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File 158420852942.jpg - (239.97KB, 685x468, tradeinprogress.jpg) [iqdb]
Youmu Konpaku had a broad education. She’d taken studies at the Konpaku School of Swordsmanship, been to lady Saigyouji’s Cookery Seminary, and was now a postgraduate at the Hakugyokurou Academy of Gardening. The count of things her swords, Roukanken and Hakurouken, youkai-forged, couldn’t cut was only forerun by those which hadn’t passed under her kitchen knives. There was not a fern or flower in the dead-realm she mightn’t name, none she couldn’t nurture into blooming. She was a warrior-servant, the best Konpaku loins had ever produced.

And she was fighting a losing battle with her own face when lady Yuyuko swished into the room. The vague widening of her lavender eyes might have been a trick of the dim lighting, or it might’ve been surprise at the two half-phantoms awaiting her at the table, one in the other’s lap. She moved on, graceful as the Sun-warm winds of the dead-realm, until seated opposite from her fantastic attendants. There was a soft, dignified cough and a faint, endearing smile.

“… Well?” lady Yuyuko said in her silvern voice. “Was there something requiring my attention?”

The older, wiser of the half-phantoms spoke first, his jolly, middle-aged voice rumbling behind and above Youmu’s left ear. “Certainly, certainly, ma’am,” he confirmed. “Yes, indeed. Yet before we rejoice you with these jubilant news… Youmu?

In his lap, the young Youmu Konpaku jolted to attention. She brought forth an obedient smile and plastered it to the front of her face with all the self-possession she could muster, which was not a great deal. The core of the warrior-servant understood the idea; the extremities of her body had their own. The busy, pantiless one underneath her skirt most of all.

Master Youki granted his student a moment’s mercy before prompting, “… Youmu?”

And Youmu, still a trifle jittery, complied, “Yes. Yes, um… thank you, lady Yuyuko, for all
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(x) Tried to make her great-uncle come first.
File 15844020367.jpg - (390.45KB, 1280x1821, _021.jpg) [iqdb]
(X) Tried to make her great-uncle come first.

Youmu would not be had. The Konpaku name was weighed in the balance, and the youngest of it would ill humble her master by foundering in the presence of their noble mistress.

“—mightn’t be Konpaku-original,” maundered on her great-uncle, “yet, I warrant you, my lady Yuyuko, on my pride, decades of contemplation have fathomed deeper into its nuances than—”

He’d underscored how deeply his insights went by poking Youmu’s womb. Itchy, oozing their combined arousal, Youmu steeled herself as her great-uncle hauled her leaky kitty inchmeal off his rigid manhood. And then, just as she’d felt his glans begin to spread out her labia—

“—but for our Youmu, who has transcended and severed the Karmic Win—nguhh.

then, Youmu thrust back with her butt: enfolding master Youki’s whole erection in one stroke, her tightened walls scrubbing it harshly from the bare tip to the throbbing hilt. A vicious twinge shuddered up his length to squirt more warm pre-ejaculate straight into Youmu’s baby-room. Striking while the iron was hot, she gingerly mashed her denuded rear into her great-uncle’s lap – cuddling his weakened and overstimulated penis inside her vagina. His breath erupted all over her nape this time.

Yes. Youmu’s kitty may as good be her great-uncle’s plaything, yet she, too, had learned bit by bit of his own, infrequent faults. The old half-phantom might earn three points for every one of Youmu’s merely through his impervious stamina, but she’d sat on, swallowed and withstood enough bullying from his manhood to recognise where it fell, as it were, short. And that was in fending off sudden counterblows. The same manoeuvre that’d let Youmu to crack her shinai on his forehead was the key to making her great-uncle spew his white surrender up her precocious womb.
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This was pretty hot, and I hate exhibitionism

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File 157220461985.jpg - (346.33KB, 1000x1400, 76190385_p0.jpg) [iqdb]
It is, sometimes, to the point to celebrate humanity’s less industrious underside. And here, he thought, on the doorstep of the Hieda household – at the heart of the so-called Human Village – was this notion at its most pointed.

