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File 158300925139.jpg - (2.78MB, 2500x856, a world of girls.jpg)
a world of girls

I have been afflicted.

“Curse” could be the wrong word to use. After all, my new condition could be construed in a more complex way than “well, Odou, you’ve rolled a bad pair of dice, you’ve drawn the wrong hand, you’ve been put in the proverbial shit”.

It’s complicated.

“Hahh... it’s complicated,” I lament, my voice echoing throughout the room.

I became the target of a whimsical god.
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File 158300931549.png - (186.23KB, 426x727, god of dance.png)
god of dance
The week before last, I was drunkenly returning home from the nearest bar to my place when I walked through a door in the middle of the street, you see. A bizarre thing: I hadn’t even opened it! But there a door was. I passed through it before I could truly process it, and on the other side was a goddess, seated in a throne in a realm of doors—all of them distant and gigantic, showing parts of the world where I’d never been. That goddess was cloaked in four colors of fire, and dressed in gold. She spoke to me and said,

“Senzai Odou, take a bit of my power.”

She lifted a finger, and my back started to burn. Delirious—I became delirious with pain! I passed out, and when I awoke I was being carried between two shoulders—a ceramic-green head of hair on my left, and lush auburn on my right. I lost consciousness again, and woke with the sun shining on my face. I’d been propped against some building, and none had helped me...

Certainly, I am not a small man and would need some effort to be moved, even by another man as strong as myself but...

“Troubling...” I mutter. Water swishes with motion, the sound of it bounding noisily around the room for a second.

You know, I suppose it could’ve been a youkai, but that presence made me think “god”. I wasn’t sure what she did until a day after, however. It took my clumsily falling on the way back from the egg-seller to realize it. After I’d created that grand mess out in the open, extravagantly scattering and spilling yolk, it struck me:

I had been afflicted: with innocuousness.

Not an eye was batted in my direction, you see.
Nobody cared at all!
And that: that was too bizarre.
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File 158300938039.jpg - (29.00KB, 499x500, Reimu-san.jpg)
It hadn’t been some sense of unease from a lack of idle conversation with others. It hadn’t been how I had not received any looks the day prior or moments to, either. While I’m no stranger to other villagers and to youkai remarking on my physique, or giggling and fascinated types poking at my musculature—I wouldn’t call myself... vain and concerned. no—it hadn’t been the settling down of these remarks and pokes that made me bothered or even notice. Anyone would ordinarily react—to a person falling that spectacularly. I was put off at once.

However I was not convinced of this theory at once, I assure you. I quickly tested things. I took off my shoe and threw it at the wall of a house. I fell on my back in the middle of the market square. I prodded people’s cheeks, made deliberate messes, climbed onto rooftops—

Nothing. Not a thing provoked any reaction.

I sigh again.

“Stop sighing so much. People being miserable... it just makes you uncomfortable,” says the Shrine Maiden.

“Oh... sorry,” I apologize. Where was I?

Ah yes, I discovered that I had become innocuous. This is my curse. I’m not invisible whatsoever—that isn’t the case. I’m seen, and I can still bother, but the limitations... are very high. Extraordinarily high. Almost everything I do is met with an unexceptional look, as if my actions are not simply “perfectly normal”, they’re not worth mentioning or considering at all.

I’m sure of this. I stopped wearing clothes last week just to unequivocally confirm it was true.

That was when I also discovered my vitality had increased exponentially. Also, I was partial to exhibitionism. I hadn’t known that.

Work was difficult mostly for my own self, trying to focus on things while contending with the reality that I had truly, truly become unremarkable, and how strange it was to proceed fulfilling and taking orders while nude. I’ve gotten fairly used to both—and used to more, in fact. To be absolutely honest, I’ve grown rather bold in this past week. Very bold. Extremely bold. Did I always have this side to me, or is it because of what happened?

Yes. This is definitely a curse.

“So you don’t have much work at all, right, Senzai-san?” asks Reimu-san.

“Mm, yes, I don’t need... mhuch to get by,” I reply. My breathing is getting much heavier.

“I mean, does anyone? I wouldn’t say that makes life easy though,” she remarks with little energy. I look down at her chest through the water.

“I’ve learned a lot to get to where I am...” I say, and I begin to put more strength into my stroking arm.

Ah, yes: I should say that right now I’m masturbating to the Hakurei Shrine Maiden. We’re in her bathing room, and I’m sitting on the edge of her tub while she soaks. Of course, she hasn’t gotten bothered at all by this. As you’ve seen, she’d only thought my sighing was irritating.

When I first got myself off in public I was entirely mortified with myself. However, after splattering my semen on the floor and watching the Maid of the Devil clean it up in exasperation, nutting before the eyes of a trio of lounging fairies, and cumming onto Motoori Kosuzu’s stomach while she changed out of her clothes to enter the bath...

These taboo actions, and that I can get away with them completely without punishment; it’s honestly too good to pass up. Now I’m beating off to the Hakurei Shrine Maiden while she relaxes naked. The idea alone is stimulating enough, but I’m getting to do it. I could let it out anywhere as well: her hair, her face, her breasts, her back.

I would love to nut into her pubic hair but you know, I still have morals.

Reimu sighs herself, stretching her arms over her head. Ah! Yes...! This is it! The moment I’ve been waiting for!!

Hakurei Reimu’s gorgeous armpits!

Every man in Gensokyo, young and old, knows this delight, cursed to limited fashion among the girls of Gensokyo, and at twenty-seven years of age I am no exception! Reimu-san has, since she was a child, always kept much of her body guarded, but never under her arms. The smooth, hairless and tantalizing concave shape where her arm meets her body—how you can just barely see the side of her chest as well when she stretches. Is there a man alive who wouldn’t want to press their face in those pits!? To press their cock to those pits!?

Her body is slender and toned, and witnessing the black patch over her vagina feels akin to witness a miracle, but these pits...

Yep. No need to hesitate: I’ll rub my cock in there.

Upping my jerking pace a bit, I stand up and walk over to Reimu in the bath. With one eye closed she looks up at me dully. She winces, too, when I shove the head of my cock into the crevice under her arm and grab hold of her right wrist. Whoalord! It’s hot...! I press the glans to a stiff, somewhat bendable muscle that I can feel near the front part of her armpit, I let go of myself for a moment to gently squeeze and feel its mirror opposite under her left arm. This is... her tendon? She frowns, not from annoyance but from her ordinary, placid face and my dick grows a little more just from her watching it. It rubs against her on its own in its rise, and begins to move up, jerkily, her arm. Ah, no... It’s happening. My thoughts are steadily going wild.

Her soft underarm shifts cutely at my girth, and a breath stops in my throat. I exhale, and start to move my hips, slowly, closing my eyes as I do and putting two fingers to her left underarm—pushing. Feeling her, feeling there... She’s not ticklish, hm? That means I can squeeze and touch this loose skin however I like, eh...? God...

Shifting my lower body from pleasure, my cock ends up sliding past her arm and onto her shoulder. Water rolls down my manhood and over her skin... or... some of those must be pearls of ejaculate, right? I, very gently, hump between her neck and her hair, her earlobe almost ticklish on the top of my shaft. Reimu-san’s healthy, bountiful hair... Lord, she’s gorgeous. I grab my cock again and push the shaft onto the firm grooves of her ear, rubbing teasingly and quivering as I hold back my cum. Phew... Now, across her cheek... ngh, that’s soft, Reimu-san... I push at her curiously once... again... again... Ohh, those are her teeth...?

Reimu closes one eye again, and gives a quiet, relaxed growl. As soon as the sound of it hits my ears I hold steady. She’s still frowning, as she tends to, and it seems my dick has the same idea as I but... no. No. I hold my penis against her the side of her face. Alright... steady, Boy. I grit my teeth. It sincerely takes everything in my power to not put myself against her closed lips and force my way in. Almost bitterly, I return to her armpit, getting another thorough feel for it instead of the inside of her mouth. Then again, I could fuck this. Bring her arm down and just... Mercy, just go at it. I won’t. I couldn’t get sumata going here; even if it wouldn’t bother her. I’m not... that far gone...

Shivering, I stop for a moment to not lose myself. When the feeling of ejaculation ebbs, I push my hand up my cock, admiring the mix of precum and bathwater glistening on her skin under her arm, on her shoulder, and on her cheek. I move the head around, spreading it and twitching throughout my body with jolts of feeling from the act.

“Man,” says Reimu while I continue indulging, “that thing really is big, huh?”

“Hm...? Y-Yeah...” Fuck, she’s been staring at it this whole time...?

Looking at me plainly she asks, “Why is that anyway? Is it like with breasts? Like the more milk you drink the bigger they get?”

God, Reimu-san... you look so bored...!

I force myself to reply. “No. it’s just natural,” I say. “Breasts are, too, that’s only... a rumor, Reimu-san.”

I start groaning a bit, gritting my teeth even more. I’m close. I’ve been holding near to the end ever since I arrived at the Shrine, truth be told.

“Ghh—! H-Huh...??”

What? Wha...?

Suddenly, I go stiff throughout my body.

“These aren’t small either,” says Reimu lightly, with curiosity. Her left hand is underneath my balls, cradling them. She jostles each of them absently.




My dick roars with stimulation and mirth. Immediately, I imagine her grabbing hold of my jewels and tugging them—just once—and the thought consumes me. My focus is impossible to keep. Pleasure pounds through me from her lackadaisical touch. I feel my sack tingle and constrict. Fuck, this is it.

Just like that, a sensation like lightning slams through my loins and up my urethra. I push my dick against the underside of Reimu’s arm, feeling every bit of the little fat she has there again, and I spurt up the limb: defying gravity and caking half of it in seconds, my entire body shaking with every pulse.

“Damn, it tightened up,” Reimu notes while I buckle and cum against her. She’s cupping me outright now, palpating quizzically and lightly, and watching as my cock continues to suddenly bounce from feeling. I let it loose for a second as it’s doing this – I’m simply flinching too much – and it slaps a bit strongly against her cheek. With that, I cum once again, this time past her ear, and as my cock lifts I jizz on top of her ear too, the rest of my sperm flying onto my own left arm and into the water. With that, I nearly collapse. Nice, nice... Wait. Wait, hadn’t I... Ah, shit—! Damn it! I should’ve shoved it in her hair...! Or at least against her cheek...! I wanted to bukkake her face!

I finally let go of her wrist and use my now-freed left hand to hold my wild Boy’s length against her ear again. It’s all I can manage; I’m feeling too weak! I cum while against her ear a few more times, muttering, “Damn it... Damn it...!”

“Holy shit, I can hear it!” notes Reimu with surprise, still fondling my jewels absently. I moan involuntarily, and pant... Actually, you know what? That really is something, the ball fondle... I suppose this is fine. In the end her arm (which she’s holding up, out of the water) is covered with white, and sperm is falling from her earlobe. She pinches at my finished sack and rolls the skin between her fingers. “Crazy,” is her evaluation.

“Phew... hahh...! Hahh...! Good lord...” I’m done now, and speak breathlessly while I plop my Boy down on top of Reimu’s head. My post-ejaculation semen pulses out, and flowing down it looks like melting icing in her hair. Hm, how pleasant. I finally begin to relax. Happily, I give an honest and wholehearted evaluation, saying (in an exhausted voice): “That was great!”

“It just seemed pretty messy,” says Reimu-san. She lets go of my balls (to my girlish gasp and tremble) and starts getting up. On the way my cock drags down her face and ends up over her stomach. It had been going flaccid, but... Reimu is gleaming now with a line of my Cowper’s fluid, and once more I feel my cock stiffening. She unceremoniously pushes her hand against my chest and starts wiping my cum off her arm with my body. “I’m going to get out now; I’ll wash off the rest of this and go to bed.”

The sight...
of Reimu...
walking away, covered in my semen...
makes me go weak in the knees.

I fall into her bathwater, and my cock ignores the heat and liquid to erect completely: at the aforementioned sight, at the sight of her ass moving and shifting with her exit from the tub, and the thought that I am now technically soaking in the Shrine Maiden of Paradise’s bathwater. I clap my hands twice, calmly and earnestly, and I bow my head with my eyes shut. The gods are good.

I am most certainly afflicted; most certainly cursed...

After all, I enjoy these newfound traits of mine far, far too much.

... Hm, maybe I should use her bloomers in front of her before she turns in for the night.

Maybe Marisa-san’s bloomers if she comes over...? Ohh, yeah... Marisa-san’s bloomers would probably smell amazing.

I shouldn’t sleep here, probably. I’ll try to fuck Reimu’s thighs while she sleeps: I know it.

Maybe I’ll cum on the fairy’s cunny while she’s asleep... That one that lives under the shrine. She’s extremely lewd... Tights...

I mean, there are many things I can do, and honestly I don’t see my balls getting tired enough to do all of it. That god made sure of it.

I smile, my dick standing up straight in the water as I relax.

“Hmmm...” I breathe. “This is nice.”


Your adventure continues in the morning

[] in Scarlet Devil Mansion.
Possible: Remilia Scarlet, Flandre Scarlet, Patchouli Knowledge, Izayoi Sakuya, Hong Meiling

[] in the Shrine.
Possible: Hakurei Reimu, Kirisame Marisa, Sukuna Shinmyoumaru, Clownpiece

[] who knows where? There’s a lot of fun in just wandering through Gensokyo, after all.
Possible: 1. The Three Fairies of Light 2. Ibaraki Kasen 3. Shiki Eiki, Yamaxanadu 4. Medicine Seller, Reisen Udongein Inaba 5. Yatadera Narumi 6. Kijin Seija
A die will be rolled.


Nanowrimo (2) contest main story. The source of the mysterious god panel is:
(C93) [Tsukisame Koubou (Same Kamaboko)] Hayashita Okina ga Nidouji o Ijimeru Hon (Touhou Project)
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[X] in the Shrine.
Possible: Hakurei Reimu, Kirisame Marisa, Sukuna Shinmyoumaru, Clownpiece

Oh my oh lewd
Delete Post
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[X] in the Shrine.
Reimu too good
Delete Post
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[x] who knows where? There’s a lot of fun in just wandering through Gensokyo, after all.
Kasen please.
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I forgot a timer and don't want to create one (because it would have to be with an "update" post)

I will write about 15 hours from this post, probably. I don't use timers strictly though, so posting after the "deadline" is totally acceptable. I'll only discount something in the event of me starting to write and a swing or tie happening while I'm doing so.
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Surprising absolutely no one,
(X) in the Shrine.
Delete Post
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[x] in the Shrine.

Not much into emotionless sex, but eh, let's see where it goes.
Delete Post
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Sex won't necessarily be unemotional, actually. Just because he's innocuous doesn't mean they can't feel things.
Delete Post
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[X] in the Shrine.
Possible: Hakurei Reimu, Kirisame Marisa, Sukuna Shinmyoumaru, Clownpiece

I heard "cunny" I'm sold
Delete Post
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[x] in the Shrine.
Delete Post
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[x] in the Shrine.
How lewd.
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File 158306430845.jpg - (126.31KB, 693x344, 天国.jpg)
[X] in the Shrine.




Fuck, where am I...?

I wake up with my face on something white and soft with my ass up in the air. White...? Soft...? —!? Did I...!?

I turn my eyes up, expecting to see a sleeping face.

Instead I see a crotch: the crotch of a pair of bloomers, being worn. Whose bloomers? Where is this? My arms are under me... There’s a dark stain on the tatami mat below me... Considering where it is, that’s probably from my cum—Ah! I remember!

These are Marisa-san’s bloomers!

Marisa arrived last night drunk and fell asleep without changing out of her clothes!

It was a blessing. I came while breathing in her crotch while she was knocked out, and it seems I fell asleep after... Phew, I thought I’d slept with someone; that would be bad.

I smile to myself with relief...


I frown.


... Wait, this is awful, too! “Relief”!? This is absurdly degenerate! I’ve never even done anything like this before—what is wrong with me!?

I look up to her crotch again. The cloth is a little transparent; it seems she’s been sweating and... well, she’d probably felt something from how much I was huffing against her last night. Hm. Hmm...

“... She won’t mind.” I mutter, and I push my face under her skirt again.

“Mmf... ip’s ghud...” I mutter, immediately feeling dizzy as my cock grows again. She’s definitely sweaty and definitely fell asleep just like this, and... yes, she got a little aroused, it seems. Nmf... this stuffy smell is basically like an aphrodisiac for me. I look up into the black void of her clothes while absentmindedly stroking myself and thinking about what to do today... I left my robe somewhere in the shrine—I have one. It’s nice walking around naked everywhere but geta and a robe are a minimum requisite for protection from the elements. After that... Hm, cum on Marisa’s face? She probably won’t wake up—I recall her being completely out of it last night. She won’t be bothered or anything even if I d—


I freeze.

... You know, even if I’m like this now, I still have some worries about “getting caught”... I pull myself from out of Marisa’s crotch and push myself up, sitting cross-legged. Who was that just now? No offense to her, but the voice sounded too cute to be Reimu-san...

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2020/03/02 (Mon) 12:00

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File 158306437813.png - (258.71KB, 600x770, munch munch munch.png)
munch munch munch
... Ah.

Sitting at one of the walls, with a rice cracker she can hardly carry held in her hands, is a sniffling Shinmyoumaru. Sukuna Shinmyoumaru, the Inchling Princess...


It’s an exceptionally rare get!

Ignoring me and my almost fully-readied cock, the squatter puts the senbei to her mouth and begins to munch. This girl, hardly bigger than my hand (actually, she must be smaller), is not one who likes to show herself to most humans or youkai. The little princess is a wise one, and knows that in a land of giants one who is diminutive had best keep careful. I’ve heard admirable tales about her adventurous and sweeping exploits, however... She is smartly cautious and impressively, but not foolishly, brave. I’ve always wanted to talk to her... show her a clock...

A clock. I make clocks. I’d love to know what she thinks of one up close, inside. Would it be like a tower to her? I haven’t seen the inside of a clock tower myself. I’ve yet to check inside Scarlet Devil Mansion’s...

Honestly. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen her—I’m rather taken aback.

Perhaps it’s just my village ignorance, but I’ve always assumed any and every princess is sure to be a gorgeous, impeccable beauty. The Ghost Princess, Saigyouji Yuyuko-sama is. The Moon Princess, Houraisan Kaguya-sama is. That is to say, I have corroborating evidence...

So, I’m surprised to say that Sukuna-sama is not... Rather, she’s very... very, very cute.

The Inchling Princess stuffs her face as I watch her, staring off at a corner in the ceiling and, apparently, thinking. So, as rumored she indeed feels safe at the Shrine... At any rate: yes, she’s cute. I don’t mean to suggest it’s her size either. Her bobbed, lavender hair is cute. That small bowl she wears as a hat is cute. A cute, soft and layered, red-cloth and gold-lined kimono... Cute. Her bare feet and wiggling toes are... so cute! She’s carrying a scabbard made of fabric, it looks like, around her hip and the blade’s handle looks remarkably similar to... Oh. Oh!! That’s “it”, isn’t it!? The “Shining Needle Sword”!

It’s just a needle! My god, she really is adorable!

Her face is round and pretty and her eyes are open and innocent. Finding her again would be very difficult for me. Obviously, I have to beat off now while she’s here and I have the opportunity. Instantly covering a girl’s body with semen in one jet: that is undoubtedly a once in a lifetime opportunity. If I’m even luckier, this could even happen again. And I mean really, consider this: she has a big bowl right there—looks like she can ride in it. Actually, doesn’t she? I’ve heard she does. She can get in the bowl. Yeah: it’s perfect.

That said, we are at the Shrine... Hmm...

So if I like, I can double up here—Yeah, it looks like Reimu-san is sleeping here too. The fairy must be asleep underneath the Shrine, right?

With my hands on my knees and my penis hyped, I consider my options.

Hmm. Hmmmm...

... Alright: I’ve come to a decision.

I’ll go to Shinmyoumaru—

[] and use her exclusively to jerk off.

[] and have her speak with me while I’m jerking off on Marisa’s face (and then, she’s next).

[] and have her speak with me while I enjoy Reimu-san’s crotch (and then I’ll cum all over her).

[] and have her accompany me while I molest that sexy fairy, Clownpiece (naturally, I will use her too).


Bloomer image source: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1439235
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(X) and have her accompany me while I molest that sexy fairy, Clownpiece (naturally, I will use her too).
C to the U to the double N and Y
Delete Post
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[X] and have her accompany me while I molest that sexy fairy, Clownpiece (naturally, I will use her too).
I'm torn between this and sukuna exclusive option.
Delete Post
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[X] and have her accompany me while I molest that sexy fairy, Clownpiece (naturally, I will use her too).

Ooo a shimy and clownpiece
Delete Post
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[x] and have her accompany me while I molest that sexy fairy, Clownpiece (naturally, I will use her too).

We're getting the full set, naturally.
Delete Post
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[x] and have her accompany me while I molest that sexy fairy, Clownpiece (naturally, I will use her too).
Delete Post
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[x] and have her accompany me while I molest that sexy fairy, Clownpiece (naturally, I will use her too).
Delete Post
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[x] and have her accompany me while I molest that sexy fairy, Clownpiece (naturally, I will use her too).
Delete Post
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I've always thought it strange that we had so little clown cunny porn here. I was sure she'd be a crowd favorite when she was introduced.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 158316229235.jpg - (156.76KB, 600x600, Hello__.jpg)
>I've always thought it strange that we had so little clown cunny porn here. I was sure she'd be a crowd favorite when she was introduced.
Well I am VERY glad she's the crowd favorite here. Massive update incoming.


[X] and have her accompany me while I molest that sexy fairy, Clownpiece (naturally, I will use her too).

There’s no better option.

Ahhehem.” I clear my throat, fist before my mouth. This gets her attention. It’s always the little things I do, I find, that get people to pay me attention. I close my eyes and smile at the needle-princess, filling myself with spirit for an energetic greeting. “Hello there!” I say. “Good morning!” I open my eyes and look at her as my heart beats anxiously. I mean, this should go fine but...

“Mmm... Hello,” she replies. Yes! “Good morning,” she answers me politely after moving a chunk of senbei that was in her mouth into her cheek. “Who are you?” she asks.

“My name is Senzai Odou,” I say. “I am a humble clockmaker.”

“‘Clockmaker’?” she repeats, cocking her head and chewing her food. She swallows. “You’re not a body builder?”

“I—I’m not that muscular...” I answer, laughing nervously. I... I sort of am that muscular. I do stay fit... “Wha—What’s your name, my lady!?”

“Ah, I shouldn’t introduce myself while eating...” she says, it seems to herself. She looks down at her feet and rests her cracker over her lap before regarding me again. She wipes her mouth with the back of her left hand and say, “My name is Sukuna Shinmyoumaru.”

“Sukuna—!” I lift my eyebrows and act surprised.

“You’ve heard about me?” she asks, pointing to herself.

“Oh, umm... yes,” I feign nerves in this case.

She bows slightly. “Pardon my intrusion;” she says, “I like to stay at Reimu’s place sometimes, and don’t always announce myself. You’re a guest? I should apologize for startling you, um... I was hungry, so...”

She looks away, smiling and blinking with barely hidden guilt.

... Honestly, “apology” is the least of what I can do. I should outright repent for what I’ve done over the last two weeks. Her innocence is cute.

I stand and walk over to her. Honestly, I must seem like a colossus to someone so tiny, not even a standard “giant” as most probably seem... Without my innocuousness I’d definitely freak her out, even if I wasn’t semi erect with a penis oozing out semen from a previous night’s ejaculation.

I sit before her when I reach her, cross-legged, slouched, and with my forearms at rest atop my thighs. My cock bounces over her head, and she looks up at it, going slightly cross-eyed. Hmm... is its head bigger than hers—?

“You’re hard?” she queries. Er, what...?? She knows about sex!? Or... at least about men’s penises. Well... I suppose she doesn’t exactly look like a “child”. Actually, up close it seems as if she actually has a sizable bust under that kimono of hers. Her proportions are... she seems like, perhaps, an adolescent. An adolescent with big breasts, but she’s tiny... What is this combination? It’s madness.

At any rate, my Boy very much appreciated that question, and moves as if to respond: “You think that’s hard? Check this out”. He’s really... absolutely unruly; I don’t know why I deal with him.

Shinmyoumaru’s eyes widen. “It’s getting even bigger...!” she notes. Come now, girl, you’re going to make him start outright showing off. While I’m getting heated she asks, “Why? Don’t these only get hard when on wedding nights and other nights where partners are trying to make a child?”

Hohh. A clinical and naive perspective. I suppose I can educate her a little.

“They get hard when a person is excited, sexually,” I say, bluntly.

“Why are you excited, sexually?” she asks, very confused.

“Hmm... several reasons. One of them is you, umm... Sukuna... sama? I’ve... heard that you are a princess,” I explain.

“Just Shinmyoumaru is fine...” she blinks, thinking over what I said. “... You think I’m sexually attractive!?” she seems surprised. I haven’t seen someone react so surprised from something I’ve done or said in a while now, even counting before I’d met that god. I straighten up. So... there are ways around the curse...? She continues talking, saying, “But I’m really boyish,” while looking perplexed and befuddled. “Aren’t men attracted to girls with long hair and girls who are, you know... tall? I’m... very tiny, Odou-san.”


My Boy gives the word: We’re doing this, buddy, he says. My dick rises completely and I shiver with feeling, a ripple of pleasure going up my shaft, and I can feel a bit of nut ready to escape.

Shinmyoumaru goes on, looking at me incredulously and smirking now, saying, “I like my short hair and I like keeping it messy but you must be a weirdo, Odou-sa—” She stops. Semen has dropped from my cock and plopped down onto her senbei: just one thick globule. “Oh...” she looks at it. More cum drips from me, pooling on top of the cracker. Shinmyoumaru sits still as it falls, almost expressionless... maybe a touch curious.

And now my heart is beating strongly enough that I can feel it in my throat. I struggle to speak, but I have to. I have to suggest this. I tell her—I tell the Inchling Princess: “You should... try it...” A nervous, shaking smile is stuck on my face. I can feel myself sweating.

Shinmyoumaru lifts her cracker and squints a bit with one eye, scrutinizing the cum. She tips the cracker back a little and it oozes toward where she’d left off biting at the snack. Wait... she’s... she’s going to do it...!?

She opens her mouth...

I open my eyes wide, leaning forward...

She takes a bite of the cracker, with my semen caking it, her small mouth barely able to fit the entire mixture.

My... fucking... WORD...!

She’s doing it, lords have mercy!

Shinmyoumaru chews it, squinting both eyes now and moving it from cheek to cheek. After doing this a few times, she struggles to, but she swallows it, and she burps, all of this leaving an unpleasant look on her face. “Eugh...” she grumbles, “that tasted weird...”

“You should just have more of it,” I speak without thinking, as if possessed. “To get used to the taste. Here. Try it.” I pinch the other end of the senbei and push the semen-covered cracker toward her mouth. Shinmyoumaru makes a face and shuts her eyes, but after a moment she opens her mouth as I suggested, opens it wide, and begins to drink my semen from off the top of the senbei cracker. She starts to gulp in a second, and I completely freeze. My heart and dick both pound, the latter twitching and filling painfully with blood now. Sperm gets onto her cheeks, but she just bites, licks, and swallows more of it. After about half a minute of her eating and drinking this – turning her head and lapping at it, sucking at it, breathing the odor for a while – the cracker is a darker shade of brown, a bit soggy with my semen, and she’s thumbing cum from the sides of her face, wearing a drowsy expression.

I gulp.

She hiccups, and then makes a grumbling noise while licking at the inside of her closed mouth. “... I think you’re right, Odou-san,” she eventually says. “It was an odd taste, but I started getting used to it like you said.”

Dragon God and Buddha, what? Seriously? Ahaha, what!?

Okay! Sure!

“Shi-Shi-Shinmyoumaru-sa—Shin... Hey, wh-why don’t we go somewhere else to talk? We wouldn’t want to wake Marisa-san and Reimu-san, right?” I manage to make this suggestion while utterly losing my mind.

“Good idea,” she says, taking the cracker from my fingers and biting into it again. Dear god...! “Where should we go?”

“W-We’ll bother the fairy squatting underneath the shrine. Would you like it if I carried you?” I ask.

“Oh, sure, I don’t mind that. Pick me up, but be careful please,” she requests. I smile a wobbling, almost mad smile.

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2020/03/03 (Tue) 15:00

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File 158316236978.png - (1.41MB, 2059x1314, hup.png)
I then pluck her up from the back of her shirt (she keeps eating, not minding that I’m holding her like... well, really like a handkerchief) and pick up the bowl beside her as well, standing to my full height. I then bring her down and place her atop my cock. She naturally straddles it then and there, like she’s riding a mount.

My Boy knows what must be done and tries to remain calm, lest he catapult the Inchling in excitement. But, he does warn me. Boss, I hear in my heart, you trying to kill me?

Keep strong, my Boy.

Shinmyoumaru hold the senbei up in her left hand and hugs at my cock with her right arm—curiously, inquisitively really. She puts an ear to it as well—her left. I look down at her and await her comment.

“It’s so warm...” she says with honest surprise. She hadn’t expected that. “Actually, it’s hot!” She pats the side of it... Down, boy. “It’s like steel...!” she remarks, almost breathlessly. “Cool!” she declares, turning her head to meet my eyes.

Yes, it is very “cool”.

... Oh, she really does have breasts. I can feel them a little.

Suddenly, she sniffs very deeply, sighing afterward. “It smells really great, too!” she says happily, sitting up and keeping her right hand on the shaft for support.

“Glad to hear it,” I reply, putting my free hand on my hip proudly, and putting the knuckles of my left hand to the opposite side as well.

She bites into the semen-filled cracker again, and then speaks with a stuffed mouth. “Do all penishesh shmell like dish, Odou-shan?” she asks frankly.

“I am refining my penis especially. I want it to smell divine,” I say. That isn’t a lie. “How would you describe it?” I ask her.

Shinmyoumaru looks down at her mount, petting it in almost explorative reaches and movements. “It’s sorta like wood and something I haven’t smelled before. Kinda sweaty, but I think I like it... You’ve also bathed, huh!?” She turns and beams at me while saying this.

“I always make sure to,” I say firmly.

“Good, Odou-san!” she praises, and then leans back—slides back!? Whoa now! “Ahh...” she says when she stops and I’m standing with my feet apart and hands raised, looking surprised. “Mmm... fn, fn. Hmm, it smells even better over here...”

... She’s resting against my pubes, her arms apart and her feet swinging.

... I can’t dwell on this. I’ve got to molest that Hell Fairy before I explode all over this tatami mat a second time.

She’s more stable like this... With Shinmyoumaru sitting on my erect penis, getting crumbs in my pubic hair, I open the sliding door and head outside.

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File 158316243291.jpg - (3.12MB, 2700x3618, Clownpiece.jpg)
For a while now, underneath Hakurei Shrine a fairy from Hell has taken up residence. She’s honestly quite terrifying; when I was an ordinary human I remember joining Village meetings concerning her move here, during which the Shrine Maiden in fact attended, and we all wholeheartedly listened to her. Hell, after all, is one of the few places ordinary humans cannot tread. The Moon, too, where Reimu-san and other heroes met her is just not a place for us simple villagers. Reimu-san was speaking seriously about a fairy, and that worried all of us deeply.

A powerful fairy that brought the Lunar Capital to its knees and shook the Hakurei Shrine Maiden... A fairy who can cause madness with a strange torch of hers that I, honestly, must be wary of even now... I dreaded the chance that she would “prank” me or someone nearby me. Madness, frankly, causes murder...

She’s very, very scary. Honestly.

But she wears a skintight outfit of American stars and stripes. Her tiny ass is pert and cute as anything. She’s the most slender fairy I’ve ever seen, with flowing, waving blond hair and gorgeous, enchanting, lavender-red eyes to complete an absolutely arresting foreign portrait. I was amazed when I first saw her. To be perfectly honest, she is erotic. She’s a beautiful fairy whose little crevice you can always see, and she sweats easily making any loose parts of her clothing stick perfectly in hot weather. When she’s cold, you can see her nipples...

When she arrived in the village, so many of the men had to bend over and hide their fronts. I was one of them. Even before I became a complete degenerate, Clownpiece became the fairy I fantasized the most about. Many a nut was had on nights I thought about the glimpses of her body I had spotted through her short, summer sleeves. Pink areolae, a sweat-slickened armpit... Goodness. I had thought no fairy would ever turn me on as strongly as the third Fairy of Light, Star Sapphire, but Clownpiece gets me rock hard just from remembering her.

And she’s now fast asleep. I will not waste a single second.

I walk down an earth staircase beneath the shrine and lit by small firelights (wearing my geta, by the way). At first it seemed it would be difficult to spot exactly where the entrance was, and getting through seemed impossible once I had, but once you know where a fairy’s home is you can typically enter it easily. Actually, Clownpiece is supposedly very unused to disguising her home, so the hole was trivial to discern once I’d sniffed it out. Any fairy home is almost like a portal upon trying to enter it, too, so my large body slipped through without any issue.

And... soon enough... I come upon her chambers.

“She’s asleep...” Shinmyoumaru whispers below my chin. My manhood rose even more on the way down here in anticipation, so even if she wanted to move from my pubic mound she would have to climb my cock to manage that at this point...

“Yeah...” I whisper in return, my hand on the entrance of the room.

It’s a dark room, a simple room, with clay skulls piled in one corner and miscellaneous childish “treasures” piled in another. The occupant is asleep on a warm-looking white bed, her left arm on her stomach and a line of drool coming down her cheek. One of her knees is up. Her torch is somewhere else... Seems she’s not wearing that absurd jester’s hat of hers. Also seems she’s completely out.

I look at the drool on her face and gulp.

“Odou-san! Odou-san!” Shinmyoumaru hisses, suddenly.

“What?” I ask. I feel her hand pushing against my dick.

“You’re getting too hard! I can barely sit here!” she complains. Ahh... right, one of the limitations: discomfort.

“Sorry... I just got really excited.” I scoop the Inchling into my right hand and bring her over to her bigger bowl, allowing her to enter it (with her not-yet finished cracker in hand). I hold the dish up.

... She smells like me.

Shinmyoumaru looks at the sleeping fairy, not caring that she smells like excited cock and spilled semen. I steel myself, and I march over to Clownpiece.

I set Shinmyoumaru down on the futon beside the fairy’s head. It’s a big futon, honestly: I guess she just likes comfort. I slip off my geta and get up on top of her. I’m not going to wait.

She’s so small... She must weigh so little too... Her wings are folded to her back right now, it seems. Hmm...

Tiny face, lithe body. My cock gets completely ready. I lock my eyes onto the drool beside her mouth, I bend forward, and I lick it off.

“What are you doing, Odou-san?” asks Shinmyoumaru casually, getting back to munching.

“Don’t worry about it...” I say in a daze after swallowing Piece’s loli spit. Call me crazy, but I believe it tastes delicious. It tastes like blueberries. I put my hands on her torso and feel her small body through my hands. Yeah...! Slender...! Fuck...

Before I can reason myself out of the decision, I’m kissing Clownpiece.

Shinmyoumaru watches while I drink the childish girl’s spit and feel around her tiny mouth with my tongue, slowly feeling her body with my hands as well sand making my thoughts go blank at the sensation. She’s... fit, I think. I can’t feel her ribs, but she’s so small and delicate. Could probably grab her waist entirely around... Ohh, her waist...

I hear my precum dripping down onto her bed.

“So you make clocks, Odou-san?” Shinmyoumaru asks between my snacking.

“Mmleh... Yeah,” I answer after pulling out my tongue. The fairy is rose-faced and her eyebrows are pushing up and together. “What... do you do...?”

I sit up over Clownpiece and rub my cock over her chest.

“What do I do...? Ha ha... Odou-san, you’ve heard about me right?” Shinmyoumaru laughs and sounds a bit bitter.

I put my left hand on top of Piece’s head to keep us both steady, and start moving my cock across her now-stiffened nipples.

“I don’t really do anything, not now...” Shinmyoumaru continues conversing as I’m grunting and groaning, and muttering “fuck”. “I just keep going, I guess...? I try to live a... fulfilling and adventurous life!”

