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File 170620648588.png - (2.62MB, 1950x1300, the big fight.png)
the big fight
Guess what? Auto sage got so here's a thread 2. Now to shamelessly copy and paste the options again.

[X] Fine, remove the talismans. Afterwards back to where the princess is to kick her ass!

“You better not pull something,” you warn the oni as you release her from your bindings.

“Uhuh, sure I won’t. No acting, just watching. Youkai’s honor!” she replies, maybe even giving a thumbups, a mock wave or some other gesture you don’t get to see because you’re already walking.

“That said, how will you beat her anyway?” Suika’s voice rings behind you, the sound of her footsteps a clear sign that she’s following you. “That’s for me to know and you to see,” you reply.

After that, you increase your pace into a sudden flight to ditch the youkai.

The building you left earlier quickly comes to sight, and with it the sight of Keine, Aya and Kaguya sitting on the outer edges. Part of you is tempted to increase the pace in order to create a flaming drop kick aimed for the latter’s skull, but a calmer part of you knows you’ll be punching her soon anyway so you don’t.

The moment you plant your feet on the ground, Keine immediately approaches you, “Are you alright?” she asks, voice filled with natural and soothing worry for you. “That fight looked-”

“I’m fine.” you interrupt, then put one hand on her shoulder to slightly move her aside. “And I’m sorry if this sounds rude, but I’ve got something I must do and cannot hold it in any longer.”

“...I see.” she understands what you mean and wisefully moves aside, likewise Aya stands up from her spot to move further away from the one person who is responsible for all your frustration.

The fact she says, “Oh, this is going to be good” and pulls out her camera is something you just ignore. If anything, having what will ensue be recorded for a later sighting sounds great.

Finally, you stop two steps ahead of your target and wait for her to stand up. Something the bitch does with her usual perfect princess demeanor before reducing the distance to only one step away from having both of your noses press together. Smiling her dainty little smile all the while.

“My, oh, my.” She starts talking, as ever a fan of her own voice. “So you fin-”

She doesn’t get to end that sentence, as you rudely press your palm against her mouth. Unwilling to hear any more words out of her, “Take a few more steps outside so I can fry you alive, bitch.

“Mhm...mhm, mhm!” she mumbles instead, eyes still unpleasantly smug. The sensation of her tongue poking your skin forces you to put your hand away, “Ah, so eager to fight me, are you?”

“Don’t you worry your little lemur head, for I feel the same way!” She affirms that she won’t run, followed by her stepping outside with you in tow, before flying to the top of the mansion, landing on the black tiled roof with her on one end and you on the other. A bright sun shining up above.

“Are you done monologuing?” you ask sardonically, before dusting off what remains of your mostly wrecked clothes and stretching your bruised and tired body. Despite those conditions, you feel a strange rush of energy deep inside of you. Could it be satisfaction for coming this far? Or has your anger reached such a limit that your adrenaline is pumping things up to a new level? It doesn’t matter. “Because if so, then I think it is my turn to be the one talking for once.”

You take another step forward, on the one destroyed leg that has regrown. “When you send me that letter about all that assassin nonsense, I thought the suspense was going to kill me! Who are the grunts she managed to hire? Are they strong? Swift? Stealthy? What are their fighting styles? How many are there of them? What will your face look like when I overcome them and come kill you?”

The answer to that stands before you. Kaguya’s body screams serenity and peace, yet her eyes are dark and hungry, she is poised for the fight of her life and is confident in her inevitable victory.

“And I have to say I don’t like the answer, win or lose, you’ll just get off on the fight itself.”

“There’s no need to be so vulgar,” Kaguya says as she puts a fan before her face, faking a blush.

“So then, there is only one way to come out on top.” You ignore her comment, and take in a deep breath before putting on a combat stance. “Only one way to pay back for everything you gave me.”

“That’s right, there’s only one thing you can do here,” She speaks up, enjoying the rising tension. “A fight to the death where you unleash all of your anger. A fiery passion so bright you return to the phoenix you were meant to be! I’ll relish every moment, every second before I kill you.”

All of her divine treasures start floating behind her as she slightly rises in the air, her hands stretched out as if to embrace you from a distance as power rises within her body.

“May you savor your death as well, now come to me! Begin the final battle!”

“No.” You speak firmly, “This won’t be a fight, not one abiding by your terms.”

“And what do you mean now?” she asks, curiosity and impatience coming out in tune.

“I’m going to kill you. That’s the one I came to do: As for how? You’re about to find out.”

“Hmph, such bravado.” She changes her posture to show taunting boredom and with it, her aura of power dissapears. “In that case, I shall be merciful and extend to you the right of the first blow.”

“I’ll gladly take that.”

Starting things off by….

[ ] Closing the distance, don’t need to see a thing or worry about tricks if you can just punch and kick the shit out of her. Moon Bitch has always gone for a ranged style, time to abuse it.

[ ] Changing locations, this is her domain. But you know the Bamboo Forest better, any traps within it and the low visibility (and high flammability) will definitely give you an edge against her.

[ ] Fuck it, smoke screen now. Spam talismans after. If they hit her, great, if they don’t, you’ll know she’s learned some blind fighting but eh, at least she won’t be able to pull the oni trick on you.

