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File 156132126483.jpg - (579.57KB, 900x506, citynight.jpg)
Contest Reward: >>/gensokyo/15706


The foothills of youkai mountain rose in the distance as the white and red lights at their base grew larger.

Almost as if they called to Reimu, assuring her that she made the right choice.

What a laugh.

She sighed, floating forward across the blackened grass. The sun had set hours ago, and the butterflies in her belly had only grown worse since.

What would Kasen say, were she here?

She wasn’t, of course. Reimu had made certain of that. To that end, the establishment’s choice of home suited her. A busy town everyone cared about, but from which very few credible stories of personal exploits ever rose.

More importantly, a place where no one would bat an eye so long as they didn’t recognize her.

The cool wind and peaceful sky eased Reimu’s gut, but her heart pounded. She held the dark, burlap cloak close to her face as she descended toward the town’s front gate.

She stepped under the white glare of a light shining down from high above it. She pulled a slick, hard paper from under her cloak. The flyer that had so captured her attention last week. ‘The Maiden’s Honor,’ it read, accompanied by the image of young lady wearing a traditional shrine maiden’s garb. Except the top was cut so low it all but reached the navel, to say nothing of the nape.

At first, it made Reimu’s blood boil. This was her life, not some fetish point. But it also awoke something different, something inquisitive. Even now, a faint heat rose to her cheeks as she flipped it over, re-reading the directions printed on its back.

“Excuse me, miss.”

Reimu snapped upright, squeezing the flyer and locking eyes with the sentry staring back. A stocky man with ruffled black hair and no animal features.

“Please state your business.”

Reimu’s lips did a slow, clumsy dance as her mind fizzled. The simple answer hid behind her flustered lips. Instead, turning aside, she shoved the flyer in the sentry’s face.

His companion twitched and, before she knew what happened, Reimu had a pair of needles out, staring down a heavy spear.

They stood there for a moment before Reimu put the needles away and stepped back. She dropped her head into a deep bow, leveling at her waist, arms at her side.

“I’m here to see the…” she paused, thinking, “the place on that flyer.” Even its name felt too dirty to speak aloud.

A shift and a quiet crunch of dirt suggested they exchanged glances.

The burly man sighed. “And your name?”


“Care to explain that stunt you just pulled?”

Reimu groaned. “Force of habit. Won’t happen again.”

Her teeth clenched at such submission.

“Of course it won’t, you’re ab-”

The thinner guard cleared his throat. “Welcome to Amaden.”

Reimu stood, just in time to catch his heavier counterpart shooting him a glance. One that the smaller guard simply ignored. “Don’t harass anyone, don’t loiter. No gambling, no fighting, no flying. If you’re here to sell, be sure to visit the administrative offices first.”

Reimu responded only with a shallow nod of her head before she pushed past them. She heard a hushed argument as she passed by, which she promptly tuned out.

She stepped through the open gate, into a throng of humans, tengu, and assorted youkai.

Bright lights assaulted her from every direction as she pressed forward. No longer the pointed beams behind her, it now came from a sprawling disaster of glowing signs and glaring windows. The swarm of bodies filled the city’s barely-coherent mess of streets, muscling past her. Despite the familiar touch of hard-packed dirt beneath her, she found herself surrounded by a mess of stone and metal towers.

A twitch in the back of her mind told her that three or four natives had trained their eyes on her by now. She shrugged and pushed forward, scrutinizing the back of the flyer.

‘Hold left until you reach the soapland.’

What the hell’s a soapland?

Reimu moved slow and deliberate. Mixed among the rest, she found occasional sights of unfamiliar kappa. All of them wore bright, shiny cloaks that hid just about everything but their faces.

“Don’t I know you?”

Jaw tightening, Reimu shot a furtive glance backward, finding young woman in a plain green kimono.

Reimu waved her hand. “I’m sorry. Never seen you before.” She pushed forward, away from her.

“That voice… no, I’ve definitely…”

Several eyes had turned to her as she pushed on.

“Wait! I promise I won’t tell!”

Reimu held her hood close to her face as she pushed forward. A moment later, she stopped.

She’d hit a dead-end. With no ‘soapland’ in sight.

She stood before what she could only describe as a… tea and textile shop. She paused, turned, and walked back into the street.

A sea of red, blue, soft green, and countless other colors churned before her.

“Ma’am! Ma’a-”

Reimu whirled around and slammed her palm over the mouth of the girl behind her. The woman from before.

“What do you want?”

She glanced at the flyer. “H wn…”

Reimu sighed, lifting her hand.

The woman, lowering her voice, continued. “I’m sorry for startling you, but I thought that, well… Just go that way,” she pointed to the right, “and you’ll see it on the left.”

Reimu answered with a curt nod and turned on her heel.

Weaving through the crowd awhile longer, she soon found an array of shockingly underdressed human and tengu women in garish makeup, shooting flirty glances or negotiating with the passerby. Her skin crawled at the sight.

A lascivious, rebellious thought put her in their places.

She took a breath and pushed on, through the crowds they pandered to. A moment later she found a building with a bright, glowing sign with a bar of soap.

‘Midnight Bay.’

She glazed over the list of names and numbers near the door.

