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File 155678813350.png - (877.49KB, 994x1077, a mess.png)
a mess
From yonder tale >>/others/65260. This happens at the end of chapter 14 in thread 6, specifically following these bits, if you are in need of context:

A young magician gets rather lewd with an ancient oni.
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File 155678829783.gif - (3.80MB, 1039x1150, yum.gif)
With her straddling him, and his body now nearly laid out back midair, Gen slipped the first joint of his finger inside Ibuki Suika.


Suika’s mouth left his, and she clawed deeper into his clothing, enough that he started to worry the little oni would soon reach his flesh. Because of that, and his concern that he might reach something inside the young(-seeming) woman that he did not want to use a finger to pierce, his plunging remained shallow.

... In spite of his lust’s best efforts to push much, much further.

Suika’s mouth was held open, her tongue lolling somewhat as he rubbed her. Her drool fell on his body and face slovenly. To keep his sense, he held her hand tighter. This was necessary, as he’d already begun to stiffen enough that his mind was becoming clouded.

Hiding themselves in water had proved to be a very good idea, for more than simple concealment. Suika’s body was gleaming; the lights he’d cast were illuminating her skin with a shine that, through appearance alone, was forcing him near to a finish. The lines of her abdomen, the hills of her ribcage, and that face flush and lost to pleasure, eyes distant—not thinking, he squeezed her mound.

“Khah! Hah!” she panted. He felt the blood in his face.

He looked down then past her glistening navel to his hand, and to her swollen clit. He bit, and ground his teeth together.

“Gen...” Suika spoke to him, getting his attention. Her voice was high, and she sounded a full measure more intoxicated than usual. She requested, pleading, “put it in...”

His thoughts succumbed to turbulence, alarm bells going off in his head. As a magician, he had to often be of clear mind and solid reason, but that plea was enough to push his manhood too far. The gentleman seemed genuinely close to bursting out through the belt and zipper. Reason, reason...

“No...” he growled, pulling his hand back.

“Put it in... put id...” she mumbled. Her saliva dropped onto his bottom lip. He closed his mouth, swallowed it, and shivered from the taste.

“S... Miss Suika...” he whispered harshly, breathing out. He stopped for a moment, parting her lower lips with his fingers. The scent and heat compelled his hand toward the front of his pants. No... he thought, halting the movement and shaking his head, I want to... marry her first. I don’t want to... do anything irresponsible, and I... still... have... to...

He brought his hand under her thigh, lifted it, and pulled her labia open with his thumb. Suika grunted, aching, and she brought her right hand down to start fingering herself.

Jesus...” he swore, glaring. This was only their second nightly encounter. If things kept up like this, holding back every time, he could ironically turn into an ascetic.

He lifted himself up and kissed her, an act that turned out to be rather sloppy, with her tongue void of technique and her drooling plentiful. Still, the act seemed to draw in her senses somewhat and briefly, enough that when he noticed a twitch in her brow and addressed her, he was able to keep her attention.

“Miss Suika,” he said, gulping her spit and keeping eye contact, “let me...” he continued, taking her arm away from its lonesome act and lifting it toward his face. “Leave it to me,” he requested, “I’ll make you cum enough that you shouldn’t need... that.” He put her hand in his mouth and licked it eagerly, but solemnly. And, through her twisting brow and sharp drawing of breath, he knew that her heart had just tightened.

While drinking off her digits, he looked up to the water orb’s current and flow. He relinquished her hand for a moment to tell her, “This is a bit awkward, let’s head to shore.” He proceeded to kiss and suck at her hand again, then let go of her wrist to tap at a book on his belt. He put his nail to where he was certain there was a glyph, and scraped at it to tear the paper. His Master would not like that, but it would be an easy fix. The water crashed down over them, soaking them both but sparing the warded books. As he flew backward to the mountain (meanwhile moving his tongue from her hand, to her wrist, up her arm, and onto her breast), he broke the seal of the spell of starlight too, and they flickered out one by one as the couple passed. He undid his belt and zipper, pulling his hardened mast out. While he went greedily at Suika’s chest, the oni’s ears perked up, she sniffed the air a moment before breathing in, and she reached down to grab the released member.

