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File 134215188545.jpg - (322.85KB, 1333x1000, MApicthread2.jpg) [iqdb]
Thread 1: >>24467

The Clock:

The (x) after an option depicts how many units of time it will take to execute that option. Encounters differ with the period of time the protagonists are in as well as where they are at that specific time. Unless specified, all options are assumed to take one unit of time. Each "phase" contains two units of time.

The phases of time are: Dawn -> Sunrise -> Noon -> Sunset -> Dusk -> Moonrise -> Midnight -> Moonset -> Dawn -> ...


Unlike other stories, the protagonists' inventory is not a bag of holding. Don't think you can act like a packrat and take everything in tow; the story will specify whether you can take something or if you need to put something down in order to take the object in question with you.

This information is here so the reader knows what he/she is getting into when they choose an option. Thank you for reading this notice!
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[X] Head west to the castle and investigate.
[x] Head east to the temple and see if The Hakkero caught the bird.
[X] Head east to the temple and see if The Hakkero caught the bird.

Regarding the castle, I wonder if it's the SDM?

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File 136106719590.jpg - (157.62KB, 1000x899, simple pleasures.jpg) [iqdb]
This is a practice story, to see if I’m truly cut out for this CYOA thing. Hopefully it doesn’t go off with too many problems.

“We are all haunted, all of us, by things we can see and feel and guess at, and many more things that we can't.”

~ Beth Gutcheon ~


Lying in the shade of one of many verdant trees that makes up a little grove just on the outskirts of my village, a young man cozily reads about local legends long past in faraway kingdoms he’s never been. While he may never experience such an adventure himself, he doesn’t mind too badly. He takes to reading any chance he can get, briefly eluding the toils of his work as apprentice to a knowledgeable weapons manufacturer. Contrary to what images may emerge to someone told about his looming profession, the boy really has no wishes to go out and pursue a life of defending the village or hunting potentially threatening youkai. He simply wanted to make something useful for the other men to do, they being far more built and daring to fit the life of a soldier or hunter. Not only that, risking his life in such a gruesome manner would be directly infringing on the duties of the shrine maiden, the local celebrity everybody knows about regardless of their race. So there he sits, his shoulders dug into the exposed base of this oak tree, enjoying a lunch break for all it’s worth.

While it’s certainly a good book, I must admit I’ve grown tired of reading it over and over. There are only so many different selections to choose from in our undersupplied library, as proud of it as we may be. Eventually, one will come to realize he has perused every single text to be found, and must then make a choice to either give up the habit or reread something he already knows by heart. To deny myself the privilege to written works is unheard of, much like the passerby who keeps a package of food all to himself without any though for the monks he may pass. So I’ve come to rotate through stories quite familiar to me by now, always sitting here in the lap of a mighty tree—when the wea
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File 137023965749.png - (18.84KB, 371x395, IT'S COULDN'T FOR GODS SAKE.png) [iqdb]
Couple things

>He probably could care less what I do with my time

>Any one looks just as good as the other.
If we have absolutely no indication about the result of our choice, doesn't it turn out to be completely pointless?

Well, anyhow.
[x] The left path.
Goddamn it, she doesn't show up and he's going all harsh? Way to go guys.

[x] Flip a coin for me.

When it comes to such choices that's what you might as well do as not even gut feeling helps much.
[X] The middle path.


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File 134095488251.png - (47.88KB, 276x270, fodder.png) [iqdb]
We all know how the stories go. Someone gets lucky, stumbles upon the border to Gensokyo, penetrates it, and proceeds to romance its denizens. Each time the story proceeds under a pretense: You are special, you are unique, and perhaps you are even the first one in.

Stories are fiction.

The records place the number of former outsiders who entered during the last two years at 1125, not counting outsiders who perished before documentation. True, there are only a few living outsiders active in Gensokyo as of your knowledge, but that is not a good sign.

The causality rate is so high that the villagers have given up properly burying the corpses, and began leaving them out for the animals and feral youkai to feast on at their leisure.

Not like they don’t deserve it.

Some of the records of death in Akyu’s house contain annotations, for when the reason is more interesting than just “fell off cliff”, “eaten”, or “poisoned in the Forest of Magic”.

