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Thread 32508 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 138045525843.jpg - (194.89KB, 777x1087, closeenough.jpg) [iqdb]
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Note: This is indeed canon to "In the Forest, a Dancing Light", the night of >>/forest/24382 and referenced in >>/forest/24455, with a mild retcon of their exact activities.


Walking back home, I notice Merlin and Hatate getting along really well. Maybe I won’t have to choose. I’m not as good at thinking and planning as my friends are. I’ll worry about it when I have someone to talk to; all I can do now is go with my gut and hope for the best.

They’re talking about their interests... I won’t interrupt since that’s rude. We get to the door, and Hatate asks, “Kazi, mind if I go back home tonight? I need to put my stuff away and check with the local officer to see if I served enough time. I’ll stop by in a couple of days.”

“Sure, but I hope you won’t get stuck up there.” I really do hope that as I do enjoy her company, even if there aren't any inadvertent nude sightings. Better dwell on that another time, though.

I open the door to let them in and follow afterwards.


I see Hatate already gathering her stuff quickly, which makes me wonder: are all crow tengu faster than humans at anything? There she goes... I feel something cool on my cheek. Wait... did she just kiss me?
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>> No. 36827
Lactation alone makes not a lewd Gensokyo. Hell a lot of kinks doesn't mean it. You could have a lot of kinky as all hell behind closed doors people around. Just don't have it leak to public and heh
>> No. 37522
File 144704795137.jpg - (448.17KB, 864x872, OgamiKazukiOkamisty.jpg) [iqdb]
Takes place sometime during late fall (some time after meeting Seo)

Reposted due to some final adjustments


I find it hard to believe there was a time where I was used to silence before now. Having three lovely lively ladies certainly did wonders for removing that. Maybe tonight, I can spend some quality time with Mysty since Elis and Kurumi are doing other stuff. That and with Mysty working the grills, it's pretty quiet. Too bad it wasn't a night off for this to happen, it'd be a nice chance to have a private dinner. Well I'll just wait until she's done then we can talk. Might as well work on some music, Maybe another one of Mysty would be nice.


Not sure how much time's passed but this may be a new high note in written music and hopefully not something like "Cat loves food yeah yeah yeah". All three had a nice laugh at that. ? Is that footsteps? Well she ought to be done by now. The door gets open and shut rather fast as she comes in. I wonder what she's-

Oof, "Mysty you didn't have to knock me down like that to kiss me." Pretty sudden of her to do.

"I'm through waiting around to have a nice night. It's been so long, and the last time I felt like this, th-that dumbass had to make that joke and ruin his chance!" Seesh, didn't think she'd be this pent up or how close Takami got. Well might as well make the most of it.
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>> No. 37528
File 144746766037.jpg - (249.78KB, 850x1201, waifu-material-right-here.jpg) [iqdb]
Excellent. Never regretted myself waiting for this.

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File 144521799545.jpg - (159.36KB, 850x862, sample-7a6ca000d05148767035f44ea08d1133.jpg) [iqdb]
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Momiji grimaced; sh
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>> No. 37488
File 144530689859.jpg - (19.83KB, 482x351, 1267564882857.jpg) [iqdb]
>"Reisen," said Tewi, "I'm in heat, lets fuck."

If every board, like /gensokyo/, end up with a title, I want this to be /at/'s.

I got it!

Still mad because you played with my heart, got lost in the game, oops I did it again: I tend to digress a lot. Sorry.
>> No. 37490
Eh it's alright, I forgive you. I also jumped the gun a bit there, sorry. I'll be waiting for that Hatate short.
>> No. 37506
This is the funniest thing I've read all week.

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File 142989962931.png - (242.05KB, 700x787, d2587a7c492d868d33e58c7b93ccc875.png) [iqdb]
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"Ugh... Owww, my head..."

From somewhere in remote distances, muffled beyond sight or sound, your consciousness crawls back painfully, through the subterranean corridors of sleep, up into your body again. Toward the last it moved to a cacophony of hammers and lights. Boggled by your worst hangover ever, your brain forwent a gentle awakening in favor of a summary, forcible ejection. The lovely effects of sake were quite gone and only the nasty ones are left; the taste in the mouth, the splitting ache in the brow and the impotence of not being able to clarify your own thoughts.

"Oh, you awake? About time. I was about to start, with or without you."

A hoarse voice, dripping distilled temptation, beckons you to snap your eyes open, but your head refuses to work. Ignoring the headache, you lever up an eyelid by pure force of will before a merciless beam of light squirts straight in, making your brain bleed. Yet that split second was enough to burn the image in your retina: a girl undoing your robes' ties with her slim fingers, straddling your hips while panting heavily. Everything about her was red; her short hair framing her hungry eyes, her flushed cheeks intoxicated by alcohol and arousal, her soft skin covered only by a simple white shirt and black panties...

