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File 164868864968.jpg - (1.08MB, 2048x1365, SnowForest.jpg)
The Little Fox hid inside a bush, his eyes combing the area and his ears perking up, so nothing could surprise him. His mother has warned him that he must not leave the den, for humans are now hunting nearby. The child, however, born in the dark winter, wanted to see what the world was truly like underneath the blanket of snow. It was a glorious sight to behold; the once barren trees were now covered in luscious green. Other forms of plants have now emerged from their slumber, rising out of the melting snow. Birds that left due to winter now return with rallying chirps, seeing their old home once again. These sights lull The Little Fox into a sense of assurance that nothing could ruin such a beautiful view. In the distance, he could hear his mother calling for him, wondering where he had gone, but he did not answer back, for he wanted to have a closer view of nature. He steps out of the bush in excitement, wanting to play under the sunlight, trying to catch the birds flying above him. He was having so much fun that he could even hear a sharp whistle that was getting louder and louder as if the wind itself was playing a song. The end of the music was a meaty thunk.

A bloody sight broke the poor soul, a piece of her gone forever. Red was the only color seen, and a shrill scream was the only sound heard. An untouched corpse, long dead, with the only blemish being the damned arrow. Thirsting for death, but nothing more. A predator only in action, but not in spirit! An oath of vengeance was taken; eternal wrath and lunacy for the one who swore in, and eternal torment for the Hunter and all those connected to it, regardless of logic. There was no logic for the victim, and as such, no logic for the killer. Only retribution.

Present Day, Gensokyo

 Katansei growls, the cold air making his breath white from the sight before him. He shot an arrow at the fox he was hunting, but a finch flew in between and got skewered along the way. The young hunter knew he didn't have time to waste being angry as there could be danger nearby. Walking over to his kill, he can see the white fox's blood coloring the snow and the finch's blood coloring the fox's white fur. He kneels and puts his arm between the string and the hama yumi so it can rest on his shoulder. Then he grabs the arrow while he pushes the body down with his other hand.

"On the bright side, mom will be happy to see this... " he grunts as he removes the arrow from the fox and slides the poor finch out of it.

"I didn't plan to kill you, and I'm sorry for it. I'll make sure that you won't go to waste. " He tells the finch before looking down at the fox.

"And to you, my prey, I am sorry too. Through your death, my life will continue. " He says placing the bloody arrow in his quiver

 The young hunter looks around the snow-covered forest, making sure that no predator, or worse, a yokai, can surprise him. Nothing seems out of the ordinary, but this doesn't make him feel safe, as it means there is either no threat or one that he can't see. He looks back down at his kill, unsure of what to do. His original plan was to return to the village where it's safe and then give thanks to the mountain gods for the food, but the second kill is throwing him off.

'If I don't give thanks now, would the gods see me as being ungrateful? I don't see anything dangerous, so maybe it's okay to recite a short prayer... '

[] Pray for their safe journey to heaven.

[] Hold off for the time being; there may be danger nearby.

[] Write-in for extra action
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[x] Pray for their safe journey to heaven.
Nothing wrong with a little extra piety.
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[x] Hold off for the time being; there may be danger nearby.

Foxes are vermin, anyhow.
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[X] Pray for their safe journey to heaven.

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[X] Pray for their safe journey to heaven.
I also hate the giant rats, but this fox was not urban and either way there's no cause for suicide.
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[X] Pray for their safe journey to heaven.

I'm sure nothing bad will happen
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[x] Pray for their safe journey to heaven.
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Calling votes. A prayer to our prey coming right up!
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File 164917469134.jpg - (72.71KB, 600x426, Sakata_Nemuno_full_3095235.jpg)
Katansei places the finch on the fox and sits on both his legs. Then he slides his hama yumi from his arm and sets it on his lap, holding it with a firm grip. The young hunter closes his eyes and empties his mind so he can focus on the nature around him. The cold wind blew, pushing the branches of trees to bristle, sending lumps of snow to the ground with a soft thunk. With his mind and body lax, Katansei speaks in an old language, passed down through generations on his father's side. A language that should only be used when communicating with the gods of the mountain. For the gods who have taken the forms of the finch and fox, Katansei wishes them a safe journey back to their divine ancestors. He gives his thanks and farewells before a moment of silence. In that moment of zen, the young hunter feels something cold and sharp pressing on the right side of his neck.

 "You're a foolhardy boy, yah know? Not only trespassing but also hunting in a yamanba's terf. " He hears a woman's voice from behind him, her tone as clear as day hostile. "Shame that you didn't look at the trees closer; you would've seen me coming." She says, her blade pressing deeper, he could almost hear her grin.

 Katansei opens his eyes and focuses all his attention on the two animal corpses in front of him. "Forgive my rudeness, mam. I didn't know this was your land." He says

 The yamanba scoffs, sliding her large butcher knife as it cuts into his first layer of skin. "Didn't know? How yah missed all my warning signs then? Do you think trees look naturally cut up? " The young man can feel a bit of blood leaking out.

 "Once I track my target, everything else becomes a haze." His eyes flick up to the giant knife touching his neck before looking back down. "What do you think of this, mam? If you let me go, I'll tell everyone in the village about the scary yamanba who wants no one near her home or else they'll be served for dinner. " He feels the pressure of the giant knife lessens; it is no longer cutting into his skin.

 Katansei hears the sound of snow crunching behind him and the butcher knife grazing his neck, but only cutting through his hoodie. "Oh, that does sound nice, but chopping you up and sending your pieces back can do more." She stops in front of him with her giant butcher knife on the opposite side of his neck; his hoodie falls off him, revealing his black hair bundled up into a ball on the back of his head.

 She has diamond-shaped holes on the rim of her dress. The dress itself is no doubt home-made; it looks like she found three rags and decided to stitch them together. Detachable sleeves with more diamond-shaped holes and, to top it off, bare feet. It's like she's mocking him for his frail human body with just her clothing alone.

 Sweat underneath his winter clothing begins to form. "If you spare my life and let me keep my kills, I can do so much more." The woman hums, tilting her blade and pressing up against his neck instead of the side.

 "There's an animal you want to eat, but it doesn't live around here. I can hunt it. There was someone who disrespected you and got away. I can track them. " The young hunter notices that the blade is no longer pressing against his skin but is hovering near it. He stops and looks up at her red eyes, a mix of curiosity and amusement on her face.