A man in his ripe twenties, clad in no-nonsense Winter hanten and trousers, the messenger had little issue gliding past the attention of servants milling about the estate yard. No one liked a messenger; least liked all were those liable to cut their own work short and dragoon the first retainer to make eye contact into running the final stretch. On nothing but a caprice, he tore off a salute at a nearby worker, to see the man all but duck out of the way. It was a superpower in everything except the name, and no Spellcard duel between Gensokyo’s fireball ladies may diminish the messenger’s pride in his own, secret little spell.

And, as is with most underhanded superpowers, his, too, was a double-edged sword. As a wise man had once been quoted, mis-quoted, and then paraphrased, couriers and runners would always have a use, regardless of when and where, because, “there will always be folks who will pay someone else to do the trivial things they could do themselves, but cannot be arsed to do.” It was this bit of tacit hypocrisy, after all, which allowed messengers like him their little niche in the town in the first place… and then, in an ironic turn, to bully menials from other social strata to step aside.

As long as he looked pregnant enough with responsibility, he could strut inside the noble Hieda household unchallenged by anyone with better things (not) to do.

Which, rather promptly, he did. Gensokyo’s cold season was no laughing matter; the mountainous, inland climate could hang icicles from a man’s brow if it caught him running too hard. Nor was this stranger to the Hieda, who kept the straw, clay and lath walls of their manor heated to cosy coat-off degrees. More inarguably occupi
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(x) Would save his spunk – and his spunk – for the client.
File 158353258398.jpg - (464.48KB, 1200x900, 48391299_p0.jpg) [iqdb]
(X) Would save his spunk – and his spunk – for the client.

Well, Gin was no gourmet, first of everything, but he had sense enough to decline another man’s leftovers. It just wasn’t in good taste. And wish though he might from the bottom of his rocks to give the youkai bird a cause for uncertainty if she should get pregnant in the end, somewhere in the process he would be compelled to stick his dick in some lumberjack’s mess. A hot, slippery mess which he might scrape out and then replace with his own, but a mess nonetheless.

Messes were fun to stir around and enlarge on the whole, but only when they were your own. Another guy’s was… well, his responsibility. It wouldn’t be sporting to muck about with it. Or, indeed, in it.

The inner ethics reinstalled themselves. Gin unhanded his manhood, retired his grippier hand and, against all mother wit, leered one last time at the youkai on her best way to becoming a mother herself. Miss Cook was, as shrewd birds were given to, exhibiting a bad case of sticky fingers; she plucked the gooey prize from her lower mouth and deposited it in her upper by the fingerful, all the while distracting the former with spates of harsh masturbation. This, latest one saw her tipped forward, those plump tits lolling – smelling the cum-smeared digits of her right hand while her left’s slid in and out of her lovelorn pussy. The price of black gold in the sum of two bags struck Gin as a cop-out beside the bird-girl’s obvious, unrelieved lust. It’d been a nifty extra, nothing else. Miss Cook had intended to get fucked, still wanted to fuck and, if the woodcutter’s ears weren’t packed full of sawdust, would get fucked and knocked up again, “any time ain’t th’ day after morrow.” She and, Gin rather featured, her panty-hanging non-friend both.

And then, if
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Thread the next: >>40436

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File 157263808088.png - (344.88KB, 800x800, __koakuma_touhou_drawn_by_yua_checkmate__cc387ef42.png) [iqdb]
Being that I am a succubus, the situation I find myself in isn't exactly a terribly uncommon one. My entirety, after all, is focused on sex; my existence is predicated upon it. Where should I be found but in the middle of carnal encounters, then? It's only natural that my thick hips lower slowly and my cunt tightens around each inch of cock that I fill myself with. It's barely less common that I run my hand along my stomach, feeling the bulge that travels upwards as I enjoy this wondrous specimen of turgid flesh. It's daily at least that I can be found with a hand upon one of my hanging breasts, plenty enough to hide an average endowment, twisting and flicking a nipple as I sigh in pleasure. None of this is strange. None of this is foreign. There is, however, something that is, here in this scene. And that would be my partner.

