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File 163753011415.jpg - (155.47KB, 1000x1067, I wanna murder Kaguya.jpg)
I wanna murder Kaguya
Yello folks, let's play a simple CYOA Game where the main goal is to murder Kaguya.

Naturally you'll be playing as the one and only Fujiwara no Mokou.
Your most hated rival has not attacked you for several weeks now and you've started to grown bored of the novelty of not dying every day cause come on what else are you going to do anyway?

Thus, you are determined to make your way through the Bamboo Forest, The House of Eternity and anything that stands in your way of hurricane falcon kicking Kaguya into the milky way! Let this adventure commence at once!

But let's be clear on one thing first: You cannot die and have the amazing powers of pyrokinesis (Aka you can control fire). However as if by pure irony you are not immune to fire itself, cannot put out any outside sources that catch on fire and continuous exposure to it will damage your body if not turn it to ashes. Of course, you can just recover from this by reviving but I want to make sure that you won't feel cheaped out from having your arm fall off after 3 falcons punching in a row or think you can set a house on fire only to go "I'll use my ability to easily put it out". Just making sure we are on the same page here.

Also, this is not related in any way to platform games with similar names, I just did not think of a better title so don't expect that kind of raging slash trolling nonsense from me.

Finally, the choices I give are just personal suggestions, so write ins are allowed. If you manage to come up with something clever or out of the box I won't simply go "No, that's dumb" or something.

And for the final final time: Killing Kaguya is your win condition, succeed and you win!

Blessed be your firebird soul Anon!

You are Mokou, forest guide extra-ordinaire, heroine of justice and serial princess Killer.
Also adored by most children and bun buns but that's not important.

It's a beautiful summer morning, well summer is just about to end and up till now you have not heard a single peep from your most hated rival. How droll. You've not died even once so far. How double droll.

Well, that's all about to change, for you've come to an epiphany. If Kaguya does not come to you then you simply must come to her instead. Indeed, today shall be the day that you kill Kaguya!

You are right now inside your humble shack, except not. Someone destroyed it yesterday.
You've got no idea who did it since the claw marks on the on the broken parts could be anyone's.
Even so you keep up a mental note to beat up any youkai with sharp claws that you meet...which is a redundant statement since

Instead, you are currently seated on Keine's big couch, inside Keine's living room which as if by miracle inside the house that Keine herself resides in. She lets you sleep over whenever you feel like it and is one of the few people you can call a friend these days. Currently she's off teaching the children at the village so you're home alone and free to leave whenever. Just be sure to lock the door before you go.

Keine's house has 3 rooms, the living room which you are in, the kitchen, the bedroom and finally the bathroom...hold on that makes more than 3. It's an honest mistake.

Anyway, you are on a big comfy couch, other than that there is one less comfy couch, some drawers and a cloth dresser, some pictures on a wall of you and Keine and some other people. An old clock that indicates it's 8 am right now, and finally the doors to the other rooms and the exit itself.

You posses the clothes on your body, the organs inside your body, an infinite number of red ribbons whose origin you should not question (neither they or your clothes can burn), a wallet with no money and finally the spare key of Keine's house.

You are immensely bored and have grown quite tired of just lazing around and chatting with people in and out the village. Other than that, you are quite healthy now and feel rather refreshed.

But you won't be bored soon, and the reason is....

You leap off the chair from your prone from with an amazing backflip like it's nothing.

Because you're the one that's going to kill Kaguya!

[X] Let's do this, leave the house, and embrace the dark frightening outside world.
[X] Grab a bite to eat first, you can't kill anyone on an empty stomach.
[X] Take a nap, wait till nightfall. No one expects you to hunt during that time.
[X] Screw all of this, head to the bar and increase your never-ending ending tab for a drink.
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Oof, just noticed some of the text did not follow through.

Odd, but I won't be discouraged. I'll use the preview thing next time to avoid such a basic mistake.
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[x] jump in the lake
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[x] Screw all of this, head to the bar and increase your never-ending ending tab for a drink.

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[x] Screw all of this, head to the bar and increase your never-ending ending tab for a drink
Its a tactical drink. The more alcohol you have in you, the more flammable you become.
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File 163753555079.jpg - (40.56KB, 392x371, Drink.jpg)

You feel the inexplicable urge to go dive into a lake. Sadly there are none in the current vicinity.

So instead you head to the bathroom and pretend the bathtub is the lake instead. With your firepower and Keine's rubber ducky your bathing experience warms both your heart and body as all of your worries and sins are washed by the imaginary lake.

You feel clean and refreshed, this gives you the smell and look of someone who cares about their appearance and less like a fire hobo.

Mokou obtains Self-care!

Having enjoyed this a lot you take the rubber ducky as a memento of this moment.

Mokou obtains a rubber ducky!


You decide that after being refreshed in the body your mind deserves to take a dive as well. Spefically the part of your mind that thinks about Kaguya, you won't give her the privilege of being in there and drowning said Kaguya with copouis amounts of alcohol is certainly one way to pass the time.

But you've got none in the house and so it is time to go out of it, you use the key on the door and step out.

There's a dazling bright sun glaring down at you from above. The sky is perfectly blue, cloudless and without a wind to feel. It is humid, warm and uncomfortable. You're reminded at once why you usually feel cranky in the morning and start to feel crankier as a result.

Mokou has obtained crankyness!

Anyway you make your way past the streets. As you walk through them you note that it is quiet and peaceful since everyone else is either at work or at school or overall is already where they are supposed to be.

You're not sure but either way this is way better than a maelstrom of activity and oh godwhatdoyouwant right now and that's good enough.

You make it to the Bar, also known as the shut up and give me my booze place. It is open.

Good, you walk to the door and make your way in.

"Welcome to Geidontei!" a girl with a large fish on her head welcomes you with cheer, she however has her back turned to you and seems busy with something.

You stay quiet and walk to the counter, before knocking on it to gain her attention.

"Ah sorry, just a second" the girl apologizes and turns around "So how can I hel-" and the moment she sees you all colour drains from her face "Oh...it's you".

You raise a single eyebrow, offended.

"Wait no, I'm sorry!" the girl starts bowing profusely
"I didn't mean to imply you're not welcome!"

You lower the single eyebrow, satisfied.

The girl however still seems stiff and uncomfortable by your presence and is right to feel that way since you haven't paid a single drink for like ever since you can remember, then again no one ever asked you to pay for it. You don't really care to find out.

You stare at the girl with a bored expression.

The girl avoids your eyecontact and starts fidgeting in place, but finally realizes what you want and picks up a menu and gives it to you. "S-so what's your order maam? I meant miss! no uh whichever you prefer..."

[X] A light drink, something for on the road.
[X] The strongest stuff she got.
[X] You want her to smile
[X] Leave bar, you shall be drunk later.
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[X] Leave bar, you shall be drunk later.
It was then that he had a devious idea
- A devilishly devious idea
- - A deviously devilish plan
- - - A right wicked scheme
- - - - He'll do a little trolling
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You think about what to order, and decide on nothing.

You will need every braincell to defeat Kaguya after all, the drinking can come once you have won.

Kaguya...her very name makes you feel annoyed.

The girl seems to think your annoyance is her fault and starts fidgeting even more in place. She's almost like a gazelle trying to stand in front of a lion.

...Are you that detestable? you leave the place midly confused but overall indifferent to the experience.

Behold you are outside once more. The great outdoors beckons to adventure and stuff like that.

You guess you could go down the street and head to the schoolgrounds but on second thought you're a lone woman living in the forest and hanging around preschools of weekends will only fuel terrible rumours about you. Though Keine could be there.

Or you could head out to the gate of the village and head off towards the path to the Bamboo Forest.
Your hated foe awaits you in that direction.

Or you could head back and squat in Keine's house.
Her nice is a cool place to chill at.

Also someone's been following you the moment you left the house, you can sense their gaze from an dark alleyway nearby. But eh, it can't be that important.

You also feel a little bit trollish, but you're not what on who to troll or how to use your inner gremlin.

Oh, well that's life.

> _____
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[X] Go back to the bar.
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[X] Charge towards the presence staring at you.
- [x] Attack with enough strength to knock out a youkai
- [x] Strike a pose
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You decide to ignore the totally subtle person who you did not notice at all hiding in the alleyway.

As in you don't mean the one person wearing a trenchcoat and a large hat and glasses in a dark alleyway in the midst of summer.

Those clothes do totally not mix well with the surroundings and do not make them look obvouisly suspicous. Nothing is to be seen here.

Your desire for a nice quenching drink to fuel your spirit before a grand journey is larger than your overall worry of being shanked once you're piss drunk and vulnerable to shankings.

To be honest even if you were shanked nothing much would happen, you've got no money to be stolen from and if this is a hatecrime then it's double pointless since you can't die anyway.

Or maybe...could it be stalking out of love? You are quite the pretty damsel and very mysterouis as well. To have a young lad or lass look at you admirably from afar, too afraid to confess their feelings is not something you consider impossible.

Everyone here knows you as that one pretty girl who lives in the forest, doesn't talk about herself and is somehow friends with someone amazing like Keine.

Or it's an enemy spy working for Kaguya!
The moment you leave town they'll go off to warn their evil princess of your heroic journey, their gates will be raised, their guards will be ready and your journey will become a lot lot harder

You walk towards the bar, and rush towards it's alleyway with your spirit set aflame!

In but a second you've closed the distance and swing your leg at them like a meteor.

The stalker reacts with surprisingly quick reflexes and aims to brace the blow with their hands.

An unknown weapon clashes with your foot and for a single second both of your attempts nuetralize each other. A perfect attack blocked by the perfect defense!

There's no way you can let someone working for her get the better of you!

You're going to defeat this person here and now!

And the reason is...


Because you're the one that's going to kill Kaguya!

Blazing Kick!
: Your feet is aflame by a burning flame! The passionate feelings of your very soul boosts the kick's power and makes you spin around for another kick faster and faster and harder!

The enemy trembles at your flurry of blows, unable to block them all yet persists with their endurance.

"Enough!" you shout and let your foot explode into a fiery tornado that breaks their defense and hits them sqaure in the jaw, the kick smashing straight through the wall and into the bar! It's an instant knockout!

You can hear a girl cry out in fear as you hobble your way back in with your one foot left intact. It's obvouisly the girl working here that's hiding behind the counter "What's happening?!" she cries out.

You just shrug and give her lack luster pose by leaning towards a table and pointing at her like a shonen protag. Be not afraid is your message.

"Why are you pointing at me?! why is someone dead at the floor?! Are you going to hurt me next?!" it does not work and only makes her act more erratic.

"Ugh...nice kick, allright you got me" your foe says rubbing their jaw while seated crosslegged, their disguise has been removed and you can see that they've got large white ears, a boy's cap and yellow clothes adorning them "I give up, you win".

Well, looks like they surrendered and the day is saved. What will you do now?

>Can you guess who this 2hu is? (I bet you can).
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Its clearly Mima in cosplay.
Delete Post
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A dango menace
A dwarf lopess
A ring-a-ding-ding Ringo
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Wtf Ringo I knew you were working for the Lunarians the whole time
- [X] Pick up Ringo or not Ringo by the collar
- [x] Forcefully demand that she reveal who sent her
-- [x] Ignore the whale girl.
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You wonder if the girl's real name is Mima and if she is cosplaying. It would be a good disguise if so.

The rabbit just stares blankly at you, before pulling on her ears to showcase that they are real.

Guess that was wrong.

You guess she's Ringo then.

"That's me~" she responds and continues chilling on the floor for some reason "I'm hungryy..." she complains.


You move towards her and pick her up by the neck.
It is a intimidating and valid way to grab someone.

"Choke me harder papa" she says in jest and stares you in the eyes with a smug smile.

You choke her harder.

She stops smiling and says she was joking!

You demand that she reveals who sent her.

She's choking and refuses to tell you. How rude.

The Whale gi-actually you decide to ignore her.

You lower your grip and ask the same question.

The rabbit coughs and says it was Kaguya!
She takes out a letter and gives it you. The letter is supposed to be above confidential (whatever that means) and she was trusted with delivering it due to her amazing infiltration skills.

You think Kaguya mistook her for Seiran.

The Rabbit's ears flop down as she realizes you are right. The smug bun is now a sad bun.

You can hear the noise of footsteps and people talking outside, seems someone finally realized that the bar wall got kicked in by uh not you.

The Rabbit immediatly tries to go for her disguise but cannot move since you are choking her.

You are still ignoring the Whale Girl sucesfully.

What do you do?

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Whoops, forgot Mokou has only one leg. Good luck trying to hold someone up by the collar with only one leg to balance on!
Also, add your quest to the story list fgt
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[X] Apologise to Ringo for being so rough. Offer to treat her to food
- [x] Ignore whale
- [x] Hobble or not, walk normallyaway with Ringo
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[x] Check her disguise yourself petpull the ears - even as an immortal, you can never be too careful

Otherwise, what anon said.
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No this is definitely Mima. Only an incredibly powerful magician/evil spirit could pull off a disguise this good.
Delete Post
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You let go of the Rabbit's neck with a sigh and give her a small sorry for your rude treatment of her.

The Rabbit rubs her sore throat but gives you a thumbups and says the moon was way harder on her.

You ignore the Whale Girl on a new level, You super ignore her to the point that you are certain that she will never appear again once you leave. Which you should do since a crowd is coming.

You look at the bun, it is still hungry.
You look at yourself, so are you.

Are the two of you perhaps not so different?

You tend your hand to the bun and offer to treat her to food despite having no money on you.

The Rabbit smiles and says this shall be the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

You raise an eyebrow at her. Isn't that too fast?

She says she'll be fine with Acquantance then.

The Rabbit puts on her disguise again, somehow this makes her look even more suspicouis than not wearing one at all. But that's not your problem.

You leave with her out of the shop.

And end up outside again, which is no big surprise. What would be a surprise is if you ended up anywhere else but outside but you knew that already.

There are people looking at the alleyway, when they see you walking out the bar with the sus bun they immediatly start to chatter amongst themselves.

You raise an eyebrow at the crowd.

The crowd disperses, most of them leave with a small apology while some look down instead.

You wonder where to get food now. You could go to Keine's home and partake in her fridge.

Or go to a restaurant and eat deluxe food without paying for it.

Midthought the bun asks you while you aren't strugling with balance.

You reply that you can fly and so gravity based rules are purely optional to you.

Speaking of which you consider killing yourself to get your leg back but there are some onlookers right now and you wouldn't want to traumatize some small child by randomly exploding now do you?

Wait never mind, all the kids are at school now.

Anyway you are going to get a nice meal with hopefully a nice drink and enough privacy to read the letter.

What do you do now?


[X] Eat at Keine's house.
[X] Eat at a foodstall
[X] Eat a fancy resto
[X] Read the letter right now.


How do I add my quest to the story list?
Teach me anon senpai!
Delete Post
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[X] Eat the letter.
Trees are a kind of vegetable right?
Delete Post
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You look at the Rabbit with suspicion, what if she really fooled you all along?

You take your hands and put them on her ears, you pull the ears gently to make sure that they are real.

The Rabbit flinches but doesn't resist. After a few seconds she asks you if you could stop with a pout.

You are not a bunny doctor sadly and cannot tell if these ears are cynbernetics implants, real natural fluffers or the magic of some evil wizard.

You think pulling her ears are a bit fun, but get quickly bored of it and let go.

The Rabbit tells you to ask next time.

Does that mean you can pull her ears anytime now?

She does not answer that question.


(Didn't notice my bad)
Delete Post
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You look at the letter it is in an white envollope and has a small ribbon around it.

The letter feels good to the touch, the letter smells nice and so maybe would it taste good as well?

You ponder whether or not to eat it, and decide on giving it a small lick.

Bleh, it tastes like paper!

The Rabbit judges you silently, and tells you that maybe...just maybe. You should READ it and then EAT it if you are that hungry.

Or not eat it at all and eat something else.

(Brb, after 40 mins)
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https://www.thp.moe/user would be the link, but since you don't seem to have written a story before you will have to wait for a mod to add your story first. I guess you will have to either join the discord and bug a mod there, or wait warmly.
[X] Raid Keine's fridge and feed the rabbit and yourself
- [x] Read said letter without eating it
Delete Post
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[x] Eat at a Foodstall
-[x]Order Rabbit Stew: A stew with rabbit
-[x]Order 'Rabbit Stew': A stew for rabbits
--[x]You don't care who gets what, you're hungry and are fine with either one
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File 163761657172.jpg - (131.51KB, 850x850, The Rabbit.jpg)
The Rabbit
>>28635 (Eat at a Food stall, Order Rabbit Stew).

You would do that but there two problems with that, one you're piss broke and second, she's a rabbit.
Now normally the former would not be a problem since most people just give you stuff for free once you look at them for long enough. (To this day you don't know why) But food stalls aren't most people.

No, those who work at foodstalls are hardened warriors, creatures capable of standing in one spot for the majority of the day while repeating a specific set of instructions perfectly every time and customer arrives. You read somewhere that doing something twice is the definition of insanity so therefore people who work with such discipline must be crazy. Not only that but they are more used to people trying to bargain if not try to get free food from their stalls due to them not possessing the same safety of having a large building and staff most restaurants have. So, in a twist of fate, it is easier to get free food from a luxury restaurant than even the poorest of foodstall owners.

You have quite the bad memories concerning a specific ramen stand. All you need to say is that by the end of that fight you had broken bones, shattered ribcages and dislodged jaws all while the owner was singing "Let there be love~" and doing some weird moves he called "The Electric Slide and Chimichanga" that were the cause of several of your deaths. Since then, you have made a vow to not mess with the humble food stall. Especially the ramen ones in the South district.

"So, where we munching White girl?" Ringo looks at you with a relaxed expression, her ears are hanging around loosely and her posture is casual. She's already treating you like *one of the hopsters*.

"...You like Rabbit Stew?" You ask whether she would like to eat that, trying not to appear too discomforted by her sudden friendliness since the fact you choked her and kicked her before.

"Hoy mama!" Ringo lets out another cheeky smile as she spits behind her shoulder for some reason
"Haput! Girl, you're crazy horny. We barely me-" and freezes the moment you stare at her "What?"

"Never mind" you start to feel annoyed but push it down and walk back to Keine's house "Follow me".
There might still be food in there, and besides it's the perfect place for a private read and chit chat.

Wait a minute...something funny is being missed here.

.... Chit chat, Rabbit, she’s been sent by Kaguya...! You can ask her where Kaguya is! Actually, wait obviously she's in Eientei but if this girl was sent by Kaguya then she must be trusted by her. And if Kaguya trusts her then that means you can use her! But for what? Hmmm, actually never mind that was a dumb thought.

You make your way back to Keine's house and note that the door was not locked! Quickly you make your way inside and notice that everything is still in its place. Thank God you're lucky. Had Keine's house actually been robbed then Keine would...she would do nothing to you and just be sad. She'd probably say something like "It can't be helped, at least nothing of value was lost right?" while giving you a sad smile and you'd knew deep down that she's just playing brave. And that you should have LOCKED THE DAMN DOOR! You mentally note to actually do it next time you leave the house.

"Hey, hey~ This your crib flame gal?" Ringo whistles at the sight and walks in with her s-!!!

You create small balls of flames around your fingertips and point it at her, don't you dare move!

"Whoa, Whoa, Whoa! What's the matter?!" Ringo jumps back immediately and takes out a skewer.
You don't know why she took out a skewer of all things and wonder if that was the weapon from earlier cause if so then she blocked your hurricane kick with a cheap piece of wood which is respectable.

But anyway, you point at her shoes and then at the foot matt, she has to clean them before entering.

"Oh..." she puts down her *weapon* and cleans her feet by thumping her feet repeatedly on the ground.

Good, she may enter then. You move towards the kitchen and beckon for her to follow. (You turn off the fire by clenching your fist. Don't want the house to burn).

The kitchen is a kitchen, it has a table, a counter, an oven for cooking and an actual sort of working fridge that Keine calls the *Chilly History Box* where she puts the perishable consumable in. How the heck they do not rot despite their short-lasting time she explained with only a short simple sentence.

"Huh? Oh, I just eat the history of their rotting date to make them forget they are supposed to rot in the first place. Quite simple really~" which doesn't explain anything nor why it has to be in a box!

Anyway, you look into the box and see there's a message on it for you. It's Keine asking you to buy some eggs, flour, bread and potatoes once you wake up since she's running low on stuff, and you've got plenty of time to use anyway. She left some money in some drawer, and you take it out.

Mokou obtained Keine's Grocery Money! (It is exactly the amount needed and a little bit extra).

As for the box itself.... it’s got some leftover chicken from yesterday, a few cans of beer that Keine likes to buy from Kourindou but lets you drink away (You think it's only an excuse to say hi to Rinnosuke but who cares) and finally some unimportant stuff like carrots, broccoli and vegetables. Man, she wasn't kidding when she said she was running low on stuff. "What do you want?" You ask the Rabbit.

The Rabbit does not respond, instead you hear her hum and walk around in the living room. Looks like she did not follow you into the kitchen and went ahead to explore your *Crib* to her leisure.

She sure is shameless acting like this is her home. But so are you

But anyway, you think this might be the prime time to uh...wait no you can't just feed someone leftovers. Not only is that super rude but it's the same as calling them your garbage disposal.

...Unless you were to disguise the leftovers as some other original dish? Just add some veggies and water and stuff and uh you can call it a Chicken Soup. She'll never see through it!

Indeed, or you could just say you've got nothing here and use some of the extra money to go buy some food for the both of you. Then again that's kind of shameless as well since Keine is trusting you with it.

This may be the first dilemma in your recent days, do you use the money to buy groceries for Keine? do you go give the Rabbit a proper meal? Are you going to kill Kaguya? So many decisions!

And you can only choose one! There are three girls! But only one of you!
If you choose one, then the others will be sad! But if you choose none then you're a wimp!
You have to choose one! You have to choose one! You have to choose one! You have to choose one!

Not, you're not really one for cheap drama like that. Anyway, you should choose your next action.

Like let's be honest here, you can literally kill Kaguya whenever you want. You've both got eternity.


The letter itself is rather large so I didn't put it in this update, I will do it in the next one if you choose to read it.
Delete Post
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[x] Stop Ringo from snooping around - wouldn't be bothering you if it were YOUR own home
[x] Sure as heck you can feed someone leftovers.
Good enough for me good enough for you
While eating
-[x] Strike up a conversation about why she was sent by Kaguya
-[x] Take the opportunity to read the letter
--[x] Look for a piece of intel you can later taunt Kaguya with

[x] Respecting Keine's expectations (somewhat) get to grocery shopping afterwards

Additionally, for being the expert in pyromancy you are [x]Give Ringo a Chinese burn when she starts with her fake ass 'hopster' slang shiz again.
Delete Post
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[x] Stop Ringo from snooping around - wouldn't be bothering you if it were YOUR own home
[x] Sure as heck you can feed someone leftovers.
Good enough for me good enough for you
While eating
-[x] Strike up a conversation about why she was sent by Kaguya
-[x] Take the opportunity to read the letter
--[x] Look for a piece of intel you can later taunt Kaguya with

[x] Respecting Keine's expectations (somewhat) get to grocery shopping afterwards

Wow anon went for the plot option. How suprising, I thought we would be dancing over Ringo's body by now
Delete Post
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(On phone rn)


You know what? that's right. This isn't her home so she should get to mess around with Keine's stuff.

You take out the leftovers and put them in some plates then you walk back to the living room and put them on the table. "Food's ready" you say out loud.

The bunny was just about to put her fat bun butt on Keine's Big Comy Couch "Oh, awesome!" but quickly comes over and takes a seat "What's on the menu?"

You just point at the food, it is cold leftover chicken with some potatoes and sauce. It is good enough for you so it also should be good enough for her.

The bun seems a little displeased by it but doesn't say anything other than a request to make it warmer.

You think for a moment and accept it. With a flick of your fingers the food is engulfed in flames. After a few more seconds you remove the flames and the food has been made a lot hotter than prevouisly.

Ringo eyes the burned food with a complicated expression "...Yknow what girl? I can eat later"

You frown at that, you went out of your way to invite her to food and now she doesn't eat it? How rude.

"!!. N-never mind I love chicken! Oooh yeah, I want da yum yum in my tum tum" Ringo changes her mind and starts eating the food as if her life depends on it.

You nod pleased and start digging in as well. The food is nothing special but the fact that Keine made it makes it somehow a bit more appetizing.

"So anyway...Are you going to read that letter now?" The bun asks you with her mouth full of food.

"Is that why you're here?" you ask her back.

She nods yes "Gotta make sure you've read the letter as well my dude, afterwards I'm a free bun bun~".

You decide now is the proper time to read it.

"Dear Mokou,

It is I Kaguya that is using the tool known as the pen alongside the meduim of this humble paper to deliver to you a message that cannot be said face to face.

This is what is known as a letter, if you have somehow managed to read this far then congratulations! I have underestimated your intellect.

But I am not here to praise you for overcoming such a large challenge, your nature as a forest dwelling barbarian is quite irrelevant to what I have to say.

You may have noticed that I've rather been absent from your life these recent days. I apologize for this for I know how important I am to you these days.

Regardless I Kaguya have come to an reveletation: Which I will not share with you, for you would not understand the complexity of my noble mind.

Anyhow I Kaguya have grown bored of you, while I grow in strenght every passing day yours has only declined if not grow stunted due to redundancy.

I am deeply in sorrow because of this, the passion in our battles has dissapeared. What were once amazing clashes between the representatives of the Sun and Moon have been reduced to the brawling of a drunkards lacking any sort of...tension.

I'd say this is goodbye forever but I care far too much to just let you go like that so instead I have made an alternative idea: You need to be killed by other girls.

By the time you are reading this I will have managed to gather seven heroes to work for this cause.

These heroes will be coming for you one at a time at completely random intervals. One could even attack you the moment you read this or the moment you go to buy groceries or any other time of the day.

They will not stop when you are dead, and will instead kill you again after a 5 minute break (This is to prevent a never ending death loop).

The only way for them to stop coming your way is for you to regain your strenght and take my life. I care not how you do it but if you manage to do it then you win.

Of course you have no choice in this, this is all for your greater good in the end and I cannot help but feel giddy in hearing the tales of your suffering.

Obvouisly we are expecting you in Eientei, we've done some major redecorations and our defenses have never been higher so your odds of making it are very very low...which only makes it more fun when you do manage to make your way here anyway.

Personally, I am quite eager for this adventure. I have been unable to sleep even because I am that hyped.

Frankly the thought of someone else making you suffer makes me want to do it again myself.

I want to go to the village, break into Keine's house and stab you with the new sword I bought even.

You are in Keine's house right? I bet you're eating the chicken leftovers with Ringo right about now.

How do I know that? why don't you try looking up? Actually no that won't do anything because I can't actually see you. I just know you that well.

I can kill you whenever and wherever I want.

But I won't...not yet. You need to earn that. If I kill you right now then I'll only become dissapointed.

And the reason is....

Because you're too weak to kill me right now!

Love, Kaguya~"

Ps: Keine won't be coming home today.
and that was the letter, every word was written gracefuly and to the point as if it was a message to an old friend.

The content however is batshit insane.

...Even in text she massively pisses you off!

"So what kind of letter was it?'" Ringo asks done with the food and then sees your face "Oh...Uh, yknow what? I think it's time for me to go-!"

"Sit and shut up. One more slang and I'll burn your lips off" you warn her to not test you right now.

"Okay...how about no?" and she slowly moves from the table so that she can leave the house.

What do you do now?

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Wow there is a plot to this? Fuck playing Kaguya's game we're going in.
[X] Knock Ringo out
- [x] Take her clothes, hat and disguise
-- [x] Go to Eientei wearing her disguise
Delete Post
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...That's not a bad idea, you don't know who these *heroes* are but neither might they.

Kaguya might just have given them a basic description and picture of you alongside the places you're known to hang out at.

Therefore obtaining an disguise could be a good way to avoid getting assaulted out of nowhere.

That girl's suit...even if it's suspicouis would hide most of your notable features and make it hard for anyone to recognize you unless they get close.

So you'll be taking it from her. You wait for her to expose her back or show any weakness.

She does not show any. "Hey girly, why don't you uh take it easy aye? Ringo's not a fighter but quite the lover! You stay there and let me go and there will be no problems~" and attempts to reason with you. "Look lassy, you've got one nice kick. Masterful even! It's the kind of kick only a master could give! And we wabbits can respect that. I like your moxie kid and think that if you don't seek for trouble with me then we might be become good bun buddies...nice right?"

You don't care much for that, but don't move yet.

The rabbit keeps eyecontact with you while slowly backing away. "Good, now uh I'll see ya later" Soon she'll reach the door.

Guess you'll have to lower her guard if you want an easy knock out. Otherwise you'll get an annoying fight in the middle of Keine's house.

How will you assault this Bun Bun?

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[x] Act under the guise of getting ready for grocery shopping, engage stealthy half Nelson Chockehold when her guard is down

I'm not OP and thus not part of the writing of the story but I went and got a bit too invested into rearing a brain-child for long enough for it to become a rebellious brain-adolescent that doesn't fit in with her peers and talks back at me with indignation; I'll present my strokes of utter madness failed parenting genius AS IF they were valid choices written for this post >>28611 and to be voted on regardless

[] Stalker of The Bamboo Forest: Tactical Espionage Action

Mission Directives: Gather Intel on Keine's Situation and see her to safety, Neutralize Kaguya

The situation calls for a calm and collected approach. Bold action is exactly what the enemy expects and could possibly endanger the mission and VIPs.
You'll lay on the down low and analyse the situation in order to get a drop on the enemy and, ultimately, on Kaguya. This approach is especially appealing since it'll rob her of the opportunity of having her assassins get you and even deny Kaguya her great battle with you if you play your cards right.

-[] You'll play into their hands for now; get grocery shopping and let them come to you. You'll be ready for them.
-[] You'll evacuate the vincinity immediately; you're covert now and take shelter in the Bamboo Forest. In there nobody, except for the White Hare of Inaba, knows her way better than you
-[] Write-In
[]You feel like you need some face paint
[] A bandana can serve both as a statement in favor of military fashion and a tourniquet
[] You'll wear an eyepatch not because you want to be a pirate but to keep one eye adjusted to the poor lighting conditions

[] Impossible Fantasy: The Final Request

She "gathered Seven Heroes" that will fight you to increase your strength.
Oh well, that's just dandy.
You'll face her on the terms she created. You'll gather companions and unlikely friends to your righteous cause.
You'll be a force of Good and save your friends from danger.
You'll show her your strength in an ultimate and climactic battle with your companions.
She will see the error of selfishness.
A metaphorical flame ignites in your heart; you carry the will of fire within you!

[] You'll immediately search for Keine. You'd want to be the first to know if she's in danger - you'll also want to be the first to know her safe.
[] You'll go out in search for comrades to aid you in your cause first. You'll be in great need for any helping hand.
[] You feel your hair ought to be spikier
[] You need to wear at least 4 accessory belts
[] Arm yourself with an oddly shaped sword of an unwieldy size
[] Write-In

[]The path of the struggler

No bullshit, no fluff to it; you're going to kill her.
The rules of engagement were simple: anything goes, but nobody else gets involved.
She broke that rule with Keine and now there is hell to pay.

-[]Just March straight in there, kill Kaguya and make her pay. You don't give a single inkling of a damn.
-[]First you'll make sure Keine's not gonna be involved in the crossfire. You're gonna do your damndest to be a thorn in Kaguya's flesh along the way.

[] You don't care
-[]If Keine's not gonna come you don't even have to buy anything for her
-[]You'll shop for some groceries and then you're done with the day
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I'm going to go with >>28642's idea.
[X] Stalker of The Bamboo Forest: Tactical Espionage Action

Mission Directives: Gather Intel on Keine's Situation and see her to safety, Neutralize Kaguya
-[x] You'll evacuate the vicinity immediately and take shelter in the Bamboo Forest. In there nobody, except for the White Hare of Inaba, knows her way better than you.
-- [x] Get Ringo's outfit as a disguise.
--- [x] Diplomacy: Ask her for the disguise or else you'll kick her again.

There is no way this plan could go wrong
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 163770482489.jpg - (7.53KB, 304x166, Keine I wil lsave you.jpg)
Keine I wil lsave you

"Bye, see you later" you pretend to let the girl leave and move casually past her as if you are about to take prepare for the groceries "You know where the exit is, don't you?"

Ringo eyes you for a moment ".... Fhew" before letting out a breath of relief and gives you a smile while putting her hands behind her shoulders "Aye, I knew you had a soft sp-waaaah?!"

Backdrop Finisher!

She does not get to end that sentence, swift as the wind you move yourself behind her. Grab her by the waist and lift her up. Before she can even begin to struggle you've already jumped into the air to turn you both upsides down and slam her head into the ground!

"Uguh!" the girl is stunned by the impact and there is a crack on the floor as well. You quickly get up for another move. You know Youkai can take more than that!

Half Nelson Chokehold!

You jump on top of the stunned bunny and pin her to the ground with your foot around her waist and both of your arms holding both her neck and arm. "Give me your disguise" you demand of the girl lest you show soft of a girl you really are.

Ringo recovers from her dazed form and realizes you attacked her the moment she let her guard down. Her body shivers as she becomes limp "Wwwwaaaaaaahhhh~" and she starts crying a ridiculous number of tears, you can feel her heartbeat going a lot faster in panic.

Wait what? You flinch at her reaction and by reflex tighten the grip on her.

"Wwaaaaogkglaglgnaoigkagao" and she starts choking on your death grip. You do not move for several seconds because you're unable to comprehend her sudden attitude change. First, she acts all cool, then she acts scared of you and now she cries like a baby?

None of it makes sense, you lower your grip again and ask what's the matter.

"Y-you-re so mean! I thought humans were the coolest people ever and that you were a cool human.... but even though I try to become your friend all you do is hurt me!"
The rabbit lost all sense of dignity and continues lightly sobbing and shaking in your arms.
She sounds genuinely saddened by your continued behaviour and perhaps just perhaps...

You feel like you're about to have a moral dilemma, but then you remember you are immune to mental attacks (Clear Mind) and so use your favourite defence mechanism: Facts and Logic.

You press A repeatedly and after the fifth choke attempt or, so the girl is knocked out.

There, now she is no longer crying. You saved yourself some time there.

*Ka-Click! * You hear a small noise outside the window but see nothing once you look out from it, this also makes you realize that having someone unconscious in the living room is a bad idea. So, you drag her KO'd body into the bathroom where you steal her disguise from her.

Mokou obtains a suspicious disguise! (It is a trench coat, some sunglasses, and a detective hat). These clothes are so out of water that anyone who sees these will either assume you’re e a wacky outsider or some drug dealer. But at least that's better than being Mokou right now.

Right...these clothes are a bit tight, and you must roll up your hair a bit into the clothes since what's the point of wearing all this if people can identify you by hair? (There's like 3 or 4 people in Gensokyo with pure white hair like yours, so it'd be a 1/4 chance of! if you do not conceal it)

"Let's get this over with" you say at the end, you've got the disguise. You've got the location. You tied up Ringo and hid her at the bathtub. And you've got a mission to accomplish.

You look at the pictures on the wall one last time, the most recent one is that of the last summer festival. You were invited to attend it with her, and it was a fun time, the food was good, the attractions were decent, and the atmosphere when you were both napping under that tree was the most peaceful and joyful moment you've had in a while.

Of course, Rinnosuke's pet outsider decided to join that exact moment, not that she was NOT invited but still if she wanted to play, she should have joined way sooner.

You pocket the picture of you three and look at the letter one last time.

...Kaguya wrote down she knows Keine would not come home today, whether that's supposed she kidnapped her or some vague menacing prophecy or is simply just a way to bait you into coming for her is something you're not sure off. Even so....

You may not care much for yourself or even other people.

But if someone menaces your friends, then no matter the context...


There's no way you'll forgive them! What Kaguya has said is unforgivable!

Seven heroes there may be, but you're not scared at all. That's simply seven steps you must take before stepping on the princess’s smug face for all her troubles.

Sure, your body has been getting weaker with time, the slightest unnecessary can make your bones crack loudly and your skin chars easily but pain is simply weakness leaving the body.

It's been a while since your last fight as well, but again none of that matters.

Have you not faced larger obstacles before? Have you not surpassed insurmountable odds?

Are you not the one that climbed mount Fuji as a child dying of illness and succeeded in obtaining the elixir? And before that did you not survive three years on your own as a hated demon child? And after that did you not survive years of isolation?

Let no one say that Fujiwara no Mokou can't take a fight.

Whether your foe has the forest, the moon or even all gensokyo on her side...

Whether these heroes are old friends or new foes...

You will not be afraid. You will not give up on a friend. You will not lose to anyone.

Those are all hard facts that cannot be denied, the fight will continue...

As long as the Kaguya inside your heart is still alive!

You sneak your way out of the house (You lock the door this time too), you move between some alleyways to avoid the main streets in the village and realize immediately that that was the right call due to a bunch of girls flying overhead straight to Keine's house.

You make it to the entrance of the village and when the guards stop to interrogate you simply jump on one of their faces and fly off into the fields! Nothing will stop you!

You avoid chatting with fellow travellers on the main path, jump into bushes and crawl in tall grass the moment you see someone you recognize or any sort of bunny and eventually...

You make it to the Bamboo Forest of the lost! (Music Stop).

And you immediately dive for cover again, the place is filled to the brim with bunny patrols just waiting for your presence. They've all got ridiculous amounts of heavy fire on them and seem equipped enough to take down an army of Elephants if need be.

Eventually after some longer skulduggery, you make it deeper into the woods. Further away from Eientei but you know it's a spot where none of the bunnies would look for you.

You stop and pause on top of some large rock, it is round, smooth on the surface and pure white. The area surrounding it is covered in a similar coloured mist and you know all the youkais avoid this place. Whether it's because this spot is sacred or cursed you don't know.

You feel like this is a definite safe spot where you can gather your thoughts and focus on what to do next, hell you can even do nothing and wait for a few hours in the hopes that the people who are looking for you will end up confused by your absence only to strike later!

Guess that counts as meditation too? you don't really care about the spiritual since whatever god or deities are out their ones you will probably outlive anyway.

Eh, you could maybe train here too but honestly how would that work? You feel like doing push ups and tap dances repeatedly won't do much for you. Maybe you should punch the rock over and over? nah that's a joke and you might break your hands if you do that.

By the way your leg has already grown back by this point, while regeneration from death is much quicker and instantaneous. Waiting for it come back costs a lot less stamina.

Anyhow you know where Eientei, you can go there whenever you want. If anything, it might feel a bit too easy, but hell do you know if...there's a shade of someone towering over you.

Someone is hovering above you and your senses did not warn you of them. Either this person has excellent concealment skills, or they were here the whole time.

You grunt in annoyance and ponder your next action.


(I'm honestly fine with anything you anons come up with, throw as many brain childs as you want. Just remember to Kill Kaguya).
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Oh shit, now I feel bad for Ringo. Oh well. Aya/Hatate is definitely watching us so...
[X] Call out to her and tell her to come down
- [x] Ask her what's up
Delete Post
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(On phone again, grammar errors there may be)


"Show yourself Aya" you say in annoyance as you look up.

Aya's face greets yours with a smile and a came-*FLASH*

A bright light burns your eyes while you curse the Tengu's name. You hear the tengu laugh and you imagine yourself plucking out every feather on her body.

You hear the flapping of wings and her landing in front of you "The honest and noble Aya Shameimaru has arrived!" she announces with a pose. She is wearing the disguise of a human reporter but also has a crow on her shoulder so it feels a bit halfassed.

"What do you want?" you hiss back at her. Knowing that her arrival is never good news.

The crow speaks casually "Nothing much~ Nothing much....Just so you know, I'm here cuz of the thing" she gives you a knowing wink and holds a picture in her hand.

It’s a picture of you being on top of a crying Ringo, and there’s one more picture of you walking down an alleyway with your drugdealer outfit of an disguise. Both together give a very bad image.

"What do you want?" you repeat and demand she gets to the point.

"Fine, I just wanted to ask how you it feels to commit BDSM with a moon bunny inside your best friend's house while a moon princess is waiting for you~" She starts scribling something in a note pad. “Did you enjoy it? how does it feel to NTR two girls at once? It must be juicy~”.

"....." You glare at her, you don't have time for this dumb shit.

"Ah so you don't deny it? In that case could this be a love triangle? Or perhaps...the start of an Immortal's journey to obtain a harem?!" you can tell she doesn't even believe those words but writes it down anyway to make a juicy story "Everyone beware! The Flaming Bamboo Barbarian has grown bored and seeks new thrills: That of conquering the flesh of maidens...

Now she hides in the forest in a loose disguise, stalking, seeking, lurking on the taste of youkai maidens. But will that be enough? Will she not eventually attack everyone as well? Will her thirst not grow with every capture? Will she not amass an army of concubines? Is noone safe from this girl?

I Aya have barely escaped the demon's grip with my amazing speed, but despite all my efforts I was unable to defeat her. This is a new dark age for all the women in Gensokyo!

Hide your children! Hide your wives! Hide your effeminate boys! For Mokou has come to fuck!
Afterwards she stops, awaiting your reaction with a smug look. “Do you think that would make a nice story?”


(Suggestions below cause why not).
[X] Inform her that antagonizing an immortal is a bad idea. You’ll roast her face and her eggs if you want.
[X] Call out her bluff, she could have spread the news already. So what does the damn crow want?
[X] Don't bother talking, just beat the shit out of her. And take her disguise as well.
[X] Tell the dumb broad to stop projecting, if she wants to be tied up she should simply ask.
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[X] Call out her bluff, she could have spread the news already. So what does the damn crow want?
Delete Post
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Tsk, this day is already getting on your nerves. You give the crow a blank look and tell her that she isn’t fooling you one bit.

“You’ve got an ulterior motive, just say what you want Aya”

The crow stares at you for a few seconds, before chuckling “Ke~Ke~ke. Is that the insight of a thousand year old human? I’m surprised you’re not panicking or annoyed by my taunt.
However, yes, you are quite right. I’m not here for your sex life, I’m here for something else~”
She starts walking theatrically and rubs the wings of her pet crow at the same time.
“See the thing is I believe something is happening at Eientei. The place has been closed for a few days and when I sneaked in, I managed to get glimpses of…things being made. I’m not sure exactly what it was but it looked…” you can see that she’s trying to get a word for it but fails at it “Never mind that but anyway I’m one hundred percent sure that that Moon Princess and her Familiars are planning something. And since they’ve gone out of their way to bring someone to deliver a letter to you and that you directly after reading it went out of your way to rush into hiding….” She stops and waits for you to put two and two together.

“You think I know what’s happening” you make the conclusion for her, and fold your arms together while leaning down against the rock. “And now you’re trying to blackmail me for said info”.

“Exactly!” The crow exclaims and gives you a slow clap of applause “As for how I figured it all ou-“

“I don’t care” you interrupt her and start to close your eyes “I’m not saying nothing bird brain” and you tease her with the nickname, hoping she sees the name as super offensive or even birdist.

“Oh my!” She giggles like an old proot “You sound like a teenager, oh how I remember my-“

“Don’t patronize me” you interrupt her again, for all you care this conversation is over.

This time she is actually surprised “But I’m no-ahem, I’m saying I want that info so-“

“And I’m telling you to read the room” you turn away from her and lean on your arm making yourself aaal comfy on the rock, finally you wave her away with one hand “Shoo, Shoo, go be a headache to someone else” You’ve talked a lot already and that’s enough.
“W-well, come on!” the bird stops an outburst, rubs her chin in concentration and thinks a bit or at least you think she does since you can’t see her. “I’m going to send this new everywhere if you don’t talk” she says immediately “So you better confess it all, or else…you’ll become public enemy number one!” and she waves the pictures she has in her hand…pictures that are pretty flammable.

