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File 155433842325.jpg - (1.40MB, 4074x6000, miladyandmeido.jpg)
Original Thread One: >>>/at/16360

Everything started from a little drunken walk in the woods. Though you might have been running. And you might have been chasing someone. Your recollection has never been super-clear. At the very least, you had stumbled off the beaten path and ended up in something of a muddy patch.

That’s where you first met Tenta, your current closest frenemy. Coming to and seeing him attached to your chest, much less seeing tentacles come out of you, was a shock, to say the least. Once you’d gotten used to his presence and had the chance to talk to him, you figured that you might as well roll with it until you can do something about it. Besides, a bit of playing around in the forest showed you that having tentacles could be fun and even useful.

Fast forwarding through the next couple of days, you had a pretty whirlwind tour of the way being literally attached to Tenta can complicate your life: You found out that he has a daughter, a nue named, oddly, Nue, who seems to have no problem getting really close with her dad. You also found out that he was somehow ‘acquainted’ in the past with none other than Yakumo Yukari. Even worse, you discovered that he had some sort of encounter with a previous Hakurei shamaness and ended up sealed away for it. Whatever his crimes, Yukari seemed overjoyed to see Tenta again, calling it a cause for celebration.

The most important complication out of all of this, though, was meeting Alice. Hooking up the way you did felt strange at first, but it didn’t take long for the two of you to get used to each other, not unlike how you got used to Tenta — albeit in a much more amiable way. Soon enough, you were staying around Alice’s house like the two of you were an item. Few days passed where you didn’t see Alice, even if you were out chasing other women at Tenta’s whim. The lonely (though sometimes rewarding) life of constant farming was no substitute for time spent with Alice now, even if the whole situation could be bonkers, to say the least.

In the midst of starting off your happy life together with Alice, Yukari intruded to inform you that celebrations were actually happening and you would be expected at them. The party itself was more like a conference, partly to announce that Tenta was back and partly to tell newcomers who he was. Various important faces across Gensokyo had shown up, some eager to see Tenta, others simply curious. After the talks, no less than Hieda no Akyuu grabbed you for some ‘quality time’. Then, Yukari retrieved you in order to conduct a meet-and-greet with her closest friends, where you proceeded to get very drunk and black out.

After that little shindig, you were rewarded with a hangover and a message from Yukari that she’d be around to pick you up once she’d worked out a date with Remilia. The exact significance of any such date didn’t hit until you went to find some food to settle your queasy stomach.

The night’s heavy indulgence hadn’t erased any of Alice’s memories, and the quiet distance she showed in the kitchen said everything before she even explained. Over coffee, she recounted your swift disappearance into Yukari’s fold, her discovery of you getting friendly with Remilia, and Yukari informing her that you would be paying the vampire a ‘very important visit’. Her somewhat cold re-telling of events did seem to prod snippets of your own experience loose. You especially remembered asking Remilia if kissing her was like kissing a corpse, and the warm, forceful answer you got. If the others hadn’t interposed, Tenta might have gotten things going right there on the couch; part of you would have been very okay with that.

After that, the rest of the day was a calm one, Alice spending most of it in her workshop. When she emerged, she acted surprised that you were there, as if she expected you to go off somewhere, though she also seemed happy that you hadn’t. That pleasantness lasted through dinner and a leisurely bath for two. The feeling carried such an innocence to it that it almost felt wrong to do anything more than hold hands and kiss after you made it to bed, much to Tenta’s irritation.

The following morning broke that spell, and the two of you ended up having a wonderful round of morning sex before Tenta woke up. Once the two of you were cleaned up and had breakfast, things settled down a little and you mutually decided a little apart time was best, just to make sure ‘normal’ life business got settled. You would go back to check on your plums while she did Alice things. So, for the next couple of days, you did the best you could getting back into your routine. Tenta complained all the while for lack of action, but there was enough food and booze to sedate him for the duration. The troublesome part was trying to keep him quiet from your neighbors.

Two or so days after you returned home, you woke in the middle of the night to a note left at your bedside: Remilia would be expecting you the coming afternoon. She recommended that you take the morning to see Alice, and that’s what you did. The time apart was enough to make the whole business seem a little less unpleasant than you’d been expecting. If anything, Alice seemed to be genuinely excited for you. She even made you promise to give her the details when you got back.

When Yukari came to get you, you kissed Alice good-bye, much to Yukari’s amusement, prompting jokes about her taking you away forever, something Alice liked much less. Not wanting anything to get started between them, you suggested hurrying on. The trip was literally instantaneous through the gap, as always. The eyes still bothered you.
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“I’d love to stay, but you know how it is. Always business to be taken care of!” Yukari says, laughing her almost cackling laugh. She turns to you, hands on her cheeks, lips drawn into a kissy-face. “Do take good care of him. I wouldn’t want his widdle Awwice to wowwy about hims.”

You grumble but don’t raise any protest. You know better than that by now.

The silver-haired woman who answered the door remains impassive in the face of Yukari’s clowning, merely bowing as if acknowledging an order. “As you wish, Lady Yakumo. No harm shall come to our guest while he stays within these walls. I shall see to it personally.”

But will she see to Tenta? He’s got a bad need to see just how long those legs are under that skirt.

‘Settle down. I’m sure Remilia will be more than happy.’

You say that like you’re not going to be there too.

“Oh, and make sure Tenta is happy and fed, too. He needs a steady diet of warm holes to live, you know!” Yukari adds before opening a gap and climbing half-way in.

You almost expect the maid to glare at Yukari for that, but she bows again. “I shall see that he is not without sustenance.” Her quicksilver eyes flit your way. “Personally, if need be.”

Hell yes!

“You’re such a dear, Sakuya. Anyway, it’s high time I got going. Ta-ta! Give Remi Dearest all of my kisses!”

Yukari blows several kisses before disappearing into the gap completely. The line where it had opened closes like a rapidly healing wound and then it’s gone, leaving you alone with the maid. As if working on some invisible cue, she turns to you and offers yet another bow, this one deeper than the last.

“Allow me to bid you welcome to the Scarlet Devil Mansion, dear guest. I shall be serving you to the best of my ability for your visit. I am the chief maid here, Izayoi Sakuya. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Unused to that sort of deference, you drop down into a bow. “S-Same here! My name is, erm… Actually, just call me Kinkan. Everybody else does.”

“As you wish, Master Kinkan,” she replies with little notice paid to your bowing. She pulls the massive door all the way open, gesturing inside. “As it is still rather bright outside, do come in. Tea will be served shortly.”

Stepping into the foyer of the mansion is something not unlike going through one of Yukari’s gaps in terms of sheer disorientation. You got a pretty good look at the mansion from the outside, and there is no fathomable way for all of what you’re seeing to fit inside. The ceiling alone goes up so high that all you can see in the dim light is pitch black — or pitch red, considering how everything is colored. You quickly look more towards the ground to avoid swooning.

“It is a matter of time and space. Nothing more,” Sakuya says.


“Ah, my apologies. My explanation must have been lacking. What I mean to say is that the mansion has its own sense of time. As one moves through space, one also moves through time. Hence, moving more slowly through time means one covers less ground, making the space bigger. Making that happen is a simple manipulation.”

