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Thread 24965 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 129671704022.jpg - (155.85KB, 1022x685, 82155ee6b599bfeb7af18ea7ad1ee69d.jpg) [iqdb]
A gray night pierces the sky and horizon with looming clouds above the world. So untouchable, so unreachable. You cannot touch the sky, only the realms of reaching within your grasp is within your possibility.

A mysterious calling beckons for you. In this sullen, gray night. You take 'it' and go. The woods are a maze, trees sprouting at random places, here and there. You take your sweet time, breathing in the surrounding air. You wish to fly, but there's only one thing preventing you from doing so.

No, that is wrong. It is precisely what keeps yourself from doing it in the first place. The only thing you wouldn't give up. But still, you long for the air that feels light, brushing your cheeks softly. Noises are made nearby in the forest, but you go on. The chatter of small youkai and the incessant scampering of young ones make a melody to your ears.

You pass upon a traveling bard. He nods your way, but you choose to ignore his recognition. Rather out of spite, you feel a small sense of pity to him. Music was perhaps his choice, a way of living you can say. But you chose to be, and that is how it came to existence. Music was your last thread, hanging onto dear life. It was you. You were the music. But you trade glances with the bard anyways. He smiles a smile, a weak one, yet all knowing. He probably has lived a tenth of yours, but that gaze of his showed a wisdom far greater than yours. Probably.

You part ways, both of you not stopping for anything but a glance between you and him. The gray night darkens to a sheer black, only the moon and stars guiding you to the place where you must go. And you have no idea of where you are going to, but you are sure you have to go there anyways. A calling, or maybe an urge.

A naive man once told you that talent was meaningless, if there wasn't a musical discipline to them. He also said the musical notations and sheets were the heart of the compositions. Out of spite, you lashed out of him. These emotions that you conveyed then are the emotions that convey music. Staves, bars, chords...they were all nothing to you. Music is whatever the hell it wants to be. So it will
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To be honest I don't have much time anymore. I'd really like to finish this, but I don't have time like I used to. When I get back home, it's usually 10 P.M. or later. I could write, but I'm afraid it won't turn out the way I want it to.

Sorry, but I'll put this on low priority before I can fix my schedule.
Bother with what? It's his choice whether he wants to drop the story or not. Really nothing to bother with. I would be sad if this story didn't get a proper ending since I really like it but I don't think I have a say in whether it does or does not.

I did want an update from the writer though since the last time we heard of him he said he was still working on an update.
Should have said that as opposed to saying "writing it to only past time so I'll drop it". If you just said "Putting this on hiatus until I get more time" would given a better impression.

Thread 25438 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 130510803348.jpg - (444.48KB, 1056x1500, She actually doesn\'t get enough love at all.jpg) [iqdb]
(Not actually a CYOA, nevertheless I just thought the world needs more pic related.)

The television crackled as she idly flicked through the many, many channels. They spill forth; Fragments of chatter, both mindless and intellectual and everywhere in between.
"Not a trace of the rift remains-" vwip "-ree quarters of humanity are still recovering from what we now know to be the mental assaul-" vwip "-to Earth, descending now to give gracious thanks-" vwip vwip vwip "-Return their hearts and let us sleep, she said-" vwip

"-A demon, twice and thrice named sent from Hell itself to lure us from the true path!" This seemed to catch her attention, holding back from tapping the remote.
"But Father, why did she save us all, then? Should we not feel grateful?"
The priest on-screen puffed up like an angry blowfish, readying a bellow.
"If we have been saved by her it is only so she can trap us in her nefarious plans, so that our souls are forfi-"
A thrown soda can interrupts the priest, who shys away from the badly aimed missile as the camera swung round to see where it came from. There they were, three or four young men and women taking off their jumpers and clothing to reveal their emblazoned t-shirts - the audience cheered as they saw the stylised purple slash with red ribbons at either end.
"Get bent, old man! She saved us all and I'd rather she had my soul and be in her plans rather than some stuffy old god! We all love Yukar-" vwip vwip vwip vwip vwip

No entertainment programs seemed to be running; not that unusual while the Great Emptiness had seized the world; but that was long past, nearly a month now. Had they forgotten how to make good TV shows?

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I know about Aya hate, and Sanae hate, but Yukari hate? Are you sure?
GAP BITCH LOLDURR. Just as with Aya/Sanae, nobody really hates her. They just repeat whatever minor meme they have on hand, same as with CROWSLUT DURPAHURPA.
Yep it's there. I seen anon refuse her assistance in a couple of stories just out of spite. And they relish the whole "Revenge on Yukari" plot threads that might come up.