#1124, committed suicide after love confession rejected by Hakurei shrine maiden.

#1106, brutally dismembered after attempted molestation of Netherworld gardener during shrine festival.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[X] Dignified surrender - It's over, might as well get out when you can with some face left.

Although it's contradictory to surrender after unleashing our ace-in-the-hole, there's little point to continuing the battle. We'v already salvaged any pride we might have lost by keeping up with Futo in a head-on danmaku battle, which is impressive considering that we're just a no-name outsider, while if we simply expend all of our energy here in this suicide run, we'll just waste our efforts when Futo shuts us down. Nobody knows what our syringe is capable of, and although we've already used it, it's probably best to keep its effects unknown to the general population.

New thread: >>/border/28877
Southampton Water is above the Pleistocene valley with the combined Ensure Itchen and resembles in Solent in general geomorphology, with the exception that the top of the parts will not be susceptible to significant coast erosion. However, from your Hamble Estuary southward coast erosion is now increasing. The Beaulieu River Estuary, the Hamble Estuary as well as the Itchen Estuary have incised meanders..

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File 135165982597.gif - (295.16KB, 1136x819, img2.gif) [iqdb]
creation@comp-173:~$ cd ISE
creation@comp-173:~/TH$ ls -a
. .. ISE.jar .Data
creation@comp-173:~/TH$ java -jar ISE.jar

Illusive Skyward Eye is a text-based adventure game.
Girls do their best now and are preparing. Please watch warmly until it is ready.

[ ]: New Game
[ ]: Continue
[ ]: Options
[ ]: Extra
[ ]: Scene Select
[ ]: Quit

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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I feel like this is the kind of thing you don't leave up to strangers on the internet. Surely you have an inclination yourself?
[x]Write this.
[xx]Write this.
[xx]Write what I want.
[x]Write something else.

Writing. Update in...I don't really know. Call it a week.

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File 134808961352.jpg - (66.79KB, 573x384, alley1.jpg) [iqdb]
You run; your legs push against the ground, each quick step causing the wind to smash in your face, drying your eyes.

You can’t hear them anymore. You don’t stop thought; you slow down a bit, heeding the growing aches in your legs.

It seems you lost them. Still, you should make sure.

You dash ahead and jump; you extend your arm and latch on light post, letting it redirect your momentum for a second before you let go, running full tilt down a blind alley. You grit your teeth and, pushing off the floor with all your strength you run one, two, three long steps up the alley’s wall, grab it from the top and pushing yourself over.

You have a second to look down at the piles of boxes and thrash you remember not being there last time, before a feeling of vertigo warns you that this may not go well.

You land on your feet on an old box which immediately crumples under you with a ‘crunch’; you lose your footing and fall on your arms, which you barely managed to lift to cover your face.

That sucked. Anyway, you’re safe now; you gingerly pull yourself up, wincing as your left elbow throbs but otherwise feeling just fine, if a bit winded.

After checking that you have no serious injuries to speak of, you sit back down on the floor and take a bottle from your bag, drinking from it and catching your breath at your leisure, congratulating yourself from getting away from the ‘Golds’; stupid name.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Well, fuck, my bad. Missed the date.
Gee, since when anon is this critical? I've seen a lot of stories like this here and no one complained.
It's a good thing, I think. Although that particular post was a little overboard.

If I had to choose, I'd prefer an excess of complaining and critique over a lack of it.

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File 130077218528.jpg - (55.05KB, 622x1350, MyDemonsareFew.jpg) [iqdb]

The fresh smell of tea permeates the air. Your eyes flicker open as you see the white ceiling of your room again, sunlight illuminated the rest of your room. Letting out a sigh, a small smile forms on your face as you sit up, seeing a glass of tea next to you.

“Ah, what a pleasant day,” you remark, silently chuckling to yourself.

You hear a door open as you turn towards your butler, Wilton, entering in with a tray of food. Gently pushing your blanket aside, you sit on the edge of the bed as your butler sets the tray of food down next to the glass of tea.

“Good morning, Wilton,” you greet cheerfully, “How are you this morning?”

“I am quite fine, Master George,” your butler replies, giving you a quick bow. “And what about you, sir, you seem to in high spirits this morning.”