A silver pocket watch materializes in the chief maid’s hand. Seeing your dumbfounded face, a quiet smile breaks her stoniness. “One of many things I happen to be capable of. Had I not that capability, I would not be fit to serve Milady.”

“I-I see. Sounds handy.”

Tenta makes an intrigued sound inside your head. The thought of being able to stop time probably brings to mind all sorts of questionable uses. And potentially hot ones.

Just think about it. She could be touching your dick right now and you probably wouldn’t even notice.

The pocket watch disappears from her hand. “As Master Kinkan says. Now, in the interests of keeping to schedule, it would be best if I conducted you to the salon for tea. Please follow closely, if you would.”

Sakuya leads you through what feels like endless hallways before stopping at a dark room. Once she opens the door fully, candles burst to life inside the room, startling you just a bit. Still, at her insistence, you step inside and find your way to a table that looks like it wasn’t there moments ago.

You’re about to start asking questions when tea arrives on your table with — or so you imagine — a pop. There no time for you to be surprised before Sakuya’s already poured a cup and set it in front of you, all the involved movement you barely even notice happening.

The tea you get is of a fairly different shade than you’re used to, leaning more red than green. You’ve certainly heard of tea like that, but you can’t claim to have ever so much as smelled any. Speaking of which, something of a flowery scent comes from the tea, which is a bit unexpected. You start to tip the cup back when Sakuya stops you.

“If I may impose, adding sugar is customary when drinking this sort of tea.” She presents a small bowl filled with dazzling white crystal cubes, picking one up in a pair of tongs with a glance in your direction.

You nod for lack of a better idea what else to do, and she drops the cube in your tea, followed by another for good measure, taking your spoon and stirring. Stirred well, the tea swallows the cubes until they disappear. You’re still looking at your cup in wonder when you notice Sakuya lingering. Quickly, you take a sip, careful not to burn your tongue and lips.

“Oh, wow, it’s not too sweet. Really nice,” you say.

“An honor that it pleases you. If you care to know, what you are drinking is actually a tisane rather than a tea. It is an original blend of my invention containing—”

A continuous metallic ringing interrupts Sakuya. She thrusts her hand into her pocket, pulling out another watch, which she silences with click.

“Right on time.” In the blink of an eye, she crosses something out in a notepad, writes something else in, and closes it.

Oh boy, is it time for time-stop blowjobs? I sure hope it is.

Some part of you doubts that’s the case; a sillier part of you kind of hopes it is. You sit in rather tense silence as Sakuya stands still, seeming to look more past you than at you. You begin wondering if she’s also able to fall asleep with her eyes open.

Right when you start thinking about shaking her shoulder, however, she springs back to life. “Pardon me. I needed a moment to handle something and organize my thoughts.”

“That’s, um, alright,” you say, unsure what that could possibly mean.

“Seeing as you are here and settled, I should give you some idea as to what Milady has planned. Unfortunately, I was unable to set any particulars ahead of time. Milady was in a rather whimsical mood and would not commit to any timetable. Therefore, I have only a rough schedule, which is as follows: tea and light snacks in the early afternoon, time to enjoy the premises in the mid-afternoon, a light supper in the late afternoon, Milady awakens around sundown, followed by introductions and socializing in the lounge. Everything from there is at Milady’s discretion.”

Sakuya pauses to offer you a look of some significance. “I have prepared all necessary rooms. You may not have been informed, but Milady intends you to stay through tomorrow and the next day. Perhaps longer, if she’s so inclined.”

The words ‘perhaps longer’ give you some pause. Yukari never did give you much idea how long this whole outing was going to be, but you were under the impression it would be a short one. If things stretch out too long, it’ll be pretty inconvenient with the farm work. Plus, you really don’t want to worry Alice.

Relax. I’ll handle the sexy vampire while you keep thinking about Alice. The time’ll fly!

‘If I’m going to be here too, I’m going to have some say in things.’

Ugh, fine. For my sake, I just hope you don’t nerd it up too bad.

“What are the chances she’ll want me to stay longer?” you ask Sakuya.

The chief maid’s eyes swing toward the ceiling. Moments pass before she gives any indication of giving an answer. “Perhaps it is not my place to give opinions. However, I am Milady’s closest confidant, so I know her heart best of all in this mansion. Accordingly, I would say that the likelihood is a remote one. Milady is…”

She raises a hand to offer some idea of Remilia’s character. You try to mentally pluck it from her hand, but the whole thing just dissipates into the air. You want to press for something more solid, but you’re not sure if you’ll get it. Saying what her mistress is comes off as one of those tricky sorts of issues.

Seeing that her invisible present hasn’t erased any worries from you, she offers a slight smile instead. “In any case, it would be remiss of me to forget the snacks for the tea.”

With a wave of her hand, the table is instantly lined with plates of all kinds of brightly-colored things, most of which you’ve never laid eyes on. Out of what you recognize, there are sandwiches of some kind, cakes with berries on them, and things made with chocolate.

“I hope it is to your liking. If not, I might be able to arrange something different.”

“I think I can find something.” You can hardly stop gawking at the spread. Whether or not it tastes good, it’s certainly a feast for your eyes.

Sakuya titters. “As you say, Master Kinkan. Then, until sundown, I must take my leave. Please excuse me.”

You look up, questions about your stay still lingering, but she’s already vanished. A frustrated sigh heaves from your chest. This kind of thing seems to be happening to you a lot lately.

Don’t let it get to you. Yukarin gets off on games where only she knows the rules. Only thing you can do is keep playing and enjoy.

“I sure hope you’re right,” you say out loud. With Sakuya gone, you guess she won’t hear your talking to yourself.

A tentacle swings out to grab various odds and ends from the table, putting them on a plate and setting it in front of you. [i]Look, I know you and me got trust issues. But I’m telling you, sometimes you just gotta let go and live a little. Think of it like a… a vacation! Yeah, that’s it. It’s like a little vacation away from the farm. You’ll have lotsa fun and go back to Alice with all kinds of memories to share.[i]

You open up one of the sandwiches to see what’s inside. There’s some meat you don’t recognise and a bit of lettuce. A quick smell test tells you it’s alright, so you have a bite. Whatever it is, it’s not too salty or gamey, just the faintest hint of a ‘meat’ taste to go with the lettuce. The little sandwich goes down in two not altogether unpleasant bites.

“Yeah. I guess I could try it. Try looking at it that way,” you say, licking your lips. “Why not?”
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Hello. I hope the sudden reappearance of The Beast Returns to Gensokyo didn't startle you too much.

I'm sure you'll notice pretty quickly that I'm not the original writer, and I'll gladly acknowledge that no one can do this story quite like he did. That said, this is all happening with his permission. Much like I was involved behind-the-scenes while he was writing the story, now he's around to help me out, and I'm very grateful for both his generosity in letting me reignite this torch and in helping me to do so.

So, is this a complete revival or redo? I don't know. Call this something of a trial run. There were various past things that the original writer wasn't too happy about in retrospect, particularly in this arc, so I decided to start us off from here. Once we're through that, we'll see how things pan out.

