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File 141481531215.jpg - (48.00KB, 700x600, Nominally Accurate.jpg) [iqdb]
“I want a house.”

It was cool by the lake of blood. There were no clouds, and the moon was missing. It would be for a couple more nights before it began creeping back out of its own shadow. Or something like that. Until then, only the light of the stars was there to break the darkness. Did a poor job of it, but it didn’t need to do much more. Youkai eyes and all.

“Actually, no. I want a mansion. I can’t have them showing me up, after all.”

Kurumi was in good form after her meal. The topic of homes and lakes and vampires hadn’t come up during their dinner, but it didn’t matter. She’d found her way to the topic on her own, and now there probably wouldn’t be an end to it until twilight came and shoved the vampire back underground. Annoying.

Well, there was leaving, but it would take her even longer to drop it the next time.

“I don’t think you need to be worrying about that.” The surface of the lake rippled slightly as my feet brushed against it. I wouldn’t bother most nights, since blood’s a pain to get off if you get too much on, and the lake stinks if you break it. But I wasn’t really dipping in, and I was restless anyway. Maybe a touch nervous. Kurumi getting ideas is bothersome at best.

“No? Well, I suppose you’re allowed.” She fluttered over, landing just beside me. Sort of. She was doing that thing where she wasn’t actually supporting any weight with her feet. Why bother when you can just float a little? “You don’t have to maintain your image.”

“You don’t have to either, you know.” It wasn’t as if there was anyone watching. Ever.
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"Well duh, Vampire, symbol of sexual contamination."
[x] – Don’t: Nope.
[x] - Rumia's just jealous. She can get her hug later.
[ ] – Don’t: Nope.
[ ] - Rumia's just jealous. She can get her hug later.

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File 136947148916.jpg - (42.65KB, 502x376, knifepistol.jpg) [iqdb]
Thread one: >>28011


[X] Dignified surrender - It's over, might as well get out when you can with some face left.
Sorry guys, I have to discount this option in light of us failing to realize all the danmaku grenade effects in the last segment, and because if we were going to surrender, we would have used a plain old painkiller. Also, as this is literally just a play-fight, the MC really has no reason to not go for broke. A subverted vote such as this SHOULD not happen again.

[x] Bayonet Run


Thirty seconds...

You drop the MAT-49 and the air rifle, as well as most of the grenades on your belt, leaving just the two thermobarics and a single acid bomb in. Turning towards Futo, you grin as you draw your pistol with your left hand and the knife with your right. Before she can react, you charge, clearing the relatively small distance between you two with normally superhuman speed and vaulting over the prow of the boat, firing off orb shots with your M1911 all the way. In a lunging maneuver, you swing the knife towards her jugular vein, missing as she quickly ducks and counters with a punch in the stomach, knocking you overboard and back onto the ground. Her sword, for whatever reason, seems to have disappeared.

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[x] 1 kg of Semtex
[x] 1 kg of Semtex
You can't say Semtex without SEX
Oh wait...
[c] 1 kg of Semtex

Why would a medical student need 1kg of Semtex? Unless he's going to do what I don't want to think about with it.

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File 140219235372.jpg - (128.89KB, 850x850, Professor.jpg) [iqdb]
"....And before you all go, I'd just like to remind you that your term papers are due next time we meet. No fewer than twenty pages, remember! This is worth a quarter of your final grade, so take it seriously!" You professor proceeds to glare fiercely at your classmates, as they chat amongst themselves and pack their things up.

Very few of them take note, and even fewer really care.

...You, however, are on the verge of panic. Since, you know. This is literally the first time you've ever heard of this paper at all.

...And holy shit, if you lose that many points off your grade, your scholarship's sunk. ...And if you lose your scholarship, and end up having to go home...

'Literal murder' would probably be a good description of your family's reaction. They never were very accepting of failure. To say the least.

Your head strikes the surface of your desk with a loud thud, as you take a moment and allow your self-pity to consume you. You're going to need to go on the run. Change your name, leave the country, maybe work on a freighter for a while. As long as you don't use your real name, and switch ships a couple times, it'll be pretty hard to track you down. Maybe one day, they'll stop looking for you...