What do you do now?


[X] Talk so she will leave you alone already.
[X] Continue ignoring her, it will drive her fuming mad.
[X] Get up, crack your knuckles and burn those papers.
[X] that is enough loitering, let’s go….to Kaguya!
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[X] Continue ignoring her, it will drive her fuming mad.
Delete Post
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[x] Continue ignoring her, it will drive her fuming mad.

Too bad, so sad.
Image Source
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File 163787947968.jpg - (202.52KB, 1280x720, Succesfully ignoring Aya.jpg)
Succesfully ignoring Aya
You decide to ignore the tengu crow, what makes her think you care about how other people perceive you? If anything if that makes it so more people avoid you then the better.

Aya doesn’t seem impressed and is just looming over you. “So, what’s your answer?”

You still don’t care and continue making yourself comfy, this rock is not that bad now that you think about it. It’s got uh a very rocky surface, and a rocky feeling but doesn’t hurt your back and is quite warm to the touch. With the chilly mist its warmth is something nice to have.

“Hold on, are you trying to ignore me?” Aya realizes your dastardly plan after a few moments

“Well there’s no way that’s going to work. If anything, I’ll leave and poof the news is everywhere”.
You give her no answer, no snarky retort. Only a pure coincidental yawn comes out.

“Tch, so you really don’t care?” She finally connects the dot and stays quiet for a while; you can hear her hum while her gaze drills into your back “In that case…how about we have a deal?”

Again, you give no answer. Simply enjoying the humble life that is being part of the greater world, you are one with the pebble and the rock is one with you. This is pure harmony. Totally. It’s a nice rock to be on if you say so yourself. Big enough for two people and a picnic kit if you’re into that. Not only that but it’s a zero emission vehicle. So sitting on it won’t harm the environment. This rock is the perfect spot to sit on, you were meant to be here. This is true inner peace.

Or you’re just waiting for the tengu crow to lose a nerve and get angry.

Both are equally valid reason-ow! your body meets dirt, dirt is happy to get a new friend.

“…Ahem!” and the girl actually kicked you off the rock “Come on hear me out! Did you forget what I just said earlier? Surely, I could tell you about some secret passage into Eientei or anything else you want to know. But only for a small price. The best price even! Of just a single interview” she sounds actually annoyed now with you and has been reduced to bargaining “Come on what do you think of that?”

You igno…wait, hmm. If she does know how to get into Eientei without being seen, then you might get a lot closer to the Princess without any trouble in the way right? Or she might not be trustworthy at all and just give you false info or something.

Even so it’s not like you can’t do stuff on your own.

What do you say to that?

[] Accept the offer, have her tell you about these *secret passages* (and something else if you want)
[] Decline, you don’t need anyone’s help. In fact, you’re going to go for Kaguya this instant.
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[X] Accept the offer, have her tell you about these *secret passages* (and something else if you want)
Delete Post
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Doesn't Aya's ability include something about sound transmission? Could be essential when Mokou winds up taking a stealthy approach.

[x] Accept the offer, have her tell you about these *secret passages* (and something else if you want)
-[x] Keine's whereabouts
-[x] How we look in our (Ringo's) clothes;testing the viability of the disguise
Delete Post
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Vote called, and indeed Aya can *listen to the wind* whatever that means.

Combined with her extreme speed and experience in entering places people don't want her to.

She's bassicaly an excellent person for stealth stuff.

Expect the update the moment I wake up.
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File 163805019018.jpg - (7.37KB, 206x222, Aya smug.jpg)
Aya smug

You shrug and jump up from the ground. "Fine" and walk towards the Crow Tengu to accept the deal. You'll tell her anything she wants to hear if she helps you get into Eientei via one of these secret passages she speaks off. But if she lies to you, remember that Immortals do not forget grudges.

Her face immediatly grows back a smile of the worst kind, her body language oozes confidence as if you accepting was the only possibility and she'll gladly go along with those terms. Then she rants about how she's the number one infiltrator while holding a hand on your shoulder and is overall a nuisance.

You have half a mind to just tune her out and wait for her to get to business but....


You ask her about Keine whereabouts, she replies she doesn't know where is. And that if you want her to seek that info for her then you'll have to owe her a favour afterwards. You keep that in mind for now.

You show off your disguise and ask for her opinion, Aya looks you up and down before getting a lot closer and sniffing one of your sleeves. Before you can protest she backs off and says that the disguise reeks of Rabbit and is therefore a lot more effective than she'd assume looking like a drug dealer would be.

Finally she gives you an freebie by trying to teach you on how rabbits actually talk and their behavoir. This part is remarkly harder than you thought it would be, but after a few minutes she says it's better than nothing.

Mokou now knows how to act like a rabbit! (You are even less sus now and harder to recognize).

Aya asks you if you're ready now and if so she needs to add in some houserules first.

1-Do not, in any circumstances actually walk or make useluss noise. The moment you make a single sneeze every single rabbit in a large raduis would detect it and report it to their fellow superiors. Be quiet like the night.

2- Do not talk unless she says you can talk, even then obey her every command no matter how ridiculous it might sound at the moment. You frown at her for that one but she INSISTS this might be the difference between life or death, while you find that hard to believe. You won't question it for now.

3- Once you're inside, you're on your own. She won't risk herself any more than she needs to and if you're discovered midway she will not hesitate in abandoning you.

You begrudginly agree to those terms, if it makes killing Kaguya easier then so be it. Even if trusting a tengu even remotely puts a weird feeling of suspense in your back.

Finally Aya shares with you the plan to get inside.

[] You'll enter through one of the secret bunny tunnels they got for the well...buns, they're not guarded at all and though they're small and cramp lead directly into Eientei's storage. The only risk is actually meeting a bun bun.

[] You'll use the sewer system, yes Eientei has actually installed modern toilets and waste disposal. Aya says the rooms are way bigger than they should be but again, rabbits do shit a lot now don't they?

[] You'll boldly enter through the main gate, Aya will simply get you accross that point using a special method many people have used before in the west. Delivering you hidden inside a large cardboard box.

[]....On second thought, the Tengu is not reliable at all. Let's bruteforce the entry on your own.
Delete Post
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[X] You'll use the sewer system, yes Eientei has actually installed modern toilets and waste disposal. Aya says the rooms are way bigger than they should be but again, rabbits do shit a lot now don't they?
How does Aya know what the insides of a rabbit's toilet looks like?
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 163810217965.jpg - (42.17KB, 222x180, Aya story time (2).jpg)
Aya story time (2)

>How does Aya know what the insides of a rabbit's toilet looks like? (Optional Dialogue unlocked!)

That’s a good question, and one you actually want to know the answer off. You stop flying after the bird and call out her name. “Hey Aya”

The Tengu quickly turns around and frowns as she does a sssh motion with her hands. “What is it? Be quick about it, someone could overhear” while looking around if anyone could be eavesdropping.

“How do you know how these sewers look like?” you state as you rub your chin “Sounds awfully convenient now doesn’t it?” in suspicion.

“Cause I went in them obviously” Aya’s smile comes back, as if what she said is something amazing “Sure, the rabbits may have some amazing security, but Aya Shameimaru always finds a way in~”.

“Hold on a moment, so you went in the sewers willingly?” you find that hard to believe “The place with the piss-water and rabbit faeces just lurking around in it…weren’t you disgusted by it?”.

“Oh it was quite messy yes! There were mounds of fecal matter just lying around that I had to make my way through. Five or less guards that I had to sneak past and frankly I kind of pity in hindsight since come on having to stand around in a dirt tunnel for an entire work day is not something I’d wish on my worst enemy. Then again the whole place was surprisingly clean, like seriously the ceiling and walls were pure white and one could probably put in 30 people at once in those tunnels too. Even the shit has a street to itself nowadays, truly this is a land of opportunity”. The bird suddenly chatters a lot, as if happy to share the story. “Of course, you’ll soon see it for yourself as well”.

“…So you were okay with it then? You didn’t think it revolting?” you’d make a taunt about it being her natural habitat but you can’t afford to do so right now. After all she might leave you in a offended huff.

“Of course I did, I hated every second of being in there…” She covers her arms around herself and shivers in disgust “Ugh, it was hell. The stench, the feeling of dampness on my clothes...it was terrible.”

“Then why did you go in there? Why not find another way?” you ask her with genuine curiosity. Despite yourself you’re invested in the story now.

“Isn’t it obvious? Because it was worth a scoop!” Aya dramatically spreads her wings and does a pose “I Aya Shameimaru am the world’s greatest reporter, in order to spread the truth to all the residents of Gensokyo! In order to make everyone aware of the secrets of their daily life! I am willing to explore any sort of hell for the information I so desire~ I did it for the greater cause, to follow my dream! Isn’t that something humans do as well?” and looks at you expectantly, as if she's waiting for something.

...Oh! She actually wants an answer out of you.

[] You're still a pissdrinker, dream or not that's disgusting.
[]...Hmm, you guess she's not wrong. If not it's a bit relatable.
[] Whatever, let's just go already. There's no time to waste.

Next update will feature the next location, do wait warmly.
You can also add in your own piece of cent (Aka your opinion) to Aya's philosophy if you want.
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Asking Mokou questions about the human experience is like asking a fish how it feels to fly.
Wouldn't be like her to care what people do or think since things will inevitably pass her by.

[x] Don’t know about dreams or thuths. *shrug* All I know is not to dig too deep; things get pretty ugly when you get under people's skin... Or six feet under.
-[x](half-jokingly)You're still a pissdrinker, dream or not that's disgusting.
Image Source
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File 163814069933.jpg - (40.38KB, 197x199, Mokou Shrug.jpg)
Mokou Shrug

“Don’t know about dreams or truths. *shrug* All I know is not to dig too deep; things get pretty ugly when you get under people's skin... Or six feet under.” is your honest reply to that.

“..Hmm” Aya stays silent as she rubs her chin while just looking at you, finally a sigh leaves her “My, that’s a sad thing to hear...You sure are the life of a party~” and lets out a playful chuckle that contradicts her words immediately.

“If it’s so sad then why are you laughing?” you reply to a bit more defensive than you liked to “I’ve got no need for these things, whatever I work to achieve, whatever obstacle stands in my way, they’ll all disappear with the passage of time anyway. So, there’s no point in caring about it. You don’t have that privilege so do know when something is not worth it, or you’ll be dead.”

“I see, I see” Aya fiddles with her notepad, making you instantly regret talking “I’ll keep it in mind, but my oh my are you becoming more interesting by the minute. Not bad for a hobo~.”

“Says the piss drinker of all things” you snark back. “Oh wait…perhaps you’ve gone through worse things as well? Who knew the tengu could act so shameless, how worthy of worship~”

Aya lets out a dignified laugh at that and throws a counter.
“Don’t you have it backwards? If anything, you’re- “

“This conversation is over, let’s continue” you quit the banter and move ahead, you can only talk so much after all.

“H-hey wait up, I’m the one leading the way” Aya quickly follows with a huff, and easily guides you towards the objective.

“Stop, those bushes are moving” And

“No, it’s time to hide in those trees” after some

“Almost there, just stay out of their sight” time.

You both successfully sneak your way past any potential youkai encounters and any rabbit that you could have come crossed across. Mostly by simply flying low to the ground with a ridiculous amount of caution but hey it does work.

Finally, Aya suddenly stops “We’re here” and so do you.
She makes you hide behind a rather large rock where the two of you can peek out from to get a look at said entrance. It's better that way since just walking is foolish and too risky.

Lying at the start of a large riverbed, lies an open round gate of sorts. It is surrounded by a wall made of bricks and the hole itself is large enough for three persons on top of each other to comfortably walk into.

On a better look you can tell that the whole thing kind of appears like a head. Your own to be specific, Is that the joke? That piss and shit comes out of your mouth?

Har, Har, Har, Oh how funny Kaguya. The kind of spite someone would need to make something after you is something you don’t respect regardless of the dedication needed. In fact, this only motivates you to kick her ass three times harder than usual.

Anyway, you think this is the sewer entrance Aya spoke off. But for a secret passage it sure seems like an obvious way to break in. You swear to God that if this is a trap, something will burn.

(Keep an eye on the guards) Aya points out in sign language because now you’re too deep into territory and so the slightest sound could be perceived by the enemy. Which is unfair.

Anyhow there are indeed two white bunny maidens dressed like soldiers sitting next to the river. Side by side as they partake in a casual luncheon. Their rifles and helmets are put away just one foot away from them while they casually chatter about stuff.

They are just a few feet away from your position, if you could rush towards to instantly knock them out then you could easily subdue the other before it has a chance to cry out for rei-Aya holds your shoulder and motions no, no.

The reason for which becomes apparent all too soon, a surge of water suddenly bursts out of the sewer entrance like a wild tempest before carrying whatever it holds further away by the river. The rabbits are undisturbed by this so it must be normal.

“Aw, these squalls are so unnerving every time…” one bun bun complains as she takes a bite out of a carrot.

“Word, if she keeps this up then the river might get flooded”

“Wait are you for real? Then why does she get to do that?”

“Dunno, but the boss said we ought to respect our special guest. If anything, it’ll make dealing with the Fujiwara easier”.

“Oh yeah, she’s coming for the princess, isn’t she? How much longer until she arrives by the way? I want my break already!”

“Oi stop whining son!” Generic Bun Guard slaps the other one at the back of the head, then continues “And to answer that question I don’t know. Reports say she should still be at the village for now”

“Merde…Who would win though? If she managed to get all the way to the princess I mean?” the junior asks.

“Obviously it’d be the princess and the reason is…! Get back!” The bun grabs the other bun and jumps back immediately from an even fiercer wave of water that even gets to the sideliners of the riverbed. It’s like mini tsunamis are being thrown around.
“Kid are you all, right? Heavens was that a spooky one”.

The junior is unharmed “Y-yeah, maybe we should take a larger distance from it” and she gets up “Also thanks for the save”.

“No problem kid” Both of them get up, pick up their rifles and step some further feet away from the entrance before standing next to each other with their backs to one another to avoid any blind spots…dammit they’re sawy! “Now stay focused and remember: Don’t go off investigating any suspicious noises. Don’t fall asleep mi job, don’t pick up thrown items from the floor and never….and I mean never! Dismiss a suspicious sighting as your imagination. Report everything always”.

Well great, the guards have an excellent view of the entrance. Don’t have any obvious blind spots and have a decent intellect, sneaking into the hole is going to be difficult.

Aya taps your shoulder again and then makes a gesture of pointing at your clothes and then twiddling her thumbs as if they’re walking before pointing at the guards again.

Wait she wants you to distract the guards? That’s crazy! And might even immensely backfire, not to forget there’s no way you’d trust her into having your back like that.

Aya just looks at you with a deadpan look as if to say *Do you know anything better?* and that’s a dumb question.

Because of course you have a better idea.


[] Can’t be caught if the guards are unconscious.
[] Have Aya be the distraction instead, that’s much better.
[] Just go along with Aya’s plan, just do it for now.
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[X] Have Aya be the distraction instead, that’s much better.
Aya is made for BBC. Big Belligerent Chaos
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 163821753334.jpg - (7.47KB, 204x246, Aya Salesman.jpg)
Aya Salesman
It’s indeed better if she does the distraction instead, that way you can easily make your way into the sewers while being certain that no backstabbing will occur. It is the safest option.

Aya silently shrugs at your decision and gets up. Literally casually walking out of the hiding spot while waving her hands towards the rabbits, “How do you do fine gals?” She approaches them with a southern merchant accent.

Both immediately pull their weapons on her “Don’t move! This is private territory, leave at once or we’ll have to use neutralizing fire” The senior says to her as she continues walking towards them.

“Whoa there!” Aya raises her hands up, still not stopping her walk as the rabbit’s gazes follow her steps. She stopped getting closer to them but is making sure they’re not watching you. “What’s the deal here? All I was going to do is give you lads the offer of your lives!” and she pouts at them.

The younger one is about to shoot her but the older one stops them “It’s not worth it” and tells them to get ready for any trouble before walking towards Aya gun still loaded “Go away already”.

She warns the disguised Tengu, not trigger-happy but still rightfully cautious of her.

“Tell me sirette, have you heard about the dangers of *Gaseous Bioxide*?” Aya chats away.

“Bio wha- “and the rabbit interrupted by her. Leaving them no chance.

“That stuff’s EVERYWHERE” She stretches her arms wide “It gets in the ground and the trees eat it all up. It messes them up so much that they start making MORE of it. Crazy right?” Aya Ayas away.

“Look, lady. You need to go sell your product else- “

“It’s like a POISON, but luckily there’s a CURE” Aya continues dominating the conversation, and she takes out a vial “*Low Carb Oxygen*, the perfect way to combat Gaseous Bioxide Contamination”.

“Poiso-, low carb wha—CONTAMINATION?”

“Ayup, Over 99% of people who breathe it die in just a matter of years!
You said you have a son right?”

“No I didn’t, and in fact you sh- “

“Think about your future son then, he’s got a whole life ahead of her.
She’ll want to become an athlete or something cool like that I’m sure of it. But athletes like your son are especially vulnerable. All that physically extraneous activity just makes their body use up more air, forcing them to take in more Gaseous Bioxide in the process.” Tears come in the Tengu’s eyes as if she’s about to cry from a tragedy “Sniff, your poor baby girl will die before you how sad! No parent should outlive their child, all that love, all that care taken away by Gaseous Bioxide! How terrible!”
She shoves the vial into the rabbit’s hands “Here’s a deal, I’ll give you a 20% discount on this bottle right here. And I’ll even tell you more about that. Think about all the good that’ll come out of it!”.

The poor rabbit looks absolutely confused “I, uh,I. I suppose I can be never too safe” and accepts.

Aya puts one hand on their shoulder and gives a heart-warming smile “You are a great mother, looking after your daughter like that.” And continues the rant while both buns are distracted.

…Well, she achieved the effect, all that’s left is to enter the tunnel and ditch her.

She’s off no more use to you after this now, isn’t she? Besides if she really wants to then she can just keep up with you. You slowly float closer to the Sewer Entrance and pinch your nose in disgust. It already reeks of rabbit filth from this distance, imagine how much more revolting it will be inside.

You make your way into the sewer tunnel; you don’t even need to crouch or puddle in the water due to how big the hole is. Instead, you just mindlessly fly forwards. The walls aren’t white at all now and so perhaps the place is cleaner deeper inside? You wonder about the logic behind that.

Finally, you see a rat move past you as if it’s running out of the tunnel. Followed by another three or so but again that’s not much of a problem now is it. After a while you see a split in the road.

The sewer seems to have two paths now, left, or right. You don’t know where either will lead but you’re certain that one of them will be the right way. If anything, the absence of guards shows that…wait does water rush out of one of these maybe? You’re not sure but you’d rather not be splashed by piss water if possible. Even less drown in it. Don’t underestimate water waves.

Anyhow, that’s another decision you must make. Or you could just wait for Aya.

…Though that could be tiresome, you’ve already seen what she’s like.

[] Head left, cause why not.
[] Head right, it’s the right direction.
[] Wait for Aya to catch up.
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Because of course you have a better idea.

[x] Discreetly Light up a cigarette bud/embers of an abandoned campfire remotely with pyrokinesis near a conveniently placed inflammable object and while a convenient breeze blows that fans the flames ever so slightly that they can't be ignored.
-[x]What good turn of events the bunny guards are here to extinguish the fire before the bamboo forest is set aflame.
If the two guards are clever enough to not leave both to deal with the fire [X] Have Aya be the ham up the her part of the distraction instead.
Delete Post
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Here I go, not refreshing the page before posting making a fool out of myself. >>28662

Didn't she say she's not going to be along for the ride once we're inside? Apparently she meant once we were in Eientei proper, then.

Anyways in that case [x] Wait for Aya to catch up.
[x] Look for a ditch, a hole or whatever else useful to hide in. To keep aways from guards and to be save from the surges of water.
Image Source
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File 16382187238.png - (163.45KB, 297x385, Mokou facepalm.png)
Mokou facepalm

You realize just moments after the ordeal that that would have been a wonderful idea.

You grunt with a facepalm as you committed same blunder as that of realizing days later that someone's joke wasn't a joke but a genuine attempt at flirting or what have you. Or the way someone enters a room only to forget why they entered it.

You keep in mind to be more mindful of anon next time

You do keep the convenient breeze and convenient fire in mind, that could be an excellent distraction. Even if fire is your whole deal it's a large bunch of bullocks to assume that just cause something is on fire that you're the cause of it.

The two tunnels still lie before you, then again it's not like tunnels can move.

Or can they?

No they cannot.


[] Head left, cause why not.
[] Head right, it’s the right direction.
[] Wait for Aya to catch up.
Delete Post
Report Post
Oof, commited the same blunder here.

Update in just a second.

And yeah you still owe her an interview once you're in.

Afterwards you're on your own.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 163822077921.jpg - (32.97KB, 600x604, Kaguya is laughing.jpg)
Kaguya is laughing

[x] Wait for Aya to catch up.
[x] Look for a ditch, a hole or whatever else useful to hide in. To keep away from guards and to be save from the surges of water.

You decide to wait for the Journalist Tengu, one’s opinion of others aside you did make a deal with her and a Fujiwara is not one to break promises…hence you make them rarely.

Indecision on which tunnel to take may be a factor too but oh well.
You think some more about where one could find a ditch or a hole or like anything to avoid the deadly surges of water.

Maybe the guards too but you doubt anyone would willingly stay in a place filled with danger like that, Nada no sane person would hide inside the sewers in that condition. You know Kaguya well enough to know she wouldn’t force her cattle to be exposed to such danger.

Perhaps Aya’s info is outdated? She didn’t mention when the last time was, she entered the place after all, perhaps on purpose even.

Ah, but now isn’t the time to suspect her. Now is the look for useful stuff to pass the time time. And you find nothing of use.

There is water beneath you, there is a large amount of ceiling above you. There are stone walls to your right and left and the whole place is big enough to have multiple people walking at once in it.

Unless the waves become like su-wait they are big yeah…Hmm, how would you avoid them then?

Make a wall into the wall by kicking them?
Just evaporate the water with intense firepower as it passes by?
Or just have Aya gust them away or whatever?

Whatever, you’ll figure it out.

You instinctively duck to avoid a pair of hands trying to cover between your eyes. Looks like Aya’s back and with that pout on her face she clearly wanted to pull a “Guess who?” on you.

Too bad, your senses are too sharp to be hit by cheap shots.

You point at the passages behind you, “Which one do we take?”.

Aya answers with zero hesitation “The right path, it’s the right direction after all~” and you have half a mind to doubt it but fine.

Both of you fly deeper into the sewer and notice that the walls become more distant and indeed a bit cleaner as you go along.

Finally, the tunnel is no longer a tunnel but more like a…large enough to be a football field basically, the walls have become white and less old looking. Guess they couldn’t make the entire tunnel big after all.

“Overestimating one’s budget is a mistake many make” Aya comments on that matter.
“Why are there are giant wooden crates here?” you ask the real question instead as you notice that the whole place is adorned with floating large shipping contains, they are all stacked a few distances away from each other but each one is big enough to count as a wall to hide against…. God dammit Kaguya, this is a toy trap of sorts.

*If you want to make it past here, then let’s see if you can make it in time from crate to crate lest the water swallows you up Ohohohho! *
Would be her words, and once more the urge to strangle her appears.

“Hey” Aya pokes you in the rib “What is that?” and points at something. Said something being floating devices with one eye each adorning the walls at specific angles…they’re moving cameras.

Again “God dammit Kaguya…this place is booby trapped to the core”.

“Hey, take it easy, it’s not like things can get an- “and here we go.
You can hear water rushing from beyond and can see it yourself. It’s a large wave of water coming from end of the room (It’s source still unknown) to the other, every inch of the room is covered by it as quickly but certainly comes your way. You don’t want to be hit by that.

Kaguya wants you to use the wooden containers as hiding spot for the water, but if you do so then the cameras will see you. But if you don’t then the water will drag you all the way out of the sewer. But if you destroy the cameras then it obviously was you now, wasn’t it?

What’s your response to Kaguya’s attempted railroading?


[] Just go along with it, you got no idea against that.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 163822451145.jpg - (447.37KB, 1085x1657, IMG_20211129_225746.jpg)
Pic is how I picture this puzzle looking like. If I got it conceptualized incorrectly let me know.

I imagine turning of the cams so they don't face us is out of the question.
Also neither Mokou nor Aya have OctoCamo I assume.

First idea was complete self immolation to avoid being flushed away, but that'd be ludicrous to repeat it every time the water surges and it wouldn't help Aya.
Could be viable if Mokou could manipulate her 'respawn' location, but that's begging the question whether that's possible in the first place.

My second and likely more viable idea would be to create a fog either by vaporizing the water (or setting a world record on smoking). Thanks to subtle wind manipulation Smokou wouldn't even need to create a fog that would span the whole area; instead small pockets of fog could be placed by Aya in such a way both of them stay hidden.
Even assuming the camera's aren't simple video cams and but heat detecting ones (that'd be very devilish), a good hot steam should mask both of their appearances (don't quote me on that, I'm spitballing here).

Or we could just Fujiwara volcano kick through the torrent of water and get in with a bang.

Unless I got the whole thing conceptualized incorrectly or someone got something better I'm going with
[x] Smokou Steam Stealth
Delete Post
Report Post
The picture of the puzzle is correct indeed.

For the respawn point, I'd say since she can recover from even a single strand of hair. She would be able to come back to life at either the spot where she died or via a body part if the former would lead into a never ending death loop such as being crushed by a large rock. (So the immolation would not work).

You also don't have Octo Camos.

But the Smoke idea is a very good one and would definitly work, same for the volcano kick.

You've got it conceptualized very well. Good Job Anon.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Smokou Steam Stealth
Sounds like a plan, but we should tell Aya what we intend to do and tell her to book it as soon as the steam rises up
Delete Post
Report Post
An epiphany and quick Google search to confirm later...

"A mirage is an image that is distorted by the atmosphere so that its form and location can look very different from the actual object. It is caused by the way light bends as it passes through layers of air of different temperatures."

Upgrade of my initial plan >>28667; mirage camo instead of steam camo
[x] Smokou Steam StealthMagical Mokou's Mirages
Delete Post
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Anothet vote for [x]Magical Mokou's Mirages
Delete Post
Report Post

So if I understand correctly, you'll use fire to vaporize the water for passage and mirages to get past the cameras?

Just confirming to be sure, and afterwards the update will come.
Delete Post
Report Post
I was thinking of immediately setting up the camo at the safe places and I was referring steaming up the water on the floor as described at
"There is water beneath you, there is a large amount of ceiling above you. There are stone walls to your right and left and the whole place is big enough to have multiple people walking at once in it."

Should it not be possible to create the camo quickly enough, I'm gonna go with vaporizing the surge with Aya's help (making sure to not be too noticeable) - imagine a bubble of air underwater like in Avatar the last Airbender - and setting up the camo after to pass by the cameras.
Delete Post
Report Post

Ah then yeah that works fine.

Update will come as soon as I'm able.
Delete Post
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The waves are getting closer, time is running out and Kaguya is most likely laughing in the background due to the belief that she has beaten you 30 steps ahead in some mental chess.

Except she forgot one thing: Just because she knows you that doesn’t mean she knows everything.

For you’ve got a secret trick, if not the perfect counter to this situation. Now to hope that it’ll work.

You tell Aya to back off as you focus, the surge of your resolve creates flickering flames that swirl around your body like a symphony of crimson colors. You focus the heat on your surroundings and your image swiftly distorts into being the same as your surroundings. It’s almost like you are invisible, except you’re also covered in an intense heat so it won’t fool the cams if they have heat detection…even so trying this out is better than nothing as you swiftly move to a wooden safe spot!

You move just in time as the large wave rushes forth, the wooden barrier is overwhelmed by the intense waves that splash against it but does not budge as the water continues to simply move across. You make sure not to actually touch the wood lest you leave a burn mark by which the cameras or the person watching the cameras can see that you did pass through this way which would make the whole mirage thing redundant. You calmly and patiently wait, with no sign of panic or unnecessary noise as the camera nearby you points your way and…does not detect you. Your Plan worked!

You internally smile at that, you fooled the system and the water wave finally ceases. You continue moving past each safe-wait that’s no longer needed. You simply move past the room and further into the football field hallway, once there’s no more obstacles and cameras you stop and look back.
You feel like you forg-“Looking for me?” Aya says as she appears like a blink out of nowhere.

Well, looks like she made her way as well, you continue onward the path which for some reason
seems to have no more obstacles nor these mountain philistine piles of excrements Aya talked about, were they perhaps washed away as well? If so that’s rather convenien-

“Hold on a moment!” The tengu reappears in front of you with her arms crossed.

“What is it?” you say as you fly past her anyway, if she wants to talk it better be important.

“Aren’t you going to ask me how I made my way past?” oh, so she wants an excuse to boast…

“If I say no, will you keep it a mystery?” but you’re not here to indulge her or Kaguya or anyone else.

“I’ll explain anyway, you see I used my super speed t-“

You ignore her rambling and decide that the best thing to do is give her uncommitted nods, uhuh, Is that so’s and overall give her the impression that you’re pa-“Your clothes are on fire by the way” oh.

You look at your disguise, the hat on your head has been turned into ashes, while the trench coat has melted onto your other clothes due to being made of part leather. The sizzling of your skin is mildly uncomfy and starts to give off a nasty smell. After some struggling you put all the fires out.

And throw away your disguise, revealing your normal clothes in their splendor! (Disguise lost!).

“Showoff…” Aya doesn’t seem impressed and keeps her own but honestly who cares about that.

The path ahead shows more occasional turns to the left and right, with Aya’s aid she guides you throughout the almost labyrinth layout while you simply smash through many water waves that come your way, after some time the waves finally stop for some reason while at other times you swear you saw something move in the water only for it to nothing. The Tengu however keeps talking the whole time and finally motions you to stop.

You do so, “What’s the matter?” you ask.

“This is the end of the line” Aya says as she points at one last corridor leading to a room. “Once you’ve gone past that room, you can climb up a ladder and you’ll have made it into the Washroom Basement. Sneak past those rooms and you can then head upwards to the Cafeteria (And thus go outside via a door or window or) via the Elevator (Go deeper into Eientei), except not cause you’ll need a keycard to use it and even then the odd of someone walking in is too high.” She’s suddenly serious so you don’t interrupt “Security is going to get a hell lot higher from here on, so this is the part where you and I will be separating since right now we are beneath Eientei like promised.”

She takes out her pen and notepad and faces you with a smile “So now it’s time for an interview~”.

She wants to know everything you know about this whole affair, why are you hiding in the Bamboo Forest? Why are you trying to sneak into Eientei? What kind of thing is happening right now?

How will you respond? (Will you tell everything? Will you omit some stuff? Some questions you want to ask? Etc)

Delete Post
Report Post
>Right now? In a sewer? With surges of water? Just below Eientei?
>Tell you what, how about once this blows over, we'll meet at my place or wherever. I'll even put up a pot of tea as a bonus.
Delete Post
Report Post
>Right now? In a sewer? With surges of water? Just below Eientei?
>Tell you what, how about once this blows over, we'll meet at my place or wherever. I'll even put up a pot of tea as a bonus.
>And if you leave right now, I'll bring Kaguya along to be interviewed too
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 163856957498.jpg - (7.11KB, 186x272, Sure appears a lot in a eintei story ngl.jpg)
Sure appears a lot in a eintei story ngl

>Right now? In a sewer? With surges of water? Just below Eientei?

Aya nods eagerly, interest blatant in her eyes. Seems the place doesn't matter.

You think about it, this really isn't the best moment for you with all the waves, the vapid stench and the whole atmosphere not giving you an story teller mood.

>Tell you what, how about once this blows over, we'll meet at my place or wherever. I'll even put up a pot of tea as a bonus

"No dice" She moves her head sideways frantically, her hat almost falling off "You made a deal with me!" and gets closer to you "And I want my news as fresh as possible, by the time it's over my rivals will have already posted their views of the events and I'll be seen as a late bird. NO SIR! The Bunbunmaru gives the greatest and fastest news in Gensokyo and no offer of tea however tempting it may be, thank you for the offer I really appreciate it will ever change that!" and she speaks with an energy equivalent to as if you asked her to kill her mother.


>If you leave right now, I'll bring Kaguya along to be interviewed too

This actually makes her pause, and she looks up as if thinking about it "Private interview with a princess and the eternal flame about the events that have occurred...pictures of the moon beauty alongside her rival...I could pass that off as a special edition even if my news comes off as older then the others. No way people would pass that up" and you can actually hear her mutter it all out loud since you're so close "But what of my creed? what if the hype of said news is only temporary? there's so many ways that could go wrong....hmmmmmm" she seems to be struggling with the decision and stays quiet after that. ​

You feel like your next words could be the next thing needed to convince her.

Or perhaps you could her show her something of interest.

The water starts to build up again, you feel like a wave might come from the next room. Ergo whoever's responsible for creating those may lie in wait there or simply be oblivious to both of your presences and playing around.

Food for thought, either way what do you do now?
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Forgot the


My bad.
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[x] One sentence summary
-[x] Kaguya kidnapped Keine and hired seven goons to stop me from rescuing her, so I’m sneaking in to save Keine, kill Kaguya, and avoid the seven annoying goons. Now outta my way, I have a princess to kill and a teacher to save.
Delete Post
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Actually it's not quite clear whether Keine was actually forcibly kidnapped or if it was a lie to rile up Mokou. Usually the truth is somewhere in the middle.
It would seem a lot like the moon princess' thing to make empty threats to push Mokou's buttons, showboating to her how clever and superior she is than to actually go ahead and go through with kidnapping.
As such it would be a point of satisfaction for Kaguya to learn that Mokou assumed that Keine was kidnapped (if it weren't the case).

I would go with telling her less. Aya's skill in inventiveinvestigative journalism will lead her to write something that's almost equally as outrageous as what Kaguya told Mokou in her letter.

[x]Place a simple magic on the letter that will burn it should it be removed from your being before you dispel it
>The princess hand-wrote me a lovely letter that bored me to my upteenth death about how much she missed me
>All I care about is she also told me 'Keine isn't coming today' *hold up the letter*
>So I'm just going to assume the worst and work myself up from there
>Which is why I'm going through all this shit. Literally.
[Internally]>...'Cause I gotta make sure first

Should she be so brash as to pick the letter from Mokou's hands she'll get burned (metaphorically more likely than literally).
If she's interested in that extra piece of evidence, Aya will have to go the extra mile
Delete Post
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Addind this
Immediately after the internal thought
[x] Enter Eientei proper
Delete Post
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Double update coming tomorrow for that.

Just finished the first chunk now, will polish it and continue plot hour.

I do enjoy your write ins and fully encourage them.

Writer out for now, and wish you a good weekend.
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File 163874039298.png - (262.25KB, 438x497, Showing da letter.png)
Showing da letter
Hold on, an idea comes to you. You take out the letter and show it off to Aya (The back of it so she can’t read it to be specific) while making sure to carefully hold onto it “Long story short, the princess hand-wrote me a lovely letter that bored me to my umpteenth death about how much she missed me and all that stuff…”

Aya attracted to the thing like a moth to a flame invades your personal space faster than…something fast “Ayayaya~? A LOVE letter you sa- “

You interrupt her by putting a hand on her shoulder and gently pushing her away “Too close, also quiet I’m not done”.

She obeys with a never-ending smile on her face “Go on then!”.

Doubt comes to you immediately, a thought in your head tells you that she would use the slightest fuel to make up a ridiculous story but on the other hand if you don’t say anything then she gets to fill in the rest with her imagination. Not sure which is worse, you continue “The letter is filled with a bunch of unimportant junk but there is one part I do care about. The simple sentence of *Keine isn’t coming home today* implies a certain scenario that I can’t ignore hence I’m in this shit right now.” your voice lets out a more angered tone despite yourself.

The crow doesn’t say anything and just looks at you with an odd expression “So if I understand it right: You’re being blackmailed into visiting the princess lest something bad might happen to Keine?”.

You shrug and look to the ceiling “I guess that’s a good way to put it, doesn’t mean I have to play on her terms. I’ll just sneak my way in, see if Keine’s captured in there and show Kaguya what I think about all this”.

“Hmmm, it feels like you’re still hiding something~” Aya says with a spot-on insight, before sighing and moving out of the way “Guess it can’t be helped then. If I publish this right now, it will only get in your way, doesn’t it? So, I won’t share this info for now because I Aya Shameimaru have a noble heart as well!” she laughs at her own perceived humbleness “But don’t think I won’t continue the investigation for my own private perusal~”.

“…As long as you don’t stand in my way. Do whatever you want” not sure whether to feel relieved or more on edge, you decide now is the time to keep on going. “I better not see you again though”.

“No promises!” Aya replies swiftly “But do get ready later for that private interview you promised. Until then Sewer Bird~”

“Don’t call me tha- “you turn around and notice that she’s already gone. Damn bird sure loves to showboat her own speed.

Back to focus, the room ahead of you is adorned with a gate of sorts unlike all the open tunnels up until now. Said gate is just actually open now but feels like it could be shut down to either keep something in said room or someone out. Ergo it’s obviously a trap.

Or foreshadowing to a dreaded encounter, you sigh and tell yourself that Keine would have walked into the room anyway if your roles were reversed…which is probably true. She better be all right though…

You shake your head; this isn’t the time to worry. Any time spent not being on you’re A-game is a moment that Kaguya would relish.

You walk into the room, and the gates promptly shut down behind you like you called it for. You brace yourself for an ambush as well.

…Which doesn’t come, you’re on your in the room. You can see that this has only one straight direction unlike the previous labyrinth sections you’ve walked through. There is a ladder at the other side of the room which looks inappropriately long but would lead towards the next area if Aya was correct.

Other than that, there is simply water in the room, troubled water that’s rushing back and forth like a wild ocean wave. If you were to fall in there, you’re certain you might drown once or twice. It makes you wonder if there’s a mechanism for all the wild waves from earlier or if this is just some magic nonsense coming from some culprit that’s hiding from you.

“I swear to god, if this is a boss fight…” you grumble to yourself as you fly over to the ladder slowly yet carefully while hugging the walls of the room lest something jump out of the water at you. Nothing comes out and you turn your back to it to start climbing on the la-you dive!

Just in time as a heavy black object smashes the spot where you would have been just a second ago, it’s pulled back some chains and you tu-

“Fujiwara!” you fly away from an intense wave of water, then kick away the black scythe like thing when it’s aimed at you again...though the contact hurts.

“Who is this?!” you reply on guard, ready to dodge or counter any attack that comes from your unknown foe…except out she comes.

Rising out of the turmoiled water like an ancient ruin out to shine its wonders is a humble ship made from wood that fishermen tend to use. On top of it is a girl holding her arms folded like she’s some sort of messiah while an phantom of the operasque theme plays out of nowhere. She’s wearing a skeletal mask and is adorned by black sailor clothes followed with a white cape like she’s the revenge of the sea itself.

You sigh “…Great, another weirdo. Can I pass or do I have to bea- “?

The girl interrupts you and starts singing out of nowhere “The ocean plays for me. A song of c-c...cayenne? A song of memories and sins unseen...” quite clumsily in fact.

What in the nine hells is she doing?

But in this sanctuary, I’ve come to fiiiind. The Heroic Phantom Of the Sea has come to haunt…that which hides in your mind!”

She shows no signs of stopping, but the novelty of the situation has worn off. You feel like her guard is open and her rhymes are a turnoff.

Play once again with me, a danmaku match! My waves of energy you cannot make past. And though you have the fire. I’m sure you’ll fiiind.
The phantom of poetic justice has come to…strike your wicked mind.”

“…For how many hours have you waited here? In this stinky room? Do you have nothing else do?” you reply annoyed and confused.

“Will this be your tomb?”

“I don’t have time for this, just get out of my sight!”.

The Hero of the Sea will never let you pass. Without a fight.” And that’s everything you needed to hear.

It’s time to make this amateur opera shut down at once!


[] Get in close and personal, you take pride in your flaming kicks.
[] Play it safe, get a handle of her attacks first and then counter.
[] No time to waste, take out the big guns and go all out immediately.

>Can you guess who this 2hu is?
Delete Post
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[x] Play it safe, get a handle of her attacks first and then counter.
-[x] Chains and weakest links; heat up a segment to the degree it'll cause tensile failure at a critical moment.
[x][Actual Strategy] Bide your time, bring up the heat, boil the water
You know nobody else can endure getting bothered and hot as well as you can.

Who's this Touhoumon?
>The spectre of the seven seas
>A drowning dutchman's demise
>Malice of maritime men made material Murasa
Codename: The Phantom

So we'll go through the boss fights regardless then, huh? I've got a hunch for why that is but no hard evidence for it yet.

Strategy, Speculation and Spitballing Segment
The whole idea hinges on my guess being correct (which I'm very reasonably confident in).
That'll mean drowning is going to be the actual danger, since her skillset includes that and seems to be a feasible way to hold Mokou down in place for an indeterminate amount of time. The anchor is mostly going to be a distraction from the actual danger I feel, which is why I intend the breaking of the chains to be a distracting and time biding red-herring for our opponent. Incidental pun intended.
I'd wager that her shtick wouldn't work with super-heated steam and while it strictly is 'just' hot water and would thus still remain a domain of her ability, I think Mokou's gonna edge out victoriously once the circumstances regarding temperatures reach a critical degree.
Delete Post
Report Post
Very nice idea Anon, that plan could definitely work.

As for that hunch you can confirm it and any other juicy info you seek if you beat her.

An unprompted talk about her backstory mgs wise might occur tho, no promises
Delete Post
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I'm a sleepy donut so update comes early tmrw instead.
Image Source
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File 16389147214.jpg - (105.33KB, 593x600, Hero of the sea.jpg)
Hero of the sea

Who is this 2hu: Murasa.

You are CORRECT! You gain a bonus just for that. Read on.

Music Optional: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fNsYxdEPvmM
I listened to this while writing this.

You sigh and await her next attack, getting a reasonable sense on what she can do is vital for a counterattack “Come at me” you raise one of your hands at her defiantly and taunt her with a dismissive swagger.

“Sink for me bird!” She is more than eager to do so, Murasa changes her posture a bit, putting strength in her arms as she starts swinging her heavy metal round and round in order to gain momentum before smashing it towards you at a fast pace with the intent to crush you.

You easily fly out of the way of the first swing, but the thing rebounds against the wall and as you kick it away with your right foot a second later you hear a snap in your leg, tsk. Looks like your ankle got twisted by the hit, great, the thing’s heavy and blunt impact will definitely shatter your fragile bones. Even so it’s not like you couldn’t parry the thing if you timed it right…. jeez, what a bothersome weapon she has.

But you don’t have the time to try that as she shoots out another surge of water like they’re weaponized water waves. These are a far harder to dodge due to the fact that even the tiniest droplets could have danmaku behind it. Though again you counter this by shooting out your own flames to increase the window of opportunity behind it.
This exchange of you parrying her anchor attacks with parry kicks and dodging every.single.droplet of her wave attacks loops for a while, it’s quite apparent to you that she’s only using those two methods while occasionally switching it up by having her anchor rebound of the walls or letting herself be dragged by it in an attempt to kick you as a surprise. You wonder why she’s not using her full powers yet.