The strangest thing about her is not that she's a she, nor that, as a she, her crotch bears an appendage which can make a size-obsessed succubus salivate. The most confounding thing about her also isn't her apparel here in the early afternoon – she seems to favor these purple, ribbon-laden pajamas, no matter the time of day... I tend to guess it's because their flowing nature is meant to obfuscate her somewhat fatty figure. The floating books and implements that surround her, they are to be expected, for few with no magical aptitude ever have a run-in with any demon, even one of lust. No, the queer thing about my partner right now is that her eyes are locked onto those books, not onto me; that she's only undressed herself enough that I can get it in, rather than flinging her garb off with supernaturally induced passion; that her dick bears no honesty and awards me no hint of its pleasure, neither throbbing with the need for release nor forcing her hips to lunge at me with all she can muster. My most recent master, Patchouli Knowledge, is the strangest person I've ever met, as all signs say that she would like it more if only I were nothing but an automated grimoire delivery system.

Thus today, again, I'm trying to tease some greater reaction from her. To get any hint that she has a libido, somewhere, buried unde
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[x] No, I need to be sensible. The gate guard isn't scrutinizing me just for fun – the why of that is definitely important in some nebulous way. That said, I'm reasonably sure that having the oni stop by once a week or so wouldn't eat up too much of my time.
[x] I'm... actually going to have to take Meiling's side on this, too. She probably should go. I have a lot to manage in less than a month, and when I really think on it, I'm going to lose a lot of time and magical energy if I'm fooling around with Yuugi. I don't like it, but it is reality.

Not that we can't maybe invite her AFTER a month has passed if we're still around. Who knows? But the important part is we focus on Patchy.
[x] I'm... actually going to have to take Meiling's side on this, too. She probably should go. I have a lot to manage in less than a month, and when I really think on it, I'm going to lose a lot of time and magical energy if I'm fooling around with Yuugi. I don't like it, but it is reality.

Oh man, came to the board on a whim for the first time in a while to see if there's anything new, but I sure wasn't expecting to see such a well-written story.
I hope you'll keep going with this, because I'm loving this so far.

Not sure if I should even vote, since this is winning anyway, but thought I might as well.

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File 157519429350.jpg - (737.11KB, 1000x750, Science1.jpg) [iqdb]

“Day one of human cross-species mating analysis. Subjects have been briefed and await further consultation in the lower chambers,” Yumemi spoke in a cold and clinical voice, her words caught in the voice recorder as she paced back and forth in her laboratory, the distant scratching of her assistants pencil against paper being the only other sound in the entire room, “Plan is as follows; supply all three subjects with the means of sexual…”

“Didn’t you say you didn’t want me to be a part of this? You said it was inappropriate given my age?” Chiyuri called out from across the room, the scratching of her pencil ceasing as Yumemi sighed and turned to face her, clicking the button on the recorder as she did so.

“Yes? What about it?” Yumemi asked, a little more frustrated than she normally was. Most of the time, Yumemi found Chiyuri’s more naïve moments to be somewhat endearing and was more than happy to entertain them, yet today, she was somewhat focussed on the operation at hand. Being on the brink of significant scientific advancement, Yumemi desperately wanted to get started. She considered herself to be devoid of any personal motivation to pursue this research, yet the slight tingle in her lower ‘extremities’ betrayed just how far her enthusiasm for the study went. Though naturally, Chiyuri was completely oblivious to the nature of the experiments.

“Surely you should do the whole research recorder in a different room then. Or am I okay to know what you’re going to do, but I’m not allowed to witness?” Chiyuri asked, rising to her feet and propping herself up against the table, “And why can’t I take part?”