“That’s admirable...! Ngh, gh—Fuck!” I jizz, laying ropes of semen over Clownpiece’s sleeping face. She flinches as each hot jet lands, but she doesn’t wake up. I fap quickly, trying to coat her whole face, shuddering all the while. “H-Hahh... Shin—Shinmyoumaru... I heard you entered a... rafting competition...”

“Eh!? You did!? That didn’t get reported though!” She looks shocked. While I’m waiting for my balls to recover I stare at her vaguely. Her hand’s on her face. “Wait, Wait; Odou-san... could you possibly be... one of my fans!?”

“I definitely am,” I answer honestly. “I’ve always thought you sounded... amazing.” Ready. I move back and slowly law down Clownpiece’s bent leg, feeling her plump little thigh as I do, but not groping it yet, I then pick up her feet by the ankles and shove her soles and toes into my face.

“Eh!? Eh!? You’re not joking!?”

It stinks... Ghh, agh, it stinks... Nff, her toes especially. She was sweating again. It’s not gross or anything, and honestly the smell’s a bit mild, it just definitely stinks, ng...

Mm... kay, now just put my cock... right here...

I place my cock over her covered pussy and aim between her thighs. I couldn’t do this to a human, but a fairy? It’s acceptable. I’ll fuck her thighs. When I’m locked in and ready, I hug the loli’s legs, keep her feet on my face, and shove, roughly between her tights, slowww... frrgh. My dick engorges again, it’s such a goddamn tight squeeze, and I start humping her freely, slam, slamming my hips against her loudly.

“I’m... not,” I say against Clownpiece’s feet. I start licking her soles. The combination of cool morning air and her fleshy hot thighs is a pleasure festival down there.

“I’ve never had a fan before... Really?” Shinmyoumaru asks, biting the last segment of her cracker shy.

“Rrreally...” I growl. Clownpiece isn’t even stirring. Is she so strong that even someone like me can’t really disturb her? That’s nice.

Fuck, this fucking lewd fairy. God, tights!? Ugh! You damned... Fuckin’...

“Mmg...! God—!” My balls tense up and with shivering pleasure I ejaculate over Clownpiece’s stomach, a few of the streams hitting her face again. The little blond starts breathing faster. Her crotch is damp. I keep humping with every shot, putting more white stripes on her outfit and grunting with power. Feels like my brain is sparking, honestly...

“Why are you a fan of me...? What do you like about me?” Shinmyoumaru sounds honestly curious. This is a bit too serious a conversation for when I’m in “cum everywhere, on everything” mode.

When the orgasm has passed and I’m trembling, I gently lower Piece’s legs and look at Shinmyoumaru directly. She’s finished with the cracker. “I... We... can have that conversation in a bit,” I say breathlessly. I’m covered in sweat. Still, I press on. I have a theory. “For now, Shinmyoumaru, would you help me out with something?” I manage to ask through pants.

“Sure, what?” she asks innocently, perking up a bit in attention and pulling her left hand from her mouth (she was licking flavor off her fingers).

“I want to eat out this fairy. Could you get under me and stroke my cock while I put my tongue in her?”

“Y-Your... c-cock...!?” Oh? Is saying that a taboo?

“Yes, um... Yeah. My dick,” I try again.

“D... Dick...” She can barely say it. She’s really flustered. She’s even blushing.

How about this? “Would you mind stroking my genitals for me?”

“Oh? Your genitals? Yeah... umm... your penis, you meant?” she asks.

I nod, weakly. “Yes.”

“Sure, if you don’t mind me touching it,” she says honestly while getting out of her bowl.

So this isn’t hypnosis, it’s more... like a field or aura or...

It looks like in certain contexts, I may be able to make “suggestions” and have them heeded.

Shinmyoumaru walks toward my lower body. I get up my knees and press my nose into the fairy’s crotch. I sniff. Smells great, and a bit like piss.

I grip underneath Clownpiece’s ass, into her waistband, and pull it down... carefully...

... Voila!

Wet loli slit!

And phenomenally white, youthful skin. I feel a small hand on the head of my cock, and I bend my own head to look at the culprit.

“Mmwow: it smells a lot stronger now that you’ve ejaculated twice.” Shinmyoumaru has a sleeve over her mouth, but conspicuously not over her nose. Actually, she’s obviously sniffing while standing there. She’s about half the size of my penis, and she’s petting the head as if it’s a small animal.

“It’ll smell even better,” I say, “after a third time.”

“Really!?” she asks, lowering her sleeve with surprise.

“For sure,” I say, moving my neck again to once more gaze upon Piece’s twitching cunny and engorged clitoris. “Try drinking it when I cum again. You can lick me too if you’re at all curious,” I suggest.

“Hmm... I think I will,” Shinmyoumaru seriously replies... Am I imagining things? Her voice sounded hot. In a second, I feel both of her hands on my penis, and a small, wet, intrepid tongue on my frenulum.

Gods damn... She’s so cute...

Can’t focus on that! Open wide, Odou! Drink the fairy juice!

And so, I open it wide: her pussy, which I breathe deep and heatedly admire: the color, the shape.

I lick at her and put my hands on her now-bare ass, and I begin to voraciously I gulp down on Clownpiece’s cunny.

“NNah! Ah! Hahn!”

Of course she’s feeling it... I’m going to town on her cheeks, too.

Naturally I grow again and I can hear Shinmyoumaru gasping at this. She starts feeling more of me, scrubbing her right hand up and down the side, She sniffs at me and rolls her tongue in circles on the underside.

Thus this degenerate fantasy of mine is complete: a moaning fairy on my mouth, and an inquisitive Inchling at my dick. I have to old out on this messy pussy, this taut ass, and those eager girlish hands as long as possible, but I will cum again and Shinmyoumaru will witness it up close.

But I don’t tired after three shots nowadays.

The question remains: what do I do after?

[] Fuck Clownpiece’s ass. The time is now.

[] Push Shinmyoumaru further. Encourage her to be more daring.

[] Coax Shinmyoumaru into your hand, and from there... if you can, start to pleasure her (again: not neglecting Clownpiece for a second, of course).


many image sources:
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[x] Fuck Clownpiece’s ass. The time is now.

We came here to fuck fairy ass and have inchlings chew cum cookies. And she's all out of cum cookies.
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[X] Push Shinmyoumaru further. Encourage her to be more daring.
Honestly I'm interested in what can be done with such a diminutive lass. Like what, ride Clownpiece's click while we're pounding her pussy right under her?
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[X] Coax Shinmyoumaru into your hand, and from there... if you can, start to pleasure her (again: not neglecting Clownpiece for a second, of course).

Please the princess!
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(X) Fuck Clownpiece’s ass. The time is now.
-(X) Have Shimmy strip her undies and straddle the fairy's butt, so she gets rubbed along together.

I'm helping.
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>“So you make clocks, Odou-san?” Shinmyoumaru asks between my snacking.
not sure why a "my" is there. Should either be no word or "her" (between snacking/between her snacking)
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(X) Fuck Clownpiece’s ass. The time is now.
-(X) Have Shimmy strip her undies and straddle the fairy's butt, so she gets rubbed along together.

Oh. My. Goodness. This fucking write-in.
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[X] Coax Shinmyoumaru into your hand, and from there... if you can, start to pleasure her (again: not neglecting Clownpiece for a second, of course).
Let's please both girls at the same time.
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File 158325888176.png - (880.83KB, 1025x1000, kiss the cock.png)
kiss the cock
Probably something for everyone.


[X] Fuck Clownpiece’s ass. The time is now.

An idea stirs, but it must take a back seat.

Shinmyoumaru, in her infinite, curious innocence, has begun kissing my Boy long, and running both her hands up my shaft. She adjusts when he bucks with pleasure, caressing, kissing, and tonguing those places where my pleasure had spiked. She’s trying to make me cum.

I screw my tongue into Piece’s narrow hole, and as I’m tasting her the fairy starts gasping loudly and lifting her hips.

For a minute or two I grope her ass and keep licking. I grind my tongue against her urethra, smiling as she twitches and gasps more. “Ha ha...” I chuckle, pulling my tongue away. “She looks like she’s going to p—”

She shudders, relaxes, and starts to urinate on my face: a cute, warm, translucent/golden stream, landing directly on my cheek.

She keeps shivering while wetting herself and me, and I... really I’m just enraptured,

I hear Shinmyoumaru gasp, “Ah—!”

My dick swelled up again. I’m about to let myself out on this fairy’s bed...

Hrm, I may as well.

“Nn... Nn... It’s pulsing...!” says the princess with surprise while I let out a new batch of semen. Curious, I decide to turn over and as I do I feel Shinmyoumaru clinging to my manhood. When I’m completely on my rear, she’s falling onto her rear: down on my balls.

And I’m still in the middle of orgasm.

“Ah... Ahhh...” the Inchling moans nervously as semen falls onto her “hat”, eventually dripping from the rim. She keeps her hands lifted, jism landing in her palms and flowing through her fingers. More cum rolls down my cock. Soon enough, before me and behind Shinmyoumaru lies a veritable pool of sperm.

Shinmyoumaru looks like she’s been possessed, or done some sort of opiate. Well, logically from how the morning has gone so far... it’s because of “man smell”, and semen.

My sperm doesn’t... Honestly, no sperm has an aphrodisiac effect. I’ve cum on and near several girls now and the Princess here is the first to react like this...

Who would have thought: the little princess has a cocksmell fetish. I don’t imagine even she’s ever realized or had the opportunity to indulge it.

“Are you alright, Shinmyoumaru?” I ask her, holding my dick as I wait for it to recover.

“I’m kinda... dizzy...” she replies. She’s about a third coated in still-flowing jizz. Quite the sight. Quite the sight... Oh?

She cup her hands as cum rolls off her cap; to catch it. She then brings it to her face, smells it... smells it again, and twice more, then laps at it... Finally, she takes it largely into her mouth.

I swallow; so does she.

“Mmh...” she moans lightly. She catches another drop with her right hand and starts gulping down that as well. My dick approves. This is just what I needed.

... Ah, you know what? I think I’ll hotdog the fairy.

“Shinmyoumaru, I’m just going to move you...” I say as I pick her up with both hands, “over here...” I put her next to Piece’s left inner-thigh. Then, I pull off the Hell Fairy’s tights, wipe my wet dick off with them, and smoosh them into the semen pool, fancying the possibility that she’ll eventually put them back on. Then, unceremoniously, I turn back to her and turn her body over, spreading her legs apart. If she hasn’t woken up by now, I don’t see what will cause her to. She’s snoring, actually. Shinmyoumaru is now dazed while sitting next to Clownpiece’s other inner thigh now that the girl’s been flipped onto her stomach.

I keep my left hand squeezing at the back of this loli’s left thigh, pressing into her plump and slightly jiggling ass just a bit. I then spank her once with my right hand, like her ass is a drum.

“Hahh...!” She lets out a passionate breath


Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2020/03/04 (Wed) 15:00

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File 158325895260.webm - (1.06MB, 800x1100, target acquired.webm)
target acquired


I spread her cheeks.

Cute anus, Clownpiece-chan.

I fill my mouth, then spit on it. Let’s enjoy this for a bit.

I put my pointer finger to her anus and spread my spit around the small, ridged hole. She squirms, but not in discomfort... Alright, I’ll squeeze her ass cheek besides.

After her hole is shining wet, I get into the position I used to eat her out and begin testing her twitching asshole with my differently sized fingers; enjoying her convulsions from being poked here, and the degree of reaction to my chosen strength and size. I smile, and start licking it kindly, trying to push my pinky finger in as well.

... And, it succeeds. Mmm... Almost feels like it’s cutting off my circulation.

I spit on her asshole again and start fingering her shallowly, but earnestly. A quick training session, if you will.

And she’s lifting her hips all on her own.

I eventually bring in my penis, striking it against her butthole.

She convulses again.

... So, I try it again. She pushes into it.

“You’re not awake, are you?” I ask. She isn’t. She’s breathing heavier, but...


I add in my precum, marking her anus with the tip of my cock.

The tip...

I pull my dick back and push it against Shinmyoumaru. Her tiny, slathered body is almost paralyzed right now. I coat my cock in the semen dripping off of her, pulling my shaft up her cheek, making her hug the head... tapping her on her head. She holds my dick when she can, her eyebrows twitching. I push her over with my penis, not roughly but I do push off her hat, and while she’s on her ass my penis shadows her, the underside pressed to her nose. She breathes in, eyes closed I see, and body flinching... again... again...

But I deprive her of it and I slap my dick back down onto Clownpiece’s asshole before the Inchling can cum, spreading this fairy’s cheeks apart (or at least one of her cheeks) and slickening the area with sperm. She presents herself. Her tiny ass is up in the air. Her star-spangled top looks more like painted skin, and I can see the stark line of her back, that adorable shape of her small shoulder blades. Her head is turned and her mouth is open. Through her hair I can see one, flushed, red ear.

I get the tip against her anus.

“You want this, huh...?” I wager, pressing. Her hips rise, she bends. “Shinmyoumaru...”

The little princess gazes up at me.

“Watch, and...” I push, huffing after these first words, “tell me... what you—think... khh,”

I push, and push, and I start to enter the fairy’s asshole.

“Nghahh... Ahh, hah...!” She moans. I grip her left ass cheek powerfully and keep forcing myself in.

Every inch, every centimeter is a struggle. I did manage two fingers before all this but my girth is a lot tougher. Eventually the head gets in, the ridge slipping past and the entire head feeling like it’s burning.

I lay more pipe. I see Piece biting her teeth together and I keep pushing, more of my girth being swallowed by her ass and subsequently squeezed to all hell. I continue to guide it, because I want to show Shinmyoumaru every step of the way. I restrain myself, too, from feeling this too much.

When enough of me is up and inside her, and I can’t guide it any longer, I put my right hand on her right ass cheek, and I push the rest of the way with my hips.

Oh my God... Oh my Ghhrod...

This little girl’s asshole is intense.


I slide backward. The suction... her hole pulling me back, the high-pitched pant of her voice...

“... onahole fairy....”

I push back in. You want me in so badly...?


I breathe out while pulling out again. This slimy feeling, this clench and the sound of her ass clinging to me.

Push it back.

“I’m going to...

“... fuck you, you hear?” I ask her, while sliding back out.

I can move just a bit smoother.

A bit smoother...

Iiiin, oooouuut...

... Don’t lose to the feeling.

Push it...

And extract it...

... nearly all the way... out...

“Take... it...” I build strength in my lower body, shifting my weight onto my right knee and I grunt, “Here!

I pound into her anus, and her eyes open wide as she cries out.
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File 158325905256.jpg - (1.11MB, 1300x1887, fuck fairy ass.jpg)
fuck fairy ass
Finally with enough passage, I fuck her openly, humping against her ass with a steady rhythm.

“Wha...?? Wha... t.... is thiiis...?” she speaks, confused.


I grip her ass, her cheeks resisting as much as they can.

“You’re lifting your hips like this and you don’t know what it is!?” I I put more strength into my own hips, making her feel it. “Come on, you understand it right!?”

“Huh?? N-Nooo... what?” She sounds completely lost.

I bring my right hand to her mouth, hooking my pointer finger inside of it and leaning forward, pulling at her while I put even more power into my thrusts.

“I’m fucking you, Clownpiece,” I tell her. “I’m fucking your asshole.”

“F-Fhuckh...? Ashho... Ehh?”

“This, you lewd fairy! This!”

My dick is in a veritable “all hands on deck” mode, trying to suppress any feeling and orgasm so as to enjoy the intense plowing of fairy ass currently transpiring for as long as is possible.

“You’re lifting your hips again...” I growl, tugging out her cheek more. “You feel good?”

“Yeah...” she answers.

“What does?”

“Inshide... my butt...”

“You like it up the ass?”

“Y... Yeeahhh...” she sighs, drooling hot saliva.

“Good... I like fucking your ass too, Piece,” I tell her. “Move your hips, come on. I’ll make your feel something amazing.”

“A-Amaji... Even mhore than thish...?”

“Move your hips,” I command with a grunt, shifting to start pounding her ass deeply. Her butt waves as my thighs smack against it.

“Hah—! Oh—! Kay—!” she answers, and finally she starts adjusting to my rhythm by moving.

“There...” I say, “that’s a good... onahole...”

“O-Onnn... nah??”

“Why do you keep talking!? Come on! I’m going to move faster! Keep up!”

I take my finger from her mouth, grab her hips and start humping her with speed. She can’t keep up but that’s fine. Her wings are flared out, she’s gripping at her sheets and burying her face in her bed. Her pussy is sopping wet.

I guess I should start trying to finish then,,,? May as well get her off, too. I close my eyes and continue to fuck her ass.

This goes on for half a minute, or thereabouts, before I get the feeling that something’s... off.

I look down.


“Shinmyoumaru!?” What is she doing!?

Well, plainly she’s sitting atop Clownpiece’s bottom, straddling it really, and watching me going in and out of fairy ass at a rate of two thrusts per second.

She only says, “Wow... It was something just watching on the bed, but up close... That’s so intense, Odou-san...”

I hold my mouth with my left hand, looking at her with madness in my eyes. I have no idea what to say.

“Ngh... ” She moans and flinches, shivering with one eye closed. “I can feel it, too.”


I look down at Clownpiece’s ass, rippling with my powerful fucks.

... So she can feel that...!?

And she was really watching while I laid into this fucking fairy... She was looking while I stuck it up her ass? During all of that...!?

“MMmmfh!?” Clownpiece moans as my dick gets a little bigger inside her.

“Could you keep going, Odou-san...? I think something’s gonna happen...!”


“Down there...! Feels good...!” She admits. Both her hands are planted on the fairy’s rump, her legs are spread and her eyes are fading.

Are you telling me she’s gonna cum from the strength of my dick? You... You serious!?

I grip Piece’s waist with both my hands again. She finally manages to match speed and technique with me.

You feel this, Shinmyoumaru?

Slam. Slam. “Yeah... Yeah...”

You can... feel my cock...?

Slam! Slam! “Yeah...! There...!”

Shinmyoumaru... “Hah...! Hah! Shinmyou... maru...”

“Odou... san...”

Wha... What the hell is this? I’m going fucking nuts.

I’m going to fucking nut. Right up this fairy’s asshole.

“Hah...! Hah...! Shi... Hi—Hime!”


After calling her that way, I tell her, “Push yourself down more, you’ll feel it better.”

“L-Like this...?” she asks, spreading her legs a bit more and lowering her hips.

“Yeah... Is it working?” I ask.

“Mm... Mm! Ah! Odou-san!”


That’s it...

I double my pace.

The room fills with the sound of my growling, Clownpiece squealing, Shinmyoumaru calling my name, and the rapid slap sound of hip to ass contact.

I’m going to blow.

I grit my teeth while wincing at Shinmyoumaru.

[] I nut up Clownpiece’s ass, and give Shinmyoumaru a kiss while I empty my balls inside the fairy.

[] I nut up Clownpiece’s ass, and suppress the urge to kiss the Inchling. I can’t let lust overwhelm my good sense. (it could be her first kiss)


If he kisses her, he's going to take it seriously. Not a "route lock" though.

image sources:
https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1709874 (boy does corrupting this image feel bad)
https://exhentai.org/s/b8c6288edb/1352521-36 or https://exhentai.org/g/995049/e8b583aca3/
(C95) [Nagiyamasugi (Nagiyama)] Touhou Ryoujoku Soushuuhen 7 (Touhou Project)
(Reitaisai 13) [Nagiyamasugi (Nagiyama)] Touhou Ryoujoku 34 Jigoku no Oshioki (Touhou Project)
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[x] I nut up Clownpiece’s ass, and give Shinmyoumaru a kiss while I empty my balls inside the fairy.

Wouldn't mind having the fledgling pervert mini princess accompany us throughout our lewd escapades.
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[X] I nut up Clownpiece’s ass, and give Shinmyoumaru a kiss while I empty my balls inside the fairy.

pocket princess
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[x] I nut up Clownpiece’s ass, and suppress the urge to kiss the Inchling. I can’t let lust overwhelm my good sense. (it could be her first kiss)
Delete Post
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Real talk; Are there other Inchlings in Gensokyou? Like...when is another sexual deviant going to just waltz by and sweep Shimmy off her tiny little feet? This could be her one shot at finding a decent fuck buddy.

[X] I nut up Clownpiece’s ass, and give Shinmyoumaru a kiss while I empty my balls inside the fairy.

Alternatively, we can beat Seija up and take the mallet back, thus giving us the option of changeing peoples sizes at will.
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[x] I nut up Clownpiece’s ass, and give Shinmyoumaru a kiss while I empty my balls inside the fairy.
Let's have the tiny princess in our pocket
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[x] I nut up Clownpiece’s ass, and give Shinmyoumaru a kiss while I empty my balls inside the fairy.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 158327762952.gif - (306.28KB, 500x500, stop - hammer time.gif)
stop - hammer time
l-l-lore activates
>Alternatively, we can beat Seija up and take the mallet back, thus giving us the option of changeing peoples sizes at will.
Seija's mallet is a fake, Shinmyoumaru actually does have the real miracle mallet. She doesn't seem to be able to use it to become bigger again, though. This is either because it has lost power, or the price/negative payment you suffer from wishing with it makes it not a good idea for her (or anyone). She did want to use it, and perhaps she did in the fighters (she's not *extremely* tiny in them) but given she's looking for ways to become bigger and in other appearances in canon she's still smol, I'm wagering even if the mallet can make her bigger she's discouraged from using it somehow.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 158327770823.gif - (186.68KB, 500x500, dam shimmy.gif)
dam shimmy
also oh my gah, them inchling gams
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I see your post contains the word 'canon'. Allow me to dispense the obligatory response involving a certain melanin enriched Earth Rabbit.
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[x] I nut up Clownpiece’s ass, and give Shinmyoumaru a kiss while I empty my balls inside the fairy.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 15833274072.png - (727.38KB, 996x1072, kissu.png)
I may do a quick update in a few hours after this, depending on the votes. If I do, it won't count toward Nanowrimo.


[X] I nut up Clownpiece’s ass, and give Shinmyoumaru a kiss while I empty my balls inside the fairy.

I’m compelled to lean down and plant a kiss on this adorable girl. However, sadly, I am not a contortionist. Even if I was, I’m sure I couldn’t bend in quite the right way to reach her with my amount of body mass.

For now... this.

I take my right hand from Clownpiece’s hip and drape it carefully over the princess’s back.

“Eh...?” she manages to say while twitching from the force of my thrusting.

I concentrate, breathing wholly from my nose. I feel it, I’m about to finis.

I pound one final time.

Shinmyoumaru body rocks, and she flinches throughout herself again.

But I haven’t cum yet...

... I drag myself partway out of Clownpiece’s stretched ass. My cock is slick with cum, and glistening, and it’s a split second away from letting loose. “Here...” I say, and I gently pull Shinmyoumaru down onto it, pressing her a little more to the top of my shaft. “Stay still,” I tell her.

And I start to cum.

“Ghuh!? Nnn... NNnnNnGGh...!” Clownpiece squeals, clawing at her sheets. Her anus clamps down on me more than before, and I resist going to hilt while this grip rings most of my length.

My cock is pulsing with semen and Shinmyoumaru, sitting directly against it, is feeling every load pump forth as I dump into Clownpiece’s ass.

“Khh, hn, huhh...Ahh... Ng—!” She half-lids her eyes, drooling and making a bevy of cute sounds.

She’s feeling it...

Almost losing her voice, she pushes her hands down on me and grips at my shaft, her tiny nails futilely trying to dig into a plump vein.


... her crotch...

... gets damp... but not—

“Shinmyoumaru...?” I barely manage to whisper.

She can’t answer; she only gives me an “Oh... Oh... Mg...”

And then, she wets herself.

Clownpiece does too. I didn’t think she had any left. Her piss splatters into the sheets and residue gets dabbles my thighs and knees. Meanwhile Shinmyoumaru’s pee warms my shaft and runs down into my pubic mound.

“Hime...” I say with concern as she moans to herself.

She then... starts to cry.

Hearing her quiet sobs runs a dagger through my heart.

“I’m sorry...” she apologizes.



I take her up in my right hand, her back lying against it...

... and through the sheet of cum running off of her, I kiss the top of her head.

“Hnn... gh... eh...? Odou... san?” she mutters. I change her angle, put my mouth on her crotch, and start sucking through her bloomers. “W-Wait! That’s... dirty, ah...!”

I swallow, twice. It doesn’t taste good but, you know...

I bring her before my face, thumbing pee off my lips. I’m still flooding Piece’s asshole with cum all the while, and I’m now pushed up her oven of an ass to the root, massaging her left cheek with feeling.

The Inchling Princess’s pee doesn’t taste pleasant... but it’s the principal of the thing.

I bring her face toward my lips, and I kiss her cheek.

Would love to plant one on her lips, but... it’s not something I can do.

I gently rub at her crotch with my thumb. She warms up all over, spreads her arms a little, and hugs my chin.

From there, she kisses me back, on my lips. Or rather, on my bottom lip. I close my mouth after having opened it in light shock. I proceed to (essentially) kiss her back, feeling up her body kindly with my other fingers as I do.

O... kay then, next let’s just...

I hold the base of my penis with my other hand and start to slide out of Piece, tugging out of her ass at the end with a satisfying, sharp sound of air. She trembles; I blow one last load onto her shaking back after a tremor of pleasure washes over me. I then I rest as semen flows out her now somewhat-gaping hole.

Cum is dripping off all three of us, and piss now too. We begin to cool down on the bed, Clownpiece groaning in ecstasy, me huffing hotly, and Hime moaning both passionately and happily. We keep kissing, and I keep patting my dick against Clownpiece’s twitching asshole, completed satisfied.
Image Source
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File 158332750960.png - (173.17KB, 900x333, post.png)


I honestly can’t believe I did all that.

Clownpiece, Hime, and I are now in Reimu-san’s bath. She was awake when we came up. I explained that we’d played around too much, she told us that was obvious; we smelled; and to go get washed up. I’d have used the bath anyway, but I guess it’s something to know when I stink, people are going to notice. Not that I’m the sort to ever neglect bathing.

“Phew,,,” I breathe out. I’m leaned against one side of the bath, one arm out and resting, the other with my hand in the water, I came about five times... Even if my balls can handle it, the rest of me wants a bit of a rest—if only because that much pleasure just leaves a man heady.

“Ahh...” Hime is floating past now, in one of the Hakurei’s buckets. A towel is laid over her and across the top. She looks a lot better... that’s good.


When she’s close, I reach over, pinch the towel, and lift it up to look at her body.

Confirmed: she has a good pair of tits on her: round, healthy. Her hips are noticeable, too. Hmm... she doesn’t have much pubic hair.

I get a boner, and my cock stops her makeshift boat from below. I twitch, and she starts to gently spin.

“Is that your penis, Odou-san...?” asks Hime with her eyes closed, after noticing her being halted, jostling, and turning. “Ha ha ha... You really are a weirdo. Put the towel back, it’s warmer.”

I comply, though I really hadn’t wanted to.

“You’re hard again!?” says the one sitting on the other side of the bath, near my feet.

I shake my head quickly and glare. “What? You know what erections are too?” Unbelievable.

“I-I know about some stuff...! Master says I’m a smart for a fairy!” Clownpiece insists.

“You’re fucking hot for a fairy, and that’s saying something I’ll admit.” I grunt. My dick is still keeping Hime in place, and I’m eyeing her feet and legs. You can’t see the legs in her outfit, but they look dangerously smooth and taut—like she’s used them often, and well. I’d like to touch them. Barring that, I want them in my mouth.

“Mm... Hey! I’m gonna get tipped over at this rate!” Hime responds to my further arousal and starts paddling off my organic obstacle.

“Wha... What’s ‘hot’?” Clownpiece asks.

“It means I want to fuck you. That’s why I fucked you,” I reply.

“Wh... Uh... I’m sorry, I don’t get it,” the fairy nervously admits. She’s huddled up right now, her blond hair straight in the water and her amethyst-colored eyes half-lid, but when I asked her why she was like that earlier (I was worried my actions had broken the spell of innocuousness) she said it was that she could still feel me in her butt, and moving felt too good.

Fantastic. I decide to give her a straightforward answer. “You’re pretty, Clownpiece.”

“Ha...! Yeah!?” she asks, smiling to herself and shrinking.

“Yeah. Come over and sit on my cock again.”

“No!” She rebuffs me. Yep... “suggestion” will only work if I’ve properly worked up to it. Whatever. It was worth making that request of a little girl, and worth her reaction.

“God... fairies are too arousing,” I say, mostly to myself.

“I can’t believe you’re hard again... Didn’t you blow up on me twice!?” Clownpiece asks.

“I came on you four times, and came in your ass once. It was a lot for that one, though; really filled you plenty,” I say matter-of-factly.

“Does butt stuff always feel that good...?” she asks me.

“No,” I tell her. “But if you want, I can shove it up your ass whenever. Not to brag, but I’ve got good technique. I live in the village, by the way.”

“I can’t really go in the village...” she grumbles. “Reimu gets mad.”

“Oh? You were going to?”

Clownpiece nods. “I liked how it felt a lot... Can you come over and put it in my butt again maybe later?”

I need to buffer. I need to load what I’m hearing and render it properly... other Outside World terms.

Pardon? She’s actually okay with it?

“Not now. I’m all shivery,” she requests.

“I’ll fuck your ass any time you want, Clownpiece, just say the word,” I speak a little quickly. “Or don’t. I’ll fuck your ass any time I want, to tell the truth.”

“Oh, really? So—So, you can do that again?” she asks me. She sounds a bit excited but... I’m a bit confused.

“Do what again, precisely?” I query.

“Shove it in while I’m sleeping!” She shouts with vigor, water splashing around her. She opens her eyes with mad thrill. “Stick it aaaaall the way in and start bashing me like crazy!” she says. “Totally mess me up and grab my face and...!” She shivers at the thought. “Mmm...!! Waking up with you in my butt, and my girl-parts feeling good... Agh, all of that!! Can you do it!?”

“Fuckin’ A, I can do that right now.”

“Not now, I said!! And I’m not even sleeping, anyway!” she screeches.

“Yes: fuck you whenever, so long as you’re asleep. Got it. Will do.” I’m making a mental note of this. “Consider your asshole verbally contracted property of my cock.”

She beams and cries, “Thank you!” Are you watching, door god? What’s the matter with you, producing a scenario such as this?

Anyway, that’s great, but the real noted turn of that fuckfest was Hime... Fucking a fairy isn’t too remarkable. Really, you can do it if you’re into that wherever, and when as well—there are so many of them. Hime, though... I mean, not that I want to fuck her (she’d never be able to take a human’s dick); but she’s certainly a special sort in Gensokyo. What’s more, she just, um...

Is it odd to say that I felt we had a unique connection back there? An insane resonance of wills while I was plowing fairy ass. It felt like “we”... were having sex.

And honestly, she seemed to roll with everything so well. I was continually impressed.

My heart definitely belongs to... her, not Hime, but...

... I’m not sure I’ll ever find anyone else that can safely be described as a potential “partner in crime” for my intended exploits.

Then again, that is asking a lot.

I pick up the bucket Hime is in, bring it to my lips and tip it to start drinking.

“Ah! Careful! I don’t want you eating me!” Shinmyoumaru complains. You should be concerned that I’m swallowing your bathwater.

My cock fully stiffens.

That’s it; I’m going to have to nut with one of these two before I get out.

But never mind that...


What... should I do about her?

[] Ask for her to join you in your travels.

[] Leave her be. Even if she’s a natural pervert, the depths of depravity you’ll be heading in don’t need to be bringing others down to them, at least with... “dubious” consent.


Note: the bath is actually bigger than is pictured. Pictures are just pictures. Speaking of them-

image sources:
https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/2314259 (once more I have used innocence for ill ends)
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[X] Ask for her to join you in your travels.
We should totally go after Sejia at some point.
Delete Post
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>Shinmyoumaru complains
Generally I'm going to be trying to have him call her "Hime". Give me shit if I neglect this, outside of times I'm using her name deliberately.
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[x] Ask for her to join you in your travels.

It begins.
Image Source
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File 158335703245.jpg - (434.83KB, 900x820, Shinmyoumaru has joined the party.jpg)
Shinmyoumaru has joined the party
Never fall asleep.


[X] Ask for her to join you in your travels.

I set her back down in the tub, lowering the bucket so it can fill back up over its edge. “Hey, Hime?” I address her. She looks up, and blinks. “Did it also feel... for you... like...” ... How on earth can I say this?

“Like we were together?” she asks, tilting her head.

“... Like I was plowing you.”

“You mean, like sex?”

I nod.

“Yeah...” she says, looking down and putting a hand over her lower stomach. “It was shaking me all the way through...” She closes her eyes and gives me a cute look of disbelief, saying, “I’ve never felt anything like that before. It was a real shock!”

“In a good way?” I ask.

“Mm...” she affirms with a sound: quiet and fond. Opening her eyes, she spreads her legs brings her other hand to her vagina. The color in her eyes starts to fade. “And when you ejaculated,” she says, “it felt like you were doing it inside me.” She puts up her knees as one of her fingers drags up her slit. She flinches, and sighs heatedly.

Aw hell no, I’m not missing the chance to fill a “bowl” of hers with cum, with her still in it—especially not while she’s masturbating. I hurriedly sit on the edge of the tub, pounding at myself even before most of the water’s fallen off my Boy.

“That was nice...” she says, dragging her finger up and down.

“Hime... you’re masturbating,” I note.

“Aren’t you, too?” she asks.

“Because you started...”

“You really like this? The only sexy thing about me is my chest, and even then I’m so tiny...” she laughs dismissively.

“Don’t get me started on how much of you turns me on, Hime,” I retort, insistent. “I wanted to lick your legs earlier.”

“My legs... Like you’d lick them all the way up?” she asks, red-faced and bleary-eyed.

“And, if you wouldn’t mind, I would gladly try to get you off too.” I grab the side of the bucket with my left hand so it can’t drift off.

She puts her fingers into herself—two of them—and I straighten up in attention. “How...?” she asks.

“My tongue, against your crotch again...”


“I’d kiss you on your ass, too... Touch your stomach...”

She doesn’t say anything. She lifts shoulders and squeezes her own wrist between her thighs. She’s looking a little dazed... I aim myself at her bucket.

“Hime... was I your first kiss?” I ask her.

“No... that was... Seija...” she says. Seija...? That amanojaku!?

Son of a... Although, I suppose I’m happy that I didn’t ignorantly steal one of her firsts.

“Hime... would you mind joining me for more fun from now on?” I propose.

“‘More fun’...? Like what?” she questions, locking eyes with me.

“I want to get you off, over and over. You can watch while I fuck, if you like. And perhaps... maybe... if you figure out a way to grow to a bigger size like you did when you first came to Gensokyo... maybe I can fuck you, too.”

“You want to have sex with me?” She moves her hand faster.

“Would you like that?” I ask outright, moving my hand in a way to surefire bring me to climax.

“That’s what I want to know,” she says, almost as if joking, but the way she’s pushing into herself now... The answer she wants is...

“Of course I want to...”



Clownpiece pipes up with, “I’m getting out the bath!”

Me and Hime look at one another intensely, both frowning and keeping our eyes locked on one another. I shudder, she shudders, and I jizz into her bucket.

“Guh!” she gasps as a glob lands over her face. Another hits her tit, and more starts filling the water.

Moving my hips, I feel my whole body aching.

“You like getting cummed on, right...?” I ask her, breathless.

Hime is thrusting at her hand and experiencing spasm after spasm, eyes shut and eyebrows flinching. After a few seconds of being hit with semen, she opens her mouth, and opens it wide. I gulp, and slowly aim at her tongue.

I let another out.

Hime flinches when it lands, steadfastly keeping her tongue out; waiting for more. So, I let go all over her face, or at least as much of this shot as I have left. In a few more seconds, her body is covered in milky white spunk.

“Drink it...” I lightly command while softening. She closes her mouth, and I can see movement in her throat. My Boy flickers to life. God, I can’t stop...