"...Um, are you alright?" A concerned voice breaks into your reverie, as your father's agents finally locate your new family, living under an assumed name.

"...what?" You ask, dully, lifting your face to meet the worried gaze of your professor.
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[x] Lean on the door. That way when you inevitably pass out the Professor will still get the paper. It's brilliant!
[x] Sitting down, at least, will be okay...
-[x] Put the paper in plain sight on the desk, just in case.

More blantantly obvious
File 140912415966.gif - (1.99MB, 315x217, OP will deliver.gif) [iqdb]

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File 140274897330.jpg - (92.26KB, 840x480, YuyukoStage.jpg) [iqdb]
Orders, orders. Always bloody orders. Deliver this, break that. Never time to rest, never time to reflect. Only those insistent orders.

Your current orders were to infiltrate the building, carefully edit some data in their database, and return home unobserved.

It had almost gone perfectly. Getting in had been a trivial matter of engineering multiple 'false' alarms, and then waiting for the security to leave. The actual hacking was child's play compared to what you were capable of, but an unfortunate spark had caused a fire and you had been spotted escaping the burning building.

Hiding in the forest on the outskirts of the city, the sounds of the search all around you. The security firm apparently wants me dead, while the police want me for arson of all things. Just wonderful. Right now being anywhere else seems like a good idea, and with that thought lingering in my head I feel a pull through a place that should not be before tumbling out onto a misty riverbank. As the rift snaps shut I feel my connection to the outside cut, and my vision begins to fade. The last thing I see is the river rise to meet me, and sparks echo in the blankness of my head.

My last order rises in my memory. Return home.


I pick myself up off the cold damp ground, and brush the dirt and stones off face.

Looking around in the darkness, I see shapes begin to form as my vision adapts. Neat gaps between perfectly trimmed shrubs, shadows of cherry trees rising proud over islands of vegetation.
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[ ] Follow Yuyuko.
- ( ) Stop her from eating everything.
- ( ) Pester her on what being dead entails.

Speed isn't everything in a story. Hopefully the next one's better. Though it's off to a rough start (Outside of certain comics, Black hole stomachi Yuyuko went out of style some time back)

Thanks for the advice.
I'll keep it in mind.
[x] Follow Youmu outside.
- (x) To talk.
(x) To help

It's possible to do both and it would make her more likely to be helpful with her answers

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File 138293169481.png - (1.31MB, 1280x720, Except No Crowds.png) [iqdb]
Being a second son really isn’t as bad as it’s made out to be.

Ichiro, he has First Son Things he has to do. He has to learn to smelt. He has to learn to forge. He has to learn to track requests, and inventory, and accounts. Poor guy has to inherit.

You, on the other hand, are simply expected to avoid bringing shame on the family. If you wanted, you could study alongside your brother, or train to join the village guard, or work at old Murata’s noodle cart. Hell, if you didn’t have a dream to chase, you would be working at old Murata’s cart for sure; the old man doesn’t have any heirs, and it would be a shame to let his accumulated expertise with bowl and broth simply go to waste when age finally catches up with him.

A damn shame. That old fogey is a culinary miracle worker. His kitsune udon is so unbelievably delicious that you’ve actually had conversations with youkai over it. Terrifyingly powerful youkai, at that.

Maybe if he’s still around when you’ve secured eternity for yourself, you can learn his recipes.

But that’s the important part, isn’t it? It’s the reason you didn’t learn the ways of the noodleman (shame it’s not the time for one more bowl), the reason you aren’t studying steel (making it or breaking it, they still come down to the same thing), the reason you left home (hopefully there will be time to write to mother and father) and made your way here. To these gates that are nowhere and everywhere, appearing and disappearing with a pattern and schedule that few understand. The way the said it, figuring out where to find the damn things was the first test for prospective apprentices.

It’s a good thing the residents of the gate’s other side announced themselves to Gensokyo. You doubt your family would have reacted well had you sought assistance from the scattered magicians of the land, or those strange Buddhist monsters.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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"I can have this done quickly," I said. "One week will do the trick," I said.

Not when I vastly underestimated how long I would be in Chicago with relatives, I can't.
understandable with the summer and all.
So we dead or what?

