery and go back Hahaha, no. Eirin said to give it to the Lady. Not to some guard dog.
Delete Post
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[x] Try to negotiate.
-[x] Try to touch her (skin) in a subtle manner, like shaking hands or something like that

Can we have Meiling? Pretty pleasee?
Image Source
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File 129237573892.jpg - (284.96KB, 684x748, 1258349370735.jpg)
Image Source
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File 129237690469.png - (57.50KB, 1095x759, hartmann.png)
Ugh, not this faggot again...
Delete Post
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Go away.

I'm just gonna sagevote from now on. Bumping always seems to bring out the worst in people.
Delete Post
Report Post

No, this terrible story brings out the worst in people. Because it's terrible. And bad.

What I'm trying to say is that it's not very good.
Delete Post
Report Post
It's not that bad once you get past some of the awkward stuff and the typos. The MC is rather interesting at least. I suppose you're right but it's not only the story's fault, it's also the people who come her flamebumping it. And you can't say Hartmann isn't trying. I'm surprised he's still here after all the flaming he's been through, his fault or not.
Delete Post
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[x] Try to negotiate.
-[x] Do so in a polite fashion after introducing yourself.
-[x] Try to remember her name.
Delete Post
Report Post
>It's not that bad once you get past some of the awkward stuff and the typos. The MC is rather interesting at least.
I tried. This is unreadable. Pages and pages of flat, inane dialogue occasionally broken up by a few blunt sentences of action. People and places are barely described at all and have zero personality. The plot is sluggish and incoherent.

>I suppose you're right but it's not only the story's fault, it's also the people who come her flamebumping it.
What, are we giving him a complex that hinders his writing ability? This makes no sense.

>And you can't say Hartmann isn't trying.
Great, he gets an E for effort and an F for FUCK OFF.
Delete Post
Report Post
Update coming soon.

Well, I'll try to take that as constructive criticism.
More description, more... personality, and a better plot.
Delete Post
Report Post
What other stories on this site have you read?
Delete Post
Report Post
Wintertime Alchemist, Shikigami of the Heart, Business before Bullets, Ancient Gensokyo, Do the Right Thing, Yoshio Yasuo's story, "鵺 第五巻", Feasting in Gensokyo, On the Business End, Border House, Kindred Inalterable Dependency, The Word of One, Ordinary Rhapsody in the Bohemian Sense, Giddy's story, Working for the Weekend, Silver of Sovereign, DOOMHOU: Thy Moe Consumed, The Eldest Scarlet, In a mansion which goes by the name of Scarlet Devil, A Certain Devilish Library, Red Gold, A Fairy's Tale, A Flea in the Dog House, Hakugyokuro LA, and of course A Scarlet-Stained Memoir.

And I think that's all.
I tried to read "Just an Average Joe" too, but I gave up after the second thread.
Delete Post
Report Post
You must not have learned anything if this is how you write after having read all those. What's the problem?
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
Report Post
File 129389099175.jpg - (722.66KB, 1280x1024, 9722e0b0a29a19694fc4c23efddac906.jpg)
My usual proofreader wasn't available. My apologies for the typos.
Tried to be as evasive as possible with Meiling's past. May change, according to your vote.


[x] Try to negotiate.

Focus on your goal.
I have to deliver this to the Lady.
Which means that even if I wanted, I can't fight against her dog.

I watch the gatekeeper.
Meiling, right?
Tight clothes.
Large shoulders.
Red hairs.
Crossed arms.
Smiling lightly, awaiting for an answer.

What should I notice? What am I missing?
Nothing, right?
Let's jump to conclusion.
Tight clothes. Which means that she moves a lot.
Large shoulders. She's muscular. Which means that close combat must be avoided.
Crossed arms. She's fighting unarmed, or she doesn't believe I'm a threat.
Red hairs. Irrelevant.
Smiling lightly. She knows that, whatever I try, she'll be able to block it. Or she's testing and waiting for a reaction.

In short, if I try to attack her, she'll probably punch me or kick me immediately, ruining any chance to enter.
I have to remember that. That may be important.

All I can do is insisting.
“Are you sure I can't enter?”
“Yes. The Lady was totally sure about that. She said nobody without invitation.”
What are you going to do?
She's not saying it, but it's written on her face.
She's pissing me off, but I must be focused.

What is she thinking?
She's smiling. She knows she's putting me in a annoying situation, and she's probably expecting some kind of attack from me.
I must find a breach.
“No invitation, no way?”
That's it. Any idea?
“Just tell her you're in a abnormal situation.”
But why? Even if she believes me, she will get it once- I'm so stupid.
My only objective here is to deliver this bag. I don't have anything else to worry about.

Ha ha ha ha.
That's it. Just trick the dog, deliver the bag, and even if the dog understand the trick, it'll be too late.

Now, how should I trick her?
Simple as hell. I'm carrying medicines, right? That's all.

I walk to her.
In a normal way. She's already suspecting a surprise attack, I don't want to take a preventive punch, so I try to be as normal as I can.
After that, I put my hand on her shoulder, and I say:
“You don't understand. I'm not carrying just any wine, or anything like that. It's not about letting some kind of salesman going in the mansion! It's a vital thing!”
She's totally unamused. I don't know if it worked or not, but I don't have time to doubt. I must keep on! I must use Eirin's memory and scare her with some exotic disease.
“In this bag I'm carrying, I have enough medicines to save four peoples. If you don't let me pass, this mansion will be completely vulnerable! Do you know nothing about-”
Something. NOW!
“-Gangrene? It's a horrible thing, who make you rots on your feet. One day, you're feeling good, and 2 days later, your leg is a horrible and disgusting piece of meat! Are you sure about your decision?”
Keeping my mouth shut, my hand still in her shoulder in a dramatic way, I'm waiting for her decision.
I know it sucked, but it was all I was able to do. I'm not a good speaker. All I know is that I have to deliver this to the Lady, and that I can't achieve it by combat alone.

