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File 163753011415.jpg - (155.47KB, 1000x1067, I wanna murder Kaguya.jpg) [iqdb]
Yello folks, let's play a simple CYOA Game where the main goal is to murder Kaguya.

Naturally you'll be playing as the one and only Fujiwara no Mokou.
Your most hated rival has not attacked you for several weeks now and you've started to grown bored of the novelty of not dying every day cause come on what else are you going to do anyway?

Thus, you are determined to make your way through the Bamboo Forest, The House of Eternity and anything that stands in your way of hurricane falcon kicking Kaguya into the milky way! Let this adventure commence at once!

But let's be clear on one thing first: You cannot die and have the amazing powers of pyrokinesis (Aka you can control fire). However as if by pure irony you are not immune to fire itself, cannot put out any outside sources that catch on fire and continuous exposure to it will damage your body if not turn it to ashes. Of course, you can just recover from this by reviving but I want to make sure that you won't feel cheaped out from having your arm fall off after 3 falcons punching in a row or think you can set a house on fire only to go "I'll use my ability to easily put it out". Just making sure we are on the same page here.

Also, this is not related in any way to platform games with similar names, I just did not think of a better title so don't expect that kind of raging slash trolling nonsense from me.

Finally, the choices I give are just personal suggestions, so write ins are allowed. If you manage to come up with something clever or out of the box I won't simply go "No, that's dumb" or something.

And for the final final time: Killing Kaguya is your win condition, succeed and you win!

Blessed be your firebird soul Anon!

You are Mokou, forest guide extra-ordinaire, heroine of justice and serial princess Killer.
Also adored by most children and bun buns but that's not important.

It's a beautiful summer morning, well summer is just about to end and up till now you have not heard a single peep from your most hated rival. How droll. You've not died even once so far. How double droll.

Well, that's all about to change, for you've come to an epiphany. If Kaguya does not come to you then you simply must come to her instead. Indeed, today shall be the day that you kill Kaguya!

You are right now inside your humble shack, except not. Someone destroyed it yesterday.
You've got no idea who did it since the claw marks on the on the broken parts could be anyone's.
Even so you keep up a mental note to beat up any youkai with sharp claws that you meet...which is a redundant statement since

Instead, you are currently seated on Keine's big couch, inside Keine's living room which as if by miracle inside the house that Keine herself resides in. She lets you sleep over whenever you feel like it and is one of the few people you can call a friend these days. Currently she's off teaching the children at the village so you're home alone and free to leave whenever. Just be sure to lock the door before you go.

Keine's house has 3 rooms, the living room which you are in, the kitchen, the bedroom and finally the bathroom...hold on that makes more than 3. It's an honest mistake.

Anyway, you are on a big comfy couch, other than that there is one less comfy couch, some drawers and a cloth dresser, some pictures on a wall of you and Keine and some other people. An old clock that indicates it's 8 am right now, and finally the doors to the other rooms and the exit itself.

You posses the clothes on your body, the organs inside your body, an infinite number of red ribbons whose origin you should not question (neither they or your clothes can burn), a wallet with no money and finally the spare key of Keine's house.

You are immensely bored and have grown quite tired of just lazing around and chatting with people in and out the village. Other than that, you are quite healthy now and feel rather refreshed.

But you won't be bored soon, and the reason is....

You leap off the chair from your prone from with an amazing backflip like it's nothing.

Because you're the one that's going to kill Kaguya!

[X] Let's do this, leave the house, and embrace the dark frightening outside world.
[X] Grab a bite to eat first, you can't kill anyone on an empty stomach.
[X] Take a nap, wait till nightfall. No one expects you to hunt during that time.
[X] Screw all of this, head to the bar and increase your never-ending ending tab for a drink.
Oof, just noticed some of the text did not follow through.

Odd, but I won't be discouraged. I'll use the preview thing next time to avoid such a basic mistake.
[x] jump in the lake
[x] Screw all of this, head to the bar and increase your never-ending ending tab for a drink.

[x] Screw all of this, head to the bar and increase your never-ending ending tab for a drink
Its a tactical drink. The more alcohol you have in you, the more flammable you become.
File 163753555079.jpg - (40.56KB, 392x371, Drink.jpg) [iqdb]

You feel the inexplicable urge to go dive into a lake. Sadly there are none in the current vicinity.

So instead you head to the bathroom and pretend the bathtub is the lake instead. With your firepower and Keine's rubber ducky your bathing experience warms both your heart and body as all of your worries and sins are washed by the imaginary lake.

You feel clean and refreshed, this gives you the smell and look of someone who cares about their appearance and less like a fire hobo.

Mokou obtains Self-care!

Having enjoyed this a lot you take the rubber ducky as a memento of this moment.

Mokou obtains a rubber ducky!


You decide that after being refreshed in the body your mind deserves to take a dive as well. Spefically the part of your mind that thinks about Kaguya, you won't give her the privilege of being in there and drowning said Kaguya with copouis amounts of alcohol is certainly one way to pass the time.

But you've got none in the house and so it is time to go out of it, you use the key on the door and step out.

There's a dazling bright sun glaring down at you from above. The sky is perfectly blue, cloudless and without a wind to feel. It is humid, warm and uncomfortable. You're reminded at once why you usually feel cranky in the morning and start to feel crankier as a result.

Mokou has obtained crankyness!

Anyway you make your way past the streets. As you walk through them you note that it is quiet and peaceful since everyone else is either at work or at school or overall is already where they are supposed to be.

You're not sure but either way this is way better than a maelstrom of activity and oh godwhatdoyouwant right now and that's good enough.

You make it to the Bar, also known as the shut up and give me my booze place. It is open.

Good, you walk to the door and make your way in.

"Welcome to Geidontei!" a girl with a large fish on her head welcomes you with cheer, she however has her back turned to you and seems busy with something.

You stay quiet and walk to the counter, before knocking on it to gain her attention.

"Ah sorry, just a second" the girl apologizes and turns around "So how can I hel-" and the moment she sees you all colour drains from her face "Oh...it's you".

You raise a single eyebrow, offended.

"Wait no, I'm sorry!" the girl starts bowing profusely
"I didn't mean to imply you're not welcome!"

You lower the single eyebrow, satisfied.

The girl however still seems stiff and uncomfortable by your presence and is right to feel that way since you haven't paid a single drink for like ever since you can remember, then again no one ever asked you to pay for it. You don't really care to find out.

You stare at the girl with a bored expression.

The girl avoids your eyecontact and starts fidgeting in place, but finally realizes what you want and picks up a menu and gives it to you. "S-so what's your order maam? I meant miss! no uh whichever you prefer..."

[X] A light drink, something for on the road.
[X] The strongest stuff she got.
[X] You want her to smile
[X] Leave bar, you shall be drunk later.
[X] Leave bar, you shall be drunk later.
It was then that he had a devious idea
- A devilishly devious idea
- - A deviously devilish plan
- - - A right wicked scheme
- - - - He'll do a little trolling

You think about what to order, and decide on nothing.

You will need every braincell to defeat Kaguya after all, the drinking can come once you have won.

Kaguya...her very name makes you feel annoyed.

The girl seems to think your annoyance is her fault and starts fidgeting even more in place. She's almost like a gazelle trying to stand in front of a lion.

...Are you that detestable? you leave the place midly confused but overall indifferent to the experience.

Behold you are outside once more. The great outdoors beckons to adventure and stuff like that.

You guess you could go down the street and head to the schoolgrounds but on second thought you're a lone woman living in the forest and hanging around preschools of weekends will only fuel terrible rumours about you. Though Keine could be there.

Or you could head out to the gate of the village and head off towards the path to the Bamboo Forest.
Your hated foe awaits you in that direction.

Or you could head back and squat in Keine's house.
Her nice is a cool place to chill at.

Also someone's been following you the moment you left the house, you can sense their gaze from an dark alleyway nearby. But eh, it can't be that important.

You also feel a little bit trollish, but you're not what on who to troll or how to use your inner gremlin.

Oh, well that's life.

> _____
[X] Go back to the bar.
[X] Charge towards the presence staring at you.
- [x] Attack with enough strength to knock out a youkai
- [x] Strike a pose

You decide to ignore the totally subtle person who you did not notice at all hiding in the alleyway.

As in you don't mean the one person wearing a trenchcoat and a large hat and glasses in a dark alleyway in the midst of summer.

Those clothes do totally not mix well with the surroundings and do not make them look obvouisly suspicous. Nothing is to be seen here.

Your desire for a nice quenching drink to fuel your spirit before a grand journey is larger than your overall worry of being shanked once you're piss drunk and vulnerable to shankings.

To be honest even if you were shanked nothing much would happen, you've got no money to be stolen from and if this is a hatecrime then it's double pointless since you can't die anyway.

Or maybe...could it be stalking out of love? You are quite the pretty damsel and very mysterouis as well. To have a young lad or lass look at you admirably from afar, too afraid to confess their feelings is not something you consider impossible.

Everyone here knows you as that one pretty girl who lives in the forest, doesn't talk about herself and is somehow friends with someone amazing like Keine.

Or it's an enemy spy working for Kaguya!
The moment you leave town they'll go off to warn their evil princess of your heroic journey, their gates will be raised, their guards will be ready and your journey will become a lot lot harder

You walk towards the bar, and rush towards it's alleyway with your spirit set aflame!

In but a second you've closed the distance and swing your leg at them like a meteor.

The stalker reacts with surprisingly quick reflexes and aims to brace the blow with their hands.