You have a nagging suspicion that you ought to know who is this person, but again, your mind lets you know its unwillingness to cooperate, and that it'd rather not spend any effort in putting names to faces, no matter how sexy and arousing this situation is. Opening the first eye was bad enough. The light did you harm, but not as much as looking at things and thinking about stuff will. You resolve, having done it once, never to move your eyeballs again.

"Hey, that's rude! Don't you dare fall asleep on me again!"

The redhead isn't going to let you drift off, and makes her intentions clear when she slips a hand under your robes and pinches your nipple.

"Aieeek!" A rather unbecoming shriek escapes your mouth, ruining your plans to sleep the hangover away.
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>> No. 37498
[x]You did as she said and poured her more sake.
-[x]At the behest of your gnawing conscience, you made her promise to moderate herself before that. And if she needed someone to talk to, you were there for her.
>> No. 37499
[x]You did as she said and poured her more sake.
-[x]At the behest of your gnawing conscience, you made her promise to moderate herself before that. And if she needed someone to talk to, you were there for her.
>> No. 37502
Alright, guess I'll call it here.

So it seems I somehow managed to guess my previous trip correctly. Ain't that nice?

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File 143285759555.jpg - (121.80KB, 626x1000, 47431e82ce4e4be93ac149692819d23d[1].jpg) [iqdb]
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I found an old .doc on my hard drive called "Mind the Gap" by someone called Tsurupettan? It seems to have had a home here at some point, but all the /rs/ links seem to be dead, so I was wondering if someone had the most recent version of the story. I assume it either concluded or died by now.
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>> No. 37143
Well fuck me. I did scan the page for something like this, but somehow I missed it anyway. Found it, sorry for being a dumb nub.
>> No. 37410
Is Tsurupettan still writing anything?
>> No. 37411

Thread 37336 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 143927955282.jpg - (146.78KB, 850x602, sample-f72ad878c7a99fce49b3b96a2aeae60c.jpg) [iqdb]
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Pornfaggots, your stories go here. Read the rules at >>/gensokyo/13738
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>> No. 37392
File 144235972167.jpg - (135.40KB, 850x1035, Akyuu short image for contest.jpg) [iqdb]
The Hieda estate was something like a central market for news, from official declarations to petty gossip. The Hieda family had always had a hands-on approach, familiar with intimate secrets and dirty politics. Anyone was welcome to its doors, even in groups.

Naturally, such a welcoming openness led to rumors. Rumors about my family, my servants, my associates, and me, the current Child of Miare, Hieda no Akyuu. These lewd, liscencious accusations and hearsay were, more often than not, true, and provided a lure for the lonely, the unlucky, and the foolish.

Most would blush, mumble, and walk away when they saw me sitting just past the entranceway, surrounded by papers, jotting down notes or discussing some actual business. But when this gristly young man peeked his head through the door and saw me, he had the courage to stand tall between the doors, blocking the evening sun and making me look up from some damage estimates I had just been given from a Human Village architect. Kirisame Marisa was a useful woman to have around but her usefulness only marginally outpaced her taste for collateral damage.

I gave a patient but put-upon sigh and smiled. "Hello, may I help you?"

He was gristly and lean, a young adult still filling in his last growth spurts. His skin was the toasted sesame color of a farmer's child working up in the hills, bearing the full brunt of the sun. His clothing, a loose shirt and pants rolled up to the knees, were worn but carefully maintained, perhaps even patched up for the visit. Stubble covered his cheeks and chin, sticking out like bristles, and his hair grew every which way, untamed.

"Afternoon, lady Akyuu," he said with a careful bow.

"Good afternoon. Do you bring news?"

He glanced to the side and shoved his hands in his pockets, saying nothing. I was expecting him to leave when a voice hissed from behind the doors.
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>> No. 37394
File 144237859598.jpg - (603.56KB, 1116x1200, Busty Chen.jpg) [iqdb]
Chirping birds sing their songs in the canopies of the trees, but the nekomata’s ears don’t so much as twitch as she passes by overhead, basket under her arm. Rodents ranging in size from mice to rabbits instinctively go to ground in the meadows surrounding the trail to the village—they have a long, perfectly understandable phobia of her—but she pays the movements in the sunkissed grass no heed.

It is a perfect day and hour for hunting, but this cat has a preexisting appointment with her prey to keep.