Thread 24828 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 12942657612.jpg - (824.59KB, 750x900, Tokiko-charge.jpg) [iqdb]
With a heave you threw yourself against the mass of people, gesturing for Tokiko to follow as you forced your way in the direction of the stage area. If there was one thing you had learned in this goddamn game it was that one-on-one fights were far too hard to control for your liking. An alliance, even if just a temporary one, would swing this fight hard against the flying maid and frankly after she took a pot shot at Flandre you were in no mood to give her anything resembling a 'fair' fight. Hell, if you didn't think she would dodge or block it somehow you would have happily shot her in the back - or gone to hunt down her partner were it not for the fact that whoever it was could be hiding anywhere in the crowd and thus be almost impossible to find until it dispersed some more.

You snorted in annoyance. Given how more than a few of your opponents had played you wouldn't be too surprised if the maid's partner would be hiding out as far from the battleground as possible simply so they wouldn't be targeted. While you couldn't exactly fault the strategy you knew it wasn't one you could use yourself - you cared for Tokiko too much to leave her face an enemy alone. Flandre on the other hand... you needed to find somewhere for her to hide, somewhere close by but far enough away that she had could escape if things went badly. Had your sister been here you would have sent Flandre off to escape with her, but since you couldn't find her right now that wasn't an option.

Unfortunately there really wasn't many good hiding places that were not on or behind the stage itself so you had little choice but to let Flandre follow behind as you shoved your way through the crowd. Behind her came Tokiko who was making sure that the little blond girl wasn't swept away or knocked down by the panicking people heading in the opposite direction to your group. Despite the screaming and yelling filling the air you were more than able to pick out screams of a... different... kind. Screams of pain rather than fear, of people hit by the stray shots of the knife-like projectiles the maid was firing at the stage with almost reckless abandon. Hell, it was pretty
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You have no idea how happy you admitting this makes me. Most people just turn their backs, but you, you remembered to turn around and say goodbye. Thank you.

And it's totally cool, I had a falling out with your story as well~
I hope you come back sometime soon. We'll be waiting
We're still waiting.

Although I'm hurting too.

BFP's over, right? We're still here and we'd love to see you.

Thread 14761 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 123753686788.jpg - (63.15KB, 300x400, 1326225.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] "Eh, sure go right ahead"
[x] "Do you know where the Garden is?"

Yeah, it would be best to ask the maid on where to go, you have your doubts that you'll be able to find any place of interest to hang out at, let alone find your way back all on your own. You would question on how Luize would be able to find you, but then you realiz that not only does she have a better sense of direction but she also has the maids to let her know of where you went. In any case, you think the Garden would be a good place to head to at the moment, if Luize and Shinki took longer then you'd find some place else to go. "Eh, sure go right ahead." You reply casually with a slight shrug of your shoulders. "Do you know where the Garden is?"

"That I do," The maid replies, turning to the doorway below the right side of the stairway before she motions you to follow. "Come, this way." She instrsucts, now taking her leave with you right behind. The hallway down through this passage was a little less lavishly decorated as the main area was, you can spot several scenic paintings hanging on the walls but there was less funiture through this way, only the occasional table or two could count for such a thing and there really weren't that many. The inital walk is rather silent as you spend most of your time looking around the hallway.

It isn't until you pass north through a four-way in the hall that your attention is drawn to the maid as she suddenly speaks up. "So is this your first time in a castle?" The maid asks, perhaps as a way to break the silence between the two of you. "You seem quite interested in the scenery here."

"You can say that I guess, I've only been in a castle a few times in the past but most of the time I was out doing in the frontlines." You answer with your eyes still on the scenery which was now out of the hallway and into what seemed to be the Audience Room of the castle. There are also large windows on the west side of the wall, to which the sunlight of the evening sun bathes the room in it's warmth. The floor also looks exceptionally clean, so much so that you
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Malwarebytes and Spybots S>D on the side.

Malwarebytes didn't detect the threat I wanted it to remove, but it did get rid of a few others.
Malwarebytes isn't that good (if not exactly a virus itself!) and Spybot S>D is better against spyware than viruses.

AVG's a pretty good anti-virus.
AVG blows. Get Avast instead.

Thread 21754 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 127244054388.jpg - (1.86MB, 3162x2226, 0474001c3a2ccdfef5d34684a631337c.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Ran

"Ran, is it?" Yukari asks you a final time. You nod your head and she turns back to her shikigami. "Looks like you were chosen. Don't let me down~" Ran bows her head and steps forward.

"As you wish, Lady Yukari. Let's get started right away." You give Ran your own nod too and soon, places are taken. In front of the porch to the mansion, you and Ran put a great distance between each other, creating a large clearing. Yukari stands further off to the side of Ran, while Yuyuko and Youmu sit on the porch closer to your side, spectating.