An unknown weapon clashes with your foot and for a single second both of your attempts nuetralize each other. A perfect attack blocked by the perfect defense!

There's no way you can let someone working for her get the better of you!

You're going to defeat this person here and now!

And the reason is...


Because you're the one that's going to kill Kaguya!

Blazing Kick!
: Your feet is aflame by a burning flame! The passionate feelings of your very soul boosts the kick's power and makes you spin around for another kick faster and faster and harder!

The enemy trembles at your flurry of blows, unable to block them all yet persists with their endurance.

"Enough!" you shout and let your foot explode into a fiery tornado that breaks their defense and hits them sqaure in the jaw, the kick smashing straight through the wall and into the bar! It's an instant knockout!

You can hear a girl cry out in fear as you hobble your way back in with your one foot left intact. It's obvouisly the girl working here that's hiding behind the counter "What's happening?!" she cries out.

You just shrug and give her lack luster pose by leaning towards a table and pointing at her like a shonen protag. Be not afraid is your message.

"Why are you pointing at me?! why is someone dead at the floor?! Are you going to hurt me next?!" it does not work and only makes her act more erratic.

"Ugh...nice kick, allright you got me" your foe says rubbing their jaw while seated crosslegged, their disguise has been removed and you can see that they've got large white ears, a boy's cap and yellow clothes adorning them "I give up, you win".

Well, looks like they surrendered and the day is saved. What will you do now?

>Can you guess who this 2hu is? (I bet you can).
Its clearly Mima in cosplay.
A dango menace
A dwarf lopess
A ring-a-ding-ding Ringo
Wtf Ringo I knew you were working for the Lunarians the whole time
- [X] Pick up Ringo or not Ringo by the collar
- [x] Forcefully demand that she reveal who sent her
-- [x] Ignore the whale girl.

You wonder if the girl's real name is Mima and if she is cosplaying. It would be a good disguise if so.

The rabbit just stares blankly at you, before pulling on her ears to showcase that they are real.

Guess that was wrong.

You guess she's Ringo then.

"That's me~" she responds and continues chilling on the floor for some reason "I'm hungryy..." she complains.


You move towards her and pick her up by the neck.
It is a intimidating and valid way to grab someone.

"Choke me harder papa" she says in jest and stares you in the eyes with a smug smile.

You choke her harder.

She stops smiling and says she was joking!

You demand that she reveals who sent her.

She's choking and refuses to tell you. How rude.

The Whale gi-actually you decide to ignore her.

You lower your grip and ask the same question.

The rabbit coughs and says it was Kaguya!
She takes out a letter and gives it you. The letter is supposed to be above confidential (whatever that means) and she was trusted with delivering it due to her amazing infiltration skills.

You think Kaguya mistook her for Seiran.

The Rabbit's ears flop down as she realizes you are right. The smug bun is now a sad bun.

You can hear the noise of footsteps and people talking outside, seems someone finally realized that the bar wall got kicked in by uh not you.

The Rabbit immediatly tries to go for her disguise but cannot move since you are choking her.

You are still ignoring the Whale Girl sucesfully.

What do you do?

Whoops, forgot Mokou has only one leg. Good luck trying to hold someone up by the collar with only one leg to balance on!
Also, add your quest to the story list fgt
[X] Apologise to Ringo for being so rough. Offer to treat her to food
- [x] Ignore whale
- [x] Hobble or not, walk normallyaway with Ringo
[x] Check her disguise yourself petpull the ears - even as an immortal, you can never be too careful

Otherwise, what anon said.
No this is definitely Mima. Only an incredibly powerful magician/evil spirit could pull off a disguise this good.

You let go of the Rabbit's neck with a sigh and give her a small sorry for your rude treatment of her.

The Rabbit rubs her sore throat but gives you a thumbups and says the moon was way harder on her.

You ignore the Whale Girl on a new level, You super ignore her to the point that you are certain that she will never appear again once you leave. Which you should do since a crowd is coming.

You look at the bun, it is still hungry.
You look at yourself, so are you.

Are the two of you perhaps not so different?

You tend your hand to the bun and offer to treat her to food despite having no money on you.

The Rabbit smiles and says this shall be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

You raise an eyebrow at her. Isn't that too fast?

She says she'll be fine with Acquantance then.

The Rabbit puts on her disguise again, somehow this makes her look even more suspicouis than not wearing one at all. But that's not your problem.

You leave with her out of the shop.

And end up outside again, which is no big surprise. What would be a surprise is if you ended up anywhere else but outside but you knew that already.

There are people looking at the alleyway, when they see you walking out the bar with the sus bun they immediatly start to chatter amongst themselves.

You raise an eyebrow at the crowd.

The crowd disperses, most of them leave with a small apology while some look down instead.

You wonder where to get food now. You could go to Keine's home and partake in her fridge.

Or go to a restaurant and eat deluxe food without paying for it.

Midthought the bun asks you while you aren't strugling with balance.

You reply that you can fly and so gravity based rules are purely optional to you.

Speaking of which you consider killing yourself to get your leg back but there are some onlookers right now and you wouldn't want to traumatize some small child by randomly exploding now do you?

Wait never mind, all the kids are at school now.

Anyway you are going to get a nice meal with hopefully a nice drink and enough privacy to read the letter.

What do you do now?


[X] Eat at Keine's house.
[X] Eat at a foodstall
[X] Eat a fancy resto
[X] Read the letter right now.


How do I add my quest to the story list?
Teach me anon senpai!
[X] Eat the letter.
Trees are a kind of vegetable right?

You look at the Rabbit with suspicion, what if she really fooled you all along?

You take your hands and put them on her ears, you pull the ears gently to make sure that they are real.

The Rabbit flinches but doesn't resist. After a few seconds she asks you if you could stop with a pout.

You are not a bunny doctor sadly and cannot tell if these ears are cynbernetics implants, real natural fluffers or the magic of some evil wizard.

You think pulling her ears are a bit fun, but get quickly bored of it and let go.

The Rabbit tells you to ask next time.

Does that mean you can pull her ears anytime now?

She does not answer that question.


(Didn't notice my bad)

You look at the letter it is in an white envollope and has a small ribbon around it.

The letter feels good to the touch, the letter smells nice and so maybe would it taste good as well?

You ponder whether or not to eat it, and decide on giving it a small lick.

Bleh, it tastes like paper!

The Rabbit judges you silently, and tells you that maybe...just maybe. You should READ it and then EAT it if you are that hungry.

Or not eat it at all and eat something else.

(Brb, after 40 mins)
https://www.thp.moe/user would be the link, but since you don't seem to have written a story before you will have to wait for a mod to add your story first. I guess you will have to either join the discord and bug a mod there, or wait warmly.
[X] Raid Keine's fridge and feed the rabbit and yourself
- [x] Read said letter without eating it
[x] Eat at a Foodstall
-[x]Order Rabbit Stew: A stew with rabbit
-[x]Order 'Rabbit Stew': A stew for rabbits
--[x]You don't care who gets what, you're hungry and are fine with either one
File 163761657172.jpg - (131.51KB, 850x850, The Rabbit.jpg) [iqdb]
>>28635 (Eat at a Food stall, Order Rabbit Stew).

You would do that but there two problems with that, one you're piss broke and second, she's a rabbit.
Now normally the former would not be a problem since most people just give you stuff for free once you look at them for long enough. (To this day you don't know why) But food stalls aren't most people.

No, those who work at foodstalls are hardened warriors, creatures capable of standing in one spot for the majority of the day while repeating a specific set of instructions perfectly every time and customer arrives. You read somewhere that doing something twice is the definition of insanity so therefore people who work with such discipline must be crazy. Not only that but they are more used to people trying to bargain if not try to get free food from their stalls due to them not possessing the same safety of having a large building and staff most restaurants have. So, in a twist of fate, it is easier to get free food from a luxury restaurant than even the poorest of foodstall owners.

You have quite the bad memories concerning a specific ramen stand. All you need to say is that by the end of that fight you had broken bones, shattered ribcages and dislodged jaws all while the owner was singing "Let there be love~" and doing some weird moves he called "The Electric Slide and Chimichanga" that were the cause of several of your deaths. Since then, you have made a vow to not mess with the humble food stall. Especially the ramen ones in the South district.

"So, where we munching White girl?" Ringo looks at you with a relaxed expression, her ears are hanging around loosely and her posture is casual. She's already treating you like *one of the hopsters*.

"...You like Rabbit Stew?" You ask whether she would like to eat that, trying not to appear too discomforted by her sudden friendliness since the fact you choked her and kicked her before.

"Hoy mama!" Ringo lets out another cheeky smile as she spits behind her shoulder for some reason
"Haput! Girl, you're crazy horny. We barely me-" and freezes the moment you stare at her "What?"

"Never mind" you start to feel annoyed but push it down and walk back to Keine's house "Follow me".
There might still be food in there, and besides it's the perfect place for a private read and chit chat.

Wait a minute...something funny is being missed here.

.... Chit chat, Rabbit, she’s been sent by Kaguya...! You can ask her where Kaguya is! Actually, wait obviously she's in Eientei but if this girl was sent by Kaguya then she must be trusted by her. And if Kaguya trusts her then that means you can use her! But for what? Hmmm, actually never mind that was a dumb thought.