A jolt ran through him, they crashed down onto grass, and he stopped sucking at her nipple. Suika had pressed the underside of his cock to her vagina, and was now stroking it with both that and her hand. Gen put his hand firmly down on her shoulder, attempting to move her to no avail. Her hips ground forward, he coughed and shook. The slimy texture, mixed with the pebble press of her clitoris, was legitimately driving him mad. Strokes and strokes of white-out pleasure were assaulting his poor little man, his own hips forcing up whether he wanted them to or not. He was unable to think straight, beyond knowing that he could not impregnate her—not yet. He had far, far too long to go for such a thing, despite his wants and intentions. If he ejaculated on her, and she was accidentally inseminated while he was still a weak, unstable human with so much to learn, he would never be able to forgive himself.

“S—Suika, let’s... hide behind that tree,” he grunted, now gripping her shoulder enough that ordinary skin would bleed. He meant the tree at their backs, large enough and under a wide enough canopy that they could have some privacy, at least, from any people wandering by the Lake at this hour. He caught her eye and insisted, “Let me tongue you.”

Suika stumbled off of him still holding his right hand and, trembling, shaking, dragged him to where he wanted to go, almost falling over her opened and disheveled clothing. He followed, she let go of his hand and put her back against the tree, getting ready to sit.

“Wait,” he said, taking off his coat. He prepared it underneath her and whispered a spell of air to trap some sort of cushioning within it. “... Okay.”

Suika dropped down, pulling off her skirt and bloomers. She removed her shirt as well, leaned back, and opened herself to him. He swallowed; she spread herself open, and saw his cock twitch.

“Hey... are you sure—?” she asked, and as an answer he hid his manhood behind his hand.

Gen got onto his forearms and stared at Suika’s nakedness, his heart now absolutely pounding. He kissed her insides and shivered to hear her whine. He kept his hand hovering over his lower self, putting in effort to stay it away from any touch.

Thus, he began to eat her out. Suika’s “Ah! Ah! Ah!”s each pierced him ruthless with arousal as he sucked, licked, and generally enjoyed her most womanly part.

Her hips bucked against his face. He put his teeth very gently on her most sensitive part, and she screamed and pushed down on his head. In fact, she held him hard with both hands, grinding her body against his mouth to make a mess of it. He looked up to see her bearing her teeth and shutting her eyes. Not to disappoint, he closed his own, opened his mouth wide, and tongued the entirety of the flower.

“Aghah! Y-Yeah! Yeah! Good!” she praised. He smiled while kissing her, parted her some more, and began to corkscrew his tongue inside (she almost pulled out his hair). The temperature, the narrowness, and taste; nothing about this was against his desires, she could (and was, now) truly force his head rough against her petals, and he would enjoy every second of being there, between her legs. He continued to let her trap him for the purposes of cunnilingus until her body rocked noticeably passionately, and she sprayed his face with her juices.

He stopped there as her hands relaxed, looking into her twitching part between her twitching hips. He then decided to mention: “See... you’re not thinking straight, Miss Suika. You only...” and he paused, getting onto his knees to lift one of her legs and remove her footwear. “You only want me to fuck you because you’re absolutely out of it. If I had sex with you, tomorrow morning you’d have your head in your hands.”

He took off her other shoe and began to remove the sock. “Oh... yeah?” said Suika breathily. “Then... how about... you? How’re you... keeping your head on straight in... front of me? Look... Look how obviously you want to...”

Her last words accompanied a stare downward.

“I am a man of logic and reason,” he replied, holding her left leg and caressing its inner thigh now that her sock was off. He began to suck her toes, to her pleasurable contortions and hollow complaints about uncleanliness, thinking also, And since I love you, I won’t subject you to the trouble of a weak father who doesn’t even have his own home.

He thought something else, looking curiously toward the moon, and took her foot from his mouth. He stood up and lowered his underwear into his trousers, letting himself free from the hole in the crotch to erect fully. Suika gazed transfixed, and he swore he could hear her heart thumping.
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File 155678875941.jpg - (3.99MB, 1895x2700, finish.jpg)
“You really want this, huh...” he remarked, holding himself in front of her. “Alright, here,” He said, and with one hand atop her head, he pushed his cock as close to her face as he could before contact.

Suika’s face glowed as she was presented with his rod. She swallowed, stared, stared longer, and even longer until she seemed to be in some sort of daze, judging by how her expression relaxed. She sniffed at his tip, and he hurried to stop his semen from flying out then and there.