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File 13819503997.png - (1.58MB, 1429x548, war.png) [iqdb]
[x] Scout the mountain's damages

"No, sorry. I got something to do." Marisa makes a bit of a face at you, that seems to signify that it can't be helped.

"Ah, well, that's okay then. I had some questions to ask ya, but that can wait I suppose. But hey, next time you got some free time, swing by my place in the magic forest and let's talk a bit, okay?" You're not entirely sure as to why the witch is interested in you, but you give a quick nod before seeing her off. You're left to your own devices now.

You'd like to tell Yukari about what happened, but you feel as if she would be indifferent to it, making the action meaningless in the end. If she isn't going to do anything about it, you may as well try in her stead. You have a lot of things you'd like to investigate here, but first thing's first, you need to check what kind of damages the mountain has incurred. The demon swarm seemed to have been ignoring most of the landscape, but you did witness a catastrophic battle between the horde and the many tengu that you assumed lived here. It's obvious what happened to those who opposed the raging hellstorm, nothing could stand up to such might all at once. Though you're certain they slowed much of it down, which helped you and Reimu deal with the onslaught for a while, you're positive that the tengu and any others who fought here lost. If you're lucky, maybe you can find a few survivors and help them.

As you start making your way down the mountain, your worst fears are confirmed. You didn't think the demons had any interest in the mountain themselves, but the many people who fought back against the blanket of darkness inadvertently turned the mountain into a torn up battlefield that more closely resembles a wasteland then any of the previous beauty of Gensokyo. Along the way you walk past the ruins of several encampments, many fallen trees and broken rocks, signs of battle and desperate struggle, and worst of all, plenty of dead bodies. What irks you most is that only a scant few belong to the demons that flew overhead. Many of the corpses you see appear human... but you
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 [Reply to this thread]
Really, what do you want me to say? I thought it was really obvious that I have no idea what even happened to my own writing between then and now. I do not understand the criticism of Ran, because when I look at how I wrote her now, it's literally no different from how I wrote her before, she just never got the chance to show any emotive responses now. The 'interesting arc' was something people pressured me into finishing because they felt there was no plot behind it and I personally agreed with them. That arc was to be nothing more then basic interaction between Satoya and the Yakumo family and after so long of a training arc, no one really wanted it.

As for the demon attack and the mysterious dream, no one waited long enough to see where it went. I can understand the demon attack, I definitely could have fleshed out how that happened better, but I got one update into the dream before everyone got fed up with my shit rather then being curious and waiting to see how it played out, to understand what kind of relevance it has to Yukari. Maybe it was a little too vague, but I'm getting absolutely no credit anymore, and I'm just expected to be messing up every update. If I had known that the bar that separates the barely tolerated writers from the writers driven off the site was raised while I was gone, I wouldn't have chanced coming back after that hiatus, because I already knew I straddled that bar dangerously before then.

So there you go, most of the criticisms I see all amount to "I don't know what changed between then and now." I don't see how my writing changed. This is why I said I was blind. But instead of understanding, people think I'm being a whiny bitch instead, and I'm just being led into thinking that no one likes me anymore and this is their way of driving me off the site. Maybe that's over reacting but I'm not being given any breaks, even outside of my writing, and I can't necessarily say that's going to help me improve, though I think I've already given up on that. I would say anyone here coul
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
After several months of not looking at this site and this story and I find it abandoned as well. Sigh, I actually liked this one too, even after the hiatus and I had followed this from 2nd thread or so. sure I may not be voting that often but still.

While I do agree that the demon attack was maybe a bit too hasty, I did see it as satoya's own inner development and validation for all the training, plus a start for an arc with a lot of depth to it and so far it's just barely started and we saw mere glimpses of hints that would most likely tie in later.

Readers on this site really are pretty impatient and whiny? "Ran isn't warm enough", expecting her to be such all the time even during more mundane scenes. Granted I did get the slightly colder feel to her, but it's not like she was ice. Or "is that it?" when the demon attack part ended. To me it seemed that it was just a short part of an arc, but apparently some didn't see it as such, maybe that caused some irritation as there was no clear foreshadowing that it'll continue?