You make your way back to Keine's house and note that the door was not locked! Quickly you make your way inside and notice that everything is still in its place. Thank God you're lucky. Had Keine's house actually been robbed then Keine would...she would do nothing to you and just be sad. She'd probably say something like "It can't be helped, at least nothing of value was lost right?" while giving you a sad smile and you'd knew deep down that she's just playing brave. And that you should have LOCKED THE DAMN DOOR! You mentally note to actually do it next time you leave the house.

"Hey, hey~ This your crib flame gal?" Ringo whistles at the sight and walks in with her s-!!!

You create small balls of flames around your fingertips and point it at her, don't you dare move!

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! What's the matter?!" Ringo jumps back immediately and takes out a skewer.
You don't know why she took out a skewer of all things and wonder if that was the weapon from earlier cause if so then she blocked your hurricane kick with a cheap piece of wood which is respectable.

But anyway, you point at her shoes and then at the foot matt, she has to clean them before entering.

"Oh..." she puts down her *weapon* and cleans her feet by thumping her feet repeatedly on the ground.

Good, she may enter then. You move towards the kitchen and beckon for her to follow. (You turn off the fire by clenching your fist. Don't want the house to burn).

The kitchen is a kitchen, it has a table, a counter, an oven for cooking and an actual sort of working fridge that Keine calls the *Chilly History Box* where she puts the perishable consumable in. How the heck they do not rot despite their short-lasting time she explained with only a short simple sentence.

"Huh? Oh, I just eat the history of their rotting date to make them forget they are supposed to rot in the first place. Quite simple really~" which doesn't explain anything nor why it has to be in a box!

Anyway, you look into the box and see there's a message on it for you. It's Keine asking you to buy some eggs, flour, bread and potatoes once you wake up since she's running low on stuff, and you've got plenty of time to use anyway. She left some money in some drawer, and you take it out.

Mokou obtained Keine's Grocery Money! (It is exactly the amount needed and a little bit extra).

As for the box itself.... it’s got some leftover chicken from yesterday, a few cans of beer that Keine likes to buy from Kourindou but lets you drink away (You think it's only an excuse to say hi to Rinnosuke but who cares) and finally some unimportant stuff like carrots, broccoli and vegetables. Man, she wasn't kidding when she said she was running low on stuff. "What do you want?" You ask the Rabbit.

The Rabbit does not respond, instead you hear her hum and walk around in the living room. Looks like she did not follow you into the kitchen and went ahead to explore your *Crib* to her leisure.

She sure is shameless acting like this is her home. But so are you

But anyway, you think this might be the prime time to uh...wait no you can't just feed someone leftovers. Not only is that super rude but it's the same as calling them your garbage disposal.

...Unless you were to disguise the leftovers as some other original dish? Just add some veggies and water and stuff and uh you can call it a Chicken Soup. She'll never see through it!

Indeed, or you could just say you've got nothing here and use some of the extra money to go buy some food for the both of you. Then again that's kind of shameless as well since Keine is trusting you with it.

This may be the first dilemma in your recent days, do you use the money to buy groceries for Keine? do you go give the Rabbit a proper meal? Are you going to kill Kaguya? So many decisions!

And you can only choose one! There are three girls! But only one of you!
If you choose one, then the others will be sad! But if you choose none then you're a wimp!
You have to choose one! You have to choose one! You have to choose one! You have to choose one!

Not, you're not really one for cheap drama like that. Anyway, you should choose your next action.

Like let's be honest here, you can literally kill Kaguya whenever you want. You've both got eternity.


The letter itself is rather large so I didn't put it in this update, I will do it in the next one if you choose to read it.
[x] Stop Ringo from snooping around - wouldn't be bothering you if it were YOUR own home
[x] Sure as heck you can feed someone leftovers.
Good enough for me good enough for you
While eating
-[x] Strike up a conversation about why she was sent by Kaguya
-[x] Take the opportunity to read the letter
--[x] Look for a piece of intel you can later taunt Kaguya with

[x] Respecting Keine's expectations (somewhat) get to grocery shopping afterwards

Additionally, for being the expert in pyromancy you are [x]Give Ringo a Chinese burn when she starts with her fake ass 'hopster' slang shiz again.
[x] Stop Ringo from snooping around - wouldn't be bothering you if it were YOUR own home
[x] Sure as heck you can feed someone leftovers.
Good enough for me good enough for you
While eating
-[x] Strike up a conversation about why she was sent by Kaguya
-[x] Take the opportunity to read the letter
--[x] Look for a piece of intel you can later taunt Kaguya with

[x] Respecting Keine's expectations (somewhat) get to grocery shopping afterwards

Wow anon went for the plot option. How suprising, I thought we would be dancing over Ringo's body by now
(On phone rn)


You know what? that's right. This isn't her home so she should get to mess around with Keine's stuff.

You take out the leftovers and put them in some plates then you walk back to the living room and put them on the table. "Food's ready" you say out loud.

The bunny was just about to put her fat bun butt on Keine's Big Comy Couch "Oh, awesome!" but quickly comes over and takes a seat "What's on the menu?"

You just point at the food, it is cold leftover chicken with some potatoes and sauce. It is good enough for you so it also should be good enough for her.

The bun seems a little displeased by it but doesn't say anything other than a request to make it warmer.

You think for a moment and accept it. With a flick of your fingers the food is engulfed in flames. After a few more seconds you remove the flames and the food has been made a lot hotter than prevouisly.

Ringo eyes the burned food with a complicated expression "...Yknow what girl? I can eat later"

You frown at that, you went out of your way to invite her to food and now she doesn't eat it? How rude.

"!!. N-never mind I love chicken! Oooh yeah, I want da yum yum in my tum tum" Ringo changes her mind and starts eating the food as if her life depends on it.

You nod pleased and start digging in as well. The food is nothing special but the fact that Keine made it makes it somehow a bit more appetizing.

"So anyway...Are you going to read that letter now?" The bun asks you with her mouth full of food.

"Is that why you're here?" you ask her back.

She nods yes "Gotta make sure you've read the letter as well my dude, afterwards I'm a free bun bun~".

You decide now is the proper time to read it.

"Dear Mokou,

It is I Kaguya that is using the tool known as the pen alongside the meduim of this humble paper to deliver to you a message that cannot be said face to face.

This is what is known as a letter, if you have somehow managed to read this far then congratulations! I have underestimated your intellect.

But I am not here to praise you for overcoming such a large challenge, your nature as a forest dwelling barbarian is quite irrelevant to what I have to say.

You may have noticed that I've rather been absent from your life these recent days. I apologize for this for I know how important I am to you these days.

Regardless I Kaguya have come to an reveletation: Which I will not share with you, for you would not understand the complexity of my noble mind.

Anyhow I Kaguya have grown bored of you, while I grow in strenght every passing day yours has only declined if not grow stunted due to redundancy.

I am deeply in sorrow because of this, the passion in our battles has dissapeared. What were once amazing clashes between the representatives of the Sun and Moon have been reduced to the brawling of a drunkards lacking any sort of...tension.

I'd say this is goodbye forever but I care far too much to just let you go like that so instead I have made an alternative idea: You need to be killed by other girls.

By the time you are reading this I will have managed to gather seven heroes to work for this cause.

These heroes will be coming for you one at a time at completely random intervals. One could even attack you the moment you read this or the moment you go to buy groceries or any other time of the day.

They will not stop when you are dead, and will instead kill you again after a 5 minute break (This is to prevent a never ending death loop).

The only way for them to stop coming your way is for you to regain your strenght and take my life. I care not how you do it but if you manage to do it then you win.

Of course you have no choice in this, this is all for your greater good in the end and I cannot help but feel giddy in hearing the tales of your suffering.

Obvouisly we are expecting you in Eientei, we've done some major redecorations and our defenses have never been higher so your odds of making it are very very low...which only makes it more fun when you do manage to make your way here anyway.

Personally, I am quite eager for this adventure. I have been unable to sleep even because I am that hyped.

Frankly the thought of someone else making you suffer makes me want to do it again myself.

I want to go to the village, break into Keine's house and stab you with the new sword I bought even.

You are in Keine's house right? I bet you're eating the chicken leftovers with Ringo right about now.

How do I know that? why don't you try looking up? Actually no that won't do anything because I can't actually see you. I just know you that well.

I can kill you whenever and wherever I want.

But I won't...not yet. You need to earn that. If I kill you right now then I'll only become dissapointed.

And the reason is....

Because you're too weak to kill me right now!

Love, Kaguya~"

Ps: Keine won't be coming home today.
and that was the letter, every word was written gracefuly and to the point as if it was a message to an old friend.

The content however is batshit insane.

...Even in text she massively pisses you off!

"So what kind of letter was it?'" Ringo asks done with the food and then sees your face "Oh...Uh, yknow what? I think it's time for me to go-!"

"Sit and shut up. One more slang and I'll burn your lips off" you warn her to not test you right now.

"Okay...how about no?" and she slowly moves from the table so that she can leave the house.

What do you do now?

Wow there is a plot to this? Fuck playing Kaguya's game we're going in.
[X] Knock Ringo out
- [x] Take her clothes, hat and disguise
-- [x] Go to Eientei wearing her disguise

...That's not a bad idea, you don't know who these *heroes* are but neither might they.

Kaguya might just have given them a basic description and picture of you alongside the places you're known to hang out at.

Therefore obtaining an disguise could be a good way to avoid getting assaulted out of nowhere.

That girl's suit...even if it's suspicouis would hide most of your notable features and make it hard for anyone to recognize you unless they get close.

So you'll be taking it from her. You wait for her to expose her back or show any weakness.