“You’ll just have to trust me on this. Now, are you done. Can I get back to making the most significant scientific advancement of our time, or do you want to continue asking questions?” Yumemi asked, causing Chiyuri to silence herself and return to the inane pencil scratching that she occupied herself with. Turning back, Yumemi took a deep breath before clicki
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File 15751955048.jpg - (109.11KB, 864x648, science3.jpg) [iqdb]

“Professor?” Tewi called out as the door to her quarters slid open, the red-haired woman stepping and not bothering to shut it behind her. Despite having just cum twice before, her cock was already rock-hard, throbbing and pulsating between her thighs, a look of pure desire on her face. A little taken aback by the sudden sight of the arousal-driven woman, Tewi couldn’t help but feel a quiver of anticipation between her legs, her folds dampening slightly as she was met with the immediate embodiment of carnal lust and desire. All eight inches of it…

Rising to her feet, Tewi smiled softly as she faced the woman, only to immediately gasp as Yumemi advanced on her with intense purpose. Suddenly, the rabbit felt her body collide with the wall behind her, her breathing intensifying. She barely had time to make a soft exclamation before her surprised sounds were silenced by Yumemi’s lips, the red-haired professor lunging a hand around the back of Tewi’s neck, pulling her closer and deeper into the kiss. Taken aback by the sheer swiftness and tenacity of Yumemi’s tongue, Tewi stood motionless, paralysed out of shock as Yumemi’s tongue explored the depths of her mouth, darting back and forth as the naked girl pressed her body against Tewi, the warmth of their embrace setting Tewi’s heart a flutter, causing her breathing to deepen as the exuding sexuality from Yumemi’s driven desire flooded over her, corrupting her to share in the primal intensity that Yumemi was displaying.

It was a far cry from the clinical observations that Tewi overheard the woman making and whilst the quiet rabbit had anticipated a somewhat awkward encounter during this experiment, she didn’t expect to be met with such a commanding and intense force. It was almost intoxicating to have the professor breathing such heavy breaths, her hands moving across the earth rabbit’s body, groping and pulling at her, taking control of the situation and commanding the smaller girl’s clothed body. It was exceptionally different from everyone of Tewi’s sexual experiences
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
File 157519558411.jpg - (83.72KB, 840x1000, 4fff6bb6b548aa3d18cecb9fced469c0.jpg) [iqdb]
Those words would forever ring in Yumemi’s mind. That was what she hoped the rabbit would say, yet she didn’t expect the girl to be so immediately explicit about her desires. Plucking her tongue from Tewi’s asshole, Yumemi made sure to drench the girl’s puckered entrance with saliva, massaging it into place with her fingers. Whilst her cock remained hard and lubricated with a combination of pre-cum, spittle and Suika’s own arousal, Yumemi made sure to drizzle a mouthful of saliva across her cock, jerking her shaft back and forth a few times to ensure that it was completely coated. Resting her hand on Tewi’s ass, she spread her rounded and plump cheeks apart, revealing in its entirety that tight little hole. Shuffling forwards, she rested the bulbous tip up against the girl’s arse, gently pressing into the concave that was her entrance. She could feel Tewi’s anxiety about it but knew that the laboured breath and light moaning was a sign of this being a desperate desire within the Youkai. She wanted it.

This was the new pleasure that she had signed up in search of. Having a cock plunge into her ass was the sensation that would break her free from the quiet and intimate ways of the Youkai and bring her into the world of true explosive pleasure. She may have wanted it, but it was more than that. She needed it more than anything. And Yumemi was more than happy to provide.

Easing slowly forwards, Yumemi realised Tewi’s virginity in this matter and took a slower approach, curbing her wild animalistic desires to pound her ass ravenously. Instead, she searched for that perfect angle, the perfect position to slip inside. Her fat cock-head pressed tightly against her unrelenting entrance, until finally, she felt the girl’s asshole give away, the very tip of her head breaching her sumptuously tight hole. Moaning softly as she pressed onwards, Yumemi eased her way in until Tewi’s puckered ass wrapped snugly around the head of her cock. Expecting a grunt of sound of initial discomfort, Yumemi was pleasantly surprised by the moans and sounds of pleasure coming from Tewi. She seemed to be utterly enthralled by the feeling of having
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
File 157519676973.jpg - (96.01KB, 850x917, science5.jpg) [iqdb]