[ ] Write in, because, you know who you are and why by this point.
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I don't think the update went through correctly, as the "update" still links to thread one.
Also, it doesn't seem like the threads are connected to begin with, as there's no thread (page?) selection in this thread.

Anyway, it's finally time to beat the shit out of Kaguya.
Yes, it's exactly what she's expecting of us.
Yes, it's incredibly reckless and it could be a trap.
But FUCK if she doesn't absolutely deserve a fist in (through) her face right now.
There will be no glorious final battle, one remembered for the ages.
That'd be exactly what she wants, after all.
This will be the most humiliating and brutal beatdown in a millennium.

[X] Closing the distance, don’t need to see a thing or worry about tricks if you can just punch and kick the shit out of her. Moon Bitch has always gone for a ranged style, time to abuse it.

Crush her bones, boil her eyes, rip and tear her guts.
No mercy, no respite, no chance for retaliation.
Alice is gonna have come off easy by comparison.

We are going to kill the Kaguya.
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[X] Changing locations, this is her domain. But you know the Bamboo Forest better, any traps within it and the low visibility (and high flammability) will definitely give you an edge against her.

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>>29280 here.
Ignore that first paragraph, it's fixed now.
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[X] Changing locations, this is her domain. But you know the Bamboo Forest better, any traps within it and the low visibility (and high flammability) will definitely give you an edge against her.
Everything must go up in flames.
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[X] Closing the distance, don’t need to see a thing or worry about tricks if you can just punch and kick the shit out of her. Moon Bitch has always gone for a ranged style, time to abuse it.

Apply fist to smug mouth.
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File 17064840917.png - (78.47KB, 362x162, kaguya punched.png)
kaguya punched
[X] Close distance, punch bitch.
[X] Make bitch fly into forest, set forest aflame.

Yeah, nothing else matters right now. Letting some of the anger out in the form of flaming wings, you shoot towards the princess with your fist raised and a scream conveying your intentions.

To any normal human, such a move would have been predictable, but your attack was like a blur and the power behind it would have knocked out if not killed anyone in its path. The path from which Kaguya was not moving as she took the attack head-on, had the tiles beneath shatter apart in a straight line as the blow’s momentum made her skid a few feet away before she turned her head back your way with her usual insufferable smug smile. “My, is that all you had in yo-”

You don’t let her finish the sentence, thanks to your knee hitting her in the exact same spot yet again. A blur of movement after has you appear behind to grab her legs to throw her in the air, before rising to meet and keep her there with a flurry of flaming kicks all meant to burn and shatter her ribs. If this was a proper fight, you’d have given her the opportunity to attack on her own ‘turn’ but this wasn’t a fight, this was a beat-down and you were going to make sure her body knows that.

When you’re fed up with that, you gather more energy into your leg to smash her away before rushing off where her body’s launched to smash it away elsewhere only to reappear again at her destination to keep hitting her like a one player game of ping pong. Finally you whip yet another kick to the back of her head, with the follow through sending the princess into the bamboo forest.

Not one to waste time, you swiftly rush after, energy in one hand before releasing a ball of flaming energy her way. One that despite its size has the sphere to detonate into a pillar of fire and would char the prone princess into a barbecue. What you didn’t expect however was for the princess to get up at the last moment and simply slap the thing away with one like it was nothing following by outright grabbing the other you throw and crushing it as if popping a small balloon.

“So, are you done yet?” She asks, looking only slightly dusty from all the given blows. “Surely that wasn’t the strongest attack you could give me?” her tone was teasing but also slightly dissapointed.

“I’ll show you strong!” you replied, further enraged by the very notion. So you concentrated, truly focused in order to draw out every inch of strength inside your body. A crimson glow surrounding you as you do so, while the air itself becomes dryer than a desert wind. In other words you were charging up and the fact the clouds above you parted while you did said you had a lot to unleash.

Claw Sign: Desperate Claw!

With the roar of a beast, you fly towards your foe after reaching the apex. A blue comet streaking and setting the forest ablaze from it’s mere presence as you descend your arms upon her. Your hands lock in a test of speed as you slash and slash while the other uses only the minimal needed movement to barely avoid each blow. A shock-wave of blue fire erupts when you finally meet your mark, albeit against the jeweled branch treasure that she holds with one hand to parry that one blow.

“You haven’t been playing the game in the intended way, have you?” Kaguya smiles at you, but now it’s a strained one. She was starting to get tired of this. She was starting to realize that just because you hadn’t died even once it didn’t mean your body was whipped back to shape. “So, enlighten me on why you think you can challenge me then?” Her branch hit you straight in the rib then and you could feel it pierce skin in an instant, following that she started attacking for real, by returning each slash with a sharp jab meant to put small holes in your body one by one.

“In the same way I’ve defeated everyone else….” you change your attack into a grapple to stop her. The dynamic of your interlocked hands was no better through. Kaguya’s grip was crushing your own as you gritted your teeth. How her dainty little fingers could hold so much strength in them now was a mystery, but you had no intention of letting turn your own into a crushed pulp. One flaming foot came aimed right at her lower party before her own blocked it and that was the one distraction you needed before you set your hands aflame and blasted her at point blank range.