Suika continued to sniff at his cock for quite a while, and he found himself unable to move as she did so. His ears felt hot, his cock even hotter, and overall he was fairly certain he might literally explode at any moment. Suika did not stop, getting her fill of his scent from the front, sides, below, and above. She pressed her face, eyes closed, against his pubic hair and huffed. She then went lower and breathed in at his testicles. Gen was thoughtless all the while, until she opened her mouth to drag her tongue against the underside of looser skin.

“...!!” He silently held his ground, exhaling through his nose. This had mostly tickled, at least, what the youkai did next however was an outright test of endurance. She lapped along his shaft repeatedly, coating it in her warm saliva while he stared down at her and started to moan. “Oh... Ohhgh... Hh...” he breathed, unable to keep his mouth shut now. Her tongue slid along him too pleasurably, like a roll of sparks. When she swallowed him without warning while he was contemplating life in the tree’s bark, he grabbed both of her horns, bit hard onto his own teeth, and growled.

He already knew this sensation, but it was so, mercilessly, unbelievably, delightfully hot inside of Suika’s mouth. He did nothing himself other than hold on to his senses and back his orgasm, because the sooner he ejaculated the sooner this stupefying pleasure would end.

Tickling, sparkling—her hard teeth and rolling tongue—all too much. Too much. He thought his heart skipped a bit. Holding his breath, he let her continue.

“Mmf... chp... Gg... Mwm... gg... hm... hm...”

The noises, too, pushed his buttons.

Again without warning, Suika did something maddening. She pushed him to her throat, and that throat began to regularly tighten over and over on his head. His manhood was engulfed by a sleeve of wet, tight, heat, in which her tongue lazily undulated and crawled around him. The slippery pushing, prodding, and massaging had him flinching at their slightest motions; it out and out felt too good. He wanted to bite his lip, but knew he’d bite hard enough to bleed it. Instead, he slouched, holding on to the oni’s horns for dear life.

“Fuuu... fuuu... Mg! Fuu... Fuuu...”

With her choking voice and breathing into his crotch, he knew his time was up. With a few back and forth arguments in his head about whether or not this was an acceptable thing to do, he gave in to his basest desires, shut his eyes, and after a slow pull back slammed back into her mouth, the stupidly good feeling rippling out from his waist.

“Mffhwh!? Mm! Mm!”

With her noises in his ears, Gen bucked against her mouth, using his arms too to move her head. A mess of spit and precum dripped off of him and, he heard, out her mouth; this audio and these electric surges down his shaft almost pushing him to sickness. He felt his sack tighten, yet still held on in order to get the most out of it.

“Mmf! Fmf! Hmf! Hm!”

“Gugh...” he moaned, opening his eyes to a squint. He saw that Suika was not pained by this at all. Her cheeks were full of him and she stared, eyes half-lidded, far off and zoned out as he moved and pounded her. She even slid as well in time to his forcefulness, sucking loudly and making withdrawal blissfully difficult. Furthermore, both of her hands were at her bottom lips, frantically plunging. He gulped; she heard that and met his eyes. That sleepy look, in her chestnut eyes—Gen finished immediately.

“Gah!” he breathed, and felt a rush of semen explode out of him and down Suika’s throat. His legs buckled, he grit his teeth and slammed his hips against her face with spurt after gratifying spurt. She whined.

“MMmmMm~! MGg...! Gg... Glp... Glp... mg... mh... mglp...”

And she swallowed.

“Hah—! Hah—! H-Hah—! Fu-Fuck...!” he panted and shook, feeling like the pleasure from his cock and into his legs would soon be making him fall. He extracted himself from Suika’s mouth, and almost came again from the site of his penis tied to her mouth with strands and cords of saliva and noticeably thick cum. When she went to kiss and lick his tip, a shock ran through and he did cum again. With a pant, he shot his semen onto her face, making her blink and flinch as it landed over her shut left eye.

Still with a sense of reason, Gen awkwardly opened his vest and shirt while Suika moved her hand up and down along his half-flaccid shaft. He bounced in her grip, and when he dropped his tops off, he hastily removed his bottoms, sat down before her (which made her lose her grip), and pulled her body onto his, his cock taking no time to stiffen against her stomach. She gulped, hugged him, and the two of them rubbed against one another eagerly, soon sharing a careless and deep kiss.

He would not yet fuck Ibuki Suika.

... But truly, truly, this was a difficult goal to manage.

--True End of Chapter 14: Gensokyo Past and Present--


image sources:
but actually https://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=43256383

doujin source: (Reitaisai 12) [Igou (Yamazaki Kana)] Gekkou no Utage (Touhou Project)

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