I partly stand in the water and take my left hand from her wooden float to her small back, pushing her up, standing her, and pressing her into my the top of my dick. My Boy is now pointed directly into the bucket. Alright, time to go.

I rub her until I can get hard again, taking about a minute or a little longer. She keeps her hands up beside her head girlishly, and just lets me. Hmm... her stomach is firm, her nipples are stiff, and her legs feel as good as I expected. Fucking amazing. I particularly enjoy how the ridge of my Boy’s head flicks as it passes her knees. She kisses me, I hold her close. My balls tense up. Okay, here it comes.

“Hime... feel it,” I bid. I let myself orgasm, my cock pushing against her as I shoot more and more into the bowl, spunk hitting her feet and pooling around her legs. After my third shot, I feel something warm running down and over the top of my dick.

“You let go again...?” I ask her.

“Yeah... I dunno, it just happens,” she tells me. I tap her buttocks with my middle finger. This feels good, too...

Alas, I have to let her go. I bring up my cock and tap her on the head with it twice. “There,” I tell her, “a semen bath.”

She sits down in the mixture of water and cum.

She breathes deeply, trembling and barely able to keep still. She moans, commenting, “It’s so thick... ng—!” I rub against her cheek lightly, appreciating the show.

“Have some from here,” I say, and I put my tip against her mouth.

And, she laps at the hole without a second thought, even sucking some of the semen out.

So I propose again, “How about it? Want to be my partner?”

Hime smirks with an open mouth, dragging her tongue from my urethra and spreading a clear and viscous fluid around. Meeting my eyes, she rests her left arm on the ridge of my cockhead like it’s a desk, patting it with affection with her other hand and saying, “Sure. Why not?”


[] Shinmyoumaru’s clothes have been ruined. Go get her new ones.

[] Chill for a while. Get some clock work done. A nice opportunity to chat with Hime.

[] A sealed partnership is nice, but you needn’t be always together. Have a walk (alone) through the Village for now.

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2020/03/05 (Thu) 16:00

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[X] A sealed partnership is nice, but you needn’t be always together. Have a walk (alone) through the Village for now.
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[x] Shinmyoumaru’s clothes have been ruined. Go get her new ones.

And then we will ruin those too.
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[x] Shinmyoumaru’s clothes have been ruined. Go get her new ones.
Delete Post
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[X] A sealed partnership is nice, but you needn’t be always together. Have a walk (alone) through the Village for now.
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[X] Shinmyoumaru’s clothes have been ruined. Go get her new ones.
Delete Post
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[X] Shinmyoumaru’s clothes have been ruined. Go get her new ones.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 158341067880.png - (271.86KB, 600x620, good picture.png)
good picture
Going to try to start writing.

1. Gensokyo's Judgment.
2. A hermit from the mountain.
3. A hermit, dressed in gold.
4. Gensokyo's Record.
5. A long-lived visitor from the Bamboo Forest.
6. ...?

Rolling 1d6 => 6
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 158351409660.png - (663.98KB, 1405x2000, naked!.png)
[X] Shinmyoumaru’s clothes have been ruined. Go get her new ones.

We finally leave the bath (after cleaning ourselves once more), and at the same time we both came to realize that the Princess has no spare clothing ready.

“You’re back...? Why’d you take so long in there?” Reimu asks as I walk into her sitting room. To be honest, I had the princess rest on my sack to service me after cumming, just to cum on her again, more copiously, and have her hugging me while I did it. Really, I only left because so much heat would have been dangerous... I was more than ready to continue.

Now, Hime is sitting naked in my hand. Seeing this, Reimu spits the tea she’d been drinking and Marisa – who was sitting close by and not paying attention – suddenly turns and leans away from Reimu’s spray. Reimu coughs against a fist, and when she’s recovered her breath she launches a wild look at the Inchling. “Shinmyoumaru!? What are you doing!?” she cries.

“I don’t have any clothes... They’re covered in semen, heheh...” Hime says this, and my Boy stirs.

“Go... get some!?” Reimu “suggests” with exasperation. She fishes under her table for a cloth and pulls it out, pressing against the tatami she’s stained. “Can’t you get some, Odou-san?” she addresses me while cleaning, keeping me in her sights but not her handiwork. “You’re the one who came on her clothes, right? Or at least that’s what I figure.”

Hmm... “Isn’t it fine if she’s naked?”

“Of course not, idiot,” she says. Huh.

“But I’m naked,” I say.

Reimu just looks perplexed, enough that she stops drying the floor for a moment. “... And? Anyway, you should fix that, Odou-san.” Dismissing me, she returns to her task. Hrm... so I can only really cause... “obfuscation” if I’m currently “acting” on another person or thing?

That’s fine. Also, I was figuring I’d get her knew clothes, anyway...

Hime hides behind my fingers while I walk over to the side of the table. There, I find it—folded where I left it. My yukata.

I unfold it and throw it on (briefly covering Hime with my sleeve before my arm is all the way through), afterward admiring myself and standing twice over.

I refer to my cock. I refer to my cock when I say I am standing twice.

The cloth falls over my back. This light lavender and white robe is decorated with warm-colored vines and flowers, giving it an overall wholesome and calming appearance. It’s smooth on my skin, but thick enough that nature doesn’t cause it much trouble on days of ordinary weather such as this. I keep it open of course, carrying the obi in one of the large inner pockets stitched into the kimono. In the other pocket... I’ll fish there briefly.

“Yep, still there...” I mutter to myself, hearing a familiar crinkle and feeling the folded packaging.


My strip of condoms from the outside world.

My penis gets excited just from recognizing their presence. I suppose given I’ve already stuck myself inside of someone, as I’d predicted when purchasing these: I may in fact have need of them in time. Condoms are a bit of a hot commodity in the Village. Nobody here or within youkai society makes them—we can only get them from Outside World surplus. I get mine from an import store in the village... Not Kourindou, though Rinnosuke-san specializes in Outside World Goods. No; Kourindou would pick them up out of burning trash piles and sell them all the same.

... Oh, I shouldn’t have thought of that; I’m going soft.

I close one eye and press Hime against my cheek. Tits: healthy, slammin’. Stomach: athletic, aesthetic. Legs too: strong stuff. Oh, and I can feel the tickle of her thin pubic hair also, and she smells clean and lovely. Mm. Mmmm...

She makes a noise of, “Oh?” when I do this and—there, yep: my vigor is back and my Boy is getting up once again.

I give myself one more once-over, one hand on my chin and meanwhile slipping Hime into a chest pocket I have on the left side of the yukata. Yes. Looking fantastic and masculine. All is good, all is right.

I pinch one of my silver hairs and rub it between my fingers. Doesn’t seem dried out or anything... I put my palm onto my head and muss everything up. I tend to keep it shaggy and short—doesn’t go past my chin... I wonder if I should grow it out.


Before I go...

Marisa is right next to me, slouched and fiddling with a bowl of senbei on the table. I can use this little opportunity.

I crouch behind the Ordinary Magician and put my nose into her hair, at her scalp.

I breathe in, and sigh...

... Alright. Mmf. Now I’m much harder than before.

“You need a bath, Marisa-san...” I say. Her hair is rather musty, though still distinctly “Marisa” of the Magic Forest.

“Hn? Yeah, yeah,” she grunts and speaks dismissively. “I was waiting for the three of ya to finish. S’too small in there otherwise.”

“Fair enough,” I say, returning to my full height. Like that – with my dick entirely at the ready – I walk from the room, onto the porch, into my geta, and past the torii gate.


I should learn how to fly.

Anyone can do it, it’s really only a matter of applying yourself and learning. I need to go to the places I’ve only ever heard of to ogle and/or molest gorgeous youkai, pristine gods, and exotic fairies from around the world. I need this.

After a ten or more minute journey, Hime and I have finally reached the Human Village. I should get to a doll maker... No, a proper tailor would be better; only one that makes doll clothes as well. Yamana-san should do. I start heading toward the market; on the path there you can find more artisans actually responsible for making some of what is brought to and sold in the market. I peak into my workshop’s window as I pass it by, out of habit... Doesn’t seem like any youkai or fairies have gotten inside.

“Is this your workshop, Odou-san?” Oh, Hime?

I stop for a moment.

“Yes, it is. There’s no real signage, so... how did you wager? Just from my looking into this particular shop?” I ask, pointing at my establishment through the window and looking down at my chest pocket.

“Heheh...! I spotted gears and stuff through the window!” she brags. Gears? I didn’t even notice those. Really... Amazing. That’s extremely impressive.

“What an insanely eagle-eye,” I compliment her. She polishes her nose smugly, I’ll add to her positivity. “Cool, Hime!”

“I can see really, really far. I dunno if it’s just Inchlings or just me—we used to live in the Underworld and couldn’t... We didn’t really... have the chance to look out far much.”

I get moving again.

“The Underworld?” I repeat. “With the oni and satori...?”

She nods.

What—!?“Scary!” A girl this tiny—a race this tiny was living there!?

“I guess a little...” she says. Sounds like she wants to move on. “So you really make clocks, Odou-san? A fascinating profession.”

When she suddenly sticks to formality, it’s cute. What a truly charming lass.

“It’s my first passion.” I reply. Right; I took to tinkering as a child, found clocks to be especially intriguing, and dedicated myself to the craft. My parents are farmers.

“You have a second passion?” Hime asks.

I answer: “Indulging myself, sexually. That one’s new.”

“Ahh, sex stuff, of course,” she sounds honest; like what I just said was that I also enjoy crafting miniature boats and dioramas (I do, as a hobby).

“Do you have anything you’re passionate about, Hime?” I ask her.

She brandishes a smile up at me that almost makes me stop by its magnetism, and with a zealous voice she declares: “Life.”

I smile myself at this, not even thinking about it, and I can feel that my expression is a shade incredulous. What a thing to say... Ridiculous.


But, mercy... Yeah.

... I’m probably going to fall in love with this girl eventually, aren’t I?


“Yamana-san, are you busy today?”

“Odou-san? What’s the matter?”

I’ve brought this dashing princess to Yamana-san as I said I would. She’s an average villager and more importantly she’s one of my peers. We grew up together along with other artisan aspirants, and grew as close as siblings.

I’m saying: though I’m hard now—it isn’t because of Yamana-san. I make it a point to only be flaccid after I’ve completed gone to town and whatever was my target is flowing white, inside or out. When I’m spent, you see.

“Clear the store, please, and treat this for me. I’ll pay for your time,” I make my request.

“This” is actually Hime, covered within both of my hands by her request. Yamana-san sees that I’m hiding something and asks: “Clear the store... for a bird?”

“For an Inchling,” I correct her. She does not react to this, she only says...

“Oh, an Inchling. You have one?”

Cold, Yamana-san.

Well, I think if anyone other than I told her this, she would have reacted with surprise.

“She has no clothes,” I say, and Yamana-san raises her eyebrows, “She’s naked right now. Please take care of her.”

My sister entrepreneur nods and holds out her hands. With care, I move my hands forward and let Hime do the rest, the two of us “giants” keeping her out of sight.

“Oh, it really is an Inchling. Huh...” Yamana-san looks up at me during the transfer. “Yeah... I’ll take care of her,” she says. She looks at Hime and assures her with, “I’ve got you covered, little one.”

Before she’s covered up again, I can see Hime nodding once, enthusiastically. You go, Hime.

“I’ll wait then. If it takes longer than twenty minutes I’ll probably get moving,” I say. I then lean forward, bowing a bit, to whisper into Yamana-san’s hands. I tell Hime, “You know where my workshop is, so you can find me there... Let’s make sure we take off your clothes the next time I give you my cock and spunk.”

From inside Yamana-san’s hands, I hear an excited squeal. I stand straight, smiling in a very self-satisfied fashion. Yamana-san turns and enters her shop.

I turn as well, and stand against the wall by the entrance, glancing at the door as Yamana-san puts up a sign telling customers that they can’t come in.

It’s somewhat busy over here, in terms of foot traffic. We’re quite close to the marketplace after all.

I cross my arms.

“Hrm... ah.”

I probably shouldn’t have told Hime what I told her: now I’m dripping precum.

“Hmm... Hmm—hm? Hm? What?”

Someone... Someone pushed at me? On my right. There’s nobody there, th...


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File 158351417894.gif - (3.36MB, 620x620, u wot now.gif)
u wot now

A girl has appeared next to me.

A small girl in a pleasant black hat. She’s dressed in yellow, has an odd color of hair (a pale, almost grayish-green), and oddly... she’s sporting tentacles.

A youkai. That isn’t what has me taken aback, though.

The girl, after showing up with a smile on, slid down her panties from under her skirt, squatted, lifted her hem... and she just started pissing right there on the ground.

A lot, too. I can tell only seconds in that this stream is going to last. It’s hitting the dirt with force and misting my ankles. It’s hot. Clouds of steam are coming up, and there’s a fairly strong smell, too.

“Pheeewww...” she breathes out, lifting her face and smiling with total satisfaction. It reveals that she’s as cute as just about any humanoid youkai, but...

Is nobody else seeing this? Is this my fault? No, it can’t be: I’ve established this, the curse should only have an effect on whomever I’m acting on—she only bumped into me, I think.

So. She’s peeing. Right there: out in the open.


She has my Boy’s attention.

I receive a message, and quickly parse it. It is:

You know what to do.

I do indeed. I’m hard as stone and a sexy young girl is pissing out in the open right next to me.

Let’s get on with it.

[] Masturbate.

[] Molest.

[] Make conversation.


... "Pee" is featuring a lot in this story. It won't always, but... it's likely going to keep showing up, FYI. Just FYI.

image sources:
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[x] Make conversation
Delete Post
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>"Pee" is featuring a lot in this story.

Weird flex but ok.

[X] Make conversation

Pee here often?
Delete Post
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[X] Make conversation.

See about some plot with our “plot”
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[X] Make conversation

Pee here often?
Image Source
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File 158360382896.png - (418.98KB, 596x842, すっきりした.png)
image source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/79612183


[X] Make conversation.

Alright... let’s remember this for later.

Ahem,” I clear my throat.

She keeps going. Hmmm...?? That usually works...

“Did you... really have to go here?” I question her.

She doesn’t answer. Her flow continues undeterred.


It’s going to be a minute long at this rate.

Unfortunately, I can’t get her real attention any other way. If I take a more noticeable action like tapping her shoulder, it won’t work with me as I am. With this curse it’s either a small bid for attention or I may as well not exist at all.

The stream between her legs slows and thins. She shivers throughout herself, fishes inside of her skirt pocket, and withdraws a tissue. Cleans herself... drops the tissue on the ground (!!), and she tugs her panties back up from her ankles.

“Mmm~...! All out, all out,” she chirps to herself, standing up. She then whimsically chants, “Water~, water~!” and turns from me.

I crouch and pick up the tissue from the ground, glaring at her.

In the past we used to toss our tissues carelessly to the earth—they degrade properly given their materials—but it’s not in any way polite in this day and age. I need to find a place to throw this out... Mercy, poor Yamana-san; there’s a pool here. I hope it dries before someone steps through it without noticing.

The youkai girl takes one hop forward.


[] Grab her wrist. (She must be scolded, and not even in a metaphorical/perverse way)

[] Tail her. (Where could she be from?)

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2020/03/08 (Sun) 16:00

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[x] Grab her wrist. (She must be scolded, and not even in a metaphorical/perverse way)

how dare she
Delete Post
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[x] Grab her wrist. (She must be scolded, and not even in a metaphorical/perverse way)

Damn litter bugs!
Delete Post
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[X] Grab her wrist. (She must be scolded, and not even in a metaphorical/perverse way)
littering? NOT IN MY TOWN
Delete Post
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[x] Grab her wrist. (She must be scolded, and not even in a metaphorical/perverse way)

Bad Koishi!
Image Source
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File 158368774341.jpg - (383.14KB, 1000x1000, whaaaat.jpg)
[X] Grab her wrist. (She must be scolded, and not even in a metaphorical/perverse way)

I grab her wrist.

“Oi,” I say.

She tries to walk ahead, realizes that she can’t and, confused, looks to see why.

Well, I’m holding her wrist.

“Youkai, you can’t treat the Village like this,” I say. “Treat it with respect. Take this tissue and find a compost pile... Um, peeing on the ground is one thing!” I declare. “But throwing garbage on the floor is another! We’re supposed to burn our trash!”

“Who are you?” she asks, ignoring me. I frown and lower my brow.

The way she ignored me just now was atypical. She should have heard what I said, and since I’m grabbing her outright she should be paying attention. This youkai is strange. Well, all youkai are strange... Honestly, I probably shouldn’t be dealing with her but I know my curse has an effect on monsters and gods as well, so I...

“Ahem... it doesn’t matter who I am. Don’t litter,” I chide her.

She puffs out her cheek and grows visibly annoyed. “You’re a human, right? Right, naked human?”

“I’m a human, yes,” I confirm.

“You sound like the yama.” Oh? “But you’re not the yama. Can’t you shut up?”

Like the yama... Am I like her at all?

“Hello? Human?”

I mean, I could only—No. No, no, I’m not like her. Of course I’m not. I could never...

“Oh, so you’re really shutting up? Let me go, then.”

If only I could ev—Wait! Wait a second!

“You’ve met the yama!?” I exclaim.

“Onee-chan works for her,” she says. Works for—

“Whowha... You... Sis... Sister—! You’re sister’s... who!?” No way!

“Let me gooo~,” she complains. Wha—? No! I can’t!

“Take the tissue!” I thrust it toward her chest. “Wash your hands and... B-Before I let you go, who’s your sister? What does she do!?”

The girl reluctantly takes the garbage, grumbling, slouching, and furrowing her brow, nearly falling down and only being kept up by my hold as she loosens her body, becoming noodly. “She’s a... ‘warden’?” she says. “She keeps some mean ghosts from leaving.”

“‘Ghosts’...?” I repeat, confused. Where—

Suddenly, the girl disappears.

“Huh!?” I open the hand I’d been using to hold her. I swear I still felt her just a second ag—

There she is!

Right where she’d been before, the girl reappears. Flippant, she trots off, stepping forth twice before starting to float, entering the air, and vanishing again.

... Should’ve taken her panties—Wait, never mind that!

I’ve heard about this before... What was it? A... I suppose “prison” for ghosts? It’s “nearby” too, isn’t it...? It’s not... Hakugyokurou, not that I could get there without being able to fly. What? What was it? I’ve got to know.

I also have to wash my hands and clean my robe a bit.

I turn to Yamana-san’s door and crack it open, shouting within, “Girls! I’ll be leaving a moment earlier! Yamana-san, you can send me a bill whenever you like!” I close the door and start marching toward my workshop.

I really don’t know, but...

Couldn’t I have a chance? I could definitely have a chance here... right!?

To meet her again...

... Oh my goodness, I’m smiling too much.

Well, it’ll all be for nothing if I don’t know where to go. I’ll have to rely on someone else.

Who? Who would know about such a place...?

[] Akyuu, definitely.

[] Could Keine-san know...?
Delete Post
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[] Could Keine-san know...?

Little more than kin but less than keine
Delete Post
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[X] Could Keine-san know...?

I respect Akyuu too much to do it to her. Plus Keine's got the school teacher thing going on.
Delete Post
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[X] Akyuu, definitely.

more Akyuu and she will definitely know
Delete Post
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[X] Could Keine-san know...?
Delete Post
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[X] Could Keine-san know...?
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 158380643099.jpg - (2.73MB, 3200x1800, Keine-san (404 fairy not found).jpg)
Keine-san (404 fairy not found)
[X] Could Keine-san know...?

Maybe... Maybe...


After I’ve made sure nothing’s stained and my body is clean of that mess from before, I quickly head toward the Keine-san’s temple school. There shouldn’t be any classes today, so bothering her would be fi—Wait, right, for me any time is fine, isn’t it? My head just remembers her skull, I suppose... When that half-youkai is angry, she doesn’t hold back, and she angers easily.

Thankfully I won’t have to worry about that...

Her temple school isn’t the most popular; kids attend it simply because the village has no standard education, and parents think it can’t hurt. Keine... was a teenager when I was a child. She became part-youkai at some point when she was younger, though no one’s ever been disturbed by or concerned with this, actually. We all knew her as a human, and the youkai that changed her was the rare, all-around good sort: a hakutaku.

Found the school. I’ll head to the classroom.

... If I had to say, all these elements combine to make Keine-san not someone I’ve ever looked at sexually. All that, and, what’s more—

“Hello? Keine-san? It’s Odou.”

“Odou, hm... Hello there.”

—she’s flat.

Keine-san is a nice-looking woman with a rather unremarkable figure and an attitude that makes you feel pressed up against spikes while you’re near her. Long hair is good, slender features are nice, and her composure is really second to none—she’s a very “together” person. But, she’s flat, not really filled out, definitely thin, she dresses very conservatively (with a long blue dress and a very elaborate hat) and she doesn’t care to smile often. Not bad things—don’t get me wrong—but I closed my yukata when coming in here for a reason. This sensei is simply someone I respect that I don’t lust after.

“Hm...? Your name’s Odou?” Hm? What? “Hey.”

Sitting backwards and shoeless at a desk and spreading her legs in a mannish way is...

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2020/03/10 (Tue) 17:00

Image Source
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File 158380649915.jpg - (506.40KB, 845x910, sup.jpg)
“F... Fujiwara-san!?”

“Know me, huh?” she speaks with a gruff tone.

Gruff tone, pale body, stark white hair that reaches past her feet... The red overalls, the white an burned shirt, and decorated liberally, in hair and on clothing...

And young: a flawless youth.

There’s no mistaking it: this is Fujiwara no Mokou. Right... They were close...


My cock pushes out the front of my yukata, practically saying (and waving) “Hi! Hello!”

Flustered, I cover myself with my hands.

“What’s up?” asks the red and white immortal of the bamboo forest, lifting her head in confusion. “Oh... you can just call me ‘Mokou’, by the way.”

Keine-san frowns and addresses the other girl with a hiss. “Mokou,” she says. “close your legs. You’ve aroused him.”

“What, me?” Mokou cranes her neck to look at the teacher upside down, wiggling her toes. I get harder. “No way.”

“Odou,” I stand straight as Keine-san addresses me in an exasperated tone, her eyes closed in consternation, “move your hands.”

I reluctantly do as she commands, and as I’m pulling my hands away Mokou brings her head back forward. She lifts her eyebrows, frowning in a way that tells me she’s evaluating.

“Damn, he’s throbbing,” she says, sounding impressed. She meets my eyes and I gulp. She grins, showing one of her canines. “What the hell, man? Me?” she asks.


“You sure he’s not into you, Keine? I mean, you’re beautiful,” Mokou checks on her friend again, speaking matter-of-factly.

Keine-san looks back at the immortal and replies, “No, Mokou, he’s always been interested in you. Whenever you’ve shown up in the Village and we’ve been all together in the same space, he’s stared at your rear.”

She’s noticed that!?

“That’s gotta be a first.” Mokou rubs at the lower half of her face thoughtfully. I continue to be ashamed. “So, horny boy, what brings you here? No class today,” asks Mokou with a mocking smile,

“Ah, I—I... I’d wanted to ask Keine-san about something...” I mumble. My pulse is upped. Knowing how infrequently Mokou shows up in the Village, and how rare it is to find her anywhere else, I...

“What was that, Odou?” Keine-san chimes in. She’s returned to what she was doing when I first came in: tapping out notes on the classroom board with chalk. “Come over here so you won’t be distracted.”
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 158380656438.jpg - (733.03KB, 2000x2300, Odou?.jpg)
I walk forward; Mokou begins literally twiddling her thumbs.

When I’m beside Keine-san— “So what’s the matter? What were you going to ask me?” she says, glancing upward at me.

... Keine-san... isn’t flat, huh.

They’re small, and pressed down on top of that but...

... Actually, her butt too. This is pretty big, isn’t it?

“It’s fine to admire me, but didn’t you have a question?” she asks. I notice now that I’ve leaned back to look at her back.

I glance behind me.

Mokou is absently pulling some hair behind her ear. I can see her ear.

Fujiwara-san... always smells faintly of smoke.



The collar of her shirt is a lot deeper than I realized. You can see her neck and collarbones perfectly. It’s a pretty hot day today. A few beads of sweat crawl down her skin, disappearing into the dark of her shirt. She swallows, and tilts her head.

‘Go... Go...! ... Go!

‘Go for it! Go for it!’


I whip my head around, looking over the classroom. It’s bright, no real hiding spaces of course—you need to be able to see what all the students are doing.

But it’s just me, Keine-san, and Mokou in here. Why...

Why did I feel... like there was somebody else? Maybe even... more than...

‘You’ve got this. Start touching them. It’ll be fine, you know?’

That isn’t my Boy.

Someone’s actually talking to me.

What’s more...

They’re right.

It would be fine.

‘Yeah!! Do it! Do THEM!’

‘That’s a little much, but yeah, go on... Make them feel good.

‘You’re in. Do it.’

‘Go! Go! Go!’

‘Do your best, Odou-kun...!’

My body is burning, in the best way that could mean. I feel... immense. My cock is swelling, and my arms feel heavy... strong.

I think if I do something now... It might be as easy as with Shinmyoumaru-hime.

[] Feel up Keine-san.

[] Feel up Mokou.
Delete Post
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[X] Feel up Mokou.
Mokochan is very cute, but do keep up the conversation.
Delete Post
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[x] Feel up Keine-san.
Delete Post
Report Post
[x] Feel up Keine-san.
Delete Post
Report Post
(X) Feel up Mokou.

Don't burn your hands.
Delete Post
Report Post
[X] Feel up Mokou.
Delete Post
Report Post
[DFC] Feel up Keine-san.
Delete Post
Report Post
locked, btw

Good thing I'm updating other things to keep up with Nanowrimo but god damn, when you've got to make dinner, shower, wrap up some stuff AND write you really just end up asleep like, boom, that
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 158391431568.png - (703.93KB, 968x600, MoKe.png)
image sources:


I... I can’t choose.

‘What are you doing? Get on with it.’

‘... Oh, I think I’ve got it!’


‘He wants to go after both of them!’


[X] ‘... Why not, then? Do it.’

‘Yeah! Do it!’

‘Show us something good...!’

I hope I’m not going insane on top of everything else.


I pull off my obi and stuff it into my pocket.

I look down at Keine-san’s ass...

... and I put my hand down over it.

“Do you know about any prisons for ghosts, Keine-san?” I ask her. Her bottom can’t actually fit my hand. I feel across the skirt of her dress, letting my fingers dip at the crevice between her cheeks. You can actually... see her cheeks through this dress. God damn.

I start rubbing it.

“A prison for ghosts...?” She confirms, unconcerned with what I’m doing. “I think that sounds like Hakugyokurou.”

“It isn’t,” I mutter. Keine-san... how have you been hiding this?

I stop my hand atop her left cheek and meet her eyes. “A youkai I met mentioned something about her sister being a warden for spirits... She herself didn’t seem to be a ghost or phantom—she had... attachments.”

“Attachments?” asks Keine-san. I stand behind her, resting my erection on her bottom. And, I put my hands on her hips. Keine-san turns her head, unable to meet my eyes but properly trying to address me. “Could you be more specific?”

I start to drag my hands up her sides. Her clothes... are in the way. However, if I don’t take this slowly, then...

“She had tentacles.” I think back while putting my fingertips over the teacher’s stomach and my right palm over her left breast. “... She also had something... Something like a globe, attached to the tentacles.” I’d been distracted at the time, but I remember that.

Keine-san whispers, “Nn... my stomach...” and I pause for a moment before... “clawing” below her navel. Only with the pads of my fingers. Only pressing in. “That sounds...” she frowns before continuing, but not unpleasantly... “... That sounds like a satori.”

Her belly is her weak point...?

I palm it and bring my right hand down over her thigh, Her body almost makes an S in my arms.

“It’s not a nue?” I hear Mokou ask.

I massage Keine’s stomach and feel her right thigh. She squirms again, and checking her face I see that she’s blushing, and her brow is trying (and failing) to stay composed. I start to gather the skirt of her dress into my hand.

“It wouldn’t be,” Keine answers her friend. As she does, I can feel her breath for a split second over my shoulder. It’s quite hot. Her body has gotten rather hot as well. “Nue... according to what we know, they don’t have anything... bulbous, I suppose, as a part of their tentacles.”

Her skirt is up. I turn it a bit and pull up the back side as well, hitching up as much of it as I can atop her ass and against my abdomen. Slowly, slowly – still keeping a hand over her lower belly – I put my right arm around her, and move to sit back on her desk.

Mokou notes, “On the red side, there’s like... these little rings or circles—”

And Keine, now seated between my thighs, cuts her off with “Those are just parts of ‘blades’.”

I put my hands into her dress from below, and feel her abdomen directly. With all ten of my fingers, I push into it and imagine its looks from its feel and shape. It’s tough inside... muscle. But, as the best parts of any body are, it’s soft overall. I bring my thumbs around the sides of her torso and press the gently to her back. Keine stops bothering to keep up with conversation, and instead brings her legs together. I take the opportunity to lean over her shoulder and see what sort of underwear she has on. They’re panties: mature in design, and white.

I bring my left hand up her front, and quite quickly I end up feeling the wire of her bra,

I withdraw both hands and put the left on my Boy and the other on one of her thighs. I slip my cock up the back of her dress, feeling her up against it and making her flinch. I push with my right hand, and her legs begin to spread.

“So does ‘satori’ bring anything to mind, Keine-san?” I ask.

“Eh?” She’s completely distracted now.

“You said it sounded like a satori,” I remind her.

“Oh... yes...” she replies. Her focus is on her opened legs.

“... Keine-san, do you work out or is your stomach this sexy by virtue of your therianthopy?”

“Se-...” She’s unable to say it.

I put my hands on her shoulders. “Let’s get this dress off so we can discuss it in better detail,” I suggest.

She doesn’t nod. She doesn’t say anything. She looks at my right hand on her same-shoulder, and breathes slowly. Her face: it’s sporting quite the blush now.

I reach to her collar and grab where it’s tied, tugging it loose by the broach she wears atop it. I then pull the dress down from her shoulders, but stop there. Have to admire how thin she is, really...

... When I’m ready, I take hold of her dress from the bottom and bring it up over her head; without my saying anything, she lifts her arms to allow me.

Drop it to the floor and lo: I have a were-hakutaku dressed only in her underthings.

I put one arm underneath her legs, put another at her back, and I lift her up in a bridal carry, standing and stepping over to the class-part of the classroom, where Mokou is seated and bored.

I drag the desk beside hers and make it face the wall. I sit down on it, bring the hand under her legs up, and I put my hand over her abdomen again.

“Your abdominal muscles are strong...” I tell her, tracing the lines of them. I palm her and rub kindly, looking in her eyes and saying, “Believe me, I know muscle.”

“I don’t do much...” she says, her eyes darting to my hand repeatedly. In fairness, I’m moving nearer and nearer to that waistband there... “I exercise, but I didn’t think it was really... noticeable.”

“Keine-san, it’s more than noticeable, it’s lovely,” I speak honestly. “I’ll say it again: it’s sexy as hell.”

“Well I...” ... She doesn’t seem to have a response for that.

“I thought your fat ass was enough, but this tight core is getting me going,” I say quietly. Keine blushes more and lifts her shoulders as I place my fingers above her crotch. “Sit up,” I tell her.

She does. I use the hand that was supporting her back (my right) to hold her stomach. I use the hand over her vagina in the only way that makes sense.

Caressing it up and down, I squeeze at her stomach muscles, through both hands driving pleasure into the teacher. She writhes with feeling.

Mokou looks up at us, disinterested.

“Where’d the conversation go?” she asks. Keine, who’s pushing her hips against my fingers and looking down in a daze, is unable to answer.

I go on like this a while before grabbing at the top of Keine’s thigh instead of the bottom of her stomach, gripping it powerfully as I spread her legs further. I move the front of her panties out of my way, hold my hand before her as the misty heat of her crotch eases into my digits.

And thus, I start finger fucking her.

It turns out that Keine is a quiet type when it comes to sexual acts. She’s huffing, and on rare occasion panting, but mostly she’s trembling against me and sweating. The louder her wet genitals become, the more she flinches as sounds reach her ears. Eventually I stop, intending to move and she puts a hand on my wrist. She grabs me and sits there, panting silently. Just that... I stand up—or rather, my cock stands up. I want to plow this woman. This demure invitation—really, this request... If you want to feel good, Keine-san, then my cock is ready to make sure of that.

But... I have to stop. I want to keep going, but... for a second—just for a second: I need to move.

I remove myself from the desk and leave Keine on it, standing before Mokou and pulling my previous seat closer. I start fucking Keine again with my left hand, and she holds a hand daintily over her mouth, squinting and watching the process. She’s near enough that I need to bend my elbow to do this, so... Perfect.

I put my right hand over Mokou’s ear.

She looks into my face blankly.

However, the more I fiddle with her ear, the more her expression warps with pink, uncomfortable sensation. Not discomfort. It seems she isn’t used to feeling like this.

But, that’s a nice ear...

Neck’s... looking very nice as well.

“Mokou...” I say, “do you really not think you’re pretty? You’d make the second person I met with that complex today.”

“It’s not... that...” she denies me as I snake through her hair and back to her ear. At our side, Keine starts to moan in earnest (quiet, whining earnest). “I mean, doesn’t matter if I’m pretty or not; my body’s as it is, I don’t dress to impress, and uh... I tend to smell like smoke, y’know?” She sounds embarrassed.

“What was that about your body?” I ask as I push two fingers, full length, up Keine’s vagina. The half-youkai gasps, shrinking into herself.

“I’m like... immature,” Mokou explains, not meeting my eye. “Forever.”

“Immature...? You don’t have breasts?” I ask.

“I’ve got something,” she admit, almost grumbling.

So, I put my hand on her left boob. She breathes in, and waits.

Meanwhile I slow my pace on Keine to a crawl, until I can feel her sliding her hips to push me straight into her cunt. I suddenly and massively speed up, and as her juices spray onto my arm, she starts biting her teeth together and growling. I keep this up until she’s shaking and I hear the desk she’s on screeching. She cums... and settles down at once. I pull my hand from the vice that is now her thighs and I lick her odorous juices from my left hand. No complaints here... When it’s “cleaned off”, I firmly push both my hands into Mokou’s bust.

I judge things such: she technically has more of a “breast quotient” than Keine, inasmuch as... “mass ‘jutting’ from the chest”, but she’s still “small”. She’s immature, as she said; like a fourteen year old girl, or thereabouts. Maybe even younger. Is that the age she was stuck in when she drank the elixir that made her immortal? It’s...

It’s not a bad thing, rather...

I unbutton her shirt, lift her bra up over her breasts, and expose their cute size for visual verification. I also expose her pink nipples for the benefit of my soul.

No... This is great, actually.

I grope Mokou’s upper body, but not with much strength. I lick at her right breast as well... and her left. I lick up her skin, even under her arms. She has an almost disarmingly frail-feeling body, given how much power she SEEMS to emanate casually. She’s... squishy, actually. Keine feels stronger; Mokou just feels nubile... Just—recently nubile. She smells fertile, and I could imagine this smooth, immaculate stomach growing big.

... Oh dear.

I feel my dick getting dangerously hard (dangerous, considering getting Keine off put my Boy into overdrive).

“You do smell like smoke,” I tell her. “It’s... interesting. It makes me think of you and...” I pause standing to my full height and presenting my cock before her eyes, “look just how hard I am.”

She looks. It’s almost as if she can’t not look.

I bend a bit and push it into her stomach. She keeps her eyes locked on the meat rod and straightens up.

After breathing steadily for a few moments, Mokou swallows, and speaks again. “That’s more from me...?” she asks glancing up at me. “You just got Keine to cum, didn’t you? Sure it’s... not her?”

“I want to cum on you, Fujiwara-san,” I deliver a basic declaration of intent.

“...” She looks down at my cock again, without a word. Her cheeks have been red for a while, now.

And, without a word, she puts her right hand down on my Boy.

Before I can remark on this, she starts stroking me. Really, she started at once, and strongly, and I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack,

“Then I’ll let you cum,” she says, bluntly. Next, she smiles a light and playful smile my way as she informs me this is: “Because you made Keine cum.”