You didn’t wait for the smoke to settle or checked your hand’s condition before you smashed a fist into her face again. Just like the first one, it made her a step back but this time you capitalized and with yet another roar, you gave her another punch, and another punch, a whole flurry of punches!

“Don’t think power is everything.” You pulled back only so you could give her a headbutt, no way would you stop your advance now. “So what if your body’s tough now? Enough attacks will shatter it all the same!” You slammed your foot into her solar plexus, releasing the last gaps of air she has before it’s burned away by the surrounding and ever increasing inferno. “You’re nothing besides one who talks big.” You struck her again and this time the powerful kick that took out her leg shatter your own. Still you kept standing. “You’re nothing but a rotten bitch!”

You drew your first back and it was engulfed in the blue fire that was your true power. Your mouth was set in a thin line as you ignored the searing mess that was your melted skin making way to reveal all the muscle beneath your boiling blood. This pain was nothing to the catharsis you felt.

“Your drive is weak.” Your fist flew forward, something in her chest giving way but it was weak. Her chest returned to it’s normal color before you had even drawn your fist back.

“Your motivations are vile.” Your fist was drawn back before it once again shot forward like a blue comet.

“You’re nothing but a mad bitch!” Your fist flew forward and the clash unleashed a shock-wave.

“And what of it?” Your blow was stopped by an energy clad hand. Her hair was a mess and some of your blood had gotten on it. Her clothes were ripped and burned, it did not change the fact that her skin remained sublime and her palm had stopped your blow cold. Her skin was no longer slightly red from the constant fire exposure but another color was over them. They were covered again in divine power and her veins were now a protruded throbbing network as it danced across her flesh.

“You can call me anything you want.” She rose with your fist now trapped within her own. Your power erupted again from it to attempt to strike her down but failed to even budge her hand. “Hate me now, hate me forever! What will it matter if after thousand of years, only you and I remain?”

You manage to rip your fist free and distance yourself from your now all out going foe. Power was your ally no longer after Kaguya started revealing how much she’s gathered on her own. She looked different too, only slightly. Her appearance (with your blood on her) looked wilder, bestial. And you could tell that if one of her earlier attacks could have crippled you, now they would kill outright.

Her strength keeps increasing, fold by fold and it continued to engulf her even now. Power she could not bother controlling erupted forth as a storm of bullets with the night sky as the focus. The many bullets seeming like stars could be dodged with your high agility and instinct but could you deal with them while at the same time repelling the now mad’s princess impossible strength?

“All I’ve done to you may seem wrong but to me they’re all right because of one thing.” Kaguya grabbed hold of her divine treasures with her two hands. She lifted them into the air, high above her head before she struck them down to the ground, smashing the few that didn’t shatter immediately with her sole foot. The power they held within released then only to be absorbed by her body.


This madness...it’s like you’re standing before an all consuming void.

[ ] Face it anyway, take everything she can give you and return it ten, no, a hundred fold!

[ ] Hell no, relocate immediately! Away from her, until whatever posseses her runs out???

“TIME TO DIE!” never mind all that, she’s coming for you anyway.

“MOKOU!” a familiar voice reaches your ears, before the feeling of wind rips through the air.

“DONT YOU DARE R-” before she can even finish her statement, Kaguya’s image is lost in the many branches of the bamboo forest. The moment you’re let go off and almost fall to your knees, you realize you’ve been relocated to the main path leading to Eientei, thanks to a certain crow.

“Hey, before you go all “Why did you interrupt my fight?” one me..” Aya begins speaking, terrible voice impression of you aside she points to someone else beside her. That being Keine, “Let’s just say I’ve been given an incentive to help you out, just once. So, if anything blame your friend.”

“You needed help, Mokou.” Keine spoke before you could even reply to her. Her tone all reasonable yet slightly authoritative in the way she loves to educate people. “That...just now wasn’t normal.”

“Gee, you think??” Aya looks tempted to roll her eyes but doesn’t, now focused on her camera. “It’s the first time I’ve seen such a ridiculous power creep. No wonder an oni lost to her, but still….”

“There’s no way that can be right, right?!” her eyes start sparkling now, her curiosity peaked. “I mean even if you trained for a month or years to come, onis are onis, so did she cheat somehow? Did her great doctor invent some ridiculous power boost drug that’s currently in her system or-”

“To make a long story short,” Keine interrupts her theorizing. “I believe that if you were to fight her as she is, she would turn you into a bloody pulp. And I can’t just stand by and let that happen!”

“So, here’s my offer: Let us help you out.” Aya looks like she’s about to interrupt at that, but a quick glance from Keine changes her mind. “I’m not saying we’d bring that much to the table-” and now Aya looks outright offended, clearly wanting to protest about her amazing speed against that, but Keine speaks anyway. “But since the two of us are mortal, she won’t be able to go all-out.”

And since you CAN against her. That would give you one hell of a clutch…

[ ] Take it. You’ve played plenty of tricks before and besides, this’ll frustrate the hell out of her.

[ ] Don’t. Kaguya is yours and yours alone. You didn’t come this far just to cheat.