In the meantime, please enjoy. I'm really excited about giving back after all of the help the original writer gave me over the years, and I hope it shows in my treatment of this story.

P.S. Whoops, I screwed up that link in the OP. It's been a bit since I've linked anything on here.

Original Thread One: >>16360
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Hello! Original author of The Beast Returns to Gensokyo here. My friend here is telling the truth. It's no exaggeration to say BRtG wouldn't have existed without his help -- or at least, it would've been much, much worse.

First off, I owe you all an apology for disappearing without a word. The short version of the story is that BRtG was my first story ever, and like all beginners, I made a lot of mistakes. The thing about a CYOA, though, is that fixing mistakes is pretty hard. I'll be completely honest in admitting that I probably took the whole thing a little too seriously, but it reached a point where I felt stuck between using my writing-abilities that I had learned while also having previous events and foreshadowings hanging over me. Hence why it's starting back at the SDM: that whole arc was, in retrospect, a bit of a mess, and we agreed that it deserved a proper telling.
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C R O I K E Y, I didn't expect this! Nice to see ya!
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File 15545101661.png - (40.72KB, 470x331, excitement.png)
Beast Returns by the author of Fame and Misfortune? Sounds good to me.
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It's resurfaced. But Um just how far back is the SDM arc again? Since man It's been a fucking long time since this was alive
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I can't help reading that as sarcasm. It's nothing to do with your words and more my own complicated feelings about FaM.

It doesn't particularly matter all that much, since I/we have thrown out a bunch of things continuity-wise, but it wasn't that long ago from where things ended up last. Kinkan had returned from the SDM, had a tiff with Alice, did a few other things, and then went back to Alice's to patch everything up. Basically, consider it one hop backwards, though it's really not that straightforward, since the SDM was one of the only proper "arcs". At least, as far as I'd define one; I don't know exactly what the original writer thinks on that.
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File 155527497022.jpg - (30.90KB, 280x374, coooooookies.jpg)
Leaning back in your chair with a groan, partly sated, partly miserable, thoughts about what’s coming later crash into your food-addled mind. The sheer volume of pastries, sandwiches, and gods know all what else you packed in have turned into a lead weight in your guts. You’ll be lucky if you don’t make it to Remilia’s bedroom with indigestion.

For both our sakes, let’s hope you work some of it off before then. I’d hate for you to yark on Remilia. Unless she’s into that.

“I sure hope not. On both accounts,” you say, a belch forcing its way from the back of your throat.

Gastric worries aside, however impressive the amount of snacks you engulfed, none of that really looks to have mattered. Platters upon platters form a wall that looms from one end of the table to the other. The remaining contents almost laugh at you, telling you that you can eat all you want, but you’ll never manage to make them disappear. Prickles of shame join in to remind you that food is almost sacred and wasting it an unforgivable offense.

“I’m only one guest,” you grumble.


“Whatever. Not like you even eat.”

Unable to let such bounty go to waste, you decide that even taking a little of it with you is better than nothing. Your napkin makes a decent enough holder for some cookies. When you reach for your pouch, you grasp thin air rather than the cord and fastener. One of the casualties of Yukari not giving you much notice before spiriting you away from Alice’s, you realize with a grumble. Tucking the bundle into your belt suffices in lieu of more secure storage.

About that time, a rattling knock at the door nearly sends you rolling out of your chair. The caller doesn’t bother waiting for a response before the door comes busting wide open. At the front of a crowd of mob caps, a headwear-less, pink-haired faerie looms in the doorway — inasmuch as a faerie can loom — eyes fixed intently on the mountains of snacks.

Somehow, you should have expected to see these faerie maids at some point. Rumors swept through the village about them as far back as the red mist incident, and still you’re dumbstruck seeing them in the flesh. You rise from your seat, thoughts of greetings or questions pushed aside by pure novelty.

The faerie at the head immediately marches up to you, greeting you with a salute. “Greetings, Mister Guest, sir. The chief said you’d probably be done by now. Leave the leftovers to us. They’ll be gone in a jiff.”

“All yours, I guess,” you reply, eyeing the doorway. The gathering crowd of maids looks ready to bust the walls open and come pouring through the breach.

Now there’s a buffet.

Seeing that you’re clear of the table, the pink-haired faerie turns to the gathering, letting out a whistle loud enough to make you clutch your ears, signalling for their attack to begin. Barely seconds pass before they’ve encircled the spread like wolves ready to tear apart a deer. Just like that, the tea room is turned into a blur of buzzing wings, grabbing hands, and the occasional pained cry or enraged cat noise. Faeries literally roll on the floor in tussles over what end up as fistfuls of crumbs and jam. You’re pretty sure you even saw one of the maids bite another.

‘A buffet that’d probably eat you by accident.’

Biting’s always good in my book.

You agree to disagree and tiptoe around the flailing and kicking bodies that dot the way to the door. When you reach the sane end of the room, another faerie blocks the doorway, this one merely standing there with her arms folded, glaring at the unfolding carnage. She clicks her tongue upon seeing you approach.

You raise your hands in a gesture of peace. “Not joining in the fun?”

The glaring maid’s expression doesn’t ease up, her purple eyes radiating ice. Tossing her tangerine-rind hair, done in coils that have to take forever to get right, she harrumphs at your lame joke.

“The chief’s too busy to deal with you, so she left me. I’m Lia.” She grips her long skirt, dipping into a stiff bow while still looking you right in the face. “A pleasure to meet you, dear respected guest,” she finishes, her intonation easily as stiff as her bow.

Some sense of guilty courtesy spurs you into bowing back despite a hunch that it’s not expected. Or warranted, for that matter. Seriously, why are you bowing to a faerie, of all things? “Nice to meet you, too. Just call me Kinkan. I’m not too good with all of that formality stuff.”

“As you wish—” she glances in direction of the chaos again, then back to you with a flash of teeth, almost a snarl, “—Master Kinkan.”

I’ll take her!

‘Let’s not. I don’t think she’d be in the mood.’

Tenta groans. Are you kidding me? She’s practically asking to be broken. I know a good challenge when I see one!

‘I think you’ve been asleep too long.’

You take another look at Lia, who’s still watching the scene in the tea room with a scowl. As if sensing you looking at her, she quickly turns away with a sniff and floats off down the hall without a word.

‘See?’ You break into a trot just to stay on her tail, her own squat-legged patter covering a deceptive amount of ground compared to your fumbling gait. ‘I doubt she’s in for Tenta play.’

Okay, but consider what she said: Ms. Time-Stop put her up to this. That means she practically has to go for some Tenta-dick! Why else would her boss leave her in charge of looking after us? I say you get her to find a decent bedroom and…

You grumble under your breath, hoping Lia doesn’t hear you. ‘I can’t believe you sometimes. Look, how about this? I’ll try and find an opportunity to ask her. No funny business, no sudden tentacles, none of that stuff. If she says no, we find someone else.’

You’re actually serious, aren’t you? Tenta groans again, the roots on your chest wriggling in chorus. Why did I have to get stuck to a style-cramping dork?