She does not show any. "Hey girly, why don't you uh take it easy aye? Ringo's not a fighter but quite the lover! You stay there and let me go and there will be no problems~" and attempts to reason with you. "Look lassy, you've got one nice kick. Masterful even! It's the kind of kick only a master could give! And we wabbits can respect that. I like your moxie kid and think that if you don't seek for trouble with me then we might be become good bun buddies...nice right?"

You don't care much for that, but don't move yet.

The rabbit keeps eyecontact with you while slowly backing away. "Good, now uh I'll see ya later" Soon she'll reach the door.

Guess you'll have to lower her guard if you want an easy knock out. Otherwise you'll get an annoying fight in the middle of Keine's house.

How will you assault this Bun Bun?

[x] Act under the guise of getting ready for grocery shopping, engage stealthy half Nelson Chockehold when her guard is down

I'm not OP and thus not part of the writing of the story but I went and got a bit too invested into rearing a brain-child for long enough for it to become a rebellious brain-adolescent that doesn't fit in with her peers and talks back at me with indignation; I'll present my strokes of utter madness failed parenting genius AS IF they were valid choices written for this post >>28611 and to be voted on regardless

[] Stalker of The Bamboo Forest: Tactical Espionage Action

Mission Directives: Gather Intel on Keine's Situation and see her to safety, Neutralize Kaguya

The situation calls for a calm and collected approach. Bold action is exactly what the enemy expects and could possibly endanger the mission and VIPs.
You'll lay on the down low and analyse the situation in order to get a drop on the enemy and, ultimately, on Kaguya. This approach is especially appealing since it'll rob her of the opportunity of having her assassins get you and even deny Kaguya her great battle with you if you play your cards right.

-[] You'll play into their hands for now; get grocery shopping and let them come to you. You'll be ready for them.
-[] You'll evacuate the vincinity immediately; you're covert now and take shelter in the Bamboo Forest. In there nobody, except for the White Hare of Inaba, knows her way better than you
-[] Write-In
[]You feel like you need some face paint
[] A bandana can serve both as a statement in favor of military fashion and a tourniquet
[] You'll wear an eyepatch not because you want to be a pirate but to keep one eye adjusted to the poor lighting conditions

[] Impossible Fantasy: The Final Request

She "gathered Seven Heroes" that will fight you to increase your strength.
Oh well, that's just dandy.
You'll face her on the terms she created. You'll gather companions and unlikely friends to your righteous cause.
You'll be a force of Good and save your friends from danger.
You'll show her your strength in an ultimate and climactic battle with your companions.
She will see the error of selfishness.
A metaphorical flame ignites in your heart; you carry the will of fire within you!

[] You'll immediately search for Keine. You'd want to be the first to know if she's in danger - you'll also want to be the first to know her safe.
[] You'll go out in search for comrades to aid you in your cause first. You'll be in great need for any helping hand.
[] You feel your hair ought to be spikier
[] You need to wear at least 4 accessory belts
[] Arm yourself with an oddly shaped sword of an unwieldy size
[] Write-In

[]The path of the struggler

No bullshit, no fluff to it; you're going to kill her.
The rules of engagement were simple: anything goes, but nobody else gets involved.
She broke that rule with Keine and now there is hell to pay.

-[]Just March straight in there, kill Kaguya and make her pay. You don't give a single inkling of a damn.
-[]First you'll make sure Keine's not gonna be involved in the crossfire. You're gonna do your damndest to be a thorn in Kaguya's flesh along the way.

[] You don't care
-[]If Keine's not gonna come you don't even have to buy anything for her
-[]You'll shop for some groceries and then you're done with the day
I'm going to go with >>28642's idea.
[X] Stalker of The Bamboo Forest: Tactical Espionage Action

Mission Directives: Gather Intel on Keine's Situation and see her to safety, Neutralize Kaguya
-[x] You'll evacuate the vicinity immediately and take shelter in the Bamboo Forest. In there nobody, except for the White Hare of Inaba, knows her way better than you.
-- [x] Get Ringo's outfit as a disguise.
--- [x] Diplomacy: Ask her for the disguise or else you'll kick her again.

There is no way this plan could go wrong
File 163770482489.jpg - (7.53KB, 304x166, Keine I wil lsave you.jpg) [iqdb]

"Bye, see you later" you pretend to let the girl leave and move casually past her as if you are about to take prepare for the groceries "You know where the exit is, don't you?"

Ringo eyes you for a moment ".... Fhew" before letting out a breath of relief and gives you a smile while putting her hands behind her shoulders "Aye, I knew you had a soft sp-waaaah?!"

Backdrop Finisher!

She does not get to end that sentence, swift as the wind you move yourself behind her. Grab her by the waist and lift her up. Before she can even begin to struggle you've already jumped into the air to turn you both upsides down and slam her head into the ground!

"Uguh!" the girl is stunned by the impact and there is a crack on the floor as well. You quickly get up for another move. You know Youkai can take more than that!

Half Nelson Chokehold!

You jump on top of the stunned bunny and pin her to the ground with your foot around her waist and both of your arms holding both her neck and arm. "Give me your disguise" you demand of the girl lest you show soft of a girl you really are.

Ringo recovers from her dazed form and realizes you attacked her the moment she let her guard down. Her body shivers as she becomes limp "Wwwwaaaaaaahhhh~" and she starts crying a ridiculous number of tears, you can feel her heartbeat going a lot faster in panic.

Wait what? You flinch at her reaction and by reflex tighten the grip on her.

"Wwaaaaogkglaglgnaoigkagao" and she starts choking on your death grip. You do not move for several seconds because you're unable to comprehend her sudden attitude change. First, she acts all cool, then she acts scared of you and now she cries like a baby?

None of it makes sense, you lower your grip again and ask what's the matter.

"Y-you-re so mean! I thought humans were the coolest people ever and that you were a cool human.... but even though I try to become your friend all you do is hurt me!"
The rabbit lost all sense of dignity and continues lightly sobbing and shaking in your arms.
She sounds genuinely saddened by your continued behaviour and perhaps just perhaps...

You feel like you're about to have a moral dilemma, but then you remember you are immune to mental attacks (Clear Mind) and so use your favourite defence mechanism: Facts and Logic.

You press A repeatedly and after the fifth choke attempt or, so the girl is knocked out.

There, now she is no longer crying. You saved yourself some time there.

*Ka-Click! * You hear a small noise outside the window but see nothing once you look out from it, this also makes you realize that having someone unconscious in the living room is a bad idea. So, you drag her KO'd body into the bathroom where you steal her disguise from her.

Mokou obtains a suspicious disguise! (It is a trench coat, some sunglasses, and a detective hat). These clothes are so out of water that anyone who sees these will either assume you’re e a wacky outsider or some drug dealer. But at least that's better than being Mokou right now.

Right...these clothes are a bit tight, and you must roll up your hair a bit into the clothes since what's the point of wearing all this if people can identify you by hair? (There's like 3 or 4 people in Gensokyo with pure white hair like yours, so it'd be a 1/4 chance of! if you do not conceal it)

"Let's get this over with" you say at the end, you've got the disguise. You've got the location. You tied up Ringo and hid her at the bathtub. And you've got a mission to accomplish.

You look at the pictures on the wall one last time, the most recent one is that of the last summer festival. You were invited to attend it with her, and it was a fun time, the food was good, the attractions were decent, and the atmosphere when you were both napping under that tree was the most peaceful and joyful moment you've had in a while.

Of course, Rinnosuke's pet outsider decided to join that exact moment, not that she was NOT invited but still if she wanted to play, she should have joined way sooner.

You pocket the picture of you three and look at the letter one last time.

...Kaguya wrote down she knows Keine would not come home today, whether that's supposed she kidnapped her or some vague menacing prophecy or is simply just a way to bait you into coming for her is something you're not sure off. Even so....

You may not care much for yourself or even other people.

But if someone menaces your friends, then no matter the context...


There's no way you'll forgive them! What Kaguya has said is unforgivable!

Seven heroes there may be, but you're not scared at all. That's simply seven steps you must take before stepping on the princess’s smug face for all her troubles.

Sure, your body has been getting weaker with time, the slightest unnecessary can make your bones crack loudly and your skin chars easily but pain is simply weakness leaving the body.

It's been a while since your last fight as well, but again none of that matters.

Have you not faced larger obstacles before? Have you not surpassed insurmountable odds?

Are you not the one that climbed mount Fuji as a child dying of illness and succeeded in obtaining the elixir? And before that did you not survive three years on your own as a hated demon child? And after that did you not survive years of isolation?

Let no one say that Fujiwara no Mokou can't take a fight.

Whether your foe has the forest, the moon or even all gensokyo on her side...

Whether these heroes are old friends or new foes...

You will not be afraid. You will not give up on a friend. You will not lose to anyone.

Those are all hard facts that cannot be denied, the fight will continue...

As long as the Kaguya inside your heart is still alive!

You sneak your way out of the house (You lock the door this time too), you move between some alleyways to avoid the main streets in the village and realize immediately that that was the right call due to a bunch of girls flying overhead straight to Keine's house.

You make it to the entrance of the village and when the guards stop to interrogate you simply jump on one of their faces and fly off into the fields! Nothing will stop you!

You avoid chatting with fellow travellers on the main path, jump into bushes and crawl in tall grass the moment you see someone you recognize or any sort of bunny and eventually...

You make it to the Bamboo Forest of the lost! (Music Stop).

And you immediately dive for cover again, the place is filled to the brim with bunny patrols just waiting for your presence. They've all got ridiculous amounts of heavy fire on them and seem equipped enough to take down an army of Elephants if need be.