Also, what’s your new game plan against Kaguya (round 2) ?

[ ] Write in. (You can of course, ask questions too)

AN: Yes, she pulled an anime villain phase 2. It's only proper.
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[X] Don’t. Kaguya is yours and yours alone. You didn’t come this far just to cheat.
Delete Post
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The whole point of this apparent rescue effort was to save Keine.
At first.

So why would we put our friend (and a crow who may be a friend) in danger just to make life easier on us?
We'd just be using people as pawns. Just like Moonbitch over there.

[X] Don’t. Kaguya is yours and yours alone. You didn’t come this far just to endanger your friends.

No idea on gameplan right now.
Delete Post
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Fair enough ngl.

I may have jumped the distance a bit too much, but what's a proper shonen climax without overcoming the supposededly impossible?

Anyway, I'll update with the [Don't] choice for now.

As for the rest, well, I'll draw out some options and if that don't work either. I guess just give you the win? Sounds anticlimatic but let nobody say I'm unfair.
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[X] Don’t. Kaguya is yours and yours alone. You didn’t come this far just to endanger your friends.
Image Source
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File 170657847399.gif - (23.84KB, 256x256, Mokouc5a.gif)
[x] Don't involve Keine
[x] Aya supports Mokou's fire with her winds once it's time

[x] Become a Logia
'Dodge' attacks by burning yourself up in parts at the appropriate moments.

[x] Battlefield Advantage
Move into enclosed spaces
Exude noxious gases to cover the battlefield with. It's something that would've best worked against Sakuya if she had been encountered; one still has to breathe in stopped or accelerated time and you can't choose what air you take in. I imagine the mechanics behind the application of the instant and eternity to 'time-skip' works similarly.
I mean People say Purple Haze counters King Crimson for a reason.

[x] Counter Hax
Conjure up flames that burn things in an instant to counteract Kaguya's instant regeneration.
Or use a bootleg version of the Ameterasu technique from Naruto to further harass her.

[x] System Reset
Should Kaguya do that thing she did against Suika and Sakuya in that one doujin with the subliminal messaging, burn up neurons to get rid of the memory programming, similarly to how it was explained in the movie-theory video about Deadpool and Wolverine.

[x] Urban Legend: Spontaneous Human Combustion
Killing Move, preferably used when Kaguya is gloating about her assured victory, which is likely going to be after her using aforementioned subliminal messaging technique.
Image Source
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File 170671257473.jpg - (314.74KB, 1197x273, 199149-11_1.jpg)
I support this plan!
Delete Post
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I don't.

I didn't comment before because I wasn't sure if that was a serious suggestion.
I suppose I'll break down my hangups with it, then.

This does nothing but do Kaguya's job for her.
Burning a hole through your chest so that Kaguya doesn't do it ends up with the same result: a hole in your chest and you being dead.

Battlefield advantages
The only enclosed space around is Eientei, which is her own home.
It's better than nothing I suppose, but she's shown not to be as ranged-focused anymore as Mokou is used to her being.
Lack of maneuverability goes both ways; a "I'm not stuck in here with you, you're stuck in here with me" thing.
Exude what gasses?
Is this a fart joke?
Maybe I'm being too crass, but I genuinely have no other idea as to where that came from.
Besides, Mokou needs to breathe, too.
Gassing a room would get turned on her just as fast.

Counter Hax
Kaguya has proven relatively flame-retardant; not necessarily immune, but still a tough ask.
Still, "use flame better" is a decent strategy, but maybe not feasible on this short a notice.
I'm not gonna comment on the Naruto thing, I don't know enough about that to properly discuss it.
Regardless, Mokou's flame powers could provide an avenue for success, provided she doesn't kill herself.

System Reset
If I understand correctly, you want to make Mokou lobotomise herself with fire?
I don't really know what to say.
It's the Logia thing but somehow more self-lethal.

Spontaneous Human Combustion
Honestly, fair.
Winning the big fight using a super move after a sudden power up is as Shounen as it gets.
No complaints.

Anyway, even accounting for Shounen tropes I just cannot agree with most of what was written.
The whole story up to now was Mokou surviving through hardship without ever dying.
To suddenly uses tactics this, quite literally, suicidal is rather nonsensical.
It'd be more reasonable if there was anything to be gained using said tactics, but the only result here is Mokou just killing herself for no reason.

Anyway, I didn't have a (good) plan and I still don't, but I'll make a vote as an effort to show my disagreement.

Game plan
[X] If punching her didn't work at first; punch her harder! Your friends were willing to put themselves in danger for you; answer their feelings by punching Kaguya with the power of FRIENDSHIP!

Because friendship powerups are pretty damn Shounen.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 170672093655.png - (156.42KB, 338x594, Lobotomy.png)
Adressing the ideas behind the gameplan points

By burning holes into in the places Kaguya would have punched Mokou she avoids the further damages that would be caused by the impacting force, aditionnally preventing being flung by especially impactful kicks or punches.

Noxious Gases
Gases... caused by burning things. As you pointed out, inhaling, for example, smoke is a detriment to both. Though it could possibly negatively impact Kaguya more so should she use her ability similarly to a certain time manipulator. And in in any case Mokou can stop this at any time, should Kaguya adapt or should this prove ineffective in the first place.