You’d remind him exactly how he ended up stuck to you, but you’d also like to not listen to him whine for the next several hours. You elect for ignoring his nonsense and walking in near-silence with Lia. The walk might have been completely silent were it not for the alternating sounds of Lia muttering something and audibly gnashing her teeth. Given that sort of atmosphere, you’re not keen to jump into conversation, so you simply focus on keeping pace. As you fall into a steady stroll, even that concern falls away, and you find yourself looking Lia up and down.

It really is a shame that she comes off as a snappy, angry type considering how pretty her face is, the clear lines around her jaw and cheeks making her look older than most faeries, not a chubby-cheeked little girl but more of a young woman. Fitting with the mansion’s cold, high-class air, her skin is a snowy porcelain shade, only offset by the pale flush in her cheeks. Her shape is striking to your eye, too. Despite her uniform, it’s not hard to see that she’s got hips and a waist that tapers inwards. They’re the sorts of lines any guy would like to run his hands up and down late at night or early in the morning. You can even tell her chest, while nothing mind-blowing, has a bit of heft to it, especially in faerie terms. She’s practically a well-shaped woman shrunk down to faerie size.

And now that you’ve had a look, you can see exactly why Tenta was so quick to slobber over her. The fact that you’ve got something of a stiffy going adds to the conflict you feel over the very thought.

So much for Mister “I wanna protect the pure and innocent fae”.

‘I never said anything like that.’ You might have been implying it, but that was then. This is now.

Speaking of now, it occurs to you that the three of you have been moving through the mansion for a few minutes, and you have no idea where you’re going. Lia shows no sign of volunteering an explanation, so you have to take a deep breath and make yourself ask. When you do take that necessary gulp of air, she stops to looks over her shoulder at you.

“A question, Master Kinkan?”

You splutter for a moment but catch yourself. “I was just going to say. You never said where we’re going.”

Lia heaves a small sigh, tossing her hair over her shoulder as if to say she’s above such trivial concerns. Her face softens, shifting from distaste to mere irritation. “The billiard room. The chief said to keep you entertained. Will that work?”

The fuck’s a ‘billiard’? Only one entertainment here for me, girl.

You’re also at a loss as to what a ‘billiard’ might be, but you can tell when somebody’s being snotty because they’re in a bad mood. Even if whatever’s got her stirred up isn’t your fault, there’s a part of you that wants to find something to cheer Lia up — if only because you really would like to spend some time behind closed doors with her.

When she looks away from you, intent on going ahead, something flickers back from your recent memory. Maybe it’s a silly idea. You’ve been surprised how silly ideas have worked in the past. You quickly pull the bundle of cookies from your belt.

“Hold on,” you call out. As soon as she turns, you hold the napkin open to show off sweets you’ve been holding. “You wanted some, right? I took a few for later, but you’re welcome to them.”
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File 15552751439.png - (941.39KB, 667x1019, sweet tooth faeries are hard to find on booru.png)
sweet tooth faeries are hard to find on booru
You’re not sure who the faerie crashing onto the bed is. She has the same orange hair, purple eyes, and pale skin as Lia. You’re fairly sure she even thinks calls herself Lia. And yet, you can’t reconcile that cold, scowling face you remember with the tiny figure rolling on a bare mattress, wings buzzing as she giggles in delight. Something about the sight makes your stiffy feel even more wrong.

Ain’t nothing wrong about giving a girl what she wants. Especially if it’s a nice hot dicking.

‘I dunno, though. That’s a pretty strong reaction over some cookies. Is that really normal?’

The roots on your chest wiggle like they’re giving a shrug. With faeries, who knows what ‘normal’ means?

Unfortunately, you can’t help but agree with Tenta on that. However, you never expected Lia would grab you by the hand, lead you down endless hallways, shove you in a side room, and practically shake you down for a few cookies. Most of what you caught through her excited babbling was that Sakuya had forbade her from any sweets while on the job. In other words, your hunch about her was right; not being able to join in massacring your tea leftovers had put her in a foul mood.

The instant she crammed one of the jam-covered treats into her mouth, all in one piece, her entire expression melted into that of an overjoyed child receiving her heart’s desire. That’s how she ended up kicking and squealing on the bed, with you watching and hating how much seeing her well-crafted little body writhe turns you on. After some time, she eventually settles down and sits up, illuminating you with a grin almost too bright to bear.

“You have no idea how much I needed that.”

“Quite a bit, I guess,” you say with a self-conscious laugh. You fidget a little, praying she doesn’t look toward your crotch.

“Ever since those jerkwads threw me out of the kitchen, it’s been ‘Lia, no sugar’ this and ‘Lia, the chief said no sweets’ that.” She kicks her legs against the bedframe in a burst of mixed joy and anger. “So any little bit I can get is fan-fucking-tastic!”

You bristle a little at how quickly she went from stiff to outright vulgar but try not to let it show. “Aw, well, it was nothing. Probably wouldn’t have eaten them later, anyway.”

As if hit by a jolt of electricity, Lia bolts upright on the bed, face alight with a mischievous energy as she leans toward you. “Oh! Speaking of the kitchen! I bet you anything the chief’s not gonna be there right now.”

“Is that… a good thing?”

“Great for us. Especially great for you. You’re a big strong human. A few faeries wouldn’t be much for you to deal with, right? Huh?” She’s leaning so close you can feel her jam-scented breath, neither the scent nor the heat doing anything to tame the lump in your loincloth. Her eyes have flared into purple starbursts. A hunger wells up from deep into their glowing depths, hypnotizing you with their energy.

Hah! I knew I liked that maid. No way she’d leave us a faerie without a little freak in her. And this one doesn’t bother to hide. The leering pervert drips from Tenta’s voice, Lia’s charms evidently working on him as well.

You swallow a lump in your throat and nod. This close to her, your hands jitter with an eagerness to grab hold of Lia.

“Good,” Lia coos, dropping her voice down low and coming almost cheek-to-cheek with you. “Because, if you help me with something, I’ll do something really, really nice for you. A nice thing for a nice human who’s nice to cute little faeries.”

You gasp as both of her hands touch your crotch to drive her point home. Without even looking down, she runs in careful lines around the bulge now straining your trousers to their limit, making you shudder with the soft pressure applied by her thumbs.

“L-Like what? What sort of nice thing?” you croak.

Giving a jingling laugh, Lia grabs one of your fidgeting hands, singles out a finger, and brings it up to her mouth. Sugary paradise engulfs your middle finger inch by inch, her hot little mouth hardly enough to fit the whole thing. What really drives you to the edge is when she keeps going despite your longer-than-average finger. The tip hits resistance at the opening of her throat before slipping deeper, the muscles squeezing like another tiny hand.

Tenta’s roots tremble in near orgasmic joy. Ho-ly shit, jackpot! You can’t turn her down, man. This is too good to pass up. Even for a dweeb like you.

You slip your finger out of her mouth, not wanting to risk a mess in your trousers. The offer she’d just made is too good to waste your fully-engaged enthusiasm on just a taste test. Grabbing her shoulders carefully, you hold her at arms-length.