Finally, after a little time, the gatekeeper finally speaks:
“Don't be dramatic. You just had to tell me why you came.”
“I did it.”
“Really? I didn't heard.”
Scratching her ear, the red-haired dog look at me with a mocking glare.
“Well, anyway, I'll open the door for you. Any questions?”
“Is there anyone else inside the Mansion I should be worried about?”
Stopping smiling, the red dog answer me with a strange tone:
“Well, there's that little doggy inside. You can't miss her. Silver hairs, knives everywhere, and a real attitude problem.”
There's a dog inside this mansion? What is she- oh, I get it.
”No, she's not talking about me. She's talking about the devil's pet, the unnamed maid. But she's right about the description, knives, silver hairs, and attitude.”
Another person with silver hairs? Another lunarian? Eirin, what about this unnamed maid?
”I don't know her name. We were never introduced.”
Yeah, yeah, but about-
“Nothing else.”
Okay, okay. I won't ask.

“So, will you open the gate?”
Crossing her arms again, the gatekeeper looks at me with dumbfounded eyes.
For a while, I can't answer. It takes me several seconds to close my mouth and says something.
“I don't know. Maybe to let me enter?”
“The door isn't closed. You can open it yourself.”
“Oh, okay.”
Wait a minute. The door was opened THE WHOLE TIME? But why did she tried to stop me?
I slap my face. In fact, she never really moved to be in my way. What a moron.
”Finally some common sense!”
SHUT UP! Don't speak while I'm thinking, you're making me crazy!

I walk to the door. I push it. Just a little, to judge its weight.
Lighter than expected. I'll be able to open it.
But before that...
I turn my face to the keeper, who's still watching me, I walk to her, and I shake her hand.
“Thanks for your help.”
Can she notices the irony in my voice? I don't think so. She doesn't know me after all. She can't know what's happening.

For you, my dear, it'll be only one or two seconds. But for me, it will an eternity. I'll live your life.
Allow me to know you better than you know yourself. That's my revenge.

Once again, everything is turning white, but I'm prepared. I'm ready.

White square.
White room.
I'm wrong.
I'm just... my eyes are wrong.
This room isn't white at all.
Wait, is it even a room?
I don't know.
I'm scared.
What's happening?
Where am I?
It's cold.
I scream.
I try to say something.
I can't.
I stop screaming
I hear something.
I feel a presence.
It's Mother.
I crawl to her.
I smell her.
She's cold.
Mother is cold.
Why is she cold?
I don't move.
I'm waiting.



I'm hungry.
I try to crawl under Mother.
I can't.
She's not moving.
What am I going to do?

What am I going to do?

What am I going to do?

Mother's presence is no longer present.
I can't sense her.
Mother is.
Mother is.
I don't want to say it.
I try to crawl away.

Crawl away.

Crawl away.

Everything's white.
The ceiling is bright.
So bright.
And so high.
I look around me.
I see strange things.
I see a big brown thing with green things on it.
I see a red trail of something.
I smell it.
I want to drink it.
A voice.
The floor is moving.
It's getting away.
Something is holding me.
Something is making noises.
“Master! Look what I found! A newborn dragon!”
Another noise.
“Luck to you. Bring it back to the monastery, it may become our guardian.”
The world is moving.
And a friend is carrying me.
Really fast.



I'm half-sleeping. I can hear them.
I can understand them.
“Is that really a dragon? It's so tiny!”
“Must be a newborn one.”
“Or a cross-breed one. I heard that mongrels are tinier than real dragons.”
“No! She's not a mongrel!”
Someone's shouting. The same voice I heard several month ago.
I like this voice. Calm. Young. Polite. Respectful. Nice.
“She? Don't be too attached to the guardian.”
“... Yes, Master.”
Something is wrong in this voice.
Something is wrong with my friend's voice.
I smell something hidden.
Is that... frustration?




It's a big room. Not big enough for me, but I can crawl without problem.
Any free space of the room is occupied by texts.
The monk told me it was a “library”.
Many of them are useless for me, religious text and stuff.
But most of them are about combat.
I asked the monk to read me something.
He picks one of them, sit on a chair, and begin to read it aloud.
I'm fascinated. The monk is a “human”.
He taught me everything I know.
He's a “human”, and I'm a “dragon”.
I'm supposed to be benevolent.
I don't see why not. Humans are fine.
They are nice to me. Feeding me, teaching me.
All I have to do is protecting their monastery.
Yes. Even if they shout at my friend...
Human are nice.

Human are nice.

Human are nice.

Other humans came today.
The monk tried to talk with them.
I don't understand what they're saying.
The other humans are talking about “nice sacrifice”, and “lord's request”.
My friend is telling them that they can't fight.
The other humans are leaving, while cursing him.
I fly down to him, asking what's happening.
He's answering that some lord requires their help to kill his enemy.
I ask if it's okay to kill another human.
He's shouting it's not okay to kill.
He startles me.
He's calms down, understanding he scared me.
He explains that they are monk. They can't kill, even if they are killed themselves.
He explains that's why they're fighting with their bare hands.
He explains you can kill someone with your bare hands, and he's says that you don't.
That's why they are strong.
They decide to not kill, even if they can.