"Here Ran, you will be using this." Yukari says, before calling forth a border under her hands to spit out a slow moving but peculiar white sphere. "Catch." She then tosses it gently over to Ran, who fumbles a bit before realizing the slow speed of the orb, which travels along it's course to Ran as if unhindered by gravity, not budging an inch downward and not slowing it's constant pace. Ran catches it and curiously looks back at her master.

"Lady Yukari, what is this?"

"You could say I picked it up from my many travels across boundaries. It is an interesting ball of matter that is completely inert, having no weight and no friction, thus it is unaffected by gravity." Ran lets go of it and to her surprise, the ball sits there floating in mid-air, unmoving. She pushes down lightly on it and it slowly moves towards the ground before bouncing lightly off it and back into her hands.

"So, if I were to throw this ball up, then..."

"It would never come back down~ Don't lose it now." Yukari then turns over to you, shouting at you. "Right, Satoya?!" Your focus is broken when Yukari calls attention to you.
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I'm setting up for an entirely new computer very, very soon. (about four hours from the time of this posting)

I'll try to update as soon as I can but don't expect anything for another day or so while I get this fucker set up and acquainted with me. If you know what I mean.
File 129914321174.jpg - (415.66KB, 600x600, hooray.jpg) [iqdb]
You're back!
First thread: >>17793
Previous thread: >>19480
Next thread: >>25218

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File 128458430396.jpg - (179.46KB, 800x721, sample-2f80bd675b045ea7ea4084522b4d0ad9.jpg) [iqdb]
Ok. This is my first CYOA and I finaly got the huevos to atempt it so heres hopeing it all goes well. Write ins are more then welcome.

part 1: Off the rails
Your name is Makenzie Stuart, archeologist by profession and today is definately a bad day for you. Right now you are on the roof of a speeding train locked in a stare down with the man across from you. Austrian in decent ,his name is Wilhelm Heinrich and he has an artifact that belongs to you. This is not the first time this mad nobleman has crossed your path. Infact he is a bit of a nemesis of yours. In his hand is a thick cloth wraped around a very dangerous artifact. The Sessho-seki. "I must thank you once again for bestowing such a wonderful gift upon me herr Mack. I'll be sure to put it to good use." He gives a sickening smirk. It's times like this you wish you could just strangle him. "It's your move now boy. Surely you won't let an old man like me win so easly?"
Indeed it is your turn...but what will you do?

[x] Pick 1 melee weapon.
[x] write in.
52 posts and 4 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
Your lungs thunder the card name "1st tail [ Will o' wisp storm]!" As she calls her own card.
" 2nd tail [Konoe's loyal confidant]." Her voice is less forceful and she seems very focused on the task at hand. You on the other hand almost lose focus as a surge of what feels like energy and vigor floods your body. You feel so alive. As if by instinct you understand how to wield this new power accordingly. As rings of light appear around her made of arcane runes you move your body fluidly like a trained martial artist and from the tip of your fingers pale blue flames start to appear in the air around you.
Slowly the flames start to move all seeming to aim for her position and rapidly accelerate as they progress. She makes minor adjustments to her position and the rune circles start to unleash a steady bombardment of spheres of light. They are golden yellow in color. You focus less on targeting her and more on avoiding the spheres. The duel is more like strange ballet then a battle between two people. Her attacks grow faster and more things are added to them as time goes on and you almost feel you might be overwhelmed.
Suddenly your concentration is broken by a sound not un-like shattering glass. You take a moment to look and see that her bullets seem to have vanished along with her rune circles. You feel a small increase in your overall power and proficiency over this curious new art. She chuckles lightly as you feel the power of your spell card fade.


Gained abilities!: Unfocused shots, Graze.

"Pretty impressive for a first time kid. Most people don't win their first duel."

She pauses for a moment. You both notice the fog is slowly encroaching in you both. "Well I suppose this is goodbye for now. Keep that stone close to you and I'll be able to remain in contact with you. I really hope you find what your looking for. " She smiles a bit sadly and fades. You are alone again but the stone feels somewhat warm now and that seems to bring you some comfort.

[X] Run into the
Message too long. Clickhere to view the full text.
Im just gonna give it a shot. If it doesn't work out i'll just focus on mine only. Besides. If people don't like it they don't have to read right?
[X] Run into the fog head first heading due east. Better to increase your chances of actually finding someone.

Thread 21988 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 127447163556.jpg - (780.46KB, 1459x1632, Tokiko-and-Mystia.jpg) [iqdb]
Shifting position in order to keep the contents of the bag hidden from everyone around you, you lean in and gently poke the figure inside with one finger. It mewls pathetically and shrinks away from your touch. As it does so the hard plastic case of your lunch box is pushed up and out as the little girl appears to attempt to use it as a barrier against you.

