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File 133880647734.jpg - (493.12KB, 987x1290, confidence.jpg) [iqdb]

~Renko's Adventure~

A Story In Infinite Pants


>Continue Game
Exit game

Resuming game ...
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On a completely random note... did anyone else notice "A Story in Infinite Pants"?
Perhaps it refers to Renko's mysterious ability of lesbianing her way into any characters pants.
Everyone did, son.

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File 128994049683.jpg - (799.69KB, 1200x1000, MA1pic.jpg) [iqdb]

I sat up from the wooden floor in front of the house and looked up at the sky, slightly groggy.

The sky is glowing bright lavender and the cherry blossoms are just starting to bloom.

I'm still tired, but I don't know, maybe I should stop being lazy right now.

[ ] Just lay back and gaze at the lavender sky once more.
[ ] Go inside the house and see if there's anything to do there.
[ ] Take a moment and try to remember what you were supposed to be doing in the first place.
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[x] Are you kidding me? We're still going to Mayohiga. (1)

Because I want to piss off people.
Sorry for the week long delay. I'm pretty sure it's been longer than that, but I'll update tomorrow/today.

Taking the vote as:
[X] Try to convince The Hakkero to come with us to Mayohiga. (1)

I apologize, >>27460.
I bet you I can get Choja to feel guilty by not posting anything of significance here!

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File 133816077126.png - (1.18MB, 800x1000, 5f057cea7390788f395b02adc666ae67.png) [iqdb]
The dead-eyed, bruise-coloured girl reaches toward you with that same, painfully slow, precise motion. Her fingers stretch toward you face, her eyes focus on nothing. She looks exactly like a puppet, being controlled by a lazy, distracted puppeteer.

'Hey, woah there.' You move your head back slightly as she reaches for you, without actually stepping away. She's so slow that you could run circles around her, even as exhausted as you are. 'Let's just take it a little slower, yeah?' You ask, but she doesn't stop reaching, fingers curling around like claws, hovering for your throat. 'Aheh, yeeeah, let's just ... ahem.' You side-step, keeping her just beyond arm's length. She grasps at the air.
'You. May.' She speaks again in that same broken voice, and you step sideways again as she turns, trying to work out what to do. She's reaching for your throat, hands hovering in the air at just the right height to strangle you, but she hasn't got the speed or the motivation - or maybe either - to actually grab you. Or maybe she's trying not to.

'You don't want to do this, do you?' You mutter to the slow-moving woman.
'Come here. Stand.' She speaks again, her expression slackening even further. She moves slower, and slower, and slower, until she's barely turning at all.

You step around behind her, examining her from every angle. She's not even carrying anything; her pockets are flush against her thighs. No phone, no wallet or purse, no keys, no anything. Just the clothes on her back.

And the outline of something underneath her shirt.

At first you thought it was the edge of a brastrap, but it's too thin, and too low down. And it's what's making the rustling noise as she moves, or tries to move.
'Excuse me.' You say softly, and then take the back of her tshirt carefully with thumb and finger, and lift it up.
You're silent for a few moments, shuffling sideways as she moves slowly in a circle, trying to turn to face you.
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[x] Take her advice, go sleep Mary- you mean, see Mary! Dang you are tired, you'll get to napping soon.

'tis sleepytime
[x] 'How do you know me and Mary have a thing for each other? Is it that obvious?'
New thread will be up shortly.

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File 133772542034.jpg - (93.07KB, 500x697, Renko.jpg) [iqdb]
Okay, THP. Here I am.

I will only be able to update this story during evenings and weekends (excluding this Saturday, when I will be busy). Each update will not be very long, but it will be pretty fast, and we'll see how many I manage with the time I have. For now, I'm going to do a couple to begin, and then go to bed.


~Renko's Adventure~

A Story In Infinite Parts


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She's particularly less reliable in her SoPM profiles as her PMiSS ones had various recorded remarks from other people about them.
True. The writefags will probably just ignore it and write the characters however they want. And I'm completely fine with that.

Also, can't break the tie because I don't want to look like a votespammer. Or HY could just flip a coin...
[X] Let her touch your face. Maybe she's going to show you?

One tiebreaker, coming up.

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File 124657908267.jpg - (64.70KB, 1024x768, 1190576675547.jpg) [iqdb]
Your cute face is something I will never forget. It's because of what you did that I'm able to look back and be the most thankful that I chose you...

The same cars. The same buildings. The same people. For a while now, it's all felt rather boring to you. Deep inside, something inside you makes you want to forget you ever socialized with humanity. That's not to say it's effected your general mood though, you haven't noticed any changes about in yourself...yet. But it just seems like lately, the world has been disappointing to a deep part of you somewhere inside. Somewhere inside you, is something that wants to be free, to get out and reject the standards of today's world. Everyone bustling back and forth, waking up, eating their meals, going to work, coming back and sleeping again. It's a distasteful routine that the 'something' inside you is not ready to accept. Something about the whole world just seems so...ordinary.