“Is that all you got?” you taunt her once more, curious to see if that’s indeed the case. Cause if so, this’ll be easy to handle. “You throw anchors and shoot water waves, quite the dull theme you got there…Murasa was it?” you point at her with one finger while successfully parrying the anchor with your left foot for one final time.

The Masked Phantom stops her attacks for a moment “H-how?” and stares at you with a surprised look before laughing out loud with mirth in her belly “Pfehehe, you are one sharp sea-dog aren’t you?” with a smooth move she removes her disguise with a bright smile “That’s right lass, I’m Motherfucking Captain Murasa!” her colour code changes back to a white and blue sailor uniform no mask or cape or anything of the kind. It’s her honest appearance “Kind of glad you figured out to be honest…ugh I’d hate to keep that façade on”

You shrug and use the pause in her attacks to land on the ship she’s on. She doesn’t attack so you get into kick-the-shit distance of her “Quite the easy guess, ain’t many Ship Phantoms around here” you look her straight in the eye, uncaring about her circumstance “So what brings an honest Captain in this rabbit dong infested waters?” you attempt to distract her with a question, but she backs off instead.

She chuckles and starts swinging her chain again, a confident grin is on her face as she replies, “Don’t pretend you give a shit, you know what we’re here for” she still isn’t attacking, probably believing she can’t possibly miss you from this distance and she’d be right “Not like I WANT to be here but eh, confidential circumstances made it happen~”.

“You’re right, I couldn’t care less about that” you look around the room, the heat inside of you is almost high enough “So what, you were planning to drown me in this lil room? How original of you”.

Murasa puts a finger under her chin “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. But indeed, that’s the plan. You see the water below you?” She points at the waves the ship is being carried by “Thanks to my ability all the water is as heavy as metal and has no buoyancy. So, a single dive in there…and you won’t be ever coming up! This boat will be your cof-ugh!” you dive kick her in the face HARD as her speech got boring, her body smashes against the boat and ragdolls off into the water.

Perfect Victory? Nah, she’s still good. You just know it.

[Capsize “Sinking Anchor”]
Called it, the anchor bursts at the spot you were as you fly away and smashes into the ceiling and then the walls right next to it in a fast and precise motion. The chains of it are limit your surroundings to the centre of the room as Murasa’s head pokes out of the water “You fell for it! Did you think I was talking because I liked to chat?” still all smiles.

You yawn as a reply, get to the point already.

She pouts at your lack of reaction “Tsk, fine you’ll enjoy the point all right!” danmaku starts shooting out from every point the Chain is located at, every opening being slightly lower, lower and…closer to the waves “That’s right, don’t go the waves and you’ll be hit by danmaku which will make you fall and drown! But move towards the waves and you’ll drown anyway! This is the Davy Jones locker made just for you!” and she starts laughing again, as if she already won.

“Boring…oh so predictable too” you’re not at all impressed. If anything, you hoped for a little bit more than this kind of childish mind games.

“Huh? What do you mean? Don’t think acting cool will save you!” the girl doesn’t understand where your confidences come from.

“I’m not the one in danger though” you take out your spell card. “Tell me, did you know that metal is an excellent heat conductor?” and you activate it before she can reply. She’ll understand it soon enough.

[Immortal “Fire Bird -Flying Phoenix- “]
The chains turn bright red, as if possessed by another force before bursting out into flames cancelling Murasa’s spell card, from the ashes of said object rises a flaming phoenix that soars throughout the room evaporating all of the water bullets before diving straight for the culprit herself with a screech of pure resentment.

“You think a spellcard is going to defeat me?” Murasa shrugs at the sight and simply dives deeper into the water only for the bird to chase her into it “How stupid, there’s no way th-!” the water around her evaporates as it STILL heads straight for her “Impossible?! There’s no way fire can beat water; a small bird can’t possibly defeat an ocean!” and she concentrates her everything into stopping by concentrating all the surrounding water into a huge anchor to clash against it!

The Phoenix of Flames struggles against the Anchor of Water, and both seem unable to gain and advance, the fire still has the advantage!

“NO!” But Murasa refuses to relent “I’ve capsized the mightiest of ships, braved the fiercest of storms and defeated the worst sea monsters of the seven seas. I’m the captain of the greatest ship and my crew depends on me…” You think she’s having a flashback due to her sudden silence, only for her to shout “CAPTAIN MINATSU MURASA WILL NOT FALL HEEEEEREEE!” and she beats your spellcard with raw determination, the firebird dies as the anchor smacks against the ceiling and disappears. “Take that Fujiwara, time for round 2!” she shouts out to you “Eh, wait a minute where are yo- “and goes blank.

You’re nowhere to be seen, did she defeat you alongside the Phoenix? Did you decide to hide after activating the spell card? Nope, none of those are quite right. There’s no more water to protect her, and no more anchor for her to intimidate you therefore you are…

“No, but I will” Right behind her, with a casual gait. So close you could even hug her.

“What!” She steps away from you immediately shocked “How did you sneak up on me?!” and tries to take something out of her pocket “Its doe-wait where is my thing” but fails to find it.

Coincidentally you’re fiddling with something that belongs to her in your hands “This reminds me of something” you show it to her “If I recall Ship Phantoms use their ladles to sink things

“That’s! How did you?!” Ugh, it’s a pain when the foe fails to understand they’ve been outsmarted. “How did you know?”.

“You just told me~” you lie with a fake smile and take a step towards her “And now that you’re defenceless…what do you think I’ll do? Go on it’s not hopeless yet, try to predict my action” You lean back a bit “Will I kick you with my left or with my right foot?”

“Agh…..Agh…” you’re not sure why but she seems to choke on air as she grabs her throat with one hand and crouches on the ground “Fujiwara……Agh” She flickers into a deadly pale green for a second “FuuuujiiWArAAaaa agh. Oooh, you should not have done thaaaat” the stench of a bloated corpse emanates from her as well as a green aura “Givee…agh,h,, bAcK the…ooogh. ….LADLE PLEASE!” and beckons one hand straight to you as if it’s your last warning or perhaps she's begging for it. You can't tell due to the garbled voice.


[] “If you want it…” gets ready for a smackdown “Then take it from me”.
[] Just give it back to her, she looks in pain and it’s important to her.
[] Do nothing, just keep watching her.

Again bravo Anon, it was a very clever write in that really did give you the advantage.
Image Source
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File 163894628431.jpg - (54.51KB, 600x689, touhou_murasa_by_kibisake_d8s4sfz-fullview.jpg)
[X] Give it back, out of principle rather than pity.
[X] Beat her up anyway if she continues the fight!

Be nice to the 2hu and the 2hu is nice to you, that's some anon wisdom right there.

But if that was a all an act then prepare to RETIRE her ass so she won't come back when Kaguya somehow makes a bossrush happen in her throneroom slash final chamber like the moonie she is.

Also food for thought: Kaguya sure wants us to come in huh? Making an entire sewer level, hiring a person by probably bribing the Myouren temple and making Murasa sing an embarassing phantom intro.

All that effort for one person...damn I want a rival like that...never! but still that's dedication.
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Will I kick you with my left or with my right foot?
Jojo Reference

Looking good on the stamina victory.

If the ladle were essential to her being (akin to something like Kogasa's umbrella) she'd have noticed Mokou taking it on the spot. It's like plucking a strand of hair from someone's head. They'll notice it whether or not they were paying attention beforehand. At least I think so.
Whether or not it's just theatrics remains to be seen.
I wonder if it is possible to pre heat the infinite amount of water it contains... Imagine: instant onsens.

[x] Do nothing, just keep watching her.
Delete Post
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Here and damn you could be right, she could just be bluffing and the moment we let our guard down...

Changing vote to that as well, she almost had me if it wasn't for your hair logic.

[x] Do nothing, just keep watching her.
Delete Post
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I wonder...is a deathless run possible?

Like a Metal Gear Run in which Mokou doesn't lose a single *life* nor takes the *life* of other people except for Kaguya?
Delete Post
Report Post

Sure, dying isn't a real issue anyway since whenever you do you immediately come back at full power a few seconds afterwards.

Just treat it like a no continue run, the additional challenge would simply come from the fact that you can't spam self harming skills then lest your legs and arms fall off. (Which you could easily regrow by dying except you don't want to die as le challenge).

If you manage to get to Kaguya without having died even once then you get massive bragging rights and an additional secret reward.

It's simply assumed you're doing so until you willingly end your life or die from other causes. How you handle your approach is all up to you Anon.

Writer out, also update coming soon.
Image Source
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File 163900309216.jpg - (61.37KB, 640x896, Lets get serouis now.jpg)
Lets get serouis now
>Do nothing and keep watching.

That’s hardly a problem, you keep your distance from the gagging phantom and ignore her voice while keeping your guard up. The way she’s acting seems a tad too convenient…after all if that thing was so important to her... “You’d have noticed me taking it if it was that important, cut out the deceit. You won’t fool me” you conclude indifferently.

The girl doesn’t stop her whole gagging and crouching on the ground routine, her voice becomes more painful, and tears are starting to come out of her eyes.

You shrug and wonder if you could use her ladle to make instant Onsens…being able to have a warm relaxing bath no matter where you are could be quite relaxing. If anything, it would do wonders on the skin and uh you don’t know that much about baths in general.

“This is excellent, you really show no weakness huh?” you glance back at the girl, she’s floating in the air with her hands behind her back and an impressed smile. Her green aura emanates over her entire being and you can feel like you’re facing the embodiment of the cruel force that ended the lives of so many sailors “Then again what did I exp- “

“Save me the monologue” you interrupt as you brace yourself with a lacklustre defensive stance “*This isn’t my full power* or *It’s finally time to get serious* that’s the kind of thing you’re planning to say before revealing some sort of trump card, right?” you put the ladle in your pocket “To that I say, get to the point. I don’t have all day for these mock fights”.

The ghost blinks at that, her aura dissipates as she folds her arms together and frowns “Hey, hey, I get that you’re acting cool and everything but you’re bumming me out here!” and starts to complain midbattle about how you’re not trying hard enough “I can tell you’re still holding back on me, am I not good enough of a foe or what? This isn’t a one-man show jeez...” she makes herself comfy in mid-air as if in protest and you attack her lowered guard swiftly, dialogue or not the moment it’s open you strike. No matter how rude this may be.

You shoot flaming feathers at her, only for them to go right through her. Did she dod-No that’d be wrong. She simply chose to become intangible, so the feathers had no chance of hitting her at all. “If trying hard means making a fight trivial, then I’d rather keep things interesting” you reply as you mumble a hit-a-ghostly-broad-anyway spell and ready another kick to her face as you dash towards her. Here comes the Mokou sandwich.

“It’s not going to hi- Agh! “the back of your foot hits her in the chin, you follow it with another two kicks upwards before ending it with you guess it. A flaming dive kick to send her smashing into the ground! Only for her to turn green and teleport elsewhere. Shame, it's an excellent nutrie-you're above puns. Just no.

“That’s enough!” you look up and see her flying right next to the ceiling, two anchors in tow as if to say they aren’t that important. Once again, she’s back in her green ghost form or rather would this not be her real appearance? “We’ve done enough warming up…” another dozen anchors appear behind her “And I’ve got a solid gist on what you can do now…” water bubbles simply spawn next to her “So I believe it’s time for Captain Murasa to give you the first taste of her new spell card” and she shows it clearly to you, unlike the usual red ones this one is pure black “It’s a special delight” and she activates but instead of declaring a spell card, the surroundings seem to distort instead.

Before you can make heads or tails of it, you realize that everything is underwater now. There was no announcement or anything, first the room was dryer than a dessert and now it’s filled to the brim like you’re in the middle of the ocean. This is interesting if not troubling for there will be no use heading to the ceiling now…hm why is this? How is this?

“Sadly, I can’t use any other spell card as long as this is active but…” her sixteen anchors start spinning wildly around her like a barricade…wait no you can feel a suction towards them, it’s like a mini tornado slash shredder in the making “I just have to wait things out and you’ll drown! And even if you don’t, you’ll be shredded apart in just a sec! Take that Fujiwara!” and she’d be right since as if by sheer miracle you do not breathe water, what are the odds.

Then again, there’s a simple fact she hasn’t considered. You haven’t gone all out either.

You’d reply with sarcasm or indifference or half a trace of excitement but sadly doing so would quicken the removal of air in your lungs. You’ve got enough experience holding your breath though that you can confidently hold it in for around 5 minutes if you were standing still but you won’t so let’s say 2 or 3 minutes ergo there are 180 seconds left to beat her.

Only problem you feel that the moment you remove your feet from the ground you’ll be dragged towards her wannabe anchor shredder, your body will definitely not survive a direct hit against that if you don’t come up with a good plan. Well played Sea Ghost Girl.

But that’s fine, that much is something you should be able to overcome if you want to beat Kaguya. Speaking of her you feel no you know she somehow is responsible for that card.

What to do now anyway? There’re many things you co-yeah just do something.


[O] End this already, use the same trick as earlier and use overwhelming firepower to evaporate the water away.
[O] The card is most likely the key out or just a good red herring, let's destroy it and hope it ends the terrain effect.
[O] You know what? Let's just beat the tar out of the Sailor already, even if it'll cost a life or a limb (Choose a method of attack).
[O]....The ladder never locked now that you think of it, you could literally just walk away from this area and into a more advantageous one if not just leave the fight entirely.

For reference you posses the following abilities.

@ Powerful pyromancy and all of your spell cards.
@ Complete immortality but you already knew that.
@ Various sorceries for the sake of youkai-hunting.
@ Hundreds of years of fighting experience.
@ The Touhou wiki for yourself and also Murasa because you guessed her identity correctly.

Good luck Anon and cya later.
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That thing we stole from Murasa can store an infinite amount of water to drown people with. Can we use it in reverse to suck up all of Murasa's water to negate her spellcard? Or at least suck up enough water to give us a bubble of air to breathe in.

[x] Suck up all the water with Murasa's stolen stick thing
Delete Post
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>“Impossible?! There’s no way fire can beat water; a small bird can’t possibly defeat an ocean!”
what rather obscure burn
[O] End this already, use the same trick as earlier and use overwhelming firepower to evaporate the water away.
we've been given numerous hints that we're yet to show our full power yet
let's go for it
Delete Post
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Drowning an immortal with regenerative abilities is a supremely shitty thing to do. The regeneration only works to prolong consciousness during the process of the breakdown of the nervous system due to the lack of oxygen. And when they wake up from the cusp of death they get to endure prolonged torture yet again.
So yeah, good reason to become pretty angry.

Assuming it works:
[x] Use the ladle

Only fair to scare her a bunch. I'm going a bit crazy here, alright?

>Place a spinning wheel of fire below Murasa which creates an undertow to pull her in
>Conjure will-o-wisps to swing by dangerously to harass Murasa for a thematic distraction
>pretend to lose bearing from exertion and lack of oxygen and get pulled in by the anchor tornado to get into kick-shit-in distance
>The purpose is to create an updraft that carries a whole bunch of Talismans with it. The whole shebang: paralysing charms, anti ghost talismans, sealing bullcrap.
>remind Murasa about the question you posed beforehand

The whole plan shouldn't exert Mokou as much as evaporating an Ocean created by a spellcard. Admittedly, it carries risks.

Murasa will need to deal with the wheel which should offer a window of opportunity to set everything else up.
The idea is that the yokai-slaying charms get carried up by the updraft created by the heat of the fire wheel, while everything else served as a theatric and thematic distraction.
Getting close is just for the satisfaction of the beatdown. Though literally capturing the spellcard would be a bonus.

I'm having excessive fun coming up with these schemes.
Delete Post
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Update finally coming today.

Took some time to write down that stuff and the cinches and niches and all those detaily stuff.

Just some more corrections, so see it soon in around 2 hours.
Image Source
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File 163917069534.jpg - (1.04MB, 1280x906, your turn to get serouis.jpg)
your turn to get serouis

Really? Using an object that belongs to your foe in the middle of a combat doesn’t sound like a good idea, sure it is not a stretch to believe that just because the ladle is bottomless and contains infinite amount of water that it is able to suck it out as well. Then again, it’s still a theory now.

It’s not like your foe is watching you now, wait she is. But she doesn’t say anything towards your attempt or simply sees it as a desperate attempt for you to not drown. Like a cornered rat attempting one last bite on the steel bars that they’ve been trapped within. Big mistake.

You take out the ladle while resisting the force of the ever-increasing anchor-noda. You attempt to use it in some way and for a few seconds nothing happens. After some more nothing happens again.

You mentally sigh at the sign, seems that this thing counts as a magical object or perhaps the Phantom Ship’s ability simply requires a ladle as a medium for the water than as the source of it.

That would explain why she immediately went for the black spell card after failing to use trickery rather than trying to take back the ladle by force. It is an alternative way Kaguya gave her that she didn’t want to use until she had to. Not only that but she can’t use any other spell card either... ergo this must be her last trump card and that’s the same as saying that she no more other options.


So, there is no more point in holding back. You focus your power and flames permeate your entire essence, wings made of pure resolve like that of the eternal phoenix spring from your back and the water around you bubbles from the sheer temperature you emanate. It’s time to end this!

“So, you’re finally going all out! That’s right give me your everything!” Murasa encouraged by your whole power aura deal awaits your counter with excitement but soon after you no longer hear her words because the anchors have advanced into such a speed that the tornado becomes a vortex. Hitting her head on with a ranged attack will now be deflected like paper thrown at a wall and an attempt at melee will only result in you being shredded apart. It has transformed into the perfect attack and the perfect defence. Quite the marvellous strategy, you’re almost excited.


You sigh again if brute force won’t work then. You’ve got nothing else but to go with instinct!


You take out one of the more recent spell cards and activate it. This will be all or nothing!

[Exalted Personage "Advice of St. Germain"]
Flaming wheels of fire shoot out from beneath your foe, its presence creates an undertow that starts to pull her downwards, not to forget the additional will o wisps that are send out at her to stalk, distract and overall be a massive pain in her arse if she doesn’t pay attention to dodging them.

“Wha-!” She immediately attempts to resist the force and dodges the bullets thrown at her like they’re nothing “You seriously think a spell card could take me down?” and looks at you with a bit of disappointment before letting out a yawn “Man, I expected something more awesome from you than a bunch of flaming wheels shooting ghosties…like covering the entire place on fire or maybe like doing some crazy uh something more than this!” and boy does she enjoy being noisy.

You quip back at her “And what el-sblururgh!” and panics sets within you as you grab your throat with both hands. Why did you talk back? Now you are going to drown dammit! You fool! Distracted by your sudden panic your body flies off the ground and towards her, you double fool!

“Pwahahaha! Oh my god! Did you actually do that?!” the girl fully buys your performance and opens a hole within the tornado to receive your wildly flailing body and catches you with ease by the neck. “Alley-hop! Dear sea witch, I know I hoped for some banter, but damn was that the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. What were you trying to do by-oh wait you can’t answer that now can you? Lest you drown and all that stuff…but you know what? How about I help you with that!” her other hand forms a fist and collides hard with your lungs; you spurt out more air as a result and glare at her.

You immediately try to punch her back, but your fist goes right through her, she smiles brightly at you the whole time and you can feel happiness just oozing out of her as your continue attacking uselessly “Oooooh Yeeaaaaaaaaah. So, this is what it feels like to drown an immortal huh? I have to say it’s quite enjoyable~ No it’s more than that, the struggle before the finale, the way you keep calm during even the most stressful times and the fact that even as you are dying you simply refuse to give up…it’s marvellous! Completely enthralling! I’ve never felt this way before! I would be so sad if you were to die after this, to have our time end in such a way…to the point that I’d probably pull you out of the water now due to sheer respect but… we don’t need that now do we?” She stops choking you as your body goes limp and holds you like a chap would their pal and continues the talk while dodging the fire that comes at her from beneath “Cause you’re IMM.MOR.TALL~ and that means you can drown more than once, right? Boy does that make you quite the unique catch, like a sandwich that can be eaten over and over with no refuse. This amazing time between you and me will never end!” She ruffles your hair, messing them up “Sure, it could get boring after a while but right now? I am going to ENJOY this. Like seriously I can see why accepting this gig was a good idea now. It’s almost like it’s my birthday that’s how happy I am right now!” and the trap has been set.

You stop your act and poke her shoulder with a deadpan look, she has failed to notice something quite important.

“Huh? What do you mean look u-! YOU LITTLES-h-aoaaaaa!” talismans fall from above and cling to her body, yokai-slaying charms, ghost sealing talismans, everything that could possibly harm her in her ghostly form clings to her body like flies to honey. She lets go of you and struggles immediately “AAaah, get it off! It burns, I hate it! My power’s leaking! It’s leaking!” indeed her movements become much more slower and erratic until finally she does not have enough power to…

Both of your spell cards are captured, the surroundings distort once more and both of you smash into the ground as all the water is gone and only the stone floor remains. It’s a hard impact for the both of you as your wings disappear and Murasa’s anchors shatter away as well. That was harder than expected but the plan worked anyway, and your foe should not be able to do much after all that.

Then again neither can you, while Murasa has been forced back into her physical form and is wearing charms that drain her power faster than one can count to 10 so are you vomiting out water you accidently inhaled and suffering from a cracked rib due to the punch from earlier. Both of you struggle to get up but you get up faster due to being used to being injured more than her and you shoot a blast of fire at her legs throwing her back into the ground again before slowly limping towards her with the occasional cough as you loom over her. “Get up already!”.
Your foe does not get up “Muuu…” and instead moans in pain, maybe she’s become unable to stand up now? Those charms of yours are no joke at all.

The fact she can still mo-oh she’s on her knees now and glaring at you “Tch, don’t think this isn’t over yet. I’m never goi- “

“You never answered my question by the way” you interrupt again with a dull tone.

“What?” She looks at you confused “What are you tal- “

“I’ll repeat it to you but only once, where you want to be kicked? Your face? Your body? Or perhaps should I get creative and kick you at everywhere at once? Choose your spot, my friend”.

Her face becomes blue, as she realizes what’s up “Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuc- “which isn’t a valid answer.

Guess you get to make the choice after all. A shame but eh, you’re feeling rather annoyed right now!

“Wait! Wait! I give up! Don’t do that thing! I was just roleplaying I swear!” she raises both of her hands together as if bracing for it.



You obtained a new spell card! (More detail next update)

(Go ham anon, this victory is yours and I made sure that all votes were counted in some way.

Or you can not beat her up, your choice regardless. )

Next update should come quicker, like in 24 hours or at the worst 2 days.
Also honestly same, I'm enjoying writing this a lot.
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[x] Headpat.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 163918331384.png - (920.29KB, 749x567, ZaFooto.png)
NSFW image
Don't have much to say this time.
Stretch your legs everyone;
It's high time for a beatdown.
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You sure you dont need a hand with that?
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Not to worry. I've got everything I need on standby, you know.
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File 163918640854.jpg - (53.07KB, 620x406, ugh.jpg)
>anon didn't get it
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Oh come now, you're being bad company.
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[x] create giant phoenix out of fire, then make it stomp on her repeatedly

Why kick with our own feet when we can get giant fire feet do it for us
Image Source
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File 163925311896.jpg - (211.17KB, 800x950, beatdown.jpg)

You raise your arm and put it on the Sailor’s head and move your other arm around her in order to support her body, you gently pat her head as if she’s the most fragile thing you’ve ever set your heads on. “I forgive you, let no one say a Fujiwara doesn’t know mercy” and smile at her all-teeth. With the full intention of making her lower her guard for a surprise beatdown, shush but true.

She is confused by the gesture “Wait, you’re sparing me?” and doubts your mercy as well. Her body stiffens up a bit and the poor girl is shaking despite trying to look brave. She rejects the patting.

You nod calmly and ruffle her head some more and speak with the wisdom of a being that surpasses time “You’re just a paid actor, not someone doing this out of cruelty right?” your eyes show a kindness like that of a grandma looking at their grandchild. “I don’t do grudges…” and explain to her your philosophy of how it’s pointless since you’ll outlive everyone anyway.

“Ah…is that so?” the girl still doubts your words, but her body language clearly relaxes, her breathing becomes slower paced, and her body’s weight is fully carried by your weight. She shrugs after a few seconds and lets out a chuckle “Yeah, you’re right! This was nothing more than a fun time between you and me. Kind of a sad thing it had to so soon, but damn is you one hell of a unit Fujiwara” Murasa finally smiles back at you and has so far NOT told you stop the head pat, so you continue.

“About that…” you let out a frown of suspicion “How did you know I was a Fujiwara?” you have not even once told someone that you are of that clan…except for Keine and then Kaguya but no more other people after the latter being the whore of the devil, she is told everyone at Eientei about it.

(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E7m8M6Y7jZE) I warned you Anon about the flashback.

The sailor’s face becomes grim instantly and her eyes distant, and her words filled with sadness “You…your clan…because of them…I lost my family…” yet no hatred accompanies them.

“What are you talking about?” you stop the head pat, and your arms hold her a bit tighter.

“I grew up…In the Nippon we all know and love…but that’s not what I was born as. I was an abandoned child you, see? My very first memory was that of waking up inside a pile of garbage…for most of my early childhood I had to struggle to survive by working hard in a port town, everyone could always use an extra hand when it came to lifting heavy objects and I was quite sturdy for- “

“Not that I don’t care for your backstory, but a simple sentence could have answered the que- “.

“After a hard day of work, I’d watch the sunset with my friends as we all ate ice cream…the ships leaving off into the sunset were the most beautiful things my eyes had ever seen. For all I could tell they were going off towards distant worlds with greener pastures and kinder people. Though the sea is cruel and harsh, those who sail across it, those who master it. Are the few common men that are truly free…it was during those moments that I realized my dream: to sail the sea as well one day”.

It’s no use, you realize that she’s having a monologue. You grumble and try to tune it out.

“Finally, after some time, I finally managed to achieve it. My captain and in way father figure took me on his ship, despite the protest of the other workers…they were so cold to me…even though they knew this was my lifelong dream they didn’t trust me…thought I was some portent of bad luck. Anytime I tried to fit in, anytime I’d try to go where the laughter and talking was, they’d leave in silence and leave me with the trash. I tried to observe their customs, see what hidden house rule I accidentally broke but no matter how hard I worked to gain their acceptance…it would not work. They’d be nice when the captain was there but otherwise, I longer had anyone to watch the sunset with…even so just being able to see the waves, to feel that wind of freedom. It was enough for me”.

She still hasn’t mentioned how your clan factors into this, you let out a small cough to indicate that.

“Ah, sorry. I’ll make it quicker: One fateful day, some bigshot from the Fujiwara clan demanded we’d sail them across in the middle of a fierce some storm. The task itself was nothing less but suicide but we all knew that if the Captain refused that they would have ruined us. There was no other option…”

You can guess the rest yourself “You went with them and died, didn’t you? In that storm I mean”.

She nods with a chuckle “From then on, I was a ghostly sea ghost that ghosted the seven seas as much as ghost could ghost…but even I was still an outsider…and no one accepted me”.

“Sinking the ships of people certainly didn’t help. Have you ever tried not doing that?”.

“Hehehe…that might be true. Sadly, at the time my heart was filled nothing more than the desire for revenge…no more like anger? Some dark ink had boiled itself into my thoughts and well I won’t justify my behaviour. I did kill people, sob story or not. I became a sea-rial killer of sorts”.

“So, you died because a Fujiwara ordered you to sail during a storm, then you became a ghost out of a desire for revenge by sinking other ships or something. Is that your whole backstory done?”.

Her grim expression turns into a carefree smile again “Nah, there’s a happy ending…at least one for me that is. One day I met Byakuren. Long story short after the kindest thing someone has ever done for me, I finally had a place to belong once more. No more sob story and no more dark inky revenge stuff~ Just a temple that’s actually a ship where Buddhist youkai live in are my surroundings now, and with that I am finally happy again” and that’s her whole backstory right? Right?

“That’s….” you’ve got no comment for that “So why are you in these sewers anyway?”

“Ugh, did you have to remind me? It’s like a dungeon designed after me…in VERY POOR taste mind you that you were supposed to fall into all dramatically after some encounter with Kaguya all the way up in Eientei. I’m supposed to be like boss number 3 or so? I don’t know what that Princess is planning or how she even knows stuff about me, but the fact remains that…this is all like some big game to the girl? All in your honour even. I’m not sure if that’s a compliment or an insult…”.

“So why are you here then, if you don’t want to be here?”

“Cause Byakuren asked me to, that’s all I know about this. I’m just your stage boss really. You overcome my challenge, go the next area and I get to call it a day and go home afterwards” she pauses for a moment “Wait no, I gotta try to kill you again in an hour or less or something if you win and only in 5 minutes if you lose…uuh sorry I don’t really remember it that well”.

“So, you were chosen because you somehow have the slightest of connection to me somehow huh?” If you were a betting woman then your gamble would be that Kaguya did the same for every other hero or something “You’re here…to make me pay for the sins of the Fujiwara in some dumb thematic way. Such theatrics….is something I’m not surprised she concocted…goddamit Kaguya. If this whole journey has some dumb moral at the end of it, I’ll never forgive her!”.

“Keep in a punch or two for me as well, once this whole deal is over, I might give her a private bath as well” Murasa agrees with your statement, then again who would not. Kaguya’s an ass.

“No promises…so is that it? Are you finally done blabbing now?” you’re ready to drop her like a potato if she keeps talking. There’s only so much time you’ve got to waste.

“Uh, yes? I don’t know what else you want to hear…I don’t have any grudge on you if that’s what you want to know?” She peers at your face for a moment, not sure what else you want to hear.

“So, you’ve got no grudges on me?” you repeat just to make sure. “Will you have any though?”.

“Uuh, I think not? You can let me go by the way, this win is entirely yours Admiral, also pl- “.

“Hold on you said Admiral, why?” you’re not a fan of nicknames, just use the name and nothing else.

“Call it a sign of my respect towards you~” She says with zero embarrassment and pulls her tongue at you. The fact she can act so cheeky while being in this helpless position says a lot about her guts.

“….” the mood feels a bit different now, you’re still totally up for giving her a beatdown and fuck the mood you are kicking her ass, right here and now. “I’m going to kick your ass now”.

“Wha- “those are some lousy last words, you let go of her and start the process!


And before she hits the ground your foot slams into her face, stomping onto it over and over with the intensity of a stampeding horde crossing the plains. Her body rebounds off the ground from the intensity as cracks appear on the stone floor. You don’t use a battle cry or anything and simply stomp on her with rapid fire kicks as if you were a hammer and she the piggy bank.

“A nice story it might be, but it doesn’t change the fact the fact you’ve tried and would have drowned me multiple times given the opportunity. That’s kind of a deal breaker to me” you stop the stomps and as her body rebounds once more you swing your feet like scythe to make her airborne.

You burst out wings of flame and appear right behind her “Not to forget the many innocents you’ve drowned as well. So, in a way the real sinner between the two of us CAN ONLY BE YOU!” you make up a new spell cards on the fly and are about to make the mother of all sea omelettes.

[Cleansing Fire “Judgement from the Bird Beneath”]
Two legs aren’t enough for this, so you create your own phoenix to aid you with it’s mighty talons. It appears right below her falling body and smashes her back into the air with only swipe of it’s talons. Only for you to kick the body back at the bird even harder, then the bird replies even harder as Murasa becomes a wailing projectile of the impromptu ping pong match between the two of you. After a few seconds both of you get tired of this and get closer to one another to end it all with a flurry of flaming kicks from both sides with battle cries just as intense to end this beatdown.

At the end of the 8 thousand kicks, Murasa has gone into dream land. You turn around and have the phoenix disappear after it does a pose behind you. “And with that…I call us even”.

Minatsu Murasa
Hero of the Sea and Rank #5 of the Seven Heroes.
The Sailor with the ability to cause Shipwrecks.
Has been Put out of Commission!

You let out a small sneeze and rub your noise, all that being wet and dry has annoyed your noise a bit. Not to forget the pain in your chest, that may last a while as well.

The stairs are just up ahead, and there’s nothing else to stand in your way now. You went ahead and picked up the black spell card but returned the Ladle to Murasa’s knocked out body. You feel like it’ll be a lot more useful than something that you can’t even use…for the sake of investigation you mean.

For you see, you’ve got something perfect for this. If this thing was really made by Kaguya, then you could use it to potentially track her down with a spell made just for the occasion of finding people by using the items that belong to them as a…wait why are you explaining this to yourself? You already know this, though trying this out in the middle of the sewers may not be the best idea. If echoes travel across this place, then someone might have heard those brutal stomping…and even if not it’s only a matter of time that someone finds the girl’s body. But you’ll kill Kaguya before that happens.

But honestly that’s enough musing. You pat yourself down and you think you’re ready to go.

But are you?

[x] You are, let’s go up the ladder and into the next area.
[x] Hold on, you want to do something else first (Write in).
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The beatown, the music, the narrator cut in - it's all so corny and I'm all here for it!

With Murasa's defeat there's nothing left to do but to leave her.

[x] You are, let’s go up the ladder and into the next area.
Image Source
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File 163934010459.jpg - (118.27KB, 850x636, This might take a while.jpg)
This might take a while
You look one last time at your beaten foe, Murasa is still knocked out and won’t wake up anytime soon.
You can tell with the info you have that while you were expected to face off against her, you were not expected to make your way in here this SOON ergo once you go up your presence will still be unknown.
With that encouraging thought in mind you approach the ladder and scale it up.

https://youtu.be/a6qMW-6KZT0 (May as well go all out with the sneaking mood).

The climbing experience was surprisingly short, the ladder was made of metal and had a firm if not cleanish grip to it. Why there was one made that leads directly to the sewers isn’t something you really think too much off since having a convenient way to go somewhere is better than not having it. After barely 30 seconds of climbing the ladder straight up you finally meet a metal hatch door and push it open after with zero effort as it moves like it was well oiled. This thing must be a recent addition…which only makes you think more about the b-no time for that, you make your way into the room and quickly get on your feet with your guard up…only for there to be nobody else.

The walls of your surroundings have gone from pure white into a brown white, if not a tinge of orange around it. Despite said change the sheer cleanliness of the whole place feels unnatural.

The room itself seems to be a sort of storage room, with a width of 3 x 3 meters it is barely large enough for two people to hold hands and touch the walls with the other.

A stack of boxes made of cardboard are your only companions in the corner of the room, their content is unknown but there is an image of an white rabbit winking at you on it as the icon.

The rest are a bunch of pipelines stuck in the walls alongside rather large vents on the ceiling…they could contain a pers-nah, forget it. But they could lead to other rooms with far less trouble than walk-again, you’re not doing that. Vents aren’t convenient ways of travel as fiction has once told you…though these ones seem abnormally large, hell there’s even an convenient entrance into it.

Finally there’s the door itself, it’s a rather sci-fi looking one. It is plain white and has a button right next to it which you assume is for opening the door. Rather than pressing it right away you put your head next to the door and hold out for any noise beyond it. Things like footsteps or even chatter being the clear indicator you’re seeking for but do not find. You do not know what lies beyond still. The possibility that the doors are simply sound-proofed comes to your mind and the image of you opening the door only for your face to meet a camera just looming outside is just as possible.

You dismiss the thoughts, there’s no need in getting overly cautious. Even if that were to happen you could just destroy it before anyone sees you and even if you’re caught you could just fight your way upwards even if it would ruin the surprise approach you’ve done so far. The choice is yours.

As if by pure chance, a black feather falls down from the ceiling. Sigh looks like the Tengu has gone ahead of you and went inside as well. You dread any future encounter you might have with her.

You finally run out of ways to describe the room and realize that if you just stand around here then you might distract yourself with more fruitless thoughts. You focus on Kaguya’s face and immediately your resolve is set a bright once more. She most likely does not know you are here yet and would be enjoying whatever debauchery she indulges further above with her guard down. All you need to do is make your way to her and bam, she’s turned into a fried corpse. Indeed you are the one that shall assassinate her! And if that fails you’ll kill her the same regardless! Though at this point repeating that over and over grows a bit redundant...doesn't mean it's not fun.

What shall you do now?

Objective to win the game is:
@Kill Kaguya (It HAS to be YOU)

Optional Objectives are:
@Kill Kaguya without dying once (“The Perfect Run”)
@ Make your way to her without having the alarm raised. (“Big Bird”)
@ Making sure that Keine is okay and if not solve the issue (“A friend in need”)
@Purchase or obtain the following: eggs, flour, bread and potatoes (“A job’s a job”)
@ Defeat the Seven Heroes (6 left) (“Hero Killer”)
Future optional objectives are to be found or unlocked, some even are secret but all offer rewards if you manage to accomplish them. It’s entirely up to you to do so. Good luck.

@ Your rather boyish red clothes, they are adorned by wards and ribbons that protect you against most of your own flame abilities. You’ve got an infinite amount of the latter.
@ Your own body (Currently has an sprained ankle and a cracked rib. Those will heal in a short amount of time, even faster if you stay immobile and instantly if you die).
@ Keine’s grocery list (Has been destroyed due to exposure to water and fire).
@ Kaguya’s letter (Somehow still intact, yet to see if it can be destroyed).
@ Black Spellcard (May have been made by Kaguya and could be used to track or divine her current location. You’d need some time, which could be spent doing more useful things).

Current Surroundings:
@ Washroom Basement Room #1 (You are in it)
@ Entrance to the sewers (You came through here)
@ ???? (Unknown, you’d need to exit via the Door).
@ ???? (Unknown, you’d need to exit via the Vents).

Kind of a wall of text but I wanted to make sure, you’d get the gist. Good luck Anon.
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Open ended choice, let's see.

>Check cardboard box contents, acquire Personal Concealment System
>try listening in through the vents as well
>hold onto the feather as a good luck charm?
>leave through the door

I'll trust Mokou on her insistence of not entering the vents despite their temptation
Was thinking of blowing smoke through the vents but there's little reason to right now I think; could be used for diversionary tactics later

Not much more Intel to gain or go through; you went ahead and painted a descriptive picture of the environment and things of interest in it. Descriptions like 'barely large enough for two people to hold hands and touch the walls with the other' especially help to intuitively and immediately get a sense of things.

Quick reading comprehension question: by 'You’ve got an infinite amount of the latter' did you mean ribbons or flame abilities?
Delete Post
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Infinite amount of wards and ribbons yeah, it's the same logic as having arrows in dnd. I won't say you run out of them by throwing a bunch.

Though for the latter write in uses of it are definitely allowed since she's had hundreds of years of experience with it.

Update will come soon today.
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Cool, cool. Looking forward to the update, you're on a roll.
Another one; does Mokou have a bunch of her bamboo IEDs as seen in her moveset in AoCF with her?
Lots of uses for those as well, especially if they are blackpowder.
Delete Post
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You have your entire moveset yeah. The bombs would be...I have no idea actually where she hides those.

Like serouisly she does a backflip and out come bamboo bombs from what I remember.

And thanks for the compliment.
Image Source
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File 163942254494.jpg - (513.94KB, 1218x960, Good luck Mokou.jpg)
Good luck Mokou

>Check cardboard box contents, acquire Personal Concealment System

You approach the stacked boxes and remove the first one from the pile. You open the lid and find out that the thing contained a few things.

First there is the cardboard box itself which is quite obvious. It’s quite large and looks big enough to even fit you if you were to crawl in it…though the use of doing so sounds rather questionable.

Hah, like that would ever happen! There’s no way you’d ever do that!

Finally there’s a letter with a picture of a certain white rabbit, the letter reads as such:

Good luck Fujiwara~
20 01 11 05 20 08 05 05 12 05 22 01 20 15 18 15 14 20 08 05 18 09 07 08 20 02 25 07 15 09 14 07 18 09 07 08 20 20 23 09 03 05 01 14 04 12 05 06 20 15 14 03 05. 20 08 05 03 15 04 05 06 15 18 20 08 05 05 12 05 22 01 20 15 18 09 19 : (200409)

Hint: the numbers in the parentheses are not part of the code.
You should know what this is getting at, if you can uncover this lil puzzle then maybe…just maybe you could find a way to get straight to Kaguya with no issues! Now isn’t that a lucky star that’s shining on you?

Love, the most beautiful rabbit in the whole wide world~

…Great, a puzzle send by the White Hare herself. Or perhaps bait to enter another trap? It looks moderately simple to figure out though.

The second item in there are a bunch of fake rabbit ears, they’re rather cute looking and maybe could fit on y-wait what are you saying?

Never mind that, you doubt it would fool a rabbit for long but who knows it might work on the dumber ones. Anyway next item!

Which is nothing

Beneath lies nothing more a bunch of empty cardboard boxes. Great…

That was all the loot this box gave you, and you already feel like this is going to be a long day. Then again that was pretty obvious already.

>try listening in through the vents as well

You float towards the vent, it is large and seems a bit hotter in the inside. As you try to listen for noises you can hear the sound of tiny pitter patter which means there’s most likely mice or bugs in there. If the Tengu has really gone in there, then her passion for juicy stories might be almost respectable…except not cause she’s still Aya.

>hold onto the feather as a good luck charm?

You put the feather in your inventory, you’re not sure if this a feather of Aya or her pet crow and are not sure which is worse. Hopefully this does not make you some sort of pervert in Tengu Culture.
You stop that train of thought before it can devolve into inane thoughts about how birds would see feathers as whole.

>leave through the door

You press the button on the door and the door opens with a swuu sound as it slides to the other side into the wall. You exit the room.

There are no security cameras or guard that see you on sight, lucky you. You feel like wandering randomly as in boldly might heavily increase the chances of that happening though. Let’s not risk it.
That is not risk it if you want to do the sneaky approach.

You now find yourself in a similarly coloured hallway. There is another door right in front of you and a path to the left and to the right.

The hallway looks clean and you can see what you perceive to be the slumped form of a rabbit guard further ahead to your left. She is most probably sleeping and her well-armed status makes you not want to change that if you possible. Dodging non danmaku bullets is possible but tiring, also really loud and could alert everyone else in the room.

Above you on the ceiling is nothing but some sort of lightbulb, the fact they have modern technology this deep is a tad suspicious but you dismiss on the fact that rabbits like to have burrows or something.
The vents go either way but also straight ahead it seems too.

To your right you see a figure turn a corner, though it was too late to tell whether that was a guard or someone else. You should act fast.

Overall this place feels clean and almost isolating, you wouldn’t feel surprised if this place had a maze like aesthetic to it to trap you in. But your excellent senses would avoid that scenario. ( AKA You always know where you are).

What do you do now?

Current Surroundings:
@Washroom Basement Room #1 (Behind you)
@ Washroom Basement Hallway #1 (You are here)
@ Washroom Basement room #2 (in front of you)
@ Washroom Basement Hallway LEFT (At your left)
-A limp guard is against a wall further ahead and seems ASLEEP.
@ Washroom Basement Hallway RIGHT (At your right)
- A figure turned a corner just ahead, their identity is UNKNOWN.

Disable Surrounding Logs? Y/N (Can be reactivated upon write in)

You are currently UNDISGUISED, and UNCAMOUFLAGED. Camo rate is -10% (Most foes will instantly recognize your long white hair and red bright clothes from across the room). Changes to 5% when crouched and 15% when crawling. This is most likely flavour….or is it?

Your injuries (Sprained Ankle& Broken Rib) are IRRELEVANT at the moment and will not HANDICAP you right now for you are made of tougher stuff! They will heal in...10 minutes left!

Disable Status Logs? Y/N (Can still be accessed through write in)

Inventory has been updated:
Mokou Obtained Cardboard Box!
Mokou Obtained Tewi’s Letter!
Mokou Obtained Aya's Feather!
Mokou Obtained Fake Rabbit Ears!

