Privacy Policy

THP values user privacy and deplores the egregious privacy violations that are, sadly, commonplace these days on the internet. This page is meant to clarify just what user data is collected, what it is used for, and how it’s protected.

Use of Cookies and Web Storage

Cookies are primarily used on THP for logging in and maintaining session data. Additional cookies may be set for a short term (with an expiry set for fewer than 24 hours) for use in user-side scripts. All cookies are set to be secure, valid only on THP's domain, and are not explicitly required for usage of the site.

Changing the theme or otherwise using the settings functionality in the site saves information in the browser’s local storage. This data remains accessible only by you and your own computer. It is loaded up by your browser to be parsed by client-side scripts as necessary. This is so these changes can persist across repeat visits to THP.

No third party cookies or storage mechanisms of any kind are present on THP.


THP uses a few scripts and related libraries written in Javascript that are loaded up whenever a page is rendered. Most of these are to enhance the user experience and execute the options specified in the settings. They can be broadly considered as feature-enhancing but non-essential and the website is designed to work even with scripts blocked. The only exception is for certain anti-spam measures that may require posters to temporarily enable script support in some instances.

All libraries used by our scripts are hosted locally instead of on a content distribution network and so strict control of what code is being deployed on THP is observed. It is an eventual goal to make all the user scripts LibreJS compliant.


THP employs a few analytical tools to see how the website is being used. This includes a tracking script that is only present on site pages and does not concern itself with any information beyond THP. That is to say, no third-parties are involved in collection and the analysis. This data is processed exclusively by self-hosted solutions.

The data involved is the standard information given by a web browser which may include the browser type and version, the operating system being run, any referring URLs, the IP address of the visitor, the time and which pages were accessed.

Information collected by analytics will never be shared, given or sold to companies or other or other entities unless under legal obligation.

Authorship and intellectual property

THP makes no claim of ownership over stories and posts made by its users. It also does not endorse any views or opinions expressed by its users. THP only aims to serve as a platform to facilitate self-publishing and foment discussion related to Touhou. It is wholly up to the poster to republish their works in full or in a modified form elsewhere.

In a similar vein, THP does not claim ownership of any images posted by users and that work belongs to their creators or copyright holders. THP also does not claim to own anything related to Touhou or Team Shanghai Alice's intellectual property. We only claim fair use and adhere to the doujin spirit.

Unless a poster explicitly assigns copyright of their own original content to THP, the above will always apply.


Whenever a user makes a post on the site, their IP address is recorded in encrypted form. It is retained as a way to check for abuse by moderators and is discarded whenever its constituent thread is archived and falls off a board page. This information is never publicly visible.

As THP is hosted in the United States of America and it is subject to all relevant privacy laws. User data will only ever be shared with others in cases where user activity is in violation of US law or if requests are made by relevant state agencies or organizations through legally-binding orders.

If you are a user of the official Discord channels then be warned that Discord has its own privacy policy and may use your data for various ends. We have no control over what Discord does with the data it collects.

THP proudly runs on 100% Free, Libre and Open Source Software. As such, we are not beholden to third party programs that may use telemetry or analytics of their own at any step of the way.

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