They can.

They can.

They can.

Other humans comes.
Not to talk this time.
They're attacking the monks with blades, calling them “traitors”.
I don't understand. Why are they traitors?
I try to understand.
I watch the whole scene, trying to understand what's going on.
And I see him.
He's fighting against several other humans.
Jumping from one man to another, never killing them.
I hear horrible noises each time he's hitting someone.
He doesn't kill them, but he hurt them.
This one receive a kick in the knee. His leg breaks, and he falls on the ground, screaming in pain.
This one receive a punch in the chest. He falls pretty quickly, holding his chest, making strange noises.
They... are attacking... us. And I'm supposed to defend them.
I decide to move.
I understand the situation.
I open my wings, and I shout.
I can see them. They're all frozen.
It's almost funny. Except for the dead bodies here and here.
I fly to them.
And I speak.
I ask them to leave this place.
I'm telling them that I'm not a monk, not even a human.
I lie, telling them that I will kill them.
They become pale.
They retreat.
My friend is very annoyed. I managed to help him, but I said I wouldn't hesitate to kill someone.
He's saying something who hurts me.
He's telling me I should leave.
He's telling me I should discover the world by myself.
He's telling me I should learn the value of life.
He's telling me... lot of other things.
I don't want to hear any more.
I open my wings once again, and I leave the monastery.
While flying, I turn back only once.
To grave in my memory the picture of this little monastery, built against a snowy mountain.
I will come back.
One day.

One day.

One day.

In the end, I never understood.
I travelled, and travelled, and travelled.
I met peoples and peoples and peoples.
Other dragons taught me how to hide my true form, hiding myself under a woman's figure.
Other monks taught me how to fight with my bare hands, without killing my enemy.
Other humans taught me to not be naïve.
There are good peoples, and there are bad peoples.
I never understood, so I came back to the monastery.
And I understood what I have done.
My friend, who chased me out, was died.
The monastery was only ashes.
And I understood...
That bad peoples will shake in fear, but come back later.
That's what happened.
The humans I chased came back, and they killed everyone, burned the dead with the wounded, and stole the monastery's history.
I could smell it. Ashes were made of fear and suffering.
They knew they were going to die. And yet, they didn't killed anyone.
The blood I'm smelling is calm.
The one who died by the blade was calm. The one who died by the fire was scared.
I smelt that.
And I went mad.





I hunted down the cowards. Ashes.
They burned the whole monastery decades ago, yet they were still bearing this smell with them.
I hunt them down. One by one.
But I didn't killed them.
I made them crazy.
Burning their houses, while throwing ashes of fear.
They felt it, and they were scared.
So scared.
Every one of them went mad, crying and screaming and shouting.
Every one of them. From the soldier to the lord.
I made them mad.
And then.

And then.

And then.

I left the country.
I went as far as I could.
Someone was after me.
Maybe some kind of human hero.
I went as far as I could, walking and walking.
Hiding my true form.
And I found a mansion.
Full of monsters.
At first, I tried to reclaim the building, with the intent to turn it into a monastery.
But the Mansion's Lord defeated me, and asked me to work for him.
I accepted.
When the Lord died, I worked for his daughter.
When the Mistress died, I worked for her cousin.
My actual Mistress.
Remilia Scarlet.

[ ] Erase everything.
[ ] Don't touch it.
[ ] Search for a specific souvenir. (specify)
Image Source
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Report Post
File 129389397071.jpg - (410.20KB, 676x1000, 92803f4550647a08d4e78461dc954a19.jpg)
[x] Search for a specific souvenier. (what am I supposed to write in here? Trinket? Pendant?)

Rather liked Meiling's past Hartmann. Too many >they cans
And >Mads
and >waitings
(too much repetition) but it was nice anyway. Damn Meiling is old.

Have a fluffy new year Hartmann! :)
Delete Post
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Nope, still sucks.
Delete Post
Report Post
At least you had the decency to wait a few days, intentionally or not. Learn to hide the thread.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 129408968041.jpg - (64.06KB, 600x450, 1293149360903.jpg)
Good year to you too.

You're supposed to write about... well, meiling's past. If you want to see Koakuma's invocation from Meiling's PoV, or any other event.

Well, that aside.
Being fired recently let me with lot of spare time. I figured I could focus on this story to avoid turning mad from inaction, but since there's one or two votes each time I'm updating, I seriously want to drop the CYOA side, and turn it into a basic story, without any choice.
And since I'm getting tired of this story, I'll try to end this soon.
Don't be so happy Anon, just because I want to end it doesn't mean I'm gonna write an end out of the blue.

TL;DR: Writefag was fired and want to end this shitty story to start another one, less shitty.
Image Source
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File 129419480320.jpg - (486.35KB, 940x1288, Will you smile when you\'ll kill me.jpg)
Will you smile when you\'ll kill me
[x] Search for a specific souvenir. (nothing specified)

Well, right now it's the perfect opportunity to look for something useful, but... for some reason, nothing comes to me.
I guess I'll just let her go, without saying anything.

Ha? Ha! I can see her again.
I guess that I've been shaking her hand for a while.
“Okay then! I'll go!”
With a half-stunned half-annoyed look, she simply watch me, without saying anything.
She's quite impressive when she's silent. Hard to believe, but...