Reimu took another glance at the paper. ‘Turn into the next left and into the second door on your left.’

Reimu shoved through the crowds again, crossing the street into a tight, quieter alley. The lights dimmed as she stepped away from the prostitutes, but past a shady massage parlor, she found a small building with a red sign of its own. ‘The Maiden’s Honor.’

Clutching the cloak tighter to her body, Reimu threw her gaze left and right. No one paid attention to her. Twisting and craning her neck, she found pair of women passing by in the busier street, one with black wings tucked close to her body and one with a small horn.

Reimu sighed as they passed by, not even glancing in her general direction.

Swallowing, Reimu cast the door aside and stepped in.
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The subtle touch of incense wafted through the thick scent of mint and strawberry. Soft white light illuminated a tiny room, paneled in smooth, light woods with a white counter in the middle.

A young woman reclined behind the desk, wearing a shrine maiden’s traditional white shirt with its long, folded sleeves. Reimu found no ears hiding in the woman’s long and smooth hair, colored a deep red.

Reimu walked up to the desk, folding her arms. She rubbed her arms, debating whether to speak. There was no point to backing out now, and yet…

The woman glanced her way. They locked eyes. The woman lurched to her desk to snatch a pen from it.

The woman cleared her throat, flushed. “Good evening, valued customer. I’m pleased to see a woman such as yourself take interest in our humble establishment. Would you like to see the catalog, or do you already have a companion in mind?”

Customer? Does this place get regular lesbians?

Or do they have a few…

In a smooth, practiced motion, the woman pulled a book from under the desk and slid it forward, flipping it around and open to make reading easy.

The woman pointed to a page that held the names and faces of about six women, with a short list of… something underneath, in either red or green letters.

Watersports? Ageplay? Foodplay? Tamakeri?


If Reimu had only fasted a few days, she could’ve afforded a partner of her own.

“Oh, I’m afraid that Kiyo and Hisako just ended their shifts. But you might be interested in Keiko, she just…”

Must be lesbians, then.

Reimu shook her head, cheeks flushing. “I’m not here for that.”

“Oh dear. If you’re lost, I can-”

Reimu whipped the flyer out and slapped it down, atop the catalog. Flipping it to the back, she pointed to a section of small print in the lower left corner.

‘Help wanted.’

The woman blinked, glancing between Reimu and the flyer.

“Pardon me, but are you looking for a job?”

“Yes. Is that a problem?”

The woman shook her head, smiling. “Not at all. What sort of position-”

“Shrine maiden. Just for the night!” Reimu paused. “I mean, I just think I should, you know, do a… trial run. See how I handle it.”

The woman paused. “You understand what that means, correct?”


“Do you have a costume, or do we need to…”

Reimu paused, swallowing. She pulled her hood down and lifted the cloak off one side, revealing her red vest, matching short skirt, and the white sleeves having from her bare shoulders.

“Excellent. Name and background.”’

“Jun. I worked a shrine. On a distant mountain.”

“That’s it?”


The woman sighed. “Hey, Kumiko! We’ve got an applicant.”

The door behind her opened, revealing a short, heavyset women with slate-gray hair, touches of wrinkles, and a pair of wolf ears on her head. She wore a black suit with matching dress pants that did little to complement her somewhat rounded frame.

She had a smooth, sharp face, though.

“Jun, huh?”

Reimu nodded.

“Alright, this way.”

She stepped into the side hallway, ears twitching, and motioned that Reimu follow.

Biting out a groan under her breath, Reimu stepped around the desk to follow. The hallway was short, with three doors on either side. Faint pants, grunts, and thumps floated through the walls, barely audible to Reimu’s ears. The fruity scents faded, exposing a subtle, sour undercurrent of sweat. The older woman stopped at the end, opening the left door and stepping through.

Reimu followed, finding the room taken up by a wide, western-styled bed with red sheets and posts at each corner, with bars between them that vaguely resembled torii. A small box sat across from it, with wooden bars at the top.

A donation box.

The door closed behind her, the older woman now resting against it.

She pulled out a pen and a wooden board with paper on it. “Let’s start with kinks and turnoffs.”

Reimu sat on the bed, blinking. “Excuse me?”

The woman stared back, hard. Then she sighed. “What things you like to do, what you refuse to do.”

“Like talking dirty?”

“That’s a good start. Do you like it or hate it?”

“I’m interested. I don’t know if I…”

She scribbled something down. “Unknown. What about bondage, roleplay, and rough sex.”

Reimu’s gut tingled, a breath accelerating. “Giving or receiving?”

She sighed. Then spent the next several minutes grilling Reimu on every strange, exotic fetish under the sun.

“No watersports, blood, or anal. Yes to bondage, but only on your client. I believe that about does it.”

Reimu’s body eased, sagging in relief.

“Now, strip.”
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File 156132168269.png - (213.53KB, 800x600, nudekanako.png)
“…And don’t forget to double-check the customer’s payments if the seal’s broken. They’ll have the receipt with them, so you just need to make sure the money they present matches that and makes its way to the donation box. Only after that happens are they allowed to touch you or make any requests.”

Reimu groaned, tugging her skirt back on. “Yes, ma’am.”

The woman left, closing the door behind her. Reimu hadn’t even had her first customer and already she felt violated.