No problems with that logic here.

I stand to full height again and let her jerk me off, keeping my right hand down on her shoulder and closing my eyes to maximize the feeling. Feels like the ocean, really... What—I imagine the ocean to feel like. Waves coming in and going out. Her grip is tight. Her fingers are completely unblemished.

I open my eyes and cast a gaze around the room while getting this handy. Keine is twitching beside us, nobody’s outside the school building, Mokou’s hair is jostling as she moves her hand up and down.

... Also, her nipples are stiff.

In addition to Keine’s lewd smell, another rose up while I was molesting Fujiwara-san, and the idea that she’s possibly aroused, well...

It’s making me want to breed, putting it succinctly. Not that I will... I’m not going to fuck someone who doesn’t want it (fairies don’t COUNT).

Also this isn’t enough. She’s working me with her hand but, without any lube I’m a bit worried... especially if Mokou ends up spontaneously combusting; she can do that.

I have a bit of lube in one of my pockets, but, more importantly...

I can do something else, can’t I?

Keine’s too out of it after her orgasm to do much but...

... a sloppy, double blowjob: how does that sound?

Or I can get Mokou up onto this desk and put my cock between her legs; fuck her thighs and get her off.

I can’t do both, and I don’t want to make too much of a mess in here (I’m going to clean up after).

What should I choose?

[] Missionary sumata with Mokou on a desk.

[] Double white-haired blowjob (Keine actually has a bit of blue hair... pubes are blue too, actually).

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2020/03/12 (Thu) 14:00

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[X] Missionary sumata with Mokou on a desk.
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[x] Missionary sumata with Mokou on a desk.
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[X] Missionary sumata with Mokou on a desk.

Sorry Keine your hot as hell with some sexy abs but cute Mokou
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[X] Missionary sumata with Mokou on a desk.
Image Source
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File 158405523845.png - (408.22KB, 1120x960, neat.png)
>The red overalls

this is the sort of thing that only bothers me, probably

image source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/49801172


[X] Missionary sumata with Mokou on a desk.

I withdraw a small bamboo canteen from the same pocket that stores my condoms, pulling a plug out of its side and near its top. Inside of this is a cornstarch and water mixture. It’s simple, but effective when my ejaculate isn’t present or enough... Though, come to think of it, I could use a girl’s as well conceivably.

For now, this. I tip the canteen, and its opaque contents pour, semi-slowly, over her hand.

Mokou looks up while still doing as she will: trying to wring one out of my dick. She puts her attention back on it when she hears the squelch of her hand’s movement, witnessing my steadily glistening penis and raising her eyebrows.

I stop pouring, plug back the canteen, and put it away.

“It’s so slick now...” she notes. I can feel her fingers more obviously rolling over my veins and head. She’s actually going back to the head often; holding at the crown’s flare for several seconds—longer and longer each time.

I’m moving with her, a bit, whether I’d like to or not.

The teacher’s friend seems fascinated with the sensation and shape of a man’s cock. She stops simply rubbing at me to put only her fingertips against it, moving slowly around and pressing inquisitively here and there. It... It feels a lot like teasing, though I’m sure she really is simply intrigued.

She cups my testicles with her other hand and makes a ring around my shaft with her thumb and forefinger, closing her mouth and half-closing her eyelids. With her wrist, she starts up pleasuring me again, and my knees almost give. She’s curious about that hefty sack now, it seems. I put my hand down on her head.

Mokou is actually giving me a hand job. This is insanity. I pull her toward me and push my hips forward, feeling her head tilt back as she lifts her chin. My cock pushes between her breasts, almost touching her jaw. She never stops moving her hands.

“Mf... fuh... You’re huge, man...” Mokou remarks.

“How do you like it...?” I endeavor to ask.

“‘Like it’, huh... Well, it’s girthy,” she notes, grinning just a bit and tightening her grip. “Look at this! It’s thick as hell.”

“I appreciate the compliment,” I reply, assuming that’s what this is. Hmm... How about...?

I put my other hand on my chin and suggest to her, “Hey, how about putting it in your mouth?”

She gives this suggestion a small “Hm,” and not three seconds later opens her mouth, just a little. Great. I pull her head forward, and feel my head on her tongue as it slips between her teeth. I move my hand from my chin and put it beside my other on her head.

“Phew...” I breathe out and push her down on me, feeling her let go and watching her close her eyes. Her saliva mixes with the lube, and the inside of her mouth heats my rod. Her jaw struggles, and she keeps her teeth apart. Alright...

I keep shoving her down, and touch her esophagus. “How’s this...” I ask, almost out of breath. It’s as if electricity is coursing through my penis, and I know I’m twitching inside here. Mokou opens her eyes briefly. I push in, and she closes them.

T... Tight...!

“Kphgg! Kah!” she coughs, and her eyelids clench. I inch further into her throat, I feel her tongue pressing and curling on my underside and I spasm, holding my cum back. I want to... stuff it in here, just for a little while.

When I’m most of the way in, but of course not to hilt, I stop and just enjoy the sensations: the pressure at the front end, the suction below, heat throughout and some air flickering around the base. Mokou is struggling; breathing in and out through her nose with strong exhalations. I start rubbing her cheek, and ease myself out.

“Mngg... Gh—! Kh...! Nh, gg... Mml... phah...! Hah! Hahh... Hahh...!”

Slathered in her spit, I pull out and hold my erection in front of her face. After she’s coughed a few more times, the immortal looks at it towering a few inches over her forehead.

“This was inside you,” I tell her. Fujiwara-san stares, closes her mouth, and swallows, breathing heavily through her nose again. “Get up on the desk and take off your pants.”

She puts a hand behind herself and lifts her ass onto the desk. With her other hand she slips off her suspenders. Settled down, she untucks her shirt and starts slipping off her pants... and her panties. Oh... I hadn’t asked for that. A line of shining liquid briefly catches my eye, tying her bare crotch and her underwear (which, it seems, may be boxer-briefs; I wonder where she could’ve gotten those). Her slit is hairless. I wait until her pants are at her knees, and I place my cock over her crotch, grabbing one of her ankles with my other hand.
Image Source
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File 158405531442.png - (76.29KB, 1170x1758, at her hips.png)
at her hips
“O-Oh... You’re going now?” she asks. I answer by sticking my dick up to navel. She gasps, I grab her other ankle, and I start moving—fast. “D-Damn—this is—! Hah! Hah! Wh-Whoa...!”

Her lips are hot. I’m trying to grind into her, slamming my hips so when I hit against her she can feel it through her whole body. Her hair shakes, her breasts jiggle, she flinches and holds on to the desk. Meanwhile, I sniff the crotch of her pants now near to my face. She was turned on, though who cares about that? It smells like Mokou. Smells like bamboo, soil, and faded smoke.

I feel my head going blank...

“Mokou-san...” I say without thinking. She puts her attention on me.

“Wha... What?” she asks.

I grab her ass under the desk. It’s smaller than Keine-san’s for sure, but still very squeezable. She lifts her right leg more as I push more against her.

“Say... something...! Don’t just... move your... hips!” she growls.

I take her left thigh and push it inward, squeezing my cock between her legs and against her cunt. She gasps again, and starts gritting her teeth. She bends her back forward and begins to buck along with me as I begin grunting.

I’ve always wanted... to fuck you.


When you’re standing at a windowsill with your ass out...

I’ve wanted to spank that butt you push out there, cut a hole in your pants and just start fucking you out in the open.

Your long hair turns me on.

Your attitude turns me on.

I’ve wanted to put it in, and make you pregnant.

God, just imagine: pumping her full to the womb, pulling out seeing her back through her sweat-stained shirt. God I want to fuck you.

“I-Intense...!” she exclaims. Her pussy is twitching. I keep poking her belly with my dick—groping her ass and thigh.

I’m gonna blow—

“St-Stop...” she says with a hand on the head of my cock. And I do, looking at her.

“Hey,” she says, meeting my eyes, “You’re gonna nut, right?”

I say nothing.

She says, “Fuck me instead.”


[] I flip her over, put one foot on the chair, and start jackhammering her thighs.

[] I grab a condom.


image source: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/54080781
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^There are two posts^
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[X] I grab a condom.
I mean, why use a condom, but yes do fug her.
Can a hourai person even get pregnant?
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Probably not, but does he know that?
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[] I flip her over, put one foot on the chair, and start jackhammering her thighs.
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[x] I grab a condom.
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[X] I grab a condom.

Time to strike while the iron is hot
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[#]Shes asking you to fuck her. Not use a rubber! Give her what she wants!
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[X] I grab a condom.

She literally asked for it
Image Source
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File 158420478422.gif - (3.93MB, 689x560, prepared.gif)


[X] I grab a condom.

When I rip a square off and hold it up, Fujiwara-san puts on an open, satisfied smile. She remarks, seemingly to herself: “Ah... here it comes...”

She removes her pants completely.

I tear the pack open with my teeth in a hurry, eyes dead-locked on her spreading lips. She’s spreading them, with her left land. Her right hand is approaching the zone in order to spread herself even more.

I put the rubber on top of my boy and roll it down, leaving a powerful, blazing pink cock standing ready right before her cunt.

As I’m aiming she tells me, in a grunt, “Go all the way in.” And as I’m breathing over her, my head having entered, she requests with a growl, “Go fucking rough, too...”

I push in until our lower stomachs are touching, grab her back and shoulder, draw out...

... and knock back into her with enough force that the desk scrapes in surprise.

I keep her in place while pushing through her insides. It’s hard. My balls keep just about slamming with the underside of her ass—I moved her closer and I’m just feeling this as much as I can, meaning I’m almost not thinking at all. Her vaginal walls are almost as tight as Clownpiece’s ass, honestly, and it’s a surprise. I don’t think... Fujiwara-san is a virgin, but it feels like I’m breaking this pussy in. The sounds she’s making... While I scrape out of her and shudder at the feeling of her folds, she sounds almost rumbling, sometimes sounding surprisingly outright girlish if I angle myself right.

Mainly, I’m just stuffing her pussy much as I can. I want to drive her out of her mind. I put my right hand on her pale face and stick my thumb inside her mouth, pulling it aside so her tongue can loll out while I grip her breast with my free hand, looking down at her stomach.

I prod at her depths, suffering the heat and vice, and enjoying the bulge I can see under her navel. I pull back, and start poking—or really, punching her uterus. Her eyes mist, and she sloppily repeats “fuck, fuck...” over and over, her drool dropping down and flowing between us. I push her down, pull at her cheek more, and blend my tongue with hers. She barely registers it. I adjust my angle to go from above instead of below.

I feel her arms around my neck.

I bring my left hand to her hip and start fucking her with all the strength in my body. The desk seems like it can barely handle it, and Mokou’s brow is twitching, she’s tightening while her cunt gets filled with me. I have a feeling she came a bit ago, but she didn’t say it. She instead says, “It’sh sho... thickh...” and “I feel it in... my shtomachh...”

Her drool tastes delicious. I drink direct from the source, and lift her by her back and hips.

I sit in the chair behind us, pulling Mokou onto my lap.

And I rock her up and down like she’s my plaything.

I refuse to cum.

I seriously... seriously want to drive her insane.

I bring my right hand down to just above her ass and put my left hand under her arm. I direct her hips while bucking up into her, and I push my face into her armpit, feeling sparks going off in my head while I sniff at her, breathing in deeply.

That mild and nature-tinged odor... plus the odor of her arousal...

She’s so incredibly wet; she’s dropping off of me and completely ruining the floor.

While she cums again, I realize I can’t hold out.

I feel her side, her ribs.

I put a thumb over her lower belly, counting how many times I can feel myself through it.

When I feel the end approaching I hold Mokou tightly. She hugs me back, and I know I can’t last. I cum inside her... inside the condom, and she shivers.

“I ca... can feel it... tryin’ ta... push through,” she notes. My troops are at the gate, and battering against the wall. I’m up here, feeling like my soul is pumping through my cock, but I didn’t cheap out on these things—it won’t break.

“Phewww...” I breathe out as I’m drained... You know, more importantly, Mokou can still form complete sentences. I lift her hips and pull out to reveal that my tower of a cock is still hard, but is now sporting a balloon of cum in its stretched and slickened wrapper. I pull off the spent condom and drop it on top of Mokou’s left thigh.

“Nng!” Nice sound, girl. Mmf... looks great, how it's running out of the rubber and onto her skin. Feels fucking good. What a glorious sense of accomplishment.

I withdraw a second package.

She may still be lucid enough to speak, but she seems delirious enough to not notice this.

I tear open the wrapper and equip myself, pointing at her now rather steaming entrance again. Her vagina is drooling now, too; lacing my covered cock in silvery, eager lubricant. Whether she’s aware of it or not, Mokou is utterly down to fuck. Well... yes; we are going to fuck. We’re going to fuck, Mokou-san, until you can’t properly say “hello”.

No two ways about it.

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2020/03/15 (Sun) 16:00

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File 158420486460.jpg - (3.12MB, 2894x2824, spermed.jpg)

I pull off the fourth condom and just drop it to the floor, wiping my cock off with Mokou’s stomach. Another condom is on her pubic mound, and one more I slapped down on her thigh opposite the first I left.

I would usually find it difficult to stand straight, but this time I’m not really fatigued and aching so much as... satisfied.

I came on Mokou a few times. We eventually moved to the floor and I came inside her three more times down there. Every time I did, she wore this most divine and serenely content smile, and while she could remark she’d tend to remark “there it is” or “I feel it” and so on, which kept my Boy in tip top erect state.

Now she’s just panting, her breasts rising and falling shamelessly. It’s quite tempting to fuck her again... she’s an incredible, very receptive fuck and I got the impression if I’d gone for an hour, she would’ve been over the moon.

I take her pair of boxer-briefs as a trophy, thinking of wiping the last of my cum off them, but... I can probably enjoy the smells trapped inside it before then.

I stuff it in my pocket... Mokou... is really a sexed out mess now. Her youthful body is bent in this shape she kept making when she was about to cum: lifting her stomach and bending her neck and upper body a bit. Really does make me want to bust off in her again, but, well, hrmm...

You see: Keine-san is lucid again and I can’t leave this room too reeking of my fucking. I like the idea of leaving it as it currently is, though. I mean good god, look at Mokou... she’s a drenched, flushed mess—don’t look at Mokou. Don’t look; you’ll get hard again.

The teacher put back on her dress and got back to note-taking a while ago while I was performing a mating press on her friend. I did come here for more then indulgence.

“We got distracted, Keine-san,” I say while sliding Mokou’s hair over my turning-flaccid cock, just to get more of... everything, off. “Did you have a place in mind for a satori and a ghost prison.”

“The Palace of Earth Spirits, it’s in the Underground,” she sounds almost bored as she says this.

The Underground? That’s...

I’m not sure if the curse would have an effect down there.


Hime can probably help. She mentioned she’s from there.

More help can’t hurt either...

[] Hime knows that amanojaku. She’s terrible, but crafty and could be useful. Curse should work on her just fine, contrarian or no.

[] The Scarlet Devil Mansion has a giant library... perhaps I can research things better before heading down.

Regardless, I need to meet up with Hime now. I’ve kept her waiting too long.

I wonder how cute her new clothes look...

Imagining that, I walk away from the blushing teacher (offering a goodbye) and past the immortal on the floor, who I made sure to let know where exactly in the village she could find me...


image sources:
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[X] The Scarlet Devil Mansion has a giant library... perhaps I can research things better before heading down

Gimmie dose BOOKS
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(X) Hime knows that amanojaku. She’s terrible, but crafty and could be useful. Curse should work on her just fine, contrarian or no.

Weighing on that "or no".
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[X] Hime knows that amanojaku. She’s terrible, but crafty and could be useful. Curse should work on her just fine, contrarian or no.

She prolly gets beat up a lot. One more time shouldn't be a problem.
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[#] The Scarlet Devil Mansion has a giant library... perhaps I can research things better before heading down.
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[X] The Scarlet Devil Mansion has a giant library... perhaps I can research things better before heading down.

The prospect of meeting Koakuma is just too enticing.
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[x] The Scarlet Devil Mansion has a giant library... perhaps I can research things better before heading down.
Delete Post
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[x] The Scarlet Devil Mansion has a giant library... perhaps I can research things better before heading down.
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[X] Hime knows that amanojaku. She’s terrible, but crafty and could be useful. Curse should work on her just fine, contrarian or no.

Mokou is so hot ;)
Image Source
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File 15844030729.jpg - (440.08KB, 1250x1000, small change.jpg)
small change

“Oi, stud,”

This is the first thing I hear upon stepping into my shop after unlocking the door.

“Hime...” I answer as I close the door behind me, looking to where I heard her voice come from, “... how did you get inside?” I lift an eyebrow and frown. The door was locked properly. Did she pick it with her needle sword?

“I picked the lock,” she answers, smiling devilishly up at me and holding the weapon across her opposite palm, “with the Shining Needle Sword!”

I poke her face, with my finger this time, donning a stern expression. She wails cutely. “Hey,” I say, “just because I invited you in doesn’t mean you can break in. What are you thinking? Huh? You little criminal.”

“Shtop! Shtop! You should be pwaising me!” she complains, still holding the sword in her dominant hand but now raising her other in protest.

“‘Praising you’? You’re too cheeky.” I stop my assault, lifting my hand to my chin and looking down at her, sitting atop my shoe cupboard and slowly rubbing at her face. “... You must like those colors of your outfit, huh?” I say. “This is new, but you kept it rather similar.”

“Eheh... you noticed?” she asks, a bit embarrassed (or so it seems; now her hand is rather girlishly pressed to her face).

“I like this ribbon, Hime;” I note, pinching the bow at her back—how Yamane-san tied her obi, “it’s extremely charming.”

“Right!?” She stands, bending so that I can see it better. I smile, lifting her from it slightly. “So? Does this outfit look good on me!?”

“You’re quite beautiful, in the measure of your heart especially,” I remark, closing my eyes as I praise her. “Your smile alone would make you look lovely in anything you wore, Hime,” I open my eyes and smirk.

“Kyaa! You mean it!?” Hime exclaims with both her hands on her face now (she sheathed the Shining Needle Sword). I lift her in front of my face, and kiss her over the new bowl on her head (I wonder where she got this? I suppose I have another shopkeeper I owe a payment to).

With a hand on my hip I tell her, “Of course I mean it.”

“Okun, you’re so honest you’re stupid!” says Hime, waving me away like a bashful housewife.

But never mind that...

... my heart took a critical hit from that “Okun”.

“‘Okun’... you’ve given me a nickname?” I ask, barely holding back a tickled grin.

“Mm!” she looks up at me and smiles brightly. It’s as if her eyes are shining, brilliantly. My tickled smile breaks out almost entirely, and I slouch in embarrassment.

“Th-Then...” I begin to reply, “Hime, if—you wouldn’t... mind: may I... call you... Call you something... as well!?”

“What?” she asks.

“How about...” I think, “Shimi?”

“Ahaha! You threw away the ‘n’!”

“Shinmi would sound silly... Shinmyo too... Shinmo... Shiru...”

“I get it, I get it!” She laughs again, placing her hands on her hips and spreading out her toes beneath her. “You can call me whatever you want, Okun!”

“Then, Shimi...” I say with relief. And, maybe, I’ll call you “Shinmyoumaru” when I’m being serious.

“Were you planning on going somewhere else, today? Can I ride in your pocket again?” she asks, patting my fingers in a bid for release that I grant. She floats before me, fixing her kimono and accidentally showing her bare legs.


I put my hand behind her back and pull her toward my mouth.

“Hm...?” she makes a small, curious noise.

Without waiting, I push the front of her underskirt up with my nose, and I lick up both of her legs. Enjoying the thin and firm sensation, as well the taste of her sweat.

“Hyan! O... kun; again...?” she asks with her hands lifted over me. I answer with my tongue. She begins blushing, panting, and I feel myself getting harder. I kiss each of her knees. I put her feet in my mouth and suck at her toes. “Wa-Wait... Don’t... mess up my clothes...” she tells me. Well, I can at least enjoy her bloomers for a second, can’t I?

I push my tongue up to her crotch.

But, I quickly stop there.

“...! Hi-mi....?” I exhale her name.

Her hands are on my nose, and she’s looking away from my eyes and frowning, even more embarrassed than before.

On my tongue is the distinct, tiny and stone-like feeling of a stiffened clitoris, atop an obvious and bare slit, surrounded by tiny and coarse hairs.

She’s... completely bottomless...!

“I...” she whispers, then she bends forward and raises her righ hand as if she wants to tell me a secret. I pull her back, and bring her to my ear so that she can say, “I told Yamane-san that I like being traditional, but the truth is...” she pauses, and I hear her swallow, “... I thought it’d be a good idea... to not wear anything, so I could masturbate easier; when I’m with you...”

I drag her back before my eyes in disbelief. She pulls up her skirt and apart her the robes over her front with her other hand, still holding up the first as if imparting something precious, for my ears only. My gaze sharpens as I see it: her completely naked and now glistening pussy, underneath her royal and adorable clothing.

“Yeah...” she says, “I’m not wearing bloomers.”

My Boy rises to the call, shouting, OKAY, LET’S DO THIS!

I open my mouth wide—

“Can we wait until later? Maybe... Maybe tonight?” Shimi asks, still showing herself off and speaking in a whisper. “I’m still feeling it from the morning and want to rest.”

Shutting my mouth, I answer immediately: “Okay.” With this, my Boy protests:


I’m being respectful.

‘What!? I was getting ready to cheer!‘

‘It’s okay. We wouldn’t need to cheer for him with this girl, Mai. She’s completely perverted. Remember?’

‘Ahh, yeah, I guess so...’

Mai...? The voices in my head have names?

Is this related to the door god?

Well, whatever.

“Thanks.” Shinmyoumaru smiles and breathes a sigh of relief. I smile as well.

“I did have some other things to do. If you’re willing to join me, I’m willing to let you ride in my pocket,” I tell her.

“Great!” she shouts and pumps her fist.

And, after I check the shop to make sure I got no other break-ins...

I head off for the Scarlet Devil Mansion.
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File 158441370188.jpg - (183.67KB, 614x800, hm.jpg)
^in case you missed it there's an update up there as well^



“Did you find what she mentioned yet?” I ask.

In reply, Shinmyoumaru politely shouts back: “HELP. ME.” She turns as she says this, holding up her hands in a fed-up gesture. She yells, “Stop squeezing her boobs and help me!” Well...

At the moment I’m in the Scarlet Devil Mansion’s library. The plump and heavy magician who, as far as I know, owns this library is sitting on my lap, reading a grimoire of magic, and casually drinking coffee. My cock is stiff and stuck between my own thighs. Her gigantic (clothed) breasts are in my hands, and her wonderful hair is in my face. It smells like herbs and flowers. Very pleasant. Very very pleasant. This all said... ahem.

Patchouli Knowledge, the friend magician of the Scarlet Devil who is mistress of this abode, is undeniably erotic and, sadly, undeniably unemotional.

She sips from her mug, sets the mug down, and turns a page. She’s entirely unperturbed by what I’m doing. Even Reimu shows interest in my erection when I use her...

Patchouli is a pudge-ful, soft woman with a stomach you can squeeze. And I am—squeezing it and getting aroused. Her entire body feels fuckable, and her soft palette—made up of faint pinks and lavenders, especially the latter which you can find even in her hair and eyes—it very much calms you. She dresses comfortably, always in slippers and a loose-fitting nightcap. Her robes look like a nightgown. She does decorate her hair in ribbons—overall, her elaborate appearance (and her magical, relaxing fragrance) indicates that she takes great care of herself, although she’s always sat down in this musty, creepy place. Really... it’s like a dungeon surrounded by towers-called-shelves down here...

I grip her tits that can’t fit at all in my grasp, grunting as my cock engorges further. I mold them, rub them, lift them and entirely feel them, and Patchouli Knowledge... Patchouli Knowledge does not even slightly blush.

‘She seems to be insensate...’

‘J-Jeez...! No matter... how I... dance she—she... She’s not budging...!’

‘Stop dancing, Mai. You goof, that isn’t how it works.’

‘Oh, right...

‘How was it again?’

‘You’re just making him stiffer. See?’

‘I can’t see!’

Dragon above, quiet... They’ve mostly been quiet; are they getting bolder as the day goes on?

Really though to speak of boldness: they’re right. Barring undressing this youkai I don’t see how I could start making her feel—and I’m not going to do that (undress her). Like I’ve said: there is a limit to how many of my actions can be considered innocuous, and I’m not about to push that limit; not with an elder magician who could burn me to a crisp, drown me, flatten me with stone, et cetera.

‘What if I dance behind her?’

‘It could work, but Master would be angry.’

This is definitely has to do with the door god, if not psychosis.

Anyway, to explain: when we got here we were allowed inside without question due to my curse. We went and consulted with the witch here about the Underground, and she allowed us to browse her library, but explained that she was busy and would only confirm or deny whether a book was relevant to our search or not. As I’ve been walking so much, I took a seat at her table while Shinmyoumaru began searching. Patchouli sat on my lap shortly thereafter, unconcerned with my being there and only wanting to sit where, evidently, she must have been sitting before. With her warm, pillowy, hefty body on top of me, I got hard and went to work at once.

I do feel bad about leaving Shinmyoumaru to the bulk of the work, but I 1) want to enjoy this, 2) want to see if I can arouse Patchouli, and 3) don’t want to get up, and accidentally annoy her enough that she attacks.

Really, for “3)” alone I simply have no choice but to hug this sexy woman and grope her thighs. If I can, move my cock so that the underside can... there: have its underside pressed against her ass.

I can enjoy this like a toy, but while the “bored disinterest” angle works for many girls, most particularly Reimu, for Miss Patchouli I want to see her flushed face. I want to feel her swollen nipples...

... Or, maybe, I’m just feeling unfulfilled after being denied the temptation that was nopan Shimi and her smooth, toned and hairless legs.

“Can’t we just ask Seija about sneaking around? She’s used to it; especially in the Underworld,” Shinmyoumaru suggests. “She got me out of there in the first place and...”

“I thought about it,” I admit, hugging Patchouli under her breasts again and holding her tightly, shuddering at the feeling, “and, maybe we’ll do that after. I thought this would be a better idea is all.”

“Oh, it’d be a great idea if you gosh... darn... HELPED, already!” the Inchling roars.

“True,” I admit. “Miss Patchouli? Could you lift up for a moment so that I might stand?”

She does, without answering. My Boy is freed, and disappointed.

I get out from under her and she sits back down. I look at her pretty face—at the strands of hair beside it...

... and I wrap some of her tresses around my shaft and start jerking off.

“Let me do this first, Shinmyoumaru...” I beg.

“Hurry up,” the princess answers dully.

Should be fine; this scenario is unbelievably perverted, and... doing this while Patchouli ignores me—yes, it’s finally working.

Her hair is glossy and healthy. Full, silken, and scented wonderfully. Patchouli brings her mug to her legs and drinks again. I watch her throat undulate and feel blood embolden my cock. I’m exceptionally stiff, and the head of my dick is pointed directly at her cheek.

I go smoothly rather than roughly, pushing my hips forward and keeping steady with my free hand on the table. Patchouli puts down her mug and licks her lips absently. Her bottom lip shines in the meager light of the library. Her eyes flicker from distant torches as well. I feel my dick bending, and my balls coming up.

I release once, twice, shooting against and past her face. Some lands over the floor. Some drapes over and into her mug. She winces very, very slightly as hot cum blasts against her cheek and over her nose bridge, blinking with disinterest as I wrap more of her hair around my cock and let more of my semen pump out and into her locks.

Sticky, with strands of her hair and lines of cum tying her face and my penis, I stand awkwardly, pulling my right hand away from my dick. My palm wasn’t unscathed from that ejaculation; I keep it raised as jizz slowly droops off of it.

And Patchouli drinks again, gulping for the bit of semen that was floating on top of her drink.


Yeah, there isn’t any way in any hell that I won’t do more here.

I can’t see myself getting her off, unfortunately—not today, but Shimi: you’re going to have to wait for me to indulge a little more. Then I’ll help you.

Now then...

[] Ask Patchouli to use her hand to add more “milk” to her coffee.

[] It’s time for paizuri—clothed or otherwise, I’m getting my dick in those breasts.

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2020/03/18 (Wed) 15:00


Paizuri is a titfuck. By the way, the image actually says "Micro-bikini, you say? I wonder what that's supposed to be...?" and the source is:
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[x] It’s time for paizuri—clothed or otherwise, I’m getting my dick in those breasts.
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[x] It’s time for paizuri—clothed or otherwise, I’m getting my dick in those breasts.

Patchouli was made for paizuri, and alliteration never lies!
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[X] It’s time for paizuri—clothed or otherwise, I’m getting my dick in those breasts.
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Damn, this story is very degenerate. It's like I'm reading some novel version of Haitokukan's doujins of taking advantage on Touhou girls.

It's my favorite story now.

[x] It’s time for paizuri—clothed or otherwise, I’m getting my dick in those breasts. Then ask Patchouli for help to add "milk' into her coffee.
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[X] It’s time for paizuri—clothed or otherwise, I’m getting my dick in those breasts.

Aww yea let see some fat NEET patchy.
Image Source
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File 158465566047.jpg - (122.27KB, 880x1152, ISC.jpg)
Veeery sorry about delays; it's mainly been "things getting in my way" that's prevented me from sitting down, at least to write porn.

For feck's sake I should hopefully be able to have an update out within the next 17 hours.
Image Source
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File 158468276769.jpg - (1.05MB, 1315x1920, suck suck suck.jpg)
suck suck suck
Hey, thanks, glad you're enjoying it.


[X] It’s time for paizuri—clothed or otherwise, I’m getting my dick in those breasts.

“Hey...” I address her, casually, “is that good?”

“You’re asking me?” Patchouli turns her head slightly, and I shiver when her cheek comes in contact with my dick, She sighs and I shiver again, her breath flowing through the hair I have down there and onto one of my balls. My cock twitches. She looks unimpressed. “It’s alright,” however, is her evaluation.

I swallow, and feel the same nervous flutter in my chest that arose during my meeting with Shinmyoumaru in the morning. “Then...” I begin, pushing my penis toward her lips, “there’s more?”

Patchouli looks down on my erect cock very scornfully: pouting, narrowing her eyes and huffing with irritation. I’ve pulled it from her hair, hot cum is flowing off of her cheek and into her collar. She smells quite a lot like a man, now—rather, like a man’s had his way with her, and well, of course, but it really is very arousing to think of that.

Patchouli parts her lips.

... and she laps at my glans.

“Hguh—...” I groan and shudder, putting my left hand down on her hat. She licks around me slowly, taking the cum off of my penis and into her cheeks. She opens wider and breathes out on me, the heat from that driving more blood into my stiffened member. She takes me into her mouth, and, in the truest meaning of the phrase, begins to suck me off.

Through the slimy and slick feeling, through the feeling of her crawling tongue, the feel of her molars, her throat, and the ridged roof of her mouth as she moves her head in a way that tells me she’s trying to clean me very thoroughly...

I try to remain Zen.

“Going at it again...” I hear Shinmyoumaru complaining at a fair distance. “I guess I’ve gotta expect you to go five if you say you’re going to go one?”

“The length too...” I bid the magician, ignoring Shimi. She lets me pop out of her mouth and moves her mouth and head toward my balls, pushing her tongue against my shaft and dragging it the entire way up the length—near sending me into a frenzy. It takes everything I have to not grab at her head while she drinks semen directly from my penis. Not from me ejaculating into her mouth, but from her quite literally licking and sucking this one part of me, occasionally swallowing small loads, twisting the tip of her tongue atop my urethra to take up my new precum...

... To be honest, I question what part of this she likes, but I’m not complaining.

Patchouli puts a thumb to the page she’s currently on (she’s been reading askance this entire time) and closes the grimoire over the digit. She also closes her eyes. At this point, she’s still forcing me into a war of attrition by tickling my urethra. She decides to open wide again, and take me far in. The feeling of her cheeks squish onto the sides of my cock—I place both my hands onto the sides of her head.

And on her own, she begins to move forward, swallowing more of me and sucking sharply along the way.

I hold firm, but—

But—this... This is...!


She gags on my penis and gives me the most intense blowjob I’ve ever experienced. In all fairness, I have not experienced many, but I have to imagine when ranked among the sorts that one could get, this deep-throating, loose and lolling mixture, blending spit and semen in the stuffed mouth of a sexy, fat girl... Surely. Surely this must rate among the highest and most godly of tiers.

The near jerk of her suction... and the amount of liquid I feel inside this burning, tight cavern— “Miss... Patchouli—” I grunt. I... seriously have to ask: “Do you like dicks?”

“Hemen cang me qui’e ‘ehlihhuhhsh,” she reveals to me while still holding half my dick in her mouth. She sets me free again, slurping at the now copious amount of Cowper’s fluid I’ve spilled since she began her assault. She tongues around my glans again and, while I’m trembling, says, “Mm... glp. I developed a taste around forty years ago. Semen can be used in a number of spells, and a fellow magician had mentioned that it could be a fine thing to eat as well. It also empowers the soul of a youkai, a little, to indulge in things humans tend to deem ‘unsavory’.”

“F-Felw... Fe—ghh... Fellow m-m-magician? A-Alice... -san?” Gods, I managed to say all that?

“No, it wasn’t the doll user,” she says, opening her eyes and licking at the engorged veins along my shaft. She kisses the underside of my boner and looks into my eyes. “At any rate...” she says, “sucking off a male like this is a minor act of ‘transgression’, I enjoy how it makes you submit, and I enjoy the benefits of both a bolstered dark soul and of deep arousal. When your cock...” she opens wide, “is in...” she holds out her tongue, and I hold my breath, “my mouth.”

She swallows me again, about swiveling her head with feeling in her back and forth while she goes down on me... further... every... time...

After stuffing me in her throat again, and pulling me out to the head she whispers, “Lehd ihd out.”


She releases me again, holding her tongue beneath my “head”. She meets eyes with me—while I’m holding her skull—her dark, royal-violet are locked on me. “You’ve got nothing better to do with this seed,” she tells me, “you may as well put it on my tongue. You louse, release it.”


I finish.

I release an arc that skirts her palate and lands on her tongue, right where she asked. I feel a shimmer of pleasure again and cum once more. Again, and again. I fill her chubby cheeks with sperm. She closes her mouth, and begins swallowing. I put out another glob of sperm onto her lips. Once her cheeks are empty she licks it off and swallows that as well.

When she’s finished, she opens her mouth and sighs. Her cheeks are slightly tinged pink. There, she says, “Ugh. Gross...”

My somewhat tired cock piques with interest at this.

She looks me in the eyes again, dully, and says once more: “It’s gross.”

“‘Gross’...” I repeat.

“Your semen...” she clarifies. “Why is it yours is that rich and full? Pumping that into a girl’s mouth so shamelessly... laying it onto her tongue so eagerly... Disgusting.”

Okay, I’m taking over.
Image Source
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File 15846828505.gif - (3.61MB, 1040x1300, swallow it.gif)
swallow it


My Boy assumes control.

I pull Patchouli’s chair away from the table—a task that, in some circles, may be considered Herculean, particularly as I did so with only one hand.

I squeeze her (still-clothed) tits together and push my dick over and between them, aimed to her face.

And, I command her, saying, “Suck it, youkai.”

While she considers my order, I move my hips and her body jiggles.

“Mmf... Mf... You were shameless about breasts as well, weren’t you?” she remarks while my cock rubs over her clothing. She eyes it, thrusting rampant toward her.

“What’s shameless is how fat you are, youkai,” I say.

“Oh...?” she smiles with evil intent, staring up at me. “What does it say about you? That you’re so attracted to a fat body?”

“I’m just saying it’s shameless...” I reply, almost in a growl, “you’re so soft. Who wouldn’t want to fuck you? You bitch... you smell great too. Of course I want to fuck you. I want to fuck you right now.”

“Ahh, that’s it... You’re a complete degenerate,” Patchouli notes with humor, putting an elbow on her armrest and her cheek to her knuckles. “You want to fuck me... Why, that explains everything. You think it would feel good I imagine?”