I passed the door, I crossed the garden (beautiful by the way), and I managed to reach the Scarlet Devil Mansion itself.
Now, I just have to locate the Lady, give her the medicines, get the fuck out, and I'll be fine. Totally fine.

Hey, thinking about, wasn't she supposed to-
“Excuse me, but you're in the way.”
Haa, here she is! The infamous silver-haired head maid.
Hey Meiling, care to tell me more about her?
”Awfully arrogant. Thinks everything in the mansion is her responsibility. Doesn't care for sickness, tiredness. From her point, everything is about willpower. You can't be tired, you're just lazy.”
Sounds horrible. I'll try to get my way through her, if you get my point.
“Excuse me, but I have to give this to the Lady.”
Pulling a knife from nowhere, the maid suddenly adopt a defensive stance.
“'This' being?”
A little startled by her excessive reaction, I hesitate for a bit.
“Well... I don't know for sure, but I know-”
“If you don't know, then I'm afraid I can't let you linger around. Could you leave?”
Okay. She's really annoying.
“You don't get it. I have to give them to the Lady-”
“If you don't know what they are, how can I trust you?”
Now listen you filthy piece of shit... No no no. I have to stay calm.
“I'm just a messenger. I don't have to know what I'm carrying.”
I use LOGIC and COMMON SENSE! How's that, bitch?
“Then you should.”
Bitch uses TROLL LOGIC.
“Hey, you know, I just can't return from where I come, because my mistress is-”
”Is WHAT?”
“-aaaaa very lovely person with beautiful silver hairs and wonderful clothes!”
Raising an eyebrow, Sakuya argues back:
“And? If she's so lovely, why don't you leave already?”
“Because I've got shit to do, you crazy whore!”
Shock. She didn't expected that.
“NOW, if you were KIND enough to LET ME PASS, PERHAPS, and I said: PERHAPS, I could be able to do my FUCKING WORK!”
Blank face. She cleaned her face from any emotion. That's a scary view.
“I'm afraid I can't let someone so rude coming near my Lady.”


That was my stupidest idea.
I mean... even when I was lost in this scary forest, even when I was prisoner on the Moon, I still had a way out.
But, right now, I don't see any of them.

I though that my regeneration rate was high enough to let me pick on anyone. But I didn't knew that the maid was using silvers knives.
And, for some reason, I'm vulnerable to them.

My throat in sliced in half. I'm losing tremendous amount of a dark liquid.
I don't know if it's blood, or something else. I don't care.
The only though I have in mind is: “reach the eientei”.
The logical part of my brain knows that it's too far. But it's kind enough to let me hope.
The voices in my head aren't speaking any more. Nobody's speaking.
I was running back then, when I noticed I was bleeding. When I left the mansion, I was walking, and now, I'm just crawling in the garden.
I won't reach the main door.
I won't reach Meiling.

I'm losing more and more blood.
What's happening?
Everything was fine, and suddenly, I'm dying.
I'm dying.
Yes, you are dying. How are you feeling? Are you feeling cold? Are you afraid?
I don't recognize this voice. That's not someone I assimilated.
I am you.
Hallucination. I guess I'm really in a bad shape.
Not enough blood.
The brain isn't working perfectly any more.
Hallucination. Illogical behaviour.
Are to expect.
How could this happen?
I don't know.

I'm crawling on the ground, trying to reach the main door.
I'm using all my strength to crawl. My hands.
I'm not even thinking about compressing the wound.
A part of me is hoping that it will heal itself.
A part of me is laughing at me.
I'm still crawling.
Why am I even crawling in the first place?
I won't make it to the door, so I give up.
I turn myself, face to the sky, back to the ground.
I loved that girl.
What was her name already?
Sun? She was the Sun?
Then... who was the Moon?
Yorihime? Moriarty? Their baby?
I don't know.
I don't care.

I'm gonna die here.
It's a sunny day.
I never though I was going to die under a blue sky.
“Mi-ster Blue Sky...”
I'm trying to sing something.
I love music.
Moriarty loved music.
I am Moriarty.
“I'll pro-b'ly gon-na die... But it's something's new... I guess it all depends... from your point of vi-ew... It's truuuuue...”
I would like to listen to the original song.
I would like to see Yorihime one more time.
I would like to see Moriarty one more time.
I would like to...
I don't want to die.
I don't want...
Don't want...
...to die...


I don't know if it's bad enough to call it a proper depression, but right now, I'm feeling bad, and I wanted to end this story.
I don't know if I'll write again. I would like to (I would LOVE to), but english is definitely my worse enemy here.
Perhaps I should try to write a story in my native language.
Or perhaps I should just give up on everything (Don't think that. I shouldn't think that. Don't worry, be happy, youpi tralala.)

I know that I promised said a longer story, with Gensokyo Tower's MC coming to visit, but:
-I'm not making any progress in english.
-I have the feeling that this story is trapping me, and that's something horrible.
-Doesn't matter if I'm trying or not, any time I update, Anon is bitching about details.
-Gensokyo's Tower is an epic failure.

So, hey, why should I care? After all, it's not like someone will read this with attention.

Oh, and maybe I'll write an epilogue or something like that. To explain one or two things.
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...you should really stop ending your stories this way. If you don't feel like writing it anymore just leave it. Sudden death for no reason whatsoever just ruins whatever fun there was left in the story.