 He could feel his face heating up. "And if you want to, I can also warm your bed!" Katansei says with as much seriousness as he can muster in his voice.

 Her eyes widen. "Pardon me?" She asks

 He slowly raises his hands in the air and stands up, letting his hama yumi fall from his lap, his confidence surging as she lets her giant butcher knife rest on her shoulder. "No matter how shameful it is, if it means I live and eat another day, I'll do anything. " He says

 Both human and yokai were similar in height, but Katansei knew he was still at her mercy. She walks around, inspecting him head to toe as he stays still. Looking down at his kill, he could feel his empty stomach growling. A sudden cackle burst from behind him, making him jump in surprise.

 "Keeheehee! So you're serious, huh, boy? " Katansei turns around to see the woman planting her knife on the ground, leaning on it. "Is your village in famine or something? I can't imagine anyone saying that with a straight face! " Her laughter echoes through the forest.

 The young hunter scratches his chin. "In a way, let's just say me and my mom aren't the most popular folks." He says

 The yamanba begins calming down, wiping a tear from her eye. "Tell yah what, boy, that laugh put me in a good mood, so I'm giving you two options." She says as the wind blows her long white hair,

 "You can leave here without any more scratches, but I'll be keeping those." She points at the two dead animals.

 "What about option two?" He asks

 She grins, "The second option is a deal. If you give me all your hair that passes along your neck, you'll get to keep your kills and still leave here in one piece. "

 Katansei couldn't help but ask, "And what exactly do you need my hair for?"

 The yokai dismissively waves her hand, "I never leave my terf, so I'm going to need some way to call yah to do me a favor." She says

 "Only one favor, yeah?" Narrowing his eyes in anticipation

 She nods, "One favor."

 Any human would know that giving a yokai anything that belongs to their body is a terrible idea, but the hunger in Katansei is making him desperate enough to consider it, and he knows for damn sure that his mom is hungry too. He looks up the sky and sees the sun starting to set.

'By the time I find something to hunt, it could already be dark before I return to the village...'

[] Leave Empty Handed

[] Accept any favors this woman wants
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[x] Accept any favors this woman wants

Surely the nice youkai lady won't make us do anything untoward
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[x] Accept any favors this woman wants
Yamabiko get a bad rap.
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[X] Accept any favors this woman wants
I dont like this option, but it's rock and a hard place and It feels disrespectful not to keep what we slew.
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[x] Accept any favors this woman wants
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[x] Leave Empty Headed

[x] Accept any favors this woman wants
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[x] Accept any favors this woman wants

Wealth beyond measure, awarded to the brave and the foolhardy alike.

Digging this so far.
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Calling votes! The deal is made.
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File 164971496485.jpg - (26.98KB, 444x250, nemuno_sakata_by_zianu_db8ikjr-250t.jpg)
As Katansei reaches for his bundle of hair, bitter thoughts flood his mind. How would mom feel about this? She would be in distress, but perhaps there is a way where she doesn't need to worry about his safety. What about the villagers? What about those idiots? There's no doubt in Katansei's mind that those paranoid hicks will see this as proof that he's conspiring with the yokai. No matter how much effort he puts in, they will never trust him thanks to circumstances beyond his control. They talk big about being united as one, but gods help you if you are different in some way! His elders see him as a younger, but worse version of his father. Girls who are uglier than sin accuse him whenever they feel that they're being watched. Getting into confrontations with other boys who would lose in a fistfight against a fairy because they want the bragging rights of beating him. The children he can excuse as his mom admits that his face resembles an oni when he's angry. Hypocrites the most of them. Even wearing that stupid cloth around his eyes, they don't have the decency to trust-

He hears the yamanba clearing her throat out loud, bringing him back to his current situation. With his face now flushing red, Katansei pulls the hairband off; his straight hair falling past his neck and stopping near his tail bone, long enough that he could use it as a cheaper version of a scarf if he needed to. He turns around while pulling out a knife from his belt holster, holding the blade end so the yamanba can grab the handle. The woman hums at the sight of his hair, walking up to him, and runs her fingers through it, surprised at how it feels like she's touching silk; the polar opposite of her unkempt, fluffy white hair.

"Color me impress, were yah a noble in your last life?" She asks nonchalantly.

The young hunter shrugs, "Does it matter who I was before?" He says extending further behind him so she could grab his knife.

She looks at the blade for a second. "Oh, to cut yah hair, right?" She says, as she grabs the knife from his hand but then tosses it aside, "No worries, I got my own!"

Before Katansei could react, the yokai grabs a fistful of his hair and yanks it back, jerking his head down. He tries to run forward, but her overwhelming yokai strength made it impossible for him to escape. He hears the sound of her giant butcher knife cutting through the air at a high pitch. He closes his eyes shut and screams, his life flashing by him before the grip on his hair disappears. His body twitches on the ground as he continues screaming until his throat wears out and he goes into heavy breathing... A moment of silence breaks into a burst of hysterical laughter coming from the yamanba that confuses the boy, wondering why he can still hear. Katansei opens his eyes and flips around. He clasps his throat, unsure if his head is still attached to the rest of his body. He looks down to see nothing is missing, but he couldn't help but pat around his body to make sure it's real.

"I-I wished I saw how yah face looked, boy! That ought to be the greatest yell I've ever heard in a long tim-Keeheehee!" She begins cackling again, unable to calm herself down.

Katansei stares with a slack jaw, knitting his eyebrows as he catches his breath, still clutching his throat, afraid that if he lets go, his head would fall off. He could see in her left hand that she isn't holding her knife with, a lock of his hair. The yokai keeps laughing as he slowly stands up, brushing snow off himself in absolute silence. She grabs her stomach and keels over, trying to calm herself down. The young hunter couldn't deny the idea of picking up his bow and shooting her didn't cross his mind, but he knew it would be ineffective at best and fatal at worst. Katansei inhales through his nose before exhaling with his mouth to calm himself.

"A warning would have been nice, lady." He says with no hint of emotion.

Her laughter finally dies down and she begins to speak. "How could I call myself a yokai and pass up such a golden oppertunity~?"

"...When will I have to return the favor?"

"Don't know," She shrugs "it be funny if it's at the worst time."