She comes to a skidding halt in the village’s center square, but there’s no accompanying cloud of kicked-up dust for the old packed earth and flagstones are covered now in a thick layer of loam from decades of reclamation from grass, weeds, and wildflowers. Only a single overactive kitten on the prowl greets her with a lift of its tail for the rest of the populace is already enjoying an afternoon siesta, savoring the afternoon heat on windowsills and rooftops, their stomachs bulging from their lunchtime feeding… and a few of them for other reasons. The thought has her put her free hand to her own belly and blush, wondering just what it will be like to bear a litter inside of her own body. Decades ago, as a toddler, she found the thought of disgusting. As she settled down in her adulthood, she began to find the idea intriguing, even tantalizing. And just recently, right when her biological clock had begun to weigh heavily on her every thought, she’d snared the most perfect boy she could have ever asked for, a partner she’d be more than glad to grow old with.

Today, she means to have them start on the first of many descendants to come.

The dilapidated buildings, seemingly untouched by the decades between her childhood and the present day, remind her of those innocent, naïve days. She remembers when the fields around were all but devoid of animal life, hunted to exhaustion by the dozens of cats that called this place home. Her basket would be filled not with groceries for her own stomach, but instead packed to the brim with fish and meats. By the time she would land, her subjects would be obediently lined up in ranks for whatever scant portion sh
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>> No. 37398
File 144240610439.jpg - (588.21KB, 942x666, Chen Cum Splattered.jpg) [iqdb]

He throws back his head as he yanks hard on her hair, letting out a howl of raw pleasure as his penis throbs underneath her fingers. The pain across her scalp doesn’t bother her nearly as much as the risk of her getting pulled off course from her intended objective. Thinking fast, she moves with him to give just enough slack to let him try and take up the tension a second time, only to jerk her neck in the opposite direction to whiplash free of his failing grip. Now free to move as she pleases, she turns her head to hover her mouth right by his tip, wringing out the first shot of his ejaculation in a long, gooey line from her lower lip to the back of her throat.

That direct contact of his seed marks the beginning of her descent into complete madness.

Strangely, her first thought is that his load’s not quite as thick as she would have liked—if only she hadn’t been running quite so late, he wouldn’t have gone and wasted the richest load of the day staining a stupid apron!—but by his third shot across her tongue the raw intensity of his taste and scent have soaked into her brain anyways. Four, five—she swallows down what she can even as she continues to steadily jerk him off, but already six is overflowing into her cheeks, and seven begins to drip from either side of her mouth. Unwilling to waste such a delicacy on the floor, she swivels her head back to catch eight and nine across the bridge of her nose and chin, then thrusts her chest forward to allow ten, eleven, and finally twelve to dribble out from his manhood down onto the silk over her collarbone and breasts, his milky white fluid vividly contrasted against the bright red cloth.

She tries to keep his cum from rolling down her throat for as long as possible, but all too soon she finds herself gulping it down in loud swallows. When he grunts and gently pulls away from her as the last dry tremors of his orgasm subsides, she takes advantage of her freedom to put her hands to her dress and drag them up along the cloth, desperate to not waste a drop.

Only when she’s been reduced to licking at the ba
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File 137913051384.jpg - (183.91KB, 742x799, thread6pic.jpg) [iqdb]
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Tadashi steps into the gate and lures the big gray-brown cow, apparently named Rafael, away from his dinner of grass. He sets up the yoke over the cow's mouth without a word and hands you the reins. He looks at you for a second, neither of you knowing how to start the conversation back up.

"Here you are, then," he finally says.

You nod. "Thanks."

Tadashi moves to walk away but suddenly stops. "Can I ask you something, by the way?"

"Uh, go ahead." You'd been wondering when he'd finally ask you the question for a while now.

"When I got back, people were saying that you'd up and vanished a few days ago." He looks you straight in the eye. "Is everything alright?"

"Bit of a funny story, actually. I guess you could say I got a new friend with me."

Tadashi's already thin eyes narrow to impossibly small lines. "What kind of trouble did you get into this time?"
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>> No. 37403
>The gap seals shut with a sound like something ripping in reverse.

Too late to vote, but I wanted to chime in and say that this is a nice little turn of phrase. Reminds me of something I read in a Faulkner short story awhile back.
>> No. 37983



>> No. 38272
I have still hope.
Just sayin.
We are waiting for you.
So please come back.

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File 144210327485.jpg - (193.05KB, 850x1205, sanae appears in this piece.jpg) [iqdb]
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I got together with Krisslanza, the genderswap guy, and another writer to make a present for someone. He really liked it, so I figured I'd share it here. Don't mind the shipgirls, they're not hurting anyone.