Eventually after some longer skulduggery, you make it deeper into the woods. Further away from Eientei but you know it's a spot where none of the bunnies would look for you.

You stop and pause on top of some large rock, it is round, smooth on the surface and pure white. The area surrounding it is covered in a similar coloured mist and you know all the youkais avoid this place. Whether it's because this spot is sacred or cursed you don't know.

You feel like this is a definite safe spot where you can gather your thoughts and focus on what to do next, hell you can even do nothing and wait for a few hours in the hopes that the people who are looking for you will end up confused by your absence only to strike later!

Guess that counts as meditation too? you don't really care about the spiritual since whatever god or deities are out their ones you will probably outlive anyway.

Eh, you could maybe train here too but honestly how would that work? You feel like doing push ups and tap dances repeatedly won't do much for you. Maybe you should punch the rock over and over? nah that's a joke and you might break your hands if you do that.

By the way your leg has already grown back by this point, while regeneration from death is much quicker and instantaneous. Waiting for it come back costs a lot less stamina.

Anyhow you know where Eientei, you can go there whenever you want. If anything, it might feel a bit too easy, but hell do you know if...there's a shade of someone towering over you.

Someone is hovering above you and your senses did not warn you of them. Either this person has excellent concealment skills, or they were here the whole time.

You grunt in annoyance and ponder your next action.


(I'm honestly fine with anything you anons come up with, throw as many brain childs as you want. Just remember to Kill Kaguya).
Oh shit, now I feel bad for Ringo. Oh well. Aya/Hatate is definitely watching us so...
[X] Call out to her and tell her to come down
- [x] Ask her what's up
(On phone again, grammar errors there may be)


"Show yourself Aya" you say in annoyance as you look up.

Aya's face greets yours with a smile and a came-*FLASH*

A bright light burns your eyes while you curse the Tengu's name. You hear the tengu laugh and you imagine yourself plucking out every feather on her body.

You hear the flapping of wings and her landing in front of you "The honest and noble Aya Shameimaru has arrived!" she announces with a pose. She is wearing the disguise of a human reporter but also has a crow on her shoulder so it feels a bit halfassed.

"What do you want?" you hiss back at her. Knowing that her arrival is never good news.

The crow speaks casually "Nothing much~ Nothing much....Just so you know, I'm here cuz of the thing" she gives you a knowing wink and holds a picture in her hand.

It’s a picture of you being on top of a crying Ringo, and there’s one more picture of you walking down an alleyway with your drugdealer outfit of an disguise. Both together give a very bad image.

"What do you want?" you repeat and demand she gets to the point.

"Fine, I just wanted to ask how you it feels to commit BDSM with a moon bunny inside your best friend's house while a moon princess is waiting for you~" She starts scribling something in a note pad. “Did you enjoy it? how does it feel to NTR two girls at once? It must be juicy~”.

"....." You glare at her, you don't have time for this dumb shit.

"Ah so you don't deny it? In that case could this be a love triangle? Or perhaps...the start of an Immortal's journey to obtain a harem?!" you can tell she doesn't even believe those words but writes it down anyway to make a juicy story "Everyone beware! The Flaming Bamboo Barbarian has grown bored and seeks new thrills: That of conquering the flesh of maidens...

Now she hides in the forest in a loose disguise, stalking, seeking, lurking on the taste of youkai maidens. But will that be enough? Will she not eventually attack everyone as well? Will her thirst not grow with every capture? Will she not amass an army of concubines? Is noone safe from this girl?

I Aya have barely escaped the demon's grip with my amazing speed, but despite all my efforts I was unable to defeat her. This is a new dark age for all the women in Gensokyo!

Hide your children! Hide your wives! Hide your effeminate boys! For Mokou has come to fuck!
Afterwards she stops, awaiting your reaction with a smug look. “Do you think that would make a nice story?”


(Suggestions below cause why not).
[X] Inform her that antagonizing an immortal is a bad idea. You’ll roast her face and her eggs if you want.
[X] Call out her bluff, she could have spread the news already. So what does the damn crow want?
[X] Don't bother talking, just beat the shit out of her. And take her disguise as well.
[X] Tell the dumb broad to stop projecting, if she wants to be tied up she should simply ask.
[X] Call out her bluff, she could have spread the news already. So what does the damn crow want?

Tsk, this day is already getting on your nerves. You give the crow a blank look and tell her that she isn’t fooling you one bit.

“You’ve got an ulterior motive, just say what you want Aya”

The crow stares at you for a few seconds, before chuckling “Ke~Ke~ke. Is that the insight of a thousand year old human? I’m surprised you’re not panicking or annoyed by my taunt.
However, yes, you are quite right. I’m not here for your sex life, I’m here for something else~”
She starts walking theatrically and rubs the wings of her pet crow at the same time.
“See the thing is I believe something is happening at Eientei. The place has been closed for a few days and when I sneaked in, I managed to get glimpses of…things being made. I’m not sure exactly what it was but it looked…” you can see that she’s trying to get a word for it but fails at it “Never mind that but anyway I’m one hundred percent sure that that Moon Princess and her Familiars are planning something. And since they’ve gone out of their way to bring someone to deliver a letter to you and that you directly after reading it went out of your way to rush into hiding….” She stops and waits for you to put two and two together.

“You think I know what’s happening” you make the conclusion for her, and fold your arms together while leaning down against the rock. “And now you’re trying to blackmail me for said info”.

“Exactly!” The crow exclaims and gives you a slow clap of applause “As for how I figured it all ou-“

“I don’t care” you interrupt her and start to close your eyes “I’m not saying nothing bird brain” and you tease her with the nickname, hoping she sees the name as super offensive or even birdist.

“Oh my!” She giggles like an old proot “You sound like a teenager, oh how I remember my-“

“Don’t patronize me” you interrupt her again, for all you care this conversation is over.

This time she is actually surprised “But I’m no-ahem, I’m saying I want that info so-“

“And I’m telling you to read the room” you turn away from her and lean on your arm making yourself aaal comfy on the rock, finally you wave her away with one hand “Shoo, Shoo, go be a headache to someone else” You’ve talked a lot already and that’s enough.
“W-well, come on!” the bird stops an outburst, rubs her chin in concentration and thinks a bit or at least you think she does since you can’t see her. “I’m going to send this new everywhere if you don’t talk” she says immediately “So you better confess it all, or else…you’ll become public enemy number one!” and she waves the pictures she has in her hand…pictures that are pretty flammable.

What do you do now?


[X] Talk so she will leave you alone already.
[X] Continue ignoring her, it will drive her fuming mad.
[X] Get up, crack your knuckles and burn those papers.
[X] that is enough loitering, let’s go….to Kaguya!
[X] Continue ignoring her, it will drive her fuming mad.
[x] Continue ignoring her, it will drive her fuming mad.

Too bad, so sad.
File 163787947968.jpg - (202.52KB, 1280x720, Succesfully ignoring Aya.jpg) [iqdb]
You decide to ignore the tengu crow, what makes her think you care about how other people perceive you? If anything if that makes it so more people avoid you then the better.

Aya doesn’t seem impressed and is just looming over you. “So, what’s your answer?”

You still don’t care and continue making yourself comfy, this rock is not that bad now that you think about it. It’s got uh a very rocky surface, and a rocky feeling but doesn’t hurt your back and is quite warm to the touch. With the chilly mist its warmth is something nice to have.

“Hold on, are you trying to ignore me?” Aya realizes your dastardly plan after a few moments

“Well there’s no way that’s going to work. If anything, I’ll leave and poof the news is everywhere”.
You give her no answer, no snarky retort. Only a pure coincidental yawn comes out.

“Tch, so you really don’t care?” She finally connects the dot and stays quiet for a while; you can hear her hum while her gaze drills into your back “In that case…how about we have a deal?”

Again, you give no answer. Simply enjoying the humble life that is being part of the greater world, you are one with the pebble and the rock is one with you. This is pure harmony. Totally. It’s a nice rock to be on if you say so yourself. Big enough for two people and a picnic kit if you’re into that. Not only that but it’s a zero emission vehicle. So sitting on it won’t harm the environment. This rock is the perfect spot to sit on, you were meant to be here. This is true inner peace.

Or you’re just waiting for the tengu crow to lose a nerve and get angry.

Both are equally valid reason-ow! your body meets dirt, dirt is happy to get a new friend.

“…Ahem!” and the girl actually kicked you off the rock “Come on hear me out! Did you forget what I just said earlier? Surely, I could tell you about some secret passage into Eientei or anything else you want to know. But only for a small price. The best price even! Of just a single interview” she sounds actually annoyed now with you and has been reduced to bargaining “Come on what do you think of that?”

You igno…wait, hmm. If she does know how to get into Eientei without being seen, then you might get a lot closer to the Princess without any trouble in the way right? Or she might not be trustworthy at all and just give you false info or something.

Even so it’s not like you can’t do stuff on your own.

What do you say to that?

[] Accept the offer, have her tell you about these *secret passages* (and something else if you want)
[] Decline, you don’t need anyone’s help. In fact, you’re going to go for Kaguya this instant.
[X] Accept the offer, have her tell you about these *secret passages* (and something else if you want)
Doesn't Aya's ability include something about sound transmission? Could be essential when Mokou winds up taking a stealthy approach.