He scoffs at her blatant antagonizing, "I want to make something clear about it." He says, the polite tone he uses for the elders gone, switching to a colder, more business-like tone. "I know I said I'm willing to do anything, but if you ask me something that harms my village as a whole, I'm going to reject it. " He says it with finality.

"As a whole, huh?" A smirk paints her face. "Interesting, but like I said, who knows what'll be? All you need to worry about right now is when. " She says, as her feet leave the ground, "Before I go, the name is Nemuno Sakata. What's yours, boy? "

He looks up at the floating woman. "Douro Katansei, I'll be waiting eagerly." He says

With a sharp exhale through the nose and a wicked smile, Nemuno flies deeper into the dark forest and disappears from his sight. Katansei didn't stand around for long; he picks up his knife and ruined hoodie and his hama yumi from the ground. Sheathing the knife back, he stuffs the hoodie inside the collar of his coat so it covers the small wound on his neck. He holds the leg of the fox with the same hand that holds the bow and his other hand holds the finch, plucking at the strings to ward off any yokai from coming near him.

'Gods, how'll I tell mom what happened here?' He thinks, looking up in the sky at the sun setting, 'Better let her know I'm coming back home.'

The orange sky above Katansei turns into a dull grey. Leaves on the trees fades into a haze and the blowing wind deafens by silence. The only thing the young hunter can see with clarity is his mother in the distance. He can see her breaking her back at home, sewing a ripped bag he used to keep his kills in. Her fingers are cut from what he assumes was her needle. He can hear her praying under her breath and her heartbeat going faster than Katansei is comfortable with. She looks up from her work and smiles in relief; she could feel the familiar presence of her son watching her. He smiles as he hears her heartbeat going at a calmer rate before closing his eyes. The world around him turns back to normal and Katansei starts his walk back home.

Thanks to his hama yumi, the walk back home isn't difficult. What his true concern is whether he should tell his mom what happened while he was hunting. He knows that if he tells her about his encounter with Nemuno, she'll be in a constant state of worry when the yokai asks for the favor.

'I could say I was ambushed by a wild animal. She doesn't need to know it was actually from a yokai, right?' He thinks to himself, 'Yeah, I can go to the clinic at Eintei for a check-up. They'll find nothing wrong with my body and I can tell her the good news. Just a small health scare and nothing more... '

'Hell, I can even say I encountered a yokai and got away; I just don't have to mention the deal I made. '

While he tells himself that it is a good idea, he knows deep down how flawed it is. He knows that if his mom finds out in any way, she'll not only be scared for his life, but she'll also be ashamed of herself for failing to help him in such a dangerous situation. Katansei clicks his tongue in frustration.

'I just don't want to be a burden to her.'

[] Tell her the truth.

[] Lie
- Write in a lie for her to believe
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[x] Tell her the truth.

Come on; don't lie to your old mum. Even if it's about your pretty, new youkai mum.
Delete Post
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[x] Lie

Superstitious and cowardly folk won't take our magical contract with a youkai in stride
Delete Post
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[x] Lie
- "A nice youkai lady saved me and asked for a favor at a later time."

Technically Nemuno saved us so it's not even really a lie, right?
Delete Post
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Wait uh I meant "A nice lady saved me from a youkai" sorry
Delete Post
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[timer=2022/04/13 22:00]

I'm going to wait until the end of the day, just in case there's people who haven't decided what to vote yet.
Delete Post
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[x] Tell her the truth.

honesty is (usually) the best policy. This was a tough choice though.
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File 165023329837.jpg - (706.36KB, 4250x2834, SnowyVillage.jpg)
Pacing back and forward, Katansei rehearses the lines in his head before entering the village. Feeling somewhat confident with his story, the young hunter puts the dead finch on the ground and digs out of his pocket an old black cloth with small holes littered over it. The white symbols that decorate it were made by the previous shrine maiden. Over time, the magic within it has weakened. Soon he'll need to get a new one or else his 'fellow' humans will get nervous. Katansei wraps the blindfold around his eyes before picking up the finch and heading home, using his hama yumi as his walking stick.

Darkness was all he could see. An image he has seen far more than his village. The voice of the other humans passing by him, a familiar hushed tone, wondering who he was stalking while he was in the forest. He paid them no mind, though, as he was more concerned about people confronting him about it or his missing hair. If he could have it his way, no one would be close enough to touch him. Perhaps because of the winter season, Katansei's mind wonders in bleak thoughts. Could he call this place his home? Making himself go blind for the sake of peace. He relied so long on his other senses that he would feel lost in the village if he took off the blindfold. The only time he could see was inside his home or outside, where no one could see him. He couldn't call this place home. To Katansei, home was a place where he felt at ease.

The smell of lavender interrupts his thoughts, pushing his bitterness to the back of his mind. Lavender was his father's favorite scent, and Katansei's as it brought back cherished memories. His mother left the burning incense out, making it easier for him to find his way home. Katansei glides his finger across the door frame and grabs the edge to slide it open. He walks into his house and shuts the door. It isn't much, as there were only three rooms. One room to cook and eat in, and the other two were bedrooms for him and his mother.

He takes off his blindfold and smiles, "Mom, I'm home!" He calls out.

His mother, Shiage Douro, walks out of her room in her flower petal hatan. "Oh, Kata! I'm so glad you're okay!" She hugs him as tightly as she can with a gleeful smile. "I was worried when you didn't come back."

Katansei hugs her back, resting his chin on the top of her greying hair, and smiles, "Yeah, it took longer than I expected; sorry for scaring you like that."

"As long as you're okay, everything is fine." She says, rubbing his back.

His smile falters. "About that mom..." He lets go of her, and as she lets go too, he steps back and looks over his shoulder to show his ruined hair.

Shiage's wrinkled eyes widened to the size of a dish, "W-What happened, Kata!? Are you hurt anywhere?" She asks.

He pulls out the hoodie around his collar to show a small red mark on his neck. "I accidentally stepped into a yamanba's territory and was caught." He hears a gasp from his mom.

She narrows her eyes to get a closer look at the wound, and to her relief, it's a small wound that should take a day or two to disappear. "I see... I'm grateful that you're alright, Kata, but how did you escape?" She asks

"Some lady appeared and saved me. I couldn't tell what she looked like though because of her cloak." He says, with a sinking feeling in his stomach.