She wasn’t quite sure what an ‘STD’ was, though she suspected it involved sex and infections.

Not that it mattered once they learned of her virginity. As embarrassing as she found the admission, she looked forward to that fat, doubled paycheck they’d send her.

She collapsed onto the bed behind her, sprawling her arms wide out. This was it. Someone would come through the door, drop an envelope in the box, and fuck her. That queasy feeling settled in back her gut even as heat and energy roared through her veins.

She rolled onto her front, wondering what sort of guy would come through first. Images floated through her head of hot, charming men who’d want to marry her before they finished. Even though she knew such men would no doubt already have real partners.

The woman had informed her of a small chest by the bed during that ‘inspection,’ which contained an assortment of items she may want. Reimu leaned over the right side, finding it and pulling the lid open. A T-shaped bar ran through it, dividing into three uneven segments.

In the smallest, she found a pile of thin squares with circular indentations. ‘Condoms,’ the woman called them. Used to prevent pregnancy and those STDs.

In the middle-sized one, she found a pile of pink and purple toys, ranging from small egg-like things attached to thin wires, all the way to giant, veiny cocks.

Blushing, she turned to the final compartment, finding a haphazard pile of fabric, steel, and leather. Rummaging through it, she found handcuffs, glasses, night masks, and odd objects affixed to straps.

“Excuse me-”

Reimu jumped, whirling around to find her first customer…

Was a woman with short but fluffy purple hair and a giant rack, wearing a dark brown trench coat and wide-brimmed hat.

Reimu blinked, taking a step back as the voice and image sunk in. A proud, imperious voice barely contaminated by the hesitance her words suggested. The woman shrugged the coat off and pulled her hat off, setting both on a pair of hooks by the door. She revealed a tall, statuesque build under a red sleeveless dress and a short skirt, red sash, and elaborate, black floral pattern. A dress barely holding over her abundant, perky bust.

Despite the difference in costume, Reimu had no trouble identifying her.

Kanako’s eyes slid across Reimu’s body like one of the snakes she ruled. “Oh-ho-ho. You’re perfect.”

Reimu scooted back.

Oh… shit.

Their eyes locked for split-second, before Reimu’s slid up and Kanako’s down. Kanako Yasaka, co-goddess of the Moriya Shrine, stood in her room, a sealed envelope hanging from her right hand.

And just like that, her disguise had been shattered. Kanako was here for Reimu. Was here to fuck Reimu.

Kanako stepped forward, slipping the envelope through the donation box bars. She took another step forward and dropped her hands into the bed, flanking Reimu’s lap. She leaned close, her eyes glimmering. “So, what on earth would bring the Hakurei shrine maiden to a cozy brothel like this?”


“You know what? It doesn’t really matter. I’m just thrilled to see you.” She pulled back, standing up. She turned her head away, rubbing her arm. “Say, I hear I’m your first customer.”

“You are.”

She was Reimu’s first customer. Kanako.

The joint did apparently get lesbians, but to get one as her first and possibly only client?

Reimu frowned. Kanako glanced down.

“Yes. Well, have you…” The goddess of the Moriya shrine bit her lip, looking away.

Kanako twiddled her thumbs.

Reimu sagged, dumbfounded at the sight before her. What on earth would have Kanako, even in one moment, so…


“Care to make it a night you’ll never forget?”

Reimu shivered. “Trust me, I won’t forget it.”

She pouted. Pouted. Then regained a bit of a smirk. “I know some toys that would blow your mind. Care to try?”

And now she wanted to bring toys into this?

Reimu shook her head, returning a faltering, cocky grin of her own. “We won’t need them.”

“Oh?” Kanako raised a brow. “Well, you should know I can be a rather difficult customer. I won’t be upset if you have to get… harsh.”


“Oh, yes. Don’t hold back for me.”

Reimu inhaled. She understood. Kanako wanted to get straight into it.

She crossed her arms across her torso and yanked her red vest up. It climbed up her torso, revealing a slender stomach and a pair of excellent breasts, yet hidden behind expert wrappings.

And then it caught as her arms leveled out before her face. She paused, having never tried to remove her shirt this way before. She tried angling to the left.

“Do you… want s-”

“I’ve got this!” Reimu growled, pulling one arm through the hole, followed by the other. Tense and sour, she hauled it over her head and flung it to the floor beside her bed.

Face heating up, she shot a bashful look Kanako’s way. “You want to see the rest, don’t you?” She placed her hands behind her back, fingering the spot for her wrappings.

Kanako leaned against the wall, folding her arms under her huge, perky tits. Which, of course, just pushed them out further. “Well, if you’re offering…”

Reimu’s brow twitched, realizing just how much smaller she was in comparison. And yet, as images of Kanako’s breasts, freed from that dress, rose to her mind, she felt very tingly sensations rise from a space between her legs.

Reimu worked the knot for only a moment before it came loose. She pulled it out, looping around her bust and trading the thread from hand to hand. Each pass loosened it all just a little more. Each pass exposed just a little more of her soft, supple flesh.

With a bit of a flourish, she dropped the remaining wrappings from her chest, gathering them up and tossing them to her discarded vest.