[x] Accept the offer, have her tell you about these *secret passages* (and something else if you want)
-[x] Keine's whereabouts
-[x] How we look in our (Ringo's) clothes;testing the viability of the disguise
Vote called, and indeed Aya can *listen to the wind* whatever that means.

Combined with her extreme speed and experience in entering places people don't want her to.

She's bassicaly an excellent person for stealth stuff.

Expect the update the moment I wake up.
File 163805019018.jpg - (7.37KB, 206x222, Aya smug.jpg) [iqdb]

You shrug and jump up from the ground. "Fine" and walk towards the Crow Tengu to accept the deal. You'll tell her anything she wants to hear if she helps you get into Eientei via one of these secret passages she speaks off. But if she lies to you, remember that Immortals do not forget grudges.

Her face immediatly grows back a smile of the worst kind, her body language oozes confidence as if you accepting was the only possibility and she'll gladly go along with those terms. Then she rants about how she's the number one infiltrator while holding a hand on your shoulder and is overall a nuisance.

You have half a mind to just tune her out and wait for her to get to business but....


You ask her about Keine whereabouts, she replies she doesn't know where is. And that if you want her to seek that info for her then you'll have to owe her a favour afterwards. You keep that in mind for now.

You show off your disguise and ask for her opinion, Aya looks you up and down before getting a lot closer and sniffing one of your sleeves. Before you can protest she backs off and says that the disguise reeks of Rabbit and is therefore a lot more effective than she'd assume looking like a drug dealer would be.

Finally she gives you an freebie by trying to teach you on how rabbits actually talk and their behavoir. This part is remarkly harder than you thought it would be, but after a few minutes she says it's better than nothing.

Mokou now knows how to act like a rabbit! (You are even less sus now and harder to recognize).

Aya asks you if you're ready now and if so she needs to add in some houserules first.

1-Do not, in any circumstances actually walk or make useluss noise. The moment you make a single sneeze every single rabbit in a large raduis would detect it and report it to their fellow superiors. Be quiet like the night.

2- Do not talk unless she says you can talk, even then obey her every command no matter how ridiculous it might sound at the moment. You frown at her for that one but she INSISTS this might be the difference between life or death, while you find that hard to believe. You won't question it for now.

3- Once you're inside, you're on your own. She won't risk herself any more than she needs to and if you're discovered midway she will not hesitate in abandoning you.

You begrudginly agree to those terms, if it makes killing Kaguya easier then so be it. Even if trusting a tengu even remotely puts a weird feeling of suspense in your back.

Finally Aya shares with you the plan to get inside.

[] You'll enter through one of the secret bunny tunnels they got for the well...buns, they're not guarded at all and though they're small and cramp lead directly into Eientei's storage. The only risk is actually meeting a bun bun.

[] You'll use the sewer system, yes Eientei has actually installed modern toilets and waste disposal. Aya says the rooms are way bigger than they should be but again, rabbits do shit a lot now don't they?

[] You'll boldly enter through the main gate, Aya will simply get you accross that point using a special method many people have used before in the west. Delivering you hidden inside a large cardboard box.

[]....On second thought, the Tengu is not reliable at all. Let's bruteforce the entry on your own.
[X] You'll use the sewer system, yes Eientei has actually installed modern toilets and waste disposal. Aya says the rooms are way bigger than they should be but again, rabbits do shit a lot now don't they?
How does Aya know what the insides of a rabbit's toilet looks like?
File 163810217965.jpg - (42.17KB, 222x180, Aya story time (2).jpg) [iqdb]

>How does Aya know what the insides of a rabbit's toilet looks like? (Optional Dialogue unlocked!)

That’s a good question, and one you actually want to know the answer off. You stop flying after the bird and call out her name. “Hey Aya”

The Tengu quickly turns around and frowns as she does a sssh motion with her hands. “What is it? Be quick about it, someone could overhear” while looking around if anyone could be eavesdropping.

“How do you know how these sewers look like?” you state as you rub your chin “Sounds awfully convenient now doesn’t it?” in suspicion.

“Cause I went in them obviously” Aya’s smile comes back, as if what she said is something amazing “Sure, the rabbits may have some amazing security, but Aya Shameimaru always finds a way in~”.

“Hold on a moment, so you went in the sewers willingly?” you find that hard to believe “The place with the piss-water and rabbit faeces just lurking around in it…weren’t you disgusted by it?”.

“Oh it was quite messy yes! There were mounds of fecal matter just lying around that I had to make my way through. Five or less guards that I had to sneak past and frankly I kind of pity in hindsight since come on having to stand around in a dirt tunnel for an entire work day is not something I’d wish on my worst enemy. Then again the whole place was surprisingly clean, like seriously the ceiling and walls were pure white and one could probably put in 30 people at once in those tunnels too. Even the shit has a street to itself nowadays, truly this is a land of opportunity”. The bird suddenly chatters a lot, as if happy to share the story. “Of course, you’ll soon see it for yourself as well”.

“…So you were okay with it then? You didn’t think it revolting?” you’d make a taunt about it being her natural habitat but you can’t afford to do so right now. After all she might leave you in a offended huff.

“Of course I did, I hated every second of being in there…” She covers her arms around herself and shivers in disgust “Ugh, it was hell. The stench, the feeling of dampness on my clothes...it was terrible.”

“Then why did you go in there? Why not find another way?” you ask her with genuine curiosity. Despite yourself you’re invested in the story now.

“Isn’t it obvious? Because it was worth a scoop!” Aya dramatically spreads her wings and does a pose “I Aya Shameimaru am the world’s greatest reporter, in order to spread the truth to all the residents of Gensokyo! In order to make everyone aware of the secrets of their daily life! I am willing to explore any sort of hell for the information I so desire~ I did it for the greater cause, to follow my dream! Isn’t that something humans do as well?” and looks at you expectantly, as if she's waiting for something.

...Oh! She actually wants an answer out of you.

[] You're still a pissdrinker, dream or not that's disgusting.
[]...Hmm, you guess she's not wrong. If not it's a bit relatable.
[] Whatever, let's just go already. There's no time to waste.

Next update will feature the next location, do wait warmly.
You can also add in your own piece of cent (Aka your opinion) to Aya's philosophy if you want.
Asking Mokou questions about the human experience is like asking a fish how it feels to fly.
Wouldn't be like her to care what people do or think since things will inevitably pass her by.

[x] Don’t know about dreams or thuths. *shrug* All I know is not to dig too deep; things get pretty ugly when you get under people's skin... Or six feet under.
-[x](half-jokingly)You're still a pissdrinker, dream or not that's disgusting.
File 163814069933.jpg - (40.38KB, 197x199, Mokou Shrug.jpg) [iqdb]

“Don’t know about dreams or truths. *shrug* All I know is not to dig too deep; things get pretty ugly when you get under people's skin... Or six feet under.” is your honest reply to that.

“..Hmm” Aya stays silent as she rubs her chin while just looking at you, finally a sigh leaves her “My, that’s a sad thing to hear...You sure are the life of a party~” and lets out a playful chuckle that contradicts her words immediately.

“If it’s so sad then why are you laughing?” you reply to a bit more defensive than you liked to “I’ve got no need for these things, whatever I work to achieve, whatever obstacle stands in my way, they’ll all disappear with the passage of time anyway. So, there’s no point in caring about it. You don’t have that privilege so do know when something is not worth it, or you’ll be dead.”

“I see, I see” Aya fiddles with her notepad, making you instantly regret talking “I’ll keep it in mind, but my oh my are you becoming more interesting by the minute. Not bad for a hobo~.”

“Says the piss drinker of all things” you snark back. “Oh wait…perhaps you’ve gone through worse things as well? Who knew the tengu could act so shameless, how worthy of worship~”

Aya lets out a dignified laugh at that and throws a counter.
“Don’t you have it backwards? If anything, you’re- “

“This conversation is over, let’s continue” you quit the banter and move ahead, you can only talk so much after all.

“H-hey wait up, I’m the one leading the way” Aya quickly follows with a huff, and easily guides you towards the objective.

“Stop, those bushes are moving” And

“No, it’s time to hide in those trees” after some

“Almost there, just stay out of their sight” time.

You both successfully sneak your way past any potential youkai encounters and any rabbit that you could have come crossed across. Mostly by simply flying low to the ground with a ridiculous amount of caution but hey it does work.

Finally, Aya suddenly stops “We’re here” and so do you.
She makes you hide behind a rather large rock where the two of you can peek out from to get a look at said entrance. It's better that way since just walking is foolish and too risky.

Lying at the start of a large riverbed, lies an open round gate of sorts. It is surrounded by a wall made of bricks and the hole itself is large enough for three persons on top of each other to comfortably walk into.

On a better look you can tell that the whole thing kind of appears like a head. Your own to be specific, Is that the joke? That piss and shit comes out of your mouth?

Har, Har, Har, Oh how funny Kaguya. The kind of spite someone would need to make something after you is something you don’t respect regardless of the dedication needed. In fact, this only motivates you to kick her ass three times harder than usual.

Anyway, you think this is the sewer entrance Aya spoke off. But for a secret passage it sure seems like an obvious way to break in. You swear to God that if this is a trap, something will burn.

(Keep an eye on the guards) Aya points out in sign language because now you’re too deep into territory and so the slightest sound could be perceived by the enemy. Which is unfair.

Anyhow there are indeed two white bunny maidens dressed like soldiers sitting next to the river. Side by side as they partake in a casual luncheon. Their rifles and helmets are put away just one foot away from them while they casually chatter about stuff.