Disable Inventory Logs? Y/N (Can be seen once more upon write in)

Good luck Anon, the mission is in your hands!
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The numbers correspond to the alphabet
Tewi's decoded letter reads
>Take the elevator on the right by going right twice and left once. The Code for the elevator is (200409)
Proceed with the plot? Why not!
[x] Follow the letter to the letter
[x] Proceed cautiously (float)
[x] Get a glance at the figure

Keep Surroundings Log, Disable Status and Inventory Log.
Exploration of the enemy base may follow when incentives are presented.
I'm liking the gamey twist this has taken on.
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[x] Follow the letter to the letter
[X] But also wear the box.
[x] Proceed cautiously (float)
[x] Get a glance at the figure
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 163949275320.png - (269.77KB, 636x363, cardboard box.png)
cardboard box

Take the elevator on the right by going right twice and left once. The Code for the elevator is (200409)

You are CORRECT! Read on, and obtain your reward you clever bird.

>Follow the letter to the letter

You sucesfully figure out the meaning behind the letter and decide to follow its instructions. Whether the White Hare has another motive for aiding you or whether they're doing it just for the sake of being whimsical does not matter at the moment...the only thing that does are results.

Said results being your victory that is, you'll see after the fact if she wants something out of you. You crumple the letter and put it back in your inventory before looking around and getting ready to go.

Henceforth you will follow the letter to the letter and start walking casually to-

>Proceed cautiously (float)

On second thought you lift your feet from the ground and will simply proceed to fly, that will make far less noise and is simply simpler and faster as a way to proceed. Good swift thinking you got there

>But also wear the box.



What's the point behind doing that? What would you even achieve by putting it on? Do you think this would work as a camouflage? there's no way someone's stupid enough to ever fall for that!

>It'll make you feel safe, it's comfy and warm and getting into it will make you feel at peace.

As if you need comfort, if anything you're already adapt in sleeping litteraly anywhere. You really do not see why you would need to put on the cardboard box and refuse to put it on as a result.

>But it will give you an tactical advantage on your foes, noone expects the cardboard inquisition! Think better, if you see a cardboard in a hallway then you'll only give it a small glance. it's genuis!

...You sigh, you never knew you wanted to enter a cardboard box that badly but hell who's to say a little bit of self indulgence can be that bad? you can't live forever and never have fun.

You put on the cardboard box, your legs stick out when you stand up but when you're crouched the thing is completely covering you. It doesn't feel that good to be honest and only makes you feel embarassed in hindsight: If Kaguya or Keine saw you in this, what would they ever think of you?

>Get a glance at the figure

You float as quickly and as close to the ground as a cardboard box as are capable off. It is not an easy task because the box only has a small vision hole and gives you a massive blindspot on your left and right while wearing it, with swiftness you make it to the right corner and see noone.

Which is odd, you swear you saw someone and unless they ran further ahead (you don't hear any footsteps) there should have been no way for them to just poof out into tin air...you are not alone.

Then again that's obvouis, you saw a rabbit guard just earlier. So never mind that and let's continue with the objective. You float as casually as an floating cardboard box can and turn right.

....You meet no obstacles, so you continue your way and head right once again.
Again, wait stop! you see a camera on the ball and stop moving. Had you stopped a second later it would have caught you moving onscreen and probably sounded the alarm...you're not sure why it hasn't right now even since you were clearly not here before. Even so it's sightor thing simply ignores you and you make your way past swiftly while questioning the logic behind the security.

You turn right once aga-"What's that box doing there?" and stop immediately! A voice can be heard from your right the moment you turned the corner, you however do not get to see the person and can only see the large grey doors of the elevator alongside a sort of password system right next to it. The fact the guard was right around the corner was something you could not have seen with the box on...to think wearing such a silly thing would have backfired on you! WHO KNEW?!

You hear the footsteps of a bunny guard walking closer to your box to inspect it. "Did someone just leave it here? snif snif" they sniff the box and move to the front, letting you finally see their legs. "Smells like rabbit piss and doo...ew I ain't touching that" Oh good so they won't go pick it up "But even so, is it me or is it floating like a tiny bit of the ground? man, I have to let my buds see this! GALS! GALS! LOOK AT THE BOX I FOUND! IT SMELLS LIKE SHIT SO SOMEONE CLEAN IT!" and your relief leaves you as the rabbit hollers for their companions, the fact you could just get out and beat them up doesn't even come to you due to the embarassment of being in the box and the shock of being found out.
You mentally note this down as a moment that you will never ever mention again.

Only one person gets summoned from the rabbit's shouts, a fellow guard who you don't see rapidly walk towards the other one and decks them in the face "SHUT THE FUCK UP! I was having a great nap here! What are you screaming like a dying coyote for?!" and seems not glad to have heard it.

"Ow..." the guard holds her nose with a pitiful whimper and a stomp of the foot, before pointing at your legendary box stratey "Look, I found a box! it smells like piss and floats! It's so suspicouis right?" and insists on the other person that this isn't a waste of time.
"The hell are you on about?" clearly not in a good mood, the rabbit simply kicks the box dismissively "It's a dumb box, who cares if it smells like piss. Do I look like the janitor?" and also takes a closer glance "Also the damn thing's not floating (No longer yeah), so shut your trap and don't let your imagination get the better of you...attention seeking dumbass" and concludes the other is full of it.

"Wha-but I'm saying the truth!" the other rabbit is offended by the lack of faith and you can feel the aggresive pointing at you "This box is suspicouis! I'm sure it's like possesed or has a ninja inside it! Hey don't you roll your eyes!" and becomes more agitateted as not a word is believed.

"Prove it then, lift the damn box and see what's underneath" the bunny snarks back.

"But it smells filthy! who knows what could be inside of it!" and other bunny protests.

You feel like you should do something here before it's too late.


Surrounding Logs:

Doesn't matter since you'll leave this area soon.
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[x] Put on fake rabbit ears
[x] if possible, quickly use fire powers to burn your hair black as a disguise
[x] claim you were trying to sneak to a bathroom in the box because you were too embarrassed by your terrible smell to face anyone

Embarrassed bunny who may have accidentally pooped herself is the perfect disguise. It explains the terrible smell and why we are hiding in a box.
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>>28716 You fool! You're compromising the mission! Memes need to be set up, they need context, they need the right place at the right time used for a fitting purpose; wielding memes without care and consideration leads to disaster.

That being said...
Keine's gonna have something to holler about the next full moon.

Clearly this is the part where you have to bullshit your way through. Watch me save this shit.

>equip the bunny ears
>wait for the guard to lift up the box
>spring upright "At attention! [stomp, making a" thump sound] Name and Rank soldiers! I want to congratulate YOU[u] on successfully intercepting an 'attempted' 'infiltration' of 'Fujiwara no Mokou' !"
>"This clandestine drill exercise has been designed by Reisen Inaba to ensure and improve the safety measures Eientei has set in place against the princess's immortal enemy! [u]You may meet up with Miss Inaba at the next change of shifts to receive your reward."

>"And YOU! YOU should be utterly ashamed to be allowed to wear this uniform! You call yourself a soldier? You're disregarding, even outright DENYING, your peer's reasonable suspicions regarding foreign objects on the premises while ON DUTY!"
> "The next time this happens you'll be cleaning the sewers with your toothbrush! You won't just be smelling shit, you'll even get the privilege to be tasting it. And all that is ignoring SLEEPING. [thump] ON. [thump] GODAMN.[thump] DUTY. [thump]"
> "And if I catch you next time with eyes that are anything but wide open - if I even catch you blinking in my presence - I'll ram my boot so far up your ass they're gonna have to call the Doctor to surgically remove it from your intestines."
>"You're both dismissed. Resume your duties."
Your name? Usagi Thumper Should they ask for it.

This is it... my magnum opus.
(The post looks like it got eaten on my end, this is the second attempt.)
Image Source
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File 163950233632.jpg - (1.05MB, 1728x1293, IMG_20211214_161142.jpg)
I'm late to notice this
As you try to listen for noises you can hear the sound of tiny pitter patter which means there’s most likely mice or bugs in there
mice and/or bugs in Eientei's air ventilation system? Isn't this supposed to be 'pure land'? Even disregarding, for any type of building that's a health hazard, and that's especially shameful for a building complex holding a clinic.
Delete Post
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You've got an sharp eye, it'll come back later~
Also that's a very nice drawing, thanks for the art.


Very nice write ins, I'll need some time to write it so do expect it tomorrow.
Image Source
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File 163967141235.jpg - (9.23KB, 225x225, the ever so famous feared fujiwara frown.jpg)
the ever so famous feared fujiwara frown


>Equip Bunny Ears, not for cosplay but for an excellent disguise.

See normally you’d dismiss a thought like that as a bad one, but right now right here you’re not one to talk like that. If a foolish action brought you in this, then the best way out is to do the same.

Not, that’s a terrible thought even. It’s like trying to put out a fire by throwing even more fire on it, sure the fire would burn faster and eventually run out of oxygen but that’s not to ignore the fact the fire will become more powerful and spread around the area. But you don’t have any better ideas…

Again, you inhale deeply and summon your courage.
Not that you’re scared, heavens you’ve lost that kind of feeling years ago. No, this is simply fighting with your own dignity. You win said battle reluctantly as you slid the bunny ears out of your pockets and put them on your head.

>Use flames to make your darker than the ashes of the night.

You feel like doing so would easily burn up the cardboard box, and even if you tried to do it sneakily there’s no way the rabbits wouldn’t notice the sudden rise in temperature and smell of ember.

Speaking of the rabbits, they are still having an argument. You hear both stomp their feet on the ground while spouting protests at each other. It’s these little *tap* *tap* kind of noises and the image of two rabbit girls pouting at each other while doing that is-that’s a redundant thought, focus.

>Claim you were trying to sneak to a bathroom in the box because you were too embarrassed by your terrible smell to face anyone.

…You uh, you’re not sure if that COULDN’T work but still that’s one hell of a stretch to assume people are that foolish. Or that you have the charisma to pull off such a broad lie, not that you’re not charismatic. You sure know how to intimidate the hell out of someone yet people approach you without you wanting to so you must have some sort of presence…but still to play the clumsy broad that may or not have sharted their pant with an embarrassed blush is kind of a…ew?

It kind of goes against everything you stand for, it's almost as embarrassing as the one time w-FOCUS.

>Wait for the guard to lift the box

You patiently wait for one of the guards to remove the box and brace yourself for a trail of cunning.
“FINE! I’ll do it! You jerky jerkity jerk of jerks!” Rabbit Guard#2 says with one last stomp of anger and girly voice as she slowly and very reluctantly pulls open your box. “!” And freezes at the sight of you, you assume that’s the same case for the one behind since neither are moving like deers caught in a headlight. On an unrelated note, you will never again let Sumi show you stuff on her phone.

You freeze back and see the face of an afraid young girl with brown hair, red eyes and white floppy ears on her head showing that she’s a humble earth rabbit. She also wears something that’s a black professional suit that turns into a skirt at the leg area. Further down are some shoes and…ankle pyjama things? You don’t know why her thighs are revealed like that oh and she has a white rabbit tail too. You guess she’s not in animal form cause otherwise she couldn’t carry that small gun she has in her pocket nor the id tag on her chest. You realize that you’ve just been staring in silence now and should probably do something before either guard shakes out of it and sounds the alarm.

>spring upright "At attention! [stomp, making a" thump sound] Name and Rank soldiers! I want to congratulate YOU[u] on successfully intercepting an 'attempted' 'infiltration' of 'Fujiwara no Mokou’!"

You jump upright with the face of a tiger and let authority flow through you. “At ATTENTION!” your foot smashes against the floor with such force that a tile breaks making both girls jump up “Name and Rank Soldieeeeeeeers!” you let the words drag out as long as possible, so far it’s going good “I want to congratulate YOU on successfully intercepting an attempted infiltration of Fuijiwara No Mokou” your finger is like a sword drawn close to the girl’s face as you go all out on the lie.

Fear, confusion and then doubt comes to the girl’s face as she tries to make sense of it “Wha- “

But you interrupt her “This clandestine drill exercise has been designed by Reisen Inaba to ensure and improve the safety measures Eientei has set in place against the princess's immortal enemy! [u]You may meet up with Miss Inaba at the next change of shifts to receive your reward" and imitate the manners of the crow to the best of your ability, you rub your nose and smile a smile of pride.

“Oh? Oh!” at those words realization comes to the girl’s face as she salutes instantly “Y-yes! Thank you for the honour Ma’am!” and she believes your every word since you are one scary son of a gal.

“Bullshit” guard#1 aka the one right behind you speaks with sceptics again, you turn around and when you look her in the eyes, you realize that she’s frowning back but also looks the exact same as the other guard except for the blue hair. “What? I’m saying I don’t believe it. Where’s your id by- “

“SILENCE FOOL!” you jab your finger at their chest and hiss straight into their face with the venom and glare of a thousand suns “WHY YOU! YOU should be utterly ashamed to be allowed to wear this uniform! You call yourself a soldier? You're disregarding, even outright DENYING, your peer's reasonable suspicions regarding foreign objects on the premises while ON DUTY!" and go immediately on the attack, if you hit hard right here and now then she won’t be able to use common sense. “How dare YOU talk back to a superior officer! This is called clandestine for a REASON!”

To their gutsy credit, the girl’s body whimpers in sight, but her mouth moves anyway “Bu- “

“NO BUTS!” you grab the girl by the shoulders and look down on them like a tiger who got their next meal. “You are a DISGRACE to this unit; you better fix that smart aleck attitude because the next time this happens, you'll be cleaning the sewers with your toothbrush! You won't just be smelling shit; you'll even get the privilege to be tasting it. And all that is ignoring SLEEPING. [thump] ON. [thump] GODAMN. [thump] DUTY. [thump]" the floor gets more smashed with each stomp. The vibrations of which even reach the bun bun’s feet, you have the legs of an overdosed horse and the voice vocals of a lion. You can also guess how loud this is for their sensitive ears “And if I catch you next time with eyes that are anything but wide open - if I even catch you blinking in my presence - I'll ram my boot so far up your ass they're gonna have to call the Doctor to surgically remove it from your intestines” you end it all with one final lure of affirmation “Do you understand soldier?”

“…” the girl’s attitude is swept away by your presence; her ears are flopped down, and her eyes show tears that threaten to spill out of her eyes as her upper lip twitches so adorably “But. Bu- “

You lift the girl up with your arms, immune to her charms and shout for the last time “DO YOU UNDERSTAND SOLDIER?!” and visibly raise your foot as if it’s about to do it.

“YES!” the girl shouts back all defiance gone, but that isn’t enough.

“Yes? I’m not your equal you fool! What do we say our seniors huh?” and you demand more.

“YES MAAM!” and she finally gets it, you realize now that man is you scary or rabbits are easily scared. You’re not sure which though the former would explain a lot of situations.

“Good” you drop her and turn around without looking back at her “Run along now” and you don’t need to say any more than that as she gladly does so, if her rapid running indicates anything. “You’re both dismissed. Resume your duties” you say just to the last girl as you walk towards the elevator and press on the password thing to like put it in with some struggle. The elevator should come soon now, now all you need to do is wait
“Excuse me Ma’am” guard #2 calls out to you again for some reason.

“What did I just say?” you look at her with a frown and your arms crossed. The longer she’s looking at you, the higher the chance that she realises you’re full of baloney.

“Where are you going? I mean I’m assuming that if you’re going to use the elevator to go back up to the surface. But if so, shouldn’t you go clean yourself first? You stink a lot”.

“…That’s none of your business now, is it?” you reply, not sure what else to say.

“Ah, that’s true but I don’t mean to be insolent but- “you can see she’s trying to be helpful.

“Then shut your mouth and do your job” but again, you don’t have the time for that.

“…I’m sorry Ma’am, I-I’ll just continue my patrol then” and the girl leaves dejected.

You don’t really care though, and even if you did it’s not like it would affect you that much. Finally, the elevator arrives and opens its steel doors. You enter it and it closes behind you.

You see that the elevator is well the inside of an elevator, there are 3 buttons on the thing one going up, the other going even deeper down and the floor you’re currently at. The room itself has white walls and a mirror encasing the entire wall in front of you. There is a sign that says only 1 person at the same time should be in the elevator at a time, which frankly you think is kind of a bad design. At the very least make it 2 or 3 or anything but eh that’s what you get when you try to make animals use technology. At least you think so…it could have been a kappa who made this for all you know and honestly who-you hear a noise. Above you.

You look up at the ceiling, you can touch it with your bare hands after a small jump and you swore you heard the noise of something small impacting against the ceiling. A few seconds later you can even hear what sounds like a pitter patter but the moment you knock on the ceiling the noise suddenly becomes more prominent only to vanish afterwards…how suspicious. You highly doubt rats or spiders would have made on top of the elevator. Or it could maybe just be part of your imagination, who knows how overly cautious you might be.

You sigh and look at yourself in the mirror, your ears look the same as theirs now that you look at it. But if you push away some of your hair it’s obvious that they aren’t connected to your body…let’s hope further up or down no one will ever bump into you.

You shrug and look at the ceiling one last time, though you are tempted to wrench it open and see what’s above. That kind of thing may not be that sneaky or even smart, before you know it some fire alarm goes off and oh boy would you look silly then, wouldn’t you?

Let’s just decide on where to go next. Each button only offers to go up or down a floor.


[x] Go upwards, towards the surface. Kaguya must be up there. It’s time to end this all!
[x] Go deeper down, you’re not sure why that option is even there. But they’d never expect it.

Surrounding Logs:
@Elevator #1 (You are here)
@Washroom Hallway #3 (Outside the Elevator)
@ Floor 0 (Goes up, destination ???)
@ Floor -2 (Goes down, destination ???)
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[x] Go deeper down, you’re not sure why that option is even there. But they’d never expect it.

If Keine is being held captive, wouldn’t they hide her as deep down inside Eientei as possible?
Delete Post
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>you will never again let Sumi show you stuff on her phone

Up or down doesn't really matter.
My gut's telling me Keine's not actually in danger.

>inspect rabbit ears
They were in the same box as the letter; who knows what Tewi could have prepped them with
>list current inventory
Just so we've got everything in one place.

I'm like 70% sure what the pitter patter is caused by by now and it isn't just something as innocuous as it being just critters.
Delete Post
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>>28723 Down it is then

>>28724 And is that so? If so please take a guess, if you're correct then I'll confirm it and if it's incorrect you won't get a penalty or anything like that.

>Go deeper down, you’re not sure why that option is even there. But they’d never expect it.

You press on the button for the floor -2, on cue the elevator whirs into motion and slowly moves downwards. Why one doesn't simply use stairs or ladders comes to your mind but then you remember that you needed a password to use it. Hence the reason for it, you do have to acknowledge that the sensation of something lowering downwards with you inside of it feels quite strange...it's like you're getting lighter despite not moving. It may be the closest thing some have to flying.

>Inspect rabbit ears further.

You look at yourself in the mirror more intensely, the rabbit ears are white and floppy just like the others. It is worn perfectly on your head and you swear that it moves occasionally even though there isn't any wind. It may simply be a good luck charm or make an future encounter with a certain rabbit far more likely to happen. Other than that you sense nothing.
Sure it may look a bit cute though, for some reason it doesn't lower your scare factor at all. If anything it's cutesy appearance only amplifies the contrasting messages from your everything. Hold on a moment, no one is watching right?

...Hmm, you mimic the pose Reisen does when she shoots people and shoot out an imaginary bullet in Kaguya's head.
You instantly regret doing so and regain your composure, what if there were hidden cameras? This was way too risky.

>list current inventory.

You pad your clothes and look at what you've obtained so far.

@ A Cardboard Box (Disguise/Flammable)
@ Tewi's Letter (Hidden Message/Flammable/Useless now)
@ Aya's Feather (Good luck Charm?)
@Fake Rabbit Ears (Disguise/Flammable/Good luck charm?)-Currently Equipped on Head.
@Kaguya's Letter (Plot token/ Indestructible)
@Kaguya's Black Spell card (Plot token/ Indestructible/???)
Items not listed have been discarded or been destroyed through trials of combat.

So far so go-you hear a snapping sound and suddenly feel a lot lighter as in your feet are no longer touching the ground, you feel like this is a very very bad thing to be feeling and even though you do not understand how elevators work you just know this isn't normal. Your senses have never betrayed you and whenever you ignored them something bad always followed.

You have 2 seconds to act on this gut feeling. What do you do?
Delete Post
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Snapping sound followed by floating off the ground
I think Mokou got flipped.
>prepare to land on the ceiling of the elevator
>get real fuckin' pissed to have to deal with this shit

By the way this bumps my certainty up to 95%
>A quiet noise, rap-tap-tap,
>And the cheater's tur-ning-snap.
Double come[sic] trouble, Shinmyoumaru and Seija.
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Someone snapped the elevator cable. We are floating because we are now in free fall.

[x] Start flying
[x]If we are strong enough, hold the ceiling up with flight to stop the elevator from falling
[x] if we are not strong enough, punch a hole in the ceiling and fly into the elevator shaft so we are not killed in the falling elevator
Delete Post
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Oof, snapping the elevator cable is the more logical thing; i completely overlooked the logistics of how the other thing would work out.

>>28726 changing to
[x]Straight up punch through the ceiling.

With two seconds there's hardly any time to do and try anything else. (Still get pissed off)
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 163983478448.jpg - (59.13KB, 1191x937, totally an elevator.jpg)
totally an elevator

>Start flying.

You use your ability to fly and come to the conclusion that indeed, this elevator must be going down at a rapid pace. Ergo if you don't get out now, you'll become paste. Quick to react you swiftly move towards the ceiling and....

>If we are strong enough, hold the ceiling up with flight to stop the elevator from falling

Incidentally, elevators can weight between 2,1000 and 6,000 pounds. The more you know

You grip the ceiling with both arms to hold it up, instantly you feel a crushing pressure come to your muscles and shoulders. Like an ant trying to hold up a human foot or an giant trying to support the earth on it's shoulders so too does it feel like your arms have lightning coursing through your veins as the fall has been slowed down but not stopped. You struggle immensely to not be crushed.

Normally this shouldn't be such an problem, after all you managed to meet a certain priest's body enhanced flurry of blows with your own. You've proven yourself the superior flame in your bout against an plate pyromaniac and to your own pride you've managed to defeat every single person that resides in the Bamboo Forest at least once. The fact this simple task IS a problem shows that perhaps the moon princess might be right about one thing...you have grown complacent and so your body has been reduced to a shadow of its prime self. The fact Kaguya is right on the mark as usual fills you with an sensation that can only be described as pure, unwavering vitriolic SPITE!

This isn't over yet! No mere object can ever defeat you! Prepare yourself Kaguya!

>Straight up punch through the ceiling.

You let go for a short moment only to smash the ceiling with your fist, your arm goes through the surprisingly tough steel like it's made of out butter and you punch your way out of it. Escaping the elevator in the process...though at the cost of harming your fists. Your knuckles are now bloodied.

Outside the Elevator you see what well the outside looks like. It's mostly a bland sort of vertical hallway with cables adorning the place (They have been sliced apart quite precisely) and some vents poking in and out of this place. Further up ahead was your previous entrance and way higher up you don't see anything...more like the ceiling is so far ahead that you cannot even see it.

You put two and two together and conclude that someone or something or several someone's are perusing the vents with the intention of sabotaging you. Hence the elevator fell down with you in it .

Speaking of said elevator it continues falling down for another few seconds before smashing apart against the ground with a loud bang and sounds of a metal box collapsing due to hitting the ground at a certain velocity. You can't even see the bottom here yet you kind of hope that no one heard that.

The sound of an alarm resonates throughout the area. https://youtu.be/KdBW1nwf8ac

Never mind, everyone heard that. You have failed the Elevator Test

Guards will mostly likely come soon to figure out why this happened, you've got to get out of here or you'll be interrogated and most likely found out. But where can you even go? you ponder it calmly.

You can either go towards the top and hopefully reach the surface that way, go back to the previous entrance or into the vents. Going down is no longer an option due to the debris covering the place. OR you could go there anyway, it's not like some broken elevator could even stop you.

Regardless think fast, your entire sneaking thing could be ruined if you're caught here.

>Get pissed off

You are already pissed off, one can see it through your facial expression, your body language and the battle aura emanating out of you. You could look a tiger in the eye and it would run away like a frightened housecat.


[x] To the first floor! Quick before someone sees!
[x] Back to the floor you were at! Hurry it up!
[x] Into the vents you go! Best to figure out who did this to you!
[x] To the bottom floor, that somehow makes sense to you.
[x] Stay where you are, play the victim that barely survived an accident.
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A shame. Now I'm drawing a blank regarding the whole thing about the pursuer.
I think the vents are the way to go now.
[x] Into the vents you go! Best to figure out who did this to you!
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File 16399451402.png - (383.47KB, 1600x720, vent not entirely accurate.png)
vent not entirely accurate

>Into the vents you go! Best to figure out who did this to you!

https://youtu.be/Aurlfs-90zw (This music stays on until noted to stop)

With swift decision making prowess, you calmly head into an random vent and crawl away into the white metal man sized tunnels for high performance sneaking. The vents are completely clean and quite warm as well. There's even enough space for you to turn around completely if you were to use some extreme form of yoga like a snake...though the risk of doing so might lead to your back busting as a response, food for though then.

Oh, you've forgotten to mention that eventually it becomes dark as all hell. But you easily circumvent that problem by lighting a small flame in front of you. In a way this makes you feel like you're exploring a narrow cavern.

Once you've reached a certain distance the path keeps splitting into various paths. One could go up, one could go left or right, hell one could even go down and the way the vents are sized it seems like a small child could use this as an improv playground...if it wasn't for the eerie sounds that comes from the vent blades moving back and forth as they spread wind throughout the place. It's almost like the place is haunted by the echo of an dead creature stuck within these walls who's only form of actions throughout the remaining ages of time is to cry out meek moans of pain...

Yet in a way it also feels peaceful to you, none of the guards have followed you into here and you've yet to meet with the cause of your elevator crash. You could take a breather in here, close your eyes and let the warm air surround you...it's tempting.

And you do so, you just stop moving for a minute or two and concentrate on the mood of the atmosphere. You're several feet underground yet you feel just like you're receiving the caress of a warm autumn day...maybe you need better standards for where to sleep now that you think about it. Because you almost fell asleep right then and there.

Your leg no longer feels uncomfortable and the pain in your chest has disappeared. The only remaining injuries are your bloodied fists who's skin you can already see heal over time, there's no risk of blood drops betraying your location as you've already burned dry the open wounds...no the term would be cauterize if you remember correctly.

Anyhow in simpler terms you are currently crawling in a bunch of vents for some reason, said reason is to find the basta-and you hear a noise. It's like the...sound of a higher pitched nasal call reduced to a pitiful garble? You are getting closer.

Eventually you stop before as you see a sight you do not like...there are some bloodied black feathers up ahead. You think about the odds of finding this out of all places but dismiss it quickly as something likely got Aya in here. There is no body to accompany or-hold on a moment. Once you awkwardly go further you see the source of it in Aya's pet Crow.

The small creature suffers from multiple injuries. It's legs have been broken and wings cleanly stabbed through. Several of it's feathers have been plucked and the creature caws out with a shrivelled voice in pain...its injuries have missed the vital spots and so it won't die soon unless someone were to put it out of it's misery. The smell of it's blood is sickly acrid.
The stare of it's small eyes into your own convey a simple message Help me, please. as despair oozes from it.

The walls next to it have a message written in blood with it:

https://youtu.be/7N0LiBnuwT4 (This one stops after the letter is read).

Lark, nice lark
Lark, I will pluck you
I will pluck your head
And your head


Lark, nice lark
Lark, I will pluck you
I will pluck your beak

And the beak
and the head

And the neck
And the back
And the wings
And the legs
And the tail

Lark, nice lark
Lark, I will pluck you~

Soon I will pluck Mokou too~

This is your last chance, head back or be forced to play with me~
This stage isn't ready yet, you're a bad girl for not playing along Mokou~
But don't worry, only I know you've managed to get this far so you'll get a second chance~
Go on then, beat it, go back to the village and try again~

The sound of metal scraping the vent floor jolts you out of your reading, further ahead you can barely see a figure retreat within the darkness. Taunting you to follow it into what's most likely going to be a trap, it is making light of you.

...Disgusting, to think someone would harm such an small innocent creature just for the sake of taunting you. You love your animals as much as any other shmuck but that doesn't mean such blatant cruelty sits well with you, not only that but they left it alive just so you could mercy kill it and feel bad about it later. An overwhelming boiling sensation comes over you but you repress it, if you were to heat this place up then the crow would end up fried...but what can you even do for it?

You've never bothered to learn healing magic, it's not like you can die anyway so why would you have to worry about whether or not some injury closes faster? You're not sure how long the thing has, but it is in pretty bad shape.

What do you do now?


Surrounding Logs:
@ Way to Elevator (Back)
@ Next Area (In front of you)
-There lies a WOUNDED Crow before you.
-Something is awaiting you as well.


I haven't said you were wrong or right yet, just reserving the guessing who it is for once I believe you've got an decent chance at guessing it right. Otherwise it'd be unfair from me or anticlimactic if discovered too soon.

As for this update, here's the additional challenge.

> Is there a way to make the crow not die or at least make it last longer until proper treatment?

If you succeed, there's a reward and if you fail well there's no penalty. You would have done your best after all.
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A quick glance at the touhou wiki tells me that the Hourai elixir made Mokou immortal, and now anyone who eats Mokou's liver will also become immortal. So if we give the crow a tiny piece of our liver to eat, the crow should heal, and possibly become immortal depending on exactly how much of our liver a creature would need to eat to become immortal.

[x] Hey crow, want to eat a piece of my liver. It should heal you. Side effects may include immortality, so make sure you are prepared for that.

Since digging out a piece of our liver will require us to rip a hole in our guts, we may want to take a few moments to rest afterwards. This blood writing is giving me some serious Flandre vibes, so we may need all the strength we can get for what comes next.
Delete Post
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While I do want to save the bird, I'd rather want to avoid inflicting a grievous on ourselves while the place is on alert.
I'm thinking rather than digging into her liver, picking on the scab to draw blood and to anoint the crow for whatever limited curative effects that may or may not provide for the time being is an alternative - black phoenix reborn from the blood of the immortal or somesuch poetic bullshit. Afterwards the li'l one can maybe even get some treatment in the best clinic in Gensokyo.
[x]Give the crow some blood
[x] Take it with you the let it get proper treatment later
Delete Post
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Aye calling the vote on saving the lil crow.

In the opposite order of action of course, since ripping out your liver before trying the milder option is just silly. I respect the hell out of such empathy though.

Expect the update tomorrow.
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File 164017538870.jpg - (68.42KB, 1024x680, The Crow will not forget and neither will its mast.jpg)
The Crow will not forget and neither will its mast

>Give the crow some blood.

Pity for the creature and outrage for the offender course through your heart at the sight of the crippled bird. To harm an immortal is simply an daily affair but to take the life of another is an unforgiveable crime.

That was the unspoken rule between you and Kaguya. Whenever someone walked in or happened to spectate into one of your duels both of you would make sure that the bullets you shot would be nonlethal to make sure no crossfire would harm them. As your most hated foe she of all people knows how important this is. And she respected it, her commitment to her words were one of the things you actually respected from her. "The word of a princess has to be sacred" were her own words on this!

Yet here before you lies the proof that the rule has been broken, the morality stamped upon like a snail beneath a boot. And all for what!? For her own amusement? For such a petty reason?!

"Unforgiveable! You daughter of a bitch! You took an innocent life! Do you really think this could be excused as just the guise of some game Kaguya? NEVER! You're gonna die, this is swear!"

The rant continues for half a minute before an idea comes to you, an outrageous one even.

"Hey crow, want to eat a piece of my liver? It should heal you but the side effects may include immortality, so make sure you are prepared for that." you address the crow with what you hope is a kind tone as you loom over it. Hands ready and mind prepared "And believe me immortality sucks hard, you'll outlive your friends and family like the Paparazzi Crow and there's no exit to it either. No matter how badly you get hurt, no matter if the world you'll just live forever...you won't get to make a family. You won't get to live and grow old with them...yeah, it's plenty nasty. So what do you think of it?"

On second thought letting the crow join the circle of reincarnation could be a kinder option...but it's a decision the creature itself has to make...if it even can. Crows are smart birds right? You think so. ​

You're not sure if it's your imagination but the crow grows quiet, as in not the already dead quiet but the kind of quiet that means it is thinking about the decision. It looks you in the eyes again and says Caw.

"...I'll take that as a yes, don't worry despite my words you can always count on me if that immortality stuff happens" you mentally note that you'll take responsibility if need be, are weirded out by the prospect and begin the process.

You inhale deeply and concentrate power in exactly one finger as you use the other hand to lift up your shirt. Though the following actions are extremely painful and even make you resist the urge to vomit or cry as your [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] you finally manage to cleanly or at least almost cleanly deliver the blood of your liver inside the crow's mouth. You do have to tickle its throat to force it to swallow but even so it is done.

This should be enough right? You don't notice any notable changes on the crow's body, if anything you just poured some blood in it's mouth and humiliated it before it could die from drowning....but that's not the case right?

You cradle the crow carefully as you wait for any signal that shows it's become okay "Hey bud, you're not dead right? Come on, I'm sure you're stronger than that. Aren't you that Ayayaya bitch's crow or not? LIVE DAMMIT!"

You hear a caw again and see the crow forcing itself to squirm a little, as if trying to appease your fears. You still do NOT see any difference on the outside but perhaps it's slowly regenerating from the inside? Yeah, sure let's go with that. You almost feel relieved by the news but decide to make one last thing sure as you take out some ribbons and a small part of your pants in order to create some bandages for the broken wings. It'll get better treatment later.

You put the Crow inside your inventory, at least that's what you call your limitless pant and shirt pockets. Call it space magic or whatever but being able to carry as much loot as one wants is quite handy for someone who would outlive any sort of tool that could give the same services. Also ideal for hiding bamboo bombs but you digress.

The Crow is alive and well, as long as you don't take it out and do something foolish with it. It should not drop dead out of nowhere.

This counts as a win! Read on Anon, you'll get a reward for this later.

The path before you once silent and almost eerie is now inhabited by an oppressive force of hostility. As if displeased by your success the air that comes out of that direction is stagnant and reeks of magical power. Whoever or whatever lies there is going to be most definitely going to give you fight or at least intends to.

The path behind you however is just silent and eerie, as if it's tempting you to turn back and perhaps try another path. Though the elevator did crash it may have been registered as a malfunction now or vandalism rather than a proof of your passage. Perhaps you could go back and head deeper into this place or even to the Surface with your disguise? That in itself is not cowardice, if anything the crow could get better treatment from the best clinic above.

However another question comes to you, a rather obvious one even. If it got the crow...then where is Aya now?
Though you don't really care much for her, the fact remains that she too may be lying injured or captured further ahead because if not then she would not have let her beloved pet lie here dying on the ground now would she?

To move ahead, or not.

That decision is yours to make.


[x] Move ahead, confront this person.

[x] Back off, it's not worth it.
-[] To the Surface.
-[] To deeper in Eientei.
-[] To elsewhere.

Surrounding Logs:
@ Way to Elevator (Back)
@ Next Area (In front of you)
-There lies an OPPRESIVE AURA before you.

You are at full health.

Managed to trick myself into napping way more than needed, but here's the update.
I'd feel assuming you would just move ahead would be rather rude so here's the decision for you to make.
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[x] Move ahead, confront this person

Let’s go save Aya.
Delete Post
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>hey li'l one, if I go ahead will I find the person that did this to you?
[x] Move ahead, confront this person.

I caught that filename and it made me smile.
Image Source
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File 164036891473.jpg - (26.28KB, 400x400, Oh boy im so looking up to this.jpg)
Oh boy im so looking up to this
>hey li'l one, if I go ahead will I find the person that did this to you?

The crow pokes its head out of your pocket at the question, because you gently took it out that is. Such sudden movement is something the creature is not ready to do yet, even so it bobs it's head up and down at the question as if to say yes. Then it looks you in the eyes, as if making a request.

>Go Save the Reporter.

You already know what it wants "I'll save her all right" and agree to the term without any follow ups or conditions, regardless of what you think of her as a person some things are simply done because they're right.

The crow gives a pleased caw and that's the end of your exchange. You crawl further ahead into the vents and for a while nothing happens. There are no surprise attacks, no sudden split paths to take, nah only after a few minutes of simply crawling ahead, the vent floor beneath you reveals a trap door.

Which you do not fall into, because you can fly and wait in that case you never needed to touch the ground with your knees and ankles...leaving that thought aside you continue your journey unbothered. The vent starts to gradually go downwards until it becomes more of a slope...one you could slide into.

You resist the temptation and address the crow once more "Is your master in there?" but you realize little too late that it couldn't possibly know that as it stares silently at you. "Nevermind" and slide off.

Wooooh You twist your position a bit and start to slide downhill the vent butt-first, though the vents are not as good as a material as a nice grassy hill or snow the feeling of being as light as a feather as you gain speed by going down faster and faster stays the same. It reminds you of a time where you scaled some mountains just for the sake of seeing how fast you could go down them or how you simply jumped off cliffs while making internal bets to see if the fall would kill you or not. Those days of being fed up with being angry and *experimenting* how immortal you truly almost feel like a hazy dream.

You stop your inner musing as suddenly the hill meets its end, and you prepare yourself as you're shot out an open vent into a different room. You nail the landing perfectly, dust yourself off and look around.

The surroundings are that of a show offish room, the floor is covered in dark green and green tiles, their position and colouring remind you off a chessboard. Same for the ceiling except they've got the design of a warm blue-sky sun and all. As for the walls they've got drawings of mountains and forest life. In it's all it gives off the atmosphere of being in the room of say an artist painting a landscape or perhaps a snob.
Even so the room is quite large, you'd say it's big enough for 5 people to have a soccer match in it...or something but anyhow that is enough observation of the room itself, now its time for the items within.

You see some sort of visual image box hanging in the corner of the room with a smaller table beneath, on said table lies a big red button that begs to be pressed on. Right next to it lies the only two doors of the room. Each of them has a statue of a Victorian era knight armour standing next to it. They seem to be of tip top quality, yet their shapes seem a bit more feminin than need be...seriously those hips are something else...hold on. You get closer and remove their he-


Goddamit, these are glorified statues of Kaguya. They've got the black hair and glorified faces, each of them holds a sword and shield and the neutral expressions on their face are almost real-looking. You could almost confuse the real one for them.

To think she's so petty to have an entire room to her honour that no one would know is there unless you went in here, does she really know your every move after all?...wait that's assuming too much, there's no way she's such a mastermind. Perhaps she simply went all ham and put rooms and stuff everywhere just on the sheer chance that you might visit them...a shiver of disgust crawls in your body.

That's just creepy, there's no question that this isn't endearing. It's just freaky.

You take it easy for like what a few weeks and the girl go all "You're weak now" and sends a bunch of people to kill you, makes a fricking dungeon in your honour, tells her soldiers to shoot on sight and now this architecture...yeah, you're not going to visit Eientei for a while after this. That bitch of a princess needs to calm down on her feelings of rivalry.

Anyhow that's all there is to say, you've got a princess to beat up, a crow to save and a schoolteacher's wellbeing to confirm.

All in a day's honest work, let's do this.


Surrounding Logs:
@Secret Room#1 (You are here)
-There is a tv and a red button on a table.
@ Door#1 (Destination unknown, not locked)
-There lies a statue near it of your hated foe
@Door #2 (Destination unknown, not locked)
-There lies a statue close to it of your despised enemy.
@Vent entrance (Leads back to where you where).
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[x] Open the doors a crack so you can sneakily see what's inside the rooms.
[x] See if there are any buttons on the TV itself to turn it on without pressing the big red button

I'm always afraid of big red obvious tantalizing buttons. There's a decent chance that pushing them activates some kind of trap to trip up curious fools that press them.
Delete Post
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The big red button is SCP-001-J on the loose, pressing it would only leave the Immortals alive, a masterplan designed by the mindiest of masterminds.

Before this story becomes another crossover including a secret organization capturing and researching anomalous objects, here's my vote.
[x] Check the chessboard pattern
Does it fit chess or checkers? The Victorian Era Knight statues tipped me off it's gonna be a 'game' in here.
[x] Take off rabbit ears
(in case you're still wearing them) Wouldn't want to be seen by what's probably going to be the next boss with them.
[x] Observe statues
Differences in appearance, position, material and what have may clue us in what is beyond the doors

I also had the sudden thought to [x]Just go through the left door as it would be funny if Mokou were to ignore everything that has been set up in her honor.

I enjoy the puzzle aspect of this here adventure but I can't help but feel I've been woefully unaware of things since the elevator puzzle. Like as in, me being of those people who have to solve a children's riddle in a dnd session and taking up three hours to figure the obvious answer out.
Delete Post
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Tsk, so the smhuck bait failed, one day Anon...one day your curiosity will lead you to your doom!
But yeah bravo, you have avoided an obvouis trap.

How did you figure out my secret identity?! I'm honestly surprised you could tell I'm the same writer, props to your detective skills for it though.

But to that remark it's a solid no, this is simply a straightforward adventure in which you kill Kaguya. No surprise plot twist or mysterious voices or anything, just some solid fun on accomplishing said defined goal in a few different ways whether that's Stealth, Rambo like violence or what you mentioned.

Also yeah, blatantly not playing along is an option as well. It's an entire route even had you decided to not leave the village and do your grocery stuff. It's the wonder of the CYOA.

Puzzles are fun yeah, and a fair remark to make. I've pondered if I should keep in like a hint stuff during each puzzle in case someone can't figure it out and simply wants progress. ( A La Hint 1 is a hint, hint 2 gives even more of a bigger hint and hint 3 is the straight answer) but then I've got no way to make sure if someone actually solved it or just looked at the answer. So I'll just compromise and keep it as a write in command.

Example: Write hint! to get a clue on how to solve a puzzle if you want or skip! if you don't want to solve it and then I'll just give the answer even if that's not a lot of fun. There's no such thing for combat though.

I hope that will help you out and keep your experience enjoyable, we're here to have fun together after all.

Anyhoo the votes have been called and the update shall come soon.
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File 164046446628.png - (255.42KB, 488x463, puzzles.png)
>Open the doors a crack so you can sneakily see what's inside the rooms.

You do so starting with the leftmost one, it simply leads to a room that looks the exact same as the one you're in. Likewise for the other door, does this place loop or what?

>See if there are any buttons on the TV itself to turn it on without pressing the big red button

It's a tv, it does have like button sort of thingies on the upper left and two handles with numbers laid out in display a bit to the lower right. The thing seems like an old brown box more than some wondrous piece of technology now that you think about it.

Out of curiosity you press what you presume is the power button of the device and sound of static comes out of the thing alongside a grey screen filled with weird moving tiny dots. Looking too long at it makes your eyes uncomfortable so you turn it off.

Not sure if that didn't achieve anything though, even so you won't press the red button. Cause you're better than that.
Seriously a red button never signals good things and are always bait for the overly curious, at least you think so.

The room is still silent as ever, you can hear your own footsteps and breathing but other than that this place seems entirely isolated. There's no speck of dust, no hint of any sort of life, the only person in here is you. Even so you feel like there's something off with the place, like it's been...nah, this is no magic. It's simply odd architecture? Map design.
Hold on a moment you got the words...it's like the rooms ahead have been similar for the sake of making people lost.