If you want more people to read your story fix it. Best way to do it is to stop asking for advice and start reading english stuff that actually got published.
Delete Post
Report Post
1) That's what I did. Reading published stuff, I mean. That's because it's useless that I gave up here.

2) I don't like to abandon a story. Even if it means writing a sudden ending out of fucking nowhere.
Delete Post
Report Post
It takes time. And I mean more than a few books or a couple of months.

It's a problem exactly because of the way you end it. The reader goes through the effort of reading it and you just chop it off. Not even in a clean way with a swift strike from a sharpened sword, but with a 10 minute bashing with a rusty spoon. If you leave it open it at least lets the reader imagine his own end of the story or hope for a continuation somewhere in the future.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
Report Post
File 129427306814.png - (66.70KB, 576x508, Will you smile when I\'ll kill myself.png)
Will you smile when I\'ll kill myself
Okay, you're right.
I'm sorry for you readers. Perhaps I shouldn't have ended it like that. No. Remove the "perhaps".
Once again, I prove that I'm selfish, and also that I'm a failure as a writer.
My bad.

I don't think I can really go back in time, or erase the latest update, so I think I'll add some kind of epilogue.

[mode I'm telling you my life]
But, dammit, I fail to find a good story! When I'm trying to write something serious, I can't attract Anon. And when I'm trying to write something silly, I end up hating my own character.
It'll take time, yeah. But honestly, I won't practice here. Because I don't want to spam the website with dozens of strange stories, and also because I have my pride.

So, hey, I'll practice elsewhere, and I'll be back when I'll be ready for this.
[/mode I'm telling you my life]

In the meanwhile, I admit that, even if I hate Shiki, this ending was awfully brutal. I tried to write a bitchy Sakuya, and I failed.
Epilogue will coming soon, explaining the story, and leaving an opening.
Delete Post
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also ending a story with a brutal or sad end for the sake of ending it never ends well for the writer. Kira got chased from the site due to his Snow end.
Delete Post
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>Kira got chased from the site due to his Snow end.

Yeah, that didn't actually happen.
Delete Post
Report Post
Snow End?
I assume that's some kind of brutal ending, but what is it exactly? I heard about it in the Wintertime Alchemist story, but nobody explained it.
Delete Post
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>and I'll be back when I'll be ready for this.
Now that's the first thing you said right, save for the typos. Just make sure you're actually ready this time. Work hard now, good luck
Image Source
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File 129436370587.jpg - (243.24KB, 774x431, A loli is watching you fapping.jpg)
A loli is watching you fapping
I open my eyes.
“Uh? What..?”
Nothing changed.
The sky is still awfully blue and sunny.
But something changed.
I don't know what, but I'm sure of it.

I'm not wounded any more. Last time I checked, my throat was wide opened. I was bleeding hard. But now? Nothing. As if I wasn't sliced to begin with. The counterpart is that I can't move. Each time I'm trying to move, my whole body hurts like hell.
Hey, Eirin, what's happening?