Personally I dislike dream sequences, but I'm always willing to see what they have to tell. the only reason I dislike these is due to the fact that about half the time it's just useless goofing with nothing to em, but this one clearly smelled of plot or background.

I personally don't see the "choices kill off experimenting", only thing I see is that they are a bit...similar often "go to ran" "go to chen" "go to yukari" "do something on your own". in the previous arc/ this arc, you should've brought more characters at a slightly faster pace and added a bit of these moments into those updates? in any case, maybe hinting of bigger things faster might've helped instead of abridging a bit too much. Oh well, in any case this post was basicly made just to say that I liked the story and too bad it's gone now.
Sukima, if you're still around and still keeping an eye on this thread.

Would it be possible to take contact with you, as I'd like to ask you for some notes on your characters.
Further, I'd like to ask if you'd be willing to spend some time reviewing some of my own notes for an upcoming story. I'm asking you specifically because I noticed enough similarities in our stories to make it apparent. This plus the fact I quite enjoyed the story would make your input appreciated.

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File 137338072148.png - (1.92KB, 200x200, qrcode_14340431.png) [iqdb]
“It's very nice of the two of you to take me in,” you say, “even temporarily.”

The girl across the table from you stares. Her eyes glow with a color you are almost sure should not come from any human being's eyes. Then again, you're almost sure this girl isn't human, though she might just be mutated, the subject of some malicious ritual, or any other of a variety of things. A curve travels down her tails, like a message sent across a pair of tin can telephones—one duplicate, in case of limp string or cut wire. She says nothing, only fixes you against the wall behind you with that unearthly gaze.

You think you would like the other woman to come back soon. She seemed nicer, even if she did have more tails.

“So, I didn't catch your name,” you say, in an effort at admittedly meaningless conversation. Anything would be better than awkward silence, you suppose.

You are wrong. The gaze intensifies. You are the plague-bearing insect pinned to the card point. You are the first hint of water damage against a white wall. You are the embarrassing childhood photograph taken in the moment your eyes were closed. You really don't like that photograph.

The girl doesn't seem to like it, either. “I didn't tell you my name,” she hisses, and the two of you lapse into silence. You're silently debating with yourself whether it would be worth the risk to ask her if you've offended her when the other woman returns.

“I apologize for keeping you waiting,” she says, although her stone-faced expression casts doubt on the presence of any actual sorrow—which is not to say you can glean nothing from her countenance. Her gaze is just as sharp as her less-tailed companion's, but in a different way. If you are the insect, she is the entomologist. “What did you say your name was, again?”

The girl's head swivels away from you with a rapidity reached only by the most aerodynamic of spinning teacups.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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They're encoded quotes from various works by well-known authors like D H Lawrence, William S Burroughs, and Ray Bradbury.
[x] Go see what Ran's doing, and see if you can help.
Oh, huh. I forgot to actually vote. Well, just to have another option:

[x] Take a walk around the house.

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File 131164808714.jpg - (271.58KB, 850x1200, sample-6abd365cfdf467740a26e9984d3c649a.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Calm down, try to find her through other senses

Ugh, no, you can't get too worked up, no matter how much your body may want to. You close your eyes and try to calm yourself down. Your hearing is obviously not going to work in your favor anymore, and your sight isn't doing much good. It's time to rely on a special sense that you've felt since coming here. The aura that Chen emits, that peripheral vision marking the Yakumo family that you don't necessarily see, but can feel. With Chen so close to you, it's difficult to pin point where Chen is exactly, but after a brief moment, you think you got it. It becomes astonishingly clear the moment Chen opens fire on you once again.

With a quick slash, the bullets are blocked. All of them deflect harmlessly upon your spear. You got it. But the battle isn't over. More bullets approach you from the side. Those get blocked too. More bullets are fired and consequently vanquished in the blink of an eye. You're getting the hang of this, but you're finding it harder and harder to control that burning, fiery sensation in your chest. That feeling that's lighting your body on fire. It seems that no matter how much you may want to cool down, your body continues heating up like an out of control forest fire.

It needs to end. Now.

"Is Satoya wising up? Come on, catch Chen!"