Shiage gently rubs her son's face with her thumb. "That's a shame to hear. I would have loved to make her something comfortable for the winter." She says, "Did you get her name at least?"

"Everything happened so fast that I didn't even think of asking her." He says

"Oh well, at least you're okay." She says

Katansei nods, "Yeah. Before I forget, though," He shows off his two kills, "Look what I got while hunting!"

His mother smiles from ear to ear, "This is wonderful!" She says, "It's so big too. No wonder it took you so long to get it." She comments, seeing that the dead fox from the tip of its mouth to its tail is long enough to reach her shoulder.

"I had to tire him out before I could get a sure shot. Speaking of shots, I got this before the arrow hit the fox." He shows the dead finch in his hand.

"Amazing, Kata! The mountain gods must have been in a generous mood today." She says it wholeheartedly.

Katansei forces a smile on his face. "Indeed, will we have fox stew for dinner?" He asks

Shiage stares at him for a moment before answering, "Absolutely, but before we skin them, I forgot that we ran out of spices. You can stay and rest, Kata. I'll be back soon." She says, reaching for the front door.

"If it's okay, mom, I want to walk with you for a bit." He admits, "I have too much energy to stay inside."

His mother nods with empathy and waits for Katansei to put his kills in the storage box. As they both go out, Katansei puts on his blindfold again and holds his mother's arm with his other hand, holding his hama yumi. They walk at a casual pace, going back and forth with plans for the future, ignoring the leering eyes around them.

"I didn't want to tell you this, mom, but killing that finch made me angry," Katansei admits he tried to explain more, but he couldn't find the word.

"Say what you're feeling." She grabs his hand to comfort him.

He shrugs. "It felt unfair, I guess. I was only planning to kill the fox. It sounds silly, but it was frustrating to see that happen." He says

Shiage looks up to him. "It may sound silly to you, but it's what makes you, you, Kata."

"Is that a bad thing?" He asks

"Do you remember when I was ill? We had to go to Eintei so I could recover." She recalls

He nods, "Yeah, I think it was the first time I went there with you."

"I remember your reaction." She says, "You were so angry, demanding to know who made me sick." A slight chuckle escapes her lips. "Screaming how I didn't deserve it and how you tried to use your power to track down who did it."

"I'll never forget those people who helped us. I have got to find a way to show them my thanks, but they probably don't remember us." He comments

Shiage shakes her head. "That's beside the point. What happened then and now showed me that you despise misfortune with a passion." She says it with certainty.

Katansei frowns, "That still doesn't answer my question."

"It'll depend on the misfortune, but I hope you keep yourself calm when it does happen."

They made it to the small shop across the street. Fortunately for them, the sellers didn't mind having Katansei's mom enter, but he knew it would be easier for everyone if he stayed outside.

"Will you be fine by yourself, Kata?" His mother asks.

He nods, "I will."

As Katansei stands by with his back against the wall, he listens carefully to any noises near him. With the blindfold on, the villagers tend to ignore him, but there's always an exception. Like now, he can feel someone staring him down. Katansei pretends he didn't notice whoever was watching him and continues listening for footsteps that were closer to him than the entrance of the shop. He can hear people whispering to themselves, causing him to sigh, predicting what the new rumors will be about.

"Excuse me, young man." A woman's voice calls out. Her tone sounded steady, but he couldn't help but feel that there was anticipation behind it.

He turns his head in the direction of the voice but didn't respond in case she was talking to someone else. Her voice has an elegance to it. Maybe she's of royalty.

The woman's footsteps came closer to him. "My apology. I should have been specific there." Her voice is closer now, assuring Katansei that she's referring to him.

"Apology accepted mam, it's not often someone comes to talk to me in a friendly matter." He smiles, "Is there something you need?"

After a moment of silence, it seems that the woman was caught off guard. "Ah yes," she pauses, "If it's alright, could you take that blindfold off?"

Katansei's eyebrows raise, his mouth slightly open, but no voice comes out. Is this woman an outsider? Maybe, but shouldn't she be asking where in the world she is? What about a yokai? That can't be right either. Why would she go out of her way to speak to him? Is this some sort of prank or a scheme to get him kicked out of the village? What if...

"It seems I asked more than I thought. Please forgive me for being insensitive." She says, and he can hear the embarrassment in her voice.

It's now or never for Katansei to respond.

[] Accept the request.

[] Decline the request.
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[x] Accept the request.

>Maybe she's of royalty
Akyuu maybe?
Delete Post
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[X] Accept the request.
Either it moves the story along or... does nothing.
Kinda funny that he was gonna beat someone up for making his mom sick though.
Delete Post
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[X] Accept the request.

why not?
Delete Post
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End of votes! Let's see who that woman is!
Image Source
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File 165075025482.jpg - (93.95KB, 600x600, Junko_(Touhou)_full_1959218.jpg)
The thought that someone is willing to give him a chance compels Katansei to speak, "No!" He says, perhaps with too much energy, "Sorry, I mean it's fine. Just give me a moment."

He loosens the knot and pulls his blindfold down. The moment their eyes interlock, it elicits a strange feeling inside of Katansei. This silent tidal wave of emotions wailed in his head just from looking at the woman's vacant red eyes. While he tries to calm himself down, the woman continues observing him with a stoic expression. It churns in his head. This specific feeling that has waited for years is now clawing its way to the front of his mind, rushing to inform him of something crucial.

A one-note memory resurfaces. It was his first time hunting with his father, he taught him how to track a fox. Examining the track the animal left behind, Katansei looked over to his father for help. Confused, he saw his father with a look of calm fury on his face. The older man acted as a hunter in his actions, but not in spirit. He was more of a man seeking something else. The steady breathing, eyes unblinking, and his body too tense over something as small as a fox that they were only killing for food. Then it clicks in his mind that his own body's behavior is the same as his father's from that memory.