No answer. Just what the hell is happening? Did I managed to regenerate? But why now? Why not earlier? Why...
I move my head to stare at the newcomer.
Oh joy. That's a little girl. Seven, maybe eight years old. In fact, she's pretty cute. Long blond hairs, golden eyes, cute purple dress, and she's holding a parasol with her both hand.
Yeah, definitely 7-8 years old.
She says again. Damn, I'm acting like a douchebag, I should be polite.
“Hello back.”
Trying to smile, I manage to say something intelligible. That's an incredible achievement.
“Who are you?”
Oh god, she's so cute. Asking something like that, out of the blue. That's awfully cliché, but also disgustingly cute.
“My name ... is Shiki.”
“Are you called Shiki, or is it your name?”
What? What is this question? Are you trying to be philosophical? I'm called Shiki. That's how peoples refer to m...
No, wait. I'm not called Shiki. I decided that my name was Shiki. I decided it when I discovered that I was no longer a human.
“I'm... calling myself Shiki.”
Oh god, it's hurting more and more. The more I'm talking, the more my whole body hurts.
“What was your name before?”
“I... don't remember...”
I can't see well... My vision is hazy. I can barely see the girl.
“You're the youkai of memories, and you forgot something like that?”
Aaaah, why do you keep talking?! Leave me alone!
“I... lost … things when I... became a … youkai.”
I answered your question! Now leave me alone! I can't even think right now!
“I … believe....”
The gasp was totally accidental. 'Gasp' is an exclamation. You don't decide if you use it. It's an instinct. For example, if your whole body suddenly stopped hurting you, you would go 'gasp'.
On another hand, for an unknown reason, my body stopped hurting. I don't know why, and honestly, I don't care. Jumping on my feet, I turn my face to the girl.
“Excuse me, I couldn't hear you. Can you repeat?”
Without blinking, the little girl repeats with calm:
“I don't believe you.”
“... And?”
Without even thinking, I answered.
“You lied.”
“What do you mean?”
This time, the little girl smiles. And, frankly, that's not a nice view.
“That's simple. Your memory, your usual human life, your parents, and even how you went on the moon...”
“Yeah, what?”
She said it rather simply. Without any style. Without even shouting. And, yet, I feel a cold sweat on my back. That's not logic. Why am I scared by a little girl?! And, more important, why is she saying that?
“A lie? What are you implying?”
Her smiles goes wider. She looks like a fox right now.
“Open your ears, and listen to me, because I won't say it twice. You always lived on the moon. In fact, you lived you whole life, caged in a room. You aren't even human to begin with. In fact, you aren't really a youkai either.
“Wait wait WAIT!”
“You are just a golem. A being made of sand. You erased your own memory because you were curious. You wanted to live a normal life.”
Something stops in my head. In Eirin's laboratory... I went berserk, I fought against Reisen, and I summoned something to defeat her. Or to keep her busy. I don't really remember that.
“You are an off-shot. An artificial being created by an artefact.”
“If what you're saying is true... Then... WHO created me?”
Still smiling, the fox devil answers with calm.
“That's a complicated question, since there's two answers. And both of them are corrects.”
“... That's impossible. There can be only one!”
“Ha ha ha... All right. You, I mean, the physical you, were created by an old lunarian artefact.”
“And old... lunarian artefact? Don't tell me...”
“Of course I'll tell you. You were created by 'The Mirror of Fog and Unfog'.”
I can't think any more. It's totally impossible. Impossible. Impossible.
“But, of course, it didn't decided it like that, out of the blue. There was a trigger.”
“A trigger? Something who gave the Mirror of Fog and Unfog the desire to possess a physical body?”
“Exactly. See, you're pretty smart.”
Her compliment doesn't affect me.
“What was that?”
Pulling a fan out of nowhere, the girl waits for a while, and answers:
“Your friend Moriarty, as you're calling him.”
“What? How?”
“Remember how you touched the mirror, in your false memory?”
“Yes, I remember that. Moriarty was trying to communicate with the Earth. Telling them not to come. But Yorihime came, and beat him, throwing us out. After falling from the rocket, I touched the mirror, and...”
“It's your friend who touched it.”
I stay silent. I can't anything else. This girl knows what happened. I don't.
“Moriarty touched the mirror. He touched you, in a way. And it was the trigger.”
“Wait a minute! The Mirror of Fog and Unfog was a lunarian artefact! He was used a lot! So why...”
“Because your friend Moriarty was different. Instead of putting just some vague souvenirs in you, he gave you his whole life. After that, you were intrigued, and you decided to live normally. Curiosity killed the cat.”
“I... I did that? I don't remember.”
“That's the problem. You, and I mean yourself, your personality, your memory, in fact, what we're calling a soul, manipulated itself. You manipulated yourself. To be sure you could enjoy it.”
“So... everything who happened before is a lie?”
“Yes. I don't know what you invented, but it's a lie. I guess I'm in your souvenirs too, since those lunarians are quite obsessed with me.”
I fall on my knees. Mostly because I want to be at the same level than this girl.
“You said there was another answer... Another correct answer. What is it?”
“As I said, the psychical you, your 'soul', if I can call it like that, wasn't created by your friend.”
“I don't get it.”
Sighing, the girl hide her face with her fan for a while, and speaks again.
“At the beginning, there was the mirror. 'Mirror of Fog and Unfog', or whatever you're calling it. This mirror is now more or less your soul, since it determines who you are. But the physical you, your body, wasn't created by the person who created the mirror.”
“Yeah. I was created by Moriarty.”
“To be exact, you created yourself. But whatever.”
“And Eirin created the mirror?”
“Exactly. She created you. She created your soul.”
For some reason, I wanna laugh.
“Sooo, to be short, I'm a undead being created by Eirin and Moriarty?”
“You can say that, that's accurate.”
I start to laugh. That's so grotesque that it's funny. I laugh like a mad man. HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT I'M NOT EVEN A MAN! I CAN'T BE MAD!!
“Excuse me?”
Not startled by my outburst, the girl doesn't even blink.
Half-laughing, half-shouting, I roll on the ground. So much fun! So much sun too. So much sun.
I stop laughing.
The sun. That's the key. If I were a real human, I wouldn't be intrigued by the weather. Since it's not the case, I'm fascinated by this. The blue sky, the golden sun.
That's the only proof I need. I can't be fascinated by something that I'm supposed to see everyday.
Getting on my knees again, I say.
“Okay. I believe you. I'm not a human. But why are you telling me that?”
At this time, I see something in her eyes. A red fire. That's not obvious, but it's here.
“Because I want to destroy you.”
And she say those cold words.
Her voice is changing. She was speaking with delight earlier, and now, I can feel rage, hate, and sadism in her voice.
“Do you know what I'm doing?”
“... No.”
I wanted to answer 'Talking with a potential rapist?' but I don't think I can act like a smart-ass now.
“I'm trying to avoid a war. And you're trying to screw everything.”
“Uh, wa-”
“You see, it's already an hard and tiring to look after Gensokyo. But that's not all. I also have my own plans.”
“Gensokyo depends of the Hakurei's power to keep going. Without this power, the Great Border will explode.”
“That's unavoidable. Even if Reimu decided to get married, she couldn't avoid it. That's a fated event.”
“Death and destruction will follow this, as the youkais will suddenly be attacked by a world who doesn't believe in them.”
“To survive, those youkais will be forced to kill. Kill and eat and kill and eat until the Outside World believes again. After that, the world will try to rebuild itself again. Under new leaders.”
“And... who'll command?”
“Shou Toramaru. After Byakuren's death, Shou will become the leader of the Myouren group.”
“I don't know them, so...”
“Sigh. Okay. I'll make it short. The good guys from the earth will rebuild another world, sticking with strict rules, tolerance, stuff like that. Unfortunately, the bad guys from the moon will attack.”
“Excuse me, but I don't get it. Why do you-”
Hu? What about... Oh, I get it.
“You sent him on the Moon. You knew he wouldn't be killed.”
“I also knew that the moon princess would be interested in him.”
“What? Yorihime? She hates him!”
“You aren't as smart as you think if you really think that.”
“... And? Where am I causing trouble?”
“All the way down. If you weren't here, Yorihime would already be pregnant with Moriarty's son, causing chaos in the Lunar Capital.”
“Yorihime and Moriarty did WHAT?”
“But since you're here, everything changed. I'll show you what happened instead.”
Moving her fan, the girl opens some kind of breach in the ground. I can hear voices coming from it.
“Look. You'll understand.”
I lean over the gap.