They are just a few feet away from your position, if you could rush towards to instantly knock them out then you could easily subdue the other before it has a chance to cry out for rei-Aya holds your shoulder and motions no, no.

The reason for which becomes apparent all too soon, a surge of water suddenly bursts out of the sewer entrance like a wild tempest before carrying whatever it holds further away by the river. The rabbits are undisturbed by this so it must be normal.

“Aw, these squalls are so unnerving every time…” one bun bun complains as she takes a bite out of a carrot.

“Word, if she keeps this up then the river might get flooded”

“Wait are you for real? Then why does she get to do that?”

“Dunno, but the boss said we ought to respect our special guest. If anything, it’ll make dealing with the Fujiwara easier”.

“Oh yeah, she’s coming for the princess, isn’t she? How much longer until she arrives by the way? I want my break already!”

“Oi stop whining son!” Generic Bun Guard slaps the other one at the back of the head, then continues “And to answer that question I don’t know. Reports say she should still be at the village for now”

“Merde…Who would win though? If she managed to get all the way to the princess I mean?” the junior asks.

“Obviously it’d be the princess and the reason is…! Get back!” The bun grabs the other bun and jumps back immediately from an even fiercer wave of water that even gets to the sideliners of the riverbed. It’s like mini tsunamis are being thrown around.
“Kid are you all, right? Heavens was that a spooky one”.

The junior is unharmed “Y-yeah, maybe we should take a larger distance from it” and she gets up “Also thanks for the save”.

“No problem kid” Both of them get up, pick up their rifles and step some further feet away from the entrance before standing next to each other with their backs to one another to avoid any blind spots…dammit they’re sawy! “Now stay focused and remember: Don’t go off investigating any suspicious noises. Don’t fall asleep mi job, don’t pick up thrown items from the floor and never….and I mean never! Dismiss a suspicious sighting as your imagination. Report everything always”.

Well great, the guards have an excellent view of the entrance. Don’t have any obvious blind spots and have a decent intellect, sneaking into the hole is going to be difficult.

Aya taps your shoulder again and then makes a gesture of pointing at your clothes and then twiddling her thumbs as if they’re walking before pointing at the guards again.

Wait she wants you to distract the guards? That’s crazy! And might even immensely backfire, not to forget there’s no way you’d trust her into having your back like that.

Aya just looks at you with a deadpan look as if to say *Do you know anything better?* and that’s a dumb question.

Because of course you have a better idea.


[] Can’t be caught if the guards are unconscious.
[] Have Aya be the distraction instead, that’s much better.
[] Just go along with Aya’s plan, just do it for now.
[X] Have Aya be the distraction instead, that’s much better.
Aya is made for BBC. Big Belligerent Chaos
File 163821753334.jpg - (7.47KB, 204x246, Aya Salesman.jpg) [iqdb]
It’s indeed better if she does the distraction instead, that way you can easily make your way into the sewers while being certain that no backstabbing will occur. It is the safest option.

Aya silently shrugs at your decision and gets up. Literally casually walking out of the hiding spot while waving her hands towards the rabbits, “How do you do fine gals?” She approaches them with a southern merchant accent.

Both immediately pull their weapons on her “Don’t move! This is private territory, leave at once or we’ll have to use neutralizing fire” The senior says to her as she continues walking towards them.

“Whoa there!” Aya raises her hands up, still not stopping her walk as the rabbit’s gazes follow her steps. She stopped getting closer to them but is making sure they’re not watching you. “What’s the deal here? All I was going to do is give you lads the offer of your lives!” and she pouts at them.

The younger one is about to shoot her but the older one stops them “It’s not worth it” and tells them to get ready for any trouble before walking towards Aya gun still loaded “Go away already”.

She warns the disguised Tengu, not trigger-happy but still rightfully cautious of her.

“Tell me sirette, have you heard about the dangers of *Gaseous Bioxide*?” Aya chats away.

“Bio wha- “and the rabbit interrupted by her. Leaving them no chance.

“That stuff’s EVERYWHERE” She stretches her arms wide “It gets in the ground and the trees eat it all up. It messes them up so much that they start making MORE of it. Crazy right?” Aya Ayas away.

“Look, lady. You need to go sell your product else- “

“It’s like a POISON, but luckily there’s a CURE” Aya continues dominating the conversation, and she takes out a vial “*Low Carb Oxygen*, the perfect way to combat Gaseous Bioxide Contamination”.

“Poiso-, low carb wha—CONTAMINATION?”

“Ayup, Over 99% of people who breathe it die in just a matter of years!
You said you have a son right?”

“No I didn’t, and in fact you sh- “

“Think about your future son then, he’s got a whole life ahead of her.
She’ll want to become an athlete or something cool like that I’m sure of it. But athletes like your son are especially vulnerable. All that physically extraneous activity just makes their body use up more air, forcing them to take in more Gaseous Bioxide in the process.” Tears come in the Tengu’s eyes as if she’s about to cry from a tragedy “Sniff, your poor baby girl will die before you how sad! No parent should outlive their child, all that love, all that care taken away by Gaseous Bioxide! How terrible!”
She shoves the vial into the rabbit’s hands “Here’s a deal, I’ll give you a 20% discount on this bottle right here. And I’ll even tell you more about that. Think about all the good that’ll come out of it!”.

The poor rabbit looks absolutely confused “I, uh,I. I suppose I can be never too safe” and accepts.

Aya puts one hand on their shoulder and gives a heart-warming smile “You are a great mother, looking after your daughter like that.” And continues the rant while both buns are distracted.

…Well, she achieved the effect, all that’s left is to enter the tunnel and ditch her.

She’s off no more use to you after this now, isn’t she? Besides if she really wants to then she can just keep up with you. You slowly float closer to the Sewer Entrance and pinch your nose in disgust. It already reeks of rabbit filth from this distance, imagine how much more revolting it will be inside.

You make your way into the sewer tunnel; you don’t even need to crouch or puddle in the water due to how big the hole is. Instead, you just mindlessly fly forwards. The walls aren’t white at all now and so perhaps the place is cleaner deeper inside? You wonder about the logic behind that.

Finally, you see a rat move past you as if it’s running out of the tunnel. Followed by another three or so but again that’s not much of a problem now is it. After a while you see a split in the road.

The sewer seems to have two paths now, left, or right. You don’t know where either will lead but you’re certain that one of them will be the right way. If anything, the absence of guards shows that…wait does water rush out of one of these maybe? You’re not sure but you’d rather not be splashed by piss water if possible. Even less drown in it. Don’t underestimate water waves.

Anyhow, that’s another decision you must make. Or you could just wait for Aya.

…Though that could be tiresome, you’ve already seen what she’s like.

[] Head left, cause why not.
[] Head right, it’s the right direction.
[] Wait for Aya to catch up.
Because of course you have a better idea.

[x] Discreetly Light up a cigarette bud/embers of an abandoned campfire remotely with pyrokinesis near a conveniently placed inflammable object and while a convenient breeze blows that fans the flames ever so slightly that they can't be ignored.
-[x]What good turn of events the bunny guards are here to extinguish the fire before the bamboo forest is set aflame.
If the two guards are clever enough to not leave both to deal with the fire [X] Have Aya be the ham up the her part of the distraction instead.
Here I go, not refreshing the page before posting making a fool out of myself. >>28662

Didn't she say she's not going to be along for the ride once we're inside? Apparently she meant once we were in Eientei proper, then.

Anyways in that case [x] Wait for Aya to catch up.
[x] Look for a ditch, a hole or whatever else useful to hide in. To keep aways from guards and to be save from the surges of water.
File 16382187238.png - (163.45KB, 297x385, Mokou facepalm.png) [iqdb]

You realize just moments after the ordeal that that would have been a wonderful idea.

You grunt with a facepalm as you committed same blunder as that of realizing days later that someone's joke wasn't a joke but a genuine attempt at flirting or what have you. Or the way someone enters a room only to forget why they entered it.

You keep in mind to be more mindful of anon next time

You do keep the convenient breeze and convenient fire in mind, that could be an excellent distraction. Even if fire is your whole deal it's a large bunch of bullocks to assume that just cause something is on fire that you're the cause of it.

The two tunnels still lie before you, then again it's not like tunnels can move.

Or can they?

No they cannot.


[] Head left, cause why not.
[] Head right, it’s the right direction.
[] Wait for Aya to catch up.
Oof, commited the same blunder here.

Update in just a second.

And yeah you still owe her an interview once you're in.

Afterwards you're on your own.
File 163822077921.jpg - (32.97KB, 600x604, Kaguya is laughing.jpg) [iqdb]

[x] Wait for Aya to catch up.
[x] Look for a ditch, a hole or whatever else useful to hide in. To keep away from guards and to be save from the surges of water.

You decide to wait for the Journalist Tengu, one’s opinion of others aside you did make a deal with her and a Fujiwara is not one to break promises…hence you make them rarely.

Indecision on which tunnel to take may be a factor too but oh well.
You think some more about where one could find a ditch or a hole or like anything to avoid the deadly surges of water.

Maybe the guards too but you doubt anyone would willingly stay in a place filled with danger like that, Nada no sane person would hide inside the sewers in that condition. You know Kaguya well enough to know she wouldn’t force her cattle to be exposed to such danger.

Perhaps Aya’s info is outdated? She didn’t mention when the last time was, she entered the place after all, perhaps on purpose even.

Ah, but now isn’t the time to suspect her. Now is the look for useful stuff to pass the time time. And you find nothing of use.