>Check the chessboard pattern

You take a closer look at the floor, it's in the pattern of a chess game. Not only that but you notice that at the corner of the room lie numbers on the side going from one to three and letters on the backside of the room going from A to D. A single spot tile is of a different colour: That of C-1. That must be the room you are in. Even so you don't see any door leading to the left or right of you so you can't go to B-1 or D-1 only B2 and D2 aka what you presume are what the doors next to the statues lead to since there's no middle statue...only an empty spot between the two.

>Take off rabbit ears

You remove the rabbit ears; they were getting embarrassing anyway...hold on a moment. As you've slightly looked up you finally notice that are there are two more doors alongside two more statues right above the former two. Where they could possibly lead to is yet unknown, but you assume it's the same...uh, this room is quite weird is what you mean.

>Observe statues

You take a closer look at each statue; they seem too conspicuous to not be important. Each of them is adorned by metal armour old school knights would wear. The only notable features about them are their differently coloured overalls things (One has red, One has yellow, One has blue, and the last One wears green) and how the dolls inside of them look so much like Kaguya that you wouldn't be surprised if they came to life. Like seriously the hair is silky smooth, their skin feels warm and soft instead of wood-like or otherwise. Who in the hell made these?

Least but not less every single one of them have an inscription attached to them. It goes a little like this:

Red: "I am the warrior of Fire, the eldest and wisest among us warriors"

Blue: "I am the warrior of Water, the youngest and most beautiful among us warriors"

Yellow: "I am the warrior of Wind, older than the warrior of Water and the fastest among us warriors yet not the eldest"

Green: "I am the warrior of Earth, younger than the warrior of Fire but strongest among us warriors"

The sound of static appears again, the tv turned itself one again somehow. You approach it out of curiosity.

Among the static now lies a figure, it's the shape of a person but you can only see the silhouette. The moment you get close enough a distorted voice speaks out, more to disguise the owner of it than for the sake of spookiness.

"Thank you for choosing to participate in our new game, sadly the constructions have not been finished yet...but you already knew that didn't you? don't bother answering, it's not like I can hear you. Or can I? even if that were the case it'd be too tiring to bother with all that banter so let's keep these things short and simple now, shall we?" the voice sounds bored if not stiff as if it'd rather be anywhere but here as it forces itself to keep a jovial tone to it.

"Now then allow me to introduce myself...I am Miss... Enigma" you can hear a cringe behind that "And oh boy do I like puzzles! even more if the failure of one means quite the harm for a certain crow we know. Yeah, yeah you show that frown all you want but that doesn't change anything, anyway you and I are going to play three oh so fun games.

One of which you're playing right now even, so allow me to stop this chatter and get to the point of it. Solve a puzzle correctly and choose the right door, then you get to maybe save your friend...be wrong or take too much time though...

Ever had pan-crow fillet? Nah, that's just a bluff we won't kill someone who's capable of dying...though you'd be surprised to learn what people can survive these days and bla bla, enough ominous threats.

It's game time play, so here are your hints. Ahem "Behold the Four Maiden Warriors that sealed away the Demon of Fir e and saved the world. Though many are grateful for their contribution a dark secret lies within them...for you see one of the warriors is a liar and hides the true path towards the hells below. Find out which one of the warriors is the liar and continue your descent towards damnation...if you so dare that is. Good luck and until the next room" the tv go off.

...What in the hell? So, this is another game they want to play with you. Your body boils at the thought of having to play along with such nonsense but if you don't then they might harm Aya...goddamit Kaguya, how are these bastards’ heroes?! they're hired guns and nothing more!

Calm down, no now isn't the time to get mad.


[x] It totally is! Trash your way out of this room.
[x] Stay calm, solve the puzzle, keep that anger for later.
Delete Post
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Blue is the liar. All of the statues look exactly like Kaguya, which means that they are all identical. It is impossible for blue to be the most beautiful, because they all look the same and therefore they are all equally beautiful.

[x] Go through blue's door
[x] Concentrate fire powers in your finger to burn an ash mustache on blue so you can keep track of where you are going (and as petty revenge on Kaguya).
Delete Post
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[x] Stay calm, solve the puzzle, keep that anger for later.

Regarding the maidens:
-Red claims she's the eldest.
-Blue claims that she's the youngest.
-Yellow claims she's somewhere between the eldest and Blue.
-Green claims she's younger than Red.

With these facts gathered, let's start looking for the liar:
-Assuming Red is lying, that would mean that someone else is the eldest. But who? As 'the youngest', Blue is out of the question. Yellow explicity stated that she 'wasn't the eldest', and Green claims to be 'younger that Red', so she can't be the eldest... Conclusion: Nobody but Red can be the eldest, ergo Red isn't lying.
-Blue claims she's 'the youngest'. Just like in Red's case, we need to see if there's someone else who can occupy that position. Red? Yeah, no. Yellow? She said she's 'older than Blue'. Green? ...She can. Blue could be lying.
-Yellow says that she's 'not the eldest' and she's 'older than Blue'... I honestly cannot think of any scenario in which both statements would be false at the same time. We've also verified that Red is the eldest and she can't be younger that 'the youngest', so Yellow is safe.
-If Green was lying, she would need to be older than Red. However, as we've stablished, Red is the eldest, so Green is saying the truth.

Seems like the only one with chances of being the liar is Blue, meaning that from eldest to youngest they are:

So, in conclusion, assuming there is no trick or sleight of hand in this 'game', Blue is lying, she's the third eldest and (probably) the ugliest.
Image Source
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File 164055040481.jpg - (28.14KB, 500x416, knights are nice sadly theres no image to convey i.jpg)
knights are nice sadly theres no image to convey i
>Stay calm, solve the puzzle, keep that anger for later.

You take a deep breath and put that danger into the to be used later box inside your mind. Where it can be taken out of for a later use.

You focus on the puzzle before you and think a bit about it, as in literally only 4 or 5 seconds before you figure out the answer. Little do people know that you're an excellent puzzle solver, since puzzles are one of the few things you can use privately to keep your knowledge from stagnating. You can do this.

>Go through blue's door
>Concentrate fire powers in your finger to burn an ash mustacho on blue so you can keep track of where you are going (and as petty revenge on Kaguya)

First off, you concentrate some of your power around your finger rather than within. Not one to monologue about how that changes a lot of things you press the finger on the Blue Statue and besmirch it with a nasty little mustacho of a comical scale. This pleases you and can be used as a marker.

Finally, you go through the blue door. Since you believe that the Blue Statue is the liar.

You are...

The moment you enter the similar looking room, the lights go out and the scream of a maiden in peril can be heard, alas it is soon accompanied by gut wrenching sounds of flesh being cut apart, bashed into paste, and stabbed into with a vigour that only pure hatred could give off.

The Maiden has perished

The lights go on again in this room where blood has been spilled...


Luckily that maiden is not you, if it were then you would not be here right now. Nay in the middle of the room now lies the horrible remains of what was once the Blue Warrior. Its body has been sliced into pieces with what you assume is a…well blade since how else do you slice people apart? All the other statues wait never mind, there are only two statues left, the third one has disappeared without a trace.

Ahem the two statues left have blood on their weapons. The point of this is hard to understand, but you guess the reveal of the traitor made all four of them fight each other with only two surviving the ordeal? what's the point of that lore if the bad guy is already dead?

Wait no, you don't care. It doesn't mean anything, it's just some joke at your expense probably.

The fact they are probably alive is obvious now, or simply puppets made of flesh? that's quite the bizarre choice for architecture but hey you've seen youkai make towers out of the bones of their victims.

They're still weird as all hell though, so you keep your guard up towards them now. The fact they even have the capability to scream unnerves you to an extreme degree. Who in the hell made these?

You dismiss it as gore for the sake of intimidation for now and check the former floor tiles, your position has changed from C-1 to B-2. At least that's some progress, two more puzzles and bam Aya is saved.

You walk across the room and ignore the dead body to your best ability, the fresh stench of it fails to affect your stomach due to your nose having had the experience of smelling fouler things. Even so, you hurry the pace.

There are only three doors this time, and only two statues. One is Red and the other is Green. Their prior neutral faces have been warped into that of anger and grief respectively for each. After a few more seconds of doing nothing the exact same tv at the exact same spot of the room goes on, the sound of static indicating it.

It's the figure again, except this time the image is far clearer. As if the visual of the tv has increased somehow. The person inside of-uh, the person in front of the box has blond hair with a small crown on top. Their face is obscured by an overly extravagant golden mask (like that of Queen Elizabeth the First) the rest of the body is covered by...a ridiculously rainbow-like dress that doesn't fit with the rest of her disguise. It's painful to the eyes.

"What a fashion failure..." you blurt out your own thoughts with no shame. "That's what a clown would wear"

"I am NOT a clown Miss Fujiwara" the figure's angry voice comes out sparkly clean this time. Whether that means this is the work of some bad connection or that the thing at first was done on purpose who knows. It doesn't matter.

"Never said you were one, just that you looked one" you shrug and raise your shoulders.

".... Anyway, your feathered friend is in the next room, solve this puzzle and the two of you get your oh so wonderful reunion. Get it wrong and you know what will happen. You've solved the first puzzle so far y-"

"Get to the puzzle already, the sooner it's done, the sooner my boot will solve another puzzle...that of your face that is".

"Oh wow, how cool you are" the figure snarks back "Anyway here's the puzzle:

Behold the Four Maidens that sealed away the Demon of Fire, though their traitor has been exposed and was going to be brought back to the Kingdom in chains as they travelled back home.
Someone killed the traitor in the middle of the knight-uh no I meant night.
Their trust in each other broken, the Maiden of Air left the group and now only two remain.
Who has murdered the Traitor? Each of them will only answer one question, also one always speaks the truth while the other lies like that's some unique gimmick but what have you, that's the puzzle. Do you worst and goodbye
" the tv is turned off once more.

You're once again left on your own. The fact these things know how to speak sounds like a rather disturbing notion, but you quickly accept it anyway since what else can a gal do? Anyhow that's another puzzle to solve.

Surrounding logs:
@Secret Room D-2 (You are here)
-There lies a tv and a red button on a table, also the corpse of the Blue Warrior is present.
@Door#1 (Destination unknown, not locked)
-There lies a Red Warrior before you. (1 question left)
@Door#2 (Destination unknown, not locked).
-There lies a Blue Warrior before you (1 question left)

>Who doth be this 2-lady?
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*There lies a GREEN Warrior before you.

Can't believe I typed Blue at the last moment jeez. Am I colour blind now?
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>Who doth be this 2-lady?
Blond hair
Crown/mask (likely a costum accessory) (see: Murasa's skull mask)
Rainbow dress (likely gonna revert to the original touhou's dress) (see: Murasa's black sailor clothes)
Victorian Era theme, chess, riddles, yadda yadda
"I am NOT a clown" I can't help but think of an old Youtube classic including an extra stage boss and a fast food franchise's iconic mascot (this has a decent chance of being something of a red herring)
The four identical maidens of the colors green, blue, yellow and red are the giveaway though

Don't look behind
See, you will find
Oh, hey mister
It's the devil's little sister.

This leaves me with the question:
Who was making sounds in the vents then. That's very suspicious.

>what to do about the riddle
Will look into it in a few.
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[x] "There are 2 doors in this room I have not been through. If I were to ask the other warrior which of the 2 doors was the correct door I should take to proceed, which door would they tell me to use?"

Truth: In truth, the other would lie and tell you to take the wrong door.

Liar: The other would truthfully tell you the correct door, so I will lie and say she would tell you the wrong door.

The correct door is the door neither warrior points to.
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What the good Anon said. Also good wit to specify the question being about the unused doors.
I wonder whether the chessboard progression will carry any further significance; I know the absolute minimum about the board game itself.
Delete Post
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> who’s that touhoumon?

Perhaps it is Alice. She’s blonde, the rainbow dress could reference the fact that she is the 7 colored puppeteer, and it would explain who is controlling these weird flesh warrior doll/puppets. Which means the thumping sound in the vents are Alice’s dolls moving through the vents. Although considering what she did to the crow, this is an unusually psychotic take on Alice if it is her. Unless the crow was just a bluff and is really just another weird flesh puppet that Alice is controlling. Would explain why the crow didn’t seem to visibly heal when we gave it our liver blood. Maybe Kaguya killed herself a whole bunch of times and let Alice turn the corpses into super lifelike warrior dolls to get Alice to cooperate.

Check to see if the crow has a heartbeat. If it does then it is alive and this is Flandre’s psychotic handiwork. If it doesn’t then it is a doll and Alice is behind this.
Delete Post
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Update comes first thing in the morning.

Votes have been called for both the puzzle and the 2hu. (This includes check crow)
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Big if true
Image Source
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File 164071908943.jpg - (411.93KB, 1200x1169, game of chess visual.jpg)
game of chess visual
> "There are 2 doors in this room I have not been through. If I were to ask the other warrior which of the 2 doors was the correct door I should take to proceed, which door would they tell me to use?"

Far more used to puzzles than one would believe normal, you easily come up with the answer once more. You stride towards the left statue aka the red one and demand their answer. While of course keeping your guard up.

The statue moves its head towards you and opens their mouth in a completely fluid way "This Door" it replies as it points with its sword at the door next to it. Their voice and movement so natural it's uncanny, what in the.

You shake your head, that doesn't matter at all. Flesh Statues or whatever they may be, don't matter at all. You're just going to solve this dumb puzzle, save the crow and continue your way. Nothing more and nothing less.

You ask the same question to the other statue, and they reply with the same answer, so you go ahead and take the door neither pointed to since that must be correct one. So, the murderer was the green one.

You are...

The lights go out once again, and the screams of a maiden can be heard as you rightfully assume that one of the statues has now murdered the other. Kind of a morbid waste now that you think of it, yeah it really is a waste for those dolls.


And you find yourself in a similar roo-oh.

Oh my.

Now things are getting interesting.

Remember how they were once 4 statues? now there's 16 of em. To the other side of the room now lies a mini army of human sized statues with their weapons undrawn. There uh, hold on you're going to need some time to describe them.

The first seven are the blandest, it's just a bunch of child sized statues wielding smaller swords as they are adorned with light armour and bucklers. If you know your chess, these are supposed to be the pawns of the game. They're all black.

On each side of the backrow lie two huge dolls wielding hammers, they've got heavy armour and look 10 ft tall. The only notable thing about them are their shoes, as you can see wheels on em for some reason. Guess they're the rooks.

Next to those lie two far odder built dolls, these ones are far thinner than any other of the dolls here and have an actual horse like lower body (basically a centaur) each of them wield a rather large spear that does not seem to slow em down.

Still not over, the two dolls next to those dolls are dressed in what you believe to be jester clothes? They're clowns with guns, cane shaped guns sure but still guns the same. They'd look prettier if they weren't all black though...but oh well.

Finally, only the King and Queen remain, though the Queen is absent. The king is just a doll wielding a sword, it seems almost no different from the pawns other than its normal size, medium armour, and golden crown on the head. Otherwise, their design is quite boorish which you guess makes sense since the King is like the weakest piece in the board right?

They all look like Kaguya by the way, all their faces are obscured by helmets though so that's just a wild guess.

Their number is quite surprising and makes you wonder if you'd have to fight em...cause if so, that could REALLY be interesting yet impractical. It's been a while since you've faced so many foes at once. Anyhow what about the White side?

Their only opponent is the red statue from earlier. The statue is covered in blood and has outright lost their right arm as they wield a two-handed sword (A Zwei hander with flame motives to be specific) with the remaining one in a fearsome desperation, the kind of desperation a cornered rat would have as she faces her own imminent death with a final battle. Their hair changed from black to pure white...and their face very similar to your own. Okay what in the ffffffffffff-




That bitch, that absolute bitch. she's obviously a bitch because bitches commission creepy dolls of people for the sake of fucked up dungeon crawling puzzle what have you. That bitch deserves to die, that bitch is going to die. You're going to kill that bitch, you'll kill her twice, you'll kill her three times. But first you'll kill her once and she's gonna SUUUFFEER!

No, calm down. Not yet, don't get mad just yet. She might even be watching who knows that whore. You're not going to be mad just so she can laugh about it later, no. Nada. She's not getting that satisfaction. You put some more anger into the to be used later box, it's almost filled to the brim now, frankly, speaking you want to bust someone's skull in now.

But you don't. You commit some breathing exercises and lower your anger to a more tolerable fuming state. As if waiting for this exact moment. The tv turns on once more so you head towards it, ready to have a nice chat with the person behind it.

Except their background is visible as well now, the Queenly figure is sitting on a comfy throne in a room like yours. In her hand is cup of sake and in the other a remote, the moment she sees you, a smile grown on her face as she speaks-.

"I'm going to shove this doll down your throat Alice" you reply with venom as you push the body of the crow against the screen (it does indeed not have a pulse, bravo Anon). "Reason or no reason, you will regret playing me like that".

So, you say the masked Queen is either Flandre Scarlet or Alice Margatroid?



Image Source
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File 164071915198.jpg - (138.22KB, 850x519, Correct!.jpg)
NSFW image

The smile does not die down and the queen removes the mask, those golden eyes are indeed those of the puppeteer. "I'm surprised..." she makes a clack with her fingers and a smaller normal doll cuts off the gaudy weird dress to reveal...an exactly similar dress as previously (You insulted her normal dress code) "Surprised it took you this long to notice, that is.
Really how hard could this have been? there were dolls, there are the seven colours, and eve-".

"I'm going to shove this doll down your throat Alice" you interrupt her with even more vigour. "It'll be shoved so deep down your body that you'll shit out feathers for weeks to come" and make a promise to her that you intend to absolutely keep. "That outcome is now predetermined"

"My, you're that angry huh? well I guess you can't help it, for an immortal your heart strings sure were easy to mess with. I only needed to do a few moves, and bam you came in here like a fish swimming against the stream only to end up in the fisherman's net. All that effort, all those thoughts, all in waste for the Tengu isn't even in here. You'd make a fine doll".


"Speechless, hm. Course you are, I've always been a master of strategy. In fact, the next thing you will say is..."

"I'll wipe that smirk right off your face! " both of you say at the same time.


"!" your face shows surprise, you're completely out of your element.

"You were trying to sneak your way into Eientei and give Kaguya a nasty surprise, weren't you? Nice try! But I've predicted that possibility and have already spun a web around you, I knew the very moment you entered the Bamboo Forest and have lured you in this death chamber with nothing more a few feathers and a fake crow. You've been played like a fiddle!
Though you appear cold on the outside, your human heart has led you to your downfall!"

"Why you..." both of you say at the same time yet again, hers being more sarcastic of course.

"By the by, you said something an outcome being predetermined just now, didn't you? that some things like victory are decided before the battle even starts isn't that the case? That's true, very true~" she stands up and does a pose to loom her dominance over you "True, true, true! How very true your words are! Alas my plans were the ones to go deeper and decide victory!" She doesn't even laugh out loud, just state her words like they're facts "And now..." She moves one hand.

And all the dolls in the room twitch as a response, turn alive and draw their weapons ready for an unfair fight. The room's walls fly off to reveal more hallways and an odd gas enters the room as well. This is a complete and utter death trap.

"I'll tell you the rules of this final puzzle, somewhere among these many, many rooms lie my throne. Your job is to reach it before any obstacles can take your life. You'll have to face these dolls, traps, and a time limit of around...5 minutes or so if you don't want the paralysing gas to affect your muscles and render you defenceless. However, since you've actually taken the time to solve the previous two puzzles you get two boons: A head start of 20 seconds and the Moko-Doll before you"

Another move of her fingers, and your creepy Doppel-ganger approaches you before doing a bow as if you're its lord.

Feel free to use her as you see fit, she's capable of obeying vocal commands and has around the same capabilities as you in almost a superior level (Aka strength, speed, endurance) in every way except your immortality...though she's not in tip top shape as you may see, course she would be if you had not guessed my identity this soon but oh well, that is life".

A doll takes out a sand glass and puts it on Alice's lap on the screen. It's the countdown.

"Now that the rules have been established, I've only got one more thing to say...Checkmate" and with that final message the tv stays on this time. Though the clock is ticking. Think fast Fujiwara.


Surrounding Logs:

@Secret room#3 (You are here)
-There lies a TV on a small TABLE, also a DOLL-MOKOU is at your service.
-There is a Chess themed force of Black Knights at the other side of the room (Will attack in 20 seconds).
@Door to secret room#2 (Behind you)
@Door to ??? (At the left of room)
@Door to ??? (At the right of room)
@Door to ??? (Other side of room, left.)
@Door to ??? (Other side of room, right).
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Alice is controlling all of the dolls. She controls them by manipulating magic strings that are attached to them. But the strings are also attached to Alice, so if we follow the strings then we will find Alice.

[x] Have the Mokou doll pump magic into its strings so they become visible
[x] Tell Mokou doll to follow you so you can keep an eye on it and keep the strings visible (and take Mokou doll's weapon away so Alice can not inevitably have the doll backstab you with it)
[x] Follow strings to find Alice, setting fire to the Kaguya dolls as you run past them.

We should avoid getting into a direct battle with the Kaguya dolls as much as possible because we only have 5 minutes to work with. Setting them on fire so they slowly burn to useless ashes behind us should do for now. Also always remember that Alice is the one controlling Mokou doll, so give Mokou doll as little opportunity to backstab you as possible.
Delete Post
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What >>28755 said

In addition
Alice's still a Yokai, and Mokou (used to) be a yokai hunter. Ain't there detection tools at her disposal to allow easier search for Alice?
[x]Use Yokai hunter tools

[x] Set up explosive traps on the tiles both on the floor and ceiling.
(think fire runes similar to every second fantasy game ever)

Regular limebound mortar becomes structurally weak at high temperatures. Even cement bound mortar cannot really endure temperatures above 600°C.
Bam! Essentially mobile proximity shrapnel-fire bombs. A deception based kind of attack to use when the dolls close in too much and Mokou needs a way out.
[x]Heat the mortar of the tiles, loosening them from the floor
[x]Same goes for the ceiling tiles when in need

Man, I got bamboozled. I honestly didn't think it was her. It's gonna be hilarious if her reason for revenge is gonna be (actual possible spoiler) the time Keine and Mokou left her hanging in a fairy trap
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Votes been called, update coming soon today.
Image Source
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File 164089841542.jpg - (1.01MB, 1920x1080, dem coming for ya.jpg)
dem coming for ya
20 Seconds of prep time.

16 enemies if not more in total.

5 Minutes before Game over.

This might be a challenge for once, like the type of challenge in which you must actively try for once.
Is something you don't say, though the rooms and puzzles were quite something...they're still just death traps organized by Kaguya, so any enjoyment gained from those is the same as acknowledging that her game is fun.

So, let's wreck it entirely, shall we? some youkai's contraptions are nothing against the Hourai Incarnate!

>Have the Mokou doll pump magic into its strings so they become visible

The Doll obeys your orders and makes their own strings visible; they gleam with a blue light and go into the ceiling above making it impossible to follow unless you were to destroy the ceiling which would take more than 20 seconds if she somehow reinforced it. You bet she did and swiftly think of another matter to pursue (15 seconds left).

>Tell Mokou doll to follow you so you can keep an eye on it and keep the strings visible (and take Mokou doll's weapon away so Alice can not inevitably have the doll backstab you with it)

The Doll does a salute, and you take their weapon from them. You are now equipped with a Zwei-Hander, its weight is no issue for one hand, and it seems quite sharp but other than ...hold on you can feel the magic within this object. That makes it a magical blade! It's an actual flaming sword of high quality, where did she get this? (14 left)

> Follow strings to find Alice, setting fire to the Kaguya dolls as you run past them.

Error, you are unable to follow this command. You'd have to destroy the ceiling or something first, the time taken to do so and then crawl within it in hopes of finding the puppeteer would waste way more time than running around and looking for her that way...if only you had a way to track down the youkai yourself. Then you could find her and force her to focus on defending herself.

>Use Yokai hunter tools

Suddenly you remember something: An old memory of you traveling across the world, slaying beast left and right out of boredom and blood lust. Sometimes you were on your own, sometimes you had companions. Over the time some part of your blood lust waned but the boredom remained as eventually all proof of those times passed together with your companions now only remains in your memories...you don't even remember their faces or names, but some mannerisms do remain, if only as vague reminders of who these trusted people once were.

Constantly wearing green clothes, some old geezer with a dumb sense of humour, you remember how he could predict events that haven't even happened yet and see the places of hidden things by reading messages in things no one else could. Like making a map of a city with nothing more than sand or getting a portrait of someone by throwing a can of paint into a wall, the shit was effective but unbelievable.... You also remember how he did it. And are fully capable of mimicking it.

You create a singular fireball and morph it into a cruciform sort of radar that points at all six cardinal directions, it’ll flicker towards the Youkai’s presence and will tell you how close you are to her position.

Let’s take a looksie now…

You are…300 meters away from her (More like 10 or so rooms away from her, you’ll know which rooms to take).

>Set Kaguya dolls on fire.

You shoot a streak of flames at them; the dolls stay immobile and do not react to it…nor do they seem harmed that much by it. Exception being all the pawns that die due to it.

>Set up explosive traps on the tiles both on the floor and ceiling.

That is possible but will take your last remaining seconds.

>Heat the mortar of the tiles, loosening them from the floor

Look at above, the dolls seem ready to gang up on you.

>Same goes for the ceiling tiles when in need

Let’s say you can do all of them but will have to sacrifice your head start run then, are you willing to do so?

(The real update comes tomorrow, just confirming your actions right now and seeing if you want more stuff to it. Got distracted by RL).
Delete Post
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I am hype

She's under the impression Mokou's a doll to be strung along
[x] Imbue a part of your essence on the Mokou doll; let desperation give way for vigour and a flame of its own to work with
thing is; there're no strings attached, baby

Boot first, coming through now
Let’s do it.
Delete Post
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Now that Mokou doll has shown us how Alice's strings work, are we able to use our magic skills to cut the strings so Alice can't control the dolls for a while? Perhaps we can cut the magic strings with our nifty new magic sword.

[x] If you think it is possible, cut the strings Alice is using to control the Kaguya dolls. (If you are not entirely sure whether it will work or not, practice cutting the crow doll's strings first)
[x] If it works, have Mokou doll fight any Kaguya dolls that get in your way as a distraction so you can incapacitate the Kaguya dolls by cutting their strings
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 164111887939.jpg - (58.94KB, 850x839, her face on tv.jpg)
her face on tv
> Imbue a part of your essence on the Mokou Doll.

Easy job done, seeing how you already know how to posses’ people some doll should be no different. You put one hand on the doll's head and force your own power into it.

The doll doesn't react in any way, cause it's a doll but the phoenix shaped aura behind it indicates that the possession is a complete success. You won't even have to use verbal commands no more and the chance of it backstabbing you is now second to none. It's still creepy as all hell to you.

>If you think it is possible, cut the strings Alice is using to control the Kaguya dolls. (If you are not entirely sure whether it will work or not, practice cutting the crow doll's strings first)

You keep this plan in mind for when the traps you made haven't deterred them, the thought of rushing at them with a flaming sword only to jump to cut their strings sounds cool in practice but is also risky...cause what if it doesn't cut it? Then you'd be surrounded by a bunch of murder dolls.

>Try the Crow Doll first then.

You look at the Crow Doll and look at where its strings might be, with a closer flicker of a flame the shine becomes more apparent, and you swing your blade at the strings. They are cut apart.

>IF it works, have the Mokou...

Got it, have the doll distract them and use the opportunity to cut their strings apart.

That shouldn't be t-TIME IS UP!

Two giant dolls immediately rush the both of you with their hammers raised and ready to crush you. You swiftly move out of the way yet end up slightly staggered as the sheer force of the weapon hitting the ground causes a shockwave that goes through the floor and shatters the tiles around it dusting the place all over.

Everyone is set off-balance by it, exception being the horses and jester teaming up by having the latter ride the former so that they can both move swiftly and gun you down in the process. It's a deadly mix-up.

Seeing this moment of weakness, a jester immediately snipes for a shot aimed straight at your chest, but your reflexes allow you to move at just the last second and instead you're hit in the lungs. The bullet sears through your flesh but you ignore the pain and fly up to slash apart the strings of the first giant, it instantly goes down.

The other doll is still struggling with the other gi-it picks up the giant and throws it at the King likes it's nothing more than a pebble. The King itself is however unable to dodge and so it is crushed into pieces, the Rook is somehow unharmed by this and slowly ge-hold on that's a prime opportunity to cut its strings apart!

You swiftly fly towards i-a hail of gunshots stop your pursuit forcing you to parry every bullet that comes your way. The Jester and Horse Mix-up is a real pain in the ass, get close and you'll have to deal with lances, stay away and they'll just gun you down until a lucky hit goes straight through your forehead. This might be a hard problem to deal with.

So, you do what you always do, when there is something, you don't want to deal with: Run away!
Specifically running out of this room before letting all the traps blow it into a million pieces kind of running away!

Though that too has a smaller problem: The moment you turn your back to these things, expect a lot more bullets to come in places they shouldn't be. Like seriously look at how these horses are just hopping around the room like a bunch of crazed cats aiming for a bouncy ball, you're not even sure if that's-Parry! yeah this is a real annoyance.

The Mokou Doll calmly approaches you, as if reminding you of its existence and asking for new orders.

Ah yeah, you did have that. "Go distract these horsies?" it nods to your direction and takes a few steps forward before retracting it's sole and shooting a spray of red-coloured danmaku. The spread of it like a flamethrower but the width behind it covers the entirety of the whole room, forcing the horses to stop and focus on dodging.

Danmaku sure is convenient, that thought aside both of you leave the room as you activate the traps and immediately jump back to avoid most of the flaming heat and debris that will come out of blowing up a room with overkill explos-

A thundering roar can be heard as blistering heat crosses your skin, the room and everyone within it has been destroyed and once you reinter the dolls are still standing though heavily injured. You easily remove their strings in this state and move back to the previous room due to need for a breather and the need to take care of your shot chest.

The bullet inside must be removed after all and that has always been a very unpleasant experience to deal with, if anything the fact guns are so deadly yet can be so easily used by most people is the reason you dislike them a lot, cause being shot suuuuuuucccccccccccccck-and there! you've removed the bullet and bandage up the wound.

In a way having just one gun-wound out of an encounter with 16 dolls is quite the optimal result, isn't it? Bah, you motion at the doll to follow you and move towards the next room where Alice might be (9 rooms left) and open the door ready for any trap.

There are no traps, just more dolls. 32 of them to be exact. All armed and ready to go once-you son of a bi-

"Good job passing the first dolls Fujiwara" Alice says on the tv again while sipping some drink, clearly composed and relaxed "You've got a whole bunch left to deal with though, pretty annoying, isn't it? But hey strength in numbers is a known fact! You may beat 16, you may beat 50 even but there's no way out of this maze here, and eventually all that effort will wear you down...so even IF you somehow managed to reach me, you'd be exhausted while I'm still at the peak of my game" her words are filled with absolute confidence, as if she's teaching the maths to some dumb junior.

"You sure are confident for someone who doesn't even dare show up in person" you crack your knuckles and give her a side glance as if she's not something worth recognizing "This isn't even a fight, just some bad game of hide and seek".

"Ah, but that's where you're wrong~" She gently raises her drink to the screen, as if toasting "This isn't a fight or game, no this my white-haired foe is a death trap. It's a magnificent strategy known as the War of Attrition. Cause how else would one defeat an immortal? You can't be killed, you can't be made to give up, so this right here is the best move" in a way she's right, this is exactly the right way to deal with you. Even so the smugness is really getting to your nerves.

"...Tsk, when did Youkai become so tricky?" So, if you hold back, you'll get injured. If you take too much time you just lose instantly, so unless you go all out and tire yourself out by beating these dolls victory is impossible. "Fine, you win".

"Oh? so are you giving up then? Sad to say surrenders won't be accepted in this de-"

"Who said anything about surrendering?" you stretch your legs a bit and prepare your body for it "Don't get too cocky" energy permeates throughout your body as your battle aura appears behind you. "Almost ready, just one more sec".

"Uhuh, so what are you going to do? Some last desperate attempt of victory perhaps? Do go on" Alice lets out a yawn to taunt you as she makes herself comfy on her chair. "Go on, then. Use your true power or whatever, spill out that energy".

"Oh, I will, just there's a simple thing you've forgotten to keep in mind. A simple thing that'll spell your doom".

"And what would that be? Really I have no time for meaningless bluffs" she's already convinced of her own victory.

But those who boast about their victory too soon, will meet a swift doom! Okay that sucked, but whatever.

>What's something Alice failed to keep in mind, and that you can use against her to reverse this situation?


[] Temperature? even she can't survive if the whole place is over a thousand degrees.
[] Place? Doesn't matter how many dolls she has if you just rush and kick her face in.
[] Something else? there must be something that you can do about this.

tldr: Alice has the terrain advantage, advantage in numbers and in time.
-She knows where everything is, and where you are.
-She has a whole bunch of dolls ready to waste your time and stamina.
-Spending more than 5 minutes is her instant win condition (Of which 4 are left).
-Her dolls require strings to be used, if cut they are useless, she uses her hands to do so.
-Unlike her dolls, she is not fire resistant in any way. Keep that in mind.
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This whole thing has been a real headscratcher for me and made consider doing something suicidal (in a videogamefanfiction story) as a course of action.

The thing you failed to consider was...
>[Strategy] I can just turn around and book it!
>[Strategy] Like clockwork just a single part of your plan needs to go awry for the whole thing to fall apart! I'm gonna flip the whole game on you!

[x]Immortal smoke
(Giving things cool names makes them stronger, that's how it works here, right?)
{diversion} Fill the rooms with non-dissipating smoke. Blot out visuals, blocking Alice's sight from her dolls' eyes. Disperse your essence as well to confuse Alice's phantom seeing ability - it won't be as perfect as say Suika's dispersion but it will do its job.

[x] Army of One
{diversion} Give life to the dolls with cut strings, tell them to go and make a proper mess of things. This will further disperse Mokou's presence.

[x] Mokou's second bombdoll: Blackbird
{Hidden ace} A tiny puppet, easily hidden, in the appearance of a crow. Containing the liver blood of the immortal it is a cursed object to most. Enchanted with explosion magic.
Will carry out the orders of its master.
>"Find Alice, stay hidden"

[x] Mokou's first doll: I Me Mine
{Main approach} A doll resembling Mokou perfectly in size, ability and appearance. Currently equipped with a knight's armor, missing an arm. Having been granted limited limited autonomy by infusion of Mokou's essence, will follow her orders.
(This is incredibly foolish and reckless so it should work out against a self proclaimed master tactician)
>Change outfits
>Cleanly tear your arm off and attach it to its body to complete both of your looks
>During the ruckus imbue a majority of your essence in order to further confuse Alice's phantom seeing

[Plan A]: Find Alice; beat her up
[x][Plan B]: Let Alice find 'your' paralysed body; after a surprise turnabout: she'll next say: 'why-what, that's the doll!?'; beat her up

[x]{Supplementary strategy} Pop in a cigarette filter to breathe through when the gas is coming out
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Alice controls all of her dolls with magic strings. She does so by attaching the strings to her fingers and manipulating her fingers to make the dolls move. So if we can disable her fingers, then the dolls will be rendered useless. And if there is one thing fire is good at, it is burning flesh into uselessness.

[x] Since you are in complete control of Mokou doll now, telepathically tell the doll to send fire magic through her strings to burn Alice's fingers. Bonus points if you can do so in a way that doesn't destroy Mokou doll's strings so she can keep sending fire at Alice.
-[x] If that is not enough to stop Alice, grab a Kaguya doll and force fire through its strings to continue the assault.

The best part of being able to control Mokou doll with our mind is that Alice will never see this coming. This should be much easier once Alice can no longer control her dolls.
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I'm >>28762
To make sure, if the plan proposed by >>28763 yields reasonable results, then scrap the portion about disguising as the doll; most importantly don't tear off an arm.
Delete Post
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Aye I'll keep it in mind.

Also update shall come tomorrow.

They're decent plans fret not.
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Aaaand as a last thing I forgot to consider and to mention in my vote; cut the Moko-doll's strings in case the disguise plan is a go.

By the by, I appreciate the short messages of yours, commenting on choices, telling when an update is to be expected and so on.
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File 164142050636.jpg - (225.43KB, 850x850, alice.jpg)
Danke, I just want to make sure that all actions are understood and stuff.

Here's the update.

You don't know why you've even accepted doing this. The deal is shit, literal shit, the kind of thing you could have gotten on your own without any help. But here you are, early in the morning, sitting in some chair and waiting like some overlord for a hero that'll never reach this place. Or was it villain? You forgot your own title, what a bummer

Doesn't change the fact you're playing some death-game underground, kind of absurd in hindsight but if you're going to do something you might as well do it good. You've got the place memorized, given a rhythm to it in advance, blue door, green door, activate tv once in each, reveal hint, look at hidden camera C-1, watch her struggle, do the same in the next room, remove light, move D-1 in, activate event, restore light. All those nifty little things you do all on your own for the sake of making a good challenge, or at least a noteworthy theme.

One's that's better than that Sailor playing with puddles in that piss-water at least, no you've got dignity, you are a real challenge and will make sure that girl dies a dozen times before anyone else can make a high score. Ominous thought of your future victory done, you keep an eye on the cameras while managing the dolls but don't look too closely at the former. The Fujiwara's saying some one liner and preparing for battle but you don't pay her words too much heed and stay focused, no time to waste on a witty reply now. She's shown she's capable of taking 16 dolls in less than a minute so your complete focus is needed lest she'll move somewhere out of your vision and come to surprise you later, she's smart but you've simulated this before.

By the time she thinks of an idea, you'd have already invented a countermeasure. Sure having to manage such a large amount of dolls makes the power run tight, but it lasts, it lasts....

And there she goes, blasting a bunch of smoke in the room to block your visuals, you make all the dolls use their ranged attacks to gun her down, so many bullets in such a small room should be undodgeable, shortly after you feel her essence weaken, perhaps she died and is about to use an resurrection hmm, hold on.

You activate the poison gas regardless of the time limit, her visuals have grown unreliable and if you can't properly see her then she might be up to some trickery. Sadly for her you were never a fair player, the gas swiftly moves into every room, your own included but that's okay since you've obtained the antidote for it.

You close the tvs in each room, and turn on the cameras in each of em having your dolls look beside you at the monitors, though you can't see her right now that doesn't mean the motion sensors have grown useless.
Sound of combat is indicated in room D, E, F...! the dolls in each room closer to yours have started to abruptly attack one another, but it's impossible for you to not have noticed that...unless she were to cut off the strings and reattach them with her own essence to send false signals to both you and the do-the temperature of the strings are rising in the main hub and rapidly approaching your fingers. Second degree burns are predicted.

The intent behind this is clear, she intends to use her control over flames to burn off your fingers, an useless endeavour as Shanghai swiftly cuts off the Main Strings and you immediately use the Hourai Back Up System to control the dolls via a more protected but less efficient arra-Sounds of conflict and motion can be heard in the halfway point, shit. The Fuijiwara is rapidly approaching your position, most likely via some youkai detecting charm...much better then, she's heading most likely for E4 where your Doppel lies. Excellent.

The smoke screen was clever, same for the essence and flame tricks, they were quite smart but you've outsmarted the outsmarting of her outsmarting and proved yourself the superior strategist, though this gives you no real joy as you do not care for notions like superior or inferior, only the progress behind your art.

You catch yourself monologuing again, and resist the urge to facepalm. There's a time and place for smug gloating and that's only once victory has been confirmed by one hundred percent, nothing less than that. ​

Scouting dolls return from the vents for analysis, forty percent of the remaining knights have been destroyed and the girl is currently sparring with the Goliath Mk II, so far it's proving to be an excellent distraction as the girl seems to tire herself out in a vain attempt to pierce it's thick shell with overwhelming firepower. She'll soon learn that's a mistake.

3, 2,1....you cover your ears as an earthquake like tremor rush across the rooms, your throne even shivers a bit because of it. But that's the price to pay for knowing the girl went *Oh Shit* the moment she found out said error...

That of using fire against a very explosive doll filled to the brim with other explosive dolls in it's chest compartment, the camera turns once more and shows the pretty fireworks at the end, which are pretty if not cathartic in her unsportsmanlike they are in flaunting your checkmate right in her face, you bet she won't forget that death ever.

Now to wait for her to regenerate and do it all over again, you leave the other rampaging dolls be for now since what use would there be in calming them if doing so could reveal your location by flowing your magic back into them, nay.

You know better than to mess with an immortal that just died, if anything that makes them only more pissed off and you do not want to be in any sort of range for which her legs could potentially come in contact with your own body....no, you've seen these kicks before and you're fairly certain those are more than enough to break any bone in your body.

Which makes it all the better that she'll never reach this room, nay the moment she gets even close you simply manually move the room and replace it with another one since this whole labyrinth is literally under your pinkie or so.

You sigh and command the remaining forces to all converge into that room, if you're lucky they can shoot her dead over and over and over until her resistance whatever kicks in and forces you to become creative. Shanghai being the little darling she is offers you an orange juice to cool off which you gladly accept, frankly you're low on power right now.

Honestly when aren't you, but tonight is just one of those nights where you'd love nothing more than to lie back a few minutes and let time flick on without obsessively making sure that everything is going perfectly...cause that's your habit now, when you scan room, you flick the lights more than once or twice and check every corner just to make sure that it doesn't have any sort of flaw that she could exploit on...Maybe you should quit? And lose on that sweet reward? Never.

You check on the camera once more, the dolls are ready to shoot and are waiting for the foe to revive...yet she doesn't. For some reason she's taking her sweet time, so you go ahead and have someone check it out properly. They do.

In the meantime you simply do your best to remember the rest of the speech and your practiced smile, though one part of your mind is giving you reasons to not even bother which near the triple digits. You simply ignore it since a job's a job.

The scan is returned back once more, the only remains left were some crow doll and traces of blood and wood. You wonder about the latter as you're holding the former, which is clearly your previously used bait, but why is it here?


Ah, so she's not dead after all. Clever, looks like you might not make it unchallenged after all. She's going to barge in here any second now and get ready for some intense fight, you should have quit while you were still ahead, maybe make some death trap that didn't require your presence at all in hindsight, but you refused to make one, you knew you could have done that but didn't out of a sense of pride. If not maybe honesty, if someone's going to fight you and reveal they weren't remotely close to the premise then that'd make such an anticli-darn Marisa is getting to you already....

The door in front of you blows up and out of it walks an one-armed knight from the hells themselves, they're wielding the broken remains of the trap sword you made to slow them down as if they used it's insane weight to simply smash walls and foes apart harder than the thing could take, what can she do with her bare hands then? That...actually isn't as terrifying as you expected it to be, living in Gensokyo really has messed with your sense of fear. Even so the chances are completely fucked now, she's faster and stronger than you. That's a fact so the only thing left to do is....

You give a slow clap from your throne at the girl, commending her efforts "Bravo you've made it through. Bla bla, monoblob or whatever, you win and all that gizmo. I surrender, take the exit over there and never come back please".
Though you do your uh *best* to make it come off as praise, it mostly comes off as *I can't be bothered to give* and the bags under your eyes only make you look more done, which is exactly what you’re going for so never mind all that.

And surrender, there's no point in wasting your own time or effort by dying in glory or whatever. Just smile and wait.