“Name it and I’ll do it.”

Moments later, you and Lia are crouched outside the doors to the kitchen, listening to the bustle of what has to be almost a hundred faeries working like rows of machines. Your first peek through a crack in the doors drained most of the bravado you felt as you strutted in front of Lia.

To hear Lia tell it, the whole affair is easy: just steal her some sugar from the kitchen and you get a hot, sticky faerie blowjob. Sure, the kitchen is rarely unoccupied, but that’s no big deal to a big, strong human like you, right? Just waltz in and ignore the tens of faeries who could dog-pile you before you know what to do. Oh, and don’t get caught by the supervisors running up and down the rows. They have whistles to call Sakuya if any trouble breaks out.

Despite those difficulties, backing down is the furthest thing from your mind, not even an option at this point. As soon as you showed any doubt, Lia made sure to remind you what was at stake by licking and sucking her own finger while staring straight at your crotch. No, this is a do-or-die moment. You just have to do without dying, and then you’ll know just how skillful Sakuya’s personal choice of faerie maid is at meeting your needs.

[ ] Make a Tenta-line for the sugar once you’ve figured out where it is.
[ ] Maybe one of the kitchen faeries would be nice (or dumb) enough to help?

Note: This isn’t a pass/fail choice, so don’t sweat the small stuff. Just pick what sounds better.
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(X) Make a Tenta-line for the sugar once you’ve figured out where it is.

Fae eater!
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[X] Make a Tenta-line for the sugar once you’ve figured out where it is.
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[x] Maybe one of the kitchen faeries would be nice (or dumb) enough to help?

faeries? faeries.
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[x] Maybe one of the kitchen faeries would be nice (or dumb) enough to help?

Seems funnier.
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[x] Maybe one of the kitchen faeries would be nice (or dumb) enough to help?

Definitely going to need an informant. There's no way that sugar would be an easy steal.
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[x] Make a Tenta-line for the sugar once you’ve figured out where it is.

Ahh, fairies either way from the looks of things, but this opportunity just can't possibly be allowed to go to waste.
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It just occurred to me that I completely forgot to put a time--


Sorry, that was a terrible attempt at humour. What I mean to say is that I'd really like to start on the resolution of this little bit soon, so the next vote will be the tie-breaker. Please, break it soon.
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[x] Maybe one of the kitchen faeries would be nice (or dumb) enough to help?
Let the social engineering begin.
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Alright, that settles it! The winner is...

[x] Maybe one of the kitchen faeries would be nice (or dumb) enough to help?
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Anon with the clutch vote, very nice!
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All I can hope now is that our sugar junkie friend here isn't left out of the fun
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Just found out about this. Man, I feel so happy. This story was sorealy missing, I am glad it has another surge of life.
Good luck!!
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File 155812833086.jpg - (2.01MB, 3541x2508, me for the past week and change.jpg)
me for the past week and change
Uh, hi.

I'm sure you've noticed how quiet things have been. Things just kind of got busy that way. Planning a trip to Japan for Reitaisai does that.

Unfortunately, the stresses of travel took their toll on me, and I caught something on the way home, leaving me inert for even longer. I'm on the mend now, but I'm definitely not back up to speed.

What does this mean as regards updates? Well, I'll be frank here and admit that I didn't really start on the update before leaving. I scratched out a couple of bits, but it's not much to go off of, which means I'm working practically from scratch. Considering how much time's passed without any writing done, I am a bit rusty as well.

I guess what I want to say is: Give me a few more days, guys. I'm trying to shake this illness and get back into normal life at the same time. Sorry about that.
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Hope whatever you got hasn't knocked you too hard to the ground. Get well soon.
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File 15596880954.jpg - (365.14KB, 675x1020, imagine theres fae wings on her back.jpg)
imagine theres fae wings on her back
[x] Maybe one of the kitchen faeries would be nice (or dumb) enough to help?

“I know a big, strong human like you can figure something out. Meanwhile, I’m gonna go wait over here. Come get me when you’re done!”

There was no room to argue before Lia skipped off into a nearby room. You’d really hoped to get some help from her, if only because it’s her errand.

More than that, you were already worried about pulling this off. All you knew was that you had a kitchen full of faeries between you and the sugar and no plan to get through any of it. If you screwed up, having no plan and no sugar would be the least of your concerns. Thus, you were left standing still in front of the kitchen, fretting about what to do.

You’ve probably stuck your head half-way through the kitchen doors more than a half-dozen times in the past twenty minutes, hoping that a good look inside will conjure up some great idea to save the day. So far, that strategy has been less than fruitful. One of the whistle-wielding faeries, the supervisors, nearly looked straight at you one time. You’re pretty sure that they’ll keep getting more suspicious the longer you stick around. It’s a wonder some other of the mansion staff hasn’t wandered by to ask what you’re doing.

Tenta’s roots deflate as he heaves a sigh. If you’d just sack up and do something already, none of this would be an issue.

‘Easy for you to say. You heard the part where they’ve got whistles, right? To call the chief maid? That’s not going to end well.’

So? We’ll just dick her too if comes to that.

‘We don’t even know what she can do. As far as I’m concerned, she’s dangerous. She can disappear and reappear like that.’ You snap your fingers to underscore your point. ‘And we know she can control time. Let that sink in. Time.’

Listen, junior, I’ve taken down lots of powerful women with the power of dick.

You clutch at your head. This conversation might very well throw you into migraine territory if it goes on any longer. ‘Are you even listening to yourself? We’re here to get sugar for a faerie, not beat a time-stopping maid with “the power of dick”! And, frankly, I’m starting to feel like even that’s not worth it!’

And you act like I’m dense! You felt how deep Lia can go. Think of that on your twig and berries, man! You’re really just gonna throw that away? The roots pulse with more force, almost obliging you to hold onto your chest.

‘Considering the chances of pulling this off are looking bad, yeah, I think I have a right to!’

They’re only looking bad because you’re being a nerd about it!

‘Well, what do you suggest I do then, genius!’

Tenta rumbles and makes his roots squirm in equally growing annoyance. If you’re gonna be such a puss about it, get some kitchen faerie to help you! Just grab one of the little shits and… The roots go limp again, all of the force falling out of his voice. A pair of tentacles wave like a dejected shrug. I don’t know. Shit, just ask them to get you the sugar or something. I’m too tired to argue anymore.

With Tenta fizzling out, you suddenly find yourself out of steam too, which is a bit irritating. You’d really like to finally shut his mouth for once. Or maybe that your throbbing temples talking. You massage them, bracing yourself against the wall while you recover. It takes a deep breath and a few quiet moments before you can even think clearly again.

This whole thing is pretty stupid, you’ll admit. A smarter you would just move on and let faeries be faeries. However, when you think of how far in your finger went…

‘Gods help me. I guess I’m gonna have to admit that, for the second time today, you actually have an alright idea.’

You say that like it’s a surprise. Tenta forces a chuckle.

‘It’s my little vacation, so what’s the harm in a little trouble?’

Now you’re sounding less like a nerd. You might not even need Tenta’s help getting laid if you keep that up. So, what’s the game plan?