Plucking her recorder from her desk and the three usual folders, Yumemi rose to her feet and bid her assistant a good-day. Finishing the cup of coffee that served to wake her up, Yumemi made her way down the stairs and into the basement with a light skip. As she hit the floor, she unbuttoned her long white lab-coat, the garment falling to floor revealing her completely naked body and already hardened cock. Dropping the folders in her lab, she turned to her three subjects, all three of them progressing through the pregnancies. All of them were naked, with them not even bothering to wear clothes at all, finding them to be nothing but a hinderance given the events of each day.

There were a couple changes of note. Each wall separating each subject now had a round hole carved out; one that was perfectly shaped to allow one of the two subjects between whom the wall separated them to present their round asses to the other. Now whatever they chose to use it for was obviously not of Yumemi’s concern, no matter how much she did enjoy watching regardless. Several sex-toys now populated all three rooms, with the three subjects favourites being claimed and treasured for their own personal entertainment.

Grabbing a clipboard, Yumemi strode out in front of the three subjects, all of whom immediately made their way to the front of their testing chambers, leaning out eager to hear from their professor.

“Good-morning ladies. Today’s particular study will be… the location of pleasure-centres across varying species, with special focus of those residing within the ass,” Yumemi announced, reading down a long list of experiments and studies, scratching of the next one in the list before putting it away. All three of the ladies celebrated in their own way, eager to see what results the experiment would provide.

Turning back around, Yumemi smiled with a perverse and salacious grin, “Lube up, ladies…”


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File 15734349079.jpg - (25.94KB, 256x362, 13326.jpg) [iqdb]
I can't find this game anywhere can somebody help me? https://vndb.org/v10596
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File 156504130616.png - (0.98MB, 868x1228, 69912990_p0.png) [iqdb]
Marisa Kirisame, the Ordinary Witch, was kneeling above her client’s naked waist, her skirt hitched up to her belly. A tense, giddy grin busied the bottom half of her face. All the same, Marisa kept it as bright as the stars – for both her client’s benefit and her own – as she reached below to wrap her hand around the boy’s stiff, upright member. The oily salve, which she had poured all over the penis moments before, caused her grip to slip down the thick shaft. There was a sharp intake of breath when the boy’s foreskin was peeled back, and the side of Marisa’s palm bumped into his crotch.

And then, an even sharper one – when she hooked the thumb of her free hand under her panties and tucked them to the side, revealing her bare slit.

Marisa scuffed forward on her knees, stretching herself open, angling her client’s tool at her opening. It was as her warm petals began to slide around his slippery glans that he voiced his creeping doubt.

“Ah. Um… Miss Marisa?”

The Ordinary Witch paused, at once too horny not to feel a tug of annoyance and feeling way too excited to let it show. She grinned down at the flustered boy. “Yeah? What’s up?”

Her young client’s gaze fluttered between her face and the soft, warm place he was about to enter. “Is this… um, really necessary?”

Marisa eyed her client with all the mock exasperation of an herbalist inquired whether nettle soup could sting one’s tongue. All the sixteen or seventeen years of worldliness her client could muster eyed her back. He was a hunk, no mistake; Marisa couldn’t take that away from him. Fieldwork did that to boys. And yet, it would seem the same thing that had so deliciously bulked out his arms and chest had also sapped away at his wits.

The same may not be said of his hard, lubed-up dick… which twitched in her hold, more and more impatient the longer it kept kissing her lower lips without actual insertion. Marisa rubbed its tip up and down along her moist slit as she addressed her hesitant client.
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File 156916328614.jpg - (716.80KB, 1020x1200, f2ce1ab94f1841fac69350ac62edb4ea.jpg) [iqdb]

“So, then,” Marisa wrapped up her write-up, “I tells them the salve should be ‘nuff, but if they notice somethin’, well… Sure as the lightnin’, two days later – that is, today – the lad’s dad finds me at the market an’ asks me to come by again.”