>How does Mokou respond to this though?
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[x] Beat the ever loving crap out of Alice
[x] Interrogate Alice for what happened to Keine and Aya
[x] Make good on Mokou's previous threat. Shove the crow so far down Alice's throat that she shits feathers for weeks to come.
-[x] If it turns out that Alice didn't make the crow doll from scratch, but instead killed an innocent crow for the sole purpose of screwing with Mokou, set the crow on fire before shoving it down Alice's throat.

Like Mokou said, this outcome is now predetermined.
Delete Post
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Quick check to be on the same page about everything

-Mokou didn't die once fighting; the times Alice though she got Mokou were all fake-outs, right?
>The scan is returned back once more, the only remains left were some crow doll and traces of blood and wood. You wonder about the latter as you're holding the former, which is clearly your previously used bait, but why is it here?
-So is Alice holding the crow doll (as referred to as 'the former') or a copy of the crow doll? I really have a hard time getting this.
-Was the Moko-crow doll utterly annihilated by the explosion of the MKII Goliath doll or is it still miraculously intact?
-If the Moko-crow is intact, is it in hiding now?
-Is Mokou actually in 'disguise' (with all it entails) now or not - though I feel the ambiguity here specifically is the purpose of the perspective shift.

>How does Mokou respond to this though?
-girls are considering...-
(Big thumbs down for preemptively releasing the paralysing gas though, Alice) (on the upside, means the cigarette filter worked wonders)
Delete Post
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>-Mokou didn't die once fighting; the times Alice though she got Mokou were all fake-outs, right?

Aye, would be a tad cheap if it were. They were fake-outs indeedo.

>-So is Alice holding the crow doll (as referred to as 'the former') or a copy of the crow doll?

Holding the crow doll yeah, though she'd have casually dropped it right next to her now yeah. Means it can go boom boom if you want, though if you do then you can't use it for throat shoving or other future purposes.

>Was the Moko-crow doll utterly annihilated by the explosion of the MKII Goliath doll or is it still miraculously intact?

See previous statement, the crow doll is intact. The Mokou-Doll has died as bait tho since she drew the aggro of everyone else and see the big boom boom, otherwise nah.

>Is Mokou actually in 'disguise' (with all it entails) now or not

She is, though ripping off your arm is kind of silly. And unnecessary as a whole so she didn't do that.

Did that answer all of your questions?
Delete Post
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Just recapping for overview's sake:
-Moko-doll (Knight) is annihilated
>The door in front of you blows up and out of it walks an one-armed knight
-Means Mokou is wearing the armor, somehow working out the one-arm portion of the look while still keeping the both of them

Alright, so, if does shoving a blood-filled crow down her gullet is a bit risky regarding the immortality factor - or maybe not, I don't know the actual liver lore. Ought to get it out the thing regardless.
[x] Start out friendly
[x] Recap everything; the successful crow doll ruse, the hamminess of the riddle rooms and the whole setup
[x] Calmly explain how anticlimactic it'd be to let her off the hook after going through Alice's ludicrous theatrics, including her cheating (releasing the gas) and Mokou's unusual current outfit
[x] Make some physological moves in regards to the crow doll, the liver blood (if there is) and its forcefully assisted consumption to extort Intel about what the other Anon said and in addition her motivations/reasoning, what's up ahead and who else is participating.
Then follow the script the previous Anon laid out. Get the blood out somehow though.
Delete Post
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>Did that answer all of your questions?
Oh, yeah, it did. Thank you!
Delete Post
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Aye, will update tommorow.

Same for da Yoo-kay hunter story.

Just got a bit occupied this week, but I should be able to get at least one update per day out after this monday again.

Enjoy your weekends.
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File 164192859582.jpg - (118.89KB, 738x906, margatroid.jpg)
"I surrender” such simple words ring throughout the empty room, stopping you from attacking her instantly.

A room whose design is nothing more than a plain white, no drawings on the walls or tiles. It's simplicity emphasizing its own pureness or perhaps she didn't care about-oh the ceiling has the moon on it. Never mi-wait you're still right.

You swore it did not look this way through the tv, but her changing the background isn't impossible.

Anyway, if you felt fancy then you'd note that by having gone through the prior rooms that looked like Hell and the Sanzu river on the walls...then this would be Heaven.

A heaven in which not a single living creature dwells in. Kind of an on-the-spot design really.

Of course, the only exception is its Queen, who's looking down at you from above her throne. Her eyes seem tired and her words genuine, the dress she wears is wrinkled and her shoes average. From this closer look she doesn't seem so royal anymore if anything she looked better through the screen. Two dolls are there too.

"So, what will it be? Don't try to pressure me through silence Fujiwara" a cold tone reprimands your silent observations, but you pay it no mind as you look at the exit she pointed at. It's a simple door, nothing else.

"Hmph" a smile comes to your face, and you casually approach her with your hands in your pockets.

"A smile?" The Puppeteer frowns at the change of attitude, "Hm, I guess that's the victor's privilege..." and her body stiffens in repressed fright (like most people who see you) as she awaits your now super close to her act.

"Victor's privilege indeed" you hum her last words, put an arm above her throne and loom over her with an intense presence "You sure made me go through a lot with your little ol crow ruse forcing me to play this lil game, these silly puzzles that even a child could solve and finally..." you stop the words and just smile at her.

To her credit she's not flinching, she's outright glaring back but alas is that a single drop of sweat you see there. "That was all becau-" but starts making excuses because she knows if she makes any funny move, she'll be toast.

"Sssshhhh, don't be scared" you put a finger on her lips to silence and smile innocently. "Everything's gonna be OOOkayyy!" your other hand by pure coincidence happens to be holding the crow doll for...honest reasons. It's not like your anger is about to burst out, it's not like you want to beat her up because of her prior smugness.

"Y-you're not that reassuring when you smile like that, even the Hakurei has a better sm-"

"Though if I had to say, leaving you intact after all this nonsense, not to mind your cheating sounds very very unappealing to me now. In fact, I might even be tempted to...force-feed you the crow with all of it's implications~" ergo make her immortal and choke her to death for eternity is the implication here.

"No!" Alice loses her calm for a short second, the fate worse than death all too apparent to even her. "I mean, that'd be an unwise manoeuvre Fujiwara for I know many things, things I won't reveal if you dare harm me".

"What makes you think I can't make you talk?" you reply with a sweet voice, like she's your closest pal "Aaah~ that reminds me of a good memory! You know the human body has over seven million nerves, and to those ner-"

"Okay, I'll talk" she gives up instantly.

"What?" to your own surprise.

"I said I'll talk; I'll tell you anything you want to know if you don't do that".

"...What's the catch?" still that seemed too easy.

"Whats a da caktch" she mimics your voice as if you're stupid "That's a stupid question! Me no want eternal ouchie, ain't that obvouis? Even if I were to say *I'll never speak!* you'd just me hurt over and over until I do, that's a stupid and incredible fruitless cycle so let's save us some time and get to the gist of this, okay?"


"Honestly, I'd talk just to avoid a bad burn or to like get your face away from mine cause your breath is foul".

"You're not helping your case here"

"Now that I think about it, why would you even assume I wouldn't talk anyway? you didn't even ask first".

"Well, I assumed you wouldn't, cause you've already proven yourself to be a cheater".

"Please, that was just ONE tiny thing. Really to gamble on that is kind of a..." She thinks of a metaphor "Bad gamble?"

"Well, they always put up a fight in the theatres so-"

"Yeah, I don't know what's wrong with those people, but I have no intention of getting any ouchies that can be avoided. Sure, you'd seem heroic but at what cost really? Being in pain really hurts...".

"Mhm, okay then now you're going to answer my questions then?"

"Yes, on the condition you don't hurt me that is".

"Sure" you say fully intending to break it anyway or not break it depending on your whimsy.



"So, are you going to ask anything?"

"Ah, tell me why are you doing this anyway? Where's Keine? Where's Aya? What's this all ab-"

"ONE QUESTION at a time please, I'm not a robot".

"Fine, why are you doing this anyway?"

".... The reason I'm doing this is because..."

The Puppeteer's face softens, her glare turning into a sad distant look as her voice-wait a minute.



[x] No, just NO!
[x] Get comfy, this might take a while.

Holy fuck, procrastination is one powerful drug. Anyhow I'm back.
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[x] Get comfy, this might take a while.

Not so comfy that we stop being mad at her of course. I still fully intend to beat the crap out of her.
Image Source
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File 164210385348.jpg - (73.57KB, 702x1024, mokou listenign i guess.jpg)
mokou listenign i guess
Of course Anon, of course you will.

You loom over the Puppeteer; she seems like she's about to monologue and you're going to get to let her do so despite your better judgement. With a grumble you take out the Fogger and smoke it again.

Alice still isn't answering, as if a surge of memories or whatever melodrama is waving through her. Her hands haven't moved in the least and you're not sure if she's perhaps stalling for extra time.

If so, then you'll kick her ass immediately. This isn't the time for shady business and your patience has run thin. But firstly, you position your arm back into the proper clothes part, since rather than cutting it off you simply kept it close to your chest and pretended it wasn't there the whole time, quite simple.

"Tell me Fujiwara, are you familiar with the name Barbie?" the girl suddenly speaks. Regaining your attention.

"...."Barbie?"" you parrot back, not sure why she would ask such a dumb question.

"Yes, "Barbie" The world's most renowned and beloved Doll of em all. Surely, you're aware of the effect it's products and merchandise have had on the world, its name known by all girls and boys alike? ".

'What does some dumb joke of a doll have to do with all of this?" your interest starts to wane...

"Everything!" Yet the girl flares up and shakes her fist in anger "This is NOT about jokes. This is about legacy and potential; do you even realize what Barbie really is? What she truly represents?".

"You do realize that I have not seen the Outside World ever since I came here, right?" so if this thing she's talking about is modern then there's no way you could have known about it. (Barbie was made in 1959).

"That's no excuse, there are plenty of these dolls in Gensokyo as well. But that's not the main matter. What does matter is that she's not just some doll, no Barbie is the most famous doll of toyetic history!" She continues the monologue as the screen next to her flashes to show the eponymous doll through a grey filter "Barbara Milicent Roberts was made in 1959 by the hands of Ruth Handler. The philosophy behind it was "To make a doll through which a little girl could be anything she wanted to be" which was an unknown concept at the time si-"

"How is this Doll relevant to you working for Kaguya?" you interrupt and remind her to get to the point.

"Fine, then I'll make it shorter" She thinks for a few seconds and then speaks again "You already know that making dolls is my craft and pride. And that naturally like all artists in their craft, I too wish to develop a masterpiece".

"So, what, are you jealous of this Barbie or something? Did this Ruth achieve something you could not?".

"As if, such notions are below me. I hold no hostility for her but that does not mean that I respect her" and so she still has not answered the question, it's almost surprising how people can say a lot yet tell you nothing at the same time.

"Just get to the point already" You give her a glare and a cough to make hurry it up.

"I will, don't be impatient so as I said. Though her product is famous, and she has given many children toys to play with (A barbie doll is bought every 3 minutes) they are just that. Mass-produced! There is no love in their craftsmanship, these dolls are just made and thrown out like they're cakes out of a bakery and that itself destroys all the magic inside of it for dolls are no longer sacred, no they are nothing more than accessories or pretty sights.
If I were to go out there, my dolls would become nothing more than unmoving bricks. The art of making something by hand is no longer relevant, why bother why things can be made by machine after all? That is the problem! For it makes the art of Puppetry die! Our arts are slowly fading away and that's not even the worst of all things to come!"

A doll takes out a paper or more like a poster and tends it to you. It's a picture of a barbie and says *Behold, the first truly intelligent Barbie Doll. A little girl can talk to her, and she'll give back an answer* and yada yada the date behind it says to be coming soon in 2023. "Huh, so people can make toys move now? that's uh neat I guess".

Alice doesn't like that response "It is NOT neat, very not neat even Fujiwara. I'll have you know that I've worked hundred of years for the grand goal of making an autonomous doll yet here some humans are about to figure out the secret behind it in no less than 40 years in the making. I can not...and will not accept that. To have someone who spit on my craft one up on my own dream is something I cannot tolerate. Before that happens, I must figure it out myself and prove myself the superior Puppeteer!".

How basic "And so did Kaguya convince she could help you figure that out or something?" you guess the rest.

"Quite so" and you are correct "The Soul is an eternal object and as the Princess is someone who controls Eternity itself, the making of a Doll that relies on nothing but itself would be Child's Play compared to an elixir of Immortality".

"So, in conclusion, you're playing along so your research can be aided afterwards before a rival gets the upper hand...to think you'd make a death trap for something so petty. I'm not sure what else I expected...".

"Keep your judgement for yourself then, this project is my very purpose in life. For someone with no bigger goal or passion you couldn't possibly understand the feeling that drives me. That was my motive, and all you need know".

[Music Stop]

Hmph, but that's only one question answered. "So where are Aya and Keine anyway?"

"And you assume I'd answer that question why?" Alice responds with a cool tone, looking you in the eyes as she stays seated comfortably. "Now don't look at me like that, but I can't help but get the feeling that you're still holding back some aggression for our little duel earlier. And so, if there's no more reason to talk...you might get violent".

"I'll get violent if you don't talk right now, so that's really a case of how rough I'll be if you keep this up" you care not for her words though and so her attempts at diplomacy are useless because you are determined to kick her ass.

"Hmm, ain't that a conundrum we find ourselves in?" She's still cool as ice "But ah, I just happened to remember something very convenient that could change your mind about that~" and she takes out another trick of her sleeve.

A doll that you recognize as Shanghai is holding a tiny red button in her palm. Already to press on it.

Alice continues explaining "That's the alarm by the way, one lil click on that and everyone in the premise will know that you've managed to sneak your way into this place. Which I suspect would go against your go-'"

You grab the girl by the throat and lift her unamused "You've got 10 words left before I'll put it in your throat".

Somehow, she is still not panicking "Don't hurt me, and I'll help you. Work for Profit" and that's exactly 10 words.

[x] J-j-j-jam it in!
[x] Let her keep talking....

"WATCH OUT ITS A TRAP!" A wall bursts as an Aya comes in, all sweat and panick "You have to get out of there, there's poison ga-...s?" and stops the moment she sees you two before freezing on the sight. "What's happening?".

Seeing you lift Alice by one hand while holding a crow in the other isn't that odd though, right? "You're a tad late, Bird" but you acknowledge her presence anyway, since she seemed in an actual hurry to come here. "Already beaten this trail and I've got half a mind to teach her a less-put down that camera or I'll fry you alive" and the respect is gone the moment you see her slowly reach for her camera. If she dares make news about this then she'll die.

She lowers the camera and regains her composure "Sure, sure. Whatever you say, but anyway I've got good and bad news for you miss phoenix whatever gal I don't know what to call you so don't hurt me~" you frown at the last sentence, not seeing how that's funny "But uh, I can turn around and leave you two do your business if you want first of course~" She gives an very non subtle wink as another tease "Ah, to be young must be wonde-ah!" She dodges a fireball thrown at her.

"Continue that sentence at your own peril" you calmly warn her and look back at your about to be beaten foe. "That's one of the two questions answered, so tell me what other plan do you have in mind? The Crow here might know all the stuff I need and if she does then what possible use co-" a trace of spit gets on your cheek.

That of the Puppeteer of course, she looks at you stoically "I won’t be caught begging for anything, either accept my offer or suffer the consequences of your actions. I care not for I will win either way" and declares that she's still in control of the situation.

But is she now?

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[x] Burn her hands (and the strings attached to them) so she can't control her dolls anymore, and therefore can't trigger the alarm
[x] J-j-j-jam it in! (after disabling it of course. Don't want Alice's throat setting off the alarm)
[x] Knock Alice unconscious, tie her up, and throw her in the room full of paralyzing gas to make sure she won't cause problems for you for the rest of your mission.

Getting real tired of Alice and her smug bullshit.
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File 164227847877.jpg - (222.11KB, 850x1049, mokou.jpg)
Awesome, hoped to convey that feeling.

I'm going to give you a freebie on all that, as in the burn hands part is slightly not going to work but I'll let it work anyway. Read on Anon and go kick her ass Anon!

> You know what to do, beat that girl up.

Easy job, easy go. "You talk a job yknow? Can't say I'm a fan of that..."

"What do you mean by that? I'll-" Insulted, she goes out for another monoblob.

Which is all the time you need to make your move; you tap your foot on the ground and out of nowhere a volcano appears beneath the doll instantly incinerating it alongside the button. Not satisfied by this you smash the Puppeteer into the ground and knock the air out of her. She attempts to struggle back but at this point it's far too late, you're going to beat her up.

"I'm more of a one liner kind of gal" you punch her in the stomach, forcing her to gasp for air with her mouth all wide before you go ahead and j-j-j-

"Wait, wait wait! Is that really necessary?" Aya jumps in, not having seen what a total Smug-pie Alice has been and very oddly trying to discourage hyper violence. "Not that I care for her but isn't shoving something big inside of her going to hurt a lot?" yet phrases it in a terrible way.

You give her a frown but give her words some thought...perhaps she's right.

Perhaps that's too much?

But then memories of her attitude come back to you, the way she played with your feelings, those dumb puzzles, and that insufferable attitude alongside the dumb motive....

They're unforgivable!

You're a woman with a mission, and that mission is to kill Kaguya! Even if you don't get any info the girl might have...That's completely fine with you! It's completely fine! You're the Flame Eternal Mokou! Nothing stands in your way. Your hand glows with a power set aflame! Its burning grip is telling you to J-J-J-J-JAM IT IN!

You [redacted] the [redacted], as [redacted] the [redacted], which [redacted] the [redacted] to [redacted] in [redacted]. You [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] [redacted] and [redacted] [redacted], before [redacted] [redacted]!

Alice Margatroid
The Hero of the? and Rank ? of the Seven Heroes.
The Puppeteer with the ability of magic and puppets.
Has been put out of Commission!

>Tie her up an-

She is no condition to get up, but you tie her up anyway throw her in said rooms. The Gas seems to have left by now though because it was proven fruitless, hence Aya is standing here unaffected.

But even so you doubt Alice will get up anytime soon, you've done a real number on her.

See even the Crow is speechless, you're not sure if it's shock or fear but she's just standing there with a blank look in her face and her legs all jittery. You doubt she gained a trauma but eh, it was worth it.

Really worth it even, you feel like you put on a pair of new pants on New Year’s Eve. That's how refreshed you are, hell this could be the closest thing to joy you're feeling right now~

Mhm~ Mhm~ Man, you're certain Alice will remember this, or at least will never dare act smug again in your vicinity.

Anyhow, the exit is right over the room. It looks like just a door but seems like one of those elevators.

You could probably enter it and be sent all the way back to the surface, to meet and Kill Kaguya and all that.

The only thing of interest remaining are the Crow-Doll on the ground, the real Crow who seems stunned, the throne that's got a remote for probably a bunch of cameras and the unmoving Shanghai that's also down in the...well yeah, there's a bunch of obvious stuff remaining.

Only question is if you'll move ahead now or if you take the time to look at the room some more.

Either is fine really, hell the Crow mentioned something about news if you recall.

Then again, she can just talk with you in the elevator, entering it seems like the obvious next thing.

But choices are good, so go ahead and choose what to do now.

Surrounding Logs: Irrelevant since you're leaving soon.


[X] Let's go the Elevator and to the next Area.
[X] Hold on, there's something else left to do here.
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Hold on, there's something else left to do here.
-[x] So Aya, you were saying?

Lets see what our intrepid investigative reporter managed to dig up.
Delete Post
Report Post
Update coming today, thanks for reading so far by the way.
Delete Post
Report Post
>So Aya, you were saying?

Ah yes, she did have something to say, didn’t she? You give her the go ahead.

Seeing your attention, Aya dusts herself off a bit to buy time and then moves next to you to show some pictures as she explains what she’s learned. “Okay so, you may or may not like this, but I went ahead and scouted the whole place and all bla bla let’s get to the good part!” her tone is a bit more hurried as she excitedly chatters out a whole bunch of stuff at once, making it hard to understand.

The close presence discomforts you, but you sigh and tell her to speak slower while taking a looksie at the pics she’s taken. Some are just some hallways, One’s off the Doctor doing her stuff and this one’s….!

It’s a picture of Keine and Kaguya having a cup of tea in a guest room, both seem perfectly relaxed and seem to have a nice discussion. Next to them you can also see a few human kids playing around in the room with some bunnies and toys while Reisen carefully watches them.

It's such an carefree and wistful mood, like a beautiful summer day of youth as a whole.


Aya sees the picture you’re tightly gripping and clarifies the situation “So yeah good news is that your dear friendly gal pal is safe and unharmed. Bad news is that she seems to have brought her class into a school trip to Eientei. Isn’t that spicy? Cause that’s uh literally the big news, course taking the picture wasn’t easy but if you’re someone as amazing as me then it’s all just natural to you!” and starts boasting about how amazing she is and how you should be grateful on how these pics are a freebie this time since you’ve already promised a very juicy interview before. “Hey, you, okay?”.

“…” You’ve got plenty of questions in mind now, was this school trip pre-planned? Why have a trip at Eientei if ever outside the human village? Why would their parents allow this? Is Keine in the know?

No, it can’t be. She’s probably being manipulated, yeah you bet Kaguya made it so that the School Trip just happened to be today so that even if you made it all the way to her…she’d have a bunch of kids as a sort of mental meat shield since killing her in front of them would give the kids a massive trauma, trauma that they’ve obtained during a trip that Keine was responsible for. Which she’d naturally get blamed for and yeah that’s a whole set of dominoes the bitch has set in store.

Or you’re overthinking this, regardless of the truth you’re not going to assume that Keine approves of this whole death game thing, she’s your friend and as cheesy as it may sound you believe in her.

“Ahem, I’m okay” you calm yourself down and stay focused “What else do you have in store?
And, why did you smash your wall through a way? Wait I meant that in a vice versa way”.

For the wall, that’s an easy question. “Well see, that’s a long story. It all started wh- “.

“Make it a short story then” you quickly interfere, having heard enough monologues for now.

Aya huffs her cheeks in a way she probably thinks looks cute “Fine, humans have no patience…but short story sort I kind of uh…actually could you promise me not to get mad? I swear it was an acci- “.

“Go ahead” there’s no need for her to worry unless she backstabbed you or massively screwed up.

“Okay…” She avoids eye-contact for a moment “I got seen, not by some rabbit mind you! Nah, it was one of those Hero gals yknow? I was just minding my business only to be suddenly grabbed and dragged down under by a literal cloud. But it wasn’t really a cloud, it was Suika of all people!”

Ah, so she’s met with one of the heroes. “Let me guess, you somehow won, didn’t you?”.

“Nope, I just went and ran as fast as I could the moment, I saw her!” She replies with pride in her voice “What? That doesn’t make me a coward, have you ever lived under the Oni’s rule before? Clearly you don’t cause otherwise you’d know why I chose to not bother and bravely run away”.

“Okay, then how did you know this was a trap then?” you continue the questioning.

“My reporter spirit warns me of any traps and secret passages that I should avoid or abuse to get my juicy news! It’s an amazing power that’s been forced through years of experience!”

“…Sure, anyway is that everything you have to say? All the info you had to reveal?”

“Yeah, that’s basically it. But honestly, we should leave now before the other girl catches up with us” Aya looks around for a moment “*Shiver* man, she could be listening this very moment…I’m telling you those horned devils are no joke, not that I have anything against them. It’s just facts really”.

“Sure, now then I’ll be going” Having learned everything you need to know, you move past her and into the elevator. The thing seems the same as the prior one and so you press on the button for the highest floor ready to face off against Kaguya once and for all…only for Aya to walk in as well.

“…” guess she’s heading to the upper floors as well; the elevator goes slowly up and the whole room is basked in silence…for around three or less seconds before the crow has something else to say.

“You’re not going to let her get me, right? Not that I think I’m her priority anyway hahaha…” the crow’s body tightens up a little as she awkwardly laughs for a moment, the reason of which…

Heh, you keep your face stoic as you ask her deadpan “What, are you afraid of her?”

“Yeah, kind of” She blatantly admits it “More cause of who she is and her current condition…”.

“Condition?” that piques your curiosity a bit, “Did you piss her off?”.

“No, she’s SOBER!” At your indifference she continues “That’s much, much WORSE you know?”

“I don’t know but I’ll take your word for it…where is she anyway?” you ask for reference.

“I don’t know, she could be anywhere. Just waiting…to…yknow?” again you do not.

“…Wait, you really are scared of her, aren’t you?” you do your best to not sound deadpan for once, making fun of someone's weakness for no reason isn't something you'd ever do after all.

“Oh, come on, don’t make say it again Fujiwara, now you’re just mocking me…”

The conversation ends after that, as the Crow takes one side of the elevator while staying quiet in protest. She’s clearly pretending to be offended since she occasionally looks at you before looking away again as if that would even fool you “So what’s it going to be?” she suddenly speaks again.

“What’s going to be what?”

“Do you mind if I were to tag along for now? Not that I’d really need to but hey you never kno- “.

“Ask politely or that’s an instant no” you don’t have much patience for smug talks right now.

“Please don’t let the mean Oni get me” and she replies surprisingly honestly, perhaps she simply has no dignity at all or is more than willing to…yeah, she did say she’d do anything for a good scoop.

What’s your response to her amazing offer? Anything else you want to prepare yourself for?


Surrounding Logs: Progressing towards Next Area, please wait warmly.
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[x] Fine. If you promise to help, you can come.

Aya scouted this whole place already. She should be able to guide us to where we need to go.

Suika is sober eh? Did Kaguya steal her magic booze gourd to get her to cooperate?
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 16427131094.png - (67.87KB, 325x183, eientei hallways.png)
eientei hallways
>Fine. If you promise to help, you can come.

"Ah, thank you! thank you! Thank youuuu!" Aya furiously shakes your arm in thanks. She seems really grateful for such a small thing and the sudden move makes you stiffen in response "Now she'll never get me! Fu~Fu~Fu~"

"One, you're welcome? and two let go of me this instant" you give her a warning this time, though normally if someone touched you out of nowhere, they'd be in a chokehold by now. She's lucky you were in a good mood.

"Aye, not a fan of physical contact, are we?" She lets go of you and leans on the wall instead all casually "Didn't know you were such a prude Fujiwara; don't you know that friendly contact is a great way to build affection points?"

"Keep your weird lingo out of here." you pretend to not understand what she means and stay silent.

"Ah, come ooon Fujiwara. I've seen you act all chummy with that outsider gal before. Why not me too?" she persists with a tedious attempt at teasing, which again is nothing more than a waste of time if not kind of ungrateful.

Having no interest in allowing her to continue this train, you look at her and give her the iconic frown.

"I was joking, please don't hurt me" which is enough to make her look away for the frown never loses to anyone.

Anyway, that chat aside "You said you scouted the place before, if so, where is Kaguya right now?"

"Oh her? she's in uh guest room number whatever, I'll simply show you once we're at the top"

"Noted" you end the conversation again and tune in to the sound of the elevator moving up slowly. The Princess is so close, and she doesn't know you're here yet. If you were to play your cards right, you could simply jump her and assassinate her to instantly end the game with no more distractions in your way. Now to think of a plan...

If she's in a room surrounded by children, then she most likely doesn't plan to leave the spot anytime soon unless she absolutely needs to. Which means you're going to need to find a way to get either her or the children out of it before giving her the trashing she deserves. Unless there's a third option? Like dropping into the room and kicking her out of it before killing her in a non-gruesome way perhaps? Kids aren't that bright so if you were to disintegrate her with some colossal fire beam rather than something icky or gross then they might find it cool instead and think of it like some planned show. It's a plan that's going to need some consideration later.

"Hey Fuijiwara" Aya snaps you out of your thoughts "What's with those clothes you're wearing?"

You look at your armour stuff "You mean this?" and remove it with some ease "Just some dumb disguise that I used to get close enough to the Puppeteer, you know the rest of the story" and end it there again.

"Nice, it doesn't look too bad on you. Not to say your other clothes look better though and I mean that in the *Cause you're constantly wearing them* kind of way just so you know" that's not an compliment.

"How rude of you" and you call her out on it.

"How come you always wear the same clothes anyway?" but she simply ignores it.

"...Convenience don't need to think too much if all the clothes are the same" you pat your pants "And the clothes always regenerate back anyway...no idea why that's the case though...like really I'm not responsible for that".

"Border between decency and indecency or something" Aya says without skipping a beat.

"Excuse me?" you're not sure what she means by that.

"Spell card Rule Article #54: One shall not reveal too much skin, no matter how much cloth damage one suffers think it went something like that" she replies with zero sarcasm.

"You're full of it" but you don't believe in it, that sounds like too much nonsense.

"I assure you that's the absolute truth" sure, whatever you say Aya.

The elevator reaches its destination mid conversation and opens. Not one to boldly walk out of it after all this nonsense, you take a small peek out of it and see a bunch of corridors with wooden steps and normal paper walls.

Looks like you finally made to the surface level and would luck have it there seem to be no guards nearby right now. You step out and Aya follows suit "Hold on a minute" but once she wants to say something.

What is it this time?

"You don't have to say in an annoyed tone geez" She lets it slide "But anyway do you have a plan now? Cause I don't care whether we walk around like we own the place but if you want something sneakier then....eh do it?".

Delete Post
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If we go kill Kaguya now, we will traumatize the kids and get Keine in trouble with their parents, which Kaguya will use to claim that she won even if we did kill her. Instead, lets not get the kids involved at all.

Lets instead sneak into Kaguya's bedroom and hide in there until the field trip is over and Kaguya goes to bed. When she comes in to sleep, we will burn her to death, and burn her room and all her stuff down with her. While we are waiting, we can plunder all her valuables and help Aya dig through the room to find some juicy dirt on Kaguya to put in Aya's newspaper.

[x] Sneak into Kaguya's bedroom to ambush kill her when she goes to sleep.
-[x] Let Aya search the room for dirt and gossip to put in her tabloid

The field trip will have to end soon enough so the kids can return home before dark. What time is it anyway?
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 164278578354.jpg - (8.71KB, 259x194, aya and kaguya.jpg)
aya and kaguya
> Sneak into Kaguya's bedroom to ambush kill her when she goes to sleep.

That'd be easy, you know the place like the back of your thumb after all. This isn't and won't be the last time you've ever sneaked your way into Eientei to kill a certain princess so knowing where she sleeps at is rather easy. You think about your current position and her room would be...

Two or Three hallways away, simply head left once then left again before heading straight and then you should be able to enter her room with ease since it's not even locked up. Then again how would you even lock down a paper door that doesn't even have lock pads? It doesn't matter.

You move calmly towards the end of the hallway you're in, making sure none of your steps are too-nay you simply fly to bypass that noise problem, stop at the edge, press yourself against the wall and look for any potential witnesses that you might run into further ahead.

Sadly, there are two rabbit girls in white dresses (Aka does not guard, just your average bun-girl) casually chatting amongst themselves like teen girls tend to do, they're not really a threat and you doubt they'd even pretend to notice if you were to walk past them but the fact remains that you're a known figure so they might warn some guards after you leave. Which kind off beats the point of sneaking your way in.

So, you'll have to way a find to get past them since moving into another hallway could simply have the same problem and this is the shortest and safest route towards Kaguya's roo-Aya taps your shoulder.

"Where are we going?" She says in hand gestures as she casually floats behind you. "That's not the right way, you should go left instea-" and tries to correct the fact that she's supposed to be the guide.

"Change of plans" you inform her of your new idea with all the annoying gestures needed to do so.

"..." Aya raises her eyebrows in a way you don't like. "Ohohoho~ An ambush you say? So, you're planning to get into her room and hide in there for the entire day you say? Oh, Fuijwara you don't need to lie to me, if you wish to indulge in human passions then you can go ahead, and I'll wait outside~".

You're starting to crave Yakitori. She might want to take that back before it's too late.

"Ah, okay I'll stop teasing you, but seriously that's a bad idea" She gives her serious opinion "The waiting I mean, it's barely 10 am you know? you'd have to wait like 8 hours before it's even evening.
Also, I've already loo-I mean, peeping into the room of a pure maiden is quite perverted, isn't it?".

[x] Optional: Ask Aya for what she would do instead.

You may proceed anyway.
Delete Post
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[x] Ask Aya for what she would do instead.

Alright Aya, how would you kill Kaguya without causing trouble for Keine?
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Ask Aya for what she would do instead.

Alright, so I've been having this crackpot idea of finding and asking Eirin what's up with everything. As far as I understand it, she's a neutral observer to Kaguya's feuds with Mokou.
At the same time she could just as well be one of the heroes, which means fightin' before getting any answers.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
Report Post
File 164297190975.jpg - (471.78KB, 1000x1000, thinking about it.jpg)
thinking about it

Interesting theory, but you'd be right. She's a neutral observer to most feuds and as far as you remember she would probably have better things to do other than participate in some childish game between rivals. (Loyalty notwithstanding since again, this is just a game) though there's no guarantee that she isn't a hero.

>Ask Aya for what she would do instead.

The Tengu gains a glint in her eye and takes out her writing board, ready for a brainstorm.

Hold on, you stop her and turn around. "Let's speak somewhere else".

Because the both of you must head back to the previous room since otherwise someone might walk in the middle of said conversation and well that's just a silly prospect. So, it won't happen.

Okay, she can talk now.

"Cool, so let's summarize the problem first" Aya ayas away "Your princess is in another room with a bunch of little humans as her mental meat shields. Keine is there too but she's your friend so that's not a problem, anyway due to the presence of these guests you are unable to kill Kaguya without harming the psyches of these little humans".

"Little humans are known as children, just so you know" you state the obvious to her obvious statement.

"Oh shush, I'm helping you here" fair enough "So clearly the best way to take care of this is to separate these two somehow by creating a distraction or finding a way to isolate her. Now I'm sure a well-practiced pyromancer like you could simply create some little fire here and there to force them all out of the ro-".

"I'm not risking the health of the children, also fire is too obvious. She'll know it was me instantly"

"Fair enough, in that case you'd simply need to make a reason for Kaguya to leave or stay in the room since if Keine and the kids have to leave there's no guarantee she won't accompany them like a proper host does."

So far, so good. This is something you'd easily come up with yourself but at least her words aren't garbage.
"So, what kind of thing would you do to make that happen?" and ask the last question.

"Depends really, guess we could threaten a bunny into passing the message that Eirin wants to speak with her for an emergency to lure her out...but that's kind of assuming said bunny knows how to lie well enough for it to fool the Princess, if only we had a way to fool a bunny into fooling Kaguya, then it'd be all so easy..."

You do have something that could help with that but...that's kind of embarrassing.

Of course, you could always try something else, or simply discuss it and Aya would give her honest opinion.

[x] Do it, fool some rabbit with the *thing*.
[x] Come up with something else.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Burning your hair black and wearing the fake bunny ears could fool a bunny, but you would need a change of clothes for a truly convincing disguise
-[x] Do you know where we can get rabbit clothes Aya?

The bunny ears alone aren't a convincing disguise, and our red talisman covered pants are a dead giveaway that it is us. We need to steal some rabbit uniforms for this to work. Aya should know where the laundry room or other clothing stash is.
Delete Post
Report Post
Sneaking and deception works, but what would actually push Kaguya's buttons?

[x] Just let yourself in courteously to where Keine and Kaguya reside as if you were an invited guest
-[x] Excuse your tardiness
-[x] Carry the letter with you; present it to Keine at an opportune moment
--[x] Commend Kaguya on calligraphy, but...
---[x] chastise her on the spelling mistake (Obvouisly(sic); at the start of the 14th paragraph) - you've got a teacher there to verify your observation
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Just let yourself in courteously to where Keine and Kaguya reside as if you were an invited guest
-[x] Excuse your tardiness
-[x] Carry the letter with you; present it to Keine at an opportune moment
--[x] Commend Kaguya on calligraphy, but...
---[x] chastise her on the spelling mistake (Obvouisly(sic); at the start of the 14th paragraph) - you've got a teacher there to verify your observation

Noble birth, noble sass.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Just let yourself in courteously to where Keine and Kaguya reside as if you were an invited guest
-[x] Excuse your tardiness
-[x] Carry the letter with you; present it to Keine at an opportune moment
--[x] Commend Kaguya on calligraphy, but...
---[x] chastise her on the spelling mistake (Obvouisly(sic); at the start of the 14th paragraph) - you've got a teacher there to verify your observation

Could she commandeer the unmoving Shanghai doll from before she rode the elevator? Having it follow her around wouldn't look too out of place for other people but it would definitely send a clear message to Kaguya.
Delete Post
Report Post
Wouldn't we have to backtrack to get one if the dolls though? And if not, the ones Mokou should still have control over are probably battered.
Could go ahead mess with her using the little crow doll though.
Add to >>28790
[x] Make a show for the children using the crow doll
-[x] Let it look like as if it was a bird that followed you on its own
-[x](in)discreetly reveal to Kaguya what it actually is

Should get the message across pretty well, I think.
Delete Post
Report Post
That crow has its wings and legs broken and is partially splattered with Mokou’s liver blood, and you want to make it dance around in front of the school kids? I thought we were trying to avoid traumatizing the kids.
Delete Post
Report Post
Hey, I forgot.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
Report Post
File 164322722139.jpg - (414.11KB, 768x1024, Houraisan_Kaguya_full_1206262.jpg)

Tsk, so you noticed the problem with the doll huh.
(Those poor kids would definitely not like it)

For those who are for barging all casually I applaud your huge guts, it could definitely work and would lead to a situation where Kaguya can't kill you either as long as the kids so that'd be a very nice moment.

Her button would definitely be pressed then.


Very nice and sneaky, I'd say that would have worked allright for the plan but the majority has voted for entering like a boss. Still a very nice write in.

>Shanghai question

You had the opportunity to pick it up but didn't. Even so we can retcon that since it's just a dumb doll that you want to use to amuse some kids.

Update comes for real tmrw morning, feel free to change the crow vote if you want with the shanghai doll and until then.
Delete Post
Report Post
Alright, cool.

[x] Materialize a Shanghai doll by sheer willpower to annoy Kaguya
[x] Make a show for the children using the crow Shanghai doll
Delete Post
Report Post
How about this?

[x] Find a Shanghai doll plopped on top of your head through a gap in the ceiling.

Yukari breaks the 4th wall and wants to see this play out just as much as the rest of us.
Delete Post
Report Post
>>28798 +1
Sure, that could work pretty nicely. Wouldn't even need to be a 4th wall break; they got Suika to work with them, so having Yukari (or more characteristically having Ran as a stand-in for her) "work" with them isn't even that much of a far cry.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
Report Post
File 164347760449.jpg - (559.60KB, 724x800, Finally found them.jpg)
Finally found them
>Just let yourself in courteously to where Keine and Kaguya reside as if you were an invited guest

After a second or two an idea finally comes to you, you’ll simply enter the room and act like you’re an invited guest. There are two bonuses to that. One is that she can’t kill you and two…

You just want to see that dumb smug face of her holding back anger as she’s forced to play along, only for you to reveal the nonsense she’s pulling anyway, ruining everything she worked for in the process. The prospect of it gives you a warm feeling.

“Oh my!” The crow jumps up, liking the idea as well. “The two rivals facing off in the final room for the final challenge…their intense feelings hidden behind masks of friendliness…” she rambles some more, occasionally saying words you don’t really get but she takes out her cam at the end “Mind if I were to take a shot or two? The face of the elegant moon princess going Bwuh!? or Nani!? will make a great point of reference later!”

Sure, whatever. You leave the room and walk down the hallway with the exaggerated swagger of someone who’s about to crash a party by entering it uninvited…which you are going to do so that analogy doesn’t really work now does it? Moving on!

With the crow right behind you, wait you mean in front since she knows where the room is. The both of you calmly walk down the hallways like you are meant to be there and are not suspicious.

“Stop right there, your suspicious person!” but are met with yet another rabbit guard patrolling the hallways, she points her gun at the two of you, finger off the trigger “State your business or- “

She disappears instantly, one moment she was here and then swoosh she’s gone like the wind.

What is the meaning of this?

Before you can make sense of it, a gust of wind blows through the entire hallway and the guard is back extremely dizzy and disoriented “Wah, wah, wa…. ugh!” and falls down face-first.

“Bunny-guard defeated, 20 exp gained. No item obtained” Ah it’s just the Tengu showing off, not content with knocking the bunny out via super speed she does a victory pose to rub it right in. “Ayayayayaya~ Are you amazed by my power Fuiji- “

“Ah, this must be the room” you walk ahead and stop in front of a door from which you can sense the Moon-Bitch’s presence. “Once I go in there’s no going back…let’s do this” you e-

“Hey, FU-JI-WARA” Aya gets all in your face, displeasure all on her own “Did you not see the instant knockout I did earlier? It was amazing; shouldn’t you be gushing all over it? Huuuuuh?”

…Is she seriously doing this? “Attention seeker much?” you sigh “Can the jokes for now, this is serious business now”.

“Tsk, you’re no fun” to her credit, she stops immediately rather than making it overstay it’s welcome “So are you ready for it? The big finale, the final clash, the lover’s climax. The big battle of ultimate fatestiny and everything that’s awesome in one cup?”.

“You’re overhyping it, this is nothing more than a Tuesday to me…or a Wednesday? Can’t be bothered with calendars…”.

Anyway, you open the d- “No, let me do it!” Aya opens the door and motions for you to go in, to *hype* up your arrival…

At this point, you’re not going to question it. But anyway.


Everyone in the room looks at you in stunned silence, from a bunch of kids playing with bunnies and toys in harmony as the Inaba keeps a worried eye over them to make sure neither party get hurt, to Keine being seated at a small table with tea as she casually speaks with your eternal and most hated foe.


“Ah, So you’ve finally made it.” she who’s going to be killed a thousand times calmly picks up her drink and takes a sip “What took you so long?” her every word and move oozes out the essence of a life-long friend awaiting the arrival of a best chum.

Of course, that’s a ruse. You know more than anyone else that the true essence of this lunatic wench is beyond the comprehension of mortal men, she steals their souls and makes them her sla-and you hate her! You hate her! You hate her! Yo-

Okay stop, calm down. Your feelings are simply more intense because you haven’t seen her in a while but now isn’t murder time. Keep it cool and remember that the children are watching.

So, calm down, do not let any frustration show on your face. Do it.

>Excuse your tardiness

A gentle smile grows on your lips as you greet everyone “Sorry to be late, but I’m finally here” your voice is calm and FRIENDLY.

Keine sends back a small wave at you, “What a surprise to see you here, I didn’t know you were going to be there for the tour” and assumes that you’re here for something Kaguya probably said “Do keep your fighting in mind now, there are kids watching” she also reminds you of something you already knew but overall, she’s quite happy to have you here. She moves a bit so you can next to her.

Kaguya thinking herself cheeky, moves as well “Why don’t you come sit next to me. My good old friend?” and audibly invites you.

Reisen’s just there as well you guess, still with the kids. She hasn’t said anything but you keep in mind that she’s an excellent combatant so she could become a pain in the arse if you forget her presence once the real fight gets going on. Keep that in mind.

Back to the seat issue.

Obviously, you’re going to s- “Mokou’s here!” assaulted by a bunch of little humans with bright smiles and adoration in their eyes. “Mokky! Mokky! Come play with us too!” some of the kids grab your pants and pull on it as if demanding you give them attention.

You sigh, unable to push them away. Not that you don’t like kids but now isn’t the time to play with them, even if you did then they’d never stop with their silly games and unending stamina so nah.

Sadly, that decision isn’t yours to make. Say no and they’ll simply ask again, say no again and dear god they might even cry.

You’re going to need a distraction for this one, or trickery.