Naruto Thing
The Ameterasu-technique is a black flame that homes in on its target and burns it until it's reduced to ashes. At least it was introduced as such until power creep made it irrelevant. Referring to it as such was just for the refernece.
Honestly the color and name don't matter. The mechanics behind it do. A homing flame that keeps burning should be feasibly doable for Mokou. It also exploits Kaguya's constant regeneration.

Yes - To get rid of mental programming that would otherwise cause a surefire loss. If a certain blue eyed sorcerer can do it, a certain millenium-aged immortal pyromancer can probably do it as well.

Suicidal Tactics
As was pointed out by the peanut gallery, specifically Keine, jumping back in with no plan other than to punch harder results in Kaguya-assisted suicide anyways.
Suika pointed out messing with Kaguya's head is probably the best bet for success, which most of the things proposed do to various degrees. It's the final boss, so why not get reckless?
Delete Post
Report Post
Honestly, fair points.

I still don't agree with the Logia thing; Mokou is immortal and revives from death without fail, but she is still killable.
Maybe losing an arm for a minute or whatever time she needs to regenerate it is fine, but losing something critical like, say, her heart in the chest example would just equal death.

Fair enough about the smoke; I was confused by the wording because when I hear gas I imagine, well, a "pure" gas instead of smoke.
Kaguya's ability to manipulate eternity is nearly as bullshit and intentionally vaguely-defined as Yukari's, anyway.
She could simply make her being able to "eternally" subsist on the air already in her lungs or, offensively, make Mokou choke forever.
So I wouldn't say it's that likely to be effective.

The homing flame is probably feasible, she already uses homing amulets as a tool anyway.

I still think trying to burn your own neurons away with literal fire in your skull is just asking to be dead.
Also, pretty sure Suika was simply coerced/blackmailed; by making it so the Oni couldn't get drunk (using eternity BS) until she caved to demands.

Anyway, I did say my idea wasn't very good, I just went for something tropey as I couldn't think of anything really concrete.
I'm still not on board with your write-in, but discussion is good.
Gotta bring home the deathless run.
Delete Post
Report Post
Writefag here!

To adress the points made and make sure we're all on the same page, I'll add in my own opinion as well. The strategy that seems to have the most votes is quite a bold one, however I have to agree on the points made about lobotomy and covering the area with noxouis gases since those would definitely kill you, thus ending the deathless run before the finish line.

Though if you wanna go with the flames that keep burning thing, I can see how that would result in burning even the air that the princess is currently breathing and THAT could definitely pose a problem even to an immortal. Just gotta make sure you're not choking inside it as well, but how..?

Seeing Kaguya immediately choke/vomit blood/whatever due to the poisoning affecting her in an instant due to her own ability would be a fun sight and make you look smart for managing it. (Also a jojo reference if I remember right?)

As for the subliminal messaging (no idea it was used in a doujin, in some lewd way I'm gonna have to assume, yikes!) well, just being unable to see her or just not giving her the opportunity to set up that kind of move should do.

Suika was indeed coerced into fighting you due to eternity bullshit that made her unable to get drunk. And she was defeated by the subli method. (DO NOT let that happen to you)

Finally, not that I won't respect your choice to go at it solo, but Aya and Keine do possess some very useful abilities: That of manipulating the wind plus super speed for the crow and the ability to hide history for the half-cow. (As for how that's useful: See Red Rush vs Onmi Man, just by dashing his allies out of certain killshots or repositiniong them, he made the fight last WAY longer. Combine that with Aya's ability to controll the wind and you could involve even more complex fire tricks)

As for Keine, honestly her ability is such a drag to interpretrate so I'm just treating this as inflicting some sort of hyper spefific amnesia on anyone affected by it. So she could make your opponent forgot who they are currently fighting or that there's even a fight happening in the first place. I don't see anywhere stating that Immortals are immune to this, so it could give some short term advantages before your opponent finds a way to keep fighting again, be it making the fact that she is fighting a white haired flame wielder ETERNAL or some other BS. It'd still be useful for a while.

Finally, just using their abilities doesn't mean they have to join in the fight itself. Just sitting in the background and using their abilities works too if you don't want to endanger them. Heck, one can even phrase some actions as them choosing to help you anyway despite your earlier protest.

Oh and human combustion kills the human, though I could show some leeway and say that the attack would put you in critical state instead if you've done enough to subdue Kaguya before that.

I hope that my input helps here, and well if you're still stumped or want to act with the same actions still chosen. Do let me know and I shall update as soon as possible.
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[X] Don’t. Kaguya is yours and yours alone. You didn’t come this far just to endanger your friends.

[X] If punching her didn't work at first; punch her harder! Your friends were willing to put themselves in danger for you; answer their feelings by punching Kaguya with the power of FRIENDSHIP!

Better than just killing ourselves.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Use the power of your Spontaneous Human Combustion urban legend to make Kaguya spontaneously combust.

I imagine having her entire body burst into flames would put a bit of a damper on Kaguya's spirits.
Delete Post
Report Post
Writefag again.