‘If nothing else, I’m gonna need your help for this. And we’re going to need all the luck we can get.’


Mere minutes later, you’re standing in the massive pantry. You never would have thought there’d be a side entrance. Luckily, that’s just a matter of your lack of imagination.

Rows upon rows of shelves full of all manner of things you’ve never seen before line the place. Thanks to all of the stone, and the fact that there’s very little in the way of light in here, you’re already feeling a bit chilly from standing around.

Should’ve gone with closed-toed shoes.

‘You’re telling me.’

“Found it!” calls a voice from several rows off, followed by an echoing thud.

In a moment of near panic, you watch the door closely to see if anyone comes busting in. When it’s clear that you’re still safe, you slip over to the shelves where you heard the call.

“How in the hell are they not hearing us out there?” you ask.

The faerie who guided you in, as luck would have it, one of the blue-shawled supervisors, gives a dismissive putter of her lips. “The girls make such a racket normally, if you got locked in here, you’d be screwed!”

The thought gives you pause. You make a surreptitious check to see if your guide is still wearing her key around her neck; thankfully, it’s still hanging there. With faeries, especially ones who have reasons to screw you over, you can never tell.

Oh, come on. You think those shitty old doors could stand up to a Tenta pounding?

‘I’ll take your word for it, but let’s not go breaking Remilia’s stuff.’

Just sayin’.

Assured that you might not end up a prisoner in Remilia’s pantry, you take a look at the goods you’ve been looking for. Your minuscule guide has somehow hauled down a box that would break the backs of a lot of humans. From out of that, she’s pulled out several cloth sacks, all helpfully labelled ‘Sugar’. You guess they must all be the same weight and size. Figuring one’s as good as another in that case, you pluck one from the pile.

“Well, anyway, thanks for the help.”

You’re about to walk off when the supervisor grabs you by the wrist. “Now, hold on, there. Ain’t you forgetting something? Like a little deal we made, perhaps, hmm?”

“I didn’t,” you say placatively. You open the bag and clasp a generous bit of the loamy brown contents. “A human fistful. Because you’ve been really helpful.”


She scrambles to grab the clump of sweetness from your outstretched palm, not wasting a moment before chomping off an end. Her wings buzz to the point of lifting her off the ground, followed by a prompt fall to earth, bumping her butt on the cold stone floor. This doesn’t faze her at all, though, and she gives a contented sigh, slumping against the nearest shelf in bliss.

“Y’know, you’re not too bad for a human. I can see why Lia’d make you her errand boy.”

You freeze in place. Not once have you mentioned Lia’s name to this faerie.

“How did you…”

The supervisor fae laughs giddily, perhaps under the influence of the sugar. “Oh my gosh, you didn’t even know! That’s hilarious! You poor baby!”

Something seizes up in your gut. “Mind letting me in on the secret?”

“Oh, honey, it’s no secret around here. Let me guess, she promised to suckle your honey-spout?” She leans in eagerly to confirm her guess. Seeing some tell flickering in your face, a broad grin splits her face. “Yep, I knew it! Same thing as everyone else. About everybody in the kitchen’s got a turn at this point. Really gets around, that girl.”

You point at the faerie questioningly. She giggles even harder and sticks out two fingers. Seeing her run her tongue lovingly between them, coating them in sticky sugar juice, sends a tingle down below even more intense than when Lia was making similar gestures. You knew faeries were quick to give in to lust. You just had no idea that they could be so lewd on their own.

“Got a tongue on her that doesn’t quit. Not when she wants something.”

The faerie’s wings give a little buzz, a fire blooming in her cheeks. Her knees grind together under her skirt, and you notice her hand scooting up toward a bulging pinpoint in her shirt, inhaling loudly as her fingers caress it.

“Ah, gosh, you got me thinking about it again,” she purrs.

You can feel Tenta’s roots wiggling on your chest, though he’s not saying anything. Just in case he gets any ideas, you hold tight to keep any tentacles from leaping out — tempted as you are yourself. You try to swallow but your mouth is dry.

“And that’s it?”

Your faerie guide opens her eyes from her reverie to shake her head. “She’s a crafty one when she wants to be, and real quick to try something. Heck, she wanted to pull a fast one on me…”

Her train of thought is interrupted by her fingers gripping her very obviously stiff nipple, twisting it. Humming with delight, she looks at you through half-lidded eyes. They drift down to your swollen package, followed by her hands drifting up to it, caressing it with even more reverence than Lia. You want to step back and yet allow her to keep touching you anyway. She gives another entranced hum.

“I always knew it’d be bigger than a faerie’s, but wow. Lucky Lia.” She gives you a gentle squeeze. “Just make sure you get what you want before she does. A fellow like you deserves that much. Meanwhile, I think I need some time alone.”

You nod and, reluctantly, remove yourself from the supervisor faerie’s loving petting. The good part about it is that you’re primed and ready to go, at least. As you head to the door, the faerie calls out to you one last time.

“Hey, Mister Human.”

“No ‘honoured guest’?” you joke.

“Pardon. Just wanted to say: My name’s Emma.” She winks at you. “Come talk to me again sometime. I’m a match for any youngin’ like Lia.”

“I’ll—” In an odd burst of excitement, your voice breaks. You clear your throat. “I’ll remember that. See you, Emma.”

“See you, Mister Human,” Emma says with a throaty giggle, followed by a yelping moan. Her other hand’s been busy this whole time.


Somehow, you’d have expected Lia’s eyes to be sparkling seeing an absolute mound of her beloved sugar. You might have even secretly hoped it would result in her stripping her clothes off and offering much more than to suckle you.

What you actually get is an appraising look followed by a toss of her hair. “This is everything?”

“That’s all I could get. I don’t think Emma would have let me go with any more,” you say, trying not to let Lia’s lukewarm attitude get to you.

“Ah, Emma,” she responds with another toss of her hair, eyes looking away meaningfully as she toys with one of her curls.

“She told me you—”

You’re silenced by Lia putting a finger to your lips. She’s smiling, but it lacks the mischief from before. Her hand brushes your knee.

“I can imagine. Such a gossip. Well, now that you know, what do you think? Pretty disgusting, right?” She peels down your trousers, her hands sliding up under your robe, fingers tickling your inner thighs. Clearly enjoying your mildly stunned reactions, she moves close enough to your bundle that you can feel the heat radiating from her palms. “A maid who only enjoys sweet things and…”

She moves away all of a sudden, looking at the sugar sack. “Speaking of which, can I have some, please? Just a taste.”

“I don’t know. How do I know you’ll give me what you promised?” You open your legs a little more for emphasis.

Hold up, I just got an idea. Do me a favour and get your dick out.

The look on your face hearing that makes Lia start giggling. Your face flushes. You really need to learn how to not let your conversations with Tenta leak out.

“Something the matter, Master Kinkan?” Lia asks, barely able to stifle her tittering.

Ahem. Tenta runs a tentacle out, dipping into the sugar and coming back with a smear of it on the end.