“Indeed, Wilton. I have to say that I had quite a pleasant dream.”

“A dream, sir?”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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[X] Spend some time relaxing in the Estate’s garden.
[x] Research the corporation you’ll be meeting later.

Only a fool enters a business meeting unprepared, and the more time we spend preparing, the better the deal will go.
[X] Spend some time relaxing in the Estate’s garden.

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File 135421743728.jpg - (137.96KB, 1131x787, Untitled.jpg) [iqdb]
So I'm trying to get back into my writings. If you read my first story still lurking on page 2 of this board you're already familiar with the setup; snowstorm over outside city, 2hoes showing up everywhere, you're a dude in a sweet car who picked up one half of Team Nineball and now is trying get to his home and then see what to do.
I'm trying to do some viewpoint splitting given that I got tired of writing just Carnonymous the last time around so HERE'S YOUR CHOICE YOU FAGETS; each choice has different themes and atmosphere too. Watch out for what you want in a story.

Play as
[] That young police officer; as Yamame is still hot on your ass this begins with a chase scene vehicle sequence and descends into chaos, violence, I AM THE LAW, the trappings of being a policeman / authority figure in a time of crisis, decisions between being good and being lawful etc. srsbzns and nofunallowed rating: HIGH

[] Dose two niggas: The Turk and the Russian are back on the way to their homies but LIFE WANTS YOU DEAD BRO so you get caught up in Gensokyoan shenanigans and may or may not be the first gangstas to grace the plains of the Eastern Wonderland, looting and laughing as you go. Because if you're leading a life of crime anyway, stealing a 2000+ year old sword that can shoot lasers gotta be good for something. 2gta4u and "Steal everything that isn't nailed down, then steal the nails, then the things that were nailed down and then the things they were nailed to" rating: HIGH

[] Carnonymous: you will continue the quest of being a lone student trying to keep the nineballs from freezing/setting your flat on fire all the while searching for the rest of the crew and surviving in a city going further down the drain by the minute. Srs rating: Medium.

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I would say it's not my fault if I didn't hate making excuses on principle.
Let's just say the update will take another seven minutes.
>7 minutes
Ah ha ha ha. Gotcha.
This is the longest seven minutes I have ever experienced in the history of forever.

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File 134169780341.jpg - (707.42KB, 1000x1000, through the window.jpg) [iqdb]

~Renko's Adventure~

A Story In Infinite Production.


>Continue Game
Exit game

Resuming game ...
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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When HY does return, just be sure to shower him/her with love and attention. Drive the spike deeper.
Just marathoned this over the last two days. I've always loved HY's writing, and this has been no exception.

Renko and Yoshika both have fantastic characterizations here, and the fine details put into the interactions between them is my favorite thing about this story thus far.

The entire setting of Alice's house has also been great fun to take in, and both it and her 'family' have a good mixture of endearing and unsettling, if mostly the latter.

What I'm basically saying is that I really, really hope HY decides to continue this story sometime soon.
You there, HY?

Just marathoned this story, and I'm eager to see more of it. Hope to see an update soon-ish.

He's dead, isn't he?

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File 126693757242.jpg - (49.29KB, 450x450, 28c21e68d6ae7b0041ae5579232b30f5.jpg) [iqdb]
Ran worriedly knocks on Yukaris door "Yukari-sama, Yukari-sama! you've been in there all day, and it's time to eat!". Ran reaches for the door handle, but before she can turn it Yukari opens the door looking somewhat content. Ran looks at Yukari a bit put off "Don't say you were doing what I think you were doing.". Yukari replies "Oh, oh no. I've been experimenting with my borders~" she smiles and tilts her head slightly "So what's for dinner Ran?". Ran, quite unamused, replies "While not as disgusting, there are some things you shouldn't play around with Yukari-sama. And we're having this uh.. pizza thing master requested.".
"Lovely!" Yukari adjusts her pants and leads the way down to the dining hall with Ran following close behind. They both sit down and start eating, it tastes pretty great, then again, the outside world has many new pleasant tastes to discover. Ran is still a bit somber however, due to Chen being sent off to a private school, but on the other hand, it had given Yukari reason to bring Ran with her on her trips. Ran sighs in her mind and wishes she could explore this outside world alone without having to worry about her exhibitionist master of hers. "It really is troublesome." Ran says quietly.