Reimu eyed her over the steaming, clayware tea-cup. “You botched the ward?”

Marisa ventured a shrug – as much of one as her own cup would allow. “Who knows? Said nothin’ but that his boy needed another session. Haven’t been by; like as not will tomorrow.”

“Sloppy,” insisted her best friend, and took a long sip.

“Maaaybe,” granted Marisa. “Gods know that boy’s a hunk. Could’ve gotten distracted…”

There was a world of suspicion – mostly confirmed – in Reimu’s replying look. Yet, the shrine maiden made no comment. Only busied at her tea – as though the Ordinary Witch reportedly failing an art she had been polishing for years and years was nothing to warrant one.

Yup, thought Marisa. She can tell.
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Oh, yay, you finished.

Now, about that continuation of a certain rabbit's tale...
That's some damn fine witch fuckin right there.

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File 155994595533.png - (485.29KB, 644x833, D8NosAOV4AEnCgm_png orig.png) [iqdb]
Sequel to >>39491

The Moon is forever.

In the halls and boudoirs of the Lunar Palace, time is a guest seldom entertained. When these walls were willed to be, an aeon in the past, they were much, then, as they are still this day. Marble floors, as white as the Moon’s lifeless sands; unbroken panes of crystalline walls; milk-glass windows peering out on the eternal Capital… which seems, even now, the same it did when I froze its streets and stifled its air to stave off a calamity. Touches of the impermanent: amenities, chairs and beds, dressers and tables, curtains and rugs, may indeed adorn the Palace and its halls; and yet, underneath it all, the pale, virgin stone stands a metaphor for Lord Tsukuyomi’s vision. An eternity abiding. A time riven from time – to be used, to be filled – yet never spent.

And we, who swathe ourselves in its comforts – yet emulate the lifeless stone beneath.

Among these comforts, I, Kishin Sagume, am awakened softly – in a manner unbefitting of my dreams, wherein I held a bawdy conversation with a daemon of the dreamscape. I tense in my beddings, far from wakefulness, the daemon’s complacent smile slowly bleaching out of my rousing sight. My physical body feels nice and warm; and there is a voice, breathing hushed, gentle words into one of my ears – causing that side of my head to tingle.

“… love you,” it is whispering; “love you so, so much, Lady Sagume.

I stir – and the voice flees my vicinity, as if startled. My eyes flutter in the pastel light of the city pouring in through the bedside window. I gather myself up to a sit, kneading the remnants of the grinning dream-eater out from under my eyelids. At my side, the voice makes its return: firmer now, stronger, and unrelieved by its earlier affection.
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File 156256760694.png - (1.83MB, 1024x1280, 75044123_p0.png) [iqdb]
I do not want to recall it.

I do up the topmost button of my jacket and tug down the rune-embroidered sleeves. I do not wish to review the remainder of that night. How I kicked the feet out from beneath my rabbit slave, toppling him to the floor. How I straddled his hips without pity for his little friend’s sensitive state. I would sooner not remember bouncing up and down on him at a wild, mindless tempo – racing for the orgasm after which I had lusted since my first taste of Daiki’s leporine cock. The thrill of domination from staring into his wide, ruby eyes, while I used him like a living sex toy. My shirt’s buttons coming loose and unveiling my swinging bust. My slave reaching up to flick open my bra with astounding skill – causing my breasts to fall out and dangle over his entranced face. My speeding up the pace in revenge. The shameful sound of my butt-cheeks smacking his thighs on every abrupt descent. And then, the obscene squelching of our genitals when Daiki’s earlier ejaculation began to leak out and do us the office of added lubricant.

I will not recall my first orgasm atop the rabbit boy’s cock – for the simple reason I cannot. A millennium of chastity had done nothing to prepare me for the tidal wave of bliss from having real sex again. Once I had reached my peak and started to cum, the ashen deserts of the Moon may well have ceased existing altogether. I cannot say how long I’d slouched on top of my handsome slave, quaking and twitching in my orgasmic throes. Only that I hoped – in some far-off, detached part of myself – that I would not let slip any rash words while off in my little, ecstasy-filled world.