I can see 2 for the whole lobotomy and logia stuff, 2 for punching with friendship and now 1 for using an urban legend to make Kaguya explode.

I hope I counted that right.

As for the latter, can you actually do that? It's not like you're being empowered by an urban legend right now, but if that kind of stuff didn't leave after its incident...

Then, I Guesss? I mean it'd be kind of funny to write about but also anticlimatic too.

Are you sure about that?
Delete Post
Report Post
Not that guy, but I think that original 5-step plan to lobotomise ourselves also meant to spontaneously combust Kaguya with their write-in, rather than Mokou herself.

Frankly, I'm half-tempted to just let Writefag decide instead of all these options.
Delete Post
Report Post
I'm >>29306

>As for the latter, can you actually do that?
Honestly, that sounds like something that you as the writefag would have to make a judgement call on. You tell us, CAN we actually do that?

The way I figure it, if Mokou DOES have her urban legend, and if she CAN use it on other people, then there is no in character reason why she wouldn't use it on Kaguya. Mokou just wants Kaguya dead, I don't think she cares about making sure Kaguya's death is climactic or honorable.
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Fair answer.

I'll allow it then, since from what research told me spontanouis combustion isn't as OP as I thought it was from the name alone. (For a sec, I thought yall legit wanted to killer queen Kaguya and I was like what????).

That said, I'll roll a die and will make an update based on the choice it lands on.

Until then.
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>>29292 here.

I can change my vote to the combustion one if you want a tiebreaker, if you've already rolled or otherwise decided nevermind.
I agree with the point that >>29309 made that Mokou doesn't really care to give Kaguya the satisfaction of a climactic final battle, anyway.
Especially considering she made it personal with the whole kidnapping farce.
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File 170784675030.png - (111.78KB, 253x437, thinking mokou.png)
thinking mokou
>>29311 Dw, the vote chosen is the whole plan plus combustion stuff. You'll see how it goes soon enough.

>>>> Kaguya is yours and yours alone.

For a moment you remain still at Keine’s words. Face passive save for a sharp scowl. You let out a sigh after as the dangerous aura around you lowers in intensity. You get up and tear apart pieces of your pants to make semi bandages around your body alongside a mask to cover your mouth and nose. When you finally speak, you do not mutter or stammer. There is no hint of sarcasm or irony in your words. It was simple, as if you everything you’re about to say is already understood by all.

“Listen Keine, I appreciate the offer, but this is not something I can let either of you be involved in. Everyone always talks about how Kaguya is so bright and perfect, how she shines like the moon. That’s wrong. When I faced her, I realized that right now she is as cold as it gets. So I need to be the fire to take her out. By myself. Because if I don’t, this adventure will just continue the next day. I thank you for your help but you can’t interfere anymore than this, okay? Take a seat and watch the climax. That’s what it means to be supporting me. For I and only I...will be the one to kill Kaguya!”

This wasn’t the first time you had said such a thing to her and in most cases she would offer a few more words of worries before eventually relenting. Yet, not now. Keine looked at you with an emotion you couldn’t decipher before nodding her head, “I suppose I should have expected that answer. You’ve never been one to take the easy way.” her words say with begrudging admiration.

A flash of light interrupts your incoming reply, the culprit looking at her camera with appraisal before turning your way with the usual smile on her face. “My oh my, saying those kinds of words with that kind of expression….Oh, tomorrow’s news is going to be a subscription magnet! Don’t go ruining the story by losing now, will you? Then again, I doubt you will when you’ve come this far.”

“Don’t worry, I already have a plan against her.” You speak, ignoring the sound of curtain fire a few miles away, instead using the little moment of rest again to cover your burned fists in talismans alongside your legs in similar patterns until it looks like your limbs are covered in odd bandages. Taking a deep breath, you focus on your own body and feel some of your broken bones realign just right enough for you to be able to move them swiftly. Additionally, your one lost leg regrows too.

“And what would that plan be?” Keine asks the moment you’re done fixing yourself up.

“Just watch me. She’s under the impression that overwhelming power is everything. Sure, it’s useful but the fact she’s neglecting many other areas means she gained a bunch of weaknesses as well.”

“While that may be true,” Aya adds in. “That doesn’t change the fact she can kill you in one hit.”

“I won’t give her the opportunity to do so, and besides.” You eye the tengu some more. “I’m going to need some of your help to set something special up.” you motion to her to come closer and she does. So does Keine of course, but that’s fine. “Here’s the plan…” you tell them about your idea.

The fact Keine looks dubious about it, but not unconvinced while Aya looks excited after tells a lot.

To be continued in the next update.
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If by whole plan you mean including the whole lobotomy thing, then I am worried because I was willing to change my vote so that exact thing wouldn't happen.
Oh well, no use crying over spilt milk, let's just see how it goes.
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I'm gonna be honest, I was just going to treat Mokou as smart enough to avoid a situation she'd been warned about since otherwise that'd be an very anti climatic end to the NO DEAD RUN the whole quest has been going with for a while.

So no need to worry about that.
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File 170881307567.jpg - (113.68KB, 850x850, __fujiwara_no_mokou_and_houraisan_kaguya_touhou_dr.jpg)
There’s nothing romantic about a blazing bamboo forest. As someone who has lived long enough to see the definition of art change with every century, you can confidently say that the sight of a black haired witch calmly walking amongst the flames is one that serves to only fill you with disgust.