She took a breath and planted her hands behind her back, pushing out her bare, modest breasts. Though Reimu couldn’t speak to their size, she knew their shape and texture to be second-to-none.

Well, she desperately wanted that to be true.

She slid her eyelids halfway down, giving Kanako her best bedroom eyes. “Care to touch?”

Kanako grinned and stepped forward, planting a hand by Reimu’s right thigh as she leaned down. She slid her fingers up Reimu’s left breast, closing around to give it a short, soft squeeze.

“Not bad, not bad.”

Not ‘bad?’

A frown flickered across Reimu’s face for but a moment. She plastered a firm smile across her face instead. She gripped the wrist over her breast, holding it close and staring Kanako dead in the eyes. She leaned down, falling into the bed and dragging Kanako to her knees as she did so. She grabbed Kanako’s supporting hand and moved it to her right breast.

Kanako, hesitating, accepted the invitation and grabbed down. She rolled Reimu’s breasts around only once before she fixed a firm stare to Reimu’s eyes.

“You seem worried. Why don’t we take this slow?”

Reimu frowned back.

First, she wanted to hurry, now this? Does she think I can’t handle it?

Reimu tightened her grip, gathering her spiritual power.

Kanako’s head tilted, expressing only the slightest confusion before Reimu grabbed the goddess’s shoulders and lurched to the side. Reimu pulled herself up and rolled over her, flipping her and now pressing her to the bed. Straddling her, Reimu stared deep into her eyes. She leaned down, breathing into Kanako’s ear.

“Just sit back and let me give you the best night you’ve ever had.”

Kanako laid her head back, sighing. She then fixed Reimu with a soft, gentle gaze as she ran a hand through the shrine maiden’s hair. “I know. You don’t have to prove yo-mph?”

Reimu dropped her head down and pressed her lips to Kanako’s. She held it there for a moment, breathing hard and blushing at just how much Kanako’s baffled eyes filled her own.

Then she brought her tongue to bear, pressing it between the goddess’s lips.

Kanako let her in, but Reimu halted as soon as it happened. Her tongue lagged until Kanako’s rose to greet it, touching tips.

Kanako pushed up, sliding her tongue over Reimu’s and into the maiden’s mouth. Reimu pinned it to the roofs of their mouths and pushed it back, sliding around and over it as she plunged in as far as she could.

Kanako relented, letting the intruder sweep from side to side.

Until she pressed her hands to Reimu’s cheeks and pushed her away, breaking the kiss. A strand of drool trailed between them, breaking over Kanako’s heaving bust.

“Give… give me a moment.”

Reimu pulled back, lifting her arms to let Kanako roll out from under her. Kanako leaned over the bed’s edge to the chest at its right. Throwing it open, she pulled out a long coil of rope and dumped it before her. Still breathing heavy, she sat up at stared, eyes pleading.

“Punish me, Reimu.”

Reimu glared down at the rope.

She’s a masochist?

Reimu had heard stories of these sorts, even fantasized about this situation once or twice. She’d have lied if she said she couldn’t understand their interests. She knew what to do.

The first step was to…

Reimu blinked, scowling down into the taut folds of Kanako’s shirt, stretched across her abundant bust. She pulled herself up, off the bed.

“You’ve… displeased me, Kanako.” Reimu took a breath, the thrill of exercising this power barely overriding her jitters. “Strip.”

Her eyes twinkled at the mention of her name, as if to say, ‘what gave it away?’

Reimu swallowed.

“At once, my goddess.” Kanako hadn’t spoken the word so much as breathed it.

It sent a downright honeyed tingle up Reimu’s spine.

Reimu took a step back, folding her arms under her naked breasts.

Kanako sat up, peeling her sash off.

She crossed her arms before her, reaching under her dress and bunching the skirt up to her waist. The move that Reimu had tried and failed before. Kanako give her dress a simple tug, bringing up, over her head, and back down, all in one smooth maneuver.

Pulling her arms out, she tossed it to Reimu’s own discarded shirt.

Beneath it, Reimu found a shiny, violet bra in some outsider style. Half-transparent and smothered in lace. It left little to the imagination, showcasing that Kanako’s giant tits were at least as firm and shapely as her own.

But that bust vanished from Reimu’s mind as her eyes traveled south. Kanako had a firm, toned midriff, with just the right amount of fat smoothing her abdominals, gracing her hips, and rounding out her form. If her bust size defeated Reimu’s, the goddess’s overall shape had massacred her.

Further south, Reimu found a matching pair of similarly sheer, lacy panties. And thighs that looked like they could kill.

Reimu’s fingers moved to her own skirt, fidgeting with the hem. She’d have to take it off, certainly. But up against such a divine body, how could she compete? Was there even a point, anymore?

A proud twinkle had snuck into Kanako’s eyes.

Reimu’s brow hardened.

Reimu glared back. “Did I say you could stop?”

Kanako shook her head. “No, ma’am.” Reaching around her back, she snapped the bra loose.

Swinging her shoulders, Kanako flexed her arms and slid the bra down them. With a flick, she had them hanging from one finger, then thrown to the side. Swollen brown nipples sat atop wide, raised areolae.

Kanako smiled. Reimu tapped her feet. Kanako stood and leaned down, her pendulous tits swaying as she did so.