“Aaaaw, aren’t you famous?” Aya coows right behind you, camera at the ready and you glare at her to make her reconsider her future actions “Ugh…fine, being a sundairy is so ovverated these days…” you ignore her rude words for now, you’ve got bigger problems.

But what to do now? How can one possibly defeat children?

>Make a show for the children using the crow doll

Terrible idea, with all it’s blood and broken appearance. Having it move would only frighten if not traumatize the kids. You don’t want that, Keine doesn’t want that, let’s assume no one wants that okay.

> Make a show for the children using the crow Shanghai doll

That’s a much better idea, the little girl design of that thing appeals to many people after all, and you’ve seen the Puppeteer play doll-shows before in town for their entertainment. Sure, you’re no master puppeteer yourself but making one doll dance to distract a bunch of kids can’t possible be that hard “Now, now kids. I’ve brought you all a present…I think you’ll like it?” you speak with the gentle awkward tone you can muster and take out the doll.

Except you don’t have it, you totally have it. You picked it up earlier and now you make the thing…what do you do with this?

Make it dance? With some magical fiddling the doll moves it’s arms up and down in a certain rhythm, its legs follow as the thing does an awkward dance to get the kid’s attentions and uh, yeah, it’s not the greatest thing since you’re not used to making objects move.

But you’re sure the kids will love it, at least you hope so.

“Lame” one kid bluntly says, “The bunnies are softer and more aliver!” another one replies, “Buns are better than dolls!” all of them dismiss your effort, most of them even let you go so that they can pick up a bunny and declare it’s superiority. Except for one.

One child remains in front of you, a little girl with brown hair and by brown hair you mean the hair covers her entire face so you can’t see her eyes or anything “I think the doll’s pretty cool!” she shouts in excitement “But can it fight though? It’s got a sword!”
“No, it cannot” you calmly lie to her, not out of whimsy but you feel that the moment you say yes, they might hurt themselves on the blade it’s got attached on her back. “It’s completely harmless”.

“Aw…” the girl looks down super disappointed, “But I wanted to see who’s better, One doll versus 100 bunnies…” excuse me what.

You’re just going to ignore that and move towards Keine’s spo-

“Doll versus bunnies!?” another kid overheard and starts spreading the message “That’s awesome, l want to see that!” their energy infects the others as all pick up a bunny “Let them fight! Let them fight!” and start chanting their demand for glorious combat like a bunch of little occultists. That’s not what you wanted.

“Heh, they still have the blood of their ancestors” shut up Aya.

Luckily enough, Keine steps in. “That’s enough children, you’re scaring the rabbits” and goes off to solve the issue while Reisen handles some of the frightened rabbits and leaves the room since two of the bunnies have gone unconscious.

A few moments later, you’re seated at the dining table thingy ma bob for a *civil* and *friendly* hanging out time. Keine is seated to your left, Aya to your right and Kaguya at the opposite side. Everyone seems happy, seems as in Kaguya is giving Aya quite the intense happy smile to the latter’s discomfort. Eventually stopping.

So, she can look you in the eye, “Not remembering having invited a certain reporter aside, I’m so happy to see you Mokky~” her happy tone doesn’t fool you as there is a coldness in her eyes. She’s not happy with your current progress “Looks like you’ve managed to make your way without any trouble now did you?”
“There was no problem at all, well I did have a few encounters that might be called dangerous but so far I haven’t died even once” you calmly reply like everything she did was nothing to you.

“….” Silence is her response, her dumb face freezes in place as she continues scanning your face for any hint of a lie “Not even once?”

“Not even once” you reaffirm it, her surprise filling you with joy.
Right now there’s only you and her for all you care, this is the flex.

“…Oh wow, I-I’m just wow” She moves a fan in front of her face to hide the scowl or smile that might have grown “I’m so surprised Mokky and so happy too, that’s the best news you’ve ever given!” Her laugh is perfectly pleasing to the ears, as if she was genuinely worried about you but you know that’s not true. The truth is…

Excitement, you can feel excitement oozing out of her. If you’ve gone through all this with zero effort and bruises, then perhaps her whole *reason* if it wasn’t an excuse in the first place that is. Has been proven wrong, that you’re strong enough to pose a challenge.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got more” you take out the letter and pose it on the table, shoving it towards Keine “I really liked your letter but can’t help but have to tell that you’ve made a grammatical error at the start of the 14th paragraph. Check it Keine~”

Keine’s face seems troubled, she can tell there’s something happening and that she doesn’t have the context “All right…” even so she picks up the paper rather than asking you questions since she trusts you and know you would give the answer eventually “…What is the meaning of this?” only to find the answer on it.

Get stomped Kaguya “It’s exactly as written” your stupid idiot taught you could win against the only and only Mokou Fujiwara.

“That’s the problem though” Keine turns the paper to you “There’s nothing on it. You sure it’s the right one?” and asks for clarification.

Before incomprehension can muster within you, the sound of giggling can be heard opposite from you. The sound so gentle and so well-meaning that it can only be the mockery of Kaguya herself.

Oh, you’ll show her something to laugh about it.


You know what to do, ganbare Anon.
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[x] Keine, you have the power to eat history, which means you can un-happen things right? Can you eat the history of the ink disappearing from this letter so you can read it. Or if there's a spell on it that makes it so only I can read it, can you eat the history of that spell being cast so everyone can read it.
-[x] If the letter can not be made readable, tell Keine what it said and how you were worried that Kaguya had kidnapped her. Explain that Keine can believe you because you hate Kaguya so much that you would never willingly come see her in Eientei unless you had a really good reason to.

Kaguya is trying to make us look crazy, I see. Lets flip the script and prove that Kaguya is the villain in all this.

I'd ask Aya to back us up on what the letter said, but apparently we did not actually show Aya the letter when we showed Aya the letter back in the sewer (why in the name of Kanako would we only show Aya the back of the letter?! We didn't even vote to do that!)
Delete Post
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>she used her powers of eternity to instantly age the ink to the point of fading away

Social warfare is all about being above provocations, letting snarkiness brush by, going with the flow instead of standing your grounds and arguing the matter as if it's a debate.

[x] Construe it as being flattered for receiving a letter that was exclusively for your eyes only then
-[x] Receiving a private letter like this obvouisly is a great honor
[x] Broach the subject of Kaguya's 'game' with Keine
- [x] Use history-reversed letter as evidence - given it is possible to do that
(so basically what the Anon above said)

My hope is to goad Kaguya into a good ol' classic battle in the bamboo forest, basically nullifying the efforts she went into organizing everything.
Delete Post
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The back of the letter thing was me being a small brain at the time, could retcon that but it's not really needed since Keine would believe your words regardless of whether or not she can fix the disappeared ink.

Aya would also be an eye-witness to the whole thing, and tell her that's you're right about it.

Either way some dumb ink-trick would not be enough to even remotely make you look crazy.
Because the power of bros beats a moon-hoe's fancy tricks anytime.

All that's left is up to you to choose the reaction, I think I'd simply do both votes if that's okay with you.
Delete Post
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I'm >>28801. Not sure if you are still waiting for a response, but simply doing both votes is fine with me.
Delete Post
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Oh no, I'm just lazy.

Just rewriting the conversation over and over and so far it just doesn't satisfy me is all.

Expect the update before the end of the week.
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File 164390422624.jpg - (287.29KB, 667x900, Shes having fun at your expense.jpg)
Shes having fun at your expense
>Kaguya did the shady thing

You are Correct! Read on and stuff.

Tsk, to think she'd use her ability for such a petty thing. Then again what did you expect? That girl's the explorative type whatever that means and is one of the if not the dirtiest people you know in life.

But that's okay, for two can play at that game. You calmly ignore the demon's giggling and lean your arms behind you to show that you're completely chill with the development "Ah, shucks. Guess this whole paper was for my eyes only...if so, that's quite the honour you've given to me Ka-gu-ma~" and speak to her as if she's a long-known friend not because she is, but because her current trick means nothing to you.

"It's no problem Mo-n-kky" Kaguya's eyes are filled with mischief, and dare you say a twinkle of forced indifference to your previous mistranslation of her name "Why, I'm quite honoured you came at all~ And so early to boot too~ I didn't expect you to be here before sunset yet...voila, did you want to see me that badly? did you miss me that much? I-" her words are so gentle to the eardrums, like the song of some lute played by a professional, but to you they are no more pleasing than the sounds of glass shattering.

So, you do the unthinkable, you interrupt your host with an outrageous "Anyway, why don't we speak about this game in grander details huh? Like how you've sent people to kill me, made some sorts of dungeons for me to go through and left for last as the most important: Gave me the impression that Keine has been captured by you and that were I not to cooperate, she would not return tomorrow?" your face is still smiling but the cold tone behind your words alongside the killing intent you may be or may not be leaking sends another clear message.

I'm going to kill you bitch! to be specific, to which she eagerly replies Come over and try it whore!

"Ah, that does sound nice..." Keine lets out a sigh of relief at the knowledge you're all just playing some silly game like you usually do "Wait what?" only to do a double-take a few seconds later "What do you mean you've been blackmailed into going into death traps?!" swiftly she smacks the table with both of her hands and stands up, looming over everyone as she points at Kaguya dramatically "What is the meaning of this Houraisan!?".

Her shout echoes throughout the whole room, instantly getting the attention of everyone else. By which you mean the kids and bunnies...for about 5 seconds before they go back to pla-okay that's a bad attention span.

You're not even sure what they're doing, or how one can be satisfied with just bunnies and some toys but then again you're a thousand year old woman so perhaps childhood innocence is something beyond you now.

...Hold on isn't that sad? Meh, now isn't the time for introspection nor do you care much for that.

Anyway, Keine looks super close to outright attacking Kaguya, which although is super sweet from the former and totally deserve for the latter it is not optimal right now, so you get up as well and put an arm consolably on her shoulder "Calm down, I haven't been harmed or died once so all is okay. Besides if anyone should be angry, shouldn't be me? I've got dibs on Kaguya" then again your words may not have been the best choice, since now she's looking at you all troubled. Well, it's not really troubled...

More like an "What are you saying? what she did is unforgivable! You could have di-been hurt!" ah she said it herself, then again wow, you've heard that friends get angry when their friends are hurt and sure she's gone out of her way to protect everyone in the village you included but every time she does this, you can't help but be surprised.

"Oh wow, Keine really is a reliable gal" Aya interjects with zero care for social custom "To think a mortal and immortal could be so chummy, boy am I starting to feel jealous!" she stands up as well, casually putting an arm on your shoulder for some reason "What? I want to be included in this too, get my own screen time yknow?".

You ignore her, now's not the time to amuse the nonsense of youkai. Instead, you give Keine the letter again "I was worried about you too by the way" you pause for a moment "Cause I thought you were kidnapped and everything but even so I didn't let my emotions get the best of me, so why don't you calm down now so we can take this bitch outside and beat her up where the children aren't watching? Wouldn't you like that?" Also go read this thing with your whole eating history thing is something you suggest to her.

To your credit or to her own, she quickly calms down and does just that, her eyes scanning over the paper as the frown on her face becomes more intense by each passing paragraph. "...You're right" and with a sigh of frustration she sits back down with her arms crossed and sips down her tea in one smooth gulp "H-aaa, even so I'm very disappointed with these schemes and now have no choice but to cancel the trip after all" then she looks at Kaguya with a glare "I understand these are just games to you two but even so there's a limit to things, the kids were really looking up to this but I refuse to be a part of whatever you have in store".

"Oho?" Despite her words, Kaguya does not seem surprised at all. "That's such a shame, but you do realize that if you were to leave now, then..." she says no more, leaving only the implication of what she means.

"Without the kids, we'd not only be stuck in the middle of enemy territory, but you could also use the full extent of your guard force perhaps?" Aya tries to guess it, pen, and paper out. "Or perhaps you mean to say that "You'd need at least the three of you to even pose a challenge to me" as some declaration of power?"

"No, no, no. You silly Crow-lady" Kaguya dismisses her reasonings and actively talks down to her. Which only makes it more apparent that out of everyone here, she does not like the crow because she's not meant to be
be here and therefore she's an element that she hasn't considered or something. Or perhaps she just doesn't like Aya or is pretending to, it doesn't really matter. "What I'm saying is, that if you were to leave now then you would miss out on the extremely humiliating defeat, I'm about to inflict on poor Mokky. Despite her best efforts, despite her best sneakiness and I'm assuming you're sneaking since none of my security has told us you were within the premises, bravo to you for that. Ahem, despite her everything she still cannot beat me".

"You're awfully cocky, why don't we take this outside, and you prove your words then?" you taunt her, using the opportunity of her words to make her act on them no matter how irritating they are.

"No" Kaguya says no, just a simple word, but she looks so satisfied from denying you like that.

"And why is that? Don't tell me you're scared of facing me" you bark back at her.

"Of course not, it's just that Inaba has yet to return. We can't leave the children and bunnies unattended just so we can have our fun at a place their innocent eyes can't see. That'd be so irresponsible~" she says no again.

"Leave the kids to me" Keine raises her hand up for some reason "I'm the one that brought them here, so I'll take them back home this instant...wait no, if I do that then..." and realizes that means leaving you alone.

"Mhm, Mhm~ Do keep working those minds of yours, I always loved a little puzzle~" Kaguya is still not smiling, her expression serene as can be and if anything, she looks like she'd fit in a portrait. "It's always the big spices that bring a little flavour to one's life, doesn't it? I wonder if there's a solution to this problem, oh I sure do~".

That bitch, she refuses to fight if the kids are in the premise but to make them leave said premise Keine must accompany them back home with the knowledge that she's basically leaving you to die here. This isn't a problem meant for you as much as it's her milking out any possible drama she can get.

And it's working, Keine is thinking about it now. And regardless of her decision, she's sure to feel bad about it.

What do you have to say to this?


[x] Tell her you want her to leave, she just needs to trust that you'll be fine.
[x] Tell her you want her to stay, some arbitrary rule can't possibly stop you.
[x]…Fuck it, you’re pissed off. Just throw her ass out and force her to fight!
The Write in is the third option in case you see something obvious and or are a clever fellow.

Today is technically before the end of the week, also frick it somehow your posting motivated me so here's the update.
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They can either wait for Reisen to come back (because I doubt Tewi is suited for the role of guardian) or have the speedy Tengu nab her on the path between the Human Village and Eientei.

Personally, I'm leaning more on the bird option because it has a higher chance of pissing off Kaguya. We should also grant Aya's wish and involve her as much as possible. Sure she's an annoyance, but she's probably much more of an annoyance to Kaguya given how much of a wildcard she is in her schemes.

[x] Tell Aya to find Reisen and bring her here, with the incentive of being allowed a front-row seat for the fight.

Adding this particular incentive would bring higher stakes to the fight, putting Kaguya's, and by extension, Eientei's reputation at risk. Regardless of the result of the battle, Aya's particular brand of journalism might even paint a picture on the leader of Eientei as a brute and a savage, potentially making the residents of the Human Village more wary about buying their products and services. The close-up camera shots of their violent exchange would be the cherry on top, lending credibility to the news reporter's claims.
Delete Post
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>More Aya

You think that's a good thing now but.


This is what happens when she gets too much screentime.

Joke aside, I'd vote the same here.
Image Source
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File 164425461817.jpg - (131.62KB, 357x447, tea.jpg)
>Tell Aya to find Reisen and bring her here, with the incentive of being allowed a front-row seat for the fight.

The solution’s quite simple, you turn your gaze from her eternal bitchyness and look at the journalist crow “Aya, go find Reisen”.

“Aye, Aye!” To your surprise, she gives no fuss or snark and simply stands up, dusting her clothes and doing a confident pose “You’ve chosen well to rely on the one and only Aya Shameimaru. With my amazing speed and great reporter skills, I am the only one wh-“

You throw a mochi at her, “Just get to it” you know that she’ll dodge it but you’re not one to sit still and listen to any sort of boring ramble.

Indeed, she does…not, she catches it with her mouth instead. “Mwfine, jwust ywou wait!” and with her mouth full, she disappears in a flash.

Now to hope she doesn’t mess up somehow, not that she’s shown herself to be a clumsy person. If anything, she’s been decent so far, but you wouldn’t be surprised if some dumb twist comes unprompted.

“Aha, so you chose the third option” Kaguya speaks again, getting both you and Keine’s attention. “Instead of reassuring your old friend, you decided to simply make such a boring decision. How creative of you~” and seems to mock or resent your cleverness for it. “Anyhow, since it’s just us the good old three of us now…would you like t- “.

“Hey Keine, how has your day been so far?” you ignore her.

“Huh?” Keine doesn’t answer for a few seconds, but soon enough regains her wit and calmly talks about it “Oh, it hasn’t been that active yet since the day barely begun. I doubt it’d make a good story”.

“Tell me anyway, I’ve got all day right now” you encourage her since you’d rather hear her talk than Kaguya while pissing off the latter too.

“Excuse me, I was talking rig- “Which she is, slightly annoyed you mean. She’s a very charismatic person so she’s probably not used to being ignored in her own house of all places. So, you do exactly that.

More importantly, Keine narrates a bit about what’s she’s been doing. It’s the usual boring bits like “Kid B managed to ace this test” or “I had to chase away some youkai kids again, it’s a shame they cannot join” and yada yada but with the current circumstances these words feel comfy to you and you in turn tell her what you’ve been doing and so the moment becomes peaceful and quite nice if it wasn’t for Kaguya silently glaring at you with a dumb smile making it all even better.

“ANYWAY” fed up after what’s like a minute or so Kaguya forces herself into the conversation again “Speaking of our days, what did you think of the whole adventure so far my dear friend?” and makes it about herself again, typical “I’ve worked hard to really make it an optimal experience that even someone like you could enjoy~”.

…You’d normally ignore her again, but you’ve quite the feelings concerning that and would love to tell her what you think about it.

But first, you take out one of those teacups and get some tea for yourself. Giving yourself time to think and because Kaguya’s tea skills are so good that every sip is an absolute delight to your regret.

“Enjoy~” Seeing this, the bitch herself smiles at it, “I’m sure you’ll like the special flavour” and holds in yet another giggling fit which promises nothing good, but you should be fine, since she drank it with Keine earlier so unless she’s crazy enough to poison everyone you’re-

…No, she wouldn’t do that “If this is poisoned, I’m going to hurt you” even you glare at her to enforce the point, that’d it’d be unforgivable.

“Poison is beneath me Monky, it’s definitely something else~” she’s not intimidated in the least if anything she’s more amused as a result.

“Girls…there are kids in the room” Keine sensing the bloodlust in the air plays the straight man once again. “You can k-play together outside once Aya and Reisen come back, so wait until then, okay?”

That’s fine with you, even so you don’t say anything and take another sip instead. The tea really calming your desire to kick ass…mildly.

“Hey, over here” says a small voice, straight out of your cup.

Goddamit, you look down at the cup, already prepared for the sight.

It’s Suika of all people, who else? “Nice bath you made for me…but that aside, I think you know why I’m here and what’s about to happen right now” The miniature horned creature says with a squeaky yet very serious tone. “We can do this right here, or in the hallway. It’s you-

Using a first strike isn’t cheating! You act before she’s done speaking!


[x] Just seal the cup she’s in. Easy problem easily solved.
[x] Cup, open window. Say hello to each other and let’s take this outside,
Image Source
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File 16442650859.jpg - (49.27KB, 513x362, CUPPA TEA.jpg)
>But first, you take out one of those teacups and get some tea for yourself.
>“Enjoy~” Seeing this, the bitch herself smiles at it, “I’m sure you’ll like the special flavour”
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 164426521739.jpg - (116.26KB, 617x960, BIG SWIG.jpg)
>“Hey, over here” says a small voice, straight out of your cup.
>It’s Suika of all people, who else? “Nice bath you made for me…but that aside, I think you know why I’m here and what’s about to happen right now”
Delete Post
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[x] Just seal the cup she's in, then give it to one of the buns. Kids shouldn't be playing at the adults' table when they're having a 'serious' discussion.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Just seal the cup she’s in. Easy problem easily solved.

Maybe while she's sealed up we can ask her why she's sober and helping Kaguya.
Image Source
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Delete Post
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File 164504562363.png - (382.87KB, 627x795, cup not accurate but close enough visual wise.png)
cup not accurate but close enough visual wise
>Just seal the cup.

Huh, that does sound simple. Why not give it a try?

With fast senses and some nimble fingers, you quickly pick up another cup and smash against the one the horned troublemaker's in depriving her instantly of light and surprising her in the process.

The Oni offers no comment to this, either too surprised to act or not giving a fuck.
Either way you take a seal and a ribbon and close the cups shut with their aid.
You put your hands on the cup firmly, an action that's quite clear to your companions but right now isn't the time to monologue about either of them so you quickly take out a pair of seals and ribbons and do the deed.

A deed that's done rather quickly and fortunately too, for the moment you let out a breather you feel an intense force act up from within the sealed object. Attempting to break with a rawer force than any other creature you've met in your years of life. Were you a lesser person then the seal would shatter instantly and the astounding you receive legendary?

But you are not, though you are this close to being dragged throughout the room by a flying cup in a state of ragdoll if you're not careful. The seal itself has no risk of breaking for you've got years of experience on em. And when your choices are of either having your body be ripped to pieces multiple times or remembering some dull chants, the choice is obvious.

You're sealing this bitch, and the reason is...because you're the one that's going to kill Kaguya!
Okay that sentence doesn't sound so cool when she's in the same room as you but still that motivates the hell out of you.
Even more than friendship or love would you think, then again you don't have that much of either in hindsight.

"Woah!" Ah, that slip in attention was a bad idea though. Instantly the cup goes upwards and your whole body hits the ceiling the way a drunken teen hits a wooden table, in a painful and sudden way. But it's not over as the the cup moves again and this time a wall becomes your acquaintance. Not one to like this, you concentrate your energy and attempt to sustain this sudden and unnecessary magical rodeo to the best of your ability. It's only a matter of time before she gets tired and oh god nooooo.

You jinxed yourself, even more force starts leaking out of the cup as it starts moving faster and faster with you in-then it stops. It suddenly stopped and you're not sure why. Wait, no it's still going on. You're simply the one that hasn't moved, but why?

"I've got you!" It's because of Keine holding you by the legs. With the best of her strength, she's trying to keep you rooted "Houraisan whatever it is you're doing, stop this at once. It isn't funny or agreed upon!" and scolds Kaguya in a harsh tone.

"I've got no idea what you're speaking off?" Kaguya tilts her head "If anything you're the two-acting odd, my are the two of you dancing by chance? I sure do love me some entertainment. I'm sure the kids will love it, oh wait they are~" she's not laughing but every sentence just reeks of smug enjoyment. You're playing the fool for her and she's enjoying every moment.

"Woah!”; "She's flying! She's flying!" on the other hands, the kids are starting to gather around you like wasps to a fire. Oblivious to what you're going through and attracted to what you're doing as a result, quite the inconvenience isn't it?

Sadly, it doesn't end there, the cup suddenly stops moving and a crack show on it. Not sure of it's meaning, its intention is soon revealed as your hands (who are holding it) slowly start to flicker towards it, as if they're being smaller and you're about to be sucked into the cup if you don't act swiftly and quickly within the following seconds. But what can you even do?

Delete Post
Report Post
>Reverse the damages on the cup with Keine's history eating ability
>jump out window, burn clay soil around the cups (as a somewhat protective encasing)

If things go smoothly ask Aya to drop Suika off at Reimu's.
Delete Post
Report Post
>Immediately heat up the cup.

This is to momentarily distract Suika from whatever density-related shenanigans she's doing. After that...

>Throw the cup at Kaguya.

If she somehow dies from that then she isn't even worth killing.
Delete Post
Report Post
Throwing the cup at Kaguya would be quite unbecoming while the children are present, you sure you want to to that?
Delete Post
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Good point.

Another course of action I could think of is to use Kaguya's tactic on Mokou against Suika, that being using innocent children as meatshields mingling with civillians to deter certain persons with malicious intent.

>Immediately heat up the cup.
>Throw the cup out a window.
>Offer the kids a ride while flying around the room. In other words, play with them.

Doing the last one might make Suika hesitate to engage, allowing for further diplomatic options.
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>>28815 here
To preemptively prevent a tie, I agree with the course of action laid out here >>28818
Image Source
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File 164625024772.jpg - (131.60KB, 850x635, __fujiwara_no_mokou_and_houraisan_kaguya_touhou_dr.jpg)
>Immediately heat up the cup.

You set your hands aflame and instantly heat up the cup, other than making the kids back off a bit as they stare in wonder. It does next to nothing to change your situation.

Your hands appear, no they grow smaller as you're slowly sucked i-

"Oh no, you don't!" Keine snarls as she holds on to you, her power unleashed forcing the cup to return to a prior state and a result so do your hands...wait does it really wo-

Sadly, that question isn't answered, as Keine swings both you and the cup around in circles, her raw strength in her human form (Once she's determined to fight, that is) never ceasing to surpr- "LET GO ALREADY!" she makes a good case about how you should let go of the damn cup already instead of monoblobbing.

>Throw the cup out a window.

So, you do, you let go of the cup and the cup flies straight like a line towards the windows.
Then with a crash sound, it flies through the window and out into the outside world.

Bon voyage, Suika.
Not, she's probably just going to walk back here and continue the fight, so you better brace yourself for it. Starting by getting your ass off the floor. Get up Fuijiwara. Hitting the floor with your face is no excuse to be slow.

"Are you okay?”; “Gosh, that must have been fun!”; "I want to fly too!" But you don't have to, as the children and Keine help you get up instead. Not that you couldn't have done so yours-"I WANT TO FLY!" oh for the love off, some dumb brown-haired girly really wants to be lifted of the air.

>Offer the kids a ride while flying around the room. In other words, play with them.

You grab the child by its dumb shoulders, "You wanna fly that badly kid?" you gradually ascent into the air, holding the kid as one would a precious vase "Then fly you will, just don't bother me afterwards".

That doesn't sit so well with Keine "Mokou, now isn't the time for such a-"

"YES, YES, YES!" but the child shouts over her protest with pure excitement even doing swim movements while held as if they're a flying fish. And before Keine can speak again the other kids grow jealous and demand they get to play too.

She tries to speak again regardless "Again every-"

"Mfufufufu, don't worry, little ones! I've got the perfect solution for this" Kaguya gets up from her seat with a grand gesture. But that's not all, for the dramatic wench does an overly elaborate hand gesture "Rabbits, it's time for you all to do the THING" she finishes the order with a dramatic finger snap and before you can ask her what the hell's she's about to do, the THING is already in motion. Every single bunny in the room approaches one of the kids, jumps on top of their heads and voila, the children are starting to float in the air. "Fufufu, did you seriously think you could beat me via the power of...wait a minute, I messed that intro up" Kaguya lets out a small cough and tries again "Fufufu, did you seriously think that I would not have predicted this outcome Monky? Were you seriously going to play with the children, or did you perhaps plan to use them in another way? I'm afraid that either way that won't happen. The reason of which is simple...
As long as I'm here, not even a dozen of you could possibly be more beloved than I Kaguya am by everyone" she makes a motion to demonstrate the kids around us, they're clearly enjoying themselves far more than they ever have right now.

"Why you..." even on something so childish she has a way to piss you off. "Bah, you're using nothing more than cheap tricks. Any other time the children would choose me before some old moon hag like you" you engage back at her, knowing you that this kind of banter is beneath you but fucking hell does she have a way to make your skin crawl straight. "You've only got these riches and toys while I've seen them grow up, I would definitely WIN" hissing the last part you stop but a feet away from her, glaring with your everything into her dumb casual smiling dumb stupid ugly face.

Your eternal foe's smile turns into a half-grin "Are you willing to bet on that though? words are nice and fruity and all but I'm certain that if we were to take this to the test, then I would win every single time. Oh, your heart might not bear it~"

"What do you want you snake?" you don't like where she is going, then again you don't like anything about her.

"Isn't it obvious? we just have a third party ask the kids which of us two is the most beloved. Nothing more...oh! Wait I think I get it, you're about to say *I don't have time for that shit* because you're afraid to lose against me, aren't you?".

"Oh REALLY?" as if you're that cowardly. You'd win any time against her in anything.

Keine just looks at the two of you, wondering you're even bothering with this, then realization strikes her "Noo...."

"Really indeed" Kaguya nods with a pleasant hum "The reality is, I can and will destroy you in everything".

"Mokou, don't listen to her!" Keine actively puts an arm on your shoulder at this point "Don't fall for it now of all times!"

"Relax Keine" she's overreacting, it's not like you're that simple-minded. "What would I get of this anyway? It's not like you're going to suddenly stop this whole d-game you've got going on now, will you? Don't try to distract me like that".

"Oh, but I will" She says the unthinkable "But it won't happen, because again. I. Am. Better. Then. You. Monky".


You know the funny thing is, you know she's trying to play you.


[x] But you want to prove this bitch wrong anyway. Let's do it.
[x] And you're not playing along. Fuck it, you're kicking her ass right now.
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The fact that Mokou's playing with (one of) them directly while Kaguya's doing it by proxy would be a point in Mokou's favor.

Mokou could make a harness out of her supply of infinite ribbons so she could make more daring maneuvers and make the other children riding the bunnies envious.

If Keine grants her permission, Mokou could also take the child for a gentle cruise above the clouds, giving them a view of the breathtakingly beautiful Gensokyo scenery from up above.

[x] But you want to prove this bitch wrong anyway. Let's do it.
Image Source
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File 164668676322.jpg - (72.46KB, 849x545, __fujiwara_no_mokou_and_houraisan_kaguya_touhou_dr.jpg)
> Let's do it!

"Challenge accepted" you reply anyway with all the hate you can muster. Her dumb face and her dumb taunting always get the better of you, you know it's a play, it always is but fucking hell is spite one heck of a motivator!

"Goddamit" Keine's palm meets her face, still disappointed with the inevitable.

"Hmph, at least you didn't lose your moxie~" The bitch's pleased with the decision, that said she turns around and speaks again "Little humans, little humans! Pay attention to us for a moment if you will~" and calls out the kids.

To no effect, not. Somehow her voice is reason enough for the kids to give her a glance rather than continuing playing in some sort of intense euphoria "What is it? What do you want?" are the kinds of questions they give as they have the gall to be impatient, then again, they're kids so who cares if they act cheekily?

Then again you might be a bit too tolerant towards kids in hindsight, not that that's a bad thing. Children are fragile and stupid things after all, a simple rock or stick could kill them but that won't stop them from running down cliffs.

Yeah, totally, whatever. You're just uh preserving the continuous spread of the new generation or some wise shit.

Kaguya and everyone else for that matter do not care for your internal monologue. "Which one of us..." she walks towards you with an overly elegant spin before grabbing your arm "Do you like the most? Is it me the noble and beautiful Kaguya or this grumpy and gloomy Mokou?" it takes your everything to not burn her on the spot.

To your surprise, the children answer immediately. "Keine-sensei! Keine-sensei!" even though it's not a valid answer, they all say the name of their schoolteacher. The adult they spent the most time with aside from their own parents.

"Ah really? there's no need to such things, it's my duty after all..." Keine's just standing there all embarrassed and red like a tomato, her prior annoyance gone like the wind due to the circumstances. "Ah, really. You can stop kids, there's no need to such kind things!" She looks like she could cry tears of joy simply over this, the good-natured sap she is.

...And dammit, your murder mood is gone. "Fphhhhhhhh!" then you feel something sticky in your hair, a certain person is using it like one would a roll of tissues as she looks humbly at the display. "Aaaaawwww, doesn't this melt your heart Mokky? Such a shame you ended up as third, but doesn't that show us the true meaning of this adventure?" Kaguya dodges a backhand from you as she backs away, continuing her nonsense with a smile.
"For you see...the real children were the ones inside our hearts~" you are 100% she is taunting you again.

"I'll show you what a real chi-" sadly you do not get to finish that sentence. Why you ask?

Because the door opens with a bang "I HAVE RETURNED!" and with a loud declaration, proud smile on her face and an overly large bag on her shoulders Aya walks into the room. "Sorry for the late delivery, target resisted and everything but anyway I've got the bunny right in here, intact and nicely tied up so the mission's a success anyway~” with a casual tone she admits something outrageous. In front of everyone, in a room with children she admits to committing forced transport.

None of them seem to have heard her though, still busy with the whole flying and talking about how this is the best school trip and how they love Keine for it and all that sappy stuff. You can only let out a relieved sigh at that, and get ready t-

"I'm sorry but what did you just say?" With a fluid motion, Kaguya's already in Aya's face, strained smile, and all. "Did you do something to Inaba? You DO realize that these games have a line, right? Something that shouldn't be crossed lest unpleasant things might happen..." her voice is no longer gentle and soft, instead it's firm and dark. The pressure she's emanating is no joke either, she's angry. Aya's flustered by this and responds that she was just joking only for Kaguya to reject that claim "What part of stuffing somebody into a BAG sounds like a joke to you Tengu?"

"Uh, no I meant, she's not actually IN the bag. I-it's not like she'd fit in the" Aya raises her hands defensively, not expecting such a response from what she considered an *obvious joke* "OH NO NO NO NO! BEHIND YOU!!" and she suddenly shouts.

Clearly there's only one thing in this situation: You turn around to see what's the matter and see nothing of suspicion. Keine’s with the kids, there are rabbits in the room and Suika is standing right in front of you with her arms crossed. "What are you fiddling around for? We have a battle to take care off so hurry up and go outside" her voice still giving off that *I'm not wasted enough to give a shit so hurry up* kind of energy. She's probably more than willing to force you out if you refuse though.

The sound of something heavy being dropped can be heard behind you, just a second afterwards there's Aya's hand on your shoulder "Don't just stand there, she'll kill us! Let's run away Mokou! Come on, just say the word and I'll zoom us out!" on the other hand Aya's far more willing to run away, where exactly you're not sure off but at least she didn't abandon you.

Kaguya starts speaking again, amused again by the change of circumstance "Hmph, what typical creatures they are Ibuki~ Show them a single creature of strength and they'll be scared li-"

"Shut up Moon hag, I'm too sober to care so let's just get this over with already" Suika interrupts the speech with ill humour, then looks back at you "I'll say it again, I know why you're here, you know why I'm here so let's beat each other up already".

...And now that you have a closer look at her, she looks like absolute shit. Eyes that have signs of fatigue, skin that lacks its usual blemish and there's a noticeable amount of lack of fun in her gait. She's not sober, she's been sobered for DAYS at least.

You can't help but wonder "What did she d-"

"Either fight me outside this instant, or I'll kill you right where you stand Fujiwara" Suika is in no mood to talk.

Guess that narrows your options then.


Update done, now napping time. Anyway which story do you want updated next anon?
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[x] I'll give you some booze right now if you don't fight me.
-[x] Aya, go get us some booze by raiding Kaguya's booze stash with your superspeed

Why fight us sober when you can be our drunk friend.

Also you should just update whatever story you want to update. If you feel forced to update, you'll just burnout and abandon your stories.
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- Aya's probably too scared out of her wits to do anything other than flee, but there's nothing wrong with trying.
- If even one of the children die in the crossfire in the event of a fight between Mokou and Suika, Eientei's reputation will go up in flames (heh).
- Keine might hate Mokou for that, depending on how it happens.
- Reimu will most likely get involved.

[x] Acquire booze, by any means necessary. Then offer Suika a drink.
-[x] Check your inventory.
-[x] Ask Aya.
-[x] Ask Keine.
-[x] Ask Eirin (she probably wouldn't want the place trashed).
-[x] Fly to the Human Village for an alcohol supply run (child passenger optional, ask Keine for money if you have no funds).

If Eientei developed some drug/medicine thing that forces Suika to remain sober, then things just got a bit more complicated.
Image Source
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File 164703250283.png - (59.49KB, 353x308, Your effort is FUTILE.png)
Your effort is FUTILE
>Seek alcohol as request for peace and love.

There is none in the room you're in. Just tea, maybe someone can get drunk by believing hard enough that it's alcohol, but you doubt it would work on the small Oni standing in front of you.

"Why are you still standing there? This isn't a hard decision to make" the Oni in front of you says, making no move to attack you yet despite her earlier words. "Why are you still standing there? Let's get out of here!" the Tengu behind you says, blatantly afraid of the creature who's currently the monster of the we-monster of the day.

Anyway, moving on to the next action. Oh, Reisen just walked into the room. Holding her forehead with one hand as she glares at Aya for a second before ignoring all of you as she gives the princess an apology for being so late. "It was going to be a simple back and forth...but a CERTAIN CROW decided to out of nowhere try to forcibly transport me. Hence, I had to do battle and..." she probably lost in a danmaku match but that doesn't matter right now.

Ahem. next action.

>Check inventory.

You touch your pockets and find you possess the following.

@ A Cardboard Box (Disguise/Flammable)
@ Tewi's Letter (Hidden Message/Flammable/Useless now) It was a trap!
@ Aya's Feather (Good luck Charm?) Identified as Crow-Doll feather. (Useless now)
@Fake Rabbit Ears (Disguise/Flammable/Good luck charm?)-Not equipped now.
@Kaguya's Letter (Plot token/ Indestructible/Altered)-The reason why you're here.
@Kaguya's Black Spell card (Plot token/ Indestructible/???) It has disappeared?
@ Shanghai, some dumb doll that belongs to a prior foe. (Weapon/Unfashionable/Turned Off)
@ Crow-Doll (Creepy/Bloody/Turned Off/Fashion status unknown)
@No booze.
@No bitches.
@ No style.

>Ask Aya

She has no booze on her. She could go get some if need be but that's an excuse to leave the room too.
Guess that depends on how much you trust her to come back, are you comfortable doing so?

>Ask Keine.

She's a schoolteacher, why she would have booze on her is a question she can't help but frown at but either way she doesn't have any booze and tells you that perhaps the best you could go get some yourself while she...

Keine grabs Suika by the shoulder, whispering something in her ear. Suika in turn stares at Keine for a moment, before shrugging and moving to go outside-wait a minute Keine's planning to fight in your stead, isn't she?

>Ask Eirin.

There isn't any time for that! you need to decide on what to do before someone else does it for you!

[x] I'll give you some booze right now if you don't fight me.

"Wait a minute" you grab the schoolteacher by the shoulder and the oni by the horn. "What do you two think you're doing? playing Kaguya's dumb game isn't something either of you should stoop to. Don't amuse that piece of-"

Before you can end the sentence, a rice ball meets your face. "No swearing!" the thrower is nobody else but Kaguya, "There are kids remember? Go take your foul language and terrible violence outside where no one must see it!" and she dares even moralize you. You bet she's laughing in her own head right now, "Go on then, shoo all of you" and she does multiple go away gestures with her one hand as she's patting Reisen with the other one, like some pet she has.

But you ignore them "Anyway, listen here. Why fight when we..." okay what to say next "can be drunk together?".

Keine just gives you a blank glance "Mokou...do you not realize the circumstances?" and speaks to you in that tone off *You should know this already* like whatever's happening is somehow obvious. "If an Oni could get drunk then-".

"I would already be" Suika finishes the sentence, also moving your hand from her horn. But more importantly dramatically looking down as her fists shake in silent anger "Isn't the fact that I'm listening to someone who controls Eternity enough of a hint to my situation? I thought you were smart but either way it doesn't matter, the fact remains that nothing short of knocking the daylights out of me is going to get rid of the massive headache I'm having right now" she lifts her head again, to look at you with the most *I'm too tired to give a shit* expression you've ever seen on her. "So. Lets. Go. Outside. Now."

"Yep, fighting's the only option" Kaguya adds in with a gentle smile "Isn't this a wonderful thing? To have a situation where nothing short of violence can solve the problem? Aah, it almost feels like a trump card but this much is an easy task even for me~" A soft giggle follows soon after, "Oh and Inaba, it'd be great if you'd have the time to oversee the kids while I'm watching the fight. Oh, wait you can, thanks in advance~" yeah, the way she sounds so smug about all this is unbearable.

So, what do you say to this attempt at blatant rail-roading? Anything you can do to not follow Kaguya's dumb scenario?


[x] Fight Suika Ibuki.
Delete Post
Report Post
Suika clearly doesn't like Kaguya. Maybe we can find a way to redirect that hostility?

[x] Discreetly tell Keine to not get too close to the three of them.
[x] Ask Suika on the way out of the building why she's not trying to fight Kaguya. See if we can turn her minion against her. Alternatively, use the conversation as a distraction.
[x] Look for any opportunity for a surprise attack on Kaguya. Disregard property damage.

A free-for-all between Oni, Princess, and Phoenix would be fun.
A 2-vs.-1 against Kaguya would be quick and satisfying.
A 2-vs.-1 against Mokou would require her forcing friendly fire (heh) between the other two combatants to turn the fight into a free-for-all.
Delete Post
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[x] Suika, Kaguya is a bully. If you do what Kaguya says now, she will just sober you up again and force you to do her bidding the next time she gets bored.
[x] You have stand up for yourself and prove that you are not worth picking on. Lets team up and beat the crap out of her until we force her to undo your sobriety.

You gotta stand up to bullies or else they will just keep bullying you.
Delete Post
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[x] I didn't know oni were so pitiful as to work for those that sleight them.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 164875035524.jpg - (106.40KB, 611x642, R (2).jpg)
R (2)

[x] Discreetly tell Keine to not get too close to the three of them.

Your friend gladly obeys that command, so does Aya who goes ahead and stands aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal the way towards the end of the room the moment she and Suika share eye-contact. At least she hasn't run away and ditched you, so you can still count on the two, even if the crow is now hiding behind the other.

[x] Ask Suika on the way out of the building why she's not trying to fight Kaguya. See if we can turn her minion against her. Alternatively, use the conversation as a distraction.
[x] Suika, Kaguya is a bully. If you do what Kaguya says now, she will just sober you up again and force you to do her bidding the next time she gets bored.
[x] I didn't know oni were so pitiful as to work for those that sleight them.

Suika dismisses your prompts of alliance and taunts as she walks outside with you "What part of 'If that worked I would already done so' do you not understand? Sure, she can try to do this again but the moment she does I would simply go on a rampage against the whole mansion. You seem to misunderstand something so I'll make this clear, she beated me in a legitimate fight and afterwards forced me to remain sober as some cruel joke. Even if you found a way to reverse this process I'm still honour bound to fight one foe of her choosing, but afterwards...she's all game to me. Do you get what I'm saying?"

So, in short. You have to beat her if you want her to join you. Nothing short of that will work.

"Exactly, give me a good knock on the head and I'll be your pal afterwards. Keep in mind I'm not going to hold back here so unless you're ready your ass is going to be murdered once you give the lets start fighting signal".

[x] Look for any opportunity for a surprise attack on Kaguya. Disregard property damage.

Kaguya's currently talking to Reisen with her back exposed to you, it's not certain if she's daring you to attack her but you doubt that's the case since the kids are still on the room. So you COULD choose to not fight Suika and simply attack Kaguya here and now so long as the kids don't get to see anything that may traumatize their oh so innocent minds.


(So you can choose one of those two options, do something else or check up on something and afterwards I'll write the next update depending on what you chose).
Delete Post
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[x] Let's straight shoot the fight. There's time to mess around with Kaguya's plans more later.

Let's not tempt fate and fall embarrassingly into a trap card. Especially after being cocky enough to run off script up to this point.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 165087192072.jpg - (113.23KB, 1024x768, courtyard.jpg)
>Fighting it is.

The both of you take a few steps more into the courtyard, the sun shining bright over the stone tiled floor, grassy bushes and bamboo walls covering the place. There are some rabbits running about and doing their usual work but aside from everybody sitting a few spots away there is nobody else under the risk of accidental fire.