“Sticking it up your cunt? Yeah, I’m betting it... would.” I thrust with more intensity, the chair rattles and her body moves with my pounding.

“But mine isn’t available, hm?” she asks.

“I’ll have to fuck your mouth instead.”

“You’ve already pumped so much semen into me, and it was potent stuff, too...” She shows teeth in her smirk, and she chuckles. “Did you know?” she asks. “That I can smell and taste it: How much you want to plant something in my womb?”

“That taste a lot different?” I ask. The friction from her dress is minimal. Is this satin? Silk? It’s not material that I work with, of course, but what I’m saying is over her massive bust, slamming into her tits with my hips, I’m not feeling uncomfortable. On the contrary, it’s forcing me to go harder to feel much of anything at all, and that need of aggression is building a mighty load within my nuts.

“Remember what I said, ‘Semen can taste delicious’?” she reminds me, After, she answers, “That is why.”

“Then hold out your tongue,” I say, “and have more.”

“Very well...”

She holds out her tongue, and quickly licks at me whenever my cock is close enough to her face. She sucks, too, when I’ve humped at her particularly harshly. I squeeze her breasts below me, wanting to swear at the fact that—still—she doesn’t seem to care about my groping.

“Is the only way you really feel anything if you get fucked, Patchouli-san?” I ask.

“Ha...” she exhales after kissing my cock again. With a cool grin she tells me, “I suppose you’d really like to know... There’s only one way to find out... that... human.”

I’m done. I can’t take any more.

“Open your mouth, girl,” I order her, and she does. “Remember the taste:” I say, “this is what your pussy is missing.”

I cum onto her face. I shoot a fine, healthy string of jizz over her already-messy visage, between her eyes, into her bangs and onto her hat. I want to hit more of it in her mouth... She does most of the effort on that part: really opening wide, lifting her her tongue and moving slightly to catch incoming shots. She closes her mouth early, and she shudders as I cake her face more and more. Just... blasting her with cum... A bukkake-level facial...

... In a few moments, after everything I’ve done, she’s wearing a mask of semen, and it is bloody incredible to see. The amount of goop, and how thinly she’s breathing—wheezing, in fact, beneath it all... Sweet lords, I did well. Eventually, she scoops the cum from her cheeks and her eyelids, off her forehead and chin, cupping most of it (though a lot manages to spill onto the red ribbon over her chest) and drinking from the milky white cup of her hands. Me? I slap my cock over her bust, shaking as the last waves pleasure and sperm from my ejaculation leave me.

“Amazing...” she evaluates once she’s done. She licks her lips, smirking at me again. Her cheeks are properly scarlet now. “That much, hm...?”

“I’m still hard,” I remind her.

“Ah, you’re offering?” she asks. And, she clarifies: “To impregnate me?”

“Honestly, whenever,” I say.

“Well now...” she breathes, looking at my rising cock. “I will have to think about it... certainly,” she says.

“Like I said, just remember what it’s missing.” I eye her crotch. Her thighs are squeezed together.

“Oh,” she sighs again, readjusting in her chair and pulling cum from where I first nutted in her hair, “I will. Make no mistake that... I definitely will.”

“Yeah,” I say.



image sources:
(C82) [Fugodoku (Katou Fuguo)] SURUDAKE Ni. (Touhou Project)
[Mouret] Saimin Rape Chouli (Touhou Project)

Both of these have translations but someone, in their infinite genius, only translated one of the three variants of Monaka's (Mouret's) image set, the slutty variant. There's also a rape variant and a dull hypnosis variant. I made the gif from mixing and matching things. In the CG set, it's actual paizuri with naked tits et al.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 158488722351.jpg - (1.10MB, 992x1378, reitaisai was actually today.jpg)
reitaisai was actually today

Patchouli-san refreshed herself with a spell and then performed magic on my man-parts to clean them. Rather than wagging a finger and returning them to a pristine state, she wrapped them in a sphere of soap and water while I stood with my hands on my hips, watching the ball of bathwater rotate around my junk. It was quite something to watch, and rather amusing to feel.

Shinmyoumaru (after knocking me on the head with her hammer) showed me where she stood with her search. Presently, the two of us are eyeing a shelf dedicated, it seems, to older and mostly forgotten youkai: just the sort one would find in the Underground.

I pull a comparatively thin book from its space by its spine (most of the books here look as if they could be used as shielding or blunt weaponry; this one is quite reasonably sized). I call to its author (presumably—I’ve heard most if not all the books here were penned by the librarian), “Patchouli-san, would you recommend this?”

The witch looks up at us from her table and, turning back to her grimoire tells us, “If you want to go into Former Hell, yes.”

It seems recent. With Shimi on my shoulder, I page through the tome. Within the book are sketches of youkai like what I’d find in the Gensokyo Chronicle, as well personal accounts describing Patchouli-san’s experiences with these beings. She’s noted quite a few, and made particular note of eight individuals. There’s a tsuchigumo, a tsurube-otoshi, a hashihime, an oni...

“... ‘Satori’!” I read.

“Ohhh... Right, there was a girl like that wasn’t there?” Shinmyoumaru notes, looking at the frumpy girl sketched within the opened pages. “My family told me not to mess around with her,” she says.

“A satori, huh...” I suppose this is the ‘sister’ that girl mentioned. It says here that she’s in charge of the Palace of Earth Spirits, a building in Old Hell that keeps vengeful spirits locked away. I’m still not sure why... “Why were you afraid of her?”

“She reads your mind,” Shinmyoumaru says, “and says your thoughts out loud.”

Ehh...? That’s what satori do...? I wonder if that would mean she could see through my innocuousness.

She looks to have a strange set of tentacles like the girl I saw before... and yes, there’s “something bulbous” attached to them: an eye, it seems. How bizarre...

Reading about her, it looks like she’s not difficult to throw off if you think nonsense while around her. She’s very powerful and dangerous, however. It also sounds like everyone you might encounter on the way to her would be willing to fight. I... can’t fight. I think I really will have to see about recruiting that amanojaku.

I look through the book more as Shinmyoumaru climbs my hair and lays atop my head, still reading herself.

“... Ah, here,” I say. The girl with no regard for social conventions (I’m one to talk) is the final youkai of particular note that Patchouli-san chose to illustrate. Her name is Koishi... the first satori is only named Satori, and their shared surname is “Komeiji”. From what Patchouli-san noted here, the younger sister shut down her mind-reading ability, and became an “unconscious being”. It very much does sound like my situation... but also very different. Rather fascinating.

“So, Okun, what are you gonna do now?” Shimi asks.

Well, “What”... I’m not really sure.

I’m physically a bit tired already, though so much of the day is still left. Traveling Gensokyo like this is really unideal...

“Hrmmm...” I grumble.

I could ask Patchouli-san to teach me how to fly. She’s right here.

... Though perhaps that’s too presumptuous of me, and I should just head back to the village instead. I could take the ropeway up the Mountain, for instance. It says here under... “Utsuho Reiuji’s” profile that she works beneath the Palace of Earth Spirits, and that a way to her place of work (a “reactor”) exists atop Youkai Mountain. The ropeway doesn’t cost much, and the Moriya Shrine Maiden is an extraordinarily comely lass. She’s often there, about half the time...

The more common entrance is a place called “the blowhole”, a cave where I can find the tsuchigumo I read about. Hieda no Akyuu sometimes visits the farther reaches of Gensokyo by cart... I don’t believe she’s been to the Underground but she’s fairly adventurous and perhaps I could ask her about going for sake of “research”... Schedule a ride, for tomorrow or later. A cart-ride with the Hieda is an extremely tempting prospect...

Aaagh, but that spider seems worrisome: it says here that she spreads diseases.

Nnnrgh, then again; that entrance atop the Mountain eventually marches through a place called “The Hell of Blazing Fires” and, putting it lightly, that absolutely terrifies me...

I mean regardless, I would only be checking either place for now... I want to ask that Kijin Seija about paths through the intricate cave systems of the Underworld before I really go in.

Maybe I really should just ask the magician here to grant me or teach me the ability to fly. I could even offer her... “reagents” in exchange. To be honest, that sounds fantastic.

... Seriously, though, pushing my luck is dangerous.

“Choices...” I mutter.

“Choices...” Shimi repeats.

[] Ask Patchouli to teach you how to fly.

[] Head back home and make some clocks. Relax, discuss things with Shinmyoumaru; there’s no need to rush.

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2020/03/23 (Mon) 15:00

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[X] Ask Patchouli to teach you how to fly.
I mean, there's no harm in asking. If she says no, she says no, don't press her, but if she says yes then you've got flight. Or you could just drink a red bull, I hear those give you wings.
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[X] Ask Patchouli to teach you how to fly

Ya a total noob if you don’t know how to fly in Gensokyo
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(X) Head back home and make some clocks. Relax, discuss things with Shinmyoumaru; there’s no need to rush.

You're a fool if you miss out on a bumpy ride with the town bicycle, and flying's for faggots anyway.
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(X) Head back home and make some clocks. Relax, discuss things with Shinmyoumaru; there’s no need to rush.
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(X) Head back home and make some clocks. Relax, discuss things with Shinmyoumaru; there’s no need to rush.

I've read enough CYOAs to recognize the GLORIOUS WINGED FAGGOT END flag. You're 1000 years too early to fool me. Nice try though.
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[X] Ask Patchouli to teach you how to fly.
Delete Post
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[X] Head back home and make some clocks. Relax, discuss things with Shinmyoumaru; there’s no need to rush.

Flying is a gateway drug to wearing stupid hats.
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Been needlessly stressed out. If I can't write tonight it'll be tomorrow for sure. Cheers y'all
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Cheers, man. Take care of yourself.
Image Source
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File 15853225663.jpg - (527.42KB, 1116x1200, はいてない.jpg)
thank you/cheers yaself. I share that sentiment with y'all too


[X] Head back home and make some clocks. Relax, discuss things with Shinmyoumaru; there’s no need to rush.

“I’ll go back home and finish some work,” I tell her, looking toward her in her thinking pose. “Will you join me?”

“Yeah,” she replies with a smile. I’m glad she will, but...

I’ve been told it isn’t very interesting to watch.


Quite a lot of work in the clock-making process involves standing before a lathe, and operating its pedal.

Their find, ancient machines with so many years of design behind them.

Right now I have a wheel attached to mine, spinning brilliantly on its side. I’m shaving it down... Brass is curling at its edge while I operate the pedal and carefully maintain the cutter. Keeping it within measurements... halfly thinking about the frame design that will hold this one.

Its work of hours and work of awareness throughout all of those hours, but at once it’s also very... easy, I think, to get lost... “absorbed”.

In “sides” and “corners”...

It’s very relaxing, but also engaging.

The sound, as well, of metal being shaved...

... it’s very nice.

Of course, I’m trying to keep in mind that Shinmyoumaru is here as well.

A clockmaker’s workshop isn’t really dangerous. There are a few sharp tools ordinarily kept well out the way of anyone wandering, the largest type of clock I make (the standing and pendulum kind: grandfather clocks) are very stable at base and I don’t keep many in the store either. Most of the clocks on display are smaller... if they fell, you’d perhaps get a bump on your head.

Well, if you were a human-sized person.

Shimi is loose in my store, home, and workshop. I’ve given her free reign in here, as she looked ready to explore once I walked into the actual crafting area of the building (it seems she stayed at the entrance after breaking in before). I don’t mind at all; I only told her to avoid breaking anything, or touching anything sharp she finds. Every so often while I’m taking stock of the room as par for the course, I see her wandering over shelves and examining parts. My shop isn’t what I’d call “cluttered”... but there really is a lot to see. Finished pieces, some waiting hands, springs and files... pendulums, cutters, blades... faces, of course... pinions and hooks.

My busy and unbusy little shop is perfect. It puts into perspective... that I really lost it for a bit there.

“Hmm...” I stop pedaling the lathe and watch for the wheel to... sorry, for the layman: I watch for the “gear” to stop spinning. It’s called a wheel. We call them wheels. The smaller ones are pinions...

I consider for a moment while checking the edge to make sure it’s cut correctly.

... Yes, I think I will carve the teeth by hand. It’s work that takes much longer but... I don’t have any jobs right now, and my savings are good for another two years from some special commissions the year previous. I’ve been at this for a while already. Why not?

I remove the wheel from its holdings and step over to a wooden table, upon which is a vice. I place the wheel in that and secure it, grabbing my belt of files as well. I take a seat on a stool and set to work. This is a fairly small wheel: about the length of my palm all around. Not many teeth are needed, here...

Shinmyoumaru floats down onto the workbench, stopping in front of me while I work through my teeth markings.

“You’re still on that one huh?” she remarks.

“I will be on it, and a few other things, the rest of the day,” I reply.

“I like the sounds they make,” says the princess, likely speaking of the pieces of which many she has perused since we returned... I do too. It’s like... a pleasant sign of mechanical life. “Though the bigger ones, the sound vibrates in my stomach.”

“Your stomach,” I repeat absently, filing as usual with either end of the file pinched in either hand. That’s my focus.

“It’s a little scary,” she says, and she pulls at her kimono with her left hand, patting the tummy which is the present subject and matter.


... Right, she wasn’t wearing anything beneath that, hm?

Did she just show me again to remind me? Was that deliberate?

I close my eyes and stop for a moment. I can’t allow unwanted distraction—I’d rather not screw up while filing and regret it later.

“Did you check the insides of any?” I ask her, my eyes on the wheel and my surroundings once again.

She sits down cross-legged, her crotch clearly visible in my peripheral vision.

“...” I eye her silently.

She answers my question with, “Nah, I was scared I’d get eaten up actually. I don’t really know how clocks work, but they’re big and they seem complicated inside.”

“I can show you... which are surely safe,” I mumble.

“That would be nice,” she says, and she extends her legs now. Now her Kimono is only barely covering her slit. I can see half of it.

She’s not aware?

“I hope this isn’t boring you,” I say.

“It’s relaxing,” she replies.

Her right hand falls on her same thigh.

The kimono...

... shifts.

I can see it, but I can’t see it.

It’s there, but not entirely.

Hmm. Hmmmm.

[] Ask Shinmyoumaru for a show.

[] Try to maintain composure while stealing glances at the Inchling’s pussy. There’s something exciting about this.
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[X] Try to maintain composure while stealing glances at the Inchling’s pussy. There’s something exciting about this.
work is work
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[X] Try to maintain composure while stealing glances at the Inchling’s pussy. There’s something exciting about this.
Image Source
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File 158544345691.jpg - (742.62KB, 912x1200, みえる!.jpg)
image source: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1754743


[X] Try to maintain composure while stealing glances at the Inchling’s pussy. There’s something exciting about this.

“D-Do you have any hobbies, Shinmyoumaru-san?” I stammer, attempting to earnestly return to work.

“Are clocks a hobby for you?” she asks. She’s teasing me.

Well, as a matter of fact, “They used to... be.” I swallow.

I find it very odd how attractive Shinmyoumaru’s legs look to me, and how deep is my desire to lick them and/or dip them into my mouth. It is, in fact, concerning: I’m beginning to wonder if this is how youkai feel when their eyes fall on humans. Is there a separation between Inchlings and humans? The legends don’t give that impression.

That adorable little body descended from a human line, and that means she can absolutely breed.

—Was breeding the subject?

While I’m scraping away metal, half of her mound is plainly visible. It has started giving me ideas.

“Also, why ‘-san’?” she probes.

“There isn’t any reason,” I answer, in a too-worded and very clunky fashion.

She doesn’t really seem to have registered that she’s bottomless. Thank you. Thank you, fates... Thank you, Shimi’s ignorance and naivety.

“Actually, hm, never mind hobbies for now; you said you were going to try finding Seija?”


I suppose it must be hot—she’s starting flapping the front of her robes and she’s really just showing everything—everything.

My eyes widen. My pupils focus.

That tight slit, I want to pound it.

Shinmyoumaru relaxes her posture, leaning back—

Her chest heaves with a sigh as she cools herself off. Every time I look at it, that pair of tits astounds me. It’s... perfection. I saw them... in the bath but...

Just admit it, says my Boy, who has become apprised of the scene above the table, you have a Shinmyoumaru fetish.

It is apparent.

I’ve encountered a girl before who leashed me by the heart, and while many women have courted my cock’s favor none before the Princess have ever had its every pulse, pleasure, and stiffening so firmly on lock.

Everything she’s doing is driving me further into arousal. The little parting of her kimono over her chest, her left hand on her lip in absent contemplation, the way her brow – now with her eyes shut – is twitching with the rare draft hitting against her open, airing kitty.

I’ve stopped working. I absolutely can’t concentrate and this Inchling isn’t even trying.

—Oh, right! She asked me a question!

“... yYes....” my voice hitches. “Amano... jaku...”

“How are you going to convince her to help you? I can try asking her but she isn’t really... reasonable.”

... Hn? “Convince”, was it? Convince... Convince Shinmyoumaru?

I unfortunately can’t have sex with Shinmyoumaru...

I can definitely enjoy her.

That... That would mark, about... four times in a single day, I would have...


I’m not hiding it anymore. I’m blatantly staring at her most womanly part. She hasn’t realized, only because she’s looking at some shelves high up on a wall to my right and her left. I’ve put my fingertips together and my arms on the bench; watching her intently.

Wait, she said “Seija”...

Convincing the amanojaku?

I mean, I would quite like to fuck Kijin Seija as well, and before all that demean her.

I think I’ll... word what I say...

... so that Shinmyoumaru understands: right now, I mean these words for her.

[] “I would tell her to spread her legs, wide, and I’d eat her out until she went mad.”

[] “Groping her sounds good. She’s so small... I can take her into both of my hands and play with her like a toy. Feel her thighs, massage her breasts, lick her up and down...”

[] “I’d like to kiss her first. After that I’d present her with my cock and tell her to get used to its scent. Just... hold her from behind and press this throbbing penis against her body... you know?”

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2020/03/29 (Sun) 16:00

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[X] “I would tell her to spread her legs, wide, and I’d eat her out until she went mad.”

Delete Post
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[x] “I’d like to kiss her first. After that I’d present her with my cock and tell her to get used to its scent. Just... hold her from behind and press this throbbing penis against her body... you know?”
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[X] “I’d like to kiss her first. After that I’d present her with my cock and tell her to get used to its scent. Just... hold her from behind and press this throbbing penis against her body... you know?”

Yes, yes we know. How romantic.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 158549312693.webm - (653.33KB, 642x482, 見せ槍.webm)


[X] “I’d like to kiss her first. After that I’d present her with my cock and tell her to get used to its scent. Just... hold her from behind and press this throbbing penis against her body... you know?”

“Ha,” she laughs, waving her kimono now fairly dismissively, “kissing her? That would just... piss... her...”

Shinmyoumaru pauses. She looks at me, who is staring sternly at her, and the cogs seem to turn to her head; revealing to her a theory.

“You... mean me, right Okun?” she asks.

I simply tell her, “Get over here.”

She looks down at her half-nakedness, finally realizing what she’s been showing to me.

And she gets embarrassed.

“Come.” I repeat myself.

She stands, and meekly steps toward me—avoiding the brass shavings surrounding the square vice before me.

“I-I know I was showing off just now but...” she mutters, almost as if she doesn’t want me to hear it, “Okun, I turned you on again...?”

I place my left hand behind her and scoop her into it, letting her plant her comfortable tush on my pinky. I bring her to my face, and kiss her cheek.

“Ah, aw... Mm,” a series of heartstring tugging sounds from her arise as I do this. When I pull back, she holds a hand to that cheek, her other hand over her heart as she frowns and steams.

I’d like to properly take her lips. I’d quite like that.

She reaches the hand over her heart toward me, and I let her touch my lip, after which she stretches upward, I lean forward, and she cutely kisses me there.

That’s the best I can do, I suppose.

After she’s done, and holding my mouth with both her hands, I scrape my chair backward and extend my arm, so that I can speak with her less awkwardly.

“It’s quite the problem,” I tell her. “Look.”

I lower my hand, and show her where I’m standing.

“Wh... Whoa!” she shouts, Clownpiece’s room was probably too dark when I was this hard before: I imagine she didn’t get the clearest view of me. “You can get that hard!?” Definitely.

“Shinmyoumaru...” I say, lowering her further and watching as her gaze goes from staring down, to level with her height, and then above her, “can you do something?”

“‘D-Do something’, you say...?” she repeats staring up at the rod towering before her. I bring her against it, and she gasps girlish gasp. With her hands up and pressed against me, she shrinks and whispers, “It’s warm...”

“I’ve had something building ever since we came in here alone,” I admit. “Could you get it out for me?”

“Y-You mean, make you cum?” she asks, lifting her head to stare at me from below. “H... Hey; why are you so attracted to me?” she poses a question that I can understand her asking.

But unfortunately... “I don’t know.,,, Hey,” I’d also like to shift the subject, “didn’t I tell you what I planned to do?”

“You really meant me?”

“Yes, I meant you,” I confirm that, and tell her, “start getting used to it. Go on...”

I feel her breath on me.

“... It’s good,” she almost bitterly admits. “Okun, are you gonna make me into some kind of sex-crazed maniac?”

“I just want you to sniff my cock,” I say. “Do it.”

She continues, her sighs and inhalations striking a small part of my surface area, over and over. She pants, exhales. I feel the heat of her opened mouth. She puts her tongue to me.

“Nng... good,” I say. She starts lapping at me without directive, I keep my hand on her back, my other arm on the table, and slouching I submit to Shinmyoumaru’s affection: her kissing, her clinging, her gripping and even nearly scratching; her touch is needy. Her voice is eager.

... I pick up my file in my right hand, preparing to get back to work.

The thing is, I’m getting this increasing, strange ambition... This need, this desire—

I’ve had it since I started committing perverted acts, but today, with the steps I’ve gone beyond simple groping and masturbation, I can’t deny it any longer:

That I want to use my curse to indulge completely wickedly.

I want to bring Gensokyo’s women, human and not, to their knees. I want them to then lift their hips. I want them to want to get fucked by me. What I want... is a harem: a farcical and hyper-sexual harem.

I want Shinmyoumaru to secretly enjoy my penis while I’m doing other things.

I want to hold Mokou-san down with my hand over her face and inseminate her.

I want to whip it out in front of the Hakurei Shrine Maiden and have her go down on me.

I want much more than any human should aspire for.

I feel Cowper’s fluid roll down my cock, hear Shinmyoumaru slurping it off when it comes to her.

I want all this.

I want humans, youkai, celestials, gods—

—I want the yama.

I’ve only been pretending most of my meekness. Once I realized the full potential of this curse, I have to acknowledge what I felt first and foremost:

sheer, powerful, anticipatory excitement.

And when I felt that...

... my back burned.


I drop the file in my hand.

“—Gh! H-Hmn...!? Ow—” That’s—

“Eh? Eh? What’s wrong? Did I scratch you?” Shinmyoumaru asks.

“No,” I answer firmly. I don’t want to worry her.

I don’t want to worry her, but... my spine feels on fire.

There’s something at my back, for certain.

And for some reason, I find it terrifying.

“For some reason” because... I know: I know that whatever it is, it isn’t a “being”, it’s a “something”: a non-living entity, burning at my spinal column.

I feel like if I acknowledge it—

I don’t know: something about me—about my “self”... will be left in ashes.

Something important, that I find impossible to put into words.

But this pain—! I... I’ll start gripping Shinmyoumaru at this rate...! And won’t I hurt her...!?

It will pass... It’s passed before...

... But this sensation, like gasoline has been filtered through my spinal fluid, and it’s all been set terribly ablaze... a burn, eating into the ends of my nerves... A pain... I can feel in my formless spirit...

‘Look behind you.’

[] I look behind myself.

[] I stare straight ahead.

Time remaining: :: Timer ended at: 2020/03/31 (Tue) 14:00

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[X] I look behind myself.
Delete Post
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[X] I look behind myself.

Stare into the abyss
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[x] I look behind myself.
Delete Post
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[x] I look behind myself.
Delete Post
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[x] I stare straight ahead

If I ignore the plot, surely it won't eventually come to us and stab us in the gut right
Image Source
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File 158624557527.jpg - (3.23MB, 2581x3151, ahaha WHAT.jpg)
ahaha WHAT
[X] I look behind myself.

And there’s a door.

“... Wha—”

It opens, and takes me in, leaving behind a very perplexed and now thoroughly blue-balled Shinmyoumaru where I was sitting.

“AAAAAAH!” I scream, of course. What else would I do but scream? I’m sent through a dark void full of distant, gray clouds, but no one direction feels like “the sky”. There are four-cornered portals, opening and closing far away. There are wooden frames below me, floating on their own as my half-naked body flies past (I am still in my yukata). Doors.

This is the world of doors.

And I stop, inverted, before the god of the same, sitting in her throne once again.

“Cover yourself when you’re in front of me,” she says, and I scramble to do so... only mostly managing (I am not a small man and my partner is not a small boy—and he was left wanting). “Senzai Odou,” she addresses me, and I straighten up. I feel the blood flowing into my head—well then... this... must be “upside down”... That’s the “floor”— “Odou.”

“Y-Yes?” I answer with a breaking voice.

“How has it been?” she asks, her cheek at rest on her knuckles, and a smirk carved into her face. “How has my blessing been treating you?”

This god... certainly wears a lot of clothing, hm?

It... It’s making me feel really naked. Vulnerably naked. The blond, long and bountiful-haired deity is dressed in robes of sunlight colors and celestial decoration, her tabard depicting the big dipper, for one. There’s a strange, black, tricorn hat on her head, her ankle-length skirt is a deep and rich jade, and her boots are impossibly dark. She lays gold eyes on me, and awaits my answer.

My answer which is... “‘Blessing’...?”

“Do you think it a curse, Odou? Should I take it away?”


“N-No!” I cry, trying to right myself in this void so that I can tie up my robes. “I-It was troubling at first, but... I... I’m enjoying this curse!”

“Mercy, and I know it,” she remarks with a joking sigh, closing her eyes in remembrance. I finally turn right-side up, and start tying back my obi. So... she’s been watching...?

I decide to speak. “Are you upset that... I’ve been using your power over me to... do what I’ve been doing, Lady...?”

“Upset? About you?” She ignores my prompt for her name, sitting up and straightening against the back of her chair. “About a human, trifling with humans and the occasional youkai? Upset about that? Never.” She gazes upon me apologetically for a second, and then tells me, “You are beneath me, all of you regular mortals and desperate immortals. Even my fellow gods: they are beneath me.”

“Yes.” Of course. Surely... “May I know the name of this god, who has taken a small measure of interest in this innocuous human?”

“Why should I tell you? You’re impolite. You never greeted me or introduced yourself, and you’d like to know my name?”


“Yes... I suppose...” I back down... I had better not upset her.

“Hmph,” she grunts, laying her hands down on her throne’s armrests. “Raise your head.”

I do so. I’d been lowering it.

“Meet my eyes.”

I do. I’d been avoiding them.

“It has been almost a month, Odou,” says the god, “and the only thing that ever straightens up for you seems to be your cock rather than your back.”


I “stand” straight (I’m floating). I’d been slouching. Frowning, I try to maintain composure... It’s... It’s very difficult: for a human to do that before a powerful god.

“Odou, you have no rigidity,” the god belittles me, clarifying: “unless you can be rigidly inside a fairy’s asshole or an immortal’s pussy, hm?”

Great Dragon, why am I so embarrassed??

“I gave you that power to stand strong. I wanted to see what a meek man would do, given outlandish opportunity,” she explains, then sighs. Her shoulders sink, she shuts her eyes again, and she leans back. “You aren’t a complete disappointment.” She opens her eyes, looking down at me from above, where she’s sat. “But you should hurry up, because disappointment bothers me very, very much.”

“Hold on!” I shout, lifting a hand in a “stop” gesture. “Hold on, hold on! That isn’t... in ANY way fair!” I cry. Hold it. Stop it, Odou! What are you thinking!? She could probably eliminate you in a second! “I don’t know what you’re expecting of me, but if you want an order completed, you put an order in! I’m not a priest or shrine maiden—I can’t divine deities’ mystical sought-after ends!”

“Oh...?” she breathes.

“Yes! ‘Oh’!” I repeat, emphatically, though I’m not entirely sure what I’m emphasizing. “N-Not to say I have any threats prepared for you but—” I look away, almost muttering, “—I-I was with Shinmyoumaru, and you’ve probably put terrible strain on her heart and that’s—that just isn’t right and—”




“AHAHAHAHA! You...! You... Ahaaaa!!” The goddess throws her head back and laughs uproariously. She really finds this side-splitting.

I’m terrified.

“Okay, okay! That’s enough! Enough! You can’t even keep up this show of ‘intimidation’ or—or—‘strength’, whatever it is—even a minute! Really, your co—keHA! No, no I won’t...” She waves her hand dismissively as she goes from laughing into suppressed, tears-in-the-eyes chuckling. “Odou, really, you’re... you are...”

She wipes a tear from her right eye and grins at me.

“I was right to pick you,” she says, “really, you’re perfect.”

“Please make sense...” I plead, quietly.

“I will, in time. You were right, Odou, I should give you orders if I expect you to follow some. That’s... what is it? A sensibility you’ve taken from running a store? I respect it, Odou.”

Looking again, I notice four flames flickering and strong behind her. Magenta, green, sky blue, and orange. Did... those awful sisters from a while ago not also have similar flames...?

Anyway... “Yes...” I mutter. “So... what is your order, Door-god-sama?” I raise my head.

“I saw it,” she says, and I freeze, because her tone—her inflection... I know that what she means is “me”: “my soul”, in a certain moment. And knowing that something has peered through me like that puts me directly on edge. “I saw a good motivation, through your back, and that’s why I took you aside.”


“What I want you to do,” she continues, smiling coolly... wickedly? “is as you will.”


... Huh?”

What on... What? What do you—

“Do as you will, and do not hesitate. Go with your sense, and your lust, as you will.

If you truly want it, in both, then take it.


... Eh?

“I’m not telling you to do anything, I am only encouraging you to follow your two hearts.” She points at me, specifically at— “The one in your chest, and the one hanging between your legs.

If you do that, I will speak to you again, and then I will tell you my name.”

“... But—”

“Bye bye!” she waves at me, and I can feel a tugging at my back. I’m going to be pulled out of here...

“Wait!” I cry. I don’t want to leave it at this...!

[] “Your two female servants.., will you let me fuck them!?”

[] “If you can see into hearts... tell me who else I can easily persuade to suck me off!”

[] “I’ve gone soft! Show me your bloomers!”
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[X] “If you can see into hearts... tell me who else I can easily persuade to suck me off!”

Damn, it's a hard choice between the first two options. Mai and Satono are both really cute, but I'm also incredibly curious to know which Touhous were already the sluttiest of cum addicts. Guess I'll go with the latter.
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[x] “Your two female servants.., will you let me fuck them!?”

dancers please
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[x] “I’ve gone soft! Show me your bloomers!”
Delete Post
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[x] “I’ve gone soft! Show me your bloomers!”

Let's be surprised with her panties. Maybe she will also give permission to fuck her servants as reward for being honest.
Image Source
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File 158640629858.gif - (2.77MB, 565x577, zannen.gif)
image sources:


[X] “I’ve gone soft! Show me your bloomers!”

She lifts her eyebrows and her smile freezes on her face.

“Well now...!” she exclaims at the end of a breath. “You’re listening to me already?”

She grabs hold of the front her skirt, over her thighs, and I perk up. I can feel it—almost clawing at me! I’m going to be jettisoned from this realm any moment now...!

“But, how unfortunate...” says the god, gathering the hem of her dress deliberately and gradually. I see the bare skin of her legs, the caps of her knees, the start of her thighs and—


She smirks, and tells me, “I’m not wearing bloomers.”

With her skirt entirely hiked up to her hips, and her legs spread, she shows me what’s underneath...

And to my utter shock, she’s right: she isn’t wearing bloomers. Even less than that. No...

She isn’t wearing anything at all.

I focus on her golden, naturally unkempt bush.

And I commit it to memory.

“And I’m glad to share,” she says as I start being dragged away by invisible force, “but, I must let you know:

This one? You aren’t getting it.”

I’m hurtled through the black word of doors, oriented and reoriented about several times, and though I recognized a “bottom” to this place, I don’t feel any forces of gravity.

Rather, I’m too bothered to think about that.

What she said... bothered me incredibly.
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File 158640635921.jpg - (213.60KB, 850x793, hime.jpg)
image sources:


Eventually I’m righted and spat out into light—into my workshop. I hear a door close and lock behind me, and turn to find nothing there as my robes fly open with with.



I look down at her. She’s still sat on my chair. She doesn’t look upset... thank god.

“Wh-Wh-Wh-What happened!?” she stammers.

I stare into her face, silent.

My emotions are in chaos; my thoughts the same.

My cock is raised.

“Y-Y-You still seem excited...” she remarks.

She’s looking at it.

So, I decide to say what I’m thinking, that: “I was given a mission from a mystery god.”

“You... eh?”

“I was told to do what I want.” I step forward, and then down onto one knee. Shinmyoumaru blushes, and raises a fist over her chest. I tell her, “I want you to spread your legs.”

So... she does.

“Now lift your hips,” I say.

And, she does.

“Shinmyoumaru,” I address her, looking intermittently between her bared crotch and her beet-red face. And I ask, “Do you really enjoy this?”

She nods. “Yeah...” she whispers, and she asks, “could you lick me?”

I put two fingers against her back to support her, open my mouth wide, and oblige.


I push my tongue between her slender legs, under her thighs, and to her cunt.


She twitches, lifts her hands and hesitates as to whether she should push against my face/nose.

I just enjoy it.

I enjoy the smoothness of her skin, the tautness of her muscle.

The taste of her quickly heating pussy.

Pushing my tongue up from her ass, and hearing her scream—


—with the feeling against her second hole.

I suck at her cute feet, and I drill the tip of my tongue against her clitoris.

She drools, rocks, and tries to speak—only managing incoherent babble.

I indulge, until she climaxes into my mouth, and after I kiss her face I sit up and start handling her body directly.

“Eh...? Heh... Mro... Morre...?” she slurs.

I touch her face and press her breasts from over her kimono. I knead my though against her mound, and find myself smiling as she grits her teeth and grunts her satisfaction.

I toy with her, but only to the ends of her pleasure.

Undressing her, and making sure she watches as I sniff her robes.

Showing her my swelling cock, to assure her that it’s swelling due to her.

Her body, delightfully soft in all the right places, is a raw pleasure to feel and fiddle with. To spread and tease. To spank in the palm of my hand, then tongue her more as she’s bent over. She makes a mess in my hand. I get her off twice more, until her eyes are blanking.

Picking her up, I rock a knuckle against her thoughtlessly, instinctually bucking hips, and soon feel another orgasm run down my fingers.

Finally, I lean against a wall, bring her (still in (now) my right hand) to my completely prepped cock, and I rub her slowly against myself, trying not to lose it at the lost, dazed, and pleasured sounds she makes.
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File 158640644768.gif - (738.73KB, 1414x1461, okaeri.gif)
image sources:


I jerk off with her body, my left hand against the wall of my shop, and I look out the window to the still-bright streets of the human village, grinding my teeth together that at any moment someone could stop and look in, unconcerned. I stay careful with her... she’s not an onahole, she’s a person. I can feel, almost especially, every “hard” and angled part of her body. On her own, too, she sometimes holds out her tongue and drives me to the absolute edge.

“Shi... mi... you’re... still... sensible?” I ask, holding her against my throbbing dick that she’s now drooling down the head of.

“Y... Yeshh,” she answers unconvincingly.

“Do you want me to nut... while you’re hugging me so you can feel it? Or do you want... it all in your mouth...?”

Her nipples stiffen even more than they’d already been. She presses her tits against my shaft, pets my rod and says, “All of it... in my mouth.”


I slide down to the floor and let her go, holding onto my cock only instead, and waiting for her to bring me to orgasm now that she’s stood on the floor.

She kisses my cock, licks at the hole, and drags her hands against the topmost parts of the organ until it throbs again, I groan, and a load pulses out and onto her tongue.

Over her hair.

Into her mouth, down her chin and breasts...