When at length I regained faculty over my delirious senses, it was to the sight of Daiki’s ruddy face half-swamped under my drooping bust. The rabbit boy boldly cupped and lifted my right breast from his chin. And then, he asked me the question I, for a change, hadn’t at all needed – yet wanted to hear.

“… Again, Lady Sagume?”

I felt a tingle, down below my bellybutton, which told me in no ambivalent way I was absolutely ready – and will
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This was really fucking good, thank you
Where's that continuation, hmm?

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File 156132126483.jpg - (579.57KB, 900x506, citynight.jpg) [iqdb]
Contest Reward: >>/gensokyo/15706


The foothills of youkai mountain rose in the distance as the white and red lights at their base grew larger.

Almost as if they called to Reimu, assuring her that she made the right choice.

What a laugh.

She sighed, floating forward across the blackened grass. The sun had set hours ago, and the butterflies in her belly had only grown worse since.

What would Kasen say, were she here?

She wasn’t, of course. Reimu had made certain of that. To that end, the establishment’s choice of home suited her. A busy town everyone cared about, but from which very few credible stories of personal exploits ever rose.
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Then she remembered where she was. She remembered what her job was. She’d come here to prove her abilities. To make her partner scream with pleasure.

The only person to have felt anything was her. As the strength ebbed from her body, so too did her will.

Her heaving breaths took on a quaking, uncertain quality. Her arms fell across her face.

Kanako swallowed the last of her juices and leaned back, shiny violet silk stretched over purple hair. “I must have done quite well to satisfy my godd-”

“I’m sorry.”

Reimu laid there, her meager breasts rising and falling as unsteady breaths pushed themselves through her lungs. Kanako kept silent.

“I…” Reimu inhaled, “I’m worn out.”

“Already, huh?”
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
File 156132193287.png - (1.15MB, 865x1039, nudereimu.png) [iqdb]
Reimu stirred, shifting her weight atop the uneven surface of a great woman’s naked rack and legs.

She blinked her eyes open and planted her hands on the surface’s breasts, lifting herself up. She stared down into Kanako’s bashful eyes. She groaned and pushed herself to the side, rolling off the goddess.

Landing on her back, Reimu stared to the ceiling.

She’d laid one of Gensokyo’s most powerful goddesses and would even be paid for the pleasure of doing so.

If only she’d performed a bit bett…

“Could you untie me?”

Reimu blinked, staring back at the goddess lying beside her. Ropes still wrapped tight around those giant tits.

“Sure, sure.”
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Kanako trudged through the quiet, darkened main room of her shrine, feet shuffling to her personal chamber. After all the grief that former outpost brought, all the believers demanding she take their side in that damn property battle, it did bring her the occasional gem.

However coarse that gem would turn out to be.

She stepped through her door, shutting it behind her to block out what little light eked into the main room. Sighing, she groped around her bed and peeled the large, heavy breast harness off it, then walked to her closet. She slid it open and dumped the harness inside. She shrugged the coat and hat off, tossing them in with it. Closing it again, she trotted back to her bed.

Crashing into the sheets, she sighed again, a little happy this time. She’d finally spent a night in bed with Reimu. She even got the girl to dominate her.

She groaned, thumping her hands once behind her. She was so close. So damn close. But Reimu, clearly, wasn’t ready. The girl needed training. She needed to learn how to confine, to control, to overwhelm a goddess of the heavens.

Her eyes drifted through the shadows to her closed closet. The fun toys would have to wait. The toys made for Kanako. Tomorrow, she’d need a set for someone smaller and thinner. Someone who needed to learn, first-hand, what she needed from her. Perhaps, once that girl learned the ropes, they’d finally get to do what she dreamed of.