“Aaaah! Why is Mokou playing hide and seek with me? I’m missing out on the real fun!” your opponent complains to herself loudly, kicking a pebble as she does so. The pebble blasts across the ground into a larger boulder, cracking it in half. Even now her body is filled with outrageous strength and from the way she’s casually moving around it doesn’t seem to be tiring her either.

“Mokouuuuuuuuuuuu!” Kaguya whines again, stomping around in a mini-tantrum she must think nobody but herself can see. “Ugh, what a useless girl! To think she’s become so cowardly!”

She couldn’t be more wrong, as you’re simply observing her from above, between several rows of bamboo that hide your presence. Biding for some time while she stomps over to the broken boulder and sits down on one side of it in a huff. Crossing her arms and inflating her cheeks all displeased.

“This is so boring! When will she come back?” she continues to whine, kicking the ground petulantly. And then, as if a switch is flicked off inside her, she returns to her elegant self, coy smile and eyes with no warmth on her as she looks at the very spot you’re looking down on her.

“...Did you hope I’d say something like that?” Kaguya says casually as she leaps up from her seat.

And swings her hand effortlessly at the talismans coming from her blind zone. A diamond bowl appearing in front of her that shatter the sneak attack with a dozen dazzling lasers of blue light.

“Hoh? Back to serious then?” She chuckles and tilts her head cutely, “Did you fi-”

This time, bombs made of bamboo come her way. She recognizes it immediately and leaps to the side, watching it crash harmlessly into the ground she was standing on before exploding into a thick screen of smoke and gasses. None of which reach her new spot in the sky at your own height.

“Again? What a disappointing attack...or are you perhaps planning for something?”

“You’ll find out soon enough.” you reply as you fly closer, stopping at twenty paces or so from her. Body in an aggressive stance and eyes firmly set on her legs and chest and not one bit higher.

You throw more bombs her way accompanied with fireballs that detonate them on the spot and force her to take a step back. Without hesitating, you hold in your breath and surge her way like a comet, where she calmly stops your diving kick with the back of her palm before being struck in the face with the other foot. In return she just calmly looks your way and narrows her eyes.

“Again...is this all?” She asks once more with clear disappointment. In response you set your already aflamed foot into an even brighter burst that causes an explosion at point blank range.

The momentum of which sends you back a bit before you dash right back in, hands surrounded by flames in the shapes of claws. In return several salamander colored shields appear to protect her as you exchange heavy blows against it. The sensation similar to bashing your fists into solid concrete so you lower your power for more speed and unpredictability as you turn into a blur that moves so fast, even your after images can be seen attacking her from every possible angle around her.

Divine Treasure: Salamander Shield.

Sensing a surge in power, you immediately back off. Just in time as all of your attacks are gracefully returned in the form of curtain fire ruby projectiles thrown haphazardly around in the shapes of waves that come your way with speeds above those of a bullet squirrel. But not fast enough for you to evade completely, that and you’ve already seen the pattern of it before and-

You cross your arms and gnash your teeth in pain as you’re suddenly hit with the unmistakable pain of being multiple times by a barrage of danmaku. The responsible party just standing there with a smile as the bullets from before have dissapeared and hit you with an instantaneous speed.

She doesn’t move for another attack, instead contend observing you trying to wrack your brain around the concept that she can simply make her attacks hit the moment they’re attempted to be made. A disgusting perversion of using her ability to manipulate the eternal at full force.

But you’ve already predicted she would do this. And other than that, you’ve still got a fight in you. While Kaguya lacks in nothing, it is the confidence she has in that concept that will be her undoing.

“Here I come!” you spout the rehearsed line, having stalled long enough and moving for the attack.

Each punch and kick coming her way is a reckless one, stretching your body beyond what you would normally do in a battle against anyone. There is no apparent strategy, only non-stop attacks aimed to suppress the opponent. Perhaps coated with friendship if one were to be dramatic here.

Kaguya, on the other hand, fights defensively once more. Not because she needs to, but in order to prolong the tinges of fun she can find in this all the longer. While she could counterattack she’d have to also take a blow in response and there’s no need to dishevel her appearance even mo-

Urban Legend: Spontaneous Human Combustion.

All consuming blue Fire. (Didn’t go for black because of the aesthetic but the effects are there)

On top of her eyes, inside her nose, in the very lungs she uses to breathe and every spot of her own body, a rampaging flame suddenly appears out of nowhere from within her. A strong resistance to pain she may have but even an immortal would be stunned by a kind of agony that they have never felt before. “Guuuahhhh!” a cry with no dignity and hoarse beyond compare is let out as the princess of the moon moves to scratch her eyes and throats in a futile gesture to alleviate the pain.

That is the price for just letting your attacks touch her. With every blow, you transferred some of your own magic within her. A sensation she should’ve noticed had she even been a bit on guard, but she wasn’t, and now the gathered amount exploded spectacularly within her very own body.

Never-ending Strength.

Endless Durability.

What does it matter, when body is puppet to the mind?

