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File 128649524730.png - (214.76KB, 300x604, 603428-th08kaguya01_large.png)
What's she building in there?
What the hell is she building in there?
She has subscriptions to those magazines,
She never waves when she goes by,
She's hiding something from the rest of us,
She keeps to herself,
I think I know why.

She took away the mochi usu near the bamboo tree,
She has no bunnies of her own you see,
She has no rabbits,
And her lawn is dying,
And what about those packages she sends?

What's she building in there?
A hook light on the stairs,
What's she building in there?
I'll tell you one thing
She's not building a playhutch for the rabbits.

What's she building in there?
And what's that sound from underneath the door,
She's pounding nails into a hardwood floor,
I swear to god I heard someone moaning low.
I keep seeing the blue light of a laptop show,
She has a DS and a video of saw,
And you won't guess what Mokou saw.
There's figures underneath the shelf of course.
There's also enough elixir to choke a horse.

What's she building in there?
What the hell is she building in there?
I heard she has an ex-wife,
Some place called "Moon Palace, Tranquility"
And she used to have a consulting business in Hakurei Shrine.

What's she building in there?
She has no friends, but she gets alot of mail.
I bet she spent a little time in jail,
I heard she was up on the roof last night,
Signaling with Danmaku light,
And what's that tune she's always whistling?

What's she building in there?
What's she building in there?
We have a right to know.
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Would it be too forward of me to say I love you? Because right now I would totally slobber on your knob.

Well, it'd be more like "Hey, that Tom Waits thing you wrote was pretty damn cool" and then some awkward silence. I mean, if you pressed the issue I might try to hook you up or, you know, worst case scenario here, maybe jerk you off a little. But what I'm trying to say here is that I like this.

...no homo.
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Why the hell did I not see this sooner.

- Took 0.01s -
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