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File 156029280715.jpg - (204.65KB, 560x420, RJ170580_img_main.jpg) [iqdb]
Hello /at/. I was browsing stuff on dlsite and discovered this touhou ero RPG. I tried MTLing the story with AGTH to see if it was any good, and decided to make a simple interface patch to make it easier to play. Since the work is "done" I might as well share it:


I say "patch" but I don't know how to properly navigate RPGMaker. I don't think it supports patch files, and when I re-exported the archive it was 100mb bigger. So I just zipped the whole folder. You'll need the RPGMaker runtime, but it otherwise should run as-is. It's also a newer version than what I found in a torrent.

This translates (most) skills, equipment that does more than just increase basic stats, and the basic interface. The battle log is a mess of English and Japanese since I couldn't be bothered to try and track down everything. If you're like me and can't read a word of Japanese, this should be a lot more playable, but it is far from finished, polished, or accurate. This is all MTL (plus some manual rewording) and I didn't bother to make sure everything fits in the dialog boxes. I haven't extensively tested it but I don't think I broke anything doing this. Probably.

So what is this game?
There's a description and previews on dlsite: ttps://www.dlsite.com/ecchi-eng/work/=/product_id/RE170580.html ttps://www.dlsite.com/maniax/work/=/product_id/RJ170580.html

The basic plot (as far as I can tell) is that an alternate world summons a hero to save them from evil - Flandre Scarlet. The SDM girls follow her to the other world but all get separated, and afflicted with "summoning sickness" - dropping them to level 1 (or 7, for Meiling, Remilia, and Koakuma). They must then reunite and save Flandre, and maybe also the other world from the demons that want to destroy the elemental crystals.

There are a few
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File 155433842325.jpg - (1.40MB, 4074x6000, miladyandmeido.jpg) [iqdb]
Original Thread One: >>>/at/16360

Everything started from a little drunken walk in the woods. Though you might have been running. And you might have been chasing someone. Your recollection has never been super-clear. At the very least, you had stumbled off the beaten path and ended up in something of a muddy patch.

That’s where you first met Tenta, your current closest frenemy. Coming to and seeing him attached to your chest, much less seeing tentacles come out of you, was a shock, to say the least. Once you’d gotten used to his presence and had the chance to talk to him, you figured that you might as well roll with it until you can do something about it. Besides, a bit of playing around in the forest showed you that having tentacles could be fun and even useful.

Fast forwarding through the next couple of days, you had a pretty whirlwind tour of the way being literally attached to Tenta can complicate your life: You found out that he has a daughter, a nue named, oddly, Nue, who seems to have no problem getting really close with her dad. You also found out that he was somehow ‘acquainted’ in the past with none other than Yakumo Yukari. Even worse, you discovered that he had some sort of encounter with a previous Hakurei shamaness and ended up sealed away for it. Whatever his crimes, Yukari seemed overjoyed to see Tenta again, calling it a cause for celebration.

The most important complication out of all of this, though, was meeting Alice. Hooking up the way you did felt strange at first, but it didn’t take long for the two of you to get used to each other, not unlike how you got used to Tenta — albeit in a much more amiable way. Soon enough, you were staying around Alice’s house like the two of you were an item. Few days passed where you didn’t see Alice, even if you were out chasing other women at Tenta’s whim. The lonely (though sometimes rewarding) life of constant farming was no substitute for time spent with Alice now, even if the whole situation could be bonkers, to say the least.

In the midst of s
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Looks like there's no other forthcoming votes, so the winner is...

[x] What were those preparations about? Anyway, the place was cozy.

Will the question be answered? Is the place actually cozy? Can Kinkan actually enjoy his cognac? Does Tenta care about any of this? Wait warmly and find out.
Any news, man? Waiting for the followup, eagerly.
Don't feel like putting on my trip for this, so just trust that you're talking to OP.

It's a complicated answer. Things have been kind of rough since I essentially killed off my main story. I have some intention to get back to this, but that's all I can really concede right now. I'm participating in NaNoWriMo and decidedly not with this story, because >daily updates.

So, I dunno what else to say, anon. Sit tight and watch this space, I guess. Or come to the Discord and bother me. Or maybe get adventurous and write your own stuff. There's no right or wrong answers here.

Well, okay, there are but let's not think about that too hard.

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