You stare at the tentacle. Lia, as you notice, also stares at the tentacle. The room suddenly has that atmosphere of utter bafflement. After a moment of staring at Tenta, Lia shifts to you, looking for an explanation. You only just realise that she hasn’t even seen him before.

‘Shit. What do I do?’

You can start by getting your dick out like I asked.

‘I mean, about her!’

Tenta gives a weary sigh. Another tentacle wriggles out, a smaller one, waving like an arm at Lia. She looks blankly at it, looking between it and you. It waves again.

Lia sheepishly returns the wave. “Hi?”

Say something already. Tell her who I am.

“He, erm, says hi. He’s… my friend,” you manage after some spluttering and pausing.

Master talker here. Never mind that I’m also a sex god or anything. Wouldn’t want her to have a good impression.

Still not showing much reaction, Lia’s eyes drift between the tentacles, particularly fixing on the one coated in sugar. Her wings give a faint buzz.

Finally, she shrugs. “Oh, I see. As long as that’s all.”

See? Big deal over nothing.

You honestly can’t believe it was that easy. If all faeries are this easy to convince, what else could you possibly accomplish?

Despite having been ignored for the past minute or two, your erection chimes in to let you know that it concurs with your thoughts. Luckily, you’ve got a cute faerie here for just such an occasion. You shift on the bed, making the slightly rusty springs creak, and shift your loincloth until it’s loosened. Its contents spring up immediately, twitching and red with a drive for action so urgent, you’re almost afraid it might actually explode.

Thank you, Tenta mutters. And don’t get any ideas from this.

The sugared tentacle swoops down to your crotch. You squirm as it paints your stiffness with a mixture of sugar and slightly warm goop. A low groan of pleasure jumps from your lips, and you feel yourself flushing. Admitting that Tenta’s ministrations feel good is something that you can’t let yourself admit. Lia has been watching the whole process with some interest.

“You two must be pretty good friends,” she says, giggling.

Tenta pulls back, the tendril retreating into you. There we go. One sugary treat for a hot little faerie.

‘You could have just told me,’ you thought-grumble.

You’re the one being weird about it. Hell, you ought to be thanking me. Now you both get what you want!

Of course, you know he’s right. The crystals of sugar glistering on your length make for a sight that Lia can’t peel her eyes away from. Her tongue flits out to wet her tender pink lips. She wants it. You want her.

“He’s a very caring friend. See how thoughtful he was? There’s some nice sugar here. Waiting for a taste.”

That was a quick turn-around.

You wield your erection, dangling it like a fishing lure, having to suppress a smirk at memories of immature jokes as a boy. It’s as good a signal as any, and Lia nods, climbing up onto the bed next to you. Her skirt fabric brushing your leg as she gets comfortable just adds to the anticipation. The silkiness of her curls when she moves her head down takes it further.

You put your hand on her shoulder. “Hold on. Where’s the word of gratitude to my friend? Let me hear a ‘Thanks, Tenta.’”

She looks up from between your legs, hiding a laugh in her hand. Her hand runs down to cup your jewels and slowly caress them. The resulting soft hum from you makes her wings flutter.

“Thank you very much, Tenta. You’re so kind.” Sticking out her tongue, she blows a hot breath right onto your length, smiling when it twitches. “Looks yummy.”

Her tongue closes the distance, ticklishly flitting around your tip, then scooping down to rake bits of sugar off the underside. She pries your fingers off the base and takes it for herself. With full control now, she slides around your erection, led by the tip of her tongue, trying to find every morsel of sweetness. Her breathing turns ragged.

Considering you’ve been pent up for a couple of days — you being away from Alice and quite busy anyway — Lia’s frantic licking alone is enough to bring you towards the edge. The softness of her tongue as it laps up your sugar coating drives you wild, making you grip the bed.

Sheesh. You could’ve taken care of that easily.

‘It’s a little awkward when a certain someone is there!’

You put your hand on her head, trying to signal her to slow down. “I’m not going anywhere. J-Just enjoy it.”

Lia bats your hand away and ignores your suggestion. She seems lost in her own little world when she’s at work on your stiffy; Emma was right about her having a tongue that doesn’t quit. Then, her lips close around the skin, bringing out loud slurping noises that only stop when she pauses for another lick.

Popping her lips from your fully-excited cock, she takes a moment to appreciate it in all its magnificence, stroking it with a mix of awe and admiration. “It’s so big. Bigger than any I’ve seen here.” She brings her lips close to the tip like she’s about to kiss it. “I wonder if I can even fit it all.”

“H-Hold on, there!”

Guess it’s time for Tenta to get his licks while the gettin’s good.

In the blink of an eye, Tenta snakes from your chest to wind around Lia. His tendril slips through the silky curtain of her curls, down her shirt collar, around her breasts, down her back, and into her panties, creating a visible bulge in her skirt.

“Oh, hi there, Tenta,” she says, giggling.

Hey, cutie.

Mini-tendrils branch off of the main tentacle to snare her nipples and explore underneath. Lia gives a slight yelp and a gasp. Tenta’s found a weak spot already, twisting her nipples roughly and kneading them like they’re bubbles to be popped. She writhes under his manipulation, letting her legs open wider, which he appreciatively wriggling down into her warm valley, silky hair to match her curls brushing the tendril. The feeling relayed to you does nothing to stave off the coming release, and Lia’s continued stroking doesn’t help either.

“Come on,” you urge her in close to a gasp, stroking the back of her head, “suck me.”

“Close?” Lia asks through half-lidded eyes. Her unoccupied hand has drifted down between her thighs, aiding Tenta from outside her panties.

“Yes! Please!”

Still reveling in Tenta’s treatment of her sensitive spots, she opens her mouth as wide as she can, attempting to engulf you with her small fae mouth. Teeth scrape your length, adding a dull pain to the pleasure. Mostly, though, the wetness of her tongue and the insides of her cheeks, now bulging with your girth, feel like bliss.

She braces herself against your hips. Hot, ragged breaths tickling your erection the whole way, inch by inch, she forces more of you into her mouth. There’s a moment of wild-eyed exhilaration mixed with panic when you hit her throat, the muscles clenching violently like a fleshy gatekeeper. You can feel her wanting to cough or gag, and yet you don’t care anymore. You lightly grasp her hair in a desperate ‘come on’.

Breathing rapidly through her nose now, Lia maneuvers hers tongue to welcome your sensitive tip further, the walls of her throat easing open. The last barriers out of the way, you disappear into the moist heaven until she’s face-first in your pubic hair. The sight of her full submission to you and the pressure from her throat have you right at the edge. You pant, eager for the coming explosion.

Time for the finale already? Alright, come on down for one hell of a finisher.

You feel the mini-tendrils in Lia’s panties shift. Warmth and moisture permeate their senses as they spread open her lower lips, drawing a gurgling moan from Lia.

Your signal given, you paw at her backside, forcing your hand down her skirt and into her panties. Her wetness greets your finger with gusto, the whole lot slipping past the entrance and inside with no resistance, a second finger surprisingly making it inside the otherwise tiny crevice. Lia’s eyes open again before rolling upwards, her hips bucking under your attack. Tenta takes this as an opening to latch onto her pearl-like button. Between the two of you, the stimulation forces Lia’s whole body into a convulsion of pleasure.