There is water beneath you, there is a large amount of ceiling above you. There are stone walls to your right and left and the whole place is big enough to have multiple people walking at once in it.

Unless the waves become like su-wait they are big yeah…Hmm, how would you avoid them then?

Make a wall into the wall by kicking them?
Just evaporate the water with intense firepower as it passes by?
Or just have Aya gust them away or whatever?

Whatever, you’ll figure it out.

You instinctively duck to avoid a pair of hands trying to cover between your eyes. Looks like Aya’s back and with that pout on her face she clearly wanted to pull a “Guess who?” on you.

Too bad, your senses are too sharp to be hit by cheap shots.

You point at the passages behind you, “Which one do we take?”.

Aya answers with zero hesitation “The right path, it’s the right direction after all~” and you have half a mind to doubt it but fine.

Both of you fly deeper into the sewer and notice that the walls become more distant and indeed a bit cleaner as you go along.

Finally, the tunnel is no longer a tunnel but more like a…large enough to be a football field basically, the walls have become white and less old looking. Guess they couldn’t make the entire tunnel big after all.

“Overestimating one’s budget is a mistake many make” Aya comments on that matter.
“Why are there are giant wooden crates here?” you ask the real question instead as you notice that the whole place is adorned with floating large shipping contains, they are all stacked a few distances away from each other but each one is big enough to count as a wall to hide against…. God dammit Kaguya, this is a toy trap of sorts.

*If you want to make it past here, then let’s see if you can make it in time from crate to crate lest the water swallows you up Ohohohho! *
Would be her words, and once more the urge to strangle her appears.

“Hey” Aya pokes you in the rib “What is that?” and points at something. Said something being floating devices with one eye each adorning the walls at specific angles…they’re moving cameras.

Again “God dammit Kaguya…this place is booby trapped to the core”.

“Hey, take it easy, it’s not like things can get an- “and here we go.
You can hear water rushing from beyond and can see it yourself. It’s a large wave of water coming from end of the room (It’s source still unknown) to the other, every inch of the room is covered by it as quickly but certainly comes your way. You don’t want to be hit by that.

Kaguya wants you to use the wooden containers as hiding spot for the water, but if you do so then the cameras will see you. But if you don’t then the water will drag you all the way out of the sewer. But if you destroy the cameras then it obviously was you now, wasn’t it?

What’s your response to Kaguya’s attempted railroading?


[] Just go along with it, you got no idea against that.
File 163822451145.jpg - (447.37KB, 1085x1657, IMG_20211129_225746.jpg) [iqdb]
Pic is how I picture this puzzle looking like. If I got it conceptualized incorrectly let me know.

I imagine turning of the cams so they don't face us is out of the question.
Also neither Mokou nor Aya have OctoCamo I assume.

First idea was complete self immolation to avoid being flushed away, but that'd be ludicrous to repeat it every time the water surges and it wouldn't help Aya.
Could be viable if Mokou could manipulate her 'respawn' location, but that's begging the question whether that's possible in the first place.

My second and likely more viable idea would be to create a fog either by vaporizing the water (or setting a world record on smoking). Thanks to subtle wind manipulation Smokou wouldn't even need to create a fog that would span the whole area; instead small pockets of fog could be placed by Aya in such a way both of them stay hidden.
Even assuming the camera's aren't simple video cams and but heat detecting ones (that'd be very devilish), a good hot steam should mask both of their appearances (don't quote me on that, I'm spitballing here).

Or we could just Fujiwara volcano kick through the torrent of water and get in with a bang.

Unless I got the whole thing conceptualized incorrectly or someone got something better I'm going with
[x] Smokou Steam Stealth
The picture of the puzzle is correct indeed.

For the respawn point, I'd say since she can recover from even a single strand of hair. She would be able to come back to life at either the spot where she died or via a body part if the former would lead into a never ending death loop such as being crushed by a large rock. (So the immolation would not work).

You also don't have Octo Camos.

But the Smoke idea is a very good one and would definitly work, same for the volcano kick.

You've got it conceptualized very well. Good Job Anon.
[x] Smokou Steam Stealth
Sounds like a plan, but we should tell Aya what we intend to do and tell her to book it as soon as the steam rises up
An epiphany and quick Google search to confirm later...

"A mirage is an image that is distorted by the atmosphere so that its form and location can look very different from the actual object. It is caused by the way light bends as it passes through layers of air of different temperatures."

Upgrade of my initial plan >>28667; mirage camo instead of steam camo
[x] Smokou Steam StealthMagical Mokou's Mirages
Anothet vote for [x]Magical Mokou's Mirages

So if I understand correctly, you'll use fire to vaporize the water for passage and mirages to get past the cameras?

Just confirming to be sure, and afterwards the update will come.
I was thinking of immediately setting up the camo at the safe places and I was referring steaming up the water on the floor as described at
"There is water beneath you, there is a large amount of ceiling above you. There are stone walls to your right and left and the whole place is big enough to have multiple people walking at once in it."

Should it not be possible to create the camo quickly enough, I'm gonna go with vaporizing the surge with Aya's help (making sure to not be too noticeable) - imagine a bubble of air underwater like in Avatar the last Airbender - and setting up the camo after to pass by the cameras.

Ah then yeah that works fine.

Update will come as soon as I'm able.
The waves are getting closer, time is running out and Kaguya is most likely laughing in the background due to the belief that she has beaten you 30 steps ahead in some mental chess.

Except she forgot one thing: Just because she knows you that doesn’t mean she knows everything.

For you’ve got a secret trick, if not the perfect counter to this situation. Now to hope that it’ll work.

You tell Aya to back off as you focus, the surge of your resolve creates flickering flames that swirl around your body like a symphony of crimson colors. You focus the heat on your surroundings and your image swiftly distorts into being the same as your surroundings. It’s almost like you are invisible, except you’re also covered in an intense heat so it won’t fool the cams if they have heat detection…even so trying this out is better than nothing as you swiftly move to a wooden safe spot!

You move just in time as the large wave rushes forth, the wooden barrier is overwhelmed by the intense waves that splash against it but does not budge as the water continues to simply move across. You make sure not to actually touch the wood lest you leave a burn mark by which the cameras or the person watching the cameras can see that you did pass through this way which would make the whole mirage thing redundant. You calmly and patiently wait, with no sign of panic or unnecessary noise as the camera nearby you points your way and…does not detect you. Your Plan worked!

You internally smile at that, you fooled the system and the water wave finally ceases. You continue moving past each safe-wait that’s no longer needed. You simply move past the room and further into the football field hallway, once there’s no more obstacles and cameras you stop and look back.
You feel like you forg-“Looking for me?” Aya says as she appears like a blink out of nowhere.

Well, looks like she made her way as well, you continue onward the path which for some reason
seems to have no more obstacles nor these mountain philistine piles of excrements Aya talked about, were they perhaps washed away as well? If so that’s rather convenien-

“Hold on a moment!” The tengu reappears in front of you with her arms crossed.

“What is it?” you say as you fly past her anyway, if she wants to talk it better be important.

“Aren’t you going to ask me how I made my way past?” oh, so she wants an excuse to boast…

“If I say no, will you keep it a mystery?” but you’re not here to indulge her or Kaguya or anyone else.

“I’ll explain anyway, you see I used my super speed t-“

You ignore her rambling and decide that the best thing to do is give her uncommitted nods, uhuh, Is that so’s and overall give her the impression that you’re pa-“Your clothes are on fire by the way” oh.

You look at your disguise, the hat on your head has been turned into ashes, while the trench coat has melted onto your other clothes due to being made of part leather. The sizzling of your skin is mildly uncomfy and starts to give off a nasty smell. After some struggling you put all the fires out.

And throw away your disguise, revealing your normal clothes in their splendor! (Disguise lost!).

“Showoff…” Aya doesn’t seem impressed and keeps her own but honestly who cares about that.

The path ahead shows more occasional turns to the left and right, with Aya’s aid she guides you throughout the almost labyrinth layout while you simply smash through many water waves that come your way, after some time the waves finally stop for some reason while at other times you swear you saw something move in the water only for it to nothing. The Tengu however keeps talking the whole time and finally motions you to stop.

You do so, “What’s the matter?” you ask.

“This is the end of the line” Aya says as she points at one last corridor leading to a room. “Once you’ve gone past that room, you can climb up a ladder and you’ll have made it into the Washroom Basement. Sneak past those rooms and you can then head upwards to the Cafeteria (And thus go outside via a door or window or) via the Elevator (Go deeper into Eientei), except not cause you’ll need a keycard to use it and even then the odd of someone walking in is too high.” She’s suddenly serious so you don’t interrupt “Security is going to get a hell lot higher from here on, so this is the part where you and I will be separating since right now we are beneath Eientei like promised.”

She takes out her pen and notepad and faces you with a smile “So now it’s time for an interview~”.

She wants to know everything you know about this whole affair, why are you hiding in the Bamboo Forest? Why are you trying to sneak into Eientei? What kind of thing is happening right now?

How will you respond? (Will you tell everything? Will you omit some stuff? Some questions you want to ask? Etc)

>Right now? In a sewer? With surges of water? Just below Eientei?
>Tell you what, how about once this blows over, we'll meet at my place or wherever. I'll even put up a pot of tea as a bonus.
>Right now? In a sewer? With surges of water? Just below Eientei?
>Tell you what, how about once this blows over, we'll meet at my place or wherever. I'll even put up a pot of tea as a bonus.
>And if you leave right now, I'll bring Kaguya along to be interviewed too
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