He still couldn't place a name on this emotion, and he's not sure why it's happening now. He spots moving gray blurs around the woman, and notices that he's using his ability on her. He unconsciously studies every small action she's taking, such as her body shifting under her black dress and tabard depicting a 9-tail fox. How her left-hand twitches more than her right by a fraction of a second. Looking at her face, he can feel her stoic demeanor hiding something, waiting to show itself when the time is right. Katansei knew she wasn't human because he couldn't hear a beating heart, but he wouldn't dare call her a yokai yet. Gensokyo doesn't only house yokai and humans, but other types of creatures too. He couldn't risk making any conclusion so soon; it would be a recipe for disaster. What he can conclude, though, is that the woman is aware of his sudden change of behavior after removing the blindfold and turning off his power, so he doesn't look like a weirdo leering at her. He notices the people giving him looks, but he elects to ignore them as he is still admiring the novelty of having a friendly conversation.

Seeing that he calmed down, the woman spoke "You remind me of someone a long time ago."

A tinge of disappointment touches his heart. "Ah, maybe you met with a distant ancestor of mine." he shrugs.

"Perhaps." She gives a short bow, "My name is Junko."

The young hunter did not respond, however, as he was waiting for her last name. Junko tilts her head slightly, confused as to why Katansei wasn't greeting himself. An awkward silence looms over them, both sides waiting for the other to speak.

"Did I say something to offend you, young man?" She asks

Katansei wasn't sure how to ask for her last name, so he decides to follow her beat. "No, I was just confused." He bows back, "My name is Douro. It's nice to meet you, Junko."

She smiles "Likewise Douro," The woman gaze at his hama yumi, "Are you a hunter by any chance?"

His eyes brighten, someone to talk to at last, "Yes! I go out by myself to get food for me and my mom."

For a brief moment, Katansei thought he saw something change in Junko's vacant eyes. "You live with your mother?" She says, looking back at the boy, "And your father?"

For a second, Junko saw the sadness in his eyes as he looks away. "...He left Gensokyo," She sees him staring at his bow, "I haven't heard from him since."

"The separation of loved ones is never painless, even if they are still alive." He looks back at her, a look of surprise on his face. "You have my condolences, Douro."

Katansei's throat hitches, and to his embarrassment, he can feel his eyes watering. The young man tries to get the words out, but only a shaky breath leaves his mouth. He tries again and fails again this time, he lets out a shallow chuckle. He quickly rubs the water away with his thumb, attempting to regain composure. Despite the vacant look in her eyes, he believes he can see that look of understanding in her.

"Sorry." He sniffs, "That... that means a lot to me."

Junko shakes her head. "No need to feel guilty, Douro. I'll wait until you're ready to continue." She says

He smiles as his eyes stop watering. "I-I'm fine now. I was just taken by surprise. That's all." He clears his throat.

She smiles back. "I would like to apologize as I derailed the conversation after hearing about your family." She bows

"No offense taken, Junko, promise." He waves his hand. "What was it you wanted to ask?"

She straightens back up. "I was curious about how you feel when you use that bow of yours." She says, anticipation fluttering in her voice as if she is close to finding something out.

The unknown feeling from before rumbles in his mind again, low enough to alarm Katansei instead of freezing him in place. He would love nothing more to answer her, but he knew that Junko was trying to find something else. While he does see her in a positive light, she is still not a human at the end of the day, and he doesn't know her true intentions. Or maybe that's just an excuse so he can ask questions and learn more about her.

[] Change the subject to focus on her

[] Answer the question and then ask your own
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[X] Change the subject to focus on her
Seems significantly more in character given his reaction, probably best to play it cautious.
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>An oath of vengeance was taken; eternal wrath and lunacy for the one who swore in, and eternal torment for the Hunter and all those connected to it, regardless of logic.
And now Junko appears? I’m getting a creeping feeling of danger.
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Voting Closed! If you any critics, I would like to hear them.
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File 165141179941.jpg - (123.39KB, 757x900, FRHNKvEakAEomR0.jpg)
"I'll be blunt with you, Junko." Katansei says, "Why are you interested in my thoughts?"

Her expression remains neutral. "Simple curiosity, you look so similar to that person. I wanted to see how far you two match." She replies,

"You two must have been pretty close if you're going out of your way to talk to me." He smiles.

A spark of hellfire emits life within her once-vacant eyes. Emotions are its fuel, and memories are the bucket that carries it. It did not matter what those emotions were nor the significance they had in her life. They were all used to keep the karmic ember alive. It did not last for even a mere second; the happy memories were precious and few to come by; not worth using it. The sad memories evaporated long ago, and her surroundings have produced little to none so far. Her wrath was not the same as when she was born and decides against wasting it. With so little fuel to get by, the flames went as fast as they came, leaving only emptiness in the aftermath.

"Could you define "close" to me?" She asks, "I want to be sure I understand what you're asking."

Katansei grimaced, kicking himself for making such an assumption without asking what their relationship was like. "Uh, close as in..." He hesitates, trying to pick the right words: "How often you've seen each other?" A nervous smile spreads across his face.

She smiles his question now clear to her. "Ah," the young hunter exhales a sigh of relief, "I've only talked to him once if memory serves."

He cringes inside. 'You done it now, Kata. All you had to do was act semi-competent, but you couldn't even get that right!' His thoughts begin a downward spiral: 'You can offer sex to a yokai of all things, but not even the mountain gods could help you survive a normal conversation.' He couldn't look at Junko's face anymore, so he looks behind her, only to see the judgmental stares from some of his fellow villagers. 'Great, now everyone is going to get on my case about this. They probably think I gave my hair to Junko as a scheme to get back at them. Well, maybe if you guys were nice to me, you wouldn't have to worry about it!'

Before Katansei realizes it, Junko closes the distance between them, forcing him to look at her instead. He didn't take note of it before, but now that she's much closer, it's clear that Junko is a head taller than him. She stares down at him with her red eyes. His sudden silence concerns her.

"Do I make you nervous, Douro?" She asks

He scratches his chin. "A little," his eyes widen "I mean, I'm not worried about you! I'm more nervous about..." Katansei stops as Junko puts her hands on his shoulder.

She begins rubbing his shoulders up and down, all with a serious look on her face. Katansei's frazzled-out mind recovers to a stable, but utterly confused state from the action. It's an odd sight for everyone involved, as they both lock eyes with each other while she continues rubbing him.

"Junko?" He asks, trying to comprehend why she's doing it.

"I'm trying to ease you." She says, although the uncertainty in her voice made him wonder if she knew what she was doing, "Look, it's working! Your body feels less tense. You're calmer now, yes?"

"I guess?" He says, unsure of himself. "You can let go now."