While she plunges her fingers into herself, and shudders with feeling.

In a few seconds, I have a mess on the floor to clean, and an Inchling I’ve covered in white for the third time today.

While we both sit and sigh in the afterglow, Shimi crawls her dirtied body onto my muscular chest and says:

“If you want other people to join... that’d be really fun, wouldn’t it?”

It would indeed.

“Seija...?” she suggests. I can tell: that’s what she wants.

“Okay,” I agree. Well, I was thinking of going after that amanojaku soon if not next, anyway. But... “But with one condition.”

“What...?” she asks tiredly, lifting her cum-coated head.

[] “I want her to want it.”

[] “So long as I can rape her.”
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[X] “So long as I can rape her.”

This would be a pretty hard sell for anyone besides Seija or Sanae.
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[X] “I want her to want it.”

Wouldn't this be the true rape option for an amanojaku like Seija? Rape is consensual, consensual is rape.
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Well no, BUT, Seija would definitely hate "wanting it", that's what I'd say. She'd hate both options here
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Yea she doesn't like...do EVERYTHING backwards ya know? She's more like a contrarian, rather than some wacky opposite girl.
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[X] “I want her to want it.”
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[x] “I want her to want it.”
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[x] “I want her to want it.”
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File 158684704652.jpg - (486.75KB, 768x1024, jaku.jpg)
[X] “I want her to want it.”


That is something of a tall order for Kijin Seija, however; one I simply couldn’t be sure simple innocuousness could triumph over. Shinmyoumaru either. After I had declared my intent, she told me something along the lines of, “Are you stupid?”

I had thought about raping her instead... Did Shinmyoumaru think that would’ve been more viable?

But, no; viable or not what I enjoy, aside from when a young girl or lady is paying me no mind at all, is when a young girl or lady is feeling it, and wanting. And though she is petulant, and though she is quite reprehensible: I want that amanojaku’s body.

Shimi and I formulated a plan.

The Inchling Princess and the Amanojaku Rebel are still, in some sense, “close”.

During and after our second bath of the day, she explained to me how she could wrangle Seija from time to time, but that largely it depended on whether or not she’d be interested in something.

“I don’t know if there’s anything you can do to catch her interest, Okun,” Shinmyoumaru had said while we were having dinner. “Do you have any weird habits? Only your taste in women is weird.”

I had to try not to laugh. My perversions being seen as “normal” is still quite disarming.

We settled on something simple:

I would go out of my way to meet her, and then invite her to my home.

So, after fulfilling orders the next day and being sure I was free of obligation...

I followed Shinmyoumaru to an unnamed forest—one of many in our lands...

And sat upside down on a tree branch was that blasted Amanojaku, staring at me with suspicion—something I hadn’t felt directed at me in quite a while.

That’s where I am now; staring back into those blood-red irises.

She frowns, lifts her chin, and asks, “Who’s this?”

Shinmyoumaru isn’t here to answer. She left, because she said it would be easier to catch Seija off-guard if I had come unannounced.

She’s a young girl... young-looking, at least. Her body is adolescent, thin, and evidently average or even weak in strength. Her short hair is messily “done”, colored mostly black and with strands of red and shocks of white throughout it. Her crimson nails are sharpened, her tongue is long... She’s a pale-skinned, pale- (and small-) horned little thing, and since she’s sitting inverted, her skirt is largely fallen and I can see her somewhat meager thighs. Her back is straight, her arms and hands are “down” to the branch, and she is confident. Not necessarily certain that she can handle a tough-looking human, and perhaps even defeat them should it come to that—no; I get a sense that instead she is prepared for whatever I could possibly do. She’s sure of herself, absolutely. And, as she stares me down in that sureness, I feel myself getting turned on. Her confidence... is powerfully attractive.

“You’re awful rude, huh,” she speaks again in her gruff, and just a touch raspy voice, going on while eyeing my body, “You just lick girls with your eyes and show them your dick? You’ve got balls, eh? I can see them.”

I’m exposing myself, of course. It’s later in the day and the sun will fall soon so it’s colder, but... Have to stick to one’s principles.

Seija flashes two rows of sharpened teeth, snorting. “I like it,” she says. “Crazy! Outta the mind!”

Just as I thought...

... her “being” is a contradiction, even enough that the Door God’s curse means nothing to her, or rather...

For her specifically, it just isn’t working the same. It is... reversed. Of course.

To explain briefly: Amanojaku are contrarian beings that hate what others love, adore what others despise, laugh at misery and eschew near-all social convention in an effort to bother—an effort made from a core aspect of self that has them refuse to connect with others, and be in any capacity reasonable. They’re opposite beings, opposing the world around them.

She’s noticing me, despite my being unnoticeable by anyone else.

... That said, how she’s speaking...

... Maybe it isn’t quite right to say the curse is “null”...?

Something to... how she said what she said...

“Oh, you can’t talk?” notes the youkai, cocking her head to the side. She lets go of the branch, and so falls (from her perspective) “up”. She drops until her face is before mine, and still inverted (and now floating) she folds her arms and begins to speak, “If that’s the case there ain’t nothin’ to worry about, Sir. I’ll take care of you. I am if no-thing else! ... An agreeable and endlessly polite Amanojaku.” She pulls back for a moment, and bows. I stare down the front of her collar, observing her bones and straining to see more of her shadow-hidden skin. “Human...! I am... Kijin, Se i ja, and in open honesty I am a fugitive! But worry not...” She lifts her head and opens her eyes, which seem to have been closed, revealing her face, and how disarmingly pretty it is, in full. She tells me, “I can definitely find a use for a body so perfectly sculpted, human or no.”

“Ah, so, you want to use me?” I ask. She bounces in place, seeming genuinely surprised. I take a look at her clothes as they shift with her motion... They’re all very striking, and unusual even for Gensokyo. Might she have tailored this arrow-skirted dress and those fanciful bows and that striking collar on her own? The colors... white base, black and red secondary, and some tying blue... I haven’t forgotten them.

“You’ve got a voice! A kinda manly voice!” she shouts... Merely kinda...? “Ouhh! Let’s speak more openly then!”

She eases forward and grabs my face in both her hands. I clam my kind of manly voice up. “Hey,” she says, “did you know that amanojaku can tell when somebody likes them? It’s how we know who to trust. I think that I can trust you, Sir.”

Eh? Is that so?

She smiles very happily... almost too happily, and enough to lift her cheeks and squint her eyes. “You believe me,” she says.

Well... yes. I have no reason to not believe that. Rather, wouldn’t that be how an amanojaku innately goes against the grain, by recognizing the grain at base?

She takes one hand away and pats the other against my cheek. Her fingers are... scarred. What I can see of her arms out those short sleeves as well.

“What’s your name, Sir? Let’s really introduce ourselves. We’re getting along already,” she continues, speaking very properly. I had... assumed she didn’t have any manners.

“... Even if you can read me, Seija-san, how can you be sure I came here for you?” I’m honestly curious. I never made any note of intention...

“Oh? Sir, it’s because it’s obvious...” With her free hand, she points at her chest, saying, “that you’re...”

Dragging her finger down she stops over her stomach.

“... looking...”

And she brings her hand to the jagged hem of her skirt, the gold bangle around her wrist glinting from the weary sun’s rays.

“... like you’ve seen this all before. Have we met... Sir?”


“I have... seen you, once. At a festival. I saw your wanted poster as well,” I admit. It was... the Hakurei’s danmaku festival.

“Weeell...! The shrine maiden’s festival, was it? Where I wasn’t even the main attraction although I stole the show?” She looks at me pitiably, with a sad smile and her free hand now steepled over her small chest. I wince.

The way she speaks... it’s as if there’s something secondary, and true, just behind her chosen words... And honestly, I can only barely see it.

“Did Hime tell you about me?”


“You knew that I was here,” she explains. She lifts her hand beside her mouth, to tell a secret. Her other hand is still against my face... almost threateningly. “I’m on the run, and always in hiding,” she whispers, “and here you showed up, like it was totally natural... Hello!”

She waves.

“You want me for something?” she asks. “I’ll give you whatever you want. A man who comes in peace is a blessing, no? And my times these days are always hectic, hellish... I value peace, Sir; I do.”

She’s speaking genuinely; I can tell. She smiles again with sympathy, and awaits my answer. So polite... This is an amanojaku?


[] I stick my hand in her shirt, to feel her chest.

[] I grab hold of her, and shove my face under her skirt and into her crotch.

[] —Whoa! Cool it, Odou...! Just invite her to your house!
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[X] I stick my hand in her shirt, to feel her chest.

Itty-bitty Kijin titties! I have a hunch that naizuri is on the horizon. Trying to do a paizuri without the proper assets seems like a Seija thing to do.
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[X] I stick my hand in her shirt, to feel her chest
Delete Post
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(X) I stick my hand in her shirt, to feel her chest.

If I don't see nipple flicking, I'm gonna be pissed.
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[X] —Whoa! Cool it, Odou...! Just invite her to your house!

Let’s keep calm for now
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[x] I stick my hand in her shirt, to feel her chest.
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[X] I grab hold of her, and shove my face under her skirt and into her crotch.

Not when I shift into MAXIMUM DEGENERACY!
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[X] —Whoa! Cool it, Odou...! Just invite her to your house!
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File 158740080494.gif - (2.09MB, 1812x2339, seija tummy.gif)
seija tummy


[X] I stick my hand in her shirt, to feel her chest.

“Ohp...! Hey now!” she blurts out in surprise. “That’s like skipping from three to sixteen, man! If you’re gonna count oddly, least count backwards!”

Hm, yes, right, let’s ignore that.

I could only just about squeeze my hand through her collar. She lifts her chin as I explore the other side of her shirt. She’s wearing a bra... surprising.

“Disappointed? Sorry to say; I’m old enough to have kids. They’re small, but I’ve got breasts,” she explains, her breath somewhat hot on my face. Hm. It’s pink—wait, “old enough to have kids”?

“Youkai can tell that sort of thing?” I ask her, cocking my head. After all, so many youkai look very youthful, and you can’t ever be sure how old they are.

Emphatically, she responds, “Of course! What do you think we are?” Well, I’m honestly not sure. “... You’re really gonna keep going, even over my bra? You’re screwed up, man.”

I am, but that won’t stop me. She isn’t stopping me either. How to say... she seems to accept it’s “normal”. She’s reacting as if I’m someone who eats ice cream with soy sauce, but not a person who brazenly molests little girls.

So feel up, I shall.

Her bra is tiny and, from how it feels, possibly a training or sports bra. I can feel her small chest well beneath it, soft and immature. If I... hook a finger here... I could just... slide it off...

“Mmh... Hey...” she complains. I’ve just let her nipples brush up raw against the fabric of her shirt. I suppose before I mess with that...

I’ve mentioned this is a shirt. I thought it had been a dress. The hem has come loose from the bow around her waist, however, and her somewhat battle-marked and rather slim stomach starts flashing me sights of itself as the shirt falls further and further; and far be it from me to neglect. I put my other hand on her stomach. I take the hand in her collar from her chest, and also place it on that bared abdomen.

“Gonna feel up a stomach now without even telling your name? You’re more like an amanojaku than I am—you’ve got no manners.”

She’s surprisingly talkative.

“I’m Senzai Odou, a clockmaker from the Village,” I explain while feeling her stomach, tracing her scars.

“Odou-san, you seem to be sporting something rock hard right now,” she remarks while I’m sniffing her body and clothing, thinking to myself that she may have been running around today. “You like thin bellies that much?”

I answer by placing my tongue to her skin and dragging it up to drink up her sweat.

“Nnm...! Okay... Guess... y’are...” she says. I grope her belly. “Ng... Oi...!” she snaps. I’m inching toward her ribs, and staring at her navel. “B-B-Buy a girl... a drink first...”

A drink, hm? Maybe later...

I lap at the youkai’s core over every part I can, replacing her perspiration with my saliva. She squirms in the air, rubbing her thighs together. She’s not as sensitive here as Keine was, but she’s feeling it just as well.

I continue for a few minutes in silence, until I feel myself twitching down below.

“Th-That thing’s bouncin’...” Seija remarks. “S... Say, want me to take care of it? I kn-know how’t... is; I know what men have to deal with.”

... I get the feeling she’s trying to bamboozle me.

Not that she’d do something to my dick, but that there’s some end she’s seeking in having access to him.

I can smell her arousal, though.

Do as you will, and do not hesitate.

With that in mind, I begin to caress her rather than groping. Her twisting increases and she lifts her arms, unsure what to do with them. Running my fingers over her body slowly seems to do her in quite well. She reaches “down” (from her perspective) and brings her hand beneath her dress.

Hey, hey, you serious...?

“I-If you don’t mind, I’m just gonna...” the amanojaku rambles off a pardon while better situating her hand and wrist, “... get off in a sec, here.”

Her arm starts moving in regularity, under that arrow-bearing skirt. I can hear the shift of fabric, and then the light, sticky sound of her masturbating. I look down at her face, and see that she’s looking “up” at my stiffy.

I stare in disbelief.

“What?” she says, apparently noticing me. “Girls’ve got needs, so I’m kneading myself.”

You certainly are.

But, that has to mean...

I take hold of the bottom of her shirt and slide it down, just to under her arms. Soon, her little perky nipples flick out from their confines, jutting out excitedly: pink, shining, and swollen.

Seija says nothing, though I can feel her eyes on me (on my primary head, at least). I take both of her nipples between the thumb and forefinger of each hand.

“Fh...” she breathes.

While massaging these, and tugging them slightly, less slightly, and not slightly still outward from her chest, I tongue the youkai’s navel.

I keep up this slow assault for a while. I guess I’ve heard that amanojaku may not like the same ideas, but that they disliked being injured or attacked all the same. It doesn’t exactly surprise me that she’s getting pleasure from this.

When her nipples feel particularly warm at my fingertips, and she’s started an almost clicking sound from her throat from her swallowing and breathing heavy through her nose, I decide to bring my tongue down: to those tiny breasts.

“Ohhgh...” she moans. I start at her right nipple, and the thing is hard as could be. Feels good to just sssuck at it and feel her torso arching forward. Also, I can fit either of her breasts wholly into my mouth. Those little, almost pudding-esque mounds undulating to my probing tongue and yielding soft to my teasing incisors... I go back and forth, occasionally holding a teat in my teeth, and all the while holding and feeling up her abdomen. Eventually, she grunts, and I notice her legs are clamping down on her hand.

“D-Damn...!” she swears. “You usually have to pay for this stuff!”

Enjoying it that much...?

I pull away and wipe my mouth, coaxing her upward by pressing against the top of her head, underhanded.

“H-Hnn? What? What are you...” she mutters, barely able to string together the proper phonemes.

I look into her eyes, presently somewhat below my chin. “You know, Amanojaku-san,” I address her, “I’m really rather jealous of you.”

“I-I can figure w-why...” she replies, trembling (she’s still going at it, overhead). “But w-what’s your specific ‘why’?”

“You took Sukuna Shinmyoumaru’s first kiss. I’m very jealous of that.”

“Heh...!” she chuckles, smirking. “Heh hehh! You’re upset about that? W-What are you gonna d... do about it?”

What, hm? Well... “Hope that this is your first with a man,” I say. and I enter her mouth by placing mine to hers.
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File 158740090066.jpg - (2.37MB, 1255x3880, deep kiss.jpg)
deep kiss
“Whagh!?” she gives a little baffled shout, I ignore it and chase her tongue with mine.

I slide “beneath” it, flicking at the gums below her teeth, licking at her tongue’s frenulum, and searching the floor of her mouth, squishing the spit-filled soft tissues and filling her mouth with my own liquid: a “drink”.

“Whadh ahh y—!? Mmfff.

She’s really quite the talker.

I decide to just indulge myself with her mouth, her cheeks, her fangs... This whole blend of hot flesh, bestial sharpness, and pooling saliva is most definitely encouraging. There’s also something to treating a brutish girl like this: kissing her deeply, assaulting the roof of her mouth, and sucking at her tongue when you aren’t batting at it relentlessly with your own... Making a gruff lass sound girlish: I’m a fan of this.

“Mm...! Mm, hm, ghm...

“Fgh—Hah! Hahh! Hammhh!? Agh...

“Wai—Mmleh... Mmm... ghah...! Hahhh...”

Ah, Kijin Seija: this does feel like proper revenge.

She may not have directly affected me or my business, but this firecracker caused quite a lot of trouble at the height of her escapades, and that she wreaked havoc so recently at the Shrine too—she hasn’t changed, she’s only been relatively quiet.

A problem child; even the worst of them in Gensokyo have always been brought to heel, yet this troublemaker resists. I suppose it’s her species. I suppose we’re lucky very few amanojaku are around, let alone any so ambitious, hm...?

I take her lips, and am pleased to find her taking mine in return, almost reflexively.


I’m not sure I can bring her to heel either, but pushing her closer to there...

Having her honestly shlicking, and plowing her crotch with her fingers... This is quite excellent.

That being said, my Boy is feeling really rather neglected.

While I feel pity for him, as I’m tweaking, twisting, and very much tugging at her nipples, I notice that Seija’s body is convulsing.

She growls while I’m playing with her tongue in my mouth, bends into herself, and—above, I hear a spritz, and the noise of a splashing stream. Seija opens her mouth wide and starts returning the tongue lashing and mouth to mouth I’ve been giving her for the past few minutes. She pants, and shakes, and I can feel droplets of something falling down on my head.

...! A genuine squirter...!

With a wet sound I pull away from the amanojaku’s mouth to look up and witness a sporadic fountain erupting in fits and starts from her skirt, sparkling briefly in the late noon sunlight. Quite a lot lands on my face, though most pitter patters to the earth. She showers me with clear, plentiful juices, gritting her teeth and either shutting her eyes, or revealing the crimson things to me, showing me how bleared and faded her gaze has become.

I gulp. Her eyes steadily clear, and her grit teeth form into a smirk-leaning sort of grin.

She pulls her hand from her skirt, lowers it swiftly, smoothly...

... and she brings it before my mouth.

My nose notices her scent at once, and my Boy rears his head again.


This amanojaku... is willing to f— “FhmM!?”
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File 158740103893.jpg - (210.78KB, 450x682, good boy.jpg)
good boy

Seija stuffs her hand in my mouth, saying nothing; only smiling and flinching from her lingering orgasm.

With my brow in chaos, I drink her love juices from her fingers, gulping and honestly just—very, very much taken aback.

“Haaahhh... good... Good human, good human~,” she praises me. H-Hold on—

“Theeeeere there...” Drawing out her words, she slowly reverses herself, until she’s flying before me “normally” (head to the sky, feet to the earth), her girl-cum-coated digits still in my mouth, almost daintily. “Theeere there there...” She puts her other hand down on my head, and pushes at me. I lower naturally, and she withdraws her fingers from my mouth as I slowly get down onto my knees.

Ehm, pardon? I’d wanted to control the flow h—


“Human, my panties got waaayy messy...”

Th... They did. With her skirt now lifted in front of me, I can see through the pink cloth clinging to and wrinkled against her vagina. I can see her pubic hair through it, and even a few strands sticking out the crotch’s sides. It twitches, and I spot her ejaculations slicking the insides of her thighs, dripping down onto my cheeks and running into her undergarments.

“Suck ‘em, dry,” she says as she drops the skirt over my head. I feel both her palms gripping down on my skull through the cloth, and startle as she forces me against herself. “Yeah!” she squeals. “Go on!”

And I do. I suck through the crotch of her panties, wincing and feeling my heart leap inside my chest.

The girl forces me to perform cunnilingus, and as before she isn’t quiet.

“Suck harder, man,” she grunts.

I slurp long against her in response, extracting whatever I can from the thin garment with however much suction I can muster. I feel heady... Her hips buck against my face. I lurch from where I’m sitting, and she keeps me firmly down.

“Ng, yeah, nice, nice...” One hand she uses to caress me through her skirt, the other she brings behind my head, and then pulls me toward her, strongly. “You like it, right?” she asks, a subtle rumble in her voice. I can’t deny it.

I suck at her desperately, and of course the soaked quality of her panties never ceases. More and more, she drips and leaks from her pulsing, eager vagina, shuddering now and then and praising me with soft “good”s.

“Use your tongue, too, come on,” she orders. I bring in the pink organ to her pink organ, slowly easing the panties to the side with it. “Yeah...” she encourages. “Yeah... fuckin’ drill me, come on...”

She grips at me harder, I lose my grip on her panties, and end up drilling against her clit through the fabric.

With persistent “fuck, fuck, fuck”s, Seija orgasms again, and she won’t let me go. I’m pushed to her mound, and made to drink as she lets out a significantly less voluminous squirt.

When she’s done, she ceases her hold over me and backs off.

I’m a bit dazed... Is this what it feels like for the girls I get aggressive with?

“Thanks, thanks...” says Seija, flapping her skirt in front of herself. “I’m not unfair, though... Let’s do you too; someplace else. Where’s your house? I’ll go there.”

The power dynamic turned over before I’d even realized...

On my knees before this amanojaku, my face drenched in ejaculations and smelling most intimately of her, my cock hops up and down and tells me, This M thing really isn’t bad.

He would say that. After all, the yama...

“Well? Tell me,” Seija orders, interrupting my thoughts.


[] Tell her, and let her make you her boy toy.

[] Take her home, and use her like a toy.


image sources:
(Reitaisai 15) [Suichuu White (Calpi)] Kyokushoteki Kando 3000-bai Shoujo Kaihatsu (Touhou Project)
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[x] Take her home, and use her like a toy.
Delete Post
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[x] Take her home, and use her like a toy.
Delete Post
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[x] Take her home, and use her like a toy.

The proud and haughty must fall.
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[x] Take her home, and use her like a toy.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 158791025560.png - (238.43KB, 1062x1500, yo.png)
[X] Take her home, and use her like a toy.

“Alright,” I say. “My shop is on the market’s edge. You can find it by...”

I tell her. On my knees, I tell her.

Now to get her on her knees.


... I thought that to myself but... now that I’ve gotten close to home again, I’m getting worried.

I haven’t really gone after a youkai like this before... The Magician from yesterday marked the first time, and I only gave her a titfuck...

Even though amanojaku are weak, I’m just... wondering if they’re as weak as fairies or not...

She had a strong grip back there, and she’s wily. I can’t be sure “being innocuous” is enough to get around her capricious attitude.

I feel like I’ve made a mistake.


I stop, with the windows of my store in sight.

I feel like she’s gotten herself in there.

... Odou! Stop being pathetic!

Remember the Door God’s hounding...!

“I’m gonna do it...” I tell myself. “I’ll do it!”

‘Yeah, that’s the idea!‘

‘Right. Keep that spirit up, Odou-kun!’

Would I be more or less bothered if these girls showed themselves?

I shake my head, and move to enter my store.

The bell above my door rings as I step in.


It’s her voice.

I close the door and sheepishly look inward. In the reception area, where my clients are to sit while waiting for me, Kijin Seija is lounging on one of the sofa’s. Her shoeless feet are up, her elbow is on the back, and her chin is at rest on her lifted knuckles. She looks like she’s made herself exceedingly comfortable.

“M... Mhmm,” I clear my throat while locking the door behind me. Shinmyoumaru... isn’t here?

I wonder how she got in...

“If you’re wondering how I got in, it’s ‘cause of this little number,” after she says this, she throws a nod upward, directing me toward her feet with her eyes. Looking, I see that under one of her soles is the obvious white handle of an umbrella, obviously attached to such a tool that’s pointed to the floor and closed at the moment. A pink, somewhat fancy looking item...

I don’t understand.

Seeing my visible confusion, she explains, “This thing gives me a bit of the Gap Hag and the Shrine Maiden’s abilities; I can slip through places and do some other good stuff. I let myself in because—hey: I’ve been invited, haven’t I?”

She’s about as cheeky as Shinmyoumaru...

“Get over here and let me get a hold of that thing,” she demands, looking below my face.

... I believe she means you, I refer to my dick.

He waves with a bit of sluggish momentum, as if telling me, You sure about this? She’s already taking the lead.

No... it’s fine.

After all, I’ve got you (the Dick).

I take off my shoes and stride over, dropping my robes as well.

As soon as I enter the reception room, I feel my entire body shift.


My center of gravity remains the same—I’m not being spirited away again—but I do turn about: unnaturally, and mid-step. Planting my foot, I stand confused. Then, I feel an arm snake around my right side, and Seija grips my cock with what feels like all the strength she can muster.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 158791037492.gif - (1.70MB, 1085x1005, grab.gif)


“Guh!” I grunt through clamped down teeth. Is this what a vice would feel like on your erection.

I feel her breathing at my back...

“Sorry...” she apologizes, “I wasn’t liking how you were marching over here. I got the feeling you wanted to push me down...”


She loosens her grip slightly, then squeezes me softly twice. I bounce. That juxtaposition... not a single part of me knows how to deal with it.

“Somethin’s up with you, actually...” she murmurs while pulling down on my cock. I can’t help but shudder, feeling the muscles in my stomach tense. Her other hand glides past my left side, and I feel her nails—her fingertips—juggling slowly at my sack. “Can’t... put my finger on it...” she mumbles.

I look down and watch her form a ring around me with her thumb and forefinger. I shake as she pushes up from the base of my penis all the way to the glans, where she opens her grasp with a bit of slow grace and flair, then palms the head of my cup.

Fwoh! G-God!

S-She’s rubbing...!

“NNnhah...” I hear her, and feel her tongue going up my lower back—the wetness left behind quickly cooling to the breath from her nose. She keeps tickling me at the tip, coating her hand in precum before gripping the head again, and petting me down there like I’m sporting a friendly animal and not a raging beast.

Then she holds me tight again (forcing me to flinch), and – now from the top – starts jerking me off in earnest, my penis resisting her hand through peels of pleasure that cause it to hop and stiffen, and my mind sparking wild from the sudden sensations.

I almost lose my breath.

“Nice shape, good and hefty size; it’s a lively one too~, heh...” Seija comments behind me, still beating me off at three strokes a second. “Here too...”


I bend and feel her chuckle as she pinches my sack.

“You’ve got thick spunk in here, don’t you? I’ve got a feeling...”

I feel her arms slightly changing as she stands with better posture behind me.

“Stand up straight, with your hips forward,” she commands. I... I do it. “Yeah... with your cock up like this, ha ha...” I can feel her smiling behind me, her breath heating my spine. She slows her pace and I cough. Now she’s gripping down my shaft real slow, meanwhile tugging at my sack playfully and just as playfully toying with my balls; the feeling of her nails on both are driving me to madness.

It’s sharp, it’s tight, it’s mean, it’s gentle, it’s teasing, it’s wanting...

And I was already ready to blow before this...!

“Hm... Don’t cum yet,” she says. Don’t cum yet, she says!?

Her pace quickens and her grip loosens: two strokes a second, and with more force than before. I know she’s having fun with this...

“I wanna see just how much milk this cock can spit,” she tells me. “Will you give me a show...? Say? Odou-san?”

Lord Dragon in Heaven, this is too much.

Whether I want to or not, I bend down to the feeling of her hand sliding over me, closing my eyes as she cups and palpates my jewels. I start breathing through my mouth, feeling my eyebrows are in chaos.

“Ahh... that’s too bad!! You’ve had enough, huh...!?” she brags. I can only really focus on the feelings pulsing through my cock. I feel her face against my back while she speeds up to an outright rapid pace, her lips parting to a wicked grin. “Alright... Cum, then. Cum, and remember who got you to do it! The amanojaku: Kijin Seija! A weakling!”


“You’re so fuckin’ hard and it’s still swelling...! Gonna nut any second now, huh!?” She goes on. I put a hand over my mouth, my other unconsciously moving above hers—wishing to stop it. “You know it’s just me who can make you cum, right...? Ha, if I want... I can stop right here and leave these blue...! She grips my sack for emphasis, and I nearly lose conscious thought.

From the pain—

From the pure pleasure—

B... But...

“Surprised you’re still holding out...”

I didn’t...

“Oh...? Is that it?”


“H-Hrmm...?” Seija makes a confused sound... After all:

I found the strength: to stay my cock.

“It’s not twitchin—?”

Before the “g” can leave her throat, I grab both of her wrists. In surprise, she jumps behind me and lets go of my penis and testicles. I quickly pull her hands away, and with my right hand drag her right wrist forward.
Image Source
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File 15879104429.png - (1.07MB, 1161x1221, flipped.png)
“Whoa!” she exclaims. It’s really nothing to handle her... She’s skinny, after all.

I pick Seija up, taking her wrist into my left hand.

“H-Hey!” she snaps, bearing her spike-like teeth at me. “I was doing that for you!

“It was a bit one-sided, though,” I say, ignoring the feelings already returning to my penis. Steady... Steady, Odou...!

.... Phew.

I take her into my right hand, thumb on her left cheek and the rest of my fingers on her right. Her eyebrows go into complete disarray and her mouth wobbles as I squeeze her visage. Her lips are parted; I take her tongue with mine.

“Agaimh—!?” she complains as I begin kissing her again.

The intent here is...

... to settle down myself...

... and to make sure I’ve brought her on the back foot.

She can turn me around (and who knows—over?) in an instant, so I need to keep her pressured.

So I lick around her mouth’s insides once more: feel her teeth, tease her gums, and tangle with her tongue. She seems to hate this on principal. I know because, once I stop squeezing her face and start squeezing her left breast, I can feel her heart thumping quickly in there. She’s in an excited state, though I can’t be sure this is pleasure for her.

For a second I hug her with my right arm, let go of her wrist and when it drops, hug her as well with my left. I let my right hand grope freely after that. With her solidly in my grasp, I go from her chest and side, to her back and ass. I squeeze her ass (a small thing) like it’s one of those stress balls that used to fall in from the Outside World plentifully around twenty years ago—in other words, it’s like molding clay.

She squirms, but not from an attempt to free herself. The Curse may be making her think this is still something “ordinary”, maybe. She’s squirming from feeling, and I’m careful to not squeeze so hard that I might bruise her.

I just want to grip this tiny ass, and I want to flip her attitude.

I finally pull back my mouth, and while her spit is still mingled with mine I tell her, “Drink.”

She swallows, whilst wearing an angered face.

I speak again saying, “I know you’re an amanojaku, but...” I pause, drastically loosening my grip on her bottom, “do you like it when your ass is groped?”

“‘Do I like it’...” she repeats, annoyed; she even rolls her eyes. “Check, huh? Check if I like it.”

“‘Check’?” I repeat, confused.

“You just made out with me again and groped my ass,” she observes, smirking (I frown at this), “check my crotch; see if I’m wet.”

Oh, so you aren’t wet?

I let Seija go, and she drops to her feet, confused. At once I put my hand on her head, and push down until she’s kneeling. She raises her hands in defiance, until I bring her face against my package and they’re left up instead in confusion.

“This should be good for you, the very cock you readied,” I say, standing tall. She grimaces, and I notice I don’t feel her breath.

I start to scoot my foot underneath her skirt.

“O-Oi!” she snaps, and as she opens her mouth I nudge my hips forward, the skin of my sack hitting her tongue. “Mmnaagh! Agh!”

She inhaled from having held her breath, and being surprised. While she’s flinching I tell her, “You told me to check, so I’m checking.”

“Nng! Ggh!” She grunts while gritting her teeth.

I ask, “Why not lick it?”

“I don’t want to lick this!” she cries. I toe her crotch, and once she bends forward in shock, I continue to prod her. “Th-The hell kinda... assault is this!?” she demands to know, at a loss.

“Seija-san, look,” I say, bringing my left hand behind her head. She looks at the rod standing above her. “This is your doing, you know?”

“Y-Yeah...? So...!?” she hisses, still breathing in. I feel a squish from her previously mostly dried panties.

“That does nothing for you? I guess the psychology aspect is where you amanojaku switch up,” I remark.

“Yeah... I don’t give a shit that you’re hard,” she says.

“But you were wet when I started poking you down here,” I say, honestly. She was, though not much. “You were excited playing with me, weren’t you? Well, you did alright. Now this thing’s...” I grab my cock and hit it lightly down on her face, to her wince and scowl. “... ready for this thing.”

I toe her crotch again; and, her expression dissolves, her face now a mask of disbelief.

“Eh...?” she utters. “You’re gonna... You wanna stick it in me? Seriously?”

“You thought I would, right? That’s why you flipped me,” I say. Then, I add. “I have condoms.”

“O... Oh...” She thinks about it. “W-Wait, that doesn’t... make’t...”

I pick her up again, and bring her onto the couch where she’d been sitting. I yank down her panties, and she instantly freezes, her eyes going wide. I pull them off her feet, spread her legs over my lap...

... and start pumping a finger in and out of her.

“Mmph—!” She lurches, not having expected that.

I silently continue on, my hand quickly getting soaked as she noisily gets over.

“Mmgg... Gah! Th... There...!” she says, to my surprise. I straighten up, looking into her lost, passionate, and confused face. She isn’t looking at me: she isn’t actually looking at anything.

So I get her off. I rub inside her, pull at her hairs, and on occasion quickly oscillate my thumb over her clit.

... It smells extremely great now.

The amount she’s flowing, and the sharp smell she’s giving off...

My Boy is absolutely ready, and her Girl is as well.

I continue to finger fuck her little, burning crevice until she’s plainly not thinking.

Then I lift her thigh with my left hand, and position my cock with my right.

At once, she becomes mostly lucid.

“H-Hey...! N-No... No fucking...! N-Noot.... raw, gh...” she manages. “Condom... Condom....” she repeats, almost panicked.

“I said I had condoms,” I say, “not that I’d use them.”

“Wai... Wai—but...” she pleads.

“Flip me around if you don’t want me putting this in you,” I reply.

She says nothing, just blushing and looking up.

“I’m gonna put it in,” I repeat, and she shivers.

[] “But don’t worry, I’ll pull out before the end and give you a show, just like you asked.”

[] “And I’m going to let you feel ‘how much milk this cock can spit’ firsthand.”


image sources:
There were some surprises this time. You work with what you got. That said, Xil/ジャイロウ is great.
Trap/Yaoi: https://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/3086173
Trap/Yaoi: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1926809
Trap/Yaoi: https://www.pixiv.net/en/artworks/48630099
Trap/Yaoi: https://danbooru.donmai.us/posts/1926807

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[Creampie] “And I’m going to let you feel ‘how much milk this cock can spit’ firsthand.”

Oh man, trap Seija would have been absolutly perfect. I think I'm gunna make that my next commission.
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[x] “And I’m going to let you feel ‘how much milk this cock can spit’ firsthand.”
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[x] “And I’m going to let you feel ‘how much milk this cock can spit’ firsthand.”

Damn, with the way this line is written, I really want to see Seija scoop the 'milk' out with her fingers and have a taste of herself.
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[x] “And I’m going to let you feel ‘how much milk this cock can spit’ firsthand.”
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 158840612753.jpg - (255.21KB, 1083x900, going in.jpg)
going in
[X] “And I’m going to let you feel ‘how much milk this cock can spit’ firsthand.”

After hearing this, her gaze falls, her blush deepens, and she relaxes.

Enough, that I understand the message.

My dick is positioned perfectly to her entrance. I take my hand off of it, and move to grab her left shoulder.

... Then, I have an idea and cross my arm past her chest to grab her opposite shoulder instead. She vaguely looks toward me, confused. I begin to shove her downward, and her entire body jerks.

Ghh...” she hisses. I feel her beginning to take me, and she flinches again, a line of drool flowing down her tense jaw. I lift my hips, grab her waist with my left hand, and continue to drive her downward.

She gasps. I put my face down to her scalp, between her miniscule horns, and breathe in. I feel her around a fifth of me, and then feel her teeth on my forearm.

While I force my way in, millimeter by millimeter, I breathe in the fragrance of her unwashed hair, and she bites down on me, drooling warmly. My heart suddenly thumps with a thought: the thought that I’m actually doing this; that I’m actually going to fill a fertile girl, and possibly leave her with child. I like this. I move millimeters, to centimeters, to unreasonable inches, Seija grunting and moaning all the way, and I barely endure as her small and yet-immature cunt swallows and gulps at me, squeezing and salivating over me—to the root, wherefrom I stand inside her, only not succumbing to the heat and want and hold by simply one hair’s worth of sense.