Lifting it out of the way you attempt to make some kind of contact with the girl. Keeping your voice low you lean in and gently whisper a few gentle words and a promise that you weren't going to hurt her. After a few moments the tiny girl shifts slightly and you catch sight of one scared little eye peeking out from behind the arms she holds in front of her face..

“Yeah,” you murmur, “See? I'm a friend, I don't want to hurt you.” After a moment's thought you retrieve your lunch box and rummage around in it for something suitable to give the girl as an offer of goodwill. A quick glance around reveals that most of the students are already filing out of the room with their bags and that you would have to follow them soon unless you wanted one of the tutors to come in and demand what the delay way. Grimacing you pull what appears to be a chunk of apple from your lunchbox and carefully hand it to the girl, who accepts the - to her - giant morsel with some trepidation. “Here,” you whisper, “You can, uh, snack on this for now and, um, I guess you can hide in there too - but you'll need to keep quiet until I have some time to talk to you again, okay?” You'd have to talk to Tokiko about this and see if she knew anything about tiny girls... But first you had better hurry up and join everyone else. “Okay, I'm going to put this box in here and then close the flap here - then I'm going to carry the bag around for a bit since I can't exactly talk here. So, uh, try to be as quiet as you can okay?”

You heard a little squeak of surprise as you closed the flap and hefted the bag up, careful not to jostle it around too much. If you remembered rightly after this tour of the shrine everyone was supposed to be heading down to one of the decorative parks for an hour or two of fre
Message too long. Clickhere to view the full text.
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Well, I just threw this as a joke. Of course I know it's more serious than what I suggested.
All called for going to try teaming up with Wriggle.

Thread 24550 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 129062873812.jpg - (237.95KB, 570x800, Short #7.jpg) [iqdb]
(Direct continuation of Short #3 found here: >>/th/118235 )

What is something if it isn't yours? As the number of people in Gensokyo, so too are the number of responses.

"Something to be treasured."
"Another worthless piece of trash."
"Retaliatory grounds!"
"I...don't think about things like that."
"For me, it'd be something only those groundlings enjoy."
"Inconceivable, I own everything anyways!"
"Crystals...and I wouldn't have much need of those."
"Everything I want is right here beside me."

But for me, if something isn't mine, that something is one word: "Mine."
Message too long. Clickhere to view the full text.
You're fucking crazy, W-I-T. This is why we love you.

Thread 24376 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 128937086844.jpg - (379.58KB, 500x1786, 034dce6b3bab70446353ec00bb142c04.jpg) [iqdb]

"Yes, Chen. I think it's okay though. You're a big girl now. You can take care of yourself."

...that was the day where it all began. When Master Ran told me I wasn't going to be her shikigami anymore.

I was a good few hundred years old by that time. I could have easily taken care of myself then, just as she said.

But...that wasn't why I was sad.

"No! Don't leave me! Y-You're-"

"Chen. I don't know when I'll see you again, but I promise, I won't be gone forever."

Master Ran and Master Yukari went somewhere...I don't even remember anymore. But they had to leave Gensokyo. Maybe they didn't, actually...I don't remember. My memory of that is very fuzzy.
Message too long. Clickhere to view the full text.
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Sukima, holy crap, I don't know what to say, I'm practically tearing up here. Well done!

Get out of here with that talk.
[x] Write about a depressed Chen

You write a depressing story about Chen struggling through her life alone, miserable. Some people call you a monster, but in return you receive an alarming sense of satisfaction.

[x] Contemplate writing about Orin

After reading a romantic story you feel the urge to write about making love to Orin but the motivation does not come unfortunately and all you get is a wet pair of pants.

[x] Don't write out of laziness

You decide that you're too lazy to write and that there are more important things that need attended to, like your new recent MMO addiction that seems to crop up once every year. You sad, pathetic excuse for a human.

Yeah, sorry 'bout that.
[] Call out for Cirno
[x] Don't call out for Cirno

Thread 23933 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 128685357865.jpg - (69.76KB, 500x334, Thatdoor___.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Go back and open that freezer.


What's behind that freezer door?

That door.

That door...

[x] Ask Tenshi to toss a huge rock at Aya’s house to bust open a hole in the wall. Wanton violence solves EVERYTHING!
[x] Maybe you can find someone to help persuade Reimu to let you in. Wonder where Marisa is right now?
[x] Wait…Offering box! Quickly go to Reimu’s shrine and hold the offering box hostage!
[x] Give up and go to Remilia’s castle.
Message too long. Clickhere to view the full text.
255 posts and 23 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
but most rolls would mess up the happy set up we have going; such a thing can ruin a story. I think the brainless votes are going a bit too far, look at that one SDM story where such (lack of) thinking resulted in wounding Reimu and losing the MC's friend.
I just know that either option will end badly.
hat, this is your damn fault for pointing out the tie!

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