I see Moriarty and Toyohime together, on the beach, near what seems to be the Sea of Serenity. But something's wrong. Toyohime is holding a fan, and Moriarty is bleeding. Looking closely, I notice that he's having a bayonet stuck in the chest.
Looking at the girl, I ask:
“What's happening?”
“In a close future, Toyohime discovered about Yorihime and Moriarty's relation, and decided to end it.”
“Why is she doing that?”
“Orders. Toyohime may not look like it, but she's very obedient, and she respect authority. She received an head from the Head of the Moon, and she's applying it.”
“And the order is?”
“The termination of my favourite pawn.”
Without answering, I watch the scene.
Moriarty is limping toward Toyohime, without noticing that she opened her fan. I kept some memory of THIS fan, and I know that it's a horrible weapon.
“Why are you doing this?”
Asking something when you already knows the answer. That's silly Moriarty.
“For many reasons. You defiled my sister, and I received order to kill you.”
Still limping, Moriarty keeps asking.
“Defiled... You're excessive, my dear.”
Without answering, Toyohime show her teeth in a horrible... smile? No way in hell. That's not a smile. That's just a grimace.
“Whatever. I received orders. For the both of you.”
This time, Moriarty stopped moving.
“What will become of her?”
With a blank expression, Toyohime answers:
“Exile. For betrayal toward the Head.”
Something must be funny for Moriarty, because he's giggling softly.
“The Head... What's its name? Adam Sutler?”
“The High Lord Tsukuyomi gave orders.”
“Hahaha. And you're gonna obey?”
“Good little soldier, you'll get a medal.”
Half-singing, Moriarty limps again, still toward Toyohime.
“That's not about medals. That's about obedience.”
“Yeah. Right. Do you know why I was sent here?”
Toyohime closes her fan with a snap.
“Tell me before dying, I'm interested.”
“Because I have an ethic. Maybe I'm a murderer, but I'm a scientist before everything.”
Toyohime adopt a bored face.
“You're saying you're a scientist, yet you're more concerned about the woman you defiled than about your death.”
Smiling again, Moriarty answers with a slow and raspy voice:
“It's because... I already know how this fan is working.”
“My bad, I should have said 'WAS working'.”
Toyohime's eyebrow twitches lightly. I can almost hear her thinking something like:
'Is he bluffing? Will he try to attack me while I'm checking it? No way, he's deeply wounded. Besides, he's not even armed.'
That doesn't fail. Toyohime check her fan. It's keeping her busy for just 2 seconds, yet it's enough for Moriarty to pull a knife from his pocket, and to pounce Toyohime.
After that, that's confused, but I can see distinctly Toyohime kicking Moriarty in the chest, throwing him away.
Falling on the sand, Moriarty stops moving. I can understand why. He bled a lot, and now his rib cage is now broken.
I don't want to admit it, but he's done for. And he knows it. And Toyohime knows it too. Easy to say, because she's having this cocky smile, the “I-just-owned-you” kind of smile.
Toyohime start walking to Moriarty, and... and the breach closes by herself.

“What... What happens after that?”
The girl isn't smiling any more. Her face is displaying a frank hostility, directed toward me.
“Rather than being killed by Toyohime, your friend slice his own throat with his knife.”
“And Yorihime?”
“Her child is taken from her, and she's banished from the moon. Instead of going to Eirin's shelter, she lives by herself.”
“... Why are you telling me that? I can't change anything!”
“You can't. But now, you'll understand why I'm doing this.”

Oh shit. She's holding her parasol upside-down, the tip pointing to a mirror conveniently put here.
“If your body is destroyed, you'll die for a while. But if the mirror, if your soul, is destroyed, you'll be dead forever.”
What? Why is she... That's not just some mirror.
Okay, that's a dangerous situation.
“Wait wait wait! Why are you doing this?”
“Because you're a thorn in my foot. You weren't supposed to happen, and yet you're here.”
“But I can't do anything against that!”
“That's just some revenge. Because of you, the war won't be avoided. There will be casualties. From both sides.”
“But why aren't you telling them all that?!”
Hearing that, the girl smiles sadly.
“Because they won't trust me. For now, they are happy. They won't believe me if I say that their favourite monk will be killed by some embodiment of despair, or if they're going to fight against the whole Earth, and later against the moon.”
“But... but...”
“That's just my revenge against you. I can't do anything else now, except watching my pawn getting killed again and again and again!”
'How do you feel about Moriarty?' I want to ask that. He's not just a pawn.
While saying that, the girl bring her parasol down. The tip slowly breaking the mirror placed under it.
The pain is back. And it's even worse than before. My soul is slowly broken into pieces, and there's nothing I can do.
The tip is going deeper and deeper, eventually breaking the mirror into pieces.
I vanish. I mean, my body vanishes.
I can feel it. My body collapses on itself, and fall on the ground.