“Now!” you shout and a massive gust of wind shoots all the smoke and noxious gases upwards, straight towards the very princes that’s gaping for breath instinctively and consumes the harmful material with bated breaths. While the result is something that you cannot see due to standing a safe distance away, soon enough you hear the sound of something shattering.

Divine Treasure: Infinite Life Spring.

Divine Treasure: Jeweled Branch of Hourai.

Divine Treasure: Brilliant Dragon Bullet.

Waves of water are desperately shot everywhere, yet the smokes remain, seven colored danmaku homes your way but the smokes remain, no matter what spellcard she throws in desperation. The pain of the rending flames against her skin and the gasses entering her lungs do not dissapear.

But make no mistake. This is nowhere near close to the end, you look at your hand held upward and no longer feel a crackling mess of energy. Instead, a simple gigantic sphere of flame lies above it floating calmly in the air. The fires taken from your surroundings and yourself for one final blow.

As you steady your senses and focus your aim, that is when she appears once more.

Kaguya. Her clothes are a molten mess and blood and charred skin turn away any sort of suggestiveness her half-nudity would have possessed. Her eyes are an irritated red, her hair’s a mess and the way she looks at you is like a cat that’s gotten bitten by a rat and no longer wants to play.

You don’t say a word to her, no “you lose” or “this is it”. You lower the hand like an executioner’s blade and the flaming bomb collides against Kaguya’s held up hands. A futile gesture as the energy encases her in an instant. The sphere hisses and sizzles around her, the heavy energy attacking her weakened body from every angle. The scream she lets out as it does its assault a sound that warms your heart, still you have to protect your eyes as the light from the bomb grows brighter and brighter as her howls grow louder and louder. The wind whips around the battlefield at a high enough speed that the few remaining trees that remained are blown away from the force of it all.

The destruction the bomb causes is only matched by the deafening sound and blinding light that stuns absolutely everyone in the Bamboo Forest. Some confused, others rattled, and a very rare few understanding this as the sign that the never ending clash between two immortals ended for today.

As you recover from the sensation, you ignore the way your body’s shaking and move closer to the massive crater where the princess now lies. As expected, even though her blood is flowing freely, the princess is already trying to crawl her way out of it, breaths coming in slow shallow painful bursts. The princess was severely weakened and must not be given a chance to recover.

“I have to admit...I have never been pushed this far before. For a moment I though I was going to die for a moment.” the princess somehow speaks in her condition as she struggles to gain her balance, only to have her legs swiped by you and fall straight on her back, a grimace filled with both pain and a so called ‘I still want to win!’ energy behind it. “I have to say-”

“Nobody cares.” you interrupt and gather strength for one last time. “This isn’t a show.”

“You get no final battle, no final monologue, nothing. You’ve had your fun. But now…”


(You know what to do, anon.)

(I’m not sure it’s the coolest it could be, but as you’ve yourself said…)

(It’s a beatdown, therefore she never got to go all out, instead kicked down before she can make things 'fun' according to her own definition, so go ahead and end her game now. And yeah, no lives are lost here.)
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[x] F-F-FINISHER? I hardly knew her!
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Very funny, but what I meant to convey is that YOU get to choose the final beatdown to finally end this.

So please add something more to that.
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Different guy here.
Sorry for the delay, just took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do.

We could gloat.
We could drag this out.
Really take our time with this.
But nah.
There's some unspoken rules to this whole "eternal vendetta" thing.
Targeting friends and family (even if the threat isn't real) is truly morally bankrupt behaviour.
This is between you and her, nobody else.
Would she like it if we hurt Reisen just to get to her?
Maybe she wouldn't care, bitch that she is, but the point stands.
This shit was out of line.
Sure, the fights on the way may or may not have been enjoyable to a point, but that doesn't excuse shit.
So we're gonna hammer that point home by making this as anticlimactic as possible. Cold (very hot, actually) and Clean.

[X] F-F-FINISHER. Crush her skull and burn the corpse. Don't even let her enjoy the suffering of a slow death.
-[X] Leave immediately with Keine (and Aya) afterwards. She doesn't even get to engage in the post-resurrection mudslinging until she understands just how bad she fucked up this time.

We're already pissed enough to generate blue flame, a pillar of that should do the trick.
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>>29319 here. Sorry for the double.

Just wanted to clarify, I quite literally meant just stomp on her head until it is mush before starting the conflagration.
Ideally only the one stomp, with finality, but Princess Cockroach might take a few extra.
Then again, she's crisped up at the moment; might make her more brittle.
She's probably still trying to spout her bullshit; don't even acknowledge it with a verbal response anymore.
Or even an emotional one. Our sheer disgust at her actions this time warrants nothing but stone cold and stone-faced contempt.
Just end her and move on.

"But now..." *SQUELCH*

I couldn't think of a better onomatopoeia, so feel free to workshop that if you have an alternative.
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[X] F-F-FINISHER. Crush her skull and burn the corpse. Don't even let her enjoy the suffering of a slow death.
-[X] Leave immediately with Keine (and Aya) afterwards. She doesn't even get to engage in the post-resurrection mudslinging until she understands just how bad she fucked up this time.
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