Yukari quickly catches onto Rans mood and after finishing the food Yukari stands up and looks at Ran questioningly. "Eh? Master?" Ran slowly stands up, looking confused "Was there something wrong with the food?". "No Ran, there seems to be something wrong with you, and we're not talking about your 'high moral values' no~" Yukari puts her hands down on the table whilst looking at Ran all stern "Do you need a break from your shikigami duties Ran? It could be arranged.".

Ran looks down and tries to take her eyes off Yukari "N-no no, no that's not it, I'm a good servant and I never would pa-..." she is silenced by Yukari slamming the table lightly "No Ran. I declare you to be absolved of your shikigami duties until summer is over. Is that understood Ran?" Yukari walks around the table pla
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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Bumping that story.
Phantasmagoria of bumping a story over two years old.

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File 133329341244.gif - (113.89KB, 613x370, Cradle.gif) [iqdb]
I stop the car.
I open the window, taking a deep breath. That doesn't stink like petrol. That's unusual but great.

I admit that I had a serious doubt before. Buying a house in the middle of nowhere was stupid, even for me. But I couldn't help it. I was walking, focused on my recent problems, and then I saw that picture of the house, on the estate agent's window. It was like a divine revelation, and I though “I have to buy it”. So I stopped instantly to read the ad.
'Great house, size of a mansion, some repairs needed but still affordable. Very isolated, no problem with neighbours.'
Exactly what I needed. I bought it instantly.

And now that I'm in the middle of nowhere, I don't regret it. Sure, it's an old house, it probably doesn't have electricity nor Internet. But the good thing is that I won't be constantly pestered by my editor. And I'm ready to pay good money for that.
I open the boot. Several bags, but I'll only need one for now. That house is old, so I should clean it a little. And that's why I brought this!
“A solar-powered vacuum cleaner! Since there are no energy in that house, solar panel is the way to go!”
Damn I'm so awesome and cool!

If only I could have some sun, of course. I quickly look at the vacuum cleaner's battery level.
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File 13413780563.jpg - (241.19KB, 850x1210, Lesbian whores.jpg) [iqdb]
File 134174521014.jpg - (108.32KB, 550x366, Paint Lake.jpg) [iqdb]
“Wake up.”
At first, I ignored the man's order. I was feeling fine, sleeping in a comfortable bed, oblivious of the world around me. There was no way for me to obey an order going against my desires.

Until the voice came again, this time slightly angry. “Wake up.”
Obeying it, I woke up, and, for one moment, I saw Merlin staring at me. I tried to hold her, to hug her like a father would hug his daughter, but her form melted away, and a stranger stood in her place. I wanted to stand, to ask him what the hell was happening, but my arms were jelly.

I saw him smiling, and I instantly hated him. It was a fake smile, the smile of someone thinking he's a good actor when he's in fact easy to read. It was the smile of someone following a plan, and understanding that, for now, it was all working according to it.
I tried to ask him where I was, and what was going on, but I couldn't speak. I could barely lift my eyelids, and the stranger's form was still blurry, like a badly compressed movie.
His face was all distorted, like ink underwater, and, other than his smile, the rest of his facial features were blurred beyond recognition. Beyond him, was a bright light, constantly flashing at me. Did I passed out while visiting the dentist?

When he began speaking, it was in a very strange voice, as if he was reciting words without understanding them. “How do you feel? Blink twice if you feel fine.” I blinked only once. “Ha. Listen, you had a bad accident.” I had an hard time understanding his words. Maybe it was a drug, or brain damage, or maybe just an inability to understanding how severe my condition was.
This time, I managed to speak a few words. “What happened?”
The stranger ignored my question and kept speaking “Don't worry, you're safe now. It will be difficult, but I'm certain we can fix it. We can fix you.”
I felt a syringe penetrating my arm, and something cold being injected to me. I fell asleep again.

Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
File 134185664992.jpg - (109.43KB, 1012x685, 2012-07-07_00004.jpg) [iqdb]
>Nurse Birch.
>Dr. Emil something.
>on top of a lake.
>character is a writer.
Inb4 the Dark Presence takes the doctor.

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