For a moment after the recording begins, the only things visible are a pair of blurry blobs pressed against a pure white wall beneath the bright floodlights. The image sharpens quickly, however, bringing the two figures into vivid and lurid detail. Neither could really be called 'blobs' at all; one is thick with muscle and exceptionally tall, and the other is visibly soft and curvy.

Evidently, a certain green-haired girl has landed herself in yet another sexy situation. In the flurry of their movements, and the slight bobbing of the perspective, it appears for a moment as though she is struggling. This impression is quickly corrected when a pair of large hands reaches down to cup her rear end, squeezing and sinking visibly into the soft flesh. Her reaction is to pull her feet off the ground, allowing herself to be supported only by the white-haired man's body, and wrap her long legs around his hips. The angle of the camera is perfect to catch Sanae's eyes fluttering closed as Momiji presses into her for a kiss. Both of them have some trouble keeping their mouths together, though, given the violent movements of their rest of their bodies.

The only word to describe the cheerleader's treatment would be 'pounding'. After hilting himself inside of her, the white-haired boy immediately pulls out, only to press back in. Each thrust is more forceful than the last, but the wet slapping noises that should accompany them are drowned out by various other moans, cries, and messy kisses from outside the frame.

If a worse angle had been chosen, it would be impossible to see anything of Sanae but the curvy, athletic legs she uses to such great effect on the field. Her partner is huge even for a guy, his upper body a V of pure, hard muscle. With every thrust, he visibly flexes, and his broad shoulders are consistently hard. While he has to work to support Sanae's weight, he doesn't seem troubl
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>> No. 37380
File 144210332099.jpg - (150.84KB, 850x1275, koakuma too.jpg) [iqdb]
"We can't just leave it there, though, can we?" Orin suddenly pushes Reisen flat on the ground, and the camera pans down past her soft, heaving breasts and over her smooth abs... right to the dark spot on her bright red swimsuit where it's rode up deep between her legs. Reisen is surprised, but not displeased - in a moment, her surprised expression turns to an embarrassed smile.

"Hey, you're not going to make me watch again, are you?"

"'Course not. Come on, there's room for one more... Hm?" Orin suddenly looks away from the camera. Following her gaze, the view pans off to the side where Kokoro stands watching. Her short, small-chested, gracefully-curvy figure matches well with her tight pink sling, and a cock larger than either of Orin's stands framed by the straps. Only the slightest blush colors her impassive face.

"Ah, Kokoro! Liked what you saw?" Koa asks cheerfully.

"... Hello," Kokoro replies quietly.

The camera zooms in on her penis, close enough to capture its subtle throbbing. A coating of dried cum and juices gleams under the lights, and there's a small blob of fresh cum lingering on the tip. "Hmm, I see you've enjoyed yourself a few times already. Who didn't bother to clean you up?"


"Really? Oh, that's just like her, running off as soon as she's satisfied... Oh! Since you're here, you wanna hold onto this for a bit? I get the feeling my hands won't gonna be working right in a bit..."
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>> No. 37381
File 144210335472.jpg - (95.72KB, 850x638, special guest - marisa's ass.jpg) [iqdb]
"Heh. I happened to come prepared..." Yamame reaches somewhere and produces a large cappuccino cup. It easily accepts the contents of the two other vessels, which mix together into a thick, cloudy, exceedingly gooey white mixture. Yamame takes a whiff of the scent, and comes up flushed and near drooling; Alice can't help doing the same.

"Ah, here's the shutter chance! Robin, Mokou, get the..." A few sweeps of the camera reveal that the be boy and futa are in no condition to do much of anything." ... I'll do it." Marisa sets the camera down on the chair, pointing it towards the two girls while she retrieves their phones. The angle is a bit off, but it still captures their two smiles as they snuggle together around the cup and smile. Yamame's cum-splattered grin is wide and shameless, while Alice's is more demure but no less lewd.

"Alright, there we go!" Marisa sets down the phones and retrieves the camera, her jiggling cheeks visible for just a moment before she picks it up.. "Great show, girls. That one's gonna be on the highlight reel for sure!"

"Doing it for the cameras made it a lot more exciting. Hey, want to share? Those two let out more than enough~" Yamame says.

"Ooh, that sounds tempting..." The camera peers into the milky white depths of the cup. "... But I'm stuck with this camera. I can't just put it down..."

"Don't worry! You can leave that to me!" a cheery voice announces. The camera whirls around to find Urakaze standing nearby with her hands on her wide, soft hips. Keine's dried cum is still visible on her smiling face and perky breasts, and there's a clear splatter of fresh cum between her legs where her bright blue sling was hastily tugged back into place. "I was the star of my video production class, you know."