Reimu’s hands returned to cross underneath her own naked, humbled bust, pushing it out the little that she could.

Hooking her thumbs in the waistband, Kanako dragged her panties down her legs and clean off. She stood back up, hanging the panties off her left hand as she revealed her clean-shaven crotch and the glistening slit therein.

Her eyes narrowed, her tongue sliding across her lips. “What now, Reimu?”

Reimu tapped her foot another couple times, frowning. Then a smile brightened her face.

“Give me the rope, then turn around.”

Kanako blushed. After baring herself entirely to a stranger, now she got embarrassed. Panties still hanging from one thumb, she grabbed the pile and extended her hands.

“Drop it.”

Kanako dropped the rope between them. Then, true to her word, she turned her back to Reimu.

Her taut, firm back.

She would never admit to it, but this was something Reimu knew something of. She worked the rope, unwinding it and finding herself baffled by its length.

This would be far easier than her own sessions.

“Cross your hands behind your back.”

Once more, Kanako obeyed, shoulder muscles flexing as she did so.

Reimu found the midpoint and folded it to form a small half-loop, then dragged the rope from Kanako’s left shoulder, around her back, to her right, then her front.

“Bind me tight, Reimu.”

Slowly, patiently, she pulled it through the half-loop, hooking it around and circling Kanako twice more in the opposite direction. Pulling it around the front, she looped it twice around the center and pulled it down, between Kanako’s heavy breasts.

“Are they too big?”

Reimu’s hands tightened around the rope. “Yes. They must, uh, be punished.”

“What about their size offends you, Reimu?” Something about her voice bothered Reimu. She was fishing for something. What, Reimu had no idea.

“They’re… obscene.”

Silence fell.

Leaving some slack, Reimu pulled the rope around, under the breast, to the back where, once more, she dragged it around each arm, then back to the front where she looped it around itself just under the breasts. She pulled it tight, feeling Kanako’s bust push back.

Kanako squirmed a little. “Ooh, so tight, Reimu. I must’ve been a bad servant.”

Reimu frowned, thinking. “You’re, uh, only allowed to call me ‘goddess’ tonight.” That was a thing they did, right?

“Of course, my goddess.”

Passing it around one more time, she slipped it under Kanako’s left armpit where she looped it around both strands, pulling them tight as she lashed them together.

“Say goodbye to your hands, Kanako.”

“I’m only your…” Kanako paused, “your worshipper.”

Pulling Kanako’s right wrist close, she lashed that to the left elbow and, looping the rope a few times around the arms, lashed the left wrist to the right elbow, then lashed the ropes under the right armpit.

She tied the ropes off there.

Kanako flexed her arms, muscles straining against the rope. Her torso swung, her fingers flexed, but her arms failed to budge.

“What do you have next for me, my goddess?”

Reimu frowned, her eyes sinking to the panties still dangling behind Kanako’s back. She yanked them away and, stretching them out, she raised them above Kanako’s head. Spreading the shiny, sheer fabric as tight as she could, she brought them down, pulling them over Kanako’s fluffy hair.

Kanako sighed. “Aw, was that it?”

Reimu grunted. “It’s enough.”

They’re panties. What did she expect me to do?

Reimu took a step back as Kanako fidgeted, shifting her back and testing the ropes. The goddess’s fingers flexed as the arms strained.

Satisfied, Reimu set her hands on Kanako’s hips and dragged her a short distance back. Then she loosened a lace in the back of her own skirt and wiggled out.

Kanako froze at the sound of Reimu’s skirt hitting the floor.

Reimu usually favored traditional dress, preferring wrapped sarashi and bloomers when she wore any underwear at all, but even she knew she needed something a little different when she wanted to be sexy.

So as Reimu circled around and plopped her ass on the bed, spreading her legs to either side of Kanako’s rope-bound body, she revealed a pair of simple, white panties.

Kanako’s ropes dug into her breasts, forcing them out and further emphasizing their pendulous weight.

Reimu frowned down upon Kanako’s panty-clad head as she tapped the thin fabric hiding her pussy. “Take them off for me.”

Kanako glanced to the panties, then to Reimu’s eyes. Then down to the panties. With a twitchy smile flickering on and off her face, Kanako closed her eyes and, kneeling before her, leaned forward. Hands clenched by her sides, she pressed her lips to Reimu’s panties. Then, gently, her teeth.

Pinching the fabric between them, she pulled them back. Slowly, Kanako shuffled backward and Reimu slid her legs together, allowing the goddess to pull them further and further down her legs.

Until, as Kanako leaned toward the floor, they slid around and off Reimu’s smooth red shoes. Satisfied, Reimu parted her legs once more as Kanako shuffled forward. Bare knees thumping across the wood, Kanako stopped just before she reached Reimu’s now bare pussy. Looking up, she gave a triumphant smile, still holding Reimu’s underwear between her teeth.

Reimu grabbed hold of them and removed them from Kanako’s pliant mouth, setting them on the bed to her side.

Both Kanako and Reimu then looked down, between Reimu’s legs. A scraggly mess of short brown hairs crowded near her mound. Even Kanako’s pussy had her beat.