Ergo, the both of you can go all out with no consequences. Which is kind of a good thing right? Maybe, yeah you believe you've got a good odd in winning this.

"That's a confident pose you got there, hand in your pockets, back straight and legs ready. It's like you're acting casual only to deliver a swift kick if I were to get closer..." The Oni before you stretch her arms a bit, like a cat that just woke up or a similar analogy. She doesn't seem threatened or even that invested in this fight. "That said, let's do this then. Are you ready for it?" and casually asks if it's fighting time.

Of course, you are "Born ready, that said are you sure you wa-"

"Nah, no more talking. I'd love to stand here and listen to everyone blabber on and on, but I actually don't so let's get this moving." She suddenly stands straight and walks closer to you, only stopping to put a thumb on her chest. "So, here's the deal: Hit me with your strongest attack" declaring something outrageous immediately.

"Is that so? you might not l-"

"Now, hold on. You might have misheard me. It's not half as hard, it's not as an arbitrary percentage either. I want you to hit me with everything you got, as if you wanted to kill me. I'll stand right there, and I won't dodge or block it, so do it."

That's an odd thing to request, so you're not sure if she's being for real "And what if I don't play along?" if anything it feels like she'd be showing off if you accepted.

"Then that's your loss, it's a freebie after all. Take it or leave it. I don't care."

...She's really not taking this seriously, is she? it's kind of annoying but that could be a boon in itself. No offense to her but if you managed to knock her out in one hit then that's a tiresome battle easily avoided. And then you can go straight to Kaguya.



Yeah, the first strike is yours Anon. Don't waste it.
Delete Post
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Can we set delayed explosives/magic. I just want to pull a killer queen and hit her when she's really not expecting it.

Bar that, volcano her ass.
Delete Post
Report Post

That's fine yeah, you'd have to add more details though cause delayed explosives are simply bombs as far as I know langauge wise.

Volcano kick works too, your opponent is giving you the first hit to flex after all.
Delete Post
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[x] Use fire runes to create a bunch of paper bombs, then wad them all up so they are the size of a rice ball.
-[x] “Here Suika, swallow this paper wad whole. That’s my attack.”

So long as Suika is giving us one free attack, we might as well make the most of it. I’ll bet an oni’s insides aren’t as tough as their outsides. Should give her a serious case of heartburn if nothing else.
Delete Post
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[X] I've got no choice, you've forced me to use my strongest attack.
-[X] It's a spell that summons a meteor to strike the exact location you're standing in at a random time between 1 second from now, all the way up to 10000 years from now. Now be a good girl and withstand my attack before attacking me, just like you said. An Oni wouldn't go back on their word, right?

This, gentlemen, is why Oni lose to humans 10 times out of 10. Playing fair is for chumps.
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 165134169744.jpg - (92.14KB, 850x1076, does she look amused.jpg)
does she look amused

"...." The Oni looks at your brilliant invention, it's splendour all too apparent to her as her face scrunches like a citrus and a singular eyebrow is raised at the display. "Do you think I'm stupid? You made that whole thing in front of me, that's obviously a bomb!"

Indeed, it is, "Yep, now eat it. That's my attack." you say the dumbest thing you've ever said in your life with the utmost confidence. Which is important, because even though you know that this is dumb, there are some doors that only sheer guts can open.

"Nonsense, don't play mind-games with me Fujiwara." Suika won't have it though. "You might as well feed me poison, what a cowardly thing to do." venom almost comes out at that part but she continues. "Nah, no way, no, nope. I'm not having that kind of attack. Try and take this serious for a moment now, will you? It's not like I want to be here so don't mock me like this." and as a result of your action actually became more invested in the fight, which is a success if you were aiming for that. If not, then boo...

Either way you're back to step 1, so you may as well come up with another attack.

Everyone's still watching the two of you do nothing by the way. Well by everyone you mean Keine, Kaguya and Aya. At least you think they are watching, you don't want to turn your back to the Oni right now of all times lest...

She could probably turn you into meat chunks with just a slap of her backhand, that's all you're saying.


As for you, my friend. Could you do me a favour and choose between heads or tails? (I've written 2 scenarios for this, so I hope you get lucky).

I'll stop being lazy and write a cool fight scene after this, promise.
Delete Post
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Coin flip: heads!
Image Source
Delete Image
Delete Post
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File 165618029113.png - (490.64KB, 585x800, This is a visual clue think good anon.png)
This is a visual clue think good anon
>[X] It's a spell that summons a meteor to strike the exact location you're standing in at a random time between 1 second from now, all the way up to 10000 years from now. Now be a good girl and withstand my attack before attacking me, just like you said. An Oni wouldn't go back on their word, right?

Suika gives you a blank stare again, the kind that makes you feel that whatever it is you’re trying to achieve with this is clearly not working. “Okay, sure. Go ahead and show me that ‘attack’” except never mind for out of nowhere the Oni agrees with your nonsense.

…” Really?” you give her a blank stare back, but all she does is nod yes again.

“Okay then…” It’s suspicious but an opportunity is an opportunity, now to fake the attack.

What’s the name though? whatever it doesn't matter. Here we go!

Inferno: Meteors that scorch the earth!
You straighten yourself back into a combat pose and put both of your hands straight in the air. With nothing more than a short breath, a dozen mini balls of flames manifest above you. All slowly feeding into each other to make a fireball that’s ten times your own size. “Launch!” adding in a cheesy yell you throw the fireball straight into the air and watch it quickly rise towards the clouds. “This fireball is like a flare for the meteors to use a reference to our position. So that in around 1 second from now or 1000 years or so. It will eventually hit the spot where you’re standing. Have fun tanking that.” You lie again with a straight face, for in truth that was nothing more than a fireball thrown to the sky.

“Hm, sure I’ll take the hit for this attack.” Suika says again for some reason, then leans to her knees as she puts one fist against the ground. “However, waiting a thousand years is way too long even for me, so don’t mind me shortening that timespan to around right now, okay?”

“What do you mea- “You don’t finish that sentence, instead you jump back immediately as Suika calmly punches the ground with one hand which for some reason does not make an earthquake happen nor does it create a fissure in the ground from the sheer force, no the only thing that happens is that her hand goes a little bit into the ground only for her to pluck it out afterwards.

The fact it didn’t show anything obvious only makes it more suspicious. “What? There’s no need to be that suspicious Fujiwara, in fact I’ll be to the point. The moment you make a single movement from now on, not only will you be launched all the way towards the heavens, but you’ll also get to taste a meteor shower there too, since I can’t let a large-scale attack happen around a hospital. So, you better not move for the effect will only end 1 second or maybe 1000 years from now.”

You frown at that nonsense, certain that must be bluff. Only to remember a key detail: Oni’s do not lie, sure she phrased the sentence the same way you did but what she really meant is: If you move even a single muscle right now, you will die. Which is ridiculous for again, she only punched the ground, softly punched the ground even. Therefore, what she just said must be a lie. Or is it?

“Oh, by the way. I’m not going to do anything until you do, since unlike you. I don’t have a schoolteacher as a friend or a bunch of kids that are unable to wait more than a hundred years.” And as if she does not give a single care in the world, Suika sits cross-legged on the ground and waits.

Great, she’s turned your own strategy against you. Now what Mokou? Move and Suika’s secret tech might activate, don’t move and nothing will happen. Or will it? Maybe she was honest about the thing only for it just be a twist of words? Wait, why are you overthinking this?

You’re a Fujiwara, no matter what comes. A youkai’s trick will never be the best of you.

[X] Call her bluff, move to attack swiftly before her real or not real thing can activate. (You can add attack details, or I’ll go with the default combat options)
[X] Don’t move, instead wait her out. She may have hundreds of years. But you have eternity. (The odds of an oni lying are close to zero, but do you really want to take that chance?)
[X] Think out the box, there is an answer to this with absolutely no risk (Write in here)

I forgot for some time that this story existed, for that I apologize and will work to finish it since we're actually super close to the ending. (as in if you pass Suika, it's Kaguya time) Thanks to all those who read this.
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File 165631190967.jpg - (93.14KB, 850x531, volcano kick.jpg)
volcano kick
[X] Volcano Kick the ground, have the fire burn both whatever's underneath the ground and Suika's who's sitting not far away from you.

[X] If that doesn't work, just fly off the ground and use ranged attacks instead.

[X] If it does work then show iniative, attack her aggresively to force her on the defensive, that way she can't easily oneshot you with whatever super powerful moves she has and bla bla.

I wasn't sure what the trick is at first but the image makes me think of Suika's ability to make herself bigger but also smaller, so maybe she just put some mini-suikas in the ground to prepare something with which she's gonna yeet our asses while pretending that she's bluffing?

I think that's what's happening, hence volcano kicking the ground should undo that.
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Eh, the picture's a 'visual clue'.
Can't make any concrete conclusions off of it, but the small fissures on the ground look like they contain magma. The rock she's sitting on reminds me of the shape of a volcano.

So, I guess light her up via volcano? It's straightforward.

Wondering about the mechanics of launching Mokou into the stratosphere, how exactly it'd work out. Suika's density manipulation would allow for some gravitational shenanigans.
Image Source
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File 165770277876.jpg - (145.84KB, 850x601, There arent many images of them both fighting huh.jpg)
There arent many images of them both fighting huh
Yeah, that's the correct answer indeed. It lets the fight escalate nicely too, if not finally start.

Insert whatever music you want here if you need it, I didn't listen to any while writing this so I couldn't reccomend anything even if I wanted to. Anyway here's your update.

[X] Volcano Kick the ground, have the fire burn both whatever is underneath the ground and Suika's who is sitting not far away from you.

[X] If that does not work, just fly off the ground and use ranged attacks instead.

[X] If it does work then show iniative, attack her aggressively to force her on the defensive, that way she cannot easily one-shot you with whatever super powerful moves she has and yada, yada.

Two opponents with amazing powers and the will to use it, two opponents who despite said power are just standing in place, glaring, and doing nothing more than speak in turns while waiting for the other to make the first move, knowing that the other ‘probably’ waits for a counter that won’t arrive yet has to risk it all by throwing the first punch, from a naked eye, any spectator would assume that this is what’s happening right now. That spectator would be wrong, for there is something else.

Suika Ibuki also once known as one of the four devas is one of the most powerful yokais out there in the world. When at full strength, her power over density should have allowed to kill you instantly by now in multiple ways.

Whether that’s through turning into mist and chocking you by entering your lungs, simply turning you into sand by manipulating your own density or by simply enduring whatever you throw at her while also overwhelming you with an army made of herself. There is no doubt in your mind that, in a genuine fight to the death she would be able to kill you repeatedly over and over as easily as it would be for a tiger to maul a bunny (Not that you’re helpless, if anything dying over and over would only make you fight even fiercer) yet here she is standing before you while having made no serious effort to harm you. Nor has she attacked you the moment you decided to act a bit tomfoolish as a taunt, all of that by itself signals one simple thing and that thing is…

“Fuijwa-actually that’s been feeling too formal for a while now, so I’ll just call you Mokou, do you mind if I do that?” Suika speaks up again, you guess it’s because the 30 second stare-down is getting too long. Even for her.

“Call me whatever you want, if I don’t like it, then you’ll be the first to know it anyway.” Which is the intended effect, you’re charging up your own attack while waiting for her to lower her guard, a single complaint about this taking too long could just be the crack in that wall to swiftly act on.

“Mokou then, I’m not going to mince words: Can you start attacking already? We haven’t even gotten to the warm-up yet and it feels like a month may pass before you even make a move.” Sadly her stature and voice are still fully on guard, despite not looking it, the way she’s sitting casually on the ground and all but that’s enough info about her position, now let’s get into why she’s doing this.

She is doing this because is trying to lose on purpose without making it too obvious and unfair or she simply does not have enough charcoal in her stove to do multiple flashy moves before growing exhausted. Both may be just as possible as far as you know if anything it’d also be a way to spite her oh so generous host by making this amazing fight turn into something more anticlimactic. Probably, as in the you genuinely cannot tell yet such an error could turn fatal if you make the wrong conclusions in things kind of Probably.

You’d say this info would make you more reluctant to fight her, but it doesn’t. No matter how she feels about the matter she has still chosen to fight you and a fight against her of all people is not something you’d ever go limp-handed on. It’d be disrespectful to both her and you, so it is time.

“As you wish, here comes the first attack!” time to take the iniative and do the exact opposite of what she’s doing, for though she’s probably low on stamina you’ve got plenty of firepower to show off right now!

[X] Volcano Kick the ground, have the fire burn both whatever is underneath the ground and Suika's who is sitting not far away from you.

[Eruption "Feet On The Earth, Flames To The Sky’’]

As the name implies, you start the move by unleashing all the energy you’ve gathered within one of your legs to strike the earth with such strength that the foot goes straight into the ground, whatever injury may come from doing that in your current state is nothing to worry about, for the flames that leave your foot do the job of burning it to a crisp for you, leaving you with most of the leg intact except for that tiny part with the stump and toes. Anyway, that blood-money paid the ground around you and Suika gets covered in cracks with red lines as company while everything under the ground such as dirt, rocks and whatever the oni may have planted underneath all immolate, twist about and due to the pressure of the whole operation, seek out the nearest exit. Which happens to be up, so up it goes. Flaming rocks rise from beneath the earth, like tiny meteors that shoot around hazardously, forcing you to rise towards the air so you can dodge around them while Suika herself does not budge an inch, taking all the rocks the same way, someone would a snowball, with mild indifference.

That indifference does not end even when she gets a surge of lava hitting her from beneath.

At first that is, because even though the lava does not burn her skin in the slightest, the propulsion of it knocks her off her feet…and off the ground too. She’s going upwards that is.

[X] If that doesn't work, just fly off the ground and use ranged attacks instead.

And into the air, where you were laying in wait with talismans at the ready, before she can even move an eyebrow at the sight you rapidly throw some generic youkai-harming talismans, movement-binding charms and the very rare if almost only known to you in this day and age, oni-slaying talismans (that though they have the same purpose as the generic ones, are far more effective when used on a single specific target) all towards her in a very tight and ensnaring wave of bullets with colours red and blue that all slightly home in her, forcing her to get a bit more proactive and actively dodge around because being hit by those little treasures is a very bad thing for her.

Sadly, for her and mostly good to you, the earlier rocks and flames that are now flying around aren’t for show. For even though they are quite harmless to her they still serve to slow her down or obscure her vision due to how bright, hot, and chaotic they are. The mix-match between safe spots and danger will hopefully put a toll on her already very degraded ability to concentrate and think clearly due to her current condition. One could call abusing the weakness of another like this cheating, but to clear. In a fight against an Oni, if you use fair play and sheer strength, you will LOSE.

The strategy works perfectly, “Ah…this is actually troublesome.” Even your opponent admits that you at least know how to use your brain. “I honestly thought that you were going to try and overpower me with sheer will and that gizmo most honest tykes like to do. But I guess at least one of us has enough of a clear head to strategize…or is this what they call experience?” However, the fact that she’s speaking so calmly and detached while pulling off some very complicated aerial manoeuvres inside a sea of bullets is in itself a concerning thing. Oh, and you should answer her.

“Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t.” you give back a vague reply, too focused on finding a way a to lower her endurance to a low enough point so that you can actually knock her out in a swift way. “And since you asked me a question, I’ll do the same now. Are you done warming up now?” you give her yet another taunt, hoping that it encourages her to go all-out, after all the sooner she expends whatever little energy she has right now, the easier you can beat her up once her tank is empty.

“Heh, you know what, you’re quite right about that.” Suika lets out a small chuckle, the only sign of actual mirth that she has shown up till now. Then stops moving around and takes out a spellcard. “If I play along this much with you, then you’ll just win through attrition, that was your plan, right? If so, then the only appropriate thing to do now…is to go all-out to try and kill you. Have my everything!”

[Scatter Sign “White Flame Entrapment Hole”]
For the first few seconds, nothing noticeable happens. Suika is just standing still in place as the bullets just whiz past her, somehow missing her in a way that you cannot attribute to luck. What she’s trying to do is answered the moment she points at the ground and then back at the air, for you can see a round white translucent orb the size of a football and growing still come to her. To be specific it moves to be just a few feet in front of her. You’d call that strange, but the strangest thing hasn’t happened yet for the moment said orb is next to her all the projectiles being thrown around her not only fail to hit her but move constantly around it in a circular way, as if they are being forced to by a force unknown. “It’s just a neat gravity trick, don’t think too much about it.” Suika peps up the moment she sees some worry in your eyes, worry because you can feel your body being attracted to that thing’s pull and have no idea what’ll happen if you got sucked into it. Can you be sucked into it? You’re not sure for so far, the only thing that’s happening is that all the flames, seals and massive number of rocks and dirt in the air are being forced to fly around and around and around the thing, each time going slightly faster and faster as they do not meet its surface. Odd…

Even so, it doesn’t matter. If you don’t get too close to it, then you should be fine. Except there’s two problems. Not satisfied with her bullet juggling, Suika while sitting in one of the many rocks swirling around, starts swirling her chains around to try and catch you with them. Of course, this is easily avoided by just swatting them away or dodging in the nick of time, seeing your resistance however makes her decide to take it to the next level, so with some minor concentration, mist leaks out of her body and from said mist other Suikas are created, each the size of a very small dog and their number close to two-dozen. That means the number 20 but anyway you’d assume that she simply called their numbers so they can shoot chains towards in an attempt at binding you as well, but you’d be wrong. Instead, half of them throw red flickery bullets that don’t go nowhere near you and blow up into a blinding bright light with fireworks. And the other pick up some of the rocks flying around in the air, put them around their chains and throw them like slingshots towards you in order to maybe break some of your bones but also force you to get closer so that escaping the ominous force that’s surrounding this…kind of made on the spot meteor ride will trap you within it and make you experience the closest thing you could to being thrown in a blender in a manner of speaking.

All of that is still only the first problem by the way. Though the second one isn’t that bad in comparison, it is still an issue that needs to be dealt with. Cause here’s the thing: Despite having activated your flaming wings just earlier to make flight even faster and more manageable (though that’s more of a placebo effect than anything real), you can still feel yourself being pulled towards this death-ride. And nothing short of dedicating much of your power and focus into boosting the speed of your flight will let you escape its invisible grasp. Like a-no, you don’t do metaphors.

Of course, if you can do that then you should probably do that, if anything you’re confident that she can’t keep this thing up for long but even so a strategic retreat would still leave your back exposed to the attacks of the mini-suikas and whatever counter the real Suika has in store (Even if she now back to her cross-legged position, she is still a threat.) Or perhaps you should engage right back at her by using this whole moving around the thing makes you go faster bit to your advantage? Fly around her with super speed, amass some momentum and kick her straight in the face with all that gathered energy for a heavy hitting and hopefully, instant knockout at an immense risk to yourself.

To engage or to disengage, or perhaps to use yet another trick? Now that is the question.
Actually, It’s more like one of the possible answers but again, you’re not a metaphor person.

Still, what’s an Immortal to do in this situation?


If you can't decide on what to do, feel free to ask me anything. I'll be fully honest about whether or not your plan could work or not, or whatever you wanna talk about. Also, keep in mind that killing Kaguya is the win condition aka, if you don't want to fight Suika straight on or want to outright run and attack that Princess instead, that will always remain possible.

Also Keine, Aya and said Princess are currently watching the fight still. The second one's even taking pictures but I'd feel it'd be a bit akward writing that in the middle of a fight because how would you notice that without getting punched in the face for daring to look elsewhere? So I'm mentioning it just here. That's all I have to say for now.
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[x] Deflect Suika's chains so that they get sucked into the gravity orb, pulling Suika along with them into her own attack. Throw a bunch of oni slaying talismans into it for good measure.

Suika's chains are attached to her so she will be forced into the gravity orb if her chains get sucked in. Since the gravity orb is pulling all the projectiles into itself, Suika won't be able to dodge our oni slaying talismans if we throw them in after her.

Suika either gets shredded by her own attack, or she is forced to stop her attack to avoid getting shredded. Either way, win-win for us.
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There is one problem to that strategy though. The gravity orb is not pulling the projectiles into itself, it is pulling them AROUND itself.

There has been no mention of the projectiles getting sucked into the orb itself or even them getting slowly closer and closer towards said orb to meet their imminent end inside of it. What has been mentioned is the fact that due to a 'neat gravity trick' all those objects are forced to move around the orb at a specific distance while the speed at which it constantly moves round, round, and around it oh so exponentially grows over time as it is undisturbed.

And just as a similar event, the act of it moving about in such a speed is also creating a suction force that is slowly drawing you only because it is moving about so intensely. Whether Suika is avoiding that by being seated on a solid surface or just because she is unaffected by her own ability if she wants it to is however unknown to you.

So, the part where you make the chains stuck inside the orb is sadly impossible, though you can still throw the talismans around it as they would join the fray and indeed make it far harder for her to dodge such a thing if she is in the middle of a fricking hurricane of them. Of course, you could always try to catch her chains or something too but anything like that would be of your own risks. Do not forget the mini-suikas that are flash-banging you for lowered visibility (Both your own and funny enough, that of the suika's herself too) and throwing rocks at you respectively (though it be in a random way cause again they can barely see cause of the fireworks, being an Oni does not make one immune to flashing lights.) either for there is 10 of them in both of those departments. They are a real nuisance too even if you can reasonably assume that they would be far less durable than the main unit. I wonder if you could turn that against them in some way?

TLDR: Gravity orb does not suck, it juggles. Everything else is still possible though.

Do you wish to proceed regardless or change your move in some way?
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Well if it doesn't suck things in then...

[x] Throw a bunch of oni slaying talismans into it. Give them a big enough orbit that they hit Suika and/or the mini Suikas.

They are deadly projectiles for Suika, but they are just paper for us, so its no problem even if the talismans orbit back around and hit us.
Image Source
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File 165902512246.jpg - (256.85KB, 850x1145, __fujiwara_no_mokou_touhou_drawn_by_koto_shiberia3.jpg)
> Throw a bunch of oni slaying talismans into it. Give them a big enough orbit that they hit Suika and/or the mini Suikas.

What’s an immortal to do? The answer is quite simple, no matter the fancy tricks she pulls. The Oni is still an oni, so what’s just paper may as well be hell to her. Papers of which you’ve got plenty.

Making sure to keep your distance to not be sucked in, you put more energy in your wings as you dodge the bullets, rocks, and flames that she throws at you while keeping pursuit. Ready to throw the counterattack, you take a deep breath and pull out a spell-card. Let’s do this.

[Cursed Setsu “Hazardly thrown Oni Slaying Talismans”]
You throw the same patterns of charms and talismans in a tight clockwise manner. Except you don’t. Because of its status as a spell card the bullets come out automatically, giving you the leeway of moving out and about as much as you want. Which is a blessing, for the moment you declare the spell-card a flash-bang was this close to getting into your face.

Yet you avoided it still by quickly flying to the other side of Suika and continue your never-ending wave of bullets. Some of the bullets are immediately shredded to bits by the many flames and rocks flying about, some others harmlessly join the death ride, but a few of them…just a tiny few of them manage to hit their target!

And by target, you mean targets. As 3/fourth of the mini-suikas get hit by them. 3/fourth of the mini-suikas is easily eliminated as whatever energy they had flies out the drain and they disappear with a puff.

“What a boring but effective strategy.” Suika turns into mist to escape her own trap (leaving her remaining mini-suikas to dissipate as well), seeing how it’s no longer practical at all when it’s covered to the brim with talismans that could harm her. Before you can think of her running away, she reappears a few spaces away from the thing, her arms crossed in a confident manner, a smile of battle-lust on her lips and more importantly, signs of sweat on her forehead. If just this is tuckering her out, then…” Even so, allow me to ask you something.”

“No, thanks. I won’t amuse a foe mid-battle.” You don’t care much for her dialogue and simply stop moving as well since there’s no more bullets or anything else thrown at you. Not.

Your spell-card is still active and so the bullets are still shooting her way, even so she calmly dodges the attacks like they don’t mean anything and lets out a sigh at your refusal to engage in banter. “Huh, what a cold answer…though whatever your answer was going to be didn’t matter anyway. What I was about to ask is…” Suika calmly flies up to where the giant ball of gravity and bullets is and swings her yellow ball around, completely unaffected by its proximity. “Wanna play catch now?” she asks you while casually having the ball swing about under one of her fingers, as if she's making some sport reference.

You don’t like that line one bit. “I don’t. I don’t have the mind or the body of a child” even so you keep your calm and snark back at her. Ready to counter whatever she’s about to thrown at you.

“Okay catch!” With a tiny swing from her part, the gravity ball and everything surrounding it flies towards you. Determined to crush, burn, stab, bash whatever parts of your body will remain if you’re hit by it. Naturally, you move to dodge the thing…if it wasn’t for one thing.

That thing is sort off a fireball, gravity ball and youkai slaying ball all in one package. And there happens to be a building made of wood right behind you. Inside of which happen to be a bunch of bunnies and children. So, if you were to dodge, there is a small chance that it would hit that building instead. Even if it’s kind of far away and there’s other three girls to take care of it that does happen. Are you willing to make that kind of risk? Or is that why she said catch? To test your response?

You don't know, even so you must act.

[ ] Return the Ball…somehow. [Insert method].
[ ] The Oni’s bluffing, just dodge the thing.

HA! Nobody said my update once per day at minimun has to be the same story per se.
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[x] Create a giant ball of fire. And I mean absolutely MASSIVE, as big as you can manage. So big that it becomes a miniature sun that forces Suika's attack to orbit around it instead of the other way around. Then throw it at Suika.

Suika's attack uses a gravity trick to force small things to orbit around a big thing. So we just need an even bigger thing to force the big thing into an orbit away from the buildings.
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In situations involving gravity, you'd actually be looking for density, not size. In order for Suika's gravity ball to have a separate Hill Sphere(the zone in which an object's gravitational pull overrules that of all other celestial bodies)separate from the Earth, it would have to be incredibly dense. Maybe not neutron star level dense, but...like REALLY dense. Cosmically dense.

From an orbital mechanics standpoint, it's much more likely that Suika is using her power to cancel the gravitational pull of things around her gravity ball, causing her gravity ball's...gravity to trump other nearby objects. All this to say attempting to out density the density goblin might not be the best solution here.

[X] Bright flash of white-hot fire, then use gravity slingshot to grab Suika and toss her at her own attack.

The blinding light thing is something that Mokou can definitely beat Suika at.
Delete Post
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I'll be honest, the second option is more likely to succeed as they've sucesfully guessed how the gravity ball works.

Also because creating a miniature sun would burn your surroundings due to the extreme heat if not completely turn you into ashes as well. (Spell-cards of that nature are mostly using your immortality to ignore the secondary self-burning. So doing it will ruin your no-death run.)

And also if you throw a ball back at her or reflect her own attack her...she'd just kick it back at you as if you're both playing some energy ping-pong that's more of a OOT thing to do. Hence the 'catch!' part.

Blinding her before forcing her to fall into her own attack is thus the most damaging and best option you have made right now.

Though I have to ask, what do you mean by using gravity sling-shot exactly? And by you I mean >>28910

I THINK I get what you mean, but I'm making sure that I'm not about to have a misunderstanding here.
Delete Post
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I was referring to a zero-lift turn, the technique used to navigate around celestial bodies. It's basically using a celestial body's gravity to auto-correct your trajectory angle. Essentially granting the best of both worlds in that it allows a faster, uncontrolled launch without the need to waste time/energy on turning/slowing down.
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Understood, then I can update now.
Delete Post
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Any news on the update?
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Sorry for the delay.

I haven't abandoned this story, I'm just super busy in rl right now.

Is the typical excuse I would give. The real case is that I'm having a bit of a dry spell here, mostly cause I've got some circumstances I need to take care off before I can have fun here again.

I'll let you know when I'm back by updating any story here, but yeah. This story and the rumia one definitely have priority here since they're the closest ones to finishing. And finish them I will, you can count on that.

That's the best what I can give you, even if it's several days too late.
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File 167775802983.png - (1.44MB, 1181x898, bad eientei day.png)
bad eientei day
"So, I know what you're thinking. Why is that incredibly handsome silver-haired maiden about to be blasted into kingdom come by a sour-faced Oni?

Well, to be honest, it feels like I've been hit in the face my whole life.

Is that too much? Am I sounding too tired? It's kinda who I am.

You know what, let's back up."

Image Source
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File 167775816667.png - (1.61MB, 2335x1694, flashbacking.png)
“You know how sometimes a movie, or a show begins on a random, intriguing scene with no context given encouraging you to wonder whoa, how'd this crazy scenario come to be? And then it cuts to black, and a title comes up and says three weeks earlier.”
Image Source
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File 167775826165.png - (1.03MB, 1181x898, thisaintthatkindofthing.png)
“Well, this ain’t that kind of story.

In fact, this ain’t a story at all. It’s just me watching what may be my very last moments in slow-motion. Head rambling and shaking in order to find a way, any sort of way out of the mess that I’ve found myself just in now. And you know what?”

“I’ve got two ideas, just two yeah. But they’ll do the job if all goes right. So, let’s try em out.”

Image Source
Delete Image
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File 167775851530.png - (430.06KB, 517x517, Screenshot 2023-01-25 224555.png)
Screenshot 2023-01-25 224555
“Plan A: Make. A. Bigger. One!

If you can’t understand what that means, then don’t worry.

It’s a simple and effective plan: Bigger is always better and what’s better than a huge ball of fire then a massive ball of fire?

Just outfire the oni and bam, victory is mine.

Course the side-effects will be real nasty afterwards. But at this point? I don’t give much of a fuck to be honest.

So, let’s see it in practice now.”

Except the writer still needs to make another drawing for that, because images make their brain go ‘neuron-ACTIVATION!!’ so just wait a day or two and another update will come. (Or until the end of the week)

Yes, I know a very old person wouldn't have that kind of inner dialogue. Or even do such a marvel movie like-scene, but forgive me! I needed to do something to get my creative juices flowing. And I realized this was still a tie so I may as well show both results and then let yall choose which one you want to act up on.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 168227060157.png - (1.30MB, 1101x737, Another Mokou update.png)
Another Mokou update
You know what?

Screw that too!

Instead of bothering to do some overly complicated move, you instead put strenght in your legs and feet, keep your balance on your stance, flow energy from head to toe and concentrate in order to pull off one of the classics.

By letting your own energy flow, the flames will follow your move and be redirected to your attacker. Dealing to them the damage meant for you.

Aka, you try to deflect the attack.

And do so with success, Suika has only enough time to widen her eyes in suprise before the fireball hits her straight on, drags her further into the sky and causes a massive explosion that makes the earth shake beneath your feet.

Of course, this doesn't mean the fight is over. So with a quick dash and wings of flame behind your back, you make your way to where you think the small Oni landed and stop several feet in the sky when you located her crater.

As expected, the Oni is STILL UP. Where others would be knocked out, she is instead simply winded, her eyes turned into spirals as her body is fully taking in the impact. Garanteeing that she is still for a while, stunned and helpless.

Now then, it is only obvouis that if you don't end the fight here and now. That you most likely never will.

So how will you do so?

[ ] Just blast her over and over? If one won't take her down, then a thousand explosions could stunlock her into an inevitable defeat? That or she'll eventually give up. A curbstomp would be a real morale downer.

[ ] Talismans, talismans! What are you waiting for? Don't need to worry about strenght if your charms make her as weak as a fly! Afterwards just beat her up as usual or fly away if she can't move, it's that easy.

[ ] Talk no jutsu: This fight is going nowhere and will most likely never end, it's better to convince her of that now that she's got her ass on the floor. Onis do love honourable actions right?

[ ] Obligatory write in option.

I'm sorry for not choosing any of the votes made by you anons, but I just couldn't find a way to write it and short of never continuining this, it's best if I just kinda cheap out so we can continue. I hope that's okay.
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[X] Talismans, talismans! What are you waiting for? Don't need to worry about strenght if your charms make her as weak as a fly! Afterwards just beat her up as usual or fly away if she can't move, it's that easy.
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File 168236953725.png - (189.94KB, 433x328, mokou wins.png)
mokou wins
=====> Talismans, talismans!

Eager to obey your common sense, you take a fistful of charms in each hand and throw them by the dozens at your target. Like breadcrumbs aimed at ducks or whatever is the better metaphor for this.

They attach themselves like glue to her, covering her from head to toe in mere seconds. Naturally this prods her senses back into the game and makes her attempt to remove them quicker than you can adorn them on her….a futile effort really seeing how the more time passes, the weaker she gets.

“Are you done?” you finally ask when the Oni stops moving, she nods yes to that, her eyes now filled with begrudging acknowledgment at her defeat instead of a half-hearted desire to keep going.

“Yeah, yeah, you won.” she continues, then stops herself as she realizes something. “I mean, oh no, how could you have possibly defeated me? I am so surprised and flabbergasted, this is impossible!

To think that even in defeat she feels honor bound to keep the admitted farce of a role she has, is a reveal that’s a bit surprising but acknowledging it would be disrespectful, so you don’t. “Good.”

Ah my pride! My self-esteem! Kicked straight out of my body through your-

“I think you can stop now.” you interrupt as it’s really just the two of you right now.

“Oh thanks the kamis, any more and I would have planned to trash the princess’s mansion even more than I actually will the moment that this ‘adventure’ is over.” She confesses to something you’d love to see, then moves her hand only to realize mid movement that has she no gourd right now and even if she did she would be unable to enjoy it in her current condition, instead putting it back limply on the ground. Blatantly confessing that even now, she can still move a tiny, tiny bit of her body but no longer sees the point in prolonging this farce of a fight either.

“While that would be great, I think I want something else out of you instead….”

“The winner’s privilege you mean?” Suika guesses correctly, sounding a bit skeptical but then shrugs as she considers that whatever you have in mind can’t be worse then what she has now.

“Go ahead then, tell me what you want. I’ll warn you in advance, you already know my ‘sad backstory’ as it is. So please don’t waste your thing on that okay?” She looks she can partially tell or guess what you’re about to ask from her, so she focuses all of her energy to move up her neck.

“What I want…”

[ ] Is for you to tell me how Kaguya beat you, and any secrets you might have discovered. You’ve already come so far on your own anyway and nobody else but you should be the one to defeat her.

[ ] Is for you to join my party, there aren’t any rules against that now are there? You just want this to end after all so it doesn’t matter anymore in which way you win as long as it humiliates Kaguya.

[ ] Is for you to go kill Kaguya right now...like make her explode from the inside out or something? It doesn’t really matter how as long as it means that the adventure is over and I’m the winner.
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[X] Is for you to tell me how Kaguya beat you, and any secrets you might have discovered. You’ve already come so far on your own anyway and nobody else but you should be the one to defeat her.
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File 168270789250.jpg - (129.69KB, 850x912, suika thinking.jpg)
suika thinking
===> [X] Tell me how Kaguya beat you, and any secrets you might have discovered.

“Figured you’d say something like that.” Suika rolls her eyes and then lets her head fall back to the ground, sighing for a moment as she seems to try and recollect things. “Kaguya’s secret is….”

She stops her line and remains limp for a few seconds. Enough of them to make you wonder whether this is the part where a grand reveal gets interrupted before it can be finished.

“Sub….su, uh.” Thankfully it isn’t that and more the Oni not being sure how exactly to communicate what she means. “She uses her ability to burn an image into your head!”

“An image?” you raise an eyebrow as you wait for her to elaborate more on that.

“Yeah an image!” Suika replies louder this time, gaining more confidence in her shared knowledge. “She took out some paper where the words ‘You will not fight back, you will not fight back’ were written on and showed it to me over and over and over. Burning it into my subconsciousness!”

“And so you became unable to fight against her?” She nods yes to that and continues speaking while you’re fighting back a mild sense of horror against it. “She combined eternity and the instant to do so! I only figured it out because she kept taunting me about it the moment I was helpless.”

“That sounds like cheating to me.” What else do you call a move that instantly wins a fight?

“Well, it’s not.” Suika oddly rejects that statement. “An ability is only as strong as the person who mastered it. If I can make her instantly implode from the inside then her instant kill moves are no different. Doesn’t mean I’m not peeved about it though, besides it’s clearly not omnipotent.”

“See, she still did the whole ‘your body will automatically purify any alcohol in your body’ bit against me. And not only that but her thing only worked because my eyes weren’t closed!” Suika stops for a moment, taking in a deep breath and then looks you in the eyes again, “Look Mokou.”

“I bet you’re already thinking about counters to that but I’ll give my piece anyway: Just don’t see the thing! Whether it’s fighting with your eyes closed, covering the entire area in smoke or burning your eyes out in the worst case scenario. Her trick won’t work on you the moment you know it!”

“Thanks, what else do you know?” Despite your stoic tone, it is indeed a relief to know about such a thing instead of having to try and figure it out in real-time. “Did she master super speed while she was at it or some other eternity nonsense? Don’t tell me an Oni didn’t at least break her nose.”

“I punched her straight to the chest, piercing her heart and all.” Suika’s eyes turn unfriendly at that, as if she’s remembering an unpleasant memory. “Her wound healed and immobilized my arm. I don’t know what kind of wack training she did. But she forged her own body into a weapon and by weapon I mean the nasty kind. Honestly, I don’t think you could beat her in a straightforward way.

“By that, I mean you’ll have to figure this out by the seat of your pants. She’s not invincible after all, just really and I mean really, really motivated to make this the fight of all times ever?

“Play with her head or something. Be unorthodox, that’s everything I can tell you here.”

“Ok. I’ll be off then.” With one last nod towards her, you turn around and move to leave.

“Wait!” Suika says at the last second, so you glance back at her. “Free me from this first.”

“Why should I?” she tried to kill you after all, a little time-out is nothing compared to that.

“I’m not going to attack you again if that’s what you want me to say. And also, if you’re going to head to the final battle then at the very least I want to be there you know? I could supp-”

“Kaguya is my opponent.”

“And I’m fine with that.” Suika corrects her sentence, then shrugs. “So where’s the harm?”


[ ] Fine, remove the talismans. Afterwards back to where the princess is to kick her ass!

[ ] She is the harm, no way you’re risking it. Besides she deserves it. Now to Kaguya!
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[X] Fine, remove the talismans. Afterwards back to where the princess is to kick her ass!

All my homies hate Kaguya, therefore Suika is a homie.
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[X] Fine, remove the talismans. Afterwards back to where the princess is to kick her ass!
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File 170612545667.jpg - (435.16KB, 716x537, __fujiwara_no_mokou_and_houraisan_kaguya_touhou_dr.jpg)
AN: Guess whose back yet again, life makes a writefag busy. But it’s time to end this story once and for all.

[X] Fine, remove the talismans. Afterwards back to where the princess is to kick her ass!

“You better not pull something,” you warn the oni as you release her from your bindings.

“Uhuh, sure I won’t. No acting, just watching. Youkai’s honor!” she replies, maybe even giving a thumbups, a mock wave or some other gesture you don’t get to see because you’re already walking.
“That said, how will you beat her anyway?” Suika’s voice rings behind you, the sound of her footsteps a clear sign that she’s following you. “That’s for me to know and you to see,” you reply.

After that, you increase your pace into a sudden flight to ditch the youkai. The building you left earlier quickly comes to sight, and with it the sight of Keine, Aya and Kaguya sitting on the outer edges. Part of you is tempted to increase the pace in order to create a flaming drop kick aimed for the latter’s skull, but a calmer part of you knows you’ll be punching her soon anyway so you don’t.

The moment you plant your feet on the ground, Keine immediately approaches you, “Are you alright?” she asks, voice filled with natural and soothing worry for you. “That fight looked-”

“I’m fine.” you interrupt, then put one hand on her shoulder to slightly move her aside. “And I’m sorry if this sounds rude, but I’ve got something I must do and cannot hold it in any longer.”

“...I see.” she understands what you mean and wisefully moves aside, likewise Aya stands up from her spot to move further away from the one person who is responsible for all your frustration.

The fact she says, “Oh, this is going to be good” and pulls out her camera is something you just ignore. If anything, having what will ensue be recorded for a later sighting sounds great.

Finally, you stop two steps ahead of your target and wait for her to stand up. Something the bitch does with her usual perfect princess demeanor before reducing the distance to only one step away from having both of your noses press together. Smiling her dainty little smile all the while.

“My, oh, my.” She starts talking, as ever a fan of her own voice. “So you fin-”

She doesn’t get to end that sentence, as you rudely press your palm against her mouth. Unwilling to hear any more words out of her, “Take a few more steps outside so I can fry you alive, bitch.

“Mhm...mhm, mhm!” she mumbles instead, eyes still unpleasantly smug. The sensation of her tongue poking your skin forces you to put your hand away, “Ah, so eager to fight me, are you?”

“Don’t you worry your little lemur head, for I feel the same way!” She affirms that she won’t run, followed by her stepping outside with you in tow, before flying to the top of the mansion, landing on the black tiled roof with her on one end and you on the other. A bright sun shining up above.

“Are you done monologuing?” you ask sardonically, before dusting off what remains of your mostly wrecked clothes and stretching your bruised and tired body. Despite those conditions, you feel a strange rush of energy deep inside of you. Could it be satisfaction for coming this far? Or has your anger reached such a limit that your adrenaline is pumping things up to a new level? It doesn’t matter. “Because if so, then I think it is my turn to be the one talking for once.”

You take another step forward, on the one destroyed leg that has regrown. “When you send me that letter about all that assassin nonsense, I thought the suspense was going to kill me! Who are the grunts she managed to hire? Are they strong? Swift? Stealthy? What are their fighting styles? How many are there of them? What will your face look like when I overcome them and come kill you?”

The answer to that stands before you. Kaguya’s body screams serenity and peace, yet her eyes are dark and hungry, she is poised for the fight of her life and is confident in her inevitable victory.

“And I have to say I don’t like the answer, win or lose, you’ll just get off on the fight itself.”

“There’s no need to be so vulgar,” Kaguya says as she puts a fan before her face, faking a blush.

“So then, there is only one way to come out on top.” You ignore her comment, and take in a deep breath before putting on a combat stance. “Only one way to pay back for everything you gave me.”

“That’s right, there’s only one thing you can do here,” She speaks up, enjoying the rising tension. “A fight to the death where you unleash all of your anger. A fiery passion so bright you return to the phoenix you were meant to be! I’ll relish every moment, every second before I kill you.”

All of her divine treasures start floating behind her as she slightly rises in the air, her hands stretched out as if to embrace you from a distance as power rises within her body.

“May you savor your death as well, now come to me! Begin the final battle!”

“No.” You speak firmly, “This won’t be a fight, not one abiding by your terms.”

“And what do you mean now?” she asks, curiosity and impatience coming out in tune.

“I’m going to kill you. That’s the one I came to do: As for how? You’re about to find out.”

“Hmph, such bravado.” She changes her posture to show taunting boredom and with it, her aura of power dissapears. “In that case, I shall be merciful and extend to you the right of the first blow.”

“I’ll gladly take that.”

Starting things off by….

[ ] Closing the distance, don’t need to see a thing or worry about tricks if you can just punch and kick the shit out of her. Moon Bitch has always gone for a ranged style, time to abuse it.

[ ] Changing locations, this is her domain. But you know the Bamboo Forest better, any traps within it and the low visibility (and high flammability) will definitely give you an edge against her.

[ ] Fuck it, smoke screen now. Spam talismans after. If they hit her, great, if they don’t, you’ll know she’s learned some blind fighting but eh, at least she won’t be able to pull the oni trick on you.

[ ] Write in, because, you know who you are and why by this point.

(Same thing as the rumia one, I'll update in a set interval even if nobody chooses an option)
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