Junko smiles, satisfied with his response, and steps back to a more comfortable distance. "I must admit, Douro, you're a strange boy." She says

'You are the last person I want to hear that from!'

"There are not many people who would be comfortable with a stranger being so close to them." Her tone reminds him of whenever his mom was homeschooling. "You'll need to be more careful."

As much as he wants to deny it, Katansei knew that any normal person would have told her to back off or run screaming for the hills. Him on the other hand? A few kind words from a stranger were enough to make him tear up. He couldn't begin to imagine what would happen if a friend, or even less likely, a lover, showed him physical affection.

He lets out a depressing sigh, "You're right." Katansei scratches the back of his neck. "I really should have, but you did something that no one in this village has ever done for me besides my mom and dad. As far as I know."

She tilts her head, "Oh? What would that be?"

"You gave me a chance." He answers, his face flushing red, "So I wanted to give you one too."

"Giving me a chance?" She smiles, "I can't say for sure I understand your situation, but I do appreciate it either way." She gives a small bow.

Suddenly, a little girl shouts down the street, "Junko! Junko! I've been looking everywhere for you!" Looking over, the two see an odd-looking blonde fairy speeding toward them.

Her 'dress', if Katansei could even call it one, is decorated to the brim with red and white stripes. The other half of the 'dress' is blue with white stars scattered across it. He couldn't help but wonder how his mom would react to seeing this.

Junko greets her, "Hello Clownpiece, did something happen?" The fairy stops just in time to avoid crashing into the older woman.

Clownpiece adjusts her jester hat, the bells on it jingling, "What happened!? You're late for dinner! Me and Boss have been waiting for YEARS now!" She shouts as if they are still far from her.

Junko raises an eyebrow. "Dinner? I thought Hecatia was visiting Eintei today."

The fairy's jaw drops. "Today?! No, no, no! That's tomorrow!" She grabs Junko's hand and tries to drag her "Come on! I'm dying here, Boss said we're not eating until your there!"

Katansei cocks his head at the scene before him. "I thought fairies didn't need to eat."

The little girl lets go of the women's hand, flies up to him, and grabs his head, "You can't let common sense get in the way of what you want, man! The only way you can live your life is if you liberate yourself from your sanity! Are you picking up what I'm putting down?" She asks, hitting their foreheads together as he stares into her pink eyes.

"That's enough, Clownpiece." Junko grabs the fairy's neck and says, "I'm sorry for her behavior, Douro. She has a habit of doing this." She bows and tilts her hand down to make Clownpiece bow as well.

"Sorry about that, Sir!" She raises her hand to her forehead and salutes.

Katansei rubs the sore spot. "Yeah, no problem, just try not to headbutt me again, okay?"

"No promises!" Junko tightens her grip on Clownpiece. "Erh, I mean, Yes sir, sorry sir!"

The older woman straightens up. "It seems I'll have to be going now. It was nice talking to you, Douro." She gives a small smile.

Katansei bows in appreciation. "It was nice talking to you, Junko." He says, "And you too, Clownpiece, I guess."

The fairy waves with enthusiasm, "Bye, sir! If you're looking for freedom; come see me at the red and white shrine!"

"See you then." Junko turns around and walks away, still holding Clownpiece around her neck.

As Junko leaves, Shiage comes out of the store with a bag of spices, "Is everything okay, Kata? I heard a girl shouting and..." She stops as she looks up at her boy, "K-Kata! You took off your blindfold!" She whispers in concern.

The young hunter forgets and rushes to pull his blindfold back up. "Ach! Sorry about that, mom. I was talking to this lady who wanted me to take it off." He explains

Her eyes were wide enough that Katansei thought they would pop out: "Who was it!? Was it an outsider?" She grabs her son's arm and begins walking back home. While her son couldn't see them, Shiage could see the dirty looks being thrown their way.

"She's not human, that's for sure." He responds as he feels her arm interlocking with his tighten "She was nice though. I think you would like her."

Shiage hums to herself, but then an idea strikes her: "What if she's the one who saved you?" She asks

His eyebrow furrowed. "Saved me?"

"Yeah! The hooded figure who saved you from the yamanba!" She lowers her tone.

'Oh, mountain gods, please give me strength. The day hasn't even ended, and I already forgot about my lie.' He thinks to himself, "W-Who knows? Maybe she did, maybe she didn't."

"It has to be! She must have wanted to check if you were okay." She gasps, "Did you get her name? What did she look like?"

Katansei begins sweating under the collar. "Her name is Junko, and she looks like royalty, but come on, mom, we can't just assume it was her." He says.

She frowns. "Well, what about her voice, Kata? Did they sound the same at least?"

"I don't know, mom," Frustration seeps through his voice, "and I would appreciate it if we dropped it because I would like to forget that happened." He says, his grip on his hama yumi tightening.

Shiage winces from the tone of his voice. "Oh, I'm sorry, Katansei. I mistook you being calm as being well." She says, rubbing his hand. "I didn't mean to trouble you."

Katansei sighs, self-consciousness weighs heavily on him, knowing this wouldn't have happened if he had told the truth. Too bad the truth is worse than his lie. "It's alright, mom. I was scared when it happened. I guess I wanted to look tough for you."

His mom chuckles, "That reminds me of what your father told me when we first went out." Katansei perks his head. "He told me, "Woman, look tough against predators! Not your loved ones!" She mimics his rough voice.

A pang of guilt drives his stomach. "Yeah, I'll try to be more honest." He gives a weak smile that Shiage takes note of it.

"By the way, mom," He says, trying to lighten the mood. "I'm going to need to replace this blindfold soon since it's starting to show its age." He turns his head to give his mom a better view of it.

Shiage frowns at the sight. "So you'll be going to the Hakurei Shrine then? Are you sure you want to go back outside after that encounter with the wild yokai?" She asks

Katansei nods, "I'll be fine, mom. What happened there was a mistake on my part. It won't happen again."

"If that's the case... before you come back, could you get the doctor to check that cut on your neck, Kata? I'm concerned if it can get infected." Shiage requests

"Of course, I can do that too." He says, leaning his head over to her

"Thank you, sweetie." She says, resting her head against his.