Still, swallowing and determined to make a strong showing for herself, Reimu cleared her throat and, looking up to minimize her shame, she slipped her fingers across her lower lips and spread them.

“I,” swallowing, she continued, “think you know what to do next.”

Kanako nodded and leaned in, mute. She began by puckering and elicited a hiss from Reimu by placing a soft, reverent kiss on her mound.

Her tongue swiped once, gentle and slow, up the edge of Reimu’s slit.

Reimu shuddered. Kanako’s head bobbed between her thighs as she alternated between kissing and licking the maiden’s pussy.

Reimu’s breath grew short and ragged in moments, but Kanako’s relentless, teasing attention continued. Frustrated, Reimu clamped her thighs together, pressing into Kanako’s head.

Reimu’s left hand plunged to the bed behind her for support, while the right slipped under the panties on Kanako’s head to wander through her fluffy locks. Hand shaking, she pressed down, pushing Kanako’s head in.

“H-Hurr…” Reimu took a breath, “hurry up!”

Kanako took a breath, warm air rushing from her nostrils to Reimu’s mound. Then she plunged her tongue inside.

Kanako pressed down through her canal, wet muscle scraping through moistening walls. The goddess paused, her tongue stuffed deep inside Reimu. Reimu took a long, shuddering breath.

Which transformed into a scream as Kanako pulled out.

Reimu inhaled once more. “A-an accepta-acceptable job. But I neED MORE!”

Kanako plunged back in, the pleasure it caused almost driving Reimu’s tongue through her own teeth. Her gut pounded as Kanako twisted her tongue through the folds, licking the walls and sucking her juices.

Reimu’s skin grew slick as her chest heaved out, shivers rolling down her spine. She sucked in a few breaths and stared at the plaster ceiling. Her shaking eased very slightly. “Good,” she breathed, “good. Your… your tongue. It, pleases me. Taste… my divine, my divine pussy.”

Kanako’s nose rubbed Reimu’s crotch as the goddess pulled back once more, leaving only the tip of her tongue inside.

“Excuse… me? Did I say yoOUGH.”

Reimu threw her head back as Kanako forced herself deeper in a swift thrust followed by hard retraction. She shoved her way back in, pumping her tongue in and out, paying special attention to the roof of Reimu’s canal.

Reimu peeled her right hand from the panties and dragged it back by her left, fumbling for purchase before planting it down and leaning back.

Reimu jerked and twisted, quaking to the masterwork of Kanako’s tongue. Panting, groaning, and fighting back a great moan, she swallowed.

“Ke… keep it goING! I-”

Reimu’s entire body locked for an eternal second as Kanako hit a sweet spot. It felt for this moment that she hung from a great precipice.

Then she fell. The pleasure, the release, hit her body like a thunder clap. A lightning bolt that tore through every nerve and ripped the hungriest moan she’d ever heard from her own lips. Warm, wet, sticky fluid poured from her pussy and down Kanako’s throat as the waves of ecstasy rolled through her quaking body.

Finally, Reimu collapsed into the bed, chest heaving.

For a short moment, the world was dango and mochi.
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Then she remembered where she was. She remembered what her job was. She’d come here to prove her abilities. To make her partner scream with pleasure.

The only person to have felt anything was her. As the strength ebbed from her body, so too did her will.

Her heaving breaths took on a quaking, uncertain quality. Her arms fell across her face.

Kanako swallowed the last of her juices and leaned back, shiny violet silk stretched over purple hair. “I must have done quite well to satisfy my godd-”

“I’m sorry.”

Reimu laid there, her meager breasts rising and falling as unsteady breaths pushed themselves through her lungs. Kanako kept silent.

“I…” Reimu inhaled, “I’m worn out.”

“Already, huh?”

Reimu gritted her teeth. “Sorry.”

Kanako sighed, audibly disappointed.

Reimu dragged herself up, staring Kanako down. She huffed and stood, lifting her right leg to step around, behind Kanako.

Falling to her knees, she gripped the last knot by Kanako’s right arm.

Kanako twisted, pulling it away.

Reimu reached for it again. Kanako thumped her side into her, knocking her back.

Brow twitching, Reimu paused, too tired to argue. A moment of silence passed.

“We still have half an hour.”

Reimu groaned. “I just said, I’m beat.”

Kanako mumbled something, stunning Reimu.

She had no idea what the goddess said, though. Just that Kanako mumbled.

“Speak up.”

Kanako sighed, long and slow and dramatic. “I can take control for the rest of our time, if you can’t.”

Reimu narrowed her eyes. “What?”

“You said you’re unable to continue. If you’re so sure you can’t handle it-”

I can handle this! I can please one damn woman.

Gut trembling, Reimu found anger burning her fatigue away. She stood and, wrapping her arms under Kanako’s oversized, bound tits, heaved and flung her onto the bed.

She marched to the right, throwing the chest open and grabbed the first fat, veiny cock she found. A dark purple one, with a head on each end. Marching back to the foot of the bed, she raised a hand over Kanako’s fat, upturned ass. She brought it down, crashing against those damn, firm ass-cheeks.

Kanako yelped.

“Show me your cunt.”

Swinging her shoulders once, then twice, Kanako rolled onto her back. And she brought those damn, mammoth tits back into view as she did so.