Sand. It was just sand after all. I was just sand.
My consciousness is going away. My mind's getting empty.
I'm afraid.
I'm going to die for a second time.

The girl crouches, and takes a fragment in her little hand.
Holding it in front of her face, she says something unbelievable.
“You were just a blink after all. All talk and nothing inside.”

You received MIRROR'S SHARDS. Use them on a corpse!
Delete Post
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My apologies for the typos, but it's 02:28 AM, I'm tired, and my favourite (and only) proofreader isn't here.

Well, it's still a depressing ending. Basically, MC was an annoyance for everyone. Perhaps I played too much FF7 to create a lying hero. Next time, I'll play something different.

Anyway, those shards are the key for the sequel. I think you'll figure how to use them.

The basic idea behind this story was "Dead Zone in Gensoyko". But, slowly, it evolved into "Youkai who can assimilate memories in Gensokyo".
But still, I don't like writing a story without having a precise plot.
But if the plot is too precise, then Anon can't really vote! That's just hard to find a balance between them.

Also, I tried to link my stories between them, the common denominator being the future war.
I think I failed.

If you're wondering why Yukari is a little girl in the epilogue, it's because I feel like it Shiki knew her. Yet, he deny this fact, and avoid using her name.
And, Yukari being a mastermind, I though she was the kind of woman manipulating everyone from behind the stage, without coming herself. That's why she throw a tantrum against Shiki.
After all, she's lazy, it's almost the first time she's doing something by herself, and a guy come and sabotage everything.
Annnnnnd... Well I guess that's all for now.

Okay, now I have a decent plot to write. And some grammar to study.
Delete Post
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Why to jump the shark going from a guy who wanted to meet Mokou to this.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 12944085845.jpg - (104.05KB, 400x400, Use if Anon is saying nonsense.jpg)
Use if Anon is saying nonsense
Delete Post
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I thought you were going to practice before you start a sequel?

Anyways, yeah the second ending was better. Fixed some stuff.
Delete Post
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That's what I'll do. I'll prepare a plot, but I won't write a sequel immediately.
Delete Post
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I meant to say "Way to jump the shark"
Delete Post
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Way to get even more hate on your shoulders. Stop drilling even bigger holes in your wreack of a ship.
Delete Post
Report Post
What does that even mean?
Startling the shark? Provoking the shark?
Jumping in the shark's mouth?
Delete Post
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Delete Post
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>"It's a moment. A defining moment when you know that your favorite television program has reached its peak. That instant that you know from now on...it's all downhill. Some call it the climax. We call it 'Jumping the Shark.' From that moment on, the program will simply never be the same."
Good thing this sharky thing is the end, then.
Image Source
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File 12950579834.jpg - (91.62KB, 512x384, Use if Anon is right.jpg)
Use if Anon is right
Sorry for answering that late, but it took me time to find the answer.

Basically, there are severals reasons, explaining why I'm a bad writer.
First of them being of course my lack of experience, both in english, and in fanfictions. You can't really expect from a newbie to write like Patchwork. (I tried fixing that by using a proofreader.)
Second reason is mostly... a lack of interest. I mean, as a reader, I don't care about characters. The only thing keeping me interested in a story is the plot. As a reader, it can be good, but as a writer, it means no description, and flat characters. (I don't see how I can fix that)
The third reason may be... a lack of interest. I can write a decent plot pretty easily, but writing a whole story, in a language I can hardly use is pretty hard. And I'm not really patient.
And, finally, the fourth reason is a total lack of social skill, as you noticed from my reactions to harsch criticisms. Of course, I evolved since I began to write, but now, I have a reputation of "taking-any-criticism-as-troll-attempt-and-quitting-his-story-randomly-without-any-reason". And this is not a good reputation. (I can fix the way I receive criticism, but I can't fix my reputation)
Delete Post
Report Post

Not to be harse, but if you don't enjoy writing, on top of English not being you're first langauge, then don't bother writing. Although, as you've said, you've certainly improved, and you don't deserve the bad reputation you still have. Not much else to say, aside from that if you ever get inspired to write more Touhou fanfiction and have improved you're English, come back to write. Otherwise, I'd just take a break for while.

Maybe this will make you feel better or something, but a lot of our good writers would probably do poorly too if they tried to write in another language they're not familiar with.

In a nutshell, you're an okay writer, but take a break.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
Report Post
File 129506499848.jpg - (80.83KB, 450x268, 1294594084470.jpg)
Don't get me wrong, I enjoy writing. Even if sometime it's difficult for me, I still like writing, even in english.
The trouble is just... Well, I'll explain it like this:
1) Have an idea for a story.
2) Check the wiki to be sure it's canon.
3) Start the story.
4) Have new ideas for other stories.
5) Don't know if have to drop the story I'm writing, or keep writing it.
6) Still getting new ideas.
7) Mental madness.
8) Everybody walk the dinosaur.
9) End/erase everything in a bit of despair/insanity.
11) Still having new ideas.
Delete Post
Report Post
but characters often make the plot. And if the characters are flat, no one's going to give a damn about the plot.

As far as what's in >>23084 , try to control the ideas, and think them over. Make sure they're good ideas.
Delete Post
Report Post
I think I see the problem. No one opened the door & got on the floor before they walked the dinosaur.
Delete Post
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You must have screwed somewhere, because this thread is in the bumped list.
Don't do that please, or else Hartmann will think he's missed.
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