I won’t move. The inexperienced feeling I’m receiving through her hips: it tells me that Seija-san is... was a maiden.

Instead I open her shirt and pull it off of her. She continues to hold her sharp bite over me in a daze, her tongue thoughtlessly and gently rolling against my skin. I take up my free hand from her hip and push against her forehead, making her stop biting for a second, and I next slide off her bra.

I find a clasp on the side of her skirt, and somewhat awkwardly pull that up and off of her as well. With her entirely naked and stuck upon me, I rest both my hands open on her hips, tell the amanojaku “Move when you want to”, and begin to drink her drool directly from her mouth again.

At first her hands hang down at her sides, and she accepts my making out with her. Her she moans softly, and her vagina wrings at me almost desperately. Soon I feel her finger tips, then lengths, and the palms of her hands on my stomach, and very slowly, very minimally, she lifts her hips.

Like that, Kijin Seija accepts my being inside of her, and begins to move to enjoy the impatient cock thumping within her folds. I let it happen.

The little girl rides me more gently than might a girl asleep. She seems only semi-conscious of her movements, humping so slowly against me that it’s clear she is experimenting. Like... Does it feel best... here? Is it comfortable... here? I liked that... Tie my tongue with yours. Stiffen up, I’m pulling... near... off, and then coming down again. You shudder, I shudder. I like this: slowly fucking you. I want this. I want this...

She’s moving... like that.

In a few minutes, almost every second she’s lifting up and falling down on me, forcing me through her uncapacious walls over and over, as my balls tense, prepared at any moment to fully mark her.

I grab her hips firmly.

She closes her eyes briefly, her brows twitching.

And on the next stroke down, without any warning I push myself up to meet her.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 158840623389.jpg - (624.83KB, 1266x1800, .jpg)
“Agh!” she squeals, taking herself from my mouth and opening her eyes to a baffled stare.

I feel her body heat bleed into me through my eager member, and at once I know: I am not going to last much longer. I pull her back up, and begin fucking her in earnest—to her reciprocated and matched motions.

“Guh... uhn... hn...” she breathes, messily.

“Hf... fuh... ng...” I grunt, determined.

Seija refuses to let up, and we equally endure maddening and euphoric shocks pounding out from our joining parts. She brings up her arms and hugs me under mine, around my chest. She pushes her face into my shoulder, shutting her eyes and huffing, panting. I feel her squeezing even more, and her nails digging into my back, and – sniffing her hair – I begin to fuck her with a total force.

My balls slap against her tiny ass. Her miniscule body trembles against my musculature. Feeling like my head is full of sparks, I feel a rush coming from inside me, and pushing her down on me enough that she can’t budge in the slightest, I finally cum inside her.

Warmth flows down on me: down my thighs. I think that, she came? I feel my penis pulsing within her as several long-awaited shots are released. After I’m done, after I’ve nothing left to fire, I exhale with relief, absently gripping at her thighs and shivering with satisfaction, and then I realize that Kijin Seija has entirely passed out.

“...” I stare at her sleeping face (that I’ve turned over), and feel that I can say nothing.

If I’m being honest, after edging for so long I can immediately feel the fatigue setting in.

Buried to hilt inside the amanojaku, and feeling myself getting slowly softer, I begin to fade out, satisfied that: that’s “one”.



[] Take the Moriya Ropeway to the Underground, via Nuclear Reactor. (Quickest, and most dangerous route)

[] Ask the Shrine Maiden about entering the Underground via the caves near her hot springs. (Slowest, and less dangerous)


image sources:
[Kamikadou (Ginyou Haru)] Touhou Rakugaki bon 2017/11 (Touhou Project) [Digital]
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[x] Take the Moriya Ropeway to the Underground, via Nuclear Reactor. (Quickest, and most dangerous route)

gib nuke birb
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[X] Take the Moriya Ropeway to the Underground, via Nuclear Reactor. (Quickest, and most dangerous route)

Potentially missing out on the likes of Yamame is a shame, but what is life if not lived dangerously?
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[x] Take the Moriya Ropeway to the Underground, via Nuclear Reactor. (Quickest, and most dangerous route)

The only good 2hus from SA are in stage 5 and 6 anyway.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 158848335277.jpg - (3.80MB, 3700x2260, 7 days came.jpg)
7 days came
[X] Take the Moriya Ropeway to the Underground, via Nuclear Reactor. (Quickest, and most dangerous route)

... Well, that was the plan. So tell me: why did I spend the last week not executing it?

After I woke up I’d found Seija freeloading in my shop, and Shinmyoumaru nagging her about helping with a meal. Supposedly, the two of them now think my home is theirs. This does not bother me, rather I find it quite charming honestly.

“Oh, you’re up,” Seija had said once noticing my trudging through. “Hey, what if you got me pregnant last night?”

“You and Seija had sex!?” was Shinmyoumaru’s extremely bothered exclamation.

I told her, “Yes. I can’t kill you with my cock, Shimi; that would be awful.” She calmed down after that, and Seija asked:

“Well? What are you gonna do if I have a kid?”

To which I’d replied:

“Give you another.”

She teased me then, we flirted, and I wound up fucking her against a wall: lifting her under her thighs and pushing her back to the building. Shinmyoumaru meanwhile cooked a meal, which I helped with after filling Seija with sperm and leaving her on the floor.

Something like that turned into a trend. Girls came by the shop and wanted things from me. First Clownpiece snuck in and asked to suck my cock while I was getting work done—which, I obliged several times (the girl kept going back). The distraction was so severe that I took revenge by ravaging her (in the ass, once again) the morning after and fucking her face for good measure. When I returned to the shop after, the strange voices told me to keep doing what I was doing, so I found Seija and fucked her as well, naturally giving her a creampie. Shinmyoumaru grew jealous, and I got her off with my hands and tongue, then had her help me ejaculate as is now becoming usual for us (with her using her entire body to work me, and me holding her from behind). I honestly felt exhausted after two days.

Then Mokou visited the next day, one thing led to another, and I fucked her on the couch I had fucked Seija three days before—still with condoms. I ran out of them, she thanked me and left, and I went out for more, along the way entertaining my exhibitionist and irreverent molesting wants on a rose-patterned hermit, a rose-colored menreiki, and a little blond youkai girl in a black dress who agreed to let me press my nose against her panties, take them, and then fuck her against a tree.

When Clownpiece came the next day, and Keine soon after, I began to realize that my life had begun truly changing.

I shuttered the doors of my shop and worked on things that had been piling up on the fifth day, insisting nothing else would take away my concentration. Clownpiece snuck in once again, forced upon me a session of naizuri that drove me mad, and insisted that I fuck her ass on my work table. This thankfully still left me much of the day, but Seija was still lounging about and, like the day before, and the day before that, and the two days before that, she tempted me to breaking point until I planted my shaft inside her. Slow or fast, she seems simply pleased whenever I fuck her raw at all.

But the sixth day I got work done, only being crept upon at night by the Inchling and amanojaku, both of whom desired my tongue and my sperm. I believe the latter said, “fill me up, fuck me” and “I want it”, as well as several gleeful affirmations as I poured myself into her yet again. Shinmyoumaru wanted to bathe in my semen.

This continued into an entire day of debauchery after, leaving an ultimately caked-white Kijin Seija with an overflowing crevice, and an exhausted Shinmyoumaru hugging the left side of my face from my shoulder, smelling very distinctly of my very own male package and produce.

I scolded them both the morning after – that is, today, and just now – telling them that I have to go to the underground, and I will have no more of their aggression.

“Just for today?” the amanojaku had asked. Shinmyoumaru beside her nodded eagerly.

I replied, “Of course, just for today. I want to make sure that I’ve impregnated you, after all.”

Seija folded her arms and nodded sensibly, Shinmyoumaru cheered, and so here we are... heading into Old Hell.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 158848343776.png - (1.46MB, 2168x2800, those two.png)
those two
The ropeway itself is a safe, cheap means of nearing the top of the Mountain. I haven’t used it very much, but I know firsthand how the wind goddess who oversees it protects the riders. All one has to do is enter the enclosed and wooden cart, be pulled along by a set of powerful ropes, and outside of the cart winds will defend you.

Seija (who I require for this sojourn as a guide) and Shinmyoumaru (who I simply like) are joining me. The rebel amanojaku has dressed herself in a hood to hide her horns, Shimi is dressed ordinarily (for her). I am hardly dressed at all, of course. I see no reason to change my modus operandi now.

Today, as with most days, a kappa mans the ropeway near the base of the Mountain. I pay for myself and two others, and I enter.

And surprise of surprises: the cute shrine maiden Sanae-san is riding today. The naturalized outsider girl is sat within the carriage, presently looking out the window and giving me the opportunity to admire her.

Kochiya Sanae-san has quite always looked young. When she arrived she looked teenaged, and now well over ten years after the fact she only looks as if she may, at most, be nineteen years old or twenty. Her chest is mature, her skin is flawless, and her hair is quite unusual for a human: green and vibrant. I know very little about her myself, but whenever I see her I have to wonder... is this woman of god partially a god herself? Even Reimu-san has grown into a proper, fairly mature adult. This girl is slowed.

Well, it makes for good masturbation material.

“Ohp!” says Seija beside me, jostling slightly. She puts her hand down on my now-risen knob and tells me, “Dude, you already forgetting the rules you made up?” She strokes me and I shiver. I see her lips part into a grin beneath her hood. “Right on,” she breathes. “Fuck the rules, and fu—”

“Oh, hello there. That makes... six in. That should be enough t—... to... Heh? ... Huh? ... HEEEHH!?”

We both (along with Shinmyoumaru, popping up over the amanojaku’s shoulder) look to who was speaking: Sanae-san.

She’s withdrawn into the corner of the bench she’s sat upon, her fingers spread over the walls. I notice now that there is a couple here as well, sitting to her left, and a single person seated on the opposite bench, closest to the door (and therefore presently closest to me). None of them understand the fuss.

But... I think that I might underst—

“U-Umm...” Sanae breaks my thoughts. Seija continues to stroke at me absently. The wind priestess looks to the other three passengers, then to us, then seems to run a gamut of questions in her mind.

She stops.

She shuts her eyes, then looks at me and the disguised amanojaku.

She hits her head, sighs...

And then, to herself, mutters, “An illusion...? I need to see Kanako-sama.”

... Does Sanae-san... not recognize me as innocuous?

“Hurry inside already, I wanna get this over with and I prefer doing it back at your place than around somewhere else or outside,” Seija pulls me, by my Boy, and I oblige, though I do make a remark.

“Were you always sex-crazed?”

To which she responds:

“What’s fuckin’ wrong with fucking?”

Alright, I suppose.

We enter, and I sit next to the window, across from Sanae. Seija sits down to my right, wiggling my penis playfully and smirking. I feel Shinmyoumaru crawling to the top of my head to get a better look through the window.

“W-We’re off, then,” says Sanae, looking at what Seija is doing with a blush on her face. “A-A-As always, our Shrine has blessed the voy—Ah!?”
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File 158848349848.gif - (3.89MB, 650x777, priestess of wind.gif)
priestess of wind


Seija bent down and began to give me head. I place my hand over her hood, and look out the window as we begin to ascend, attempting to take in the scenery fully as Seija takes me in fully, slurping and making sounds of suction below, while curling her tongue around me, gagging, moaning.

I pet at her, and spread my legs wider. I start panting from the service: Seija’s mouth is wonderfully bizarre and skillful. Her teeth are worrying, her tongue is long, and her technique is top-notch. The couple begins to chat while talking about the sky and treetops we can see outside the carriage. The person beside Seija takes out a small book and begins to read.

I endure, and Sanae-san watches behind a hand; whispering to herself commentary on the sight before her.

... I don’t believe there’s any mistaking it.

Sanae-san absolutely recognizes this as strange.

Seija slides her mouth off of me and takes a look outside. She glances my way and says, “I think we’re not getting to Moriya soon, so let’s have a quicky.”

“Are you wearing panties?” I ask, twitching below. She maintains me with an active hand.

“Nah,” she mutters, and she orients herself to get over my lap.

“N-No way... they’re gonna...?” Sanae mentions.

Seija hikes up her skirt, and starts putting me in. I tremble, and put my right hand on her waist.

“Hey, squeeze my ass for me...” she mumbles. I grab her right cheek with my free hand, and squeeze aplenty as she takes the rest of me; stupendous. What a lovely, tiny thing.

With that, we begin to go at it, careful not to rock the cart.

Sanae-san gasps, unsure if she should look away or look straight on and protest.

Really, now that I’m inside this selfish youkai, I’m hardly registering the other passengers. Seija is grunting and groaning as she tends to, I’m feeling good as ever stuffed up her pussy, and really I can’t imagine coming to a stop now.


Perhaps I can think of this as some sort of opportunity?

[] ... Yeah. Let’s stand up, and fuck the amanojaku in front of Sanae-san’s face.

[] Once I’m ready to cum, how about I whip it out and land my finishing shots on Sanae-san?

[] Hm. Hm. No need. What if I bother her and she starts some crusade against me or attacks me? I’ll just let her see what happens when a man finishes inside a woman—no harassment.


image sources---
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[x] ... Yeah. Let’s stand up, and fuck the amanojaku in front of Sanae-san’s face.
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[x] Once I’m ready to cum, how about I whip it out and land my finishing shots on Sanae-san?

This is essentially our form of danmaku now.
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[x] ... Yeah. Let’s stand up, and fuck the amanojaku in front of Sanae-san’s face.

Cumming on someone who didn't ask for it is just plain rude. We live in a society people, you can't just cum on people all willy-nilly like.
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[x] ... Yeah. Let’s stand up, and fuck the amanojaku in front of Sanae-san’s face.
Image Source
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File 158902676561.gif - (2.09MB, 1000x768, こうです.gif)


[X] ... Yeah. Let’s stand up, and fuck the amanojaku in front of Sanae-san’s face.

Indeed, it is a rare if not unique opportunity.

I lift Seija, and move to stand before the shrine maiden. I make sure that she can see it well: where my and the youkai’s parts meet.

“Ahh...” she moans in worry and fluster. I continue to fuck Seija, just on the verge of violently (I wouldn’t want to rock this carriage too much).

“Odou-san...” says Seija, panting and breathing against onto my face.

“Not fair,” says Shinmyoumaru, who moved to where we’d been sitting.

Seija holds out her tongue, I hold out mine and feel my balls begin to tense as she clamps down on me from below. Sex with this amanojaku is always something like this: wildly passionate and full of feeling. She enjoys a kiss, and enjoys a cock getting stuffed inside her: thoroughly. I’ve fully come to realize that matters of “the body” are things her race and all other races agree on. Thus, it does not surprise me that this girl who loves with her entirety any thing that she loves to do – be it rebellion, manipulation, or boasting – would also love this. I also love it: burying myself inside of her. Her caverns are hot and hungry. Her clit always stiffens very quickly, and the hairs of her bush against my stomach feel like a fine, if not only a bit scraggly pillow.
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File 158902684729.gif - (3.04MB, 1024x768, doki.gif)


While we’re kissing, I feel and hear her drinking up my spit: gulping, and then panting out the side of my mouth. Her legs lock around me and she moves closer to my body. I hold her by her ass more solidly, hitching her up well and feeling directly the swinging of her hips. I hold her around her back, briefly regretting not undressing her to full nudity before this, but I do love how thin this youkai is. I stiffen more inside her... she shivers, and our pace quickens.

“W-Wait...! Y-You’re rocking the...!” Sanae protests with her hands up. She drops them and lowers her gaze while I cling to Seija more, driving myself through her—attacking, to elicit her grunts which I so love to force out of her.

Raw really is so much better, and in my opinion the vagina handedly beats out the ass. Seija is dripping onto the floor, the sounds of that and her pussy itself bounding around the room. Most don’t care at all, but Sanae-san is completely red-faced and at a loss.

I open my mouth wide and Seija does as well. We twist tongues and I feel her claws in my back. Her flesh is burning and my cock is turgid. I’m going to cum.

I’d rather not lose any more stability so I plant my feet wide apart. With my balls just about slapping against her cheeks, I push toward Seija’s G-spot (which, I discovered around two days ago), prodding toward it until she’s convulsing and drenching my thighs. I feel it coming up from within me. Pushing her hips against mine, I cum inside of her, resolutely. I will shake this car no more.

Sanae-san watches, speechless and in awe. Seija is out of it, but not tired it seems.

“Phew...” I sigh, and I step backward to sit next to Shinmyoumaru.

“We’re almost there,” the princess says.

“Mm,” I answer, and I tug myself out of Seija, letting my semen flow out over my cock. “Mg...” I grunt.

Sanae-san looks utterly baffled. I look out the window, watching for signs of a shrine.


The events after were not terribly interesting.

Sanae-san was so shaken she couldn’t leave the cart. We did, and made our way to an area of geysers we were forbidden from entering. Shinmyoumaru saw this as a challenge, Seija did not care, and as for me nobody even particularly noticed my passing.

Our amanojaku recruit knew an unfrequented path that would lead us past the reactor and first blazing hell which I had honestly not wished to experience. We even managed to sneak all the way into the Palace I had wanted to reach, with her help. That’s where we are now.

I’m still not certain sneaking is entirely necessary given my curse... but I saw someone unaffected on the mountain top. I was already somewhat unsure, but that has me now most definitely unsure. That said...

This gothic, dark castle is enormous. And empty. And it stinks of animals.

“Stinks in here,” grumbles Seija, standing to my right. She stinks of semen.

Shinmyoumaru, riding my shoulder, asks, “You’re looking for the satori, right? Do you know where she is, Seija?”

“I don’t,” the youkai answers.

“The people in the mansion shouldn’t be violent, from what I remember,” Shimi explains. Right... she used to live in these lands. “We could ask somebody. There’s... a crow and a cat that usually hang out in obvious places. They should be close-by, since they work down there.” She looks to where we just left: the entrance to the blazing hells, and I look too.

I answer, “Then...”

[] “... how about we find this crow?”

[]“... how about we find this crow?”

[] “... actually never mind. Let’s wander until we find this satori.”


image sources:
Image Source
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File 158908094641.png - (280.78KB, 600x717, 45788839_p2.png)
[] “... how about we find this cat?”

[]“... how about we find this crow?”

[] “... actually never mind. Let’s wander until we find this satori.”
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[x]“... how about we find this crow?”

gib wingy
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[x] “... how about we find this cat?”

We must pet the pussy (in more ways than one).
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[Cat] “... how about we find this cat?”

When was the last time we saw Orin sex? Pretty sure it was that reverse rape scene from MtG.
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[x] “... how about we find this cat?”

gibe catte
Image Source
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File 158913596978.jpg - (57.96KB, 600x857, op4FWun.jpg)
[x] “... how about we find this cat?”
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[x]“... how about we find this crow?”
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[X]“... how about we find this crow?”

Image Source
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File 158928822441.jpg - (1.42MB, 1927x1392, Onii-san.jpg)
Wow, when did I last update this story with a single post/image?


[X] “... how about we find this cat?”

“Alright, Okun,” Shinmyoumaru replies. She then begins to climb down from my shoulder, using my yukata to do so. I watch her in confusion.

“Oi, oi,” Seija growls to the princess, exasperated. “What are ya doing? Where do you think you’re going?”

“To Okun’s thing,” Shimi replies, and I blush. “You got to have fun with it before, Seija; it’s not fair.”

“We’re waiting for someone to show up, you know?” the amanojaku reminds her, letting out a short sigh as she crosses her arms. “If you get distracted we could miss her, and then what’s the point? I don’t wanna get caught down here standin’ around; even if they don’t usually get uppity with ‘guests’, when they do they’re frickin’ scary.”

“It’s fine, Seija. You keep a lookout,” saying this, Shimi continues her descent.

“Don’t wanna!” rebuffs the youkai, turning up her nose. “I signed up to be a guide, not a guard!”

“You’re an amanojaku! You should WANT to do what you weren’t supposed to!” retorts the Inchling, stopping around my stomach.

“Ahh, that’s right,” Seija agrees. “So, I should jerk him off instead of doing either of those.”

I flinch and hop in place, the princess almost falling off of my clothes. Seija has grabbed my dick (which had begun to rise) with her left hand.

“Heeeyy! Hey! Let go!” Shinmyoumaru cries.

I frown and put my hands to my hips. I hate to say, but this sort of thing is common when the two of them are around and I’m getting/am erect.

“Hey, hey, noisy lot—” a strange-sounding voice... girlish, but... odd, “—Onee-san, Youjo-san, Onii-san, yeah, you guys: are you Master’s guests?”

A cat youkai with a wheelbarrow has strolled up beside us. She has two tails and two sets of ears (one human, one feline). A nekomata?

I don’t recognize her, but... Is this the cat Shinmyoumaru mentioned?

I notice then that Seija has let go of my cock and at some point slipped behind me, putting her back to mine. Shinmyoumaru is frozen mid-climb, apparently hoping she’s camouflaged. Right... these two started a rebellion because they were weak. They could be more powerful than I am, though! Magically!

They’re lucky I’m innocuous... Although—

This cat did seem to notice me.

The twin-braided nekomata is crimson-haired (though her cat parts are black, and only crimson-tipped), crimson-eyed, and jade-dressed. Her breasts (sizable) are hitched up as if... “presented”, I suppose, with a ribbon taught below them. That they’re contained to their own, ridged and white undershirt doesn’t help that notion—your eyes are drawn as if to a window. Her ass is very noticeable too, despite the overall modesty of her garment... Have I started viewing girls this way? I don’t believe I should do that.

The cat cocks her head when my eyes return to her kindly, smiling face. She’s a curiously attractive piece all in all, I have to admit... This is a way I don’t usually feel. She is a cat gifted with superb physical graces.

“What’s up, Onii-san?” she asks.

“Do you mind that I’m here?” I ask her. I may as well clarify my status out the gate.

“No? Why would I mind?” she asks, tiling her head further and tapping the toe of her shoe behind her. I notice the dark ribbon wrapped up her leg. Wait... what!? That’s... terribly sexy!

“Okun!” Shinmyoumaru exclaims. I look down to see that my Boy is ready for action. “Should I help after all!?” asks the princess. Really... it’s more like a request, coming from her. Is she drooling? I wouldn’t be surprised if she was drooling.

The cat is only the more confused by this. She doesn’t seem to have an understanding of my anatomy.

“No, Shimi, I’m fine...” I answer. “Um, Cat-san—”

“I am Kaenbyou Rin! I’m usually called... Orin!” says... “Orin”.

“Orin...” I repeat, “I’m, Senzai Odou by the way—“ she interrupts and happily cries “Odou Onii-san!”... cute, “—if you don’t mind, could you answer me this?”

“Yes, Onii-san?” she asks. She’s adorably polite... as if she’s been taught, but doesn’t quite understand the reasons. Proper address, but a casual tone.

“The Master you mentioned... is that Komeiji Satori-sama?” I ask her.

“Yes!! Did you want to see Master?” asks the cat, her tails curling like question marks.

“I did,” I tell her, “I wanted to ask her some questions about the yama,” I reveal.

“The yama...!?” Seija hisses behind my back. “That’s why we’re down here!?”

I turn my head a little and whisper, “I’m not turning you in.”

“Besides, the yama would like you, Seija!” Shinmyoumaru follows up, also in a whisper.

“I’ll believe it when I see it, and I don’t even wanna look!” Seija whispers back heatedly. I... slowly twist, just slightly, and I pat down on her head, over her hood. “Stop that...!” she protests, but she doesn’t move to stop me.

“That should be fine,” Orin answers me, ignorant of our asides. “Should we get going, Onii-san and gang?” She deposits her wheelbarrow beside the entrance to lower hell, and indicates with a palm that our first destination should be the stairs through the stain-glass-lit court (how fancy... fancier than anything I’ve ever seen).

“Yes,” I say, and I pluck Shimi from my coat with my right hand and swoop Seija into my left arm.

“AAAH!!” the latter roars, and I throw her over my shoulder, squeezing her bottom over her clothes. “C-Cut it out...!” she grumbles, squirming. I place Shinmyoumaru on my opposite shoulder. Like that, I follow the cat.

While walking through the entrance hall, the smell of Seija begins to overwhelm the smell of beasts for me, and for a moment I wonder if the cat here might smell like a beast as well. She’s trotting before us, rather oblivious and excited. I don’t notice any particular scent from her although... perhaps there was something like ash? For a moment, I thought Mokou-san might’ve been down here.

I can hear beasts in the distance, which is unsettling if I’m being honest. I’m not sure how my curse affects pure animals, and supposedly there are several here? And not only the usual domesticated kinds—there are... typically wild beasts such as “leopards” and the like, I’ve learned. Komeiji Satori keeps eccentric pets. And this is a prison for wicked spirits on top of that... I’m concerned.

I find myself thus focusing on the sway of Orin’s hips. She’s very defenseless, and her legs are flashing at me almost constantly. When we reach the stairs and start heading toward the deeper mansion, I find her ass before my face. I hesitate for a moment, and let her get a few steps ahead of me. So... underneath her skirt I can find the taut and, shapely panties hugging her cheeks and crotch. Dark as night, and very tempting.

The staircase is fairly large. I take the chance to let go of Seija (who swears, and holds on tight to the my robes) and move my hand between her legs/calves to pluck up the back hem of Orin’s skirt by the frill lining it.

Thus, Orin glances behind at me. “Onii-san?” she questions.

“Don’t mind it,” I tell her, while appreciating the taught fabric against her not very large, but certainly meaty buttocks. I start going at myself, slowly (any more quickly would simply be too awkward for stairs). I would love to stuff my face against it, but that would likely falter the curse... Sadly I can only appreciate how her cheeks crease with the back of her thighs for every step.

“Haah...” I sigh.

“Something wrong, Onii-san?” she queries.

“No, I’m fine,” I answer. How sad... we’re going to reach the top of the stairs soon.

She stops at the next floor (the highest and only floor this staircase reaches) to wait for me. I follow, still holding her skirt.

... Therefore, when I’m on the same level, it’s lifted enough that you can see some of her lower back. She continues like that for a little while, but shortly stops again and stares at me.

The youkai’s eyebrows shift to two different levels of height; she eyes my other hand, occupied with my penis.

“Why’s that standing up?” she finally asks. “Something’s dripping, too.”

I swallow, and move to her front side.

She’s short, so my stiffened member is waving quietly before her neck, underneath her jaw.


Her dress is twisted. I’ll drop the back... and lift the front instead.

“Hah...” I pant, moving my hand again. Her mound looks snug...

Next to my right ear, I hear Shinmyoumaru gulp. On my left shoulder, Seija is draped and motionless (I can imagine her expression: bothered).

“Orin...” I breathe out, eyes still locked on her panties far below, “you don’t understand?”

“No,” she answers promptly. My cock and hips flinch, and the tip of my penis kisses her chin, a bead of precum getting pressed between the two and slightly spread. She flinches as well, pushing out her chest thoughtlessly, and drawing my eyes to her breasts instead.

She takes two fingers to the clear and sticky fluid, pinches it between them and her thumb curiously, then leans forward an inch and sniffs the fluid.

My switch is engaged.

‘Oh... Someone new again? Alright!’

‘Yeah... I’m interested too.’

These two, I still don’t know who they actually are.

At any rate, it’s the start of an empty hallway and only we’re here... No reason not to enjoy myself.

I look over her voluptuous body once again, pausing to lift her skirt some more and admire her slender, fit abdomen, and the gorgeous little navel on it. I land finally on her face, and the perplexed expression that it’s wearing.

Let’s have some fun. A cat is fine too...

[] Let’s bully her with my cock. Press against her, hit at her a few times with it softly, rub and slide it et cetera.

[] I want to pet her ears.

[] If she’s a cat, would petting her lower back and tails be effective?
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[x] Let’s bully her with my cock. Press against her, hit at her a few times with it softly, rub and slide it et cetera.

Damn, what a difficult choice. If only we could rub her ears with our cock!
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[x] If she’s a cat, would petting her lower back and tails be effective?
Delete Post
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[x] I want to pet her ears.

Hopefully this and sex are not mutually exclusive
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[X] I want to pet her ears.

Delete Post
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[X] I want to pet her ears.

Pet the kitty
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[X] I want to pet her ears.
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Image Source
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File 158989669088.png - (464.77KB, 1003x543, ears.png)
[X] I want to pet her ears.

My goal is true.

I drop the hem of her dress.

She gives an “Oh!” as it falls, raising her eyebrows. I grab Seija, and pull her from my shoulder so that she can roll to the floor.

“Hey!!” she snaps after thudding to the carpet below—but forget about that.

I bring my hand above Orin’s head, and I drop my palm down over her right, standing ear.

“Hm? Hm?” she makes a few cute noises. With my focus sharpened, I stare at the smoothly furred ear and pull my thumb along it. “Myaa... You’re petting me?” she asks, squinting her nearest eye.

Such a soft and flexible ear. And it’s so LARGE, too!

I huff, and continue to pet her.

The warmth of it is really getting to me. In fact, isn’t it heating? As I feel it through my fingers and let it slip up from under my hand, I can tell I’m getting heated as well. Like any friendlier manner of cat, I find this Orin leaning into it: she’s turning her head and asking me, physically, to pet other places. I do. I go after her other ear, pinching it front and back with two of my fingers, and gently rubbing the thing from there. It feels... not too much like playing with a pet or street cat. The size, and the temperature... Perhaps this is just a fetish of mine, but the effect is very different.

Still on my shoulder, Shimi observes quietly and, it seems, with fascination equal to mine. Below, Seija is watching with her arms cross, and her attitude as well. Orin starts to make some sort of deep, almost rattling noise as my hand pushes into her cheek (not by my choice: by her pushing her head and face on her own) That’s... purring. I will be honest: I don’t want to think of purring in any sort of... “erotic” context, but with how relaxed and content her expression is, and how gently and slowly her tails are curling behind and waving behind her...

This is insanely affecting...!

It is here I realize, with both of my hands on her head – holding her ears, and massaging them – that my cock is pushed up against her breasts.

She has not noticed. I hadn’t noticed.

... Lest I have to break this interaction, I shall change the course.

I nudge her head a little, downward, and she obeys. She begins to move to her knees, and I do as well, eventually sitting cross-legged in front of her, and in front of a dagger-staring amanojaku. Ignoring the amanojaku, I slouch so that my and Orin’s “heights” are a bit nearer to even, and I move my hands’ focus from her cat ears... to her human ones.

“H—!? Hmm...??” she utters noises as her cheeks begin to turn a warmer color. “Wha... What...?” she questions, airily, and I think not exactly to me.

I think to myself, Well... a nice discovery... Like with many human-type bodies... these ears seem to be erogenous zones.

“Hff... Huh...? Huhh??” she keeps mumbling and muttering, and I enjoy the sensation of her smaller, though more traditionally pleasant set of ears. We have here grooves of course; pliability of course; earlobes: very soft and enjoyable to squish.

I play with her human ears for a little while, and I find a smirk on my face as her eyes start to mist over. I don’t want to play long. Without fur, playing around like this for too long can get quite uncomfortable for the other party... For now, I decide to ask her, “Does this feel good?”

“Nmm, ‘good’? Good... how?” she asks this very honestly, with rather adorable inflection.

I say, “Around... here, perhaps,” as I bring my left hand from her right ear down to her lower stomach. I prod at her with my fingertips, palm turned up, and when she flinches and puts on a terribly perplexed face, I start petting her head and cat ears once more, now solely with my opposite hand. “Inside here,” I continue, “do you feel anything?”
Image Source
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File 158989676691.jpg - (627.17KB, 1534x1084, big fat cat ass.jpg)
big fat cat ass
She has a softer stomach. If I’m being entirely honest, I more prefer a girl with toughness and physical superiority—mainly, in comparison to other girls of their (at least perceived) age. She’s not fat, like the Devil’s Magician, just thin and a wee bit doughy... It’s essentially either fat or fit when it comes to my Boy.

This is fun to tease, however.

Orin is almost flushed now, looking down in confusion and panting openly, tongue out. She starts, it seems, involuntarily bringing her stomach forward, and into my touch. I move closer, and speak quietly toward her right, human-shape ear. I say, “If it’s not worrying you, I’ll continue then.” I open my mouth, and I lick the ridges of her ear.

“Nn-NyaA!?” she yelps, and she writhes, and I bring my right hand down to her nearest cheek, holding her there while still pressing her abdomen and using my mouth and tongue to toy with her ear.

The cat youkai closes her mouth tight and lifts her hands needlessly as I suck at the top of her ear and thumb at her cheek. I feel her nearing me more with her body and I think, I’m in. Orin arcs her back to better feel my now somewhat less gentle hand at her stomach. I grip her dress with that hand, and begin gathering the cloth up, snaking my right arm around that bending back of hers as well. I pull the dress up, pull her above my lap, and slip my cock into her clothes, against her belly.

“Hot!” she exclaims. I’ve started to lick at her cheek from before – kissing at her face et cetera – and now with her mouth open once again, I move in to kiss her fully. “Huhmm?!” Mmm... I really can’t get over the sensation of a youkai’s fangs. I take my right hand, and grab a hefty amount of her ass.

And just like that, I am thoroughly molesting a youkai who I met just a few minutes ago.

Orin moans while my right hand squeezes at her bubble-shaped ass, and my left hand grips at her tits. She continues to push into me, even outright bucking her hips a little, and I continue forcibly indulging in her mouth (presently, tonguing the ridged roof of her mouth), cupping and grabbing her massive tits, and really just enjoying her heavy ass with a grip I can only safely deliver unto a superhuman body. And, of course, my penis is bullying her belly, acting like an excited brute from the smell and feel of her sweaty body. Mercy I want to fuck her.

I let her breathe a moment by stopping our kiss, and through fleeting breaths I can hear on her tongue, “Someth—... c—... ming...”

Something’s... coming? Is that it? She’s cumming, maybe?

I take my left hand down to her ass, and start to buck up my hips at a slow rhythm. Orin claws at my chest—a little worryingly, I’ll be honest—but does not draw blood. I grab at the back of her panties with my right hand, grip, and pull them up as far as I can go.

“Wh—at...! Gha... Haaahn!” She screams, and sprays down on my thighs and ankles. In return I allow myself release, and blast and cake her stomach and the underside of her breasts, beneath her dress, with eager semen. “What—that’s... hotter!” she cries. I exhale as I’m finishing, almost sad I can’t actually see my handiwork, but... there’s something about cumming on the inside of a woman’s clothes. Something special.

Clinging to my body and shaking, Orin’s eyebrows are sloped to a peak, and she’s panting and shutting her eyes. Hm. I hope she doesn’t think that I’ll end this here.

Naturally, I’m going to have sex with her. There isn’t anything stopping me.

“Want a condom?” Shinmyoumaru asks, tuning in to my vibes as usual, and likely remembering how it was I fucked Mokou when she came over a few days ago.

“Hmm...” I grunt, still palpating the Hell-youkai’s bottom in my hands, in a steadily working effort to revive my dearest Boy.

[] Alright, pull up Orin’s dress and fuck her missionary style.
----[] Condom.
----[] No condom.

[] Turn Orin over and fuck her from behind.
----[] Condom.
----[] No condom.


image sources:
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[x] Turn Orin over and fuck her from behind.
----[x] No condom.
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[x] Turn Orin over and fuck her from behind.
----[x] No condom
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[x] Turn Orin over and fuck her from behind.
----[x] No condom.
I think condom play can be pretty fun, but we really need to knock Orin up with some kittens.
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[X] Turn Orin over and fuck her from behind.
----[X] No Condom.

Imagine if we put Shimmy in a condom before using it to fuck a girl.
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This anon is a god damn genius. I wholeheartedly second this use of Shinmyoumaru.


[X] Turn Orin over and fuck her from behind.
----[X] No Condom.
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[x] Turn Orin over and fuck her from behind.
----[x] No condom.
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[X] Alright, pull up Orin’s dress and fuck her missionary style.
----[X] No condom.

muh fetishes
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Missionary style is your fetish? I feel like that's more of a preference than a fetish.
Image Source
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File 159140224196.gif - (4.00MB, 1820x1661, ?・・・!.gif)


[X] Turn Orin over and fuck her from behind.
----[X] No condom.