Reimu pressed the cock to her own pussy first, pushing it to her slick, waiting slit. She pushed it through the outer lips, a shaky grin returning to her face. Small tingles of pleasure pricked at the edge of Reimu’s mind. Then it stopped. She pressed, shoved, and scraped, grinding the unyielding head through her stubborn, stiff flesh.

“Um, my goddess-”

“I. Have. Got. This.”

Reimu gave it one last push, getting most of the head inside. Then, fatigue creeping back as anger gave way to defeated frustration, she fell to her knees. Sore muscles had drowned out the once-pleasant spark.

The rubber cock hit the floor with a flop as Reimu’s face fell to Kanako’s smooth, toned belly.

She sighed, eyes moist, breathing slow, as she fixed Kanako with a tired glare.

“What? What am I screwing up this time?”

“You need to lubricate it, first.”

Of course. It wasn’t bad enough she had to give up the promise she wouldn’t need toys. She also had to be shown as utterly incompetent at them.

“And just where would these be, oh wise priestess?”

Kanako gave a bashful, defensive smile. “Under the dildos.”

Reimu groaned, shot a halfhearted glance at the chest, and yanked the unused end of the dildo up to her face. She spat on it. She rotated it and spat again. Then again, then again.

Placing her right hand along the shaft, she rubbed it up and down, spreading her saliva around the head, then down the shaft, getting almost halfway.

“Spit isn’t as good a lubricant as…”

Reimu tuned the goddess out as she flipped the dildo around and pressed it to her pussy once more. She had to work it, but after a few twists, it sunk in past the head. The tingles returned.

With her right hand on the shaft to make certain it didn’t fall out, she climbed on the bed. Rubber cock hanging from her pussy, she stepped over Kanako, then stopped to kneel over her bust. Running her hands through the goddess’s fluffy hair, she pulled Kanako’s head up.

She scooted forward, just slightly, until the cock pressed into Kanako’s face, angling up.

“Help me finish the job, would you?”

Kanako eyes bounced between Reimu’s face and her purple cock only once before she closed her eyes and nodded, spreading her lips wide open.

Reimu leaned back just long enough for the cock to fall onto Kanako’s waiting tongue. She then thrust forward, sinking it down the goddess’s ready mouth.

It hit the back, the entrance to her throat, and refused to progress. Reimu pushed harder, experiencing small pops of warm pleasure as her pressure forced it deeper down her own pussy. She pulled back, bringing the head to Kanako’s lips before pumping it back in.

She pumped Kanako a few more times, bringing a warm haze to her own mind. One that reminded her of the first time as the panty-clad head slid up and down her shaft.

She pulled back, staggering, and stepped off the bed. Warm, fuzzy thoughts intermingled with memories of Kanako’s attitude. Her confidence, her bouts of inviting bashfulness. But above all, that damn arrogance. Beads of cool sweat covered her skin. Feeling a shift, almost a slip, inside her, Reimu renewed her grip on the shaft as she lined it up with Kanako’s waiting pussy.

She’d do this. She had to.

After the disaster she’d shown this far, she had to at least try.

With her left hand, she dragged Kanako’s legs off the bed, until that smooth, bare pussy hung out just over the edge.

“You know…”

“Please, Kanako. Just shut, up.”

Reimu pressed the head to that slit and shoved, slamming her toy cock halfway down Kanako’s cunt before she felt it push further up her own.

She gasped, holding a shaking hand to Kanako’s gut as she caught her breath. Sweat poured down her skin as she slid out, just slightly. A flush covered Kanako’s skin but she showed few other signs of… excitement.

Reimu growled as she pulled back, preparing for her next strike. She glanced to Kanako one more time, almost as if asking permission.

Kanako only glanced back.

Reimu shoved herself back inside. The dildo dug deeper, grinding through her, striking a sweet spot. Reimu moaned, long and heavy, then collapsed into Kanako’s soft, heavy breasts.

She clenched her teeth as she pulled herself upright. She pulled back out and thrust back in. She hissed, moaned, and groaned. Her body twitched, but she soon had shivers rolling through Kanako as well. Sweat poured from both their bodies.

Slap, slap, slap.

Reimu pounded Kanako, hair flying, eyes locked in on the lip Kanako now held under her teeth and the ropes digging into her flesh. On the giant breasts bouncing to her exhausting rhythm. On the stained fabric atop her head.

Kanako mewled.

Reimu panted, sucking in air. Supple rubber pounded her core with every thrust. Her hand soon slipped off the cock, quaking with the rest of her body as her mind fogged over. Thankfully, the combined pressure of their pussies kept it in place, at least for now.

Kanako moaned.

She groaned, dropping her near-useless hands on either side of Kanako’s bouncing stomach. Then she fell to her elbows. She felt the air shift with each slowing thrust, almost smacked by each bounce of Kanako’s giant breasts.

Kanako swallowed, panting.

Reimu pushed harder, hips jerking and legs twisting as the cock dove deeper inside her.

“Come,” she swallowed, “on!”


Kanako tensed up, her shaking thighs pulling together and pressing her pussy tighter. Reimu alternated between moaning as the cock drove into her and gasping for air as she wound up for the next hit.

Then, finally, Kanako froze.