You can see her. The brighter the fire burns, the more obvious Chen's aura becomes. She shifts through the trees at remarkable speed. But it's a predictable pattern. It isn't long until...

"Hah! Ah...huh? Sato--"

Chen's bullets had hit nothing. She stopped for a brief second to wonder and try and pin point your location.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[x] Scout the mountain's damages
[x] Report back to Yukari by saying her name aloud until she appears.
[x] Take Marisa up on her offer

Since he sort of disobeyed general orders, he might as well enjoy it before the toungue lashing.
[x] Scout the mountain's damages.

Eh, not keen on returning to Yukari.

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File 137390375324.jpg - (537.06KB, 612x800, Yummy yummy mochi.jpg) [iqdb]
Among many of the curious facts surrounding the figure of Prince Shotoku, one of the least known of all is that he acquired a profound liking for mochi in his final years of life. When he proposed to create a Society of Rice Cakes and Sweets, the then Emperor of Japan asked his wife for advice. Soga no Tojiko, experienced at cooking all kinds of desserts, pastries and other kinds of food, said this to her husband:

"My husband, there have been many a cook who had excelled in the art of making sweets. Especially if we speak of mochi, for the quality of the cook who tryeth to make such a popular dessert can be easily surveyable by anyone. Therefore, I advise thou to halt pondering on the matter of that Society of Cakes, if thou still hath a spock of self-esteem left in thee."

On the other hand, Prince Shotoku's most esteemed friend, Mononobe no Futo, was also against his lord's sudden interest in learning how to cook sweets, and about the same time he sent a letter to the Emperor:

"My friend, I humbly ask thee to abandon thine idea of becoming a cook. It is fairly probable that my prejudices are clouding my sight, but sadly they do not lull my palate."

At this point, Prince Shotoku was forced to choose between his reputation as the Emperor of Japan and his newfound passion for cooking, and he picked the latter. Unfortunately for both. He dedicated his remaining life to master the art of making mochi, and to avoid conflicts with his wife and his friend, he decided to use a pen-name: Prince Shotaku. Soga no Tojiko got wind of this and sent another letter to her husband:

"My husband, if thou usest that pseudonym, everybody will know that not only I am married to a talentless cook, but I am also the wife of an idiot who may have an attraction to young children."

Prince Shotoku admitted that Tojiko was in the right once again, and so he changed his alias: Toyosatomimi no Miko. This finally solved the problem with his wife and his friend, but was also the cause of many complaints and penal charges from seventy-three shrine maidens who did not want their holy profession to be associated in any way with th
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[x]Introduce yourselves loudly to the whole camp. She'll surely come to look.

Weeeeell since this story got bumped anyways, I'm just going to say that the rap battles filled me with so much pain that I was forced to skim through them. That must mean they were fantastic, and that you should write more updates because man, I don't see enough Miko around anywhere.
What's the story, Maese Luther? Did you get sick, abducted or dead? Are there plans for this story to continue?
You may as well ask the wind why it blows or the sun why it rises in the horizon every morning.

This story died, as many before it. So will other tales slowly vanish from the site and our minds. It's time to move on and enjoy other of our ongoing legends.

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File 134215188545.jpg - (322.85KB, 1333x1000, MApicthread2.jpg) [iqdb]
Thread 1: >>24467

The Clock:

The (x) after an option depicts how many units of time it will take to execute that option. Encounters differ with the period of time the protagonists are in as well as where they are at that specific time. Unless specified, all options are assumed to take one unit of time. Each "phase" contains two units of time.

The phases of time are: Dawn -> Sunrise -> Noon -> Sunset -> Dusk -> Moonrise -> Midnight -> Moonset -> Dawn -> ...


Unlike other stories, the protagonists' inventory is not a bag of holding. Don't think you can act like a packrat and take everything in tow; the story will specify whether you can take something or if you need to put something down in order to take the object in question with you.

This information is here so the reader knows what he/she is getting into when they choose an option. Thank you for reading this notice!
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[X] Head west to the castle and investigate.
[x] Head east to the temple and see if The Hakkero caught the bird.
[X] Head east to the temple and see if The Hakkero caught the bird.

Regarding the castle, I wonder if it's the SDM?

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