I reply, “No thank you, Shinmyoumaru.” My cock has gone from wavering and near flaccid to jerking with waking energy. I decide to take my left hand from Orin’s ass and to my Boy, and from there I slide my dick over her semen-slicked stomach. I feel myself growing eagerly. I feel her belly pressing into that rod just as.

“Alright,” I address the youkai, who is in a daze but trying to listen, “now we’re going to fuck.”

I’m about as stiff as can be, and kissing her navel. My own cum being spread like this... to call me excited it a total understatement.

“Fwuh... ck...?” she drawls. “Wha...?”

I pull myself away and hold her around her waist. She utters an “Eh?” and I turn her over, onto her hands and knees, with her skirt pulled up just over her flushed ass.

“Eh? Eh?” she repeats.

I put my hand down on her right cheek and the tip of my cock to her still-hidden crotch.

Next to my ear, I can hear Shinmyoumaru panting. Out the corner of my eye, I can see Seija’s hand between her legs. Before me, I can see and feel that this cat is ready. With only a bit of shifting, I can bury myself deep in her cunt.

But the look in her eyes says she still doesn’t understand.

And, against my sense of lust, my sense of reason is telling me to try my best to explain this to her.

I grip the cheek under my palm...

... and push my thumb to the fabric above her anus.


But I don’t need to use words.

‘Good idea. She looks wet, but she can always be wetter.’

‘Glp... Incredible...’

‘Mai, you should be dancing. He needs more vigor.’


I ignore the commentary and begin stimulating both of her holes.

The beastlike youkai starts by looking at what I’m doing, pushing her upper body higher and blushing with a worried look on her face. She twitches as I circle and prod with my thumb, and push at her with my cock. Her tails are moving in a strange way... when they aren’t swaying and curling slowly, they’re jerking ahead in their motions very suddenly. Soon, my cum starts running down her abdomen and over the front of her undergarments. With a whine, she drops her head forward, and her shoulders lift.

The key here is really just to tease her. She’s already climaxed and she’s already feeling all of this, but I need to... ease her into the next step.

As I think that, I push my head rather forcefully to her privates. Her panties scrunch and dig in, and heat washes over me... and she lifts her hips, for a moment.

I release my dick and put that hand to her other cheek. I’ll work this thumb against her genitals...

It’s rather messy, but good-smelling work. Orin’s spread her legs further on her own, allowing me to fully pleasure her from back here. The black cloth of her panties is almost soggy... but the fabric isn’t quite enough to retain everything flowing, in addition to the semen I bathed her with and the precum I’ve just left behind. I can feel her folds through it... everything spreading and her hips jolting. Actually she’s folded her arms now and is presenting herself for me to act. I screw a knuckle through the faggot and dig my thumb into her asshole. Hearing her muffled squeals, I hold myself back and push on.

I lose myself a little in her scent and sounds, and most certainly the feel. The look, too, of pubes of hers escaping the crotch of her shifted and ruined lingerie... it’s mesmerizing. With a pool of sweat and the sexual fluids forming beneath the two of us, I feel a surge of intent drive through my back. With it, I grab hold of the side of her panties, grip tightly, and tear the band apart.

The right leg remains, and slides a bit down her thigh. Orin then lifts up her hips higher than before, mewls into her forearms, and bounces her ass before my eyes, just twice.

Only twice, and she waits.


I stare at this, unmoving.

... Now, I would commend the man who would see such readied, red and shining lips and hear that signal and not succumb to their subsequent urge. So, I would not commend me.

My cock now rivals a stone in its strength.

I would commend the man who would see such readied, red and shining lips and hear that signal and not succumb to their subsequent urge.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 15914023045.gif - (3.69MB, 600x758, presenting.gif)


I aim, and shove myself in.

Of course: I cannot commend me.

AGH!!” she lets out a guttural, animal sound. I just try not to finish early.

Orin’s pussy is brilliantly hot.

As I hump her, and she awkwardly presses against the wall, I find myself wondering if this is her “in heat” or something else. She’s definitely aroused...

The sound of her juices spattering onto the floor and her sharp moans after every pounding say as much.

Stuffed in here, my penis feels like it’s being almost completely controlled. This simultaneously feels accepting, and as if I truly need to force my way in. She’s hugging me, clinging to me, and resisting only to arouse me. It’s like a fight of some kind. It’s so tempting, so pleasurable... What sort of flesh is this? Unbelievable... Every second, I feel like pouring out everything and filling her up.

My word, I think there’s steam coming from our naked privates, now. There’s a wringing feeling through my cock, and pushing and pulling in and out of her is quite frankly unreal. She’s moving on her own as well: colliding with my hips as I bring them forward. My abdominal muscles are glistening from her juices, and my balls are ready at any moment to end this. Her ass, in my hands again, is warm and tense. Shock after shock fires through me—up my spine... Her vagina wants me to cum: while I’m certainly enjoying this, it doesn’t seem to particularly care how it is that long I do.

‘He’s losing it!!’

‘Because she’s a beast? He definitely seems to be buckling...’

‘He’s going really hard but now I’ve gotta dance hard...’

‘Keep it up... I like seeing her lose it with pleasure.’

That is right.

For the last minute, while I’ve been fucking her, Orin has been staring back at me with her eyes half-lid and gaze nearly gone. Her pair of braids – all of her hair – is bouncing with every thrust; she’s shivering and has dug her nails through wallpaper. Her tongue is hanging out from an open, thrilled smile and I swear: I can almost make out flushed and vibrant hearts radiating from where her pupils should be. I think I’m losing it... Or perhaps one of the dancing voices is tampering with my mentality. They enjoy that.

Should that be the case, I’m not upset about it at all, though.

I haven’t ever fucked someone quite like this. Certainly I have enjoyed some thorough, mutual and heavy sessions of sex in my adulthood, but never have I engaged in coitous so obviously wanting for insemination.

I want to leave a child in this youkai’s womb. I mean, I want that in anyone I have sex with, but never have I felt so strongly that they want it as well. Even the amanojaku, at the end of the day, is in it for the pleasure. Here the pleasure is a byproduct...

And a struggle.

I continue to hold out from the magma-like insides of this cat, her lubricants sloppily making a mess of my balls and thighs. I push my hand down on the center of her back and angle myself to drive down into her. I strike, and strike, and strike like there’s a hammer at my hips, and her vagina endures, still messily, begging over and over for my cum. And really, I’m quite liable to give it at any moment.

“Oh, is that a troupe of guests I see there?”
Image Source
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File 159140238078.gif - (3.86MB, 417x580, finish.gif)


Fh... Hm? We have company...?

While I’m pounding against Orin’s ass, I look to the left. Past the masturbating Seija, standing in the hall is a short, unkempt-looking girl. I see a third, tentacle-attached red eye hovering around her figure. This is probably Satori. I keep fucking her cat, who I’ve since repositioned. Presently, she’s drooling with her face against the floor.

“Hey,” I say.

“Well,” says the raggedy, pink-haired mistress, “you don’t seem to have much of a thought in your head at all. You seem to be... mating with one of my cats, are you?”

I grab hold of that cat’s hips, and lift them. At this angle, I’m now somewhat driving up, into her, scooping back and forth. My cock feels as sensitive and primed to blow as nitroglycerin, frankly. Perhaps I can find her G-spot before I explode.

“I don’t know where that is,” says the other youkai. “Her G-spot. Sorry I can’t help.”

I push against Orin again, driving her once more to the wall. Her cheeks ripple and tremble from her getting slammed. I’m really at my limit. I want to cum—I want to cum. She’s started nearly whining, and my cock feels tight in her cunt. Either she’s really squeezing me out, or I’ve gotten thicker. It’s likely both. That’s it: I’m going to cum inside.

“Hm? You aren’t using any protection?” her master remarks. I ejaculate in shakes, deep inside her pet. “My my, I wonder if Orin can get pregnant from this.”

Letting all of this out feels so good... Just draining my semen into her... all that viscous and slick fluid filling up around me...

“Mf...” I shake, another blast emptying inside of her. Her back bends, and she lets out a rumbling sound. “God... incredible.” This is truly exhausting... Is she some breed of succubus?

“She’s a kasha,” answers her master, “so no, she isn’t.”

I see.

Fucking like a beast is really quite incredible...

“Is it that good?” she asks. To that, I nod. The cat’s asshole is twitching. I wrench myself out of her pussy (which is holding to me with absurd suction), and after that noisy exit and subsequent overflow, I tap against the pretty ring twitching before me.

... I want to stick it in, but she’s no fairy; I can’t be sure it’s the best idea to plunder her unprepared ass.

“I wouldn’t recommend it. You should at least clean her out first, or wear a condom. Are you done?” Asks probably-Satori.

I spank Orin firmly on her right cheek. After a lovely, striking sound that reverberates all throughout the hall, some more of my cum pushes out of her and her legs quiver with delight. “Can I adopt your cat?” I ask her master.

“If you’ve impregnated her, I will let her stay with you while she’s with child. If she decides to stay with you after delivering, that is her choice,” the girl says plainly. “I am Komeiji Satori, by the way.” Oh, she’s introduced herself.

I turn, half-stood on one knee before her. A blushing Shinmyoumaru swiftly moves from my shoulder down into one of my pockets and withdraws some disposable tissues, Hopping down to the floor, she takes to the air before my crotch and begins cleaning me up.

... To be clear I didn’t ever ask for this service from her. She seems to enjoy the work, or at least enjoy the tissues for some time afterward.


I’m certainly not one to criticize a fetish.

“So,” Komeiji Satori speaks up again, and I look up from the tickling work of my first haremette, “what brings such an eclectic group down to my abode? The last time humans came down here they came with youkai remotely. And you’re with two, it seems...”

She narrows her gaze on Shinmyoumaru and Seija, who both are frozen in awkward acts. Shinmyoumaru has tissues to her face; Seija has her just previously busy had to her face.

“Two that I know,” says Satori. She does not sound happy by their presence.

“Erm...” I start. I’m finally realizing that I’m in a rather awkward position myself. I pluck up both youkai by the backs of their collars, and stand.

How should I go about this?

[] Be honest: you’re here to learn about the Yama.

[] Be cautious: hide your intentions for now, just in case she doesn’t like the honest premise. I’ve read it’s definitely possible to lie to a satori, and I did some studying on how.

[] Wait, can’t she read minds? How about challenging her to figure it out?


image sources:
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[x] Be honest: you’re here to learn about the Yama.
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I mean like yea, you should probably clean her out before attempting anal sex. Good so see our fantasy sex adventure tempered by such nuggets of reason and pragmatism.
Image Source
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File 159146041799.png - (74.55KB, 1628x404, unknown.png)
Gross gross
>>>>>>Proper version:

I stare at this, unmoving.

My cock now rivals a stone in its strength.

... Now, I would commend the man who would see such readied, red and shining lips and hear that signal and not succumb to their subsequent urge.

I aim, and shove myself in.

Of course: I cannot commend me.

There was an errant old idea here, now immortalized.
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[X] Wait, can’t she read minds? How about challenging her to figure it out?

Nice try imposter. No sane person would willingly give up a perfectly good cat/sex toy.
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[X] Wait, can’t she read minds? How about challenging her to figure it out?

I now find myself wondering how this'd play out if we thought about having a quickie with Satori.
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[x] Wait, can’t she read minds? How about challenging her to figure it out?

Now is obviously the time to shake the ol' lewd thoughts generator into action. Even if it's not quite at the surface level, I don't imagine Satori having to dig very deep before she strikes upon thoughts of us breeding her just like we did to her cat.
Image Source
Delete Image
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File 15921301104.png - (2.85MB, 1028x1500, ふーん.png)
[X] Wait, can’t she read minds? How about challenging her to figure it out?

I say nothing.

“...” the scruffy-haired little lady looks upon me quietly. She isn’t bothered by my lack of response, apparently. It makes sense, seeing as I don’t really bother anyone anymore. “Why is that?”

Oh, she asked a question!

I’d better not answer it.

“Fair enough,” she replies... Replies, hm? So, she really can read my thoughts.

“Yes,” she answers plainly. “You’d prefer I dig through your heart to gather your intent in coming here?”

Right. That’s the idea.

“It is not really possible for me to ‘dig’...” Satori tells me. “Unless you would allow me to hypnotize you.”

Hypnotism? ,,, Why does that strike me as perverted?

“Yes. Why?”


“Right. Did you come here just to have sex with my cat?”

Wow. It’s been a while since I became embarrassed.

“Has it?”

Eh... Ah... Very... Very uncomfortable. I guess I can give it—

“‘—but not take it’? What do you mean by that? ... Ahh, you masturbate on and around girls, and molest them from time to time? ... That’s how you ended up cumming inside Orin? I see.”

One thought flows into the other so easily... This truly is an unsettling youkai.

“That is why we voluntarily went underground, and then voluntarily took residence in this palace. The other youkai here also find the satori species an unbearable one.”

She’s shockingly honest!

“There is no need to lie,” she blithely answers. “Did you know? Even the oni lie by omission. Humans lie, gods lie—we satori do not lie.” She cradles her third eye in her left hand, and smirks “Your hearts are laid bare to us,” she says, “and so we see no problem in fairly baring our hearts to you all as well.”



The amanojaku is now growling at the master of this house, who is staring right back at her with a bored face.

“Calm down, Seija...!” Shinmyoumaru warns. I look at her. She’s stuffing tissues away into her bowl. Seems she retrieved the bowl from one of my pockets while I wasn’t paying attention, and now she’s riding in it as she is wont to do.

“This ass-hat is so smug, I can’t stand it!” Seija snaps. “Fuck you, you piece of shit!” She flips Satori off. Goodness!

“Amanojaku... You are as irritating to read as ever,” Satori replies, entirely unfazed by Seija’s insults. She points to her temple, frowning. “In here,” she says, “you are an absolute, tangled, chaotic mess.”

“Good!” Seija replies, still angry. I should defuse this. All of us are weaklings compared to this girl...

“Yes,” says the frumpy youkai, folding her arms and, ever so slightly, straightening her back, “mindreading is the ultimate power; naturally, you should cower before it.”

Seija spits out a “Who’s cowering!?” Oh no. She whips her head in my direction. “It’s you!?” It’s visible, on my face. I’m very worried. “You don’t get to be a punkass, Odou-san!” she roars, grabbing at my yukata as I lift my arms in feeble resistance. “I’m not getting weakling babies outta you, y’hear!? I ain’t allowing it!”

Goodness... That’s really cute. Her clawing at me like a wolverine is not, however. I wish she would stop that.

I start to stand up, pushing against Seija’s forehead with one of my palms and leaving Orin behind on the floor, convulsing now and then with lingering pleasure. I look at Satori. At this rate, she won’t tell us anything about the Yama. We’re an untrustworthy, unruly, unsavory lot.

“You shouldn’t think that. I am generally welcoming of guests and of their curiosity... Come along,” she points behind herself, to down the hall and whence she came, “I will tell you about the Yama in my study.”

... That swung about fast! Is it the curse’s effect, again?

Satori tilts her head. “‘Curse’?” she repeats.

“Ah, that... has to do with the Yama as well,” I lie.

She blinks, and starts walking down the hall. “Right,” she says, “let’s all sit down, then.”

I nod, and start ahead, Shinmyoumaru floating beside me in her bowl (and poorly hiding her attempts to try and sniff my hair) and Seija hanging off my arm and biting at my wrist. The harem is still young, but I wonder if it may have started on the wrong foot...


“Your heart is caged right now.”

So Satori tells me while I sit on her velvet couch before her enormous, utilitarian, oak desk, at which she is sat. Seija is sat in my lap, still fuming but also now obviously comfortable. Shinmyoumaru has abandoned pretense and is spread out on top of my head, breathing gently. The room we’re in – Satori’s study – is a small library full of paper stacks, and it is dark. A grand typewriter sits on her desk, a sheet of paper escaping it as if she had abandoned her writing in the middle of the process. Well, not “as if”. Surely that must be what happened.


“What do you mean, ‘caged’?” I ask the master of the palace.

“I can tell that you don’t want to be forthright with me, which will be annoying,” she says, her elbows up on her desk and her fingers laced before her face, brought forward by her slouching. “Unless you are willing to be forthright? I would recommend my hypnotizing you to get straight to the point, but if you think you can clarify at once, then please do.”

I see...

Well I’ve let her access my mind willingly and I did hate that.

Perhaps under hypnotism it won’t be disconcerting? It may even be sexy.

—Wait, perhaps I shouldn’t think that.


[] Let Satori hypnotize you.

[] No, no! I can be forthright! I will tell her... everything!

[] ... Actually, it’s embarrassing to admit everything, and I don’t like the mind reading at all. Can’t we continue our conversation as before? Surely I can weasel my way around her eye now that I’ve seen what it can do firsthand!
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[x] No, no! I can be forthright! I will tell her... everything!
Delete Post
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[X] No, no! I can be forthright! I will tell her... everything!

Honesty is, generally speaking, the best policy.
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[X] No, no! I can be forthright! I will tell her... everything!

"Everything" obviously including how arousing she looks and what we'd like to do to her in bed, I would like to hope.
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[X] No, no! I can be forthright! I will tell her... everything!

More like Everything including how she needs to smile more and be more friendly so humans will like her again. Moping around the underworld because of some perceived slight isn't healthy for such a cutie pie.
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Let's play a game called Creampie Chicken

Basically, if she can really read minds, she should know the exact moment Odou will cum while pounding her snatch. Surely such a renown and powerful Satori would be able to avoid being impregnated like a common breeding sow.
Image Source
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File 159237450474.gif - (320.03KB, 1337x741, jerk.gif)


[X] No, no! I can be forthright! I will tell her... everything!

Steel yourself, coward!

I take in a deep breath and hold Seija’s shoulders for peace of mind.

I’ve told this to no one... it’s very embarrassing.

I exhale, and breathe in again to say, “I... “

Go on!

“I... am extremely fond of Gensokyo’s Yama, Shiki Eiki-sama... If... possible... I would like to make her my... my wife.”

... There!

... I said it!

My truest ambition is now out in the open...!

“Is that all?” Satori asks.

Is that a—... What does she mean “Is that all”!? This is probably my most... ludicrous ambition!

“It seems very mundane to me, though?” she states, tilting her head slightly. What!

At least the others—!

No, they don’t seem to care either! Seija even has a finger in her nose!

I pull out a tissue for her...

... Ah. Is that my curse acting up?

“There, you’ve thought of a ‘curse’ again. Could you tell me about that?” Satori prods me. But, no. I can be honest about my position, but not my condition. “I see. So shall I hypnotize you instead?”


“I’ve been given an extremely high libido by a malicious god and I need to deal with it!”

I shout that quickly before she can do... whatever she intends. It’s true! Those dancers have me driven mad especially!

“‘Dancers’...? I wonder if you’re just insane,” Satori remarks. Seija blows her nose and throws the tissue that I gave her (now wadded up) at my face. Disgusting! She was so well-mannered when we first met! “She’s an amanojaku. She lives to displease.”

“Oi, you’re thinking some shit about me?” Seija jabs her elbow into my stomach. I wince, though it doesn’t hurt. “Cut that out.”

I catch sight of her eye from under her hood, and the red gleam reminds me of yesterday evening, when I had her on my bed, and drenched with sweat, her stomach lifted and her legs up, squeezing together. The look in her eyes and in her brow, then... How much she was giving herself up to me, after a week of doing the same. Mercy...

Thinking of all that, I swing up between her legs.

Seija flinches at first, but then, with only a second’s thought, she simply takes hold of me with her (clean) hand. With an odd grip, however. I suppose that’s to be expected of an Amanojaku... She’s grabbed my Boy by his back, her thumb on the left side rather than behind my cock. When she starts moving her hand, it’s more of a “pushing” technique than her usual stroking. I shiver, and shut my eyes.

“You do seem ‘lively’,” Satori judges. I open my eyes to a wince and see that the three of hers are settled on my tingling, raised dick. “But you said that curse had to do with her? I see that you also want to court Eiki-san, but why would you want to see the Yama in regards to a sexual curse?”

“It’s more that... I want this... to be checked, so I can be told whether or not I’m... free—Gh!” Seija begins diversifying, her fingertips grazing me gently. It seems that she’s looking to tease me. “Hahh...” I breathe, and finish my sentence with, “of sin. ”

“Hmmmm... Then, let’s go? There is a short way to the River reachable from the Palace...”

Eh? So easily?

“I have no problem with it,” says Satori, and she stands up. “Tell the amanojaku to stop playing with you, then stand and follow me.”

“Hoh... Then, um... Hm. Let’s go to hell, then, Seija, Shimi,” I announce.

“We’re already in hell,” Seija mumbles as she bats lightly at my cock as if she’s a cat. I can hear Shinmyoumaru snoring.

So, I grab Seija beneath her arms and lift her while I stand. She grumbles and lowers her head.

You’re bothered? I was thinking that this might end with my molesting this new youkai, and I only ended up getting hard for you again.

Said youkai stops as she’s walking past me. She looks up into my face and says, “I pride myself in many things, but not my body. Really, I don’t have much opportunity to be seen by youkai or humans, so the possibilities of amorous or lustful encounters do not quickly occur to me...”


“This is also the first thought you’ve had about such things in regards to me. Is this lip service? Mind service? I did say you do not need to lie.”

... Wai—

“Let’s be off, then,” the master of the house ends the conversation. Seija and I look at her step to the door and open it to the hall.

And before I move to follow her, I get the tremor of a thought, a plan, an idea... rippling through my brain.

Hm... Yes. I do believe that I have some good feelings about this.
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File 159237465027.gif - (2.37MB, 700x467, The Sanzu River.gif)
The Sanzu River
Image Source
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File 159237496978.jpg - (818.05KB, 2414x1440, on the way.jpg)
on the way

On the subsequent journey, I distracted myself with planning for a pocket watch commission I received a few days ago. I didn’t want this Komeiji Satori to notice any of my true motivations, and I do believe that shift in focus was successful...

We took obscure paths through stone and earth and eventually found ourselves outside and overlooking the Road of Liminality, a market for the living and dead that precedes the Sanzu River. On seeing it, I did have a moment. I’ve admired Shiki Eiki-sama since I was a lad, but have met her very few times throughout my life. With the prospect of meeting her in earnest seeming more real than ever before, I was elated. Satori noticed that, I think, given her glancing at me.

But she was ever our silent guide. We reached the Shigan shore without a problem, and came across a somewhat small boat, and a sleeping girl inside of it. That’s where we stand now: at a pier and in front of the big-breasted Shinigami ferryman of our land, Onozuka Komachi.

She’s snoring, and we can see much of her enormous chest behind her blue kimono. Everyone in the Village knows this red-haired and twin-tailed youkai, because she tends to abandon her post and wander the land of the living. It’s amazing that she’s at it now, though not amazing that she’s unconscious.

But really, the shore is quite eerie... Crossing won’t kill me, will it? In order to reach Hell...

“It won’t,” Satori replies. “Shinigami,” she addresses the sprawled and shameless youkai while stepping forward, “wake yourself.”

Onozuka-san continues to snore, at peace.

Satori then bends down, and lifts her right foot behind her. I see that she’s wearing pink slippers, and see her pull the right slipper off. Standing on one leg, she raises the footwear and stoically hurls its sole at the shinigami’s face.

“OOF! EI-Eiki-sama!? I’m just taking a break!” the young(?) woman cries as she’s forced back into the waking world. In a scramble she sits up, patting at her face.

“Give me back my slipper,” says Satori. How extraordinarily brazen...

“Eh? That... the satori...?” Muttering this, Onozuka-san picks up the shoe that has fallen into her lap. She looks up, bleary eyed, at the satori. “... Did you need to see my boss?”

“This human here would like to see her, and I decided to take him along,” Satori explains.

The shinigami looks at me in my full-frontal nakedness while she hands the slipper over to its thrower. She also glances at Shinmyoumaru asleep on my head, and Seija trying to seem innocuous to my left. The little amanojaku has her arms folded and her hood up, and she won’t make eye contact with anyone.

“Hm, alright,” Onozuka-san evaluates. “It should be fine so long as you come along, Satori-san,” Oh? Interesting. She doesn’t think I could simply go by myself?

... Or perhaps I should be worried. That might mean, like with Sanae-san I could encounter more people who find me unusual on the other side. I had best play things safe.

“Okay,” says Satori, and with her slipper replaced she steps onto the boat.

“That was easy!” Onozuka-san remarks with a smile as she stands and picks up a large, bamboo pole that had been resting behind her. Her rowing stick... Correct? “Don’t you have work to do, Satori-san?” she asks.

“You say that and know your hypocrisy,” Satori replies dully, eliciting snickering from the other youkai. “Just do as we’ve asked.”

I walk forward.

“Ahh, the Amanojaku and Inchling are gonna have to stay behind for now,” Onozuka-san states, pointing at the two in question. She explains, “Three on the boat is too much as it is! Any more than that could draw attention from what ‘lives’ in the waters.”

“Whatever,” Seija answers, and after floating a few meters into the air she pinches the back of Shimi’s kimono and lifts the princess into her open palm. “Don’t take too long, Odou-san. If we wait too long I’m gonna kick you in the balls.”

“Please don’t...” I beg. “You’ll ferry them after, right?” I ask the ferryman. She nods.

What “lives” in the water, huh...? I’ve heard it’s some scary stuff. I swallow, thinking about it while looking at the golden, calm surface of the river, stretching out into fog far out from us. I don’t want to be eaten... and this whole “journey into the afterlife” thing is giving me some pause.

“Not to worry,” Satori assures me, looking my way with a smirk on her lips. “Nothing causes more fear in this world than I, and I will be with you.”

“Hmmrrm... thank you,” I say in return, but with little comfort in her words.

I then step onto the boat myself and take a seat in front of its standing captain. In front of me, Satori stands fearlessly, looking out toward where the Higan must be. Onozuka-san dips her rowing pole into the rivers waters, seems to make contact with something, and pushes us forward, into the craggy stream. I glance back as we begin to depart, and lift my hand to give Seija a farewell.

The amanojaku takes her free hand, pulls down a lower eyelid, and sticks out her tongue. Lovely.

Truly lovely.


Crossing the Sanzu is a very quiet ordeal.

The only sounds we’ve heard have been the swishing of the “oar” through the river’s water, and the fluttering of Satori’s skirt, moved not by a wind but by the air shifting as we pass. Her tiny ass, snug in a rather plain pair of blue panties (of a gentle shade), is regularly within my sight, or flashing in front of my eyes. Komachi isn’t near as tantalizing. The hem for her dress is far lower than Satori’s clothing, and I can at best see her calves.


Since Satori doesn’t think of herself as attractive, I think not thinking at all and simply acting may be a good approach to bringing her walls down. A “show, don’t tell” style.

I don’t want to do anything too mad, though... I quite literally do not want to rock the boat.

Once more, Satori’s panties show before my eyes.


[] Apply your face to Satori’s ass.

[] Just start masturbating.


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[x] Apply your face to Satori’s ass.
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[X] Apply your face to Satori’s ass.
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[X] Apply your face to Satori’s ass.

Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes.

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[x] Apply your face to Satori’s ass.

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[X] Apply your face to Satori’s ass.

There really isn't a excuse to masturbate when we have so many alluring girls around us on a constant basis.
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But without the used tissues generated from masturbating, Shimmy will go extinct.

[X] Apply your face to Satori’s ass.
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[X] Apply your face to Satori’s ass.

On a perhaps unrelated note, I still really want to see Shinmyoumaru inserted into another girl after we creampie them.
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File 159349425213.gif - (741.69KB, 600x716, butt butt.gif)
butt butt


[X] Apply your face to Satori’s ass.

I stuff my face under her skirt, and against her butt.

“...” Satori says nothing, continuing to look out through the amber fog that surrounds us.

A kind of fog clouds my head. I lift my hands, and lift the underside of her ass.

Satori glances behind herself.

I haven’t pushed my face into an ass in a little while... or rather, within the great number of sexual encounters I’ve had recently, only one involved my face pushed against a little girl’s ass. It’s been about a week, and nonetheless I’ve missed it.

Mostly, I smell fragrance of whatever she used to clean her clothing. Or whatever her pets used. I wonder: who does the laundry in that castle?

“I do...” Satori mutters, now facing the waters again. Upon saying those two words, the vessel shakes a bit. I suspect Onozuka-san was surprised by the silence being broken. “Animals are a bit untrustworthy, for the most part.” The pink-haired... magenta-haired youkai states. I only noticed the true color now. Anyway...

I squeeze her bottom, first over the fabric, and then from within after pushing my fingers through. This is a proper, terribly enjoyable ass. The aroma of her crotch is tantalizing, keeping my curiosity up like a juuuuust out of the reach carrot, and I’m a stubborn mule. I think her ass might be even more endearing than Clownpiece’s... That fairy’s bottom is tight and fit. This one is easier to pinch and grope, in a variety of ways. I do so, slowly, and all over, burying my nose and mouth deeper into her panties.

“... I have to say: I’m not sure what it is you’re doing,” Satori mutters, squinting at me with her three eyes over her shoulder and around her side.

“Eating your ass?” Onozuka-san suggests.

I suggest, “Satori-san, you should lift the front of your skirt.”

“... What?” she asks, narrowing her eyes even further, and now blushing.

“You’re blushing,” I mention what I noticed. “Surely you get it then?” Lift your skirt to the other shore. Imagine what they’d all think of you doing that, sitting there and awaiting judgment.”

I refer to Higan, where our dead sit before the final stage of our cycles. They’re clear of head there. I wonder what they might think of this sight, approaching the shore.

“Fine...” Satori agrees, though I’m not sure for what reason. She pinches the bottom of her skirt, closes her eyes, and bears her crotch out ahead of us.

“Good,” I praise her. “Now,” I take my right hand away from pinching her butt and place it on her inner thigh.
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File 159349492022.png - (335.46KB, 707x1000, lift.png)
“H-Hm!?” She makes a fairly amusing noise. I push at her legs, with my right hand and then my left—put against the opposite thigh in the same manner. “U-Uh...” she stammers. I spread her legs and start feeling these inner thighs more thoroughly. “Mm...!” She breathes out from her nose sharply, and then sharply breathes in. I breathe in as well, extend my tongue, and start prodding her closed-off lips.

I want to have some real fun here. Tracing shapes and curves between her thighs is a big part of that... she shivers and shudders, and grows wet as I do. I start outright squeezing her left thigh, lift the band of her panties her right, and start licking her ass cheek.

“Y-You’re... interested...?” Satori questions. I do not answer. I instead grab both her ass cheeks and spread, snaking my middle finger under her wear—whereupon I prod what’s twitching between them. “Ohh!?” That sounded quite guttural, Satori-san...

She smells delicious under here, and like a fairy’s ass her’s seems to be sparkling clean. Without a word, I roll down her underwear and tongue the ring around her anus.

“H-Huhm!? I-I do bel—ieve...!??” Satori tries to speak, but her voice and nearly her stance fall quite apart as my tongue slides into her still-twitching hole.

As Onozuka-san speculated, I truly begin to eat Satori’s ass.

I let my spit flow down into her and begin to grope her left cheek in earnest. My right hand is over the front of her same side thigh and tapping and teasing her front side. Satori herself is, honestly, a delight. Her reactions make it hard for me to not laugh while her cheeks are against mine and my tongue is excavating her burning depths. She stiffens, she makes peculiar sounds and shivers, she wines and tries to state something, only to gasp and slouch. She never lets go of her skirt. She never turns her third eye anywhere but forward.

I want to make her cum.

Though, I don’t want her falling off the boat...

I suppose I have no choice but to keep her on edge.

While Komachi whistles at our backs, I keep bullying satori’s backside and thumbing her now-dripping crevice. The taste isn’t anything special by the way, it’s really – for me – now all about how constrictive and plainly bothered her asshole is by my invasion. She tastes about the exact same as Clownpiece’s flavorless chute, but she’s far less accommodating. Very obviously, her butt is not used to this and is both frightened and compelled by the assault. She clearly loosens herself while panting and relaxing her shoulders severely times, only for my tongue to undulate against the top of her insides and need to fight against her subsequent, urgent shut-down response. It’s grand! Gods, I so want to fuck her! Imagine it!

“We’re here. That’s about how long it’ll take when ‘sin’ isn’t in the question,” Onozuka-san announces while I begin to get my right hand, coated in slippery pussy juice, in Satori’s shirt and over over lower stomach. “Cut that stuff out for a second so you can get off.”

It’s a little early to get off... Oh wait, of course: she means off of the boat.

Reluctantly, I extract my tongue. I then spit against the puckering, pink thing before me and smirk as the entire body flinches along with it. I raise my right hand and smack it down on her ass.

“HWha—!?” Satori gasp, panting fast and gripping at her heart. “Wha-Wha... What was tha—... Ah...”

She goes silent as I start to stand behind her. Not to my full-height, no. I bring myself onto my feet and on the way slip my cock, flinching as much as her, between her pulled-down panties and her overflowing pussy. I lift up until our genitals meet, and with my hands on her shoulder stay stiff and still, my cock pulsing and her pussy throbbing.

“I have to stop here,” I whisper to her, in confidence. “Just for now, don’t worry.” I say.

“Th-This is.. m-my first... first, time...” she manages to say. I hug her and try to keep my dick from losing it at this granted knowledge. I sniff her hair (smells like dust, interestingly) and hold it, hold it behind her.

“It’s gonna be great, Satori-san,” I tell her. She lifts her hands and rests them on my arms, squeezing lightly at the muscles. She does nothing for a bit, but then nods.

The fog begins to clear.

Before us, a shore of sitting and standing white-robed souls looks to the opposite side of the river they can no longer see. The shore is full of flowers that look to be from all manner of places, climates, and seasons. The air becomes entirely still, almost to hammer this fact home: all of them are dead, and so it’s little wonder they are unconcerned with the display of “life” going on on the boat now coming to shore.

I slide my cock out from under Satori’s crotch, and she jumps in place as the ridge of the head bumps against her parts. I stand, releasing her from my embrace, with my dick standing straight and ready just behind her.

And so we reach a pier, and step off (Satori awkwardly, as she is still very flustered and has yet to pull back up her panties).

“Man, you guys got intense back there!” Onozuka-san says with a laugh while minding her vessel from the pier. “You gonna have sex?” she asks.

“Would you like to join us?” I ask.

“Hmm...?” Komachi hums, looking me up and down, judging to herself. “You look nice. Sure, I’ll hit your dick.”

“Lovely,” I say, while looking down at Satori whose balance I’m still maintaining. She’s very much out of it... “Although...”

“What? You need a place to do it in? We can bang at my place. Now that I’m off the boat I can close the distance in a flash,” says the Shinigami. Right... that was something they could do, I’ve heard. “That said,” she continues, now that she’s oriented the boat toward the opposite shore. “You want me to head back and pick up the other two first? We could make this really fun, and you look like you’ve got enough stamina to handle it.”

Ah... right, Shinmyoumaru and Seija.

Well, there’s a lot to consider with that. Waiting... Satori maybe coming to her senses... perhaps Shinmyoumaru could get crushed amidst bodies...

But it’s Shinmyoumaru sex again, and we’re in a land of oni so maybe she could grow bigger and we could have sex properly... Wait, really? Can I?

Ah, but, the wait time and the complications of a five-person fuck, hmmmm... Shimi might rather I leave that for a more private moment between just us, too..

How about—

[] “Let’s head to your place now. They can wait and as you can see, I’d like to get going.”

[] “Sure, bring them back. That would be very appreciated, Onozuka-san.”


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ah yeah >>40761
>I still really want to see Shinmyoumaru inserted into another girl after we creampie them.
That's a bit too up on the fetish scale for my tastes. This fantasy will have to be written by yourself or another
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[x] “Let’s head to your place now. They can wait and as you can see, I’d like to get going.”
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[X] “Let’s head to your place now. They can wait and as you can see, I’d like to get going.”

Much as a five-way orgy would be quite fun, the less girls involved, the more attention can be paid to Satori and Komachi.

After all, seems only right to make Satori's first time a mind blowing experience.
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