Sweat dripping from her body onto the goddess below her, Reimu pushed on. Fighting not to climax first.

Fighting not to fail. Again.

Then Kanako gasped, her body shuddering.

And the goddess fell limp.

Reimu pushed on, too close to her own release to give up.

But her muscles gave out.

She fell forward, her head crashing between Kanako’s mountains. The dildo bent as she did so, then snapped and popped free from both pussies, thumping to the floor below.

The desire, the lust and pleasure rolling through her body faded as darkness overtook Reimu.
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File 156132193287.png - (1.15MB, 865x1039, nudereimu.png)
Reimu stirred, shifting her weight atop the uneven surface of a great woman’s naked rack and legs.

She blinked her eyes open and planted her hands on the surface’s breasts, lifting herself up. She stared down into Kanako’s bashful eyes. She groaned and pushed herself to the side, rolling off the goddess.

Landing on her back, Reimu stared to the ceiling.

She’d laid one of Gensokyo’s most powerful goddesses and would even be paid for the pleasure of doing so.

If only she’d performed a bit bett…

“Could you untie me?”

Reimu blinked, staring back at the goddess lying beside her. Ropes still wrapped tight around those giant tits.

“Sure, sure.”

She pulled herself up and went to work. It took a few moments to find the knots and get them all undone, but soon enough, Kanako sat up, her naked ass facing Reimu as she flexed her arms. With bright pink marks crossing her back.

The goddess sighed and peeled the panties off her head. Reimu looked away.

“Thanks, ‘Jun.’ That was a decent first effort.”

Reimu scowled. “Don’t mock me.”

The goddess giggled. Reimu couldn’t help some small wonder at the way her athletic back moved as she did so. “You’re getting, what? Eight hundred a night?”

Reimu glowered. “Five.”

“Well, how about you stop by the Moriya Shrine some quiet night.” Kanako glanced back, eyelids low. “I would pay a fortune to see my goddess again.”

Reimu looked away, cheeks red. “I’ll think about it.”

“Please don’t make me wait too long.”

Reimu took only a glance back to find Kanako stepping back into her fancy, lacy underwear.

Reimu stared down into the barely-trimmed patch between her thighs, sighing. It did feel good. Maybe she could just pay one visit.

The door opened. “Next time, I’ll show you how it’s done, first.”

Reimu’s head spun to the door, just as it shut.

She growled and swung her legs off the bed. Standing up, she shuffled around to her own humble panties and wrappings.


Reimu sighed, sprawled out on the bed, twirling a finger through her hair. Her eyes turned once more to the plaster ceiling, thoughts of her performance running through her head.

She sighed, feeling weeks of frustration ebb from her body as she reminisced on the past hour. She couldn’t say how long she laid there, muscles tensing as the thought of her performance, pleasant tingles racing when she thought of Kanako’s tongue, and stretching out at thoughts of her own bed.

She heard a knock on the door. Without thinking, she responded.

“Yeah, what?”

“We’re legally obliged to inform you that you’re only required to take one customer tonight.” A pause. “However, we have a guest who insists on seeing you. For an additional bonus, you could…”

“Just send him in.” Now that she had a guy, and probably not someone expecting dominance, she’d perform far better. Besides, if she could power through one orgasm, why not two?

The door clicked as Reimu pulled her skirt up her thighs.

“Why did you call yourself…”

Reimu froze, as did the visitor, judging by her voice. Yes, her voice. Again. Reimu turned around to find a wall-eyed girl with curly green hair, giant, stone ears on either side of her face, and a stubby horn on her forehead.


Her… lion dog. Guardian. Shrine watcher?

“You were so hard to find! I thought I lost you after the argument near the soap place, and…”

Reimu swallowed. “I’ll be back at the shrine soon.”

Aun nodded, furious, face bright red. She rubbed her cheek. “Uh, could we… do what you did with the other girl, first?”

Reimu blinked.

Someone called out from the hallway.

“You don’t have to ask. She already accepted.”

Aun’s face brightened. Reimu gulped.
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Kanako trudged through the quiet, darkened main room of her shrine, feet shuffling to her personal chamber. After all the grief that former outpost brought, all the believers demanding she take their side in that damn property battle, it did bring her the occasional gem.

However coarse that gem would turn out to be.

She stepped through her door, shutting it behind her to block out what little light eked into the main room. Sighing, she groped around her bed and peeled the large, heavy breast harness off it, then walked to her closet. She slid it open and dumped the harness inside. She shrugged the coat and hat off, tossing them in with it. Closing it again, she trotted back to her bed.

Crashing into the sheets, she sighed again, a little happy this time. She’d finally spent a night in bed with Reimu. She even got the girl to dominate her.

She groaned, thumping her hands once behind her. She was so close. So damn close. But Reimu, clearly, wasn’t ready. The girl needed training. She needed to learn how to confine, to control, to overwhelm a goddess of the heavens.

Her eyes drifted through the shadows to her closed closet. The fun toys would have to wait. The toys made for Kanako. Tomorrow, she’d need a set for someone smaller and thinner. Someone who needed to learn, first-hand, what she needed from her. Perhaps, once that girl learned the ropes, they’d finally get to do what she dreamed of.
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