The young hunter thinks to himself, 'I didn't get much out of Junko, but the same thing could be said about me too.' He ponders on what
Clownpiece said as well. 'She said 'Boss' was going to Eintei tomorrow. I could possibly see her while I have my check-up for that little wound I have thanks to Nemuno. Also, that fairy said she would be at the red and white shrine. Does she mean the Hakurei Shrine?'

'Walking to either place from the village will take a while, and if I include the distance between the Hakurei Shrine and Eintei... I think it will be safe to say I won't see both the 'Boss' and Clownpiece on the same day.'

[] Go to the shrine first

[] Go to Eintei first
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[X] Go to the shrine first
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[X] Go to the shrine first

been gone for a while and now a capcha a long ass one at that?
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Voting is closed! Off to the shrine and don't forget to donate!

>>28872 Welcome back. Hope you enjoy mine and other writer's story!
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Shame, I really wanted to see more junko, it’s rare for her or clownpiece to be featured, and interesting to see them have lives outside of moon vengeance. Guess I should have voted sooner.
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File 165215070888.jpg - (23.32KB, 450x270, th-935848678.jpg)
The full moon looms over the cloudless sky, casting an eerie pale light below. Its light was too dim to be helpful, but only enough for the shadows to play with a person's mind. The child does not care as he continues chasing his father through the dense forest, giggling without concern about the dark world. They were supposed to hunt some vermin, but the son decided it could wait and badgered his father into playing. He complies, as he always does. Chasing his dad was difficult as his body felt sluggish, and the steps he took never made much of a difference. He couldn't remember how long he had been playing chase with his father nor when he stopped having fun. Was it weeks? Months? Years? Or maybe an eternity for all he knows. What made it worse was the orange fox that was always in the corner of his eyes. It never did anything to him, but the child knows it can outrun him with minimal effort. But since it didn't attack him, he didn't care and continued chasing his dad.

Then he sees a figure in the distance, the back of a large man in familiar hunting gear. It's his father! At long last, he could see his father again! The son shouts at him, trying to get his attention, but he does not respond. Worse, his heavy body becomes worse as he trips over an uprooted part of a tree. The fox stops behind him and watches as the boy crawls towards his father. He calls out to his dad, asking him if they can go back home now. His father still didn't respond, and as the boy slowly gets near, he wonders if he did anything wrong to anger him. That idea sends a surge of energy through his body, obliterating whatever slowed him down. He jumps up to his feet and sprints. The son screams his throat out for his dad, desperately hoping it will be enough to get his attention. Then he sees a reaction; his father's head shifts, and he begins turning around. At last! They can finally be together again after so long!

The boy stops smiling when he sees his father's face. A look of remorse in his bloodshot eyes and shedding tears. His cheeks contain no fat, making him look more like a skeleton than a man. The father kneels to his son's height and opens his arms wide for an embrace. While confused, the boy ran forward, still wanting to be with his dad and still hoping for a peaceful life. He jumps into his dad's arms and closes his eyes in anticipation of his large, burly arms wrapping around him. It never came.

He hits the ground in shock and rolls his body over, confused about how he missed, but to his horror, he didn't. His father has a large hole through his stomach down to his waist, and his body is becoming translucent. Sparkling lights from the edges of the gaping hole floated to the moon. As if it's taking his father away from him. The boy could do nothing but stare as his father wept goodbye, asking his son for forgiveness. His body eventually disappears into stardust. Confused and scared, the boy calls for his father in a hushed tone, but it goes unheard due to the earsplitting cackles coming from the fox.

The sun rises and greets Katansei with its radiant light and is greeted back with an annoyed mumbling as he tries to wake up. The young hunter instinctively feels over the new hair that his mother cut before bed. A simple cut since the previous one from Nemuno was uneven.

"What an awful dream..." He wipes a smidgen of tears from his eyes.

Knowing that he's visiting the shrine to speak to the maiden, he puts on formal clothing and a decent chunk of his allowance for donation purposes. While he does not know what kind of god the Hakurei God is, nor is he sure they have done anything for the village, he figures it's better to be safe than sorry. He grabs his hama yumi and his quiver but finds that there are fewer arrows than he recalls. Katansei shrugs it off as misremembering the exact amount and straps the quiver to his back. He inspects his bow to make sure that nothing is out of order. Now satisfied, he exits his room and checks on his mom while being careful with how much weight he puts on his feet to avoid the creaking wood. He taps on the door but hears no response and assumes she's still asleep. Katansei knew that his mother's sleep schedule was more akin to an owl than a morning bird due to her occupation and to who she sells. Marrying an infamous man and being the mother of Katansei tanked her relationship with her fellow villagers forcing her to sell her self-made clothing at night for yokai since they either did not know or care.

Katansei didn't know how to feel about the idea that if it weren't for the yokai, beings whose sole purpose is to be feared by humans, he and his mother would be homeless. He shelves the thought to the back of his mind and leaves, still careful to avoid disturbing Shiage from waking up.

Morning in the village is the most troubling time for Katansei. The people were wide awake and alert, unlike the late peaceful afternoon when everyone was preparing to head back home to sleep. Merchants were out hollering their wares, trying to outshout each other to bring in potential customers, making it hard for Katansei to listen to passersby. The smell of food cooking in the air tempts his nose to follow, making his stomach grumble since he skipped breakfast. All this brimming energy of a village in peace, but he could not be a participant in the environment or else risk ruining it for everyone.

"Hey, Douro!" Of course, even with his blindfold on, he ruins it anyway. "What happened to your hair?"

Katansei recognizes the voice. Not someone he knows, but a child who's been getting cocky over the fact that the young hunter can't see while in the village. It's been going on for weeks now, and he wouldn't mind finding a way to scare the boy from bothering him again.

He ignores the younger boy's sneering tone, "I got ambushed by a wild yokai and got lucky." He continues walking.

"Maybe if you weren't stalking one of the girls, it wouldn't happen!" Katansei grits his teeth, not wanting to start a fight first thing in the morning.

He stops and turns to where he heard the voice coming from. "I was not! Listen, kid, I've had enough of your antics, pester me anymore and you'll regret it." He warns, raising his voice to make sure everyone nearby hears him.

"Real scary! Too bad I'm over here, you blind pervert!" The younger boy's voice is now coming from his left.