As if in resonance with her, the inevitable rise comes. Your stomach clenches uselessly. Every nerve in you is singing out. The wave is just about to crash. You claw at the bed.

A gush of hot seed pours out straight into Lia’s gullet to chase all of the sugar down. After abstaining for two days, you can only imagine that it’s a big, thick glob. In a way, it feels a little bit of a waste. You could have filled her womb with your life-giving essence, but you chose to feed her stomach instead. Not that you want to knock up a faerie — if that’s even possible.

Hoo! Nice one, kiddo. I’d always laughed at people that said waiting made it feel better, but now I feel like an asshole. That was enough to give me a tickle.

Your orgasm tapers off into a dull roar of tingling soon after your last shot is spent. The tentacle and its branches retreat, and you slide your drenched fingers out of Lia. Squirming from how sensitive you are post-bursting, you push Lia off of your now rapidly softening length. A smear of white stains the side of her mouth.

She swallows and gasps, falling limply onto the bed, about as spent as you by all accounts, her curls and her clothes in a state of disarray that would be obvious to anyone if she went outside now. Despite that, she’s still able to muster the strength to laugh dreamily.

“Wow. I’ve had some pretty good ones, but…”

You’d try and make some kind of clever remark, but your brain is all fuzzy with all rounds fired. “Yeah.”

“Do me a favor?”

“How’s that?”

“Gimme a little more. Some more sugar,” she says, smacking her lips.

You roll your eyes and sigh like you’re being imposed upon. “I guess.”

‘I’ve got it this time, thanks.’

Pfft. Grow up.

‘That’s funny coming from you.’

You pinch another little lump of sugar from the sack and hold it out for Lia. She makes no move to take it, instead sticking her tongue out of her open mouth. Making a show of how inconvenienced you are, you lean over like it takes more effort than anything else in the world right now, bringing the morsel right to her mouth. She gracelessly slaps at the sugar wad with her tongue and pries it from your fingers, almost swallowing it in the process.

“Who’s serving who here? You’re the maid,” you grumble facetiously.

Lia’s eyelids flutter, her voice flying up into that honeyed register. “My most humble thanks, Master Kinkan.”

You flop back on the bed next to her. After all that, your head is in that blissful state of emptiness, with you content to simply stare at the ceiling, listening to Lia smack and slurp on her sugar lump. That soon disappears and all you hear is the sound of her breathing. Soon, you don’t even hear that. It only hits you when you roll over to look that Lia’s fallen asleep, curled into a ball like a cat. Smiling, you drag the rumpled covers over her.

“Guess that leaves us on our own,” you say softly.

Mission accomplished, I’d say. Though a longer and deeper taste of faerie puss would’ve been nice, if you know what I’m saying.

“I’ve been pent up for two days. Gimme a break, man.” You stand up on slightly wobbly legs, readjusting your loincloth and fixing your trousers. “I feel lucky we even got what we did.”

Tenta scoffs. ’Lucky’. If you let me steer, it wouldn’t be about luck. We’d be swimming in—

“That’s nice and all, but I’m not gonna argue about this anymore.”

With the highs of ejaculation wearing off, the emotional wear of the past hour or two begins to creep in. Your lips and mouth also feel dry to the point of being cottony. The tea you had earlier has worked its way out of you in some form, leaving you feeling like a dried fish.

Figuring that’s as good an excuse as any, you leave Lia to sleep on the job and head back towards the side entrance to the pantry. The door is thankfully still unlocked, and you head in to find a disheveled Emma about where you left her. She raises a glass of something in her hand, flashing you a smile as she sees you approach. You notice a bottle with unreadable markings next to her.

“Wow, that was fast. Have fun?” she asks, sputtering slightly.

You shrug, unable to find a genuine answer. “Maybe. Bit worn out, to be real honest. What’s the bottle there?”

Emma takes a deep quaff from her glass. Her cheeks and nose are glowing with drink. “Bit of cognac. We usually share. Not while on-duty, though. Usually.” She snickers. “Nah, I lied. Some of us get stinkin’ drunk on the job.”

“I’m pretty thirsty myself, so I hope you don’t mind.” You bend down, tentatively reaching for the bottle. You’re not sure what cognac even is, but it’ll probably do the trick.

“Knock yourself out. Got plenty more where that came from!”

Finding something deeply funny in her own words, Emma erupts into cackling, kicking her legs against the stone floor, splashing liquor on herself in the process. When this fit passes, she slumps back against the shelf, looking like one of Alice’s dolls when it’s inactive with her head hanging down. She looks up at you and, seeing a bit of worry in your eyes, waves you off.

“I’m fine. Just drink. Just drunk. Silly drunk talking.” She covers her face, her wings giving a weak buzz. “Prob’ly gonna regret this later. Oh well.”

“Well, I’m gonna go find somewhere to have this drink. You take it easy, now.”

“Alright. And, Mister Human?”

“Name’s Kinkan.”

Emma giggles at your name. “Mister Kinkan. I’m serious. Come back and see me sometime. Ol’ Emma gets lonely real easy. And she’d love to see your big human dick.”

“I’ll think about it.”

You leave the pantry, thankful that Emma’s too drunk to chase you out. The last thing you want right now is a faerie that wants anything to do with your equipment.

[ ] What were those preparations about? Anyway, the place was cozy.
[ ] No actual messes involved. Just food smells and chatter to accompany booze.
[ ] Nothing like flowers and plants to make a drink more refreshing.

I am beyond mortified that it took this long. Things were just not working right, and I had to jettison some significant plans in order to get this done. Sometimes "just good enough" has to work, I guess.
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(X) What were those preparations about? Anyway, the place was cozy.

Our boy's enough of a big gay without flowers or poncy drink-and-gossiping.
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[x] What were those preparations about? Anyway, the place was cozy.

get balls-deep in cozy
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File 155979269751.jpg - (379.17KB, 850x566, golf ball through a garden hose.jpg)
golf ball through a garden hose
[X] Nothing like flowers and plants to make a drink more refreshing.

>The last thing you want right now is a faerie that wants anything to do with your equipment.

Da fuck is this heresy? If those little Semen Demons want to worship their God, who are we to deny them?
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Looks like there's no other forthcoming votes, so the winner is...

[x] What were those preparations about? Anyway, the place was cozy.

Will the question be answered? Is the place actually cozy? Can Kinkan actually enjoy his cognac? Does Tenta care about any of this? Wait warmly and find out.
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Any news, man? Waiting for the followup, eagerly.
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Don't feel like putting on my trip for this, so just trust that you're talking to OP.

It's a complicated answer. Things have been kind of rough since I essentially killed off my main story. I have some intention to get back to this, but that's all I can really concede right now. I'm participating in NaNoWriMo and decidedly not with this story, because >daily updates.

So, I dunno what else to say, anon. Sit tight and watch this space, I guess. Or come to the Discord and bother me. Or maybe get adventurous and write your own stuff. There's no right or wrong answers here.

Well, okay, there are but let's not think about that too hard.
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