"In front of the camera, or behind it?" Marisa teases, drawing a pout.

"Oh, just give me that." Urakaze's hand eclipses the light as she reaches out, causing a few seconds of darkness and loud shuffling noi
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>> No. 37382
File 144210341828.jpg - (155.69KB, 850x1206, all this seiga.jpg) [iqdb]
"Eh? W-wah!" Urakaze yanks Tokitsukaze up by the arm and runs off, jiggling gleefully.

Still leaking massive amounts of cum down her thighs, Kagerou gives the camera a happy wink and chases after her friend. "Guess we'll have to wait a bit to find out who won. Don't hold your breath, though! It'll definitely be me!"

"Ah, to be young..." Seiga aims her breathy sigh right into the microphone.

"Hmm, I'd say you're rather enjoying your retirement." The camera pans up and over to the blurry figure of Keine, whose mature body dominates the frame after a few moments of zooming and focusing. Her height hadn't been apparent before; now, with the camera level with her heavy breasts, her dense form is imposing enough to rival that of Reimu. Her bare shaft looks much messier but no softer than before, covered by many different streaks of cum and juices in various states of dryness.

"I could say the same for you," Seiga says, zooming in on the woman's thick, gently-throbbing cock. "How much did they squeeze from you, I wonder? And you're still hard. Why don't I take care of that...?"

Seiga's hand begins to reach for the massive length, but she stops short at the distant sound of Kagerou's voice.

"Seiga, we're ready!"

"Ah, that was fast. Seems they were all waiting for this..."
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File 143933382582.png - (3.80KB, 252x148, naz is unsurprised.png) [iqdb]
37337 No. 37337 hide watch quickreply
See >>/gensokyo/13743 for the formalities.

All NSFW submissions should go here.

Thread 30935 hidden. Un-Hide Thread
File 137018883952.png - (1.83MB, 812x1163, image-000.png) [iqdb]
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Previous thread >>24189

(例大祭10) [しもやけ堂] 黒白Trick Girls [IT0000164055]

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>> No. 37319
File 143879119744.jpg - (1.37MB, 1490x2000, 001a.jpg) [iqdb]

Finally in English
>> No. 37320
based anon, I thought you were dead.
pls nodie.
>> No. 37332
I'm not dead.

Just lazy.

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File 141944072233.jpg - (515.72KB, 1000x800, Playing with the Cat Chen.jpg) [iqdb]
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Okay, so I’ve been simply unable to get out of the rut ever since I’ve come back. Lots of health issues, lots of bureaucracy, lots of headaches both figuratively and literally. Lots of classes to get my EMT certification renewed, lots of arrangements for classes in the spring.

For Christmas, I’m looking to turn things around. I’d do a New Year’s Resolution, but I already know I’m going to have to be on a plane during then (seriously who the fuck reserves a ticket for then except the most miserly of misers).

To wit, I’ve got three major short story ideas that I’ve painstakingly constructed in my head but as of yet not had time to commit to paper. With the last CE credits just finished yesterday, though, it’s time to try and light the burners once again.

Yes, this is on /at/. That’s because all of these are going to involve smut in some fashion. It’s easy and fun to write!


[ ] Nazrin. “So I lost the pagoda the other day – oh, please don’t ask what I was doing with it, I’d rather not tell, it’s embarrassing – and I had to send Nazrin to fetch it. Again. But this time, she didn’t find my pagoda, but some other pagoda in the mountains. It’s a weird story, but at the end of it all a lion found a new home, Nazrin got herself a boyfriend, and most importantly I got permanent set of eyes on that thing, so hopefully this’ll be the last time I drop and lose it somewhere. Problem is, now he keeps sneaking off with my cute little servant for quickie, but I suppose that’s a better use of her time than having to chase it down – “

[ ] Hoshiguma Yuugi. “The oni have always loved competitions. Feats of strength, jugs of liquor, boasts and tales that go on for hours. We humans of Gensokyo have always tried to best them via trickery, the only thing they hate more than an empty cup, and so we drove them underground. And yet there are some of us, tired of the politics and power struggles on the surface, who would also flee there for peace of mind, if not body. And there are yet some of us able to match an oni in ways that neither of us would have
Message too long. Click here to view the full text.
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>> No. 37267

I apologize profusely
>> No. 37295

really man. Trying to get sympathy from us with that TV Tropes talk? Just say you just got writer's block and not be a sympathy whore

And I feel so bad for the company that hired you for your painfully bad writing.
>> No. 37298
what if Tainted Bonds has Youmu x Ran?

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