As you're dealing with that though, you notice you've finally arrived home, a small, modest apartment in a rather quiet neighborhood. No incidents ever happen, nothing exciting ever comes around. Just the apartments and the people that go about their mundane lives everyday. It never changes. Inside your little abode are just as modest living quarters. Nothing exciting, in fact, it's a little bland, and almost poor. You have no bed to sleep on, just a comfy little futon. Your TV is barely 11 inches large. And is still analog, despite the recent coming of digital broadcasting going about. Your bathroom is just barely large enough to house a small sink, a toilet, and a stand in shower. Your kitchen is roughly the same size, as you have but a miniature refridgerator and stove to keep your food edible. The only thing that really sort of stands out is the large desk on one side of the room.

Anytime you had paperwork, needing to draw something, or anything that involved some sort of writing material, you would do it here. It was a very important part of the room, and thusly, your lifestyle. It's on this desk that you find a little envelope neatly placed on top. Did you even get the mail today? You qui
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What the actual fuck?
Never seen a bot?
Next thread: >>19480

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File 130733750449.jpg - (120.60KB, 900x900, 5f828e45c08d968f78c5613d9db5fdde.jpg) [iqdb]
Looks like this is my first story here on THP. I've been lurking and voting for a few months now, and I hope that I picked up enough of the little things that are necessary to get along out here. I have tried writing before, but mostly short stories and definitely not in CYOA form. Kick my ass, so I keep writing, would you?
Some of you might know me from other forums or from the IRC. I'm not about to spill the beans on that just now.
Apologies to anyone who knows the real-life locations mentioned, they will be thoroughly twisted for this story.
Well, let intros be intros. Onwards with the writefaggotry.


It was a cold and windy winter night. The fresh and still falling snow outside was just enough to dampen the sound in that special way only snow and thick mist can. Most of the people in the little city of Reutlingen, Germany spent the evening doing what many others were doing all over the globe: huddling together, keeping each other warm and enjoying the company of their loved ones. Others were surfing the web and, while maybe not keeping each other warm -but most certainly flamed-, were at least sharing thoughts and getting together with friends and people who thought alike. Cars were rushing along the center of the city and the many larger roads, white cones of light and red specks of glow hovering through the night, but in the thick of the housing districts, a calm silence enveloped all.

It was on this fateful January night that a young boy, or better, young man was given a present that would change his life- although nobody ever expected it.

Who that young man was?

Well, YOU, of course!

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Try doing both. I'd prefer the former, but it mostly gives only out-of-character knowledge, so the latter is valuable for being usable in the story.

Well, the difference is that ZUN just as often incorporates stuff from established fanon into canon.

Like a lot of nicknames (Okuu, Daiyousei, Koakuma, China) or Utsuho's arm cannon being an arm cannon...or, heck, the game series becoming the "shrine maiden shooting game" series, thanks to PC-98-era fan reactions.
And Satori's character model, no?
People seem to forget that from the statements that Akyuu gets from people is that She is REASONABLE. (not something overly influenced by akyuu's opinion)

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File 12886805248.png - (142.42KB, 611x512, Hooray!.png) [iqdb]
[x] NOBODY CALLS ME CHICKEN! NOBODY! (spin the wheel)

(When I asked for a tie-breaker, I meant the very next post will decide what to do. Sorry for not being very clear about that.)

You grab the very top of the wheel and pull down hard to make it spin (and spin fast).
You’re about to make this wheel your bitch!

Creepy carnival music beings playing from the wheel and it spins and spins and spins and spins and spins before coming to a halt. Aaaaand…

26- Gain a new trait

Sweet! You played with fate and won! You rolled that motherfucker like a new whip and came out on top! Fuck yeah!

“Very good sah! You have now gained a new ability of which to fight crime or evil or whatnot, enjoy your new power!” The silly man cries out triumphantly as if to proclaim that the wheel was a huge success and a crowd begins forming around you, the man, the wheel, Yuugi, and an oblivious Flandre still hugging the plushie.
Message too long. Clickhere to view the full text.
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Mother of god you are retarded
File 132153658786.jpg - (188.88KB, 600x600, img_071.jpg) [iqdb]
So, is this story still running, guys?
That's only funny AFTER a few months have passed. And even then its still a "hahahaha YOU'RE A FUCKING FAG" thing then "hahaha"

Thread 25747 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 130836294829.jpg - (102.90KB, 431x601, pretend-this-is-a-clever-file-name.jpg) [iqdb]
"Fuck Gensokyo"

It's the only thing that has been going through your mind for the past several hours. You sit with a miserable scowl on your face as you try to think beyond your hate and remember exactly how you ended in this horrible situation; kneeling behind a group of elderly old hags as they natter and rabbit on about gossip and other equally inane garbage, waiting for one of them to call for you and demand another sake. You would appreciate the polite tones and the manners some of the less plastered women offer you, but you seem to be a little too busy being bitter over being called a drinks monkey by the violet haired cow in the red dress. Embittered and more irritated then usual, you reluctantly take her order, muttering something about how stupid the snake rope... thing on her back looks as you leave the drinking hall to get her request.