Now seeing that the boy was just taking advantage of his blindness, the young hunter drops the conversation and continues walking in the direction outside of the village. The jeering boy still follows him, but after a solid minute of next to no responses, he gives up and goes away. The sound of merchants shouting shrinks away and the smell of food cooking lessens and is replaced by the morning dew of the forest, a signal to the young hunter that it's safe to take off his blindfold.

'Hopefully, the other villagers will tell the brat's parents that their son is being stupid.' Katansei thinks to himself.

Inside the forest again, this time not for food but as passing through made it a different experience for him. He didn't focus on anything particular as he wanted to admire the scenery. Although he still plucks the string of his hama yumi to ward off any mischievous or dangerous yokai from getting near. The forest has some similarities to the village, such as putting Katansei in a cautious state, but differs as there was a feeling of freedom being here thanks to not needing to wear a blindfold. As he treks through the messy road leading to the shrine, perhaps of his spirituality, he could feel something off.

A familiar voice echoes in his head. "You noticed too, eh, Kata?" The being's voice sounds like an old man's. "It seems the Hakurei God is frustrated with the lack of followers. By the way, had enough with your long hair?"

Katansei nods, "Yeah, I don't know what it is, but it's an unpleasant feeling." He says, "It's been a while since we talked, Shinno, and let's ignore the hair for now, please."

Shinno Jin has been with Katansei for as long as he can remember; he is an imaginary friend who has stood by his side no matter the situation. It was after his father left Gensokyo; that time with the older gentleman lessens, but not completely gone. He didn't question it, as he recalled many kids talking about their imaginary friends and having full conversations with them, so he assumed he was in the same boat too. As of now, it's almost been a week since Katansei talked with Shinno.

"Sorry about that. Although I do have good news." The old man says, "I have a feeling that it'll be much easier for us to chat now."

The younger man's eyes widen. "Seriously!? That's awesome, but why?" He asks

"As I said, it's just a feeling." He repeats. "Anyway, why are we heading there, Kata?"

He points to his old blindfold. "I'm changing these since they're about to break." He stops at the base of the hill.

Katansei looks up at the large fleet of stairs up the hill and takes a deep breath. He takes his first step, and as he goes higher up the stairs, he notices that his worries begin to lessen. Each step taken is a step further away from his reality. Katansei wonders if his father had these same feelings when he was forced to leave Gensokyo. Then it dawned on him that climbing these steps made him feel that he was leaving and going somewhere different. He knew he should feel anxious about such a revelation, but like his other negative emotions, it left his body faster than it could fester inside of him. His original objective of coming to the shrine is unchanged, but it was close to being replaced by a child-like sense of freedom.

"Is this what the fairies and the children at the village feel?" He asks himself

"I've never been a child, so I can't say for sure." Shinno comments

Reaching the top of the staircase and stepping through the red torri gate, Katansei sees the Hakurei Shrine in all its grandeur. It... isn't much. The shrine itself is fine nothing wrong with it, but any sign of luxury is non-existent. He finds it strange that this shrine, which is vital to Gensokyo, his world, and rumored as an infested hot spot for yokai, is a rather quaint little place. On top of the shrine, he sees her, Reimu Hakurei, the Shrine Maiden of Paradise, shoveling snow off the roof of her house. Katansei stares in amazement at the sight. A person whose duty is to protect humans is just living her life as she sees fit instead of having the leash of duty pulling her to do what she must.

Here, doing what everyone else was doing back in the village. It's as if the expectations of others weigh nothing on her.

'No, she's not even bothering to carry them!' Katansei's heart skips a beat; his face flushes red. 'She is free from it all like she can float away, and no one would be able to chain her down...'

He hears Shinno sighing, "Whew boy, I knew the day would come, but it still didn't make it easier for me." The young man remains silent. "Focus, Kata! Remember why you are here before the girl catches you staring!"

This disrupts Katansei's stupor. "Wha?! Wait hold on, how should I introduce myself?" He whispers, "Should I make a donation first, or would that look strange? Maybe saying 'hi' would be better, but what if greeting her first is a sign of disrespect?"

"Don't whisper you, idiot, you're going to look suspicious!" Shinno reprimands, "Look, Kata, I'll support any decision you make, but I don't think it's a good idea to try to start a relationship with this one."

"Why not?" Katansei asks in his head, trying to look casual as he walks to the temizuya, a fountain with a built-in dragon statue where the water comes out.

"The number of bad rumors about this girl dwarfs how much you have." He says as Katansei grabs the ladle resting on the side of the fountain. "If those dirty hicks back home catch wind of this, it's going to be all the harder for you and your mother."

The young man rinses his left hand with the wooden ladle. "Who says they'll find out though." He switches hands and rinses his right hand.

"Are you ignoring that tengu and her accursed Bunbunmaru Newspaper? She's interviewed and written about the shrine maiden on multiple occasions!" The old man points out.

Katansei rolls his eyes as he switches hands again. "Oh please, she could write an article demonizing me, and there's a good chance it would improve my relationship with the villagers." He pours water on his left and swallows it to rinse his mouth.

"Hakurei Maiden in a secret relationship! Is it a boy or girl!?" Shinno exclaims as Katansei's face becomes red as a tomato, spitting the water from the side with more force out of reflex.

"That's stupid!" Katansei whispers, checking at the corner of his eye to see if the shrine maiden heard him, fortunately, she seems focused on her shoveling.

"It's too big to ignore! People will be asking questions, and you know it." He reasons, "I'm telling you, Kata, it is you, me, and your mother against the world. You can't afford any risks."

The young man knew that his imaginary friend was trying to help him out in his way, and he did have a legitimate reason to be concerned about it. However, maybe it's his youthfulness, but Katansei wanted to risk it. Even if nothing comes out, that's still one more person who's by his side, and this person, in particular, would know what it's like being falsely accused. The thought of having a friend of a similar age who understood him is too much to ignore. Just friends, of course.

[] Take Shinno's advice
[] Respectfully decline Shinno's advice

Time remaining: ::Timer ended at: 2022/05/16 (Mon) 06:00

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>>28874 Don't worry you'll have more opportunities to see them. I'll also be extending when voting end since school will be starting shortly!
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[X] Respectfully decline Shinno's advice

Gotta network, man. Also, Shinno's gonna get little trust until we have him for more than one update.
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[x] Respectfully decline Shinno's advice

Sorry mate, but socializing with people is likely in our character's best interest.
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