You welcome the chance to get away from the rabble of wenches and their mind-numbingly dull chatter and bitchy gossip, if only for a brief period of time. Glancing around the kitchen you see that you are very much alone, and not even that younger girl in the green seems to be around. You silently thank your choice of deity for this moment of peace as you make your way over to the drinks and start to pour yourself something strong after shrugging off your favourite jacket onto the back of the chair.

"Hrm... come to think of it, I don't have a chosen god do I?" the thought ponders in your mind as you take a sip from the cup and welcome the ice cold beverage. "Maybe I should have someone, something to pray to when I get caught up in this crap..." you think to yourself as your earliest memories of this Gensokyo shit hole and the exact reason about your being here come to mind. You relieve those horrible mental images and repeatedly curse yourself and your frankly pretty shitty luck for your current predicament. As you finish your glass off, you scowl to yourself again and repeat your earlier thought train from before; "Fuck Gensokyo"

"Please mind your language" speaks a polite and quiet, yet noticeably annoyed voice from behind you. "And please stop
Message too long. Clickhere to view the full text.
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File 132946915742.jpg - (91.07KB, 325x335, ssib19.jpg) [iqdb]
I guess I should let the cat out of the bag. No, this writer wasn't me, but a friend of mine I may or may not have pressured into writing here. He had a good idea for it, but I think somewhere along the line he realized he couldn't follow through with it or just otherwise lost interest. He has a lot going on too, which factors into it. In the end, I just chalk it up to someone who wasn't ready for steady writing trying to do so.

He mentioned to me a while back that he had no plans on continuing this, so you can mark this story as abandoned or scrapped.
It takes more than merely a good idea for a story to last.
Oh well, thanks for telling us.

Tell him it was a nice story and he's more than welcome to try again later if he fancies it.

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File 130773655072.png - (65.36KB, 256x256, Th07ayakashi01.png) [iqdb]
Hello everyone. I have decided to finally try my hands at a Touhou CYOA. In doing so, I hope to entertain you all with an idea I tried to realize as a fanfic. If you have heard of the unfinished fanfic called "Rebirth", you may know what this CYOA will be:

"Saigyou Ayakashi escapes his tree prison and becomes a human-like sakura youkai."

I am by no means a fast typer, and I can be rather busy at times. Still, do you wish for me to tell my story?

123 posts and 15 images omitted. Click Reply to view.
... A month.
...Two months
...Seven months.

Thread 25218 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 129958011917.jpg - (539.16KB, 800x560, 5b63b3da8114a206b573ff8d09b712dc.jpg) [iqdb]
[x] Seek out Youmu's advice
-[x] Ask if she knows any self-training exercise.

You had some better success with Youmu. You want to keep trying with Ran, but maybe you're getting ahead of yourself just a tad as she said. You decide though that wondering whether or not you made the right choice is not an important matter right at this second. Clearance for now is what you need, so you go and look for Youmu and see if she can enlighten you just a bit further. While you feel you might be able to surpass Youmu easily with a little effort, you never got to talk much with her. Then again, this feeling is just based on how well you performed against her hand to hand. It could be totally different when actual weapons are involved. Though, you're not sure if you really want to find out.

The mansion feels eerily empty. The kind of emptiness you would expect from a broken heart. You hope you didn't let anyone down. You can't say you're too worried about Yukari, you think she'll live, but everyone else seems to be depending on you too. For what, you don't know, but you feel it's important that you don't be discouraged in light of this and try and prove yourself to everyone else.

Look at you...you feel like you're some grade schooler again, showing up his peers in some silly playground game. Despite all this, it could turn out to have very real involvement with death here.

You eventually find your way around after much random stumbling through the mansion. You come out an unknown entrance and into a vast garden, filled to the brim with the many cherry blossom trees you've become familiar with, along with a wide variety of flowers, including spider lilies. It's all very morbid, yet astonishingly beautiful all at the same time. While staring in awe of the magnificent flora before you, you spy Youmu tending to one of the plants at the far side. She's trimming it with a pair of large cutters, rather nimbly at that. She must've been a gardener for a very long time. It isn't until she turns around enough while tending to the foliage that he happens to see you, resulting in stopping your awkward s
Message too long. Clickhere to view the full text.
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[X] Calm down, try to find her through other senses

She's just a Stage 2 boss.
[x] Calm down, try to find her through other senses

Do not want to go berserk on Chen.
First thread: >>17793
Previous thread: >>21754
Next thread: >>26038

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